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CD at truck stop with three men

... truck stop last night after a party around midnight in my sexy short dress, got out and bent over looking at ... sexy black panties with pink trim with half of both ... I told him I love black men. I stripped down to my ... . He stroked about three seconds and let the ... ... Continue»
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\Truck Stop

Sara was at the truck stop with just a tube top covering her huge tits. She was waiting for a trucker to notice her. She loved to come here and fuck the traveling men. Just as she stood a man came up to her and said "Well hello baby. That is a nice set of hooters you have." He then pulled down her top and began rubbing across her tits then lifting her big mounds. Then he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. "Want to come to my truck and be naughty? I have a nice big cock for those big tits." He then ran his hand under her skirt and fingered her pussy. "Your pussy is nice and wet. Let's go be nasty. I have a couple hours till I have to hit the road. I can fuck all your holes by then." He took her to his semi and boosted her inside. Then he grabbed her and pulled her to him and began sucking and biting on her huge tits and finger fucking her cunt. He undid his pants and put her hand on his cock and he was right. He was large and thick.

He wasted no time shoving her on her back and mounted her and rammed his cock all the way in her wet hole. He was fucking her hard and sucking her nipples as rough as he could. It was not every day he found a girl so willing to fuck him and with big tits too. He was pounding her cunt and sucking and biting her nipples and then filled her with cum. He then pulled her face to his cock and told her "Suck that cock and get me hard again. I am going to fuck your ass as I fist your cunt. I am not going to waste one minute. I do love fucking a horny slut like you. Now put your head in my lap and suck on that cock." As she sucked his long cock he pushed four fingers in her cum soaked cunt and pounded her hard. "Yes, baby. Suck that cock hard and deep. Run your tongue over the head then take it deep down that throat. I want to feel my cock go down your throat as you suck it hard. You are a great cock sucker." He then grabbed her head and began ramming it up and down on his cock sometimes holding it deep in her mouth then letting her take a breath.

It didn't take him long to get rock hard and he told her "Get on your hands and knees and stick that hot ass in the air so I can ride it deep and hard. I am going to fuck that ass with my big thick cock and shove every inch in that asshole. Now spread those cheeks wide for me so I can ram this rod deep in that hole." He spread her ass and spit on it and rubbed it so she was wet then he rammed two fingers in her ass and next shoved his cock to the opening and entered her fast and hard. As he fucked her ass her tits swing and he began slapping them hard. Then he would grab a nipple and pull on it as he rammed his cock in deep. He was fucking her ass hard when he shoved four fingers into her cunt and then his thumb and soon has his fist in her fisting her hard as he ravaged her ass. "Do you like my big cock pounding that ass as I fist fuck your nasty cunt? What a dirty little girl you are showing off those big tits and fucking a trucker. You love to fuck don't you? I am going to give you a lot of cock before I have to hit the road. Now stick that dirty ass up here and let my cock fuck you till I cum again."

He fucked her and worked her body hard stretching her ass and cunt as he pounded her. He finally filled her with cum and then pulled her to his cock again and told her "Lick your ass of my cock. Then lick my ass and tongue fuck it for me. I love to feel a tongue go deep into my asshole." She licked his cock then ran her tongue around the rim of his ass and soon had her tongue inside him tongue fucking him. Then he told her "Get dressed. I have to get on the road but I will back in two days if you want another hard fuck. I could get used to those big tits. Next time come earlier and we can fuck longer. I will bring some toys with me and really work your ass and cunt hard." Sara pulled her top over her tits and put her skirt on and got out of the truck. Her ass and cunt were sore from the big cock but she was going to be back in two days for more of his abuse.... Continue»
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Sharing a cabin with three men

'The boat is full, all the cabins have been taken', I shouted to my husband, all the time frantically searching for another option, 'What about the Commodore Section', asked my husband, the most expensive section on the boat, 'Tried that first, all pre-booked', I added, then I noted some shared cabins were available, subject to approval, 'I can phone and see if that's still an option', I suggested, 'Why not, may as well, better than sitting on a fucking seat all night'.
I smiled at his exasperation, and picked up the phone and called the agent, sure there were some beds available but in different cabins, perhaps you can get someone to swap so you both could be together, she suggested, I sat with the phone while my husband mulled it through, looking at me, what man would let his young wife share a cabin with three strangers, while he slept in another cabin, he shrugged his shoulders, leaving it up to me, 'OK I take it', and with that we booked for the crossing.
Both cabins were on different decks and both had four bunk beds, I checked on their occupancy at the desk, one was full and the other had two bunks only.
I looked at my husband, his face screwed up in torment, one man or three men, which was the more likely where someone would try something with me.
I laughed in slight disbelief, 'What the fuck are you on about', I asked him, 'Do you think I am here to fuck men', that seemed to ease his fears, and I opted to share with the three guys.
I made my way to the cabin and pushed in with my suitcase, the look on their faces when they saw me was priceless, they were older guys twice my age, and not too shy about proffering to aid me, offering top or bottom bunk, 'Bottom', I suggested, noting my own bottom was being admired as I stepped in between them.
I could feel the sexual tension and guiltily milked it, I was glad I chose this option, might be interesting when I went to bed, my dirty mind mulling scenarios as the men around me had their own thoughts.
'Do you guys mind vacating the cabin later when I shower and change', I asked them before exiting the cabin, 'No', came the abrupt reply, and everyone burst into a peel of laughter, 'If that's what you want us to do, but only if you want us', another challenged, I smiled, slightly shrugging my shoulders, I was cool and that slight hint might suggest otherwise, I closed the door, standing outside listening, 'What a hot cunt', was one reply, while another suggested a threesome, I smiled shamelessly, a warmth spreading from my cunt told me the idea appealed to my sexual neediness, I mean my husband was up in the next deck and he did not even ask my what my cabin number was.
We set sail that afternoon, drinking champagne and hard liqueur, so by seven in the evening, when it was time for dinner I made my excuses and told my husband I would meet him back there within the hour, he nodded as I made off, still not revealing my cabin number.
Be the time I reached the cabin I was on a high and as I entered all the men were drinking and one was in his underpants. I pushed in and closed the door behind me, all the time looking at the man in his underpants, studying his cock outline, which was so evident, 'Pete, you have an admirer', one of them said, noting my apparent fascination for what he was showing, 'What do you expect', I replied, 'It's almost in my face', a sudden silence descended in the cabin as my words sunk in, suddenly they realized I was no angel, then one by one they laughed, and without warning, the other two removed their pants, revealing more rigid outlines, I shook my head in mock disbelief, and sat on the bunk.
'Come on', went up the chorus, your turn, 'Get them off'. My heart was pounding, this was very sexual and getting close to the bone, I knew if I did as suggested, there would be no turning back, 'Only if you promise to behave yourselves', I quietly interjected, I wanted to take some clothes off, we all knew it, but this was my playact of modesty, and I stood up and reached behind for my zipper, the heat and sweat were palpable as I undid the back button and let my skirt fall to the deck, revealing my long legs and black netted stockings, and as I bent slowly and deliberately to gather my dress, my thong disappeared between my ass cheeks, to make it appear as if I were without, one of the guys pressed his cock home, between my thighs, I gasped and put both hands on my bunk bed, holding my ass high, we started to fuck, as my thong was ripped from my body, another getting under my and guided his cock into my mouth all the time toying with my swinging tits
'My turn, let me into her', came the desperate pleas from the last guy, he was pushing the guy to the side and between them they swapped, one out and another in, never missing a stroke, I understood his desperation as he shot his load into me within minutes, his cock slipping out and his cum landing on the backs of my thighs and stockings.
He was pushed to the side and the original fucker of me was back inside hammering a new sized hole, I was having one orgasm after another not to mention the mouthful of sperm now flooding my throat, this was how a girl should be fucked, and I did not wait too long before the warmth inside my cunt told me he had released into me.
I lay on my bunk still shaking from the orgasm and the fucking, my legs were held high as my final cummer continued to lick my pussy in this awkward position, my orgasms were becoming painful as one then another came leaving me exhausted.
'I need to shower', I said as I rose from the bed, the youngest guy who came too quick stood in front of me, 'Want to shower with me', I asked him, reaching down and grasping his cock, pulling him in the direction of the bathroom, we went in, 'It's too small', he said, 'It's big enough for what we need', I replied and at that I pulled him in tight to me and started kissing him, all the time feeling him swell in my hand.
'I soaped him over and pushed my finger up his ass, manipulating his prostate, 'Now me', I said and he soaped me over, working my ass apart with his finger, 'Girls dont have a prostate', I told him, 'Just put your cock i up instead and ream me', my soapy buttocks cradling his hard cock as I lent back and continued to kiss him full on the mouth, all the time working him into my asshole, finally turning to face the shower cubical walls as he humped my ass and released into me, 'Your first time I asked him', he nodded quietly, 'Good boy' I replied and left to dry myself, still wearing the black stockings.
I dressed and went to meet my husband for dinner, all prim and proper, as if butter would not melt in my mouth, ' How were your cabin mates', he asked me, 'Dont know darling, the cabin was empty', I lied, feeling the cum run down my inner thigh, 'I'll have an early night if you dont mind darling', hubby agreed and I smiled, I was getting hot again, feeling between my legs as I sat down, there certainly was a lot of cum still inside me, and more to come later tonight, I smiled again, this is what every girl should experience, a good fucking. ... Continue»
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Truck Stop

It was late August and I was on my way home from a business trip. The sun was almost down and the sky was a beautiful red-blue. I had the windows down and the summer air was starting to cool a little. I was about 100 miles from home and was anxious to get home and shower off and make love to my old lady. I had been gone five days and was horny as hell and needed some release because I was so busy on the business trip I only got the chance to beat-off once, early one morning.

The interstate was quiet and dark; I could see some lights up ahead maybe three miles or so and looked like an exit. I glanced down at my dashboard and saw my red check engine soon light was on and I had to pee anyway, so I turned onto the exit. My light now was flashing and I was relieved that I made it to safety. My car died and I coasted the rest of the way into the parking lot.

The exit was a large truck stop and was very busy! I got out and went to the restaurant and got a table and called home on my cell phone No answer.

I ate my dinner and asked the waitress if there was a garage on the property. She said no, but with all these truckers here surely one could help out and said she would ask around. I noticed one table after another the men shook their heads no. Then one trucker sitting alone turned around and looked at me for the longest time and turned back and said something to my waitress. She looked my way and gave me thumbs up.

The trucker went to check out and I ran behind him and said hi I’m Toby are you able to help me? He turned and said “that depends,” and turned back around and paid his bill and walked away. I quickly handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill for my dinner and ran after my trucker mechanic. I said, Sir I can pay you to fix my car. Call me Bob, he said.

Outside he fiddled with what looked like every piece of my engine. I noticed he had the biggest fucking hands I had ever seen. Course they went with the rest of him, his arms were huge and bulgy. Bob said you’re gonna need a tow to a garage. Fuck I said! I live 100 miles from here. Bob said, look Toby, I gotta rig in the back, sl**ps two, I’m gonna get a shower and get some shut-eye and you can bunk with me if you want, then call you a tow truck in the morning.

I stammered and he said think about it I’ll be taking a shower, my rigs in the back, bright red. I popped open my trunk and grabbed my bag and ran after Bob. Hey Bob I said, will they let me use the facilities? Yeah just come in with me, he said.

The shower room was as busy as the restaurant and I finally found a bench to start striping my clothes off, I was a little self-conscious since I was surrounded by all these big trucker guys and I’m a small blonde with skinny legs and arms and a business man. I looked around for an empty stall. I saw a trucker coming out of one at the end, I lost Bob in the crowed so I rushed through my shower and put a clean white tee and jogging shorts on and went to the back lot. Row after row after row was semi- trucks parked evenly apart and the sound of engines muffling. I went to the passenger side door and climbed up and knocked. The lights were on dim and the curtain was pulled. I knocked again and stepped down back on the pavement and thought maybe I had the wrong red truck. Then the door popped open and I heard Bob say “Get in Toby”.

I climbed back up and almost lost my balance when Bob grabbed my arm and pulled me in. Bob was shirtless and had a pair of boxers on and I noticed how big he actually was in a small place. I said Bob, are you sure there is enough room; I can sl**p in my car? Sure there’s enough room come on back here. It was wall to wall bed and reminded me of a large bunk bed. Bob said you crawl over me, I sl**p up front. I was in the back by the wall and Bob was shoulder to shoulder next to me. It was a little early for me to go to sl**p I didn’t have a watch, but I assumed it was around 10:30. Bob got up and locked the truck doors, pulled the curtain closed, and clicked off the lights.
I felt his huge hand on my head and he ran the back of his hand down my face and then took my neck in one of his hands and lightly squeezed. Laying there in almost shock and disbelief I felt Bob pull my tee shirt up and I helped him take it off me. He took my hand and put it on his hairy chest. He got on top of me and had one knee on each side of my hips and laid his chest on my chest and gently started kissing my lips. He pulled back and said Kiss me back!

I opened my mouth and let his tongue in my mouth and rolled my tongue around his. Surprisingly it was calming me down a little and I found myself in a rhythm with Bob’s mouth and I could taste mint in his saliva. He put my head in his two hands and turned it to the left and his to the right and started sucking my tongue. I found my hands on his arms and noticed how hard his body was, I would have never been able to fight him off. I felt down his back and could feel his defined muscles under his hairy back and I stopped at his boxers. He started sucking my nipple and slightly biting it and I could feel his boner pushing against me.

He pulled his boxers off and even in the dark I noticed he had a huge tool in a mountain of thick black hair with huge balls, his cock had to be 10” and thick as hell. Bob pulled the curtain back just a crack to let a little moonlight in and pulled my jogging shorts and underwear down exposing my small un-erected cock. I turned over and was lying face down when I felt Bob’s hands pull my waist up and then I was on my knees with my ass up in the air. He had both cheeks in each hand rubbing my butt. He pulled my cheeks apart and tapped his tongue on my hole wiggling it till it opened. I got an instant hard on and could feel Bobs beard rubbing my ass each time he went deeper in my hole.

Still scared, but not shaking anymore and my heart beating at a normal pace again, I decided to relax and get through this. He was sitting on the bed and I went face first down to his cock and put the head in my mouth. I could taste the salty pre-cum and I held his huge rod in one hand going up and down the side with my tongue. I put one of his hairy balls in my mouth and Bob moaned yes. I started sucking hard thinking maybe I would luck out and he would shoot his load and be done for the night. I sucked and sucked for what seemed like 20 minutes. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and went back to French kissing me again.

I heard the lube tube pop open again and Bob lubed up his cock and slowly stuck his cock in my ass only putting his head in first. Pain went through my body and I was biting the pillow hard when Bob pushed a little more and laid back down on me and pumped his cock deeper in me. I took a deep in and relaxed my ass hole, Bob was pumping in and out and before I knew it the pain went away. Bob was making little circles with his hips pumping his dick in my ass and I was rocking with him. He came. It was finally over.

Bob lay on top of me for a while and slowly pulled his soft cock out of me.... Continue»
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I was a run-a-way boy and I had left home to hitch hike from Atlanta to Boston. I had quit high school and I wasn't even old enough to drive or even rent a cheap motel room. Having only about $10 in my pocket and too stupid to turn back. I hit I-75 and thumbed my way north on the interstate!

I got as far as the mountains and a truck driver dropped me off at a truck stop. It was rainy and cold and even sleeting a little and I was as miserable as you could get. I went into the gas station and bought a $5 sandwich and a drink and was sitting there in a booth when couple of the truck drivers came in and I think they could tell I was down and out and one of them bought me a second sandwich. I gobbled that down and then thanked him and went outside to catch another ride. That's when the other driver and his buddy walked up to me and offered me a room for the night with them. I was cold and chilled and ready by now to except anything that was warm and dry so I followed them to their motel room.

We went inside and they offered me a couple of cold beers which I drank down and then sat down at a small table by one of the two beds in the room. I asked if I could use the rest room and they told me that is was no problem and I went in, pulled my cock out to pee and when I had finished, one of them opened the door and told me to go ahead and take a shower.
I pulled my clothes off and jumped in and the hot water felt awesome. I soaped up really good and just before getting out, heard the bathroom door open again. I peeked around the shower curtain only to see one of the guys butt naked in the room, brushing his teeth. he told me to pay no attention to him that we were all males and I had nothing he hadn't seen before so I stepped out from ther shower and reached for a towel. The guy grabbed the towel before I could and told me that he would take care of that and dry me off.

I knew that this was kinda weird but I was in there alone with two big naked country music listenin truck drivers who were probably twice my age or more so I told him that he was welcome to if he wanted. The guy took the towel and started drying off my back first, then down around my ass cheeks and then my legs and feet. He reached back up and started drying off my stomach, then my cock and balls and when done there, he dropped the towel and took my cock in his hand and asked me if I had ever been with another man before. I told him NO and that I had only kissed a girl a few times and not even seen anyone naked before except in the school gym once. He told me to follow him into the bedroom which I did and I was stunned to see 4 other guys in there, all naked and one of the guys was on his knee's sucking another guy off. I really didn't know what to say or do so I picked up my wet jeans, shirt and underwear up from the hall floor and acted like I was getting dressed. That's when the biggest guy told me that if I wanted to stay the night, then clothes were not needed. He took them from my hand and tossed them back down and grabbed my arm and told me to sit on the bed like a good boy and that I would thank him in the morning. He grinned but I thought about running but for some reason didn't, I guess I was to big a pussy, so I did as he asked. I was sitting there when one of the guys sat next to me and started playing with my cock and balls. It DID feel good and I was starting to get a hard-on too. The guy that dried me off then told the others that he knew I was a cock sucker when he saw me the first time and that we were gonna have lots of fun tonight.

A big red headed guy then pushed me back on the bed and started licking and sucking my cock and while another straddled my face and lowered his huge cock over my lips. I gently parted them just a little but he just shoved it in and after gagging, was now sucking my first cock ever! It was a strange feeling actually, having this guys meat fucking my open mouth and his big balls were slapping against my chin. I reached up and took his balls in my hands and played with them for a little while. The guy started tensing up and that's when I felt a warm fluid squirting in my mouth. I thought at first he had pissed in there but quickly realized he had shot a load in me. I kept the cum in my mouth as he pulled out and I was afraid to swallow it and started looking around for a place to spit it out. The guy then told me to swallow that shit or else and kinda slapped my face a little but really not that hard. I let the goo slide down my throat and I gagged a couple of times, that made a couple of them laugh.

The entire time, a couple of the guy were taking turns sucking my cock, balls and one of them even pulled my legs up and started licking and tongue fucking my asshole. That DID feel good too and I didn't want him to stop. I was then rolled over told to get on all fours. At first I resisted but three of them grabbed me and made me do it. They placed two pillows under my stomach so my ass was up higher than the rest of me and then a couple of them pulled my arms up over my head. I could barely move and I knew I was about to get ass fucked. I was a little afraid by now so somebody slapped me on my butt and I felt another set of hands on my feet and legs, holding them down so I couldn't move them either.

The first thing I felt was someone rub some lube or oil over my virgin hole and then I felt a finger go in me. He swirled it around and then inserted another finger. He began to kinda stretch my hole just a little and it didn't hurt at all. I thought it wouldn't be too bad until the big red headed guy put his huge cock against it. I felt him start trying to enter me and THAT did hurt!! I thought for a minute I would scream and when I tried to, someone stuffed a rag in my mouth. The guy then shoved that thing in my ass so hard I nearly blacked out but after a couple of hard thrusts, my hole loosened up I guess and his cock hit the bottom! He pumped me so hard that the bed shook and when he came, I could feel his sperm shooting in me and my hole was now wet and filled. He pulled out and wiped off on the sheets next to me and another guy took his turn fucking me.

By now, they were in total control and I was prepared to get gang fucked and there was nothing I could do about it except let them, finish! I heard the motel room door open and in walked several more guys. They were all commenting on the FAG on the bed (me) and that my asshole was going to be ruined by morning! I was fucked so much for the next 4 hours that I lost feeling in my ass but was enjoying it at the same time. By now, they had released their grip on me and I knew I was gonna be their ass and cum whore all night so why not just go along. I was made to suck ass, lick balls, had maybe 15 guys cum in my mouth and even more in my little ass. By morning, I was worn out and ready to leave. One of the guys handed me my clothes and $100 bill and told me that I was gonna wind up being a boy whore so why not just come with him on the road and earn a few bucks at truck stops. We left together and spent the next 2 weeks at different stops where my mouth and ass were rented out to anyone with a some cash!

... Continue»
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Truck Stop Trio

I walked into the truck stop diner and was surprised to lay my eyes on an old truckin' buddy, Hank. I hadn't seen him for a couple of years. We both haul loads Coast to Coast, but rarely cross paths.

"So, how you doin' good buddy?" he asked.

"Not bad. Though I sure am looking forward to a night on a real bed. I haven't been getting much shuteye. I'm a big guy and it gets pretty cramped back in that cab."

"Yeah, I remember how 'big' you are all right," Hank said with a lewd smirk, winking at me.

I smiled, thinking back to that night some years back when Hank and I had doubled up on a sailor we picked up at the Navy yard in Long Beach, taking turns fucking the shit out of his tight, young ass.

"You're pretty 'big' yourself, if my memory serves me right," I said, recalling the sight of Hank's hard shaft busting that sailor's asshole wide open.

"So you still remember that time?" Hank said.

"How could I forget. It was a helluva scene."

"What would you say to a repeat of that scene? Only this time even wilder?"

"Sounds pretty interesting. Just what do you have in mind, Hank?"

"I know a k** in this town. Tom's his name. He's nineteen years old. A really cute young k** who just happens to love taking it up the butt any tim of day or night. And the bigger the better. Every time I pass through here I have him come over to the motel. And fuck the shit out of his tight your ass.

I felt a surge of excitement run through me as Hank told me this. It had been a while since I had a nice, young piece of ass.

"Man, I am telling you, Bill. This k**'s got a real tight one and he loves getting it stuffed. He literally begs for it, and he can take it up there again and again and again. I've had some butt-fucking marathons with him you wouldn't believe."

"He's nineteen?" I asked, curious now.

"So, you're interested?" Hank said, smiling knowingly.

"Maybe. Tell me more."

"The k**'s a real piece. Looks like one of those statues you see in a museum. Smooth and chiseled. A perfect bod. And he'll do whatever you want. He just loves having a stud put him though the paces."

Hank took a sip of his coffee and leaned toward me.

"Listen, Bill. He's coming over to my motel room in a couple of hours. Why don't you come by too. We'll have another really sizzling three-way scene like that time in Long Beach, what do you say? And he'll love having two guys there to bust his butt, rather than just one. I'm telling you, the k**'s a freak. He's a slave to a big dick."

I thought about it for a moment, and smiled.

"I think I'll be coming by, Hank." I said.

"Good. We'll do him all night long. And into the morning. Believe me, he can take it too."

Excited now, I took a shower and headed over to Hank's room. It turns out we were staying in the same motel, adjacent to the truck stop. A little later, there was a knock at the door. It was Tom. He was everything Hank said he was. A real piece.

"Hank told me he had a 'big' surprise for me," the k** remarked, looking me over.

"And here he is," Hank said, waving towards me as though I were some prize stud bull. "So now why don't you get those clothes off. I know my buddy here is eager to lay his eyes on the butt he's gonna fuck tonight."

He stripped down to his jockey briefs. Like Hank said, the k** looked like a Roman statue. He had a smooth, perfect body. Then he turned around and slowly and seductively pulled his briefs down over his trim, tanned buns. He knew that, to us, his rear-quarters were the main attraction, and made sure to display them fir maximum effect. And when he turned around I saw he had a pretty good-sized cock on him too.

"Your turn," Tom said, as Hank and I tore off our clothes.

"Shit!" Tim gasped as I pulled off my briefs. "Hank wasn't k**ding. You really are enormous. Jesus! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to take you. You look dangerous!"

Hank laughed. He was loving Tom's reaction.

"Oh, I think you will," Hank said. "I think you'll manage."

"I'll try. But you guys are going to have to make sure I'm well-greased. I want to enjoy those big dicks of yours."

"What'd I tell you, Bob?" Hank said, downing the last sip of his beer. "The k**'s a regular slut. Right?"

"Oh Hank! Is that any way to talk about me? Just because I like taking a big dick up my butt. Does that make me a slut?"

"You're a slut!" Hank teased.

"Yeah!" Tom cooed provocatively. "And I'm proud of it too!"

"And you love showing it off. So why don't you bend over and spread 'em. Let Bill see what you've got hidden down there between those cheeks of yours."

He reached back to spread open his trim, muscular buns, revealing his crack, and the puckered asshole in its center.

"Nice, huh?" Hank said. "But that's the main course. We'll save it for a little later. First, Bill, I want you to check out what a horny little cocksucker the k** is."

"Uh huh! I'm dying to taste your pal's big dick," Tom said, sinking to his knees in front of me.

My cock was rock hard and fully erect at this point and Tom, his face just inches from it, couldn't stop staring.

"The way Hank was talking about your dick, I thought he mighta been exaggerating. But he sure as shit wasn't!"

Then he looked over at hank with a teasing smile.

"Shit, Hank, after doing your buddy, I'm not sure I'm gonna be interested in you anymore," he teased.

I was really becoming aroused now, turned on by the way this k** was getting into my dick. And Hank was loving it too, his fist wrapped around his own hard shaft, as he watched his boy toy worship my cock.Tom now took hold of my cock and stroked it expertly as he licked my balls. Then he slid his tongue along the underside of my shaft, very slowly, until he finally got to the tip. Now he engulfed my knob with his mouth and really began to suck my dick, while never letting up on the skillful massaging of my shaft.

I felt great. This scene was arousing the hell out of me. And Tim was giving me some of the best head I ever had.

"k** sure knows how to suck a cock, huh?" Hank exclaimed.

"I'll say."

"Thanks guys. I sure appreciate the compliment. And here's something else I know how to do real, real good."

He pulled me over to the edge of the couch, and then pushed back my thighs so he had my ass in reach. Then he spread open my buns, and dug his tongue into my crack, rimming me.

"And he loves chewing on an asshole almost as much as he likes a dick up his own," Hank said, beating his shaft as he watched the k** eat out my ass.

He gave me a fantastic rim job before returning to my cock. As he sucked me, Hank walked over to the dresser and picked up a big jar of vaseline.

"Time to grease up that ass of yours," Hank said.

Tom lifted up his butt as Hank got behind him. Hank opened the jar, dug in, and slapped a big dab of vaseline into the k**'s crack. He really packed it in there, adding another dab and lubing him up thoroughly, reaming him with his fingers as he got him ready for my big, aching dick. Then, wiping off his fingers, he gave the k**'s buns a playful spanking.

"Go on, Bill. This butt's for you. Give him all you've got!"

The blow-job he had been giving me made me really hot, and by now I was itching to slide it up his ass. So I pulled his hungry, greedy mouth away from my cock and got behind him.

Hank held the k**'s buns wide open, as I peered into the well-lubed crack and gazed at his heavily greased sphincter.

"Bury that big dick of your's all the way up his ass," Hank urged, hot lust in his eyes.

Man, I was aroused as hell now as I worked my knob into his crack and up against his slippery sphincter. Then slid it right in.

"Ahhhhhh!" he gasped, as my knob f***ed its way into his anal passage. "That feels so damned good! I want it all the way inside! Stuff it up my hot fuckin' ass!"

Nice and smoothly, I worked the full length of my dick up the k**'s ass, forcing it in, inch by thick inch. He gasped and groaned, enjoying each hard thrust of my dick into his rectum. Hank was really turned on now, beating his meat like crazy as he watched me slide every single one of my thick inches up Tom's hot, horny butthole.

"That's the way, Bill. Fuck the shit out of him. This k** just loves getting reamed. Bury it up his young, funky ass! The more you give him the more he craves it."

"Uh huh! Slam it inside me, stud! God, I can't believe how fuckin' big you are. And how fuckin' thick!"

I grabbed his buns and spread 'em so I could watch my dick bust his asshole wide open. I loved the sight of his butthole stretched to the limits, wrapped tightly around the thick girth of my shaft. I think Hank liked the sight too. He got up off the couch to come up for a close-up view. His dick was so hard I thought it was going to burst.

I reached over to take hold of that rigid dick of Hank's. He looked at me provocatively, lust in his eyes.

"You've got a really nice touch there," he said seductively, as I stroked his oversized cock while plunging my own savagely up the k**'s tight hole.

"Hey Hank? Why don't you go get yourself a little head while I keep reaming this asshole," I told him.

"Good idea. But first I want a little bit of something else."

The next thing I knew, Hank was behind me, spreading my buns, as I kept pumping it up the k**'s behind. Now I felt a hot, wet tongue lapping away at my asshole. Man, this was too much! Fucking the k** relentlessly while Hank's slick tongue dug into my ass.

When Hank had enough of a feast, he knelt in front of Tom and fed him his cock. Now I had something to watch while I kept slamming it inside him. I could watch this young Adonis give my buddy a blow job. And I got off on that for awhile. I like watching a big dick get sucked. Almost as much as I like seeing a hard shaft bust open an asshole. And that's what I felt like witnessing right now.

