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At the movies

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TV Slut At Night II: At The Movies

TV Slut By Night II:
At The Movies
By Suzie Quezie

It had been a slow week walking the streets.

My name is Randy, or Randall, if you want to be formal, and I'm a successful software engineer by day.

But at night, I go by Randi, and I search for cock, dressed sluttier than Beyonce ever dreamed of. Sometimes I don't even wear undies, letting my own cock swing free under skirts that aren't much bigger than belts.

Think that's perverted? So do I, and it's about the only thing I'm grateful to my s****r for. She dressed me in her own clothes one day when I was f******n and took my cherry. After fucking me, she said "Fuck you," and I've been on my own sexually ever since.

And now I walk the streets at night. I have my own corner, catecorner and down one block from where the regular hookers work.

I'm not a hooker, per se, since I don't charge; I don't need the money. But I act like a hooker in every other way, to the extent that the girls down the street constitute my best friends.

Like I said, it had been a slow week, and I spent last night not on my corner, but with my friends the hookers in a coffee shop nearby. It was a Thursday, the evening before pay day, and we gave up early. The girls spent our "coffee break" trying to see who could give the fastest blow job, and since I had the only cock, they practiced on me, which they could do since our table was in back and pretty much hidden from the view of other diners and staff. My friend Tawonda won; she had me cumming within thirty seconds.

Now it was Friday, the eagle had flown, but I was so bored with the streets that I thought I might try something different. That something different turned out to be a trip to one of the city's adult theaters, the Red Lips Playhouse.

The Red Lips isn't any better or worse than any other adult theater: It's seedy, has a carpet you wouldn't dare walk barefoot on, and it plays the worst in XXX videos. Not the worst in terms of nastiness; just really low-quality stuff, pumped out by the dozens a month in third world countries, featuring homely girls and guys so moronic I wouldn't hire them to mow my lawn.

But nobody ever goes just to watch the movies, and I certainly didn't.

The clerk gave me a long, lecherous look as I walked into the video rental/lingerie/sex toy section of the theater. As well he should have, because I was dressed to kill: I wore a red minidress that barely covered my crotch and matched it with garter belt, thigh-high stockings and heels in the same color. I had a red choker around my neck and I carried a little red purse (which contained my car keys, money, a small dildo and lube).

"Good luck, girlie," the clerk said to me as he took my money and handed me the receipt. "'Course, dressed like that, you won't need it."

I stuffed the receipt into the little purse and turned on my heel to go into the theater.

"I'm not really a girl, you know," I said as I snapped the purse shut.

The clerk's eyes fairly popped out of his head.

"Day-yumm!" he said. "No, I didn't know that."

The restrooms are between the clerk's counter and the entrance to the theater. I pushed open the door to the women's room -- why not? -- and went inside. I opened one of the stalls, walked in and closed the door behind me, then reached down under my dress and pulled my thong off. I hung my purse on the little hook on the backside of the door, opened it, and took out the dildo and lube, spreading a fair amount of the lube on the sex toy. Then I bent over and stuck the dildo up my ass, thrusting it in and out several times. My object was not to get off; I wanted my asshole well-oiled so that I didn't have to interrupt what I was planning to do later inside the theater.

Before leaving, I checked myself out in the mirror. I reapplied lipstick and mascara and brushed my hair a few strokes.

Now I was ready.

I already noted that my dress barely covered my crotch. There is a couch with a TV across from it in the lounge area between the restrooms and the theater entrance, and there are usually a few guys sitting on the couch watching a game. There were three of them sitting there when I left the women's room, and as I passed them I lifted the hem of the dress slightly so that my balls and the tip of my cock were visible to them. I didn't wait around to see what their reactions were, but headed straight into the theater.

Like with any theater, it takes a while before your eyes adjust to the low light, so I just stood by the entrance for a few minutes, trying to see what kind of crowd had showed up. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the place was about a third full, mostly single guys, but with one girl seated in about the middle on the right side of the aisle. I say seated, but really, she lay way back in her seat, her bare legs stretched out on the seats in front of her, a guy between her legs fucking her for all he was worth. Her face was pointed away from me, as she sucked the cock of a guy standing next to her, so I really couldn't tell what she looked like, except to notice that she had a really fine pair of tits, which jiggled back and forth with the motion of the fucking, and that she had long, blonde hair, like mine. I don't wear wigs.

The drill at the Red Lips is that the guys who wanted blow jobs -- the ones who were too shy to sit next to a girl, like blondie over there -- stood up along the back wall and waited for someone to approach them. I chose the wall on the left side of the theater, away from the blonde and her coterie. There was only one guy standing in front of that wall, a k** of about nineteen with curly, red hair, dressed in jeans and a western shirt.

I stood against the wall about a foot away from him and faced forward, pretending to watch the movie. After a few seconds, the guy put out a hand and tentatively touched my thigh.

I half-turned to face him and let his hands roam all over me. It wasn't long before he discovered what sex I really am, and in the dim light from the large video screen I saw his face break out in a huge smile.

That was my cue. I leaned in to kiss him, and his lips parted, letting me thrust my tongue inside his mouth. I frenched him for a while, he kissing me back enthusiastically, then broke the kiss and ran my lips up and down his neck, giving it little nips in spots. Finally, I stuck my tongue inside his ear.

The boy, who I figured was just arrived in the big city from some small hick town, visibly shuddered.

"I never been so turned on in my whole life," he said in a country accent.

I reached down to his crotch and cupped the hard-on that was forming, then unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock through the opening.

My own cock had gotten stiff by now, and I held both of our penises in the palm of one hand, moving the hand in a jerking motion. The boy was so turned on he began kissing me again, and thrust his tongue like a small cock into my mouth.

When I figured he wasn't going to get any harder, I leaned over and took his cock between my lips. As I did so, the dress rode up to the small of my back, exposing my junk, which swung loosely between my legs as I bobbed my head up and down, up and down.

This makes me feel very vulnerable, my cock unclothed and swinging in the air, just begging to be seen by some cop who needs to make a bust. That feeling of vulnerability is delicious to me. That's the real reason I often walk the streets without panties.

I'm not sure how many blow jobs country boy had experienced before meeting me, because he didn't last long; after about a minute of steady sucking, I heard him gasp and his seed flooded into my mouth. I swallowed it all, then straighteened up to kiss him again. But now he refused the kiss; I guess he didn't want to taste his own cum. Heaven knows why -- I love the taste of cum, mine or anyone else's.

Country boy thanked me and left hastily, leaving the back wall unpopulated, except for me. I could have gone over to the right wall, where I knew there were more guys, but I had just given a blow job and wasn't in the mood to give another. After all, I had come here to get fucked. So I took a seat on the left side of the aisle; I was willing to concede the blonde slut the seats on the right.

I only pretended to watch the video for a minute or so before a man sidled up and sat in the seat next to mine. Since there were so many empty seats around us, his meaning was clear. As his butt hit the seat, one of his hands brushed my thigh, and I spread my legs as far apart as they could get. His hand instantly shot up to my crotch and he found out the same thing about me that country boy had. I looked at his face, and it was impassive for a moment, then he put a "what-the-hell" expression on it and got a firmer grip on my cock. I took that as a good sign and groped his crotch.

While the guy continued to jack me, I fumbled with his zipper, finally getting it down and freeing his cock, which felt a little wet. (They come all ways, wet or dry, smelly or sweet, big or short; I take them all.)

I wrapped my palm around his dick and did to him what he was doing to me. When his cock was hard, I leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"Oh, baby," I mouthed, "are you gonna fuck me now?"

"Sure thing," he answered, not very originally, but I didn't care about originality; all I wanted was a cock up my butt.

I unbuttoned the guy's pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles. Then I stood, turned around to face him, and lifted one of my legs over his lap and put my foot on the floor, so that I was straddling him. As I began to lower myself, he stopped me.

"Ain't'cha gonna use no lube?" he asked.

"Already took care of it," I said as I lowered myself the rest of the way, fitting the head of his cock into my tight asshole. I squatted down, feeling every inch of his cock as it moved into my anal canal, until it was as far in as it could go.

This is what I've been waiting for -- lusting for -- all week, I thought as I felt his bone press into my asspussy. Since he was on the bottom, I had to do most of the work, and I proceeded to do just that. I pulled back up until the head of his cock was at the rim, and this time plunged back down with real f***e, driving him even further up my butt.

Ah, this is what I live for, I remember thinking as I pistoned myself over his crotch. My boy-nipples got hard as they rubbed against the satin of my dress. I reached up to pinch them between my fingers and thumbs.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips into my anonymous lover's. Unlike my hooker girlfriends, I love kissing. The man responded, sticking his tongue into my mouth, and our tongues twisted around each other sensuously.

The kiss seemed to spur my new lover on, and for the first time he began thrusting his hips up from the seat, driving his cock further into me.

My own cock was very hard now, but I didn't want to cum just yet -- there were other guys in the theater, and I hoped to get a few more of them up my asspussy before the night was over. I knew if I held off, my own climax would be tremendous when I did allow myself to cum.

So I thought about other things for awhile, but thinking didn't keep me from feeling, and the more the man under worked, the closer I came to cumming.

I was just about on the verge of orgasm when the man made a grunting sound in his throat and I felt the warm surge of his cum inside me. I let him get in a few more strokes until his cock shrank, then stood up and retook my seat, his cum leaking out of my asshole. I leaned over his crotch and took his deflated cock into my mouth so that I could clean him up.

"Well, that's a first for me," he said when I was done. "Never did twins before."

I had no idea what he was talking about.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I fucked your twin s****r over there about a half hour before you came in," he said.

This was really perplexing, since I don't have a twin, s****r or otherwise.

I looked over to the seating section on our right. The blonde was still there, her feet still propped on the seats in front of her, a man down on his knees in front of her eating out her cunt.

I got up and crossed the aisle to get a better look at her, and almost lost it when I did. The blonde was my older s****r, whom I hadn't seen since she graduated high school and moved out of our mother's house.

"Well, Susan," I said, standing only a few feet away from her, "I always knew you were a slut, I just never figured you for a theater slut."

Her head had been back as before and her eyes shut, no doubt savoring the cunt-lapping she was getting, but now she looked in my direction, and was just about to say something when her orgasm hit. She pressed her thighs together and trapped the guy who had been licking her clit, leaned backed even further in her seat and emitted a loud groan.

Once she got herself together and her cunt-lapper had gotten up and slithered off, she turned her head to look at me, not saying anything for several moments.

"I see I did what I set out to do," she said, finally. "You're a fine-looking sissy, aren't you?"

"And I can't thank you enough," I said.

It's not just that Susan had set me on the path of crossdressing (which led to having sex with other boys); but when your first sex is your s****r, you tend to lose all moral constraints. With me, it meant a willingness to fuck anything: boy, girl, dog (more than once I've had a canine's cock up my ass).

One of the seats next to Susan's was open, so I sat in it. Even though I have no love for my s****r, it's only natural that I should catch up after so many years.

So we talked, but during the whole time, I noticed that Susan kept eyeing my raging hard-on, which refused to go away after the great fucking I'd just had. And of course, Susan the Slut continued to finger her clit while we chatted.

Suddenly, it occured to both of us what had to happen. Without either of us saying one word, I stood up and my s****r lowered the leg nearest me so I could move in front of her. My cock poked out provacatively from under the hem of my dress, and Susan leaned forward to take it into her mouth.

My s****r gives a good blow job -- not in Tawonda's league, but good. She fluttered the tip of her tongue up under the head of my cock, then opened her lips wide to take the whole thing into her mouth.

I let Susan suck me for a bit, then I pulled my cock out and crouched with it aimed straight at her wet hole. I inserted myself and drove into her straight to the ball sac.

Susan uttered a sharp gasp, then drove her hips back at me with all the f***e she could muster. Her pussy felt like heaven, even to this sissy-boy who fucks a woman maybe once a year.

While I fucked her, I recalled our first coupling, when I was in my first semester of high school. Susan the bully had caught me masturbating and had ordered me to dress up in her sexiest clothing or she'd tell Mother.

When I'd finished dressing, tears streaming from my eyes, she'd pushed me back on her bed and began fondling me through the satiny panties I wore. That was the best feeling I'd had up until then, even better than jacking off to completion, and made me want to wear panties every day. (And, in fact, I have.) After diddling me like that for awhile, she pulled the panties aside, freeing my cock so she could suck it. That eventually led to full sex, and I was a virgin no longer.

The memories only made me harder and more anxious to cum inside my s****r. Susan squirmed beneath me as I pounded into her, head back and eyes shut tight again, hands at her breasts twisting her own nipples, mouth deformed in an expression of agonizing pleasure.

Oh! Fuck me, b*****r! Fuck me!" she growled, which only spurred me to pound into her faster and harder.

We both came at the same time. As I shot my goo inside her, Susan clamped my hips with her legs and shouted out her ecstacy: "OH ... MY ... FUCKING ... GOD! Oh, b*****r, I'm cumming. I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnngggg!"

Once Susan settled down, a small, wicked smile on her face, I got to my knees in front of her and began licking the cum leaking from her pussy. I always like to clean things up, and I got to lap up my own sperm in the bargain.

"You really are a little pervert, aren't you?" my s****r said, looking at me with an evil grin.

"Thanks to you, s****r," I answered. "Thanks to you."

I really meant it.


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BJ At The Movies

I was at the movies with my GF and she just kept talking through the whole thing and it was starting to make me mad, then she started baging for some of the popcorn I had so I did the only thing I could think to do. I pulled out my dich g****d her head and shoved my dick down her throat. She gagged a little but then statred sucking like a pro. It felt great and I could enjoy the movie. When it was time for me to cum I pulled my dick out and came all over the popcorn, here you go bitch have some nice cum corn.... Continue»
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It was a Friday night and I was bored out of my mind what the hell was I going to do?
No parties happening everybody I know is doing something they're just not doing it with me! Bastards! What the fuck I'll go see a I drive on down to the theater and lucky me there's a sappy love story playing but what the hell maybe someone will get laid in it right! So I buy a ticket and go into the movie room its really dark but I can see a bunch of people up front which means I'm sitting in the back I look at the back row and there's a single guy back there he looks kind of young a little on the dorky side but in a cute way maybe I can cop a feel or something so I go and stand next to him I point to the seat next to him and say “Is this seat taken?” he looks up at me and he's really not bad looking at all his hair a little funky looking the way the k**s were wearing it today but on him it looked kinda cute so...He smiled and shook his head so I sat down and held out my hand “I'm Simon!” he took my hand without any hesitation and squeezed “I'm Davy!” Nice name I thought so what if he's a lot younger than me so I continued our dialog “I always sit here when I come to see a flick the views so much better don't you agree?” He smiled again I was beginning to love that smile and said “It's perfect!” I noticed he hadn't released my hand and he held it a moment longer before he did! Hmmm I thought I'll wait for my moment then go for it hey what did I have to lose?

So I waited until the movie got going then I casually put my hand on his thigh he didn't flinch at all he was wearing shorts heck we both were this summer being a really hot one it was only comfortable this way so in the movie the two lead characters meet and their going through the getting to know you rituals and they look like their really interested and the touching begins so I slid my hand up his thigh then he turned to look at me I felt a bulge by his crotch and knew he was hot for me too so I went for it and slid my hand right up his shorts and grabbed his cock when he gasped I kissed him and our tongues met wrestling around for a few moments then I unzipped him took out his cock and bent quickly over and took it into my mouth fortunately the couple on the screen were getting their own mojo going as well so no one noticed the guy going down on the other guy in the back then I put his cock back into his pants standing straight up so it didn't look too noticeable then I stood up held out my hand and said “Simon says come with me!” another big smile lit up his face “I love that game always played it when we were k**s!” he said taking my hand then he followed me to the Men's room I led him to a stall in the back and steered him inside I had him sit on the toilet while I pulled down my pants and brought my cock over to him “Do you want me to suck it for you?” he asked so sweetly I grinned and said “Simon says suck!” so he reached out and took my cock in his hand and was guiding it to his mouth “Not fast enough Bitch!” I growled and grabbed his hair and shoved my cock into his mouth so deep he gagged but then recovered and began to suck me with gusto after he had got me raging hard I had him stand up I opened his pants for him and turned him around “Simon says bend over!” and he did and what a cute little ass he had I felt some cum ooze out of my cock head in anticipation of fucking his tight little ass I spit into the crack of that bent over little bottom and inserted my cock between his spread cheeks I heard him gasp as my dick began to enter him but he was game and held still I then grabbed his hips in both hands and drove my cock deep into him I heard him moan but his hands never left the wall that they were flat against and I fucked him good driving deep slapping my groin into his ass cheeks no one came into the room it was a good part of the movie I bet I didn't care I could see it again later and we would but right now my balls were aching to cum and cum they did I shot load after load into that pretty ass of his and he took it all and when I was done he turned around and I kissed him I couldn't stop myself I just had to do it I pressed him to me and kissed him with all the passion I could give he really liked that and was smiling while I helped him pull his pants up I took his hand and we went back to our seats where the movie was playing he came close and I put my arm around him and we watched the middle then the end of the movie then we stayed for the next showing and left when we got to the part we already saw... it was actually a pretty good movie!

We stayed in our seats for a while after the movie ended and everyone left and talked it turns out Davy's a really interesting guy he's a commercial artist and does a lot of work in advertising he wants to draw me I was more than a little flattered and said sure whenever you know...We agreed to meet here next Friday and I kissed him goodbye and went home the week flew by and Friday night I showed up back at the theater not really believing Davy would be there but there he was in the back row same seat I felt him up a little before the movie started then we went to stall number five in the Men's room but this time it was Davy's turn and I sat on the toilet and pulled down his shorts he had a really nice cock long and thick with a nice pair of balls hanging below being a novice cocksucker I treated Davy to one of my special blow jobs using tongue and lips on his cock head while massaging his balls then I deep throat him taking him all the way down to the root I thought he was going to cum so I slid him back out then I stood up and turned around and he unbuckled my shorts and dropped them to the floor he reached around and stroked my cock while he got my ass ready for some fucking he even brought k-y jelly to lube me up the considerate little fucker and he slid into me easily well not that easily he was a good size and stretched me wide before it passed into me I moaned and curled my toes as his cock made its way into me I could feel him bumping my prostate as he slowly began fucking me I could feel cum oozing out my dick head and dripping into the commode his hand wrapped around me and began to stroke while his cock picked up speed in my ass we only had to stop once when someone took a pee then he finished me off and came himself gushing into me while I sprayed cum onto the back wall of our stall we made sure we cleaned up before sneaking back to our seats where we enjoyed the rest and then the beginning of the movie it was kind of fun trying to figure out what had happened before and we made bets as to what was going to happen later I made up ridiculous nonsense and we laughed when it was completely but sometimes almost not wrong! This became our Friday night thing but we saw each other before Friday there was no way I could wait a whole week to see him nor him me he's met my f****y Mom loves him she knows I'm gay Dad thinks he's just my pal he doesn't know yet but kind of suspects...
I'm glad I decided on the movies that night its been really fun ever since maybe I'll ask Davy to move in with me it might be fun to have a roommate share the rent and all the fringe benefits hmm I'll have to think about that...but that's another story! See you at the movies...
... Continue»
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A Day at the movies I will never forget

Here is a true story that happened to me when I was in High School. I had been dating this girl named Victoria for a couple of months now. I had known her for awhile before we started dating and we were really comfortable around each other. However, we were both still pretty new at doing sexual stuff and I think the only thing we had done up till that point was make out with some dry fucking and heavy petting. She was close to giving me a blowjob once but I think my dad knocked on my door of my room for some reason and ruined it.On this faithful day she was extra horny, but we had agreed to go see a movie with her dad. She didn't see her dad that much and one thing they liked doing was going to see movies at the mall. So we get into the theater and there isn't too many people because we were seeing an older movie. We all head up to the top row. I take a middle seat and Victoria sits directly to my left and her dad sits to Victoria's left. The movie starts and the lights go dark. I am eating some popcorn, and I dont really notice at first when Victoria takes her hand and gently rests it on my leg. As the movie goes on I start to notice that she is slowly moving her hand up my thigh. My mind starts racing and my cock starts to get super hard. Very slowly now she keeps moving her hand up my thigh until it rests on my zipper. She stops for a second and looks at me and smiles. Then very slowly she starts pulling down my zipper and I am thinking holy shit her dad is fucking right next to us, but I dont want her to stop. I so desperately wanted her to touch my throbbing cock and feel her warm hand there, but at the same time I was scared about getting caught, It was such a rush. For a second I had to focus on my breathing and try and calm down before I creamed in my pants. She was getting me so excited and she hadn't even touched my dick yet. So my zipper is finally down and she starts to put her hand in my pants. I feel her warm hand start to rub my cock through my boxers and at that point I stop caring about her dad and simply focus on the wonderful sensation I am feeling. I then feel her hand start to search around for the hole in my boxers so she can put her hand on my rock hard erection. She is so eager to touch my cock that she spends a good deal of time trying to find that stupid hole. Finally after what it seemed like an eternity she finds the hole in my boxers and gently puts her hand around my cock. She starts rubbing my shaft then moves up to my massive head and caresses it with her thumb and index finger. She takes her hand out for a second and licks her finger while looking into my eyes with such a seductive look then puts her hand back in my boxers and rubs her saliva all over the under side of my head. I try hard not to moan, almost having to cover my hands over my face. She then grabs the shaft of my dick and starts moving up and down going faster and faster. Another 20 seconds and I am going to cum I think to myself, maybe quicker. She stops that and starts playing with my balls. Then she moves her hand back around my cock and starts working it again. Before I am about to cum I gently learn over and very softly I whisper "babe you have to stop or I am going to have a huge cum mess". She obeys me, and gently zips up my zipper. I was glad I contained myself and stopped her or I would be super embarrassed walking out of the theater. I got terrible blue balls during that movie but it was so worth it. Lets just say later that night she finished what she started.... Continue»
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Girlfriend and I at the movies

ok well this is a story about my girlfriend Kristy and I on our first date. I come to town and suprise her and ask her if she wants to go to the movies sometime and she says sure so i come by that night and pick her up and we start driving there and as soon as we are out of town she leans over and kisses me and i am so suprised i almost went off the rode. Then i looked over at her and she smiles and winkes and startes rubbing my leg and I start rubbing in between her legs and it was so hard for me to watch the rode. But we finally got there and i got out and opened her door and helped her out and kissed her and she whispered "im so wet" and smiled and we went into the theater and when we went to our movie there was no one there so we sat right in the middle with my arm around her and we started making out before the movie even started and she was back to rubbing my leg and i was rubbing her thigh and then she started unzipping my pants and pulled out my hard cock and she stopped for a second and said " looks like someone is really happy to see me" and started kissing me again and slowly jerking me off so i slid my had up her skirt and start rubbing her clit and as soon as i touch it she squeezes my cock super hard and moan so i start rubbing her and she have to let go of my cock and grab a hold of an arm rest as she starts to reach her orgasim and she starts squirming in her seat and starts bucking her hips and then she arches her back and yells " OH BOW" and cums all over my hand and then she looks at my still hard cock and says " my turn" and winks at me and then sshe got in between my legs and grabbed my cock and stared at it then pulled it down and licked it. and i couldnt believe it then she put her velvet lips around my head and went down some sucking really hard and then came back up and then she goes all the way down and sucks as hard as she could and came back up and says " do you like that?" and i can barely say yes. and she does it again and again and im over wellmed. and i couldnt take it any longer and said im cumming im cumming but to my suprise she didnt take her head off my cock she just sucked and sucked and i started cumming so hard and you just started swallowing it all and i kept cumming and cumming and she just kept swallowing it. then it was all done and she took her head off and said " yummy" and smiled and sat back up in her seat and kissed me. I was so suprised it took me awhile to realize my cock was still hanging out. so i put my dick back in my pants and looked over at her and said "we are going to be a great couple" and smiled and watched the movie... Continue»
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A Day at the Movies

I was off from work for a few days and was horny as hell after a drought of a few months. I decided to go to a local adult theatre, Cinema 309, to see if I could get some cock. It turns out to be a very good day for it.

To give a brief idea of the layout, when you walk into the building you are in an area that has movies for rent or purchase, toys, magazines, etc. The theatre itself is one large movie theatre, with three sections of seats, and a walkway in the back and one screen in front. Some recent remodeling removed every other row of seats so there was a lot more room. There are also some lights behind the seats on the side, which help a little bit in seeing, but don’t take away the “darkness” a lot of guys want.

After stepping in I waited a bit for my eyes to adjust while standing against the back wall, though with the new lights it doesn’t take long. After a few minutes I looked to my right and saw a guy who was slightly taller then me and who looked of middle eastern descent rubbing his cock through his pants; well what else would a hungry cocksucker do…I reached over and began to rub it for him (guy #1).

He turned towards me and began to rub my cock. I fished his cock out and moved down to suck it, but he stopped me just wanting to rub for a bit at first. I did eventually get the ok to go down and immediately took his cock into my mouth. His cock had a downward bend that was a little hard to get into my mouth due to it’s hardness but I wasn’t letting that stop me. After a few minutes of sucking he pulled me up and went back to rubbing my dick as well.

By this time someone had moved closer and was watching us while jerking off. The guy I was with motioned him closer, and then grabbed his dick. Soon another guy joined us on my left side, and I reached out to feel his hard cock in his pants. He was a slightly older guy, I’d say mid 40s (guy #2). I unzipped him and a gorgeous cock about 6 inches fell out. I wasted no time and got down on my knees and slowly began to lick the head, running my tongue around the rim. I then began to slide up and down that hunk of meat, going a little further each time. I could hear him groaning, as I got to the base and just held myself there. I’m not good at deep throating but this cock was perfect for me.

I began to vary the pace, moving up and down faster and the dropping to a slow crawl, while not forgetting to go back to the head and apply gentle pressure with my teeth ever so slightly skimming across it.

While sucking him I heard someone ask, “Is he good?”

I heard a brief “mmhmm,” and felt someone get closer to my left, and a soft velvety feeling against my check as another cock was being offered. Lifting my hand to guy #1, I turned my head to guy #2 and went down (guy #3). This cock was a little smaller; I’d say 4-5 but was much thicker. I gave this one the exact same treatment as the first and looked up to see the guy’s head thrown back in pleasure.

I alternated between the two cocks for a bit until they moved closer to each other, and their cocks were touching. I slipped both cockheads into my mouth and was lavished as much attention as I could on each until heard #2 say “I’m gonna cum!”

I slipped off #3, and took #2 into my mouth and began to suck hard and fast. He let out a deep moan and my mouth was suddenly filled with warm cum. I savored it, and slowly moved up and down to get every drop until he pulled out of my mouth. I turned to go back to guy #3 but he had moved away and put his dick back in his pants. I stood up and #2 looked at me, smiled and wished me a great day.

I wandered around for a bit seeing who was there, and watching a few guys going at it either in the seats or against the back wall. Saw some pretty hot moments, such as the 30ish guy having two guys on his dick, one on cock one on balls. The look on his face when the first one grabbed his dick, unzipped him and started sucking was of shock, then just pleasure; when the second guy started on his balls, I think he went to another world.

After wandering for a bit I noticed a good looking guy standing against the back wall (#4). I’d say mid 40s, slightly shorter then I was salt & pepper hair, glasses. As I stood against the wall watching him, he stepped away from the wall, adjusted himself while looking at me and then moved to stand on my other side. While standing there he would occasionally reach down to stroke his cock in his jeans.

I moved over and began to rub it for him. I felt it getting hard in his pants, and was eager to get down and suck it. This is a quick synopsis of the conversation we then had.

“Are you hungry?” he asked me.
“Very” I replied.
“Do you like cock in your mouth?”
“Love it.”
“Do you swallow?”
“Yes, if I’m doing the work, I’m getting the reward.”
“Well you won’t have a choice.”

I asked him then if he wanted to stay at the back, or move down into a seat. He said we’d be sitting shortly, and moved to the other corner away from the door and told me to follow him.

He told me to get on my knees, which I did but apparently not far down enough as he told me to get all the way down. He then unzipped his pants and out sprung a cock that was about 7 inches and nicely thick. He grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and f***ed me to look up at him, smiled, and moved his dick to right in front of my face and told me to kiss it. I moved forward just enough to do that, as he was still holding my hair. He sighed and then thrust his hips forward so that cock entered my mouth.

He began a slow face fuck, which I was quite enjoying. He then said “Time to take it all,” and moved forward so that cock was all the way in my mouth and knocking on my throat. Now, you may remember me saying I don’t deep throat well, and here was a prime example. My gag reflex kicked in, and I was choking on that cock, which turned him on even more. His hips thrust forward and his hands holding the back of my head, I couldn’t move…nor could I breathe as his cock blocked my air passage totally. I pushed back with my head and after a second he let me, and I took in a deep breath of air. He only gave me a moment’s pause before that cock was back in my mouth.

While sucking him, he’d keep up a running litany of dirty talk, telling me I was a good cocksucker, and that I was doing what faggots were good for. I liked the first one; I wasn’t crazy about the second.

He’d continue his face fuck with every couple of thrusts going all the way down and choking me. As I choked and gagged, he’d groan. At one point he grabbed my hair, turned my head and pushed me onto a cock I didn’t even know was there (#5). I heard the guy groan loudly, but after only a few thrusts I was back on #4’s cock. He was no longer doing a gentle face fuck, but a hard and fast one, and then would thrust forward again and choke me.

A few minutes later he turned my head onto another cock (#6). At first I thought it was the same guy but this one was a little thinner then the prior. Guy #4 egged him on, telling him to feed me his load. After just a few trips up and down that new cock, the guy exploded, with #4 holding my head so I couldn’t move (not that I would have). Once that guy was done cumming, #4 looked down at me and told me he was ready to sit down…

I’m only about halfway done with the story (and the guys). Let me know if you want me to continue. ... Continue»
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At the Movies

I am waiting in the park close to the entrance to a run down and shabby porno cinema. It is a seedy part of town, full of second-rate strip joints and sexshops. You have already received your instructions and I am waiting for you to arrive. I see you turn the corner and walk towards me. You are wearing a leather trench coat which fits snugly showing off your shapely figure. Your legs are sheathed in black silk stockings and you are wearing 6inch open toed stilettos. Your hair is pulled back in a ponytail and you have a black leather collar around your neck. You have on bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow. You approach me, your eyes downcast, your hands clasped together in front of you.

“I am ready David,” you whisper, kneeling in front of me.

“Have you dressed properly, My little slut Jen.”

“Yes David”

“Show me!”

You unfasten the coat and let it fall open. Your breasts are presented on a black lace bra cut so low that your erect nipples are clearly visible. You are wearing a black lace suspender belt to hold up your stockings and no panties. Your pussy is freshly shaved. I reach down and grab your ponytail, hauling you to your feet.

“Cinema time, my little whore”

Several passers by are staring at us. At least one man is openly rubbing his crotch. I beckon him over.

“Would you like a little feel before we leave?” I ask

He nods his head dumbly and when I motion him to go ahead his hands roam all over your unprotected body, his fingers penetrating your every nook and cranny.

“Enough” I say, pushing him away. “If you want the full show follow us to the cinema. And bring your friends. Jen likes company.”

We walk across the road and enter the cinema. At the cash desk is a fat middle-aged man, his eyes widen slightly as he sees how you are dressed, and then he smiles slyly.

“You can get in for free,” he says, “ if I can get a little satisfaction.”

“Do it, Jen.” I say, pushing you towards the counter.

As you walk towards him the man unfastens his trousers and pulls out a short but incredibly thick penis. As you stand before him he grabs your head and f***es you to take him in your mouth. He is so thick that you are straining to get your lips around him. He grasps your ponytail; pumping steadily in and out of your mouth until after a few minutes he grunts and pumps a stream of cum into your waiting throat. He cums so much you cannot drink it all and a few drops run out of the corner of your mouth. You reach up to wipe them away.

“Leave them.” I bark “Everyone should know what kind of girl you are little slut.”

The man nods at me, smiling.

“Anytime you want a free show, just bring the little whore along,” he says grinning happily.

We go into the cinema; it is dark inside except for a pool of light cast by the fire exit signs. By this light we can see about a dozen men sitting in various part of the theatre. On the screen is a giant image of a large breasted black girl being double penetrated by two white men while sucking off a third.

We walk down the central aisle and I steer you towards a seat next to the exit light. I motion for you to take off your coat before you sit down. Several of the other customers glance in our direction as we sit but in the dim light they are unsure if they believe what they are seeing. I reach between your legs and finger your cunt, you moan slightly at the stimulation, your thighs parting to allow me better access. I slide two fingers in to your cunt, feeling the slick wetness, rubbing my thumb over your prominent clitoris. You gasp and a number of heads turn in our direction. I continue to probe your pussy, sliding my fingers in and out, I lower my head and lick a nipple, taking it between my teeth and biting gently. Your gasps are becoming louder and are interspersed with low guttural moans. I glance up and see that a number of the men in the cinema have moved closer and are staring in our direction.

“Show time, Jen” I breathe into your ear.

I lead you to a spot just next to the fire exit, the exit light illuminates your near naked body, shining off the sheer silk of your stockings. I produce a blindfold and tie it over your eyes, and then I position you on your hands and knees on the floor. I stand back and watch you for a few moments. You are trembling slightly, unsure of what will happen next. Nobody is watching the screen; all eyes in the cinema are on you. Several of the men have got up and are walking in our direction.

“Gentlemen, this is Jen,” I say “and she is yours for the afternoon to do with as you please.”

“Be assured however that if anyone damages my little slave they will pay heavily.”

The men stumble forwards undoing their trousers; there are about a dozen of them all sporting rock hard pricks. The first grasps your head and thrusts his engorged member into your mouth; you suck hungrily as another man kneels behind you and buries his cock in your tight pussy. The others watch transfixed fondling their hardons as you get pounded from both ends. The men cum quickly only to be replaced by two more, other men fondle your breasts and run their hands over your thighs. One of the men decides that your cunt has become too full of spunk and shoves his cock up your ass. When he does so another man slides underneath and penetrates your pussy from below. You are now being fucked mercilessly in three holes at once. Your body is jerked around like a rag doll and you are orgasming almost constantly. The man in your ass pulls out and is replaced by another. Instead of fucking your anus however he f***es his cock into your cunt alongside his companions. You gasp as you feel the double penetration but you respond even more vigorously to the added stimulation. Soon all the men have fucked you at least once and many are lining up for another go.

“From now on everyone cums on her face. The little slut needs a cum bath.” I laugh.

The men respond with renewed zeal and soon your face is a mask of glistening white cum. Just as everyone seems to have exhausted himself the door bursts open and in walks our friend from the park with half a dozen companions.

“It’s getting a little late gentlemen but I’m sure my little whore here can manage you all at once. Can’t you Jen?”

You moan softly but manage to nod your head. One man walks in front of you and shoves his cock in your mouth while another slides under you and enfolds his cock with your breasts. A third penetrates your cunt from underneath while a fourth enters your ass. Your hands are brought into play with a prick in each fist and a man is using your hair to masturbate himself. Finally the last man in the group takes of your shoes and uses your feet to bring himself off. You are now servicing eight men at once. When they have all cum you collapse on the floor exhausted. I pull off the blindfold and roll you over; grasping your ankles I bring them up over your head and drive my big cock into your tight asshole. I pump for a few minutes and then withdraw adding my cum to that which already coats your face. I throw your coat to you.

“Time to go little slut Jen.”

You stumble from the cinema. Your body is bruised and dirty, your stockings torn and your shoes have disappeared. Your face, legs and breasts are caked in cum. People stop and stare at you as you walk past.

“Go home Jen. Do not attempt to clean yourself up and if anyone asks how you got in this mess tell them you are a little slut who loves to fuck.”
... Continue»
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A night at the movies

This is something I've promised myself for God knows
how long now. I'm 19 and I've never had sex, or had a
serious girlfriend. I've never even seen a naked girl
except in the magazines I've purchased but had to
furtively throw in the bin before I reached home in
case my rather austere mother finds them during one of
her many routine searches of my bedroom.

My problem is that I feel so awkward and difficult
talking to girls, my mind goes completely blank and
sometimes worse, I mix my words and leave them
sniggering at me as I scurry away, wanting to blend in
with the background or simply disappear altogether.

I've learned to face and come to terms with the fact
that the only way I will ever get to see a naked girl
is in this porn cinema. I just hope against hope that
no one recognises me going in and it gets back to my
mother. I couldn't face her, I don't know what I'd say
but still, I need to see what a naked girl looks like,
in the flesh.

Stumbling down the stairs of the box office in my
haste to disappear off the street into the anonymity
of the cinema, pushing my crisp note under the counter
glass, a small yellow ticket ejects from the machine,
along with my change, which I promptly drop on the
floor. Oh no should I leave it and scurry in? but that
would look sus, so crouching down I quickly fumble
around to recover my lost change before pushing
through the double swing doors and lunging towards the
next set marked ENTRANCE'.

"Just one minute!" Looking round, the ticket collector
who I had nearly flattened with the swinging doors
without noticing him, holds out his hand and then
snatches my ticket, tears it in half, returning one
half to me. Rather embarrassed but a little more
collected, I apologise profusely and resume my journey
through the entrance door towards my objective of
seeing naked female flesh for the very first time.

Once in the cinema itself, my eyes are blinded by the
darkness, hopefully in a few seconds they will re-
adjust. Now I can hear strange female grunting.

Turning round to my left I see the video screen and
for the first time a beautiful, blonde haired girl
sucking on the buxom tits of an ecstatic girl with
long dark hair on a large double bed. Both girls are
like magazine pull-outs, I've never seen such
beautiful girls before and here they are, totally
naked, having sex with each other. The blonde girl's
tits are smaller but just as delectable, her pussy is
not as hairy as the dark girls. I'm not sure which of
the two I like best. If only I could do that with
either of them!

Making my way towards the back of the cinema, fumbling
along the wall. I covet a seat at the back, plenty of
room from the nearest patron and furthest away from
the light emitting screen, reducing the chance of
being recognised by any of the other audience.

Having found the back row, which fortunately is empty,
I edge my way along the seats to the corner seat, next
to the wall. By this time the two girls are now joined
in their frolics by a large well-built man with long
hair tied in a ponytail. He's clearly delighting at
having two of the most gorgeous girls I have ever
seen, industriously working on his huge cock with
their lips and fingers. It's a sight that leaves me
agape, until men taking their seats in the row in
front of me temporarily interrupt it.

I was so transfixed, I hardly notice the rather portly
man shuffling along the back row to take his place
right next to my seat. Having so many empty seats to
choose from, why is it he has to crowd me in and sit
next to me?

Returning my attentions to the film, watching the man
position the blonde girl ready for entering her. I
hardly notice the fumbling going on next to me until
glancing down, in the dim light I can just make out
that the man has his shirt buttons and flies undone
and he is fumbling to extract his cock from within his

What on Earth is he doing? That becomes all too
apparent upon its release, he immediately commences
stroking it vigorously. I'm incredulous, I look at his
face which is motionless, like he was sat in his own
bed-sit behind a locked door, rather than in the back
seats of what was after all, a public cinema.

I just had to change seats urgently but how could I
ask the man to move? How could I get past him without
unwittingly touching `it!'? I couldn't climb over the
rows in front, they were full by now, I was trapped. I
was faced with no choice but to hope that he would
manage to finish what he was doing rapidly and
hopefully return it to its rightful place.

My observations returned to matters on-screen and the
pounding the blonde girl was receiving from the huge
thick cock that was plunging down into her hole like a
Victorian piston engine. Though I can't see her face,
which is buried deep between the legs of the dark
girl, surely she must be suffering some pain from the
drumming her pussy is taking from this man's cock;
though from the intense grunts both girls are making,
she seemed to be actually taking pleasure from her
ordeal. Nevertheless this whole scene is quite the
most erotic display I have ever seen and my cock was
continuing to bulge and strain uncomfortably from
within my trousers.

On feeling my neighbour's hand on my right knee, my
enrapture with the scene on screen was instantly
dispelled and turned to alarm. I shoot a quick glance
at him but he is looking ahead at the screen
expressionless, though he continues to stroke his dick
assiduously. But his touch with his other hand is
obviously deliberate because he's rubbing my leg in
upward strokes which means he wants to play with my
cock as well as his own. That must be why he chose to
sit next to me when there were all those empty seats

In some ways I don't know if I'm flattered by this
man's attentions, he obviously finds me sexually
attractive, which to my best knowledge no-one has yet
to date, but he is overweight, scruffy, with white
thinning hair and about aged between my father and
late grandfather.

Seconds later he's rubbing my cock-mound through my
trousers, which due to the film scene I was watching
is extremely sensitive, having the effect of making my
mouth gape and eyes bulge. As his other hand reaches
over to start undoing my trousers, I feel almost
powerless to intervene. The feel of his chubby fingers
rummaging through my trousers, trying to extract my
dick from my underpants is every bit as erotic as the
film. Trying to mimic my friend's motionless
expression, concentrating my gaze at the film is
becoming increasingly difficult as he's trying to tug
my trousers downwards, even though I'm sat on them!

I suppose I ought to either object or co-operate and
given the condition of my throbbing dick, there is
really no choice. Upon lifting my ass tentatively off
the seat, my friend leans across my lap and my
trousers and underpants both drop down to my knees.
Instead of then sitting up to play with my cock as I
expected, his head is in my lap moving slightly and oh
no! He's put my dick in his mouth and now he's sucking
on it.

Responding to my gasps, three men in the seats in
front look around and smile knowingly. I cannot
believe this, ten minutes ago I was disgusted at my
friend's audacity and here I am with my trousers
around my ankles having my dick sucked while others
look on. The feelings my dick and my whole nether
region is experiencing as my friend's head bobs up and
down, sucking and slurping are breathtaking. No longer
can I maintain my pole-faced expression, the smile on
our spectators' faces widens to a grin.

Just as I feel my balls twitch and strain preceding
ejaculation, his sucking pauses and my cum is
arrested. My friend looks up and smiles at me, all I
can do is return the smile tensely. My hand is taken
to his cock and put to work on wanking up and down the
shaft. It feels really warm and sweaty, it's as short,
chubby and fleshly as its owner.

I feel a bit uneasy at him putting his arm around me
and giving me a hug. This is not love, I'm not gay,
this is just a wank but not wanting to offend my
friend I disregard his cuddle and continue to work on
his short fat cock.

His hand moves from my shoulder up to my head and his
fingers run through my short hair then I can feel the
palm of his hand position itself at the back of my
head. Pressure begins to push my head towards his
awaiting cock, shaking my head I protest, "No! I don't
want to." But the pressure continues.

Looking distressed towards my spectators for
intervention, they just smile and still my head is
pushed inexorably towards the awaiting cock. I manage
to briefly turn my head towards my friend to ask, "Do
I have to?" Just two nods is the reply I receive and
so I have no option but to submit.

Bracing myself for the smelly, sweaty taste preceded
by a pungent stench of sweat from his crotch, I open
my mouth to allow his thick fleshy cock to dock
inside. The taste is as musty as any strong cheese,
the tip is slimy from the excretions emitted during
the wank and still my mouth is pushed further onto it
and deep into my throat as I gag for breath. The
pressure at the back of my head keeps subsiding and
returning as my mouth is pushed up and down his stumpy

I keep gagging and retching, wanting to throw up each
time my head is pushed down and his hard cock is
thrust down my throat. It subsides momentarily as I
hear him press down to my ears and hiss, "Suck
harder!" Maybe if I do, he won't push my head down so
far onto his cock so I endeavour to suck as hard as
possible, ignoring the pain at the back of my throat
caused by over-stretching to accommodate this hot
fleshy organ. Wanking the stem whilst sucking the head
seems to have the desired effect of releasing the back
of my head, so gratefully I suck and try to mimic my
friend's head bobbing up and down the shaft of his
fleshy tool.

"Harder! It's cumming." I hear, "Don't you dare spill
a drop!"

Knowing what is coming, a sense of dread fills me. His
cock twitches warning me of imminent ejaculation, so I
futilely try to jerk my head up to release my mouth
from his cock to find his hand push me harder onto it.

A large blob of warm slimy fluid gushes into my mouth.
It's sickening taste of natural yoghurt makes me retch
once again, more so as this stuff continues to ooze
and seep into my mouth. "Now swallow it!" My head is
released so that I can sit up and try to ingest this
loathsome slime. The tears streaming down my face and
inconsolable sobbing worsens my retching until the
thick fluid turns watery enough to swallow.

Thereupon the man in the middle seat in front of me,
turns back round, stands and pulls his trousers up and
hastily scurries back along the row as soon as the man
next to him stands to allow his exit. I notice that
the man standing, also had his trousers down. Our
audience must have been masturbating as they watched
me suck. Still the two men on either side of the empty
seat look intently at us.

By now the previous actors in the film were replaced
by others equally erotic and relishing in sexual
abundance but right now I am impervious to their
fascination. Once again, I shudder as I feel an arm
around my shoulder and my friend lean over and
whisper, "You were lovely!" Whilst my tears have
ceased I still cannot stop whimpering and sobbing.
"Cheer up." Reaching across my lap, he feels my now
flaccid dick.

The combination of the fondling of his warm sweaty
hand and the sight of a woman being fucked doggy-
fashion and her large coconut breasts jangling around
is inducing a stirring within my dick as it returns to

Taking my hand once again, he places it on his pliant

"I don't want to suck it, please don't make me suck it

"That's OK, you don't need to," he replies

Accepting his reassurances, I get to work on
revitalising his dick. Erotic and carnal feelings
continue to swell up within me as my friend massages
my dick and testicles. I can feel the gradual swelling
of his cock which is responding well to my strokes.
Gradually it's becoming harder and easier to wank as
it swells. On reaching full erection, my friend closes
his eyes and lets out a deep sigh of satisfaction,
which gives me encouragement to work harder on his fat
throbbing tool.

I look up at him, he smiles and takes my hand off his
cock and hands it to the man in front. He grasps it
warmly, as the man next to him is given my other hand.
Their grip tightens and I am jerked off my seat, which
retracts instantly. I'm wondering what and why they
are doing this when one pushes a handkerchief in my

It dawns upon me the violation I am about to suffer.
Clenching my teeth, I refuse the handkerchief but I
have to open my mouth when he holds my nose and it's
pushed further in until it gags me. And now a cold,
oily, slimy fluid is being massaged into my ass and
then a finger slides in. I struggle against firm
strong hands that hold me stable as the finger probes
my asshole, inflicting a sharp violent pain as it
moves. But by squeezing my anal muscles, the finger is
evicted and slides out to my great relief.

But instead of releasing me, the men pull me further
over the seat backs. My friend is shuffling past me
until his large belly is resting against my upturned
ass and then inserts two thumbs, pulling the entrance
to my hole, bringing about a surge of pain. His cock,
positioned at the entrance rubs, tormenting and
terrifying me, pauses as more fluid is rubbed in and
then a burning and searing pain sweeps though my ass
and into the pit of my stomach.

I'm unable to scream for the handkerchief stuffed in
my mouth, my eyes bulge and nearly plop out of their
sockets. His rigid cock remains stationary as my ass
is abruptly repositioned and then the indescribable
pain ensues as it slides out and then thrusts down my
passage re-igniting the merciless agony -

My muffled screams seem to only attract a wider
audience of onlookers watching my degradation in
morbid intrigue. As his cock thrusts ever deeper, the
pain is becoming intolerable, my eyes stream with
tears and still no-one expresses objection, much less
comes to my aid, despite looking, pleading into the
eyes of these witnesses. They just watch me in my
agony with not a flicker of compassion.

At last the thrusts seem to decelerate as fatigue
begins to set in but still they come, and with each
downward motion the pain in my ass re-ignites. His
driving cock feels like a white hot poker scorching my
insides, "oooohhhh - Naaahhhh!!! Nooooh!! Stop!!"

Oh at last. "Aaaaah!! Oh no, Aaaaaaaaah!!!"

"Oh I'm coming! I'm coming!" The thrusts stop and he
collapses on top of me, his weight unbearable but
thankfully his cock slides out of my orifice. "You
were a great shag." I hear my friend compliment me as
my captors release my wrists and turn around to resume
watching the film.

At last, now I can spit these sodding tissues out of
my mouth and breathe. My mouth is so dry and arid. I
need a drink, I need to get out of this Hell! I just
want to be back home with my mom, safe and sheltered.

On resuming his seat, my friend pushes me back into
mine resulting in a sharp stabbing anal pain. He's
feeling my dick but this time it's refusing to
respond. Now he's going through my jacket pocket -
why? Am I being robbed? He seems to have found what
he's looking for and is squinting in the dim light at
a scrap of paper. I can't make out what of mine he's

Leaning over, he whispers to me, asking, "Do your
parents know you're in here?"

"No" I reply.

"Would you want me to tell them - Simon?" He knows my
name! The thought of the effect that such news would
have on my mom terrifies me, it could kill her! So
shaking my bowed head, I look down remorsefully at his
fondling of my still limp dick.

Squeezing my balls tightly, he hisses, "Well you'd
better come with me then."

Standing up, dragging me to my feet me by my shoulder
pads, putting his mouth to my ear he hisses, "Then get
dressed Simon, you're coming home with me."
... Continue»
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A Night At The Movies

He called her up one night and said “Meet me at the movie theater at the corner of Sheridan and Oak at tonight at 7pm. Wear a skirt.” He hung up the phone before she could say anything. Of course she would comply. He was always opening her eyes to new adventures and had never steered her wrong.
She drove to the theater and arrived a few minutes early so they could get their popcorn and drinks. He greeted her with a kiss and then he grinned mischievously and she knew then that this was not going to be an ordinary movie date. “Which movie are we going to see?” she asked him but he just placed his finger over her mouth and said “it’s a surprise” he then placed a blindfold over her eyes and sat her down in a chair in the lobby. “Wait here and I will get our tickets.” She heard him walking away and she also heard the others milling around and snickering at her. She could feel the blush starting to form on her cheeks and she started to feel like she was naked and on display. When he finally returned she begged to be taken into the theater so she could get away from the stares. When she started to lift the blindfold he gently placed his hand over hers and pushed hers away. He led her into the theater and sat her down in the seat. Just then the movie started to play. She asked him to remove the blindfold so she could watch but he replied, “tonight you are going to rely on your other senses” ”You will also not be allowed to make a sound nor will I be speaking.”
They sat together without another word between them. He held the soda to her lips so she could drink, he gave her popcorn…he even stole a few kisses on her neck. He could see the smile cross her lips and he knew she was enjoying her time with him. He gently grabbed her hand and placed it over the bulge that was forming in his pants. Her smile got wider when she realized that he had already unzipped his pants and she was feeling him thru his boxers. She slipped her hand beneath the waistband and started slowly stroking him, feeling him getting harder with every stroke. She started to squeeze a bit and his head fell back with the pleasure. She brought her free hand up to his mouth and he began to suck her fingers. She continued to stroke and squeeze. His hand moved to the back of her head and he started to push her face closer to his cock. She moved out of the seat and got down to her knees. Without hesitation she wrapped her warm lips around the head while her hand continued to stroke. Her hand moved up while her mouth moved down. Sucking and stroking him to the point of climax, she gently grabbed his balls and could feel that he was about to cum. She removed her hand and slid her mouth all the way down to the base, letting his cock tickle the back of her throat. He gently held her head there as he shot his sticky cum into her, She expertly moved her tongue all over to catch every drop. When she felt him start to soften she moved her mouth back up to the tip to suck out the last little bit. She helped him put his now flaccid cock back into his boxers and jeans and sat back down in her chair.
Though she didn’t recognize the movie, she listened and could figure out that they were about halfway through. He placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. She loved the smell of his cologne and she buried her nose into his chest to breathe him in deep. He started stroking her hair, letting it fall through his fingers. He loved to play with her curls. She tilted her head up and kissed his jaw line. His hand slipped under her shirt and brushed her nipple and it stood at attention. He gently began to pinch it and roll it between his fingers. His free hand moved down her body and under her skirt. The tips of his fingers touched her pussy and he felt how wet she was. He began to rub her clit thru the thin , soft fabric. Her hips started to rock a little bit in her seat against his fingers. He pulled one breast from her top and bra and began to suck on her nipple, feeding from it like a baby drawing milk from his momma. Her hands gripped the armrests of the seats as he fondled and sucked. Wanting to cry out but not wanting to make a sound per instruction she was going nuts. She reached over and felt that he had gotten hard again so she decided to surprise him. She slipped his cock from his jeans and boxers once again. She could feel that all 9 .5 inches were standing straight up. She pulled herself from his embrace and stood up again. Using only her sense of touch she slid her panties to the side and straddled his legs. With one quick motion she slid down his shaft and began to ride his lap. His hands rested on her waist guiding her back and forth while he thrust upwards. It didn’t take long before she could hear his breath changing to know that he was ready. With one last thrust she felt herself being filled with his cum. She leaned forward and took his earlobe into her mouth. She bit down just a bit to stifle the scream as she came with him. She kissed his lips and slid her tongue inside as he removed her blindfold. She looked around and saw that the theater was practically empty but for a few people near the front. He chose two seats away from the crowd in the back corner of the theater. She moved off his lap and turned around to see that the movie was just about over. After they both smoothed their clothing he took her hand and they watched the end of the movie... Continue»
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The New Adult Theater

Our first trip to the new adult theater

It was the weekend and we were looking for something to do and sex was the answer! The k**s were visiting their grand parents for the whole weekend with the promise of going to Disneyland! There was new adult theater in the next town over so we decided to try it out. Not sure what we would find there mini movies , glory holes or a full theater. My wife put on a almost see thru summer dress that came up to her thighs and had buttons all the way up and sheer white panties and no bra. Just watching her get dressed made it difficult for me to dress but with only shorts and a t shirt and a promise from her about what she had in mind for the evening I was dressed in record time.

On our way over to the next town we stopped for a couple of drinks and my wife was flirting with the guys at the bar the more she drank the less buttons were being used on her dress so when we got to the theater there was not much holding her dress closed and she was ready for almost anything.

As luck would have it the new Adult Club had a full theater and mini movies with the glory holes. So we spent sometime looking at the movies and toys and my wife would squat down and look at the bottom shelf and ask me if I like this movie or that toy with her legs open flashing me her pussy, it seems she had left the panties in the car and wanted to make sure I knew that. I paid for us to go into both sides of the theater, now one side was full of over stuffed chairs and the other side was the mini movies with the glory holes. The over stuffed chairs side had a full screen movie with a orgy movie on at the time and my wife wanted to try group sex, she has at times during our love making i had brought up the subject and she would get more excited and whispered that she might like to try it, but maybe with another girl, she has never been with another since her college days, now that got me excited too. i've seen a few porno movies with girl/girl scenes and knew about her college days she told me about, while we watched some of those movies. i had hoped that we would get the chance to try to try it someday. (Thats another story) We sat down to watch the movie and the other people there. We sat in one of the chairs off to one side with my wife closer to the open part of the stage so she could be seen by all as we watched the movie. I started kissing her and she leaned back and closed her eyes, this is a sign from her that I can do whatever I want. So I started to unbutton her dress and kissing my way down her neck to her breasts when three guys came over to watch, I told her we had company so she looked up at them and smiled and said ok and closed her eyes again. When I unbuttoned all but one button on her dress had several fingers in her pussy still working on her neck when I motioned for one of our new friends to help me with her pussy and to my surprise he got down on his knees and started to lick her pussy the first time his tongue touched her pussy she started coming. The other two had there cocks out jerking off watching her so I went back to work on her breasts leaving her mouth open for them. She still had her eyes closed so when one of them put his cock to her lips she just opened her mouth and started to suck him off. At this point we were the show and it was getting loud so I told our new friends we needed to move over to the other side of the place to keep from getting in trouble. My wife was all for this and then I unbutton the last button and told her she had to walk over there like that she just smiled and told me I would pay for that and started walking.

The mini movie booths were small so I went into one and my wife and her friends into the next this way I could watch her getting all the cock she could handle. With the movie lights on she just took her dress off and handed it to me there the hole as she did she asked me what I want to see? I asked her if she wanted to suck them off and she just smiled and said yes but when they come in my mouth I am going to kiss you giving it to you when I told her ok she just smiled. By then they were all naked and she had one come over by the hole and she started sucking him off the one that was eating her pussy came up behind her and slowly worked his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. The 3rd one was sitting off to one side playing with his cock and watching the action when the one she was sucking started coming she did her best to hold it all in her mouth when he was done, she reached through the hole and held my head and started kissing me feeding me his come. The one that was fucking her was still pounding away at her pussy and when he finished that left the last one and as it turned out he was the largest of them all she got up and walked over to him and turning her back to him and looking at me as she slowly slid down his cock so I could watch his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. His cock was so long that you could almost see the outline of his cock in her stomach each time she sat down on his lap. When he filled her pussy with his come she thank them all and walked out of their booth naked and walked over to the booth I was in by now my cock was ready to burst but she was not ready to let me come yet she layed down on the bench and told me to eat the come out of her pussy before she would let me come in her pussy, our new friends got to watch me eat the cum out of her pussy before she let me fuck her.

(more new stories about our sexcapades cuming soon)! :) [please comment] thank you!

... Continue»
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

My wife, Rhonda, and I have been married for 7 years. We
are both 33 years old. She is an extremely attractive
natural redhead who measures 36-24-35, with between a B
and C cup, depending on the time of month, flat belly
that indents from her hip bones, a narrow waist, and
when laid back has a very prominent pubic mound. In
other words, she is a very hot dish for which I am
extremely lucky. She comes from a very strict Catholic
upbringing and was a virgin when we got married.
Because of her upbringing she was very prudish in her
behavior, even to the point that on our wedding night
she was reluctant to let me see her naked. She is now a
changed woman because of what happened about a year

We had been on vacation in the Carolinas and had
thoroughly enjoyed a week of frolicking at the beach.
Even at secluded beaches with no one around I was
unable to get Rhonda to loosen up for a little petting.
She said that there was no way I would get her to go
topless on the beach and that our sex games would have
to be restricted to the bedroom. Near the end of our
vacation we got caught out in a summer rain and Rhonda
ended up coming down with a cold. The day we were due
to go home she was really suffering from a stuffy nose
so I went to the pharmacy to get some cold medicine.

I picked up various cold products so Rhonda could have a
comfortable ride back North. I gave her a couple
teaspoons of Formula 44 and a couple of cold tablets. I
wasn't worried about the warning on the labels that
they could make you drowsy since I normally drove. What
I didn't realize when I gave her the cold tablets was
that the instructions said to only take one every 12
hours. When we started home we had about a three-hour
drive before reaching the Interstate. It wasn't long
into the ride that Rhonda said she was tired and was going
to lay back and rest. Before getting on the interstate,
I stopped at a gas station for a couple of sodas. I had
trouble waking her and when I did she sounded d***k.

However, I thought it time to give her a couple more
cold tablets, which seemed to be keeping her breathing
clear. We had been on the interstate for about 30
minutes when I noticed that Rhonda was really out of it. I
became a little concerned and tried to wake her, but
she was dead to the world. It was then that I decided
to fulfill a fantasy of mine and see if I could expose
her to the truck traffic going up the highway. I always
traveled with a CB radio so I figured I could hear what
truckers reactions would be to seeing a little flesh.

It was a warm summer day and Rhonda was wearing one of her
sundresses that buttoned down the front. I opened the
windows and initially raised the hem of her dress until
her panties could be clearly seen. Just exposing her
panties gave me such a hard on I thought I was going to
cum in my pants. I traveled up the highway slowing up
as I passed trucks. A couple remarked on the seat cover
in a four-wheeler that matched my car.

I decided to see how far I could push this situation so
I pulled off at the next rest area, far enough away
from the restroom facilities that I would not be
noticed. I again tried to wake Rhonda – nothing. I went
around to the passenger side, opened Rhonda's door,
completely unbuttoned her dress and removed her bra and
panties. I was initially thinking of leaving her nude
but was concerned she would wake up and really bitch me

I put her dress back on set her sunglasses on her face,
turned her head toward me, and pulled back out on the
highway. As I got back on the highway I heard these two
truckers talking away and decided to see if I could
locate them to fulfill my fantasy. It took me a couple
of miles to learn the identities of the trucks and soon
saw them up ahead of me.

I reached over and unbuttoned the buttons on Rhonda's
dress down to her waist. I had not exposed her breasts,
but the gap in her dress was enough so you could see
she was not wearing a bra and the hem of her dress was
just below where here pussy could be seen. I drove
slowly past the first truck I came too and lingered
long enough to give him a view of my wife. His call
sign was Virginia Gentleman, and as I moved out I heard
him tell his partner that an interesting sight would be
coming up on his left so he should be paying attention.
He also stated that it would have been a much better
sight if there was a bit more exposure.

Before reaching the second truck, I opened her dress so
that her breasts were completely exposed. As we passed
the second truck I heard him whistle and admire the set
of headlights that were staring him in the face and how
really mouth watering her nipples looked. Well this set
off the Virginia Gentleman because he said he didn't
see any tits when we went by him and it was a shame he
missed the sight. I smiled and decided to slow down and
pull in behind the second truck, waiting for the first
one to catch up.

I unzipped my pants, took out my cock, which by now was
fully erect, and wrapped Rhonda's hand around it. I waited
until the first truck passed me and proceeded to follow
it, moving her hand up and down my shaft as if she was
playing with me. As I came next to the cab of the
second truck, I heard him tell his buddy to slow down
so he could have a better show. He must have noticed
that I had a CB antenna and said that if I could hear
him he would sure appreciate it if I would unbutton the
rest of her dress. I thought about it a couple of
seconds and decided to do it.

I released Rhonda's hand and reached over and unbuttoned
the rest of her dress while pacing the truck. When I
finished, I pulled the dress apart so she was lying
completely naked. I still remember the sun shining in
and lighting up her red bush so it looked like it was
on fire. And her hair was so fine that with the
sunlight you could easily see where her slit began. I
was then asked to spread her legs so he could get a
good look at her goodies. It took some effort, but I
was finally able to get her right knee up against the
door panel and her left knee against the center

I then slowed up and let both trucks get ahead of me. I
then took her hand and put it on her pussy and
proceeded to put her finger inside her. I was surprised
to find that her pussy was moist and the more I moved
her hand back and forth, the wetter she became. I
slowly passed both trucks again giving them plenty of
time to take in the sights. It was at this time that I
got concerned that she might wake up from getting
excited and decided to pull back and regroup.

I rearranged Rhonda's dress so that it was almost closed,
but with her pussy still showing, and put her hand back
on my swollen cock. I then returned to the side of the
truck and continued moving Rhonda's hand up and down until
I shot my load. Once I was done, I picked up speed and
pulled away from the trucks. The truck driver said
thanks until we meet again. After I got away from the
initial trucks, I again completely opened her dress and
left her exposed to the trucks the entire way up the

There were many, many appreciative truckers that day.
Rhonda was still out when we got home, so I carried her in
and put her to bed. When she woke up in the morning she
had no recollection of the ride home for which I was
extremely thankful. I knew that if she found out she
would be really, really pissed. I just hoped I would be
presented with an opportunity like that again some

I didn't understand the context of the truck driver's
message about "until we meet again" until about a week
later when I received a package in the mail with
instructions to review the contents when I was alone
and that I would be contacted later. When I did I was
shocked to see that the entire incident on the road
with the first truckers had been videotaped. I didn't
know what to do and decided to just wait until I heard
from my blackmailer.

The next couple of days I spent in agony trying to
decide what to do. I received a second package and in
this package was a series of pictures that had been
obviously made from the tape. It not only had pictures
of my naked wife, but also had pictures of my wife
leaving the house, getting in and out of the same car I
had been driving, shopping and coming out of church.
The note said that if I didn't agree to do whatever he
told me he would release both the video and pictures to
the Internet, send copies to her parents, members of
her church group, and her neighbors.

I realized that Rhonda would die if that happened and that
my marriage might be down the toilet. If I agreed I was
to contact him by email. I talked to a friend and he
gave me some suggestions. His ideas intrigued me. The
more I thought about it the more I thought I could get
my wife to forgive me since we were really, really in
love with each other and she always said that my sex
drive was going to get me in trouble one of these days.

By now a plan had begun to form in my devious mind as I
thought over suggestions on how to turn this situation
to my advantage. I decided to answer the blackmailer,
but my answer was not what he was expecting. I told him
that I would refuse to be blackmailed, but that
together we might be able to f***e my wife into
becoming more like the wife I always dreamed of having.

The first part of the plan would be to get Rhonda to
accept her situation and to go along with our demands,
providing I was there to ensure her safety. He emailed
me back that the deal wasn't what he expected, but that
he liked the idea and would cooperate with me to gain
control over my wife. He said he would be capturing
everything that happened from here on out by camcorder
and digital pictures. I agreed providing that they were
for our own use and would not be let out publicly and
he agreed. The next step was to approach my wife.

I decided that just coming out with the whole mess
would not go over well. So I decided to take Rhonda out to
a nice restaurant for a good meal, consume a couple
bottles of wine, and then confess what I had done. Wine
has always affected her in that it seemed to make her
horny and much more of a "fun" person. When she was
sufficiently loosened up from the wine I told my story.

I could see the color drain out of her face and the
anger begin to take hold. I didn't say anything about
the packages yet, but let her vent at me about how I
could have done such a thing. I explained how much I
loved her and had always fantasized about her being
naked besides me outdoors and having sex games. I went
on to explain that since she was completely out of it,
I didn't see the harm and I didn't think she would ever
know about it.

It took a while, but after a couple more glasses of
wine, I finally calmed her down to where she said she
had not forgiven me, but understood why I had done it.
At this point I knew I had won half the battle, but the
hardest part was yet to come. Once we got over that
part I said that I had only told her a part of the
story, but she would have to wait until we got home to
hear the rest. She didn't understand and persisted, but
I told her that it would be a lot clearer and easier to
explain if she waited. She finally agreed.

When we got home I showed her the videotape and the
note I had received from the blackmailer. She was
completely beside herself. She definitely did not want
any of the pictures or tape to be made public and asked
me what we should do. I said we could go to the police,
but then everything would be made public. She rejected
that option at once. She definitely did not want the
police involved.

I then suggested I email the blackmailer and see what
it was he wanted to get the tape and pictures back. We
discussed the ramifications of what this decision might
be. She finally said she would do anything necessary to
keep the material private, which was exactly the
position I was hoping she would take. I promised her
that whatever we had to do, I would be at her side.

Armed with this, I emailed the sender of the package,
who I now considered my accomplice. I told him what I
thought would be a good first test and where we should
do it. He agreed and said I would be receiving an
appropriate email shortly that I could show to Rhonda.
When it arrived, I immediately took it to Rhonda to see.
It basically stated that this would be a test to see if
we were serious about keeping the pictures private.

Rhonda was to select her shortest dress and on Saturday,
we were to go to a restaurant at a mall across town. We
were to sit on high-back stools at a bench-type table
overlooking the food court. I was to email him my cell
phone number and he would contact me with further
instructions. He gave us the time to be there and
warned that if we failed his test we knew the
consequences. Rhonda and I talked it over and decided that
what was being asked was not too bad, especially since
we would be in a public place. We went to her closet to
select a dress. The shortest one she had was an A-line
dress with a hemline that came about 3 inches above her
knees. She had worn this one before and didn't feel too
conspicuous in it. Bra, panties, hose, and low heels
completed the outfit. Rhonda then waited nervously for

Before leaving for the mall on Saturday, I suggested
that Rhonda have a couple glasses of wine to ease her
nerves. She agreed. I poured a large glass of wine, but
added a couple shots of vodka. She didn't notice the
taste difference in either glass. By the time we
reached the mall, she had mellowed out a bit. We got to
the restaurant a little ahead of time and got seated
where we were instructed. Since it was around noontime,
we ordered a sandwich and a glass of wine.

From where we were seated we were a floor above and
could see the entire food court below us. Of course,
everyone below could easily see those of us seated at
the window tables. When Rhonda sat down, her skirt rode
another couple of inches up her legs, but she was
careful to keep her knees together so no one below
could see up her skirt. We had just started to eat when
my cell phone rang. It was Bob (the truck driver who
was now working with me). He asked if we were ready and
I said we were. I passed the phone to Rhonda.

She listened for a couple of seconds and passed the
phone back. She said he warned her of what would happen
if she failed to follow his directions. I put the phone
up to my ear and nodded as if getting instructions. I
then turned to Rhonda told her that she was to scoot
forward on her seat, raise he skirt up a few inches and
let her knees fall open so he could see what she was
wearing. The extra couple inches put her skirt a little
more than halfway up her thighs. She initially opened
her knees a couple of inches, but I told her he wanted
them opened about a foot. She should also keep her feet
on the rung of the stool.

She hesitated a few moments then did what he asked,
continually scanning the food court to see if anyone
was watching. I told her to drink more of her wine and
relax. I assured her that no harm was being done so she
should act like nothing was wrong. After about a minute
I nodded into the phone again and told Rhonda that she was
to go to the restroom and remove her hose and return.
She did, passing me her hose so I could put them in my
pocket. She got back on the stool and was instructed to
resume her previous position.

As she sat there she noticed a few people looking up
and it was obvious from their pointing that they could
clearly see her panties. I spoke into the phone, nodded
my agreement and told Rhonda she was to raise her skirt
further up her legs and start swinging her knees open
and closed. Her skirt was now a good foot above her
knees. In the open position her legs spread about a
foot and a half apart. Rhonda tried to ignore the fact
that more people below were becoming aware of her
position and could clearly see her white panties as her
legs opened.

I nodded into the phone again, and then told Rhonda she
was to go back into the restroom and remove her panties
and bring them back to me. She said she would rather
not. I passed this information onto Bob who told me to
remind her of what would happen if she didn't. She
really didn't want to do it, but when I said he was
beginning to get really impatient with her and wouldn't
take much more of her delaying tactics, she did.

When she returned, she sat there with her knees
together while I put her panties on the table against
the window with the menu behind them so that people in
the restaurant would not see what was going on. I spoke
into the phone to advise that she had done what he
desired. I then told Rhonda she was to shift forward
again, raise her skirt up to where they were before and
resume swinging her knees open and closed.

After a couple of minutes of this I told her she was to
swing her knees as wide as she could and leave them
that way while keeping her feet on the rungs of the
stool. She about died of embarrassment, but did what
she was told. By now, many more people were looking up
and Rhonda realized that many were aware that her display
was not accidental, having seen her wearing panties
just a short while earlier. She was trying to carefully
to keep her eyes on the table or straight ahead, so I
nodded my head as if getting further instructions and
told to look down and briefly make eye contact with
those who were staring up at her.

I told her to reach under her skirt and tell me if she
was wet. She was beet red as she did this and was
embarrassed to admit that she was. I told her the last
thing she was to do was put one finger in her pussy and
give it to me to suck on. When that was done she could
close her legs and we could go home. She looked around,
let her hand drop between her legs, quickly inserted
her finger inside herself and offered her finger to me.
I took it completely into my mouth, let her slide it
out, and then licked my lips as I inhaled her aroma.
She then quickly closed her legs, tugged down on her
skirt, and got up to leave. In her hurry to leave the
restaurant she didn't notice that I left her panties on
the table.

On the way home I asked how she felt. She told me her
emotions were all screwed up. On one hand she was
totally in shock about what she had been f***ed to do,
but on the other she felt a certain tinge of excitement
about what had happened. I reached under her skirt and
felt that her pussy was totally drenched, her pussy
lips had pulled back to expose the opening to her
vagina and her clit stuck out like a little nub.

I took the opportunity to begin massaging her clit. She
reclined her seat a bit and I played with her clit
until she had a huge orgasm. As she lay there
recovering, I lifted the bottom of her skirt until she
was exposed and continued to play with her, running my
fingers up and down her slit, inserting two fingers
into her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. The
excitement she was feeling made her oblivious to the
fact that we were on the beltway, putting on a show for
everyone we passed that could see into our car. I
stopped when she had her second orgasm, but left her
exposed until she finally sat up. She asked what I
thought would happen next, to which I replied I was
sure we would find out soon enough.


I wanted to build on the progress we had made so I
planned the next event to happen the next day. The next
afternoon I told Rhonda that I was going out to hit a few
golf balls, and would be back in about an hour. After I
left I called Bob and told him to call my wife on her
cell phone. He was to congratulate her on passing
Saturday's test and this was to be her second test. I
was sure she would protest that I was not there, but he
was to assure her she would not be leaving her

Meanwhile, I had parked around the block, removed my
digital camera, and hid in the bushes surrounding our
house. When Rhonda got the call from Bob she was initially
frightened. After he got her calmed down he asked what
she was wearing. She told him she was wearing her
cleaning smock, bra and panties. He told her to remove
her smock and to go out into the back yard. He said he
was in a position to see if she was following his
directions and wanted to see her walking around the
backyard in her bra and panties. She realized she was
at risk of being observed from some of our neighbors
even though much of our backyard is fairly well hidden.
She pointed this out to him, but he asked if she would
prefer he require her to walk out the front door and
walk around the block. She chose the back yard.

While she was walking around, she was instructed to
remove her bra, followed shortly by her panties. She
was then told that she really needed to get on her
hands and knees to remove the dandelions that were in
the grass, making sure that all were removed. She was
then to lie out on the lounge chair and take some sun.
While she was doing this, I was busy snapping dozens of
pictures. I repositioned myself so I could see the
front of the house.

When Rhonda came back in the house she was then directed
to open the front room curtains and to stand in the
window for 5 minutes looking out into the street. If
she saw anyone coming she was not to move out of the
window. My idea was to get her used to being naked and
more so naked in places where she might be seen. From
where I was hidden, I got some outstanding shots of my
wife in the bay window. I especially liked the one with
her feet apart and her hands pushing her hair back over
her head.

Bob told her she did good and had successfully passed
his second test. When I got home she told me what had
happened and was relieved that none of the neighbors
noticed. I decided that her behavior needed to be
rewarded so I took her into the local mall, let her
pick out a piece of jewelry, went to an expensive
restaurant, and had a very relaxing evening. That
evening in bed she was very appreciative.

The next day Bob and I conversed by phone to plan our
next step. I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but
decided Rhonda wasn't ready for them. We discussed various
possibilities and agreed that we didn't want to push
her too far too fast. Our plan quickly came together
and we would use the next weekend to put it into
effect. Our idea was to get a bit more exposure in a
public and that another run down the highway might be
appropriate, but this time with more participation from

Bob's next email to me (for Rhonda to read) said that if
we continued doing as he desired he would return Rhonda's
tape and pictures with a solemn promise that no one
would ever see them. He went on to say that I was to
treat Rhonda to a nice dinner in a downtown restaurant
Friday evening. Rhonda was to dress in a skirt and blouse
set, but could not wear any panties or pantyhose. He
would contact us later with more specific instructions.

Rhonda was really nervous about this since, except for the
previous weekend, she never went anywhere without
undergarments. I reminded her of the consequences and
that after last Saturday how much worse could it get.
She finally agreed but said that no way was she going
to do anything that required her to get naked in the

When Friday arrived and we were ready to leave for
dinner, I handed her a box. When she opened it I told
her that since I knew how uncomfortable she was wearing
heels in bare feet, I bought her a pair of thigh-high
hose that would stay up without a garter belt. She
thanked me, and then tried them on. She asked how they
looked, but I told her it was hard to tell without
seeing the whole package. She smiled and lifted her
skirt until I could see her pubic hair. She blushed
when I told her just how hot she looked. I suggested
going upstairs, but she laughed and said she wished we
could but we had to get to the restaurant before she
got in trouble.

As we drove into town, I had my hand up her skirt
playing with her. As her excitement built, the skirt
came higher and her legs opened up to allow me easier
access. She said how good it felt and asked me to put a
finger in her. She jumped when I hit her clit. I played
with her until I felt her start to cum, and then
stopped. She pleaded with me to continue but I said I
wanted to wait until we could both enjoy the moment
together. By now she had forgotten that she was about
to be in public with nothing on under her skirt. And
the flush of her cheeks was a clear indication that she
was sexually aroused, which is just what I had planned.

While waiting for a table I ordered double martinis. We
had finished our second drink and just after being
seated at a table, Rhonda's cell phone rang. She answered
it, told me it was Bob and handed me the phone. I told
Rhonda that he complimented her on how nice she looked. I
answered into the phone so Rhonda could hear me that she
had not worn panties as he instructed, but that I had
bought her a pair of thigh-highs which he said was ok.

I nodded into the phone and said that yes, she was
wearing a bra, and then told Rhonda she was to remove it.
When she returned from the ladies room I could
immediately tell she was now braless. With each step
she took you could see the sway of her breasts and the
movement across the fabric had caused her nipples to
visibly harden. I couldn't tell if the flush I was
seeing was from embarrassment or excitement.

As the waiter took our order Rhonda looked nervously
around to see if she could spot someone watching her,
but with no success. As the waiter left, I nodded into
the phone and told Rhonda she was to rise up and adjust
her skirt so that her butt was directly on the seat.
She did this with some difficulty since she didn't want
to advertise to others in the restaurant what she was
doing. I told her he said well done and that she was to
put her napkin next to her plate and lift up her skirt
until the hem was sitting in her lap. Tears started to
show in her eyes as she complied. I tried to console
her by saying that she wasn't really showing anything
but the tops of her legs. She nodded her head and dried
her tears.

When the waiter brought the salad, he couldn't help but
notice how much of Rhonda's legs were showing above her
hose. His eyes lit up when he looked over at me as I
gave him a slight nod. I knew we were going to get
special service the rest of the night. Rhonda's eyes were
on her plate, but I finally got her to start talking to
me and she appeared to be forgetting the state of her

I nodded into the phone and told her to unbutton her
blouse. Her eyes pleaded with me and I began speaking
into the phone. I told her that I had convinced him to
not have her completely unbutton but would be happy
with the top two buttons. With a big sigh of relief,
she happily complied. I had learned earlier that if you
push someone over the line, then retreat a bit they are
generally inclined to comply with the easier request.
This is what we had done with Rhonda.

