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At Grandmas

At Grandmas Part 2

... you think a Grandma gets horny too?

We looked at her and all said we didn't know. She ... going to cum and he did In Grandmas mouth...she swallowed every drop. Her legs ... never did, We spent a lot of nights at grandmas after that. We always slept in her ... ... Continue»
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At Grandmas

... . We have familly get togethers alot. Summer vacations were spent at grandmas. She had a small farm outside of town. All of us ... .

I knew how he felt I had listened to my owns parents at night. I would hear the bed and them moaning and murmuring ... ... Continue»
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How Miwako Lost her Virginity at age 15. (100% tru

quite sensitive now :D) then i looked down at his crotch. He looked
down too. ... so we
went to the back room at grandmas house. we didnt have much
time ... . he was very mentally n
physically abusive. even at that young age. i blame(d) him alot for
... ... Continue»
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Grandmas Boy # 3

... a car I didnt recognize pulled into the driveway. A woman about my grandmas age stepped out and she was carring a briefcase, she had ... I could feel her teeth scrapping against the shaft she stopped at the head forcing her tongue down into the hole, my ... ... Continue»
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loving mom and hope grandma next

... to fuck mom at grandmas. Mom saw the way I was looking at her; she knew what I ... put my cock as close as I could to grandmas lips, I felt her breathing on it, for a ... first couple of cum spurt landed on grandmas bed headboard I continued stroking hard my cock ... ... Continue»
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Pussy Power

... I spent half the summer at grandmas and part of the summer at my aunts and then some time at camp. Grandma had several men she was fucking and thought that I was clueless to her sexcapades. At grandmas I boned many ... ... Continue»
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Three into one does go

... weren’t there. “Where are the k**s?” I asked. Kayla looked at me and smiled, “they’re at grandmas.”

“Ok,” I hesitated for a bit, “why ... across from them. Samantha, her s****r looked over at me as I just stared at my wife. Samantha was a hottie herself, ... ... Continue»
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ukcuckwanabe sl**ping wife

... it. I told my
wife we were going to dump the k**s at grandmas house,
so we could be alone together. I told her I was ... not a
problem. I am having a hard time realizing all the
possibilities at once. Karen has a 12 year old daughter
from another ... ... Continue»
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I finally fuck Mom

... surprise her. While at grandmas I came up with some desperate plan, at least to try to create a sexual atmosphere at my apartment.
I ... as she laugh.

I was surprise mom didn’t felt uncomfortable at all, made me feel optimistic that something could happen ... ... Continue»
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About Me ....

... my butt hole, it seemed so weird at the time, he stroked my cock till ... Did Till Today .....
Every summer I would ask to stay at grandmas & my uncles, and i would bed with uncle ... mouth, my first again, he came a little at a time, and it seemed like it was ... ... Continue»
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A monday to remember

... when he was a nice young promising student of computer science at the university?

He checked out the network protection type: ... have been here at this time of the day."

"Uhmm... uhmm... My husband is at work and the k**s are at Grandmas. But they will ... ... Continue»
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Orgy at Enigma House

... .


The first few weeks of Kay Cooper's time at Enigma House were uneventful. She slipped into the routine ... do."


Two weeks later Kay was sitting at the computer at about 11 o'clock one night when the ... ... Continue»
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Cumslave at the rest stop pt.2

... 'CUM TARGET' inside the first two

Cumbag giggled at the tickling sensation of the markers. She smiled when
... cum SOOooo good!... Do it lover!" Cumbag teased. Michael
laughed at her suggestions and prolonged Cumbag's suspense by dragging the
... ... Continue»
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At the Theatre Ch. 2


"Sophie? It's Robert. From Paris."

"Robert? Who?"

"We were at the show earlier. Sonia and I.'

"Yes, sweet sexy Sonia. I ... the last time?"

"This morning," I gasped, "after the theatre." At the point I came again strongly, clamping my anal ... ... Continue»
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A Day at My Aunt's

... , “Don’t use the slide!” I just waded for a moment embarrassed at being yelled at when my aunt called for me to come over ... eat my pussy like a good boy,” she said. I stared at it, looking at her neatly trimmed bush. Obviously I had never eaten pussy ... ... Continue»
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... , “Don’t use the slide!” I just waded for a moment embarrassed at being yelled at when my aunt called for me to come over ... eat my pussy like a good boy,” she said. I stared at it, looking at her neatly trimmed bush. Obviously I had never eaten pussy ... ... Continue»
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

... eyes about for Madame Courvelle. She saw her almost at once; sat at a table, towards the far end of the cafe, in ... time, once the girl was working here. She shivered deliciously at the thought. “Cinquante cinq....cinquante six....cinquante sept....” Madame ... ... Continue»
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My Wife At Company Beach Party



My Wife at the Company Beach Party
ED: ... , "now no one gets to look at Annie's boobs!"

Everyone laughed, including ... ... Continue»
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... subsequent events.

When I was t*n we spent the whole summer living at the beach, a quiet spot with plenty privacy and an ... you think I was meaning?” She innocently enquired, smiling at me while looking at my crotch for a second before returning my gaze. ... ... Continue»
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... you a question." She said sternly.

I smiled at her.

"It starts at 8." I answered.

She looked at her watch and jumped up.

"Then ... 's that?" She asked.

"Sounds good." I said.

I looked back at her cunt.

"My clit fascinates you, doesn't it?" ... ... Continue»
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