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Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

A few weeks ago my little s****r Kate, won first prize in a radio station's phone in competition. She was delighted as the ... ... Continue»
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Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

A few weeks ago my little s****r Kate, won first prize in a radio station's phone in competition. She was delighted as the prize was two tickets to meet her idol Britney Spears and she had to interview the pop princess for the radio station. My Mum wasn't going to let Kate go as neither Mum or Dad could get time off work to take Kate to the gig, and they would not let their 12 year old daughter to go on her own with out some one to take care of her.

I said that I would take her and Mum agreed to that as I was 19 and she always said I was very responsible. It only hit me later that day that I was going to meet the teen beauty the I'd fantasised about since she released the Hit me baby on more time song. The thought made me very excited.

The following day I collected Kate in my car and drove to the concert venue, arriving an hour before the doors were due to open to avoid the crowd. The doors opened and I nearly lost Kate in the push to get in but I just managed to hold on to her. Another 30 minutes passed before the lights went out and 10 dancers emerged from either side of the stage, then a big puff of smoke arose from the middle of the stage and Britney Spears appeared from underneath the stage in a cage. The cage doors blew apart and the Teen Goddess burst into a rendition of I'm not that innocent. She was wearing a tight green Tank top and a pair of red PVC Hot pants. For the next 105 minutes the sexy Pop princess kept the crowd (Who were mostly girls under the age of 15) going by singing and dancing one smash hit after another.

As the show ended Kate and myself made our way to the backstage area to get the interview with Britney. Just as we got in to the backstage area Britney was coming off the stage, she grabbed a small towel and wiped the sweat from her face, she grabbed a bottle of water from an ice bucket and took a sup before squirting on her face. The water ran down her body and made her nipples harden. They were now sticking out like the tip on a pencil from under her tank top. One of the reps's introduced us to Britney saying

Rep: Miss Spears this is Kate she is going to interview you for PLQW radio.

Britney: Hi Kate what did you think off the show?

Kate: Oh it was brilliant I'm a big fan and it's the first time I've seen you live.

Britney: Good to hear it I love to meet with my fans, Who is this handsome guy you have with you here Kate?

My face went bright red I man Britney Spears had just called me handsome.

Kate: That's my big b*****r John he took me to the concert cause Mum or Dad couldn't go.

Britney: Oh that was very kind of you John, your so lucky Kate to have a big b*****r to look after you and such a handsome one at that. When I was your age I always wanted a big b*****r to look after me. What did you think of the performance John?

I could only mummer it was excellent as I was still glowing bright red too which Britney gave me a sexy little smile.

Britney: I'm sorry about this but I've got to ring Mum it the first time I've toured without her as her mother is sick and she stayed at home. Would you mind if we did the interview back at the hotel I will get someone to drive you there and I'll meet you there in an hour or so. Ok?

Me: Yeah that's no problem see you there then.

One of the reps led us to a car and we were at the hotel in about 15 minutes. We sat in the lobby for around half an hour before Britney arrived wearing a large coat and dark shades.

Britney: Hi again, there is too many reporters and people around her. You wouldn't mind if we did the interview up in my room would you?

We followed her to the elevator and rode up to the penthouse flanked by two large bodyguards. The elevator doors opened into a small hall with pictures of various stars the must of stayed in the hotel. There was a big wooden door at the end of the hall Britney pushed open the doors and asked us in. The two bodyguards stood outside and closed the door after us. Britney threw the coat in a corner and put the shades on a small table. I was glad to see that she was still wearing the same outfit, which she had performed, in her nipples still slightly erect and pointy.

Britney: Would either of you like a Pepsi? I get gallons of the stuff free as they sponsor me.

I declined but Kate took a bottle.

Britney: Right lets do this interview we'll do it over her in the lounge area.

Britney sat down on the leather sofa and Kate and myself sat opposite her on another identical sofa. I handed Kate the small tape recorder, which the Radio station had given us to record the interview, Kate placed it on the table pressed record and began the interview. She was asking questions off the list the Radio station had given her just the usual stuff, but Britney was getting bored.

Britney: Did the station give you those questions?

Kate: Yes why?

Britney: It's just that these are the questions I've been asked ever since my first interview and I'm sick of them.

She grabbed the sheet crunched it up and threw it away, she then rewound the tape.

Britney: Ok now ask me the questions you want to ask me, you're a fan and the executives make so boring questions.

Kate was very pleased, and started to ask all the things which she always wanted to know about the pop princess, and Britney gave some information which she had always wanted to get out in the open The interview lasted about 45 minutes and Kate couldn't stop smiling all the way though it.

When the interview finished Britney asked us if we would stay for a while and keep her company, as she was lonely without her mother. I told her it was no problem but I would have to ring my Mum and Dad to tell them that Kate would stay the night in my flat, as it would be too ate to take her home after. Britney handed me her mobile and told me I could ring them from it.

I went out into the hall to ring my parents, when I came back Britney was teaching Kate some of her dance moves.

Britney: Why don't you join in John its a bit off fun.

Kate: Yeah come on John lets dance.

Me: I'm not a very good dancer but what the hell.

For the next while we danced around and I couldn't believe that I was really enjoying it, Britney brushed her lovely ass against my cock several times making it harden slightly, but I though it must have been accidentally done. After about 30 minutes we were all worn out and sat down again. We begun chatting but after a while Kate fell asl**p.

Me: Oh shit I didn't realise it was so late I best be off.

Britney: No don't wake her, lift her up gently and she can sl**p in my room.

I lifted up Kate and followed Britney to the bedroom she pulled of the covers I placed her gently on the bed and Britney tucked her in. We then turned off the lights and went back out to the lounge. Britney went to her handbag and pulled out a clear plastic bag with about 10-12 joints in it.

Britney: Do you smoke weed?

Me: Yes, but I never thought that you would. I mean you give out such a clean image of yourself.

Britney: Don't believe all you read in the papers and magazines I'm not that innocent.

I laughed at the reference to her famous song, she handed me a joint and grabbed a lighter from her purse and lit me up.

Britney: Care for a drink, I mean a real drink.

Me: Yeah, sure I'll make you one ever had a white Russian?

Britney: Oh that's what my aunt drinks but I've never had one, what is it?

Me Its vodka Kuala and milk, it's very nice.

Britney: Ok then

I made the drinks from the mini bar and sat opposite Britney handing her the drink.

Britney: Sit over her next to me.

I got up and sat down next to her we chatted for ages and drank several white Russians and smoked a few more joints. Britney kept touching my thigh and I was getting aroused.

Britney: Fuck I just thought I never washed since the gig and that was 4 hours ago. I'm gonna take a shower and change why don't you watch TV for a while.

She got up and went into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. I'm resisted the urge to get up a spy on the Teen goddess, though the keyhole and switched o the TV. I flicked about the channels before settling for some WWF wrestling. After about 5 minutes I heard a scream from the bathroom I ran over and opened the door, Britney was standing I the corner of the room shivering,

Britney: Quick get it get it.

I looked into the shower and saw a big spider on the wall, I took of my shoe squashed it and rinsed away the remains.

Britney: Thanks John I've always been afraid of spiders ever since I was bitten by one when I was 4 years old.

It was only then that I realised that she was naked, her large breasts and perfect ass made my dick harden. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her young body. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me again.

Britney: Now you don't mind but I think I'll have my shower now

Me: Ok I'll be out watching TV

I went back out closed the door behind me and sat back down in front of the TV. But all I could think off was the fact I had just seen Britney Spears in her Birthday suit. After 15 minutes or so the bathroom door opened again and Britney came out with only a pink towel wrapped around her curvaceous body and a smaller towel on her still wet hair. She looked towards the TV:

Britney: Oh WWF I'm a big fan of it, are you too?

Me: Yeah I've always been a fan of WWF.

She sat down beside me and lay her feet across my legs. I couldn't believe that this young women that millions of men worldwide wanked off to the though of, was now sitting next to me with her legs lying on top of mine and her dressed only in a towel. We watched the wrestling and she grabbed two more joints from her purse as I bent over to light the joint for her I noticed that her towel had parted slightly and I could now get a clear view of Briney's shaven pussy. I tried not to make it two obvious but kept one eye on the screen and the other on her hairless pussy.

After another 10 minutes Britney swung herself around and snuggled up to me, I don't know if she noticed but her towel was coming lose and had begun to slip down her body. Suddenly I could feel the nipples of the sexy teen pop princess pressed against my arm; my cock began to grow. Britney looked me and smiled.

Britney: I think its time for a bit of real fun.

Me: What do you mean?

Britney: Oh I think you know

She stood up and let the towel fall to the ground she then removed her head towel and flicked back her hair. My cock was now standing to attention at its full 8.5 inch length. Britney knelt down in front of me and pulled down my pants and boxers, before she stuck her lips around my helmet and began to suck my knob. "This has to be a dream," I thought to myself, and I even hit myself to make sure. I lay back on the sofa and let Britney go to work on my cock. She sucked so well and I couldn't believe her claim to be a virgin. She continued sucking for 20 minutes before I shot a load in to her mouth and she swoled it all in one big gulp.

She immediately began to pull me off again in order to get me hard, once she had achieved this goal she bent over grabbed my dick and inserted it into the crack of her ass.

Britney: Now fuck me quick and hard.

I duly obliged with her request, and began fucking her as hard as I could, I grabbed her breasts and squeazed them hard as I fucked her. Britney began moaning softly. I ass fucked her for 10 minutes before I shot my load for a second time. I then collapsed on the sofa.

Britney: What the fuck do you think you're doing? I'm not finished with you yet.

She began to play with herself and it wasn't long before I was hard yet again. Britney slid herself down my shaft until the full 8.5 inches were up inside her; she then began sliding up and down my shaft her tempo increasing by the minute. I got a firm grasp of her large and completely natural breast and played with them as she slid herself up and down my dick. After 20 minutes I told her I was ready to cum, she stopped sliding up and down and clenched her pussy lips tight.

Britney: Empty yourself into me its ok I have the pill.

I shot my entire load up inside the teen beauty and we both collapsed on the sofa and drifted off to sl**p.

The End
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Fucked in the Local Club

Fucked in the Local Club

This story starts out at our house it was just Terry and I. We had been watching a XXX movie and drank a few beers, which always gets me horny. We moved to the bedroom and started to undress when a knock was at the door hubby goes and checks and it is three of his friends. He called for me to come me out I said wait a second. He said no you don't need to get dressed come on out. Well I'm not shy plus a little d***k so what the hell. I walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which were my stockings and panties. My tits were out for all to enjoy. Terry and his friends were very pleased, and excited I could tell to see me dressed this way.

Terry’s friends had already been drinking a little before they came over. The guys said they were bored and thought they would see what we were up to and maybe we all could head out for a few beers at the usual hangout. I sat on the arm of the couch, just about completely naked like I said I only had on stockings and panties, as we all talked. The conversation only went on for a short time when the guys finally decided we would all go for a few drinks. My hubby suggested I should go as I was and the other guys agreed. They said to just wear a coat and nobody will even know you not dressed. Even though it was winter and a little cool I did as they ask and the thought made my pussy wet, and I also thought, why not? It's a small bar and there will not be anybody there or just a small group any way. Terry gets dressed I put my coat on and we head out.

We get there step out of the car and Terry says to me wait a second everybody. We stop and he reaches in my coat and slides my panties down. I put my hands on his shoulder and I step out of them, he throws them in the car and we go in. There were a few guys and a couple at the bar. They check us out as we go in but no one has an idea I'm not wearing anything but my coat, shoes and stockings. Then the guys start joking hey can I get your coat before we set down? Let me help you with your coat. I tell them very funny very funny you know it’s all I have on.

We set and order a pitcher of beer with a round of shots. The guys start playing pool and a few more rounds of shots are ordered. We were probably there a half hour before the excitement of knowing I had nothing on under my coat started getting to the guys. When no one was looking they would open my coat to get a peak. Which got pretty exciting to me? So I undid all but one button in the middle. I was sitting facing away from everyone but the guys playing pool. My chair was side wards from our table so I could spread my legs to expose my pussy, or pull open the top to expose my tits. This was really exciting to me and my pussy was starting to get very – very wet.

It is a long skinny bar and the pool table is in the back. Everyone there is seated in front of the pool table. Now I'm getting horny and excited so I decided to stand facing the back of the bar, in front of the pool table and undo the last button. I put my hands in the pockets of my coat and opened it. The guys are playing pool and watching as I open my coat to fully expose myself. The bathroom is in the back but when someone went to use it I just closed my coat. Now after a while that got to be too much for the guys, and they would walk by and grab or put their face between my tits or run their finger across my pussy and they were not shy about it either. The guys didn't care how obvious they were then I gave up all hope of being discreet when Terry’s three friends held open my coat and lingered in front of me playing with my tits.

I looked over my shoulder everyone was watching the guys and me. I don't know if they knew I was naked. But they knew the guys were having a good time with me. That's when one of the guys seated at the bar decided he had to use the restroom. The guys that were playing with me ( Jeff, Bill and Brian) didn't let me close my coat, as the stranger walked by he looked and saw I had nothing on. He hollers back to his friend at the bar "nope, nothing". They must have been talking and wondering if I had anything on under my coat. I guess at this point Terry had enough of me hiding my nakedness and He stands alongside me and lifts my coat. Now the whole bar knows for sure I have nothing on under my coat.

The next thing I know Terry has me by the shoulders, pushing me onto the pool table. I feel him pick up the back of my coat. I 'm thinking he wants the people in the bar to see my ass again. I was wrong he was holding me down and then just a second later I feel his cock probing my pussy. I think He's going to fuck me right here! I was so fucking horny by now I think to myself I won’t his cock in me and I am all so thinking maybe the other guys will fuck me also. Terry starts fucking me and I'm making noises it just fills so good then I tell him oh god yes give it to me deep honey. Looking at the people all watching me take my hubby’s 11 inch cock and telling him to give it all to me, some of them just shack their heads. Hubby fucks me hard and I love it what a fucking turn on for me. Then he says Tina I am going to fill you up I need to cum and he slams me so hard as his cum fills my pussy.

When done we receive applause from the patrons. I walk to the bathroom the clean up the cum that is now running down my inner thighs. I come out I see a line from the pool table to the bar and Jeff, Bill and Brian are at the beginning of it. I hear Terry say they all would like a chance at you or we can just go it’s up to you. I say no I worked them up and it’s only right for me to help them out but there was not this many guys here when I went to the restroom. Terry tells me no I had this set up and just did not tell you knowing you would need more cock after just putting on a show, knowing how you get from fucking in public. I also told them to call some of their friends but have them wait outside that they would not be disappointed.

I just said thanks honey they are all for me then and I removed my coat and climb onto the pool table. The first guys at me was Jeff, Bill and Brian. They start going at me and before I know it the gang was all around me and saying things like look at her swallow that cock I am going to have her do that to me, and I am going to fuck her ass it looks so good. The guys and two gals fuck me for more than nine hours; it’s after three when we leave. There were forty eight guys and like I said two gals took turns at me. They fucked me in every one of my holes and I was double and triple penetrated in my ass and pussy. I ate so much cum I lost track of the count but it had to be over three hundred loads and I sucked all I could get from the other lady’s also. I fucked the guys for about three hours and was telling them I need more give me more. That is when a group of guys came back to me and said you want more we will give you more, and that is when the guys went wild on me. They started to double and triple penetrate me. I love to be treated this way and I then just went wild and started to scream oh god yes use me I am a slut and I love to be well used and throat fucked deep and guys already know I love to eat cum. I was never without at least six to eight guys going at me at once. I loved every minute of it and thanked hubby when we got home by sucking him off twice.

The end
Told By Slut Wife Tina

I know some of you think that my stories are made up. I read this story on here or the net and just had to tell you I had an adventure somewhat like I read, this story is true it happened on 11-16-2014. If you check the pictures in our profile you will find pictures taken of me, and I love your comments so don’t forget to leave me some words it makes me so wet to know what you think of me good or bad I know I am bad but I love it. Tina
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Fucked in the Forest

Fucked in the Forest
I was so nervous the first time.

It started off as a bit of flirting online, but it quickly got a lot more intense and a lot more sexual, and the next thing I knew I was stood in the middle of the forest, blindfolded, and waiting for a stranger to come and fuck me.

I don’t remember much of the first time, one second I was leaning against a tree, shaking with fear and anticipation, and the next I was walking home with a stranger’s seed dribbling out of my hole and a head full of guilt, shame and a little bit of excitement.

One thing I was certain of. It had to happen again.

And it did.

Almost every week I stood at the same tree, and every week I left with my hungry hole filled with the stranger’s sperm. I didn’t know his name, I didn’t how old he was, I didn’t even know what he looked like. I was never allowed to touch, he wouldn’t let me. My arse was his little fuck toy, and I knew that. I was there for his pleasure, and he didn’t care if I ejaculated or not. In fact, most times I didn’t cum. I just let him use me and leave, and I’d spend the rest of the night wanking over what happened, sometimes I’d finger myself and use his cum as lube, making sure I licked every drop off my fingers.

I checked my messages every day, waiting for the one off ‘him’. I got so giddy when he sent one, even though it all it usually said was a time and day. “8pm Wednesday” or “Tonight. 9”. But sometimes there would be more, sometimes he’d tell me what to wear. Sometimes he wanted me to wear tight boxer-briefs, sometimes nothing at all, and one time I even wore some women’s underwear, but most of the time he wanted me to wear my jockstrap. I knew that was his favourite. Every time I wore it he would spend longer playing with my smooth little 20 year old arse before he rammed it with his cock. He loved pulling on the straps as he filled me, sometimes he would get so horny he’d turn me around, push me to my knees and face fuck me until I gagged, tasting my own arse on his beautiful dick. They were my favourite sessions. The ones where I was so desperate to take my blindfold off and find out who this person was, but I knew that if I did he would leave and never come back, and I didn’t want these meetings to ever end.

I would often fantasise about him as I rode the bus to work or went shopping. There’s only 3 things I knew about him. He was tall, he had facial stubble (as I found out the times he rimmed me) and he had a cock that satisfied every inch of my man pussy. But other than that he could have been anyone – the hot guy across the road who I used to watch get undressed at night, the married guy who worked at my local pub who’s bulge I always ended up staring at, or even the fat old bus driver who used to look me up and down as I stepped on the bus. I suppose it didn’t really matter what he looked like. What was important is that my tight little boy bum gave him everything he wanted as he slid his cock inside it.

This time I was wearing a new jockstrap I’d bought. I had tried it on in front of the mirror and knew ‘He’ would love it. The thick blue elastic waist strap rested perfectly on top of my arse. A good arse, I’d been told. In fact I did quite well with guys, i’d been told I was a good looking guy, athletic body, bubble bum, straight acting. Most people were shocked when they found out I was gay. Who knows how shocked they would be if they knew what I was up to now.
I could hear footsteps not far away, since I was blindfolded my other senses seemed to improve and I heard every step he took towards me. I slowly wiggled my arse in his direction, proudly showing off my new jock, and teasing him with what he was about to have.

I felt a hand on my bare cheek, caressing and gentle, which was strange considering I knew just how rough and powerful he could be. I liked that about him though. His finger found its way to my already lubed hole and he slipped it in. It felt good but I was horny and already wanted more. He used his other hand to spread my cheeks and got down on his knees, I could feel his hot breath on my arse and it was driving me wild.

His toungue touched my bud and I let out a slight moan. I loved when he rimmed me. I loved feeling his stubble between my cheeks and his wet tongue right inside my crack. He spent a good ten minutes rimming me and sliding fingers inside me. I was already close to cumming, I had to stop touching myself or I knew I would explode.

He got up, I felt his whole body push up against mine, pushing my face into the rough bark of the tree. He rubbed his cock against my hole and found the entrance. There was no messing around now, he had loosened me up and it slipped straight in until I felt his balls slap against my cheeks. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell, but it was fucking amazing pain, and I happily swallowed his cock with my arse.

He fucked me hard up against the tree, I couldn’t see a thing but that just meant I felt everything. Every inch as it slid in and out of my wet mancunt, his breath on the back of my neck as he filled me balls deep, and his powerful hands as they grabbed my waist and pulled my eager arse onto his throbbing cock.
I loved it.

I knew he was getting close coz his breathing became heavy, so I clenched my cheeks over his dick and pushed back as hard as I could until I saw white spots before my eyes. He let out a moan and I could feel the cum pulsating out of him and into me. His whole body shook when he came, and he stayed inside me for a minute until he had emptied his balls.

It was over too quickly, it always was. I heard him pull up his trousers and zip up his fly. He patted me on the arse before he walked off. I stayed stood blindfolded up against the tree for 5 minutes after he had gone, my hole was fucked raw but I couldn’t help but look forward to the next time. ... Continue»
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Carole's hairy cunt fucked in the jacuzzi

See the pictures that go with this story at ‘Carole’s hairy cunt fucked in the jacuzzi’

Not all my adventures are ‘one night stands’. There is one guy called David who has had me on a number of occasions. My husband (Keith) knows all about this and has long since got use to my whore-ing ways.

Keith’s desperately trying to even up the score (massive long way to go) and so if any couple in the UK need a male for a threesome, I can recommend him. Anyway back to my story…

David first fucked me in the pool of a naturist spa we attend and the next time that we were all back there (many months later) sparks flew.

Keith and I had gone to the Spa on a Saturday afternoon and I was already in the jacuzzi, flashing my tits as usual, when David arrived.

He joined me in the tub and straight away asked if I was “up for a fuck in the pool that evening!” Well I was outraged: “What kind of girl do you take me for?” I said and slapped him around the face.

He was shocked but then somewhat relieved when I said “I want to be fucked in the jacuzzi instead!”

I didn’t mean after midnight, like last time, either. I wanted his cum there and then.

Luckily there wasn’t anyone around when I suggested that David let me suck on his cock whilst we were both still in the jacuzzi. Otherwise I think an audience might have made him bottle out. Whereas (if you’ve read my other adventures you’ll know) I love an audience. Even more so if they want to join in too.

David couldn’t fight off the ‘stiffy’ that was building up which made it easy for me to take his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it vigorously and flicked his bell end repeatedly with my tongue and allowed his pre-cum juices to dribble down my chin.

Getting into his stride David was now enjoying himslef and would have been oblivious to anyone arriving in the pool area. After a while I told David to fuck me from behind. He mounted me and started humping away.

I was leaning over the edge of the jacuzzi when two or three people did get into the pool which, as it is alongside the jacuzzi, meant that we could be seen. With these other spa guests just twenty feet away David continued to fuck me for sometime before he shot his load inside my pussy.

I’m pretty sure that the users of the pool knew what was going on but thankfully it didn’t stop David from finishing the job off that he had started.

Afterwards we wondered whether it was possible to have sex in every part of the Spa: the sauna, the showers, the sun terrace and the changing rooms – well, it is.

But that’s a different story…
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the first time i was fucked in the ass by a gay ol

I was 17 when i was first fucked in the ass. It happened when i was waking from my collage to the bus stop and when i sat down an older man aged 51 sat down net to me. I could see him looking at me and when i turned away i could see himmoving closer towards me and he then started to speak to me and asking me where i lived and i told him and he said he live on the other side of the village where i lived. he then started saying that i was attractive and he then asked if i was single and i said yes and then he asked if i was had lost my virginity and i said no then a smile appered on his face. after about ten minites of talking he then grabbed my leg and my hand at this point i was a little turned on then the bus came i got on first and when to the back of the bus and then he followed me and sat next to me again.

When the bus was coming up to my stop i got up and started walking to the doors and the man followed and then i could feel his big hand start to rub my ass this time then he pinched it and i felt a sensation im my ass then the doors were open and we both got off. when i got off he said to me if i wanted to come back to his place and drink some beers iand i say yes because it was a friday so i followed him back to his house and we went in. it was a big house and i asked him who else lives here and he replied no-one just me and then he lead me to his sofa and we started drinking for about and hour at this point i wasnt drnk but tipsy i then became uneased when he got up and ocked the front door and said theres something upstairs that i will want to see so he took me into his bedroom and said side down on the bed so i did he sat down next to me and started rubbing my leg and putting my hand on his leg. he then started to kiss me on the neck and then moved up to my lips and i could feelhiswarm tounge in my mouth i tried to push him away but i was tipsy and he was strong after about 10 minites he stoped and then went outside to room and i stayed sat on the bed wondering what was going to happen he then returned fully naked and he then stood in front of me and all i couldsee has a biglong old hard cock i then felt sensations all over my body and he then said get naked now so i did i had a semi because i knew something was going to happen my dick was nothing compared to his monster cock. he said get on your knees and open your mouth so i did and he then stuck his cock into my mouth i started to rub it then i really started to suck his cock i could tell by the sound he was making tells me i was doing a good job at sucking my first cock so i tried to get his cock deeper into my mouth i started to tickle and rub his ball sack at the same time then i took his cock out of my mouth then replaced it with his balls which tasted really salted and warm but i loved it and so did he. he then told me to stand up and get on the bed with my ass in the air so i did i then felt a warm tounge run up and down my asshole it fekt so fucking good i never wanted it to end and i begged him to do it more so he did and then he stuck his tounge in and started to give me a rimjob i was moaning louder and louder then he stuck his finger in my ass and started to finger my asshole for five minites when he finished my asshole was gaping he then started to spit inside my ass and i could fell his warm slimey spit in my asshole.

he then went to his bedside table and pulled out a condom and i said no because it was my first ever time and i wanted to feel his bare cock in my ass and he agreed. he told me to lie on my front so i did then he was lying flat ontop of my back and i could feel the end of his cock penitrated my ass then the whole thing went in and i grabbed the covers and bit a pillow as he continued rubbing his cock in my ass and after about 30 minites he exploaded in my asshole i moan so loud it was un-real i will never forget that day.... Continue»
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Spanked and Fucked in the Great Outdoors

I went out with Nicola for two years during the nineties, she was the s****r of a mate of mine, and we’d been eying each other for probably 15 years. When we did finally get together it was certainly worth it, Nicola was attractive, and extremely naughty, I think I spanked her the first time we went to bed. Nicola was tall, slim, leggy, with smallish pert breasts, and a nice firm bum. Nicola tanned easily, and I always loved seeing her white buttock set off by long brown legs. Nicola loved dressing up, and she looked great in a school uniform. Many of our nights together started with Nicola in uniform being spanked, slippered, or caned, this was normally followed by oral in the 69 position, and a good fuck.

Nicola’s parents had a cottage in France, and on three occasions we drove down for holidays. Sometimes we were there on our own and we padded round the garden nude, and fucked in the coolness of the pool. Nicola knew some hidden places in the great forest that surrounded the cottage, and one in particular, an ancient standing stone that had toppled over, became our favourite for open air love-making. The stone was a few miles away so we would drive out to it, park up and wander over to the stone, it being hidden from the road.