"Say, let me know when you're ready to take a little piece of this butt," I said.

"Right now wouldn't be a bad time."

Hank moved away from the k**'s hungry mouth and got behind him, alongside me. I slid the full length of my cock all the way in one more time, until my balls pressed against his crack. Then as Hank watched excitedly, holding Tim's buns open, I slowly pulled my shaft out of his ass. Hank even ran a finger along my greasy shaft as I pulled it out of the k**.

"Your turn," I said, taking hold of Hank's shaft and bringing it up to the k**'s crack, guiding it in. Tom's asshole, reamed and greased, was an easy bullseye for Hank, who now buried his dick all the way up the k**'s butt in one swift plunge, and started slamming his big hard log up the same hot asshole my dick had been pumping only moments ago.

Now I decided to bring my cock up to Tom's face. His eyes glued in on the slick, meaty shaft which had just probed his ass so mercilessly. He licked his lips and I fed him my beefstick.

"Here, guy. Why don't you chew on this for awhile."

With Hank's cock plowing his ass, and mine filling his mouth, the k** was enjoying quite a cock-feast. Soon I wanted his butthole again. Making my way across the continent from town to town, I don't have too much trouble getting my oversized dick sucked, but it had been a while since I had fucked an ass like this. I was greedy for ass! So now I suggested Hank and I once again change places.

Tim's slick asshole was very dilated from all the hard fucking, and it went in nice and smooth as I f***ed it inside him a second time. I showed no mercy now as I slammed it into him viciously, my balls slapping against his smooth boyish cheeks as I buried every last inch up his mancunt.

The k** was bucking like a maniac as I pumped his butt, and feverishly fisting his own dick. I thought I'd do him a favor. I reached around and pulled away his hand, replacing it with my own. Man, this k** was hung too. And hard!

I fucked his ass while I milked his dick with my hand, and he slurped away hungrily at Hank's cock. Hank was all charged up, getting his big dick sucked, while he watched me fuck the shit out of the young cocksucker. Soon I could feel the pressure building in my nuts, and shot my load up Tom's ass just as I brought him off with my hand. From Hank's moaning and groaning I knew he had probably filled the k**'s mouth with a big load of cum too.

"It's been quite a while since I busted a young butt like this," I told Hank, as I pulled out my spent dick. "Thanks for sharing."

"Don't mention it. That's what friends are for."

We sent Tom down to the store for a couple of fresh six-packs. Then we stretched out and watched some football. But soon the k** got up and turned off the TV, then returned to the bed, getting between us, and wrapping his hands around our dicks.

"Ready for the next round? Tom asked seductively.

"Ready whenever you are," Hanks answered, looking over at me with a hot, wicked smile.

"Say, maybe one of you studs would like to give me some head now?" Tom asked coyly.

Hank responded by leaning over and taking the k**'s smooth, hard dick in his mouth. Tom, meanwhile, bent over and again eagerly wrapped his lips around my thick knob, as Hank kept giving him some first-rate head.

"Hey," I finally said. "Maybe I feel like sucking some dick too?"

"Be my guest," they said in unison, laughing.

I had been lured to Hank's place by the promise of some fresh young ass to fuck. Now that I had gotten that out of my system, I was aroused by the thought of going down on these two hunks and having a taste of some nice, solid dick. I had been on the road for a week now, with only my fist for company, and for the last couple of days I had been thinking about chewing on a nice, hard one.

There were two erect shafts here to be sucked and they both sure looked tasty to me. I got down between them and took both dicks in my hands and massaged them. Then I took turns sucking one while I kept massaging the other.

"Your buddy sure knows how to give head," Tom said.

I really feasted on those two thick, meaty shafts until Tim finally pushed my face away.

"Okay! Okay! Now I want to suck some cock again," Tim squealed. "So come on, guys, kneel up here by my face. Both of you."

We got up there and fed him both our cocks at once. He opened his hungry lips as wide as possible and took both knobs in his mouth together, sucking and licking our two dicks simultaneously. Hank and I looked at each other and smiled; we were both loving Tim's two-cock blow-job.

"Listen fellows," Tom said excitedly, pulling his lips away from our dicks. "I've got a really depraved idea. There's something I've been wanting to try for a long time. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but I wanna at least try. You're gonna think it's crazy, but how'd you like to bury both your dicks up my butt? At the same time!"

Hank and I stared at each other.

"You're right," I said. "The k**'s a real freak."

But Tom wasn't about to take no for an answer. He shoved Hank down on the bed and straddled him, reaching back and working Hank's dick inside his ass. I watched, absolutely spellbound, as Tom rode Hank's shaft like this, gripping it with his rectal sheath.

"Hand me that vaseline, Bill, and bring your dick over here," Tom said, as he began to coat my shaft with a thick layer.

"For this, stud, you've got to be well-lubed."

I got behind him now and spread his buns. There was Hank's big cock filling his ass. How was I gonna get mine in there?

"I don't know if this is going to work," I said.

"C'mon, if you want it badly enough, it'll work. And I want it! I want your dick in there, alongside Hank's. So go ahead, stud. Stuff it up my hot, hungry asshole!"

I brought my heavily lubed dick up his crack, right above where Hank's cock was piercing his ass. I pressed it in there, right up against Hank's shaft and then just pushed.

"Arrrrrrrgh!!!" Tom squealed. "Slow! Easy!"

I took my time, just probing his crack with my knob until

he relaxed. Then I tried pushing it in again. This time I managed to slide my knob up alongside Hank's shaft.

"Goddamn!!!! You got it in there! Inside me. I can't believe it! Now just work 'em all the way in. Both of you. All the way in! I want to feel it!!!"

This was fuckin' unbelievable. I pushed forward, slowly, until my shaft was well inside his ass, alongside Hank's. It felt so wild to have my cock squeezed and pressed this tightly against Hank's.

The stimulation was just too much. The sensitive underside of my dick was sliding and pressing up against the underside of Hanks's, as both our shafts, together, were clenched by Tom's asshole and getting the most incredible sphincter massage! Shit, this scene was as wild as it got!

"How you doin' back there?" Hank groaned, breathing heavily.

"Just fine," I said, as Hank and I began to work it up into a nice rhythm. I pushed inwards as he pulled outwards. It felt amazing, and I knew the k** was just loving it. He was howling like a banshee as we drilled his ass with a thick double-dose of cock.

"Oh man! Ream my ass, studs! Both of you. Both of you! Together, at once! I fuckin' can't believe I'm doing this!"

We had shot our loads once already, so we were ready to go as long as the k** could take it. But he had something else in mind after being drilled like this for about twenty minutes.

"Pull out, guys! Pull out. I want to suck you both off."

Slowly, we pulled our shafts out of his ass, first me, then Hank. I couldn't believe how his asshole was dilated. You could've shoved a fist up there... easily.

"Come up here!" he said, crazed now with kinky, lustful desire. "Lemme me have those cocks."

We knelt on either side of his face and brought our dicks up to his mouth. The fact that they had just been all the way up his ass only made him that much more eager to suck them now. And suck them he did, bringing the two knobs together and once again wrapping his lips around the double dose of cock.

Hank and I smiled at each other and high-fived. Then, at once, we blasted our loads into the k**'s mouth. I could feel Hank's dick throbbing against mine, as we shot off together, our knobs now swimming in a thick pool of cum, as Tom fisted his cock and jerked himself off.

"What do you say, good buddy?" Hank asked, smiling lewdly.

"I say next time I'll bring the vaseline!"... Continue»
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College student pool party with three mexican men!

I am currently a 19 year old freshman college student attending a major university in Arizona. My f****y lives about 30 minutes from my university so I go home for weekends quite often. I am a rather tall, 5ft 10 natural brunette with a naturally thin and lanky physique. My breast are perky little b-cups with tiny pink nipples not much bigger than a dime. I decided to go home one Friday night on warm spring day to see my parents. I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I always enjoyed swimming in the pool, at times when my parents were out for the evening I would swim topless, even nude in the pool. I wasn’t sure if my parents would be out long enough for me to sneak in a quick nude swim. I arrived home later in the evening and to my surprise discovered my parents had gone without notice to Phoenix. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the shower lathering up with soap. Since my parents were out and I had the house to myself I decided to just stay nude for the rest of the night, watching TV, painting my toenails and making a salad. I was so relaxed I fell asl**p naked on the couch in the living room. I awoke around 10:30 a.m. when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway. I looked out the large window overlooking the long winding driveway to the house, I had totally forgotten that my parents employed 3 Latino gardeners and Saturdays were their workday for are property. They knocked at the door, I of course the night before reposted the note my parents had left me on the front door which read they would be gone until Sunday night. The gardeners read the note and realizing there was no one home decided to go for a swim. They ran to the fence and jumped it, tearing off their clothing until they were naked. The tree men were all of Mexican decent, about forty years old, and built in the typical stocky fashion of a 5ft 6in pudgy man. I observed this from the second story window that overlooked the pool. Without even realizing it I was beginning to get wet, and started to toy with my lips rubbing up and down ever so slowly. I started to fantasize about joining them, just walking outside and jumping in the pool with them. My heart began racing at that thought, that a group of men twice my age could see my tight, young 19 year old body. I let out several gasp as I came, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. However after all of that I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head of me joining them, and allowing them to see all of me. I decided to do, I started walking down the hallway to the stairs to the kitchen of my house as the sound of my racing heartbeat drowned out the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. One by one the men looked up at me, their moths dropped open. Immediately they started almost in unison apologizing for swimming and begging me not to tell on them and for seeing me naked. I assured them their secret was safe with me as I stood at the edge of the pool dipping my big toe into the water and making little circles with it. The men attempted to look away from me but I could tell they were enjoy the view of my recently waxed mound and perky little breast. I asked them if I could join them, they all said yes and I slipped slowly into the water by sitting on the side of the pool and slowly easing my way in to the water. We decided to play volleyball 2 v 2 in the deeper end of the pool, I was paired with Juan, a forty two year old recent immigrant from Mexico, Juan was shorter , about 5’6” with a little bit of a belly. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. Juan’s penis was on the smaller side, about 5 inches erect. The other gardeners began giving him a difficult time about his state of arousal. Juan yelled back in Spanish before grabbing his erect penis and began to stroke it in front of all of us as if we were have a normal conversation. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs. Christian called to me mocking Juan asking me to “suck him off”. Juan was now cuming in front of all of us, I watched as the head of his penis became even bigger and white liquid began to spill out on to the ground around him. After he finished cuming he called to me to asking “ Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the head of his shrinking cock and cleaned off his left hand. His penis now fully flaccid he lay down in the grass a few feet from me. Soon Christian and the other man named Eddy, jumped out of the pool and passed by me. I was lying in the chair with my legs spread open allowing air to reach my private parts. As Christian walked by I noticed he had an erection, he commented “you have a very nice body, I have never seen a woman with no pubic hair”. Christian was built like Juan but with a cute little erection and more facial hair, his penis was thick though. He grabbed his penis and began rubbing it, his next question nearly knocked me out of the chair, he said “Would you be offended if I masturbated to your body”. I couldn’t speak, but simply nodded yes, he moved in closer to my body and began to stroke it with just to finger ****d around his little cock. He then asked “ you haven’t taken your eyes off of my cock since I started, do you want to feel it?”. I reached out and felt the soft skin of his cock head with my pointer finger, making little circles over the head and feeling the pre-cum between my fingers. He asked me to taste it and I did, it was colder than I expected and tasted fairly bland. H e than asked me if I had ever tasted cum, I shook my head no curious what he may propose next. He then proposed I give him a blow job. I agreed and moved my mouth to just in front of his head, he then moved the tip of his penis over my outstretched tongue, wiping his pre cum all over my taste buds. By now Juan and Eddy were standing right by my chair both as hard as a rock. Eddy began to touch my breast with one hand while stroking his 5 inch cock with the other. Juan began touching my vagina rubbing my clit and sliding into my vaginal cannel. I spread my legs and without thinking gave him the go ahead to penetrate me. I felt his cock head sliding into me, spreading me open to accommodate him. I soon realized that not only was I having sex with someone besides my boyfriend but I was having interracial sex for the first time. Trying to fit three men onto a lawn chair is difficult so I suggested we go to my room. Part 2 to come!... Continue»
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College student pool party with three mexican men!

I am currently a 19 year old freshman college student attending a major university in Arizona. My f****y lives about 30 minutes from my university so I go home for weekends quite often. I am a rather tall, 5ft 10 natural brunette with a naturally thin and lanky physique. My breast are perky little b-cups with tiny pink nipples not much bigger than a dime. I decided to go home one Friday night on warm spring day to see my parents. I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I always enjoyed swimming in the pool, at times when my parents were out for the evening I would swim topless, even nude in the pool. I wasn’t sure if my parents would be out long enough for me to sneak in a quick nude swim. I arrived home later in the evening and to my surprise discovered my parents had gone without notice to Phoenix. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the shower lathering up with soap. Since my parents were out and I had the house to myself I decided to just stay nude for the rest of the night, watching TV, painting my toenails and making a salad. I was so relaxed I fell asl**p naked on the couch in the living room. I awoke around 10:30 a.m. when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway. I looked out the large window overlooking the long winding driveway to the house, I had totally forgotten that my parents employed 3 Latino gardeners and Saturdays were their workday for are property. They knocked at the door, I of course the night before reposted the note my parents had left me on the front door which read they would be gone until Sunday night. The gardeners read the note and realizing there was no one home decided to go for a swim. They ran to the fence and jumped it, tearing off their clothing until they were naked. The tree men were all of Mexican decent, about forty years old, and built in the typical stocky fashion of a 5ft 6in pudgy man. I observed this from the second story window that overlooked the pool. Without even realizing it I was beginning to get wet, and started to toy with my lips rubbing up and down ever so slowly. I started to fantasize about joining them, just walking outside and jumping in the pool with them. My heart began racing at that thought, that a group of men twice my age could see my tight, young 19 year old body. I let out several gasp as I came, experiencing one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. However after all of that I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head of me joining them, and allowing them to see all of me. I decided to do, I started walking down the hallway to the stairs to the kitchen of my house as the sound of my racing heartbeat drowned out the sound of my bare feet on the tile floor. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. One by one the men looked up at me, their moths dropped open. Immediately they started almost in unison apologizing for swimming and begging me not to tell on them and for seeing me naked. I assured them their secret was safe with me as I stood at the edge of the pool dipping my big toe into the water and making little circles with it. The men attempted to look away from me but I could tell they were enjoy the view of my recently waxed mound and perky little breast. I asked them if I could join them, they all said yes and I slipped slowly into the water by sitting on the side of the pool and slowly easing my way in to the water. We decided to play volleyball 2 v 2 in the deeper end of the pool, I was paired with Juan, a forty two year old recent immigrant from Mexico, Juan was shorter , about 5’6” with a little bit of a belly. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. Juan’s penis was on the smaller side, about 5 inches erect. The other gardeners began giving him a difficult time about his state of arousal. Juan yelled back in Spanish before grabbing his erect penis and began to stroke it in front of all of us as if we were have a normal conversation. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs. Christian called to me mocking Juan asking me to “suck him off”. Juan was now cuming in front of all of us, I watched as the head of his penis became even bigger and white liquid began to spill out on to the ground around him. After he finished cuming he called to me to asking “ Do you have a towel or something to clean up with?”. I tossed him my towel and he wiped the head of his shrinking cock and cleaned off his left hand. His penis now fully flaccid he lay down in the grass a few feet from me. Soon Christian and the other man named Eddy, jumped out of the pool and passed by me. I was lying in the chair with my legs spread open allowing air to reach my private parts. As Christian walked by I noticed he had an erection, he commented “you have a very nice body, I have never seen a woman with no pubic hair”. Christian was built like Juan but with a cute little erection and more facial hair, his penis was thick though. He grabbed his penis and began rubbing it, his next question nearly knocked me out of the chair, he said “Would you be offended if I masturbated to your body”. I couldn’t speak, but simply nodded yes, he moved in closer to my body and began to stroke it with just to finger ****d around his little cock. He then asked “ you haven’t taken your eyes off of my cock since I started, do you want to feel it?”. I reached out and felt the soft skin of his cock head with my pointer finger, making little circles over the head and feeling the pre-cum between my fingers. He asked me to taste it and I did, it was colder than I expected and tasted fairly bland. H e than asked me if I had ever tasted cum, I shook my head no curious what he may propose next. He then proposed I give him a blow job. I agreed and moved my mouth to just in front of his head, he then moved the tip of his penis over my outstretched tongue, wiping his pre cum all over my taste buds. By now Juan and Eddy were standing right by my chair both as hard as a rock. Eddy began to touch my breast with one hand while stroking his 5 inch cock with the other. Juan began touching my vagina rubbing my clit and sliding into my vaginal cannel. I spread my legs and without thinking gave him the go ahead to penetrate me. I felt his cock head sliding into me, spreading me open to accommodate him. I soon realized that not only was I having sex with someone besides my boyfriend but I was having interracial sex for the first time. Trying to fit three men onto a lawn chair is difficult so I suggested we go to my room. Part 2 to come!... Continue»
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Tgirl Jill teases BBCs at truck stops

I'm a white blonde bubble butt Tgirl living in Las Vegas and sometimes I go out and cruise the truck stops on I15 down south to I10. I do it at night and sometimes for a whole weekend in my mini van which has darkened windows.

I love to get out of my mini van and walk around the back parking row at the truck stops. When I cruise to tease BIG BLACK COCKS like this I always wear my hot pink naughty schoolgirl BBC-teasing TGirl outfit. I love the clickity sound of my 8" hot pink platform high heels on the pavement. I have been told by many big black studs that hot pink really excites their BIG BLACK 12" COCKS. I think that it is the sluttiest color for a white whore bubble butt Tgirl to wear. I happen to own and cherish a hot pink naughty schoolgirl outfit.

I especially love it when it's windy because my hot pink latex mini skirt is a full skirt and easily gets blown up by the wind. I walk the back rows in front of sometimes 15 to 20 big rigs. I stop at every few rigs and bend over and adjust my long silky shiny hot pink stockings. Sometimes I spread my long silky legs apart , lift up my hot pink latex mini skirt, hook my thumbs on my frilly, silky hot pink panties and slowly pull them down as I bend over.

From the hollering I hear, the truckers must love the sight of a white whore bubble butt Tgirl fuck slut standing there in 8" hot pink platform stiletto heels. It is so exciting to be out in public at night, visiting every truck stop on I15 and strutting myself at the back parking rows. I have a lot of experience walking in 8" platform stiletto heels because I sometimes perform (slut-dance) at a private shemale club off the strip while wearing them.

This one weekend it was windy and I was walking in front of the big rigs like a white whore slut model on the runway stage does. I swayed my hips and every time the wind blew up my hot pink latex mini skirt I would stop and close my legs tightly together and bend over at the knees. The feel and sound of those long silky shiny stockings rubbing together almost made my little Tgirl pussy cum in my silky lacy hot pink panties.

As I neared the last big rig I heard a rough voice say.

"Hey slut, come here, you fucking cock-teasing slut."

As I neared the cab, and to my great excitement, I noticed in the dim light that the driver was a rough looking big black stud. My heart started pounding real fast at the excitement especially when I noticed that his buddy was also a big black stud.

I then realized that as I was sluttily swaying my hips walking in my 8" hot pink platform stiletto heels with my hot pink latex mini skirt getting blown up by the wind that I had been teasing 2 big black studs. I was actually shaking in BBC excitement.

This was my dream come true. As they both got out of the cab, I was proud of myself because I absolutely fucking love, love, love teasing BIG BLACK 12" COCKS until they are rock hard and dripping wet with black precum for my white whore bubble butt Tgirl ass.

They grabbed me and brought me to the back of the trailer near a stack of pallets. I was still shaking with excitement because I wanted these 2 big black studs to ravage me soooooooooooo badly.

I wanted them balls deep inside of me soooooooo bad that I would have let them **** me with their BIG BLACK 12" COCKS.

I told them that I liked it rough and begged them to brutally fuck me balls deep.

I moaned at them in extasy..

"Pleease, pleeeease, fuck me, fuck me, I love getting fucked by BIG BLACK 12" COCKS.

I dropped to my knees and begged them... (I love to beg for BBC)

Pleeeease, fuck me balls deep and hard."

"Oh god, yeeeessss, I want both of your BIG BLACK 12" COCKS balls deep inside of me at the same time."

"Please, pleeeeeeeease, I'm begging you Big Black Daddies."

One of them laid down on the stack of pallets sideways. I took my cue and unzipped him and slowly pulled out a BIG BLACK 12" COCK dripping wet with black precum. At this point I was delirious and could hardly stand up in my 8" hot pink platform stiletto heels. I begged him...

"Please, please Big Black Daddy, gag me balls deep with your BIG BLACK 12" COCK."

He pulled my long blonde hair as I slowly gobbled up all 12" of his BIG BLACK 12" COCK inch by inch. The other big black stud was ravaging my white whore fuck slut TGirl body with his big black rough hands. It sent shivers through me when I felt his hands stroking my long silky shiny hot pink stokinged legs. I moaned in ecstasy as he pulled my hot pink latex mini skirt up and pulled my frilly lacy hot pink panties aside.

He slapped my white whore Tgirl fuck slut ass with his big black hands while wispering..

"You fucking BBC-teasing white fuck slut TGirl whore."

"Your Big Black Daddy is going to pound your white whore fuck slut TGirl ass balls deep."

The sound and feel of his big black rough hands slapping my white whore fuck slut Tgirl ass made me moan even louder even though I had 12" of BIG BLACK COCK down my slutty throat. I came up for air and begged him ...

"Pleease, pleease, grab my hips and fuck me balls deep Daddy."

"I fucking love, love, love being fucked by BIG BLACK 12" COCKS Daddy."

"Give it to me inch by inch Big Black Daddy."

He used his precum to lube me and slowly impaled me balls deep. I swayed and gyrated my hips very sloooowly in order to fell this absolute BBC ecstasy. I could feel his BIG BLACK 12" COCK impaling my white whore Tgirl bubble butt fuckslut ass everytime I swayed my hips. I turned my head back and pouted my hot pink shiny fuck slut lips and moaned at him....

"Oh god, yessssss, yesssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I want it balls deep and hard Daddy."

"Oooooh fuck yessssssss Daddy, I'm your white whore Tgirl bitch Daddy, fuck me harder Daddy".

As he started pounding me real hard, I slowly gagged myself again with the first BIG BLACK 12" COCK.

I fantasized that I was being ****d in the back parking row of a truck stop by 2 big black studs each with a BIG BLACK 12" COCK.

One of my many BBC fantasies was being realized.....having 24" of BIG BLACK 12" COCKS balls deep inside my white whore TGirl fuck slut body at the same time.

They switched places several times and these 2 big black studs went on for what seemed an eternity. It was time to beg for their black cum.

"I want your black cum right now, please, please, give it to me, you nasty Big Black Daddies."

Both BIG BLACK 12" COCKS exploded at the same time and filled me with beautiful black cum... it seemed like gallons of it. I was in absolute white whore TGirl BBC fuck slut ecstasy with 24" of BIG BLACK COCKS balls deep in me.

As they pulled their BIG BLACK 12" COCKS out I used some of their black cum to smear all over my white whore TGirl BBC fuck slut face and tits and felt the rest of it dripping down my long, shiny, silky, hot pink stockings and onto my 8" hot pink platform stiletto heels with ankle straps.

I was so weak and delirious with BBC ecstasy that they had to carry me back to my mini van.

As I drove back up I15 to Vegas I was rubbing my hands on my hot pink lingerie and smearing it with gallons of their luscious black cum nuts I had drained from their rock hard BIG BLACK 12" COCKS. I was in pure white whore TGirl BBC fuck slut bliss!

It was around midnight when I pulled up to my townhouse parking lot. I got out of my mini van and walked across the parking lot to my townhouse. Still in my slutty hot pink naughty schoolgirl outfit, I walked a bit shakily from the two BIG BLACK 12" COCKS pounding I had just enjoyed an hour earlier.

I walked under the lights in my hot pink lingerie still full of black cum nuts and didn't care who saw me. But then...ooooops, Clarence came over and helped me to my door.

Yes, you guessed it, Clarence was a big black muscular stud whom I've had my eye on for a few weeks.

As we got to the door, my hands couldn't resist fondling the big bulge in his pants. I told him to give me an hour to get cleaned up and then to come over. I was dying to kneel in front of his big black thick monster.

But......that's another BBC fantasy story which I will be writing next.... Continue»
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The happening at railway station

