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Ashley & Derek have fun after a night at the b

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Couple Fun

I do not own this nor so i take credit for it i found this story on i hope you enjoy it as much as i do

George was tying his tie, getting ready for work, when he heard his wife Abbie shout out from their bathroom, "Don't forget, we're leaving tomorrow at noon with Dave and Crystal for the weekend."

He thought to himself, 'Oh shit, I already forgot!' Without missing a beat "No problem, dear, I've got it under control." 'Shit,' he thought, 'will have to tell Nancy my secretary to take care of things.'

She came out and gave him a kiss as she hugged him, looked at his face and said "You forgot, didn't you?" He smiled, after twenty years of being together, she knew him well.

She turned and went on out into the hallway, saying as she put on her earrings, "Don't worry, that’s why I called and talked to Nancy yesterday."

He smiled, thinking she's such a smart ass. He finished dressing and went on downstairs. Their daughter Michelle, age 18, was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. She was built like her mother, vivid red hair, about an inch taller at five-five, and of course lighter, barely ninety pounds. He noticed her breasts were developing nicely, as had all the boys in the area from all the calls she gets. He ended up breaking down and got her own phone line. He kissed her on the top of her head, saying "Have fun at school." She muttered something, as he went on out the door to the garage, patting his wife’s ass on the way. She was leaving in about twenty minutes for her job as well.

Got to work with no problem. Entering his office, Nancy smiled and said "Ready for the weekend, George?"

He smiled, she knew he forgot as well. Damn women, they always know, don't they. "Yeah, it'll be fun. Glad we were invited. We um, won't be coming back until late Monday night, so I won't be in until sometime Tuesday morning." He went on into his office and went to work, or at least tried to. He was ahead of schedule on all his reports, nothing unusual there. Running his own accounting service, he found it paid to get things done ahead of time. He spent time on the phone, took Nancy out to lunch, and did some more work before leaving at four.

Once home, he finally settled down and thought about what was going on this weekend. He remembers now, Dave and Crystal won some sort of contest. The prize was a trip for four to a chalet in Gatlinburg, about five hours away from their home here in Cincinnati. Since they only have one c***d, a son named Keith that’s Michelle's age, they decided to invite them to go. This wasn't the first time they've gone off together. As a matter of fact, they've been doing a lot of things together the last seven or eight years.

They moved in two doors down from George and Abbie, back when the k**s were about three, and since their c***dren were the same age, well, they sort of did things together. Both Abbie and George were forty-four, while Dave and Crystal were six years younger at thirty-eight. All four of them were in relatively good shape, although none were knockouts in the looks department. George was probably about two inches taller than Dave's five-ten frame, and both weighed about the same at one-ninety.

As for the two wives, Crystal had long curly auburn hair, and she definitely wasn't cheated in the breast department. George thought many a time he would like to squeeze those melons, must be about a double-d. There was more than one occasion when Crystal rubbed them up against his body that he didn't want to just start grabbing them. His wife, on the other hand, was only about a small c at best. But he wasn't complaining, since she still was like a wildcat in bed. There's been more than one night recently that she fucked him dry, amazing even after all these years they've been married.

He also knew that Dave and Crystal still went at it hard and strong. When they went camping this summer, they shared a tent-camper for just the four of them. That was the trip that George finally got a good look at Crystal's boobs, quite by accident, he was sure. But on the second night, he was woken up by the rythmatic motion of them screwing on the other side of the camper. Of course, his wife woke as well, and soon they were going at it too. In the morning, the guys sort of k**ded each other about it, saying the usual male things, like "Thought it was a ride at Kings Island." He wondered what this weekend was going to be like.

Abbie came home at seven, another late day. He had dinner ready for her, Michelle already ate. Crystal called later that night, making sure everything was still a go. It turns out that Keith has a ballgame Saturday, so he couldn't go anyway. After Abbie hung up, and as George climbed into bed to reads some reports, Abbie said "George?"


"Do you think it's okay if Michelle and Keith spend the weekend together while we're gone?" George looked up from his paperwork, she continued, "Well I mean, they're at that age, you know."

George looked at her and said "They haven't been too close the last year or two, hormonal things, she's grown up faster than he has. And probably still is more mature. I think we can trust them." He went back to his report. She finished packing their bags, and climbed into bed next to him. He put down his papers and turned off the light, thinking, 'And if he knows what’s good for him, he'll be a gentleman' Better he doesn't say that to Abbie, though.

Work flew by the next morning, for the four hours he was there, anyhow. George got home just after eleven. Abbie about ten minutes later. Crystal came down at quarter to noon, saying that they're ready, and that Dave will pull the mini-van down in a few minutes. Soon he was pulling in the drive, and George took out their suitcase and placed it in the back. They climbed in, George in the front, with the wives in back, as they pulled out for their trip.

The conversation was the usual things, work, sports, politics, and so on, for the five hour drive. They ate at Knoxville, before getting to the exit at Sevierville. By seven, they were at the chalet after spending twenty-minutes at the rental office. Seems the office staff "lost" their registration. They ended up getting a smaller chalet, but with nicer facilities. George wondered what they meant by that.

They pulled out of the office, and after about twenty minutes of driving, and following a very bad map, Dave finally pulled up to an a-frame with the correct number on it. The wives went to the front door as George and Dave grabbed their suitcases. Walking towards the door, George noticed that they were rather high up above Gatlinburg. He remarked to Dave, "Nice view." Dave looked out from their advantage point and let out a whistle. Upon entering, George dropped their suitcase and took it all in.

When they pulled up, the d****s were drawn, even though they were off the main drive. The main room was about twenty by twenty, and on the far wall was a nice size fireplace. There were two couches and a TV. There were stairs going up to a loft on the left, and George could see from where he was standing, there was a bathroom up there. To his immediate left, was a kitchen/dining area. He saw the girls enter a doorway on the other side of the stairs, and heard Abbie go "Oh my god." He looked at Dave, and they both walked over towards the doorway the girls had entered.

Turning left and looking, both guys were impressed. The bedroom was to the left, but what the first noticed, was a room off to the right. It had a large spa sunken into the floor, completely filled, and a set of French doors leading out onto a balcony. Crystal was already out those doors, and checking out the sights. Abbie had gone to the left into the bedroom, just past the door leading into the master bath. George followed his wife, but stopped and checked the bath. It was enormous, had a walk-in shower that could hold about six people, he thought. He went on into the bedroom, and saw his wife opening a set of d****s on the right wall, revealing a two set of floor-to-ceiling windows with another set of French doors in between, leading out onto what was the same deck from the spa room, as Crystal appeared on the other side of the doors. Abbie opened them up and let her in, as Crystal said, "This place is beautiful, god, I wonder what the bigger place that we were suppose to get is like? We weren't suppose to get a spa...and look at the size of this bed!" George turned, not really noticing it at first, as Abbie and Crystal both had to use a set of steps provided to climb up onto a bed that must have measured eight feet by eight feet. The height off the floor came up to George's hips.

Damn, he thought, this thing is huge. Dave came in from the deck, his jaw dropped when he seen it, and he said "Man, did you see the view?" George nodded no, and he went out. They must have been about a thousand feet or more above Gatlinburg, and they could see all the way to Pigeon Forge. Since it just turned dark, the lights were on. Abbie and Crystal came up behind their respective husbands and each wrapped their arms around them. George was already wishing that it was just his wife and him here, and that they didn't have to share the chalet. But he resigned himself to having a good time anyway.

They piled back into the chalet, and Crystal said "Well, we might as well use the spa."

Abbie looked at her and said "But we didn't pack any swimsuits?"

"Well Abbie, nor did we. Guess we'll have to use it in the buff." Abbie looked at the husbands, George at Dave, both guys sort of shrugged their shoulders and started to peel off their shirts. Abbie still wasn't too sure of this, but as she watched her friend push her jeans down, she sighed, grabbed her top and pulled it off over her head, revealing her bra covered breasts.

George and Dave didn't wait around, probably because they were afraid that one wife or another would chicken out. They soon were completely nude, while their wives were still in their underwear. Dave and George headed for the spa, but as they passed the doorway into the living room, Dave said "Hold on. I seen something earlier that we all could use." He went off around the corner and on towards the kitchen. George went on into the spa room, and stepped down the stairs into it.

He was settled down, when his wife entered, totally nude, followed by Crystal. He had a hard time not staring at Crystal and her big breasts, as they entered the water. He enjoyed the view as both wives stepped down into the spa, their thighs parted, giving him a good view of their cunts as well. Just then, Dave came into the room ,as Abbie sat down next to her husband, and Crystal opposite her. He was carrying a ice bucket, which had a bottle of wine sticking out of it. He also had four wine glasses.

George said "Careful those don't break..."

Dave stopped him, saying, "They're plastic, seems they probably had that problem before."

He poured the wine into the glasses, as Abbie asked "Where did you get that?"

As Dave entered the spa, his meat hanging down in plain view, handing the girls each a glass, he said "I seen it on the table in the kitchen, the wine was in the fridge, as well as three more bottles."

Crystal took a sip, and proclaimed, “Good stuff, too."

Abbie took a sip of hers, as Dave handed George a glass, and she responded favorably as well, "Mmmm, this is good, and the spa feels darn good, too.

Soon the four were chattering away, forgetting they were all nude. It didn't take long before their glasses were empty, and another round was poured, as was another about twenty-minutes later. This drained the first bottle, and Dave went off to grab another. As he left, George caught his wife ogling Dave's hanging meat as he exited the spa. George smiled when Abbie realized she was caught, not only by him, but Crystal noticed as well. They all smiled and burst out laughing, the wine taking it's effect. Once Dave was back with the second bottle, another round was poured, and as Abbie sipped her latest glass full. She snuggled up to her husband, her hand roaming his thigh. He wrapped his left arm around her, his hand under the water, and he tweaked her tit. She giggled, and Crystal said with slurred speech "Hey you guys, I don't think that’s allowed."

Dave reached his arm around his wife and grabbed a handful of breast, saying "And why the fuck not?"

She blushed, as she turned and buried her face in his shoulder. Dave said "My wife is shy, she thinks her breasts aren't that good looking, what do you think, George?" George laughed, as Crystal playfully swatted her husbands hands away after he lifted her breast's out of the water.

"Well Dave, and Crystal, they look like a fine pair to me. Of course, I'm a man, I like most all breasts I see." He turned to his wife, who had a smile on her face, and he asked her "What you think, Abbie, does she have nice breasts or not?"

Abbie surprised her husband, by saying "They're big, wish I had some of them, after all," She stood up, holding her small breasts in her hands, "Mine are pretty small."

Crystal laughed, saying "Yeah, but at least you don't have to worry about them sagging to your knees."

"I don't see much sag in those pups yet, Crystal." George said, trying to give a compliment, in a strange way. They all laughed, and their conversation went back to more mundane things, such as work and the k**s. By the time the second bottle was empty, both wives were felling no pain, and both were about out of it.

Dave looked at George and asked "So who's getting the loft, and who's getting the back forty-acres in there?"

George was about to say that he and Abbie would take the smaller loft bed, but Crystal opened her eyes and said "Fuck it, that bed is big enough for all of us, and besides, we all know what sounds we make from screwing each other, and now we know what we look like bare-ass naked."

Abbie pried her eyes open, and looked at her friend, she just shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at her husband. As the two men helped their respective wives out of the spa to dry off, Abbie remarked, "Sure hope Michelle and Keith are getting along, and not fighting."

Crystal smiled and said "Yeah, that was a good idea, making them stay at your house, that way neither one can throw a party."

Oh, how they were sort of wrong. Meanwhile, back in Cincinnati, a few hours earlier. Keith came over about six, just as Michelle stepped out of the shower. Hearing the doorbell ring, she thought "Oh shit, he's here already." She had a rotten day, now she has to spend not only tonight, but the rest of the weekend with the guy from two doors down.

She wrapped her towel around her, then put on her robe, as she raced down the stairs. Wish her parents would have let her stay here alone. But they didn't trust her from having a party, nor did parents trust Keith. Although both k**s grew up together and went to the same school, they've taken a sort of dislike towards each other. They use to get along fine, but the last two years has been constant bickering. Almost like they're siblings. She figured that their parents must think that since they have not gotten along lately, that maybe they would make sure that neither would get into trouble.

Michelle opened the door, finding Keith on the other side. He didn't have a smile, and he just walked right past her and plopped on the couch. She thought, "Well, hello to you too, asshole." As she walked past him to go back upstairs to change, she said, without looking at him, "Theirs a twenty on the coffee-table, grab the phone and order us a pizza while I get some clothes on, I'll eat anything on mine, but anchovies."

She was up the stairs before he could say anything. He just sighed, thinking that he wished he didn't have to spend the weekend with that bitch. She's gotten so snobby lately. Keith was a good five inches taller than his father already, and about ten pounds heavier. But he is in great shape, thanks to wrestling in the winter, and track in the spring. He has already been on a few dates, and has even gotten as far as sticking his finger up Betty Jennings twat, as she sucked him off.

He dialed the pizza place, and placed an order. By the time Michelle returned downstairs, the delivery guy was there, and Keith was paying for the pizza. He closed the door and looked at Michelle. She was wearing a nightie, her red hair flowing down on her shoulders. Keith's testosterone level shot up, and he could feel his meat swell in his sweatpants. He cleared his throat, and carried the pizza into the dining room, telling Michelle, "Why don't you get us some plates, and I'll have a coke." She grumbled, thinking why didn't he get them while she was dressing, asshole. She also noticed the tent forming in his seats, and a smile came across her face, thinking, this could be fun, making him suffer.

As she went into the kitchen, she thought of her latest boyfriend, Mark Lanier. That guy had a nice schlong, and Michelle had already tasted it a few times. Mark has worked his fingers into her snatch as well, getting her off on the third time he tried that. She sure wished she had a bit bigger breasts, but as her mom told her, she inherited those from her side of the f****y. She carried the plates and a coke for him and one for her into the dining room. Keith grabbed one of the plates and piled half the pizza on it.

Grabbing his coke, he went off into the living room. He sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote, and flicked it onto a hockey game. Michelle took a few pieces, and sat at the table, drinking her coke and eating her pizza, wondering if dodo head had a real life. She was thinking of something to do, when the idea from earlier hit her again. Once done, she went into the laundry room and peeled off her panties and bra. She then grabbed the duster, and headed off into the dining room. She said to Keith, "Well, I've got to clean the house up, you go ahead and watch the game." He just grunted. She started in the dining room, dusting off the shelves. Keith heard her, and all too well. What she mean, clean the house? He had been over plenty of times before, and never seen it this clean, but he kept a straight face and went on watching the game.

When she entered the living room, he didn't even look at her, at least not directly. She bent over to pick up a magazine off the coffee table, giving him a clear shot down her nightie, letting him know that yes, she was stark naked under that thing. He didn't say a thing, just sort of looked around her at the TV.

She glanced up, and noticed his attention towards the television, and thought, damn, he didn't even fucking notice. What a bozo! She went to the side of the television, and dusted off the bookshelf, reaching high above her head. Although he was looking straight ahead, his eyes wandered to check out her latest pose. His cock was starting to swell again, luckily the sweatpants were loose so it didn't restrict his movement.

She turned and went on to the side of the room, wiping off a stand by the couch. Keith couldn't look that way, it would be too obvious, and he already figured out she was playing a game. From where she was standing, dusting away, she could look at him though. And she could see his hands cover his crotch. But she was surprised when she seen the size of the bulge in his sweats. Shit, she thought, his thingy is huge. Her boyfriend’s only about five inches, and he told her he was average. Now she was curious to see it.

In all the girl talk she has had with her friends, she had heard about cock size. Some guys have lot more than others. She also was told that five inches is not that big, but she didn't want to say anything to her current boyfriend, since he was the first to feel her up, and to get her off. As she stood there, she heard the phone ring in her bedroom, breaking her trance. She said, as she rushed for the stairs, "That’s mine in the bedroom."

Keith said "Okay" as he watched her trot by and up the stairs, causing her nightie to fly up, giving him a good view of her bare ass. He felt his cock throb, damn he would like some of that, too bad she'll never go for it.

Michelle grabbed the phone, and said "Hello?"

"Hi Michelle, it's me, Candy."

"Hi Hon, what you doing?" Michelle went and closed the door, not wanting Keith to hear their conversation.

"Not much, is Keith there still?"

She sighed "Yeah, unfortunately. I hate my parents for this."

"I don't blame you. This would have been a good weekend for a party with your parents gone. Not to mention giving Mark a chance to pop your cherry."

"Candy! Come on, I'm not sure if I want him to do that."

"Why not? He's got the equipment, doesn't he?"

She thought of Keith down on the couch "Well yeah, sort of."

"What you mean girl, sort of?"

She giggled, "He ain't all that big."

"You said you enjoyed the taste though."

"Yeah, and he does have good fingers, they found the right buttons.", she repiled with a girlish giggle.

"Then you gonna let him do it?"

"I...I...I don't know..."

"What's Keith doing?"

"He's down on the couch watching a hockey game, and trying to hide a big hardon."


"You heard me....I've been teasing the shit out of him."

"You better be big?"

"Well, not sure, I'm guessing about nine inches, is that big?"

There was silence on the other end. Candy asked "Are you sure?"

"Well yeah, his hands are long, and he couldn't cover it, it was sticking down his leg towards his knee."

"Oh my god, Michelle, if it's down the side of his leg, he probably ain't even hard all the way yet."

"Well, he is sort of holding it down."

Candy started laughing, Michelle felt hurt, and asked "What’s so funny?"

"Nothing dear, but if he has to hold it down, you might want to reconsider your idea about teasing him. I don't think you want him to attack you, that thing would split your twat in two."

"Oh...I didn't know." More giggling, and Michelle started giggling as well. She added "I bet I could get him real flustered."

"Michelle, you be careful, that could be dangerous."

"I'm a big girl, Candy."

"And so is he....maybe I should come over, sort of give you a hand. May prevent him from doing anything rash."

"Yeah right. I know you, Candy. You're such a slut, you would try seeing how big he is."

"Actually, sounds like he may be big enough for both if us."

An idea hit her, two pussies teasing him, not a bad idea. "Okay Candy, come on over."

"What? you serious?"

"Sure, maybe you're right."

"Gee Michelle, I don't know."

"Either put up or shut up."

"Listen, let me call you back in a bit."

The phone went dead. Michelle thought, what a bitch, all talk and no action. She placed the phone in the receiver and opened her door and headed downstairs. Keith was still on the couch, another can of coke in hand, or at least so she thought. She then realized that it was a can of her dads beer.

She went up to him, as he was watching TV, asking "What the fuck you doing, drinking my dads beer?" He looked at the can, then at her.

"Well, I guess I'm drinking it, why don't you go get one yourself." She trudged off towards the kitchen, knowing she had better not try taking it. Keith watched her leave in a huff, smiling. He knew that would get her goat. He went back watching the hockey game, as she went around the room, pretending to straighten things up. His pecker was twitching again, seeing her scantily clad body walking around. He tried hiding his erection, but it was no use.

Michelle went into the kitchen, grabbed a coke and came and sat down on the couch at the other end from him. She sat with her knees pulled up, letting her nightie ride up, just barely covering her bare ass. Keith caught site of it, and had a hell of a time controlling himself from smiling. Michelle asked "Who's winning?"

"The Maple Leafs, 4 to 2."

She decided to be cute "What inning?"

Keith knew better, so he decided to play along, he answered "Second, nobody on, and no outs."

Smart ass, thought Michelle. She noticed his thing was really making a tent now. The phone rang again in her room. She bounced up and went back upstairs.


"Michelle? Candy. Hey, I just talked to Kate Simmons, who is friends with Betty Jennings. She told her that he has one hell of a cock, but is rather inexperienced, and get this, she thinks he's still a virgin."

"So what?"

"Well, you might want to be careful....why don't I come over?"

She sighed, "Okay Candy, come on by, but make it look good."

Michelle went back downstairs. Keith had another beer, still watching the game. Michelle smiled at him, as he looked at her. She went into the kitchen, and found that that is his third. Damn, she may have some fun with him. Coming back into the living room, she sat down on the couch, and as he was watching the screen, she said "A friend of mine, Candy Stoll, is coming over, she's going to spend the night, is that okay?"

Keith kept watching the game, and said "Why should I care."

Keith was thinking, yeah, Candy, I know her, big tits, and a nice ass. On the track team and swimming team. Very nice legs. Damn, wonder if she'll put on a show as well. After about thirty minutes of silence, the doorbell rang, and Michelle flew up and answered it.

"Candy, glad you could make it." they walked past the couch and on towards the stairs. Michelle turned to Keith as they passed and said "Well, you know where everything is, go ahead and help yourself." He nodded okay, thinking there was something he would like to help himself to. Candy was disappointed when she seen his lap, although he did have a nice package, it was limp at the moment. When they got upstairs, they closed the door behind them.

"Shit Michelle, he ain't hard."

She laughed, "Well, I've been good since I talked to you. What did you bring to wear." There was a blank look on Candy's face, "Never mine, you can borrow one of my nightie‘s. I'll get one out while you get those clothes off." She turned as Candy pulled her sweater off and dropped her pants. She found one, but since she is five inches shorter than Candy, she knew it would only came down about six inches below her ass. She turned to Candy, seen she was in her bra and panties, and said "Go ahead and get those off, lets do this good." Candy smiled and reached behind her, unclasping her bra and pulling it off, letting her full 38d breasts fall forward. "Damn Candy, those will get him hard again in no time." Candy smiled and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down, revealing her blonde pussy. She grabbed the nightie from Michelle, and pulled it on, and stood up. She said "Ready for some fun?" Michelle said "Slow down, lets give him some time. Don't want him to become suspicious."

Downstairs, Keith drained the beer. He got up and went into the kitchen and pulled out another. Damn, this is a bummer. Two little bimbos that won't even give him the time of day, and he knows they're going to tease the hell out of him. He returned to the couch, and sat down, flipping through the channels, now that the game was over, he was trying to find something else to watch. When the girls finally came down the stairs, he definitely had something to see.

Back in Gatlinburg, Dave & Crystal, and George and Abbie had crawled into the bed. All were butt naked, and all were feeling no pain. Crystal looked up at the far wall, at what she thought was a big picture frame with the canvas just painted gray. As Dave handed her another glass of wine, she asked "Why would anyone paint a picture with just gray paint, and no features."

George, who was staring at her tits, looked up at what she was looking at, and started to chuckle. Abbie, not knowing what it was, said "What?"

Dave answered her, saying "That’s a television ladies. It's one of those flat screen jobs. I'm sure there's a remote around somewhere."

George looked to his right at the nightstand, and said "Here you go." He picked up a remote for the TV, pointed it at the TV and clicked the on button. The screen came alive, and he horridly turned down the sound.

Dave asked "See what you can find, George.", as he took a sip from his wine glass.

Abbie said "That may not be a good idea, he'll never stop anywhere long enough to see what’s on."

Crystal giggled, and said "Sounds like my Dave."

George ignored them both, as they continued talking, the two of them next to each other, their husbands at their sides. He found a ball game, and both girls in unison, said "No." He went by about three movies, all bl**d and guts type, another ball game, some infomercial shows, another gory movie, some network programming not worth watching, another ball game.

Dave said "Why not a ball game?"

Crystal said "Find a movie, something romantic."

Bad thing to say. Unaware to them, they were on a cable system that catered to adult viewing. After two more clicks, they were greeted to a porno. George said "Here you go."

And Dave replied "Yeah, that’s romantic."

As a blonde was getting her cunt frilled by some big black guy. George was expecting to hear his wife order him to change the channels, but instead, she said "Damn, look at the size of that cock. And I thought my George was big."

"It's even bigger than yours, Dave." Crystal added, causing Dave to blush.

The tits on the blonde were shaking wildly from the pounding her snatch was getting, and George said "She's got a healthy pair."

"Oh really." Said Abbie.

Shit, thought George, "But not as good as yours, dear." He lowered his mouth to her right breast and flicked his tongue over the exposed nipple.

"George, we're in bed with Dave and Crystal."

He brought his head up, and looked at the other couple, and then at his wife, "So, they can do what they want."

Dave laughed, and cupped his wife's big left breast, and stared sucking away.

"See, they're doing it too." He added as he parted her thighs and worked a finger in her slit, finding it already wet. Dave must have done the same thing, for Crystal's legs jumped when he placed his hand there.

"Oh shit, George, that feels good." Abbie said, as she watched the blonde now taking one in the ass and one in the cunt. She wondered how that would feel. Damn wine, making her think these naughty things. George moved his body down hers, kissing her tummy before coming to rest at her snatch. He was surprised how wet she was, and even more surprised when she kicked the covers off, revealing his eating habits to the other couple. But they were in a world of their own. Dave was on top of his wife in a sixty-nine already. His long, slim dick going in and out of her mouth.

Abbie pulled her husbands head up and said "Honey, lets do that, too." He smiled, as she crawled over him, taking his meat in her hands and started sucking away as she lowered her snatch to his waiting lips. She glanced over to Dave and Crystal, and noticed that although George was about double in thickness, Dave was a good three inches longer, at about ten inches in length. She was happily sucking away, as he worked her clit.

Crystal also was comparing the packages. She was happy her husband had a long tool, but was excited to see George had a shorter fat one. Both women started moaning at the same time, and it wasn't long before they both orgasmed, their screams muffled by the cocks in their mouths. The guys wanted to dip their wicks. So they got up, and Dave had Crystal on all fours, as George had Abbie on her back, with the girls laying inches from each other, Abbie's head just a few inches beyond Crystals rear, and Crystal the same with Abbie.

The guys were drilling away, and with the mirror above the headboard, they both could watch the porno. After about ten minutes of hard pussy pounding, sending the girls into orgasm as they watched each others cunt get royally fucked, the guys finally let loose with their loads, thrusting deep into their wives. They all collapsed forward into a heap, a tangle of arms and legs. All four, worn out by the activities and the consumption of too much wine, were soon fast asl**p. They even pulled the covers over themselves in their sl**p once they cooled down.

Back in Cincinnati, the girls came down the stairs, and Keith about died. It took a lot of self-control to keep his jaw from hitting his belly. Candy was now dressed the same as Michelle, and her nightie was even shorter. As they passed between him and the TV, they carried on some sort of conversation that he was totally ignoring. His meat jumped to attention, growing about an inch per second. His hands flew to his pants and covered the forming tent. Once the girls were in the kitchen, they had to stiffle a giggle, as Candy whispered "Wow, did you see his prick grow while we walked by?"

Michelle said "Shhh, he might hear you." She opened up the fridge, and pulled out three beers, handing one to Candy. "Come on, lets offer him one."

"Wait, what are we going to do?"

"Well, I figure we'll tease him until we get him d***k enough to pass out."

A smile came to Candy's face, "Then can we take a peak at it?"

"Candy!" She smiled, and said "Oh all right, god, you're such a slut." Candy followed Michelle out of the kitchen, each taking a swig of the beer. Neither one liked the taste, but both though to themselves that it was a good cover.

Michelle went over to Keith and said "Here, a peace offering," as she handed him a fresh one, "We want to make sure you don't tell on me for having Candy over."

Like he was going to do that. He knew better, but he killed the old one and crushed the can, and took the fresh one. Damn, he was feeling very lightheaded already. And why were they looking at him like that?

The two girls sat on the floor in front of him, not even pretending to show modesty as they did so. He was amazed when he got a glimpse of Candy's massive left tit. And even more so when she sat cross-legged, revealing a partial beaver shot. He pretended to watch TV, as he turned and switched off the lamp next to him, hoping this would enable him to be able to look some more, and also to hide his massive hard organ.

The girls smiled at each other, and Keith seen this. What are these two up to. Every ten minutes or so, one or the other would get up, and they weren't being very lady like either. He got a good view of both their naked genitals whenever they did so. His cock was starting to beg for relief. He also had to piss like a race horse, as the four or five beers he's drank so far were taking their toll.

He stood up and staggered towards the kitchen, and made it to the bathroom. He didn't bother closing the door, just flipped the lid up and waited for some of the swelling to go down so he could pee. As he was about there, he knew he heard someone come into the kitchen, followed by a gasp, but he didn't turn around. The piss started flowing out of his half-erect dick, a cock that was about six inches at this state. He sighed in relief, and once done, he gave it a good shake, as he heard whoever was watching leave the kitchen, after raiding the fridge.

The person in the kitchen was Michelle, she watched him pee, thinking oh my god, what a monster. He's bigger than her boyfriend when he's soft. When he was done, she grabbed some more beer and hurried back into the living room, and whispering to her friend, "You should see it, he was taking a pee with the door open, it hung down this far." She parted her hands to show her.

"Damn," said Candy, "I want to see it, too." Just then, Keith emerged from the dining room, he heard her comment, but feigned ignorance, as the girls playfully swatted each other.

Keith was thinking, so what does she want to see. When he picked up his beer, another fresh one, both girls looked at him and were all smiles. Shit, I wonder what would happen if I acted like I was asl**p. He smiled inside, and stretched out on the couch. The girls kept talking, giving him free shots, his pecker growing as he thought about drilling either one of their hot mouths, or better yet, their tight, young cunts.

Eventually, he played it right, closing his eyes, and breathing slowly. He heard Michelle speak, "I think he's out."

"Good, I want to see it."

"Hold on, what if he wakes up?"

"Who cares!" She said, as he heard both crawl over to his prone body on the couch. He felt fingers on his waistband. He grunted, thinking it would make it look like he was asl**p. The fingers froze in place. Another hand took his hands and pulled them off his lap. "Oh my god, Michelle, look at it."

"Lets see it when it's uncovered." Michelle said, not believing she said that. She was a bit scared, not sure if she wanted this to go any farther. He felt hands tugging his sweats down, two pair. It took about five minutes for them to slowly get his meat uncovered.

"Wow Candy, will you look at that. Have you ever seen one this big?"

She giggled, "No, at least not in flesh."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I've seen some porno’s, and this is still probably bigger than them. What you think, ten inches? maybe eleven?"

Michelle reached forward with her hand, and gently picked up the head of his sausage. "Definitely over ten, probably closer to eleven. And it feels so heavy."

"I bet that would stretch you out." She looked at her friend, slowly wrapping her small hand around the shaft, and giving a slight jerk, "What you doing, Michelle? He might wake up?"

"Come on Candy, you wanted to see it, I bet you would like to taste it as well."


Keith stirred, the feeling of Michele jerking his meat was a bit much, but he decided to keep his eyes closed, not wanting to stop the game. The girls froze at his movement, but both of them relaxed.

"Come on Candy, bet you can't suck him off. What’s the matter? Never had a mouthful of prick before?"

"Not that big, and I know I can't get it all in my mouth anyway."

Keith was thinking, so, she's sucked cock, hope to hell she sucks mine. He got his wish, as Candy said "Okay, let me have it." He felt Michelle hand his meat to her friend, and a very warm mouth cover the head of his prick.

"Come on Candy, you can take more of that." Michelle drooped her hand to her crotch, subconsciously, as she rubbed her bare pubic mound. Candy snorted, giving Michelle a glare, as she lowered her mouth even lower. Keith was in heaven. Here some blonde big-titted bimbo was sucking him off. He had a hard time keeping from reaching down and pulling her head onto his prick. Candy was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, and he was starting to thrust his hips, while still pretending to sl**p. Michelle giggled, saying "I bet he's having one hell of a dream, Candy."

Candy placed a hand on his big balls and started massaging them gently. Keith let out a moan, enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth and tongue. She paused, making sure he was still asl**p, then continued. Her free hand worked down to her crotch, and she started fingering herself. Michelle seen what she was doing, and suddenly realized she was doing the same thing, without even knowing it. She sat up against the couch, watching her friend blow her neighbor and fingering her quim, as she did the same.

Candy felt his cock starting to throb, and knew he was close. She wasn't sure if she should take it in her mouth or not, but the answer was short coming, as Keith's cock exploded, sending a torrent of come into her mouth. She gagged and brought her hand from her crotch, grabbing his meat with both hands. Michelle noticed her finger was glistening from her wetness, as Candy tried hard to keep up with the flood in her mouth. Keith sent six bursts into her mouth, the last two causing some to leak out. She was thinking that he didn't taste all that bad, compared to other cocks she had had. Michelle forgot about her own clit, and leaned up to wipe the overflow from Candy's lips and chin, and taking her fingers into her mouth and licking them clean.

The two of them giggled as they looked at each other, Candy's mouth still full of his meat. Once she sensed he was done, she took it out of her mouth, causing Keith to moan. Michelle said "I think he liked that."

Candy smiled, and noticed as she was still jerking his meat, she said back "Why don't you try a taste, there still should be some more. Music to Keith's ears.

""Nah, I don't think so."

"Come on Michelle, I did it. Or do you want to bust your cherry on it."

"Candy! He's too big!"

"So what?! The bigger the better for your first time. That way the next one won't hurt so much."

She grabbed his schlong, it jumped to her touch. "Come on Michelle, go for it."

"You've already lost your cherry, haven’t you?"

"Yeah, to Bobby Price, the little shit."

"I knew it, no one believed him when he bragged about it."

"It wasn't much, he was in and came in about ten seconds."

Keith wanted to laugh, boy did he want to laugh. Michelle , while still slowly jerking his meat, said "I'll tell you what, you try him first, then if he fits you, I'll try him."

Candy looked at the prick, and at Michelle, "Okay, deal." She then looked around, "But first, lets get him on the floor, it'll be a hell of a lot easier that way."

"How we going to do that without waking him up?"

Candy laughed "Don't be silly, I just gave him one hell of a blowjob, if he ain't waking up from that, he won't wake up from us getting him to the floor." She looked at Keith’s face, thinking she saw him smile. She went by his face and said "Keith, come on honey, time for bed." She pulled his arm gently. Keith knew he better do a good job of acting, he mumbled something unintelligible, as she got him to sit up. She turned to Michelle and smiled, saying "I've watched my mom enough when she gets dad moving after he's had too much to drink. All men are alike." Keith started to lean forward, and Michelle was in front of him. He didn't stop, as his momentum carried him into her, with her ending on her back, her nightie pushed up above her waist, and him on top, his sweats down below his crotch, his hard cock pushing against her belly.

She squeaked out to Candy "Help get him off of me." Keith couldn't resist getting a handful of tit, and snuggling his face up to it. Michelle froze, as did Candy.

When he didn't move, Candy said "Okay, be still," She went to his ear and said "Come on Keith, roll over." She pushed on his shoulder, and he d***kenly did as was asked, ending up sprawled on his back, his meat pointing towards his chin. "Are you okay, Michelle?"

She sat up, and exhaled, "Yeah, guess so," she looked at his swollen pecker, "Doesn't look like I hurt him any." Both giggled, and Candy sat on the other side of him, grabbing his manhood.

"It's softened up a bit, why don't you go get some lubricant, while I get him good and hard again. Or do you want to try a taste?"

Michelle looked at her friend, "Lubricant?"

"Yes silly, that thing will need some help getting up either of our cunts."

"Oh, there’s some Vaseline in the upstairs medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you go get it, I want to see how he tastes."

Candy got up, smiling. Happy to see that she is interested in trying. Michelle reached for his pecker as Candy went off, and thought, well, here goes nothing. She had problems getting the head past her lips, his cock was so damn big. Once her jaw adjusted, she started swirling her tongue and bobbing her head. She felt his cock grow, expanding in her sweet, young mouth. After about two minutes, Candy was back down. She sat down next to them and said "Here, you've done a good job, lets put some of this on.

She handed her the jar of Vaseline, after scooping some into her hand. Michelle dipped her fingers into the jar, and applied a liberal amount to the cockhead, as she watched Candy stuff her lubricated fingers up her snatch.

"Will that help?"

"Fucking hope so."

Keith was breathing heavy, in anticipation of his first fuck. God, he couldn't believe this was happening to him. Candy straddled his hips, and raised hers. She said to Michelle, "Grab it while I steady myself, and guide it to my cunt." Michelle grabbed it, as Candy pulled her nightie off, revealing her nude form. She lowered her hips down, feeling the cockhead enter her vagina. A shot of pain went through her, she had only had intercourse three times, and this is by far the biggest cock she has ever had.

Michelle noticed her grimace, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said, as she settled down another inch, "I'll be ...have to get use to it...oh god..." she felt a wave building inside of her. Shit, she only has three inches in, and already her body wants to orgasm. She arched her neck back, and moaned softly, as she slid her body down his love stick. When she bottomed out, a massive orgasm racked through her body. Michelle was worried she was hurting, but the smile on Candy's face told her otherwise. She realized what happened.

"Damn Candy, it feels that good?"

"Oh god Michelle, it feels wonderful, so fucking filling....oh god..." She started rising and falling slowly, and gyrating her hips. Keith felt like his pecker was in a vise, she was so tight. He was hoping he lasts to try Michelle, he so much wants to bust her cherry. He felt her cunt spasm again, as another orgasm hit, she moaned even louder. Michelle was impressed. Candy sat up, and started balling her own breasts, as she started riding with abandon. Since Keith had already came in her mouth, he wasn't near ready to come again. He did mumble something, but the girls were transfixed, Candy doing her riding, and Michelle watching that big cock disappear and reappear from her friends tight cunt.

Candy screamed out once more, then collapsed forward, panting heavily. Her hips were still involuntarily bucking on Keith’s shaft, making him feel rather good. Michelle grabbed her arm, and said "Are you okay, Candy?"

"I think I went to heaven." She pushed her self up with her hands. Keith moved his hands down to her hips and moaned. She had a puzzled look on her face, and then a smile. "Damn, he must be dreaming of doing it."

Michelle giggled, "That, or he's so out of it, he doesn't know it's happening for real."

Keith kept his smile to himself, letting them think he doesn't know what’s going on. "Come on Candy, I think I want to try it."

Candy turned her head, and leaned over and kissed her friend on the forehead. "Candy! What was that for?"

"For letting me come over." She moaned as she raised her hips up, leaving just the head planted firmly in her twat. She moaned even louder when she dropped down, smashing her cunt down onto his thighs. He let out a grunt. The girls froze, but then Michelle said "Come on, I think I can take it."

"Well, I'm not sure, not sure I want to share."

"You bitch, why should you have all the fun?"

"Hey, you didn't want to a little while ago."

"Well, I..." She looked at where Keith’s body joined Candy's, " I do now. Now come on, let me try."

She raised her ass up high, let out a sigh, letting his cock fall out of her cunt, making a popping sound when it vacated it's warm cave. "Okay, but you better put on more Vaseline on him, and a shit load in you."

Michelle smiled as she dipped her fingers back into the jar of Vaseline, and stuffed them up her cunt. Candy took some and re-greased his pole. Keith let out another moan. Michelle straddled his hips, and raised her ass. Candy took his meat in her hands and had Michelle lower her cunt until the head was at the door of her womanhood.

"Okay, Michelle, just lower down a bit." She did as she was told, and she felt the head of his dick enter her, sliding in rather easily so far. Her cunt felt like it was already full, and she only had a inch in her. "Here, you balance yourself, I'll make it feel better." With that, Candy took her fingers and started massaging her friends clit. Michelle's eyes flew open, not expecting her friend to do such a thing.

"Candy, what you doing?"

"You'll need some help, this will make it feel better as you go down." She continued her finger work, and Keith was wishing he could open his eyes and watch. "Whenever you're ready, go ahead and take more of it."

Michelle dropped another two inches, causing her to exhale from the stretching of her pussy walls. She felt the tip stop at her hymen, and said "It's stopped."

Candy giggled, "Well, you are a virgin, go ahead and raise up, then drop down and break it." Candy's fingers were making her feel damn good, as she raised her hips and dropped down, sending his prick through her hymen and a sharp pain through her body, causing her to scream out. She felt Candy kissing her on the cheek, and whispered into her ear, "There, the pain will go away in a second. Congratulations, you're no longer a virgin."

She relaxed, her pussy slid down a few more inches, until she was sitting on his lap. She never felt so full, and with her friends fingers, she was almost ready to have an orgasm. She started moving her hips like she seen Candy do it, and soon she was moaning in ecstasy, as she felt her pussy spasm and clamp down on his prick. Keith was beside himself. He had already been given a great blowjob, had one girl ride him to her own pleasure, and now had just taken another girls cherry. He was trying to think what to do next.

After about five minutes of Michelle riding his cock, sending her into another orgasm, he reached up and grabbed her breasts, giving them a good squeeze. Michele, who had her eyes closed, said "Oh Candy, that feels so good how you squeeze them."

Candy looked down at Keith’s face, to see his eyes open. "Um...Michelle honey, those aren't my hands."

Michelle opened her eyes and looked down at Keith’s smiling face, his eyes half-open. She didn't care, she was enjoying the ride. And now she was happy to know that a great ride lived a few doors down. She closed her eyes and went back to riding. Candy giggled, put her face over Keith's, and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Well, I don't know how long you been awake, but now that you are," She swung her leg over his head, and gently lowered her sweet cunt to his face, "You might as well do some work."

He moaned in appreciation, as his tongue darted around her pussy. This was the first pussy he ever ate, and she helped him along by moving her cunt to where she wanted him to lick. The two girls hugged each other, kissing and massaging their breasts. Candy started squirming more, as she soon had an orgasm, flooding Keith's face with her juices. Michelle was also in the throes of another powerful come, as she was moaning loudly, too. Keith felt his pecker throb, and the rush of his sperm up his shaft. He felt her cunt grip his cock and milk his second load deep up her cunt, sending her into another orgasm.

Both girls rolled off of him, and he propped himself up on his elbow, his cock deflating a bit from this round. He wanted to taste Michelle's red snatch, so he crawled over between her thighs and started licking away. Michelle moaned, and opened her thighs more, as he worked a finger, then two, up her tight snatch. He could feel his gobs of come, as they were being pushed put by her muscle spasms.

Candy moved down and took his deflated cock in her mouth. He was still about five inches, she thought that he was bigger soft than most guys hard. After about twenty minutes of slurping, Candy got Keith hard, and Michelle got a few more orgasms. Candy released his prick, and crawled up his body, whispering in his ear, "Do me doggie style, while I sixty-nine with Michelle."

Keith about died. He couldn't believe his ears. He sat up, and Candy replaced his lips on Michelle’s sweet snatch with her own tongue. He went up Michelle's body, kissing and massaging her small, full breasts. His hands stayed on her lovely young tits, as she placed his lips on hers, and f***ed his tongue into her mouth. She tasted her own juices on his lips and tongue, and then realized that someone else was taking care of her cunt. She moaned though, not wanting her friend to stop what she was doing.

He broke the kiss, as Candy pushed his head away form Michelle's face. Without removing her mouth from her slit, she swung around, and had her sopping wet bush over her friends waiting mouth. Michelle opened her eyes, seen what was above her, and grabbed her friends hips and lowered her down to her waiting mouth.

Keith sat back in awe. Here were two girls going lesbo, and he was hard as a rock. Both girls were making moaning sounds, as he got up behind Candy's upturned ass, and with one hand on her ass, he used the other to guide his pole up into the friendly confines of her tight hot box. He started fucking her gently and slowly, but even that was causing her to grunt, as his meat stretched her out again. But she wasn't arguing, as she loved the feeling of it plowing her cunt as her friend licked her twat.

Keith liked the feeling of Michelle's tongue as it licked his dick while he fucked. Both girls were primed for another gut wrenching orgasm, and soon Keith felt Candy and heard Michelle, as both came at the same time. Keith picked up the pace, sending her tits bouncing wildly under her. Michelle reached for them and started squeezing them hard, and pinching her nipples.

He could feel a load forming in his balls, as he increased the speed. Candy was crying out, saying "Fuck me hard, damn you, fill me with your jisz." He didn't need anymore encouragement, as he grunted and made one final thrust, sending his load deep inside of her and her off into another orgasm. Both of them collapsed, on top of poor Michelle, who just had an orgasm by watching the action inches from her face.

Michelle was the first to speak, all worn out, she said "Why don't we go to my room, the bed is big enough for the three of us." They all smiled, as they helped each other up, and then up the stairs they went, piling into her bedroom and crawling under the covers, a girl on each side. Soon, all three were asl**p, exhausted from the evenings activities, with Keith hoping for some more in the morning.

The sun rose early in the Smokies, but there wasn't a creature stirring in the chalet the two couples were sharing until late in the morning. The view of the bed wasn't much, an arm sticking out there, a foot over there, but it was obvious that there was more than two people under those blankets. The TV never was shut off. Another porno was on, but the sound was off.

Abbie was the first to wake, and the sight she saw! Her face was about a foot from Dave's cock, and being a man and it was morning, it was at full attention. She looked at it for a bit, getting up the nerve to touch another mans prick. With a smile, she slowly reached for it, grasping the head in her hands. She tugged gently, and it throbbed in her hands. She wasn't too sure what to do next, Dave let out a low moan, as she massaged it.

She softly crawled over to it, as she felt her husband, his head down by her feet, roll away in his sl**p. She took the head into her mouth, getting a taste of his meat with the juices of her friend still on it. Last night was a haze, she remembers drinking lots, and her and George making love next to Dave and Crystal while they did the same. She didn't think it went beyond that, but wasn't sure. Dave, who was on his side, moaned and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. She felt his hand come to the back of her head, as she started sucking away on his long shaft.

George and Crystal both woke up when Dave rolled over, and looked at each other, their faces about two feet away. They heard the slurping noise, and they lifted the covers to see the back of Abbie's head, buried in Dave's crotch. George was stunned, here his wife was sucking on a cock that wasn't his. But he was stunned even more when Crystal leaned over and gave him a kiss. They exchanged tongues, as their hands worked over each others bodies. George found her big breasts, kneading them gently. Her hand was on his thick cock, jerking him at a slow pace. They broke their kiss, and soon were in a sixty-nine, with George on top. He was giving her clit a good licking, as she was to his dick.

Dave was finally awake, and he looked at the two in a heated sixty-nine. He then noticed that the woman had big breasts, just like his wife. Then it dawned on him, but who was sucking his schlong so damn good? He raised the covers, and seen the red hair. Oh shit, Abbie. She lifted her face up, and smiled as best she could with a mouth full of his cock. She released it from her mouth, and said "Shhh, you might wake them." She went back to sucking him, as he dropped his head and chuckled. She hadn't noticed the other two were going at it, yet. He reached down and started playing with one of her small breasts, finding the feel of them rather nice.

She knew something was up, when she heard Crystal moaning, pretty loud with a dick in her mouth. She turned her head, and saw Crystals body, with another body on top of her. Didn't take her long to figure out what was up. She felt the cock in her mouth throb hard, and soon she was greeted with a mouth full of come. She heard the familiar grunting of her husband, signaling he was filling Crystals mouth with his load. Abbie swallowed, keeping up with his spurts. Once she got the last drop, she pulled his dick from her mouth. She then crawled up on to of him, reached down between her legs and guided his meat into her hungry cunt. He reached up and kissed her on the lips, as he grabbed her small breasts, twisting her hard nipples.

She moaned softly, as he started thrusting up into her with his long shaft, and as she moved her hips. She looked over at her husband and Crystal. He was up and had her legs pushed up, her knees at the side of her breasts, as he plunged his thick member deep into her waiting hot pussy.

The sounds of sex was making them all even hotter, as they were riding each other hard and fast. All were breaking a sweat, as they approached their respective climax. Both women went first, crying out in passion at the same time. Their pussy's clamping down on their vaginal invaders, sending the men into orgasms, as they grunted loudly as they came, sending spurt after spurt into the pussy's they were servicing.

All four were exhausted after the morning sexual antics. Abbie raised her head, and looked at Crystal, and said "Good morning, have a good ride?"

Crystal smiled back, and said "Oh yes, it was a pleasant journey." She stretched her arms above her head, as George took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Dave did the same to Abbie, causing a slight moan to escape from her lips. She said "I don't know why, but I seen that prick of his right there when I woke up, and I just had to have a taste."

The other three chuckled, as George said "That’s okay dear, we all had to try a bit of tasting this morning." They all laughed, and started rolling around in the big bed. Eventually, the girls were between the two men, with Dave next to Abbie and George next to Crystal. The guys playfully rubbed the girls bodies with their hands, exploring each set of tits and cunts, as the girls took turns fondling the genitals of the guys.

Dave looked over to his wife, and asked "You get jealous?"

She blushed, "At first, but then George and I started in, and well...."

George said "Same was nice, but I still prefer my wife."

"Thank you, dear," replied Abbie, a smile coming to her face, "Although I enjoyed trying a new cock on, I much prefer the one I'm more use too."

Crystal thought for a moment, and said "I think it's best that we remember who we're married to, that this is okay, but not to hurt our relationship with our spouse."

"I agree" said Dave, as he worked two fingers into Abbie's sopping wet cunt, "Even though we're having sex with another person other than our spouse, it's not like we're making love. It's more for the pleasure."

George lifted Crystal's leg, and squeezed his cock back into her hot box again, saying "Yeah, and I'm ready for some more pleasure." The wives laughed, as Dave did the same with Abbie. Soon, the guys were pounding away again, as they each were sucking on the nipple closest to them, with they're other hand across to their respective wife, grabbing the free breast. Each wife had their fingers in their crotch, fingering their clit, as they were all working to another orgasm. Abbie came first, her cunt clasping on Dave's tool, followed by George, who again flooded Crystal's cunt. The feeling of his spurting monster sent her over the edge, just as her husband drained another load deep in Abbie.

They all rested for awhile, before Abbie decided it was time to get up. She said "You know, I think we should go shopping, Crystal." She sat up, Dave's spent cock plopping out of her well oiled cunt. She grabbed his dick, and added, "Besides, we can leave the guys here, maybe they'll get rested up for some more fun this evening." Crystal and Abbie jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Dave and George alone in the sack, finally noticing the porno on TV.

Dave reached for the remote, and said "Guess we won't need that for awhile." Both laughed, as they climbed out of bed, heading for the spa. They stepped down in, as they heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. Both women climbed in together, the shower being so big and all. They helped clean each other off, then once done, dried off together. Exiting the bathroom, they looked at the guys, who were relaxing in the spa.

Crystal asked "You guys going to come with us? You'll need to get something to eat eventually."

Dave started to say something, but Abbie seen the look on his face, and cut him short, saying "Besides pussy."

The guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Each knew they couldn't complain, not after this morning and how well the ladies took care of them. They got out of the spa, and got dressed, and soon, all four were heading down the mountain and towards town.

Up the road a bit in Cincinnati, it was late morning. Keith was having a dream about how he was having sex with two girls. But it wasn't a dream, as he thought of that as he woke up, in between Candy, on his left, and Michelle on his right. All three were as naked as the day they were born. His dick was rock hard, making a tent in the covers, as both girls were snuggled up against him, their firm young breasts pressed up against his bare flesh. He happened to look up at the clock, and when he seen the time, he said "Oh shit."

He sat up quick, waking up both girls, who cried out "What is it?"

"I'm going to be late for practice, it starts in thirty minutes, and I don't even have a car."

Candy said "Get dressed, I'll drive you," She jumped out of bed, looked around and looked at Michelle, asking "Where are my clothes?" Michelle had a blank look on her face, as she watched the swinging manhood of Keith as he rushed out of the room.

"Um, I don't know, why don't you see if he would like to work out here instead?"

Candy smiled, and exited the room. Five minutes later, Candy returned, pulling Keith by his saliva-coated rock hard cock. "It took some doing, but I convinced him that we could give him a better workout than any wrestling coach can give." Keith jumped back in bed, followed by Candy, as they pulled the covers over their heads, and the fun began again.

Candy got on his monster cock first, as Michelle sat her wet and horny cunt on his face. He found that he enjoyed eating pussy, and soon had his tongue exploring every inch of her wonderful box. She really moaned when he tongued her asshole. Candy was bobbing up and down on his meat, enjoying every inch of it, as she was panting and sweating up a storm, while her fingers were playing with the hooded man. It didn't take long for all three to crash into orgasmic bliss, as the two teenage beauties came on top of him, followed by him thrusting a huge load deep inside of Candy. When she climbed off his tool, globs of come were draining out of her slit. Michelle crawled over and stared cleaning her friends cunt with her tongue, sucking the sperm out of her hole.

Keith was still hard, and seeing Michelle's sweet upturned bum, he got up behind her and shoved his massive pussy-splitter all the way in, driving Michelle forward into the snatch of Candy. He reached around to play with a breast, as his other hand rested on her ass cheek. As he was plugging away, he gently inserted his thumb into her anus. She raised her head and squealed, saying "Oh you, Keith...oh fuck..." Candy, her eyes glazed from the tonguing she was receiving, was curious to know what brought that on. Michelle buried her head back into Candy's snatch, and continued her carpet munching. Michelle responded to the cock in her cunt and the thumb up her ass by having the biggest orgasm in her thus far short sex life. She came so hard, that she passed out from the intense pleasure. The feeling of this orgasm caused Keith to blow another load, sending a torrent of come deep into his neighbors tight womb.

He fell off to the side, temporarily spent. Candy pulled the limp body of her friend up into her arms, and kissed her lovingly, saying to Keith "God you're good, I should have tried you a long time ago."

Keith just smiled and laid his head back, this sure beats wrestling practice. He must have nodded off, as the next thing he knew, both girls were taking turns trying to suck new life back into his ailing pecker. After about ten minutes of sucking, the girls couldn't decide who's turn it was to ride him. He solved the problem, by saying "Why don't you two just share it." They smiled, and Michelle went to sucking his head, as Candy nibbled at his shaft and balls. Watching these two working on him got him off in about ten minutes, as he filled Michelle's warm mouth to overflowing. Candy stepped in, by taking the final two blasts, after one hit Michelle on her cheek after she pulled off of his dick. The girls giggled, as they wiped up the excess come, and licked each others fingers. Then they kissed, a hot passion ant French kiss.

Keith was definitaly spent. He leaned back, and soon he was in never-never land, snoring away. The girls realized they fucked him ragged, but knew he would be back one-hundred percent after a good rest.

They got up, took a shower together, and left a note for Keith, telling him that they were going shopping. That they would be back about five, in time to make supper. Keith was sound asl**p, resting his tired pecker. About noon, the phone next to the bed rang, he picked it up and said "Hello." He thought "Oh shit, this is her own line. A male voice on the other end asked " Michelle there?" He answered "No, she went shopping with Candy." There was a click, as the caller hung up.

Great, he knew that that was her boyfriend, Mark. He's probably wondering why he answered her phone. Oh well, at least he got her cherry. He crawled out of bed, and looked around, trying to find his clothes. No where in sight, he headed out the bedroom door and down the stairs. He went into the kitchen, still nude, opened the fridge and grabbed some leftover pizza. He found Michelle's note and read it, good, he can go back to bed. He had a feeling he may need his energy for tonight.

After scarfing down the pizza and a coke, he suddenly realized his head was pounding, too much beer last night. He scrounged around in the bathroom and found some aspirin, and downed three. Soon, he was back in her bed, and sound asl**p, as he thoughtlessly stroked his cock to the thought of doing the girls some more.

Out at the mall, the girls were shopping for hours. It was their third mall, and they already bought some new outfits. Candy looked at her watch, and said "It's four-thirty Michelle, we better hurry up in here." The mall they were in was the one closest to their home, and naturally they ran into some friends. They heard a female voice shout out "Hey Michelle, Candy, what you guys doing?"

They turned and found Cindy Mathers, and Jenny Smith approaching. Michelle was thinking great, the two biggest mouths this side of the Ohio. Would like for Keith to stuff his sausage in them to shut them up. They greeted each other politely, and then Cindy smiled and asked "So tell me Michelle, who answered your phone sl**pily this morning."

Michelle about died, then, keeping a straight face, said "Why, who was calling?"

Jenny answered, "Seems your boyfriend Mark called, and that Keith k** answered it, he was a bit pissed that he was in your room, wondering what he was doing in there."

"I would say he was answering the phone, since we weren't there, you dumbass." Candy retorted.

"If that dumbass is pissed because a houseguest answered my phone, then he ain't my boyfriend anymore." Said Michelle, thinking this will make breaking up easier. The two set of girls split up, with Michelle fuming. "That’s all I need, this to get around the school."

"Well, maybe we can play with it." said Candy

"How?" she thought for a moment, adding "Wait a minute, I'm not too keen on your ideas right now, I'm still a bit sore from that cock."

"They walked down the mall, talking, "Yeah, but what if we weren't the only ones that tried him on for size tonight.?"

Michelle said "No fucking way am I going to share, besides with you of course. And I don't want him worn out. We've all tomorrow and Monday to screw ourselves silly before our parents get home."

"Come on, what’s another girl or two." she started walking "And I know just a few things to make sure ol' Keith will keep going and going."

Michelle stared at her friend, and asked "What you got in mind?"

Candy turned to her as they picked up their pace, "You just leave that to me, we don't have much time." They entered a novelty store, "There's something I need to buy here, and then we need to stop by my house on the way home, you got your cell phone?"

"Sure, hold on." Michelle dug through her purse, pulling out her phone. Candy went to the adult section and soon said "Aha, here we go, this will help." Michelle looked at the little box, on it was a picture of a ring.

"My god, Candy, won't that hurt him?" She said, after she realized what the ring was for.

"Not sure, that’s why we need to stop by my house." They went and paid for the item, and exited the store, Candy asked for the phone and dialed up a number, and soon she was in conversation, "Amy? Hi there, this is Candy....What?...yes, I know, she's with me now, guess the whole school knows, huh?....well, maybe because he has the biggest cock you have ever seen....what you mean I'm full of shit?....tell you what, you want to see for yourself, or are you just full of shit yourself....yeah, tonight...hey, why don't you call some of the other girls, maybe they might want to see it,, I don't want the whole school to know, keep it with people we can trust....okay, you will?....great" they exited the mall an were heading towards the car, "Yeah, be at Michelle's about eight....see ya there! Oh! Call before you come over, let me know who all is going to be there...bye."

She turned to Michelle, "There, wasn't that easy?"

Michelle shook her head, "You're crazy", she then asked "But what we need at your place?"

An evil smile came on her face, "Something from my dad's medicine chest. Oh, and do you have any rope at home?"

Another look of bewilderment, "Why yes, somewhere I'm sure."

"Good" They pulled out of the mall, two women on a mission.

Dave and George were walking down the main drag of Gatlinburg. Their wives were in some store somewhere, they just didn't know which one. They were to meet them at four in front of the Ferris wheel. That was when Dave seen the flyer. It wasn't any flyer, this one had a word that caught his eye. He picked it up, and read it, and smiled. He handed it to George, who read it, and smiled, saying "You must be joking."

"Why not?" replied Dave.

"Well, this morning was one thing, I'm not too sure about this."

"Come on, we'll give it to our wives, and if they go for it, we'll try it, okay?"

"Yeah, if Abbie doesn't kill me first."

They found the girls, or should say, the girls found them. Neither said a word about the flyer, as they went into a restaurant and sat down for dinner. The girls were telling their husband all the neat things they've found, and that maybe they would go back to buy them later. Then Abbie asked George "What did you guys find?"

George about choked on his food, and Dave burst out laughing. The girls looked at the men and then at each other, Crystal said "Okay dumbass, what's the joke."

Dave said "No joke, just something we found while walking." He pulled out the flyer and handed it to Crystal. She read it, and her face went blank. Abbie looked over her shoulder, and turned to the guys "You can't be serious, George."

George turned to Dave, "I told you, now we went and ruined a good thing here, you dumbass."

"Come on George, it was worth a shot, and besides, it's not like they're going to cut us off."

The rest of the dinner was silence. Neither wife would even look at the guys. Finally, the men paid the bill, and e****ted the women outside, "Well, what you wanting to go back to buy?" George asked his wife, as he took her hand in his.

She squeezed his hand tightly, and said "You two go on over to the bar there, we'll be along shortly." They smiled as the two men walked over towards the bar.

As they turned, Crystal said "They haven't a clue, do they?"

Abbie broke up giggling, saying "No, they're scared big time, when should we let them in on it?"

They entered a gift shop, and Crystal answered, "Hold on, lets get those things first, then we'll talk out in the van."

Crystal got the things she wanted, as did Abbie, and they soon were talking and laughing on their way to their vehicle. They opened the hatch, put the things they bought away, then climbed into the side door. Once inside, Crystal said "Okay, read it again."

Abbie pulled a flyer out of her purse, just like the one that the guys had found earlier. She read it to her friend "The Smokey Mountain Swing and Social Club, Gatlinburg & Sevierville's top adult entertainment for Couples, Couples with open minds(and bodies) always welcome. Meets every Saturday night for fun and games at a private location, for information, call xxx-xxxx."

Crystal pulls out her cell phone, "Let me see that number." Abbie put it in front of her face, and she entered it into her phone, she put it up to her ear and waited briefly, "Hello?...Yes, I'm calling because we found one of your fliers here in town.....actually, there are four of us, two, we've never swung before, but my friend and I are interested in doing it for our husbands....what?...okay, our names are Dave & Crystal and Abbie & George, we're staying in one of the chalet' eight pm....twenty-five dollars per couple...and condoms are provided, I take it they're, no problem, I'm happy they are, this being our first time and all, makes this a bit easier....I understand...okay, let me write that down..." She pulled a pen out of her purse, and started writing down directions. After five minutes, she was done. "What was, not sure, let me ask my friend," she turned to Abbie, "You have any questions for them?"

Abbie thought briefly, then said "Yeah, how many couples will be there, and how many single's?"

Crystal spoke into the phone "Did you hear that?....uh-huh, okay, she said probably about thirty couples, and about ten to twenty singles, most of them being male."

"Wow, that’s a lot of people." replied Abbie, she added "Will there be snacks and drinks?"

Crystal smiled and said "Full service bar, and a small buffet of finger food."

"Good, lets do it."

"We'll be there sometime this evening...huh?...okay, thanks for telling us. See you later."


"Her name is Donna, and she said that they generally close up about midnight."

"Okay, then lets do it."

They got out of the van, and headed for the bar they sent their husbands to. Crystal asked "How we going to tell our husbands?"

"Lets not, I'll drive us, we'll say they've had too much to drink. Besides, after reading the directions, it's in the same area as our chalet." Crystal said, as they made their way into the bar. They found their husbands, both with an empty beer in front of them, and another one in their hands. They sided up to the bar, each next to their mate. Crystal said "You guys ready?

Dave answered her, "Just about, let us finish this round." The bartender came by, and both women shook their heads no. No one spoke, and once the guys were done with their beer, they started to get off of their respective stool. Crystal played it perfectly, sort of tripping her husband, "Whoooh there much have you had to drink?"

"Aw, just three or four." Replied her husband.

"Well, looks like I'm driving then, we don't need any dui's down here in briar land." He started to protest, but she shut him up when she said "Watch it, bub, you're already in hot water, or have you forgotten that."

Dave mumbled something, as they strolled out the door, heading to the parking lot. The guys piled recklessly into the back of the minivan, as Abbie got in the front and Crystal behind the wheel. There was silence as they drove out of the lot, heading up the main drag of Gatlinburg. They made the first three turns as if they were going to their chalet, then Crystal made a left, instead of going straight. Dave didn't say anything, thinking that he'll show that bitch, let her get lost. George started to say something, but Dave stopped him, putting his finger to his lip. George smiled, thinking the same thing as Dave.

Then she made another turn, and another. George and Dave were smiling, but for all the wrong reasons, two more turns, going up a steep incline, they came up to the top of the ridge, and at the third driveway, they turned into it. When they did, the guys smiles turned to faces of bewilderment. Both were thinking, where the fuck they taking us?

After parking in a small lot with about thirty other cars, Crystal turned off the ignition, and both girls turned around and said "We're here?"

George and Dave looked at each other, and George asked "That’s nice, but where exactly the fuck are we?"

"Yeah, I don't think they moved the chalet we were staying in." added Dave.

Abbie smiled, saying "We've a confession to make."

Crystal continued, "Yeah, seems we found a similar flier before you guys did, we didn't think you would find one too."

Both guys started cracking up, the girls asked "What’s so funny?"

"Aw shit, we thought you two were going to cut our marbles off." Replied Dave.

"Better hope not," said Crystal, as she opened her door, "You'll need them tonight." She looked at her watch, "It's eight-ten, the party already started, lets go."

They all piled out, and headed towards the building. It was huge from the outside, both guys were wondering what was inside. As the approached, they found signs directing them towards a door on the side of the garage, to a side door. Entering, they found it empty, save for a table with a scantly clad blonde with very big breasts. George let out a low whistle. She seen them when they came in, and said "Like what you see, big boy?"

He blushed, and Abbie nudged him in the ribs. Crystal spoke, "Hi, we're Dave, Crystal, George and Abbie, I called earlier about tonight's get together."

The blonde smiled and stood up, "Oh yes, I'm Donna, you talked to me, welcome to our bit of paradise." She picked up four sheets of paper, and handed one to each, saying "These are the rules, and when you're done reading, you may sign here, and I will need to see some ID." The two couples read the paper, and both guys were ready to sign right away.

They took out their wallets, showing their drivers license, Donna looked at them, saying "Oh, Cincinnati, I grew up in Dayton."

Really?" said Dave, "Crystal is from there as well, where did you go to school?"

She said "Alter, class of 83." Crystal stuck out her hand, saying "West Carrollton, '84."

They shook, and Donna said "Okay, lets get going, this is really all the intro we give. The next room is a changing room. Just strip down in there. There are lockers for storing valuables, the pay type, only a quarter. Any questions?" No one said anything, "Okay, make yourself right at home. The food and bar are in the room after you leave the changing room. There is a table with towels as you enter the next room, please grab one and sit on it at all times. You all have fun, and remember, no means no, although I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

They went through the next door, finding a twelve by ten room, with lockers on one wall, and a long bench. There was a bathroom on the other side, and both girls decided they needed to pee. The guys stripped right away, and were bare-ass by the time the girls came back out. The girls started removing their clothing, handing it to their husbands so they could put it into the locker.

Dave looked at his wife, who looked a bit nervous, "Ready?"

She inhaled a deep breath, and said "Lets go for it, we came this far."

They exited through the door, entering a large room with couches all over. A table had towels on it, and each took one as they went by. There were about a dozen people sitting on the couches, some talking, some making out. Dave pointed out a sign that said the place closed at midnight. George said "Looks like we better get in as much fun as we can."

Crystal answered, "Or take back to our place some entertainment." Abbie giggled, as she eyed a young man, about twenty-four, sitting on the couch, stroking a nice size piece of meat. She thought, what the hell, I'm here, as she walked over, picked up a condom and handed it to him. He rolled it over and down his cock, and she straddled him, taking him up her tight cunt.

Dave felt a hand on his shoulder and turned, finding a brunette smiling, with nice tits, pulling him down onto the couch. Soon the were making out on the couch, their hands exploring each others bodies. George and Crystal looked at each other, and she shrugged her shoulders, as she dropped to her knees and swallowed George's hard cock, making loud slurping noises as she sucked. He pulled her over to another couch and sat, enjoying the view. Dave now had the brunette on all fours, and a rubber on, drilling her cunt from behind while reaching under her and playing with her hanging tits. A thin guy came up behind Crystal and asked to screw her, she just nodded, as he tehn puled on a condom and entered her upturned ass. George grabbed her head in his hands and started fucking her face in time with the one in her twat.

They all were getting into it, and the room was full of the sound of sex. Probably about ten other pairings and threesomes, and they all came about the same time. When they extricated themselves from each other, they all just sat around, waiting for it to start over again.

Crystal joined Abbie on a couch, both girls cunts wet from their own juices, and the two husbands on another. George said "Well, lets go look around, if anyone sees something they want to get into...."

The girls smiled, as Abbie retorted "Or let get into us!" They all laughed, as George and Dave got up and headed for the stairs, to check the rooms up there. Abbie looked at the door, and said "Oh my." Crystal turned and looked a that she was looking at. In walked about a dozen young men, all well built, and all with very nice equipment. They were soon followed by another dozen, as well as about four college coeds, each rather good looking.

Crystal said "Looks like fresh meat." As she stood and approached a few of them that had moved closer towards them. In seconds, her and Abbie were on the floor, each with a cock in their cunt and one in their mouth. When the men emptied their loads in their rubbers, Abbie suggested they find a room, and they went on upstairs, followed by about six of the guys.

They found George and Dave in one room, double-fucking a blonde, George on bottom and Dave on top, his cock in the blondes ass. Abbie said "There's our husbands, lets try the next room, and that looked like fun."

They all piled into the next room, and soon the two wives had a cock in each hole, having one orgasm after another. George and Dave meanwhile, had finished with the blonde, and moved on to another room, where they took in a young red-head who was taking one cock after another in her well-oiled twat. They just smiled and got inline, ready for their turn.

Back in Cincinnati, Keith was waking up again. He couldn't move his hands or feet. Shit, he thought, what happened? Did he fuck himself to death. As his senses came back, he remembered the girls having a dinner ready for him, and making sure he drank his beer. He looked over at the clock, it read nine-pm. Damn, he's been asl**p for four hours at least, and what’s that strange feeling on his cock? He couldn't see under the covers to tell, but he knew he had the mother of all woodies, yet something felt strange. Why would the girls tie him up? Are they into something kinky? Hell, if only they would have asked!

Downstairs, Michelle and Candy were talking to a group of girls. There were six of them. Amy was a short brunette with a small waist and small tits. Sally was rather tall, thin and about a b-cup. Cheryl was a bit heavy, probably about thirty pounds over weight, but her breasts were huge. She was also a first cousin to Candy, and a year younger. Mary was a well built redhead, hair redder than Michelle's, and breasts a bit bigger too. She was as tall as Sally, and just a bit heavier, with muscular legs. Bobbie was the shortest and the youngest, only fifth teen and not weighing in much over seventy-pounds. She hardly had a chest, and she had long blonde hair. The last girl was Pam, a racially mixed girl with ample breasts and a butt that was a bit on the big side, but a very thin waist, which made it look bigger.

Candy looked at them and said "Okay, what have you guys heard so far?"

Sally spoke, saying "Well, we heard that Michelle got lucky with that geek neighbor of hers, what’s his name? Keith Andrews?"

This pissed Michelle off, which was surprising, considering she thought the same thing before last night. "Hey, he may be a geek, but he's got the biggest damn prick you bitches have ever had." The six girls dropped their jaws, so it was true. Michelle realized what she said, thought oh well, and added "A better cock on any guys you go with."

Amy responded "Just how big is it? And does he know how to use it?"

"Oh, he can use it all right, he used it all night last night on both of us. "Candy replied, shocking the girls even more.

Pam said "Well my Joe is seven inches, and there's no way that that geek could be any bigger than that."

"What you say we put you on the spot?" Said Candy.

"What you mean?" she replied.

"If he's bigger than seven inches, you all have to ride him at least once." was Candy's answer. This shocked the girls again. She added "His dick is good enough to get you off, which is more than you can say about the inept abilities of your boyfriends. Hell, I should know, I've fucked most of them."

The girls were even more shocked when Amy said "You're on, but aren't you forgetting one thing?"

Candy smiled, and said "Before we go any further, is this a deal?"

The girls looked at each other, and Pam said "It has to be at least nine inches to win."

Candy whispered into Michelle's ear, saying nothing, just getting the girls going, "Okay," she said "Nine inches it is."

Cheryl shouted out, "Wait a minute, cousin, how are we going to find out?"

Michelle stood up, and said "Easy, follow us up the stairs."

"He's upstairs? Right now?" a few said .

Candy smiled and said "Come on, or are you girls chicken shit."

They hesitantly got up, and followed the girls up the steps towards the bedroom of Michelle. Her room was the second door on the left, across the hall was her parents room. She stood in her parents doorway, and said "Okay girls, enter my room."

Keith watched the girls enter the room, and his cock twitched under the covers. It hurt a bit as well, he was wondering what was going on, his wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the bed. He noticed a pill bottle next to the bed, and wondered what that was. Once the girls were in side the room, all standing at the side of the bed, Candy and Michelle went to the foot of the bed.

Michelle asked "You girls ready to pay up?"

Pam smirked, and then her face went white as Michelle quickly pulled the blanket off of Keith. His meat was laying on his stomach, and it had to be at least ten inches long. Amy said "Oh myyyyy goooood" real softly, and a few of the other girls uttered similar responses.

Michelle climbed onto the bed, grabbed his meat, and swallowed his cock, as Candy asked "Okay, who's first?"

Keith looked at his favorite cocksucker, and saw what was causing him the discomfort. The girls placed a cockring around the base of his shaft, it was pressing into his skin.

Pam asked "What is that for?"

"That’s to keep him from coming, sort of protection." replied Candy, as she added "Come on, who's paying up first. Pam? You've a big mouth, why don't you go first."

Pam glared at Candy, as the others said "Yeah, you made the bet and got us into this. She shrugged her shoulders, stripped off her clothes, and climbed onto the bed, straddling her hips over his groin. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, letting Michelle guide his cock to her opening. She slowly lowered down, taking the large purple head past her cunt lips. She moaned as it stretched her out, as she said "Oh god, he's so fucking big!"

She got use to his size, and Keith held still. Watching the girl's dark skin come down and engulf his meat was a dream come true. After about ten minutes, she was down all the way, and she took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Keith could feel her pussy walls rippling, and knew she was excited. He could see her moisture dripping out her cunt, as she rested.

Cheryl asked "Are you all right, Pam?"

She turned and smiled, saying "Oh god, yeah." She started moving her hips back and forth, and a slight up and down motion. Keith started thrusting his hips as well. As she was riding his meat, Candy asked "Anyone want to try his tongue?"

Cheryl quickly said "I do." As she quickly stripped and climbed onto the bed. She mounted her fat pussy on his lips, before he could say anything. Not that he had a choice, he decided already to just lay there and enjoy what they do to him. Soon she was squirming on his tongue, as he was licking her real good. Pam was about there, and announced her orgasm with a loud scream. Michelle was hoping her snoopy neighbor doesn't call the cops on that one.

As Pam relaxed, Candy said "Okay Cheryl, as soon as Pam vacates his monster meat, it's your turn. You others get naked, and get in line, his face is available."

The other four girls stripped down, and Pam slowly pulled off his cock, rolling off to the edge. Her pussy never felt this good before. She looked at his meat and took it in her hands, giving the head a kiss. Keith twitched it, making her smile.

Cheryl straddled his cock, as Bobbie got on Keith’s face. He was in heaven now, what a sweet tasting pussy, not that Cheryl’s wasn't bad either. Cheryl felt a mini-orgasm hit, but she was in anticipation of his meat. Michelle wondered why she was so nervous, until she lowered down on his cock. She sank about two inches, then stopped. She sucked in her breath, and dropped down, forcing his meat up her virgin pussy.

When Michelle seen the bl**d, her face went blank, as she pointed it out to Candy. Candy said "Oh Cheryl, I'm so sorry cousin." Cheryl was sitting there, her pussy filled to bursting. Candy came up from behind and reached her arms around her, kneading her cousins breasts. "I didn't know you were a virgin, honey. If I did, I wouldn't have let you taken such a big cock."

Michelle added "Don't worry Cheryl, I was a virgin until last night, as well."

Cheryl and the others looked at her, as she blushed. She added, "Here," She placed her fingers in Cheryl’s slit, rubbing her clit. "This will help." Cheryl closed her eyes, as the two girls rubbed the parts that needed rubbed. Soon she was bucking her hips, and shortly after that, she had her first major orgasm in her young life. Bobbie was coming at the same time, and the sound in the room was getting the girls all excited.

Cheryl climbed off, sniffling. Candy took her in her arms and they left the room. Bobbie was next to ride, and it was a sight watching her tiny body taking such a big cock. She somehow managed to do it, getting all the way down, as Amy was riding his more than eager face.

