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Beach Vacation I

Beach Vacation I

... f****y: <ddd>Beach</ddd> <ddd>Vacation</ddd> I -------------


Stepfather: Fritz
Stepdaughter: Ellen
Grandson: Mark

Fritz had ... expenses. Enjoying the wonderful weather, excited about her first <ddd>vacation</ddd> in months, Ellen agreed without hesitation. She hugely ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation II

... The Close f****y: <ddd>Beach</ddd> <ddd>Vacation</ddd> II -------------


Stepfather / Grandfather: Fritz
Son: Mark
Stepdaughter / Mother: Ellen
b*****r: ... ... Continue»
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Surprise Beach Vaction

<ddd>BEACH</ddd> <ddd>VACATION</ddd>

Master came home today really happy saying He has a big ... this. Master hasn’t done this in a long time. This <ddd>beach</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> has relaxed Master so much, I love it. After W/we both ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation (part 1)

... on the <ddd>beach</ddd>

Our story starts out with us getting out on a <ddd>vacation</ddd> for a week. We decide that we need a little <ddd>vacation</ddd> away ... into the hotel, which is right on the <ddd>beach</ddd>, we decide that the <ddd>beach</ddd> is a great place to be. I change into a pair ... ... Continue»
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... this <ddd>vacation</ddd> was seeing pretty girls in skimpy bathing suits at the <ddd>beach</ddd>.

The house we rented was on prime <ddd>beach</ddd> ... element of privacy from the public <ddd>beach</ddd>. The porch had all the usual <ddd>beach</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> amenities; a high end barbeque, a large jacuzzi, ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation 3way

... Sarah and I booked a <ddd>vacation</ddd> to a Caribbean adult only resort for a full week. ... and went to the <ddd>beach</ddd> for the first time to see that the <ddd>beach</ddd> was clothing optional. We ... left him. She was going to cancel the <ddd>vacation</ddd> but a friend of hers convinced her to keep ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation (Part 2))

... This afternoon was amazing, both down at the <ddd>beach</ddd>, and in the room afterwards.

You walk ... definitely come back. They talk of how this <ddd>vacation</ddd> has been very different for them, as ... from you two. Guess we planned our <ddd>vacation</ddd> on the wrong couple of days.’ We ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation

... take a <ddd>vacation</ddd> with three other couples. We have all known each other for a long time and wanted to reunite at a <ddd>beach</ddd> house ... walked over the dune and surprised us. They were on <ddd>vacation</ddd> from a mid western college. They were buff and good looking ... ... Continue»
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Beach Vacation

... <ddd>beach</ddd>. I had a light breakfast and was sitting in my <ddd>beach</ddd> chair by 9 AM.

By 10 AM the <ddd>beach</ddd> was packed. One of the things I liked about this <ddd>beach</ddd> ... the <ddd>beach</ddd>. The day passed quickly, and I left the <ddd>beach</ddd> late in ... ... Continue»
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A nude vacation in France

... have run into these two wonderful people at the <ddd>beach</ddd>, they made my <ddd>vacation</ddd> an adventure to remember and cherish for a lifetime ... Michelle were such great hosts. They made my <ddd>vacation</ddd> the most memorable <ddd>vacation</ddd> of my life and one that would be impossible ... ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist fun, Jamaican vacation

... exhibitionism started while on <ddd>vacation</ddd> in Jamaica.

My wife and took a <ddd>vacation</ddd> to an adults only all-inclusive <ddd>beach</ddd> front resort in Jamaica ... tell you that my wife only drinks while on <ddd>vacation</ddd> and we don’t <ddd>vacation</ddd> all that often. Over the next hour I ... ... Continue»
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Another Caribbean vacation A friendly story

... Caribbean <ddd>vacation</ddd>.

It seems whenever I take my wife, Anne, on <ddd>vacation</ddd> to the Caribbean island that we enjoy, she always ... that he obviously performed on a regular basis on this secluded <ddd>beach</ddd>. I confess that I didn’t put up any struggle, not that I ... ... Continue»
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Sunset Vacation

... webpage that booked our <ddd>vacation</ddd>.
Next thing I know, its late August and were on a plane, ready for our <ddd>vacation</ddd>. After driving for ... saw the signs just off a sandy road advertising the Sunset <ddd>Beach</ddd> Resort and took the road that wound back through palm ... ... Continue»
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Rita's vacation

... my dad was unable to plan summer <ddd>vacation</ddd> for both if us (I'm an only ... <ddd>beach</ddd> and the pool. It ended up pretty much one day out, one day at the hotel. Grand <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... smile at the couple. "Enjoying your <ddd>vacation</ddd>?" the woman asks.

"Yes" my aunt says, " ... ... Continue»
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Mom on vacation

... room was empty, so was Jack's. Were they at the <ddd>beach</ddd>? They weren't. I walked back, once more at relative ease, ... Mom was on period. Fucking my mother was over. The <ddd>vacation</ddd> was ruined, but the feeling of dread I was having throughout ... ... Continue»
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Summer vacation

... told him I would see him later at the <ddd>beach</ddd> and left. I walked back to the ... found my b*****r then, jacking off, watching us.
That <ddd>vacation</ddd> is one I will never forget. We ... them 3 times. That is my favorite f****y <ddd>vacation</ddd>. There were others that was near ... ... Continue»
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Rachel and the Nude Beach

... their way down the <ddd>beach</ddd>. One of the guys explained that Black’s <ddd>Beach</ddd> technically is not a nude <ddd>beach</ddd>, but they tolerate ... hotel room.

Within a week after returning home from our <ddd>vacation</ddd>, I learned that Rachel had become a nympho exhibitionist. Over the ... ... Continue»
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SEXY s****r IN LAW

... families initially started talking about taking a <ddd>beach</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> together, I was hesitant. I'm not normally a <ddd>beach</ddd> person and would ordinarily not have ... enough to get me very excited about going.

The <ddd>vacation</ddd> came at a perfect time for me. I was at a ... ... Continue»
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... readers would enjoy. Any and all comments are welcome.

Hawaiian <ddd>Vacation</ddd>
By FlyboyB4

I was anxious to pick her up at ... put down our towels, I noticed deliberately, that everyone on the <ddd>beach</ddd>, men and women, looked at her approvingly. She reminded ... ... Continue»
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Nude Beach in Hawaii

... my girlfriend of 4 years and decided to join my f****y for a <ddd>vacation</ddd>. I needed the break plus they were going to Hawaii for ... for the day.

I joked to her about “ Big <ddd>Beach</ddd> ” which is a full nude <ddd>beach</ddd> in Maui . I had some friends that had visited ... ... Continue»
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