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Brad and I ...pt2

Brad and I ...pt2

... the mattress.

Brad took this opportunity lavish kisses upon my neck and suck my ear lobes. Brad and I was embraced ... looked at Brad laughing and said 'I get to fuck a good piece of ass and get my dick sucked, what you think.'

Brad and I ...pt2 ... ... Continue»
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Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2

... of me and I could nit help myself. I slowly embraced Brad and begin to throw my aching bung back to him, Brad moaned and kissed/sucked ... and didn't care what he did to me as long as he made love to me like this.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2 ... ... Continue»
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Brad and I...

... Brad just moaned and slid his monstrous penis back and forth filling my rectum and anal canal with his ginormous sex tool. Brad ... rubbed my buttocks and left. I laid there in dreamy lust wondering how it will be when I get to his house.

Brad and I... ... ... Continue»
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Brad and I...

... and removed my shoes and socks. As I stood up, Mister Brad reached out and pulled me to him pushing my pants and ... huge amounts of sperm into my rectum.

Whimpering and crying I held on to Mister Brad as his penis throbbed and squirted.

Brad and ... ... Continue»
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Brad and His Cousin Joseph....

... and took hold of my head, I looked over at Brad and pleaded 'Mister Brad, this isn't right. I thought it would just be you and me.' Brad smiled at me and said ' ... ... Continue»
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Caught by my son's wife... pt2

... shoulder and cupped my head to her hip as she spread her thighs and Brad began eagerly and obediently sucking my seed and ... that moment and she shuddered through another orgasm right there on my shoulder before releasing me and leaving Brad and I to clean ... ... Continue»
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... and her large breasts, the result of bearing Brad and breast feeding him, bulged out of the bikini top. The ogling was strong in them.

Brad ... ... Continue»
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Brad's Bitch

... this whole thing began.

It was eight years ago and Brad and I were freshmen roommates in college. From the beginning, ... and fourth years, Brad's girlfriend, Cynthia, moved into the house and shared Brad's room. I still lived in the second bedroom to (Brad ... ... Continue»
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Brad cant go back

... but Brad had an urge. A sexual urge that came now and then and when it came brad started to fantasise about being humiliated and degraded ... . He checked his clock nervously and confirmed his fear it was almost 10.00 pm. As brad and Karren went of the bus ... ... Continue»
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Mindy and Brad (further adventures in her awakenin

... herself… she would check with Brad and see what he would like to do and she would plan for the two of ... foreseen how it would affect Brad and may change their relationship forever. Mindy was responsible for everything and had exercised the power she ... ... Continue»
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... much about my sexy attire until after I had picked up Brad and was part way down 113 carefully avoiding the revenue enhancement ... round. The fact that Brad and I had fucked first was almost unheard of with me. I usually had a tight cunt and I liked to have ... ... Continue»
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Life Of A Slut Wife And Mum, Part 1 (The Beginning

... mum moaned and said “I hope so. Make this sweet Asian pussy yours”

The hidden video camera captured Brad and Scarlett’s fucking from a single angle, limiting the view Drew and I got as we watched the tape. Audio was decent though and ... ... Continue»
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Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2 (Slutty Tai Ta

... and that he’d be claiming her pussy and ass later that night together with Brad and their other friend whose name was Nathan. Brad and ... ... Continue»
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Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2-2 (Airtight)

... hands and beautiful mouth to good use. My mum starts stroking Brad and Nathan’s cock while Jack slides his hands into her bra and ... Nathan positioned his cock by her face and got ready to facefuck my mum.

Brad and Jack immediately started rocking my mum ... ... Continue»
Posted by dercius 7 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 522  |  

s****r and Bi b*****r

... I was frozen and didn’t know whether or not to leave or go into his room. Brad and Marc’s eyes met and the next ... under Brad’s cock and started giving him head fast and hard and deep into his throat. I grabbed Brad’s hips and fucked him harder and faster. ... ... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story

... boyfriend Brad next to their lockers. Brad was of course the captain of the football team, from a super rich f****y and the ... walking and running home. She had been frightened that Brad and his buddies would decide that her clothing indeed didn't matter and ... ... Continue»
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Melissa and Missy

... to speak but nothing came out. Melissa rushed up to Brad and slapped him hard before being slapped herself by the other ... growled. With this she turned and kicked Brad in the balls. Pulling free from Brad, Melissa turned and stormed back to her car.
As ... ... Continue»
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Brad, Chrissie and the Laundry

Brad and Chrissie and the Laundry

It’s amazing how much ... to leave and when I hollered “Yo Brad! I hate to ask you, it being so fucking hot and all, but ... of cum and sweat.
As Brad was climbing back into his cargo shorts he smiled at me and said,’ Anytime ... ... Continue»
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Under the Table and Between the Sheets

... the Table and Between the Sheets

My boyfriend Brad and I, We went for dinner to celebrate our 1year anniversary at lavish restaurant. He had worn faded Jeans, A white t-shirt and ... ... Continue»
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Brad the painter

... and have an alarm!
Now I have 20 minutes to get ready for my date with Brad and ... so Brad” I said as I opened my overcoat and let ... Brad…” He releases my nipple and looks up at me; I squirm trying to get him closer. But he stands and drops his coveralls and ... ... Continue»
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