In Michelle’s parents room, Candy comforted her cousin, saying "It's okay, if you want to go home now, you can."

Cheryl looked in her eyes, and replied "I wanted to be like you, cousin."

Candy smiled, saying "You are, you enjoyed it. But since this is your first time, maybe you should go on home, then come back tomorrow, that way you only have to share him with me and Michelle."

Cheryl sniffled back a tear, and smiled, "Will he let me?"

Candy laughed, "Well, he won't be tied up at the time, but I'm sure he will."

The two kissed, and Cheryl said "Thank you for helping." As she squeezed her cousins ass as they got up and went back into the other room.

Candy said "Cheryl's going on home for a bit, she might be back later." As she squeezed her cousin's shoulder. Bobbie and Amy didn't hear a word they were saying, as they both came hard. Cheryl put her clothes on, and turned and left, just as Amy took the cock in one fast drop, and Mary went for a tongue ride.

Lisa Summers was sitting on the couch when her daughter Cheryl, her only c***d, came walking through the door of their house. They lived four blocks from Michelle, not far from where Candy lives. Candy is her b*****rs daughter. She considered her a wild girl, and was sort of surprised she asked her cousin to come over tonight. Lisa asked, "You're home early, you okay."

Cheryl smiled, leaned over the couch and kissed her mother on the cheek, saying, "Yes mom, just got tired, going to take a shower, I might go back over later."

Lisa's mind clicked. That ain't right. She usually doesn't get along with her cousin, or her friends. The only reason she went tonight was because Cheryl ran into them at the mall, as they were leaving. She always worries about her only c***d. Her father, the d***ken fat ass, left years ago, and it had been rough raising her without a father. Although Lisa is about a size four, poor Cheryl inherited her fathers looks. He was good looking for a big man, but big woman on the other hand.

The smell, Cheryl had an odor about her, can't quite place it, she thought. It wasn't alcohol, or pot, thank god on both counts. She sure wish she would make some friends. Then it hit her, sex. She smelled like sex! It's been a long time since she had anything between her own thighs, so it took a while to recognize the scent. But, she wanted to be sure.

She stood up, having an idea. She walked to the bathroom, and heard her daughter in the shower. She entered, saying, "I'm going to do a load of laundry, so I'll take your dirty clothes." She said.

Cheryl responded "Okay mom." as she washed her body, her now non-virgin body. Her fingers went to her pussy, feeling her pussy lips. She was surprised they didn't feel sore. As her fingers found her clit, a funny feeling swept through her. God, she thought, that did feel so fucking good, maybe I will go back in an hour. She was wondering if he would do her again, and eat her pussy once more. That would be so nice.

Lisa took the clothes down the basement, and searched through them for her panties. She held them up in the light, and her suspicions were confirmed, as she seen the bl**d stains and a big wet spot. Now what, she thought. She was thankful that a year ago she started secretly giving her daughter birth control pills, telling her they were vitamins. That damn Candy, she bet she was behind this.

She put the clothes in the wash, and went on back upstairs. She sat on the couch, waiting for Cheryl to come out of the shower, wondering how to approach her about this. It sure was taking her a long time in there, then she chuckled, knowing damn well what was getting squeaky clean. Shit, she does it herself, the shower is the best place for playing with the man in the boat.

After about ten more minutes, and a great orgasm for Cheryl, the water turned off. Cheryl grabbed a towel and dried herself off, then wrapped it around herself. She exited the bathroom, and heard her mother call her name.

"Coming" she said chuckling at the inside joke.

She came in and saw the serious expression on her mothers face. Her own smile disappeared, and she knew that something was wrong. "Sit down, dear." She instructed, "Next to me." Cheryl, only clad in a towel, did as she was told.

"Yes mother?"

"Honey, I think we need to talk." her mother said.

Cheryl was getting white, "Okay mom, about what?"

"Oh, a few things, maybe about the weather, your social life, how you lost your virginity tonight."

She got teary eyed, and buried her face in her moms shoulder, saying "I'm sorry mom, but I was just trying to fit in."

Now this puzzled Lisa, fit in? Fit in how? "That’s okay dear, every woman goes through this eventually. I'm just making sure that you're okay." She pushed her daughter away, and said "Now, who was it, and how did it happen."

"Um, well," she stammered, "It was Keith, a neighbor of Michelle, and just sort of happened." She started crying again, Lisa was wondering what to do, and the more she thought about it, the madder she got. She was pissed that someone would take advantage of her daughter, a girl with not much self-esteem, even though she had been trying to get her to do better.

Finally, she stood up and said "Get dressed." Cheryl looked up at her, and Lisa repeated it again, "Go on, hurry up and get dressed." Cheryl got up and went running to her room, wondering what her mother was going to do. She grabbed some clothes and put them on and came back out in the living room. Lisa had her jacket on, and had hers in her hands, she tossed it the Cheryl, and said "Come on, I'm going to kick some ass for causing you harm."

Cheryl was shocked, and scared. As they went out the door, Lisa grabbed her hand, half pulling her the four blocks to Michelle's house, as Cheryl pointed it out. There were a few cars in the drive, one being Candy's, which Lisa recognized, and two others. They were at the front door, and Lisa found it unlocked, just as a van pulled up to the curb. Lisa glared at them, and asked her daughter, "Who's that?"

Cheryl turned and looked, and said "I think that’s Michelle's boyfriend, or use to be." she giggled when she said the last part. Lisa wondered, what she mean by use to be? She reached in her purse, and said "Here's the cell phone, if they come up towards you, dial 911. I'm going on inside."

Cheryl wanted to stop her mother, but it was too late. She quietly and quickly went on inside, locking the door behind her, leaving her daughter alone on the front step. The front room was empty, and she was wondering where everyone was. Surely someone should be down here, she thought. She heard laughter and a commotion coming up the stairs, and she sneaked on up. The house was dark, as the sun had already set, as she got to the top of the stairs, she heard a girls voice shout out, "Come on Amy, you're almost out of time." More giggling. They must be playing some sort of game. When she stuck her head around the corner, she about gasped out loud. There was Amy Jones, riding the biggest cock she had ever seen, and six girls were sitting on the floor watching the action, all nude and all with their backs to the door. She also saw the handcuffs on the young boys wrists and ankles, as he said "Come on girls, let me loose so I can show you how I can really screw you."

She saw one of the girls, damn, it was Candy her niece, lean onto the bed, kissing him on the lips, saying "No way Keith, we like a captive audience." The other girls cheered, as Lisa backed away from the door. She heard another say, "Come on Keith, hang in there, you took all seven of us while tied down so far, and we have more games to play, if Amy will ever get her fuckin rocks off." Another voice, "Yeah Amy, the key to this game is for the fastest come, not the longest, we all want a turn."

A loud scream of pleasure came from the bedroom, Lisa giggled, thinking it looked like Amy finally got there. She snuck back down the stairs, making sure she wasn't seen. At the front door, she exited the house, Cheryl was standing there. Lisa had a big smile on her face.

She looked at her daughter, and asked "Cheryl dear, was he tied down when he took your cherry?"

Cheryl looked at her feet, and barley muttered "Yes mommy."

Lisa chuckled, and brought her hands to her face, thinking, damn, my daughter lost her virginity by helping gang **** some young stud with what must be the biggest cock in the county. She looked up towards the curb, and noticed the van still there, but empty. She turned to her daughter, and asked "Where's the boys at from the van?"

"Um, they went around back."

Just then, a police car came to a stop at the curb. Oh shit, more trouble, she thought. She turned to her daughter, saying "I'm not mad at you, go inside and tell the others that some boys are around back, and the cops are at the front door, I want everyone in the living room fully dressed in five minutes." She opened the door, and said "Now go!"

The officer exited the squad car and approached the house. She recognized him, Barry Smith, knew him for years, lucky day, she hoped. "Hi Barry, glad you're here."

Barry looked shocked, seeing who it was, and said "We got a call from a neighbor of someone around back, know anything about it?"

The boys from the van, she thought, "Well, the girls are having a sl**pover, including my daughter, I suspect some of the boyfriends are trying to get inside. It would help matters if you e****t them off the property."

He smiled, and went around back. She heard some shouting to "Stop, police!" Some more shouting, and two boys came flying around the corner, heading for the van. But no Barry. The boys climbed in, and it was rather comical, when they realized the driver wasn't with them. Lisa ran to the door and said "I know you Pete, you stay right there, don't you dare move." She recognized him, and his face went white.

Soon, Barry was coming from around back, with Mark Lanier, he had Marks arm twisted behind him, as they made their way to the squad car. He had him up against it, and said "You know, you smell like beer, son, how much you had to drink."

Mark said "Fuck you, asshole, my dad's going to have your badge."

Barry laughed, and said "Yeah, right after he bails you out for voyeurism and u******e drinking, is that your vehicle? I'm sure that nice lady there witnessed you driving it in your condition."

"I'll sue your ass, man." Mark shouted.

Barry chuckled, and said as he was placing him in the squad car, "Say that again, young man, I want to make sure that the video camera got it." He pointed to the camera mounted on the dash. He then went to the van, and opened the door, saying "Okay, you two, you want to come with me?"

The two boys sheepishly exited the van, just as a big Cadillac pulled up. A man stepped out and approached the officer, and Lisa heard Mark shout out "Give him hell, dad." After Barry placed the other two in the back of the squad car, the boys father and Barry went to the front of the vehicle. There was some pointing and talking, all by Barry. The man asked a few questions, and got some answers, then shook the officers hand. Lisa could see Mark in the squad car, his mouth hanging open, as his father walked back to his car and drove off.

Barry approached Lisa and Lisa asked "Any trouble?" Barry laughed, "No, luckily I know his father, helped him out of a jam a while back. We'll be leaving now, he said he'll have someone come and tow the van back to his place." He turned and started walking, then turned his head, and said "Hey, come here and watch this." She caught up to him, as he opened his door and peered into the backseat, looking at Mark, he said "Your dad said for you to have a nice night downtown, young man." Mark started kicking the back of the front seat, as Barry closed the door.

He smiled and said "Seems he told me that the girls inside were being bothered by some weirdo, and he was afraid for the well being of his girlfriend."

She started laughing, and he looked puzzled, she said "Barry, I would tell you, but you wouldn't believe me." Just then the front door opened, and Cheryl came running out. She whispered into her mothers ear something, and Lisa said to Barry "Officer, there seems to be a problem, I hope you are professional enough to keep this quiet, though."

Now he was really puzzled. He asked "Will this take long?"

She stopped, looked at the house, and said "It might."

He replied "Hold on, I have to get these three to the station." He radioed in for back-up, and as they waited, she sent Cheryl into the house. She also explained to him about what had happened tonight, before he arrived. He had a hell of a time keeping a straight face, and now the kicker is, is what Cheryl whispered in her mothers ear. Candy lost the key to the handcuffs.

Once finished with the story, he said "Well, no use telling the boys in the squad car what happened." As two more squad cars pull up. Barry talked briefly, saying he wants to interview some of the girls inside with the assistance of Lisa, and took the boys out of his car and sent them downtown in the other two cars. As they pulled away, he turned to Lisa, and said "Well, lets go see what we can do."

They entered the house, finding all eight girls fully dressed and sitting silently, not even looking up at them. Lisa said "I don't even know where to start, girls. No one leaves until I say so, is that understood?" They all mumbled in the affirmative, as they walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Keith couldn't believe his eyes when the older woman and a cop entered the room. He thought he was dead meat, until the officer started snickering. He stopped snickering when Lisa yanked the blanket off of him, exposing his large swollen member. Lisa saw the cock ring, and said "SHIT!" She turned around, yelling "CANDY, Michelle, get your fuckin cunts up here right now!"

She heard running, and in a flash, Candy & Michelle were by her side. She also noticed the pill bottle on the nightstand. She turned to the two of them, and said "Alright, the poor guy is in misery, remove the cock ring before we take off the cuffs."

She had a feeling what was going to happen, and when the girls sheepishly climbed onto the bed, they slowly removed the ring. Keith’s cock, free at last, exploded, sending a geyser of come, nailing both girls in the face, Michelle got some in her eyes, and complained, “Owww! That stings!" Lisa had a hard time to keep from laughing, while Barry was snickering a bit louder.

Keith said "Hey come on, this is embarrassing."

Barry comforted him by saying, "Shit son, you should be proud. Not often you get to nail a bunch of teen pussy. And you're not even going to get in trouble for it." Barry moved towards the headboard, taking out a tool off his belt. "Damn, they'll never believe me at the station, even if I did tell them." He undid the wrist cuffs, and Keith started rubbing them, as they were quite sore for spending hours in one position. He then did the ankle cuffs.

Lisa turned to Cady again, and asked "What's in the pill bottle?" as she pointed to the night stand.

She looked to her feet, and said "My dads viagra."

More snickering from Barry, "And how many did you give him?"

"Um, the bottle said one for two hours, so we gave him two."

"At once?" When she nodded yes, she said "Oh my god." Barry let out a whistle.

Michelle asked "Is that bad?"

"He'll be hard for a week." replied Barry.

"I'll talk more about that later." she said to the girls.

Lisa said "Thank you Barry, I really appreciate this."

He smiled, saying "It's nothing, glad to be of some help."

Lisa said to Keith, "Go on and shower up, I have to have a talk with the girls." She turned to Michelle and Candy, "You two, get downstairs, now." They moved quickly.

Lisa smiled at Barry, and he smiled back, as they slowly followed after them. "I'm sure I can handle things now, just a quick talk, then I'll be going home."

At the bottom of the stairs, in front of the girls, he said "Well, if you need anymore help, feel free to call."

She said "Sure, maybe I’ll see you around, and tell you how this all finished."

He grinned, and shook his head, as he exited the home. She waved as he got in his car, and drove off. She was smiling when she closed the door, but it soon disappeared when she was facing eight young ladies.

"Okay you little sluts, I don't even want to know who started this, or why. Do you realize how much trouble you girls can get into by doing this? What will your parents say about this when they find out. Damn it Candy, your father will kick your ass to tomorrow for pulling another stupid stunt."

Candy looked at her feet, and said "I'm sorry Aunt Lisa, we were just having some fun."

"Yeah," said Michelle, "We all wanted to try out his big cock."

Lisa thought, and so would I, but she said "That’s no reason to tie a guy down, what if one of you get pregnant? Are you all on the pill?"

There were a few shocked expressions, from Pam, Mary and Amy. Lisa looked at them, seeing their shock, "I didn't think so. You dumb asses could even be charged with ****, do you realize this? The poor guy is embarrassed out of his mind, and not to mention three of your boyfriends are now on their way to jail."

"Ex-boyfriends." Said Michelle.

Lisa glared at her. "Come on Aunt Lisa, give us a break. I mean, wouldn't you like to try it?"

Little bitch, knows how to push my buttons. She sat down, and thought for a moment. "I want all but Michelle, Candy and Cheryl to leave this house this instant."

Silently, the other five girls got up and grabbed their things and left the house. Once they left the property, Lisa looked around the living room, seeing it was a hell of a mess. She turned to the remaining three girls, and said "I want this house spotless, and I want it done now." The girls sat there until she raised her voice and said "MOVE IT, LADIES!!"

They jumped up, each picking up the empty soda and beer cans, and straightening things up. Lisa decided to go check on Keith. She found him, back in Michelle's bedroom, laying on the bed. He was still a mess. She came over and said "Hey honey, are you okay?"

Keith opened his eyes. God, what a woman. Lisa was a doll for her age, he muttered "I'm a bit weak, couldn't stand in the shower."

She went to the door, and hollered down, "Michelle, I want a large pan of hot water, a washcloth, and some soap." Michelle appeared at the bottom of the stairs." She continued, "Make it anti-biotic. And get moving."

She turned to Keith and went back to his side. He had the blanket covering him, but the monster cock of his was making a tent. She sort of giggled, since she's a nurse, she's use to seeing male private parts, but it's been a long time since she seen one like this. It has also been a long time since she gave a sponge bath, since she was in training about eighteen years ago to be precise, registered nurses don't give sponge baths.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and Michelle entered, bringing what she asked for. Lisa pointed to the nightstand and said "Set it there, and go get a towel." As Michelle left, she took the blanket and removed it, leaving Keith totally uncovered. Michelle returned, and stood in the doorway, staring at his still hard meat. Lisa said "Give me the towel and close the door. I want this house spotless in less than two hours. I'll be giving him a sponge bath, as he's too weak to take a shower, thanks to you fucking little cunts."

Michelle closed the door and went downstairs, trying not to cry. She was upset that she caused any harm to her new toy. Shit, she thought, she really is in love with him isn't she. The girls went back to cleaning, after she told them what Lisa was doing, each wishing they were doing the sponge bath.

Back in the room, Lisa placed the towel over his exposed crotch, saying, "Here, we'll work on that last." She noticed his cock twitch. She started by doing his feet and legs, working towards his groin. He was having a hell of a time, watching her small body as she bathed his, it was almost too much for his young mind to take.

Once done with his legs, she had him sit up and she did his back, then worked on his chest, face and neck. Lisa was also amazed, Keith had a nice body, well-built and very muscular, how could he be considered a geek? And his prick, well hell, that there is a prize. She felt a twinge in her pussy. Damn! Her inside is giving her some distress. She started washing his belly, gently pushing the towel down to his pubic hair. Of course, she didn't have to push to far to expose the purple head of his large cock.

My god, she said to herself, that would stretch the shit out of me. She gently removed the towel and had him roll onto his side, washing his ass. He wasn't too sure about this, but he tried to relax. It did feel good though, having this woman washing his body, sort of erotic in a way. Done with his ass, he rolled back over, his meat slapping his belly. She had a smile on her face, which he seen. This made him happy, at least she liked the view.

She washed his groin, and gently rubbed his testicles, causing him to moan involuntarily. She chuckled, knowing that he probably really enjoyed that. Done with his balls, she grabbed his meat and pointed it at the ceiling, and started to gently wash his shaft. She was amazed how big it was, her hand couldn't even wrap around it. As she gripped the shaft just below the head, he groaned, and his ass tightened, as he shot a load of thick come up into the air. It was followed by three more bursts, as he bucked his hips, all landing on his belly.

Lisa was amazed, she didn't mean to get him off, but she was smiling inside. I guess he likes me, she thought. She released his meat from her grip, and took the washcloth and wiped up the fresh load, looking into his eyes and smiling.

He said "Thank you, Mrs. Summers." as he smiled.

She reached back to his prick, and leaned up and gave him a kiss, saying "Oh Keith, if you were only about twenty years older."

She suddenly realized her pussy was on fire, and she had the urge to quench it. This is stupid, she thought, she's definitely old enough to be his mother, but here she was stroking his cock, even after she cleaned it, something she shouldn't be doing. It's been ten years since that loser of a husband left her and Cheryl, and a year before that since the bastard even fucked her, and even then it wasn't all that good.

Her mind was racing, as he leaned up and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss with fervor, as they rolled onto the bed embracing each other. She broke their embrace and stood up at the edge of the bed. Keith was heartbroken, until she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it off over her head, revealing a nice set of breasts, as large as her daughters. She reached behind her and unhooked the clasp of her bra, and pulled it off, letting her big boobs fall free. She then took the top of her sweatpants and lowered them, along with her panties, and stepped out of them.

Keith about came again right there, here's a older, good looking woman, bare ass naked, ready to have sex with him. She got on the bed, and faced his feet, her ass on his chest. She took his cock in her hands and stuffed it in her mouth. She could only get a few inches in, he was so fucking thick. Keith grabbed her well-rounded ass and started squeezing it, and reached around her hips and found her button, rubbing it between her fingers. She was so fucking hot and wet, she thought she was going to explode, and she did, with her mouth on his dick, she had one of the most intense orgasm she had in her life.

Once it subsided, she turned her head and said "I need some of this cock of yours, boy." As she crawled on down, facing his feet, and rose her body up. She reached between her legs and grabbed his meat, taking it to her cunt lips. She moaned as she sank her cunt down slowly on it. It was so filling, as she leaned back, telling him to "Hold me up, Keith, I need my hands."

He did, bracing her up, his hands placed on her back, as she leaned back, slowly riding his cock. He was first startled by the feeling, her cunt was milking his meat as if it were a hand. The other girls didn't feel like this, unless they were coming, and Mrs. Summers wasn't coming, yet. At least not from what he could tell.

Lisa had a hand on a breast, and the other on her clit, just rubbing away, she was about to explode again, and when she did, she had a hell of a time to keep from screaming out. Now she knew why that other girl screamed, it felt so fucking good, that’s why. She was bouncing up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not noticing how much noise they were making.

That was too bad, because down stairs, Candy just got down with the vacuum. She was wrapping the cord, when she heard it, a rather low sounding squeaking sound. She looked over to Michelle, who was putting things away in the dining room, and they smiled at each other. They knew where that sound was coming from. Hell, they've been making that sound since last night. Cheryl was oblivious, standing in the kitchen, doing dishes.

Michele said out loud "Sounds like we've mice."

Candy giggled, saying "Yeah one big one, but I think a older experienced pussy is taking care of it."

Cheryl looked at them, puzzled, and said "But your cat is in here on the..." her face showed she figured out what they were talking about. She wasn't totally stupid,"..oh shit, moms getting it on."

The other two started laughing, and soon so was Cheryl. Michelle put her fingers to her lips and motioned for them to follow her, as she headed for the stairs. She then stopped, went back to the sweeper and plugged it back in, turning it on, she returned to the foot of the stairs. The other two smiled, spying with the cover of sound, how thoughtful. At her bedroom, Michelle gently opened the door, hoping Cheryl’s mother wasn't looking. They knew Keith wouldn't care. All three girls gasped, as they saw Lisa, facing the foot of the bed, her head thrown back, as she was riding his cock like a rodeo rider. Cheryl thought all she needed were a set of spurs, even though she was facing the wrong way. The girls giggled, as they heard Keith starting to grunt, and fill a load into her waiting pussy. The feeling of his pulsing pecker was too much, and Lisa was sent into another orgasm, as she moaned and writhed on his meat, her big boobies bouncing all over the place.

She leaned forward, and opened her eyes. Well shit, she's got company. The three girls were smiling, and Candy started clapping, with Cheryl and Michelle joining in. She looked at them and smiled, she's been caught, red-handed. Her hair was a mess, but her pussy did feel a lot better. She said to the girls "Is the house clean?"

Michelle smiled and said "Cleaner than this bedroom is now."

Ohhh, she deserved that. She rose up, letting his meat fall from her cunt. She looked and was amazed to see he was still hard, all ten plus inches of him. His sperm was slowly draining out of her cunt and down her thigh, as she grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She said to the girls, "These bed clothes are dirty, the bed needs stripped. Why don't you three girls take Keith into your parents room, Michelle, I think you all will be more comfortable there."

The three girls smiled, and she added "I don't want a word of this to be spoken, I also don't want anyone else over until your parents get back...when are they getting back and where are they."

Michelle smiled, saying "They're coming home Monday, they're with his parents in Gatlinburg."

"Okay," said Lisa, "No visitors, and let this poor k** rest for a few hours before you start fucking his brains out again. I'll bring over some clothes for you tomorrow, Cheryl. And I'll get some for you two, Candy."

"Thank you, mom," replied her daughter, as she eyed Keith’s waiting meat, as she couldn't wait to ride it again.

"Yeah, thanks Aunt Lisa." replied her niece.

Lisa looked at the clock, almost eleven-thirty. She sighed, and she grabbed her clothes, putting them on. Keith was remaining silent, but he did thank her for the best fuck he's had so far this weekend.

She was dressed and ready to go, as she went downstairs with the girls following. Before she left, she turned and said "Remember, silence is the best thing. You also should be treating him a bit better. I think making sure he is well fed as well as well fucked should do the trick." She kissed her daughter, and started to leave, then asked "Who called the police?"

The girls were shocked, obviously none of them. "Well", said Michelle, "If it wasn't us or you, it was probably that nosy neighbor, old Mrs. Stuart."

Yes, she remembered seeing her looking around the curtains. "Probably so, I'll go over and thank her, she'll also be good in making sure no more shenanigans happen."

She walked out the door and down the walk. Yep, sure enough, the lady next door was peaking around the d****s. She smiled and went to her house, when she seen Lisa approach, she went away from the curtains. Lisa approached the door and knocked, when no on answered, she said out loud "Ms Stuart? It's me, Mrs. Summers."

The door opened, and a lady of about sixty answered the door. Lisa noticed she was in pretty good looking for her age, as she said "Hi, my daughter and niece are staying next door with Michelle and Keith? And I want to thank you for calling the police, that was a big help."

The older lady smiled, she was afraid that she would be screaming at her. “No problem, I seen them going around to the back of the house, and I wasn't sure what they were doing back there."

Lisa didn't want to go into details, as she said "Yeah, they wanted to party, but thanks again for helping." She took a piece of paper from her purse, and wrote down her number, handing it to her, "Here, here's my number, call me if you see anybody try to visit, they'll be here until Monday."

They shook hands and Lisa left, heading on back to her place in the dark. Luckily her part of town wasn't too bad, she felt safe. About a block from her house, a car pulled up, and she suddenly got cold. Shit, not some weird asshole, she hoped.

Instead, a familiar voice, "Hello Lisa, you need a ride?"

She turned and saw Barry, driving his own car. "Why yes, I'll feel safer." She went around and got in, and before he pulled away from the curb, she asked "What are you doing back here?"

He smiled at her, saying "Oh, I'm off duty, but I wanted to swing by and make sure no one else joined in the party."

She smiled as they drove off, she giving him directions to her house. She found out he wasn't married, been divorced for awhile. That feeling came back to her twat. Damn, she wondered if he would. Of course he would! He's a man! They pulled into the driveway, and he put in in park, she started to get out, then turned to him, and asked "You've probably had a rough day, you want a beer?"

He smiled, turning off the engine, saying "Can't put down an offer like that."

George found Dave at the bar. The clock read eleven-thirty. He took a seat next to his friend, and said "Well, having fun yet?"

Dave smiled, and said "Oh yeah, my cock is resting for a minute though, find anything good?"

George was in heaven. He just got done fucking a very young college coed. He told his friend about it, and soon they were off together hunting for her. Both men talked as the went from room to room, seems they've each had about eight women in the last three hours. They found their wives, still going strong with some young college boys.

Dave said "They're still going strong, think they'll want to take them back with us?'

"Possibly, we'll ask after we find that blonde." replied George.

It didn't take them long, as they found her, just as she got two older guys off, one in her mouth and one in her twat. As they entered the room, she looked up and smiled at George, and said "Oh, you brought a friend."

They laughed, as they watched the two older guys get up and leave. Soon they had her on her back, Dave screwing her tight, young twat, and George filling her mouth with their sheathed cocks. Both were thinking that they would like to do her with out protection, and as they were drilling her, George asked Dave, "Well, what you think?"

He laughed, and said "Oh well, I wouldn't mind taking her along, but would she like to go?" He looked down to her face, mouth full of cock, as he asked her, "How would you like to go with us and our wives?" She nodded her head yes, as she went on sucking George's cock vigorously. Both guys high-fived each other, as they continued their assault. George was the first to come, filling his rubber with his spunk. Then Dave, as his pulsating big dick drove her over the brink, her wonderful young hard body writhing in heat.

They pulled out, no one else had come into the room, so they helped her to her feet and said "Come with us, oh yeah, what’s your name?"

She giggled, saying it was April. The two men told her theirs, as they went down the hall, going into the room where they last seen their wives. Both were covered with sweat, as they were again getting both lower holes filled. Crystal looked up, recognized her husband, his arm around a young blonde, cupping her big breast. She smiled, and said "Hi lover, find something you like?"

Dave replied "Yeah babe, George and I thought we would take this one back with us, if that's okay with you girls."

"Yeah, and you girls can bring along some of your friends." he added. Abbie looked up, smiling, "Okay, we want all of these guys to come along, I want them all again at least once more tonight."

Crystal looked at her, smiling "Damn girl, you going to wear it off."

The others laughed, just as the cocks in the two girls exploded. George looked round, there were eight young men in the room, he recognized them from the group that came in after them. The girls got up, limp cocks falling out of their well-used holes, as they made their way downstairs and into the shower area. Washing up was a chore, as a lot of touching and feeling was taking place. It was also quite crowded, as a lot of others were starting to leave, since it was about closing time.

As they were leaving, George asked the blonde if she knew of places to do this in Cincinnati. She smiled as she opened a desk drawer and handed him a pamphlet, which had a listing of all clubs in the mid-west, as she explained they belong to a national swing organization. He thanked her, taking the literature with him. He wasn't sure if his wife would go for it once they got home, but it was worth a try.

The two couples, and the blonde, piled into Dave's mini-van, and the other eight boys in another van. They followed them to their chalet, and all rushed in. Soon, the place was filled with the sound of fucking and sucking. George and Dave took the blonde upstairs in the loft, and proceeded to fuck her ass and cunt, not bothering with rubbers. Hell, they didn't bring any anyway.

Abbie had four guys in the hot tub, sucking on two, as the other two had a dick in her ass and cunt. Crystal was on all fours on the king size bed, on top of one cock, another behind her drilling her ass, and another in front of her fucking her face. The fourth was standing by, feeling her hanging breasts and ready for the next available hole.

The thirteen horny people fucked and sucked literally all night, with the boys all leaving about five-thirty, all eight staggering out the door towards the van. Crystal and Abbie sprawled out on the king-size bed, covered with sweat and come. George, April and Dave were there as well, with April sandwiched between them. They slept until eleven, when Abbie felt her pussy getting cleaned. She was surprised to see a blonde head between her thighs, as she saw Dave and George snoring away on either side of her, and Crystal on the other side of George. She grabbed the blondes head, and sighed. She sure wasn't going to stop. April, now knowing she was awake, swung her body around, and lowered her well-fucked cunt to Abbie's lips. Abbie wasn't too sure about this, but she soon was licking twat like a pro, and soon both were thrashing on the bed, coming hard and waking the others.

George woke, saw what was going on, and instinctively reached for his cock, finding it was rock hard. He got up behind April and shoved his meat into her ass, as he looked down at his smiling wife. She winked and continued licking the young girls clit. Dave crawled over and mounted his wife's body, shoving his cock into her waiting cunt. He noticed that even though she had lots of sex last night, she was still rather tight, amazing, he thought. They all came together, rested for a bit, until the girls decided to lick each others gooey pussies, getting the two men hard again. They repeated their performance, this time Dave drilling April, as Crystal licked her twat, and George doing his sweet wife.

They went on for three hours, until the phone rang. Dave didn't want to answer it, but George said "Go ahead, we need a break, and besides, I'm getting hungry for something other than fur-burger."

The others laughed, as Dave picked up the phone.

"Hello," he answered." Yes....what?...but we had it until tomorrow..." the hearts of the others sank..." You can't be fucking serious...yeah, I know it was free, but....oh, all right, you got us, we're checking out."

The others looked at him, as he said what they already guessed, "They said they need the chalet tonight for a paying guest, we have to be out in an hour."

Crystal got up, saying "Damn bastards, wait until I get home and talk to that guy that ran this fucking contest," as she trotted off to the bathroom, followed by both Abbie and April. The guys heard the shower turn on, and they went around picking up their clothes, getting things ready to be packed up.

The girls didn't take long, and soon the guys went in, taking a shower together. It was a bit awkward, but they though, hell, they already fucked each others wives as well as a bunch of other women, what’s the problem?

Once done, the exited and found the girls dressed and packing, with April sitting on the couch. George asked her "Well, looks like we need to take you somewhere, where are you staying?"

She looked up, and replied "I'm a student at Eastern Kentucky, I came with five other girls, but I don't know where they are at. I suspect that they're at the motel in town."

Dave heard the conversation, as did Abbie, and both came over, with Abbie saying "No problem, we'll take you into town, and if they're gone, we'll drop you off in Richmond, isn't that where the university is?"

The young girl smiled, saying "Why yes it is, and thank you, although I hope they hadn't left yet."

They packed up the van, and soon were heading to the office. Dave and George went in, gave them grief, and then they left. In town, they found the motel that April was staying at, but no girls, they had checked out thirty minutes ago, they waited for her, and were worried about her, but they left without her. Crystal comforted her, and said "Don't worry, we're going right by there, and besides, the trip could be fun."

The others laughed, knowing what that meant. Since they didn't have to be home before tomorrow night, they took the old US highway, and as Dave drove, the other four had fun in the back. Good thing the mini van had blinds, as the first thing was George was fucking April on her lap, with her facing away, and his wife licking her quim. After he dumped his load in her, Crystal and Abbie took turns sucking it out as she sat there. For the next six hours, and a few driver changes, they fucked and sucked all the way to Richmond, Kentucky. When they finally got there, about nine at night, she invited them into her apartment to spend the night, but they declined. They did give her their phone number and address, as they wanted her to join them again. All four were well worn and happy as they pulled onto the interstate, heading for home. Not a word was spoken the rest of the trip.

Much earlier, Lisa was waking up herself, surprised to find a warm body in bed beside her. She smiled, remembering that who it was, Barry, and who she had earlier. Although his cock was much smaller, only about seven compared to Keith’s' monster, he knew how to use it, as well as his tongue and fingers. He got her off countless times, and she took at least three loads of his spunk in her cunt, adding to what Keith deposited, and she sucked him off just before they crashed. She told him about riding the boys cock, that seemed to excite him greatly.

She turned to read her clock, shit. it's past noon. She rolled over, reached down and found his hard cock, she smiled as she swung a leg over his body, and inserted it into her snatch. He murmured his contentment, and slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't believe his luck, getting such a fine piece of ass. He lifted his head up, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently.

This sent shivers down her spine, god he's good, she thought. She gently rolled her hips, milking his cock, as she said "It's after noon, do you have to work today?"

He stopped his nipple assault to reply "No, not until tomorrow."

She smiled, as he latched back onto her nipple, "Good, nor do I." She felt her pussy buzzing with the approaching orgasm, as she said "And Cheryl won't be back until after school tomorrow....ohhhhhhh shiiiit."

She was slamming her cunt down hard, as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her twat. He stiffened, as he shot a load into her waiting pussy, as she screamed out from the pleasure of another orgasm.

After they recovered, she got up and went out the door, pulling his shirt over her head, just barely covering her ass, she said "I'll make breakfast, Barry. I'm sure you're hungry as I am." She went out the door smiling. In the kitchen, she put on some bacon and coffee, as she got some eggs out. When they were about done, she hollered, "Breakfast is ready." And she sat down to eat her share, just as he came in, wearing nothing but a smile, and sporting a hardon. She looked up and smiled, saying "I'll take care of that when we're done eating."

He smiled at her, a big smile, knowing she'll back those word up with action. They ate quickly, with her beating him. She looked up, and ducked under the table, crawling over to him, and taking his cock in her mouth as he ate his breakfast. He moaned as his dick was gingerly sucked on by the horny woman under the table. She was swirling her tongue around his meat, and nibbling at his balls as well, she could see them shrink as she knew she would soon get a mouthful of come. She put her mouth back over his cockhead, and jerked his shaft, and was rewarded with a mouthful of come, as he grunted, spewing four or five blasts into the back of her hungry mouth.

He leaned back, and looked down at her face, her lips stilled glued to his cock, as she sucked the last strands out of his hole. He smiled, and said "I'm done with breakfast, why don't you sit your ass up here, and I'll have dessert, now that you had a blast of protein."

He pushed his chair away from the table, and the plates away, as she climbed up onto his lap, kissing him. She then stood and sat on the edge of the table, and lifted her thin lovely legs, resting them on his shoulders. He buried his face in her twat, and was licking away, sending a shudder through her body. God, she was loving this, was wishing it wouldn't end. She felt the orgasm coming, building in tempo, until she squeezed her thighs together against his head, glazing his face with her come.

As her delight subsided, he took her legs off his shoulders and stood up, still holding onto her knees. He pushed them forward to her breasts, and entered her cunt with his throbbing manhood. She moaned at the penetration, as he started fucking her with long powerful strokes. They both could feel her pussy spasms, as she had minor flashes of orgasm. The heat in her twat was building, and she was dying for him to drench it with another load. He pulled her legs to his side, and reached down with his arms and picked her up, impaled on his rod. She felt like it was going through her in this position, with all her weight on her cunt, supported by his cock. She started bucking her hips as he carried her towards the living room, she was wanting a come, but just wasn't there yet.

In the living room, he sat on the couch, his hands working up under his shirt that she was wearing, massaging her breasts. She had her feet on the couch, squatting on his lap, rising and falling in quick motion on his dick. Soon, her wish came true, as they both came together, her nails digging into his flesh on his shoulders, as he emptied a load up inside her, sending each into orgasmic bliss.

He fell back against the back of the couch, and she collapsed into him, both breathing heavily, and both very much spent. They found each others mouths, and kissed heatedly for awhile, until he stood up, her still impaled on his pecker, and carried her back to the bedroom, where it all started. He laid down with her on top of him, and soon they were both asl**p again, planning to wake up shortly and do it again. She looked at the clock, one-thirty, she’ll have to take Cheryl some clothes, eventually.

Over at Michelle's, the three girls were just waking up, even though it was one-thirty in the afternoon, they had a rough night, and so had Keith. Poor Keith, he was able to keep up, but it really took a lot out of him. All four were in Michelle’s parents bed, and Keith was still sound asl**p. Cheryl laid there thinking, what a fucking night. She took his cock three times from two until about five. Michelle and Candy did it twice each. Every time, it was a long, slow fuck. And the girls helped each other out, using their fingers and tongues on each other as they were getting royally screwed by Keith's monster cock.

She sat up, still bare-ass naked, as was the others. Michelle was next to her, on her left, then it was Keith, then Candy on the edge on the other side. Michelle smiled at her, and said "Good morning, feel a bit horny?"

Cheryl smiled, saying "Yeah, a bit." She raised the covers, looking at Keith's limp cock. It was about five inches long when limp, bigger than Michelle's ex-boyfriend, according to Michelle. "But I think we better let him rest for awhile. And besides, I'm hungry."

Candy was awake, listening to them, and she rolled over and said "Yeah, me too, lets get up and eat, let him sl**p."

The three girls bounced out of bed, not even bothering to put any clothes on. Keith heard them, but feigned sl**p. His pecker was sore, and Cheryl was right, it needed rest, for at least a while anyway. He was thinking about the three of them. All three were great so far, considering Michelle and Cheryl were both virgins. He loved the feeling of their young tight pussies. He chuckled, as he thought of the taste of them, too. Each one tasted different, none were bad, even Cheryl, for how big she is, that surprised him. As he was thinking about eating her again, his cock twitched. Oops, he thought, I better get some rest, better think about something else. He slowly drifted off to sl**p.

Downstairs, the girls were making breakfast, for them as well as Keith. Lisa was right, they better treat him well. As they got things ready, Cheryl said "God, I wish I wasn't so fat, I would love to have a man like him take care of my needs in bed."

Candy laughed, "Come on cousin, I didn't see him slow down any when he was taking care of your needs earlier this morning."

"Yeah," chimed Michelle, "Considering he ate you twice and fucked your cunt three times, one more in each category than he did us."

They all laughed, but Cheryl said "I guess, men will fuck anything, won't they." More laughter from all three, as the joked around. Cheryl spoke again, "Well, I could stand to loose some pounds, that’s the truth. I'm about fifty pounds overweight."

The girls looked at her funny, as she said "Okay, maybe sixty, but sixty-five at the most."

Candy hugged her cousin, saying "That’s okay, honey." She kissed her on the cheek, "Look at me, I could stand to loose a few pounds myself." She picked up some toast with some jelly on it, saying "Too much stuff like this, and no exercise."

Michelle's face brightened, saying "Hey Cheryl, I got an idea...or a suggestion, rather."

Cheryl perked up, and said "Okay, what, and don't say just cut off my leg."

They chuckled, and Michelle said "No, not that, but what about setting a goal with rewards?"

Candy looked at her, "What do you mean?"

"Simple, here's my plan." The girls listened as she said, "What you need is a plan to loose the weight. Now, my mother, who is always dieting, says the main problem is no reward factor. But I think we have one, here in the house." She pointed upstairs, and Candy caught on quickly, it took a bit longer for Cheryl.

"Ohhh," said Cheryl, "Use Keith as my reward...not a bad thought."

"Yeah," Candy spoke up, "Loose a few pounds a week, and every two weeks you do, you get Keith for a night."

She thought about it, "But how will I tell my mother?"

"Remember last night?" answered her cousin, "I don't think Aunt Lisa will bitch too much."

"More like getting bitchy if you don't let her sample him as well." said Michelle.

The three of them laughed, just as breakfast was ready. They ate theirs, and discussed the idea. Cheryl liked it, but was worried that Keith wouldn't. The problem was solved, when they took him his breakfast and told him about it. He smiled and agreed to it. Of course, he was thinking maybe he could get into Mrs. Summers pants again.

After feeding Keith, they went back to the living room and watched TV until four, when the phone rang, it being Lisa. She was on her way over with some clothes for Cheryl. Twenty minutes later, Lisa showed up, with Barry driving her. The girls were surprised to see her get out of a strange car, carrying a duffle bag, and come to the door. When she knocked, Cheryl went and answered it, asking "Who is that?"

Her mother smiled, kissing her on the cheek, "Oh, that’s Barry, the policeman from last night. He picked me up and drove me home after seeing me walking home after I left here." She was smiling a radiant smile, and all three girls knew she got fucked, and good. She went on, "Here are some clothes, I'll be going now, is Keith sl**ping?"

Michelle chuckled, "Yeah, why, ain’t the policeman enough?"

Lisa smiled and stuck out her tongue. And then said "Yes he is, there's something to say about experience. I just wanted to make sure you didn't fuck him to death." She turned back to her daughter, and said "Um, if you come home, you might want to call first."

"Mother!" she replied. All got a kick out of that. "Oh mom, I've something to tell you."

Lisa wanted to get out of there and back to Barry, but she wanted to show concern for her daughter, as she said "Okay, what is it, Hon?"

Cheryl and the other two told her about her plan to loose weight, and Lisa smiled, maybe this is good, giving her something to shoot for. She agreed with them, telling them they'll have to make arrangements on their own. She kissed and hugged all three, and exited the house, getting back in the car with her new lover. They drove on back to her house, where they spent the next four hours, fucking and sucking each other silly.

Dave was crossing the Ohio River when he looked at the clock, ten-thirty, they made good time, considering they ate at Georgetown. George was awake, but the girls were asl**p in the back. In twenty minutes, they were home, as they pulled into the driveway of Dave & Crystal. They could see the light on in the living room of George & Abbie's house, as the two men woke up the girls. With tomorrow being a school holiday, they weren't concerned about the k**s being up late, besides, both are seniors this year.

Dave said to George, "Lets just leave the bags in the car, we'll unpack tomorrow. I'm sure we all could use some sl**p."

Crystal, rubbing her eyes and trying to wake herself up, said "You got that fucking right." She looked down towards her friends house, and said "What are we going to tell the k**s?"

"Not a thing, we can still do it and not let on. There are motels around, you know." She looked down to her driveway, seeing a car in it.

George seen it, too, and said "She better not have that Mark what's-his-name over!"

"Relax, honey," Said Abbie, "That’s Candy's car. Not surprised really, she probably got bored with just Keith there. You know how girls are?"

She took his hand and started walking down the sidewalk. Crystal said "Wait for us, we might as well round up Keith." she laughed.

The two coupled walked down the sidewalk, and up the drive. George seen their neighbor peeking out from behind the blinds. He chuckled, saying "Looks like our neighborhood watch leader, Mrs. Stuart is on the ball." Abbie elbowed him in the ribs, as they came to the door. It was locked, and instead of knocking, they couldn't see anyone in the living room through the curtains, George took out his key and unlocked the door.

Entering the house, George sensed something was up. The lights were on, but music was coming from upstairs. He wasn't sure what the feeling was, but he motioned to the others to keep quiet. They went up the stairs, George in the lead. The music, soft music, not heavy rock, which her daughter loves, was coming from their master bedroom. Michelle's door was open, but lights out. Their bedroom door was mostly closed, and a soft light emanated from underneath it. All four gathered at the door, and the unmistakable sound of sex was coming from the other side. George was turning three shades of red, and Dave whispered in his ear, "If it's my son, you have my permission to kill him."

This made him chuckle, even though he was quite pissed, as was Abbie and Crystal. Dave grabbed his arm, and pulled him to Michelle's room. The two women followed. Inside, they whispered amongst themselves, Dave first, "Okay, they're fucking, we just better handle this calmly."

George said "Calmly?! My daughter is getting fucked in there." Just then, they heard laughter, and a girls voice said "Good job Cheryl, you kept it all in your mouth." George had a puzzled look on his face, and looked at his wife. She knew the voice, that was Candy, but Cheryl? She thinks that is a cousin to Candy, lives a few blocks away.

Another voice, it was Michelle's, "Come on Keith, give Candy all eleven inches up her cunt, she wants it again, then I'm next."

All four of them died, as then they heard Michelle say, "Gee Cheryl, he sure likes to eat your pussy."

An unfamiliar voice, obviously Cheryl, spoke, "Oh god, and he's gotten good too, even better than last night."

Dave smiled, and said "Well, I'm proud."

Crystal pinched him, as George chuckled, saying "God I wish I had a son instead of a girl."

Abbie said "Um dear, if our daughter was a boy, you wouldn't want him having sex with Keith, now would you?"

"Good point." He thought for a minutes, then heard the door from their bedroom open. They ducked into the shadow of their daughters room, and watched the well-shaped ass of Michelle trot down stairs, and then come running back, with a can of whipped cream. Abbie went, "Oh no, not on my bed, that'll make a hell of a mess."

Before she could be stopped, she went barging into the master bedroom, with the other three close behind. The looks on the teens were priceless, sort of like the deer in the headlights look. Cheryl was facing the foot of the bed, sitting on Keith’s face, while Candy was facing the other way, rubbing her cousins tits and riding the biggest damn cock any of them had ever seen. It definitely made Dave proud. Michelle was licking whipped cream off of Keith’s chest, her face covered with it, as Abbie said "What the fuck is going on here."

It only took a second for all four young lovers to be off the bed and the girls hiding behind Keith, his massive dong hanging down between his legs. Abbie looked at Candy and Cheryl, saying "You two, get dressed and wait downstairs, I'll be calling your parents once I'm done with these two, if they're still alive."

Candy & her cousin ran out of the room and towards Michelle's, where their clothes are. Abbie turned to her husband, saying "Go keep an eye on them."

Crystal said to Dave, "You go too." Abbie was impressed with the meat on her friends son, but she just caught him with her daughter. Too bad he wasn't along on the trip this weekend. "Sit down, you two. Now!"

Keith grabbed a blanket, wrapped himself and Michelle in it, and sat on the edge of the bed. Nice touch, thought Abbie, showing concern, at least he ain't stupid. "Obviously, I have figured out what is going on here, a regular fuck-fest."

"I'm sorry mom." said her daughter, Keith didn't say a word, Crystal noticed this, her son always was quiet and shy, and wondered how he got into their pants in the first place. And she was sure that Michelle had a boyfriend, as did Candy.

Abbie sat on the bed, Crystal joining them, and calmly said "You two want to tell me how this all started?"

In forty minutes, Michelle spilled her guts, sobbing and telling everything, including the handcuffs, police call, Mrs. Summers, the first night how they took advantage of Keith. Crystal and Abbie were both amazed, and rather amused. Abbie knew Mrs. Lisa Summers, her ex-husband George liked checking her out every chance he had. This might work out well. Crystal didn't know her, but from the smile on her friends face, she was sure she soon would. When she was done, she got up and hugged her mother, saying she was sorry, Keith did the same thing to his mother, his cock now shriveled up to only four inches.

Abbie said "Okay, you two stay here, we'll be right back."

The two adult women went downstairs, and approached Candy and Cheryl. George and Dave were watching television, there had been no spoken words, and definitely no eye contact between them and the girls. Both decided it would be best to let the wives handle this, and then if needed, they would be there.

Crystal spoke to both of them first, "Okay ladies, seems Michelle and Keith had a hell of a story to tell us, all about seduction, bondage, a police call with arrests," this perked up the guys ears ",and other stuff too numerous to mention."

Abbie continued, as she picked up the portable phone, "I'm calling your mother Cheryl, you and Candy will be going over there for the night." The girls heads dropped. Although Candy was sort of happy, at least she wasn't calling her d***ken father and mother. "Hello? Mrs. Summers?...Yes, I'm sorry to bother you this late at night, but this is Abbie, I'm Michelle's mom....Well, we're home, now...yes arrived about twenty minutes ago....oh yes, it was quite a surprise.....hah-hah, no, no problem, k**s will be k**s, but I am sending Cheryl and Candy over to your home, is that a problem?.....oh good, say, would you like to come over for lunch tomorrow?...oh, about two would be fine....okay, very well, they'll be leaving in a few minutes." She hung up the phone. Turned to the girls, and said "Okay you two, go on to Lisa's house for the night." As they stood up, she added, "And come on back tomorrow when she comes over for lunch." They had surprised looks on their faces. So did George and Dave. Crystal didn't, she suddenly knew how Abbie thinks.

The two young girls left, and once they were out the door, Abbie & Crystal told them the story of the weekend. Once done, Dave went "Whew, and I thought we were rather hedonistic this weekend."

George said with a laugh "And if we weren't kicked out of the chalet, we would still be doing it."

The others laughed, agreeing. "But they're too young," Said Crystal, "They don't know what’s right, they're only eighteen, for Christ’s sake."

"April is nineteen." replied Abbie.

There was silence for awhile, and then Dave asked "Now what?"

"Lets tell them the truth about our weekend." said George.

Crystal and Abbie were shocked, and Crystal said "Are you out of your fucking mind, George?"

Abbie added "Maybe not, they're both eighteen."

More silence, and Abbie said "And it is our daughter after all."

Dave looked at his wife, he knows his son has been classified as a nerd, that always sort of bothered him. But if his son turns out to be the class stud....well. He said "Lets do it."

Abbie smiled, saying "Okay, tomorrow at lunch. Lisa Summers will be here, along with the girls Candy and Cheryl, we might as well involve them as well."

Crystal then asked "What about Keith & Michelle?"

Abbie said "Oh shit, we left them wrapped in a blanket, bare ass naked," she looked at her watch, it was about midnight. She sighed, and said "Let them have at it, our bed is a mess anyway and I'm too fuckin tired to clean it up." George and Dave smiled.

"You two can sl**p in Keith’s room at our house." said Crystal.

Abbie smiled, and she said "Okay, let me go tell the two of them." She went on upstairs, followed by Crystal.

They entered the master bedroom, and found Keith & Michelle just as they left them, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the bed. Michelle had a worried look on her face, like she was expecting the death penalty. Crystal and Abbie looked at their two c***dren, and smiled, as Abbie said "We've been thinking, we've been unfair to both of you."

Crystal picked up on that, "Yeah, Michelle, your mom & dad are going to sl**p over at our place tonight, so you two can have some time to yourself and think about the situation."

"You two can also clean my fucking bed up, since it's a mess. I don't even want to see what your bed looks like, young lady." Abbie said.

Michelle blushed, trying to hide her face in Keith’s shoulder. He was relieved too, but why the go ahead to literally keep on screwing Michelle? Both mothers came over and kissed their respective c***dren on the forehead, before leaving the room. They heard them go down the stairs, and saw the lights go out, and then the sound of the front door open and then close.

Each were afraid to move, Keith wondered out loud "I wonder what the catch is?"

Michelle giggled, and said "I think it's me, you big dummy." She kissed him on the lips, and grabbed his meat, thinking that this was great, as she didn't have to share this prize meat. Keith still wasn't sure, as he got up and checked the house out. From the dark living room, he peaked out the bay window down the street. He saw his parents and Michelle's enter his home. Damn, they weren't k**ding. He ran back upstairs and was on top of Michelle in a second, trying to bury his tool in her waiting pussy.

She giggled, saying "I take it the coast is clear, huh?"

He smiled, as he got into a nice pace, screwing the girl's tight, young pussy. They went at it for two hours, before both finally crashed.

Over at his house, Crystal showed them to Keith’s room, and as they entered, she gave each a kiss. George and Abbie looked at each other, then at Crystal, and at Dave as he was coming down the hall. Dave looked at them, and asked "What's up?"

Crystal & Abbie smiled at each other, as Abbie gave her husbands hand to Crystal, kissed her husband on the cheek, and went over to Dave, taking his hand and pulling him into his bedroom, closing the door behind them. George and Crystal went into her sons room, and in seconds, they were fucking hard and fast. They all could hear each other, and Dave & Abbie were making like rabbits as well. Abbie was glad she tried this, she's starting to like it. It only took one round to get all four exhausted sex-nuts asl**p, as it had been a hard day.

The next morning, Michelle woke up early, very early. The sun was just coming up. The clock on her parents dresser said seven-forty. She rolled over onto Keith, and whispered "Keith, hey Keith."

He responded by grabbing her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. She giggled, pushing his hands away, as they moved up her body to her breasts, "No big boy, come on, we've work to do."

He moaned, but she was persistent, as she said "Come on, they let us do it last night, I'm sure they'll let us do it again sometime."

That made him smile, as he opened his eyes, to see her stripping the pillow cases off. She pulled the blankets off, leaving him cold and bare. He rolled over, and stepped out of bed, rubbing his eyes. She wasn't waiting for him, as she was taking the sheets off as well. She said to him, "Go get the bedclothes off my bed, I'll do them as well." He mumbled something about how fuckin early it was, as he stumbled out the room and over to hers.

She carried the soiled linens down to the basement, and placed them in the washer. Soon he was down too, and she placed them in there as well. As she was bending over, he came up from behind and reached around her, giving her a hug, his hard cock pressed firmly against her bare ass. She gave in, as she turned around.

"Okay big boy, you won't lay off until you get some, won't you." She jumped up onto the washer, reached behind her and turned it on, as he grabbed her hips and gently entered her cunt. She wrapped her arms about his neck, and enjoyed the ride. She felt an orgasm building, and it got there just as the first spin cycle hit. He responded by pumping what seemed like a gallon of come into her tight twat.

She pushed him away, and his meat fell from her cunt, a drip of come leaking out, down her right thigh. She smiled, saying "That should take care of you for awhile, now lets go make the beds." She headed for the stairs, as she said over her shoulder, "And no more sex until at least this afternoon?"

He protested, as they went up the stairs, "But what if they say we can't anymore?" As they walked through the living room, she said to him, "We're both eighteen, Keith, we can pretty do what we want as long as it's not under their roof."

"Oh, like we can do it at other places?" he answered.

She smiled, thinking he isn't as dumb as he seems, after all. "Come on," she opened a linen closet, and handed him some sheets, "These are for my bed, go make it. I'll make my parents. Then we'll go to your house and see what’s up."

They were done in minutes, and they took a shower together before dressing. Keith wanted to fuck her in the shower, but she resisted. After drying and dressing, they went out the front door and two doors down to his house. It didn't look like anyone was up yet, so he unlocked his door with his keys, and they entered the home. They walked down the hall and he said "My room is there, you wake your parents, and I'll wake mine."

Now this would have been a good idea, if the parents wouldn't have switched spouses when they went to bed. There was shocked looks in each room after they shook who they thought was their mother, and each k** made a hasty retreat from the bedrooms they had entered. They looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces, as they heard their parents mumbling and rummaging around, getting their clothes on. Keith & Michelle burst out laughing, as they rushed into each others arms, laughing so hard they fell to the floor.

George came out first from Keith’s room, followed by his mother, as he said "God damn it, don't you two believe in knocking?"

Dave & Abbie soon followed from the other room, as Michelle said "Um, remember last night? I guess it runs in the f****y." She continued laughing, as did Keith. Soon the four parents were laughing too, as they realized explaining things just got easier. For the next hour, the four adults told their two c***dren about the weekend. Both c***dren were shocked and yet excited about what they said. Keith had a hell of a woody from thinking about a scene like they described at the swing party. He was hoping Michelle would let him do that. Thinking about it, she should, she already allows him to screw her friends.

At noon, Crystal said "Well, we all better get over to your house, guys, Lisa should be arriving in an hour."

They filed out of the house, and went down the two doors to the other one. Passing Mrs. Stuarts, Abbie said "Oh, hold on, I want to thank her." Crystal joined her, as the two men and the young couple went on inside their home.

After about twenty minutes, the two women returned, smiling. George looked at them, and said "What’s up with the crazy neighbor?"

Crystal smiled, saying "Oh, she's okay. I think she is lonely, may need some companionship."

Dave responded "Well all right!"

Abbie smiled, saying "Not yours big boy, or George's either."

The two men looked at each other, and said "Oh, alright, we think we know what you mean."

Dave said "Does this mean an all-girl review?"

"Guess so, big boy." replied his wife.

They all got a kick out of that. The six of them chatted, and some jokes were made, some making Keith & Michelle blush. The three women went on into the kitchen, figuring out what to present for lunch. It didn't take long for them to tell Dave & George to get the grill going.

Over at the Summers house, Lisa was getting ready to go. The girls were busy dressing, as Lisa thought about the happenings of this weekend. First, her daughter lost her cherry, Lisa had to "rescue" her daughter and her friends from a police call, resulting in the arrest of Michelle's now ex-boyfriend. She was wondering what repercussions were going to come out of that. Then there was the policeman, what a man. He finally left this morning, over thirty hours of wonderfully pure unadulterated sex. She was smiling to herself over that, her pussy felt sore from it all, but she felt satisfied for now, or until he gets back tomorrow.

When he told her this morning about the apartment he lived in in Sharonville, she told him to pack his things and move in with her. When he said he has a son that’s eighteen also, she just shrugged, saying that will keep Cheryl busy, and Candy too, no doubt. Oh yes, Cheryl and Candy. They came home late last night, after Michelle's & Keith’s' parents arrived back a day early. Quite unexpectedly, too. The phone call from Abbie was brief, and yet rather interesting. They all are to go over for lunch at one, ninety-minutes from now.

She sighed, hoping they wouldn't be mad at her, seems that Michelle spilled the beans, so to speak. She could get into a lot of trouble, and so could Barry. She was kind of worried, but if there was a mad parent, she thought she would know by now, and why would they invite us over?

She got dressed, and exited her room. Candy and Cheryl were on the couch, sitting watching the TV. She said to Candy "Have you called your parents, yet?"

"Yeah," she sighed, her fuckin parents, "They were too hung over to talk for long."

That’s another problem, though Lisa. Her b*****r has a good job, decent, anyway. Makes enough money, yet they blow it on booze. Her father is still pissed about that situation. Won't even talk to Joe, hasn't for about a year now. And to make matters worse, they totally ignore their only c***d. Lisa has been keeping an eye on her for how long? Six years? Seven? Dad bought her the car, god knows Joe wouldn't. She doesn't even think he knows she has one. She asked her dad last week if he thought she should have Cheryl move in with her, dad couldn't handle her, that’s for sure. She would be ruling the roost in short order. At least here she can be somewhat controlled.

The more she though about it, the more it pissed her off. She went into the kitchen, and grabbed a soda, taking a sip. Both girls noticed her nervousness, and Candy said to her aunt, "Come on Aunt Lisa, I'm sure everything will be all right."

Lisa smiled, so young, and so naive. She definitely needed more guidance. Maybe Barry moving in will help. And now an interest in Keith, at least she's learned to share. That caused her to giggle.

The two girls looked at her puzzled, and she smiled at them, then went to the phone. She picked it up and dialed a number, and waited for it to answer. The girls got real attentive, when she said "Hello Joe, this is Lisa....huh? Well I'm sorry for calling so early b*****r, but I need to ask you something....well, I was thinking, Candy spends most of her time over here, and her and Cheryl have become like s****rs, they were wondering if she can move in with, no rent, she don't have to pay for rent, and she can get a part time job, so she can help pay for groceries....well, tonight would be fine, we're going to meet some friends for lunch....okay, see you later this evening."

Candy & Cheryl looked at each other and hugged, and then stood up, hugging Lisa. Candy was crying, saying "Oh Aunt Lisa, I don't know what to say."

She brushed the tears away, and said "Don't say anything, you've been a great help around here. Now come on and lets get going over to Michelle's."

They all headed out the door, as she also told them that Barry was moving in, with his son. Both girls thought that this could only get better. They found out this morning that they liked Barry, and if his son is anything like him, they would have a blast. And hopefully, they still had access to Keith, if Michelle's dad hasn't killed him yet.

The drive over was silent, and as well as the walk up the drive to the front door, after Lisa parked it on the street. Lisa was very nervous, afraid they would call her all sort of names for letting the girls have sex with Keith. As she was getting ready to knock, the door opened, and it was Michelle. She smiled and said "Welcome, you all come on in, we're just about ready for lunch."

The three of them entered, and Lisa and the girls were shown to the couch, as Michelle said "Dad and Keith's dad Dave are out back cooking burgers on the grill, mom and Crystal are in the kitchen getting a salad done, if you want to join them Mrs. Summers?" She was looking at Lisa.

"Oh, Okay," Lisa said, as she got up, "I'll go see if I can give a hand." She walked towards the kitchen, and the three young girls watched as she went.

Then Candy turned to her friend, and said "Well, are you grounded for life?"

Michelle laughed, saying "Not hardly, as a matter of fact, my parents went over and slept at Keith’s, and Keith & I stayed in my parents room." Candy & Cheryl’s jaws dropped in astonishment.

"You mean they let you guys sl**p together?" said Cheryl.

"Well, we got some sl**p, yes." She chuckled, and her friends giggled, too. And then she said "And that’s not all."

The two cousins asked "What? There's more?"

"Shh," she looked towards the kitchen, "Keep your voice down, and don't go blabbing." She definitely got the girls attention. She looked at both of them, as she said "When Keith & I got up this morning, we cleaned up the two bedrooms, and since we were up so early, we went on over to his house to wake up our parents."

"So, big deal." said Candy.

Michelle laughed, and continued, "It is a big deal when we found our parents weren't sl**ping with they're own spouses."

Candy said "So, maybe they were mad at each other and they wanted to sl**p apart."

"Um, Candy honey," said her cousin, "I don't think her parents, or Keith’s, were sl**ping alone."

"Well," said Candy, "She just said that her..." it hit her, "ohmygod, you don't mean..." Michelle burst out laughing, nodding her head, "they swapped mates?" Candy sat back in the couch, "Wow, I would never have thought..."

Michelle said "And that’s not all, they went to a swing club in Gatlinburg, said they had a great time."

Candy let out a low whistle, and asked "How many people were there?"

Michelle blushed, and said "I asked mom, she doesn't know, only said she had so many men she lost count after about two dozen." She smiled, "And get this, lot of them were college guys!"

This got their interest, and Cheryl asked "Did she give you more details?"

She shook her head no, and said "She only said that she might tell me at another time, but..." she looked towards the kitchen again, Candy noticed her nervousness, "Dad got some info on clubs here in the Cincinnati area, seems they may check them out, and if they like them, they'll take Keith and I along."

Candy turned to her cousin Cheryl, and asked "What you think, s*s? Would you like to go swinging?"

The thought had Cheryl excited. She already found she liked sex, and even more, the possibilities were endless. She smiled, saying, "Hell, I would give it a shot, but what about my mother?"

Michelle replied "That’s being brought up right now, why you think I sent her into the kitchen with my mother and Keith’s mom?"

The three girls giggled. In the kitchen, though, Lisa was in shock. Abbie and Crystal told them about their activities, and Lisa just couldn't believe it. She first thought that they were worse than perverts, as they just came out and said that they swing. Then they told her all about their weekend, and it shocked her that she liked the sound of it. They also told her about what they heard about her and Keith, as well as the policeman. She was thanked for covering for the girls, and pitching in as she saw fit. They weren't mad that she let the girls have sex with Keith.

"Well," said Abbie, "What you think? Are we too weird?"

Lisa sat down on a chair, and said "Wow!" she looked up at the two women, and said "I would have never thought, that you all..."

Crystal giggled, and said "We told you, it was all spur of the moment." She giggled, "Sort of like Saturday night when you climbed on top of my son."

She smiled, yeah, they had her there, and oh did it feel good. She wouldn't even mind taking it again, if the chance presents itself, which she is sure it will. Hell, she told Barry about Cheryl's new diet plan, and he said to go for it! She looked at them and asked "Okay, I can accept this, no big deal, but why you telling me all this?"

Abbie looked at her friend Crystal, and smiled, and turned to Lisa, "A few reasons, Lisa. First, you already are involved. After all, you allowed the three girls to have wanton sex with Keith, which I'm sure all parties are appreciative of you for." Some giggling from both Crystal and Lisa. "Another, we want to be open to you about it, so you don't hear it second hand, god forbid it even gets out, and don't want your daughter to associate with Michelle and Keith."

Lisa held up her hand to stop her, and said "That’s not a problem, after all, I'm using Keith’s meat to help my daughter to loose weight, as you well know."

There was more giggling, and Abbie said "There is one more thing," she paused, and her face got sort of serious, "We would like you to become involved."

Wow, she thought, this really floored her. They want her to join them for sexual hi-jinks! Her mouth was open, letting in flies, just as the back door opened, George and Dave were bringing in the hamburgers.

George yelled out "Meat's ready!" and continued on into the dining room, where things were sitting, ready to be eaten. Keith soon came through the door, and followed the men, and Lisa followed him with her eyes.

Crystal said "Um, Lisa, that's not the meat that’s ready."

They all laughed, and Lisa said "I'll think about it, give me a few days."

They hugged and went on into the dining room, grabbing buns and meat and salad. Dave went to the fridge and pulled out beer and soda for all. They talked about many things, including the weekend, causing some to blush when their names were mentioned. It was brought up about Barry moving in with Lisa and Cheryl, then that Candy was moving in as well.

About five, the get together was winding down, and Lisa said her good-bye, and hugged both Abbie and Crystal, whispering to them, "Let me talk to Barry." She left the girls there, after telling them to be home by nine. Who knows what they will be getting into, she thought, as she drove the four blocks home.

Barry arrived at Lisa's house late the next day, with his son in tow. He looked like a much younger version of Barry, with the same strong build. Candy & Cheryl e****ted him to his new bedroom, and he was definitely checking out the breasts on both girls, which Lisa noticed, causing her to smile. Barry said "Maybe this isn't a good idea, there might be some hormones racing around."

She reached down, and squeezed his package, saying "I got some hormones racing as well, big boy."

They kissed, and broke apart, as the three teens returned into the living room. Lisa looked at Cheryl & Candy, and said "Well girls, help him unpack, and then we'll eat." She pulled Barry towards the kitchen, and finished up the pot roast. She put it in the crackpot before heading to work this morning, so it was about ready. All she had to do was get some veggies ready. She asked Barry what ones he and his son, named Joe, liked best. He told her corn or any bean is fine. She smiled and got a can of each out, saying he's a growing boy, he could probably eat both.

As she was stirring at the stove, he came up behind her and reached around her and hugged her, cupping her tits in his hands. She sighed, as he kissed her neck. He then asked "How did the lunch go yesterday?"

She smiled, saying, "Well, it was interesting."

"They weren't pissed at you, then!?" he asked.

"No, not hardly," she giggled in response.

He pulled his head back, in puzzlement, and said "What’s so funny?"

She stopped stirring, and turned around, facing him, putting her arms up on his broad shoulders, and on her tip-toes, kissed him on the chin. She then said "They're swingers." And she turned around.

Talk about coming out of nowhere! His turn to be shocked. "Oh my." was his only words, as he went back to hugging her and nibbling on her neck. He did this as she stirred the food, then said "So, I take it they're going to let Keith take care of Candy & Cheryl's itch."

She smiled, and said "Yes, unless they find they're new house guest to be entertaining." He about lost it, not in anger, but in laughter. She added, "But knowing those two, they'll do both."

He laughed a bit more, and said "As long as they don't use handcuffs, don't think Joe would go for that."

She smiled, and asked "You don't mind?"

"Nah," he thought for a second, and said "At least I'll know where he's getting it from."

"That’s good, because he's probably getting that right now." She felt his hands sliding down her waist to her crotch, rubbing her pubic mound through her jeans.

The thought of his son getting it right now was getting him hot, and then she said something else, "Oh yeah, there is one more thing."

He was astonished, "There's more?"

She turned around and faced him, saying, "Well, yes, there is. The parents of Keith & Michelle want to know if we're interested in playing."

"Playing? Playing what?" He looked at her, as she gave him a rather strange look, one that looked as if he was rather dense, then it hit him, "Oh, playing...shit, I've never thought I would ever get the chance..."

She smiled, and replied "I take that as a yes."

He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. "Yes, it's a yes, as long as I have your hot tight box, I'm happy."

She giggled, feeling like a school girl again, a very horny school girl. She smiled, as she said "Come on, help me get dinner on the table." They kissed again, and she showed him where the plates were, and the silver ware, as she got the food and set it on the kitchen table. She called out to the teens, "Cheryl, Candy, Joe, dinner!"

As the adults sat, and dished out some food for themselves, the teens took awhile to make an appearance. Cheryl and Candy appeared first, with big old grins on their faces, followed by Joe, who looked rather sheepish. Lisa passed him the meat, and asked "Did the girls show you all the comforts of the house?"

His face blushed, and the girls giggled, and he stammered out "Um, yes Mrs. Summers." He took some food and passed it on, as the girls were snickering.

"Don't call me Mrs. Summers, Joe, my name is Lisa. We go by first name basis around here, okay?" she told him.

He smiled, and looked at his father. He winked at him, and he started eating. Lisa wasn't sure what the two girls had done, but she could only imagine. They ate and talked, seems Joe was a senior at another school, but he had a car. Their driveway wasn't that big for four cars, this may be a problem. Good thing Cheryl doesn't drive.

The evening was spent with the two cousins cleaning the table, with help from Joe, as Lisa and Barry settled onto the couch, watching the television. They heard laughter and carrying on from the kitchen, and smiled, happy to see they're makeshift f****y was starting to work out.

Barry pulled her closer to him, and they snuggled in each others arms. Some Eastwood movie was on, and they watched it, with the teenagers eventually joining them, laying next to each other on the floor, off to the side of the couch. Lisa could see some touching and feeling, mutually done, she might add, as the five of them watched the movie. About ten, she told them to get to bed, since they have classes tomorrow. She got up to follow the girls into their room, and after asking them, she discovered she was right, they did make an advance. The two of them combined to give him a welcome blowjob. She laughed, and told them to don't do anything tonight, to wait until the weekend.

She returned to her new lover, and they turned the television off and made their way to bed, where they fucked like rabbits for two solid hours. He got her off a few times, with tongue and prick, making her a happy camper. After the last round, as they drifted off to sl**p, he asked if the girls did his son. She replied it was a welcome blowjob, and he chuckled, and wondered out loud when he would get his. She kissed him, telling him to hold on, the weekend was fastly approaching.

The weekend did come, and there was already fun planned for it. It also happened to be the first cold weekend of the fall season, as the temps dropped into the thirties, a bit cold for this time of year. But on Thursday evening, Abbie and Crystal got together with Lisa, and made plans for a get together at the home of Abbie and George. All of the c***dren were to party at the home of Dave & Crystal. This way, they could keep an eye on them. The party was to start on Friday evening, and end Sunday. Plenty of liquid refreshments were to be had, as well as good food.

Friday night opened with Lisa and Barry arriving at about seven, Dave and Crystal were already there. A drink was in everyone’s hands in short order, as they talked for a bit. After an hour, and another round of alcohol, Abbie made a big container of margarita's for the girls, George brought out a board game that he picked up at an adult novelty store. It was sort of like truth or dare, and within an hour, all bodies were bare, and the action was heating up. The couples paired off, Lisa with George, Abbie with Dave, and Crystal with Barry, and soon the living room was filled with the sounds of sex.

After everyone had reached orgasm, and were resting for the next round, Abbie popped a porno into the vcr to help the guys recover a bit faster. It worked, and soon the guys had the girls on all fours. But instead of just staying with one wife, they alternated, trying each girl for a few strokes, debating which was the tightest, or the wettest, or the pinkest, or anything else they could come up with.

The women were enjoying this as well, getting to feel each cock as it entered and re-entered their slippery cunts. They even started getting into it, debating which cock felt the best, and which performed well, and so on. There were no announced winners, obviously. For the guys weren't stupid, they weren't about to make one woman above the rest. After that, it was a free-for all, as they moved to the master bedroom, all six people on the bed, touching, sucking, licking, fucking and squeezing each other until the early morning hours.

Two doors down, the parents offspring were going at it as well. No alcohol, but plenty of good old fashion sex. Joe was broken in right away, as all three girls jumped him and fucked him silly as Keith watched. After they were done with him, they let him rest as they turned their attention to Keith. Joe was impressed with his size, it dwarfed his seven inch pecker, but the girls told him not to let it bother him, he had the right tool for what they wanted. The young men had plenty of stamina and drive, and they both came in each girl twice before they all crashed on the living room floor at about five in the morning.

On Saturday, morning found that the couples had migrated with their spouses to separate bedrooms. No one woke before noon, and when they did, there was a round of morning sex, with Dave & Crystal doing it first, making enough noise to wake the others in the house, and the other two couples joining in.

Once everyone was up and out of bed, it was decided the dress code was casual, meaning no clothing. This led to impromptu sexcapades, as when a man would get a hardon, the closest woman would ride it, and it wasn't necessarily his significant other. About six, the k**s came over, and as soon as they entered and seen the adults nude, they stripped down.

It was decided that the parents couldn't do their own c***dren, but they could do the others. In other words, a full scale orgy broke out after dinner. This made the night before look like a Sunday church gathering. The older men got a kick out of watching the older women doing Joe and Keith. Especially while they had their cocks buried in the younger pussy. Crystal was kind of disappointed, as she only had one young cock to fulfill her, but Abbie told her that maybe they can get more for another time.

Needless to say, it was a bang-up good time. By Sunday afternoon, people were literally having to limp out of the house to go home. They all crashed when they got to their own beds. The next week, Cheryl started working out with Keith at the gym, and by Wednesday, Michelle and Candy had joined her, and Joe too, even though he went to a different school. They were the talk of the campus, but no one wanted to mess with them. Michelle's ex boyfriend confronted Keith, and Keith took him on in the gym, pounding the shit out of him. The wrestling coach watched the match with glee.

Another thing happened that week, Abbie and Crystal went and visited their neighbor, Mrs. Stuart. They took over a freshly made pie, and knocked on the door. Mrs. Stuart answered it suspiciously, but let them in. She really didn't say much, but both women were impressed when they found she was fifty-nine, she hardly looked fifty. Although her hair was gray, her body was firm, thin waist, and a nice bust, a bit smaller than Crystal, and strong legs. She mentioned she seen a lot of activity over at their houses lately, causing the two women to snicker like schoolgirls. She told them to call her Linda, and that she had an idea what they were doing, and that she didn't mind. As they were leaving, Crystal noticed the lights flickering. She asked and Linda said that she's been having problems with the wiring. Crystal told her that she would send Dave over one night this week, as he's a master electrician. Abbie said she would send George as well, since Dave might need a hand in case it's a big job. Linda smiled, and thanked them.

When Dave got home that night, Crystal told him about Linda and the problem with the lights. Dave groaned, saying that her house is older than theirs, it probably needed rewired, since he had already had to redo their own. He told his wife to go back over tomorrow, and tell Linda that it would take at least three weekends with him and Keith, and possibly George, to get it done. The cost would be about three-thousand in labor, and another grand in material.