On one holiday we stopped off on the drive south at a large French sports-wear shop. During our browsing we found a pair of blue nylon/lycra sports knickers similar to the gym-knickers worn by netball players, they even had the white stripes. These looked great under the short sporty wrap round skirt that Nicola was wearing. I bought some heavy rubber soled sandals that will feature later in this story. Naturally it was hard to keep from spanking Nicola’s bum when she had this outfit on.

A few days later we decided to head off to the stone for some outdoor fun. Nicola in her little skirt and `gym-knickers’, me with a small bag the contents of which I kept secret. On arriving at the stone Nicola lay back on the stone expecting the normal oral from me, however she was in for a surprise! Sliding her knickers down, I took a bottle of mineral water, some shaving cream, and a razor from the bag, lathered her up and began to carefully shave her. All was going well until a hiker walked right past us, how much he saw I don’t know, perhaps he'd been watching us. Anyhow after some diligent work and lots of rinsing I had shaved Nicola’s pussy smooth. Nicola, by now very wet, responded to my tongue as I licked her clit, it didn’t take long before she was coming.

Nicola now wanted my cock deep in her, however I had other ideas. Pulling her to her feet I bent her over, blue knickers round her knees, and preceded to slipper her with one of my sandals. Nicola yelped and gasped, but remained in position. Once her bottom was a vivid shade of red I laid her over the stone face down, and slid my cock in. Nicola didn’t like a cock in her bum, but she did find a finger there very erotic, so in one went. A red bottom, and smooth, wet cunt, soon had their effect, and I pulled out and spurted over her buttocks. I massaged the cream into Nicola’s bum, before she sucked my cock clean.

I still run into Nicola from time to time, she works for a tourist attraction for which she has to wear a uniform complete with tight skirt. Whether someone is lucky enough to be lifting that skirt to spank her lovely bottom, who knows?
... Continue»
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Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

I met Debbie, when she was eighteen, in a small mountain town in Colorado. Long blondish hair, almost to her waist. Hazel bedroom eyes. Gorgeous face, with sexy lips and a mouth that looked like it was begging for a hard cock to suck. Big, ski jump, 36C tits. Her aureoles are about two inches in diameter. Her nipples about 3/8" in diameter and 1/2" long when aroused. Her waist is 26 inches and her hips 37 inches. Lying on her back, naked, you can see her abs and rib cage. Her pubic mound is extremely prominent, so much so that her clit is accessible without her spreading her legs! She can be fucked without spreading her legs! Her pubic hair is sparse. Her legs are shapely and her ass firm and round, just a tad large proportional to the rest of her body, with the exception of her tits. She has sexy size 6 feet.

Upon asking around town about her I found out that she was a virgin and that a lot of guys have tried to fuck her, without any luck. A few had felt her tits and ass. (After we were married she admitted to putting a shy f****y friend's [Mike Mosburn] hands on her tits and letting him feel her tits for about a half hour while she made out with him. She had on a thin stretch knit bra she'd worn for the occasion and let him get his hands under her blouse. She said she like being felt up and usually wore a padded bra and that Mike was the only guy she trusted to play with her nearly naked tits and not **** her or tell everyone in town what she'd let him do, and how much she'd enjoyed it. She had on thin white cotton shorts and a thong and he played with her ass.)

I asked a chick I was fucking (Cheryl Hawkims) about Debbie. She didn't like her, said she was a cock tease and too good to fuck around. She said there was a rumor that Jack Timer (Debbie's senior year boyfriend) had gotten Debbie's cherry but that she denied it. Cheryl loved to fuck. I was one of a few guys that would eat her cunt. Maybe because she fucked so many cocks. I love eating pussy! Cheryl could deep throat me. She had ski jump tits, bigger than Debbie's. But they hung a little. Debbie's didn't. They were perfect. Cheryl liked it up her ass. I'd never gotten into anal. A couple years later I wished I had! Cheryl had long, sexy legs, tall at 5' 10", but a flat ass. She was pretty.

I took Debbie out twice before I kissed her. The third time we parked and made out. I got to feel her tits. The fourth time I got her blouse open and bra undone and felt her naked tits. She said no one had ever done that before and it felt good. I told her she had the most magnificent tits I'd ever felt. Two dates later we were on my bed making out. She let me dry hump her and strip her from the waist up and see her with the lights on. She told me to look at her. I told her how exquisite she was and she loved it. I kissed her and felt her tits and sucked them. My hand found its way between her legs. She was HOT and her pussy was gushing! I slipped my fingers up the leg of her shorts and caressed her pussy, lovingly, through her soaked panties. I put her hand on my hard cock and she stroked it through my pants while I stroked her pussy.

The next date we wound up on my bed and I stripped her to her panties. She stripped me to my underwear and we felt each other all over our bodies. With the lights on. She laid there on her back with her legs spread and let me look at her while I felt her tits and cunt. She sat up and stroked my hard cock through my underwear. She slid her hand inside my underwear and stoked my cock, grinning at me. She said, "Like that?" I groaned in appreciation. She said she had no idea guys dicks got so big and hard. I was pretty d***k and out of my mind horny. I started taking my underwear off and Debbie helped me get naked. She told me my dick was beautiful and that she wanted me to look at her pussy. I stripped her panties off and she spread her legs, laying there totally naked for me. She felt her tits and rubbed her pussy, saying it really turned her on for me to look at her naked. Her cunt lips were splayed completely open. Pussy juice oozed from her hot wet fucking cunt and ran down onto her virgin ass hole. We lay next to each other and explored, Debbie stroking me and me feeling her tits and cunt. My finger found her opening and slid carefully in. I'd never been with a virgin before and didn't want to take her cherry with my finger. I got my finger almost all the way in when Debbie gasped, pressing her cunt into my hand for a few seconds and said to stop. I backed out and masturbated her. She came within a minute. And again. She came four times and begged me to stop, saying she was so sensitive she couldn't stand it anymore. She asked me how her pussy looked after being finger fucked and masturbated. I told her she had the tightest, sexiest pussy I'd ever seen or felt. She spread herself wide open and held her cunt lips open. She said she loved being looked at naked. She looked at my precum oozing cock. Debbie said she wanted me to take her. I asked if she was a virgin and she said yes. Chivalrous d***k me said we should wait until tomorrow when we weren't so d***k. We felt each other all over for a while and I took her home.

The next night we kissed for a few minutes, stripping each other. I ate her cunt. She watched me eat her cunt and came, telling me to eat her. She came hard, grabbing my head and fucked her cunt into my mouth. We fucked our brains out. For hours. Fuck, Debbie was the tightest fuck ever, and I told her so. We showered and she sucked my cock. She watched herself in my dresser mirror while she sucked my cock. She was a natural. She ate every drop of my come. She said it was bitterer than she expected from talking to her girlfriends, but liked it. We both got off on watching her suck cock. We watched ourselves fuck in the mirror. After I came Debbie turned her spread open cunt toward the mirror and we looked at her cream pie. Fuck! Talk about nasty! She said, "Look at what you did to me!" Debbie had a sluttish grin on her face. She was the wildest fuck I'd ever had. She told me to finger her cum filled pussy and masturbate her. We watched my cum be f***ed out her cunt by my finger and spread all over her cunt and clit. It ran down onto her virgin ass hole. She came repeatedly. I held her swollen red cunt open and we could see her clit. Her lips were plastered wide open. Her clit was stuck to her right cunt lip. It was half an inch long and an eighth of an inch thick. Debbie masturbated herself for me for the first time. She said she'd been masturbating since she was twelve, but had never seen her clit before or cum that hard before. She bucked her hips into the air when she came.

We looked at her in the mirror. Her crotch was drenched in cunt juice and cum. Debbie pulled my head into her cunt and I ate her while she watched. I could taste my cum mixed with her cunt juice and liked it. It tasted like fucking!!! Debbie exploded. She grasped my head and fucked her cunt with my mouth, grinding it into my face. My tongue was in her cunt. I stuck it as far into her as I could. She exploded again and screamed with orgasmic pleasure. Her crotch was sliding up and down and around on my mouth. I licked and sucked all of her cunt juice. Her virgin ass hole pressed into my mouth and tongue in her gyrations. I could tell from her gasps that it really set her off. Finally she planted her ass hole onto my tongue. She fucked her ass hole directly onto it. It was covered in cum and cunt juice and slid in easily. She pulled my head into her ass like she wanted my whole head up her ass. She screamed for me to eat her ass. She held me there and I worked my tongue in and out. No woman I'd been with had ever cum so hard as Debbie did then.

We fucked. And fucked. For two more hours. Debbie screamed every time I came in her. She wanted cum in her cunt. I shot off in her until I was depleted. We rested and savored our sex. Debbie sucked my cumcoated prick. And watched herself in the mirror. She said she couldn't believe I'd cum for her so many times.

It was 2:25AM when we dragged ourselves into Brown's cafe for much needed nourishment. Mike and Marsha (Mots) Milles were there after being in the White Horse dancing. We sat with them and Marsha could tell, immediately, that Debbie'd gotten her brains fucked out. Marsha had "B" cup bullet shaped tits, with huge puffies. I'd had a hard-on for them from the first time I saw her. Mike loved showing her off and let everyone know he kept her tiny little cunt shaved. He liked fucking her "little girl" pussy. Debbie saw me staring at Marsha's tits. Marsha had on a stretch knit top that molded to her tits, perfectly, showing their exact size and shape, including her puffies. When we got home she commented on Mike liking to show her off and said I could look all I wanted if it made me horny and I fucked the shit out of her after looking at Marsha's tits. Which I did. Debbie said she'd been looking at guys' crotches since she was twelve and it turned her on to see big bulges. The next day half the town knew she was finally putting out. And loving it. Debbie didn't seem to mind. Half the guys in town were asking her out. She turned them all down. We fucked constantly. I bought her sexier, more revealing clothes than she was used to. She'd always liked guys checking her out and teasing then. It still took her quite a while to become comfortable wearing them. She'd started getting tits when she was ten. She was a large "A" cup at twelve. Boys and men were looking down her blouse at her bra, but she'd never had sexy, revealing bras before. She'd worn short skirts, but with panty hose. I bought her thigh high, stay up by themselves stockings. I hated panty hose. I bought her seamed butt panties and her skirts d****d seductively into her ass crack while she danced.

The more Debbie fucked and sucked my cock, the more she liked it. She became insatiable. We fucked when we woke up, her sucking my cock to wake me up. She got off on putting my soft cock in her mouth and feeling it grow hard. We fucked on my lunch hour and when I got home from work. And after dinner. And when we went to bed. Beta Max and VHS had just come out and we rented porns. We both really got off on women sucking huge cocks, stretching their mouths to the limit and getting fucked in the mouth while the guy held their heads and rammed into their mouths. She loved cum shots all over their faces. I'll never forget the first anal sex video we watched. Debbie said that was the nastiest, sexiest thing she'd ever seen. The woman's ass hole gaped open and cum gushed out. She'd been taken anally and his cum ran down into her spread open cunt. I liked watching it, but wasn't into it, as I said before. We watched a gang bang video, five men and one woman, and I told Debbie that as horny as she was she'd probably love being gang fucked and that it would probably take ten guys lining up on her for about four hours to satisfy her. That was the first time I saw Debbie blush. Then she turned crimson! The woman in the video did double and triple penetrations. The woman took at least twelve loads of cum. Debbie was incredibly turned on and fucked my brains out. All five of them had fucked the woman one after the other. She said she couldn't even imagine being fucked that hard and fast and deep by five huge porno cocks up her pussy and getting those heavy loads of cum shot into her. At the end of the video they all jacked off onto the woman's face, tits, belly and held open cunt. Debbie masturbated while she watched this scene.

We got married in June.

We went to Denver for a weekend, arriving about 7:00PM Thursday evening. I'd researched some motels and found one with mirrors in the rooms that catered to horny couples. It had a good, slightly expensive restaurant, and private, members only, dance club down the street that was a pretty much no holds barred swingers club. I wanted to watch people fuck. And I got off on showing Debbie off. Debbie loved the room.

We fucked at the motel for an hour. There were mirrors everywhere and we watched ourselves fucking, Debbie commenting on how much she liked watching herself fuck and suck. Like the women in the pornos. Debbie wore an incredibly low cut bra and blouse and a mini-skirt when we went out. Her turquoise tulip bra was underwired and had push up, push in pads that started at the middle of the bottom of her tits and wrapped half way up the outsides of them. The pads were covered in satin. The rest of her bra was sheer with small lace rosette appliqué. It exposed her tits right to the edge of her aureoles at the top and the insides of her tits. The pads arced up and were only two inches wide at the widest part, exposing most of her tits through the sheer bra. It was the most cleavage she'd ever exposed and it turned us both on. Looking down her blouse, from just the right angle, I could see inside her bra. Half her naked aureoles were exposed to the edge of her nipples. She'd never let anyone but me see her naked aureole and nipples and said she'd have to be careful. Her panties were matching turquoise sheer lace in the front with the rosettes and totally sheer in the back. String bikini, tiny in the front, showing some cunt hair, and only covering half her hot fucking ass. Her blouse was burgundy, sleeveless and only went down to just above her belly button. It was a wrap blouse and gaped open when she was twirled when she danced. Her wide set tulip bra straps showed out the shoulders of her blouse and her bra showed out the sleeves of the arms holes of her blouse when she raised her arms while she danced. Her blouse was scoop necked, exposing her chest to a quarter of an inch of her bra top when standing upright. Bent over, everyone could see down her blouse to her sheer bra, aureole and nipples. Debbie's skirt was mini, dark grey, thin satin, see through with the light behind her, mid-thigh, dr****g into her ass crack. Sitting down, it raised up to just below her pussy. Dancing, with her arms up around my neck, it raised up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She wore sheer dark grey thigh-high stocking and platform heels that aligned my cock with her cunt while we danced.

We'd had almost two bottles of wine while we fucked. We were pretty fucked up when we went to the motel restaurant. We drank more wine at dinner. The waiter (another Steve) devoured Debbie with his eyes while he served us. He recommended a dance club (the swingers' club) and said to show the doorman our receipt and we'd get a free membership which usually cost $50 per couple. It was 10:15PM when we got there. We were seated clear in the back at a two person table on a side wall. A guy was seated directly across from Debbie at another two person table, giving him a direct shot up her skirt. Another guy was at a table to the side of our table, giving him a shot up her skirt every time she got up to dance. At 11:15PM the waiter and a friend of his showed up and sat with the two guys at the tables across from us. Our waiter and his buddy had a clear shot up Debbie's skirt while she was sitting and the other two had a clear shot up her skirt when she got up to dance. We were both d***k and horny by that time. They switched tables for different views of her panties. They took turns dancing with Debbie, looking down her blouse when they came to ask her to dance. They looked up her skirt from about five feet away when she got up.

All the women had on sexy revealing outfits. Some of the women were being felt up. The men weren't bothering to hide their hard-ons. They were grinding their crotches together. Women were getting their asses humped when they entered and exited the dance floor.

At the midnight break we went to our car and smoked a joint. Debbie was horny and sucked my cock. I fingered her to three orgasms. Her cunt lips were spread wide open, ready to fuck. She smelled of wanton sex. We commented on how much they could see of her. She said there was no way for her to keep them from seeing up her skirt. I told her they'd already seen her panties and she might as well not worry about it. Debbie said she'd shit if anyone she knew ever saw her like this, or if she ever ran into these guys again. She'd dirty danced and slow danced with them while I danced with various women. She said they all had hard-ons and pressed their cocks into her crotch. She said our waiter had a huge curved cock and it lined up perfectly with her cunt with her platform heels. She said he must not have underwear on because it went between her legs and she could feel it on the entire length on her pussy and clit. And that it was all she could to keep from humping into it.

At the 1:00AM break we smoked another joint. She asked if I'd noticed they were taking her hand in their hands holding it next to her right tit when they slow danced. She said they were pressing the backs of their fingers into the side of her bra and moving it around, trying to feel her tit. She said she let them do it because they could only feel her bra pad, mostly. They occasionally ran their fingers across the whole outside of her tit. And they pushed into the side of her tit a lot. She said one of them was always dancing right next to her, on her left, looking at her chest when they did it. Debbie said they were running their hands across the top of her panties, which was at the top of her ass cheek, right at the top of her ass crack, and feeling to the sides of her panties. She thought they were trying to figure out what kind of panties she had on. Then she said they'd all danced with her right in front of their tables and had slid their hands down her ass half way and she'd pulled their hands up. They'd moved their hands around the top of her ass. She thought they wanted to show each other how much of her tits and ass they could feel. She wanted me to watch them try to feel her up. To watch her tease the fuck out of them.

I disappeared into the crowded dance floor and watched them dance when we went back in. Sure enough, our waiter was pressing his fingers into the side of her tit while one of them, dancing a foot away from her, looked down her blouse. He slid his fingers almost to her nipple and back to the side. Fuck! He'd pulled her blouse open and pushed her tit out of her bra, exposing her entire aureole, nipple and all, to his buddy. His hand went over half way down her ass, right in front of the other two guys watching at the tables. She pulled his hand up while he ground into her cunt. As she pulled his hand up he slid her skirt up, eventually exposing almost her entire ass through her sheer panties, five feet away from the guys at the tables. They took turns on her, dancing and grinding into her cunt and exposing her tits and sheer panties to each other while I watched, hidden in the crowd.

We were both totally fucked up and turned on. Our eyes met. Debbie arched her back and pressed her cunt into Steve's hard curved cock. I could just imagine how his cock felt on her horny spread open, just finger fucked cunt. Debbie's entire cunt with a hard thick curved prick pressing into it, moving to the music and rubbing into her clit, sticking out of her up turned, prominent pubic mound. Debbie watched me watch her be m*****ed. They all felt her tits and ass, exposing her nipples and ass. They dirty danced and humped their hard cocks into her cunt and her ass crack. She shoved and ground her cunt and ass into their hard cocks while I watched. Everyone watched. Debbie watched other couples grind their crotches together while Steve ground his hard curved prick into her cunt.

We got back to our room and attacked each other. I told her how sexy she looked and how proud I was to be with the sexiest women in the club. Debbie said the guys had felt her tits and ass. And seen her panties up her skirt. She asked if that turned me on as much as it did her. I told her I almost came in my pants. She said every guy she danced with had a hard-on. I said I couldn't blame them, that I had one all night. We fucked! She said she knew some of the guys were talking to each other about her after she danced with them. And, that it was a good thing none of them knew us. She said she'd love to have heard what they were saying about her. I had her put her bra and blouse on and showed her how they were showing her naked nipple to each other and told her she needn't worry about other men seeing her nipples any more. She just about shit and wanted to know why I didn't tell her. I told her I couldn't get to her and they'd obviously been looking at her naked aureole and nipple for over an hour already. She couldn't believe they'd done that to her without her knowing. Her nipples were hard as rocks. She devoured my cock while I savaged her tits. I told her what an incredible cock sucker she was and how she had the most perfect tits in the world and how I couldn't blame them for showing her tits to each other and feeling them. She asked if I was mad about them seeing her nipple. I said "No, of course not!" I told her about them sliding her skirt up her ass and showing each other her practically naked ass. She put her skirt and panties on and I slid her skirt up while we watched in the mirror. We slow danced and she ground into my cock, asking if I'd be pissed if Steve wouldn't let her back away from his cock and made her cum. I told her it wouldn't be her fault and I could just imagine the guys watching her have a monumental orgasm right in front of them. We both laughed.

The next morning we fucked and planned our Friday evening escapade. We went shopping and bought Debbie a thin, semi-sheer white spaghetti strap top and mini-skirt outfit. Her blouse exposed the top of her big, wide set, outward pointing tits to the top of her aureoles and about an inch of the insides of them clear to the bottom of her tits. The color of her aureole and nipples was obvious. It d****d seductively between her tits and around the outsides, displaying the full height and width of her tits. Her period was starting Monday and her aureole had swollen, puffing her aureole to twice their normal size (and sensitivity). It went down to two inches above her belly button. The slightly sheer mini-skirt barely went to mid-thigh. With light behind her you could see the silhouette of her legs through it. It d****d into her ass crack. We'd found a pussy pink stretch knit, sheer g-string that molded to her pussy. Debbie modeled it in front of the mirror in our room. Half her cunt hair was exposed. Debbie danced in front of the mirror. Her tits jiggled seductively. Her skirt rose up to her g-string, exposing her thighs to the point where they curved inward toward her pussy, making a fucking gap with her thigh-high stockings squeezing the tops of her thighs. We watched in the mirror while we slow danced, me holding her hand in mine, pressing my fingers into the side of her braless tit. She asked how her tit felt. I said, "Naked." I easily worked her blouse to the outside of her naked nipple. She said it was going to be an extreme turn-on, knowing that they were feeling her braless tits and seeing her naked nipple this time. We fucked. We went shopping again and bought her pair of really tall, black, spike heels and "tall" shear black, stay up by themselves, thigh-high stockings. They went clear up to her crotch and the bottom of her ass cheeks, squeezing her thighs, creating an even larger gap between the top of her thighs and her cunt. Debbie commented that Steve's big curved porno cock was really going to be able to stroke her pussy the way her stockings squeezed her thighs open. She modeled the outfit and I bent her over the end of the bed, pulled her skirt up, g-string aside, and fucked the shit out of her.

We went to dinner and our waiter, Steve, from the night before, got an eye full of tit. We had a couple glasses of wine and Debbie was loose. As was I. It was 9:00PM. Steve gave us our receipt and said he'd see us there. He saw Debbie's sheer pink pantied pussy when she got up to leave.

At the club we went to the booth at the back of the dance floor with the same two men at the tables across from it. Two more guys, that our two friends obviously knew, sat at another table close by a while later. They ordered us a round of drinks. I told the waitress, "Scotch on the rocks." There weren't many people there yet and we had the whole and back third of the dance floor to ourselves. Debbie danced with the two guys from the evening before. Her braless tits bounced and swayed and jiggled. Her skirt twisted with her hips, rising to the bottom of her crotch, showing the tops of her thigh high stockings. She sat back down with me and asked how she looked. I said, "Fuckable!" We slow danced, our crotches glued together. The guys kept drinks cumming to our table. We were both pretty d***k. She danced a few more fast songs with them and a slow song came on before she got back to the table. I was dancing and watched her partner steer her to the back corner of the dance floor. Two of the guys, dancing, blocked my view of her, except for part of her head. Occasionally I could see her smiling face. Once I saw her upper torso from the side and it looked like the guy she was dancing with's hand was at her tit level, a slutty grin on her face. The guys blocking my view, whose faces I could see, were grinning. Then I saw them looking down at her ass level, grinning lewdly. I immediately wondered if she was getting her tits and ass felt. I knew Debbie was pretty d***k and how much she liked being felt up. I also knew how well her tits and ass felt. I was struck with jealousy. I also felt an INCREDIBLE ache in my hard fucking cock! Fuck. Was Debbie being felt up? Where did he have his hands? My cock involuntarily ground into the crotch of the girl I was dancing with. She pressed back into me. Debbie went back to our table and bent over, reaching for her drink at the back of the table. We could see the bottoms of her tits and ass.

Steve got there at 10:45 and the show was on! It was crowded and he danced Debbie in front of his buddies with a lot of other dancers blocking my view. Debbie tried to make eye contact with me, but it was impossible. They took turns dancing with her. Occasionally I got a view of her fast dancing, her skirt swirling up above her cunt and ass, g-string exposed. Them pulling her braless right tit into their left hands when she twirled back to them. I could see their fingers open and knew they were getting a handful of her tit every time. They always slow danced with her by their tables. I saw their hand on the outside of her braless tit. Fuck, were they running their fingers over her braless nipples??!! It looked like they were sliding her skirt up her ass, exposing it for each other. The woman I was dancing with was braless and pressed her tits into me. I imagined Debbie doing the same. She ground into my hard prick.

Debbie was sweating when she got back to the table. She said she needed a break to cool off. It was the 11:00PM break and we went out to the car. I told her I was getting d***k. She said she was well on her way, feeling no pain. She said she'd seen me humping the last chic I'd danced with. I told her it was because I'd just seen her with a lewd, sexy grin on her face. She laughed and said Steve had pressed his hard-on into her crotch and told her he wanted to fuck her. She said it was a real turn on getting to tease them, knowing they'd never see her again. I asked if they'd all told her that. She said he was the only one bold enough. I told her, from the look on her face, it must have turned her on. She said that his hard dick felt really good pressing into her pussy and that Marsha had explained that the greatest compliment a man could give a woman was to get a hard-on and tell her he wanted to fuck her. I told her she had three hours to get complimented all she wanted and to tease all she wanted and then we were going to the room and I would demonstrate her greatest compliment! She asked me if I meant it. I told her I wanted her horny out of her mind when we fucked. She asked if I didn't mind them wanting to fuck her. I told her I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her and I expected that any normal guy would want to fuck her, especially in her sexy, revealing outfit. I asked her if they'd all seen her panties getting out of the booth. She said she she'd made sure they had. I asked her if she knew when she bent over, leaning over the table, that her tits and ass were exposed. She said that was the general idea! I told her it was our next to the last night here. She kissed me, deeply.

The woman I'd danced with before found me again. She talked dirty to me and said her husband was watching us. And that he wanted to watch me feel her up while we all watched my wife tease. He was next to us and watching us and Debbie. Debbie was at the back of the floor, dirty dancing. My partner and Debbie were shaking their tits and asses. Her husband was watching his and my wife. A slow song came on. Her cunt pressed into my cock. I could tell by the look on Debbie's face that Steve's cock had found Debbie's cunt and ground into it. His hands went half way down her ass and she left them there, all five of them watching. Shirley's husband, Bob, maneuvered his partner where he had a better view of Debbie.

After the song was over we sat at their table and Bob said Steve had her skirt clear up to the top of her ass for half the song. I told Bob and Shirley the guys didn't know we knew what they were doing to Debbie. And how they'd looked at her nipples the night before.

The four of us went to our car and smoked a couple of joints at the 1:00AM break. Debbie was fucked up and wanted to know what they said about her. And if they'd seen her ass hole! Shirley said she would to dance with them and ask them about her. Shirley and Bob said they came here all the time and really got off on Shirley exposing herself and being m*****ed. Bob said that on Saturday nights she went totally commando and exposed her tits, pussy and ass to everyone there. She got finger fucked and stroked cocks while a lot of people watched.

Fresh drinks were at our table. Debbie drank half her drink before she was asked to dance again. She was three sheets to the wind and I pretended to be. She danced really sexy in our corner. Tits bouncing and swirling. A few of the guys got girls and danced with them by their table, blocking my view half the time. They took turns with Debbie and I danced with a few girls besides Shirley. I watched and when two of the men got up from their table I disappeared into the men's room. I hid in the last stall and heard the two of them saying how good her hot ass felt and that she had no idea they were lifting her skirt clear to the top of her ass, by their table, for them to look at. They said her ass hole looked inviting and wondered if she took it up her ass. And that she was d***k enough that she'd let them all run their fingers over her tits and expose her nipple. Steve was going to try to feel her tit and butt hole and pussy. He was going to try to make her cum. Shirley reported that the guys had all felt Debbie's tits and humped their pricks against her cunt and ass hole and they and wanted to fuck her. And that Debbie liked being felt up and humped by their hard pricks. They all said she humped her cunt into their pricks.

