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... fantasized about her son for the very first time in her life.

Can I Watch?

"This looks good," Tom said ... around to grab her ass to pull her forward. "I can tell. Your so fucking tight and wet mom. I'm horny ... pain in the ass. But seriously mom, you work too hard and you should try relaxing a little."

"If I... Continue»
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... I can say is--- wow! You always were a cool mom, but when it came to the magic s-word, I've always ... I Watch?

"This looks good," Tom said as he went to the kitchen for breakfast.

She smiled ... , and you're really really sexy. I know you're my mom and everything, but that's just how I feel... Continue»
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... that they were together.....but walking a dozen steps apart. I almost said out loud "can I cum ... and watch"? However, I did not. I stopped and took out my cell phone, ostensibly to make a call. I turned ... back down and I can see cum that has escaped the cocksucker's mouth dribbling down the driver's cock... Continue»
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My mom being taken while i watch..

... to flirt with you. "omg my mom is a slut, how can she do such a thing" i`m thinking to myself, i ... and start to feel up her tits roughly as i sit down on chair and i`m watching now. With my mom ... skirt, pantyhose and heels. In my mind i thought "oh man i`m so lucky to have mom like this". After she... Continue»
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Gsgangrel Fucks My Mom. And I Watched (A True Stor

... satisfied. I smirked. Mom was masturbating in the shower. I decided to peek in and watch for a second ... .

I watched as the two fucked in the shower.

"Oh fuck!",cried mom, "Come on! Fuck me just like ... to this one tonight. I thought and thought until it finally hit me! Mom! She has lube! Ive seen... Continue»
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I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass

... tell me how I can help you get over this."

" I need to have your ass. I mean, I need ... know, my ass."

"I don't know what you mean, mom."

"You can touch it, smell it, whatever you ... .

She told me to give her a few minutes before coming into her bedroom. I watched as my mom... Continue»
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can I watch?

... watched this and she denied it, but her telling me this story had got me excited and I couldn't imagine ... Years ago I was in the pub. waiting for a mate to come in, (which he never), when in came a woman ... how many girls I'd done, etc.

Angela sat down besides me and started to inquire if I was waiting... Continue»
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College life spring semester 34

... this afternoon. Just
now are things a little under control."

"I can see the part about being ... suppose I can be like Juan and get a job to support myself since that is
now gone," Hayden said ... eyes were puffy
and red. I quickly ended my conversation with Mom and went over to his
bed. "Tell me... Continue»
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the redeye from la to dtw

... can sl**p. I said me too. Do you want to lay on my chest? He said no, My mom would freak when she ... and i thought ...he wants to watch me jack off. I put my hand on my crotch and nodded to him. he ... I was leaving LA and wanted to get to Detroit as soon as possible. It was mid week and the plane... Continue»
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College life,9

... as usual if not more than usual. I
liked to see him have fun but this may be coming under my watch ...
still raging mad. "Let me see what I can do." Jess left with his head

"Guys, just take Corey ... . Matter
of fact, I'll drive so you and Corey can get plastered."

"I'll drive," Corey said. "I think... Continue»
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Pure pleasure seeker (buffy /faith)

... or
you can go home to your mom."

There was a note of challenge in Faith's voice and Buffy ... it was the safest place to look right now. She opened her mouth
without thinking. "Can I... I want ... on Buffy's. She shrugged. "Way I see it, those weapons were just
lyin' there gathering dust. What good's... Continue»
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The Passionate Dollar (The Dr. Is back)

... if i can help you with anything."
"Actually i got a call about an interview at 9."
"Ohh ok you ... comfortable watching some tv. Before i knew it it was 5:30. So i got up took a shower and put on some black ... the small aisles straightening up.
Fat black asses vol.9 ...b*o i fucked your mom ....big Asian orgy... Continue»
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Seducing Alfred

... along the edge of the building.
“Do you have roommates?” I asked softly.
“I live with my mom ... to fuck me!” I hissed.
“My mom is asl**p, she will hear us,” he said with a worried voice.
He ... at my watch in horror. It was 3am.
“I have to go honey, my k**s will be up for school and I have... Continue»
Posted by CatnJammer 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  
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shannon kelly The Confession Ch. 09

... of this did not go unnoticed by Kevin who stared at them curiously.

"Mom, Dad I have something I ... make her happy and satisfy her needs. Mom, Dad, Kevin, I would like to tell you that Kelly and I ... had gotten out of bed getting dressed.

"Can I help?" she asked.

"Sure would you go... Continue»
Posted by ioanna 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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College life spring semester 16

I'm gay to them then I can kiss this college goodbye along with having a
f****y. I envy each one ... Mom. My dad
still doesn't quite understand yet," I stated.

"My mom bitches to this day about ... it but I'm welcome in my house. I have
to watch what I say as far as Matt here is concerned."

Scott... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 3)

... routine of putting a boring war movie on. Mom and Chris cleared out and only I stayed and watched a bit ... . I didn't know what to make of it all but my curiosity burned.

Why was my dad watching ... -a-bed watching? Why didn't he want me or Chris to see? Were they hurting each other? I had sooo... Continue»
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Boys Nightmare Begins Years of Fun

... to see if she was calling her Mom but when I peeked through the key hole, she wasn't at the phone ... it and she said no. I figured I would leave, so I said see you guys later. Toms said it's probably Mom ... , are you goin home so you can jerk off some more?, Wow that was a surprise, but I came back... Continue»
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Parent teacher conference at the adult theater Par

... cock went deep down her throat. I watched the semen on my shaft slide off onto her lips as I fucked ... keep it out of my hair. I have to go buy some groceries when we are done here." The two men watching ... All day Thursday I was thinking about the last bell. My cock was hard several times during the day... Continue»
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hot dates and exposing myself to alans girl

... to bring Jan over to his house and he asked if we wanted to watch some videos in the basement. I told him I ... there. We watched the first movie and i was getting really horny. I saw alan start to get ... and noticed jan was watching but acting like she was looking at the tv. I got into a slow up and down... Continue»
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Reunion with my s****r Lindsey (2 of 3)

... my mind. "She knew I was watching!" "She knew I was watching back then!" “She looks incredible ... Mom and Dad to not make a big deal out of it, you had just surprised me. So they let it slide and I ... to have you in my cunt. Can you hold on long enough?"

I was not certain I wouldn't cum right... Continue»
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