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At Your Desk

At your service

... schat, je kan niet geloven hoezeer ik dat nodig had”.

“At your service!”
... Continue»
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At Your Desk

... . Smiling, I put my bag down by the cooler and walked over to the empty desk outside the door to your ... gruff manner. And turning quickly you went back into your office and sat at the desk ... and panties were right in front of you now. I was bent over your desk and your hands were softly... Continue»
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At Your Desk

... . Smiling, I put my bag down by the cooler and walked over to the empty desk outside the door to your ... best gruff manner. And turning quickly you went back into your office and sat at the desk ... and panties were right in front of you now. I was bent over your desk and your hands were softly... Continue»
Posted by rockyandsissydave 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Voyeur  |  

Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... that she was surprised to see Dee W at the main desk for the Chief WAVE. Dee W asked her how her ... wife SD) and Dee W got up when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM – barracks wake up time. SD hadn’t ... getting ready for getting logged in administratively to the base. After breakfast at the mess hall, packed... Continue»
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Please - Don't Make Me Do It - Final Part Thr

... NOT look away and DO NOT close your eyes. Look at me all the time and let your arms rest by your ... your eyes OPEN Carol”. She looked at him, still smiling, the tip of his tongue between his full lips ... off your gowns” he said. With no resistance left, she opened her robe and dropped it at her feet... Continue»
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peeing, wiped myself then returned to my classroom. I sat at my
desk wondering what they were ... back. I left the room heading down the
hallway to the girls bathroom at the end. I pushed the door ... .” I added with a laugh.

“Are you going to miss me when I’m at my grandma’s.” Becky asked.

“Yep... Continue»
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Our One Time 3 way – Part 1

... great intimate relationship for years. It started when I was 15 and she was 35. I stayed at home ... as quickly as I could, but I had to turn in a paper before I could leave.”

“Where is your bag ... , dear?”

“As I assumed, you left my name with front desk, so I had them take it up to our room. You... Continue»
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... a skirt and no knickers so I could have a play with my cunt if I got board. I was sat at my desk when ... it's like this I'm a great believer in the fact that if you keep your man well fucked he will never ... been looking at porn on the internet and fingering myself to orgasm. I found a web site that... Continue»
Posted by brendasexy 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  
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Extraits du Baiser Moi

... luscious wet cunt onto my throbbing pole at 6 o’clock?”
“Your mum said you had loads of spare spunk ... purred “mustn't wake your s****r”.
Tony had already run his hands up and down her sides – taught firm ... .
Sam: "I love the taste of your raspberry juice; it's so slippery, I can hardly grip your pussy... Continue»
Posted by dasx 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Shemales  |  
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Loren Leading The MILF Astray

... would be at Chelsea's Mom's apartment Friday and Saturday night.

Ever since my little shopping trip ... the killer body from playing competitive volleyball for four years meant that at f*****n I was hot ... peoples minds, at least where I was concerned. You will be happy to know that most high school... Continue»
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... it was big," Steve replied.

"Your cougar did," Dave said. "At least a couple times. She sounded ... getting ready to close in about 15 minutes when he arrived. He saw Aunt Marie at the desk talking to a ... . I even love you right now even though I hate you at the same time."

"Is your cock hard?"

"What... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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High School Confidential, Part 3

... . Jessup returned to the chair behind her desk and picked up her phone. She spent a couple of minutes ... Ms. Jessup was sitting on the desk with her legs dangling over the side. She had stripped off her ... top and bra so she was now completely naked. “Your turn, Allie.”

Gulping nervously, Allie stood... Continue»
Posted by croakinglizard 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  

First Order of Business - Whacking off to Rico

... keyboard. I was constantly docked for leaving my desk; "I had a stomach issue", I'd say, but in truth ... "Rico, you like it when my hard cock's in your mouth? Huh, Rico? You like it when I fuck your face ... watching me; "You like my body, Rico? Huh? You wana' fuck me with your nice hard cock, Rico?" I slowly... Continue»
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It was around maybe 2 or 3 AM

... . I thrusted my dick into your pussy. You placed one hand around my head and the other on the desk ... shoulders. My hands began to travel all over your body, down to your thighs and up to your boobs. I ... squeezed your tits and kissed my neck and ear. And rubbed your nipples. You started pressing your ass... Continue»
Posted by bigd1810 2 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Hardcore  |  

Finally we meet

... I left an envelope at the reception desk for you when you arrived...
"Meet me in the orchards near ... the river.........."
Making your way towards the trees, excited and a little apprehensive ... .... There's no need either to be worried, I reach out to you and you pull me into your arms.
'Irene'.... I... Continue»
Posted by truearian 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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Kerri Car Needs MOT

... your pussy he says he pulls you up and bends you over the desk before you can do anything about it your ... deeper and deeper , his hands f***e your shoulders down onto the desk

You’re here a mobile phone ... and you cunt

Good he say then your gonna like my spunk too then he pulls you off the desk and f... Continue»
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... . Getting up from my desk I walked towards the filing cabinet, deliberately walking past Nathan’s ... desk, our arms brushing in the progress and I could have sworn I felt a spark snap between us. I ... .

Pulling himself from me and releasing my neck, Nathan carried me from the wall, to my desk; shoving all... Continue»
Posted by ella-x 11 months ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  
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My Favorite Teacher Part 4 Trouble

... !", ordered Miss Peters.

Miss Peters laid back on the desk and Michelle bent over to lick her pussy.
"Oh ... I'M CUMMING!"
She squirted and the floor was covered with her juices.
"Your turn.",gasped Michelle... Continue»
Posted by lirror 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  
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Super 8

... and up to the desk. It was empty. I rang the bell. Within a few seconds a middle aged man appeared ... came out from behind the desk and motioned toward the hall. I followed him and we stood side ... closed.

"I'm sorry to have brushed against you, didn't mean to invade your space." I was still... Continue»
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Cum On Baby (Take me to Chicago 1962)

... at the front desk.

"No, I'm just looking." I answered dumbly.

"You ain't from around here ... the room.

I went back to the front desk. An attractive young black woman was sitting around talking ... on the phone. A man stopped by the front desk on his way out. He made a comment to the pretty girl... Continue»
Posted by Exakta66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex  |  
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