My mind whirled. I could see them feeling her scrumptious tits and her enjoying it. I could see her exposed ass hole and crotch in her sheer pink g-string, cunt hair sticking out, and them devouring her visually. Wanting to fuck her. I couldn't blame them. Fuck, I was setting her up to get totally m*****ed and loving it. How far would Debbie let them go? Thank God we'd never see any of them again and no one we knew would ever find out what she did here. Shirley and I danced while we watched Debbie.

Debbie was sitting at the edge of the table, legs spread preparatory to getting up to dance. Steve was blocking her exit, talking to her. Two couples were between us and Debbie and no one noticed us watching. I knew everyone at the tables across from ours had a clear shot of her sheer, soaked, g-string and spread open cunt. Debbie was looking up at him. Then she looked over at the guys at the tables and grinned knowingly at them. He stepped back to let her up and I could see the size of his cock. It stood out in the pleat of his pants. It had to be nine inches. Thick. Curved. She stared at it before she got up to dance with him. She smiled up at him and looked back down at his prick. Debbie studied it. She spread her legs invitingly, giving him, and them, a clear shot of her cunt in her skimpy g-string, half her cunt hair exposed. Debbie got up and Steve was behind her immediately. His hard cock was pressed into her ass crack as they moved to the dance floor. Debbie moved slowly, letting him hump her ass, pressing back into his hard curved cock while they worked their way to the dance floor. And the other guys watched. Debbie's arms were around his neck and in her five inch heels her cunt aligned perfectly with his hard prick. It sank between her thighs. It was a fairly fast slow song and their bodies moved to the music. He stroked her cunt to the music with his hard fucking prick and she stroked his cock with her sopping wet cunt to the music while the guys at the tables watched. Their hips rotated in a fucking motion. They talked. I could read their lips when they said the word "fuck". I could read Debbie's lips saying, "Fuck me". It looked like she said,” suck your cock". And, "fuck my ass". Debbie was oblivious to everyone on the dance floor. Their crotches ground together. His hand went up to her blouse and her eyes closed and her head tilted back in pleasure. His other hand went down the back of her skirt. The guys at the table were enraptured by the show. I could see his hand slide across Debbie's ass and find her butt hole. Her entire body jerked. She said, "Fuck yes". She grinned at him. She looked around and found me. She mouthed, "Oh, shit!" He pulled her into his huge curved prick grinding hard into the entire length of her gaping cunt lips and swollen clit while his left hand obviously was m*****ing her entire tit. Debbie gasped and groaned as Steve's huge cock stroked her cunt to the music. She ground into his prick and then back into his finger on her butt hole. I was mesmerized, as were the guys at the tables. It was only a minute into the song. Debbie came, hard! Her face contorted into an expression of sheer orgasmic pleasure. She'd been cumming for about five seconds when his hand slid down her ass between her drenched thighs, to her gushing cunt. She rammed her cunt back and forth into his huge cock, masturbating her cunt from the front, and into his fingers ravishing her sopping cunt from the back. His hand slid between her cunt and her ass hole. She convulsed orgasmically, totally immersed in her desire to saturate herself in the exquisite simultaneous pleasure of his prick thrusting against her cunt and his fingers masturbating her cunt and virgin ass hole. He let go of her tit and pulled Debbie's hand down to his hard prick. She automatically wrapped her hand around it, savoring the length and girth of it. She stroked it. Shit, Shirley had her hand wrapped around my cock, stroking me hard. Thirty seconds later the song ended and we went to Shirley's table. Debbie'd cum so hard she'd almost collapsed. She shook her head, trying to get her senses back. She staggered back to our table, still shaking with her intense orgasm.

Debbie said she was ready to fuck. She wanted her brains fucked out. All the guys were looking at her. Fuck, she was horny and d***k. We watched Steve let the guy he was sitting with smell his fingers. Steve looked at us and licked his fingers. Debbie was embarrassed. Shirley laughed and said they looked like they'd both thoroughly enjoyed themselves as much as we'd enjoyed watching them. She wanted to know if Steve had gotten his fingers up her cunt or ass hole. Debbie said, "No, thank, God." Shirley wanted to know if she always came that hard and long, saying she was envious.

We fucked immediately at the room. We both exploded almost immediately. She devoured my cock, cleaning it and crammed my face into her cunt and ass hole. I eagerly sucked up my cum from her cunt. Her ass tasted incredible mixed with her cunt juices and my cum. Like fucking! Debbie exploded on my tongue in her ass hole. She said it really turned her on to let them see her in her g-sting. And see her tits jiggle and bounce around. She said Steve masturbating her cunt with his prick and hand at the same time, and feeling her asshole and braless tits and her jacking his huge cock while we all watched was the sexiest horniest thing imaginable. She slid her fingers up her cunt and put them in my mouth. It had really turned me on watching Debbie. And, she hadn't actually fucked another guy. I could live with her being felt and fingered. Especially by men we didn't know and wouldn't see again. Probably. Until tomorrow night!!!

The next day Debbie said she couldn't wait to go dancing that night. I told her she should leave them something to remember her by. She looked puzzled. I said, "Your final tease of the weekend." Her panties!! Saturday night was commando night and everyone was supposed to go commando at midnight. And, if anyone was caught with bra or panties or underwear on, their partner had to take them off on the dance floor. Debbie said it would be a real turn on to let me watch Steve reach up under her skirt and take her g-string off in front of everyone. We went to Frederick's and bought her a totally sheer pale pink stretch nylon g-string that only covered her cunt, barely. All of her cunt hair was exposed. The top came to a point and spread out over her cunt, molding to every wrinkle and her lips, sinking into her cunt. It ended in a point right at the bottom of her fuck hole. Her clit was swollen and obvious. The strings were barely a sixteenth of an inch thick. It came with a matching halter bra. It exposed an inch of tit on the bottom, two inches of the outsides and three inches insides and the top of her tits to the top of her aureoles. We found a sheer white halter top. It covered all of her tits and molded to her swollen puffy nipples. It didn't distort her tits and allowed them to jiggle and swing as if they were naked. A hot pink, semi-sheer mini wraps skirt. Short, short. No hose and her super high heels. Friday night all the women were really showing off and Saturday night was supposed to be really wilder. When she was sitting the right side of her skirt lay down between her thighs, exposing her entire naked outer thigh and hip. You could hardly see the string of her panties.

We had dinner and got our receipt to get in free, went back to the room and Debbie changed into her new outfit. Fucked up, we got to the club at 10:00PM. Four hours to play!!! Swingers!!!!!

There was no mention of Debbie's cunt and ass being felt the night before. But plenty of anticipation of what tonight would bring. Bob and Shirley were there. Shirley's top was totally see-through. Short skirt that barely covered her cunt. It put Debbie at ease with her revealing outfit. We took our seats in the back. Steve was there waiting when we arrived. He joined us and bought a round of drinks. He told Debbie how sexy she looked. They danced, humping slowly to the music. They fast danced, Steve swirling her around, showing her g-string. They took turns with her, all catching her tit when she swirled back to them and feeling her ass and humping into her butt.

The midnight break came. Bob and Shirley went out to our car and smoked with us. Debbie told them she was leaving her bra and g-string on so Steve could take them off while we watched. She asked how women took men's underwear off without getting them naked. Shirley said they just undid they guys belt and unzipped their pants and pulled their underwear down below their balls. Shirley said they'd heard there was something special tonight that they'd done a few times before. And that all the locals had talked the owner into doing it tonight. And that Steve was in on it and Debbie was going to love Steve's underwear. We went in, anticipating when Steve would take Debbie's g-string and bra off.

Everyone danced, dirty. We watched. Shirley fuck danced with one of the guys at the table across from us. The girls got into a competition on who danced the sexiest. It didn't take long before they were practically fucking on the dance floor. They got their cunts and asses dry humped. About six couples were watching and cheering them on. Eight horny women were fuck dancing. Husbands danced with other wives. Shirley's big tits were felt. All the women got felt up, Debbie included. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Steve's cock was sticking out, pleated pants. He humped her cunt and she humped him back. Her short skirt rose above her cunt. Steve was humping Debbie through nothing but her sheer g-string, which we could all see. Debbie came hard. She sat with me, panting. We watched Shirley get felt up and fingered. A lot of the women got fingered and stroked their partners’ cocks. Debbie and I watched the debauchery. Shirley grabbed me and we danced. Nasty. She stroked my cock. Steve led Debbie to the dance floor. He humped her ass. He slid his hands up her skirt, exposing her naked ass.

The commando police showed up. Debbie still had her bra and g-string on. We smiled at each other. Steve was going to get to take her bra and g-string off of her. While we all watched. Oh, shit. They were led to the middle of the dance floor. An emcee announced that they'd caught commando violators. Their punishment was that they had to strip each other to their underwear and dance in the cage for half an hour. Shirley laughed as we made our way to the cage, telling me that this was the "something special" and to wait until I saw what Steve was wearing.

I could tell Debbie was surprised and a little embarrassed. But also incredibly turned on. Steve and Debbie entered the cage and it was lifted to where their crotches were just below eyeball high to everyone on the dance floor. Steve eased Debbie's halter top up over her big fucking tits, his hands lingering on her tits and squeezing them. She closed her eyes and arched her back, offering them to him completely while we all watched. He knelt and unbuttoned her skirt and slowly slid it down, caressing her ass. His finger teased her virgin ass hole, naked except for the thin string. She pressed back into it. He stood and turned Debbie around, slowly, twice, exhibiting her for everyone.

Debbie took Steve's shirt off and licked his nipples. She knelt in front of him. Our eyes met. Filled with lust. She undid his belt and pants and eased his zipper down, slowly. She worked his pants down his ass. His nine inch cock popped out, hitting Debbie in the face. It was huge, thick and curved. Everyone cheered. Shirley laughed and stroked my hard, pulsating cock. Steve had on a white, totally sheer, stretch knit ball and cock sock. His cock oozed precum. Debbie stroked Steve's huge curved cock and ran her finger across his prick head smearing his precum around his cock head. Everyone was yelling for her to suck his cock. Steve's cock was poised directly in front of Debbie's mouth. He pressed the head against Debbie's lips. They parted and we could see her tongue lick Steve's prick head.

Shirley said Steve was a regular there and had danced in his ball and cock sock many times with many unsuspecting wives. And, that it had been arranged that he would dance with Debbie in the cage on Thursday night. She also said that all the regulars wanted to see Debbie naked. They all wanted to see her tits and pussy. Debbie had been set up.

Debbie got up and they danced, dirty. Steve's cock ground into Debbie's practically naked cunt. He placed his cock head directly against her fuck hole. He felt her tits and ass. Steve turned Debbie around and humped her ass. He got his cock head right on her butt hole. He got half of his head into her butt hole. All that stopped him was her tiny string. They danced wildly for half an hour. Men reached into the cage and felt Debbie's ass. The cage was lowered so that her tits could be felt, also. Steve stuck his cock between Debbie's legs from behind. His big curved cock stuck out in front of her cunt about 4 inches. It curve to up and stroked her entire cunt and clit. Debbie rapped her hand around it and stroked it, pressing it into her cunt and clit. Steve stroked Debbie's cunt and she stroked his cock with her cunt and hand. Debbie came all over Steve’s cock, really hard.

They dressed and Steve took Debbie's bra off, caressing her naked tits, his hands inside her halter top. The cage was raised to just above eye level. He knelt and put his hands under Debbie's skirt. He lifted her skirt, tucking it into her waist band. Everyone could see her pussy and ass. Steve worked Debbie's g-string down to her butt hole. And, then the front of her g-string. His right hand was between her thighs, his middle finger stroking her sopping wet naked pussy. He moved his drenched finger to her virgin butt hole. He slid his entire finger up her ass. Steve pulled Debbie's cunt into his mouth and ate her to a monumental orgasm. Everyone cheered them on. Steve was ramming his finger in and out of Debbie's ass hole. Debbie came and almost collapsed onto Steve.

It was Debbie's turn to take Steve's underwear off. The cage was lowered to just below eye level. Debbie opened Steve's pants and his big cock and balls sprang out. The elastic of his ball and cock sock was really tight and Debbie was having trouble getting it off of him. She knelt in front of him and put both hands on the back of his balls. His huge curved cock was right in front of her face. It was then that I noticed Steve was uncircumcised. Debbie's hands were all over Steve's balls as she worked the ball sock off. She unrolled the cock sock off just like a rubber, her hands on his naked cock. Her thumb pressed into the bottom of his prick, milking his precum out the tip of his cock.

Shirley had her hands down my pants and Bob's, stroking our naked cocks. Steve pulled Debbie's head into his prick. Debbie licked the precum from Steve's naked prick head. He f***ed his hard fucking cock into her mouth. Debbie instinctively sucked Steve's dick. He came in less than a minute. Everyone cheered. Debbie was embarrassed, but turned on.

Back at our table Shirley told Debbie how sexy she's looked being felt up and finger fucked in the ass, and especially sucking Steve's cock. We all went to our car and smoked. Shirley sucked Bob's cock. And, when she came up she put her lips to Debbie's lips and f***ed Bob's cum into Debbie's mouth. She told Debbie that now Debbie had eaten two men's cum in 15 minutes. And we still had an hour to go.

We went back in and Debbie danced with Bob in the cage, letting everyone see her naked cunt. Bob humped Debbie's cunt and ass. He felt her tits. A lot of women had their naked tits out, being felt up. Debbie limited her dancing to the six guys by our table. They felt her naked tits and pussy and asshole. They all put her hand down their pants, and she stroked their pricks. A woman with D cup tits danced topless in her g-string in the cage. She was felt up and finger fucked. Everyone wanted to watch Debbie and Steve dance again. Debbie finally relented. Debbie was really fucked up. She let Steve fuck his cock against her naked cunt and ass hole. Debbie masturbated with Steve's prick pressing against her cunt. Steve pulled her halter top up over her tits. She stroked his big curved prick through his pants with her cunt and came. Steve took his naked prick out and Debbie stroked it. He tried to fuck her, lodging his cock head into her fuck hole. She told him "No". Steve kept pounding into her and got half his cock into her fuck hole. She said, "Fuck yes, fuck me Steve" and wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. At least seven inches of Steve's prick was buried up Debbie's cunt. Everyone was yelling for Steve to fuck Debbie. Steve pounded Debbie's cunt, gradually impaling her with his entire nine inches. Debbie frantically fucked her cunt into Steve's thrusting prick. She finally got her wits about her and twisted away from Steve's prick. Debbie knelt and sucked his cock for the second time, thinking that was better than him fucking her. Everyone cheered her on. She gave Steve her sluttiest blow job ever. When Steve was ready to cum he held her head and fucked her mouth. His cum gushed out of her mouth. She couldn't swallow it all. And it ran down onto her big tits.

Debbie came back to our table and Shirley sucked Steve's cum from Debbie's blouse. Debbie was embarrassed. Bob and Shirley told Debbie how sexy she looked fucking and sucking Steve's big cock. Debbie looked at me and I told her that Steve had ****d her mouth. Everyone was really d***k and horny and it wasn't her fault. We danced and everyone looked at her big almost naked tits. All six of the guys danced with her and uninhibitedly felt her tits, ass and pussy. Steve danced with Debbie again. He put her hand down his pants. She stroked his hard thick curved uncut prick. While we watched, knowing he'd cum in Debbie's mouth twice while everyone watched. Steve felt Debbie's naked tits and her naked ass and cunt. A crowd had slowly gathered around Debbie and Steve. Steve had her halter top up over her tits. Debbie was dancing and letting everyone look at her naked tits, bouncing and jiggling. Steve lifted her skirt up and tucked it into the waistband of her skirt. Debbie's tits, ass and cunt were exposed. Shirley was egging Debbie on. Steve felt both of Debbie's tits. Then he felt her ass. Debbie took Steve's prick out and stroked it, again. Six couples and five single guys were watching. Steve tried to fuck her again. Debbie knelt and sucked his cock again.

Four guys lifted her up and dumped her on an empty table, on her back, her legs spread, and ass hole and cunt invitingly exposed. Steve's cock slid easily up her willing horny fucking cunt. My wife was being fucked in front of me and a bunch of total strangers. Steve's nine inch cock was slamming in and out of my wife's cunt, stretching her out like never before. Steve jack hammered her cunt. Debbie was telling Steve to fuck her. Steve fucked my wife's cunt while we all watched. Steve shot his load up Debbie's cunt and pulled out of her. One of his buddies mounted her and fucked her. He came in her cunt in two minutes and another guy fucked her. This went on until all five of them had fucked her and cum in her cunt, each only taking two or three minutes to cum up her cunt. By this time, at least ten couples were watching the action.

Steve dipped his finger up Debbie's cunt. He lubricated her ass hole with her cunt juices and their cum. He finger fucked her ass hole. Debbie squirmed, working her ass back in to Steve's finger. The lights came on announcing that the club was closing in ten minutes. Debbie was bent over the table with her skirt up over her ass and Steve finger fucking the shit out of her ass hole with two fingers.

We fucked our brains out at the motel. Debbie said she couldn't believe that she had sucked Steve's huge cock. She asked how she looked with his big prick her mouth. I told her she looked very sexy sucking his cock. She asked me about how she looked when Steve had his cock up her cunt. I told her she looked really stretched out. Like the women fucking huge porno cocks. I asked her how it felt. Debbie said her cunt felt really filled. It totally stretched her opening and almost made her cum while he worked his cock into her pussy. She said it stretched her cunt like never before.

Debbie said it was an incredible turn-on letting me and everyone watch her and see her naked tits, ass and pussy. She said she understood why women liked being gang fucked! And dancing naked at strip clubs.... Continue»
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Orgy in the making

This is a true story that happened to my wife while we were separated some years ago. Sally had a room mate named Susan and they were both nice looking ladies and still are for that matter. They were similar in appearance, build. hair color, breasts size and could pass for s****rs. Hell I even wanted to do Susan myself but it was too close and could have killed what we still had. They were regulars at a local bar and dance hall and most every weekend you could find them there dancing and boozing it up and also flirting with the men. Occasionally they would take a man home for a night of fucking and believe me, Sally could fuck a man till he moaned to stop.

One night they got together at the bar with one of Sallys old friends from school (John) and he had a friend with him (Ben). They all danced with each other, switching partners thru out the night, the booze was rampant and all were buzzed to say the least.. They decided at closing time to take the party back to Sallys house so off they went.

Upon arriving home the men made drinks while the ladies changed into sweat pants and tee shirts to be more comfortable. When they returned to the living room the lights were dimmed and the drinks were made and drank very quickly by all. Sally turned on the stereo and John said he ’d like to slow dance with her and they started slowly dancing, she stated he was grinding into her mound so hard it massaged her clit as they danced and it was turning her on. She glanced at Susan and she and Ben were dancing but also kissing very deeply and his hands were all over Susan’s breasts and ass. She remembered John kissing her and their tongues intermingled and both were breathing hard at this time, his hands were searching for her breasts also and did find the nipples under her tee shirt hard and erect. The song ended and they all sat down for another drink and small talk but the air was hot and heavy.

Sally needed to go to the bathroom and she left them 3 drinking while she went. When she exited the bathroom John was standing in the hall and he smiled and asked if she was having a good time and she replied “yes” at which he grabbed her and as he started to kiss her he pushed her into her semi dark bedroom. They were kissing and he took her hand and placed it on his hard cock and said ,“do you want some of this” and she stroked his cock and replied “oh yes”

He pushed her onto the bed and went to the foot of the bed and began to pull her sweat pants off . She lifted her hips to help him and as the cool air met her wet hot pussy she made an involuntary intake of her breath. Then he came to head of the bed he smiled down at her and removed his shirt, unsnapped his jeans and they fell to the floor and she reached to slide his underwear down and revealed an hard 6” cock. He pulled her tee shirt over her head and bent down to grab a breast and suck her hard nipple causing her to intake a deep breath. He massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers which she dearly loves.. She reached between them to massage his cock and they kissed and touched.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Ben and he was sort of pulling Susan behind. John stopped kissing Sally and said “Hey why don’t you two join us?” and they went to the opposite side of the bed and he laid Susan on the bed. John was still rolling Sues nipple and he said “you two need to catch up”. Ben went to the foot of the bed and started pulling Susan’s sweat pants and she didn’t have any underwear on and both men whooped a bit at the sight of her curly brown pussy hair. Ben told Susan to take her top off and she did as instructed. His hands were sliding up to her pussy and he asked her to play with her breasts and nipples which she did. Sally said it turned her on more to watch her room mate touch and massage herself and she grabbed John’s cock even more firmly. Ben began to finger fuck Susan and she was withering all over the bed which was really turning Sally on more.

John asked Ben to stop and he rose from the bed and said “Girls we’d like to watch you two make out”…Sally said “whoa, we aren’t like that” and he said “oh come on just once, we‘ll never tell anyone”. Both men were stroking their cocks and Susan rolled to her side and said “oh come on Sally just once, it‘ll be fun”. Sally rolled to Susan and they touched lips and as soon as their lips touched their mouths opened and the tongues were swirling against the others. Sally said she reached down to touch Susan’s pussy as Susan did the same to her and they began to finger fuck the other.

Both girls were deeply fingering the others wet pussy and touching the others clit like only women know how. The girls were really starting to get into it and the guys were loving it. Both girls lost track of the men and was fingering one another passionately and moaning loudly and kissing like wild women.. John then grabbed Susan and maneuvered her into a 69 position on Sally. She said she started to get up but the hot smell of Susan’s pussy made her even more hot, She felt Susan’s tongue on her pussy lips and she drove her tongue deep into Susan’s pussy causing her to grind into her lips and tongue harder. They both quickly achieved an orgasm and collapsed onto the bed still holding onto the other in the 69 position. Susan moved along side of Sally and they kissed lightly.

Both men clapped and John said “more fun is on the way” . He told Susan to rest and he went to Sallys side of the bed with hard cock in hand and told her to suck him, she needed no encouragement and took it deep into her mouth as she sucked him long and hard.. She sucked his balls into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them, licking his ball sack and repeated the long slow sucking she was giving him. Her tongue swirled around his cock head and sucked him deeply many times. Ben went to the foot of the bed and gently pulled her legs apart and positioned himself between her legs. She arched her back and felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her already wet pussy and he slid it slowly into her making her really suck hard on John’s cock.

Susan was fingering herself with one hand and rolling her nipple with the other while she watched Sally's mouth and pussy at work. Both men got into a tempo as they fucked her pussy and mouth. Her hands were holding the shaft of Johns cock and she was moaning as she sucked,. Ben let his cock slide out of her pussy which made her grind her hips searching for the hardness, he lifted her hips and legs upward and let the tip of his cock touch her asshole and slowly entered her ass. Sue really liked to be fucked in the ass. John seeing what Ben was doing suddenly climaxed and filled her mouth full of hot cum and she swallowed as much as she could and letting the rest flow down her chin and neck.. She pushed downward on Bens cock driving it into her ass deeper. Her mouth lost Johns cock and she screamed “ Awwwwwwwww God please fuck my ass, oh god fuck it hard“. Ben was pounding into her ass, the others watching as her legs were held high and Ben’s cock impaling her ass. Susan was climaxing just from watching this and John went over to her and pushed his cock into her mouth and she greedily sucked it in.

Sally had a face covered with cum and Ben pulled out of her ass moved to the side of the bed and shot his load over her breasts and face. Sally rubbed it all over herself as she again climaxed. She and Ben laid on the bed and rested as they watched Susan suck Johns cock. He pulled it out and let his load shoot into her opened mouth. Everyone laid back and rested and even being a bit embarrassed by what they had done both girls were still hot. The guys were sure happy with what had occurred.

John said he had always wanted to fuck Sally while in school but the wait was worth it. Ben said “yeah your ass is great too”. She laughed and said things had changed a bit and she wasn’t a prude. Ben broke in and said “girls you sure like to fuck right?” Both nodded and agreed. He asked “okay have you ever been with more than 2 guys before?” Both girls said this was the first time for even with 2 and they even liked it. John saw where it was going and asked, “what about having more than 2 guys at once?” Sue and Susan said they never really thought about it.

John said “I can make a call and have a group of guys here in ½ hour”. Susan said “you mean pulling a train?” and He said “oh hell yes”. Sally asked Susan if she was serious and Susan said “yes but only if the guy watch out for us and stop when we want to”. Sally said “well okay but if we get scared you have to stop”. Ben suggested they shower and he started calling his friends. The girls showered and washed all the cum off one another’s body.

John asked them to wait in the bathroom until he called for them. About ½ hour went by and Sally could hear the door opening and closing. After a while John asked the girls to remain nude and come into the living room, embarrassed they walked to the room and they saw a room full of men, there was standing room only and everyone yelled and was amazed at the girls good looks and bodies. Both girls sensed this admiration and sort of teased them a little. The men ranged from white, a couple blacks, a oriental and even a Spanish looking guy.

Ben announced “Okay guys the girls are not sluts, they want to experience this once, no abuse, no physical harm, no telling everyone later, OK?” They all agreed. Ben asked the girls to kiss, Susan turned to Sally and they melted into the others arms and kissed while the guys yelled approval. When the kiss was over he e****ted the girls to the bedroom, laid them down and a line formed in the hall, in walked the first guys.

Sally began by sucking a guy as another started sucking her nipples, Susan was rolled onto her knees and a guy entered her while a guy sat in front of her as she sucked his cock. The guy Sally was sucking moved her and he laid down and pulled her onto his cockand he began fucking her and pulling her face downward to kiss her.

This cock slid up and deep into her, she felt a cock at her ass. She couldn’t object so she backed into it and it slid in her hot ass. Another guy joined the duo and she started sucking his cock. The cock in her ass and the one in her pussy got into a rhythm and other cock that was in her mouth was probing her throat. Sally glanced over at Susan and saw that she was sucking a huge black cock and had both hands holding it as it gagged her by going so deep in her mouth. Another guy was fucking her while the hallway seemed to stay full.

The man in her ass and pussy climaxed at the same time, their cum intermingling together as it escaped her ass and pussy. The one in her mouth erupted also. They all withdrew and she was laid back and others took they turns with her. She saw a black guy walk over to her and recognized him as one who made rude, sexual and snide remarks to her in school.

He told everyone to leave her to him alone. He said “I always wanted your white pussy but you’d not have anything to do with me so now you are mine” She started to get a bit scared and looked at Susan who also seemed scared. He lowered his pants to reveal a cock that took her breath away, it was about 11” long and as wide as her wrist.. He said “bitch suck this cock”, she slowly grabbed it with both hands and the head wouldn’t fit her mouth but she somehow got it partly in her mouth and she felt her pussy getting hot while she sucked him. He told Susan to come over and lick his balls while he fucked Sally's mouth which she did. Everyone was yelling and encouraging the girls which made them both Horney and anxious to do what they were told. This went on for a few minutes and Sue’s mouth was aching from the size of his cock.