Undoing the first button exposed her cleavage. The
second button was a few inches below the bottom of her
breasts and clearly showed she was wearing no bra when
sitting straight up. When bent forward, the blouse
opened up and exposed her entire breast. I had to
adjust my pants to make room for an enormous erection.

I saw the waiter coming with our food. I nodded again
into the phone and told Rhonda to put her elbows and hands
on the table and stay that way until after the waiter
left. As she hesitantly complied, her blouse dropped
away in front, giving the waiter a bird's eye view of
her front all the way down to her waist. Her face was
flush and she kept her eyes on her plate. The waiter
flashed me an OK sign with his fingers as he served the

When the waiter left I spoke into the phone saying that
I was sure Rhonda would appreciate that and that I would
pass on his instructions for the next day and hung up.
When she asked what was going on I told her that Bob
was impressed with her willingness to comply with his
wishes and as a reward she could button up the lower
button, but she was to leave her skirt as is, which she
immediately did. She was clearly relieved and did not
appear to be concerned about how high her skirt still


The previous evening we were given instructions that
Rhonda was to dress in the same sundress she had on
originally, no underwear, and on Saturday morning at 9
am we were to drive South on the interstate. He would
contact me on my cell phone and give directions as to
what he wanted. The time we picked was based on the
time the sun would provide maximum side light into the
car. Rhonda was also to remove all pubic hair except for a
one-inch stripe above, but not touching her slit.

I was also to turn my CB on so she could hear what was
being said about her as we passed other truckers. It
also contained the usual warning of what would happen
if she refused. Over the rest of dinner Rhonda and I
discussed what was being done to her at length. I told
her we should agree providing we didn't have to pull
the car into a secluded spot at any point along the
highway. She thought about it for some time, but
finally agreed. I told her I would help her get ready
for tomorrow morning.

When we got home I ran a bath for her and let her soak
for about a half hour, making sure she had a couple
glasses of wine while relaxing in the tub. Before she
got out, I lathered up her pussy and shaved it
according to the directions. We were amazed at how
young the shaving made her look. I immediately got hard
and told Rhonda that I would treat her to a massage and
rub down. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time on
her pussy. Between eating her out and fucking, we had a
fabulous time and didn't give the next morning much

I woke up early the next morning eagerly anticipating
the morning's events. I let Rhonda sl**p in a bit then
woke her and told her we needed to get ready. I fixed
her breakfast and started her in on mimosas. She drank
almost the entire bottle of Champaign without realizing
it. She showered and I got out the sundress she had
come home from the beach in. I told her she didn't
really have to do this and I was sure we could weather
the storm that would follow. She said no, she was all
right with it, and this would go by before we realized

By the time we got ready to go, Rhonda had a slight buzz
on from the mimosas. I gave her a glass of wine in a go
cup with a couple shots of vodka to drink to further
relax her. I had already filled Bob in what I wanted
Rhonda to do and I knew we would be pushing the envelope.
We got out on the highway heading south. I saw Bob's
truck in the rest area as we went by and watched as he
pulled out behind us.

I slowed down slightly to let him catch up and then
heard him on the CB asking if we were ready to play. My
wife looked at me and nodded. I flashed my brakes and
waited for his call. I expected him to call my cell
phone, but he chose to use the CB to communicate with
us, realizing everyone in range would be able to hear
what was going down. It was still rather early so he
told me to pull into the center lane so he could come
up beside us, which I did.

He told Rhonda she looked really nice this morning and
told her to nod her head if she was ready to begin,
which she did. He had her open her window, put on her
sunglasses and lay her seat completely back. He then
had her turn her head to him, smile, and slowly
unbutton her dress to her waist. She hesitated for a
few moments then began fumbling as she started on the
buttons. When she finally got them undone he told her
to open her top until both breasts were exposed.

We heard other truckers asking where we were located
and Bob relayed our position and speed. He told them to
speed up or slow down and he would share his treasures
with them. Rhonda's face was red. She had heard the entire
conversation and realized she would be on display for
everyone we came across. I also sensed she was somewhat
excited by being f***ed to expose herself because of a
change in her breathing pattern.

He then told her to start playing with her breasts
until the nipples stood out hard. It only took a few
minutes because her nipples are very, very sensitive.
He then had her unbutton her dress the rest of the way
and open up the sides so she was completely exposed.
This was exactly the position she had been in a couple
weeks earlier. The then had her pull the sides together
from the waist down, slip the dress off her arms, let
her top drop down around her waist, and for her to
start rubbing her own breasts, pinching them then to
make the nipples stand out farther. I could tell from
the color that was coming into her cheeks and the fact
she was breathing still faster that Rhonda was being
turned on. He told us to fall in behind his truck and
to follow him down the highway.

Rhonda didn't understand why until he swung into the
center lane and began calling down the highway to
trucks in front of him to see the sweet package in the
four-wheeler at his back door. Rhonda could hear the
complements she was getting as we passed truck after
truck and with the alcohol she had taken was beginning
to enjoy the attention. This went on for a few miles
and he again pulled back into the right lane and told
us to come up beside him. When we were pacing him he
told Rhonda to pull her dress back open and lay back as if
asl**p. This went on for a couple of minutes then he
had her spread her legs for him. Rhonda didn't realize it,
but she was doing what I had done to her the week
before only now it was her, not me doing it.

After we had traveled for a few more miles he told her
to pull her dress out from underneath her and to throw
it into the back seat. She was hesitant for a couple of
seconds until Bob told her to DO IT and she did. She
was lying there totally naked, exposed to this stranger
telling her what to do. He had her smile and wave at
him while he was capturing the entire thing on his
hidden camcorder. He had us fall in behind him again
and we went through the follow him routine again, only
this time he slowed as he passed each truck asking how
they liked his little slave girl.

It seemed like every trucker was begging him to have us
pull off the road so they could fuck her. This
embarrassed Rhonda even more and she kept her head turned
toward me. Every once in a while he would tell Rhonda over
the CB to wave at his buddy and blow him a kiss, which
she reluctantly did. After a few more miles he pulled
back to the right and had us come along side again.
This time he had Rhonda start playing with herself,
inserting first one, and then two, then three fingers
in her. He then told her to start rubbing her clit
until she came. It only took about three or four
minutes and she went into an orgasm. Her butt came off
the seat and she started screaming that she was coming
until fluid filled her hand. I am sure Bob was
capturing her voice as well as the video.

Bob then told her to take my cock out, kneel on the
front seat with her butt toward the window, then to
give me a blowjob until I came. I had never come in her
mouth before, but Bob insisted that he better see cum
coming out of her mouth when I was done or she would
not be happy with being put out to walk on the highway
in her present state. I was so excited that it didn't
take me any time at all before I was shooting my load
into Rhonda's mouth. She didn't swallow it all, but she
was a trooper in her efforts.

When she was finished she lay back in her seat and Bob
again congratulated her on a job well done, but there
was one more thing she was to do. We were to drive on
ahead down the road and keep him advised of the mile
markers as we went. When we were three miles ahead of
him he would tell us to pull over. I was to pop open
the trunk.

Rhonda was to get her dress from the back seat, get out of
the car, go to the trunk and put her dress in it. She
was then to bend over as if searching for something
until he passed us, at which time she could get back in
the car, but without her dress. She initially said she
wouldn't do it, but I reminded her of the consequences
and said she would only be there a maximum of two to
three minutes. She wasn't happy about it, but she did
it. I was glad we were not the cause for an accident
because people sure took their eyes off the road as
they went by honking their horns.

Bob went by and said we were free to return home, but
with her dress in the trunk. She would not be allowed
to get dressed until she was in our house. He said he
would have someone watching to make sure she followed
his instructions. I took advantage of Rhonda's state of
mind and lack of dress to play with her pussy all the
way home. I think she realized I was slowing down as I
passed each truck but didn't voice any objection. When
we got home she was so excited we never made it past
the entry way. She grabbed me and said she had to have
me in her right then and right there. She put her legs
around my waist and we fucked standing up with her
pushed against the wall.

After we were finished I asked her how she felt. She
said she was nervous at first, but that the drinks and
the excitement began to get to her and she was
experiencing sensations she had never felt before. She
was feeling more alive than she had in a very long
time. I tried to hide my smile and said I was glad she
was becoming more comfortable with the situation and
that I was sure that in short order we would be free
again. She said she thought she would take a relaxing
bath and take a nap. I brought Rhonda a glass of wine to
enjoy with her bath and let her sl**p for about an
hour, taking pictures of her naked form as she slept.

During the following week our sexual activity took a
significant turn upward. About Wednesday I mentioned
this to her and she said she didn't know why but found
herself reliving her experiences of the previous
weekend. She said she was surprised, but found the
episodes somewhat exciting. I said I didn't know about
her, but the last couple days had been really great for
me. She smiled and said maybe things will get even
better – we would just have to wait and see. That
caused me to smile.

As the weekend rolled around I asked if she had heard
from our new found "friend". She said no and I said
that maybe things would blow over and that perhaps we
should go out Saturday evening if she wanted. I
suggested we go out to a Mexican restaurant we liked
and hit this country western club I had heard about.
She liked the idea. I suggested she wear the outfit she
used to square dance in. She laughed remembering how I
liked to spin her and the skirt would sometimes flare
out to waist level. Of course, she planned to wear the
frilly panties that went with the set. She just didn't
know what my plans were.

On Saturday morning I suggested going to the community
pool for a couple of hours. I fixed up a batch of pina
colatas to take with us liberally laced with vodka. In
the couple of hours we were basking in the sun she
downed the entire batch, never realizing that I was not
drinking. When I judged she was slightly tipsy I took
her home. While sitting around the house I fixed her a
couple more drinks to keep her buzz going.

She laughed and accused me of trying to get her d***k
to take advantage of her again. I just laughed it off
and agreed that she had found me out. Before going out
I fixed us both a martini. She doesn't normally like
these but I told her I had bought a new gin and wanted
her opinion. I make my martinis 6 to 1 and each glass
is essentially a triple. When we finished our drink we
headed out for the restaurant. Rhonda held on to my arm
and snuggled up to me as she walked. It was obvious
that all the sexual attention and the booze were
causing her to lose some of her inhibitions.

When we got to the restaurant we ordered my wife's
favorite drink – Margaritas. I got up to go to the
restroom and intercepted the waiter. I told him to
triple up on the tequila in my wife's drink. We laughed
and had a great time over dinner. She also had her
second drink while sitting there. It was about nine pm
before we left the restaurant and she was holding on my
arm to keep from falling. I went to open my wife's door
to the car. When she turned I began kissing her with
some passion to which she immediately responded.

I took advantage of the situation, reached under her
skirt, ran my hand down into the panty set she was
wearing and began finger-fucking her until she was on
the verge of an orgasm. When she told me I had better
stop or she would jump my bones there in the parking
lot, I removed my hand from her panties and pulled them
to her knees. She laughed and told me I was being a
naughty boy, but she stepped out of them as I went back
to rubbing my hand up and down her slit under her skirt
until she was ready to cum, but stopped again.

Even though she was in a highly excited state and was
obviously feeling the days booze, it still surprised me
that she helped me remove her panties. At any other
time I could have never gotten away with this public
display. We broke apart and she got in the car. As I
went around the back, I opened the trunk and threw her
panties in. By the time we reached the club Rhonda was
feeling no pain and forgot that I had removed her
panties earlier. She would put her hand on my crotch
and gently rub my cock, making jokes about the work out
he seemed to be getting. Meanwhile, I was running my
hand from her knee to her pussy, keeping her on the
edge of orgasm.

We got to the club about 10 and found an open booth
near the dance floor. I followed into the right side of
the booth so we were sitting side-by-side. I ordered a
beer for me and another margarita for Rhonda. While
sitting there I lifted up the side of her dress and
continued stroking her leg and pussy. By now her legs
were wide open affording me easy access. I also noticed
a couple tables across the dance floor that was
watching what was going on under the table. I was not
sure they could actually see my wife's bare pussy, but
it was obvious what was going on under her skirt.

After Rhonda finished her drink I ordered her another and
asked her out to for a slow dance. By now she wasn't
too steady on her feet and I had to initially hold on
to her until she got her balance after which she seemed
to be okay. On the dance floor she put both hands
around my neck and pressed her body up close, grinding
against my hard cock. In my excitement I reached my
right hand under the left side of her skirt and began
to caress her bare butt.

I was beside myself with excitement. Here I was with my
prim and proper wife playing with her in a public
place. The band started playing a faster tune and Rhonda
pulled away and started swaying to the music. When she
spun around the edges flared up like they always did,
but this time she was showing much more than the frilly
panties she normally wore. People on the sidelines were
getting a much better show than I was so I reached for
her like we do in a jitterbug and spun her around a
couple of times myself such that I had a view of her
bare pussy when it flared up.

After the dance we returned to our booth. Rhonda took a
bit more of her drink and then a guy from across the
way come over, introduced himself and asked if he could
dance with my wife. I gave my permission and they made
their way out on to the floor. By now Rhonda was really
blitzed. Her speech was slurry and she had to hang on
to something or someone to stay on her feet. She might
have thought she was still dancing with me because she
put her arms around her new partner and laid her head
on his shoulder. It was obvious that she was also
grinding her pelvis into the guy she was with and he
was holding her tight and rocking his cock back and
forth across her outthrust cunt. When the song finished
he returned with Rhonda to the table.

He said he was by himself and asked if he could join us
for a bit. I agreed. Rhonda got into the seat next to me
and he proceeded to get in beside her. Rhonda was now
sandwiched between us. His boldness surprised me, but I
decided to let things play out a bit to see where they
would go. He said he name was John and was a computer
programmer in a local company.

Since I was involved in computers myself we were
engaged in shop talk when I noticed his left hand had
dropped under the table and Rhonda was starting to lean up
against him. Her breathing had changed and I realized
that John probably had his hand buried in her pussy. At
least that was the way she was acting. I wanted to see
if my suspicions were correct so I told him I needed to
hit the head and would he mind watching over my wife
while I was gone. He said no problem so I departed the
table and headed for the restroom.

As soon as I was out of sight I circled around the bar
to the other side of the dance floor where I could
watch my table unobserved. As I suspected, John had
taken advantage of the situation. From where I stood, I
could see that he had raised the front of her skirt to
where he could look down and see my wife's pussy and he
had his fingers buried into her slit while Rhonda was
humping his hand. I watched for a couple of minutes
then made my way back to the table. When he saw me
coming, he dropped Rhonda's skirt and brought his hands
back to the top of the table as if nothing had

I could see Rhonda was still squirming in her seat. I said
that given her condition it would probably be a good
time to take her home. John asked if he could have one
last dance and I figured what the hell and agreed. He
helped her back out onto the floor for the next slow
dance. Rhonda again put her arms around his neck and
snuggled back up to him. It only took me a few seconds
to realize that this time he had dropped one of his
hands up under the front of her dress and was busy
finger-fucking her while she ground against him.

Suddenly Rhonda stood straight up and the look on her face
told me she was having an orgasm right there on the
floor. The song soon ended and John asked if I needed
help putting her in the car. I accepted his help and
together we got her in her seat. As you can imagine,
her dress rose up a number of times as she got in the
car and when she was finally buckled into her seat, her
seat belt had pulled the bottom of her skirt up so she
was slightly exposed. I adjusted her seat back so it
laid completely back which caused the seat belt to
raise the skirt above the pubic hair stripe.

I left her that way while I thanked John for his help.
While he stared at her exposed position I explained
that I was training my wife to be my slave and she was
in the initial stages of training. He gave me his card
with his phone number and email address and said he
hoped we would come out again another time and offered
to participate in her training. I promised we probably
would and would see him then. Rhonda was just laid back in
her seat during all this, completely out.

Rhonda woke up the next morning with a tremendous
headache. I asked if she had a good time last night and
she said she vaguely remembered most of it, even the
part of me playing with her under the table until she
reached an orgasm. I thought about it for a moment and
decided to tell her the truth.

I told her about John joining us, me going to the
bathroom and finding John playing with her. I further
told her that I was going to make an issue of it, but
that she had told me she was really enjoying herself
and thanked me for her having a good time. I even went
on to tell her about being on the dance floor with the
front of her skirt pulled up until she had what looked
to be a fantastic orgasm.

She blushed and asked if I was all right with what she
did and I said sure, as long as she got enjoyment out
of it, so did I. She looked at me closely to see if I
really meant it. I told her I was not completely happy
with the fact that some other man had caused her to
reach a climax, but I also found it exciting at the
same time. I went on to say that as long as I was with
her, I had no problem with anything she did. Her eyes
misted up and she told me how much she really loved me,
would never do anything to hurt me, and really wanted
me to be happy with her.

Sunday we spent in the back yard sunning ourselves. I
brought cocoa butter over and said I would massage her
if she would like. It wasn't too long and I had her
bathing suit completely off and in the process had a
very passionate bout of sex there in the grass. I just
wish I had had my camera when I got the idea to go in
and get it while she was lying there nude.

When I came back out and she saw what I had, she
started to object. I told her that she was so sexy
laying there that I would really like to take some
pictures of her and that they would be only for me. She
finally relented and allowed me to pose her in some
very erotic positions. One of my favorites is her lying
back with her feet against her butt and knees spread
wide. She was leaning up on her elbows, but the thing I
remember most is the way her hair trailed over her
breasts and that her pussy lips had spread and the
entrance to her cunt had opened to a degree you could
clearly see about three inches into her vagina. The
sight turned me on so much I couldn't help but bury my
tongue in her and lapped at her juices until she came
again. I was very pleased with the way my wife's
attitude toward sex and sexual activities were
beginning to change.

On Tuesday I received another package in the mail. It
was from Bob. He had taken the tape he had first made
and combined it with the film he had shot the week
before. With his editing it looked like Rhonda was in
control of the whole situation and would never convince
anyone she had been sl**ping and that she was unaware
she had been stripped and exposed. The note said he was
sure we would like this version better as well as all
her friends and f****y.

When Rhonda replayed the tape she realized how deeply
trapped she was and started to shake with tears. It
took over an hour for me to calm her down enough to
read the note with the tape. The note with the package
said that the next Saturday we were to go to shopping
at the mall. She was to wear a short straight line
skirt, a silk blouse, no bra, panties or hose except
thigh highs, and had to visit at least three shoe
stores. At each store she had to try on three pairs of
shoes. More if she wanted. I could go with her for the
first two stores, but the third she had to do on her
own. She was to make sure that she exposed herself to
whoever waited on her. He would have someone watching.

As Saturday approached, Rhonda began getting nervous. She
said she didn't know if she could do this. She said it
was different when there were all sorts of space
between her and others, and that the last weekend
didn't count because she was too d***k to realize what
was happening. But this time the guy would be up close
and personal. I told her not to worry and to go with
the flow.

She might surprise herself and find she was enjoying
the fact that some guys are going to have a bulge in
the pants that will make it difficult for them to walk
upright. I reinf***ed the fact that I would be there to
watch out for her and that if at any time she was asked
to do something she absolutely couldn't do, we would
tell Bob to pound sand and live with the consequences.
I said we could always move and start a new life
somewhere else.

My words must have allayed her fears because she seemed
to settle out a bit. I said that Bob wanted her pussy
free of hair and I would volunteer to do it. She said
that since the hair was gone, so was the urine smell
that seemed to linger after she had to pee. I laid her
back on the bed and proceeded to remove the stubble
that had grown back as well as the one inch stripe.
When I had finished her pussy looked like a p*****ns.
I complemented her on how really sexy she looked.

On Saturday, we went through Rhonda's closet looking for a
skirt that would meet the requirements laid out. We
finally settled on one she had not worn in a few years
because it came just over the top of the thigh highs
and she thought it too short. I told her it would be
perfect. Rhonda put on some lipstick and perfume and
followed me out the door. We got to the mall around

This time I did not provide any alcohol. I wanted her
fully aware of what was going on. Rhonda was very aware of
how vulnerable she was dressed and hoped she would not
run into anyone she knew. She was continually tugging
at the hem of the skirt and the blouse accentuated the
fact she was wearing no bra. The blouse was a button
down V-neck where the first button began at the center
of her breasts.

As we walked to the first shoe store I commented that
she was a real knock out with her nipples sticking out
in that silk blouse. She reminded me of how sensitive
her nipples were and that the silk rubbing back and
forth were sending shivers down to her loins and back
up. I pinched one and found that it was hard as a rock.
She said she didn't have to touch herself to know that
she was wet.

We went into the first store, which only had one other
customer. A salesman approached and asked if he could
be of some assistance. I said that my wife was looking
for something in black heels, gave him her size, and
pointed to a bench for my wife to sit.

The first thing I noticed when she sat down was that
the skirt rose up three to four more inches to just
below her pussy, with what seemed a very large expanse
of skin between the top of her stockings and bottom of
her skirt. I got up and walked in front of her and saw
that anyone in front of her could look up her skirt and
see bare skin. She tried to keep her knees together,
but the bench that the salesman would sit in positioned
her feet on either side.

The salesman returned with three boxes, sat down on his
bench and put the shoe boxes next to him. He then
looked up and I could see his eyes widen a bit. Without
missing a stroke, he reached into the first box and
removed a shoe. He put his hand on Rhonda's calf, raised
her foot up and removed her sandal. He then started to
put the shoe on Rhonda's left foot, moving her leg back
and forth to get the heel in.

Both Rhonda and I realized he was spreading her knees much
more than he needed to as he fit the shoe to her foot.
He put her foot down in such a way that her legs were
now open about eight inches. He then did the same to
the other foot and at one time had spread her knees a
good foot and a half. One of the other salesmen noticed
what was going on and took up a position where he had a
good view of Rhonda's slit. Rhonda stood up, walked around,
commented on well they looked and said she would like
to try the second pair.

By now I had gotten up and went to stand beside the
other salesman. When Rhonda sat, her salesman proceeded to
remove her shoes in such a way that his arms kept Rhonda
from closing her legs. I commented to the other
salesman that it was quite a view, to which he readily
agreed. I told him I was trying to teach her not to be
so prudish. I told him she needed to have a pair to
wear with a mini dress she was going to receive. He
smiled and suggested when she tried on the next pair
she should stand in front of the mirror and raise her
skirt up a bit so she could see what they would look
like with more leg showing.

As she was looking at the third pair of shoes in the
mirror I told her that the salesman suggested raising
her skirt so she could get the full effect of the shoes
with a shorter skirt. She nodded ok and began raising
the skirt from the hips. She raised it a couple of
inches, but I told her that I thought her dress would
probably be higher and to raise it a couple more

When the dress was just below her pussy slit I asked
what she thought. What she didn't realize was that the
tilt of the mirror gave a perfect view of her entire
pussy, well above the pubic hair I had removed. I told
her to drop her skirt and that we should look at a
couple more stores before making a decision. As she
went back to her seat I whispered in her ear that as
the salesman was removing her shoes, absent mindedly
let her knees fall wide open, which would be a thank
you gift for helping you. When she did that I noticed
that her pussy lips were turning as red as the flush in
her cheeks and the slit was starting to spread open, a
clear sign that Rhonda was excited.

We went through the same routine at the second store.
But by this time Rhonda's slit was open about a half inch
and clearly wet from the juices coming out of her
pussy. Her clit had popped out from under its hood and
stood out, begging for attention. I could see her
squeezing her legs together as we headed for the third
store. The last store was slightly different in that
rather than the seats facing the side of the store,
they faced out into the mall.

I told Rhonda that she would really make me happy if she
could make sure I could see her pussy from my seat in
the mall. This, of course, meant that everyone walking
by the store while she was there was treated to the
sight of my wife's naked, wide-open pussy. She bought
the last pair she tried on and we exited the mall.

When we got home I asked what had happened in the mall.
She was first nervous, but by the end she was a true
exhibitionist. She chucked and said that when she
initially sat down she felt completely vulnerable. With
the skirt up as high as it was she would be on display
and unable to control what was happening. As soon as
the salesman sat in front of her, his expression told
her he realized her condition and the bulge that
developed in his pants was clearly visible.

She initially tried to ignore the situation, but as she
allowed her legs to be opened she began to realize she
really was in control and could permit or not permit
him to see her. She said she knew that when I had her
stand in front of the slanted mirror that everything
must be clearly in view and the knowledge she had three
horny men lusting after her sent shivers to her pussy.
By the time she reached the third store she was
enjoying the shocked expression of many of the people
who stopped to admire the view she was providing. She
finished by saying she was so excited she had seriously
considered taking me into the restroom for some fast
and furious sex.

On the way home she laid the seat back, raised up the
front of her skirt and began running her fingers up and
down her love canal, applying circular pressure on her
clit. She said that I had my fun and that it was now
her turn. After she had her orgasm she begged me to
continue rubbing her clit because she wanted me in her
as soon as we got home. I happily complied. To my way
of thinking, the shopping trip had been a complete

On Wednesday a package arrived from Bob. Rhonda opened the
package. In it was a black mini dress with a front
zipper I had spotted at the mall the previous weekend
and a pair of black lace panties that had three snaps
to hold the front and back together at the crotch. He
said he wanted her to save the outfit for another day
and went on to say that he wanted us to go to a movie
the next Saturday evening. He said he wanted her
dressed in a black miniskirt that was at least eight
inches above her knees. She was free to wear bra and
panties of her choice.

If we were agreeable I should email him back and he
would give us the location of the movie house and time.
Since I had already sent an email to Bob, I knew what
would be in this note. I showed it to Rhonda and asked if
she was still willing. She was again a little hesitant,
but said that as long as I was with her she would
agree. I told her I would send our agreement, but that
we would have to go shopping. I also sent an email to
John, told him what was going down and invited him to
join us. He happily agreed and asked if he could bring
a friend with him. I agreed.

That evening we went down to the mall to buy Rhonda a mini
that met the stated requirements. Most of the ones Rhonda
selected were too long. Since she is a size 8 I
suggested we try in the youth section. There we found a
wide selection. I had her try on a few I was interested
in. The one I finally settled on was a frilly type that
came about 4 inches below her butt. She thought it was
a bit too short, but I finally convinced her it was
what was required. I also noticed a couple outfits that
showed promise and decided to come back later and
purchase them without Rhonda's knowledge.

One was a really nice scoop neck black mini dress with
a hidden zipper down the back, and a really short
gingham outfit that young teens were wearing now. It
was designed to ride below the hips with a v cut in the
front that looked like it stopped just above the pubic
hair line and a matching puffy sleeve halter top that
was designed to wear off the shoulders that reminded me
of something Daisy Mae would have worn.

The note we received back from Bob told us to be at a
certain movie theater by 6 pm on Saturday. We were to
sit in the third row from the back and in the center of
the aisle. I emailed John and told him where we would
be. I started Rhonda drinking in the middle of the
afternoon. By the time we were ready to leave for the
theater she had downed about a bottle and a half of
wine and a couple bourbon and cokes. She wasn't d***k,
but she definitely showed the signs that I recognized
as "feeling friendly". When we got to the movie theater
we found that they were showing an X-Rated film.

Rhonda commented that she had never seen a porno film so
this should be a new experience. If only she knew how
true this would be. When we entered, the show had
already started. While taking our seats I noticed there
were about 20 or so guys and one other couple. I saw
John and another guy in the next aisle over. As we
watched the movie Rhonda commented she had heard about
these kinds of films in college, but had never seen
one. I told her to sit back, relax, and watch the show.
A few minutes later my cell phone rang. It was Bob. I
told Rhonda who it was and she was to lay back, keep her
eyes closed until told other wise and just do what she
was told. If she was willing to do that I was to tell
him ok. She nodded and I said ok.

A few minutes later Bob came over and sat on the other
side of Rhonda. He was a handsome man in a rugged sort of
way somewhere in his mid thirties. He told Rhonda how
really nice she looked and how much he looked forward
to this evening. The first thing he did was to take a
black silk cloth from his jacket and proceeded to
blindfold her. He asked her if she was afraid to which
she answered yes. He told her to relax and that nothing
would happen to her that she did not wish to have
happen. He asked her if she understood and did she wish
to continue. She said she understood, but although she
did not really want to continue, she would. He then
told her to relax and open her legs as wide as she

When she did this, her skirt raised up to expose her
white panties. He put his hand on her knee, which
caused her to jump. He told her to relax and started
making lazy circles with his hand on the inside of her
right leg and told me to do the same with her left.
Blindfolded, she was hearing the moans of the girl on
the screen and feeling two hands on her legs making
increasing large circles up the inside of her legs. I
could feel the goose bumps our travels were causing and
the increased breathing each time we got close to her

He asked if what we were doing felt good and did she
want us to continue, to which she said yes. Bob finally
reached her panties and drew his finger across her slit
and asked if that also felt good. She again jumped when
his hand made contact with the wet spot that was
clearly visible on her panties, but she said it had
felt good. My hand running up her slit and across her
clit followed this. She started to close her legs to
trap our hands at her pussy, but Bob stopped her and
had her d**** her legs across ours.

He asked again if she wanted us to continue and she
again said yes. Our hands retreated back down her legs
and began all over again. We kept this routine up for
about 10 minutes and watched dampness spread across her
panties. Rhonda's breathing began to get ragged and her
fluids flowed much more freely. Rhonda was on a sexual
high. Bob put his finger under the elastic at the leg
and began rubbing up and down her slit until Rhonda let
out a low moan.

I didn't need to feel the wetness of her panties,
because by now they were almost transparent from the
fluids running out of her. We returned to the leg/pussy
routing until Rhonda began raising up each time we
approached her pussy trying to make stronger contact
with our fingers. By now her panties had been pushed up
into her crack creating completely exposing her swollen
red pussy lips.

Bob asked Rhonda if she was still enjoying the sensation
and did she want us to continue. She said yes, then
added please. He told Rhonda that if she wanted us to
continue that she had to remove her panties to allow us
better access to her. Without hesitation, Rhonda closed
her legs, lifted her butt, put her thumbs on either
side of her panties and drew them down to her knees.
Bob told her to continue until they were off and to
hand them to him. When she did, Bob d****d them over
the back of the seat in front of her like a white flag
to signify her surrender. I looked over at John and
motioned for him to come join us. John sat on Bob's
right and his friend slid into the row of seats in
front of Rhonda.

She was told to put her legs over ours and the circles
on her inner thighs began again. Only this time when we
got to the top of her legs we were directly attacking
her wet pussy. We spent a lot of time teasing her by
almost touching her, then began running our fingers in
and out of her very wet hole. While I began rubbing her
clit, Bob began playing with her asshole. He wet his
finger with her juices and used the slickness to gain
access. He only went in to the first knuckle, but the
effect was immediately evident.

She reached to push my hand harder against her clit but
Bob grabbed her hands and told her to leave then on the
arms and not remove them unless told to. She started
begging us to touch her harder and started moaning loud
enough to catch the attention from some of the other
guys nearby. A few guys, having heard Rhonda were
attracted by the sight of the white panties that seemed
to glow in the reflection of the light from the screen.
It was like moths drawn to a flame. Little by little,
we had an audience of four guys in the row in front of
us watching what was going on.

Bob then told her that he was going to ask one final
time if she wanted us to continue and that if she did
she was committed to doing whatever she was told, to
which she replied, "Ohhh yesss, please doooo!"

Bob told her to reach down, unzip her skirt and release
the catch on top. She reached to her side, undid the
skirt, lifted up, slid her skirt off her and let it
drop to the floor. Bob retrieved her skirt and handed
it to me. He removed her blindfold and told her to open
her eyes so she could see the attention she had drawn.
She was shocked to see the guys in front and initially
froze up. I whispered to her that I was there and
reminded her of her commitment and Bob's promise that
nothing was going to happen she didn't want to happen.
She nodded. Bob then told her to unbutton and remove
her blouse. Her bra soon followed this. She was now
sitting completely nude surrounded by seven men in the
middle of a movie theater watching a girl on the screen
in the throes of an orgasm from the guy buried between
her legs.

Bob then got down on the floor in front of Rhonda. He told
her he was going to do to her what she was seeing on
the screen until she exploded in his mouth. John took
Bob's seat. John and I began massaging her breasts and
squeezing her nipples while Bob went down on her. The
effect his tongue had on Rhonda was immediate. Her butt
rose up off the seat to meet his tongue and she began
to moan as her climax began building. Just as she was
about to come I leaned over to kiss her and stifle the
scream I knew would follow. When he was finished he
told John to take his place.

When they had switched positions, he told Rhonda to unzip
our pants and take out our cocks. Then as the John
began licking Rhonda's clit she begin jerking us off. She
had a hard time keeping up a rhythm on us because of
the sensations she was feeling from the tongue lashing
she was getting between her legs. When we both shot our
loads, we were replaced by two of the other guys in
front. She began stroking the other two guys while the
John continued to eat her out.

She finally came again, then finished off the guys on
either side. I asked her if she had had enough or did
she want to continue. She said she needed to feel me
inside her so I turned her around with her back to the
screen and sat her down on my cock that come to life
again. The guys that had been left out reached around
and played with her breasts while she rocked back and
forth on my cock. We came about the same time with
explosive orgasms.

She fell forward against me while Bob told the guys to
get lost. He told Rhonda she had done a fantastic job and
only had a few more weeks to go. He told Rhonda to get
dressed and disappeared. She put her bra and blouse on,
but we couldn't find her panties. I believe one of the
guys took them as a souvenir. She put her skirt back on
and we left the theater with my cum running down her

When we got home I fixed Rhonda a strong drink and told
her how proud I was of her performance this evening.
She asked if I thought she was a shameless slut and I
began reassuring her that nothing could be farther than
the truth. I said I was proud to have a wife that was
so gorgeous that no one could resist her. And that what
she had just done was about the most exciting thing I
had ever seen in my life.

I asked her how she felt and she said completely
drained. That the orgasms she had experienced seemed to
come from her inner core and that she had never
experienced anything close to that before in her life.
We began stroking each other as we talked and gently
make love to each other. I knew then I would eventually
have the wife I had always dreamed of having.

Sunday I surprised Rhonda with a new thong like bikini I
had bought her. She thought it might be a bit skimpy,
especially since the string in back disappeared between
her butt cheeks, but I told her that I bought it to
highlight the fantastic figure she had. She put it on
and admitted it did give her a sexy look.

She put a cover up on and we headed to the beach. I had
packed a picnic lunch and had a cooler full of wine
coolers, some of which I had doctored up with vodka
before recapping. I knew exactly where I wanted to take
her. The spot I had selected was somewhat secluded, but
also had a number of people who liked to stroll along
the beach. We laid out our towels and began drinking
our coolers. I had Rhonda lay face down and I proceeded
rubbing her down with sunscreen. I untied the back of
her top and gave her another cooler to drink.

The combination of sun and coolers had its effect and
Rhonda fell asl**p. She had been asl**p about ten minutes
before I got her to turn over. While still asl**p, I
untied the string around her neck and removed her top.
I positioned her legs so they were open a couple of
feet, then proceeded to pull the top of her suit up
until the string in the back exited the top of her
pussy. Except for the small section of suit above her
pussy, she lay there completely exposed from top to

I got out my camera and began snapping pictures. She
lay there for a while when I noticed a couple of
college aged guys running up the beach in our
directions. As they were passing us, one of the guys
pointed out my wife and they stopped. They came over
for a closer look. I put my finger to my lips and asked
if they enjoyed the view. They took a seat on ether
side of my wife while I explained that I was trying to
loosen up my wife by putting her in situations she
would not normally do by herself.

I asked if they would be willing to help me take some
pictures while she was sl**ping to which they agreed. I
took a few pictures with them on either side of my wife
as if they were chatting her up. Then one of the guys
suggested untying the bows and laying the top of the
suit on the sand between her legs. The sight of the
suit seemed out of place so we arranged a towel to
cover the suit thereby making it look like she had no
suit at all.

I took a picture of one guy between Rhonda's legs with his
tongue in her exposed pussy. I also got some pictures
of the other guy with his cock on Rhonda's lips while the
first guy licked one breast while squeezing the other.
I thanked them for their help then got Rhonda's suit back
on her. When she woke up she said she was tired and
would like to go home, which we did. While she was
napping, I uploaded all my pictures to my computer and
sent a copy to Bob.

On Monday, Bob sent me an email with a bunch of jpg
attachments. The images were of Rhonda at the movie
theater. Bob said he had a friend of his with a high-
speed camera that volunteered to take pictures for him.
They were fantastic and captured the action perfectly.
I thanked him for the photos and together planned the
next step in our strategy.

On Tuesday, I told Rhonda to meet me at the mall for a
surprise. When we met, I told her that I was so proud
of the way she had held up under the strain and had
conducted herself over the past few weeks that I wanted
to treat her to another piece of jewelry. I told her to
pick out any necklace she wanted, just keep it under
$1000 dollars. She was so excited she was like a k** in
a candy store. It took her about an hour to select the
one she wanted. I told the salesperson she would wear
it, paid for it, and left for supper.

Throughout dinner I told her I could not believe the
change I was seeing in her and how pleased I was with
the transformation. I told her I didn't know what was
going to happen over the next few weeks, but I was
there to support her, what ever lay ahead. She said
that what had happened over the past weeks had been eye
opening, but that if I was ready for the future, so was

I smiled and asked her what she was wearing under her
dress. She laughed and said just panties. I asked her
to reach under her dress and give me her panties. She
looked around, saw no one paying attention to us, and
then proceeded to reach her hand up under her skirt and
with a great deal of difficulty remove her panties and
hand them to me. I put them to my face, took a deep
breath, commented on how fantastic they smelled, and
put them in my pocket. This was a major victory for me.
Prior to Bob, she would never have done what she just
did. I told her I loved her and we went home.

On Wednesday I received an email from Bob. I showed it
to Rhonda. She was to wear the black mini dress and black
lace panties he had sent earlier and for us to meet him
at a named restaurant the next weekend.

That Saturday I started the evening with cocktails at
the house. I fixed some snacks and a martini for both
of us and we sat there and chatted. I told her it was
so obvious she had been turned on by the experiences
the previous week I was curious how she was thinking
about it now. She said it was the lust she saw in the
eyes of everyone that really got to her. That they
wanted her bad was evident from the bulges in their
pants and the thought of the effect she was having on
them fueled her emotions. I kissed her fingers and told
her I was the luckiest guy in the world to have a girl
like her.

As the time to get ready arrived, Rhonda went into the
bedroom to get ready. When she came out I couldn't help
but give her a wolf whistle. The dress fit her like a
glove. It came about three inches below her butt and
with her hair in a French twist she was an absolute
knock out. The necklace I bought for her completed her
outfit. I asked her to show me the panties and she
raised the dress to her waist to give me a good look.
She was definitely a tasty dish.

On the way to the restaurant I began running my hand up
her leg and across her panties. I continued playing
until she was on the edge of an orgasm then backed off.
She wanted me to continue, but I told her anticipation
was half the fun. Bob was already at the restaurant
when we arrived. He had selected a four person table
part ways toward the back. He held the chair out for
Rhonda to sit. What appeared to be a gentlemanly gesture
hid the fact that he wanted Rhonda facing the front of the

During dinner he was witty and seemed to be charming
Rhonda. She appeared to be relaxing and enjoying his
company. With our dinner we had two bottles of wine. Of
course, between Bob and me, we kept Rhonda's glass filled.
By the time dinner was over, she had consumed over a
bottle. Bob already knew the effect wine had on her and
as we started our third bottle, Rhonda was back in her
"feeling friendly" mood. Bob suddenly switched the
subject and asked how Rhonda had enjoyed the movie. She
said that surprising enough she had a good time. He
asked if she would like to do something like that again
and she said yes.

Bob said he would give it some thought and see if he
could come up with something a bit more interesting.
Bob put his hand on Rhonda's left knee. He asked if she
had enjoyed his hand on her leg during the movie. She
said not at first, but then yes. He asked if she would
like us to do it again. She looked at me and I nodded.
He said if she wanted us to start she had to move her
knees where we would have easier access, at which time
she spread her legs wide open.

She forgot about how short her dress was and when she
opened her legs her dress rode up to the top of her
lap. Anyone who could see under the table would
appreciate the picture of black panties against almost
alabaster skin. We both started the leg routine we had
practiced at the movies. I could tell every time Bob's
hand reached her pussy because of her intake of breath.

I didn't know exactly how much pressure he was applying
to her pussy when he reached it, but I kept mine light
enough for her to feel it but not get the pleasure I
knew she wanted. Her cheeks got red and her breathing
quickened. We slowed down to let her come back off the
edge. We also noticed a few tables enjoying the show
that was going on. Bob asked Rhonda if she realized that
people could see what we were doing, to which she
answered yes. He then asked that knowing that, did she
want us to continue. She again said yes.

We had a little more wine, and started again. When I
reached the top this time I found that the center snap
had been undone which allowed us to reach a small part
of her pussy lips. A few moments later, Bob had
unsnapped the one on his side, which caused her panties
to slide over to the side giving an open view of her
bare pussy. When I reached the top next time I
unsnapped the remaining one and the front of her
panties popped up, exposing her entire pussy and shaved
pubic area. A sharp intake of breath told me that Bob
had found her pussy.

Bob had her lift up so he could raise the bottom of her
dress to her waist. Bob asked if we should stop and Rhonda
shook her head no. He then told her that if we were to
continue she had to remove her panties and give them to
him, which she did. We went back to playing with her
legs and bare pussy until she was at the edge again,
then we stopped.

The show she was putting on now was much better than
before because her dress was at her waist and she was
naked from the waist to her feet and was a fantastic
display for anyone looking, and from what I could see,
everyone was looking. I told Rhonda she must have a dozen
people looking at her bare pussy, and she just said,
"Let them look." We were ready for the next part of the
evening. Bob told Rhonda to lower her dress and we were
ready to go.

Bob rode in the front seat with us. I didn't know it at
the time but his associate had been taking pictures and
followed us to the club. By the time we got to the
dance club, Rhonda was feeling in an extremely high state
of excitement. All the way there, Bob was playing with
her leg and giving her pussy a lot of attention. Every
time I thought she was going to cum Bob backed off. We
definitely got everyone's attention when we walked in
and took our seat in a semi-circular booth a couple
tables off the dance floor.

I ordered a margarita for Rhonda and Bob and I ordered a
beer. When the band started up, Rhonda and I went out for
a slow dance. When Rhonda put her hands around my neck,
the dress raised up to about an inch above the bottom
of her ass cheeks. People who noticed didn't know if
she was naked underneath or was simply wearing a thong.
When we returned we put Rhonda in between us, had her open
her legs again, and continued our attack on her legs
and pussy.

Bob asked if she was enjoying herself to which she
replied she would be enjoying herself much better if we
would quit teasing her and make her cum. Bob told her
to be patient and told her to raise the zipper on her
dress a couple of inches so he could have easier access
to her ass while dancing. She did as she was asked and
the next slow dance Bob asked her to dance. As they
made their way around the dance floor, I could see that
Bob had raised the back of Rhonda's dress and had his
hands on her fully exposed cheeks.

By now there was no question. Rhonda was wearing no
panties. Rhonda was on cloud nine and I would have bet she
would do what ever we asked so long as she could get
sexual release. They returned to the booth and I
noticed that the zipper on Rhonda's dressed had been
raised a few inches. You still couldn't see her pussy,
but the opening wasn't too far below. I took Rhonda out on
the floor next and while dancing asked her to raise her
zipper another few inches. When I put my hands on her
ass, the front had flared out and was open enough to
barely show the bottom of her slit. While the fast
dances played, we played with Rhonda.

By now she had started begging for release. She said
she would do anything we wanted, but Bob told her again
to be patient. He told her to raise her zipper another
couple of inches. It was Bob's turn to dance with Rhonda.
Her zipper was up enough in the front now that her slit
was exposed as she walked. While on the dance floor,
Bob had her raise the zipper another few inches. If she
had pubic hair it would now be on display. Her entire
pussy was exposed.

He reached down and began playing with her pussy on the
floor, but still would not let her climax. Before
returning to the booth, Bob had her raise the zipper to
her waist. The sides of the dress were now spread wide
enough to show everything from the waist down. Everyone
started looking over at our table to see what was going
to happen next. Bob helped Rhonda into the booth.

After he was seated he asked if she really meant she
would do anything if we would give her an orgasm.
Without blinking an eye she said that whatever we
wanted she would do, but to please hurry. She was ready
for release. Bob then said he was going to fuck her
there at the table and if she had any problems with
that she had better speak up now. Without even looking
my way she said she had no problems. He released his
cock from his pants and pulled Rhonda's head into his lap.

Meanwhile I had raised her dress so it was completely
around her waist and told her to unzip the dress
further to give me access to her tits. When he was
ready, Bob put Rhonda on his lap and inserted his cock
into her sopping pussy. He told her if she wanted to
cum she had better start moving up and down his cock.
It didn't take Rhonda 30 seconds before she went into an
orgasm that seemed to last minutes. When Bob had come
we shifted her to my lap so I could get off. Rhonda never
questioned the fact she had just been fucked in a
public place by someone other than myself but rather
lost herself in the lust of the moment.

When Bob got up to hit the head, I could see other guys
approach him to see if they could join the party, but
he politely refused with a promise of maybe another
time. Rhonda continued to ride my cock until we both came,
after which we proceeded to clean Rhonda up, then began
the leg/pussy routine all over again. When Rhonda was
sufficiently excited, Bob pulled her zipper down and
said it was time to leave.

We exited the club and when we got to the car Bob
turned Rhonda toward him and unzipped Rhonda's dress from
bottom to top. He slid the dress off her so she was
standing naked in the parking lot. He then bent her
over and entered her from the rear while telling her to
take me in her mouth and bring me off. He said if she
didn't do so in the next three minutes we would take
her naked into the club and offer her to the highest
bidder. She met the time limit. Fully sated, we put Rhonda
into the front seat with her clothes in the back. Bob
said she had been fantastic and only had a few more
things to do.

Before we drove off, Bob told Rhonda that for the next
four weeks she was to only wear skirts or dresses and
was not allowed to wear panties, bra or hose. He would
have people watching her and when he called her on her
cell phone, if she was standing up she was to lift her
hem to her waist to show she was naked. If she was
sitting, she would lift her skirt and spread her knees.
She would also wear loose fitting blouses that would
balloon open whenever she bent over allowing her
breasts to be seen. He said he also had something he
wanted her to do the next day, but that he would call
in the morning with instructions. I drove home and
helped Rhonda into bed where she slept soundly until the
next morning. Everything that had happened in the club
had been captured on film.

The next morning, after she had a couple bl**dymarys,
Rhonda said that if anyone had told her a month ago she
would be doing what she had done the night before she
would have thought them crazy. I told her I was going
to stop Bob from fucking her, but she was so into what
was happening to her I wanted to let her continue with
what appeared to be a fantastic experience for her. I
emphasized that everything that was done the night
before was to make her feel special. I further told her
I loved her more now than I had ever in the past. About
an hour later Bob called with instructions.

We left the house about noon and headed for a bike path
that crossed over the beltway. Rhonda was again dressed in
her button-down sundress. We pulled in to a small park
that was adjacent to the highway. Rhonda was concerned
that what she was about to do could get her arrested,
but I assured her that if she was seen we would be able
to get away before any police car could arrive. Based
on the instructions Bob gave her, I took my camera and
walked across the pedestrian bridge until I reached the
other side of the six lane highway.

When I was in position I waved to Rhonda and began taking
pictures as soon as she exited the car. After looking
around and seeing no one in sight, she faced me and
began unbuttoning her dress until it was completely
open. She then removed it and put it back into the car.
She looked around again, and then began walking across
the bridge toward me until she was directly over the
center lane of the outer beltway. She moved to the
fence facing the oncoming traffic and stood there like
a deer caught in the headlights.

After I shouted to her she began waving to the oncoming
cars then made her way to the inner loop where she
repeated waving at the oncoming traffic. As she started
back toward the car, two bicyclists came around the
bend heading for the bridge. They stopped at the
entrance of the bridge when they saw her. Rhonda initially
tried covering herself up, but soon realized how
ridiculous she was, dropped her arms, smiled and made
her way back to the car, with me snapping pictures the
entire way. On the way home Rhonda make a joke about the
shocked expression on the riders faces when they
realized she was naked and we laughed about it all the
way home. Rhonda had slipped her dress back on, but hadn't
bother buttoning it up.

Over the next week Bob was true to his word. On Monday
he sent me a complete set of pictures from the club.
Over the next week he took every opportunity to expose
Rhonda in as many different places as he could. He caught
her at the grocery store, at the fountain in the center
of town, walking down the street, on the bus, the
metro, and once even in church (fortunately she was
sitting down). I must have received at least 30
pictures of Rhonda with her skirt above her waist or her
legs spread wide open. In each shot her pussy was
clearly visible. Rhonda seemed to accept the fact that
being naked in public was no big thing.

We were entering our sixth week when another package
arrived for Rhonda. In this one was the gingham outfit I
had picked out weeks before. The note with it said that
since she enjoyed the movies so much she should plan on
Friday night for seeing another. The package also
included a nearly transparent pair of panties. A bra
would not be required. The movie theater selected was
in the suburbs and was another X-rated film. Rhonda was to
wear her hair in pigtails, no makeup, chewing gum, and
her pussy should be completely clean of any pubic hair.

This time we could go in to the theater together, but
once inside I was to hang back until Rhonda was seated in
the first row. She would see Bob in the second row and
she was to sit directly in front of him. I would sit a
couple rows behind her. The movie would have started
about 15 minutes before we were scheduled to arrive.
Our plan was to make Rhonda look like a single, barely
legal teenager looking for excitement. We picked 7 pm
as the ideal time for her arrival. Rhonda tried on the

I couldn't believe how sexy she looked in it. There
couldn't have been a foot of material from when the v
shape dropped down in the front and the skirt ended.
The back of the skirt barely covered her butt. The top
just begged for someone to slip their hands down the
front to feel her breasts. I had thought about having
her navel pierced, but then changed my mind.

I came home on Friday to help Rhonda get ready. I asked
her if she was ready for the evening. She nodded, but
was a little nervous about having to go down the aisle
alone. I told her not to worry. I would be watching her
progress from the other aisle and would only be three
rows behind her. I asked if she wanted a drink. At
first she said no, and then changed her mind. So I
opened a bottle of wine I had purchased that day.

Before leaving she had downed the entire liter bottle.
She was back in her "feeling friendly" mood. On the way
to the movies I reached between her legs and found her
panties were already wet. I didn't have to put my hand
up her skirt because it was so short that when she sat
down her panties were exposed. I told her I didn't know
what Bob had in mind but to just relax and go with the
flow. She hugged my arm and said ok.

I forgot how young Rhonda looked but when she was asked
for her ID to get in the movie I was quickly reminded.
I gave her a quick kiss and waited until she started
down the left aisle to enter the theater on the right.
There were a few more people in the theater this time
ranging from about the fourth row on up to the back.
Everyone's head turned as they watched Rhonda walk down
the aisle and take up a position in the front. I could
see Bob's head and watched as Rhonda sat in the seat
directly in front of him. A short bit later I was two
seats behind Bob and slightly to the right.

At first nothing seemed to be happening, but then I saw
Bob lean forward and Rhonda nod her head. She slumped down
in her seat and leaned her head back against the seat.
I then saw her raise her arm and drop her hand into her
blouse. I wanted to get a better view so I moved from
my position to a position that was four seats to the
right of her in the front row. Some others took this as
a signal that they should be moving closer to the

Meanwhile, Rhonda is watching the movie and playing with
her nipples. A few guys moved into the row that Bob was
in and a couple more moved into the front row to the
left of Rhonda and me. She doesn't seem to notice the
activity around her as she concentrated on playing with
her nipples. Bob leaned forward and I see Rhonda move her
hands to her panties and she begins rubbing up and
down, More guys are moving to the front of the theater
as the sounds she is making matches those coming off
the screen.

Bob leans forward and Rhonda stands up. She moves away
from the seats until her back is against the stage.
This was my cue to move to the seat in front of Bob.
Rhonda begins to do a slow sensuous dance. The light from
the screen makes her completely visible to everyone in
the theater. Soon the first two rows are full of guys
watching Rhonda dance. She slides her hands up under her
top and starts to pinch her nipples. Her eyes are
closed and the expression on her face shouts pure lust.
The girl in the movies is being fucked from both ends
and her moans and the moans from Rhonda began overlapping.
She slips her arms out of the sleeves and slowly drops
the top of her blouse below her breasts and pulls it
down to her waist.

She now attacks her breasts with a vengeance. Her
shifting hips give occasional views of her pussy slit
through the panties she is wearing. She turns with her
back to the audience and continues pulling her top over
her skirt and down her legs, bending forward so her ass
is in full view as she steps out of her top. She turns
and begins running her hands over her panties until she
lifts up the front of the skirt and places her hand
into her panties. You can see her fingers in her slit
as she brings herself closer to climax. She removes her
hand only to start removal of her panties. She leans
forward and drops them to her knees, then points to one
of the guys in the front to come forward and take her
panties down.

With her panties off the guy tries to put his face in
her snatch but she pushes him away and leaves him
sitting there to watch the rest of the show. She is now
playing with her breasts and clit until Bob tells her
to lose the skirt. She reaches behind her, slowly
unzips the skirt and it drops like a rock to the floor.
She turns, spreads her legs and bends over, providing a
tantalizing view to everyone there. She then waves me
to her. While standing there she undoes my pants and
drops them around my ankles. Rhonda drops to her knees and
takes me in her mouth. I am really getting off on this.
She feels my orgasm building. She stops and pushes me
down on my back.

She drops down on my chest and buries her totally wet
pussy in my face. She is near her orgasm when she moves
down and impales herself on my erect staff. She points
to Bob and brings him down in front of her, unzips his
pants, puts her hand around the base of his cock and
takes him in her mouth. She continues riding my cock
and bobbing her head back and forth on Bob's cock until
we both unload.

Bob is so turned on he pumps so much cum in her mouth
that it is running out the sides of her mouth and
running down her chin. When she comes I think that
people in the street heard her. It was a first class
performance for an audience of total strangers. Bob
told everyone the show was over and Rhonda began to dress.

We helped Rhonda back on with her skirt and top and let
her cool down. She had not retrieved her panties so as
she stood there the cum ran down her legs. I picked up
her panties and put them in my pocket. As we made our
way up the aisle Bob asked if she had enjoyed herself.
She said much more than the last time. It was still
early so he asked if we would like to hit a couple more
spots. We agreed and left the theater.

The first stop was to an adult store that sold books
and various toys. We wandered around the store. Bob
asked if she saw anything that caught her interest. She
was non-committal so Bob picked up a dildo and vibrator
he thought she might enjoy. It was about 10:30 when we
got to this place that was really jumping. Again, Rhonda
got carded before they would let her in. The wine she
had d***k earlier had worn off. While we were standing
at the bar waiting for a drink, I casually reached
under her skirt and began playing with her bare pussy
again. She purred and leaned into my hand as I inserted
a finger. Bob saw what I was doing and said there would
be plenty of time for that as soon as he found us a

A four-person table way in the back finally came open
and we were seated. Rhonda had d***k a margarita while
standing at the bar so we ordered her another one to go
with it. All of the music being played was kind of fast
so we decided to just sit and drink. Bob put his hand
on Rhonda's leg and without thinking she swung her knee
over to him. Taking Bob's lead I reached under the
table for Rhonda and soon had her knee up against me. We
then began teasing Rhonda. Initially, the closest we came
to touching her pussy was her pussy lips. We avoided
her clit and her soon wide-open slit. Our hands went up
over the top of her slit and once in a while just
quickly touched her clit.

After about 20 minutes of this Rhonda was begging us to
quit teasing and to put our fingers into her. I ran my
hand up and down her slit once then pulled away. Bob
did the same. She was dripping wet. Bob then reached
into his pocket and withdrew the vibrator he had just
purchased. With all the noise around us, the sound of
the vibrator when he turned it on was not noticed. He
eased it up and inserted it into her pussy and closed
her legs around it.

She came instantly. He kept it in there and soon she
was having a second one. He removed it and asked her
how she liked it. She said it was fantastic so Bob gave
it to her for future use. Rhonda was on her third drink
when the announcer said it was time for the amateur
strip tease show. I handed Rhonda her panties and told her
to put them on. We were going to enter her into the
contest and we expected her to win. The winner was
usually a girl who completely stripped and put on a
show for everyone. Bob told her what he wanted her to
do and took her to the front table to sign her up. She
again had to show her ID.

Rhonda was the third contestant. The first girl had gotten
up, did a little bump and grind, stripped to her bra
and panties then quit. The second girl was more
inventive and finally completely stripped before
getting off stage. Rhonda was the hit of the show. First,
she looked too young to be there. Second, although her
dance routine was nothing to shake a stick at, the
crowd went wild when they saw her shaved pussy. They
started throwing money on the stage when she reached
down and started masturbating.

She ended the show by humping the pole in the center of
the stage until she had another orgasm. The fourth girl
said she couldn't top that and didn't perform. For her
efforts, Rhonda won $300 and another 50 plus dollars from
what was thrown on the stage. After that we decided to
call it a night. By now Bob was becoming a regular part
of our sex life. Rhonda was still not to wear any panties
and for the next weekend he had a real neat idea that
would not involve sex. By Monday I got a copy of the
pictures taken Friday Night. I wanted to show them to
Rhonda, but decided to wait for another time. Up to now
she was not aware she was being photographed. I didn't
want to spoil it now.

At dinner Tuesday Rhonda and I had a very serious
discussion. She was back at the point that she was
concerned I was thinking less of her because of her
activities. I stressed the fact that if anything I was
more in love with her now than anytime in our
relationship. She was surprised when I told her that
the girl I was really disappointed in was the stuck up,
catholic prude I had married. I explained that I knew
she was shy and naïve about sex when we got married,
but I thought she would grow out of it.

I explained that what I now had was a sexually exciting
woman who occupied my thoughts every hour. I now see a
girl who is beginning to achieve a sexual freedom
enjoyed by most males. I told her how excited I got
when I saw the effect she had on other men, knowing
that they could only dream of having her unless I said
otherwise, but I had the real deal. The smile on her
face was radiant. I finished by saying that sex was
supposed to be fun, something she seemed to be having
over the past few weeks. I asked her how her dress-
lifting episodes were going. She explained how the
first couple of days turned her face crimson because
she usually got the call when she was around a lot of
men. But soon she started to get amused by the shocked
expressions she would see and the embarrassment wore

I asked her if she would like to have fun with me
tomorrow. I told her about this story I had read on the
internet about a girl and her boyfriend on a train. I
asked her to come up to my office around noon and we
would go shopping for a couple of outfits I would like
for her to have and to take a ride on the metro with
me. I wouldn't tell her what I had in mind, just that I
thought she was now in a frame of mind where she might
get a kick out of it. She said that if that was what I
wanted she would be there. I was going to tell her to
shave all the hair off her pussy, but by now it had
become a daily shower routing.

The next day, promptly at 11, Rhonda showed up at my
office. We went to a mall a couple stops away on the
metro. We went from store to store until we found what
I wanted at The Gap. I was amused about the store's
name as it was so appropriate for what I wanted to do –
show Rhonda's gap. For today's adventure I selected a mid-
thigh pleated school girl skirt with a very loose
fitting v-neck button down blouse. It was the type of
blouse that when bent over gave a totally unrestricted
view of a girl's breasts all the way down to her waist.
While we were there I also selected a straight-lined
micro-mini dress that zippered down the back.

I told her to try on the skirt and blouse outfit, no
bra or panties. It was perfect. A pair of dark glasses
completed the outfit. I then explained my plan to her.
Since we were way before the rush hour the trains only
had a few riders and by selecting the last car we would
generally find the target I would be looking for. The
idea was that she would take the last seat at the back
of the train, kick off her heels and turn sideways in
her seat with her knees drawn up and skirt tucked in
under her. It was just the pose that would attract
attention without giving anything away.

With her sunglasses on she would lean her head back
against the window. And when I gave her the sign she
would let her head tilt as if asl**p and let the
rocking of the train slowly dislodge one leg so it fell
to the floor in front of her. Given the shortness of
the skirt and the bent position of her knee, her entire
pelvic area would become exposed when her leg dropped.
I would take it from there. She just had to remain
"asl**p". She thought the idea delicious and could
hardly wait to put it into action. She kept the skirt
and blouse set on and we went back to my office to drop
off her packages. The next stop – the metro.

We caught the blue line that would give us about a 45-
minute ride to the other part of the city. We boarded
the last car and Rhonda took the last seat in the back. I
took the seat in front of her. She got in position and
the train moved out. It only took a couple stops for a
person to board that took the seat directly across from
Rhonda. He looked to be in his fifties. He looked over at
Rhonda for a few seconds then began reading his paper.

I was hoping he would be on the train for a few stops
and I cleared my throat, which was the signal for Rhonda
to fall asl**p. I had turned in my seat with my arm
over the back admiring the cut of Rhonda's exposed legs.
The guy across tried not to notice, but I could see him
stealing glances from time to time. Rhonda did even better
than I expected. On one particular curve, she let her
outer knee swing over until it made contact with the
back of my seat. This caused an exposure much greater
than I expected with her leg on the floor.

I loudly inhaled which caused the guy to look over. He
had a much better view than I and he was completely
mesmerized. I changed my seat to be in front of him so
I could enjoy the better view. I commented to him about
how tasty the girl looked. He dropped the paper in his
lap to hide the erection that had popped up. I
suggested we wake her up, but he said why ruin a good
thing. I commented on the fact that she really looked
out of it.

I shifted back to my original seat and quietly tried to
awaken her by calling, "Miss!" Of course, she didn't
respond. I then told the guy I wondered just how out of
it she was, so I reached over the seat and put my hand
on her knee. No response. I lifted the hem of her skirt
so the whole thing dropped around her waist. Again, no
response. I then reached for the top button of her
blouse and loosened it.

The other guy was initially opposed to this, but
quieted down when I loosened the second, then third.
The train eased into the next station, but no one got
on. I took the opportunity when the train started out
to loosen the button on the skirt and pull the front of
the blouse out from the skirt. I then finished
loosening the buttons and spread the blouse wide open.
Rhonda was now complete exposed and I could see her pussy
opening and the moisture began to show.

I touched her breast and Rhonda let out a moan. The guy
was petrified she would wake up and begin yelling ****,
but when nothing happened he quieted down. I then
reached down and put my hand over her cunt and gently
pressed my middle finger into the opening that was
spreading wider. Rhonda responded with another moan and
moved her hand to cover mine. She squeezed her knees
together then released them. This time her leg dropped
to the floor.

I gently removed my hand from under hers and pulled the
skirt back up to her waist. I then placed my hand over
Rhonda's and started moving her hand back and forth. The
other hand I put on her breast. I then suggested we
move up to the center of the train and watch from
there. I offered the opinion that she would wake up in
that condition and think she had done it herself.

We of course could always testify to that affect if
ever questioned. As we left I whispered she was free to
get herself off, wake up when her orgasm began, then
realize where she was and begin a rapid recovery. It
happened just that way and when she sat up she looked
at us in a coy way. We both smiled. The guy got off a
few stops later and I went back to sit with Rhonda. She
commented on how much fun she had and said it was a
shame we didn't have pictures to remember it by. I told
her that was a great idea and that maybe another time
we could recreate it on film.

We reached the end of the line and started back. We
pulled it off one more time on the way back. When we
got back to my office, Rhonda said she was still excited
and locked my door. Disregarding the fact that the next
office building was less than 100 feet away and that my
blinds were open, Rhonda stood in the window and got
undressed. She pushed me in my chair and eased herself
down on my cock with her back to me, but facing the
window. The fact that no less than five offices noticed
her activities spurred her on. When she finished she
got dressed and said she would see me for dinner.

Bob called on Thursday and said we were on for the next
night. He explained that a friend of his owned a bar
and had come up with a unique idea for generating
business. He called it naked waitress night. The idea
was he had a couple girls come in on Friday nights, get
naked, and would draw and serve beers to their
customers. Their customers were not supposed to
manhandle the girls, but the older ones seemed to get a
grope or two in during the evening. He thought this
would be a good experience for Rhonda, besides it paid $50
an hour plus tips. I decided not to tell Rhonda about the
plan until we got to the bar.

When we did arrive at the bar, she saw the naked
waitress announcement and asked what that was all
about. I then proceeded to explain her role for the
remainder of the evening. The place was packed and the
cheers went up when Rhonda stripped next to the bar. The
owner showed her how to draw a beer and said she was to
take orders and deliver them to the tables in the bar.
She was free to be as friendly as she would like, but
that sex in the bar was not an option. He said the
friendlier she got, the bigger the tips.

Well for the next four hours, Rhonda and the other girl
working with her were kept hopping. Rhonda seemed to be
the favorite because she did not object when the guys
touched her breasts or ran their hands between their
legs. Once in a while she was invited to sit on
someone's lap that seemed to turn the both of them on.

By 11 pm Rhonda was visibly tired and I decided to call it
quits. I had taken many, many pictures during the
evening to add to my growing collection. Everyone
wanted her to stay, but we declined, collected our
stuff and departed. Rhonda counted up the money she had
and was amazed by the amount. She had received $200 for
the four hours she had worked, but had over $800 in
tips. The bills she received ranged from ones to
fifties. She was so pleased with herself she couldn't
stop grinning the entire way home.

I told her I was so turned on by what she had done to
the guys at the bar that I had to have her right there.
We stopped at an overlook. Rhonda got out of the car, laid
back over the hood of the car, put her feet up on my
shoulders and we satisfied our desires. I told Rhonda to
wait right there and went into the back seat to get my
camera. I took pictures of Rhonda laid back with her skirt
up and my cum running out onto the car. I then had her
do a strip for me, finally standing by the side of the
road waving at cars as they went by. Laughing, we got
in the car and went home before someone decided to call
the police.

Bob called early the next morning and talked to Rhonda. He
told her we were to meet him at a nearby metro stop. We
were going to tour the city and all she needed to wear
was her spring coat and sandals. He had already told me
to make sure I had an empty memory card because I was
going to get many photo ops. On the train into the
Capital he positioned her in the seat at the entrance
facing into the car. We sat in the seats opposite.

Every time one of us opened our legs, she was to do the
same and leave them open until we closed ours. We gave
her a book to read so it wouldn't be too obvious she
was doing it deliberately. At least a hundred people
got to look up her coat. It wasn't obvious she had
nothing on under the coat, but it was obvious she was
not wearing any panties. I took a number of photos and
I noticed others in the train taking photos as well. I
expect we will see some of those end up on the internet
one of these days.

Once downtown, we hit all the tourist spots. I ended up
with over two hundred shots of Rhonda at places like the
Lincoln Memorial, in front of the White House, the
Washington Memorial, inside the Smithsonian and
Hershorn Art Gallery. The shots I liked the best were
the ones Bob took of us fucking on the mall with the
Capital Building in the background. Before leaving us,
Bob said we had one week left and he had an idea he
thought would really be fun. I knew what was planned,
but Rhonda was left in the dark to guess what would be in
store for her.

We didn't have sex all week. Rhonda's sex drive had kicked
into overdrive and she had wanted it three to four
times a week. However, I wanted her to be really horny
by the time the weekend arrived. Bob called on Thursday
and said we were to meet him at 5pm at the same
restaurant in the mall where Rhonda had first been
required to show herself. He said he wanted her in
something really sexy and really short. I remembered
the micro-mini I had purchased for her that zipped down
the back and said I was sure it would fit the bill.

Rhonda commented that wearing that dress was like wearing
no skirt at all since it only came to the bottom of her
ass cheeks and might have been slightly below her
pussy. I laughed and said given everything she had been
required to do over the past eight weeks I was sure she
would do fine. I said I wanted to be there about an
hour early and suggested she stop in the store for
another pair of shoes. This time, when she sat down the
dress had no chance of staying down and her pussy was
on display the entire time she was being fitted.

As we made our way around the mall, everyone's eyes
were on her. Our trips up and down the escalators
created quite a stir. As the time to go to the
restaurant approached, I began running my hand up and
down Rhonda's back as we walked, occasionally running my
hands across her butt. Each time I ran my hand over her
butt I would ease the zipper up a notch. By the time we
got to the restaurant, a small portion of her butt
crack was on display. Bob had selected stools in the
same general area we were before only this time when
Rhonda sat down the zipper inched up again and people
behind us could see a small portion of Rhonda's exposed

We ordered wine and a sandwich. While sitting there we
each took a leg and began the routine Rhonda had become so
familiar with. We knew that it wouldn't be too long and
she would be begging for relief. Our efforts did not go
unnoticed by people below us. At one table was a group
of college-aged boys who obviously was enjoying the
show we were putting on. Randomly, Bob and I would
travel the distance between her inner knee to her
pussy, making sure we covered her slit from bottom to
top, each time giving her clit a little tap. Rhonda said
we had better stop or she was going to jump our bones
right there in the restaurant. We decided she was ready
for the next part of the evening.

Without bothering to zip down her dress, we made our
way out the mall. By the time we reached the car, we
had opened her dress to the middle of her back, leaving
her exposed from above the waist on down. At the car, I
took out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. I then
unzipped the dress the rest of the way and took it off
her. I put her in the front seat of the car and laid
the seat back. Bob got in the back behind my seat.

We drove around the beltway for a while with me playing
with her legs and pussy and Bob reaching over from the
back to tease her nipples until they stood out. He then
told Rhonda she was going to feel a pinching sensation,
but that it would soon subside. He then attached nipple
clamps on each breast with a small chain that went
between them. She initially cried out in pain, but soon
came to accept the pressure they were applying.

Without Rhonda knowing it, we arrived at our house. It was
just starting to get dark as we took Rhonda out of the
front seat and guided her in the front door and into
the downstairs guest room. We laid her on one of the
twin beds and had her stretch out her arms. Bob and I,
using sections of nylon rope I had prepared and tied
her hands to corners of the headboard. We said we were
going to play a game called, "I wonder who's eating her

We slipped off her heels, d****d her feet off the sides
of the bed and secured her ankles to the sideboards.
She was now bound and helpless. We removed the nipple
clamps and heard Rhonda's moan as the bl**d made its way
back into her swollen nipples. As Rhonda explained it
later, she was shocked when she felt a mouth on each
breast and suddenly one on each leg.

When she asked what was going on, I told her I had
invited a couple of neighbors and friends in to make
the game more interesting, but she would never know who
they were. They were sworn to secrecy. If they broke
their word, I would let their wife know what they had
done and show them the video I was making of this. She
then felt the bed shift and a fifth mouth start licking
at her pussy. I explained that each of us had picked a
number from one to five. We would each take turns by
number eating her pussy and after each of us had a
turn, one of us would return and continue her oral

I asked her if she wanted to play and she agreed. I
then told her that at each rotation we would mix up the
order. Only when she got the number right would she be
allowed to have an orgasm. We each took turns according
to our number, lapping away at her hole up to her clit.
Each of us was to take her to the edge of orgasm, but
stop when I signaled them. We wanted this game to
stretch out and prolong her pleasure/agony as long as
possible. By the time the fifth one was done, Rhonda was
begging someone to please finish the job. I told her
that would be a possibility, but first she had to get
the number right.

Number three returned and Rhonda was asked to guess. She
guessed wrong. We rotated and began again, only this
time, while someone was at her cunt, two of us were
sucking on her nipples. We went through the entire
rotation and she again failed to get it right. We stood
back and watched as she squirmed on the bed trying to
somehow get pressure against her swollen cunt.

On the fourth rotation she guessed the right number and
he was allowed to bring her to the first of what we
planned to be many orgasms that night. While all this
was going on, Bob and I were busy snapping pictures,
being careful to keep the heads of the other three out
of the picture. We got through two more rotations
before she guessed right again.

Rhonda was in a frenzy by this time, squirming and
thrusting her pelvic, but finding no one there. I said
that for a reward for guessing this time she could be
pleased orally or by being fucked. She asked for
someone to please fuck her. She needed to feel someone
inside. The individual climbed up on the bed and slowly
inserted his cock into her pussy. He slowly withdrew
then rammed his cock deep inside her.

I told him to stay still and told Rhonda that if she
wanted relief she would have to do the work. She asked
to have her feet untied, which we did. She wrapped them
around the guy buried inside her and began humping up
and down until he came. Unfortunately he came too
quickly and Rhonda was left hanging. Rather than tie her
legs back up, we held them open while we cleaned her up
and went through another rotation. It took two more
rotations before she guessed again and this time she
came before her rider did.

Rhonda didn't know it, but each time she guessed the
number, we removed the winner out of the rotation and
one of us took his turn. This game went on for a couple
of hours until each person had a turn with Rhonda. By that
time she was completely wrung out emotionally so we
brought the game to an end. After everyone had gone, I
untied her arms and removed the blindfold. She
immediately wanted to know who the other three guys
were, but I told her I had given my word that I would
not reveal their identity.

I knew this would leave her always wondering if one of
the people we were with socially was one of the guys
that night at the house. I asked how she felt. Her
reply was that she didn't know if she would ever come
off the high she was presently on. She said to make
sure I thanked Bob for a great evening. I told her not
to worry; we had many more adventures in store for her
into the foreseeable future.

We spent the next couple months in what we termed as
show and shock. We took every opportunity to show Rhonda
off. Her wardrobe now consisted of skirts and dresses
of almost every length made. One skirt I particularly
liked came about two inches below her pussy with laced
slits that went to her waist. We bought a variety of
blouses that ranged from gauzy transparent to very
loose scoop neck. We also went for some midriff tops
that came to just under her breasts. These especially
came in handy for when we would stand on the metro
during rush hours holding on to the overhead support
bars. Guys wouldn't offer their seats because from a
seated position they had an excellent view of the lower
half of her tits.

One particular metro trip stands out. Rhonda was coming
into the office with me to help me catch up on a lot of
filing I had not been able to get to. Since she was
coming into the office she dressed more conservatively,
that is a dress that was slightly lower than mid-thigh.
As is usual during rush hour we were packed in like
sardines. Rhonda and I were pushed up against each other
in the center aisle with our legs apart, holding onto
the overhead rail. About halfway to work she leans over
to me and whispers that someone put his hand on her

I casually looked over her shoulder and saw her butt
was directly in front of a guy who appeared to be in
his mid-forties. I whispered back that the next time it
happened she should lean back a little and open her
legs a bit further. A few minutes later I watched as
Rhonda executed my instructions. She whispered that the
hand had returned and was still on her inner leg. I
told her to pretend not to notice and see what happens.
In a low moan she whispered that the hand was making
larger and larger circles on her inner thigh and that
if he continued the guy would soon learn that she was
naked underneath. A sharp intake of breath and the
color coming into Rhonda's face said it all.

She started swaying a bit more than the train was
moving and whispered that his hand had found her pussy
and was rubbing up and down her slit. I told her to try
opening her legs wider without being too obvious and
maybe he would take that as in invitation to take it
further. Since the leg room was limited, she squatted
down a bit, leaning up against the guy playing with her
pussy. Her eyes suddenly closed and she said he had
inserted his thumb into her and that his index finger
was rubbing back and forth against her clit.

Rhonda suddenly closed her legs and trapped the hand
inside her. She then reached down between us, pressing
the guy's hand tighter against her clit. A few minutes
like this was all it took for Rhonda to reach her orgasm,
at which time she released the hand. She then turned
around and bent down to the guy who had just pleasured
her. When she turned back I asked what she had said.
Her response was that she told him, "Thank you, I
needed that."

We had one interesting incident at an out of town
restaurant. While sitting there playing with Rhonda's
exposed pussy we noticed that the attention of the
couple across from us never strayed, even when we
looked directly back at them. The guy leans over to the
girl with him, says something to her, and she gets up
to go to the restroom. When she returns, she sits with
her dress hiked up her thighs and proceeds to spread
her legs as wide as Rhonda had hers. The guy then does to
his girl what I am doing to Rhonda.

When my hand was on her leg, so was his. When I
inserted a finger in her pussy, he did the same to his
girl. It became a contest to see who could cause their
girl to climax first. Prior to leaving, they stopped by
our table and introduced themselves. They thanked us
for an entertaining meal and gave me his card if we
would like to get together sometime. We thanked him and
said we would think it over.

We started going to a local gym to tone up. I bought
her this outfit that consisted of loose fitting boxer-
type bottoms with matching tank top. When she sat at
the equipment her pussy was clearly visibly through the
leg openings and her breasts were visible through the
sleeveless top.

I bought a variety of bathing suits. In each one of
them I removed the inner lining. I really liked the
white bikini. It fit her like a second skin and
perfectly molded itself to her pussy, to include a
small crease into her slit that looked like a camel's
toe. When she came out of the water the suit looked
like those wet T-shirt contestants. It didn't take much
imagination to enjoy Rhonda's assets, but for some reason
I was still not able to get her to strip at the beach.
I had read a story about a type of bathing suit called
a wicked weasel.

At first I thought this was something someone had made
up, but a quick search of the Internet gave me an
address at, which proved they existed.
Without mentioning it to Rhonda I bought a couple of the
Lycra shiny models. I wanted to buy the sheer but it
was so obvious I didn't think she would go for it. I
had a lot of styles to choose from but went with a more
traditional style bikini but with a t-bar back. When
they arrived I checked them out. When dry they looked
like a regular suit, but when wet, they were completely
see through. We were planning an end of summer visit to
South Carolina and I was beginning to plan how to use

One other thing I bought was a remote control butterfly
vibrator. It was designed to rest directly on the clit
and had straps that kept it in place. I liked to have
her wear it when we went out to dinner with friends or
business acquaintances and took pleasure in watching
her try to act normally as her clit was receiving
strong stimulation. At the office I told one of the
guys who had played the guess who's eating me now game
what I had been doing. I told him she would be wearing
it at an upcoming office get together and agreed to let
him use it for a while.