The next day, Crystal and Abbie went back over, and Linda welcomed them both in. Crystal told her what Dave said, and Linda said fine, and wanted to know how much to pay him. Crystal told her about two grand, and she readily agreed. They went on talking, found out that Linda was once married, and widowed. Her husband had been dead for twenty-two years, when she was thirty-seven. That he was forty years older than her, and they were married for ten years before he died. Turns out he was a lawyer, and was a widow at the time they got married. He had five k**s, and except for the oldest one, a son, and also a lawyer, none of the others would accept her into the f****y. She didn't say, but she may have lived a rather shady life before marrying Mr. Stuart.

He left her plenty of money, she hadn't the need to work since his death. As a matter of fact, she was thinking of getting ready to move, buy a place in Florida, maybe. Abbie asked how she stayed in such great shape. Linda smiled and showed the two of them a room set up with exercise equipment. She told them that she worked out every day here in her own home. There were free weights, a riding bike, stair-master, a bow flex, and a small universal weight machine. The two of them were impressed, and Linda told them that if they wanted to work out, to come on over.

Before the girls left, Linda, with a wicked smile, she asked if there were other ways to pay them. Abbie snickered, and Crystal answered that yes, if she wanted to pay in other forms, she can. But she wasn't sure if the materials and all the labor would be covered that way.

They told her that it couldn't be started until the first weekend in December, so she agreed to it. Neither Crystal and Abbie told their hubbies about the sex part. There wasn't much action the next three weeks, as the boys had wrestling practice every Saturday, and pretty much worn out by the time they got through. Plus George had accounts to get done before the holidays, and Dave had a few big projects he wanted to finish before he tackles Mrs. Stuart's.

On the Wednesday after thanksgiving, he finally was caught up, as was George, and he told Crystal to tell Linda that he would start the job that weekend. Keith was getting use to practice, and he could help after the meets, which was usually done by two. All through these last four weeks, Abbie and Crystal had been going over to their neighbor and working out, with Lisa joining them when her schedule allowed. They were really opening up, at it didn't take long for them to spill the beans about all the activities they had been doing. Linda made it a point to mention that she wouldn't mind joining, as she had been lonely long enough. Crystal told her to go ahead and join in the fun, as the guys wouldn't mind. The girls decided to keep this from their husbands, so they were in for a surprise when they went over the first weekend.

George came over to Dave's house that Saturday morning, early. He was to help carry the tools and material needed over to Linda's. When they were ready, they walked next door and knocked.

Linda answered the door, and the guys mouths dropped to the floor. She was standing there with a cut-off top, just barely covering her firm hard breasts, and a pair of bikini shorts, so tight her pussy lips were bulging out. She asked them to come on in, and to get started, as she was working out in the other room.

The guys went into the utility room, and as Dave looked over his shoulder, to make sure she was out of earshot, he softly told his friend "Man, did you see those tits?"

George whistled, as Dave took the electric panel door off, "Yeah, and that pussy, it's just dying to be fucked."

Both men giggled, as Dave accessed the electrical situation. It was an old fuse box, good thing he bought a 200-amp breaker box. He started to work, and gave George some tools, and told him to go start pulling outlets in the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Both men worked non-stop. It took Dave an hour to get the new panel in and the main line rewired. He kept the power off at a minimum, about ten minutes, as he installed the new box. George got all the plates off, and the outlets and switches pulled out, as well as the overhead lights.

By noon, Dave was in the attic, running wire down to George, who was pulling it down. Things were going real smooth, and Dave was happy. Luckily this house was built well for re-wiring purposes, no hang-ups in the walls to make it a bitch. They had the kitchen and dining room done, and started working on the living room, when Linda came into it, and asked "You guys ready for lunch?"

Without looking up, George hollered up to Dave, "She wants to know if you're ready for lunch?"

He hollered down yes, and when George turned around, he about died. She was wearing a bathrobe, and nothing else, as she just got out of the shower. She sauntered into the kitchen, and pulled out some meat and got the bread out, and made sandwiches, as George waited for Dave to come down from the attic. When he got there, George motioned towards Linda, and this caused Dave to smile. Both men took a seat at the table, and she brought the sandwiches over to them, along with a beer for each, on a tray.

She said "Here's your lunch, guys."

They each took a sandwich, as she took a seat across from them. They ate them quickly, had another, and washed it down with the beer. Once done, they both leaned back in their chairs, and George asked "That was good, what's for dessert?" He was just joking, but she got up, untied her robe with a smile, and let it fall to the floor.

George went, "Oh man, look at that."

Dave responded "Yeah, I think I'll like dessert."

She came around the table, and in-between the two men, their hands quickly went to her body, feeling her nice round tits and her ass and bald pussy. George took a nipple in his mouth, as Dave fingered her slit. She moaned as he penetrated her pussy, something that hasn't been done by another man in quite a long time. She sat her ass on the edge of the table in front of Dave and said "Oh god, eat me, please eat me." As she laid back on the table, propping her legs on his shoulders. His face went right into her twat, suckling on her clit, and shoving two fingers up her love-hole.

George got up and dropped his trousers, and went to her head, which was on the other side of the table. He rubbed his rapidly growing meat on her lips, and she opened them, her eyes still closed. He was surprised when she swallowed his whole schlong, as he felt it slide down her throat. She obviously knew how to suck cock, and she hadn't forgot how, either. A climax shook her body, as Dave was working her clit with his tongue, her moans and cries of passion muffled by the meat in her mouth. As her orgasm subsided, she whimpered as Dave left her cunt and stood up. His dick wanted a taste of this old cunt, and he had a feeling it would feel very tight.

He dropped his pants to his knees, grabbed his dick and guided it to her slit, rubbing it up and down. She whimpered some more at this, and tried pushing her hips into him, wanting her cunt filled with his meat.

He grabbed a hip, and pushed forward, entering her slick and very tight, hot cunt. He was right, it was very tight. He grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her legs, driving his meat into her so that his balls banged on the edge of the table. George was watching Dave's cock disappear and reappear in and out of her tight box, her inner pussy walls being pulled out as he pulled out. Her hips were bucking, and soon Dave felt her pussy constrict around his shaft, as she had another orgasm. This put George over the edge, as he sent a load down her throat and into her tummy. Dave was soon to follow, as he sent one in from the opposite direction.

Both guys pulled out, still hard, and stood there, looking at her older well-built body. Dave said "They sure don't build them like this anymore!" with a laugh.

George chuckled, saying "Yep, very good condition at this end, how was yours?"

"Oh, pretty damn good, real smooth and very nice texture," Dave laughed, as he finished with "It fit like a glove."

Both men laughed, as Linda sat up, her face flushed, as she said "Well, you guys want to help me down, we can take this into my bedroom where it would be more comfortable."

With dicks still pointing towards the ceiling, they followed the gray-haired beauty down the hall towards her bedroom. She had a large bed, and as they entered, she jumped on it, on all fours, wiggling her cute little ass in the air as an invitation.

George smiled, saying "My turn." As he climbed onto the bed and behind her upturned ass. He guided his meat to her cunt and shoved it in, making her moan in pleasure, as she felt the whole length glide on in.

The guys were not surprised when she purred and said "Oh yeah, your wives said you two had nice cocks, glad they allowed me the opportunity to sample them."

The two men smiled at each other, as Dave went to her head and offered his dick for a suck. She hungrily sucked it in, taking him to the balls, his shaft easily going down her throat.

They fucked her for about ninety minutes, before Dave said they had better get some more things done. They left her laying on her bed, temporarily sated, as they went and found their clothes and went back to work. She didn't come out while they finished the living room and started on the bathroom.

They got one bedroom done when Keith showed up. He knocked, and his father let him in. Keith could tell from the smile on the faces on his dad and George that they had a good time. Dave just pointed to the bedroom where Linda was still laying, and told him to have fun for an hour.

Keith went down the hall, and stood in the doorway, as Dave and George watched from the other room. She must have seen him, as she said "Oh, hello there, you must be Keith"

He smiled and waved, and said "Hello there. "He entered the room, and after a few seconds, they heard a "Oh my goooood.....I've never seen..." followed by silence. As they worked, they soon heard the bedsprings bouncing, and Linda moaning, as Keith was fucking her tight cunt, reaching areas that never had been touched before. It wasn't long before she was crying out in joy, as one orgasm after another raked through her body. George & Dave just chuckled, as they pulled wire and worked on the job.

Keith finally came out an hour later, with a big smile on his face. He soon joined the two older men in work, and in no time, they had half the house done, way ahead of schedule. Dave decided they had done enough work, so he sent Keith on home, and him and George walked on back to the master bedroom, where they found Linda on her belly, with just a sheet over her. She raised her head, and turned and looked at them, a big smile on her face.

"Oh boys, you guys have done a wonderful job so far, do you want a check for the days work?" She rolled over and stretched, the sheet ending up being pulled down below her breasts. Both guys felt their dicks twitch, as their eyes took in her nude upper body.

Dave answered her, "Um, well Linda, you can wait until we're through. Seems it's going faster than I thought, so we'll probably take a good chunk out of it. We'll be back tomorrow to finish the bedrooms and the utility room."

She smiled, and said "Well, why don't you two come on over here and join me. I'm sure you could both use something for the long walk home."

Both men chuckled, as they undid their pants and took them off, then joined her in the bed. Dave laid down next to her, and she swung a leg over his body and quickly mounted his cock. Dave reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart, revealing her little brown hole.

"Come on George, I think she might like it." He said while nodding towards her back door. Linda wasn't sure what he meant, until she felt a finger of George exploring her asshole.

"Ohhh, George, that feels good...ugh...yes...please fuck my ass, baby..." she begged, as she was rocking on both George’s finger and Dave's cock.

George removed his finger and placed his dick at her anus, and pressed in gently, she gasped at first at the sudden pain, but then the pain went away, and she started pushing back against him, causing more of his meat to sink into her ass. Once he was all the way in, the two men started drilling her two holes, causing her to shake and shudder, as one orgasm after another swept through her body.

After about ten minutes, they somehow managed to roll over, with Linda sitting on George's cock, up her ass, his hands on the middle of her back holding her up, and Dave between her thighs, his hands holding her by the ankles, as he fucked her twat. She was lost in her own little world, and she blacked out once from the joy of it all. The guys didn't stop, as Dave continued to pound away. Finally, George grunted, as his cock filled her bowels, followed by Dave, who with one final plunge, emptied his load deep inside of her. They all collapsed in a heap, just as they heard clapping coming from the hall.

There was their two wives, Abbie and Crystal, with not a stitch on, and when the guys seen them, they rushed the bed, pushing Dave off and his dick out of Linda's cunt. She moaned at the loss of it, and again as she was rolled off of George, his meat falling out of her asshole with a plopping noise.

The two wives got Linda on her side, and started cleaning her cunt and asshole with their tongues, making Linda squirm with delight. The husbands softening cocks got hard, and soon they were in each others wives, plowing their cunts as the girls licked Linda clean.

The guys grunted and buried their cocks into the wives, as they emptied their sperm deep inside. They pulled out and collapsed, a bit worn. Linda was having another orgasm ,as the girls finished her off. As she recovered, the girls crawled up and started exchanging kisses with each other and Linda.

Linda smiled at her new lovers, and asked Crystal "Where's that boy of yours? God he's got a monster cock!"

Abbie laughed, and Crystal smiled, saying, "Yea, he does, even bigger than his dad, wish he wasn't my son, I would love to try it." They laughed and kissed, and she said "Oh, he's with Cheryl, she lost some more weight, believe she's lost thirty-seven pounds in the last five weeks, Keith is her bi-weekly reward."

Linda smiled, "Some reward." Abbie sucked on her stiff nipple, causing her to moan, "And where's your daughter at?"

George answered for his wife, "Over at Lisa Summers place, Lisa and Barry are both working this weekend, so Michelle and Candy are entertaining Joe, Barry's son."

Linda whistled softly, "You guys are a real set of hedonists, aren't you?"

"You complaining?" asked Abbie, as she lifted her mouth off of the older women’s tit.

"Hell no, I think I've found something I like." she replied. They all laughed, and started in again, with the guys soon joining in. They fucked and sucked until about midnight, by then both George and Dave were about shot. Sunday they slept in and rested. The following week, they repeated the performance, as they finished off Linda's wiring, and had Keith help again once he was done with practice. He eventually left, leaving the three older people to their own desires, with Abbie and Crystal joining them again.

On the following week, while seated in his office, George was looking at his practice. He was given a list by Nancy of those that wanted his services. He hated to turn down the extra work, but with just him doing the work, and Nancy being his secretary, he just couldn't handle it all.

That was on Tuesday. When he got home that night, he was met at the door by Crystal, she had a big smile on her face. He looked at her, and said "Okay, what’s up?"

"Well, Crystal & I got a phone call today." said Abbie.

He sat on the couch, grabbing the evening newspaper, and saying "And?"

"It was April." He had to think, then he remembered the girl from Gatlinburg, he lowered the paper, and smiled. "She and a bunch of her friends want to come up this weekend to visit."

George said "Okay, how many? And I take it will be an interesting visit?"

"Yes it should," she smiled, and continued, "It seems she told a few of her swinging friends about us, and they expressed interest in coming up for a visit. About twenty, only April and one other will be female."

"Whew, nice odds. Are you sure about this?" said her husband.

"Crystal, Linda & Lisa and I already agreed. The two college girls can be entertained by you, Dave, Barry, Joe and Keith, while us seven girls will take on the eighteen guys." Abbie was smiling, and George laughed.

"Okay, sounds like fun to me. If Barry and Dave go for it, I will too. I'm sure Keith and Joe will." He returned to his paper, "Eighteen of them, that’s almost three to one."

She knelt down in front of him, and undid his zipper, and fished out his meat, finding it almost hard. "Looks like you like the idea of a couple of coeds, yourself." He chuckled, as she started sucking away, she took her mouth off his meat to ask, "How was your day? And Nancy? How's she doing?"

George dropped the paper, watching his wife suck on his knob. She had gotten better the last few months of doing this, probably from watching Crystal, he thought. "Well, I've been thinking, maybe I need to hire another accountant, I have lots of potential clients, but only one of me."

She raised her head, removing his meat, as she slowly jerked his cock, and asked "You think I could help in the office?"

He thought about it, and said "Oh, probably as a clerk, Nancy would need some help as well." He moaned as her warm mouth soon engulfed his cock again. "I could even use two. At least during tax time, and keep one full-time."

He grunted as she finished him off, his blast of come hitting the back of his throat. Michelle and Candy came in, smiled at the two of them, and went on up to Michelle’s room, carrying their school books. Something caught George's eye as they went by. Abbie looked at him, and said "What?"

"Oh, just thinking," he turned to his wife, looking at her face, "Just saw Candy carrying up some school books on mathematics, and business, I was wondering if she would like a job."

Abbie looked at him, smiled and said "Let me call Lisa, but what you want her for?"

George chuckled, "I've a few ideas, really," Abbie slapped his bare thigh, mockingly, "But I wouldn't mind using her as sort of a trainee, I guess Michelle could work too. They are both seniors."

Abbie got up and went to the phone. She picked it up and headed for the back bathroom, dialing a number. George sat there and couldn't hear what his wife was saying, but knew it might be of some help.

A few minutes later, she returned, and said "Just talked to Lisa, she said that she is taking Accounting classes this semester and next. Been doing pretty good. Currently she's working at a fast food place, not getting paid that much."

George mulled it over, asked "What is not much?"

"Six-fifty an hour." replied Abbie. She smiled, and said "You know, having those two might help in getting even more clients."

George smiled, and said "Let me talk to them."

He got up and headed up the stairs. The bedroom door was only partially open, and he knocked, he heard Michelle say come on in, and he did. Both girls were sitting on the bed, topless, reading some English class books. "Hi girls, can I talk for you two for a moment?"

They looked at each other, and Michelle said "Sure dad, what’s up?" Michelle was afraid she had done something wrong, her dad normally doesn't come into her room, unless she screwed up. And with them now all having a open relationship, she couldn't think what the problem could be. Abbie appeared in the doorway behind him, as he took a seat at her desk.

"Well, how are you girls grades?" asked George.

They looked at each other, as Michelle answered "Oh, I've been keeping about a B+ average, my math and social studies scores have kept me up." She looked at Candy.

Candy replied, "I've got a low A in most of my classes, having a bit of a problem in English."

"Good," said George, "I'm glad to hear it." He cleared his throat, "Um, well, you see, I'm going to do some changing at work." Both girls looked at him funny, wondering why the fuck he's telling them this. "The thing is, I need a full-time accountant at least, I'm not sure where I'll get one, yet. But, I could use some part-time help, sort of a training position." Neither girl had a clue, and it showed on their faces. He blurted it out, "After the first of the year, I would like both of you to work a few evenings per week, and possibly Saturday mornings, how many hours you get at where you work, Candy?"

Candy was stunned, a new job, and in accounting, a field she is interested in, "Um, about twenty."

He made some calculations quickly in his head "Okay, I'll tell you what, I'll pay you each a salary of two-hundred a week, for a maximum of twenty-five hours. How's that sound?"

Candy did some calculating of her own, and a smile came across her face, "Sure thing George, I would love that."

Michelle piped in, "Oh daddy, that would be great."

Both girls got up and came over and gave him a hug and a kiss. He got up smiling, as Abbie added, "Okay you two, there is one condition," they both sat back down on the bed, as Abbie said "You two better not neglect on your schooling, and no goofing off at work. I will be there, too. I'll be helping Nancy in her office duties." Both girls said they promised to do a good job, and the couple left the room.

Once back downstairs, George said "Now I'll have to tell Nancy, but I still need a full-time accountant!"

"Don't worry, you'll find one, after all, there are always college graduates wanting entry-level jobs."

He smiled, and went back to his paper. He stopped and asked "What about Cheryl? She won't feel put out, will she?"

"Cheryl is only a junior, no, no worry there. I'm sure Lisa will take care of that. Speaking of which, I’ll call her back."

The next day, instead of George telling Nancy, Abbie did it, by taking her out to lunch. She told him not to tell her a thing, she wanted to do it. They left at noon, and George expected them back at one. At four he suddenly broke away from work, and realized they hadn't gotten back yet. By five he was really getting worried, and was about to go looking for them, when they entered his two-room office, both laughing and smiling. They said their good-byes, and Abbie kissed her husband on the lips, as she left.

Once she was out of the office, George said "I guess I can't get mad, since you were with my wife."

Nancy smiled, and said "Yeah, I wasn’t worried."

He chuckled, and went back into his office, with her following on his heels. He asked her, "Well, what do you think of the plans?"

She took a seat on the other side of the desk, and said "I like them, I've been thinking for awhile we could use the help, at least for me for filing. I'll love having Abbie around." George thought so would he, and he smiled a big smile, "I just hope you don't get worn out," he looked at her rather puzzled, as she got up and came around the desk, sitting on the edge of it between him and the desk, and raising her legs, "I mean, you might have your hands full here taking care of two women, not to mention all those at home." His face showed his shock, not only from what she said, but also from his view up her skirt, and her lack of panties. Sounds to him that Abbie literally told her everything.

She leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips, their tongues exploring each others mouths. She broke it, and leaned back, her hands on the desk behind her, as she said "Yeah, Abbie said you got a great tongue, she suggested I find out how good it is before this weekend."

George didn't need anymore encouragement. He buried his face in her bush, a sweet smelling cunt, and started lapping at her already flowing juices. She started telling him that Abbie told her all about what's been going on at the home front, and she was more or less asked to join in, along with her two nineteen year-old twin sons. She soon stopped talking, as George shoved a finger up her hot cunt, as she moaned in passion. Her hips started bucking on the desk, meeting his tongue and his probing fingers. She finally screamed out, wailing that she was coming. George was thinking, what a screamer.

As her orgasm subsided, he stood up and unbuckled his pants, pushed them to his knees with his shorts, letting her see his meat, as it pointed toward the ceiling. She licked her red lips, and he grabbed her knees, parting her thighs a bit more. She took his throbbing cock into her left hand and guided it to her waiting hole. He pushed in and couldn't believe how tight it was. His hands worked up under her blouse, pushed her bra up off her breasts, and started massaging them, as he pumped her twat. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands on his shoulders, and was fucking him back. Soon she was stiffening up, as another round of joy swept her body, just as he gave a final thrust, burying his cock inside of her, and blasting load after load of his hot jism into her.

He hugged her tight to his body, and pulled her with him as he sat down in his chair, she still impaled on his throbbing monster, her legs spread out over the arm rests. They kissed hotly, and soon her hips were bucking once again. His cock was still hard, and he was thrusting up into her, as she came like a rocket. She settled down, climbed off his lap, and removed the skirt, he turned her around and bent her over his desk, and plowed into her sopping wet cunt from behind. He pushed her blouse up to her armpits, and snacked a hand underneath, massaging her engorged clit. He could feel another load boiling in his balls, as she was pushing back into him.

As she came again, he blasted another load into her, god was she hot. But this one seemed to do the trick, as she finally calmed down, her face resting on the desk. He picked her up around the waist, and pulled her back onto his lap in the chair. He nibbled on her neck, and said "Looks like you'll fit right in."

She laughed, "Yes, I think so."

They got up, put their clothes back on and went back to work. George told her his plans, and asked her to get in touch with those on the contact list, seeing who still wants their services. They hugged and kissed, before they went back to work, sexually satisfied.

When George got home, Abbie met him at the door, with a smile on her face. She looked at George, who looked a bit sheepish, as she asked "Was she good?"

He chuckled, not knowing where to take this, he kissed her and said "Not nearly as good as you, babe."

As he went by towards the stairs, she swatted his ass, telling him, "It'll be interesting when I start work there, you'll have three women there to screw."

As he was going up the steps, he asked over his shoulder, "Three? Oh yeah, I forgot about Candy."

They went into their bedroom, where they screwed each other silly, Abbie especially liking the taste of his cock after it was in a new pussy. George noticed some cum leaking out of her cunt first thing once she got undressed, and after they had a good fuck, he asked her, "Whose cum was in your pussy this afternoon?"

She smiled, as she propped up on an elbow, "Oh, that’s Keith's, he was over doing Michelle, I hopped on for a quick ride." She leaned over and kissed him, asking "You don't mind, do you?"

"Heh-heh, hell no, you girls are going to wear that boy out, though."

Friday night arrived, and everyone was at George & Abbie's house, waiting for April and her friends. Nancy and her two twin boys, Matt and Mark were there, and the two boys were already upstairs getting to know Candy, Michelle and Cheryl. Keith & Joe were up there with them, as well.

At eight, two vans pulled up, and a large group got out, heading up the steps. George opened the door and welcomed them all in. April hugged them, as George counted heads, nineteen males, and April was the lone female. She seen him counting, and the puzzled look on her face, and she explained, "My girlfriend couldn't make it, sorry, she had to go to a funeral in Atlanta."

Abbie said "That’s too bad, I'm sure we can still have a blast with out her."

Everyone piled into the living room, all thirty-five people, twenty-six males and nine females. After they were all seated on the floor, and such, George and Dave got up and got their attention. George spoke first, "Welcome everyone, um, we're sort of new at this, throwing a swing party and all. Just for starters, to help you all get to know each other, our wives, Abbie, Crystal and Lisa have set up a table with food in this house and the one next door. Lots of cold cuts, salads, crackers, cheese and other fine eats, plus soft drinks. Sorry, but no alcohol."

A groan from the groups of college k**s, causing Dave to say "For you guys from Kentucky, I would like it to be known that one of our men here in attendance," He pointed to Barry, "Is an off-duty policeman, he's here for pleasure, but he won't think twice about knocking some heads, nor will I or George." A few murmurs, but no complaints.

Dave said "Okay, now, we've figured on our wives, Linda and our daughters to go to the house next door, with Barry, and s*******n of you college guys. April and Nancy will stay here with the rest of us guys. We'll draw straws to see who goes and who stays, unless we have some volunteers." He looked around, and four hands shot up, he pointed at two of them, saying, "Very well, only need two of you, why don't you and you plan on staying." He pointed at two guys, and they said "Yes sir."

"Okay," Said George, "Lets start by all the guys standing up, and getting out of their clothes," A bit of hesitation at first, but as soon as George, Barry and Dave started stripping, the other men did likewise. The girls were hooting and hollering. Abbie was checking things out, as the pants were coming off. She saw mainly cocks of the average six inch length, and a few above average. One of the three black guys was sporting a nice size one, and he was acting a bit cocky, but he wasn't near as big as Keith. As a matter of fact, when he seen Keith’s' meat, his jaw dropped, probably upset that some white boy was bigger.

Once the men were nude, George said "Okay guys, take a seat, it's the ladies turn." The men were rather vocal, as the nine females stripped out of their clothes. The girls turned around, showing off their assets, and the guys cheered even more. George stood up, and said "Okay, now we all know what we all look like, please help yourself to the food at the table, and enjoy the evening. After we're done eating, Abbie and Crystal will take their group next door. Remember, condoms are mandatory. We will all meet back here in the morning, if you or any one is still able to stand." Laughter, and everyone hit the food tables at once.

There was much conversation, and the music was put on softly. A few of the guys were rubbing the younger girls bodies, but no sex yet. April came up to George, and said "Thank you for letting me stay here, it'll be different getting boned by you guys."

George and Dave smiled, reminiscing about the last time they had her. Dave said "You've seen my son?" He pointed at Keith, and she smiled.

"Yes I did, he's even bigger than the old man. As a matter of fact, the biggest pecker I've seen, and I've seen hundreds." she said with a smile.

They continued their conversation, talking about other things as well. Seems one of the guys that’s staying with George & Dave's group is graduating this semester and is an accountant major. George had him pointed out, and his mind started racing. Damn, this might be easier than he thought.

About thirty minutes went by, and Abbie hollered out, "Okay, all those going with us next door, put on your clothes, we'll be going out the back door in groups of four, we don't want the neighbors talking, now, do we?"

Dave thought, we sure don't. Instead of waiting to see them all off, George, Dave, Keith and Joe, along with the two college guys, named Steve and Simon, literally carried the naked April and Nancy up the stairs to the master bedroom. They deposited both women on the bed, and jumped on. George and Steve were each feasting on one of April's breasts, as Joe was between her thighs, licking her twat clean, making her writhe in pleasure. While Nancy was sitting on Keith’s face, and Dave and Simon were sucking her breasts and rubbing her body all over, her head thrown back, surrendering to their whims.

As they were beginning their fun, George announced "Lets see who can come in each hole first." The other five men laughed and said it was a great idea, but the girls weren't too sure, when they stared down at Keith’s big bone. For the next five hours, the guys did just that, taking turns at each hole. Both girls usually had at least one cock stuck in an orifice, if not more than one. They lost count how many times they came, as the guys would get aroused whenever they heard the girls scream out in another orgasm.

Joe was the first to hit all six holes, at about two-am. Followed closely by George and Steve. Dave got into April's well-used ass at about two-thirty, to finish off his double-hat trick. And Simon filled Nancy's mouth to make his complete tour. Keith finally got his cock up Nancy's tight ass at three, pumping his load deep into her bowels. She knew she would have problems walking after that big cock got done with her ass. But she still managed to have a nice come as he did it, much to her delight.

After that, the guys would get hard and do whatever was available, sometimes a guy or two would nod off on the floor, and both girls did too, not that it stopped the guys. As the sun was rising, the action was about dead, as both women were laying on come covered sheets, April with Keith’s cock stuck up her cunt, and Nancy on top of George, his pole stuck snuggly in her twat. Everyone was out like a light.

Next door at Linda's, the girls decided to play a game of their own, who could get the most cocks to unload in them before three. With nineteen young and virile males in the house, they figured they would all have a good chance of getting plenty. Each woman took a wastebasket, and set it down where they were having sex, and dumped the used condoms into it, as they knew that would be the easiest way to keep track.

Things were hot and fast for about three hours. No problems, except for that cocky black k**. Crystal and Abbie were getting pissed off at his attitude, and finally, when he made a nasty comment about Cheryl, that did it. Crystal took four guys aside, including the two other black guys, and had them grab him and tie him down to a chair. They then tipped it backwards, his head about crotch high, and the girls now had a pussy cleaner. Each one went over and squatted on his face, making him either eat or suffocate. He was screaming out obscenities, and calling his friends names. His friends were tired of his shit, and about midnight, they untied him, handed him his clothes, and kicked him out the door, telling him to walk back to Kentucky. Turns out he didn't get far, as he was soon picked up by Cincinnati's finest, and hauled downtown.

At three, the girls, all tired from taking so many cocks, started counting the used rubbers. After the count was in, Candy was the winner with forty-three, followed by Abbie's forty-one, Linda at thirty-seven and Cheryl at thirty-six, while Michelle, Linda and Crystal had thirty-four, thirty-three and thirty-one respectively.

After that, they had a short break, and started again, fucking the guys to sl**p. By sun-up, only Linda and Crystal were still awake, each riding the twins of Nancy. After that, all were sound asl**p.

Saturday was the same, as was the evening and all night, except all the action was moved to the home of George and Abbie. There was fucking and sucking going on the whole time, somebody somewhere was having sex in the house from about noon on. George did talk to the college accounting major, named Steve, and hired him on the spot. The young k** had a few other offers, but as he was doing his new boss's wife, he knew this was going to be a better deal.

By Sunday afternoon, when it was time for the college k**s to leave, all those in attendance could honestly say they were thoroughly fucked. Everyone took showers before they left, to wash off the two days of come and sweat. The three couples and Linda decided this was a good weekend, and were hoping for more similar adventures. But then, that will be more stories at another time.

... Continue»
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Stepmom & her daughter

StepMom's still my first
my name is Trish (not real obviously) and I have been reading lots of
stories on various pages of late. Most of them are really exciting and some
are quite different. If half of them are true, some of you are leading
extraordinary lives - I guess that mine is a little out of the norm as well.
What I have wanted to write about for quite some time now, and am finally
legally old enough to do so (at least from a socially set "norm"
perspective) is a true story about the lead up to and the first time that I
ever made love.

That's pretty normal you might say. Well it is, but who it was, is the "out
of the norm" part of my life. My first, and as yet only sexual partner has
been my mother. I have long since rationalised that it is not the normal
way of lesbian relationships, but I believe that having mum as my lover, has
no real bearing on any other part of my life. I have been in love with her
since before we made love and I can't see a way of being in love with anyone
else. In fact I doubt whether I would have felt comfortable with anyone

I want to tell you how it happened and let you know what an amazing
experience it was. It happened just over five years ago just before I
turned 13. Dad had left 3 years earlier with another woman. I would not
have left with dad for all the money in the world, because he was a really
harsh man, who treated mom and me (as their only c***d) really badly. In
the end I am really happy and to this day, don't maintain contact with him.
I'm still living with mom now - only we live as a lesbian couple in a
different city - where no-one else knows that we are mother and daughter.

Anyway I need to get on with how it happened........

Mom, who was 28 at the time dad left, had always been open and answered my
questions honestly, especially about what had happened with him and their
relationship. Mum told me that, not only did he treat her badly, he had
also lost interest in her and had found a younger woman and that he would
probably be happier with his new partner, than he ever was with mum. She
also told me to expect that he would not want to make contact with me for
some time, as he hadn't told his new partner about Mum or I.

Mom and I were best friends, we would, and continue to, tell each other
everything. I was never afraid to go to Mom with any question or any
problem, no matter how silly or embarrassing I thought it was - even ones of
a sexual nature - and I had a few of those. I was pretty curious and Mom
was always straight with me.

Mum has always been a freelance journalist, preferring to work from home,
specialising in social anthropology. She has always done pretty well, so we
never really struggled too much for anything after dad left. I had to wait
for most things, but I got them and I think that mum's philosophy was good
for me and taught me how to wait for the good things in life - like my own
computer. We lived in a good, quiet neighborhood and this only added to the
palatability of mum's frequent overnight trips away, for research and
interviews. These weren't a problem when dad was around, but mum always
felt guilty about them after he left. I kept telling her that it was OK, I
was responsible, our house had good locks and besides - I was ten - or
eleven - or twelve - or thirteen. She trusted the area, and me, but she
always rang at once per night and once in the morning, whenever she was
away. After all, I was mature but I was only a young woman.

I was one of those early bloomers, had had my first period by 11 and was
pretty much developed by 12 - with just a few inches to go on my chest. I
had also kissed a couple of boys - at their behest mind - but never really
got the zing or pang, or whatever a girl is supposed to get from kissing a
boy/guy. Yes I was young and yes they and I were inexperienced and clumsy,
mum told me. When I asked if I was gay because I didn't get all hot and
sweaty when they kissed me, she said that she thought it was too early to

So, being of an A type personality, I started to read as much as I could on
both subjects - because, after all, this would shape a large part of my
life. It was about that time that I really became aware of my body and
started to explore it and might I say, had a lot of fun doing it. I also
managed to "obtain" one of those rated 'R' magazines that they sell in
corner stores and news agencies, when I put inside a paper. The magazine
was one of those typical low grade ones that had some written stories and
showed pictures of both hetro and lesbian sex - I was fascinated. I wrote
about everything, and I mean everything - recording it all in an electronic
diary on my computer.

That's where all of my fantasies went - and you can imagine there were some
pretty weird ones and some straight laced ones. Reading back over my diary,
I realise now that there was a steady, but gradual, shift first from hetro
fantasies, to ones of lesbian sex. I had started by checking out boys. I'd
watch people, mostly of my own age, but also good looking men older than me.
I started to realise that my tendencies weren't towards men but towards
women and I started to pay particular attention at places like school
showers and at the pool and pool showers. Gradually my fantasies turned
completely towards women - some my age, some mum's age. This went on until
I was about 12 and a half. That's when I had my first girl/girl encounter.

It happened at school one day after the last class, Physical Education.
Another girl and I, Melanie, were misbehaving and were told that we were to
stay behind after school to put all of the equipment away and sweep the gym
floor. I didn't really know Melanie, as she mixed with a different group of
girls, but she was very good looking and when I realised that we'd be alone,
I planned to take every opportunity to check her out. I was aiming to get
some very good material for some girl/girl fantasies. This was Melanie's
last day at the school, as her f****y was moving interstate a couple of days
later So I thought that I could look all I liked and it wouldn't matter if
she caught me, because she wouldn't be able to tell anyone at the school,
thereby damaging my pristine reputation.

When we had almost finished sweeping the floors, Mrs Clayfield (the rather
too large PE teacher) said that she had to leave and told us to have a
shower and lock the door on our way out. We finished sweeping and moved
into the change rooms to get undressed for the shower. I took my time
undressing and took every opportunity to check out Melanie. She had a very
good body, with breasts that were a little bit bigger than mine and she had
a slightly curvier figure - I was impressed. So impressed in fact that, I
got a little distracted and she caught me staring. When I looked up, she
was looking directly in my eyes and had a big grin on her face. Regardless
that she couldn't tell anyone that I caught her, I still blushed crimson
red. Melanie's grin widened and she asked me, bold as brass, "See anything
you like?"

I blushed even more and mumbled a response that included a sorry or two and
a weekly mumbled yes. All Melanie did was turn and start to walk towards
the showers. All I could think as I stood, was "nice ass". After entering
the shower room, we started showers in adjoining cubicles. I was both
embarrassed, but very excited at the same time. I was just rinsing the
shampoo from my hair, when Melanie lightly tapped me on the shoulder. I
squealed and spun around and this caused her to squeal as well. We giggled
for a couple of seconds, when I noticed that Melanie was naked and standing
right in front of me. My mouth dropped open a little and I looked at her.
She was smiling as my eyes fell to her breasts and then down over her belly
to her pubic hair. It was neatly trimmed and laid flat against her pubic
area, because she was wet. Her hair was also flat against her head and neck
and beads of water were dripping down her body. I thought that she looked
stunning and was completely mesmerised. I felt myself become aroused and
start to get wet between my legs. I started to fantasize about Melanie and
I doing all sorts of things. All of a sudden, I snapped back to reality and
looked up at her. She smiled again - but I couldn't say anything, I was too

Melanie, looked at me, held her soap out and said, "Could you wash my back
please?" With more confidence that I felt I said "sure, as long as you wash
mine." Melanie smiled and said "I'd love to."

Melanie turned around and moved back towards me a little to get a bit of
water on her back. I moved to one side and gently reached up with my left
hand to part her hair at the back and push it over the front of her
shoulders. I started to slowly wash Melanie's back from the shoulders down,
enjoying the feeling of her smooth feminine skin under my hands. I moved
towards her to make light contact with the left hand side of her body.

Zing, Pang, Bang - the light contact of my body, shoulder, side of my left
breast, tummy and hip, against her left hand side, was so profoundly
exciting that was like and electric shock. My nipples became fully erect
and I could feel myself get even more wet between my legs. It must have
taken me about five minutes to get to the small of her back - now what do I
do, I thought. Melanie removed any doubt about what I should do, as she
bent forward, only slightly, making her buttocks much more accessible to me.

I started to wash her buttocks with slow, large round circles. I bent
slightly in the opposite direction to Melanie, keeping the contact between
us from the hip on down, and started to use both hands on her soaped up
cheeks. As I was doing this, Melanie let out a very soft low moan. I took
this as a positive signal and moved my hands towards her upper legs. She
started to move her left leg slightly and, on instinct, I moved closer and
at the same time slightly parted my legs, allowing her left leg to move
between mine. I bend a little further over and started to move my hands
down, towards her crouch. All the while I was running on pure instinct and
fantasies that I had constructed for myself.

As I got to the top of her legs, Melanie shuddered and she stood up, turned
around and we looked into each others eyes. She had a look of surprise and
. . something else in there. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, and all
of a sudden I thought " you idiot, you've gone to far, she's going to scream
blue murder and I'm going to get in all sorts of trouble. I blushed and
said, in a shaky voice, "Sorry . . I'm really sorry."

That's when Melanie's face changed. She took a step towards me and lifted
her hands, gently taking my face in them and, looking me straight in the
eyes, said "Oh Trish, you have nothing to be sorry about. That was the best
back wash I've ever had." Then she leaned in and lightly kissed me once on
the lips. Zing, Pang, Bang - only bigger this time. Melanie, seeing that I
wasn't going to back away, moved in towards me again, kissing me more fully
this time. And this time I responded, with equal pressure. WOW, how soft
another women's lips are, compared to those of boys.

My nipples got so erect that I could feel them physically hurting me. It
was like they wanted to burst out the front of my breasts. Again on
instinct, still kissing Melanie, I lifted my hands to her upper arms and
slid them over the top of her shoulders and down her back. I stopped when I
got about mid way down her back and, as I moaned with my lips against hers,
I gently pulled her towards me. It was at that point that we both
simultaneously opened our mouths and, tentatively at first, touched tongue
to tongue. We both moaned and as we did, the full front of our bodies came
into contact.

I could feel her breasts touch mine and our stomachs touch and I could feel
her pubic bone rub against mine. We both moaned again and pulled each other
close, now kissing as passionately as we knew how. Out tongues were frantic
against each others and we started to move our bodies against each other.
Melanie put her arms over my shoulders and hugged me tighter - our breasts
were mashed together. I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled hard,
and could feel my pubic bone touch hers. I became desperate for this
feeling to continue and reached around further to grab her ass cheeks and
pull her to me. As I did that Melanie broke contact with my lips, let out a
loud moan and moved her hands straight to my ass to do the same.

I looked down and was just about to reach up and take my feel my first
breast, when we both heard a banging on the door to the girls change room.
We froze. I yelled out the standard response to women present in the room
"Girls changing room occupied." That's when we both heard the vice
principles voice, "Girls, Mrs Clayfield told me that she had to go and said
that you should be finished before I completed my nightly check. Melanie
Sanderson, your mother is waiting to pick you up in the school parking lot,
so I suggest that you both get a move on and get home. You have three
minutes girls!"

We both yelled our compliance and not wanting to let go of Melanie, I
reached back around behind me to turn the shower off. As I did it, I felt a
pair of lips on my right nipple - ZING, PANG, BANG. I stifled a moan and
brought my hands to her head, forcing her further onto me. WOW WOW WOW!!!,
it felt so incredibly good. But I didn't want to miss out, so I reached
around and gently took one of Melanies breasts in my right hand. How
different is was and how soft. More banging on the door and this brought
Melanie off my nipple in fright.

She started to turn and move away to get dry, but I held onto her. She
looked back at me I said "I want a turn at that." She smiled and taking one
of her breasts in her hand, she said "Feel free." This is something that I
had been thinking about doing and I slowly lowered my head and as I
approached her breast, slightly opened my mouth. Out through that came my
tongue and I lightly touched the very tip of Melanie's nipple. I ran my
tongue around it as I continued to move my face towards her breast. I
opened my mouth and took as much of her breast into it as I could. This
brought a moan from Melanie and, as I had done, she moved her hands to the
back of my head, forcing me further onto her breast.

BANG, BANG, BANG, "Last Warning Girls - Get out of the shower and get home!"

We were both shocked into action at that one and quickly moved to get
dressed. As we were getting dressed, I said to Melanie, "I just want you to
know that this is the first time I've done anything like this before. I
have been thinking about it for a while and hadn't intended on doing
anything else other than check you out today, and with you leaving I thought
that it would be OK, even if you caught me. But now I wish that you weren't
going, because there's so much more that I want us to do."

Melanie just smiled and, not knowing her at all well, I wasn't really
prepared for her reply. She said, "I've been checking you out for weeks and
when I saw that you were going to get in trouble during class, I though I'd
try that too, so I could get you alone and get you into the shower. But I
wouldn't be taking it any further - you are not my type and I wouldn't even
talk to you outside, so there wouldn't have been any chance for you to "try
anything else" with me." With that she walked out and I was never to see
her again.

In many ways I wasn't surprised, because we hadn't mixed before; but I was
also heart broken and pretty much cried all the way home. When I got home I
went straight to my room and Mum came in asking if I was OK. All I could do
was cry. She asked me if I had been hurt and if I was OK, with such a
loving tone in her voice, all I could do was to reach up a hug her.

After I'd settled down some, I told her that I had kissed another girl and
had liked it. I outlined the situation with Melanie and how, in the end, I
had been immediately dumped. Mum was really good about it and said that she
had also tried it at my age - now that shocked me into consciousness. Mum
said that I shouldn't be disappointed and that there were lots of mean
hearted people out there. She said that something similar had happened to
her a number of times and that it was one of the hardest things to get used
to. She also said that I should learn from it and, in response to my
questions, said again that it might still be too early to tell if I was a
lesbian or not.

I'll always remember that mum was so gentle and understanding with me that
night. When she had finally been able to settle me down, she told me how
proud she was of me. I looked questioningly at her and she replied that she
was proud because I hadn't been mean, that I had been brave enough to seek
out what I felt I wanted and because I felt confident enough to tell her
about it straight away. We hugged and mum hustled me off to bed and then

I had so many questions swimming about in my head after she left and I found
that I couldn't sl**p. I had to sort this mess out in my own head first.
That night I wrote about ten pages in my diary, describing what Melanie and
I got up to and what I was feeling before, during and after. Over the next
week or so I rationalised that it wasn't my fault and I confirmed that I had
really enjoyed the experience with Melanie. I wrote that I felt that I was
indeed a lesbian. It all went into the diary on my computer, including all
of the questions that arose from my realisation.

For the next couple of weeks, everything was OK, I was back into school and
my friends, none of which I had any sexual feelings for, but took great
enjoyment in stealing fleeting glances at during time of nakedness or
semi-nakedness. I pretty much continued to bumble along - until one of
Mum's trips away.

Mum was actually going away for two nights on this one trip - over a weekend
though - up into the hills to conduct some research and interviews inside a
particular group of religious nuts (at least I thought they were). She had
been commissioned to complete an article by the group as part of a publicity
campaign, after some bad press. As she was getting ready, she gave me the
password and access details of her email account and she asked me to check
for a particular email from the group, providing final details of where she
was to meet them.

I was supposed to check every half an hour until it arrived and then call
her on her mobile, but definitely before seven in the evening, before she
went out of mobile range. I must have had to promise her a hundred times
that I wouldn't misbehave and that I would not go out past dark, and mum
told me that she would call me at about eight each night to make sure and
once during the day. I don't think that she was really worried, but this
was the first time that she had left me for two nights. Mum kissed my
forehead as she rushed out the door. I checked her email every half hour as
I was told and rang her at about six to give her the final meeting place

I was just about to close down mum's computer, when I thought that I'd have
a bit of a snoop around. I was doing a bit of surfing of some of mum's
favourite sites, when I discovered, way down in a directory path, some links
to some porn sites. That wasn't to hard to understand because Mom had been
alone for the last three years plus, without going out on more than a couple
of dates - none of which lasted past the first. Perhaps they were just to
placate persistent guys, but they never went past the first date. What
shocked me, however, was that they were off the beat lesbian sites. I had
found my way around net-nanny and had surfed a bit, but I'd never seen
anything like these before. A couple were harmless teen sex sites, but then
about another three or four were teen/adult sites. I had been surfing
around these for about an hour, downloading as many images and stories as I
could find. The images were making me REALLY horny and I started to play
with myself.

I'd never had any problem achieving an orgasm - for me that has never been a
problem - and I was on about my third, when the Lotus Notes new mail window
came up. Just as I was about to click to open the mail, the phone rang. I
looked over at the clock as I was about to answer the phone and with a
smile, picked it up and said, "Hello Mum". Mum laughed and said, "How did
you know that it was me." Laughing, I said, "Who else would ring right on
eight o'clock?" We talked for a couple of minutes and mum asked what I was
doing. I told her that I was about to head off to bed as I was quite tired.
She asked if I'd turned her computer off, because there was some stuff
there that was personal and, lying, I said yes (I was having to much fun
surfing all of mum's sites). She said Ok and we ended the call.

It wasn't until just after I hung up the phone that it occurred to me that
mum might have done what I was going now - down load some stories etc. I
went back over to the computer and the new mail window was still in the
front. I clicked on the open mail button and up popped a message from a Bev
that was quite difficult to understand. She had obviously been talking to
mum about the subject for some time and she wrote as though they were
talking in the same room at the time - kind of in veiled speach. All I
could decipher was that Bev had sent mum something and was glad that she had
hidden it well, but wanted to know what she thought of it.

This had me curious and I went in search inside mum's mail folders for other
emails from this Bev character. But I couldn't find any and eventually lost
interest. Instead I went in search of any downloaded stuff that mum may
have had from the sites. I basically ravaged her computer and it wasn't
until the end of a .doc and .zip search within explorer, that I found the

Way down in a false trail of folders, was a directory that contained about
300 images and one word file. I started at the top of the images and
couldn't believe what I saw. They were all lesbian images. There were only
a few tame ones, but most of them were of mid teens/adults. They were in
all sorts of scenarios and positions, but all were lesbian images. Towards
the end there were a group of images that were just ZZ01.jpg etc etc. These
ones really opened my eyes, because these images were of girls my own age in
lesbian acts with women of mum's age. I decided to burn the whole directory
to CD and copying mum's login and internet passwords and the location of the
hidden directory, I closed mum's computer and left her office.

I went straight to my bedroom and started my computer, loading the CD
immediately. I had another slower look through the images and some were of
things that I hadn't even thought of before - like all different sizes and
shapes of dildos, threesomes and even a few fisting shots. I was as horny
as hell and couldn't stop playing with myself. My favourites were the ones
of girls of my own age, with women of mum's age. It was about ten o'clock
by the time I was finally able to look away from the images. That's when I
first looked at the single word file - the file that would change my life

No wonder there were no more emails from Bev in mum's machine, she had
obviously cut and paste all of them into this word document - which was
almost one meg in size - to hide the content from a snooping me. It started
with a few emails from some other women, and I only recognised one name from
the four or five that appeared. It looked to me as though mum had been
referred down a chain - until finally Bev's name appeared. These weren't
ordinary emails, they were exploring a subject that I hadn't even considered
- lesbian i****t. When I first saw it in about the second of third email, I
was completely shocked, and the issue wasn't discussed in any great detail -
instead the emails just skirted around the subject and asked what, at first
glance appeared to be lame questions. But this changed as the emails went
along and by the fifteenth or so, when Bev's name first appeared, it was the
only topic discussed.

What had happened in those emails, was that somehow mum had found a network
of women who were having sexual relationships with their daughters or
mothers. That's when it hit me - Does mum want to take me as a sexual
partner? For some reason, the idea didn't repulse me at all, in fact I was
flattered, especially given some of the things that mum had written in her
emails about me - how pretty I was, describing me and my body and how much
she loved me as a mother, but that she felt that she wanted more - WOW!
That's about the point where Bev's emails started, which by the dates had
been about four months ago. I read on.

The first ten or so of Bev's emails were asking mum a whole lot of
questions, even things like bank account details and about various forms of
ID. Bev explained that this was both a test and a way to ensure that the
group that mum was potentially about to enter, would not be compromised.
Mum had apparently been quite forthcoming and complied with all requests,
providing any and all information required and answering any questions that
she was asked. Overall the stuff in there really opened my eyes to how
serious mum was about this.

Towards the end of the document, which took me about two hours to read and
digest (as much as I could at that time of night) Bev asked mum to explain
in detail, why she thought that mum and I would make an ideal partnership.
Mum's response was a bombshell and it cemented all of the ideas that had
been forming in my head. She described that she had had several lesbian
experiences, as recently as a couple of weeks ago (whilst she was on one of
trips), but that all of her fantasies were of her and I. She then went on
to list all of the reasons she had for us to become lovers. The way she
described why she wanted me, how much she wanted us to be together as lovers
and why she was in love with me (more than just as a mother), brought tears
to my eyes. My heart almost burst with the love I felt for mum after
reading that - I couldn't believe that my own mother wanted me to become her

What Bev wrote next really got me excited. She said that she was prepared
to guide mum to the point of seducing me, if that's what she wanted - but
that she would have to be the one that made the move. She also asked mum
why she thought that I was inclined towards girls. Mum wrote about what I
had told her of Melanie and how I said that I thought that I was a lesbian.
She said that she had cuddled me too her that night and wanted to do nothing
but take the pain away and that she wanted to replace it with the love she
felt for me and to make love to me to make me forget the pain. Bev
cautioned Mum about moving too fast and said that this had to be done

The second last group of emails in the file between Bev and mum were just 4
days before she left. In it Bev said that she felt confident that Mum could
do it and cautioned again that it could not be rushed. Bev suggested that
the first thing that Mum should do was to increase the level of sexuality in
the house. She suggested that Mum appear in front of me in progressively
less clothing, in more sexual clothing and really use her feminine charms to
move and position herself in a more sexual manner. Bev suggested that Mum
start with things like walking from the shower to her room semi naked,
allowing her dressing robes to reveal more and more and that she wear tight
and sexy clothing whenever possible. She said that Mum should start slowly
and increase the level of sexuality over about a month or so.

She said that Mum should observe how I reacted and talk to her about it and
she would attempt to help. She said that she would be able to offer
suggestions that had worked for others, but that Mum may have to adapt them
to how she seduced me. This was too much. I couldn't help myself, I
started to play with myself and thought of doing all of the things that I
could with another woman - with my mother. It only took me about two
minutes to cum and it was the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point.
With that thought I fell asl**p and dreamt. I dreamt of mum and I, of mum
and I in an embrace and of us making love. The dreams were soft and loving
and supportive and sweet and gentle.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the phone beside my bed. I
looked at my clock and it was ten thirty. It was a friend asking if I
wanted to go to the pool or to the movies. Lying, I said that I didn't feel
well and that I'd just stay home and sl**p some more.

I lay on the bed for a minute thinking about everything that I had
discovered and read and thought about yesterday. It was one of those
moments that you feel that you are going to be overwhelmed with the volume
of information. I thought about all the images that Mum had downloaded and
how they affected me, getting me really hot just thinking about them. I
thought of the word file with all of the cut and paste emails in it and
particularly of the lovely kind and gentle words that my own mother had
written to a complete stranger about me and the fact that my own mother
wanted a relationship with me. This started to get me horny, just thinking
about Mum.

I tried to remember the times I had seen her naked, or in a position that
could be taken sexually, like bent over in tight shorts or something. I
started to touch myself. I took both nipples between my fingers and started
to massage them. I thought about the shower with Melanie, only this time
with mum's face. I was getting really hot and I moved my right hand down to
my pussy, gently rubbing my middle finger the entire length of my slit. I
could feel my pussy juices starting to flow and, as they spread to my
finger, I felt my labia swell. Then my finger came into contact with my
clit and it sent a shiver down my spine to my toes.

I was thinking about mum taking my nipples in her mouth, when I had my first
shattering orgasm. Wave after wave of complete pleasure washed over me and
I was moaning so loudly that I was almost screaming. I was thinking about
mum licking my pussy, when I first inserted a finger into my pussy. I got
as far as mum inserting one of her fingers as I inserted a second of mine,
before my second orgasm. And a few minutes later, at the point of my third
orgasm, I was thinking about me licking mum's pussy.

At that point I collapsed and must have lain there for at least 20 minutes
before I could move again. When I could, I noticed that my computer was
still on and that the word file was still open. WOW, I must have fallen
asl**p as soon as I had had the orgasm last night. I got up and went and
sat down, naked, at my desk and continued to read the last couple of emails
that had been in the file to date.

The first one was from Mum to Bev, asking how she got through the lonely
nights before Bev had seduced her daughter. Bev's reply was to send a
couple of magazines and a advise that mum also buy a dildo. Bev wrote that
mum should hide them really well, because they were very descriptive and if
I found them, it could well ruin everything. The last email was a reply to
Bev from Mum to say that she had received the magazines, hiding them safely
under the bottom draw of her dressing table, in the enclosed space between
the bottom draw and the floor, and that she had purchased another dildo and
hidden both of them there as well. I couldn't believe my luck and seeing
that the date was the day that Mum left, I almost knew that Mum wouldn't
have had the time, nor the need, to hide them anywhere better. I had to
check these out.

I found everything in a plastic bag, just where Mum said it would be. It
felt funny doing this, and I guess that, at thirteen, I felt like it was
spying or stealing. But that only served to heighten my level of
excitement. So I tool the bag and its contents back to my room. My heart
was going about a hundred miles and hour until I remembered that Mum
wouldn't be home until tomorrow. But I still couldn't relax as I opened the
bag looking in to see what was in there. I saw the spines of three
magazines a box and what had to be a dildo. I removed the box and the

It was the box that I examined first. The dildo was still in its there and
the box still had the tape to seal it. Looking at it, it had one long penis
shaped plastic shaft and one short one with a curl at the end. Turning the
box over I read that the 7 inch vibrating dildo was life like, that the
little one was for rubbing against the clit and that it came with batteries.
I couldn't believe it and I turned it back over and stared at it in

The dildo that was out of its box and was a little smaller. It was a little
less life like than the new one and was about 6 inches long. At the base it
had a large bulbous shape. It felt funny and I sensed a funny smell - one
that I would latter recognise as latex. I took it in one hand and squeezed
it. It was soft on the outside, but had a hard core. I lifted it up to my
face and smelled it. The funny smell was stronger, but there was also
another smell, not unlike that of my pussy when I had been sweating or when
I was masturbating. I wondered whether this could be the faint smell of
Mum's pussy, left over on the dildo and it started to get me horny.

Remembering the photos that Mum had downloaded, I opened a few on my
computer, to refamiliarise myself with what these things were used for. In
one of the first ones, there was a young teenager with it in her mouth. I
tried it, and although I couldn't get much more than 4 inches into my mouth,
I though that this is what it must be like to take a guy's penis in my
mouth. I didn't really enjoy that feeling, so I removed it and kept looking
through the photos on the CD I'd burnt.

The next one that I stopped at had one teenager inserting a dildo into
another teenager's pussy. This was something that I got excited about and
as I flicked through a series of about 20 photos of the same two, the dildo
was photographed further and further into each girls pussy. I felt myself
get more and more wet and moved the dildo down to my own pussy. I rubbed it
up and down my slit, turning it around and around, until the tip and about
half the shaft was wet with my juices. It was then that I wondered what it
would taste like and bringing the dildo up to my lips, licked it. It tasted
nothing like anything else I had ever tasted before - but it was strangely
very good. I rubbed the dildo around my pussy some more and did it again,
liking it even more. Then I took it into my mouth, licking all of the juice
off - now this I could do to a dildo with someone else's juice on it.

Lowering the dildo again I placed the tip at the entrance to my pussy and
gently started to push. At first I thought that I was never going to get it
in. I was really nervous, until I looked at my computer again and saw the
looks of ecstasy on the faces of the girls in the photos. I was then able
to relax and was thinking about this being done to me, when I felt my pussy
relax enough to let the head slide in. PING, BANG, BONG - WOW was this ever
incredible! I couldn't believe how good it felt and as I gently pushed it
in and out, I thought of Mum, doing the same thing to herself.

I had gotten about three to four inches of the dildo into me, when I struck
my hymen. At first I was shocked into thinking that I'd hurt myself and I
panicked a bit. Then I realised what I'd done and just enjoyed the feeling
of this huge (or so I thought) dildo filling me to the brim and bouncing off
my hymen. My fingers started to get a little slippery with my own juices
and as I attempted to get a better grip, my hand slipped. I panicked and
grabbed the dildo right at the end, just as it started to slip out. Whilst
I was enjoying it, I remembered the magazines that I had emptied onto the
bed and I moved over to sit on the bed, licking my juice from the dildo like
melting ice cream from a cone.

I sat down on the bed and picked up the first magazine. It had a plain
cover on it, and the only thing that gave away the contents was the fairly
obscure title - "Mothers and Their Daughters". No pictures or anything on
the cover, so I opened the cover. Inside was very different and there was a
note from the Editor, "To all the loving mothers and daughters out there,
this, our 25th issue, is the best yet. There have been many success stories
in the last months since issue 24 and for those new to the distribution,
inside are a number of pictorials of those and other success stories. In
the months to come we have a number of mothers and daughters attempting what
can be a difficult, but incredibly satisfying and pleasurable, transition to
a relationship between mother and daughter, like no other. To all of those
women, we wish you well and we wish success and eternal happiness."

Nice message, I thought. Then I looked at the name at the bottom of the
Editor's note and saw that it was Bev. This was obviously the same Bev as
Mum had been corresponding with. It was then that I first started to
realise that perhaps I had these feelings for mum. But perhaps the feelings
I was having were just the excitement of the moment and of the writings,
stories and pictures that I had emersed myself in. I remember thinking that
I needed to take my time with the sheer volume of information and emotions
that were bouncing around in my head.

I turned over through the pages of that and issues 23 and 24 and couldn't
believe that there could be so many mother/daughter relationships. The
pictorials, of which there were about seven or eight in each magazine,
contained a series of photos of the mother and daughter, both normal shots
and ones of them in all manner of sexual positions and scenarios.
Accompanying the pictorials, was about four to five pages of text. Some of
the stories told the reader how good it was and how the mother and daughter
had now been together for ten to fifteen years, some briefly told of how
their sexual relationship started and some told of the things that they like
to do to and with each other.

I was amazed. What was obvious was that all of these mothers and daughters
were honest and were very much in love. But the pictorial that caught my
eye the most, was of a ten year old and her mother. They had now been
living as lovers, inside their house, for about two years and some of the
photos were extraordinary. This pictorial was the one that I read and
reread six or seven times as I lay there playing with myself.

The daughter was a small girl and her mother was about the same height and
build as my mom, but what they got up to was amazing. The daughter had only
the beginnings of breasts and absolutely no pussy hair. But her mother had
also shaved herself and they almost looked the same. There were photos of
them engaged in a sixty-nine and the daughter had her mouth open over her
mother's pussy and her mother likewise. This series extended into one that
had each of them inserting dildos, numerous fingers and in the end they
fisted each other.

Until the point where the dildos started to fly in this series of shots, I
had largely forgotten mum's dildo. When I saw the first couple of shots, I
reached out for the dildo, rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips
again. This got me really horny and I gently inserted it again, this time
with a little more ease (having learnt how to relax enough the first time),
and started to ease it in and out of my pussy. Even though it was small, it
really filled my 13-year-old pussy to the brim and I loved the feeling.
What went perfectly with that feeling were the photos of that ten-year-old
and her shaven mother and the thought of my mother, wanting to do this to

As I read the text and looked at the images, I found out the at the ten year
old had taken her own virginity as a nine year old with a dildo she had
found of her mothers. She described that she has been bumping up against he
hymen with the dildo and had simply f***ed it through the hymen. She then
went on to say that it had made it much more pleasurable for her and more
exciting when her mother had seduced her. As soon as I read this I knew in
my heart that this was what I was going to do.

So I walked with the dildo still in me, one of the strangest feelings I have
ever felt, into the bathroom and got into the shower. Our shower had a
fold-down seat in it and I started the water and pointing the rose at the
wall, sat down. I was thinking about mum being in the shower with me, as I
started to move the dildo in and out again. I gradually started to move it
in and out further and further. The dildo was bouncing off my hymen and
fully relaxed and quite the horny thirteen year old, I pretended that it was
mum pumping the dildo in and out. At some point (I don't even know how long
I'd been in there), I drew the dildo almost all the way out and then,
putting the palm of my hand across the base of the dildo, jammed it inside

The dildo tore through my hymen and, with me screaming and thinking that I
was going to die (oh so briefly), I f***ed the dildo into me as far as it
would go. I felt the dildo hit the neck of my cervix and go past it into
the small space left behind it. I was in pain, so I just kept still and
held the dildo in the same position. After a couple of minutes, the pain
had died down and I opened my eyes. I looked down to where my pussy and
realised that I had all but the bulbous end of the dildo in me. It felt
really strange having something that far inside me and as I gently started
to pull it out, I could feel most of the remains of my hymen come out with

It still hurt a little and as I pulled it out, I saw a small amount of bl**d
on the dildo. I completely withdrew it and washed it under the shower.
Next I inserted one then two fingers into my pussy to try and get the rest
out. But all that that served to do was rekindle my interest in having the
dildo in me again. So that's just what I did. This time I inserted it with
my left hand and it went in all the way pretty easily --after a couple of
relubrication strokes. As I moved it in and out I started to rub my clit.
Again I started to think of Mum being the one doing this to me, and before
long I came again and again. I was completely exhausted again.

I showered, for about another twenty minutes, sitting under the water,
gently playing with my labia and occasionally rubbing my clit as well.
After all of the orgasms and a cleansing shower, I made sure that I washed
the dildo well. The last thing I wanted was to have mum find out that I had
been using her dildo and reading her magazines. I dried myself and, knowing
that I should, inserted a tampon, before dressing, packing all of the
magazines and dildos back in the bag and replacing it in mum's hiding place.
I went back into my bedroom and turning off my computer, also hid the CD
in a place that I knew mum didn't know about - under the one uncovered
corner piece of carpet in my room, behind my mirror, that was loose. I made
my bed and only then did I look at my clock - two o'clock in the afternoon -
where had the day gone? And it's no wonder I am so hungry.

I went down to make some late lunch and ate like I don't think I ever had
before. As I was eating, the enormity of what I had uncovered - my mother's
desire to make her own daughter, me, her lover. How could I cope with this.
The waves of complexity started to crash down upon me and I very quickly
became swamped by them. I realised that I had to sort out my feelings and
bring some sense of order to the confusion that threatened to engulf me. So
I did the only thing that I knew would make the sense out of it that I
needed - I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote every tiny little
thought and thread and feeling. I think that it was the first time that I
actually got up, when the phone rang. I glanced over at the clock and saw
that it was eight o'clock - it would be mum, with her usual check-in and
make sure that everything was OK call.

We chatted for a minute or two and I said, lying again, that I had just done
some homework and lay about the house all day. Before I knew it I was
yawning and I realised that I had had both a physical and mentally
challenging day. I was still fairly sore, from taking my own virginity and
with all of the feelings bouncing around in my head and my attempt (which on
reviewing it today seems so much like a young girl of my age then) to order
my thoughts, I was exhausted. Mum picked it up right away and said that she
would go and reminded me that she would be home at dinner time the next day.

Mum said good bye and as I hung up I remember thinking, that the way she
said it was particularly soft and loving. What I couldn't reconcile was,
was it a motherly good bye, or was it, as I suspected, a lovers good bye.
Too tired to think about it any further, I closed down my computer, went to
the toilet, stripped off all of my clothes and climbed into bed.

It has rarely happened to me since, but as I lay there and started to go
over everything in my head again, I started once again to get excited. I
started to touch myself, but I was so exhausted that I fell asl**p - in the
middle of masturbating! I don't know if it has ever happened to you, but I
did it that night.

I slept soundly, but had some really sexy dreams. Not surprisingly all of
them involved mum and I. When I woke the next morning, I felt refreshed and
surprisingly clear-headed. I was famished though, after missing dinner and
made a bee-line to the kitchen, still naked, feeling rather sexy and full of
life. After eating, what had to be the biggest breakfast of my life, I
headed to the shower. Whilst in the shower I realised that my pussy didn't
feel sore and I reached inside myself with one finger and feeling only a
very small amount of discomfort, reasoned that I mustn't have pushed things
too far the previous day.

The rest of the day I tidied up the house and prepared a lovely meal for
mum's return. In the afternoon I restarted my computer and reviewed all of
the stuff that I had written the previous day. I added some and changed
some of my thoughts, but in essence it came down to a couple of things.

Firstly, I was pretty much convinced (as close as fuck is to swearing) that
I was a lesbian. My experiences with boys had not excited me and it had not
left me any lingering thoughts or longings that my experience with Melanie
had. Since that day, I had only thought about girls and women.

Secondly, I wasn't turned off by the idea of mum and I having sex - but I
couldn't explain it. It didn't seem dirty or wrong. Besides mum was a very
good looking woman, who oozed sex. She was still in terrific shape and from
what I could remember seeing, age had not started playing its dirty little
tricks on her yet. She still had a lovely figure, with firm breasts and an
ass that was still tight and firm. Whenever I had seen mum walk in a skirt
or from the shower with a towel wrapped around her, there was no tell-tale
wiggle, just the firm cheeks on an ass that you would expect to see on a
woman half her age.

Thirdly, Mum was, without a shadow of a doubt, my best friend. I could and
had told her everything, especially after my thing with Melanie. She
obviously wasn't telling me everything, but under the circumstances that was
quite understandable.

As I sat back in my chair and turned my computer off, I pondered everything
and reasoned that I could see myself in a sexual relationship with mum, that
I found her very attractive as a woman, but would need more time to decide
on whether my feeling would extend that far.

By the time I had come to that point, it was five o'clock and it was time to
get ready for mum's return home and to finish the meal that I was preparing.
As I started to change out of my shorts and shirt, I found myself staring
at the clothes hanging up in my cupboard wondering, what would mum like to
see me in. I checked myself at that one and realised that I wanted to show
mum that I had missed her and that I was pretty. I picked a summer
light-weight dress that was probably getting a little on the small side. It
had a floral pattern and hugged my quickly developing body, in such a way as
to appear a little sexy. I decided not to wear a bra and to wear some of my
thong underwear, to ensure that the lines of the dress weren't interrupted
by those of a bra and normal panties. I brushed my hair and made sure that
it was not too good looking - wow, it was like I was dressing for a date.

Mum arrived home at the appointed hour and when I opened the door to great
her, she was visibly shocked. "Wow," she said "Have I come to the right
house, because when I left, I left behind a young lady and now I'm standing
before a beautiful woman." Wanting to impress a little and very much
enjoying the compliments - both visual and verbal - I spun around and said,
smiling, "So you like this old thing?"

Mum put her bags down and said, "Oh honey I more than like it, it looks
wonderful on you and it makes you look like a real woman." She openly
inspected me and as she did, I felt my nipples become a little erect, which
really showed up in that dress. I know that mum noticed because her eyes
stayed on them for a couple of seconds before they moved further down. She
looked up smiling and opening her arms, said "Come here and give me a big
hug. I missed you terribly and I need to make sure that I am really home,
because I'm really tired and hungry." Moving her head back, but not letting
go, mum asked, "What's say we head out for some dinner?"

"Actually", I said, "I've cooked dinner and it's ready right now." Mum
smiled at this and said, "How wonderful are you?" I replied "About as
wonderful as they come!"

We both laughed and mum let me go saying that she would take her bags up to
her room and then wash up for dinner. I served it whilst she was gone, and
was putting it on the table the table when mum walked back into the room.
The smile she gave me made my heart skip a beat. She looked at the table
and saw that I had done a wonderful job. She came up to me and moving right
up to me, she hooked her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her
side. We looked at the dinner together and mum turned to me and said, "I
can't tell you how much I missed you and how happy and proud you make me."
Mum leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips saying thank you. The kiss
wasn't too long but longer than could be said normal and it was a really
soft one. My heart skipped another couple of beats.

We sat down and ate and talked for the next hour and a half. I asked mum
all about her trip and the weirdo's that she'd gone to interview. We
laughed and giggled about lots of things and almost had the type of
conversation that lovers do after the one who works comes home from a trip
away. During the conversation, I found myself hanging on her every word and
a couple of times I was so lost in lustful feelings (looking at her breasts
and mouth and neck) that it took a gently touch of mum's hand to bring me
back to reality. During our discussion I also caught mum looking at me with
such intensity, and not just at my eyes, that I had to do the same thing.
We were both a little embarrassed when we were caught and quickly averted
our eyes or made stumbling apologies.

Was it just me, or was I starting to fall in love with Mum? Not just the
ideas that she had for us and the emotions that came with discovering and
rationalising that, but really falling in love. I starting to think that
the answer was . . . . yes!

We finally got up and did the dishes together and wiped up and then mum said
that she had a bit of work to finish and needed to unpack. I offered to
help her unpack whilst she did her work and her no thanks reply was a little
nervous. She was obviously hiding something, but it didn't worry me - I'd
eventually find out. So I bid her good night and went off to bed. I
masturbated twice that night and drifted off to another slumber filled with
two lovers - mum and I.

The routine of the next few days was pretty much normal, but the
conversations like the one that we had had at dinner, became longer and more
in-depth. I felt more and more relaxed and at home with mum than I ever had
to that point in my life. I found that I had started to look at mum, every
chance I got, trying to imagine what she would look like naked in that
position. My fantasies became more vivid and I finally came to the
realisation that I was indeed in love with her. I felt much more that lust
and much much more for mum than I ever had before.

It was all going so smoothly until the Friday that as I walked into mum's
office from school. As I walked in she looked up and panicked a little.
She quickly turned her screen off and made an excuse for both of us to leave
the room. Mum must have been surfing again, or she had received another
email message from Bev. Either way I was going to find out. Mum went back
shortly after and logged off her computer. Then she made an excuse about
having to go and do some shopping for a while.

As soon as she left the driveway, I went to mum's computer and accessing it
with the passwords that I had since committed to memory, downloaded the
latest parts of mum's word file and emails to a disk. I closed it down and
took the disk up to my room and starting my computer, saved them to my copy
of the file (I had saved it to my C drive) and read them.

There was mum's reply and another email from Bev and again the content sent
shivers down my spine. Mum had relayed her home coming, painting the
picture that I had tried to portray - me looking beautiful and sexy. She
told Bev about my nipples becoming erect and how it excited her. She told
her about the hug and feeling my breasts press against hers and also about
the kiss as we examined the dinner I had cooked that night. But what really
took my breath away was what she wrote next.

Mum said that we had talked like a couple at dinner and she relayed her
feelings of love and closeness and of a very real sense of a developing
relationship to Bev. She said that she had wanted to make love to me so
much right then and there, that it took all of her self control not too.
She spoke of a real sense of a strengthening of our bond this week, and that
she felt as though she needed to make the next step. She asked for Bev's
advice on how to proceed and that advice contained in Bev's email.

Bev cautioned mum about moving too fast. She said that this would be the
most delicate point of mum's seduction of me. Little did either of them
know that I was about seventy percent there anyway. Bev told mum that her
advice was to gradually start to appear more sexy around me. She said that
mum should begin to dress more provocatively, to move from the shower in
less and less clothing, to position herself in more sexy poses when she was
around me and whenever she got the opportunity, do little things like touch
me, kiss me more and in a more sexy way and to wear more perfume.

Bev said that mum shouldn't manufacture any of this and that she should just
use her feminine charms. She told mum that she should judge how quickly she
progressed the flirting, by my reaction. She said that if I responded, that
she should try adding to what she was doing. She also said that it may take
some time and that progress may be quicker at time and may be slower at
others, not to be discouraged and especially to continue the progress we had
made this week. Bev said that mum should let her know how it was going and
that when mum and I were ready to go even further, that she would be there
for us.

The subtle change in the mum and I - to us - tone of the email really struck
me, because it was almost like Bev was considering us a couple now. And
this really made me think about things.

Mum returned home shortly after I had finished updating my diary and the
file with hers and Bev's emails. We had pizza and sat on the couch. We had
been talking for about two hours, when the conversation turned to sex. Mum
wanted to know more about my encounter with Melanie, especially the intimate
details of exactly what we did and how I felt. I was completely honest with
her and told her how I had been leading up to that point, how she had caught
me, we had gone to the showers and how Melanie had come into my shower
stall. I told her how excited I was and went into intricate detail about
what little we did.

Mum asked me if I had had any other encounters since and if I still felt the
same way about other women. I told her that I had thought long and hard
about that and that I was almost convinced that I was a lesbian. However I
told her that I hadn't found anyone my age that really excited me and that I
was just as happy to not rush anything. It was at this point that I turned
the conversation back onto mum - not that I could say much of anything else.

I asked mum, if she had ever had any experiences like that when she was at
school. She said that she had only had one and I acted so shocked and asked
her all about it for the next hour or so. She told me that she had had one
full-on lesbian experience when she was at school, but just that she was a
little older than me when she had hers - she was sixteen. I wanted all of
the details and she spoke honestly about it - to a point. When I asked mum
if she had gone down on this girl and if the other girl had gone down on
her, mum just said yes and that it was very pleasurable. But she wouldn't
tell me any more.

I also asked her about whether she had had any experiences since, to which
mum replied no. I asked her what relationships she had had since Dad had
left and she said none, and if there was anyone special in her life now.
Mum said that she had been thinking about asking someone out lately, but
again wouldn't give any details about who it was. I couldn't blame her and
our conversation wound up naturally about twenty minutes later, and with
that mum packed me off to bed. Well didn't I have a good time in bed that
night, thinking about mum and this other girl and replacing the girl with
me. I was about ninety percent convinced by now and was eager to see how
things progressed.

I woke the next morning to the sound of mum in the shower and couldn't wait
to see what mum's first move would be. I heard the shower being turned off
and remaining in my nighty, I went and stood at the door to the bathroom.
Putting my ear to the door, I heard mum finishing and gently knocked asking
if she was in there. A little pause and I heard mum say that she was almost
finished and would be out in a minute.

I leaned on the wall across from the door and when it opened and out came
mum. She had her hair tied up in a towel and had on a practically see
through dressing gown. She stopped in front of me and said good morning,
but I couldn't help myself. My eyes quickly scanned mum up and down and as
they came back up they stopped at the two dark shaded areas and the nipple
sized tents that mum had at the from of the gown. I mumbled something and
mum turned and walked towards her bedroom.

In the five or six steps that it took her to get there, there was a definite
sway in her hips - one that I couldn't help but notice and couldn't keep my
eyes off. As she reached the door, mum looked over her shoulder at me and,
noticing that I hadn't moved a muscle, gave me a big smile as she
disappeared into her room.

