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Bookstore heaven

Posted by riverrat_jim 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Group Sex  |  Views: 2010  |  
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Behind the Bookstore

You have to be careful how you answer some questions or at least make sure you understand what is being asked. The question in my case was answered based on the knowledge of an eighteen year old k**; not knowing what was really implied or how it would change my perception of sex. The question has also brought about many of the stories that I write -- many of them being true fantasy built on the situation that was presented to me with the question -- trying in a way to recapture that moment when everything changed; well, at least the way I looked at sex.

It was a day similar to many other days since I'd turned eighteen, starting when I woke up sometime around 1:00 in the afternoon at my friend Kenny's house. Kenny and I had hung out the previous night after I got off work at 10:00. The two of us had each taken a hit of ecstasy and smoked an awful lot of pot; which is a vacation for me, since I didn't have the money to spend on d**gs and Kenny -- coming from a wealthy f****y with parents that give him anything he wants, including money -- always seemed to have the best of everything -- including hard d**gs and marijuana.

After getting up, I put on the same clothes I'd been wearing the night before when I'd left work -- they were the only clothes I had with me -- and drove home to get ready for my shift that day. My mom, bless her overbearing heart, had washed one of my other uniforms. This allowed me to take a shower without worrying if I had a uniform that was clean enough to go to work and not get hassled by my manager.

Friday evenings were always my long shift of the week and I wasn't scheduled off until 2:00 a.m. since I had to help clean the place and get it ready for the next day. After closing at 1:00 a.m., the only thought I had was getting done with my side work and getting the hell out of there; which ended up being forty minutes later when our manager let everyone leave early -- I think he had a date or something - but this was a rare occurrence on his part.

The only thing I had to look forward to was one of the two ecstasy tabs Kenny had given me -- since he wasn't going to be around -- before I left his house earlier that day. As I started my piece of crap car, I downed a tab with the Coke I'd poured just before leaving work and sat for a moment thinking that I didn't really want to go home (where have you been thinking of going all day) and headed to the one place I knew would still be open -- the only place beside home, that I could get into at this time of night -- the Adult Bookstore I had been going to off and on since turning eighteen.

The back parking area -- where everyone going into the bookstore parked -- was pretty much deserted, except for a blue '70s Chevy van parked near the back entrance and an old green Cadillac (fishing trawler) backed into a stall halfway between the rear entrance and the end of the building.

The bookstore was situated in an area of town that had once been known for a lot of distribution businesses; wholesale flowers and fruit, clothe distributers and even an egg company that I tried to get a part time job at a few years back while I was in high school. Now most of the businesses were closed or greatly reduced in size, and none -- except the bookstore which stayed open 24 hours a night -- we're doing well economically. So there wasn't usually much traffic in the area, unless it was around the bookstore.

As usual, I parked in the last stall furthest away from the entrance, so I could pull out the back alley right onto the main road which had quick access to the freeway. The space behind the store was about the size of a small country road that opened up into ten or so parking spaces. There was a chain link fence that marked the boundaries of the property and on the other side of the fence was an open field running back about a hundred yards to a river where some of the towns homeless camped out.

Many times after leaving the bookstore early in the morning and driving across the bridge that spanned the river, I'd seen a few small fires burning along one of the banks of the river and wondered about the person -- or persons -- that were camped near that fire. We're they happy? Did they hang down there most of the time or were they just stopping for a couple days before they moved on. Was it a full f****y or just...(there's someone in that car) I was walking toward the entrance of the store and just passing the green Cadillac when I noticed the glow of a cigarette. Through the front windshield, I could see the outline of someone in the driver's seat.

For some reason, I always get a nervous reaction when there is someone else in the parking lot at the same time as me (keep your head up) and found myself shoving my hands into my pockets and starring down at the ground. It didn't help that the ecstasy was starting to kick in and I even tripped a little as I walked (get a grip) and had to slow down to keep from falling. I heard the familiar sound of an electric car window lowering.

"Hey, buddy..." it was a male voice coming from the car, "...hey, dude...hey..."

"Yeah?" I said as I turned around trying to stay steady on my feet.

"Hey man, you cool?" His question didn't make a lot of sense to me.

"Cool?" I asked, wishing I could lean against something.

"Yeah, know...can you smoke a joint?" He said the magic "word," because smoking pot would just intensify my high.

"Yeah...I smoke..." I walked over to his car -- if I wasn't high, I probably wouldn't have approached him so openly-- and put my hand on the roof to steady myself, "you have some pot?"

"Cool, dude..." he motioned with his hand, "come on around and let me get you high."

Again, if I was sober, I couldn't imagine that I would get into a car with someone I didn't know, but I was feeling the d**gs and it did have a tendency to loosen me up. It actually felt more like a dream then real life as I walked over and opened the passenger door; I melted into the seat.

It took a few attempts to close the door. On the first try I missed the door handle and my hand grabbed nothing as it flew through the air. The second time I was able to grab the handle, but pulling it closed was another matter as it pulled halfway and then sprang back open; third time was the charm.

"Looks like you're already a little high, friend." He took a puff of his cigarette and flicked it out his window as the smoke slid out of his mouth.

"Yeah, I am." I punched him on the arm and laughed. He looked a little surprised by my forward action -- and even I couldn't believe I just did that -- but he laughed.

"Why don't we pull into the alley over here where it might be a more private place for you to smoke my joint?" (For me?) it seemed he was thinking (to smoke) the dark alley would shield us better from anyone (his joint?) driving into the parking lot and I shook my head in agreement.

The ally that he spoke of was one of the ways to drive out and exit the back parking lot -- it was the way I usually exited, but I think most people went out the other way -- so he had to park with my side of the car just a few inches away from the building so if another car did use the alley, they could pass us as they went out. It reminded me that I had driven out this way and seen cars parked in the alley as I slowly went out -- trying not to hit the other car -- I'd always wondered why they'd park in the alley instead of the back parking lot.

"You know," he turned toward me as he spoke, "this is a special joint I have for you and it's only going to intensify the high you've already got going. So you ready to smoke a joint." He placed his arm on the back of my seat.

" sure...let's smoke it." I was a little confused when he said "special."

"Oh, you know it...," he reached down and started to undue his pants -- at first I thought he was reaching into his pocket for the joint or something -- (what the fuck is he doing) -- as I watched stunned because it dawned on me that he was pulling down his pants, " of us is going to smoke a joint." He grunted a little as he got his pants down past his knee and laughed. (What's so goddamned funny?).

"Wa..wait a min...minute..." I backed away against the passenger door as he now lifted his ass off his seat allowing himself to also pull his underwear down in one motion, "...what the fuck...wait...what the fuck are you doing..."

"Oh, we won't be fucking," he laughed as he now stroked his freed dick, "at least not tonight. But, you did say you wanted to smoke a joint, didn't you?"

The passenger door, blocked by the wall of the store, was out, so I tried to scramble over the seats and get to the rear door; he caught me by my coat and yanked me back into the passenger seat and held me pinned against it with his right arm. He leaned into me (his pants are down) and his lips were on mine (fuck, he's kissing you) and his tongue parted my lips as I tried to pull out of his grasp, but couldn't (he tastes like cigarettes).

"That's it, man," he stopped kissing me, "fight a little, baby, but you're going to get some cock tonight. Come on, dude, this is going to be a fat joint...probably fatter than you're used to...," he grabbed my hand and pulled it down between his legs and placed it on his dick, "yeah, baby, stroke it a little." I quickly moved my hand away. "Oh, you like to play hard to get; that's sweet, baby."

His lips were back on mine and his tongue was in my mouth as he hungrily kissed my face. The amazing thing -- and there's no doubt it was the ecstasy making me feel this way -- was how when his tongue pressed against mine (the contact) and our tongues touched -- his tongue dancing around in my mouth -- there was something pleasurable about it; (fuck, you're kissing a man) his tongue rummaging around in my mouth made my heart beat rapidly as I felt an adrenalin rush.

He stopped kissing me and sat back up in the driver's seat as I backed up against the passenger door trying to catch my breath. His dick was hard and the thought of it scared the hell out of me. (You touched it) this wasn't what I wanted but how was I going to get out?

"You know, my mother once told me the way into any pretty young girls heart, was all in the way you kissed them." What the fuck was he talking about?

"I'm not a, and you lured me into your car by saying we were going to smoke some pot." I could hear the nervous unsteadiness of my voice and I hated it; hated him for scaring me like this.

"Oh, you may not be a girl, but you're just as pretty as some girls I've met and," he was now looking at me -- with that monster raging between his legs -- and his presence was overbearing, "you said you wanted to smoke my joint." ( He calls his dick "a joint?) he knew I was thinking pot.

"I didn't say I wanted to smoke ... a ... anything...I...I..." I was lost and confused, but I hoped I could talk him out of what he wanted me to do.

"Maybe you just need another kiss, baby." With that, I crawled hard against the passenger side door -- a kiss was something I didn't need (or want) or want -- fuck, I just wanted out of his car. "Or maybe, you'd like to kiss something else?" With that, he looked down at his dick and back up at me with a smile; a smile that brought chills.

"Fuck you...fuck...fuck you..." I knew that was the wrong thing to say as soon as I said it, but I was so high I couldn't think of anything else; then I managed to come up with, " can't make me do this." I guess that was wrong too as his smile was gone and his eyes narrowed until I couldn't see the whites anymore.

"You will want do want this..." his smile slowly returned, "...but I can also make you do this." His voice didn't display anger, but instead it was calm and patient; that scared me more.

On the other side of the car, I sat bewildered that this was really happening to me. Here I had wanted to spend a few hours after work doing something nasty, but not with someone else; well not with another guy. So I sat there sizing him up and even trying to size up the situation I was now stuck in.

In high school I played baseball for two seasons as a pitcher, and although I was tall -- at just a little over six feet-- I was still lanky and only weighed at my highest 154 pounds. Even having worked out -- and still working out -- my body just stayed toned but I wasn't a big muscular guy. Once or twice I'd been told that I had a young -- almost feminine -- look and not the masculine face -- or body -- that I had always wanted.

He sat there watching me as he started to stroke his cock again. He wasn't much taller than me, but he was masculine. His face was hard and his arms were big; so was his dick. (He's going to make you suck him off) and the thought of his dick in my mouth both excited and scared me (excited?). His eyes closed for a few seconds and I dove over the back seat again, but he was on me just as fast as the first time.

"You aren't going to win this one." He said as he pushed me back into the passenger seat, "You might as well get that straight." He was back into his seat with that monster really raging -- between his legs -- and now in his eyes.

"Please...I don't...I can't do this..." I was back against the passenger's door.

"Oh, you will." He laughed as he reached over and grabbed me by my shoulders with both hands, "Matter of fact, I'm tired of waiting." He pulled me over and I didn't resist -- I knew I wasn't as strong as he was and I was still too high.

"I don't...I don't know do." My voice was hardly a whisper.

"Don't you worry your pretty head," he actually rubbed my face with his hands and looked into my eyes as he talked to me, "I'll tell you what to do, OK?" He was calm and patient again, as if he was just helping out a friend with a difficult task (you know what he wants you to do) and I shook my head to respond. "Ok, good," he reached down and let his seat tilt back as he positioned himself so his dick was exposed, "now, reach down and stroke my cock...just like you do when you jack off." His voice was so calm and patient that he actually sounded unpleasant.

My hand didn't wrap completely around his dick -- partly because it was so thick, but mostly because I was afraid to touch him -- and even though I was aware of what I was doing, it somehow didn't seem real. He sighed as I gingerly rubbed the tip -- I couldn't bring myself to really grab a hold -- and still he closed his eyes and put his head back. Then he reached over and put his hand on the back of my neck -- rubbing it gently at first -- and his grip was firm as he pulled my head over and down to his lap.

"Open your mouth now," my face was just an inch or so from his cock and I let go of his dick as he pulled me closer, "and let me feed you this cock."

Staring at his dick, right in front of my face, I could see that it was leaking fluid out of the tip; this was new to me and I didn't really understand precum, but I didn't want his dick in my mouth anyway. At first I tried to pull back, but it was no use -- his grip was too strong -- and he pulled my face into him and the tip was on my lips (fuck).

"Bitch, open your fuckin' mouth," his voice scared the shit out of me (motherfucker ain't calm anymore) so I opened my mouth, "and take my fuckin' dick." And I got the tip of it.

The precum didn't have a taste that I remember, but my tongue felt his peeslit and the fluid that was leaking out. (Shit, his cock is in your mouth) both of his hands were now on the back of my head pushing down hard -- forcing me to take more of his cock -- and I wanted so much for this to be over. He let out a low moan as more cock slid into my mouth and I put my hands against his stomach and tried to push him away, but he just push down with more f***e and I couldn't fight him anymore.

"That's it, baby, now you're learning," I was accepting his cock and letting him push more in, " yeah, take that cock."

There was the sound of a car slowly driving past us in the alley and he stopped pushing and held my head in place on his cock. When he eased up, I lifted my head up and let his cock fall from my mouth as I tried to sit back up in my seat. The car was pulling past us; he grabbed my head and pushed me down until it was flat on his leg.

"Don't sit up." I could hear the car pull in front of us and stop as I watched his dick twitching up and down right in front of me, "Fuck, they're parking." He wasn't expecting anyone this time of the morning and I was hoping this might put an end to my misadventure.

There was the sound of a car door opening and movement of more than one person -- voices as they exited -- and then footsteps walking toward us.

"Fuck, this guy's getting some." The voice was muffled because the windows were up. "Hey, buddy, do you share." I could hear a couple of guy's muffled laughs in response.

My guess was that they would leave and go in the bookstore and not really be of much help to me, but then I heard the electric window lower and could tell that they were still there. When the window was all the way down, I sat up in my seat; hoping this might be my chance to get out of here.

"What's up guys?" He asked looking out at them.

"Looks like you're up," it was the same guy that was talking before, "and I guess we're spoiling it."

"Not a problem," he grabbed my necked and pulled me toward him again, "and he's not going anywhere."

"Please...make him..." I looked up as I talked and saw three guys probably in their mid to late thirties, "stop."

"Looks like you've got a reluctant one there." One of the guys laughed, "I love it when they fight a little."

"Yeah, but he's learning," he pushed my face into his lap as he talked, "to eat cock, aren't you?" More laughter -- this time from outside and inside the car -- and the situation was becoming hopeless. "Now open your mouth again, baby."

These guys weren't going to help me -- why should I think they would --after all, they were going to an adult bookstore together. Still, I looked at them with desperation -- I knew I wasn't going to win this one, but I hoped they might still take pity. They just laughed at the situation I was in and offered no help. So, I did the only thing I had left and opened my mouth (fuck, you planning on sucking them all off) and was resigned to what I couldn't stop.

He pushed down on the back of my head again, but I just let his cock slide in until I couldn't take anymore -- the d**gs were effecting me and the experience became less real -- then I lifted my head until just his tip was once again in my mouth. There was something erotic about the whole thing, but at my young age --and lack of experience -- I didn't exactly realize my feelings and thought it was the d**gs; my cock was beating in my pants and my heart was racing, but I still thought it was the d**gs.

"You mind if we get some sloppy seconds?"

"Not at all guys..." I heard him hit the automatic door lock to unlock all the doors, "...the back seat should accommodate all of you."

The cock in my mouth seemed huge, but I had never had cock before, so I didn't really have anything to compare it to (you will soon with those three climbing in the backseat). The car rock a little as the three guys climbed in, and his hips came forward as I moved my head down taking more and letting him feed me his dick.

Soon he was face fucking me-- his hips moving forward to greet my mouth -- pushing down on my head --then his hips moved back -- letting up on the pressure so I could move back to just the tip of his dick. As the face fucking became faster, I could hear the guys in the back seat joking and laughing about the good cock sucking and how they couldn't wait for their turn.

"That's it, baby, now rub my balls while you suck me." I had one hand on his left hip and the other holding his inner thigh; my hand slid down from his thigh and between his legs until I was holding his fat nuts. (He's moaning) his balls were warm in my hand, and as I rubbed them he let out moans, but it didn't stop him from continuing to ram his cock into my face. He pumped his dick in and out of my mouth and I was now doing something that I'd also thought strange; taking a another guys dick -- that was strange -- but now I was just accepting that it was happening and there wasn't anything that I could do about it. Then I thought (he's going to cum in your mouth) about taking his cum and I could feel myself panicking again.

The only dick I'd ever touched in my life was my own. The only sex I'd ever witnessed was in magazines or video's I picked up at the bookstore. My own cum was enough -- I'd shoot a lot when I jacked off -- and I always thought my first sexual experience would be with a girl; I'd never considered sucking someone's cock. Now the thought of him shooting his cum in my mouth mortified me, but what could I do at this point?

"Fuck, deep throat that bitch." It was a voice from the backseat and although I'd never heard the term, I was pretty sure what it meant.

He'd already pushed his cock deep into my mouth, but it wasn't until he heard the guy in the back that he pushed my head and held me on his cock. The pressure he was exacting -- trying to make me take more -- made his cock push against the my back of my throat and I didn't think I could take it.

"Relax your fuckin' throat." He wasn't asking, "Come on...take it...take my fuckin' cock...come on...take that dick." Was he trying to impress the guys in the back?