Rhonda knew I liked to turn it on in settings she had to
control her facial expressions, but she was totally
taken by surprise when it went off while eating. It was
like she had touched an electrical wire and a grunt
escaped her lips before she could catch herself. She
was perplexed when she saw my hands on the table. After
she settled down I whispered that I decided to let
someone else drive for a while. He must have spent the
entire evening with it on. Rhonda's color ran red all
evening and she was constantly telling people she felt

The batteries were dead when I got the remote back and
Rhonda attacked me as soon as we got into the parking lot.
She simply undid my pants, raised the front of her
dress and jammed me into her. It was a simple case of
slam-bam thank you ma'am. She rode up and down on me
for all she was worth until her orgasm hit her. After
getting in the car, she said she enjoyed the evening,
but would prefer for me to keep the remote from now on.

As the end of August came on us, we finalized our plans
for the beach. I had shown Rhonda the bikinis I bought for
her and she liked them. She thought they were showy,
but not totally obscene. For some reason, she still had
hang-ups with nudity at the beach. We started out on a
Friday morning. We didn't want to be on road all day
and would find a motel in the middle of the afternoon
and enjoy some pool time. I asked Rhonda if she was going
to wear the sundress she had worn on two other
occasions. She said she had another she liked better.
It was shorter and had thin straps rather than the

I told her I was looking forward to the road trip. I
had the CB on and we were both listening to the traffic
on the channel 19. Rhonda had laid her seat back a bit and
had put her feet up on the dashboard. Her legs were
open, but the dress came down enough that she was
covered. As we went by on trucker, he blew his horn and
commented on the radio on what a foxy redhead he had
seen just pass. Rhonda put her hand out the window and
gave him a thumbs up. The trucker then tried hailing us
when he saw my CB antenna. I asked Rhonda if she would
like to answer. She was not sure how to go about it,
but quickly got the hang of it after a couple of tries.

The guy asked what her handle was and we quickly
selected "lucky lady" as her new handle. They chatted a
few minutes and soon others were joining in. The
trucker she was first talking to commented on what a
sweet set of legs she had and did they look that good
all the way up. She turned to me, told me to slow down,
and invited the trucker to pass. She said she would let
him judge for himself and give her a rating from 1 to

He gave us a big 10-4 and sped on by us. Rhonda then laid
the seat all the way back, pulled her dress up to her
waist, dropped her feet to the floor and told him we
were coming up on his left. When we got to his side we
matched his speed so he could get a good look. He said
she was definitely on the upper end of the scale but it
was hard to tell with her legs together like that.

Rhonda chuckled, put her feet back up on the dashboard
with one knee against the door and the other against
the center console. He said that on a scale of 1 to 10,
she was definitely a 20. He asked if the rest of her
looked as good as what he could see, which prompted Rhonda
to remove the dress and asked what he thought. You
could hear the hoarseness in his throat as he commented
that she had the nicest body he had seen in a very long
time. She thanked him and we continued on our way. Of
course, everyone else she had been talking to wanted to
know where we were located, and those that were ahead
of us said they could hardly wait for us to pass them.
Rhonda got a nice start on her overall tan that day.

At around 2:30 we pulled off the road and found a nice
hotel with a room facing the pool. We had a little
lunch and I suggested a swim. Rhonda decided to try on the
yellow suit I had bought for her and I could hardly
wait. On the way out to the pool I picked up the ice
chest with the wine coolers. It had been a hot drive
and Rhonda had already had a few in the car. At poolside
she continued to drink. She seemed to like the berry
flavored ones and sometimes forget she was drinking

We sat and chatted for a little bit then she covered
her front with oil and laid on her stomach to tan her
back. I untied the straps of the top and applied lotion
to her back, buns and legs, making sure to stop every
once in a while to reach up between her legs to stroke
her pussy. Because the back was a thong type with T-bar
triangle at the back she was able to get a lot of her
body exposed to the sun. One of the accessories she
took with her while lying out was her spray bottle that
she filled with water to cool her off from time to
time. I told her to just relax and when she wanted to
be cooled off to just let me know and I would squirt.
She thanked me for being so sweet. I noticed the hot
tub off the side of the pool and thought we might take
advantage of it later this evening.

The hotel we had selected was hosting some type of
special event and the place was filled. There were
about 8 to 10 people out at the pool and they kept
looking over at my wife who looked to be lying there
practically naked. Then the time came I was waiting for
and Rhonda asked me to cool her off. I sprayed her back
and suggested she turn over to avoid getting too much
sun the first day, which she did after securing her
top. She downed another wine cooler and laid back. I
handed her the eyecups she normally wore when she was
sunning on her back and proceeded to wet her down with
her spray bottle being sure to give a lot of attention
to her suit.

The result was more than I could have hoped for. Right
before my eyes the suit went from opaque yellow to bare
skin transparent yellow. Nothing was hidden from view.
Her nipples and slit were as visible as if she was
lying there without a suit. That started a regular
train of guys walking by our chairs. I reached into my
beach bag and removed my camera to get some shots of
her in her present condition making sure to capture the
expressions of many of her admirers.

When the suit dried it want back to normal so I made
sure I kept her wet down as much as possible. Rhonda asked
if she was getting red and I said she could probably
give it another 10 minutes then we should go in. I was
hoping the suit would be dry enough by then to hide
what I had done. After it had gone back to normal I
suggested we get ready for dinner and we did.

We found a little Mexican cantina near the hotel. Rhonda
started in on margarita while we nibbled on the corn
chips that were provided. Rhonda was in a good mood and we
had a good time just chatting. With dinner I ordered a
bottle of Mexican wine, which turned out to be fairly
good. By the end of dinner Rhonda had slipped past her
feeling friendly mood and was beginning to slur her

I remembered the hot tub and thought I might be able to
have some fun when we got back to the hotel. Prior to
leaving I ordered Rhonda another margarita and asked for a
double shot of tequila. We finished our drink and
headed out to the car. Rhonda wasn't too steady on her
feet and I had to hold on to her so she wouldn't fall.
Back at the hotel I suggested soaking at the hot tub.
Rhonda initially declined saying she was too tired and

I convinced her it would do her good and proceeded to
put her yellow suit back on. I grabbed a couple of
coolers and helped her out to the pool area. It had
gotten dark by this time and she almost fell into the
hot tub. I laid Rhonda's head back on a towel and got
another wine cooler down her. The combination of the
ride, the heat of the tub and the alcohol she had d***k
did her in and she passed out. In the position she was
in her nipples were at water level and clearly visible.
I decided to have some fun and reached under the water,
worked her bottoms off her and put them next to her

I proceeded to play with my wife's pussy, putting her
hand in my suit to hold my fully erect cock. Unbeknown
to me my actions had not gone unnoticed. We had been
there for about 5 minutes when a couple guys came out
and asked if they could join us. After a couple of
minutes I moved my towel over Rhonda's bottoms making sure
my actions were noticed. We talked for a few moments. I
explained that my wife had a busy day and was kind of
out it. They complemented me on her suit and I
explained what kind of suit it was and that my wife
wasn't yet aware of it. We all got a great laugh out of

It was then that I had a nasty idea. I told the guys I
had to go to the room to use the bathroom. I asked if
they would keep an eye on my wife and make sure she
didn't slip under water. They exchanged glances and
agreed to take care of her. When I got up and grabbed
my towel I took Rhonda's bottoms with me. Our room was on
the first floor and overlooked the pool area.

As I suspected, after I left, the guys had taken
positions on either side of Rhonda. I could see from where
her knees popped out of the water that each had a leg
d****d in between theirs, leaving her pussy about at
wide open as it could get. I got my camera out and
began taking pictures. I was afraid it would be too
dark, but found that the lights over the spa area
provided more than enough light to capture what was
going on. One of the guys reached behind her to until
the straps holding her top up.

He pulled on the straps on either side of her neck
until it looked like she was wearing a bowtie with her
breasts now completely exposed. The position of their
hands made it very obvious they were both working on
her open pussy. I wasn't sure how far this would go
until I saw one guy lift Rhonda up and set her on his
buddy's lap. The next thing I know is that Rhonda is
sitting on this guy's cock and being lifted up and down
by the guy in front. I took a few pictures of this then
decided to return to the spa. I made sure to make a lot
of noise as I returned into the pool area.

When I got to the spa, Rhonda was there alone with her top
floating on the water in front of her, but still
attached at the top. I guess I was supposed to think it
had just come undone by itself. I knew it was time to
get Rhonda to bed, but I couldn't resist the urge to take
a couple more pictures. I put a nearby chair behind
where Rhonda was sitting and eased her up out of the water
resting against the chair. I spread her legs and
removed her top. I called her name a few times until
she opened her eyes, then snapped the picture. When I
reviewed it, it looked like she was awake, just showing
off her goodies for the camera. I slipped the nightgown
I had brought down with me over her head and helped her
up to the room.

To cap the evening off, I took off the nightgown once
in the room, laid her spread out face up on the bed,
opened the curtains, turned on all the lights, and went
outside to take a few more pictures. A guy came by
while I was taking the pictures and stopped to admire
the view. I explained that my wife got d***k and I was
taking these pictures to teach her a lesson. He
chucked, said she really looked great that way, and
should probably leave her that way the rest of the

I said I would but the lights would bother me and I
wouldn't be able to get to sl**p. He asked if I minded
waiting until he got his camera and took a couple
souvenir shots. So I said sure and waited for him to
return. I took pictures of him taking pictures of Rhonda.
When I went in I shut off the lights and left her lying
there with the curtains open and the outside lights
spilling in. I went back outside and sure enough, she
was still visible if you took the time to look. A
number of people stopped as they wandered past the
window as the word got around. I was woken later by
what I thought was lightning, but realized someone had
just taken a picture through the window.

The rest of the trip to the beach was uneventful. Rhonda
stayed busy flirting with truckers on the CB to include
flashing a couple of truckers she thought were cute. We
arrived at the beach a little after noon and began
unpacking. As she was unpacking she found a couple of
extra items she did not remember packing. I told her
they were just a couple of beach things I had bought
for her and threw them in as a surprise.

One item was a pair of Capri pants that had cross
stitching from the cuff to the waist on each side and
the other was a short sundress that came about 4 inches
below her butt and had the sides secured by strings
that could either be tied tight together or as loose as
desired. As currently tied there was about a half inch
opening from under the arms down to the bottom with a
deep v cut neckline narrowing to thin straps over the
shoulder. I thought the dress was perfect for what I
had in mind. It was thin enough that a light behind her
would silhouette her perfectly, and I could only
imagine what it would look like with the strings let
out. And, of course, the presence of a bra or panties
would really look out of place.

The next day was our first day at the beach and Rhonda
decided to wear the white wicked weasel. She still
didn't know what happened to it when it got wet and I
was going to do my darndest to make sure didn't notice.
We found a perfect spot down from the place we were
staying and set up our beach mats. As skimpy as the
suit was, she got looks from everyone we passed as well
as everyone that passed us where we had parked

Rhonda commented on the fact that she enjoyed the
attention she was getting and thanked me for buying the
suits for her. I told her it was definitely my pleasure
and that I was proud of being with the hottest girl on
the beach. We had been laying out for about a half hour
when Rhonda said she wanted to walk up the beach a bit. I
used this as an opportunity to suggest we test the
ocean a bit to see how warm it was and then saunter up
the beach. We only went out to about our knees. As I
had hoped, the wave action had fairly well splashed us
from the waist on down.

When I had seen that the water had done its job, I
grabbed Rhonda by the hand and started up the beach. She
had adjusted the fit of the bottoms when she came out
but had never bothered to look down. The yellow one had
given a great view of her slit, but it didn't hold a
candle to what the white one did. The bottoms of the
white one seemed to disappear and for all intents and
purposes, Rhonda was walking up the beach naked from the
waist down.

The whiteness of the suit looked like tan lines. I kept
Rhonda occupied by pointing out different sights and she
never did realize the stares she was getting from
everyone we approached and passed were because of the
transparency rather than the skimpiness. By the time we
had reached our turnaround point, her suit was
beginning to dry so I suggested we cool off again by
stepping into the ocean. This time we went out and
splashed away in the ocean, going out to neck level.
When we returned to the beach for our walk back, both
top and bottoms were transparent.

I saw a lot of cameras taking pictures of us as we made
our way back to our blanket. We took another quick dip
prior to lying down with the same results. Rhonda still
had not realized what was happening to her suit. I got
out my camera, had her raise up on her elbows and I
took a few shots of what appeared to be my naked wife.
A guy from a nearby blanket came over and offered to
take a picture of us both together. I positioned her
sitting up with her arms around her knees and asked the
guy to make sure he got a good angle.

He understood exactly what I meant because the
resulting picture was a perfect shot of her entire
slit, as well as one breast. Rhonda lay back down and I
introduced myself as I retrieved my camera. I asked if
he would like to sit for a few minutes, which he jumped
at because it put him right next to Rhonda's knee where he
had a perfect view. He said he was with some friends,
but they were out at the flea market today. As we sat
there he watched the suit go from transparent back to
white opaque. He said he had never seen anything like
that before, but before he went any further I waved him
to the water away from Rhonda.

Once out of hearing range, I explained that Rhonda was
completely unaware of the fact what happened when her
suit got wet. He found this amusing, asked if we would
be out there again tomorrow and asked if it would be
all right for his friends to join us for a friendly
chat. I agreed and he asked if she would be wearing the
same suit again tomorrow. I said she would probably
wear the yellow one, which did basically the same
thing. I also casually mentioned that my wife got in a
friendly mood when she drank wine so I would probably
bring out an ice chest of wine coolers. He offered to
bring the beer.

We left shortly thereafter.

I told her the guy that had taken our picture asked if
he and a couple of his friends could join us tomorrow
for a few hours and that I said sure if it was all
right with her. As I suspected, she had no problems
with it. The next morning we went out for a Champaign
brunch at a local restaurant. I didn't know what might
happen, but I wanted to make sure Rhonda was in her
feeling friendly mood. She went through about six
glasses of Champaign but didn't realize it since I just
kept her glass full.

She was in a bubbly mood when we got back to the unit.
I told her it was almost time to meet the guys at the
beach and suggested she put her suit on while I went
out for some wine coolers. She surprised me when she
asked which suit she should wear. I told her she got so
many complimentary looks in the white one I thought she
should wear that one again. She said ok and would be
ready when I got back. When I got back she was ready to
go. I told her how really special she looked in her
suit and that I should find some in other colors and
styles. She thought that was fine. I am hoping I will
eventually be able to get her in an open mesh one I had
seen on the internet that even dry left nothing to the

We arrived at the same spot we were the day before and
were met by Gary and his two associates. Introductions
were made all around and we arranged ourselves in a
loose circle with the coolers in the center. I popped a
berry cooler for Rhonda and took the beer offered by Gary.
We joked around for about an hour when one of Gary's
friends suggested a dip in the ocean. Rhonda had downed a
couple more coolers and was feeling mellow by this
time. We all went into the water and splashed around in
the waves for a time.

Every time Rhonda stood up, her breasts were on display, a
fact appreciated by all of us. Once when she had swum
out a little, I heard one of Gary's friends comment
that when he heard about this suit he didn't believe
it, but he was definitely impressed with it and her.
Gary said that what he had already seen was nothing and
to wait until we got back to the blanket. Rhonda was still
in a good mood when we came out of the water.

As before, she simply adjusted her bottoms without
bothering to look down. The effect on the guys was
immediate. Each had a tent pole in his suit they tried
to hide as we seated ourselves. Rhonda sat Indian style
and pulled out another cooler. Rhonda didn't seem to
notice that no one could take his eyes off her crotch.
I asked the guys if they would gather around Rhonda and
let me get a couple of pictures. After that, Rhonda stood
and posed with her arm around each guy. Gary then
announced that he had rented a dune buggy and suggested
we pack up and go down the beach to this scenic spot he
had found with a pure white beach. So we packed up,
crowded aboard the buggy and headed out for the new

It was everything Gary said it would be, plus it was
secluded. We popped another round of drinks and by now
Rhonda was having a great time. We went back into the
water and when she came out this time she looked down
and saw what she had missed every time before. She was
initially embarrassed, but soon realized that she had
been on display most of the day and asked me why I
didn't tell her about the suit. I lied. I told her I
was as surprised as she was, but since she had been
having such a good time I didn't want to spoil it.

She finally accepted the situation and asked if
everyone had had a good laugh at her expense. We all
assured her that she looked great and praised her for
what a great figure she had. She said it wasn't fair
that she was the only one exposed, at which time all
four of us removed our suits. Rhonda followed. So we sat
there drinking, telling jokes, and generally having a
good time. Rhonda wanted some pictures of her and the
three guys and the guys each wanted one of them and Rhonda
alone. I used my camera and two they had brought with

After a while, Rhonda's eyes were starting to glaze over
and she began snuggling up to me, getting a little
frisky. I warned her to stop before she caught
something she wasn't chasing. She kept it up and soon
she was messing around with all of us. I told the guys
about a game we had played a couple months back and
asked if they would be interested. I got an
enthusiastic response. The only change would be that
when she guessed right she would get her reward and the
guy involved would get a hand job from Rhonda.

I didn't think it a good idea to be pushing anything up
into Rhonda's vagina because the sand could end up rubbing
her raw and that would ruin any fun I might have the
rest of the week. We found a cloth in the dune buggy
that served as a mask and two of us took turns holding
her arms down while the guy orally stimulating her
would hold her legs down. This game lasted well over an
hour. I told the guys on her arms that her nipples were
super sensitive and they should be working on them
while the appropriate selectee was buried between her

The game was just as much fun this time as before. Rhonda
had four whopper orgasms and each of us enjoyed the
thrill of both a blow job and hand job, and when it was
over; we took one last swim, put our suits back and
headed back. The blow job was Rhonda's idea.

I suggested we spend part of the next day cruising the
mall and maybe hitting the miniature golf place up the
street after we caught some early beach time. I
suggested she wear the new sundress I had bought her so
she tried it on to see how it fit. She liked the look
but thought the strings would have to be loosened to
give her more room.

I told her not to worry, that I would loosen them for
her. She didn't have any problem with the fact that she
wouldn't be wearing anything underneath. By now she was
used to it. What she didn't see was the view I was
getting as she stood in the entrance to the balcony.
The light, showing through the fabric, allowed a fairly
good view of her body parts. While the dress was still
on her I loosened the strings to allow for about a 3 to
3 and a half inch gap on each side. She said that felt
better and removed it before I could see the effect it
had. While she was taking a shower I loosened the
strings another inch from the waist on down. I didn't
think she would notice the change.

The next morning we went down to the beach early to
catch a few rays. While there we ran into Gary and his
friends. We declined his offer to go back to the
secluded beach saying we were going to get a little
shopping and golfing in. We all kind of BSed a bit with
Gary asking Rhonda if she was going in the water in her
yellow suit. She laughed and said catch her when she
has had a few drinks. We left the beach shortly before
noon, changed into the clothes we planned on wearing
shopping and headed out. As I hoped, Rhonda had not
noticed the increased gap at the bottom half of the

As I walked beside her I couldn't believe the effect
the side gap had. Under her arms it didn't make much of
a difference. I could see the beginning of the side of
her breast, which was to be expected. But the effect at
the bottom was something else. Each time she took a
step, the gap in the side swung in such a way that at
one step I could see across her entire front and with
the other her backside came into view. I was sure the
effect was the same on the other side. I didn't need
the thinness of the material to show her off, the side
openings did that in spades.

A lot of people that we passed in the mall were totally
unaware of the view that Rhonda's dress provided. But
those that did notice were brought up short staring at
the view they were getting. The view at the mini-golf
was fantastic because each time Rhonda lined up to hit the
ball, the front of the dress swung forward and from the
side she was completely exposed from her nipples to her
knees. Many, many people watched us as we made our way
around the course. I knew that this dress was a
definite keeper.

By now Rhonda was becoming more comfortable with the role
in which I was placing her. Rhonda had become a sexual
goddess, constantly looking for pleasure. She commented
on the appreciative looks she was receiving and the
enjoyment she was getting from seeing the reactions she
was having on people – the shocked look on many women
and the bulges showing up in the pants of the men. It
was not unusual to come home and find her completely
naked from doing housework during the day, something
that would never have happened before. Since Rhonda said
she was not into pain, we stayed away from S&M type

It was Rhonda who came up with our next adventure. We had
been surfing the net and came across a chat room where
a couple described how the guy's wife would be let out
of the car naked and she would have to make her way
back home without being seen. Rhonda thought about this a
while and thought it would make for an interesting

The next evening Rhonda got completely undressed, got into
the passenger side of the car and said she wanted to be
dropped up the street a bit. I took a couple pictures
of her seated in the car, then drove out of the garage
to a place a couple blocks away. I pulled to the side
of the road. When no one was coming, Rhonda got out of the
car. I took pictures of her exiting the car and moving
out into the yard of the house we had stopped in front
of. I then drove off, turned around down the block, and
pulled over to the curb to ensure her safety (although
she was not aware I was still around).

At first Rhonda kind of slinked from yard to yard, keeping
in the shadows and hiding whenever a car or pedestrian
came down the street. The most interesting pictures I
got were her crossing the intersection. Since there was
no place to hide, she had to dash across the street in
full view of whoever happened to be driving by.
Needless to say, her condition did not go unnoticed.
When she entered our block, I drove around to get in
front of her so I would be there when she got home. To
make it more interesting, I locked the doors so she
could not gain immediate access. She first came to the
back door, but I waved her away saying she should come
to the front.

At first she didn't want to, but I said that when she
was ready, just ring the front door bell and I would
let her in. It took a few minutes, but finally I heard
the ring of the front door bell. I went to the door,
turned on the porch light, then let her in. She said I
was a real bastard, but I could tell from her flushed
cheeks that she was really turned on. My fingers on her
pussy confirmed this. She quickly unbuckled my pants
and attacked me in the foyer.

Our sex was short, but intense with Rhonda having multiple
orgasms. She later explained how frightened she was at
first, but as time went on, how her fear was fueling
her excitement, especially the fact that what she was
doing was highly i*****l and could result in her
getting arrested. She suggested we needed to do
something like this again, but maybe away from the
house. I filed this away for future reference.

The next Saturday was my birthday and Rhonda asked me if I
wanted anything special this year. Without hesitation I
said that the greatest gift she could ever give me was
to be my sex slave for the entire weekend, Friday
evening through Sunday evening, to do whatever I
wanted, to who ever, where ever I wanted and when I
wanted. She thought about it for a couple of minutes,
then with a smile agreed. She would put herself
completely under my total control for the weekend. I
then told her I had some meetings out at Colorado
Springs Thursday and Friday and wanted her to go with
me. Since she rarely went on business trips with me she
lit up and happily agreed to go.

The trip out and the time spent at the Springs was
uneventful. Rhonda spent the days shopping while I was in
meetings and the evenings were taken up with business
socials that required my wife to put up a conservative
front. When not actively engaged in discussions, I
found my mind conjuring up various scenarios for the
week end from the mild to outrageous. The one thing I
did know was that on the flight back home I was going
to join the "mile high" club.

My final meeting ended at 5 pm. I called Rhonda to tell
her I was on my way back to the hotel and that when I
arrived her weekend as my sex slave would begin. I
wanted her bathed and shaved and ready for me. During
lunch I had stopped at the Gap and selected some
outfits for future outings. The outfit I selected for
the evening was a short blue sundress that buttoned
down the front and came a couple inches below her butt
with thin spaghetti straps to hold up a v-neck top.
Although not see through, the outline of her body could
be easily seen when backlit by the sun or a strong

When I arrived at the hotel, I could tell that not
knowing what was going to happen this weekend was
turning her on. She met me at the door wearing just the
white terry robe provided by the hotel. Our hotel room
was on the third floor facing the rear parking lot. I
told Rhonda to stand in front of the window until she
caught the attention of anyone. I didn't think it would
take too long since the Western sum had the room lit up
like a spotlight.

I noticed a couple of men who were walking toward the
hotel, one of whom pointed up at Rhonda's window. I told
Rhonda to very slowly untie her robe until it fell open.
This stopped the guys in their tracks, staring up to
see what was going to happen next. I then had Rhonda slide
the robe off until she was standing there totally naked
then begin to play with herself. She was to do this
until on the verge of orgasm, but was not to cum.

She initially closed her eyes, but I instructed her to
look directly at the men and smile as she rubbed
herself and slid fingers in and out of her pussy. Just
as she was about to cum I yelled at her to stop and
walk away from the window, leaving two very excited
watchers in the parking lot. Rhonda expected me to let her
finish, but I told her that her relief would be
forthcoming soon.

I gave Rhonda the blue sundress I had purchased for her
and told her to put it on, but not to wear any bra or
panties. With her hair up in a ponytail, the results
were startling. She looked exactly like a very hot
teenager. Her nipples were clearly visible and her legs
seemed to go on forever. I gave her nipples a quick
squeeze and found her pussy to be complete drenched. I
had her lay back on the bed and buried my face between
her legs. I licked, nibbled, bit and thoroughly enjoyed
bringing her close to orgasm, then backing off. I did
this time and time again, each time enjoying hearing my
wife begging me to finish what I had started. When I
felt she was sufficiently aroused I got up and told her
it was time for dinner.

While we were sitting at our table enjoying our drinks
we saw the two guys from the parking lot enter the
dining room and sit a couple tables away from us. One
of the guys noticed Rhonda and from the way he looked at
her and pointed her out to his companion it was obvious
they recognized her as the girl in the window. I
mentioned this to Rhonda and told her to look over at them
and give them a smile. I was curious as to what their
reaction would be.

I watched them as they discussed what I was sure was
what they should do, until one of the men approached
and introduced himself. He seemed a bit nervous as he
explained he had seen Rhonda standing in the window and
asked if we minded him and his friend joining us for
dinner. I told them that we would be happy to have them
join us. Since Rhonda and I were seated across from each
other, they took the chairs on either side of Rhonda. I
asked if they had enjoyed Rhonda's show to which they
eagerly said yes.

I explained that this weekend was my birthday and that
my gift from my wife was that she would be my sex slave
for the weekend. They thought I was putting them on so
I had Rhonda confirm what I had said. The guy to my right
was named Steve. I asked if he wanted proof. When he
said he did I told Rhonda to open her left leg. I told
Steve to put his hand on her knee. When he did, Rhonda
didn't move. I told him I had told my wife she could
not wear any panties and asked him to verify she had
followed my instructions.

Steve's mouth dropped open, but took the opportunity to
run his hand up her leg until Rhonda's intake of breath
told me he had reached her pussy. As Steve played with
her I invited his associate to help himself to the
other leg. Rhonda opened up and soon had two sets of hands
playing with her legs and pussy. When I saw she was on
the edge of orgasm I had them stop. I told them I did
not want her to cum yet, but if they were free for the
evening we could have fun with Rhonda as our sex toy. They
of course accepted.

Throughout dinner I had Rhonda keep her legs open and
invited both guys to help themselves; however if they
took her over the edge, their evening was over. By the
time dinner was over, Rhonda was again on a sexual high.
Her cheeks were flushed red and she was squirming in
her seat, a sure sign she was totally aroused. I asked
the guys what we should do next and both said they
would like to take her to the room and fuck her. I told
them how boring that suggestion was and that I had a
better idea in mind. I had this place in mind that I
thought they would enjoy if they were up for it. They
paid the bill and we got up to leave.

Walking out of the hotel to the car drew everyone's
attention. Rhonda begged me to let her get herself off,
but I refused and said she would be sorry if she did
before I said it was ok. I was amazed at how aroused
she was. I put her in the back seat between Steve and
Fred and had her d**** her knees over each of their
legs. I once again invited them to enjoy themselves,
but to remember she was not allowed to cum until I gave
the ok.

When I looked in the rear view mirror, they had slipped
the top down to her waist to meet the bottom of her
dress which was also at her waist. As I drove along,
the sounds coming from the back seat told me everyone
was enjoying them selves. They were both vigorously
attacking her breasts and pussy, while they had removed
their cocks and had her jacking them off. I told them
that Rhonda really enjoyed sucking cock and that she would
be happy to accommodate them, which she did.

A few miles out of town I pulled into a little shopping
area that had an adult superstore I had visited the day
before. I reminded Rhonda that she was my sex slave and of
her promise to do whatever I said. By now I could see
that the only thing that Rhonda really wanted was to get
some relief from the constant arousal she was getting.
We all walked into the store and began scanning the
shelves. There were three or four other customers in
the store who took an immediate interest in my wife.

We went to one of the side aisles and I told Rhonda to
reach up on the top shelf and get one of the videos for
me to read. She had to stand on her toes and when she
reached up, her dress raised to expose the bottom half
of her ass. When I told her to put it back, she had an
audience of six who watched the show. I then moved to a
position where everyone in the store could see and told
her to get me a DVD off the bottom shelf. When she
started to squat down to retrieve it I stopped her and
told her to bend over at the waist to retrieve it. Of
course, this resulted in her entire butt and pussy
being exposed and the intake of her breath told me the
effect of bending had on her clit.

After having her put the DVD back we continued looking
over the products. I took her over to the vibrators and
had her pick up a few, having her fondle them like they
were the real thing. After picking out a couple I told
the owner that the day was my birthday and that my wife
was my sex slave for the weekend. He helped me pick out
a slave collar for her to wear and suggested that I
might want to check out the back room for a bit.

I already knew about the glory hole arrangement he had
in the back and agreed it might prove interesting since
my wife had been begging me and my friends for sexual
relief. He asked if she would really do whatever I
said. I turned to Rhonda and asked if there was anything
she would not do if I asked. She said no. The owner
asked if he could feel her breasts and I said to go
ahead. He came around the counter, slipped the straps
off her shoulders until her breasts were exposed, and
began fondling her breasts.

I could tell how this turned her on. He pulled the
straps back up and told her to raise the hem of her
skirt to give him access to her pussy. When she did he
immediately noticed how red her labia were and
mentioned he had never seen a clit so ready for action.
I told him what we had been doing and the effect it was
having on her.

With my permission he began playing with her clit. The
effect was immediate and Rhonda started an orgasm she
could not hold back. When she was finished I reminded
her that she had disobeyed me and needed to be
punished. I turned to the owner and asked him to select
a paddle for me. I pulled over a stool and told Rhonda to
put her elbows on the stool. Once she was in position,
I lifted her dress until it d****d around her neck like
a scarf, leaving her completely exposed from the
breasts on down. I then proceeded to give her a
spanking for disobeying me. Once her butt was a rosy
red I stopped and had her stand up until her dress
dropped back down to cover her. She had tears in her
eyes and promised to be a better slave in the future.

The owner said that a short stint in the back room was
just what the doctor ordered. I led her to the back and
entered the room that was about five by six with
mirrors on the upper half of the walls on three sides
and about a four to five inch hole in the two smaller
sides adjacent to the door. I told Steve and Fred to
take the booths on either side of us. I sat opposite
the door and told Rhonda to remove her dress.

A few minutes later we heard someone enter the room on
one side, followed by about a seven inch cock and balls
being inserted into the hole in our room. I told Rhonda
she was to fondle the cock until it was hard, then to
start jerking him off until he came. She reached over
and began doing what I had directed. I heard someone
come into the opposite booth so I had her move back to
the center of the room so she was accessible from both
sides. She continued playing with the first guy's cock
while an arm reached in and began playing with Rhonda's

I told her to stand up and bend over to suck on the
first guy's cock while the second guy was given free
access to her pussy to play with. I told her she was
free to cum on his fingers while finishing off the
first guy, which she did with a very loud muffled
scream. A limp dick was removed soon to be replaced by
another which was longer and fatter. I told her to push
the new dick back out the hole, turn around and put her
pussy up against the hole. I could tell when the new
dick was inserted into Rhonda's hole by the pleased
expression on my wife's face. She began rocking back
and forth on the new cock while sucking on the guy that
had given her the orgasm.

It only took a few moments for Rhonda to reach her next
orgasm and continued to work on both guys until each
came. Two more cocks appeared and while sitting on my
erect cock, brought each off with her mouth. After I
pumped my sperm into her I decided she had had enough
for now and didn't want her too sore and ruin the rest
of the weekend I had planned for her. I picked up her
dress, put it over my shoulder and told her to follow
me out to the car, being sure to smile and thank
everyone on the way out. As we left they cheered for
Rhonda and asked her to return real soon.

When we got in the car, Rhonda put her dress back on and
we headed for the hotel. I asked how she felt. She
admitted she was a little frightened at first, but once
she got into it had really enjoyed herself. I asked if
she would like to do something like that again some
time and she said it was a very distinct possibility.
When we arrived back at the hotel I had Rhonda thank the
guys for a wonderful time and we retired to our room.

Sunday morning she asked what was next so I told her
that I had volunteered to host my poker group that
evening and she would be there to serve drinks and
stuff. I said I had bought a special outfit for her to
wear and promised it would be a very exciting evening.
I told her to take a relaxing bath and to take a nap so
she would be fresh for the evening.

There are six of us that try to get together every
month for a friendly game of poker. We were supposed to
meet this month at one of the other guy's house, but I
got the game shifted to my place. I said I had a
surprise to show them I thought they would enjoy. The
game got started and everyone began asking about the
surprise I had promised. It was then that I called Rhonda
into the room. Their eyes about popped out of their
head when they saw Rhonda in the French maid outfit I had
her in, complete to the push up bra and frilly panties.
I told them that the day was my birthday and Rhonda had
agreed to do whatever I asked of her for the day. One
of the guys was skeptical and told me to prove it.

I told Rhonda to go over, sit on his lap and give him a
really friendly French kiss which she did. Another said
I should have her put on a strip show for us, but I
told him all in good time. Rhonda took our drink orders
and disappeared back into the kitchen. I promised them
a very good evening providing that whatever happened
there stayed there. Of course, they all agreed. When
Rhonda returned she began serving the drinks, being sure
to bend over at each person's place giving them a good
view of her breasts that were exposed to just above her

A couple of the guys ran their hands up and down her
leg and commented on how really hot she looked. It was
at that point that I called Rhonda over, reached under her
extremely short shirt and apron and removed her frilly
panties. This almost complete exposed her butt. Rhonda
blushed a bit and did a little curtsey. I then pushed
down the front of the bra so her breasts sat out on the
bra with her perky nipples sticking straight out. I
then laid down the rules for the first part of the
evening. We would play out a hand and Rhonda would stand
next to the winner of the hand while the next hand was
played out.

The winner was free to let his hand wander where ever
he wanted, but was not allowed to let Rhonda reach orgasm.
I had Rhonda lift up her skirt and showed how the
excitement of the evening was affecting her clit and
said that in this state she was very, very sensitive so
act accordingly. The game began. For the next half hour
Rhonda was teased in everyway possible. Her breasts were
caressed, squeezed, and nipples pinched. Her pussy and
ass were fully explored to the point that her slit was
spread wide open and clit sticking out like a large
pencil eraser. Rhonda reached the point of orgasm a dozen
times, but was never allowed over the edge.

When I thought the time was right, I had her do a
really sexy strip tease. By the time she was finished
everyone at the table was sporting a tent in his pants.
We continued the game for a couple more hands until I
told Rhonda to sit on the edge of the pool table. I told
her to spread her legs wide open and begin playing with
herself until she came. I then laid her back on the
table and everyone gathered around. I had two guys
start sucking on her nipples and positioned another
between her legs and had him start licking her clit
until she came. Everyone wanted to take turns fucking
her. I asked Rhonda how she felt about that but all she
said was that my wish was her command.

Everyone took turns fondling, licking, and sucking to
their hearts content. I then took her off the table and
told everyone to get undressed. Everyone was obviously
excited and I pointed out to Rhonda the effect she was
having on everyone there. I then had her pick out two
of the guys. She bent over to suck on the first guy and
the second one began fucking her doggy style. When they
were finished, two more took their place. When they
were finished I had her lay on the carpet for the fifth
guy to raise up her legs and enter her from above. Rhonda
reached out and grabbed two of the guys and started
jerking them off while the other two played with her

I have no idea how many times Rhonda came, but it almost
seemed continuous. It appeared that Rhonda had as much fun
at this as each of the guys and when everyone had been
satisfied I told her she could leave and I would be
with her shortly. I ended the game and ushered each
out. It was then my turn. Even though she had more
orgasms than I could count during the evening, it
didn't take long until she was screaming my name and
shouting, "Yes... Yess! YESSS!" We fell asl**p in each
others arms. It was a birthday I will never forget.


The next morning I told her how much I had enjoyed my
birthday present and just how much I truly loved her.
She said that except for the spanking she had a
fabulous time. She had never realized just how turned
on a person could get and the intensity of her orgasms
were beyond anything she could have imagined. She was
curious what other adventures I might have in store for

I promised her I would give it considerable thought. I
asked if there was anything she would not do if I
asked. She said she was putting her complete trust in
me, confident that I would never ask her to do anything
that would put her in danger. Beyond that, anything

Over the next few months we tended to fall into much of
the same things we had done in the past but it never
seemed to lose the flavor of excitement we had savored
when first attempted. We almost got kicked of the ski
slope when Rhonda thought it would be neat to ski topless
and the pictures I got of her as a naked snow angel
were priceless.

I now had the wife I had always dreamed about.
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The Wall

Part 1

The heat waves shimmered in the distance, inexorably rising off the sand in an unmerciful display of Mother Nature’s authority. My dog was nowhere to be found. Off to the left, the sounds of c***dren splashing in the water could be heard, the day was the first really hot day of the year so far signaling the beginning of what looked like another beautiful summer vacation.

It was the summer of '69. It was the summer of my first love. I would never have a summer like the one I had that year, as you only ever have one first love. More than that it was the summer I learned what it was to become a man, not just defined by gender, but a man as defined by his actions.

I was a fairly independent 14 year old boy, the man of the house since my father had died a couple years earlier. I’d gotten up on that warm Monday morning excited about vacation, mom had already left for work so I fixed myself some breakfast and took a quick shower. I spent most of the day sitting near the fan trying to make the snow go away from the TV until I had to go to work.

Money was something we didn’t have to spare so I had an afterschool paper route to earn my own money. My route was torcher that day as the heat bore down on me, making me so hot and thirsty I came home and drank about half the carton of orange juice we had in our fridge. I walked to the couch and sat down by the fan, but I decided take my dog, Rigby, to the local dog beach so we could play.

Despite the heat it was a very nice day out and I didn’t want to sit inside. It wasn’t a long walk to the beach only about twenty minutes or so, but on a day like today walking in the heat made it seem like hours. I was happy to have some pocket cash as I bought an ice cream sandwich on the way.

As soon as we arrived I unclipped Rigby’s leash and let him run around. I was slowly following in the direction he had run off in when I ran into a group of my friends. I stopped to talk to them for a few minutes and to check out the girls on the beach. It didn’t take long to lose track of time as we made jokes and looked at all the bikini clad girls running past us.

It wasn’t long before I realized I should go and find out where Rigby had run off to as I could hear him barking in the distance. He was a good dog but his energy often got him in trouble as a lot of people thought he was to hyper. I was running down the beach to find out what Rigby was barking at, when I tripped on some one half buried in the sand. I fell hitting the sand face first dropping down next to the person I had caught my foot on.

“I’m so sorry,” I said hoping I hadn’t hurt the person.

“It’s ok, are you alright Tommy?” Asked the sweetest voice. It was only then I realized that it was Cassie I had tripped on.

“I’m fine,” I said trying to regain some of my dignity, “I didn’t know you had come home yet,” I told her trying to act cool and as if my face didn’t sting a little.

“I only got back a couple days ago,” she told me sitting up slightly.

“I’m really surprised your mom let you come down here alone.” I said scanning the beach.

“I was too, but mom was really busy and my b*****r left about eight months ago,” she reminded me.

“How is your f****y?” I asked.

“Not great,” she started looking at her feet, “Robert got sent to Vietnam after boot camp. Mom is so worried about him and dad doesn’t want to talk about it. Mom said that Dad’s just worried that Robert will end up like…………..”

“My Dad,” I finished for her when she paused, “its ok we never really talk about it at my house either.”

Cassie smiled at me as she sat up all the way now, the sand falling away from her body as she did so. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing she had breasts now and I couldn’t look away; the little girl who had left me last September had really changed, I noticed the heat forming in my cheeks as I looked at her newly developed body.

“Well I’m glad your back,” I told her hearing my voice crack a little. What was going on with me? This is Cassie the same little brat I had known all my life, why was she making me nervous now? It was at that moment Rigby came running back to me breaking up the tension that was growing in me.

“OOOh I missed him so much,” Cassie said picking Rigby up and hugging him. Rigby wiggled out of her arms and ran down the beach to the edge of the water splashing around but not going in. My dog had always loved to splash and get wet but had always been scared of going in the water past his legs and swimming.

“I’ll be right back,” Cassie said standing up, “I want to jump in really quick.” With that she followed Rigby down the beach and swam out into the ocean. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her in that swim suit, it was the first time I had seen her that close to naked and I was mesmerized by her beauty.

I sat and thought about Cassie as I watched her swim, I had known her all my life, she was a year younger than me and had always lived in the apartment next door. For as long as I could remember she had followed me around, somehow knowing where I was and showing up uninvited to my dismay. My friends had always made fun of me about her and jokingly called her my girlfriend; I had always thought of her more as a bratty little s****r.

Our fathers had been c***dhood friends all growing up in the same neighborhood, when they were young they were inseparable, the best of friends. All through school my father had always protected Greg, Cassie’s father, who was more into books then sports and had been harassed a lot. When they graduated high school Greg went to work with his father at a saw mill and my dad having nothing better lined up had gone into the military.

That is why we lived next door to Cassie and her f****y, Dad worried about mom and me during the times he wasn’t able to come home. With his best friend next door in case of emergencies dad felt safe being overseas knowing that Greg would look after us. I loved Uncle Greg (as I called him) but it was hard for me having Cassie living next door, between school and home it felt like she never gave me a moment’s peace.

Then that all changed a couple years ago when my dad died, Greg had always liked to drink but now his drinking had become something worse. The man had gone from one of the nicest men I had known to being d***k almost every night. I had been devastated at the news of my father’s death as I loved and looked up to him so much but what no one could have imagined was that it would be Greg who took things the hardest.

It wasn’t long after my father had died that Greg stopped hanging around with our f****y, I talked to my mom about it one night and she simply told me that we all greave in our own ways and that Greg would figure it out in his own time.

Within weeks of my dad’s death Greg decided that he didn’t want Cassie and I to not be left alone together anymore. That is when the constant chaperoning started with her mom and b*****r. For some reason he thought we would get in trouble if left alone together. At the time I was only twelve and couldn’t understand what kind of trouble he thought we might get into.

It was the beginning of the next school year Greg decided that Cassie needed to be pulled out of public school, so the arrangements were made and he sent her to an all-girl boarding school. I don’t know where her f****y found the money for that but she had been sent away.

That first year she was away I felt weird as I had actually gotten used to having her around. To my surprise I found myself actually missing my little shadow, I hadn’t realized until that moment how much I had grown to care for her. It was kind of strange going to the movies or sitting at school during lunch without her being at my side.

She came back from school the summer of 68, twelve years old all freckled and adorable. She went right back to following me around everywhere, instead of trying to chase her away that summer I began to talk to her, and we became real friends for the first time. The only difference to that summer was that where ever we were her big b*****r or her mom wasn’t that far in the distance.

Cassie’s b*****r, having just graduated had a lot of free time and only being a few years older than us would often join in on whatever we were doing, I really didn’t mind as Justin was like a cool older b*****r to me. But when Cassie’s mom was watching she would hang back far enough to make sure we all knew she was there but also far enough away that we could talk and joke without having to be worried about being overheard.

Summer of 68 had been really fun and I found I liked having a girl-friend I could confide things in. We talked about everything, and I found she wasn’t embarrassed to answer confusing questions I had about girls. She would giggle and do her best to explain whatever I had just asked, and then she would ask me all kinds of questions about boys. I had never talked to a girl about the things we discussed, often I was way more embarrassed then she was.

I found I was really saddened again when the summer ended and she was sent back to school, I stood in my apartment at my window and watched her dad drive her off on the last day of summer vacation and I felt something new inside me, something I didn’t understand. It was sadness mixed with a need to be around her, kind of hard to explain but It almost made me tear up to see her leave.

Rigby came running up the beach again breaking me out of my flashback and I tried to clip his leash on him but he took off again. I followed him up the beach to a small nook in the rock wall on the south side of the beach. I finally managed to get his leash on him and I tied it to a large rock so he couldn’t run off again. I looked up and continued to watch Cassie swimming again and I could feel myself turning red in the face.

Cassie came out of the water and looked around I called to her so she could see where we had gone and I sat down. The sand was now washed off her body she was glistening in the light and I could feel my jeans tightening. I had never thought of Cassie and gotten an erection before but looking at her in that bathing suit was too much. Her body had really changed this year; she had developed into a very beautiful 13 year old girl.

Cassie gathered up her things and sat down next to me and I was happy to have found a little spot where we were somewhat alone to talk. She began to tell me about her year at school, I don’t think I heard more than three or four words I was so taken with her I couldn’t think straight. Her nipples were hard and visible through her swim top and my erection was getting harder as I tried not to stare at her body.

The strange feelings I felt as she drove away last summer were filling my body making me shaky and tingle. I still didn’t know what it was I was feeling but I was feeling flushed and I could feel myself pressed hard against my zipper, begging to explore these new desires.

I sat fidgeting for about twenty minutes as she talked away, I was happy just to sit, I was dreading the moment she wanted to leave as it would mean standing up and giving away the fact I was hard for her. It would be embarrassing and I didn’t want her to think I was a pervert and make fun of me.

I was sitting there freaking out in my own head when without I kissed her. I don’t know where I found the nerve or what went through my mind but I kissed her with more passion then I knew I had for her. This was the first time I had kissed a girl and it was amazing, my head was spinning as I felt her lips, they were so soft and tasted like cherry lip balm.

I was really shaking as I placed my arms around her back, I could feel her bare skin under my fingertips. I could feel myself leaking into my boxer shorts, and my embarrassment only grew, but this was the best moment of my life and if she noticed the wet spot on my jeans later I didn’t care this was worth it.

Cassie opened her mouth slightly and I tentatively began to slide my tongue along her lips nervously beginning to explore. She moaned as I did this and shot her tongue inside my mouth deeply and with a great urgency, and I grew bolder doing the same to her. We were now laying on the sand kissing so passionately, blissfully unaware of the world around us.

Our whole lives had led to this kiss and it felt more right than anything ever had in my young life, I wanted her so bad, needed her, I loved her. That thought hit me so hard and scared me so much I pulled away from her. I moved my face away without our eyes ever breaking away from the locked gaze we had on each other.

Had I really just thought to myself that I loved her? Was love really that the strange feeling that I had begun to get around her? Was it possible that I really was in love with little Cassie? The girl who I had spent the bulk of my life trying to get away from? Kissing her had felt so good, so perfect, was that love too? I was too young to really understand all the emotions running through me.

Cassie put a stop to my wondering mind; I was staring into those wonderful blue eyes, our souls melting together when she moved in and began to kiss me again. We lay back into the sand again with her lying on top of me, she brought her knee up and I could feel her body jump slightly as it made contact with my erection.

I was more embarrassed than ever for a moment, I really wanted to touch her newly grown breasts but I was too scared to try so I wrapped my arms around her back again rubbing her bare skin gently. I couldn’t believe the need I felt for her, or the passion, it was like we were two separate pools of water flowing together into one. I was in heaven and scared out of my mind all wrapped in one moment, so when we broke apart I was both disappointed and relieved.

“WOW,” Cassie breathed out, “That was so real……….. I mean………..”

“I know……… I ………..” was all I could reply.

“I mean I wanted to……………. But I was scared that you……….. Wouldn’t……….. Want me,” she said both catching her breath and looking down. She had a definite tone of sadness to the last two words.

“I…………. I like you……….. I just don’t know…………….. How to put it…….. I’m scared, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah,” she says simply and smiles at me. We sit without words for a few moments and I take her hand and hold it making her smile again. I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I don’t know if what we just did makes us a couple or what this makes us at all.

We sit through more silence just holding hands as time passes along, Rigby is jumping around restlessly and I really want to say something to Cassie but I don’t know what. I was working on an emotional level I had never felt, but I thought if I was brave enough to kiss her then I should be brave enough to ask her what was on my mind.

“Cassie Lynn Tuner,” I finally manage, I wanted to use her whole name for what I was about to say, “Do you want to………. Be…… my…….. Girlfriend?” I say more nervous with each word. She looks at me smiling, her blue eyes sparkling and she kisses my cheek.

“You’re so silly,” she says to me softly smiling ear to ear, “I’ve always been your girlfriend.” I realize how stupid I’ve been all these years as its only at that moment I realize that was the reason she has spent her whole life at my side, she had been patiently waiting for today. Waiting for me to catch up and acknowledge the fact we were really meant to be. More silent hand holding followed as we didn’t know what to say, we just sat and watched people walk by swimming and playing.

We finally began kissing again sometime later, we were enjoying ourselves and our new found closeness so much that we lost track of time. It was beginning to get dark before I looked at my watch; it was almost 9:00. I freaked out as it was well after my curfew.

“We have to go, I was supposed to be home an hour ago,” I told her untying Rigby and taking his leash. Cassie picked up her clothes and put on her shorts and her tank top over her now dried swimsuit, before walking with me down the beach.

We were running really late and both knew we would get in trouble by our parents when we got home, so we walked slow and held hands the whole way home. I almost tripped four times along the way because I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she looked like a beautiful angel to me that night and I couldn’t figure out why I had never seen it before.

Once arriving at our building we kissed in the elevator until we reached our floor. We walked to our doors and I tip toed as quietly as I could, turned the knob opening the door slowly but as I should have expected my mom was sitting in the chair by the door when I got home.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” she asked, “Your more than an hour late.” She had a stern look on her face but I knew her well enough to know that she was just happy I was home safe.

“Rigby took off down the beach and I had a hard time finding him,” I lied, “Then when I did he took off again before I could get the leash on him.”

“Really?” she asked with a cracked smile, “It had nothing to do with the fact that I saw you holding hands with Cassie as you walked up just now?” I knew she had caught me but I knew how to think fast.

“Well as I was walking home and I tripped on Cassie because she was buried in the sand sl**ping.” I hoped mom believed me as most of what I said was true just out of context, but I had learned years ago that when you lie put as much truth as possible in it.

“And you only did the gentlemanly thing and walked her home, right?” She said fully smiling now and I knew I was off the hook for being late.

“Well I couldn’t let a young lady walk home alone,” I joked as I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge to see what we had to eat, as now that I was home I realized it had been since breakfast since I had something to eat besides ice cream.

“Just try to get home earlier the next time you two k**s are………… out,” Mom said following me into the kitchen and giving me a knowing look, “So your holding hands with Cassie now?”

“Mom,” I said softly, “It’s no big deal.”

“Do we need to have a talk about being responsible?” She asked me grinning.

“MOM!” I cried out, “It’s not like that.”

“Ok just be careful Tommy young girls hearts break easy,” she said tenderly walking back into the living room.

I fixed myself a sandwich and walked into my room, I was about to turn on my radio when I heard the sound of crying coming through the wall. I placed my plate on my dresser and put my ear to the wall. I couldn’t hear the conversation well enough to repeat it word for word but I understood enough to know Greg was yelling at Cassie for coming home so late.

Cassie’s room was right on the other side of my bedroom wall and I could always hear her dad yelling when she was in trouble. I always felt bad when I heard Greg screaming at her, as it seemed like he was angry at her all the time for anything. It made me realize how great my mom really was as she rarely got mad at me.

Cassie was crying and I couldn’t understand her at all, Greg was so d***k and often slurred his words so bad that I couldn’t understand half of them. From what I could tell he was telling her that she wasn’t to leave the house un-chaperoned anymore. Then he yelled something at Cassie’s mom about letting Cassie out of her sight.

I could hear Cassie’s mom, Grace, crying out about how sorry she was but Cassie was 13 now and should be given some space. Then I heard what sounded like a loud pop, most likely a slap and more crying from Grace now. Cassie screamed out, “Stop it DADDY.”

Greg turned his attention back to Cassie as he began to yell at her again, saying something almost intangible about boys and getting in trouble, he said he wasn’t going to take care of some bastard c***d if she got pregnant. From there I couldn’t understand anything else he said.

I felt worse than ever tonight, this time it was my fault her dad was yelling at her. I wished I could jump in and help but I didn’t know what I would do anyway, I was only a k**. I missed my Uncle the way he had been when my dad was alive. He never used to yell like that before, I felt like if my dad was still here he could do something, he could talk to his friend or step in and stop the yelling and hitting.

The d***ken temper tantrum went on for about another ten minutes before I heard a door slam. I knew her bed was against the connecting wall and I could hear her sobbing softly, I listened to her cry trying to think of what to do.

I wished I could hold her and tell her it was going to be ok. I just stood there for a few minutes listening to her and I don’t know why but I knocked on the wall softly, in a rhythmic way to let her know I was here for her. I heard her go quiet and I knocked again slightly louder and this time I think she understood. It was only seconds later I could hear soft knocking from her side. I smiled and knocked a third time and she responded again. After a couple minutes of knocking back and forth I picked up my sandwich and switching on the radio, it was playing “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR which seemed oddly fitting at that moment.

I sat on the bed and ate my dinner thinking about how the day went, I had really kissed a girl and her knee had briefly touched my dick. I got hard again thinking about kissing Cassie, I really wanted to do more kissing but if I heard things right then her parents wouldn’t be giving us the opportunity. I really hoped her dad would calm down by the end of summer so we could be alone together.

I hoped we didn’t have to wait a long time as just the thought made me so horny. I put my plate on the floor and scooted back in my bed. I switched off my bedroom light and slowly began to unzip my pants and dropping them to the floor as well. I paused to listen for a minute to make sure my mom wasn’t walking around, I didn’t want to get caught, when I heard light snoring coming from the living room I knew I was ok.

My eyes closed as my hand found its way inside my boxers, I began to relive the kissing and touching Cassie’s bare skin, and the memories pushed me over the edge quickly tonight as I had needed a release all afternoon. I reached into my dresser drawer a moment before I was done and pulled out an old shirt and used it to clean myself up. It had only taken minutes for me to give myself the hardest orgasm I had ever felt before. I lay on my bed exhausted and trying to calm my breathing folding up the now sticky old shirt and stuffing it back into my drawer.

It didn’t take me long to fall asl**p that night, as my mind was still running through the day. As I was drifting away Rigby came running through the doggy door I had installed at the bottom of my bedroom door, he jumped up on the bed and started walking around in circles until he found his spot at my feet and laid down to sl**p.

I woke up the next morning and took a shower before fixing something to eat. I was about to get dressed so I could take Rigby for his morning walk, still only wearing my boxer shorts and a t-shirt when I heard a knock at the door.

“Cassie, what’s up?” I asked answering the door. I looked down the hallway left and right to see if her mom was standing near her.

“Dad just left for work and Mom’s in the shower,” she told me, “I only have a minute, but I wanted………….. To thank you for yesterday,” she said wrapping her arms around me. I held hugged her back and she put her head on my shoulder.

“Sorry I got you in trouble,” I told her not letting go of her.

“It’s ok, was your mom mad?”

“No, she saw us, and she wasn’t mad.”

“You’re so lucky, my dad saw too and he was,” she said and I could hear her voice faultier. She sounded like she might cry again, “So you heard last night?”

“Yeah…………… I’m……………” I started.

“It wasn’t your fault, dad’s been………… angry for a long time now,” she said and she now was softly crying, “It made me feel good to know you were there last night………….. When you knocked I felt like you understood and really cared.”

“I………… just wanted you to know I was there and that I …………. I…………… I ………… love you Cassie,” I told her. She lifted her face in surprise and to be honest she probably saw the same look of surprise on mine. Despite the fact that I had just said it I was scared by it, I had been feeling it but I never meant to say it.

“Oh Tommy,” she squealed wiping the tears away from her eyes, “I’ve always loved you.” With that she pulled my head down to hers and kissed me with a new intensity we hadn’t had yesterday. I could feel myself growing in my shorts and her body was pressing against it.

Cassie pulled away suddenly, “I’m not allowed to see you anymore,” she informed me, her eyes drifting to the tent in my shorts.

“I heard some of that,” I replied, “But …………”

“Don’t worry, he’s just trying to protect me from……………” she paused, “Well from that,” she continued tilting her head down indicating my hard on and I was so embarrassed, “But he will get over it. Dad really does like you he’s just worried and d***k, it will be ok, we just have to be secret for now.”

“Ok,” I said simply then an idea hit me, “Just knock on the wall when you’re thinking of me, and I will knock back when I think of you too,” I said trying to calm myself down and she smiled at me.

“Like secret messages? I like that,” she said pressing against me and giving me a quick kiss.
“I have to go,” Cassie said giving me a little wink, “Mom should be out of the shower soon.” I leaned over and gave her one last kiss before she walked away again, and I closed my door. I had gotten so excited kissing her that I sat down and waited until I cooled off again before I got dressed and took Rigby outside.

The day moved slowly as I tried to watch TV and again couldn’t get the rabbit ears to get a clear channel. Star Trek had just that month gone off the air to my disappointment but channel 10 ran re-runs of the show during the day. I was determined to get the TV tuned so I could watch. After the show would have been well over I finally gave up and decided to tell mom we needed to buy foil for the antenna.

I made lunch and turned on the radio only to fight with the antenna on the stereo for about ten minutes to get a decent station. I sat on the couch and ate my lunch slowly; the radio began to play “Get Back” by the Beatles which was the most popular song that month and currently one of my favorite songs in general. I stretched out on my couch and closed my eyes listening to the song thinking about Cassie, there had to be a way to see her, touch her, talk to her, and be together but how could we do it?

I took Rigby out for a walk in the early afternoon, as I was walking away from the complex I could see Cassie sitting at her window but she didn’t see me when I waved. What had come over me? I asked myself suddenly. Only a couple days ago I hadn’t known she was home and now I was in love and staring at her, I decided that being 14 was very confusing.

I walked Rigby for about an hour until I was board; I looked at my watch to see it was still only 2 in the afternoon. When I got to my door my papers had arrived at the house and I got my papers ready and stuffed into my delivery bag and walked my paper route which always took me about an hour or so.

It was just after 3:30 when I got home again it was sad that I actually wanted my mom to come home just so I had someone to talk to, I had never before been so board that I wished to give up my alone time at home. I would just have to find something else to do this afternoon until 6 when she got home.

After I got home I wondered around aimlessly for about ten minutes then decided to rearrange my room. I shifted everything clockwise which now placed my bed on the dividing wall like Cassie’s on the other side. I liked the idea that we were kind of laying together despite the fact there was a wall between us.

Once done with my room it still was only about 4:30 so I decided to get back to the book I had been trying to read for some time now, it was a story written in the fifty’s about a ring and some little people trying to save middle earth.

Mom came home that night with a bag of groceries in hand. I had fallen asl**p on the couch my book had fallen to the floor and Rigby was sl**ping at my feet.

“Soooooo how was your day?” Mom asked with a grin. She walked into the kitchen and began to put the groceries away.

“Ok, I guess,” I said with a shrug, “Kind of boring.”

“Really? didn’t you see Cassie today?”

“Not really,” I said looking at my feet. Mom’s grin turned and she looked at me questionably.

“Did something happen? Did you decide not to see her anymore?” I loved my mom but she was also nosey at times. I didn’t know what to say to her.

“No, were ok, it’s Greg,” I paused for a minute trying to figure out how to put this, “He doesn’t want us to spend time together, he thinks we will get into trouble.”

“Oh,” Mom said as she began dinner, “I can understand what he’s worried about, but you’re a good boy, I’ll talk to him.”

“Thanks mom,” I said still looking at my feet.

Mom cooked up some spaghetti that night to cheer me up and it worked a little I wanted her to go over right now and talk to Greg but I didn’t want to push her if she was willing to help. After dinner we watched “I Dream of Jennie” then “The Debby Reynolds Show”. I went to bed that night after “The Red Skelton Hour”, I never understood why the reception was always better at night but at least mom and I could watch TV together. I remembered to ask her for some foil for the antenna the next time she was at the store.

I went to my room and lay on my bed; I was staring up at the ceiling for about a half an hour when I heard a light tapping on the wall. I began to tap back placing the palm of my other hand flat on the wall and waited until I could hear her knock again. We knocked back and forth for about ten minutes when I heard yelling from the other side of the wall.

I put my ear to the wall and listened, I couldn’t make out what was said but it was obvious that Greg was d***k and screaming about something. I heard Cassie yell that she wasn’t doing anything and to get out. This brought an eruption of angry undistinguishable words from Greg for a few minutes then another door slam.

I felt guilty for the second night in a row I had gotten her in trouble. How could I have not realized that the knocking could be heard by more than just us? I knocked lightly again to say that I understood and I was still there and she knocked only twice quickly in acknowledgement. I laid there facing the wall hoping she was doing the same, wanting to reach out to her. Four inches separated us, only four inches, it was so small a gap and such and yet such an impassable distance.

Part 2

June ended without any improvement, mom tried to talk to Greg one night when she saw him coming home from work, from what I heard hiding behind the door of our apartment it didn’t go well.

“I think it would be best if we kept our distance from him for a while,” she said softly walking into our apartment. I’m sure she could see the disappointment in my eyes.

“I don’t understand what happened, weren’t we all friends?” I asked mom. She bent down and looked me in the eyes and paused for a minute trying to pick her words.

“Greg has troubles that can only get worse if he doesn’t get help,” she said with a lot of caring in her voice, “We should just give them space until he can work some of that out.” I wasn’t sure I understood what she was saying. From what I could see was that the man was always d***k, but if alcohol was what was causing his problems couldn’t he just stop drinking? I really didn’t understand so I asked mom about it.

“Oh sweetheart, if life was so simple,” she said patting my shoulder, “The problem isn’t the drinking, the problem is the reasons he feels the need to drink.”

“Dad?” I asked tentatively.

“That is part of it, but I would say more over he can’t let go.”

“What does that mean?” I was more confused than ever.

“Ok sweetie it’s like what’s happening with you and Cassie,” she began, “He can’t face the fact that his baby girl is growing up. He still sees little girl when he looks at her.”

“I still don’t understand,” I was trying hard but I had been a sheltered k** and as book smart as I was I didn’t quite see what mom’s point was.

“Look what it comes down to is some people don’t cope well with change. Greg wants things to be like they were not as they are. He still can’t accept your father died so he doesn’t talk to us anymore. He doesn’t acknowledge that his baby is growing like you k**s are so he wants her to stay in her room and be his little girl and not talk to boys,” she explained and I finally got what she was saying.

“I get it, thanks mom, you’re the best,” I told her and she smiled big at me.

“Now I wish I could hear THAT every day,” she replied walking over and giving me a big hug. I meant it today, I wondered what I would do if I had parents like Cassie’s. I think I would run away and never come back.

Cassie continued to sneak over a couple times a week throughout the rest of June in the mornings when her mom was in the shower for some quick kissing. We talked about the wall knocking and decided we could only do a couple taps at a time to say hi. Her dad had come in yelling about her banging on the wall for attention. He hadn’t realized it was both of us or that we were communicating, he thought she had done all the banging herself out of anger and boredom from being grounded to her room.

During most of my days I had the same routine, fighting with the TV, as I tried often to add foil and coat hangers to make it work better. In afternoons I walked my paper route and usually took Rigby with me as his afternoon walk, and then I would come home and read my book. All of which I found more and more boring but I had nothing better to do.

In desperate need to get out of the house I went to the movies a couple times, rode my bike around town, went to the ice cream stand, hung out at the comic book shop and went back to the beach a few times.

At the beach I usually just hung out with whatever friends were there during the day. I would let Rigby run wild as he loved to do so much and I would sit with my friends as they ogled girls and talked about what it would be like to kiss them. I thought about kissing too, I knew what it was like to kiss a girl but I didn’t talk about it with them.

I didn’t tell my friends that Cassie was my girlfriend, she was special to me and I didn’t want to hear any jokes from them about it. My friends Allen and Mike were at the beach often and they wondered why I had all of a sudden stopped looking at the girls. I just shrugged and said that they were cute but I didn’t see one I really liked. They all made jokes at me and asked if I didn’t like girls anymore, I got tired of those jokes quickly. By the end of June I had enough of looking at random girls and I’d had more than enough of my friends jokes so I stopped going to the beach.

At night we began to knock only twice at 10:00 just to let the other one know that we were there and thinking about each other. I was living every day now looking forward to our morning hugs and kisses on the days she snuck over and I spent the rest of the days yearning for something as simple as a soft tapping through a wall.

It was the first of July and I was returning home from my paper route, walking Rigby and as I walked towards the building I looked up at Cassie’s window but I didn’t see her there. I looked down at my dog as we walked to the elevator when a folded piece of paper hit me in the side of the head. I looked up but didn’t see anyone, I picked up the paper and unfolded it; it was a note from Cassie;

Dear Tommy,

I saw you leave with Rigby and I wanted to tell you what happened this morning. My mom found me at the door when she got out of the shower, she guessed I was about to sneak out and she got mad at me. She said that when my dad gets home we all need to have a talk.

In the last few weeks I’ve been home I’ve noticed that dad’s drinking has gotten so much worse than it was when I left last year. He goes out every night after work and drinks with his coworkers and comes home so dunk that mom is scared of him now. If she tries to talk to him about his drinking, the bills or how he’s keeping me locked in the house he hits her and he yells at me.

I think part of it has to do with my b*****r, getting transferred to Vietnam. Dad thinks Robert should have come to work with him at the mill, settled down with a girl and started a f****y instead. But now dad is so sure that Robert is just going to die like your dad, he’s so convinced that we can’t even bring up Roberts name now without an angry outburst.

I don’t know what to do, when I try to talk to him about you and us he gets madder because he thinks that you’re trying to m***** me or something. Then I tell him I love you and he gets somehow even worse. He thinks keeping me in the apartment is the only way to protect me from you, he really thinks you’re going to hurt me somehow. He doesn’t realize how much I love you. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.

I can’t come over in the morning anymore, I’m scared that if he hits mom then he will hit me too. If I get caught again I’m worried that he will beat me or worse hurt YOU for touching me. I promise to wait for you until we find a way out and dad gets better again.

Please don’t hate me, I love you so much and I really miss not being able to go to the movies or the beach with you anymore like we used to. The happiest times of my life have been at your side; Please don’t be mad at me for being scared of my dad. I’ll make things all better somehow.

Love Cassie.

I walked back to where I could see her window again and looked up. Cassie was back again and I waved, she smiled and waved back at me I held up the note then smiled and touched the note to my heart and gave her the OK sign with my hand. She smiled down on me and nodded and I knew she knew we were ok.

I re-read the note all day as I was more upset with our situation than ever. I felt bad for her and how much she had to live through with her dad, I wished there was some way to help her or get Uncle Greg the help he needed to not hit and scream anymore. I was upset that now our morning kissing would be taken away from us. I felt selfish with all that she was going through that I was upset about not being able to kiss her. It was only five minutes every couple days but at least it had been something and now it was gone.

I was lying on my bed with all these conflicting thoughts and emotions going through my mind. This whole situation was way above what I was old enough to really understand and deal with. When my mom got home that night I didn’t get up I just laid there not wanting to talk to anyone.

“Tommy?” she called walking in the door, “Are you home?” I didn’t say anything I just rolled over and looked at the wall. I folded the note up and slid it into my pocket; I didn’t want my mom to find it.

“Tommy?” she called again and I could hear footsteps down the hall, “There you are, get up and help me with dinner.”

“I don’t want to,” I said quietly not looking at her.

“I wasn’t asking, come help with dinner and we can talk.”

I got up a minute later and followed her out to the kitchen. Mom was making my favorite, Mac and Cheese with tuna in it, and I knew she had something up her sleeve if she was making my favorite.

“You still upset over not seeing Cassie?” Mom asked and I just nodded.

“You care for her a lot huh?” I just nodded again.

“I know it’s hard but this won’t be forever,” she said kindly, “Did you know your father and I loved each other when we were your age?” I shook my head; I had never really thought about how they had gotten together, and mom didn’t talk about dad much since his death.

“Your grandfather didn’t like your dad because he thought………… well let’s say your grandfather thought like Greg does now, but I always loved your dad,” she explained, “After Thomas joined the Air f***e your grandfather consented to let me get married to him.”

“Oh, what did you do for all those years?” I asked genuinely interested.

“Well we had faith, and found ways to be together, we believed what we felt was worth waiting for.”

“Oh, so what should I do if she’s grounded to the house until she goes back to school?” I asked. I was really happy mom understood and could maybe help.

“I don’t know sweetie, but if you really love each other you will find a way to be together until you’re old enough to be together,” she said looking at me and smiling, “I can’t tell you who to love sweetie or how to see each other but you will find a way.”

“Thanks mom, I…………… love you mom,” I told her and she gave me a big hug.

“Now on to this weekend, I talked to your grandmother and you’re going to spend some time with her starting this Friday.”

“Grandma?!” I questioned and now I knew the reason for the mac and cheese tonight, “Why do I have to go to grandma’s house?” My grandmother was the most evil woman I had ever met; she loved to start fights between my mom and her s****rs. She would cause problems and sit back and giggle while people got into real fights.

“Well for one I thought a change of scenery would do you some good, second since Friday is the Fourth of July, we are going over there for dinner and fireworks then you’re going to stay there with your cousins this week.”

“Well at least I don’t have to stay there with just her, which cousins are coming?” I asked.

“I’m not sure who’s all staying all week as grandma wants as many of you k**s as she can get to stay this time. But everyone is supposed to be there for dinner on Friday.”

“Wait!” I exclaimed, “What about my job? I can’t be gone for a week.”

“Don’t worry I called and they said they will have a fill in for you, you’re going to grandma’s no arguments young man.”

I didn’t ask any more from mom right then, I didn’t want to stay all week but I thought that it would be nice to see the whole f****y. I was the one person in my f****y that didn’t like fireworks but I knew dinner would be great and there would be lots of it.

It was two days later on the third of July, I had just gotten home in the afternoon from walking Rigby and I only had an hour before my route when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to find Cassie standing there; she was wearing a light colored sun dress and looking very pretty.

“What are you doing here?” I asked pulling her into a hug.

“Mom went to the store, she said she would trust me alone for an hour,” she said smiling. I pulled her into the apartment and led her down the hall to my room. We sat down on my bed and begin kissing.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she told me kissing my neck, “We don’t have much time.”

“I love you so much,” I moaned out as she kissed me. I ran my hands up her back and began to rub her gently. Cassie moaned and began to run her hands through my hair, as she dug her face into my neck kissing me harder. I slid down on my back as she kissed me; she moved in on top of me like she had the day at the beach and brought her knee up to my crotch, rubbing me through my jeans with her thigh.

We had been kissing for about ten minutes when I got brave and reached between us and felt her breasts through her dress, they were still somewhat small yet so soft. Her lips came back to mine as I began to caress her hard nipples and we kissed desperately. With her lower thigh on my dick and my hands touching her breasts it didn’t take me long before I felt myself explode into my boxer shorts.

I seized up as I came and Cassie clamped both of her knees over my leg and froze up for a moment having her own orgasm before she collapsed on me.

“Wow,” I moaned out, “That was the best thing ever, in my whole life.”

“Me too,” she said kissing my ear. I wrapped my arms around her and she pulled away, “I have to go home. My mom will be back and if I’m not in my room then my dad will find out and…………… he won’t be happy.” She got up and I didn’t move, I stayed on the bed still looking at her wanting so much to hold her all afternoon. I felt so good right now and I loved her so much I had to find a way to be with her like mom said.

“I should go,” she said leaning over and kissing my cheek. I grabbed her and pulled her to me.

“I love you,” I told her.

“I know and I you,” She said kissing me again.

“I’m leaving for a week, to my grandmother’s house.”

“Oh, ok,” she said looking down.

“When I get back I promise I will find a way to do more than knock on the wall,” I told her.

“Ok, I have to go. Have fun at your grandmothers.”

Cassie left my room and I still didn’t move, I heard her knock on the wall a few minutes later and I knocked back. It wasn’t long after my papers arrived and I had to leave to walk my route for the day.

I was in a conflicted mood that afternoon. It had felt really good to kiss her deeply like that and I couldn’t believe that I had been brave enough to actually touch her chest. I couldn’t believe that we had gone that far and she had rubbed my dick through my pants, which had felt so good until I came and it all got sticky. I was struck with a sudden embarrassment that I came so quickly and that she may have felt the wetness on her leg.

At the same time I was feeling really sad and all this only made my yearning for her worse. I was sad that in the three weeks since we had become boyfriend and girlfriend today had been the most time we had spent together and would most likely be all the time we get all summer unless something changed.

Mom and I went to the f****y dinner on the Fourth of July, and there was lots of food and fireworks late into the night. All around me my cousins and other f****y were having fun but I just sat off in the distance by myself and thought about my problem.

Over the next week my cousins ran around my grandma’s farm playing and having a fun week. I found my place under a large tree far off from the house and that’s where I spent my days. It was Tuesday then my closest in age cousin Travis came to talk to me.

“It’s a girl huh?” he asked me. I simply shrugged and didn’t give him a real answer, “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked and I knew he meant well but I didn’t want to talk to him about girls so I just shook my head and he walked away without another word.

“Hi cousin,” said a pleasant voice behind me about ten minutes after Travis walked away. I looked over and found Travis’ older s****r Brenda standing there.

“Can I sit down?” She asked sweetly and I nodded. I had always liked Brenda, she was three years older than me and she was so pretty that in the past I had, had a hard time looking her in the eyes without blushing.

“So girl trouble?” she asked and I again shrugged.

We sat there in silence for a while before she started talking to me about her life and how exciting it had been to graduate last month and how excited she was that her boyfriend asked her to marry her.

It took her a good hour before she got me to open up and tell her what was going on with me. It was so nice to finally open up and talk about what was going on that once I started I couldn’t hold back and I told her everything. Brenda smiled at me the whole time and listened without many questions; she just nodded and said she understood.

We sat there for another hour trying to figure out a solution to my situation but Brenda said the only thing we could do was if we really loved each other then we had no choice but to wait until we were old enough, we only really had just over 4 years until we could get married. Four years I wined at her, and she simply patted my hand and said really it wasn’t that long and if what we felt was real it would be worth the wait.

At dinner time Brenda got up and kissed my cheek, and told me that I was a real sweetie and that she wished more boys cared as much about their girlfriends as I did. She told me she had dated a bunch of boys who didn’t show half the love to her that I did for my girlfriend. With that she walked away for dinner that night, I didn’t go anywhere I simply sat under the tree and continued to work on my problem.

The next Friday mom picked me up from grandma’s house after work. She asked me how I was and I told her I was upset with myself because I still hadn’t found any kind of solution to seeing Cassie. I was mad because I had promised her an answer, but there was nothing. Mom patted me on the shoulder and said not to worry. I don’t know what she was thinking I always over worry about everything.

We had a late dinner after we got home that night and both of us retired to our rooms to go to bed. It was almost 10 but I was excited to be home so I knocked on my wall as soon as I closed my door and hopped on my bed. It was only moments later that I could hear her knock back, so I knocked my second time.

Her second knock came a few seconds later, lower on the wall. I smiled and laid down on the bed thinking we were done with our knocking when she knocked again lower almost to the floor. I sat up and wondered what was up because we never did more than twice. After a couple moments came another knock near the floor again, so I knocked a response on the wall to let her know I heard her.

A heavier and quicker knock came from the lower wall again and I don’t know why but I got off my bed and slowly crawled under it. It was then that I saw what Cassie was getting at, as she had found the solution I had been searching for all week.

Two feet to the right of where the legs to my headboard sat on the floor I found a hole the size of a fist cut into the bottom of the wall, it resembled a badly cut mouse hole from “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. I found a note sitting just inside of my side of the hole.

I backed out from under my bed and snuck down the hall to our junk drawer in the kitchen, and took out our flashlight then I returned under my bed and unrolled the note Cassie had left me.


I missed you so much this week, who knew that such a little thing like a sound at night could mean so much to me. I’m so happy your back and I hope that what I did is ok; this was the only thing I could think of so we could talk. I thought if the hole was under the bed our parents wouldn’t find out I hope you like this idea.

I don’t want to take any chances and we should only write notes. If my dad hears me talking then finds out what we’ve done he will be mad and may hurt me or my mom. His anger is out of control lately and he’s been coming home later and more d***k this week, I’m so really scared of him now. I don’t know what to do.

I love you so much

I folded up the paper and crawled out from under the bed again and took my note book off the dresser and grabbed a pen, and then I went back under the bed again. I shined the flashlight threw the hole to let her know I was there, and then I began to write her a return note. Moments later a light shined through the hole from her side and I smiled as I continued to write.

I told her how happy I was that she had come up with this idea and how I had tried so hard but come up with nothing. I told her how much I missed her and wanted to be with her. My note ended up being 6 pages by the time I was done. I had no idea when I started writing I had that much to say. I pushed the note to her side and waited as she read it.

It was about ten minutes later when her hand came through the hole and I took it in mine, I loved the feeling of our fingers intertwined and I was so happy to just hold her in some way. We held hands for about an hour that night before she pulled her arm back.

She wrote me a quick note that said that she should get back in bed because she didn’t want her mom to find her under the bed in the morning if she fell asl**p. I wrote her back that I understood and I would be there tomorrow at the same time as tonight.

The next morning I woke up happier then I had in the last few weeks. I felt like we had won a victory, a small one be it as it may but a victory none the less. It was Saturday and Mom was actually home today, she often house cleaned on Saturdays for extra money so it was nice to see her have two whole days off this week.

I was hanging out in my room hoping to talk to Cassie but mom was pestering me about getting out of the house. She said the usual parent stuff about it being a nice day and getting out with my dog. By noon I had enough and left for the beach to walk Rigby.