I was astounded at how far mum had gone straight away. But more than that.
I was becoming more convinced that this is what I wanted as well, with each
passing minute. I had intended to respond and so I walked down to mum's
room. I didn't bother knocking and there was no real need either, because
the door was wide open. As I entered the room I said, "Mum?" "Yes?" Mum
said. It was at this point that I lost the power of speech. Mum was fully
naked facing at right angles to me. She was bent over pulling on some
underwear and I could see all of her right breast.

Mum looked over at me and said, "What's wrong honey?" I mumbled something
and left, going to the shower. As I was under the shower, I realised that
it had come to the point that I needed to make a final decision about how
far I was going to let mum take our relationship. I couldn't get the image
of mum's breast out of my mind and at that point, I realised that I really
didn't need to make a decision, because I'd already made it. I don't know
when I had subconsciously made the decision, but it was all too clear to me
know. I could use the same advice that Bev's had given to mum and go with
the flow.

So, when mum came into the bathroom to blow dry her hair, I turned off the
shower and stepped out straight away. Mum was in a pair of casual pants
that really showed off her bottom and had on a stretch T-shirt that
accentuated her breasts. She had just started the dryer and had a perfect
view of my naked body in the mirror. I stood still for a second looking
straight at mum. I saw her eyes start looking at my body instantly. The
towel rack was on the other side of mum to me, so I saw this as an
additional opportunity. I walked up behind mum, and reached around her,
using her shoulder for balance and gently reached past to take my towel.

I moved back to a position where I knew mum could see all of my body and
started to dry myself. As I was doing this we started to talk. I told mum
how I loved her clothes and how they showed off her figure. She thanked me
and said that she could never hope to compete with someone a beautiful as
me. I blushed and as we continued to talk (it only lasted about five
minutes) we became more and more comfortable with each other in yet another

Things progressed reasonably quickly after that. Mum started to dress in
short shorts and cut-off tops around the house and started to wear sexy
underwear under her almost see through night gown. She also posed (very
naturally I might add) provocatively and found every excuse to touch me.
For my part, I started to wear the same sort of clothes as well, would pose
when I knew that mum was looking and would cling in an intimate sort of way
any chance I got. In that time mum's communications with Bev became more
frequent and more and more positive. Bev congratulated mum at every turn,
neither of them knowing that I was a silent partner in their conspiracy to
have mom seduce me and become my sexual partner. In fact, it was probably
only a couple of weeks later and a couple of days before the end of the
school year, that the real turning point came.

It was a Saturday morning and we were lounging about the house, when mum
suggested that we go shopping and after that she had a surprise for me for
the school holidays. I hadn't thought to check mum's email for the last
couple of days, and so this came as a surprise. I think I'd been too caught
up in flirting and being flirted with. Mom and I had progressed further
with flirting, touching and tempting each other. At the same time, I had
turned to masturbation to get me through the time it was going to take prior
to Mom actually making the first move - something that I had resigned myself
to quite early on since finding the document with mum's emails contained

We went to the local mall and we were just window shopping, when, as we
passed by an lingerie shop, mum suggested that we go in and have a look. I
said that I wasn't really interested in waiting until mum decided on a set
of lingerie. Mum surprised me and said that it wasn't for her. She said
that I was a woman now, a beautiful one at that and that I deserved to look
especially good in my first set of lingerie. I was very excited - in more
ways than one.

We entered the store and mum immediately ushered the assistant away, saying
that she would look after me. Mum said that I should go into one of the
booths and take my clothes off and get ready to try on some of what was
displayed. As I stripped off in the booth, I became aware that I was a
little wet with the excitement of the opportunity that both of us would have
- me to show off my body in lingerie and mum to see me naked. I intended to
burn the memory of this event into mum's mind.

Just then mum, put the first two sets of lingerie over the door. She said
that I should get into one and then let her know when I was dressed. I was
in them in a flash and told mum I was done. Instead of just opening the
door and peaking inside, mum opened the door and stepped right in. I
stepped back and started to show off the set I had on.

Mum said that I looked good. She turned me around to face the mirror. She
checked the size of the fill lacy bra and then as her eyes went lower to
check that the panties were a good size, I bent a bit at the hips. Mum's
eyes flashed up to look at me, before they went down again. In that time I
gave her my best wicked smile. I was looking at mum's face in the mirror
when she lightly smacked my on the bum. She looked up at me and said that I
was cheeky. I just smiled and said, "Yes I am."

Mum said that they would both be fine, but to wait because she wanted to try
another type. She left the booth and, not knowing how long I had, I flashed
out of the ones that I had on and waited for mum to return. When she came
back, she asked if I was out of the others yet. I could see her feet under
the door and so I opened it all the way up and stood in front of mum. She
didn't say anything, she just stepped into the booth and closed the door.

Mum handed me the other lingerie that she had brought back to the booth.
All the while she couldn't take her eyes off me and I put the panties down
on the bench and slipped on the bra. This one left most of my breasts
uncovered and only just covered my nipples - which were very erect by now.
Rubbing my hand underneath the bra, I asked mum if she thought that it fit
properly. She reached out and for the first time, my mother touched my
breast. She ran her finger on the inside of one cup of the bra, careful to
not touch my nipples and looking up into my eyes said that she though that
it was a perfect fit.

Mum then said that I should try on the panties. I turned around to face the
mirror again and lifting one leg onto the bench and bending over at the hip,
I put one leg into the panties. I bent even further down and put the other
leg in them. It wasn't until that point that I realised that mum had
selected a really sexy set, because the panties were thongs. I had never
even tried any of these on. I looked up at mum, who was very squarely
looking at my ass and, turning around and straightening up at the same time
I pulled them all the way up.

They felt funny, stuck in the crack of my ass and rubbing, very intimately,
along my pussy. I looked up at mum and asked her what the cheeky one looked
like now. The look on mum's face was incredible. I was like she was in a
trance and a lustful one at that. I turned around and bending over a little
asked what mum thought of them. She looked down at my ass and the up at me
and said that she didn't think that it would be possible for me to look any
better than in those. At that point an assistant cam along and asked if we
were OK.

It shocked us both back to reality and into action. Mum left the booth, I
got out of the lingerie and redressed and mum paid for all of it. We were
out the door giggling all the way, like a couple of school girls. When we
stopped for a bite to eat and a drink, mum sprung her surprise on me.

Mom had taken up an offer to stay in a cabin located up in the mountains -
miles from anywhere, and she said that she wanted us to go up for a couple
of weeks of the school holidays. When mom told me about it I was over the
moon inside, but couldn't show too much of what I felt. I said that I
thought that it would be a great idea and that it would give us some time to
be together, alone, and away from everyone else - including school and work.

The tension for the next day and a half was almost unbearable. The problem
was that one of mum's friends arrived that afternoon, unannounced, and it
ended up that she would house sit for us whist we were away. So it was back
to being a conservative mother and daughter - not the hopelessly randy
lesbian couple that I wanted it to become.

The day finally arrived. We drove all day, arriving at the cabin at about
5pm. All through the drive we were chatting and laughing and singing to
some tapes that mum had in the car. We both found as many excuses to touch
each other along the way and to look at each other as often as we could. At
about two o'clock, I fell asl**p for about an hour and when I woke up, mum
was staring at me. I asked her what was wrong and she smiled a very loving
smile and said, "Nothing. I just can't get over how beautiful you look when
you're asl**p and especially when you wake up." I leaned over and
whispering in her ear said, "Thanks, but I think you're more beautiful," and
gave her a big kiss on the cheek. I cuddled into mum's arm for a good half
hour and I'm sure that we both felt extremely comfortable.

Although not much to look at from outside, the cabin was surprisingly well
equipped on the inside. It was a two story place that really needed
painting on the outside but had power and normal water, two bedrooms, one
with a double bed and one with two single beds. Much to my surprise, it
also had a TV and video, with a great selection of movies to select from.
The cabin was about 25km from the next nearest house. After setting my
things into my bedroom, I thought, this will be the perfect place for us to
finally become lovers. But something was bothering mum and I could see that
she had some self doubts about it, now that it was so close. I didn't share
those doubts, but knew that I'd have to tread reasonably carefully and Bev's
advice to mum came back to me.

After we had settled into the house, Mom and I went for a walk to look for
the natural spring that mom's friend had told her about. It was about 300m
down a track from the house, in a small depression in the ground.
Surrounded by trees and scrub, the spring was about 15m across and up to six
feet in depth in a couple of spots. I took off one of my shoes and dipped
it in the water. I was surprised to find it warm. Mom said that we should
come down tomorrow and go for a swim and I readily agreed.

The sun was starting to go down so we made our way back to the cabin and
made dinner. After dinner I said that I was tired from the travel and went
off to bed. Once in bed I fell straight asl**p.

I don't know what it was that woke me up but I got up and as I approached my
closed bedroom door I heard two women moaning. I opened the door as quietly
as I could and crept down the hallway towards the landing above the lounge
room. The TV came into view first as I approached. The TV was one of the
sources of the moaning. Mom had a video on and the face of the woman that
was currently on the screen was about mom's age. As the cameras panned
down, I saw her breasts, which she had in both hands. She grasped both
nipples between thumbs and forefingers and was gently pulling and twisting.
I couldn't believe it, Mom was watching a porno movie - and I couldn't take
my eyes off it. As the cameras panned down further I couldn't believe my
eyes, there was another woman going down on her.

The movie shifted to another camera angle. This time a face shot of the
woman between the ladies legs, I quickly realised that the second woman was
a lot younger that the first, in fact she looked to be not much older than
me. The younger woman looked up and said "Oh Mom you have the sweetest
tasting pussy in the world". The picture changed to a side view and the
older woman said "And Cindy you are the best pussy eater that a mother could
hope for". I was amazed, where did mum get a copy of this video. Could
this mean that Mom isn't having any more doubts? Na, I said to myself that
this was just a movie, and that Mom would never think like that. With that
I heard my mom moan. I hadn't noticed mom until then because the movie had
grabbed my attention. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled forward.

As I looked down and to the right I saw my own mother reclining on the
lounge with nothing on. Mom's 34Ds, that only had a hint of sag were being
massaged by both her hands. I had joked with mom lots of times that I hoped
to look as good as she did at her age. I wasn't shocked, but got very
excited to finally see mum masturbating. She had one of her nipples in one
hand now and she inserted two fingers of the other hand inside her pussy.
At the same time she was rubbing her clit with her thumb. Mom's pussy was
glistening and most of her well-trimmed bush of hair was laid flat on the
outer lips of Mom's pussy. Mom was moaning now and I had masturbated enough
to realise that she was almost ready to come. She was keeping pace with the
movie and the moans from both the movie and my mother got louder until mom
started shuddering, throwing her head back, her body convulsed as she

Mum obviously found this particular scene more stimulating than the other,
because she stopped and rewound the movie to the start of the scene between
the mother and the daughter and started to play it again. I stopped looking
at mom and as I watched the mother daughter scene develop on the TV. I
started to get hot as well. I glanced down a mom and she was starting to
masturbate again. The women on the screen were undressing each other and
they started to fondle each other's breasts. My nipples were hard now and
as I reached into my panties, under my nightie, I found that my pussy was
also started to get wet. I gently pulled my pussy lips apart and started to
rub the full length of my pussy with one finger. I have always loved doing
this, ever since I started masturbating. I started to play with my clit and
really get into the video scene. I was watching mom and the scene on the TV
and masturbating. The sight of my mother masturbating naked on the lounge
and the idea of a mother and daughter scene on TV was really getting me hot.
What was getting me hotter however was the thought that, if all went well,
I would soon be making love to my own mother.

As I was playing with my clit I inserted a finger into my pussy and only
just stopped myself from moaning. I quickly looked at mom on the lounge and
realised that she hadn't heard me. Afraid that I would get caught, I crept
back to my room. But I couldn't get the picture of mom masturbating and the
mother and daughter scene on the TV out of my mind. When I came I had to
turn my head into the pillow for fear of being heard.

The first thought into my head when I woke up at 6am was that of a desperate
sexual wanting for my own mother. I didn't think about whether it was right
or wrong for society, I only knew that it was right for me - I just knew
that I wanted her. I went down to get some breakfast. Mom was still asl**p
as I peeped in through the door of her bedroom. As I looked at her the
feeling of sexual wanting just got stronger. I went downstairs and while I
was eating my breakfast I decided that I would make it easy for mom to
complete the final transition (as Bev had put it) to a sexual relationship.
It didn't think that it was going to be hard, but mum was obviously having
some last minute doubts. I knew that I wanted her and I also knew that I
had two weeks to make it happen - plenty of time. I also knew that mum had
gone to extraordinary lengths in making contact with Bev and the group and
that she had also gone almost all the way down the path and she was almost
there - she just needed me to drive the situation home.

I was happy that mom's genes had passed on to me especially my small tight
butt. My straight brunette shoulder length hair accentuated my blue eyes.
I had much less pussy hair and it was less bushy than mom's was, but still
the same color. I would have to see if I could make this work.

I took off my nightie and plain panties and put one of the lacy bra and
panties set mum and I had selected at the lingerie shop and went back down
to finish my breakfast. Mom got up at about 7 and as she came down to the
kitchen I was putting the finishing touches to her breakfast. Mom was in a
short nightie that ended mid way up her thighs. As we said hello to one
another I noticed her looking at me. I served her breakfast and gave her a
good morning hug. I hung on for a little bit longer that usual giving her a
big squeeze. As I walked back to the bench in the kitchen I looked back at
mom and saw that she was looking me up and down. When she saw me looking
back, she quickly turned her head and started eating her breakfast. She was
still being a bit shy.

I poured a cup of coffee for mom and a cup of tea for me. I went and sat
back down at the table with her and watched as she ate. I looked at mom and
said "Seeing as how we are so far away from anyone else, do you think it
would be alright if I walked around in my bra and nickers outside and just
nickers inside while we are here?" Mom looked me up and down and said "I
don't think that will be a problem dear. If you don't mind I might do the
same thing?"

"That would be great" I said excitedly.

With that mom smiled and took off her nightie. That exposed her 34D size
breasts. I took off my lacy bra and taking both breasts in my hands I
rubbed underneath saying "I hate wearing bra's sometimes, they rub
underneath - especially new ones". Mom just stared at my hands rubbing my
breasts and as she realised she had been staring, looked quickly down at her
coffee saying "Yes..Er Yeh, I know what you mean Trish". Mom tried not to
look at me and I at her but I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful her
breasts were and how much I wanted to touch them.

After breakfast we did some cleaning around the house and organised the
place the way we wanted it. At about 10am, after another cup of tea and
coffee, mom suggested that we go for a swim down at the spring. I said
"that sounds like a great idea". I went to get the towels and as we started
to walk out the door I said "what about our bra's?". Mom playfully said "I
don't think that we are going to be seen, so why don't we forget about the
bra's". I said that it was a good idea and with that we started of towards
the spring.

As we started down the path I walked up along side mom and, putting my arm
around her lower back, said "You know what mom? I love you. I really love
you". My left breast was rubbing against mom's arm as I said it and my
nipple became erect straight away. I couldn't believe it when mom put her
arm around my shoulder. Our breasts were touching each other's and we both
looked down at the same time and then at each other. Mom said "I love you
too sweetie". As she said it she drew me closer, causing our breasts to
touch more, and kissed me on the cheek. The kiss wasn't that of a lover,
but it was getting much closer. We walked the rest of the way in silence
with our breasts and hips touching. I was starting to think that this may
not be as hard as I thought. But I would still need to be careful.

When we got to the spring we dropped our towels and I said to mum, "Would
you mind if I had a skinny dip?" Mum said, "No, not at all. Do you mind if
I join in as well?" I said that I didn't and with a little sly grin, I
purposely turned away from mom to take off my lacy panties. I moved my feet
a foot or so apart and as I bent over sliding the panties off my hips and
down my legs I kept my legs straight. This meant that my pussy as ass were
on display to my mother. I pretended to rub my calf to delay standing up a
little longer. As I shifted my eyes to look at mom, I saw that she was
staring straight at my pussy. I half bent upright and rubbed the inside of
my thigh, allowing mom a longer look. I turned around and our eyes met for
just a second then she quickly looked away.

We both dived into the spring and started to swim around enjoying the warm
water. I playfully splashed mom and she splashed me back. It quickly
turned into a wrestling match whilst treading water. Mom f***ed me under
and I escaped through her legs. As I swam through I got a good look at her
pussy, with her pussy hair floating around in the water. I was the first
time that I had been so close to her and I could feel my nipples harden
again. As I came up on the other side of her we both laughed and joked that
she was still a lot stronger that I was.

A couple of minutes later after we had settled down I playfully said to mom
"open your legs mom I want to swim through them again". Mom moved to a spot
where she could stand on the bottom and I swam through her legs. I went
under the water and turned over so that I was facing up and swimming
backwards. As I swam through her legs I slowed down and got a good look at
her pussy. I put my hands on the back of her thighs just above the knee and
gently pushed myself through. When I surfaced mom said that she wanted to
swim through my legs as well. So I stood on the bottom and spread my legs
wide. Mom swam under and turned over as I had. As I looked down at her
through the water, she paused looking up at my pussy and doing as I had done
put her hands on the back of my thighs to push herself through.

When she came up I said that I wanted to do it again. I swam towards her
upside down and, as I looked up, mom had put her face in the water and was
looking into my eyes. I shifted my gaze to mom's thighs and pussy and,
reaching out I put my hands on the back of her thighs again. Only this time
I put them higher up towards her pussy squeezing her legs before pushing
through. It was mom's turn again and putting my face in the water I looked
into her eyes. She smiled and then looking directly at my pussy she put her
hands out to put them through my legs. Mom brushed the inside of my thighs
and then put her hands even higher up the back of my thighs, just below the
start of my butt. I almost lost it at the knees and when she came up mom
had a smile on her face. A smile of pleasure not a friendly or motherly
smile. I said that I wanted to have one more go and as I approached this
time mom was again looking at me. We both smiled and as I brought my hands
forward mom lowered herself a little in the water. This caused my hands to
just brush up against mom's pussy hair and I put my hands half on and half
off her ass cheeks and pushed myself through.

Mom wanted one more go and as I stood there I watched and also lowered my
self down, but this time before mom had even gotten close. Mom saw this and
smiling up at me she put her arms out. Only this time she didn't touch my
thighs, because this time she moved into a position where one of her breasts
came up between my thighs and rubbed against my pussy. I was immediately
wet, not that you could notice, and my nipples went completely hard. Mom
stopped and she moved her hands to my butt. She took my two butt checks in
her hands and put her thumbs on the inside of my thighs.

All of a sudden she stopped, let me go and swam away from me. When she came
up mom didn't look at me and got out of the water straight away. She went
up to where her towel was and put her panties on. Fearing that mom was
retreating from what we both obviously felt, I also got out of the water and
asked if she wanted to lie down and sun bath for a while. Mom had settled
down a bit and agreed. I put my panties on and we both lay down on our
towels about a foot apart. We started talking and I purposely didn't talk
about what had happened.

A little while later we went back up to the house. Mom said that she was
tired and was going to go up for a short nap. I said that I would stay up
and probably put a movie on. After selecting a popular movie that I had
seen before I put it on and turned it up pretty loud. I crept up the steps
and up to the door of my mother's room. It was closed and as I put my ear
to the door I could hear mom moaning and as I listened she called out my
name "Oh Trish yes..".

I knew now that she wanted me and I knew that I wanted her. As I listened I
started to massage my breasts with both hands. I took the nipples between
my fingers and squeezed and started to rub my pussy through my panties. I
went down the hall to my room so I could masturbate in silence. I had
another earth shattering climax as I thought about all that had happened so
far today. I knew that I was close to enticing mom and I desperately wanted
it to happen quickly. But at the same time I couldn't afford to charge
through that last gate - in fear of frightening her away again.

I got up from the bed and put on the pair of thong panties mum had bought me
at the lingerie store. Lately I had begun to really enjoy wearing these of
the sexy feeling that I got with the material right up the crack of my arse
and the way that they slightly dug themselves into my pussy. They felt
really great and looking at myself in the mirror the panties I was really
happy that I looked as sexy as I could and that the thong panties really
accentuated my ass cheeks. This was going to be my next big move and would
hopefully break down mum's last doubts.

I went back downstairs and got out a box of cake mix. I started to make the
cake but stopped at the point where I was going to have to mix ingredients
in by hand. About 6pm, just as the sun was starting to get low in the sky I
heard the toilet flush and realising that mom would be down soon, I rushed
into the kitchen made a cup of tea and coffee and started mixing the
remaining ingredients by hand. Mom came down a couple of minutes later and
walking up beside me to see what I was doing. When she asked me why I was
baking the cake I said "Because, I love you and I want to make you as happy
as you can possibly be" Mom said "Thank you Trish. Come here and give me a

I turned towards mom with my hands up because of the cake mixture on my
hands and we both realised at the same time that, only having nickers on,
our breasts would touch if we hugged. We both hesitated. I looked at mom
and she at me, and we both shrugged and moved towards each other. With arms
out stretched I hugged mom. Our breasts touched and as I put my head on
mom's shoulder I felt my nipples go hard and I felt mom's harden against
mine from the breast to breast contact. Mom put here arms around me and
held me tight. We stood there for about 20 seconds and then mom pulled away
and she said "That was a very sweet thing to say. I want you to know that I
will always love you Trish". "I love you too mom". Mom bent forward and
gave me a light kiss on the lips. It lasted about as long as a normal kiss,
but there was a softness to it that told me that Mom wasn't far from acting
on the desire she had voiced earlier that afternoon in her bedroom.

I told mom to sit down and drink her coffee and went back to mixing the
ingredients by hand in the big cake bowl. I could see where mom sat at the
table in the reflection in the kitchen window. She sat in the chair that
was not more than 3 feet away facing directly at me. Neither of us said
anything for about 5 minutes as I mixed. I glanced over my shoulder and
caught mom looking at my ass. I said "How are you doing" and mom said "Oh
I'm just fine. Just enjoying the coffee and the rest". It was time to make
my move.

I picked up a spoon making a move to start filling the baking dish and
"accidentally" dropped it. I moved away from the bench a little closer to
mom and then squatted down and picked up the spoon. My thong panties dug
into me all the more. They rode straight up the crack of my ass and between
the lips of my pussy. I stood up and acting uncomfortable, wriggling and
squirming, I acted as if I was trying to get the panties out of the crack in
my ass. Shrugging my shoulders I went back to filling the baking dish. I
finished that and I put the dish in the oven. As I did that, I bent at the
hips, keeping my legs straight and facing my ass straight at mom.

Mom's eyes had been fixed on my ass the whole time and I now stood and faced
her. I walked right up to her and turned around. Mom was now looking at my
ass, which was not more than one foot away and looked as though I had thong
underwear on. She couldn't take her eyes off my ass and I can remember
thinking "just about there". I looked over my shoulder and bending slightly
at the hips, to give mom a better view as I had done at the spring, said
"Mom do you think that these thong panties, are too small". Mom didn't say
anything - she just stared at my little butt. I wiggled my ass pretending
to be uncomfortable. "Mom" I said louder now "do you think that they're too
small? Could you check them out please." I bent over just a little bit more
and this time I got mom's attention.

"Er..Uh...No trish...Um...Yes and No" was mom's reply as, with eyes that
were as big as golf balls, she reached out and started to lift the thong
from between my ass cheeks. As she hooked two fingers inside my panties
near the top and started to move them down to get them out of my crack, I
slowly clenched my ass cheeks. Mom was mesmerized. She now had to dig her
fingers in a little deeper and harder to get through the resistance my
clenched ass cheeks were causing. Just as she was nearing my rear hole I
suddenly released clenching them. This caused mom's two fingers to touch my
hole and come very close to my pussy before she could lessen the pressure.
This caused an involuntary moan from me as my juices started to flow and my
nipples harden even more.

Mom jumped when she realised that she had touched my rear passage. Mom said
"Oh dear, Oh my, I haven't hurt you have I Trish. I'm really sorry." As
mom pulled the panties back and released them, ensuring that they didn't dig
in too much. I answered saying "Oh No mom. That didn't hurt at all. In
fact that was quite nice. It was a bit like when I play with myself and it
also reminded me of Melanie." Mom was now tinkering with the material of my
panties, making small adjustments here and there, and brushing each cheek of
my ass repeatedly with the palm of her hand. "Mmmm, that feels good to mom"
I said, leaning back a little and putting a little bit of pressure against
mom's hands.

Mom stopped what she was doing and before she had a chance to do anything I
stool upright and turned around to face her. With my pussy not more than a
foot from her face now, and with the panties purposely between the lips of
my pussy at the front, I said "could you do the front now mom, it's really
quite rough against me, inside there. I'm sorry I have to ask you this but
I can't do it with my hands covered in cake mix. Mom was a little more
confidant this time, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would
be making love to my mother.

Mom again put a finger inside either side of my panties and gently pulled
them towards my pussy. This time though, mom moved her fingers further
inside my panties as she slowly approached my pussy. Mom's fingers moved
through my pubic hair and I couldn't help but close my eyes and let out a
low slow moan. Mom's fingers moved to the uppermost part of the folds of my
pussy and as she moved her fingers lower she gently rubbed against the outer
lips of my pussy. Mom withdrew her fingers from my panties.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her and she looked at me and smiled. It
was the same sensual smile as the one she gave me at the spring. Mom told
me to go and wash my hands and take the cake out of the oven. I did what
she told me to, feeling sure that it was going to happen. When I got to the
oven the cake was just about done. I couldn't believe that 20 minutes had
gone already. After pulling the cake out of the oven, mom said, "Now come
over here so I can have a look at those panties of yours". I walked over
and mom turned me around feeling the cheeks of my scantly covered ass. Then
she turned me around and, shaking her head, ran her hand between my thighs
and up to the bottom of my pussy. Rubbing it she said, "No, perhaps these
panties are too small. Why don't you turn around and take them off. I
don't think that either of us need to wear panties from now on"

I turned around and without moving any further away from mom I moved my feet
apart and started to pull my panties down slowly as I had done at the spring
earlier that day. I bent at the hips keeping my legs straight. Turning to
look at mom, she was openly looking at my ass and pussy now and when she
looked me in the eyes I saw love and lust. Mom did not look away shyly but
instead returned her gaze to view what was just in front of her. I had the
panties down to my knees as mom reached out and gently stroked my ass with
both hands. She said, "You have beautiful skin Trish and we have the same
shape rear end". I stopped pulling my panties down and whilst still looking
at mom straightened up and turned slowly around.

This gave mom a close-up view of my pussy and mom openly stared at it.
Looking further up my body mom stopped at my breasts and said "And you have
a wonderful pair of breasts, with lovely nipples." Mom looked into my eyes,
and I could start to smell my own scent, as I felt my pussy became sopping
wet. I looked down at mom and said "Mom, can you help me take these panties
off please, I am having a little trouble." Mom said that she would. Mom
placed her hands on my hips and running them around to my ass began to
slowly move them down to where my panties were. When she got to my panties
she slowly moved them down to my ankles and then, moving her hand to behind
each of my knees removed one foot at a time. I was so wet and now I started
to smell mom's scent as well.

Mom stood up and standing within a couple of inches from me said, "Well I
guess that I will not be needing these any longer." Next she bent down, her
hair brushing my right nipple causing it to become painfully erect, and
removed her panties. She stood upright and reaching out with one hand took
my cheek in it. I thought that she was going to kiss me then but instead
she said "why don't you get us each a glass of wine and bring it over next
to the heater. I'll turn the heater on and get something for us to lie down
on." Aaarrgh, I thought I was going to explode. The suspense was killing

I quickly poured the wine and when I brought it out to the open area
downstairs, Mom was lying on her double dooner. I lay down next to her,
offering her a glass of wine, which she took. We both had a sip. Mom
looked me straight in the eye and asked me how long I had felt like this
about her. In reply I said, "I have been thinking and fantasizing about
women for the last few months. I have always thought of you as being a very
beautiful woman but didn't think about you sexually until I sneaked out
while you had that video on last night." I couldn't tell her the truth just
yet, so I had fabricated that on the spot. Mom didn't say anything, and
waited until I went on. "When I saw the video scene where the mother and
daughter were making love it got me really excited and when I saw you
masturbating on the lounge, I almost came on the spot. I had to sneak back
into my room and play with myself. I also crept up to your room today after
we came back from the spring and heard you calling out my name. I had to
masturbate after that too and all I could think of was what it would be like
to kiss you, and to make love to you. Ever since then I haven't been able
to get that picture out of my mind."

Mom looked at me and with a voice the was filled with lust and longing and
said, "And do you still feel the same way now? Do you want to make love to
me? Because I have been thinking about making love to you for over a year
now." I looked mom straight in the eye and with a voice that hid my
nervousness said, "Yes mom. Yes I do." Mom smiled at me and said, "This is
going to be so good Trish." With that mom took my wine glass and putting
both of them aside reached out and stroked my face. I was so nervous that I
was shaking. Mom moved closer to me and gently laid me down on a pillow on
top of the dooner. Mom moved down to kiss me and just before our lips met I
closed my eyes.

The first kiss was soft and gentle and didn't last long. Mom's next kiss
was more passionate and our lips met more fully. I moved my arms to around
mom's neck and she shifted to come into contact with me almost the full
length of our bodies. Mom's skin was so warm and soft against my body and I
could feel her breasts mesh against mine and her pussy brush against my hip.
That kiss ended and mom moved her face a few inches away from mine. I
opened my eyes and said, "Kiss me again mom. Make love to me." Mom moved
her head down and we kissed again. This time we both opened our mouths at
the same time and when our tongues met I knew that this was where I wanted
to be for the rest of my life. It felt totally natural and as we opened our
mouths wider and our tongues started to move against each other's, I let out
an involuntary moan.

Mom moved her right hand from my face and slid it down my neck towards my
breasts. I raised my chest to meet her hand and she slid it between my
breasts and cupped my left breast. Mom started to gently massage my breast,
carefully staying away from my hardened nipple. Then, as though she could
read my thoughts, she took my nipple between her thumb and fore finger. She
gently rolled it and I moaned again, moving my body harder against her hand
and against her body. She detached her lips from mine and started to kiss
and lick my neck. Shifting her body weight to move on top of me, I opened
my legs and she settled between them. It was as if we were made for each
other. I lifted my thighs either side of mom's hips and my legs came around
her back. I moved my hands to mom's side and started towards her breasts.
I desperately wanted to feel them. But mom wasn't having any of that. She
stopped my arms saying, "No darling, I want to give you pleasure first. I
want you to come like you never have before."

I relaxed and mom started kissing the top of my chest moving towards my tits
and aching nipples. Mom cupped both hands over my breasts and she started
to kiss and lick the soft flesh around them. I was getting really worked up
now and was starting to moan more often saying, "Oh god mom, that feels so
good. Your tongue is so hot. Please keep going." Mom wasn't about to stop
and she took one of my nipples into her mouth, suckling and gently biting
it. I thought I was going to come right there and I could feel my juices
start to leak out of my pussy and start to dribble towards my ass. I
wrapped my open legs around mom's hips tighter, pulling her against me. I
could feel mom's pussy hairs blend with mine and I raised my hips to meet
her. Mom was all over my tits now and she was starting to moan.

I felt Mom's weight change and, looking down at mom, saw that she was
looking back at me. A smile came across her face as she started to move
down my body, kissing and licking every square inch as she went. Mom
stopped at my navel and while she was licking the inside I felt her hands
move down the inside of my legs to my knees. She stopped at the knees and
gently pushed them further apart as she started to move further down towards
my pussy. Mom moved her body back and missing the area of my crouch all
together started to lick, kiss and gently bite the inside of my legs. Mom
kept this up moving towards my pussy, switching from one leg to the other.
This was driving me nuts. I tried to move my pussy closer to mom's mouth,
but she kept avoiding my moves. Mom started to lick and nibble at the
tendon on both sides of my pussy (the one that strains tight when you open
your legs).

Mom looked at my pussy and said, "My you are wet aren't you darling." She
reached out with one hand and gently skimmed it over my mound. I was really
wound up and moaning and writhing around. I said "Oh please mom, please,
lick my pussy. Kiss it. Put you fingers in me. Fuck me with your tongue!"
Mom put the thumbs of both hands on the outer lips of my pussy and gently
pulled them apart. She ran one of her fingers up and down the inside of my
pussy lips, just the way I like to do it, and moaning she said, "Oh Trish,
you are really wet." I looked up at her as she took her finger away and she
put it in her mouth, moaning and said, "You taste good. Almost good enough
to eat." "Almost!" I said.

Just as I was about to plead for mom to go down on me, mom dived straight
down to my pussy and opening my pussy lips, licked my pussy from my opening
to my clit. I let out a loud moan as she did this and a yelp when her
tongue passed over my clit. Mom didn't stop this time, she started to lick
around my opening and around my clit. Then she started to lick my clit
directly. After about three strokes of mom's tongue I came. I came like I
had never before. It hit me so hard and so fast that I thought I was going
to black out. My body convulsed and I f***ed my pussy further into mom's

Mom just kept licking my clit. I took my breasts in my hands and pinching
the nipples could feel another orgasm approaching. Mom seemed to know just
what to do because next she inserted a finger into my pussy. She started to
move it in and out and then inserted a second finger. I felt the next
orgasm starting and telling her so, she sucked my clit into her mouth and
started pumping the fingers she had in me faster and faster. My second
orgasm started and I screamed, calling out to mom "Oh, Oh, Mom that's it.
I'm coming. I'm coming." My body convulsed over and over as my orgasm
crashed down upon me. Mom took her mouth from my clit and the fingers from
my pussy and started to drink my juices. She made loud slurping noises and
as the orgasm started to subside, stuck her tongue inside me to lick the
remaining juices from inside my pussy. Mom pushed her face hard against my
pussy and reaching in as far as she could go with her tongue started to move
it around and in and out of me.

This triggered yet another orgasm, stronger than the other two. I was
hopelessly lost in orgasmic bliss. I put my hands down and pushed mom's
head harder towards my pussy. She kept her tongue inside me and I kept

It was the most fulfilling moment I had ever had and I wanted it to last

Mom stayed where she was until my third orgasm has subsided and I had let go
of her head. I looked down as she raised her head to see her face covered
with my juices. I put my hands on mom's shoulders and pulled her back up my
body. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to taste the juices my pussy had left
on her face. We kissed passionately open mouthed, tongues entwined. I
licked the juices off mom's face and we kissed again, all the time with my
legs around mom, never wanting to let go. I took mom's face in my hands and
looking deep into her eyes said, "Oh mom, that was the most wonderful thing
anyone has ever done to me. I love you." And I kissed her again. We
stayed right there for about five minutes, arms around each other, with mom
also embraced by my legs.

Mom broke the embrace and reaching for our wine glasses, handed me mine. I
took a sip and then put my glass back where it was. I reached out and took
mom's glass and putting it aside also said, "Now I want to pleasure you mom.
I want to give you what you gave me." I lay mom back and moving straight
on top of her moved between her legs.

This time mom raised her knees up under my arms as we started to kiss. I
felt our pussy's come into contact and spread my legs a little either side
of mom's hips to get better contact. I felt mom's pussy lips with mine,
felt them open as mine did and felt her clit as it rubbed against mine. We
both let out a low moan into each other's mouths. I f***ed my tongue as far
into mom's mouth as I could and she greedily sucked on it. I moaned into
mom's mouth and detaching myself from her mouth I started to kiss her neck
and suck on her ears. I moved straight to mom's chest, wanting to get my
hands on those beautiful tits and large hard nipples I could feel against
mine. Mom's tits were bigger than mine and sagged a little towards either
side of her chest, but they were still exquisite - as far as I was
concerned. I raised my head to look at them.

Taking both breasts in my hands, the first breasts of another woman I had
ever touched with my hands. I was amazed that they felt so soft and
massaging them, I took the nipples in each hand and started to play with
them. Mom moaned and said, "Oh that's it Trish. Squeeze them harder
darling. Lick them and bite them a little." I did just that. I took one
of mom's nipples in my mouth and started to suck and lick the nipple. Then
I took the other on in my mouth and did the same. Moving back to the first
nipple I gently sucked on it then gently bit it. This extracted a moan from
mom and as I bit a little harder and moved my jaw sideways back and forth,
rolling mom's nipple between my teeth, mom moaned again. I repeated this
with the second nipple and got the same response. Then I felt mom's hands
on my shoulders, gently moving me down.

I had been waiting for this moment and I was going to enjoy it. I kissed
and licked every part of mom's body as I moved lower towards her pussy.
When I arrived at her trimmed mound a feeling of utter desperation overcame
me. I felt that if I didn't taste mom's juices that very instant I would
collapse and die. I moved straight to her pussy and starting at the bottom,
closest to her puckered rear hole, licked upwards, parting her pussy lips
and tasting her for the first time. Mom tasted lovely. I moved my hands to
part her pussy lips and lifted my head to look at Mom's pussy. Her outer
lips were all red and puffy and Mom's clit was fully exposed. Her clit was
larger than mine was and I reached out with the tip of my tongue to touch
it. As the tip of my tongue started to circle Mom's clit she moaned.

Mom lifted her knees, keeping her legs spread. This gave me much better
access to all of her pussy. I started licking in earnest then, changing the
shape of my tongue to a wide flat surface to lick all of Mom's pussy and a
pointy tip to concentrate on her clit. I was totally absorbed in Mom's
pussy. I was breathing it in and it was all I could see and taste - I loved
going down on Mom.

I poked my tongue into Mom's hole and pushed my face as hard against it as I
could. My nose rubbed Mom's clit and both of my hands gripped her slim hips
pulling my face into her. That's when I felt Mom's first orgasm arrive.
Mom's canal spasmodically clamped down on my tongue as I moved it in and
out, fucking her with it. She yelled out so loudly, I was lucky that we
were so far away from anyone. I just kept licking and sucking her. Mom
came a second and a third time.

I let instinct take over and I lifted my face of Mom's pussy and removed my
hands from her thighs. I immediately put one finger inside Mom and quickly
followed it with a second and then a third - all the while pumping slowly.
Mom was saying, "Ooohhh...that feels sooo good. Now pump it harder
Trish....Fuck Mom with your hand." I moved my left hand to Mom's clit and
rubbed it with my thumb. I started to really pump my fingers into Mom's
pussy watching as they disappeared and reappeared. Mom almost yelled, "Oohh
yes..yes..yes...Oh fuck...Oh Fuck, I'm going to come!". I looked up at her
face past her very erect nipples and swollen breasts. Mom had a look of
utter satisfaction on her face and then she came.

Mom's pussy clamped down on my fingers squeezing them together, fluttering
and clamping. Mom threw her head back and her arms flailed about in the
air. After about fifteen to twenty seconds Mom's body went completely
slack, her face became totally relaxed and she just laid there breathing
deeply for about a minute before her eyes slowly opened. Mom had blacked

I slowly withdrew my fingers from Mom's pussy, and she moaned as I did so.
"Was that OK Mom?" I said, wanting and I moved up to embrace her again
lying on the doona next to her. "Oh Trish, my wonderful little daughter, I
think that that was the best sex I have ever had," Mom said with watery
eyes. We embraced and it was then that I had a wonderful revelation - this
is just day 2 of a two week holiday and we also had the rest of our lives.... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

Dave and Susan begin a beautiful friendship over breakfast.

"Nice to meet you Susan Jill Parker. I'm Dave. Dave Ryan," he said offering her his big hand.

Seeing her up close, as if seeing her for the first time, he saw her bl**died nose, her split lip, and the discolored, puffy mouse under her eye. His hero, she took as much of a beating as she gave. Those bastards, if they were here now, he'd beat the shit out of them all over again.

With the odds stacked against her, he was just glad that he was there to help her and to save her. No telling what those men would have done to her had he not been there to come to her rescue. Definitely they would have ****d her and maybe even murdered her. Always just the tip of the iceberg, just another sad statistic, a homeless woman found dead in an alley, end of story, was no big deal. Most times, no one even claimed the body to identify it.

Buried in an unmarked grave, he couldn't imagine dying alone without f****y and friends mourning his death in the way that so many of his buddies died on the battlefield. When he died he wanted to die at home surrounded by all the people in his life. Only, having alienated everyone for the sake of the Marine Corps, he had no one to say good-bye to, to watch him pass, and to wish him well on the other side.

He had no f****y and no friends. His only f****y was his s****r and her c***dren, but he hasn't seen them in years, hasn't even called her since the time that he ran from her house screaming because of the noise her c***dren made. In exchange for his Marine good buddies, he lost all contact with everyone else years ago. Now that he doesn't drink and party in the way that he used to do, he lost contact with his Marine buddies too.

If he was penniless and homeless, he'd be much like her, alone on the city streets. Only he figured her for having more of a story than that. Definitely with someone as good looking as she is, she had more of a story to tell. Besides her good looks and hot body, there was real intelligence behind those eyes. What he didn't know but he perceived, there was something in her that attracted him to her. Putting her beauty and body aside, be it her poise or her self-confidence, there was something about her that he liked. Having already seen her naked, he wondered what she'd be like in bed.

"Nice to meet you Dave Ryan," she said returning his handshake with a smile before taking a big gulp of her coffee and downing the cup. For a homeless woman, she had soft hands and he figured her for a sexy secretary or an anal bookkeeper in her other life. She looked around as if she was looking for someone or something before leaning forward to whisper to him. "Do you think they'll allow me use the restroom?"

For someone so brave against three men, she was so timid in her request to use the restroom. He could only imagine the verbal abuse she must have been subject to and taken when sneaking in a fast food joint to use their restroom without having the money enough to buy anything.

"Sure. You're with me, a paying customer. C'mon, I'll show you where it is," he said using that as his excuse to help her up when she grimaced from moving and stood with bruised ribs. "It's right over there. You take your time and do whatever you need to do."

It was then for the first time in the bright light of the diner that he saw how disheveled her appearance was. Looking as if she had worn them for days and, no doubt, slept in them too, her clothes were dirty, wrinkled, and stained. She looked as if she could use a bath, actually soak in a tub. In a country so rich and in a country that routinely helps the people of other less fortunate countries, he felt sorry for her and angry for her unfortunate situation. Feeling his need to help her, we should take care of our own citizens before reaching out to help the citizens of the world, especially when so many don't want our help and/or appreciate our help. Giving our money to Pakistan so that they can shelter the Taliban and giving our money to Egypt to watch them burn our flag in the street, is when he'd pull the plug on the gravy train to watch them come crawling and begging the United States of America for help.

Suddenly, he was angry that so many people were unemployed or underemployed. He was angry that we sent all of our manufacturing jobs to Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, India, Brazil, and now China. It's nonsense that we support China by employing their people with all of our jobs and then have to borrow money from them. When did that happen?

In a country so rich and so productive, everyone who's able to work and who wants to work should have a job. No one should be wandering the street with no place to sl**p. No citizen of the United States, people he risked his life to protect, should go hungry. In the way that the CIA routinely replaces one dictator for another, it's time we cleared those old, white men out of Washington and replaced them with those who are willing to serve the public and not themselves. Instead of a Republican Party or a Democratic Party, just as our forefathers envisioned, we should have one party, the American Party. Not a party for the rich or a party for the poor but a party for everyone.

He watched her walk down the hall and disappear in the ladies room. Nearly as tall as he was, she was tall and he didn't realize how tall she was, maybe 5'9", until she stood next to him. Wondering if she was wearing heels, she wasn't. She was wearing dirty, white tennis shoes. That's when it hit him. What woman doesn't have a proper pair of shoes?

Hard not to notice and to be sexually attracted to, he wondered if she didn't have the body of a porn star, if he'd still have the need to help her and if he'd be sitting here with her now in the diner ready to feed her. Truth be told, obviously, he was just as alone and lonely as she was. Yet, was sex getting in the way of his compassion and commonsense? Was he more interested in fucking her than in helping her?

Living in a dirty, back alley, she was a homeless woman for God sakes. Was he that desperate for a woman that he's now searching the back alleys of the city for them instead of hooking up with someone on an online dating site or in a bar? Maybe with all the shit that he's had to deal with in his life, he felt as disconnected as she was. Having been so wrapped up in himself and in the military while fighting the wars of the world, he never had the time or the need for a woman in his life as he had the time for and wanted someone now.

Nonetheless the sudden sexual attraction that he felt for her, he'd like to take her home with him, that is, if she was agreeable to that but he didn't know how she'd react to his invitation. Not very suave with the ladies, he didn't even know how to go about asking her without insulting her or offending her. Just because she was homeless doesn't mean she wasn't proud. Everyone has pride whether false or real. Yet, if she was to accept his offer of shelter, once there, once alone with her in his house, then what?

He's never been in a committed relationship. If nothing else, she could shower and he'd take her to buy new clothes tomorrow. Maybe he could take her someplace to get her hair, makeup done, and nails done. His very own version of Pretty Woman, he was curious what was beneath all that dirt and all that bad attitude. Then what? Once he feeds her, shelters her, dresses her, and gets her hair, makeup, and nails done, what happens then? Not being much of a deep thinker, playing it by ear and unable to answer his own question, he didn't know.

Yet, careful where he thread, maybe she'd think that after saving her from those three men and buying her a hot meal that he was looking for sex and maybe he was. Even though he hadn't had sex in a while, since before he left the service and visited Bangkok for some much needed rest, recreation, and relaxation, he wasn't as interested in having sex with her as he was in helping her, or so he convinced himself to believe. Yeah, sure if sex was offered, he wouldn't refuse but more than that, he was lonely. He was more looking for companionship and conversation than in fucking her and in her sucking him.

It's sadly funny how the pain of isolation and loneliness can sting more than the searing and piercing bite of a bullet. Having survived three bullet wounds and after receiving 5 Purple Hearts for injuries received in combat, he was a coward when it came to love. He feared starting a relationship that he wasn't capable of finishing. As if he had been shot in the heart, he was suddenly sad that he never married and had c***dren. It was obvious to him now that he was no longer a Marine, how empty his life was. A life that was the envy of his friends, especially when he showed up wearing his uniform with all of his stripes and medals, he was the one who was envious of them. Having gotten all that he wanted then, they had all that he wished he had now.

"I'm buying," said Dave walking over to Pete standing behind the kitchen counter window while waiting for Susan to emerge from the restroom. "Whatever she doesn't eat, she'll take with her," he said to Pete before turning his attention to the waitress. "And the next time she comes in for coffee, let her drink it here and don't embarrass her by saying that she smells."

"Okay," said the waitress, "but that wasn't me Dave. That was Molly. Especially now knowing that she's your s****r and being that it's been so cold outside, I would have allowed her to drink her coffee inside Dave," she said with a kind smile.

"Thank you," he said to her.

"Having been there myself, before I got this job, I know how it is on the street," she said. "I'll never forget how cold I was, the coldest I've been, while standing around with no place to go and counting down the minutes when waiting for the shelter to open. Standing in line with so many pitiful people, the thing that stuck with me was the indignity of it all and how I wasn't even able to support one person, myself."

"Actually, she's not my s****r. She's my friend," he said again, this time with a smile. "Thank you," said Dave handing her twenty dollars.

As if she had taken a bath, Susan emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later looking like someone else. Instead of dragging her tired ass behind her and instead of having the angry look of Tugboat Annie on her face, she strode from the bathroom as if she owned the place. Her hands and face were spotlessly clean and her hair was pulled back away from her face for Dave to notice that she had big, blue eyes, eyes that he couldn't stop staring into them. The biggest change in her was in her attitude. She was smiling instead of frowning.

"Wow," he said. "If I didn't know we were the only two people here, I'd think you were someone else," he said with a laugh. "I hardly recognized you. You clean up real good. Actually, you're very good looking and with the right clothes, your hair done, and some makeup, you'd be stunning," he said while Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman played in his head.

"Thank you," she said blushing, "but with you wanting to redo my wardrobe, my hair, and my makeup, you're not gay are you?" The waitress poured her more coffee and she laughed with the waitress before taking a big gulp of coffee. "Not that there's anything wrong with you being gay but--"

"Gay? Me? Hardly. There's no don't ask, don't tell with me. What you see with me is what you get. Even though I'm an ex-Marine, I'm still a Marine. I'll always be a Marine," suddenly having the urge to salute her. "I'm all man, a macho man, and if I have a character flaw, it's sometimes that I'm too much man," he said taking her all in as if he was smelling and staring at a bouquet of roses.

"I can see that," she said. "At ease, Marine," she said with a laugh. "I don't bite."

Suddenly, while staring at the menu, they both fell quiet, that is, until Dave tripped all over his feelings, when opening up, something he never does.

"It's different with you though. For some reason you let out my soft and sensitive side," he said staring at her. "And I like seeing the other side of me coming out when being with you. It makes me more human than being just a big, bad, ex-Marine."

"Yeah, well, don't be crying in my food Midnight Cowboy. This is the first meal that I'll be eating in a long time that doesn't have alley dirt in it," she said laughing.

"If I'm the Midnight Cowboy than you're my sidekick, Ratso Rizzo," he said with a laugh.

"Eww. Gross. Gee thanks," she said laughing too.

"Actually, that was a good movie," he said. "I'm surprised you remembered it."

"I'm a huge movie buff. I've seen every Hoffman movie and Jon Voight was wonderful in that too. Just wondering," she said with a teasing laugh, "Did you like Brokeback Mountain too?"

"Okay, enough with the gay jokes. I can assure you that I'm not gay," said Dave.

In the way she was teasing him with their light hearted repartee, he wouldn't mind leaning over the table and kissing her to prove that he wasn't gay. He'd like to kiss her. After saving her, no doubt, saving her life for him, yeah, he'd like kiss her. He wished he could kiss he full, red lips. Only, she's the one who should kiss him, if only to show her gratitude.

Suddenly, after seeing her naked in the alley, his mind was filled with the image of her without her clothes. He imagined her sitting across from him naked, as naked as she was in the alley. He imagined her wearing something sexy, a bra and panty from Victoria's Secret. The only real conversation he's had, if you want to call pillow talk conversations was with women he paid to fuck and suck him. Other than his s****r, not knowing what to say or how to act, reminding himself of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Highway, when he played Gunnery Sergeant. Tom Highway, he's really never sat with and talked to a woman while she was wearing clothes.

He remembered her tits, so big, and so full. Never had he seen breasts like that before. She had the most beautiful breasts he's ever seen and, suddenly feeling horny and feeling a deep sexual attraction for her, he'd love to feel them, see them again, and suck them. Only he feared that his sexual attraction for her would get in the way of helping her. Not being a psychiatrist, he hoped that his attraction to her was more than some convoluted need that stemmed from his c***dhood in wanting to help her and protect her.

"Speaking of wondering, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?" His question was met with a blank stare before she flashed him a soft smile.

"It's not polite to ask a woman her age and/or her weight."

"I only asked because you looked so much older in the alley than you do now that you're all cleaned up and looking so good," he said with an uncomfortable smile.

"How old do I look?" She sat back in the booth and smiled. When she did that, sat like that, he imagined a photographer taking a f****y photo of her and her baby after they were married.

"Thirty-something, thirty-three?"

"Thank you. You're kind. I just turned 40 on July 26th."

"Forty, the big four O, you don't look forty. That must have been hard for you."

"Not as hard as being homeless and living on the street," she said with seriousness. "How old are you?"

"How old do I look? No one guesses my age. Everyone is always wrong. They all thing that I'm younger than--"




"Hell no. Most people think I'm forty-five," he said striking a pose as if waiting for her to take his picture.

"So," she laughed, "how the Hell old are you then?"

"I'm fifty."

"Oh, well, um, yeah, I can see that now. You don't look fifty, kind of, not at all, not really, I guess. You fooled me," she said laughing.

"Very funny," he said sharing her laugh.

"Well, this is a real unexpected treat with you coming to my rescue and then copping me to a free meal," she said changing the subject of age to voice her appreciation of his help and a free meal. "It's been a long time since I've eaten like this. I promise, when I get a job that I'll repay you for--"

"There's no need to repay me. Pay it forward is all I ask you to do. Just as someone helped me when I was lost thirty years ago, before I joined the Marines and found my true calling, give a helping hand to someone else one day. You helping someone else will be my repayment and my reward."

"Thank you."

"So, what are you hungry to eat?" Even though he's been there a hundred times before and even though he orders the same thing every day, apple pie with ice cream and coffee, he opened the menu and stared at it as if seeing it for the first time.

"Well, to be honest, I miss having breakfast. Most days all I can afford is a cup of coffee and sometimes a stale muffin. After walking by this diner in the morning and smelling the pancakes and sausages cooking on the grille, I've been dreaming about pancakes and sausages for weeks."

"Well, think of me as your genie," he said with a laugh. "Your wish is my command," he said folding his arms across his body. "If it's flapjacks and sausages you want then pancakes and sausages you shall have."

Ready to take their order, the waitress approached the table again with pen and pad in hand.

"We'll start off with two orders of pancakes with a double side order of sausages," said Dave to the waitress.

"Oh and can I'll have an omelet with hash browns, toast, and orange juice on the side?" As if asking his permission, Susan looked Dave before looking to waitress.

"Yeah, whatever you want. That's good," said Dave. "I'm going to fatten you up," he said with a laugh after the waitress left. "You're too skinny."

"Don't worry. Whatever I weight I gain goes to my tits," she said. "I was a D cup before losing fifteen pounds that I couldn't afford to lose. I've always been 130 pounds but weighed only 115, the last time I checked. I may even be less now that I haven't eaten all day or yesterday, I think." She looked at him and smiled. "Thank you in advance for giving me my tits back."

"You're welcome Honey but," he liked calling her Honey and by the obvious smile on her face, she liked him calling her Honey too. "You still have tits, big tits, from what I saw of you in the alley."

"God, that was so embarrassing," she said putting her head down and covering her eyes with her hand as if trying to erase the memory. "You saw too much of me," she said with a an embarrassed laugh. "You saw all of me. You saw what I'd never show until a fourth or fifth date."

"The light was dim in the alley. I hardly saw anything of you," he said lying when he saw all of her, a sexy sight that burnt an indelible impression of her nakedness in his mind. He looked out the window when someone caught his attention. "Look," he said peering out the window and directing Susan to look where he pointed with his finger. "There's those three men," he said with a laugh. "And they're coming in here."

"Oh, no they're not. Please don't let them hurt me again," she said picking up the knife from the table and holding it at the ready to defend herself.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," said Dave getting out of the booth and walking to the door to meet them as if he was a bouncer.

"Let's go in here," said the little man to the other two. As soon as he reached for the door, Dave was there waiting for him.

"The diner if full. Go somewhere else."

Immediately they retreated. By the looks on their faces, no doubt never expecting to see him again, especially so soon, they were afraid. With the smallest man helping the biggest man to walk and the third man limping behind as if he was d***k or elderly, the three, beaten victims made their way down the street before a police car slowed, pulled over, and stopped them. Calling for backup, two more police cars flew in from the opposite direction. Too injured to run, they threw their hands up in the air before getting down on the ground and the police took them in custody. Dave figured that someone must have made the call. Who knows, they may have been on a crime spree and maybe they had attacked someone else before attacking Susan.
"Good. I feel better. I'm glad they're arrested," said Susan before confessing. "I asked Pete to call the police. I have a good mind to go and press charges."

"Leave it alone Susan. Better that you should remain an anonymous victim than having these men know your name," he said with a look of wisdom.

"Yeah, you're right. No doubt, they'd track me down, even though it's not a difficult thing to find me being that I'm living on the streets," she said with sadness.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you on the street?"

"I moved here from Boston last June to live with my Mom after divorcing my husband. We had a beautiful basement apartment across from the Susquehanna River. Then, in September, the worst flood in the history of the Susquehanna River happened. The water crested 30 feet above flood stage. The water was higher than the second floor of our apartment building."

"I remember that flood. It rained, down poured actually for days."

"The Red Cross gave us some clothes, food, and directed us to a shelter but not much else, and FEMA only helped those who owned homes not those who rented. With the flood water contaminated with home heating oil and raw sewage, and with the fire and police not allowing people back in their neighborhood for three weeks, until the water receded and the properties were inspected, I lost everything including my car. It's was thirteen-years-old anyway, but that car was better than walking and taking the bus. No doubt, if I still had the car, I'd be living it in."

"I remember that the water in Hershey was as high as the roofs of the fast food restaurants and they had to demolish them and rebuild them. Wasn't there bison trapped under water that they had to shoot at the Hershey Zoo?"

"Yeah that was sad," she said. "It's funny how some people cared more about those bison being trapped underwater than they did about all those people like me who lost their homes and possessions. Three people were killed in the flood, one was a firefighter trying to save an elderly man trapped upside down in his car. Both were swept away."

"So, why aren't you in a shelter?"

"I was but the shelters aren't safe. Believe it or not, that is, until tonight with those three men, I felt safer outside on the street than I felt in the shelter. There's a lot of crazy people in the shelter. I still go there to shower, wash my clothes, and grab a hot meal at the mission or the church. Even at the mission and the church, men are always grabbing at me and groping me. I was so tired and hungry one day that I didn't know that the man standing behind me had lifted my skirt nearly to my waist. He must have thought he had a live one, but I bashed him in the face with my food tray."

Dave watched the waitress bring over the pancakes and sausages.

"More coffee?"

"Yes, please," said Susan.

"So, I was thinking."


"I don't want you to take this the wrong way but..."

"But what?"

"If you wanted to..."


"Um, you know, um, you could bunk with me, until you got a job and back on your feet. I have a spare bedroom," he said looking at her before staring down at his food. "The grub is good here, although this is my first time eating anything other than apple pie and ice cream."

She looked at him blankly.

"Are you inviting me to stay with you."

"Yes, I guess I am."

"Do you have an Internet hookup?"

"Internet hookup? Sure. Why?"

"I write stories."

"Stories? What kind of stories?"

"Erotic literature."

"Erotic literature? You mean sexy stories? Dirty stories?"


"Cool." He looked at her in between bites of his food. "So is that a yes."

Dave invites Susan home to bunk with him.

An odd couple and an unlikely pair, a retired and decorated, former Marine walking with a tall, blonde, beautiful, bag lady, both looked as if they were walking a death march instead of embarking on something new, exciting, and wonderful. They acted more like an old, married couple who barely tolerated one another rather than a man interested in a woman who gave him the eye.

Whether it was the tension from their awkwardness and the uncertainty they felt as a not yet stated and defined couple, a real pair of misfits suddenly thrown together, no doubt they felt the anticipation from their obvious sexual attraction. Their mood suddenly changed from lightheartedness to seriousness. Sex was serious business, after all, when one hasn't had an intimate relationship for a long while and the other really never made love to a real woman other than being with prostitutes who, even if they spoke English, they didn't speak his language. Where Susan was outgoing, albeit angry and Dave was confidently in control, both grew quiet.

Dave would have had a much easier time of sensing the changes in a woman and between a man and a woman if he were located in a desert and surrounded by the hot, blazing sun and the burning, blowing sand. Without given an order and before even agreeing to accept this mission of love and romance, he was out of his element in walking in public with Susan while trying to make small talk. Marines, even former Marines, unless they were jabbering with their buddies didn't have the time or see the need to make small talk. Being that nothing was small to them, war was all encompassing and too big of a deal to talk about nonsense. Certainly, Dave would rather face and armed terrorist than a beautiful woman.

Nevertheless, out of their control, the stage was slowly setting for something to happen between them. As if there were incoming missiles, wanting to hit the ground and pull her down beneath him to protect her or to fuck her, he felt the change in the air as if there was an incoming mortar about to land and explode at his feet. The fact of the matter was that both of them were strong individuals. With Dave a bullheaded Taurus and Susan a proud Leo the lioness, after their firework display was over, their stage was set for sparks to fly.

Be it for a head butting hostile exchange that would surely result in a difference of opinion and or an argument, being that she was just as strong willed and stubborn as he was, he was ready for rejection. Besides, even though she was easy on the eyes and attractive enough to make him interested and to keep him interested, unfortunately for both, she wasn't his type. Too tall, too blonde, too fair skinned, too busty, too talkative, and too much woman, especially when he was more than enough of a man to carry both sides of the conversation, she was too much of everything. Spirited, sexy, and smart, she was all that he never looked for in a woman. Spending what seemed like a lifetime overseas, especially in the middle east, he had grown accustomed to lusting over short, petite, small breasted, and shyly submissive woman with hair as dark as their eyes. He preferred a woman that he could control instead of taking the chance of starting a relationship with a woman who wanted to control him.

Rejection or acceptance, sex, and/or love, with nothing really new but for the one they were with, both had traveled down this path many times before with others. A first time for everything, this was the first time that Dave invited a woman to his small, albeit efficient apartment and the first time he asked a woman to live with him or bunk with him, as he so romantically put it. He always found all that he needed and everything that he wanted by picking up a woman of the night and going to her place or to a cheap motel to hump and sweat. Now having second thoughts with every slow step he took, with his mind racing much faster than his feet were walking, normally, his pace was much quicker than this. Never being much of a conversationalist, especially after doing all of his talking in the diner or with a weapon in his deadly hand, while walking and thinking of something to say, he had nothing else to say.

"You know, Dave, if you'd rather I not bunk with you," she said with an uncomfortable laugh, "we could forget this whole thing and go our separate ways. You saved my ass, gave me sixty bucks, and fed me a big meal. I appreciate all that you've done for me. I still have my bags of cans hidden behind the dumpster. I can go back to where I was living and to where I belong for the time being. A life I've grown accustomed to living, it's not as terribly bad as it seems on the surface," she said maintaining a stiff upper lip and a brave face. "You don't have to worry about me. I'll be okay," she said raising her head high and sticking out her enormous chest. "Really. I've come this far alone already. I really don't need any more of your help. Thank you for everything but--"

"Don't be silly. This is good. Yeah, this is a good thing," he said as if trying to convince himself of that. "If I'm reticent at all, a creature of a stringent routine to get me through my day, it's because I'm not very good with change."

"Trust me. I know. We all have our routines. Imagine me being flooded out of my house to roam the street, live in a shelter, and eat at a mission. Quite the change, I swear I'd have to make less of a change and would have had a better life had I gone to prison."

"I hear you. Speaking of prison, don't forget, much in the way of someone serving a 30-year prison sentence, not that the Marine Corps was prison but, longer being in than being out, I was in the Corps for 30 years of my life. That drill, that discipline, and taking orders is the only routine that I know. The Corps was my home and my good buddies were my f****y. I always had a buddy to watch my back and never a woman.

"I understand. Being retired from the Marines must be a big change for you," she said rolling her eyes how anyone could make a career out of the military.

Taking orders and not making their own decisions about what to do and where to go whenever and wherever they wanted, while always in harm's way, without him realizing it, he was as much prisoner of the United States military as he was a proud Marine.

"Just as I've never talked as much as I'm talking now, I don't know anything else. I've been with plenty of women but I never had a wife or a girlfriend. A lone wolf when it comes to love but a team player when it came to the Marines, other than my barracks buddies, I'm never been in a committed relationship."

"Committed relationship? Hold on. Wait one second," said Susan standing still and staring at him sideways. "Back up. Where was I when we went from you buying me breakfast to me being your woman and you being my man? I don't need any stinking man to take care of me," she said with defiance. "I can take care of myself," she said looking at him while raising her voice with hostility. "You have a lot of nerve to think that I--"

"I'm sorry. Jumping way ahead, I'm not good with words and I didn't mean to imply that we're together. I'm just worried--"

"Worried? Worried about what?"

"How to act with you in my apartment and what to say with you in my life? I feel as if I'm a pimply faced teenager on a first date."

"You know, Dave, if it helps, let's go back to before I wasn't your girlfriend," said Susan with an uncomfortable laugh. "I'm just a woman you saved and a woman that you now feel responsible for," she said. "As if I'm your personal spoils of war, now that you have me or think that you own me, you don't have a clue what to do with me?"

"You're taking this all wrong Susan. I didn't mean to suggest--"

"So what do you do with me Dave? Huh? Tell me because just along for the ride, at your whim and whimsy, I'd like to know," she said making solid eye contact with him. "Do you fuck me or give me a place to stay. Maybe you'd like to do both. Tell me, would you prefer having sex with me before I go to sl**p or after I awaken? Are you an evening person or a morning person." She stared at him and when he didn't answer, she punctuated her indignation. "Fuck you Dave! Fuck you," she said walking away.

As soon as he saw her leaving his decision was made. No longer indecisive, he knew now what he needed to do.

"Wait. Hold up. C'mon Susan. I didn't mean to--"

She turned to confront him with a face full of as much confusion as she had of sorrowful hurt.

"Just as you don't know what to make of this situation, I don't know either. Just as this is new ground for you, this is new ground for me too. Now I'm not saying that having sex is on the table or off the table. We're both consenting adults. Whatever happens, happens. We can take things slow and see what happens or we can just go our separate ways now. You tell me."

He looked at her in the way that John Wayne looked at Maureen O'Hara in the Quiet Man. She was so pigheaded, just like him. Yet, unlike him, when he was mad and his face was all red, turned, and twisted with anger, she was so fucking beautiful when she was angry, even more beautiful when she emerged from the ladies room in the brightly lit diner.

"Actually, now that we've put everything out there, especially the sex, I feel better with the pressure that I put on myself now off," he said letting out a sigh of relief. They walked a few blocks without saying anything before Dave pointed for her to take a side street with him that led away from the city to the more suburban part of town. "I like you Susan. I really do. I think you're a Hell of a woman, a special lady, and easy on the eyes but I'd rather face a firing squad than to be alone with a pretty woman who may be expecting more than I can give."

"I know and I like you too Dave. Truthfully, I'm not expecting any more than a place to wash my dirty body, rest my cold, tired head, and have a cup of coffee and some grub in the morning. Then, I'll be on my way as if none of this ever happened. Okay?"

"Okay," he said digging his hands deep in his pockets as if his pant pockets contained all of his answers. Not knowing what else to say to convince her otherwise to stay longer than a night, he agreed with her.

"For the first time in my life, I feel safe. You make me feel that there's nothing you can't handle," she said being submissive to him for the first time.

More of a man of action than of words, he stopped and turned to her. Perhaps because she suddenly showed him her soft side, he was more attracted to her. Then, out of the clear blue, as if he was pulling out his knife to slit her throat, he took her in his arms and kissed her. When he parted her lips with his tongue, she returned his passion with her own. Then, as if she was wearing a vest bomb, he abruptly pushed her away.

"Sorry. Sorry. I'm so sorry," he said. "I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me."

"No need to be sorry Dave unless you didn't mean to kiss me," she said with a nervous laugh.

"I did," he said looking down to avoid making eye contact with her. "I did mean to kiss you but I don't believe in any of that mumbo jumbo about there's a reason for everything and--"

"You mean, fate, kismet, and destiny?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I mean," he said still not looking at her while digging in his heels while being determined not to like her, want her, and need her.

"What about love at first sight? Do you believe in that?" She looked at him when he didn't answer her. "Other than the Marine Corps, tell me, what else to you believe in besides the United States military? You don't think that some kind of cosmic attraction or magical f***e whether physical, spiritual, and/or emotional played a part in what happened tonight and with you interceding to save me?" She looked at him and smiled.

"And you do?" He looked at her as if she was a prisoner of war and he was interrogating her. "To be honest, seeing you only from a distance, I thought you were nothing more than an old, bag lady. Then, when I saw you in the diner," he paused not wanting to tell her that his heart skipped a beat, "I never expected you to be this beautiful blonde."

"Yeah, well, even if you don't I believe in all of that mumbo jumbo, I think that fate had everything to do with what happened here tonight. Right place at the right time, someone was tapping you on the shoulder and they weren't wearing a uniform other than wings and a halo."

"So, what are you saying?" He looked at her as if she was a new recruit telling him that there was more to life than being a Marine. "Are you saying that there is more to all of this than me saving you, feeding you, and offering you a place to bunk?"

"Duh? You asked me to bunk with you," she said laughing. "Wow! Right up there with asking me to be your woman, that's serious for you. Next you'll be making me a braid out of a terrorist's scalp and giving me that as a ring before pinning one of your medals on my chest," she said with a laugh.

"Wait. Hold on now. I only asked you to spend the night...or two," he said looking at her. "I didn't ask you to marry me. Where did all that come from about me giving you a ring to put on your finger."

Even in the frightful mess she was, underneath her messy hair, dirty fingernails, and makeup free face, he could tell that she was beautiful. In the way that her blonde hair was wild, frizzy, and pulled back as if restrained when the rest of her spirit wasn't, she looked as if she just woke up from bed after a long night of sex. She smelled of sex. She exuded sex. More than sexy, she was the epitome of what every man wants in a woman. He looked at her again and always more comfortable categorizing the women he knew, the closest woman he could imagine her being like was Kim Basinger, only younger, shapelier, and more beautiful.
With nothing else to give him, Susan rewards Dave with a blowjob for saving her.

They spent the rest of their walk in silence, Dave with his hands dug deep in his pockets with his eyes to the ground and Susan looking everywhere but at him.

"This is me, right here. It's a basement apartment," he said.

"It is?" She took a step back as if afraid.

"What's the matter?"

"I was flooded out of my basement apartment. I had just moved from Boston and was living with my Mom when the Susquehanna River flooded. Cresting 30' over flood stage level, it was 3 weeks before the cops, the fire department, and the building inspectors allowed us back in the building to salvage anything. Everything had turned to shit by then and there were dumpsters lining both sides of the street filled with everyone's ruined possessions."

"Wow, that sucks," he said. "Even with the few possessions that I have, I can't imagine losing everything I own."

"The water was up to the second story of the building where I lived," she said looking up at the second floor windows of the house. The water was contaminated with home heating oil and raw sewage." Reliving it again by talking about it, she had a look of sadness on her face as if it had just happened.

"Well, there's no water here. I'm pretty far from the river and on a hill. You're safe from the water. If you want to worry about something, worry about being incinerated in a nuclear explosion," he said with a laugh. "Three Mile Island is right there," he said pointing to the smoke stacks. "The experts say that the nuclear plant can withstand a plane crashing into it but that's what they said about the Twin Towers too. I don't put much stock into what experts say about anything after seeing so many retired generals on CNN giving their biased opinions based about what they're told by the CIA to say."

"It's scary to see those nuclear smoke stacks looming so close. Aren't you afraid?"

"I don't even think about it," he said leading her down a flight of stairs. He opened his door and turned on the light. "Well this is it. Keep in mind that I'm a guy and I live alone," he said with a laugh.

"It's so small and so neat. With your bunk there..." she said looking to the left. "And the couch there..." she said looking to the right. "And nothing between them but a TV..." she said looking at him. "Hardly the bachelor pad I expected, your apartment looks as if you just moved in or are about to move out," she said laughing.

"What? You don't like my place? It suits me just fine. It's efficient and organized. I don't have to trip over stuff to find what I need."

"It's just that..."

"It's just that what?"

"With no personal items displayed, it looks too much like a barracks room," she said. "All you need is a footlocker and a metal locker.

"The footlocker is by my bed," he said pointing. "And the metal locker is there in the corner," he said laughing at how ridiculous his apartment looked to a stranger but how familiar it would look to another Marine.

He looked around his room as if noticing it for the first time. His place did look as if it was in transition. With one foot here and the other foot there and his head stuck somewhere in the middle, it was then that he realized he still had his heart in the Marine Corps.

"You're recreated your barracks Marine. Good for you," she said with a laugh while saluting him.

"You know, now that you mention it, you're right. Except for the deletion of the metal walls, it does look like my old barracks," he said with a laugh. "Being that this is a basement apartment, I even have the little windows at ceiling height that I had in my barracks room when I was a drill instructor."

"Except for that Marine recruiting poster, you don't even have a picture on the wall," she said walking over to it to study it. "Where'd you get this? It looks like the real McCoy."

"It is. I did some recruiting when I was recovering from my last wound. Not much of a people person when I'm not slamming my fist in their face, I'm not much of a salesman either, even if it's when trying to convince someone to join the Marines. I figure, if they want to join, they'll join. Tired of lazy, mama boys, I'm not good at persuading someone to do what they don't want to do and to join something they're not geared up or ready to do. The last straw was when I threatened to kill someone for burning the flag in front of my office after they spit on my uniform."

"Threatened?" She laughed. "You not the type to threaten anyone with words. I don't see you wasting your breath to threaten anyone. You're more of a man of action," she said remembering what he did in the alley to those three men.

"Okay, so when I was e****ting them off my property, they tripped and hit their head on the concrete numerous times when I was helping them to stand," he said with a laugh. "What's the matter? He asked when she was looking around the room again.

"There's not much privacy," she said looking around the one bedroom studio apartment. "Do you have a bathroom with a tub?"

"Sorry, I don't have a bathtub but I do have a shower. It's in back," he said pointing behind him, "in the corner."

"I see," she said obviously looking where she'd sl**p before eying the couch.

"I could make something makeshift, stack some boxes or hang a curtain, if that will put you more at ease," he said.

"Nah, it's okay. I'm used to not having any privacy in the shelter and on the street anyway, as you're well aware with those three men waking me up at one in the morning. This is so much better than what I'm used to having. This will suit me just fine. Do you have a spare sheet for the couch?"

"You can take my bunk," he said look at his bunk with a guilty, sad look as if he was giving up his weapon or his dog for the sake of her comfort.

"Nah, the couch, believe it or not, looks more comfortable," she said looking over at his tightly made bunk. "What did you steal that from your barracks?"

"Actually, it's my old bed with a new mattress. My buddies gave it to me as a present when I retired."

"You're k**ding?"

"Nope. I know. I was shocked as shit that they'd give me my old bunk. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy."

"That's not what I meant," she said. "Never mind."

"You mean that I'd even want my old bunk instead sl**ping in a bed?"


"I'd rather sl**p on the floor than not sl**p in my bunk. After sl**ping on that thing for thirty years, when not deployed, I'm so used to my little cot that I can't sl**p in a regular bed."

"No wonder why you're not married," she said under her breath and too low for him to hear.

"Believe it or not, much like my rifle, that bunk is my friend. We've seen some things together. Yes we have," he said with a sad smile on his face while shaking his head.

"I bet you even named you bunk," she said laughing.

"Don't be silly," he said before looking over at her and blurting. "Bob. I named my bunk Bob."

"Bob? You named your bunk Bob? I can't believe you named your bunk Bob?"

"I named my bunk after my best buddy was killed the first time I deployed to Iraq. He took a sniper shot to the head. The bullet traveled right through his helmet."

"I'm sorry about Bob," she said. "Listen, I'd never get between you and your bunk," she said waving her two hands as if they were flashing lights on a railroad crossing while stepping away from his bunk. "I'll take the couch," she said again before she started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"We are."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen to us? We're going on about your bunk. Neither one of us are any good at holding a normal conversation."

"You're right," he said. "We are kind of a pathetic pair of misfits. With you sl**ping in shelters, eating in missions, and wandering the streets and me spending years away from my country to defend my country and preferring this lumpy, old bunk to a real bed when finally home and retired," he said looking at her, "neither one of us is normal."

"It's like we're made for one another," she said giving him an interested look with a soft smile.

"You're not going to start with that fate and destiny crap again, are you? Because I don't believe in any of that stuff. What I believe in is the here and now and not some Angel bringing us together. If you ask me, especially in the way I've been living and watching men dying, with all that I've seen in war and in battle, and all that you had to do to survive, if I believe in anything, I believe in the Devil. There's no merciful God that I know who'd allow any of this to happen to anyone," he said.

"Don't even say that. I'm not a religious woman but I know enough not to open my heart and my head to the Devil because he'll walk right in and take you over. Positive thoughts is what got me through then and positive thoughts is why I'm here with you now," she said.

