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Auntie's Naughty Boys

Auntie's Naughty Boys

... !" Aunt Dee said to her niece. "Showing yourself
to a boy like that! And one with a dirty mind like ... .
Holding the nearly naked boy and girl-one by the ear, the other by her long, blonde
hair-Aunt Dee ...
Smack! Smack! Smack! Aunt Dee spanked the s*******n-year-old girl's naked
behind again... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 4

... aunt's
fingers, "I don't want some nasty boy putting his filthy thing into me, Auntie," the girl ... against the hand stuck in her cunt. "My, how wet you are!" Aunt
Dee said.
"Auntie, have you ever ... . All he knew, as a
boy of eleven, was that there was a chance to see his young aunt stripped... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 7

... behind, and Aunt Dee looked back at Julie's friend
Lisa. The auburn-haired girl had an unsheathed Boy ... call Herbie," Aunt Dee said. "Herbie!" she shouted.
"You got him locked in there, Auntie," Julie ... school?" Aunt Dee asked.
"That's a long story, Auntie," Julie said and kissed her aunt on the lips... Continue»
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Auntie's Panties

... Aunt Carmen, my Mother's "k** s****r."

Aunt Carmen was the stuff young boys' wet dreams are made ... been up to. Such a naughty boy,
pilfering Auntie's panties! I think she'd take a dim view ... have to tell my s****r what a disgusting pervert she has for
a son!"

Aunt Carmen had me dead... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 9

... boobs. As he looked at this woman, who was his aunt, his
mother's young s****r, the boy still could ... away at her cunt with one hand, the fifteen-year-old boy left off feeling his
young aunt's marvelous ... -her cunt. From behind, the
fifteen-year-old boy stuck his stiff prick into his aunt's hot quim... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 3

... showed almost to the
"Jeez! Will you look over there?" A boy in his late teens, wearing Boy ... .
"Migosh! You can almost see her whole bare ass!" a young Scout piped up in a high
"Boy ... of what she was showing a raunchy band of Boy Scouts
or she just did not care. She kept fussing... Continue»
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Auntie's Pool

... at the realisation and leaning in, she kissed my cheek, lingering almost.

'Naughty boy' she ... was my aunt, Alison. She had moved over here years before with her husband and they had had a f****y ... . She was my mothers' younger s****r and a great cook like all the women in my f****y so I readily... Continue»
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Shilpa aunty's muslim lover

... with those people. As Shilpa aunty doesn’t have k**s, she was looking after her. She looked very sexy she ... ”. Then aunty said, “Arre mazid r u still thinking of it? Leave it boy, it is ur age what made you speak ... and said “naughty fellow, you have become bolder in few minutes??” I said sorry aunty. She said its... Continue»
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A Boy's Discovery

... 's dick or even pictures and I did not know what he meant by me needing relief. Jack reached up ... . Holy shit shit! A man's cock. The first thing I noticed was the huge mushroom shaped crown. I ... there was a Man & Boys clothing store. I had bought clothes there with my mom picking them out... Continue»
Posted by badabbot 6 years ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  
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... SON'S VERSION:So me and my ex-girlfriend is the kind where you move back home ... home.Well she called me every thing under the Sun.Even an MOMMA'S BOY.I said funny you didn't say ... ,and even with my ex-lol I never get enough.That cant be normal.MOMMA'S VERSION:Well son you... Continue»
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Mummy's boy

... a naughty boy.”

“Just what have I always taught you? “ she asked. “Ladies first.” ... loved to give head and I was fascinated to see her, sitting on the floor with a guy’s prick ... . The straps on her bra needed a pair of scissors but it came away leaving her firm 38D’s... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 2

... you're doing, Auntie? Saving yourself for a special man?" Julie asked
"And why not?" Aunt ... Julie found Aunt Dee's dress shop, where she had been put to work to keep her
mind off "nasty ... . The teenage girl, wearing, at her aunt's
insistence, a dress, stockings, and high-heeled shoes to look like... Continue»
Posted by eremiti 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  

Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 6

... ! Shit!
"Goodbye, Herbie," .Aunt Dee said as she went out the front door. "Be a good boy.
And keep ... .
"It's the aunt!" the patrol leader whispered, and the boys scurried for cover.
By the time Aunt Dee opened ...
niece, while that girl's friend was getting herself off on the helpless boy's prick, Aunt
Dee felt... Continue»
Posted by eremiti 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Hardcore  |  

Roger's auntie becomes his mummy

... you done, that’s disgusting, I’m your auntie, that’s very naughty of you.’
I stood up my cock ... against me. She was panting now and saying, ‘You disgusting dirty boy doing this to your auntie, you ... .
‘Yes, but it’s so naughty her little boy making her cum, would you like to watch mummy doing... Continue»
Posted by arbymore 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Hardcore  |  
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My Aunty's Hidden Desires

... mom's s****r - Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle had a very nice flat in Mumbai just nearby from my college ... *********s. I remember i woke up find myself on bed. Aunty was sitting beside me and was rubbing ... journey. My mom suggested if we can ask her s****r who lived in Mumbai about this situation. Because... Continue»
Posted by coolguy2020 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  
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Roger's Auntie Become His Mummy

... done, that's disgusting, I'm your auntie, that's very naughty of you.'

I stood up my cock still ... tits auntie?'

'No you disgusting boy,' she shouted back at me.

I was rubbing myself faster ... , you're a filthy little boy wanting to masturbate while looking at auntie's tits. What else would... Continue»
Posted by xhamster69bbc 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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Auntie's milky tits ,Uncle's salty cock

... was responsible age. so i arrived an my auntie pats house at seven ,auntie pat was mums older s****r about 45 ... embarrassed but auntie just kept chatting s she put the pump over her nipples an started to suck out ... be a good boy an dont spill a drop " i never new what he meant,. I felt my ass stretch as auntie tried... Continue»
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Grandma's Boy # 1

... and kiss, feeling grandma's tits on my chest and the smell of her perfume drove me ... never raised boys only girls but I've heard this is normal.. may I ask you a question, I ... laying milky white with big brown nipples (I found out later they were 38 DD's), I looked down... Continue»
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A Very Dirty, Naughty, Vicar's Wife.

... transport, and held down in toilets, by the boys, feeling her crotch, as they masturbated onto her, well ... , including my back-door entrance, and he was married in his late 50's, his two daughters in my school ... went to clean their houses and do their gardens, all duties carried out in various styles of naughty... Continue»
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Sissy Boy/Girl's First Steps

... mum who knew I was going to be a soft boy, I mean I was still sucking my thumb and had been caught ... many times in my s****rs clothes from knickers to dress's, my mum would just smile and tell me she ... bedroom, I was in my s****rs underwear masturbating over pornographic pictures of naked men, my mother... Continue»
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