It was the spring. My grandma, Alevtina Petrovna, and me, Nina, a Russian 18 years old girl, was waiting for the train at the Voronezh city railway station. We had to wait for our train for 9 hours. We were coming back from a trip to my bridegroom Yuri. Now he is my husband. Then he served a compulsory service of one year in the army. It was not easy for me to part with him again until the next our meeting. To serve for him only one month left. Just after his demobilization we were going to get married.
The waiting for the train was rather tiresomely. We sat in a waiting hall of the railway station. In the waiting hall there was a lot of people, noisy and stuffy. I didn’t know how to pass the time and listened to my MP3 player.
Not far from us sat down the man about 50 years old of rather unpleasant appearance. He stared lasciviously at me, at my sexy legs in flesh colour nylon pantyhose. I was wearing then a mini-skirt, pantyhose, blouse, black varnished high-heeled shoes were on my feet. My fair hair loosely fell over my shoulders. In my pretty little ears I had the two nice catkins with rhinestones.
I, an attractive blonde young girl of 18 years old with quite big breasts, was embarrassed with such staring at me and my legs. I did not like the attention of that elderly man.
My shapely legs in lubricious flesh colour nylon were tightly squeezed together in my lap. But because I was sitting my skirt ridden up and most of my sexy thighs in nylon pantyhose was exposed. Probably that and yet my rather big breasts sticking out almost horizontally and my cute face with naive large blue eyes with their tender expression attracted the attention of the coarse elderly man. I was listening the music of my player, and pretended not to notice that attention. However, he continued look at me closely and lewdly.
My grandma returned now. Even she did notice the attention with which the man stared at me. My grandma irritably squinted at him. Until our train there were 8 hours still.
I decided to walk a little at the terminus. I lifted to the second floor and walked along the long row of stalls with souvenirs, food, and any nonsense. At one of the stalls I stopped. I had liked one cosmetic kit. But it was quite expensive for me. I was exploring it carefully hesitating to buy it. Suddenly someone asked me: "Do you like it?" The same elderly man stood beside me. I shrugged and did not answer him.
The man asked the saleswoman: "Please give me this thing" and pointed at the cosmetic kit liked by me. He paid in cash for it. "This is to you" he said smiling, presenting me the cosmetic kit. I had no idea then what to do - whether to accept the gift from an unknown man. For some time I was not daring to take that cosmetic kit. The elderly man was persuading, smiling, me to accept his gift. And I had taken it. Man tried to strike up a talk with me. He interested where we're going, where I study. I reluctantly replied, embarrassed with his gift and attention. I didn't still like his too lustful look at me, my mini-skirt, my sexy thighs in nylon pantyhose.
I walked further along the terminus second floor. The man didn't depart from me telling something, trying somehow make me laugh. Behold I went back to the spot where I sat with my grandma. My grandma was not there. It can be seen she again somewhere excused me. I sat down upon a waiting hall seat. The unpleasant elderly man also sat down beside me, not taking his eyes off my sexy thick thighs in nylon skin colour pantyhose. My grandma did not come back yet. The man entertained me with some talks. I smiled out of courtesy and replied something to him from time to time.
And then he said: "Already two years I'm divorced, so exhausted without a woman. Don't you give me a little pleasure?" I realized that he was offering me, an 18 years old girl, a virgin, the intim. I blushed deeply not knowing what to say at first.
Then I asked: "Что вы имеете в виду?" "What do you mean?"
The man grinned obnoxiously and said: "Что имею, то и введу" "What I have that I'll insert" The wordplay in Russian language.
"Хочу ебаться с тобой" he uttered. "I want fuck you"
I blushed even more. The word "ебаться" in Russian language is considered as a very obscene one. And he said that to me, a young innocent cute girl.
At last I said indignantly: "What do you allow yourself?!"
He continued to persuade me.
I repeated: "No, no, no".
My grandma appeared. She did not like very much that some kind of elderly man was talking to me, a cute young girl.
"What do you want from her?" she rather angrily asked the man.
"Nothing, we are just chatting", the man replied. He reluctantly got up and walked away from us somewhere.
"Nina, what does he want from you?" asked me my grandma.
"Oh nothing, just interested where I was going", I lied.
To the train were still 7 hours. The man did not leave me alone. Had only my grandma to depart somewhere as he sat down beside me continuing to persuade me to start sexual relation with him, plaintively describing his suffering of two years sex abstinence. His tone became increasingly wretched. He began to annoy me, and I had felt actually some kind of sorry for him.
"I have a bridegroom", I said.
"But he will not know anything", the man replied.
"I'm a virgin and it hurts me".
"Huh? You are a virgin?", he asked me again somehow excitedly, "Не бойся, я могу так ебать, что не порву твою целку" "Don't be afraid, I can fuck you so that I shall not tear your hymen"
"But pregnancy?" I said.
"Гондоны есть" "Here are condoms", he replied.
He took from his pocket a pack of condoms.
The word "гондон" is also considered as indecent name of condom in the Russian language.
He put his hand on my thigh in nylon. I felt ashamed, and at the same time it was pleasant to feel the warmth of his coarse male palm by my inner thigh. Prior to this, nobody touched me so shamelessly. I felt that my pussy got wet.
"Look how my cock is standing at you. It wants you", he added.
I had seen a huge hillock between her legs under trousers.
"Well, do you agree?" he asked.
I felt sorry for this unpleasant elderly man apparently deprived of female affection, and at my lower abdomen was so sweet languor after the touch my thigh with his hand.
After some hesitation I said: "Yes."
"So shall we go?" he asked.
"Let's go", I said.
The man had beamed with delight, on his face flashed a lustful expression. My grandma was not here yet.
"And where we are going to have the sex? At hotel?" I asked.
"There is a suitable place near", the man said.
We got out of the terminus, and he led me somewhere stepping over railroad tracks. We walked among the carriages of trains standing. On the way he was very nice to me and helpful, evidently anticipating the upcoming sexual pleasure and satisfaction, which he, the coarse elderly man, will obtain from me, the gentle 18 years old girl, a blonde with naive blue eyes.
On the way some street urchins of 12-14 years old tagged along behind us. They enviously and lasciviously watching us. "Ебаться идут", I heard. "They are going for fuck". My elderly beau had yelled at them menacingly: "Go away quickly!". Finally, boys got rid of us.
Behold we had come to some abandoned suburban electric train, to one of its empty carriages. The carriage steps were quite high off the ground for me. The man helped me to climb inside the carriage.
We entered the carriage, and I saw in dimness the two more men figures. I felt uneasy.
"Who is that?" I asked my elderly beau.
"Well, that's my pals", said he.
"Why they are here?!" I asked anxiously.
These two men came up to us. They were about 40 years old. One man was a chunky brunette of big height, wearing a cap, the other man was of average height, redhair, with impudent bony face. They were of rather nasty look, they smelled nasty vodka and tobacco fume.
"Ну что привел тёлку?" the chunky man in a cap asked. "Well, brought a heifer?"
I had seen the two dirty old mattresses scenting fuel oil, lying on floor, and now I realized that I have to have sex on these dirty mattresses with these coarse raunchy males smelling vodka and tobacco.
"We didn't agree so!" I burst into tears.
"Shut up! You, she goat ragged!" man in a cap said loudly. "Сейчас выебем тебя и отпустим, не бойся!" "Now we'll just fuck you and let you go! Do not be afraid!"
He approached me, and hugged me at once putting one his hand under my skirt, under my pantyhose and panties, roughly pawing my pussy, touching with his forefinger inside my labia minora.
"But she is wet already", he said addressing his nasty pals.
Indeed, my pussy was wet. Then he began to undress me unceremoniously.
This odd environment - the carriage, the three raunchy men, the dirty mattresses on floor - caused in me some strange mixed feeling of fear and excitement. The man in a cap already took off my skirt and blouse. I'm, an attractive 18 years old blonde gentle girl, now was standing half-dressed, only in my white lace bra, white lace panties, nylon flesh colour pantyhose on my shapely sexy legs, and high heeled varnished black shoes. It was visible as at the sight of me the big penises of the men stood up excitedly under their trousers.
But I still recalled the older man from the railway station that I had agreed to have sex with him only. Then he sat down with me, half-naked, upon the seat, hugged tenderly my shoulders, and began to urge me to give pleasure to his mates, who just had been released from prison to freedom. "They have not seen a naked woman during 8 years", he said.
I didn't consented still. The older man went on persuade me fondly and persistently. Yet I did not consented.
"Okay. Sit here until the morning. Your grandma perhaps searching you there strenuously", my beau from the railway station said.
I imagined vividly my alarmed grandma, and concurred for the sex in order to get rid of them quickly.
Then these three men began to argue sharply among themselves who will fuck me the first. The elderly man from the railway station already told them that I was a virgin. This was somehow very excited them. This their dispute was rather stormy, each of them wished passionately to be the first in fuck with the virgin. Finally, that man with too nasty face, in a cap, persuaded that he must be the first my fucker.
"Lie down!" he said to me roughly, pointing at the filthy mattresses.
I had laid down. He took off my bra, greedily sucked and bited both my breasts slobbering them, and then began to pull off my pantyhose and my white lace panties, taking off he tore them. He threw them crease crumpled nearby on the dirty mattress.
Behold I was laying on the mattress on my back, shamefully covering my pussy with my little hand, my legs bent at knees, my knees were together. The nasty former prisoner, the criminal, took off his cap, took off trousers and underpants, and the first time in my life I had seen a male's penis. Before I saw it only in pictures.
His penis was really very big. It seemed to me then just a huge one. It stood erected hardly like a baton. The penis head was bluish-purple. On the trunk of the cock were visible the sulked veins. From this unwashed cock the strong smell of a male b**st proceeded. All look of the cock, stressed and solid as a stone, showed how it was voluptuously lusting and longing me, my gentle wet vagina. Longing after the obtaining of its sweetest pleasure to ejaculate into my maiden virginal pussy a handful of hot male sperm, as a sign of its gratitude.
I was scared that such a thing I have to take into my little narrow pussy.
"But a condom?" I asked anxiously, "It was promised with a condom!"
"Who did promise that to you?" said the man, "Вот кто тебе обещал, тут пусть и ебёт тебя с гондоном". "But who promised that to you, let him fuck you with a condom"
Embarrassedly I imagined how the millions of tailed spermatozoons of this rude man, a former prisoner, are impudently rushing into my uterus, toward my ovum, and I felt unpleasantly.
"Set your legs apart!" he said me, and began with his hands roughly arrange apart my legs tightened at knees. He greedily snuggled with his mouth to my pussy and began passionately kiss it aspirated and lick greedily with his tongue my labia minora and my clitoris. I was frightened and felt very pleasurably at the same time.
The other two men watched avidly all this.
Then this chunky brunette, a former prisoner, began greedily in the same manner suck my breasts' nipples in turn, at the same time moving with his two fingers between my wet labia minora.
Then he had knelt down between my parted legs for a few seconds, touching with his coarse hairy thighs the gentle inner surface of my sexy thighs, and laid down upon me. I was feeling how such a great hot head of his cock was trying with pushes to thrust into my girlish vagina, stretching impertinently the narrow entrance of my virginal vagina. The man was moaning agitatedly breathing into my face with vodka and tobacco fumes.
I felt the pain.
"Please stop! It hurts me!" I begged.
But ignoring my plea the former prisoner continued saucily to squeeze his huge penis into my gentle girlish vagina. He already was fucking me, the very first time in my life, committing his frictions. The huge hot head of his cock already had got into my narrow vagina stretching it, and was stretching my hymen with pushes, trying to break through it.
"Please stop!" I cried again. I had wept.
I had felt the more sharper pain and cried out.
His huge cock broke through the hymen into my vagina, pulling on this hot club my gentle vaginal walls. Really he was pulling myself on his hot club with savage incessant pushes.
His club was advancing into my vagina deeper and deeper. The sensitive head of his penis was rubbing voluptuously the walls of my gentle vagina, which never felt within itself the male penis.
I was feeling how this head of his penis was drinking a sweetest pleasure from my gentle vagina. The man was committing his frictions on me, groaning louder and louder with pleasure. This former prisoner already just roared like a wild b**st with pleasure, smearing my face and lips with his stinky saliva.
It seemed to me, a gentle young girl, that already not the rude man fucked me, but a huge male dog, a huge monster enjoyed growling my pussy, my vagina, my sexy thighs, my gentle breasts. At the same time that scared and excited me.
And though it was very painful some strange pleasure was felt amongst this pain, and my vagina trickled with juice. My uterus began to contract rhythmically in tact with his fucking motions. Now I wanted to participate in this fuck with this huge b**st, and I became involved in the fuck, started "подмахивать ему", actively moving with my pelvis to and fro in tact with his frictions.
Two other men lowered their trousers to knees baring their erected hardly cocks, and masturbated excitedly looking at us, at our fuck. This nasty male, a former prisoner, breathing with the disgusting fumes, fucked me for a long time, it seemed to me the whole hour.
His cock pulled on itself my vagina and hit with its hot head my cervix, like a boxer hits a punching bag. I moaned piteously from pain and some strange pleasure. And now he had roared more loudly, even screamed with delight, and I was feeling how the hot liquid was erupting with strong jolts into my vagina. This hot liquid was squelching now under his moving cock in my vagina.
At last the chunky brunette doing a few more motions with his cock, pulled it out of my vagina and stood up.
The next who must fuck me was my old beau from the railway station, this 50 years old man. He was more dulcet with me. Firstly the long time this older man kissed me, a sexy blonde of 18 years old, slobbery and lewdly, caressing with his tongue my mouth inside.
Then he tenderly helped me to get doggy on all fours on these dirty mattresses already stained with my bl**d and the sperm. There were not the trousers on him already.
He had knelt down behind me, enough easily thrusted his cock into my vagina full of warm sperm, and began to fuck me very quickly like a dog, squeezing from behind with both his palms my boobs. The sperm of the previous fucker, the prisoner, was sloshing in my vagina. This squelch of sperm was clearly audible to all.
We fucked like two stray dogs perhaps a quarter of an hour - me, an 18 years old cute blonde slim girl, and the burly man with belly, about 50 years old, balding, suitable for me almost as a grandfather. He had got finally his sweet pleasure and satisfaction from me, of which he so long begged me at the station.
I also tried to participate in our fuck moving with my ass in tact with his movements. The older man was so gentle with me, the source of his pleasure, and when he was fucking me, he was agitatedly repeating: "Ah you my sweet little girl! Ah you my nicy!"
Sometime, in the midst of my sexual intercourse with this my elderly beau from the railway station, the thought about my grandma flashed in my mind: "Where is she now? Probably searching for me... What time is it now?" I really lost all sense of time during this my first so tempestuous sex.
The three men in turn did with me two sexual intercourses each.
The dirty mattresses smelling fuel oil were in spots of sperm and bl**d. My hips, pubic, whole lower abdomen were lavishly smeared with the cum of these three not young men.
Finally they finished obtaining their sexual satisfaction.
Now I represented a quite pitiful sight - disheveled, with the kiss hickeys on my breasts and neck, bedraggled with the sperm of these three males, and awfully tired. My deflorated stretched vagina, fucked with three big cocks, was aching. My uterus was still continuing to commit the rhythmic contractions, keeping the memory of the three hottest male batons.
I was lying exhausting with fatigue on these filthy mattresses. It was necessary to give tribute to my admire from the railway station - he had helped me to get up on my feet and get dressed. On the raffish face of this elderly man was visible the feeling of gratitude to me for giving him pleasure and satisfaction.
The two other men, the former prisoners, were on former rude with me, and already called me, an 18 years old girl, "блядью и сукой" "a whore and bitch", smoking and spitting contemptuously saying about me.
Somehow I put in order my hair, lipsticked, did quick maquillage. I was even swaying after such an abundant sex.
With an elderly man, my beau from the railway station, I exited the carriage. The two other men, the former criminals, stayed in the carriage. We went back to the terminus. At last I had glanced at my watch - just two hours remained to our train, so these men fucked me as many as four hours!
I still was swinging like a sailor after storm, my pussy was aching, all the time out of my pussy constantly was flowing the warm cum and dripping down along the inner surface of my thighs, dirtying my pantyhose. My pantyhose, skirt and even blouse were spotted with whitish withered sperm.
At last we reached the station. My grandma was absent at the same place. I can no longer to walk and search her. I felt so excruciated. Yet my elderly fucker found her somewhere at the terminus and brought her to me. Then he had disappeared at once. My grandma asked me anxiously eyeing me: "Nina, where have you been so long? I searched the entire terminus, even by terminus radio the ads were given, even to police appealed!"
I waved my hand negligently like a d***k bosun and said: "Я ебалась с тремя мужиками" "I had the fuck with three men"
"What?!" exclaimed my grandma, "Are you out of your mind?! What are you saying?!"
"Да, они выебали меня" I uttered saucily. "Yes, they have fucked me"
I added: "Threesome".
I got up and walked reeling like a d***k, found a pharmacy kiosk, and bought tampons kotex, a squirt, and a solution for douching. Then I went to the terminus toilet, closed in cubicle, lifted my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and panties, sat down on the toilet bowl.
My panties and pantyhose's panties area were thickly impregnated with sperm, bl**d stains were visible too. Out of my vagina was still flowing the cum of these three strange casual men. I wondered: "If I get pregnant, whose a baby will be?" My pussy was hurt. I did douching for my excruciated vagina, inserted a tampon. It was the time for boarding our train...
Shortly afterwards I married my groom Yuri who came from the army. Thanks to my grandma, my groom knew nothing about that that I as a cheap terminus hooker was fucked by the group of former prisoners.
Now I'm already at the fourth month of pregnancy. By timing this cannot be a baby of my husband Yuri. It's a baby of one of these two former prisoners and elderly man with belly.
Well, let it be so...

Copyright © 2014 Natasha98

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Truck Stop

I pulled off the major highway that ran though my city into the highway rest stop. The rest stop outside of town had been a place that was well known to be very active at night with men looking for fun with other men. Trucks would stop through for "road head" and local married guys would discreetly hook up and explore their wilder side in anonymity.

The place was typically dark, and could be dirty and filled with bugs if the weather was hot but it never seemed to be too nasty to keep the men away.

I had discovered it on an online cruise forum and verified its level of activity and because my job had me on the road a lot, I stopped by fairly routinely.

This night, the parking lot light was burned out or broken. This made for a lot of cruising in the parking lot as well. Guys passed by cars slowly, scoping out who was sitting in them. Some guys stroked right there in their front seat trying to attract someone over.

I walked steadily into the bathroom where most of the action tended to start. The stalls were busy as were the urinals. i waited in mocking anticipation of using a toilet. Eventually a urinal opened up so I took the minimal opportunity to let my aching cock out of my jeans it had been trying to bust for the past hour.

I stood there quietly letting myself relax a bit. i could here all sorts of movement in the stalls and could only imagine the horny action going on in there. I let my head lean back a bit and closed my eyes.

That was when I felt the hand gently grasp around my throbbing cock and slowly give it a couple of strokes. I looked down and saw the hand and looked next to me. An older man stood there with his cock out smiling at me. He looked to be in his 60's, still fit and a silver fox by all measures. I have always had a bit of a weakness for a good older guy so I turned and let him continue.

"That's a nice piece you got boy. What else you got?" He said in a low volume. Then he headed out the door of the bathroom. I figured he would want to go out to the trees and grass around the car park for some outdoor fun and I was game since it was so dark. I discreetly followed and he led me to his vehicle. He had one of those smaller camper/trucks. Sort of an RV for 2. He went in the side door and I followed.

No lights came on and we sat there in darkness for a while. He moved closer and I realized he had his cock out again already. I was about to ask him what he was into but got my answer when I felt his hand tugging at the back of my head. I allowed him to lower me to his lap and got my hands on him. Silver Fox indeed! He had a solid 9 inch cock that was very thick and impressive. He had either been riding the blue pill express or had zero need for it as he was rock hard.

I gave his head a couple of swirls from my tongue and heard him moan a bit. His hand pulled me down a bit harder and my mouth took his meat in slowly. I kept his cock wet with my mouth and moved him progressively deeper with each stroke I gave him. I heard his breath intensify. The thick beefy veins on his cock throbbed in my mouth and I felt every twitch from him on my tongue as I let him ride my mouth. He bucked his hips into my head sliding his big dick down my throat. I stuck my tongue far out to allow him to get the depth he desired. His grunts and groans told me he appreciated the effort.

"Boy you know how to use your mouth like a good little whore don't you?" He whispered.

I continued engulfing his shaft with my mouth and throat when I felt his hand grab my hair and pull me back.

"I want to see if you really take it like a whore boy" and with that he turned me around pulling my gym shorts down.

I was bent over a bench in his camper and he pulled my hips to him. I felt him rubbing lube on my ass and I braced for his impact. I was not really used to fucking and he was very thick. The thought of it all frightened me a bit but I was too wound up to stop him.

I felt him press the head of his cock against my ass ring. He slid himself a bit into me hard and direct. It did hurt. He kept rubbing in more lube along with his cock and eventually he started pumping into me. I had a brief moment of concern when I felt all those wonderful veins throbbing on my ass ring. He had barebacked me. My concern soon faded the deeper he plunged into me. He kept himself moving very deliberately, almost a show of strength in and out of my ass. He took several long deep thrusts into me and I realized, he was setting himself up to bottom out in my ass. He added more and more lube and eventually his pace quickened. I felt his hips slamming against my ass as me pumped himself into me.

"Nice fucking whore. You ass feels so good. You make such a good little bitch".

I felt like an absolute cock slut taking his monster cock to the hilt and loving it. My cock dangled rock hard under me and i felt an amazing tingling sensation beneath my balls. I was amazed! This guy was going to make me cum like a slut from getting fucked! The tingled intensified and eventually swelled up my cock harder and bigger than I had ever experienced before. I exploded hot cum all over my gym shorts and his camper as he drove his cock up my ass at an almost primitive pace, slamming me hard.

"Yeah that's a good little cunt cum yourself, now here's one for you!"

With that I felt a hot gush inside of me and knew he had blasted. He pumped several more times pulling my shoulders back and slamming my ass as hard as he could as deep as he could filling me up with his warm gooey seed. It was a sensation I had not felt in years and certainly not this intense. I was glad I didn't freak out and let him bareback me like a whore.

He held himself in me for as long as he could until his cock eventually slid out on its own from going sift. Small amounts of his cum were still leaking from me as he let me out of the camper and I walked back to my car.

I noticed when I drove away he had out of state license plates but I was sure hopeful I would see him again some night.
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Meeting three men on a hillside naked

'When did you make the transition to being a fully committed "Cuck" Mariel'.
I could see the question excited him, talking to a woman about her sexual needs, does have a powerful edge, especially when the questioner, has thoughts of slipping his own cock into her, and have one mind blowing release.
Men go around mistakenly believing that women who hump easily, are sexually depraved, nymphomaniacs, but nothing is further from the truth, we are all sexual a****ls, some of us are better suited for our opposite numbers, beautiful bodies and faces, making for a more visually satisfyingly fuck, and bigger, fatter cocks, for a more engaging and interesting penetration.
When as a p*****n, I knew big cocks were a turn-on, that's all we talked and laughed about, boys our ages were just not interested in us, strangely enough, they were attracted to Mummies, likewise we were attracted to the Daddies, and at that age, even small cocks were large.
So my education and exposure to men's genitalia is something I have grown up with, my father's friends on overnight stays, after huge drinking sessions, would steal into my bedroom and commit sexual acts on my sl**ping body, mostly ejaculating on me, my bum being the number one target,(I always like them to take my panties down), but on occasions, they could not resist to smother my lips and mouth with a pool of semen, which I would swallow in my sl**p, without flinching, as if instinctively clearing a blocked airway, the acrid taste of their semen not being registered on my pretty face as it disappeared down my throat.
At breakfast time, these offenders always had a sense of empowerment, looking at a girl so young, her pretty bow pink lips and the memory of his ejaculate disappearing down her throat, that innocence, and the wonderment of just how easy the evidence, and the act, disappeared down her swan-like neck, our eyes meeting and doubt creeping in, did she know, and willingly do it, I would smile under half hooded eyes, that smile driving them crazy, and as they reluctantly left, yearning to have used more of me, somehow sticking their cocks in a ten year old, suddenly makes me a women, laughable really.
I think I lost my virginity every time a man pushed his cock up inside me, it was all part of the fun of sex for me, it's what they wanted to hear, so I just said yes, it was easy really, as I was seeming too young to have done it before, so a pretend effort of accommodating something for the first time, (Their cocks) but then again, being blessed with naturally a tight vagina, added to the feeling and giving credence to their desire to deflower me.
I have also been asked what is my favorite masturbatory theme,(Yes I do tell men what I get off to), and it always three men taking turns, one doing it while the other two watch and stroke, keeping themselves hot, waiting to have their turn.
They say you never forget your first love, be it of the heart, or of the physical sexual encounter, the one that pops your hymen and crushes your clitoris between his cock and pubic bone (Believe me, that's when most women feel their vagina's for the first time, two intense feelings, each separate from the other, each capable of giving their own orgasms, something experienced women aim for when fucking, having our clits licked and finger fucked simultaneously, just watch us explode when they both cum together). Sorry guys, I cant help but try to educate you, you never know I might meet you next lol.
So back to my favorite vision of three, well it's a mixture never forgetting my first, and a strong desire to relive the experience, so here it is guys, cocks out and come into my head, stroke as I tell of the debauchery of a girl being used on a deserted hillside, three d***ken men assuming they were stretching two new holes and exercising my tonsils, in a deep throat opera, and a teen girl swallowing and squeezing her way to the most incredible orgasms, that haunt me still today.
I have always been a naturist at heart, partially because as a teen I had a very sexual body, I was turned on by my own nudity, I would walk around in the nude, catch sight of myself, and have ten minutes of finger exercising, to cool off.
This day, which was a schoolday, I felt awful, and as I walked and came into view of the building, I felt the urge not to go, so I turned left and walked up past the dairy yard, the farm itself and onto the hillside, feeling the sun beat down, so early in the morning.
As I walked I surveyed around me, it was so deserted, and that gave me a deep urge to be nude, to walk around without any clothes on, so I did just that, and soon the deep green hues were serving as a backdrop to a naked girl walking freely, my clothes lying in a pile where I had discarded them, in a pile with my satchel, I really did feel totally free and naked, so much so I walked and walked until I had been doing so for the best part of an hour.
I was not long before I sat down and started to feel the urge to relieve myself, so as young girls do when masturbating, I was lost in my dreams and my actions, lying there fingering myself, not realizing three men were watching me, and approaching quietly, intent not to arouse me to their presence, when I started to get to the apex of my efforts, when a cough stopped me and I jumped up, too late, as they had surrounded me and blocked off my escape.
To make matters worse, I now had a mental block as in which direction did my clothes lie, 'Fuck', I thought, but strangely I felt no fear, only a deep feeling of excitement, perhaps due to my heightened sexual state of mind, being looked at by three strangers, all grown men, my nakedness and the helpless feeling of not knowing where my clothes were, a very submissive situation for a girl on the verge of her orgasm to be in.
'Sit down love, and lets see you finish', said one, I dont think my nipples have stuck out so far since this experience, considering my breasts were in their infancy, my nipples made up for the lack of tit to handle, and they were very sensitive organs.
As I bent my legs to sit, the realization I was surrendering my only way out to escape, sent a thrill through me I had never felt before, I knew deep down the would fuck me, but strangely, even before my bum touched the grass, I had resigned myself to having sex with them, so I needed to show them I was up for it, and doing so they would have their fun and I could go home, once I located my clothes of course.
I lay out fully exposed, 'Open your legs sweetheart and lets be seeing your pussy', I did as he requested, this appeared to excite him more as my vagina was fully exposed to their leering eyes. 'Fucking hell look at it, just like my bleeding daughters twat, how fucking old are you?'
Now here was a man admitting to looking at his daughters cunt, clearly mine was going to be special treat to him, he would be inside me while his head would be fucking her.
One knelt at my feet, the other two either side of me, 'Play with your twat, cum for us', they chorused each adding their own expletives, taking control of a teen girls sexual enjoyment, clearly appealed to them, and as I started where I had left off, a sudden silence becalmed the area, I closed my eyes and went for it, determined to genuinely orgasm, and give them an insight to the world of teenage girls masturbating, something I am sure the daughter of the man who made the comparison, might not forgive me for.
I could hear the squishy squelching my pussy was making, 'Fucking hell', one commented, 'She is so fucking wet', he continued, my fingers darting in and out of my pussy in earnest, my bum off the ground as I thrust into myself, these men were being treated to a scene most men never witness, and I reveled in my educating them, surely they would let me go, once they had there fun, clearly I was no innocent, just a slut having a female wank.
'I'm having some of that pussy', at last a response, I ached to be fucked, so I withdrew my hand from covering my cunt and lay open for the first cock to enter.
My nipples were now being chewed on, simultaneous waves of pleasure no emanating from their peaks, it drove me mad and my hips were humping thin air, my ass raised high off the ground, the correct height for the cock bearing down on it, his penetration in one stroke, his scrotum slapping against my ass, as he came to a sudden stop inside me, my tightness clearly having that profound effect, 'She's a fucking virgin', he called out, but that that just drove him wild as he fucked like a man possessed, until he came deep inside me.
It was when he pulled his cock out I could see the reason for his 'Virgin' remark, I was both disappointed and embarrassed, the bl**d on his cock was from my periods, hence my discomfiture early on and my raised sexual libido, 'Fucking hell sweetheart, why did you not say you were a virgin', I lay with my legs open and my ass still off the ground, bl**d trickling down my bum crack and onto the grass, these men clearly knew little of the workings of the female body, both men chewing my nipples stared at my secretions, as if the bl**d were sacred, the one with the daughter looked at me, 'Was that sore', he asked me, I think tenderly, 'No', I answered, with an edge to my voice, 'I want to cum', and at that indicated slightly with a nod of my head, I wanted him to go next.
They swapped places, the cock that supposedly deflowered me, now hung flaccid by my face, the man with his fascination for his daughter now positioned with his cock in hand at my open crotch, hesitant and looking down on my open offering. 'Fucking hell, what you waiting for, stick your cock up her', but still he was hesitant, then I said something outrageous, more in my urgency to feel him move inside me, 'I can be your daughter, and show you how much she will like you', he looked ashen-faced, the other two men were looking at him, not me, I had exposed his desire for her, and I expected him to react, by either plunging into to me and violently r****g my vagina, or scold me for such a suggestion, but neither, instead he looked at my cunt and just said, 'I can see your cum coming out', he was reluctant to cover his cock with his friends offering, 'Stick it up her ass then'.
There was no consultation with me as to whether such a vile act was acceptable, I had no say in it, I was just expected to lie there and do as requested, and as I thought about the injustices of it, I could feel the new pressure on my reddy-brown bit, is its crinkled tight orifice gave way, the bl**dy sperm mixed with my own lubrication, provided no resistance, and at that, my virgin bum, had its first encounter with a mans thrusting cock, the initial discomfiture, which drew lines on my face, mistaken for his size, rather than pain, its endured.
Both men beside me each took and ankle and f***ed my feet to the ground either side of my head, that gave each a birds eye view of his cock doing its anal thrusting, 'You think your daughter would like this', one asked, he was clearly close to cumming, 'I'll tell you soon as I have done it', he was clearly going to fuck her, I am sure what he was feeling right now up my bum, would encourage him, so I added to that belief by adding my own pleasure, his cock was clearly rubbing my inner vagina, the illusive 'G-spot', because I came, and so loud, one had to clamp my mouth to stifle my emanations out to the world.
'Fuck look at the mess', he commented as his cock plopped from my ass, leaving a huge gap open, the circumference of his cocks girth, but thankfully it was not that private opening he referred to, it was the pool of bl**dy semen that had accumulated in the well of my belly button, his bum fucking had f***ed the friends semen out of my vagina and it tricked down, as my legs were pinned back over my head.
Two down one to go. I was still trembling with my own mind blowing orgasm, my body smeared with semen and bl**d as well as my own lubrication, not a pretty sight for the last man to poke his cock into, I was willing enough to do it and said as much, but someone had suggested a blow-job, and I rolled over on to my stomach and took him in my mouth.
He soon stopped, 'I want her to ring me', I still had his cock in my mouth, somewhat confused by his request, a dirty phone call, I was wrong of course, he meant something completely different, and his friends knew what he meant, so I was manhandled back onto my back, and he squatted onto my face, I was left looking up at his hairy asshole, 'Lick it they chorused, as they realized I was clueless the 'Ringing' of a man.
'Use your tongue sweetheart', and as it slowly dawned on me, I once again had both my ankles grasped and f***ed down either side of his squatting legs.
'Follow the bottle', and as he said that I could feel the beer bottle neck touch the edge of my asshole, so I tongued that corresponding edge.
'Yeah, that's it', he responded, 'Fuck she's doing it', then the bottle shifted across, and my feverent tongue followed, is if tracing the Cardinal points on the compass. 'I'm going to cum', he groaned, and at that the bottle was pushed into my ass, the long neck part, and my tongue followed suit, right inside his bung-hole, so as he came I felt the hot stream of sperm hit my body, his sphincter muscles crushed my tongue half way inside his bum.
His balls caressed my chin, my nose, as he eased back from my face, but as his cock brushed my lips I could not resist sucking him inside my mouth and clamping my teeth around his 'German Helmet', my tongue lashing its sensitivity, causing him severe discomfiture, and as he tried to pull off I clung on, keeping him fixed in my mouth.
This brought peels of laughter and ensure these men there experiences with me were secure and no reports of gang **** or such would leave this hillside.
When two of them left to pee and drink their beer the guy with the daughter fascination, queried my opinion of him wanting to fuck her, had I fucked my daddy?
'It's not as uncommon as you might think', I replied, I already knew of it, we did hear rumors at school, then I bravely changed tack, 'Who is she?' I asked because the topic thrilled me more because of its controversial topic, but my own experiences with f****y members, had provided me with pleasures over the years.
He told me, and I admitted to knowing her, 'Your divorced then', I added, 'We know of you, and she speaks highly of you, hates her mother', I concluded, the last bit putting a sparkle in his eyes.
There was more to happen after this but as you know I dont like to go on and on, besides I am hoping you have enjoyed it to the extent you have already cum, which I would really appreciate for you to appreciate my efforts and time to please you by simply adding your little comment at the bottom, I mean thousands of readers and only the select few showing their appreciation, come on guys talk to me, add a comment
... Continue»
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Encounter at a truck stop

It's late at night and I'm getting low on gasoline. Ahead on the interstate glittering in the darkness is a truck stop so I pull in.
As I'm filling my car, you emerge from the ladies room tugging on your short skirt. You walk up to the car next to mine and our eyes meet.
I smile at you, and you smile back. My eyes drop to take in your unharnessed breasts in a snug halter top, down your soft curving belly to your rounded hips, your ass flaring your short skirt.
My groin feels a tingle as bl**d drains from my brain and I sense my phallus swelling. You look up at me, all six feet four, then down at my size 13 feet, then focus on my bulging shorts, and you take a deep breath. I see your nipples start to poke through your halter top as you look in my blue eyes and slowly lick your lips.