It was in the nineties at least that day and the sweat was dripping from me as I walked the distance to the beach. I stopped and bought an ice cream and a cold soda along the way, both tasting so good and cold. When I made my way down to the off leash dog area I ran into my friend Allen, he was there with his f****y and our dogs ran off together playing.

I somehow managed to put all my issues aside that day and I had a really fun day at the beach with my friend and his f****y. Allen’s older s****r Karen was home from collage for the summer and she was looking really good. I felt guilty about the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, but I was only a 14 year old boy after all.

Allen’s other s****r, Bev, who was about to turn 16 was there too, she was cute and looked good like her older s****r. Bev had always liked me and I thought she was very pretty, but I had never really given much thought about going out with her. Throughout the afternoon she kept sitting next to me trying to hold my hand and talk to me but I kept moving away from her, I was trying to find a way to show her I wasn’t interested without hurting her feelings.

It had cooled down some by the time I walked home, it was early evening and I was getting hungry. As I walked up to the building I could hear shouting, I don’t know why but I circled around to see who it was, I looked down and saw the hair on Rigby’s back rising up and he began to bark.

“I SAID GET BACK IN THE HOUSE!” I recognized it now as Greg’s voice. I continued walking trying to see what was going on.

“NNN………..nnno,” was the response through sobbing coming from Cassie’s mom, “I ………… Can’t live like this…………. I’m going to my mothers.”

“NO YOUR NOT, GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!” I could see them now; Greg was so d***k I was surprised he could stand up. He reached over and grabbed his wife by the arm and pulled her out of the car kicking the door closed. Half dragging her he pulled her along in the direction of the elevator.

“I’m sorry…………… Greg, I’m sorry,” she sobbed with a level of fear, “I just wanted to see mmmmy mmmmom.” With that she gave a little struggle and Greg slapped her hard across the face. I was a good distance away but I could hear the slap as if they were next to me. I lunged towards them not knowing what I would do, Rigby was barking furiously as I ran at Greg. As luck would have it the elevator was faster than me, Greg was so involved with his wife he never saw me coming he pushed his wife onto the elevator and the doors closed in my face as I got there.

I really don’t know what I would have done if I had been faster, I was a small teenage boy and Greg was a large man, but I was so angry. I had been raised that hitting women was the lowest form of being a creep you could be, I know Cassie had talked about it but seeing it happen before my eyes made me more mad then I had been in my entire life.

I looked up at the outside of the building and to Cassie’s window; I could see her there leaning against her windowsill tears visible even at this distance. I waved at her until she noticed me and I held up two fingers to indicate I would be home in a couple minutes, she nodded then pointed the direction of the elevator then shook her head. I took it to mean she didn’t want to get caught under the bed when they were fighting; I nodded my head and decided to take the stairs.

I got home and could hear the yelling in the hall as I made it to my door. I was upset as I walked in and unclipped Rigby, Mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner and I slumped down into a kitchen chair.

“What’s wrong sweetie,” mom asked.

“I wish I wasn’t so small,” I said looking down at the table.

“Where did that come from?”

“I just saw Uncle Greg all d***k, punching Aunt Grace, I …… I wanted to………… I couldn’t help………… I just stood there, then I …….. I don’t know.”

“I know it’s hard knowing what the right thing to do is. What Uncle Greg did was wrong honey, but if you would have confronted him, he would have hurt you,” she said gently, “When men drink they do things they don’t mean to. He would have hurt you too and not realized what he did was wrong.”

“Why does he drink if it makes him do bad things?” I asked confused.

“It’s a cycle sweetie, bad things happen then men drink, then good men do stupid or hurtful things,” She paused for a few seconds thinking about what to say next, “When they sober up they realize what bad things they’ve done then they feel guilty and drink more to not feel so bad about it, but that only makes it worse not better.”

“But if they know what they did was wrong while drinking why drink more?” I asked more confused, “If I did something hurtful I wouldn’t do it again so why don’t they stop?”

“Your such a good boy,” she started, “I hope you stay this way, but men don’t see it that way, they use the alcohol as an excuse for the bad behavior.” She patted me on the head and walked back over to the oven and pulled out the casserole that she had been baking. She set it on the stove top and peeled back the foil letting out all the steam; I just looked at the steam rise thinking for a couple minutes.

“If everyone knows how destructive alcohol can be why don’t they just make it i*****l?” I asked thinking that it was so simple.

“They tried that, it was called the prohibition. It didn’t work,” she told me simply, “Now no more of this right now, dinner is ready and I want to hear about the rest of your day, what did you do today.”

I told mom about my day and we talked about happier things through dinner. After dinner and a couple shows on TV I brought up the whole subject of drinking and families again. We had the most serious talk I had ever had in my life to that point that night. I still didn’t understand everything but I tried my best to not question too much.

I went into my room early that night and wrote Cassie a long note. I told her how sorry I was about her dad and how much I wanted to help. I promised her that I would never drink and I would never yell or hit her, I told her how much I loved her and how I would wait for her.

I slid under my bed and pushed my note to her side of the wall and left my arm there waiting for her to find me. I noticed that the way she had cut the hole it was scratchy on my upper arm by the time I reached all the way through, I thought this week I would round it out better for both of us.

I didn’t realize I had fallen asl**p when I was woken up to the feeling of Cassie’s fingers wrapping around mine and squeezing them, I flexed back in response. I lay there holding her hand for a long time until she pulled away and placed a note in my hand, I pulled back to read what she had to say.


I was so scared tonight when they started fighting, dad had gone out to help a friend rebuild his car engine and came home with glitter and perfume on him and mom questioned where he had been. He just slapped her and told her to mind her business. I hid in my closet but I could still hear them, she was crying and he was hitting her so hard.

I saw what happened outside and I was so touched that you tried to come to my mom’s rescue. I felt so much love for you that you ran after my dad. It wouldn’t have mattered if you caught him he would’ve hit you too. He doesn’t care anymore and he has no control over what he’s doing.

I loved your note and I love you so much, I’m so happy you’re my boyfriend and not somebody else’s. I’m so glad to find you here tonight; I really needed you to be here now. I don’t know how much worse things can get, I’m already locked into the house and now dad doesn’t want mom going out without him. I feel like we’re in a prison and there’s no end in sight, I just don’t know what to do.

I will understand if you want to find a girlfriend who doesn’t go to boarding school and isn’t a prisoner in her own home. I would miss you so much and be so sad but I would understand. It’s not fair to you to have to live with having a girlfriend you can’t see.

Sorry I’m just upset. Just be honest with me, if you love me or you want to date someone you can see, just tell me and it will be ok. I love you and want you to be happy.


I read the note twice before I began a note back to her. I thought about what she had said and it would be easier to date someone who I could see. There was Allen’s s****r for one, but I loved Cassie and I had loved her for a long time I just hadn’t know that’s what it was until this summer.

I wrote her back quickly, I said that we would get through it, I told her what my mom had said about faith and how she had lived it herself. I told her about what my cousin Brenda had told me and how time seemed against us now but would mean nothing in the course of our lives if we held strong to each other.

I gave her my note and she held my hand on her side when I did so. Moments later she kissed my hand and held it against her heart. I was so turned on at the same time because as she held my hand to her heart I could feel her breast at the same time. I felt guilty for being turned on at such a meaningful moment but I couldn’t help it.

An hour later I got a note back with only a few short words. It simply read; Thank you, I love you, Good night. I moved around so I could kiss her hand as I held it on my side. After a couple light kisses her hand disappeared and I went to bed.

I would like to say that things didn’t get any worse after that night but Cassie had been right. Greg was now chaperoning his wife whenever she left the house now and since he didn’t want Cassie leaving he installed a pad lock on the outside of her door, so that when he and her mother left she couldn’t sneak out of her room.

I did enlarge the whole big enough to fit our arms better and we were able to see each other as we passed notes. It was nice to see her smile every night, and we found that we could talk easily when her mom and dad weren’t home. Cassie found a box that she could push in front of the hole so it couldn’t be seen if her parents looked under her bed.

I talked to my mom about what was going on next door as much as I could; I was really hoping she could come up with a way to help. The problem was she kept asking me how I knew so much and I didn’t want to tell her about the wall. I just told her that Cassie had found a way to pass me a note.

Mom said she would talk to some people because she thought it was wrong to keep a c***d locked up like she was, but she said she couldn’t promise anything. She felt it was better to stay out of others affairs but when it came to c***dren it was important to do what was right for safety.

Part 3

Summer was fastly coming to a close so fast that it seemed unreal that school was only two weeks away. Cassie said that she was supposed to be leaving again in about a week and she really wanted to return to school. We both were sad about her leaving town again but at least at school she wouldn’t be restricted to one room.

My days never got any better than when the summer had started; I still fought with the TV and tried to come up with anything to fill my time during the day. The nights hadn’t changed either; I sat with mom until bedtime then hid under the bed holding hands and passing notes. Things on Cassie’s side were worse than ever as her dad only let her out to eat and use the bathroom, and she had grown so restless.

In an effort to help her out I spent my money on puzzle books and I often bought her treats to snack on. She was so happy that I stood by her side during this time and that I helped her with things to do. She was worried about getting found with new things so she would hide her books in the wall between our rooms.

We both had our birthdays in August; hers was at the beginning and mine two weeks later in the middle. On Cassie’s 14th birthday I went down to the store and bought her a book she really wanted and a cupcake to pose as a birthday cake. She was really happy with her presents as she got nothing from her parents. Her mom had told her at breakfast that morning that between her school costs and dad’s drinking there was no more money.

For my 15th birthday mom took me out for lunch and got me a new coat and some new shoes, she also bought me a new antenna for the TV. It was a really good day but as much as I loved spending time with mom and the new gifts I was waiting for that night.

Cassie drew me a picture of a cupcake with a lit candle on top; she wrote me a short poem and told me how much she loved me. It was the sweetest birthday I could ever remember, she said she wanted to get me something special but with what was going on she couldn’t. Instead she had me reach though the hole as far as I could and she slid my hand inside her shirt and placed it on her bare breast.

I was so turned on and I couldn’t control it; I reached into my pants and started rubbing myself. It only took a few moments for me to release and my other hand never budging from her bare chest. After a few more minutes she pulled away and I pulled my hand back and looked into the hole, she was there looking back at me.

“Did you um………..”She asked tentatively and very quietly. I noticed her breathing was heavy.

“Yeah……I…….” I said still trying to get my own breathing under control.

“Me too, happy birthday,” she said. It had really been the best birthday present ever. It was so hot and romantic to me at the same time and I was overcome with feelings that night.

I had just climbed under the bed on the last Thursday before Cassie was to leave again, waiting for her when I heard a door slam on her end and minutes later Greg was yelling from their living room. I heard Cassie hop off her bed and go to her door, and then I heard the door squeak and more footsteps.

“GET THE HELL BACK TO YOUR ROOM!” Greg screamed at her and she ran back into her room slamming the door behind her. She appeared under the bed and reached for me.

“He looks crazy,” she cried out to me not caring if she was overheard, “I’ve never seen him look so scary.” Her hand was trembling as she held mine.

“It will be ok,” I told her not really having any idea of what to say. I held her hand tight as we heard crashing and banging from the apartment.

“NO DON’T!” We could hear her mom scream, “DON’T YOU………..!” there was a loud thump and her mom’s voice cut out and I couldn’t sit still anymore.

“I’ll be right back,” I told Cassie softly.

“Tommy, where are you going?!”

“Don’t worry I promise I’ll be back.”

I climbed out from under my bed and I ran down the hall to find mom on the phone, she was talking to someone and waiving her arms, but I didn’t stop. I ran out my door and started banging on Greg’s I didn’t know what I was going to do but I just couldn’t sit still.

Greg opened the door looking down at me, “What the hell do you want?” He was d***k for sure but not as much as I would have thought for what had transpired already, there was something else, something l couldn’t place at my age.

“You NEED HELP!” I yelled at him, “You need to stop……….. Or else!” It was a lame threat but I didn’t know what else to say and they said stuff like that on TV all the time.

“OR ELSE WHAT?” he spat at me, “Mind your business BOY.” We both stood there staring each other down, neither moving for at least a full minute.

“That’s what I thought little fucker,” he said and began to slam the door but I caught it with my arm, “MOVE c***d!” He roared and again I stood my ground.

“NO,” I said defiantly. I looked up at him right in the eyes, I was ready to make my stand and I wouldn’t budge, “You’re not hurting anyone else tonight.”

“I told you to mind your business, I will not ask again,” He told me and I could see the full rage in his eyes.

“NO,” I said firmly again as he tried to push the door closed again, “I will not allow…………………” was as much as I managed to say. I barely saw him move and I had his large fist connect with my jaw. I could taste bl**d and my face hurt but I didn’t move, I continued to stand my ground as the next hit caught me in the eye.

“Move away from the door,” he told me. I could feel the swelling in my left eye as I lost my vision; the next strike hit me in the nose. I couldn’t tell you how I was still standing as I could feel bl**d running down my face. I refused to move and held on to the door frame as he hit me again, this time in the chest knocking all my wind out. It was only a moment after the punch to the chest he hit me in the stomach; this hit shot acute pain though me and finally brought me down.

I hit the floor landing in the doorway still managing to block the door from closing. I was bleeding onto the floor, Greg let out a loud roar and pulled his leg back as if to kick me, only to be hit in the head with a lamp by his wife, broken glass exploded everywhere as Greg fell to his knees and Grace ran past him and down the hall.

Greg was up in a flash bl**d running down the side of his head as he followed her stepping on my leg as he ran out the door. I cried out as his weight crunched my knee, I moved as good as I could but all my injuries shot pain through my body.

“CASSIE,” I tried to call out to her my jaw hurting, “Cassie I’m here.” I could hear screaming in the hallway and mom came out of our apartment. Cassie and mom found me at the same time and both gasped, Cassie started crying and mom began to move my head to get a better look.

“Oh Tommy,” mom said pulling me to her chest; she was trying to hold back the tears herself. Cassie grabbed ahold of my arm held on to me tight.

There was another bl**d curling scream down the hallway and a series of loud thumps, I saw Rigby dart past me and run down the hall, he was barking uncontrollably. I could hear the footsteps of the other neighbors coming out of their apartments to see what was going on and I could hear the sound of men yelling, moments later I could hear the sound of police sirens.

“Tommy, I’m so sorry,” Cassie sobbed into my shoulder as she held me, “You’re so brave and I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, I…………..” with that I passed out.

I woke up a while later, lying in bed with Cassie lying next to me; she was dozing softly and woke when I began to stir.

“Are you awake?” she asked quietly rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah,” I replied, “What happened? Where is everyone?”

“Oh, your mom is at the hospital with my mom,” she told me looking down.

“What happened?” I repeated trying to sit up but pain shot through my face and chest.

“Don’t try to move,” she said placing her hand on my shoulder holding me down.

Cassie began to tell me what happened after I had passed out, from what she knew. Her dad had chased her mom down the hall where they got into a slap fight, her dad was beyond enraged by the fact she had hit him with the lamp. His final blow to her face had knocked her off balance and she had fallen down the stairwell.

Rigby had been making so much noise at that point the neighbors had come out to see what all the commotion was about. Greg was running down the stairs screaming at Grace to get up, when the guys in our building realized what was going on they stepped in and restrained Greg. It wasn’t long after the cops arrived and took him into custody and began talking with everyone to get the full story.

The cops were told about the assault on both Grace and me, and they took statements. From what mom had told Cassie the cops were taking her dad on charges of domestic abuse, assault and battery and assault on a minor.

Mom had carried me home and cleaned me up as much as possible then laid me down on my bed. She told Cassie she was going to the hospital to be with Grace and do what she could there.

“Sorry about your mom and dad,” I told her.

“I’m sorry for mom, but if dad gets help because he’s in jail then I’m not sad he’s there,” she told me.

“Yeah, I just wish it didn’t have to………… I wish he could have got help without hurting your mom.”

She didn’t say anything she just nodded. She moved closer and rested her head on my shoulder, I really liked the closeness of her body and despite the pain I could feel myself getting aroused with her touching me like this.

We had waited all summer for a moment alone like this, we had all night together and here we were in bed. I slipped my arm under her side and around her back and held her body as tight as I could. She looked up at me and smiled as I kissed her forehead. I could feel her breasts against my chest as we held each other and I was getting even more turned on.

I lay still wanting very much to touch her body as she lay on me despite the pain in my face I wanted to kiss her passionately. Even as turned on as I was I held back, she had just been through a big ordeal and I didn’t want to upset her. I was really happy just to have her there with me, holding her and smelling her perfume.

I kissed her forehead again and she scooted up along my body, her leg came across my crotch inadvertently and she felt my erection. She turned her face to mine and kissed me, it hurt but I had longed for this moment for weeks now so I tried to give no sign of pain. After a few minutes however I couldn’t pretend anymore and I pulled away wincing.

“Does it hurt a lot?” she quietly asked.

“Yeah, I want to kiss you so bad, but my jaw……” I started but she kissed me softly to quiet me down.

“I’m so sorry you got hurt, you were so brave to stand up to him. Your my hero Tommy,” she said as she took my free hand and moved it to her stomach, “I love you so much for coming to the rescue,” she continued as she move her shirt up so I could slip my hand under it, “I might not be here now if it wasn’t for you,” she finished and moved my hand to her breast.

“Cassie? Are you………” I started and she kissed me again. She began unhooking her bra and I for the second time in my life could feel bare breast under my touch.

“You made me so happy this summer,” she whispered in my ear, “When I had nothing else I had you here with me,” she said as she kissed my ear and began to rub my stomach, “You risked yourself for me and I will never forget that. Just lay still, you’re not the only one who wants this,” she told me moving her hand lower.

I was so hard I felt like I was going to faint, I had my hand on her breast and her hand had just slid under the waistband of my jeans. I closed my eyes tight in anticipation as I felt her tentatively touch my throbbing member for the first time. She began to gently rub me at first before she softly wrapped her hand around my aching erection. It felt so good and I couldn’t believe it was happening, after only a few moments I couldn’t take it anymore and I let go all over her hand.

Cassie pulled her hand out of my pants and I opened my eyes, she reached past me and wiped her hand off on the bed sheet next to the wall. She was smiling almost as much as I was; I still had one hand on her back and one on her breast. I began to move my hand lower and rub her stomach and she moaned so I took that as a good sign and began to move my hand to the waistband of her pants.

“No,” she whispered grabbing my wrist, “Not tonight.” I paused a little disappointed, I wanted her so bad but I wouldn’t do anything that would upset her, “Don’t be mad, it’s just that………..” She started but it was my turn to stop her with a kiss.

“It’s ok,” I told her and she moved my hand back up to her breast. We held each other and kissed lightly for the next hour until sl**p took us both.

It was morning when I woke and Cassie was still in bed with me, my hand had fallen away from her breast in the night but my hand was still inside her shirt. I pulled it out incase my mom came back and found us together, I didn’t want mom to know we had made out while she was gone.

Mom came home about an hour after I had woken up to find Cassie and I still lying in bed. She opened my door looked at us and said to get up we had a busy day ahead. Mom looked me over really good to make sure I was alright then we went with Cassie to her apartment so she could shower and change clothes.

“So I’m going to trust that nothing happened that I should be worried about last night,” mom said to me while Cassie was in the shower.

“MOM!” I exclaimed my cheeks turning red.

“Don’t MOM me, I did find you two in bed this morning,” she said with a smile.

“Mom, we still had our clothes on,” I said and I knew my embarrassment would give me away, “What was I supposed to do? Let the poor girl sl**p alone after what happened?”

“I’ll believe you this time but I don’t want this to become a habit, ok honey,” she said softly and I just nodded.

Cassie came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go about ten minutes later. We drove to the hospital so she could be with her mom, but we only stayed for an hour or so because mom said she could only take the morning off work and had to go. I wanted to stay there with Cassie but mom said they should be alone for a while.

Things moved quickly after that, Cassie went to go live with her cousins while her mom was in the hospital and only came home again to collect some personal belongings. The fall down the stairs had been really bad and Grace was lucky she had survived at all; she would end up spending about six weeks in the hospital.

I started school again during that time and so did Cassie, only she wasn’t sent back to boarding school, because she was living with her cousins she ended up going to school in that district. She wrote me the last week of September to tell me all about what was going on with her new life and school.

Cassie explained that her mom was about to be released but still had a lot of healing to do at home, and that they would soon be moving to her grandmother’s house in another state so her mom would have help getting better. She said she would write me again when they moved with the new address so we could keep in touch but she was really worried we might never see each other again.

Cassie told me how much she really missed our nights at the wall together, she said that she had been in love with me as far back as she could ever remember and our time this summer had meant everything to her. She asked me to never forget her because she would never forget me.

It was a few days after I had gotten her letter a moving van and some trucks showed up. I had just returned home from my paper route and I watched from my window as a number of Cassie's f****y members climbed out of the vehicles, they had come to move them out of the apartment. I watched only to be disappointed that Cassie wasn’t with them.

I didn’t want her f****y to find the notes I had given her inside the hole in the wall, I was worried she would get in trouble if her dad ever found out we were using that hole to pass notes. So before they moved out the things in her room I climbed under my bed and pulled her books out and all of the notes I had given her that she saved and put them in my dresser.

In what seemed like no time at all they had the moving van all loaded up and the trucks left one by one until it was only the van left. It was then as I watched the van from my bedroom window that I thought for the first real time I might not ever see her again. I felt a knot form in my stomach as the van now turned a corner out of sight; Cassie was gone, erased from next door like it had never happened. I lay down on my bed and didn’t move all night.

It was mid-October when my mom told me that she was taking another job and we were moving. She said that it was time for a change as we had lived here for almost 15 years and it was just time to move on. We were moving to a small town two hours away and with what mom was going to be making at the new job we would be able to rent a house. Mom thought it would be a great change of pace to get out of the city and not live in apartments anymore. She thought it would be nice to have a yard for Rigby to play in every day too.

I was less than enthusiastic when the time came two weeks later, we had our things packed up and loaded in the van yet I was still hesitant to move. As I took hold of Rigby’s leash and we climbed into the moving truck I knew then at that moment I had been right the day Cassie’s f****y had moved them out and I would never see her again.

Part 4

The heat waves shimmered in the distance, inexorably rising off the asphalt in an unmerciful display of Mother Nature’s authority. Off to the left, my exit was coming up fast. Signaling the cars behind me I pulled off the freeway and headed down town. I had made good time and it was only mid-day, I would still have time to relax and go to the beach before I needed to get home and prepare for classes tomorrow.

It was the summer of 74, or more accurately it was the end of summer. The heat was intense, one of the hottest days of the year so far, my air conditioner had broken leaving me with just open windows to cool off my drive. I had just made my way from my mom’s home back to college, it was a three day drive and I was really happy to be done with it.

I took my bags up to my room, changed into my beach shorts, grabbed a towel and went straight to the soda machine and bought three bottles of coke. I drank one in less than a minute, drank the second one on my walk to the beach and saved the third one for later.

I sat down on the sand thinking over my summer, it hadn’t gone at all like I planned. I got home excited to see my mom and Jenny, my high school girlfriend, but my excitement had been cut short as a lot had changed in my year at college and I wasn’t told any of it until I arrived home.

The first piece of news was that my dog had died. He had gotten older and mom said one day he just went into the back yard and refused to come back into the house. Mom set food outside for him and he didn’t eat, he just laid down in the grass until she found him not moving anymore. I was sad at the news that my dog had died, I had loved that dog so much and wished I had spent more time with him.

Mom took me out to dinner that night to cheer me up about Rigby and tell me the next bit of news. She told me she had started seeing a man in town, he was about her age and had twin daughters; apparently he owned the little restaurant we were eating at. From what she said and how she talked about him I guess they were pretty happy. It was weird even at 18 to hear my mom was with someone new but I was happy for her, I was happy she had company because I knew she worried having me so far away. I put aside my awkwardness and decided to be honestly happy for her.

The next day I drove downtown to see my girlfriend; I was worried about her because she hadn’t written or called in a couple months. Jenny and I had met my junior year of high school and she liked me right away, I on the other hand still hadn’t given up on Cassie. Jenny spent the next year slipping notes into my locker and asking me to school functions; I turned her down every time.

I hadn’t heard from Cassie since the letter I had gotten at the old apartment telling me she was moving in with her grandma. Because we both moved we had lost touch and I had done what I could think of to find her new address but I hadn’t found her. I assumed she had done the same and we both were lost to each other. Realistically on some level I knew we probably would never see each other again and she had probably moved on but I hadn’t been ready yet.

By senior year I had given up waiting and my other needs were calling out to me so I broke down and asked Jenny out on a date. We had fun together and I found that when I let go of my past I really liked her, it was the first time I had ever had a real girlfriend I could have a real relationship with and I liked being around her very much.

Jenny and I made love the night I left for college; she wanted to do it once with me before I left. She was a year younger than me and had been worried that I would go off to college and forget all about her. I told her I cared for her to much for that to happen, but she said that she was ready to make love and wanted to remind me what was waiting for me at home.

I had drove to Jenny’s house this summer and it was her who had news for me, she had decided to fall in love with a local boy and they had been dating for some time now, that’s why she had stopped writing me. She cried and said she was sorry but we were broken up now. In the end I wasn’t really that upset by the whole thing. I was more upset that I had given up my virginity to a girl who didn’t seem to care what that meant to me.

I spent the remainder of the summer sitting at home watching TV during the day and reading, Moms new boyfriend, Stan, let me work a few shifts as a dishwasher at the restaurant so I could have some spending money.

I spent my days off at the movies and hanging out with friends from high school who were home from college too. All in all it wasn’t a bad summer it was just really slow and uneventful. I was sad to leave my mom again as I drove back to school but I knew she was going to be fine without me this year.

I sat now on the beach remembering my summer and I shook my head to clear my thoughts. It was over now and I had today left to enjoy myself and relax, I turned my attention to the girls running around on the beach and opened my last soda.

I found I actually missed chasing after Rigby on a day like this; mom had bought me the dog when dad died to help me work through it all and he was like a best friend that you take for granite thinking they would always be there for you. I finished my soda and sat on my towel until sunset just watching the girls as the sun went down.

I walked slowly up the beach my mind wondering, not looking where I was going when I tripped on someone. I landed in the sand face first, embarrassed and feeling stupid.

“You have to quit falling for me, you keep getting hurt,” Joked the sweetest voice I had ever heard. I didn’t look I closed my eyes, it couldn’t be her, it just couldn’t be, “Are you ok Tommy?”

“Cassie?” I asked turning to her, “What are the odds I tripped over you again? How did you find me?” I looked into her eyes and it was unmistakably her.

She moved over and sat down next to me bending her legs over my lap, putting her arm around my neck allowing me to place my arm around her back. We put our foreheads together and just sat there staring into each other’s eyes.

“Well it was my fault that you tripped,” she whispered, “I followed you all the way from campus, I saw you there and I’ve been sitting here on the beach trying to think about how to talk to you. Sorry I was so nervous after four years.”

“I can understand, I’m nervous too,” I replied honestly.

“It was my fault you tripped, I laid down in front of you when I saw you walking,” she giggled, “I thought you would see me and be surprised, I didn’t think you’d trip on me again.”

“I was just thinking about this summer and life and stuff,” I told her.

“Too busy thinking about me to actually see me,” she said joking, “As far as your other question of how I found you, you always said you wanted to go to this college. So last year I managed to get ahold of someone from admissions who confirmed that you were here.”

“Really? I thought they weren’t supposed to give out personal info.” I questioned.

“I made up a story,” she said with a big smile, “Anyway once I knew you were here I applied to this college and I was accepted. My only real fear was that you had a ……….. Girlfriend,” she said the last word quietly.

“Wow, you’re so smart,” I said in awe of what it must have taken to accomplish what she had done, “And no I don’t have a girlfriend,” I informed her and I leaned in and kissed her. We sat there on the beach people walking around us as we kissed. We didn’t care we were lost to everyone except each other.

It was dark by the time we broke our kissing and put our foreheads together again looking in each other’s eyes.

“So what now?” she asked standing up. I stood up and took her hand and we began walking back to campus.

“Anything we want sweetheart,” I said and kissed her cheek. We walked slowly back to the dorms and I couldn’t help but laugh inside on the similarities to the first night we had kissed. We walked hand in hand as much in love already as we had always been.


... Continue»
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Kelly at the VIdeo Store

Kelly Kapowski was very open-minded when she masturbated. Sometimes, goal was to finish quickly and just be done with it, other times she really enjoyed building the pleasure, and maximizing her arousal to the point that it was almost unbearable before she came. Having as many siblings as she did, she was usually quite quiet while she was playing with herself, because she did not want to draw attention to what she was doing. She also had a job, at a video rental store, and this was in the old days, before DVDs, when everyone if they wanted to watch porn, had to get these big old clunky VHS tapes. She and her boss at the video store got along pretty well, and he hooked her up with an old repaired VHS player and a small TV in our bedroom so that if she wanted to she could watch movies up there, and do so in private.
When she first started working at the video store, she was 17, so technically speaking, she should not really have taken the adult movies home to watch in her bedroom, but her boss politely turned a blind eye, knowing that she was so close to the proper age and that the movies would probably be enjoyable for her to watch. One of Kelly's favorite tapes that she borrowed, was one focusing on the exploits of a couple of high school cheerleaders. It appealed to her especially, because she was high school cheerleaders, like herself, and they visited the territories of older guys with younger girls. And that territory excited her tremendously and had done for several years at that point.
While she watched the adult movies, she would almost always have the sound either very low or all the way off completely. She would also have the remote control handy so that she could quickly turn it off if she was interrupted by a knock on her bedroom door halfway through. But it was a point of fact that while she was watching, she would frequently be touching herself, masturbating, especially playing with a clitoris by moving the fingertips back-and-forth over top of it. One of her tricks that she is learned by being open minded while masturbating, was that it was helpful to her if she went for at least 15 minutes of strong arousal before her first climax. If she maintained that long arousal before the first orgasm, she could usually keep going and have a long sequence, maybe as many as seven or eight more orgasms before she was finally finished with her session.
Pretty much everybody in Kelly's f****y knew that she liked masturbation, but it was preferable to Kelly to at least keep it private while she was actually doing it. She had so many admirers at the high school she attended (Bayside HIgh, Palisades, California), and it wasn't just fellow students, it included faculty members and janitorial staff and even people that worked in the food service part of the school, pretty much everyone that had seen Kelly and interacted with her found her deeply attractive and an obviously very sexual girl even though she was outwardly conservative in her sexual demeanor.
Even before she worked at the video store, and have access to the adult videos, she liked having fantasies about older guys watching her masturbate. One of her boyfriends, a senior in college, when she was a sophomore in high school (wow) had told her in all sincerity that she had the most beautiful vagina he had ever seen in his life. They didn't fuck, but he touched her down there a lot and told her several times that he wanted to perform oral sex on her. Kelly fell deeply and madly in love with him very early on in their relationship, and if he hadn't been caught cheating on her, she would have gladly offered her virginity to him.
Working at the video store was fun for her, it was less grueling then the waitressing job, and just as many fun people to chat with. If she got bored she could watch videos while she was working, and as with most of her previous jobs she did have a certain physical attraction to her boss. Sometimes, her boss would tease her about the fact that she borrowed all these adult videos even though she wasn't quite 18 yet. Kelly didn't mind the teasing, and she gladly opened up to him about the pleasure that she got from playing with herself. Her boss loved hearing Kelly talk this way and he even said to her one time I would love probably more than anything in the world to watch you masturbate. it was Kelly's first time having someone actually tell her that and the impact it had on her was tremendous. She expressed, with honest reserve that she wasn't comfortable to do that in front of him but she also said equally honestly but it did excite her to think about it.
One time, the day after she had borrowed and especially arousing adult video, she told her boss about her masturbation the evening before doing that conversation she and her boss both got aroused even though the store was still open and there wasn't anything they could do about it until closing time.... Continue»
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So I'm almost eighteen and still a virgin! Not by choice but by design... My mother doesn't trust men guess my father really did a number on her! I don't think I'm bad looking at all but I hide my good looks behind these book worm glasses and baggy clothes well not me my mother hides me I think she thinks if I don't look attractive then the boys will leave me alone! Well its working! Not a date or a flirt in all this time! I watch the other girls making out in the hallway's getting groped up against cars in the school parking lot and I fantasize all the time that its me getting this attention! My name is Geraldine Plotz if that isn't enough to scare any potential suitor away I don't know what is! Anyway my story begins one afternoon at my school locker as I was putting away some of my books suddenly I saw a hand press itself against the locker next to mine and the hand was attached to an arm and as I turned following that arm back to its owner and there... standing in all his glory was the Captain of our football team Randy Slade he looked at me and smiled and I almost fainted "Hi I'm Randy" like I didn't know who he was everybody knew who he was! Besides being captain he was class president! I stood in shock for a moment then stammered "Hi I'm Geraldine!" then he floored me by saying that he noticed me in the hallway and thought I was cute and wondered if I would like to go out friday night! What am I dreaming I thought I wanted to pinch myself how could this guy be asking ME out it had to be a joke...but what if it wasn't? What if he just got tired of all those gorgeous cheerleaders who throw themselves at him all the time what if he decided to try an ordinary girl for a change! What if he has a brain tumor thats affecting his judgement now that seemed more likely the right answer! I blushed right down to my toes but still managed to make eye contact what the hell I thought "Sure!" I said "If you want to!" His smile broadened "Great meet me by the theatre at 8:00 and I'll pick you up I know how your mom is!" I thought " OMG He knows about my Mom? She must be legendary around here!" Who cares! I have a date with Randy the hottest guy in school! Hope he shows up friday! The rest of the week was a blur except for sneaking out to buy a new top and a hot skirt for friday I even bought a small bottle of sexy perfume...Oh and new sexy shoes too I wiped out my savings but what the heck this was special! I planned to tell my Mom I was going to my girlfriend Joan's house to study for the finals... Mom would buy that as we always studied together! She is a fellow nerd and bookworm we kind of have our own little club at school and we meet in the library of course there's about six in our group but Joan's my best I told her that Randy asked me out she looked at me like I had six heads "Impossible! " she said He's going out with Simone Peters the head cheerleader the future supermodel why would he ask you out Geraldine? It must be some kind of trick or something you'll show up and they'll throw eggs at you and laugh or something equally horrible! But I would not be swayed if there was a chance that he might be interested in me then I was going for it! Joan wished me luck and said that she would have her shoulder ready to cry on when I needed it! I laughed and playfully punched her but inside I was nervous now thinking that thats what might happen! Friday came and it was all I could think about all day one of my teachers even commented on how distracted I was! I already had the study date cleared with Mom so at 7:00 I went out theres a fast food place close to the theatre so I went in and changed in the bathroom and I had to admit I looked pretty good except for my nerdy glasses I put some perfume behind my ears and between my breast's just in case and I was ready! I got to the McDonald's and fortunately the Ladies room was unoccupied I quickly changed into my new outfit then checked myself in the mirror I wasn't a supermodel but I thought I didn't look bad after brushing my hair out to look fuller, applying some makeup I popped in a stick of peppermint gum and I was as ready as I would ever be! So I went down the street to the theatre to wait for I was walking along I noticed a few guys gave me glances and that made me smile guess I didn't look too bad after all! So I stood in front of the theatre reading the billboards and pretending not to be the nervous wreck that I was and after a while I began to feel silly dammit Joan was right this was all a set up to make me look like a fool he's probably some where with Simone laughing their asses off well I'm not going to stand here being stupid any longer! Then I heard his voice behind me "Hi Gerri, Sorry I'm a little late my Mom needed me to drop her off at the dealership where their fixing her car!" hope your not mad at me!". I was just so thrilled that he showed up at all that a huge smile blossomed on my face and I lied "No problem I was a little late myself!" He took a step back and looked me up and down "Wow Geri you look beautiful! I never realized how pretty you are till now!" That more than made up for him being late I hooked his arm in mine and said "so what shall we see?" I had already picked one out that I thought we would both like! He grinned "Who cares we won't be looking at the movie much anyway with you looking as hot as you are!" Well I blushed right down to my toes!...again! Could he possibly be talking to me? It was like a dream we went into the theatre and we did not stop at the concession stand for popcorn or soda then we found some seats in the back away from everyone else we got comfortable and as we were watching the movie I felt his arm slip around me you can't imagine how good that felt to me and I simply snuggled closer to him then a part came on during the show where the hero kisses the girl he just saved and I felt his hand on my thigh and as I turned to look at him he kissed me and not just a little peck either he really kissed me I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and I turned into him slipping my hand behind his head and as we were kissing I felt his hand slide up under my top and he began feeling my breasts with his big hands I was in heaven! As we made out I grew bolder and slid my hand up his thigh where I found a huge bulge where his crotch was I was getting really excited this was incredible! He broke the kiss and whispered in my ear "Want to skip the movie and take a drive?" Anything he wanted at that point he could have said lets go to the roof and jump off and I would have said OK! I noticed he held his jacket in front of him on the way out and I giggled to myself thats because of me he's hiding his hard on!
He had a beautiful red sports car and the leather seats felt nice on my bottom! The good thing was he didn't have a stick shift so I was able to slide over against him so he could put his arm around me as we drove away into the countryside we pulled up in front of this huge house that looked like rich people owned it "Beautiful place!" I said to Randy who said "My parents are away on holiday want to come in we can sit by the fire and get to know each other!" I was dying to see the inside of his home so of course I said "Sure lets go in!" He led me through the front door then deactivated the alarm system that was beeping he led me past a huge foyer decorated lavishly into an enormous living room full of paintings and sculptures "Wow!" I said Randy grinned "Yeah Mom likes to decorate and Dad has deep pockets!" " Would you like a glass of wine?" I had never had wine before but I wasn't going to let him know that "White wine please!" I said with as much confidence as I could muster! "White it shall be my lady!" he said and bowed low and I giggled at his antics. "Please make yourself comfortable by the fire he took a remote off the shelf pressed a buttton and a fire sprung up bathing the room in a warm glow then he turned down the lights with the same remote! "I got to get me one of those!" I said kicking off my shoes and curling my legs up under me on this incredibly plush sofa in front of the fire that was warming the room nicely! Randy laughed "Handy little gadget isn't it?Be right back!" While Randy was gone I took a chance to look around the room and it was quite beautiful I had never seen a room like this not even in magazines! Randy came back with our wine in these crystal wine glasses I took mine gingerly in my both hands as I was afraid to drop it Randy treated it like it was another water glass in the kitchen! We both settled on the couch and talked a little about ouselves and our plans for the future but after a few sips of wine I began to get a glow in my stomach and that glow spread to my head soon I began to relax and to talk more freely then Randy put down his drink and slid over closer to me I took his cue and put my drink down too! "You look beautiful in this light!" he said "Can I see you without the glasses?" I took them off and he smoothed the hair away from my face "So pretty!" he whispered his lips coming to meet mine as our hands found each other and began to explore each other bodies I felt his tongue on my lips and opened wider to let him in! A hand slid under my top and cupped my breast God but that felt nice no one had ever done that to me before I couldn't help but moan into his mouth "Take your clothes off Geri I want to see you I want to see all of you!" the wine had made me bold "I will if you will" I said smiling and blushing at the same time! He was out of his clothes in seconds and began helping me take mine off kissing and touching me as he undressed me I felt myself growing excited I knew what this was leading up to and I wanted to go there! He threw a blanket over the sofa and I knew why we wouldn't want to get any body fluids on that beautiful sofa his Mom would have a fit! He lay down on the blanket and patted the space next to him he looked so sexy laying there and I could see his cock was enjoying the view of my naked body so I smiled and nodded and slid in next to him! He began kissing me and his hands went to my breasts rubbing and tweaking my nipples I was so excited this was happening this was really me! He took my hand and placed it on his penis it felt really nice and got harder as I closed my small fist around it he moaned and broke the kiss then he positioned me underneath him and I spread my legs thinking he was going to put it in me now but thats not what he wanted to do at least not yet! He kissed my face then my neck trailing kisses all the way down my throat then kissing and licking both my breasts flicking my nipples with his tongue he knew what he was doing and I was going crazy with desire then he moved down my stomach he even stuck his tongue in my belly button I loved that and told him so he looked up at me and smiled and continued down past my belly to my vagina he wasn't going to do what I thought he was going to do was he I had read about this in magazines and had fantasized about it but I never dreamed it would be happening now!

He kissed my mons veneris then he opened it with his tongue and licked my labia I was moaning as he slipped that tongue into my opening sticking it all the way inside me and wiggling it around I could fell myself raising my hips to push him deeper inside me he placed his hands under me grabbing my ass as he slid his tongue out of me and licked it from the bottom of my vagina to the top stopping at my clitoris he flicked his tongue across it and I jumped like he had put a match to it but he kept at it and I got used to the feeling then it felt too good and then I was cumming and moaning and I couldn't believe I was doing this but I had my hands in his hair holding him and bucking against his face! When it was over and it took awhile let me tell you he looked up at me and smiled I smiled back "Come up here!" I breathed at him and he did sliding his body up mine sliding across my now exposed clitoris sending chills up my spine until we were face to face "That was nice Randy I'm still shaking!" He smiled "That was a good cum I enjoyed giving you that one!" My turn to smile "I look forward to returning the favor!" I said while taking his cock in my hand "Later, now guide me in Baby!" I spread my legs wider and drew them back a little as I guided his swollen missle to its target but he was so big and my opening was so little I rubbed him back and forth lubricating the head of his penis with my juices and after my orgasm I was juicy he began to push into me! Just a little at a time because it hurt a bit as I had never had a cock inside me and he was being gentle with me finally the head popped in and I gasped then he gasped "Geri your so tight this feels amazing!" he said crushing my mouth to his driving his tongue into me and my hands caressed his back and grabbed his ass as he inched his way into me! He was about half way in when he encountered my hymen he realized what it was and I saw a look of wonder spread across his face "I'm a virgin!" I whispered into his ear "Not any more!" he said pulling back and driving his huge cock right into me there was a flash of pain and then I was full of cock and it felt wonderful! He was so deep inside me I could feel him near my tubes! "Don't get me pregnant Ok" I whispered into his ear. "Don't worry Geri I have a bunch of those morning after pills my Dad got for me he said he doesn't want any surprises and they work too so it will be Ok!" "Great so fuck me then I love the feel of your cock inside me!" I couldn't believe how I was talking to him like a horny little cock slut who can't get enough dick! But he was liking it and groaned "Geri your so tight I've never felt this good inside anyone before I hope I can hold out for awhile!" I smiled "If you don't we'll just have to get you going again to finish the job!" He thrust deep inside me I could feel the head driving into me and as I liiked into his eyes I had my first cock induced orgasm it felt like the top of my head was going to explode I arched my back and said "I'm cumming for you!" and I came my little pussy was contracting wildly and his pubes were making contact with my clit as he drove deep into me making me cum even harder and I felt him stiffen and his cock began pulsing inside me and I knew he was going to cum too so I grabbed the cheeks of his muscular ass with both hands my fingers delving deep into the crack of his ass and he liked that so much he was covering my neck with kisses and then crushed my mouth against his driving deep one last time as he erupted his cock into my no longer virgin pussy! I wrapped my legs around him holding him to me as he poured the very essence of his being deep inside me and I prayed that morning after pill worked tomorrow I knew we were far from done and I was right! He groaned as he came looking into my eyes I could see something there... did he really have feelings for me? I hoped he did because I was falling in love with him! We stayed that way for awhile him deep inside me not wanting to part finally we lay side by side "I'm glad you were my first!" I said to him meaning every word! He stroked my hair and said "I am too! That was amazing and beautiful and I'll never forget it!" I couldn't believe what my hand was doing it was stroking his cock and he was getting hard again!

"Want to try something a little kinky I think you'll like it!" He whispered into my ear. He could have wanted to fuck me standing on my head and I would have let him whatever he wanted to do was fine with me! "OK" I whispered back "What do you want to do?" He got this smoky look in his eyes "Make love to that sexy ass of yours! Turn over baby!" I was a little leery about this but I wanted to please him so I turned over on to my stomach. He kissed me across my shoulders then down my spine causing me to shiver with delight it felt so nice! Then he kissed his way down to my bottom "Raise up a little Geri!" he said so I lifted my bottom up higher then he slid a pillow under me "You have such a lovely ass Geri the prettiest I've ever seen!" and as kisses rained down across my butt cheeks I hoped he meant it! Then he spread my cheeks and kissed the inside working his way to my rosebud first he kissed it and I shivered again then he licked it and I moaned a little I felt his tongue slip into me and it felt wonderful I felt myself raising my bottom up higher to give him better access to me. He probed me with that long tongue opening me up then he mounted me I felt him lay on top of me and I felt his huge erection laying in the crease of my cheeks he whispered in my ear "Do you want it Geri if you don't I'll stop!" Of course I wanted it I wanted to know what it felt like to be taken this way and who better than to take me then Randy! I shocked myself by saying "Fuck me Baby! Fuck my ass for me!" I felt like such a dirty girl I was his slut and his fuck toy and I was letting him use my ass for his pleasure Wow just the thought of that got me horny and wet I slipped my hand down between my legs and fingered my clitoris "Thats my girl your gonna love this!" he said and slipped his rock hard penis into my pussy and I gasped at the pleasure of being filled by it again but then it pulled out of me and slid between my cheeks slick with his cum and mine that cock of his was well lubricated and he began knocking at my back door gently pushing against my rosebud and I began to open for him...pain mixed with pleasure filled my head with my fingers busy masturbating myself I pushed back at him while relaxing my sphinter muscles he popped into me and we both moaned together in a chorus of sexual desire! "Geri this feels so good do you like it?" I pushed back against him driving more of that huge cock into my virgin ass and I heard myself say "Give it to me Fuck my ass Fuck me hard I love it I love it!" With that encouragement he gave me his whole cock right up inside my colon stretching me wide and I gasped with pleasure I loved being full of his cock and I wanted more...He just left it there for a few moments letting me get used to it kissing the back of my neck then he began sliding it in and out of me slowly at first then a little faster when he saw that I could take it and that I even liked it he got me on my hands and knees he never even left me as we rose up he must have done Simone this way more than once but I didn't care... he was doing me now! Randy placed his big hands on my hips and holding me began to drive that big cock of his into me I felt so vulnerable in that position yet so free I gave myself up to him letting him do whatever he wanted to me and I was loving it! I placed my two fingers on either side of my clitoris so that every time he rammed into me my fingers would slide back and forth sending waves of pleasure through my body I was going to try to hold out and cum with him but it didn't work out that way! He grew excited and began kneading my ass with his hands running them up the small of my back then grabbing my hips again to fuck me harder each thrust sent his hips crashing into my bottom and it was like getting spanked and fucked at the same time and I found that I liked being spanked I'll have to get him to do that to me sometime in the future and just the thought of me across his knees and his big hand slapping my bottom pushed me over the edge and I began to cum and it was the most intense orgasm I ever had I moaned and thrashed throwing my head back crying out I could feel myself contracting inside and I must have been contracting in my anus too because Randy began to cum with me he moaned and called out my name as he emptied his balls into my ass! I could feel him jumping inside me gushing sperm all over the inside of my colon giving me a sperm enema and I moaned and cried and took it all... when he was finished we collapsed onto the sofa... still joined we lay there sweat covered and panting still inside me he was then he turned us until we were spooning facing the fire... I snuggled back against him keeping him deep inside me not wanting to relinquish him not yet... not ever!

His hands found my breasts and cupped them feeling and squeezing "Play with my nipples I like that" I heard myself say... OMG the old Geraldine would have never said that but then the old Geraldine was dead and I am Geri and I am now a woman! I felt more free then at any time in my life I felt complete made whole by this beautiful young man and his beautiful cock! As he played with my nipples and kissed the back of my neck God I loved that by the way we talked in whispers about how wonderful that was and how much we both enjoyed it I felt him grow soft and slide out of me and I felt kind of empty yet full I still had his seed inside me and I felt all squishy and juicy hmmm maybe he'll fuck me again that would be nice! I turned to face him molding my body to his and entwining our legs until it was as if we were one person not two I rested my head against his chest breathing in the scent of his skin it smelled clean by his neck I could smell his cologne musky and sexy I decided I wanted to taste him so I licked his skin it tasted good so I began kissing and licking his chest and before I knew it I was working my way down his body I spent a little time exploring his navel with my tongue he liked that then down past his pubic hair that was actually quite soft and didn't tickle my nose hardly at all until finally I was face to face with his beautiful organ that had just given me so much pleasure I knew where it had just been and I didn't care! I gently kissed the head over and over then my tongue went to work and I licked it clean I tasted his cum but nothing else he gasped as I drew him into my mouth and as my tongue and lips got acquainted with his tasty pole it grew again and kept growing as I made my way down to his balls where I sucked them one at a time into my mouth I saw that on a vid once on the web and it looked like fun...he groaned with pleasure and said "want to go for a ride?" I giggled and said "sure take me where ever you want to go!" So he got on his back and his cock was pointing at the ceiling you didn't have to be a genius to figure out what he wanted me to do so I got up and straddled him taking his cock in my hand and guiding it back where it belonged my lips opened to receive him and this time there was nothing to stop him from sliding all the way up into me! It was my turn to gasp as this position let him go deeper than before and the head of his cock was deep into my womb and my clit was rubbing against his pubes he showed me how to "ride cowgirl" he called it and it sure was fun...his hands were kneading my breasts as I rode him like a bronco and I came again crying out and moaning after I finished he pulled me down to him and we kissed for a while and he did the work holding my bottom in his hands moving me up and down while driving that big cock deep inside me OMFG I'm cumming again! I took him a long time to cum again which was good for me as I had even another orgasm before he arched his back and filled my love channel with another load of cum! I lay there for a long while with my head on his chest and his cock still up inside me until he whispered in my ear "we better get you home its getting late and we don't want you getting in trouble! But I really hate to let you go you feel so nice like this! Hope we can do this again!" I just nodded my head "I'm glad it was you!" and as he kissed me he said "Me too!" We got dressed and sat by the fire just a few minutes more his arm around me and it was nice but then we had to go. On the drive home I sat close to him with my head resting on his shoulder he was a little quiet but that was Ok because I was reliving in my head making love to him! He gave me a tin foil packet it had the pill inside he said to take it as soon as I could and there wouldn't be a problem. I said I would and he dropped me off a few blocks away from my house and we kissed before we parted "Call me when you can I just want to know that your alright!" I said I would and as I walked away I could feel him watching me he was waiting and making sure I got home Ok I liked that he did that and not just drove off! When I was at my door I heard his car start up and I threw a little wave his way before I stepped inside! Mother was in her room and called out to me "Hi Honey how was your evening?" I smiled to myself "Just fine Mom!" she asked "How is Joan?" I said she was fine then excused myself to my room just then a text message came in from Randy asking if I got in Ok I said I did and thanks for asking! He said that he had a wonderful time and that he hoped that my first time was as wonderful for me I told him to believe me and that it was the best night of my life and would he like to see me again? He asked "How about next Friday?" I said "I'd love to! Meet me at the movies again!" He said he would then we said goodnight! I had very erotic dreams that night and I was having sex with Randy again I could feel his hands on my body again his cock was in my pussy and I came over and over! I woke up so horny I had to get myself off in the shower I had done that before but it never felt so good before... I was no longer a virgin and it felt great I couldn't wait to have sex again I wonder what we'll do this time? The next day at school I saw Randy and Simone arguing in the hallway she looked pissed and was really upset I just slipped by and went to my next class I didn't want to get involved because maybe it was about me! I texted him later and he said it was nothing just Simone being a bitch! I chalked it up to jealousy she was pissed that he was with me although she didn't act mean to me at all which I was glad about I even noticed that the popular girls were talking to me now maybe it was the celebrity of being with Randy I don't know but I liked it I liked it a lot!

The rest of the week was uneventful but then friday came and I was excited about seeing Randy again! I was kind of distracted all day thinking about the possibility of having sex with him again thinking about his cock inside me I was wet all day and very horny! I made the same excuse about going to Joan's and met Randy over by the theatre we didn't even pretend to go see a movie we just kissed and got into his car...On the way to his place I slid over and snuggled next to him and I found my hand massaging his cock and he liked that so much when we pulled into his garage he had a huge boner so we went to the sofa and lit a fire then after we got naked Randy asked me if I wanted to do some coke I thought he meant soda's and I said I wasn't thirsty he laughed and said no not that kind of coke he pulled out of his pants pocket a tin foil packet it had white powder inside I had heard of cocaine before but had never seen it! "Would you like to try some Geri it will make you feel nice I promise!" How could I say no! "Okay but just a little!" he filled up a little spoon with coke and held it under my nose he held my other nostril closed and told me to inhale and when I did I didn't feel anything for a second then it was like an orgasm in my brain OH MY GOD! I saw him load up the spoon again and put it to my other nostril and when I snorted that one up into me I was brain kept orgasming and I was horny I wanted cock and I wanted it now! Just then the door bell rang "Oh no!" I thought sombody's here and were not going to have sex! But Randy was cool about it he said to just stay here by the fire and he would take care of whoever it was...he disappeared for a few minutes and when he came back he wasn't alone standing there looking at me naked on the sofa was one of Randy's team mates from football and he was naked too! Randy said "Geri this is my pal Josh Severs and I thought you might like to meet him see Simone used to like to have us both sometimes she really got off on it and I thought you might like it too! If your not into it I'll just tell him to leave but I think we could have some fun if your game that is! I looked at Josh he was very good looking as tall as Randy and very muscular he also had a huge cock which I couldn't help staring at! I was still very horny and I thought what the hell if Simone liked it I might too! "She has pretty feet!" Josh said to Randy "I know aren't they beautiful!" I looked at my feet they were small and shapely and my ankle's are slim I never thought of them as sexy in any way but maybe they were....if Josh and Randy liked them who was I to argue! Randy sat down next to me "How about giving Josh a footjob that might be fun!" I looked at him funny "Whats that?" Randy laughed "Thats where you masturbate Josh with your feet and Josh can use your feet to masturbate himself!" It sounded kinky and kind of fun so I said "Ok but you'll have to show me how!" Randy squeezed my right breast sending a shiver down my body "Thats half the fun baby! Your gonna like this!" So he put me on my back with a pillow under my head so I could see what I was doing and Josh got in front of me kneeling with his big cock pointing at me "Damn she looks hot!" Josh said to Randy "I know she does! Geri baby play with his cock with your feet get him hard!" "I've got a better idea Geri you can sit on my lap and I'll guide you" I said Ok and got up Randy got on the sofa and I climbed on his lap and that felt nice he slid his hands up my body and grabbed my breasts that sent shivers through me "Ok now we're ready play with Josh's cock with your feet you'll figure it out as you go!" I lifted my feet to Josh's cock and I noticed he was uncircumcised which was interesting I took his cock between the toes of both feet and pulled down the skin covering his cock head and he groaned and I felt his cock begin to expand between my toes! Randy was kissing my neck and I could feel his cock growing hard under my butt so I wiggled my ass a little to encourage him mean while I figured out how to masturbate Josh with my feet wrapping them on either side and moving my legs up and down I was really liking this and I was getting so wet in my pussy it felt all squishy again and I gasped as Randy slipped his huge cock up inside me and from this angle I got it every inch of him was buried in me and I began to cum hard but I managed to keep my feet stroking that cock while I was cumming then I felt Randy slide out of me and I cried out "Don't stop!" but he wasn't stopping he was just getting warmed up he lifted my ass up a little and with his cock slick with the juices of my pussy he rammed that monster into my asshole I cried out and arched my back as he stretched me wide again and I looked at Josh and he was enjoying the show because he was oozing fluids out of his cock and they were lubing up my toes I had an idea then and stuck my fingers deep into my pussy gathering juices from my recent cum I rubbed them all over his rock hard cock!

Now my feet were really slippery and slid up and down easily over Josh's throbbing cock I could feel the bl**d pulsing against the soles of my feet meanwhile Randy got tired of drilling my ass and slipped it back where it belonged in my cock hungry little pussy! I began riding his cock in time to my busy feet Randy took my nipples in between his thumb and forefinger and began twisting them hard well that was it for Josh for on the next upward stroke of my feet a stream of cum flew out of his cock head I watched it arch through the air my mouth must have been open because a big glob landed right on my tongue the rest of the stream left a stripe down my body ending on Randy's cock that was fucking me like mad and the sight of that was too much for me I came again and as I was moaning and thrashing to my orgasm I felt Josh take my feet in his big hands and squeezed them together around his cock milking the last of his cum all over my long toes and I guess the sight of that got Randy off because I heard him moan and he bit my ear lobe which made me cum harder as he pumped a big load up into my well broken in pussy after which he pulled it out and shot the last few squirts all over my tits and belly then Randy pulled his cock out of my quivering still cumming pussy and shot his load up my body too it splashed over my face landing in my mouth to mix with Josh's cum then splashing down on my body like a warm rain! I could smell their cum in the air like male perfume and I liked it I began to rub their cum into my skin like it was lotion I took my feet and rubbed them together massaging all that cum into that skin as well it felt wonderful and incredibly hot and I wanted more! I was still orgasming in my brain from the cocaine and I was still unbelievably horny! Randy turned my face to him and kissed me "So how did you like that? I have to tell you that was the sexiest footjob I've ever seen better than the porn stars in the movies!" Josh chimed in" I'm going to remember that for the rest of my life! Thank you!" I looked at Josh he did have a great body and a huge cock and I decided that I would let him fuck me if Randy wanted him to! I noticed that I had a big glob of cum sitting on my left nipple it looked tasty so I brought my bre to my mouth and licked it off sucking and biting the nipple which sent shivers down my spine...I watched as Josh's cock went from deflating to inflating as he watched me then Randy who was still inside me whispered in my ear to turn around and straddle him so I reluctantly took my eyes off Josh's cock and turned around with my legs spread I lay on top of Randy who began kissing my nipples "Bite them!" I begged "Get that cock back inside me too!" I couldn't believe what I was saying but I was so horny I just had to fuck! Randy knew what I needed and slid his big thing back inside my pussy and after he was deep inside me he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them "Come on Josh there's room for more in here I moaned as I felt Josh get behind me and climb on top Randy slid out of me and said "Stick it in her pussy and lube it up for her ass!" Josh did as he was instructed and his huge cock entered me from behind sliding up into me deep I could feel his cock head butting against my diaphram and I hoped he didn't dislodge it but at that point I just didn't care! He stroked it into me a few times then slid back out and began to enter my anus as Randy slipped back into my pussy Randy's tongue stifled my cries as Josh's monster cock bore it was into my ass but the pain felt good and I needed cock so as that cock rode up inside me I could feel both of the pressing on each other and Josh's cock must have crowded Randy's to where it was rubbing a new spot inside me I had heard of a G spot but never knew what it could do well I found out that night!

I began to cum and it was the most intense thing I had ever felt in my life...waves of pleasure crashed against the shore of my brain and it felt like I was being electrocuted the spasms racked my body again and again then just when I thought they were ending they began anew! I had heard of multiple orgasms but this was ridiculous on and on I came and I heard Randy call my name and all I said was "Don't stop Don't stop! I'm still cumming don't stop!" A while later I felt Josh explode in my ass he was moaning and kneading my ass with his big hands which triggered Randy off and he arched his back and shot of cum rockets into my still orgasming pussy then after Josh's deflated cock slipped from the tight confines of my cum filled ass the orgasm finally subsided and I collapsed on top of Randy still a quivering mess but a very happy one! "Oh my God Randy she the most amazing thing I've ever seen I think I'm in love!" Josh gasped out I felt Randy's lips on mine and then he said "Yeah! And she's all mine don't forget that!" Some time later I got them both up again by sucking both their cocks at the same time then on my hands and knees with Josh fucking my pussy and Randy in my mouth we finished the evening and I can still taste his cum if I think about it after we lay there talking I was sandwiched between my lovers and their hands were gently stroking my skin Randy's hand was on my left breast Josh's hand on my right and it felt real nice I told Randy that I had been to see my Gynocologist and I was wearing a diaphram so I didn't need a pill this time! He just stroked my hair with this intense look in his eyes and I wondered what he was thinking about but that didn't matter but I laughed to myself thinking Geraldine this is only you second time having sex and you've already had a threesome wow you are such a slut! I had to admit it I was hooked on cock after that incredible orgasm with two cocks inside me I knew I wanted to feel that again and again! I found that I really liked Josh he was a really nice guy smart, funny good natured it felt nice to be with the both of them and I hoped that we could do this again sometime! Like next week! God Geraldine your such a slut! But a happy one! I kissed them both goodbye Randy got tongue then went home later up in my room I replayed the evening in my mind and brought myself off again with my fingers and I got a text message from Randy asking how I felt about tonight did I enjoy myself? I told him it was the most amazing night of my life and that every time we get together it just gets better! We set another date for the following friday Mother called up to check on me and I told her I was studying for a test actually I did have some studying to do I have to keep my grade point average up there if I want to get that grant I decided to go to the same college as Randy I know your shocked right? So I'm infatuated with him he's my first and I'll always love him for that plus he's adventurous and doesn't mind if another guy fucks me as long as he's there of course! I really enjoyed having the two of them inside me I can still feel them both in me feeling so full and cumming over and over God I'm getting horny again I've got to stop thinking about it and study a little but I wound up sl**ping with my book on my chest and my finger in my pussy anyway! I met Joan over the weekend and she asked me how my date went and I made up a lie about what we did and where we went theres no way she would understand me sl**ping with two guys on the second date she'd freak out on me and I didn't need that so I lied no big deal my sex life is none of her business anyway! Monday at school I saw Randy fighting again with Simone and I thought God what a bitch she just can't stand for him to be happy with someone else I had no idea about what was really going on but I soon found out! On tuesday I saw Joan and she seemed upset and needed to talk to me so we went to a secluded spot and she opened up to me about how a friend of hers who knows Simone found out about her website that she has and there are video's about me on the site! She gave me a paper with the website and the password to get in and told me I'd better take a look at it tonight! I said I would and thanked her for letting me know! It was funny at school girls that would never talk to me unless it was to say "Get out of the way!" we're talking to me and being nice too and it was nice being included after always being excluded before! That night I went on my lap top and surfed to that site Joan gave me and after entering the password I got in and it was a site created by Simone where she posted video's about different social events and had a blogging section and then I saw the post it said " Geraldine Plotz from bookworm to cock whore in two weeks!" I clicked on the link and there were two videos I opened the first one and there I was with Randy on the sofa and I watched as we took off our clothes and had sex it was like watching a porno movie only I was the star there was even zooming in and different angle shots and everything I saw a close up of me losing my virginity Randy's cock driving into me breaking my hymen I saw the bl**d streaks on the shaft of his penis as it continued fucking me I saw my face at the moment of breaking and I watched myself cum again and again I should have been mad and horrified but instead the video made me hot! So I watched the other one too and relived getting fucked by two cocks at the same time I played with myself and came at the end of the movie and it was amazing! I knew other people must have seen these video's but that didn't bother me for some reason I guess I kind of liked the idea of someone else getting off watching me get fucked theres a kinky side to me that I was rapidly discovering and I liked it!

At school the next day I found Randy and told him I had seen the posted vids on Simone's website he looked so sad I almost felt sorry for him! I asked him if all I was to him was an experiment? He looked at me with those beautiful eyes of his and told me yes at first that was all it was Simone asked him to do that for her and he said that he liked my body and thought I was cute even behind those geeky glasses that I no longer wear its contacts now but anyway after he met me and after we had sex together he discovered that he really liked me and thats what the fights with Simone were about she thought he was being too sweet to me during sex and that his love making was too real! He said that for him it became real and after we talked and texted he began to fall in love with me especially after we had sex the next time with Josh and how cool I was about it heck Simone was too uptight to ever do anything even remotely as hot as that and that he admired me for being so great about everything then he told me he had broken up with Simone and had locked her and everyone else out of the website and that he was going to take it down for good! I looked at him he looked so sorry and sad he thought I was going to slap him and curse him out and walk away but I surprised him yet again by saying "So its just you and me now no Simone?" he said "No Simone we're done!" I said "Good she was a bitch anyway and didn't deserve you!" Taking his arm in mine I said "Come on you can walk me to class here carry my books for me!" He smiled and took them from me and as we passed Simone I said "Don't take down the site I've got a great idea for a new movie!" He looked at me astonished and then began laughing his arm slipped around my waist and I heard someone clapping behind us as we walked away...We stayed together for a long time I went to the same college as him so we were together constantly and had many sexual adventures together there were a lot of horny college boys there and we made a bunch more movies together it was soo much fun and guess what? Josh and Joan are dating can you believe it! Of course we had to bring her into our sex games and one night while we were together in bed I looked over at Joan and she looked so pretty laying there that I leaned over and kissed her I didn't know if she would like it but then I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and her hand on my breast and there was no denying it Joan was bisexual and as we made out the boys applauded and egged us on they even suggested things we could do to each other the pervs...but we did them anyway and it was fun kissing a girl is different than a guy its sweeter and softer I liked it! Then the boys joined in and it was guy on girl on girl on guy wow talk about great sex that video was one for the books... yeah of course we filmed it who wouldn't want to see that again? So anyway back tracking a little after Randy left Simone she fell out of popularity and all of a sudden the brainy girls were getting a lot of attention from the guys brainy girls were hot brainy girls liked to fuck and yes we did its just that they didn't get the well all that changed and I was their hero! At graduation while I was giving my valedictorian speech I looked out and there in the back was Simone and she looked sad and lonely and I almost felt sorry for her after all I wouldn't have Randy if she wasn't such a bitch but people get what they deserve and maybe she learned a lesson I certainly hoped so for I had learned that anything is possible if you want it bad enough and have the guts to reach out and take it! Will I marry Randy some day I've given that a lot of thought he loves me I know that and I feel the same way so who knows...if he asks me some day maybe I'll say yes...probably.....definitely!
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I had never been so pissed. I really thought that tonight was the night I was going to score. Her name was Tami Johnson. She was a cheerleader with long legs and probably the biggest breasts at our school. We had plans to go to the drive-in, where I was sure to be balls deep in her sweet little pussy, but she stood me up. That bitch!!! I arrived back home and entered the house with my head hung low. I had just turned 18 and it looked like I was gonna be the worlds oldest virgin. Mom and Dad were watching tv in the livingroom. I passed them without a word and started upstairs.

"Sweetie, what happened? I thought you had a date tonight? Mom inquired.

"Yeah, I thought so to. Guess she changed her mind." I answered.

I went to my room and lay on my bed. It wasn't long before there came a gentle tap at my door. Mom peeked her head in with a look of worry.

"Kevin, can I come in?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said in a dejected tone.

Mom came in and closed the door. Her presence made me feel all the more disappointed. Mom was beautiful, like Tami, only much older. She had long milky-white legs and boobs that were probably even bigger that Tami's. Mom was 40 and had taken very good care of herself. Imagine an older Liv Tylor with bigger boobs. That's mom. She sat at my bedside.

"I take it your date didn't fly?" She said.

"No. It didn't even get off the ground." I answered.

"Well, no 18-year-old should spend a friday night without a date. Where were you going to take her?" She said.

"The drive-in." I muttered.

"The drive-in huh? She smiled. "No wonder your so upset. It just so happens that I know a girl who might go out with you tonight."

"You do?" I asked.

"Yep, she's a little older than you, but I think you might enjoy her company." Mom said.

"Who is she?" I said excitedly.

"Me, silly boy, now what time does our movie start?" She asked.

"Mom, you don't have to feel sorry for me." I said.

"Don't you tell me what I can or can't feel young man. I asked you a question." She said sternly.

I smiled at her.

"It starts at 8." I answered.

She looked at her watch and jumped up.

"Then I better get ready or we're gonna be late." She said.

"What about dad?" I asked.

"Your father has to be at the office early in the morning, he'll be off to bed soon. Besides, you're my date, remember?" She said with a wink.

I waited for mom downstairs and made small talk with my father as he watched the game. Mom finally came down the stairs and she looked stunning. She was in a white mini-skirt and a matching halter-top that made her boobs look huge. The tap of her dainty high-heeled sandals clicked against the floor. They were nothing but a six-inch heel and thin strap crossing her pretty little toes. Mom's legs were gorgeous. Long and lanky. She threw a tiny sweater over her shoulders and kissed my father.

"Well, don't you look stunning." Dad said.

Mom took my arm and smiled.

"Gotta impress my young date." She said.

Dad looked at me jokingly.

"Just have her back before midnight, son, otherwise her father will worry." Dad said. We all giggled.

"We may not make that curfew, pops, so don't wait up for us." Mom said.

"You two have a good time." Dad said as mom and I headed out the door.

Mom let me drive her car, just like in a real date. As we drove to the movies on the outskirts of town I couldn't help but glance at my mother's fabulous legs and imagined, as I often did, what it would be like to have them wrapped around me. What would it be like to be my father and have that pussy to fuck every night?

"What are you thinking about?" Mom said with a smile.

"Me, oh-uh, nothing much." I answered.

"You have to be thinking about something." She said.

"I was just thinking how pretty you look tonight." I said.

"That's sweet of you to say." She said with a glowing smile. "Know what I'm thinking?" She asked.

"What?" I said.

"I'm thinking that girl is crazy for passing up such a handsome date." She said.

"Oh, thanks." I said bashfully.

We arrived at the drive-in just before 8 and began to drive around, looking for a spot. Mom pointed to a dark area off by itself where no other cars were parked.

"What about over there?" She asked.

I parked us in the darkened area near the back corner of the lot. We were pretty much all alone and a ways back from the nearest vehicle. I shut off the engine. I put the audio-box in the window just as the movie started.

"Do you want any popcorn?" I asked.

"No, get you some though if you want." She said.

"I'm okay." I said.

Mom let her sandals fall from her feet and slipped out of her sweater. Her enormous boobs rocked from side to side under her top and I felt my cock begin to harden.

"Care if your date moves over for a snuggle?" She asked.

I shook my head and mom scooted over next to me. She brought her legs up on the seat and rested them against me. She unfolded the blanket she had brought with her and threw it over the both of us. Then she snuggled closer, until I could feel her pillowy breasts squashed against my side.

"Put your arm around me." She said.

I did so and mom melted against me, her giant breasts flattening against my chest. She threw her long legs over my lap and ran her hand across my neck staring at me as I tried to concetrate on the movie.

"You've never been to a drive-in with a girl before, have you?" She asked.

"Why?" I asked nervously.

She giggled. "Because everyone knows you don't come to a drive-in to watch the movie, silly boy." She answered.

"Oh...what do you do at the drive-in then?" I asked, even though she was wrong, I did know.

Mom smiled wickedly and unhooked the audio-box from the window. It fell out and she rolled the window up.

"Guess old mom's gonna have to teach you a thing or two about drive-in dating." She said.

It all seemed so surreal. Here I was at the drive-in theater with my own beautiful mother snuggled up next to me. We were parked in a dark corner at the rear of the lot with no other cars around. It was like we were in our own little private world for two hours. Being Mr. inexperience, I started to watch the movie, but mom had other ideas. She had just tossed the audio-box out and rolled up the window. Her long, milky-white legs were thrown across my lap and her enormous cans were pressed against my side as she snuggled.

"You haven't had much experience with drive-in dating, have you?" Mom asked.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well, traditionally drive-in theaters are a place a guy can bring his date to make out. And chances are, if things go well, he'll get to test the shocks on his car before the movie's over." She said.

"Did you go to drive-in's when you were my age?" I asked.

Mom gave me a suprised giggle.

"Are you k**ding? I was here about every weekend. Believe me, knowone's had as much drive-in experience as your mother." She answered.

"What if I'm with a girl I hardly know?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter. She'll know why you brought her here. So who was the bitch that stood you up tonight?" Mom asked.

"Her name's Tami." I answered.

"Is she pretty?" She asked.

"Yeah, she's really pretty." I answered.

"As pretty as your mother?" Mom asked with a curious smile.

A smiled bashfully.

"Well, not quite that pretty." I confessed.

"You're scoring points." Mom said with a giggle. "Scoring points is a very important part of getting what you want in a date." She said.

"I'll try to remember that." I said.

"So what's pretty about me?" Mom asked with a flattered grin.

"Well, I don't're just beautiful." I answered.

"We've established that much, silly boy. What's beautiful about me?" She asked.

"Well, have a pretty face..." I confessed.

"And?" Mom asked.

"You have a great body." I said.

"Okay, and what's so great about my body." Mom smiled proudly. "What are your favorite parts?" She asked.

"I don't have beautiful legs." I said.

Mom pulled the covers up over her milky-white legs. Her skirt had ridden-up so that her long, naked legs were completely exposed for our viewing pleasure.

"So my boy like these legs huh?" She asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"What do you like about them?" She asked.

"I don't know, their just so long and smooth looking." I answered.

"They are smooth... Wanna feel?" She asked.

"Are you sure?" I asked, excited by the invitation.

Mom smiled.

"I think you've earned enough points so far to diserve it. Give me your hand." She said.

Mom took my hand and guided it across the smooth, soft skin of her amazing legs. I was suprised when she ran our hands up her thigh. She watched my reaction as we traveled up her skirt, until my thumb brushed against the crotch of her panties. I could feel the heat of her snatch.

"Do they feel as smooth as they look?" She asked.

All I could do was nod. I was in heaven and she knew it.

She gently scratched the top of my hand with her nails and then removed her hand, leaving my hand on the inside of her thigh.

"So what else about your mother's body do you like? She asked.

" have pretty feet." I told her.

Mom smiled and lifted her feet from the seat, pointing her beautiful little toes. Her toenail's were painted bl**d red, and speaking of bl**d, my cock by this time was full of it. It was the most painful erection I think I had ever experienced.

"These feet?" She asked in a cute tone.

She brought a leg back effortlessly, until her knee was bent at her side. With relative ease, she brought a foot to my face and gently brushed her pointed toes across my cheek. I was amazing by her limberness.

"You're scoring some serious points with me, young man." She said with a smile.

All I could do was smile as she brought her leg back down on my lap.

"Any other parts of me you feel like expressing your admiration for?" She asked.

My eyes went staight to the bulging cleavage spilling out the neck of her halter-top. She glaced down at it too, then looked back at me with a smile.

"I think there's a part of me you like better than my legs or my feet." She said. "Does Tami have big one's?" She asked.

"Yeah, they're pretty big." I answered.

Mom used her arms to press her breats together, causing the enormous cans to ballon outward, stretching against her sexy top.

"Surely their not as big your mother's." She said confidently.

"No, not that big." I smiled.

"Well, I had no idea my son was a big breast man. " She stated. Mom smiled at me, looking into my eyes. "Wanna cash in some of those points you've scored with mom?" She said.

"Sure." I said.

"Just remember, a guy's not suppose to talk about the ways he cashes in his points. To anyone! That's between him and his date. Break your trust and she may not be willing to drive-in date you again, understand?" She said.

"Yeah, I understand." I responded.

"Let's get in the backseat where there's more room." She said.

Mom and I got in the back and closed the doors. It was dark back here. Even if someone were right outside the vehicle they probably could see inside. Our car was completely by itself. My mom and I were now in the back seat, mother and son in our own little cozy world, and we were all alone.

I couldn't believe my eyes as mom slipped out of her skirt.

"Take off your shirt, and your shorts." She commanded.

I did so and sat there in my underwear. It was dark, so I knew mom couldn't make out much of my bulging cock, straining within my briefs.

"Scoot to the edge of the seat." She said.

I did so, sliding my ass to the edge of the seat. Mom scooted up next to me and gently f***ed me to lay back.

"Sit back, sweetie." She said.

I was now slouched down in the back seat and watched as my mother straddled me. It was an amazing sight! My own gorgeous mother mounting me as if I were a pony, her breasts swaying under her top. She threw the blanket over the top of us and looked down into my eyes.

"Sure you wouldn't rather watch the movie?" She said teasingly.

"No way." I said.

Mom came down on top of me and I think I could have cum right then. She rested her wieght against me, her pillowy tits squashed against my chest. My bulge sunk onto her panty cover snatch. She ran her hands through my hair and let out little moans as she rubbed her body against mine. I put my hand on her back on the fringe of her top. Mom moved her lips to my ear.

"Pull it down." She whispered.

I did so and her halter-top slid down to her waist. I could now feel her lacy strapless bra rubbing against my skin. Her big tits oozing over the sides.

"There's clips in the back. Pull them together." She said.

I did as I was told and felt her bra unfasten and her tits spill out onto my bare chest. She pulled the bra out from between us and our nipples came together. Hers were as big around as a braclet and had hard fat tips that looked like they were just made for sucking.

"See what scoring points will get you?" She asked.

For a good ten minutes mom and I squirmed and rubbed against eachother. Mom smothered my cock with her cunt, grinding our genitals together in a nice slow dry hump. She ran her hands across my chest and neck, scratching me with her long nails. We were both breathing heavily and moaning. It was like being in our own little sauna under the blanket and soon our bodies were glistening with sweat.

" do I score more points." I asked.

Mom brought our heads out of the covers and looked at me with a curious smile.

"Well you should know by now, silly boy. Flattery will get you all the points you want." She answered.

"How many points do I need know?" I asked.

"No I don't know. Tell me." She said.


"Sex with me?" She finished.

"Yeah." I said.

"Well, I am your date tonight, but I'm also your mother. For a teenaged boy to fuck his married mother, well, that would be a pretty hefty amount of points. Are you sure you're up to paying the price?" She asked.

"I'll do anything. I'll say anything. Anything you want." I pleaded.

"Anything? You're sure?!" She asked sternly.


"Well, tiger, I hope for your sake this is a double-feature. You have a lot of points to score and this could get pretty intense."

Mom smiled as she still lay on top of me. We were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help me score enough points to have sex with her.

"Let's switch positions." She said.

Mom unstraddled me and got in the same position I was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. I started to straddle her as she had me but she stopped me.

"No...get between my legs." She said.

She threw her legs back and I climbed between them. Again our genitals met and she pulled me onto her chest. Her soft breasts melted against against my chest as she wrapped her long legs and arms around me.

