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Bulging Under Clothes Leads To More

Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... line. Then I put more soap on my balls and continued to shave. I found that the 'up' stroke takes off ... , look at you dripping more cum for us to share."

Then she pushed against my ass some more and I ... three more dribbles of cum, I started to come down off my body shaking orgasm. As my body descended from... Continue»
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Lunch time delights outside!

... at the hem of your dress. My finger sneeks under and I do not feel a band and therefore assume due ... are enjoying my hand on your leg stroking you. Boldly I move my hand under the hem and up towards the top ... stop.
We hurriedly re-arrange our clothes and get up.
I look at the guy who was sat behind us... Continue»
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The Most Persistent Salesperson

... . It was sexual or course, as an 18 year old girl she was used to that look, but there had been more ... money for cheer leading camp. Carolyn took a deep breath, "Buy the magazines and I'll have sex ... with you." Feeling her face burning, she immediately looked at the floor.

Dan put his hand under her... Continue»
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Satisfied by loyalsock

... thing on her mind. Her bulging handbag landed on the recliner seat and her keys hit the kitchen ... , the flat stomach, to come to rest on his groin. Under her hungry probe, the limp cock lying in its ... ; actions and expressions spoke far more eloquently.

The shoes flew a short distance as Selia kicked them... Continue»
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He Only Wanted One Thing

... every slight touch with near painful clarity, maintaining her grip she leads him under the rushing ... time he’d had to watch her wince as the bruises moved beneath her clothes, yet she’d never allowed ... , she told him that she was going to confront the boyfriend and even more so when his angel had used... Continue»
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Theatrical .....9

... Theatrical…..9
We arrived at the club and found a seat a waitress in a small skirt that was more ... and please I would, at least the clientele were a bit more decent, mostly suits, not dirty old ... again, “so let’s go talk to your man then” he said as we broke, I took his hand and lead him to my... Continue»
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Waterfall fantasy

... not be any more perfect. You give me a call and ask if I would like to go on a hike. I immediately say yes ... don’t let go. At this point I know that all systems are go for operation seduction. Or should I be more ... going. I feel my pussy start to ache. I can’t help but stare at your crotch and ass. Do I see a bulge... Continue»
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“FAIR PLAY” by SoftTouch, Gay BDSM Fet

... One more story written as a script for a comic book for the website
On coincidence ... leading out to a shared bathroom.


TREY – Slender, sensitive and shy ... cotton bikini and white socks.

ERIK – Dressed much more casual in faded jeans and a Henley pullover... Continue»
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... paddled more rapidly and brought the canoe under the shelter of the trees. He tied up and paused ... . Under any other circumstances, she might have been mad that Cal had been talking about her. But she ... was very attractive, she mused, studying his muscles as they bulged out of his shirt. He had... Continue»
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Break in (saved from a chat left some of the non s

... what now?

follow me. *i grab my clothes and lead you back to the shower* i'm going to grab ... else in there...
take off your clothes

SundayLori Teague
*in a rush I rip at my clothes , looking ... slowly , wondering if the bulge in your pants is all you*

Sunday'Michael with your tits... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 2

... the climb if I want to.
As I go past Trimiklini and turn left for the even more empty road leading ... did happen. And tonight is promising to be even more exciting!
I lie on the bed deep in thought ... Christine again tonight, again under the gaze of her husband. The hands will caress her breasts and maybe... Continue»
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The Gift

... they were by the turns they made but was soon lost. Damn woman knows more back roads then I do, he ... ears and she was leading him through the doorway. He felt her arms circle him from behind, her ... he arrived home to now. Her smoldering brown eyes glanced around, breaking the spell he was under... Continue»
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... down on the train I figured if I could become more acquainted with Suzie I would be staying for good ... be party to her little games with new colleagues. On entering a meeting I would often lead her ... ?”

“So much more and so much louder, yes; but then so much more detail too.” She replied as she... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 4 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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More from my diary

... and another and to have such a sexy partner under me who wanted nothing more than to feel my rock hard ... , pressing myself against him and letting him feel what I’d got under my skirt, hard and ready. He ... very slowly into my waiting mouth. His hips went forward towards me pushing more of his cock into my... Continue»
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... bulge under his light velvet short. He was the victorious!

After the wrestling, everybody had so much ... girlfriend said that middle eastern men look more masculine and macho, they have man behaviours ... for fun....

One day we decided to try the steam bath in the hotel. We wore our swimming clothes... Continue»
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GFS Bestfriend pt.3

... was tingling the entire drive over. Memories of fantastic sex consumed her thoughts even more than ... didn't mind. In fact, she loved it, and was turned on all the more.

There were a few occasions ... , they could only smile at each other, Liz talking about everything under sun except each other, the one... Continue»
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"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

... zipper as my hand brushed against his bulge I could feel his man hood throb just beneath the cloth ... commercials later Miranda got off the bed and standing behind me, removed her clothes all except her bra ... and said '...see, I knew you liked girls, you just didn't know how to show them...' Miranda lead me... Continue»
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... .
Morgana scurried quietly and quickly, knowing that there were far more sinister things lurking ... be more powerful than any of Lilith’s c***dren. Morgana would be keeping her distance from now ... .
Ophelia did as she was told. He was rough with her as he tore her clothes off of her body. She had... Continue»
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File Under XXXX

... that was stopping her from staring straight at his bulging crotch. His crotch that was now bulging more ... that shuffling paper clips around his desktop was more of an excitement. Colleagues who looked down ... on the youngest member of the office as little more than a servant to do their merest bidding, from... Continue»
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Holiday Romance

... been filled with lead it was so heavy, because I was struggling so much with the weight I didn't have ... ?"

I was a little shocked, more than a little actually, Paul was the first boy to ask me if I ... beaker of beer. He opened a second can of beer and filled his own beaker, then he poured more... Continue»
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