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Birthday Treat (2)

Jo's Birthday Treat

... <ddd>Birthday</ddd> <ddd>Treat</ddd>

Jo gets an unexpected suprise on her <ddd>birthday</ddd>.

John was working away on Jo's <ddd>birthday</ddd>, he'd tried to get ... will it?" Jo asked.

"It's my fantasy and your <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>,” John said, his heart was pounding with anticipation.

“ For ... ... Continue»
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... that I could start to pick up the pieces and <ddd>treat</ddd> the whole thing like a bad dream - almost as ... him and his friends on the night of my <ddd>birthday</ddd>.

So now I was dressed like a true slut and ... been taken out that fateful night for my 37th <ddd>Birthday</ddd> <ddd>Treat</ddd>. ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Treat

... <ddd>Birthday</ddd> <ddd>Treat</ddd>

After being with the same man since I was 16 I finally ... /disco. I remember this night very well because it was my <ddd>birthday</ddd> the next day. I’d worn a red low cut halter neck top ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Treat (2)

This is a continuation of my story “<ddd>Birthday</ddd> <ddd>Treat</ddd>” posted on 19 January. Readers may find it helpful ... ... Continue»
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Moms birthday treat

... down stairs being 8" solid cock.

My moms <ddd>birthday</ddd> was coming up and I had the ... <ddd>birthday</ddd> and i had told her that she had a very big surprise for her 40th <ddd>birthday</ddd> ... I asked about her <ddd>birthday</ddd> and she said that she wants that <ddd>treat</ddd> everyday. Since that day ... ... Continue»
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Birthday fun part 1

... friends on here about my husband Dave’s <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd> the other week.
It started off ... said to Dave that this was his surprise <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>; I knew he had fancied Sarah for ... hard cock, I whispered in his ear happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> darling and went over and sat ... ... Continue»
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My fiancés birthday

... her <ddd>birthday</ddd> present which was a 3carat diamond ring. She loved it and gave me a massive hug.

It was time for her <ddd>treat</ddd> ... squirted heavily into my face.

This was some <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>, my aunt rings up now and then to see if it's anyone's <ddd>birthday</ddd>. ... Continue»
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A Suprise birthday party

... wished me a happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> this morning.”

Squall leaned over and kissed her cheek and grinned “Happy <ddd>Birthday</ddd>.”

“Oh, I don’t ... She thought, “I wouldn’t mind sampling some of that as a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>.”

But apparently that wasn’t going to happen as ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday!!

... licked my shaft slowly. “Nothing. Just giving my daddy a little <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>.” She smiled again and started sucking on my head while ... . She wanted to make sure that you had an amazing <ddd>birthday</ddd>.” She said while pulling me towards the elevators. “Come on ... ... Continue»
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... 'cuz we're going out for a nice dinner for your <ddd>birthday</ddd>."

Although he was tired, he was already looking forward to ... him, "SURPRISE ~ I brought my girlfriends over to give you a special <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd> tonight. I hope you like it!" He begins to moan and ... ... Continue»
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The Birthday Party

... not your interest area. Otherwise enjoy!

For Jeni

An approaching <ddd>birthday</ddd> is always cause for excitement, and this year was ... she's fucking hot!' So when they said they were planning a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd> for you, I asked if I could take charge. So here I ... ... Continue»
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A birthday treat!!!

... at work.
So I booked a room in a Good hotel and arranged a <ddd>birthday</ddd> surprise that I knew for sure she would never forget.
I ... a question like that at a time like this.
'Well for your <ddd>birthday</ddd> surprise I thought I would push the boundaries of what we ... ... Continue»
Posted by naughtyr 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  Views: 884  |  

The Birthday Treat (True Story)

... grabbing and bouncing my tits whispering in my ear ”happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> whore” as Holly started on my pussy with the vibrator ... each others arms and limbs. This had been the best <ddd>birthday</ddd> ever.

Follow me on Twitter for ... ... Continue»
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Backdoor Birthday

... day before my <ddd>birthday</ddd>, she rang me and told me to come around the next day as she had a "<ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>treat</ddd>" for me ... come back out of her gaping hole. I really enjoyed my <ddd>birthday</ddd> present, and she must've too, because I went in her ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Treat

... I still have many years later.
It was on my 36th <ddd>birthday</ddd> last year when things began to change.
Ken had taken ... conversations which followed, it came out that it was my <ddd>birthday</ddd> and then everyone started to make a big fuss of me ... ... Continue»
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Aunty fucks her twin nephews for a birthday treat!

... of Sukky Foxxe. Hired to fuck twin boys for their <ddd>birthday</ddd>, by their Aunty, who just has to join in

Alesia ... sucked, until, at last they came in her mouth.
“Happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> boys, anything else?” Said Alisia.
“Can we do it again ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Treat

... our Birthdays were only 3 days apart. The weekend of our <ddd>birthday</ddd> finally rolled around. I came home and found a note that said ... pussy. Ben then walked in the room and said happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> I got you both what you like. Kim I got you several ... ... Continue»
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Kyle's Special Birthday Treat

... twin s****r has planned a special present for their sixteenth <ddd>birthday</ddd>. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)


Kyle and Amy ... sharing everything and were inseparable. Today was their sixteen <ddd>birthday</ddd> and they planned to have a small celebration. Karen ... ... Continue»
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A Birthday Treat

... is he?” I muttered to myself.

It was my forty sixth <ddd>birthday</ddd> that day, and I wasn’t feeling too great
about it. I was ... at me, his beautiful face a picture of peaceful satisfaction.

“Happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> my darling,” he whispered as he gave me two more ... ... Continue»
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My 18th Birthday Present

... my dad I didn"t want to have a party on my <ddd>birthday</ddd>, I told him I wanted it on the weekend when I could get ... mark your <ddd>birthday</ddd> with a special <ddd>treat</ddd>, one you will never forget. When you are ready come into my bedroom for your <ddd>treat</ddd>.
-Dad ... ... Continue»
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