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Brother and sisters

Twin Brother and Sister let Little Brother In

... mix of pleasure and pain washed over me and I felt my cock thicken and swell. I reached a hand forward and positioned my cock and as Thad ... that I can give in to my lustful feelings for my b*****r and s****r and that was one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ... ... Continue»
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The step brother and sister

... and mouth all over her tits sucking and licking and ... and shove a finger in it and fuck me and then go back and forth between my ass and cock. I am going to make you the hottest fucking cock and ... ... Continue»
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Savannah and Christian...Brother and Sister (Part

... Then Savannah entered, it was her first visit in a year and a half so Christian, her younger b*****r was really excited.

Savannah ... hint of cinnamon.

After all the pleasantries of the "Reunion" and after dinner, the k**s mother wanted to go to bed ... ... Continue»
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brother and sister

... him so much for doing his best to understand and for not posturing and thundering like some Edwardian or Victorian paterfamilias.

I ... ordinary people in love, like touching and hugging and kissing. We were shy of that and took many weeks to relax to a ... ... Continue»
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A Brother and Sister on Holiday

... whole slim body, was twisting and turning and he
was gasping and panting and his eyes were tight shut,
and so was his mouth, then ... him crying
out in joy, and in her cunt, she felt his cock swell,
and jerk and jerk and spurt after spurt of hot ... ... Continue»
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brother and sister

... but for one thing, one bedroom and only one bed, and to make it even more testing, ... take a walk along the beach, I lifted up and looked up and down the sand, there were many ... to, but she grabbed onto my bum and held me there and I knew she wanted it all, ... ... Continue»
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My Brother and I Share a Girl


“I don’t know. I never thought about a threesome.”

I moved over to her, and grabbed her by the hand. I whispered into her ear, “ ... reached down to her waist and pulled her shirt up and off. Her bra was basic white, and her nipples were very obviously ... ... Continue»
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Wearing Sisters Swimsuit

... in front of the mirror and admired himself and rubbed his hands all over himself and the suit. I watched and was loving it. Then ... really hard. Then he leaned forward over me and began to rock back and forth starting really slowly at first then after ... ... Continue»
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Fucking The Sisters

... get her.

About an hour later she called and Carol took my car and went and got her s****r from the train station whilst ... .

I pulled my dick out which was already hard and Stacy squatted down and began to suck on the tip, Carol looked awkward ... ... Continue»
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Adam's Two Sisters

... over to the table and
placed a plate of bacon, eggs, and potato's in front of her s****r and
b*****r, and then went back for ... "I think I finally convinced Adam to forget about us being s****rs and
b*****r and let us all fool around some...why don't you ... ... Continue»
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My Little Sisters Sex Diary

... after the man I loved (supposedly) died while touring in Afghanistan, and I needed the support. When I moved back in, I discovered just ... the movie. Definitely need a morning after pill."
"I saw so and so and his friend from high school. We went to the ... ... Continue»
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Driver fucking horny sisters

... bed again.

That day he took off my nightie and bra and panty and kissed and fondled me all over. I used to feel ... 5 minutes his strokes were harder and deeper, picking up speed and depth. I was feeling both pain and pleasure, and then I came. I told him ... ... Continue»
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Sisters panties

... time. Lisa bent over and kissed me on my lips, a full and tender kiss, not like b*****r and s****rs would usually kiss.

... got every detail and they both smiled and said they did.

Lisa and I collapsed in each others arms and eventually fell asl**p ... ... Continue»
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Got Fucked by my twin sisters Boyfriend by mistake

... of my skin.

He released me and stood up and I turned over, flinging my legs to ... always told me that she and David were sexually adventurous and constantly trying new things but I ... while his hands held my legs down and apart and the knife lay on my stomach. ... ... Continue»
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Sex Lesson With Hot Sisters

... ’s pussy. Manisha was now shagging my cock and kissing me and Dipika was licking my chest and neck. When we broke the kiss ... taste my cum. Manisha refused and Dipika licked it a little and tasted it. She was so intimidating and Manisha also f***ed herself to ... ... Continue»
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Three sisters

... her ass. I placed my cock on her ass hole and pressed and pressed and pressed but it would not go in. Alpana then ... , still naked smelling of cum, cum and cum. I cleaned myself and got dressed and woke up Alpana and asked her to lock the door ... ... Continue»
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A Sisters Love

... sliding into each others mouths. She sat back and I moved down and started kissing and sucking on her tiny pink nipples. Tori moaned ... as we both couldn't hold it and came all over each other. Tori and I cleaned up and sat down with mom swearing it ... ... Continue»
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My Buddy And The Sisters (True Story)

... a wild girl. I told Amy and Tracy that Brent and I were going to get some drinks and some movies and asked if they wanted to ... way back into the living room Amy walked in and a grin "Tracy and Brent are making out" I walked to the doorway peeking ... ... Continue»
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Brother Temps Little Sister

... . I took her shirt off and mine and we were both naked. I was fingering her and eating her out, and to my surprise, she started ... . I slipped my dick into her pussy and she yelped, and told me to stop.

"What if mom and dad find out?" she said ... ... Continue»
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Story of my Life: My Brother's Friend Brandon

... a sexy sight," The person said.

I freaked out, shut my computer, and covered myself with a blanket before looking up. It was Brandon ... breasts.

He broke the kiss and went down to kiss and suck my nipples. He pulled and squeezed them until they were hard ... ... Continue»
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