I finish filling my tank and instead of hanging up the hose, I slowly I push it back into the filler, then out, then in and out. I step one foot over the hose so it's between my legs as I symbolically hump my car. You giggle and reach over and begin slowly stroking the gasoline hose as we grin at each other.

I point over to the far side of the parking lot where the big trucks are parked and lift an eyebrow in an unspoken question. You nod, and we get into our cars and drive across the Tarmac to a deserted, dimly lit part of the truck stop.

We get out, I open my arms and you step into my embrace. You are shorter than I, so I feel your breasts squeezing against my abdomen as you feel my male hardness against your belly. We don't speak, just enjoy the sensations of our urgency, my erection and your softness.

I tilt your head up and taste your lips. Our kiss is long and you shudder and press yourself against me, relaxing into my arms. You sigh as I move my kisses down to your throat and grind your hips against my thighs. My shaft is swelling with desire as you bury your head against my chest, then I am surprised as your teeth bite my nipples through my thin T shirt.

I lean back against my car and catch my breath as I feel your soft hands roam down my chest and hover over my aching groin. I run my hands over your soft breasts as you moan, me squeezing them as you rub my stiff shaft through my shorts. A groan escapes my lips as you stroke my manhood through the cloth.

I slide my hands under your halter to cup your tits and lift the halter up, allowing your girls to escape and sway in the night breeze. Your nipples are hard against my thumbs as I massage and rub them.
"Harder" you hiss as I fondle your boobs. I tug on your nipples and knead your love pillows. Then I feel your hands tugging at my belt, fumbling to unlock my pleasure treasure. Your hand slides down the front of my shorts and traces the length of my swollen shaft, stroking it to fullness. I gasp as you cup my balls and gently squeeze them.

I look around and there is no one appearing to watch. I lift up your skirt and find you are naked beneath! Your cleft is incredibly hot, slick with sex juices as I feel your swollen labia part to my probing finger. Your vagina is clenched tight as my digit parts your folds and penetrates you. I feel above your love channel to find your swollen clitoris peeping out of its hood and I pull you around to the front of my car and push you against the hood.

I sink to my knees and bury my face in your steaming cunt. As I lap the juices, you grip my head and grind it into your vulva. Woman's juices run down your thighs as I greedily lap them up, and your hips begin rocking into my tongue. You surrender to waves of pleasure, shaking and gasping as your climax nears. Then suddenly you pant an octave above your previous moans as your hips buck and a flood of girlcum floods my open mouth.

You push me away as your tender clit retracts to safety under its hood. Your orifice throbs and pulses with the aftershocks of your orgasm as you tremble, needing the car to support your rubbery knees.

After a moment, we switch places as you sink to my crotch. I hear my zipper making music, and you tug my penis free of its prison. It bobs in the night air, throbbing with need to release its pent up craving. Your fingers caress its bulging head, trace the veins of its length, and end up at my full scrotum. I moan with pleasure as your lips encircle its head, I feel your tongue lick its sensitive spot under the opening as you swallow its girth.

My eyes roll back as I enjoy your tongue flicking its way from the knob to my sac. Then I feel your finger enter my anus and I almost explode! Afraid to orgasm too quickly, I pull away from your devoted ministrations and grab your hips, turning you around to bend you forward over the hood of my car. My pole is at full mast as I position it at the entrance to your womb. You push back onto my swollen shaft and I plunge my cock into your wet pussy. Squelches of love juice are the only sounds, with our lusty panting as we couple like a****ls in heat. I reach around and grasp your tits as they sway around and around. Deep, deep, deep I thrust, then slow, slow, slow, as I feel the ridges of your slippery vagina clench on my turgid tool. You reach between your legs and furiously rub your twat as I feel my testes lift with their oncoming offering.

Then I can't help but see your ass puckering in the dim light. I pull my hard member from your folds and, lubricated with our juices, shove my aching pole into your anus. It's so tight and at first my erection won't go in, but after a few shallow thrusts your back door relaxes enough to take my length. With a grunt, you cum again as I drive myself up your poopchute.

I'm almost there, so I reluctantly leave your arse and plunge back into your pulsing cunt. A few more thrusts and I feel the lid coming off the pressure cooker in my nuts.
"Oh god, baby, I'm about to cum!" I grunt out as the point of no return approaches. "Can I cum in you?"

"Fuck me harder, daddy" you moan as your pelvis grinds on my manhood. "Yes, FILL me with spunk!"

Shuddering, I grab your ass and bury my tool in your flesh. A surge of semen explodes from my cock, flooding your feminine receptacle with hot sticky cum. Spurts of sperm gush out, mixing with your juices as my orgasm goes on and on and the universe stands still. My entire being is now my cock, feeling every ridge of your pussy milk the last drops of my offering.

Spent, we collapse onto the warm hood of my car. I'm swollen so hard I dare not pull out for a moment, then as my erection subsides I feel myself returning to Earth and my deflated wood slowly slides from your throbbing cunt. As I withdraw, a gush of sex juices oozes out of your love hole and I sink to lap it up. Then with a smile I kiss you, our mouths full of each others cum. A dribble of white drips from your lips, and you smile as you bend over and clean off my dick with your tongue.

As we turn back to our cars, satisfied for the moment, I hear a voice.

"Hey, you guys want to have some more fun?"

I turn, and a beefy trucker and a skinny girl with some righteous ink are standing there grinning.

"Well, I'm in no hurry," I said and turn to get your reply....... Continue»
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Sharing my wife with friends

This story is about a young couple where the husband
discovers his sexy wife has complete blackouts when she
drinks. So he uses it to his own advantage.

For those of you who think this is not possible, think
again. This story is loosely based on fact and I know
someone who can be abused in this way when d***k and
asl**p or even partially awake and remember nothing in
the morning. So enjoy the story and believe is CAN

I’m not sure when the change in my attitude to Vikki
began. I’m also not sure what set it off but I have an
idea about that.

She was 18 and I was 26 when we married. Her parents
weren’t behind us 100% because of her age and I had
actually met her two years previously but because of
the obviousness of our age difference I kept my hands
off her until she was 18.

I had a good job in the aeronautics business in the
U.K. and my many friends were all married and all in
the same business. As my friends were all either my age
or older, I was considered a lucky man having a "teen
vixen" as a wife. When I met her, she was in school
uniform and I had offered her a lift home after a
swimming lesson where she was with a young female
friend of my neighbour. How I kept my hands off her for
a year I don’t know by I succeeded.

I was very possessive of her in the early days,
especially when younger guys fancied her as I felt a
bit on the old side, even at 26, but eventually it kind
of turned me on to see her being ogled by older and
younger alike. Eventually I found myself wanking when I
was alone with the thought of her being fucked by other
men, though when I came, I suddenly felt guilty.

By this time we had been married two years and had a
great sex life. Vikki fucked like a rabbit and rarely
mentioned anyone else but me. She liked to pander to my
little interests and I loved having her in her school
uniform (I suppose trying to make up for the sex I
didn’t have when she was u******e).

Her body was still slim and her build slight. She was a
natural ash blonde and kept her hair short. Her tits
were small but firm and stuck out very firmly when she
was aroused. Her vagina was also small and perfect with
slight lips sticking out. She had a little difficulty
taking my 8 inch cock at first but now craved it. The
foreskin would peel back as I f***ed it into her and
now I could push in right up to my balls.

Many a night as I fucked her, I thought of her being
fucked by strangers and even by some of our male
friends. I had had many comments from mates at work
about how lucky I was to be screwing a "schoolgirl" and
I would titillate them by telling them that I actually
did screw her in uniform. Though they joked it off as
though they were not interested, all of them would ask
me later what she actually liked to do. Considering all
my male friends were married, it was obvious, that my
sex life was better than theirs.

Vikki drank very little, and always liked to be in
control of her actions. "Michael," She said a year
after we married, "I managed to get d***k once after a
school dance and you wouldn’t like to see me d***k." "I
make a fool of myself."

"What kind of fool," I asked.

"That’s just it, I was such a fool I don’t remember and
had to rely on my friends to tell me. I did things I
would never have done sober, like going up to one of
the prefects and kissing him, showing everyone my new
bra and telling private things to all my friends. I was
so humiliated!"

"I would never let you make a fool of yourself," I told
her, "So don’t ever worry about that."

The subject was dropped and that was that.

So here we were, her 20 and me 28 and we were invited
to Graeme and Kath’s house warming party. They were
both in their early 30’s and Graeme worked with me. It
was a warm late summer evening and their new house was
indeed beautiful. We had a buffet and the patio doors
opened on to a large secluded garden with little paths
and shrubs everywhere. Dim lights were sprinkled around
the garden giving a fairy-tale look to the place.

I noticed Vikki drinking soft drinks, even though we
had agreed to taxi home. I left her to mix with the
large group and as the evening chilled most of us moved
indoors. It was then that I noticed her behaviour was
slightly erratic. I looked at the drink bottle beside
her and realised she was drinking alchopops – those
alcoholic drinks that tasted like soft drinks. She
wasn’t making a fool of herself, just being a little

When I saw her, she was in a group of two women and one
man whom I recognised as a Graeme’s younger b*****r
David. He was about 17. I thought nothing more of it
and was pleased she had relaxed. It was about 30
minutes later that I realised she was not in the room
and I went to look for her as it was getting late.

I couldn’t find her so assumed she has gone into the
garden. I slipped out of the kitchen door but it was
quite dark with only the "fairy lights" taking the edge
off the darkness. The cool air was pleasant and the
garden refreshing and quiet after the bustle of the
house so I walked a round the area. That’s when I heard
giggling – Vikki giggling!

The bl**d rushed to my head and I realised it was not
only my head it had rushed to. I had been drinking
quite a lot and that always made me horny. I quietly
slipped off the path into the bushes and crept slowly
up to the little area out of sight of the house. Vikki
was sitting on a bench with David beside her. He was
talking to her and she was talking back.

It was his hand that amazed me. He was stroking her
right breast as they spoke and she was saying nothing
at all. He then leaned over and kissed her and she
responded. My cock was pounding and I quickly released
it as I watched. David freed her breast quite easily
and I saw his hand slip up her dress.

From the look on his face, he found his goal and was
obviously fingering her. She was smiling. He stood up
and slipped his trousers down. Vikki reached forward
and released his cock from his briefs. It was about 6
inches long and his balls hung low beneath it. Vikki
swallowed his cock in one swoop. I was wanking myself
like mad.

"Keep it up, I’m going to cum soon," David said.

I then suddenly heard voices from the house coming down
the garden. I pulled up my pants, stepped out to the
path and started to shout for Vikki. By the time I
slowly got round to where they were, both were walking
back up to me. David was quite clear eyed but Vikki’s
bra strap was still off her shoulder and she was very
blearly eyed.

"Ah there you are, "I said. "Time to go home dear"
"Thanks for looking after her David, you should pop
round some time and visit us and we can crack open a
few cans."

"Yeh, that would be great," He responded.

"You would like to see David again, wouldn’t you

"Yessss," She mumbled.

We called a cab and got home about 20 minutes later.
Vikki talked away but she was quite odd. I decided to
try an experiment. When we got home, I suggested we
walk in the woods behind our house. She consented. On
the way, I asked if she liked David’s cock in her
mouth. She said she had, but not really as if she knew
what I was talking about.

When I got her to a quiet spot, I leaned her against a
tree, lifted her dress and put my finger into her. She
was sopping wet. I took out my cock and entered her
there and then in the dark. She didn’t say a word as I
fucked her like a madman. She even came as I emptied my
balls into her. I straightened her up and walked back
to the house, helped her to get ready for bed and we
both fell asl**p.

The following morning she awoke before me and called me
to breakfast. I went downstairs and asked how she was.
"Never better" She responded, "Why?"

"Nothing," I said, "It’s just with you having a few
drinks last night."

"I know, isn’t it amazing, I was able to drink and it
had absolutely no affect on me," She said. "It must be
the sugar in these things as I had a great night."

I mentioned David to her and she just passed on as
though she could hardly remember who he was. She
certainly didn’t remember the fuck in the woods. I told
her a totally different story about our return home. I
said the taxi had dropped us off a few streets away and
we had had a romantic stroll home. She was happy with
the story and took it on board as though she remembered
the whole event.

When Vikki had gone off to visit a neighbour I took
stock of the evening and wondered if this amnesia was
an effect of the alcohol. If it was, there were some
possibilities here. I was going to have to do some more
tests on Vikki to be sure. It took another couple of
wanks before those possibilities could be erased from
my mind.

It was four weeks later and mid November when we were
invited to another party, this time at Gerry’s house.
Gerry was a draughtsman at the unit and was 33. His
wife, Laura, was a year older than him. It was a fancy
dress party and a couple of nights before it, Vikki and
I were trying to work out what we would go as. The idea
hit me immediately – schoolgirl!!

I decided to go as a workman complete with hard hat and
overalls. It surprised me but Vikki loved the idea. I
had another idea too but was not sure if it would work.

I decided to drive as Gerry lived about 20 miles away.
I wore nothing under the overalls but some briefs and a
vest. Vikki looked fabulous as the schoolgirl and
though she was going to go the whole hog and wear her
old knickers, I made her change to a sexier pair (as I
said the school knickers might give out a wrong message
to any old perverts there).

We had a drink before going and I made sure Vikki’s was
strong. She was a great hit at the party with the men.
Some wives looked a little disturbed by her convincing
performance but once she was into the Bacardi Breezers
she was in full flight. Graeme pulled me aside and
commented how lucky I was.

"You going to give her one in uniform tonight," He

"Of course I am," I replied.

"If she wasn’t your wife, I would give her one too," He
said, then apologised.

"If she was up for it, I would let you," I answered.

He was d***k but realised the full implication of what
I was saying.

"Just me?" he said.

"And the rest of them," I replied and walked away.

He walked behind me, "You mean gang bang her?"

"But she probably won’t," I responded.

"No, she probably won’t," He repeated forlornly.

Vikki was giggling with a group of young people in the
corner and more than one of the young guys lifted her
short school skirt to see her knickers. She seemed
completely oblivious. One young guy dressed as a
footballer and was very d***k was lifting it more than
others and she was "mock smacking" his hand. When I saw
her heading upstairs to the toilet, I noticed this
young lad of about 20 follow her. I followed him.

Outside the toilet, he caught up and started to kiss
her. She limply let him and when he pushed her into a
small bedroom she went. I followed swiftly (in case she
was in trouble) and when I got to the door the hall and
room were is semi darkness. I opened the door to stop
the action and quickly stepped in pushing it behind me.
So d***k were they that they didn’t even see me come

I stood in the dark corner and watched as he fumbled
with her knickers and pulled them to her feet. He
dropped his shorts and briefs and a nice stiff cock
sprung out. He was about 7 inches long. He pulled his
shorts off and sat astride her face to stick his cock
in her mouth and she sucked it. He was inexperienced
and desperate for a fuck, I could see. He knelt between
her legs and started to lick her out. She moaned. He
then stood up to fuck and I saw he was going to do it
without a condom. I couldn’t let that happen. I opened
the door and pretended to have just come in to the

The lad looked round and instead of jumping off, just
said, "Nice eh – want a go at her?"

Something went in my head. "OK," I replied and started
to pull off my overalls. I stripped naked and walked
over. "Sit at her head," I said.

I entered Vikki in one go. The thought of fucking her
in front of a young man was erotic to say the least. I
was leaning over and fucking and the young guy’s cock
was dangling on Vikki’s face as he tried to get her to
suck him.

"I need to shoot," He said. "Can’t you get her to

Without a thought, I put my mouth over his cock and
with one free hand, I gripped his 7 inches and sucked
like mad. As though this were the most natural thing in
the world, he started to hump my mouth.

I was cumming and cumming hard into Vikki as I felt my
mouth fill. This guy knew how to cum and though I had
never done nor had any desire to swallow cum, I really
didn’t have a choice. I started to gag a little but
almost all of it went down my throat.

"Wow, that was great." "I’ll give you my number if you
ever want to give head again," He said.

As he left, he did!

I dressed myself and then straightened Vikki’s clothes.
She stood up as though she was fine and I took her to
the toilet. She sat there and pissed and then as though
this was the most normal thing, washed herself, pulled
up her briefs and walked back downstairs with me. She
carried on as normal, chatting away. I could see she
was d***k though and let her have a couple more before
deciding we should leave. I did not want others knowing
what she was like when d***k.

On the drive home, she dropped off to sl**p in the car.
About 9 miles from our house, I remembered a "lovers’
lane," and also the rumours that it was used as a
dogging site. My cock sprung up again. I drove into the
parking/picnic area and could see a number of cars
pulled back off the parking area and partly hidden in
the bushes. I could also vaguely make out human shapes
in my headlights.

I drove way over to the far side of the picnic site and
reversed the car into a small area with bushes on
either side and behind. I wound down both our windows
and unbuttoned Vikki’s blouse and unclipped her bar. I
pulled up her skirt and took off her briefs then
slightly reclined the seat. I unclipped my overalls and
took out my cock then started to finger her.

She was wet – very wet. I suppose some of my cum from
earlier was seeping back down. I made sure the light
inside the car was in the off position if I had to open
a door. I pushed her seat right back and got on the
floor to start licking her out. I could taste a
dilution of my own cum.

I heard movement and looked up to see a guy in his
thirties standing at the window wanking. I smiled and
kept going. I am not sure if he was the advance party
but within about 5 minutes there were four guys a
around us. The oldest was about 50ish and the other two
were late thirties but none were that bad looking. I
also saw a younger guy about my age standing back but
fully dressed. I got out my door and walked round with
my cock out.

I opened Vikki’s door and swung her round so her legs
were outside the car while she was lying on the seat. I
knelt down and went back to licking her out. She was
moaning softly. I then stood up and nodded to one of
the thirty-somethings and he took my place while I
watched and wanked. In ten minutes, all four had been
down on her. I beckoned the younger guy and he came
over. He stood beside me while the four guys were over
her like lions at the kill.

"Does having your girlfriend seduced turn you on," He

I pointed at my stiff eight inches and said, "What do
you think?"

He looked at me and dropped to his knees, taking my
cock in his mouth.

"Jeez," Was about all I could say as he sucked me
expertly. He took his own cock out and started to
stroke it and he sucked. No one else even noticed us.

"I would love you to fuck her," I said

"No point," He replied, "I’m gay."

"Still love you to fuck her though," I said again.

"What about fucking you," He said.

"Not tonight but if I can get you to fuck her, you can
fuck me," I said.

"Will she be out cold when I do it?" he asked.


"Then you’re on."

I came!

He sucked every drop as I filled his mouth and I saw a
jet of spunk shoot out his dick as he did so.

He stood up and gave me his mobile number and I
promised to telephone.

I turned my attention back to Vikki and warned the guys
I had cum and would be going soon. It didn’t take long
for four loads of cum to spray on her tits and crotch.

To the chorus of multiple "thanks," I covered her and
put her back in her seat before driving her home.
Thankfully our garage is integral and I was able to
drive straight in. I put the lights on and the sight of
her lying there with cum running over her was stunning
to say the least. I mopped her with some kitchen towel,
dressed her as best I could, and helped her upstairs to
bed. She actually helped me along the way but seemed to
be oblivious to what was happening even though she was

I must tell the truth and say that I wanked for the
third time before I went to sl**p. My heart was
pounding. It suddenly dawned on me, the opportunities
that lay ahead for me with a wife who reacted in this
way to alcohol but didn’t even know it. Tomorrow would
prove whether this was going to work for me or not.

Well tomorrow came and once more Vikki was cheery and
once again thought that the drinks had not had any
effect. What I couldn’t understand is what she thought
had happened in the space and time when I was having
fun with her. Did her mind not wonder why she didn’t
have enough memory to fill the evening?

In talking to her, it seemed that she just thought that
the few hours at the party until she became d***k, were
the entire evening. If I filled in a few little
episodes for the rest of the evening, then she was
happy that she had been awake and aware the whole night
and just happened to drop off to sl**p on the journey

I was now thinking of choreographing events more so
that I could plan the fun I wanted with Vikki rather
than let things take their course. The main problem was
the excuse to have her drinking as she really still
only drank on special events such as parties etc.

More and more, I was fantasising over what I wanted. I
had this great urge to have the gay guy fuck her but it
was developing into the idea of the other two lads as
well. One was obviously bisexual though the other was
straight. I thought about getting the guys d***k and
horny, Vikki d***k and horny and we sober to see what I
could get out of one gay, one bi and one straight guy
all in one room with me and my naked wife!

My other fantasy was to let the guys at work have her,
especially Winston and Clint, who were two guys of
Caribbean descent and the thought of their two dicks up
her appealed. Of course I had no way of knowing if any
of my mates would be happy to have sex in a gang-bang
situation. Certainly we had all seen each other naked
lots of times after the gym or other sports activities
but never hard and horny. Again, I wondered if a
serious drinking session might loosen their
inhibitions. Planning would again be important.

Christmas was coming and we were busy. It was certainly
an ideal time for parties but everyone was occupied
with partners. I called the gay guy and he was up for
it any time. When I mentioned the other guys he was
even more up for it. The young lad at the party whom I
sucked off also seemed keen but as he had a girlfriend
only had about three nights free in December.

Graeme’s b*****r, David, was the straight guy and I
wondered if he was going to be possible to have along.
I called him to say that a couple of my friends were
coming round one night to watch the football on our big
screen and Vikki had suggested he come too as she was
hoping to stay in and watch (she had a passing interest
but I hadn’t actually asked her). He seemed quite keen
but I realised he would not be thinking of getting into
Vikki’s pants with me and two other guys around. I had
seen him d***k though and hoped I could get him
involved with a few beers inside him. Now all I had to
think about was Vikki!

I told her about the match and she said she would go
and visit an aunt who lived about 30 miles away to give
us "lads" the house to ourselves! I agreed but
suggested that since she was being so good, we should
go out for a pre-Christmas lunch as I was off for a
couple of days. The idea was for me to help her with
shopping and then we would have lunch. She loved the
idea and we took a taxi into town.

Of course, I booked a rather nice restaurant which blew
her mind away and we had a bottle of wine. She was
quite tipsy at the end and I managed to talk her into a
liqueur. When she said she would have to stop or she
would never get to aunties, I suggested we just keep
going and I cancel the lads coming round. She loved the
idea and we retired to a pub nearby.

I moved her on to the alcopops! She was in fine
spirits. I was careful and moved from vodka and tonic
to tonic. By the time I managed to get her home it was
about 6.00pm and she was well gone. I fed her a few
more and she tried to remind me to cancel the lads,
then just said "What the heck – they can come to the
party too!" She was well past anywhere I had ever seen
her before when it came to drink.

I laid her on the bed and she fell promptly asl**p. I
managed to strip her and get some of her school clothes
on. I left the bra off but put on her white blouse,
little white briefs, white socks and grey short skirt.
I had just got organised when the first guy arrived. It
was Steve, the gay guy. He was in on the whole idea so
I briefed him where we were at and he let me feel his
trouser front. His cock was stiff. He had never fucked
a woman in his life but was very turned on at the idea
of these straight guys fucking with their stiff cocks
in hand while he watched.

Next came the guy I had sucked off. His name was Ian
and he was a very good looking young guy. He looked
very embarrassed but I explained that we were all
hoping to get a shag at the woman from the party and
also told him that Steve was bisexual and loved giving
blow jobs. That perked him up and I left the two of
them chatting. They knew that David was the only one
who didn’t know what was going on.

David was 15 minutes late but showed up. The TV was
playing in the background and I got going with the can
of beer. David was a very good looking English public
school boy-type. The straw blonde hair was slightly
unkempt and his clothes had a slightly untidy but
quality look about them. He looked like I imagined Hugh
Grant might as a teenager.

He took to the beer like a duck to water and within 30
minutes was talking animatedly. It took an hour before
all the guys were well oiled. The football was almost
forgotten while the conversation was turned to sex. I
had already told the two later guys that Vikki had been
out for lunch and instead of going out, had passed out
and was sound asl**p. I also made a point of ensuring
they knew that she went out like a light.

David, having gotten his fingers up her before, was
very interested. I suppose being the youngest and
horniest. When the time came and he needed the toilet,
I took him past our bedroom door where Vikki was lying
sprawled on the bed. I explained that we had started
having sex but she had fallen asl**p. I then went back
to the lounge.

I explained to Ian that the girl he saw me fuck at the
party was not a slut he had met but my wife and she was
in the same condition on the bed.

"You don’t mind guys having her?" he said

"I love it," I replied.

"You going to do her again?" he asked.

"I hope we all are," I said.

We all quietly went through to the hall and in the
dark, I could see that David had gone into the bedroom.
He was lying beside Vikki with his fingers in her
pants, finger fucking her. She was quietly whimpering.
Lying with his legs at an angle, his erection was
clearly noticeable in his pants. It’s funny, I had
never considered myself gay or even bi, but in the
circumstances of guys with Vikki, I suddenly had a
great interest in guys’ cocks.

Three of us watching fascination as David continued to
play with her. He was oblivious to our presence. I
walked into the room and he jumped up and spluterred an

I pushed him back as all the guys came in and announced
that we were all going to have fun with Vikki. David
was astounded! As the youngest member, it was obvious
that he wasn’t up to speed with group sex in any
format!! I took the lead and started to strip, quietly
hushing the guys. She might be out of it and d***k but
she wasn’t u*********s and I think the sight of four
guys naked around her might have sobered her up pretty
quickly if she awoke.

David stood as one by one everyone stripped, even
Steve. I noticed Steve’s cock was slightly drooping
with apprehension, I presumed. Ian was not having such
a problem. His cut cock was sticking straight up and
stood out around 6.5 or 7 inches. I told him he could
go first. He knelt between her legs and started to lick
her. She obliged by opening them wide exposing her slit
to all.

David was rubbing his cock through his pants and the
erection was noticeable. Steve arse was open to us and
it his rosebud faced all three of us as he slurped
noisily at Vikki. David had dropped his trousers and
underwear and was now sporting a healthy 7 inch uncut
cock with large balls sagging beneath. I mentally noted
that I wouldn’t mind sucking him after he had fucked
her and decided to promote him to first fuck.

"You first David, but don’t cum too quickly," I said.

I handed him a condom and delighted watching him pull
in on to his cock. Steve was by now, rigid. We all
stood back as David got between her legs.

"Take it slow, David, I don’t want her awake," I said.

I loved that moment when the cock pushed at her slit,
there was a little resistance and it started to slide
in. He started to fuck slowly. Her legs were raised so
we could all see the actual entry. I dived down and on
the pretence of licking Vikki, started to lick David’s
cock as it slid in and out of Vikki. He was kissing her
tits and running his tongue round her nipples. She
continued to whimper and I heard little mews coming
from her.

"I’m near," He said.

"Pull out then," I replied.

He did. "Now you Steve," I said.

He pulled the condom on and I stepped forward to help.
I saw a surprised look on David’s face but ignored him.
Steve started to enter her and as he started to fuck, I
did the same again and licked his cock as he fucked
her. She was wet, very wet. Out of the corner of my
eye, I saw Ian pull on a condom and rub some hand cream
on it. As I pulled back, he climbed on top of Steve and
started to enter him. I leaned forward for a better
look. I had never seen two guys have anal sex before.
Steve took the cock as easily as Vikki was taking

I heard Ian say, "Does that make it easier?"

