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Bath, Bathroom and Beyond - True Story

Bath, Bathroom and Beyond - True Story

... Either you dig my stories or you don't... whatever. I get off just writing them. Hopefully you ... me through the hallway, into the common bathroom.

An innocent looking 18 year old girl ... the bathroom, but Beth just ignored her, licking and sucking my dick with abandon.

My cock... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Six)

... the stories about him be true? And in the end did it really matter? Was our past merely a construct of what we ... in!”
“It’s flippin’ enormous! Yer probably need a map just ter find t’ bathroom!”
“It’s scary innit ... luxuriating under the steaming water. He heard Alice enter the bathroom.
“This place is amazin’ innit... Continue»
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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

... the hell does that mean? But Joe was off the bathroom yelling back, “Wait a minute while I fill ... , practically carrying me into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet first and tried to peepee, but it hurt ... that made my bath feel so much more relaxing and wonderful.
Joe left me there while he called his folks. I... Continue»
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A Boss, A Mentor, A Lover

... as he began recounting a "true" story about another one of his conquests. So the rest of the trip went ... and looked back at me seductively.

"Baby, you came so hard," I said, almost in disbelief. It was true ... of pleasure washed over her, bathing her in satisfaction and release. After several moments I slowed my... Continue»
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Put Your Muffin Where Your Mouth is, Mandy

... . “What do you think about that?”
“You are beyond worthy of the Blow Off! I was just testing you ... hereditary things for some of us. For others here, it’s a different story we’ll talk about another night ... and your partner got those cocks. That’s so bizarre but my eyes aren’t fooling me.”
“It’s all true... Continue»
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my Neighbour Black man -2

... body was beyond my control and the orgasm shook me senseless, racking my whole being ... beyond mere pleasure that I can barely describe how completely melted and formless my pussy felt ... remember Ron was carrying me into his bathroom and placing me into a steamy, hot bathtub. Kneeling... Continue»
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Little Miss Calculation

... boyfriend?” Hayden did the talking. The negotiating. Elaine had lost her voice in the bathroom ... would be the part where she’d tell him that she loved him, were this a love story. She giggled ... no ambition beyond right now. I asked him the other day how long he thought he’d be working here... Continue»
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... the tip. She thought briefly of suspending her story and attacking him, but then she changed her mind ... rushed through her now. She knew that Drew loved to be teased with stories. Often she would make them up ... to turn him on. However, this one was true. Once, when she was very d***k, she described an episode... Continue»
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Sarah and Daniela

... . I’ve run a big hot bath for you. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”
The bathroom ... .
“Oh I’ll take a bath in my own bathroom while you soak Sarah.”
“Good God! You mean this is just ... so sweaty and soiled that they ran another bath and shared it, getting suds all over the bathroom... Continue»
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Wack A Doodle

... , shot the place up and plead 'insanity',

I reply, to wit, man up.

This story, as always ... , is true. I definitely changed the names just in case. I found, in a very old box, full of very old ... pictures a nude I took of the subject of my story. It is in my gallery, a public picture. The pic... Continue»
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... Goddess

by transcon

He'd submitted his short story to her. No request for a picture ... impressed with your story, "Goddess." She'd like to invite you to the premier of "Hitchcock" as her e****t ... ....."This is Scarlett, Rogue. I am so pleased to have made this contact with you. Your story touched me, Rogue... Continue»
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The ConVentioN

Jaime rolled her eyes, "True, but your cousin is gonna be pissed if we're late for take ... section, the only walled off areas were the small kitchen and cockpit. She spied the
bathrooms towards ... minded talking about sex, she was a slut
beyond all redemption after all, but sometimes it was nice... Continue»
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The Boarder

... to have trouble sl**ping later. Go into the bathroom and get the hand lotion, Hon."

In a boner ... sex trance, I minced down the hallway and into her bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinent and took ... it was.

"Thank you sweetie. We'll have our brandy in the living room, then I'm going to run your bath."

My... Continue»
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3 Girls, 2 Men and 1 Crazy Day

... last night together,” he played along.

“The very same,” she laughed.

“I’ll run you a bath on my ... it had taken him to draw a bath for her. He would have to remember to pull the plug and drain the tub ... a coherent stream of curses.

Anna was pissed beyond belief and didn’t know what to do. Instincts kicked... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 03

... was swinging underneath him and a few drops of his precum flung beyond our bodies and landed onto ... ." Emily scolded me as she rolled away from me and scurried into the bathroom and locked the door ... true that was. I headed back to the kitchen as Jessica and Chris were leaving. "Where are you two... Continue»
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Man! I feel like a woman!

... especially on my breasts. When she went to the bathroom, I ran
into the bedroom and slipped into one ... the costume

She ordered me to strip. She led me into the bathroom where she proceed to
smear ... . I was getting a
lot of attention as was Karen. When I finally had to go to the bathroom, I
went... Continue»
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... .


Hi, this is Sylvia. I simply have to break in here and tell my side of the story. Of course ... quarters of the other students. We had two bedrooms, a large livingroom, a common bathroom and a little ... midnight when I finally let him loose and sent him to the bathroom to clean himself up -- but only... Continue»
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“Joe, is that making love?

... , McDonalds, Denny’s, the same everywhere but I’m not in a hurry to get anything but a story, my names ... could get the whole story later but her fear was real, washing off her in waves.

Turn here Mister ... and a bathroom, yeah, I had facilities, even a shower and tub. There was electricity, not always dependable... Continue»
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... moving against his swollen
balls and the hard root of his cock, teasing him, making him hot beyond ... her legs.

Angela felt lascivious beyond belief as she displayed her feminine
charms for the boy ... of bed and leading him to the

Angela stepped into the shower with Joey and adjusted... Continue»
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... in my tub and you’re in your bathroom…I can hear everything you say plain as day.”
Had ... wanna know why I was in my tub? Huh? ‘Cause you told him to go take a bath. I got naked and I got ... …why? Was he that bad?”
“He was my cousin, that’s why,” she popped back. “Long story, don’t ask…try... Continue»
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