"This is where my baby boy wants to be isen't it?" She asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"I thought so. Score enough points with me and we'll be back in this position before you know it. Only next time, there won't be panties and briefs between us." She said with a smirk.

"Okay." I said.

She gave me a nice sexy kiss on the forehead.

"Get on the floor." Mom commanded.

I did so, kneeling on the floorboard. Mom put her feet up on the seat and with her ass still at the edge of the seat, spread her long legs, exposing her panty covered muff to me. She was laying it all out right in front of my face.

"I want you to smell it." She said.

I moved to her snatch. The smell hit me before I was even close, but I didn't stop until my nose struck the crotch of her panties. The pungent pussy-smell was so strong it burned my nostrils. It was intoxicating! Mom ran her fingers through my hair as she watched me sniff.

"That's it, sweetie. Take your time. I want you to get a really good whiff." She said.

And that I did. The smell was so strong it was making my head spin.

Using her foot under my chin, she lifted my head so that I was looking up into her face.

"So...what do you think?" She asked.

"It's amazing." I replied.

"Bet you've never smelt it that strong before." She said with a smile.

I shook my head and smiled back. Mom lifted her ass alittle.

"Reach under and grab the waistband, I want you to take my panties off." She commanded.

I did so and in one fluid motion, moms panties slid up her legs. She kicked them off and taking them in her hand, sat up in the seat. I tried to look at her cunt, but suddenly her panties were in my face. She held the crotch of them at my nose.

"Sniff!" She said.

I again found myself breathing her sex fumes.

"That's it, sweet baby, breathe it in." She said.

I felt her fingers slide the moist crotch of silk between my lips.

"Now taste. I want you to suck on the crotch." She said.

I did so, tasting my own mother's pussy-juice for the first time. She stroked my forehead.

"That's it. Suck out all the juice for me." She said.

She finally removed them from my mouth and tossed them onto the floor.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"You taste delicious." I said.

She smiled, brushing the hair from my eyes.

"There you go, scoring more points again." She said.

She caught me glaning towards her cunt.

"Something down there you wanna see?" She asked.

I nodded with a smile.

"What? What do you wanna see?" She asked teasingly.

" know..." I muttered.

"No, I don't know. Tell me. Tell me what you want to see." She said.

"Your vagina." I said.

Mom giggled.

"You mean my pussy?" She asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

She continued to stroke my hair with a big grin.

"I thought a little boy wasn't suppose to see his mommy's pussy." She said.

I shrugged my shoulders and mom just giggled.

"A mommy pussy isn't like those young high school girl pussy's you know. A mommy pussy is big and fat and hairy. It's a mature pussy, that's had lots and lots of experience. Boys your age don't get to see those types of pussy's very often." She said.

"I know." I said.

"Bring your head down here close to the seat." She told me.

I did so and found myself staring at mom's belly. I could see the top of her pubic triangle and knew I was in for a real treat.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said.

Mom sat back in the seat and kicked her legs back as far as they could go. There, inches from my face, was my own mother's hairy cunt. She thrust her muff up towards my face and I could see her fleshy lips and fat clit.

I was on my knees on the floor of the back seat. Inches from my face was the most beautiful pussy I had ever beheld and it belonged to my own mother. It seemed so large and intimidating. Peering down between her legs, mom smiled at me as she watched me study her amazing muff.

"Would you like me to open it up for you, sweetie?" She asked.

I nodded and mom used two of her fingers to splay apart her large fleshy cunt-lips. Mom's twat opened up like a shiny pink blossom coming to full bloom.

"Wow." I muttered.

Mom smiled at my reaction.

"Lots of peeping boys might get a good look at their mother's snatch, but you're one of the lucky ones. Not to many sons get to see under mom's hood." She said.

She held it open with her fingers as my eyes feasted on this delicious sight.

"Don't get too excited, tiger, you haven't seen the best part yet." She said.

With that, she pulled apart a second fleshy layer of pink and I could actually hear a creamy sound as she peeled apart her inner lips. As she pulled back the pink curtain, I found myself staring down into her gaping fuck-hole. The walls within her sex-cave were so soft and warm looking.

"Hard to believe I squeezed you out that little hole, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"Well...having you back shouldn't be as difficult." Mom said with a grin. She glanced towards my crotch. "Unless you've got something down there larger than I'm accustomed to." She said.

"I don't know." I said. I began to wonder if perhaps I was bigger than my father. From the locker room at school, I knew my cock was pretty large for my age. Last time I had measured, it was nearly 8 inches and that was when I was 16. I was sure it had grown an inch or so since then.

"Well whatever size it is, I'm sure old mom can make it feel right at home." She said lovingly.

I studied her steamy twat again and she watched me proudly.

"You must have questions. This is new territory for you." She said.

"How deep is that hole?" I asked.

"It's about 7 inches back to the head of my cervix." She answered.

"What's a cervix?" I aksed.

"That's where mom's eggs are produced. When your father ejaculates, his sperm will swim into my cervix and try to fuck one of my eggs." She said.

Mom ran her sexy toes through my hair.

"That's how I got my beautiful baby boy." She said.

"So that's where I was for nine months. Your cervix?" I asked.

"Well, kind of. When the sperm and egg became you, you attached yourself to the wall of my uterus, then I produced a womb-sack around you to keep you warm and safe while you developed." She said.

"Can a woman have sex when she's pregnant?" I asked.

"Sure she can. In fact, with the hormonal imbalance, most women need more sex when they're pregnant than when they're not." She answered.

"Does dad like it?" I asked.

"Are you k**ding? Most men would kill for the chance to fuck a pregnant woman... Tell you what, if mom ever gets pregnant again, we'll wait until I'm about eight or nine months along, then we'll have another one of these drive-in dates. How's that?" She asked.

"Sounds good." I said.

I looked back at her cunt.

"My clit fascinates you, doesn't it?" Mom asked.

"Your what?" I asked.

Mom brought her finger up and pinched the fat nub at the top of her cunt, making it stick out like a swollen thumb.

"This plump little girl. She's momma's clit and you've been staring at her." She said.

"I have?" I asked.

"Yep, you have. If you want to score enough points to go back to the womb, tiger, you're gonna have to go through her." Mom said.

"How?" I asked.

"I'll give you a hint." Mom said as she took my hand. She opened her mouth, peeked her tongue out and taking one of my fingers, began to flail her pink snake around it in little butterfly licks. Then she slipped my finger into her mouth and began to suck for a few minutes. Finally, she took my finger out and glanced down at her clit invitingly.

"Get the picture, love?" She asked.

I got the picture all right and dove in head first. I wrapped my lips around mom's fat clit and began to nurse. I licked and sucked like a baby at its mother's breast. Mom moaned, grinding her hips and running her fingers through my hair.

"Oh yeah, that's it, sweetie-pie, suck your mother's little love-button." She groaned.

For a good 10 minutes I worked her nub, savoring the feel of her meaty cunt-flesh against my face and the pungent smell of her matronly twat.

"Oh God, baby, you are scoring some serious motherfucking points with me." She grumbled.

Finally, mom lifted my face from her muff and sat up. She pulled me to her swaying tits, throwing her legs under my arms and around my back. I suddenly found myself smothered in tit-flesh.

"Oh baby, come to momma's titties." She cried.

I started to kneed and suck. I was like a k** in a candy store, overwhelmed and surrounded by soft, tasty flesh. I worked my tongue on her enormous nipples, then sucked and squeezed like a baby. Mom held me to her bussoms, clawing the back of my head with her long nails.

"That's it, love on momma's big soft boobies, baby." She said.

After a few minutes, mom sat back a little.

"Come back up on the seat." She commanded.

I did and she grabbed the waistband of my briefs and let it snap against my skin.

"Get 'em off!" She said with a grin.

In a flash, I had them off and my big dick slapped against my stomach.

"Oh my!" She said with a giggle. "You're bigger than I thought."

"Bigger than you're used to?" I asked.

"By a few inches, at least." She said. "But I wasn't just refering to your length. Look at how fat and meaty that monster is."

"Is that good?" I asked.

She licked her lips hungrily.

"Bet your fucking ass it is." She said. "Had mom known you had such an an enormous baby-maker, she may have kicked your father out long ago, and made you man of the house." She said.

"Really? So I'd have been sl**ping in your bed?" I asked.

"Well, we'd share the same bed, but I don't know how much sl**ping we'd do." She said with a wink.

"That would be awesome." I said.

Mom stared at my giant erection and giggled.

"Well, lover-boy. If that thing rubs me the way I think it will, you may get your wish." She said.

I couldn't believe my ears. Would my mom actually divorce my dad and take me as her perminant love-partner. Would I have a chance to fuck mom again and again on her own marital bed? The very thought took my breath away.

"You know, tiger, we may have a problem here." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, I think you've scored too many points." She said.

"Too many?" I asked.

"Too many for just a fuck." She said.

Mom pushed me back and got on her hands and knees on the seat.

"I think you've scored just enough for a nice deep blow-job as well." She said. Mom looked into my eyes with a teasingly seductive smile. "If your interested?"

"God yes!" I said excitedly.

Mom began to tickle the head of my dick with the ends of her nails.

"Are you sure? I mean, you may not be able to handle your cock sliding down mom's throat. The feeling of your own mother's tongue dancing across your purple nob might just be too much for you." She teased.

"No, I want it, please!" I pleaded.

"Does my baby want it?" She said. "Does my sweet baby wanna feel his mother's lips wrapped around his swollen meat?" She asked in a baby voice.

"Yes...please!" I said.

"Then we need to make a decision. Cause once mom starts, she's not stoppin'. Do you wanna cum down my throat or do wanna pull it out and cum on my tits?" She asked.

"Your throat, but I thought we were know?" I answered.

"You're a teenaged boy, silly. I'll bet you anything after mom swallows your load, you'll bounce right back and be ready for the main event. Besides, with one out of your system, you'll be able to fuck long and hard, making your mother cum in buckets." She said.

"You think so?" I asked.

"Well, if you wanna take your father's place in my bed, you better." She said sternly.

"Okay." I said confidently.

Mom pulled her hair back into a bun, getting it out of her face, preparing for her descent on my cock and balls. She gave me a soft peck on the lips, staring into my eyes.

"This is gonna be pretty intense for you. I want you to just sit back and feel my love, okay?" She said.

"Okay." I answered.

She gave me a big warm motherly smile and I felt her soft hand glide down my engorged pecker and f***efully pin my balls down against my ass. This made the skin on my fleshy pillar stretch tightly and my mushroom tip balloon even bigger. A trickle of bubbling jism seeped from the tip.

"Ready, tiger?" Mom asked.

I nodded and watched as mom's head sunk to my lap. Her lips descended right to my cockhead and about an inch before she reached it, her lovely mouth opened wide, and with her lips and tongue, she formed a nice round fuck-pouch for the giant pole she was about to swallow.

My rod was suddenly surrounded in wet warmth. I could feel mom's lips stretched tightly around my shaft as they sunk towards my balls. The head of my dick glided past her tongue and into her throat. I felt her gag, then swallow, taking me deep into her gullet. It was like a soft, heated vaccum pouch surrounding the meat of my cock. She clamped her fingers around the base of my shaft. Her nails dug in to the soft skin of my balls as her lips traveled back up my fleshy pillar. Mom d**g the tip of her tongue against the underside of my cock, forcing a stream of pre-cum out my tip and into her mouth. She rolled her pink snake around my giant nob a few times, then swallowed the mouthful of syrup she had taken.

"Oh God that's good. You might have a hard time keeping mom away from this big sugar stick." She said, again taking my prick into her lovely mouth.

This time mom worked her mouth up and down my thick shaft like a pro. Her lips squeezed and pulled against the flesh of my spear, her tongue dancing and flailing around my big purple plumb. The sight of my own mother's head moving up and down on my lap was almost too much for me to bare. By this time, the windows of mom's car were all fogged up. The sound of lewd slurping and sucking filled the vehicle as mom went at it.

For a good ten minutes mom fucked my cock with her mouth. Every dozen, ball bumping strokes mom would take my dick from her lips and bath my cock-head with rapid butterfly licks. She worked her fist up and down my member making my balls slap against my legs again and again. It felt amazing! Then once again I was devoured and she sucked and pulled at my cock with everything she had. I could feel and hear mom humming as she sucked and the vibration felt amazing against my meat.

For another ten minutes mom orally fucked me without rest. Up and down and up and down she worked her magic. My God, she was increadible! I couldn't possibly imagine getting a better cock-sucking from anyone, anywhere. While she sucked, her tongue had gone nonstop, rolling and wiggling across my pecker relentlessly. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I sunk deeper and she began to deep throat me with short, rapid strokes. I could feel the slimy flesh of her gullet milking me hard. I began to buck my hips, literally fucking mom's throat. My balls tightened. This was it!

"Oh, mom, I'm gonna cum!" I groaned.

She worked harder and faster, slurping up and down the length of me, her tongue going into overdrive. Mom tightened her lips, loudened her humming. She was like a cocksucking machine on overdrive. I jerked as the torrent rocketed up my shaft until I delivered my first long rope of semen straight down mom's throat. She choked a little, but didn't miss a beat as the second jet splashed against the back of her mouth. My nob slid through the pool of semen as she sucked me back into her throat where I released another huge deposit of jism, then another on my way out. Mom gaged and I removed my dick from her mouth. Again she gagged, regurgitating an enormous amount of spunk back into her mouth, but with one big gulp she sent it back down her throat. In those few seconds my cock sent a thick geyser splashing against her lips. Mom was back to sucking in a flash and my nob followed a river of sperm into the depths of her throat.

I could feel an almost constant stream of fuck-cream flowing from my piss-hole, cascading down my mother's throat and into her tummy. Mom jerked and pulled at the skin of my dick, nursing more and more of my milk into her loving mouth. I had never cum this hard. Never felt the jism flow from my cock as it was now. For one full minute my dick continued to spasm, spitting a bubbling gob of spunk each time for mom to swallow.

Finally, after mom had squeezed the last drop from my shriveling member, my cock-head popped like a cork from between her lips. She sat next to me and looked into my exhausted eyes.

"Don't wimp out on me, sweetie-pie. Our drive-in date isn't over yet. You have more points to cash in, remember." She said.

Mom gently squeezed my giant ball-sack.

"Besides, it feels to mom like you have another load you needs delivered." She said with a wicked grin.

I gazed down at my cock. It was sticking straight up, still bone hard and coated with mom's saliva.

"So, son of mine...still upset that your date stood you up?" Mom asked.

"No way." I signed.

Mom smiled, her big tits giggling, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Top or bottom?" She asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Time to cash in all those points, sweetie-pie. Top or bottom?" She smiled.

"Bottom." I said.

Without hesitation Mom threw one of her long legs her leg across my lap and straddled me. I gazed up at her enormous chest as it hovered above my face.

"Scoot down to the edge of the seat." She said.

I did what she asked so that I was now slouched down in the seat beneath her, like I had been when we dry humped earlier. She reached around and grabbed my big boner, giving it a few slow strokes.

"So you think you can handle having this monster buried inside another warm wet hole?" She teased.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"You know, it's not every day a boy gets to visit his mom's most secret place. No drive-in date is complete though unless a young guy gets to pound him some puss. The things I do for you." She smiled.

"For me? Yeah right, mom. " I teased, knowing full well she wanted to fuck my brains out.

Mom giggled, then looked down at me with those big brown eyes, clasping my rod tightly.

"I'm gonna scream. A lot. Just don't panic okay. When a girl screams while you're fucking her, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. It means you're doing everything right." She smiled.

"Okay." I said. Mom gave me one last smile.

"Ready slugger?" She asked.

I nodded and mom dropped her ass to my cock. It was time! Still clasping the base of my meat tightly she d**g my cum drooling knob across the soft lips of her outer labia, then crushed it against her "plump little girl" as mom called it.

I suddenly felt a pocket of warmth swallow my bell-shaped tip as mom began to feed the first inch of cock inside of her. She released her grip on the base as I continued to sink. Those few seconds seemed like minutes as I felt myself being swallowed inch by meaty inch.

As my dick reached a certain depth I heard mom gasp and felt her love pocket contract. Somehow I instinctively knew I had just passed my father's deepest point. I smiled inside, knowing I had almost three inches left to give her.

"Oh God." She sighed.

My meaty invader wormed further into mom's creamy depths until I felt my tip nudge snuggly against her cervical ring.

"Oh my God, sweetie, you just kissed your mother's womb." She sighed.

"Wow, this feels incredible, mom." I gasped.

"Oh honey, it gets a lot better." She smiled.

Mom brought her massive chest down onto mine, sandwiching her tits between us. She gazed down into my eyes with a look of shear pleasure.

"I'll bet I could milk an orgasm out of you without even moving." She bragged.

I suddenly felt her pouch flex, applying massive pressure against the meat of my shaft. My breath quivered as my eyes rolled back in my head.

Seeing my reaction, mom giggled, then relaxed her cunt muscles. No sooner did I sigh than mom tightened them again and laughed as I winced and closed my eyes.

"Oh God." I exclaimed.

"No...Oh Mom!" She said.

The pleasure was so intense I felt like crying. Mom started to rapidly tighten then relax her love muscles. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. I let out a little whimper, resting my head back. Mom was all smiles, enjoying my reaction.

Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax.

"Oh baby, look at you and we haven't even started fucking yet." She said lovingly, her pussy still working its magic.

"Oh, it feels so good, mom." I moaned.

"Oh sugar-bear...are you ready for momma to ride you?" She asked.

"Yeah." I muttered.

Mom started to move her hips and I felt my cock slip part way down her channel, but then, all at once, it got swept right back into her depths. She repeated this and soon her pussy was gliding up and down my boner.

Each time I hit bottom my cock head popped into mom's fornix and kissed the spongy swell of her cervical opening. Lewd slapping began to fill the vehicle as her ass began to bounce on me.

Mom's eyes were closed now, her face filling with pleasure. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Oh yeah!" Her voice quivered.

She shifted so that she could rest one of her big soft breasts on my face. My tongue went to work, rolling across her giant areola.

Mom and I set into a rhythm now, making the car rock back and forth. After about every ten dick-milking strokes mom would plant my cock as deep as it would go and grind our genitals together. I could feel my cock-head digging at the entrance to her womb.

"Oh yeah, baby, cock me good!" She groaned.

Our i****tuous union became violent now as she began rolling her hips like a mad woman.

"OH GOD, SWEETIE, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CREAM!" She panted desperately.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING HARD!" She shouted.

Her words were like a trigger to my balls, opening the floodgates. Mom's face began to contort and her entire body began to convulse. I saw her mouth open but nothing came out. Her eyes rolled back. Her hips were rocking so fast that I felt as though her cunt were going to rip my dick right off.

"FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!" She screamed so loud I thought for sure that everyone in that drive-in parking lot had to hear it.

Mom let out a series of a****l-like grunts. I could feel squirts of orgasmic juice pulsing against my cock and cascading down my balls. Mom's nipple popped from my mouth, her boob still molded around my face, as my first orgasmic grunt escaped.

It felt as though the end of my cock blew off as jism erupted from my piss-hole. A second rope of hot cum splashed against the back wall of mom's vagina and she continued stirring her pot with my cock-spoon.

"GODDDD, I'M CUMMINNNGGGG MORE!" Mom let out a grunting scream..

Mom and I were a sweaty heap of bucking, grinding, backseat love as we both came in buckets, our juices creating a buttery froth that oozed from mom's cunt.

We continued like this for minutes before we were both completely spent and lay there catching our breath. Mom finally lifted her head and gazed down at me.

"'s that for your first drive-in date?" Mom asked.

"Cool." I sighed.

She giggled and flex her cunt muscles.

"Cool huh? You're so cute." She said.

"You're still hard. Wanna cash in more points." She asked naughtily.

"Sure." I said.

Mom fell to the side onto the seat, taking me with her. She slid onto her back, her big tits rolling off the sides of her chest. I situated myself between her legs. My ass started to rise and fall as my cock went back to work. Mom's wrapped her long gorgeous legs, the legs of my dreams, around me and rested the heels of her pretty little feet on my ass.

"Oh, that's it baby, fuck your drive-in date. Make her cum some more." She gasped.

Soon the car was rocking again and filled with more screams.

"I didn't even hear you two get home last night. How was your date?" He asked.

Mom looked at me inquisitively, waiting for my answer.

"Great. We had fun." I said.

"What movies did you see?" He asked.

"How should we know? We were too busy making love in the back seat." She said.

Everyone got quiet and my heart starting pounding in my chest. Did mom really say what I think she said. Dad's face was blank for a moment, then, he suddenly started laughing. Mom laughed to and so did I.

"That's a good one." He chuckled.

I felt one of mom's bare feet glide up the back of my calf beneath the table.

"I know...I'm such a joker." She smiled.

The End... Continue»
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The Cousin Trilogy PT1

Introduction: This is a long story. But it's a true story, and I wanted to be sure I told it properly. I wanted to do it justice. The length is worth the read. I promise.

I remember the first time I realized I was attracted to her. She staying with us -- my parents, my two older s****rs, and myself -- at our place at the beach. I was twelve years old, and it was the fourth of July. We had all gone out to dinner, gotten some ice cream, and watched the annual fireworks show on the boardwalk. We were showered, tired, and ready for bed. We all sat in the living room, watching the Independence Day Concert on TV, my parents on one couch, my s****rs on the other couch, and myself in the recliner. She came down the stairs, just having showered, her hair wet, in her pajama pants, and a t-shirt. Being the gentleman I was, I gave up me seat and sat on the floor. She sat in the recliner, and rolled into a ball as she watched TV. I turned to look at her, and because of the way she was sitting, and the way her legs were, she had a camel toe right along the entirety of her pussy. It was evident she wasn't wearing underwear. I stared at it for a good ten seconds, until she re-situated herself. I looked at her, and she was looking back with a judgmental glare. I'd been caught. I went back to watching TV, but I couldn't get my mind off of what I'd just seen. Being a pubescent, p*****n boy, I had to rub one out immediately. So I said goodnight, ran upstairs into my room, laid down, and jerked off to the thought of her. It wasn't until I came that I thought to myself, "She's your cousin, you sicko..."

The following story is 100% true, as I remember it. There is no embellishment whatsoever. This all happened.

Jill is my oldest cousin, clocking in at 14 years older than me. She's on the shorter side, being only 5'4. However, she's by no means petite. I don't mean to say she's fat. In fact she's always been in damn good shape. She just has larger-than-average breasts (36DD), and a larger-than-average butt. She has a perfect smile and gorgeous eyes. Everything about her is just perfect. As weird as it is for me to say, my cousin is fucking hot.

After that first incident at the shore, I couldn't help but be repulsed by the thought of her. I'd jerked off to the thought of my own cousin. I felt so gross. I felt like scum. I had to keep my mind off of her. And I did. For a while. You see, my f****y has always been close with Jill, so any opportunity we got to spend time with her, we did. It wasn't always easy, seeing as how she lived almost 120 miles away. But we still made it work. More often than not, she would visit us.

It was Christmas time, and she had planned a visit for the second weekend in December. This would be the first time since the 4th of July incident that I'd be seeing her. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

The day arrived, and I had to clean my room. Whenever Jill would stay with us, she'd always stay in my room, pushing me to the couch. Being the youngest, I was always f***ed to make that sacrifice. I never usually cared, until this time. I didn't want her sl**ping in my bed. But it wasn't her fault. It's not like she even knew I'd jerked off to her. I had no reason to be repulsed by her, other than for my own thoughts. I had to realize that. I couldn't treat her like she did something wrong, because she didn't.

She pulled up in her car, and I sat in the living room, just waiting for her to walk through the doorway. I was dreading it, but I was going to pretend there was nothing wrong. I had to. She knocked on the door, and my mom answered the door. They hugged, and Jill entered the house. She saw me, held out her arms for a hug, smiled at me, and it all melted away: the repulsion, the dread, everything. It was gone. I don't know how, but somehow just seeing her made it all better. I was incredibly happy to see her. I smiled, stood, and gave her a hug. Her big breasts pushed and squished against my chest. It was magnificent. There was just one problem: it was giving me a boner. I had to pull away before she felt it. I did, and she turned to my s****r and gave her a hug. I sat down as fast as I could so no one would see. It was a close call, but I now had an erection, and it was because of my cousin.

My sexual attraction didn't go away. I just didn't feel grossed out this time. I don't know what it was that had me so attracted to her, but I had to get rid of this thing. I went up into my room, lied down on my bed, and began to jerk off. I was getting close, and I still didn't feel grossed out.


Shit. Jill's supposed to be setting up camp in here. I wasn't sure what to do. The obvious choice was to stop, but I was so close, that literally one more stroke would make me cum. I stopped, but it was too late. I was cumming.

"Alex?" she said from behind the door. I was panicking. I couldn't think of anything to say. She opened the door.

"GET OUT!!!" I yelled.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" she shrieked as she slammed the door shut.

God dammit. She just saw me cumming. This was easily the most embarrassing moment in my entire life. My face was steaming hot. I had no clue what to do. I couldn't believe she'd just seen me cum. And I was cumming to her! Granted, she didn't know that, but that just added to my embarrassment. But I had to stop panicking. I had to do something. I couldn't just stay in here all weekend. This was where she was sl**ping. I had to get cleaned up, and go out there.

Was she waiting outside the door? Did she run and tell someone? Maybe she didn't even see anything. Maybe she got out quick enough. Ah, who am I k**ding, of course she saw. I turned the doorknob, and opened the door slowly. She wasn't there. I exited my room, and headed toward the steps to go downstairs. The bathroom door opened next to me. It was her.

"You're gonna change those sheets, right?" she asked, without hesitation. I smiled nervously, but she wasn't smiling. She just kept walking, and brought her stuff into my room. I went downstairs, my stomach in my throat. I couldn't believe that had just happened. I just...couldn't believe it. 'This is a dream', I kept thinking to myself. I pinched myself. Not a dream. 'Maybe I can go back in time, somehow'. My mind was going in every direction, trying to think of how to make this go away. It wasn't going away. Just then...

"Alex!" I heard her call from upstairs. "Come here!"

I complied. I walked up the steps, on my walk of shame. When I got up there, I went into my room. There she was, sitting in my desk chair. "Sit down," she said, gesturing to the bed. Again, I complied. I sat with my hands folded in my lap, my palms sweating, more nervous than I'd ever been in my entire life. What was she going to say? Was she going to lecture me?

"There's no reason to act like I saw anything," she said. "We can keep this between us, and bury it. Pretend it never happened. Okay?"

"Okay," I mustered.

"You're a teenage boy. Obviously you're gonna do that kind of stuff. I just wish you said something when I knocked, so I didn't walk in on you." She smiled. Thank god. I thought she'd be mad. "Now go ask your mom for some new sheets. I'm not sl**ping on those."

And that was that. I got her new sheets, and that weekend went on like any other weekend she'd visited. It was a little weird being around her, sure. But she'd been so cool, it was easy to bury it. And so we did.


It was the end of summer. I was a new man. I was now 15 years old, and a whole four inches taller. I wasn't the same person I was when I was 12. The past was behind me, along with the incident where Jill caught me cumming. I hadn't forgotten about it by any means, but it didn't affect me, nor did it seem to affect her in any way. That's not to say I wasn't still attracted to her. Because I was, very much. Every time she'd visit, I'd check her out as she walked away, enjoy her breasts pushing up against me when we hugged, and jerk off to her. Nothing changed in that aspect. Just my mindset about it all. It wasn't weird anymore. It had become the norm.

She was visiting us again. We had planned out the entire weekend: Saturday we were all going to the zoo, then to the movies, and Sunday we were going to the private swim club our f****y belonged to. It was going to be a fun weekend, especially since Jill was coming.

Jill and I were never as close as she was with the rest of my f****y. Probably because I'm 14 years younger than her, and she'd always been more of an authoritative figure -- like an aunt or an older s****r -- than a friend. So when she visited, she usually stuck with my mom and my s****rs. They were closer in age, and had more in common. It didn't upset me. It's just how it was.

However, this time, it upset me. I didn't know why, either. At the zoo, I felt like the fifth wheel. It was the four of them -- Jill, my mom, and my s****rs -- and then me. I didn't care that my mom and s****rs weren't paying attention to me, though. It was the lack of attention from Jill that was getting to me. It's not like she was paying any less attention to me than usual, either. I just wanted more.

The four of them walked together, and I lagged behind, because I felt out of place when I walked with them. Like they didn't want me there. But it wasn't too bad. I enjoyed watching Jill walk as I stayed a few yards back. She was wearing shorts that accented her butt perfectly. All I wanted to do was squeeze it.

That night, we were figuring out which movie we wanted to see. This time, it was only Jill, my s****rs, and myself. I was just thrilled to have been invited, because I felt left out all day at the zoo, and my confidence was shaken. I was afraid they didn't really want to spend time with me at all. But they included me in their movie date, so I was happy.

At the movies, I wanted so badly to sit next to Jill. Again, I didn't know why. This craving was new. Any other time she'd visit, I wouldn't mind being in the background. But this time I wanted to be front-and-center, with her. So I did everything in my power to make sure that happened, without being to obvious. And I was successful. I was as happy as could be throughout the movie. It wasn't as if I was talking to her, either. Just being next to her made me happy. Like I was just given the greatest gift I could have asked for. What was going on?

We got home, and it was almost midnight, so everyone went to bed. As usual, I was staying on the couch. At this point, if this was like every other time she visited, this is where I would jerk off to the thought of her and her walk that I admired earlier that day. But not this time. This time I just lied there, staring at the ceiling, thinking. Thinking about her smile, her laugh, and the feeling I got when I was with her. Was I falling in love with her? No way... I've heard of being attracted to your relatives, but falling in love with them? Impossible. Although, it sure did feel like I was crushing on her, hard.

I did end up jerking off that night, but only after a long night of thinking. I came, to the vision in my mind of her butt, jiggling up and down and back and forth as she walked, and I turned over and fell asl**p, anxious to spend some more time with her tomorrow.

I was ready to go; I had my bathing suit on, my towel under my arm, and my sunscreen on. I wanted to go to the pool. But moreso than that, I wanted to spend time with Jill.

We got to the pool, and set up our chairs and blankets. I took my shirt off and sat down. I watched Jill do the same, and I did so without her knowing, because I had sunglasses on, and she couldn't see my eyes. She put down her bag, set up her chair, and...STARTED TAKING OFF HER SHIRT. Holy shit, I'd forgotten. Bikinis! Jill was wearing a fucking bikini, and I was about to be treated to the sight! She took off her shirt, and her beautiful, bountiful breasts were revealed, concealed only by a black bikini top. My mouth began to water. This was too much for me to handle. I just wasn't ready.

And then went the shorts. Mother fucker. I was seeing Jill in full bikini glory. I was praying she'd jump in the pool and get nice and wet. But then something even better happened: she started putting sunscreen on herself. Oh lord, what a gift. It was as if someone on high knew I was going to die that day, and wanted me to die happy. I watched her rub that sunscreen all over her chest, belly, and thighs. It was probably the greatest thing I'd ever seen. I felt like I was going to cum in my pants right then and there. Thankfully, I didn't.

After about a half hour of sitting, Jill decided to lie down to get in a tan. She laid out a towel right at my feet, and lied on her stomach. I had the perfect view of her perfect ass. While she was laying down, she undid her top, to avoid tan lines. So she was lying down, with nothing supporting her breasts. I was using all of my energy, praying that she'd forget, and accidentally stand up without her bikini top, revealing to me -- and the rest of the swim club -- her beautiful, bountiful breasts. But it never happened.

Another half hour passed, and I wanted to go in the pool. I was hot, and bored. "Anyone wanna go in the pool?" I asked. Nobody seemed interested. So I went to the edge of the pool, and put my feet in. Five minutes later, someone sat down next to me.

"Sup k**do." It was Jill.

"Oh, hey!" I was so happy. The two of us never really hung out just one-on-one. She put her feet in the water.

"Holy shit, it's cold!" she laughed. "So what's up? We never talk. I have no clue what's going on in your mind."

"You don't wanna know," I said, smiling.

"Yes I do," she replied. "You're my cousin. We should talk." If she knew what was going on in my mind, she'd have been singing an entirely different tune. "So what's up?"

"Nothing, really," I said. It was the honest truth. It was the only thing I could say that wasn't 'I want to fuck your brains out'.

"Come on, there has to be something." She was really badgering me. I had to come up with something to say. This was the first time in...EVER...that it was just us two.

"Well, I'm actually looking forward to going back to school." It was true. It was going to be my sophomore year of high school, and I was pretty excited.

"Well that's good!"

"Yeah, I usually hate school, so this is a nice change."

"What is it about this time has you excited?" We talked for a good twenty-or-so minutes, about school, her experience in college, and different things. It was the best day I'd had all summer. And the fact that she'd once saw me cumming was not an issue at all. I don't know if it was on her mind at all, but it wasn't on mine. This relationship was going to work, without anything weird getting in the way. So what if I was attracted to my cousin? It'll just be a thing about me that no one will ever know.

But that night, I couldn't sl**p. All I could do was think about her. Her smile, her voice, our great conversation... Why? What was going on? Am I...falling in love with my cousin? No way. That's just one step too far. I eventually got to sl**p, but it took hours of staring at my ceiling, thinking about Jill's gorgeous face.

She left the next morning, and it made me far more upset than usual. How many times has she gone home after a weekend visit, and it's never really upset me before. But this time I didn't want her to leave. Something was wrong. This was not okay.

Weeks went by, and she was still on my mind most of the time. Anytime I would think of her, I got butterflies in my stomach (not to mention, a boner). I had to do something about it. Either talk to someone, or just get her off my mind somehow.

But months went by, and she was still on my mind. I was still jerking off to the thought of her, and I was still getting butterflies when I thought about her. I just could not keep her off my mind. What the fuck was going on? I had to talk to someone. I needed help. But who do I talk to? My mom? My dad? My s****rs? Jill herself? None of those options seemed like a good idea. Fuck it. This is just going to have to be my little -- nay, big -- secret.

That summer visit was the last time I would see her for quite a while. For one reason or another, we just couldn't schedule a visit. So almost a year later was what we finally settled on. It was summer again, and as it turned out, it was the weekend of my birthday that she was coming. What a birthday gift.

Turns out, I hated seeing her. Knowing I could never have her was pissing me off, and the fact that she was within my grasp made me want to snatch her up and kiss her as I squeezed her ass. But I couldn't. I wasn't allowed, and that put me in the worst of moods. So I avoided her as much as I could, while also trying not to be rude, and avoiding suspicion.

Saturday came; my birthday. And everyone treated me like a king. It's what we do in our f****y -- whosever birthday it is, gets treated like royalty. It definitely brought my mood up. Not to mention, I was also turning 16, and would finally be able to drive. It was an exciting day for me.

That evening, we were going to dinner. We each took a shower, and I agreed to go last. When Jill was in the shower, I went in my room to get my outfit that I was going to wear. As I was leaving my room, something caught my eye: by the door, on top of her bag, was her underwear. Her bra and panties. Just sitting there, begging to be picked up. Was I really that sleazy? Have I sunken that far? The answer was yes.

I shut my door, picked up her panties, and gave the crotch a nice sniff. It didn't really smell like anything. So I went in for the lick. Didn't taste like anything. But to be honest, I didn't care. They touched her naked pussy. That's all I cared about. I was licking the place that rubbed against her pussy for hours. It was the greatest birthday present I could have asked for, and I didn't even ask for it. I did the same with her bra, and went back and forth between the two, going to town for about a minute, and got out of there before she even knew I'd been in there.

Being a 16-year-old boy, it didn't take me long to get ready, so I was watching TV in the living room, waiting on everyone else. After about a half hour, everyone was ready, except Jill. We were waiting on her.

When she finally came down the steps, I was at a loss for words. She was....stunning! All she was wearing was jeans and a t-shirt, but something about the way everything fit, and the way she'd done her hair and makeup...I'd never seen someone so drop-dead gorgeous. I wanted to tell her, but I didn't want to sound weird.

"You look..." I mustered. Come on, Alex. Think of something! Any word!

"Yes..?" she asked as she smiled, confused.

"Very pretty."

"Aw, thanks!" she gave me a hug. And once again, her fantastic breasts pushed against me, giving me yet another boner.

The entire night, all I could think about was what I'd said. Very pretty? Seriously? That's the best I could come up with? How about 'gorgeous' or 'beautiful' or 'out-of-this-world sexy'? Right. Those would all sound excessively creepy. She's my cousin, not my girlfriend. Oh, how I wished she was my girlfriend... I didn't care if she was 30, and I was 16. We could hang out all day, fuck, spend time together, fuck, talk to each other, and fuck. It would be the life...

She went home the following morning, and it was a bummer saying goodbye. But for some reason, I felt better. I felt like I'd accomplished something. I told her she was pretty and it made her happy. I got to lick her bra and panties. Plus, I was going to take my driver's test today. It was a good weekend. But again, once she was gone, all I could do was think about her.

Six months later, at around Christmas time, I got my license. I felt like a new man, holding it in my hand. And it was Christmas time that we were going to see Jill. This time, though, it was a big f****y get-together. My parents, my s****rs, Jill, her parents (my aunt and uncle), her s****r (my other cousin), and myself, were all meeting at our grandparents' house for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Her s****r, Jen, wasn't even close to being as attractive as Jill, so I wasn't attracted to her in the slightest. In fact, they hardly even look alike.

We got to my grandparents' house, and everyone was dressed up nicely. I, myself, was dressed in a sweater and khakis. We all hugged, and kissed, and said hello, but Jill was nowhere around. Then she entered the room. My jaw dropped. I thought she looked good on my birthday? I was wrong by a long shot. I had never seen anything so insanely beautiful in my entire life. It was taking all my might not to pounce her and kiss her right on the mouth. She was wearing black dress pants with gray vertical stripes, a dark red button-down blouse, and a small black cardigan over top. On top of that, her hair was wavy, and her makeup was pristine. Holy shit, was she heavenly. I stood in amazement as she walked around, giving hugs. When she got to me, I was just staring at her, blankly.

"Hello?" she said, smiling with her arms out. I snapped back into it.

"Sorry!" I gave her the biggest hug I could ever give anyone. I even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Wow! Someone's happy to see me!" I pulled away instantly. Fuck. That was too much. Wait...did she feel my boner? Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! I just sat down and ignored it, hoping no one heard her or saw how big of a hug I gave her. This was weird. I'd gone too far this time. But she just laughed and sat on the couch next to me. She slapped my thigh. "So I hear you got your license! That's awesome!"

"Yeah, I'm so excited. I feel like I should've been driving for years, now."

"So do you know how to drive a stick shift yet?"

"No, I never had the chance to learn."

"Well you do now." She stood up. I just gave her a confused look. "It's tradition! I taught both of your s****rs when they got their licenses, so now I'm gonna teach you!"

"You have a stick shift?"

"Yup! Always have! Let's go!" No way could I pass up this opportunity. She told everyone where we were going, and we were off.

I got in the driver's seat, and she got in the passenger's seat. I put my hand on the stick, but I was at a loss. What the hell do I do? I know it's not as simple as shifting the gear. There's a clutch or something, right? Luckily, she read my mind.

"Here," she said, as she put her hand on top of mine. I got a tingle down my spine. I had a small smile on my face, but I don't think she noticed in the dark. "Now put your foot on the clutch."

She taught me how to drive a stick, keeping her hand on top of mine for the first ten to fifteen minutes. I was in heaven. She eventually let go and said, "Alright, you're on your own now. Go!" And I did it. In just a short fifteen minutes, I was driving a stick shift like I'd been doing it my whole life. She was a great teacher, and she was lots of fun. We laughed and we talked for the whole lesson, and it was a blast.

We pulled into the driveway, and just as we were getting out of the car, she said something that made a perfect night just serene.

"We should hang out more often." She didn't know it, because she was walking into the house in front of me, but I had the biggest smile on my face.

The rest of the night was a blur. All I could think about was those twenty minutes in heaven, and what Jill said.

Unfortunately, a month or so later, Jill got a new job that required her to work 6 days a week. So that meant she never had a whole weekend free to come visit us. And the 250-mile round trip drive wasn't worth a day trip. She was promoted to regional manager, so her vacation days were also limited. She had to be there when everyone else was there. Plus, on top of that, she didn't want to take too many days off in her first year. She didn't think it would look good as a newly-promoted manager. So we went the entire year -- summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years -- without seeing her once. It was torture. But it wasn't the end of the world, for me, because I knew that when I did get to see her, she'd actually want to spend time with me. For now, I had the memories to make me smile, and the thoughts to jerk off to.

After my 17th birthday, I decided to start working out. I was on the heavier side -- not fat, necessarily, just not slim. So I changed my diet, and started an exercise routine. And by the start of my senior year in high school, I noticed changes. I was more fit, and much more toned, muscularly. People at school noticed, too. So I kept it up. By Christmas time of that year, I was in great shape. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I was sexy.

The thing that crossed my mind the most about being in good shape, was 'I can't wait for Jill to see me!' I was 17 and had never had a girlfriend because I had almost no confidence, and I went to an all boys high school. So Jill seeing me was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, I had no idea when the next time I would see her was. It had been an entire year, and I was starting to miss her. A lot.

It was nearing the summer, and we still hadn't seen her, and had hardly ever heard from her. I was starting to worry that she didn't care about us anymore. That her new job was too important to think about us. But a week before my high school graduation, she called my mom. She was coming to my graduation party! Man, I was pumped. It was a week away, and I was already cleaning my room as soon as I found out. I wanted it to be spotless for her.

It was the day of my graduation, the day Jill would be showing up. She wasn't going to make it to the actual ceremony, but she'd be there in time for the party. Once the ceremony was over, we all drove to my house, where the party was being held. There was about thirty people, and none of them were Jill.

It was nearing 6:00, almost three hours into the party, and Jill still hadn't shown up. My dad had picked up the pizza, wings, and fries, and we were ready to eat dinner. And Jill still hadn't shown up. I didn't give a shit about anyone else there. I just wanted to see her. And she wasn't there. It got to be 7:30, and I asked my mom if she'd heard from her. Apparently she was stuck in traffic. That put my mind at ease a little bit, but I still wanted her to get there. I didn't even want to eat, I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to see Jill. Oh my god...what is wrong with me? Why is she all I can think about right now? I'm at a party with tons of friends and f****y, and lots of great food, and all I can think about is Jill?

It got to be 8:00, and I started to get really upset. I went up into my room and lied down. What the hell was wrong with me? Why was I feeling like this? I've had this feeling before, but not this serious. It was eating at me. It was a mixture of anxiety, excitement, depression, and anger. And it was swallowing me whole. What the fuck was going on?

I lied in bed for a solid half hour, just thinking about everything -- when Jill was going to get there, why I was feeling this way, why I wasn't hungry... I decided to get up and go back down to the party, but I still felt like shit. I still didn't care about anything but Jill.

When I got downstairs, my mom told me she got a text from Jill about five minutes ago saying she'd be there in about ten minutes. I sat outside, waiting for her. Those were the longest five minutes of my life. Then she finally pulled up. I stood up as a smile consumed my face. She parked, and walked up to me.

"I'm so sorry, Alex, I--" she started, but I interrupted her by throwing myself at her. I gave her such a big hug, I almost tackled her. "Oh my..." she said, as she hugged me back. I wanted to stay here forever, just holding her, smelling her hair, feeling her breasts squished against me. But I had to let go.

"Congratulations!" she said, once we finished hugging. "Do you feel old?"

I smiled and nodded. My mind was blank. I was just so enthralled by her long-awaited presence. And then she said exactly what I'd hoped she'd say...

"You look amazing! Have you been working out?"

"Yeah, I have!"

"Let me see!" I was taken aback.


"Take off your shirt, let's see those abs and pecks!" I froze. She...she wanted me to take my shirt off? She wanted me to take my shirt off. So I did. And she let out a wolf-whistle as she placed her hands on my chest. "Lookin' good, there, stud. When did you start working out?" I almost didn't hear her, as I was fighting the urge to get a boner. Her touching my chest was turning me on more than anything I can remember. If I only I could touch hers back.

"Uh, about a year ago," I mumbled. She took her hands off my chest.

"Well, it sure as hell is paying off, so keep it up." She walked past me to go into the house, and as she walked by, she smacked my ass. I had to get up to my room and jerk the fuck off. This was just too much to handle. So I did. I ran upstairs, and started jerking off, thinking of her breasts pushing up against me, thinking of her hands rubbing my chest, of her hand on my hand, of her outstanding smile, of her amazing body in that bikini...

Then I remembered something... I was in my room, where---

The door opened. I jumped up, but my pants were down. I struggled to pull them up as Jill's voice said, in an oh-so-familiar way, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" and slammed the door shut.

God. Damn. It. How could I let this happen again? I knew she was staying in my room for the weekend, and that she'd have to bring her stuff up there, yet I still went up there and decided to jerk off. Now what? Getting caught once was one thing. I was 12, and she was nice enough to forget about it. But it's a whole five and a half years later, and it happened again. It's going to be pretty damn hard to slip it under the rug, this time.

Okay, so what do I do? Do I go out there? Is she waiting out there? Last time she wasn't, but this time is different. I'm a fully-developed man now. She's seen it all now. Holy shit...she's going to think I was jerking off to her! I mean, I was, but now she's probably going to think that! Why else would I rush upstairs to jerk off, in the middle of my party! I'd just given her a huge hug, and smelled her hair! Did she notice I smelled her hair? FUCK.

My mind was racing. I did what I had to do: go out there. I opened the door, and there she was, leaning against the wall, arms crossed, eyebrows raised, smiling.

"Do that often, huh?" she said, smiling, making me all the more uncomfortable.

"Why the hell did you have to catch me again?" I said, just going for it.

"You're acting like it's my fault? How is this my fault?"

"It's not. I mean...ugh..." I lowered my head in shame.

"It's fine, Alex. You're a guy. Guy's get urges. Although, most guys can wait until the end of the night to get it out."

"Yeah, I---um..."

"There's a party being thrown for you downstairs, and you had to come up here and do that? Why?" Was she serious? Did she really want to know why, or was this a rhetorical question? I just let out a nervous laugh. "I'm serious, Alex. Are you...addicted to it? Because that can be a serious problem." She's seriously talking to me about this. This is actually happening. What the hell do I say? "I'm just trying to help. It's an awkward conversation, and it's even more awkward for me to catch you, but this is twice now, and both times, you could've or should've been doing something else." I opened my mouth to say something, but she continued, "Seriously, Alex. Do you have some sort of addiction?"

"I...uh..." I didn't know what to say. "Are we really talking about this?" I said, with attitude, as I shoved past her and went back downstairs to the party. It was harsh, but I really didn't want to talk to her about my masturbation habits. I already felt awkward enough having been caught by her.

So I ate a slice or two of pizza, but that was all I could manage. I just wasn't hungry. I pretended to be enjoying myself, but I wasn't. How could I be? I was just caught jerking off by my cousin, who was the one I was jerking off to in the first place...FOR A SECOND TIME. My mind was elsewhere. Until I realized that Jill hadn't come downstairs yet, and it had been almost a forty-five minutes since she caught me. What was she doing up there?
I was talking to a few friends when I felt a violent tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and saw Jill, leering at me. "Come with me." Obviously, I complied. She was clearly mad, for some reason, and I didn't want to give her reason to be more mad. But why was she mad? Why was she just showing her face after nearly an hour of being in my room? What did she find in my room? Did she use some sort of black light and find all of the cum stains on my sheets? But I'd just changed my sheets, that couldn't be it. What the hell was I in trouble for? Unless...

We got to my room, and she shut the door hard behind her. "Sit." I did. She stood, arms crossed, leaning against the door, continuing to leer at me. If I wasn't so scared, I'd have been turned on. She looked so hot, being this angry. Unfortunately, I had a terrible feeling about what might have made her this way.

"Got something you wanna tell me?" she asked, still glaring at me. I did have something to tell her, and I think she knew exactly what it was that I had to tell her. But I wasn't going to. I decided to play dumb.

"Huh?" She broke the death stare, grabbed my computer chair, rolled it over to me, and sat directly across from me.

"I spent a a half hour up here, piecing it all together." It was at that moment, that I knew for certain that she figured it out. My stomach dropped. "And I spent another fifteen minutes, trying to decide if I wanted to confront you about it. So I decided I'm going to. Because I couldn't get it out of my head, so talking about it seemed best." I knew exactly what she was talking about, and the exact thought process she was going through. But still, I played dumb.

"What the hell are you--"

"You were jerking off to me!"

Well there it was. Out in the open. She knew, and there was no more hiding it. Playing dumb was a stupid move at this point. She saw right through it, anyway.

"Well!?" she said, apparently waiting for me to say something. What the fuck was I supposed to say? 'You're right, I want to fuck you until you can no longer walk'? Right. That would go over really well...

"Wh--what am I supposed to say to that?" Honestly, what in the world could I have said?

"Just tell me," she said, closing her eyes. She opened them and took a deep breath. "Is it true?"

I looked at her, hesitated, and nodded. She closed her eyes again, but this time made a disgusted face. I felt like a complete dirt bag. The silence went on for too long. I had to say something, and I had something to say.

"How did you figure that out?" she didn't even look at me. She was definitely planning on explaining, but this was just too much for her to handle. Finally, she looked at me.

"I was thinking about the first time I caught you. We had just said hello to each other. I had just gotten to your house. Then I realized, that was the same exact case this time. So I gave it some thought, and it dawned on me: I always catch you looking at me. Whether it's when I'm putting on sunscreen in a bikini, or just sitting down, watching TV. I always catch you watching me. You quickly turn away, probably thinking that I would think nothing of it, and you were right. I really didn't. You're my cousin. Why would I think you're looking at me in any sort of weird way? Then I remembered the time down the shore. When I caught you looking in between my legs. Again, I really thought nothing of it at the time. But when I caught you, you ran away. Obviously you were up to something. But you were young. Curious. So I figured, whatever. But all of it coming together over the past few years... And on top of all of that, you always hug me really tight, for a really long time." That last statement threw me for a loop. So what? Everyone else hugged her tight, too.


"I could feel know..." My eyes widened and my face got really hot. She felt my cock every time I hugged her? And she didn't think anything of it? "It happens a lot when I hug guys. I feel their erection. It's not uncommon. You, being a young man going through puberty, felt my boobs pushing up against you, and got a hard on. At least, that's what I assumed. Obviously I was wrong."

"No," I interrupted. I have no clue why I did, but I did. There was no going back now.


"No, you weren't wrong. It was your boobs. You know...pushing up against me." Why the fuck am I opening my mouth right now? She was obviously wondering the same thing, as she gave me a look of disgust, combined with puzzlement.

"Everything just fit together," she continued. "You hug me, get an erection, and feel the need to relieve it immediately. Do you have that little self control?" A look of realization consumed her face. "Oh god... It was because I touched you, wasn't it? I touched your chest and abs, and that turned you on. Didn't it?"


She held her head in her hands as she took all of this in. Oddly enough, it wasn't affecting me. It felt good to finally get this out. I'd been attracted to her for five years. Frankly, it was about time someone found out.

We sat in silence for what might as well have been an hour. You could cut the tension with a knife. Finally, she said something.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I'm gonna tell everyone it's a work thing. And I'm gonna sl**p on the couch. I don't need you getting off on me sl**ping in your bed."

The rest of the night was a complete blur. I honestly don't even remember if I went back down to the party, or just went to bed as soon as Jill left my room. It didn't matter. This was the shittiest I'd felt in...ever.

The next morning, I woke up to Jill saying goodbye to everyone. It sucked. She was supposed to stay for a few days, but she felt so uncomfortable with everything that she felt the need to get out of there as soon as possible. She didn't say goodbye to me, and I understood why.

As she packed her car, I felt like I had to say something. I couldn't let her leave just like that. It felt...unresolved. She got in her car and started it. This was my last chance, if I was going to say something. I bolted outside and stopped her just as she put her car in gear. She rolled down her window.

"Jill, you can't leave just because of me. It's not fair to everyone else." I expected her to say something, but she didn't. So I continued, "I'll do whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable. If that means not being in the same room as you all weekend, fine." She almost seemed taken aback by the fact that I was actually saying this to her. I was taken aback, myself. This was unlike me. I was always one to keep my mouth shut. But this was too big. I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Not this time.

She sat, hands on her steering wheel, just looking down at her lap.

"If I could change things so that I wasn't attracted to you, I would. But you're an attractive woman. I've thought so my whole life. For as long as I can remember, I always thought you were pretty. It wasn't until I got older that I thought you I sometimes forget we're related! That's how attractive you are!"

"Okay, Alex, you can stop."

"No, this has been eating me up for years. I'm attracted to you. I'm attracted to my cousin. If that's disgusting, fine. But I don't see it that way. When I look at you, and when I think about you, I don't see my cousin. I see a gorgeous girl with an amazing personality. In my mind, you're not my cousin. If I could have it my way, we wouldn't be. I'm not attracted to you simply for the fact that you're my cousin. I'm attracted to YOU. You, as a person."

I was done. There was nothing else I could say. Now I just had to wait for what she wanted to say. She continued to stare down at her lap for a while. Then she looked up, put her car into gear, and said, "I have to go," then drove away.

Well, fuck. That didn't go exactly as I'd hoped. But in all honesty, as I watched her drive off, I felt like I was filled with helium. An enormous weight lifted off my shoulders. I didn't really want to think about where our cousin-cousin relationship would go from there. I just went back inside, dawlded up to my room, collapsed onto my bed, and just lied there. My mind was blank. It was so much to take in, that I just shut it all out.

As the week went on, I just sunk lower and lower, feeling worse and worse with each day. Before I knew it, it was Friday, and I hadn't left my room to do anything but eat and go to the bathroom. My mom poked her head in every now and then to see if I was okay, and I just put on a happy face and told her I was fine.

Weeks passed, and my 18th birthday came along. This was supposed to be an exciting day, officially becoming an adult. But nope. I was still in the dumps, an entire month and a half after I opened up to Jill. I couldn't foresee things getting any better.

I didn't really know why I was upset. It wasn't because I missed her. It wasn't even because I was afraid our relationship was ruined. I think it was because -- after finally opening up to her -- I realized nothing was ever going to happen between us. Ever. Before, I could imagine us together. I could just pretend that I would get to fuck her some day. All of that had been shattered. And I was taking hard. Much harder than I would have expected. There was definitely something else that was bothering me, but I didn't know what it was. No matter how hard I thought, how deep into my soul I searched, I just couldn't figure out what was keeping me down so low.

At the end of August, I was starting college. I was going to a university that was halfway to Jill's place. Still pretty far away, but much closer than before. Before, she lived over 100 miles away. Now it was a mere 52.4 miles (yes, I'd looked it up).

It was now going on three months of not even hearing from her.

During my first week of college, I met a lot of people. Some I liked, a lot I didn't. But there was one person that I enjoyed spending time with more than anyone. Her name was Noelle. I got the feeling she felt the same way, because for the first weekend, they had a freshman dance/mixer, and encouraged pairing up, and she expressed interest in going with me. I ended up asking her, and she said yes. We had such a great time, that we scheduled a time to hang out, just the two of us. Almost like a date.

It turned into two dates. Then three dates. And on the fourth date, I kissed her. I knew there was something special about this girl. Something irreplacable. She actually wanted to be with me. This was something no other girl had ever shown any interest in doing. I just wasn't great around girls. But this girl was different. She was interested in me. AND she was smoking hot. I couldn't let her get away.

It was nearing October, and still I'd heard nothing from Jill. I had found out she got a Facebook page (by looking her up), but she never accepted my friend request. But I didn't care anymore. That wasn't important to me. School was now my priority. But even moreso, Noelle. We had been spending many hours a day with each other. She made me feel like no one did. No one but Jill.

And it was then, as I watched her read her Harry Potter book, that I realized... I was in love with Jill. I had suspicions of it before, but it was never something I actually thought to be true. When I realized I was in love with Noelle -- that I would die for her -- I also realized that that was what I felt for Jill. That was why I was so depressed. I was in love with her. I was in love with my cousin.

Thankfully, I had Noelle to keep my mind off of her, because had I never met her, it might have still been eating at me. But I didn't think about it at all for the next two months. Not until Christmas.

I went home for Christmas, and told everyone about Noelle. They were all very happy for me. And I was happier than I'd ever been in my entire life. But it eventually hit me that I'd be seeing Jill over Christmas break. We saw her every year, excluding the previous year. I asked my mom, and she confirmed it. She was visiting the 22nd to the 23rd. And they'd made plans to go downtown and shop. Whether or not I was invited, I didn't know. It didn't matter. I wasn't going. I didn't want to be around Jill, and she sure as hell didn't want to be around me.

The day came that she was visiting. I decided to make it a point not to hug her. She didn't like that, and I didn't want to f***e her to do something she didn't like.

She arrived, and the moment I saw her, I realized... all of it was gone. The feelings, the attraction, just gone. I felt literally nothing. But I had to be sure. So I gave her a hug, felt her breasts push up against me, and...nothing. When I pulled back, I saw a tiny look of happy-impressed on her face. I didn't have a boner. This was awesome. There was nothing there. No feelings, no attraction, no desire to pounce her and squeeze her lady parts. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. This was going to be a good two days.

As we spent time together, having f****y conversations, catching up and whatnot, I think she realized that whatever I felt for her had vanished. I don't know how she knew, but the more we talked, the more comfortable she seemed to feel.

At the end of the night, when everyone was heading to bed, I approached her.

"I just want you to know that everything I felt about you," I said. "It's gone." She smiled.

"That's good to hear," she said. "But how?"

"Well, I have a girlfriend now."

"Oh really?" she seemed genuinely happy to hear that. "What's her name?"

"Noelle. She's great. I've never been so happy in my life. I think it's a combination of that, and the fact that I just got it all out there. Knowing that nothing could ever happen between us, and coming to that realization, helped me get over you."

"Get over me? You make it sound like you had feelings for me."

I didn't say anything. I just let out a nervous laugh.

"Well that's great," she said, and she walked away.

She didn't sl**p in my bed. When my mom questioned her, she insisted that I was too old to be giving up my bed, and that she had absolutely no problem crashing on the couch.

The rest of the weekend went great. It was like our relationship was back to normal. Better than normal, in fact. Because for the past six years, normal was me resisting the urge to pounce her, and her knowing nothing about it. Now it was strictly a cousin-cousin relationship. And I couldn't have been happier.

Over the next few months, Noelle and I got really close, and very far in our relationship. We told each other 'I love you', were having sex on the regular, and spending most of our time together. But I think we were spending too much time together. Because by March, we were growing tired of each other. It wasn't that we were starting to hate each other, or fall out of love with each other. We were just getting bored of each other. We had sex at least every other night and spent hours a day with each other. It was almost as if we were married. We were honest with each other, and told one another that we felt like we should spend some time apart. We weren't breaking up. We were just...on a break, as Ross and Rachel would put it. We agreed to start back up after Spring Break, which was a couple of weeks away.

Over Spring Break, I saw that Jill had accepted my friend request on Facebook. I decided to check out her profile. I read what she wrote in 'About me', what some of her statuses were, and looked at some of her photos. Some people would call this stalking, but it was completely harmless. Until I came across a picture of her in a tight gold dress. It showed off her figure, displayed her cleavage, and thanks to the way she was posed in the picture, outlined her butt. I almost instantly got a boner. I wrote it off, though, because I was just horny. I hadn't had sex in two weeks, and hadn't really had the desire to jerk off much. But as I continued to scroll through her pictures, I just got more and more turned on -- pictures of her at a club, of her in yoga of her in bikinis... all of it was just too much. I shut the computer and went to get a glass of water. I wasn't going to do this again. I was done being attracted to my cousin. I wasn't going to jerk off to her. I just wasn't.

I chugged the water, and stood at the sink as I tried to let my erection go down. It just wasn't happening. Those images weren't leaving my mind. But I was getting that feeling again -- that feeling in my stomach, like butterflies, but better. That feeling I always got when I looked at Jill. It overcame me, and caused me to go against my better judgement. I decided to keep looking at pictures of Jill.

I went back upstairs and opened up her page. I looked at how many photos she had: over 200! This was going to be fun. I looked through all of her albums, from a wedding she was in, to a summer vacation album, to a 'day in New York City' album, to her godson's Christening, to an album with random pictures, and so many more. I found a few that I really liked and kept them open. One was of her laying down at the beach. She was on her stomach, so I could see her ass, and she was propped up, so I could see her cleavage. One was of her standing next to a statue in Central Park. She was leaning against it, like she was doing standing pushups against it, so I could see her side figure -- her boobs and her butt sticking out beautifully. And the last one -- my favorite one -- was a picture of her and a friend at the gym. She was in yoga pants and a tank top. The tank top displayed her boobs and her upper figure, while the yoga pants were tight around her hips and legs, accenting her lower figure. But the best part of all, was there was a wall of mirrors behind them. So I got a front view, and back view of her at the same time.

All of these pictures overwhelmed me with horniness, and that inexplicable feeling Jill used to give me. I felt my cock, and I had a bunch of precum on my tip. I had to do it. I couldn't control myself. I had to jerk off. And so I did. And it only took about a minute for me to cum. And when I did cum, it was a lot. I came to the gym picture, and as I came, it all came rushing back to me. All of the feelings I had for her. I was still attracted to her. I still wanted to fuck her silly. I was still in love with her.

I cleaned myself up, and thought about it. It wasn't my horniness talking, either. I had just came, so I wasn't even horny. It was my brain. It was me, realizing that those feelings never went away. They were just pushed aside while I was occupied with another girl. Don't get me wrong, I was still very much in love with Noelle. I was just also in love with Jill.

This wasn't good.

When Spring Break was over, I had to tell Noelle that I wanted to keep the break going for a while. She was hesitant at first, but she didn't question me. She trusted me. And I felt horrible. She trusted me, and she shouldn't have. I wasn't cheating on her, but I was in love with another woman. Her trusting me made me feel like absolute shit.

I didn't know what I was going to do with the extra time I asked of her. Hell, I didn't even know how much more time I wanted. I just needed to figure something out. Maybe if I fuck Noelle again, it'll get my mind off of Jill? Well, but then what if that doesn't work? I'll feel even more horrible, and I'll feel like I used her. I could always just get back with Noelle, and pretend there's nothing wrong. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right? Well, it'll make me feel like a douche for thinking about my cousin while I'm fucking my girlfriend. And then what if she found out? Then I'd be really fucked. I was in quite the dilemma, fighting my own conscience. But I had to figure something out, and soon.

A few days had passed, and I still had nothing. I was talking to Noelle via text messaging, and on Facebook, but I hadn't had a real conversation with her in almost a month. I was being selfish. I had to talk to her. But then what do I say? No. I can't talk to her. Not yet. Not until I figure something out.

I was on my computer, thinking all of this over, and I happened to have Facebook open. I hear the message sound. I click over to Facebook, expecting it to be a message from Noelle, but it wasn't. It was from Jill.

Jill: "Hey, stud! How's school?"

Fuck, she called me stud. That was so hot. Now she's got me all turned on and shit...

Me: "Not too bad. Just got back from Spring Break a few days ago."

Jill: "Nice. How was it?"

Me: "Great. Felt nice to not have to worry about anything for a week."

Jill: "Yeah, I remember working for the breaks. How's the girlfriend?"

Me: "Eh."

Jill: "Oh no. What does that mean..."

Me: "We're sort of on a break."

Jill: "How come?"

Me: "We just started to feel like we were spending too much time together."

Jill: "Yeah, you gotta give each other some room to breathe in the beginning. I know all you wanna do it be together at that time, but when you're just working out the kinks of the relationship, it's never good to be around each other for too long at once."

Me: "Yeah, we're learning that the hard way."

Jill: "We all do, unfortunately. But every realtionship is different, so it's best you find out the hard way. That way you can figure it out by experiencing it, rather than trying to go by textbook."

Me: "Yeah."

She was so smart. Which just made me all the more attracted to her.

Jill: "So, listen, if you ever wanna take a weekend away from school, just let me know. I'll come pick you up and you can stay with me for a couple of days."

Me: "Really?"

Jill: "Yeah! Then I'll drive you back on Sunday or whenever. Why, is that a problem?"


Me: "No, not at all! I just figured you wouldn't really be too comfortable with that, know."

Jill: "Yes, I do know. But I could tell you were done with that. You had no problems over Christmas, and I felt like we were friends again."

Me: "Gotcha."

Jill: "You are done with that, right?"


Me: "Yeah, of course! I just wasn't sure you were over it entirely. You seemed pretty affected by it."

Jill: "Yeah, I was. But I've had plenty of time to think about it, and when I saw you at Christmas, it eased my mind. So I'm okay now. But if I get even the slightest hint that it's not over for you, we're right back where we started. Understand?"

Me: "Absolutely."

Jill: "Great. So you'll take me up on my offer, right?"

Me: "Definitely. As a matter of fact, could we do that this weekend? I need to get away from here for a bit."

Jill: "Sure, but weren't you just away from there for a week?"

Me: "Yeah, I just need some more time away from Noelle."

Jill: "Ah. Okay then. I understand completely. When do you get done class tomorrow?"

Me: "My only class tomorrow ends at 10am."

Jill: "Oh, sweet! That works perfectly! I can pick you up at 11ish, and we can grab some lunch. That okay?"

Me: "Perfect!"

Jill: "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow! I'll call you when I'm close to get some directions to your dorm building."

Me: "Sounds good."

Jill: "Okay, bye!"

Me: "Bye!"

God dammit, why did I just do that? I wanted to, but I really shouldn't have. She's the reason me and Noelle aren't doing well, so by being with her all weekend, I'll be running toward the problem. Not away from it. Dammit. Oh well, I hadn't seen her in 3 months, so it was about time I saw her, anyway. Even if it's just to catch up, or whatever. I'll just have to do my best to repress any and every thought that runs through my head while I'm with her. That's easy enough, right?

11am the next morning came all too quickly. I had just gotten off the phone with her, so she would be pulling up any minute. I hadn't even told Noelle that I was leaving. I probably should have, but no communication means no communication. It's just a weekend. She won't miss me.

Jill got there, walked around to open the trunk, and she gave me a hug. I thought about my old lady psychology teacher naked. It was the first thing to come to my mind that would keep me from getting a boner. And what d'ya know -- it worked.

The car ride was basically just me telling her about all of my classes this semester. It wasn't anything too exciting, but she gave me all the best advice, only furthering my opinion that she's super smart.

We ate lunch at Red Robin. We continued talking about school, but the main topic turned into Noelle. And before I realized it, the conversation got really personal.

"We were just together far too often," I said. "We were getting bored of each other. The spark was gone, and the flame wasn't lit. To be honest, I don't know if we'll ever get back together."

"Yeah, that's tough..." she said. Then that's where the conversation took a weird turn. "How often did you know...?" I almost choked on my burger.

" a few times a week?" I said, not sure why I was actually answering that question.

"Because if you do it too much, you can lose the freshness of the relationship very quickly. The sex is what keeps the flame going. If you get too used to each other in bed, everything becomes pretty predictable, and frankly, boring." What she was saying made a lot of sense. I was just a little surprised she asked it. I guess she was just trying to help.

The rest of lunch went pretty much the same: I told her about my problems, she helped me come up with solutions. Just being the best person I'd ever known.

We arrived at Jill's place -- a place I'd never been -- and she told me I could sl**p in the guest bedroom. She had a split level, two-story house. Her bedroom was on the second floor, mine was on the first, along with the kitchen and living room.

She let me watch her TV while she went out and did some food shopping. She made me dinner, and we talked some more, this time about her job and what's going on in her life. The way she made it out, she had a great life going for her. Good job, good friends, making good money... it wasn't too shabby for a single 32-year-old woman.

That night, we watched a movie. When it was over, it wasn't even midnight. But I decided to go to bed, anyway. When I got there, I couldn't do anything but think. My life was so great just a few short months ago. What happened? I had a great girlfriend, and not a care in the world. Now, I'm in love with my cousin, who I'm only falling in love with more, as I spend time with her, to get away from my girlfriend, who I'm only apart from because of my cousin. It was a mess, and there was no way of cleaning it up. I felt like I was at the bottom of a pit. The thought of it overcame me. I started crying. I was never a crier, but I just didn't know what else to do. I was in love with two women, one moreso than the other, and the one I was in love with more, I could never be with. But I didn't want to be with the one I loved a little less, because of the fact that I was madly in love with the first one. It was too much to handle, and I just broke down.

Jill must have heard me, because she knocked on my door.

"Come in," I said, doing my best to disguise me voice so that it sounded like I wasn't crying. But she saw it on my face as soon as she entered. She came rushing over to me, sat on the bed, and gave a huge hug.

"Oh my god, what's wrong!" she asked, genuinely concerned. I couldn't really talk. She just made me burst out crying even more. "Alex, what is the matter? Is it something with Noelle? What happened? Talk to me!"

I took a deep breath.

"I just can't do this," I said.

"Do what??"

"I love Noelle so much--"

"That's great!" she interrupted.

"I love her so much, that I can't be with her right now."

"What? Why? What do you mean?"

"I'm in love with someone else," I said, still unsure if I wanted to come out and say it.

"Oh boy...that's tough."

"It's you." I went for it. There was no other way to go about this. She pulled away immediately. She didn't leave my side, though. I think she was too shocked to stand.

"What?" she said, just staring at me blankly.

"I can't be with Noelle, because I'm in love with you just a little more than I am with her. And I love her too much to do that to her. But I know nothing will ever happen between you and me, and that is killing me. It's just....killing me."

Silence. She just stared at me.

"You..." she muttered. "You're in love with me?" I nodded. "How-- what-- I'm--" She couldn't find the words. "I'm your fucking cousin." She had an upset tone, but she remained calm, for the most part. More calm than I deserved, anyway.

"I know. It's wrong. Believe me, I know that. That's why I can't do this, anymore. I can't be with her, because I love her too much, and I can't be with you, so I'm just gonna be with no one." Then she did something that shocked me beyond words. She hugged me. Tight. Like she was seriously worried about me. Like I was about to go off to war, or something.

"I'm so sorry, Alex," she said. "I'm so sorry." I decided to hug her back. "I honestly don't know what to say, or do at this point. I thought it was just a sexual thing. I didn't realize it was affecting you this much." She pulled away from the hug, but kept her arms on my shoulders. "I really wish there was something I could do. I hate seeing you this hurt because of me." I didn't know what to say. There really was nothing she could do. I just looked at her. And she looked back at me. We just looked at each other for a few long seconds. Then...

She kissed me. Right on the mouth. Out of dumbfoundedness, I pulled away immediately.

"What are you doing?"

"Sshhh..." She kissed me again. I went with it. I kissed her back. I moved my arms and placed my hands on her sides. She moved hers to my neck. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She did the same. We were making out. I was making out with her. I was making out with Jill. This was actually happening. I had to take my arm away from her side for a second to pinch myself. Nope. Not a dream. This was real. I was making out with my cousin.

After a few minutes, I decided to slide my hand up a bit. When she didn't stop me, I kept going. I went to her side-boob, and she still wasn't stopping me. So I went for it. I put my left hand on her left breast, and gave it a squeeze. Holy fuck, was it everything I'd imagined and more. I almost creamed my pants right then and there.

Still locking lips, she pushed me down lightly so that I was lying on the bed, and she was on top of me. She now had her hands on my chest, rubbing it ever so slightly as we continued to make out. With my left hand on her breast, and the right still at her side, I decided to run my right hand down to her hip and over to her butt. I didn't squeeze. I just placed it there for a few moments. I didn't want to get everything I've dreamed of in five short minutes.

She moved to my neck, sucking on it. I got chills down my spine. I gave her perfect ass a nice squeeze. Again, it was a miracle I didn't cream my pants right then and there. I'd been wanting to be in this spot for almost 7 years, and it was out-of-this-world spectacular. I couldn't have imagined it being so good. I just wanted to stay there, her on top of me, making out with me as I squeeze her tits and ass. I didn't know if this was going to go any further, but if it didn't, I wouldn't even mind. I was more than content being here, right here, for the rest of the time.

She went back to kissing me. The feeling of her soft lips against mine, our tongues mingling while we caressed each other made me the happiest man in the history of humankind. Nothing in my life had ever made me happier. Not even being with Noelle.

She sat up, so that she was straddling me, and took off her t-shirt.

"Why are you doing this?" I had to ask.

"Don't you want this?" she said, throwing her shirt on the floor.


"Then shut up." She took both of my hands and put them on her breasts, now only covered by her bra. She bent back down and continued kissing me, my hands caressing her firm, bodacious breasts. I wanted to reach around and unhook her bra, but she was in charge of how far this would go. If she stopped right now, I would be happy. However far she was comfortable with going, was how far we would take it.

I wrapped one my legs around hers. She seemed to appreciate it, because when I did that, she grabbed my neck passionately, and kissed me even harder. She then pulled me up into a sitting position, while she continued to straddle me. She pulled away from the kiss to take my shirt off. She then wrapped her arms around me so that her hands were on my back, just as mine were now on hers. We locked lips again, and continued to make out for a few moments, before she pulled away again.

"Is this ... what you wanted?" she asked, out of breath.

"Yes. Yes. Very ... much ... so." I said, also out of breath, as I nodded. She smiled.

"Good." She went back to kissing me. She let go of my body. I opened my eyes to see why. She was taking of her bra. I was going to get to see those glorious tits. Her bra dropped, and I pulled away. There they were, in all their glory. Jill's 36DD breasts. I couldn't resist. I went down and started sucking on one, while playing with the other. Jill laughed. They felt amazing, both in my mouth and in my hand. After about a minute or so of allowing me to do that, Jill put her hand under my chin and pulled me back up to eye level. I looked into her gorgeous eyes, and she looked back into mine. I wanted to thank her, but I felt it would kill the mood.

So I just grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She put her hands on my shoulders, and kissed me back, still straddling me. She moved her legs so that they were wrapped around my waist. I moved my hands around to her back to pull her in closer to me. I felt her breasts push up against me, and this time it was okay for me to be hard. And this time, they were bare. This was everything I wanted, and more.

I felt her start to grind along my pelvis. We were both wearing bottoms -- I was wearing basketball shorts, she was wearing flannel pajama bottoms -- but it was insanely sexy, nonetheless. It meant she was horny. Horny for me. Her cousin. I corresponded by gently --VERY gently -- and slowly -- VERY slowly -- thrusting my hips. I barely moved them a couple inches, but it was enough. Because as soon as I did so, she pulled away and pushed me back down onto my back. But she didn't lie on top of me this time. She crawled down to my waist, and started to pull down my shorts. I lifted my hips so she could get them off. She pulled them off and threw them over with her shirt and her bra. My boxers remained, and my cock was harder than it ever was, being held down my the fabric, causing all of the precum to drip onto my waist. She placed her right hand on my shaft, and her left hand on my left hip. She slowly starting rubbing it. She looked up at me with the dirtiest look, and continued rubbing.

She then lifted herself up on top of me, and straddled me, as though she was going to ride me, cowgirl. But she still had her pants on, and I still had my boxers on. Then I remembered: she doesn't wear panties with her pajamas. I learned that 6 and a half years ago, when I saw her cameltoe. She started gyrating her hips, super slowly, rubbing her covered pussy lips along my covered shaft. I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I placed them on her thighs. She had hers on my thighs, as well, behind her. Again, if this was as far as she'd decided to take it, I'd die a happy man.

But she took it even further. She slid down again, and this time pulled my boxer briefs down. My cock popped up, beyond excited to finally meet her in person. She slid my boxers off, and threw them to the side. She took my cock, and started gently playing with the tip with her first and middle fingers. After a few moments, she wrapped her hand around the thing, and slid it down my shaft. She stroked it slowly a few times, then sped up. I was surprised I hadn't cum yet. I was on the verge since the moment her lips touched mine.

She was looking at me in that dirty way again. I just looked back, biting my lip. Then she went for it. She licked the frenulum, up to the tip, taking the precum with it. She wrapped her lips around my head, and swirled her tongue around. I uncontrollably moaned. That had never happened to me before. I'd thought that was only something that happened to girls, but nope. It just happened to me. Jill was so incredible, she caused me to involuntarily vocalize my pleasure. Noelle was never this good. I'd trade every single time I had sex with her just to have sex with Jill once.

"Like that, huh?" she said, looking at me with a smile. She heard the moan. I just nodded, smiling.

She went back down on me, this time taking in some of the shaft as well. Withe very few sucks or so, she'd go a little further down the shaft. Once she was most of the way down, she stopped for a second. She took a deep breath, and dove right back down, deepthroating me in one shot. She held it there, at the back of her throat. Then she started sucking again, deepthroating with every motion.

"I'm about to cum," I said. I didn't want to tell her to stop. I didn't know if this was as far as she wanted to go. But she did stop.

"Okay, then," she said, climing off the bed, and standing up. "My turn." She pulled her pants down, kicked them over to the other pile of clothes. There, she was. In the flesh. Naked Jill. I could've died right then, and I would've died happy. I'd been wanting this to happen for years, and I never thought it would. Yet, here I am, looking right at her gorgeous body, naked. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy.

She walked over to me, and gestured for me to stand up. So I did. She then lied on the bed, on her back, and spread her legs, bending her knees up. I kneeled at the bottom of the bed, and started rubbing her clit. She just lied her head back, and trusted me to do it right. So I continued rubbing her clit with my first and middle fingers, licking them every now and then to give them some moisture. When I licked my fingers, I got a small taste of her pussy juice. And it was magnificent. It was a sort of salty-sweet flavor, more on the sweet side. It was yummy.

I placed my left hand on her pubic area, and continued to rub her clit with my thumb. Using my right hand, I started to rub her pussy lips. I looked at her face, to see if she was enjoying it. If she was, she wasn't expressing it. She still had her eyes closed, just relaxing. So I decided to go in for the penetration. I put a finger in. I felt her jolt a bit. I smiled. So I went in and out with one finger for a little while, until she instructed otherwise.

