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Barb and I Part 1

... Part 1 Barb and I were watching a R rated movie that had full frontal nudity and some simulated intercourse. This was a movie of foreign origin and ... . Barb was sound asl**p next to me lying on her side with her backside facing me. Both Barb and I ... ... Continue»
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Barb and I Part 1

We were home alone and were in a amorous mood. Barb and I were sitting on the sofa watching a late night R rated movie. The scene in the movie was outdoors and the couple were in an embrace when the female stepped back and proceeded to go into a cottage and began to remove her clothing. She first removed her blouse and then her bra revealing firm g****fruit sized breasts with pink erect nipples. She then removed her jeans revealing slim firm legs. The last thing she removed was her pink underpants showing her neatly trim pubic hair. She then moved over to a bed and the camera panned to a male with his back to the camera. He removed all his clothes revealing his fully nude body from the back.

I sat there admiring this beautiful naked body on the TV screen when Barb’s hand moved to my thigh and gave it a light squeeze. I looked at Barb and gave her a big smile and then turned to the TV. Barb gasped “Nice ass.” I told her that he did indeed have a nice looking ass.

The scene now moved to the bed where the woman was lying on her back on the bed showing her breasts and pubic hair. As the camera panned back the naked man came into view with his back to the camera. He bent over to blow out a candle beside the bed when the woman said “Turn around, turn around before you blow out the candle.” At this point the man began to turn sideways and this revealed his very erect cock. Barb let out a “OOOOHHHH what a nice hard-on.”

We both watched as he blew out the candle, laid down beside her and began to have intercourse with her. We watched as his ass moved up and down and watched the woman’s face as she moaned in the throws of ecstasy and the camera showed the mans face as he let out a groan and grunted and his ass stopped moving as if he had just completed his orgasm.

Barb was breathing in short breaths as I began to unbutton her blouse and then undid and removed her bra. Her nipples were very erect and she said “Lets take off our clothes and make love to each other now.” As I was now taking the rest of her clothes off I asked her “What way shall we make love?” Barb answered “Every way, oral ,vaginal, anal, 69. Every way we can think of. I’m so fucking hot, I want it every way possible!”

I knelt on the floor between her legs, spread her knees apart and pulled her as to the edge of the sofa. I took in the sweet aroma of her crotch and felt her soft and silky pubic hair and then spread the lips of her pussy revealing a very moist pink inner sanctum. With mu thumbs, I drew the moisture from the bottom of her lips up to the hard mound hiding her clit. Barb moaned “God that feels so good. Don’t stop.” As I stroked her inner lips, I would let one thumb massage her vaginal entrance while I teased her clit with the other.

I just had to taste her sweet nectar emitting from body so I held her lips open and stuck my tongue at the bottom of her hips and flicking upward with my tongue drew her wetness up to her clit. Barb was pushing her hips up to maximize my efforts of giving the ultimate pleasure. Barb’s moaning increased in loudness and she cried “ You’re going to make me cum! AAHH, suck my clit, I’m going to cum!!” As I engulfed her hot pulsing clit between my lips, Barb grabbed my head and shoved hard into her crotch and at the same time pushed her hips up off the sofa. I felt her wetness increase as she squeezed my head with her legs as he pussy convulsed over and over again as her orgasm overtook her.

After a couple of minutes, Barb began to come down from her orgasm. “God damn, you gave me the best orgasm that I ever had. Better than me with my vib. I just smiled at her with my juicy face.

“Stand up.” Barb said. “I want to give you the best blowjob you ever had.” I didn’t argue with her and stood up. “MMMM. That’s an awful big bulge you have there in your pants.” I just smiled and Bard undid my jeans and pulled both my jeans and shorts down around my knees as my engorged cock sprang free. Barb cupped by balls in one hand and grabbed the shaft of my cock in the other hand and lowered her head and engulfed my purple cock head into her mouth.

She squeezed my shaft as hard as she could with her hand making the veins in my cock bulge out and my purple cock head felt like it was going to burst. She lowered he hot mouth over my head and sucked as she stroked my shaft. With her other hand she let my balls loose and reaching down to scoop up some of her juice from her dripping cunt, she started to make circles around my asshole. This sent shivers through my groin as I felt my prostrate begin to pulse in anticipation of it to release my load of sperm. Barb pushed her finger past my sphincter muscle and that was all I could take. I held her head down on my hot manhood as my prostrate pulse and pumped hot streams of sperm up my engorged shaft and into Barb’s waiting mouth. Barb took the first two streams of sperm but with third load entered her mouth she could not hold any more and my seed ran out of her mouth and down my shaft.

After my orgasm ceased, Barb removed my cock from her mouth, looked at me and said “That’s the biggest load you ever shot.” I just smiled back and told her “You’re the best.”

Part 2 later. ... Continue»
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Barb and I Part 3

Now Barb and I had both been introduced to the pleasures our genitals could bestow on our minds and bodies at an early age. The both of us being with the same sex at one time or another. This continues on today as neither Barb or I ham any qualms with being with the opposite sex.

A while back, Barb and I were out making the rounds of the local watering holes when we ran into a couple we were friends with. We got together with them and made a couple of more stops and then decided to finish up over at their place. Once at their place, Jan, whose place we were at mixed us some drinks and when she gave Barb her drink, she gave Barb a quick kiss and a big pat on the ass and then gave me my drink.

After a few more drinks, Mike, Jan’s date began to make out with Jan. We watched as he proceeded to remove her blouse and bra and fondled her breasts. He looked toward us and asked “You two should come over here and join me.” I looked at Barb, smiled and nodded in their direction. Barb smiled back and we went over to Jan and Mike and Barb reached up and took hold of one of Jan’s breasts and lowered her lips on her breast and licked her erect nipple as she squeezed her firm breast.

Mike backed away and let Barb continue to pleasure Jan with her tongue as she massages her breasts Jan then removed Barb’s blouse and bra and then massaged Barb’s ample tits. Mike went back over to the women and rubbed Barb’s ass and Barb then reached over to Mike’s crotch and squeezed his manhood. Mike gave a low groan and Barb then pulled the rest of Jan’s clothes off and then knelt on her knees and started to tongue Jan’s belly and then made her way down to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and flicked her tongue on her pussy.

I was taking oll this in and my manhood had now grown and wanted to get in on some of this action. I unzipped my jeans and retrieved my throbbing cock from its restraint. I slowly stroked it as I watched the three of them continue to pleasure each other.

Barb motioned me to come over and join them. I went over and got on my knees and along with Barb kept Jan on edge as we both were licking her pussy. Mike then came over and pushed Barb to the side and robbed his cock all over Jan’ juicy pussy. Now I was still down there by Jan’s pussy when Mike’s cock arrived. I though “What the hell.” and reached up and grabbed Mike’s cock on popped his cock into my mouth. Mike pulled back and his cock popped out of my mouth and I told him “Mike, fuck Jan and I’ll help.” Mike then pushed his cock into Jan and I grabbed his balls and began to lick his hairy nuts. Mike was all wrapped up in screwing Jan with me playing with his nuts and had forgotten about Barb being there.

I glanced over to Barb and she had her hand buried in her crotch masturbating herself for all she was worth. Just then Mike gave a load groan and muttered that he was about to unload his nuts and I pushed Jan away and put his throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could and Mike hollered “SHIT!!” and I felt his cock grow and then contract as he shot his hot juicy cum in my mouth.

Now Jan moved over to Barb and they both laid on the floor and Jan laid atop of Barb with her mouth buried in Barb’s pussy and her pussy in Barb’s mouth. They sure made a good looking 69 that I had ever seen. Both Jan and Barb has simultaneous orgasms as both women moaned and there bodies shook from their ecstasy.... Continue»
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My s****r Sarah and I - part 2

The second part of the story

For all those of you who have asked, here's Part 2 - finally. I re-wrote it a couple of

times, but this was the best version, in my mind.
For all those who have left their encouraging comments, i thank you for your

support. I just hope this part meets with your approval too. if so, please vote?
Oh, and I appreciate your constructive comments as well. It's been a while since

i've written anything like this, and I've gotten a little rusty.
But I'm trying (very much so, sometimes!).
My s****r Sarah and I had been lovers for most of our adolescent years, until her

graduation. Then our lives had gone in opposite directions and we had lost

contact with each other. I guess the separation had affected her almost as it had

affected me.

My name’s Brian, and this is the story of our reunification, after thirty five years.

It had been a long day for me. About 14 hours of work had been bracketed by

another 4 hours of nothing going right. I was about ready to jump out a window!

Unfortunately, it’s a two storey building.

Just before midnight, the phone rang. Shit! No one phones at that time of night

unless it’s bad news, and I’d had more than my fair share today. Usually I ignore

late calls, instead relying on the answering machine to pick up the important stuff

and scaring the phone solicitation calls back to their electronic dungeon. But for

some reason, I answered the phone anyway.

“Brian? Brian Pelham?”, an unfamiliar female voice inquired. I was almost

tempted to just hang up, but something stopped me.

“To whom do I have the pleasure?”, I queried. Women only phone me when they’

re desperate in a non-sexual way, and none of them ever call me by name. They

usually call me other things.

“Brian, it’s Sarah. Did I catch you at a bad time?”.

Hmm, Sarah? I didn’t know anyone by the name of Sarah. In fact, I hadn’t heard

that name since . . . .

“Sarah? Sarah Pelham? Is that you, s*s?”. Shit, I hadn’t heard from my s****r for

thirty five years! If she was calling me now, and at this hour, she must be in one

hell of a lot of trouble! Despite our estrangement, I could never ignore my little


“My big b*****r! God, I didn’t know if I had the right number or not. But yeah, it’s

your little s****r! I’ve been searching all over the damned continent trying to find

you for over a week! Where the hell are you, anyway?”.

“I could ask the same thing, s*s. I’m in Ontario now. Left the Coast just after I got

back from Inuvik, what, thirty something years ago? I wanted to go back to see

Mum & Dad, but they shipped me over to England, and then I heard that they’d

both passed away, and, well, I never did get back. How about you? Where the hell

did you get to for all these years?”. I was incredulous! After all this time, it felt like

it was just yesterday that I’d last seen my little s****r!

“I moved to Idaho, met a guy, got married, and we had a great life. But that’s not

why I called”.

“Had? What’s this ‘had’ part all about, s*s?”. Sarah went on to explain that her

husband had succumbed to cancer a couple of years earlier, and her life had

been on a downhill slope ever since. I had the feeling that she was in a lot more

trouble than she’d ever tell me about.

“Brian, I really need to talk to you, by phone if I have to, but in person if you can.

Any chance?”.

“Maybe, s*s. How soon do you need this talk? Tonight’s not worth a shit for me. I

have to be back in the office by 6:00 tomorrow morning. Or was that an invitation

to vacation in spud country?”. I knew the reference to Idaho potatoes would either

get me a chuckle or a growl. But that was the way we’d been as k**s, always

poking lighthearted fun at each other.

“Brian, normally I’d have a come-back for that, but not tonight! But yeah, that’s an

invite if you can do it. I’ll make this short, especially if you have to work early

tomorrow. I need my big b*****r, desperately! How soon can you get out here? Or

maybe I should go out there? And where in the hell is ‘there’ anyway? Ontario’s a

big piece of real estate!”.

“I’m in . . . oh, never mind where I am, s*s. Give me your number, and I’ll call you

by Friday. If I’m taking an emergency leave, I really should let the office know. If

war isn’t declared before, I could be out there by this time next week. Can I

assume this qualifies as an emergency?”. She had me worried. Well, maybe

panicky might be more accurate.

“Emergency? Not yet, but if I don’t get this thing worked out, it could become one.

Why? Does it make a difference?”, she wanted to know.

“In your case, no. I always did have a soft spot for my little s****r. You know that.

Whatever it takes to bail your pretty little ass out, I’ll have a crack at. Let me try for

that emergency leave, and I’ll let you know on Friday, okay? Any chance you’re

going to tell me what this ‘thing’ is that you’ve gotten yourself into?”.

“Yeah, but not tonight. Maybe on Friday, but preferably when you get here, if you

can come. And don’t worry, Brian, it’s not a life-threatening problem. It’s just one

of those things that only my big b*****r seems to be able to fix”.

Well, while I enjoyed the compliment, the idea that I wasn’t going to worry was a

pipe-dream! I mean, how often does someone you haven’t seen for over half your

life call in the middle of the night to extend an invitation to holiday at their place?

For me, the total count was . . . zero.

The next morning I put in for an emergency leave of absence starting on the

weekend, with a minimum two-week duration. My boss actually volunteered to

resurrect some of my missed vacation time from previous years if I needed more

time than two weeks. The only request he had was that I promise to stay with the

company, and to keep him posted weekly. After having been with the company

this long, and being within five years of early retirement, there wasn’t much

chance I’d be job-hunting, especially in Idaho! On Friday, I called Sarah with the

news, and demanded to know exactly where in No-man’s Land I was aiming for.

Following her directions, it looked like she lived about 25 miles beyond “Please

resume speed”! I booked a flight to Boise for Monday afternoon and arranged for

a rental car at the airport. With a little luck, I’d be at my s****r’s place by late

Monday evening. My scheduling was pretty close, and I rolled up to her door just

after 9:00 local time.

As I pulled into the driveway, my little s****r came running out looking like she’d

just won a lottery. There was barely enough time to turn off the ignition before she

reefed the door open and almost crushed me with one of those hugs that I hadn’t

had for entirely too long. It was immediately augmented with the most sensuous

kiss I could ever remember. Not your usual b*****r-s****r kiss, but one of those

long, penetrating, tongues duelling kisses! To say that I was stunned would be an


“s*s, are you gonna let me outta this machine, or are we gonna homestead right

here in the driveway?”.
There had always been an element of flippancy between us as k**s, and it

seemed to just naturally surface. It also felt like old times again, making me even

more aware of how much I’d missed this . . . well, she wasn’t a girl any more. But

the years had been kind to her, and she was just as beautiful as I remembered.

Her breasts were still firm, with no apparent sagging, her stomach was as taut as

it had been when she was a teenager, and her corn-silk golden blonde hair was

just as gorgeous as I remembered. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body

anywhere that I could find. Even her muscle tone was impeccable!

Sarah crawled off my neck long enough for me to get out of the car, grab my

bags, and make my way into the house. But as soon as we were inside, she re-

attached herself in a way that said she was going to be there for a while. Like it

broke my heart, alright! I hadn’t held this body close to me for . . . decades, and I

wasn’t about to stop now! Even her urgent kiss had my bl**d pressure roaming

amongst high numbers!

“Umm, s*s? I’ve missed you, too, but is there any chance I can beg something to

eat first? Breakfast was a long time ago, and my stomach’s beginning to think my

throat’s been cut”.

Sarah rummaged up a couple of sandwiches and a glass of rosé wine. We sat

and talked about nothing in particular, until my curiosity got the better of me.

“So what’s this emergency that I’m here to fix, s*s? And while you’re at it, maybe

you can fill me in on where you went while I was up North. I came home to find

you’d gone, left the country, and never left a forwarding address”.

“Let’s start with the where I went part first. It makes the rest of it fall into place a bit


It seems that while I was in the Arctic, our mother had found out about Sarah and I,

and our i****tuous love affair. Mum blamed it all on me, naturally, but my little

s****r had taken the entire blame. As a result, Mum had literally thrown her out of

the house. I don’t know if they ever made up, but my Dad was devastated about

Sarah leaving. Mum may have known where she went, but wouldn’t tell either my

Dad or me. Christ, did that piece of news ever get my bl**d boiling! Anyway,

Sarah had met a guy in Idaho, married him, and they had one c***d, a girl, when

Sarah was in her late thirties. Her daughter Annie had just graduated, and was

now in university. Her husband had died a couple of years earlier, and while he

had left his wife financially comfortable, the rest of her life was falling down around

her ears.

“Okay, so much for the missing background, s*s. Bring me up to speed on what’s

happening with you now”.

It seemed that Sarah had built her whole life around her husband and daughter,

but with them both gone, she felt deserted, lost, and desperate for some kind of

emotional anchor. I wasn’t sure where I fit into this jigsaw puzzle, but I was about

to find out.

“Sarah, I’m still not clear on how I can help. I know there’s a plan roaming around

in that pretty little head of yours, but I still have the same old problem. I can read

newspapers, but I can’t read minds. Talk to me”.

There was a long pause as Sarah studied the floor, deep in thought.

“Brian, when I was f******n, I fell deeply in love with my big b*****r, and I think he

was in love with me, too. In all these years, I never stopped loving him, and now . .

. well . . . I need my big b*****r to love me again. I need to love him just as much

as I did when I was a teen. I guess I could have told you all that over the phone, but

I just had to see you again. If you could find it in your heart to love me back, that

would be awesome. And if not, at least I got to see you one last time. That’s why I

wanted you to come out here, to see you again”.

There was another one of those long and uncomfortable pauses. Shit, I wasn’t

ready for that curve! Did I still love my little s****r? Oh yeah! But was I still in love

with her? That would take some time to figure out.

“Bottom line, then, s*s, is you’re asking me to be your lover again? That’s a long

leap after thirty five years, don’t ya think? I mean, we aren’t the same people we

were back then. You’ve changed, and I have too. We both have a lot of left-over

baggage to think about. You’re widowed, and I’m divorced, so availability isn’t the

issue, but what about the scars we’ve accumulated? It’s gonna take a bit of time

to sort all that out, isn’t it? Are you ready to go through all that?”.

“I’ve had a lot of time to think this through, Brian. Am I ready? More than you’ll ever

know. The question is, are you? Given the opportunity, would you even want to

bother? I don’t know. Only you do. But if I don’t ask, I’ll never know, and it’s that

wondering whether or not, that’s eating my guts out. So now, it’s your turn to talk to


Damn! She was my s****r, but she was just as much of a turn-on now as she had

ever been. Not just her body, but her heart and soul as well. This was going to

take some serious thinking.

“Sarah, let me sl**p on it tonight, okay? I’ve never even considered it. Not until

now, anyway. But, for what it’s worth, I do love you. Still. But one of those scars I

mentioned has got me staying away from loving any woman. There aren’t too

many ladies that I’m inclined to change that for”. I stared into her eyes, looking for

an answer. Hell, I’d settle for a subtle hint! But deep down inside me, I knew I had

feelings for this woman that had been launched so many years ago, and still


“Sarah, like I said, there aren’t many women, but you just might be one”.

July 4th doesn’t have fireworks as bright as the lights in my s****r Sarah’s eyes at

that moment!

I felt exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Just to complicate matters, I was

given my choice of beds to sl**p in, one being the guest bed and the other my

s****r’s. One part of me wanted some space and time to sort out my aching head.

The other screamed at me to do something about the ache I my heart. All that,

and I was too tired to even make the decision! But I’d let my head rule my heart for

so many years that it had become second nature. My first gut reaction was to use

the guest bed, get some rest, and think through this whole situation until the


Sarah and I crawled into her bed anyway.

There was a method to the madness. First, letting my head rule my heart had

gotten me into enough shit over the years. It was time for a change. Second, if you

had to make a choice between sl**ping alone or with my gorgeous s****r, the

question wouldn’t have come up in the first place!

We overcame the initial awkwardness easier than I thought we would. Well,

maybe it was just me that felt awkward, because Sarah showed no signs of being

uncomfortable disrobing in front of me. With that body, she sure had nothing to be

ashamed of! I didn’t feel quite so gallant. In fact, I felt like an embarrassed

bridegroom, overly concerned with my bride’s reaction to what she had married!

The years had added a few pounds and several extra inches around my middle.

Definitely not the body my little s****r had known the last time we had been

together! For the first time in my life, I felt self-conscious!

“Mmm! Big b*****r, you’ve got too many clothes on! Get your fat ass undressed,

and into that bed before I do it myself!”, Sarah growled at me. I had no idea if her

comment was for her benefit or mine. To be honest, I no longer cared, either.

Within seconds we were under the sheets, her in a sheer nightie that reached just

below her pussy, and me in my undershorts. I chuckled to my self that this pair had

a very slim chance of seeing the light of morning still intact. My little s****r had

been known to literally shred fabrics that got between her and her desired


It’s amazing how you go through inconsequential details in your mind in a new

situation, and tonight was no different for me. For example, Sarah and I had our

preferred locations on a bed when we were together, and we automatically

assumed those positions now. As I got comfortable, I realized that this side had a

definite imprint that told me my s****r usually slept where I was now. When I

mentioned that fact to her, she was quite unaware of it, then came up with one of

the greatest come-backs ever.

“Guess I must have been keeping that side warm for my big b*****r. Either that, or

anticipating him being back with me!”. I didn’t care which it was, or whether it was

true or not. But it did inspire me to pull Sarah closer to me. She immediately laid

her head on my chest wrapped an arm over my stomach, and covered my legs

with her upper thigh.

In less than a nanosecond, thirty five years of being lost and apart from each other


“Damn, Brian! I’ve wanted this moment for so fucking long! Even when I was in

Tom’s arms, I remembered what it was like to be in yours. Even had fantasies

about it! Now that I’m here again, I’m never leaving! Not until you’re dead and

cold, and that’s still a questionable thing!”, Sarah murmured. It sounded kind of

ghoulish, but I knew exactly what she meant.

“I know what you mean, s*s. But I’ll tell you a secret. I’m gonna count to three, and

if your lips aren’t up here, I’m gonna drag you up by the hairs until they are!”.

Sarah lifted her eyes as her muscles anticipated moving. Just as she was about

an inch away from my hungry lips, I mumbled, “Three”, then tasted her luscious

kisses. She almost attacked me, her demanding urgency for love possessing me,

consuming me, making me feel helplessly vulnerable to her. I’d lost many, many

battles against my little s****r’s charms. This proved to be another one.

As Sarah broke that long-overdue kiss, she whispered, “I thought you said you

were counting to three?”.

“I did. I just didn’t say I would count by ones!”, I whispered back. She chuckled

softly, then attacked me again, her tongue almost forcing itself on me. As I said, I

never could say no to my little s****r. She gained entrance, and ran her tongue up

the back of my upper teeth and across my palette. It had been electric when we

were younger, and it was even more so now. I groaned in delight, not able to stop

the reaction even if I had wanted to. Almost instinctively, my hand sought her

breast, wanting it, needing it, demanding the softness of it against my palm. Even

after the missing decades between us, I knew exactly where it was, what part of it

felt so familiar, and what portions gave Sarah the most pleasure. Spreading my

thumb, I cupped the underside of her as I enveloped that magical orb of femininity,

drawn to her like a moth to light. Sliding over her gossamer-like smooth skin, my

fingers found her nipple, capturing it between thumb and index finger in a grip that

allowed me to lightly tease her quickly-hardening nub. Sarah gasped deeply, then

moaned as her breath escaped. Being locked against her lips, I felt that moan

more than heard it

We both froze in the rapture of our physical contact, neither one of us willing to

break the spell it cast over us. But Sarah wanted more. Still clamped to my lips,

and with my hands fondling her breast, she slid her own hand down my belly and

over my semi-erect cock. Her fingers lightly traced an outline from the back of my

nut sac to the tip of my cockhead and back down again. It took maybe two

complete cycles to get me as hard as I remembered being when I was nineteen!

Twice more and her fingers found the waistband of my shorts and scooted under

it. Pausing on the way to continuing her manipulation of my turgid meat, she

tickled the pubic hairs at the base of my cock. That had driven me crazy the last

time we made love, and it still had the same effect, only more so!

In reaction to my little s****r’s touch, I rolled us both over so that she was on her

back and I was on my side. Sarah’s fingers were trapped between my thighs

during that manoeuver, gripping my sac lightly but deliberately. I snatched the hem

of her nightie with my hand and pushed it up to her neck, then broke our kiss so

that I might taste her marble-hard nipple between my lips. Sarah stopped stroking

me just long enough to remove that fabric barrier to her chest, then re-established

her claim to the exclusivity of my manhood. The confines of my shorts became a

frustration for her, and she grabbed the leg opening and ripped it to oblivion! A

part of me felt shocked as I realized that I wore a waistband and a leg opening of

elastic, but nothing between those two items. The sensation of her fingers on my

prick pushed that thought out of my head instantly! It also called up a demanding

desire in my hand to practise its wanderlust tendencies as I traced a pathway

from her breast, over her tummy, danced sensuously in the forest of her corn-silk

soft pussy fur, as continued its journey to the wondrous secrets of her slit.

My first encounter was the hood of her clitoris, and I hooked my finger at the apex

of that inverted V as I beckoned her nub to join in our re-acquaintance. The

response was almost instantaneous as Sarah’s sex button emerged to greet me

at the same time its owner groaned in delighted rapture. She jerked her leg,

bending it at the knee as she invited, begged, and demanded that I explore the

entire territory of her gash. As desperately as I wanted to comply, I wasn’t

anywhere near finished with the conversation with my favourite friend, her nub. By

the feel of the pressure Sarah was pushing herself against my finger, it wasn’t

ready to part either. However, all good things must come to an end, and I took my

leave as I slid deeper into the cavern of her vulva, replacing that wandering digit

with my thumb to console her deserted clit. It must have appreciated the gesture,

as Sarah gasped and groaned even more as I sought her entrance. Her outer lips

opened to my intrusion like the petals of a flower, welcoming me like a long-lost

lover in to that love-cave that I hadn’t visited for so long. As though to spread the

welcome mat, her love canal flooded it self with Sarah’s juices, beckoning me to

come in and correct a long-overdue absence.
Somehow, Sarah’s panties had disappeared from her body, and to this day, I

have no idea how or where. I just know that their guard over her charms was totally

ineffective, and their disappearance appreciated by both of us. It also made my

return to her cave of passion more welcoming.

As I extended my search, Sarah’s demand that I spend as much time visiting as

possible was expressed in a series of quick gasps, moans, groans, and mewls,

each one increasing my feelings of lust and love more than the last. God, I wanted

this woman! My finger just had to pave the way for my now-straining cock, the

same one my s****r’s hand had tight possession of! Moving to the ridges of her

G-spot that I had known so well before, I lightly rubbed across them as an

announcement of my return. My beckoning to that erogenous area of Sarah’s sex

was greeted with an onslaught of lust and desire.

“Oh God, Brian! I’ve waited for this for so goddamned long! You still know this

body, and that part of me that wants you inside me so badly! Shit, big b*****r, I

need you to make me cum!”. Within seconds I could feel her walls beckoning,

calling, demanding my further residence as her cunt contracted and gripped me in

an unyielding attempt at total capture. The arch of her back off the bed advertised

to anyone sensing her that she was about to soar to the heights of an

overwhelming orgasm. I welcomed its coming, invited its arrival, insisted on its

advance. Sarah pushed her hips f***efully against my arm as her cum consumed

her very existence.

“Y-e-s-s-s, big b*****r! I’m c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-n-n-n-g-g-g!!”, and Sarah’s entire

body trembled, shook, and froze as the sensations of her climax superceded

everything else in her being! I’m not sure who enjoyed this trip to Nirvana more,

her for going there, or me for being able to open the gates to her pleasure. The

increased pressure of her grasp on my cock almost made me a connected part of

her experience, and I loved it! I continued to stimulate her vagina until she eased

out of its claim on her.

“Dammit, Brian! You have no idea how much I missed how you can do that to me,

to my body! Now it’s my turn! Come inside me, give me that gorgeous cock of

yours, fill your little s****r that’s missed you so fucking bad all these years!”, and

that little wisp of femininity rolled me over her thigh into a position of demand

between her legs. In one swift movement, she had placed me just at the entrance

to her cunt, and was rocking her hips with sufficient f***e to wrap her pussy lips

around my cockhead. It was an invitation no man could refuse, even if he’d been

dead for two hundred years! My lust insisted that I ram myself deep into her as

quickly as I could, but the love for this wonderful woman demanded that I savour

every inch, every millimetre of the journey! Advancing slowly but deliberately into

her love channel, the ridge of my glans explored and delighted in the many

textures of her cunt walls, until we were finally joined by both our sexes and our

pubic bones. I could feel the pointed hardness of her clit as it pressed against my

skin, seeking its own private doorway into my body! We both gasped and revelled

in the union, and probably made enough noise to wake the dead! And you know

what? Neither one of us gave a flying fuck about anybody, or anything, outside our

tight sphere of consciousness!