There was more laughter from the three guys as I tried to take him. His cock was inching into my throat and he still wasn't all the way in. It felt bigger as it was going in and I started to gag; my throat was now trying to fight him off and he finally pulled my head all the way off of his dick; I was breathing in air as hard as I could.

" you've had a rest," he looked down at me as he spoke, "now you take everything I feed you and as much as I want you to take. You gag again and I'm not letting you understand." He was also breathing heavy and I shook my head to respond that I understood.

How do you not do something that you've never tried not to do before? How do you not gag when you're being f***ed to swallow something that is too big to swallow? (You've got to focus) my mind was filled with fear as I was about to have that dick again. (What to do?) instead of waiting for him to f***e me again, I decided to take control of the situation; maybe if I was more in control of what I was doing --it wouldn't be full control, I knew that -- I might get a better handle on this.

My mouth was back on his dick before he even started to push me toward it -- I took him deep and could feel the tip once more pushing down my throat -- and as I let myself go and relaxed -- and he was easing in with more of his dick in my mouth and down my throat. My new fear was that I might be starting to enjoy sucking him; at least more than I was before -- more of his cock was pushing in but I was able to take it and it felt good as it filled me. Even though I knew I'd have to take his cum, I was -- I wouldn't say enjoying -- but becoming more comfortable with it.

Breathing heavy out of my nose, as it was now buried into his bush, I got a nostril full of his musky sent every time I inhaled. He pushed harder on the top of my head as he fucked his hips into my face with his dick buried in my throat. His breath was coming in deep gulps as he continued to fuck my face with everything he could give me. My hand was still rubbing his balls and I felt them tense up in my hand (he's going to cum) and I knew it was close. My heart raced with the fear of the unknown; the unexpected.

"Ah...ahhh...ahhh..." he continued to fuck my face, "Oh yeah...don't stop...I'm gonna cum inside your mouth..." I knew this was going to happen, but when I heard him say it, the fear was too much and I tried to think of something else, "...that's it ,baby...oh fuck...yeah...oh, oh, god..." (shit, when does it happen?) his voice let me know it was close, but it seemed like forever and I just wanted it to be over.

"Damn that bitch can suck." It was from the back again and I could imagine them all peering over the seat watching me eat his dick.

There are certain memories that you have from every experience in life. How when you hear a certain song it can conjure up certain smells and events from the past. There was a song playing on the radio -- I didn't even think much about it at the time -- yet every time I hear it now, I go back to that cock in my mouth. The radio wasn't even up that loud -- he must have turned it down when I got in the car -- but as his dick was filling my throat and my nose was now buried into his bush getting all his musky smells at once -- taking his entire cock deep throat -- I heard that familiar riff that begins "The Weight" by the band.

"I pulled into Nazareth; I was feelin' about half past dead, I just need some place where I can lay my head." At the time, I didn't even really hear the song; but I did hear it.

When I hear that song today, I think about his smell and that cock down my throat and I can get turned on all over again; except I understand it better now. That song can actually make me long for a hard cock in my mouth, but the thing I remember most when I hear that song is his cum and how it tasted; that it too had a smell and that song reminds me of that exhilarating smell.

"Oh shit...yeah....I'm going to cum in your it comes....fuck....I' it..." and with that, I got my first taste of cum.

He had pulled his dick out until just the tip was in my mouth and held my head still as his fluid left his balls and came out of his pee-slit. The first shot was just a little dribble of cum that flowed out and across my tongue. The taste was slightly bitter, but not unpleasant; it was almost sweet and sour at the same time (you're tasting cum).

The first bit of cum was swallowed before he released what was almost more than I could take in my mouth -- the song hit the chorus "Take a load off Fanny, and take a load for free" -- and It was thick and I even choked a little but managed to swallow it. Then I was lost in a wave of cum -- some that spilled out the corner of my mouth -- some that I swallowed. "And, and, andddd, they put the whole load on me."

Yes, cum has a smell -- almost intoxicating -- and a taste that I will always remember; its taste is like nothing I had ever experienced. As it flowed out, all I could do was react and swallow it the best I could. His body jerking as his dick continued to spasm in my mouth and spill out more cum.

"Fuck, he's catching his nut." It was someone in the back again.

"Oh... my cum...ahhh...ahhh." Hearing him get off sent me into a dream like state -- brought on by the intensity of my high and his cum filling my mouth -- it was almost like I wasn't doing it, but instead I was watching a video of it happening.

Even though it was me sucking hard on the tip of his dick -- mainly not wanting to spill anymore cum out of my mouth -- and me that I heard gulping his cum as I swallowed it; still, it was surreal and almost like a dream. My focus was just on sucking him off now and taking his cum. If his hands were still on my head, I wasn't aware of them --I was lost in the moment and the moment was more than I could have imagined it to be -- I'm sure I was still rubbing his balls, but again it didn't register. His body continued to jerk as more cum flowed from his cock -- another large amount, but I wanted it all -- and I stuck my tongue into his pee-slit just to make sure I tasted the cum as it now flowed out.

It was probably just instinct -- of some kind -- that made me pull hard from the base of his cock and run my hand up to just below his mushroomed dickhead,; milking the last drops of cum out. He quivered as I ran my tongue around the tip -- just a small trickle of cum, but his body convulsed violently -- and sucked the last bit of cum.

"Shit, that bitch knows what he's doing." Again from the back of the car as the last drops of fluid came out of his dick.

He was going limp in my mouth but I didn't want it to end (there's still three more dicks) and the thought of what might be yet to come (or cum) brought me back to earth. Could I really do this again (to three guys)-- his cock slipped from my mouth and I saw it glistening with my saliva and realized the severity of this to me -- my heart raced thinking what was in store (you ate cum) and I was both excited and scared again. Excited thinking about that moment I was in as he came in my mouth and scared thinking that I had sucked a guy's cock and there were three more waiting.

This is something I can't tell my friends -- especially not Kenny -- not if I want to continue to have friends. They'd never understand how I could have allowed this to happen without a big fight; my friends are big and much bigger than I am and I'm sure they would have fought this guy off; but me?

"Hey, guys, I've got to get going," it was my friend that had just got off in my mouth, "you don't mind doing this with him in your car do you?" He was buttoning his pants like it wasn't any big deal that his dick was just in my mouth (his fuckin' dick).

"No, it's actually got more room and we might need the extra space." It was the guy that had first spoke outside of the car -- and I realized that he had been speaking for the three of them the whole time -- I looked at them and they were all laughing, and I'm not sure if it was the expression on my face, but the guy then asked, "Hey, buddy, you're not going to leave us hanging are you?"

The gravity of what I'd just done -- let this guy do to me -- was hitting me. The buzz from the ecstasy was intense, but I still couldn't believe the position I'd gotten myself into; maybe in a few days I would be able to accept doing this with one guy, but three more was impossible. The guy I'd just sucked off had already pulled up his pants and now opened his door to get out -- the guys in the back were pulling up their pants (had they been jacking off while they watched me) and I dove out of the car pushing the driver out of the way. It was a desperate act that caused me and the driver (my new "friend") to sprawl to the ground. It was also a desperate act when I tried to scramble to my feet but found myself being grabbed and pulled back to the ground.

"Hey, baby..." I couldn't believe he called me "baby," just like you'd say to someone you loved intimately (oh he's loved you intimately) and held me to the ground, "you going somewhere." (Fuck, he's already gotten off, so what does he care).

The backdoor of the car pushed open and I could hear the hurried shuffling of the three men coming out. It was multiple hands that grabbed and pulled me to my feet. It was multiple hands that pushed me up against the side of the car where I'd just had my first real sexual lesson. It was one voice that whispered in my ear; the voice of my new "friend" yet to cum.

"Hey, sweetie," another word for someone you might love (he's going to love you) and it was his voice that sent a chill through me, "you forget about us? Now you can have this one of two ways," he turned me to face him and I could see eyes that scared me more than his voice, "you get us off nicely or you get us off rough...but either way, you're going to get us off." He released his hold on me and so did the other guys and as I stood there he started to walk in the direction of the car they parked earlier, but he turned back toward me as he walked, "You coming?"

The car was actually a van; the old blue'70s van that had been parked out back of the bookstore when I was about to enter earlier (before you took this detour). It had little moon windows in the back and as all of three of the guys turned their backs on me and walked toward the van (RUN...fuckin' run) the thought of trying to get away crossed my mind again, but I wasn't sure if they were expecting me to do that and then when they caught me they would give it to me rough -- or did they want me to go willingly with them; then it was me doing it and I think that they really wanted me to act more willing and eager to suck cock.

Walking, or more like shuffling, toward the van, I looked back and saw the other guy getting into his car (you could make it) and wished someone would drive down the alley -- I really wished for a police car -- but there was nothing. (Just take off) and I did think of trying to take off again, but then I turned back and all three of them were watching me.

"Maybe you can make it," it was my soon to be new "friend" as he was opening the back of the van, "but I bet you don't want to really make it do you?" The last guy stopped walking as his friend spoke and even moved back in my direction.

"If I said I didn't want it," I was still walking toward the van knowing I didn't have a way out, "would it make a difference?"

"Sure, we'd give it to you really hard and rough," there was that voice again; a voice that makes you think you don't want to get on this guy's bad side, "so are you saying you don't want to do this?"

"'m sorry," and I was sorry and hoping this wouldn't get any worse than it already was, "I want to do this." (Yeah, you do) this was never anything I'd wanted to do, but now I knew what was going to happen -- I thought -- and if I could just get through this, I would never let this happen again.

The guy in the Cadillac drove by us so close that I had to stand in front of the van -- the third guy was already in the van -- and I had a perfect opportunity to run (RUN) but the fear of being caught scared me too much; I stood there and waited. His window was down as he drove past and he shouted out something that sounded like "Have fun." Fun? Yeah this will be fun, but for whom?

As I approached the open side door of the van, even though it was dark inside, I could see the first guy had stripped nearly naked (this is sex) and his buddies were doing the same (do I have to get naked). The van had two seats in the front and a small seat in the back against the left side. The back of the van was elevated like a bed and what appeared to be some kind of shag carpeting (shag).

The first guy was muscular with a body that any guy would like to have but I could see that his friends were a little more soft and the third guy even had a bit of a beer belly. They all were hard -- the first guy had a long fat dick, the second guy was slender and not as long (still could be hard to take all the way) and the last guy had a small dick (his won't be any trouble to take). I sat in the seat in the back waiting for them to tell me what to do.

"Get naked man." The third guy shut the sliding side door as the first guy spoke.

It wasn't what I wanted to do, but I wasn't going to object to anything I was told by him either. Still, I moved slowly -- I'd never been naked in front of anyone except in the locker room at school; but never sexually -- and the first guy was watching me undress as he stroked his cock (god). My t-shirt came off first and my naked upper body got a reaction from the first guy.

"Umm...I love seeing a young body...don't you guys?" They laughed with him and my hands trembled as I undid my pants. "Oh, baby, why so nervous?" More laughter.

After kicking off my shoes, I was able to pull my pants down to my ankles, but they got tangled as I lifted my left leg to remove them and I fell over onto the elevated bed and the second guy caught me in his arms. He looked down at me -- his eyes didn't look as hard; the gaze was almost loving -- and he pulled me up and gently kissed me. To my own amazement, I put my arms around his neck and willingly let his tongue go in my mouth. Someone was pulling off my pants and underwear, but I let myself fall into his kiss -- kissing was something I could get used to (yeah, kissing a dude) -- and then I felt hands pulling me away from him.

"Fuck man, you guy's going to be lovers?" It was the first guy and he didn't seem happy about his friend kissing me.

"Hey, he's kind of cute...sorry." It was the second guy talking -- no, apologizing.

There was something I liked about this guy -- and his kiss -- and I almost wished all of this had somehow just happened between the two of us. It probably would have been more loving and tender; yet, I knew it would never have happened unless I was f***ed.

Lying naked on my back -- I knew what they wanted --I didn't know how to act at this point, so I got up on my knees on the front of this elevated bed. The first guy was on his knees facing me and the other two guys were on their knees on either side of me. On my knees I waited for them to tell me what to do before I made a move.

"Alright, cocksucker," this was not the term used for a lover and his voice was not loving, "I want you on your back," as he spoke I laid down and started to move my legs toward him -- slid them under him -- but he shook his head, "no, dude, I want your head under me..." This made me hesitate for a minute -- I wasn't sure exactly what he meant -- he slapped my leg and said, "...lay with your fucking head under me..." his voice was angry; almost like he thought I was doing this to piss him off.

He pushed my legs aside and I got up and positioned my head under him. His balls hung right above my eyes and I could see the dick I'd have to suck; hard and vivacious above me as he put one hand down on my chest and grabbed his dick and pointed it to my mouth. There wasn't any more hesitation on my part and I opened my mouth and let his dick enter. Then he put both hands down on either side of my body -- near my hips -- as he leaned forward to push more of his dick into my mouth.

Without really thinking about it, I put my hands up around both of his ass cheeks. He grunted and pumped his body down and into my mouth, like someone doing pushups -- except, the top of his body didn't move with his hips-- and he just moved the tip of his dick gradually in and out -- slowly fucking my face -- then a little more pushed in -- and his grunts became a little louder. This was someone who'd done this before -- (to a female; maybe?)- and I was sure that he loved to make young guys suck him (that's why they bring the van) -- and I couldn't believe that I was starting to get turned on by the way he was feeding me his dick; which was extremely confusing to me.

"Oh yeah, baby..." we were back to lover terms, "uh...uh...uh...just like that...suck it...make me cum." And he had to remind me of what I'd tried to push to the back of my mind.

"Damn, motherfucker's dick is hard too." It was the third guy (the guy with the small dick) now on my right, "I think he's glad he didn't take off. He knows we're going to take good care of him." He laughed at his joke -- but no one else did - the guy fucking my face just grunted as he gave me long slow strokes in and out and I didn't know what the second guy was doing (there's a hand stroking your cock).

A little more cock went in with each stroke -- and I knew I'd soon have to take it all (just relax) and tried to focus with the thought of it entering my throat. Just as the tip of his dick was pushing against the opening to my throat, he gave a push forward until he was nearly laying flat on my face -- even though his upper body was pushed up by his arms --and his dick rushed deep into my throat. The sound I made was almost like a whimper -- almost -- but it wasn't; I had moaned and let out an "ummmm" several times as he laid into my face. His balls pushed against my nose and were squishing into my closed eyes and his smell (fuck). Oh to remember that smell.

There are times in life when you really think hard about what you're doing. Like when I was first learning a new song on the guitar and I had to think about every note that I was about to play. The thought -- or more correct; the focus -- that I had was just not to gag on his cock. Once he was in my throat there wasn't any more thinking; I just let it happen. There wasn't any thinking about his loud grunts, the guys that were waiting for a turn or even that he was eventually going to shoot his load into me. "Oh yeah man...take my...fuckin'...cock." His voice didn't sound nice or pleasant; he sounded angry, but I pushed those thoughts aside and took it all, "Uh...uh...uh...uh." Yeah, I took it because I was afraid that if I didn't and started to gag, it wouldn't have meant much to him; he probably would have got off on me gagging.

It is still amazing how the smell of a guy's musk is part of the rush when you suck a cock. Still to this day that smell is imbedded in my thoughts and although sometimes I wished this hadn't taken place, there are times I can get lost in remembering just those moments. When I couldn't control what he would do or make me do; that moment became everything to me. The taste of his cock -- oh yeah, cocks really do have a taste -- and the feel of it in my throat was all overwhelming; I was lost in another moment.

He was now deep in me (getting deep throated now) and even though he couldn't get any deeper, he gyrating his hips trying to push more cock into my throat. Humping and fucking my face with me just trying to hold onto his hips so I felt some sense of control. He grunted and moaned (that's you moaning) as my throat was becoming completely used by his invading cock.

My arms were now wrapped around his waist as I tried to get even more (dude, he's all the way in and you can't get any more than that) of that cock. Never having had sex before -- but having watched some pretty nasty shit (that was girls sucking guys) -- I was at this moment becoming nasty (fuck, like a slut?) Maybe.

Then he stopped pumping into my mouth and lay over onto his side letting his dick slide out-- I actually wanted it back in (fuck, what are you want more) -- and moved his body around until he was straddling my chest.

"Come on dude," I lifted myself up on my arms not really understanding what he wanted me to do, "let me really fuck that pretty face of yours." As he spoke, he grabbed my head and his dick was back in my mouth.

He wasn't gentle this time (was he gentle before?) with his grip on my head or with the way he rammed his cock. All I could do was grab his hips and open my mouth. There wasn't any doubt that later I'd regret and struggle with my thoughts about this -- probably some night jacking off in bed hoping I could get past the desire and not go out looking for cock -- but at the moment, I couldn't help being turned on. His cock wasn't down deep into my throat but it would push into it and back out as he grunted and fucked my face. Then I started to think about it and I wanted him to cum. This time I hoped I'd be able to take it all (what the fuck is the matter with you) and the time was close.

"Ah...come on man...get ready for it..." I didn't know if my cock was still hard, but it felt hard, "yeah man...make me it..." he didn't stop fucking my face, "cums."

