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Breaking in a Virgin

Breaking in a Virgin

... relaxed.

I slowly withdrew and then pushed back in. In no time, I had a steady rhythm going in and out. I didn’t even notice Eric rocking ... was lots of lube to ease the journey into this virgin territory. Peeling back my foreskin, I ran my knob up and ... ... Continue»
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Breaking in a virgin

... I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said “I’m not interested in girls”, I looked at him and said “Seriously” he sighed and ... longer, then he speeded up even faster and I said “I’m coming” in a loud voice, he moved his mouth over my helmet as ... ... Continue»
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Life of a Slut Wife and Mum Ch.03 (Breaking In Lou

Breaking In Louboutins

This story picks up from part 2-2, with my mum, Scarlett recounting the story of how she broke in the ... rubbing against my naughty little clitty.” “Looks like my shoe ‘breaking in’ story worked. Your cocks all feel ready to go again ... ... Continue»
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Breaking In the Sales Counter

Breaking in the New Sales Counter
A few years ago I worked for a local convenience store chain. I was in charge of the maintenance and ... had the whackiest sense of humour and the saltiest mouth in the company. Her customers loved her cause if they needed ... ... Continue»
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A Bird in the cage

... sound of his zipper sliding down breaking the silence in the room. The vision of his cock in her mouth came back to ... cock at the entrance to her virgin passage.

Her hips moved in circles, the throbbing cockhead trapped in her tight hole. It was ... ... Continue»
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Teen in Hidden Beach House

... in
obtaining full and utter control of your body, mind, and soul. In other

They gasped heavily in anticipation.

"I will cum in your virgin ... nap one of them,
there is so much joy in breaking their will and forcing them to accept that ... ... Continue»
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My Visits to Sex Shops in Coppenhagen

... in you can watch if you like son" the old woman said lustily
the son sat on a chair to watch the breaking in ... her tight cunt breaking her seal
The little black girl screamed in pain ... open the virgin arse of the old guy
I was in heaven with a cock in my ... ... Continue»
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... a thirtyseven year old man and in the span of nearly three hours she (a twelve year old virgin) had sex with seven guys ... action in the shack had already begun when I got there and it was a new member initiation with the old man breaking in my virgin ... ... Continue»
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... be splitting her in half. The sight of her tiny ass cheeks spread apart and my glistening cock in her virgin pussy was ... belly wobbled against her taut body, which was by now breaking out in perspiration.

Darren was sweating like crazy. He was getting ... ... Continue»
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... woman. George put his finger in his mouth and pushed in and out, then laughed, “End of the virgin mouth, and she swallows ... needs breaking in, like a bit of sprit in a woman.” Edward went out of the door, “Come on then bring your filly, we are in ... ... Continue»
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A Hole In The Wall - Must Read

... inside her own cunt; finally her back arched almost breaking in half, her pussy exploding like a volcano and all her ... with one firm stroke he buried himself completely inside Claudia’s virgin pussy.

Claudia felt no pain, only incredible pleasure; her ... ... Continue»
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Three in a Bed.

... fuck him? The thought of that big cock in his relatively virgin ass scared yet excited him. Finishing his piss, ... to enjoy the experience.

Enjoying the exquisite sensations involved in breaking in a nice tight ass, Doug had to fight for control ... ... Continue»
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Breaking in a New Slut

... strike twice so I decided I wanted to find someone who was a virgin and curious. I wanted to be his first since that was ... on. I pretended I didn’t notice and jumped in the water. When he jumped in, we floated in a shallow area and talked. I steered the ... ... Continue»
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Breaking In Rachel

... t-shirt that displayed her firm teen tits in a most seductive manner,her shorts were ... my hands.I eased my cock in her tight virgin snatch,feeling it's vise like grip clamping down on my rigid pole,oooohhh please put it in ... ... Continue»
Posted by goo4u 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 5820  |  
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Breaking In Linda's Wet Pulsing Pussy

... a visit. When I arrived, her roommate Linda was there and I was in love. Linda was a beautiful blonde girl who was an ex ... . I asked Linda if I could fuck her. She said “Yes, but I’m a virgin”. She said “I never had the chance at home, but I practiced ... ... Continue»
Posted by nvision 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 759  |  
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The boy in my car (finallity)

... riding him as a cowboy does breaking in a wild horse, moving his cock in wild circles pushing my vagina in circular directions, relishing the feeling ... the way and mentally ticking the box for my first virgin bagged and tagged. ... Continue»
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My First Guy

... a guy it was at least 12" long, about 4" in diameter he was dress in short shorts and a t-shirt that he almost busted ... I was breaking in his virgin asshole I got his cherry I though that was great so I fucked him for a few minutes and came in his ass ... ... Continue»
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Breaking in the new doctor..

... imagine how horny Katerina became so she started cheating around in her office and whoring around on the streets for a little ... , he just dove right in and began pumping frantically. At first it felt like she was a new virgin, but then she stretched ... ... Continue»
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vacation with my s****r in south africa

... in his mouth. I was now rock hard and started to stroke my cock.

I wanted to see his cock in her virgin pussy. he then inserted his finger in his mouth and ... virgin love girl could take. She smiled, kneeling in front of him in ... ... Continue»
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The Virgin Hunter

... ’s body. Ah, the innocence of a virgin. It was that innocence that turned Emma on so much. In the last 20 years since ... she would always be his first. He was number 20 in her virgin collection; starting tomorrow, she would go looking for number ... ... Continue»
Posted by Nemesis84 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  Views: 2601  |