"Oh yes," Said Steve.

Meanwhile, David’s cock was like iron and his eyes like
stalks. This was all too much for him.

"Well David," I said, "If you can’t beat them... join

I dropped to my knees, took off his condom and stuck my
mouth over his cock and started to suck.

"Hey," He started to say, but his cock was saying
something else.

It reared up like a stallion and popped out of my
mouth, slapping me on the face. I gripped it and stuck
my mouth over the tip and started to use my newly found
cock sucking skills. My finger found is hole and I
gently pushed about half and inch into him. That was
it. He started to pump in a way that only teenage boys
can. The first went in my mouth but this rigid cock had
a mind of its own and it broke free spraying a fine jet
on my face and hair before I could recapture it and put
it back in it’s pen.

There were around 11 or 12 spurts and my face was awash
with boy cream. Ian withdrew and turned to me, taking
off his condom and sticking his cock straight in my
mouth. I was rewarded with even more cum before I had
time to swallow the first. As he came, I watched as
Steve was humping Vikki like a veteran. She lay
passively and let him.

The two who had cum looked a little sheepish and Ian
said they would go out and have another drink to let us
guys finish her off.

When they had left, I pulled Steve off and decided to
let him fuck me as I fucked her. He gently lubricated
my hole and sucked my cock. It was wonderful and to be
doing this in front of my wife was so erotic I could
hardly contain myself. I had no idea if I could do this
but I had prepared my hole earlier in the day by
cleaning as best I could and using Vikki’s dildo to
open myself.

I climbed on to her and entered her with my big cock
and as I started to hump her, I felt Steve’s warm flesh
against my hole. It really hurt as he started to push
the head into me and he had to pull back a couple of
times. Suddenly there was a "plop" at the head entered
and a searing sharp pain. It then began to subside
slowly and Steve started to gently ease in and out.

I lay dormant and let Steve’s thrusts push me into
Vikki. I don’t know how long he fucked for, probably 15
minutes or so but he told me he was close. I asked him
to stop.

"Can you cum on her slit?" I asked.

He pulled out and took the condom off. With almost
perfect timing (and missing the spectacle of me being
fucked, the two others wandered back in wearing just
underwear. We stopped for a moment as I explained what
I wanted Steve to do.

Ian said he could manage another shot and so did David.

I pulled Vikki’s legs open obscenely and her red gash
looked twice its usual size. Steve went first and
wanked between her legs. I held her open as he came and
his cum shot into her entrance.

The cum was creamy white and copious and the site of it
shooting in these quantities on to the red gash between
Vikki’s thighs had me going. David came forward next
and added his, still generous ball-contents to Steve’s
load. His cum was thinner and ran quickly down between
her legs. As he pulled back, Ian came forward and shot
immediately. Thick dollops splattered straight into her

"Sorry guys," I said, "I’ve just got to do this."

I knelt on top and plunged my cock into Vikki taking
all the cum in with me. I doubt I managed more than
three thrusts before I emptied my balls into her. The
climax came from the soles of my feet and it took me
all I could, to stay quiet. I arched my back and humped
into her about 6 times till there was nothing more to

Once more, the guilt and the worry of how we would all
look swept over me as we all gathered clothes and left
to the lounge. I excused the guys and went back in with
a damp towel to clean up as best I could and to cover
Vikki. Other than a whimper or two, she had hardly
moved during the whole 45 minute session. I covered her
and returned to the lounge where we all shared some

"Well guys, that was something else," I said. "I trust
I can expect your discretion about this – even you

"Can we do it again?" he asked.

"Oh I have a feeling we will be doing it again," I

I slept like a log and next morning, Vikki was up like
the lark and twittering around fixing breakfast. "Sorry
I fell asl**p," She said. "I was just so tired after
the long day. Did the guys come round?"

"I cancelled all but Ian, a friend from work," I lied.
"We had a bit too much beer though and he left early."

"Oh good, I wouldn’t like them to think I was
unsociable. I like to get to know your friends," she

"I know you do," I quietly chuckled. "We managed a nice
night on our own though – didn’t we?"

"Yes we did and I’m still a little raw," she replied.

I left any further incidents as guilt was bothering me
and I was edgy that someone would say something. It was
into April before I felt the cravings again. It was set
off quite innocently by Winston, one of the two black
guys at work. He told me that while he and Clint had
been on holiday in Majorca in Spain, they had taken a
stunning young girl back to their hotel room. She had
been d***k and the pair of them had fucked her. He said
she had screamed for more at the sight of their big
black cocks.

"Women are so easy when they’re d***k," he said

"Don’t you mind performing in front of Clint?" I asked.

"Hell no," He said. "It kinda turns me on being watched
anyway – sex is sex and if there is a cunt there, we’ll
fuck it – don’t care whose it is!"

I could feel the stirrings between my legs as the
prospects were there of two black guys fucking her.

The lunch-time thing had worked quite well but I
couldn’t get her to repeat it. My birthday was coming
up and in the space of two days, Vikki suggested we go
out for a meal and Clint and Graeme from work suggested
I go out for a drink with them. I had a few days off
and suggested that Vikki and I dine earlier than usual
and then meet the guys for a drink afterwards. She
surprisingly agreed – since it was MY day!

We dressed and headed for a really nice up-market inn
for dinner and booked the table for 7.00pm. I ensured
she had a couple before we went and we had a bottle of
wine and a top up glass of wine when that was finished.
We got to the pub to meet the lads at about 10.00 pm.

"I’m going to move on to the ‘breezers’" She said,
giving her nickname for the alcopops. "Otherwise I
might get d***k."

I readily agreed and Vikki became the life and soul of
the group. She was enjoying all the attention from the
three lads. Graeme was the only guy who still had a
wife as the other two were separated from theirs. I
noticed a bit of leg touching from Winston to Vikki as
she sat between him and Graeme and she did not refuse.
When she went to the toilet, Winston pulled me aside.

"See even straight-laced married women relax when
they’re d***k, He said. "Does she never crave a bit of
black cock cuz she's a stunner."

"If she does, she has never said anything to me and
funnily enough it would turn me on," I said with the
slip of my tongue.

"If you can get her in the mood then, I’m your man," He

As Vikki stumbled back across the bar, it was almost
11.30pm so I suggested we retire to our house to let
her have some rest.

"No," She retorted, "I’m just fine." She promptly fell
asl**p on Winston’s shoulder.

We had another drink and as we were talking about
football, women and sex, I saw Clint’s hand all the way
up her skirt under the table. He thought I couldn’t
see. Graeme was watching him and I saw him rubbing his

I nudged Winston and whispered, "I think your friend is
trying to beat you to first base."

He laughed and said, "Aren’t you annoyed? If she was
mine I wouldn’t let anyone near her."

The drink had loosened my tongue. "Trouble is Winston,
when she’s like this, I want everyone to fuck her – it
turns me on."

"Let’s head to your place for that drink," he suddenly

We half lifted and half walked Vikki out of the door.
She talked to us as we hailed a taxi. Graeme said he
had to go home. This was a pity. I had sucked his
b*****r off and Graeme was a stunning older version of
him and I had a craving to suck him too. This called
for desperate measures.

I went up to Graeme and whispered, "Winston says he can
get his cock in any girl if she’s d***k but he won’t
get this one if her husband stops him. Mind you, if her
husbands d***k too, who knows!"

"Maybe one drink," came the reply.

Vikki went straight for her shower to "waken herself
up." When she returned, well covered in her dressing
gown, I managed two more drinks into her before she
passed out on the couch beside Graeme and I.

"Is she a sound sl**per?" Graeme asked after about 15

"Watch," I said.

I put my hand under her dressing gown and while
covered. Made it obvious I was fingering her. She
whimpered and uttered a "Yes."

She opened her legs to allow better access as I
fingered her without exposing anything.

"She knows it’s you though," said Clint.

"Be my guest," I said.

He shot across beside her and put his hand up to join
mine. We jointly started to finger her as she whimpered
some more. I pulled my hand away. Graeme leaned across
and asked if this was ok.

"You bet," I said.

He took her tit out and started to suck it as Winston
knelt between her legs and opened the front of her gown
to expose her naked body to all of them as she lay on
the couch. Winston started licking her and she really
liked that. Whimpering, she half opened her eyes and
though she could see, she was not registering anything.
We lifted her on to the rug and stripped her.

Clint and Winston stripped down to their Calvin Kleins
and their large cocks were obvious. I was really going
to enjoy this. Graeme just opened his fly and took his
cock out. His uncut cock was only about 6 inches which
when he eventually saw mine at 8 and Winston and Clint
at something resembling 9 or 10 inches of uncut black
meat, he must have felt inadequate. I opened my wallet
and threw some condoms on the floor.

"Just in case," I said.

Their eyes lit up!

Clint climbed up to Vikki’s face and tried to get her
to suck him. Her mouth opened but just slumped shut. He
tried again but I was getting worried he would waken

"I need my cock sucked bitch," he said.

"Don’t Clint, or you’ll waken her," I begged.

"I need to be sucked," he repeated.

I didn’t need a second chance.

"Here, I’ll take her place if it’s so important."

I knelt in front of him and took the head of his big
black cock into my mouth. The blue/black skin folded
back as he f***ed it into my mouth and he started to
face fuck me. His big balls slapped my chin and he held
the back of my head.

"C’mon you white faggot," He said, "Eat my black meat
while we fuck your wife."

Winston was stretching a condom over his monster and
positioning himself over Vikki. He started to enter
her. Her legs opened of their own accord as she
u*********sly welcomed the black pole into her. Graeme
stood up for a better look and was just alongside Clint
when I quickly pulled off and swallowed Graeme’s cock.
He jerked back a little the just pushed it into my
mouth and started to talk like Clint and both of them
whipped my face with their cocks and called me

"Please guys, I want you all to fuck her and let me
watch," I pleaded.

Winston was banging her relentlessly and she was
responding with her hands round his back.

Clint then said he was next and Winston readily pulled
out of her as he took his place between her legs. As
though it were natural, He stood up and stuck his cock,
complete with rubber, into my mouth. It tasted of

Graeme was back on the floor sucking her tits. When
Clint had been at it for about 10 minutes, he slid out
and let Graeme get his way. It must have felt pretty
loose but he was enjoying it. I, by now, had two black
cocks in my hand and mouth and was sucking like a full-
time faggot. Their cocks tasted of man. A mix of musk,
pee, female juices and sweat mixed with copious
quantities of pre-cum.

Graeme was cumming in her. I could hear him as he
grunted, filling his rubber as he fucked. The two black
guys abandoned me and took place between her legs with
Clint first. He stuck his weapon back in and got going.
Winston kept nursing his erection as he watched. It
didn’t take Clint long and he arched his back as he
filled her.

He pulled out and the condom full of cum dangled of the
end of his cock. Winston with a great sense of urgency
went straight in. Vikki grunted as he entered and he
humped her. Once more her hands went round his back as
he fucked. Winston took all of three minutes as we all
watch him.

"That was great," He said as he pulled out and dropped
his condom into the bin with the rest.

The guys, as they tend to do after a slightly awkward
sex session, dressed quickly and after reassurances
once again of absolute discretion, they were gone. I
walked through and looked at Vikki’s ravaged body and
didn’t feel guilty. I realised why – I hadn’t cum.

I took the condoms out of the bin and sniffed the aroma
of three guys who had made this stuff while fucking my
wife. I dipped my tongue in each and then put my cock
into Vikki as, one by one, I emptied the contents
between us and pushed the fresh seed into her as I
fucked. I came with f***e and collapsed back spent with
the cum dripping on to the rug,

It took about 30 minutes to clear up the evidence and
to clean up Vikki. I helped her to bed and slept
soundly yet again. In the morning, I was gently
chastised again for being too rough when I had fucked

"So she remembered being fucked?"

"You felt so big last night Michael and you fucked me
in so many ways," She said. "I loved it."

"Glad to be of service darling," I said.

"We must do it like that again some time," She said.

"Oh yes – we must," I replied, "We must.!"
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Going out with other men

I am a married woman and have three wonderful k**s. My husband and I have been married a long time and lately our sex needed a spice up, at least my hubby thought so. A couple months ago he suggested we maybe see other people to try and spice up our sex life. I wasn't too crazy about the idea until he kept bringing it up more and more. Finally after a week of talking about it we decided to try and post an ad on an adult website. He took a few pics of me, mostly me in lingerie. I didn't quite know how to feel about it, but at the same time i was kind of interested. I am hispanic, 5'1 abd weigh about 130lbs. I have big boobs and a small belly but for the most part men always hit on me. It didnt take long for the emails to start flooding in, i was surprised by the responses. Lots of men, ranging from 20 yrs old to 62. I am 41 so I didn't know whether i wanted to try a young guy or an older guy. After all, this was just going to be sex and nothing more. I finally told hubby that I would feel more comfortable if i went out on a date with a couple of these men before just jumping in bed. I narrowed it down to three men, one in his late 20's a guy in his 30's and an older gentleman in his early 50's. My first date was with the guy in his 30's. We went out to dinner and had a good chat, but i never got in the mood with him. The young guy was next and him and i hit it off pretty good and we actually made out in his car, but i just felt like he was too young, after all my oldest is 21. Finally i went out with Dave, he is 53, divorced and was not looking for love or anything serious. He told us he had experience with this type of stuff, plus he looked like a man who was safe. I met Dave at a restaurant and we had dinner. I wore some tight jeans and a blue button shirt that was tight and showed my cleavage. Underneath i wore black lacey panties and a black silk bra. Dave was really nice and very sexy and seem to hit all my right buttons. I was feeling a little tipsy from the mixed dranks i had been sipping on for the past hour and a half. Dave was also touching the inside of my thighs under the table, which i liked because of the close attention he was paying to me. Dave finally leaned over to my ear and asked if I would like to take it further, i nodded to him and said i would. I couldn't believe i had agreed to it, but i just felt like now was the time. I got in my car and followed him to a local hotel which was close to the outskirts of town by the freeway. I called my husband on the way down to the hotel and told him where i would be and that i was going to go thru with this. When i told him, i could sense he was a little nervous about what i was about to do. I asked him one last time if he wanted this and he told me yes, but it was up to me. I told him i was ok with it, but I didnt want him to have any regrets before i went thru with it. He assured me as long as i was ok he was ok as well. When we got to the hotel i waited for Dave to come back with the room keys before i got off, i didnt want anyone to recognize me, i was a married woman with k**s. Dave took me to the room which was on the third floor, when we walked in the room i felt like like i was going to faint, i had never walked in a hotel room with another man. I started breathing heavily when i sat down on the bed, Dave then sat beside me and grabbed my face and kissed me, he told me he would go slow as he knew I was new to this lifestyle. As he kissed me i felt him unbutton my shirt and slowly unzipped my jeans. I was breathing heavily while kissing him, I reached down to feel the bulge in his pants, and was i surprised to feel how hard he was. I had seen pics of him naked, so i knew he was hung. He was 8" and thick. Hubby was only about 5.5 and not as thick. Except for a high school sweetheart and my hubby Dave would be my third man. But it had been over 20 years since I had been with someoen else. Dave then got up and started undressing, I knew i had to go thru with this, so i started undressing. As i removed my jeans and shirt i looked over and saw that Dave was removing his underwear, he was as big as his pics but actually looked thicker. I grabbed the sheets and pulled them back and got under them. Dave walked toward the bed and got under the sheets with me. I laid back and grabbed his shoulder as he leaned over to kiss me. I was breathing heavily, I knew i was going to get fucked by this man, and though i wanted it, i was also feeling very guilty. He slowly kissed me and then he pushed me back on the bed and i felt him start to slide my panties down, as he removed them i lifted my leg so they would come off easier. He then started working his way down to my pussy, i slowly spread my legs and rubbed his head and shoulder as he started licking my clit. I moaned softly as he licked it, before i knew it i was laying back with my legs spread and Dave licking everything between my thighs. He then got up and kissed me on my lips and told me to suck him off, i did as i was told and kissed his tummy and started working my way down. He had a hairy chest and smelled way different than my husband. I grabbed his cock and it felt very heavy. i slowly closed my eyes and took the head in my mouth, i could taste cum on the head but i just concentrated on what i was doing. I remember trying to pretend it was my hubby, but it just felt different, he was much bigger and thicker. I slowly licked the head up and down and i masturbated his cock, I was soaking wet just thinking about what i was doing, it wasn't right but this is what my hubby wanted. When Dave was rock hard he told me to stop and to come up and kiss him. I kissed him slowly and then he laid me on my back, he then got between my legs and spread them apart, there i was a wife and mother with my legs spread and this man I had met like three hours earlier was about to fuck me on this hotel bed. I started breathing heavily as i watched him lower his body against mine, I then felt the head of his cock rubbing on my opening. He then whispered to me to relax and that he had done this before. Tears started running down my cheeks as i thougt about my husband and k**s, but Dave wasn't stopping so i spread my legs a little wider and rubbed his hairy chest, with that i felt him lean forward and i felt myself spread apart. I moaned softly, he was big and i had never been filled that much before. He then pulled back a little and then he slid back in, i let out anothe moan as he hit bottom and he told me i wouold be ok. he then leaned forward and kissed me softly and started pumping slowly, before i knew it i felt his balls slapping my asshole. He started pumping faster and i spread my legs wider, i rubbed his chest and watched his big cock spread my pussy lips in half. I felt him tense up and as he pulled out he came all over my belly. After he came i cleaned myself up with a towel and i went to the bathroom to pee. I called my hubby from the bathroom and told him i had already been fucked. He wanted details but i told him I would not be home for at least another couple hours, he told me ok and told me to call him when I was done. When i got back on the bed Dave started kissing me and told me to suck him off again, so i did as i was told. This time it took a little longer for him to get hard but i relaxed more and sucked like i usually did when i was trying to make my hubby cum. Dave then flipped me on my back again and put my legs over his shoulders, i knew i was going to get ponded now. This time he fucked me hard, i was moaning loudly as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy. The bed sqeaked as he pumped me full of cock. He then pulled out and told me to get on all fours, which i did. he told me I had a nice ass, i smiled and put a pillow under my tummy. I felt him position himself behind me as he grabbed my hips and then i felt him slide in. Before i knew it i was getting hammered with my ass in the air, he didnt cum and pulled out and told me to ride his cock. I leaned over and started sucking his cock again, he grabbed my hair and pulled it away from my face and told me i sucked good cock. I then kissed his belly button and stomach and slowly got on top. I grabbed his chest as i lowered myself and i could feel my pussy spreading slowly. I rode slowly up and down and i could feel my wetness dripping between my thighs. He sucked on my nipples as i lowered myself slowly and kissed him. I came twice riding but he had good stamina and kept pumping me slowly. Finally Dave said he could not take it anymore and flipped me over on my back and grabbed the back of my legs and pinned them way back to my shoulders. With that he rubbed his cock on my slit and started fucking my pussy again. He pounded me for about ten minutes or so and finally came inside me. I fell asl**p for about an hour and then i got up and dressed. I kissed Dave goodbye and told him i would be in touch again. When i got home hubby pounded me for about an hour before my k**s woke up. I remember my pussy was soaking wet as hubby pumped it, i had just been fucked by a bigger cock so hubby was having sloppy seconds in my pussy. He didnt mind and came twice in my pussy again. I remember laying on my back as hubby pumped me thinking about how i had become a fuck for another man, the thought turned me on. ... Continue»
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Three men and Karen

Since my husband and I divorced I have been a little slut. But I have been afraid to tell my stories, but here I can tell in the safety of anonymity. In 1998 I had my first MFM experience. Since then I had the pleasure of six more times, but in 2005 I was away on a teacher's convention. It was just past my 38th birthday and I stayed a couple of days over for a little rest and relaxation. I was in the hotel bar one night having a margarita and started talking with three younger guys. I was a little tipsy and flirty with them and they were very forward with me. Okay, so I had already had sex with two men at one time, why not go for three? I would never see them again, so no harm, no foul. Just leaving the bar with all three of them was such a turn on. The people in there all knew that some like blonde slut was taking three men upstairs. We started to get going in the elevator. I only had two condoms with me, so I figured what the fuck, no sense in using only two and I just dove in. I asked them to only go ass to mouth and when they were ready only to cum in my mouth, they seemed to be excited about the opportunity. One gave me oral as I took turns sucking the other two cocks. He licked my clit until I came, then he entered me with his cock. They took turns in my mouth and pussy, and then it was time for my ass. I didn’t have anal lube, but I had K-Y so I was good. I was so turned on my having three men at once and came again. I didn’t know these guys, in fact I couldn’t remember their names, so I was not concerned about what they thought of me and I fucked and sucked all three of them with abandon. I finished them off one by one in my mouth swallowing their loads. After we were done they asked me if I “wanted to party some more.” I told them yes and one guy went out and got some pot, whiskey, Viagra, and a margarita from the bar for me. There were three of us still waiting and I had brought a dildo and vibrator in my suitcase. I broke them out and put on a show for my two remaining friends. My dildo is called The Natural, and measures 12 inched long by 7 inched around. Nothing natural there. I deepthroated it for show and then slipped it into my pussy. There were two hard cocks in the room again. One call the guy who was out said, “Dude, bring a camera.” The three of us began to fuck again, I finished the two of them in my mouth before the third came back. When he got back the three of them took Viagra and we all got high. We all fucked again. We stayed in my room for nine hours that night. I am not sure how many times in the nine hours, but my guess is five times. I allowed them to take pictures of me in many compromising positions, some teacher. I spent the day in bed, exhausted.... Continue»
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