He told Susan to sit on the side of the bed and suck everyone’s cock that came to her which she started to do. He told Sally to stop and lay back which she did. She felt totally in his control and he placed a pillow under her hips placing her open pussy visible to all the other guys who looked on. He grabbed some lube from the table and smeared it on her already sore pussy making it tingle to his touch. The black guy got between her legs and she felt herself sliding towards his cock. The tip of it touched her pussy and she climaxed from that, not being deterred he slowly slid the monster into her pussy. She didn’t think it would go but somehow it did and bottomed out with only ¾ of it in her. For some reason her climaxes were coming one after another, he began a fucking motion and her legs were held high in the air by the men, her head moving side to side until a hard cock touched her lips which she engulfed. The black guy fucked her for a long time and she felt it twitch and it erupted so much cum that it streamed out of her pussy. The guy she was sucking erupted also and she swallowed what she could. She collapsed and the black guy withdrew from her pussy making a loud sucking sound which again made her climax.

She glanced at Susan and saw her sitting on a cock as another one fucked her ass. She was holding another cock. They fucked her and cummed all over her. Sue couldn’t do anything else and was sore so she told Ben she was thru. He said “okay” and the men went to Susan instead. Sally watched Susan get fucked by all the guys until she could only lay there while they fucked her. John announced to all that the night was over and they all told the girls thanks and left. John fucked Sue once more and Ben fucked her sore ass. They left and Sally and Susan fell asl**p.

At the end of the week Sue got a call from someone who heard about the evening and asked if they wanted to come to a party of frat guys at the nearby college. She declined and this was never experienced again.... Continue»
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face in the dirt

I'd been seeing this guy from work. This was our first time together. He was cute, young, err younger than me. I was almost 30 when i met him, he was early 20s I'm guessing. He never told me. He was the security guard at a fancy hotel where I worked part time. I saw him everyday when going in and out on the days I worked there. I knew he was interested as he punched my parking ticket or validated my parking or whatever. He was always polite but I noticed him always staring at my breasts. I have to admit, I was flattered, even though my mind kept thinking, uh hey my eyes are up here. He was awfully sexy. I wouldn't mind having a go but never thought he'd bite. He knew I was married (not that mattered to me and my husband but some are weird about that). Eventually he offered to walk me to my car one day and while we were in the parking garage we started making out like teenagers. He asked me out the next day and I was only thinking thank god you grew some balls (or got hard enough while we were making out the day before ;). So he and I went out for dinner a few days later. He was complete gentleman, nice, almost too nice but I couldn't help myself from trying to gently push him. God he was hot. After dinner we went back to his house. We were kissing and making out on the couch. I was rubbing his dick through his pants and he broke off. I was sort of stunned beginning to wonder if this young hot guy was starting to diss me, but he said 'shit, I forgot, I need to take my parents dog out. I completely forgot. I promised i'd take care of the mongrel while they were away" I'm an a****l lover and chided him for calling it a mongrel and said lets go take him for a walk. We took the dog out for a walk. It was nice. A stroll in the night air with the dog. Him being attentive and loving. Felt almost like being a teen again with my boyfriend. Holding hands, kissing. I kept snuggling against him. He brushed my hair aside and kissed my neck. Then we were kissing and making out with a fervor. He pushed me back against a tree as we were kissing. I was rubbing his dick trying to undo his pants as he took my shirt off. He started to kiss my breasts as he worked to undo my bra. And I'll never forget this, he undid my bra and my breasts sprang free. Then he said as he looked at my girls, omg those are beautiful. Maybe it was him or the moment or the way he said it but I sort of swooned in his arms at those words. He kissed and suckled my nipples as he fumbled with my pants getting them down.

So there I was leaning back against a tree, naked, pants around my ankles. Looking up at this tall k** with his shirt off my chest heaving. I grasped his hand and said, "whats wrong?". "Nothing" he said, "Just admiring you". A sort of shyness came over me at the moment and I turned to the tree trying to hide myself a little.

"Oh please, i'm not that good."

"Yes you are."

I blushed a little. I've fucked lots of people but hadn't been romanced quite like this in a long while. He stroked my face with one hand while the other ran gently along my side. I looked at him and we kissed. "Do you want to screw me?" i asked.

He nodded and kissed me again. I got his pants down as we were kissing and held onto his firm butt. He kept sucking my breasts as I moaned and jerked him off.

"Please, I want to," I said. I don't know if he understood what i meant but he let me switch positions with him and guided him so he was back against the tree. I looked up at him and kneeled down before him taking his cock into my mouth. I didn't really get a good look before but as I was sucking his hard dick, it was bigger than i expected. I cupped his balls and licked the shaft up and down. He moaned and then held my head and made me look up. "Please stop, you'll make me cum."

"I want you to cum"

"I don't want to yet, if i'm going to cum. I'd rather doing it making love to you."

I stopped and looked up at him. I was holding his dick and had a sort of slack jawed disbelief as I looked up. "Please."


"You know I'm married. I don't want to make love to anyone but my husband. I just want to fuck and have fun right now. ok?"

I think I squeezed his dick a little more, he looked a little bewildered but nodded slowly. I smiled and went back down on his dick sucking all I could trying to milk it. He kinda killed my mood for the moment but I was on a mission at that point. I wanted to make him cum and cum he did. Surprised me how fast and hard it came. I swallowed some but pulled off and the rest shot onto my face (in my eye no less) and on my breasts. He had a gallon I bet. Maybe not a gallon but alot. My face and breasts were covered in it. I started to wipe my face but he caught my hand. He held it tightly and grabbed my hair and made me look up. He had a fierce look in his eyes that made me a little frightened. "You just want to fuck right?"

I nodded slowly still a bit scared at the look in his eye and the tight grip he had on my wrist. "Fine, keep sucking slut. Get me hard again." I thought oh fuck what did I do now. I've never heard such anger in a voice that had just cum. He was hurting my wrist but I didn't know what else to do so I went back to sucking him till he got stiff again. When he was fully hard he pulled me by my hair off him and f***ed me to look up into those scary eyes. "You said you only wanted to fuck?" I nodded not quite sure why, I'm not sure I did anymore. With a hold of my hair he turned me around and pushed me to the ground. I was kinda limp and frightened not knowing what to do or what he wanted. Laying there on the ground with my face in the dirt I felt him behind me. He layed on top of me gripping my wrists and whispered in my ear "still wanna fuck?"

I didn't know what to say or do and only let out a incoherent mumble. I could feel him entering me. Slowly at first till he was all the way in. He stopped then and lay against me. He kissed my neck and I could feel a sort of tenderness in it. "Tell me how bad you want to be fucked"

"Please fuck me, I need your dick. Make me cum" I panted. He fucked me harder and harder with each thrust. This was probably the weirdest time in my whole sexual life, at least at that time. I was still a bit scared and he was gripping my wrists hard but at the same time I was really horny and loving it. He kept pounding away and my face was moving with each thrust a little bit more in the ground. I was panting and spitting dirt some with each thrust but I was also close to cumming. He finally let go of my wrists and grabbed my hips as he continued his onslaught of my cunny. There was a rock grinding into my left tit that hurt as he kept fucking me but I did cum. I had an amazing orgasm. I yelled and yet he kept fucking me. I was out of energy and just lay there limp. He came in me a minute or so later and slumped down on top of me breathing hard.

"Is that what you wanted slut?"

I didn't have a whole lot of energy at that moment but managed a feeble "mhmm."

He rolled me over, I had no energy or desire to resist at that point. I could feel his sperm leaking out of me and down my butt. He carressed my face and tits and kissed me. "You got what you wanted?" I nodded weakly. "Good, give me what I've always wanted then." I was really unsure at that point. "What do you want?" I asked. He didn't answer but just straddled me and put his dick in my face. "I think I have enough for one more. Make it happen."

I was so worn out. I had been fucked good and dirt was sticking to my face and breasts where he came earlier but I was completely vulnerable as he was on top of me holding my wrists again. I weakly licked the head of his dick and sucked some more as he moaned. "Come on slut suck me hard. You can do it." I was strangely turned on by it but still didn't have a lot of energy. "Come on come on yeah, i know you want another facefull of cum" he kept saying. Tired as I was his talk and f***efullness were turning me on again. When he was hard again after what seemed like a year of sucking he pulled out of my mouth. "Finally" he said. "This is what I've always wanted to do since I met you." I was still unsure and a bit scared of him even though he totally turned me on. "Just shut up slut and do your thing" He moved a bit lower and placed his cock between my tits. Then I knew, it wasn't the first time someone had wanted to fuck my tits, certainly wasn't the last. So I tried to give him my best smile and pressed my girls together. He began to fuck my tits. My own cum and saliva giving him lubrication as I leaned my head up to suck his head as he titty fucked me. He began to moan louder and pick up pace that I couldn't really keep up with sucking him as he fucked my tits. It seemed a while, 20 minutes or more I'm guessing till he came again exploding all over my breasts and face, again. He stood up a bit wobbly. "Thanks," was all he said as he put on his pants. "See you at work" and walked away. I just lay there in the dirt for a few minutes trying to gather myself feeling his cum dry on my body. Shit I must look a mess I thought. I reached over for my pants searching for my phone to call my husband and asked him to come pick me up. I was too tired and sore to drive.

I went to work the next day. He e****ted me to my car on my way out. I tried to be cordial and friendly but part of me was still afraid of him. Didn't matter. Most of me was still excited by him. He pushed me down over the hood and fucked me good again. That was our workday routine for the most part after that. Sometimes he just facefucked me in the garage leaving a spray of cum on my face. Sometimes we fucked in the backseat of my car me on top usually or him doing me doggie with my ass hanging out the door as he plowed me. A couple times he made me stay with him in his little security guard booth. I sucked his dick while people drove in and out. I don't think they could see me but some of our co-workers must have known. ... Continue»
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Sex in the f****y

Fucking my Son

Sex is for kittens, fucking is for mothers with son's with big cocks. I had a glimpse of my son's cock as I went from the bathroom to the laundry, he was going to have a shower and the towel didn't quite cover his erect cock, and it was erect from the tent he was making, or, he wanted to be seen. The head was big, red, nearly purple and showing between the folds of the white towel d****d around his hips.

I didn't realize just how much I had missed sex until that moment, I wanted sex badly, a big cock in my pussy, or my mouth, or even in my hand.
My pussy got wet..., Fuck..., if I needed a cock, why not my son's.

There were just the two of us at home now, I had not thought of intercourse for a while and had not dated, too much trouble, too many hassles, that didn't mean I had stopped thinking about sex, I still played with my clit most nights, I still had the urge.

My thoughts had been wandering that morning, I had been thinking about the weather and the washing, would it get dry, just the usual mother things, when I saw his stiff cock, well, the head. My thoughts wandered again, how it would feel, sliding in....

But this was my son, i****t, the worst sin, or was it. He must have known I would be in the hallway before he came out, I was singing. He must have known he wasn't fully covered. Did he want me to see, did he want to show his cock off for me.

Lunch was a strained affair for me, my son with his cutoff shorts and a tight tee shirt was looking hot, even to me, his mother, god, he was a hunk. All male and full of hormones when he emptied the trash, tight buns and well toned legs, great chest.

That evening I wanted to find out where this was leading or could lead, so I changed into a pair of shorts that were really too tight but showed my ass, no panties and a cutoff top, no bra. When I bent over my tits would be on display.

As it was still a hot night, add a bit of sweat and my nipples would show, hard and tight. Let's see if Jake notices. I was going to pay attention to his cock, maybe I could brush my tits against him, accidentally of course, I wanted to see if he got a hard on for his mother.

The meal was gone and the cleaning up had happened before my chance to find out what was going to become of my plan, I turned around and walked, stumbled into Jake standing close behind me. He caught me around the waist, talk about an accidental encounter, but his hand held my breast beautifully, and he squeezed.

I looked into his eye's and smiled. He didn't take his hand away, so I leaned into his embrace, there was no need for words as I covered his hand with mine.
He squeezed my breast again and asked if I was okay.

What the fuck, okay, I was better than okay but I had to ask if he liked my tits, this was going better than I thought. This is where I find out, does my son want me as much as I want him. His cock.

Jake smiled back and lightly traced a finger along my breast to my nipple.“They are beautiful. Did you dress for me tonight?”. He asked.

“Did you show your cock for me this morning”. I replied, and for the first time saw Jake blush. "Do you like holding my breasts? Would you like to suck on them again?. I don't have any milk but I'm sure you would make me happy".

“I have heard you moan at night and figured you were masturbating, I wanted to help, I tried to come up with a way to help...., give you some cock. This morning.., well, everything fell into place. I didn't have to worry, the towel was just right and I hoped you would see my cock. God I was hard thinking about you”. I have been thinking about you for a while now, how sweet your pussy would be, how you would like my cock. I was hoping we could get together and take care of each other..., you know?”.

“Do you want to fuck your own mother, put your cock in her snatch?”. I asked, hoping for a yes and reaching for his cock.
“Well, I was thinking about something else, not that beautiful hard cock when I saw you this morning, and yes, I dressed for dinner thinking about you, now, your cock is straining to get free, why don't we get out of these clothes and find out, my pussy is getting wet with all this talk and your cock can take care of one problem”.

“What's the other problem?”. My beautiful son asked in all innocence as I took his cock out of his shorts. I held it in my hand and pulled back the foreskin, it grew harder and a drop of precum appeared, perfect. Hard, wet and ready to fuck me.

“To get your mothers pussy ready for your big cock, and I can see it's a big cock, you need to work your tongue in my cunt first, I want you to lick me, put your tongue in my pussy and suck my clit.Get me even wetter, we are going to fuck heaven together, I am going to have this big cock in my mouth then my pussy. From now on we are going to fuck and suck each silly”.

“God mom, I haven't had a female suck me, do you really want my cock in your mouth?, I mean, you want to suck my cock?, oh fuck, yeah, I want to suck your tit's and your pussy, tell me how to please you, lick you".

“When it comes to good sex, whatever you and your partner want is good, if you feel good sucking and licking her pussy, that's fine, if she feels good sucking and licking your cock, well, all the better, even licking her ass is okay. It's even better if you both do it, would you like me to lick your ass?, would you lick mine?".

Rolling his hard cock in my hand as we talked gave me all the go ahead I needed, my son and I were going to have sex.

From what Jake had said, I was going to be the teacher, I loved the thought of bringing my son into the real world of sex, fuck, I was so horny, my son would never know what hit him. I was going to get some cock, no, better, We were going to fuck.

”Come on Jake, from now on you are sl**ping with me..., as long as we aren't fucking each other, sucking, licking, whatever.... Sex education belongs at home and I am going to give you Sex Ed like you have never known”.
I led my son by his cock to my bed, we were going to have sooooo much fun.

I took my top off as we walked toward my bedroom and told Jake he would have to take the rest off, my pussy was so wet my shorts stuck to my lips and gave me an extra thrill as we stood before the bed. "Right now we are hot and horny, so you need to strip and just stick your cock in my cunt and fuck the living daylights out of me, then I can teach you all the good bits, okay".

"Damn mom, it's all I can think of, the feel of your pussy around my cock, my lips sucking your tits, fuck yeah, lets do it".

Jake peeled out of his clothes faster than I could take my shorts off. He stood there with his cock standing erect watching as I straightened, I have never felt so horny or ready to fuck as right then, his cock was right in front of me and it was huge, dripping precum. I wanted to suck his cock, I wanted him to slam his cock in me, I wanted to hold it and play. Shit, I wanted everything.

I fell back onto my bed and opened my leg's, then opened my pussy lips. "Fuck me, stick your cock in your mothers cunt and fuck me". I was past all caring, I just wanted his cock, my son's cock, bad.
Jake didn't wait and fell across my body, I grabbed at his cock, pulling his foreskin back and guiding it toward my snatch, I wanted everything, his cock in my pussy, another cock to suck, even another cock in my ass. All these thoughts raced through my mind as I felt his cockhead slip into my cunt and I wrapped my leg's around Jake's hips. I was going to keep that lovely cock buried there forever. So full.

"Fuck mom, your pussy is soooo hot, is my cock big enough?, are you happy?".

"Happy, hell yes, Jake, you are going to fuck your mother every time your cock is hard, in the morning before breakfast on the counter, at lunch I will sit on your cock while we eat, and at night, we will do everything you or I can think of.
Don't you feel how good it feels, your cock is everything now. Your big cock in your mothers hot cunt. Fucking move it, fuck me.

Can a minute be an hour, can time stand still. I could feel my pussy pulse as the head of his cock moved in and out, the foreskin slipping back and forward seemed to increase the size of Jake's cock in one direction then decrease as he pushed in. Boy did he fill my hole, my pussy must have suffered from no sex for so long it was so sensitive, but I loved the extra feeling and the extra length.

My son had what every girl dreams about, a long, thick cock. Not to long, I felt his cockhead touch my womb at the top of his in stroke, and not to thick, but Jake did stretch me a little, a nice pleasure pain. Apart from the fact we had been so eager to get started Jake held a steady pace, arching his body to hit my clit with one stroke then changing so his balls hit my ass with the next, I think that's what sent me over the top the first time.

My pussy gripped his cock as I tightened my leg's, my nipples were as hard as Jake's cock and it took only a touch of his finger to light my fire for the first time in age's. My son's cock was way better than my finger, not only that, he kept going. I reached for his ass cheeks and squeezed as I headed up the hill again.

Jake was no two minute man, my pussy certainly knew it was being fucked as I came down from another climax. "Cum in me, fill your mothers pussy with your cum, fuck me silly Jake". I wanted that warm, filling sensation of a cock shooting cum in my hole.

I knew he was not sure of pumping his cum into his mother, but I wanted it and he needed release. I felt his balls and gave them a squeeze, trying to make it good for him as well. Again I had a vision of a cock in my ass, would Jake like that?. "After this, after you cum, you can stick your lovely cock in my ass, would you like to fuck your mother's ass, we can do it doggy style?".

It was enough, Jake stiffened and filled my cunt with his cum. He had pushed fully home and I felt the sudden warmth flood my pussy, a jerk and still more. Slowly out then I was slammed again, more cum. This was what we had both wanted, hot mother son sex. I had my son's big cock. He had his mothers hot cunt.
Now I would teach Jake about making love.

Just as we relaxed into each others arms the phone rang. Fuck it, but we both heard my s****r on the machine. She wanted to come over, Liz, her daughter had been caught doing something wrong, could I help.

Not fair, I was just getting my own life turned around, I grabbed my sons cock as he started to get up, "Don't even think about it, you are going to fuck my ass, if you want, you can think of your aunt as you fuck me, that's fine, but your cock is going up my ass, please. I want to feel your cock in my ass".

I turned doggie style and offered Jake my back passage, why had I thought about this, was it the dirty, naughty side of me. The slut, no, I really wanted his cock in my ass as I felt his cum pouring out of my pussy, oh boy did he need release, I was full.
Now I wanted my son to fuck my ass, I was as horny as when I first saw Jake's cock this morning, more, I wanted a good ass fucking.

I grabbed at his cock again, my god, he was super hard as well, Jake wanted to fuck my ass. Yes, we were going to do it, a cock, no, my son's cock in my ass. I teased the wet head against my puckered hole, my juice and his cum and pressed back.
Jake did not pull back, fuck, he pushed. I relaxed my asshole and pushed again.
He did it, his cockhead slipped in my ass. Oh the feeling, and it was just the head, I really wanted the whole length in there. The doorbell sounded, fuck fuck fuck!.

"Oh Jake, that feels so good, so right, we will do it again tonight, after my s****r has left, you are going to fuck my ass so good".

Reluctantly we got dressed, I gave Jake's cock a squeeze, latter and answered the insidious door bell,

When I opened the door I got the surprise of my life, my s****r was crying, holding Liz by the arm and burst out with, "My husband's fucking our daughter".
What the hell do you say to a statement like that?, does he like it?, does she like it?, do you like it?.

I was still feeling my son's cock entering my ass, I had better be careful here.
Jake was standing behind me and I felt his fingers in between my ass cheeks, sausy son, he's pushing a finger where his cock should be.

Shock kept my mouth from working as Sally explained what she had caught Liz doing. Sucking her father's cock. The finger digging in my ass didn't help, Jake was leaning over my shoulder. This was not a thing to be shared with the neighbours. "Come inside and we need to talk", I could not relax with that sort of news and my son's finger poking my ass, I needed space.

"What the hell happened", I asked when we were all in the kitchen, "No, wait", -who needs to hear this-, "Jake, take Liz, no, grab a cool drink and go out back, Sally and I will join you in a while".

"Sally, what the fuck have you been doing that your husband want's to fuck Liz. Don't you two have sex anymore. Can't you keep his cock for you and why come to me for help, my husband's been dead for three years for god's sake.
I'm not a marriage counsellor or even a good f****y doctor and I have problems of my own". I really didn't want to tell my s****r I had just fucked my son.

Sally was crying hard and the words didn't come out clearly at first but I began to get the gist of the story. Sally and Mike had been playing games, what if, just maybe, something to keep their sex life going. Sally had ignored the signs but Mike hadn't. He had gone ahead when Sally stopped, sex with his daughter, and Liz did not object, in fact she encouraged him. "She told me she liked her fathers cock, in her cunt or her mouth. What am I going to do?".

I had just fucked my own son, who could say right from wrong here, god his finger felt good playing with my ass. Get Sally back with Mike, leave Liz here, maybe we can talk, get Jake in bed with me tonight, oh yes!!!. My plan's were set, I still wanted my ass fucked and was feeling the itch, it needed scratching.
An hour since we fucked, it seemed forever, I wanted more cock.

Older s****r to the rescue, "Sally, go home and talk to Mike, take a hint, get undressed before, and ask him, why Liz and not you?. Be prepared for the answer, you may not like it!!!!. You have a chance, a second chance that I didn't, I lost my husband for good, don't waste it, find out why. Would Liz do something that you wouldn't.
If you love Mike, listen to what he's got to say".

After Sally left I took a deep breath, it won't help to lose yourself when there other problems. Find Jake and Liz.

After a stiff drink I went to check on the c***dren.

Damn, Liz was sucking Jake's cock in my back yard. Take a lessen from your own words, watch and wait. Liz seemed happy sucking on what I thought was now my cock. Could I join them, should I join them. Jake saw me watching and winked, he signaled me to come over.

I wanted his cock again so I walked causally over, what would happen next, I wanted his cock in my ass, would Liz help, would she hold his cock going in my ass. Would she be a cock hungry bitch or would she share. I also wanted to know about her father daughter sex, I was turned on again.
Could Jake and I talk to her about our own mother son sex.

Jake solved my worry when I heard him tell Liz that mom sucks harder, we hadn't even got to that part..., yet, god I loved my son.
Liz looked up and asked if he wanted a good suck, "just like I suck dad, hard and down my throat. I can swallow everything you can give me, good sweet cum".

"I would like to see you sucking a pussy", Jake winked at me again, "get your tongue deep in a pretty cunt while I put my cock in her ass".

"Would you like to see me lick a cunt while you fuck her ass, do you want me to put a finger in your ass while you fuck her, lick your cock while you are fucking her ass.

"If you really want to lick a pussy", Jake asked as Liz really went to town on his cock. "I have a pussy waiting for you".

"Liz, you are sucking my cock".

I couldn't stand it any more, I had to tell her that this was my cock, she would have to share it or lose it. "We can share, it's a lovely cock, but it's mine. You have your fathers cock and I have my son's, or..., do you want to bring your fathers cock for me.

"Oh yeah, daddy wants to fuck you too, with me holding your pussy open for him. We have talked of sharing, I want to suck you while daddy fucks you, I know your pussy will be so sweet and daddy's cock is so nice".

"It's getting late, why don't we all go inside. There are some things we need to talk about and some things we need to do that are better done inside..., sometimes".
Once inside I poured myself a drink, looking at the two of them I poured another two. "Start at the beginning and tell me what's happening with your f****y".

"It was about a month ago, I was doing my homework and mom was getting dressed to go out. Dad was reading the paper when mom came back into the kitchen in her bra and panties looking for something, dad patted her fanny and I think he wanted more, I could see him starting to get hard but mom left. Dad looked at me with a sad smile and went back to the paper".

"I thought it was unfair and when I heard mom leave I went to my room, took off my panties then went back and sat on dad's lap, moving about so my dress slipped up and he could see my bare pussy. I told dad that I was still here. I think he was a bit shocked at first, but then he put his arms around me and said thanks.

"I could feel his cock getting harder so I put his hand between my legs and asked if he wanted me to take care of things. It was so nice when he stroked my leg's and rubbed my pussy. I was wet just thinking about dad's cock and when his finger slipped in I knew we were going to fuck, that I would feel his cock for real".

This called for another drink, for all of us. When I turned back, Liz was holding Jake's cock, her panties pooled at her ankles and he was holding her dress up with his hand on her pussy.

"I think we should shave you mom, Liz looks real good with a bare pussy, I know you would too".

My son had turned out as sex starved as I was, Liz to. Maybe it was the time of the year, a full moon, we all wanted sex. I asked Liz to continue, I wanted to hear all the dirty details, like Mike wanting to fuck me.

"I was sick of all the bullshit about sex, hiding it from me, protecting me, so I asked dad if he wanted to fuck me, just the same as I asked Jake if I could suck him.
It's a lot easier if you come straight out and say things and it was. Dad was so nice that first time, -gentle, when I think he wanted hard sex-, that we have been fucking every time we can and we talk a lot more. We are a lot closer now.
Talking about everything, including sex, it was me who asked if he wanted to fuck you, I got a bit of a surprise when he told me he had seen you and mom naked.
And then..., He has wanted you for a long time Auntie, I just know you will love his cock.

I thought back to that day, all of us at the pool, Sally and I had been changing when Mike walked in, saw me undressed and walked out saying sorry. I didn't think he was sorry even then. Now, I thought about the lump in his pants I had seen so many times. Now, Liz has said he wants to fuck me.

"Okay, out loud so we have no misunderstanding, Jake and I were fucking when your mother interrupted us, in fact he had just got his cock head in my ass when you arrived and I want to continue. I don't think it's a good idea for you to go home tonight and if you and Jake want to fuck, well, I suppose I can share him tonight".
Liz was right, it was better out in the open.

"Dad suggested that you and I could get together, one on his cock while he licked the other and Jake could fuck mom, you know, all in the same room at the same time, I don't think he has known about you two but has thought it could happen. Just the two of you here all the time must lead to something, I know I would want this big cock".

How to change your life in a day, fuck your son, talk to your niece about fucking her father, a threesome with same and seeing your niece sucking your son's cock, don't forget being fucked in the ass. Why not finish on a high, a threesome with your niece and son. "Let's go to bed, all of us, one bed and have some fun".

It was a night to remember, dreams became reality and reality became dreams to think about, again and again. My niece sucking my pussy as my son fully penetrated my ass, watching my son and Liz fuck, both of us sucking his cock to get him hard for another hole, any hole. I really liked licking Jake's cock after he had cum in Liz, the taste of both of them so fresh, then to finish the day of new experiences, Liz and Jake spending ages sucking and licking me. We didn't get much sl**p.