“Fuck me, big b*****r! Fuck your little s****r’s cunt and make her come! God,

Brian, I need you so fucking badly! If you even think about pulling that cock out of

me, I’ll cut the Goddamned thing off and keep it until my dying day! Take me!

Now!”, Sarah screamed lustfully. A thought about correcting her terminology flew

into my brain. It left almost as soon as it arrived, probably because the feelings

that Sarah’s pussy was telegraphing to my groin, my cock, and my entire body

were so overwhelming that there wasn’t room for conscious thought! I had never

wanted a woman as much as I wanted my little s****r that moment! Instinctively,

my hips began to pull my manhood out of her sex tube, then push me back in to

the farthest reaches of her cum cavity, slowly at first, then faster with the power of

her lust. The connection between us demanded more of her, and for her! It felt like

mere seconds later that my balls tightened and lifted as they primed my cum-tube

with a huge charge of womb-filling scalding spunk! Damn, as much as my body

wanted to climax, the sensory overload screamed for more of her, of this coupling,

of her total possession of me! But try as I might to control that invading pressure

at the base of my cock, I was helpless!

As the imminence of my explosion established itself, I became aware of the

tightening grip of Sarah’s walls on my turgid meat. We would cum together! Now,

instead of dreading the culmination of our joining, I welcomed it, craved it, almost

willed it! Sarah arched her back in an effort to f***e me as deep inside her as

was physically possible. To that end, I rammed my phallus as deep into her as I

could go, then kept it at that depth as the first stream of my hot sticky cream burst

from my jizz slit in its quest for her waiting womb! In response, Sarah’s cum-canal

almost sucked me to its furthest extent, yelling for more of my seed! In unison, we

screamed of the domination of our lust to the rest of the world! As our orgasms

invaded every cell of our bodies, the intensity was such that I could almost feel my

s****r’s orgasm in conjunction with my own! The grip of her legs around my waist

implies that she could also feel mine! We were joined not only physically, but

spiritually as well! Never, in all my memories, had I felt this much a part of another

human being’s existence! The closest I could come to for a description was an

effect similar to Alice Through The Looking Glass! We rode the crest of that wave

of passion and lust together, our souls joined as they swooped through the open

skies of our joint existence! Too soon, the experience ended, but the memory of

that one shared moment would remain until the stars all burned out!

With a peace that I hadn’t felt inside me for . . . well, a very long time, I held my

little s****r as tightly as I dared, afraid that after finding her again, I might lose her!

If the question of being in love with her had been posed before, it was a no-

brainer now! I could feel and sense that Sarah felt exactly the same way, and for

the same reasons. It was a toss-up as to who held who the closest and tightest,

not that the final score amounted to a hill of beans. We both knew, deep in our

hearts, that the separation from each other was over, and the reunification was

the single most important aspect of our very existence. No words were needed to

communicate the revelation to each other, and none were spoken.

“Brain? I love you, dammit! I’ve wanted you, needed you, and on occasion, had

you, most of my life. But I’ve never felt this close to anyone, ever, before! I just wish

it never had to end, that’s all”.

“End? Who says it’ll ever end, s*s? You just took a part of me that I can’t exist

without, so I guess I’ll just have to either fade away, or stick around for the rest of

whatever! Like it or not, you’re gonna have to get used to your big b*****r

invading your life. Think you can handle that?”.

The warmth and strength of her kiss as she possessed another part of me for

eternity was answer enough.

“One more little favour, Sarah? Please, please, don’t ever ask me to fuck you

again. I’ve had you, taken you, loved you, given myself freely to you, and hope to

live ling enough to do all that again. But I’ve never just straight-out fucked you. You

mean too much to me to just use you and discard the left-overs. I know, it’s a picky

little thing, but it’s also a part of me that you’ve made me realize. I neither can, nor

want to lose track of that gift. Deal?”.

Sarah squeezed me tight enough to remind me of my ribs, and it was painful.

Painful, but in a good way, a loving way, a part of us way. It just wasn’t something I

wanted to go through continuously. I definitely would, however, always remember

the lady that had caused that sharp reaction, and why she’d done it.

For the rest of our lives, I’d remember.

Sarah eased out of the bed and made her way carefully over to her bureau,

opening one of the drawers just out of my vision of its contents.

“Just where the hell do you thing you’re going, young lady?”, I demanded of her.

“Get the pretty little ass over yours back here, and hold me like no other woman

can! That isn’t a request, either! It’s a demand!”, I growled at my little s****r.

“Listen, Buddy!. I have a pussy full of my b*****r’s hot cum in me, and I intend to

keep every drop of his life-giving cream, and every degree of his heat inside my

cunt, to savour for as long as I can! You have no fucking idea of how much that

means to me, how long I’ve waited to have a part of him inside me again! I’m

grabbing a pair of panties to help hold him inside me!”, and she slipped on a pair

of pink silk panties that barely covered her pussy. Pulling them up tight enough to

do their job of retaining my cum, they outlined her slit like a second skin. Seeing

her gorgeous sex inspired a threatening twitch from my cock,

“I saw that, Brian Pelham!”, Sarah declared. “Try that one more time and I’ll suck

you until you’re hard again, then ride you until I’m so fucking full of your spunk that

I’ll leave tracks like a fucking slug for a week!”. Sarah could always get me

lathered when she talked dirty like that, and she knew it!

There were still logistics to plan, problems and conflicts to overcome, and a

hundred and one other details to take care of. Most of them would be relatively

easy, but one or two would prove to both of us just how strong that commitment to

each other that had started almost a half century earlier really was.

The next morning, over coffee, I had some more of those usual ten million

questions buzzing around in my brain. A lot of them had been answered last night,

but some still existed. Sarah still wore those protective panties from the previous

night, and not much else. The sight of her body made it almost impossible to

concentrate on anything else. But I tried. Honest, I really did!

“Umm, s*s? You mentioned an emergency crisis when you called. Gonna fill me in

on what that is, and maybe how I can help?”.

“That depends, b*****r of mine. You mentioned that you might stick around, right?

Any decisions yet?”.

“Yeah. Well, sort of. I know what I want and need to do. I just haven’t figured out

where I need to be to do it. And you’re right. That was almost another repeat of

ducking the question, wasn’t it?”.

“Maybe. Tell me what it is that you want to do. We’ll come back to the where you

want to do it part later”.

“Okay, what I want to do, and need to do, is be with my little s****r for the rest of

whatever. Last night proved to me beyond all doubt that, while I may be able to

live like an urban hermit, I really don’t want to any more. There’s something inside

me that makes me feel complete, fulfilled, and worthwhile. It also seems that you’

re the only person I know that can bring that part of me out. Now that I’ve found it

again, and you too, I’ll be damned if I’m prepared to live without it. Or you, for that

matter. I warned you about that last night, just before we fell asl**p. Remember?”.

“Oh yeah, I remember! This morning, I thought you might have said that in the heat

of passion, and I’ve been a little afraid of that possibility. Are you telling me that I

can stop worrying now?”.

“Yeah . . . yeah, s*s, I am. You asked me if I was still in love with you last night,

remember? Well, turns out I am, so I’ve got the same problem as you. Only cure I

can think of is to get back to what we dreamed of years ago. That brings up the

next question though. Are we gonna stay here in Idaho, growing spuds or

whatever, or are we going to ship you out to Ontario? There’s strong arguments

both ways on that point. Talk to me, little s****r. I need you to be in this fifty-fifty”.

“Brian, if it was just me, I wouldn’t care if we moved to Pago-Pago! But you do

have a niece, and she says she wants to get to know her uncle. Her life is here in

Idaho, and to be honest, I can’t see her pulling up roots and moving to Ontario. I’m

not so sure that, with her being almost as important in my life as you are, I’d be

comfortable in Ontario without her. So there’s a dilemma we have to address,

right? It might mean that, if we’re going to be together, you’d have to move down

here. Is that do-able?”.

My mind raced through a thousand scenarios, but it was do-able, as she phrased

it. I’d have to pull a lot of strings and call every favour I was owed, but yeah, it was

do-able. I went through some of my ideas with my little s****r, just to help reassure

her that our separation was finally over. Then I downed my coffee, poured a refill,

and made some phone calls.

Brad, my boss, couldn’t give me a definitive answer, but promised he would just

as soon as he found anything out. Until that happened, there was no sense

banging my head on a wall. The walls always won anyway.

Just as I was sitting down at the table again, the door burst open and in walked

my niece! I’d never met her before, or even seen her picture, but I would have

recognized her anywhere, even on a moonless night! And despite my weakening

eyesight brought about with age, I think I had my first experience with double

vision! Annie, my niece, struck me as a perfect clone of Sarah when I had last

seen her, at the ripe old age of eighteen! For reasons that I didn’t have the

concentration to figure out, that sight made my heart rate almost double!

“Hi! You must be my uncle Brian, right?”. any control I had ever had of my facial

muscles evaporated as my jaw headed for the floor at the acceleration rate of

gravity. “I’m Annie, your niece! Mum said you’d be here today, and I’ve been so

looking forward to getting to know you!”.

Ever had one of those situations happen to you that had red flashing lights and

warning bells going off in your head? You have?

As of that second, me too . . . .

As you can see, there's a potential opening to turn this into a multi-part story.

Send me a PM if you'd like to see it grow. Meanwhile, I have some other outlines

to work on and finish. I'll post them when I feel they're ready . . . if anyone's

interested. ... Continue»
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Wendy Sara and Eve part 4

Sara must be sore and tired after her first anal sex and first lesbian sex.
"Doug I know it's late and we're both tired, but can you come in and talk about tonight?"
"Sure Sara."
"Will you fuck Wendy Monday night?"
"Yes, is that OK with you?"
"God yes, I wish I could be there , Wendy is soooo sexy, but I have to work till 9."
"Maybe you could join us after work."
"I don't know besides I think I may need a night to recover from all the sex tonight!"
"You WERE the center of Wendy and my attentions tonight."
I hold Sara in my arms a stroke her body, She shudders a bit now and then. I kissed her.
"Doug did you fuck Wendy before tonight?"
"Yes, in fact after the first time I fucked Wendy she encouraged me to ask you out again."
"Really she did? That was nice of her. If she hadn't done that I would have missed out on the best sex of my life!"
"And the best of my life!.....She wants me to experience other women." Icuddle with Sara in my arms.
"How many women have you been with?"
"Four so far."
"Really you seem so experienced, I've been with 10 guys, including you and now one woman."
"Thanks again for tonight, I'm very glad that you were with me during my first time experiences."

I kiss Sara and have to run off to get some sl**p. Monday will be another interesting day.

I See Wendy at our morning break.
"Can you give me Sara's phone number and when can I reach her at home today?"
"Sure, Her shift starts at noon. She has Tuesday off."
"Thanks I plan to call her."

At noon Wendy and I go to our secluded spot.
"Doug I had intended to have you suckle my breasts again but we need to talk. I called Sara and asked to see her Tuesday night at her place. I wanted to see her alone, but she asked if it would be OK it you were there. Is that OK with you."
"Sure, I don't see why I shouldn't be there."
"Well I have some very intimate things to ask and tell Sara."
"I can always go into another room for a minute or two. Sara told me last night that she was glad I was with her Sunday night."

"....... So Doug, what did you think of my s****r, Ann?"
"Well like I said this weekend, she takes after her big s****r, she's very sexy and has a very hot pussy. But she does have kind of a harsh edge that comes across as aggressiveness."
"Really, I noticed that too. She told me that she wants a 1 on 1 with you in her bed, soon. She thought you were everything I told her that you would be and a bit more in the cuddle department."
"What about our threesome with Sara? I must say Sara was even sexier with her clothes off than I thought she'd be. I reeeeealy enjoyed her eating my tits and pussy and me eating hers."
"Wendy I was a little surprised by the anal action."
"God I've wanted Sara's ass from the first time I saw her! I hope she's OK. I had hoped to spend Tuesday night alone with her, but I'm thinking a Thursday to Saturday session will be even better. This will be just Sara and I, but don't worry I have a plan for you too."
"Sara told me last night that she wanted to see you again soon."
"That WILL happen..... I have a friend by the name of Eve, I've told her about you Doug and she is very anxious to meet you my sexy darling. Eve has short black hair, she's 24 and 5 ft 7in and weights about 130 lbs. Her breast and hips are both slightly larger than mine, about a 36C. She is an ophthalmologist so she's very smart but she also has Friday off. She is a very uninhibited sexually and fun in bed."
"Talking about me with other women again!"
"Doug, you my lover are a very popular subject in women's world because you are very good in bed! and I want every woman to know it!"
“I’ll be looking for the billboards!” We both laugh.

Wendy comes over to my place tonight. I gather her in my arms, she's giggling.
"What's so funny?"
"Doug, I stopped by the d**gstore and said hi to Sara. She said to say hi to you! She knew we'd be together tonight."
I caress Wendys breasts, "I told her I'd be with you tonight."
"Really, she's OK with that?" I slide my hand down to Wendy’s ass.
"She thinks I need more pussy experience too!"
"Well then its off to your bed darling!!"
We shed clothes as I take Wendy to my bed.
I push her down on the bed face up and roughly grab her tits. Wendy squeals "Doug!" as I hungrily attack her nipples. I slide my erect shaft into her wet pussy.
"Oh Darling, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I put her legs over my shoulders as I begin to thrust deeply into Wendy's hot, very wet, very exposed cunt. Her breathing is coming in gasps.
"Ohhhhhh, unnnn, AH, Ah, Oh deeeep, god I love your cock in my pussy! unnnnnnggggg, yesssss, uuuuuuunnnnnn!!"
Wendy leans back against the bed and grabs the sheets as her first orgasm rips through her.
"Oh god Doug, don't stop!" I continue to work my cock in her pussy. I love the feeling of her pussy pulsing around my cock when she comes, and tonight Wendy is going to cum a lot! After four more orgasms, Wendy first asks me to stop, but I don't, I bang her harder! and she has one of the most intense orgasms I've every seen! The skin on her shoulder and upper breasts turns red as her torso convulses with her orgasm. I have to give her my load as I can't hold back any long. Pulse after pulse of cum shoot into her. I happily spent and Wendy is gasping for air as I lay down next to her.
She rolls over and kisses me.
"Best ever my darling. How can you be better each time?" Wendy whispers in my ear then sucks my ear lobe.

We recover to fuck again. This time her ass gets my load.

On Tuesday Sara asked me to come over before Wendy comes by.
"Hi sexy Sara!"
"Hi honey, did you and Wendy have fun last night?"
"We did indeed, great fun!"
"Good I'm glad. I wish I could have joined you. I'd like to watch you and Wendy fuck a few times."
"I think you'll get your chance and Wendy can watch us fuck too!"
"Do you know what this is about?" I put my arms around her waist and pull Sara close.
"She said she wanted to be alone with you but you asked that I be here."
"Ya, I feel more comfortable with you here. I might ask you to go the the other room sometimes, is that OK?"
"Sure Sara. I want you to be comfortable with Wendy." I kiss her lightly but her tongue slides deeply into my throat. I slide my hands down her thighs and up to her damp crotch.
"God Doug, I want you!"
"Good cause I want you very much! I hope this doesn’t take all evening!" Then there is a knock at the door. Wendy is here!

"Hi Sara!" Sara embraces Wendy and kisses her. She lays her head on Wendy's shoulder for a moment before Wendy pulls her lips back to hers.
"Wendy please come sit here by Doug." Doug honey can you put your arms around me and just hold me for awhile?"
"I'll try." "You can touch my breasts but just caress me, please." I put my arms around Sara as she sits to face Wendy.
"Sara thanks for having me over. I think you are a very sensual and sexual woman and I want to get to know you on an very intimate level, is that OK?"
"Yes my dear Wendy I'd like to learn more about you too!"
"Sara, Sunday was quite an experience for you wasn’t it? You'd never had a lesbian experience before and then I took your cherry ass. How do you feel about that?"
"I wasn't entirely surprised by the lesbian part. I'd just had quite a fantasy about you the night before and Doug had asked me about lesbian fantasies. I was delightfully surprised at your delicate touch on my lips and pussy, you were almost like a butterfly to start but as my passion and yours built everything quickly got more intense. Doug needs to learn that he can be much rougher on my delicate parts when I'm very aroused!"
"Sara may I kiss you again?"
"Yes Wendy, please."

Wendy slides over to Sara and kisses her cheeks then her forehead then the tip of her nose before she moves to Sara's lips. Wendy and Sara play with each others tongues as I feel Sara's breathing increase. Wendy's breasts are brushing Sara's as she pulls Sara even closer. Sara breaks the kiss.
"Let's talk a bit more."
"Sara THAT was very nice by the way. Yes, Sara, I enjoyed going down on your pussy. Did you cum?"
"I came a little but I wasn't totally comfortable with the situation."
"You didn’t cum during the anal either did you?"
"No, that was a bit much for me, a strange mixture of pain and pleasure."
"Sara dear, I've wanted your ass from the first day I met you! Was it THAT painful?"
"It was a sharp intense pain at first but when the balls went into my anus the pain was very great. If Doug hadn't been playing with my pussy and clit, I don't think I could have taken more than two."
"But you did take all three and that impressed me alot."
"Sara, what did you think about watching Doug fucking me?"
"It was hot, I know what Doug does to my pussy! and it was very erotic to see what he was doing to you! AND how much YOU were enjoying it! He really pumped a ton of cum into your pussy! And it was sooo neat to see you cum!"
"Your kisses and caresses definetly helped too you know! As did seeing you watching!" the girls giggle.
"Wendy can I talk to you for a while alone?"
"Ok, ah, ah, Doug can you go into my bedroom for a while? Ah, I'll call if I need you."
"Ok I'll be there while you two talk girly things that you can't say in front of me, your lover!"

I kiss them both lightly then I go into the bedroom and close the door. I can hear Wendy and Sara talking but can't make out what they're saying. I occasionally hear giggling sometimes Sara but mostly Wendy or both of them.
Sara finally comes and knocks on the door.

"Still awake?" As she puts her arms around me. Her blouse is buttoned and her skirt is askew. There is lipstick on her cheek and all over her throat.

"Thanks, honey! Wendy and I really needed that time together. I feel much more comfortable with her now."
Sara takes my hand and we join Wendy in the living room. Sara sits on Wendy's lap and caresses Wendy’s breasts. Her nipples are fully erect!

"You were right he was awake!" Sara kisses Wendy lightly on the lips.
"So is Doug going to suffer while we spend Thursday night and Friday in bed together?"
"No, Doug has a date with a new girl Sara. I've set him up with Eve, a friend of mine."
"Eve, she better watch Doug's snake!" We all giggle.
"Wendy it is getting late and I want Doug in my pussy! So would you mind....."
"Not at all I'll see you at 7 Thursday night!"

Wendy gathers Sara into her arms as they embrace. Wendy closes her blouse before she come over and kisses me.

"Wendy, thanks!"
"Don't thank me, sexy Sara! You are amazing!"
Sara kisses Wendy goodnight and she leaves. I take Sara into my arms.

"Are WE ok Sara?"
"Absolutely Doug! just make me a deal and tell me about each of your bedroom conquests! Like Ann."
"Wendy told you about her s****r?"
"She told me that you left her very happy, and I know that glow that you give me!"

Sara undresses me and goes down on my erection. She strokes and strokes and sucks my cock deep down her throat. She plays with my balls when they start to move on their own! I'm about to cum for the first time down Sweet Sara's throat. The first pulse shoots into her mouth followed by several more. A little cum dribbles down her chin as she swallows my sperm. She starts going down on me again and very quickly I'm rock hard again. She slides her pussy over my cock and plunges onto it.
"Oh ggggggg, Sarrrrra, geeeeezzzz"
As I shoot again into her creamy vagina. She screams as she cums too.
"Doug I love you, and I love Wendy too! and I love your cock in my pussy!"

Wednesday I suckle on Wendy's breasts at noon. Then that evening, I lay Wendy on her dining room table and

eat her pussy for dinner. We both cum several times ending with Wendy having me shoot my cum over her breasts and I lick it off.

At lunch Thursday Wendy tells me a bit more about Eve. Wendy seduced Eve and they spent a wonderful weekend in Wendy's bed exploring each other very thoroughly. After a few dates though it was clear that Eve was looking for something Wendy didn’t have, a real cock! Wendy told Eve that I was great in bed, so I might expect an interesting evening. Wendy is getting together with Sara at Sara's. So leave them alone!

At the appointed hour I push Eve's doorbell. After a few moments the door opens and I see Eve for the first time. I take in a breath, Eve is breathtaking! Her black hair nicely frames an angelic face, Her plunging red blouse nicely shows off her cleavage and the upper portion of her breasts. She curves nicely down to a slim waist and very nice hips. She is wearing black slacks and flats.

"Hi, Doug? Please come in. I've been looking forward to our date tonight."
"So have I Eve."
"Please make yourself at home, Doug. Have you eaten?"
"I had a small snack earlier."
"Well perhaps I can make you a larger snack later? is that OK?"
"So you work in a different part of the office as Wendy. She is such a nice friend, and very sexy."

We make small talk for a while.I lean over and give Eve a light kiss on the cheek. She responds by kissing my lips. We hold each other lightly as our kiss slowly builds. I reach down to caress her breast and she brushes me away. Our kissing continues with tongue play, I lightly caress her breast again and her breathing increases. I increase the pressure of my caress and she pushes my arm away again. Our kissing continues and our breathing is rapid as we are both very aroused. Eve takes my hand and places it on here bare breast and
slides my fingers into her bra! Eve's been teasing me!

"Doug would you like to share a movie with me."
"Yes that would be fun." Eve puts a DVD in the player and sits next to me on the couch. I put my arm around her and kiss her cheek lightly. She put an arm around my neck and pulls me to her lips as the movie starts to the sounds of a couple fucking! It's a porno!

"Doug I chose this movie because I find you very attractive and sexy. Wendy gave you some very high compliments when she was telling me about you."
My tongue begins to explore Eve's mouth again and her neck. She takes my hand in hers and presses it against her breast again. I feel her nipple growing as I caress and kiss her. I reach behind and unzip her blouse. She pulls it over her head as I caress her thin silky bra. Her nipples at standing out as we kiss passionately and her had slides down to my crotch. She strokes me and I pull her hand up to my lips and kiss it.

"Eve, would you mind if we slow things down a bit. I want to explore your needs before we get into your desires."
"Oh I like that idea!" She turns off the movie as I pinch the clasp of her bra and remove it from her breasts. I kiss my way down Eve's sexy neck to her shoulders at first, before moving first to her breast and then to her nipple I kiss her nipple sucking it into my mouth. As I slowly release Eve's breast my tongue f***es her nipple against my teeth. Eve trembles a little as she places her hand behind my head and pushes my face into her breast as I tongue her nipple. I gasp for air.

"Eve please lay down on the couch over my lap."
Eve giggle, "Oh! I see you can reach and kiss nearly all of me like this, OHHHHHmmmm!" as I caress her damp crotch. I pull her head towards me so I can nibble on Eve's ear while my fingers slide down her sexy stomach and under the waist of her slacks.
"Woa!" I giggle in Eve's ear "No panties!"
"I figured why both since tonight would be a night for sex! Doug I love how you are fanning my flames!"
I slide my hand down to lightly caress her pussy lips. They are separated and I can stroke her inner lips since they are so engorged by her passion!
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Doug that is a very sexy touch you have!" as I separate her inner lips by just slightly entering her as I stroke her very wet pussy. i press my finger on one side of her pussy lips and then the other as my finger slowly and gently descends into her hot wet hole.
"Geeeeooood, that feels so wonderfulllll, so hotttt and i'mmm soooo whhhhet, unnnn, Ah, Ah, AHHH, OWWWWWWWWWWWW, GGGGG, uuuuuunnnnggg!!"
Eve's pussy erupts with her cuming. She grabs my hair and pulls me to her chest. Her other hand is crushing a pillow! I slow down slightly with the soft stroking and add first a second finger then a third as I increase the intensity and begin to finger fuck Eve deep into her vagina. Her head in tilted back and her mouth is open as her back arches her pussy onto my fingers. A quiet ahhh comes from Eve's throat as she summits her orgasm. Her hips and torso jump as she screams primally. My finger continue to work her pussy as she has a very intense orgasm. After three more, Eve is limp in my arms. I pull her lips to mine and she returns my kiss. She opens her sexy eyes slowly to look at me.
"Thank you. God thank you very much! and to think I was teasing you earlier! My boy friend Bill must watch you do that to me sometime very soon!"
I pull off Eve's slacks and begin to eat her pussy. She removes my shirt shortly before she cums again! I stand,
"Ok Eve time for your bed!" We kiss and embrace as she leads me into her bedroom. She undresses me completely.

"OK Doug, lay on the bed kickstand up," She giggles as she ties my arms to the corners of her bed, then spreads my legs as far apart as they will go before tying my legs down. She mounts me and slams her pussy roughly down onto my shaft! She repeats this several times very deliberately with quick slams up and down my cock, then a series of slow thrusts, then quick again! I'm dying to cum and finally she cums which triggers my orgasm.

Eve and I satisfy each others desires into the early morning Saturday.

The message on my phone from Wendy said to come by about 9:30 but be quiet as Sara is sl**ping a very well deserved sl**p. The door will be unlocked.
I open the door and step into Wendy's condo. I turn and lock the door as Wendy gives me the ssssssh sign.

She is wearing a silky rob loosely around her and nothing else as she embraces me.
"Darling how was Eve?"
"Great fun and sexy honey!" We whisper......
"We need to tell Sara about Seattle."
"Yep it's time, I'll have to leave in less than two weeks and you soon after to join me. I kiss Wendy's sexy cheek as I wrap my arm around her bare waist.
"How was Sara in her first lesbian one on one?"
"She was one hot woman! She had no problems cumming this time and neither did I! God that woman loves to eat tits and pussy."
I hear noises from the bathroom, must be Sara.

"There you are, with Doug too. I reach out for Wendy in her bed and she isn't there. I wanted some morning snuggles and sex like Doug and I usually have." Wendy looks at me and giggles.

"Sara get a cup of coffee and join us in the bedroom please."
"Ok, what's up? Oh of course that would be Doug!"
I hang back and as Sara gets her cup of coffee I slide my arm around her and kiss her.
"Morning honey!"
"Morning, how was Eve?"
"Very hot and sexy. Her cunt is not as tight as yours or Wendy's but she gets wetter."
"How was Wendy?"
"Delicious! I drank a gallon of her pussy juice last night! and it was soooo sweet to use THAT dildo in Wendy’s ass!"

I take Sara by the arm and lead her into the bedroom.
"Sara you sit in the middle of the bed, Doug you behind her hugging her breasts, that good"
Wendy sits in front of Sara and kisses her forehead.
"Sara, Doug and I have some news, in about two weeks Doug will need to fly to Seattle to meet his ship. I'll follow after a few days to join him on his ship. Sara is trembling a little.
"Wendy I knew he'd be going back to sea, I just wish it wasn’t so soon!"
"Well Sara we can extend our time together for a week or so if you come with me to Seattle. Think your boss will let you go?"
"He's really nice so I don't think it will be a problem."
"I was able to get first class tickets for our flight so we can be close. The stewardesses let you get away with anything in first. Maybe we’ll join the mile high club!"
"Doug, wendy, how long will the two of you be gone?" I was dreading that question. I hold Sara tight against my chest and nibble on her shoulder. We have to tell her!
"Sara, normally we go to sea for three weeks and are in port for a week. This time our first port is Yokohama so we'll be gone for 7 to 8 weeks." her body jerks at the news like she's been electrically shocked. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks. I knew that would hurt and it has!
"Really 2 MONTHS! Doug, Wendy I'll miss you guys sooo much!" Sara is sobbing now as Wendy holds her head in her arms.
"We do have some good news though, after 2 months, you'll fly to Hawaii to meet us. We can enjoy ourselves for a week but then Doug and I will be gone again for a month until we finally come into the West coast where our cruise ends."
Sara wails, 3 months, 3 MONTHS the summer will be over and I'll be a very horny wreck! I pull Sara back and she reaches to hold me as she sobs. After about 20 minutes it is all quiet. I'm laying next to Sara softly stroking her and Wendy is behind her stroking Sara's legs.