The cum spurted out as he kept shoving his cock in and that made it hard to swallow. With one hand, I tried to push against his stomach so that he'd stop fucking my face and let me just focus on swallowing it, but he just kept thrusting his hips back and forth; I managed to get the first load. It had a slightly different taste than the first guy -- it wasn't better or worse; it was just different -- and unlike the first guy, his first load filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it fast because I was worried I'd soon be swimming in cum.

"uhhh...ohhh...fuck...yeah, it" He said as his next load emerged from his dick and finally he stopped pumping and just held my head on the tip of his dick.

Now I could concentrate -- focus -- on his dick (his cum) and I was lost in it again. Connected to something that I couldn't tell to any of my friends -- to anyone -- and right at that moment, I wanted it and wanted it to not end. This is something I still can't understand -- the nastiness is more than I could ever imagine-- and yet I wanted it at that moment and I wanted it to be nasty sex. It all ends too soon and then the cock loses its erection; it's over.

You think that taking someone's cum in your mouth is something you can't do, but then you're doing it and you don't want it to end. It flows and you concentrate on swallowing it all and then it's just a small amount as his body jerks and quivers. You milk it until you think you've taken it all, but as it falls limp from your mouth there will still be fluid that continues to leak. All of this is something I didn't realize until I'd sucked a lot of cock.

Laying flat on my back I could see his flushed face and hear his breathing; hard gasps. His eyes didn't show love but they were softer looking now. Then he was off of me and the third guy was over me -- he was the smaller dick; I was getting a bit of a break -- and my mouth was open without thinking about what I had no way to fight.

It was much easier to take this small dick, but for some reason it was also a disappointment. He was getting off -- his moan's confirmed that for me -- with his cock in my mouth, but it didn't give me as much of a thrill as I'd had sucking the first two cocks. It made me think about it too much. The regret that I had -- and would have -- for already sucking two guys off and eating their cum (and getting turned on by it). Still, this wasn't the worst thing to have happen. He was slowly moving his cock in and out of my mouth when I felt it.

It was the second guy and he first just rubbed my ass, but then I felt a finger pushing into my asshole. It wasn't hard to take because he had some type of lube on his finger, but it was uncomfortable and made me squirm wanting him to stop.

"Just relax man." He was still pushing his finger into my hole, "I'm just going to loosen you up with a few fingers before I fuck you." (What? Fuck me?) it was bad enough that they put their dicks in my mouth, but in my ass?

It wasn't easy at first -- it was just too uncomfortable having this guy sticking his finger in my ass -- but I focused more on the dick in my mouth and let him do what he wanted. His finger slid in as he massaged deeper, and to my horror, it started to feel good. Then he had two fingers in and I heard myself moan -- and it wasn't because of the dick in my mouth -- and then it was three fingers pushing deep and hard.

(He's going to fuck you) and now it was something new to be freaked out about. He continued to push his three fingers in and now I was squirming around again, but this time it was because I liked the feel of it. Sliding in and spreading my asshole open wider to accept his rapid finger fuck. Then he pulled his fingers out of my ass and I wanted him to put them back in so bad (you are fucked up); there was still a dick fucking my mouth -- and I had lost focus on it -- and now there was cum that I hadn't expected.

"Ohhhh...god...yeah, yes, yes." His fluid gushed and I choked but swallowed it.

The cum wasn't the same and maybe because I'd been distracted and not able to get into like before. He also came quick -- which was just as well, because he and his cock wasn't much of a turn on -- and when he finally was out of my mouth and rolling off and onto his side, I was glad and just wanted to suck the last guy off and be done with it. (You've sucked off three guys and now you just want to suck off the last guy and be done with it) it wasn't going to be that easy though. He -- the last guy -- first put my right leg over his shoulder (oh shit, no he isn't) and then my left leg.

"No...please...I'll suck your dick if you want." He was rubbing lube on his dick as I talked and begged him to let me suck his dick; here I was begging someone to fuck my face instead of my ass.

"It's OK, baby," it was the first guy again; "you'll love it just like you loved sucking cock." I did understand, but that was my biggest fear.

He rubbed his dickhead slowly around my asshole and then gently pushed it against the hole. At first it was OK, but as he started to push in, and open the hole, the pain was too much. It was unbearable and I knew I couldn't take this until he came.

"Please...please stop...I can't do this." My ass hurt and more than even the cock sucking, I didn't want him to do this.

"Yes you can. Take it like a man." He had his hands on the top of my legs and was pulling me toward him, "Let your legs relax on my shoulders and it will feel better as it goes took cock into your mouth like a man and you can take this like a man too." (Like a man?) Fuck him, this was too much.

Still, I let my legs relax -- as much as I could -- but it still hurt as I felt it inching into my ass. He didn't f***e it -- like I imagine the first guy would have done -- trying to let me get used to his dick going in me. The more he pushed, the more I wanted it to end. The hole of my ass was opened wide and his dickhead had pushed past through the hole and the pain was increasing. (God, I just want this to be over) thank god, he was still going slowly but at this rate it was going to take forever, unless he came quick like his friend.

"That's it man...come can take it...just give in to it and you'll like it." That was easy for him to say, because it wasn't his ass being ripped open.

With my legs over his shoulders -- this position lifted my ass into the air -- I could actually see his dick going in my ass. It was just past the head of his cock (fuck, his cock is too long) and I didn't think I could take anymore. Then he slowly backed his cock out and it felt a little better than it had. This time as he pushed the head back in, the pain wasn't the same -- it was still uncomfortable, but easier to take -- and it actually slid in easier. More of his cock was in me than before, but this time he didn't pull out (god, I can feel him going in my ass) but pushed in a little harder -- still slow -- and I could see it sliding in deeper than the first time.

It was strange taking cock into my mouth, but this was even stranger. My ass was growing comfortable to his dick and I could watch it going in my ass; that was strange seeing someone actually fucking your asshole. In thinking back now, I'd say he must have been at least seven, but maybe even eight inches long and he only had a few inches in me, but he wasn't going to stop until he gave it all; all his cock in my ass. My body was giving in and now I didn't want it to stop.

Now what was painful all of a sudden started to feel good. It wasn't just a good feeling, but it was a pleasurable feeling that I wouldn't have believed since it started so painful. (Now you like cock in your ass?) my cock was now sticking straight out across my stomach and as he pushed more into me, I could feel my cock throb. The other two guys were watching and I could see that the first guy was getting hard again. At first I didn't - I couldn't - believe that he had another hard on, but as I watched him stroking, I could see that same hard cock that I'd sucked earlier; the other cock was more than halfway in my ass.

"Please...," I found myself looking up into his eyes and begging him again, "...please, fuck me..." I don't even know where the words came from, "It feels good...just fuck me."

"Yeah, baby, you can take it now." There was something about this guy; he wasn't mean are rough, but more gentle and loving. Still, I wasn't sure what I liked anymore -- the gentle or the rough.

He picked up something that was next to me (what is that) and I watched as he squirted out (lube) more lube -- rubbed it over the rest of his dick -- and then started to fuck my ass. It was an overwhelming feeling to have dick pumping in and out of my ass and although I wanted to stroke my own cock, I knew if I touched myself, I'd cum; I didn't want to shoot just yet. The first guy had put lube on his dick and moved back up by my face and was feverishly jacking off (more cum?). Now I was getting lost in the moment again -- a different kind of moment -- and I closed my eyes and let it wash over me.

Now should you really put something so long in your ass? It doesn't really matter I guess, because it felt so good, and knowing now it would feel like this, I'd do it again -- maybe, I would. My own cum was building -- even though I'd not touched my cock once since this started -- and I tried to think of something else to keep it from happen too soon. How do you keep your cum in your balls when someone is pushing their dick in your ass?

"Open your mouth," I opened my eyes to see the first guy leaning over my face still stroking his cock, "I've got more cum for you." I opened my mouth.

It may be the thing of fantasies, but sometimes life is like that. Watching more cum shoot out of his dick -- actually it wasn't a lot and I assumed that was because he'd already came a short time earlier -- was about to push me over the edge. The first bit of cum dribbled out a little into my mouth, but the second shoot actually came out in a steam of fluid across my lips and into my mouth -- I was going to cum -- now fluid ran out the tip and he pointed it down at my mouth so that it dribbled the cum onto my tongue -- and I went over the top.

You can find out a lot of things the first time you have sex; that some guys can get hard in a short period of time, that cum has a smell, that you may never have thought you could suck a guys dick until you do it three (or is it now four?) times in one night, that a dick hurts a little in your ass -- but the thing I learned that night -- that you can cum without ever having your dick touched.

This wasn't the first time I'd had an orgasm, but it was like something I'd never felt in my life. My ass was -- I'm not even sure what the word is; numb? -- radiating such a feeling and his cock was pushing deep in me as I felt the cum flowing and squirting out of the head of my own dick.

"Ahhh...ohhhh...uhhhh..." I lost control and my body jerked as my cum flew out and splattered on my chest. "...ahhhhhh...ahhhh...fuuuccckkk..." I opened my eyes and saw my dick leap into the air and spray another shot of cum that landed a little lower than the last and I learned the last thing; shooting cum while you're getting fucked in the ass, is a totally different feeling, because your ass muscle clinches around the cock in your ass, but it can't fully close giving you an exhilarating experience while you cum; maybe better with the cock in your ass.

"Yeah man...shoot that cum for me..." it was the guy fucking my ass, "...I'm cumming...too...oh yeah baby, I'm...cummmming...ahhhh fuck...ohhh..." my body jerked and my cock shot more cum.

Lost in the moment -- it never lasts long enough, but it is something you'll never forget -- shooting cum while you're getting fucked,. The first guy put his cock in my mouth and I sucked on it getting small amounts of cum to still dribble out. The last guy was shooting cum in my ass -- did the other guy feel left out -- and my mind was lost in the wave of exhilaration as my cum pumped out onto my stomach now. The dick came out of my mouth before the one in my ass.

He held my legs as he pumped the last bit of cum into me. Breathing heavy, I lay there and finally started to rub my now--slightly sensitive -- dick. Just as I felt it going in, I also felt it -- minus the pain -- sliding out of my ass (god, what a fuckin' rush) and I laid there just enjoying the moment; I could struggle with what this all meant at a later time, because now I just wanted to enjoy all the sensations I had felt -- was feeling -- and let myself float.

This was enough for the moment -- although the moment was passing -- and everyone had gotten off on me tonight; everyone. At the moment -- although the moment would pass -- I wasn't feeling any regret for enjoying what had happened and that they had all gotten off on me; everyone.

"Hey, buddy," it was the first guy -- my new "friend" -- talking to me as he was putting his clothe on, "you did alright. Would love to hook-up with you another time." The other two guys nodded in agreement. "We're here a couple times a week around this time if you ever want to hookup." I nodded that I understood and grabbed my T-shirt to wipe the cum off of me -- even though I'd have to wear it too.

Funny how we were all just buddies now. They had each made me take their cocks into my body; my body. They had each spilled fluids that were produced by their bodies into my body; my body. They had each ejaculated and got off on a guy half their age and now they were friends. My new "suck" buddies; no, wait, my new "cum" buddies. Yeah, I'm sure they'd love to "hook-up" again and give me another lesson in "sex 101." They'd love to make me eat more cum and pump their juice into me (isn't it man juice?); their balls unloading in me as they...(get a grip dude and just get the fuck out of here).

As I was leaving the van, the guy that had fucked my ass slipped a note into my hand when his other two friends weren't paying attention. I didn't look at it until I was back sitting in my car. The note read:

"Give me a call if you ever want to meet up for some one on one action -- 555-0227. Hank Macintyre"

My in-dash-clock read 4:45. What? That can't be right, because that would mean I just spent the last couple of hours having sex off and on. Time flies when you're having fun? No, it was something else going on here, and as I drove out of parking lot, I threw his note out the window; maybe I'll regret that at a later date too?... Continue»
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Leaving the adult video bookstore 2

As we left the bookstore, I was so horny i could hardly believe my luck. I called me wife and told her I had a surprise for her. she asked me what it was and I said it was a surprise, but I wanted her to be naked and laying on the bed when she heard the door open and to have a towel over her eyes until I said OK. She agreed and we hung up. Now we had only been married five or six years, so she was some prime meat, but this k** was too. we had had a few extra marital encounters and she had a few threesomes where I was on the outside looking in cause we didn't want anyone thinking i was gay. This was going to be different. I explained to the k** how we would find her and told him I was going to act like it was me climbing into bed, but once i secured the towel over her eyes he was to get between her legs and eat her our, then he would move up between her legs and insert his cock after she had a couple of orgasms. That is when I would release the blanket. We drove into the garage and let the door down. I opened the door quietly and made sure we had our shoes off so she couldn't hear more than one set of feet. As we got to the bedroom I peaked in and asked if she was covering her eyes. she said yes, but what is the surprise. I said wait until I have you good and horny. then I leaned over and held her towel over her eyes and kissed her as the k** knealt on the bed. he knelt between her legs and as instructed he didn't touch her with his hands and only used his face. He was munching on her pussy and clit and in no time you could see her lift her ass to meet the motion of her orgasm as he nibbled her clit. I kept talking to her and saying things when he would lift his head. As he saw my head nod after her second orgasm, he slid between her legs and pushed his cock into her. She was in heaven as he slid half of his cock in and then as he slid in further she said do you have a new dildo or what. it is so much loooooonger. I then removed the towel and asked if that was a nice thing to ask our guest. she was in a bit of a shock but never quit humping against him and then I said baby I knew you would love his young cock since it is so long and thin and you always talked about a nice young long thin cock, so I brought one home. I new she was in a horny frenzy and would take finding out that we just had anal sex better now than when she wasn't in heat. I explained how we met and she got hotter and hotter and she exploded all over his cock and then he hunched up into her and shot a load into her belly and as he finished he leaned over her breasts and laid his head down. she pulled his head up and kissed him and they both swapped tongue for quite a while. I began feeling his asshole and was sliding a finger into him and Peggy just realized my finger was in his ass when she slid hers down to do the same. she looked at me and her nose flared and she gleamed in her eyes. I kissed her cheek and then kissed his cheek (ass cheek) and slid up behind him and said you want to do a sandwich. she said oh yes. she felt his cock and finding it hard slid it back into her cum filled pussy for another glorious fuck. We fucked him silly and after she came three more times he and I came at the same time and now he was finished for a while. I got down and ate her freshly fucked pussy and she was talking so dirty. all about how she has wanted to fuck a nice young guy like him and now she didn't want to stop and ooooh how she wanted me to swallow all his cum and then clean his cock so she could fuck him some more. We spent the rest of the night like that. He was d***k with sex and she was too. Me, I was so happy I finally found my fantasy come true.... Continue»
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book store heaven

book store heaven

So after a long week, I decided to stop by the local bookstore. I walked in paid my $6.00 for the video card. Walked out the back door made a right to the video booths. There were the typical guys walking around and looking into the video booths. I found an open booth and sat down and started to browse the different channels. Came across a couple good tranny channels and started to rub my aching cock through my jeans. I had gone commando today in case there would be someone willing to suck my cock good.

As I was sitting there getting a good rub on, I heard moaning and shuffling from the booth beside me. I casually got up to take a peak over the wall. To my surprise there is this guy about late 40’s, good looking body. He was sitting on the bench and had his right leg up in the air, while another gentleman was slowly pushing his nice sized cock in and out of this tight hole. I just sat there in awe of what I was watching. I have seen porn before, but never anything live like this. As they were really getting into it, I had decided that I would undo my painters jeans and bring my cock out to rub while watching.

This was extremely HOT to me at this time. I was knelt over my bench looking over at the action. The (bottom) guy looked at me and winked. I knew he was loving his ass pounded. An older gentleman was looking over the other wall at the HOT action and reached down to give the (bottom) guy a couple tugs on his swelling cock.

I was at a great viewing angle. I could see the whole thing unfolding before my eyes. As stated before, I was commando, so no underwear on just a pair of baggy painters jeans. I had loosened my pants some more to get to my swelling cock. I needed some relief watching this show unfold before my very eyes.

As I was kneeling there stroking my cock I felt a hand run up my butt up under my t-shirt across my back. I turned to look over my shoulder to see who was petting me. A younger guy maybe mid 20’s I’ll call Jose, he leaned over my shoulder to watch the action with me, and whispered in my ear “I like your ass”. As I was stroking my cock, Jose started to run his hand down my back and into my jeans. He was caressing my ass, and ever so slightly touching my brown eye. I was really working my swollen cock now, from the feel of another person petting me and the HOT action in front of me.

The older gentleman that was tugging the (bottom) guy had walked over to the outside of my booth. He also started to rub my ass, and then tugged at my jeans to reveal my ass in all it’s glory. Jose started to kiss my ass and run his tongue up and down my crack. His hand came up to relieve my hand at working my cock.

As I was still watching the show the older gentleman came into my booth and laid down below me and started to lick and suck my cock. I was shaking uncontrollably now from the pure pleasure of this. The couple in the booth had started to pick up the pace. Mr. Top was really pounding this guy he had to have about an 8” cock and at the angle I was, I could see the glistening of the lube on the tops cock as it slid in and out of that tight looking ass.

