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Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2

... care what he did to me as long as he made love to me like this.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2 ... , Joseph slammed into my butt with vengeance till he too filled my rectum with his seed.

Brad came ... back into the room just as Joseph was finishing his brutal assault, but there was no time for me... Continue»
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Brad and His Cousin Joseph....

... of semen till it flowed freely from my ruptured anus.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph.... ... my question. Placing his rigid penis on top of Brads and right at my bung hole Joseph pushed ... I was now openly crying as Brad held my face and made me suck his penis, Brad shot another load... Continue»
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Brad and I ...pt2

... looked at me, Brad said 'glad that you are woke David, this here is my cousin Joseph, he ain't had ... Joseph, shot his load os fluid up in my butt, as he pulled out, Brad turned me back over and climbed up ... suck his penis, Brad shot another load all over my face and told Joseph, 'your turn, make that bitch... Continue»
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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

... hours with Brad's slightly older cousin Greg showed that Brad was pretty fucking inexperienced ... of Daddy's erection in his tight gray shorts. For the last twenty minutes, at least, his prick was fully ... but even the ridge of the helmet of his cock, and some of the ribs of the thick base. Over eight... Continue»
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General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

... but his cousin caught up with him in Clarksburg and admonished him to return to the Brake’s farm. He ... . The Confederate Army of Virginia’s commander Joseph E Johnston, was riding on his horse around dusk on the first ... 1863 his luck was to continue with the appointment of Joseph Hooker as the commander of the Army... Continue»
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"Alba" Damned

... his listeners thought would be good New Years resolutions could be for celebrities.

I'll tell you ... he sparked some interest (among his listeners) and the calls came pouring in. Britney Spears should ... speaking to?"

" Hey T-boss, this is Fabian."

"Hi Fabian, so whattup b*****r man, tell me your... Continue»
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A Personal Porn Show Comes to Life

... chance he got), a necklace and jeans. He had a lot of gel in his hair and he shaved his chest. He ... like Enrique Iglesias, only sexier. Plus, I agreed to help fulfill one of his fantasies ... , no questions asked. It turned out to be that he wanted me to tape him fucking one of the guys from his gym... Continue»
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A Love That Never Dies

... a cousin who was a lawyer and he talked to me about it and it sounded better than anything else I ... thing, like not screw the secretary.

* * *

"Hi, I'm Tom . . . Tom Darnell. Sorry to keep you ... needed an attorney for a divorce.

His parents continued to help with the college expenses... Continue»
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... the mouthpiece and said, “You gotta help me here!” Then she hit the speaker icon.


“Hi, Aunt ... to carry his c***d.”

There was a long silence.

“I'm your mother, Brad.”

“That means he's my half ...
Introduction: A change in living arrangement brings some changes to cousins' lives.

Aunt... Continue»
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Wife Rule #2

... against his back and jerking him off. I did the same to Juan. Brad came first. Before Juan could cum, I ... to raise his knees and I started to stroke his wet cock. After what he had been through, his cock ... did not react. I then took some K-Y and put it on my middle finger and shoved it up his asshole. He... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... and her b*****r as he grew up though for Pygmalion soon had his eye on Acerbas’ buried fortune. Hoping ... to get his hands on the loot he had Acerbas murdered. This made Dido’s position a little awkward ... back to the f****y palace and would he send attendants to help her move. All too eager to get his... Continue»
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Mommy,Gramma and A Big Gooey Mess

... Less than five minutes after Dad had left to go on his bi-weekly business trip,Mommy was standing ... and our little cousin Cindy's pussys were for!

"OoOOoo,will You look at that! Your Uncle Dennis ... didn't tell me You had been out to his farm recently." Gramma bent over and ruffled my little br... Continue»
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Black Mailed...pt2

... in my arms and held on to hem as tight as I could till I felt his penis throb and him squirt his seed into my bowels.

Black Mailed...pt2 ... Charlie had positioned himself behind me and was rubbing his huge penis glans over my bung hole ... . I whimpered as his huge member probed my outer anal muscle ring till it parted and admitted his head... Continue»
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... 'Not yours.'

The words were burned into Joseph Martin's mind, the way his wife of 17 years had ... his wife Helena came into the room. Joseph never saw it then but looking back in memory he could see ... .'

'Sure mum. Bye dad.'

Leanne kissed her father's cheek and skipped out the room, Joseph loved his... Continue»
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A f****y'S AFFAIR

... , could claim to have actually touched those
famous breasts. Muriel had first touched his cousin's ...
chest when she was a girl who had just turned 12 and he
noticed that his sweet little cousin ... bigger than Brad's the youth

Nothing was said by either sibling, and before his eyes... Continue»
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Hot Naked Lani

... that
made Brad's mouth drool as he stared at his sexy little cousin.

Dina ran her hand along ... .

On this particular day, the young girl was sitting next to her big
b*****r in his new van. Brad ... around on the car seat.

"I guess we'll go home now, Pet," Brad said, using his nickname for
his... Continue»
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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 11

... she says OK!
As Brad sucks on her breast, Dillon starts rubbing his cock between her butt cheeks ... are Chad’s Mistress!
You like to humiliate Chad
You can use Chad any way you want!
You are Brad ... and Dillon’s Mistress!
You can use Brad and Dillon any way you want!
You are Danny’s Mistress!
You... Continue»
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older couple naked party

... then decided to get into the action, Mark moved over and offered Sheila his cock and Brad poisitiond himself ...
couple for next weekend.
They had told me about her younger cousin and her bi-husband ... , I could see this party had started
with out me. I was interduced to Shelia and her husband Brad... Continue»
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Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

... and fast, while my mouth worked on his cousin.
Brice traded positions with Brad and soon he was fucking me ... . You really need to let her suck your cock, b*o.” he told his cousin, who’s eyes widened in surprise ... ordered and I slid down between his cousin’s legs and untied his trunks. His cock stood up straight... Continue»
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... brown hair and a firm build. His
two cousins were not ten yet so they were much smaller than he ... for lunchtime and his
hungry cousins immediately slid down the tree. They looked up
and asked Gary if he ... with my cousins in
the house behind yours...," he couldn't keep his eyes off Stephen's
buttocks... Continue»
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