"Use two," she quietly said. I complied. I stuck a second finger in and pushed them in and out. After a few moments of that, I started doing a 'come hither' motion. That, she liked very much. She let out an "oooh" as soon as I did that. I did that for about a minute or so, until my hand got tired. Then I went down on her.

I licked her labia, from bottom to top, getting the juices up, then went in. I put my mouth around her lips, and inserted my tongue. She tasted...incredible. I could eat her out all day. It was the best pussy I'd ever tasted. Granted, I'd only ever tasted one other pussy, but still. I pentetrated my tongue in and out of her delicious pussy, while simultaneously sucking her labia, and rubbing her clit with my thumb. The more I did it, the more juices flowed into my mouth. It was magnificent.

After a couple minutes of doing this, Jill started moaning. Not just a little "oooh", either. I mean actually moaning. "Mmmm, uhhh, oooh, mmm, oooh, uuuhh, mmmm..." It was turning me on beyond belief. I wasn't even being pleasured, and I thought I might cum. But I didn't, and I just kept on pleasuring her.

I figured I'd try something I once saw in a porno... I took my left hand -- the hand I wasn't using -- and placed in on her pubic area. I pushed down lightly, as I continued to eat her out and finger her. Nothing really happened. So I pushed down harder. She let out a huge moan, "OOOH my GOD!" as she arched her back. So I kept that up. She kept moaning and started writhing a little bit. Whatever pushing down on her pubic area did, it was working wonders. "Oh, god, you're gonna make me cum!" she said, after about two minutes. She had a surprised tone to her voice. I don't think she expected me to be able to pleasure her so much.

Just then, I felt it. Her pussy tightened around my toungue and fingers, and she came. She didn't quite scream. It was more of a loud moan. Nevertheless, it was the hottest thing in the history of ever. She even squirted a tiny bit, and, again, it tasted great. I pulled back, and just watched her in her state of bliss. She writhed and twitched for a good fifteen seconds after I stopped. I didn't know I could do that. But I did it. And I did it to Jill.

I still couldn't believe this was happening.

When she calmed down, I climbed into bed with her, and hugged her. She was laughing, catching her breath from the orgasm.

"Thank you," she said, looking into my eyes, smiling.

"You're welcome."

She sat up and pushed me back down. I was on my back, and she was now kneeling next to me.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked.

"No," I said. I didn't. I wasn't expecting to get laid this weekend. HOLY SHIT I WAS ABOUT TO GET LAID. Jill wanted to fuck me! This was about to happen. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit... Everything I've ever wanted in my entire life could not amount to how much I wanted this.

"That's okay," she said. Wow. Not only was I going to get to fuck her, I was going to get to fuck her raw. I almost passed out from excitement.

She mounted me, sitting on my lower stomach. She pushed herself back, and glided her pussy lips along my cock, the same way she did when we still had bottoms on. Only this time, we were naked. I was feeling Jill's pussy against my cock. I'm sorry, but this was just unbelievable. How was this real life?

She did that a few times, then pushed herself up with one hand on my lower stomach, and used the other hand to take my cock. She held it, hovering over it, and looked at me.

"Are you ready?" she said.


She slowly lowered herself, insterting just the tip for a second or two, then going down...down...down...until my whole cock was buried inside her. I could hardly contain myself, it felt so good. I clenched the sheets, bit my lip, closed my eyes, and tilted my head back. It was so tight, and so warm. She pushed herself back up slowly, giving herself a small jolt of pleasure while doing so, then lowered herself back down. She was fucking me.

She went up and down, up and down, going faster and harder with every movement. I rubbed her thighs for a while, then grabbed her hips. When I did that, she started grinding instead of bouncing. My cock was balls deep inside her, as she gyrated her hips back and forth. I'd never felt something so amazing. Noelle was like fucking a doll, compared to Jill. Because Jill wasn't a girl...she was a woman. A woman with experience.

She was grinding back and forth when I started to feel like I was going to cum.

"Stop," I said. She stopped, without questioning why. She knew. "I don't know how we're gonna do're making me wanna cum so soon."

"It's fine. We'll make it work." She was just too nice. Too perfect. But why was she doing this? Was she actually attracted to me all along? Was she waiting until I was 18? What was the deal?

She lifted herself off my cock, and kneeled next to me again.

"What do you wanna do?" What did I wanna do? Fuck her, that's what!

"What do you mean?"

"I'm pretty open. Whatever you wanna do, I'll probably do it." Wow. She was going to let me pick what we do in bed? Does this woman get anymore perfect!? I had to think about what I wanted to do. I didn't want to cum yet, but there's not really much I can do to her, other than finger her or eat her out, and I just did that.

"It's up to you," I said. She looked off to the side, as though she was thinking. But then I thought of something. "I have something."


"It's uh...kinda...weird. It's just something I've been wanting to do to you for, like, ever."

"What is it?"

"Can I motorboat you?"

"Sure," she laughed. Hell yes. I was gonna be able to fulfill every little fantasy tonight. And I had so many.

I sat up, stuck my head between her tits, and motorboated the shit out of her for a good thirty seconds.

"Happy now?" she said with a smile on her face.

"Very," I said. "I also have something else."

"Whatever you want, Alex."

"I just wanna squeeze your ass."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

"But you already did that."

"I wanna squeeze it while you wear your favorite jeans."

"Okay...? Why?"

"Because you have no idea how many times you were over my house, in nice tight-fitting jeans, that I just wanted to squeeze your ass. Now I finally can."

"Okay, then." She got up, went to her room, and came back in some skinny jeans. I stood up, gave her a hug, and squeezed away. Massaging her butt, giving it a few little spanks, and squeezing some more. After about a minute of just doing that, I figured that was enough. We both sat on the bed as I thought of something else I wanted to do.

"Here's an even weirder request," I said after a minute or so.

"What's that?"

"Can you get completely dressed in an outfit that you would wear to my house?"

"Sure..." When she gave me a confused look, I had to insist it would make sense.

"Just go with it." She did. She left, got dressed, and came back wearing the same jeans, and a bra and the white t-shirt I loved. "Oh, perfect."

"Now what?" she asked, standing there, all dressed.

I asked if she could go outside the house, and come back in. Being the greatest person ever that she is, she agreed. I threw on my tshirt and shorts, and met her at the door. When she walked in, I gave her a bigger hug than I'd ever given her, lifting her off the ground, feeling her magnificent tits squish up against me, while squeezing her ass. She made it even better by wrapping her legs around my waist. I gave her a huge kiss on the mouth, and carried her back to the guest room.

I threw her on the bed, dropped my shorts, took off my shirt, and then did the same to her -- took off her shirt and her pants, leaving her in her underwear.

"Why are you doing this exactly?" she asked, lying on the bed in her black bra and panties.

"This is what I've wanted to do to you every time you walked through our door, for the past seven years." She looked at me and smiled, with an 'aww!' expression on her face at the same time.

"So now what?" she said, sitting up on the bed.

"I wanna fuck you," I said, with zero hesitation.

"How?" I had to think about this one. I wanted to fuck her in every way possible, but how was I going to start? I stood there, looking her up and down. She smiled.

"How 'bout we start off with doggy?" she said, as she turned over onto her belly. That sounded good to me.

She got into position, face on the bed, ass in the air, kneeling. I slid her panties off her. I held my cock in one hand, placed the other hand on the small of her back, and pressed the tip against her pussy lips. She was looking back at me, smiling.

"Gentle at first," she said. I slid the tip in, and held it there for a few seconds. I pushed in just a little bit, and she let out a small "mm". With only the tip and the first inch or so of my shaft in, I started thrusting. Which each thrust, I went in just a tiny bit deeper. By the tenth thrust, I was about halfway in. I decided to just go for it. I pulled back, and thrusted every inch into her, as hard as I could. She clenched the sheets, and gasped.

"Oh, fuck!" I didn't know if it hurt or felt good, but since she didn't say otherwise, I continued. I fucked her hard, every inch of my cock going deep into her pussy. I went for as long as I could, as hard and fast as I could, for about 30 seconds, then slowed down. "Mmmm, don't stop," she said. I didn't want to seem weak, so I jumped right back in, shoving my whole cock inside her. I fucked her and fucked her, wanting to get her to climax. But I was starting to feel like I was going to cum, so I pulled out as fast as I could. As I did so, Jill arched her back and moaned: "Uuuhhhh!!!" I looked at her pussy and it was pulsating. I pulled out in just enough time to make her cum, and keep myself from cumming. That's what you call perfect timing.

She orgasmed for a few seconds, then collapsed onto the bed. She just lied there, out of breath. I stood there, watching her.

"How...the you do that?" she said, panting. "No guy has ever been able to make me cum like you do." Wow. Was I really that good?

"Maybe it's my dick," I said. "Maybe it's a good size and shape for your pussy, because I can't make Noelle cum like I make you cum. And your pussy feels so much better than hers."

"I guess that makes sense," she said, turning over onto her back. "Now fuck me again." She pushed herself to the edge of the bed, spread her leags, and bent her legs so that her knees were up. I moved toward her, my cock throbbing, still ready to cum. I rub the tip along her labia.

"I, um..." I said, somewhat embarassed. "If I keep going, I'm gonna cum. Like, really soon."

"So?" she said, bluntly.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I wanna keep going for as long as we possibly can."

"It's getting kinda late, so I think we should finish this up and get to bed." That was a bummer. I wanted to fuck her all night. She saw the disappointment on my face. "What else did you wanna do tonight?"

"I don't know," I said. "Anything. Everything. I've wanted you for so long, and now we're here. I just don't want this moment to end."

She sat up, put her hand on my cheek, and smiled.

"This isn't the end," she said. She kissed me, softly but passionately. "Trust me."

That was such an amazing thing to hear. Whatever it was that made her decide to do this wasn't going to go away. She wanted this to keep going on. She wanted to have this sexual relationship. And I couldn't have wanted anything more.

So she lied back down, her legs spread, knees up, and I started rubbing my cock on her labia. I did what I did before, and just went for it. I pushed every inch into her, causing her to arch her back again. But this time, she screamed. "OH FFFFUCK!!!!" She clenched the sheets and writhed around, arching her back. "Oh m-my f-f-fucking g-god! I fu-ucking l-love you! that a-again." She could hardly speak, it felt so good.

So I complied. I pulled all the way out, held it for a second, then rammed myself all the way back into her.

Wait, did she just say she loved me?

She screamed again: "OOH...GOD! MORE!" I did it again. And again. And again. She screamed each time. This was good, because it wasn't enough to make me cum. I was just pushing in, then pulling out. I wasn't thrusting over and over. So I could have done this for quite a while. Unfortunately, after doing it ten or so times, her screams started to die down, and she was starting to get used to it.

"Jesus...that...that...uuhh,'re just...whew..." She laughed. Since I pleasured her so much, I figured I might as well ask for a favor.

"Can we please keep going tonight?" I asked, holding my cock in my hand. "I really just want to keep going. Neither of us has to be anywhere tomorrow. Why can't we just stay up all night and fuck?"

"Because, Alex, you're wearing me out!" She was right. She had to be tired. Orgasms like that use a lot of energy. "Fuck me in one more position, then I'm going to bed."

"Okay," I said, thinking about which position to do next. I looked at her tits, still in that bra, and thought of it. "I'm gonna titty fuck you." She smiled, sat up, undid her bra, threw it to the side, got down on the floor, lied on her back, and squeezed her tits together. It was a beautiful sight. And it was a good thing she decided this was the last position, because there was no way I'd last much longer after seeing that.

I knelt down over her, straddling her, and lowered myself over her breasts. She parted them, allowed me to put my throbbing, ready-to-burst-cock between them. When I did, she pushed them together. Right then, I wanted to cum, but I did everything in my power to prevent that from happening.

She then starting moving her tits up and down long my shaft. To compensate, I started thrusting, slowly. It was going to happen. I couldn't stop it.

"I'm gonna cum," I said. She just kept doing what she was doing, looking me in the eye with her sexy face. I started thrusting harder and faster. She started alternating breasts -- left one up, right one down, left one down, right one up -- really fast, while squeezing them together. I went as fast and hard as I could, feeling myself about to burst. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it!" she said. "Cum!"

And with one final thrust, I exploded all over her face, chin, neck, and tits. And I mean EXPLODED. I'd never cummed so much in my life. It just wasn't stopping. She was covered in it. It felt so incredible. My thighs were trembling. If she wasn't under me, I would have collapsed.

After a good seven squirts of cum, I was done. I fell over onto the floor next to her, and caught my breath. She sat up, turned toward me, and started licking the cum from around her mouth. She then wiped up the cum from everywhere else, using her finger, and ate it all. She knew I was enjoying this, because she stared right at me, giving me the sexy eye.

It was a LOT of cum. I could have filled a juice glass with it. But I understood why -- I'd been wanting to cum since the moment she kissed me, almost an hour ago.

When she got most of it cleaned up, she gave me a love tap on the chest, stood up, and said, "Alright, k**do, I'm off to bed." She took her clothes and left the room, saying nothing else, just leaving me, lying there, more satisfied than I'd ever been in my life. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. I wanted to follow her, give her a hug and a kiss, and thank her. I wanted to go buy a diamond ring and get down on one knee for her.


My phone.


I propped myself up so that I could reach it on the bedside table. I looked, and it read 'Noelle Calling'. Without hesitation, I pressed the ignore button, climbed into bed, rolled over, and went to sl**p.

I had no problem falling asl**p, either. I would have thought my mind would be racing, but my mind had never been more clear. I was happier than I ever was, and I was exhausted. So I crashed, and slept better than I had in months.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of cooking bacon. Jill was making breakfast for me. First she fucks me, then she cooks for me? She was the best girlfriend ever!

Woah, what? Girlfriend? Is that what I just thought of her as? She's my cousin.

I got up, put my shorts on, and headed out to the kitchen. There she was, standing at the stove, dressed in sexy, short, cotton shorts and a t-shirt. Her ass was the first thing I saw. I came up behind her, and gave her a light smack on the ass, causing it to jiggle. She turned her head to me and smiled.

"Morning, you." I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a hug from behind, and gave her a kiss. Her ass up against my cock gave me a boner. She turned to bring the cooked bacon over to the table, and as she did so, she gave my cock a nice little rub, and said, "And good morning to you, too."

We ate breakfast in silence, unsure of what to say to each other. Plus, we were both starving, so we just downed our food, with no time in between bites to even say anything.

I finished eating before her, so I sat and watched her eat.

"Stop," she said, smiliing.

"Tell me why you did it," I said.

"Did what?" she asked. I looked her with a you-know-what look. She knew exactly what I was talking about. She put her fork down, sat back, and crossed her legs. She took a deep breath, and exhaled. "I felt bad." That hurt. This was a sympathy play? Then why did she say it was going to continue? "Then I started to like it." Oh. Well that makes me feel better. She went back to eating.

"That's it?" I said. That was too simple. "You felt bad for me, so you kissed me? And then you immediately started liking it, so you fucked me? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound plausible."

"What do you want me to say?" she said, chewing. "I was attracted to you before, and I just didn't want to act on it because you were u******e, and it was just weird in every way? Fine. That's what it is. I enjoyed feeling your boners. I enjoyed sl**ping in your bed."


"No! I honestly just felt bad for you. You were crying because you had such strong feelings for me. I mean, sure, there was a little something already there. You've got a killer body, and you're more sweet to me than most guys I've ever known. You genuinely care for me. turned me on to you. So when we started going at it, I just wanted to keep going. And as we kept going, I just enjoyed it more and more. And then you made me cum. That sealed the deal."

"What deal?"

"We are officially fuck buddies. You wanna fuck me? You can. I wanna fuck you? I can. There's no strings attached. We're no longer cousins. We're just...fucking." I didn't know what to say, so I kept silent. That sounded good to me.

Jill finished eating and cleaned our dishes. While she did so, I went to my room to check my phone. I had two missed calls, one voicemail, and one text, all from Noelle. I read the texts. The first one said: 'Alex. Call me. Please.' The second one said: 'I don't know where you are, but you have to call me. It's important.' I immediately listened to the voicemail.

"Alex," she sounded massively upset. "Please please PLEASE call me. I need to talk to you. PLEASE." I called her back. It hardly rang once, before she picked up.

"Hi," she said, urgently.

"Hey, what's going on?" I was deeply concerned.

"Where the hell are you?"

"I'm staying with my cousin for the weekend. I needed to get away."

"Is there a way for you to get back here today? I need to talk to you. In person."

"Uh...I don't know..."

"Alex, this is serious. Please. Can you get here today?"

I looked out through the doorway and saw Jill sitting, reading her book. She wass doing the simplest thing, but still looked so sexy.

"No," I said. "No, I don't think so." Silence on the other end. "Why, what is it?"

"When can you get here?"

"I'll be back sometime tomorrow. Can it wait?" Again, silence on the other end. This time, the silence went on. I almost thought we'd gotten disconnected.

"I'm pregnant."

... Continue»
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The Daddy Plan

12:23 am, backseat of a car...

"Oh fuck me. Yeah! Harder!"

17 year old Ellie Arnold moans loudly as the guy pounding his cock into her does as she asks. But even as he does she knows she is probably going to regret it. Teen boys are known for their stamina but not their control. Sure they can get it up multiple times but it never takes much to get them off. Ellie learned this and has done what she can to compensate.

She could still taste the cum in her mouth from the blowjob she gave him a little while ago. Without doing that Ronnie would just pop off in a couple of minutes of having her shaved little pussy around his dick. Ellie often wondered how it was that teen boys could jerk off so much and never learn any control.

He was already groaning. She rubs her clit hard. Between blowing him and the 3 minutes of fucking she was about to cum but she knew he would beat her to it.

He did.

Thrusting hard he buries himself into her and grinds. Body shaking and breath a ragged pant. She rubs herself hard. Trying to climax before he pulls out. She fails. He looms over her as her hand slows. So close.

"That was hot baby." he says as he kisses the sweaty side of her neck.

Ellie wraps her arms around him. He was as sweet as he was unskilled. She knew tonight would end the same as most nights with her in her own bed thrusting a fake cock into herself and making a wet spot in her bed.

When she gets home she finds her dad watching an old movie. Like he always is. He is never really sad but not much makes him smile anymore. Mom took care of that. What she did to him still makes Ellie mad. Fucked around on him. That was bad enough. But then when he finally could not ignore it anymore she blamed him. She was a beautiful woman and he was an average man. Love strikes where it will but it does not always last. It was his fault she said. Not interesting enough. Not successful enough. Just not enough.

It was bullshit but he was too good a man to see her for what she was. So he let her lead him around by the nose for a while going through the motions of counseling and trying to be something he was not just to please her. When he finally lost his temper she just left. But as it turns out dad was no fool. He had hired a detective. The pictures and videos were more than enough to make sure he both got custody of Ellie and paid next to nothing in alimony.

Ellie smiled at that part. Mom was soooo pissed. She had been f***ed to find a man to live with. Threw a nice monkey wrench into her hedonistic plans. It had been over a year since she had even seen her daughter and as far as Ellie was concerned that was just fine.

She just hated that dad could not seem to pull himself out of the funk. Ellie had tried. She got him to join groups with her. Ones filled with single women and divorced moms. More than a few had taken an interest in him. He just would not respond. Dad was polite and friendly enough but nothing ever came of any of the attention. His daughter tried so hard that eventually he caught on and asked her to just stop. He had said taking care of her was his life now and he was happy with that. With tears in her eyes she had agreed.

That was 2 years ago and Ellie was now well on her way to her 18th birthday. They had a nice life and she had no complaints. She just worried about him.

But at the moment she was horny and needed to get upstairs.

"Hi Dad." she greets him. Bending down to hug him.

"Hello princess. How was your date?" he asks in his deep voice.

"Eh? Fine. I think I am going to break-up with him."

Dad cocks his head, "Why honey?"

"Just not working out. He never wants to do any of the things I want to do. I go to football games and watch stupid movies with him but when I want to do something he always wiggles out of it. Just ya know tired of it." she explains.

She of course did not say all he really wanted to do was fuck her. Not something you tell your dad. If Ronnie was any good at it the story would be far different. She hoped the wetness she could feel seeping into her panties would not give her away. Really needed to get upstairs.

Feeling a touch shy she tilts her eyes down. And then something happens. Dad is wearing a robe but it has slipped a little open. His shorts visible. And along one leg. Oh my god. She knows she should look away but for a long moment she does not. The hunger in her keeps her eyes locked. That is one hell of a cock.

"Goodnight daddy." she mutters.

Ellie is a pretty girl. Red hair that has turned more into a light blonde. Medium height. Nice curves but not the sort that make eyes bug out when they see her. Long legs though with a fine shape to them. Her father is a good sized man than until recently kept himself in good shape. A little over six feet tall with black short hair that tends to curl a little. His face is what they call ruggedly handsome. Not pretty but very much a man. Ellie thinks he is gorgeous.

With a quick kiss on his cheek she heads upstairs. Locking her door and pulling off her clothes as she moves towards her bed. Reaching into the hidden little space in her head board she pulls out her favorite dildo. 9" long and really thick. She sticks the tip of it in her mouth as her other hand pushes her panties off in an awkward move.

Ellie lays down on the bed. Licking the fake cock and getting it wet. Her other hand stroking and pulling open her very wet pussy. She literally shoves it into herself. Fingers moving to pinch her throbbing clit. She pumps it. Pinches it as forbidden images run through her mind. In moment she is arching her hips.

One one escapes her lips.... "Daddy." and she cums.

The next morning...

Ellie wakes up from erotic dreams. First every boy she knows lined up to fuck her. They all did but each left her hanging on the edge of an orgasm. She rubbed and rubbed. Pinched her tits but nothing helped. She was crying her need so great. Then he appeared. With a cock impossibly huge. Shoving it into her she had screamed and.... woke up.

With a very wet pussy. She grabbed her toy and again plunged it into herself. The young girl had always been like this. She could stroke and pinch herself forever and not cum. The need for something inside of her was just too strong. But once she shoved some fake cock, or a candle, or a plastic bottle into her wet hole or her ass then she could explode. Sometimes she would just gush cum.

Ellie had developed an passionate love of men's dicks. Her computer was filled with videos of men stroking themselves. The bursting of cum at the end never failed to get her horny. Sometimes she would just lay back and slowly fuck herself and watch guy after guy pumping their meat. Her record was a round dozen orgasms.

Now her thoughts were full of the forbidden. She imagined her father grabbing her and bending her over the kitchen table. Pulling her down onto his lap when she comes home all wet and horny. Spanking her for being a slut and fucking all those boys and then fucking her good and hard. She tells herself it is just fantasy. Nothing wrong with that. Everybody thinks of taboo things. And she cums. Over and over again.

Going to need some new sheets. She chuckles softly to herself when she finally stops.

Then her mind starts to wander to other places. He is lonely. All the efforts she made to get him to hook up with women his own age. How much she loved him and hated her mom.


No. It was crazy. He would never...

Well maybe never.

She could tempt him. But that would be wrong.

Maybe if she worked it up slowly. Maybe it would inspire him to find a woman. No way would it ever reach the end. Of course not.


She smiles and starts to make some plans.

That night...

When Martin Arnold comes home he finds a note. He can hear noises upstairs. The house was huge the only thing he had inherited from his f****y. Far too big for the two of them. There is a note on the kitchen table.

I invited some friends for a sl**pover. Sorry I did not ask it was just kinda an impulsive thing. I made you one of those pizzas you like. Just toss it in the oven and you are all set.

Love you. Ellie.

P.S. Be a good daddy and don't come up we are gonna do make-overs and the girls won't be dressed all the time.

He chuckles and flips the oven on. Pulling a beer from the fridge he heads into his study. There was a game on tonight so pizza, beer and a little time to himself does not seem like a bad thing.

Walking into the room he instantly notices something seems off. Things have been moved on his desk. Ellie rarely came in here. She had her own computer and did not need to use his except under very rare circumstances. His system was state of the art and he tried not to frown at the thought of her using it. She was tech savvy but still she moved stuff around on the desktop and often did not clean up after herself.

The machine powers up... and everything looks exactly as he left it. Odd. Curiosity drives him to open up the recycle bin. Hmmmm... looks like she was doing something with video. A few clicks and a window opens.

A live feed.

From a camera in his daughter's room.

Standing in the middle of the frame is Susan one of her friends.



Martin sits frozen. Then the sound kicks in. Lots of laughter.

"Ok. Ok. Everybody stop. Judges lets see those scores." his daughters voice.

Susan pushes her small boobs up and shakes them a little. She is a black haired girl with a pretty smile on an otherwise average face. The giggles die down.


A girl he does not know appears in the frame. Tall. Red hair. She pulls her tee shirt off. Now those are some boobs. Full Cs no doubt capped by big pink nipples. She leans forward and shakes them with a big grin on her face.

"Ok girls what do I get for these babies?" she asks in a throaty voice.

Bursts of giggles and catcalls. Martin had never really realized how dirty young girls can get when they cut loose. Some of the suggestions we downright x-rated.

He sits back. Caught in a classic moral dilemma. He knows he should just turn off the video. The question of why his daughter has a camera running is not one he is willing to speculate on. But no matter what the reason he knows watching is wrong. The girls are all legal but they are still in high school and that is enough to make him squirm as he watches the girl's tongue flick out to lick at one of the nipples that are hard now.

Martin's hand reaches out as the girl vanishes out of the frame. There is more noise and then he sees a new girl from behind. He knows that butt. Oh fuck.

Her name is Cassandra.

She is just stunningly beautiful. Irish mother and an America father. A smile that melts your heart and a body that makes grown women cry. Pale skin and platinum blonde hair. Blue eyes so brilliant they just shine.

His breath catches in this throat as she slowly turns and peels off her shirt. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Even the girls in the room are quiet. Finally one speaks up.

"Is it just me or is anybody else dying of jealousy?"

There is a chorus of agreement. Martin hears his daughter's voice.

"She is the prettiest but this is a boobs contest. Anybody can win."

Cassandra sticks her tongue out, "Are you saying you don't like them?" there is a hint of challenge in her voice.

"Can you see me holding up the 10?" Ellie answers back.

"Smart move." Cassie replies.

Marty wonders a little about that exchange. Seems like something there. But have pity on the guy. Can't really blame him cause a whole lot of bl**d has left his brain and gone south.

He does have enough self-control to not just whip out his dick. In fact he flips on his TV because it is time for the game. Getting the pizza out of the oven he brings it back to his study. Sure he leaves the feed on his computer running but his attention does mostly shift away.

Later than night...

Martin has not been paying attention to the video feed for a while. Once the contest was over things settled down a bit. He saw a few girls with fancy hairdos and some with elaborate make-up. His interest in the current hot boy bands and school gossip was pretty close to zero. Finally as he is finishing the last beer in the six-pack the girls settle down. Most of them are sl**ping in one of the guest rooms.

Then Ellie and Cassie are alone in Ellie's room. His eyes widen as the beautiful girl moves into his daughter's arms. Ellie brushes the lovely blonde hair from the other girl's cheeks.

They kiss. Long and hot.

Oh shit.

"So you don't think my tits are the best?" Cassie asks somewhat sternly.

Ellie blushes, "You know I do. But I couldn't.... I mean you are the one that does not want anybody to know not me."

"You know why love. I don't want to hear the shit the boys will say at school."

"Is that the only reason?"




"Prove it."

"You are a cheeky bitch you know that?"

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

Cassie pushes Ellie onto the bed. All she has on is a little pair of panties. Those get jerked down. Martin feels a deep stab of guilt as the beautiful teen ass of his daughter is displayed. The other girl runs a hand over the soft globes.

"You know what happens to cheeky little girls don't you?" Cassie asks in a firm voice.

"They get teased by their secret girlfriend? Lots of little booty kisses?"

SMack.... SMack...

Cassandra's hand lands on Ellie's ass with a nice crack. Two red hand prints appear.

"What happens?" Cassie demands.

"You lick me?"

SMAck.... SMAck..... two sharper blows.

"What. Happens?"

"You stand in awe of my awesome ass?"

SMACk.... SMACk.... SMACk... SMACk..... Ellie twists and groans deeply.

"What! Fucking! Happens?" the voice is harsh now.

"oooooww fuck! What happens is my Mistress beats my ass until I beg her to make me cum." Ellie gasps out.

Cassandra is caressing the now lightly red bottom.

"That's better. Now how many do you think you deserve for being a bitch?"

"Uuuummmm 5?"

SMACK..... That is loud and hard. A clear red imprint on the already red cheek.

"Try again."

"ooouch. Shit. Ok. Ok. 10."

SMACK..... Ellie bucks on the bed and her legs kick hard.

"I don't think so."

"ouch ouch ouch ouch. 15 Mistress. Please give me 15."

Again Cassie's hand goes back to caressing. Martin can see Ellie shiver as she pushes her ass back against the hand.

SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck... SMAck... SMAck.... The blows come fast and Ellie cries out at each one.

"Who has the best tits you have ever seen?"

"You. You. You do Mistress."

SMAck..... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck....

"Who has the best ass on the fucking planet?"

"You do. I love your ass. Love. Love. Love it."

SMAck..... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck..... Ellie's ass is bright red now.

When Cassie runs her hands over those red cheeks. Then she walks over to the nightstand next to the bed. She comes back with a latex cock in her hand. Bending over she pries Ellie's mouth open and starts to slide it in and out.

"Now beg me to make you cum." she says as she pulls it out.

"Please Mistress. Please fuck me with that dick and make me cum. Nobody does it like you!"

Cassie kneels down and with one hand spreads Ellie's legs more. Then her hand goes up a soft thigh and fingers expose the girl's pink wet pussy. The head of the cock goes along the slit a few times and Ellie groans again. Deep and low this time.

"Please." Ellie whimpers softly.

As she slowly pushes the cock into the other girl Cassie reaches down to stroke the tender flesh. There is a huge moan from Ellie.

Sliding the cock in and out she spends the next few minutes driving Ellie crazy. A steady stream of moans and heavy breathing. Cum is dripping off the fake dick and coating the girls thighs. When she cums it is loud and violent. Thrusting her ass back and taking the whole of the long fake cock into her.

Cassandra pulls it out and licks it then lowers her mouth to lapp lightly as Ellie continues to moan and thrash.

"Now crawl onto the bed." Cassie orders.

Ellie does and she reverses herself so she is lying on her back with her head at the foot of the bed. Martin watches as the other girl stands up and slides first her tee and then her panties off. She crawls forward and puts her amazing ass right over his daughters face.

Two hands go up along the thighs and fingers pull the other pussy wide open. The pink skin glistens with moisture even before the tongue flicks out.

That pretty much does it for Martin. All thoughts of right and wrong just go right out of his head. He pushes his pants down to the floor. His cock has been hard ever since the girls kissed. Now he wraps his hand around it and sighs.

His view of Cassandra's lovely butt is clear. He can see every detail. Ellie is licking and stroking. He slowly pumps his hardness in his fist.

Both girls are moaning now. Cassie must have her mouth on Ellie's pussy too. It is such a raw sexual sight Martin cannot even believe it is real. So much easier to think of it as just some porn video. He is not a big fan of those but every once in a while he has resorted to them to relieve the tension. Like a lot of guys watching two girls go at it works pretty well.

It is working really well right now as he watches a finger teasing the tight pink ring of the girl's bottom. The wet slurping sounds are loud. If he was more in his right mind he might wonder if Ellie is intentionally keeping the other girl on display for him. But all he can think of is how good it feels to pump that thick dick of his. One of the few things his Ex never complained about was his cock. Just about 9 inches long and thick. Right now it is dripping clear pre-cum.

Ellie is sucking on Cassie's clit now and plunging two fingers into her. The ass above her is grinding down faster and faster. Martin pumps harder too. Breath coming in deep gulps.

When the girls cum so does he. Shooting a geyser of juice into the air that splashes down on his shirt and legs. He keeps pumping as jet after jet explodes out of him. It is so intense he sees spots dance before his eyes. The girls keep licking and grinding.

With a trembling cum covered hand he reaches out and clicks off the feed.

"Oh fuck." is all he can say as he sits back in his chair.

The next day....

Ellie comes home the next day more than a little nervous. She knows her dad watched last night. It was set up so that if he did she would know. But she had not planned on what happened with Cassandra. With all the other girls around she thought the most she might get was some kissing time.

Would he say anything? She had gambled that he would feel guilty enough about watching at all that he would not. But what if he does? Ellie's attraction to the beautiful blonde was somewhat of a mystery to her. Normally girls did not do anything for her but there was something about Cassie. She never knew she liked the rough stuff either. When boys had tried to get that way she had always made them stop.

Was it just because Cassie was so freaking sexy? There was not a guy in school who did not lust after her but very few had ever gotten anywhere. Cassie dated very lightly usually just enough to make sure she got to go to the dances like Prom. If you ignored the obvious lies Ellie guessed that Cass had had sex with maybe two guys. And while there were a number of girls who lusted after her nobody had ever said they had actually been with her.

Maybe that was it. Pride. Cassie was a prize. Almost untouchable. Ellie did not know what about her had attracted the most beautiful girl in school but she knew how much it did for her ego. The fact she could not tell anybody really bugged her but she would not risk losing the attention by opening her mouth either.

"Hey dad." she says as she walks into the kitchen.

"Hello sweetheart. How was your day?"

"Dull. Tedious. Boring. I think I died and you are talking to a zombie."

He laughs as she walks over to kiss him on the cheek. Leaning into him as he sits on the kitchen table. Her shirt opened a few buttons and she is not wearing a bra. She is careful not to seem to notice but she sees his eyes tilt downward for a split second. This was also part of her plan. Nothing too obvious but she has given careful consideration to her clothes. Tight leggings with nothing under them. Shirt she knows the light shines right through. Giving him a lot of looks at her young body.

"Was that Cassie's voice I heard last night?" he asks as she turns to get a coke out of the fridge,

'oh shit' she thinks and is glad she is turned away because her face flushed hot.

"Ummmm Yeah. It was."

"She is nice I am sure you were glad she could come." he says.

More blushing. She breathes and tries to calm down. Ellie knows she cannot stay turned away forever without being obvious about it. But the fear he is going to say something more makes it tough. But he goes back to reading the paper by the time she turns around and she gets out of the room smoothly.

Later that night...

He seems to be dozing. The movie is up a little loud and she is laying on the couch across from his. Ellie has been psyching herself up all night to try this one. He would often drift in and out of sl**p before going to bed. Dressed in his usual robe with just boxers and a tee. She was naked under her robe and covered in a light blanket.

The movie was her choice. The first one was an action movie he picked out and now she had a sexy romantic comedy on. A couple of very pretty people were getting a little hot and heavy on the screen and Ellie was horny.

She keeps stealing glances at him. He looks out. Finally she gets the courage and reaches down between her legs. Suppressing the sigh as she strokes the warm folds. She won't be able to cum but it will still feel good.

Careful little strokes as her nipples get hard. She slides her other hand across her chest to gently pinch down on them as one finger dips into her pussy to drag wetness up to her clit.

He stirs a little and she freezes. Keeping herself from instantly looking over for a long few seconds. Her dad is half sitting half laying on the couch. He still seems asl**p although the robe has fallen off one of his legs.

She breathes a sigh of relief and her fingers start to move again. Ellie realizes the danger is getting to her. Her little pussy us very wet and her clit is starting to throb, She strokes the hard bud and moans very softly covered by the traffic sounds coming from the movie.

Across the room Martin wakes up a little more. Shifting in his seat. The thought that he should go to bed drifts through his mind. But in that lazy floating sl**ping way he does not wish to get up. He does not even open his eyes.

Then he hears a sound. A little sound but the kind that most guys are very attuned to. A little moan.

His eyes open just a little bit drawn to the screen. No idea what is going on in the movie. People in a taxi. Must have been hearing things.

Then he hears it again. His eyes still half closed shift to the other couch. He sees something move under the blankets covering Ellie. On her chest.

Oh fuck.

He tries to control his breathing and remain still even as his eyes track down. And yes there is more movement under the blanket. Lower.

Martin closes his eyes and tries to remain calm. But he knows what is happening now. He cannot just get up and go to bed. The next soft moan from her confirms that. The conclusion is inescapable,

His daughter is masturbating on the couch across from him. Unbidden images from the party flood his mind. And to his horror he feels his cock start to get hard. Guilt. MegaGuilt. But that does not slow it down. It had been hanging down between his legs and it slowly inches down his shorts.

The man risks a little look down at his lap. Ok. The robe is still mostly across his crotch and his dick is just going along the inside of his leg. He can just wait. She will finish and then with a little care he can get up and wander off to bed.

She moans again. Very soft but he is so focused now it sounds louder.

Ellie cannot believe what is happening. She is having to fight to contain her sounds. Her pussy is throbbing and her nipples are so hard they hurt. So close to cuming she could not stop if she wanted to. And she does not. Squeezing her tits and alternating between plunging two fingers into herself and fast rubbing of her clit she knows her face is flushed.

Then she looks over at him and a small gasp escapes her. He is mostly covered but the leg of his shorts has gaped open a bit.

She can see the head of his dick. Her eyes just lock on it. Caution vanishes and she rubs herself really hard. Panting. Hips working up and down.

She cums.



She is stunned even as the pleasure rips through her like a tidal wave. Gasping and panting. It is intense. And it goes on as her fingers keep moving. Trying as hard as she can to stay quiet.

Slowing she turns her face away. Feeling hot and sweaty under the blanket and robe, Waiting only long enough for the feelings to subside before she gets up and dashes upstairs.

Martin lets out a long breath after she is gone. Pulling the robe back he watches as he cock rises and lifts his shorts up. Fully hard and erect. He takes long breaths. Not knowing what to think. Guilt plagues him again.

3 days later...

Ellie has continued her plans and has been dressing in less as often as she can. Last night she dashed into the living room to grab a DVD in nothing but panties and a 2 sizes too small tee. Martin did not say anything and put it out of his mind. He has wondered more than once if something was going on with her but keeps telling himself he is imagining it. She is pretty much dressed the same way tonight.

Ok he had a highly sexual daughter. Perhaps a lesbian. But really that was not so bad. After all she could not get pregnant that way. And the idea of her kissing on the beautiful Cassandra was not exactly a nightmare.

He mostly approves of that at least. So it is not surprising that when Ellie walks by the living room with her phone pressed to her ear and he hears Cassie's name he is naturally a little curious.

Should he have turned down the TV to listen as Ellie goes into the kitchen. No he should not. But his hand does it anyway. Life has been a little unsettling of late and he tells himself he just wants to know that things are going well between his daughter and her girlfriend. Concerned. Yep. That is all.

Except that is not what he hears.

"Cassie please.... Will you just listen. Hey now you are the bitch who said nobody could know right?....... Yeah that's right. So I only agreed to go out with Connor to keep up the secret. Everyone knows I think he has a great ass and that killer smile..... He does too.... And...... And if I had said no when he asked everyone would have been like what the fuck?.......Yes that is why...... I said that is why......Yes it is the only reason.... No I did not fuck him.... I said no..... Ok..... Ok...... Look I had to tell him something and once I did he was going to tell everyone..... Fuck no I did not tell him about you.... I told him I liked girls and he acted like a dick......Its my fault he acted like a fucker?.... I had to do something.... I. Had. To.... Are you even listening? So I sucked him off. I gave him some nice wet sloppy head in exchange for his silence.... Oh come on. You know I learned that with Eric......Yes..... No..... One time only to keep our secret...."

Martin sits back. Pissed. Hostile. That was not what he wanted to hear. Fuck!

A few moment later Ellie comes stomping by the living room again.


"Not now daddy! I am not in a good mood." she say with venom in her voice.

That does not go over well, "Don't snap at me young lady." he tosses back.

She stops and turns back to face him, "Fine. What the fuck do you want?"

"Don't talk to me like that?"

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it?" she snaps back.

That stops him for a second. What would he do? Ever since her mother had left he had bent over backwards to take care of his daughter. They got along well. He had not punished her in any way for years now. He does not have an answer to throw back.

"I am not some little girl anymore Martin. So deal with it." she spits out.

"You are acting like a bitch." he retorts.

"So what are you going to do? Spank me?" she says still hot.

He glares back at her. And right at this moment her brain finally starts working. She sees the chance that has suddenly been thrown her way. She walks over until she is just a few feet in front of him. He still has not responded.

"Yeah I thought not. I guess mom was right. You don't have any balls do you?"

That does it. He sees red and grabs her wrist. Jerking her hard forward. Pulling her down and across his lap. Arm locking across her back he jerks on the panties and pulls them down.

"I have obviously been too good to you. Gave in too many times since your mom left. I have a foul mouthed slut for a daughter. How many boys have you sucked off?" he rages.

She is kicking but cannot escape, "You were fucking listening to me? How dare you!"

SMAck.... His hand lands on her ass solidly. She howls.

"You are still in my house. You don't want me to listen then you should not have been talking so loud."

SMAck..... SMAck..... SMack..... SMAck......

"Owwwwww Daddy Stop!"


SMAck..... SMAck.... SMACk..... SMACk........

The blows get harder and she is twisting in his grip. Her ass getting redder by the second.

SMACk..... SMACk...... SMACk..... SMACk......

"iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee" she cries out loudly.

SMACK...... SMACK..... SMACK...... SMACK.....

"I'm sorrry. I'm sorrry. I'm sorrrryyyyyyy!" she yells.

SMACK..... SMACK.... SMACK..... SMACK.....

He holds her tight as she twists and turns. Ass bright red. He runs his hand over it feeling the heat.

"Stop. Fighting." He says in a low harsh tone.

She calms down. Eyes filled with tears she looks up at him.

"Are you going to talk to me like that again?"

"No daddy." she gets out with a catch in her voice.

"Are you ever going to touch Connor again?"

"No daddy I swear I won't!" she says with f***e.

"Then stick your ass up and I will finish this."

"Yes daddy.... I'm sorry. Really. Really. Really sorry."

She pushes her burning ass up in the air. He loosens his hold on her a little and raises his hand.

SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMack.... SMack... Smack....... SMACK.....

She howls more and her butt drops but she does not try to get away. He lifts her up. She sways and he holds her standing.

"Now go to your room. I don't want to see you again until breakfast.

Her panties are down at her feet and she steps out of them and then runs upstairs. Her red butt bouncing.

Martin sits back and breathes. Anger draining out of him.

Then a thought. Cassie spanking Ellie. He looks down. His cock is half hard and suddenly getting harder. Would she? He had to know.

He gets up and heads into his study locking the door. His computer takes forever to fire up. He clicks to bring the video link up. Part of him hopes she has taken the camera down. Knowing what he now knows about her he has figured it was just to record the other girls at the party. Until now he has not touched it.

It is still there and the image and sound come up. She is laying on the bed. Knees up and legs spread. Plunging a latex cock into her pussy. Moaning hard. Face as red as her ass.

Without even thinking about it he has his now rock hard cock in his hands. She is tugging on her nipples and fucking herself fast. The wet pussy sounds loud.

He pumps faster.

She moans louder.

She cums and he groans.

She pulls the big dick out of her drenched pussy and takes it in her mouth. He can see how covered in her juices it is.

He cums. The spray launching up into the air to splash back down on his hands.

Two days later....

The next morning they had both acted like nothing had happened. He ignored the little winces when she sat down for breakfast. She kissed his cheek like she always did before leaving for school.

That night it was her favorite dinner and he took her out to see a movie. The kind of thing dads often do after punishing a daughter to win back their favor. Before the movie there was some shopping. He bought her a couple of dresses. Short ones that he probably should have objected to but in his guilt he did not.

Everything was fine.

Martin did not tell Ellie this but her plan had started to work. He was starting to think maybe he needed to get out more. Try some dating again. He told himself the things he had done watching that video feed were just the result of frustration. Maybe if he could find a woman and get laid everything would go back to normal. He wanted that.

But since he did not tell Ellie she continued with her plan. Secretly she was thrilled. Having daddy spank her had made her horny as hell and she had been racking her brain trying to figure out how to make him do it again. Nothing had occurred that was not way to dangerous to try.

She did have a little trick planned for tonight. He had not said anything about Cassie but even if he had missed the video of them at the party if he was listening he knew. So the beautiful girl was going to meet them at the movies. Ellie smiled as they got into the car.


"Yes princess?'

"I.... Well I want to tell you something and I.... well I hope it does not make you mad or.... disappointed in me."

"I can handle anything you need to tell me." he says even though he is suddenly worried.

"Well. Ummm... It is about Cassie."

"What about her."

"She is going to meet us at the movie."

He turns to glance at her, "That is fine honey. I don't mind."

"Yeah bur.... She and I... We are more than you know friends."

Another look from him, "How.... Ah. How much more?"

"She is my girlfriend. Secret girlfriend but still she is."

He blushes a little, "I kinda gathered that from the phone call. I understand. She seems like a nice girl. So. So do you just like girls now?"

She reaches out and squeezes his shoulder a little.

"No I still like boys. She is just special. You said she was beautiful."

"I did and she is. I suppose since it is a secret I should pretend I don't know?"

Ellie favors him with a beaming smile, "Would you? She is just afraid of what people at school might say. And her parents are not nearly as cool as you."

His turn to smile, "Then I promise to be blind as a bat."

She kisses his cheek sliding across the seat to press against his side.

"Thank you daddy. You know I love you lots right?"

"I love you too sweetheart."

The next evening...

Last night had not gone well. Cassandra had shown up and everything seemed fine. But by the time the movie had started the beautiful young girl was angry. Ellie was being way too grabby. That would not have been too much of a problem except rather than backing off Ellie had made the mistake of telling Cassie what she had admitted to her dad. Cassandra was mortified and angry.

When Ellie comes home the next day she is in tears. She throws herself into her father's arms Clinging to him and sobbing.

"Honey. Oh honey what he wrong." He asks as he strokes her hair trying to calm her.

In a voice choked with tears, "She... She dumped me daddy!"


"Of course Cassie! She was horrified that I told you. Said she could not trust me anymore. I can't believe I fucked that up. I love her daddy and now she does not want to even TALK to me"

"Oh sweetie I am sorry. Maybe with a little time...." he begins.

"No. You don't know her. She won't change her mind. She was mean to me. I am such a stupid fuck-up."

"Don't say that. It was an accident that I overheard. It was not your fault."

She looks up at him with tears streaking down her face. Mascara running and slowly shakes her head. He looks at her not understanding.

"No it wasn't daddy" she finally says.

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted you to overhear."

He takes her by both shoulders and makes her sit up in his lap.


"Because.... well because it was part of my plan. I... I have watched you isolate yourself since mom left. I thought. I know it was stupid. But I thought if I could tease you a little. Get you thinking about sex again you would go out and find someone."

He looks at her for a long moment. Wheels turning in his mind. Why had he never thought about that angle? He had gone through the whole last few weeks with no idea what was happening. It is so obvious.

He does not know what to say.

"It was stupid. I an a stupid cunt and I have ruined everything. Nobody loves me now." she says bitterly.

"Don't say that. I love you."

Her eyes come up, "Prove it."


"Prove it. Spank me. I am a stupid little bitch and I deserved to be punished. Spank my ass."

"Honey I don't think...." he tries.

She does not listen. Turning over and pushing her tight stretchy pants and panties down. Lifting her bare ass up into the air.

"No. There is no need for this." he tries again.

"SPANK ME! Please! If you really love me then do it!" she yells.

Smack.... His hand lands once on her ass but not very hard.

"HARDER!" she screams.

SMack.... Somewhat harder. He can see the faint outlines of his hand on her teen ass.

"Harder! Please! Do I have to make you mad? If I tell you what else I let Connor do to you will that do it? Will you spank me like I deserve?"

SMack.... SMack....

He know he should not ask. He know he should stop this right now before it goes any farther. But images are flooding his mind again. The man feels a throb in his cock and that makes him angry too.

"Tell me! What did he do?" he demands.

"I let him fuck me right up the ass. I bent over and he shoved that big dick of his right up my butt. I am a nasty little anal slut." she hisses out.

Again that pretty much pushes him over the edge.

SMAck.... SMAck.... SMAck.... SMack.... SMAck....

She groans and pushes her ass up even more. hands gripping the arms of the couch.

"Yes! That's it daddy. Punish me. DO IT!"

SMACk.... SMACk... SMACk..... SMACk..... SMACk..... SMACk....

His arm rises and falls again and again. Landing blows on the left and the right. High and low. Her ass starts to get red.

"ooooooh fuck yes. Do it. do it do it." she moans

SMACk..... SMACk..... SMACk.... SMACk.... SMACk...... SMACk.....

His cock is fully erect now straining at his pants. He can smell her little teen cunt. She is rubbing her body down against his lap.

SMACk.... SMACk.... SMACk.... SMACk....

Ellie is panting. The fire on her ass marched by the one between her legs.

She has to draw in gasping breaths to speak, "I know.... you watched me with Cassie. You saw her spank me..... Watched me eat her pussy..... Did.... Did you like it?"

SMACK.... SMACK.... Two really hard ones that make her howl.

Martin knows he should lie.. He does not want to admit it. This is wrong. He knows that. But the bl**d has rushed out of his brain. The strong musky smell of sex is in this nostrils.

"Yes I did." he admits.


"oooowww.... Did you..... cum daddy? Did you pump your big beautiful cock and cum watching me?"


"iiiiiiiieeeeeeee" she screams.

"Yes I did goddammit. Like a fucking fountain." he snarls.

SMACK.... SMACK.... SMACK.... SMACK..... The blows are fast and hard.

He spreads his legs wider. His right one going between her thighs and her right leg drops to the ground. Now her crotch is pressing down on his thigh. He can feel the heat of it. Ellie grinds down on him. Loud gasping moans.

"Make me cum daddy. Smack my ass and make me cum." she pleads.

SMACK.... SMACK.... SMACK.... SMACK.... SMACK.....

Her hand goes under her body. Reaching down to find the trapped length of his cock. She grabs it and holds on tight. Humping her burning ass against his thighs she groans and moans loudly.

"Fuuuucccckkkk Yeeeessssssss!" She screams as the orgasm rips through her body.

Every muscle tense and convulsing. She grips his cock hard and pumps her ass fast. It is bright red now with darker red marks all across it. Writhing and almost whimpering as she grinds her cum out on his leg. Martin is stunned. He can feel the wet soaking his leg.

Ellie moves. Pushing herself off his lap she thumps down on the floor. Twisting to claw at his pants. Breaking the zipper as she pulls it down. Pulling at them to get them to slide enough. Her hands going inside and grabbing his long hard cock.

She pulls it up and gets both of her small hands wrapped around it. Even bigger than she realized as her head goes down with her mouth wide open. Enveloping the head and starting to pump hard and fast. Hands and mouth moving together.

Martin throws his head back. Eyes closed. Fully in the grip of lust every other thought is banished from his head. His breath coming in sharp hisses.

Ellie does not slow down. She takes as much as she can into her mouth. Spit dripping down the shaft and coating her fingers. She has it now. In her hands. She is going to make him cum.

Does not take very long. His hand goes to her head and his hips start to thrust up against her. Breathing ragged and rough.

He cums.

A long deep one. From his toes all the way up to explode out of the tip. So much it escapes her hard sucking lips and he sees it oozing down across her hands. Ellie slurps and keeps pumping. His head is spinning. She feels her own wetness running down her thighs.

Slowing. Starting to lick across her fingers. Sucking more. Getting every last drop. Even when he drops his head back again she does not let go. Holding onto the pulsing shaft and stroking it. Kissing the tip to get the little drops that keep slowly oozing out of him.

She has never felt this hot in her life. Her entire body feels like it is on fire. White hot fire. When she brings one hand up to squeeze one of her little tits the pulse makes her ass hump the air and draws a groan from her lips. His eyes open at that. She smiles up at him.

Ellie lets go of his cock and slowly climbs onto the other end of the couch. Laying on her back she spreads first her legs and then with her hands she spreads her sopping wet pussy open. Looking him in the eyes.

"Eat me daddy. Lick my little pussy. Please." she begs.

Martin is lost and he knows it because he does not even think about it. Rolling towards her his hands run down her thighs. Squeezing them as he leans down. One long lick. She tastes so hot and so sweet. She moans deeply and he takes another lick. Her cunt is dripping wet and he bends his neck so lick one of the wet lines on her thighs.

"Ohhhh yesssss." she moans.

He licks all the way back to her spread pink folds. Pushing his tongue into her and smashing his face against her crotch. Wet sex sounds. The scent flooding his senses. He stabs his tongue again and again into her as she grinds up against him. His hands slide up her body. Cupping both of her tits. First he squeezes them. Soft and yet firm. Then his fingers find the rock hard little pink buds on top. He pinches down on them and she smacks her crotch against his face.

Licking up her slit he finds her clit. It is also pink and sticks out clearly from it's hood. He sucks it into his mouth and her moans get deeper and louder. Pulling on her nipples and sucking on her clit together.

"Yessss daddy. DO IT! Do it hard."

He does. Sucking and tugging. A fast rhythm. Her hips pumping. Breath coming in gasps. Cum bubbling up out of her burning cunt. Minutes pass. He is tugging hard on her nipples pulling even more gasps out of her mouth. Sucking violently on her pink clit.

"Cummmminggggggg." She howls.

Her whole body convulses smacking against his face hard. Cum gushing out of her. He moves his mouth down wide open. Tongue slurping and lips sucking. Drinking the flood. She moans and bucks and..... S C R E A M S!

Ellie takes a huge gasping breath and pulls at him. Pulling him up and rolling her hips back. Both of her hands go to her sore ass. She has dripped down and the ring of her ass is wet and slippery. She f***es two fingers from each hand into it. Pulling and groaning as she does. She can see his cock hard and thick again.

"Do it daddy. Fuck my ass."

He supports himself on one hand looking down. One hand grips his cock and aims it at her asshole. Her fingers slide back and wraps around his cock to pull it into her. He thrusts forward. Sinking in. Ellie lets go and wraps her arms and legs around him. Her strong trim legs pull him in deeper.

"I am you slut now. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." she begs.

Martin groans hips not resisting her efforts at all. So tight feeling the slippery cheeks pressing against him.

His face is close to hers as he buries himself all the way inside. Her pretty features flushed. Eyes wide and filled with lust.

"Nobody else touches you! Nobody!" he says strongly.

"Nobody but you daddy. Ever!" she repeats.

He kisses her, Mouths wide open. Tongues chasing each other. Deep and hot. A long pulsing kiss as his hips start to move. Her ass grips him tight but there is still cum leaking out of her pussy and he thrusts with long deep sweeps.

He pounds into her. Kissing and she is urging him on every second. Her feet kicking against his back. Her butt lifting off the couch only to be slammed down again. Harder and faster with each passing moment.

Both are drenched in sweat.

The sounds echoing off the walls. Moans and grunts. Cries and groans.

He drives into her over and over again. Wet hot flesh merged together. She pulls one hand down and rubs her clit hard. More wet sex sounds.

With a mighty groan he stabs deep into her and sprays his hot sticky cum. She screams a moment later as she flings herself over the edge. Clamping down on him and shaking hard.

It is an endless thing. Even as the spurts die down he keeps grinding. Lost in an ocean of pleasure and not wanting to stop. When he finally slumps down on her body she pulls her hand out from between her legs and clings to him.

They both pass out. Locked together on the couch.

The next morning...

He wakes up the next morning on his side. Ellie is pressed up against him. Someone having grabbed a blanket in the night. Body sore. His eyes open slowly to find her looking at him.

"Good morning daddy." she says softly.

He smiles and lets his eyes close. Arm going across her chest to pull her in tight. Drifting. Slowly the events of last night play out in his mind. He starts to tense. Guilt. Oh dear god the guilt. How had he let this happen? How could he ever undo it? Would she ever forgive him?

"Honey." he says softly.


"Don't what?"

"Don't say it was wrong or bad or anything. Just please don't."

"Honey but..."

"Please daddy don't. If you love me. Really love me don't ruin it."


"Give it a week."


"A week. We will both call in sick. Give it seven days. Then... Then if you still think it is wrong we will go back to the way we were. Promise." she says.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to think about it. To realize what you were going to say and to decide what I really want. All this time I thought I was trying to get you to go after other girls. But I realize now that was not want I really wanted. This is. Can I tell you a secret? When I let those other boys do things to me? I always thought about you. I just.... never admitted it to myself."

He holds her close and considers. Thinking of how angry it made him to think of her with them. Images he did not want in his head. Torn. The guilt was still there. His innate sense of right and wrong was screaming at him. He could make it end now. f***e her to go back to just being his daughter. Find a way to protect her from those vile boys. He could do it. He should do it. He must...

"One week. Then I will decide." he says slowly.

She kisses him with a quick smack of the lips, "Goody! I want you to treat me like a slut. I want you to whip my ass and fill me with your cum. Put me on my knees. Bend me over the table. Anything and everything. I am your sex toy my beloved daddy."

His cock stirs. Committed now.

She giggles and reaches down to stroke his dick.

"But I think we need a shower now. Will you wash me daddy? Wash your little fucktoy?" she says gently pumping his cock.

"Oh hell yes." he says.

In the shower...

Humans are amazing creatures. They can convince themselves of anything. Martin has pushed all his doubts and fears off to one side. He tells himself in a week he will think about them again. Until then he is just going to go with it. Throw away all the rules and all the taboos. Just enjoy it.

As they stand in the warm water he runs his hands over her trim young body. The water making it slick as she presses back into him. Her nipples hard from the water. Almost purring.

He pours soap down her chest. The golden liquid smells sweet. His hand glide over her skin and produce foam. Down between her legs. She giggles a little and puts a foot up on the edge of the tub.

"Better make sure I get really clean down there daddy." she says with a soft little laugh.

"That is the plan princess."

He spends a lot of time running his hands over her crotch and thighs. She is purring by the time he is done. Then he pushes her forward. Her hands go against the wall and he squirts soap down her back. She wiggles her bottom as he squeezes and works the soap over her.

Pulling her upright he turns her around so the water will rinse off the soap. She is smiling as she reaches for the soap. A big squirt across his chest and he watches as she lovingly works it into a foam. Her hands working slowly down. Martin sighs just as little as her small hands wrap around his mostly soft cock. Ellie works the soap around into the hair at it's base and gently across his balls.

She leans in and whispers in his ear, "This is mine now."

"Yes. Yes it is." he whispers back.

She kneels down. Working soap down his legs as his dick slow thickens.

Ellie slides back and lets the water rinse the soap off. Then she takes his manhood back in her hands. Softly stroking it. She leans forward and kisses the tip. Running her tongue over it as her fingers move slowly. She sucks the head into her mouth as it gets harder.

She keeps going until it is nice and hard. Then she makes him turn around. Spraying more soap down his back. Hands moving in big circles. She gets his back and then his ass all foamy. Down his legs. When her hand goes between his cheeks he almost jumps. Ellie giggles.

When all the soap is rinsed off her arms snake around his body. One hand grabbing his dick and the other cradling his balls. She strokes him slowly. Very nice. But then he feels her pretty face pressing against his butt. He groans deeply when he feels her tongue snake between his cheeks to tease the tight ring of muscles. His cock gets really hard.

"Told'ja I would do anything for you daddy. Even the slave kiss like this." she says.

She pressed back and her tongue stabs into him a little. He closes his eyes and puts his hands on the walls of the shower because his legs suddenly feel a little rubbery.

"You know there is one big thing we have not done yet." She says while her hands slowly move.


"You have not fucked my little pussy yet. My hot teen pussy wants your cock. Bad."

He reaches back and pull her to her feet as she stands up. He kisses her long and hard. Squeezing her ass.

"Well then lets get you dried off. Cause daddy's big cock wants your hot cunt too."

"Yea!" she exclaims.

Out of the shower and big towels come into play. He noticed he does not even lose his hardon. Soon she is heading out of the bathroom. Without his saying a word she goes right into his bedroom. Climbing onto the bed on all fours she wiggles her cute little bottom at him.

"God you are beautiful." he says in awe.

Bending down her spreads her open. Licking down the crack of her ass and across the soft folds. Long slow licks and she sighs and presses her face against the blankets. It does not take very much effort before he starts to taste the sweet cream from inside her.

When he pulls back and flips over and moves up to put her head on the pillows. Spreading her legs wide. Her hands running over her tits. Nipple hard little pink points.

"Do me daddy. You know I am on the pill. Fill me with your cum. Please." she purrs. Lust thick in her voice.

Martin moves onto the bed and between her legs. His cock so hard it almost hurts. It juts out of his body like a spike. His hands run over her body and then he leans down. Face only inches from hers. He wants to see her eyes as he takes her.

One of his hands reaches down and puts the head of his cock against the entrance to her wet needy depths. She looks up at him.

With a slow push he enters her. So tight. He works his hips back and forth a little as his hands come up into her hair pulling it back and tight against her head. She is already breathing a little hard and there are little groans and gasps as he slowly sinks into her.

When his cock is buried all the way to the hilt her back arches and she grinds against him.

"I love you daddy. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard."

He kisses her hard and starts to thrust. Pulling all the way back and then sinking deep. Slow at first. enjoying every moment. She kisses him rough and messy. Tongues dancing and lips sliding over each other. Her hands grab his ass. Gripping him tight and pulling hard each time he stabs forward.

Martin reaches down and strokes her crotch. Moving in time to his thrusts. She groans and her fingers dig into his ass.

"oh god oh oh god oh god." the words are tumbling out of her mouth.

Ellie has completely abandoned herself to this. She intends to have it last forever. She is going to convince him to fuck her every day. Is going to hold his cock every second she can and suck him off every time he will let her. A series of kinky images runs through her brain. Every porno she has ever watched. Nothing can compare to this. No toy. No boy. Not even Cassandra. She is creaming all over his cock as her climax approaches fast.

"fuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!" She screams out as she explodes.

Her pussy convulses around Martin's dick. Gripping him in a hot pulsing wet velvet vise. He strokes her slower and steady as she writhes and smashes her lips against him.

He puts his arms around her and rolls onto his back. She sits up and grinds.

"Now fuck me little girl. Ride me. Make daddy cum." he orders.

She grins and starts to move.

"Yes daddy."

She starts to move. Lifting up about halfway on his shaft and then smacking down again. His hands go up to her pert tits and squeeze.

"Do you like that daddy? Feeling my little butt smacking against your thighs?"

"Oh god yes!" he groans.

She starts to lift higher. Sliding up till just the head is inside her and then slamming back down again. Over and over and over she fucks him.

"I love how your cock fills me." she says with a throaty whisper.

His only response is a long low sigh.

"Can I tell you a secret?" she says with a wicked little smile.

"Yesssssss." he hisses totally lost in this.

"That time when I was on the couch. I know you were awake. I can never cum without something inside me. But the way you were sitting I could see the head of your cock. I came really hard."

"Ohhhh fuccccckkk.: he says as his hands slide down to her ass.

Ellie starts to just pound him. Lifting up and smacking down. Impaling herself on his cock. Grinding down when their crotches touch.

"Cum for me. Cum hard!" she demands.

She fucks him even harder. He cannot hold back any more. Squeezing her little butt really hard he arches his hips up as she comes down and explodes. So hard. He sees spots before his eyes.

For her it is no less. Feeling his cock pulse. Locked together. She rubs herself hard against him. Feeling the spurts. Totally overwhelmed by a huge orgasm. She screams and falls down on him.

Their lips lock together as they grind out every last bit of pleasure. Neither will ever know how long it really lasted. Even after his balls are empty the feeling of her keeps little ripples running through his body.

She feels complete. Knowing this is not going to end.

"Mine." he whispers in the brief moment their lips are apart.


... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

As he leaned back against it, Mark Jordan's hands gripped the counter top rhythmically as he gazed down at the sight before him. With his shorts around his ankles, his best friends' mom paused to swirl her pink tongue over the pulsing head of his thick cock as it glided up between her breasts. Seeing the glazed expression on his face, the sexy brunette MILF smiled and wrapped her big jugs even tighter around his pole.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my tits Mark," she moaned as he slid back down the soft valley for another round trip.

Gasping for air, he placed both hands on her shoulders pulling her tighter to his body. He shook his head in wonder at what had transpired to bring him here with his cock nestled firmly between Kay Reynolds's tits.

Up until the aforementioned moment, I considered myself an average nineteen year old. It was the summer after my first year of college and I had come home for a break from my studies. After a year of demanding pre-med classes, it seemed all I wanted to do was sl**p late, play video games, nap in the afternoon and then crash on the couch watching TV with my s****r, Kim, and mom, Vivian, at night.

It was just the three of us now. Dear old Dad had split two years previous after Mom walked into his office to find his young blonde receptionist tossing her mouth back and forth on his cock. So at least I didn't have the father figure around goading me into more respectable activities this summer.

The lazing off was getting to be a bit much I must admit. As I swung my legs out of bed that day, I looked down my trim torso and gripped my stomach.

"Whoa, need to lay off mom's cooking," I thought. Normally I was much more active, having been in track in high school and I kept it up in college along with some gym time as well. I stood and walked over to the mirror over my dresser.

I stood just over 6 feet, 180 pounds, most of it lean muscle. I ran a hand through my close cropped brown hair and examined myself more closely. The six-pack abs that I had worked so hard to get were rapidly disappearing under the double onslaught of too much couch time and home cooking. What hadn't been affected by my inactivity was straining the front of my boxers. I ran a hand over the head of my cock and groaned.

What inactivity does to the body, a quiet personality does to your sex life. I had never really had a girlfriend due to my bookish habits and shyness. There was the one time with Nancy Taylor, but that ended much too quickly for her and for me. Most weekends were limited to taming the boa myself or living vicariously through my best friend/neighbor Spencer's conquests. On the surface I had all the tools. I was considered handsome and fit, and if locker room comparisons could be trusted, a dick that resided at the high end of the scale. I pulled my hand away from the lurching bulge and at that moment I made up my mind to get back on track. I slipped on a pair of running shorts and shoes and headed downstairs for a quick bite.

Bursting out of my room with my newfound energy, I ran smack into my little s****r who was just emerging from the bathroom.


Before I could make a move to catch her, my 18 year old s****r bounced off of me and landed on her rear on the carpet.

"Watch where you're going Mark!"

"I...I'm sorry Kim, are you alright?"

What a bonehead In my rush to go running I'd plowed over my s****r! I stood over her like a goofball and stared down.

She'd apparently just gotten out of the shower as evidenced by the towel wrapped around her body. Our collision had the cliched effect on the covering; loosening it just enough to reveal her rounded curves and tanned flesh. Horrified, I jerked my eyes back towards her face as she huffed and flipped her wet blonde hair out of her face.

Kim had just graduated high school and was headed out of state to another college on a cheerleading scholarship. The hours of routines and cheering had sculpted her 5'2" frame into one lean package. I had glimpsed enough to sear my brain with the fact that no matter how much she worked out and watched what she ate, those twin globes on her chest weren't going anywhere.

She raised her blue eyes to look up at me, frowning slightly. As the fact that I had my shirt off dawned on her, I noticed her gaze slipping back down my chest and abs to rest squarely on the tented out front of my running shorts. When I realized what she must be seeing, my face flushed a deep scarlet and I prayed for a hole to open up that I could dive into.

Her full red lips curled up in a knowing (?!?) smile, revealing straight white teeth. And for a second, or was it my imagination, did her tongue flick out and trace her upper lip?

"Wellll, in a hurry are we?"

"Kim...I'm so sorry! I was headed out to run and didn't see you! Are you hurt?"

I reached out a hand to help her up. She gripped the top of her towel with one hand and took my hand in her other. I pulled her to her feet. I expected her to take a step back as I had levered her up directly in front of me. She did quite the opposite, taking a half step forward, brushing my abs with her chest and bathing my chest with her warm breath.

"No, only my ego is bruised. Watch where you're going next time." She still did not step away and my nose was filled with the strawberry smell of her shampoo. I could not help myself and my eyes were drawn downward to the valley of cleavage that no towel could ever cover. She shifted her feet, bringing her right leg into direct contact with my rock hard groin. I jumped as if burned, plastered myself to the wall and scooted past her as fast as I could.

She turned as I fled down the stairs.

"Maybe we could bump into each other again soon...just ask next time," she laughed.

My ears burned as I took the stairs two at a time. Screeching to a halt at the bottom of the stairs, the smell of Kim's shampoo was replaced by the smell of eggs and bacon coming from the kitchen. Great. Now I'd have to interact with Mom before I could get out the door. Unfortunately, my crotch tripod still had a mind of its own, so I tried to readjust myself to a less obscene profile before seeing my mom. I crossed the living room and headed in the kitchen.

As I stood in the doorway I saw Mom struggling with something in the sink.

"Morning mom, what's up?"

"Oh! Mark! You startled me! What are you doing up so early!"

I hadn't been out of bed before noon since coming home and had not been subjected to Mom's early morning attire. Sickly, given my current condition, I noticed that mom had gotten in the habit of sl**ping in only a night shirt and panties (I hoped), since I was away at school. I quickly lowered my eyes and turned my head to leave the room.

"I'm sorry Mom. I didn't know you weren't dressed."

"Don't be silly, I'm your mother. Come here, I need your help". I swallowed hard and turned back towards her as she continued to pull at something in the sink.

My Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts, getting married right out of high school. Mom had me before she turned 19 and stayed at home to raise myself and my s****r while Dad went to school and then started his career. Flash forward nineteen years and you get what I was trying so hard to take no notice of. Vivian Jordan had always been a beauty judging from the f****y photo album and the years had only softened her features somewhat. She wore her brown hair short, in a bob and her green eyes squinted at the drain, while her full red lips pursed in frustration. She kept herself fit, swimming laps in the f****y pool and watching what she ate. I had never really noticed how voluptuous she was, since she always swam in a demure one piece and normally she was dressed by the time I got up. Today, however, was a different story.

As she pulled at what appeared to be a dish towel sticking up out of the disposal, I noticed the full curve of her breasts and how they swayed rhythmically in time with her efforts. She stood almost on her tip toes, as she barely cracked 5 feet tall and this caused her smooth, toned calves to ripple. My eyes continued up her tanned legs to her flaring hips and rounded ass which showed not a hint of a panty line. I was speechless with lust and horrified that my expression would give away my thoughts. She looked at me.

"Well, are you going to help me or not!"

I jerked out of my reverie.

"What's the problem?"

"Oh, I dropped the dishtowel in the disposal and now it seems like it's stuck"

"Here, move to the side and let me pull it out."

"No! I'm going to have to keep a hand on the disposal switch so it doesn't accidentally start up and chew it further down. Just reach around me. You're tall enough"

Fuck! Here I am with the boner to end all boners, my mother dressed in a mid-thigh night shirt, no panties, and she wants me to stand behind her and pull in tandem!

"Shouldn't we just call a plumber? I don't think I can..."

"Mark, just get behind me and help! We can pull it out if we work together!"

"But, but, I'm not..."

"Just do it," she snapped.

Okay, she asked for it. I stepped behind her and stretched my arms around her, grasping her upper arms and struggling to keep my crotch out of contact with her ass. At this angle I weakly pulled to no effect.

"Come on Mark! Grab my wrists and pull! I don't want to waste money on a plumber."

I hadn't realized I was holding my breath. I blew out a lungful of air and slowly pressed forward, gripping Mom's wrists and lodging my aching log right in the crack of her ass! She audibly sucked in a deep breath as the realization of my situation made itself painfully apparent.

"Oh my! I'm sorry baby, I didn't realize..."

"No Mom, I'm sorry...I got to go!" With that I turned and practically sprinted out of the room.

Vivian kept her head turned away until she was sure Mark had left the room, not trusting her composure. The length and thickness of her son's cock was like a brand on her ass and her mind was racing in places mother's minds shouldn't go. "My god," she thought, "Was that because of me?!" And in the next thought, "God that thing felt huge!" Unbidden, an image of how her son's cock must look flashed in her mind. She groaned as she imagined the long, thick shaft and throbbing red cock head glistening with a drop of precum....she shook her head as tears came to her eyes.

It had been far too long since she had felt the touch of a man, and between the hot log crammed between her ass cheeks and the feel of Mark's strong arms encircling her, she could feel the wetness seeping between her legs as her nipples hardened into little points of flesh. u*********sly, she slipped her right hand under her night shirt and slipped her middle finger into her melting hole as her left hand cupped her full, firm breasts, alternating between them. There was no buildup, no slow motion cresting of a wave. As her finger frantically thrust in and out of her pussy at a break neck pace, her orgasm slammed into her. Her vision doubled as she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming. At just that moment, Mark came into sight, running down the street as if the hounds of hell were behind him. In her mind's eye she could almost see, and certainly imagine, how his cock must be bouncing in his shorts.

"Oh, my baby, my sweet boy..." she gasped and slumped against the counter top.

I think I set a world record for the 20 yard "Hump and Dash" from the kitchen to the front door. My feet barely touched the ground as my horrified mind came to grips with the realization that I was now a mother-humper! I yanked open the front door and almost had my second hit and run of the morning.

Nancy Taylor, Kim's best friend and another one of my obsessions, was just that moment coming up the steps. I barely missed her by pivoting to one side, which spilled me into the lawn. Startled, she jumped and squeaked in surprise. As I looked up at her from the grass, my mind could not help but spin back to a year ago, when I had finally gotten up the nerve to ask Nancy out before I left for college.

Nancy had always been around as long as I could remember. She was actually my age, having been held back in grade school. She and Kim had been friends since kindergarten and I had always thought of her as another little s****r. That is, until puberty not only hit her, but wrapped her up in a warm embrace from which she emerged as a spectacular beauty. Nancy had always been pretty, but in that gangly, braces and pigtails vein. By that summer before her senior year, however, her legs had somehow gotten even longer and the girlish bumps and curves were gone, replaced by a woman's flaring hips and ass and large, gravity defying breasts that just made you want to cry and thank god. I was almost moved to tears many times in frustration and cursed god for my paralyzing embarrassment whenever she was around. I launched more loads in the dead of night imagining scenarios with her that summer than an army of porn actors.

I finally got up the nerve to ask her out and was floored when she actually accepted! I was on cloud nine when I took her to dinner and the movies. We were laughing and having a good time and I was finding myself more and more comfortable around this gorgeous black haired minx. After the movie was over, I automatically started driving towards her house. Nancy turned in her seat and pressed her firm, full breast against my right arm as her hand slid down in my lap and began to run up and down the length of my cock, which had been half-hard the entire night. I almost ran off the road when she moved her mouth up and traced the outline of my ear with her tongue.

"What's the hurry Mark? Let's drive down to the lake. I don't have to be home before one."

It was all I could do to keep the car on the road as Nancy kept up her ministrations in my lap while moaning and blowing her warm breath in my ear. After what seemed like forever, we came to the lake. I found a secluded patch of trees, parked and shut off the engine. I slowly turned to Nancy who had sat back in her seat.

She smiled at me as she pulled her T-shirt over her head. I held my breath as she reached behind her back, unclasped the hooks and shrugged off the lacy white bra. There they were! All my nights of self-mutilation had not done them justice. They were real and they were spectacular, capped with small pink nipples which seemed to capture the moonlight and glow there in my front seat. She then leaned over me and pulled my recline handle, her bright blue eyes never leaving mine. My seat sank back as I drank in the sight of her bobbling and shimmying 34D tits just over my head. I so wanted to take one of them into my mouth, but my dry tongue was stuck to the top of my yawing cavity.

"You know Mark, I've thought about this for a long time. I can't wait to find out if that thing is as big as it felt!"

With that she began to unzip my pants while unsnapping them with the other hand. Once that was done, she slipped her soft, hot hand into my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock.

"OOOOOH Mark! I have so got to see this for myself! Kim said you were big (What!?!) but that feels positively huge!"

She struggled to extract my 10" length from down my pants leg and levered it out into the open. Her eyes widened in surprise and delight as she took it into both hands (yeah, I know, another cliché!) and stroked down firmly. And that's when things went horribly wrong.

Without warning, my cock lurched in her hands and spat a tremendous stream of cum right between Nancy's eyes! She recoiled but wasn't quick enough to dodge the second salvo which grazed her left cheek and plastered her shiny black hair back. Horrified she fell back against the door as my cock swayed unfettered, belching streams of juice all over the interior of my car! My entire body convulsed with the intensity of the orgasm and it was at least two more volleys before I had the presence of mind to throw the tail of my shirt over the cannon, soaking up the last couple of blasts. I swear I passed out for a second, but unfortunately came to my senses shortly thereafter.

I first spied my damn, rebellious turncoat of a dick still standing at attention, then my eyes were drawn to the dash which was streaked by a line of cum, then to the radio which had taken a blast at point blank range. Movement to my right turned my head to take in what I had done to my date.

To say that Nancy was pissed would be an understatement. As I watched her, she raised a trembling hand to her face where my first blast was beginning to slide down the bridge of her nose. She then touched the side of her head where I had given her a sample of the worst hair gel imaginable. Her eyes burned as they looked at me.

"You fucker! Look at me! How in the fuck am I going to go home now! My dad will fucking ground me for a year and kick your ass from here to Timbuktu!"

I know I looked like a fish gasping for air as I struggled for something to say. Nancy however was not speechless.

"How about a little warning there hair trigger! I have never been so disgusted in my entire life! I can't believe I ever agreed to go out with you! No wonder you're such a geek! How could I ever have thought of sucking that big disgusting thing?"

At the mention of the work "suck" my eyes must have widened even further. Nancy actually smirked at my reaction.

"Yeah that's right Mark. I was about to give you the best blow job you would ever have had. Words don't do justice to how my lips would have felt wrapped around your cock. Now give me something to get this shit off my face and out of my hair!"

And that's how my lonely life went from bad to worse romantically. We solved the problem of Nancy's dad by her coming home with me to spend the night with Kim. I can only imagine how much detail my s****r was treated to.