"Well it is, what it is. You two will be together. I'll be here all alone!"
"Not completely alone, you actually have lots of company between your sheets." Wendy explains how Sara will need to take over for her with her girl friends and some boy friends with intros starting Sunday night!
Wendy and I cuddle Sara until it is time for her to go to work. I walk her to the store then back to go home with Wendy.

Wendy and I spend the day fucking and she tells me what a wonderful anal sex session Sara gave her!

Author’s Note:
The stories in this series are:
Wendy part 1
Wendy and Sara part 2
Wendy Sara and Ann part 3
Wendy Sara and Eve part 4
And soon to arrive – Wendy and friends part 5

I thoroughly enjoy your comments, they inspire me and encourage me to write more.
Please check out my profile where you can find all my stories.

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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 13

I am not the author. I found this story on my old desk top. Original story name is 'F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 13

Glynn swallowed some whiskey and fought down a cough. The stuff burned and tasted crappy, but he figured he needed it, or something to jack up his nerve. No matter what his s****r said, he was still kind of edgy about his dad. But more than anything else, he wanted to be part of the upcoming action.

He and his old man, fucking mom and Lorena; Father and son, screwing mother and daughter--it was so far out that Glynn's mouth went dry and his heart beat faster at the idea.

s*s said that the old man wasn't jealous because Glynn had put the meat to mom's cunt, that he was made horny by the sight. Well, he was no hornier than Glynn, thinking about watching his father's shaft work all greasy and huge, in the hairy gripping of his mom's pussy.

And Lorena, she too had been turned on by it all, sexy as she was normally. Then what about his mother? She was going along with all this willingly, even now getting herself all sweet smelling and clean to make herself presentable to her husband. They hadn't screwed in several months, Glynn remembered, and should be eager as he had been, getting his first piece of ass from his s****r.

The bathroom door opened and his mother came out; there was a white towel across her svelte hips, and her heavy breasts bobbed enticingly, her long, lovely legs flashed sleek and smooth as she walked to the dressing table and sat down before the mirror. When she raised her arms to brush her flowing black hair, her tits stood out with long, dark nipples.

"You're very beautiful," he said, coming over to stand behind her. Seeing both their reflections in the mirror, he felt funny, since they were both naked, except for that towel across her lap and hiding her alluring pussy from view.

"You're beautiful, too," she said, smiling. "I feel like a school girl getting ready for her first big date, or like a bride on her wedding night. Except I'm lucky enough to have two grooms."

The whiskey burned in his belly, and he didn't seem as uptight now, watching her and hearing her husky voice classify him right in there with his father.
"How are we going to go about it, mom?"

The brush hissed in her perfumed hair, and her tits jiggled with a softly beguiling resilience.

"I really don't know, lover. There's no protocol for this sort of thing, is there? Tell me, Glynn, what would you like to do?"

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, standing so close that he could smell the flowery odors of her hair.

"Well, Lorena said dad was turned on by seeing you and me screwing like we were when she opened the door. I thought I could be with you first, after they come in. I mean, I'd like to put my cock to my mom's lovely pussy in front of them, let them see how much we love each other, and how well we fuck together."

She finished with her hair and began to apply makeup, brushing dark stuff on her eyelashes.

"That ought to make your father's big thing stand out. But didn't you say that you wanted to screw me right after he did, so you could feel his semen all hot and slidy in my cunt?"

Glynn shivered and ran one finger tenderly along his mother's bare shoulder, feeling the impossible smoothness of her unflawed skin, her radiant warmth.

"Yeah, I do. So I won't fuck you all the way. I just want him to watch you lift your legs and wrap me between them while your gorgeous ass wiggles back and forth and my prick slips back and forth in you. I want my dad to see that I can fuck you just as good as he can, even if he has got a bigger cock. He can see how you love my prick, how you grind on it and listen to you moan. Maybe you can tell him how it feels inside your cunt."

Her smile widened, and her eyes met his in the mirror.

"That's a sexy idea, describing the sensations of my son's hard young cock to my husband. It should run him right up the wall."

"He can put it to Lorena, if he wants to," Glynn went on. "But not until he comes. That ought to go in you, mom. When I see that he's coming, then I'll come over and wait to get my prick back in you while you're still hot and squirming."

She said throatily, "We'll do it, lover; it's a wonderful way to start the evening, and besides, I'm just as anxious to see your father squeeze all that huge meat of his into his daughter's small box. Your s****r must really love prick, to take so much of it"

"Oh, she does," he said. "She's very much like you, mom."

She stood up and tuned around.

"They might be awhile yet. Do you think it would spoil anything if we did some screwing right now? Would you have plenty left for later?"

Glynn swallowed, staring at the proximity of her mounded tits, at the nipples aimed like twin blunt spears at his face.

"Sure; I can go all night, with you."

"Then come over here," she said. "There's something I always wanted to do, and this is just the right time for it. Because your father's prick is so big, and because he was always kind of standoffish about any sort of deviation, I never even tried it with him. But now I'd like you to put it up me from the back, lover. You have a nice, slim cock that should fit all right."

She climbed up on the bed and put the upper part of her body flat against the sheet, mashing her tits down. Her lustrous ass poked up, and her thighs were pushed apart.
Glynn stared and whispered hoarsely, "You mean to fuck you in the ass?"

"Exactly, darling. If you play with my pussy, you can get your fingers slippery, and rub them over your sweet cock for some extra lubrication. Then shove it into my ass very gently, very slowly."

Heart pounding, Glynn got up behind her and fumbled into the hairy, damp nest of her cunt, running his fingers up and down the soft labia. Working two fingers into the hot gash, he probed with them until they felt slimy, then brought them out to rub over the head of his excited prick and down its hard shaft.

Carefully then, he steered the shiny head into the tiny ring surrounded by wiry black hairs, pressed its greased tip to the little puckered hole between the wonderfully molded cheeks. He pushed it cautiously, and felt the ring give slightly as a ripple of bliss moved through his taut body.

Her anus stretched some more at his pressure, and he held to his shaft, urging it into that heretofore untouched hole so he could fuck his adorable mother where she had never been fucked before. She hiked her ass back at him, rolled it gently, and helped the aching head of his cock penetrate. It inched inside the small ring, pushed slowly into the amazingly elastic tube, and he looked down to see the head vanishing inside her body.

She was very hot and tight inside, tighter than Jean's little pussy, narrower than his s****r's cunt. Softness clung to his rod as it moved inside, gripped his cock from the tip of the head down to the heavy root with a totally different feeling than her pussy had given to it.

Glynn panted and shoved it on home; his balls swung against the crisp, curly hairs of his mother's pussy from behind, and his hands stroked over her back, her cheeks, down around to feel the satin planes of her belly and the upper reaches of her humid cunt. Pulling back slowly, he felt her wiggle on his rod.

"Oh darling boy! You've got it all the way in, all the way up my ass. I love it, love it--so strange--stuffing me full, making me so hot--oh, put your hand on my pussy, dear. Right there--yes, yes!"

He stroked her as she humped her snatch against his hand, fed his oily shaft in and out of the narrow hot tubing, knowing he couldn't keep this up for long, feeling the good sensations already threatening to leap up from his balls.

She gasped: "Glynn--Glynn!" and he knew it was all right to let it go, that she was coming quickly, too. He fed the meat to her tight ass with stronger thrusts, burying the head deep within her body, raking his fingernails over her pussy, her belly, feeling her mound jump and vibrate against his palm as she reached climax.

The head of his prick flexed, trembled, and a heavy gout of semen spat from it, a torrent of come that washed her tube and bathed his shaft with the fiery liquid. They shuddered together, panting and moaning, until the hurricane of their emotions subsided and his balls stopped leaping upward.

He had fucked his mom in the ass; he had taken that cherry, been the first in there, and she had gone freakish over the screwing. There would be plenty more like it, he thought, and got the wild idea of maybe putting it to her from the back while his old man stuck it to her in front. That way, she would really be filled with pricks.

She eased forward, and his slippery cock worked out of the tight hold her ass had on it. There was only a little seepage of white stuff to hang like little pearls upon her pussy hair. Glynn sat back, catching his breath and holding his greasy rod.

"That--that was fantastic," his mother breathed. "It was all I hoped it would be, and more. Now I've had you in all ways, lover--pussy and mouth and ass."

Awkwardly, he climbed down off the bed and went to the bottle of liquor to drink sparingly from its neck and make a face.

"I hope they give us a few minutes more."

She came to her feet and went into the bathroom to tidy up. Never, he thought, would there be another woman like her. If he should get married someday, his wife had better be at least half the good fucking his mother was. His s****r was a great lay, too, so that meant any girl he married would have to be extra special in that department.

Putting the bourbon bottle down, he touched his cock and thought that his future wife would just have to move in with the f****y and become a part of it. His father would enjoy getting some fresh cunt from her, and with three chicks--four, if Jean Marks was still around--he and the old man could really have a ball. He could see himself, bringing home his bride and telling his dad, okay--you can fuck her now.

He sat down on the bed again, hearing water run in the bathroom sink where his mother was cleaning herself up. Lorena would probably get married someday, too. Maybe quicker than he would, since she was older. She'd have to clue in her husband about the f****y beforehand, though. Boy, he thought--the whole bunch of them ready to fuck at a minute's notice; husbands and wives and bl**d relatives. He wished now that he had a couple of other s****rs, younger ones that he and his father could teach to screw.

His mother came back into the room, high color in her cheeks, wearing the towel around her hips again.

He said, "You think I ought to put anything on?"

She shook her head. "I'm just a little embarrassed at your father seeing me naked with our son. I'll get over it before long."

"I used to worry about you seeing me with a hard on," he said. "I'd hide it best I could, but whenever I got to thinking too much about you, about the remote possibility of getting into your elegant pussy, I'd have to run upstairs. I sure jacked off a lot of times."

She sat on the edge of the bed, holding out a water glass.

"Pour me some nerve, lover? What a waste that was, you masturbating and me being so lonely. All that time, we could have been fucking. But we'll make up for the missed chances, darling. We have years and years stretching out ahead of us. Will you still want to screw your mother when she's a white-haired little old lady?"

He splashed whiskey into the glass.

"You bet; I was just thinking about bringing my wife home--the girl I'll marry someday, and setting her up for dad to lay. I'll never get tired of your pussy, mom. I love you too much."

"You're a fine boy," she said. "A nice guy and a wonderful lover, but I promise not to be jealous over the other girls that get to feel your lovely, hard prick. I'll just remember that I taught you much of what you know sexually, and your s****r showed you the rest--or is that twisted around? I'm a little nervous, dear."
He came over and stroked her hair.

"Don't be, mom. It's going to be terrific for all of us, I'm sure. Suppose you lie back and let me play with you while we wait for them? When dad and s*s come in, we'll be ready to start fucking."

She stretched out on the bed, the hotly sensual look on her face now, her lips red and damp.

"Take off this damned towel, please. And I hear them coming down the hall."
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 2a (the missing part)

After reading Mr22000 remarks I went back into the desk top again and found the missing part misfiled. My apologies. Again I am not the author and the original story name is 'F***ly Games.' Again thank you Mr22000 for making me search again!

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 2a (the missing part)

Lorena thought she had never seen anything so beautiful as her b*****r and the girl, naked together. She had come back too late to actually watch them screwing in the pool, but she knew they had. The look of love was upon them both, and their naked, dripping bodies were glowing with what they had just done.

"Maybe we'd better go in the house," she said. "Somebody could be looking down into the patio from the taller houses over there."

Her b*****r answered with a kind of strangled okay, and Jean smiled wickedly over a bare shoulder as she led the way back into the house, her small but shapely ass swinging seductively from side to side. Lorena followed them, thinking that she couldn't have done better than to bring those two together, Jean was always talking about how she was just about insatiable, that she loved to screw, and Glynn was getting started right.

But Lorena always knew what might have been a faint flash of jealousy. After all, he was her b*****r, and she had taken his boyish cherry. But a moment later, she knew how very foolish that was. If she loved Glynn, she wanted to see him happy, and if he was happy fucking the lovely little redhead, then she could only be happy, too, not jealous.

Besides, she was very interested in seeing him do it to her friend, and all excited about the prospect of joining them herself. Jean Marks turned in the middle of the living room and said, "Here, k**s?"

"Why not?" Lorena asked. "I locked the front door when I came in."

Glynn was staring at her, and she could feel his eyes licking hotly over her tits, so she let the wrap-around towel slide down and expose them. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her pussy was throbbing softly between her thighs. He said, "You really want to join us, s*s? I mean – screw with us?"

"I really want to," she answered. "I never did this before, either, but I'm sure we can work it out and ball."

"Oh yes," Jean breathed heavily. "This ought to be a wild scene for everybody. Oh wow."

Jean had such a beautiful body, Lorena thought; it was so modeled, every tiny curve exactly in place and tantalizingly shaped, the pale white skin flawless and silken. She dropped her towel the rest of the way and let her own body gleam nudely for them.

Bigger than Jean, with different coloring and different shapings, she was just as firm, just as pretty in a sexy design of her own, and the look she caught in her b*****r's widened eyes told her so. She smiled at him, and at the erect pole of his long, slim cock. The boy had just dipped that hard shaft into the red-haired pussy over there, but he was ready to go again.

Funny, she thought, but she wasn't at all embarrassed. It seemed so natural and right that they share their bodies with each other, if that was what they wanted.

"You're really beautiful," Jean Marks murmured.

"Yeah," Glynn agreed, his eyes raking her from head to toe, seeing her snatch, the hard points of her tits. She thrust her groin forward for him, spreading her thighs just a little.

Nobody had ever turned her on like her b*****r; nobody had ever done such a wonderful job of fucking her, and Lorena suspected that they were just beginning to explore and understand the mysteries of each other's bodies.

And there was Jean – ah, yes, Jean of the miniature body so wonderfully shaped; Jean who had been so open about seeking new sexual thrills. Was it bad to look at another girl's body and get excited? Lorena didn't know about that, only that she was stimulated as she had seldom been before.

Jean said, "You were right, Lorena; your b*****r has a wonderfully hard prick. I wish I had a b*****r like him."

"Be my guest," Lorena said, moving closer so that she could bring her belly next to Glynn's.

Their thighs brushed, and she pressed against his cock, pushed it up between their bellies. It was long and round, next to her skin, and she could feel the hungry pulsing of the organ, as if it were about to demand she do something to soften it.

Her nipples dug into his chest, boring hotly there, as insistent as his prick was. Glynn's hands slid over her hips, caressing, and he said, "I still can't believe I'm so lucky."

Lorena kissed him, softly at first, then with an avid fury that thrust her tongue over his own and as far back into his mouth as she could reach. They rolled their nude bodies together, and their hands were everywhere, fondling and cupping, stroking and petting. Their breath mixed hotly, and she found that she was making sensual, thrusting motions with her crotch.

Gasping, she backed away from him, conscious of the new lubrication that was making her pussy oily inside, that was bringing little drops of warm dew to glisten along the cunt lips and among the curly pubic hairs. "Oh wow, Glynn. I could take it standing up like this, but there's Jean…"

Jean came to them, putting a small hand on each of their shoulders.

"To share with, darlings. Look – neither of us wants to be disappointed right away, although I think that Glynn here could go all day, if he wanted. Sa what do you say we – you and me, Lorena – stretch out on the floor here, so that he can take turns."

Lorena stared. "You mean, screw us in turn?"

"Not all the way, baby," Jean grinned. "I mean he screws one of us awhile – without coming – then the other; taking turns that way. Of course, when he has to come, then he can just let it go into whoever he happens to be fucking at the moment."

"That sounds groovy," Lorena agreed. "Glynn?"

"Oh hell yes," he grinned. "Man, oh man! Dipping my wick into two beautiful cunts. one right after the other. I'm liable to flip right out."

Holding hands, Lorena sank to the carpet with the other girl, little hot waves of anticipation skipping madly up and down her spine. It was all so wild, so unreal; all her sexual fantasies were coming true, one at a time.

She didn't have to worry now about how Mom and Dad were getting along, didn't have to feel the antagonism between her parents heavy in the air. She was being loved; she was loving, and the outside world didn't count against that.

The nap of the rag tickled the cheeks of her ass as she sat down, caressed her spine as she lay back, still holding hands with Jean Marks. The other girl's foot rubbed hers and made it tingle. Eyelids fluttering, Lorena looked up and saw her b*****r kneeling between her outspread legs.

Glynn was staring down at her pussy, the fingers of his right hand wrapped around the white column of his cock. It was the first way she'd seen that wondrous prick, since they'd both grown up, when he was masturbating it. The head glowed lavender and it was bluntly pointed; she could see the veins throbbing beneath the shaft, and her eyes briefly touched the sack of his down-hanging balls.

"You first," Glynn said. "You don't mind if my cock-head is still a little sticky from going off inside Jean's pussy?"

"N-no," Lorena answered hoarsely, "I don't mind."

She was shaking inside and out, fascinated by the glistening drop of whitish fluid that dangled from the very tip of her b*****r's cock.

She was also crazily turned on by her hip touching Jean's, by the other girl's softly throbbing presence. Lorena glanced quickly over at her friend, and saw the nipples of the girl's tits standing high and hard, saw the deepness of the green eyes focused upon her own.

"Fuck him hard!" Jean breathed, and squeezed Lorena's hand.

Lorena flinched when her b*****r reached down to caress her hips. His hands ran lightly and teasingly over her belly, barely touched her pussy, then stroked over the extremely sensitive insides of her trembling thighs.

He said to her: "You're so beautiful, s*s! I almost came just looking down at your cunt. Your pussy hair is so deep and thick, and I can see the lips kind of pouting out through the curls."

Glynn touched a fingertip to her labia, and Lorena's hips rolled in immediate reflex. He fondled her dewy cunt lips, tickled into the hairs around her ass, and she heard him catch his breath. Then his finger slid inside her body, feeling around within the tight, hot gripping of her vagina. She gasped as it went in to the knuckle, as the round length of it massaged gently across her stimulated clitoris.

"D-darling," she breathed. "Oh Glynn – I'm so hot I can't wait. Please…"

When he set the pulsing end of his swollen cock-head into the giving hairs of her pussy and pushed it down so that it kissed the hot, wet lips, Lorena clamped down hard on Jean's hand, and her left leg lifted to coil itself sinuously around the other girl's leg.

"So hot," she murmured, her eyelids fluttering, "so very hot inside my pussy…"

"Here," her b*****r said, and shoved the head of his strong young prick into the hungry lips of her steamy cunt. It spread them apart, slid long and round between them, up into the pit of her vagina, up and up until she felt the marvelously soft sack of his balls come to rest in the cleft of her ass.

Head turned aside, she said to Jean Marks: "It's all the way up my pussy, so long and hard. Oohh – I love it; oh, how I love my b*****r's prick!"

Jean turned on her side, rubbing her leg along Lorena's, now able to press the twin mounds of her firmly molded tits into Lorena's shoulder. The piquant face was very close, and so appealing, the deep green eyes smoldering, the pink lips parted in damp invitation.

As Glynn began to stroke his cock within the confines of her shuddering snatch, Lorena did the most natural thing that occurred to her: she kissed the other girl's beckoning mouth. The lips were soft and tender, trembling against her own, and the little hot tongue darted questingly into her mouth where her own tongue met it with consuming passion.

Her b*****r's breath panted hotly into her ear, and his hands took a grip upon the rolling of her hips, pinning them down for a long, conquering moment as he jammed his cock home to the hilt again.

"Uhhh!" Lorena grunted into the other girl's avid mouth, and shivered to the feel of Jean's hands when they started to caress the heavy tenderness of her swollen tits.

It was wild and insane, but her heart threatened to tear out of her chest with crazy leapings of joy, and her lower body moved in sinuously thrusting happiness as her pussy contracted and rode up and down the greased pole of her b*****r's cock. To be fucked by him, of all people, to be screwed by her very own b*****r, while another girl kissed her and played with the rigid nipples of her aching tits – this was all out of the world, so far out she hadn't really imagined it before.

Lorena let herself go, bit down lightly upon the other girl's lips and used her own hands to discover the textured shapings of Jean's breasts. She rocked upon the pistoning cock that moved so steadily and powerfully inside her gripping cunt, reveling in every move of the meaty rod, loving every tiny vein along its length, every miniscule bump and pore of the slippery skin.

She was loved, loved, adored in duplicate and who was to say it was wrong to love one of your own sex? Certainly not anybody who didn't even know how to love on their own; certainly not her mother and father.

Only her beloved b*****r with the steadily surging prick shoved up her pussy; only this gorgeous little girl whose tits felt so wonderful – only Lorena herself, screwing so wonderfully, churning her cunt around the now hammering cock; these were the only people who had any say-so over what they wanted to do, what they needed to do. For each other and to each other.

"s*s – oh wow, s*s! You're so hot and juicy – your cunt is just eating up my prick – oh – ahh – I'm coming, darling. I'm coming!"

With a last, twisting thrust, Glynn shoved his meat far up her pussy, and she felt the head of it bumping her womb, felt the wet slap of his balls in the crack of her ass. Her vagina vibrated strongly around his glans as her b*****r began to come, as he started to shoot the essence of his heaving testicles up inside her snatch.

His hotly bubbling semen splashed against her cervix, flooded boiling into the cup of her cunt, soaking the clinging tissues of her vaginal walls. Lorena flexed her cunt around the embedded cockhead, and when she gave another long, sensuous gyration of her crotch on the shaft, knew her own orgasm as it came rising swiftly from the epicenter of her thrumming clit.

"Umm, umm!" she moaned, her mouth held captive by Jean's, her tongue curling and uncurling with the other girl's. Her belly hammered at her b*****r's pelvis, and she sucked upon Jean's lips while the waves of ecstasy roared throughout her pussy.

Warmly, she swam in a slow river that carried her through undulating curves of soft, sweet flesh, that bore her upon its breast; that yet somehow held her impaled upon the penetration of the adored shaft. Lips nibbled her cheek, her ear, and gentle hands manipulated the cones of her tits; Lorena lay relaxed and limp, unable to remotely imagine any better feelings, any more wondrous place than this moment in enchanted time.

"Terrific," Jean Marks said softly. "I never saw anyone screwed before, and its terrific. Especially when I know I'm going to take that same great prick, in a few minutes."

Slowly, Lorena came back to the world. With some regret, but with more interest, she turned over onto one side, so that she could face the girl. When she made the move, her b*****r's cock slipped from the wet glove of her cunt. She felt its head leaking, and sensed the sticky trail of semen left across the inside of one thigh.

"Can I do anything – anything special?" she asked Jean.

The redhead sat up, her neat little tits bouncing. She smiled and said, "I'd like to ride Glynn this time – that is, if he can go again soon."

"Sure," Glynn said. "Just give me time to catch my breath, and I'll be ready again."

"Isn't he amazing?" Jean asked, coming to her knees and grinning fondly at her new lover.

"That he is," Lorena agreed, for her b*****r was much better than both the lovers she had known, and so ready to screw again, after such a short time between fucks. He was amazing, all right, and very, very special. She would give him anything he wanted, all he needed or craved or desired, no matter how far out his newly awakened sexual tastes might become.

They were all each had – besides a friend like Jean here; if they clung together, gave all they had, took all there was to receive, then what power could separate them?

Not their parents. Lorena would not allow that, now.
... Continue»
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My story. The forth and final part….whewww

My story. The forth and final part….whewww The trip to LESBOLAND

I’m sorry the trip took four parts. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to tell you all. I have to leave for a little while so I thought I’d finish with the last chapter this soon after posting the third part just to be sure you remembered me.

If you all like, I will add more details when I get back…… xxxxxx Lori aka Roberta

Susan’s beach name was Susan. She didn’t know anything about beach names. She had been going to the nude beach now for two or three years and never actually sat and chatted with anyone. She did not know about peeing in the surf or the dunes. She did what she was supposed to do and that was walk back a half mile and use a toilet. And wash her hands after she was done. She showed up after 9oo:am and left before the evening rush hour. She did not know about the free beach passes you would get for showing up early before 7:00am. She was a loner and although she said she liked it like that it made her sad. She lived alone and owned her own home in a rich suburb of Somerset Hills New Jersey.

I had been passing Susan on the beach now for two years, I can’t say I ever once remembered seeing her. Later on she told me she was watching me all that time. Not a stalker, but watching. She later said she envied my informal manner, my loud outbursts of laughter and the mysterious ways I would wander up and down South Beach or snuggle behind a wind screen, It was all news to me.

Susan is a bit older than me, a way lot smarter and a lot better bred. She came from a wealthy f****y of doctors and lawyers, graduated from a real college and had a Masters degree in Chemistry. She was a chemist with a large (really large) pharmaceutical firm in central Jersey and had since been promoted to an executive position there. She still wore a white lab coat once in a while but the extent of her working with chemicals was limited to board rooms and advertising agencies. She made a huge salary and the only way she was like me was she had Fridays off. I knew none of this before.

On the other hand, I barely made it out of community college. I was one lousy credit away from an ‘associate degree in building construction’… I thought I wanted to be an architect. But that was before I found out women made lousy architects and before I realized I was not bright or motivated. And the credit I was missing was because I never turned in an essay for English 201. Shit, I feel like printing this one out and mailing it in to Union College and saying: “Here, remember me? Stick this essay up your ass and mail me my degree you fuckheads!” lol ….. Of course, Susan would never, ever think of saying anything like that, but later she said that was what she liked about me. But I did not know that then.

I was a construction estimator for a concrete company back then. I would go out after the salesmen closed a deal and measure the job and estimate time and materials and then be the go-between between the customer and the construction boss. I wore kaki shirts and black shorts and hi-topped work boots. The construction guys called me “puss-in-boots”.

Most of our work was around those same big mansions and Mc’Mansions that I saw as a k** with my dad. I still did not live with big paving stone patios and barbecue pits, pools and five car garages…….only now I took part in building them. Susan liked that. But I did not know that then.

Susan was a natural redhead (like my aunt) and had beautiful white breasts with raspberry colored nipples. She had soft milky white skin with the few perfectly placed freckles. Her butt was just a tad larger and softer than was perfect for the times. But it was perfect for the 1950’s. She preferred a more formal way of dressing for work with skirts and slips and blouses and scarves. She was my aunt reincarnated. But I knew none of this then.

I probably never noticed Susan before this year because she had a perfect tan (not the beautiful milky white I love) but a perfect fake tan! One of her company’s big money makers to come was a ‘spray tan’. It was not on the market yet, but Susan was ‘testing’ it out. She was the person in charge so that was easy for her. And what better place than a nude beach to test a fake tan?. She always had a fascination with the thought of going nude, so this was her idea. I’m sure there was more to it than that but that was good enough reasoning for her.

When I first noticed her she was milky white again. It was the spring of the year on a really nice Friday afternoon.

I had walked the length of South Beach following dozens of other walkers and passing dozens walking the other way. I was thinking about Amyee from the year before. And thinking about Ed and little Ed who were now long gone. I was thinking about penis and the gay guys standing with erections talking to one another and the women spreading their legs as men passed by and all the guys sitting on beach towels jerking off and thinking no one noticed them. I was horney and sad at the same time. I was aroused and depressed at the same time. I was happy to be naked and proud of my walk but ashamed of my thoughts. I was confused, I missed my parents but hated them for deserting me years before. I was glad I had the experience with Dawn and Amyee but concerned why I had these feelings. I wondered why I did not like men……or bozo annoying men at least. And I had to take a leak. I had no intention of sitting in the surf and no desire to ‘exhibit’ . I was really, really depressed. Eventually, all the people I was following had already turned and were walking back the other way to the main beach. I was the last person still walking South. I was almost to the next beach and it would not be too good to continue to a ‘textile’ beach while naked.