* * *

But, Oh what a way to wake up, a long hard cock being teased into my pussy by my loving niece. I looked down to watch as Jake's cock disappeared from Liz and into my cunt, all of it, Jake held still as my pussy was stretched again, Liz rubbed my clit with a butterfly touch. I looked up and saw the love in my son's eyes. "Morning mom, love you". If I could freeze time, this would be the moment, I had never been happier.

As Jake started moving, oh so slowly, I felt even better as I asked Liz to lie beside me. I wanted to share this with her.
If I had had a daughter as well as a son I would have wanted Liz to be that daughter. "Take turns Jake, make love to both of us. Liz, it's so good first thing in the morning, I don't know if you and Mike have had the opportunity but you should try.
Things may change at home, I know you all need to talk. After..., if Sally is prepared to share your dad's cock..., well, Jake and I could join you".

Jake moved over Liz and I took over the job of guiding my son's cock into her pussy. It looked so good in the morning sunlight a thought slid into my mind. Jake and Liz married, all of us together, sex heaven. I needed to have a good talk to Sally, convince her Mike fucking Liz was not all bad.
I lay back thinking about Jake fucking Sally, Mike fucking me, closing my eyes to see it in my mind when I felt the heat of Jake's cock touch my pussy again. I looked down at his cock, hard and wet from our juice, my lips were full and open.

"Wake up, we haven't finished yet. Can I cum in your pussy or do you both want to suck me dry again?".Jake was rubbing his cock against my clit, I was going to climax as soon as he slid in and Liz was playing with my nipples, pinching them, making them stand.
Liz got into the action, "Cum in aunties pussy then I can suck it. I get the best of everything that way and you are right, sex first thing in the morning is great".

I felt Jake enter me and cum at the same time as I crashed into my climax.

Having Liz suck my nipples helped but hearing about what she wanted to do next brought it to an orgasm as I bucked against Jake's cock.

When I got my breath back and my heart had slowed a little I told Liz to lie on her back. I was going to sit on her face as Jake licked her. This idea of sexy talking really worked, so I kept going, telling Liz how I was going to talk to Sally, how I wanted to see Jake fucking her and added that she and I would gang up on Sally, playing with her breasts and clit while either Mike or Jake fucked her. Damn, why not go all the way, "Do you think your mother could take both cocks at the same time, could you, I certainly want to try it. Mike in my cunt and Jake in my ass".

All I could hear were muffled cries as Liz squirmed on the bed, her face buried in my pussy as Jake licked her and pushed his finger into her ass. Another good thing, both Liz and I liked ass fucking. I jumped a little as a finger entered mine.

Sitting at the breakfast bar naked seemed so natural for all of us, we hadn't had a shower yet and the smell of sex filled the kitchen, no, the whole house, the next part should come easy, we were all feeling sexy, so how were we going to convince Sally, did she need convincing. Had Mike done his thing, it was ten and no phone calls.

Liz was stroking Jake's cock as he toyed with her nipples when I got back from stripping the bed, talk about a wet spot, the sheets were soaked in cum.
We all jumped a little when the phone rang. I put it on the speaker and put my finger to my lips, they were to be quiet.
It was Sally and once she started we couldn't get a word in anyway.

"It was my fault, we had talked about things but I thought it was only fantasy, you know, make the sex better and it began when Mike had wanted sex before I went out, Liz did what I should have. I can't blame either of them, you know, something naughty but nice. It should have been me but Mike still loves me and I hope Liz does. We talked for hours, something we haven't done in ages but the best part, I took your advice and was naked. I was sitting on his cock as we talked, it was funny and sexy at the same time, we have been making love all night. We haven't done that in years.
Mike also told me he and Liz talked more, you know, felt closer and about some of the things they had talked about, I had no idea he wanted to make love to you just the same as I had no idea of what was going on. I really listened, I mean really listened and we talked about asking you over, you know, to ask if you would want to. I know it's a bit of a shock and you can say no..., but..., I don't want to lose Mike, or Liz.
So we really need to talk and I thought it would be easier for you on the phone, I hope I haven't embarrassed you...., you can say no". Sally finially stopped for a breath and I jumped in.

"Sally, Liz Jake and I have been fucking ourselves silly since you left and Liz told us what had happened. Yes you heard right, Jake and I have had sex..., now Jake and Liz have. It's not wrong to have feelings but it is wrong to bottle them up, or ignore them.
Your daughter has shown me it's good to get it out, up front.
She told about Mike wanting me and I am flattered more than upset, she also told me he has a great cock. Bitch, you have been keeping it all to yourself.
Mike has never been rude to me, never been more than a perfect b*****r in law and I would like to go the next step..., just to be fair I would like to see Jake's cock in your pussy. Mike and Liz want this to happen..., at the same time, in the same room so there are no secrets. I hope I haven't embarrassed you, you can say no".

Liz jumped in as soon as I stopped. "Mom, I still love you, sex with dad is just the icing on the top of a great f****y and now I know it is a great f****y. Aunty licks my pussy as good as Jake and daddy...., and you really, I mean, really need to feel Jake's cock, in your hand as I have right now or your mouth as I did this morning but it's best in your pussy and I want to have sex with you and daddy in the morning.
It's a great way to wake up".

Silence, Liz closed her eyes but kept a hold of Jake's cock, he was looking at me, unsure of what was going to happen. I was fairly sure he would want to fuck Sally but hadn't asked him direct, damn, where was Mike.

Heavy breathing..., "Do you want to watch Jake fucking me", Sally asked.

We all took a deep breath, it was going to be okay, better than okay, fucking brill'lant.

"Mike's away for a couple of hour's..., can I come over now, for a coffee........, or something".

"Can you bring me some panties please, the others are a bit .....wet", Liz asked.

"Now's good, we were just about to have a shower, Jake's got a lot of cum to wash off but should be finished by then. Liz, let go his cock or there will be nothing left for your mom", the last was uttered loud enough to get Sally's attention

Very heavy breathing....., "See you soon", I could just see Sally dropping the phone as she bolted for the door. It would be a fast trip.

The pleasure of being a mother, my mind was wool gathering again, change the sheets on the bed, air out the house or leave the scent for Sally, what a scandal, my son fucking me, my son fucking my s****r, was it only yesterday that all this started with a glimpse of Jake's cock, all my tumbled thoughts s**ttered as Liz rubbed her hand up my leg.
"We can gang up on mum as you said, what part do you want. I want to suck her pussy, if we are going to be a big happy sexy f****y I need to get mum in the mood, like, f****y sex. I've had daddy's cock now I have to balance things with mom before you and I gang up on him. You are going to love his cock".

"You can suck her but I want to hold her lips open and feed Jake's cock in. I think for the first time we will let Jake fuck her alone, we can suck each other beside them, do you really want to hold my pussy open for Mike?, feed your father's cock in".

I waited, hoping for the best until Liz gave me a hug, "I can't get enough of watching a cock enter a pussy, I think it's the best sight ever.
Dad and I have done it in front of a mirror so we could both see, the way the head slides in, pushing the lips apart. The best is seeing and feeling, then the cock fills you up, it's just sooo good.

That fucking doorbell did it's thing again. Just when Liz and I had got to the good bits, interruption. If it was Sally, well, okay, but a door to door salesperson was going to get an earful. As it happened Jake called out that he would get it, Liz and I looked at each other then ran to the hallway. We both wanted to be there if it was Sally.

Jake looked like the man any female would want, cutoff shorts and no top as he answered the door, god I was proud of my son. He opened the door and there was Sally, ready to fuck, there was no other way to describe her, short shorts and a top open to expose her breasts. Liz and I stopped to watch what was going to happen.

Jake, ever the gentleman, opened the door wider and just about bent in the middle looking at her breasts and invited Sally in, "Hi Aunty, nice to see you".

The look on Sally's face went from surprise to want in seconds as Liz and I watched.

"Jake, I....., was going to talk to your mother, we...,

"Would you like to see my cock? Liz and mom like it".

What an ice breaker, Sally stood there, her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, "I...., yes...., um".

We didn't have to do or say anything as Jake unzipped his shorts and let them fall, he didn't have any underwear on and his cock stood, straight and tall in front of Sally, "Would you like to touch it?".

Sally still hadn't seen us, she was so intent looking at the cock in front of her, time stopped. I thought this was a good time for Liz to start and pushed her ahead.

"Go ahead and touch him, Jake has a beautiful cock and it feels so good in my pussy, I know you will love it, it's as big as dad's and will fill your pussy, and it's better, it's..., It's your nephews cock".

Four people standing in a hallway filled with silence, what would happen next.
Sally dropped to her knees and put my son's cock in her mouth, licking and sucking. "Please, will you make love to me, now, and then with Mike watching, please!".

My s****r was a cock slave as well, fuck heaven, shit, life was going to be good on earth as well, but I had better get going if I wanted hold my son's cock as he entered Sally, Liz was helping her mother strip and rubbing her breasts as I stood beside Jake holding his cock. "Sally, a lot of things have happened and a lot more can, but you need to tell us, you need to be able to ask, to want without saying..., it's wrong.
Take a page from your daughter's book, out loud and up front, talk about what turns you on and what you want but shut the bl**dy door first".

"Shit" and the door banged shut, "It's all of it, you know, the the whole sex thing. I have taken so much for granted, a loving husband, a f****y, my place. It's so turned around I don't know were to go!, can you help?, can all of you help?, please".

I didn't want Sally to take off on one of her talk feasts so I butted in, "Sally, sex is beautiful, it seems to me now, it doesn't matter who you are having sex with, it's still beautiful. My son, your daughter, all of it, if you care about the feelings.
I have and my son has shown me more care and love than ever I could have thought, just with his cock entering my pussy. Your daughter has shown and taught me how important words are, with feeling and love.
You can join us and you, Mike and Liz will be better off, just be open.
Now, do you want Jake's cock, do you want to fuck my son?".

"Oh god yes, my pussy is still throbbing from Mike but I want more. I want us to be a f****y again and I mean you and Jake as well. I love Mike and Liz but can't that love include my s****r and her son?. Can love and sex be the same thing?".

"Jake's cock is going to enter your pussy and then you will know that it can.
He's so gentle, even with a big cock, but you will know the love, besides...., I want to marry Jake". Liz surprised me again with the depth of her understanding and feelings.
"Then I want to fuck you and daddy".

Sally was by now nude and I led them to my bed, Jake was smiling as Liz told her mother how I was going to guide my son's cock into her cunt, no polite words here, just the truth. Sally sat down and Liz and I started to work her, me on her pussy and Liz on her breasts as Jake waited for the time to join us.

Sally lay back with a sigh, "Now, can I feel Jake's cock NOW, please, I'm so ready".

I opened Sally's leg's further and beckoned Jake to come in. Her pussy lips in one hand and Jake's cock in the other, I nearly lost the plot. It was going to happen, my son was going to fuck my s****r and I was in control. Jake was as hard as when he entered my ass but I gave his cock another squeeze and he looked at me.
The same look as this morning, love, shared love.
My heart swelled as I guided his cock home. Life could not get better as I watched his cock disappear.

Liz was right, there was nothing to beat that sight, a cock penetrating a hot wet pussy, my own pussy pulsed with the thought and Liz was right there. Touching and rubbing like she was born to it.
I pulled her slender body over mine and returned the touch, maybe with more fire as Liz moaned into my breasts. "Did you see it, did you see Jake's cock go into mom's pussy, isn't it great watching a big cock go home?'.

Liz and I watched as Jake fucked Sally, we had forgotten each other as the loving connection increased speed. Sally was all over the bed as Jake tried to keep a steady action and finally Sally found her volume control. I don't think any porn movie had quite the same action.
Sally telling Jake to fuck her harder, asking us...., telling us to play with her tits, her pussy, make her cum.

Liz and I watched as her mother thrashed about, trying to get more cock, wanting to get higher. Liz squeezed her nipples and I rubbed her pussy when another of those strange thoughts entered, a finger in her ass was just what she needed. Putting deed to thought I pushed against her ass hole and got a squeal in response. My god, three females that liked ass fucking. My finger entered and I saw Liz spear Jake.

"Jake, you have another ass to fuck, your cock is going in your aunt's ass", words, action, whatever, Sally hit her high with a scream. Scared the living shit out of me, I didn't know my s****r was so vocal when making love. This from a woman who did not talk about sex, who, by her inaction had lead to her husband fucking their daughter.
Maybe the talk with Mike had done some good, thinking about Mike got my juices going good, something to look forward to, another cock, my b*****r in law fucking me. Not to mention watching him fuck his daughter or fucking us both.Yeah, fuck heaven.

Where the FUCK was Mike............

... Continue»
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Fucked In a Sex Theatre

My older lover, Jeff had educated me in many ways in his world of sexual deviance. But one memory that lingres in my mind is the following.

I was old enough to have sex at s*******n but not old enough to visit an adult sex shop. Jeff told me to just stay with him & be quite as he took me into the adult shop just a few blocks from the city cente.

He held my hand as we looked through the endless display of erotic dvd'd, sex toys lotions & clothes, the shop was so tasetful, colourful & fun, I felt safe yet mildly aroused.

Jeff told me to look at some of toys, maybe pick out something we could play with a little later he said he had to go to the counter to ask a question.

Jeff returned a few minutes later with two tickets in his hand, I asked him what they were for & he said they were for the Adult Theatre downstairs, he had brought us a ticket each & told me to follow him.

We reached the back of the shop where a bright red door blocked our entrance, I looked behind & saw a female shop attendant smile & wave as she pressed a button which made the door in front of us unlock.

I looked back at the flourescent coloured lights in the shop, the fun toys & games, the friendly staff & thought this is cool, lets just go with it.

I followed Jeff through the door & as it cosed behind us the bright lights left us, we were now walking down a dark stairwell for what felt like two floors entering a room that was dimly lit & had the obvious sounds coming from it of someone having sex. I felt apprehensive but Jeff pulled me along by the hand like a rag doll. As I entered the room I saw a pretty but very skinny & very young girl getting her naked arse & pussy stretched to the limit by two massive black cocks on a 42 inch televison. There were three leather looking lounge chairs in this room, most had rips or tears in them there was also another man in the room sitting on once of the couches, he seemed oblivious to us, he had his pants around his ankles & his erect cock in his hand that he was stroking quite furiously, on the chair beside him were a bunch of tissues. The room smelt stale, musty & I wanted to just get out of there.

Jeff led me deeper into the dark building, we walked past four smaller video booths each playing a different video, one was of a pregnant lady being fucked in the arse whilst sucking on another cock, the next booth had a pretty girl with great breasts and a massive cock sucking off 3 dudes, the next two booths had gay videos playing, as I walked past I could clearly see a guy in one booth, on his knees sucking on the cock of the guy in the booth next to his through a hole in the booth.

I had never witnessed live sex acts before yet within minutes of being here I had seen a guy wanking & anther gay guy giving head, the smell of the room made me feel ill & I started to feel a little uneasy.

Jeff however seemed right at home, he led me into the main theater where there was a massive screen playing a movie where a super sexy girl with incredible tits & a very firm arse was being fucked by an equally handsome man with one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, he was fucking her from behind as another hot girl licked at her pussy & his cock as they fucked, her fingers deep inside her spread shaved & very wet pussy lips.

Jeff sat down & told me to sit with him, soon he had his cock out & asked me to play with it, I really didnt want to be here but its best to keep Jeff happy hes not nice to be around when he gets upset, also he does have a really nice hard cock. I reached over & started to rub his cock slowly up & down, it felt big in the dark & he was certainly turned on. I self consciouly looked around & saw two guys standing in the aisle watching us, one was rubing his crotch through his jeans the other clearly had his cock out & was masterbating.

Jeff reached over & put his hand on my thigh, slowly inching it up till he reached my panties, I must admit by now I was starting to get a little moist & the touch of his warm fingers on my shaved lips was electryfying.

I slightly parted my legs as he eased his fingers inside of me.

I soon forgot where I was & was raising my legs onto the chair spreading them wider to accommodate jeffs fingers deep inside of me, the once moouldy smelling filth filled my nostrils & seemed to be working on a more primitive level to enhance my sexual libido, I told Jeff I wanted to suck his cock, he motioned for us to move to one of the private booths but I said no, I want to suck you right here, as the huge cock on the screen erupted cum over the two hot girls mouths & faces as they moaned in ecstacy I took Jeffs throbbing cock deep into my own mouth, cupping his balls & stroking his shaft as he moaned in delight. There was now at least 6 naked men watching us all stroking their cocks, I looked around in the dim theatre & took in the view, the cocks ranged from average, to thick to timy but they were all erect & all excited.

Jeff managed to get my top off & remove my skirt & undies, Jeff is quite strong & muscular & has an awesome cock by far the biggest here at least, he picked me up turned me around & Lowered me on to his stiff cock whilst he stood facing the theatre, he held my legs wide apart, my pussy was steched wide, dripping & glistening & on display as the video played in the background, the moans from the lovers on the scren behind me just made me more anamalistic & I raised my hips up & down taking evey inch of Jeffs erection deep inside my tight s*******n year old pussy.

A few guys moved closer & one or two tried to touch me but Jeff said quite sternly to them that I was his, they could watch but not touch.

Soon there was at least 20 naked men standing in a half circle, one knelt in front of me watching so closely I could feel his breath on my pussy & i am sure Jeff could feel it on his balls but he was respectfull & did not touch, Jeff put me down & bent me over one of the chairs in the cinema he entered me from behind & as he pumped deep inside of me, my face came within inches of at least 6 stiff hard, dripping cocks, the guys were getting hotter & hotter wacthing the show, several came, shooting their loads in wide arcs into the air landing on the floor just in front of me, not wanting to miss anything they kept masterbating rubbing their cum in some cases into their softening cocks trying to get hard again. Soon a few of the guys started giving each other handjobs & not long after quite a few starting sucking cock right in from of me, My pussy ached, there was so much sex in this room, so many hard stiff cocks, so much semen flying about & I was naked, getting my lovers cock drilled into me & I was loving every inch.

I looked up as Jeff pulled my hair back & saw one guy who must have been 70, he looked old wrinkled & short of breath but his cock was massive, he stroked it with one hand as the other cupped his balls but he had inches to spare & he was as thick as a coke can, his eyes were poppong out of his head as he watched my young cunt getting filled with cock, Jeff beconed him over & told him to wank inches from my face, his cock was not normal it was more like a b**st, an a****l, a snake, a python there was no way that thing would ever fit inside something as small as my tight vagina let alone anywhere else. Jeff pushed my head down his fingers prying my mouth open & the old man groaned as Jeff f***ed my open mouth down on his thick cock.

I tried to pull back but it was no use, Jeff was stronger than me. he pushed my face down harder & harder till the old guys cock was in the back of my throat, there was at least 6 inches to go & I was gagging & my mouth was streched so wide it ached. I continued to suck on this beer can of a cock till I had saliva spewing down my face & cheeks, then Jeff pulled my head back & told me to turn around, he told the old guy he could fuck me, but not my pussy that was only for him only, he told the old guy he could fuck my arse, I looked at Jeff with fear but again knew that look, what Jeff wanted jeff got so i reluctantly agreed, I tighted up my arse cheeks in fear but they soon loosended up with some well placed lube, thank god for KY right, Jeffs cock was back inside my mouth & I could taste & smell my pussy juice on it, I felt the thick tip of the old fellas cock push up against my arse cheeks, then slowly enter me, I screamed, it hurt, it hurt real bad, but Jeff kept face fucking me as I sobbed. The old cunts cock eased inside of me slowly, inch by inch, I felt stretched & torn. As he tried to get the final few inches I could feel the head of his cock push deep up inside my womb, slowly though my pain eased & he was gentle at least, my muscles relaxed & I rubbed my clit to add to my enjoiyment, soon looking around with guys sucking each other off, Jeffs cock in my mouth, the porn on the screen & some old homeless fucker with the biggest thickest cock ever seen buried deep in my arse I orgasmed like never before, I shuddered & clamped down on the old cunts massive cock, to the point where he stuttered I am going to cum, Jeff told him not to cum inside of me, to my utter shock & surprise Jeff dropped to his knees & took the old cunts cock deep inside his own mouth, tasting my arse juices & the old fellas cum as he shot a massive load of jism into Jeffs mouth. By now the floor was a complete mess I lost count of how many loads of cum I saw getting off loaded from stiff cocks, spewing thick white jets of Jism into the air, into mouths & on faces & onto the floor. Jeff told me to get dressed, he kissed me, sharing some of the old fellas semen with me in a sloppy tounge kiss, then he led me by the hand & we left.

We smiled at the counter satff as we left, I was walking funny I am sure as my arse was so sore, I was shocked confused by Jeffs sexuality & well, well fucked.

One thing for sure, with Jeff life was never boring.... Continue»
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The girl in the puffy vest part2

Kristy wanted to be used and she got her wish. The man at her pussy stopped licking and thrust his cock deep in her. She saw stars and then extreme pleasure. He was a little rough but she liked it. Harder and harder and pounded her pussy. She moved from one cock to the other sucking and keeping both hands full of the men's erections. Faster and faster he pounded her pussy...until...her orgasm finally took control of her. She moaned with the cock in her mouth and tried to thrust her hips to feel every moment. The men smiled and the leader said, she likes being fucked... The man pulled out of her pussy and shot his hot sticky cum all over her vest... There, he said, a little snack for you later.... The leader pulled her up off the rock and had her kneel in front of the three other men. She couldn't really move with her pants down around her boots and one the men pulled his belt off and tied her hands behind her back... The leader face fucked her the other men did the same... She begged for more... Kristy found herself telling them to cum all over her face NOW... The leader went first...he rubbed his cock stroking faster and faster..Kristy eagerly sucked and licked his balls...when she gasped for air the other men stuck their cocks in her mouth...she wanted all their cum. The leader told her to open her mouth and with a loud moan his cum shot down her mouth...then more cum...long ropes of hot cum splattered all over her face...each man stroking their throbbing cock and shooting cum all over her face... They fought with their cocks for clean up with her mouth.

Kristy said Yes, give it to me...more...rub my clit, rub my clit, finger my pussy, finger my ass... The men gave her what she wanted... Kristy squirted like a fountain. She could not believe how intense her orgasm was while she was heaven. The man who had fucked Kristy's pussy called on his radio and asked where the other group of men's location... 3 minutes away... Kristy smiled... Then she realized this was the survey crew she had seen off and on for a couple of months at the resort... Then she realized two of the men coming her way were very large black men and she could only assume their cocks were huge... The leader used his cock to wipe the cum off Kristy's face and slide it into her eager mouth... She loved the taste of cum...

The man who had fucked Kristy's pussy was getting ready for round two. He had been using Kristy's pussy juice to lube her ass...Kristy had never been ass fucked before... He left her hands tied behind her back and tipped her face down with her ass up in the air. He used his spit and her pussy juices to lube up her ass. Two fingers then three... He kept spitting on her asshole. He told he would be gentle...he worked the head of his cock slowly in while he rubbed her clit from underneath. At first it felt like a lot of pressure but it was a good kind of pressure. Then his cock slipped in...she almost screamed. It took her breath away but she kept silent... He moved slowly in and out, in and out... rubbing her clit expertly. She moaned louder and he moved faster... She couldn't believe she was being ass fucked in the middle of the forest and loved it. Faster and faster...until he pulled out of her ass and blew his hot cum all over the back of her puffy vest... The leader untied Kristy's hands and she immediately started rubbing her clit...the other men arrived in time to see this...... Continue»
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Gay Sex in the Woods

I read a story on here called "Fucked in the Woods" and it reminded me of my own experiences in those same woods. About three months ago I also stopped off at the cruising / dogging spot just of the M4.

I was very horny that night and headed into the wood after parking up. There were several empty cars so I hoped I would get lucky. As I got into the woods an older guy was fucking a younger guy so I stood near buy, got my cock out and started to wank. The young guy bent forward to suck me off for a while but I really wanted some anal sex so pulled out and leaving my cock ot walked further into the woods.

There were several shadows hiding behind trees and the sound of someone else getting buggered hard. I made for the noise to find a TV having his arse fucked. I dropped my jeans and started to suck his cock. After a few seconds I felt hands over my naked arse and a finger ram into my hole. "Yummy" I thought I am going to get a buggering.

The guy behind soon had his cock up my arse and a short while later I felt other hands, two of which directed my head away from the cock I was sucking onto what I can only describe as a monster cock. It was not really long, I guess about 7" like my own but it was a massive thickness. I thought at first it was a dildo it seemed unreal but as I held onto it as I was fucked and then proceeded to stuff it into my wide open mouth to gag on it I realised is was real.

The guy at my arse shot his load into me and I pulled out. I turning my arse to massive cock in the hope he would try to fuck me. I then bent over to suck the next available cock. As I did so I reached behind and the hands were back at my arse. I reached for the monster cock, almost having second thoughts as I gripped it and pulled it towards my arse. Someone was putting poppers to my nose so I took several hefty hits.

He did not resist my urging him to fuck me and pushed the head at the entrance of my arse. I braced myself expecting this to hurt like hell but as he entered I just felt my hole stretch wide and he slipped in. For the next ten or fifteen minutes the guy just buggered me senseless, literally. He was hitting my prostate every time he went in and I was starting to melt onto the cock in front. I held onto the guy in front as the fucker brutally buggered my arse. More poppers were passed to me and I again inhaled and kept taking more and more as I was ravaged. My cock went from hard to soft to hard again as he pounded me. I nearly passed out twice with the pleasure and intensity this brute was giving me.

As if by magic as he shot his load deep into me my own cock pulsed and throbbed and dripped spunk onto the woodland floor and an intense orgasm that seemed to last for minutes hit me. I eventually recovered and walked very wobbly out to my car were I sat for ten minutes savouring what had happened and eventually drove back home.

What a night and I hope to repeat it again some time soon so email if you are the guy with the cock or if you just want to meet in the woods.... Continue»
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My name is Jeff. I am eighteen-years-old, and I wanted to share with you the story that changed my life forever; when my Mom and I became lovers.

One weekend, my dad, my mom and my twin s****r Beth, were working on a big landscaping project in the backyard. We had done a lot of digging and excavating and the day was hot and muggy. We were almost finished with the digging when Dad sent me and Mom to the Home Depot to pick up the supplies we ordered for the job. Dad agreed to stay and finish up with the help of my s****r.

Mom and I jumped in my '68 Ventura station wagon that I had tricked out, and took off. We live out in the boonies a little bit and the home center was a good 20 miles away. As we traveled down the highway, we noticed that storm clouds were building off on the horizon and Mom remarked that she hoped we could beat the storm.

I have to back up a bit and describe my f****y here. My Dad is a big lumberjack of a man. He was a lineman in college and met my mother who was a track athlete. Mom is 5'7” and built like a brick shithouse. She has light brown hair and green eyes with a knockout smile. She had some breastwork done and she competes in fitness competitions even at the age of 37. She has about two ounces of body fat. My s****r and I are both tall and athletic and neither of us has ever had problems attracting the opposite sex.