I had spent all of my senior year and breaks from college avoiding any contact with her. This was actually the first time I had seen her up close since that fateful night. After she got over the shock of me flying through the air in front of her, she smirked down at me, put her hands on her waist and cocked her hip to the side. She was dressed in a sleeveless tee and shorts (she must be going to workout with Kim) and the motion caused those glorious mounds on her chest to jiggle enticingly before they settled back, high, full and fat. If it was possible, my cock got even harder.

"Oh, Mark. Are you always in a rush?" Her tone was regretful and actually made me feel bad for avoiding her like a leper. Then, like a laser, her eyes locked on my groin. She clucked her tongue and shook her head, sounding wistful. "I hope that hasn't stayed like that since the last time I saw you. Hmmm?"

By now, my face was as red as a tomato. "Oh, no, you know, I...well...good seeing you Nancy. I've got to go!" With that I jumped to my feet and fled in shame down the street.

Nancy's blue eyes followed Mark's long, lean body as he ran down the street. She had meant to apologize for the way she had treated him the first chance she got this summer, but was distracted by his sudden appearance and the feelings that came rushing back when she spied his obvious erection. While she had made a big deal of how Mark was missing "the best blow job" he would ever have, her experiences sexually were in fact limited to sweaty grope and grabs at the movies. Not that each and every one of her dates hadn't whipped out their cocks expecting to be serviced. What with her bee stung lips and her big, fat tits, it was assumed that she could and would polish knobs like a house maid on meth. But in each and every instance, she was left disappointed at the size of her paramours and refused to even give a simple hand job. Word spread quickly and her dance card had dried up. Unfortunately, she found herself as a size queen, limited to obsessing about the one cock that she felt could have satisfied her. Damn him anyway! She turned and continued up the steps.

I ran down the street like a man possessed until I finally settled into a nice, smooth rhythm. I tried to lose myself in the run, but my mind kept rolling back to my encounters with Kim, Mom and Nancy. I had to find an outlet soon, even if that meant punishing my already abused palm. My shame slowly turned to concern however, as I started to feel bolts of pain shooting up from my ankle. What the hell? I must have twisted it jumping around Nancy! So here I was a mile from home with a bum ankle. I was smart enough not to push it and came to a slow walk. In my rush, I had forgotten my cell phone, so I couldn't call for a ride. I resignedly turned back and began to limp for home.

Car after car sped by me and as my ankle continued to throb, I prayed that a familiar face might notice me, have pity and give me a ride home. It was at that moment that a black Lexus SUV eased past me then braked to a stop at the curb. I didn't recognize it, but walked to the passenger side window as it rolled down.

"Hey Mark! Need a ride?"

And there she was the second place finisher to Nancy Taylor in my self-abuse fantasy file, my best friend Spencer's mom and our next door neighbor, Mrs. Kay Reynolds.

The Reynolds had moved in next door to us when Spencer and I were in the sixth grade, right about the time girls had moved from the icky column to the interesting column for me. So it was no wonder that Mrs. Reynolds had cum, err come to hold such a significant place of interest for me. She was drop dead gorgeous, with mid-length curly brownish red hair and a time less "girl next door" creamy complexion that she obviously spent a lot of time and her husband's money keeping up. She was probably 5'4" or so, maybe 110 lbs, with violet blue eyes. She looked like she was coming back from the gym, as her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. A low cut "wife beater" tee strained to hold in her bountiful chest. In one of my few brave moments, I had taken a chance and rifled through her lingerie drawer. I knew for a fact she was sporting a nice pair of 32DDs.

(Author's note: Ok, I acknowledge that all the women are busty. I get it. My story, my fantasy)

I was not surprised to see that her nipples were threatening to cut through the fabric. Somehow Mrs. Reynolds nipples were always hard, not sometimes, always. I chalked it up to her libido, which to hear Spencer talk, was insatiable. Even though she was his mom, Spencer acknowledged that she was the walking epitome of a MILF. For years he had regaled me with stories of listening to his parents fuck almost every night in their bedroom next to his. Or walking into the den to find his mom getting quickly off her knees while his father clutched a couch cushion to his lap and pretending to be enthralled by another "Seinfeld" re-run. And then there was the memorable time she served Spencer breakfast while something that looked suspiciously like a blob of cum clung to her nightgown.

I chalked all the stories up to bullshit guy talk until our sophomore year when a camping trip got rained out and we went back to Spencer's house to sl**p. Something woke me up and I took the opportunity to go piss. As I passed his parents room, I heard the unmistakable grunts and moans of two people fucking. Being a normal teen, that is to say perpetually horny, I couldn't help but press my ear to the door. As the earlier parts of this story demonstrate, I'm somewhat clumsy and managed to stumble and push the door half open! Luckily, Spencer's dad, Bob, had his head thrown back in pleasure as he pistoned his hips back and forth behind his wife, who was on all fours, while he stood behind her. She was oriented on the bed facing me, and luckily again, she also had her eyes squeezed shut while her body shook from the pounding she was receiving. Despite the danger of discovery, I knew I'd never get a better chance at seeing Mrs. Reynolds nude than right now. The bottom of her two-piece nightie was pulled to the side, giving Mr. Reynolds access and her top was pulled down and bunched around her waist allowing her 32DD boobs to sway and bounce in perfect time with his strokes. I was mesmerized! Her natural tits swung low and full, but I could tell they were still as firm as any teenagers since they didn't flop like I'd seen in some of the "mature" videos on the net (guilty!). As I stood there, drinking in this forbidden sight, some kind of sixth Bat-sense made me pull my eyes up to Mrs. Reynolds' face.

She was looking right at me!!

Like a deer caught in the head lights of an approaching car, I froze in place, waiting for the inevitable scream, followed by the ass-kicking by her husband, not to mention the disowning by my best-friend and then the surefire "perverted voyeur" label that would haunt me the rest of my days.

Instead, she smiled! Then, not breaking our eye-lock, she rose up and entwined her hands behind her husband's head and pulled his mouth to her neck, as his hands came up from her ass to cup her breasts and support her upper body.

"Oh God! You love this don't you?!"

I felt like DeNiro in "Taxidriver", but had enough sense to not launch into a "You talkin' to me?" monologue. Mr. Reynolds only grunted, continuing to lick and suck her neck while pile-driving her pussy from behind.

"I can't get enough, baby," she moaned. "I might have to give in and let you bring that hot assistant of yours with the cute ass home, or better yet, talk you into getting a couple of your young, strong stock boys to pound me while you watch."

I couldn't take it any longer. My cock had found its way through the fly of my boxers to see what all the commotion was about. Another second there and I would have repainted their bedroom door in my custom mix of "Creamy Pearl". Thankfully (hopefully!), it was too dark in the hall for Mrs. Reynolds to see my condition. I spun around and fled to the bathroom across the hall. I stood shakily over the toilet and tried to point my crowbar hard cock down toward the bowl. In hindsight, I should have given myself a minute or two to calm down because no sooner had my hand touched my shaft than I started blasting like the 4th of July.

I stifled a groan by biting the knuckles of my left hand, while rubbing it out with my right. Out of fear of discovery, I had left the light off. As I hosed down the bathroom, I could only imagine what sort of mess I was making. I tried to track the splats of my load so I could clean up afterwards. After 5 or 6 toe curling spurts it was over. I stood there trying to catch my breath and wondering how to clean up the bathroom and get back to Spencer's room with no one but Mrs. Reynolds being the wiser that I was awake. I tore toilet paper off the roll and did the best I could of tracking down my volleys and sopping them up. I still could not get over the intensity of staring into her eyes while she was getting royally pounded by her husband. What did she mean by what she said? She must have been getting off by my watching her. Did I have the guts to take it to the next level?

Of course not.

After slipping back to Spencer's room and laying there wide awake for the rest of the night, I tried to act like nothing had happened the next day. Of course, Spencer and his dad were in the dark and Mrs. Reynolds continued to k** and joke with me like she always had. I didn't detect any double entendres' in her conversation, no, "More SAUSAGE with your breakfast Mark?", nor did she pull me into the laundry room for a quick grope. Maybe it was my imagination though, but she did linger over wiping the breakfast table, allowing me ample time to gape down her blouse at the sight of those firm knockers swaying with her efforts. And it seemed every time I turned around, she was dropping something on the floor which required her to bend over at the waist to pick it up. After going home, I spent the rest of the day in my room revisiting what I'd seen the night before and doing my best to rub a groove in my right palm. I looked like Peter Parker the first time he discovered his web shooting ability.

"Mark? Mark? Are you alright?"

I snapped back to present time reality and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry Mrs. Reynolds. I, uh, think I twisted my ankle. Could you give me a ride home?"

She smiled brightly and reached over to open the door.

"Sure sweetie! Hop in. I was just on my way home from the gym."

I eased myself into the seat and shut the door as she pulled back into traffic. Since this was the first time this morning that I hadn't had a head swimming erection, I studiously examined everything in the car, except Mrs. Reynolds.

"Is this a new car Mrs. Reynolds?"

She smiled and rested her hand on the gear shift.

"It is Mark. What do you think?"

I continued to feign interest in the interior of the car, but suddenly became aware that her hand had moved from the gear shift and was resting on the mid console beside my leg. Out of the corner of my eye I couldn't help but notice the slight shifting and bounce of her tits as she drove. Yikes! I summoned all restraint I could, imagining chess matches, vacation slide shows and "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day". Anything to keep from popping a boner in front of Mrs. Reynolds.

"So Mark...what's been up with you?"

Well, something was coming up Mrs. Reynolds, but I don't think it's what you want to talk about. I scrambled for something to say as she pulled into their driveway.

"Oh, nothing much. Just hanging out. What kind of engine does this thing have in it?" What?!? Where did that come from? I was definitely not a gear head being just intuitive enough to know how to fill a car up with gas.

She looked at me quizzically and said, "I'm not sure Mark. It's probably in the owner's manual. Here it is." With that she leaned over the console to open the glove box on my side, resting her right boob on my leg and brushing her curly locks against my face. Houston we have lift off! She had to feel my growing boner, no way around it! God I've done it now! One call from her to Mom and I'd find myself in therapy for the summer! But she didn't recoil back. She merely kept her position and turned her head to smile up at me.

"Are you sure you're interested in the engine Mark?"

I grabbed the door lever and prepared to make a bolt for my house. It was then I noticed that Mom's car was gone. Damn! She must have been taking Kim and Nancy somewhere. She always locked the house and I did not have a key on me.

"Uh, my mom's gone."

Mrs. Reynolds turned her head to look at our house.

"Well you need some ice on that ankle, stat Mister. Come inside the house. You can keep an old woman company while you wait on your mom to get back. Spencer spends most of the day doing God knows what around town since he came back from school."

That was true. I had only seen Spencer once in the two weeks since I had been back. He left early most mornings on his bike and didn't get in until later in the evening. Despite my unease with the sausage store's grand opening in my pants, I did realize I needed to ice my ankle or I'd be limping around for days. I happened to spy Mrs. Reynolds gym bag on the back seat and grabbed it, happy to have something to use as a boner block.

"I'll carry this in for you Mrs. Reynolds!"

She smiled, "Thanks Mark."

As we headed in the house I could not tear my eyes from the sway of her hips and how that tight, little bubble butt looked in her spandex biker shorts. The sight only increased bl**d flow to my crotch which was now snaking down my leg and trying to worm its way out. She unlocked the door and went in, then took the gym bag from me before I could protest. Thankfully she didn't look down!

"Make yourself at home. I'll get some ice."

I slunk to the kitchen table as Mrs. Reynolds took a baggie and began to fill it with ice cubes. She wrapped it in a dishtowel and came over to me.

"Elevate your ankle on this other chair Mark." She slid out the chair adjacent to me and stood expectantly. I was horrified! I had half slid under the table to hide my condition, but I would have to turn out to put my right ankle on the chair and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to limp far before Mr. Reynolds could get home to beat my ass after the Mrs. sees my tool hanging out of my shorts!

"It's okay Mrs. Reynolds. It really feels much better now!" I smiled brightly, hoping to head off impending disaster. She huffed and dropped to her knees (!!) beside me reaching under the table and grabbing my knees to swivel me around.

"Yeah right. Now come on Mark before you..."

As she turned me, her words trailed off upon coming face to face with the one-eyed monster with a mind of its own. For a couple of seconds she just stared at it, pulsing and twitching against my leg, half of it exposed to the fresh air. Fresh air is supposed to make you feel better and it definitely affected my cock. It now started to raise its mushroom head, pulling my shorts back further on the shaft. Mrs. Reynolds raised a hand to her mouth and then looked up at me. I was petrified! But then, the worm turned.

Mrs. Reynolds looked back down at my boner. In an instant she pulled my knees apart and almost simultaneously grabbed my cock shaft in both hands.

"I have so got to suck this thing!" With that she plunged her head down like a striking cobra and inhaled a third of my dick.

"God!" That was me by the way, since Mrs. Reynolds had her mouth full to say the least! Her tiny mouth and full red lips were stretched to bursting around my shaft. It felt like my dick had been plunged into a furnace, albeit a wet, sucking furnace which just happened to have a soft tongue on the underside that wiggled along my main vein like something possessed. She pulled back until just the head rested in her mouth and wiggled her tongue all over the head and ridge. She then pulled it all the way out of her mouth, turned her head to the side and skinned those ruby red lips down the cock shaft to the base. She dropped her mouth lower and began to bat my balls around in their sac with her tongue. My tool rested across her face, steadily dripping precum on her hair. It looked almost obscene (almost) the way it d****d across her features. Due to its size (I know, poor me), I never got those flat against the belly boners most guys my age get. The best my vascular system could manage was a good 45 degree angle, not that it mattered to me. I knew I was somewhat big, but to see its size compared to Mrs. Reynolds face was a huge ego boost.

While my brain continued to spin inside my skull, Mrs. Reynolds started taking batting practice on my balls with her tongue. I groaned again and gripped the chair. Looking up at me, her green eyes twinkled and she turned back to press the flat of her tongue along my shaft and began to drag it back up. Upon reaching the top, she teased a drop of precum out of my shaft and pulled back with the strand still connected to her puffy bottom lip. She smiled at me as she brought her right hand around my shaft and her left came up to cradle my balls.

"I can tell you've got a whopper of a load in there for me Mark! If I'd known you were packing this much meat we would have made the sandwich to end all sandwiches that night in my bedroom." She had been getting off by me being there! "Relax baby. I want this as much or more than you do. I see the way you look at me. And I'm sure that motor mouth Spencer has shared with you how much of a nympho I am." I started at this. She was talking about him listening in on them right? Surely she couldn't mean...

"Now lean back and enjoy. I'm not stopping this for anything. At least not until you've given me what I need." At this she plunged her mouth back over my cock and began twisting her head and hands in tandem as she crammed more and more of my stick in her hot, sucking mouth.

Now, this is usually the point of the story (I read Literotica online too) where the hero grabs the wench by her pony tail in one hand, rips her top off with the other, and says something like, "Yeah!! Take my fucking load bitch!" Not gonna happen here folks. I lasted about ten seconds more under Mrs. Reynolds onslaught before I felt my balls curling back against my body and my shaft lurched and pulsed in her grip.

"Mrs. Reynolds, uh, Kay (I think we could safely be on a first name basis now), I'mmmm....."

I never finished my sentence as I was gripped by the most intense orgasm of my life. When I started speaking Kay realized what was happening and had quickly slid her mouth up and off, hoping to delay the inevitable. But I was not to be stopped!

My first moon shot left the launch pad and disappeared somewhere over her head. She squealed and then crammed my cock back in her mouth. I continued to buck and convulse, shooting what must have been a pint of hot cream into her mouth. She mewled and closed her eyes, clearly enjoying it. God what a slut! My best friends' mother was eating my load and loving it! None of my fantasies had prepared me for this and I lost all semblance of control, starting to babble and drum my feet against the floor (my ankle was forgotten). After what seemed like a lifetime, my balls were drained and I slumped back in the chair.

"My god Mark! That was..."

I couldn't bear to open my eyes and look at her. I had a hair trigger like The Rifleman and now I had missed the best, probably only, chance at impressing my ultra-hot next door neighbor.

"...fucking incredible!!"

At this my eyes shot open. She was smiling up at me! Her hair was a little mussed with what looked like a cum track across the side, but she looked genuinely happy!

"Really? You're not mad at me know...cumming so quick?"

She shook her curly locks quickly, "God no Mark! That was intense and I must admit you tasted soooo good!"

I got back a little confidence at this, but then disappointment washed over me as I realized I had fucked up any chance of getting in her pants.

She noticed my expression and said, "What's wrong? Your not regretting this are you?"

I shook my head almost maniacally, "Hell no! That was the best thing I have ever felt. I'm just sorry we didn't...well, you know."

She smirked as she reached down to grasp the bottom of her shirt and began to pull it up over her flat abs and over the mounds of glory.

"You mean fuck? Oh, were gonna fuck Mark. I guarantee you that. I've found that getting the edge off with a quick pop right up front only heightens the pleasure. Besides, guys your age can always get it back up." Was that fact from experience? One thing for certain, she was right. I didn't need to get it back up though. It had never gone down!

I think time actually stood still when she finally whipped off her top and I was treated to the sight of her deep cleavage disappearing down into the depths of her bulging jog bra. I know I held my breath as her hand went to the front and grasped the front clasp. Noticing my expression, she smiled and dropped her hands to my thighs, running them back and forth.

"You are such a guy Mark. A rare one that is nice and polite, but still just a guy. These babies really do it for you huh?" I could only nod numbly. My brain circuits were still misfiring!

"Well, be my guest sweetie. You take the honors."

My arms somehow found the strength to raise my hands to her chest. I tentatively rested the palm of my hand on the exposed flesh above the jog bra and felt the pulsing beat of her heart. I raised my eyes to hers. She licked her lips and looked deeply at me.

"I won't lie Mark. I know I'm a major league slut, but there is just something about this that is doing it in a big, big way for me. I don't know if it's the forbidden part of it or...ohhhh!"

I had now moved both hands to her chest and palmed her globes, feeling the ice pick nipples through the fabric. Damn those tits were firm! I know, my experience is limited, but they felt just like "two bags of sand" (points for what movie), no that wasn't right. They felt just like those big sponges the track team had used last summer during our fund raiser car wash. They were full and heavy and resilient, springing back to shape despite my attempts to squeeze them into oblivion. I worried that I might be hurting her with my big paws, but Kay's moans told another story. I moved my hands lower and grasped the bottom of the bra and pulled it out and up. The backs of my knuckles burned from the hot flesh of her boobs and her nipples felt just as hard as they looked. A smattering of freckles capped the creamy mounds. Kay took over for me, pulling her top over her head as I dropped out of the chair to my knees facing her. She took my face in both hands and pulled it down to her chest. Thank goodness she took the initiative; I probably would have been content to kneel there all day squeezing her big jugs!

My face was squeezed into the tight space between her knockers and I could feel her nipples poking my ears. I inhaled the sweet scent of her sweaty tits and began to lick in between them, capturing the salty perspiration from her workout. Her hands entwined themselves in my hair as she d**g my face from zone to zone. She pulled me back and then matter of factly popped her right nipple in my mouth! I licked and sucked, slobbering all over the tight little bud of flesh. She moaned louder and I noticed one of her hands had stolen down to between her thighs and was skimming back and forth over her mound.

"That's it baby. Suck my tits! You are making me feel so good!"

I pulled back and moved over to the twin peak.

"I want to make you feel good Mrs.....Kay."

"Oh you are, you are! Keep doing that Mark. I could cum just from this!"

I tentatively looked up at her.

"What else could I do for you Kay?"

Her eyes sparkled as her mask of lust lit up in a big wide smile. She swung both legs around outside me and lowered her back to the floor.

"I was hoping you'd ask! Here, help pull my pants off!"

She raised her ass as I worked her tight shorts off the sweep of her hips. My nostrils were filled with the scent of her wet pussy and as it came into view I could see pearls of moisture clinging to the lips. I must have gasped because she giggled.

"I like to keep it short. Too much rough on the muff slows down the action!"

I actually laughed at this. Somehow I seemed to be getting more and more comfortable. What a far cry this was from the debacle with Nancy. I might actually have a sexual future!

Once her shorts had been pulled off and were left dangling from her ankle, she cocked her knees back to her and rested her feet flat on the floor. Kay raised herself up on her elbows and reached out to cup the back of my neck with her hand. She started pulling me down towards that pretty little pussy, but must have seen the hint of confusion on my face.

"Mark? You have done this before, right baby?" I tried to play it off and laughed a little too loud.

"Oh yeah! Sure! I lick pussy all the time back at school!" She smiled knowingly.

"You sweet, sweet This is your first time right?" I was busted! My shoulders slumped and I nodded with my head down. "Don't worry about it baby," she coaxed, "You've really lucked out by giving it up to me. I'll teach you things you didn't think possible! And with that big fat cock of yours, we will both have grand old time learning!" I got back some of my earlier found confidence and reached under her ass, lifting it up to my face.

"That's it baby! Lick it and take mama to heaven!"

The mama thing kind of set me back, causing me to flash back to my own Mom and our quick kitchen hump, but I was too close to my first taste of pussy to give it much thought. I stuck out my tongue and tentatively licked the hooded area covering her clit. Paying attention in health class had finally paid off! Kay jerked in my hands.

"Not too much there Mark! It's super sensitive. When you feel me about to cum, suck my clit into your mouth. For now lick a little further down."

Being a good boy, I did as I was told and d**g my tongue through the folds of her slit. It was so hot and musky; a salty, sweet taste flooded my mouth as her puss practically gushed on my tongue. I wormed my tongue lower still and found the entrance to her cunt. I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and mashed my face against her.

"Gaaaaahhhh!" That was her this time. My mouth was full this go-round.

I could feel the heat of her ass on my chin and jaw line and the only tuft of hair left on that sweet puss tickled the tip of my nose. I wanted to make this feel as good as she'd made me, so I really went to town, licking up and back, twisting my head to suck at the lips of her pussy.

"Ohhhh Mark! You are a natural born pussy eater! Where have you been all my life?"

"Right next door Kay," I thought. But from now on, I planned to spend as much of my time as possible in one position or another pleasuring this unbelievably hot woman of my dreams!

I kept at it, the taste of her igniting my passion to the degree that I think I actually began to grunt in satisfaction. She had a firm grip on the top of my head, but believe me, I wasn't going anywhere! It wasn't but moments later that her hand left my head and flew up to pull the nipple that she wasn't already attending to.

"That's it! That's it! Oh! Oh! Uhhhhnnnhhh!"

I only thought her pussy was wet until she orgasmed hard against my tongue. The seep of her juices became almost a flood and I frantically licked my way to her clit and sucked hard on it. Her ass went into hyper drive, humping against my face and I lost my grip somewhat. As I shifted my hands to regain control, my right pinkie finger slid up to the second knuckle in her piping hot ass!

"Fuuuuuuck!" Apparently, that really did it for her and it was all I could do to keep myself in contact with her bucking and twisting body. We slid over the linoleum of the kitchen floor, somehow ending up with me on my back and she riding the last waves of her orgasm on my drenched face. Interminably she slowed down and came to a standstill. Shaking like a leaf, she slid off my face and slumped to the ground. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked at her gasping, sweat covered body.

"So, how was it," I said, summoning my vast reserve of suave. She giggled and gasped.

"I think you know exactly how good that was for me Mark! I can't get over how good your tongue felt!"

"There's more where that came from!" I was on a roll! I stood to my feet over her and pushed my shorts off my hips and to the floor. I gripped my towering cock and ran my hand down the shaft. As she looked up at me and wet her lips, I shook my length at her. "Now, how about me?"

She laughed and swung her legs under her, raising herself to her knees and mano e mano with my tool. Her eyes drank in the length and girth of me and I also appreciated the thick veins which she was now tracing with her beautifully manicured nails.

"What about you stud?" My heart sank for an instant. "There is no way I'm gonna be able to take that pussy stretcher in me for a while. My twat is still convulsing!"

Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief at this. I could wait. Hell, I had waited 19 years! What was a couple of minutes? Kay's hands stole up to cup her big tits. She lightly shook them, setting off a ripple across the expanse of her big fun bags.

"Soooo...what to do, what to do," she said wonderingly. She coyly looked up at me as she opened up her cleavage and wrapped those warm, soft jugs around the length of my staff. "I know! You can fuck my tits for me!"

I groaned in disbelief. If she only knew how many times I had jerked off in bed imagining this exact scenario! Her tits were the perfect size for this. Holding me between them, only a couple of inches of my cock poked out the top while the scruff of my balls rubbed along the bottom of her breasts. I was jerked out of this daze by her voice.

"Well, are you gonna fuck these tits of mine or am I going to have to do all the work," she laughed. I grinned sheepishly and d**g my hips away; pulling my shaft down through the valley she had created. Ouch! My cum and her saliva had dried to a crust leaving us no lubrication. Ever the consummate professional, Kay seized the initiative, whipping my cock from between her mounds and gripping it before her face. She spat into both hands and began to rub them along my length while popping as much of my shaft as she could manage into her mouth. Slowly but surely she descended until about half of my approximately 10 inches were lodged in her maw. As the huge mushroom shaped head began to clog her throat she gagged slightly and pulled it out gasping.

"There we go! Now where were we?"

She slid my dork back in between her tits and wrapped her hands around the outside, leaving me a long, tight, hot tunnel to fuck. I thrust through it to the top, pausing as she swiped her long, pink tongue over the head.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my tits Mark," she moaned as I slid back down the soft valley for another round trip. I gripped her shoulders and sped up my thrusts. The pistoning of my cock made a slurping sound between her tits to accompany the slap of my abs against the bottoms of her tits. The feeling was exquisite! If I wasn't so determined to get my first fuck with this red haired goddess, I would have loved to blast my second shot all over those glorious globes. None of this was to be however, as we were jolted out of our cocoon by the sound of squealing tires right outside the house!

"Shit! What was that?!" Kay jumped to her feet and pulled her top down and began struggling back into her shorts. "Mark you'd better get the hell out of here!" Survival instinct kicked in and I yanked my own shorts up while heading for the back door. I screeched to stop with the realization that I hadn't even thanked Mrs. Reynolds for her hospitality! What kind of guest was I?

"Uh, um, Mrs. Reynolds? Thanks for a really nice time...I hope to..."

"There may not be a next time unless you get the hell out of here Mark! Now go!" With that I sprang out the back door, leaped two patio chairs in a single bound and clambered over the wood fence separating our back yards. I dropped into a crouch and listened for a door slamming, breaking glass, gunshots, I don't know what.

After a second or two of not hearing anything, I dared a peak over the fence. Huh? There was no car in the drive. So what made that screech? Wait! I spied Spencer on his bike pedaling into the drive. I dropped back down and ran crouched over to our pool house and went into the half-bath. I stood in front of the mirror and struggled to catch my breath. As my pulse slowed I began to grin back at myself. You sly dog! A blowjob and abbreviated tit-fuck all in the same morning! If this was to be indicative of my summer break, I was in for a real good time! I went out to the pool and began cleaning it. Just then the back door opened and my mom came out wearing her bathing suit cover-up. Oh shit!

Kay and I were correct to be concerned about discovery during our tryst, as right about the time she was nestling my cock in between her knockers, her husband Bob was coming up the driveway, having forgotten some papers in his home office. He left the door open and the car running, knowing he'd be just a second.

Bob Reynolds was a big man, 6'2", 200lbs, with close cropped brown hair, just starting to gray at the temples. He was a former college football player who'd not gone to seed after his gridiron days, as he spent 4-5 days himself at the gym and prided himself on his physique and stamina. Stamina was something he needed in spades, as he was constantly being called on to satisfy his nympho wife. Not that he was complaining mind you!

Sex between the Reynolds had always been hot and intense and Bob never turned down the opportunity to have a crack at those full lips, gorgeous tits or tight pussy. In the past week though, he felt his game beginning to slip somewhat. Kay didn't seem all that thrilled at his advances and she initiated any contact less and less. A creeping suspicion had cropped up that maybe his wife had someone on the side. God knows she had opportunities! Bob wasn't blind. He could see the way other men looked at Kay. He couldn't deny that she was sex on a stick and why should he get so worked up? He had his own little piece of ass on the side, Audrey, his 22 year old office assistant at the department store he owned. As hot as his wife was, he couldn't resist the charms of the nubile tart, with her long, black hair, firm, enhanced tits and tight ass, but that was fodder for another story.

As he walked past the kitchen window, movement caught his eye and he slowed, straining to see into the dim interior. Was that Mark Jordan? He was just standing with his shirt off, stock still and looking down at something. Bob's cock lurched in his pants as his mouth went dry. Aha! Caught you! But, little Mark Jordan from across the street? Bob dropped to a crouch and eased to the same side kitchen door Mark and Kay had just entered and eased his head to one of the lower panes to get a glimpse and time his entry for maximum terror.

He now could see that not only was Mark shirtless, but his shorts were puddled around his ankle as Bob's dear sweet wife Kay kneeled in front of him and sucked and stroked the biggest cock Bob had ever seen! Now that is saying a lot what with having been a former football jock, Bob had seen his share of dick in the showers, but that thing was huge! Bob became suddenly aware that his own thick 7 inches were straining the front of his khakis and he realized that no longer was he pissed; he was very excited by the sight in front of him.

Kay was straining to fit as much of the thick cock in her sucking mouth as was humanly possible. Her mouth was stretched obscenely around the rock hard shaft as her eyes appeared to be watering with the effort. He almost could hear the pop as she pulled it out of her mouth and slid it between her tits. As exciting as this display was, Bob was terrified of being discovered. What would Kay think if she saw him crouched down, peering into the window like some pervert? His failure to rip the door off the hinges and beat Mark Jordan's ass could be construed as tacit approval of her dalliance and his macho self-image couldn't stand that. He managed to tear his eyes away from the site of his wife getting her tits fucked by the next door neighbor k** and snuck back to his car. As he slowly backed out of the drive, his face flushed and his khaki's tight with excitement, he couldn't wait to get back to the store. Audrey was working today and she'd know just what to do! He inadvertently spun the tires heading up the street and had to swerve to avoid some k** on his bike. In his haze of lust, he didn't notice that it was Spencer!

Spencer Reynolds, best friend to Mark and only c***d to Bob and Kay, swerved as his Dad's car barreled past him. What the hell! Where was Dad going in such a hurry? As he rolled into the driveway, he thought he saw someone jump the fence between theirs and the Jordan's backyard. Was that Mark? His curiosity really up, he dropped his bike to the curb and jogged to the front door.

Spencer was almost a carbon copy of Mark; 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, kept himself in good shape at the gym with his dad. He got his hair and eyes from his mom and also her love of sex! Where Mark was timid in dealings with females, Spencer was forward, very forward. Once he had his eye on a female, he did not rest until they were kneeling before him, heaving under him or in whatever position he desired them in to service his smooth 8 inches. He prided himself on his stamina and ability to get it up time and time again. Spencer's obsession with sex ran so deep that he had taken a job this summer without the knowledge of his parents, even though he didn't want for money. He was working at the local XXX video shop! He had figured that might be a good place to troll for horny females, but had so far been a bust. All of the store's clientele shopped at the same raincoat store and while many a raised eyebrow had been shot his direction as they entered the peep show booths, he wasn't swinging that way no matter how hard up he got. Things had been looking up in the companionship department lately however, which had prompted him to beg off sick from work and head home. With the screeching exit of his father and what appeared to be his best friend bailing over the fence, his radar was humming.

"Mom, I'm home," Spencer burst through the door and went searching for his mother. He found her in the kitchen, busying herself at the sink, surrounded by the unmistakable smell of sex in the air! Bingo! Dad had been shtupping Mom and Mark...well, Mark must have been spying on them! Spencer had prayed for a week for just this type of situation, for you see the reason his sex life was looking up, was turning from the sink and fixing him with a f***ed smile!

"Spencer, what are you doing home so early?"

Last weekend, after coming home from his first day at the grindstone, shrink wrapping fuck flicks, Spencer was as horny as he'd ever been. Being surrounded non-stop with depictions of every sex act imaginable had given him an erection that refused to go away. He had run upstairs to rub out a quick one before heading off in search of some local talent. Dropping trou in the bathroom, he didn't stop to lock the door, and so when his mom walked in, there was no time to hide what he was doing.

Kay's mouth dropped open in shock and she started to leave, but the sight of Spencer's erect cock rooted her in place. Jutting up from his crotch like a thick club, his thick 8 inches throbbed and bounced as he jerked his hand away from it as if scalded.

"Shit! Mom! Ever heard of knocking?!" Spencer was flushing a scarlet red and scrambling to pull up his pants.

Kay had to smile. As much as she loved him, Spencer was a cocky little shit like his father, and she was amused at how her appearance had rattled him. She decided to have a little harmless fun. She dropped her voice an octave, with an exaggerated sexual bent to it.

"Don't stop on my account baby! You obviously need some relief. I didn't mean to interrupt!" With that, she shut the door behind her, crossed her arms underneath her boobs and leaned back against it smirking.

Spencer was dumbfounded. Did she intend that he continue, or was she just fucking with him? He was obviously aware of her proclivities, but this was something entirely different. His gaze slid from his mother's smirk, down her long tanned neck and rested on the cleavage she had inadvertently pushed up above her scoop necked top on display. God she had a nice set of tits! Mom or not, the round globes were full and perky, complete with a pair of rock hard nipples poking through the sheer white fabric. It didn't look like she was wearing a bra! Spencer had ogled his mom's tits countless times around the back yard pool as she paraded around in suits made up of little more than a g-string and pasties supported by dental floss. Quickly getting back his confidence, it was Spencer's turn to smirk as he dropped his pants back to his ankles and gripping his meat, began to slide his right hand up and down its length.

"Yeah, you want to watch Mom? Haven't been getting enough lately from dear old Dad? I'll give you a show."

Kay's grin began to falter as the tables turned and she reached back to open the door and flee a situation that was rapidly getting out of control.

"I was just messing with you Spencer! Don't be sick!"

As she turned the knob and tried to open the door, Spencer stepped out of his pants and turned fully to face her.

"Don't bullshit me Mom! This is turning you on as much as it is me! Don't deny that you want to see me pull a big load out of this cock. Or would you rather help me?" With that he strode forward, grabbed her hand and pulled it to his throbbing erection!

Reflexively, Kay gripped the shaft in her tiny hand, her fingers failing to meet around the width. She couldn't deny she was turned on. Her shallow, quick breaths and flushing complexion gave her away. She protested while making no effort to remove her hand.

"This is so wrong Spencer! I was just yanking your chain..."

"Well, now you're yanking my cock! Your hand feels so good! Run it back and forth! Jack me off!" With his own hands free, Spencer ran them up his mother's arms and began to caress the outside curves of her breasts.

Her head suddenly spinning from lust, Kay found herself squeezing his shaft and pulling her hand towards the tip. Upon reaching the top, she smoothed her thumb over the head, spreading his precum around the mushroom shaped helmet.

"Oh, baby! I can't believe what you are making me do! I never thought I'd raise a son who got off on hand jobs from his very own mother!"

"Get real Mom! You're a fucking walking wet dream and you know it! I'd have to be a eunuch not to be turned on by you!"

Kay found herself rapidly spinning down out of control. She began to squeeze and stroke his cock faster, as Spencer had moved on to boldly cup and squeeze the bountiful jugs of his mother, elevating her passion. Kay brought her left hand up under his stalk to cup his balls. She cradled the sac, imagining the cum sloshing around inside.

"Spencer where is this going?" She continued to whip her hand up and down his shaft as he thrust his hips against her. "If your father came home right now, you and I both would be out on our ass!"

Spencer grinned at her, "Well, let's make it worth while. Your bed or mine?"

Kay's eyes were almost crossing with lust.

"Yours....and hurry!"

The crazed, i****tuous duo headed across the hall, shedding clothes as they went. By the time they got to the bed, they wore not a stitch of clothing and both paused to appraise the other's attributes.

Spencer could not get over how hot his Mom looked. Her body was in incredible shape for a woman of 40. The hours of gym time had definitely paid off. If there was any extra weight, it was in all the right places. Her full, heavy breasts bobbed enticingly on her chest and the curve of her hips and ass would have looked at home on any twenty something coed. Kay took in Spencer's broad chest and shoulders, stepping forward to run a fingernail down his chiseled abs before again gripping his rigid tool.

"How do you want me baby? This can only happen this one time, hear me?"

"Yeah I hear you. Now get that sweet ass of yours in my bed."

Kay dropped back onto the bed, the impact causing her 32DDs to bounce and slap against each other. She propped herself back against her hands and shook her hair out, her blue eyes sparkling. Spencer stood over her, running his hand back and forth over his cock, the head steadily dripping. He put his knees on the bed and slid forward until her legs lay over his. She began to pull him towards her with her legs to his side. Spencer reached down and lifted her legs up until her ankles were propped on his shoulders. Kay dropped back on forearms, but kept her head craned forward to see what Spencer would do next.

As accomplished as Spencer was in matters such as this, he found his hands trembling as he ran them down her smooth, toned legs and under her hips to her tight ass. He palmed and squeezed the globes, then brought his hands around, the left sliding up her stomach to pull and tweak her up thrust nipples, the right gripped his cock as he brought it up into contact with the very place he had entered this world from. He swept the head back and forth over the sparse landing strip of hair. Moving lower he pressed the tip into the clitoris, feeling the heat spike into him.

Kay's hips began to gyrate with the contact. She bit into her lower lip, stifling a groan of lust.

Spencer moved his hips down and d**g the spongy tip through the outer lips. They flowered open and bathed him in warm wetness. This time they both groaned as he continued to rub himself back and forth, coating his cock head in her juices.

"Ohhhh! God, please put it in me baby! I am so ready for this! Fuck me Spencer! Fuck your mother!"

Spencer positioned himself at her tight, pulsing hole and smoothly slid forward in one long stroke. As his balls came to rest against her ass, both participants exhaled mightily.

Spencer could feel the rhythmic squeezing of his mother's vaginal walls along his length, pulling him deeper, but even with his size, that was as much as he had to give. The fit was tight, but not overly so, given Kay's history. He d**g his hips back and forth, repeatedly jarring her small frame with his thrusts. He bent forward, folding her further over and placed his palms outside her shoulders. Kay's hands shot up and encircled his neck, her fingers squeezing and rubbing. Both of them knew that the depravity of their act would push them over the edge much too quickly, so they strained and pushed against each other, climbing the hill towards their climax.

Beads of sweat gathered on Spencer's brow as he fucked his mother like a man possessed, the slap of their flesh bouncing off the walls of his bedroom. Her pussy was dripping wet, soaking his thighs and crotch, while his balls bounced and rubbed against her ass.

"You like that Mom? You like that big cock fucking your tight pussy?"

"God yes son! Fuck me! Make me cum all over that big, beautiful dick!"

Spencer's pole slid and slurped up into his mother's cunt. Her lips coaxing and pulling at his length with each mighty thrust. He could feel the heat of her ass against his balls as they slapped repeatedly against her rear. Kay's legs tightened around his waist and she pulled herself up until her rock hard nipples were dragging across his broad chest as he labored over her.

"I'm so close Spencer! Faster! Faster! That's it! I'm cumming!"

At this she flung her head back, emitting a guttural scream of passion, grinding her hips frantically against his plunging tool. The sight and sound and feel of his mother's orgasm were too much for the teenager as he felt his own climax overwhelm him.

"Fuuuuuck!" Spencer's balls convulsed and clenched, spraying spurt after mighty spurt of protein up his mother's hole. His hands found her hips and gyrated her body on his lance as he wrung out his load. The feel of the white hot streams of sperm ignited a second orgasm in Kay, causing her to lose hold of Spencer's neck and fall back against the bed, flopping and gasping. Drained, Spencer fell forward, disengaging his cock from his mother and laying panting beside her.

An awkward silence engulfed the space that the sounds of passion had just recently filled. Both parties recognized the gravity of what they had just done, but neither seemed willing to acknowledge it, or the pleasure they had obviously received.

Kay could not bring herself to look over at her son. While she felt that this had been one, if not the best, fucks of her life. She knew that a slippery slope rested in front of them and she would have to be the adult here and prevent this from ever happening again.

"Spencer, I think that we should..."

Emboldened by his mother breaking the ice first, Spencer rushed in. He raised himself up on his elbow and reached out to trace the curve of her hip with his fingers.

"That was fantastic Mom! I've never..."

Kay jerked from his touch as if burned.

"No Spencer! This was wrong! So wrong! We must never even speak of what just happened. Do you understand?" Kay rolled out of her son's bed and began to gather her discarded clothes from the floor. She spied the hurt look on Spencer's face as he opened his mouth to speak.

"But Mom! That was incredible! Don't tell me you didn't..."

Clutching her clothes to her chest, Kay raised a finger to silence him.

"Not another word!" With that she fled from his room. He heard the door to her bedroom slam behind her.

"Spencer? Are you alright? I asked you a question?"

Spencer was jerked back to present time by her voice. He took in her flushed features and slightly out of breath voice and decided that now was probably the best time ever to get the fuck train with his mother back on track.

"I'm fine Mom. And it appears so are you! Why so out of breath?"

Kay flushed red at this and turned back to the sink, hoping he hadn't seen her reaction.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean! I'm just cleaning up in here."

Spencer closed the space between them in three long strides. He pressed himself up against the curve of his mother's ass and pulled her T-shirt up and over her fat boobs, kneading them like bread dough. Kay's breath caught in her throat as she was plunged right back into lust. And this so soon after Mark left! She had hoped that would have taken the edge off, but Spencer's strong hands and turgid erection pressing into her ass erased any hopes of that.

"Don't bullshit me mom! I can put two and two together. I'm not blind! I saw what I needed to see as I rode up!"

Kay gasped! Spencer must have seen Mark going over the fence! What must he be thinking! They both knew she was a helpless cum slut, but to stoop to seducing his best friend? She turned to face him. Maybe by giving in to his advances she could change the subject and deal with that issue later.

"Spencer, I'm so sorry! I've just been so horny since you and I fucked! I've been going out of my mind! I didn't mean it to happen. Mark was just here and we..."

At this Spencer visibly recoiled and pulled back from her.

"Mark? I thought that you and Dad were..."

Suddenly, Spencer's eyes were drawn to his mother's hairline and to the skunk stripe of cum from Mark's cock that was rapidly congealing there!

Kay suddenly knew that she had it all wrong! Spencer had thought that she and Bob were fooling around! But why would he assume...unless that had been Bob's car they had heard on the street! Her head swam with the possibility that Bob had witnessed she and Mark! She noticed the direction of Spencer's gaze and her hand flew up to touch the drying cum shot.

"Oh my God! Oh, Spencer! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to..."

Spencer's eyes flashed in fury. His own best friend! Fucking his mother right in their own kitchen! As he gripped his mother's arms he envisioned himself pummeling Mark for this transgression. But just as suddenly as he thought it, he thought again. He couldn't blame Mark for this! The blame rested squarely on his cunt of a mother! Denying him the very thing she was giving up so willingly to his best friend! Well, he'd just have to see about that!

Mark spun his mother around to face the sink again and pressed her head downwards. She writhed and struggled against his strong grip, desperate to extract herself from him.

"Let me go Spencer! You're hurting my arms! Please!" Not sensing any loosening of his grip, she resorted to desperate measures. "If you don't let me go right now, I'm going to start screaming my head off! I'll call your father! I'll..."

"You're not going to do shit Mom," he said as he started to hunch his turgid cock against her tight ass. "First off, dad probably saw you fucking around with Mark. He almost ran me over pulling out of the driveway! And secondly, you and I both know you could care less whose body a cock is attached too, as long as it's long and fat and gets you off! So stop fighting me!"

Kay continued to buck and squirm however, so Spencer moved his left hand to grasp her reddish brown ponytail, keeping her pushed forward, while his right hand moved down and began to rip her shorts down.

Kay's eyes bugged out in shock at the realization that her own son was going to forcibly take her whether she wanted to or not. While shocked, she was still turned on, however. Mrs. Reynolds had often engaged in role play with Spencer's father. Sometimes taking the role of the innocent housewife, forcibly ravaged by the delivery man, for example. But this was real! And her own son!

Her struggles did not prevent Spencer from pushing her shorts and panties to her knees and now he began to unbuckle his pants, then unzipping his fly, he reached in and pulled his thick 8 inches out into the open. Kay continued to whimper and lurch in front of him. None of that mattered to her son however. His mind was consumed with the thought that his cock slut mom was giving it up to his best friend, while denying him. With no warning whatsoever, he thrust his cock into her wet cunt, balls deep. Both parties' heads jerked back and emitted simultaneous groans of pleasure.

Spencer began to fuck furiously into his mother with no build up. She jerked and shuddered before him as his left hand left her ponytail to grip her hips and pull her on and off his rampaging cock in time with his thrusts.

Kay pushed her upper body erect, allowing her big, firm tits to swing and bounce freely. She clenched her blue eyes shut and tried not to give into the feelings of pleasure that Spencer's fucking was giving her. When his hands stole up from her soft hips and began to squeeze her fat double Ds she lost the will to resist and began to pump her own hips back at her son.

"Oh God Spencer! That's it baby! Fuck your mother! Fuck me hard! I don't know what I was thinking trying to put you off. Your cock feels so good in me! I want you to fuck me like this every day!"

While Spencer was glad to see that his sexy mother was coming around to his way of thinking, he still had not forgotten the fact that she had also given it up to Mark while denying him. He then thought of a way to punish her somewhat, while still taking his own pleasure.

Spencer pulled his long cock out of his mother's gash and pried her firm ass cheeks apart. Her pink tinged asshole winked at him as he covered it with a well aimed gob of spit. He then positioned his fat cock head and began to push forward into her shit chute.

Kay's sparkling blue eyes flew open as she realized what her son was doing. While she was a veteran in most everything sexual, that particular orifice was not used to the treatment Spencer was giving it as he insistently pushed his cock into her ultra-tight ass. She denied her own husband the pleasure of anal, the memories of the gang bang she was the centerpiece of in college seemed so fresh every time he attempted the act, and she could not go through with it. There was no denying however, the warm flush that was beginning to creep up alongside the pain of having her son's thick cock lodged in her ass. With an almost audible pop, his meaty helmet slid past her ass ring, into the canal, and began to steadily push forward.

Spencer could feel the slight relaxation of his mother as his pole continued to press forward. Kay's breath was still labored from struggling and she continued to whimper, but her hand now stole down between her legs and began to frig her clit in time with Spencer's thrusts.

"Yeah! That's it Mom! You're loving it aren't you, you filthy slut!?" Spencer now realized that there was probably no revenge he could extract from his mother sexually that she wouldn't end up getting off of. The tightness of her ass was getting to him however, so he reached over to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a bottle of cooking oil. He then dripped some of the liquid onto the 5 inches of cock still outside his mother's ass. Replacing the lid he moved his hands back to her hips and continued pressing forward into the warm, tight hole.

"Oh, Spencer! You motherfucker you! Take my ass! Fuck me like the slut I am!"

At that, Spencer pulled back slightly then slowly slid the rest of his cock into his mother's ass. He paused for a few seconds to allow her to get used to his width, then slowly pulled himself back halfway and rammed forward.

Kay's breath was expelled out of her from the onslaught, but her hand never left her pussy, stroking and tweaking herself towards climax.

Spencer now found his rhythm, pulling out and thrusting forward, battering his mother's voluptuous body with the impact of his fuck strokes. Both bodies were drenched in sweat from their exertions, as they strained against each other in pleasure.

The moist heat of his mother's ass was getting to be too much for Spencer. He could feel the onset of his orgasm as his hips went into hyper drive, fucking his stick in and out of his mother's buttery ass.

"Ohhhh, Mom, here it comes! Take it! Take it all!"

Kay could feel every vein and ridge of Spencer's cock lodged deep in her ass. She felt the puffing up of the head as his balls lurched and spewed their contents into her guts. Her own orgasm burst forth, enveloping her from head to toe in pleasure in time with her son's.

"God yes! Oh baby! Shoot it in my ass! That's it!"

His cock lurched and throbbed, belching shot after shot deep inside her. As his climax waned, Spencer fell forward onto his mother's sweat covered back and nibbled on the nape of her neck. The i****tuous pair gasped for air. After a few moments, Kay spoke.

"That was incredible Spencer! I can't believe you made me cum so hard fucking my ass! No more silly games. You can have me any time you want!"

Spencer smiled while his tongue slid along her neck.

"But what about dad? I think he saw you and Mark. And speaking of Mark, what the hell was that about?" Spencer slowly extracted his softening prick from his mother's ass and turned her to him, pulling her into his arms.

"You know what a slut I am and when I saw what he had in those shorts I couldn't help myself! I don't know what to do about your father. I can't believe he didn't kick down the door and kill us both."

"He probably got off on it," Spencer laughed. "Mark's tool is way bigger than Dad's or mine for that matter!"

Hearing her son now, Kay looked up at him hopefully.

"You're not still mad at me are you?"

Spencer gazed into his mother's beautiful blue eyes and smiled down at her.

"Nah! Just don't go tiring yourself out with Mark. Matter of fact, how about I get him over here and we'll all three go at it?"

Kay's face lit up with a devilish grin.

"Ooooh! A teen sandwich with me as the filling! You think Mark would go for it?"

"Shit yeah! This was probably his first time for anything. I think I can talk him into it."

The thought of he and his best friend double-teaming his mom was exciting beyond belief! His flagging cock reversed course and began to lift back up.

Kay felt its rise along her hip.

"Spencer! Still got some lead in that pencil I see! Let's go up to my room and fuck properly as mother and son!"

She turned and grabbed his hand, making for the stairs, but Spencer stopped her and pulled her back towards him.

"Later Mom. I really need to go back to work."

"Work? What work?"

Despite their recent intimacy, Spencer flushed red.

"Out with it Spencer! What are you doing all day?"

"Tell you what Mom," he said as he turned and dropped into a chair, and began to stroke his hardening cock. "You take care of this for me and I'll tell you all about it."

"With pleasure," Kay said as she lowered herself to her knees, grasped her son's cock and began to suck with gusto.

Bob Reynolds broke the land speed record for sedans in getting back to his department store. He hurriedly parked his car and grabbed the morning paper to hide the pup tent pitched in the front of his slacks. He strode inside, his head on a swivel, looking for his assistant Audrey.

Bob's department store was very successful for a couple of reasons. First, it was a classy place in a town with not many other options and secondly, his hiring practices ensured that only the most attractive applicants, male or female, ever worked there. Bob, of course, handled the female applicants, while Audrey "screened" the males. As a result, customers were attracted either consciously or u*********sly to the "items" on display. It was no secret in town, that an unsatisfied housewife could find just about anything she needed or desired at "Reynolds", often times in the mattress storage area of the warehouse. Or, that a business man purchasing a suit could get his inseam "adjusted" in the dressing rooms without worry of repercussions. Bob paid well and made sure that everyone thought of "Reynolds" as their home away from home.

As he headed down the aisle to his office, Bob met the eyes of his employees, nodding to the males and scanning the attire of the females to make sure that just the right amount of flesh was on display. More than one of the girls met his gaze hotly. They remembered their final interview with their handsome boss fondly. It always ended with them on their knees behind Bob's desk with a mouthful of his cock. But that was the first and last time with him. He told himself he had to remain professional, as if that was still possible, but the real reason was now hurrying towards him, her stiletto heels clicking on the tile.

Audrey had come to work for Bob after graduating high school and after gobbling his knob to the root in an unmatched show of skill had moved almost immediately into the role of his assistant. Not many days went by when she didn't find herself with his cock in her mouth, pussy or even ass. If she was honest, she would have admitted that she was definitely ad"dick"ted to him and maybe a little bit in love. But she knew it wouldn't lead anywhere, so she accepted her role as Bob's personal cum rag and everyone was happy!

"Audrey, I need to see you in my office now!"

The hot, little receptionist recognized the urgency in her bosses' voice and could feel the nipples on her enhanced 36Ds twist into erectness. But it would have to wait.

"I understand sir, but you have a potential employee waiting on you for their final interview."

That brought Bob up short. He wasn't hiring right now and knew that there was no one in the process. So how could there be a "final" interview scheduled. Audrey carefully screened all female applicants before they were sent to Bob for final review. The astute ones picked up on what was expected of them by the owner, so it was just a matter of Bob closing the deal.

"Are you sure? Have they been screened?"

Audrey smiled as she noticed the bulge in the front of her boss' slacks.

"Quite sure sir. She was recommended by Sue Pritchett."

Bob thought for a second. Ahh! Pritchett! She worked in Men's Suits and was one of his top sales girls. Mostly due to the fact that she had an insatiable thirst for cum and calluses on her knees from the hours spent on the floor of the dressing room. He could still remember the day she showed up for her final interview still wearing her high school cheerleading outfit, sans panties of course. Bob was unable to take notes that day, both hands being full of her long pig tails as he guided her hot, sucking mouth back and forth over his cock. If Sue had recommended her, she had to be an easy close.

"Hold my calls Audrey," he said as he walked back to his office.

"Certainly sir."

Audrey smirked and wished she could be there to see the look on his face when he saw exactly who the applicant was.

Bob was whistling a tune as he stepped into his office and spied the applicant patiently waiting in a chair facing his desk. She looked to be wearing workout clothes, a half jog top and tight spandex shorts. Her long brown hair was tied up into a bun atop her head which was a plus. Bob hated to see hair dr****g down over a cocksucker's face. It blocked the wonderful view! He reached back and closed the door with a click. At the sound, the applicant turned to face him.

It was Mark Jordan's k** s****r, Kim!

Bob's mouth must have dropped open in shock because Kim smiled, stood and walked forward with her hand outstretched.

"Sorry to surprise you like this Mr. Reynolds! Your assistant said you weren't hiring, but when I explained that we were neighbors and I just need a job for the summer, she said you would probably give me a final interview today!"

Audrey! Bob knew that she was probably getting a huge laugh out of this at his expense. That bitch must think it was funny to send in his next door neighbor. This was hitting a little too close to home. He didn't want to run the risk of the goings on at "Reynolds" getting out, which was why his employees were paid so well, but after what he had seen with Kim's b*****r and his wife this morning, he thought twice. It would be pretty good revenge to uncork a load into the hot little teen's gullet after her b*****r had done the same to his wife this morning!

"Not a problem Kim," he said, his eyes trailing down from her smiling face to her jog top. The expanse of cleavage there almost took his breath away. Her fat, round 36Ds threatened to bust out of the top and her nipples were visible. Bob kept the temperature low in his office for just that reason. As he brought his gaze back up, he could see the knowing look in her eyes as her mouth partially opened and her tongue snaked slightly out to touch her upper lip.

"I apologize for my attire Mr. Reynolds. I had my mom drop me off after my work out. I hope it's not a deal breaker!"

Almost in a daze at the sight of the nubile teen in front of him, Bob ignored her outstretched hand and walked over to half-sit on the edge of his desk. Without thinking, he dropped the newspaper he had been holding in front of his crotch on the desks' surface, exposing his erection to the gaze of Kim.

Kim's eyes were instantly drawn to the tenting of his slacks. Hmmm! Good length there. Wonder what had gotten him all bothered. She followed and slid back into the seat facing him.

As Kim walked over, Bob's hungry eyes devoured the curves on display. In addition to her obviously tremendous boobs, her legs were long and lean, her ass and hips curvy without being overwhelming. She obviously kept herself in top shape, but those tits! Oh, those tits! Bob had salivated over her mother Vivian's rack for years and it appeared the boob fairy had blessed her daughter as well!

Suddenly, he again became aware of his "condition" and almost moved to cover it, but thought what the fuck? If Sue Pritchett had recommended her, she must know what was expected of her.

"So Kim, you are just looking for a summer job then?"

"Yes Mr. Reynolds. I'm going off to school in the fall, but I'd like to work part-time and earn some spending money. I'll work really hard if you will show me the ropes."

I'll show you some ropes alright, thought Bob. The kind of ropes a fat cock spit out on willing teen employees.

"Well, I don't know Kim. As Audrey told you, I'm not hiring right now. I've got all the summer help I need. How much experience do you have?"

Kim smiled. Mr. Reynolds had to know she had never worked a day in her life and really wasn't planning on starting now. But she was an accomplished fellatrix and if what Sue had told her was true, Bob Reynolds weakness was a hot sucking mouth and she had one of the hottest in four states!

"I've never had a real job before Mr. Reynolds," she said, adopting a girlish tone and pausing to bite her full bottom lip, "But I have job experience, if you follow me."

Bob grinned. This was almost too easy! Job experience indeed. Blow jobs to be sure. He dropped his leg off the desk and stood in front of the teen.

"I'm not sure I follow you Kim. Can you explain?"

Kim's smile broadened as she slid out of her seat to her knees in front of her next door neighbor and potential employer.

"Why don't I just show you," she said as she reached up and began to unbuckle his pants.

Bob grinned lewdly as the sexy little teen unbuckled his belt and began to undo the button of his slacks with one hand while drawing down his zipper with the other. Her beautiful blue eyes never left his as her wet, pink tongue pushed out and began to run over her full, red lips. His eyes dropped down her long, elegant neck to her chest and beheld the glorious gap between her fat jugs. He reached down and began to draw her top up over her head.

Kim had had an idea of what might be expected of her at this interview so she had graciously left her bra at the gym. As her snug jog top stretched up and over her firm, round 36Ds and came to rest on top of them, she could feel her boobs bounce and stretch back to normal after being squeezed into the garment.

Bob's eyes feasted on the bountiful, fat globes as they swayed slightly from the movements of Kim's arms. She now had his fly and button open and moved her hands to the top of his pants to pull them down. Bob reached down and placed his hands over hers stopping her. Her blue eyes, which were now fastened on the bulge facing her, flitted up to meet his.

"You sure you want to do this Kim," Bob asked. He noticed her mouth gulp before answering. She was actually salivating at the chance to suck his cock!

"Like nothing before." With that she yanked his trousers to his knees in one move.

Bob's 7" lead pipe swung up from its confines like a jack-in-the-box, grazing Kim's cheek and leaving a swath of clear liquid before settling in to point directly between her eyes. Kim's eyes practically crossed to focus on the pulsing red helmet just inches from her face. She licked her lips quickly, then darted her tongue forward to tease a drop of precum which was oozing out of the head. One hand came up to cradle his balls while the other gripped the shaft at the base. Her fingertips did not meet around the thick shaft as she tugged it up the stalk causing more liquid to seep out of his cock head which she eagerly lapped up like a kitten before a bowl of milk.

Bob Reynolds was in heaven! Here he stood like a god over his little next door neighbor who was now rapidly shucking her fist up and down his pole while her warm, wet tongue lolled all over his gleaming head. In all the years of watching little Kim Jordan grow up and blossom into womanhood right next door, Bob had certainly imagined such a scenario, but never had he thought it might actually happen.

As if reading his mind, Kim looked up at him.

"Quite a different sight than watching me eat ice cream cones around the pool, huh Mr. Reynolds?"

Bob groaned and palmed the back of her head while removing the hand gripping his shaft. He lifted his tool up with his other hand and pulled the sexy teen's mouth to his balls.

"Oh, lick my balls little girl. Feel what I've got stored up in there for you!"

Kim's wet tongue immediately went to work, teasing and lathing his sac in saliva. She opened her mouth wide, taking one of the ping-pong ball sized eggs into her mouth, sucking it tenderly. Then spitting it out, she repeated the process on the other. Her excitement building, she shifted her position on her knees, bringing one of her sneaker clad feet in contact with her pulsing pussy and she began to grind herself on the heel. Her stiff nippled tits d**g back and forth on his hairy legs, further elevating the excitement level for both parties.

As much pleasure as he was deriving from the ball sucking teen, Bob needed more. He pulled back away from her as she twisted back before him.

"Enough of that Kim. Start sucking."

"With pleasure Mr. Reynolds," Kim smiled as her mouth opened wide and descended over his looming cock. With a groan from Bob, her mouth went down, down, enveloping half of his dick in one fell swoop. She fastened her full lips around the shaft and paused; her tongue swirling and swiping over the tube while her cheeks hollowed out and began sucking as if her life, rather than her job, depended on it.

"Shit!" Bob had never felt such an incredible amount of f***e from such a hot mouth before. Not even Audrey, with her freakish deep throat skills sucked so hard. His wife, well his wife loved his hard cock in her mouth, but she seemed to view it as a means to an end. Getting it up as fast as possible so they could fuck. No, this girl was a pro. She was sucking for the pure pleasure of sucking.

Kim slowly drew her mouth back, her tongue flailing the whole way and her mouth sucking like a possessed vacuum. His cock was leaking non-stop now. The drops of precum exploding in her mouth like flavor crystals. Kim had lost count of the number of cocks she had sucked off over the years and had never lost the thrill she got from that first taste of cock meat as she thrust them into her mouth. Mr. Reynolds cum was particularly salty and flavorful, she thought as she savored the slimy drops before swallowing them.

As she reached the top of his shaft, she drew her mouth off with a loud pop.

"Mmmmmm! That's yummy Mr. Reynolds. Why haven't you shared this with me before now! I've been right next door all this time and would have loved to suck your big cock for you whenever you wanted!"

Bob groaned in lust. All those years of watching little Kim Jordan parade around his and the Jordan's pool in her little swimsuits and not knowing what a shameless cocksucker she was. Well, you couldn't turn back the hands of time, so he'd better make up for it now.

With a growl, he put both hands on top of her blonde bun and pulled her back onto his cock, lodging five of his seven inches in her mouth. Right to the back of her throat.

The move caught Kim off-guard and she gagged slightly as the big, fat head pressed against her throat. Regaining her composure quickly, she relaxed her throat muscles and pressed forward until his pubes rested firmly on her lips and nose and his entire cock was bathed in her piping hot mouth and throat! She then began to swallow and suck voraciously, her tongue darting out to lick his balls.

Bob held her head tight against his abdomen. He didn't want this to end so quickly, but his cock had been stiff since seeing his wife sucking off Kim's b*****r and the molten load of cum in his balls was demanding release. He then pulled her back halfway and began to thrust his hips against her mouth while holding her head still.

Kim's big tits bounced and swayed underneath her while Mr. Reynolds fucked her face. Saliva was steadily drooling out of her mouth, dripping onto the carpet and between her tits. His balls swung and bounced off her chin, scratching it with their hairs. She brought her hands around to grip his ass, signaling him to pound her pretty little mouth.

This onslaught lasted for about another thirty seconds until Bob's vision began to blur and he saw stars as his climax began to approach. But suddenly, Kim pulled back away from him.

"What...what the fuck! I'm so close! What are you doing," Bob said as Kim looked up at him.

The lust in her eyes was painfully evident as the sexy teen began to paw and knead her firm, round tits.

"I need to get fucked Mr. Reynolds. You've got me so hot from sucking on you; I've just got to have it in my pretty little pussy!"

Bob was torn. This was definitely out of the ordinary. He hadn't fucked an employee, except for Audrey, in years.

"Listen Kim, this is great and I love you sucking me, but we are not going to fuck. Understand me? Now get back over her and finish what you've started!"

The nubile teen immediately began to pout. Her brow furrowed and her bottom lip, shiny with cum and spit, stuck out in protest. She didn't however stop squeezing and pressing her tits together.

"No," she said in a petulant tone.

Bob was flabbergasted! Didn't she know the game? Understand the rules? He'd be damned if some little 18 year old slut was going to refuse him, even if she sucked his cock better than anyone ever had before! He reached out and grasped the back of her neck and tried to pull her forward.

"I said suck it!"

"No! I don't want to!" Out came that bottom lip again like a pouting c***d refused a treat.

During the negotiation Bob was gripping and pulling on his dick, his explosion imminent. He now saw that there was no way he was going to get her back on his stalk, so he relaxed and began to pump his cock right in front of her face.

"Okay. If that's the way it's gotta be..."

Kim too late realized what he was doing and tried to twist her head away from his strong grasp. Bob roared in pleasure as his cock head flared and began to spurt rope after sticky rope of cum all over Kim's face. Her twisting and struggling only presented more targets to the belching cannon; each splat coating her lovely face in cum. Bob gasped for air and continued to wring out shot after shot onto her face. His toes curled in pleasure as his knees began to buckle under him. As the last of his loads flowed out over his hand, he fell back against his desk and stood gasping for air.

Kim's face was covered in his goo! Each eye was pasted shut, streaks covered both cheeks and only the fact that she purposefully squeezed her lips together, prevented any from entering her mouth. She swiped one hand across her face and then used the other to dig the globs of cum out of her eyes. She was finally able to open them and looked up at Mr. Reynolds, who was anxiously looking back at her and catching his breath.

Bob knew he had fucked up, but where did this little slut get off! He'd be lucky if the cops weren't hauling him off after this. He waited to see what she would say, if anything.

Without a word, Kim looked down at her cum covered hands and then wiped them off on the front of Bob's polo shirt! Once she had cleaned her hands off, while Bob stared stupidly at her, she pulled her jog top back down over her big tits and rose to her feet.

"Give me your shirt."

Bob wasn't sure he had heard her right and didn't move.

"I said give me your shirt. Now!" Bob immediately pulled it over his head and handed it to her. With no change in the scowl on her face, Kim began to wipe the cum from her features while staring at her neighbor and potential employer.

"You know Mr. Reynolds, I think I've changed my mind about that job. Thank you for your time."

With that she turned on her heel, paused to retrieve her purse and walked out the door.

A stunned Bob Reynolds stared after her and it wasn't until a few moments later that he realized she had taken his shirt with her. Fuck!

While my s****r was getting acquainted with Bob Reynolds yogurt slinger, I was doing my best to appear innocent and clean the pool while my mother walked towards me.

"How was your workout Mark," she asked as she pulled a chaise lounge near where I was standing.

"Just fine Mom! I hurt my ankle, but ended up shooting a big load of cum into Kay Reynolds's mouth, then fucked her tits! How's your day been so far?" That's what I thought, but what I ended up mumbling as she began to untie her cover-up was, "Fine Mom."

"That's nice honey. I'm glad you got out today. It's such a beautiful day to be outside and you've hardly left your room since you've been home."

By now she had untied the belt and was removing the white terry cloth robe from her shoulders. The straps to a yellow bikini came into view and I felt my eyes being pulled down her torso to that gravity defying pair of 38DDs. My cock lurched in my shorts in response to the soft flesh squeezed into her strained cups. There wasn't much to the bikini, most of her boobs were uncovered at the top and her nipples couldn't have been harder. My gaze dropped lower, over her flat stomach to the swim bottoms which had become slightly lodged into her pussy lips, leaving them on wanton display.

What was I doing! This woman, no matter how hot she was, was my mother! And here I was ogling her body and imagining the myriad things I could do to her with my thick 10"! I shook my head slightly to banish the image of my big boobed mother riding my cock while straddling me and I tried to focus on her face. But it seemed her focus was elsewhere as well!

My mother was checking me out!

I could see her green eyes move and give my lean torso and hard stomach the once over, but when her eyes dropped lower to my shorts (which were now starting to tent), they stopped moving and locked onto the bulge like radar. Her eyes seemed to narrow as if she was having trouble focusing and I could tell that her rate of breathing had sped up. Dropping the cover up on the ground, she brought her dainty hands up and adjusted the straps to her bikini, causing a ripple of tit flesh above the cups. Despite my best efforts, my cock gave a mighty lurch in my shorts. At this sight, her eyes opened wide, her eyebrows shot up in surprise and her red lips flew open. A gasp escaped her lips!

Mortified with embarrassment, I shifted to my left and started working the net away from her in an effort to hide my erection. My mom seemed to shake herself out of her daze as well, quickly dropping herself into the lounge chair, setting off another boob bounce bonanza. God she was killing me!

As Vivian settled herself and reached over to open the bottle of sun tan lotion, her mind spun in a dozen directions that no mother of a teenage son should go. Mark's cock is enormous, she thought and immediately regretted. Then almost immediately, her mind's eye imagined the fleshy pole that had earlier been lodged between her ass cheeks and the fireworks it had set off.

Her lack of sex partners in the years since her husband left had reduced her to rubbing and fingering herself at night in her big, empty bed. She didn't feel right taking a lover with the k**s living under the same roof, so she was looking forward to having an empty nest once Kim started school. In the mean time however, she needed to find some replacement for her overworked fingers and to get her mind off her own son's fat cock. Maybe that seedy video store in town might have a vibrator or dildo big enough to make her forget her lust for her own flesh and bl**d.

Mark was working fervently at cleaning the pool in an effort to get his mind off his mother's hot body. If Vivian had only known what was going through his mind as well, there would have been no hope for the mother and son. She could see the effect her big tits and tight ass had on her son though, and despite her better judgment, thought there was no harm in giving him a little show! I'll just give him some batch material for later, she laughed to herself as she rubbed lotion over her toned calves and creamy thighs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my mom put on her sunglasses and begin rubbing lotion over her legs. I didn't know the sunglasses were to prevent me from seeing where her eyes were focused, but since I couldn't see where she was looking I tried to be discrete in my voyeurism.

Finishing the bottom half, mom took the bottle and began to drip lotion all over the exposed upper halves of her boobs and over her stomach. She first massaged the drops into her stomach and then began palming her half exposed globes, slowly working the white liquid into her skin.

I inwardly groaned as she squeezed and pushed her softball sized tits together repeatedly, the valley of cleavage they created was long and deep and I could only imagine how fantastic it would feel to lay my aching tool between them and have them squeezed together while her pink tongue lolled out to lick the exposed head of my....

"Mark? Would you be a dear and do my back?" Mom smiled up at me expectantly and was holding out the bottle of lotion. I gulped and brainstormed, but could see no way to refuse her. Kim had always been on hand to handle this request before. I nodded my head like a robot as I dropped the long net to the ground and began to walk towards my mother, my divining rod leading the way.

"Look at how long that thing looks!" Vivian was thinking as her blushing son hesitantly walked towards her. She couldn't believe her body had created such a monster and now her same body had awakened it from its slumber. Little did she know that her son had essentially had an erection all morning!

Reaching my mothers side I took the bottle from her while I soaked up the sight of her glistening flesh on display before me. She sat up and reached behind her back with one hand to untie the strings, while the other palmed the bikini top between her tits to keep them covered up. That was strange, I thought. Normally every girl I'd ever seen lay on their stomach first, and then untied the back. And come to think of it, Mom had always done it that way before too. Was she trying to show off her fun bags to her horny son?!

Once she had the strings untied, Vivian started to awkwardly roll over onto her belly, but as often times happens in stories like this, lost her grip and her top fell away!

Time slowed down times ten for me at that moment. My mother's bikini top fell to the side as she rolled and her tits lurched and swayed as she finished the move and squashed those puppies against the lounge. She was quick to cover, but I was still able to glimpse her light brown aureoles and her hard little nipples before they were removed from sight.

"Ooops! Sorry to flash you honey!"

"That's okay Mom! Sorry to imagine your tits wrapped around my dick!"

In reality I said nothing, just stood there and burned a hole through the cheeks of my mom's tight bubble ass with my laser vision. I don't know how long I stood there dumbly, but mom raised herself onto her elbows and turned to look at me.

"Well, aren't you going to lube me up? You don't want me wrinkling up like a prune do you?"

Of course by raising herself onto her elbows, Mom was now treating me to an unblocked view of the round, full side of her tits, while she managed to still hide her nipples.

"Earth to Mark! Come in Mark!" I blinked and looked up at her. She was smiling at me.

"If I didn't know better son, I'd think you were enjoying the view!"

"Awww Mom! You know you're hot! Sorry for staring," I said, grinning sheepishly.

"Why thank you Mark! It's nice to know that this old 38 year old body still looks good, even if it's my own son doing the looking."

Emboldened by her words, I pressed on. "Shit yeah Mom! You are way hotter than any other mom I know!"

Vivian carefully rolled onto her side, keeping her tits covered with her upper arm as she soaked up the praise.

"What about Kay Reynolds, Mark? Am I hotter than she is?"

"I'm not sure Mom, why don't you suck me off and titfuck me so I can give a better comparison?" What I actually said was, "Of course you are Mom. Mrs. Reynolds is a total MILF, but not as much as you." Fuck! Did my mom know what a MILF was? She didn't! I could see the look on her face that she was about to ask! I sprang into action!

"Here! Let me get started before you burn Mom," I said, dropping beside her and turning the lotion bottle up over her back. Mom dropped her head down to the lounge onto her arms and turned her face away from me. I took this opportunity to sear the side of her squashed out boob with my eyes as my hands rubbed along her warm back, spreading the lotion. Mom then spoke up.

"I appreciate the compliment Mark. You are such a sweet son."

You wouldn't be thinking that if you could see the depraved visions I'm having about you in my mind Mom!

"Be a dear though and sit behind me. That way you can even out the lotion."

Even without a eyes crossing boner, this request was suspect, but there was no way of avoiding a repeat of this morning's sink side humpathon if I did what my mom was asking. Sensing my hesitation she spoke again.

"Don't worry about what happened this morning baby. It's perfectly normal. I'm not offended."

Vivian was everything but offended. Horny, lustful, desirous, yes, offended, no.

Since Mom seemed to be cool with the fact that I would be pressing my ten inch spike onto her ass, I took the chance and straddled her hips. I must have put too much weight on her though, because she groaned and pushed back against me, pressing her cheeks hard against my dick. I pulled back and apologized.

"That's okay honey. I had just forgotten what a big boy you've gotten to be." Big in all the right places the wanton mother thought as her first born pressed his rock hard pole back against her sweaty ass and again began to rub lotion over her back.

"Don't forget the sides sweetheart!"

Panting with barely controlled lust, my hands grasped my mother's sides and journeyed upwards to her armpits. My hands were mere inches from her huge tits protruding out from under her body and her ass again began to press back. I didn't pull back this time. I kept my position and slightly hunched forward as well. Now that my stick was nice and snuggly between her cheeks, mom's hips started to slightly rotate in a circular motion, pushing and rolling my log between her cheeks. Seizing the moment, my fingertips brushed the curve of her breasts, then dropping them lower, I found my palms full of warm, firm boob flesh! Mom's hips were really gyrating now. Did she want me or was I just a faceless tool to get off on. I had to know even if it got me slapped or kicked out of the house.

"Raise up a little Mom," I said thickly, expecting her to refuse. She didn't however and as she began to raise her shoulders, my hands slid further around until her rock hard nipples slid between my fingers. I palmed the globes and gave each of them a slight squeeze and a jiggle. I then slid my feet onto the lounge chair and lowered my head towards the back of my mothers exposed neck.

At that moment, Mom's cell phone rang!

Like a k** caught with his hand in the candy jar, I froze with my hands full of my mom's big tits as both of our heads turned to look at the ringing intruder. The moment was broken!

Mom's ass slowly stopped gyrating against my cock and I felt like the world's best amusement park ride had ground to a halt. My hands stayed in place, but the insistent ringing of her cell phone had frozen their movement.

"Umm, Mark? Could you...I probably need to get that."

I slowly sat back on my heels as my mother reached out to the small chair side table and picked up her cell phone. Flipping it open, she pressed it to her ear and curtly answered.

"Hello?! Oh, Kim. What do you need?" Mom listened for a moment. "Already? Oh, you didn't get it? Well, ok. Give me a minute." Mom shut the phone and placed it back on the table. With a heavy sigh she momentarily hung her head down and then rolled underneath me onto her back. This time, however, she did not even attempt to cover her exposed tits. She pulled her legs out from between my own and d****d them open alongside the chair. Sitting up, her full, fat tits bounced and swung, coming to rest on her chest. I was amazed that they were still so firm and hung so nicely after 38 years and two c***dren. Mom reached up and began to squeeze her jugs while teasing the already hard nipples.

"Stand up Mark."

As if in a daze, I stood, straddling the chair, my hard cock jutting against my shorts and pointing straight at my mother's face.

"Take it out."

I froze. Despite what had just happened, I must have heard her wrong. My mother pushed her sunglasses back on her head and fixed me with those sparkling green eyes.

"Mark, we're both adults here. No matter how wrong it may be to everyone else, we both know how much we both want this. Now, take it out. We don't have much time. I need to go pick up your s****r and there is no way I'm waiting to finish this until later."

I still was unable to move. Every taboo would be shattered by us if I did what she asked and I just wasn't ready to...

In one swift move, Vivian reached up and yanked Mark's shorts down to his knees. His heavy, swollen cock swung up and smacked under the chin of his mother, who reflexively jerked backwards. Both mother and son stared in awe at the stiff club jutting out towards his mother's beautiful face. Its mushroom shaped tip was pulsing and dripping precum in a steady stream as it bounced and jerked in time to Mark's pounding heart beat. Vivian tore her eyes from the monster facing her and looked up into her son's lust contorted features.

"Last chance to back out baby," she whispered huskily. She realized that she was giving her self as much a chance to back out as she was offering to her son.

"Suck it Mom."

With a whimper of submission, Vivian Jordan extended her wet, pink tongue and began to lick the creamy liquid oozing from her son's 10" cock. Her right hand came up to grip the thick stalk while her left cradled the swollen nut sack dangling under. Her tongue was soon coated in the viscous fluid and she drew it back into her mouth, savoring the tart taste of her firstborn's fuck juice. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she was overwhelmed by the enormity of what she and her son were doing. It was wrong on every level imaginable, but she wouldn't stop now for anything. She looked back up at Mark.

"Mark. I want you to fuck my face now. Hold my head and use my mouth. Don't stop until you've shot your load deep in my throat."

Never in my life had I heard my mother talk like this! I'm sure not many sons had! I groaned and put my right hand on top of my mother's head. Entangling the brown strands in my fingers, I pulled her face onto my cock and lodged half of it in her open mouth. We both groaned loudly at the heat we both felt. I from my mother's piping hot mouth and she from my thick, pulsing cock.

Her tongue began to move and drag around the mouth stretching thickness of my tool as her cheeks hollowed out from the incredible suction she was applying. I tenderly began to pull and push her head along my shaft while slightly thrusting with my hips. Even though she had given me the green light to face fuck her, she was still my mother after all, and I couldn't bring myself to use her like some cheap slut. As if I had any experience with cheap sluts, but at the rate my day was going, experience was piling up significantly!

