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Becky in the Blizzard

Becky in the Blizzard

... b*****r Ryan was in the room across the hall from their mother, and he used the hall bathroom. Becky slept in the large bedroom in the basement, with a ... they were about to have a snow party on this blizzard day. Julia came back from Ryan's room with her ... ... Continue»
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The Blizzard

... heartedly. "A picnic in a blizzard."

She started the car and carefully guided it around the parking lot to the space in front of their room ... against him ever so slightly.

As they stood watching the blizzard for a few minutes, Alex thought he felt her ... ... Continue»
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Becky has her first black guy

... find one. Robert said he would really like to fuck Becky in the ass and she said no. She leaned to me and ... tonight. And I want you now!” Becky laid in the center of the bed and I crawled towards the end of the bed and started getting between her ... ... Continue»
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... ."

In the bathroom, I set the phone on the back of the toilet. I had cranked the volume as high as it would go and instructed Becky to do the ... ... Continue»
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... .”

Amber quickly finished shaving herself and then made room for Becky in the shower.

“Have a seat and spread you legs for me,” ... sure she got every last stray hair and teasing Becky in the process. Becky tried not to squirm too much as Amber shaved ... ... Continue»
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... "Good" he thought, "she's
accepted the grounding".

The next afternoon in the playhouse, Becky told Tammy what had
happened with her ... that day and got Becky in the bedroom.
"Becks! " she said excitedly, "Becks! guess what?!?!?" Becky had
no idea ... ... Continue»
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Hole in the Wall Gang

... ."

In the bathroom, I set the phone on the back of the toilet. I had cranked the volume as high as it would go and instructed Becky to do the ... ... Continue»
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Gangbanged In The Country

... work,” the woman commented to Becky. The woman undid the fastener from Becky’s neck. She lifted Becky’s head and held the glass to her lips. The fluid in the glass ... ... Continue»
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Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 1

... hours had passed and I was patrolling through and seen Becky in the parking lot and pulled up. She had a huge grin ... Kelly hopped in the pool and Becky followed her. Marcus and I were sitting along the edge in the shallow end and Becky and Kelly were ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 2: Becky Joins the Mile High Club

... I saw was that David was there, standing in the aisle, and Becky was sitting in her seat, turned toward him. I quickly shut ... I leaned over -- or did I? -- and through the crack between the seats I saw Becky and David in the row behind me. Both of them were ... ... Continue»
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Becky and the Elders

... .
The 6 Elders were sitting in a semicircle with the minister, Rev. Carter, in the middle. It was the reverend who spoke.
?Please have a seat, Becky. We have ... ... Continue»
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Fun In The Car

... in one out and then in the other as they made out.

As I was pounding her friend from behind and then sliding in to Becky the ... getting me hard again, then Becky laid back legs wide on the back seat as I stood in the door wit her friend umping my ... ... Continue»
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Becky On The Sofa With Her Boyfriend

... I looked in the mirror I could see that the hall and the living room were in the reflection. I could actually see Becky and her ... Becky was in the end of the sofa turned slightly away from the hallway with the TV in front of her on the other side of the ... ... Continue»
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Broken down in the wrong place

... . Washing her face and washing some of the cum off of her.
In the ladies room Becky told Karen "I'm sorry I wanted to help you ... could not point a finger at her.
Becky got up the nerve to leave Walter and moved in with Karen who after this incident ... ... Continue»
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s****r Caught in the Act

... lips. I could see the curtain in the living room draw back as our mother looked outside. I wondered if she noticed Becky's head bobbing up ... ... Continue»
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Becky and the Porn Mag

... already and everyone else had also left for the day. I was alone in the house with Becky and she was going into school later ... her in the shower but could listen and knew that after rinsing her hair she would step out and back into view.
Becky ... ... Continue»
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Becky And The Mirror

... to the room.
If Becky noticed it right away she did not mention it. The first day we were alone in the house ... in the laundry hamper. I heard the water being turned on and adjusted. Becky was in the shower about 10 minutes. I could tell by the way the ... ... Continue»
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... that opened up to the ally in the back. He could not imagine who in the hell would be out in the blizzard that they were having ... he opened the door and could barley see ... ... Continue»
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... date." I replied.

I walked her back to her room, we stood in the hallway outside her bedroom, she allowed me to kiss again ... satin ones. My mother stood in the center of the room wearing a long white satin night gown, the pose she struck allowed one of ... ... Continue»
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Fun in the Hay

... half an hour later, I was working busily in the barn - sorting the hay bales with the help of Andy. It was hard work ... asked with a voice combining authority and a sense of intrigue. "Becky" I replied, almost shaking with fear that I'd been ... ... Continue»
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