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Braless book-girl

'A Tale of Two Moms - Book Two'

... .

This is a repost of Book Two, in preparation for the release of the awaited Book Four.


Chapter One

... was shocking, confusing, and surprisingly stimulating to the young girl… causing her young pussy to quiver as she secretly ... ... Continue»
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'A Tale of Two Moms, Book Three'

... her tongue against her daughter’s tormented clit again. The teen girl was so excited from having her b*****r’s delicious boy cum coating ... !

The End of ‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Three’

‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Four’ will be out soon, and will be ... ... Continue»
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A Son's Summer Awakening - Book One

... good!"

Then Billy showed Jimmy a picture of one hot girl licking another's pussy, with the caption ‘Best Friends’ underneath.

" ... next door was about to enter another chapter.
End Book One

Book Two will follow later today. I hope you enjoyed ... ... Continue»
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Grampa's Girl,,,,,,,,

... alone, she got out a book to show me. The book is about sex. It ... relax a little and answer, “I like being your special girl Grampa. My lips are zipped, I won’t ... with a calm reassuring tone, “Every young girl has a membrane inside their hole. They are ... ... Continue»
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The Book

... charts and working on a second book. If you can only imagine walking through a house with a girl dressed from head to toe in ... night while reading, I noticed she had removed the book we wrote from the book shelf. At times there would be that inquisitive ... ... Continue»
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Village Girl Turns Society Lady

... to the library and started
reading the book (Uncle Tom's cabin). I was seriously reading it ... In my nervousness, I had
dropped the book. I felt shy, seeing him standing beside ... Vishal and a girl. I could see that there was
Vishal and the girl screwing ... ... Continue»
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A Tale of Two Moms - Book One

... mind… more exciting. Finding it impossible to concentrate on her book, she finished her wine and went to bed.

Chapter Two ... in a sweet defensive tone, “you’re prettier than any other girl I know.”

Alice was both flattered and taken back by what ... ... Continue»
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Masked Girl

... back corner. The window above the wall-length book shelf was completely crowded by books. I turned ... herself.

She leaned back a little into the book shelf behind her; the small nook ... wet in her mouth.

I love it when a girl teases my cock. She lets it sit ... ... Continue»
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DAWN BEING A GOOD BAD GIRL ``~~~~~long version

... a new adventure, a new building block in Dawn’s relationship with her girl friend. And every night she had pushed the boundaries a little ... low cut, and the décolletage managed to both cover her braless teen breasts and flaunt them at the same time. They ... ... Continue»
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Hotel cleaning Girl ( sex story )

... morning in the bed when a young cleaning girl interd the room and the door closing behind ... her the picture in the book I had of a naked Man and Girl and she said , O' you ... now just chating with this Beautifull young girl had a huge hard on and acking balls . ... ... Continue»
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The Monday Girl

... owner’s name jotted inside the cover - a hint at the book’s history. I found a dog eared, two dollar copy of Lady ... legs ramrod straight and tantalising apart.

“I have been a bad girl Sir.” Siobhan was breathless, expectant. “Very, very bad”.

I lifted ... ... Continue»
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Foursome with a new girl

... exactly the smartest or most interesting girl, but she’s a tall, thin brunette with a ... was the panties either girl was wearing. She was a nice looking girl, tall and thin, but ... always be visible if she was braless. I gave them a little pinch to stiffen ... ... Continue»
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Book Signing

... . This girl was way too hot.

"I'm up here visiting and I have them for the morning, and you?"

"I'm here for a book ... a k** who takes skating lessons."

Oh My God. A c***dren's book author. Wow. A girl with looks to kill that also likes k**s. My ... ... Continue»
Posted by Exakta66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 1035  |  
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The Girl Next Door part one

... me by a gorgeous young female, still in shorts and t shirt braless the outline of her pert boobs plainly visible but most ... like state my fantasy was happening alone with this young girl, was I reading the signs right, tentavily I kissed her a peck on ... ... Continue»
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The Girl Next Door

... myself suddenly sucking on a tongue, just like in my source book.

Since I was embarrassed by my sudden hard-on and worried ... kiss her shoulder. Where the heck did this barely pubescent girl get this kind of confidence, I asked myself.

For the next ... ... Continue»
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More Punishment At The Book Store

... since I started working at Mr Petersons book store and every Saturday afternoon at 2:00 ... would be me acting like a naughty school girl or spoiled daughter and Mr P giving me ... read it. The story was about a girl working in a book store and the owner takes ... ... Continue»
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Masked Girl

... a poorly lit back corner. The window above the wall-length book shelf was completely crowded by books. I turned the corner to ... , caressing the corner of the bookshelf. She lightly placed the book atop a stack at the end.

It's darker still around the ... ... Continue»
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Girl Next Door Part 2

... flimsy dress, braless her nipples stood upright her breasts not large barely a handful but perfectly formed and firm as a girl of her ... in a darkened car middle of the country side with a teenage girl half naked enjoying my attention, to say I was aroused was ... ... Continue»
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Mr Petersons Book Store

... my first summer job working at Mr. Petersons Book Store.

Mr Peterson had always told me ... eye, it was of a young woman in a book store being severely caned in the ... did this he said Jennifer you are a naughty girl and gave me a couple of hard slaps ... ... Continue»
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Part 8 Fisrt time adult book store with uncle jim

... there. I walked thru the door into the adult book store. It was dark but you could still ... push the button till a video came up of a girl getting gang banged. He than showed me the ... and looked up at the video of the girl taking 2 cocks at he same time one she ... ... Continue»
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