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Anal Beth

... 039;s fingerprints imbedded on the soft, smooth skin of Beth's ass.

Beth looked down at the reddened buttocks and waited for ... bucked her hips upward, forcing her steaming crotch into Beth's face. Beth gave her all, shaking her head from side to ... ... Continue»
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... arranged for a
threesome and had her first lesbian experience.

Beth became a regular visitor to our house and a
regular participant ... cock up her little
shitter?" Carolyn then gave Beth a quick look. Beth
smiled and motioned for me to join her ... ... Continue»
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Niece Beth and My Wife

... each of them, and began massaging the cream into Beth’s nubile breasts. Beth threw her head back, and allowed herself to indulge ... went. She must have been asking or telling something to Beth, because Beth was nodding and smiling. Then, Barb spread her ass ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Gwen Entertain

... ever brighter at this indiscretion.
“Gwen, isn’t this incredible?” Beth said leaning close to her girlfriend.
“I love this place!”
The ... .
“Sit next to me and watch,” Gwen said to Beth.
Beth was looking around the room and watching various sexy women ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Sally

... stroke it.
“You fancy screwing my daughter Lew?” Beth cajoled.
“You bet Beth and I want her doggie” I enthusiastically responded ... mouths as possible and shared long lingering wet kisses with Beth.

“Well,” Beth announced, “ I don’t know if I’ll ever ... ... Continue»
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Beth's Last Virgin Hole

... her best, riding me wonderfully, while my darling Beth watched. Beth got off the couch and reached between my legs, ... can taste it?"
"I'd love to, given half-a-chance," I admitted freely.

Beth giggled. "I guess we'll have to schedule a play date."

I ... ... Continue»
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Me, Beth and Maria makes three part 2

... watching an amazing site of incomparable delight. Marias hands caressed Beth’s thighs and slowly she drew them in towards her pussy ... and slipped her finger in side Beth’s very wet pussy. Beth opened her legs wider allowing Beth to access all areas, they ... ... Continue»
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Beth Meets Dan

... back to using her lips and fingers to relax Beth again. Soon Beth was begging Gwen to make her come.

“Not yet ... slow strokes, causing Gwen to writhe and begin begging. “Please Beth….” Beth ignored her, and continued to slowly lick Gwen’s nether lips ... ... Continue»
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the conversion of Beth part 3 of 3

... CHeryl a friend in her 30's were going to show Beth a good time. Beth borrowed a sexy skirt and low-cut top from Becky ... everyone else was sitting having coffe including Leroy and Tyrone.Beth was offered a chair which she took, a little confused about the ... ... Continue»
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Beth My Future Mother In-Law

... , moved into the living room I reluctantly followed.
When I heard Beth stacking dishes I offered my help, Angel said why not, We ... whadaya think Maa ?
he's A Real Gentleman Yes He is Daughter Beth replied And He's Sweet too Angel added
"Well I wouldn't ... ... Continue»
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Beth My Future Mother In-Law

... , moved into the living room I reluctantly followed.
When I heard Beth stacking dishes I offered my help, Angel said why not, We ... whadaya think Maa ?
he's A Real Gentleman Yes He is Daughter Beth replied And He's Sweet too Angel added
"Well I wouldn't ... ... Continue»
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Beth Meets Gwen

... . She reached her hand inside and began stroking between Beth’s legs. Beth whimpered, and pressed against Gwen’s seeking hand. The ... to lick and kiss, her tongue swirling around Beth’s opening. Beth could feel her breathing grow heavier, and the ... ... Continue»
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Beth & Ian

... seeing your cock made me cum Beth said. Beth grabbed hold of Ian’s cock and ... towards his cock) likes being treated roughly. Beth obliged and after a couple of minutes stopped ... a climax together. Ian stayed inside Beth until he got soft. After making ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Pam working Late, in the Office


While Nick was finishing up with Pam, Roger was fondling Beth. Beth struggled against his groping but could not pull her eyes ... . Pam began licking slowly. As her tongue found Beth's swollen clit Beth began humping against her face, feeling the cock in ... ... Continue»
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Beth's Gangbang

... were girls I
knew from school, several were friends of Beth's.

I started running the art classes several nights a week
... you could hear were the cameras clicking and
Beth's deep breathing. Beth stood there for several
minutes spreading her ass ... ... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 3 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 1062  |  
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... ldquo;What kind of a monster have I created this weekend?”
Beth laughed, despite the pain that was still burning her buttocks ... down from the greatest sexual high I had ever known, Beth would tighten her sphincter around my deflating member, a gentle ... ... Continue»
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Eating Beth's pussy and ass (True)

... and shorts, and laid in between Beth thighs. Beth started rubbing her clit and pulling ... nipples. Again I did as I was told, Beth moaned quietly, her pussy was getting wet; ... and said lick it. I licked between Beth’s ass, with hesitation, paying attention when ... ... Continue»
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My Beth

... names were not really Brian and Beth. Beth was starting to grow up, ... in hell for thinking those naughty thoughts about Beth. She was my good friend’s s****r ... maybe I’m just a crazy dirty old bastard.
Beth graduated when she was 17. She really excelled in ... ... Continue»
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Fucking my cousin Beth

... my head. These thoughts weren’t right, I wouldn’t betray Beth… I couldn’t.

At first we kept up meaningless conversation, ... think again. Being away from Corey’s annoying jokes, and Beth’s frustrating allure my intoxication receded a little. I stopped, and ... ... Continue»
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Beth gets fucked and fingered

... same. Breaking off the kiss, I suck her nipples, to Beth's intense enjoyment. I continue downwards, kissing her belly then her ... getting tighter and tighter so I pound harder and harder, Beth orgasming continuously. I can feel it coming and I pound once ... ... Continue»
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