They looked at one another as if they were going to kiss again. No doubt, when she gave him the eye, she wanted to be kissed. Obviously, she expected him to kiss her. Instead, he looked at his watch. It's zero three hundred hours, I need some shuteye. I'm beat."

"I need to shower, if you don't mind."

"Help yourself," he said.

"Do you have a towel I can use?"

"There's a stack of them in the bathroom."

"What did you steal these from the Marines?" She came out holding a thin, white towel in her hand.

"They throw them away anyway. Besides, their towels are what I've been using for thirty years and all that I'm used to using. I don't like those plush, colored towels. Those towels are for faggots, sissies, and homos."

"Boy don't ask and don't tell had you in mind when they passed that law," she said with a laugh. "Now that you're retired, that law is no longer in effect," she said with a laugh.

"Sorry but spending all of my time with a bunch of jarheads tends to rub off some, especially when I was the biggest jarhead of them all," he said with a laugh. "There's some softer towels in the little closet outside of the bathroom."

Susan opened the door and started laughing.

"Red Marine Corps beach towels?" She pulled one from out of the closet. "These colored towels are very plush Dave," she said laughing. "Where'd you get these? The Army/Navy store?"

"E-bay," he said. "They were having a closeout sale. I bought a dozen of them for fifty bucks. Amazon was selling the same towels for twenty bucks each. I got a deal," he said with a laugh. "Dave likes saving money," he said talking in the third person again.

Susan stripped out of her clothes and before turning on the water, she popped her head out of the bathroom again.

"Dave doesn't have an exhaust fan," she said laughing.

"It's a basement apartment Susan. Unless vented outside and being that's not an outside wall, there's no inexpensive way to vent that," he said.

She closed the door again, turned on the water and showered. Other than taking sponge baths at McDonalds and the gas station, it had been a few days since she had a real shower. The hot water felt good on her tired, bruised body. Her ribs still hurt where that asshole kicked her. With nothing else to wear but her dirty clothes, she emerged from the shower in just her towel.

"Do you mind if I wash my clothes tomorrow?"

"Sure, no problem."

"I'm surprised you have a washer and dryer here."

"Yeah, well, I don't do well in Laundromats, especially late at night. I have a habit of not minding my own business, especially when I see a couple of thugs bothering a woman," he said.

"Yeah, with you having saved my ass, I know what you mean," she said.

"I can give you a shirt to wear but with you nearly as tall as I am, my shirt won't cover much more than your tits and bellybutton."

"It's okay. I don't mind sl**ping in the nude. Matter of fact, I prefer sl**ping naked after taking a hot, steamy shower. I'm all heated up now," she said waving her hand in front of her face before stopping to adjust her towel. She watched him stare at what he thought she might be showing when her towel slipped down a bit.

"I put a sheet, a pillow, and a blanket on the couch. If it's okay with you, I don't leave any lights on. It's a thing that I took home with me from the war. Believe it or not, I can see, hear, and feel more in the dark than I can in the light."

"Maybe I should leave the light on so that you don't ogle my naked body," she said with a laugh.

"That's not what I meant," he said.

"I know what you meant. Don't get so defensive all the time. I was just teasing," she said. "Besides, when you act so sensitive, people may think you're a faggot, sissy, or a homo," she said with a laugh.

"You're a real comedian Susan. Good night."

"Good night super Dave, my Superman who is definitely not a faggot, a sissy, or a homo," she said turning off the light before releasing the towel and settling in on the couch.

Not asl**p more than an hour, voices awakened her.

"Dave! Wake up," said someone, a female voice. "Come out and play with us. We're so horny."

"Dave someone is calling you," said Susan talking to Dave through the pitch black.

"That's just Simone, Lucy, and Carmen," he said. "Ignore them and they'll go away."

"Friends of yours?"

"They're hookers," he said.

"I see," she said.

"No you don't see. Don't judge me lest you be judged. A man has to do what a man has to do. Any port in a storm, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean. I get it Dave. You don't have to paint me a picture or give me an image that I'd rather not have.

"After having lived through a storm of shit, I couldn't see bringing a woman into my life," he said. "Simone, Lucy, and Carmen aren't your typical, d**g addicted, crack head prostitutes, they're nice."

"You don't have to explain yourself or defend yourself to me David," she said. "I've done some things on the street that I'm not proud of doing when I needed a few dollars to eat."

"Why are you calling me David all of a sudden?"

"Sorry," she said. "I guess I was upset that you'd be with hookers. I thought better of you than that."

"Better than me? I'm no saint Susan. I'm a trained killed, an assassin, given a free pass by wearing a United States Marine Corps uniform. I'm not altar boy or Boy Scout," he said with some anger.

"Sorry to upset you Dave. Thank you for giving me a place to sl**p," she said.

They remained quiet for a few minutes before Dave spoke again.

"What kind of things?"


"You said you've done some things on the street when you needed a few dollars to eat."

"Oh, that. I flashed some men. I allowed men to touch me, feel me, and to see parts of my body for a few bucks. I even gave a few men hand jobs for money but nothing more than that. No fucking and no sucking," she said, "until those three guys wanted to gangbang me."

"So, you approached them on the basis that you'd flash them and allow them to touch you for money?"

"No. I didn't flash them or ask them for money for sex. I asked them for some spare change is all. Typically, how it works is a man will ask me to flash him my tits and I'll tell him that I will for five bucks but we didn't even reach that conversation before they attacked me. Besides, knowing what would happen, I'd never flash my body to three men," she said.

"I'm just glad I was there," he said. "I can only imagine what they may have done to you."

"Without doubt, they would have ****d me, f***ed me to suck them, and maybe even murdered me," she said.

They were quiet again until Dave spoke again.

"I was just thinking..." said Dave.

"I think I know what you're thinking," said Susan.

"You do?"

"I have a good idea," she said.

They fell quiet again before Dave broke the silence again.

"Would you give me a hand job Susan? After what you've been through, I wouldn't ask you to do that ordinarily, especially if you were a normal woman, but I'm horny after seeing you naked in the alley," he said.

"A normal woman?"

"You know what I mean Susan. Just as I'm no normal man, you're no normal woman," he said. "We're much alike in that regard."

They fell silent again before Susan spoke this time.

"How much did you see of me?"

"I saw enough to know that you have a hot body," he said.

Again they fell silent.

"So, if I jerk you off, will you let me get some sl**p?"

"Yeah," he said, "and I'd sl**p better too after passing on Simone, Lucy, and Carmen."

"Bring it over here then and don't turn on the light. It's the least I can do for you after you saved me from those three, dirty bastards," she said.

"I don't want you to think that just because I asked you to bunk with me that--"

"I don't think that Dave. Just let me masturbate you so that I can get some sl**p. Never getting much more than three or four hours sl**p at a time, I'm tired."

Dave removed his skivvies and walked over to her in the dark. She reached up for him and wrapped her fingers around his cock to slowly stroke him.

"You have a big cock Dave," she said running her fingers down the length of him before moving her fingers across the head of his erect prick.

"Thank you," he said. "In the horny way that I feel with you touching me and especially after seeing you and remembering how you look naked in the alley, it won't take me long to cum. Here's a tissue," he said.

"I won't need a tissue," she said leaning forward to take him in her mouth. With one hand stroking him and her other hand cupping his balls, she sucked him while stroking him.

"May I touch you?"

"Sure," she said tossing her sheet aside.

Dave reached down to fondle her big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Even though he could see some of her in the dark, he wished he could see her blowing him. It would be hotter to watch her sucking him while imagining her looking up at him with her big, blue eyes. With a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head, it didn't take Dave more than a few minutes to cum in her mouth and as soon as he did, he returned to his bunk.

As if reveille awakened him, up at dawn after only getting a couple of hours of shuteye, Dave already had coffee brewed and bacon cooked. Dressed only in his skivvies, he perched himself in the chair by the couch and watched Susan sl**p. His very own blonde angel, she was so damn beautiful. How could a woman who looked like this be homeless? Surely, some man would have scooped her up and taken her home, helped her, supported her, and loved her.

She was sl**ping with her arms over her head, her eyes closed, and her head turned to the side. Her shoulders and the top of her chest were exposed and her long leg and big foot was poking out of the sheet. Dave could see all the way up her thigh and if the sheet was pulled to the side just a little bit more, he'd see her pussy. She looked like a natural blonde but he wondered if she was. With only one way to find out, hooking the sheet with his big toe, it didn't take much more than him slowly and gradually pulling the sheet down with his outstretched foot to pull the sheet off of her enough to not only see that she was a natural blonde but also to see Susan's areolas, nipples, and big tits.

She wasn't exposed more than a minute or two when she stirred. With her eyes still closed, he watched her touch her bare chest with her hand and slid her palm across her nipple to make it pop out before reaching down to slowly rub her pussy and finger her clit. He wondered if she was a horny as he was. He wondered if she was dreaming about him. He wondered if she was thinking about last night when she sucked his cock and he felt her breast while fingering her nipples. Then, as if he dropped a coin in her slot to make her come to life in the way that Tom Hanks did in the movie Big with the fortunetelling machine, she popped open her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she focused on him before pulling the sheet up to cover herself.
"Did you enjoy the show?"

"I did," he said. "You have some big ass tits girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? I'm not your girlfriend," she said defensively while looking at him with annoyance before looking at him with interest, "am I?"

"I figure any woman who willingly sucks my cock and allows me to cum in her mouth while playing with her big titties is my girlfriend," he said with a laugh.

"So, is Simone, Lucy, and Carmen your girlfriends too?"

"That's different. Allow me to qualify what I said. Any woman who willingly sucks my cock and allows me to cum in her mouth while playing with her big titties and doesn't charge me money is my girlfriend," he said with a dirty laugh.

"Sorry but I'm not that easy in quantifying my relationship with a man. It takes me more than just a blowjob for me to establish a boyfriend/girlfriend type of--"

"Yeah, yeah, get off your high horse Susan. You know you like me as much as I like you. You know you want me as much as I want you. You're starting to make me believe that we were meant for one another," he said with a loving smile.

With her arms still over her head and as if he was a magician doing a magic trick with a tablecloth, he pulled the sheet all the way off of her.

"David!" She covered her nipples with her left hand and left forearm and her bushy blonde pussy with her right hand.

"I had to see you in the morning light for me to know that I wasn't dreaming or sexually fantasizing. You're so beautiful Susan," he said.

"May I have my sheet back now?"

When he stood to return her sheet, she reached out and pulled down his skivvies.

"Tit for tat," she said. With that, he launched the sheet across the room.

"Two can play that game," he said reaching down to tickle her.

"Don't. I'm ticklish. Don't. Oh, God," she said laughing. "Stop!"

When she stood up naked to get away from him, with a big hand around her slender waist, he pulled her to him and kissed her again in the way he kissed her in the early morning when they were outside and on the way to his apartment. Only this time the kiss was longer and more passionate. This time, he touched, felt, and caressed her everywhere. Squeezing her ass, he cupped her tits before running a slow finger across her nipples and before reaching down to cup her pussy.

"After watching you sl**p like a blonde angel, I need to make love to you," he said.

"Take me to you bunk and fuck me Marine," she said. "I've been a bad girl and I'm in need a good fucking."

As if they were just married and on their Honeymoon, Dave scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed.
Hoping for the best, but receiving the worst reaction, Dave tells Susan that he loves her.

Dave carried Susan's naked body to his bunk and put her down gently on her side as if she had been wounded in combat and he had carried her out of harm's way and to safety. Only, unlike he would if she was a wounded war buddy, he gave her a long, wet kiss. Then he ran around to the other side of the bunk to climb in his bed with his body turned to face her when lying down.

Barely enough room for him, unless he slept like a prisoner in a prison cell, there wasn't enough room for the two of them to lay on their backs side by side. There wasn't much room for two to comfortably share his bunk. His bunk was small, as small as was his apartment and as was his need for comfort and things that were comfortable. Spending too many years riding in a bone rattling and tooth jarring Humvee, living in a tent, or sl**ping on the ground, to him his bunk was all the comfort that he needed, that is, until he met Susan, invited her to share his bunk, and now had her in his life.

"We're going to need a bigger bed," she said with a laugh and scooting over as much as she could without falling off the bunk while trying to make more room for him. "My ass is already hanging off the mattress. If I move anymore, I'll be on the floor," she said laughing.

"You're right. This won't work and I want our first time together to be a special memory and not special in the way of sardines packed in tin," he said.

"Aw, that's so romantic," she said giving him a long, wet kiss. "You're such a sweetie for such a dangerous man," she said.

"I have an idea," he said.

He got out of bed, walked to the living room, and pulled the six cushions from the couch and piled them on the floor in two neat rows. Then he got a sheet from the linen closet and covered the pillows with that. As if he was making his bunk in readiness to bounce a quarter, he took the time to tuck in a fold here and a crease there.

"Don't mind me," she said resting her head on her elbow while watching him. "As if it's a worm on a fishing line and I'm the catch of the day, I'm just enjoying the show while watching your cock dance around as you walk, bend, stoop, and move," she said with a laugh.

"I'm glad that I can entertain you," he said looking down to where she was staring.

"You do have a nice cock Dave. You have a happy cock. I can't wait to see your cock so happy that's it's excited to be hard," she said with a dirty laugh.

"That makes two of us," he said busy fixing the pillows into a makeshift bed as if he was building a improvised bridge over a small, impassable body of water. "Viola! How's this?" He looked at their new bed with pride.

Perfect," she said getting out of his bunk and walking over to him naked.

Sashaying over to him as if she was a model walking a runway, he watched her walking to him.

"Wow," he said. "In the way you walk with one foot in front of the other as if you're a cat on the prowl, even if you weren't naked, you're a vision to behold. All you need is a fan to blow your hair back as you purse your lips and call my name."

"I am a cat on the prowl," she said. "I'm your prowling pussy," she said clawing at the air. "Meow! Meow! Meow!"

"Here pussy, pussy," he said. "I can't wait to lick you and to lap you."

"Stop it. You're making me horny," she said laughing.

"You make me wish my name had more syllables and took you longer to pronounce. You make me wish my name was Alexander, Bartholomew, Christopher, or Ebenezer instead of just one syllable Dave," he said with a laugh.

"I'm coming to you Ebenezer," she said over exaggerating her walk to him by acting as if she was a stripper on stage before flopping down on the newly made pillow bed.. Dislodging one of the cushions, already she upset his neatly made bed.

"Accustomed to a steady diet of K-rations and hookers, I never thought I'd have someone as beautiful and as shapely as you walking to me naked. I'll remember this moment for the rest of my life."

"K-rations? What's that?"

"Named after Ancel Keys who invented it in World War II, K-rations are the same as MRE's, meals ready to eat. It's the grub we eat in the field. It's not bad, albeit a bit bland and tasteless. Actually, some of it is pretty good. I have an entire panty filled with it," he said. "Would you like to try some?"

"No, that's okay. I'll pass," she said. "Why do you have an entire pantry full of K-rations?"

"Along with my bunk, pillow, blanket, helmet, custom duffle bag dyed in pink and stamped with 'Don't Ask Don't Tell, instead of my name and rank," he said with a laugh, "my buddies gave me my foot locker, metal locker, and cases of K-rations as a retirement gift. I'm surprised they didn't follow me home to build me a makeshift latrine," he said with a laugh. "They thought they were being funny but, honestly, except for the pink duffle bag, that is, they couldn't have gotten me better gifts than all that they gave me," he said wiping a tear from his eye. "I miss them." He looked at her with sad eyes, "Maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"Oh, nothing. Sorry, I'm just getting sad eyed reminiscing," he said.

"C'mon, don't do that Dave, start saying something and not finish it. You do that a lot. How can I know you if you don't open up to me?" She stared up at him while he stood over her.

"Getting way ahead of myself, I was just about to say," he said suddenly looking nervous by his revealing confession. "I just thought that, um, that we could have them over, you know, after we got a bigger place."

"Wait. Hold on. Back up," she said with a surprised look. "Skipping the part where you ask me to be your girlfriend, after asking me to bunk with you, and fast forwarding past the sexual part where we make love, albeit after already having given you a blowjob, are you asking me to live with you Dave?"

"Well yeah. I guess I am," he said scratching his crew cut as if he had flees before running a hand over his face as if he had just awakened from a sound sl**p. "I didn't think that I was but I guess I am asking you to live with me. Now that you're here and in my life, I can't imagine my life without you," he said falling to the pillows on his knees and taking her in his arms to kiss her. "So what do you say? Do you want to make this a more permanent arrangement?"

"It's funny. Now that I've learned something about you, just like in the movie, Jerry Maguire when the deaf mute is signing to his girlfriend that she completes him, you're the piece of my pie that was missing. You complete me Dave Ryan and now that you're in it, I can't imagine my life without you either," she said returning his kiss with as much passion as he gave her.

"Whew! I'm glad that's over. Even more difficult than nightly reconnaissance missions, that was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. Look at me. I'm sweating bullets," he said wiping perspiration from his brow.

Deep in thought, he looked at her as if he wanted to say something but couldn't find the words.


"Ever since I invited you to bunk with me," he said looking at her, "when we were walking here and I slowed my pace and, thinking that I had second thoughts, you turned to leave, I've been wrestling with how and where you'd fit in my life. I mean, there wasn't a doubt that I wanted you. I guess I wanted you when you emerged from the bathroom in the diner looking like someone else," he said falling quiet to collect himself. "You must understand that other than the Marine Corps, I never had a relationship and even though the military and war is a man's dirty business, I've always thought of my Corps as my mistress," he said.

"That's fucked up Dave but I get it because I get you. I know where you're coming from and I appreciate you allowing me more of a glimpse inside of you by opening up your heart to me," she said leaving her hand on his chest. "I'm glad you told me all of this. I'd rather know upfront where I fit in with your life."

"This isn't easy for me Susan," he said taking her hand in his. "It's easier for me to beat the crap out of someone than to sit and have an open and honest conversation with a woman. When I was with Simone, Lucy, and Carmen, I don't think we ever had a meaningful conversation. It was all laughing, having fun, and just sex. Then, our relationship grew more into a friendship, after I beat the snot out of their pimp for beating them. They were my special friends, if you know what I mean. After that it was more about watching out for them, protecting them, and being responsible for them than having sex with them."

"Well, now that you have me as your special friend, you don't need any more special friends, and if I find you with another special friend even your martial art skills won't save your ass from the wrath of me," she said with a laugh while giving him a kiss.

"Stop it. You're scaring me," he said with a laugh. "What are you doing?"

She reached for his tee shirt.

"I've been dying to see what you look like naked," she said removing his tee shirt. She traced his scars and bullet wounds with her fingers before kissing each one. "Are all of these from battle."

"Pretty much," he said. "These two are knife wounds are from a late, night bar fight in Bangkok when I was young and dumb and thought I was invincible," he said laughing.

"Nothing has changed with you," she said.

"I was just about to say that, as I still think that I'm invincible now in going up against three men, one with a gun, one with a knife, and the other with a pipe. What was I thinking? I need to slow down but I can't," he said. "Once a Marine always a Marine. I'll never change. Only, still pretty fast, I'm not as fast as I used to be."

"They must have hurt," she said still kissing his old wounds and making love to every part of his body with her full, red lips.

"Yeah, they hurt then but they're more of a nuisance now. I'm going to have real problems when I'm older. Between the nerve damage and the aches and pains that I'll obviously have along with my limited range of motion as I get older, I'm a candidate for Rheumatoid arthritis. As a way to work out my kinks, I've been thinking of taking up Tai Chi or Yoga to help with my convalescence in old age, something less confrontational than martial arts," he said with a laugh.

"What about continuing your training in martial arts?" She looked at him as if he were her master and she was his student.

"Even though martial arts is my life and a lifelong apprenticeship, Judo is part of my life and something that I can't unlearn. Being that I already know all that I need to know how to disable, maim, and kill someone, there's not much more I can be taught in that regard. Most martial artist never strike someone in anger or in fear. I've already killed too many men with my bare hands to count."

"Aren't you afraid you'll forget what you know?"

"I can't," he said with a laugh. "It's instinctive and reflexive especially when facing someone too d***k or too angry to think what he's going to do before he does it. I don't have to think. Much in the way of a cobra, I just strike and think later. Then, add in the fact that I have fast hands, have always had fast hands, taking them by surprise, I can disable someone standing over me while sitting down without even getting up."

"Wow, you're my hero," she said giving him a kiss, "my Super hero," she said giving him another kiss. "Super Dave, that's who you are, named after that comedian stunt men but you're the real deal," she said hugging him and holding him. "I'm afraid to let you go. I'm afraid you'll disappear on me. I'm afraid you're just a dream and a figment of my imagination."

"I'm real Susan and I'm here for as long as you want me," he said kissing her.

When they broke from kissing, she looked at him as if really seeing him for the first time. Without their clothes to hide their imperfections, so long as they were open and honest with one another, literally and figuratively, they were naked. Being that they've both already been through the worse of things, they were looking for a fresh start with one another.

"You know, just a mere few hours ago, I never thought I'd be in bed with anyone never mind a being in a pillow soft bed," she said with a laugh, "with a big, bad assed Marine who has mad fighting skills. You're just like Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. Only, you're the real deal, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Lee all wrapped up into one Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant Major, David Ryan."

"And I never thought I'd be rescuing a bag lady who suddenly turned into a beautiful blonde. As if you're my very own Cinderella, if I believed in fairytales, this would be it for me, the bag lady and the Marine."

"I thought you Marines were more into action than talking," she said reaching down to grab a handful of his cock,

"What do you mean?"

"Shut up and kiss me Marine."

Dave kissed her and she returned his passion with her kiss. Feeling her big tits and reaching around her to squeeze her round ass, she slowly stroked him to a harder erection.

"You're so beautiful Susan," he said gazing into her big, blue eyes. "Always attracted to petite, short, small breasted women, I'd never thought I'd fall for an Amazon women with massive breasts and big feet," he said laughing while looking down at her big feet. "Gees, what size are those feet? You'll never be blown over in a strong wind, that's for sure," he said laughing again.

"I take a woman's size 11 D shoe," she said with an embarrassed laugh. "And you're still talking," she said laughing. "Fuck me Marine. Stick that big, hard cock inside my warm, wet pussy. After you rescued me, pretend that I'm your spoils of war. Take me. Make me your woman."

Dave climbed on top of her and a bit unsteady on the springy pillows, he mounted her while Susan directed his cock inside of her.

"First thing tomorrow, I'm going to buy a bigger bed," he said with a laugh.

"No more talking Ebenezer," she said kissing him as he slowly penetrated her before slowing humping her.

Susan returned his sexual lust with hers and, starting a slow rhythmic movement, they were making love.

"Hmm, that feels good Dave."

"You're so tight Susan," he said humping himself harder and deeper inside of her.

"It's been quite some time since I've made love," she said returning his humps with hers.

"I love you," he said whispering in her ear.

"Wait? What? Back off. Get the fuck off of me. You love me?"

She pulled away from him. Alone again and no longer a couple they were two different people separated by Susan's wide expanse of her resistance to feel love for anyone, including herself.
Dave and Susan sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. I love you.

Dave watched Susan sitting there as if he had pulled her plug or pulled out her batteries. Emotionless, she was comatose. When most women would love to hear that, he say the wrong thing by telling her that he loved her. Happy one minute and sad the next, he wondered if she was a manic depressive. What just happened? He didn't know. He had no idea. So full of life before, all that it took to turn her off was for him to say three words that meant so much to him and obviously so little to her, 'I love you.'

She acted as if he had said I hate you instead of I love you. She acted as if he wanted to break up with her, not that they were ever together. She acted as if she wasn't interested in taking whatever the fuck they had to the next level, which he wanted to do. What did they have anyway? Obviously, they didn't have anything. Obviously, even though he thought they were, they weren't a couple.

When it comes to women, he wondered if Simone, Lucy, and/or Carmen were available to give him some much needed advice if not some comfort. He wondered what they'd say and how they'd react if he told one of them that he loved them. No doubt, being that they were prostitutes and with their Johns telling them that all the time, they'd probably laugh in his face.

A bag lady and a Marine having only met several hours ago, he was as much of a stranger to her as she was an enigma to him. Apparently, according to her immediate negative reaction and foul response, in the way that she recoiled from him and rejected him, they didn't have anything in common to maintain a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, never mind love. What is love anyway? It's just a feeling. He had feelings for her but she didn't have feelings for him. When most men never want to commit, he was ready to ride off in the sunset with her, only there was a hitch and a fly in the ointment.

'Houston there's a problem. May Day! May Day! Negative to love. It's a no go. Abort the mission and scrub the relationship.'

She sat there with the look of a woman who had been badly beaten before being brutalized emotionally, physically, and sexually. As if she were a human turtle hiding in her self-protective shell, not willing to show her emotions for fear, no doubt, that she'd be hurt again, she had the look of a woman who had disappeared inside of herself and withdrawn from life. Obviously, an understatement, she wasn't ready for love or any kind of a relationship for that matter. Not the best looking man, especially after having his face reconditioned with the stress of combat and with one too many blows to the head, maybe she was ready for love but not with him.

After his ears stopped ringing and after the last cloud of black, putrid smoke cleared, always there was smoke after the fire and not before, she had the look that he had after he survived another bl**dy battle. Always as if a crescendo to their mission, the air was filled with the stench of fuel, oil, and burning rubber. He wonder how many deadly, cancerous carcinogens he inhaled. He wondered how many years being a Marine fighting wars took off of his life. She had that same dazed and empty look that he had when looking around to survey the damage and to take inventory of the dead and the wounded. Only her combat mission was living and his combat mission was dying, kill or be killed.

'Don't move! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Don't move!'

Those words echoed through his brain in seven languages. Yet too many only understood a bullet to the head. They hated Americans. They hated America. He never met so many people who were willing to die rather than to surrender to an American serviceman.

Yet every year we support Pakistan with billions of dollars, money wasted over there that could be used to house the homeless and feed the hungry over here. For Pakistanis to hide terrorists while burning our flag, those two facts don't bode well when Congress approves more money going to Pakistan. If he were President and Commander in Chief of the military, he'd fired a couple of smart bombs one earmarked Pakistan and one airmailed to Afghanistan. 'Boom!' In an instant, the war would be over. Hamid Karzai, our puppet president in Afghanistan, in bed with the CIA from day one, holds no loyalty to the United States.

If he had the chance to take Karzai out when he was there, he would have but he was protected, not so much by the Afghan military but by United States private contractors, mercenaries, men who were once just like him. Only, if he had assassinated their president, Secretary Clinton, the President, and the top generals and admirals from the pentagon would have been all over his ass. No doubt, they would have blamed him for destabilizing the area. They would have blamed him for making things much worse when there was no way things could get any better over there, which is why the Russians left years ago to end their war with Afghanistan. Yet, we're still there. Why?

He could have worked for one of those private contractors. He could have worked for the CIA or any secret agency that did dirty deeds behind the scenes. He was qualified. He had the skills to kill, something that is still in high demand. They would have paid him buckets of money to work for them. Only, he saw how they worked and how they operated. Different from the Marines, he couldn't work with someone and for someone who wasn't watching his back and who was more concerned with their own.

Only, with all of war and foreign policy out of his control, all he could do was to retire from the Marines and go on with his life. He couldn't do his job anymore. The patience he once had was gone with suicide bombers. Now he fired first and asked questions later. Shoot to kill or be blown to bits was always his standing orders.

* * * * *

'I love you.'

The words echoed in his head in the way of a bad dream. The words that lifted his spirit to say before made him sad now. She didn't have to say she didn't love him. She saw the shocked look in her eyes. A nanosecond glimpse in her soul, a trained assassin, he was skilled at detecting a liar. He could walk in a room cold and know which one to shoot first. Never was he wrong. Always was he right. Otherwise, he wouldn't be standing here as a retired Marine. He would have been a dead Marine years ago.

With death always all around him, the stench of rotting corpses and the acrid smell of burning flesh is something he'll never forget. To this day, he can't enjoy a barbeque, raw meat burnt beyond recognition. How many of his buddies did he had to identify. If it wasn't for their dog tags, they'd be buried in an unmarked grave with so many other soldiers and marines who didn't have enough left of them to identify.

Burning alive again in his nightmares, he still relives the horror, hears their screams, and sees the faces of all those buddies he couldn't save. Taking his gun and shooting them instead of watching them die a horrible death, acts of war never reported on the nightly news, he's done that more than once. If the military allowed the press to report everything that they witnessed and that happened instead of classifying their dirty laundry as top secret, there'd be a Congressional investigation where some Major, Captain, and Sergeant would be offered up as sacrificial lambs, when the army rotten from the head down.

How many generals return home fatter and richer than when they arrived? There's a lot of retired generals who retired after going over to Iraq to pillage and Afghanistan to plunder. After a while, after seeing so many killed in combat, other than to fan the area with a blanket of machine gun fire, dead bodies no longer evoked a response in him. After a while, instead of killing the lowly enemy, men who were as brainwashed as he was, he wished he could kill the ones responsible for the deaths of so many of his buddies. Only, they'd court marshal and execute him if he started killing those powerful generals who knew the real story of why they were at war. Twisted enough by war and politics, it was time for him to retire and he did.

His first time in combat, he was scared. Realizing fast that it was either him or them, fright turned to anger. Now unemotional, with bullets whizzing by his head, he used his calmness to his advantage when shooting off his 50-caliber machine gun. Still shooting until he was out of bullets or until everyone was quiet, he was a one man assault team. Because of his deadly accuracy, he had a lot of nicknames, Doctor Death, the Grim Reaper, the Sweeper, and recently, LMS, last man standing.

After a while, as if they had never lived, the dead didn't look real. Except for the bl**d and the bullet holes, most appeared to be sl**ping. Tit for tat and an eye for an eye, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, and rat-a-tat-tat, he grew tired of exchanging bullets. He envied the sniper, one bullet, one kill. Only snipers, once there was an eyeball on their location, had a short lifespan.

He could clean and fire a gun faster than most could load a chamber and pull a trigger. Yet, unless he re-upped or became a mercenary soldier and worked for a private security outfit, what good is that skill now that he's a civilian and a law abiding citizen? Hard for him to cope, always looking for love and hoping for love but with love so elusive, he never found it. Being that he didn't know what he was looking for and being that love was just a feeling, how would he even know if he stumbled over love? When he thought that he did finally find love with Susan, he thought love would set him free. Only, as if plucking a rose with one less pedal, she loves me, she loves me not, she doesn't love him.

As if he had been shot, the look she gave him hurt more than any bullet he's taken. Surely, he'd take a bullet over her look of rejection. Her look and then her reaction to his words stopped him cold. Defenseless against her mere words, always in control, she made him feel vulnerably unworthy of her affection. Having already survived being shot numerous times, in the way they make a vest that's impervious to bullets, he wished someone would make a bulletproof vest to protect his heart from love.

It took a lot of whiskey for him to live with himself after losing all of his men in his last battle before retiring. The last man standing, even his buddies back at base looked at him as if he was bulletproof, invincible, and unable to die when he just wished he were dead. They feared him as much as they regarded him and respected him. Even though his last mission didn't work out so well, no doubt, sabotaged by the bad Intel from the CIA, everyone still wanted him to lead their squad. Even if it was the other guy and not him taking the bullet, they all knew they'd have a better chance of going home alive with Gunnery Master Sergeant Dave Ryan watching their back.

Never considering himself lucky yet, always, he was the one spared. Always he was the was one of the ones not returning home in a body bag. Why him? Why them and not him? Why was he spared? Was he spared for Susan to so rudely dismiss him, not want him, and to look at him as if he were crazy to ever think that he'd have a chance of her loving him.

She was a homeless, bag lady and, with no one in her life in the way that he had no one in his life, even she rejected him. Now that he finally had someone in his life, he didn't understand why his life continued to be so difficult. No longer at war, yet always it was a battle. When he's willing to love someone, why is it so hard for someone to love him? He's worked so hard to deserve better.

"I'm sorry Susan," said Dave staring at her withdrawing inside of herself. Going from sorrow to anger, he withdrew his apology. "No. I'm not sorry for falling in love with you," he said with anger. "We're made for one another. Don't you see that? We were meant to be together," he said touching her hand when she didn't speak and taking her by her shoulders and shaking her when she didn't look at him.

"I'm sorry Dave," was all that she said.

"Damn it! We're both fucked up. Yet, here we are. You're just as broken as I am. No woman would want me and no man can deal with you. We have too much baggage to ever be normal but why not be abnormal together? This is our chance for something special so why not take the chance?" He let go of her when she stayed past him. "Say something. Say anything."

"What do you want me to say? I have nothing to say," she said finally looking at him. "I don't love you. Okay? Is that what you want to hear? I don't love you."

She looked at him with cold, distant eyes. She looked at him as if he was looking at a stranger. He did it now. Just as he had turned on her switch to have sex with him, he had turned off her switch by telling her that he loved her. How could he be so stupid not to know her reaction. If he were in field and she was some middle eastern woman, he would have summed her up with a look and at a glance. Yet, back home and a stranger in his own country, already making a big mistake, he had made the wrong move by telling her that he loved her.

"I'm tired of living alone Susan. I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of going places alone and doing things alone. I'm sick to death of having no one to talk to but myself. I want someone in my life. I want a woman to love and who will love me. I want you," he said.

She put her fingers to her lips when he leaned to kiss her.

"Don't talk. Just don't talk. It's better if you don't talk and we just have sex," she said looking at him. "Okay?"

"Okay," he said. If he had any pride, he'd turn her down for sex but having sex with her without her having any love for him and any kind of affectionate emotion was still worth it. Surely, he could pretend she loved him while having sex with her. "Only--"

She gave him the same impatient look that he gave his new recruits when they poured off the bus not knowing what to expect.


"What about pillow talk?"

"Pillow talk?"

"I like talking dirty while making love, sorry, I mean, having sex and I figured that you do too," he said as if apologizing to his mother for his need to talk dirty after breaking something. Only, he wasn't the type of guy to have sex with his mother. Besides, Susan looked nothing like his mother, thank God.

"Yeah, I do," she said with a dirty laugh. "How did you know that I do like pillow talk? Only, can we limit our conversation to pleasantries and pillow talk? Once you start complimenting me, Dave, you go overboard. You go all sappy on me," she said. "Not deserving of your compliments, your compliments made me feel uncomfortable. You're adulation makes me feel bad instead of good."

"I know and you're right Susan. Suddenly, something I never was, with you pushing all of my buttons, I'm needy. Obviously I need you more than you need me," he said revealing his private thoughts. "Pining the loss of my beloved Marine Corps as if it's one of my buddies that just died, I'm like one of those guys living at home with their mother. Sucking at her tit for too long, the Marine Corps was my whole life. I never thought I'd be like that but you make me like that. I hate to say this and if my buddies ever heard me say this, I'd never hear the end of it," he said looking at her with sad eyes for understanding.

"Say what?"

"You bring out the woman in me," he said squeezing her hand while cringing from uttering the words.

"What? I bring out the woman in you?" She looked at him as if he told her that he didn't love her when he did love her. She gave him a look that told him that it was impossible for her to not only love him but also to love anyone. "What are you suddenly gay? Are you going gay on me Dave?"

"Hardly," he said with a laugh. "It's just being with you Susan is different than being with the guys, an understatement," he said laughing while looking at her sitting across from her naked. "You make me feel things that I never felt before," he said with a laugh while cupping her big breast in his hand.

"Literally," she said with a laugh while looking down at his hand fondling her breast and watching his fingers fingering her nipple.

"You make me want to do things that I never wanted to do before. You made me realize how much of my life I lost fighting and training men to fight someone else's war, a war waged just for the sake of money. Money, money, money, the death and dismemberment of some of the best men I've ever known, trained, and some of the best buddies I ever had is for the sake of money," he said suddenly looking as sad as he appeared angry. "Now that they're done with me, now that I'm done with them rather, just as you're the shell of the woman you used to be, I'm the shell of the man I used to be."

"What do you mean?" She asked the question but her look confessed that she already knew the answer.

"You know what I mean Susan. We both suffer from Post Traumatic Stress but for different reasons," he said.

"I really don't want to talk about that with you," she said.

"You because you were ****d and brutalized by your relatives and by the men in your life and me because I was shot at and wounded in a war that I was ordered to fight not for freedom, not for terrorism, but for money," he said ignoring her request that he not discuss that part of her life. "War is big money. Their call to arms, a call that few of them have even answered themselves, old, fat, Caucasian men wave the United States flag and get rich while the rest of us die for money that our families will never have."

"I am kind of a basket case," she said ignoring his confession to make her own. "I'm sorry for having that kind of reaction when you told me you love me but it's automatic. I would have had less of a reaction had you slapped me across the face. Suddenly feeling suffocated, I was stunned, shocked, and surprised."

"I get it. I do. I know what you mean. I have the same reaction when someone startles me or sneaks up on me. If I don't catch myself, I could really hurt someone, even kill them. Even though I love the Marines, I'm their creation. I'm their monster. They made me who I am today, a man who lives alone, is suspicious of everyone, and barely likes himself never mind anyone else," he said.

"You just described me," she said with sadness.

"And then you come along and I'm saying something that I've never said to anyone before," he said looking at her, "that I love you. I love you Susan Jill Parker," he said lifting her chin to look in her eyes. "I love you. I don't care if you don't want me to say it and/or if you don't love me but I can't help from feeling what I feel and what I feel for you is a deep love and affection that transgresses just having sex. If I wanted just sex I could pay to have sex with Simone, Lucy, and/or Carmen."

"Don't," she said putting her fingers to his lips. "Please stop saying that you love me when we both know that you don't and when we both know that you just want to be in love with someone, anyone, to feel something other than death and pain."

"You're wrong about that. Yeah, sure, I'm a desperate man filled with anger and hate but I do love you, I do."

"Sorry Dave but I can't love you. I don't have it in me to love you. I don't have it in me to love anyone," she said falling sadly silent again. "Just in the way that you are, I'm dead inside."

"Why? I don't understand? Why can't you love me?"

"You don't understand? I don't understand how someone can love me when I don't love myself. Sometimes, most times, all the time, I hate myself. I go around thinking that I wish I was dead. My interior monologue is filled with negative dialogue instead of with positive thoughts," she said looking at him sitting there with his mouth gaping open.
"And you just described me," he said nodding his head and clenching his fist as if he wanted to punch someone or hit something.

Having said all they needed to say, they fell silent with neither of them talking.

"Can't we just forget about love, stop all of this talking, and just have sex?" She looked at him. "I'm still horny."

He looked at her long and hard before responding. As if she was his ship, his one last chance of happiness in life, she was slowly drifting away from the dock and he only had one running jump to hop aboard, otherwise, he'd be adrift at sea in the way he's always been aimlessly floating by not confronting his emotions when having sex with a prostitute.

"Sure. Yeah. Okay. I can do that," he said. "So long as we can still have pillow talk."

"Pillow talk? You want pillow talk Dave? I can give you pillow talk," she said grabbing his cock and watching it grow hard in her hand. "Slam that big, hard prick in my warm, wet pussy Marine but, before you do, lick me. Lick my cunt Dave. Make me wet with your tongue and fingers. Feel my big tits and finger my nipples. Make me want you Dave. I need to cum. I need to cum with your cock inside my pussy before I take your big prick inside of my mouth and suck you, really suck you until you shoot another warm, oozy load of cum inside my mouth that splashes against the back of my throat."

"Holy shit! With that mouth you have on you, you could have been a Marine," he said laughing.

"Stop fucking talking Dave and lick my pussy while using one finger to rub my clit and your other finger to fuck my cunt bitch," she said grabbing him around the neck and pulling his head down to her crotch. "You're my bitch now."

Never one to disobey a direct order, just as commanded, Dave fell in between Susan's legs and licked her pussy while rubbing her clit with one finger and finger fucking her with his other. He used his other hand to reach up and fondle her big tits while fingering her erect, hard nipples.

"I love your blonde pussy Susan," he said coming up for air with his mouth still on her pussy. "I love licking you," he said licking and licking her while fingering her.

He had her squirming all over the sofa cushions. He had her moaning. Then, when he felt her legs tighten, when she was obviously ready to cum, she stopped and pulled him up to her.

"Fuck me now Dave. I'm wet enough. I'm really to be drilled, Sergeant," she said.

Dave mounted her and limiting his talking to pillow talk, he had his cock doing all the talking for him instead of his mouth.

"You're so warm. You're so wet. You're so tight," he said wiggling his ass while moving his cock deeper inside of her with every hump and every thrust.

As if they were one, hump for hump and thrust for thrust, they were together now for however long. She returned his passion with her own fucking him as hard as he was fucking her.

"Fuck me Dave," she said humping him. "Fuck me," she said holding him. "Slam that big, hard cock inside of me," she said wrapping her legs around his strong back. "Hump me Marine. Fuck me Dave, really fuck me. Make me cum. I need to cum," she said.

Fucking him as hard as he was fucking her, she rolled him over. Now sitting on top of him while humping and fucking him, with her big tits bobbing, swaying, and dancing, Dave reached up to harness her big boobs before she hurt herself with them.

"You're tits are so big," he said. "You breasts are so firm," he said. "I love your huge knockers Susan," he said pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples.

"I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum," she said leaning down to him.

With her hair hanging down all over his face as if his head was hidden by the blonde camouflage of tall grass that grew as tall as wheat and that had been burned blonde by the hot kiss by the sun, she kissed him. Humping him while kissing him, she continued to be humped while humping him. They were fucking more than they were making love. Taking command of the situation in the way that he always did, it was Dave's turn to roll her over and fuck her, and he did.

Now fucking her harder and faster, slamming his cock inside of her, he was fucking Susan with all the strength and energy he had. He wanted her to cum. He needed her to cum. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd want him. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd never want to be without him. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd love him as much as he loves her.

"I'm cumming Dave. Oh God, I'm cumming. Yeah, that's it baby. Right there. Don't stop. Hump me harder. Hump me faster. Fuck me Dave. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Totally spent, they collapsed in one another's arms. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever and what seemed like an hour when it was only a few minutes.

"That was amazing Susan," he said kissing her while fondling her breasts.

"Shhh," she said. "Don't ruin the moment by talking."

Her eyes were closed and she looked as if she was sl**ping.

"I'm going to take a shower," he said feeling rejected by her again.

He gave her a long, wet kiss before getting up and disappearing in the bathroom. When he returned, she was gone.
Tyrone loses his head after taking Susan against her will and stripping her naked.

Susan left Dave's apartment and with her hand tucked deep in her pockets and her head down, she walked in the cold, crisp, morning air alone with her thoughts. Normally always aware of her surroundings and of all those who were around her, a true survivor, she was never a victim in the way that so many other women were walking alone at this hour. Only this time, her mind was too troubled with thoughts of Michael and with conflicts of love, to think that she could be a victim. Too focused on a love now that will never be and with her walking out on him, abandoning him, after he was straight forwardly confessed his love for her, she was as upset as she was confused.

"I can't believe he told me he loved me. How can he love me, when he just met me?" She talked to herself while walking away from Dave. "He doesn't even know me. He's no different than all the other guys wanting me just for sex and willing to say anything for me to stay with them until they tire of me when they see the real me, too damaged beyond repair and too damaged to take the time to help save me."

Coming up on the next corner, she turned one way and looked the other way. No knowing where she was going, he continued walking straight while talking to herself.

"All he sees is blonde hair, blue eyes, and big tits. All he sees is my pretty face and shapely body. Too enamored by the outside package to dare delve within to see the monsters that have taken residence in my being, he doesn't love me. He can't love me. No one can love me because I don't even love myself. He just loves the idea of being in love with someone who looks like me."

* * * * *

It was still early in the morning but not too late for hookers to still be out hustling Johns who were looking for some early morning, sexual action before they went to work. Simone, an attractive, tall, black woman with a big, black ass, Lucy, a hot, Asian woman with breasts as limited as her intelligence, and Carmen, a short, shapely, big breasted, albeit angry, Hispanic woman, walked the street advertising what they had and what they'd do for money. As much as the late evening was, the early morning was their busy time too. It was always the in between hours that were dead, those hours when men thought they'd get lucky at the bar or at the club but didn't. Most times, a hooker was their last, albeit necessary resort to feel some sexual pleasure. It was either having sex with them or returning home to their fat, cold, bitchy wives.

Simone, Lucy, and Carmen's pimp, Tyrone, pulled up in his brand new, black, shiny Cadillac Escalade to collect what was due him from the night before just as Susan left Dave's basement apartment. Stereotypical of a pimp from a '70's movie, resplendent with the fancy car and colorful clothes, he did a disservice to the streetwalkers who worked for him by appearing so clichéd and acting so immoral. With many of the streetwalkers being single mom's, at least the women of the night had sex for a good reason. They needed the money for food, for rent, and to survive another day. With his fingers dipped into prostitution, d**gs, and a strip club that he owned downtown, he didn't need what little money these woman made while doing everything and anything that their Johns wanted and expected them to do.

"Who that?" He nodded his head in the direction of Susan emerging from Dave's apartment.

A high school English teacher would cringe at how Tyrone decimated the English language. Then again, a high school English teacher earned a fraction of what Tyrone made to speak a language that was universally understood by those around him.

"Who?" Lucy, not the brightest bulb, looked at him without looking behind her.

"That smokin' hot, blonde bitch, you dumb ass," said Tyrone nodding his head in her direction again. "For a white woman, she has a nice, tight ass," he said making a satisfied face as if he was already having sex with her. "I'd love to tap that ass," he said grabbing himself while looking at Lucy.

"Oh her," said Lucy turning her head to acknowledge Susan.

"If she's trying to wiggle her white ass in my neighborhood, you need to have a talk with her and set her straight by putting the fear of God in her before I do," said Tyrone with anger. "You dig?"

"Nah, she's no probrem Ty," she said waving a hand of total disinterest. Unable to correctly say her own name in English, saying it as Rucy instead of Lucy, she used R's to pronounce L's. "She's not a working girl," said Lucy with a shrug of her shoulders after turning her attention back to Tyrone from watching Susan walking down the sidewalk.

"Who is she?"

"That's Dave's new squeeze. I don't know her name. We never met," she said making a sour face of jealousy when looking back at Tyrone.

She shook her head side to side as if she needed the extra head movement to convince Tyrone that she never met the woman. As if trying to dissuade his attention to Susan for him to give his attention to her, she reached in his SUV for his hand but he pulled his hand away.

"Oh yeah?" He gave Susan's backside a low whistle. "I wonder if she needs a job. I wonder if she needs my protective services. I wonder if she likes sucking black cock," he said with a low laugh. "I could use a tall, busty, beautiful blonde to add to my stable of women," he said giving a smirk to Lucy. "I could use someone who'd add some class to the lowlifes who work for me now."

"Fuck you Tyrone," said Carmen pointing her index finger at him as if she was stabbing him in the heart with a knife. "Go and fuck yourself," she said giving him the finger.

"Watch your mouth Carmen or you'll be eating your food through a straw," he said laughing at her short fuse.

"We saw her through Dave's window last night," said Simone. "They were both naked. Obviously, they just had sex or were about to have sex."

"What you doin' hangin' around him for? I told you not to hang 'round him no more," he said banging his fist on his steering wheel. "After he disrespected me," said Tyrone and punctuating his point with his finger at her as if marking her with his urine so as to leave his scent to tell everyone that he owns her black ass. "I don't want his bus'ness no more. You dig?"

"You mean after he beat your black ass for you beating us?" Carmen laughed. "Is that what you meant to say...bitch?"

"I'm warnin' you Carmen. Watch your mouth girl. I can still give you a beatin'," said Tyrone giving her the evil eye. "You'll be sorry if you make me get out of my car."

"I swear to God," said Carmen raising her voice with her right hand as if in court ready to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God. "If you lay a hand on me," said Carmen stepping back from his Escalade and reaching down to remove her high heels, in case she had to run, no doubt fearing that his two bodyguards would chase after her, grab her, and beat her, "I'll tell Dave."

"It don't matter if you rat me to that over the hill Marine, Carmen. I have protection now and we're all packin'," he said opening his jacket to show her the butt end of his gun while pointing to the two big, black men that filled his backseat. "Unless he's Superman, they're ain't no man who can stand up to three men with guns," said Tyrone with as much pent up anger as she had.

"Ha! It don't matter what heat packing thugs you have with you Tyrone, you'd better not mess with Dave. Speaking of Superman, much like tugging on Superman's cape, spitting in the wind, or pulling the mask off the old, Lone Ranger, you don't mess around with...Dave."

"You don't know nothin', you dumb ass whore," said Tyrone.

"I know, just like me, Dave's from Detroit and he's a Marine and all Marines, worse than any punk ass, gang banger act as if they're all born in Detroit or from the south side of Chicago," she said standing her ground while talking her jive and punctuating each line with her manicured index finger.

"Superman? Lone Ranger? Are you high on crack? What you talkin' 'bout? You need to go suck someone's cock before I beat your muddy ass for not earning me enough money," he said.

"Those motherfucking Marines ain't afraid of nothin' and they certainly would never fear the likes of you," she said. "If you beat him with your fist, he'll come back at you with a knife, and if you beat him with a knife, he'll come back at you with a gun, and if you beat him with a gun--"

"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. Save your breath for suckin' cock Carmen. Maybe your mud colored ass needs to go back to Detroit," he said laughing and making the two men behind him laugh. "If you miss Detroit so much, I can put you on a bus home with a couple of black eyes and a few broken bones. Besides, I'm done with him. Next time I see him, I'll be peeing on his grave."

"It was slow last night," said Simone, "and we thought Dave would want to pay to play. He's always up for some late night action. The man's a night owl. He never sl**ps. Only, we didn't know he was entertaining her," said Simone watching Susan continue to slowly walk away.

"His money ain't no good with my whores no more. You dig? Now go home and go to bed. There's a big party downtown at the convention center tonight. I need you looking rested and all virginal like," he said laughing.

As if they were three peacocks in the way they were colorful dressed and adorned with extra makeup and big hair to attract men, he watched them in his rear view mirror walk in one direction as he slowly drove in the other direction with an eye glued to Susan's round, tight ass through his windshield. He slowed his Escalade to a crawl while watching Susan wiggling her ass down the street. Finally, close enough not to notice but close enough to strike in the way of a snake in the grass, he stopped his SUV when he neared her.

"Go fetch and stick her ass in the backseat," he said to his two associates who sat in the backseat.

As soon as they jump out of the car and grabbed Susan, he drove up for them to pull her inside, just as Carmen heard Susan's screams and turned to watch them taking her.

"Hey! What the fuck! Let me go! Let go of me you cocksuckers. You don't know who you're dealing with," she said pulling and kicking. "I'll kick your ass. Take your fucking hands off of me. I'll kill you. I swear, I'll kill you."

"Look," said Carmen when she turned from hearing Susan's screams. "Tyrone just took that lady."

"What lady?"

Always so oblivious to things that didn't concern her, Lucy was more concerned with her hair than with Susan being taken by Tyrone.

"Dave's woman," said Carmen.

Lucy turned to see Tyrone's men getting in the car with Susan and closing the door as the big SUV sped away.

"Oh, my God," said Simone literally running away down the street. "There's gonna be trouble."

* * * * *

His usually thing to do when happy, Dave sang in the shower while thinking about the two orgasms he had just given Susan, one with his mouth and a second one with his cock. He wondered if his sexual passion for her had changed her mind about her being his steady girlfriend and moving in with him. Not much of a singer and unable to carry a tune, after one too many, near miss explosions damaged his hearing and sounding much like Arnold singing Yaketty Yak on the airplane in Twins, he caterwauled totally out of tune the only song he knew, The Marine Corps Hymn.

"From the Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli; We fight our country's battles In the air, on land and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun; We have fought in ev'ry clime and place Where we could take a gun; In the snow of far-off Northern lands And in sunny tropic scenes; You will find us always on the job-- The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps Which we are proud to serve In many a strife we've fought for life And never lost our nerve; If the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven's scenes; They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines."

Once out of his three minute shower, he called out to Susan from behind his closed, bathroom door.

"I thought we'd do something today after breakfast," he said while drying himself with his towel. "We can have breakfast at the diner or go somewhere else. It's up to you, but the diner makes the best breakfast. I love their sausages when Pete burns them to a crisp. After that, I'm going to take you shopping. First we need to buy a mattress and then I'm going to take you to the mall for some new clothes, the works, shoes, pants, tops, sweaters, jacket, coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Hey, what's your favorite color? I bet it's blue. You look good in blue," he said. When she didn't answer him, he stuck his head out the bathroom door. "Susan?"

* * * * *

Dave bolted out of the bathroom and slipped on his clothes as if there was a siren sounding a terrorist attack on his Marine Corps barracks. Running up to the sidewalk and looking in one direction and then the other, there was no one outside at that early morning hour except for Simone, Lucy, and Carmen about to round the corner. In a mad dash, he ran down to them.

"Hey," he said immediately catching up to them. "Did you see Susan?"

"Susan? Who's Susan?" Lucy looked at him as if she didn't know who he was talking about, even though she did.

"Susan, the woman I was with last night and the reason why I didn't answer you calling me," he said with a laugh.

"No, I didn't see her," said Lucy lying.

"Tyrone took her Dave," said Carmen shooting Lucy a look before looking at Dave with concern. "He has two goons working for him now and they're all packing heat. They grabbed her and pulled her inside his SUV. Knowing you'd go after her, he'll kill you, Dave, for what you did to him."

"Where does he live?" Dave looked at Carmen with the focused, scary stare he looked at a prisoner of war while trying to get information and/or a confession just with his bugged out eyes instead of with his fists.

Carmen looked from Lucy to Simone.

"We don't want no trouble Dave," said Lucy.

"He'll beat the crap out of us again Dave, if you cause him anymore trouble," said Simone. "I can't take another beating Dave. He really hurt me the last time."

"You didn't say that to me when I was beating the crap out of your pimp for beating you," said Dave with anger. "Tell me. Where does he live?"

"He lives the next block over. He has a place over the strip club," said Simon. "He conducts all of his business there. He picked that place because of the big bay windows. He can see the entire street both ways from his desk," she said. "He'll see you coming from a mile away," she said.

"Thanks for the intel," he said going back in his apartment to get some gear.

"You be careful Dave," said Carmen.

"Don't worry about me," he said. "Best you three lay low for a while," he said.

"Ray row? We can't. We're working girls," said Lucy with attitude. She was sometimes difficult to understand when pronouncing her L's as R's. "Besides, we have a party to attend tonight at the convention center for Tyrone."

"Not anymore you don't," said Dave with venom. "As of now, Tyrone is out of business for good."

Dave stepped inside his apartment, grabbed his gun, and made a call on his cell phone.

"I need you," he said to the person on the other end.

"I got your back Dave," said the man on the other end. "What do you need?"

"I need to go Jihad on a dude who took my woman. Get Big Louie and meet me at my place at zero seven hundred hours," he said.

* * * * *

"Let go of me. Let me go, you fucking bastards," yelled Susan kicking at Tyrone and throwing punches at the two men. Ready to take on all three in the way she did in the back alley, Tyrone knocked her to the carpet with a hard backhand before giving her a kick in her already still sore ribs.

"Undress her. Strip her naked," said Tyron. "Let's see what she looks like without her clothes. Either she'll work for me downstairs as a stripper or she'll work for me on her back as my whore. Either way with that face and that body, she's a real moneymaker."

Kicking and punching, Susan was no match for the two oversized men. His two men removed her blouse and shoes before pulling down her pants. Now dressed in just her bra and panty, not even bothering unhooking her bra, they tugged her bra over her head and off before stripping her of her panties. Naked within just a minute, they stood her up and tied her hands behind a pole that was conspicuously mounted in the living room.

"Well, well, well," said Tyrone grabbing a handful of Susan's breast and pulling out her nipple to erection before reaching down between her legs to cup her pussy.

"Don't touch me, you pig," she said struggling against her ties.

When she recoiled from his touch and resisted his groping, without lubricating her, he f***ed his finger deep inside of her.

"Unlike my other whores, you're nice and tight honey. You're too good to work downstairs stripping for bunch of d***ken perverts. Branching out, you're going to be my star, my first call girl. I'll arrange for you to service only my very best customers," he said.

"Fuck you. I'd kill you before I ever worked for you," she said.

"We'll see," he said running his finger over her bruise where he slapped her. "I'll get you some ice from downstairs. Tell me, do you suck cock? Sure you do. I bet you do. I bet you're an excellent cocksucker," he said running an index finger across her lips. "We'll just see how good of a cocksucker you are after you suck my cock.

"Fuck you," she said spitting in his face.

"We'll see if you're still ungrateful for my help, after I take care of your boyfriend," said Tyrone whipping the spit from his face.

* * * * *

Precisely at zero seven hundred hours, an army green Hummer pulled up to Dave's apartment. Dressed in military fatigues, Mike, Dave's war buddy, another gunnery sergeant with CIA contacts, exited the vehicle for Dave to drive. Mike climbed in back with Big Louie, a third gunnery sergeant now working for a mercenary contractor. The three men synchronized their watches.

As if driving in a convoy in readiness for a mission, albeit a one vehicle convoy, Dave slowly drove the Hummer to Tyrone's place. With the Hummer driving a slow blockage, the two men in back exited the vehicle while it was still moving and from the left side, out of view of Tyrone's big, bay windows that overlooked the street. Mike ran around back while, big Louie, climbed the fire escape to the roof, and Dave parked the vehicle on the sidewalk beneath the bay windows that jutted out and blocked Tyrone's view from seeing him parked there and seeing him enter from the front.

A routine Seal Six team, stealth assault from the front, the back, and the roof, all three men were inside Tyrone's place at the same time and before he and his two men could react. They had the drop on them. Being that Tyrone owned the strip club downstairs and would routinely have women who wanted to be a stripper show him what they had before hiring them, Susan was already stripped naked and tied to a stripper's pole that he had in his living room.

Entering the apartment together as if they were SWAT and this was a d**g raid, they came in fast and hard.

"Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get down! Get down on the floor! Now," said Mike in his big, booming voice. "Don't fucking move or you're dead!"

Sprawled out on the floor, right where Dave wanted him to be, with Tyrone frozen in place and with his hands held over his head, Dave and his buddy held their guns to the two bodyguard's heads.

"It's your choice," said Dave. "I don't really care which. I'm just here to make your wish come true," he said. "Do you want to live or die?"
One man looked to the other before answering.

"We want to live," he said. "We don't want to die, not for him."

"Then, get up, empty your pockets of everything on the coffee table, money, keys, guns, and phones. After we're gone, they'll be here for you to collect when you return."

Dave allowed the two men to walk out the front door unharmed. From the big bay windows, he watched them walk down the street and fall in the diner before he pulled out his cell phone.

"Pete. Dave. Listen. Keep an eye on the two, big, black men who just walked in your diner and call me if they leave."

"Okay Dave," said Pete.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tyrone looked from Dave to his buddy with a smirk.

"I'm not going to do anything to you. Should you prematurely be found, I don't want to leave a mark on you as evidence for the coroner," he said with dryness and as if he had done this many times before. "Now just as I told your associates, empty your pockets and put everything out in front of you, keys, wallet, guns. Then, remove your jewelry, watch, chain, and rings."

Mike picked up everything that Tyrone put out as Dave went through his wallet and removed the his license and registration. "Do you have any identifying marks on you Tyrone, birthmarks or tattoos?"

"Coroner? Identifying birthmarks? You jive mo'fucker, hold on, now. Give me a chance to--"

"Chance? You want me to give you another chance for you to kill me and for you to **** Susan?" Dave shook his head no while holstering his gun. "You had your chance. I never give anyone a second chance and I already gave you a warning by beating you instead of killing you," said Dave. "Especially after what you did to my woman, I'm done with your black ass," he said walking to Susan and pulling the gag from her mouth. "Did they hurt you Susan?"

"No," she said.

"Answer the question," said Mike. Do you have any identifying birthmarks or tattoos?"

"No. I don't have anything like that," said Tyrone.

Dave touched the red mark on Susan's cheek and turned to look at Tyrone before looking back at her.

"Did he do this to you?"

"Yes," she said.

"Did they..."

"No," she said grabbing her clothes and quickly dressing when Dave untied her. "We just got here," she said not telling Dave that Tyrone finger fucked her.

"I'm going to take you back to my place, unless you want me to take you somewhere else," he said looking at her with questioning eyes. "My men will take care of Tyrone for me."

"After giving it a lot of thought, your place is where I want to be," she said getting dressed.

"Hey! What about me?" Tyrone watched Dave leaving with Susan.

"What about you?" Dave gave him a hard stare. "I'm leaving you in capable hands, besides, you no longer exist. You're a dead man," he said laughing. "By the way, Tyrone, I don't know if Carmen told you but I'm originally from Detroit. Carmen and I went to grade school together," he said with a laugh as a big man stepped in the room and made his presence known to Tyrone from behind him.

"You are one, big, ugly, mo'fucker, white man," said Tyrone. "Alright, alright, you got me Dave. You got my attention. Let's just call this a mistake of poor judgment on my part. You dig? I'm sorry. I apologize. I'm sorry for hitting you miss and having my men strip you naked. I'm sorry for sticking my finger inside of you. I'm sorry, really I am. Let's call this a truce and let bygones be bygones. What do you say? Let's shake on it," said Tyrone lifting his head and offering Dave his hand.

"You stuck your dirty finger inside of my woman?"

"I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again," said Tyrone.

"You must be as stupid as I thought you were for dare messing with Susan. I don't take kindly to another man taking my woman and you went beyond the truce and let bygone be bygones part when you stripped her naked, hit her, and stuck your finger inside of her," said Dave looking at and nodding to Big Louie standing over him.

"Yeah, well, you know what? I'd do it again. I'd fuck your girlfriend up her ass before sticking my shit covered cock in her mouth. You dig mo'fucker?"

"Here's his wallet, license, registration, and car keys," said Dave picking the keys off the coffee table where Mike had put them. "He has the black Escalade parked out front. Put it on a ship to North Africa. He won't be needing a Cadillac where he's going. You and Big Louie split the proceeds as my payment for today."

"Thanks Dave," said Mike.

"Thanks Dave," said Big Louie.

"Fuck you," said Tyrone.

"Tyrone, allow me to introduce you to big Louie," said Dave as if introducing the Bear Jew in the baseball bat scene of Inglorious Basterds. "We've been through some shit together. Hell and back," said Dave looking and nodding his head from Big Louie to Mike before looking back to Tyrone. "There isn't anything that we wouldn't do for our buddy, even taking a bullet and we've already done that. Yet, it's unfortunate for you that we survived half a dozen wars to be here to deal with the likes of your sorry ass now."

Tyrone turned to look up behind him at big Louie who was wider and taller than his doorway. As if to shake his hand but instead as if breaking a stack of board placed on cinder blocks, Big Louie leaned down to tap Tyrone's temple with the knuckle of his index finger. Tyrone was out cold as if he was hit to the back of the head with a baseball bat. Dave's buddies wrapped the floor with plastic, laid out Tyrone and with the swift, one stroke cut of a Samurai, Big Louie removed Tyrone's head, legs, and hands with a machete. His head went in one plastic bag, his legs in another, his hands in another, and the rest of him in a fourth. Just taking out the trash, they dumped the remains of him in four different dumpsters.
Agreeing to move in with him, Dave and Susan become a couple.

Dave and Susan climbed in the Hummer, drove to his apartment, and parked the big truck in front of his door. He knew his buddy would be by to collect his truck soon, after making arrangements to sell Tyrone's new Cadillac Escalade to the international contacts they had and load the luxury SUV on a container ship headed to North Africa. No matter what they were selling there were buyers everywhere to buy anything and they knew where to look to find them.

"Are you okay?" He asked her finally when they pulled up in front of his apartment after driving there in silence not talking about what just happened.

"Am I okay?" She looked as if waiting for him to ask that loaded question. She looked at him as if taking aim with a gun. If looks could kill, he'd be dead.

"Susan, I just asked you one lousy question. I didn't attack you in the way you're about to attack me," he said wanting to slap her as much as he wanted to kiss her.

Maybe because he found her tied to a strippers' pole naked but he was already sexually aroused that five men saw her naked.

"You're really a piece of work Dave. Maybe because your entire life had been war and death, v******e doesn't affect you in the way that it affects others," said Susan shaking her head while staring at him. "Based on how you go through life numbly after killing someone, apparently you don't know how you're supposed to feel. So, you tell me. How do you think I am?"

"What?" He truly didn't hear what she had just said. He stopped listening to her when she started yelling at him. With both afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and each one handling their emotional condition differently, she was filled with rage. He just had to scratch the surface with her for her hair to stand up on her back. Perfect for one another as both of them played that troubled game, as soon as she raised her voice to him, he tuned her out. "I don't understand why you're so angry Susan."

In the way that Tyrone and his two men had stripped her naked, he wanted to strip her naked and fuck her. He wanted to dominate her and control her so that she'd just shut the Hell up. He wanted to show her that he was the boss man and she was the lowly woman.

"You don't understand why I'm so angry?" She stared at him without talking. "After being k**napped, stripped naked, and slapped around by three men, do you really think that I'd be okay?" As if thinking about all that happened, she paused and he wondered if she was as sexually aroused being stripped naked as he was sexually excited seeing her tied to the stripper's pole naked. "Tyrone stuck his finger inside of me while touching me and feeling me everywhere." She looked at him with anger.

Dave put his head down as if he was supposed to feel more than what he felt. Certainly, he felt glad that Susan was safe and sound but, as if she was blaming him for her putting herself in danger, he didn't understand why she was so angry about now. She was the one who had walked out on him. The only thing he felt now was anger anger giving his men the order to behead Tyrone. The only thing he felt was vengeance when he knew that Tyrone was dead and the proceeds of his sold truck would go as payment to his buddies for helping him. The only other thing that he felt was sexual excitement by the thought of Susan tied to the pole and standing there naked in front of three black men and his two friends, Mike and Big Louie.

Proud that she was his woman, at least he hoped she was, Mike and Big Louie must have been besides themselves with lust when seeing Susan's hot, naked body and giant sized breasts. An unspoken code between them, knowing they'd never speak of it to say, he wondered what Mike and Big Louie thought of Susan's hot body. He knew they saw her. He knew they were looking. Having entered the room after Mike, Big Louie may not have seen as much of Susan as the other four men had.

He now had second thoughts about allowing the other two men to go free after stripping Susan naked and touching her everywhere they shouldn't have felt her. Who knows, maybe he turned their lives around? Maybe after putting the fear of God in them, they'd take that as a second chance to give up d**gs, prostitution, and v******e. Able to easily disarm them, those two weren't cut out for that line of work.

"I'm sorry that Tyrone sexually assaulted you but, if it means anything to you at all, I can promise you that he'll never touch you again," he said gripping the steering wheel as if he was gripping Tyrone's neck.

Outraged that he had fingered his woman, he should have had Big Louie cut off his fingers before cutting off his head. In the way that some of his men have been tortured and killed by the Taliban, a slow death would have more befitted Tyrone for what he's done to women and how he treated and disrespected his c***dhood friend, Carmen from Detroit. Tyrone was lucky he hadn't had the time to f***e Susan to blow him. Then, instead of showing him mercy by having Big Louie make just one, quick cut, loping off pieces at a time, he would have made him feel real pain before he died.

"You don't have a clue how I feel to ask me that question. You should know how I feel," she said no longer looking at him and sitting angrily quiet for a moment. "I thought they were going to **** me and gangbang me before killing me," she said softly as if talking to herself with her eyes welling up with tears. "I thought I'd never see you again," she said pausing to look at him before finishing the last of what she said in a whisper. "I thought I'd never get to tell you how I feel about you."

He was stunned by her admission that she had feeling for him. Acting as if she hated him and wanted to kill him, to hear her confess that she had feelings for him was something he's been waiting to hear.

"You have feeling for me?" He looked at her still feeling hurt, angry, and rejected that she walked out on him after telling her that he loved her. "How do you feel about me?" He looked at her waiting for her to respond and continued talking when she didn't. "Now that I've already told you how I feel about you and you didn't tell me now how you feel about me," he said looking at her with love while waiting for her to answer him. When she didn't answer him, he asked his question again. "How do you feel about me?"

He wanted to reach out and hold her but, too far of a divide to cross, the wide center console of the Hummer was in the way of him putting his arm around her and having an intimate moment with her. Maybe if they were standing outside of the truck, he would have hugged her but in the horny way that he felt right now, she would have taken offense when he reached down to cup her sweet ass with one hand while feeling her big breast with his other. Instead he just reached out to pat and squeeze her shoulder before rubbing her left ear with his right hand as if she was a dog.

Not knowing what else to do, Dave wasn't very good at intimate moments, especially when fully dressed. Apparently not much better than he was at showing her feelings, better at showing her anger, she seemed tensely uncomfortable with the conversation and with him putting her on the spot. As if he was a pesky mosquito, she voiced her obvious frustration to communicate by swatting his hand away from her ear.

"Stop that," she said brushing his hand away. "I'm not your dog," she gave him a laugh. "Gees, Dave, for someone who knows how to handle himself in every situation, you're at a loss when it comes to women."

Kettle black he wanted to say. She should talk because in the way she was acting now, other than fighting them, hitting them, kicking them, and punching them, she was at a loss when it came to handling men too. They were both so much alike in that regard. Both would rather be physical than emotional. Both would rather hit than talk.

"Sorry," he said looking at her. "So how are you? You never told me how you are," He persisted in wanting to know her feelings but changed the subject when she didn't volunteer to tell him how she felt about him or about herself. "I don't have a clue how you are other than that you're angry at me and I don't know why," he said throwing up his hands as if he was surrendering, something he's unaccustomed to doing.

He wondered if she loved him as much as he loved her. He wondered if this was the beginning of something good and everlasting. Just as he thought that, he panicked that his life would change with her in it for good. Then, he thought, what if she didn't want him. What if this was the end and the last time seeing her.

"How do you think I am after five strange men saw me naked," she said playing with the bottom of her blouse.

"Oh, that, yeah, well, you'll never see Tyrone's associates again and the only time you'll see my friends again is at their fourth of July barbeque," he said with a dirty, little laugh.

He imagined her d***k and topless at one of his friend's pool parties, only she didn't drink. She didn't even smoke. And after her reaction now about being naked in front of five strange men, there's no way she'd be topless at one of his friend's d***ken, pool parties.

"Great. I won't bother wearing any clothes so that they'll recognize me. They won't have to go to the trouble of undressing me with their eyes," she said.

He could only imagine her walking in his friend's backyard naked. He could only imagine the reaction of his friends and the outrage of their wives and girlfriends. He'd loved nothing better than to show off her hot body to the guys.

"My friends aren't like that Susan. Guys who'd give their life for you have more respect for you than to hit on your woman," he said, at least liking to think that but knowing better. All of his friends were horny dogs. Glad to be alive when they returned home and not knowing if they'd survive their next mission, once they were d***k, whether they were wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and/or s****rs, all women were fair game and most women gave them what they wanted. "These are my best buddies from combat and there are lines that we never cross, especially when it comes to wives and girlfriends."

When he said your woman, he thought of her as being his woman. Waiting for her to say differently, he waited for her to react to him referring to her as his woman but she didn't. Maybe she liked him calling her his woman as much as he liked the idea of her being his woman. Now that he's with her again, he'd like to have her as a permanent fixture in his life, that is, so long as she took anger management classes or therapy for her Post Traumatic Stress.

"If you're waiting for me to say thank you, thank you," she said turning her head to make eye contact with him. "I'm alive and in one piece thanks to you and your friends," she said. "I don't know what they would have done to me had you not appeared."

Alive in one piece was more than he could say for Tyrone thought Dave when thinking about Tyrone's body in three construction bags and tossed in three, different dumpsters. No doubt, never to be found again, he'd soon be on a barge to be dumped at sea or on his way to be part of a landfill.

"I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what I'd do if they..." he said not finishing the thought.

"I need a drink," she said shaking her head.

"I'm sorry about not coming to your rescue sooner before Tyrone stripped you naked and," he paused with the thought of Tyrone fingering Susan. "It took me some time to get a team together."

"A team? Weighing your options as if you're a tactical planner for the Pentagon, everything is military strategy with you."

"Weighing my options is what I've been trained to do Susan. Most times able to remove my emotions from the equation, the men who aren't able to stay calm die, he said. "Doing the job that I was trained to do, I'm alive because I don't get angry. I just get even."

"You don't know what it's like to be taken like that and to be so abused," she said wrapping her arms around herself as if she as cold. "Never so scared, I felt so helpless Dave."

Not knowing how else to comfort her, he confessed how he felt in a similar situation.

"Trust me Susan, I know what it's like to feel helpless. Having been held prisoner myself before, I know how you feel. You said that I don't know how you feel but for me to sense you were in danger, I must have had a clue to how you felt. Coming to your rescue yet again, I saved your ass again didn't I?" He looked at her with hurt. "After you ran out on me without even leaving me a note and without even acknowledging me telling you that I love you, I could have let you go but I had a feeling you needed my help."

Dave fell silent while looking out the window of the hummer. Being in a hummer again, he had flashbacks of riding around in an armored vehicle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ready to kill anyone who made a threatening move, even though he was honorably retired from the United States Marine Corps, nothing in how he felt about being ready for danger changed in him. Never letting his guard down, he was aware of every person and every car on the street.

"Being with you is like living with a superhero," she said with seriousness. "Sometimes in the way I always seem to put myself in danger, you make me feel as dumb as Lois Lane. You're bigger than life Dave, the big, bad, retired Marine who took on the world and lived to tell about it. Glad that you donned your superhero uniform again to save me, you need to stop this avenger kick that you're on because you're not 30-years-old anymore. Besides, even though you still have the body to wear tights, I can't see you wearing a cape," she said with a laugh.

"I know and you're right but I did it for you," he said looking at her with love. "Now that you're safe and Tyrone is no longer a problem, let's go home. You can have a drink and collect yourself," he said. "We can discuss our future together, if there is to be one."

"Home?" She looked at him. "You mean here, your place and not the shelter where I've been living. Is this my home now? Is your home my home?"

"Yes, my place, that is, until you can make other arrangement or until we can find a bigger place to make it your own," he said looking over at her and taking his hand in his as if he was about to propose. "Move in with me Susan. Live with me. I know you may not feel the same way that I already confessed how I feel about you, but let's give this a try and see what happens. Maybe you'll love me in time."

"Being that I'm homeless, unemployed, and poor, you give a girl without options an attractive offer with a place to live, food to eat, and spending endless hours shopping for furniture and a bed," she said looking at him. "You are going to buy a bed and put that ugly, too small, lumpy, Marine Corps barracks cot in storage. Right?"

He looked at her and smiled already knowing her answer that she was going to live with him. Two peas in a pod, she was just as unable to reveal her real feelings as he was unable to show how he truly felt about her without first being in bed with her naked.

"Yes, even though the only beds I've slept in are that lumpy, Marine Corps' barracks cots and the bedbug, infested beds found at cheap motels, I will buy us a bed," he said smiling at her. "Okay?"

"Good. It's been a long while since I've slept in my own bed and I just don't want any bed. I want one of those memory foam beds that they advertise on TV. I want a king size bed. It would be good to finally spread out in a big bed instead of having to sl**p on my side as if I'm a prisoner in a prison cell," she said.

"Make a list and we'll go shopping tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? No, I want and I need to go shopping today. After all that's happened to me, I have a lot on my mind and shopping always makes me feel better, especially when I'm spending someone else's money." She laughed while looking at him with curiosity. "You do have money to afford to buy a bed and furniture. Right?"

