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Badmash Bache, Two Sons With Mom

Badmash Bache, Two Sons With Mom

... khade the. mere man main ye wichar aayea ki abhi mere bache jawan ho gaye hain. main abhi ye sab ... the or rahuk keh raha tha ajay mom so gai ki nahi tune thik se dekha ki nahi to ajay bola ki han ... maine dekha hai mom soi hui hain fir unhone movie on ki or lag gaye dekhne or sath hi dono ne apne lund... Continue»
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Two Moms, Two Sons Chapter One

... the yard and settled on her son, Jason as he lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it onto a table ... loved her son and he'd grown into a remarkable young man. He was bright, he was intelligent and he ... muscular teen back slicing through the water.

"Come on. I'm serious. Stop staring at my son like... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... shut up” His Father Said

“No…No it was some guy talking in the library to line”

“Listen Son ... Fish for you, over rice with some nice seasoning. Know you hesitant about eating other meat ... ”

“Well he mostly stays away from poultry for some reason lately...anything with wings it seems” His Dad... Continue»
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... barbaad ho jaungi….” Mom tried last attempt to save her pussy from being ravished by these two low class ...

I was 18 yrs old then and my mom Asha 41 years old. She is very sexy and can get many dicks ... night me my mom and dad went out for dad’s friends party. The party started at 9pm. Mom worn a black... Continue»
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Morning light 1

... he saw something that made his testosterone level go into overdrive. His mom had been dating this guy ... heard the front door open then close but his mom didn't come up the stairs. He got up and crept ... mom hadn't seen him. His penis was already hard and tenting his pajama bottoms. His heart... Continue»
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s****r in law

... after coming back from a foreign trip I went with chocolates for her sons and a nice pack for Mita ... rushed to her house. I found her sitting on sofa in drawing room with her sons. While I entered in ... Autorickshaw matter. After few moments she came with two cup of Teas, gave me one, took one for... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #1

... . When you're not," her eyes traced the two of them, trying to hold back her disgust, "busy ... contrast to her tanned skin. At the base, there were two hearts entangled. Jade didn't have to look ... now.

Jade sighed and rolled her eyes, "Vega... I dated that dude for two years. We were each... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #7

... .

The two girls entangled their bodies for several more minutes, Tori manically going back and forth from ... thought of as the one. But this summer, that changed to you, and then there were two of "the one," which ... of homework to deal with, but I will talk to you later.


And just like that, after two months... Continue»
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the Night Whispers Index-10

... My door opened and Kira followed my son into the room. He wore only his boxers, already tenting ... it you two are eager to get started." The looks and nods confirmed my thoughts.

"I want ... lips. And I'll show you what feels good to me..."

I knelt in front of my son and smiled up at him... Continue»
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College life 23

... feeling close to
normal with Corey putting his troubles with his mom in the background.
With our team ... with Mom about Corey and the upcoming
Thanksgiving holiday. She had no problems with him coming ... switched over to hear my Dad's voice. I informed Mom who
it was and let her go. Dad... Continue»
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Hopeless romantic...

... kept on reading about it is the one where the son decided to marry his own mom. Yes, that would ... a relationship is, love will find it's way to unite the two hearts. Many of us may have different ... must find out about it. Mother and son, s****r and b*****r, or aunts and uncles, it doesn't really... Continue»
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Do or Die - part 1 /10

... and my son builds them. I used to make good living out of this, but as money is something what only ... maybe could get a job in other firms, but I doubt it. My son, Pete is also in the trouble and we both ... a scratch in the accident. I had to take care of our son and daughter after that and Pete was 10 years old... Continue»
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Leave it to Cole - 3

... that my daughter
had given me along with how I enjoyed pleasing my son to
the point where I wanted ...
myself for money. It did not matter that it was my own
son or some stranger. I had performed ...
masturbating while thinking about sucking my sons cock
and my daughter eating my pussy!"

Unbidden... Continue»
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Son loves father_1

... still lived with Dad in a small two bedroom townhouse apartment.

Dad had gotten a job ... , there was only so much a son can do. He needed a woman I concluded.

I met Britney in the Student Union ... and mother having sex. It was about two in the morning and I had gotten up to get a drink of water. I heard... Continue»
Posted by jennacybertar 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Sex Humor  |  

Part 9

... time Mom wore a crisp white blouse, with a bra, and a tight black skirt. Her outfit prevented any ... underneath play and when I tried to hold her tits, she elbowed my hands out of the way. Mom insisted I ... play, but only the piano.

After each session, Mom walked slowly into the living room to receive... Continue»
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"Just shut up and FUCK me." I said - BBB

... to wash it the last time I wore it. It had been in my locker for about two weeks. I pulled down ... . He had the top down. His father was quite rich. He always spoiled his son. Stan was wearing some ... for the day, but her Mom home." said Stan. "Wait! The girl from class. You dragged me over here... Continue»
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Lyle and Kyle

... a wedge to turn two twin beds into one big bed. Mom bought king size sheets and Kyle and I slept ... together for the next five years until Kyle went to Iraq.
Mom was at lunch with two of her ... My name is Lyle. I will be thirteen in two months and four days. I love to swim and run so my... Continue»
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The craving 2

... poked his head in cautiously. "Mom?"

"Yes, come in Matt."

I was mostly under the comforter ... , but he was never opposed to spending time with his old mom. I wanted to blurt it all out to him ... the covers made it a little too intimate for a mother and son. That was what I was going for.
"Thank you... Continue»
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College life 20

... that they had left. While waiting, I called Mom to kill time. I
begged her to come with Kris's parents ... from."

The two showed me what they had in mind. Corey looked over my shoulder to
check out ... at two men, I tell ya... two fucking men," Kris

"I'm not surprised are fucking men. I knew... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon Part 9

... anything he
heard his mother call from the living room, "Bobby, is that you?"

"Yeah, mom, I'm ...
was directed Norma remarked, "It's a nice outfit, don't you think?"

"Uh, yeah mom, real nice. How ... a strange
look in his eye. Norma caught it almost instantly and said, "What's
the matter, son? Something... Continue»
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