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Aunt Chloe

Aunt Chloe

... as I fantasized about Aunt Chloe, but then I got brought right out of my daydreaming into reality.

Chloe put her warm hand ... went for it, "Aunt Chloe, can I, ask you something?"

"Sure darlin!" she said brightly.

"Well, I know you're my aunt and all ... ... Continue»
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... Chloe chimed.

Aunt Karen quickly stood from between Chloe's legs and
moved around the bed to Chloe's face. Leaning over she
grabbed Chloe ... ... Continue»
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The third story inspried by Chloe Khan....

... first, her lips gently pressed against Chloe’s. Chloe could smell her perfume, she had the same, Chloe went to kiss her back when ... and instead took hold of Chloe’s head, guiding it into postion “Open your mouth Chloe” she said. Chloe opened her mouth as wide ... ... Continue»
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Another story about the slut that is Chloe Khan...

... cum, I wasn't wrong and he began filling Chloe's friend with his black seed. Chloe was mesmerized as his nuts tightened and shrank ... Mark f***ed the rest of his length deep into Chloe's cunt. Chloe screamed out loudly and then begged to be fucked, "Oh ... ... Continue»
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... across her beautifully rounded bottom, and I slapped her playfully. Chloe caught her breath, and then she giggled. '" ... and just wandered around the house. Everywhere I looked I saw Chloe, often naked, laughing and talking, smiling and making love ... ... Continue»
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My attempt to get Chloe 'Mafia' Khan wet

... I'd like to share, on the off chance that Chloe reads this and gets soaking wet, ends ... began to cum. I felt like a right stud. Chloe then leaned forward and I could feel ... and not moving. It wasnt long before chloe started moaning and begging to be fucked. ... ... Continue»
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Staying with Aunt Mae

... the still very hot flesh of her Aunt. Her Aunt's breasts were so soft and she ... the bathroom and called out to her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, I hope you don't mind, I need to ... the accolades her Aunt bestowed on her. She looked up at her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, please do me ... ... Continue»
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“Fuck Aunt Laura 2

... to my room” she said almost apologetically.

“Sure thing Aunt Debbie” I answered.

Lifting the first bin I wondered how lazy ... to still slowly stroke me.

After a minute spent recovering Aunt Debbie managed to disentangle her limbs from mine. She ... ... Continue»
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A Day at My Aunt's

... even better blowjob than my aunt (certainly not taking anything away from my aunt!).

Then I heard my aunt say, “Brian help your s****r ... to see my s****r lying on her stomach licking my aunt’s pussy as Aunt Suzy was licking her lips watching my mother. I ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters)

... kitchen area.

Ron took a quick breath. "I'm... I'm really sorry, Aunt Jean. I..." He didn't know what else to say.

"I... I'm ... more water. "And... I'm just some... some ug... some... aunt who's a... a grade school teacher, so... so I know I shouldn't ... ... Continue»
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A Day at My Aunt's (Teen Mike spends time at

... even better blowjob than my aunt (certainly not taking anything away from my aunt!).

Then I heard my aunt say, “Brian help your s****r ... to see my s****r lying on her stomach licking my aunt’s pussy as Aunt Suzy was licking her lips watching my mother. I ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

... friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true.

'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1)

David Connelly walked briskly ... kind of like, but she already has a boyfriend.”

“Well,” his aunt said giving him a reassuring smile, “I’m sure a good looking guy ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

... to play with your nipples!
- Nooo... please Aunt Susan.. I... this is wrong.. my..
But Aunt Susan did not stop her treatment of ... , waiting to be fulfilled by my
clever and seductive Aunt Susan.
My aunt now started to gently rub and caress my exposed ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part IV)

... he cried out, “Mom, I need to go, Aunt Abby needs me… I’m coming Aunt Abby, I’m cummmiiiinnnngggg!!!”

Just as Davey hit the ... As they broke their kiss, Davey saw his aunt’s eyes misting over and asked, “Aunt Abby, what’s wrong?”

Abby’s voice cracked a ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Sis

... of them had been drinking and I noticed that Aunt s*s kept filling mom's glass. Aunt s*s wore a thin housecoat and with her long ... been so long." Mom was grinding her pussy up into Aunt s*s's mouth.

Aunt s*s lifted her head. "I'll make you feel so good ... ... Continue»
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Helping My Aunt in Getting Pregnant

... 's much larger than yours." I could hear my Aunt Cathleen whisper to my uncle.

Aunt Cathleen quickened her pace as she jacked off ... nut sack started to tighten and my aunt just kept rubbing my balls.

Aunt Cathleen started letting her tit rest right on ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Brandy Initiates Virgin Nephew

... I was so embarrassed, covering my big boner under the blanket:

"Aunt...Aunt Brandy. I...I was just...."

"Jimmy... That's Ok. This is very ... me good and tell your friends how good your Aunt's ass is!"

Aunt Brandy put her face down in the pillow ... ... Continue»
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An Aunt In His Pants

... ass,' the way his aunt was talking now. But coming from aunt's mouth, the words ... to make it with Julie, huh?" his aunt teased.

"Aunt Pam! She isn’t going to make it ... way coupling, Julie, or his aunt.

The next day his aunt called Danny and told him ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Fran

... to screw the hell out of his old Aunt's asshole."

"Oh Yes!" gasped Aunt.

I stood directly behind her, parted the fat ... "Do you like doing it in your old aunt's fat bottom?"

"Love it."

Aunt giggled, girlishly. "I'm not sure whether I have to go ... ... Continue»
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How Raja fucked aunt

... by her self. Pari let go aunt’s hand. Pari Got behind aunt and started to remove aunt’s cloths. Aunt did not made any fuss. I walked in and said in aunt’s ear. Don’t that feel good aunt ... ... Continue»
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