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B7 Chapter 10 Rhiannon's Revenge

B7 Chapter 10 Rhiannon's Revenge

... Chapter 10: Rhiannon’s Revenge

Barocca finally rounded the last corner, and arrived at Dee ... bastards do to her?"
"Well, look what crawled out of the woodwork," said Rhiannon. "Dee Dee, I ... they're trying to save her life," replied Rhiannon. "And watch your tone of voice, girl. You're... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 6 Rhiannon Takes Over - Rhiannon Transf

... Chapter 6: Rhiannon Takes Over - Rhiannon Transformed

"Well, what we saw earlier was fun ... of some b**st.
Rhiannon's cocks throbbed, the heads pulsing with need and want. They were rock ... , but there's no since putting this off any longer," said Rhiannon. She turned away from the Enchantress... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A

... Chapter 8: Rhiannon Takes Over - Vengeance On A Goddess

Rhiannon had grown. She felt herself ... watched in horror as even Rhiannon's nipples began to transform, hardening into long tapering shafts ... to prevent Rhiannon from her ass and pussy. Her screams became more hysterical, as the three Vectran... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 4 Rhiannon Takes Over - Transformations

... Chapter 4: Rhiannon Takes Over - Transformations

The Enchantress was released from Dee Dee's ... that, had no ill effects.
"You and me, we're gonna have a little fun and games," said Rhiannon ... of hesitation. She remembered all too well how Rhiannon had slammed her down earlier. Not only did... Continue»
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B6 Chapter 21 Jordan's Revenge

... Chapter 21: Jordan's Revenge

Dee Dee and Cleo raced back through the corridors of the Island ... Rhiannon had finished
'gifting' Jordan.
What Dee Dee and Cleo saw was a sight they were totally ... harder than I thought. I'm seeing things."
"Hold off for a minute girls!" Rhiannon called out... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 1 Jeanne At Ebony's Mercy

... Chapter 1: Jeanne At Ebony’s Mercy

Calista, Dejah and Kristal rounded the corner, running ... at the door to Dee Dee's lab where Rhiannon and the other girls from the Island were anxiously waiting ... for them.
"It's about time you three made it back here," Rhiannon addressed them curtly. She... Continue»
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Husband's Revenge

... Husband's revenge
By: Friskee_cpl (

This story is for all ... those out there that like to see a man get sweet revenge on an unfaithful wife and her accomplices ... that's amazing, " she said again, "My b*****r's car is in the drive and he was only here for three days... Continue»
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A Husband's Revenge

... popped his great revenge plan on me.

He tells me that he had been humiliated by the whole ordeal ... wife and k**s over. I was actually pissed at her for puting me in this position. She was the one ... the k**s were "conveniently" staying with their grandparents that weekend, he told me to take my clothes... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 10: Katie's Vindica

... salary. Katie was worried about our finances, keeping our house, and keeping the k**s in a private ... and asks quietly, "Are the k**s asl**p?"

"Yes, what's wrong Nikki?" my wife asked.

Nikki ... looks around and sighed, "Can we go to the basement? I don't want to wake the k**s."

I've never... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 10

... Chapter Ten

It was a quarter to five when Sally got up and turned on the cameras before ... Fred almost his whole life and watched as him and Josh played as little k**s. Besides that, his ... on his face. His cock, she noticed, was standing straight up and as stiff as a board. It was about 7... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 10)

... it pleases him."

Chapter 10

After watching porn for about 15 minutes he decides... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 6: Katie's Revenge

... but does Fred?
Read Chapter 7: Katie's Torture Continues..!

We love hearing from our fans! We ... Katie’s Revenge

It had been four weeks since our encounter with Joel. Katie and I had talked... Continue»
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King University's New Slut Part 10

... Chapter 10: Quinn Takes Charge

When I left Tayshawn and Antonio's dorm, I kept my mind ... 's New Slut. I'm sure Mr. King would like that...

***Next Chapter will be released as soon as possible since this is a short chapter.*** ... .

"Hi Quinn. Where's Rufus?" I ask nicely.

"Why you wanna know?" he... Continue»
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Wife's Cheating Delimma Chapter 2

... back at
her for cheating.


Chapter 2

In my last part my wife’s girlfriend had just ... displayed as the juices from the tonguing
that Snake Lady had given her pussy (with it's ... ’s
tiny pussy.

I've read many stories of such overly sized cocks
and small women... Continue»
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Missy's Revenge

... all of his money on alcohol. Missy and her s****r had to wear hand me down clothing, and were often ... ." Missy vowed then and there, that she would have revenge for Jason's affair, and the hurt he had ... Missy. "Hey Honey, how about getting a little revenge with me?" he asked carefully. Missy could feel... Continue»
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The Twin's Revenge

... almost 5ft 10, in there heels. Mrs. Levi was wearing all white, while the other lady was wearing a red ... pics with her small camera. "You should post those when were done with her...Let all the k**s... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

... .

Today's quest was something he always left to his wife Teresa, digging out the k**s' birth ... ”, blonde, pale and skinny. The kind of man no one seemed to notice. Two decades and 3 k**s later ... than his k**s. The one thing that always bothered him was his oldest c***d and only daughter Samantha... Continue»
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Tiffany's Revenge

... there was hell to pay. Tiff's b*****r, Rich, had caught her making out with a boy when she thought ... thought hard and long, and came up with the perfect idea for getting back at her b*****r! She would get ... or she would tell on him. Tiff knew the plan would work wonderfully, it had to.

Her b*****r... Continue»
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The Patient's Revenge

... revenge mother,” said Cynthia as she pushed the wheelchair into the room. Judy began to panic while ... across a metal frame lay on the bed. The men placed the u*********s woman’s body onto the plastic... Continue»
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Revenge For Chris's s****r (Epilogue to "

... Introduction:
Chris from the previous story is back, and seeking revenge for his s****r, whose ... what he did. And where he was going, he’d be getting a hell of a lot more than that. My s****r’s so ... -called boyfriend, I’m telling ya. Guess I should start at the beginning though…

Chapter 1... Continue»
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