Jose told me to remove a leg from my jeans for better access to my ass. As I stepped out of my jeans naked from the waist down, I leaned back over the wall, and placed 1 foot next to the gentleman laying on my bench’s head. He was sucking and stroking my cock really good at this time. I could feel the start of an explosive orgasm. I think he sensed this and stopped and gripped my cock hard for a minute or 2. I was so happy he did that and delayed my pending orgasm. Jose was still doing a fine job on my ass hole that when he slipped a finger into it I was in heaven.

When Jose got his third finger in my ass (virgin ass to males) he started to touch the magic spot (prostate). I was slowly rocking my ass back to his fingers as the gentleman below me started sucking my cock nice a slow. This is when it dawned on me. Jose was moving his fingers in and out of my ass with no discomfort, that then I realized he had lubed up my ass really good.
I looked over my shoulder to smile at Jose to let him know I was enjoying this immensely, that I noticed he was naked from the waist down also and stroking his 7” cock. I watched as he lubed his cock up and then position himself around the back side of me. I had 1 leg on the bench, and one on the floor, Jose positioned himself exactly like me and proceeded to rub the head of his cock up and down my ass, stopping at my ass hole to press so slightly. I looked over my shoulder and told him I was a virgin back there and to go really slow.

I turned to watch what was happening in the other booth when a third guy walked into the booth, and started to suck the bottom’s cock. He was kneeling on the floor his pants around his knees with a wide open ass hole staring at me. The top pulled his cock from the bottom’s ass and shoved it into the third guys mouth. Third guy was now bouncing back and forth between the 2 cocks. Top then shoved his cock back in the bottom’s ass and really start to pound it. It was at this time I felt the head of Jose’s cock slide past the ring of my ass hole. I brought my right hand back to hold Jose there for a few seconds to get used to his cock entering me. As Jose started to go deeper and deeper it was then that the guy on the bottom of us started to lick and fondle both sets of balls hanging in his face.

Jose was at a steady pace fucking my ass when I looked to the other booth to see just in time the top guy pull his dick out and give it a couple strokes and spray his cum all over the bottom guy’s cock and the face of the third guy that was sucking his cock.

This was way too much for me that I blew my load into the warm mouth below me. Jose feeling my ass muscles clinch over my orgasm sent him over the edge also and it was right then that I felt another mans cock jiz in my ass. The guy below me was still sucking my cock so well that I had missed the sensitive stage of a cock after the orgasm stage.

Jose had just pulled out of my ass and stepped aside as the third guy from the other booth was at my back side sucking all of Jose’s cum from my ass. After about 2 minutes of this, I had to stand up due to muscle cramps. As I was standing there coming down from my orgasm, Jose and the other 2 guys started licking my cock and feeling me up, playing with my balls and licking my ass. I told them all to hold on a few minutes for me to recover. The older third guy that was sucking my cock, helped me back into my jeans and we walked out the back door for a smoke. I found out his name was Jeff and how he liked my cock so much.

Will continue later )

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book store heaven

So after a long week, I decided to stop by the local bookstore. I walked in paid my $6.00 for the video card. Walked out the back door made a right to the video booths. There were the typical guys walking around and looking into the video booths. I found an open booth and sat down and started to browse the different channels. Came across a couple good tranny channels and started to rub my aching cock through my jeans. I had gone commando today in case there would be someone willing to suck my cock good.

As I was sitting there getting a good rub on, I heard moaning and shuffling from the booth beside me. I casually got up to take a peak over the wall. To my surprise there is this guy about late 40’s, good looking body. He was sitting on the bench and had his right leg up in the air, while another gentleman was slowly pushing his nice sized cock in and out of this tight hole. I just sat there in awe of what I was watching. I have seen porn before, but never anything live like this. As they were really getting into it, I had decided that I would undo my painters jeans and bring my cock out to rub while watching.

This was extremely HOT to me at this time. I was knelt over my bench looking over at the action. The (bottom) guy looked at me and winked. I knew he was loving his ass pounded. An older gentleman was looking over the other wall at the HOT action and reached down to give the (bottom) guy a couple tugs on his swelling cock.

I was at a great viewing angle. I could see the whole thing unfolding before my eyes. As stated before, I was commando, so no underwear on just a pair of baggy painters jeans. I had loosened my pants some more to get to my swelling cock. I needed some relief watching this show unfold before my very eyes.

As I was kneeling there stroking my cock I felt a hand run up my butt up under my t-shirt across my back. I turned to look over my shoulder to see who was petting me. A younger guy maybe mid 20’s I’ll call Jose, he leaned over my shoulder to watch the action with me, and whispered in my ear “I like your ass”. As I was stroking my cock, Jose started to run his hand down my back and into my jeans. He was caressing my ass, and ever so slightly touching my brown eye. I was really working my swollen cock now, from the feel of another person petting me and the HOT action in front of me.

The older gentleman that was tugging the (bottom) guy had walked over to the outside of my booth. He also started to rub my ass, and then tugged at my jeans to reveal my ass in all it’s glory. Jose started to kiss my ass and run his tongue up and down my crack. His hand came up to relieve my hand at working my cock.

As I was still watching the show the older gentleman came into my booth and laid down below me and started to lick and suck my cock. I was shaking uncontrollably now from the pure pleasure of this. The couple in the booth had started to pick up the pace. Mr. Top was really pounding this guy he had to have about an 8” cock and at the angle I was, I could see the glistening of the lube on the tops cock as it slid in and out of that tight looking ass.

Jose told me to remove a leg from my jeans for better access to my ass. As I stepped out of my jeans naked from the waist down, I leaned back over the wall, and placed 1 foot next to the gentleman laying on my bench’s head. He was sucking and stroking my cock really good at this time. I could feel the start of an explosive orgasm. I think he sensed this and stopped and gripped my cock hard for a minute or 2. I was so happy he did that and delayed my pending orgasm. Jose was still doing a fine job on my ass hole that when he slipped a finger into it I was in heaven.

When Jose got his third finger in my ass (virgin ass to males) he started to touch the magic spot (prostate). I was slowly rocking my ass back to his fingers as the gentleman below me started sucking my cock nice a slow. This is when it dawned on me. Jose was moving his fingers in and out of my ass with no discomfort, that then I realized he had lubed up my ass really good.
I looked over my shoulder to smile at Jose to let him know I was enjoying this immensely, that I noticed he was naked from the waist down also and stroking his 7” cock. I watched as he lubed his cock up and then position himself around the back side of me. I had 1 leg on the bench, and one on the floor, Jose positioned himself exactly like me and proceeded to rub the head of his cock up and down my ass, stopping at my ass hole to press so slightly. I looked over my shoulder and told him I was a virgin back there and to go really slow.

I turned to watch what was happening in the other booth when a third guy walked into the booth, and started to suck the bottom’s cock. He was kneeling on the floor his pants around his knees with a wide open ass hole staring at me. The top pulled his cock from the bottom’s ass and shoved it into the third guys mouth. Third guy was now bouncing back and forth between the 2 cocks. Top then shoved his cock back in the bottom’s ass and really start to pound it. It was at this time I felt the head of Jose’s cock slide past the ring of my ass hole. I brought my right hand back to hold Jose there for a few seconds to get used to his cock entering me. As Jose started to go deeper and deeper it was then that the guy on the bottom of us started to lick and fondle both sets of balls hanging in his face.

Jose was at a steady pace fucking my ass when I looked to the other booth to see just in time the top guy pull his dick out and give it a couple strokes and spray his cum all over the bottom guy’s cock and the face of the third guy that was sucking his cock.

This was way too much for me that I blew my load into the warm mouth below me. Jose feeling my ass muscles clinch over my orgasm sent him over the edge also and it was right then that I felt another mans cock jiz in my ass. The guy below me was still sucking my cock so well that I had missed the sensitive stage of a cock after the orgasm stage.

Jose had just pulled out of my ass and stepped aside as the third guy from the other booth was at my back side sucking all of Jose’s cum from my ass. After about 2 minutes of this, I had to stand up due to muscle cramps. As I was standing there coming down from my orgasm, Jose and the other 2 guys started licking my cock and feeling me up, playing with my balls and licking my ass. I told them all to hold on a few minutes for me to recover. The older third guy that was sucking my cock, helped me back into my jeans and we walked out the back door for a smoke. I found out his name was Jeff and how he liked my cock so much.

Will continue later )... Continue»
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Adult Bookstore Dancer

Adult Bookstore Fun
At one time there were eight adult books in my city now there is only one. Makes me very sad as I loved dressing up like a twenty-five cent whore and visiting them on the weekends. I think I enjoy all the humiliating comments and condescending looks the customers would make about me in the front as much as I did sucking off cum filled cocks in the mini booths in the back.
One of stores had girls working in the front that would give you a privet dance, for a fee, in one of the many privet room available. I meant Ida there. I was in drab and looking at the BDSM magazines one day after work when she approached me. “I can do that for you Sweetie,” she purred, as she look over my shoulder at the picture of a mistress whipping a subs ass.
“Do what?”
“Tie you up and spank your cute ass till it is as red as my lipstick,” she purred seductively.
“I am not in the habit of paying for sex, Darling,” I told her bluntly.
“Your so good looking I’d do you for free,” she replied was a twinkle in her eye.
“Cute, you should see me in drag. I am told I make a cute little sissy slut,” I told her with a twinkle in my eye.
Well it turned out that Ida had a thing for cross dressing twinkle toe men like me. We meant at her apartment and she explored my limits and found I had few. She suggested that I dress very slutty and come to work with her one night at the adult bookstore. She had recognized me as being in the store dressed several times after seeing me dress as Vanessa at her apartment.
I agreed to this adventure. In fact I took her shopping and brought matching outfits to wear to work on the night in question. Five inch open toed red pumps with silver stiletto heels, tan stockings with black seems, red garter belts, red push up bras (her bra in size 38D and my bra in size 36A) and black slinky spandex mini dresses.
That Saturday night I dressed at home making sure my makeup was picture perfect. Heavy eye liner, pencil thin eye brows, sparkly light blue eye shadow, long false eye lashes and bright red lipstick. Looking in the mirror I saw a complete slut looking back at me. Made we want to fuck my self so I inserted a medium size butt plug in my ass, grabbed my purse and keys and headed for the bookstore and Ida.
I pranced my ass in the front door and there was Ida sitting with Joan and Candy her co-workers. Ida had on long dangling rhinestone earrings and matching choker collar just like I was wearing. Could we be soul mates? We had not agreed what jewelry to wear.
I crossed over to her and she stood up to greet me and we kissed each other on the cheek not to mess up our lipstick. Ida introduced me to Joan and Candy and the four of as sat down and lit up cigarettes and started tell each other how fabulous we looked. Joan and Candy kept tell me how passable I looked and if it was not for the bulge in my spandex dress would never guess I was a guy.
Four or five guys milled around the sex toys and video racks and I could see them every now and then peeking over at us. Ida noticed that the bulge in my skirt was getting way to noticeable. She told me to come with her into the dressing room across from our seats. There she lifted my skirt got on her knees and with out much fanfare sucked me dry swallowing most of my cum the rest landed on the floor. Getting up from he knees she led me to the sink and washed me off with a wet rag. Ida dried me cock off and grabbed a roll of clear surgical tape. One strip she put down the center of my now limp cock. Another strip around my cock holding the first strip securely in place. Next she pulled my cock back using the overlapping tape to secure my dick between my legs. Then she pushed my balls up and behind my dick and pulled each side of my ball sack up and over my cock. I swear it looked like a had pussy lips. Then she reach on the shelf behind her and grabbed a tube of super glue. You guessed it she super glued the two side of my ball sack together, now it did look like a real pussy.
With that I sat down and bent over to admire my new pussy. Ida cleaned my dry cum from her lips and applied fresh red lipstick. Offered me a cigarette and we both lit up. She sat down be side me and said, “Here are the rules of the business. Joan, Candy and I offer only to dance privately for the customers, usually fifty dollars a dance, which is two songs. Before we start dancing we tell them they can not touch us but encourage them to make themselves comfortable. This means for them if they want to take out their cocks and masturbate while we dance. Some men will want more and if they are will to pay we will give them more. Usually I charge another twenty dollars to give them a blow job and fifty if they don’t want to use a condom. If they want to fuck me I charge fifty and they must wear a condom.
You are not to accept any requests for dances but tell them Joan and Candy are wonderful dancers. If I get a request for a dance I will asked them if they want us both; two for the price of one. If they do and once inside the room, if they want more; you will be the more. If they want to fuck I will tell them I am on the rag and you do anal only. By the way take that fucking butt plug out of your ass and let’s go to work.”
We went back out into the store. Candy was sitting by her self as Joan was in a privet room dancing or whatever. Candy told Ida that she had done two dances while we were in the dressing room tucking me. A tall black man approached Ida and ask her how much for a dance. She told him fifty and he hesitated. She told him how about fifty for the two of us. He smiled and said, “Hell yes!”
We led the black man into one of the privet dance rooms. Ida shut, locked the door and collected the money. Told him the no touching rule and to make himself comfortable. There was one plastic chair for the John to set in with a small table next to the chair. A roll of paper towels on top of the table and a trash can on the floor next to the table. The trash can was already half full of cum soaked towels. In front of the chair there was a small raised stage. I small matt on one side of the stage covered in red vinyl and a boom box next to it on the floor.
Ida squatted down and put in a tape and soon slow grinding music filled the air and she motioned me to step up on stage. I stood behind her and started to grind my new Ida made pussy against her ample ass putting my arms around her running my hands up and down her body. We swayed my front to her back and I moved one hand to pussy lifting the dress hem to expose her pussy to our costumer.
She told him again to get comfortable and he stood up and dropped his sweatpants. We stopped our gyrations and stood there looking at the biggest most delicious black dick. It must have been ten to twelve inches long, not to big around and the foreskin hung at least and inch past the knob; it was rock hard. John sat back down and started stroking his awesome cock and Ida and I resumed dancing.
By the middle of the second song Ida had only her heels and garter belt left on and I was down to heels, bra and garter belt. She as on her back nylon covered legs high in the air and I over her in a sixty-nine position. We were squirming around on the matt to the beat of the song. I was running my tongue over my red lips simulating I was eating Ida’s pussy and pulling on the tampon string dangling from her cunt lips. We were oblivious to John masturbating in the chair in front of the stage.
John broke our sexual trance, “What I got to do to have one of you bitches to suck and fuck me.”
Ida and I stood up and Ida turned off the music. She then sat on the edge of the stage and spread her legs wide and with one finger started twirling the tampon string. I went to Ida’s bag and took two VS 120 cigarettes out and lit both. I return to the stage and sat down next to Ida my legs together very lady and gave one cigarette to her.
Ida took a big drag on the cigarette, executed a very sensual French inhale and asked, “Your not connected with any local or state law enf***ement agencies.” The black stud said, “No.”
“Well then as you can see,” She gave a tug on the string protruding from her cunt lips, “My playground is out of commission right now. I’ll suck you off for another fifty.”
“How about you suck my black dick and I ram my rod up the faggot’s ass, how much for dat,” John asked?
I was shocked; Ida’s tuck job had not fooled him. I was about to tell her that I didn’t think my ass could take a cock that big when Ida told him, “One Hundred fifty.”
John shot back, “One Hundred, you suck me, then I fuck the sissy’s ass and I’ll give you One Hundred Fifty if your sissy bitch will do ass to mouth. I love to unload my seeds in a faggot’s mouth.”
“Deal, now show me the money daddy,” Ida told him.
“I don’t think,” I started to say but Ida cut me off.
“That’s right bitch you don’t think. Your going to fuck him and you better make me proud or I beat your dumb ass senseless.”
With that said Ida peeled back the foreskin on John’s cock and started giving him head. I went to Ida’s bag and lit another cigarette and took out a tube of “Anal Ease” lube. I squeezed a large amount on my finger and started packing my full of lube. This brand of lube has a numbing agent in it and I want to please Ida buy taking every inch of John’s long hard black cock.
I returned to the stage and got on my hands and knees next to Ida and John. I heard the slurping sound of Ida giving John head stop. I felt Ida’s hand on my back and she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Bitch you’d better take every inch of his black cock, you understand.” I nodded my head yes and I felt the head of his cock against my anus muscle.
With one trust he buried his black shaft half its length into my tight ass. A wave of pain rushed over my body and stars danced in front of my eyes like fire works. I let out a sissy scream and Ida told me to muffle it. I went from my hands, to my elbows, to head and chest on the stage. John strong hands kept my hips and boy pussy right where he wanted them. He slowly eased his cock deeper down my hersey highway. I even felt the end of the condom past by my anus muscle. I finally felt his black balls against my pale white ass. I could feel the head of cock deep in my colon.
All of a sudden his cock started a piston action slow at first and then revving up to RPMs that a race car engine would envy. So violent that my body was f***e flat on the matt and my nylon cover legs danced uncontrollable as they hung now out over the edge of the stage. One of my heels went flying off my foot and banged against the wall opposite the stage and dropped to the floor with a thud. Ida kept telling him to fuck me harder and low a****l grunts like that of a pig came from my mouth. I was almost to the point of passing out from the pain of being pounded so hard by his big long black cock. When all of a sudden I was flipped on my back and I felt his black cocks head push between my red lips.
His cock exploded and copious amounts of spunk filled my oral cavity till it ran from the corners of my mouth. All ready gasping for air from the intense fucking just endured and my mouth full of dick and cum I started to gag. John pulled is cock out of my mouth and I started chocking on the half swallowed cum. The cum started coming back up my throat and a large wad of spunk shot out my nose as I had my lips sealed tight trying not vomit cum. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath and finally swallow the hot cum.
Both Ida and John laugh at me as I laid there a total mess and exhausted. I could hear John tell Ida he was amazed that I took every inch and had swallowed so much cum. I heard Ida asked for a tip. That she felt I deserved a good tip. I heard John laugh again and felt a quarter landed on my stomach as he left the room.
Ida told me to get cleaned up and dressed as there was money to be made tonight. She was giddy with excitement from the two hundred fifty dollars we had just made. She handed me a lit cigarette and a sheet of paper towel and told me to wipe the cum from my nose. “Oh, by the way, when John pulled out of your ass the condom stay behind. You should pass it in a couple of days,” Ida said with a giggle.
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Truth or Dare: The Adult Bookstore

Why is it that some games get to serious? And why is that stupid games with friends always get taken too far. I won't bore you with the details of how the game started. I will say there was 4 of us. And I will say that it was the bitch Libby who dared me to go into the Adult Bookstore and come back out with a 'Glory Hole in Use' picture to prove it. She would not have suggested that for either of the other 2 girls, but she didn't like me. I am not the type of girl who could walk into a place like that and act is if she were queen, snap the pic and then leave. I am the exact opposite really. I'm the type to shy away from attention, the type to go unnoticed, and that was my plan as I was going in.