This was a good time to stop, take a pee and walk back the other way. I stopped and sat along the little cliff. I had no towel to sit on but I’d take a little splash in the ocean when I was done if I was too sandy. But then I noticed there was a woman, a very white, red haired woman still walking up the beach behind me. She was still two hundred feet away. I could see she was carrying a beach towel and a bottle of suntan oil. I tried to pee but the flow would not start. I guess it was that same old ‘can’t-do-it-when someone- is-in-the-room’ mental block. I would let the woman pass, obviously she was looking for a place to set down, (probably a little further down the beach) and sunbathe. I would pee after she passed. But she did not pass. She slowed down her pace before she went by me. She pretended she was looking at sea shells. She took a few more steps and was almost in front of me. She was wearing a thong. A thong before they were really popular. A thong that was waaaaaay too small for her ass. With a bigger butt, the thong makes it look even bigger. But, Oh my God… so sexy. At least to me. She stopped about 20 feet before she was directly in front of me. She picked up another shell. She turned, and bent over and picked up another. She glanced at me but did not acknowledge me. She stepped back and dropped her towel in the dry sand and dropped her sun block on the towel. She pushed her thong down and stepped out of it. And flipped it onto the towel with her toes. She went back to the waters edge and bent over to pick at another shell. She was beautiful! A power rushed over me in a wave of heat, I was dizzy. She had milky white skin and beautiful white breasts and raspberry nipples and red hair and was perfectly ‘kempt’ with a perfect butt (at least to me) and she was loitering and bending and crouching now not twenty feet away.

What was she thinking? What was she doing? Before I realized it, I was peeing. A strong powerful arc straight out in front of me. I guess I relaxed or something inside of me let loose, I have no idea. She was watching me. She moved closer, and only watched. She crouched down not 10 feet in front of me. Neither one of us said a word or changed the expression on our faces. When I was done I squeezed hoping just a little more would come out. I did not want the feeling to end. But it did end. I wanted so bad to touch myself. But I wanted more to touch her, And more still for her to touch me. OH MY GOD I thought, puuleeease touch me! I want to touch you, I want to kiss you and rub you and ………..well you know the picture. Susan stood up, smiled and walked right up to me.
“I’ve wanted to meet you now for two years” she said. “Really” was the only thing I could mumble. “ I have been watching you and I adore your shape and your attitude” she said.. We talked for five or ten minutes and I have no idea what we said. I was dizzy. She went back the twenty feet or so and got her towel and sun block and returned to where we were sitting and flipped her towel open.. “Here, sit” she said as she sat on the towel and patted the spot next to her. She had a firm authoritive voice, but a beautiful voice. I started to move and as I raised to my knees she brushed the sand off my back, and my butt. And spent more time brushing my butt and the back of my legs. Her hands were warm and soft. I was still reeling and I was dizzy. We talked a little more. She told me how she watched me walk last year and where I sat and who I talked to and how she saw me pee and how she was fascinated with my free style and ,,,,and it just swarmed in my head. She was so sure of herself, and so beautiful. She was rubbing sun block onto my back and onto my neck and on my shoulders. Her hands were warm and tender and firm. And she was doing my arms and my chest and my breasts and my nipples. OH MY GOD… once again I thought I was in heaven. That felt sooooooooooo good. I felt like I was going to melt. “Do me” she said and handed me the tube of sunblock. I did her breasts first. And spent what seemed like minutes on her beautiful raspberry nipples., and the sides of her breasts and her underarms and her chest and her neck.
People were still walking the beach but most turned and walked back the other way before they reached us. But some were going to or coming from the textile beach to the South so we paused as they passed. We did not touch one another, or talk as they passed by . We just sat quiet. But after they passed we touched even harder. It is very difficult for me to explain to you. I guess unless you have been there yourself you would not understand. Remembering what happened and writing it down is almost as erotic as when it happened for me.

I am wet now. Soaking wet! I feel like a teenager on my first date where someone is stroking my crotch. I am aroused, I can feel myself swelling up and warm liquid oozing out between my soft, but erect lips. My panties are soaking wet and slippery, I slip my finger beneath my panties and touch myself; and feel the wetness and the warmth and bring my fingers to my face and I can smell the gentle odor of myself, and the taste, the warm soft slippery taste of me……………….egg drop soup from the Chinese Restaurant take out. I have always thought Egg Drop soup smells, feels and tastes like my own pussy! Or Susans pussy, But I did not know that then. Or at least right then.

Holy shit!....did I say that? Whoaa, sorry! But it does.

Susan and I rubbed each others nipples and softly held each others breasts for god knows how long. We did not kiss. We did not scream out and moan like in all the fake videos. We did not say a word. We did not even sigh. She put her hand flat over my crotch and ran her fingers between the beach towel on the sand and my pussy lips. I did the same to her as she knelt in front of me. Were both wet…. Super wet! I felt her finger go up into me and I did the same to her. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t explain it. I could feel the ridges inside her, her warmth, her hotness actually, her tightness and her contractions. We just stayed there, her kneeling in front of me and me sitting on the towel just hiked a bit to give her hand the freedom it needed to penetrate me, I could feel her finger moving around inside me. And then………and then I felt like I exploded from the inside out. One hundred times more that the best orgasm I ever had that time watching Dawn. I could not stop shaking.
It is impossible to explain the feeling. At the same time I felt a whoosh of warm liquid rush over my wrist and forearm from deep within Susan, She said nothing. I said nothing. We did not scream and moan like in the videos. We just held one another and squeezed one another. When it was over I was compelled to hold my hand over my face and mouth and nose and smell her and taste my fingers…………..ohhhhhhhhhh my god!
I almost can’t go on telling you the rest. I had to stop and dry myself off and fix another drink… a gin and tonic with mint leaves….. If I were a straight young woman this is the time I would say FUCK ME… fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fuck me with the biggest cock in the room. Ahhhhh, but I am not straight and I am no longer young.

Susan and I walked back to the main beach. By the time we got there we were acting like just two friends. We exchanged phone numbers and met for dinner at the Bridgewater Mall a few nights later. We kissed in the parking lot when we left.
I left as a lesbian.

We dated and someday, if you like I will tell you about those dates.
I rented my condo out and moved into Susan’s house. We lived there for seven years as a couple. And then one day I realized she was an executive and I was a shit schmuck. She had tired of me. It was no longer fun. It was inevitable. I moved to Arizona (probably thinking about Ed but I never knew his last name so that was silly.) I have been here in Arizona for a few years and love it. But no Ocean! Dammit
I finally sold my condo back in New Jersey so I am heading back there to clean it out and close……..I will be gone for a few weeks.
This was my story………………………..Lori ( Roberta!)

... Continue»
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 3

I am not the author. Found this story on my old desk top. The original name of the story is "F***ly Games" Part 3 I feel might be a little slow. However, I feel it picks up steam after this. I'll be posting 4 & 5 right away.

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 3

Glynn heard his parents come home, because they were arguing about something the minute they hit the door. He pushed aside the book he had been reading, slipped on his robe and went downstairs to raid the fridge. He was hungry, and grinned at the idea of stoking up his strength again. It had been a long day, and the most groovy one of his life; too bad it had to end so soon.

There had been the swinging with his s****r and Jean, all mixed up as he dipped his cock into one fine pussy after the other. It had been hot, wild and crazy, and he popped his nuts so many times that he was weak in the knees. But that didn't matter; he was young and strong and recovered quickly.

As he went into the kitchen, his father cut short whatever he'd been saying, but by the look on the old man's face, Glynn knew the argument was just starting. ‘Why the hell couldn't they stop hacking at each other.’ he wondered. ‘They must have dug each other once, and should be able to make it again, if they would only try.’

His mother said, "Want me to fix you a sandwich, dear?"

"He's big enough to take care of himself," his father said.

"Sure," Glynn agreed. "I'll just grab a bite and get out of your way."

"You're not in the way," his mother said.

His father grunted, "Oh for Christ sake," and tilted up a can of beer to drain it.
Feeling stiff and awkward, Glynn dived into the refrigerator and took a chunk of cheese and a bottle of milk.

"Sit right there and finish your snack," his mother ordered. "I won't let your father drive you out of your own kitchen."

Glynn sat down and watched his dad slam out of the room; in a moment, he heard the tinkle of ice into a glass, and knew his father was at the little bar in the living room.

"Mom," he said, "I wish you guys wouldn't fight over me."
Her smile was soft and a little sad. "It's not exactly over you, dear. It's more like a habit we've gotten into."

He saw that she had been drinking, too; there was a laxness around her mouth, and she was just a little careless about how she leaned over. Glynn could see the rounded top moundings of his mom's big, high tits as she bent to straighten out her stockings.
‘Damn, he thought; a guy could lose himself between those fine, firm boobs.’ and for the first time, let his mind run free with the images that he'd so often crowded into the far corners of his head.

‘Man, oh man!’ A couple of years ago, his mother had brushed those tits against him, and he'd felt the burning of those heavy nipples right through the thin robe she had been wearing. He had jacked off in the bathroom, ideas running riot in his mind about fondling them, maybe even kissing and sucking on them. That time, his semen had exploded before he could catch the sticky stuff in toilet paper, and he had to clean it off the floor.

He blushed when his mom straightened up, but couldn't pull his eyes away from her lifted skirt. She was still fooling around with the stocking on her left leg, and his eyes followed her hands as she stroked up over the silken knee, up along the swelling of her sleek, long thigh.

Her legs were so long, tapering just so, and he got one magic, too- quick glimpse of the edge of her frilly panties before she dropped her skirt and cut off his view. Glynn shuddered slightly, his head reeling as he contemplated the juiciness of the forbidden treasure snuggled so enticingly there between the soft, full thighs of his mother's wonderful legs.

‘How the hell could his old man pass that up?’ He knew they hadn't been sl**ping together for months now, ever since his dad moved into the extra bedroom. That meant that neither of them was getting any fucking, although his dad could very well be playing around on the side. But his mother was usually home, and Glynn didn't quite see her as laying anybody in the neighborhood.

It was an idea, though, and he thought more about that as she began to tidy up the kitchen. His eyes clung to the curves of her delectable ass as she moved, seeing the way her skirt caressed the molded flanks, how it dipped sometimes into the hidden crack of her buttocks. Maybe his mom was getting really frustrated, and she needed a man. With a sexy body like that, and the way she moved, all sensuous and kind of ready, she had to be a wild, hot piece of cunt. It was a shame to see it going to waste.

Glynn bit into the cheese, and gulped his milk. He was conscious of the fact that his well-used cock was beginning to rise beneath his robe. ‘Did his father have a bigger one? Probably.’ he thought, the old man was a big, burly guy, and probably had a prick to match the rest of him, and although Glynn had sometimes wondered about that big thing being shoved into his mom's fine pussy, he had always pushed the idea quickly away in shame.

Now he rolled it around in his head, enjoying the feel of his thoughts. He was trying to picture his dad crawling between his mother's long, slim legs, trying to see what that gorgeous pussy really looked like, all curling hairs deep and rich, with the wet, pink lips peeping out shyly, eager for the first touch of the cock-head.

Glynn's prick throbbed painfully, and he crossed his legs to keep it quiet. Maybe he wouldn't dare think the way he was, if he hadn't already screwed his s****r. But now he wondered if that was any different than fucking his mother.

Lorena was a lovely, hot fuck, and he was glad she had been the one to technically get his cherry. He was a lucky guy, and loved his s****r more, because they had shared their bodies. Could he love his mom more, the same way, if he was ever so lucky as to get into that marvelous, deep cunt?

The cheese was gone, and so was the milk, but he didn't want to leave right away. His mother was sneaking another nip of whiskey from the bottle that was kept hidden in the cupboard, away from the bar. Glynn ran his eyes over her back, lingering at the shapeliness of her ass. He'd give anything to snuggle up to that tempting pair of cheeks, to nudge his hard prick in between them, maybe bend it down so that it could slide between her thighs, slide wetly along those tickling pussy hairs, feeling the heat of her cunt lips, feeling the beautiful enchanted softness there.

She turned around then, and he fumbled with the empty milk carton, blushing again. When he looked up, she was eyeing him intently.

"Anything the matter, dear?"

"N-no, mom; guess I'd better get up to bed."

"Kiss me goodnight, Glynn."

No matter how he tried, he couldn't keep his hard cock from touching his mom's belly. She had her arms around him, pulling him close, trying to gain some kind of comfort from him, and he was embarrassed when his meat thumped against her body.

But her lips were warm and damp, and she kissed him right on the mouth, holding the kiss longer than usual. It made him highly uncomfortable, especially since his own arms had automatically slipped around her lithe, slim waist, and now he was feeling the tantalizing softness of her tits as they flattened against his chest.

Glynn managed to break away, flustered and shaken, and caught his mother looking quizzically at him. He fled when she said something, not catching anything but the wondering tone of her voice.

‘Oh wow!’ he thought. He'd almost blown it that time. Hurrying up the stairs, he scooted into his s****r's room without knocking, and clicked the latch behind him.
Her bed lamp was on, and her body was outlined by the sheet; light spilled over her honey blonde hair and she looked very good.

"Something the matter?" she asked.

"They're fighting again," he said, coming over to sit down on the edge of her bed. "Both of them are drinking, and when mom made me kiss her goodnight, I got a hard on. I'm sure she felt it against her belly. Wow, s*s--I damn near freaked out."

Lorena touched his hand. "After all that good screwing today, you can still get hard? Does mom turn you on that much?"

He swallowed, and looked down to where the head of his hard cock was working its way out from the fold of his robe. "Yes."

"The same way I turn you on?"

He nodded. "Maybe even more! I mean, I love you s*s, and I dig the fucking you taught me. I guess I'll always love you more than any other chick I get to screw, because we're closer. But mom--well, I've been dreaming about her for years, only I never came right out and admitted it to myself before."

Lorena nodded and stroked his hand. "I know, Glynn. I always had the same thing for dad! Dreams and wild ideas. But I never thought beyond the dreams--until now."

He stared at his s****r. "What do you mean?"

Her hand drifted along his arm and dropped down on his cock. Gently, she felt the head, running her fingers lightly over its throbbing bulb.

"I mean, maybe this is the way we can make them stop working on the divorce, and stay with each other."

Glynn peeled off his robe and his prick sprang free and stiff into his s****r's softly teasing hand. "I don't understand-"

She wrapped her fingers tightly around his rod and massaged it tenderly.

"If I can somehow get dad to fuck me--and oh how I want him to do that!--then maybe I can hold him here, in our house. I mean, if he digs fucking me as much as I know I'll enjoy being screwed by him, then he won't want to leave, even if he's still mad at mom."

Glynn eased toward his s****r, and she pulled him lightly along the way, flipping back the sheet with her other hand to expose her fine young body with the dark blonde hair crisp at her mound.

"Yeah," he said, "I see what you mean, but what will hold mom?"

Lorena slipped her hand down his shaft to cup his swollen balls.

"You!" she said.

Glynn drew in a deep and noisy breath. "Wow! You mean--somehow you get dad to screw you, and I somehow get this into mom's terrific pussy-- and--but how, s*s? How the hell are we ever going to manage all that? They might slap us silly, or think we freaked out, or call the cops, even."

She shook her head and lifted her upper body so that her tits almost reached the head of his cock.

"I don't think so. Look--they're both hitting the bottle pretty heavy, and I think they're both really frustrated, not screwing each other anymore. If we can get them to loosen up and fuck us, instead, it's only a logical step from there to having them back together. I mean, they'll both be a little guilty about what they're doing, and so they'll be nicer to each other."

"Yeah," he breathed, his heart beating quickly at this new idea, "and if we can work it right, maybe we can get them in a tangle like you and I had with Jean today! That way, they'll get so hot they'll have to fuck each other again!"

"Great!" Lorena said, and pressed his hard shaft between her tits. "But we can't screw it up by doing things too fast. Tomorrow night, they have to stay home and work on the property settlement. I heard dad say so this morning. That means we can help them get smashed, and--well, then I'll go crawl into dad's bed, and you can make out with mom."

Glynn felt the silken smoothness of his s****r's tits along his rigid cock, and lifted his hands to stroke her hair. "So tonight--"

"So there's still the rest of tonight," Lorena said softly, "and I never did any of those things I saw in your books--not yet. I want to do them with you, Glynn. I want to eat you."

He shuddered when she dipped her face to plant a kiss upon the pulsing head of his swollen prick.

"Are you sure you want to? I mean--"

"I want to," she insisted. "How else am I ever going to learn?"

Glynn spread his knees and straddled his s****r's hips. He caressed her head gently as she began to lick over his cockhead, as the darting flicks of her hot, wet tongue sent electric jolts up his backbone. She was going to suck him off! It was finally going to happen to him, and he welcomed it with all the pent-up lust he had.

Slowly, she slid her mouth over the end of his prick, taking in the entire head. His fingers stroked the shaft and cuddled his balls, while her lips worked up and down. Glynn felt the marvelous suction develop, and knew the fondling of his glans by her busy tongue. The sensations were terrific, and his thighs stiffened as he clung to his s****r's head for support.

It was like fucking, but different. It was being eaten, being devoured; it was pumping his cock gently back into her mouth and feeling it slide over her wet tongue, feeling it touch the roof of her mouth and reach back to the velvet cup of her throat.

Shivering with rapture, Glynn backed it out a bit, but her hungry mouth followed his rod, gnawing lightly upon its sensitive skin. He wiggled, and she drew him deeper, sucked him farther into the tickling heat of her throat. Lapping her tongue over the aching head, Lorena worked more feverishly upon his prick.

"Oh!" he grunted. "Oh, s*s--WOW--Eat me up, baby! Eat my cock, chew it up, suck it out by the roots. Oh--ah! s*s, s*s--I'm about to come!"

She didn't try to back off, and made no attempt to dodge the semen he just had to let go. Instead, she sucked him harder, dipping in her cheeks and gulping noisily at his shaft as he fed it into her face, as he stroked it into the hungry cavity of her mouth.

Glynn came then, hunching his back and straining as the mighty rush of semen came pouring up from his flexing balls to gush like a hot mountain stream from the jerking head of his prick. Heavy and thick, the juices poured, scalding from his shaft and flooded his s****r's throat. She drank it down, pulled more droplets from his rod, sucked additional moisture into her body.

He dropped slowly over to one side, lifting his knee, and Lorena stayed with him, making love to his cock with her mouth, clinging to his balls. Her hair spread over his crotch, and his fingers dug deeply into its silken luxury. His head spun and his breath was ragged in his chest.

At last, she let go, and allowed his still rigid prick to slide gently from the grasp of her lips. No semen smeared her mouth, he saw through blurred eyes, because she had swallowed it all. It had been a far out experience, one that had his belly tied up in little jerking knots.

"Glynn," she murmured, kissing her way up his belly to his chest. "Oh, Glynn--that was wonderful. So intimate, so very close; it was like doing everything for you, and for me, too. I loved it."

"I did, too," he sighed. "If you ever get to do that to our dad, he'll climb the walls, I know it!"

Now she was at his throat, nibbling there, her tits moving back and forth across his heaving chest, the hard nipples prodding his flesh.

When she moved up to kiss his mouth, he could smell the scent of his own semen, but he didn't mind. Lorena kissed him then, running her tongue deeply, giving him the full flavor of himself.

When she pulled away, she said, "There, darling. I have the best, the sexiest b*****r in the whole world, and I'm glad. Now let's talk about the plan."

With the passion dampened within him, at least for a little while, Glynn turned edgy. "I don't know." he murmured. "It sounds kind of kooky, now."

"Not at all," she said quickly. "Tomorrow night, when you have that great cock all hard for mom, you'll think differently again. I'm sure going ahead with my part of it, and if you chicken out--well, just imagine what you'll be missing. Think about mom, and her big, groovy tits. Remember how good her legs look, and how her ass wiggles when she walks. Remember how many times you've masturbated and tried to make believe you were fucking her, instead of your hand. This is your chance, Glynn--your big chance. If you blow it now, you may never have that opportunity again."

"Okay," he said, after a while. "You're right, I guess. And boy--you sure must want to fuck dad, or you wouldn't have come up with the plan in the first place."

"Women are more logical," she said, kissing him again. "So it's on for tomorrow night?"

"It's on," he agreed.
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 6

Sorry! Don.t know what happened will re-post part 6. I am not the author. Original story name is 'F***ly Games;

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 6

Lorena said to her father: "It wasn't ****, dad."

He stared down at her. The bedside lamp was making harsh lines of light on his tense face.

"What the hell do you mean?"

She didn't try to cover herself; she wanted him to see her naked body, to run his eyes over the flesh that had grown from his own ejaculated sperm, the body that he had just done such a grand job of fucking.

She said, "I came in to your bed because you needed me, but maybe not as much as I needed you. Oh dad, daddy--I've wanted you to lay me for years. And I couldn't stand not having you any longer, so I sneaked in here and pretended to be mom. It was wonderful!"

Blinking, her father couldn't seem to get his head together, and she watched varying shades of emotion struggle across his face. He drew the sheet across his lower body, trying to hide the big, upright shaft with the shiny head.
"But, baby--you're my daughter--"

She reached over and whipped away the sheet.

"And that thing is too beautiful to hide. I thought it would never fit into my little box, but I'm glad it did. It's a good thing I wasn't a cherry, though."

He said, "I don't understand. Damn it! I drank too much tonight, and I'm still kind of fuzzy, but--why, baby? Why me?"

"Because you're big and beautiful and my daddy. Because I love you more than I could ever love any other man. Because I want you to keep fucking me until I freak out."

"B-but--it's all wrong, and people don't do this sort of thing--I mean- -"

"It's already done!" she answered, feeling much wiser and older than him.

"We've already screwed, so that can't be changed. So why not do it right, with you knowing who I am and loving me for who I am? I'm so hot for more of you, daddy."

His eyes warmed as he looked down at her, and Lorena saw him really gaze at her for the first time. Seeing her as a ready and very desirable woman, not a k**. Maybe he wouldn't look at her this way, she thought, if he hadn't already had that big rod in her, if he hadn't pumped her ecstatic pussy full of his juice just a few minutes ago. But her father was a realist who understood that the damage--if any--had already been done. Now he was reacting as any other horny man with a new, young piece of ass waiting for him, and the fact that she was his own daughter was making it better for him.

He said, "Damn it! It doesn't seem real, but I've been doing without for too long, and you're such a beautiful k**."

"You've looked at me sometimes," she said, "as if I was. Once in a while, I caught you kind of eyeing me as if you wanted to put your hands on me, feel me up. Well, I wanted you to do just that. Am I really beautiful, dad? Do you want to kiss me all over, and bite my tits, and put that gorgeous, big prick in your daughter's aching pussy?"

He swallowed hard, and she could see the head of his cock leap.
"Lorena, baby--did you lock the door?"

"Yes!" she smiled at him, "Oh yes, I did!"

Then she reached over to him, lifted up her arms and drew her handsome father down. Their mouths met, and she thrust her tongue thirstily into his lips.

His hairy chest pressed down upon the hard nipples of her tits, and his throbbing shaft nestled along her belly. So groovy, she thought, so damned wonderful and crazy, and so beautiful. She ran her tongue around inside his mouth, feeling his teeth, his inner cheeks and the thick movement of his own tongue, all wet and hot. Their breaths mingled, and their teeth raked.

She tore away her mouth to gasp.

"Love me, daddy--love me! Kiss my tits, feel my ass, my pussy."

His mouth closed over a nipple, licked searingly there, sucked strongly there, before his teeth spread wide and she felt her entire mound being drawn in. Twisting, she got a hand under his balls and hefted them, ran her questing fingers over their sacked shapings and felt the weight of them. His hair was so thick and curly, she thought, but not wiry; it was only a shade or two darker than his head, a rich golden color.
Her daddy's hands passed over her writhing body, caressing her hips, her belly, and one of them slid around to cup a cheek of her ass; the other dipped gently between her thighs and palmed the pulsing softness of her wet mound. Instinctively, her pelvis jerked, and Lorena made little hungry strokes with her cunt.

Panting, he said, "You lovely little bitch; you sexy, teasing little bitch, switching your trim ass at me, brushing your tits against me, and looking at me as if you wanted to eat me up. Want to screw you? Damned right! You've given me a hundred hard-ons over the past couple of years, but I never dared--"

"Dare now," she whispered hotly. "But first, let me do this for you, daddy darling."

Wheeling around, she pressed her weight upon him and f***ed him to lie back. Lorena had practiced on her b*****r, and knew she could do a good job now, and her heart was fluttering at the prospect.

"What are you--"

"Hush now." she murmured. "Just lie back and let me love my beautiful father."

She straddled his body, wiggling when his flagpole cock slid between her cheeks and stood tall along her spine. She would have it later, all of it she wanted and needed so badly, but now she had other things to do to him. She would show him how good she was, turn him on in every way there was.

Lorena pushed back, dragging his bent cock across her slippery snatch and feeling it sticky against her tummy. She kissed his corded throat and licked down it to his upper chest. Running her hands up and down his rib cage, playing with his nipples, she squirmed to his supine body.

When she reached his little dark pink tit, she nipped it lightly, then sucked on it, delighted to feel his sudden lurch beneath her, knowing that she was thrilling him. Moving down farther, she licked a hot trail down his chest to his belly, drawing her tongue through the patch of golden hairs, tickling him until he wiggled. Her hands were on his hips now, fondling and petting, digging fingernails tenderly into his flesh.

When Lorena reached his navel, she bit the skin, then drove her tongue deeply into it, lapping the belly button as if it were some inverted kind of lollypop, tasting the man sweat of him there. The stiff rod of his cock stood beside her cheek, and she rubbed her face along it, her fingers busy probing his balls and feeling into the furry crack of his ass as her daddy flinched and writhed.

"B-baby," he panted, "no; you don't know what you're doing--oh sweet baby--"

Moaning softly to herself, she caressed his shaft, squeezed and stroked it, running her fingers over the monstrous head and sliding them in the leakage there. So big, she thought; so long and strong and powerful, and right now it was all hers, to do with just as she pleased.

Lorena kissed the blunt reddened tip, and liked the flavor of his semen; it was musky and manly, the very essence of his body. She used her tongue to curl across the slit, to push into the slot and worry it, then withdrew to run it, licking around the flanged outline of the glans itself. Not like her b*****r's slim cock, she thought, realizing that she would never get much of it into her mouth because of its size.
Stretching her lips, she fitted them down over the head, took the entire knob inside her mouth. Her father quivered, and his hands came down to take her head gently between them. Eyes closed, breathing hard, Lorena used her tongue and lips to create voluptuous caresses over the velvety head of his prick. Drawing in her cheeks, she rubbed it over the roof of her mouth, and ringed the shaft just below the head with her teeth.

When she started to suck, her daddy groaned and worked his fingers into her hair; his pelvis rocked back and forth, making his cock reach farther into her mouth.

She wanted it all! Wanted to take it down her throat and into her belly, but it was too big.

Lorena took all of it she possibly could, sucking and licking, moving her head up and down in the same manner her cunt was moving up and down on his thigh. She wrapped her legs around her daddy's strong thigh and made sliding, fucking motions, rubbing her snatch against him while she ate his prick.

"Baby--Lorena--little girl--oh, darling; that's wonderful!"

Dimly, she heard her father's choked voice, and knew a warmth as he continued to tenderly fuck her face. She got both hands down under his ass and pulled him tighter, tried to f***e even more of that delicious meat into her mouth. She felt the head of his lovely cock swell, felt him tremble against her tits and knew that he was about to reach orgasm.

Lorena sucked harder, pulling on the head, her tongue going wild, her fingers digging savagely into his taut ass. Grinding his pelvis into her chin, rubbing his hairy belly into her forehead, her daddy let it go then.

That tremendous head jerked, and a boiling spate of come erupted from it. She choked on it, gasped for air and swallowed while the floodtide of her father's cum fountained into her throat. Oyster-like, slimy, the stuff filled her mouth, thick and creamy, and she continued to gulp it down, continued to pull eagerly at the spigot for more.

