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Black Mailed...pt2

Black Mailed...pt2

... .

I saw my anal membrane straining to cling to Daniel's thick <ddd>black</ddd> penile shaft and all I could do was whine. I reached back ... penis throb and him squirt his seed into my bowels.

<ddd>Black</ddd> <ddd>Mailed</ddd>...<ddd>pt2</ddd> ... Continue»
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The Roommates Pt2

The roommates <ddd>pt2</ddd>

When we arrived every light in the house was out.

... .

Suddenly I was impaled by Josh's monster cock.

"Fuck!!" "I never knew <ddd>black</ddd> pussy was this good." "Might end up cumming too soon ... ... Continue»
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Black Cock Warning Pt2

... standing around waiting to be serviced. I looked at
them, their <ddd>black</ddd> cocks dangling in different states of erection, swinging
back and ... seemed to be five or six <ddd>black</ddd> cocks around my head. I
was in a trance of <ddd>black</ddd> cock. I just kept sucking and sucking ... ... Continue»
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Black Daddy Cock Master Pt2

... the dumbass that I am, without thinking I said Rachael this is <ddd>Black</ddd> Daddy Coc and stopped, humiliated beyond words. Hell, I couldn& ... cum.
I woke up, on the couch, with a large <ddd>Black</ddd> cock slapping my face. <ddd>Black</ddd> Daddy Cock Master was standing over me and ... ... Continue»
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Cuckold Club Pt2

... anything I understand, it’s the <ddd>Black</ddd>-cuckolded hubby.”

“Wow. What an expression. <ddd>Black</ddd>-cuckolded hubby. It doesn&rsquo ... perfect legs. This time she was wearing <ddd>black</ddd> stockings and her most outrageous <ddd>black</ddd> fuck-me stiletto heels. He ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt2

... of Angel's luscious breasts.

The combination of the <ddd>black</ddd> velvet pants and the bright sequined top, turns Angel ... totally another world. The store was decorated with large red, <ddd>black</ddd>, and silver tapestries that hung ceiling to floor. Mannequins ... ... Continue»
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Gloryhole visit to remember...pt2

... large cum bubbles. At this point I started thinking about the 3 <ddd>black</ddd> studs I saw entering the porn shop as I was leaving and ... pounding away I just kept cumming and cumming until I felt my <ddd>black</ddd> spartan go rigid every muscle in his body seemed to ... ... Continue»
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My introduction to black Pt2

... week after which I would be a fully fledged <ddd>Black</ddd> loving slut and he could leave me ... in the knowledge I would do anything any <ddd>black</ddd> guy asked.
We went to sit down in ... by how quickly I had become a whore for <ddd>black</ddd> cock.
Eventually he told me he was ... ... Continue»
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My weekend fuck with mommy pt2 (When my aunt came

... you read my i****t story before about me and my hot <ddd>black</ddd> mom fucking then I’m positive you definitely love this one about ... her harder. I drilled her harder and harder while her large <ddd>black</ddd> breast and her hard nipples were catching my undivided attention ... ... Continue»
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Ally's Sharing My Room pt2

... giggle obviously amused at the sight of her <ddd>black</ddd> silk panties holding my dick I such a way ... my penis through the side of my <ddd>black</ddd> panties. She took a moment to admire ... There I lay naked, my s****r Ally with her <ddd>black</ddd> panties in hand that I'd been wearing ... ... Continue»
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DOGGING - (wedding suprise) pt2

... can wear a cardigan over your blouse.Sue looked good short <ddd>black</ddd> skirt and white button front taylored blouse,she wore some ... passed infront of me,i hastened to the jeep there was a <ddd>black</ddd> guy standing a couple of meters from the window.I went to ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 4 FemDom pt2

... of me in all her beauty. Beside her was a beautiful <ddd>Black</ddd> Woman. They were holding hands.

Mistress looked sunning as always ... out of the description.

the <ddd>Black</ddd> Woman next to Mistress wore no shoes, no panties, a <ddd>black</ddd> teddy that barley covered her huge ... ... Continue»
Posted by typing_with_1_hand76 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  Views: 991  |  
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2 guys, 4 girls (2 guys, 3 girls pt2)

... medium sized breasts and a huge ass. She was wearing tight <ddd>black</ddd> suit trousers and a shirt that showed every detail of her ... green hair grips. She was smiling awkwardly. Jordanne pulled her <ddd>black</ddd> trousers down to reveal her green underwear. She grabbed dean ... ... Continue»
Posted by TheLonelyBountyHunter 7 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 1042  |  

Caught by my son's wife... pt2

... back, dressed in skin tight latex pants, <ddd>black</ddd> corset with red trim and her ... to a shelf where there was an unfamiliar <ddd>black</ddd> bag resting.  She caressed the bag ... felt it tighten.  I looked down and she had a <ddd>black</ddd> leather braided rope wrapped around the ... ... Continue»
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Barbara & Vikky pt2

... golden blonde hair piled high, demure make up, and a long <ddd>black</ddd> satin dress leaving very little to the imagination...except a rather ... me all afternoon were explicitly revealed: her thong was a sheer <ddd>black</ddd>, and yes, she still shaved. Very closely. This was ... ... Continue»
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I Needed a Good Fuck pt2

... and knocked twice. The door opened the room was pitched <ddd>black</ddd>, I heard Clarence voice say 'good come in quick.' I stepped into ... I could see three other guys standing stroking glistening erect thick <ddd>black</ddd> cocks. My heart jumped at the thought of having those ... ... Continue»
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Watching Porn With My Friend Pt2

... all alone when all of a sudden a very large <ddd>black</ddd> man sat down directly next to me.

"Hey ... -kept haircut. He was dark but not very <ddd>black</ddd>, just had a nice shine to his dark brown ... back quickly and stuck his huge bare <ddd>black</ddd> lumber log back into my now sore ... ... Continue»
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sissy for mum pt2

... mum ,thick thighs an large boobs in a short <ddd>black</ddd> dress an boots above the knee with ... was also some long wigs there , a blond one an a <ddd>black</ddd> one some shoes and a make-up case ... to a chest of draws , the table was <ddd>black</ddd> with a soft top an what looked like ... ... Continue»
Posted by flumpermunch 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1844  |  
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Hall Pass pt2

... was wearing. She picked through the drawers and pulled out a <ddd>black</ddd> basque with silk sides decorated by a satin patterned panel that ... which again had a panel at the front through which the <ddd>black</ddd> bush that concealed her inner delights could be seen. Next ... ... Continue»
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Submission pt2

... his belts. I knew just how I would use them. I picked out a <ddd>black</ddd> leather one that was about an inch wide. This would ... her neck and the apron that she wore was sheer <ddd>black</ddd> and hid nothing.

When she slowly put the plate in ... ... Continue»
Posted by subseeker 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 2699  |  
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