It was a summer morning, and at the insistence of my friends, I wore a black pleated skirt, white tank top, green hoodie and flip flops. I know, always the fashion queen. Libby had given me her own digital camera with a blank memory card, so that I wouldn't pull any tricks. As I was getting dressed and going there, I was feeling pretty good, kind of excited. But as I got to the shopping center, I began to get real nervous. It was an old shopping center, mostly vacant. There was a karate place and a mailing place down near the other end. The windows of the bookstore were covered or blacked out, and the entrance was on the side of the building. My heart started beating a lil faster as I opened the door and stepped in. There were 3 long aisles straight ahead with just movies and a man at the counter to my right. There were four customers down the aisles and all but one was staring me down. I almost paniced for a second, I couldn't even remember why I was there. I just instinctively walked down the first aisle, trying to pretend that i was just there to shop. They had tons of movies, every kind of movie you could want. Every time I looked around, I saw men looking at back at me. Even looking down I felt their eyes on me. I did notice an open doorway in the back, with a litle 'Video booths' sign over it. As i started walking up the aisle towards the back, a guy in grey sweat shorts stepped around the corner looking at me and the movies. He had one hand in his pocket and there was definitly some movement there. As I got closer, he stepped back and turned towards me a little to show off the bulge in his shorts and said "hey, hows it goin?" I tried not to look at the bulge, I tried to just look him in the eye. "I'm fine" I said. He smiled at stepped back to let me pass by, but as I was sliding passed, he stepped forward a bit so that his erection brushed against my forearm.

As I walked down the back aisle to the doorway, I took one last look behind me, and everyone was watching me....I turned quickly back and walked thru. To the right was a locked door. To the left, it looked like a dressing room, with 5 open doors. as I walked past, I saw a stool and a pay tv type thing in each one. I also saw the holes. The last booth was open, and I took it, probably just my self concious putting me in the back to not be noticed. I closed the door and locked it, then sat on the stool, thinking about what I was going to do. My thoughts were quickly interupted when someone tried to open my door. I sat up straight and didn't say a word, I couldn't say word, then they tried again. Still, I said nothing, as someone walked into the booth next to me...I could see their legs thru the hole, and then probably the most shocking was when all of a sudden, an eyeball popped into the hole to look up at me. It was the guy with the sweatshorts. I turned away, and realized I had nothing else to look at it. I looked at my purse to see how much money I had to put in the machine, noticed the camera...and then I noticed the cock in the hole. He was kinda jacking off, holding his cock and thrusting it in and out of the hole. I froze. I just stared at it for a second, I was in shock until my door rattled again. Someone else was on the outside trying to open my door again. then the cock disssappeared and was replaced by a face...."come one, do something!" he whispered thru the hole, then stuck his cock back thru. I reached out, I dunno why and sorta put my hand around it. I noticed my hand was shaking as I touched it. Thats when reality set back in. I decided to leave, I stood up, opened the door and there were 3 guys just standing there in that little hallway. The first, a larger man, stepped closer towards me forcing me to step back into the booth. He didn't leave any room around him, he just stepped in with me, and so did another guy behind him. I was freaking out on the inside, the larger guy had me backed in a corner and he was just unbuckling his belt and zipping down his pants. The guy behin him stepped up beside him and just reached out and started rubbing my arm. The larger guy rubbed my other arm down to my wrist and held it, while his other hand unzipped my hoody all way down. I reached up to hold it closed, and the other guy stuck his hand up the back of my skirt. I tried to keep my skirt down and my hoodie on, but they had a hundred hands. I couldn't back up any further so i just sorta bent my knees and slid down. as I did that, they pulled the hoodie over my head and off, then pushed me all the way down to my knees. The larger man grabbed a handful of hair, stepped up and started rubbing his cock on my face, and then shoved it in my mouth. He was squeezing my hair with both hands, shoving my head back and forth. The other guy was on his knees too, sliding my top up and trying to pull my panties down from under the dress. I had my eyes closed, wondering what I had gotten myself into when my mouth filled with hot cum. No warning at all, I coughed and tried to spit, but he still had control of my hair. so it mostly just ran out of my mouth. When he stepped back, the other guy stood up and started rubbing his cock. Then Larger man reach around and grabbed my hair again, pushing me towards guy number 2. He lasted just about as long as the first, but when he came, he made sure he pulled out so that he could give me a facial. As they laughed and zipped up and walked out, I was left on the floor, to reach up and grab some paper towels to clean up. I stood up, and straightened my panties, and tried to wipe the cum off of my top when another shadow filled the doorway. It was the sweatshorts guy...shorts hiked down....erection standing up........ ... Continue»
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The wife and I finally had a weekend to ourselves and it was a 3 day weekend so we deicided to take a little roadtrip a couple hours away to popular vacation spot in TN. About 2 hrs into the drive I made a pitstop off the highway at an exit I know pretty well exit 90B off I-75. We got gas, used the restroom, got some snacks then I drove up the road acting like I had never been there before when we came across a little white building with a yellow sign that said DVD'S 4.99 I knew what the place was, it was an adult bookstore. I looked at the wife and said, hey let's go get some movies and toys... what the fuck she said...We went in and looked around, the place was fairly busy... she looked back into a hallway and asked what is that? I looked back there and said, "I think it's where you can go watch videos"... hmmm she said.... you wanna go check it out? Sure why not I said (though I had been there many times and been in both the arcade and theatre We found a booth that was un-occupied and went in... I pulled out some dollar bills and fed the machine and on came the tv screen... She looked at me and said "have you been here before or somethihng (laughing)... she started browsing through the videos and came across a guy sucking a guys cock... hey babe... that turns you on don't it as she laughed... I laughed and said.. " you know it does babe" I was wondering how long it was gonna be before she noticed the gloryholes and just then she was like... is that what I think it is! Yep babe it's a gloryhole... she looked down at the hole for a second put her fingers to it (not knowing) and a cock come through it, a NICE cock at that!.... OH SHIT she said and jumped back... I looked at her and said " well babe now you gotta suck it" Im NOT SUCKING THAT.... well you at least gotta jerk it im not... i grabbed her hand and pushed it down towards the cock... in shock staring at me... what are you doing!!! Come on babe, just get the guy off and be done with it... you gave him the fingers through the hole go ahead... I DID"NT KNOW .... HOW THE HELL YOU KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS.... Im a guy babe, I know about these things....though she was acting hesitent she was'nt fighting back to much as I put her hand on the cock and made her grip it...she looked at me... go ahead babe... I can't believe I am doing this she said as she started stroking.... the cock grew, it was a nice ass fucking cock... I wanted my lips around it but the wife does'nt know about that side of She stroked the cock, not doing a very good job of it and I was like... come on hon... I know you can do better then that... fuck, stroke that dick like you want it....she got a little more comfortable... got down on here kness and starting stroking that cock like I knew she could... I stood behind her, getting very turned on, so I pulled out my cock and started stroking... by this time she was paying no attention to me... she had 8 inches of thick white cock in her hand making love to it with her hand.. I got a little closer and put my cock to her mouth... she did'nt say a word, she just started sucking and this turned her on big time... not to mention I was highly turned on. After a minute or two and I seen she was getting hot... I told her... Now stroke my cock and suck his... she did.. and she started going to town on that big cock... I pulled my cock away from her got on my knees... reached around her, undid her pants and pulled em down... i pulled her back in the doggy postion and reached between her thighs touching her pussy which was soaking fucking wet! I lightly fingered her as she sucked this strangers cock then started saying things to her... " thats it baby, suck that big dick... make that dick cum... you fucking love that cock don't you.... mmm hmmmm with a mouthful of dick she mummbled....fucking take it deep baby... suck him good.... I started fingering her harder and she started moaning loud with a mouth on that cock and I knew what was about to happen... she reached back and started fingering herself and she fucking squirted everywhere moaning and sucking that cock hard....I was so fucking turned on I was about to blow myself! She stopped sucking started jerking the cock hard and said "CUM YOU MUTHER FUCKER... I WANT YOU TO CUM" I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it on that cock and she gagged and kept going hard then I heard her little laugh so I knew the man just busted it in her mouth... she LOVES the cum... thats it baby... swallow all that nut... She did, she took in every last drop... sucking til the man pulled away... she stood up, pointed and said "that one is all yours.... I turned around and big ol black cock was popping through the other hole on the other side... ummm don't think so babe... thats your job... nope, you know I don't like the black ones (she is you do that one... fair is fair and she grabbed my hand like I grabbed hers and she put it on that big ol black dick.... what did I do... I started stroking it... she stood behind me fingering her pussy... now suck it, she said.... what the hell.. I wanted to I started sucking on this massive black tool and she was loving that I was.... thats fucking hot as hell she was saying to me... suck that black cock baby, suck it and make him cum.... that I did... I was about 3 minutes into and he exploded a load that made me gag but I took it all and you should have heard the wife... she fingered her pussy hard as I was taking the load and she fucking squirted her juices all over me... that was the most I had ever seen her squirt... the back of my neck and shirt was soaked!.... She then got on all fours and told me to fuck her hard! So I did and as I did another cock pop through the hole and I told her to suck it... I was pounded her pussy and she was sucking another strangers cock... FUCK im gonna cum baby.... cum in my pussy.... FUCKING CUM IN MY PUSSY... I blew it up inside her and almost at the same time the cock she was sucking busted in her mouth... it was so damn hot... almost to good to be true....we gathered ourselves and then I said... you wanna hit the theatre? HELL YES she said, all fucking horned up after swallowing two nuts and taking one in the cunt.. not to mention the huge nut I swallowed... We made our way to the theatre sat down and I just pulled my shit out and shoved her head down on it and she started sucking... when guys see that they come flocking and there were about 6 guys and 2 were black so I did'nt know how that would go over for her... I stopped her and told her to get undresssed... she did then she got on her knees in front of me and started sucking... guys were standing around stoking and watching... I know she did't like black cock but this older black guy stroking had one thick ass big cock and I motioned him over, pulled the wife off my cock and put it on his... she went at it like a fucking porn star....I then motioned a young white guy over and pointed at her backside and he just shoved his shit right in her...her she was on all fours... sucking a huge black dick, stroking mine and taking one doggystyle from a young stud... she was fucking loving it... and so was I... I said I suck to...and when I did an older man came up and put his cock in my mouth... this shit was getting too damn wild... this was like a dream come true for me... I fucking blew my nut all over just from the wife barely stroking me....I got up to watch and another guy came to sit down... this shit continued for a couple hours... she took several nuts in the mouth, on her face, in her pussy... she was fucking covered... I even blew another nut in her mouth... It would take me forever to write all that went on...but let me tell you, when the thick black man put his cock in her... OMG... she squirted instantly and he slammed the fuck out of her for a good 10 minutes before nutting in her... she was loving it but at the same time in pain and I was fucking turned on After several hours there we finally made our way down to TN.. we enjoyed our weekend there then came back home... I thought about stopping at the bookstore again.... even asked if she wanted to but neither of us really wanted to, we were wore out in every Continue»
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Bookstore Babe Chrissie

My room mate and oldest friend Kelly found ourselves with a four day summer weekend and so Kelly decided to rent us a cabin on the lake. We invited a couple of Kellys’s lesbian sorority s****rs to join us but they wouldn’t be arriving until the next day.
We packed the car, loaded the cooler, rolled a few joints and set out around 11AM on a gorgeous Friday morning. Whenever we travel by car Kelly has to drive. I believe that it’s all a part of her dominant lesbian personality. When we’re together she assumes the male role and becomes my protector and decision maker. It’s not as bad as it might sound and most times I don’t really resent it.
Soon we find ourselves cruising along with the radio blasting away and all the windows rolled down. Kelly was singing along with the music, wearing a loose fitting t shirt, jean shorts, running shoes and a baseball type cap covering her blond hair in a neat pony-tail. I know Kelly was bra-less because she almost always went without one.
I was wearing a considerably tighter fitting t shirt, very short tight cutoff shorts, strapy sandals, a very plain by still cute white bra and white lace trimmed bikini panties. My longer brunette hair was flying freely in the wind rushing through the open car windows. I was wearing my oversize designer sunglasses. As you usual I looked as good as any GG.
Kelly had her customary Marlboro dangling from her lips and we both had a cold Miller Lite between our legs. I noticed a roadside billboard which advertised that there was an adult bookstore located another 12 miles down the road. Kelly reached down to turn down the volume of the radio and said “Chrissie, we should stop there. I’ve seen that sign many times always wanted to check that place out.”
“You can’t be serious.” I replied.
“Why not? A couple of my friends have been in there and they said it’s worth seeing.” she said.
I just laughed “If you really want to stop there then I’m definitely going to smoke one of these first.” I said as I fished a joint from out of my purse.
Kelly handed me her cigarette lighter and said “Light it up Honey.”
Over the next few miles we passed the joint back and forth and by the time we approached the bookstore we both had a good buzz going.
Upon first laying eyes on the building I couldn’t help but notice the color of the roof and the general architecture made me think that this building at one time was a Stuckeys. I remember the Stuckey stores along the highways and byways of America when I was younger. They have long since gone by the wayside but the look of the buildings is unforgettable.
I said “Kelly, I think this place used to be a Stuckeys?”
She laughed and said “Cool. Maybe they still got a “Pecan Log” for you.”
Stuckey’s most famous product was always their famous Pecan Log but I think that the “pecan log” Kelly was talking about was something entirely different.
We giggled like silly school girls as we pulled into the parking lot. I was slightly shaky as we approached the door but Kelly was briskly striding across the parking lot. She turned and waited for me to catch up and then gallantly opened the door for me.
The bright exterior sunlight mixing with the dimmer more subdued indoor light made it a little hard to see at first. As we entered a heavily made up female about 40ish squeezed past us on her way out. I heard her whisper toward us as she passed “Nice bunch in there today.” I just smiled.
Once inside our eyes fairly quickly adapted to the lighting and I noticed there were about 7-8 guys browsing around the store. Toward the rear of the building was a sign that pointed the way to the peep show booths in the back.
Kelly walked directly to the large racks of adult sex toys. It was the largest selection of vibes, dildos, bondage gear, and other assorted sex toys I think I’d ever seen. Beyond that were racks of fantasy costumes, intimate lingerie, and stripper oriented clothing.
As I walked toward the clothing section I noticed that virtually every male eye in the place was glued to my every step. I quickly pretended to peruse the clothing and then headed back to the relative comfort of standing next to Kelly.
“Wait here Chrissie, I’ll be right back.” she whispered. Kelly headed toward the checkout counter and started talking to the older guy who was overseeing the operation. When she returned she had a fist full of quarters.
She smiled at me and said “Come on.” as she lead me toward the backroom and the movie viewing rooms.
It wasn’t really a room but more of a long dark hallway with about a dozen or so rooms with solid wooden doors. Some of the rooms had dim red lights glowing over their doors. We quickly ascertained that these rooms were occupied. Kelly was scanning the picture stills posted next to the door of each room. These pictures let you know what type of film was available in ant particular room.
Within a few seconds after we’d entered the hallway 3 or 4 of the guys had followed us back there.
I tall, fairly good looking guy in his late 30’s or early 40’s pointed at one particular door and said “Why don’t you try this one honey?”
Kelly turned to me and motioned to join her. We entered the recommended room and Kelly locked the door. She fished around in the tiny darkened room for her quarters and the located the slot in which to deposit them.
She deposited a few quarters and the room got a bit brighter as the film began to play. There was no noticeable storyline and no suspenseful build up. The film was a blond girl busily slurping away on her dark haired friends pussy while a extremely well endowed black male was eagerly pounding away at the blonds’ pussy from behind. Her tits jiggled away and her nice round ass bounced up and down with the guys intense fucking.
As we watched the film unfold I found myself wishing the black guy would forget about the slut’s pussy and shove his big stiff cock into her luscious lilly white ass. I figured Kelly was more interested in way she was lapping up the dark haired girls cunt.
Eventually we heard a gentle tap tapping on one wall of the room. At first we ignored the tapping but after second set of taps Kelly looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and tapped back. A few seconds later we heard what sounded like a scr****g sound in the wall. Then a bit of light filtered through the wall from a hole that had suddenly appeared about waist level.
Kelly whispered “It’s a Glory hole!”
“What happens now?” I whispered.
I didn’t have to wait long to find out because a semi-hard cock appeared in the hole. It appeared to be perhaps 10-11 inches.
“WOW” I whispered to Kelly. “Now what?”
“I think you should suck it Chrissie.” she said. “In fact I want to watch you suck it baby.”
I stood their face to face with Kelly, our bodies barely touching in the cramped closet sized room. She squeezed behind me and placing her hands on my shoulders guided me down to the floor. The floor felt clammy and a maybe even somewhat sticky, like an old movie theater after a k**’s matinee.
I felt my bare knees sticking to the grimy surface.
“Come on Chrissie, you little slut, suck his cock.” Kelly whispered.
At first I just wrapped my fingers around his cock and stroked it a bit. But I quickly got caught up in the moment and began to tongue the tip. I ran my tongue around the tip in small circles and then parted my lips to take the now very stiff cock into my mouth. I felt Kellys' hands on the back of my head as she guided my mouth up and down on his very rigid dick. The pace of my sucking quickened and I found myself taking his cock deeper down my throat. I could hear his low moans as I continued to take his stiff member deeper and deeper. Eventually I gagged a bit and had to let up a little. It was just a momentary respite as I soon found myself once again voraciously sucking his cock. I heard the sound of Kellys' zipper as she opened her jeans. She began moaning as she rubbed her pussy in time to my cock sucking. I could tell he was nearly ready to explode as I felt him tighten up. I slowed down once again and waited for Kelly to catch up. Her moans became louder as she furiously worked her sopping wet pussy. Hearing her moans I again picked up my pace as I was determined to get them both off.
Almost immediately he erupted in glorious spurts of warm sweet cum. I felt him shoot 4 large loads of cream into my mouth. At the exact time that Kelly was enjoying the throes of her orgasm.
I continued to suck on his cock until I was sure I thoroughly drained him. Finally he withdrew his cock from the opening in the wall and I managed with some difficulty to get to my feet. Again I stood face to face with Kelly and I leaned in to kiss her mouth. I used my tongue to part her lips and spit half of his cum load into her mouth. Her eyes popped open…..she smiled and simultaneously we both spit the cum unto the floor. We heard the door to the adjoining booth open and close. We enjoyed a muffled laugh as Kelly straightened up her jeans and we prepared to exit the booth.
Once out of the booth and back in the main part of the store my eyes traveled from guy to guy as we made our way toward the door. There were currently 5 guys all staring at us. I knew I’d just given one the blowjob of his life but I no idea which of these guys it was. We laughed as we walked quickly across the parking lot. I took a beer from the cooler and handed one to Kelly.
“Find a rest stop Kell.” I said “I have just got to wash my knees!!!”
Kelly laughed and said “Sure thing. My filthy fucking little cock sucking tramp.”
... Continue»
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The Cougar and the Bookstore