"I served overseas," he said with a proudly satisfied smile. "I was a career Marine. More than that, in the way of Rambo, I was the go to guy the colonel called to create the team needed to clean up the mess that the generals' made. The first one in and the last one out, money has never been an issue for me," he said with a little grin, "especially after being one of the first ones allowed in Iraq."

"It must have been so awful for you to have served over there. I can only imagine the bugs," she said.

Much bigger than tarantulas, he closed his eyes while allowing the memory of huge camel spiders to fill his mind.

"There were so many worthless dinars laying around that I could have paved the street with them. We found 16 billion dollars in American money too, cash, stacked neatly and wrapped in plastic as if just received from the world's biggest d**g deal. It's funny that Saddam didn't trust his own economy enough to buy dinars instead of dollars. I still don't know why he just didn't take his treasure troves of American money and leave his country. A dozen third world countries would have welcomed him and his money with open arms."

"Iraq? After all of those air raids, that place was nothing more than a bombed out shithole. From the news photos they showed on TV, there was nothing left of it."

"Along with members of Saddam's personal Republican Guard and his loyal and most trusted men, you have no idea how many United States officers and enlisted men enriched themselves after raiding Saddam Hussein's palaces. They were grabbing money by the millions of dollars. Not wanting to be the one to rat, everyone turned a blind eye. Saddam had billions of dollars lying around in cash, stashed here and hidden there behind walls. Everywhere we looked, we found stashes and caches of money," he said. "Only sixteen billion dollars of that was found and most of that went missing. Easy to find the money, the trick is to get the money out of the country and home without being detected and having the money confis**ted."

"How in the Hell do you do that when you're surrounded by other Marines and answering to a commanding officer?"

"You really don't want to know," he said with a smug laugh. "Yet, so long as you had the contacts that I had, the easiest way out was to remove your uniform, cross the border into Jordan, and make your way to North Africa, but you needed inside help and plenty of cash to grease hands along the way to do that. Instead, most guys just wanted to go home rich. I was the guy they came to for that too. With all the people that I knew and contacts that I had, for a percentage, I was the man who could make that happen. What they did to launder that money after it was in country was their problem and not mine."

"I don't think I want to know anything more other than that we have enough money to buy what we need," she said falling silent to study him. "Do you have enough money to buy me a car?"

"A car? Of course I'll buy you a car. What kind and what color?" He laughed while looking at her big tits and long legs. "You'd look good in a red, Mustang Cobra convertible."

She looked at him as if analyzing him.

"Somehow I get the feeling that none of this bothers you. It's just another Special Op's Mission to you. You must miss living on the edge to get down and dirty with some of the miscreants who live around here and who control this neighborhood with guns, d**gs, and fear."

"After all that I survived in Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other God forsaken country I've been, nothing can fluster me, especially after spending two years in North Africa, the shithole of the world, where a 9-year-old would fill you with holes from a Kalashnikov rather than look at you. What happens here is c***d's play in comparison."

As soon as Dave unlocked his door and allowed Susan inside, unable to control his lust for her, he grabbed her by her long blonde hair and spun her around. As if he was Tyrone stripping her naked and as if she wanted him to strip her naked, she allowed him to rip open her blouse, pull her bra off over her head without even unhooking, it, pull down her short skirt without unbuttoning and/or unzipping it. With just four pieces of clothes removed, she was naked. He carried her to his bunk, spread her legs and licked and fingered her until she screamed out an orgasm and begged for him to stop.
He wanted to fuck her but she was more intent on sucking him. She fell between his legs, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped him. She stopped and laughed when she saw what he was wearing.

"Are those Marine Corps issue boxers?"

"What? I was on a mission. This is what I wear beneath my fatigues," he said sharing her laugh.

"At ease Marine," she said. "No, on second thought, it's best that you stay at attention," she said impaling her mouth with his cock.

She sucked him and stroked him until he ejaculated the love and sexual passion he had for her in her mouth. Leaving him wanting more, she abandoned him for her shopping excursion. After getting cleaned up, as if they were already a couple and they were, they went shopping for furniture, a mattress, and a car for Susan.

"I was thinking about the kind of car that I'd like to drive," she said looking at him.

"And what did you decide?"

"The Mustang is too attention getting and I already get enough of that with my blonde hair and big tits."

"So long as it has a powerful engine, good brakes, and a manual transmission, I've always gone for the understated myself, which is why I drive the shit box that I drive," he said with a laugh.

"I was thinking about a Volkswagen, a GTI, a two door with leather. I always liked those cars."

"Okay. That's a fun little car to drive. A GTI it is."

* * * * *

Marquis and Anthony sat in their car waiting for Carmen to finish her business with her customer before Anthony climbed out to grab her as soon as she emerged from the doorway and walked away from their car. They knew where she was, what she's been doing, and where she was going. They've been following her for days. Waiting for her to emerge, Anthony got out of the car and, before Carmen spotted them and had the chance to remove her high heels to run. He grabbed her, pitched her in the backseat, and closed the door as Marquis drove away.
The first annual Lara Logan party with Simone, Lucy, and Carmen as the main attraction.

Marquis and Anthony sat in their car waiting for Carmen to finish her business with her customer.

"Where that stupid bitch at," said Marquis. "If she spotted us and ran out the back way, I'll be pissed. Maybe you should go around the alley so that she don't duck out on us Anthony."

Just about to open his car door and get out of the car, he saw the front door open and Carmen emerge counting her money on the stoop before depositing the wad of cash in her pocketbook. A street hustler, she knows better than to count her money in public but in the mood she was in, she'd dare anyone try and fuck with her or steal her hard earned money. Tired and fucked over by having sex with men she'd rather not even say hello to on the street corner, prostitution was the only way she knew how to support herself and her three c***dren.

Married to her handsome, perfect husband, she had a good life and was a good wife with a job that had benefits, until the recession hit her hard and she was let go from her job. In just a matter of a few months, her life went from good to bad to worse. She was saving to buy a house in the suburbs, that is, until her husband ran off with a woman he met at work. Leaving her to fend for herself and three, small c***dren, he took their life savings with him. Desperate for money, she never would have considered becoming a prostitute had she not run into Simone after having not seen her in years.

* * * * *

"How you doin' Carmen? Long time no see," said Simone smiling and pointing out with her manicured finger as if she was using her fingertip to place her punctuation after her sentences. "Did you buy that dream house?" Again she punctuated her sentence with her fingertip.

Carmen looked sad at the mere mention of her dream house and her husband running off with some slut from work.

"My man ran off with another woman and took my all my down payment money," she said. "Now with me not working, living on my unemployment and unable to find a job, I'll never earn enough money for a house. I'll be lucky to keep my apartment. I'm already behind on my rent."

"Bastard! Why would any man leave someone who looks as good as you do?" Simone looked at Carmen as if she was looking to buy a new car. "You know, my man is looking for another woman," she said.

"Your man?"

"My pimp," said Simone with a short smile.

"You're a prostitute?"

"When you say it like that Carmen, you hurt my feelings," said Simone putting a hand to the back of her hair before pushing out and putting her hand on her hip and throwing back her head laughing. "We do what we have to do to survive. No one but a fat, old, horny Caucasian man wants a black woman, not even a black man. What I was giving away for free after someone spent twenty dollars on me for a nice dinner, they now pay me hundreds of dollars to play."

Simone looked at her with a satisfied smile while Carmen looked at her with shock.

"I can't do that. I could never do that. Eww. That's so gross having some stranger's dick in my hand, my mouth, and my pussy," said Carmen waving her hand as if waving down a bus. "Just as I couldn't have sex with just anyone, I couldn't prostitute myself for money. I could never look my c***dren in the eyes," she said, "knowing that I was a hooker."

"It's just a job Carmen," said Simone with a shrug while looking at her fancy fingernails. "If it wasn't for me hooking, I couldn't afford to get my hair done and maintain my manicure, never mind go shopping for clothes."

"I could never have sex for money," said Carmen.

"Don't be stupid Carmen. Caucasian people prostitute themselves every day while working at a job they hate for the sake of a paycheck and health insurance benefits and for much less money than what I make hustling my black ass on the street," she said looking at her as if she was a counselor at the Welfare Office. "Answer me this Carmen," she said moving her finger through the air with her words, "how do you think your k**s would feel if you were homeless, hungry, and living on the street?"

"I don't know Simone. I just don't know. I mean the idea of having sex with different men, depending on the man and the amount of money he paid me to have sex with him, is as sexually exciting as it is sexually repulsive," she said. "I just don't know how you do it. How do you do it?"

"Easy," she said with a laugh while hiking up her short skirt to expose her shapely black thighs and white panty clad pussy. "I spread my legs, open my mouth, and hold out my hand. That's how I do it. I could never make the amount of money that I earn working a 9-5 job at an hourly wage not much higher than minimum," she said. "Also unlike so many other prostitutes, not wasting my money on putting things up my nose, I don't do d**gs. My pimp even takes care of my medical bills."

"Yeah, well, you're tall and beautiful Simone. I'd even pay you to have sex with me," said Carmen with a laugh. "What man would pay me, a short, overweight, Hispanic woman to have sex with him?" She looked at Simone as if thinking about prostituting herself.

"Overweight? You're not overweight. I wish I had your curvaceously shapely figure instead of my flagpole of a skinny, shapeless body," she said looking around. "Come with me for a minute. Step in my office," she said with a laugh while walking Carmen down a back alley and into a doorway.

After looking to see if they were alone in the alley, Simone reached her hand out to feel Carmen's big tits, first one and then the other. Women feel other women's breasts differently than do men. Women don't grab and grope. As if they're feeling for the perfect melon at a produce counter, their feels are more quality feels instead of sexual feels. Women are more considerate and gentle and, as if giving a breast massage, Simone had sensuous hands instead of sexual hands. Carmen looked down at Simone's hands and watched her feeling her breasts. Then, as if she was going to kiss her, she looked up at her face with big, brown sexually aroused eyes.

"You should at least buy me dinner before feeling me up," said Carmen with a breathless laugh. "It's been a long time since anyone has touched me like that," she said watching Simone's black hands before looking deeply in Simone's big, dark eyes.

No doubt, taking Carmen's words as encouragement to continue, Simone continued feeling Carmen's massive tits especially when her big nipples made their impression through her blouse and bra.

"You'd make a pile of money with tits like these Carmen. So big, so full, and so firm, I wish I had your tits. I wish I had your big nipples," she said finally removing her hand from Carmen's breasts and taking a step back to look at the huge impressions her tits made in her blouse. "I've been saving to buy me some titties like that but for tits that big, my doctor said it would cost me eight thousand dollars and that's more than I have right now after Lucy and I bought a condo together," she said staring at the huge mountains that Carmen's breasts made in her blouse. "Lemme see your titties," she said putting her fingernail to her lips.

"Right here? Right now?" With a sudden face full of sexual excitement, Carmen looked around her to make sure no one was coming. "You're crazy."

"C'mon, Carmen. Show me your tits. Maybe I'll ask my plastic surgeon to give me a set that looks just like yours," she said with a laugh. "We'll look like s****rs, twin s****rs with double D tits."

"A black woman and a Hispanic woman? We'd hardly look like s****r, never mind twin s****rs, even if we both had the same breast size," said Carmen with a laugh.

"Let me see your s****rs," said Simone.

"Okay," said Carmen.

Carmen put her purse down on the ground and lifted her shirt and bra to show Simone her big tits.

"Damn girl, you have beautiful knockers," said Simone feeling and fondling Carmen's big tits before fingering her nipples until they were hard and erect and before leaning down to take her big nipples in her mouth, first one and then the other.

"Gees, Simone. What are you doing? You're making me so horny," said Carmen breathlessly.

She put a gentle hand to the back of Simone's neck as if she was nursing a baby or allowing her husband to have his horny way with her tits. She pushed Simone's mouth forward as her encouragement for her to suck her nipples longer.

"Damn girl, if I had boobs like your boobs," said Simone releasing Carmen's nipples from her mouth and standing. "I'd make big bucks. Most men want big tits, the bigger the tits the better. My friend Lucy has no tits but what she doesn't have in tits she makes up for with her mouth, her tight little Asian ass, and her insatiable pussy," said Simone.

"You sure know a lot about Lucy," said Carmen with a nervous laugh while putting her tits away just as a big, black man entered the alley.

"Lucy is my friend. She works and lives with me. We watch out for one another," said Simone giving Carmen a look before volunteering more information. "She's my lover."

"You're lover?" Carmen let out a nervous laugh. "I didn't know you were lesbian. I should have known you were lesbian in the way you were feeling and sucking my tits," she laughed again. "Since when are you lesbian Simone? You were always popular with the men. You had so many boyfriends. Of all the women I've known, I'd never peg you for being lesbian."

"I had a lot of boyfriend because I put out and was a slut. After fucking and sucking men who never give me what I want, Lucy knows how to treat a lady," she said. "Generous, giving, and unselfish, she's a wonderful lover.

"You just made me horny sucking my nipples," said Carmen holding her palms over her nipples while whispering and giggling. "If you were a man, I'd get on my knees right here and right now in this dirty alley and suck your cock, so long as you still fondled my tits and fingered my nipples" she said with a dirty laugh.

"If I were a man, I'd let you," said Simone. "You can always lick my pussy or I'll lick your pussy. We can even lick one another's pussy while in a 69 position," said Simone with a laugh.

"No thanks. I'll pass," said Carmen returning her laugh. "I'll take a rain check. Maybe another time, when I'm desperate enough for a man to settle for a woman."

The man who entered the alley walked closer.

"Where you been at? I've been looking for you Simone," he said calling to her from a distance. "Where've you been hiding at?" He looked from Simone to Carmen and spoke as if Carmen wasn't even there. "Who that?" He asked finally nodding his head in Carmen's direction before looking back to Simone again.

"This is my friend Carmen. Her man left her and stole all of her money," she said. "They were going to buy a house. Now she can't even afford her apartment."

He gave Carmen a long, hard look as if he was about to buy a prize Pit Bull at the pet store.

"You looking for work? You need a job?" Instead of looking up at her pretty face, he talked to her big tits.

Carmen returned his inappropriate leer look with a bit of Detroit attitude.

"Yeah, I'm looking for work. I'm desperate for money. I've been looking for a job but there are no--"

"Lemme see those titties," he said stepping closer to grab two, big handfuls of Carmen's huge tits through her blouse and bra. "Are they real?"

"Hey! What the fuck," said Carmen slapping his hands away and taking a step back. "Yeah, they're real."

Ready to slap her across the face, instinctively Tyrone raised his big hand but withdrew it when a big smile took over his face and he started laughing.

"You got some spunk girl. I like that. I like a woman who can stand up for herself, especially with the customers so that they don't take advantage of her and disrespect me by not paying her for services rendered," he said. "You dig?"

"It's okay Carmen. Tyrone is my pimp. When it comes to women," she said nodding her head, "he's like a doctor. He has trained hands, fingers, mouth, and cock," she said with a laugh. "Doctor Tyrone," she said with a sexy smile. "She's got some big ass tits Tyrone, at least a D cup. And they're proud and not some saggy bags of blubber."

"Double D," said Carmen looking from Simone to Tyrone.

"Show him your tits Carmen," said Simone. "Let Doctor Tyrone see them."

Pressured to show Tyrone her tits and desperate enough for money to prostitute herself to feed her k**s and to keep herself from being evicted from her apartment, she reluctantly lifted her blouse and bra. Immediately Tyrone's big hands were all over Carmen's huge breasts. Having been horny ever since her man left and especially after Simone sucked her nipples, if Tyrone touched her tits and sucked her nipples in the way that Simone just did, she'd suck his cock.

"You have big nipples. That's good. Men like that. Men would pay extra to suck your big nipples," he said fingering her nipples, before turning them, twisting them, and pulling them. He released the hold on her tits and nipples for Carmen to pull down her bra and blouse. "Do you suck cock?" He unzipped himself, reached his big hand inside his pants, and pulled out his prick.

"Yeah, but I--"

Carmen stared at his big, semi-erect, black cock.

"Suck my cock," he said holding his semi-erect cock in his hand as if offering his prick to her. "I needs to know what you can do with your mouth, lips, hand, and tongue before I hire you."

"Right here? Right now? In the alley? Someone may come," said Carmen looking all around her.

"Ain't no one dare comes down here, especially when I'm around," he said with a big belly laugh. "This is my neighborhood. I own this territory. The only time the police comes is when e****ted by SWAT to make a big d**g bust, when looking for a fugitive, or when picking up their bag of cash to pass out to their buddies in blue," he said with another big laugh.

"Go ahead and suck him Carmen," said Simone with a nod of her head as if she was encouraging her friend to take advantage of a spring fling sale at Macy's. "Consider this as part of the interview. You've already passed the first step by having a pretty face and having such big, beautiful breasts."

"Shut up Simone and let the woman make her own decision if she wants the job or not," said Tyrone holding his big cock out in his hand. "Just as I'd never f***e a woman to suck me, I don't want to be forcing anyone to work for me. Tyrone ain't like that," he said referring to himself in the third person.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice. If it wasn't for my k**s, I wouldn't be doing this," said Carmen falling to her knees and taking his cock in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him.

As soon as she started sucking him, forcing her to continue, Tyrone put a heavy hand to the back of her head and humped her mouth while fucking her face. He didn't let her go until he exploded a volume of cum in her mouth and until Carmen swallowed.

"You asshole," she said pushing him away, spitting out what was left his cum, and standing.

"You're hired," said Tyrone, "but you best not spit your customer's cum out in the way you spit out mine. Men will pay extra for you to swallow. Men want to believe that you enjoyed sucking their pricks as much as they enjoyed you sucking their pricks. You dig?"

"You got the job," said Simone jumping up and down as if Carmen had just won the lottery. "That's great," said Simone hugging her friend.

"Show her the ropes Simone. I can use her tonight. There's a private party that I need you and Lucy to attend. Bring her along with you," he said, "and dress her. She can't be going to the party dressed like that and looking like someone's mother."

* * * * *

Anthony climbed out to grab Carmen as soon as she emerged from the doorway and walked away from their car. They knew where she was, who she was with, what she's been doing, and where she was going. With Lucy and Simone among the missing, since Tyrone disappeared, they've been following her for days and wanted to make sure that Tyrone wasn't coming back before stepping in to take over his business. Waiting for her to emerge, Anthony got out of the car and, before Carmen spotted them and had the chance to remove her high heels to run. With her kicking and screaming, he grabbed her by her long, dark hair, carried her beneath his big, strong arm, pitched her in the backseat, and closed the door as Marquis drove away.

"Carmen," said Anthony with sarcasm while running a big hand across her breasts and squeezing her nipple. "How are you?"

"Ow you fuck wad. That really hurt," she said in pain while slapping his hand away. "What do you want with me?"

He looked at her and smiled.

"You disrespected us. You haven't been paying us what you owe us Carmen," said Anthony. "We just want what's coming to us," he said giving her another smile as if he was on friendly terms with her.

"I don't owe you shit. I owe Tyrone but he hasn't been around to collect," she said with her Detroit attitude all up in his face. "You're not my pimp. He is and when he comes around to collect, I'll pay him and no one else."

"Yeah, well, unfortunately for you and fortunately for us," he said giving Marquis a high five. "Tyrone ain't around no more. I think that Marine took him out and put him where no one will find him. He ain't comin' back," said Anthony.

"So now you owe us," said Marquis. "Bus'ness as usual, we're taking his place. We're your pimps now and you do who we tell you to do and when we tell you to do it," he said to her through the rearview mirror. "You dig?"

"Go fuck yourself Marquis," said Carmen. "I don't answer to your sorry black ass. You ain't my pimps. I'll work for myself before I work for you two, miserable assholes."

Anthony grabbed her arm when she reached for the door ready to jump from their vehicle and bolt when they were stopping for a red light.

"We're here to help you Carmen. We're here to protect you," said Anthony with a laugh before slapping her face hard enough to get her attention when she looked across the street at a parked patrol car.

"The only protection I need is from you two," she said pulling away from him again.

Holding her close, he threw a possessive arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, close enough that her big tit was pressed against his ribs.

"Has anyone given you any problems? Because if anyone is causing you any grief, Marquis, me, Smith, and Wesson will talk to them," he said opening his jacket enough for her to see the butt of a gun.

"The only problems that I have now are from you two fuckups," said Carmen to Anthony before looking out the car window. "Where are you taking me?"

"We're gonna pay Lucy and Simone a visit to let them know what's what," said Marquis. "They haven't been paying us either and it's time that they knew there's a new sheriff in town."

"Lemme see that," said Anthony grabbing Carmen's purse.

"Give that back to me," said Carmen grabbing for her purse but unable to reach it when Anthony held it away from her with his long arm. "Go ahead, take it," she said when Anthony put his other hand to her neck and squeezed.

He opened her purse and pulled out a few hundred dollars.

"Is this it? Is this all the money you earned working all night? Bullshit," he said staring at her.

"It was a slow night. Maybe if Tyrone was around to make me my appointments I'd--"

As if he was a horny teenager with his Prom date, he surprised her by reaching his big hand down her blouse and bra. Before she could react to his sexual assault, his hand was already down her blouse and inside of her bra. Carmen had big double D tits and she hid her money in her bra and beneath her breasts.

"Damn Carmen. You have nice titties. The biggest and firmest titties I ever felt," he said giving Marquis a wink through the rearview mirror.
"There's no money in my bra Anthony, just tits."

The easiest way to get at her money was to lift her bra from the front before lifting up her big boobs. Instead Anthony took the more difficult albeit more pleasurable route down her shirt and bra instead of up shirt and bra. Reaching inside her bra and feeling her tits while fingering her nipples, he reached beneath each big breast in his search for her money. He pulled out a small wad of cash from underneath each one of her big tits. Sticking his big hand in her bra again, not feeling for money this time, he felt, fondled, and caressed her big tits and fingered her nipples again before reaching beneath her breasts for the money and before she ejected his hand with a shove.

"What's all this bitch?" He held the money up to her face. "Holding out on us?"

"Asshole. If you're going to feel me, then you need to pay me," said Carmen with a sexy look while making a grab for the money but missing when Anthony pulled his hand away.

"Shut up bitch," said Anthony slapping her hard across face again, this time harder. "I'm not paying you shit. You give me what I need for free, anytime I want it."

He reached in between her legs and up her short skirt.

"Don't fucking touch me," said Carmen recoiling from him while trying to close he legs, something she wasn't accustomed to doing lately, ever since she's been working for Tyrone. A good woman, a wife and a mother turned prostitute, had her husband not left her and taken all her money, she wouldn't be sitting here now with these two lowlifes.

"I'll touch you anywhere and anytime I want bitch," said Anthony. "I own your Puerto Rican ass."

"I'm not Puerto Rican. I'm Hispanic," she said with pride.

"Whatever. All of you mud people look alike to me," he said with a laugh.

"At least I know who my Daddy is. Who's your Daddy, Anthony?"

"Watch your mouth," he said.

Pulling the crotch of her panty forward before pushing her panty aside, he grabbed another wad of cash from between her legs before sticking a stiff finger in her pussy.

"You filthy pig," she said pushing at his arm while squirming away from him. "What are you into snowballing? I hope you get a finger full of my John's cum to suck."

"Careful Carmen or you'll be sucking my cock on the way to Lucy and Simone's place. All totaled, there's about two grand here," he said to Marquis while counting hundred's, fifties, and twenties and dumping the money in the front seat. Marquis grabbed the money and stuffed it in his pocket. "Simone trained you good. You've been a very busy girl," said Anthony.

"What about me asshole? What do I live on if you take all of my money?"

"What about you?" He gave her a hard stare. "You're been holding back on us for weeks. You've had plenty of money to live on by not giving us our share," he said. "You're lucky we don't ask you for a cut of that too, but this will do for now," said Anthony after Marquis pocketed her cash, "until you make more for us later. Matter of fact, you're right Carmen," he said unzipping himself and pulling out his cock. "What about me? Suck my prick."

"Fuck you. I won't suck you. I'll bite it off before I suck it," she said looking down at his prick.

"You do and I'll cut off your tits," he said lifting her blouse and bra to expose her big tits before reaching in his pocket to pull out a switch blade.

"Don't do this Anthony. I won't suck you," she said trying to pull away from his grasp.

"Blow me Carmen," said Anthony forcing her head down to his lap. He pulled her long, dark hair for her to open her mouth to scream for him to fill her mouth with all of him. "Suck my cock or I swear to God, I'll beat you senseless that even your own mother won't recognize you when trying to identify your dead body at the morgue."

Reluctantly, Carmen gave Anthony what he wanted and just as they pulled up to Lucy and Simone's place, he ejaculated a load of his warm oozy lust in her mouth.

Unlike Carmen who lived with her three k**s, oxymoronic that they'd have sex with men for money to their sexual preference, Simone and Lucy lived together as lesbian lovers. Atop of an old warehouse just outside of town, isolated and desolate, Simone and Lucy lived a good, quiet life, that is, once they finished servicing men for the night. When they bought this condo, the owner had plans to develop the other seven floors but ran out of finances when his bank would no longer fund his renovation project. Even though the rest of the building looks like shit, his showcase palace, the top floor is spectacular. They never would have bought this place had it not had a secure front and back door, video surveillance, and a new elevator.

A virtual fortress, Marquis and Anthony needed Carmen's help to get them inside. Hugging the outside of the building, Marquis pulled around the corner and parked his car out of sight of their security cameras and windows in case Lucy or Simone were looking out the window. Known to run and a fast runner, with an arm on each side of her, they e****ted Carmen to the front door.

"Tell them you need to talk to them about Tyrone. Tell them whatever you need to tell them to get us up there. And if you don't, I'll make you sorry that you're alive," said Anthony lifting her short skirt to pinch her ass."

"Ow! Fuck! That fucking hurt and that's going to leave a bruise. Okay," said Carmen pulling away from Anthony. "What are you going to do them once up there? You won't hurt them, will you?" She looked from Anthony to Marquis.

"You three working girls are our prized possessions, our moneymakers, why would we hurt you? We just want our money. We just want what's coming to us," said Marquis. "We just want to talk."

"As we told you, we just want Lucy and Simone to know that we're their pimps now. Tyrone ain't comin' back," said Anthony. "We have plans for the business and want to tell them about a party."

Carmen rang the bell to the front door and immediately Lucy answered while Anthony and Marquis stayed on either side of her and out of sight of the security camera.

"Hi Carmen. Come on up," said Lucy buzzing open the door.

As soon as Anthony and Marquis gained entry, they corralled the three women on the couch.

"Lucy," said Anthony. "I'm going to go with you to get the money you owe us that you haven't been paying Tyrone."

"I'm not giving you my money," said Lucy.

"Tyrone is our pimp and not you two dumbasses," said Simone.

"We're taking over Tyrone's bus'ness now," said Marquis. "Tyrone ain't coming back."

"And what are you going to do for us? Are you going to make us appointments? We haven't been working as much without Tyrone making us appointments at the hotel," said Simone.

"You're right," said Anthony. "We haven't been around to help you but now we are and as a show of good faith," he said giving Marquis a wink, "we're not going to take your money. As matter of fact, we're going to give Carmen back her money too," said Anthony holding out his hand for Marquis to give him the money he took from Carmen.

Marquis reached in his pocket and pulled out Carmen's wad of money and handed it to Carmen.

"I hope you know what you're doing b*****r," whispered Marquis to Anthony.

"I do," said Anthony. "Look at this place. Just look at it. It's perfect he said looking at the beamed high ceilings and the exposed brick, pipes, and ducting. "It's so big."

"Big for what?" Lucy looked from Anthony to Marquis. "Big for what? What my place big for?"

"Don't you people pronounce your pronouns. You people need to learn the language before coming here to America," said Marquis. "You've been in this country since you've been a little girl and you still don't talk right Lucy," laughed Marquis.

"How's this? You go fuck yourself up your asshole with your gun," said Lucy.

"That's better," said Marquis laughing.

"This is the perfect place to have our first, annual Lara Logan party."

"Lara Logan?" Simone looked from Anthony to Marquis to Lucy and Carmen. "Who that? Is she another hooker?"

"You could say that after her sex scandal and sex tape went public," said Carmen with a laugh. "Lara Logan is that news reporter who was sexually assaulted by two to three hundred Egyptian men in Tahrir Square," said Carmen looking from Lucy to Anthony. "Is that what you're going to do with us? Are you forcing us to have sex with hundreds of men."

"What kind of pimp do you think I am?" Anthony looked at her and laughed. "I'd never allow so many men to sexually assault you. I've only invited 25 select men--"

"Twenty-five? Oh no. That too much," said Lucy waving her hand as if a customer at a Chinese restaurant buffet was taking too much shrimp. "Lucy don't do twenty-five men. Lucy don't do five men or three men. Lucy do one man, or one woman, or one man with one woman at the same time but not twenty-five men," she said. "No, Lucy don't do that," she said continuing to refer to herself in the third person.

"This isn't up for discussion," said Anthony. "I've already sold tickets to the first annual Lara Logan part for two thousand dollars a pop and you three are the star attraction."

"I'm leaving," said Carmen.

"Sit down," said Anthony. "You're working for us now."

"I'm not sucking and fucking no twenty-five men," said Simone.

"You will or we'll tie you naked and have our paying customers do whatever they want you to do." said Marquis. "You dig? Best you girls get ready as your invited guests will be here in an hour."

"Here? You gave them my address?" Simone looked from Tyrone to Marquis.

"Why you do that?" Lucy looked from Simone to Anthony and then to Marquis. "Why you do that? Why you do that?"

"Because this is a good place for a Lara Logan party," said Anthony with a laugh.

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Teen Femdom

My wife had passed away about a year and a half ago and my sex life
had deteriorated to masturbation. Most of the time I utilized the
ever growing collection of magazines and material that I would
download from the internet. Occasionally I would be treated to a show
by my next door neighbor's k**. Kim was a senior in high school and a
real knockout. Her mother was japanese and had passed on a
captivatung look to her daughter.

On this particular friday, Kim had gotten home from school and was
sunning herself in the backyard. I got out the binoculars and had a
perfect bird's eye view from my bedroom window. She was wearing a
white shirt with a short pleated skirt. She had on those white anklet
socks and patent leather maryjanes that drove me wild. She stretched
out in a lounge chair and I could see almost all her legs up to her
underwear. She undid the maryjanes and I focused in on those legs and
feet in the white anklets. After about thirty seconds I came in one
of the best orgasms I've had in quite a while. As I took the
binoculars away, I thought I saw Kim looking my way, but she must have
been just looking around because she went back to reading her magazine
as if nothing had happened.

The portable phone she had with her rang and she disappeared into the
house. A short time latter, while I was down in the kitchen, I
noticed Kim driving off in her car. Out of curiosity I went back
upstairs and sure enough she had left those maryjanes out in the back
by the lounge chair. The fence seperating our yards was only 5 feet
high and the area was pretty secluded. Besides I knew both her
parents worked and wouldn't be home for hours. I was over the fence
in seconds and found myself kneeling by the lounge chair. I picked up
one of the shoes and brought it up to my nose. I inhaled the
fragrance of her feet and the leather. Even though I had just
masterbated less then an hour ago, I was rock hard again. I undid my
pants to get at my dick and started wacking off. I started licking
the laether of the shoe and imagining that Kim was still wearing them.
As I began to lick the grit off the sole of the shoe I came again in
another shuddering orgasm.

After regaining my composure, I started to redo my pants when I
noticed Kim on the other side of the sliding glass door. She had a
camera and was clicking away taking my picture. Before I could move
she closed the curtain and disappeared. I quickly got up and high
tailed it back to my place. I didn't know exactly what to do now.
What would Kim do? Would she tell her parents? Or worse, the police?
There didn't seam to be anything I could do except wait and see. A
couple of hours past and then the doorbell rang.

My heart raced. I went to the door and peeked through the peep hole.
It was Kim on the other side and she was alone. She rang the bell
again and I thought perhaps I should talk to her to see if she had
told anyone, and if not, maybe I could persuade her not to. I opened
the door and she walked right in stating she had something to show me.
She plopped the pictures down on the coffee table in the living room.
There was dead silence. I didn't need to look, I knew what they were.

"I've got the negatives tucked away" she stated. There she was in the
same outfit as before, even the maryjanes. I was numb, frozen. Just
then, she kneed me in the groin and pulled me down on top of her. She
started yelling "get off, get off!" I was confused and in pain. She
was the one who created the situation. I was struggling to get up,
however she really got me good with her knee and the pain was somewhat

I finally rolled off and Kim was talking to someone. I hadn't closed
the front door and there was Kim's girlfriend Karen, camera in hand.
Karen was gone as I struggled to my feet. What was going on here? I
fell over on the couch still in a good deal of pain. Kim sat in the
chair opposite me with a smirk on her face. She crossed her legs
which caused the skirt to ride up high, and started swinging her leg.

"What should we do now Mr. Conway? Do you have any suggestions? ****
is a very serious crime in this state."

I started to stammer something unintelligible but my mind was
swimming, I couldn't think clearly. Just then the doorbell rang
again and Kim got up to get it. It was Karen, obviously she had put
the camera away fo safe keeping.

Karen was another knockout. Instead of the exotic look that Kim
portrayed, Karen was a blond haired blue eyed beauty who was captain
of the cheerleading squad. She was dressed in a close fitting
turtleneck that accentuated her perfect breasts, tight jeans to show
off her incredibly shaped butt, and saddle shoes. Even though I had
come twice in the lst four hours, my dick was stirring again at the
sight of these two young beauties.

"Come in and make yourself comfortable, Karen," Kim said. "We were
just about to discuss what to do about this sudden turn of events.
How about it Mr. Conway, are you willing to discuss this matter or
would you like us to leave and take it up with someone else, the
police perhaps?"

"No don't do that! I'm sure we can discuss this and resolve it
without bringing anyone else into the picture. Things have gotten a
little out of hand. After all nothing really happened except perhaps
I tresspassed on your property."

"Well thats not what the evidence suggests. I can see this might not
be that easy," Kim said. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable in the present
sitaution, after all it's quite apparent that you are a sex maniac. I
think we need to change the circumstances here if we are to continue
to try and resolve this."

"Just what do you have in mind Kim, I see no reason why we can't

There was no way I could let her leave and take this to someone else.

"Well I need to feel Karen and I are safe before we continue. Do you
have anr rope?"

I didn't like the way this was going-- "ah yes perhaps there is some
in the garage, but..."

"Go and get it, we will wait here."



I quickly got up and did as she said. I returned with the rope and
Kim had me get on my knees and place my hands behind my back. I was
becoming real adept at complying with her orders.

After she tied my hands and feet together she said we could continue
the "conversation."

"Alright Mr. Conway, you've done a terrible thing and you must suffer
the consequences."

It was apparent that there was no need for me to join in this
discussion as Kim was going to dictate the terms of my "punishment."
She again took up her seat and began swinging her leg. I was staring
at her foot as it moved back and forth. My penis had grown to full
length and it was extremely uncomfortable as there was nothing I could
do to relieve the discomfort caused by the awkward position. Somehow
I think she knew, as she continued.

"Since you are in no position to argue," she continued, "you will
agree to whatever I say the punishment should be to fit your crime."

"Well?" Kim asked.

I had gotten caught up staring at her foot. The maryjane and the
white anklet were driving me way beyond distraction and I didn't know
she had expected a response from me.

Before I could respond, she continued "Okay perhaps you need some time
to ponder what would be worse. But understand me I will take this to
the police if necessary and I do believe you will be a very old man
before you see the free world again. Come on Karen, lets make
ourselves at home while Conway dear thinks this over."

I couldn't see what they were doing, but I decided to let things
progress at Kim's pace and wait for her to return. She was probably
in the kitchen getting something to drink.

About fifteen minutes later they returned. Kim had a bunch of papers
in her hand. She had gone upstairs and my heart began to pound again.
It looks like she found my stash of femdom stories that I kept in my
nitestand drawer. She took up her seat in front of me as I continued
to be f***ed to kneel in this awkward position. She said nothing and
I said nothing. Again I was mesmerized by her foot as it comenced

"It appears that I will have to reevaluate the situation" she
declared, "come along Karen, lets think this over while we get
something for dinner."

"Hey what about the ropes?" I asked as it was clear they were leaving.

"Oh they will still be here when we get back" as they both laughed
their way out the door.

I slithered along as best I could to see what it was she was reading.
It was one of my favorite stories that I had picked up. About a guy
who remarries a woman with an eighteen year old daughter. The
daughter eventually converts the guy into her complete slave. She
rules him totally. She is extremely sadistic and demanding and he is
so captivated by her that he can refuse her nothing and there is
nothing that he wouldn't do if she commands it. He eventually gets
divorced to become the complete slave to the daughter. He becomes so
enslaved that he ceases to have a life outside of his slavery to this
wicked femdom.

Just what Kim was going to make of all this I didn't know. Jeese, why
the hell did I have to climb that fence. What had I gotten myself

About two hours had past and it must have been near 9:30 in the
evening. I was beginning to wonder if Kim an Karen were coming back.
Perhaps they had had enough fun and games and were going to leave
things as they were. Now all I would have to do is get out of these
ropes and hope the whole affair would fade away. Just as I was
getting my hopes up they returned with several packages. They
completely ignored me as they made themselves at home. It was clear
they were concocting something. They each called their parents and
said they would be spending the weekend over the others house.
Apparently this was pretty routine as they had no trouble arranging to
spend the nite doing whatever the had in mind.

Kim returned to her chair sipping a diet soda and began swinging her
foot once again. "My my, just what are we going to do with you." She
picked up the stories that were on the coffee table and started
sifting through them. "Just what role do you see yourself playing in
these stories?" Kim asked as Karen laughed. "There seems to be only
one role for you in each one," as she continued to flip through the

My heart was pounding again and I was just to dumbfounded to respond
to her. Just then her foot stopped moving. I noticed instantly as of
course I hadn't been able to take my eyes off it.

"I tell you what we are going to do" she started to say, "your
punishment for your vile acts will be this, and if you don't agree to
comply fully and wholeheartedly in every way, we will leave right now
and let the chips fall where they may when the authorities find out
about the attempted ****. You will become my slave, my complete
slave. You will do whatever I say whenever I say it. You will not
even think about disobeying any order I give you. I will expect you to
comply with my orders immediatly and without hesitation. If you agree
to do this for however long I decide the arrangement will last, when I
decide I am through with you i will give you the negatives and set you
free. You must now decide. If you agree to all of the terms I have
set out, slither along on your belly and lick the sole of my shoe."

I couldn't decide if I had died and gone to heaven or hell as this was
one of my ultimate fantasies. I just never imagined it would happen
in real life, and I'm not sure that I really ever wanted it to be more
than a fantasy. Regardless, I had absolutely no bargaining power and
had to comply since life behind bars was unimaginable.

I slithered as best I could as I could here Karen laughing in the
background. My dick nearly exploded as I reached her shoe and
contorted myself into a position to lick the sole which she was not
about to move and make easy for me.

I licked for about two minutes when Kim got up and walked away. I
noticed that Karen had been filming the whole affair on video.

"Now I'm going to remove the ropes but I want you to remain on your
knees. You are never to move or speak unless I direct you to. Any
infraction of the rules will result in severe punishment. You will
refer to me as Godess Kim and Karen will be refered to as Lady Karen."

She undid the ropes and left me kneeling there. Suddenly I realized
that I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for quite some time but I
had no means to communicate this to Godess Kim under the rules that I
had to obey.

Kim went into one of the bags that she came in with and pulled out
what was clearly a contraption to put on my cock. "Strip, but remain
on your knees." I hesitated for just a split second and Kim went back
into the bag and pulled out a riding crop. "Bend over the coffee
table and stick your ass in the air, and you better be quick about it
or your punishment will be more severe.

I had gotten my pants down to my ankles as she was getting the crop, so
I was bare assed. Also, Karen, who was filming the whole thing was
laughing at the fact that I was apparently enjoying all this since my
dick had gone to full mast. I had fantasized many times about getting
caned by a femdom but I wasn't sure how it would be in a real
situation. I could only hope it would be as good as my experience
licking Kim's shoe, which was beyond the pleasure of anything I had
dreamed of.

"You will count out loud and thank me between each stroke."

Whap!!! The pain was emence. It was obvious that Kim was going to
hold nothing back. I sucked in my breath from the sting of the blow.
Suddenly two more blows in quick succession. "I told you to count and
thank me between each stroke"

"Three," I yelled, "thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another"

"We will start over from the beginning and see if you can get it right
this time. I sure hope you are not learning disabled for your sake."

Whap!!! "One! Thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another."

Whap!!! "Two! Thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another."

Whap!!! "Three! Thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another."

Kim kept the strokes coming with what felt like all her strength. The
pain was unreal yet I was aroused beyond belief.

"Kim, don't you think you should take it easy?" Karen asked from
behind the camcorder.

"Karen you are not to advise me in the treatment of my slave. if you
can't stomach it, you are free to leave. Well slaveboy would you like
me to go a little easier on you?"

"Whatever would make you happy Godess Kim."

"Well maybe you are not as slow a learner as I thought."

Whap!!! "Four! Thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another."

"Oh no, after that interuption we start all over from one now."

Whap!!! "One! Thank-you Godess Kim, may I have another."

This continued up to ten strokes. I was sure to be bruised for a
month, and sitting was going to be very difficult. I slid off the
table on to the floor, totally spent.

"Look at that," Karen exclaimed, "he gooed all over the table!"

"What do you have to say for yourself"

The beating had really taken its toll on me and I was extremely
thirsty. "Please Godess Kim, may I have some water, I haven't had
anything to drink for several hours."

"You want a drink?" she flashed the crop at me, "Drink up that mess
you made on the table. Be sure to capture this for posterity Karen."
Who had stopped filming momentarily.

Knowing full well that any hesitation would not go over well, I
quickly and greedily lapped up the mess. It was the first time I had
eaten cum and while the taste was unappealing, the fact that Kim had
ordered me to eat it made it extremely appealing.

"There now are we still thirsty?"

"Yes Godess Kim."

"Tilt your head back." Kim made a snorting sound like she was sucking
the snot from her nasal passages into her throat. She then glanced at
Karen to ensure she was filming the whole thing. She got about three
inches above my face, her hair gently brushing the side of my cheeks.
I knew to open my mouth, and she slowly let one of the biggest goobers
I have seen ooze its way onto my tongue. I closed my eyes and savored
it like a fine wine.

"Now slave I want you to show me you appreciation for the kindnest I
have shown you."

I crawled over to the chair in which she was sitting and lost myself
in the extasy as I licked her shoe. Kim beamed a smile over at Karen
as she knew she had totally broken me and I had become her complete
slave, just like the one she read about in the story just hours ago.

I had no idea where this would all lead.

"O.K. now, off with the rest of your clothes, you have some new things
to wear." Kim stated, and I knew that she expected quick and total
compliance. In no time I was naked and on my knees before her.

She took the cock and ball harness and affixed it to the base of my
cock and around my balls, splitting them into two tight sacs. Next
she took a thin rawhide cord and attached it to the harness. The cord
was about 4-5 feet long. She gave a quick tug and I yelped from the
pain that shot through me. Kim just glared my way to let me know to
keep my mouth shut.

The next article of "clothing" was a studded collar. This she just
handed to me and I dutyfully placed it around my neck.

"That's all for now slave, are you still thirsty?"

"Yes, Godess Kim." I replied.

"Well go into the kitchen and get a big bowl and fill it with as much
water as you would like to drink." I was about to get up when Kim
stopped me and said, "Around here you will stay on your knees at all
times unless you need to get up to comply with an order that you
receive from me."

I crawled in from the kitchen carrying a bowl of water.

"Place it between my feet." Kim directed, "Now undo the buckle on my
shoes, but be sure to do it properly."

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by properly, and was in no mood
to ask without permission to speak, so I lowered myself down to the
level of her shoes and very tenderly kissed her right shoe as if it
were a lover on the first night you fell in love. After several
passionate kisses I felt a tug on the cord, and the pain in my cock
and balls told me it was time to move on. I carefully undid the
buckle, kissing it both before and after, and then gingerly slid the
shoe from her foot. I kissed it before I put it down, breathing in
the wonderous oder that the leather and foot sweat combined to make.

"Smell my foot" Kim ordered to my utmost delight. I lowered my head
and began inhaling the fragrance which was utterly intoxicating. My
cock was straining at the harness which now dug into the base of my
cock. "I've gone about two or three days in these socks so they must
be pretty rank by now. How do they smell slave?" Kim asked.

"They smell far more lovely than the sweetest rose" I exclaimed as
both Karen and Kim bust out in laughter.

"That's enough with that foot," as she took it away and placed it in
the bowl. "On to the next one."

I repeated the process of long loving kisses to her left shoe as her
right foot soaked in the water. After she tired of the attention I
was extolling to her left foot she gave a tug on the cord to signal we
were to move on. She lifted her right foot out of the water and let
it drip over the bowl.

"Carefully remove my sock and don't spill any water." I did as told
and awaited further instructions. "Place the sock in your mouth and
suck it clean." The white anklet still had some salty sweat in it and
I was in heaven with the tasks Kim was assigning. I must have leaked
a pint of pre-cum and I'm sure I would have exploded if it weren't for
the cock harness digging into the base of my cock.

"O.K. Karen, let me have the camcorder and take a seat on the couch.
Slave, time to start paying homage to our little cheerleader here.
Same treatment as before, and don't let me see you cutting corners."
I crawled over to the lovely blond cheerleader and started
passionately kissing her saddle shoes. Karen giggled quite a bit as I
made love to her shoes, but I knew I had to perform no less a humbling
and humiliating task with Karen as I had with Kim. The whole purpose
of this was my total degradation and humiliation. It was unbelievable
that I could find this utter humiliation so sexually stimulating.

Karen's socks were pale pink lacey anklets. She had worn them for
cheerleading practice and once again I was lost in complete nirvana at
the task I was performing. The smell was even more pungent than Kim's
feet. I would have gladly smelled her feet for hours more, however
Kim had other plans, and after Karen had soaked her feet in the bowl,
it was time to move on.

"Slave, time for you to drink, but first we must spice it up." Kim
snorted out another thick goobery load of saliva, flem, and snot.
After this she had Karen do the same until they had each spit half a
dozen times into the bowl. Kim gave a tug on the cock leash and
pulled me towards the mixture that had once been water but was now a
cloudy, milky, gooey liquid.

"No hands, and you are to drink your way down to the bottom of the
bowl without spilling a drop. Then suck the slop out of the socks
until they are practically dry."

Kim and Karen took off and left me to my task. My hands and feet were
no longer tied so I was free to do anything I pleased, and yet they
may as well have been bound as tight as could be because I had
developed an insatiable appetite for degradation and humiliation at
the hands and feet of these two beautiful teen vixens. I was ready to
comit to slavery forever at their feet. Somehow, I think Kim had
grasped all of this long before I did. My cock strained at its bounds
once again as I slurped up the gooey slime floating on the surface of
the mixture. Because it was so thick, I was able to suck off almost
the entire flemmy goo off the surface in one gulp. My mouth was
filled to practically overflowing with the slimey goo, yet I held it
in my mouth for quite some time, tasteing and basking in my
humiliation once again. Just then I noticed that the camcorder had
been left on to record my actions. I wondered how Kim would react to
the performance I had just given that could not have been any better
if it had been supervised by the crop?

"O.K. thats about enough for one night, grab that package over there
and bring it up to the bedroom." Kim ordered. I crawled over and
dragged the package up the stairs to the bedroom. I was not quite
prepared for what awaited me when I got there. Karen was standing
there brushing her long blond hair in nothing but flimsy hot pink
panties and one of my tee shirts that she had cut to barely cover her
breasts. Kim was in white cotton panties, and had only a sports bra
on top. After gawking for a minute or so, Kim ordered me to bring her
the package as she sat on the bed. She took out handcuffs and
anklecuffs and she quickly affixed them on me. Next, she took a chain
with clasps at both ends. She attached one end to the ring on my
studded collar, and the other to the ring on the cock harness. The
chain was extremely short and I had to hunch over as far as I could
for Kim to attach it to my harness. Then she attached the handcuffs
to the anklecuffs. I was now contorted into a position where I was
sitting on my heels with my head pulled down into my thighs. There
was almost no room for movement unless I was willing to risk
castration. Karen was once again filming my humiliation to capture it
for future display.

Meanwhile, she took the tape that had recorded my drinking scene
downstairs and set it up to play on the bedroom TV. Kim kicked me
over on my side and told me to enjoy the show. They rewound the tape
to the spot where they went upstairs and left me with orders to drink.
Kim and Karen got into my(?) bed and started the tape. They burst out
with laughter as they watched me humiliate myself on my own with
niether one there. Karen could not believe the look of total extasy
on my face as I savored the gooey flemmy slime before swallowing. It
appeared that Kim had made a friendly bet with Karen that i would
humiliate myself no less so if they were not there, and the proof was
on the camera.

"You are right Kim, he really is your tota slave. I can't believe you
were able to do this in less then a day." It was hard for me to
believe as well, but there was no doubt that Karen was right, I was
Kim's total slave.

They shut off the tape, and turned out the lights, and I thought they
were going to bed, until I heard the sounds of some hot and heavy
action taking place up above. They were obviously treating themselves
to numerous orgasms while I was left with a rock hard cock for which
there would be no relief tonight. So I drifted off to a painful and
fitfull sl**p given the bound position I had been left in.

Saturday morning arrived and I had hopes of being released from my
bonds. The girls awoke around 8:30 and started mulling around. They
took showers and dressed in yesterday's clothes. Kim released me and
told me to take a shower and be quick about it. As quickly as I
could, I showered, shaved and dressed. ThenI crawled down the stairs
to greet the teens.

"What are you doing with clothes on?" Kim asked angrily, "You are not
to have clothes on in this house unless told to." Needless to say I
was stripping as fast as I could. On my knees I crawled over and
rested my head on the floor in front of Kim's feet.

"You may beg my forgiveness."

With every ounce of sincerity I could muster I pleaded for forgiveness
from Kim, promising that I was doing my best to comply with her every
wish and that I would try as though my life depended on it to please
her in ways that she couldn't yet imagine. Ii would struggle to
perform for her exactly as she wanted without her even having to ask.

"I will overlook this transgretion just this once only because I am in
a hurry and I don't want to work up a sweat beating your ass. However
rest assured that should I feel like punishing you later you have
merely been granted a short reprieve. Now show me gratitude for the
mercy I have bestowed on you.

Once again I prostated myself before this amazing girl and kissed her
shoes as if there was no tommorrow, which there might not be if she
was not completely satisfied with my performance. She tilted her shoe
slightly and I was able to stuggle to lick her soles, abasing myself
once again as Karen recorded the moment.

Without my cock harness on, the degradation I was feeling while
licking her soul sent me over the edge as I came on the kitchen floor.

"Enough," Kim stated, as she kicked me away. Observing the mess I
made, she smiled and spit right in the middle of it. "On your back!"
I rolled on my back and she proceeded to step in the goo and then on
my face. I hungrily lapped at her shoe until she was satisfied the
slop was all gone.

The collar and cock harness were then attached along with the cock
leash. I was then allowed to put my clothes back on. I had to leave
my fly open an inch or so to allow the leash to pass through.

"Now Karen and I both celebrtated our 18th birthday last week and it's
time for you to take us out and get us a present. So get your money
and credit cards together, lets go I'm hungry and we are going to stop
at the diner for breakfast first"

I was back in a flash, and crawled out to the Infiniti in the garage
where the girls were waiting. On the way to the diner, Kim tugged on
the leash and rested her feet in my lap. From the back seat Karen
rubbed her saddle shoes all over my head. I was in heaven once again
but the cock harness was preventing any relief from the torment. We
stopped at a red light and a car pulled up beside us. As the couple
looked over at us, Kim raised her foot and said "Lick it" while
tugging on the cock leash. I knew better then to delay and began
licking Kim's sole right in front of this couple. Karen was laughing
hysterically from the back at the situation.

"I can't imagine what you will have him doing after a week." Karen
said as we continued to the diner.

Once there, Kim led me from the car by the leash, thankfully I was
allowed to walk instead of crawl. We were showed a table and all was
well as Kim ordered for me and we awaited the food. She ordered me
oatmeal and when it came, declared it to hot. She pulled the bowl
over to her side and Karen and Kim took turns spitting in it much to
the disbelief of the people at the table across from us.

"Would you like it mixed in?" she asked. "No thank-you Godess Kim." I
repied. She gave me the bowl back and I carefully sc****d the spittel
off the top and once again savored it like it was a feast for a king.
The other table was now a mix between disgust and laughter. I was
about to take a drink when I felt a tug that told me to stop. Kim
took my glass along with hers, and headed to the bathroom with Karen.
They returned shortly and placed the two glasses in front of me.

"Since I thought you might be thirsty I brought you two."

"Thank you Godess Kim." I reached out for one of the glasses
containing what I knew to be her golden nectar. "I can never thank
you enough for the privledge you now bestow on me Godess Kim." I
closed my eyes and slowly drank her waste product as if it were a rare
wine. The other table was just about over the edge when Kim took a
spoonful of the slop, crossed her legs so one was hanging slightly out
in the aisle, and plopped the slop right on the patent leather of her
maryjane. Without hesitation, I got out from me seat, knelt before my
goddess and begged for permission to clean her shoe. After several
humbling efforts to convince her, Kim granted me permission to clean
her shoe. I returned to the table and washed it down with the other
glass of her precious fluid. Finished, Kim now led me by the leash
out of the diner.

We left the diner and headed off to the Stanford shopping mall. Kim
was quiet on the drive, perhaps reflecting on the public events that
had just taken place. It seemed as if she were born for the role of
dominatrix. She had taken to it almost immediatly and now seemed to
actually relish her new position. She was looking for more and more
ways to demonstrate her control and power over me. I, on the other
hand, could not believe how strong my desire to submit to her had
become. I had never experienced anything approaching the level of
sexual arousal I derived from my submission. Maybe it was the fact
that her domination was no game. In any case, we were discovering
that we were perfect for the roles we were taking. In fact, they
weren't roles, it was as if we found are calling in life. I had
always fantasized about submission, but I never thought I would
actually enjoy the real life experience. Now I was discovering the
real thing was pleasure beyond anything my wildest fantasies had ever
produced. I wondered how far this would all take me, and where it
would end. Was Kim having some of these same thoughts?

We arrived at the posh shopping mall and I walked behind the girls as
Kim held my leash. The thin rawhide was not that noticeable but
occasionally someone would notice and snicker at my predicament. The
shame I felt when they discovered my plight stirred my cock to total
arrousal. Damn the cock harness biting into the base of my cock.
This ever present arousal however, caused a constant stream of pre-cum
to leak out making the choice of my light tan pants a poor one. The
stain would only draw attention to the leash. I was helpless however,
in controlling my arousal.

As we strolled along, Kim was discussing that she needed to come up
with a name for me. Mr. Conway simply would not do. She felt that
perhaps Slave Shoelicker would be appropriate, and so I became Mr.
Slave Shoelicker. The girls enjoyed their fun, talking about me as if
I wasn't there, but now it was time to shop.

In honor of my new name, we first stopped in a shoe store. Kim picked
out several different styles of maryjanes, both patent and mat finish
in black, white, and even a pink pair she found in her size. She also
picked out a pair of leather keds for comfort around the house.
Karen, on the other hand, picked out several varieties of the saddle
shoes she enjoyed, in black/white, red/white, pink/white, green/white
and yellow/white. Karen also went for some spiked heels, and strappy
sandals. As the girls were trying on the shoes, Kim would
occasionally ask "Would you enjoy licking the dirt off these shoes
Slave Shoelicker?" This of course was said right in front of the
sales woman for proper effect. I would always respond "Yes Goddess
Kim." At least the sales woman was discrete and would just smile and
shake her head. When she found out that we would be buying all twenty
or so pairs that the girls tried on, she was a little more impressed.

The next stop was a Victoria Secret type store. Kim's tastes were
rather simple. Only cotton panties and socks. She did however pick
up several pairs of anklets in a variety of colors. Karen once again
went with a more sophisticated style. Frilly anklets, thigh highs,
silks, nylon, and nite clothes. Karen had model looks, and could wear
anything or nothing and rate a top ten in anyones opinion. The sales
woman remarked several times that she knew an agent who would be
interested in meeting her if she was interested in modelling. The
sales woman also noticed the leash that Kim was holding and asked if I
was her dog.

"Oh no, he doesn't rate that high, he is Slave Shoelicker."

Noticing the growing pre-cum stain the woman remarked "Is he under

Kim crossed her legs and gently started swinging her foot. I felt a
tight tug on the leash and fell to my knees in front of my Goddess. I
lowered my head to the floor below her swinging foot.

"Do you have anything to say slave?" Kim asked.

"Please allow me the priviledge of abasing myself at your feet,
Goddess Kim. I would consider it the greatest honor if you would
allow me to lick the dirt from your shoe. There is no more joyful act
that I could hope to perform in my worthless life then to perform this
honor for you."

Kim tugged on the leash and I contorted myself to get at the sole of
her shoe which was barely six inches off the ground. Once again I was
lost in the ecstasy that this humiliating act brought about. The
experience was orgasmic even though I was prevented from cumming by my
cock harness. I dont know how long this scene went on, but a tug on
the leash brought me out of my trance and it was time to leave. Karen
spent over 1000 dollars on her own here.

As we continued to stroll the mall the girls were talking amongst
themselves about how far they could go before my credit limit ran out.
Karen wanted to ask, but Kim was unconcerned. We stopped in several
other stores and spent several thousand more when Kim decide it was
time to leave. Karen wanted to continue, as it appeared she could
shop all day and night. It was agreed they would stop in one more
store before we left. Karen picked a jewelery store. After browsing
around for a while Kim came up with an idea. "Slave Shoelicker, since
we are here in honor of our 18th birthdays, you will decide what to
buy us here." Karen was immediatly disappointed. She felt she would
be cheated out of a real coupe.

I decided to start with Karen. I knew her tastes were sophisticated
and expensive. When I picked out The diamond stud earings for three
thousand dollars, her eyes lit up and she gasped. While she and Kim
were admiring the earings I picked out a ruby, emerald and diamond
tennis bracelet that went for twenty-five thousand. Karen was
flabergasted as she hugged Kim. She was immediatly talking about
evening wear she needed to get so she could wear the bracelet. She
even hinted that I might be entitled to a reward for my choice, but
Kim cut her off on that topic.

Now I must decide for Kim. This would be a little more difficult. I
didn't want to disappoint her, yet she did not have expensive tastes.
After looking around for a while I selected a simple gold ankle
bracelet. With my heart pounding with apprehension I held out the
bracelet for Kim to see. A slight smile crossed her lips, and she
moved her foot forward and pointed her toe in a dancers pose. I sank
to my knees and kissed her shoe, my face almost to the ground. I
kissed her foot several times as I was in no hurry. Perhaps because
she was pleased she allowed me to continue placing loving kisses on
her shoe. Not wanting to carry on beyond the honor Kim bestowed, I
moved back slightly, still bent over practically lying on the floor at
her feet, and put the bracelet on. I boldly took the liberty and
kissed her ankle, the highest point that I had ever achieved. I
backed away and lowered my forehead to the ground at her feet. She
left me there while she and Karen admired the bracelet, then tugged
the leash and it was time to leave.

On the way home we stopped at an exercise equipment store. I had a
stairmaster at home, but Kim decided we needed two so they could both
exercise at the same time. once at home the girls decided to head
back to their houses to get some necessary things for the rest of the

Before leaving, Kim attached the handcuffs and anklecuffs, and
attached my collar to my cock harness with the short link chain
causing me to ball up on the floor. She then took her socks off and
stuffed them in my mouth. She placed her maryjane over my nose and
tied it in place. This was sure to keep me in total aroused
frustration until they returned. "Don't get into any trouble while
we're gone." Karen joked as they left.

Once again I was bound helpless, unable to move. There was no telling
when the girls would return. This time provided a great opportunity
to contemplate things, for lack of anything else to do to occupy the
time. I tried to think about where I was in my life, where I had
been, and where my life was going. Just a short time ago I was
married, with a k** on the way. My pregnant wife was killed on a
business trip by a lousy package delivery truck driver. I had come to
terms with the loss, and the settlement netted me 6.5 million. I was
a savy investor and had turned that into 9 million with the bull
markets run. I had a great job at a silicon valley firm that paid
well. I had everything I needed except a woman companion, but I
couldn't quite see any woman taking my wife's place. I don't think I
could start over in an equal relationship. I had always had
submissive desires but no real ambition to persue them while I was
happily married. Perhaps because I could never replace my wife, these
submissive tendensies grew over the last year. Still, I would never
had persued them outside of a fantasy life until yesterday. Which
leads me to my current situation.

There was no doubt that Kim had struck a nerve in me. I had never
experienced sexual pleasure anywhere remotely close to the hieghts
that I reached in the last day with Kim. The level of intensity was
way beyond anything I could imagine a day ago. Yet I don't think it
was who Kim was but what she was that had struck the nerve. Yes she
was beautiful, but I had plenty of opportunities with beautiful women
in the last year and none of that interested me. There certainly were
more beautiful women apenty yet I knew no one would ever take me where
Kim had. Which leads me to where my life is going.

I wondered exactly how much control I actually had over my life now.
I felt that I really had the ultimate control over my life, and I
would be able to put it back to where it was just as soon as Kim was
satisfied I had paid my pennance. But was I k**ding myself? Had I
lost control over the destiny of my life? Here I was, bound, a pair
of dirty socks stuffed in my mouth, and a shoe attached to my face.
The fragrance of Kim's feet constantly on my mind. The result of
which was the most incredible hard on I could imagine. Would anybody
who had any hope of gaining control of their life allow themselves to
be in this position. In fact, I had a continuous hard on since I
agreed to be Kim's slave. Was I loosing control of my life to my

The girls returned with their stuff and some chinese food. It was
late afternoon and I hadn't eaten lunch. They decided to eat in the
kitchen and Kim came into the livingroom to unhook the chain
connecting my collar to my cock harness. "Come to dinner" she said.
But she left my handcuffs attached to my anklecuffs. This made it
very difficult to move, so I wormed my way to the kitchen. Karen
laughed as I came around the corner with the shoe attached to the
middle of my face.

"Are we hungry Mr. Shoelicker? Today you are also shoe sniffer. Oh
looks like the cats got your tongue, or is it the socks?" Karen mused.

Kim got up and removed the shoe and socks. I bent down and commenced
passionately kissing the maryjane that was now beside me.

"It's as if thats the most precious object in the world" Karen

Kim put the bowl down on the floor with a mixture of rice with chicken
and broccoli. "Would you care for something to drink?"

"Yes, Goddess Kim"

Kim raised her pleated skirt and lowered her white cotton panties.
She squatted over the bowl and let out a stream of pee. Evidently she
hadn't gone to the bathroom for quite some because it was pungent and
she went on so long she filled the bowl and it spilled onto the floor.
She sat back down and remarked "I appear to have soiled some on my

With my cuffed hands attached to my cuffed feet, I slithered along on
my belly till I reached Kim's shoes. Her legs wre stretched out and
crossed at the ankles, giving me a good angle from my position flat on
my belly with legs bent back at the knees to meet my hands.

"Goddess Kim, may I please be granted the honor of cleaning your

"Yes you may but be quick about it." I lapped at her shoes as quickly
as I could, careful though to ensure that nothing was missed. I
wanted those shoes to shine as brite as they were when Kim wore them
out of the store this morning.

It was apparent that my bonds would not be released for me to eat, so
I wormed my way back to the bowl licking up every drop of Kims golden
wine along the way. The pleasure was once again unreal. To be on my
belly, on the floor, in front of my Goddess, lapping up her bodily
waste, was pleasure beyond description Even with the cock harness
attached, I felt as though I were experiencing multiple orgasm. I
felt just the way one feels the split moment before ejaculation, only
the feeling continued on and on because the harness prevented release.
I moved to the bowl, slowly drinking my way down to the food, lost in
my ecstacy.

I was brought back to reality by Kim who was undoing my bonds. I was
to be given a reprieve to allow me to clean up after dinner. The
girls went to relax in the livingroom. Just then the doorbell rang.
It was around five o'clock and I wondered who it might be. Kim got
the door and apparently was letting someone in. It was the fella
delivering the stairmaster. She was telling him to take it to the den
which would take him right by the kitchen. I was in a panic. I could
slip out into the garage, but what would Kim think? I was under
orders to clean the kitchen and I must follow them completely and
without hesitation or risk the crop, or worse. He I was, naked except
for the slave collar and the cock harness and leash. My dick was
sticking straight up leaking pre-cum, and my balls were separated and
protruding in an unnatural way due to the harness. I looked

There he was, he stopped dead in his tracks. "Who is that?" directed
at Kim which was lucky since I am forbidden to talk.

"That is Slave Shoelicker." Kim replied.

Ha ha ha. "Does he lick shoes?"

"Among other things" Kim said matter of factly.

"Can I see him do it?"

"He hasn't earned the priviledge to lick my shoes at this time but,
Karen, do you think Slave Shoelicker is deserving enough to lick your
shoes?" Kim asked.

"Well, if he begs me and grovels in just the right way, I may let
him." Karen said.

My heart racing yet again, I got down on my belly and slithered into
the livingroom. Karen was on the couch wearing a clingy pink top that
exposed her perfect stomach, tight hot pink shorts, and frilly pink
anklets to match the pink/white saddle shoes. Her long blond hair was
back in a pony tail held in place by a pink velvet scrunchie. To put
it mildly, she looked like the most desirable woman alive today.

Prostrate before her, I begged her to allow me the great honor of
licking her shoes. The delivery guy was hysterical as I abased myself
to a new low. After a few minutes of pleading for the priviledge,
Karen relented and said I could clean the soles. Closing my eyes to
drink in all the fantastic stimulation this degrading act sent through
my sensory system, I humbled myself before this beautiful woman. I
licked as though her sole was the sweetest ice cream in the world.
Savoring the pleasure shockwaves that came with each lick. Although
this might have been viewed as even more hilarious then the begging
scene, the man was no longer laughing. Kim directed him to complete
his delivery and leave as I continued licking Karen's shoes.

Kim shut the door behind the delivery man who didn't utter a word on
the way out, and returned to the living room. "Well it looks like you
have become the envy of the delivery f***e Slave Shoelicker."

"Did you see the hard on he got when Slave Shoelicker started making
love to my shoes?" Karen asked.

"No doubt he would have traded places without a moments hesitation"
Kim remarked.

The girls relaxed in the living room while I continued, lost in my own
world of ecstacy grovelling before this trully beautiful woman. Kim
congradulated Karen for the way in which she controlled me in front of
the delivery man. It was her first real attempt at exercising her
control over me, and she was going to be a fast learner.

It was just after six o'clock, and Kim decided to take a bath in the
jacuzzi tub. She headed upstairs to the master bath and called after
me, "Come along Slave Shoelicker, and be quick about it."

Before I tore myself away from Karen's shoes, I knew I needed to thank
her for allowing me to spend such a long time licking the soles of her
lovely new saddle shoes. "Lady Karen, I am most grateful to you that
you should be so considerate and grace me with the heavenly task of
suplicating myself before your feet. I only hope that someday I may
be worthy of such an honor, for I know now that the priviledge is only
granted by virtue of your infinite kindness." I placed one adoring
kiss to the very tip of her shoe and squirmed away on my belly.

"You have done well today, and have come a long way in the past 24
hours. I believe even your Goddess may be somewhat pleased. However,
she will expect continued improvement in your performance or you will
regret the day you were born. For I'm sure you have seen she is
capable of extreme cruelty if disappointed in the least." Karen

I crawled as fast as I could up the stairs to the master bath. Kim
was sitting in the wicker chair reading one of the femdom papers from
my stash. I lay before her, my head down at her feet. "These so
called mistresses are far to leanient and allow way to much leway in a
so called slave's behavior. I hope you don't think you would get away
with behaving as the men in these articles do. I can assure you that
any transgretion on your part will result in punishment so severe you
will never forget it. I regret that I let you off so easy in the
caning you received yesterday. I can promise you that next time I will
show no mercy."

I knew Kim meant every word she said. Perhaps she went easy yesterday
because she was so new to her new position in life, perhaps only
because I was so new and had much to learn of what was expected.
Either way, I knew full well that she would follow through with her
promise and the thought of further punishment at her hands brought
shudders of fear to mind. I believe she even noticed me quiver as I
lay at her feet.

"Run the bath." Kim ordered.

Quickly I was kneeling over the bath and beginning the preparation.
Kim handed me the expensive bubble bath that she purchased at the mall
today. Once I was satisfied the water was set just right I returned
to my goddess' feet. "You will undress me for my bath, slave."

I rose to my knees to look at my Goddess. She was dressed in the same
clothes she had on when she walked through my front door yesterday. A
white shirt, a short pleated skirt, white anklets, and patent leather
maryjanes. The only addition was the simple ankle bracelet that I
picked out for her today. She looked every bit the innocent
schoolgirl, if an amazingly stunning one at that. No one could
possibly fathem that behind this innocent facade lived a girl capable
of extreme wickedness and cruelty. There was a new aura developing
around her. Her face portrayed this supreme aire of arrogant
confidence that made it irresistable. She held herself as a woman
with no peers. I wondered how I had changed since our first meeting,
and whether it was as pronounced as the change in Kim. I wish that I
could ask Kim for I was sure she was even more atuned to the changes
in me than I was in her.

Reverently I approached on my belly and placed a kiss to the tip of
her shoe. A kiss to the silver buckle and then gently undid the
strap. She raised the shoe just enough for me to cup the heel and
remove it. The intoxicating fragrance of the leather and her foot
sweat hit my nostrils and I had to use all my concentration to keep
from getting lost in the nirvanna that was overcoming me. The
pre-orgasmic feeling had returned to my cock, and I had now come to
realize that the cock harness merely intesified this feeling by
preventing the release that would relieve it all.

Placing the shoe on the floor, once again I kissed the tip, basking in
my degradation. The same ritual was performed for the other maryjane
and now I gazed upon those perfect feet in their simple white anklets.
I boldly moved to kiss the bracelet, careful not to linger to long at
my Goddess' ankle, and removed the bracelet, placing it on the nearby
table. Reaching out with both hands I slowly and with great care
removed the anklets, revealing the most perfect feet I could ever
imagine. "I will grant you the opportunity to clean my feet, but if
you take that liberty , tomorrow you will pay for the priviledge, and
you will be paying for a very long time."

I didn't know exactly what price I would pay, but I knew that if Kim
chose to warn me, then it was a very high price indeed. Kim would not
accept delay in my decision and I knew I would pay any price to put my
lips to her magnificent feet. Without any movement on my part Kim
knew my decision, as she raised those perfect dancer's legs to allow
me easy access to her feet. For a second I shuddered at the thought
of what price I would pay, but as the perfume of her foot hit my brain
I was once again lost in my task, relishing my moment as truly the
luckiest man on the earth. I took a moment to drink in the fragrance
and my mouth began to water. I placed my lips on her toes and gently
sucked each one. The taste was indescribable. Infinitely more
wonderful than anything I experienced before. The pre-cum oozing from
my penis was joined with some cum as I had earth shattering orgasm
after orgasm, forcing minute amounts of jism through in spite of the
biting cock harness. The taste of the funky crevices between her toes
took me once again to new heights. My task complete, I was totally
drained, unable to move. Kim seemed to sense this as she continued to
read the articles on femdom.

She then stood and turned for me to undo the pleated skirt. She
stepped out of it and turned for me to unbutton her shirt. From my
position kneeling on the floor, I looked up at her eyes and she down
at mine. I saw in her eyes the most perfect creature that ever lived.
Some day perhaps she will tell me what she saw in mine. We
communicated in that moment, Her eyes told me that there was nothing
that she wasn't capable of asking of me, and my eyes told her that I
knew. Would I be capable though of complying?

Kim undid her own bra and panties, turning the panties inside out and
placing the crotch over my nose. "I've worn these for two days now so
enjoy." I knew that this was as close as I would probably get to her
devine shrine.

Seeing Kim naked for the first time through the panties leg holes, I
marveled at just her perfect her body was. While Karen had the model
looks, Kim had that of an athlete, although it was by no means
overmuscular, just perfect. Her ass and legs were so well toned, it
was beyond amazing. I wondered what she did to keep in such perfect

She entered the tub and began to soak as I relished the sweet aroma
of her young womanhood, enraptured once again by this amazing teen

As Kim soaked in the tub, I knelt in silence and marvelled at her
magnificient body. Kim began to shave her legs, and stretched her leg
straight up in the air. It was so well toned, so limber. Not an
ounce of fat or cellulite. And when she extended her foot and pointed
her toe like that of a gymnast, I was fascinated by her grace and
beauty. Truly the most glorious legs I had ever seen. Just then the
phone rang. Kim answered, "Hello. ... No, I'm sorry, but Don Conway
doesn't live here anymore. ... You have the right number but there is
no Don Conway here. Click.

My mind started racing with thoughts of what I had done. It was clear
to me now that I was loosing control of my life. I could live with
public humiliation before strangers, but I never expected Kim to take
my punishment to people that I knew. How far would it go? Perhaps
she had no intention of playing it as a game.

Kim was washing her silky brown hair when she broke me from my
contemplation with new orders. She reached out to undo the harness,
brushing my penis ever so slightly. I started to moan as I was about
to cum from the fantastic sensations. "If you dare I will whip you
100 times!" I bit my lip and teettered on the brink. "Shower and
shave and don't you dare attempt release."

I crawled out as quickly as I could to remove the sight of my Goddess'
perfect form as she contiued washing her hair which exposed her shiney
wet breasts, rather small, but as firm as any I'd seen and perfect in
my eyes.

I showered and shaved as close as I could. I replaced my collar
around my neck and crawled back to the master bedroom. Kim was in the
midst of getting dressed. She had on a short white/pink pleated
skirt, white shirt, and white anklets with just a touch of pink lace
trim that attracted attention to her lovely legs and feet. She sat on
the bed and called to me "Come here." I crawled up to her feet
placing my head to the ground before them paying proper homage, yet
stealing a close up view of the breathtaking sight before my eyes.

"Stand up." I stood and Kim reattached the cock harness and leash.
Without hesitation I dropped back down to my subserviant position
before my Goddess. "Get the shoes sitting on the chair." I retrieved
the shoes. They were the new patent pink maryjanes. There was
something about the young girl innocence the pink color represented
that intensified the degrading acts I was and surely would be
performing. The pink made it clear that physical strength had
absolutely nothing to do with power and control Kim excersized over
me, and that her domination was total and complete.

Kissing the tips of the shoes I prepared to begin the wonderful task
of placing them on Kim's perfect feet. She extended her foot in that
dancers point which accentuated the the incredibly toned muscles of
her leg and caused my heart to race at the magnificent sight. I bent
to kiss the tip of her pointed toe and placed the maryjane on her
foot. I repeated the process with the other shoe, then worshipfully
placed a single passionate kiss to the tip of each maryjane, putting
more feeling behind it than any kiss I had given before in my life.
Kim had me add the ankle bracelet which further drew attention to her
feet and legs.

Kim went to the closet and selected clothing for me. She picked out a
custom tailored suit and shirt my late wife had me get for meetings I
would run before the CEO of the company I worked for. My wife
believed in dressing for success and it certainly worked for me. The
tailored shirt and italian shoes completed the outfit, and Kim had me
loop the cock leash through the belt loops stating "I dont want to
have to hold your leash all night, but heaven help you if you dont
heel as if I were holding it."

