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Birthday Surprise

Marie's 40th birthday surprise

... <ddd>birthday</ddd> and he had a <ddd>surprise</ddd> for her which made her a little antsy because she did not want to celebrate this <ddd>birthday</ddd> ... it was her <ddd>birthday</ddd> and he had her out for a special <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> the bartender smiled and wished her a happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> as leaned ... ... Continue»
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Kinky Birthday Surprise

... . He also knew that he had a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> in store for me, but he didn ... All I cared about is that I was spending my <ddd>birthday</ddd> with someone that I loved and lusted for.

... was so glad that I was enjoying this <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> that he was giving to me. ... ... Continue»
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bisexual threesome birthday surprise

... my <ddd>birthday</ddd> having a few drinks, smoking a few big joints, and playing my xbox. Renee walks in and says, "I have a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> ... Renee says, "Baby, this is Loren, remember when I said I had a <ddd>surprise</ddd> for you?" "Well this is it a threesome, you always ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise

... hall.
“Happy <ddd>Birthday</ddd>”, she says. “Hope you don’t mind, but I made you a cake for your <ddd>birthday</ddd>.” I say a quick ... <ddd>birthday</ddd>, to which I replied in the highly negative. It made both of the girls laugh.
“Well that’s good, because we have a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise

... hall.
“Happy <ddd>Birthday</ddd>”, she says. “Hope you don’t mind, but I made you a cake for your <ddd>birthday</ddd>.” I say a quick ... <ddd>birthday</ddd>, to which I replied in the highly negative. It made both of the girls laugh.
“Well that’s good, because we have a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Tims Birthday Surprise

Anna had a nice <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> planned for her husband Tim. Anna had taken the day ... ... Continue»
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A Birthday Surprise

... an odd <ddd>birthday</ddd>, my wife Donna, who over the last few weeks just went on and on about the <ddd>surprise</ddd> she had ... had nothing on besides the gown. "What..."

"I wanted to <ddd>surprise</ddd> you for your <ddd>birthday</ddd>. Did it work?"

Looking around me, I didn't see ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday!!

... “You better babe. Otherwise I’m not gunna give you my <ddd>surprise</ddd> tomorrow…hahaha. Night daddy. I love you.”

“I love you ... amazing <ddd>birthday</ddd>.” She said while pulling me towards the elevators. “Come on babe. It’s time for your last <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd>.”

We ... ... Continue»
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Laura's Birthday Surprise

... was her 23rd <ddd>birthday</ddd> and it wasn't much of a <ddd>birthday</ddd>. Her and Jimmy had ... maybe they were doing something for her <ddd>birthday</ddd>.

Sure enough a little before time to ... they had finished their cake they had another <ddd>surprise</ddd> for her they even had a present for ... ... Continue»
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A birthday treat!!!

... work.
So I booked a room in a Good hotel and arranged a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> that I knew for sure she would never forget.
I ... question like that at a time like this.
'Well for your <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> I thought I would push the boundaries of what we do' I ... ... Continue»
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A Couple of Birthday Bulls

... she tried to stifle a long moan”. “This will be your <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd>” I said, getting off the bed and moving to the door ... Mark” I said, “These guys have agreed to join in your <ddd>birthday</ddd> celebrations tonight and make sure you enjoy the evening.”
“Well ... ... Continue»
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Bethany Benton's Birthday Surprise

... answer that. But I had to know, didn't I?

"So, Bethany, your <ddd>birthday</ddd>'s coming up soon," Dad said at dinner that night. ... about it," I lied. "Probably the left."

I caught Robert by <ddd>surprise</ddd>. "The left?"

"Yeah," I answered. "I think so. Do you think ... ... Continue»
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Pumped Pussy Birthday Surprise!

... you all about the delisious <ddd>surprise</ddd> my beautiful,sexy wife had in store for my <ddd>birthday</ddd> last week.

I had been ... It was without a doubt the best <ddd>birthday</ddd> present i've ever gotten, i hope to repay her somehow for her <ddd>birthday</ddd>.... Any suggestions people? ... Continue»
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The Neighbor: Surprise Gift

... came in without knocking on the door, catching me by <ddd>surprise</ddd>. So far she hadn't given me her key to use ... "I love. I'm guessing this is my <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> ... bed chasing her inside while she laughed it up. Happy <ddd>Birthday</ddd>, David. You earned it. ... Continue»
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My birthday present to my husband - part 2

... the second part of my <ddd>birthday</ddd> present", "What" I asked. "It will be a <ddd>surprise</ddd>" he said, "It ... me for the second part of my <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd>, do you want the blindfold back ... bedroom, "That was fantastic, the best <ddd>birthday</ddd> present that I have ever had, you ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise

... bedroom, he hears a soft voice saying “hey <ddd>birthday</ddd> boy, come here.” He gets up and ... the bed and says “time for your <ddd>birthday</ddd> present, lover.”
He feels himself getting ... looking at him with a smile. He has a <ddd>surprise</ddd> for her as well. She’d wondered why ... ... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise - Wife + 3 Other Asian Girls (re

... member. hope you guys enjoy it. I most certainly did.

Another <ddd>birthday</ddd>. Mid-30s birthdays are no big deal. When my ... straight-up tequila.

Somewhere around 11 p.m. they brought out the <ddd>birthday</ddd> cake and the whole restaurant sang to me. I felt ... ... Continue»
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The Birthday Present

... spoiling the moment and <ddd>birthday</ddd> memory. Leans over and kissing Colin tenderly whispering "Happy <ddd>Birthday</ddd>" then gets up ... standing there completely naked stroking himself “Now that was a <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd>, only you Scarlett could take a lap dance to a ... ... Continue»
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My 29th Birthday

... the couch. She says she has a little <ddd>birthday</ddd> <ddd>surprise</ddd> for me so she puts some music ... other…
I stop and thank her for a wonderful <ddd>birthday</ddd> and for keeping me company on ... re welcome, but I’m not done with you yet, <ddd>birthday</ddd> girl” Nina says. She reaches down ... ... Continue»
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Leaving The Friend Zone Part 2 Birthday Surprise

"Tomorrow is your <ddd>birthday</ddd>."
She was right. I forgot my <ddd>birthday</ddd>.
"So how about if we go clubbing to celebrate your <ddd>birthday</ddd>?"
"Sounds ... clock. It was past midnight. She gave me a hug.
"Happy <ddd>birthday</ddd> Thomas."
And with that she gave me a kiss. I was ... ... Continue»
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