Back to the story. We made good time to the home center and picked up the trailer that was already loaded and ready to go. Dad is a big contractor in town and the home center gives him lots of perks. Every guy that walked by took a double take at my mom as she stood at the counter paying for the load. She was wearing denim cutoffs and a tank top and I just shook my head at the guys as they stared, letting them know I was irritated. I never looked at my mom sexually. I knew she was hot, but she was my mom.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home, not thinking to cover the load we were hauling, and by this time the skies were really turning black. Mom called ahead to tell Dad about the weather, and he let her know in no uncertain terms that he didn't want any of the bags of concrete ruined. I stepped on the gas as we headed out of town.

As the first few drops of rain hit the windshield I told Mom that we needed to find someplace to duck out of the rain until it passed over. A mile further down the road I turned down a dirt road and headed into an apple grove.

This is the Ritter's property. Where are we going” my mom asked.

There is an old barn where we can pull the trailer into.” I told her.

I don't even want to know how you know about this place,” she laughed.

The rain was falling pretty steady when I pulled up to a gate in the grove. Mom, get out and open the gate and then shut it after I pull through.”

I guess this means I'm getting wet.”

We both will be soon enough.” I answered.

I pulled through the gate and waited for mom to shut it and climb back into the car. She was soaked. Shit! We gotta hustle.” I groaned, and drove down a little path that led to a small barn. We both jumped out and opened the bay doors to the building. I was drenched in 30 seconds. There was a tractor parked right in the middle of the barn, which made it necessary for me to back the trailer into the barn. This left the front of the station wagon sticking out into the rain, but at least the trailer was out of the weather. I jumped out of the car and ran into the barn where Mom was examining the contents of the trailer.

We might lose the top two bags of concrete.” She said. Everything else looks okay.”

I looked out at the rain, which by now was coming down in sheets. This was going to be one of those 3 or 4 hour storms. Mom called Dad and told him where we were. I could hear him yelling as she hung up the phone and walked over to me. She looked out at the weather.


It appears so.”

Good in a way. Your father is pissed. We should have covered the load according to him. He'll be cooled off by the time we get home.”

The storm had dropped the temperature and the wind had kicked up. I looked over at Mom and noticed that she was shivering. I couldn't help but notice her hardened nipples sticking out through her sheer bra and tank top.

Your headlights are on.” I joked.

Easy fresh guy, I'm freezing to death. I wish I had worn a work shirt.”

I moved around behind her and put my arms around her. My arms were crossed just below her breasts and I pulled her back against me in an effort to shield her as best I could.

This should help a little.” I said.

Such a gentleman I raised. That helps a bunch. Thanks honey.”

She crossed her arms over mine and we leaned against the side of the car watching the rain come down.

I don't know how long we stayed like that before I became aware of the warmth of my mother's body against me. I also became aware of her ass pressed against my crotch and the feel of her breasts against my arms. It all kind of happened at the same time. My chin rested against the top of her ear, and I suddenly began to notice the smell of her body. I felt my cock begin to stiffen a little, and I shifted around a bit to get my crotch away from her ass. This also caused me to move my head to the other side of hers.

Mom was oblivious and snuggled back into me again.

Quit moving honey, I'm just warming up.”

I tried to think about anything and everything to keep my mind off my growing cock, but it was not much help. The heat of her body and the musk of her smell were making me crazy.

After a few minutes of silence, Mom let out a sigh and shifted ever so slightly against me. Maybe it was my imagination playing tricks on my lust filled mind, but it seemed as if the pressure of her ass against me increased ever so slightly. She shifted again a few minutes later and her hips moved just a fraction across my groin. Every minute or so, she would shift weight on her feet and rub her ass against my now rock-hard dick. This shifting, intentional or otherwise, went on for several minutes.

My lips were so close to my mom's ear that it was all I could do to not start nibbling on it. Mom shifted again, and at the same time I noticed that her breathing had changed. It was a little faster and deeper.

I was about to pull away when she pulled my arms up closer under her breasts and squeezed them against her.

This feels nice.” She said huskily. It's been a long time since I had a pair of strong arms around me. Don't let go.”

How long you need me to keep you warm Mom” My lips brushed against her ear as I spoke into it.

At least until the rain stops,” she sighed and her head dropped back against my chest. She was deliberate this time as she rubbed her ass against my painfully hard cock.

There were no more pretenses on my part either, as I started to nibble on her ear and whispered back. Let's hope it rains a while.”

She groaned as I moved my hands up to massage her beautiful firm breasts from behind.

God honey, what are you doing to me”

I took my mouth off of her neck, where I had been raking it with my teeth; long enough to reply back to her.

Keeping you warm.”

I was really working her over with my mouth as I nibbled and licked her neck, shoulder and ear. I had moved one of my hands up under her tank top and was squeezing her tits through her bra.


She reached for my other hand, which I was working down to the crotch of her shorts. She was strong, but her resolve was fading quickly. Even as she strained to keep my hand away from her holiest of holies, she continued to rub her ass against me. She couldn't stop me from grabbing her crotch and pulling her back against me as I ground my hard-on into her ass.

Oh shit, baby, please, we shouldn't, God, you feel so good!”

Mom was mumbling and had placed her hands against my legs. Suddenly, I spun her around and grabbing the back of her head with one hand and her ass with the other, I pulled her into me for a long, violent, kiss. There was no hesitation on her part and our mouths mashed against each other so hard I tasted bl**d. I wasn't sure whose it was, but I didn't really care.

Mom pushed away from me and looked up into my eyes. The look in hers was something I had never seen before, not even in the girls I had fucked in the past. It was like one of those nature shows where the lion is looking at the antelope.

I want you son! I want you so bad. I need you so bad”

Wait here.” I stepped out into the rain and opened up the back door to the station wagon. I reached behind the seat and grabbed a blanket that I kept there. My mom wouldn't be the first girl I had fucked in this barn.

I stepped back into the barn and grabbed Mom's hand. I led her past the tractor to what used to be a horse stall. It had a couple of crates in it, but the floor was carpeted with an ample amount of hay. It was pretty fresh, because I had put it there just a couple of weeks earlier. I spread the blanket out and turned towards my mother, who, up to this time, hadn't said a word.

I pulled her to me in a long soft embrace. I want you too.” I said. I want you to feel how much I want you.”

I peeled my shirt off and threw it to the side, and with our eyes locked on each other's, I took her shirt and bra off. I stared at her gorgeous tits for about one second before I lowered my mouth over her left nipple and began to work it with my tongue.

Mom melted into my arms. OH GOD! BABY, Ooooooh Goddddd!”

I felt my mom's hand move down to my crotch and she began to squeeze my cock through my shorts. She was moaning almost non-stop as she worked her hand past the elastic band of my shorts and boxers. When her hand came in contact with my cock I almost came right then.

Holy Shit Honey, you're thick!” she moaned. Did you stick a tree in here”

My cock wasn't the longest in the world, only about 7 inches or so. But it was thick. The guys on my football team called me a fire hydrant when I first started showering after practices. Now my sexy mother's hand was doing its best to wrap around it.

I switched sides and began sucking on her other tit as I worked at unbuttoning and unzipping moms cutoffs. The harder I bit her nipples the harder she jacked my dick.

I got down on my knees and using both hands worked her shorts down and off her hips. I then eased them down her legs and she obligingly stepped out of them.

I was now staring face to face with her flat tummy and beautifully shaved snatch.

God you're hot! You're so fucking sexy! I'm gonna fuck you for days!”

I stood back up and it was her turn to pull my shorts off. She slid down my legs and rubbed her face into my crotch.

I wish we weren't so dirty, baby. I want to feel you in my mouth so bad.” She yanked my shorts down and my dick popped out and hit her in the face.

I was so turned on staring down at my mother. Her body was perfect, flawless. Every guy in the gym wanted to fuck my mom, and now here I was getting ready to do what so many men fantasized about. She was working my cock with both of her hands and staring up at me.

Fuck me baby. Come down here and make love to me.”

She didn't have to ask me twice. I knelt down next to her and pulled her to me again in another long deep kiss. Just kissing her was making me crazy. She sucked on my lips and bit them. Her tongue did things inside my mouth that no one had ever done before. I pushed her back on to the blanket and lay on top of her. I stuck my hand down into her snatch and slowly rubbed her clit with my finger. She was so wet she was dripping and she bucked up against my hand.

Fuck me honey, please, just fuck me! I can't take it anymore. God I want you!”

I positioned myself between her spread legs and brought my cock up against her cunt. I placed the tip of it inside her and began to slowly shove it in.

Ooohhhhhh Fucckkk mmeeee!” she cried out. You're gonna' split me in twooooo!”

I had my cock about halfway into her and it was all I could do to keep from shooting my load. God Mom, you're tight!” I pulled my dick out a little and slowly sank it back into her. Unnghh, God, oh shiittt! You're gonna kill me with.., that.., thing.., but don't stoppppleasedon't stoppp!”

I pulled out again, and with one final shove buried my cock all the way into my mother's hot cunt. She let out a squeal and her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. I think she was having an orgasm. Her mouth stayed open but nothing came out. I lowered my mouth over hers and just lashed away at the inside of her mouth with my tongue.

I raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at her. You okay Mom”

She pulled me back down to her and began nibbling on my earlobe. You have the fattest cock I've ever felt son, she moaned. Go slow, and make love to me until the rain stops.”

We started out slow. I slowly thrust in and out of her, gyrating my hips as I did. Mom arched her back and thrust up against me. Her nails dug into my back. I lowered my head and took first one and then the other of her tits into my mouth. We were sweaty and sticky as we rolled around on the blanket. We couldn't get enough of each other's kisses. The pace began to quicken and it wasn't long before I was pounding my stiff rod in and out of Mom's quim. She was practically screaming as I slammed away. She was arching her back so high the only thing touching the blanket was her shoulders and the heels of her feet.

I couldn't take any more though and I felt that familiar burning sensation in my balls start to build.

I'm gonna come Mom!” Oh shit baby, I'm gonna come!”

Mom grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me against her as I fired my load deep inside her. I couldn't believe how much was coming out of me as I kept shooting jet after jet into her.

That's it baby, fill your momma up.” Oh God it's so hot in me!”

We both finally came to a stop and I slumped down on top of her. I kissed her again, this time softer. This is unbelievable, I can't believe we just did this,” I said.

It's my fault dear. I'm you mother. I should have stopped this. God, what have we done What have I done”

In less than an hour, I had gone from just having a foxy mother to being a mother-fucker. The guilt Mom was feeling wasn't echoed by me. I was still inside her and as I looked down at her sweaty, dirty face, I knew I had to have her again.

No one needs to ever find out Mom. It just happened. It doesn't change the way I feel about you, in fact, if anything, it has made my love for you stronger.”

I started nibbling on her chin and licking her lips. I could feel my cock growing inside her.

But it's wrong Jeff! So wrong! We can't.”

She started to kiss me back and my cock continued to stiffen.

We shouldn't,” she moaned. Oh God baby, you feel so good in me!”

Suddenly, with more strength than I expected, she flipped me over on to my back and stood up. She held out her hand.

Come with me.”

She led me out of the barn into the rain. It was cold but my lust was so strong it could have been snowing for all I cared. Mom sat down on the long hood of the car and pulled me to her in a long passionate embrace.

I guess I do need this,” she panted as we broke our kiss. I've been a little neglected at home. Your father barely touches me. I've always wanted to make love in the rain Jeff.

Please make love to me”

Mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. She lay back on the hood of the car and with me supporting her legs with my hands as I pounded my cock into her again and again.

You won't be neglected at home anymore Mom,” I panted. I'll make love to you every day.”

Ohhhhhhhmyyyyessssweeeetbaaabeeee! Don't ever stop fuckeeeeeeng meeeeee!” Mom quivered in a shattering orgasm as she came all over my cock.

After a few minutes in this position, Mom slid off the car and turned around. She bent over the hood of the car and I fucked her from behind as the rain fell on us and rinsed us clean.

I exploded again inside my sexy mother's pussy filling her up with more come than I had ever done before in a single orgasm.

By this time, the rain had started to let up. We went back into the barn and dried off with the blanket. We put our damp clothes back on and started out for home.

Neither of us said anything as we drove home, each lost in our own thoughts. But as we pulled into the driveway, Mom reached over and gave my hand a squeeze. Dad came out of the house with a scowl on his face and inspected the rain damage to the trailer contents. He started to mumble about the bags of cement that were ruined, but Mom cut him off.

She looked at me and asked for my wallet. Curious, I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her. She opened it and pulled a five dollar bill out and handed it to my Dad.

You're son and I are wet, tired, and hungry. This should pay for the losses. Now, I'm going inside to take a bath. Anything else you want to complain about”

With that, she turned and walked into the house. Dad looked at me, but didn't say a word.

I started to unhook the trailer and told him I'd cover it up. He shrugged his shoulders and followed Mom into the house.

While I was in the shower cleaning up before dinner, I couldn't stop thinking about what Mom and I had done that afternoon. My dick hardened at the thought of fucking Mom again but I refrained from jacking-off and quickly finished my shower.

During dinner, Mom was quiet and barely made eye contact with me, but thankfully nobody seemed to notice because Dad grumbled about the weather screwing up his plans the entire time.

The next morning, Monday, I woke up at about 9 a.m. I got up to relieve myself and then went back to my bed. I didn't have classes on Monday, so my day consisted of going to the gym, studying and doing my chores in the yard.

Dad had already left for work and my s****r was in class all day.

There was a knock on my door and my mom asked if she could come in. She entered my room, wearing a full-length bathrobe, pulled a chair up next to my bed and sat down facing me.

Are you okay” I asked. You didn't say a peep last night at dinner.”

I'm fine. I was just a little confused out about what happened yesterday. I feel a little guilty.”

Me too.” I said. I guess we kinda got caught up in the moment huh Now that it happened, I'm trying to sort some things out in my head.”

Like what” she asked.

Put aside for a moment that you are my mother and what we did is i****t. That's the worst of it! I also had sex with a married woman, an older woman, and it was sex with the sexiest, most passionate woman I have ever been with!”

Mom blushed a little at my last comment and shifted in her chair. You're my son Jeff. I can't, we shouldn't, can't do this.”

It was apparent that Mom was struggling with her morals. I wanted to grab her and hold her and comfort her right then.

I am also a married woman, like you said, and even if my marriage isn't the best, I have to honor it.”

But you did enjoy it didn't you” I inquired.

Oh baby, of course I did. But I am your mother. We are going to have to get past this and just leave it as a beautiful memory.”

Seems to me that I was looking at this a little different than you Mom.”

How's that Baby”

I'm a man in this house too. I've loved you since birth and if your husband isn't taking care of you than I can, - will!”

You're going to make this complicated aren't you Jeff” She stood up and started to walk towards the door. As she reached the door, I answered back to her.

I'm just planning on making you a better offer than what you have now. And deep down you want that offer”

She stood at the door her back to me and one hand on the doorknob. After a minute she said without turning, You want to go to the gym with me today”

Nice change of subject.

Sure Mom. Give me a few minutes to get ready.”

Mom turned to face me and the last thing I expected to happen did. She walked towards my bed and at the same time loosened the belt on her robe.

Let's get our cardio out of the way before we go.” She shed her robe, letting it fall to the floor and climbed on top of me.
When Mom climbed on top of me, I was taken completely by surprise. She brought her knees up under her and kissed me lightly on the forehead. At the same time, I placed my arms around her and let my hands caress her back and ass.

Prove to me that yesterday wasn't a heat-of-the-moment fluke.”

And what if it wasn't” I asked.

Then I may take you up on your offer.”

With that, I moved one of my hands up to her head and pulled her to me for a long sensuous kiss. Mom kissed back without hesitation and began to moan. Make love to me Jeff. Make me want you.”

The only thing between my mother's naked body and mine were a thin cover sheet and my boxers. I grabbed her and rolled over on top of her and then pulled the sheet down and away from her body. I took my time kissing, licking and nibbling my way down her exquisite body. We had the house to ourselves for hours. I bit her neck and earlobes, careful to not leave any marks, and moved down to her breasts. She pulled at my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I bit her nipples, alternating from one to the other. I heard her hiss with pleasure every time I bit her.

God Honey, you're gonna make me come doing that!”

I moved my way down her belly, licking and biting the entire time. Mom couldn't stop moving beneath me as I caught my first whiff of her pussy. It was intoxicating.

There were no pretenses as I moved my mouth over her beautiful quim and flicked at her clit with my tongue.

She screamed and pulled my head into her cunt, squeezing her legs against my head. She came with such intensity, she nearly flooded my mouth with her juices as I continued to gently nibble her clit.

Oh shit, oh baaaabbeeeee shit!”

I lapped at her juices like I was a man coming out of the desert after two weeks without water. Mom's orgasm continued in one long flow of words I had never heard her use.

Eat meeeeeee! Oh Honey, cummmiiinnnnggg, shit babeee, oh God shittt!”

There was a sheen of sweat on her body as I moved back up to kiss her. I laid beside her and pulled her to me in a long passionate kiss. It was more like we were trying to eat each other as we mauled each other's faces.

You have no idea how long it's been since anyone did that to me.” She said to me when we finally broke our kiss. I continued to fondle her firm tits as we talked.

I was shocked. Are you k**ding me What does dad do to you at night”

Your father and I haven't been getting along very well lately. Ever since I started competing we have sex once, maybe twice a month. It usually doesn't take very long either.”

I smiled at her. This is going to take a very long time.”

One of her hands moved down and began to gently massage my hard cock as we continued to kiss. It was becoming easier for me to see my mother as a beautiful desirous woman and not as my mother. I wanted her to feel the same way about me.

I want you Mom.”

You have me Baby. Now lie back.”

I did as she asked and she moved down to pull my boxers off. Once they were off, she grabbed my cock with both hands and began to jack me off. She moved her head closer to my dick and took a swipe at it with her tongue.

I'm a little out of practice baby, so be patient. I've never tried with one so fat before.”

I stroked the back of her head and gently guided her onto my cock. She opened her mouth and began an oral assault on my dick that I can only describe as mind-blowing. For someone that said she was out of practice, Mom was a pro. She slid her tongue along the base of my shaft as she moved her mouth up and down along its length. She played with my balls and sometimes stopped sucking my dick to take one of them in her mouth. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. Mom was moaning almost the entire time she worked at my dick and I moved around on the bed so that I could reach in and play with her clit as she sucked me off. Once I started doing that, Mom really went wild.

She started jacking my cock harder as she took more and more of it into her mouth. I felt the tell-tale burning sensation in my balls that signaled the beginning of my orgasm.

Shit Mom, I'm gonna come!”

She never slowed down as she brought me closer to the edge. I grabbed the back of her head and began to buck my hips up to meet her mouth.

Suddenly, I erupted with the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

Oh Fuck yeah!” I groaned, as Mom gave a surprised grunt of her own. She swallowed jet after jet of my come, never taking her mouth off of my cock.

When I was done shooting my load, Mom moved back up to me and laid her head on my chest. Both of us were sweating now, and Mom was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath.

That was the first time I ever swallowed.” She panted.


Yeah. It was awesome. I loved it!”

There's more where that came from.” I answered. I bent down and kissed her, tasting just a hint of my own come on her breath.

Our kissing became more passionate and it wasn't long before my cock sprang back to life and became hard as a rock.

I rolled on top of her and before I had a chance to, Mom had reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her well lubricated snatch.

Fuck me Baby! Fuck me with that fat cock of yours!”

I pushed it inside of her as she groaned in anticipation. The look on her face was one of apprehension as well as desire.

Oh God honey, your cock is amazing! Fill me up with that thing!”

I continued to push it into her until it bottomed out with our pubic bones grinding against each others. I could feel her cervix with the head of my cock.

Aaarggh, oh shit Jeff! Your cock is going to punch a hole in me! You feel soooo goooood!”

Mom immediately had another orgasm as I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her. She tightened her already tight pussy around me as I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and clawed at my back, begging me for more.

I need you soooo badly babeee! Don't everrrr stop fuckingggg meeeee!

I moved my mouth to her ear and chewed on her earlobe before I began to shove my tongue into her ear canal.

I want you too honey! I hissed into her ear. I want to make love to you every day!”

Yessss, me tooooo!” She groaned.

I continued to saw away at her pussy. The sounds that my dick was making as it slammed into her wet pussy were almost obscene. Mom continued to moan as wave after wave of orgasms hit her.

I tried to roll her over onto her stomach and do her from behind but she wouldn't let me.

No Jeff, I want to watch you come in me.”

That comment alone almost made me come. I increased the tempo and really began to slam into her. Her breath was coming in jagged gasps as I too felt myself gasping for air. I was so turned on by fucking this hot sexy woman beneath me, I felt possessed.

I'm gonna come Mom!” I told her as I felt my jism began to rise up inside me.

Do it baby! Come in me harrrrrd!!

She had another orgasm just as I released my load inside her. Jet after jet of my spunk shot inside her as she screamed underneath me.

It feels so fuckinnggg gooood in meeeee!!”

I fell on top of her panting. At the same time however, we exchanged short passionate kisses between gulps of air. I looked over at the clock and noted we had been going at it for two-and-a half hours.

I guess that gets the cardio out of the way.”

I'll say! God baby, you're going to get me addicted to this!”

What's wrong with that Mom You sound like that's a bad thing.”

I rolled off of her and pulled her to me.

Whadda' you say we skip the gym today lover

She had time to mutter one sentence before I pulled her mouth to mine.

I love this.”

... Continue»
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Fucked in the Pool

Before taking off on business for the three hour drive to Calgary, I always log onto Squirt to see if anyone is playing, either right away in Edmonton, or somewhere along the route. One trip last summer, I wasn’t logged on for more than five minutes when an interesting profile caught my eye.

“Secluded estate. Lounging naked by the pool. Anyone traveling nearby.”

The profile said Sherwood Park. I couldn’t think of any secluded estates in Sherwood Park, but reading the rest of his profile, I was intrigued. He was 18 years old, and I was 32. He was “Mostly a top, but versatile and love to fuck for long periods of time.” Well, I wasn’t actually nearby. I was on the north-west side of Edmonton. He was off Range Road 210 which was SE of Sherwood Park. But, it was early afternoon, it was gorgeous out, I had no appointments in Calgary until the next morning, so I sent him a message.

He came right back to me. “I was just looking at your profile,” he wrote. “Why don’t you come over.”

He gave me driving directions and a phone number in case I got lost. Finding Range Road 210 wasn’t an issue. They are sequentially numbered, so I followed along Wye Road, made the turn onto Range Rd 210 and followed it along for the distance he had given me. I must have missed a turn. I doubled back, still couldn’t find it and finally called him. Turns out I was almost there. The turn off was a bit obscured, just like people who live on estates would probably want it to be. I drove up to a gorgeous Colonial style, two story home, with the columns on the veranda and everything. I stopped in the circular drive and as I approached the front door, he opened it, wrapped in nothing but a towel.

“Come on in,” he said.

He led me through a gorgeous foyer and into and through a huge f****y room and out through the patio doors. Totally secluded, the pool and pool deck alone filled an area larger than my entire backyard. The estate stretched for about two acres of totally manicured lawn beyond the pool deck, and the rest of the 10 acre estate was wooded on all three sides. It was gorgeous. Turns out he was house-sitting for his parents, who had taken a vacation. As I stood there taking it all in, Randy dropped his towel and came towards me. I eyed his physique up and down appreciatively. You could tell from his tight pecs and the beginnings of what would eventually be a nice six pack of abs that he had been working out, but he was still somewhat on the skinnier side. Another 15 pounds or so in the right places was going to make all the difference in the world to his look. He certainly wasn’t skinny in the cock and balls department. He sported quite an attractive package as he came towards me. He would still be called a Twink.

“Well come on,” he said. “Time to get out of these clothes.”

He helped me undress. As I undid my belt and dropped my pants, he took an appreciative look at my package, reached out and tweaked my cock and yelled, “Tag. You’re it!” With that, he turned and dove into the pool and resurfaced about 10 feet out from the side. Stepping out of my pants and underwear, I dove into the pool in his direction and surfaced right in front of him. The water was gorgeous. As the two of us treaded water, Randy reached for my cock. I started to stiffen up under his touch. As he jacked my foreskin back and forth, my cock grew and grew.

“Hmmm,” he said. “Feels nice.”

I reached for his meat and returned the favour. In no time at all, he was fully erect. He had an impressive cock. Though the water distorted my view of it, the fact that I couldn’t close my hand around it, told me it was impressive. I reached under it and cupped his balls in my hand. His ball sack overflowed my hand and his balls filled my palm when I closed it around them. We moved towards the side of the pool. Randy pulled himself up and out of the pool and sat on the edge facing me. Pointing straight at me was an impressive eight inch, thick cock. It had a bit of a bend to the left. We had moved into shallower water, so I waded up to him and took him in my mouth. As I slid my tongue under his foreskin and rolled it back off his knob, Randy leaned back on his arms. I sponged his knob with my tongue, moistening it completely before sliding the length of his cock to his neatly trimmed pubes and retracting back to his knob again.

I grabbed his cock. Licking his knob like an ice cream cone, lapping the sensitive underside and then diving down on him again, he let out an appreciative groan as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on him. As I bobbed on his cock, he pulled me back onto him each time I got to the tip. He was slamming my head into his groin, holding me in place, almost until I turned blue, before allowing me to come up for air. But I loved it. His cock fit my mouth and throat perfectly. I could have stayed here forever, having him f***e feed me his dick.

Randy pulled me off and jumped into the pool. He was looking for me to get up on the side so he could suck my cock. As I climbed out, he gave me a good slap on the ass. My cock twitched from the sting of the slap. I turned and sat on the side of the pool. Randy moved right in and ravenously took my entire cock, swallowing me whole. His lips were moving in a ‘fish out of water’ motion as he tried to bury them in my pubes. He was amazing. He released my cock a bit at a time as he worked his lips and tongue up to my knob. He sucked hard on my knob as his tongue danced around it. He too focused his tongue on that sensitive area where your foreskin attaches to your dick. Then he dove back hard on my cock.

Not as aggressive as Randy, I took him by the sides of his face, not to f***e him down on my cock, because he certainly didn’t need that, but rather to let him know how appreciative I was of his mouth, tongue and throat. Within ten minutes, he had my loins stirring. I begged him to ease up. That just spurred him on. His suction seemed to tighten its grip on my pole and within seconds I was spewing ropes of cum into his face. He took the first squirt in his mouth to get a taste, but as the second and third squirts blasted into him, my cock was well back in his throat. He sucked on me hard. I begged him to stop when I felt the sensation like I was going to piss.

