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Bachelor party turned around part 1

Bachelor party turned around part 1

... ) decided to throw a bachelor party. Ted had just turned 27 but his b*****r was 41 so he wasn't sure ... what went on in bachelor parties now days. Cory suggested some strippers and we could have it at his ... " The cock I was suck pulled back a bit and he said OK turn around. I turned around and put my ass up... Continue»
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At Home Revers Bachelor Party #1

... , what else could I do? I had told her that I would not have a bachelor’s party with strippers and booze ... placed around points on the bed that left me little question as to how I was to serve as a slave ... rigid third leg was in contact with some part of her body at all times. When she was low enough she... Continue»
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Bachelor party turned around part 2

... was getting a nice motion when he pulled back I knew what he wanted so I turned around and put my ass ... over the booth. He was still fucking my ass when he pulled back and I turned around to the hole ... in and touched his leg. He turned toward the hole and I guided his cock in I rubbed it a little just... Continue»
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My Wife's Bachelor Party Surprise! (Part 1)

... the bachelor parties with a temp helper because Kristy feels uncomfortable around them and she usually works ... the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The business had been very successful so far ... when the party is too large for just the two of us to handle.

When it comes to the bachelor... Continue»
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Wife Talked Into Doing Black Bachelor Party - Pt 1

... pussy and ass. Then she turned around to have me attach the bottom two rows of hooks in the back ... a bachelor party next month, July 21st.” “Interesting go on” my wife said. Then he added, “Most of the guys ... accepts, you know tip money for sex at bachelor parties”, He said in a convincing way to my wife... Continue»
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The Stag Party - Part 1

... The Stag Party – Part 1
It promised to be a good night; it turned out to be a memorable weekend ... . A black guy called Fitzalbert bought me a beer in one bar and we got talking about Chris. It turned ... ensconced with his closest two or three friends. At around midnight one of Chris’s mates asked... Continue»
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My Wife's Bachelor Party Surprise! (Part 2)

... for all upcoming bachelor parties."

She sat down on the toilet seat and looked at the floor soaking ... ?"

Kristy looked at him and smiled, "Not tonight Hon but maybe I'll see you at another bachelor party ... her. I asked, "I guess this means you want a job as our full-time stripper for bachelor parties... Continue»
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My Best Friend: the last party (Part 1)

... and so Cecile would always try to get with me but i always pushed her away. That night at around 1 ... ...

It was the middle of summer and Blake and i were at a party. it was the very last time any of us would see any ... are I’ve been looking for you" said Blake. Blake reeked of alcohol which meant Amber had left the party... Continue»
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Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 1

... " i smile as we walk into the kitchen and she turns around to face me before propping herself up ... it, you'll enjoy it as it leads to some very hot moments later" she giggles.

End of Part 1... ... .

So I was invited to a nude house party by one of my work colleagues, Tina. She's a relatively... Continue»
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Work friends nude house party, Part 1

... around the room rock solid, especially as it was my first time at one of these parties. Either way, I ... , a lot more than I was expecting" i smile as we walk into the kitchen and she turns around to face me ... the girls too. Don't worry about it, you'll enjoy it as it leads to some very hot moments later" she giggles.

End of Part 1...

... Continue»
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A party to remember... Part 1...?

... heard a voice and I turned around to sheild Vanessa with my body and Sandy walked in, not offended ... to do something that I surely didn't want, I heard a gasp. I turned around and saw Carrie, standing ... stood higher and she cleared her throat.
"It's an invitation to the Beach Party I'm having tonight... Continue»
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Old Man Turns Lucky Man! Part 1

... !

they were in relationship for around 6 years! and finally They Got Married!!:P
but the woman is a Bitch ... she have slept with many man after turning 18 ! but the guy thinks he is only one he have slept ... a old man around 52 comes to intrdouce himself hey i am joy! i lives next door! just seeing him itself... Continue»
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Tammy Sue and the Survey Party part 1

... stopped and so I curiously looked around. What I saw next I will never forget for the rest of my life ... the sex scene to see if I could see where the guys were. I didn't see them anywhere. I then scanned around ... peeking around at the sex scene and both had their jeans unzipped and were both masturbating... Continue»
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The Party ( Part 1 )

... of their parties when I saw a poster for an upcoming party they were having with their s****r Sorority ... . The party was titled "Fool Us" and the description was for guys to dress as girls and girls to dress ... make a pretty girl. This was on Monday, and the party was Saturday night, so she wanted to get... Continue»
Posted by JayDon1960 3 months ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Shemales  |  
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The Party to Remember (Part 1)

... This is a short tale of an experience I had at a party about five years ago, one that plays like ... . She turned it on and came at my pubic hair. My cock was becoming more proud by the second ... as the trimmer buzzed through the air above my cock. Pubes came off as she worked all around my penis... Continue»
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Gangbang party at Ricks part 1

... just started.
Be back in a few days with GB party at Ricks part 2
hope you enjoy let me know? ... This weekend, Rick my b/f had a poker party, more like a poke her gangbang 6 of his horn dog ... , everyone knows he is BI his buds did to. So he called me and said His party was a bust he needed a sissy... Continue»
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A f****y Friend 5: The Party part 1

... went back into my room and passed out.

Later that afternoon, around 6pm, Artie woke me up and told ... downstairs were all naked and were getting prepared for their turn. The man with me wasted no time. His ... about an hour now to rest, there’s a special party coming here at 2 and I didn’t get anyone to fill... Continue»
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wife called to a party and husband fucked part-1

... keen to fuck me but not able to that coz it was party and his wife is
looking around, so ... regular customer named sasha invited me to a
party. as his husband got a new bussiness project.
As u ... know very well parties r all about good food,wine,wodka and hungry/horny
men... Continue»
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Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut - Part 1

... by the f****y elders and a girl’s own choice hardly matters. My aunt Phoopo remained unmarried, turned ... of being a Muslim girl.

These were, as follows:
1.Always keep my pussy area shaved after every 7 days ... private parts of a Muslim female and whose privacy has to be preserved by a girl, even at
the cost... Continue»
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Kinky Carla - Part 1 “Post-Christmas Party I

... Our office Christmas party is legendary in our building, complete with catered food and a bartender ... . This year was no exception. I guess the typical office party winds down at about noon, since ... the party was over, most of the building was empty.

By the time I reached the parking garage, very... Continue»
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