Downstairs we met Karen who was a sight to behold. She wore a very
short black miniskirt, tight pale yellow top and matching pale yellow
thigh highs which were ruffled on top. She had frilly white anklets
over the thigh highs and four inch pale yellow heels. The diamond
earings and tennis bracelet completed the outfit which potrayed her as
utterly drop dead gorgeous. Her nails were done with red polish to
match the ruby color in the bracelet.

"My are you quite a handsome man!" exclaimed Karen as I appeared. I
was thirty-six years old about six foot 180 lbs. Dark hair with just
a touch of grey at the temples. It would have been no surprise as I
had been described as quite handsome before, but coming from this
unbelievably beautiful woman who had taken part in my degradation over
the past day, did take me aback. Kim ever alert for something that
might raise my self esteem cut in. "Greet Lady Karen properly Slave

I slithered over to Karen and began placing kisses to her heels. She
evidently was in a hurry to get going as she too quickly ended my task
and headed for the car taking her glorious body away leaving me there
only to wish for what might have been.

We were heading to a club in a posh neighborhood that the girls had
sometimes frequented. It would probably contain many young rich k**s
out for a fun saturday nite. As we arrived I was once again reminded
to act as if on a very short leash. We went in and I followed just a
step behind my Goddess, heeling properly. Kim went up to the bar and
ordered a mineral water with two glasses. Just then a young guy came
up and asked "Hey little girl can I buy you a drink?" Kim shot him a
disapproving glance and ignored the comment.

The fellow continued the losing battle, "Who is he," glancing at me,
"are you taken?"

"He belongs to me and I'm never taken, now get lost and take your game
where you might have might have a chance." Kim shot out as the
bartender returned with the drinks. Kim turned to leave and I quickly
paid for the drink and hurried off after her.

The k** asked me "What's her deal?" I couldn't talk and I hurried off
after Kim.

Kim selected a table near the dance floor. I stood and poured some
water into her glass. "Sit down." she said. Karen had immediatly
headed for the dance floor where all the guys were fighting to dance
with her.

"I will allow you to talk freely tonight." Kim stated as I sat,
shocked. She continued, "You really are an attractive man, easily the
most handsome here," as she glanced around. "Last week you could have
had your pick of the woman here. You easily can portray yourself as a
man who has looks, wealth and power. Do you still consider yourself a

I truly did not know as I sat silent. I believe Kim knew my thoughts
as she didn't press for an answer. "What do you want?" I asked.

"I want it all." she replied. And there was no need for me to press
for a further answer, for I knew what she meant. I wanted to ask what
she wanted from her 'relationship' with me, but wasn't 'man' enough to
ask, so we sat and looked out at the dance floor.

Karen had taken up with the best guy out there. Boy was she amazing!
Perhaps that cheeleading practice had paid off, because she was an
incredible dancer. She moved with such a high level of energy and
intensity, yet this just amplified her attractiveness and all eyes,
male and female, were on her. It was quite possible that everyone
there wanted her. "She is something isn't she?" kim asked.

"Yes," I found myself saying without even thinking. I , myself
captivated by Karen as she moved so suductively. "She is in her
element right now, her beauty shines as bright as the sun and everyone
is helplessly attatcted to her," continuing my thoughts on auto pilot.

"That's quite an astute obsevation," noted Kim, and bringing me back
to realization. "It should be clear to you that all the questions you
want to ask me could be answered by yourself if you would allow
yourslf to be honest." Once again I was amazed at how much she knew
about me, and I knew she was right, but my conscious mind was afraid
to let me give myself an honest answer.

After dancing at a breakneck pace for quite some time, Karen came to
the table, glissening with radiance that the perspiration generated.
She brought Mr. Rich k** with her. The guy was about 25, gold Rolex,
Ralph Lauren attire, obviously the son of a silicon valley CEO who had
millions, and sonny boy felt that it made him a big man.

Karen ordered water and k** got a beer. He was doing his best to get
at Karen who was playing it nonchallant. Kim and I just sat back to
watch. He kept reaching out for Karen, who would slap his hand away.
He was clearly captivated by her and assumed she would fall at his
feet as so many others had. We kept hearing of his money, his
porsche, his house in the hiils, as he continued to "impress" Karen.

He kept after her for a kiss, and Karen kept brushing it off.

"Just a little kiss, it won't hurt. All my women kiss me on the first
date, or try to," he machoed on.

Finally Karen had had enough. "You want a kiss, kiss my foot."

"Hey baby, I don't do that, but maybe later I'll make an exception for
you." As he continued to manuver for a kiss.

"No, you want a kiss, kiss my foot now!"

"Later, I promise."

"Do it now." as Karen became more f***efull.

"O.K. lets take it out to my car, darling. take it easy."

"No, kiss my foot now, right here, or get lost. I'm tired of your
little games. If you want to kiss me, do it now!"

"Alright, just silde your foot under the table."

Karen was tired of this little game and was tiring of the k**. "Get
on the floor! Now!" The k** wanted deperately to do it. He was
looking at Karen's legs in those thigh highs with the frilly anklets.
Her legs were amazing. I could see the bulge growing as he stared at
her feet. He licked his lips. Would his pride prevent him from doing
what his dick so desperately wanted to do? He got down on one knee.

"On your back!" Karen ordered.

He would do it. He would do anything to kiss her feet. As he was
about to get on his back, Karen took his beer and spilled it all over
the floor, giving him one more chance to let his pride recover and
save his reputation. He lay on his back in the beer. Karen got up,
drawing what attention which had not already been focused on her. She
raised her heel.

"Take your shoe off please." the k** asked meekly. But Karen brought
her foot down on his face. She pressed down and twisted it, smashing
his lips into his teeth, but the k** didn't resist. Hoots and cheers
spang up throughout the place. Karen removed her foot and told the
k** to get lost. He quickly got up and was about to get out of there
asap, his face beet red, when Karen said, "Thank me for the kiss."

He stopped and turned, perhaps hoping she didn't want him to leave,
and said, "Thank you Karen."

"GO!" was Karen's only reply.

Hoots and hollers continued, along with shouts of "more, more!" Karen
sat down, basking in the attention she was receiving. She suddenly
raised her foot up to me, inches from my face where I was sitting. I
knew what to do. I closed my eyes, thinking of the incredible sight
before me, those magnificent legs, the pale yellow thigh highs, the
irresistable frily anklets, and the four inch heels. I reverantly
lapped at the sole of her heel, drinking in the humiliation of being
put on display before the crowd.

Suddenly, her foot was gone. I opened my eyes and Karen said, "Remove
my shoe." I slowly removed her shoe, kissing it and placing it on the
table before me. My senses were invaded by a fantastic oder. Karen
had danced with abandon and her foot was wet with sweat. It had
soaked through her thigh highs and frilly anklets. I reeled with
pleasure, taking deep breaths of her foot before me, as the crowd in
turn reeled with laughter as I abased myself before this truly
beautiful young teen. Karen took off the frilly anklet and tossed it
at me, landing on my head. She held up her other shoe, allowing me
one glorious lick of her sole, and commanded me remove it as well.
She took off the anklet and again threw it, it landing on my head,
hanging down between my eyes, drawing more laughter. She held both
her feet over my face and I was overwelmed by the pungent smell of her
soaking wet feet. The incredibly strong smell and the complete
degradation before the crowd caused me to shudder with delight and
total ecstasy. I moaned as I realized her feet were taken away again,
only to be greeted with the command to "lick." With every ounce of
devotion I had, I made love to her feet, oblivious to the crowd that
was out of control. A taste as strong and utterly delightful brought
me to new heights of pleasure. I would be at Karen's feet for all
eternity, as time completely disappeared in the state of nirvanna that
the sansations achieved. Once again her feet were taken away,
resulting in a look of sheer disappointment on my face, raising the
cat calls from the crowd.

"Leash!" Karen comanded. I undid the leash around my belt loops and
handed it to her. A sharp tug of the leash and I was before her on my
knees. "Put my shoes on." she said. I took her heels, kissing them
with all the feeling my heart could summon. I kissed the tip of her
beautiful foot and placed the heels on her feet. Another tug on the
cock leash, and I fell into her heel. She placed the tip between my
lips, and began to fuck my mouth. I sucked those four inch heels for
all I was worth, to Karen and the crowd's delight. After I had
dutyfully felated both heels, Karen pulled out and left me mouth
agape, waiting and hoping to be invaded again. She leaned forward,
took an anklet from my head, twirled it around over her head for
proper effect, and shoved it into my open mouth, expanding my right
cheek. Grabbing the other anklet, she repeated the process and shoved
it into my left cheek, making me look all the more rediculous if

Yanking me by the leash we proceeded to the middle of the dance floor.
The crowd circled round and Karen began dancing like never before.
The power that she eminated was incredible. The guys in the circle
all got on their knees, and even many of the girls. They each were
hoping she would take them down next. Every so otfen she would put
her foot down and I would have to scamper over and kiss it before it
moved or receive a viscious tug on the cock leash. As Karen tired of
the game she headed for the door dragging me behind on me hands and
knees as she received a standing ovation.

Kim greeted us at the door and the two teen vixens headed out to the
car, towing me along on my hands and knees by the cock leash. At the
car , Kim gave Karen a passionate kiss. She smiled with new admiration
at her pupil, who just yesterday had no interest in utilizing the
amazing power Kim knew she possessed. On my knees I opened the door
for them, then droping to the ground, I kissed the tips of Karen's
heels before she entered. My Goddess was standing before me as I lay
there on the cold ground. I wanted desperately to show her that she
was, and always would be my consuming passion. I wanted her to know
that the devotion I had shown to Karen would pale in comparison to
what I would give to her. I began sobbing at her feet, kissing her
pink patent maryjanes. Hoping that my liberty to speak feely still
existed I prepared to tell her how I felt. Even if the liberty had
been revoked, I would accept 1000 lashes to let her know. As I was
about to speak, Kim stated "It was Karen's night, Slave Shoelicker,
and you did well." Somehow Kim had read my thoughts. Once again I
was flabergasted. In just over a day it was becoming clear that she
knew more about me then perhaps I did about myself. I was now sobbing
uncontollably, not from disappointment, but from the happiness that I
was blessed with the honor of being able to serve this teen Goddess,
knowing full well that I was completely undeserving of such honor. I
vowed to strive, for as long as Kim would allow me in her graces, to
attempt to show her how utterly grateful I was that she bestowed this
gift upon me.

Kim got in the car, and I crawled in to drive off. "I believe we have
time for you to pay for the pleasures you received most undeservingly
tonight, Slave Shoelicker." Kim said. Indeed the pleasures were so
overwhelming, I was completely spent. I had now been at such a high
level of sexual arousal for so long, I was approaching exhaustion. I
had no idea what this "payment" would entail, as I followed Kim's

As we drove Kim had one foot in my lap, teasing me to ever higher
levels of frustration, and the other foot against my cheek. She
lightly grazed my face with the frilly pink trim of her anklet. At
every stop light I was free to gaze at Kim's beautiful feet. The
shiney pink leather, the white anklet, and the ankle bracelet. I
moaned with pleasure as I licked her shoe at every opportunity.

Kim told me to park the car in a strip mall along the way and I
wondered what was happening. It looked as if all the stores were
closed, when I noticed that one was not. I crawled around to let the
girls out and Kim took my leash and led us to a tatoo and piercing
store that was the only one open. As we entered, I was on my hands
and knees in proper heeling fashion behind my Goddess. The place had
a decidedly S & M motiff. Perhaps this is where Kim picked up the
implements last night. There was a woman dressed in all leather
behind the counter. She had a punk haircut and ring through her nose.
The outfit was completed with thigh high leather boots that said this
was one tough woman.

"I was just about to close up." she said.

"We'll make it worth your while, you can charge double." Kim stated.

"Sure, what will it be?"

"A little of everything, lets start with a tatoo." Kim said matter of
factly. My ears perked up as I wondered what was in store for me.
The woman, whose name appropriately was Dominique, led us to the back
room after she locked the front door.

"Is it for Mr. Beautiful here?" Dominique asked.

"It is for Slave Shoelicker." Kim replied, Dominique just laughed.

"I wouldn't mind having this pretty boy under me some time." Dominique
said, perhaps thinking that I might want to try a real Dominatrix
instead of some little girl playing games. Kim just ignored her
looking around at the displays.

"I could do a heart with a "my girl" scene and your name inscribed in
it. It would look good on those biseps."

"No, I want "property of Goddess Kim" on his butt." Kim said as
Dominique look on somewhat shocked. I began to feel a little light
headed, and my ears suddenly got hot. My heart started pounding as it
sunk in that I was being marked. I thought back to Kim reminding me
of a price I would have to pay.

"Strip!" Kim comanded, and I jumped to the task assigned.

"How does a nice little girl like you get Mr Fortune here to act like
that. I've been at it for over ten years and I still can't get them
to jump to it like he did?" Doninique asked with new found respect.

"Perhaps sometime I will let you know." Kim replied.

"Up on the table." Dominique said, as I sat there gazing at my
Goddess. Kim waited a moment and then there was a slight nod of her
head. I responded immediately and was up on a table resembling that
which you would find in a doctor's office. Kim took a seat in a chair
facing me and raised her foot to my face. From my angle I could see
her entire leg and the white cotton panties she was wearing. From the
corner of my eye I could see Dominique looking as well, as I detected
a gasp from her at the sight of Kim's leg. I began licking the sole
of Kim's maryjane, once again putting all my energy and thoughts into
the devine task.

"Amazing." Dominique remarked at the devotion I displayed at the feet
of my Goddess. She got out a topical solution to numb the area and
mask some of the pain.

"Nothing for the pain." Kim said.

"He doesn't look d***k and this will hurt quite a bit." she advised.

"Nothing." Kim repeated as Dominique wondered if I would speak up to
advise otherwise, but I was lost in my efforts at Kim's feet,
oblivious to what went on around me.

Dominique comensed the tatooing and was shocked to see that I barely
responded to the pain. About halfway through, Kim removed her foot.
Suddenly the pain was excrutiating. Dominique stopped, but Kim
ordered "Continue." I winced in agony, but my Goddess raised her
other foot and presented me with her sole to clean. I became serene
once again as my mind drifted into the sublime state that only Kim
could take me.

The tatoo finished, Kim stood to admire the inscription on my right
ass cheek. The process was repeated with my name, Slave Shoelicker,
added to my left cheek.

"Alright, not bad," Dominique remarked as she finished, "Anything

"I'd like to get my belly button pierced." Kim said. And Dominique
prepared for the job. Once again Kim waived off the numbing solution,
and I watched as a small gold ring was added to Kim's magnificent

"One for Mr. Shoelicker here," after Kim's ring was attached. A
stainless steel ring was put through my belly button and then Kim
simply said "Both nipples." The words rang in my ears as my
mutilation continued. That painfull chore completed, I felt sure we
would be through.

"This next one must be placed right." Kim instucted. "I want a ring
attached to the skin just behind the ball sac, at the base."

I was now completely numb. Where would it end?

"On your back and put your feet over your head, with your knees on
either side of your head." I contorted into this rediculous position
with my ass sticking straight up in the air. Kim pointed to the skin
between my ball sac and my anus. A ring was inserted right at the
base of the sac.

I was told to roll over, feeling like the dog I was, and Kim removed
the cock harness from my very erect penis. She pointed to the
underside, right behind the head. I bit my tongue as yet another ring
was attached to my penis.

"There now." Kim said, and I sighed with relief believing we were
finally through. "Sodder them all so they are permanently attached."

I sat as the words sunk in. This was not to be easily undone.
Clearly the price to pay for my pleasures at the feet of these teens
was not to be insignificant by any means.

The soddering iron was brought out and my mutilation made permanent.
I was far to dizzy from the events taking place to feel any pain the
iron inficted. I sat there dazed once again, marveling at the depths
of which Kim was capable. Was there any limits to her what she was
prepared to put me through? Was there any limits to what I was
prepared to take, no, not take from her. Was there any limits to what
I craved for her to do to me?

"What about a ring through his nose?" suggested Dominique. "You could
leave it with a clasp so it can be used only when wanted."

"Very well." Kim answered, and a ring was inserted into the middle
septum of my nose. The pain was fierce from the sensitive position of
the puncture, but thankfully it was not soddered like the others, and
might be removed.

Kim reattached the harness to my cock and balls, then took out a small
padlock, and locked the cock harness to the steel ring at the base of
my ball sac. The leash back in place, I resumed my position. heeling
at Kim's feet. I was surprised at how little bleeding resulted from
the puntures, and all that I could feel now was the burning sensation
caused by the disinfectant applied to the rings.

Karen and Kim selected a few more items that the store had to offer
and were about to leave. Kim gathered up my clothes and tossed them
in a bag. She then produced a leather G-string and threw it at me. I
slipped it on yet still felt totally exposed. The small triangular
pouch didn't even cover my ever erect penis. The head with its new
ring attached protuded out the top.

With Kim leading me out the door, Dominique, who had been lavishing
praise upon her with suggestions that the might even work together and
learn from one another, turned to desperation. She offered Kim a
partnership in her enterprise. Kim smiled, thanking her for the offer
but said she wasn't interested. Even more desperate, Dominique, whose
tone had been tough as nails all night, became meek. "Godess Kim I
have often thought about exploring the submissive side of these
relationships in order to more fully understand them."

Kim turned and looked her in the eyes. Dominique returned the look
for a moment, then cast her eyes down. She could see the incredible
sight of Kim's legs. The short white/pink pleated skirt, white
anklets with pink lace trim, and the pink maryjanes. Such a stark
contrast with the black leather power look of Dominique's attire with
her thigh high leather boots. But appearances often deceive.
Dominique sank to her knees and crawled towards Goddess Kim. As she
was about to reach Kim's shoes and satisfy the overwhelming desire
within her that only Kim could ignite, Kim remarked, "Perhaps some
other time."

Dominique groaned with disappointment, her desire to submit before Kim
had grown so profound. She began begging, using all the phrases her
lackys had used on her, only she was far more sincere, her desire to
submit beyond anything she'd seen.

"I think I have a tape you might be interested in studying," Kim said,
"You have just a touch of self respect left and are therefore
undeserving of the priviledge of suplicating before me."

Dominique promised to try and begged Kim to return to give her a
second chance.

Kim walked out leading me by the leash. I felt completely exposed in
the G-string, the thong working its way up my ass as I crawled along.
The ride home was quiet as the day had been long and event filled. I
felt as if I had experienced a lifetime of sexual satisfaction even
though I had been comptetely denied release. We arrived home with all
ready for bed.

The phone was ringing as we entered and Kim answered it. She told
them to hold and handed my leash to Karen. My nerves sat on edge as I
wondered what Kim would tell this person. I was not to find out as
Karen led me to the master bedroom. Clearly it was not Kim's design
for me to know. The answering machine in the bedroom showed ten
messages and I chose not to think what that meant.

Kim arrived and prepared me for bed. My hands were cuffed behind my
back and Kim had me crouch down and put my cuffed hands under my butt.
She took the padlock and locked the cuffs to the ring at the base of
my scrotum. I would not be moving much tonight. Karen then decided
to tie her funky thigh highs around my head with the feet under my
nose. Her anklets were still stuffed in each cheek. Once again I was
sure to remain aroused all night.

The girls got in bed and I was treated to some of the most passionate
love making noises I had heard. After quite some time the girls
drifted off into a sound sl**p, and I did the best I could on the
floor beneath them.

Despite my awkward position, I managed to sl**p well, as I awoke to
the sounds of love making on the bed above. I lay there and tried to
remember my dreams of last night. I recalled one vivid dream
involving Karen, perhaps brought about by her stocking feet smell from
the thigh highs still tied under my nose. In the dream I was licking
her feet after a particularly intense basketball game in which she was
leading the cheers. I was allowed to progress at my own pace and had
just finished cleaning every nook and cranny of her delicious feet. I
licked my way up those marvelous legs, enjoying every inch. My cock
was unencumbered by the harness. I reached her devine temple and
slowly teased her into a delerious state. She came in torrents and
began peeing as she lost control in the waves of multiple orgasms
washing over her. I drank all I could as it cascaded over my face,
shuddering from my own orgasm of cataclismic proportions.

Kim woke me from my delightful daydream as I had reached the brink of
release again only to be denied by the cock and ball harness. She
dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, and carried a gym bad she had with
the stuff she brought with her yesterday. She removed the thigh highs
and anklets from my mouth and unlocked the cuffs from the steel ring
at the base of my sac. "Let's go I'm in a hurry." she said.

We drove quietly to a dance studio about fifteen minutes away. I was
still naked.(not choosing to count the G-string that amounted to
nothing) I parked and let Kim out, kissing her sneakers as she picked
up the leash and walked me into the studio. Luckily, it was still
early sunday morning and no one was around.

Inside Kim was greeted by a lovely woman dressed as a ballerina. She
appeared mid thirtyish but in incredible shape.

"Kim darling how are you? I see you have a foot man."

"Definitely not a foot man, foot slave would be stretching it. How
are you Chantelle?"

"Just fine dear. Why did you not tell me you had a foot man--- I mean
foot slave?"

"I picked him up only on friday."

"Nonsense, he is already branded with your mark, that takes quite some
time, and he seems well trained."

"He's not branded yet, though that may come," pointing at the tatoo on
my ass,"but I k** you not, his training commenced friday night.
Although I must admit I have dedicated far to much time and effort to
the worthless creature."

I prostrated myself before Kim, attempting to show total devotion and
servitude. The threat that she would cut back the time she so
benevelently spent with me was so diconcerting. I slowly slithered on
my belly till I reached her sneakers and pecked adoring kisses to
their tips.

"This is most impressive, darling, if you ever grow weary of him
please think of me to take him off your hands."

"I just got a similar offer last night, but I don't think she is up
for it anymore. Go greet Lady Chantelle, Slave Shoelicker."

I crawled up to this woman, obviously a well trained ballerina. She
extended her foot in a lovely point toe and placed it down just in
front of my nose. The slippers she was wearing were a ratty old pair
probably just used for practice. The smell was heavenly. I closed my
eyes and softly placed delicate kisses to the tip of her point toe.

"So repectful," Chantelle remarked, surprised by my performance. "And
you say just two days?"


"Darling you have more potential then the great mistresses of Paris,
and your slave here may have potential to match yours in quite the
opposite direction. We begin shortly, get ready."

Kim took out the cuffs and my hands were once again behind my back and
under my ass. Tightly secured to the ring by my scrotum insured I
would remain immobile. My Goddess undressed before me, tying her
sneaker to my face. I inhaled the now familiar scent of those
fantastic feet. She dressed in tight fitting spandex shorts and
matching spandex sports bra. Kim sat before me and added white
anklets and ballet slippers. For the next five or ten minutes she did
stretching exercises before me. Never before had I seen such graceful
movements. She would extend her leg over my head, putting her toe in
an extreme point. My eyes were about even with her knee. I could look
up at the perfect features of her calf and the most shapely foot on
the planet. As I looked down I saw her well toned and limber thigh.

Kim stood up and turned away to stretch her upper body. As she bent
forward her ass was thrust at my face. So well rounded, almost heart
shaped. Firm as any I'd seen, perfect in every way. My mouth watered
at such a magnificant sight. Would I someday be so lucky as to be
near it?

Chantelle returned and practice began. She shot me a look with a
snicker at my humiliating position. I sat in awe as I watch my
Goddess move so gracefully on the dance floor. Each move so fluid and
performed by her perfect body. Her face so serene and angelic, it was
impossible to imagine the wickedness she was capable of. I have no
idea how long she practiced as I was entranced by what I saw. My
penis stood at full mast saluteing my Goddess as she performed

With practice over, I bid good-bye to Chantelle, in the proper manner
of course, and we departed for home. There we met Karen who had
returned from cheerleading practice. The girls decided to get a real
good workout going on the stairmasters, so we headed for the den.

Before beginning they decided to have some fun with me. I was
relatively unencumbered, with just my slave collar and cock and ball
harness on. To my amazement, Kim released the harness and I was naked
but for the collar. Things didn't stay that way for long as my
handcuffs were added and once again I found myself with my hands
behind my back and under my ass. The cuffs were locked to the steel
ring at the base of my balls, and I was helpless again. For good
measure my ankles were cuffed. Then with a devious smile on her face
Kim appeared with two short chains. She attached one each to each of
my nipple rings. Kim pulled down on the chains and stretched to
connect them to the ring on the underside of my cock, just behind the
head. The chains were fairly short and I had to hunch forward or risk
ripping one of the rings out of a very tender spot. I was leaning
forward to the point I almost fell over on my face. I had to arch my
back, sticking my ass up and out to act as a counter ballance.

"Look at how his ass sticks out!" Karen exclaimed. "I think we should
put it to use before we workout."

"Excellent idea, Karen." Kim replied.

Karen returned with an old high heel. It looked to be at least four
or four and a half inches. She held it before me and I kissed it
passionately, attempting to smell Karen's fragrance as she moved it
around in front of my face, occasionally the opening appearing under
my nose. The sole was exposed to me and I lapped at it greedily.
Karen slowly pulled the heel away and I had to check myself as I
leaned forward to get at the object of my desire. She was now fucking
my mouth, and I sucked that heel with great effort, knowing it had
once graced Karen's foot. She took it away, removed her saddle shoes,
allowing me several worshipful licks before hand, and then put the
heel on.

She disappeared behind me and I wondered if we were through. Then I
felt something enter my ass. I realized Karen was fucking my ass with
the heel she had put on. She entered slowly but continued until the
heel was buried to the hilt in my ass. She twisted it around some and
I moaned with pleasure.

Kim slapped me in the face to bring me back momentarily from the
nirvanna state in which I was entering, she grabbed my chin and said
"Don't you dare cum!" gathering up all the flem and mucus she could,
Kim then spit in my face. It landed on my upper lip and I hugrily
reached out with my tongue for the tasty treat so generously offer
from my Goddess.

Karen was now fucking me good. Withdrawing almost all the way and
then ramming it home. She would have knocked me over on my face
except with each stroke I thrust my ass back to greet it. It must
have been a sight to behold since Kim had gotten the camcorder and
laughed as she documented my humiliating disgrace.

When Karen tired, she stopped, removing her foot but leaving the heel
up my ass.

Kim surveyed the situation. With my hands cuffed just below my anus,
and the chain locked to the ring, I was able to hold the heel. Kim
summized that there was just enough leeway with the chain of the
handcuffs for me to move the heel about 3-4 inches back and forth.
Kim ordered me to continue, fucking myself with the heel. I must have
looked rediculous, moaning in pleasure as I rammed that heel, over and
over, up my ass.

The girls began their workout on the stairmaster. Kim was still
dressed in the spandex outfit she practiced in. She had just the
white anklets on her beautiful feet. Karen was in her cheerleading
outfit with just a pair of blue anklets on her feet. They had pretty
yellow lace trim to match the blue and yellow school colors. I
continued on with the heel and sat mesmerized by the unbelievable
sight before me.

After a solid forty minutes, the teens ended their workout. They
looked magnificent, radiant from the glow they achieved. It was easy
to see why they looked so incredible.

Kim disappeared and returned with a glass of water and a package. She
stood before me looking so luscious in the sheen the sweat produced.
She tossed the package in front of me saying "These are the negatives,
you are free to go Don. All you have to do is ask me to set you

I was speachless, as I continued to fuck my ass with the heel, unable
to stop. The doorbell rang and Kim left to get it.

My parents appeared in the den, shocked at what they saw. For some
reason, I didn't react the way I expected. While I felt incredible
shame, on display like this, before my parents, shoving a heel up my
ass over and over again, I didn't wish that I could run and hide, and
I didn't mind that they saw me like this.

After some comotion, Kim got them to sit on the couch. She explained
to them that I was free to go, all I had to do was ask to be set free.

"How about it Don?" Kim asked, "Do you want me to let you go or do you
want another option?" I was silent, still stroking my ass. Karen was
filming once again.

"Let's see. another option. Hmmm. I know, you continue to be my
slave. What about that."

"yes," I whispered.

"Oh no you must convince me that I should let you be my slave."

"Donny, what are you doing. Get a hold of yourself." my father was

"Tell them to go Donny, please." my mother pleaded.

Kim turned her back to me, as I began to plead from the deepest depths
of my soul for Kim to accept me as her slave. I summoned all the
sincerity and inner feeling I could muster. I begged with more
passion then humanly possible for Kim to grant the ultimate gift of
utter and complete slavery upon me. I knew full well that my life
would cease to exist, and I would be tranformed into something less
then an a****l, and yet I renewed my efforts with greater emotion.
Pleading and begging at the top of my lungs I continued as Kim swayed
her ass before my face.

Continuing my plea, "Oh Goddess Kim, as unworthy as I am, I pledge to
unceasingly, with every ounce of stength and every fiber of my being,
to live each and every second with the single thought of servitude to
you. I will live for you, and you alone, without any thought for
myself. I will suplicate myself before you with every drop of feeling
I can muster, if only you would grant this greatest of honors, this
supreme priviledge. I am lower than the dirt under you toenail,
unworthy to ask to be your slave. My only hope, that you will perform
the most generous act of kindness in human history and accept this
miserable being before you."

I was exhausted beyond belief. So much emotional effort had I
summoned. My mother sobbing uncontrolably, my father in total shock,
no longer able to speak.

Kim's swaying ass, her magnificent, supreme ass inches from my face.
She lowered the spandex shorts and said, "Seal your fate Slave

Kim bent over, presenting her glorious butt to me. The sweat of her
workout still gistening upon it. In my hunched over position I had to
strain to reach it, the object consuming my entire conscience. The
chains pulled my nipples out, and stretched my amazingly engorged
penis. Finally my lips brushed her rosebud. The feelings washing
over me beyond description. A thousand times more intense then
anything I felt before. Kissing it with every drop of feeling that
every atom in my body could generate, I shuddered. Kim pressed back
and I eased my tongue into her anus, that holy shrine. I sucked and
slurped for all I was worth, basking in this ultimate gift from my

Just then something began pushing my tongue away. Her royal shit
entered my mouth. Pushing to the back and then expanding to fill my
cheeks. The holy feast kept coming, filling my mouth to practically
overflowing. Kim stepped away. The sensations beyond belief. Far
tastier the the most suculent steak.

I exploded in orgasm. The most viscious one I ever experienced. Jet
after jet spewwed forth, at least a pint of cum. From my hunched over
position caused by the chains attached to my cock and nipples, the cum
had no where to go except right in my face. I covered my face, my
hair. It was in my nose, it covered one eye. Had my face not been in
the way, it would have hit the ceiling twelve feet above.

Slowly I chewed the precious gift, savoring every morsel, and moaning
in total ecstasy.

My Goddess appeared before me, wearing her shiney pink patent
maryjanes over the white anklets. With her shoe, she twisted my face
towards my parents. I could see them out of the one eye not covered
in cum. Kim sc****d her shoe along my face, collecting a large
quantity of semen.

"Mr. and Mrs. Conway," she said coolly, "Meet Slave Shoelicker."

Kim presented her foot to me and I dove after it, greedily lapping up
the cum as if it were the first bit of food for a man who hadn't eaten
in a week. I gave myself totally to Kim. Waves and waves of delight
hitting me as I abased myself before my goddess.

With my mother crying uncontrolably, and my father hanging his head in
shame, they headed for the door. As the turned to take one last look,
the could see my ass, the heel being shoved up my anus next to the
tatoo "property of goddess Kim." Nothing more needed to be said.

... Continue»
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Cruel Step-Mother

Cruel Step-Mother


Barbara had no idea how her life was to change as she entered, after being called into the living room by her father. There sat a woman she had never seen before. Her father introduced her as Helen, the woman he was about to marry the next day.
Barbara was astounded. Her father and she had had a rather strained relationship ever since her mother had died of cancer two years before. As a 16 year old, she had been pretty much left to herself by him, both before and after her Mom’ death . As he traveled often, she saw little of him except for weekends, and his aloofness had made it difficult for her to ever get close to him. The result was a lot of free time for Barbara and not much guidance. This was about to change.
“Your father tells me you were expelled from school recently, for smoking marijuana on school grounds. Is that correct?”
Barbara lowered her eyes, and joined her hands behind her back.
“Yes Ma’am, but I never smoked it before. A friend brought some to school and offered me a smoke. We went behind the school and got caught almost immediately, so I….”
“I’m not interested in your excuses, Barbara. Obviously you need someone to get you back on track. I hear your grades are poor, and your father says you’ve been disrespectful and difficult for some time. That will change immediately. Do you understand?”
Barbara looked over at her father for reassurance, but saw only a rather enigmatic smile on his face. She looked back at Helen, a woman in her late 30’s, attractive, though somewhat puritanical-looking, hair pulled back in a bun and little makeup. Physically, she appeared to be well-built and svelte, though her attire, at the moment, did little to show her attributes.
“Yes Ma’am, but I…”
“No buts! To start with, you will begin home-study next week. I used to be a 10th grade teacher, so I will begin instructing you in all your studies, and you will start shaping up immediately. As for your attitude adjustment, that will begin as soon as the wedding is over tomorrow. Your father has an important sale he needs to see to in Seattle the day after tomorrow, so we won’t be going on our honeymoon until next month.”
Barbara looked over at her father again. “Daddy, I didn’t even know you were dating.”
“Well, Dear, Helen and I have known each other since high school, and we recently ran into each other, and after two weeks of seeing each other, we realized that the attraction we had back then was still there. I’ve felt for a long time, since your mom died, in fact, that you needed more attention than I’m able to give you, and Helen said she’d be happy to take that on, as well.”
“Now, Barbara, suppose you go back to whatever you were doing, assuming it wasn’t smoking Mary Jane or one of your other nasty habits, so your father and I can discuss the wedding plans.”
Chapter 1
At the wedding, Barbara met her step-b*****r, Andy, for the first time, a relative no one had gotten around to telling her about. Andy was 14, a rather thin, acne-faced k**, who, when they were introduced immediately began leering at her, his eyes sweeping up and down her body like a cat-scan. He obviously liked what he saw.
The wedding and reception were over quickly and the ride back to the house did little to reassure Barbara. There was no small talk, and sitting beside Andy in the back seat, she could feel his inspection of her attributes continuing, making little pretense of his special interest in her breasts.
Once in the house, a meeting was called in the living room again. When she arrived after Helen had called her in, she found everyone, including Andy, seated. She started to sit, but was interrupted by Helen, who quickly let her know who was in charge.
“No need to sit, Barbara. I just wanted to let you know how things will be from here on. Andy’s room will be the one next to yours, and you’ll have to share the bathroom down the hall. I’ll tell you right now, I am a stickler for things being done correctly. I will not put up with any impudence, back-talk or attitude. I know you have been getting away with murder in the past, but that will stop now.”
The first of many tears began to roll down Barbara’s face.
“But I haven’t done anything…”
“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You will not talk back to me, do you understand? That sort of sass will cease, or you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Do you understand?”
Barbara looked over at her father, who once again said nothing, preferring to let Helen lay down the law.
“Yes ma’am, but I don’t know why….”
“It’s not your job to ask why. As a matter of fact, I will tell you right now that the words “why” and “no” are no longer in your vocabulary! Any time I hear either word, henceforth, will result in a spanking, twenty strokes for either. Do I make myself clear?”
The tears really began streaming down Barbara’s face, as she realized that no one was coming to her defense. A look at Andy showed a huge smile of satisfaction.
“A spanking. But I’m too old to be spanked! I’ll try to…”
“See! There you go again. Back talk! You just don’t learn, do you?”
“No! I wasn’t trying to sass you. I just wanted to say…”
“There’s that word, “no”. I just told you what would happen and you persist. Come over here, girl! Now!”
Barbara lowered her head again and stepped over to face Helen, who sat on the large sofa.
Before she knew what was happening, Helen had grabbed Barbara’s arm, swinging her down over her lap, sweeping her skirt up above her waist and, as she gripped her waist with one arm, began tugging her panties down.
“No, no, please don’t. Not my panties. Please! I’ll be good.”
“There’s that word, twice more. That puts the spanks up to 60. Keep it up!”
Barbara made the attempt to pull herself off Helen’s lap but found her strength was no match for Helen’s. Her round pink buttocks shown like a beacon, between the rucked-up skirt and the panties encircling her thighs.
The first sweep of Helen’s hand and the smack that followed surprised more than hurt Barbara, and she let out a startled “Oh!” The next spank really hurt, though, and as the tears began pouring down her face, she began uttering pleas for forgiveness.
“Oh please don’t. I’ll try to do whatever you want. Please let me go.”
“It hurts. Please stop. Oh, it hurts so much…”
The pink buttocks began turning a slightly pinker after the sixth swat. Barbara continued to wriggle on Helen’s lap, with no success. Had she been able to look over at her father and Andy, she’d have seen two males sitting forward on their chairs, almost mesmerized by what was happening in front of them, but Barbara’s eyes were so puffy and filled with tears that she saw nothing. Soon she closed her eyes to the hurt that was being delivered to her poor rear end. There seemed to be no end.
Smack! Smack! Smack!
“Aoww! Oh, God. Please! Please! Why are you doing this to me? I…”
“There’s that other word. No “why’s”, remember? You’ve just upped your total to 80 spanks. You want to try for 100?”
Smack! Swat! Splat!
“Oh, no! Please! I can’t take any more. Please!”
“And yet another 20. You don’t get it at all, do you, little girl?”
The placement of her panties right below her butt prevented either of the males from seeing any of her privates, but that did not prevent either one from starting a growing erection.
And still the spanks continued. Barbara’s nates were beginning to turn a deep red, by the time Helen had reached the 50th smack. At his point, Barbara was only moaning in low tones, occasionally letting out a little squeak, when Helen applied her hand more vigorously. Had she been able to look up at Helen, she would have seen a slight smile crossing her face. She was in her element!
By the time she had administered the 80th spank, Helen’s hand was beginning to hurt, but the smile remained as she continued administering the painful spanking. On the 100th smack she pushed Barbara off her lap, causing the girl to land on her almost blistered beet-red butt.
“Oof. Oh, my God. Ohh, it hurts. It hurts.”
As she struggled to rise, Barbara was completely uncaring that her lightly covered pussy was in full view. The males were not. They both watched with wide eyes as she rolled over onto her knees to relieve the pain on her bottom, then tried to stand up with her panties hindering her move. She stumbled but finally stood on her two feet. She began to pull her panties up, but was stopped by Helen’s stern command.
“No you don’t Missy! You let those panties drop to the floor. Then tuck in your skirt to your belt and go over to the corner. Tears still streaming, Barbara dropped her panties to the floor, tucked in her skirt, which now left her bare in front and back and stepped over to the corner, sniffling. She began to face the corner, when Helen stopped her again.
“Whoa, young lady. I want you facing out, so everyone can see your fakey tears. Barbara, with a sigh, turned to face the three witnesses and placed her hands over her young pussy, sparsely enough covered that one could see the little slit down the middle.
“Damn it, take those hands away. I wouldn’t think you’d want your father seeing you diddling yourself for everyone to see.”
“I wasn’t trying to….”
“You haven’t learned yet, have you? You just love to talk back, don’t you? Just for that, you can spread those legs and put your hands behind your head and stand there for a half hour.”
“Spread ‘em more! Further!”
At this point, Barbara had her feet spread about three feet apart, and the three watchers could see some evidence of her pink outer lips. The males were delighted and turned fully in order to watch the bad girl standing so pitifully with her tear-streamed face and open-legged exhibit.
Helen started conversing about the wedding, and both males uttered an occasional agreement, but their eyes remained glued to the sobbing girl’s vagina. It was the first one Andy had seen in his life and the first time her father had seen Barbara’s bare pussy since she was very young.
When the half hour was up, Helen told Barbara the punishment was over, to go put on her nightgown, come back and say goodnight and go to bed. It was still barely 7 o’clock, but Barbara was not about to ask about dinner.
After changing into her nightgown, Barbara washed her face, smoothed a damp cool washcloth over her still vividly crimson backside and returned to the living room, where the others were chatting. Conversation ceased as Helen spoke.
“Well, there’s Miss d**ggie! All better now, Sweetie?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Okay, then kiss the boys goodnight and off you go.”
“Andy, too?”
“Well, of course, Andy. He’s your b*****r, now.”
Barbara went to her father first, gave him a slight peck and then moved over to Andy. She leaned over to give him a peck as well, but he was having none of that, and grabbing her neck gave her a very unb*****rly kiss, which lasted eight to ten seconds. Barbara finally was able to pull herself away. As she stood there half blushing, but totally astonished at such a crude show, she heard Helen laugh behind her. She turned to see a look of delight on Helen’s face.
“See. Andy wants to show you there are no hard feelings. I know he hopes this will be a good lesson for you, and that you’ll stop being such a bad little girl from now on, don’t you, Honey?”
As Andy uttered in the affirmative, Barbara started to make her getaway and go to bed.
“Wait a minute, Sweetcheeks. You haven’t thanked me for helping you get started on the right track. Come over here.” Barbara hesitated, loathing the idea of an apology. “NOW!”
She slowly moved to her new step-mother, standing before her with her head lowered.
“Thank you,” she murmured in a barely audible voice. She began to turn to leave.
“For what, you ungrateful c***d?”
“For… helping me … learn to behave.”
“And what two words are you never to use?”
“Wwwhy … and nnno.”
“Right. Now, get to bed!”
Barbara plodded off to bed, hungry but happy to get there. She spent a good deal of time rubbing her sore buttocks and had a fairly sl**pless night.
Chapter 2
The sun had not risen yet, when Barbara felt Helen poking her in the butt.
“Wake up, d**ggie! Time to rise and shine.”
“What time is it?” The lack of sl**p had her still drowsy. “Why do I need to get up now?”
“Your memory is for the birds, isn’t it? What were the two words you were not to say again?”
“Oh. Wwwhy and nnno.”
“So you’ve started off the day with 20 spanks coming to you. We don’t have time to take care of them right now, because I have to get your father to the airport, but I have an idea those won’t be your only demerits for the day at the rate you accumulate them. Now get up and make some breakfast for the three of us.”
“But I don’t know how to make breakfast. I always get myself a Pop-Tart or cereal for myself.”
“Well, you’d better learn fast ‘cause if there aren’t eggs and bacon and toast on the table when we’re ready, your ass is grass. UP!”
Barbara began to cry as Helen left the room. She pulled on a robe over her nightgown and set out to conquer the kitchen. Unfortunately, the kitchen conquered her. When Helen and her father got there to eat, they were greeted by singed toast, fried eggs that were overdone and burned bacon.

“You really are a total loss aren’t you?” quipped Helen in her most sardonic tone. “We’ll have to grab some fast food on the way to the airport. You’re in big trouble, Barbie doll. We’ll talk about it when I get back. In the meantime, this house is a mess. I don’t think you ever cleaned anything in it. That’s gonna change, as of today. By the time I get back, I want to see most of the windows in this house sparkling.”

Barbara kissed her father goodbye and, once they’d gone, sat at the table and wept. After cleaning the dishes, she went to her bedroom and jumped into a pair of shorts, panties, her bra and a tee-shirt. After searching the utility closet she found there was no window cleaning liquid anywhere. Quickly she decided to use detergent, mixed it in water and set out to clean the windows. It didn’t take long to find that the detergent was leaving streaks when she tried to rub it off. Since she had nothing else to use, she felt she’d better just continue. At least Helen would be able to see that she’d tried.

She had gotten fifteen or twenty panes clean, when she heard a noise behind her. Looking around, she saw that Andy had arisen, and was leaning in the doorway behind her in his underwear, scratching himself.

“Whatcha doin’, s*s?”

“What does it look like, Twerp? Duh!”

“Well, you don’t have to be nasty about it, you know.”

“And why didn’t you have to get up with the rest of us?”

“Sounds like I just heard a word that’s verboten around here. Mom’s gonna be upset when she hears that.”

Barbara jumped up with true fear in her eyes. “I didn’t know I couldn’t say it to you. I thought it was just her. Oh, please don’t tell her, Andy.”

“Well, I don’t know. What’s it worth to you?”

“I’ll make your bed for a week, if you don’t say anything.”

“Are you k**ding? You’re gonna be making my bed every day anyway, probably. How about stripping off your clothes, so I can see what you got under there.”

“No way! That’s disgusting. Forget it.”

“Okay. No skin off my butt, but there will be off yours.” He turned to move away.

“Wait! How about just the top? You’ve already seen my bottom last night.”

“OK. But it’s got to be the shirt and bra.”

“All right. But that’s all.”

Barbara quickly skinned out of her tee-shirt and a little more slowly undid her bra and let it slip down her arms. Andy moved over within a foot of her and stared. Her breasts were a nice size for a 16-year-old, perhaps even a little larger that most girls her age, but her nipples, her nipples were something else. Puffies would be the best description. They were like huge pink bee-stings on the end of her breasts, taking up perhaps 25% of the breast, and those bee-stings had darker much smaller bee-stings in front of them. Andy’s mouth began to water. She waited a moment, and then started to pull the bra back up to hook it.

“Whoa, babe. Those are the neatest nips I’ve ever seen in all the magazines I’ve ever looked at. How about letting me suck on one of ‘em for a minute?”

“Forget it, Buster. We agreed I’d show you and that’s all.” She finished putting her bra on and pulled her tee over her head.

“Be that way. We’ll see what Mom has to say when she gets home.”

“Well, if you mention my using the word, I’m going to tell her that you made me take off my shirt and bra.”

“Go ahead. Bet you get the twenty, anyway. See ya.” With this he turned and went back into his room.

Barbara began to cry again, as she picked up the pail and started washing more windows. She had washed most of the windows on one side of the house, when she heard the car drive up. She sat back on her heels and sighed in relief that she’d gotten so much done in Helen’s absence.
Chapter 3

“What in God’s name have you done, girl!”

“Wha… I washed the windows like you told me.”

“They’re all streaked! It’s worse than it was.”

“I couldn’t find any window cleaner, so I used detergent.”

“You really are a Barbie doll, aren’t you? Pretty and dumb.”

Once again, the tears began to flow down Barbara’s face. She lowered her head and turned away from Helen.

“All right. We may as well use what you’ve got. Get into the kitchen and start on the kitchen floor. It’s filthy. Get a brush and start rubbing.”

As Barb scrubbed away on the floor, Helen sat at the kitchen table watching her closely. Occasionally she would point out a place her step-daughter had missed. Suddenly Andy appeared in the hall doorway.

“So you finally got her doing something useful.” They both watched Barbara laboring away for a minute.

“Did she tell you she asked me WHY I didn’t get up with you guys this morning, Mom.”

Helen jumped out of her chair and grabbed Barbara up by her long yellowish hair, yanking her up to face her.

“Who do you think you are to question what I decide, bitch? Are you trying to tell me what’s what?”

“Nnnn… I wasn’t trying to do that. I just asked a question.” She writhed in pain as Helen continued holding a large clump of her hair, yanking up with each statement.

“But Andy said if I didn’t take off my shirt and bra, he’d tell you about my saying… that word.”

“Now you’re trying to blame Andy for this. From what I’ve heard it was probably your idea to strip. The perfect little exhibitionist, I’m told by your father.”

“He couldn’t have said that. I’ve always been a good girl.”

“So now you’re calling me a liar, too, are you? Nobody calls me a liar, especially a snot-nosed d**g addict. That’ll get you 30 more. Is what she says true about the stripping, Andy?”

“No, Ma. I came in and she started coming on to me right away. I guess I was looking at her boobs, and she said “Hey, want to see what I’ve got up here?” and I said sure.”

“Nnn… That wasn’t it at all. He made me. And after I did take my bra off, he wanted to suck on my nipple, and he said if I didn’t let him he’d tell you. I put my clothes back on, and now he’s told you.”

The firm yank on Barbara’s hair convinced her she was about to lose it all, and she cried out in pain.

Barbara tried to look over at Andy for help, but all she saw out of the corner of her eyes was the usual satisfied smirk on his face.

“So you lied to me, and you’ve used the words “no” and “why” four times already this morning. For lying, that’ll be 30 swats, and 80 for the two words. Well, you’re starting off with a bang today, aren’t you, Dopey? 110 and we’ve barely gotten started. Both of you go in the living room now. I want to change out of these clothes and get into something comfortable.”

Barbara, knowing what was in store, began sobbing as she and Andy moved into the living room.
They both seated themselves, Andy crossing his arms in satisfaction and Barbara continuing to cry, for what seemed forever to her.

Shortly Helen appeared, dressed in a pair of hip-huggers and a halter-top. This was the first time Barbara had gotten a good look at Helen’s body. She really was in great shape. Her breasts were large, but not overly so, and her hips were well-rounded with long slim legs. Obviously she had taken care of herself over the years.
“OK, strip, Gypsy! Let’s see what ya got.”

Can’t I just take off my pants, please? ”

“You just gotta argue, don’t you? You have 30 seconds to get EVERYTHING off or we’ll just add to the total.”

Barbara jumped up and hurriedly shed her four pieces of clothing and stood there waiting. She started to cover herself, but realized it would only get her in more trouble.

Helen moved over to her and stared closely at her nipples. “My God, I’ve never seen nipples like that in all my days.” She grabbed the end of one tit and began squeezing it.

“Oh, please. That hurts. Ohhh.”

“Real sensitive, are they, baby. They’re hard when you squeeze ‘em, but when I rub the outside, they’re real soft. No wonder Andy wanted to suck on ‘em.”

Andy, already knowing from having looked at nude pictures of girls in girlie magazines, asked innocently, “Aren’t all nipples like hers, Mom?”

“No, Honey. Most of them are more like mine. When women get past their teens their nipples turn brown and when they have babies they get long, so the baby can latch on. ” Helen then moved over to where Andy was sitting and lifted her halter-top up to her shoulders and leaned in to give him a good look.

“Wow! But your nipples are so long. Is that the way most women’s are?”

“Well, I have to admit your Grandpa helped there. He decided he wanted my nipples to be longer, so when I was about Barbie’s age, he started wrapping my nipples with thread all the way from the base to the end of the nipple. He kept that up for a couple of years, until they looked like they do now. And that hurt, I can tell you. But it was great when you came along, ‘cause they were extra sensitive and extra long and you’d latch on like there was no tomorrow, and we’d both have a great old time.”

Andy put his hand out and gently squeezed the brown tip. It was soft and rubbery, and he moved in closer to it. Barbara was shocked to see this i****tuous type exchange being performed right in front of her.

“Gee, can I suck on one of ‘em now, Mom?”

“No, Honey, not right now. Maybe later. For old times sake.”

Turning back to Barbara, she sauntered over to her, saying, “Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject, we’re throwing out all your bras. Your tits are obviously firm enough, they don’t need the support, so out they go.”

The tears started to flow again, as she pled, “But everyone will be able to see my nipples and my breasts are big enough that they shake without a bra.”

“I don’t want to hear it, cry-baby. My mother never let me have a bra the whole time I was growing up. She didn’t believe in bras. Course her tits were so small, she didn’t need one.
The first bra I ever had was after I married and was nursing Andy. Now take these scissors and go outside and cut me four or five long stems off of that bush by the front door.”

“Without any clothes on?”

“Who the hell’s gonna see you. This house is in the middle of nowhere with trees all around it. You’d probably enjoy it if somebody saw you buck naked anyway.”

“But it’s cold outside.”

“Listen, my father used to punish me by sending me outside to stand naked in the cold during the winter, sometimes for half an hour or an hour at a time. I’ll tell you, by the time he let me in, my nips were so long you could have hung laundry on ‘em! I think he liked to see goose-bumps all over my boobs. He finally cut that out after I came down with pneumonia.”

Barbara grabbed the scissors and ran out to cut five long branches off the bush, hurrying back and handing them to Helen, who took them and selected one.

“Shall I take the buds off them?,” asked Barbara.

“No, I think the buds will add to the effectiveness, so we’ll leave them on. Now, go over to the couch where Andy’s sitting and lean over to him, facing him.

Barbara did so, her face just inches from Andy’s. “Now, Andy I want you to grab hold of Barbie’s nipples and hold on to them while the whipping is going on. It’ll keep her tied to one spot and give her something else to think about. I’ll be real upset if you let go until we’re done.”

Savoring the moment, Andy grabbed both nipples f***efully and pulled down, so that her face was almost in his lap.

“Ugh, oh please … not so hard, Andy… Oh, God, you’re hurting me.”

This main concern ceased being her major care, as soon as the first slash hit her legs.

Swish! Splat! “Count them off, little girl, or they won’t count.”

The first one was a real surprise and hit her high on the thighs.


“Swish! Splat! “OK, I didn’t hear a number so we haven’t started yet”

“Oh, Oh, ONE!”

“That’s better.” Swish! Splat! “Ah, TWO, TWO!” That one hit a little higher on her thighs.

By the tenth blow, Helen had brought the switch in to hit the seamed area between the thighs and buttocks, and, after three or four in that general area, Barb was actually dancing a jig in front of Andy, in spite of his tight grip on both her tender nipples, which were being cruelly twisted and pulled, much to Andy’s enjoyment.

The next thirty or so were completely zeroed in on her two pink globes, and, at their completion, she was screaming, and copious tears were dripping onto Andy’s pants. At fifty, Helen picked up a new switch and began low on the thighs again, and what Barbara had thought couldn’t get any sorer got much sorer.

Helen purposely suddenly hurried her hits to catch Barbara off guard every now and then.

Swish! Splat! Swish Splat! “Oops, I didn’t hear a number then, so that one doesn’t count.”

“SIXTY-SIX!, SIXTY-SIX!” “Sorry, too late, you bad girl. Just too bad for her own good, isn’t she, Andy?” Swish! Splat! “Oops, that switch is pretty well shattered. Let me get another one.”

From the eightieth to the last blow, Barbara was almost whispering each number, she had screamed so much. Helen figured she had managed to get in a good five or six extra blows by speeding up the tempo occasionally.

Barb could feel the heat emanating from behind her. Fortunately she was unable to see it yet. Not only was the entire area a vivid red, but there were splotch marks all over, where the buds had marked her skin, and occasional raised raw-looking ridges, where Helen had paid special attention.

“You can let go of her tits now, Andy. You did a good job of holding onto her, though. I’m proud of you, Son.” Andy beamed.

As he let go, and Barbara started to straighten up, Helen caught herself.

“Oh. You said you wanted to suck on her nipples and she wouldn’t let you earlier, right? I’ll bet she’d be glad to let you suck on them now, wouldn’t you Barbie sweetie? Bend over so Andy can get one of those nice ripe puffies in his mouth.”

Barbara knew better than to argue or even plead. She leaned back over as Andy opened his mouth wide to engulf all of one large nipple. For the next two or three minutes he sucked with all his strength, occasionally chewing, instead. Barbara was so tired and hurt in so many places, she didn’t even react, until Andy bit hard enough to break the skin.

“AaaK! Oh, please, it hurts already. Please don’t bite so hard, Andy,” she whispered.

“Why don’t you move over to the other nipple, Dear? We don’t want to hurt poor Barbie so much that we can’t play with her another time, do we?”

And, without a break, he immediately moved over to the right breast and sucked in Barbara’s sore left nipple. After another minute or two, Helen suggested he stop, because she had a few things to discuss with “Lady Barbie”. With a “plop” he let go of the breast, and Barbara pulled up.

Completely beaten down and still weeping silently, she turned to Helen.

“Sit down, young lady. I have a few questions, and I want the truth. I can tell from looking at your eyes if you’re being truthful, and if you’re not, we’ll just start the whipping all over again. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am, but I’d rather stand if it’s okay. I’m pretty sore,” was the whispered answer.

“You just can’t stop arguing with me, can you? Your father was right. You’re an impudent little twat. Now sit down there before I give you another dose of the switch. I’ve still got one left, you know. Sure beats the hell out of spanking you with my hand. NOW SIT!”

Barbara went to the softest chair in the room and sat, but it didn’t help. The chair material was like sandpaper to her poor legs, and especially her super-sore butt.”

“Ooou, it hurts. Ooou.”

“I want to know about your sexual experiences. Are you a virgin, or have you let some boy stick it up that little vagina of yours?”

Again the whispered answer. “Nnnn.. I’m still a virgin, ma’am.”

“Well, that will be easy enough to check out later, whether you’re lying or not.”

“Have you let the boys play with those gorgeous titties of yours?”

“A couple.”

“Did they remove your bra, or was it over your clothes? I want the truth, now. No lies, remember. Did they suck on your nipples?”

“I let them take my bra off, and they sucked.”

“Did they play with your pussy?”

“I let one of them finger me. He was much older than I was, and I thought I loved him.”

“And did you play with his penis, while he was playing with your pussy?”

“I was rubbing his penis, yes.”

“And I suppose you sucked these boys off.”

“Only the one I thought I loved, and I didn’t want to do that. He suddenly grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down to his lap. I tried to resist, but he made me open my mouth and put it in. He held my head down there, and I was choking and gagging, but he wouldn’t let me up. Finally he spurted in my mouth and made me swallow. It was awful.”

“And that was the only time you gave anyone a blow-job?”

“Yes, ma’am. He never called me after that.”

“Well, I know all about that part of it. I had two older b*****rs, who began making me give them head when the parents weren’t around, starting when I was about ten. I tried to tell my mother what they were doing to me, and she called me a liar, saying I was just looking for attention and gave me one of the worst beatings of my life. From that point on my b*****rs took every opportunity to get me alone. By the time I was thirteen they had me trained so well I could deep-throat both of them for most of the blow-job. So don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Now, let’s get you in the bathtub. You’re filthy dirty from scrubbing that floor and washing those windows.”
“I’d really rather not take one right now, ma’am. I’m pretty sore right now.”

“I really don’t care what you want, Dumbo. You need a bath, it’ll help get rid of some of that pain, and there are a few other things we need to attend to, regarding your personal hygiene. Now get in that bathroom right this minute. Andy, I might need your help. Now, GIT, little cock-sucker!”

Chapter 4

The pretty nubile teen stood in the middle of the bathroom, as Helen turned on the hot water spigot, totally ignoring the cold water. As the water rose, Barbara knew what Helen’s response would be, but had to ask anyway.

“Please, that water looks awfully hot. Could we add some cold water?”

“Nonsense, Barbie. The hot water will be good for your backside and help it heal. I know what I’m talking about because my father used to make me take one like this, almost every time he beat me. And he didn’t use switches. He used a wooden dowel about a half inch thick. Sometimes it took a week before my butt was in any kind of shape for him to beat again. So consider yourself lucky, Dolly. Now get in there.”

Barbara tried to back away, but Helen grabbed her arm and swatted her behind.

“I guess I’m gonna need your help, Andy. Our little cock-sucker has decided to keep on being disobedient. She doesn’t seem to be able to figure out that’s just gonna mean a lot more pain.”

Andy grabbed Barbara’s other arm and between them they were able to pick her up and stand her in the tub.

“Oh, Goddd, nnnno! I can’t stand it. Please let me out. Tooo hot!”

As they struggled to hold her in place, Helen looked at her son and said, ”You see. She’s gone and used that word again, just to try my patience. 20 more and counting.”

With that, they were able to slide the thrashing victim down into the tub. The scream came as soon as her battered legs and back touched the water.

“Aggggh! Oh noooo, please. Too hot!. Pleeease.”

After a few moments, Barbara’s squeals and weeping were the only sound in the room. Soon Helen and Andy were able to take their hands away, and rise to watch Barbara suffering. She didn’t move from the spot they had left her in, and began to sob softly.

Helen grabbed a large glass from the sink, filled it with water from the bath and poured it over Barbara’s head.

Another scream from the beleaguered teen filled the room.

“Got to get that hair washed too, so we can do some cutting.“ Helen poured some shampoo on top of Barb’s head and began rubbing it in. Once it was well lathered, she dipped the glass in the water and poured it over the young girl’s head. A less powerful screech was the result.

“She doesn’t seem to want to wash herself, Andy, so I guess you’ll have to do the honors. Here’s a washcloth.”

“Nnnn…. I’ll do it. I’ll do it.”

“Better get to it then, little bitch. Oh look, Andy, I wouldn’t have believed it but those bee-sting nips actually have goose-bumps on them. You be sure to wash them well, Barbie. And between your legs, too, or I’ll have Andy do it for you.”

Moaning as she touched parts of herself with the hot washcloth she managed to get most of her body covered, if not scrubbed. When she went to wash between her legs, she tried to raise herself slightly to get to her pussy.

“Oh no, that will never do, Barbie doll. You can’t really get that clean unless you’re standing. Now get up and show us how you clean that puss.”

Barbara struggled to rise and finally got to a standing position. The tears were still streaming down her face as she began to pass the washcloth between her legs.

“Now you know you can’t possibly reach it all, unless you spread those legs wide, you silly girl. Get those legs spread.”

Barbara spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing and not even caring any more that she was exhibiting herself fully to her eager audience. She proceeded to rub the cloth back and forth against her vagina, covering every inch of her slit several times, looking at Helen for some word that she had successfully completed her chore.

“That’s enough, nympho, we don’t want you having an orgasm over this. Now get out and Andy will dry you off.”

The defeated girl stepped out and Andy was there immediately with a large bath towel, and began rubbing her down from neck to toe. Obviously he felt it necessary to rub her tits and between her legs with extra attention. His attention to the back of her legs and her backside were equally vigorous, causing Barbara to cry out several times.

With Barbara’s hair still sopping and stringy, Helen grabbed a pair of scissors and said, “Let’s get this mop cut down to size now. I hate long hair!”

Barbara was quick to interject, “Nnnn… Oh, please don’t. I’ve never had it cut and I’ll take care of it when it’s dry.”

“Hair down to your butt is very unattractive, Barbie. Let’s get it up here in a modified pageboy, shall we?” With this she grabbed a hank of hair and began cutting. When she had finished, Barbara’s hair hung unevenly, barely below her ears. She looked in the mirror and began weeping.

“I look like a boy,” she murmured sadly.

“Maybe above the neck, but below the neck you’re all girl, baby,” muttered her step-mother, as she took one of her breasts in her hand and bobbled it.

“Now let’s get to that other hair, little girl. There’s not a lot there, anyway, but since you choose to act like a little spoiled c***d, I think you should look like one too, don’t you?”

Barbara looked up at Helen in amazement, but could see by her determined look that there was no sense in pleading.

“Now I want you to sit on that toilet seat, scootch forward, and be very still. We wouldn’t want to cut those nice fat lips on your pussy, would we?”

“I could do it, Mom.”

“No, Baby. Let me do the cutting and then you can put the cream on to finish the job, Okay? It’s a little delicate. I’ve been shaving mine, ever since your grandmother stopped doing it, just before I got married the first time. And consider yourself lucky, Barbie Doll. More than once she decided to pull the hair out with tweezers, and, believe me, that smarts. My b*****rs used to love watching me get shaved.”

In a matter of two minutes she had cut off every hair covering Barbara’s virgin slit.

“Now, Son, put those plastic gloves on and cover the whole area with this cream. Be careful not to get any in between the outer lips though, OK?”

Andy got down on his knees in front of the toilet and just stared for the longest time. He’d never seen one up this close, even in pictures, and he was fascinated. His mother watched him with amusement, and did nothing to hurry him along. What he saw wasn’t even particularly instructive, because Barbara’s slit was just that, and he couldn’t see any of the nice pink insides.
Barbara’s face eventually turned slightly pink itself as his inspection went on and on.

Finally he dipped his finger in the jar and started dabbing the goo on what was left of the shorn hair. At first it felt cool to Barbara, but then began getting warmer and warmer. With a final dab Andy managed to rub a bit of it on Barbara’s crinkled rectum, before he stopped. Now the ointment was really beginning to heat up and Barbara was totally at a loss as to what to do. She knew she couldn’t wipe it off, and the heat was getting more and more intense.

“Oh, God, it hurts so much. Please wipe it off. I’ll do anything. Ohh, ohh, you put some on my back hole. It burns, it burns.”

Andy remained planted between her legs, still staring with a wide dumb smile.

“In a couple of minutes, Barbie Doll. It takes a little time to get to those roots.”

With that the phone rang and Helen went to answer it. Barbara continued to moan and cry, to no avail until Helen came back into the bathroom several minutes later.

“Rub the cream off, Andy. After he gets you wiped off, go and get dressed, Barb. That was the Seattle Police Department calling to say your father was hit by a car crossing the street and died on the way to the hospital.”

Chapter 5

The next few days were busy ones and, much to her relief, little was done to Barbara physically to make her life as miserable as it had been since her father’s marriage. She was given numerous chores to do in getting the house clean, making meals, making beds ,etc., but she was generally left alone to silently mourn her father’s death.

They had returned from the cemetery, and the three of them were sitting in the living room quietly, when Helen announced, “OK. Mourning period’s over. Barbie, get changed into your work clothes and get to work on scrubbing down those walls in Andy’s room. They’re a mess!”

Barbara looked at Helen as though she had just been slapped.

“I can’t believe you’d say that. My father’s dead and barely in the ground. How can you be so cruel?”

“Well, I know you two weren’t that close. I don’t think he liked you very much, and I don’t think you liked him much either. So let’s just get things rolling here.”

The tears started welling in Barb’s eyes and she began to shake.

“I hate you, I hate you! You’re a bitch, and I hate you!” With this she jumped up and ran crying into her room and flopped on the bed , burying her face in her pillow.

Helen waited a few minutes, as her rage built up and finally stormed into Barbara’s room, sat on the bed, flipping Barbara over on her back and slapped her face as hard as she could.

The already weeping girl let out a shriek, and started balling her eyes out.

“Don’t you ever speak to me like that again, you little bitch. Nobody speaks to me like that, and especially an impertinent little hop-head. I’ve been good to you in the last few days, because I knew you were sad, but obviously you don’t appreciate my efforts, so we’ll go back to the way things were. Forget Andy’s room for now. I want you out in the living room stripped to the buff in two minutes. You still have 40 strokes coming to you from the other day, and you just added another 50 for speaking to me the way you did. I’ll beat it out of you yet!”

Barbara did manage to make it out to the living room totally stripped, her bare slit reminding all three of them where they’d left off days before.

“I think that naked vagina looks great on you, Barbie dear, and from now on I want you to keep it shaved all the time. I will check it out occasionally, and, if there’s even the slightest feel of stubble, we’ll get rid of it with the same treatment we used the other day, but we’ll leave it on a lot longer.”

Barbara stood there awkwardly, with her hands folded behind her, waiting for someone to tell her what to do. Her wait seemed like an eternity, as both Helen and Andy took in her delightful curves. Finally Helen spoke.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been putting on a little weight over the past week, little cocksucker. So, before we have our little spanking session, I’ve decided we’re going to have you do a bit of weight training and exercising.”

Barbara knew this was a lie. If anything she had lost weight, what with the work she’d been doing around the house, and a number of meals she’d missed by being sent to bed early without supper, as punishment for one thing or another. She also knew she couldn’t argue with her step-mother any more.

Helen had her start off with push-ups. Harmless, but tiring, after she had completed 50 of them.
Next, she had her bend over, touch her toes, and then return to a standing position. Again, not bad but 50 of them was really getting to her. Then came the one she was dreading, jumping jacks. She knew this would show off every sexual feature she had.

One, two! One, two! With each jump Barbara’s breasts jerked up and down in a most exciting way, jiggling every which way, and her opening legs showed off the pinkness between her nether lips. These she had to do 50 times, as well. By this time she was totally exhausted, breathing heavily and gulping for air.

“Next, I think I want you to run in place for a while, and I want you to get those knees up to your chest. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am, …but…could I…rest…for a…moment,…please?”, she gasped.

“No you may not. This is a punishment session. Some day you’ll learn not to speak to me the way you did. Hopefully, this episode will help convince you. Now run in place!”

So, gulping as much air as she could take in, Barabara began running in place. This was not as embarrassing as the jumping jacks, but her breasts wobbled , juddered and swayed constantly, and both Helen and Andy laughed much of the time, commenting on her flopping boobs. By the time she had run two minutes, she was so exhausted she sank to the floor, utterly worn out and panting laboriously.

“I guess we’ve about finished exercising for today, but don’t think we won’t have another one tomorrow, and I’ll try to come up with some other fun ones to point out your best attributes. Now, I have already been outside and saved you the trouble of having to find switches for your beating today. I think I probably found some that are a little springier than the ones you got the other day. Oh, and by the way, we’re going to work on your front this time, jst to mix things up a little.”

It took a moment for Barbara to comprehend what Helen was saying, but when it finally sank in, a look of horror appeared, and she gasped out, “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I’m afraid so, Dearie. Those big buds of yours are gonna feel a lot sorer when we finish up today. And I think today’s the day Andy wants to find out what it feel like to get a blow-job. I understand you’re an expert at the art of deep-throating. Hmmm?”

The sobs came from deep in Barbara’s gut, when she heard what she had begun to realize was going to be a living hell for her every day from now on, and tears once again started pouring down her cheeks.

“Stop with the goddam tears, bitch. You’ve got it easy. When I was your age my father used to beat me with what he called a “groove strap”, whose sole purpose was to smack between the lips of my pussy, usually 20 or 30 times, and then he’d turn me over and use it on my butt-hole. I’ll tell you it hurt to pee or crap for days after one of our sessions. ‘Course I’m not averse to finding a nice thin leather belt, which ought to do the trick with you almost as well.”

With this she rose and grabbed Barbara’s arm, yanking her up to her feet.

“Come here, Andy. I’m gonna need your help, Honey.”

Chapter 6

Andy jumped to help, as Helen got a strong hold on Barbara’s arm.

“I think you’ll have to grab her arms from behind and hold on tight. I don’t think Miss Goody-Two-Shoes is gonna like this as much as we are.”

After Andy grabbed her from behind, Barbara started bucking and pulling, but with no success.

“Why are you doing this to me? I haven’t done anything”, she cried.

Helen got up close to Barbara’s face and the fury and venom were evident in her piercing eyes. “There’s that word again. That’s 60 now plus the 50 for yelling at me and calling me a bitch. You’re just a glutton for punishment, aren’t you? I’ll tell you why I’m doing this. Because you’re a bad, bad girl and I will beat it out of you, eventually.”

With this, she took up the first switch, festooned with buds, and, with little aim, swung it against Barb’s thigh, right above the knee.

Swish! Splat! “Oh, God, please, please don’t do this. I’ll try hard to be good. I promise.”

“Too late, Sweetie.” Swish! Splat! Another sweep across her lower thigh and another cry from Barbara.

The beating continued slowly up her legs, leaving ugly red splotches after each swat. Helen was keeping close tabs on the number of hits she made, and had reached only fifteen, by the time she reached Barb’s torso.

“This would be a good time to have the groove strap, but since we don’t we’ll just give your little bare pussy some extra swats to make up for it.” So, for the next 25 switchings, she concentrated on her vaginal area. Barbara was, at this point, trying to swing her hips sideways to avoid the biting whipping, but to no avail. Crying copiously, she even tried lifting her legs up, hoping to fall on the floor, but Andy had just enough strength to keep her upright.

“Oops! Time to switch switches,” and Helen grabbed a fresh one from the table. She spent ten of her quota, not that anybody else was counting, on Barb’s stomach. As she finished working high on Barb’s abdomen, Helen said with a slight tremor in her voice, “60 to go, and they’re all saved for those cute bubbies of yours. Hold real tight now, Andy. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride.”

She swung the switch with full f***e and caught the lower part of Barbara’s large nipple.

“Oh, my God, that hurts. Please, please don’t hit me there. I can’t stand it!”

“You’ll just have to, sweetcakes.” With this a hale of four more rapid swipes continued moving up and down her puffed areas. Eventually Helen began smacking the upper slopes of Barb’s breasts, as red mark after red mark started appearing where pink flesh had been. Helen started down the breasts again, paying particular attention to the already darkening udder tips. Barbara was, by now, almost hoarse, again, and her whimpers and pleas were being ignored as completely as her screams had been earlier. .

With 20 left to go, she stopped the switching and reached for some heavy string.

“There’s one area we haven’t hit yet, and I’ll bet Barbie Doll doesn’t even know how sensitive it is. You just thought those nips were tender, baby. Just you wait!”

She began wrapping the string around the base of Barb’s puffy left nipple. A couple of wraps around and a tightening squeezed the skin below her nipple painfully into a deep indentation around the nipple edge. Helen tied it off, swung the string around the back of Barbara’s neck and over to the right breast. A yank on the string suddenly pulled Barb’s left teat up toward her face, so that it stood obscenely pointing toward the ceiling. A similar tie around Barbara’s right nipple had both nipples pointing awkwardly toward the ceiling, and the under parts of her breasts fully on view.

“Back to work, baby.” She took up a new switch and began belaboring the newly exposed area, much to Barbara’s total painful distaste.

“Aaarg! Oh, it’s awful. Please stop. Pleeease!”

But Helen continued switching the tender area until it was redder than any other area Helen had beaten. She threw down the switch and moved over to peruse her work. Barbara’s front was covered form knees to shoulders with ugly splotches and a constant dark red hue over the full length of her front. Helen commented on how attractive Barbara’s tits were sticking up in the air that way, and how maybe they should contrive some kind of a bra that would emulate her current situation.

Much to Barbara’s relief, Helen began untying the knots, in spite of the fact she was being as rough as she could in getting the knots out. When she finished, Helen looked her victim in the eye and said viciously, “Now let’s see how good you are at sucking cock, BITCH. Andy, unzip and get your schlong out. And you, cocksucker, get down on your knees.”

Chapter 7

Andy let go of Barbara and began loosening his pants and pushing down on his underpants. In a moment he was standing before his mother wearing nothing but his tee-shirt.

Barbara moved to Helen, grabbing her arms and begging, “Oh, please! Don’t make me do this. I don’t like to do it, and it’s wrong.”

Helen slapped Barbara sharply against her right nipple, as she pulled away from her step-daughter. “Don’t you ever grab me like that again, Dopey-girl.”

As Barbara reacted to the slap by backing away with a scream, Helen said, “I told you I was going to begin tutoring you. Well, consider this your first lesson in sex education. I know you’ve already had experience, but we learn by trying new shapes and sizes, don’t we?”

Barbara backed away sobbing and looked at Andy, who was already in a state of semi-erection.

His penis was normal for a f******n-year-old, around five inches long, perhaps a little thicker than average and circumcised. He now took it in hand and began sliding it back and forth.

“Look good, Barbie? Come to Papa.”

Barbara froze for a moment and then made a dash for the door, but Helen was ready for her. She grabbed her arm and twisted it painfully behind her back, forcing Barb down to her knees.

Andy moved over to her quickly and pressed his now hardened penis against her mouth. After a moment of resistance, Helen’s upward twist on her arm convinced her to open her mouth.

“I’ll warn you this one time, bitch. You bite my boy or even sc**** your teeth against his nice prick and I’ll break this arm. Got it?” She twisted up a little more, when she received no answer.

“Essh…Ump,” was all Barbara could manage in response. Andy began sawing his penis in and out of Barb’s mouth, and, though it wasn’t long enough to get down her throat, it still could reach the back of her mouth, causing her gag reflex to respond.

“Gaahk. Slurp! Gung! Awkk! Ugggh. Gawwk.” These sounds continued to emanate from her mouth, and Andy’s ecstasy grew, as his slime-covered penis neared its explosion. Not two minutes after Barbara had taken it in, it burst in full f***e, and though she swallowed a bit of it, most of it dripped slowly out of her lips and slid down her chin, plopping onto her breast.

“Andy, you didn’t have much staying power, Honey. We’ll have to try it again in a bit, so Barbie can see how it is to work on it for a while. But the next time, Sweetie, and she twisted Barb’s arm cruelly, I don’t want to see a drop come out of your mouth. You’ve got to learn how to swallow it all, just the way I had to with my b*****rs.”