On the face of it, to any casual or uninformed observer, the Cafe du Concorde may have appeared an unlikely location to act as a setting for the public disgrace and punishment of Yvette Marie-Louise Renard. The cafe in its snug location on the eponymous main square of the idyllic little village of Pont du Rochelles showed nothing at first glance to suggest that it was anything else other than the sort of pleasant and friendly little rural establishment whose twin could be found in any village in France. The drivers whose navigational facilities had so seriously let them down as to find themselves, by chance, happening upon this rustic backwater of the Provence would have noted the charming little whitewashed building on the corner of the Place du Concorde with its flower boxes on its upstairs windows and the vine interwoven trellis that served as awnings over the front door and large window front which, in daylight at least, concealed the interior of the cafe behind an obfus**ting barrier of the kind of smoky brown glass which seems characteristic of the fenestration of rural French cafes, stained brown by generations of customers who considered it their birthright to fill the cafe with clouds of foul smelling tobacco fumes as the price of their patronage. The visitor on a hot day might well have been tempted to linger awhile in the shade of the umbrellas covering the handful of little iron round tables on the flagstones in front of the cafe and perhaps enjoyed a carafe of chilled Rose wine, made from the g**** variety Mourvedre for which the region was renowned, whilst taking in the peaceful scenery of the little square with its stone fountain, wooden benches and fig trees and observing the unhurried, bucolic life of the local community as they went about their daily business. There was nothing in that halcyon image to suggest that this was anything other than the sort of place where nothing very much ever happened at all. But appearances can be deceptive. Had our theoretical observer been possessed of keen perception he might have noticed a few factors that didn’t quite match this sl**py rural image.
Had he been warm bl**ded and possessed an eye for a shapely turn of leg or bewitching smile he would have needed little of his perceptive abilities to remark upon the young waitress who delivered his carafe to his table. The four young ladies who served in that capacity at the Cafe du Concorde were all personable and attractive. That in itself was not unusual. Pretty girls were as common as the bees among the honeysuckle in the tiny gardens of the village in France; as ubiquitous as the little Wall Lizards on the dry stone walls around the vineyards and, if the young ladies at the Cafe du Concorde were apt to be flirtatious with any customer obviously possessed of XY chromosomes and not yet entirely geriatric, then they were French after all and only doing that which came naturally to them. What might have raised our observer’s eyebrows was the uniform that all four girls affected and which was presumably the obligatory costume to be worn whilst on duty. They all wore the traditional black French maids’ dresses trimmed with white and matched with white pinafores that the tourist to France inevitably fantasises about encountering but, much to his chagrin, rarely does. The skirts were ridiculously short and there was the frill of lacy petticoat peeping beyond the hem. If one of the young ladies obligingly bent over to wipe and clear a table our observer might well have been treated to a sublime vision of endless, becoming thigh, clad in dark stockings held in place by silly flirtatious garters, and perhaps even a glimpse of lacy white knickers clinging to an admirably shaped derriere. Were he able to regard the vision dispassionately he might well have concluded that, whoever the proprietor of this cafe was, then they were a person of acute business sense and well aware that the fine vintages of Chateau de l’Escarelle were not the only lure to draw custom within the walls of their establishment.
If our hypothetical observer might now have perchance to wipe his brow and tear his eyes away from the delightful young serving girls and cast his eye over the other occupants of the cafe and square he might have observed some other anomalies. It is certainly true that sitting at the tables in front of the cafe were the obligatory contingent of grizzled veterans and elderly farmers nursing glasses of watered down Pernod. But that was not the whole story. There was a slightly Bohemian feel to the village of Pont du Rochelles; a feeling in large part that could be attributed to the small but colourful community of struggling artists who were more or less permanent residents in the building on the far side of the square which gloried under the name of Hotel du Ville; a somewhat grandiose title which betrayed the building’s aspirations above its station as a rather dilapidated rural guest house. This bright and generally young sector of the community could normally be found scouring the surrounding countryside by day with brush and canvas and, by evening, forming small excited groups around the tables in the Cafe du Concorde, squandering their dwindling funds and despairing to their colleagues of ever being quite able to capture the luminosity of the Provence sunshine among the olive groves.
Standing out in even more startling contrast than this fringe community of artists was another group it was possible to see around the village on occasion. This was a group liable to excite scandalised whispers among gossiping women, knowing winks between their men folk and the occasional wolf whistle from young farm lads. These were the young, rather exotic ladies whose numbers varied from time to time who worked at the Cabaret Chat Noir a little way outside of the village. These young ladies called themselves “dancers” or, even more pretentiously, “artistes” as if the doubtless considerable skills involved in shedding their clothing on a stage in front of an exclusive clientele of leering males could be described as an art form. It was quite rare to see these eye catching young ladies abroad in broad daylight. They were creatures of the night who worked long hours at the cabaret. When not divesting themselves of their clothing on stage they would be employed in divesting gullible men of their disposable income by luring them into sharing bottles of cheap champagne at astronomically inflated prices as the price of their company or perhaps even tempting them into greater intimacy in one of the alcoves of the cabaret, partitioned from the rest by heavy curtains, known as the separee. The Chat Noir “girls”, as they were rather euphemistically called locally, tended to keep themselves to themselves and slept most of the hours of daylight in any case. Seeing them about the village in the daytime hours was as incongruous as sighting a night moth under the daylight sun only much more colourful. When they did appear in the village most men avoided their eye in fear of eliciting any recognition from them. There were few married men in the village who wanted their patronage of the Cabaret Chat Noir to become common knowledge.
There was also an older somewhat more well to do segment of the local populace. In spite of its admittedly agrarian nature the region around Pont du Rochelles was a prosperous one or at least it boasted a sizable group of wealthy patriarchs and matriarchs who held the real economic clout and political influence around the village. This upper echelon of local society owned most of the village along with a large proportion of the local business. These were the people of influence and importance in the village; the people who kept the wheels of local commerce turning; the people who were the shakers and movers; the people whose wealth and connections gave them a disproportionate voice in the running of local affairs; the very people, in fact, who it was politic to stay firmly on the right side of. To be numbered among this class, albeit in a roundabout fashion and slightly scandalous manner, was the formidable matriarch and proprietress of the Cafe du Concorde.
Madame Courvelle had been a great beauty in her youth and was still, at age fifty, a strikingly handsome lady. She had married well to a gentleman of considerable wealth and, upon her early widowhood, had inherited her late husband’s fortune. The Cafe du Concorde was but one of her business interests albeit a favourite one. She owned a considerable amount of property including a small mansion on the outskirts of the village, several vineyards and, in addition to her ownership of the Cafe du Concorde, she was also the proprietress of the Cabaret Chat Noir. This fact alone was enough to ensure Madame Courvelle a highly influential position since it meant that she was party to many a secret that influential men of the village were desirous of avoiding becoming part of the public domain. She was not a woman to cross lightly! Generally though she was discreet and, if there was a whiff of scandal to her business dealings, then she was rich enough to dismiss them as the idle gossip of envy. She was a busy lady and, although she would spend much of her nights at the helm in the cabaret, especially on the weekends, the centre of her little empire was the Cafe Du Concorde where she could most often be found holding court. The cafe was the hub of social life within the village and, standing firmly at the epicentre of this, was Madame Courvelle herself. She ruled over her empire with grace and charm but also with a rod of iron. She was the very last person in Pont du Rochelles that Yvette Marie-Louise Renard would have wished to fall on the wrong side of.
If the Cafe du Concorde might have struck the casual observer as an unlikely setting for a severe and humiliating punishment then they would have been even more surprised to learn that the central figure on the receiving end of this misfortune was Yvette Renard. There was certainly nothing about Yvette to suggest that she was the kind of girl to attract trouble. She was not wilful or malicious. She was young and attractive but by no means flighty or loose. Most people in the village would have told you that she was conscientious, intelligent, hard working and invariably courteous and respectful to her elders. She was, in fact, a thoroughly nice girl. She was petite with long brown hair and a serious demeanour to her pretty face. Other than her charming looks she was not the kind of girl to attract attention. She was rather shy if anything and not given to the type of behaviour that would elicit disapproval from the older members of the community. She lived quietly with an elderly aunt, her divorced mother having died tragically young some years previously, and generally troubled nobody. She didn’t even have a boyfriend for she was hopelessly timid around members of the opposite sex.
In spite of her timidity Yvette was a girl of ambition and, in Pont du Rochelles, ambition was a necessary attribute for any young girl to possess should she want to make anything of her life. There was little meaningful employment for young women in the village other than service either in the domestic sense or in the cafes and shops. The best prospect that most young women could expect locally was a good marriage but even prospective suitors with the wherewithal to support a wife comfortably were in short supply and liable to fall to girls with far more predatory aggression than the shy little Yvette could muster. But Yvette had one priceless advantage. She had been clever at school and diligent in her studies and the combination had reaped her a rich reward for now, just into her twenties, she was a student teacher at a primary school in the nearest town, some twenty kilometres away. She hoped in the near future to become a fully qualified teacher and to obtain some independence in her life. For the moment however she could not afford to live in town and was reliant upon her aunt’s generosity, in allowing her virtually free accommodation, even if it meant her having to drive her old and battered little Renault each day to town to work.
All in all therefore Yvette was a thoroughly admirable young lady and it might seem difficult to understand what brought her to that terrible day when she found herself bending over a chair in the Cafe du Concorde with her skirt above her waist and her knickers about her knees awaiting the stroke of the cane. There was certainly no serious flaw in her character that led her to such an impasse. If flaw there was it was a flaw endemic to all young girls of her age; the flaw of her very youth. She was very young and, in common with most young people, on occasion apt to act foolishly; to not consider the consequences of her actions; in short to do something silly and thoughtless that an older and wiser head would have instantly recognised the folly of. It was this impulsive rashness that brought her to her regrettable demise in the Cafe du Concorde and could indeed have led her to even greater disaster.
It was perhaps the spring air during the Easter break from school that was the root cause behind Yvette’s serious lack of judgement, for the warm weather and liberty from work had induced in her a somewhat frivolous and enervated mood. Still there was nothing sinister in her decision to drive that evening to attend a reunion party with some old school friends at a restaurant in a neighbouring village. The food was excellent and the company delightful and Yvette found herself enjoying herself enormously. The wine flowed freely; too freely in fact and it was that which started the downward spiral toward catastrophe. Yvette had a poor head for alcohol and her first, and possibly most fundamental, error of the night was to foolishly decide to drive home with far too much of the fruits of the g**** fizzing merrily in her veins. She justified this misguided decision to herself on the grounds that she had little other alternative. Nobody else of sobriety was driving home her way and there was no taxi service in the neighbourhood. Walking was out of the question for it was nearly eight kilometres back to Pont du Rochelles and that along pitch black, country lanes to boot. Of course she should have refused to drink at all but by the time she found herself fumbling for her car keys in the car park of the restaurant, in the early hours of the morning, it was too late to consider that option. Almost certainly among Yvette’s calculations, such as they were, was the thought that she was very unlikely to be caught driving home while intoxicated. The village of Pont du Rochelles did not possess much in the way of local constabulary and what it did boast in this regard was more than likely to be firmly in their beds by this hour. It was only eight kilometres after all and it was improbable that she would even encounter another car. She would risk it.
Even after a couple of kilometres Yvette’s folly should have been evident to her. She was not a very good driver at the best of times but tonight she was particularly erratic. Twice she found herself off the road and onto the grass verges as she peered myopically through the windscreen at the dark lane ahead, poorly illuminated by her feeble headlamps. It was a wonder that she managed to navigate her way over the ancient and much beloved, but exceedingly narrow bridge over the river at Pont du Rochelles without mishap. It was not until she entered the centre of the village and turned onto the square however that calamity struck. Eager to get home by now she took the corner far too fast and made a complete hash of the turn, veering wildly and coming into sickening contact with a parked automobile just outside the Cafe du Concorde and careering along its flank in a squeal of tortured metal.
In shock Yvette recognised the car she had struck immediately. It was a large and expensive Mercedes, virtually brand new and the property, no less, of Madame Courvelle, the daunting matriarch of the Cafe du Concorde, parked in her usual place when she decided to sl**p the night in her rooms above the cafe instead of driving home to her mansion. Panic and terror overcame Yvette and they led her to her second major blunder of the night. To have had an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol would mean the automatic loss of her driving licence, sullied as it was already by a sorry list of minor misdemeanours. The loss of her licence meant that she would be without transport to get to work and stood to lose her job and, with it, the very aspirations of her ambition and career. Whatever Yvette was thinking at this moment, it was hardly rational. Gripped in panic she drove straight home, hid her damaged car in the garage and rushed upstairs to fling herself on her bed sobbing in fear. It was not the proudest night in Yvette’s life.
Nor was it the most congenial awakening for Madame Courvelle the next morning. Stepping out of the cafe into the bright morning sunshine on the square she saw immediately the devastation wreaked upon her proud possession. The paint work along the whole right side of the car was a wretched shambles, the right front wing was badly staved in and the side mirror on that flank was lying in the road half way across the square. In understandable high dudgeon Madame Courvelle stormed back into the cafe to summon the local police officer on the telephone.
Chief Constable Morel, the senior officer of the district arrived within half an hour accompanied by one of his subalterns to inspect the scene of the incident and to interview the furious Madame Courvelle. He took a statement from Madame Courvelle, which shed little light on the matter other than Madame’s outraged indignation and an imperious demand that the culprit responsible for the outrage be apprehended forthwith. In the meantime his subordinate made enquiries among the delightedly fascinated crowd now gathering on the square around the ruins of Madame Courvelle’s automobile. Not much happened as a rule in Pont du Rochelles and the scandalous immolation of Madame’s car was the most exciting thing that had happened in months. People were all too willing to come forward to the police but sadly few of them had anything constructive to contribute to the inquiries. Some claimed to have heard a crash in the middle of the night though seldom did their estimated times of this event coincide with each other. Conspicuously lacking was any eye witness evidence regarding the incident. Nobody had seen anything.
By mid morning Chief Constable Morel and Madame Courvelle had been joined by Monsieur Cordeaux, the leading local magistrate, who had arrived to assure Madame Courvelle, over a glass of excellent Baux de Provence, that he regarded the matter with the utmost gravity and should the police succeed in bringing the culprit before his court then they could expect the full majesty of the law to fall upon their sorrowful head. The head of the local prefecture also put in an appearance for no other reason than to lend support and the fact that the scandal on the square was a welcome diversion on what would otherwise have been a typically uninteresting day.
The subject whose identity and ultimate fate was being so gravely discussed by this collection of worthy dignitaries was, at that time, sat miserably on her bed, nursing a monumental hangover and reflecting ruefully that she had made the worst mistake of her life. Impulsive actions that had seemed logical the night before were now revealed in the sober light of day to be folly bordering on lunacy. If having an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol was severely remissible it paled into insignificance against the added offence of leaving the scene of an accident for which she was responsible without reporting it. That was a serious crime in France and liable to be severely dealt with at the hands of the law. Nor could Yvette see the remotest possible chance of evading exposure as the perpetrator of the deed. A little earlier she had crept into the garage to inspect the damage to her own car. Oddly, considering the havoc it had wreaked upon Madame Courvelle’s Mercedes, the little Renault had escaped relatively uns**thed. Nevertheless there was sufficient damage to the car’s bodywork to indicate its involvement in a recent collision and even the most simple police officer would be hard put not to link the damage to that on the afore-mentioned automobile of Madame Courvelle. Nom de Dieu! There were even plainly discernible streaks of the Mercedes’ silver paint work clearly visible on the Renault! She couldn’t hide her own car indefinitely in the garage and, once revealed to the public, it wasn’t going to take the detective intuition of a Hercules Poirot to point the accusing finger in her direction.
For most of the morning Yvette sat in her room and mused despairingly over her dwindling list of options. By lunchtime she had come to the inevitable and sorry conclusion that she had only one feasible option albeit an unthinkable one. She would have to make a clean breast of it. She would have to walk humbly into the Cafe du Concorde and confess her crime to Madame Courvelle in person, offer to pay for the damage she had caused and throw herself on the mercy of that redoubtable lady. Her only salvation lay in the hope that Madame Courvelle might take pity on her and be persuaded not to press charges on the understanding that Yvette would naturally recompense her for the damage caused. It was a fool’s hope but the only one she had left. Shortly after lunch therefore Yvette donned her best dress, pulled on a pair of pretty sandals and walked down to the village square with all the air of the condemned on their final walk to the guillotine.
A little later, in the backroom of the cafe where Yvette had requested a private conversation with Madame Courvelle, she poured out a full confession being careful to omit no detail of her culpability and expressing the most humble contrition for her malfeasance. She insisted that she would reimburse Madame Courvelle for every cent of the costs to repair the car. She did however point out that a criminal case against her would mean the end of her career before it had barely started and she pleaded with Madame Courvelle to spare her from the full weight of the judicial authorities.
Madame Courvelle listened carefully to Yvette’s long monologue and, when she had finally run out of steam and fallen into a pathetically hopeful silence, she took the time to light a cigarette and to ponder her response before replying. She had been astonished by the intelligence that it was Yvette who was responsible for the damage to her car. She had been privately nursing a conviction that the culprits were one of a gang of young lads who had been a thorn in her side for some time now. Yvette was the last person she would have thought of. The sorry series of events Yvette described seemed so out of character for the serious and shy young girl Madame Courvelle knew well.
It placed Madame Courvelle in somewhat of a quandary however. The truth was that she liked Yvette. She had long harboured an admiration for the young girl’s ethos of hard work and careful study and her initiative in trying to better herself through her own efforts. She had long lamented the fact that more young people in the village had not demonstrated such considered thought for their futures. She was under no illusion that Yvette was anything other than completely correct in her analysis of the effects of a criminal record on her career however. If anything Yvette had understated it. It would be fatal. She could forget forever her ambitions to teach. That was a pity for Yvette was probably the brightest young girl in the village and it was criminal that she should so squander her prospects and bright potential in a moment of uncharacteristic madness. Yet what should she do about it?
She pondered her options thoughtfully before finally addressing the miserably penitent girl shuffling her feet in front of her. “Well Yvette,” she began, “I have to thank you at least for coming here and making a full confession. It doesn’t excuse your criminal stupidity but it is nevertheless to your credit that you have been honest enough to own up to your foolishness.” Madame Courvelle shook her head in exasperation. “Whatever were you thinking of girl? I’m surprised at you! Whatever possessed you to take your car out drinking in the name of heaven?”
Yvette lowered her head contritely, her lower lip trembling in sorrow. “I... I don’t know Madame.”
Madame Courvelle clicked her tongue in irritation. “I can’t think what came over you Yvette. This is most unlike you. Mon Dieu, what am I to do with you?”
“I...I’m sorry Madame.” Yvette dabbed at her eyes with the handkerchief she was clutching in her hand.
Madame Courvelle waved a finger at her. “Not as sorry as you’re going to be Yvette! I have to inform you that it is too late to keep this matter from the authorities for the police have already been informed. Even as we speak Chief Constable Morel is making inquiries and searching for the culprit responsible. Now you might be the last person that comes to his mind on his list of suspects but, in a place as small as Pont du Rochelles, I don’t think it will take him long to narrow the list down to you. One of the first things he will do will be to inquire at all the local cafes and restaurants to discover who might have been driving home late last night. Once he discovers that Yvette Renard was out late drinking in a restaurant in St Marie aux Provence and drove home in the early hours even his limited powers of detection are going to put two and two together. Am I right in assuming that your automobile is possibly at least as damaged as mine?”
Yvette nodded abjectly. “Oui Madame.”
“Well then, as soon as he seeks an interview with you and demands to inspect your vehicle, then your guilt will be established beyond doubt. You will, if I may say it, be dans la merde!” Madame Courvelle shook her head once more. “Have you any idea of the trouble you’re in Yvette? I had Monsieur Cordeaux, the magistrate, in here earlier. He takes a very serious view of this incident and is determined to see justice done. You left the scene of an accident without reporting it Yvette! Leaving the scene when you knew you were intoxicated to avoid being breathalysed will be construed as attempting to pervert the course of justice. It is a very serious offence Yvette. You’re not just looking at a fine, a slap on the wrist and the loss of your driving licence here. You could go to jail for this Yvette! The magistrate might well take the view that a short but salutary few weeks in the cells at Montpoulier would be your just desserts. At the very least you will acquire a criminal record. That will be the end of your career. You will never obtain a teaching job with a criminal record. I can’t believe how foolish you’ve been!”
Yvette sobbed quietly. “So.... I am finished then?”
Madame Courvelle regarded the young girl with pity and measured her words carefully before speaking once more. “That rather depends Yvette. I might yet be able to do something.” She raised a warning finger at the look of sudden hope in Yvette’s eyes. “I do not for a minute condone your actions or excuse your foolishness Yvette. Nevertheless I think it would be tragic for a young girl of such potential as yourself to throw it all away through a momentary, idiotic lack of judgement. Now the Chief Constable and the magistrate are both good friends of mine and I might be able to persuade them that you deserve a second chance.” Once again Madame Courvelle raised that cautionary finger. “I cannot promise anything mind. However they may be open to reason in this matter. We can only hope. If I am able to persuade them however it leaves us with certain problems. To begin with it will leave me out of pocket. If I succeed in persuading the authorities to quietly drop the charges it will mean that I certainly won’t be able to claim for the damages from the insurance company.”
“I...I will pay for the damage Madame!”
Madame Courvelle dismissed that offer with a snort of disbelief. “I think you might be under a misapprehension as to just how much it is going to cost to put right Yvette. I’ve had Gaston from the garage have a look over the vehicle. It will need a completely new paint job as well as both the rear and front wings replacing not to mention a new side mirror. It’s a new car and it’s going to be an expensive business. Now I don’t know exactly how much you are earning as a student teacher but I’m guessing that it’s not a great deal. It will certainly be beyond your wherewithal to meet the costs of repair at this moment. Now, as it happens, I am temporarily short-handed here in the cafe. If you are agreeable it might be possible for us to come to some arrangement whereby which you work off your debt to me in the cafe. Naturally I would not insist on you working when you were obliged to attend your normal job however I could use you on evenings and weekends or during school holidays. Would you agree to such an arrangement?”
The tearful Yvette nodded eagerly. “Oui Madame!”
“Very well then. I shall see what I can do. The other problem of course is that Chief Constable Morel and Monsieur Cordeaux might well take the view that you are being let off lightly. They will doubtless argue that you should not be expected to escape without some sort of penance for your foolishness. Monsieur Cordeaux in particular has a strict sense of moral justice and it will be anathema to him that a young woman culpable of such a serious offence should evade justice without the retribution she deserves. I agree with him! You have been guilty of monumental stupidity and you should suffer the penalty for it if only to teach you to exercise better judgement in future. What that penalty should be however is possibly open to negotiation. I might be able to persuade Monsieur Cordeaux that this matter be treated as an internal affair and, assuming that the penalty imposed is commensurate with the seriousness of the offence, that it would serve nobody’s purpose to drag the thing through official channels and see you burdened with a criminal record. You would however have to agree to be bound by whatever decision I might be able to negotiate with the magistrate and willing to accept whatever punishment he found acceptable. Would you be so willing?”
Yvette nodded compliantly. She was willing to accept anything if it might yet salvage something from the disaster. “Oui Madame. I will do as you say.”
“Very well then. You must leave the matter in my hands. Now dry your eyes girl and blow your nose. You look a mess! I want you to go straight home now and stay there. Do not discuss this conversation we have had with anybody; not even your friends. Do you understand?”
“Oui Madame.”
“Make sure you do. Now I shall confer with the Chief Constable and Monsieur Cordeaux this afternoon. Again I must stress that I’m not promising anything and, even if I do manage to persuade them, then there will still be consequences for your actions and they will consequences that you will find disagreeable. You must however place your trust entirely in me and I might yet be able to save you from the full repercussions under the law. I want you to return here this evening at ten thirty, a little before the cafe closes and I should by then be able to inform you of whatever I have managed to agree upon with the Chief Constable and Monsieur Cordeaux. Now run along off home and say nothing to anybody.”
Yvette curtsied in gratitude and fled. Once Yvette had departed Madame Courvelle poured herself a cognac and leaned back in her chair with deep satisfaction, thoroughly pleased with herself. Every cloud had a silver lining they said! This could turn out very well indeed. The compliant little Yvette would doubtless go to any length to stay out of a court of law. Suggesting that Yvette work off her debt had been a stroke of genius! Yvette was not the only young lady of Madame Courvelle’s acquaintance to have been guilty of poor judgement of late. Jeanette, one of the serving girls at the Cafe du Concorde, was pregnant! The paternity of her expected c***d was the subject of much conjecture around the village. Sad to relate, there were several possible candidates! Now Madame Courvelle was fond of Jeanette and it was against her principles to cast the girl out for foolishly finding herself in the f****y way. Nevertheless Jeanette’s progressing pregnancy, looming confinement and post natal responsibilities meant that she would be less and less available to work in the cafe. Madame Courvelle had agonised over the problem of finding a suitable replacement for her. Now it seemed, at a single stroke, she had found one; a pretty young girl of good character who, eager to make amends for her indiscretion, would not only be a willing and keen worker but also had the added benefit of being extremely cheap!
Madame Courvelle had been somewhat less than candid with Yvette over the costs of the repairs. In fact she had enough connections in this regard to be able to repair her car at a fairly economical price. In fact she had already privately discussed the matter with Gaston from the garage with a view to stiffing the insurance company for whatever the traffic would bear and pocketing the difference between them. Now of course that would not happen but this was certainly an agreeable alternative if it meant acquiring the services of Yvette Renard at a cut price rate! She wouldn’t make the girl work entirely for free of course. She’d make sure the girl had enough pocket money and later, when the hypothetical repairs had been repaid, she would be able to manipulate the situation into employing Yvette on a more permanent part time basis. She was sure the girl would be an asset. She was conscientious, hard working and, once she was attired in the obligatory uniform of the Cafe du Concorde, she would make a most pleasingly attractive addition to her stable of serving wenches!
All she had to do was persuade Chief Constable Morel and Monsieur Cordeaux. In spite of the misgivings she had voiced to Yvette, Madame Courvelle was in no doubt whatsoever as to her ability to convince those two gentlemen of the appropriateness of her plan. The Chief Constable was an indolent man and not fond of anything resembling work. Pont Du Rochelles, with its virtually non-existent crime rate, suited him down to the ground, enabling him to lead a peaceful life untroubled by the necessities of disagreeable toil. He would certainly go for any scheme that avoided his having the burden of the tedious protracted paper work the criminal prosecution of Yvette Renard would entail. As for Monsieur Cordeaux, well the rigorous moral code Madame Courvelle had mentioned to Yvette, was little more than a hypocritical facade as she, as the proprietress of the Cabaret Chat Noir, where this righteous upholder of the majesty of the law was a frequent visitor, could testify only too well. His devotion to a certain young lady of Asian extraction within that establishment would not only undermine his self appointed role as the local arbiter of morality and justice but also threaten to bring a fearsome, just retribution from an even closer quarter in the shape of his temperamental and indignant wife! He was no problem! He would readily acquiesce in any plan Madame Courvelle formulated.
Of course she would sweeten their concession to her wishes. She would sweeten that with a suitable punishment for the foolishness of Yvette Renard! With that agreeable thought Madame Courvelle swilled her fine cognac in its glass and leaned back to consider a suitable retribution for the hapless young lady now at home awaiting her fate. In spite of her ruthless streak and what might be considered a less than blemishless moral code of her own Madame Courvelle considered herself a just and moral person. She genuinely believed that Yvette deserved to be punished. She was of the firm opinion that a good sound lesson would do the foolish young girl the world of good and teach her a valuable lesson in her future conduct. The fact that the punishment of Yvette would be an agreeably stimulating exercise was simply the icing on the cake.
Any one of the serving girls at the Cafe du Concorde could have predicted with conviction the kind of punishment Madame Courvelle was contemplating. Madame Courvelle loved the young charges under her employ with a fierce devotion and adamant protectiveness. To her they were the f****y that the early demise of her husband had denied to her and they were as close to being her daughters in her mind as made no difference. She was their mentor; their mother figure and their guardian. Few people in Pont du Rochelles would have dared to incur Madame Courvelle’s wrath by wronging one of the young ladies under her care. The defensive umbrella she extended over them was the absolute dedication of a mother for her brood and the ferocity with which she protected them was legendary. Implicit in such protectiveness however was the consideration that the girls needed to be protected from themselves. All four of them had chequered background; pasts that would not bear the scrutiny of close examination for moral flaws. All of them were indebted to Madame Courvelle in one way or another for saving them from the consequences of those pasts. Madame Courvelle had somewhat of a penchant for championing the cause of young ladies whose misdeeds had led them so far from the path of righteousness as to find her the only remaining salvation. They repaid her devoted commitment to their welfare with an unswerving loyalty that was not entirely explained by the circumstances of young ladies with few other chances of employment or prospects other than those offered within the sanctuary of the Cafe du Concorde.
But if Madame Courvelle adored her girls she was nevertheless under no false illusions regarding them. She considered it her duty to continuously monitor their conduct, oversee their discipline and, when it became necessary, to correct their misbehaviour firmly and in such a manner as to discourage them from so deviating from the standards she expected of them again. To this end Madame Courvelle favoured the use of the cane. She rarely caned the girls herself, preferring to delegate this task to Hanna, the African lady who served as the general housekeeper, watchdog and manageress of the Cafe du Concorde in Madame Courvelle’s absence. Hanna was a powerfully built lady who took her disciplinary duties seriously and few girls who were unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a caning from her were likely to forget the experience or wish to repeat it.
In spite of this the girls of the Cafe du Concorde were all too familiar with Hanna’s cane. They were, to a body, high spirited young girls with a penchant for mischief and frequently inclined toward the sort of behaviour that would attract their mistress’s wrath. The cane saw regular usage in the Cafe du Concorde. The girls never objected to the painful interludes when they were called upon to pay account for their conduct. In truth they considered themselves fortunate to fall under the protection of their self-appointed guardian. Meanness could not be counted among Madame Courvelle’s faults and the girls earned a generous salary; far more than the equivalent wages of other waitresses in similar establishments, and if Madame Courvelle was ready to punish their misdeeds, she was equally ready to reward good behaviour or outstanding effort with additional bonuses or gifts. Nor did the girls object to the somewhat titillating maids’ uniforms Madame Courvelle insisted upon them wearing. In this they bowed to their mistress’s wisdom and sound business sense. Their appealing and flirtatious appearance was a major reason why the Cafe du Concorde was such a busy and popular establishment. The girls benefited directly from this far sighted policy. Generous though their allowance was, they could, in a good month, nearly double it in tips. In short they considered themselves lucky indeed and the occasional caning a small price to pay for an otherwise agreeably pleasant and pampered life.
So the girls once they had been informed of the circumstances had no doubts as to the likely fate of Yvette Renard. Madame Courvelle informed them that she might well be joining their ranks shortly. They were looking forward to welcoming the pretty young girl to their little s****rhood. With Jeanette about to become hors de combat, as it were, they were liable to need the extra help. Little Yvette would fit the bill nicely. She was a bit of an innocent for the moment it is true but that wouldn’t last! Doubtless her first duty as a newly inducted member of the staff would be to bend over and lower her drawers for the cane. A good caning was always a highly diverting interlude in their lives as long as they were the ones observing it and not on the receiving end! Little Mademoiselle Renard would have few secrets left from her admiring s****rs in servitude once they had watched her pretty little naked bottom receiving the attentions of Hanna’s cane. It promised to be a most gratifying spectacle!
Whilst her fate was being decided and Madame Courvelle was making the necessary negotiations and preparations, Yvette stayed at home alone immersed in a mixture of trepidation and hope. She had, as yet, little inclination as to the exact nature of the “consequences” Madame Courvelle had promised her as the price of her deliverance from the authorities of the law and she preferred not to dwell on it. She was vaguely aware through hearsay that Madame Courvelle was apt to be a strict disciplinarian with the girls in her employ. She was a little hazy as to the exact implications of those rumours but she guessed it might portend some unpleasant destiny with regard to herself. There was nothing to do but resign herself to it. The alternative was unthinkable! If Madame Courvelle could save her from a court of law then she would have to find the courage to endure whatever other retribution Madame had in store for her. But Madame Courvelle was already well ahead in her preparations and poor Yvette’s faltering courage would have quailed at the punishment she had decided upon as the just response to the young girl’s foolishness.
At the appointed hour Yvette left the house and once more made her way with leaden feet in the direction of the Cafe du Concorde. She had been careful to look her best in a pretty summer dress that came down to her knees, becoming sandals on her feet and her long brown hair neatly brushed and tied back with a ribbon. This appearance of a fresh young girl was somewhat spoiled however by the sorrowful and nervous demeanour on her otherwise pretty face. The walk down Rue de St. Jacques to the village square seemed, if anything, even longer than the one she had taken that afternoon. The streets, with the inadequate street lighting of Pont du Rochelles, seemed dark and melancholy and a fitting accompaniment to Yvette’s gloomy mood. Only on the square was there a lifting of this air of deserted desolation for the Cafe du Concorde was brightly lit and still, at this late hour, thronged with people. There were animated voices from within the cafe and a number of people still at the tables outside enjoying the warmth of the evening under the glow of the outside lights. With a heavy heart Yvette crossed the square and, after a pause to muster her courage, entered the cafe.
She stood blinking in the doorway feeling foolish and wondering what to do as she took in the brightly lit scene before her. The Cafe du Concorde was surprisingly big on the inside, given its relatively narrow frontage on the street, for it stretched a considerable distance back. There was a small bar half way along one side which acted as a dispensary for orders for the serving girls who delivered them to the tables, each covered in a jaunty red and white chequered tablecloth and decorated with candles and small posies of flowers in vases. Three of Madame Courvelle’s girls were busy among the tables, for the cafe was nearly full, and the bar was being presided over by the imposing figure of Hanna, Madame Courvelle’s African manageress, two metres tall, statuesque of build and skin the colour of polished ebony.
Nervously Yvette cast her eyes about for Madame Courvelle. She saw her almost at once; sat at a table, towards the far end of the cafe, in earnest conversation with Chief Constable Morel, Monsieur Cordeaux and a gentleman she recognised as Monsieur Cabal, high up in the administration of the local prefecture. With a thrill of fear Yvette realised that the topic of their conversation was mostly likely her and she hesitated over her next step. Her uncertainty was ended by Michelle, one of the serving girls, who, sighting her at the doorway and being fully briefed on the situation, came across to render instructions. Madame was busy for the moment, she informed Yvette, and would attend to her in due course. In the meantime would Yvette care to take a seat and perhaps something to drink while she waited? She ushered Yvette to a small table in a corner and asked what she would like to drink. Unwilling to sully her reputation further Yvette decided that it would be undiplomatic to order alcohol and so she asked for a cafe au lait. With her coffee in front of her, Michelle left Yvette to her own devices.
She was kept waiting there for over three quarters of an hour although, to the disconsolate little figure of Yvette alone at her small table, the wait seemed interminable. From her lonely vantage point Yvette could see that business was winding down for the evening as group after group of people paid their accounts and departed, hastened along by the girls who were making it plain that the cafe would be closing shortly. Finally, after clearing the tables outside, switching off the outdoor lights and pulling the heavy d****s over the windows Michelle turned the key in the front door lock to signify that the cafe was now closed. It wasn’t immediately apparent however for there were still a number of people left in the cafe. In addition to the staff there was still the party at Madame Courvelle’s table. There were also two prominent local vintners who Yvette knew vaguely; there were Madame and Monsieur Deluz who owned the Hotel du Ville; Monsieur D’arles who ran the patisserie on the square in conversation with the local postmaster and Madame Montagnon, a fabulously wealthy divorcee, who owned a huge property outside the village, accompanied by a younger gentleman who was reputed to be her toy boy if local rumour was to be believed. There were even two people that Yvette didn’t know. One was a devastatingly good looking man in his early thirties; an artist from the Hotel du Ville whose work Madame Courvelle admired and had been commissioned to paint her serving girls. The other person with whom Yvette was not familiar was perched tipsily on this gentleman’s knee; a blond girl of undoubted attraction who had a glass of wine in one hand whilst her other arm was d****d about his neck as she giggled at some witty remark he had ventured. These then were representatives of Madame Courvelle’s inner circle of friends and acquaintances; people high enough in her favour to be accorded the privilege of lingering long after the official closing time of the cafe. It hardly appeared as if Yvette’s coming confrontation with Madame Courvelle was going to be a particularly private one.
Madame Courvelle’s girl Bernadette was busy clearing the last of the glasses and bottles from the now vacated tables and the vivacious little dark haired girl, Sophie was behind the bar assisting Hanna with the cleaning up when Michelle once more approached Yvette to inform her that Madame would see her now. Swallowing the bile that came unbidden to her throat in sudden fear, Yvette rose and walked the length of the cafe to stand before the table, occupied by Madame Courvelle and the dignitaries she had been in conference with, where she curtsied nervously in politeness and waited. Madame Courvelle did not invite Yvette to take a seat but instead fixed her with a stern gaze. “Well Yvette,” she began, “In furtherance to our conversation this afternoon I have conferred with Chief Constable Morel and Monsieur Cordeaux here. They both agree with me that you have been a wickedly foolish girl and deserve to be severely punished for your reckless stupidity. Monsieur Cordeaux has pointed out your serious transgressions of the law and what it would mean if you were to be brought before him in his official capacity and the Chief Constable has further pointed out that it could have been much worse. He quite rightly notes that the road between here and St Marie du Provence is notoriously dangerous even for a person in full command of their senses in broad daylight. Driving home in the dark in the intoxicated state you have confessed to, it is only through the Grace of God that you are not now lying in a hospital bed or even on a slab at the mortuary. Your foolishness was unforgivable Yvette. Do you not agree?”
Yvette blushed and nodded. “Oui Madame.” she croaked. She became aware that the hum of conversation behind her had faded away. The remaining occupants of the cafe had now fixed their attentions upon the tableau being enacted at Madame Courvelle’s table.
“However,” Madame Courvelle continued, “I have been able to persuade these gentlemen that, in view of your previous blemishless record and the good advice of those who know you well, that you deserve to be given another chance. I have, at no small cost to myself, convinced these gentlemen to drop the charges and to not proceed with criminal prosecution against you.”
Yvette curtsied in profound relief. “Merci Messieurs.” she breathed gratefully.