"Oh!" he moaned. "Oh baby--I can't take any more--oh!"

Lorena drained the last purling drops from the head of his prick and let them slip down her feverish throat. She had never felt so in command, for he was helpless with her.

Regretfully, she allowed the trembling bulb to slide from her mouth, licking her lips and smiling. Lifting her face, she stared up at him when his hands fell away from her head.

"There, darling. Now I have you in my stomach; you are forever a part of me now."

Her father's eyes were closed and he was breathing in ragged gasps.

"That was t-too much, baby! I won't be able to move for a week!"

"Sure you will." she promised, and crawled up his body to lie atop him. He was wide and tall, and she felt very small like this, but Lorena snuggled up to him, knowing that she had the power to sap his strength while giving him deep erotic pleasure. She was stronger, and never had she been so glad of her sex. They lay quietly for a long time, with his arms around her, his big hands stroking her ass, her head pillowed upon his broad chest.

After a while he said, "What brought this on, baby? Sure, we always had a thing for each other, but why did you pick tonight to start something? Not that I'm sorry you did, darling; I'm glad you had the guts, because I sure as hell didn't. I didn't have the cold nerve it would take to be a dirty old man."

"You're not a dirty old man." she said against the base of his throat. "You're my daddy, and the best fuck in the whole world. Why did I do it tonight? Well--I just couldn't stand it any longer, and when you and mom drank so much, I thought maybe I could sneak in here and you'd screw me and not know the difference."

Now that they were being open with each other, sharing their love and their bodies, Lorena hated to lie to him, but she didn't dare tell her daddy the truth, not yet. For the first time, she wondered if her b*****r was making out as well, if he had managed to put his slim young meat to their mother's interesting pussy.

Had Glynn really made it with mom, or had he backed out at the last possible moment? If he did that, she'd cream him. But her b*****r had a hard on for a taste of mom's cunt, that was certain, and he had probably swung with her by now. A new thrill stirred deep within Lorena's vagina, and she rubbed her sensitive thighs together, feeling her father's limp prick folded between their bellies.

She pictured her young b*****r lying like this on top of their mother, between those superbly long legs, his chest mashing down those magnificent tits, his stiff cock buried to the balls inside that black- haired pussy. ‘Wow!’ she thought; if everything worked out for them, she would soon get to watch them fuck, because once all the phony barriers had been pushed down, the four of them could get together and let it all hang out.

Her father said sl**pily, "I knew the difference almost right away, but I thought I was dreaming. Your mother has a fine body and a wonderful pussy, but so have you, only in a different way, and a new feel. When I got all the way awake, I thought I'd stumbled over into your room and ****d my daughter. I guess I always believed I'd have to **** you, that you wouldn't willingly screw your own dad."

Lorena said, "You should have known; I'm your daughter, and have a lot of the same emotions you have. I guess we're both very strongly sexed, dad. Is mom that way, too?"

He hesitated. "Yes, she is. It wasn't anything sexual that brought on this divorce, unless you can call boredom that. I mean, two people can love to screw, and enjoy each other to the limits, but after so many years, it gets too damned familiar, too much like a habit. It's not good any more, when that happens!"

She thought of them screwing, and wondered how her father would react if he knew that his son was probably at this very minute putting the meat to Mrs. Eric Johansen. He might take it wrong, taking it as a slur upon his own manhood or something. Men were different, not nearly so logical as women, and even though he had fucked his own daughter and allowed her to go down on him, her dad would probably be very upset if he knew it was also the other way around.

There was time to let him know, she thought; not a whole lot of time, because that silly damned divorce was looming in the foreground. But maybe in another day or two, she could convince him that what they were doing was best for all concerned.

He said, "I'm a little punchy and feel kind of grimy. I'll get up and take a shower, maybe have a couple of quick drinks, then come back to bed, if you'll still be here."

"I'll be here!" she answered, moving to one side and taking her weight from him.

She watched him walk bare-assed into the bathroom, loving every tall, wide inch of his big body, seeing his softened cock swinging from side to side. Her daddy was big all over, and she figured he would be big enough mentally to adjust to the brand new situation in his household.

‘It was working!’ she told herself; so far, the plan was moving along perfectly. She had seduced her daddy and he dug it; her b*****r had no doubt done the same thing with their mother, and even though she had once thought she could make out strangled kinds of sounds in the next room, there had been no screaming. Since they had started acting stupid, both her parents were hard up for sex. Their k**s had made it with them at the right time, while they were uptight and frustrated.

But what was the next step? Of course, they had to make dad and mom more wrapped up in sexual activities with their k**s. But how to go about bringing mom and dad together again?

Lorena turned over on her belly, still wet between her thighs, and the idea of Jean Marks came to mind. Wouldn't that sexy little redhead like a chance to be fucked by that huge prick? It was a good idea; Jean could be brought in to get dad into a triangle, to open him up more to free-swinging screwing.

Once he was adjusted to that, her father could then be brought into a mix-up with her b*****r and mom. Smiling, Lorena ran a hand over her mound and stretched her legs.

She listened to the sound of the shower and hoped her dad would regain his strength soon.
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 12

I am not the author. Found the story on my old desk top. Original story name is 'F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 12

Lorena held her father by the arm, leading him to her bedroom. He went without protest, but in a numbed kind of silence that worried her some. She had been watching his face closely when she opened that door, and saw the shock that crossed it when he saw the stark scene before them.

There was his son Glynn, with both hands full of his mom's big tits, and Arlene leaning back, riding the boy's prick that was stuffed up her hairy cunt. Too, there was the wet glistening of Arlene's face, and the beautiful young girl lying below her with legs spread wide and the same kind of oily gleam on the red-haired mound of her freshly eaten pussy.

It was a jolting sight for any man to absorb all at once, because the facts were so brutally clear--his wife was fucking his--their--son, and had just that moment lifted her avid mouth from the clinging caress of another girl's hot snatch.

Lorena thought that she couldn't have timed their entrance any better. Daddy had to know what was going on in the f****y, and now he did. It had been something like throwing a bucket of ice water in his face.

Now, he sank nervelessly upon her frilly bed, seemingly unable to believe what his own eyes had witnessed. She sat beside him and took his big hand.

"Dad--that was a tough way to tell you, but we thought it had to be done."

He shook his shaggy head. "But, baby--your mom. She was actually screwing your b*****r!"

"Yes," Lorena said, stroking his fingers and looking into his bewildered eyes. "And Jean was in on it."

Her father's head swung from side to side.

"But, Arlene. It just doesn't seem possible--especially with Glynn. She had a lot of chances to play around and never did. Now--"

Lorena leaned forward and kissed him. "Dad, it's no different than what you and I have been doing. We're father and daughter, they're mother and son; the relationship is exactly the same."

He frowned and started to say something, but she cut him off.

"Not that old double standard stuff, dad? Women have the same desires as men, and you know that you and I have been subconsciously reaching out for each other for years. Why shouldn't it be the same with mom and Glynn? She's a beautiful, sensuous woman, and he's a horny young boy."

"She--she was actually going down on the k**, on Jean," he said.

"So what? I'll bet they had a real ball, the three of them swinging like that, putting it all up front and doing exactly what each of them wanted to. You and I do it; I gave you a blow job and you ate my pussy; so did Jean. I hadn't gotten around to doing her, but I will. I think she's lovely and sexy and I'll get my kicks by pulling those delicious little cunt lips into my mouth. And I'll tell you something else--I want a chance to do it with mother, too."

Eric Johansen blinked and rubbed a hand across his face.

"I guess you're right, baby. If the positions were reversed, and your mother had walked in on you and me while we were fucking, it might have upset her."

"You know it," Lorena said, realizing that the shock was wearing off and that her father's realistic kind of thinking was coming back to the fore. "And if she wasn't already screwing her son, she might have flipped and screamed for the cops. As it is, you're not doing any more than she is, and I dare either of you to say that you're not having more fun than you ever had in your lives."

Nodding, he agreed with her. "That's true on my part, baby. You're the sweetest, hottest piece of loving ass I ever knew, and little Jean isn't far behind. I'd rather fuck my beautiful daughter than anybody else."

Now was the time, she thought.

"How about mom? Wouldn't you like to go back to fucking her, too? I mean, now that you have me, and she's been screwing Glynn, you two ought to be able to build up a lot more excitement for each other. I'd get a real thrill out of seeing you fuck mom, and maybe help out a little. I get all hot and trembly, just thinking about it."

He blinked again. "She did look great in there, all sweaty and wiggling. That boy is getting himself a terrific piece of ass, all right."

His eyes probing hers, he asked, "Have you been laying him, too?"

"Yes," she said. "Glynn and I have always been close, and since you and mom started this nonsense about a divorce, we drew even nearer to each other. The first time we screwed, it just sort of happened. I saw him jacking off and that made me so hot I just about ****d him and took his cherry."

"And when did he begin screwing his mother?"

"The same night I crawled in your bed. We were spiking both your drinks pretty heavily, you know. We planned it all out, Glynn and I, so that both of us would try to make our parents. We thought you were both getting hard up for sex, and that once you fucked us, there wouldn't be any turning back, that we'd all just go on and on."

Her father touched her face. "And you both carried the plot somewhat farther, didn't you? Like getting me and your mother together again?"

"Oh yes," she breathed, dropping her hand to his thigh and sliding it down to feel the big, soft lump of his organ. "You and mom belong together, and we want you to stay together. A divorce could split us all up, separate the f****y. Do you want to let me go now? Don't you want to keep on fucking me?"

"Of course I do," he answered.

"And mom must feel the same about Glynn. I don't want to give him up, either. So why can't we all groove together, make love and be in love?"

He said thoughtfully, "Why not, indeed? Damn it, Lorena, you k**s are sneaky little bastards, but you had one hell of an idea. Tying us all tightly together with sex, and why not? The f****y that fucks together stays together, eh?"

Delightedly, she laughed, and squeezed on his still flaccid cock.

"Something like that, dad. Oh, I just knew you'd see things our way, and I'm so glad!"

She pushed him down onto the bed and kissed him hard, slipping her tongue into his lips and running it around inside his mouth. He tasted delicious, and she murmured against his teeth, "They're probably all shaken up in there right now, wondering what your reaction will be. If you get undressed, I'll go in and calm them down some, tell them how it is. Then I'll ask Jean to split for home; she can always come back tomorrow night for a real orgy. She'll understand that the f****y kind of wants to be alone, to rediscover its members. After that's settled, I'll run downstairs and bring you back a bottle."

He smiled up at her, and his hands slid between them to cup her tits. "And after that?"

"Why," she said, "after that, you and I will have ourselves a nice, long fuck, just to take the edge off and to give Glynn and mom time to get their heads on straight. Then we'll see what happens with the four of us."

"Fair enough," he said, and let her go.

Lorena sprang from the bed and skipped out of the doorway, zipping across the hall and into her mother's bedroom without knocking. They had spread apart; little Jean had already wrapped herself in a robe, and Glynn was jittering about, looking for his. Her mother sat upon the bed with the sheet pulled up over her lovely body, but her large breasts were uncovered.

"Take it easy," Lorena announced. "Everything is all right, really. I just told dad the truth, and he went for the plan. He's not mad."

Her mother said, "The plan?"

Swiftly, Lorena told her all about it, how she and her b*****r had plotted the seductions in order to stop the divorce. "Of course," she finished, "we both wanted to screw you and dad, anyhow. And now it's worked out just wonderfully."

Glynn said, "He's not pissed off? He saw me with my cock up mom's pussy, and he's not jealous or mad or anything?"

She laughed. "If anything, he's turned more horny than ever. He said you were getting yourself one great piece of ass from mother. Maybe we'll have to give him a little time to adjust completely, but then dad will be ready to join the party."

Jean Marks said, "Maybe I'd better go home now."

"You can come back tomorrow night," Lorena said. "It's going to be a little strange for us at first, you understand."

"Sure," Jean answered. "But I'm in on it, too, almost like part of the f****y. Wow--parents fucking their k**s, together!"

When the small girl had gone, Lorena said, "You won't be too embarrassed or anything, mom?"

"I--I don't know," her mother said. "I'm all mixed up, having a difficult time getting my head cleared. But your father said he wanted me again?"

"Definitely," Lorena answered. "We'll be back in here before too long, all hot to go. I think it would be groovy for the four of us to make it in the same bed, don't you?"

Her mother said, "You and Glynn, screwing each other; you and your father fucking. I'll admit I'm shocked, but no--I'm not angry or upset."

"Gee," Glynn breathed in awe, "just think of me and dad on top of you two, our legs touching while we fuck you, maybe changing over and going from hot, wet pussy to hot, wet pussy, taking turns in them with our pricks. Man, oh man!"

"In a little while," Lorena promised. "I have to go down and get dad a bottle now. He needs to pump up his courage some."

"Bring one back for me," her mother said. "Oh my--I'll have to take a bath and get myself ready, fix my hair. Do give me some time, Lorena."

Laughing, Lorena said, "Don't worry; I have some plans for dad, first."

She dropped off one bottle of bourbon, giving it to her b*****r, and carried the other to her own bedroom. She didn't need anything to drink, because she was already high with anticipation. Just the thought of them all getting together in that most intimate of ways turned her on, and she pictured her dad putting his huge prick to her mother, while she took her b*****r's rod in her own eager snatch, watching it all happen.

"Here's the booze, dad. Forgot the glasses, so you can be a bottle baby."

He was naked on the bed, and his beautiful rod was halfway up; she could see he had been thinking about it, that he also was making mental images about his wife and son, about himself and his daughter.

"How did your mom take your explanation, baby?"

"Just fine; Glynn even stopped shaking."

"That k** has a lot of guts," he said. "Sneaking into his mother's bed and easing the cock to her while she was smashed. Anything could have happened--she could have screamed and fought him, yelled for me, anything."

"What happened was that she enjoyed her fucking and wanted more. It was a gamble, sure, but it paid off handsomely for everyone."

Lorena slid out of her clothes, wiggled her hips and stepped from her panties; she wasn't wearing a bra. Since she had been fucking her daddy and b*****r, her nipples were always ready to turn stiff at the slightest touch, and made a bra uncomfortable.

"I'd like to try you another style," she said, "something I haven't done before. Can you sort of lie back and spread your legs so I can climb on, facing away from you?"

"Anything you want," he told her, "everything you want, baby."

She first kneeled to kiss the swollen head of his erect cock, marveling as ever at the size of the thing. Her tongue licks soon made the entire organ throb, caused the veins along the shaft to distend. She opened her lips and moved her face down, nipping the length of it, then sucked in one of his balls, rolling the hairy sack between her teeth and lapping it. Paying the same attention to the other testicle, she had him wiggling and breathing hard.

"Now you're ready," she said, and pivoted to swing one knee upon each side of his body. Poised above him, she reached down for the hot, round meat and tilted it toward her, thinking that the head would feel different in her pussy, pointed this way.

Carefully, she moved the pulsing, velvety glans into the hotly avid lips of her pussy, scr****g it tenderly through the thatching of her dampened pubic hair. Her cunt wet itself immediately, the labia softening and swelling, the interior tissues lubricating their depths with love oils.

The blunt, rubbery tip pressed upward as he brought a bit of her weight slowly down, and her cunt lips spread yearningly to take it in. Straining a little, she f***ed the knob into her pussy, shaking with pleasure at the feel of it entering her throbbing cavity. It was huge, gigantic, but it gave around the edges, and when her father made an upward hunch with his belly, the head slid greasily in and the shaft began to follow.

Slick and sturdy, the big pole worked up into her tightly holding snatch, caressing her clit as it passed, the ridge along its underside inflaming her seat of passion with each passing inch. Lorena slid joyously upon it, dropping her spread ass down and down until she was seated upon her father's pelvis, until the full and majestic length of his massive prick was seated to the hilt within her vagina.

She fingered his balls, played with them while she rocked in rapture back and forth, as she slowly rotated her ass and made the rigid meat pole move deliciously inside her grasping cunt. It felt glorious there, and she thought that she was madly in love with her daddy's prick.

"Baby," he said, stroking her ass from behind, "you're so hot and juicy, even though you're tight as hell and it seems as if I'm reaching all the way up into your belly."

Lorena hiked her ass and slid it down again, reveling in the magic sensation of his soapy cock, knowing little, sharp thrills as it pressed her vibrant clit. Taking her time, loving every sensuous moment and trying to prolong them, she squirmed upon his buried rod. He sat up to put his arms around her, to feel her tits and kiss the back of her neck.

Her father's tongue groped hotly into her ear and she jerked insanely, wiggled wildly upon his prick as his hands felt down and around to come to rest upon her upper mound. Gasping, she felt a finger work into the little hood that guarded her clitoris, felt it dig gently deep to take a place beside his cock.

"Oh no!" she sighed. "Oh--not that, too! I--I--ooohh!!"

He was fingering her clit, masturbating her at the same time his huge prick was lifting and falling in the grip of her feverish pussy. She hunched against him, caught in his arms and tried weakly to pull them away, but he was far too strong.
"Fine, hot pussy," he said into her ear.

"Wonderful little girl pussy, with my cock up it, with my finger in it. How's that, baby--you love your daddy, love your daddy's big prick?"

"Yes, oh yes!" she hissed. "But I can't--oh! Ah! C- coming, I'm coming!"

Wave after hot wave of her climax smashed throughout her cunt, and when he fired his own sizzling load, Lorena thought she was going to faint as the spatter of rich, bubbling come washed her pussy. But she hung on, impaled by his prick and shivering.
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chennai mother and son part 2

Hi to all, I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my story. The second part is as under:

July 15

I woke up around 8.30 am and went downstairs. I saw dad left for office. I went to kitchen and saw mother preparing breakfast. I came from behind her, held her buttocks with my hands and plant a kiss on her neck.

She moaned for a few seconds and told me to bath and have breakfast, as she wanted to talk to me about something. I went upstairs, thinking that now as dad is in office she may want to have a second breakfast with me.

I had a bath and came downstairs to have my breakfast. Mother was waiting for me on the table as I started eating, she spoke to me. Do you regret what happened last night?

She said no, I said but do you regret anything? I don’t know. But it was satisfying, as I did not had any sex for the at least past 7-8 years.” She said

Why? I blurted out it’s a woman’s thing, you see and your father was not very much interested in all these things. She said. I guessed it right, as she is 51 and you know in that age the interest in sex diminishes.

But you have treated me in a very manly way and last night I found out that. You have made love to me as only a man can do to a woman. But there are some rules to follow if we want to continue with it.” She said.

Before I could say anything, she gave me a paper with 5 points written. I started reading it:

Rule no 1: Only when we both want ‘it’ we will do it. If any one of us is disinterested, the other partner cannot f***e it’.

Rule no 2: We have to behave in a mother and son way in front of the society, your dad and relatives. We must not give anything away’.

Rule no 3: Night is the perfect time for doing this as I have so many works in the day time.

Rule no 4: You will treat me as a woman when I am in bed with you. I dislike oral sex. So you will not do it. Also no flirting is allowed’.

Rule no 5: I want your complete commitment in turn, I will give all which is required for a woman to please a man as I finished reading it, she told me to memorize the points and throw the paper in the bin. I did that.

So do you agree?” She asked as I wanted her badly, I consented good now we can plan everything out. She said okay, now drink this. She said, as she put a glass of juice in front of me. Which juice is this? I asked.

It is juice of ginger and will help you in getting stronger. I gulped it down but the taste was not very good. She left me to do some other work and I went to my room upstairs and started thinking whether I had done the right thing in accepting all her rules.

I also wondered what was this Ginger juice was all about? I started surfing the net and found out that ginger is used as an aphrodisiac from ancient times. It helps in building stamina and moreover it improves sexual performance.

So, she is preparing me in a big way. I thought. The rest of the day passed without any excitement as mother was busy in house hold work. Dad came around 1 pm for lunch and told us that he will be leaving for Delhi on 17th morning.

After that dad left, mother told me that it would not be possible for her to come to my room tonight or tomorrow as she will be busy in packing dad’s bags and other stuff. I was on fire when dad told me that he will be back only on the 23 July morning.

But all that fire was doused when mother told me about her inability to come. I was disappointed, but mother told me to hold on and not do ‘that thing masturbation. The rest of today and tomorrow (July 16) passed without much activity.

The only thing which mother reminded me was to take ginger juice two times a day and a glass of milk at night, which kept me refreshed.

July 17

Today is the day” I thought. Today was the day when I will make love to my mother. I will rip open her blouse, lick her whole body, lick her boobs, untie her hair, and unhook her bra and I will copulate with her.

I will treat her like a woman on bed. I will lick her pussy today. And these 5 days, I will make love to her in such a way that she will forget all her frustrations of the last 7-8 years.

But at least in the daytime nothing happened. “Rule no 3″. I thought.

However the evening passed too without any incident. We had our dinner and i went back to my room. I was getting a bit angry. As we have two phones in our house, the second phone is in my room. And the phone ranged around 10.15 pm in the night.

I held the phone and mother was on the other side.
“So how is it”. Mother asked
“Getting a bit frustrated.” I blurted out.
“Don’t worry. The time is coming. I want you to shave and have a bath and you can come in around 30 minutes.”
I did what was asked.

I entered mother’s room at round 11.25 pm. There was a night bulb which was glowing and the curtains were closed.

I took off my t-shirt and asked her why she has kept the night bulb on. So that you can see me clearly and I could see you clearly, and there is no one today who can disturb us at this hour.” She replied with a smile.

It turned me on and I said “I don’t think anyone can disturb us for the next 4-5 days”. She smiled as I said these words. I closed the door and went near her. She was wearing a sari. “Don’t you like it.”? She asked.

I said “Yes I always like you when you wear a sari and please now as I have accepted all your rules, you have to accept my one request and what is that?” She asked that you will wear whatever I tell you to wear, at least for the next few days.’ I said.

She looked at me for a while and said okay but do you want me to change right now? No, No, that is not required I said, as I drew closer to her. We were both sitting on the bed looking at each other. I found a peacock feather on the side table.

I picked it up and started caressing the feather on mother’s face. She started getting warm and slowly, I untied her hair and removed her sari. Do you like my hair? I said “I do, mother and you will tie it in the same fashion as you have done today.

Your demands are growing” She said, as I removed her blouse as well.
No, No only requests” as I came more close to her and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She also reciprocated and it was an awesome feeling to smooch my own mother.

She rested comfortably on her back and I came on top of her. I started kissing her neck and I removed her bra and started gulping her boobs one by one.

She was in ecstasy after some time, I came down and removed her petticoat and underwear and removed my shorts as well. We were both naked now.

My cock was in upright position, as if saluting my mother. Mother had a look and said it’s a little thick than your father but the length is the same but I believe I can use it better and I said yes I know it from that night’s encounter.

She said now I wasted little time and moved in to position. I started licking her thighs and after that I came to the pussy. She started moaning aahhh. Son, you are just great. Do it to your mother, please and I placed a finger in her vagina and proceeded to run it in and out while eating her.

Her breathing grew ragged. I continued to stimulate her clitoris for a long time. Mother grew very wet. My fingers were drenched with her juices. Suddenly Mother stiffened and moaned at the same time. Her body then shuddered continuously as I rapidly licked her clitoris.

I knew she had just climaxed. She quickly pulled me up on top of her. Oh Son, That was good”. She whispered shyly. “I have never had an orgasm this good. Mother you are sexy and beautiful. This has been my ultimate fantasy to make love to you.”

You really think I’m beautiful. Mother, yes more than all the movie actress. Mother reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then f***ed my mouth open with her tongue at the same time she reached down and grabbed my penis and began to rub it up and down her very wet slit.

She grew more and more excited. Mother” I whispered. “I love you”. She spread her legs wide as if in silent assent and bought the tip of my cock and placed it against her vaginal orifice.

I looked deep into her eyes as she began to push me into her. Her vagina slowly opened like a petal. Mother suddenly pushed upward and my cock slid into her vagina to the hilt. Mother was surprisingly very tight for someone who had two c***dren. I could feel her muscles clutching me like a vice.

I pulled out and then slid back in one fluid motion. I then proceeded to fuck Mother with a fury that I had never experienced before. Her body shook in rhythm to the fuck strokes. My penis was soon saturated with her lubricating juices. We moved as if we were made to love each other.

Every down stroke was met with an upstroke. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the mouth of her womb with each plunge. She began to breathe heavier and heavier after rutting like a****ls for about fifteen minutes; she suddenly went rigid and clutched my ass.

I could feel began rapid contractions about my cock at the same time I began to ejaculate against her womb. I must have spilt a load in her as I felt the semen running back out of her vagina.

We stayed coupled for some time savouring the aftermath of our mutual orgasm, and kissing each other. I started to get excited and felt my self-hardening in her.

I gently started to see saw back and forth in her vagina. This time the fuck was slow and gentle, it lasted a longer time. Mother and I came at the same time. Son” she said after the last romantic fuck. You are great; I never had it this good with your father. I can’t remember when I had my last orgasm.”

I beamed with pride. My love with Mother had been better than anything father had been able to deliver in all the years they had been married. Oh Mother, that’s only because I love you so much. Oh sweetheart this was the best orgasm so far

She remarked and thanks to your ginger juice which made me go longer I said. She smiled as we were exhausted, we soon slept. It was around 12.30 am after sometime around 1.45 am, I experienced something heavier on me. I opened my eyes and saw mother on top of me, looking at me.

Now it is my turn and she said and started kissing me everywhere. I soon had hard on. She took my cock and placed in her vagina and started jumping up and down, first slowly and then faster.

My hands were firmly expressing themselves by clutching to her boobs. I was in seventh heaven, experiencing my mother like that. Let me know, when you are cuming. She said after about 7 minutes or so, I shouted

Mother, its time and I am going to cum. I rolled on top of her and continued to fuck her with savage fuck strokes her body shook with each fuck stroke. She screamed and at the same time I buried my cock against her womb and proceeded to saturate her inner walls with my semen after the wild, ride we began to kiss and slept in each other arms. I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Part 3 coming up.
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Little s*s and I Part 8

Billy’s and Phoebe’s father found out about their i****tuous trysts and that their mother, Sarah, did not see anything wrong with it. With that, he stormed out of the house muttering something about a divorce. Their marriage was not strong to begin with and this was just an excuse to finally end it, Sarah thought. So now, Billy was the unofficial ‘man of the house’.

Now that all three of them knew each other more intimately, they seemed to wear less and less clothes around the house. It was not uncommon for Phoebe to be topless and wearing only a bikini bottom. Even their mother who hardly ever wore a bikini was now frequently in one during hot days.

Sarah gathered her two k**s around and said, “Your Aunt Heather is on her summer break from college and she thought she might spend some time down here in sunny Florida instead of staying up in cloudy Oregon. We have the room and you have not seen her in a couple of years, so I said come on down. She’ll be here by the end of the week, just in time to celebrate your fifteenth birthday Billy!”

Heather was the youngest s****r in their mother’s f****y. She was the youngest at twenty while, Sarah, their mother was thirty-two and the oldest. It was funny calling someone Auntie when she would be only five years older than Billy, but that’s how it went.

She arrived on time and greeted everyone. “Wow, Billy and Phoebe, you have grown so much since I last saw you guys! You must have a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends, huh? You are all so good looking!”

Heather kissed them all and talked on and on how she missed them all, being so far away. Billy always liked Heather calling her his favorite Aunt. She had long brown hair which flowed over her slender shoulders. Heather was very fit and was part of the tennis team in college. She had the largest of tits of his aunts coming in at a full C-cup. Her stomach was flat and her ass was well rounded and firm.

After a few days of settling in and becoming more familiar with the f****y, she asked Billy if he had his driver’s learning permit yet. Billy had just got it and it allowed him to drive with an adult during the day. “Let’s go for a ride Billy,” she said. Anytime that he could drive he jumped at it and they took off.

“Where too?” Billy asked.

