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Birthday Surprise - Wife + 3 Other Asian Girls (re

Birthday Surprise - Wife + 3 Other Asian Girls (re

... . I realized I recognized the other Asian girl. It was Y. the girl my wife used to work with. She ... another attractive Asian woman headed our way. I say “another” because my wife is Korean and hot as hell ... got the bill. My wife paid. At some point she suggested they all sing Happy Birthday again. I thought... Continue»
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Surprising my wife and daughter...3

... side of the table and her head so it almost was off the table on the other side.  My wife nodded ... -devil of a wife let me know that I was not behaving appropriately.  So I moved down to the other end ... would have averted my eyes and headed to the other bath.  Today, I smiled, grabbed the lotion bottle... Continue»
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Asian Wife watches interracial porn (part 3)

... very sexy, and I wanted to see how my wife would react to watching a beautiful, petite Asian woman ... getting hammered by BBC. I didn't tell my wife I had picked it up, and when alone, I "previewed ... " the dvd. I wanted to see if it was good, and be able to focus on my wife's reaction during the dvd... Continue»
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My Surprise Birthday Orgy

... My Surprise Birthday Orgy
By: Friskee_cpl (

It was on her ... for my 40th birthday had me thinking something was up.

The entire night had been a surprise. I ... in mock surprise, "You're the one that's insatiable."

"Well I have now... Continue»
Posted by friskee_cpl 5 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore  |  
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My Wife's Revenge With My Friends

... of the birthday girl. I noticed that he and the two other guys in the doorway were also taking ... the two girls squealed and hugged each other. Kat re-introduced us, and Susan stopped to look me up ... as we walked in. Her friend, a petite Asian girl hugged me tight when we arrived and handed me a shot... Continue»
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Nissa's Story

... with her. Before he left, he asked the girl if she would
return with him to England to be his wife ... in other countries to help the unwanted
girl c***dren there achieve a chance for happiness in a new ... other people. The selected girls that receive special training
are "sold" to some... Continue»
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My Young s****r-in-Law

... , after initial surprise, I was thinking maybe my wife try to make sex "negative" so this young s*s ... girl style. I move my body along with her riding. This was the best sex I ever had (sex with my wife ... This happens a few years back.

My wife came from a traditional f****y. She is the middle c***d... Continue»
Posted by Labouroflove 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Hardcore  |  

Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters)

... , and the girl had known it. She had a awful time too.

When he entered the f****y room he was surprised ... hand pushing fingers up her butt, the other hand had a speedy finger on her surprising large clit ... again lagged a half step behind him. He smiled at the hostess.

The Asian girl smiled. "Hello. How... Continue»
Posted by shaun4u 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo  |  
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Party Girl part 3: The other side of story

... on the settee where they had quickly stripped each other and were now on the floor all three of then naked ... and sucking kissing and nibbling on each others vaginas and breasts while fingers were in and out ... of each others vaginas and anuses it looked like three octopi having sex, with arms, fingers and tongues... Continue»
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Tables are turned......

... up at this idea and then feeling wicked I said, we could surprise him on his birthday. A sort ... and a single kiss. The other was from Mistress and was large and exuberant display of early summer ... . I acknowledged that I was. He asked a whole series of questions relating to my wife and Alistair... Continue»
Posted by LaceTops4U 9 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Shemales  |  

Wife Rule #2

... and look at each other's cocks. Just think Mike, Eric' cock just fucked your wife better than you ever ... , the pledge to be our sex slaves and eating each other's cum from us. We told the girls not to take ... other, just to prove it was them on the tape. Mike and Eric complied. The girls, who never removed... Continue»
Posted by cambriakid 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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A Certain Perception (c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Clai

... 'deconstructing' you and re-shaping you into 'a girl like THAT'. Who knows? If I can show you what a slut's life ... grinned cattily.

"Not tonight. This is the first part of your birthday surprise. Gayle is closing ... with brushes and paints that lasted nearly as long. I was not allowed to see it, nor the work the other girls... Continue»
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... points to get to know each other better. Janice was beautiful with a soft smile that just someway ... , my lovemaking was novice at best. Janice and I kind of learned from each other as time went on. We ... it on. I didn't feel we were anymore amorous that any other couple.

After graduation, we both got jobs... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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A Classic Classy Slut - Elspeth

... girl.

The boys and Al and Barb arrived almost simultaneously. Since everyone knew each other ... know of each other. His willingness and enthusiasm in sharing his wife was legendary among our small ... to give as good as she got.

The other girls, Barb and Nan, were both ready to be fucked having... Continue»
Posted by hulosayla 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Mature  |  
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Three

... , one of our cleaners. Oh fuck, there’s even one here of the Chairman’s wife, she could do with a trim ... it looks like he’s been spying on all of us, there’s 3 folders here of me, Emma’s office 1, 2, 3 let me ... through a few more of the other files but found nothing too incriminating, maybe a couple of pictures... Continue»
Posted by Carlanna 3 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Hardcore  |  

Boss takes over my wife.

... her knees locked together. I was sort of rooting for my wife to fend off this grope, but on the other ... with her. So now the other three of us sat there in silence, watching my wife with Jack's mouth ... !"

As the other men agreed, I wasn't feeling so lucky, having my wife made a sex toy... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... into the rhythm of the other 3 he amateurishly tried to just thrust on in, but after a quick failure he too ... Mike's hand and walked over to where the other 3 sat. "Tanya," Mike said, his eyes never leaving her ... man! Outside, the two blondes, the little teenaged girl celebrating her 19th birthday... Continue»
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Wife Rule #1

... ' birthday. By the time we arrived, checked in, and changed it was about 3 pm. We decided to head right ... , "It's Eric' birthday, anything he wants."

Then I surprised myself by saying, "Mike, its Eric ... husband's 40th birthday. Candi asked if my husband, Mike, and I (my name is Robin) wanted to accompany... Continue»
Posted by cambriakid 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Hardcore  |  
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[b]Defacing Mom by MomsBigBoy [/b]

... during the year, so his birthday was one of his few opportunities to get something really special ... , was the fact that they couldn't afford anything decent for Michael's birthday. Donna felt sick ... , and pointing out that she'd do absolutely anything to make his birthday special, Donna listened as her son... Continue»
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Male to female transgender. Had no idea!

... for myself and sent every other single penny home to my wife so that she could pay bills, buy groceries, etc ... was seriously overworked and my wife refused to get a job. So logically, I weighed out my options ... was on the first and the other on the fifteenth. Every paycheck I received, I kept ONLY $100 dollars... Continue»
Posted by fortworthfitness 11 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Taboo, Shemales  |  
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