“I have not finished Yvette.” Madame Courvelle admonished her austerely. “Whilst the gentlemen agree with me that it would be regrettable under the circumstances for you to acquire the criminal record, which would surely fall to you were this matter to be pursued in an official capacity, their agreement comes with conditions attached. In short their agreement to not press charges against you is provisional upon your consent to and abidance by those conditions we discussed this afternoon. I must therefore ask you if you are still prepared to abide by those conditions.”
Yvette nodded her head eagerly. “Oui, Oui Madame! Naturally!”
“Before you agree so readily Yvette let us remind ourselves what those conditions were. To begin with we agreed that you would work off the cost of the damages to my automobile through employment here in the cafe. Are you still in accordance with that agreement?”
“Naturellement Madame. I will work as long as it takes.”
“Excellent! In that case before you leave tonight we must draw up a rota for your future employment.” Madame Courvelle fortified herself with a sip of wine from her glass. “Now the other proviso upon which the agreement depended Yvette was some sort of retribution for your criminal folly. Mr Cordeaux in particular was most insistent upon this. Just because you are after all being spared the penalties due to you under the law that does not mean that you should be spared any sort of punishment. Mr Cordeaux was adamant that you pay some just penalty for your misdeeds if only to teach you of the consequences of your actions. I have to say that I agree with him. You certainly should not allowed to escape unpunished. However I have suggested a course of action to the gentlemen here whereby which we treat this as a private matter and deal with the matter of your punishment privately without referring it to the higher authorities of the law. I must now ask you therefore if you consent to and accept the punishment that I and these gentlemen have decided upon as a suitable retribution for your crimes.”
Yvette swallowed and struggled to find speech. The cafe had fallen silent and all eyes were turned upon her awaiting her answer. “Wh...what kind of punishment Madame?” she croaked out at last in a hoarse whisper.
In response Madame Courvelle turned her attention to the bar and caught Hanna’s eye. “If you please Hanna.” she intoned. Hanna nodded with a grunt and reached down behind the bar for something. She stepped out from behind the bar and crossed the room to join the conference. Yvette caught her breath with a gasp. Over her left arm Hanna carried a clean tea towel. In her right hand she bore a polished length of rattan cane, two metres long, three quarters of a centimetre thick and gleaming pale yellow under the lights of the cafe. Yvette felt the bl**d drain from her face as she understood the exact nature of the punishment Madame Courvelle had in mind. “You are to be caned Yvette!” stated Madame Courvelle in a flat, matter of fact voice by way of confirmation. “Severely!” she added as an afterthought.
Yvette’s hand flew to her mouth in shock. “P... Please no Madame!” she whispered in horror.
Madame Courvelle looked disappointed in her. “Am I to take it then that you would prefer to explain your recent conduct in front of the magistrates’ bench then Yvette?”
Yvette shook her head vigorously. “Non Madame! Si ’l vous plait! Non!”
“Well the only alternative is that you agree to suffer the punishment we have determined for you in lieu of criminal prosecution. Now what is it to be? Do you wish to face criminal charges which will almost certainly see you with a hefty fine, loss of your licence, a criminal record and possibly even a spell of judicial incarceration or will you accept this alternative punishment to demonstrate your contrition and acknowledgement of your responsibility for your actions?” Yvette was bereft of speech. Her eyes kept flicking between Madame Courvelle and the cane in Hanna’s hand. She seemed hypnotised by it. “Well Yvette?” Madame Courvelle reminded her. “I am waiting!”
“P...please Madame! I...I don’t want to go to court!”
“Are you therefore prepared to accept the cane?”
Yvette bit her lip in anguish. She realised that she was trapped. There was no alternative. If she was to salvage anything out of the disaster her foolishness had landed her in then she must face the wicked instrument glistening in Hanna’s hand. In abject misery she nodded barely perceptibly, lowered her head and whispered. “Oui Madame.”
“Very well then! We shall proceed. The gentlemen and I have discussed the exact severity of the sentence to be administered commensurate with your crime and have agreed upon a number. Hanna will therefore administer one hundred strokes of the cane on your bottom.” Madame Courvelle paused for dramatic effect “Your bare bottom!” she concluded. Yvette froze, paralysed with fear at the pronouncement of this sentence. She was not the only one shocked by the severity of the sentence. An excited low hum arose from the other spectators in the cafe now all thoroughly engrossed in the drama being played out before their eyes. Madame Courvelle ignored them and turned to Michelle. “Michelle, would you be so kind as to clear a space in the middle of the room?”
Michelle curtsied prettily. “Oui Madame.” Michelle busied herself moving tables and chairs aside. Yvette watched these preparations with a sense of unreality as if this must be happening to somebody else. Her eyes still kept darting back to the solid figure of Hanna waiting patiently with the cane. Hanna’s dark face was impassive, showing no sign of emotion but she was stroking the cane in her hand almost lovingly.
At last Michelle had cleared a large enough space in the centre of the room and she stepped to one side. Madame Courvelle nodded in approval before turning to Hanna. “You may proceed Hanna.”
Hanna nodded in acknowledgement before stepping into the space Michelle had provided. She flexed the cane in her hand before swinging it through a couple of arcs to test the space available and to ensure that there would be no impediment to her swing. Once satisfied she that had ample room she pointed the cane at a mark on the floor and addressed Yvette. “Stand over here girl!” she commanded. With no other choice available, Yvette complied but her lip was quivering with fear and her knees were trembling so hard she thought they would give way beneath her. Once Yvette was in the proscribed position clutching her hands together to still their shaking, Hanna took a high backed chair and placed it in front of Yvette with the back facing her. “Bend over the chair!” she ordered. Yvette stepped forward in a daze, her head still spinning with disbelief that this was happening to her. Slowly she lowered her torso until she was bent over the chair, the wood of the back of the chair cool against her stomach through the thin material of her dress. “Lift your skirt above your waist!” Hanna commanded her in an imperious tone. With trembling hands Yvette reached behind her to raise the hem of her dress up over her bottom and above her waist as commanded exposing the pair of pale pink knickers she wore beneath which were now her only concession to modesty in front of the avidly interested spectators. Even that last vestige of decorum was destined to disappear however. “Lower your knickers down to your knees!” was Hanna’s next command. Blushing scarlet with mortification in exposing herself so immodestly in public, Yvette reached behind once more, slipping her thumbs into the elastic of her knickers and pulling them down clumsily to her knees. “Straighten your back and legs girl!” Hanna ordered. “And grip hold of the sides of the seat with your hands.” Yvette obeyed as best she could and Hanna ran a critical eye over her. Satisfied with Yvette’s stance Hanna laid the cane to one side for a moment and unbuttoned her jacket. Surprisingly she wore no blouse under her jacket, just a white lacy bra which looked downright incongruous against her solid dark frame and covering her ample firm breasts. She hung her jacket over the back of a chair and picked up the cane once more, flexing it in her hands and trying a couple of practice swings to judge its weight. Yvette, in her prone position glanced at Hanna out of the corner of her eye and shuddered, biting back the sob of fear that rose in her throat. Without her jacket and nearly naked to the waist Hanna looked even more intimidating than ever. The muscles in her arms rippled under the dark skin which gleamed with a sheen of perspiration under the lamps of the cafe. Carefully she wiped the cane with her tea towel and then stepped forward to begin the caning.
At this point Madame Courvelle interrupted proceedings to address Michelle stood in front of Yvette. “Michelle would you be so kind as to count the strokes out loud so we can keep tally please?”
Michelle curtsied. “Oui Madame.”
“Thank you Michelle. You may continue Hanna.”
Hanna nodded and placed the cane against the flesh of Yvette’s bottom to measure the first stroke, watching Yvette flinch at the cool touch of the cane against her trembling skin. Then she raised the cane high above her shoulder and paused for a second. Yvette gripped hold of the chair desperately and clenched her teeth. The Hanna brought the cane down in a long swishing arc. Yvette jerked violently as the cane bit into the fleshy centre of her buttocks. Her eyes which she had been holding tight shut flew open in shock at the excruciating agony in her tender rear and a hiss of expelled breath escaped from between her clenched teeth. She gripped the sides of the chair so hard her knuckles turned white and her face contorted as she struggled to contain her cry as the pain settled into her bottom. “Un!” declared Michelle in smug satisfaction. “That was only the first stroke Mademoiselle!” Michelle thought to herself amusedly. “You have another ninety nine to face!”
Hanna lifted the cane away from the point of the first stroke; the white indentation in the flash caused by the cane already turning scarlet and beginning to swell. Yvette was breathing heavily in the wake of the first searing pain. Behind her spectators were craning their necks or shuffling their positions to afford themselves a better view of the first angry red stripe on her virginal bottom. Hanna wiped her cane once more before measuring up for the second stroke and raising her arm again. Yvette jumped even more under the impact of the cane this time, her head jerking upwards and the pain etched in her face. “Deux!” announced Michelle. Again Hanna went through her unhurried ritual; examining and wiping her cane before addressing the target, lifting the cane and delivering another hard stroke to poor Yvette who jerked convulsively once more, shuddered deeply and whose face turned crimson as she fought to contain the scream that threatened to burst from her lips.
“Trois!” said Michelle. She regarded the suffering girl pityingly. She could see what Yvette was trying to do. It wouldn’t do the silly girl a bit of good though! Nobody could take one hundred strokes of the cane from Hanna in dignified silence! She’d soon be squealing her pretty little head off! Michelle watched as Hanna repeated her ritual before sweeping the cane down once more to land with a vicious crack across Yvette’s tormented buttocks. “Quatre!” she counted observing the gasp from Yvette’s lips and the first tear beginning to form at the corner of her wild, despairing eyes. She had a long way to go yet! Michelle had observed many a caning delivered by Hanna and been on the end of not a few herself. Hanna’s unhurried rhythmical technique never varied and it was so precisely measured you could set your watch by it! The girls had timed a precise ten seconds between one agonising stroke and the next which added up to a rate of six strokes per minute and that meant that this little darling here was facing more than sixteen minutes bent over that chair and ruing the day before her allocated one hundred strokes were completed. She could feel truly sorry for her. The most that Michelle had ever had to take was sixty strokes. That had been bad enough! A hundred strokes didn’t bear thinking about!
“Cinq!” she declared in response to another piercing crack and accompanying convulsion from the suffering girl. Michelle knew what Yvette was going through. The metronomic cadence of Hanna’s delivery was not the only consistency in her action. When Hanna took a cane to you she did it with conviction and authority. There were no little flicks of the wrist from Hanna. Every stroke was delivered firmly and hard with f***e behind it and plenty of follow through. She never pulled a stroke. The cane never bounced off your backside in Hanna’s hands. It bit hard into the flesh, indenting the skin and driving the pain deep into the muscle below leaving angry red welts and bruising in its wake. And every stroke was as hard as the one preceding it or the one to follow. There would be no lighter strokes; no temporary alleviation of the agony. Hanna was not the person to start gently and leave the best till last. Every excruciating lash from the first to the last would be laid on with equal determination and with Hanna’s full strength.
“Six!” said Michelle and at last Yvette gave vent to a strangled cry of pain. Michelle guessed that Hanna had probably landed that one across the back of Yvette’s legs. Hanna tended to cane the buttocks and the fleshy backs of the thighs with equal measure and Michelle knew well just how agonising the cane was across the sensitive regions on the backs of the thighs. “Sept!” and Yvette, abandoning control, squealed in pain. The cane had landed firmly into the crease between her buttocks and the soft upper part of her thighs and the agony, in that so sensitive place, proved more than she could bear.
“Huit.....Neuf......Dix....” Michelle intoned, raising her voice to be heard for now that Yvette’s control had snapped she was shrieking loudly with every stroke. Madame Courvelle watched the caning with interest. The girl was brave but that bravery could not endure such a severe caning. The girl was sobbing freely now between each stroke and that was no bad thing. It would teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a hurry! “Onze...Douze....Treize....” In amusement Madame Courvelle observed the reaction of her companions at the table. The three men could not tear their eyes away from Yvette’s pert little buttocks turning more crimson with every stripe under the assault of the cane. Monsieur Cordeaux was turning quite red in the face and a light perspiration was breaking out on his forehead. From where she sat Madame Courvelle ventured a glance at his crotch. The front of his pants was distended by his erection. Evidently he was enjoying the show very much! He must be congratulating himself on agreeing to this alternative to judicial procedure. This was far more entertaining than merely sentencing the girl to a few weeks penal servitude in Montpoulier from the bench!
The gentlemen at Madame Courvelle’s table were not the only ones becoming aroused at the spectacle. As Michelle counted “Quatorze..... Quinze.....Seize....” over Yvette’s howling cries it was evident that the blond girl sat on the knee of Madame Courvelle’s favourite local artist was more than captivated by the scene. She was staring at Yvette’s buttocks jumping under the impact of the cane in rapt fascination. Her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily and squeezing her thighs together. She could feel her handsome companion’s erection through the material of her skirt beneath her bottom and she ground wantonly against it. The artist was delighted by this evidence of his partner’s mounting arousal and he daringly passed a hand up her stomach to snatch a quick clutch at her breast. She shivered under the touch.
“Dix-Sept....Dix-Huit....Dix Neuf....” Yvette was jerking and squirming spasmodically and giving vent to a paroxysm of demented screams; the pain in her nether regions like nothing she had ever experienced. The blond girl’s nostrils flared in response and she quivered in pleasure. Experimentally the artist let his hand fall to her bare thigh below the hem of her skirt. She made no effort to remove it and, emboldened, he allowed his hand to slip to the inside of her thigh and exulted as she parted her legs to accommodate him. From there it was an easy passage, caressing his hand upwards until he encountered the barrier of her knickers, warm from the rousing heat beneath. His fingertips quested for entrance easing under the material of her knickers. There was a brief encounter with the wiry bush of her pubic hair and then he felt his fingers slide into the hot dampness of her sex. He let his fingers explore before finding the little nub, the little man in the boat, her clitoris. She shuddered hungrily and a tiny moan escaped her lips. Slowly he began to stroke it.
“Vingt!” Yvette screamed again at the blistering stroke, shaking her head from side to side. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably and threatening to buckle beneath her. “Vingt et un!” She threw back her head and howled deafeningly, her eyes red and swollen with tears, her make-up in ruined streaks down her cheeks. The pain in her nether regions had reached incandescent levels as if somebody was applying red hot coals to her flesh. She no longer registered that people were watching her humiliation and pain with deep absorption. Her entire consciousness had now narrowed to the loud swishing of the cane, Michelle’s monotonous tallying of the score and the searing pain from her buttocks and thighs. “Vingt deux!” Even her screams seemed to come from far away now as if it was somebody else other than she emitting them.
Among the transfixed spectators was little Sophie behind the bar. Sophie was the youngest of Madame Courvelle’s young ladies at the Cafe du Concorde and she was of a passionate nature and easily swayed by the temptations of the flesh. Although she was no great lover of feeling the cane on her own backside she enjoyed watching the other girls be caned and seeing the pretty little Mademoiselle Renard getting her rear toasted had excited her enormously. Hidden below the waist behind the bar she reached down to lift the hem of her short dress and slid her hand inside her knickers. Her sex was dripping wet and greedily she began to stroke herself. “Vingt trois....Vingt quatre....” Sophie gripped the edge of the bar to steady herself hoping that her panting and soft moans would not be audible above Yvette’s shrill screams. She leaned forward to crane her neck, the better to see Yvette’s bottom now admirably marked with livid scarlet welts. She shuddered violently as her arousal mounted. Roget had intimated that he might be able to sneak away later that night. He’d throw pebbles at the window of her room above the cafe to alert her and then she’d creep out and meet him in the back shed. She hoped he would come that night. If he did then he was in for a rare treat! Watching Yvette Renard’s appealing buttocks wriggling delightfully under the lash of the cane had induced particularly amorous urges in her. “Vingt cinq!” Sophie clamped her mouth shut lest her own passion betray her over Yvette’s wailing scream. She f***ed herself to still the urgent caresses of her fingers knowing that she was very close to orgasm. She fervently hoped Roget would come that night. If not well.... Sophie allowed herself a mental shrug. If he didn’t come then there was always an obvious and agreeable alternative. She would creep down the hallway to Michelle’s room. In common with all the girls at the Cafe du Concorde Sophie had a powerful libido and it mattered little to any of them whether they exercised it with a boy or a member of their own sex. Michelle was highly experienced and delightfully innovative in bed. Madame Courvelle was generally lenient about the girls playing with each other although she would have them caned once in a while for it just to keep them on their toes and remind them who was boss. Madame had told them that the petite Mademoiselle Renard might well be joining their ranks soon. Sophie hoped so. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on her!
“Vingt six....vingt sept.....vingt huit....” The beating was relentless; the waves of agony unbearable. Yvette was near to collapse. She had performed heroically in maintaining her position over the chair so far but she knew despairingly that it could not last. Sooner or later her legs would give beneath her. “Vingt neuf... trente... trente et un....” It was the thirty first stroke that broke her. It was, even among the high standards established by every stroke that preceded it, a particularly torturous blow, lancing into the already tenderised flesh of her upper thighs. With a loud keening wail Yvette’s legs turned to jelly and she collapsed to her knees and remained there sobbing copiously.
Throughout the beating Hanna’s expression had barely flickered. She had gone about her task with unmovable, dispassionate efficiency heedless of the howling screams of her victim. In examining it and wiping it between each stroke, it seemed almost as if she were more concerned about the welfare of her cane than the poor weeping wretch she was inflicting it upon. Now however she glared at Yvette in irritation, annoyed that her carefully paced rhythm had been so disrupted by Yvette’s inability to follow instructions. “Get up girl!” she commanded severely.
Yvette knelt abjectly on the floor crying piteously. “Please no! I... I can’t take any more! hurts!”
“It is meant to hurt you foolish girl! Now get up this instance and resume your position!”
“No please! I beg you! It hurts too much!”
Hanna waved the cane at her. “Get up and resume your position now or I shall give you extra for disobedience!”
Madame Courvelle interposed at this juncture. “Do as you are told Yvette or Hanna will certainly award you extra strokes for not following her orders.”
Yvette glanced miserably at Madame Courvelle but saw no mercy there. Sorrowfully she rose unsteadily to her feet, lifted her skirt back over her waist and bent once more back over the chair. Her knickers had slipped from her knees by now and now reposed in an untidy heap about her ankles. Hanna grunted in satisfaction, gave her cane a last wipe and raised it. With a vicious sweeping lash the caning commenced once more. “Trente deux!” remarked Michelle.
Leaning against the wall near the window with her arms folded, Bernadette watched the spectacle in deep satisfaction and shared similar thoughts to those of her colleague Sophie. “Welcome to the s****rhood Mademoiselle!” she murmured under her breath. You could hardly claim to be a fully paid up member of the sorority of the Cafe du Concorde without having been on the end of one of Hanna’s canings! Well this little sweetheart was paying her dues right enough! She’d not sit down for a week after this thrashing!
“Trente trois....trente quatre.... trente cinq....” Yvette’s screams had reached an ear piercing volume by now. Bernadette wondered idly in amusement if anybody outside was pausing on their way home to listen to the cacophony of manic screams emanating from the interior of the cafe. God knows they could hardly miss it! She was only a little thing this Yvette but she had a fine pair of lungs on her! She was probably keeping people awake on the far side of the square with her demented shrieks! For all Bernadette knew there was quite possibly a crowd gathered outside the cafe and applauding each howling wail! Whatever the truth, it was certain that it would be all over the village tomorrow that young Mademoiselle Renard had had her backside beaten good and sound in the Cafe du Concorde last night. If anyone was uncertain of the identity of the victim involved then as soon as Madame had this pretty little thing dressed up in the obligatory uniform to work in the cafe then all doubts would be removed! She’d be carrying those marks for weeks to come and as soon as she leant over a table to attend to her chores in her short dress then she’d be displaying the weals on her legs for all the world to see!
“Trente six.... trente sept.... trente huit.... trente neuf...” Michelle was nearly having to shout now so that her tally of the strokes was audible over Yvette’s screams. Bernadette admired Yvette’s shapely legs. They were pretty or at least they would be pretty once the contusions from the cane had healed. Like Sophie Bernadette anticipated the arrival of Yvette among their number with relish. Her current crop of dear s****rs was wonderful but there was a lot to be said for having fresh talent about the place. It was a shame Jeanette wasn’t here to witness this. She’d have enjoyed it. “Quarante....quarante et un.....quarante deux....” Bernadette grinned to herself. When this girl started working here, she and the other girls would have to get her alone in one of the back larders one day. They’d have her knickers down for a different purpose then and make her squeal to a different tune!
“Quarante trois.... quarante quatre.... quarante cinq....” The tally of strokes mounted inexorably. The fire in Yvette’s rear burned brighter with every lash. Yvette had a pretty face but, Michelle noted, it was not an attractive sight at the moment. It was red and distorted with pain and distress. Her cheeks were streaked black with mascara and eyeliner. Her eyes were red and swollen and her mouth gaped open almost comically as she screamed aloud with every stroke. Her face was wet with tears and there was a drop of mucous on the end of her nose. The ribbon in her hair had come adrift and her hair was a tangled mess as she threw her head about from side to side in the throes of her pain. “Quarante six....quarante sept....quarante huit.... quarante neuf....” Michelle continued. “Never mind little one.” she thought to herself. “We girls at the Cafe du Concorde know lots of ways to soothe poor little beaten things like you!”
“Cinqante!” declared Michelle firmly, announcing this milestone in the young girls caning. To the anguished Yvette squealing under its impact there was little if anything to distinguish this stroke from any other of the forty nine that had left their trace of agony across her scorched rear. Yet in the part of her brain that still retained some vestige of rational thought she heard Michelle call out the number with something approaching disbelief. Caned already to the edge of endurance and beyond it seemed hardly credible that she had only reached the half way point in her punishment. In despair she closed her eyes as Hanna raised the cane once more. “Cinquante et un!” announced Michelle. The second half of Yvette’s caning had begun.
Enjoying the scene with enormous pleasure was Madame Montagnon. She was experiencing the most tingling satisfaction with every stroke that coursed into the welted wasteland of Yvette’s tormented rear. She was delighted that the girl, after a brave start, was taking the beating so badly. Yvette’s loud screams were music to her ears. Madame Montagnon enjoyed the sight of young girls suffering. “Cinquante deux....cinquante trois....cinquante quatre....” Madame Montagnon would have been happy to see the wretched girl take two hundred strokes let alone one hundred! Her only regret was that she wasn’t wielding the cane herself. She yearned to feel the cane in her hand biting into that squirming backside. Sometimes when she held a soiree at her mansion Madame Courvelle would lend her the use of some of her girls to assist with the catering. She wondered if Madame would loan her this one some time, once the girl was working here. She shivered deliciously at the thought. “Cinquante cinq....cinquante six....cinquante sept....” Madame Montagnon glanced at her young male companion. His eyes were riveted on the convulsing body of the young girl shrieking as the cane strokes sliced into her rump. His excitement was plain to see; the bulge in his trousers enormous. Madame Montagnon allowed herself an indulgent smile. Many people thought the man her gigolo but, while it was true that she used him for pleasure from time to time, he was mostly there for camouflage. Her real tastes lay elsewhere. She would certainly have to indulge them tonight after this aperitif! Her two servant girls would be in bed asl**p by the time she got home. Well she would rouse them! She’d shake them out of bed the instance she got home, strip them of their nightclothes and take the birch out of the cupboard! They were due for a good thrashing! It must be months since the last time she’d taken the birch to them. If they petulantly asked why they were being birched she’d tell them to blame it all on Yvette Renard! When she’d finished birching them she’d lie back naked on the sofa with her legs open and they’d crawl across the carpet to nuzzle at her sex with their tongues until she was satisfied. She had her girls well trained. They knew what their mistress expected of them!
“Cinquante huit.... cinquante neuf....soixante.....” Inevitably now Hanna was running out of patches of unblemished skin on which to land her strokes. As a consequence therefore more and more of her blows were landing atop the welts left behind by previous strokes, doubling their agony. Perhaps it was this accumulation that caused Yvette to collapse under the relentless pain for a second time. Whatever the cause she buckled again and slipped to her knees. Hanna glared at her in outrage. “What do you think you are doing?” she demanded angrily.
“Pardonnez moi madame!” bleated Yvette pathetically. “I... I’m sorry.”
“Get back into position this instance!” Hanna ordered her.
“Oui Madame.” snivelled the weeping girl. “Pardonnez moi.” Painfully Yvette climbed back to her feet to d**** herself back over the chair, her chest heaving with her sobs as she lifted her skirt to expose her swollen rump for the cane once more.
Hanna was dissatisfied with Yvette’s apology. She shook the cane at her indignantly. “You have been warned already.” she told Yvette, “Five extra strokes!” She addressed Michelle curtly. “Do not count these strokes Michelle.”
“Non madame.”
For the five strokes Hanna abandoned her usual measured cadence and delivered the five strokes in a rapid tattoo, the cane blurring as she brought one stroke down in rapid succession after the other, giving Yvette no time to prepare herself for the next. Yvette arched her back and let out one long, ululating scream, frightful in its anguished despair. “Let that be a lesson.” Hanna told her. “If I have to interrupt this punishment another time you’ll get an extra ten! Do you understand?” Yvette moaned pitiably and could only nod her head feebly. “Very well,” declared Hanna wiping her cane. “Where were we Michelle?”
“Soixante madame.”
“Then we shall continue from there.”
She raised the cane again. “Soixante et un!” Michelle noted to the accompaniment of Yvette’s scream.
The blond girl on the artist’s knee was becoming more and more aroused at the spectacle of Yvette’s caning and the stroking of her companion between her legs. She was squirming alarmingly on his knee and panting audibly as his fingers rubbed her clitoris in little circles. Her increasing excitement was becoming evident to the other occupants of the cafe and several people tore their eyes away from Yvette’s caning to glance in her direction and raise amused eyebrows as she laid her head back and half closed her eyes, very near to climax. “Soixante deux....soixante trois.... soixante quatre....soixante cinq....soixante six....” The girl was moaning loudly now and the other guests exchanged amused glances with each other. She was shaking violently and little cries were emerging from her throat. “Soixante sept....soixante huit....soixante neuf.... soixante dix....” Suddenly the girl stiffened rigidly and opened her mouth wide to emit a loud wail. Everybody in the room turned to stare at her and, as her orgasm climaxed, the artist felt a sudden flood of hot liquid gush from her privates soaking her knickers and skirt and seeping through to dampen the artist’s trousers. A pool of clear liquid appeared on the floor beneath her. The girl’s messy orgasm grabbed the attention of everybody in the room and there were amused chuckles all round. Even Hanna’s rhythm was interrupted and she turned to stare at the girl in surprise. The only person in the room that didn’t register the girl’s orgasm was Yvette but she was hardly fully about her senses by this time. The only reality in her universe was the great throbbing misery from her rear portions which in her fevered imagination she pictured as some huge swollen scarlet mass of lancing pain dwarfing the rest of her body. She barely even registered that the caning had halted temporarily. She just hung limply over her chair and keened softly in pain. The artist glanced around at the other guests as his companion buried her face in his shoulder, her chest heaving. He shrugged at the other guests and smiled, holding up a palm in a gesture of resignation. The guests laughed with him good humouredly. Hanna just shook her head disgustedly and turned back to the matter in hand. “Soixante et onze!” declared the smirking Michelle.
Sophie had seen the blond girl come all over her friend’s trousers and leave a mess on the floor and it whipped her own excitement into a new urgency. Her hand had been in her knickers for several minutes now fingering at her sex and she was craving relief. Poor Yvette’s bottom was swollen terribly now with raised welts. Sophie longed to be able to caress it and soothe the girl’s pain with soft kisses. As she thought about it her fingers quickened at her sex. “Soixante douze....soixante treize.... soixante quatorze....” Sophie herself was very near to orgasm now but she caught Madame Courvelle glancing in her direction and she dared not disgrace herself unless she longed to be the next person bending over that chair! “Soixante quinze....soixante seize... soixante dix-sept....” The accumulative effect of strokes landing on top of each other was showing the inevitable consequences by now. There were small specks of scarlet moisture appearing on Yvette’s bottom where the skin had broken under the impact of the cane and a little trickle of bl**d was seeping down her right thigh from the accumulated strokes to the backs of her legs. For some reason this excited Sophie very much indeed. She was not by nature as cruel girl but now she wanted to see Yvette bleed! “Soixante dix-huit.... soixante dix-neuf....” There was another trickle of bl**d; from the centre of her buttocks this time and Sophie’s stroking at her crutch became more frenzied.
Yvette seemed to have lost the strength to squirm any more. She just lay limply over the chair twitching each time the cane smote her swollen flesh. Even her screams had lost their earlier piercing quality and had given way to one, more or less continuous, wailing moan. Hanna was wiping her cane more diligently now as if to cleanse it of the contamination of Yvette’s bl**d on its pristine surface. “Quatre vingt!” said Michelle and Sophie could take it no longer. Hoping that no one would notice her she ducked down behind the bar and, clamping a hand across her mouth to stifle her cry, she rubbed herself to orgasm. It was the second messy orgasm of that night but that was characteristic of Sophie and she was well known for it. The other girls called her their “little squirt” and it wasn’t just a reference to her size. She pulled her dress out of the way hastily as she came but her knickers were drenched and a second puddle of scandalous origin was added to the floor of the Cafe du Concorde that night. Quickly she tried to dry the puddle with a tissue before adjusting her dress and standing back up into view as nonchalantly as she could manage. Her efforts were futile for the first thing she saw as she looked around was Madame Courvelle looking straight at her in strong disapproval. Sophie swallowed guiltily. A swish of the cane, a crack against Yvette’s buttocks and another frenzied moaning cry was punctuated by Michelle. “Quatre vingt un!” Madame Courvelle was frowning at Sophie. Sophie felt the bl**d rush to her cheeks and her throat become dry, knowing that the next person to be singing a tune to Hanna’s cane would certainly be herself.
“Quatre vingt deux!” If Yvette’s bottom had attracted Sophie it was another part of her anatomy that Michelle was finding appealing. She couldn’t actually see Yvette’s bottom from her position in front of the suffering girl although she could well imagine what sort of a state it was in by now. It was Yvette’s breasts that held her attention though. Somehow during her ordeal the top buttons of Yvette’s dress had come undone or possibly even fallen off and in her bent over position she was affording Michelle a wonderful view down her front at her ripe young breasts. For such a small girl Yvette had quite large breasts and they wobbled most enticingly every time her body jerked under the impact of the cane. Her right breast even seemed to have fallen partly out of her bra. Michelle could see the nipple quite clearly. Oddly it was erect. Michelle smiled to herself. In spite of the agony of the cane it was not at all unusual to see signs of arousal in a girl being beaten. It was a better than evens bet that if you pushed a hand between Mademoiselle Renard’s legs right now you would find her sex swollen and moist! Michelle wondered about the psychology of that. She didn’t know. What she did know was that although she hated being caned and the pain of it she was always like a bitch on heat afterwards and inflamed with lust. She rather hoped the same was true of Mademoiselle Renard here. There must be some way to get her alone afterwards and get that dress off her. “Quatre vingt trois....quatre vingt quatre....quatre vingt cinq....”
Yvette endured the end game of her caning in a barely conscious daze. A red mist had descended before her eyes. She was hallucinating too. She was staring fixated at the pattern on the cover of the chair beneath her eyes. The pattern seemed to be moving, organising itself into shapes that resembled throbbing buttocks. “Quatre vingt six....quatre vingt sept....qutre vingt huit....” Yvette no longer had the strength to scream. Her throat was sore and swollen from her screaming anyway. She felt limp and sodden like a piece of tenderised meat. Her backside and her legs were just one solid wall of aching agony by now and the cane just stirred it up a little more but it had lost its earlier excruciating sting as if her body had reached a threshold of pain beyond which it could go no further. “Quatre vingt neuf....quatre vingt dix... qeutre vingt onze....” The numbers were meaningless to her now. Time seemed to have stopped still as if all there had ever been in her existence was the relentless pain in her hind quarters punctuated and inflamed by the rhythmical periodic explosion of the cane against her flesh. “Quatre vingt douze....quatre vingt treize... quatre vingt quatorze...” The room was deathly still now as if everybody was holding their breath and wishing her through these final strokes. “Quatre vingt quinze...quatre vingt seize... quatre vingt dix-sept....” Through the bottomless agony of her rear Yvette could feel dampness on her legs. The significance of it never registered on her brain; she never realised that she was bleeding from her caning or that the cane now was raising a little pink mist each time it sliced into her damaged skin. “Quatre vingt dix-huit.... quatre vingt dix neuf....” For the last time Hanna raised her cane. The stroke was just as hard as every other had been. “CENT!” declared Michelle in triumphant finality.
Hanna stood back displaying as much emotion as she had managed throughout the caning. She looked disappointed! At the conclusion of the caning there was a collective exhalation from the guests who had held their breath over the final strokes of Yvette’s ordeal. A murmur of voices began and then, extraordinarily, a ripple of applause although whether that was in appreciation of Hanna’s performance with the cane or Yvette’s endurance of it was difficult to discern. Yvette lay like a rag doll over the back of the chair weeping softly and not understanding that her ordeal was over. “You may stand up now Yvette.” Madame Courvelle told her. “Your punishment is over.” Through the mist of her pain Yvette registered the words and slowly in robotic fashion began to straighten up. Madame Courvelle addressed Hanna. “I think a few minutes to let the lesson sink in don’t you agree Hanna?”
“Oui Madame.” Hanna turned to Yvette. “Hold your skirt up girl! You’ll get it dirty otherwise.” Yvette’s rear was still streaming with bl**d. Hanna stepped over to assist her and for one frightful moment it seemed as if Yvette would fall as she tried to stand, so shaky was she on her legs. “Here tuck your skirt into your belt like this.” Hanna told her, helping her to comply. Hanna turned the chair around that Yvette had spent the best part of the last twenty minutes bent over. “Kneel on the chair girl! No leave your knickers where they are! Kneel up straight now and put your hands behind your head.” Numbly Yvette obeyed, without the will left in her to protest; her humiliation completed by her submissive position on the chair displaying her naked beaten rear for the prolonged examination of all present. “Now stay there without moving until Madame gives you leave to do otherwise.”
Madame Courvelle picked the empty bottle off her table. “I think another bottle of this if you please Michelle. You other girls, see to our guests. They must be thirsty by now.” The hum of conversation returned to the room only more animated now as the guests began to discuss the remarkable spectacle they had been privileged to witness. It would be a long tale in the telling. Yvette Renard’s caning in the Cafe du Concorde would be the talk of the village for months to come and still retold years later. Some people even got out of their seats on a pretext the better to approach Yvette for a closer look at the swollen mass that had once been the unsullied pristine flesh of her buttocks and thighs. Through it all Yvette remained motionless on her chair, crying silently now and more wretched and miserable than she had ever been in her short and uneventful life.
Madame Courvelle left Yvette kneeling on the stool for fifteen minutes while her girls replenished her guests’ drinks. Finally she relented. “You may get down now Yvette.” she said, at last, not unkindly. “Come over here girl. No don’t bother pulling your knickers up. I want to take a look at your bottom. In fact take your knickers off altogether. You’ll trip over them otherwise.” Clumsily Yvette pulled her knickers off and, carrying them in her hand, stepped over obediently to Madame Courvelle. “Turn around Yvette and let me see your bottom. You can put your knickers on the table” Mechanically Yvette turned to afford Madame Courvelle the view of her aching tender rear. Madame Courvelle examined the damage with concern. Hanna had certainly done a thorough job on this young lady! Yvette’s behind was a swollen lattice of contusions from the tops of her buttocks nearly down to the sinews above her knees. She’d be carrying these marks around with her for a good while to come! She wouldn’t be sitting down too comfortably for a few days either. Well that was no bad thing if it reminded her of her lesson! Well she’d have plenty to keep her mind off it and little time for sitting anyway. There was no reason at all why she couldn’t start work tomorrow. She’d be busy enough learning the ropes of her new job to keep her mind off her woes. Madame Courvelle frowned, wondering if she had a maids’ dress to fit her. Perhaps one of Sophie’s would fit her. They were both small girls. It would do at least perhaps until she could have a pair or two made to fit her.
She reached out to feel the swollen flesh of Yvette’s bottom. Yvette flinched at the touch, so tender was that region now. At least she had stopped bleeding now Madame Courvelle noted with relief. Her skin hadn’t split that badly. She very much doubted that there would any permanent scarring. All the same perhaps it would be better to have one of the girls take her upstairs to bathe her welts and put some ointment on them. In fact, come to that, it was no bad idea for the girls to make a bed up for her for the night. She was in no fit state to walk home alone. Madame Courvelle had no illusions about the young ladies in her employ and doubtless they’d be sniffing around the pretty young girl like truffle pigs on a hot scent once they had her to themselves in their rooms upstairs! Well that was no bad thing either. They would be kind to her and she could use a little loving kindness tonight. It would be better for her not to have to sl**p alone and dwell upon her sorrows. In fact thought Madame Courvelle, a new idea occurring to her, it would be better all round if they made her residence here more or less permanent. There were several empty rooms they were not using they could convert into a bedroom for her. She didn’t consider it healthy for a young girl of Yvette’s years to be living alone with an aging aunt. She was isolated up that end of the village and had hardly any friends at all locally. She’d be far better off with young people her own age and, if she lived here at the cafe, it would be far easier for Madame Courvelle to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t go off the rails again. In her own mind Madame Courvelle had already adopted Yvette. Well they could talk about all this in the morning.
“Turn around Yvette.” After she had obeyed Madame Courvelle handed her a tissue. “Now be a good girl and wipe your face.” As Yvette tried to repair the damage to her appearance Madame Courvelle looked her in the eye. “Now I hope you’ve learned your lesson Yvette.” Yvette nodded dumbly. “Good girl! Now I’m sorry that this has had to happen to you Yvette but I want you to remember that I only had you caned because I care about you. I think we both know what the alternative was. Well a sore bottom will disappear a lot faster than a criminal record on your file will and when the swelling dies down you’ll thank me for this.”
Yvette nodded bleakly and whispered, “Oui Madame. Merci Madame.”
“That’s alright Yvette. You’re a good girl and I have every hope for you. Now I want you to stay here for the night. I don’t want you going home on your own. One of the girls will make up a bed for you and perhaps put something on your bottom to ease the pain. Is that alright with you?”
“Oui Madame.” repeated Yvette, in a small voice.
“Excellent. That’s settled then. We can start to discuss your future in the morning.” Madame Courvelle looked around. Now who would be best to see to Yvette? Her gimlet eye caught sight of Sophie. Well not that little madam for one! She was in far too frisky a mood tonight and making an exhibition of herself behind the bar! Well she was one more problem to deal with in the morning! She and Yvette could compare the bruises on their bottoms after Hanna had finished with her! She caught sight of Michelle. Perfect! She beckoned her over. “Michelle dear you are excused for the rest of the night. Yvette will be staying the night with us and I want you to run a bath and make up the spare bed in your room for her.”
“But of course Madame.” Michelle assured her, careful to keep the triumph out of her voice.
“Good. And put some ointment on her bottom before you put her to bed Michelle.”
“Oui Madame.” Michelle kept her face neutral but she was delighted with the way things were going. No doubt the other girls would be wanting to creep in and share the delights of young Mademoiselle Renard. Well she would lock the door and they could wait their turn! This little one was all hers tonight!
“Good.” said Madame Courvelle. “Now pull your dress down and run along with Michelle Yvette. We’ll speak at more length in the morning.”
Michelle smiled and took Yvette’s hand. “Come along Yvette. You’ll feel better for a hot bath and a good night’s sl**p. I’ve got a box of chocolate liqueurs in my room we can share as well.” Docilely Yvette allowed herself to be led away by the hand. Madame Courvelle watched them go with enormous satisfaction. Oh yes they would talk in the morning alright! The girl hadn’t even blinked when she’d told her that they’d discuss her future in the morning as if she already tacitly acknowledged the fact that Madame Courvelle was her future now! And of course she was! Madame Courvelle had great plans for the precious little Yvette Renard. There was a great future ahead of her!
Madame Courvelle caught sight of Yvette’s knickers still lying on the table. The silly girl had completely forgotten to take them with her! Well no matter. She wouldn’t need them tonight in any case. Madame Courvelle picked up the simple cotton garment and regarded it with distaste. Well these would never do! She liked to dress her girls in the finest silk or satin lingerie. She’d have a rummage about in the morning to see if she could find something more suitable for Yvette to pull on over her aching bottom. Then she’d see about buying her some more frivolous and feminine underwear. Madame Courvelle sat back with a smile. At least then the next time she was obliged to bend over the chair with her skirts hitched up she’d have something more becoming to pull down! For of one fact Madame Courvelle was certain. She was sure that the other girls were certain of it as well and most probably everybody else in this cafe tonight. In fact, possibly the only person it hadn’t occurred to yet was Yvette herself since the implications of tonight’s performance would be yet to sink in. The fact was this; Yvette Renard might have just endured her first caning at the Cafe du Concorde but it would certainly not be her last!

