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Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. II

Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. II

... Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. II

I was back to my room ... . And Helene? “Honey, I don’t pay for sex” :) ). His name was Karl. I was extremely nervous ... it ;) Then the door rang and Helene went to the door to open it. My nervousity increased.

Then Karl... Continue»
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Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene & Karl pt. I

... Becoming Bisexual/ Granny Helene and Karl pt. I

It was last year in summer, when I ... to enjoy the loneliness and relax – till I met Helene. She was an older woman, who I met at the beach ... . And she was the hottest sexy granny I have ever seen! No, she was the hottest lady I have ever seen... Continue»
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Grannies Pool Party Pt. II

... Read on, this is Part II of a great story. In Part I we discussed my invitation to my grannies ... like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex ... life has not been the same since. Two of my favorite grannies are Alma and Sandy. One lucky day I got... Continue»
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Busload of Grannies and Matures Pt. II

... grannies pulled up as I was checking in and several of them were incredibly hot. A few of them were ... it was no exception. That night, Alice introduced me to six of the hottest grannies I'd ever seen in my life ... that night. But I knew I still had two other grannies to service. Little did I know that soon I would... Continue»
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How I became a Granny-Fucker, pt. II

... into a bitch, into my bitch! But I still had inhibitions to take the first step. The Granny also noticed ... . She wanted me to fuck her hard, harder and harder, faster and faster. The insatiable Granny :) My ... got to know other Grannies, the sex with them is just great! This is confirmed by all young Granny... Continue»
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Confessions of an Exhibitionist.

... school when my Dad decided to remodel my bedroom.


"But Dad, where am I supposed to sl**p while ... was already becoming my comfort zone. It took a few minutes of an internal pep talk before I ... , becoming a little bit bolder each time. Before long, though, I realized that I'd have to expand my... Continue»
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... luncheon appointment with
Helen. I was about to become a call-girl.

My first night in Edith's ... had I become the woman that
I knew I was that night, but I could bring a man to erection ... always wanted to do! I was sexually arousing a
man as a woman! I had become what I had always wanted... Continue»
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My Cousin Sofia

... was
pouring my guts out through my cock.

Well, several weeks have passed and Sofia has become ... .
The elderly woman grabbed his spewing cock and urged
him, Gitte translated, to "cum lustily for Granny ... to do with homosexuality
or bisexuality. Just sexuality. If it felt good and made
you cum... Continue»
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Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand III: Executive Secretar

... I and II”, so I won’t belabor the principles behind my Streams of Fuckmeat. I’ll just give a bit ... ) and KooKai brings me women from her English Language School (See Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand II). By now ... bird realized her Bisexual dreams with Daeng a few hours later and got a cumload up her cunt from me... Continue»
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Full i****t service

... was chosen as that evening's top. It was just a little small on what had become her pleasantly curvy figure ... a granny bra.

She'd left the blouse untucked, the short tails resting nicely just above her rounded ... was definitely going on and, that evening, I was becoming more curious about it by the minute. Clickety... Continue»
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Chapter V Lesbian Love & sodomy

... bisexual, she loved women and men for love games, but she could not conceive of living without men ... at that time was afraid if she confessed her bisexuality that I do not accept it or I do ... there in the apartment unless the person has become eclipsed. Sonia called. She entered the room... Continue»
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... .


Missy and her parents, Robert and Helen Somers, met
Donnie at the airport the following day ... to his last pair of clean


Helen heard movement in the f****y's laundry room ... at school."

Helen watched as he bent over, going through the bag. He
certainly has a great ass... Continue»
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... at herself mentally for feeling this way with her own daughter. Thing is, Helen was bisexual and had ... was so intense, it felt so intimate, that she literally felt her tight cunt becoming wet and found ... the two looked very similar.


Helen had always been a good mother, but fairly discreet... Continue»
Posted by taboolover1966 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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At the Office 1

... . The owner, Helene, is very publicly gay, and she has tried to give capable lesbians opportunities to grow ... with men before him, and that was the last straw... One of her best friends was openly bisexual ... . Plus, she could see that the older woman's nipples had become erect and were visible through the silk... Continue»
Posted by MsHeatherB 4 months ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  

Lisa, Mum & Me

... mum, Helen, was thirty-eight-years-old, and had been divorced from my dad for a decade now. She had ... not remarried, and to my knowledge had not even dated since becoming a divorcee, which was odd ... glasses incidentally!) had clearly been in need of a fuck! It was like she'd become addicted to my... Continue»
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A Star Is Born--Naked

... might even go with some granny-panties. I like the contrast between modest undies and your naked ... , or Helen in the play, to come upon me alone in Joe's, or his character's, Alex, studio. I am ... . But, in the back of my mind there was a growing thought that she was right. I had become almost... Continue»
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... and down,
just like that. And again. Oh yes."

Under Karl's expert tuition, Helen's hand began moving ... , Karl adjusted the position of his penis at Helen's entrance
and, as they both watched closely ... splitting me apart," Helen gasped, looking deep
into Karl's eyes. "It's just so gorgeous when you... Continue»
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... . Everyone was so busy experimenting, finding their own path towards adulthood and becoming a contributing ... to become a paralegal.

As soon as I got done with school, I started interviewing with different ... to becoming a partner and was more ambitious than the law allowed. I saw Gunner moving from law... Continue»
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General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

... . A huge gathering of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders was inevitably going ... to think about the evolution of society and the odd way that icons and legends of the past become ... the nascent qualities that would come to characterise the man he would become. He ran away from the f****y... Continue»
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What does it mean

... . - biphobic - a.
Fearful or disliking of BISEXUAL people.

I categorize this as biphobia because ... it constructs bisexuality as transitional, a delusion, cowardice, or as untrustworthy, rather than ... and importance of my sexuality - it undermines the position of bisexuals by generalizing it. - Holly... Continue»
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