Since a few years ago, I noticed a few things about me were changing. I didn't feel any older but gravity had certainly begun its betrayal of loyalty to me. I wasn't happy about that but what's a girl to do? The funny thing about hitting my 50's is that while everything seemed to be in a slow decline, my desire for sex was staging a rebellion. As a young woman, my cravings had a hair trigger on them and, more than a few times, the slightest stray thought of flesh or a glimpse of my own naked body in the mirror would send my straight to the bed to feverishly work out that sudden flame of craving. Since my husband passed away seven years ago, I missed the joy of regular sex but I tried not to think about it, busying myself instead both to forget the pain of his loss and to forget the passion that had left my life.

That thought was little comfort against the pulsing between my legs, a pulsing that grew through the evening and was starting to demand release. The bed was calling but that simply wasn't enough. Being honest with myself, it wasn't an orgasm I wanted per se. I wanted attention. I wanted to feel desired and craved. I also couldn't ignore the craving to feel naughty again, to feel my pure, carnal sexuality flowing out. Those sweet memories of when I did somethig I knew I'd regret the next morning! Truth be told, I never regretted a single one of them. My husband knew about my sexual history or at least what I willingly told him. After all, some things are best left unsaid.

Finishing my lipstick, I took a long, self-inspecting look in the bedroom mirror. The little black dress I had chosen was getting far too little. Oh well. I thought I still looked fairly sexy for a woman my age. I wanted to tell myself I was going out for a night on the town, to hopefully meet some dashing, charming man for a romantic evening. The truth of my destination, however, was not quite so honorable. I wasn't thinking of a romantic dinner followed by who knows what. No, the secret desires of my youth were ruling the day and once again, I wanted to find something I'd regret in the morning.

After the short drive into the heart of the city, I walked into the first bookstore of what was known as Bookstore Row, a string of adult stores tucked away in the seedier part of town. Seeing nothing but a few undesirable types, I quickly perused the lingerie and then left for the next one. I was uncertain enough about my own intentions, I hoped that was not all the night left in store for me. I parked in back of the next one and entered through the rear. I began looking indiscriminantly at videos, secretly surveying the men in the store and a couple contemplating sex toys in the corner. My eyes met with a young man reading magazine across from me. He looked like a young college prep type, lean and youthfully handsome. Pretending to browse this and that, I made my way over near him, trying not be too obvious.

As I had passed by him, I could see he was youthfully handsome and lean. His scuptled forearms, slightly prominent chest, tossled blond hair and smooth babyface skin were all feeding my mind. There was an innocence about him that stood in contrast to the dirty magazine he was viewing and that fueled my imagination all the more. What was I thinking? He was young enough to be my son! That mattered little to the dull ache inside my pussy. Not only was he "the catch" in a room full of non-descript men, his combined innocence and dirtiness fed a naughty desire in my heart that I had never fully given sway.

As I stood several feet away from him, I could see him looking at me, trying not to get caught, which put a smile on my face. Was it my sun-kissed legs with calves pushed up by heels he was looking at? Was it my breasts, full and thankfully pushed out by my choice in bra? What dirty thoughts was he thinking while stealing those glances? I just LOVED that this handsome young boy was feeding his need for sex from the sight of my body.

Seeing that no one was watching, it was now or never I thought to myself. I turned to walk past behind him as if leaving but leaned into him, placed my hand near his cock and whispered in his ear, "I think you should meet me in back in the video booths. It'll be worth it, I promise. Don't be too obvious." I walked toward the darkened room of booths, heart pounding, praying that he would follow and not leave me to my own embarassment for being "that old lady that hit on me" he could laugh about with his friends. Once in darkness, I turned back and saw him approaching. It was the deepest breath I've ever let out.

I entered a booth with him hot on my heels and fed some money into the video player while he locked the door. As the sound of porn spilled out of the booth, I pressed up near him and let my breasts spill out as I gave him a long, hushed, sultry, come-get-me version of "Hiiii there." Although he was obviously nervous, he wasted no time in getting his mouth on my puffy nipples, his hands reaching under my dress to cup my ass and feel the wet, warmth of my pussy. I wasn't delaying either, knowing we only had a brief time to indulge this.

I sat down on the bench and quickly undid his belt, forcing his pants down below his ass. His cock was simply beautiful! He wasn't enormous but he was nice and full, a velvety, mushroom-shaped head already swelling with lust. His balls neatly shaved and a light patch of pubic hair. I kissed and licked his stomach as I lighty stroked his cock. His scent was intoxicating. Any hesitance I had about being a "dirty old lady" for dragging this this beautiful boy to a dirty video room quickly disappeared as I tasted him. It had been two years since I'd enjoyed sex and no matter the setting, this young stud wasn't getting away!

I plunged my mouth onto his cock, sucking him deep as I savored its taste. My hands were everywhere, cupping his balls and ass one moment, sliding up his stomach and chest the next. Bending over, he caught my mouth and kissed me as I pulled my dress back so he could feel my pussy, which he was keenly interested in. "Kneel down", I told him as scrunched my dress up behind my ass, leaned over sideways on the small bench and spread my legs open as he moved in to lick and taste my pussy. "Yes, that's it, oh god, eat me", I said, figuring it would urge him on further. I'm sure this was quite a sight...a lusty middle-aged woman trying to ignore her lack of flexibility and a horny young boy, awkwardly hung up in his jeans trying to devour the pussy in front of him. It only made it hotter and I needed to play like this.

Coming back up, he stared at my pussy, rubbing it while stroking his cock, as if he was thinking of asking permission to go further. "Come on", I suggested, "...slide in and fuck me". With a look of defeat, he sheepishly replied, "I'm sorry, I don't have a condom!" I put my hand to his young face and whipsered loudly, "It's okay, sweetie, you don't need one with me. Come on....give me your cock!"

Coming forward, he mashed his mushroom head against my pussy, wetting it and pushing inside. It was hard not to cry out when he sunk fully into me, impaling me with his impossibly hard cock. I wanted it so bad the discomfort of the bench no longer mattered, nor did the semi-squat position to fuck me matter much to him. His face was one part amazement and two parts dirty craving. The feel of fucking him and the secret urgency in doing it was so intoxicating that I quickly came, a small orgasm rippling through my abdomen as my pussy gripped his cock while he continued to plunge in and out of me in the low-lit booth.

He paused, holding still and then slowly withdrawing until only the tip of his cock was in me, only slowly entering me again. He was straining to hold back but this wasnt the time or place for that. "Cum wherever you want, I don't care...on me, in me, anywhere. Go for it", I told him, pulling the front of my dress up to my chest in case this young buck decided to pull out and mark his territory.

He began thrusting, deep, slow and deliberate, staring intensely at the pussy he was fucking, his face starting to scrunch up. "I know you want that hot pussy so bad, don't you? You want to fuck my cunt and cum so bad, huh?", I whispered over the sound of the porn. I was being so naughty, feeding this boy's mind not only so he wouldn't take too long and get us caught, but also to enjoy my power in making him cum as hard as possible. I was being a bit of a slut and loving every moment of it.

His mouth dropped open as his thrusts slowed. "Oh, god yeah honey, cummmmmm!", I urged him on. Almost without a sound, he quietly cried out, "OH, SHIT...SHIT... FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK..." as his cum exploded into my waiting pussy. I caught my breath as he buried his throbbing, spurting cock right up to the base, grinding his balls against my ass and splashing all his cum inside me. A strong ripple of pleasure shot up my spine, playing the slut and corrupting this hot, young man with a fucking he wouldn't soon forget.

After straightening up and going our separate ways, I settled into the seat of my car. Reaching between my legs, I felt my pussy, still slick and wet from my little escapade. I had left my young lover's cum inside me, except the little bit that had leaked into my panties. Bearing down, I pushed his juices out into my fingers and brought it to my lips. Pausing to smell his seed, I tasted it from my fingers and got a naughty little jolt over what I had just done.

I smiled, knowing I might regret this is the morning. Perhaps not.
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The bookstore pick-up

Laura always appreciated adventurous lovers--women who weren't shy about taking pleasure and using her body in any way they had to. So often women were shy about their lust that even when they finally gave in to their true desires--they couldn't let certain things happen. This encounter with Susan was shaping up quite differently.

She'd seen Susan in the bookstore earlier that day. Lush, full ass, soft hips, delicious-looking lips on an angelic face that might be over-looked under her short blonde choppy hair. Laura felt like a dirty woman, barely able to disguise her enchantment with Susan as they smiled at each other over the cook books. A flirty conversation followed, they made their purchases and Laura accepted Susan's invitation to come over for coffee.

Once safely inside Susan's apartment, all decorum and the jeans, were left just inside the door. Laura couldn't get enough of Susan, nibbling on her lips as they rubbed and humped against each other's thighs and enjoying the feeling of the warm, wet and slippery sensations against her slit as Susan worked against her.

It wasn't long before Susan was moaning, eyes half-shut as she came against Laura. Watching her lovely lips parted, and the look on Susan's face, flooded Laura's crotch with a warm sensation, a quiver and the long deep contractions of a satisfying orgasm.

Susan flipped Laura on her back and straddled her mid-section and started to hump. Laura grabbed Susan's butt to feel her muscles work their magic--pushing her up further.

"Let me fuck you with my tit" Laura hissed. Susan responded by reaching back with her right hand and started to madly stroke and circle Laura's clit. "Come on..." Laura groaned as she couldn't help but buck up against Susan who was managing to pull, tap and grind her finger against Laura's clit with such f***e it was a split between discomfort and pleasure. As Laura's brain tried to reconcile the two sensations, she felt her body make the decision that this felt good. Just then, Susan pumped four of her fingers into Laura's wet, accepting pussy--gaining some sort of magic leverage by reaching back and pushing hard, pulling hard on her hole. "Please, please, please" Laura begged, wanting her to stop and wanting to cum. But then she had no choice. As her eyes took in the full picture of Susan's shaking breasts, and intense eyes-closed expression and felt Susan's hand inside her stretched pussy--she thought back to that point in the bookstore when seeing Susan made her mouth water with desire. She loved the smell and taste of pussy. She loved making a woman cum. She loved being a wanton, unrepentant lesbian....she gave into all of it and her body responded with a gushing, throbbing orgasm. Laura could make no sound as this glorious dyke worked her magic.

With her pussy still in the throws of orgasm, Susan pulled her hand out of Susan with a sucking wet sound and slathered Laura's round, fat right breast with her moisture. Susan worked Laura's nipple until it was hard and fat. With Laura's guidance, Susan scooted up --straddling just so that her dripping pussy was right over Laura's breast.

Laura encouraged Susan to lower herself just a bit while she grabbed her generous breast and moved the nipple against Susan's engorged clit and swollen labia. Susan let out a little tremolo of pleasure. Laura moved her nipple against Susan's clit in short, soft strokes. She enjoyed the sound of Susan's breathing getting short and fast. Soon, Susan was grinding her pussy fully against all of Laura's breast. She was slightly surprised by the vigor Susan was applying to her movements, but enjoyed the view and Susan's warm wetness on her breast.

As she sensed Susan's growing need, she encouraged Susan to position herself over Laura's face so that she might repay the favor. Laura's experienced tongue concentrated on the back and top area of Susan's clit hood, eventually sucking Susan's clit into her mouth--working her tongue on Susan until she shuddered and came.

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Caught At A XXX Bookstore

With the invention of the internet, you don’t see to many adult bookstores anymore and the ones you do see and nearly empty. Why leave the comfort of your home when you can download endless quantities of porn for free. I still go once in a while to pick up a new magazine or buy some lube. I just turned 19 years old and like most young guys I had a hard-on that wouldn't stop no matter how much I jacked off. So today I decided to visit a new bookstore because the one I used frequent closed about two months ago.

Inside out smelled like a wet ashtray. I was nervous as I walked through the racks displaying hard core magazines and others that didn't show dicks penetrating pussies our cum-shots, but just about everything else. I noticed in the back was a bank of closed doors. A sign overhead said "Arcade". I wasn’t really sure what that was all about and I went back to investigate. It didn't take long for me to realize they were individual booths that had a TV inside and played porno movies.

I couldn't resist and went in a booth to watch but found out my quarters didn't work on the coin operated player. Embarrassed even more than I already was, I had to walk to the cashier and get tokens to pay with. I quickly got back in the booth (the same one I went in my first attempt) and closed the door behind me.

The booth had a chair bored to the floor 3 feet in front of the TV screen. There was a coin receptacle to the right of the screen and a button below it. There was also a box of tissues on top of the TV and a partially filled garbage can underneath it, and I easily guess what that was for. I sat in the chair; my heart was beating heavily in my chest. I dropped a token in the receiver unit and the TV came to life. I don't remember what was on but I'm sure it was hot and explicit. I toggled through the selections, stopping at one briefly before realizing it was gay porn and slapping the button to go to a different movie as fast as I could. I found one I liked and watched for a minute or so as some porn starlet got fucked. I was so hard I was almost going to come in my pants. I want to jerk off but was anxious and didn't know if I should. Then I remembered the tissues in the booth and figured that's what it was there for.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my surging prick from my shorts, rubbing it the instant it was in my hand. I tried to keep my composure and not come in the first 15 seconds I jacked my dick, and I changed channels a couple times to find another good video playing. Once I did my hand was immediately back on my cock jerking it furiously. The scene I picked was at the very end and I watched as the stud in the video pulled his big dick out of his costar's cunt and blasted his cum all over her tits and belly while she squeezed his balls.

