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Beautiful Housewife Banged 2

Beautiful Housewife Banged

... Beautiful Housewife Banged

Simran is 23 years old, married for 6 months, 5"5, 57 kgs weight ... would die to fuck. Simran knew how beautiful she was, sometimes also liked the amount of male ... ; the above section was empty for over 2 years. Meanwhile Abhinav was working in a Computer Firm... Continue»
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Beautiful Housewife Banged 2

... would have been beautiful as she is. Simran tried to break his hold but suddenly he hugged her. She ... was desperately trying to be free herself but he was not leaving her. Her beautiful breasts were ... , and a strong build always looked evil to the beautiful simple lady. Then Rahim dragged simran... Continue»
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Beautiful Housewife Banged 3

... housewife into a cum hungry slut.

They were talking, occasionally kissing each other. Rahim would ... started soon after. So this means that the whole act lasted for 2 hours. She was shocked. Sex ... with Abhinav lasted for a maximum 45-50 minutes and she would get tired. But today she went on for 2 hours... Continue»
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strange, and yet so beautiful. One had light powder blue
eye shadow, and the other had more purple ... , contrast, gang bangs, and plans for the future.


After dropping off Nubi, I headed ... answered the
door, and I found myself staring at one of the most
beautiful petite women I have ever... Continue»
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For Your Masturbation LOL

... . Besides you look more like a sexy housewife and not a whore. Pardon me for the confusion."

Rekha ... the truth as well.

Amit: "You are a person of such integrity and beauty Rekha that it confuses me ... for all the compliments Amit. I know that I am beautiful. Are the classy whores not beautiful... Continue»
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... ****r-in-law.

Neha was a very beautiful girl, sexy, svelte body, lovely smile and perfect look any ... will enjoy it."

nding to pierce a wet cloth to get dried, and he found her beautiful, envious breats ... ? The nighty reached her upper thighs only and parts of her beautiful, sexy envious thighs were seen... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... of. Vivian Jordan had always been a beauty judging from the f****y photo album and the years had only ... not only hit her, but wrapped her up in a warm embrace from which she emerged as a spectacular beauty ... son! Fuck me! Make me cum all over that big, beautiful dick!"

Spencer's pole slid and slurped up... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... friends; nearly my career. I ceased living only to become his trophy housewife, a blowjob with legs ... .

Chapter 2: Breaking new ground
“Want to watch a movie?” she asked still laughing, as she wrenched ... . She just drew my nectar full open mouth, cavernously, with a hum that sang a beautiful song I... Continue»
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My Neighbor's Sex Slave, My Wife

... uses to pound my wife until she whimpers. With that as background, here's how Chapter's 2 - 5 are laid ... out : Chapter 2 - "My wife's day-to-day submission " ... What happened last week .... a typical week ... ass.) Chapter 6 - "4 years later" Dave moves out of town and gives Shelly to a friend Chapter 2 Part... Continue»
Posted by wastedaway 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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My Neighbors Sex Slave, My Wife

... Chapter's 2 - 5 are laid out : Chapter 2 - "My wife's day-to-day submission " ... What happened last ... to a friend Chapter 2 Part A "My wife's day-to-day submission " What happened last week, a typical week ... a gang-bang with his buddies. She rinsed and toweled off. I got a little peck on the cheek and a good... Continue»
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Brought to Heel 2

... Brought to Heel 2

Tom was bored. The shops had all shut and he had a long night shift ahead ... enough when there were 2 of you but on your own they were a dull and boring trudge. On the day shift ... he liked to call a "hair dressers ride". Probably a middle aged housewife or a gay man; if he... Continue»
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My son got seriously hot

... covering his sparkly blue eye, the fringe bounces off as he gets banged by the housewife. I’ve seen him ... gets to suck the cock and getting banged in the back, obviously he’d scream like a girl, since it goes ... at the camera…I came inside myself, though I also did squirt on that beauty faced blonde girl, she feels... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore part II

... to the knees only, leaving her nicely waxed legs bare which looked beautiful. She felt extremely slutty ... of being fucked by so many complete strangers. Just some weeks ago she was a loving housewife, and now ... . And so with trembling feet he headed out of the flat towards the unknown.


That was the 2... Continue»
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... !! There in the mirror looking back at me was one
of the most beautiful women I had ever seen! She looked ... the
front door where Edie, who looked more like a Beauty Queen than a Drag
Queen, was barmaid ... . A pretty name for a beautiful
girl! My name is Peter." He was the first person to call me beautiful... Continue»
Posted by klammer 6 months ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Shemales  |  
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Jumping the Fence - Chapters 1 to 2

... , I was a quiet ‘mousy’ housewife with not much to say for myself. I obviously had a latent ... housewife attending to the needs of household, husband and c***dren with my whole social life centred ... to vigourously frig myself to orgasm after orgasm and those photos of beautiful people - girls... Continue»
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indian moms gangbang with dad office staff

... to bang my mom like a****ls and they had many gangbangs. The studs nailed my beautiful mom ... an Indian beauty. She always had that X thing and I always have been a big fan of her assets a perfect f ... each and every encounter quite vividly.

She is a beautiful woman with a very fair complexion... Continue»
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Bad Teacher Ch. 02

... sensual scent. I praised her beauty all along and could sense that this gorgeous Latin housewife became ... Chapter 2: Ryan takes it to the next level

I woke up early Monday morning with a yawn and rolled ... gorgeous face in wild abandon, as she walked over to the kitchen isle. God, she was so beautiful... Continue»
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*****Ah Bombay*****

... home as a housewife and my dad worked a decent labour job on the very opposite of the city. His ... after she had a newborn baby 2 months ago. I was always happy to go because after all, what is f****y ... was tied in a ponytail while some of her bangs came undone and hugged her forehead. She looked very cute... Continue»
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Making My Mess With Tess

... of those years of marital decline, I banged Tess on a regular basis, and, for a couple years after I ... collapsed marriage, more a symptom. While I have developed a full stable of buxom beauties, Tess remains ... and quaking, those big beauties bobbing and bouncing. I grabbed my crotch and rubbed over my hardness... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore

... to discover soon…

Story of Arpita – Part 2 – Once a Whore, Always a Whore

It had just been a few ... , Anjan, and Unmesh had enjoyed with her for those 2 days and then as promised had dropped her back ... own hands. That was the first day she had masturbated, thinking about those 2 days spent with those 3... Continue»
Posted by cuteb0y25 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Hardcore  |