He was all smiles as he released my softening cock from his lip lock. He pulled me down into the water and grabbing me by my cock, we waded to the shallow end. Placing me in front of him, he positioned me on the stairs leading out of the pool. He bent me forward. Taking his cue, I knelt down on the stairs. My ass was about six inches clear of the water. Randy knelt behind me on the pool floor. Grabbing my ass, he spread my cheeks and buried his face into my crack. His tongue found its mark and immediately tore into my hole. Aggressively, Randy poked and prodded my hole with his tongue, swirling saliva into my cavity. He replaced his tongue with a finger. He had big knuckles and it hurt. Sensing my pain, he went at me again with his tongue. Backing away, he spit on my hole and then worked it into me with his tongue. This time, his finger slipped in with ease. He worked it around, loosening me up. He gave me more spit, more tongue and when he was able to spin two fingers around freely in my hole, he stood up behind me.

He literally walked up behind me, aimed, and poked. I barely felt his knob at my pucker, when his groin was up against my crack. It happened so fast, that although I had a stinger, from the bend in his cock pushing along one side of my chute, I think the fact that he drove it into me, allowed me to get over the shock and work on the pleasure that had started to envelop me. Randy didn’t move. He let me get used to him. It didn’t take long. Once that cock is in you, you want to feel it working. I moved forward a couple of inches and pushed back on him. That was all he needed. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me. And fuck me good he did.

Randy would withdraw all the way to just the tip. Part of his knob was outside my pucker, and then he would drive it back in, all the way up my chute and into my lower bowel. A couple times, in his haste, he would pull it too far out and it would leave my gaping hole entirely. My ass would flail away in the air looking for the cock that was looking for the hole and they would quickly be reunited. He was masterful as he plowed me. He was totally impressed with me pounding back to meet his thrusts. Every now and then, as his cock reached the outer region of my pucker, his open hand would come across my butt cheek with a sting that would f***e me to clamp down hard, just as he started to pile drive his cock back in. It was quite an amazing feeling for the two of us.

Pushing his cock fully into me, Randy reached around with both hands and picked me up, still attached to him. He turned into the pool and waded into deeper water. Carrying me over to the side of the pool, we were now up to our chests. As I grabbed onto the side, Randy resumed fucking me under the water. The sensations were different as there was virtually no friction now. I don’t know if being underwater lessened his sensations, but he must have fucked me like this for half an hour. I stood in the water, with my head lying on my arms on the side of the pool doing my best to keep up the rhythm and the pace with which he was giving it to me, but I was getting weak kneed.

“Come on,” he said.

We pulled ourselves out of the pool. Randy laid me on my side on one of the chaise lounge chairs. He knelt beside me on the pool deck and fucked me some more. The bend in his cock, had a really neat effect in this position. Each thrust was digging into my prostate as it passed over it and back. My cock was as hard as a rock. I barely touched it to play with myself when it exploded, firing off another round of cum all over the pool deck. Laughing, Randy kept pounding away. He reached for my cock, squeezing the last bit of cum out of me. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he licked his fingers clean.

Then he stood up, flipped me on my stomcah, laid prone on top of me and then drove into me again. He was bringing it home now. He was pumping in and out of me hard and fast. I first tried to get up. He f***ed me back down and told me it was to late to stop. He was too close and I could not escape until he bred me. I wanted to get it over with, so I was doing my best to squeeze tight on him, but he had fucked me so silly, I couldn’t tell if I was helping. He kept up the pace like this for about five minutes. I wasn’t sure if he was ever going to cum. Suddenly, he pulled out of my ass, grabbed his cock and moved right up over me to squirt it on me. He jerked hard for about 30 seconds before the first one flew. It was a small squirt and it landed on my back. I turned over and sat up to watch, sort of cheer him on. The second squirt was a huge rope of cum and it sprayed right into my face. I caught a little taste in my mouth. The third, fourth, fifth, I lost count, it just continued to stream out of him with incredible f***e. By the time his orgasm subsided, my face, chin, chest, stomach, cock and balls were just smothered with his cream. He lay on top of me and we ground his seed between us into our bodies.

Eventually, we got up and jumped back into the pool to clean ourselves off. We lay in the sun to dry, which took no time at all. I left for Calgary, but not before we made plans for several return visits, including a stop on the way back into Edmonton. We had a wonderful two weeks, with Randy even fucking me under the moonlight. He returned to Vancouver and we still correspond back and forth. I am longing for the day his b*****r takes another f****y vacation. Randy dared me to write this cocktail, so now that I have, I am daring him to post a comment on it.... Continue»
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Carole's hairy cunt fucked in the spa

See the pictures that accompany this story 'Carole's hairy cunt fucked by man in the spa'

As an outrageous exhibitionist I enjoy going to one of our favourite naturist clubs where I can flash my tits and hairy pussy off as much as I like. I get a great buzz posing on the sun chairs ensuring that passers by get a good eyeful.

One club we regularly visit has the facility to accommodate overnight and this is great fun for us as we know that once the main visitors have gone for the day it will just be my husband (Keith) and I (and perhaps some voyeurs) left to enjoy the facilities late into the night.

One regular visitor to the club that we’ve got to know pretty well is David. He and I flirt like mad each time we meet up, with our comments getting ruder and ruder as the day progresses.

On one occasion Keith mentioned to David that we were staying in the club overnight and David said that he was too. Keith mentioned this to me and suggested that it might be fun if I teased David to see how far he’d go with the flirting.

So I took every opportunity to ‘turn him on’. In the pool I’d swim on my back so that my tits and hairy pussy were on full show. When David was in the jacuzzi I joined him and let my tits stay above the water line. I repeatedly brushed the water off them, flicking my nipples in the process, which clearly aroused him (and the others in the jacuzzi).

In the sauna I sat opposite him with my legs apart so that he could see right up my pussy and the constant crossing of his legs and shuffling around demonstrated to me that he was trying hard to avoid displaying his erection. The others present also appeared to enjoy the show too.

When the main session ended I mentioned to David that Keith and I would be coming back down to the pool area at midnight for some fun in the pool.

Sure enough shortly after we returned to the pool area David also arrived too. Just like a couple of teenagers we messed around at the waters edge threatening to push each other into the pool.

The petting got quite intimate and soon we were fondling each others private parts. Still determined to push each other into the pool we wrestled until I managed to push David enough for him to lose balance and topple into the pool but with him grabbing on to my hands I went to and we both plunged into the water.

David pushed me up against the side of the pool and started to kiss me passionately with his hands grasping my bum below the surface of the water. I did not resist and returned the passionate kiss. After a few seconds David grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy and thrust deeper and deeper into me.

We floated away from the edge of the pool and with him still thrusting deep inside me I lent back so that my back and head were resting on the water and my tits were fully on show to anyone still in the sauna or walking past the pool.

David continued to fuck me in the pool and I climaxed several times with the cool water lapping over my naked body. Eventually David shot his load deep inside me.

Since then David has fucked me a number of times including in the jacuzzi and in the showers.

But that’s a different story…
... Continue»
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A Job In The Theatre

A Job in the Theatre
Chapter 20 -- Gary becomes Gayla
"Be a dear and get that bag from the car," Paula winked.
"Sure," Billy said stuffing his erection back inside his leather pants. He stood, and for just a moment,
was right next to Gary, almost touching. Gary could feel the heat waffling off of Billy. He looked so
obscene with that erection dominating his leather pants. You could see it a mile away. Gary could
never go outside looking like that. Billy could care less.
Billy looked Gary in the eye, had that crooked little smile of his. Gary couldn't believe what he had just
agreed to...willingly. He had just met this guy, didn't even know him.
And yet he had basically promised to do all kinds of things he shouldn't do, horribly embarrassing
things, things over the edge. He had pledged to be his secret lover. It was all so wrong. He was so
excited his hands shook.
Billy hadn't been too sure about any of this when Paula first mentioned it. It sounded so crazy. But
she was right; a blowjob is a blowjob no matter who is delivering it. He certainly didn't have any
problem with Paula sucking his cock. How was this any different? There was no question that Gary
could suck a mean cock. Man could he suck cock. He tried to picture what Gary might look like once
he was dressed. It would get a lot better once that happened. He looked at Gary's lips, pictured his
cock lodged between them and grinned.
Billy went to the car and Paula looked at Gary. She could see he was a little freaked out. After all this
was a pretty big step for him. "I knew you would like this. He is perfect for you. And he won't tell a
soul. What a fabulous cock he has...don't you think?"
Whatever else was true, that certainly was. "This is all so crazy."
"It sure is. You are going to love it," Paula said with a smile that spoke volumes.
He realized that she was probably right.
Billy returned with the bag and handed it to Paula. "Make yourself at home big boy. You can do
anything you like...except play with your cock. That's her job now." A large smile crossed Billy's face
as they disappeared into the bathroom.
She locked the door behind them and propped the bag up on the ledge. It was filled with all kinds of
clothes, makeup and an assortment of toys. Of course both of them knew their way around a makeup
bag being actors. She pulled it out and handed it to Gary. He took it and put it on the sink. He looked
at his face in the mirror. He would need a closer shave.
She was behind him pulling down his panties as he picked up his razor. "Now I want you to have fun
with this. Just be the sexy little slut you always wished you had met. Once your makeup is on, you are
the girl of your dreams. More importantly, you are the girl of his dreams. You can do anything that
she would do, probably more...definitely more. Put all your boy thoughts away. Let your other side
come out and play. Now it's her turn."
Gary shaved as close as he could while listening to her instructions. It was impossible to contain his
excitement. Paula covered his legs with cream and started shaving them. She knew they couldn't take
too long or Billy's excitement would wane. She was not about to let that happen.
Gary started putting on his face as she finished up his legs. Paula rose up and looked in the mirror.
"Go feminine, but don't go overboard. You know how too much makeup can be a distraction. I have a
dark wig for you to wear. So keep that in mind."
She picked up a wash cloth and turned on the cold water. She soaked it real good, squeezed out most
of the water over the sink. "Okay stop," she said to Gary. He pulled the eyeliner away and looked at
her. She took the cold washcloth and pressed it against his poor throbbing cock.
"Whoa!" he jerked feeling the cold wet cloth pressed against him. "What are you doing?" he squealed
as his cock shriveled up.
"You'll see." His poor cock was totally limp within the minute. She reached into the bag and pulled
something out. Gary had never seen anything like it before. He was trying to figure out what it was
when Paula leaned down and pushed his limp penis through it and fastened the other part around the
base of his penis, behind his balls. She slipped a tiny lock through the clasp that held the two parts
together and locked it. Gary looked down to find his penis snuggly encapsulated within the clear
plastic device. There was a slit at the end so he could pee. Other than that, his penis was rendered
useless. He explored the device with his fingers, but could not feel his cock at all.
"Believe me baby, this is for your own enjoyment. You won't believe the orgasm you will have when
this comes off," she said slyly. The look on her face sold him completely. He turned back to the mirror
and continued with his eyeliner. This was all so wrong. He couldn't wait!
It didn't take Gary long to finish his face. Paula thought he did a wonderful job. She pulled the dark
wig out and pulled it into place. The dark hair color was in complete contrast with his natural blonde
hair. He looked so different. His critical eye knew just what to do. Gary adjusted it and brushed out
the bangs perfectly even over his eyes.
Then it hit him. This was not for the stage. This was for his personal enjoyment. He felt that familiar
tingle in his crotch. His cock began to swell, but couldn't. The device was preventing him from gaining
an erection. He instinctively grabbed himself, but all he could feel was the device. The more he
thought about it, the more his cock tried to grow. But it simply was not happening. He found the
mixed emotions flooding his mind intriguing. He wondered just how long it would be before the device
was removed. He turned to Paula and said, "I'm ready. What should I wear?"
"First things first girlfriend," she said pulling up an outrageous black lace bra. It was the same one
Sarah used on her that first day so long ago. Paula showed him the silicone breasts inserted in the
see-through cups with the slightly protruding nipples. Gary smiled as he slipped his arms through it
and Paula fastened it behind him.
He reached down and cupped his new breasts. They felt totally real. He ran his finger over the nipples
and felt his cock tug against the device. His mind was doing flip flops.
She pulled out the matching lace thong and held it up for him to see. His eyes danced across the
garment. She reached down and fondled his caged cock. She gave him a big smile and pulled the
delicate little thong up his freshly shaved legs. Once again his cock tugged unsuccessfully on the
device as the wisp of material slipped up his crack.
She pulled out the cutest little black top with white stripped sleeves featuring a scoop neck. Paula
pulled it over his head and into place. Gary adjusted his boobs. He looked down and saw the tiny
nipple points poking through the material and smiled. That was followed by the shortest of short white
skirts that barely covered his buttocks. She pulled out a big thick black leather belt and d****d it
loosely around his hips.
"Oh my!" he gushed. They were twins! She was the sweet and innocent twin wearing pink. He was the
hot and smoldering twin wearing black. Gary loved it. He could feel his identity taking shape. That
identity solidified as Paula pulled a pair of thigh high fishnets up his legs polished off by a wicked pair
of stiletto heels that buckled around his ankles.
"Oh yeah," Paula said admiring her work. She turned Gary back towards the mirror. His jaw dropped.
"I now pronounce you Gayla...the naughty, naughty Gayla."
"Gayla..." Gary said staring at himself in the mirror.
Paula unlocked the bathroom door, "Let's work it girl."
Gayla gave her a smile, threw back her shoulders thrusting her boobs out and strutted out of the
bathroom. She could feel the tiny lock bouncing against her cage with every step she took.
Billy heard the door open and looked up. He saw Gayla strutting towards him. He couldn't believe his
eyes. "Holy shit!" he said straightening up on the couch.
Gayla understood for the first time the power of womanhood as Billy's eyes scanned her from head to
toe. Once again her cock tugged on the device, but to no avail. The look on Billy's face told her
everything she needed to know.
"Wow! That is totally incredible," Billy said trying to reconcile what he knew with what he was seeing.
"You are gorgeous...I mean hot...well actually sexy, really sexy." He barely noticed Paula standing
next to her.
"Turn around baby," Paula suggested. Gayla turned halfway around when Paula stopped her. Gayla
could feel Paula's hand tease up the back of her thigh disappearing underneath her extremely short
skirt. "Bend over baby," Paula whispered in her ear. Gayla leaned forward as Paula lifted her skirt
showing Billy the skinny strip of lace going up her buttocks.
"Wow...that is hot!" Billy said smiling ear to ear.
Gayla straightened back up and turned to face Billy. She could barely contain her smile. Billy was
staring at her incredibly short skirt. He raised the front of it to take a peek underneath. Paula noticed
that in doing so he was very careful not to touch her. She remembered that Billy had never touched
her cock either. He had never shown any interest in cock. She needed to work on that.
"Now, now," she said batting Billy's hand away. She could see the inquisitive look on his face. "More
about that later," she smiled. She looked at Gayla and said, "Why don't you sit with your handsome
Gayla smiled and curled up on the couch snuggling in next to Billy. Now it was her turn to run her
hand up and down that leather covered thigh before nestling it into his crotch. Billy's lump inflated
before her very eyes. And she got to experience the troubles with an extremely short skirt as she
caught Billy's eye darting down to her exposed crotch.
It was a very heady experience for her. Her cock constantly tugged against the device. Although she
couldn't gain an erection, her libido was in full swing. She had never felt hornier in her life. Billy's cock
had swelled to full erection and pressed insistently against her hand.
Paula sat down in a chair across from the couch. She wanted to keep her distance so the two get to
know each other. She knew that Gayla would do just fine given her skills as an actor and her lust for
cock. But she wondered about Billy. But it looked like he was so taken by her transformation that her
worries might be misplaced. The lump in those leather pants told her he was getting over any
reservations he might have had.
"You sure know how to make your boyfriend horny," Paula teased. "I can see that lump from over
Gayla looked at Paula nervously. She was right. This was her boyfriend so she could do whatever she
wanted. And she wanted to play with that fabulous cock. She glanced at Billy for just a second before
grabbing his zipper and inching it down. Gayla could feel Billy reacting to her touch. It just added to
the eroticism in her mind. She pulled his cock free and lazily fondled it with her fingers.
She loved his cock. It was just the right size, perfectly shaped. She loved that she could make him
hard by just brushing up against him. For just a second she daydreamed about the things she would
do to it. She moaned u*********sly as her fingertip rounded the tip.
Watching the two of them was definitely having an impact on Paula. She crossed her legs once
squeezing her erection. Gayla was so hot. She loved the way Gayla caressed Billy. Billy was really
getting into it. She had to find a way to get Billy interested in cock. All he needed was a little nudge to
get the ball rolling. She couldn't resist edging her hand down to her panties and rubbing herself
"Do you like having a boyfriend?" Paula asked Gayla.
"Mmm" Gayla hummed.
"Doesn't he have a fabulous cock?" Paula said easing her hand into her panties. "Think of all the
wonderful hours you will spend sucking that warm beautiful piece of flesh."
That sent Gayla over the edge. She leaned down and took Billy's length between her lips. She took
great pains to paint his shaft with her salvia. She danced her tongue around the tip several times
toying with his slit.
Paula couldn't help it. She pulled her cock from her panties and wrapped her fingers around it. She
pulled on it slowly watching Gayla. "Do you like the way she sucks your cock?" she asked Billy.
"Yeah, yeah...absolutely. She is totally hot."
Paula reached into her purse and got something. Maybe this would provide the nudge she was looking
for. She walked over to the couch. Gayla released Billy's cock and sat up straight. "Open up baby,"
Paula said to Billy. He gave her an uncertain look and opened his mouth. Paula showed the two blue
pills to Gayla. "Do you know what this is?"
Gayla looked at the pills and shook her head no. Billy had no clue either.
"This is twelve hours of hard dick!" she smiled taking one of the pills. She popped the other down
Billy's throat. "You can thank me later," she giggled. "Do you have any more vodka left? I think we
are going to need another drink."
Gayla's mind was racing. Twelve hours of hard dick? So many thoughts went through her brain. She
almost forgot to breath. "Yes, I think I do," she said realizing she had been asked a question. "Let me
get them."
She got up and walked to the kitchen as Paula sank down on the couch next to Billy. Gayla looked
over her shoulder and caught both of them staring at her ass. She could see both their cocks standing
straight up. She ducked into the kitchen to fix the drinks thinking this was beyond anything she could
have imagined.
Billy turned to Paula and whispered, "What's that thing on her cock?"
"It's a restraining device. It keeps her from gaining an erection."
Billy raised his eyebrows in amazement.
"The hornier she gets, the more she will have to take it out on you. See? And with that pill we
took...we will be able to give her plenty."
Now he got it. This was just getting better all the time he thought.
Paula moved in closer and whispered in his ear, "We were talking in the bathroom. She has never
been fucked in the ass." She reached over and squeezed his fabulous cock. "She told me she wanted
you to be her first." It was a complete and total lie, but Billy didn't know that. And Gayla had no idea
that Paula was planting ideas in her boyfriend's head.
Paula knew the best way to start their kinky little relationship was with a hot and heavy fuck session.
She knew that Billy's cock was getting ready to turn into steel. He was going to be hornier than he had
ever been in his life. She was going to make sure he turned Gayla into a whimpering, whipped little
cock whore who was totally and hopelessly addicted to Billy's prick.
All she needed to do now was get Billy thinking about cock. Not his cock, but Gayla's cock. She had
ever intention of emptying Gayla's balls directly into Billy's mouth. Once that little deed was
accomplished, her part would be done. The rest of the relationship would be up to the two of them.
"I can definitely do that," Billy grinned.
"I know you can sugar," Paula said giving his cock one last squeeze. "She's going to love it."
Gayla returned with fresh drinks. The thing around her cock was never far from her thoughts. It
seemed to heighten her senses, not dull them. Walking in heels was a constant reminder her girl side
was here to play.
"Didn't she turn out well?" Paula said so pleased.
"She looks so hot," Billy said wrapping his hand around his cock. Man he was horny. This was so
different from anything he had done before. Who could have thought he would be sitting on
someone's couch, stroking his cock, getting ready to have the time of his life. Not only that, but the
girl sitting next to him had this hard-on peeking out from under her skirt. How kinky was that?
Gayla handed them their drinks. She made hers a little stronger hoping it would calm her nerves. She
brought it to her painted lips and just about drained it on the first pull.
It was time for Billy to try out his power. "Hey baby...ah, girlfriend," Billy corrected himself, "I'm
feeling pretty horny. Why don't you come over here and lick my balls." Gayla blushed as Billy pulled
his cock to one side. His balls were squeezed out of his zipper.
"Maybe we should remove those tight leather pants first," Gayla smiled.
"Yeah...good idea," Bill grinned. Man, she was actually going to do it. He was so glad he took Paula up
on her idea.
Gayla stepped over and grabbed the pant legs and pulled. She could hardly believe she was stripping
a guy's pants off. Her eyes were glued to his throbbing cock. Twelve hours! This was going to be good.
She threw the pants to one side and made herself comfortable between his legs.
"Yeah, that's it baby. Do them one at a time...real slow," Billy said peering down. Gayla gave him a
quick grin and ran her tongue in slow motion up over his ball sack. "Yeah, that felt good."
Gayla held his balls gently. There they were. Two big balls in her hand and she had just licked them.
And she was going to lick them until he said stop. She felt her cock tug on the device. She leaned
forward and began the tortuously slow process of caressing his balls.
"Mmm, yeah...I like watching you," Billy said almost drooling. "That is making me so horny."
Paula took the opportunity to remove her top, skirt and panties. All she was wearing was her half cup
pushup bra and her long leather boots. Billy's eyes went straight to her breasts. He couldn't get over a
guy getting boobs, but then again he really didn't think of her as a guy, not really. What he saw was a
woman, a woman with some of the best looking boobs he had ever seen. Yeah her hard cock was right
there, but he saw a woman.
He looked at his crotch and saw another woman licking his balls. And she was just as hot looking.
Yeah, he knew better, but his cock told him it was okay.
"Man I'm horny," he said looking at Paula. "I love your breasts."
"Here baby...suck on them for me..." Paula said leaning over offering him a nipple.
"Yeah..." Billy said taking the nipple between his lips. His cock was so hard. It wouldn't stop throbbing.
He could feel Paula's erection poking against his side. He knew exactly what she was feeling. Gayla
looked up to watch Billy work that nipple while she licked his balls. She was glad Paula was helping
her with Billy. She saw Paula's cock pressed up against his side. It didn't seem to bother him at all.
Billy pulled away to catch his breath. "Man, I am so fucking horny!" He looked down at Gayla, "OH
fuck that is good! Kiss my cock. Come on, kiss it." He released the grip he had on his cock and it
swung right out and hit Gayla in the face. She grabbed the base, held it in front of her lips, looked
Billy in the eye. She started planting little kisses all over the head.
"Shit yeah!" he said watching. "Now...kiss hers." Gayla could tell Billy was really getting into it now.
She loved the way he was taking control, giving orders.
"Hold it for her," Paula said to Billy. "Help your girlfriend baby."
Billy's eyes darted to Paula, found her smiling. Tentatively he reached over and held her cock. That
wasn't so hard. He pulled on it getting the feel of it. It felt pretty good. He pointed it at Gayla,
"Now...kiss it." She leaned over and kissed the head of Paula's cock. She crooked her tongue up
Paula's slit capturing the pearly drop she found.
" are so into dick," Billy observed.
"Looks good doesn't it?" Paula suggested.
Who was she k**ding Billy thought? It looked great...watching a hot woman licking a cock. Does it get
any better than that?
"Hell yeah it does," Billy grinned. "Come here girlfriend...make love to my dick." The word 'girlfriend'
rolled right off his tongue. Paula and Gayla both caught it. Billy tried to remove his hand, but Paula
stopped him. Gayla swirled her tongue around the head of Billy's oozing cock. His taste took her to a
new level.
She could feel the cage around her cock. It was so frustrating. She was so horny, yet totally limp. She
wanted to touch it so bad. What was she to do?
"Look at those lips...that is so hot. Do that thing with your tongue...yeah, I like that...I like that a lot,"
Billy said. His commands were making her so hot. That damn thing around her cock was impossible.
Billy glanced over, caught Paula toying with her nipple. He could feel her cock twitching in his hand.
His cock jerked with excitement too. He had never been hornier in his life. His poor cock had a life of
its own. It throbbed uncontrollably now. That Paula was so damn kinky. He liked watching her play
with her boobs. He pulled on her cock again. Man, cock and boobs, how kinky was that?
"Try it," Paula said. She glanced down to her cock as if there was any question what she was referring
Billy looked at her, looked down at Gayla sucking his cock to sweet perfection. He had always
considered himself a ladies man. He loved the ladies. He had strayed a bit when Paula came around.
He knew from the beginning that she was not as she appeared. He let his guard down that day, but
was glad he did. He couldn't have known that would lead to this. He watched Gayla lavish his cock
with total devotion. She was so into it. He looked back at Paula. She looked so fucking hot. He was
beside himself.
"Come on baby," Paula teased, "Are you afraid you might like it? Would that be so bad?"
What was he afraid of? It was the perfect situation. He knew that whatever happened would never
leave the room. He had been curious from time to time. Hadn't everyone? He squeezed her cock
"Come here baby. Try some dick," Paula said seductively. "It's really very easy," she said pinching her
nipples. "Just put your lips around it. It's really very hot."
He could feel himself caving in. He was so fucking horny. He did want to try it. And there it was...right
in his hand. A slow grin crossed his face.
"That's it sugar," Paula smiled knowing she had won. "Don't be afraid. I know you are curious. Who
wouldn't be? You suck my dick...and I will give you Gayla's key."
Paula watched the emotions cross his face. Gayla twisted around on his cock so she could see. He
inspected Paula's cock as if it were the first he had ever seen.
"It's just like yours baby..." Paula said dangling the key in front of him, "just slip it between those
sexy lips of yours...give it a can see how much Gayla likes are going to like it
one will know."
Billy leaned in another inch and slipped his lips around Paula's hard throbbing cock!
"Yes baby, yes," Paula hummed, "that's it," she said squeezing her nipples watching Billy's lips
descend down her shaft. She absolutely loved watching a guy take cock for the first time. There was
nothing better!
Billy's mouth filled with hot throbbing cock. Paula was leaking profusely on his tongue, the taste rolling
right down his throat. Her cock was so small he could take the whole thing in his mouth.
"Now isn't that nice..." Paula cooed pushing his hair out of the way so she could watch.
Billy started exploring her shaft, easing his lips up and down. He couldn't believe the sensations
flooding his brain. He had a cock in his mouth! He pulled back and looked at it once more. It was
covered with his salvia. Yeah, he was digging it. He crooked his tongue up her slit.
"Now you are getting it baby...cocks are great!" Paula said with a lusty smile.
Billy traced his tongue around the head of her cock getting more revved up by the second. Gayla
watched from his crotch. Soon it would be her. Those lips would be around her cock, sucking, licking.
She couldn't wait! Her hand went to her crotch, bumped into the cage. Damn!
Billy pushed down taking her entire cock back into his mouth. It was so different from anything he had
ever done. He was so fucking horny. Gayla was driving him crazy with that tongue of hers. He started
doing to Paula what Gayla was doing to him. And that was even better.
"Yeah Gayla...your boyfriend loves cock too. Hell, everybody loves cock after they try it," Paula said
smiling. She started pushing her hips up meeting Billy's lips. She looked down at Billy, "Don't worry
baby. Your girlfriend has a beautiful cock. You can suck it any time you like."
Things were building up in Billy's mind. So many things had happened. He was so damn horny he
couldn't think straight. He loved sucking cock. It was hot! But what he really needed to do now was
fuck. That's exactly what he needed to do. He needed to sink his cock into something fast.
He reached down and pulled Gayla off his cock. He looked her in the eye. He had that crooked grin on
his face, "Suck her cock for me." He paused for just a second, "And I want you to stick that cute ass
of yours straight up in the air."
Gayla could feel all the bl**d rushing to her face. Oh my god! Of course that thought had been in the
back of her mind, she just had no idea if... She took a deep breath and did exactly as Billy, her new
boyfriend, had asked. She moved between Paula's legs and slipped her cock between her lips as she
had a million times before. But this time she reached back and flipped her very short skirt up exposing
her virgin ass.
Billy stood behind her and just watched. He was witnessing a hot lesbian scene that every man had
seen and played through his mind a thousands time. Accept this one was just a little different. He
rested his throbbing cock on top of Gayla's ass, eased his hands down around her hips. All he could
think about was sinking his cock into her ass and fucking the hell out of her. The way he was feeling,
he was going to pump a few gallons of cum straight up her insides.
"Man you two are so hot," Billy smiled. Gayla was going crazy, waiting. She wanted it, she wanted it
now. "Spread your legs a little honey." She loved the way he just took control. "God I'm going to like
this," he said moving his cock down to her rosebud. He took that throbbing cock of his and pushed it
inside her.
"Mmmm," she moaned around Paula's cock. She pulled her lips off of Paula's cock just for a second so
she could truly appreciate that fabulous cock penetrating her. Billy wasted no time driving his full
length into her.
"I love it, I love it, I love it," she screamed. For at that moment she realized, for the very first time,
that she was indeed a cock worshipping, ball licking cum slut. And she was getting ready to get fucked
for the first time in her life!
Billy started moving that fabulous cock inside her. The sensations were glorious. She had a cock in her
ass, all the way in her ass and it felt wonderful. She had a cock in her mouth and that felt wonderful
too. She spread her legs a little further, tilted her ass just right hoping to feel more cock. She did. She
felt his balls too. They were slapping up against her ass. Erotic sensations flooded her brain.
"Feels good, doesn't it..." Paula said through lust filled eyes. "Honey, you were always meant to be a
cock whore...there's no shame in do it so well. Isn't that right, Billy?"
"Oh tight, so sexy. I'm going to love fucking you," he said finding his rhythm.
"I can't wait to get a nut in you." Gayla started pushing back, meeting his thrusts, trying to help him
out. She absolutely loved having a cock in her ass.
Billy was a fucking machine. He drove that cock into her for years. She couldn't believe how good it
felt. She had completely forgotten about her own cock, thought only of his and how she was looking
forward to feeling it fucking her in the days to come.
Paula watched from her perch on the couch arm. What a sight to see. Billy was so into fucking Gary's
tight ass. Gary was so into being Gayla. She could feel his moans around her cock and knew they
were from being fucked like the whimpering little cock whore he was.
"You like that cock in your ass...don't you baby? He is fucking you so good," Paula purred. She knew
damn good and well talking dirty was driving Gayla crazy. "And such a big cock..."
Gayla pulled off Paula's cock, "Stop it, stop know that is driving me insane." She turned back
to Billy, "Sit on the couch. I want to try a new position. Hurry."
Billy pulled his cock out and sat down on the couch. Gayla positioned herself over it, took it in her
hand and sat down on it. "Ooooooooh yeah," she cooed pushing down as hard as she could. Billy's
cock was all she had. She was going to make the most of it.
"You love that cock. Fuck him baby. Fuck that pretty cock of his. Make him come inside you," Paula
cheered. Gayla put her hands on Billy's thighs for balance and worked that cock with her ass. The
deep thrusts had Billy moaning too. Paula stroked her cock with one hand and toyed with her breast
with the other.
Then Gayla lifted up and pushed Billy out of the way. She flopped down on the couch, pulled her legs
to her chest offering her ass. "Fuck me! Just stick that cock in me and FUCK!"
Billy smiled ear to ear. Man he could get used to this. He stood over her, leaned in and sank his cock
all the way inside her.
"Yes, yes, yes" Gayla screamed. She opened her eyes just long enough to see Billy pounding his cock
into her. His violent thrusts made the cage bounce back and forth, the little lock bouncing around on
Paula moved over and towered over her as well. "You are such a slut," she grinned staring down at
Gayla, stroking her cock. It was true, all so true Gayla though watching Paula stroking her cock. She
just closed her eyes and let those delicious sensations roll over her.
"Just that you have a will be getting fucked...all the time," Paula smiled.
"Ooooooh yeah...fuck that cock into me baby...I need that cock!" Gayla squealed. It was
too much, she was going crazy.
"Sucking cock, drinking cum...wearing pretty little panties," Paula continued, "I'm so jealous! Fuck her
Billy...fuck that horny bitch."
Then the unthinkable happened. The slit at the end of the device started emitting cum! Each time Billy
thrust into Gayla another few drops dribbled out.
"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" Gayla couldn't believe it. That fucking cock in her ass was making her cum!
"Damn girlfriend," Billy said realizing what was happening. He started ramming into her harder.
Paula reached down and ran her finger along the end of the device. Billy was pounding his cock as
hard as he could into Gayla. Paula moved her finger to Billy's lips and pushed it inside. "Taste it
boyfriend!" Billy was so far gone. He sucked her finger, ran his tongue over it. "That's it
good." She reached down and scooped up some more. She pushed her finger into his mouth again.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Gayla screamed as more dribbled out. "YES!" She rolled her head from side to side.
"Fuck me! FUCK ME!" He rammed harder still. She was so horny. Billy's cock was making her cum!
Paula could feel her orgasm gushing up from her balls. She aimed her cock at Gayla's face, pumped as
hard as she could.
"OH fuck yes!" Gayla screamed feeling the hot liquid splatter across her nose and chin. Paula laced her
face with spurt after spurt.
She turned to Billy and jammed her cock in his face, "Lick it, lick it clean!"
Billy leaned forward to lick her cock, but she just jammed her hips forward pushing her cock straight
into his mouth.
"Suck it boyfriend. Suck that cock!"
Billy sucked it all the way into his mouth while jamming his cock into Gayla. "Arrrghh!" he screamed
as his balls exploded. Gayla could feel the jets of hot cum filling her insides.
"Yes, yes, yes...give it to me baby!" she cried. Billy was lost in the most powerful orgasm he had ever
experienced. It seemed to go on forever, made his knees weak. Finally he gave out and collapsed on
top of Gayla.
It took him a minute to catch his breath. He opened his eyes, was face to face with Gayla. That nasty
cum was every where. He stuck his tongue out, took one long lick and kissed her right on the lips.
Paula handed him the key to the device, "I believe this belongs to you."
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A summer in the castle Pt 1

