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B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A

B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A

... Chapter 8: Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A Goddess

Rhiannon had grown. She felt herself ... apart!"
"Shut the hell up, or one of you just might be next!" screamed Rhiannon.
Sweat ... forward in one final, breath-taking lunge, spouting a veritable river of gouting cum... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 4 Rhiannon Takes Over - Transformations

... Chapter 4: Rhiannon Takes Over - Transformations

The Enchantress was released from Dee Dee's ... to Tiffany with a startled look. "I thought Rhiannon was going to punish whoever took over Ebony's ... , her hips twitching in rhythm as she thrusted forward. Soon she was over Rhiannon's head... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 6 Rhiannon Takes Over - Rhiannon Transf

... Chapter 6: Rhiannon Takes Over - Rhiannon Transformed

"Well, what we saw earlier was fun ... . Each one was nearly a foot long, and was already almost two inches thick. Rhiannon sported only one ... of some b**st.
Rhiannon's cocks throbbed, the heads pulsing with need and want. They were rock... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 10 Rhiannon's Revenge

... Chapter 10: Rhiannon’s Revenge

Barocca finally rounded the last corner, and arrived at Dee ... software the first time, and now you're gonna get it!"
Rhiannon sat down on the edge of one ... on the Island.
"Vantha, Rayleena, bring that smart ass bitch over here now," ordered Rhiannon. "I... Continue»
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Daughter Takes Over pt 8

... as to inflame
her, having made love to her hundreds of times over the past year.

Her mother began ... .

"Shhh..." soothed Sharon as she swung over on top of her Mom. She
gazed lovingly down at the aroused ... that she had replaced her mother's spouse, that
she was her Mom's full-time one-and-only lover, she... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

how he handled him.

"I'm getting tired of waiting, Hans," he said, taking over the wheel ... she'd been reading earlier, and then struggled to get her
robe over one shoulder where it had ... . It seemed to her
that he was taking an unusually long time over a gin and tonic. She
felt vaguely... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story

... take my coat off and in so doing
managed to knock over the drink, spilling it all into
her lap ... managed
to take one of them in her mouth as she continued
stroking him.

And then she felt ... but it was a
softer sound, one that signified sexual pleasure, as
opposed to pain. Carl had wanted to take... Continue»
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Army Dreamer

... , come over here, let`s make a picture!”

Da hatte ich eigentlich gar keinen Bock zu, stand ... nebeneinander auf der Bank und er gab mir einen kleinen Tritt und flüsterte, "Hmmm, take a look at his ... . Ich fingerte mir an der Rosette und genoss die Sahne die ich gerade bekommen hatte.

"Come on George, take... Continue»
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Forbidden love (part 8 - end)

... Chapter 8

The Boeing 747 was filled to capacity. It seemed that everyone was taking a vacation ... the same way. As we lifted off I felt my mother take my hand and squeeze it affectionately. I looked over ... . This was going to make the five-hour trip much easier to take.

As the plane rumbled down... Continue»
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E-Mail Sex Slave

... should gape open when you bend over but, with the bottom one fastened, not allow your tits to pop out ... whispered to his friend and then they both got up and hopped over the seats to sit beside me, one ... is not as well endowed as some I have been with, about 7 or 8 inches long I guess, but he is thick. I... Continue»
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Transformed male

... oblivion.

This is a follow-on to my second chapter where I had enjoyed the pleasures of being a ... one by one the men started to groan before one at a time they shot their loads over my body. One on my ... morning I had a strange feeling something different was going to happen today. I logged on to my... Continue»
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More Black Adventures With Lisa, My Wife

... More Black Adventures With Lisa, My Wife

This is another chapter with Lisa, my beautiful ... Wife’s First Black Experience.

Anyway, this is the next chapter of what went on after the first ... do love her, to let other men, especially us black ones, cause we love blond headed white girls... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

so it was but I was sure he had something on with that one it takes me to
find out a thing like ... with
her over him because he used to be a bit on the jealous side whenever he
asked who are ... muddy boots on when the maggot takes him just
imagine having to get into bed with a thing like that... Continue»
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B6 Chapter 8 Ebony Fucks Vantha

... Chapter 8: Ebony and Vantha - Ebony Fucks Vantha

Ebony listened to Vantha's words ... a chance to
cut loose on you with everything that I've got."
"Look Ebony, don't take ... by Rhiannon and others like her, until they almost turned
me inside out. As well as getting hammered... Continue»
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Spirit of Alaska

... over the one on her shoulder. Kal however was a good man never wanting to take advantage of anyone ... to Understanding
7. Dreams of Spirits Turned Wolf
8. Of Thirst and Hunger
9. Savage Natural Truth
10 ... licking over her abdomen and mons then down one leg, she saw it was longer then she was tall.

Once... Continue»
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Black Magic Man

... unverhohlen an.

"Yeah, come nearer man, take a close look how your pretty wife is
enjoying a real ... oder phantasievollen Romanautoren existieren.

Meine Frau Kirsten,35, (mit der ich zu dieser Zeit bereits 8 Jahre ... mit dir genieße,
insbesondere auch den Sex , den wir haben. Selbst nach 8 Jahren bin ich
noch immer... Continue»
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Schwedische Winternaechte

... -three-zero niner knots, runway two-six left, cleared for take off, schönen Flug und bis später" klang ... . Ich mochte die 757, da sie over powered war. Rasch durchstießen wir die Wolkendecke. Keine zwanzig ... er uns gähnend und fügte dem hinzu: "8 Uhr 30! Könnt ihr euch nicht mal gesittete Zeiten angewöhnen... Continue»
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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

... see it so I thought I'd share it with everyone here.


THE ONE THAT GOES LIKE ... and wetting
their lips over how she looked in the tight, clingy red one-piece suit. This
summer ...
was happening. One second she was worried about taking Matt to the hospital, and
the next second she... Continue»
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Miriam (Teile 1 - 23, gepostet von edguy)

... sein Sperma in ihr geiles Fickmaul zu entladen. Mit 7-8 kräftigen Schüben entlud er sich so gut er konnte ... auf der definitiv groß genug war.
„Take this one over there.“ Dabei zeigte ich auf den Dildo. Maria ... contact your teacher. It would be great if our classes would have a big party on our own.“ schlug... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... these things on we should go take a nice shower and get you all ready to be prettied up."

She ... married for a year now and, at twenty, we had a nice two bedroom, spacious, corner apartment on the second ... 8pm shift on Sunday. The time and two thirds pay on Sunday made a big difference; you have to love... Continue»
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