I was just about to spurt too when I heard this disembodied voice say, "Let me suck it." My hand stopped in mid stroke and I looked around horrified for who had said that. He said it again - "Let me suck it." - And I finally saw the source. There was a small hole in the wall between my booth and the adjacent one and the guy next to mine was looking through it at me while I was jerking off. Horror crashed over me again, I had no idea what to do our say and it felt like I stared at him for a minute but I know it couldn't have been longer than 8 or 10 seconds, but long enough for me. "Leave me alone," I said in my most authoritative voice which probably sounded very afraid.

He asked me again to let him suck my dick, and I told him to leave me alone again. He gave up in me and I saw his eye disappear and I heard him leave his booth (the hole was only as big as his eyeball and wasn't a "glory hole," although I didn't know what one was at the time, and I don't even know how I would have let him suck me off if I would have, I guess by letting him come into my booth?).

By the time his eye disappeared my token had run out and my TV was dark. I thought about leaving, running from the booth as fast as I could, but I'd paid for all these tokens and a sign at the cashiers stand said there were no refunds on tokens, and I was still desperate to come.

My heart was still pounding and I had to make sure I wouldn't get surprised again so I looked through the peep hole in the wall to make sure my neighbor was really gone. I was afraid I'd see another eye ball starting back at me but all I saw was a dark empty booth. I also noticed another peep hole in the other wall of my booth. Jeez, how many people had I put on a show for today, I thought. I f***ed myself to look through the second hole too, but fortunately it was also vacant.

Relaxed that I could pleasure myself in peace, I turned my attention back to my still-dark TV screen. I deposited another token and resumed watching videos. I settled on one showing a threesome with 2 girls and one guy. This instantly turned me on again and my prick stiffened in my hand. I started jacking off again while I watched the scene play in front of me, occasionally glancing nervously at the peep holes in the walls of my booth.

But before long I had forgotten about them and was fixated on the fucking on the screen. I stroked my cock faster and faster until I could feel my climax coming closer. My balls ached and I thrust my hips off the seat while I jerked on my cock, imitating the thrusts of the porn stud pumping his long dick in and out of the starlet's wert pussy. I wanted to time my orgasm to his in the video, but I couldn't hills back any longer.

I shot my load with great relief, my flying cum landed on my belly. I kept jerking myself as cum ran down my thumb and over my knuckles until I was spent. I again checked the peep holes anxiously for peering eyes but none were watching, and I squeezed my cock while watching the guy in the video shoot his load on the faces of his conquests with the cum running down my stomach.

I used several tissues to clean myself up afterward and left the wad in the trash can. I felt embarrassed to walk out past the cashier but just kept my eyes down and hoped he wouldn't say anything to me. I drove on back home still deeply humiliated that I'd been caught jerking off - and had been propositioned for anonymous gay sex - and feared that whoever was next to me in the arcade would see me again. But I was also deeply aroused that someone - if never know who - had seen my most intimate act. I just wish it hadn't been a guy's voice from the other booth.

I went back several times to that adult bookstore, both to jack off in the arcade booths (I was always careful to pick one with empty adjacent booths) and buy magazines and videos to fuel my jerk off sessions at home. I've also become highly aroused by any videos I can find of men or women who go to such booths. There's a great one with Jenna Haze in which she watches porn in one and fucks three dicks through glory holes in her booth. I've blown my load countless times stroking myself to that one, it comes highly recommended. Hmmm... I might have to go find it again just now...
... Continue»
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ive recieved numerous emails lately asking for more stories and i have so many REAL sex stories to tell that its incredible sometimes for me to remember them all. heres a TRUE story of an adult bookstore my husband took me to one day to have the gangbang of my life!

one day me and my husband wanted to check out an old adult bookstore that is right in the middle of downtown where we live. tons of guys go in there, go right to the back of the store in the private booths and jack off to porn, some even get their cocks sucked in the gloryhole. but this wasnt the reason we came to the store.

when we entered, we checked out the dildo section and talked to the store owner about witch one would look good inside of me. he mentioned that i looked sexy in my short skirt and heels. so immediately i looked at my husband as i bent over and showed the store owner my ass and pussy. i wasnt wearing panties that day, so i told my husband to get our camera and take a few pictures of me in the store. (i ended up losing the pictures in an old computer that died, sorry!)

i took off my clothes and walked thru the aisles in my high heels posing for some pictures. the store owner took a few pictures of me as well. i held my tits up close together as customers came in and checked me out as well. one black customer smacked my ass as his puerto rican friend rubbed my pussy and felt on my clit. the black guys name was Jamal, and he told me he would love to fuck me hard sometime. i told him if my husband would like to, we can have a gangbang right now!

the store owner told me he wanted to fuck me too and that i should come back around 11-11:30 to set up a gangbang and make a nice video. for the next few hours i cleaned myself up, put on the sluttiest outfit i could find, and the sexiest heels that i had. me and my husband walked to the adult store and one the way we ran into one or 2 guys checking me out, i tried to talk to them but they kept walking. too bad they didnt know i was trying to invite them with us, lol!

when we arrived at the adult store, i noticed the store didnt close for another hour. i kinda got the hint that more and more customers were gonna come and want to join in, but i was up for it! the store owner laid down an open sl**ping bag on the floor in the middle of the store. i laid down and pulled up skirt spreading my pussy open for him to see. he grabbed my pussy hard and started licking it nice and deep. i told him to get undressed.

when the store owned pulled down his pants, he only had a 1 or 2 inch cock. i started sucking it and i was able to suck his balls and cock at the same time. he came in my mouth in a minute, and i looked at my husband with that look like we were both laughing inside. after i laid down, he fucked me for about a minute and came all over my stomache. i rubbed it around and licked most of it off of my fingers for him.

thats when the fun really started though. the store owner locked the door and got his camera. my husbands cock was rock hard watching me on the floor of that adult store and being a good lil slut. the store owner went in the back and came back out a minute later with about 8 guys. 5 of them were black and packing about 8-11 inches each. 2 were puerto rican and packing about 7-9 inches. and the white guy that was there had a massive 13-15 inch cock and it was thick as hell!

i got on my knees and started sucking each of them, one by one and deepthroating them the best that i could. Jamal was there, he said that he was surprised a girl like me could take a cock like his down my throat like i could. i told him that if he can make me his bitch, that id be down to take his cock in me anytime.

one after one they took turns fucking me hard in every position that i could imagine, i came so much that it was oozing down my legs. i ordered my husband to come and lick me up and taste the other guys sperm too. he cleaned me up good and i kept on going. i asked Jamal to fuck me again and to show me how much i love cock.

my pussy was so stretched out and sore that night but tasting all those mens sperm was incredible. i felt like such a slutty whore but i loved it, i would do it again anytime and anyday!

i went back to the store again but it has a new owner now and im not sure if hes into the idea like the last one, but wow, it really was a great time!

--- if u liked my story, please send me a comment or send my a tribute sometime! my email is Continue»
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Adult Bookstore in Indiana

I should start by telling you that I travel around Chicago for my job. Every once in a while, I have to visit a client in Northern Indiana and that was when I started noticing all of the adult bookstores there. I stopped in one afternoon about two years ago and something didn't add up. There were over a dozen cars in the lot but only one guy working the register inside. I asked the guy why they looked busy but weren't. He said $40 and I could find out.
"That is awful steep," I said.
"It is worth it," he said.
"But I do not even know what I am paying for," I said.
"How about 20 then since it is your first time here?"
I pulled a 20 out, handed it over and he had me follow him into a room behind the counter and that led to another room with a black door and a giant red X on it.
"It's a little crowded," he said "but it's mostly ladies today." And he walked away.
My breathing quickened and my dick started to get hard just thinking about what might be on the other side of the door. Mostly ladies? Just then the door opened and the most stunning naked woman was in front of me. She was a good 5'6" with a slender body and dark skin that made me think she had to be Italian. He hair was cut very short and it was a mix of dyed blond and pink. The pink was the same color of her giant, puffy areolas. Though she was slim, her easily C sized breasts hung down like giant veiny melons. My eyes looked down to her snatch as she said something I couldn't hear over the moaning that was now pouring out of the room.
"Are you fucking listening to me?" she asked as I saw her perfectly shaved pussy. Her clit was erect for the world to see and her lower lips glistened with her sweet looking juices.
"Listening to what?" I asked as my mouth began to water. I looked back up to her breasts and thought about wrapping my lips around her areolas and sucking until my mouth got tired.
"My name is Deb," she said almost yelling "and I get to fuck you first."
Just then some other woman pulled the door open wider like she had heard Deb yell and wanted to see the commotion. This other woman looked exactly like Deb--all the way down to the large pink areolas and the perfectly shave pussy--except she had dark hair and tattoos all over. I could also see other naked people inside the room but I could only make out bits of flesh.
By now, my dick was rising in my pants and I was aching for some relief from the pressure it was causing.
"Fuck, Deb," said the other woman. "Why do you always get the new ones?"
"You can both have me," I said and looked down at my bulge "as long as I can get some relief."
Deb grabbed my crotch and began to rub. "That feel better?" she asked.
I nodded.
"Good. This is my s****r Hannah by the way. Hannah this is..." Deb looked at me. "Who the fuck are you?"
"I'm Lad," I said.
"Come on, Laddie," Deb said as she turned and pulled me into the room by the crotch.
When I entered the room, my jaw dropped. The room was lit with only red lights and there were couches and beds and pillows and even a sex swing. (I had never seen a sex swing in real life before.) There were about 10 women all around the room. Some were servicing men with blowjobs or regular fucking while some women were going down on each other. I saw three women in a triangle eating each other out. This. Was. Heaven.
Deb took me over to a couch that wasn't covered in naked bodies and started making out with me. I tried to keep my eyes open at first so I could look at some blond across the room as she was getting rammed up the ass by what looked like a big dicked guy, but Deb kept sucking my tongue into hers as if she was trying to deep throat it and I couldn't concentrate on anything else.
She broke off our kissing to unzip my pants but she was back on my mouth before I could open my eyes. I felt my belt go off and my zipper go down but the next thing I knew there was a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes and realized I was now kissing Hannah while Deb must have been sucking my cock. I could tell Deb was good at it because her saliva was providing a lot of lubricant. Not so much that it was sloppy but enough that it felt like my dick was swimming in a vacuum.
Hannah broke off our kiss and looked down at her s****r sucking my dick. "You're what like seven inches there, Laddie? And a good two inches wide?" Hannah asked.
Before I could answer, Deb stopped and said, "He feels more like eight inches long."
"I'm just over seven," I said. "I have never measured wide."
"Ha," Hannah said and then she gave Deb a slap on the cheek. Deb only smiled.
"You are wide enough to have my mouth stretched as wide as it can go," Deb said as she opened up and took my whole cock deep and to the bottom which no girlfriend had ever been able to do before.
"Tongue out," Hannah said and she pushed her s****r's head so far into me that Deb's nose was flat against my crotch. Then I felt Deb's tongue lick at my balls as she deepthroated me and a deep moan came out of my mouth as I tossed my head back.
Hannah stood on the couch straddling me, pulled my shirt off and began to grind her pussy against my chest. "You are making me so wet, Laddie," she said as her juices dripped down onto my abs.
Deb deepthroated me for I don't know how long before coming up and shoving Hannah off to one side.
"You can't be doing that if I'm going to fuck him," Deb said.
"Then he needs to at least be in a position where I can have some fucking fun too, bitch," Hannah said as she grabbed my bicep and pulled me over toward her so I was lying down. I felt like a piece of meat and I loved it.
Deb straddled me right away and spread her pussy lips with one hand and guided my dick into her with the other. Her pussy was so tight it felt like she had a vice grip on my dick but she was so wet that it felt like we were fucking in a pool. Just as Deb began to pump up and down, she winked and something was in my face.
It was Hannah's wet pussy. She got on top of me so fast that her pussy landed on my mouth and her asshole was right on my nose. I am not going to lie and say that her ass smelled like vanilla frosting. I loved it. I licked and drank her pussy juices until I could start to tongue my way around her pussy lips and stick my tongue into her slit.
Hannah gave out a deep moan. Deb gave out a deep moan. Then they both gave out a long "mmmmmmmmm" and I opened my eyes to see what I could and as far as I could tell they were making out as one road my cock and the other rode my face. I loved the idea of them making out but I was sad I didn't have a great view so I used my hands to grab Hannah's ass cheeks. She moaned a bit so I knew she was pleased to have the feeling of her cheeks open. Very quickly I took my tongue out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass. She jumped a bit for a second and then began to sit further and further back so my tongue could probe what literally tasted like vanilla frosting. After a couples minutes, Hannah got off me.
"I need to fuck him," she said to Deb.
"Fine," Deb said "but I get to..."
"Okay," Hannah said.
So Deb got off me, squeezed Hannah's face with her left hand and smacked her with the other. Hannah only smiled.
"Good, you got his dick nice and wet," Hannah said as she stood over my now throbbing cock. She lowered her body down and just when I thought I was going to fuck her pussy she moved forward a bit and slowly lowered her ass down on my dick. It was so tight, I thought I was going to cum right then. But Hannah paused.
"Do not fucking cum right now, Laddie. Not yet" she said.
Deb knelt on the floor next to me and said "here" as she placed her breast next to my face. I wrapped my mouth around her areola and sucked hard once, twice, three times...and suddenly, I tasted something sweet. My eyes darted to hers and she gave me a warm smile.
"Good, isn't it?" she said as she combed her fingers through my hair. "Keep sucking, Laddie."
So I did and I kept sucking for a couple more minutes until my cock couldn't take it anymore. I opened my eyes and stared at Deb with a look that showed what was happening.
"Hannah," Deb said, "he's gonna cum."
Hannah was now letting out high pitched squeaks with every bounce her body made down onto mine. "Me. Too." Hannah began furiously rubbing her clit and she stared deep into my eyes. I was staring deep into hers and felt the pressure coming as I continued to drink from Deb's tit. My entire body began to tingle, my dick began to twitch and my hips thrusted harder and harder into Hannah as what felt like a huge load pumped out of me and into her tight ass.
Halfway through with my cumdump, a tidal wave started hitting me in the face. Hannah was screaming and rubbing her clit really hard and squirting all over me. My mouth let go of Deb's tit and opened as I stuck my tongue out like a k** in the rain, trying to drink whatever I could. It tasted fantastic. Hannah quivered and shook and her ass squeezed to the point I could feel her pulse as she came down from her orgasm.
When we were both done, Hannah wilted over onto me, kissed me and tried licking up as much of her cum off of my face as she could.
"Don't either of you fucking move," Deb said as she moved around toward my dick that was still in Hannah's ass.
I felt Deb's hand grip my cock and slowly pull it out of Hannah's ass. Deb was licking my dick the entire time. She gave out a long "mmmmmmmm" when my still rock hard dick came out and she licked and sucked me.
Hannah, no longer with my cock in her, stood above me and crossed her arms. Deb came up from my cock and stuck her tongue out just under Hannah's ass. After waiting two seconds, Deb slapped Hannah's ass hard. Then I saw a large white drop of cum fall from Hannah's ass into Deb's mouth. It rolled down her tongue to her throat as she patiently awaited the next drop and the next drop and the next drop. Then Deb licked at Hannah's asshole, making sure to get all that she could.
"You did not save anything for me did you, bitch?" Hannah said as she climbed off of the couch.
"You got to cum so I get to eat his. If he stays to make me cum, you can eat his next load," Deb said.
"You better fucking stay," Hannah said to me. Her body looked beautiful with the tattoos and the shine of sweat on her.
I looked at my watch. I was already late to see my client. I knew I could blame it on traffic. Just then I realized that I was still in a room with other people. I looked around and everyone else was too into their own thing to notice me except for a cute redhead sitting in the opposite corner masturbating as she stared at me. I could see her small tits and a mound of orange around where her fingers were rubbing her clit.
"I can stay," I said "but only if she can join" and I pointed to the redhead.
"Shaina, get the fuck over here," Hannah yelled.
The redhead didn't move.
"Shaina!" Deb yelled. "Fuck."
Hannah got up and ran over to the redhead who was still masturbating and still staring right at me. Hannah stuck three fingers in her mouth and then f***ed them into the redhead's pussy. The redhead slapped Hannah, got up and walked over...... Continue»
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leaving the adult video bookstore