Six months ago she never would have thought she would find herself in a place like this, not in a million years. As Miranda lay in a large ber with three other naked women she relived her path to this place where she now found herself.

It was early spring,she was sipping coffee in a sidewalk cafe. She noticed him enter, an older man mid fifties she would have thought. Well dressed, exspenive suit looked like he had never done a hard days work in his life. There was something about him, an air of something she couldn't pin down, she shook her head and went back to her Iphone reading her favorite blog. A few moments later she looked up to see him sitting two tables away from her, watching her. There eyes met, but he didn't look away, like some of the guys she'd catch checking her out from time to time. No he Held her gaze till she dropped her eyes and looked away. She felt her face flush and grow red. She looked at her phone some more pretending that he was not there, but for some reason she felt compeled to look at him again. She turned her head slightly and looked over at him, he was still watching her. She felt funny under his gaze, it was as if her Body was reacting to him on it's own, her nipples were growing hard she felt hot around her neck. He remained quite still his eyes thought seemed to be burning into her, reading her iner most thoughts. She felt as though she were naked sitting before, her brain reacted making her place one arm over her breasts. On seeing this he gave a little smile and seemed to nod his head. How could he be making her feel like this, he was twenty feet away. Miranda wanted to get up and leave, but she couldn't find the will to rase off the chair, it was like she was tied to it. She felt helpless in his view, like his will was holding her as if she were bound with ropes to the chair. She bowwed her head and just sat still not looking at him, all kinds of strange thoughts were going thur her head, things she wanted to do or have done to her, she couldn't stop them they just seemed to flood her mind. How could he be doing this to her by just looking at her, why was she reacting to a total stranger in such a way. She looked up once more and her heart began to pound as she saw him rise and walk toward her table. He stood before her and asked, "Do you mind if I sit down?". Miranda just muttered "No".
He sat and said, "My name is Stefan, and you little one what is your name?".
She said in a low voice "Miranda".
"Oh what a charming name, Miranda". Miranda had pulled herself together a bit and asked, can I do anything for you. "Oh I'm sure you can do lots for me", came the reply.
"Excuse me I'm not sure I know what you're talking about".
"Oh but you do little one, deep down inside you know very well".
Miranda flushed bright red, not knowing what to sat she just sat there.
"Little one I can read people very well and I know what you want more than anything else". Miranda tried to pull herself together and asked, "And what would that be then?". in as strong a voice as she could find in herself at this moment.
"Oh please little one dont try to fool me and yourself,you know what you are and what you want to become. I'm going to offer you the chance to fullfil your dreams and let you have what you always wanted".
Miranda said,"Oh yeah and what might that be then", trying to be as brave as she could at this Moment.
"Miranda, Miranda, please don't be like that, you know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't".
"Ok then, tell me what I want if you seem to know so much about me by just looking at me for five minutes".
Miranda looked around the cafe it was still quite at this early hour, not many pepole around.
He said in a soft voice, "You want to be controlled, you need to be told what to do, you want to obey a Master and bow to his wishes".
Miranda's head was spinning, oh yes she had been looking at bondage and other things on the internet and found herself turned on by them. She had interduced bondage role playing to her boyfriend and they both enjoyed it. She thought she more than him. She thought that had he been what was for her a real man then he would have been more harsh when he spnaked her. He would have taken controll and made her obey him. He didn't seem to get, that that was what she wanted. She wanted to restrained and then used for his pleasure. She wanted to feel helpless as he entered her, sometimes Miranda just wanted to be fucked for sake of been fucked by him for his pleasure and not to think about what she wanted,,,yes she wanted to be used!.Miranda wanted f***ed orgasms, she wanted to cum becaused she was been used as a sex object. She tought that would be the most exciting orgasm she would ever have, helpless bound, her body reacting to been used for the pleasure of another. Not been asked how is it for you dear, do you like it like that, should I go harder or slower. No sometimes she just wanted to be fucked like a piece of meat, taken clothes ripped off thrown over whatever was there and entered dry, vagina f***ed open, hard manhood pushed into her, pain or not didn't matter. On a table top naked legs over his arms, his hands squeezing her breasts vice like as he entered her forcing himself into her, tears flooding from her eyes as she felt like she was been ripped apart, his eyes rolling in the back of his head lost in a****l passion as he grunted and growled till he came deep inside her, pulling his cock out of her and letting her flop on the table cum dribbling and he just to walk away from her leaving her there without saying a single word, sore and used. Yes deep down Miranda sometimes wanted that just to be used.
Now here in the cafe sat a man across from her that seemed to read her iner most thoughts without even knowing her for five minutes, how could that be???.

Something a switch seemed to flip in her head and she asked, " And what, you think you are that Master that I would like to obey, to bend to your breeze and bow to your wishes?.
"Yes little one I think I am that person that could you a whole other life waiting to be lived".
"What would I have to do to live such a life that you offer, and you really think I want to run off and be somebodies sex slave?".
"Oh Miranda I see more in you than just a, as you call it a sex slave, you seem to be two halves of the same coin".
"What is that supposed to mean, two halves of the same coin, I don't understand".
"It's quite simple. I see you as a slave on one hand a Mistress on the other. Let me explain a little. I see in you a woman who will bow to a Master and also one who will be a Mistress to others, male and female alike who seek to obey another".
Miranda thought for strangs reason that sounded reasonable, because sometimes she had the urge to buy a strap-on cock and fuck her wimp boyfriend and put him in his place, but she had thought it was only because he didn't know how to controll her. Then a picture flashed in her mind, a female body naked before her tied bent over, Miranda poised behind her, hanging between her legs a large rubber cock, the submissive female helpless as Miranda chose which hole to use, fliping a coin in her head would let her know where to enter first, pussy gently, maybe letting the offered body feel some pleasure before been taken in the ass roughly,screams of pain that would turn to pleasureable moans as the anal canal accepted the f***ed invasion and relaxed pushing back onto the large rubber cock that was been driven in and out of it. When her thoughts turned to a man prone before her, she felt her pussy swell and grow moist. A male ass little bud puckered ball sack hanging lose, the man whinppering waiting to be fucked in the only hole he had to offer. She had a picture in her mind that was so real she could almost reach out and touch it. Miranda imagined tapping the huge dildo on his ass as he wriggled trying to get away form her, but he is tied where can he go, nowhere, he is mine to use as I see fit. Miranda thought she was going to cum as she imagined herself pushing ten inches of rubber cock deep into a mans ass.
Miranda didn't know if that was what this man was offering but she hoped it was. So she said, "Ok let me here your offer, and I'll think about it".
"Oh no little one as you americans say this is a one time only offer,, no time to think, yes or no now".
Miranda said,"Ok fire away".
"Little one you will come to Europe for the summer and join me and others in my castle for four months, there you will be interduced to a new way of life. At the end of the four months you will be free to do whatever you want, but you must agree to stay the full four months no matter what, that's the only but as you Americans say".
Miranda looked at him with a new found braveness and said, "Stefan, as we Americas say, you have a deal".
"Oh god", he said, "Have I just bought a car", and laughed.
"No a spunky little redhead", came the asnwer, and they both laughed.
Miranda relaxed and asked questions about the castle as he called it, but the answers were short and clipped, not really giving much away. The one thing that he did tell her was that what she'd seem on the Internet or would look up later was not really what happened, yes there was punishment for slaves,but in a whole other way than what was she would see, sometimes far worse and sometimes not so much, but a Balance was always found, and the crime always fitted the punishment,,or the other way round. He did give her a link to a site that wouldn't be found in the main stream that would help her understand what she might be in for. He told her that all exspences would be paid. She would recive plane and rail tickets soon, and if she gave him her salery amount it would be paid into her bank account for the four months. At the end of the time if she wanted to return to the states all tickets would be paid for, or any where else in the world she wanted to go.

And so it was that Miranda gave up her job, left her as she thought whimp boyfriend and headed off to Europe for summer of what she quite didn't know.

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Fucked at the Concert

The fair grounds were packed for the concert that day. It was mid-August and even though night had fallen it was still sweltering hot. Tina was dressed to beat the heat in a low slung denim mini skirt and bikini top, hiking sandals on her feet. She turned more than a few heads in her revealing outfit. At twenty-one years of age, she had a lush yet firm body. Full 36C tits filled her bikini top, her narrow waist flared out gently to her tight round ass, which was clearly evident even though the fullness of her skirt and her long, tanned, athletic legs gave every guy there something to lust over.

Trying to find the friends she had lost track of, she craned her neck, her blond pony-tailed head rising above the crowd as she went on tiptoe to get a better look. Was that them? In the densest part of the crowd? In the dark it was hard to tell.

She tried to push her way through the throngs of dancing fans to where she thought she had seen them but was stuck and just couldn't move any further. She decided to just enjoy the music and began dancing along with every one else.

She suddenly felt someone grab her ass, but aside from being momentarily startled she didn't think much of it. She had been groped in crowds before and just continued on dancing. She was grabbed again and this time it wasn't just a quick squeeze, the hands lingered, kneading her firm ass. She tried to turn and tell him to fuck off, but the crowd was too thick, having suddenly pressed in around her.

Much to her distress, she felt the hands slide down to her bare thighs and then back up the insides of her legs. She couldn't even lower her arms to push his hands away and even more distressing to her was that she found she was getting turned on by this anonymous groping. His hands slowly trailed upwards until he cupped her pussy in his palm. She was horrified to feel that she was wet and hoped he wouldn't notice.

Her fears were realized though as he boldly pushed aside her panties and slid a finger through the folds of her pussy. She gasped loudly but found that she involuntarily pushed her ass back, inviting him to be even bolder. A small cry escaped her lips as his finger pushed inside her soaked pussy. First just one, then two, pumping in and out of her, causing another cry to pass her lips. She moaned with pleasure, her sounds drowned out by the cheering and singing crowd around her.

The fact that they were in such a public place, with people literally pressed against her suddenly registered and that thought was answered by a gush of juices from her pussy. Tina could only close her eyes and enjoy the sensations flowing through her body. She knew this was wrong, that she should be feeling horrified and violated, but she didn't, she felt good...damned good.

She ground her pussy against the stranger's hand and he slipped a third finger inside her eager cunt. She cried out loudly this time, her voice mingling with the roar around her, as an orgasm caused her tremble and shake.

Suddenly the fingers were removed. She was disappointed. Even though she had cum, she still wanted more. What are you thinking, she thought to herself. You should be glad it's over. The very fact that I was enjoying that was deplorable. Just as she finished chastising herself she felt the hands return, pushing her panties aside.

Without intending to, she pushed her ass out, inviting his touch once again. However, it wasn't his fingers touching her; it was a cock pressing against her. Before she could even react, the head was pushed in. Gasping loudly, she was powerless to stop him as he slid all the way in, filling her, spreading her pussy with his thickness.

He slowly began pumping in and out, sending shock waves through Tina. She couldn't believe this was happening; she was being fucked in a crowd of people. She easily could have screamed that she was being ****d, but instead the only sounds that came from her throat were cries of pleasure as another orgasm tore through her. Soon she was grinding her hips against the stranger behind her, matching his thrusts.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" she cried loudly as he slammed into her.

She was thoroughly enjoying the fucking until she felt wet fingers spreading her ass cheeks and stroking her tight anal entrance. She was an anal virgin and was unsure she wanted this guy to go there. She didn't have much choice though, as a slippery finger pushed into her, causing her to cry out loudly. She shouted out no, but it coincided with the band asking the crowd if they'd had enough yet and no one noticed her protest as his finger relentlessly pushed up inside her.

She continued to cry out loudly as his one finger was joined by a second, spreading her tight hole. He began to finger fuck her ass as his cock kept on fucking her pussy. She was almost in tears, but then the most amazing sensations suddenly began to emanate from her ass. The pain eased and she only felt pleasure, so intense her knees almost buckled with the power of the orgasm that ripped through her.

She pushed her ass back, suddenly wanting more and was rewarded with a third finger in her ass. She actually enjoyed the pain of the further spreading and bucked against the penetration, pulling the fingers in deep. Another orgasm overtook her before, much to her disappointment; the cock was pulled from her pussy. Her disappointment was short lived though, as she felt it pressing against her ass.

She again pushed back, wanting that large cock inside her tight hole. She felt the head push in and she flung her head back, crying out with pain and delight. He drove in again, pushing in half way. Tina was almost delirious with pleasure, riding out the pain, until the ecstasy took over as he kept pushing in, until she felt his balls pressed against her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh yes!" she almost screamed. "Yeah, baby, yeah," she cheered as he began to fuck her, slowly at first and then picking up speed until he was pummeling her ass hole with his thick rod. His fingers gripped her hips as he drove into her, panting heavily behind her.

"You are one hot piece of ass, you dirty slut," he grunted in her ear, just as he pushed in deep, shooting his cum into her ass. She shouted out at her own release, as yet another orgasm flooded her senses.

He remained behind her for a few moments, until he pulled out and disappeared into the crowd behind her. As the glow of her orgasms faded, she was suddenly horrified at what she had allowed to happen. She had just been fucked in the ass by a complete stranger in a public place!

Suddenly she needed to be out of there and she turned and began pushing through the crowd, afraid she was going to be sick.

Several hours later, back at home, she stood beneath the steaming hot spray of the shower. The slight soreness of her ass a reminder of what had happened earlier in the evening. Despite the heat of the shower, a delicious shiver ran down her spine as she recalled how good the stranger's cock had felt insider her pussy and, even more so, inside her ass. Slowly, hesitantly, she trailed her fingers over her butt, pulling the cheeks apart and gently touching her tight hole. Had he really stretched her so wide that his cock fit inside?

She dripped some liquid soap onto her fingers and returned to her puckered rose bud. She took a breath and slowly slid her finger inside. She gasped at her own intrusion, a sudden burst of pleasure flooding her senses. Sliding in a second finger caused a low moan to fill the shower stall. Bending forward and bracing herself against the wall, she slid in a third finger, a small cry escaping her lips. She parted her legs and began to fuck her ass, sliding her slick fingers in as deep as she could, as fast as she could. The orgasm tore through her, the intensity of it almost causing her to lose her balance.

Over the next few nights, as she took a shower before going to bed, Tina masturbated anally. Sometimes using her fingers and sometimes being more creative. She especially liked the long, thick handle for the back scrubber, with the ridged grip.

She still lived at home and had to walk through the living room to get to her bedroom after her shower. She liked her bedroom being far away from everyone else's, so she didn't mind the inconvenience of the shower being far away. However, tonight some of her older b*****r's friends were over and she was nervous about walking past them in her bathrobe, her tousled wet hair drying on her shoulders.

She could smell the alcohol they were drinking as she hurried through the room, feeling a few pairs of eyes on her.

"Hey Tina, can I borrow that new CD of yours?" her b*****r called out to her as she turned the corner for the stairs.

"Um...sure. I'll be right back," she replied somewhat surprised. Her b*****r usually ignored her when his friends were around.

"I'll come up with you and get it," Tyler, a friend of her b*****r's offered, rising from the couch.

With his tousled black hair and pale blue eyes, she had always had a mad crush on Tyler and was nervous about being alone with him. He followed her up the stairs and down the hallway that led to her room. "Hey, did you go to that concert last week?" he asked her as they neared her room.

As usual, every time she thought about that night, a delicious shiver ran through her. "Yeah, I did," she replied smiling.

"I thought I saw you there," he answered as they stepped over the threshold of her room, his large, muscular frame filling the doorway.

Suddenly nervous at what he might have seen, she tried to keep her voice casual as she asked, "Oh? Whereabouts?" She had her back to him, looking through the mess on her desk, trying to remember where she had put the disc.

"You were in the crowd. A very densely packed part of it," he said, his voice low and very close behind her.

She stiffened, but didn't turn. Did he see her, she wondered. Did he know what she had done?

"Did you enjoy the show?" he asked.

"Yeah, the bands were really good," she replied nervously. Where the hell had she left that CD, she thought frantically. She was about to tell him she couldn't find it, when she felt him brush up against her.

"Do you even remember the last band?" he whispered in her ear. "Can you tell me a single song they played?"

"Wh-wh-what do you mean?" she stammered. Oh God, he knows. He saw her. She closed her eyes, dreading his response.

He gripped her hips, pulling her against him. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass through her thin robe. "You are one hot piece of ass, you dirty slut," he whispered.

She froze as he repeated the words that had been whispered in her ear that other night. It was him? He was the one who fucked her? Her mind was spinning with this thought and she didn't notice him undoing the belt of her robe until she felt the cool air on her skin. Before she could even react, he had pulled it off her shoulders and she was naked before him. "I have wanted to fuck you for so long," he said softly.

She tried to turn, but he had her pinned to her desk. The sound of his zipper lowering caused her to gasp. He was going to fuck her again?!?!

"Did you like what I did to you the other night?" he asked.

Closing her eyes, she sighed as his fingers slid through her shamelessly wet pussy. "Yes," she admitted.

"Would you like me to do it again?" His hands spread her ass cheeks, his cock head stroking her freshly masturbated ass hole.

"Yes," she breathed, her cheeks reddening with shame.

His hands rose and cupped her full breasts, his fingers gently squeezing her erect nipples. "I'd love to fuck you properly, to really enjoy this gorgeous body," he murmured.

"On the bed," she gasped, her head tipping back against his shoulder.

"No time for that. I can't be gone from the guys for too long. I don't think your b*****r would like to know that I'm up here screwing his little s****r," he chuckled, his hands sliding down her sides around to her front, slipping into her sopping wet pussy. He wet his fingers and then using one hand to push her down onto the desk, he pushed a finger of the other hand up her ass.

Gasping loudly, she pushed back, relishing the pain, knowing that it would soon turn into something incredibly wonderful. "More," she groaned.

Chuckling, he slid in a second finger, "Greedy tonight, aren't you?" He pumped them a few times and then pushed in a third.

Covering her mouth to muffle her cries, she shook and trembled as the first orgasm crashed through her. His fingers plunging in and out of her ass felt even better than they had that first night.

Finally he removed his fingers and she held her breath as his dick slid through the wet folds of her pussy. When his cock was slick with her juices, he again parted her cheeks and pointed himself at her asshole. With a powerful thrust of his hips, he drove his cock deep into her ass. Tina had to use both hands to muffle the scream that erupted from her throat. With another thrust he was in to the hilt, his balls pressed against her dripping cunt.

Gripping her hips, he slowly pulled back and then rammed in deep again. "Keep those hands over your mouth, baby. I don't plan to let up for a second," he growled as he thrust deeply into her. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast, delighting in the multiple orgasms he could feel coursing through her body.

"Yeah, you like this, don't you? You're just a dirty slut who likes getting it up the ass. But you're my dirty slut, all mine," he grunted, struggling to keep his own orgasm at bay, wanting it to last just a little longer.

"Oh yes, give it to me, you bastard, give it to me. Fuck my horny ass, fuck it hard," she begged.

The dirty words coming from between her sweet lips drove him over the edge and he plowed in deep, his cum shooting into her ass, filling her with his seed. His deep thrust caused another orgasm to tear through her body and her clenching ass pumped every drop from his twitching cock. He bent over her, his own cries of pleasure muffled against the back of her neck.

They stayed like that for a minute, both of them waiting until their pulses and breathing returned to normal. Slowly he pulled his limp cock from her ass, holding her cheeks apart, gazing at her gaping hole and the cum beginning to trickle out.

Squeezing her cheeks, he spun her around and captured her lips in an intense kiss, causing her head to spin. By the time her senses had cleared, he was gone.

"What the hell took you so long?" he b*****r Brian asked as Tyler returned to the living room.

"She couldn't find the disc," he shrugged, grabbing a beer and flopping onto the couch.

"No shit. Her room's a fucking mess," Brian muttered, taking a deep swallow of his own drink.

Tyler just smiled and took a long drink himself.

Upstairs, Tina staggered into her small bathroom. It only had a toilet and sink, but that's all she needed right now. She wiped the cum from her ass and splashed some cold water on her face before returning to her room and falling into bed. Her ass hurt from the double assault of masturbating and then Tyler's visit, but it was the best soreness she had ever felt, and she could hardly wait until it happened again.
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