“Just keep driving and follow my directions. I need a little sun and I know this great place,” Heather said.
He drove for about a half hour when Heather told him to pull in to a driveway. He followed it for about a mile until they were in a parking lot for a beach. How she knew about this hidden beach was beyond Billy, but he went along with it.

They got out of the car and Heather had a couple of towels with her. She was wearing a tank top and shorts and did not have a bikini as far as Billy knew.

“I am just wearing my regular shorts, I don’t have my bathing shorts with me,” Billy said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Just follow me.” And he did.

The closer he came to the entrance to the beach, he saw a big sign. He could not make it out at first, but at last he could read it. In big bold letters it said “NO CLOTHING BEYOND THIS POINT!”

“It’s a nudist beach?” Billy asked.

“Of course, silly! I hate tan lines. They have lockers to put your clothes in and then we can go down to the water.”

They got into the building and there were lines of lockers you could rent. They paid for one and went over to it. Billy just looked at his aunt as if saying “you first.” She did not hesitate at all and took off her top revealing a black laced bra filled with her adequate tits. She quickly undid the clasp and her perky tits were fully revealed. Her nipples stood out straight and there was no hint of any sag on those beautiful breasts. Next she slid down her white little shorts showing her matching black laced thong. The front of the thong barely covered her slit but that did not matter because she quickly had them down to her ankles and then off within seconds. She was completely shaved and her cunt lips were tightly closed.

There stood his twenty year old aunt completely naked and Billy could only stare. His cock had other ideas though; he felt it getting bigger and harder in his shorts.

“Do you need any help?” Auntie Heather asked as she tugged his shirt up and over his head. She noticed the big bulge in Billy’s pants and said, “I’m glad you’re happy to see me.” She grinned and put her hand on his crotch. “My, you have grown!” she said still smiling.

“Now just take off your pants. Just carry the towel in front of you and no one will see your boner, then we can lie down on the sand.” Billy did as he was told and his hard-on stood fully at attention. He folded one of the towels and pretended to just carry it leisurely down to the beach. They got to a relatively isolated part of the beach and put down their towels. Both of them lay down on their stomachs. All around them naked people of all ages from five to seventy-five were walking around and going in the water. But Billy only had eyes for Heather right now.

“Be a sweetheart and rub the suntan lotion on my back so I won’t burn up,” Heather said.

Billy squirted some lotion on her soft glistening naked back. It looked like he had just cum on her, he thought. He started rubbing from her neck and got lower and lower until he got to the lovely crack in her ass. He squirted some more lotion on her ass and fantasized again that it was his hot cum on her. Billy rubbed her ass cheeks and into her firm crack. He went down and could feel her tight asshole as he was rubbing. His cock was about to explode and even though she was just lying there not doing anything, he felt that he might cum at any moment. He got away from her tight little ass and started rubbing her long slender legs. They were firm from all of the tennis she played but not as hard as his cock was.

When he finished, she said, “Thanks honey.” He laid down next to her face down trying to hide his boner. She turned sideways to him showing her entire beautiful naked firm body. “So, Billy, you’re fucking your s****r I hear,” she said out of the blue.

Billy gasped and said, “Who told? Mom or Phoebe?”

“You just did,” she laughed. “I asked Phoebe but I suspected she was lying when she denied it. And as for my s****r, I didn’t know that she knew. Naughty Sarah for keeping secrets from her baby s****r! I thought something was up by the way you two acted together. None of my business really.”

After a few minutes, Heather said, “Billy, I really think I can do something about your boner you know,” she grinned. “How about taking a walk way down on the beach where there’s no one and we can discuss it.”

The both got up and strolled down the beach until they were far away from everyone else. Then she moved the towel Billy was using to hide his hard-on, grabbed his dick and knelt on the sand. She started licking his hard rod from his bursting balls to the knob on top of his dick. Then she plunged down on his stiff meat and started sucking it. Then she tackled him so that he fell to the sand. She got on top of him. He reached out and fondled her big firm tits. She sat on his crotch and started doing her version of a lap dance. His hand went down to her cunt and he put a finger in her. She was dripping wet with twat juices. He took his wet finger and massaged her enlarged clit and she moaned in delight. Then he sunk in two more fingers up her vaginal cave and played with her clit with his thumb.

“I want you inside me Billy,” she said and grabbed his cock and guided it in her hot wet cunt in one easy motion. She was burning hot inside and her cunt muscles quickly tightened around his rock hard dick. Heather climaxed as she fully sat down on him. Feeling her climax almost made Billy cum but he held off, somehow. She started going up and down on his solid dink until Billy could not hold off any longer. He squeezed both of her glistening tits as he shot his load fully into Heather’s tight twat hole. Heather climaxed again as she felt his hot white spew shoot against the walls of her cunt cave.

She moaned with pleasure and fell on top of him. He continued to feel her over, especially her young firm ass. He found her asshole and started fingering it. Even though he was becoming limp inside her, he still wanted his cock in her ass.

Heather eventually got up and his cock slid out of her. “I’m going for a swim to get all this sand off me,” and she left for the water. Billy followed her.

When they got in the water, Heather said, “Billy, you are a very dirty boy you know. You fuck your s****r and then your aunt. Who’s next, your mother?” she k**ded, but by the look on Billy’s face, she knew she hit the truth.... Continue»
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Me And Mum Part 3

Me And Mum Part 3

This is a true account of my first time

I got dressed then i went dawn stairs so we could go shopping as we drove to the shops mum said i really enjoyed this morning and if i wanted we will try some new thinks tonight as i want you to sl**p with me tonight i thort what did she mean anyway i said yes mum and we left it at that .
Later on when we got home mum said we will have some tea then i want you to have a shower later .
We had tea then i went upstairs for a shower i was wondering what mum had in mind for me i was starting to get a hard on just thinking of my mum naked when i herd the bathroom door open i looked out of the shower and there was my mum she was naked .
I just stared at her she has a very sexy body mum said are you enjoying the view son i quickly said yes with that mum said good can i join you as i need to have a shower as well i said yes please by naw my cock was hard as hell mum jot in the shower and said i see i have turned you on as she was looking at my cock she got behind me in the shower .
I just stood there feeling out of place but mum put me at ease she started to rub my back and clean every part of my body i was so horny by naw she started to clean my cock and mum had moved to the front of me by now mum took my cock in her hand and started to rub it with the sponge .
Mum took great care in cleaning the tip of my cock then she started to clean between my legs and around my balls i was in heaven by now i started to moan mum said to me are you enjoying that son i don't want you to cum to soon i need you to save your self for later .
Mum stopped what she was doing and said will you clean me as well Hun . Mum gave me the sponge and i started to clean her back and cleaned her sexy ass then mum turned round and i just stud there looking at her tits they are gorgeous . I was a bit nerve's as i looked at mum and she just winked at me so i started to clean those massive 40f tits they felt so soft and i just wanted to suck on them there and then but i was just to preoccupied in rubbing them around the nipples ,
Mum was moaning by now she just said please don't stop this is turning me on so much in gonna cum i stopped rubbing her nipples and put my mums nipples into my mouth and started to suck on the nipple quiet hard my mum was moaning very loud at this point and after five Min's she said she was cumming .
Her legs went week and she started shaking and i had to prop her up a bit .
I started to clean mum again all over her body till i got to her pussy i was cleaning her pussy and noticed that she had shaved all her hair off and was completely bald . Her lips just stuck out about 18mm and they just cried out to be played with i dropped to my knees and was washing her pussy slowly so i had a good look at it .
I put the sponge dawn and was just about to touch her pussy when mum said not yet son i want you to try something you have never dun before i said OK what do you want me to do mum . Mum said we need to be on the bed i said OK she stepped out of the shower and so did i she ****d the towel around me to dry me off which she did . mum did the same and mum took my hand and led me across to her bedroom where mum sat on the edge of the bed .
Mum said get on your knees and Neal in between her legs which i did as i was told . Mum just looked into my eyes and said babe i want you to lick me out i just looked at her and said i don't know how to . Mum said do you remember me telling you where the clit was and haw to play with it i said yes mum .
Mum said if you do the same but with your tongue i eased forward and as i got nearer i could see mums pussy was glistening in the light it was so wet and the smell turned me on something rotten . I started to lick my mum's lips slowly around the out side of them i got to the top near the clit and mum jerked back she said it was so sensitive go slowly Hun .
I stuck my tongue in between her lips and flicked my tongue backwards and forwards . Mum was grinding on my tongue as i was doing that . I started to play with her clit and she started to rive around on the bed and was moaning a lot i just continued to do the best i could as knot knowing if i was doing it right or not . Mum looked dawn at me and said son I'm gonna cum babe don't stop with that i started to suck on her clit and she just shawted I'm cumming I'm cumming ow yes with that she cum allover my mouth and chin it tasted so sweet i just lapped it up god i was loving this so much i dident want it to stop mums legs started to griped my head and she said stop babe .
I did and she said her clit was so sensitive she cuddent stand it any more .
I climbed up beside her and my head was resting on her tits looking at her nipple i just had to have it in my mouth so i stuck my tongue out and started to suck on my mums nipple and she responded to me sucking .
Mum started moaning and groaning she started to wriggle around on the bed and had an orgasm again . Mum fell back on the pillow she just looked at me and said babe i love you so much you are the best son and lover and i want you so much babe i want you to lake love to me i want you to put your cock in my pussy .
I was in shock this is what i have dreamed of for a long time i just looked up at mum and said i love you mum i just want to make you happy i will do what ever you want . My cock was asking to just pound mums pussy but i wanted to take it slowly and to savour the moment as this would be the first time for me and mum as she will be taking my cherry .
As i got on top of mum i was a bit apprehensive at first cose i was not shewer what to do but mum put me at ease by kissing my fully on the lips and said it will be OK son .
I will guild you in with that she grabbed hold of my cock and very gently guided me to her pussy i felt the tip of my cock on the outside of her lips they where so wet and warm i eased my self forward and into my mum .
My first thing i thort was haw wet and warm mum pussy was i as i entered mum i started to pull out them back in i was making love to my mum i was in heaven to be just doing what had wanted to do for a long time as i was pumping my mum i looked at her and she had a expression of pure pleasure on her face
I could feel mums pussy pulsing around my cock it felt so erotic then all of a sudden mum clamped dawn and started to cum so hard i thort my cock was gonna drop off . I couldn't move my cock at that very moment all i could feel it was getting wetter all around my cock mum released the grip on me and felt so relieved .
I just started to pump mum again and felt the welling up in my cock and my balls tighten up and i could feel i was about to cum said mum I'm gonna cum she said ow babe cum in me just let it all cum in me . at which point released the first shot into mum then just kept on pumping my cum into my mums pussy it felt so good the feeling was so intence just knowing i had made love to my mum .
I pulled out and just colapsed on top of mum and we kissed for about 10 mins then mum said to me i want you to stay in my room from naw on so we can be close together every night i said i would like that but mite need some time to my self naw and then she said yes that is ok i cuddled up to mum and we both went to sl**p .

... Continue»
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Rene and Me Part 2

Rene and Me part 2

Last time I revealed some background information about myself and how I came to be a high priced whore. I also filled in
some of blanks concerning my first encounter with Rene. I don't recall if I mentioned it or not but there were roughly twenty more
mysterious encounters with Rene. He always sent Charles to pick me up in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and I was never permitted
to see exactly where he was taking me. However I did do a bit of detective work trying to ascertain where Rene's home was located.
I estimated the travel time and then drew circles on a map depicting the distance we would have traveled at various driving speeds.
This method provided me with a vague idea of where he may have lived but eventually I came to realize that the encircled areas were
just too large to accurately determine the location. I came to satisfy myself with the realization that perhaps I would never be able to
pinpoint the spot and furthermore I told myself that I'd come to enjoy the mystery of never knowing.
On subsequent visits to Rene's various nuances were added to the mystery but the journey remained largely the same each time.
Rene initiated me in the ways of bondage and restraint. He was quite proficient at it and just as had anticipated I learned to relish it.
He taught me what it was like to feel the sting of the lash. He introduced me to the whip, the crop,the belt, the paddle and numerous
other flagellation devices. The sessions with each new device were mild at first but always included a short session of harder lashes
and swats. Rene told me that it was important for me to have experienced the full brunt of each instrument in order that I would know
what to expect should be required to subject to a more severe thrashing. For the most part the spankings, whippings and canings were
no where near as brutal as they were during my first visit. Rene also took delight in whipping my breasts and applying nipple clips to my
On occasion I was allowed to share his bed for the night but mostly he provided me with other sl**ping arrangements. Always
upon my arrival Rene's live in housekeeper would leave the house and incredibly so would his wife. During the first several visits I was
blindfolded and not able to actually see either his wife or the maid but I could always hear them as the hurried past me. I so wanted to
ask Rene about this odd arrangement he seemed to have with his wife but was afraid to bring up the subject. Even after our unique
relationship evolved Rene remained silent with respect to his wife. It wasn't until after our encounters ended did I finally discover that
at one time his Rene and his future wife were shared exactly the kind of arrangement Rene and I were now engaged in.
The first night I spent at Rene's I was exiled to the spare bedroom that was located the furthest from Rene's. On subsequent visits
I found myself spending the night in the maids bedroom, on a bare twin sized mattress located on the floor of a converted storage room, and
one time I was left in the cellar on the cold floor with my both my wrists and ankles bound. I believe it was on my 7th or 8th visit that after Rene
had administered a moderate canning of twenty five strokes to my ass that I was required to orally service Rene's cock and swallow a large
load of his cum after which he led me upstairs to room I hadn't previously been in.
"You will sl**p in this room tonight." he said.
"Yes Sir." I answered.
When opened the door I could hardly believe my eyes. The room was lavishly furnished and tastefully decorated. On one wall sat a king-sized
bed with enormous wooden posts. I was clothed in just a garter belt, stockings and 5 inch heels. Rene opened a walk in closet and pointed
a rack which contained a long row of very elegant and very expensive nightgowns.
"You may whichever one you'd like." he said "I'm sure you'll do it more justice and she does."
I then realized that I was in Rene's wife's bedroom.
"I am going to enjoy a brandy and a shower." Rene informed me "Afterwards I shall return to fuck you."
Roughly an hour later Rene returned with two snifters of brandy.
"You look ravishing in that gown my dear." he said "It's was an excellent choice."
The gown was snow white and hung nearly to my ankles. It a little tight but that just made it cling to my every curve. The French made gown
fit tightly around by breasts and the fabric was so sheer that my stiff nipples pressed against the cups of the bodice.
"You've been a very good girl tonight Darling, so I've decided to share some brandy with you." he said.
Rene set the brandy on the nightstand and reached out for my hand. He pulled me toward him and had me lay across his lap. I really wasn't
relishing another spanking so soon but that wasn't what he had in mind. With me splayed across his lap he slowly raised the hem of the gown
until he'd uncovered my naked bottom.
"Oh my love" he whispered "Such lovely red markings on your delightful little ass."
He proceeded to slowly run his fingertips over each of the red lines that had been left by the cane. Up and down each red mark he slowly let
his fingers travel.
"So lovely, so very, very lovely." He again whispered. "I believe I shall have to cane you more often."
"If you wish to Rene." I said.
Once he'd satisfied himself with the results of his canning he let his finger slip between the mounds of my ass. He slipped first one and then
two fingers into the entrance to my "pussy". Slowly his fingers slid in and out, opening the hole of my sex. Gradually his fingering grew a bit
faster and he pushed his fingers in deeper. He reached toward the nightstand and stuck his fingers into a snifter of brandy. Once his fingers were
wet with the brandy he once again slipped them into my rear honey pot. I began to moan as he expertly and lovingly penetrated my "pussy" with
his brandy coated fingers.
"Chrissie," he whispered "Would like to taste your ass? Would like see what your tight little "pussy" tastes like?"
"Yessssss!!" I said with a moan.
He raised his hand to my mouth and inserted first two and then four fingers for me to suck. "
"Do you like that my wonderful little whore? He whispered. "You do don't you? You like the taste of you whore "pussy".
"OH MY GOD YES!" I said.
"I'm going to fuck this little whore's cunt of yours" he said. "Do you want me to fuck your cunt Chrissie?"
"OHHHH YESSSS!!! " I breathed.
"Show me how much you want me to fuck you Chrissie. he said "Beg me to fuck you!"
"Please Rene! Please Fuck me!! I said. " I want you to fuck me baby. I want you to fuck me soooo bad."
Rene pulled up from across his lap and soon I found myself lying face down on the bed. Rene was kneeling between my legs behind me.
He reached up and pulled two bed pillows down inserting them beneath me in order lift my ass high in the air. I felt his cock head as he
teased at the entrance to sex. With my legs spread and my ass high in the air I waited for his cock to pierce the opening to my "pussy"
and begin to sink deep into my cunt.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I let out a squeal as his cock drove deep into my ass. I tightened my
muscles around it in an effort to hold deep in my "pussy". He began a slow rhythmic thrusting, his cock driving deeper with each stroke.
"OH MY GOD RENE YES!!!" I screamed " OH YES, YES,YES ,YES.....OH FUCK YES!!!
I reached down and began to stroke my "clitty", moaning each time he thrust his cock into me.
Rene increased the pace of his thrusting and I pushed back, taking every one of his piston like strokes.
"Chrissie, I'm going to come!" he said "I'm going to fill your fucking "pussy" with my cum!"
I again began to stroke my "clitty" and in seconds I was spurting my sex juice all over my belly. Rene let out a loan groaning sound and I felt
his warm sweet cum gushing out and filling my ass. The feeling was incredible, my "pussy" filled with Rene's glorious seed. He pulled his cock
from my "pussy" and gave my ass a sharp slap.
"Chrissie! I want you to push it out." Rene said "Push my cum out of your "pussy!"
I started to concentrate on pushing the cum from my ass and soon I felt it dripping from the entrance to my fuck hole.
"Yes Chrissie, just like that. Let it come out." he said.
Rene then began to rub his cock head in the cream pie that was seeping from my sex. Once he'd coated his cock with the cum he slipped his
cock back inside me and began to slide his still hard cock in and out of my wet "pussy" hole.
"OH YES RENE" I cried " Push your cum back inside me. I want it deep inside me."
Once he'd reinserted his cum into my ass he pulled his softening cock from my cunt, picked up his brandy as he walked toward the door he
turned to me and said. "You may sl**p in my wife's bed tonight. And Chrissie let the cum dry on the sheets and pillow cases. Let her discover
it when she returns."

Still more to come.........

... Continue»
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Angela and conquest part one

She was still laying there after the last one finished. He had pumped his load into her and slapped her right tit hard as he dismounted her. She laid there catching her breath. Seven frat b*****rs in a row. She didn't set the record, but she knew she would be the reigning whore of her sorority for this class.

Angela rolled off the bean bag they had just banged her in felt the cum stuck to her hair, on her neck, her back and of course her pussy. She was shaking and quivering, part fear, part excitement. The last boy laid there on the floor, still panting. She kicked him in the balls to get him off her clothes. He wouldn't move, so she grabbed a sweatshirt hoodie and a pair of shorts that were way to big for her. She slid the hoodie over her 36C tits and could still feel how hard her silver dollar nipples were. The shorts were lose, but when they touched her cunt, she spread the semen to the crotch.

She picked up her phone. "How many babe?"

She hit reply and wrote '7fkr'

Another message came through as she put on her sneakers. "Ashdid8"

"That fucking cunt", she said out loud. She walked into the common living area where her bang buddies were playing video games and drinking beer. "I need two more".

They burst out laughing. They knew she was going to be short and fucked her anyways. "Try another house, whore," the one that came on her ass crack said.
"Yeah, you're pretty tight, you might want to go to the Chi house", said the one that blew his load in her cunt in record time.

She knew that wouldn't work. Ashley went to Chi's house and was working them for a month to get up to 8. She lied to her that morning and said she was only going to have 4 or 5, but wanted to fuck em anyways.

Besides, her ex-boyfriend was probably one of the ones that wanted her to win. He dumped Angela when he found out she was fucking for sorority this year. She was fucking his friends, blowing his k** b*****r and even acting out lesbian fantasies for him, only to have him dump her because she was 'a whore'. Jack made her the whore she was and now he was making Ashley one too.

She started her walk of shame with her little s****r 'Ebony'. She was the epitome of cheerful, even when you were just gang fucked by slob fraternity boys that didn't have the decency to wipe their dick when they were done. "Look on the bright side, you fucked Mike finally."

"He was lousy," Angela said. "And to pull out and put that load on my neck was disgusting. None of the other guys would even kiss me then."

"That was fun to watch," Ebony said coyley. "I got off twice watching him jack off on you". She was the little s****r for her. That meant she had to 'bear witness' to her conquest and also provide being a 'fluffer' to get the boys ready. She was great at blow jobs and had to watch it or they would shoot in her mouth.

"Glad you liked him, but I want to win this fucking thing. And if I lose, I don't want it to be to that yeasty bitch Ashley. Let's go there and find out if she really did fuck eight. I don't trust her little s****r Karen at all, she's as much a liar as Ashley is a whore."

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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 5

I am not the author. Found story on old desk top. The original name of the story is 'F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 5

Glynn wasn't used to whiskey. He'd only had three beers in his life, and the drink he'd taken with his s****r was a fire in his belly. He wanted another one, but didn't dare swallow it because he might get too smashed to go upstairs. And Lorena hadn't been putting him on when she said she'd never screw him again, if he didn't help her with the plan.

He couldn't hack that, couldn't go back to jacking off, after he'd fucked his s****r and her friend a couple of times each. And the blow job that Lorena had given him last night--that had almost melted his backbone. It was everything he had ever dreamed of, and now he was anxious to taste her little pussy.

He looked up the stairs. It was quiet up there, and his s****r had been out of the shower for a long time. For a second, he thought she might have given up on the whole thing and gone to bed by herself. Then he knew better; Lorena was pretty stubborn, and when she set her pretty head to something, she carried it through.

That meant he had to go try out his part. There was no noise up there, nobody yelling, although once he thought he had heard low voices murmuring. So his s****r must have gotten away with her imitation of their mother; Lorena must have already fucked the old man.

‘Oh wow!’ he thought, reaching down to touch the ultra-hard prick that was threatening to split itself in his jeans. Lorena and dad; his s****r all naked and hot, taking his dad's cock into her wiggling pussy--the image made him squirm. He'd like to see that.

Glynn climbed the stairs, his hard cock bulging; his hands were shaking a little when he reached the second floor. He went into the bathroom he shared with Lorena, peeled out of his clothes and took a shower. The hot water and soap made his shaft ache even more, and he climbed out of the enclosure to dry himself off.

Putting on his beat up old terrycloth robe, he walked barefoot down the hall and paused at the door to his father's room. Pressing his ear to the panel, he could barely make out the whispering inside, and drew back quickly.

Lorena had scored, that was certain; she was talking with the old man now, and nobody was raising hell. That left the next move up to him, so he went on to his mother's bedroom and quietly opened the door.

The bedside radio was playing softly, and its dial light was the only light in the room. Stepping inside, he closed the door behind him and saw the shape of her body. She was lying on top of the covers, stark naked from head to toe. Taking a deep and steadying breath, he shed the robe and moved carefully toward the bed, his heart pounding.

All these years, he thought--ever since he was big enough to know what to do with his cock, he had had a thing for his mom. She was so damned beautiful, so sexy, and there was a special bitchy look around her eyes that made a guy think she would really go wild when a piece of meat was put to her box.

Glynn had started peeping early, looking to catch a glimpse of his mother's big, glorious tits, trying to see up her dress. He had hoped to catch her naked in the bathroom someday, but she always locked the door.

And a couple of times, he had heard them screwing, his mom and dad. Heard the squishy noises of a man's prick moving in a woman's hot, juicy pussy, heard the moaning his mom made and the panting of his old man as they fucked. Both times, he had rushed into the bathroom and closed his eyes, trying to picture the scene, while he beat his meat and pretended that it was him in there between his mother's surging white thighs.

Now he was standing over the bed where his mom was asl**p, smashed on whiskey. He was staring down at the delectable body spread so innocently and unknowing for his eyes, and Glynn wished that the light was better, that he could see every gorgeous detail of that magic flesh.

She had one knee lifted as she lay on her back and the dim light played over the heavy cones of her tits, but when he looked on down the sweep of the magnificent body, he couldn't make out her pussy, only the general shape of the dark mound hidden in shadows. But he could stare to his heart's content at the beauty of her legs, so long and molded; he could gaze hungrily at the melons of her firm, tip-tilted breasts, and he drank in the sights.

Glynn thought of how many times his old man must have seen her like this, of how many times--thousands, maybe--that his father had crawled over on top of that beautiful body and fitted himself between those soft pale thighs.

Glynn's prick pulsed, and he soothed it with his hand, gripped it as he began to move like a robot to the bed where the most unreachable, the most forbidden, object of all his sexual fantasies lay.

Cautiously, he eased his weight upon the bed and lay down on his side, his breath hanging in his tight throat and bl**d drumbeating in his ears. He listened to her breathing, and now that he was near, could see the smudge of her black lashes lying against her cheeks. She was so lovely, so desirable, that the closeness of her was like a sharp knife in his guts.

He was going to fuck her. A jolt of knowledge jumped inside his head as he knew that, for the first time, really knew it. He was at last going to fuck his mother. The impending divorce, the plan he and his s****r had to stop it, even the screwing he had shared with Lorena and Jean-- all paled beside the fact that he was about to put his meat into his mom's precious cunt.

No matter what the hell happened, no matter if the whole world blew up in Glynn's face, he was now determined to fuck that dream pussy, even if he died for it afterward. She might wake up and scream, but he would cover her mouth; she might kick, but he would f***e his way in between her flashing legs. He was too close now, and the greatest prize of all was within his reach.

Reaching out one uncertain hand, he put it softly upon her breast. She stirred, but the rhythm of her breathing didn't break, so he cupped the wondrous mound gently and rolled the long nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She felt spongy and firm, felt fabulous and wild, and he pressed down, knowing the give of the breast, allowing it to spring back so that the nipple hit his palm.

Sliding over, Glynn lowered his mouth to the nipple, and licked over it. It tasted like honey, like love, tasted like all the dreams that had ever raced around inside his head. Drawing the resilient nub into his teeth, he chewed delicately upon it, and then sucked it hungrily.

His mom didn't move, deep in her alcohol-ridden sl**p, so he opened his mouth as wide as he could, and tried to take the entire sweet tit into it.

His hands strayed down, sliding tenderly over her rib cage, down to the satiny planes of her stomach, and parted to caress the padded shapings of her hip-bones. Only then, with the flavor of her breast perfumed in his mouth, only then did he dare to move one hand on down to that taboo place, to her pubic mound.

It was rich and warm beneath his fingertips, the black hair piled kind of crisp and crinkly against his palm. There seemed to be a special kind of life in it, and Glynn shuddered as he fondled the thick, furry bush. One finger eased into the clinging excitement of the pubic hair and discovered the smoothness of her pussy lips.

Lingering there, Glynn stroked the velvet soft lips, ran his finger slowly up and down them, trying to imprint the shape and feel of them forever upon his feverish brain. His mom's cunt; his lovely mom's pussy, his daddy had pumped the meat into it, and now he was caressing the fantastic snatch himself. He was feeling up his mother's pussy, and it felt like satin, silk, all downy and cottony, all hot and tickly.

Glynn nudged his cockhead over so that it touched her thigh, and another flash of erotic pleasure shot through him at the contact. She was so warm, so ripely shaped, and he moved his prick up and down the full perfection of her thigh, from hip to the knee. His finger hesitated against her labia. Then it began, of its own accord, to work gently inside.

The tip was in her, in his mother's cunt lips, and the heat it found there was succulent, an alluring inner warmth that moved right up his wrist, on up his arm. His mouth was dry now, and he took it from the opulence of her tit, breathing harshly, his brain whirling with keen excitement. His finger probed deeper, moved on up into the wetly clinging grip of the pussy itself, until it was buried to the knuckle.

For a while, Glynn just lay there with his rigid prick thumping against the velvet flesh, holding his finger full length inside the most fascinating cunt he had ever thought about. She felt impossibly soft and rich inside, hot and slippery with a special lavishness that shook him to the core.