... Continue»
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First and amazing experience with two men 2 days a

I still can't believe what I just experienced 2 days ago..I still feel my clit extremely sensitive and I can not stop thinking about it..
I am a 43 years old married woman, having an affair at this moment with a 39 years old man. I could be probably judge as a bad wife for cheating my husband, but I like to think that I am not..for reasons that I don't think is relevant at this moment to say why I am cheating, what I can't wait to share is my amazing story about two days ago.
I always hear that I look very good; latin woman, 5'0, 106 pounds, long black hair, athletic look ( I work as a physical trainer)..My lover is a handsome white bodybuilder, wich I am very attracted to, he turns me on inmensely.

My lover and I have been meeting for almost one month, and in our conversations about fantasies and stuff..he said we could try with another man, someone who he wanted to lick my pussy after he comes inside of me.
A few days past by, and he told me he found somebody! I still don't know where, but he did it! God..I still WOW!!!.
This guy (wich I am going to call him Mr Z) was a tall, white, handsome 45 years old man; grey hair, in a good shape, beautiful blue eyes and great smile.

My guy and I drove to an hotel around 11 am two days ago, we started right away with me sucking him..something he really loves..licking his balls, he licked my pussy for a bit. Then he just put me on my knees and started fucking me real hard, calling me his dirty slut (something I asked him to do it)...playing, you know. Around 1 pm, he called Mr Z and this guy showed up around 1 30 pm, my guy didn't let me to put my clothes on, he just open the door and Mr Z just came in.
My guy took his pants off and kept fucking me but me on a missionary, I was feeling so aakward and shy!, so I said hello Mr Z and smile! ehehe..what else could I do!?. Then this guy took his shirt off, approach to the bed and started licking and sucking my breast, saying how beautiful I was...those things..then the whole party started:
Mr Z started sucking and licking my breast while my guy was fucking me real hard, then he layed down and made me sit on him; I started moving all around and Mr Z pushed me against my lover and he sticked his tongue inside my ass...that was soooooo good, he licked and fucked my ass with his tongue, with my guy very deep inside and fucking me really hard.
We all went insane boyfriend made Mr Z and I do a 69, me sucking deep his cock and he had that tongue getting inside my ass and pussy; then my boyfriend put his cock inside my pussy and Mr Z licking and sucking my clit like crazy, just wonderful!
I must say that both guys are very well guy is incredible thick, and Mr Z is 10 inches long..I am a lucky woman!

We moved around; my boyfriend stand up in the bed and I started sucking his cock, while I sat on Mr Z cock for a very deep fuck..we all were already soaked wet sweating, terrific..My boyfriend loves me to suck his balls and the space between his ass and balls, a lot of licking there..just delicious.
Then my boyfriend went behind me while I was on top of Mr Z fucking like crazy; and my boyfriend asked if I could handle both cocks inside my pussy, I said let's try! so he started sticking it little by little...then I thought I was going to die with pleasure..both were fucking me very hard, we all were almost screaming and sweating...Mr Z came first, then my guy..both inside of me.After they come, I layed down and Mr Z went to his knees and started licking my pussy, but I mean REAL LICKING..fucked my pussy with his tongue..he ate everything! such a big turn on..
So unbeliveable..we all were hard and wet when he finished, so we did it again :D

We did the same thing and more three times, with lots of licking from him; my boyfriend came once inside my mouth..they both fucked me at same time the three times..having those 2 cocks inside me is besides hot and pleasurable, absolutely morbose, incredibly exciting.
It was the best sex I have ever had..we were planning on doing it again today, but my guy had a problem at home so we could not do it.
But we definitely are planning on repeating with Mr Z next far I want a lot of times with my 2 new guys!!! :D
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Working In Old Men Institution

As you go through life you meet and experience people, that will change your perceptions and the way everyday experiences impact on your senses.
The older a person is the less chance you have in perceiving the outcome of your interactions with them.
They have the experience, tried and tested before you were conceived, getting you as you are budding to fruition, sweet and busting with vitality, looking enquiringly and inquisitive, and above all enboldened with youth and willing to impress.
So what chance did I stand on my first day at the old folks centre as a student help.
Mature for my years in both mind and body, inquisitive and eager to please, I look back and realise just how much of a stir I was causing, as the older generation looked me up and down, as I stood there in the conservatory sunshine, smartly dressed in my white coat, but what lay underneath was probably more to their lecherous leering, than the smart youthful sixteen year old pubercent girl, bathed in sunlight, and with a capital 'S' for sex, hanging over her head.
My colleagues that worked with me were no better. Later I found out they 'curried favour' with the older and more wealthy gents, providing favours for money during bathing times, and more importantly, providing them with opertunities to place me with them, where the rules clearly stated I should not.
But these institutions run by themselves, wielding power to those left in charge, and providing they run smoothly and profitably, the inmates and staff find a balance that suits all, and unfortunately for me, I would find myself being seduced from both sides as I was manipulated by money and curiosity.
My nearest counterpart was Sara, a tall slim woman of 26, married with one c***d, natural blond to fair haired, and popular at bathing times, with the men with most to offer financialy.
As time passed Sara proved to be a wordly wise girl, especially in the fine art of 'Blowing the old gents', she would say that with her quaint Welsh accent, but apply it expertly and with meaning, after all, she could blow ten on a good day and at 50 quid a pop, tax free, her jaws and private bank account were expanding daily.
The older were on a similarily profitable sliding scale, offering more bodily contact, inside and outside, intmate and varied, depending on looks and age, but sufficient enough to keep them all happy.
Well, to be truthful, there were four in total and sixty-seven old gents to be looked after, so you can see the scale of the need of a busy staff, and it was this that saw me thrown into the mix.
That afternoon over lunch, Sara pulled me aside to tell me, 'Old Jones'ey had taken a shine to me' and would I be interested in helping her bathe him?
'Listen love' she continued, 'He is well endowned and takes Viagra, likes a good blow and balls tickle, and your 50 quid better off, no questions asked and hush hush, want to watch?', she added this challengingly, as if testing my resolve and searching my eyes to convince herself I was not going to blow the whole scheme to the authorities.
'I will watch and think about it' I said nervously, I mean this was an act of open sex about to be committed in my presence, and both the thought of seeing it done by the consumate proffessional and being paid for witnessing it, well I sided on the side of error and we both headed off to fetch Mr Jones, soon to be my first benificiary witness to my deflowering in this sanctuary of debauchery.
The bathrooms were in the basement, accessed by elevators four floors down, where all the noise was filtered out, and all the sounds of pleasure kept muffled and subdued.
Jones'ey waisted no time once the doors had shut and we decended to his wash place. Cupping my buttock he pulled me to him and stuck his nose into my crotch, sniffing-in in one prolonged deep intake, he savoured on the odours eminating from the privacy of my linen encased vagina, and as I looked down a shade shocked at his sudden attack, I could see the bulbous organ between the opening in his cotton pajama bottoms, stiffening and growing at an alarming rate, much quicker than the velocity of the decending elevator.
'Now now Jonesey dear', said Sara very motherly, and she reached forward taking his massive member lovenly in her hand, and slowly jerked him up and down, whispering into his ear, 'You like to fuck this little babe, shes virginal you know', at which she looked up at me with a broad smile on her lips and a naughty wink in her eye.
'He's cumming', I blurted as I noted the fluid escape from the slit in the head of his massive bulbous cock. Sara stopped, looked down, then back up to me, 'Pre-cum Mariel, just the start', and without warning went down on him, sinking her head deep into his crotch, her jaws parting similarily to a python dis-enjoweling to swallow its prey, she sank on this massive sausage and drawing back up slowly with a suction reminicant of a vaccumm.
Old Jones'ey was sitting eyes closed tight, still burried into my crotch, but his hand had found the hem of my coat and skirt and was now freely enjoying the lubricity of my vaginal fluids, between my thighs and under my soaked knickers.
In reality I was part of the whole goings-on, I was wetting myself watching Sara blow this huge cock, and surrendering to the assault on my vagina, he was masturbating me and all I could do was hold the back of his balding greyed head, keeping him in place as his hot breath was swirling across and between my vaginal lips, and adjusting my postion so give easier access to my swollen vagina, which he was currently burried deep, tickling my bud entrance to my womb.
I exploded with such a noise Sara pulled of his cock with a popping noise, her face covered in semen as she looked-up, surprised at me, and it shot over her, as her lips left his cocks mons-glans, all the way up her beautiful face and over her blond hair and touched down on my coat, a long sinewey streak, thick and sticky, darkish and strong smelling.
Sara being the consumate professional, plowed back down onto him, and swallowed the second cumming as Jones'ey jerked and spasmed in his wheelchair and I marvelled at her spunk covered head bouncing up and down on his cock.
We came to a shuddering halt at the basement and the extra bump on landing, provided Sara the opertunity to pull off his cock.
'There Jones'ey' she said, 'Two beauties for the price of one' and she held his face in her hands and kissed him on the mouth, as his sperm ran down her nose and in between their lips kissing.
The cool air hit us, taking the ardour out of the moment when the doors opened, and we pushed into the cubical at the far end.
Sara took the towel hanging and wiper his cum off her looking into the wall mirror to ascertain where each splattering was.
'You have something for me sweetie' she said kneeling in from of old Jones, and he responded by reaching into his pajama top pocket and handed her a folded cheque. She opened it and I saw clearly seventy five pounds, written and printed clearly. Sara looked at me and winked, 'be right back Mariel, must be off to the bank and deposit this beauty' and she got up asking me to finish and she would see me in the coffee shop later.
'Dont worry sweety, he's finished, she added pointing to his cock, and dissapeared into the elevator leaving me with him to bathe.
I eased him out of the chair and pulled on the chord holding his pants up and with one jerk they were at his ankles.
He steadied himself on the bar on the wall and I dropped down to my knees to help him step out of his pants.
The massiveness of his member was in full view, still erect and dripping, I estimated 10 inches and a girth I assumed to be three or four. As I looked up at him it lay across my face, touching my cheek and inviting me to kiss it.
I took hold of it, first with one hand then both hands, but its girth was such I could not close my fingers around it.
'You are the biggest man I have ever seen', I said in wonderment, holding him and caressing my cheek and parting lips, trying to insert him into my mouth, only succeeding with the bulbous head, tongue fucking his hole with the tip of my tongue and trying to swallow his massive organ, but failing in every effort.
I was like a wanton slut, my passions building as I strived to please this cock, I was slavishly loving.
I stood slowly and deliberately, and with a few moves, I stood in all my youthful exposure, naked and willing. I edged in beside him, turned my back to him and reaching between my legs, took hold of his meat and guided him easily into my vagina, opening me up to a whole world of being fullfilled and stretched beyond belief.
My knees buckled as I backed into him, in and out with increasing frequency as my second orgasm gathered pace, suddenly it was me and his cock and I thrust myself onto this organ of pleasure until I felt the warmth of his seed flooding my vaginal cavity, delivered all the way to my eggs sitting patiently in my fallopian tubes, millimeters from this potent fetiliser, now waiting for my orgasm and the dipping motion it creates, sucking up and into the point of no return, aided and abeted by my slavish need to complete the fuck to its climax.
That was the most I ever felt being streched, and when I looked down using a hand mirror I could see into my vaginal canal and his semen running out freely.
Old Jones'ey was my first in that institution, four and a halve hours after walking through the door. He was a regular as I had usurped Sara, she only blew whereas I fucked, and better still fucked bareback and enriched myself with experience and their pounds of course, but satisfied myself with old men, something I and some girl just love to be around... Continue»
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I love to see my have sex with other men

I love to see my have sex with other men
I went it to be when we are on a trip out of town where you feels free
We go out to dance and drink you is wearing a black dress you has with slit up both sides
Nylons no panties no bar you is 36D 4foot 9 in tall about 110 lb. dark hairs Mid 40s
You dose love her shoes the red ones 5 in heels with a silver toe and heel
You call them her come fuck me pumps look them up (HEAT 125)
We go to the club in our hotel to dance and drink you love to dance as you gets high and drinks we dance her thing is swing you is good at it we set down and have a drink a nice looking black man come up and ask if he can have the next fast one you look at me I tell ok by me you tell yes
They go out on the dance floor and dance you spending around and loving it he flipping her around the way I can’t do the song ends and you come back to me at our table you look happy you ask was I ok with her dancing you put her hand on my lad and feels my hard dick and smiles as you say yes you did like it .If he ask me out on the floor once more I give you a show!
The band play a slow one we dance you talk and ask how far would I like her to go and I tell as long as you’re having fun you pulls me close and said yes to me and your still hard we kiss as the song ends
You wave to her dance partner he come over I ask to join us he sits down tell his name is Jim we start back to our table the band start playing a swing song our new friend comes up when we set down And ask to dance I set down and let her dance you having fun as the song ends they stand their
A slow song starts and you takes his hand and the dance starts you hold him tight and take his hand and put it on her tits he play a long before the dance ends his hand in under her dress as the song end you kiss him they come back to our table my sit down you reaches under the table with both hands give me a Squeeze and says now I got you both hard The nexus song is slow my take my hand and leads me to the floor as we dance you kiss me and ask if I having fun you ask how far would I like this to go?
I hold her tight and tell her a threesome would be fun you smile and nods yes as return to set down you take Jim hand and lead him to the bar to get a drink when they come back my tell this our last drink after this one we go to the room Jim and down our drinks you sip hers and giggle when you done you stat walk out we get into the elevator the door close you grab my dick that as hard as a rock look me in the eye smiles tell me this is something you told we should do .
We get in the room you tell me to fix drinks I going to one and go into the bath room I hand Jim a drink he ask have ever done this before I tell no he smiles the bathroom door open and my walk out a rod on Open her nylons and shoes are on her tits and shave puss put her hand on her hip and said if you went to get this party stared you have get undress Jim are out of our pant s and shits in a flash.
You walks over to Jim give a long kiss and holding his dick in one hand looks at and tells me to set down and watch the show pushing back to the sofa Jim sit down you drop to keens look at me as put his dick in her mouth This is first time I have seen my wife act this way looking at her a big black dick in her mouth you suck at for a few mines and get up come over to me give me a kiss and ask did you like that?
Without saying a word I take her hand lead to my hadron and smile reaching behind me into our suitcase you get the rubber and lube out walk back to Jim hand him a rubber he take open and puts it on poring the on her hand you lube him up turn around and gets on the four on all four Jim get behind her I can tell by her face he slid in .my dick so hard I jump up slid my dick into her mouth I face fucking her Jim pick up the pace I fall out you reaches for my head pulls me down tell me this what you wend me getting fuck as I give you a blow job I put my dick back in her mouth and do not last long as I climax I set back down on the floor watching as my get the fuck of her life as Jim start to pond harder my wife tell don’t come in that rubber in my mouth Jim stop pull yank the rubber off you turn around grab his cock put it in her mouth jacking him off he shack hold her head as he come I can see the come leaking out around her lips as the cock fall out of her mouth you look at me I need a drink !
Jim get her drink gets dress we exchange e-mails leaves
You come over to me keens down in front of me puts my dick in her mouth as it get hard you look up and ask was I ok with tonight yes I am ,you look at me and tell good we need more trip like this
... Continue»
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