Mom's right hand began to frig and squeeze the exposed half of my dick not being administered to, coaxing and pulling up the load of cum stored there. The bizarreness of the situation and my long time lust for my mother ensured that this would not be a long session between us.

Mom's hot, sucking mouth smacked and slurped as my pole steadily slid back and forth between her full lips. The thickness of my cock f***ed saliva and my own juices to dribble out of the corners of her mouth and drop down upon her heaving, swinging boobs as they bounced in time to her bobbing head. I frantically tried to hold back the swelling tide of my orgasm, but mom's mouth and hands were just too much. With a barely stifled roar of passion, I unloaded my balls into my mother's mouth right at about the same time Spencer was doing the same thing to his mother right next door!

Vivian pulled her mouth back to where only the head of her son's cock rested between her lips as she sucked even harder. Mark's cock flared and pulsed in her mouth and the first jet of cum spurted out thickly, striking the back of her throat. The f***e almost propelled her mouth off the pole, but she held fast, mewing in satisfaction, as the gushing cum filled her mouth again and again. She swallowed frantically, but the sheer volume overwhelmed her and the last spurts escaped her mouth to drop onto her chest, painting them in a sick, i****tuous white. Vivian's sucking did not lessen with the culmination of the motherly blowjob. She twisted and pulled on his cock, milking out every last drop of the yummy liquid. Her head swam and spun at the realization that she had given her own son a blowjob...and loved every second of it. With a pop, she pulled back off of his still hard cock.

Almost staggering over from the pleasure of my orgasm, I gripped my mother's shoulders and steadied myself. Regaining my balance, I looked down at my mother and watched her continue to stroke my still hard pole. Gazing down at her chest, she began to gather the spilled drops of cum onto her fingers. Once they were all accounted for, she looked back up at me, smiled, and began to daintily lick each fingertip clean. Where had the demure, conservative soccer mom gone to?! And who was this cum-loving slut who looked like my mom?! I managed to speak.

"Uh, well, that was different," I said as she finished cleaning her fingers of my cum like a fastidious cat.

"Ummm, that was yummy Mark! I don't know what came over me! I know this changes everything between us, but I hope in not a bad way," Vivian said, looking hopefully up at her son around the stiff cock blocking her vision.

Vivian's love for Mark was charged now with not only a motherly slant, but with a passion she had forgotten she had. Never, not even with her ex-husband, had she felt so alive and sexual. The combination of the forbidden nature of what they had just done and the sheer pleasure of having such a stiff, hot cock in her mouth had awakened feelings of power and lust she was not aware she possessed. Sensing her apprehension, I smiled down at my mom and reached out to trace her high cheekbones and down around the slant of her jaw. I scooped a drop of cum that was clinging to her chin up with my finger and fed it to her. Her eyes fluttered shut and a low moan escaped her puffy, full lips as she sucked the offered digit.

"No, not in a bad way mom. Not at all. I've wanted this for...I'm not sure how long I've wanted this to happen. Truthfully, probably forever. The only problem is that now I want it all. I want to fuck you."

My mother's eyes widened and then narrowed as she contemplated the road that was laid out before us. Despite what just happened, I could see her struggling with the decision that she was faced with. End this forbidden chapter now? Or turn the page to see where the story might lead us. Thankfully, she chose the latter and I could see the relaxation of her features as she accepted our new roles in each others lives.

"I'm so glad you put it that way baby. I'm afraid if you had said you wanted to 'make love' to me, instead of 'fuck me' I could have turned you down. But I want you too. I want you to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. But...", she could see the disappointment that started to creek over my face at the word 'but', "Right now I've got to go pick up your s****r and you need a shower young man. You smell kind of funky!"

I laughed and stepped back, helping her to her feet. She pressed herself forward into my arms and entwined her hands behind my neck. Raising herself up on her tip toes, she rubbed her fat globes across my chest and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues met in a dance of passion, tasting and feeding off each other. I could taste the salty mix of my spunk in her mouth. My hands reached down to palm my mother's shapely ass, pulling her tighter against me.

Chuckling, she pushed herself away from me and grabbed a lawn chair, using it as would a lion tamer.

"Back! Back! Down boy, down!"

I laughed and hunched over, growling and pawing at her as she danced away from me, her green eyes sparkling.

"Save it for tonight you horny little shit!"

I stopped and reached forward to take her hand. I raised it to my mouth and kissed it tenderly.


"Yes, really Mark. But not a word of this to anyone. You hear me?"

"I hear you Mom. I love you."

My gorgeous mother smiled from ear to ear as she skipped towards the house and called back over her shoulder, "I love you too!"

Vivian jumped in to grab a quick shower, rinsing the evidence of her i****tuous liaison from her face and chest. As she soaped and scrubbed her firm 5' body and concentrated more than normal on her fat 38DDs, she smiled and giggled out loud thinking about Mark. God, she felt almost like a giddy schoolgirl again with her first crush! She couldn't get over how good it felt to take her son in her mouth and feel the splash of his cum against her tongue. But even more than that, the combination of strength and tenderness with which he held her afterwards showed her that he was now the rightful man of the house and she would treat him as such from now on.

It was at that moment that I opened the shower door, eliciting a squeak of surprise from my mother.

"Mark! I had no scared the shit out of me!"

I looked down at the shower floor in mock surprise.


Mom giggled and pulled me into the shower, shutting the door behind me.

The marble shower was big, built for two people (I never said my dad was cheap, just a bastard) and I sat down on the built-in seat and watched my mom bathe herself. She faced away from me, but could feel my eyes on her, so she coyly peeked back at me over her shoulder, her short brown hair wet and soapy covering part of her beautiful features. She winked and continued to soap herself, working her hands down her legs, until she was f***ed to bend at the waist, pushing her firm ass out towards my face. It was too much. I grabbed my stiffening cock and begin to stroke its 10" length.

It's amazing what a change I felt in my self-confidence and personality after the trysts with mom and Mrs. Reynolds. While I didn't k** myself into thinking I was God's gift to women, I recognized that there were a few prized things I could offer women and Mom was right now watching me stroke one of them as she soaped her lower legs.

Mom had always had a nice ass, but at this angle, I gained a new found appreciation for it. I could see her pink cunt, barely covered in short, wispy hair, winking at me from between her legs and above it, her tight button of an asshole. I wondered what it might feel like to sink my tool into either one of those tight holes. From the way mom had left things at the pool, I might be getting my chance tonight!

Vivian could read the lust like a neon sign on her son's face and if that wasn't enough of an indicator, the rigid barrel jutting up from his crotch was. She brought her left hand down between her thighs as she spread her legs slightly. Her fingers found her slit and opened the lips, exposing her juicy cunt to her young son. She could see his eyes widen in surprise and lust and his hand began to stroke his cock faster. With a jolt, Vivian remembered Kim and stood up abruptly.

"Shit! I almost forgot about Kim!" She ducked her head under the spray, washing the last of the suds off of her and jumped from the shower, wrapping a towel around her lush, little frame. Before dashing out of the bathroom, she bent back into the shower and momentarily sucked her son's throbbing cock head into her mouth, causing him to gasp.

"Now, leave that thing alone Mark! I want you at the top of your game tonight after Kim's asl**p. Don't waste a load in here in the shower!"

I grinned sheepishly.

"Okay Mom. Why don't you pick up some steaks and beer while you're out? I'll grill them up for us tonight."

"Sounds good honey. See you later."

With that, Vivian bounced out of the bathroom and rushed to dress. Kim must be fuming by now!

Vivian pushed her white 5 series BMW hard through the town, squealing around corners and weaving in and out of traffic. She was getting close to 'Reynolds's' when a yellow sign out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.

'XXX Video' the sign read.

With a squeal of brakes, she cut across a lane of traffic, causing a Suburban to lock up its brakes and honk loudly. She whipped into a parking space and shut off the engine.

'Okay Vivian,' she thought, 'You were coming here to get something to take your mind off your son earlier, so what are you here for now?' She smiled lasvisciously to herself. 'Maybe a few toys Mark and I can use tonight!' But first she'd better come up with some excuse for Kim who was still waiting. She pulled out her cell as she climbed out of the car and smoothed her low-cut yellow sun dress down.

"Kim? I know, I'm sorry I'm running late. I've got to run in this store for a minute and will be there shortly. Sorry again!" With that she flipped the phone shut, cutting off the protests of her teenage daughter and headed into the seedy looking video store.

Once inside, she almost regretted her decision to come in. The interior was dimly lit, containing about ten aisles of videos with each wall festooned with magazines, oils, lotions and there! Sex toys! Vivian made a bee line for the wall of toys.

The only customers in the store at this early afternoon time were, of course, all male and all turned to appraise the buxom brunette that had graced them with her presence as she hurried down the aisle. Vivian's boobs bounced enticingly, unencumbered in her sun dress, in time with the swish of her hips and the click of her heels on the dirty linoleum floor.

In Vivian's haste, she failed to notice a familiar face behind the counter of the store. Her son's best friend and neighbor, Spencer Reynolds! Spencer's eyes bugged open in shock as Mark's mom swept into the store. Reflexively, he dropped down in a crouch behind the counter.

So enamored was he by the sight of the voluptuous MILF, that it took Spencer's boss Lester (yeah, he looked just like his name sounds) a moment to realize that Spencer had dropped like a stone behind the counter. He looked down and whispered, "What the fuck are you doing? Get up her and check out this hot mom that just walked in. Man, would you get a load of those tits! What I wouldn't give to..." When Spencer hadn't moved, Lester looked back down.

"What's wrong?"

"I know her man! Shut the fuck up," Spencer stage whispered.

"Who is she," Lester asked as his hand began to rub the crotch of his dirty jeans below the counter. "Look at those lips! I bet she could suck a golf ball through a..."

A light bulb suddenly went off in Spencer's head.

"Lester...Lester!" Still dazed by the sight of the busty customer, it took Lester a second to respond.


"When she comes to check out, give her some tokens and see if you can get her into booth 2." Having had to slop up the remnants of the customers, Spencer knew that there was a well placed glory hole between booths 1 and 2. He figured he could get into booth 1 without being seen by Ms. Jordan. He started to move backwards to the opening at the end of the counter.


Exasperated, Spencer looked up at Lester like he was an idiot, which he was. It took Lester a second or two to make the connection. As it dawned on him, his stubbled face lit up with a smile, showing off what few yellow, rotten teeth remained.

"Right dipshit," Spencer said. "And try not to smile too much."

Lester grinned and grabbed a handful of tokens while Spencer eased around the counter and slipped into the booth.

Vivian's attention was rooted on the wall of dildos and vibrators facing her and could not have been more unaware of Spencer's stealthy move into the video booth.

'Hmmm,' she thought. 'What could I get that will really make tonight with Mark special?' She glanced down at her watch and realized that she needed to hurry up and get Kim before she got suspicious of what was taking her mother so long. Vivian hurriedly selected a cock ring, a small vibrator, and a thick, veiny dildo about 10" in length, 'Looks like Mark's' she chuckled to herself. She turned from the display and hurried up the aisle to the counter, oblivious to the lust filled stares from the other patrons.

Lester's internal 'batch cam' recorded every bounce, sway and wiggle of the big titted brunette as she scurried up to the counter and placed her items on it.

"Find everything alright ma'am?"

Vivian looked up from rummaging in her purse to find the store clerk's eyes glued to the deep cleavage protruding from the top of her sun dress. Despite his greasy appearance, she was flattered at the attention and decided to ignore his blatant ogling.

"I did. But I have to be honest," she said, dropping her tone to a whisper. "I'm afraid I'm not really sure what to do with all this stuff!"

Lester licked his lips and dejectedly raised his eyes from the bountiful globes heaving in the low cut dress and saw that the beautiful green eyed vixen was actually smiling at him.

"Uh, well, why don't you take these," he pushed the tokens across the counter, "And check out the videos in booth 2. Some of them are actually pretty educational."

Vivian's face crinkled up in doubt.


Lester rushed to set the hook further.

"No, really! I'd hate for you to get all the way home and not know what to do with these." He leaned over the counter towards her. "Of course, I could always come over and..."

Vivian hurriedly scooped the handful of tokens off the counter and dropped a $100 bill on it.

"Bag those up for me please? I'll be just a second." With that she hurried over and slipped into the second booth, locking it behind her.

Vivian's senses immediately picked up the funky smell of spunk and bleach inside the dimly lit booth and she disgustedly shrank against herself and resolved not to touch anything. Now how does this thing work? She noticed the coin slot beneath the TV screen and fed all of the tokens into it one by one. The screen lit up and was instantly filled with the scene of two people fucking beside a pool. The stereotypical soundtrack blared in the booth along with the overdone grunts and groans of the couple. Vivian wrinkled her nose and found the channel selection button and began surfing.

Spencer heard the lock click in the booth next to him and slowly engaged his own lock, lighting up the 'Occupied' light outside. His dick was like a piece of petrified wood in his pants as he listened to Mark's mom scroll through the channels until she apparently found one that interested her. Slowly he bent down and peered through the hole trying to block out the knowledge of what his face might be coming in contact with.

Vivian's eyes soaked up the scene playing out in front of her. A busty porn star was kneeled down in front of a hung stud, tonguing his cock head while he thrust it repeatedly through her cleavage. Behind him, another slut had her head crammed between his ass cheeks, rimming him voraciously.

Vivian's nipples were hard little pebbles against her thin dress and she could feel her pussy moistening and flowering open in response to the video. She moaned and began to tweak her nipples while her other hand stole under her dress to cup her juicy mound.

Jackpot! Spencer caught the low moan of Ms. Jordan through the hole. He could just barely make out the curve of her thigh near the cut out, but could tell her hand was now busy between her legs. He stood up and took a deep breath. It's now or never old boy, he thought as he unzipped his fly and allowed his cock to bolt out from its confinement.

Vivian at first thought her dress might be clinging on a nail or rough patch on the peep show wall, but when she absently removed the hand clutching her tits and dropped it down to brush her dress away, all without removing her eyes from the video, her fingertips brushed against a hot, satiny hardness that was unmistakably a hard cock!

She gasped in surprise and jumped sideways, the scalded hand flying up to cover her mouth. It was a cock! And a pretty big one at that, she thought, as her heart raced double-time.

Recovering somewhat, she bent slightly and examined it more closely in the dim light afforded by the TV screen.

It looked to be about 8" long and was crisscrossed by throbbing veins, pulsing in time with the owner's heart. She spied a pearly drop of liquid at the tip and started to stretch out a finger tip, but caught herself.

'What the hell are you doing Vivian,' she thought. 'You have no idea whose cock that is! Probably some lecherous old man or even Lester's!' She doubted that Lester could have slipped that quickly into the booth and besides, the skin covering the throbbing pole was smooth and taut, a young man's cock. Vivian's new found cock lust won out over the war of wills in her head and she reached forward to encircle the shaft with her warm, soft hand.

Spencer sucked in a lungful of air at the soft, warm grip of Mark's mom's hand around his pulsing pole. He hadn't realized he was holding his breath and his vision swam with stars. Growing up right next door to the busty mom he'd never imagined the same hands that had baked batches of cookies for he and Mark would be pulling a 'batch' from him.

Ms. Jordan's hand felt exquisite around his shaft, tugging and pulling, at first hesitantly, but then with more authority. She used a corkscrew motion on it and would stop every couple of strokes to rub the tip against her palm. This ensured a generous supply of Spencer's lube coated her hand, making the hand job slick and juicy. Spencer pressed himself up against the wall, forcing as much of his shaft through the hole as possible. He began to thrust his hips in time with her strokes, which were coming fast and furious now.

Soon, however, Ms. Jordan's pace overwhelmed Spencer's balls ability to lubricate the jerking and he found the friction was becoming a little dry and rough. He stopped thrusting his hips and whispered in a deep, scratchy voice, "Suck it!"

Vivian sucked in a lungful of breath when she heard the wicked request. She couldn't suck off some complete stranger, could she? Well, she was jerking him off and his cock did look quite tasty, so maybe just a little lick...

Dropping to a squat (she couldn't bear the thought of kneeling on the sticky tiles!); she faced the throbbing cock, as she continued to stroke it. She bent forward slightly and sniffed. It smelled clean. Now, how would it taste? Licking her full, red lips, she eased forward and placed a juicy kiss right on the tip!

Spencer groaned when he felt the warm, moist contact of his best friend's mother's lips on the head of his cock. After the first luscious contact, she continued to kiss around the head, curling the teenager's toes in pleasure. Soon the sounds of her wet smacking all over his helmet filled the booth. Spencer was sure he had died and gone to heaven!

On the other side of the wall, Vivian was enjoying herself as well. The hot hardness of the stranger's cock against her lips brought back visions of how her son's cock had felt earlier. Kissing around the head, she picked up drops of lube oozing out, which her tongue licked off and swallowed back. Partially opening her lips, she flattened her tongue and began to skim them up and down and around the thick shaft. She could tell from the ragged breathing of the man that he was close, so she slid back to the top, opened her mouth and plunged the fat head between her lips. Holding just the head between her moist lips, she began sucking hard, very hard as her tongue teased the cock slit and her hand resumed its stroking.

Spencer felt he could almost cry from the pleasure of the sucking his cock was receiving. Despite the less than pleasant surroundings, he would have stayed in this position for all time, content to let Ms. Jordan suckle him forever. His balls however had other plans and he could feel them start to draw up against his body. For a second, Spencer thought he was going blind and deaf as all sensory input shifted to his groin. With a low groan, he felt his balls lurch and the first salvo of cum shot up the thick tube.

Vivian felt the flaring of the tip against her tongue and quickly drew her mouth off and spun herself to the side while continuing to stroke. Sucking was one thing, but she wasn't about to gobble some stranger's load in a seedy bookstore. She still had some standards!

The cock lurched in her hand and the first shot sailed thick and high out of the tip, shooting across the narrow booth to splat against the opposite wall. Vivian tracked the trajectory and noticed for the first time another cut out there, occupied by a wide open eye, taking in the nasty sights. Disgusted by the voyeur's presence, Vivian adjusted the trajectory and sent the second rope arching towards the hole. While not a direct hit, it was close enough to cause the other person to jerk back behind cover. Vivian smirked and turned her attention back to the belching dick in time for the next three shots whose volume were significantly less than the first two. As the fireworks show came to an end, Vivian wrung and squeezed the shaft with both hands, squeezing out the last drops.

'Wow', she thought, 'What a rush!' It was amazing how powerful she felt to turn on and get off a complete stranger. It was like a whole new world had opened up to the horny mom this day and she had her son and a faceless partner to thank for it. She felt she needed to say something, so she stood, still gripping the cock and huskily whispered across the partition, "I hope you liked it."

Spencer closed his eyes in ecstasy, "Shit yeah, thanks Ms. Jordan."

The earth stood still as his words jolted the consciousness of the two.

'Where the hell is my mother,' Kim thought angrily as she sat on the bench in the town's square. 'This is a perfect example of why I need a car!' Her anger was split evenly with her tardy mother and with Mr. Reynolds who had awakened an itch in her pussy that desperately needed to be scratched. She could feel the remnants of his load still on her face. It felt like a moisturizing mask left on too long that was beginning to crack.

With a huff, she flipped open her phone and called Nancy to come give her a ride.

As Spencer's slip of the tongue echoed in Vivian's head, she could feel an extreme flush of shame flood her face. This man knew her! Followed closely by the thought of, 'He set me up!' Instantly her grip of the wilting cock doubled as she pulled hard, pinning Spencer against the glory hole.

"Who the fuck is this," she practically shouted. Spencer was horrified at his faux pas and clamped his lips together. Vivian yanked harder, eliciting a gasp of pain from him.

"I said!!"

Like a coyote caught in a trap, Spencer could see no way out other than gnawing his own dick off to escape Ms. Jordan's vise like grip. He still couldn't bring himself to speak, the pain of her pulling bringing tears to his eyes. Suddenly the hand was gone and he heard the lock slide on her booth. Gasping with relief, he tenderly drew himself back through the hole and quickly stuffed his dick into his shorts. His relief was short lived, however, as an insistent knocking began on the door to his booth!

Vivian could feel every eye in the store on her as she stood red faced with shame in front of the peep show booth knocking like an Avon representative.

"Open this door right now! I'm not going anywhere until you do!"

Spencer found himself on the verge of hyperventilating. He was trapped!

When no response came through the door, Vivian pulled out and flipped open her cell phone.

"Okay, let's see if the cops can get that door open!"

In a flash, Spencer threw open the door and grabbed Vivian by the shoulders, pulling her into the booth with him. She started to scream, but as the realization of who it was hit home, her jaw dropped open in shock. Spencer! My God, I've just sucked off my son's best friend!

"Ms. Jordan!? Please, I'm so sor..."

The slap caught him flush on the face, snapping his neck back and propelling him against the wall. His vision swam from the f***e of the blow as he touched the point of impact.

"Spencer Reynolds! You little piece of shit! You knew it was me the whole time! What in the hell are you doing in here?!"

Spencer's anger began to replace his shame with the jaw breaking slap.

"Me?! What about you, Ms. Jordan? Been trolling for cock here long?"

Good point.

"That's beside the point Spencer! I can't believe you'd do this! Do you not have any respect for me? Or Mark?"

Another good point and one he had an answer for.

"Mark? Mark?! You go ask your precious son how much respect he has for me or my mom for that matter!"

His statement deflated Vivian's righteous anger like a balloon.

"What do you mean?"

As her shoulders slumped and her head cocked to the side quizzically, Spencer knew he had her.

"I came home this morning and barely missed seeing my best friend using my mom like a blow-up doll! How do you think that makes me feel?" Spencer didn't elaborate that, truth be told, the idea excited him tremendously and before he had left his mom earlier, they had discussed he and Mark having a BBQ with Kay as the pig on the middle of the two teens' spits!

" must be mistaken," she hesitantly responded and placed her hands on her hips, thrusting her bountiful chest forward in a show of confidence.

Spencer found his stride and leaned in close to the busty mom. He reached up and tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her ear, marveled at the clarity of her beautiful green eyes and then blatantly reached down and cupped one of her fat jugs in his hands. He marveled at the firmness and resiliency in a boob that big. Her 38DDs were soft and firm all in the same breath. These were teenagers' tits and they looked exceedingly great on the curvy body of the 38 year old mom. He squeezed slightly and d**g his thumb over the hard nipple eliciting a gasp of surprise from Vivian. She, however, made no move to break Spencer's grasp.

"No, I'm dead on Vivian. Right before I got there, your little boy was sliding his fat fucker between my mom's tits and this was after she had sucked him off and he had returned the favor by eating her out!"

Vivian's minds eye instantly pictured the scene. Her supposed friend and her very own friend sucking and fucking each other right next door! How long had this been going on under her very own nose? She knew that Kay was a nympho, but didn't think she would stoop to seduce her friend and neighbor's son! That bitch! But wait...she had seen a confidence in Mark's handling of her own hot body this afternoon that she had never witnessed in his 19 years. Maybe Kay wasn't fully to blame. Mark was a grown man now and probably had just as much culpability in this as Spencer's mom.

Spencer could see the internal back and forth behind Vivian's eyes. He didn't mind the distraction, it allowed him to grope and squeeze her tit unm*****ed. He took it too far though, and reached up to cup her juicy cunt through her sun dress. Vivian snapped back to reality and brushed his hands away.

"Really Spencer! Control yourself!" He actually looked hurt as he dropped his hands to his side. "Try to keep what just happened to yourself, hmmm?" She turned to leave the claustrophobic booth, but stopped.

"Wait. You said all that happened before you got home. Right?"

Spencer nodded.

"So how do you know so much?" Vivian could see the deer in the headlights look flash in the young man's eyes. With a mother's intuition she suddenly knew...

"You're fucking your own mother!"

Spencer gulped, lowered his eyes from the judgment directed at him and nodded slowly.

Vivian's reality was turned on its head again for about the third or fourth time that day. What was the world coming too! She seemed to edit out her own culpability in this merry go round of sex in order to place herself above it. But in reality, she was as much to blame as anyone of them. She had practically thrown herself at her own son earlier and no one had f***ed her to suck off his best friend just moments before.

"Spencer, listen to me closely," she said reaching up to tilt his head back until he was again looking directly at her. "We must never talk of what went on today. If it ever got out that we had done this or that you and your mother are doing that, both of our families would be ruined. I'll talk to your mother later, but for now, not a word. Understand?"

Spencer nodded as she turned, unlocked the door and exited. Several patrons who were crowded near the door s**ttered like cockroaches in her wake. With not a glance left or right, Vivian Jordan strode from the seedy video store and for a showdown with her own son.

"Ma'am! Ma'am!" Lester waved the C-note after her.

"Give it to him. He earned it," she called over her shoulder and pushed out the door into the sunlight.

Every eye in the store slowly turned to Spencer as he walked out of the booth. Gradually, with Lester as its originator, a slow clapping of hands started, that rolled out and turned into full blown applause and cheers from the raincoat crowd. Spencer grinned, waved both hands over his head to his adoring fans and bowed deeply.

Vivian made the circuit around the downtown square three times, before calling Kim's cell phone.

"Hello," Kim's answer was short and clipped.

"Kim, honey, I'm so sorry I got hung up. Did you get a ride?"

"Yes Mom. Nancy and I are pulling into our drive now."

"Okay. I've got to stop and pick up steaks, but will be home shortly."

"Whatever. Can Nancy spend the night?"

Vivian hesitated. She had intended on confronting Mark about his behavior once she got home, but would be unable to do that with Kim and Nancy there. Maybe it was better that way.

"Okay. You two are in charge of the salad."

Kim clicked off without a response.

Kim and Nancy breezed into the house to find it quiet and empty.

"Mark? Mark?" Kim called walking through the house. Hearing no response she headed towards the back of the house while Nancy went to the rest room. She came to the large windows overlooking the back yard and pool. There he was.

Mark was asl**p on one of the chaise lounges beside the pool, an umbrella shading him and his arm flung across his eyes. Kim could see that he had changed from his workout shorts into a pair of swim trunks that still looked to be wet from the pool. She glanced back into the house, then slipped out the sliding glass door and stood under the porch examining her b*****r.

'Wow, Mark has really grown up these last couple of years,' she thought as she took in his long, lean body in repose. The years of running track kept his body fat in the single digits which served to highlight his ropy muscles. She could see the hint of his six-pack in the shadows, but then her eyes slipped further south to his crotch.

Even in slumber, the bulge there was big. Not as pronounced as it had been when he'd bumped into her this morning, but still formidable. The horny s****r could feel the nipples of her big tits harden into bullets and the slow burn that had been between her legs since her tryst with Mr. Reynolds' flared suddenly. She could feel her pussy moisten as the image of what her b*****r's big cock would look like out of his trunks filled her mind.

Unlike her tortured mother, Kim didn't fight the feelings of lust for her own flesh and bl**d washing over like waves. She had too much pent up frustration from being left hanging earlier and her motto was 'any cock in a storm'. Her right hand came up with a mind of its own and traced the bulging curve of her breast through the jog top, then slipped down and cupped her pussy through her shorts, pulling a gasp from her full, red lips.

Lost in a fog of passion, she almost screamed when the small hands appeared around her shoulders and slipped in to cup and squeeze her swollen 36Ds. She relaxed when she recognized Nancy's signature bl**d red nail polish. Her head tipped back and rested her blonde head on her friend's shoulder as Nancy tenderly massaged her fat boobs. Kim and Nancy had first sexually experimented with each other years ago, and still found time to pleasure each other as often as possible. While Kim was almost never without a cock on deck, Nancy had come to rely almost exclusively on the frequent lick and suck sessions for her release. Once she had stopped putting out for other guys after getting a literal eyeful of Mark's cock, the male dates were few and far between.

"Penny for your thoughts," Nancy whispered looking past Kim's shoulder. She could see the fat tube of Mark's cock plastered against his thigh by the damp swim trunks and images of it bobbing before her almost a year ago filled her brain. She chuckled deep in her throat. "Never mind. I can see what's got you all hot and bothered. Don't tell me I'm going to have to compete with my very own best friend for her b*****r's fat dick?!"

Kim sucked in a lungful of air as the groping of her friend and her own rubbing palm began to stoke her passion.

"I can't help it Nance. Look at that thing! How big was it again?" She whispered almost d***kenly.

Nancy pictured the fat stalk in her grasp as she had tugged it in the car's front seat. She removed her hands from Kim's tits and making fists, stacked one on top of the other in front of her friend's eyes.

"Big enough that I couldn't get about 3 inches of that fat fucker in both hands when I was jerking it."

Kim moaned in response and pictured the scene. Unfortunately for Mark, girls talk as much or more than guys and the person whom Nancy had shared every last juicy tidbit was Kim.

Kim spun around to face her friend. She studied Nancy's sparkling blue eyes and the long mane of jet black hair that framed her beautiful face. If she couldn't trust Nancy, who could she trust?

"What Kim?" Nancy looked at her quizzically.

Kim took a deep breath.

"Nance, will you help me fuck my b*****r tonight?"

It was all Nancy could do to not laugh out loud.

"Shit yeah! Are you k**ding me? Just as long as I can get in on it too!"

Both of the nubile teens smiled, picturing the hot scene in their minds. At that moment, the glass door was slid back and they jerked around to see Vivian step out onto the patio. She sensed the tension in the air.

"What are you two up to?"

The girls put on their most innocent expressions and merely smiled at her. Vivian continued to examine them suspiciously as she walked past them to the edge of the porch and looked over at her slumbering son, his fat dick bulging against his swimsuit. She too instantly pictured the thick cock, but her lust was tempered by the knowledge she had recently gained. None too gently she yelled at Mark.

"Mark! Wake up and start the grill!"

I was lost in mid-nap slumber, images of bouncing boobs, sucking mouths and tight asses flashing before me, when my mother's voice cut into my consciousness like a buzz saw. Blinking in the light, I shot upright and saw my mother, Kim and Nancy standing on the porch looking at me. Kim and Nancy were staring holes at me and reminded me of the packs of hyenas on National Geographic sizing up the young antelopes in the herd. My mother was frowning at me, her hands on her hips, looking none too happy.

"I'm sorry....what?"

Both Kim and Nancy giggled and Kim turned to whisper something in Nancy's ear, causing them both to look back at me and giggle again. I ventured a hesitant smile in mom's direction, the memory of our liaison fresh in my mind. Her hard expression did not change and I wondered what I'd missed.

"Mark, get the grill started. I'll marinate the steaks and have Kim bring them out to you when they are done with the salad." When I didn't move, her voice raised, "Come on Mark! We don't have all day, I'm hungry!" She turned and stomped back into the house, slamming the door shut behind her. Kim and Nancy smirked at me again and then bounced in behind mother. I was confused. The last time I'd seen my mother, she was leaning into the shower to suck on my cock and promising me we'd hook up that night. What had changed? Mystified at the ways of women, I got up of the lounge and started firing up the grill for the steaks.

Inside, Kim and Nancy busied themselves helping Vivian prepare dinner, but each took time to slip off upstairs and change into bikinis (Nancy borrowing one of Kim's). Soon the salad and baked potatoes were prepared and Vivian was pouring herself a glass of merlot. Reflexively, she poured two more for Nancy and Kim and the three busty beauties stood in the kitchen, sipping wine and making small talk. Vivian's mind was elsewhere. She was processing all that she had done that day and wondering how it was going to affect her f****y long term. Kim and Nancy were preoccupied as well, but their thoughts ran to scenarios to seduce Mark tonight and how they were going to accomplish this without Vivian's knowledge. Little did they know about Mark and his mother's previous plans for the evening.

Once the charcoal was ready, I looked expectantly towards the house for the steaks, and was rewarded by the appearance of Nancy and Kim walking towards me, Nancy carrying a tray of steaks and baked potatoes and Kim holding three long neck beers. I was pleased to see that they had both changed into string bikinis. Kim's red and Nancy's black.

Something was different about the way they were walking, though. Were they jumping? No, but they seemed to bounce on their feet with each step. Mind you, I wasn't complaining. Their strides set off ripples in their big tits with each step and I was mesmerized by the "milkshakes". As they got closer, I f***ed myself to look away from their jiggling cleavage. When I d**g my eyes north of their chests, I could see they were both smiling at me despite my obvious ogling. Damn they were both gorgeous! With Kim's blonde and Nancy's black hair just touching their shoulders, and both with the bluest of blue eyes...I could feel my dick start to swell with bl**d and move up and off of my thigh by the time they reached me. Nancy set the tray down beside the grill and slid against my left hip. Her 34Ds softly rubbed against my arm as her flat stomach pressed close to my hip. Heat radiated off her body in waves and I could feel my mouth go dry. At that moment, I felt Kim press herself against my right side, her equally soft 36Ds cradling my right bicep. I was the filling in the best sandwich ever! Kim had to feel the hardness growing in my suit as her thigh insinuated itself between my legs and rubbed back and forth, rolling the thickening tube across my thigh.

"Here," she breathily said, handing me one of the beers, "You need something cold to put out the fire in you!"

I looked at her quizzically and cocked an eyebrow. She couldn't hold it for long and started grinning, then she and Nancy both burst out laughing and collapsed in a heap of flesh on the chaise lounge across from the grill.

"That, without a doubt, is the cheesiest line I have ever heard," I laughed.

Kim continued laughing and wiped a tear from her eye.

"What?! You don't like my pickup lines?"

"Pickup line? Tell me you're not so desperate you are trying to seduce your own b*****r," I mocked her.

Kim and Nancy's faces both turned serious and they glanced at each other before both looking up at me.

"And what would you do if I was?" Kim asked.

And that made my shit eating grin drop. Was she serious? The mere possibility was like a bucket of jet fuel thrown on the fire simmering in my groin. My cock flexed and surged in my pants like a possessed boa constrictor. The fabric of my swimsuit strained over the column of flesh, tenting it out obscenely. Both Kim and Nancy's eyes lasered in on the "Great Pyramid" I had constructed. Nancy spoke first.

"Fuck that. What would you say if we both were?"

I almost passed out right then and there. My head swum and my ears pulsed with the pounding of my heartbeat. No cocky answer came to mind. In fact, nothing came to my mind. It was like my brain had been wiped clean with this suggestion. I gulped down a swallow of beer and blankly stared down at my s****r and her best friend. They both sat up straighter and as if on cue, both reached down to adjust the cups barely holding in their fat boobs. The twin globes lifted and bounced as they came back down. I swear my eyes crossed for a second trying to process the mind boggling sight. At that moment, the silence was shattered by my mom shouting at me from the porch.

"Mark! What are you doing? Those steaks aren't going to cook themselves! I'm hungry!" With that she spun and strode back into the house. Both Kim and Nancy had turned to look at Mom and I took the opportunity to relieve the pressure on my cock, laying it against my hip, the head almost protruding from the waist band.

"What's gotten into your mom?" Nancy wondered aloud.

"I don't know," Kim said. "She's been acting funny since she got home."

I didn't volunteer any information and turned to the grill and began laying the steaks and potatoes out on the surface. What had pissed my mother off? Last I had seen her, she was walking on clouds after our encounter and seemed to be excited about continuing where we left off. And my s****r and her best friend had all but offered themselves up to me. Distracted, I burned my finger on the grill's surface and jerked back, muttering an obscenity. I shook my hand in the air trying to cool off the burning sensation in my middle finger. I almost jumped out of my skin when Kim laid a cool hand on my shoulder, having come up behind me. I could feel the sharp points of her nipples graze my back as she touched my scalded hand and lifted it up.

"Here. Let me make it feel better," she whispered huskily. With that she took the burned digit and plunged it into her mouth, sucking softly and swirling her tongue around it. I groaned and felt my cock get even harder, the tip now nudging aside the waistband to see what all the fuss was about. I jerked in surprise again when I felt a fingertip tease the flaring slit of my cock. I had been so focused on Kim, I hadn't noticed Nancy sidling up beside me.

"Hmmm, just imagine if that was your fat cock in her mouth Mark," Nancy whispered in my ear while continuing to tease my prick head. "Would you shoot a big old load of thick cum for your very own s****r like you did for me?"

I could only numbly nod my head as I continued to stare deeply into my s****r's deep blue eyes which were locked on mine as she sucked noisily on my finger. Gone was the pain. Now only desperate need coursed through my veins. What had the world come too?! First Mrs. Reynolds, then my mom, now my own s****r and Nancy?

With a wet pop, Kim slid my finger out of her mouth and reached over to join Nancy's hand which was now squeezing my hard shaft through my suit. Her eyes never left mine and I could see them widen with surprise and lust as she felt the thickness of my cock.

"Damn but you are a big boy," she said, her palm rubbing the length of my dick. "I can't wait to feel this fat fucker stretch my tight little cunt."

It was all I could do not to shoot off right then and there from the very thought of banging my hot little s****r, much less her best friend. Their groping did not slow, in fact it became more insistent. I quickly stepped back from the two busy sets of hands and held up my hands in mock surrender.

"Whoa! Listen you two; I really hope you aren't just messing with my head here. That would be too cruel."

It was Nancy who spoke. Kim seemed to be still preoccupied, staring at my cock bulge like a starving woman.

"Not a chance Mark. This is for real. I've thought of little else but your big cock since we were first together and I think it's apparent what is going through Kim's mind right now as well." We both looked at Kim who was licking her lips like a k** in a candy store. "Matter of fact, it's too apparent. So if we don't want your mom out here busting up our potential party, I think we should all just cool down and wait until later. Maybe after she goes to bed." She then turned and sat down on the lounge, taking a long drag off her beer. Kim didn't move. She seemed to be in a daze, her eyes locked on my pulsing tool.

"Kim? Kim, honey? Sit down and wipe the drool off your chin. You'll get the chance to see that big cock later," Nancy said as Kim came to her senses and sat down beside her. "And trust me, it's worth the wait."

Nancy was right to worry that Vivian might be getting suspicious. She had been eyeing the trio from the kitchen ever since the girls had gone out to take the steaks to Mark. As she downed glass after glass of merlot, she tried desperately to tell what was going on, but her vantage point did not afford her the angle to tell for sure. What ever was going on was not good, she decided, noticing that the girls were standing a little too close to Mark as he put the steaks on. Luckily, she turned from the window to refill her glass right as Kim started sucking Mark's finger and missed the i****tuous scene. By the time she got back to her spying, the girls were sitting down and the three just seemed to be talking.

Little did she know they were excitedly planning their evening's activities!

As she finished putting together the meal, Vivian's mind wrestled with the quandary she found herself in. On one hand, it was the wrong to end all wrongs to lust after each other and do the things that she and Mark had already done. In addition, was the information she had gotten from Spencer Reynolds after she had jerked him off in the video store. "The nerve of Kay!" Vivian thought. She still couldn't decide if it was true anger and outrage or merely jealousy, because that was the other hand. That hand typified the lust and desire she now felt for her son. Once awakened, it was not something that could just be put to the side. She knew that to never cross that line again was what she should do. But was that something she could do? Now that she had literally tasted the pleasures of her son, could she go back to just being 'Mom'? After thinking about it for the past hour, she was no closer to an answer and the effects of the wine further clouded her reasoning.

She looked up to see Mark flip the steaks, signaling that they must be getting close to being done. She stacked plates and silverware and went out onto the patio to set the table. It was such a nice evening; they might as well eat outside.

As Vivian exited the sliding door, all three teen's heads swiveled to her and then back as if they'd been caught doing something. Vivian's radar was still humming, but it appeared they were only talking.

"Hmm, if I've got to watch out for Kay Reynolds, I'd better keep an eye on Nancy as well", Vivian thought to herself. "With her beauty and big tits to match, she might try to steal Mark away as well." Her train of thought pulled her up short as she was placing the silverware. "Ok, Vivian. Is that where we are now? Have we decided that this is what direction we're going? Because if we are worried about Nancy Taylor's big tits distracting your son from your own big tits, then you'd better start playing the role of mother hen pretty quickly." She could see how Mark looked at Nancy as she reclined on the lounge chair. Even from 50 feet away she herself could appreciate the soft curves and mounds of the raven haired teen and could tell that her son did as well. He was looking down at Nancy talking animatedly as he unselfconsciously moved his eyes over her frame.

Intentionally, Vivian set a plate down too hard, causing a loud clatter which got the teen's attention again.

"Ok k**s, dinnertime. Mark bring over the steaks and potatoes. You two go put on your cover ups and bring out the wine and some more beer."

At the mention of cover ups, Kim put on her pouting face as she walked towards her mother. "But Mom! It's so hot out!"

Vivian looked up sternly at her daughter.

"I don't care. You both are practically hanging out of those suits in front of your b*****r!"

That couldn't be more true. The straps on both bikinis were stretched taut over the zeppelins of the two teens. In fact, Vivian noticed, Kim's was fighting a losing battle. Her right boob had somehow slipped up and a fat pink nipple showed clearly outside of the fabric.

"Ahem!" Vivian coughed and nodded down at Kim's chest. Vivian was then shocked to see that Kim didn't even look down to see what her mother was talking about, she merely tucked the tit back under cover with what appeared to be a resigned look on her face. As the two girls went past her into the house, it occurred to Vivian that it was almost like she knew she was hanging out!

Mark was coming onto the patio, the tray of food in his hands and a hesitant look on his face. Vivian turned back to him as the girls shut the door behind them.

I didn't know what to expect as my mother looked at me walking towards her. I was mostly glad that for now, I had won the "Battle of the Bulge" and my cock appeared content to snooze at one-quarter mast. I could hide one-quarter mast, it was half and up that stretched the limits of decency!

"Mom...I'm sorry if..." I started, but my mother held up a long manicured finger to silence me, her green eyes piercing me with her stare.

"Not now Mark. You and I have some talking to do."

My expression must have been negative in some way or maybe moms were blessed with mind-reading skills, because she repeated herself.

"That's right, I said talking, nothing else. But not tonight and especially not with company under the roof. I think we both have some things to mull over. We will talk in the morning."

With that, she leaned out and took the tray of food from my hands, her low-cut yellow sun dress falling away from her chest, giving me a glimpse of the twin treasures that I would apparently not be seeing tonight.

The four some ate mostly in silence, enjoying the good food and beverage and watching as the evening turned to night, its shadows slipping across the yard. As they finished, Vivian gathered the dishes and tipsily turned to go into the house. The effects of the alcohol became apparent as she stumbled and almost fell. Luckily, Mark was behind her in an instant, propping her up as she steadied herself. Once she had regained her balance, Vivian became aware of the hard lump pressing into the small of her back. "Does he just stay hard all the time?" She thought. Mark dropped his hands away from her hips where he was steadying her, but did not move back. In fact, unless she was imagining things, he actually pressed forward, rubbing the bulge against her! Out of the corner of her eye, Vivian could see Nancy smirk, her gaze leveled in the direction of Mark's crotch. "I'd better nip this thing in the bud and quick," she thought.

"Thanks Mark. I think I've had a little too much to drink," she said as she moved away from her son. "Kim, would you help me put these plates up please?" Kim let out a long sigh, but rose and helped her mother gather the dishes and followed her into the house.

As they were putting the dirty plates in the washer, Vivian turned to her daughter.

"I'm going to turn in early Kim. This wine has gone straight to my head. But I need you to do something for me, ok?"

"Sure Mom. What's up?"

"Keep an eye on Nancy and Mark, ok? I don't much care for the way she's been looking at him."

"Why, Mom? He's a big boy," bigger than you know they both simultaneously thought. "He can take care of himself."

"I know. It's just that," Vivian struggled to come up with a valid answer. Other than the fact that she wanted his big cock all to herself! "It's just that I worry about him. I know that Nancy is way more experienced than he is and I don't want him to get hurt."

Kim inwardly smiled. If her mother only knew that her request was like asking the fox to guard the hen house!

"Sure Mom. I'll make sure nothing funny goes on. Why don't you take a sl**ping pill? That way you get a real good night sl**p."

"That's a good idea. I think I will. Thanks honey." She turned and got down the bottle of sl**ping pills from the cupboard and popped one in her mouth.

"That will make sure that we won't be disturbed," Kim thought as she watched her mother wash down the pill with yet another sip of wine.

"I'll come up and check on you later Mom."

"Ok dear. Good night."

With that, Vivian turned and went up the stairs and Kim headed back out to the pool area.

While Kim and Mom were inside, Nancy and I relocated to the pool area. We were lounging about when we heard the door open and close and saw Kim walking towards us, the biggest shit eating grin on her face I had ever seen.

"What's so funny," Nancy asked as Kim handed her and me another beer.

"Mom just took a sl**ping pill," she laughed. "Between that and all the wine, she'll be sl**ping like a baby in no time!"

My pre-med instincts kicked in.

"She really shouldn't have done that on top of the alcohol. I'd better go check on her."

"Oh wow," Kim said, suddenly concerned. "She'll be ok right Mark?"

"I'm sure she will. I'll be right back." I rose and half-jogged inside and up the stairs to my mother's bedroom. No sounds could be heard from inside, so I quietly turned the knob and eased into the darkened room. I could just make out the shape of my mother underneath her covers and walked to her side. Her breath was slow, but steady, so I reached down and lightly placed my fingertips to the side of her neck. Her pulse was strong so it didn't look like there was a chance for trouble.

As I stood back up, it occurred to me that she hadn't moved a muscle when I touched her and this got my depraved mind running in directions the teenaged son of a hot MILF should not go. Taking a deep breath, I sat down on the side of the bed and lightly shook her shoulder.

"Mom? Mom, you still awake?"


Then, my hands trembling, I slowly pulled down the covers. Down until the upper half of my mother's body was exposed to my horny gaze. She slept in the nude! I don't know why I was surprised. This was not information sons normally possess anyway.

Mom's big tits lay flattened against her chest, their shape distorted, but their size still apparent. While this was not the first time I'd seen them, I took in details I had overlooked when we were hornily groping each other earlier. For such big boobs, her aureole her small, only about 2 or 3 inches across, and her nipples were small in comparison as well, sticking up about a half-inch above the slightly bumpy surface. As if they had a mind of their own, my sweaty hands came up and each gently cradled a big jug, squeezing softly. Damn but these things were soft! I was surprised that they were so firm and resilient, even though I didn't have a whole lot of experience to compare them to. As I pressed and squeezed the pair of 38DDs, I could feel my cock hardening and lengthening in my shorts.

Taking a deep breath, I lowered my face to my mother's chest and took a hard nipple between my lips, sucking it tenderly. I could feel it harden even more under my attention, my tongue swathing the surface of her tit, while my teeth gently nipped at the soft flesh. When no sound or movement came from my mother, I moved to the other boob, repeating the process. By now my cock was rock hard and I could feel the throb of my pulse as the hard shaft strained against the fabric of my swimsuit.

Raving lust consumed me and I thought that I would never get a chance like this again, especially after the dressing down she had given me earlier. Despite my mother's chemical induced helplessness, I rose and pushed down my swimsuit, my cock tower swinging free from its prison to sway and throb in the soft moonlight coming through the open 2nd floor windows. Ever so gently I placed my left knee on the bed, and then swung my right leg over my u*********s mother's chest, straddling her torso. I loomed over her, my 10" cock jutting out like a lance between her big tits, reaching almost to her chin. I drank in her beauty, her long eyelashes fluttering slightly and her moist partially opened mouth combined with her high cheekbones and delicate features only inflamed my lust. A few strands of her short, brown hair lay on her temple and I reached down and brushed them back. I then sat back slightly, my shaft lowering until it grazed her breastbone. My cockhead was steadily leaking fuck fluids which I smeared around, moving my shaft back and forth slowly. As there was still no movement from mom, I reached down and gathered up her tits from the side, mashing them around the length of my cock.

Soft heat enveloped my cock as I tenderly squeezed Mom's boobs around my shaft. I pulled them apart slightly and maneuvered my prick lower into her cleavage. My heart was pounding from the excitement of the moment combined with the danger of discovery. I resolved what I was doing in my mind somehow and no guilt at my actions was felt. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pulled my prong back and then slowly pushed it back through the tit tunnel I had constructed. The feeling was exquisite! If actual fucking was anything like tit fucking or even better, I would be a happy camper!

"Oh, oh Mark."

I froze like a statue. Mom's head had not moved, nor had her eyes opened, but the words she spoke were unmistakable. Sudden guilt and shame overwhelmed me and I removed my hand from my mother's fat boobs. The moonlight picked up the gleaming wetness on her chest from my fuck lube and a thick string of juice reached from my prick head to her chest. I sat there, torn between my feelings of lust and shame, until my ears picked up another sound, this one coming from outside. I slowly rose from the bed and walked to the windows overlooking the pool area.

I could see Kim and Nancy sitting across from each other in the hot tub laughing about something. As if on cue they both sat up and untied the tops of their bikinis, flinging the wet garments to the concrete. Even from this distance, I could see the bounce and sway of their big tits once removed from their cups. Then, as if in slow motion, Kim slid through the water, right in front of Nancy and began passionately kissing her! I gasped in shock and desire and dropped my hand to my rigid shaft, stroking it slowly.

Wait a minute! What was I thinking? These two hot teens down there kissing each other like convicts on a weekend pass were waiting on me! And here I was like some perv, groping my sl**ping mother and jacking off to their display!

I looked back at my mother as she turned in her sl**p onto her side. With not a second thought about it, I turned and left the room, my hard cock leading the way out to the pool.

I exited the sliding door onto the patio and began walking towards my s****r and Nancy. As I got closer I could almost feel the heat emanating from their writhing bodies. They were locked in an embrace, their hands groping and squeezing their partners' soft curves while they pressed their full mouths together, their tongues dancing. They were so caught up in each other they did not notice my presence until I had entered the water and stood watching them. Kim's eyes fluttered open, locking with mine. She gently extracted herself from Nancy and slid through the water towards me.

The lights around the patio picked up the droplets of water clinging to her bare skin, sparkling and lending an otherworldly quality to this already bizarre situation. Kim stood in front of me, her bare breasts wobbling slightly, the nipples turgid and straining towards me. She reached up and tucked her wet hair behind both ears, then cocked her head quizzically and regarded me with a slight smirk. She was leaving it to me to make the first move. I slid back until my ass contacted the side of the hot tub and slid up, coming to a sitting position on the edge. This of course exposed my rigid shaft to her view.

Kim's eyes did not waver. They only bored deeper into mine. She then smiled slightly as her eyes slid down my torso until they locked onto my crotch. Her eyes widened and her full lips parted as a soft gasp was emitted. I flexed my thick 10", making it jump before her. The shaft bounced up and down a few times before coming back to point directly at her. Kim's hands came up to cup and squeeze her juicy 36Ds as she hungrily eyed the twitching snake. At this point, Nancy came up alongside my s****r and slid her arms around Kim's waist, pulling her close to her body.

"I told you it was something else, didn't I?" She murmured, her eyes locked on my shaft as well.

It took Kim a second to respond. "You did. But, damn, I mean, look at how big and thick it is!" She stammered.

"Um, guys," I said. "I'm up here."

As if unaware that there was a person attached to the dick they were ogling, both sets of blue eyes slid up to regard my face. They only paused a second before dropping back down to their previous examination.

"Just shut up for a minute Mark," Kim said. "We'll get to you in a second." They then resumed their perusing of my anatomy. Reflexively, Kim and Nancy licked their lips and both of them almost appeared to be salivating as they stared at my crotch. Well, if I'm the main attraction, I might as well put on a show, I thought. I then reached down and began to run my right hand up and down the thick shaft of my cock as my s****r and her best friend watched with undisguised lust.

After a moment or two, Nancy slid from beside Kim and cut through the water towards me.

"Oh no, no, no. That just won't do at all," she whispered huskily. "Here, let mama do that for you." At the utterance of mama, I gasped with shock and passion and this was not lost on Nancy as she grinned and came to perch on the lip of the tub next to me. Her own soft and small hand joined mine on the stalk of my sex and her full, fat 34Ds rubbed against my arm while her hand slid lightly on the overheated shaft before her. "Will you be my little man tonight Mark?" My cock got even harder and lurched in her warm grasp.

"Ooooh, Kim. It seems like Mark here may have desires for all the women in this f****y. It's a good thing we got to him first!" If she only knew, I thought.

While Nancy's hand joined mine in double teaming my big cock, Kim seemed almost in a trance, u*********sly groping her boobs, squeezing the round globes and twisting the hard nipples between her fingertips. Nancy nuzzled her face into my neck and began whispering in my ear.

"God, doesn't she look hot Mark? Your s****r is so fucking sexy. You know we've been lovers for years now, don't you? Ooooh, the things we've done to each other behind closed doors could fill a volume of sex manuals. I've fucked her in everyway imaginable and she's done the same to me, but none of that will compare to what the three of us are about to do."

By now, my dick was as hard as a railroad spike. My hand dropped away to grip the ledge for support as Nancy's twisting and pulling took on more urgency. I also began to thrust slightly into her grip, pushing and pulling my long shaft through her palm. Copious amounts of precum drooled from the head and Nancy palmed the globs and used them to slick her sexy hand job.

"Penny for your thoughts Kim," Nancy spoke. "Are you thinking about how hard this thing must be? I've never felt anything so big and hard and hot before. It's like it has a life of its own. You can practically feel your b*****r's pounding heart through this big vein running up it. And look at all that cum! I promise you that that is nothing compared to what you'll see when..."

My s****r had reached a breaking point. With nary a word, only a naked whimper of lust, she dropped forward to her knees in front of me and plunged her open mouth over the head of my cock, sucking hard. I almost screamed in ecstasy, throwing my head back and groaning low in my throat. Her mouth was piping hot and wet and her tongue danced over the tip of my cock, gathering up every drop of juice gathered there. Low moans of pleasure emanated from her as she twisted her head over my dick, holding the fat head in her sweet mouth. Nancy's hand slid down to cup my balls as Kim's dainty hand came up to grasp the shaft she was sucking. I lowered my gaze to my s****r's face, noticing how just the bulbous head of my cock distorted her cheeks as they hollowed around it sucking. She must have sensed my look, for her own eyes opened from their clench and held my gaze. She looked so beautiful and nasty there, her full lips surrounding her own b*****r's dick and I could see the exposed lust and desire she felt at the depravity and sexiness of the situation.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would actually happen," Nancy said, slipping off the ledge and sliding down to crouch alongside my s****r as she throatily hummed around the thickness of my cockhead lodged in her mouth. Kim's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, lathing over the head and then poking into the flaring slit to tease out the steady drops of fuck juice oozing from it. All the while she sucked extremely hard on my cock, making wet smacking noises with her lips. I didn't think that it was possible, given the stretched appearance of her mouth, but she slowly began to work her mouth downward on my cock, taking the fat shaft between her fluttering lips. This was definitely not her first rodeo. I could feel the pressure of the back of her throat on the tip of my cock as she squeezed half of my dick into her maw. She continued to press forward, but suddenly backed off, coughing and almost gagging when my fat knob blocked her throat. A long strand of viscous saliva extended from her tongue to the tip of my bl**d red cockhead. Gasping, Kim gathered it in her palm and began to stroke me as she got her breath back.

"Fuck! That is one big cock," she muttered and then looked up at me. "Why haven't we done this before now Mark?" I had no answer to that and only smiled at her as her attention shifted back to my pole. Kim slid her small, warm hand to the base of my shaft and then spat a glob of saliva down the length of spear. Extending her wet tongue, she teased the slit of my cock and the slid it back into her mouth. I think she recognized the futility of going long, so she now bobbed her mouth back and forth along my length, smacking her lips hungrily. I had almost forgotten about Nancy and noticed her captivation at the sight of her best friend blowing her own b*****r. I reached out and cupped one of her full boobs in my hand. Its softness overflowed my grip as I squeezed and pulled on it.

"Bring those tits up here."

Nancy smiled and stood beside me, cupping her hands under her jugs and presenting them like two fleshy pillows for inspection. I mashed my face between them, their soft heat cradling my face as I tongued the valley between them. Moving my face out, I captured a hard nipple between my lips and began to suck and tongue the turgid button. Nancy moaned and entangled her hands in my hair, pulling me closer.

"That's it Mark. You don't know how long I've wanted this. Suck on my big tits!"

My vision was obscured by the fat mounds in my face, but I could feel Kim's hot mouth continuing to plunge forward and back on my cock. I was amazed that I had lasted this long without blowing a huge load, but knew that I couldn't hold off forever. There were so many nasty things I wanted to do to my s****r and her best friend, but given my obsession with their tits, sliding my rock hard cock between their jugs was ranked number one. Before I lost it, I reluctantly removed my face from Nancy's boobs and spoke to my s****r.

"Wrap those big tits around my cock s*s."

Kim's eyes widened and she appeared to smile around the mouth stretcher she was sucking. With a wet pop, she slid her mouth off my cock and raised herself up until my long shaft was even with her tremendous cleavage. She then leaned forward and spat another glob of saliva onto the head of my cock, then pushed her chest out until the globes slid around the length of my shaft.

"Fuck 'em yourself," she sexily said as she rested her manicured hands on my thighs.

With a groan of lust, I reached forward and palmed her tits, reveling in their size and firmness. I thumbed her hard nipples then squeezed the orbs around my cock, enveloping its length in the valley of flesh. The combination of heat and silky softness was exquisite, but I was unable to pump my hips from my current position. Not losing my grip on her tits, I pivoted our bodies until Kim was pressed against the edge of the hot tub while I stood before her. I now began to eagerly pump my aching pud between her fat jugs.

As I slid back and forth between them, Kim's big boobs rippled from the pummeling they were receiving. She again leaned forward and spat more lubrication between them, slicking my passage. I was beside myself with lust! It was just as I imagined it might be. Kim's blue eyes gazed up at me hotly while my lance parted the valley of her breasts time and time again. The steady stream of cum oozing from my cock had coated her boobs, giving them sheen in the light of the moon. I looked over at Nancy who was busy cramming three of her fingers into her neatly trimmed twat.

"Let's see some of that action you were talking about earlier Nancy," I said, wondering where I had gotten the bravado to suggest this. "Kim's mouth is currently unoccupied." Nancy smiled, then stood over Kim and lowered her juicy pussy to my s****r's waiting tongue. I could hear the wet smacks as Kim licked and sucked her friend and while I couldn't see what was going on, I had a front row seat admiring Nancy's tight ass. Her ass hole was exposed from her position and I did not hesitate as I lunged forward and sealed my mouth around her puckered back door. All the while, I continued to fuck my s****r's big tits.

As my tongue wormed its way into her hot, funky hole, Nancy cried out and fell forward onto her hands and knees, pushing Kim's neck back in what looked like an uncomfortable position, but she did not miss a beat, continuing her eating of that hot box. I followed her as well, my tongue and lips glued to her ass. Nancy began huffing like a freight train, simultaneously grinding down and back against the b*****r/s****r tongues pleasuring both her holes.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," she groaned then stiffened as her orgasm slammed into her. Nancy's ass clenched on my worming tongue as she writhed and bucked before me. For a few moments, the only sounds were the wet smacking of my s****r eating her cunt and her low moans of pleasure. Presently she fell to the side of us, allowing Kim's head to regain a more comfortable position. Nancy lay there, gasping and trembling as the after effects of the orgasm gripped her sexy body. I looked down at Kim and we smiled at each other. She tilted her head back and offered her glossy lips covered in Nancy's juices to me. I pulled my cock from between her tits and leaned down, pressing my mouth to hers. Our tongues ground against each other and the combination of her sweet mouth and Nancy's twat juice inflamed my senses even further.

Pulling back slightly, I tongued my s****r's ear and whispered, "I want to fuck you now."

Kim groaned and wrapped her arms around my torso, her big tits scr****g against my abdomen.

"Not yet. I want you to finish between my tits so you can last longer."

Who am I to argue? So I lowered my dick back into the valley between her tits and squeezed her glorious mams around my rigid shaft. I then began to thrust insistently between them as they undulated in my grasp. Wet smacking sounds accompanied the taboo scene and I knew I wasn't going to last long. Kim seemed to sense this as well and began to dirty talk as I fucked her tits.

"Fuck 'em, fuck your little s****r's oversized tits Mark. Slide that big fucker back and forth and then cum all over them."

That did it. With a loud groan I slid my cock out of her tits and began to stroke it furiously in front of her face. Kim opened her mouth and extended her tongue towards my cock, wiggling it in anticipation. My balls clenched and I began to unload them on my s****r's face.

The first two shots exploded out and into her open mouth, coating her tongue. Kim's eyes rolled back in her head as she closed her mouth and rolled the load around her oral cavity. I dropped my aim and plastered her tits with the next two copious blasts, the cum ricocheting off her jugs and splattering her neck. By this time, Nancy had regained her senses and she dove in, capturing my spewing snake in her mouth and eating the last couple of weak blasts. I gasped for air as my heart threatened to beat out of my chest. Little aftershocks rippled through my cock as Nancy continued to suck the head, drawing out the last vestiges of my load. Below Nancy, I could see Kim gathering up the splattered cum from her chest and licking her fingers clean. She smiled sexily.

"Well, how was that big guy?"

I shrugged noncommittally, "I've had better."

At this, Nancy sc****d her teeth along my hard shaft, eliciting a squeak of pain from me.

"Yeah, right," she said glancing down at Kim who was still on a cum glob treasure hunt. "I'd be willing to bet that was your first time ever hosing down a hottie. Not counting our time of course!"

I pulled my fat log from her grasp and cock slapped her on the forehead with a sharp "Whap!" She giggled and stuck out her tongue, which I then thwacked repeatedly as well.

"Wrong!" I said laughing. "Not only was that not my first time, that wasn't even my first time today." Nancy laughed and lunged towards my dick again with teeth bared, but I was quicker, stepping back, but not before popping her nose this time with my pole.

"Reeeeeally," Kim drawled as she sat up and regarded me interestedly. "And who was the lucky lad? Or do you have some Canadian girlfriend I don't know about?"

"Har de har har," I chuckled before goosing her under her arm. "No, it was not a dude and it was ladies, as in plural, and older, as in more mature than you two!"

Kim and Nancy were now advancing on me as I backed across the hot tub. Nancy clucked her tongue and shook her head.

"Oh, Mark!" She said disappointedly, "You're not nailing the Smith widows are you?" referring to the 80 year old s****rs across the street, whose yard I used to mow.

By now, my ego was getting the better of my common sense. "Noooo, I'm not into wrinkled prunes! A little closer to home," I said and jerked my head towards the Reynolds' house.

At this, the pair stopped short and both exclaimed, "Mrs. Reynolds?!"

I laughed, splashed them both with water and extracted myself from the hot tub. I walked over and picked up a beer from the table as Kim and Nancy followed me, sputtering questions.

"Are you serious?"

"No way!"

"How did that happen?"


I drew from the beer and waved away the questions. "Yes, really. I twisted my ankle this morning and she gave me a ride home." I filled in the rest as they listened with mouths agape. After finishing the story, I smiled smugly and took another drink. Sex was thirsty work!

Both the girls stood there, processing my story. It seemed they'd forgotten what we three had just done as they unselfconsciously began pacing back and forth. Their and my nudity was the last things on their mind. It clicked first for Kim.

"I don't think you're bullshitting, but you said ladies. Who's the other victim?"

"I can't say," I blurted, realizing the dangerous ground I was on, but not before my darting eyes to mother's bedroom spilled the beans.

Kim's blue eyes flew wide in shock.

"Mom?! You fucked Mom?!"

I grinned and shrugged sheepishly. But then I noticed a change on Kim's shocked face. She was hurt and looked disappointed in me, even after what we had just done. She must think I'm the sickest fucker on the planet for nailing my own mother. I rushed to patch up the damage.

"Kim, I'm so sorry! It just happened! We were out here by the pool and..." I gave them the "blow by blow" details and stood there humiliated with my head down. As the silence from my s****r and Nancy lengthened, I snuck a look upwards and noticed that Kim was smiling broadly at me.

"What? You're not mad?"

"Not at all," she said as she advanced towards me, took my hand and led me to a lounger. "I was only upset because I thought my own mother had beaten me to the prize of popping your cherry. Now that I know that it is still intact, albeit bruised, we can proceed to the night's command performance."

As I lay down on the lounger, my still stiff cock resting against my abs, Kim loomed over me, and then stood straddling the chair, her body poised above my groin. Bending down, her heavy tits swung before my eyes as she grasped my thick stalk in her hand and pointed it skywards between the V of her legs. I sucked in a huge lungful of air as my hands rose and began to mold and squeeze her firm boobs. Finally! I was going to get laid! My heart pounded in my chest as my dick lurched and bucked in her grasp. Kim tilted her head back and regarded me through the d**** of her blonde hair.

"Last chance to back out Mark."

I held her gaze for a moment then spoke.

"Fuck me Kim."

Kim smiled then lowered herself until the crown of my staff contacted her outer lips. She began to slide the fat head between them, smearing the gathering moisture and baking my sensitive glans with the heat of her cunt. Behind and to the side of Kim, I could see Nancy settling down in a chair to observe the i****tuous pairing. Her eyes were locked onto the docking as her hand busied itself between her own thighs.

Almost imperceptibly, Kim began lowering herself on my tube, her pussy lips flowering open to receive the thick visitor. The heat and tightness of her sex was exquisite. I could feel the head began to slide into her channel as she slid down. Grunting, she paused with a third of my shaft lodged in her and then slid slightly back up.

"Fuck! That's a big one," she muttered. Kim then began hunching down again, my width furrowing her canal. Inch after wide inch slid in slowly as she passed the halfway point. Suddenly I could feel the silky walls of her vagina flutter and squeeze me, moisture flooding the passage. Kim gave a low moan and while I had negligible experience with this, I could tell she had just orgasmed and this without me moving a muscle!

"Whew!" she breathed and smiled down at me. "That was just a mini one!" Her legs twitched and wavered and she suddenly stood, my cock plopping out to slap against my stomach.

"I don't think my legs are going to hold out much longer in that position," she said and went to her knees, straddling my torso. She placed a hand beside my head, bracing herself and then reached down and between her legs, finding my cock and began levering it back up to her. I don't know if it was from exertion or the excitement, but she was visibly shaking. Nancy rose from her chair and came alongside our position.

"Here, allow me."

Nancy reached between us and gripped my cock, pointing it at the entrance to Kim's pussy. Kim's other hand dropped to the side of my head and she braced her body above me. I could not contain myself and raised my head to suck at her swinging jugs as they bobbled above my head. Her stiff nipple slid between my teeth and I flicked my tongue over its pebbly surface. Kim's breath sped up as Nancy nudged the head of my cock into her hole and she began to back up on it, taking an inch or so at a time, pulling upwards, then backing down again. She took more and more of my 10" with each thrust until Nancy had to remove her hand to allow her to continue sliding down my pole.

It seemed to get tighter and tighter as she slid towards the root of my cock. Abruptly, with a grunt of satisfaction, Kim slid the last inch of me inside her and rested her mound around my shaft.

"Pop!" she said smiling down at me. "You're now officially not a virgin!"

My head swum from the velvety tightness surrounding my pole. I could feel every ridge and bump of her cunt clasping me snugly inside. I brought my hands around and grasped her soft hips in preparation to fuck her, but Kim stopped me with a shake of her head.

"Not so fast stud. Give me a chance to get used to this big boy first. I'll fuck you. Just lay back and relax."

I brought my hands back to her tits and continued to play with them while rolling my hips slightly inside her spongy wetness. After a few moments filled with our low moans and murmurs, Kim raised herself up the shaft a few inches and then slid smoothly back down to the base. By now, her natural lubricants had worked their magic and she was able to do this with a bare minimum of discomfort. With barely a pause she slid upwards again and dropped back down. Then again. Then again, finding an even fuck rhythm. Kim's hole slurped and squelched at the passage of my pole adding to the cacophony of moans and groans we were sending out.

My s****r's hips bounced and slid on top of me, working my stiffness inside her. As her pace sped up, she raised herself from on top of me and perched with her hands on my stomach, bouncing herself up and down. My hands never left her tits, their spongy flesh filling and overflowing my palms as I squeezed them. She swung her head, flinging her blond mane from in front of her face and regarded me lustily through hooded eyes.

"Well?" she said huskily.

I grinned and raised an eyebrow.

"I've never had better."

Kim returned my smile and then really went to town on my cock, bouncing and twisting, raising herself up and slamming back down, my tool hammering her depths again and again.

I could feel the pull in my groin as my orgasm approached. Kim must have felt the stiffening as well.

"Are you close?" I nodded my head, not trusting my voice. "Wait for me lover. I'm almost there." It was all I could do to stave off my eruption. I dropped my gaze from Kim's face and removed my hands from her tits, marveling at how they bounced and slapped against each other once unfettered. Her tight abs rippled and flexed from her exertions and further down I could see my angry red pole sluicing rapidly in and out of her slurping hole. I slid my hand between us and began to twiddle her clit, coaxing her towards her peak.

Kim's head dropped back and she began to keen and whine with passion.

"That's it! That's it! Oh God! Fuck me Mark! Fuck me hard!"

I roughly grabbed her hips and began to raise and lower her f***efully on my cock. Kim's blonde hair swung about her face as her big tits flopped and swung crazily on her chest. She gripped my straining arms, her nails digging into my flesh painfully. There was no stopping us now. We fell out of control over the edge and bucked against each other as our climaxes erupted.

My cock spewed again and again, gushing loads of cum high up into my s****r's clutching gash. I could feel her walls gripping me tightly as I thrust against her rapidly, almost maniacally. A roar burst forth from my throat and I was glad that mom was heavily sedated upstairs. There was no telling what the neighborhood was thinking as Kim's scream of passion joined mine. Thankfully, Nancy interceded and clamped a hand over each of our mouths, muffling our exultations. We continued to grind against each other, her juices flooding my crotch, while my cannon seemed to belch an unending series of salvos into her depths.

Slowly we came down from the peak and Kim slumped against me, her sweat slick tits sliding across my chest as we struggled to catch our breath. As our breathing returned to normal, Kim raised herself slightly until we were face to face, only inches apart. We held each others gaze and then she silently mouthed, "Thank you." I returned the gratitude before her lips pressed against mine tenderly and our tongues lazily slid against each other.

After a short while, Kim pulled back, regarded me again smiling and raised herself off of me, my cock plopping out of her wetly.

"I've got to pee!" she said sweetly and staggered towards the pool house.

I also sat up and stood and started in the same direction before Nancy cleared her throat and brought me up short.

"And what about me?" She said saucily, flicking her long black hair back with one hand while palming one of her 34D globes in her hand. I smiled.

"Let me wash up first, ok?"

With a shake of her head, Nancy stood and strode to me before dropping to her knees and confronting the half-hard pipe glistening with my s****r's juices.

"Not on your life! I'm cleaning this myself!" And with that she drew me into her sucking mouth and proceeded to bathe every inch of my cock with her tongue and lips. Amazingly I could feel my cock began to harden with her efforts. It was going to be a long night!

Our little party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. During that time, I probably shot close to a half dozen batches of baby batter on, in or over my s****r and Nancy. We fucked in every position my limited knowledge was aware of and some I didn't think physically possible until I actually saw them. No orifice was off limits. It wasn't until about 4 a.m. as Nancy was shoving my half-hard pipe in her mouth while sawing her finger in my ass that I finally surrendered. Kim was laying on her back, underneath Nancy, supposedly eating her pussy, but I think she had actually passed out from exhaustion! We all staggered inside and retired to our respective rooms. I was asl**p within seconds of sliding between the sheets.

The play of the sunlight through the open windows reached Vivian's eyes about 10 a.m. Her green eyes fluttered open as she yawned with satisfaction. "My, I must have really needed that," she thought. She stretched her voluptuous well-rested body and sat up beside the bed. Her foot contacted a piece of clothing on the floor, drawing her attention.

Her mind first processed that it was Mark's swimsuit wadded up beside her bed and then she asked herself two questions: What was it doing there and why do my boobs seem to be glued together? She looked down into her stuck cleavage and gently separated one tit from the other. That wasn't just sl**p sweat that was....Mark!

In my dream I was standing in the middle of the living room. Mom, Kim and Nancy were all kneeling down in front of me jockeying for position to play a tune on my 10" flesh flute. I could feel a pair of hands pulling my ass cheeks apart and knew without looking that it was Kay Reynolds preparing to tongue my bung. As I looked up, I could see the widows Smith on all fours, each lunging backwards against the double headed dildo that connected them. I think it was this sight of rolling, wrinkled flesh that roused me from my sl**p. Not sure if it was fantasy, a nightmare or some combination, I took stock in my ceiling while my senses came online.

I was first aware that despite the previous evenings' fun, my morning wood was present and accounted for. Secondly, unlike every other morning of my 19 years, it was not alone! What felt distinctly like a warm, wet mouth was sucking on it! I next detected the audible slurping and smacking sounds from under the sheets. I raised myself onto my elbows and regarded the bobbing head underneath the covers.

"Didn't you get enough last night," I asked chuckling. No reply, just a nip from her teeth and a return to the suckling.

"Well, at least let me watch," I said and began to pull back the sheet. As the sheet slid back, my bedroom door opened, distracting me. To say that I was confused as Kim and Nancy came through the door and began walking towards me would be an understatement. The sheet slid back to reveal my mom between my legs, her fat, full lips wrapped around my cock! At that instant, my cell phone began ringing on the night stand. Kim reached down to pick it up, her eyes never leaving the sight of her mother sucking her b*****r. She glanced at the caller ID.

"It's the Reynolds', Mark."

Mom pulled her mouth off my cock with a smack, a strand of spit still connecting the two.

"Give me the phone." Kim and Nancy's mouths hung agape as the phone was passed over.

"Hello?" said my mother sweetly. "Oh, hi Kay! What? No, you dialed the right number. Mark's just busy at the moment," she replied her right hand stroking my bone while holding the phone in her left. "Is there something you need?" She listened for a moment, her hand never ceasing its stroking. "I see. Well, couldn't Bob or Spencer help you move that furniture? Their not? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait on them to help you around the house. I've got my own hands full over here and I'm afraid I won't be able to spare him anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint, buh bye." She clicked off the phone and dropped it to the floor. She looked up at Kim and Nancy.

"Out you two. Mark and I have some mother-son bonding to do."

As Kim and Nancy retreated in shock, my busty mother crawled forward and straddled me, fixing my shaft to her slit and lowering herself down.

"I have my goals set on mother of the year."... Continue»
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An adventure at the adult movie store pre-view boo

Well the time had come for me to renew my collection of hired adult movies. I gathered them all into a briefcase and set off to the adult movie store in the city. (I live in a small town 56 km from the city)

Upon arrival at the bookstore I handed in the old movies and started perusing the "New arrivals" section. I selected a few titles which caught my fancy and being quite horny from reading the write ups decided to "pre-view" one in particular in the booths at the back of the store.

Obviously my motive for this decision being that it was a long way to ride back home without first relieving the tension in my pants. I entered the booth pulled the curtain closed, inserted the tape, pushed play and loosened my pants.

As the movie started, I slowly removed my raging boner from my pants and started moving my hand up and down my shaft to the rythm of the opening music, playing on the movie. The first scene was depicting a beautiful redhead giving this guy a slow and intense blowjob, as she was sqauting before the guy spreadeagled, she was rubbing her lovely mound, bringing her vulva together and spreading them out again. The scene was just what I needed to get into the swing of things so to speak.

As I started to really get into the scene and stroke my pulsating dick, in unison to what I was viewing, the curtain was suddenly drawn aside and a short bald guy slipped into my booth, before I could react, or even ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing, coming into my booth uninvited, he sqauted between my legs and gently, yet firmly, took hold of my member and gave it a stroke or two.

I was too flabergasted to speak, really gobsmacked so to speak! Here a complete stranger had burst into my "private" little space, whilst I was busy masturbating and just took over what is supposed to have been a private little moment.

As I was still thinking what I should say to this stranger, he took my dick into his warm and wet mouth and started massaging my balls as he sucked on my dick. He seemed to have a certain insatiable hunger the way he went about sucking my dick, the sensation rushing up my dick seemed to enter the base of my spine and run with a chill all the way to the very top of of cranium, exploding in mind blowing gushes in my brain. It was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced in my entire life.

I was so engulfed in what was happening to me, that I totally forgot that this stranger had entered my life only a few moments ago. I sat back in the chair and allowed this man to do with me what he and I so very badly needed. As he continued sucking on me he took his fingers and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers for a few moments and he removed them form my mouth and started drawing small circles around my ringpiece, I could feel the muscle in my spincher contract in anticipation of his invasion of my anus.

My balls were starting to throb when he slowly pushed his digits into my ringpiece, I felt my penis pulsating and I knew that I was about to cum.The stranger rotated his fingers in my arse and started rubbing against my prostate, at this point I totally lost my composure and the most intense orgasm of my life.

It actually felt as if I was pissing, my ejaculate was not the normal sporadic spurts, it was more like a continous stream pouring from me straight into the strangers hungry mouth. He continued sucking with such gusto that it felt as if my balls were in his mouth as well. As my orgasm subsided the stranger stood up and lifted me from the chair.

Without saying a word he turned me around and pushed me up against the wall in the small cubicle. I did not look around as he fumbled with his own pants and the next thing I felt was his thick dick pressing against my arse, before I could say "what the..." his thick solid dick was ripping my arse apart. At first I felt a searing pain shudder through my very being. It felt as if somebody had shoved a red hot poker into my rectum, then the pain turned into a extreme peverse pleasure. I actually started to push my backside backwards as he withdrew and held my arse their for him like a bitch in heat waiting for his next thrust.

It only took the stranger a few minutes and just as I was really starting to get into the whole, being fucked in the butt thing, he sudenly said oh my god im cumming and proceeded to shoot his load staright up my arse.

He then pulled up his pants and left the cubicle without saying another word to me.

To this very day I am still waiting and frequenting the same booth in the hope of having a repatition of that special treatment I recieved...anybody out there interested?

... Continue»
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