I had been enjoying adult bookstores for about 5 or 6 years since getting married and this trip was typical. I had gotten a few glory hole encounters in the past, but mostly I just kept my cock on my side and enjoyed the fingers or hand massaging my cock. Today after leaving having not been gratified, I was in a hurry to get home since I was running late and didn't want any explaining to do.
I got into my car and pulled out of the lot, as a k** on a bike rode up and pulled in front of me. I was f***ed to stop and then he slowly rode to my window with his hand on the car the entire time. I realized he was about 17 or 18 and I rolled my window down. he said I know what goes on in there and then he rubbed his crotch. I stared at it and noticed he was semi hard. He said do you ever suck cock in there. I figured this is a bust and asked are you a cop. he said no, are you? I said no. He said as he rubbed again. So do ya? I said depends. Why do you want to know. He said I could use some relief and I won't charge much. I said not interested. He said it looks like you are. He was staring at my crotch. I did have a hard on and it was obvious. He said come on. Please. I was horny and I had to admit he was cute. He said we could pull into the warehouse lot across the street, nobody will bother us. I glanced at his cock which was now sticking out the end of his shorts. I said why don't you go in there. he said they wont let me. I didn't want to know. I said OK, I'll meet ya there. he said OK and off he went. I was nervous and wanted to back out. I figured I cant use the flat tire excuse anymore. I just drove across the street and to the far corner next to a trailer. he was there already and he was off his bike. I backed in and he jumped in the car. he had his shorts off and wasn't wearing any underwear. He removed his shirt and slid off his shoes. he threw one leg over the back of the seat and began stroking his cock before I knew what was happening. His cock was simply gorgeous. It was skinny but long. it looked to be about 7 or 7 1/2 inches and he was uncut. I was in heaven, a gorgeous young man naked in my car wanting me to suck his young uncut long skinny cock. Wow . I took it in my hand and was jacking it and he said come on suck it you know you want to. I leaned over and engulfed the first three inches and he lifted his ass and shoved another couple inches in my mouth. I was loving it. he was kinda taking charge and he started pulling my head down and forcing it in my throat. I was so hot and horny I was getting ready to cum and wasn't even touching myself. This k** asked if he could fuck my ass. I said hell yes. I got out of the car and looked around to see if we could be seen. he knew how to pick a spot cause we couldn't be seen from anywhere and the lot was gravel so we could hear if anyone was coming in. I stripped nude and leaned over the open door. he got out and slid his cock across my ass a few times and then he grabbed my hips and slid it in a few inches. I was not used to this and it felt a bit painful, but I wanted that skinny cock in me so bad that i flinched and shoved back. he took this as a go and started fucking me real fast and hard. he fucked me for about 5 minutes when I came all over the inner door [panel. He saw me shoot and it must have put him over the edge as he pulled me hard til his cock was buried to the pubes. I was so in love with this k**. I could feel him begin his first volley of cum into my ass and could feel how warm it was. I was enjoying it real good and felt the second and third and could really eel my guts getting hot from his cum. he was still coming after about 6 spurts of cum and I could feel his cock swell on each one. his balls were swinging back and forth and I could feel them between my legs as they hit my balls. I was getting hard again and he felt my cock and said OK now you fuck me. I was stunned and decided to go for it. I had never been fucked before this time and had never fucked another guy before now. I turned around and lubed his ass by rubbing some of the cum that was dripping down to my knees and as I slipped 2 fingers in his ass I felt his prostate and massaged it for a few minutes. he was hard as a rock again and i could feel him flinch on each pass as I rubbed his nut. I was enjoying this so much. he spread his cheeks and allowed entry as I slid my 6 1/2 inch cock into his ass and fucked him slowly so I could enjoy it. I slid back and forth only 5 times and I blew my load in him so hard. I could feel it in him as it shot 1,2,3,4 and then a fifth spurt of cum and could feel the warmth in his ass as I slowly pulled out and sat on the seat forgetting about the mess I was leaving. I thought about it and decided to invite him home to meet the wife. he thought i was nuts wanting him to fuck my wife, but he said sure, what about my bike. I said lets throw it in the trunk and off we went. ... Continue»
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Cock sucking at the adult bookstore

I wasn't very familiar with the sex scene at adult bookstores. I wasn't very familiar with sex in general though I had experimented somewhat. I wasn't what you would call experienced by any means. I walked into the local adult bookstore which had video preview rooms available to watch DVD's before you rent them. I now know, this place is where you go when you want to fuck or get action of any kind!

I rented a DVD and went back into the room on the couch and shut the door behind me and locked it. I started watching the DVD and I heard someone keep saying something...It sounded like begging by the tone of the guys voice. I got brazen because I was extremely horny, so I unlocked the door and opened it a bit. An older guy (around mid 40's I'd say) came to the cracked door and was watching me jack off my rock hard cock as a porno played on the TV. He watched me for a little while but nothing ever came of it and nothing happened between us. Then I hear someone saying something but I can't make out what it is or who's saying it. I listen intently and I hear someone begging "I need a cocksucker!." I began to get really excited thinking about sucking some hot guys throbbing hard cock! I didn't know what to do or how to approach the situation so I debated what to do. Finally I pulled my pants up and walked to where I heard the begging coming from. There stood a guy in his mid 40's stroking his long cock and smoking a cigarette and watching some chick get banged. He was in a room of his own watching a straight porno. So I got down on my knees like a good little bottom bitch and I started sucking his long, meaty cock which was in dire need of sucking. This guy needed his balls drained badly - and I was there to help! I started servicing his dock and deep-throating him. I licked his shaft and when I got to the tip, I would go down and deep throat him till his dick head was pushed against my tonsils. He really loved it as he was moaning and groaning and begging me to lick his balls and deep throat him some more. It didn't last long when he said "one more time and you'll have it" meaning he was going to cum. I took his cock in my mouth one last time and deep throated for all I was worth and BINGO!...He shot his hot load in the back of my throat and he moaned in ecstasy.

I didn't expect anything in return. After all, this was all new to me. I got up of my knees and he pulled his pants up and reached in his jean pocket. He pulled out three dollars and handed it to me and said "thanks man." I took the money and off I went.

I drained that guys balls for all he was worth and it was obvious how he coated my throat with his hot, creamy load.... Continue»
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Adult Bookstore

I had just gotten a divorce a few months back and met a sexy, wonderful woman named Nancy. She was one year younger than I, and had two boys, one in college and one in Jr. High, and both lived at home. She was extremely shapely and I wanted to screw her badly but held off because of her boys being home.
One night we were so horny kissing and playing with each other that we fucked in the living room while the boys were asl**p. It was great but, I felt so bad knowing that we could have been caught so I suggested we go parking and we did. We fucked with one eye open as I feared some crazy man finding us and me with my pants down, could not do anything about it!

We were in a fix, as it was only one weekend a month her boys were with their dad, out of town. We tried cheap motels and had a great time as we knew others could hear us fucking. Then I remembered an adult bookstore that had a couples only, room in it for watching nasty movies. I suggested the place to her and she agreed and off we went. It was a clean place and a black man owned it and was there as we bought tickets and picked a couple of movies to watch. We went into the room through a curtain and sat on a couch and the movie began. I picked out two showing black men fucking white women and as it played, we both became very excited as we played with each other. Soon I was pulling off her panties and licking her large clit, and then sucking her wet pussy and playing with her nipples. She then stood up and took off her dress that buttoned up the front and then her bra and was standing there in the room totally naked. I got naked and let her sit on my dick and we turned on the couch so we could both watch the movie and pointed her ass to the curtain so I could also see if anyone was entering the room. We fucked for the entire movie and I noticed someone slowly pulling the curtain back and peeking in. Wow! What a rush I got, knowing that he was watching her ass riding my dick and she had no clue! I came in her as the movie ended and we lay there as the second one started up.
I got hard and we continued fucking and the man continued to watch at times during the second movie. As she was moving around she noticed the man and froze. I told her to act like she had not seen him and she did. I told her he had been watching and did not mean us any harm. After a short while, she continued enjoying the movie and my dick. WE both came and got dressed and left the theatre after four hours of naked, nasty sex.
She enjoyed it so much that we continued to visit the theatre a couple of times a week and figured out it was the black man that owned the place that enjoyed peeking on us. She seemed really excited to go and would dress in our favorite dress that buttoned up the front, and no panties or bra. She did this to get dressed quickly if we needed to for some reason. One time, we came to the theatre and she went back to the room and got naked and was waiting for me to find some movies. It was such a thrill to go in and see her naked waiting for me to join her. That night, I moved a chair right in front of the curtains and had her sit on my dick and we fucked so the black man could watch just a few inches away from her ass. She would tell me that her ass was almost in his face and we would hug and continue to fuck so he could watch. She would wink her asshole at him to my encouragement!
During our time fucking, other couples would come into the room to watch the movies and would watch us as well. Many times they would fuck and we could watch. However, most of the time we were alone and enjoyed every piece of furniture in the room. He got to where he would enter the room to check on the quality of the picture and I would whisper in Nancy's ear to spread her cheeks so he could see us really well and she would. We enjoyed the movies and many people I think, enjoyed us as well.... Continue»
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Adult bookstore round 2

The Adult bookstore where Nancy and I fucked turned out to be about half way between where I was living and my new girlfriend Mary. So we planned every now and then to meet there. Mary was 5 foot and 90 lbs with white, natural hair and very sexual. We had been in several threesomes with men and she loved it. I told her about this theatre and she was excited to go. We entered and the black gentleman that owned the place was there that afternoon. I had dropped by and visited with him before Mary came into town to make sure he was working and he was very glad I did. He told me how much he enjoyed watching Nancy and I and looked forward to seeing my new girlfriend. In fact I told him to come on inside and watch up close if he wanted and he said he would and asked if I would not mind if he tongued her ass while we fucked and I said please do!
We entered and walked around the place and I got some movies and while I was getting them ready, I took Mary into the couples area and she striped and set down on the couch naked. I paid and then joined her. As the first movie started she sucked my dick and then sat on it and started enjoying the show. The black man entered and came over to us and put his face in her ass and started licking and entering her asshole with his tongue. Mary just came over and over and never missed a stroke! WE fucked for the two movies and the owner would come in at times and enjoy our show. He even ate her pussy for a while. We also moved the chair in front of the curtain so he and an employee could enjoy Mary's little ass fucking me.
I came in front of those two guys and they could see the cum running our around my dick and balls from her tight pussy. It was great! Mary was such a great lover.... Continue»
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I've been married for almost 20 years now and for the past 5 or 6 years I have had yearnings for something different in the sexual department. So to make up for the wife not putting out as often as I would like, I started to look for something new without it causing a divorce. The answer was found in an adult book store in a town close to my home.

It started innocently enough, looking at heterosexual material, books, magazines, and movies. This particular ABS offers a small theater and some peep show booths. After a couple of visits and some time to build up my courage I finally entered the peep show area and was surprised to find that all the booths were full. I walked around the area checking for an empty booth and noticed that there were men waiting for some of the booths. I soon saw a man come out of a booth and being a fair minded individual I stood back and waited for one of the guys waiting to take the booth. However nobody made a move toward it. So after an uncomfortable minute or two I walked in and locked the door. When I put the money in the slot I was surprised to find a gay movie being shown on the screen. I have never really thought about other men in that way before and I was embarrassed that the sound was so loud. I quickly turned the volume down but was curious about the scene that was playing before me and let it play some more. I was actually getting excited about watching these men pleasure each other and felt my cock was responding as well.

I soon heard a noise in the next booth and when I looked in that direction I noticed a small hole had been drilled in the wall. I slowly moved my head to the hole to take a peek and the sight that I beheld was enough to make my cock twitch and throb. The other booth had a larger hole cut into the wall on the other side and the man in the booth was down on his knees sucking a very impressive cock that was sticking through the hole. This was my first experience at seeing a glory hole and I liked it. My booth was only a peep booth and I soon realized why all the other guys wanted to wait for another booth to open up. The glory hole booths were to die for.

After a few more visits to the ABS and trying some of the glory hole booths I finally decided to try the theater. What I found in the theater was not as busy as the booth area...except on this one day. Usually I would find some hand jobs being administered maybe an occasional blow job. I of course would try my hand at all of these as I had become quite enamored with man to man this point anyways.

On this particular day when I entered the theater, I walked in and stood next to the wall until my eyes could adjust. There was an older man next to me and when I could finally see the entire theater I saw that we were not alone. There were about 8 other men in there and they were all involved in one type of sexual act or another. For all intents and purposes, this was an orgy. An "all man" orgy. My cock was hard instantly. All were paired up and most were sucking the very hard cocks of their partner. One couple was just sitting there jerking each other off while they watched the other couples. Another couple had exited their front row seats and were leaning up against a side wall next to the screen. The man in front had lowered is pants and his partner was pushing his cock into his ass. It appeared as if the man in front were being searched by a police officer the way he stood there with his hands against the wall thrusting his hips back at his friend. I watched all of this for just a brief moment before the older man next to me leaned down and said "this is the busiest I have ever seen it here."

I looked over at him and he was watching the other men in their various sex acts and he was rubbing the front of his pants. I could tell from the size of this mans bulge that I wanted a better look at his cock. I gently reached over and put my hand on his and helped him rub his massive tool. He didn't object so I went further and slowly dropped to my knees and unzipped his slacks, reached in and removed his cock from his cotton briefs. I was correct in my assumption, his cock was huge. I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly jerked it back and forth a couple of times before leaning in and running my tongue over the head. He moaned out his approval and then I felt his hand rest on the top of my head. He gently pulled my head closer and I slowly took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began to lick and suck as best as I could. I swallowed his cock more and more with every bob of my head until I could feel his pubes tickling my nose. I held it there working his cock with my throat muscles before pulling out and starting all over again. It wasn't long and I was treated with the first pulse of his orgasm. His cock was buried in my throat when his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I tried to keep his cock buried to take it all in my throat but I ran out of air and gagged so he pulled out until just his head was in my mouth and I finished him off. Receiving a coating on my tongue of his sweet goo.

After I cleaned his cock off, he thanked me and went over to an empty seat to recover. I walked over to another seat in the second row and apparently the two guys that were just jerking each other off had witnessed my servicing the older man. As soon as I sat down one of the guys stood up and without even pulling up his pants walked over to me with his cock swinging back and forth. I didn't waste any time, as soon as he was close enough I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth. His partner was soon there as well and I grabbed his cock with my other hand I would alternate sucking first one and then the other. From this new position I could see the couple from the front of the theater. They had moved back to the front row seats but instead of sitting down in them, the one that was originally behind the first guy was kneeling on the seat facing the back of the theater. The other man was kneeling behind him and was licking and chewing his ass like it was candy.

Now normally when the buzzer goes off at the door, indicating that someone is coming in, everyone stops what the are doing and covers up. Out of fear of being caught by the owners or the police. Not today. When I heard the buzzer go off I dropped the one cock and started to take my mouth off of the other cock. The man had other ideas, he grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face to his groin and buried his cock into my throat. He held me there for a brief time and explained that we didn't have to stop. While he was throat fucking me I looked around and saw that he was right. Nobody was stopping with their fun. So I took this opportunity to reach around and run my fingers up and down his ass crack and worked them inside until I could tickle his wrinkled bud. That was all it took to take him over the edge. He shot his hot cum all over my face and shirt. I was thinking that this guy cums a gallon when I saw that his buddy was jerking himself off and was cumming all over me as well.

I could go on and on about what all happened that day but I will leave that for another time. Suffice it to say that I spent about three hours in that theater. I was about 30 minutes late from picking my wife up from the airport. But I don't have any regrets about it. If she were sexually active like she should be then I never would have found the fun that two or more men can have together.

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the bookstore

so friday nite me and my went to an adult bookstore we have been going there every two weeks here just outside of chicago,she loves all the attention she gets from men,after siting in the spa for awhile we see some other men walk in there naked of course like us two, rite next to the spa is a shower room.
her and i both go to the next room to shower and the guys follow us as well, after awhile they see her naked under the shower and aproch her and start to rub her 40 triple d breast,some men are white and there are a few black men now about 6 all together.
without missing a beat my wife starts giving this stranger a blowjob never met him before but starts to suck his cock like a lollypop,i then go back into the spa and leave the door open as she gets down on all fours and bends over she is blowing one man and another puts his rubber on and gets behind her and starts to fuck her,this goes on for quite some time guys switcing places from one another one cock in her mouth the other cock in her pussy.
as this is going on i remeber her telling me earlier that day before we got there that she was ovulating really bad,but everyone is wearing a rubber,a few gusy really were pounding the shit out of her"pawg"ass,she is moaning and screaming.

after about an hour and half some of the guys that have fucked her left because they had already came,but this one white guy that had been fucking her on and off the whole time was alone with her while im watching,she said she felt very comforatble with him he could really fuck she said,somehow or another the topic came up between them two about taking the rubber off and fucking bareback,she said yes and so i saw him remove his rubber and shove it back in her raw.

now its skin to skin and i have gotten rock hard from seeing this,she then tells him not to cum inside her because she is ovulating and he could get her pregnate very easy, he says ok,he then flips her over on her knees and fucks her doggystyle before she was on her back,as he is fucking her greatly im jacking off hard because im so damn turned on by this he sees me and knods his head up and down and smiles to me and then mouths to me"DO YOU WANT ME TO CUM INSIDE HER.... i for some odd reason knod back...up and down indacating....YES....knowing full well if he cums inside her while she is ovulating and extremly fertile at that he will knock her up,and yes thats a major sex fantasy of mine seEing her get pregnate by a stranger,he keeps fucking her for sometime,puts her back on her back and fucks her face to face,then cums on her stomache.

but what gets me is he spent a lot of time fucking her and i wonder at sometime did he cum inside her and just kept kissing her and rubbing his cock against her so he could get hard again and then cum for a second tme on her body,he laters tells me after he is done that he didnt cum inside her at all...but that look on his face when he was fucking her bareback when she was on all fours makes me think very different,i really wonder if he cae inside her and got her pregnate,she has told me often when she is extremely wet she cant feel a man cum inside her....i wonder...yet for some odd reason im extremely turned on by a stranger cummin inside if he did knock her up....what if indeed...... Continue»
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