He couldn't wait any longer, or his throbbing cock would spurt semen all over her thigh; his balls ached with the pressure that had built up within them, and he was wildly turned on by the thought that very soon, he would let go his load deep within the treasured confines of his mom's pussy.

Removing his finger from the gripping of the enfolding tissues there, he stroked the abundantly haired pussy again, before lifting to his knees and crawling around to poise himself between her out flung legs.

Glynn couldn't resist running both hands over those enticing legs, so that his palms and fingers would forever remember them. They were so long, sleek and lovely and slim. Smooth and graceful, they were the sculptured gateway to his personal paradise; he moved on his knees between them, using his hands to spread her creamy thighs even more, to open the hairy target of her crotch to him.

Bending, he caught the rise of a fragrance from her cunt, a spicy, musky, stimulating perfume that was his mother's womanly essence. She moved then, mumbled unintelligible words in her sl**p, and crossed one arm over her eyes. Transfixed, he crouched without motion for what seemed forever, until the urgency in his balls pushed him on.

Glynn was beyond stopping now. If she came to and screamed, he meant to fuck her anyhow, even if he had to fight her off the bed and down onto the carpet.

Trembling, he used one hand to steer the flexing head of his prick into the shadowy bush of her mound, and when the tip of it pressed into the crinkly hairs, fought down the need to let it go all over her pussy.

But it was hotter inside, unbelievably rich inside, and he had to get there. Slow and easy, Glynn hunched his belly forward, and helped his prick with his hand. It shoved into the slick lips, slid thrillingly into them as they stretched to admit his cockhead. Not slow now, but driven by his inflamed passions, Glynn gave a jab that sank his prick into his mom's cunt.

All the way inside that enchanted pussy, it went. Into that sizzling hot snatch that his dad had fucked so many times and that was now, at last, his.

He shuddered as it went home, as his iron-hard prick slid greasily to its entire length inside her vagina and his balls came to rest in the fluffy crack of her shapely ass. Glynn had his meat packed in her cunt now, had it stuffed all the way up her, and the sensation was fantastic. He stroked into her. Then he lifted his ass to make his pulsing cock slide back to the head, then pushed it in once more, grunting with pure joy.

She wiggled slightly on the first thrust, and swung her pelvis more on the second one. Glynn reached both hands down under the smooth cheeks of her ass and held on as he worked his aching prick in and out of the wet gloving of her marvelous pussy.
Her vagina grasped his shaft, caressed it with velvet bubblings, with hotly soaped strength, and he lay down on top of her then, blinded to any danger, needing only to fuck. To fuck this most erotic of all cunts. His mom's.

Her arms lifted around him, and she hiked her crotch to take him deeper, a soft moan escaping the lips now placed at his ear, her warm breath tingling.

"Oh darling--it's been so long--oh, how lovely. Your prick is so hard--"

The words centered in his lunging prick, turned him on even more, and Glynn began to hammer his cock into her pussy, to f***e it strongly with every powerful stroke.

The bed shook and they rocked together, glued at the crotch. His balls slapped damply and softly at her ass, and now his mother's long, fabulous legs raised up to wrap around him, crossing themselves at the ankles.

"Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard and deep--yes, like that! Feed that cock into me, darling. Oh! Lovely, lovely--"

Blindly, his mouth sought for hers and found it. His tongue pushed between her open lips and discovered the wet squirming of her tongue. She sucked on his, pulled it toward her throat, and her teeth clashed along his as she groaned in rapture.

Then suddenly, her body stopped its whiplash movements; her ass ceased to heave up and down, and her beautiful legs dropped away from his body. Glynn could feel the shock that rippled through her, feel the stiffening of her pussy around his stroking prick. She pushed both hands against his chest and gasped.

"N-no! You--you're not Eric, not my husband! Why--what--"

Glynn let go of her ass and reached up, just in time to catch her wrists as she tried to claw his face.

"Easy--take it easy, mom!"

Her hiss was pure outrage: "No! You--you! Glynn, you c-can't, we mustn't--oh please, please let me go!"

Pinning her arms above her head, he f***ed his prick solidly within her wet pussy, held it there while she wiggled and tried frantically to work it out of her body. But he had it socked into her, and as long as he was firmly between her legs, she couldn't get free.

She kept struggling, her tits bouncing against his chest, her pelvis surging in movements that were about to make him come.

He whispered harshly at her. "Stop fighting! I have my prick in you, mom. I've been fucking you, and you dug it. I'm going to finish screwing you, and if you keep yelling, you'll wake up dad and s*s!"

The last thought was a good one, because she fell limp beneath him, only tugging weakly at her arms.

"Don't, Glynn--oh please don't! You're d***k or something, and don't know what you're doing!"

He jammed his prick hard against her womb and gyrated his ass to move the cockhead around, feeling very strong and conquering.

"I know what I'm doing--what I've always dreamed of doing! I'm fucking you, mom! I have my prick shoved deep inside your beautiful hot pussy, and pretty soon, I'm going to cum in it! I’m going to blow my load of hot cum into your pussy! I love you, mom--I love your cunt so much that it's been driving me crazy! Now at last I'm fucking you, and I won't stop for anything!"

She lay still, but he thought his cockhead sensed a tremble in her vaginal walls, and his prick responded to it.

He said softly, "its happening, mom, and nobody can stop it. Please fuck me back; please come with me."

She made a strangled noise, and words came tumbling out.

"I--I can't, but--its been so long, and I am a passionate woman. Oh please--oh my sweet boy, why me? H-how could you--oh, Glynn!"

Her pelvis lurched against his, and he let go her wrists so that she could hold him in her rounded arms, so that her big, soft breasts could flatten themselves against his heaving chest. The nipples were hard, boring into his flesh, and Glynn's heart leaped with bliss. His mother was laying her pussy up to him! She was fucking him back, trying to come with him, this first magic, crazy time they were screwing.

Those terrific legs webbed him in again, and she rolled up on her shoulders to open her cunt wider for his now feverish strokes. He fed her the hard meat, socked it deep and pulled it out, only to shove it balls-deep again.

"I'm, t-trying to hold back, mom," he panted. His hands were taking another delightful grip upon the hot cheeks of her bouncing ass.

"But I need you so much, I--I can't. I'm going to come. I'm coming!"

His prick swelled, and the flexing head suddenly poured forth a hot, hissing stream of semen. Glynn shot off inside his mother's softly receiving pussy, pumped his come in quick, spitting jets so that it splashed against her cervix and inundated the quivering walls of her vagina. Again and again, globs of his semen fountained into that, hot, trembling cunt, and he ground his balls lovingly into the cleft between her cheeks, reveling in the far out sensation.

She gave a tiny shriek.

"Oh! You're coming in me, dear--you're flooding your mother's pussy with your little boy cum, and I love it, love it! Keep fucking me, darling--oh keep fucking me!"

He laid the meat into her steadily, still hard as a rock, still eager as ever to screw this exquisite cunt, and his prick made sloshing noises as it worked back and forth in the hot bubbling lubrication of his own semen.

She rolled her ass and sc****d his back with her fingernails, clamping her long legs around his waist and trying to lift him off the bed. Her crotch pounded up into his, and her pussy seemed to wiggle violently over his moving cock, seemed to clench down upon the head of it as it reached home time after time.

Glynn was delirious; he and his mother were fucking. Fucking! And she was enjoying his prick as much as she loved his dad's. She was screwing him hard and wild, sledging her belly up to his and dropping it back, twisting her greasy hot pussy all over his rod.

"S-sweet boy--darling boy! Your cock isn't as big as your daddy's thing, but it's so hard, so hard and so young! Ooohh, how I love it, love to feel it this far up my pussy--Oh, Glynn, my baby, my darling, your mother would like to eat you up. Ah! Ah, that's good, so good! More and more of this lovely young prick, and--and--oh yes, I'm coming, coming, coming!"

He felt the vibration of her cunt, the frantic gulping as his mother came, as his lovely, hot mom came on his prick. It was too much for Glynn, and he let go with yet another load of cum that had built up hurriedly within his balls. Not as strong, not as copious, but there was still a gush of cum that added to the fiery liquids already there.

Sagging, he collapsed on top of her, the strength draining from him, but reluctant to have his cock leave the beautiful intimacy of his mom's spasming pussy. She cradled him with her legs, hugged him close and stroked his hair, crooning words of love in his ear, licking the tip of her tongue into his ear every so often.

"My baby," she murmured.

"My sweet c***d. You've turned into a young man, a horny young man who had the nerve to sneak in here and practically **** his own mother while she was sl**ping off all the liquor she drank tonight. And I'm very glad you did, dear! I suppose I've been sublimating my own i****tuous desires for ages, and I'm so happy it finally happened to us."

"I love you, mom," he whispered, stroking her fabulous body, holding his slowly melting prick within her cunt while the mingled juices of their bodies leaked out and puddled in the feathery cleft of her ass.

"And I love you, dear!" she said, running a soft hand down between their bodies so she could cup his flaccid balls. "How did you ever gather the courage to do it?"

He was on the verge of telling her about the plan, balanced for a ragged moment upon the edge of exposing the fact that her husband and her daughter were at this very second down the hall in probably the same general position. But Glynn held back in time, and didn't say that his dad and s****r were fucking now, too, that i****t in this f****y had suddenly become a game for four players.

Were they as happy as he and his mother? He supposed so, knowing Lorena well now, knowing the strong lusts that moved within his s****r's young cunt. He stirred his softening cock into his mom's pussy, and she squeezed his balls lightly.

"It was so wonderful!" she said. "I haven't screwed anyone for too long. Your father and I once had a good thing going, but it disappeared somewhere along the line. I've been so lonely, so damned frustrated. But now, darling--oh, now I have you!"

He felt his prick slide limply from the pussy he adored, and she helped him lift himself from her hot body. He lay beside his freshly fucked mother, sated for the moment and content, proud that he'd really gotten into her, that he had let two big loads of cum off into her beautiful cunt. He had made her come, too; she loved his prick.

Glynn said, "Has dad got a bigger cock than me?"

She came up on one elbow and kissed him, her big tit brushing warmly against the side of his face.

"Yes, your father has a tremendous penis, but that doesn't mean I can't get just as much, or more, pleasure from your sweet thing, darling! In fact, you excited me more than I think I've ever been, in all my life. Maybe it was the idea of being screwed by my own handsome son, of having my own c***d's prick in me, but whatever the cause, you were a marvelous lover. Imagine--coming twice, in such a short time."

He said, "I want to fuck you forever. I always wanted to, ever since I got big enough. I used to hear you and dad fucking in here, and it drove me right up the wall. I used to go into the bathroom and jerk off while I pretended it was me between your beautiful legs. I guess I was jealous of dad."

She kissed him again, and ran her tongue warmly into his lips.

"Well, you don't have to be jealous any more. You can do it to me all the time, in oh so many ways. There are so many things I want to do to you. Do with you. But we'll have to be very careful, dear. What with the divorce so close now, if your father had even the slightest suspicion that there could be anything sexual between his wife and his son--"

He didn't want to hear anything about divorce, and said, "We can be careful, since you and dad don't sl**p together any more. Oh mom, I--I never went down on anyone, but I really want to do that to you. I want to taste your lovely pussy, but you'll have to show me how. I don't know anything about that, only what I've seen in pictures."

"How wonderful!" she sighed.

"Your father has always been just a little stuffy about oral sex. He did it to me a few times when we were first married, but I always had the feeling that he didn't really like it. Yes, dear, I'll teach you. We'll make all kinds of exquisite love together, my handsome, stiff-dicked son and me."

He turned his head and kissed the nipple of her tit. She lifted the big mound with one hand and fed it to him, rubbing it into his mouth and across his teeth. Glynn worshipped it with his tongue, licking first the nipple, then all around the spongy melon of his mother's breast, thinking of sliding his cock between those big tits, of titty-fucking her as he had done the night before to his s****r. Would his mom react the same way, and lap the sliding head of his prick?

Both of them froze in place; they could hear the sound of a shower going in the bathroom that divided this bedroom from the one Eric slept in. Glynn's half-hard cock dropped again, even though he had a pretty good idea that his father wouldn't be coming in here; not with Lorena in his bed. But what was the old man doing, taking a bath at this time of night?

'Probably making himself tidy for another round of screwing with Lorena,' Glynn thought. But whatever the cause, it scared hell out of his mother. She pulled away from him and whispered, "You'd better go, dear. Tomorrow we can be together again, just as soon as possible, I promise. I'm not about to let my young lover go, now that we've discovered each other."

He slid out of bed, peeped into the hall, and split for his own room.
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 11

I am not the author! Found story on my old desk top. Original story name is 'F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 11

Glynn caught his s****r coming out of the bathroom on Sunday morning. She was still glowing, but looked a little mussed, as if she had gone through a long and grueling night.

"Hey, s*s--how did it go? He locked the door, and I couldn't ease into your room to watch from the closet, but I wanted to."

She smiled. "It's a good thing dad and mom sl**p in different rooms; he's still in there all wrapped around Jean. Now he's fucked all three of us women, just as you have."

"All three--oh yeah, including mom. I heard her moving around downstairs a while ago. She slept the night through."

Glynn held to his s****r's hand. "I'm wondering how I can get Jean and mom together today. Got any ideas?"

"How about if I split with dad? We can say we're going up to his office or something. Then you can use little Jean to turn on mother and ball her yourself."

"Good enough," he said, feeling a lift of anticipation at the idea of swinging with the little redhead and his mom.

"But you know something? I'm missing your pussy, s*s. I hope it doesn't take much longer before we can all be together, you and me, mom and dad."

Her kiss brushed his mouth and she said, "Hang in there, Glynn. I'll go get them up so we can have breakfast; all of us need the vitamins."

When she darted back through the bath, he went on down the stairs, eager to see his beautiful mom again.

It felt funny, he thought, talking about fucking with his s****r, discussing their sex life openly and up front, but there were a lot of things changing around here since the plan had gotten moving. With any luck at all, he and Lorena ought to be able to work out the rest of it, getting his old man and mom together again.

"Hi mom--smells like pancakes. Did you know that Jean Marks stayed over last night? No, I guess not; you were asl**p when she came after Lorena called her."

His mother was dressed in hip-snugging slacks, black and slinky, with a see-through white blouse. A bra cupped her opulent breasts, and he wished she didn't have it on, so he could see those great nipples.

She said, "Oh? Did you and Jean have fun?"

He came up to her and put his arms around her slim waist, tugging her close so he could feel the shape of her ass against him.

"Didn't touch her, mom, I swear. But if we can get dad and Lorena out of the house again, I think I can have her spend the rest of the day here--with us."

"I--I don't know," she said. "Everything looks different in the hard light of day, dear. Besides, your father took your s****r along yesterday and he won't want to--"

He rubbed against her, his cook getting hard at the merest touch of her beguiling ass. He wanted to slide his shaft between those pear-shaped cheeks and move up and down, maybe prod her hidden asshole a little before lowering the head and pushing it thrillingly into the hot, wet grip of that fantastically beautiful pussy.

"Don't be a copout, mom; I won't let you. Last night you were all up on the idea of Jean with us, making love, and I can just about guarantee that Lorena will haul dad off again this morning."

She trembled against him and said softly, "All right; I just couldn't resist my eager young lover, even if I tried. If they go out, I'll go right to my room, and you can bring Jean there. Have you talked to her about it?"

"I'll get to her right after breakfast," he promised, and stepped back, letting go his mother's body as he heard footsteps on the stairs.

They ate quickly, with Lorena and him carrying most of the conversation, and when they were having a second cup of coffee, his s****r announced that she was going to the office with their father.

"Some files to catch up on," his father said without looking up from his plate, "and Lorena volunteered to help."

Surprisingly, his mom said nothing in return, no putdown as she would normally have done. It was pretty nice, Glynn thought, not to have his parents cutting at each other all the time. He followed Lorena out to the station wagon because she motioned him to, and there she whispered in his ear that she would go away for about two hours.

"That will make it about noon when we come back, Glynn. Leave all the doors unlocked, and I'll accidentally let dad see you putting it to mother, with Jean right there helping. Just a glimpse to shake him up real good, then I'll back him out. It's the next logical step."

Glynn said, "Well, all right, but I'm still a little shaky about him seeing me and mom."

He saw his dad coming around the car and split, his belly tightening. Sure, he thought, it all seemed very logical and simple, but what if his old man blew his cork? Dad might figure it was fine for him to stick his daughter, but he might not want his boy sticking his wife.

Back in the house, he saw his mother and Jean Marks cleaning up the remains of breakfast, and heard the dishwasher going. This kind of thing could turn a worried guy into a juice head, he decided, but voted against a beer on top of hotcakes with syrup.

He compared the two--his mother tall and willowy, but with flared hips and long, eye-catching legs, Jean small and cute, put together like a miniature Venus. Mom's hair was black as night, and Jean's was flaming red.

They seemed to be getting to know each other, laughing and whispering things he couldn't hear. As he fidgeted just beyond the door, his fear fading in his eagerness to screw these two beautiful females, he saw Jean put a hand upon his mom's waist, and watched it drift almost casually down across her ass.

Immediately, his shaft leaped to attention. Jean was feeling up his mom, and he knew damned well that he was going to see some lesbian type loving before long, that he was going to be a major part of a sexual get together different from the one he had joined with Jean and his s****r. This time, Jean would make love to his mother, and maybe it would also go the other way around, while he got his licks in with both of them.

He couldn't just hang around and watch them, so he went up to take a bath, using plenty of hot water and soap, lathering his body strongly, then changing the water flow slowly from hot to cold. In the end, he found himself yelling and dancing around in the needlelike spray.

They were waiting for him in his mother's room--but not really. Jean and his mom had started without him, for they were already naked and together on the bed.

As he stood staring in the doorway, he saw the little girl crawling over on top of his mother's statuesque body. Jean had both hands full of tit, and was kissing the bee stung lips with dedication, her little pink tongue darting in and out.

Glynn heard his mother make some kind of choking noise, and watched her hands come up to cup the trimly molded ass cheeks, to caress and stroke them, push them together and pull them apart. The sight started a vibration in his rigid cock, and he walked slowly toward the bed where they were squirming. For the moment, they seemed to have forgotten he existed, and he couldn't blame them.

His mother was having her first lesbian experience, and Glynn was anxious to see what would happen next, but not from a distance. Not wanting to miss a single movement, he sat down on the far edge of the bed, holding his cock and staring avidly at them.

Jean manipulated his mom's breasts, thumbing the nipples while she kissed the older woman, mashing down on the springy mounds and letting them spring up rounded again. Her sleek little belly moved back and forth, seeking contact with their crotches, but until Jean stopped kissing her mouth and slid down, their cunts couldn't meet.

When she reached the base of the white throat, her mouth hesitated, and Jean licked the hollow there, then dipped over to the left to fasten hotly upon the upright nipple.

Glynn sighed as the girl sucked upon that fabulous tit, because he knew the texture and flavor of it himself. She caressed the belly, the hips, and his mother's fingers dug into Jean's ass.

They were moving together then, pussy to pussy, Jean in between his mom's out flung legs, between the full, rich thighs. They humped and ground their cunts, making fucking motions as if one of them was a man, and he could see Jean's dark red pussy massaging his mother's midnight black cunt.

Moaning, his mother gasped out: "Oh! Oh darling girl--it's wonderful to feel you like this, your sweet little box against mine. Oh! Yes, dear-- your clit against mine--humping, humping--oh!"

And Jean answered hotly, "Yes, Arlene--yes, Mrs. Johansen; what a deep, wet cunt you have, all velvet and juicy. So lovely, so hot and beautiful. Fuck me, Arlene--fuck me!"

The girl's ass blurred as she stroked furiously into the woman's cunt, heaving and twisting, rubbing her inflamed clitoris into his mother's steaming box. Glynn clamped down hard on his cock as he saw his mom lift her symmetrical legs and coil them around the small, perfect body. They really screwed then, moaning and gasping, rotating their asses and ramming their cunts together faster and faster.

"C-coming!" his mother cried out. "Oh you wonderful little thing, you're making me come!"

"Me, too!" Jean sobbed, bumping her crotch violently into the black one, making wet sounds. "Your beautiful hairy pussy--oh, squeeze me in your thighs, Mrs. Johansen, grind that terrific cunt into mine--OOOHH!"

Glynn sat entranced, his prick leaping in his hand, his balls packing themselves with fluid that was demanding to be released. They were so damned beautiful together, lying wrapped in naked flesh, and they had just reached a mutual orgasm, sharing the lascivious delights that one woman could give to another.

And Jean was only beginning. 'A real AC-DC chick!' he thought, as she began to slide down his mother's supine, panting body, kissing the rib cage, licking her tongue over the smoothly mounded belly to ram it hotly into the navel. His mom shuddered all over, and pawed ineffectual hands at the twisted sheet, her mouth hanging open and her eyelashes fluttering.

"Your skin tastes like honey," Jean purred, "and I'll bet your pussy is even richer. Love the feel of your cunt hair against my cheek, Arlene-- it's all crinkly and kind of stiff, and I can smell the perfume of it, warm and pungent"

The girl was rubbing her face into his mother's snatch, first one cheek, then the other, nosing into the thick curls of the ebony pubic hair. She even used her chin to burrow into the springy bush, and nipped the insides of the trembling white thighs with quick, hungry teeth. Glynn clamped down on the head of his prick, held it lightly as he watched.

He climbed on the bed with his knees, and scrambled over so he could see the most intimate details. There was Jean's tongue lapping like a puppy dog into his mom's quivering labia; he could see that the cunt lips were swollen now and turning redder. Jean was playing with the cheeks of the other woman's ass and dipping her fingers into the crack while she ate pussy.

The dark red head, the elfin face, pushed deeper into the humid receptiveness of his mother's crotch, and he watched Jean take the cunt lips between her teeth to bite tenderly upon them. His mom rocked from side to side and her ass began to hike itself up and down.

She took the girl's head in her hands then, and her hunching movement fucked it.

Glynn stared down at Jean's up tilted ass, at the sweetly formed cheeks and the tiny cleft with its feathery covering. He saw the tight little anus, and below it, as Jean wiggled, the cunning design of her tiny pussy. It pouched at him when she pumped her ass, as she buried her face inside his mom's blackly heaving cunt.

It was so close; he ran his hands over the sleek buttocks and felt their shape, their warmth, the smoothness of them. Prodding, he slipped the distended head of his stiff prick between her thighs, and for a few breathless seconds she rode his shaft, sk**ding her wet cunt lips up and down the length of it. Then Glynn used one hand to hold her bobbing still, the other to hold his cock while he steered the blunt glans into the tufted red hair.

The heat of it sizzled against his cockhead, and he shoved steadily into it, fitting his knob into the tight but eager slot that was so inviting. It went in slowly as the lips turned elastic and gave to his pressure; the bulb popped inside her pussy, and with a long, twisting stroke, he seated the rest of his prick full length within the tight sleeve of Jean's blistering young cunt.

Glynn had never fucked this way before, from behind. It was a new sensation for him to snug his balls up tight to the neatly sculptured ass, to drive his long thrusts into the girl as she shook her tail against him. It was good, he thought dazedly, holding to her waist with both hands and cramming his cock while Jean ate so ardently into his mother's pussy.

"I--I can't stand it!" his mother called out, swinging her head blindly from side to side like a metronome, her tits heaving and her belly jerking. "Oh--it's too much, too much, darling! My pussy is going insane--ahh! Oh! Please--oohh!!"

Narrow and snug, Jean's cunt worked over his moving prick, and his balls swung against the backs of her thighs. Glynn stared down at the entangled women, at the sweetly surging ass he was putting the rod into, at the twisting, arching form of his mother in the throes of her orgasm on the girl's avid mouth.

His mom fell back limply, and Jean lifted her dripping face from between the older woman's thighs. Glynn gave her a few more strokes, and Jean's pussy thrummed around his buried cock like a soft tuning fork. She was coming, too, he knew, and held his shaft solidly in her, deeply within her box, as her hot oils bathed it.

By keeping still, he didn't come. It felt almost as good, he thought, and held his prick inside the girl's snatch, wondering if this was how to keep fucking for a long, long time. Jean wobbled in his grasp, so he allowed her to slide forward, so that his hard pole slipped soapily from the kiss of her pussy lips.

"Oh, lover boy," she said, rolling over and smiling wetly up at him.

"That was a fine screwing; you timed it just right, while I was about to make your mother come."

Glynn was proud of himself, and saw that his mom's eyes were opening, that her dark eyes were focusing upon his posed cock with its shiny head. She acted puzzled, as if she didn't quite know where she was for a moment; then her eyes cleared and she smiled that warm, bitchy smile.

"Well, dear--you've just seen your mom debauching herself with a girl. Did it surprise you as much as it did me? I had no idea, really--but it's so different, so tender and thrilling."

He said, "You were great, mom. I put it to Jean from the rear, while she was eating your pussy, but I didn't come yet."

"I sure did," Jean announced. I had it going for me at both ends, and I came so hard that my head spun. Wow--what a beautiful f****y you are, every one of you!"

Glynn saw his mother frown. "Every one, Jean?" she asked.

He moved to her, hurriedly cutting off the conversation, telling himself that he would break the news a little later, that she didn't have to know right now. She would have to discover that dad was screwing her daughter sometime, but there was more than an hour left before Lorena was due home.

"I'd like to fuck you dog fashion, mom! Maybe you'd like to go down on Jean, kind of reversing your positions. She's ready for it, ready for anything."

Eyes clouding over in that special, sexy way, his mother licked her full lips and nodded.

"That sounds nice, lover. Were you saving your load for me?"

She kissed him before turning to straddle Jean's slim body, and he still felt the wet thrusting of her tongue for several seconds afterward. Trembling, he watched Jean set herself for the oral loving, putting a pillow under her piquant little ass so that her scarlet mouth tipped upward, and spreading her polished knees wide.

The red tufted and downy hair of her pussy gleamed up at his mother, and the older woman stooped to gather the small girl lovingly in her arms. As Glynn watched enraptured, his mom snugged Jean close, kissing her mouth hungrily, shoving her tongue deep into the gasping, open lips. His mother's knee was prodding into Jean's crotch, and the lovely girl was wiggling upon it, rolling her snatch hard against the sleek flesh there.

Then his mom, his gorgeous, sensual mom, was kissing Jean's tit, sucking upon each nipple in turn, and her hands were cupping the girl's body, running over the warm skin. She lowered the girl and began to lick hotly over her chest and belly. Her fabulously shaped ass came back toward Glynn, lifting up as she slid down Jean's writhing body to the treasure of the fragrantly steaming pussy.

Head turning back over her shoulder, his mother said to Glynn: "Put it to me, son."

The cheeks of her ass were like big, beautiful melons in his hands, and when she turned to plunge her mouth into Jean's thrusting pelvis, he eased the head of his prick out to touch the puckered brown ring of her hole, staring down at the crinkly curlings of her snatch hair, at the meeting of her inflamed pussy lips in back.

'Had his father ever mounted her this way? Had his dad ever fondled these splendid, captivating cheeks and nudged his mom's asshole with his cockhead?' A quake rippled over Glynn, and his skin turned extra sensitive. When she rolled her hips, he poked gently with his knob and discovered the marvelous slippery labia kissing his point. With a little guidance, it eased into the wet, greasy hold of her pussy, aroused now because of the sucking it had just had.

The shock of it was always new, he thought, sliding his hard and aching shaft deeply into her alluring cunt; it was always as if he was putting the meat to his darling mother for the very first time. The juicy tissues of her pussy closed around his probing dick, tightened upon it with a loving grasp, and his balls nestled against the silken pillows of her textured thighs. It was in his mom again, stuck to the roots within her mature, ripe cunt, and he adored the feel of her inner vagina.

She was so damned hot, so damned beautiful; she was the queen of all bitches, and Glynn worshipped her sexually, grinding his pelvis into the hills of her cheeks, bending down to tuck his belly against the velvet length of her graceful back. Her heavy tits hung down as she ate into the girl's pussy below, and Glynn caught them in both hands, clung jealously to them all warm and springy as he stroked tenderly into her pussy.

