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Belinda's Last Adventure (Continued)

Belinda's Last Adventure (Continued)

... Please Read Belinda's last Adventure before reading this part in order to catch up.

" ... .
"She's all yours guys."
Belinda had not opened her eyes but she heard what I said ... guy whose name was Ben moved up to Belinda's head. He opened his pants, pulled out his cock... Continue»
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Belinda's Last Adventure

... and sucked it hard. I grabbed Belinda's legs and raised them up which slightly opened her pussy ... such an opportunity present itself this time last month and I couldn't help myself.
I ... is Belinda."
"Nice to meet you Belinda. I'm Joe."
"I came here to let loose... Continue»
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Carin's Continuing Adventures: March

... . A was waiting for me with a bag from the store from last night, and asked if I was willing to continue ... The last few months have all about learning how far I was willing to go, so it should have come ... adventures knows how all the nurses at our clinic have been working very hard to keep our doctors happy... Continue»
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Suzie's adventure continues...

... .

"How was work babe"?

"It was ok, I kept busy filing in the storage room. How were the k**s ... "? Coming over and giving me a hug. She whispered "wanna quickie"?

"What about the k**s ... cock in her freshly fucked pussy and fucked her until I came. This all lasted under 5 minutes... Continue»
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Carin's continuing adventures

... need the excitement. So when my best friend asked last week if Iwould help her with her husband's ... for more. I knew she was more adventurous than I used to be, but listening to her get taken was pushing me ... have heard a freight train rubble through, moaning as she was.
Begging for more as her last shuddering... Continue»
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Friend's Adventures

... another friend and has started confiding in me about her adventures. I have asked if I can write ... about her adventures in this forum to see the types of reactions I get. All of the adventures are real ... some ideas or maybe some fans that she can have more adventures with. If things go well, she is even... Continue»
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OHGirl's Sex Saga Continues

... a continuation of last nights affair. When my daughter saw that I was awake, she began to moan and scream out ... the last two weeks, Velvet had over 10 guys from overseas that had flown into town to meet her, paying ... flown in from Toronto, Canada this morning and he had scheduled a fetish, S&M play time with me. When... Continue»
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Carin's deprived adventure part 3

... today to finally get some relief. Thursdays at the clinic, we still do braless Thursdays for our last 30 ... attention to me, k**s who need me but as a mom, not a woman. Spending Sunday after church, and yes I am ... , I turned to ask her one last time, and before I could Dawn kissed me. A seriously delicious kiss... Continue»
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Amys's B&D Adventures

... for each one, stropped some more, and then given a large mouthful of Mrs. Olsen's shit to eat ... parked in front of Tom's house, my face buried in her humid cunt, my tongue sucking her clit ... Let me tell you a little bit about me. When my great adventure began, I was young (age 25... Continue»
Posted by wastedaway 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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2013's adventures

... As the year drew to a close, Anna (my little s****r) and I were sitting around talking and she ... ‘comforting’ her. Well, quite honestly, he has been ‘comforting’ her over the last nineteen years ... to think he was screwing hubby’s hot wifey. (Anna will have to write more about that adventure herself... Continue»
Posted by grevieby 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  
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Tara's Adventures

... Tara's Adventures
Part 1

I had met them on line. Marla 1st then her owner Mistress Olivia. We ... . When, at last, they returned the first thing Mistress Olivia did was to put a black hood over my head ... with shaving cream. She began shaving the hair from around my nipples and chest and then continued... Continue»
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Kathy's Continuing Saga

... previously done to me mainly because I'm not much into inflicting pain on her and I think she ... world of possibilities for me because we are both terribly tick- lish and I don't view tickling ... as inflicting pain. It seems that the last little torture I dreamed up for her was the most out... Continue»
Posted by wastedaway 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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Liz's Adventures

... er life and saga continues, Matt grows with his f****y and she gets a clearer picture of the future ... could interject anything she continued. "Is he a man about your age? I mean since you're a widow you ... is married to" – I had to pause and swallow, "your s****r. I didn't know that when I was here, I didn't... Continue»
Posted by scottish-couple 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Hardcore  |  

Son's Adventure

... and s****r and I were in school, but Mom didn't
want to travel alone, so she asked me, the oldest ...
in the way it feels natural. Not too fast, though. Make it last. Oh, you
feel so good ... into the woods and fucked in the back seat of the car.
My affair with Mom continued for many years. Back... Continue»
Posted by manish169 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Last Valentine's day

... Last year my girlfriend and I had a wonderful evening. The night started off nice, with a dinner ... evil looks (I suppose that could have been because her s****r was in the room). After her s****r ... hard and begged me for more, not wanting to displease her I continued, licking her clit as I did so. I... Continue»
Posted by cowboy4u 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish  |  
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Karen's Sailing Adventure

... of her bikini bottoms as he continued to rub.

I thought to myself I would see how far she would let us ... far Karen would take this. She has
always been adventurous and has her darker side, too. I ... pushed Karen back a little. He hit hard with his
last few thrusts, grunted and came deep inside her... Continue»
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Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 2

... ’d announce… “This is Hour #27 of Brandy’s deep throat adventure&rdquo ... behind me. Brandy’s Bonnie or Bill must have done this to me while I’d slept. Brandy and I ... mind?”

I watched Brandy’s bum and, sure enough, it wiggled sexily. I relaxed and let... Continue»
Posted by trumptight85 5 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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Angela's Adventures by loyalsock

... prayer. It lasted almost ten minutes and then they ate. A simple breakfast that left her full ... but unsatisfied as she filed out for her morning chores. She smiled at the s****rs around her, not talking ... much but conveying a joy she wished she could feel.

Her eyes met s****r Catherine across... Continue»
Posted by loyalsock 5 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Taboo  |  

An Old Man's Story Continued

... . I couldn't think of anything but sex on the way home: Miz Jean's big ol' titties ... and her huge ass, Tom's great big dick, and of course the feeling of Miz Jean's mouth on my ... "Supper's
ready in an hour, Mose, don't disappear on me." Just then I noticed... Continue»
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Beth's Last Virgin Hole

... s****rs, Amie, and Beth's last hole - what a night.

s****rs work it out, Amie plays well ... saw it was a few minutes past 9.


As the pounding continued, I knew I'd get no more ... , convinced Cathy to come by, and bring the k**s. By the time we'd cleaned up, covered the windows... Continue»
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