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B7 Chapter 11 Aftermath

B7 Chapter 11 Aftermath

... Chapter 11: Aftermath

After being spun completely around on Rhiannon's massive cock, Barocca... Continue»
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Seduced Young Wife

... .

Chapter 7

Hans Piemmel had gone to bed as soon as Harry relieved him from the
watch ... Seduced Young Wife

Chapter 1

A hum filled Lynn Shaffer's ears as she began to arouse ... .

Chapter 2

Harry Johnson watched as the voluptuous Lynn Shaffer lifted her knee;
he... Continue»
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Revenge For Chris's s****r (Epilogue to "

... -called boyfriend, I’m telling ya. Guess I should start at the beginning though…

Chapter 1 ... -year-old crazy punk-rock metalhead b*****r, who was naturally short-tempered, always looked mean ... ).

Chapter 2: Prince Charming’s Dark Side

Nothing happened until around Halloween, when one... Continue»
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The Right Side of 40: A Midlife Reawakening

... conversation.

Chapter 7: Bow Street
Her SUV was across from the first church, a good half mile from ... inquisitive tone.

Chapter 11: Three for a holiday drink
We thought it best to wait for Chloe ... of a Midlife Reawakening
By Lindsay Casco

Chapter 1: Reuniting
I faintly remember coming to this house... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

... Introduction:
Another b**st story
Mary Had a Hot Ram Chapter

GEnre- Dark Fantasy, b********y ... to ask the advice of Lulu May in such matters.

Chapter 7

Lulu May lived on a farm bordering ... .

But it was not the sort of problem that a horny girl minded having.

Chapter 11

Mary was a logical... Continue»
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Stepmother's Bed

... and Joyce departed, riding their bikes in silence toward home.


That night ... as the
jet climbed. Soon, they unfastened their seat belts and Joyce reached over
and gave her b*****r's ... sighed.

Joyce agreed, coyly admiring her b*****r's hard-on. "I just hope father
and Norma... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #4

... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #4 – Chapter 4

August 23
UCLA- Pierce Hall
Room 321 ... .

* * *

August 23
Phelps Dining Hall

Tori Vega was at a loss for words. Her ... , and trying not to cry as all those memories of the party's aftermath hit her like a train. She... Continue»
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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 11

... My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 11 – I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Three days ... :

Your b*****r-in-law Mark is your Master!
You will do anything Mark requests!
You love to suck ... .

Dream Sequence Three:

You are lying in your bed masturbating.
You are fantasizing of your b*****r... Continue»
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... turned and trudged off into the darkness.

Chapter 7

Katrina stood ... of things, more mysteries sprung up.

Chapter 11

Snow had fallen ... .

Katrina looked down at the single word scrawled deeply in silt. EUDEAMON.

Chapter 2... Continue»
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Linda's Black Boss

... Arthur's face as he gave Sam's hand a final shake and
said. "She'll be in good hands."

CHAPTER 7 ... then."


I was just getting out of the shower when Arthur knocked on the door and said ... Linda's Black Boss


I'm not sure when I developed an interest in black men. Maybe... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 11

... 1977 words - .98
Chapter 11
Night of Horrors

As Cindi watched the men follow her master... Continue»
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Recently divorced, 38M w/ 2 roommates, 22F and 28F

... the drinks." I didn't ask further but she was obviously tracking me upstairs.
She said "I'm off at 11 ... 11:05 and said she was pretty tired, but that I should come over to her place and we could just ... THAT WAS AMAZING. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO."
More moaning, and a little orgasm-aftermath. She was spent... Continue»
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... Dancer by A.J. Baker

Chapter One A Villain Meets a Goddess

I turned fifty-nine and did ... , really not caring about getting laid, I ended up being the primary care giver for my younger b*****r ... , but before I took over the responsibility of looking after my b*****r, I had a very good life.
A job... Continue»
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Peak Performance - Orgasmic Remy and Manuel

... schedule, but that did not mean they were unaffected by it.

Chapter 1. The Pre-Scene Interview ... . “

Chapter 2: The Sex

(This Scene is not Available on free sites but can be viewd on many pay sites ... seconds of marvellous sex.

Chapter 3: Orgasmic Remy

The camera keeps rolling and captures... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion part 1

... story and at the end of the first couple of chapters we began to discuss the thing, she remarked ... , “And?”
Now I should say my wife is a big girl, 5 ft 11” tall big of breast with little droop, and big ... suspended and fetched my tablet, found chapter 4 and began to read the next chapter to her, I came... Continue»
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A Marines Homecoming Part 4


In chapter one Miriam, Jane's mother, made a pact with the young Marine Aaron ... and fucked her brains out. In chapter two the affair continued and Aaron honored his agreement ... Aaron. In chapter three, the affair between Aaron and Miriam continues with some interesting twists... Continue»
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... for her she slid back down and lay in my arms sated.

Chapter 2

I woke up to sunlight streaming ... in the peacefulness of our existential aftermath.

Jamie ran her hands through my hair, as I bent down ... . That left Jamie and me to finish the packing up and head over to my place for my stuff.

Chapter 3... Continue»
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a post conference meeting

... , release the chain and open the door a crack to see who’s there.

Chapter 7
Before finishing ... can only murmur in your agreement.

Chapter 11
Sharply pulling your head back on your shoulders ...

Chapter 1
The time has finally come. Weeks of thinking, imagining and anticipating... Continue»
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Arpita – Wife At Stake continue

... .


Chapter 4

Arpita didn’t realised when she had dozed off. She had spent a nice sensual ... to the bathroom to clean her nicely.


It was 11 pm, when they finally checked out. They had ... , Anjan had started sucking, licking, and fondling her breasts. Her cute 32 B breasts have certainly... Continue»
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Summer Steam sale leads to real-life Sims Pt 2

... to eventually combine the chapters a bit. Hopefully you enjoy this story.

I came to, laid back ... cock, she grabbed it in both hands and slowly stroked it as it grew before her eyes to its full 11... Continue»
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