"I've got my prick locked into your hot cunt," he whispered into the back of her neck. "My cock is buried in your pussy, mom--moving all hard and slippery in there where dad fucks you. It's my pussy, too, and I'm fucking you, mother--I'm pumping my shaft in and out of your boiling cunt, and you love it, you beautiful, hot bitch--you love to be fucked by your son!"

She moaned into Jean's crotch, and the small girl moaned in answer, heaving gently into the older woman's face, turning her trim ass in the gripping hands. Glynn pulled on his mother's round, pendulum tits, and worked his rod steadily into the clutching well of her deep pussy. Suddenly he wondered how her quivering nest would feel, if it was already made oily by another man's semen--by his own father's hot juices.

Pretty soon, he told himself, giving her longer, harder hammerings, reaching to the far end of her vagina with the lunging head of his cast-iron prick; pretty soon, he might get the chance to watch his daddy fuck the hell out of her, and then he'd climb onto her the second his daddy climbed off, the very moment after the old man withdrew his big, dripping shaft after letting go his load.

Glynn would rut and grind in her wet cunt then, continuing where his dad left off, fucking and screwing and pumping his own searing come in to blend with the slidy stuff already left inside her stirred-up, shuddering pussy. Both of them would fuck her, and daddy would see it, see him pound the cock into her body while mother squirmed and told him how much she loved his young, hard meat.

Just then, Jean cried out wildly, and beat her tiny hands against the bed. "Mrs. Johansen--oh, Arlene, darling--darling--eat me--devour my cunt, darling--I'm coming, coming!!!"

Glynn felt his mother's pussy snap on his cockhead, felt the inner sheathing of her gorgeous cunt draw tight around it, and in reflex, the semen came hissing up from his balls. When she bucked her ass back against him, he held desperately to her tits and banged away at her suctioning box. The cum hosed from his glans, hurled thick and viscous fluid at the entrance to her cervix, dripped his male essence sticky and penetrating along the enveloping wall of her cunt, soaking her completely, lathering his still churning rod from head to balls.

He thought he was never going to stop coming; it was so good that he felt dizzy, and at last he shivered to a stop, his balls only twitching against her molded thighs, his prick stilled and drowned within the soggy velvet grasp of the most fantastic pussy in the world.

Slowly, he sat back, bracing his hands upon her hips for better balance, but she came back with him, lifting her smeared face from the young girl's smokey cunt, grinding her ass in ecstasy upon his sloshy prick.

Something from outside came knocking at his consciousness, something alien, and Glynn pivoted his head at the sound of the door opening. He saw them standing there, his s****r and his father, saw his dad staring with unbelieving eyes at the tableau the three of them made, on the bed.

Then Lorena pulled the door shut again, and Glynn collapsed on top of his mother.
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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 14

I am not the author. I found this story on my old desk top. The orginal story name is 'F***ly Games'

Mom, Dad, and Us Part 14

Holding her father by the hand, Lorena reached for the doorknob. It had taken three drinks to help convince him that he ought to come in naked, and he was high now. But at least he wasn't wearing that floppy old robe, and she was freshly scrubbed, proud that her mom was at last going to see her in her mature nudity.

"Mom," she said, leading him inside, "Glynn--oh." She saw them on the bed, lying belly to belly, caressing.

Glynn said quickly, in a voice that was considerably higher than usual, "We--ah, thought we could start first. But we waited until you got here. H-hi, dad."
Her father said, "Hello, son--Arlene."

Her mother said, dark-eyed and looking utterly beautiful, "I don't know what to say, Eric. Our son and I decided we could better show you how we feel, but Glynn only wants to--to do it to me for a little while. He would rather you and I--well, screwed until we came, the first time. Glynn has a thing about needing to put his thing in where yours just left, so he can feel your semen."

Lorena shivered; this was far out and provocative, a demonstration where her b*****r put his stiff young meat to her mother's willing pussy, but not until he climaxed. He'd save that so he could blend his ejaculation with his father's. Oh wow, she thought, and squeezed her daddy's hand.

Gruffly, Eric Johansen said, "Go ahead, boy!"

"Let's go to the bed and stand close," Lorena suggested. "I don't want to miss any of this, and I'm sure you don't."

They watched Glynn kiss his mother as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, lifting one polished knee. The towel she had been wearing slipped away, and they could see the burnished black curlings of her shapely mound, the pink lips hiding beneath the abundant crisp hairs.

Arlene took her son by the cock, rubbing her fingers up and down its stiff length and massaging the gleaming head. Glynn dropped his face to take one of his mother's large nipples into his mouth. His eyes were closed, but hers were not; she stared up at her husband, and her voice was low, vibrant and husky: "He has such a hard young prick, Eric, and he's so eager with it, so strong."

Lorena saw her b*****r's hand slide between the glossy thighs, saw the fingers probe delicately into the rich hairy nest and find the welcoming labia, to slip inside while the woman rolled her hips suggestively.

Lorena's breath caught in her throat, and she felt blindly beside her until her hand encountered her father's thick penis. Holding onto it for balance, she stared entranced at the two on the bed.

Now her mom was tugging Glynn over on top of her, gripping the boy's shaft tightly, and as he took his position between her thighs, rubbed the head up and down along her dewy cunt lips. Lorena tore her eyes away to steal a glance at her dad, and saw that he was watching raptly.

"Look at it poking her cunt," he breathed. "She's shaking all over, she's so anxious to get it inside her."

Lorena said, "Partly because you're here, dad. She's showing you how passionate she really is."

And her b*****r shoved his prong deeply into the moving crotch, penetrating the black bush and sliding home into the gulping lips. The long, round staff went in easily, burying itself to the root, and her b*****r's balls swung to rest in the uplifted cleft of the shapely ass. He hung there motionless for a long moment, then began to pump, and Lorena could see his cock gleaming with the juices it had picked up inside.

"It feels so good," Arlene murmured. "It's moving around in me, inside my pussy, Eric. Another prick in my pussy, not yours. And I love it, love it. See how I'm fucking him, Eric--watch how I raise my legs and wrap them around him, so I can pull his lovely cock as deep as possible. You always liked my long legs around you, Eric."

And Glynn gasped, "N-not too much, mom. I can't take it; you're burning up inside, and your cunt is like wet fire."

Moving like a robot, jerkily and uncoordinated, Lorena tugged at her father's hand to lead him around the other side of the swaying bed. She pushed him down upon it, and he didn't take his eyes off his wife as she fucked.

Then Glynn struggled with his mother's legs, and pulled them from around him. Another lurch, and he twisted his prick out of her suctioning vagina.

"Y-your turn, dad!" he said.

Lorena helped her b*****r slide across the bed, pulled him over to give the others the room they needed. Moving like a stunned giant, her father crawled over and set himself between his wife's sleek legs.

"Damn it, Arlene--I missed you, missed fucking you. Now your great cunt is all warmed up for me."

"Hurry, darling," Arlene said. "Oh please hurry and fuck me. Put that magnificent cock in me where it belongs and screw me until I pass out."

Lorena kept tugging at her b*****r until she got him in place, side by side with her. Eagerly, she caught at his sudsy prick and guided it into her snatch, hooking one leg over him to hold him in place. Together, they stared at their parents, while his rigid pole eased into her body, slid strongly and firmly up inside her hungry pussy.

She saw her dad set the swollen head of his massive cock into her mother's waiting cunt lips, saw the hunch the other woman gave to assist the knob make its way. They were practiced, and the big shaft slid inside with hardly a struggle, vanishing from sight as her hairs curled around its root.

"Uhh!" her daddy grunted, beginning to work his joint in and out of the clinging pussy, and its veined length shone with oils that Glynn had stirred up. Powerfully, he fed it into his wife, slamming the heavy, thick meat deep and pulling out almost to the head before returning it to its hotly pulling nest.

"Look, look," Lorena said, settling her own cunt around her b*****r's cock. "Aren't they beautiful together?"

Glynn answered, "Yeah, but so are we. Mom keeps looking over at us."

"She isn't slowing down any, though," Lorena said, watching the rapid churning movements of the thick shaft in the squirming cunt. The lips of it pulled in powerfully, and the heavy cock slammed home, creating a sloshing noise, making her mother wiggle her ass and hump her crotch.

Every close detail was exposed, and Lorena could even see the little bubbles of juice that were softly beading on her father's prick and being carried out to wet the wrinkled, hairy sack of his balls. The rhythm was fascinating to her, the intimate sight thrilling, and she moved her own body in response to her b*****r's slow stroking. She realized that Glynn was holding off, that his prime objective was to keep himself for the big ejaculation into the blazing pussy that was now being used so well and so sensuously by their horny father.

They fucked so wonderfully, she thought, moving in a beat of pure sexual hunger, the man cramming his mighty pole deep and solidly, the woman meeting his every thrust with a series of gyrations that milked down upon the head of his distended cock.

"Eric, Eric!" Arlene gasped. "Oh, what a marvelous cock, and I love the way you feed it to me. "Oh--oh, you're filling my cunt, packing me with your beautiful meat--ahh, darling, fuck me, fuck me and never, never stop!"

Lorena's eyes clung to them, and she heard her father grunt out, "You beautiful bitch, you hot cunted, prick hungry bitch--here, here--"

He was about to come; she felt it, saw the rising orgasm in the trembling of the balls that swung steadily into the feathered valley of her mother's heaving ass. Stilling the movements of her own snatch, she dug her nails into her b*****r's back and hissed, "Glynn--he's going to hit. He's about to let it go into mom's pussy--that thick, heavy stream of semen will--is--exploding from the head of his cock and squirting creamily inside her vagina. There, there! See how his balls are jumping upward!"

Her b*****r's prick was motionless in her box, hard and pulsing, but holding back its own torrent of come, saving it for the supreme moment when he could act out his sexual fantasy, when he could climb between his mother's fabulous thighs immediately after his father left them.

Lorena was happy she could share the enchantment of the moment, that she was a vital part of it all, happier yet that her sweet b*****r could at last gratify the hot dream he had for so long held silent within himself. Now he could let it all hang out; in a few seconds, he could glut himself upon the hot, wet treasure of his mother's previously forbidden cunt, sliding his own cock deftly into the trembling, slippery hole that his father's big shaft had just been pulled from.

"C-coming, coming!" her mother screamed softly. "Oh, Eric--I feel your hot juice in me, and I'm coming with you!"

The woman flailed her long, satiny legs and crushed the man into her mounded tits, her ass grinding around and around as she sought to absorb all his embedded meat, as she tried to suck every drop of spurting cum from the flexing head.

"Now!" Lorena said sharply, and snapped her b*****r's cock from the confines of her pussy with an adept twisting movement.

"Now, Glynn--get over there and fuck her while his stuff is still boiling in her, while its fresh and hot."

She rolled over and tugged at her father's big shoulders, pulling him back.

"Daddy--get off mom and let Glynn to her. Come on, daddy--you can soak your prick in me, but Glynn has to fuck her right away!"

Her father's huge prick backed wetly out of the hairy cunt lips, plopped outside and dragged a trail of glistening white come after it. The head was still leaking juice, Lorena saw, and she tugged harder at the man. He came to her on his knees, his chest pumping up and down, still in the ecstatic throes of his climax.

Glynn leaped off the bed and ran around to the other side, where his mother lay limply, her head rolled to one side and her eyes closed. There were pearly drops of semen on the crisp hairs of her bushy cunt, and they gleamed up at the boy as he crawled onto the bed, his own stiff cock in hand. Lorena stared at him while he hurried between the relaxed legs, and thought she could see a wisp of humid steam rising from the inflamed lips of her mother's well fucked pussy.

Her b*****r didn't waste a second; grasping his mom's thighs, he set the head of his long, slim prick into the greasy lips and shoved hard. His cock disappeared into the hairy mound, sliding immediately into the cunt he craved above all others. It went deep, pushed in frantically, until his balls were squeezed flat against the black fur of her crack.

"Mom, mom! It's stuck in your pussy all the way. Oh wow--in there all sloppy and hot; you're all greasy and buttery inside, full of my daddy's cum. Oohh--ahh--sweet mother, hot mother--and I'm a real mother fucker!"

Lorena pulled at her father, wriggled until she got both legs spread with him in the middle. Grabbing his rigid, lubricated cock, she drew it to the entrance of her own burning cunt and urged the big, dripping head inside. Shoving, lifting, she pulled the great knob into her aching snatch, and with a strong surge of thighs and pelvis, seated the thick shaft firmly within herself.

"There," she said. "It's in my pussy just like Glynn's cock is in mom's pussy. Oh, he's fucking her, screwing her with all he has, sloshing his young prick around inside her cunt and going crazy with how wonderful it feels."

"Yeah," her daddy said. "I just pumped her full of semen, and the boy is pounding his rod in there, fucking his mother, fucking my wife, and doing one hell of a job at it."

His shaft moved gently inside Lorena's slot, and she rolled her crotch to settle it against the cup of her womb, where the big head nestled lovingly. She kept her eyes on her b*****r, seeing the entrancing motion of his long rod slipping wetly in and out of the quivering lips of their mother's hairy mound.

"So juicy in here, all satin and velvet, but wet and slidy," Glynn said, and his mother began to stir, to hike her downy belly in response to his hungry, twisting thrusts.

"G-Glynn, my son," she murmured, putting her arms around the small of his back, pulling him tightly to her arching body as he shoved the meat home, releasing him so he could draw back for another stroke.

"My darling boy--love you, love you so much--"

And Glynn muttered, "I'm fucking her, dad--fucking the pussy you just screwed, sliding my cock in here where you just let go, where you shot off inside mother's cunt. It's terrific, blistering, creamy--roll your ass for me, mom. Ride my prick the same way you ride dad's prick!"

Lorena felt her father's cock twitch deep within her slot. She felt him begin to angle his body slightly, and rotated her ass to caress the buried prong when he shifted his weight to the right. He felt out and took one of his wife's hands, and Lorena saw her mother clench tightly upon her father's fingers while her b*****r worked constantly at his lascivious fucking.

"Arlene," her father murmured.

"Darling--fuck the boy well; give him all the love of your educated pussy, darling; make it eat his young cock."

Her mother's face turned, and the eyes were shining hotly, the red mouth was dewy-lipped, and the tongue darted its tip along white teeth.

"Eric, my husband, my lover--oohh! Ahh, its so good to have my son's prick in me. Oh sweet man, sweet boy--kiss me, Eric. Kiss me and run your tongue in my mouth while our son runs his cock in my pussy!"

Her father leaned over and fastened his mouth to his wife's lips, and Lorena knew that his thick tongue was sliding inside. They were all joined then, she thought dizzily--her father had his prick crammed into his daughter's cunt; her mother's oily pussy was wrapped around her son's cock, and mom and dad's mouths were together, making the circle of hotly loving flesh complete.

She ground her cunt upon her daddy's rod, grating her pelvis over his hairy one, her eyes going out of focus in rapture. She could hear the rhythm of her b*****r's fucking, the slosh-slosh of his dick moving in the pussy he worshipped. She heard her mother moan, her father panting, and she listened to the drumbeating of her own heart.

A ripple of utter joy passed through her body, and she moved faster upon her daddy's embedded shaft, knowing the thrill of its root pressing upon her fevered clitoris. It was all so wild, and she reveled in the intensity of the moment, blending body and mind into a single blazing pinpoint of rapture.

"Mom--oh, mom! I'm coming--coming into your beautiful pussy, shooting my juice in there and mixing it with dad's!" Her b*****r's voice seemed far away.

"Come, darling," her mother crooned. "Flow that sweet liquid into your mother's cunt."

Shivering, bucking insanely and suddenly against the base of her daddy's prick, Lorena came with them, her mind spinning out into a warm, soft blackness.
... Continue»
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Rachel: Fire and Innocence - Part 2 - The Fun Begi

Rachel: Fire and Innocence - Part 2 – The Fun Begins

When I opened my eyes, I looked up to see Rachel straddling my outstretched body, and patting my bare chest with a cool, damp wash cloth. I could feel a cool cloth folded on my forehead, and another one behind my neck. I could also see right down Rachel’s dress, as she leaned over me. Her breasts were perfectly round and firm and her nipples were aroused.

She asked me how I was feeling, poor thing, as she continued to administer her version of first aid. As Harry reentered the living room carrying three plush robes, Rachel suggested that perhaps it was the champagne that didn’t agree with me. As I nodded my head in agreement, I could see a clear smirk on Harry’s face. He knew better, but he didn’t betray me. As they helped me to my feet, Harry suggested we all take a deep breath, and maybe slow the pace down a little. After all, we had the whole weekend ahead of us. He issued each of us a long, white robe (gifts from Rachel), and suggested we all take our clothes off and wrap up in the robes. Out of politeness, I turned away from Rachel as she hiked her slinky black dress up her body and over her head. I busied myself with disrobing, then, heard her emit a low whistle towards me, and say “Very Nice”! Upon realizing that she was looking at my tight teen ass when she uttered those two words made me blush all over again, like the shy, awkward 14 year old that I was.

Soon, Rachel and I were seated together on the couch, and Harry went to fetch us a pot of tea. I was feeling calmer with each passing minute, and the cozy robe acted as a kind of security blanket. Rachel turned towards me on the sofa, and took my hand. She told me that she didn’t want me to get the wrong idea about her. Out on the road, she was the quite the proper young lady. After all, she had a squeaky clean image to protect. But, she also had her private life too, and she was fiercely protective of it. From what she heard from Uncle Harry, it sounded like I was someone who was loyal, and trustworthy. She asked me outright if I was willing to help keep her private life secret, and I nodded my head reassuringly. She smiled one of her radiant smiles, and said she was glad, because she really thought I was cute, and she hoped we could have some fun together.

When Harry returned with the tea service, he proposed that we keep our first session simple. We would limit ourselves strictly to our bodies. No toys, gadgets, food, or other props were permitted. Rachel and I both agreed, and somehow I thought I could handle the situation better, now that we all agreed on the boundaries. I found out soon enough that it still wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. After all, I had never sat this close to any gorgeous girl in my whole life, much less a professional model who was naked under her robe.

Rachel scooted over closer to me on the couch, and Henry took over my chair, camera in hand. She looked me dead in the eye, as she slipped her delicate hand into the fold in my robe, and caressed my cock. I’m sure she was amused by the look of surprise on my face. I jumped back a little in reaction, but she snuggled even closer to me, and cooed some soft nothings that I was unable to process in my overloaded brain. She soothed me and giggled softly, as she slowly untied my robe, and d****d it open for the entire world to see.

And there it was. My vulnerable friend was up and standing at the ready, practically begging for attention. I felt the first flash go off in my eyes, but before long I was oblivious to Harry’s camera work. Rachel bent over my lap, and began running her luxurious tongue around my cock head, and up and down my shaft. There are no words to describe the feeling. Nirvana, Utopia, Eden, Heaven…none of those concepts even came close to the euphoria I experienced.

I sat motionless, as Rachel straddled my lap. She reached up and slid the robe off my shoulders, and began kissing me gently on my forehead, my neck, and down my chest. Her lips felt light touch of butterflies, only steaming hot. She paused briefly to shed her own robe completely, then renewed her sensuous journey down my belly, and finally back to my proud member. I drew my breath in sharply as she planted her full lips firmly on my cock head, and went to work. I lay under her, helpless to protest against her advances (like that would ever happen!), as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I watched her pretty head bob up and down on my pulsating cock, her tempo increasing as she sucked me a little harder with each new plunge of her head.

No one in the room was surprised when, in a few short minutes, her head stopped bobbing, and her throat started swallowing my load. My ass began bouncing a foot up off the sofa in time with her sucking mouth. And then it was over, and I slumped back into the sofa cushions. Catching my breath, I faintly heard Rachel remark that I tasted good, as she licked her lips, and stood up in front of me.

Now, it’s my turn, she announced. With that, she stood up on the couch, straddling my heaving chest, turned around to face Harry, and knelt down, with one knee on either side of me. Her clean, shiny pussy lips were inches from my face, and I couldn’t have had a better view of her girl parts if I had binoculars. After a few quick moments of close visual scrutiny, I proceeded to do what anyone else in my position would do. The instant I touched her clit with my virginal tongue (with girls, anyway), her pussy lips quivered, and she flung her long hair back towards me. Harry clicked away with his camera. I began to lick her love machine with vigor, and I delighted in feeling her body wiggle and squirm in response.

Rachel dropped her butt down towards my face, silently presenting her sweet, tight ass hole for me to enjoy. I licked around the outside of her hole, and she pressed her ass back tighter against my face, rotating it in search of my tongue. I reached my hands up and spread her velvety cheeks wide. I located her bull’s eye, and began darting the tip of my tongue in and out, going as deep as I could go. I became aware of the presence of her finger feverishly rubbing her swollen clit with one hand, while kneading her bouncing tits with her other hand. Shortly, she began gyrating her ass wildly, and moaning loudly. I prepared myself for what was about to happen, as she folded her body over and pressed her pussy hard into my face, almost suffocating me. The entire sofa seemed to jump up and down, as her hot girl cum filled up my mouth and overflowed all over my face, trickling down into my ears. I didn’t mind even one little bit. I was so proud of bringing my first girl to orgasm, that Rachel could have stayed plastered to my face for all eternity, for all I cared. In fact, I thought, if she really did suffocate me, I would consider it a life well spent.

When Rachel finally began to breathe a little easier, she stepped off the couch, turned around towards me, bent over and kissed me on my glistening lips. She looked me straight in the eyes with her beaming smile, and told me I was wonderful. Then, she stood up, gave my leg a playful caress, and padded down the hall naked to the bathroom. Harry tossed me one of the damp wash cloths, and asked me what I thought so far. There was no way to find words adequate enough to express my feelings or thoughts, or anything else, for that matter. I just smiled at him, as I cleaned Rachel’s sticky love juices from my face and ears.

Harry told me I hadn’t seen anything yet. Wait until she warms up a little, he went on. She had a fire burning inside her that he’d never seen before in any woman, and she wasn’t the least bit inhibited about her sexuality. She was especially fond of anal sex, he said, and I shouldn’t be surprised if she asks for a little rough stuff. She really was a sweet and agreeable young lady, but don’t let her innocent façade fool me, he warned.

When Rachel returned, her hair was still damp from the quick shower she took. She immediately knelt down in front of her Uncle Harry, opened his robe and began to fondle his awakening cock. It became fully erect in no time, and Rachel gave it a thorough tongue lashing. She stood up and took Harry’s hand, helping him to his feet. She took his robe from him, and motioned for him to lie on the floor. She faced him, knelt down straddling his hips, and positioned her pussy over top of his erect cock. Then, she settled her lithe body down on it, and began to roll her ass around slowly. As she worked his cock deep inside her, she called me over and told me to sit on Uncle Henry’s mouth, facing her. I got down on my knees and straddled his head, and Harry started licking my ass hole. I watched Rachel closely as she began fucking Uncle Harry’s cock with more f***e and authority. It was exciting enough just watching her perform with such abandon, but having Harry’s tongue racing around my ass hole to boot, was almost more than I could stand. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Rachel reached her arms back behind her and placed her hands on Uncle Harry’s knees. She arched her back, and pointed her bobbing tits right at me, and told me to slap them! I didn’t believe what I was hearing at first, but I snapped to it when she told me again. I reached out and slapped her right tit rather meekly. I certainly had no interest in hurting this beautiful Goddess in any way. Harder, she ordered. I slapped her left breast with a little more f***e, and she just shook her head, all the while fucking her Uncle Harry like there was no tomorrow.

Not like that, she complained, use your backhand, and swing your arm back and forth with gusto…I want to feel your hard fingernails sting my nipples, she instructed. I mustered up all my strength, and started swinging my arm in earnest, delivering blow after blow to her reddening tits with each new stroke. Rachel groaned, and encouraged me to keep it up, shouting the word YES over and over, as she rode Uncle Harry’s man cock like she was a rodeo pro. I was getting to the point of another explosion myself, and I stood up and buried my throbbing cock down her throat, just as she began jumping up and down on Harry like a rabbit in heat. I don’t know if the three of us spewed our loads simultaneously, but it was darn close. As Uncle Harry moaned loudly under Rachel’s spastic, jerking pussy, I grabbed her head tightly between my hands. I jammed my cock deep into the back of her throat, fucking her mouth so fiercely, that I surprised myself. I produced a truckload of young cum, and I delighted in watching her throat attempt to gulp it all down. Finally, I collapsed to the floor, and I listened as Harry and Rachel raced down climax highway together.

The silence lasted for several minutes, and our three spent bodies were sprawled on the floor chaotically, as everyone concentrated on restoring our natural breathing. Rachel sat up first, massaging her tender breasts, and she absolutely glowed with that freshly fucked look. Her wide, angelic eyes literally sparkled, as she thanked us both for our efforts on her behalf. She thanked us? Please!

After a short recovery period, Rachel crawled over to me and sat up on her haunches. She took my hand, and put me in the same position, facing her. She asked me if I would kiss and lick her abused tits, seeing as how I made them sore with my vicious slapping. She laughed, and arched her back so I could work my tongue magic on them. She took my hands, wrapped them around behind her body, and placed them on her hard buttocks. I massaged her ass cheeks as I continued to make her titties feel all better for her. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to make her hurt back there too. I had another full erection in an instant. Rachel spun around and put her head on her arms resting on the floor, presenting her willing ass to me unashamedly. I eagerly accepted her not so subtle invitation, and slowly licked up and down her crack. She purred and cooed, and soon she reached back and spread her ass cheeks open wide. I locked my lips on her ass hole, and sucked hard while I teased her hole with the tip of my tongue. She gasped loudly, shook her head, and scolded me for torturing her. Please give my ass a good sound thrashing, I heard her implore. I stood up over her, spread my legs on either side of her undulating hips, took careful aim, and penetrated her ass with my hard cock. She let out a yelp, and I backed off some, but she used her ass muscles to suction my cock deeper and deeper into her rectum, demanding that I fuck her ass but good. I went about pumping her ass hole with all the determination I could muster. All I heard from her drooling lips was “faster”, and “harder”, spurring me on to frenzy- fuck her.

I felt Harry kneeling behind me, licking my ass furiously as I gave Rachel’s hot ass all I could give. He slid his finger into my anal canal, and gave me a spirited reaming. As I was busy concentrating on servicing Rachel, Harry stood up behind me, and pushed his cock head into my glory hole, pressing deeper with each stroke, until he was fucking me full bore, in time with my cock fucking Rachel. We would have made the Synchronized Swim team jealous, I’m sure. Soon, I could hear Rachel’s cries of “Yes! Yes!” once again, as she bucked her ass against my invader pounding her without consideration.

I couldn’t believe how exhilarating it felt to fuck someone while being fucked at the same time. Whoever invented sex was my hero, I thought, as Harry pulled out of me and appeared in front of my face. Without hesitation, he grabbed my head and stabbed my mouth with his convulsing cock. I swallowed his load as best I could, given that fact that I was getting closer to my own orgasm, as Rachel’s ass writhed under me.
As I licked Harry’s softening cock clean, Rachel was the next one to go off. She gasped and groaned, and muttered incoherent phrases as she furiously fingered her clit to orgasm. Her Uncle Harry positioned his head between her legs, and licked her pussy lips furiously. Her body went absolutely berserk, as she delivered her sweet cum load into his mouth with spurt after spurt of hot juices. That was plenty enough stimulation for me, as I felt the pressure in my own cock build to a raging crescendo. I abandoned Rachel’s ass and ran around in front of her. She met me with open mouth, and I wasted no time with pleasantries. I grabbed her head and slapped her face back and forth a few times before I rammed my exploding cock down her throat, and watched as she eagerly gulped and swallowed every drop of cum I had to offer.

As we all sat on the floor recovering, Harry suggested we take a break, shower, and have some supper. Then we could decide what we wanted to do next. “Bring on the toys!” Rachel declared enthusiastically and without hesitation.... Continue»
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