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At the dentist...

An appointment at the dentist

... different day.

It was late in the afternoon and I was sat in the waiting room at the dentist waiting to be called in for my ... my dentist, my name was read out and I proceeded forward through the door. I could feel my cock growing hard at the thought ... ... Continue»
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check up at the dentist

It was my six monthly check up at the dentist, it’s not that I’m afraid of the dentist like some people but it’s not my favourite ... then it happened I knew I was coming, I pulled out just at the right time and wanked myself off shooting a steady line of ... ... Continue»
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A Trip To The Dentist

At The Dentist’s Office

... at 1 pm. By now, Vonna was in major pain, and could hardly talk. I took her to the dentist’s and stayed with her in the ... a zipper-up blouse before heading to the dentist office. We both were in such ... ... Continue»
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Night at the Dentist

... fate as her--a lifetime of painful visits
in the dentist's chair.

And I loved my dentist, a man in his 40's, whose practice, ... It especially crossed my mind whenever I was in the dentist chair tilted
back at crotch level to him and often noticed quite a ... ... Continue»
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Atrip to the dentist

My wife thought I was at the dentist but I was really with my special ... other. When She met me at the door I almost exploded just looking at her. She had blonde hair ... down her smooth flat chest and stopped at the top of her blue denim skirt which just ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the Adult Theater

... know? Can I do this? Looking at the screen, the chick is being fucked hard. The white guy on the sofa stirs, letting out a moan ... . My jaw is starting to hurt, like being at the dentist too long! But the dentist never put something like this in my mouth! I ... ... Continue»
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Back at the dentist......

... be an understatement. I just sat dumbfounded and looked at the sexy teenager still stood there in her increedibly revealing underwear ... on" Laura looked pleased but disappointed at the same time. " But I'm horny now Jack, look at my pussy, its all wet!!" ... ... Continue»
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... asked them what does having gas mean when you’re at the dentist? One of my friends asked me why I wanted to know ... were asking me about how horrid had I found having gas at the dentist, and were amazed when I told them that I hadn’t been afraid ... ... Continue»
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At the dentist...

... close to retirement and had worked in the practice for almost 40 years. The other dentist was Hannah. She was a 24 year old ... school. She was the sort of dentist that every man would dream of! About 5'6" with large boobs (about a D cup at least) and long ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of Anita and Seema - a dentist's a

... out to my car. I drove down to the dentist. It was not so busy as I already ... to undo his pants and I was shocked at the size of his dick, it was thick ... and called Seema, "hello, oh hey listen I'm at the dentist and he is really good I think you should ... ... Continue»
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The Dentist Put Her Under and Put It in Her

... into the yard in the summer months, inspecting her flower beds with the oral-b jutting out, the little dabs of foam at the ... Okay."

"And I called his receptionist up for the name of the dentist to do the temporary bridge," she went on, standing tippy-toe ... ... Continue»
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the dentist threesome

... hot it was that we were going to fuck in the dentist chair. we waited a few minutes for Amy to leave, then ... still on Amy bent over her hands on the chair. I stood at one side Nasha at the other we both started spanking Amys ass ... ... Continue»
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The Day that Kelli Appeared.

... within half an hour, we got
off the Bus at the town centre.

"Hope everything goes ok at the Dentist honey" and Mrs Jones went on ... her

My initial thoughts were to get straight back on the bus ... ... Continue»
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Examining the dentist

... a beer and some munchies. As I sat at the bar, I first heard and then saw a ... started to work on my nachos, the guy at the table came up to the bar and ordered a couple of ... great time. He said that he was the dentist at a local practice and that one of his ... ... Continue»
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Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the b

Ashley and her friend Derek were at the bar having some drinks after work and had been playing ... you don't wanna go through with the bet that's fine." Ashley looked at Derek. She did think he was ... ... Continue»
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Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the b

Ashley and her friend Derek were at the bar having some drinks after work and had been playing ... you don't wanna go through with the bet that's fine." Ashley looked at Derek. She did think he was ... ... Continue»
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At the Mall

... ;Look," Joe began. They were headed towards Sears at the end of the hallway. "Why don't I go look around and ... there.

"Ok, change back and then come meet me at the women's dressing rooms." She removed her hand and ... ... Continue»
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At the Mall 2

... down his chest and stomach, towards his pants. Joe shivered at the sensation. His mom kneeled in front of him. "Open ... they moaned and groaned for one another.

There came a knock at the door. It didn't even phase them. They continued with ... ... Continue»
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Cheerleader at the mall

... cars until it reached the handicapped spot at the end of the row. The driver turned the car into the spot to park. ... I CALL THE POLICE," the guard screamed at her.

Tati cowered at the guard's intimidation. She looked at both of the older women ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt2

... soft lips.

"To bad I am at the door tonight, I would love to take care ... passed.

Angel was now openly moaning at the sensations she was feeling. Her head ... and knees at the edge of the immense bed. Lita kept the pressure on the tortured girl' ... ... Continue»
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