Andy, whose prick was rapidly losing its hardness, immediately pointed out that he was ready to go right now, if it was okay with Helen. She nodded her head and pushed Barbara’s up close to Andy’s semi-hardon. Barbara resignedly opened her mouth, and blow-job # 2 began.

This one was no easier for her than the first. She could feel her step-b*****r’s erection growing as she sucked, and shortly she was back to feeling it reach the back of her mouth again.

“Eckkh. Slosh. Gawwp. Goog. Glurg.“ There was no letup, and the sucking went on, endlessly, she thought, as his penis savored the spit and coughed-up slime that came with her choking.
As his climax grew near, Andy grabbed her head between his two hands, and held it jammed up against his lips. “Hawgg. Gaock! Uchheegch!”

Finally, the moment came, and a huge spurt of sour-tasting sperm came spewing into her mouth. As her mouth filled with the slimy substance, she knew she must do something, and opening her mouth wasn’t one of her options, so she finally, at the very last moment, when her mouth could hold no more, swallowed. The urge to vomit hit her almost immediately, but she was able to f***e it back down her throat.

Andy held her head with a full mouth of penis until well after he completed his climax, savoring the feel of her mouth. Finally he released her. She pulled back coughing and sputtering. Helen released her arm and moved over to the couch and sat.

“The second one was much better, little bird-brain, but I can see we need a lot more practice before we get this thing perfected. Don’t you agree, Andy, Honey?”

Andy moved to sit beside her, leaving Barbara coughing and moaning sadly on the floor.

“Uh, yeah, Mom. I think so,” he said dumbly.

“OK, Barbie Doll. Go wash your tit off, gargle with some mouthwash and come back here immediately. We’re not done yet.”

Barbara, weeping once again, pulled herself up and slunk into her bathroom.

Chapter 8

When she returned to the living room, Barbara stood in all her naked nubile glory as she presented herself to her mistress and her son. Her shoulders sagged, and she clasped her hands in front of her, not to hide anything, God knows, but because she was ill at ease.

“Stand at attention, bitch! Didn’t I tell you about covering that pussy of yours, after all the trouble we went to to make it look so cute.”

Barbara scurried to put herself at attention.

“Now, I am still very upset with you for yelling at me and calling me a bitch…”

“I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have and I apol…”

Don’t you ever interrupt me, you bad girl. You see, Andy, she hasn’t improved a bit. Well, we’re going to take care of that right now. When was the last time you had an enema, Barbie?”

“Uh, I’ve never had one, Ma’am.”

“Well, another new experience for you. Aren’t we full of fun things to do? Into the bathroom, now! You probably want to watch this, too, Andy. Barbie’s about to show you what she’s going to look like when she gets pregnant. I don’t expect that’ll be for some time, though, if we use proper precautions.”

Barbara and Andy were standing in the bathroom waiting, Barbara still stark naked, and Andy still unable to keep from staring, when Helen came in with a large enema bag.

She went to the sink and filled it with lots of soap and hot water, but, this time, she was kind enough to mix in some cold water with it. Screwing on the top, she smiled and exclaimed, “There we go. I think two quarts ought to be about right. Bend over, Dumbo, and hold onto the sides with your hands. Andy, do you want to do the honors?”

Andy acknowledged and sank to his knees with the nozzle.

“Spread those legs, you stupid girl, so Andy can see where to stick it. Wider, for God’s sake!”

When Barbara had gotten her legs spread as far apart as she could, Andy smiled up at his mother and began moving the nozzle back and forth between Barbara’s spread vaginal lips, back and forth, back and forth, as Barbara sighed in humiliation and gathering fear.

Finally Helen said with a smile, “No, Sweetie, you’ll need the back hole. I guess you need an anatomy lesson, don’t you. I’ll bet Barbie Doll would be happy to show you where and what everything is, after we finish this little punishment. Now, because this is a punishment, I don’t think we will lubricate the nozzle. Let’s let Barbie suffer a little for a change.”

Suddenly Andy found the crinkled hole and pressed forward with gusto.

“Oww, Ooo. Not so hard, pleeease.” But Andy continued pushing hard and finally her rectum gave and opened. As the nozzle sank further and further into her bowels, Barbara began to weep, feeling the pressure of an external object sticking in her for the first time.

When the nozzle had sunk in to its end, Helen released the catch and the soapy water began to flow into her step-daughter’s bowels. At first there was no vocal response from Barb, but, only a minute later, she began to feel the water filling her and the cramps began in earnest.

“Ohh, it’s burning me. Please take it out. Ohh, it hurts. Oh, please, no more.”

But the enema continued, and Barbara’s cramps became stronger and stronger.

“I have to go, I have to go. Please, please, now, now, Owwoo, no, oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that word, please.”

But you did say it, bad girl. We’ll just have to start keeping a list. But that’s 20 to start off your next whipping.”

By the time the enema bag had emptied, Barbara was down on her knees, still hanging onto the side of the wash basin, and moaning and crying. But that was just the first quart. Helen refilled the bag and hung it back on a hook. The clamp was loosened and soon Barbara was in agony, feeling the second bag’s contents f***e their way into her stomach. Finally the second bag slurped to a finish.

Please let me go to the bathroom, now, please!”

“No, no. We have to wait ten minutes. Those are the rules. I remember one time my mother made me wait twenty minutes. I was all sweaty and weak by the time she finally let me sit down on the john. Now, stand up, so we can see the new Barbie.”

Barbara tried to straighten up and pull herself up on her two legs, but since no one was helping her, she had to inch her way up, every inch causing unbearable stomach pains. Eventually she was able to stand, in a slightly hunched-over position. Her whole front ached, not only from the enema, but the thrashing she had gotten earlier. Glancing in the mirror she could see that her front, especially her breasts, looked as though she had a very bad sunburn. She also noticed that her belly stuck out as if she were in her fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and glistened, the skin was so tight.

“See, Andy, her stomach looks like she’s preggers. Feel how full her stomach feels now.”

Andy couldn’t wait to rub his hand roughly over Barbara’s protrusion, adding to her discomfort.

Ten long minutes later Helen finally gave permission to remove the plug, and Andy did it as slowly as possible. Barbara barely made it to the toilet before the flood began, and she sighed with relief as the liquid poured out. She, indeed, had begun sweating, in spite of her nakedness and was so totally wiped out by the experience, all she wanted to do was lie down and sl**p. Naturally Helen had other plans!

“Come on, Dolly. It’s time for some show and tell. Poor Andy needs a lesson in female anatomy.”

Tired and beaten down, Barbara trudged into the living room, led by her two nemeses. When they arrived, Helen told Barbara to sit in the big stuffed armchair, Andy to sit on the floor right next to Barbie and she would, as instructor, stand a few feet in front of the chair. Barbara, whose front was still smarting from the whipping she’d received, sat gingerly awaiting instructions.

“Now then, Miss Dope-fiend, we’re going to start at the top and work our way down your body, explaining to Andy what part each has in sexual participation, and showing him, as much as we can. Sit up! First, the mouth. What do we use it for in sex?”

Barbara resignedly whispered, “What I did earlier.”

“God damn it, Barbie, do you want another whipping right now?”

“Nnn, I don’t, Ma’am,” was Barbara’s sullen whispered answer.

“Then you better straighten up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, answer my questions fully and with some energy. I’m right in the mood to give you another 50 on your front.”

Barbara reluctantly perked up.

“First of all, there are less sexual things you do with your mouth, aren’t there.”

“Well there’s kissing.”

Exactly! And what kinds?”
“On the lips and with… tongues.” “Right! Now demonstrate both with Andy.”

As repugnant as the thought was, she leaned forward to kiss Andy, who grabbed her neck, pulled her forward, locked lips and stuck his tongue deep into her mouth. After rolling his tongue around her mouth for nearly thirty seconds, he pulled away and looked up at his mother.

“She’s not sticking her tongue in my mouth, Mom!”


Andy locked on again and this time let Barbara do all the work. He finally pulled back.

“I guess he doesn’t need a demonstration of a regular kiss,” said his mother laughing. “And what was the other thing you were mentioning before, Barbie, and you’d better be specific and use the right words. Or else!”

“Sssucking …on a man’s thing… his ppppenis.”

“And that can include licking and sucking his balls and his ass-hole, can’t it?”

Barbara, who had never even thought of such a thing before answered quietly, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Let’s move down to those yummy tits of yours, now. What are they for?”

“To feed babies milk.”

“That is not the sexual function of your boobs. What is it, dummy?”

“For men to suck on, I guess.” “You guess! You know! She’s forgotten, Andy. Show her.”

Andy jumped to his knees and grabbing one of her breasts, popped the nipple in his mouth. Barbara was totally chagrinned and closed her eyes to shut the greedy sucker from her sight.
Soon, he had pulled in as much of her breast as he could get in his mouth, and was biting and sucking as hard as he could. The pain on her reddened tit from her earlier whipping came back to haunt her. Then while he had the one breast buried in his mouth, he grabbed the other in his hand and began squeezing it roughly. Barbara let out a yell, and Andy pulled off.

“So, we know a tit can be a nice toy to play with and suck on, right?”

“Now, moving on down, Barbie, sweetie, I want you to prop each leg up on an arm of the chair and scootch forward until your butt is right on the edge of the chair front. That’s it.”

Barbara was so embarrassed by this blatant exhibition that she moved her hand in front of her eyes to shut out the lewd ostentation. Her vagina was completely open, to the point that one could see, not only the outer and inner lips, but the entrance to her cervix.

“Poor Barbie’s embarrassed, so I’ll carry on from here. See these fat lips out here,” said Helen leaning in to touch them. They protect these inner lips and the rest of the vagina, Andy. They’re very sensitive. Go on and feel all of them. That’s good. Now this is the hole where a man sticks his penis. As a matter of fact, while we’re here….” With this she took her index finger and stuck it as far in the hole as she could. Removing it, she said, “Well, she didn’t lie about that, anyway. She is definitely a virgin. Stick your finger in until you hit the barrier. That’s her hymen. There you go. Not only do women like to be felt up on their pussy, and fuck men with it, but one of the greatest feelings in the world for a woman is to have her pussy licked . See this hood up here? If you flip that a little you see that little nubbin that shines like a pearl, that’s her clitoris, or clit for short, and that’s the most sensitive part in a woman’s body, usually. Suck on that for a while and you’ll drive a girl crazy. We don’t want you doing it right now, ’cause we’re not looking for Barbie to enjoy herself too much today.” Barbara was mortified by the time they had finished.

“Finally, you know all about the asshole, but did you know that not only can you give a girl an enema through it, but a man could stick his prick in it, just like her vaginal hole. Most girls don’t like it at first, because the hole is so small a man usually has to f***e it in, but a woman eventually can get used to it. If you want to, I’ll let you try that tomorrow, but right now I’m starved. Let’s go to the kitchen and get something. Barbie Doll, I’m disappointed in your demonstration abilities, and I think we’ll just send you to bed without supper again. It’ll help take off some of that fat. Goodnight!”

Helen and Andy left the room discussing what he had learned, though there really wasn’t much of it that he didn’t already know. Barbara was so tired and depressed, she dragged her legs down from her lewd exposure, stood and ambled to her bed. She didn’t even bothering to put on her nightgown. She pulled back the covers, crawled in and was sound asl**p within a minute.

Chapter 9

The doorbell rang, and Helen answered it to find the county Sheriff standing there, and, behind him, Barbara with a small suitcase in her hands. She was dressed in a tee-shirt and short shorts. It was obvious that she was without a bra, as her prominent nipples stuck out in all their glory like beacons. The big difference in her appearance was a confident smile, a “gotcha” smile, which exuded the first self-assurance that Helen had seen in the little time they’d known each other.

“Hello, Ben. Come on in. I see you found our little truant. Where was she?”

The three of them sat, before Ben answered. “We found her thumbing a ride down on route 69, Helen. I told her I was glad we got to her before some nasty guy picked her up and did God-awful things to her.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you did, Ben. Dressed the way she is, she was just inviting trouble.”

“Well, before I go any further, Helen, I have to tell you she’s leveled some pretty serious charges against you. I need to ask you a few questions.”

“Why, certainly, Ben. What in the world is she saying?”

“First off, she says you beat her. Did you?”

“Well I did spank her and whipped her with switches, Ben, but I believe both are legal to use with c***dren in this county, aren’t they? I tell you, Ben, she has been nothing but trouble for the last two weeks. Now I know it’s been a trying time for her, and I’ve tried hard to be a mother and companion to her, what with her father’s death and all, but it’s been hard for me, too. Married just two days before he’s gone.” Helen’s eyes filled with tears.

“It’s true. Spanking and switches are legal here. I thought you had actually beat her, the way she was talking.”

Barbara tried to interject, “But she switched ….”

“Did she tell you she was recently kicked out of high school for smoking marijuana on school grounds?”

“No she didn’t. Is that true, young lady?”

“Yes but I only…”

“Her father was just mortified, but I said I would home-school her until we could get things straightened out.”

“That’s real nice of you, Helen. Now, there were a few other charges she’s made. Fairly serious charges. For instance, she claims you made her perform oral sodomy on your son.”

“Oh, Barbara, dear, how could you say such a thing? Oh, Ben, she lies at the drop of a hat. You’ve known me how long, fifteen years? Could you possibly believe I would ever do such a thing? Oh, you are so hateful, Barbara. I’m just so embarrassed.”

“I have to say, when I saw it was you living here, I began to have my doubts about her story. You’re just not the type, Helen.”

At this point, the self-assuredness left Barbara, and she lowered her head and began to cry.

“She also said you gave her a couple of enemas. Is that right?”

“Yes, I did. I don’t know whether it was the wedding and funeral so soon after, but she started having terrible trouble with regularity, and all I was trying to do was help her. She just doesn’t appreciate anything I do for her, Ben. I tell you, I’m about at my wits end.”

“And the last claim she made was that you gave her an enema yesterday and followed up by letting your son commit anal sodomy on her. I don’t suppose that’s true either.”

“Oh, Barbara, sweetie, how can you lie like that? What have I done to make you turn against me so?”

Helen leaned in to Ben and very confidentially said, ”I truly believe she’s a little psychotic, Ben. She comes up with these amazing stories all the time, but this is the first time she’s tried to implicate me. I’m also tempted to check out her IQ level. And I’m not sure she hasn’t gotten into some more serious d**gs along the way. Sometimes she just gets wacky.”

“Well, I hope you can straighten her out. She’s a pretty girl. But she sure needs counseling, and knowing you, I know you’ll find a way. Sorry to bother you, Helen.”

“Thanks, Ben. Oh, and I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you on your election to sheriff.”

“Thanks. I have to tell you, your financial contributions and campaigning sure helped us a lot.”

Ben looked over at Barbara, who had almost curled into a fetal position. “Now you better learn to behave, young lady. Next time we catch you out on the road like that, I’ll have to run you in for vagrancy, and you may just get sent to that girl’s reformatory over in Ashley. You don’t want to end up there. I hear the attendants are real tough on those girls. So you straighten up, you hear!”

And he was gone. Helen turned to Barbara, who remained curled up, sobbing now, knowing her luck had run out.

“So, BITCH, you almost got away, didn’t you? Well, You won’t have another chance, I can tell you that. Get those clothes off now.”

Barbara hurried to comply, not wanting to incur her step-mother’s wrath any more than she already had. She jumped up and shucked out of her tee-shirt, the shorts and her panties. Helen grabbed them up and held them in front of Barbara’s face.

“Take a good look, sweetie, ‘cause this is the last you’re gonna see of ‘em, or any of your other clothes. I’m putting every piece of clothing you own in a box and locking it in the attic. From now on you’ll be running around the house naked as a jay-bird 24 hours a day. Let’s see you go outside without any clothes on, especially with fall right around the corner.”

“And a few things more. You will get a beating at least once every day, just on principle, and I may even start using a paddle, who knows. I will begin tutoring you tomorrow in all your courses, and you’d better get decent grades. Somehow I don’t think you will, ‘cause I’m a pretty tough grader. One more thing to punish you for, huh. Oh, and we need to continue Poor Andy’s sex education. He’s woefully ignorant of the most basic facts.”

Barbara just stood there with the tears streaming down her face, dripping onto her boobs, and she began to moan in a low wail.

“Now, let’s get you into the bathroom. ANDY, stop eating your sandwich, honey and come on in the bathroom. I need your help. Barbara’s back, and she needs another enema bad! I think we’ll try 2 ½ quarts this time.”

Getting To Know Step-Mother

Chapter 1

For the next few days, Barb’s miserable life continued much as before, except now she was receiving her prescribed one spanking a day, with additional ones thrown in for any number of transgressions, most contrived by her step-mother, but many for made-up misdeeds conjured up by Andy. The rule was that if Andy found the fault he got to give the spanking, so he looked for any opportunity to see a violation where there was none. Barb’s rear end was a constant shade of bright red, and, of course, always in view, since she was now expected to be naked at all times, and her face exhibited a steady stream of tears through much of the day.

“Oh, Barbie, I asked you nicely to get the spot out of my jeans over an hour ago, and it’s still there. You don’t seem to pay attention to anything I ask you to do. Bad Barbie!”

“But sir, I was outside cutting the grass. I couldn’t hear you out there.”

“You just weren’t listening hard enough, Barbie. Come over here and get your spanking. NOW!”

Barb hesitated a moment, then crossed to Andy as Helen moved into the living room to watch. Her tears began flowing before she placed herself over Andy’s lap. Her bright red behind, which had just received its daily prescribed dose an hour earlier, looked as though it couldn’t get any redder. Andy was about to prove that thought wrong, but, before he began, he ordered her to spread her legs for him. When she did, his hand dipped between her legs to pinch and pull on her protruding outer lips. He received great pleasure in hearing Barbara moaning and pleading and hearing her sobs increase. Soon he moved his hand forward to stimulate her clitoris, long enough for it to protrude from under the hood so that he could grab it between his thumb and index finger and twist.

Barbara screamed and rose up from Andy’s lap, but his grip on the nubbin was enough to hold her in place. When he finally tired of tormenting his step-s****r, he released her clit, bringing his hand up and smacking it down on Barbie’s sore buttock with all his might. Barb swore out loud for the very first time.

“Oh, shit! Oh, pleeeease don’t spank me, Andy. I’m already so sore. Pleeease!”

“It’s Master to you, Barbie-doll, and, because you said a bad word, I’m going to double the punishment. 40 spanks. How about that?”

“Good for you, Andy. Little girls who use bad words deserve extra punishment, and, when you’re finished I think a little soap-in-the-mouth is call for. Bad Barbie!”

And so the punishment went on and on, and Barbara’s seat got darker and darker, as she began crying so hard she started hiccupping. Her legs were flying about as though she was swimming the butterfly stroke, until, still hiccupping, and sobbing she collapsed on Andy’s lap. Andy, who had reached the 40th blow to her buttocks, thought at first that she had fainted, but the fact that she was still moaning told him she was a step beyond pain.

He pushed her to a standing position and checked to see the damage. The mere touch of one of her buttocks brought more tears and another shriek. Helen grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom. Grabbing a bar of soap, she demanded that Barbara open wide. When she finally did, Helen f***ed the bar deep into her mouth and ordered Barbara to bite down on it. Barb did as ordered and was instructed to hold it there until Helen gave her the okay to release it. It was almost a minute later, during which time Barbara had been f***ed to swallow a number of times, before Helen let her spit the soap out.

“You are not to rinse your mouth out. Do you understand?”

Barb grimaced and swallowed more of the soapy deposit in her mouth.

“Now, it’s time for today’s lesson. Let’s start with math, shall we? Oh, I almost forgot. Andy has fixed up a nice chair for you to sit on, and I know how naked you feel without a bra, so I fixed one for you. Here, put it on.”

Barbara looked at the bra, and she noticed immediately that it was a couple of sizes too small, but, besides that, Helen had sewn netting into both cups with about twenty thumb-tacks in each cup protruding inward. Barbara started to shy from it, but Andy grabbed her arms from behind and Helen placed the bra over her breasts and hooked the back. Barbara screamed at the pain being driven into her tender breasts, especially her puffy nipples. The fact that the bra was too small meant that her breasts poked out well above the upper edges of the bra, making her look much bustier than normal, as well as making the pressure being caused by the tight fit giving her much more pain. It felt as though she was being stung by a swarm of bees, over and over. Helen checked the fit by pressing various spots on the bra, bringing wails from the beleaguered girl.

Then Helen showed her the chair Andy had fixed for her. It was a regular wooden kitchen chair, but in the center of the seat, sticking up, was a wooden dowel, approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter and almost six inches long. Barb tried to run away, but Andy and Helen each grabbed an arm, and as she screamed at the top of her lungs, they pushed her down to the dowel’s top. Helen placed Barbara’s little rosebud directly over the dowel and she and Andy pushed down very slowly until Barbara was firmly seated on the chair.

“Now, between the bra and the chair, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about your mind wandering, will I, Barbie-honey? Now, let’s turn your book to page 42.”

The chair and bra became a regular part of the curriculum, whenever Barbie had any of her schooling, except for the sex education classes. When the bra was released after each study session, Barb could see that usually it had just left deep depressions all over her breasts, and especially her nipples. Occasionally she could see where a tack or two had broken the skin and a few drops of bl**d had appeared.

About a week after she started being required to appear nude throughout the day, Helen told Barbara that she had a handyman coming to do some work on the house, and, so that his attention wouldn’t be diverted to watching a naked girl running around the house, she was to go to her room. After she had entered, Helen closed the door and slipped the bolt on the lock on the outside of the door. Barb heard some hammering and such while the workman was there, but was glad to be out from under Helen’s constant sadistic supervision. Several hours later she was allowed out of her room, and the cruelty returned, and she forgot the episode.

Chapter 2

A week or so later Helen called Barbie into the living room, where she found her two tormentors waiting. She could tell by the sparkle in their eyes that whatever was about to happen was not going to be to her liking. Barb stood before Helen with her hands clasped behind her back, as she had been recently instructed to stand before either of them whenever she was being addressed. This, of course, left her breasts and her hairless pussy open for inspection or torment, much to her embarrassment.

“Barbie, honey, you are overdue for your next sex education lesson, which is especially important for teenage girls. I hope you know by now that you must be very obedient and make no fuss about a little pain. Sex education for girls is no fun. It involves hard training. The most important things for a young girl to remember are cleanliness, elegance, endurance and willpower. Your primary concern, however, must be obedience. Are you ready to begin the next step in your sexual education?”

Tears began to form in Barb’s eyes, as she realized that whatever was about to happen was going to be very painful, but her answer would have to be the one she gave for everything nowadays.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then we start at the small ottoman over here. Now, sit down on the edge…No, you stupid girl…sit on the short side…Now, lie on your back.”

Reluctantly Barbie did as she was instructed, placing her arms beside her on the ottoman. She began to tremble slightly as she awaited the next order.

“Stretch your arms above your head, silly girl…yes…so you really show off those ugly tits of yours. That’s a nice view, isn’t it, Andy?”

“Yeah. The tiny nipples at the end of her boobies are erect, too!”

“That’s because all teenage girls like to show them off.”

Barb was totally embarrassed and turned her head to the side to avoid having to look at the leers on their faces. She pressed her legs together, afraid of what was to follow.

“Okay, dopey-girl, I want you to raise your legs up toward the ceiling…quickly, bitch…now spread them as far as you can…farther! far apart as you can get them…Oh, come on, you can do better than that.”

With that Helen crossed to the ottoman, grabbed Barbara’s ankles and yanked them a few inches further apart, drawing a screech from her prone victim.

“Come on Barbie, you can do better than that. That’s nothing, especially for a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, who used to be a cheer-leader. Spread ‘em more! Further!”

Barbara tried with all her strength to spread her legs further, but they were already aching. She could feel her pussy lips spread slightly, and, the outer lips showing the slightest tinge of pink between them. Her face showed several shades pinker than usual, as she realized how exposed she was.

“You can be quite sure I will not tolerate such a poor performance. How can Andy learn how to handle girls, if he thinks they are as disobedient as you and have difficulty showing off their pussies? You are really asking for it, girl! It’s time to say hello to the groove strap!”

“I’m trying, ma’am. I’m doing my best. I can’t spread them any more. Please, ma’am.”

Her legs ached terribly now, and she tried to open her legs another half inch, without success.

“I’ve really had enough of your sass, young lady. Back talk during a sex education session while lying on your back will double your punishment. I planned to give you 5 slaps between your legs…after a few test slaps…since it’s your first time, but now you’ve earned ten!”

“Oh, nnnn…Please, I’m sorry, ma’am, really I am.”

“It’s too late, girl…Now, be brave…We begin with the test strokes. If you take them like a good girl, holding your position and make no unladylike noise, your training can start soon, and the “little helpers” can stay in the cupboard….You get one test stroke for each of your teenage years….We’ll start with you counting the smack to match each of your teenage years. So we’ll start with thirteen. Understood, Barbie?”

The tears began to roll down the sides of her face as she acknowledged Helen’s orders.

“After you call out the number I want you to beg, ‘Please make me learn how to spread my legs as I should in order to become an obedient girl.’ And after each stroke I want you to strain to open your legs a bit more.”

Helen positioned herself in front of the demoralized young girl, who was so very aware that Andy had snuck up behind his mother and both were now peering down at her open pussy. Helen grasped the groove strap, a thin rigid leather belt in her left hand. She looked directly in her young charge’s eyes.

“Are you ready for your sexual training, girl?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then start begging!”

With a satisfied smile on her face, Helen whipped the groove strap between Barb’s open legs.


It was a light stroke, but the groove strap landed exactly where Helen aimed, between the open lips of the virgin’s slit. After a split second of shock Barbara screamed out, “Oww, Ooo…Not so hard, please…Ohh…ooo, my pussy is burning…Oh, please…. THIRTEEN!...Please make me learn how to spread my legs so I may become an obedient girl! Oh, ooo..I can’t stand it.”

Barb’s long legs dropped down to the floor, and she pressed her legs together to hide her pussy.

“Don’t press those legs together, you stupid girl. Now, get them back up in the air and spread them wide, little bitch! This was just a virgin-like light stroke, just to give you an idea and open up that pussy all the way for the real strokes. Your pussy is still too close set. I want to see everything before we’re finished. Now, get those legs up in the air again, and spread them!”

The sobbing girl pointed her feet toward the ceiling again, but fearfully opened her legs only partway. “What’s this lesson all about, young lady?”

Barbara whispered her answer. “…about how a teenage girl should spread her legs obediently, Ma’am”…”

“Then DO SO, quickly, bitch!” Her right hand came out to slap Barb’s leg with a loud smack.

Barbara obeyed quickly, opening her legs to the limit.

“Andy, you can help our little bitch-in-training by standing over Barbie-doll’s head, and maybe you could put something in her mouth to quiet her down. I know she’d appreciate having something else to concentrate on while we’re teaching her to spread her legs. She has to stay on her back until told otherwise and to point her feet to the ceiling… and keep them spread! Barbie, open your legs even a bit more. When you feel the pain on your pussy, you’ll know it’s far enough. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

In the meantime, Andy was unzipping his fly and removing his hard penis.

With tears streaming, Barbara muttered a “Yes, ma’am.”

“After Andy inserts and lets you suck on his nice big prong, there will be no teeth involved. If you bite him or rub your teeth against his penis, I swear your cunt will disappear after I finish with it. UNDERSTOOD!

As Andy began dipping it between her lips, Barb shook her head violently to let Helen know she understood.

“Then let’s continue begging for the test strokes!”

“Foueen…pease maake meee leawn hw t sled m les so I maaay com oedint girl.”


Again, the groove strap landed on Barbie’s virgin pussy. This time it seemed as if the small end of the thin leather belt penetrated a little bit of her girlish slit.


Barb had no choice but to keep lying on her back, as Andy sawed his prick in and out of her mouth, but again she closed her thighs without permission, and her feet fell to the floor for the second time.

“Pease, can’ sand t, hussy hurs so uch….PEEASE!”

“But, as a young girl you must learn to bear such strokes. Believe me, young lady, you are not the first girl to receive such strokes. My father and mother used to use the strap on me regularly.”

“God, Mom, this is great! My dick goes in further this way, and her mouth is so wet. WOW!”

“Peease…peease don’ ‘it e so har. Gaaack. Urk.”

“Stop arguing, Barbie! That wasn’t even a medium stroke, because I’ve been taking into consideration that you’re still a virgin, but you have to get used to a little pain between your legs…and as a girl gets older, her pain tolerance has to develop, until she is finally ready for sex. So the strokes will get a little harder as we proceed…so don’t waste my time, you little prick-tease, and get back in position. Spread those legs, girly!”

Helen waited until the girl was back in the ordered position. Her eyes were extremely frightened as she stared around Andy’s sawing penis into her step-mother’s cold eyes.

“Now then, what can I do for you?”

“Fifeen…pease ma’e me ler ‘ow t sred m le’s so ah mae ‘com a ‘beient gir.”


As the young girl’s pussy had swollen a bit from the previous strokes and because of her widely spread legs, her pussy had opened a little bit. As a result, the groove strap was able to dip a little deeper, and, this time, it really penetrated Barbie’s pussy.


Despite the extreme pain Barb managed to keep her arms stretched behind her head and remained on her back with Andy’s help, but she again closed her legs, though she had the presence of mind to keep her legs extended in the air this time. This time, however, she not only pressed her thighs together, but she crossed her legs, trying to hide her young pussy from her stepmother.

“Pease…pease…I be’hing yo. Can sta’ any ‘ore!”

“No Missy, we will continue with your sex training for disobedient young girls, that’s for sure. You little prick-teasers like to have your pussy fingered and your boobs sucked…being fucked is just the next step. And Missy, I will decide if, when, and by whom you get deflowered! You will have absolutely no say in the matter. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?”

A very quiet,“’Es, ma’.” Barbara sobbed and continued crossing her legs to hide her virgin slit. Andy decided her tits were just too luscious looking and took that moment to reach down and squeeze both of them.

“Aieeee. Oooouuu.”

“Barbie, I’m sure Andy would relish having a little doctor/patient play with his step-s****r, but we’ll save that for later…just open your legs WIDE and I’ll have a little look at your pussy.”

The fear and despair in Barbie’s eyes was palpable. Slowly she spread her legs wide until she felt her step-mother’s hand on her aching pussy. Again she crossed her legs, trapping Helen’s hand.

“Are you insane, you silly bitch? How can I examine your slit, if you don’t keep your legs spread?”

Barbie opened her legs to shoulder width, fighting her urge to pull them down.

“I suppose you’ve never had an OB-GYN exam, have you, young lady?”

Barbara shook her head ‘no’.

“That’s another argument for the need for sex education for teenage girls…Pain or the fear of pain doesn’t allow a girl to hide her pussy. Neither at the doctor’s or at home…So, what’s wrong with your pussy, Missy!”

“Bur’s s’muh, Can’ sand ih.”

Barbie began sobbing again, as Helen examined her pussy thoroughly, causing heavy tears from the sixteen-year-old.

“Your pussy is now nice and tender, just as a girl’s pussy should be! It seems ready for the true sex education. It’s a little bit red in the middle of the slit and your nice plump outer lips are a pretty shade of crimson, and your pussy’s starting to heat up. Nothing to worry about, Barbie. It will be best if Andy and I keep an eye on the state of your pussy during your training. Sadly I have to admit that your behavior during the first test strokes was very poor for a girl in her mid-teens. Be brave and really strain to open your legs after the last test blow. Convince me that you’re old enough to submit to your sex education for teen girls of your own free will, and the “little helpers” can stay where they are. OK?”

“I ty ma’ …”

“Self-control and endurance are most important for any teenage girl, and you should be ashamed of making such a fuss about a few strokes, Missy…Not to worry, though, I’m sure that by the time today’s training is over you will be able to really spread your legs. So, let’s finish the test strokes, shall we?...Get into position, Barbie. That’s it!”

Barb closed her eyes as the tears continued to flow, and spread her legs once again. Andy was now rapidly sinking his prick into Barb’s mouth, as it became obvious he was approaching an orgasm. Helen was pleased to notice that her step-daughter’s red pussy lips had opened up a bit more, enough to f***e the groove strap deep into her pussy.

“And how old is our disobedient school-girl now?”

Barbara looked confused as she peered through her legs at her step-mother, who was readying the groove strap for the next blow. She finally realized why she was being asked her age.

“Siseen…pease mae me le’n ow t sp’ed m le’s, so ah mae ‘ecom ‘edien gir. Ohhh…”


Helen had struck much harder this time and aimed a little bit higher to really drive the painful message home. The groove strap showed its full potential to the young girl for the first time. It dipped deep between the slit, and this time Barbie’s pussy was penetrated to the fullest. This time the strap also opened the girl’s inner lips. The end of the powerful strap licked hard against her clitoris.


Barb immediately howled, putting her right hand between her legs to comfort her pussy. It was a most unladylike picture she was presenting, and Helen smiled.

At that moment Andy shot his load into Barbie’s mouth, and after a moment of quiet bliss, while she tried mightily to swallow everything, he pulled his penis out of her mouth with a huge sigh.

The teenager slowly spread her legs and clasping her pussy between both hands, rocked back and forth.

“Stop diddling yourself at once, girl. Hands away from your pussy, you ungrateful little bitch!”

Not wishing to anger her step-mother any more, Barbara removed her hands from her pussy and placed them above her head.

“That’s not fair. You hit my…my…”

“Andy, Barbie-doll is too stupid to name the most girlish part of her body. Maybe you can help her out.” Helen laughed.

“It’s her clit! You hit her clit, Mom!,” Andy answered proudly as he pulled his pants back up.

“Was Andy right? Did I finally open your pussy up to start your sex education, girly?”

“Yes, you hit my…clit. That hurt worse than anything you’ve done before…”

“Good. Now you’re ready for your ongoing sex education for disobedient teen girls.”

“Oh, please, ma’am. I can’t take any more. Pleeease, ma’am.”

“Well, you have to. And you should be thankful to Andy and me for all the work we’ve put in, just to teach you what every girl your age should know without making such a fuss about spreading your long legs and presenting your young pussy!”

“But I never thought that sex would mean so much pain.”

“Well, that’s why you are overdue for sex education for girls. This training is supposed to get you ready for what you will feel when you lie on your back, spread your legs and are penetrated by a large penis in your virgin pussy. This training is all about keeping your slutty legs open when you’re supposed to…and to ignore the pain for the pleasure of the man! But the test strokes really proved that you aren’t strong enough to endure your sex training without some help. So, please beg me to help you with the rest of your sex training. Missy.”

”Oh, nnnn…please…I can’t…”

“That’s it, little bitch, now I’m really angry….!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am…I really am…sorry….Please help me to endure my sex education!”

“All right, while I’m preparing the “little helpers,” I want you to go to the toilet, take a shower, fix your make-up, make yourself fresh, and put on what I laid out for you on your bed.”

Chapter 3

A half hour later Barbie appeared, looking like the worst kind of harlot. Helen had provided her with a pair of black patent high heels, five inches high, silly school-girl knee-length stockings, a black shiny mini-skirt, which reached midway to her crotch, showing her entire bl**d-red outer pussy lips and a matching black vest, which didn’t quite cover either of her nipples. Barbie felt more naked than she had when she was entirely nude. The heels were giving her real problems, as she’d never worn anything higher than two inches. Her embarrassment was obvious by the shade of pink her face had turned as she faced her tormentors.

“Well, look at our little runway model. All dressed up and no place to go. Turn around, sweetie, and show us how it looks in the back.”

With some difficulty Barbara managed to direct her heels on a 180 degree spin. What they saw was that the mini-skirt did little to cover her plump red buttocks.

“Bend over, honey, and spread those cute cheeks of yours.”

Barb did as ordered, teetering a bit as she compensated for the height of the heels. Then she tentatively reached back and grabbing each buttock in one of her hands, pulled them apart, showing her naked split peach and her little rose-petal. She was ordered to stay in that position for over a minute, as Andy and Helen chuckled to each other.

“All right, little show-off, stand up and turn around. Come on over here to me. I think you need some jewelry to go with your sexy outfit. I have a little clip here, but I don’t think it will fit on your whole puffy nipple, so I guess we’ll just stick it on this perky little end of the nipple. There! Those claws ought to hold it on.”

“Ooouuu…It hurts…Oh, please…”

“That’s all right, honey, I have one to go on this other little nip, so it won’t feel slighted. There, doesn’t that look nice?”

“Mom, can I put the weights on?”

“Oh, nnnn…please… that’s enough…pinches…”

“There we go, s*s. One pound, now two. Oh, that looks so neat.”

It was everything Barb could do to keep from reaching up to take the painful pincher off, but she knew the repercussions if she tried. Then Andy attached one, then two of the pound weights to the clip on the other nipple.
Barbara drew in her breath as the pain took hold.

“We’re not finished yet, Barbie, sweetie. Spread those long legs of yours, you know, like we worked on with the groove strap. That’s pretty good. I guess you can’t do much better with those heels on, can you? Now let me get down here so I can see what I’m doing. Oh, your pussy lips are so red. Now, hold still while I put this clip on your left labia. There. Now, we’ll finish with one on the right lip. Isn’t that cute. I guess it does smart a little, doesn’t it? I think it’ll hurt even more when Andy adds the weights.”

“Oh, please don’t. My pussy hurts so much already.”

“That’s the idea, Barbie. You need to learn to live with pain. We already discussed all this earlier. Okay, Andy, get down here and finish her up. Oh, that really pulls the lip down a lot, doesn’t it? Okay, let’s even it up on the other lip. Wonderful!”

“Now, whore, I want to see you walk around with all your new jewelry. That’s it.”

Barbara struggled to keep her legs spread sufficiently to walk and keep the heels from sliding out from under her at the same time. The walk was ludicrous, as the clips banged against one leg and then the other. Not to mention the pain of the additional weight on her pussy lips.

“All right, stop, bitch. Now I want to see you lean forward and swing those ta-tas back and forth. Faster. Faster, I said, bitch! Unless you want me to come over there and yank on them a little. That’s better. Look at ‘em swing, Andy! I think she needs one more pound on each side, don’t you?”

Andy raced over to do his mother’s bidding and soon Barbara was swinging three pounds from each little nipple tip.
She was sucking in air between her teeth with each swing. Eventually they tired of her swinging
her breasts, and wanted to watch her swing the weights between her legs, standing still, after Andy had added another pound to each of her pussy lips. The pain was getting excruciating, and still they laughed and poked each other as she went through her gyrations. Finally they let her stop, but ordered her to bring them Cokes from the refrigerator, and it was all she could do to hobble to the kitchen and back with two bottles in hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to dance with her, Andy? A nice slow close dance should be just the thing.”

Helen put a CD in the recorder and the strains of an old Sinatra song flowed out. Andy grabbed Barbie tightly, and she moaned as she felt the pressure of his chest against hers. Then his leg began extending between her legs, making sure to jiggle the hanging weights. It was all Barbara could do to keep from screaming as Andy grasped her tighter and tighter and kept extending his leg much further than he normally would. Eventually the song ended and Helen decided it was time for dinner. Barbara was, of course, expected to help in the preparations, as well as setting the table. When it came time to sit, Helen explained that Barbara was expected to stand throughout the meal.

After she had finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Barbie was finally allowed to remove all of the clips. Her nipples and labia were numb, but still painful, before the clips were removed. When they were finally removed the indentations on both her nipples and labia were deep, waffled and viciously red. As the bl**d rushed to the areas that had been restricted, all four areas immediately began to throb intensely. She tried to ease the pain in her vaginal lips by massaging them, and was reprimanded once again by Helen for diddling herself and warned to desist.
She moved her hands to her throbbing nipples, but as soon as she started rubbing gingerly, Andy accused her of trying to excite herself, and she stopped, knowing she would be punished if she persisted.

Helen turned on television and, as she and Andy sat down beside each other on the couch, and sliding her dress up to her waist and her panties down to her feet, she suggested that Barbie could do something useful with her time and that for some reason she felt very sexually agitated and needed some relief. Andy, likewise, decided to remove his pants and shorts as he sat and suggested that when Barb was finished with his mom, she could work on him. Then Helen had a brilliant thought.

“Why don’t we let Barbie-doll work on both of us. This program is an hour long, so I want you to work on me until I push you off, because I’m almost there, and then work on Andy until he decides he’s getting close. You can alternate all hour long, but if either of us comes before the hour is up, boy, are you gonna get it! Okay, start!”

And so Barbara spent most of the hour moving back and forth between her two pain-givers, bringing each to the brink of ecstacy, then being pushed over to their cohort. This continued until a few minutes before the hour was up. Barb was tiring fast, her mouth and tongue had actually swollen slightly from the constant sucking and licking, but she was aware that they had almost reached the end of her punishment period and she looked forward to the rest.
Unfortunately she felt Andy beginning to tighten up and moan more vocally and waited to be pushed off to Helen. He had other plans, however, and he suddenly shot his hot load of sperm into her mouth. In spite of the fact that he had come earlier, his discharge was copious and she felt some of his sperm seeping out of the side of her mouth, before she was finally able to swallow what remained in her mouth.

“Goddam you, slut, you’re in for it now. I told you to keep it going for an hour, and, as usual, you disobeyed. Get yourself over here and finish me off.”

Barb hurried to right the wrong she’d done by bringing Helen to a screaming climax almost immediately, but her talented tongue was not enough to assuage her mistress.

“You deliberately disobeyed me and now you’ve earned yourself another spanking, bitch!”

“But Andy didn’t push me off…you said…”

“Never mind what I said! Get over my lap this instant.”

So Barbie pulled herself up and with eyes full of tears, she hesitantly leaned over Helen’s lap.

“Spread your legs, girl. I want to make sure you haven’t been enjoying yourself too much”

Helen reached between Barbie’s spread legs, rubbed her fingers through Barbie’s dry lips to her clit, massaged it a few moments until it began to flower, then grabbed it and twisted. Barb screamed out and began to cry in earnest.

“Maybe next time you’ll do as you’re told, you bad c***d.”

With this she began spanking Barbara for the fourth time that day, and the reddish hue of her nether cheeks began to turn crimson almost immediately. By the time Helen had spanked her bottom over fifty times, Barbara was weeping and crying out piteously. Her buttocks were almost violet in hue and, were it not for the fact that Helen’s hand was getting very sore, she probably would have received another fifty. Helen pushed her off her lap and told her to wash her face and go to bed, which Barbara was most happy to do, though she was to have a long and sore few hours before she drifted off.

As she was hobbling to her bedroom, she was stopped by Helen’s last words.

“Oh, and by the way, I’m having an old friend…uh, lover, to dinner tomorrow night and you will be serving it and furnishing the entertainment afterward. Good night.”

Chapter 4

The next day was pretty much like most days for Barb. By six o’clock she had received two spankings, her routine fifty from Helen and one from Andy for “not voluntarily sucking deep enough,” which f***ed him to push her head down on his prick, making her gag constantly. Her buttocks were so constantly sore that the mere touch would make her moan. Her breasts were almost as bad, especially her nipples. Andy doted on twisting, pulling, squeezing and biting them at every chance, it seemed, and Helen reinf***ed him by saying that was part of toughening her up.

Barb was instructed to stay in the kitchen until she was called to serve dinner, which suited her just fine. Andy had gone back to his room, probably to read his porno magazines, and Helen waited in the living room. At six on the dot, the doorbell rang and Helen answered it to greet Sam Harrington, her old lover.

They had met at a party years before. They hit it off at once, and by the end of the evening had ended up in the sack together. They had lived together for three years until Helen met Andy’s father and fell head over heels for him. After that Helen and Sam would run into each other once in a while, and it was obvious to both of them that the spark was still there, but nothing came of it until they happened to meet at the grocery store the previous week, and Helen had asked Sam to dinner. During their time living together, the two had discussed all aspects of sex and Helen knew that there was at least a slight sadistic streak in Sam, which came out occasionally during their love-making.

The two hugged and kissed each other passionately, and Helen made no move to remove Sam’s hand, when it wandered down to grasp one of her buttocks. They entered the living room and Helen asked if Sam would like a drink. As they sat and chatted about old times they finished off two highballs each and were feeling no pain by the time seven o’clock rolled around.

They moved into the dining room, where Helen called Andy to dinner, introduced him to Sam, and they sat down with Sam facing the kitchen’s swinging door. Helen rang her little dinner bell and Barbara entered with a rack of lamb on a platter. She was wearing her five inch heels, the white knee stockings and a little French apron. The apron fitted over her head and extended down to her thighs, her pussy being barely covered by the frilly frou-frou around the edge of the entire apron. The bodice of the apron, which tapered on both sides at her midriff, fit her breasts tightly, so that her puffy nipples were evident through the material. Her breasts stuck out sluttishly on each side, and the apron was tight enough to produce an excess of décolletage. Sam was surprised and delighted with Barbie’s get-up.

Barb slid the platter in front of Helen, as Helen matter-of-factly introduced her to Sam as her step-daughter. She left and returned with a bowl of roasted potatoes which she placed next to Andy. On her third trip from the kitchen she carried a pitcher of iced tea, and, after pouring Helen’s glass moved over to pour Sam’s. Obviously Helen had told Sam about Barbara’s situation, because as she poured tea into his glass, he suddenly f***efully jammed his hand up into her crotch, causing her to spill most of the pitcher directly onto Sam’s shirt and pants.

Helen jumped up, looking at Barbie with daggers, rushing over to grab her arm.

“You clumsy slut. Now look what you’ve done. Andy, go and get some towels to soak up the tea on the floor.”

“I…I..I’m sorry ma’am…I didn’t know…I mean…I’m so sorry.”

“You will be when I finish with you. First, Sam, take off those clothes and let me put them in the washing machine. Are your pants washable? Good. Take everything off. We’ll let Barbie-clutz give you a bath. That’s the least she can do.”

“Mmmeee…but I…”

“Don’t argue with me, you clod, get in my bathroom and draw a bath right now!”

Without a word, Barbara went into the bathroom, while Helen, after a wink at Sam, and a little manipulation of his semi-erect penis, took his clothes and placed them in the washing machine. When she returned they strolled into Helen’s bathroom hand in hand, she, fully dressed, and he, stark naked. The bath was ready and at Helen’s urging he stepped into the bath and sat.

“Now, bitch, I want you to wash Sam all over. Get to it!”

Barbie soaped up a washcloth and began washing Sam’s back. Eventually she had washed everything except his lower torso, which remained underwater.

“Sam, stand up so Barbie-blockhead can wash your middle. I want you to pay particular attention to that part that’s sticking out, dummy-girl. I don’t think soap will be enough. Better use your mouth on it to make sure it’s thoroughly clean. I have special plans for it later.”

And so, Sam stepped closer to the edge of the tub, and Barbara, totally humiliated and knowing she had no choice, moved up close to the tub and opening her mouth, slid Sam’s penis into her mouth. Sam was rather large in that department, so it was all she could do to get half of it in her mouth. No one seemed upset that she couldn’t swallow the whole thing, so she sucked for about a minute before she received instructions from Helen.

“That’s enough. We don’t want to exhaust poor Sam, at least not right now. Dry him off, and he can use my robe until his clothes are dry. Let’s go into the dining room, and, after you reheat everything, we’ll eat, finally.”

They all retired to the dining room, and an hour later had had their fill, at which point they moved into the living room. Andy decided to go back to his porno collection. When Barb had cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, she appeared before Helen and Sam, as she had been ordered. Sam looked somewhat ludicrous in Helen’s silk robe, but Helen ordered Barbara to sit on his lap and apologize for her stupidity.

As she struggled to come up with the words, Sam removed her apron and began playing with her breasts, finally dipping his mouth to catch one of her puffy nipples in it. The feeling was most pleasant for Barb, who usually was being bitten, when Andy did the same thing. She finally got the apology out and savored the gentle sucking by Sam.
Shortly he was delving his hand between her legs and she knew enough to spread them wide. Sam began fingering her clitoris gently, and eventually she began to feel a climax coming on. Just before she reached that point, Helen pointed out that it was time for Barbie’s punishment for her earlier stupidity.

Barbie reluctantly rose from Sam’s lap and the tears began to flow down her face, realizing how much this one was going to hurt. Helen couldn’t help but snicker as she looked over at Sam wrapped in her robe with a silken tent poking from his lap. She allowed a scowl to replace her smile, however, as she awaited Barbie’s placement over her lap.

“Barbie, you just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, can you? We try so hard to help keep you on the straight and narrow, and you always find a way to mess up. You’re just hopeless. Get down here now, you bad girl, so we can try once more to get you straightened out!”

This last recrimination was just too much for Barbara, and she burst into tears knowing full well the injustice that was being done to her, with no way to correct it. Sobbing, she placed herself over Helen’s lap. The first slap was preceded by a pinch of her very sore red buttock, which brought further tears and additional weeping.


Helen was not letting her off easy, as she threw herself into the game with hard strokes from the very first.


“Oh, please, ma’am, not so hard. I’m so sore back there.”


Once again Helen delivered the blow with all her strength. She was obviously trying to impress Sam with her strength and forthrightness. The spanking continued in the same manner throughout, and Barbara soon went into her hysterical mode, including the final phase of c***dish hiccups, as she tried to get her breath. Helen finished off the spanking by pushing Barb to the floor with a look of disdain, followed by a huge smile over to Sam. He was impressed and still excited, as evidenced by his huge hard-on, which was now in full evidence as it had slid out between the folds of the robe.

As Barbie lay on the floor crying her heart out, Helen rose and went to Sam, grabbing his ramrod.

“Looks to me like you could use a little relief, big boy. Shall we wend our way into my boudoir?”

Sam jumped up and the two rapidly disappeared. Barbara lay on the floor until her crying subsided. She suddenly realized she was alone and there was nothing to prevent her from walking out the door to freedom. She rose slowly and painfully, and, realizing it was cool outside went to the hall closet and found one of Helen’s long winter coats. Wrapping herself in it she crept over to the front door, opened the lock, and turned the handle. Suddenly an earth-shattering alarm went off and continued as she tried to open the door. It finally opened, but the screen door was locked and she had to find the latch to open it. The alarm continued to blast.
“Going somewhere, s*s? I don’t think so!”
Andy grabbed her arm, just as Helen and Sam, both totally naked, came running into the living room.
“Well, I’m glad to see that alarm I had the workman install works. You have really done it now, you little slut. Not only were you trying to leave us, after all we’ve done for you, but you try to steal my good coat, as well. GET IN HERE NOW, BITCH!!” ... Continue»
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Nathan begins to question the teachings of his chu

Thursday Afternoon. A Suburban Subdivision

Nathan was panting and his heart was beating faster than he could ever remember. Shelby's breast was beautiful, perfect. White, soft, firm, with a dark, hard, puckered nipple surrounded by a small circle of slightly lighter flesh. He had dreamed of seeing it, touching it, kissing it, for nearly a year, ever since he first saw her at the church picnic. She wasn't his first girlfriend, if you used a loose interpretation of the word. He had gone out with Adrienne a few times, and had held her hand, but that was as far as that went. And Liz had kissed him on the lips that one time, after their third movie date, but then they broke up.

But Shelby was something different. Compared to the other girls at Harmony Christian Life Academy, she was a little more daring. Maybe because she came from the city and had actually gone to public school before coming to Harmony, but for whatever reason, she was the only girl that Nathan ever heard question the teachers—heck, she was the only student, boy or girl, who argued with the teachers. Nothing seriously blasphemous, and she never directly disputed the basic principles that they all were taught, but she would push and question the teachers, sometimes to the point of being sent to Pastor Stephens' office.

Of course, Nathan didn't know that when he first saw her at the church picnic. What he saw was a tall, beautiful brunette, wearing what seemed to be a modest sundress that somehow fit her a little more snugly than the clothing worn by any of the other senior girls at the picnic. No one could look at her and say that she was breaking any of their church's written or unwritten rules, but if you looked carefully, and Nathan did, you could tell that she was pushing up against the standards. Also, her eyes were piercing blue, and Nathan thought that they cut right through him. He felt every type of impure thought that teenage boys were capable of, even good Christian boys, and he knew that night he would be secretly touching himself in a way that Pastor Stephens would certainly disapprove of.

Now, months later, his mother and little b*****r were out, his father was at his accounting office, Shelby was in his room, her perfect breast was nestled in his palm, and Nathan didn't know what to do. He knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to kiss it. He desperately wanted to kiss it, to lick the hard brown nipple. He wanted to bury his face in Shelby's cleavage, immersing himself in her scent, while squeezing her breasts. But somehow he could not.

Nathan f***ed himself to tear away his gaze from the perfection of Shelby's left breast and look at her face, which was flushed, at her pink lips, of course bare of any lipstick or gloss, which was not permitted, and then at those ice blue eyes. She looked confused.

"Is there anything wrong?" she whispered, which considering their behavior seemed appropriate even though no one was in the house. Her voice was a few registers huskier than usual

"It's all wrong," Nathan said, not quite understanding the words that came out of his own mouth.

Shelby jerked away from him, as if struck, and her breast pulled away from his cupped hand. She quickly hid it back inside her bra and buttoned her shirt, standing as if to flee.

"Wait," Nathan said, asking more than demanding. "Please."

"What did you mean?" Shelby demanded, smoothing her clothing reflexively, returning to a more proper appearance.

"Mean?" Nathan asked. "Mean about what?"

"How is everything wrong?"

Nathan thought before speaking, because he knew that what he was about to say could change their relationship, for better or worse. He had always been a thoughtful boy, considerate and pious. He believed in Jesus as his personal savior, believed in what Pastor Stephens and his parents taught, believed that the Lord had blessed him and looked out for him. But recently he wondered why the Lord had placed Shelby, this luscious temptation, before him. Somehow he knew that this was a test, and it was a test that he was miserably failing in so many ways.

While he thought, he looked at Shelby, who was waiting, but beginning to look impatient at his silence. Why, Nathan thought, would God create this perfect creature, smart and beautiful, who loved Jesus, and then make him think thoughts about her that were impure and improper? And why would these thoughts make him aroused, and make him want to do things that only married people should do.

"I don't know," Nathan finally whispered. "Shelby, I just don't know."

She looked at him and smiled, causing a warmth to spread from Nathan's solar plexus through his whole body. If that was not something divine, then what was it? Nathan shook his pounding head.

Shelby reached out and took his hand. "I don't know either, I guess," she said.

Nathan thought about the past months, as their relationship developed. He remembered the shy, halting conversation that they had at the picnic, when he had poured Shelby a Diet Coke. How he felt that spark, that thing that was missing from his dates with Adrienne and Liz, and he thought that maybe she did too. Which scared him. He had just turned 18, and was beginning to think about college, and leaving town. His parents, of course, pushed for a Christian college, and Nathan was about 90% sure that they had made the right choice. He worried about the Godlessness of the other colleges he had investigated, with their d**g use, and drinking, their casual sex, and their liberal professors. He worried about being laughed at, marginalized, mocked for his beliefs.

But what if he had found the girl for him, right there in town? How would that change things? And as the year went on, it got worse.

When school started, they became friends, and Nathan was a bit scandalized by some of the things she said in class, while at the same time being intrigued. She even asked him out on their first date, and after that they were nearly inseparable. They talked for hours before ever touching. Holding hands had progressed to kissing. Kissing progressed to above the clothing rubbing, above the waist, and even that was on the fringes of acceptable behavior, but they had gone no further, until today.

And then there was that breast. In his hand. But they weren't married. In fact, they knew that they would be going to college in different states, hours away from each other, and they knew that time and distance tested relationships. Even though they had said they loved each other, and meant it, they were both smart enough to realize that things you say when you are in lust in high school don't always carry on to college. They had danced around the future, knowing that they did not understand God's will, and that they were in his hands. Like Shelby's breast was in Nathan's, and he didn't know what to do or how to act.

"It is wrong, right?" Nathan asked. He sort of believed that Shelby might not think it was wrong, considering that she had been the one to open her shirt, and didn't stop his hand from reaching in to first touch the smoothness of her bra, and then the warm softness of her breast. And he saw the look on her face, her eyes closed, head tilted back, as he touched her. And he heard the soft purring sound that she made. But it was exactly this, the pleasures of the flesh, that Nathan had been told to guard against for as long as he could remember.

Shelby looked at him. "I know that's what they say, but is it really wrong?"

"We can't. I can't, at least right now. But you need to know that it isn't you. You're so beautiful. There's a part of me that wants to throw you on this bed, rip off your clothing and worship your beauty, then make love to you."

Shelby started breathing harder as Nathan spoke, and Nathan felt her squeeze his hand harder. The mental picture of Shelby on his bed that Nathan created made his cock stiffen uncomfortably in his pants. With effort, he continued, "But that is not how I was brought up, not what I was taught."

Nathan saw Shelby's body relax, and she said. "This is making me crazy. We need to figure out what to do. Maybe we need to speak with someone, because I'm having trouble reconciling how I feel with the words that are bouncing around my brain. I need to understand."

"Not Pastor Stephens?" Nathan said.

"God, no," Shelby blasphemed. "Not him. I know what he will say, and even what Scripture he will quote."

Nathan nodded in agreement. She had been in town less than a year, but had heard Pastor Stephens enough times to know his views on premarital sex, or even premarital almost sex. "What about Pastor Cullum?" Nathan suggested.

"I don't really know him," Shelby said.

"I know he has only been here a few months," Nathan said, "but he was over for dinner at our house a few weeks ago, and he seems like a good guy."

Shelby thought about it. "He is young, and not married," she noted.

"True," Nathan replied.

"O.K.," Shelby replied. "Let's see if he can explain this to us."

Nathan realized for the first time that Shelby intended to essentially ask Pastor Cullum for permission for them to fool around. Or that she would challenge him to explain why in a way that made sense to them. The thought horrified him, initially, but then he wondered if there was a chance that they might get his approval. Even the small chance of this happening made it worth the discomfort. He thought again of Shelby's perfect breast and knew that he was powerless to resist her.

"Fine," Nathan responded. "Let's go to his office after school tomorrow."

"You won't chicken out?" Shelby teased.

"No. I promise."

Shelby took Nathan's hand and placed it on her breast, above the shirt. "Swear?"

Nathan felt the softness and knew that he wanted to do whatever was possible to be able to see it again. But he wasn't sure he could. "Swear," he whispered.

Shelby leaned forward and briefly kissed him, and before he could react, she was heading out the door, saying, "Goodbye, see you in school tomorrow."

He waited until he heard the door slam and Shelby's car engine start before stripping off his clothing and running into the shower. He knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help it. As the hot water poured over him, and he jerked off, he tried to understand how the Lord could give man the ability to feel such pleasure, but then deny it to him. Being the good Christian boy that he was, he never, ever had surfed the Internet for porn, had never read a Playboy magazine. His fantasies about women were, previously, remarkably chaste, but now, he had seen an actual woman's breast, and it was beautiful. Imagining the rest of Shelby's body, naked and with him in the shower, Nathan came explosively, and felt guilty about how good it felt. He prayed for forgiveness and guidance as he cleaned the shower to make sure that his mother was unaware of his weakness.

After Nathan dried off and put on clothing, he read his well worn copy of the Bible, looking for something, but finding nothing new to help him.

At dinner, after they thanked the Lord for his bounty, Nathan's father James asked him about school, and they had a discussion about his AP History class. They discussed Tommy's day at school and then talked a bit about baseball, a passion which James had passed on to his sons. Which was the cue for Nathan's mother Marcia to begin clearing the dishes. Nathan and Tommy jumped up to help, as expected, and James brought in the rest of the food.

While they were scr****g the dishes into the sink, Marcia turned to Nathan and asked, "Was Shelby here yesterday when Tommy and I were at the park?"

Nathan knew better than to lie because his mother would not have asked the question if she didn't already know the answer. "Yes, Mom, she was." He saw his mother's eyes flash to meet his father's.

"I assume you were behaving," Marcia said.

Nathan was glad that he did not visibly blush, because he felt the warmth of embarrassment flood his face. "Of course, Mom," Nathan lied.

His father jumped in, "Son, we know how things are," he began, looking again at his wife before continuing, "but you must respect your chastity, and Shelby's."

Nathan nodded silently as his father continued, "I don't think it is wise for you to be alone together unchaperoned."

"Dad, we are both 18—" Nathan began.

"All the more reason for you to be careful. You're adults and responsible for your actions." He flashed another look at Marcia, who nodded. "Not to mention, all of our reputations are at stake."

Nathan knew that they were both right and wrong, but he also knew that he had no easy way out, except to agree. "O.K., Dad, it won't happen again," he said.

"Good," James responded. "I think that you will find that to be the smartest and safest course."

Putting down his dish towel, Nathan left the kitchen to go to his room. As he walked, he wondered how much of his parents' concern was really directed toward his well-being, and how much was concern about the neighbors' gossip. Clearly, someone saw Shelby's car in the driveway, or saw her leave the house, and blabbed about it to his mother, he thought. Nathan appreciated the security that his church community had provided him and his f****y over the years, but as he moved through his teens he began to understand the negative flip side to constantly being watched and judged.

He opened his textbook and immersed himself in his homework, which distracted him at least until it was finished. Nathan then went online for a while, and then left his room to join his father in the living room to watch some baseball. Nathan was relieved that their conversation was limited to the game, and when it was over Nathan went back to his room and prepared for bed.

Lying in bed, Nathan's mind was racing. He knew that meeting with Pastor Cullum was likely to be a waste of time, but he knew that Shelby wanted to do it, and he had found it impossible to say no to her from the time she had asked if he would pour her a Diet Coke at the picnic last summer. Not that she had ever asked him to do anything he didn't want to, although he wasn't sure what he would do if she did. And he had lied to his parents, and also knew that it would be risky for her to come over again when the house was empty. His phone vibrated, and he reached over and saw that it was a text from Shelby. His heart raced just seeing her name on the screen.

"We are going to have that meeting tomorrow, right?" she asked.

Nathan typed back, "Yes. Although I'm not sure what good it will do."

"Maybe," she responded. "But worth a try."

"I guess," Nathan texted.

"No chickening out?" Shelby challenged.

"No. I'll be there," he responded.

There was a pause, and Nathan considered what the meeting would be like. He assumed that their conversation was over, when the phone vibrated again. It was Shelby.

"Some incentive," she wrote, and there was an attachment. He downloaded the picture, and when it opened, it was that breast again. Its delicious curves. The dark, hard nipple. Nathan's heart leapt in his chest.

There was another text. "Erase that immediately."

Nathan erased the picture from the phone, but the image was seared into his brain. It took him a long time before he finally was able to sl**p.

Friday Morning, Harmony Christian Life Academy

Public displays of affection were forbidden on the campus, so Nathan received his usual smile from Shelby when they passed in the hall on the way to their homerooms. Today, however, Nathan thought that he noticed a look in her eyes, a look that he sometimes saw when Shelby was in the middle of disputing something a teacher said. It was a look that often led to trouble. Nathan felt himself shiver, but whether it was with fear or anticipation, or some combination of both, he could not decipher.

During lunch, Nathan and Shelby sat with their friends and chattered about the usual things, but when they were clearing their trays and were, briefly, alone, Shelby said, "Nathan, before we speak with Pastor Cullum, we should talk. Meet me in front of the school after the final bell."

This was a new concern for Nathan. Shelby's unpredictability in his regimented world was one of the most powerful reasons that he was attracted to her. That, and her eyes, her wit and, increasingly importantly, that breast. He had absolutely no clue what her real motive was, and he felt like a leaf thrown into a rushing brook, hurtling along who knows where at the whim of a power much stronger than him. He had often thought that way about the power of the Lord over his life, and he hoped that there was some purpose to this all.

He tried to figure out the possibilities. There was, of course, a slim chance that Pastor Cullum would give them some sort of permission to move further in their relationship, a result that Nathan would, of course, enjoy. He could do the opposite, and forbid them from seeing each other, and tell their parents, which probably was improper, since they both were, technically, adults, but would be consistent with the way their church operated. Or there was some sort of middle result, or results, but what they might be, he could not figure out. He decided to trust Shelby, and prayed, while he walked to class, that things would go smoothly. He assumed that praying to see Shelby naked was not appropriate. Although he had not specifically tried that yet, he did not expect that it would pass muster either with the church or the Lord.

Somehow, the clocks in school seemed to move twice as slowly as usual, but eventually the final bell rang. Nathan ran to his locker, swapped out what he was carrying for what he needed for the weekend and went, as quickly as possible to the front of the school. Shelby was sitting on the low brick wall, her long, jean clad legs swinging slowly as she waited for him. She smiled as she saw Nathan approach and slid off the wall so that she was standing when he approached her. It was clear that they wanted to at least touch, but knew they could not.

"Walk with me," she said, and he fell in beside her as they walked down the stone path away from the school door, past the imposing metal cross on the lawn, and toward the road.

Nathan was silent. This was Shelby's walk, and he figured she would get to her point when she was ready. They were at the edge of the campus, heading toward the town, when Shelby led him to a rock outcropping and sat down. They could still be seen from the street, so they still needed to show propriety because anyone driving by could, and some probably would, tell their parents, or Pastor Stephens, if they deviated from the church's rules.

Nathan looked into Shelby's eyes and wanted to kiss her, but knew he could not. Finally, she said, "You must want to know what is going on."

Nathan nodded. "You are being pretty mysterious, you know," he replied, smiling.

Shelby smiled back, and Nathan felt happy. "Before we go to see Cullum, I wanted you to know a few things about me. Things I probably should have told you before."

Nathan's brow furrowed with concern, and Shelby continued, "Nothing bad, I think, but you should know this stuff. It's about why I'm here."

"O.K.," Nathan said, "If you want to. You know you can tell me anything."

Shelby smiled again, and Nathan felt that brightness again in his chest, a feeling that he had to attribute to something holy.

"So, you know that I grew up in the city." Nathan nodded. He realized he was just supposed to listen. "My parents were good Christians. Are good Christians," she corrected, "and they tried hard to instill in me all of the things they believed. And I did, I mean, I do, mostly, believe."
Shelby paused, as if trying to figure out exactly what to say next. "But I was in public school, with lots of nonbelievers. Some of my teachers were Jewish, some were atheists. Few of them were Christians, and of those that were, few were truly believers. And my schoolmates were the same. I was, when I was little, teased for being what I was. So, I decided to hide it, pretend not to care."

She paused again before continuing. "And when you pretend as long as I did, and when you are exposed to doubts and doubters, anyone with half a brain is going to question, and I did. My parents tried, but peer pressure is powerful. They worked during the day, and I wasn't supervised. I started to drink, use some d**gs—nothing serious, just some pot—"

Nathan's eyes widened, "Really?"

"Yeah. Everyone was doing it. Which is no excuse, but yeah. So, anyway, I discovered boys. And I realized I liked them. I began to do things—"

"What—" Nathan interjected, but Shelby put her finger to his lips to quiet him, and he stopped.

"It really isn't any of your business," she said sternly, but then her expression softened. "But more than we have done. Not much more, but more. And I thought that I was ready to, you know, go all the way. Everything felt so good, and my boyfriend was encouraging me, and I didn't understand why not. So, one day after school, we were at my apartment, and we were naked and in my room, and we were a little high, and things were moving toward, you know, when my mother burst into the room. She had a headache and left work early, and she walked in on us."

"Oh God," Nathan blasphemed, losing his control, as he understood Shelby's embarrassment, but also being more than a little aroused by the thought of Shelby's nakedness.

She chuckled. "It is funny now, the look on her face, seeing me naked, seeing David naked with a condom on, and seeing the joints we had smoked, but at the time, I was horrified." She shook her head. "As you can imagine, there was a great deal of praying after that, and talks, with my parents and with our minister. And I realized that I was headed down a dangerous track. But I also realized that what we had done felt good, and I wondered why the church was so adamant that I shouldn't do it, and even more."

Nathan's cock was hard, and it embarrassed him. He shifted his weight to try to cover his state, and Shelby saw it and smiled at him, which didn't help the situation. She looked at her phone and turned to Nathan, saying, "Time for our meeting."

Just thinking about having to discuss sex with Pastor Cullum deflated Nathan almost immediately and he stood up and walked with Shelby toward the church offices, in a white building separate from, but attached to the school. As they walked, Nathan wondered whether this was where all the good will he had built up over the years at the church and school over the years would be gone, and that he would be considered dangerous, the way people talked about Shelby behind her back. Who, he was still surprised to know, had used d**gs and been naked with a boy. And who had actually been taught by Jews and atheists. But he looked at her as he walked next to her and he couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Nathan had been coming to that building his whole life, and could smell its mustiness in his mind even before he and Shelby opened the door and entered the waiting area.

"Nice to see you again, Nathan, Shelby," said the white haired woman sitting behind the desk. Nathan remembered when Mrs. Proctor had blonde hair, before her husband, Deacon Proctor, had passed away, and had a typewriter, rather than a computer on her desk. The pace of change at Harmony was slow, but it did happen. Nathan wasn't sure whether it was going to change fast enough for Shelby, but as always, he was impressed and aroused by her willingness to push against the limits that had been set for them.

"Nice to see you, too, Mrs. Proctor," Nathan replied, smiling, and Shelby made some sort of agreeable noise that passed for a response. "We have an appointment with Pastor Cullum," Nathan stated, trying to sound as if he stopped by every day with his girlfriend for a chat with a clergyman.

"Yes, I see that on the calendar," Mrs. Proctor responded. "I'm always happy to see our best young people meeting with the pastors. Everything is alright?" she asked, displaying the concern that came from having watched Nathan grow up. And, Nathan thought, maybe she assumed that Shelby, a known "troublemaker" had somehow caused him problems.

"Everything is fine, Mrs. Proctor," Nathan replied a little unsteadily, "we just have some things to discuss with him." The church secretary smiled and Nathan felt that she had some inkling of what was going on.

"Go on in, k**s," she said, "he's expecting you."

They walked down the hall past other rooms and offices until they came to Pastor Cullum's, a relatively small room next to the much larger and more fearsome office that Pastor Stephens used. Nathan had gone years between visits to that place, but he knew that Shelby had been summoned there at least 5 times in the short time that she had lived in town.

Shelby knocked on the door, and they heard Pastor Cullum say, "Come in." She pushed open the door, and they could see his worn desk covered with papers, and two mismatched wood guest chairs. Nathan had never been to this office, which was, he believed, a storage closet before Pastor Cullum had joined their church. He was not surprised to see a large metal cross on the wall, but he was surprised to see a red electric guitar and amp, an acoustic guitar and a poster on the wall for a band that while not expressly forbidden to church members was certainly not a Christian band.

"Do you like them?" Pastor Cullum asked.

Nathan wondered if it was a trick, but figured that was unlikely. But he decided to hedge his bets with the new minister. "I've heard them, they're pretty good," he said.

"I'm a big fan," Pastor Cullum said, motioning to them to sit down, and they followed.

"So, what did I do to get a couple of our school's leading seniors to visit me on this beautiful day?" he asked, smiling. He was pretty young for a preacher, Nathan thought, and seemed friendly.

Nathan looked at Shelby, and he saw that look in her blue eyes, and realized that things were about to get interesting.

Shelby looked at him, then turned to face Pastor Cullum. "Um, Pastor Cullum," she began unsteadily. Nathan was surprised that she seemed to be flustered a little. "Um," she continued, "Nathan and I have been dating for a while now-"

"About 9 months," Nathan interjected. Hearing that number, Pastor Cullum's head whipped to face him, then to Shelby's trim midsection.

Shelby noticed his look, and said, "No, no, no, it isn't that, no." The minister's face relaxed. "But," Shelby continued, "I guess you are on sort of the right track." Pastor Cullum leaned forward, his chin on the top of a pyramid formed by his pale hands, listening. "What I want to ask you, is, I guess, what is wrong with sex?"

Nathan almost fell off his chair at the directness of the question. The young minister tried to maintain his composure. He had, in his relatively short career, dealt with questions about love and sex, but never from someone so young, and so directly. Not to mention so attractive.

Pastor Cullum took a deep breath, leaned back in his chair and started, "Nothing is wrong with sex, Shelby. I'm not going to quote Scripture to you—I know you have been hearing it forever and are smart young adults, so I'm going to speak to you that way. The truth is just that there is a time and a place for everything, and we believe that the time and place for sex is in a loving marriage."

Shelby thought for a few seconds. "So, Pastor Cullum," she ventured a bit unsteadily, "if the marriage isn't loving, then they shouldn't have sex?"

The young minister smiled. As he expected, based on her reputation, this one wasn't going to swallow the party line so easily. "Of course, that would be an issue for the couple to work out themselves," he replied.

Nathan saw that Shelby's face flashed a look of disapproval at that response, or what Nathan realized was a non-response. He waited for her to speak.

"But what if a couple is in love, really in love, but aren't married for some reason?"

"Then we believe it isn't appropriate. We believe that Scripture requires that a couple be married and show each other the appropriate respect for their bodies, and that sex outside of marriage does not show that sort of respect."

Shelby weighed that comment before responding, "But sex, which was created by God, feels good, doesn't it?"

Nathan was again shocked that Shelby was willing to be so frank with a member of the clergy. It excited him, and scared him at the same time.

Pastor Cullum replied, "Yes, it may feel good, but that is no excuse. Just because something feels good, doesn't mean that we should do it without thinking of the consequences."

Nathan noticed Shelby smile. He expected her to simply ask "why not?" but instead, she said, "I realize that maybe this was a mistake," she said, but not apologetically. She continued, "I mean, how can you give us advice about sex when you haven't had sex? You haven't, right?"

Nathan's mouth opened in shock. His girlfriend just asked Pastor Cullum if he had ever had sex. Then, he looked at the minister, and saw that his face was turning red. Nathan waited for the expected denial, but instead, Pastor Cullum played with a pen that was on his desk.

"That is really none of your business, Shelby," he finally responded in a voice that was no longer friendly.

"So you have? And you aren't married, right?" Shelby shot back, with a look of triumph on her beautiful face.

"I think this meeting is over," he finally whispered. "I will be discussing this with Pastor Stephens. You will not discuss this with anyone, understand?" he said, increasingly sternly, but his attempt to intimidate Nathan and Shelby seemed f***ed.

Shelby stood and looked at the minister, smiling, "Thank you Pastor Cullum for helping to clear things up for me." She looked at Nathan, "C'mon Nathan, let's leave Pastor Cullum alone."

Nathan stood, looked at Pastor Cullum and realized he had nothing that he could say. He turned and followed Shelby out into the hallway.

Shelby was bouncing with delight, while Nathan was horrified. They hurried down the hall, out the door, waving goodbye to Mrs. Proctor and out into the sunshine.

"Let's go," Shelby said with glee and started running toward the school parking lot. Although he could have easily caught her, Nathan was satisfied to run behind her, and watch her long legs and cute butt. When they got to the lot, Shelby panted, "Get in my car." Nathan opened the passenger door and climbed in.

"Where are we going?" Nathan asked.

"Did you understand what Pastor Cullum just basically admitted?" she asked, her eyes flashing with excitement. Nathan couldn't help but notice that Shelby's nipples were poking through her shirt, and he felt himself getting hard.

"I'm not an idiot," Nathan responded, shifting in the seat to accommodate his growing erection.

"Then what?" Shelby pressed, as she drove.

Nathan shook his head. "I'm pretty sure that you got him to admit that he has had premarital sex."

Shelby laughed. "Fucking right."

Nathan's head spun to his left. He had never heard a woman in their community curse before, and again realized how far in above his head he was with Shelby. And yet, he was in what he certainly believed was love. And there was that breast, etched into his memory.

"Do you understand what that means?" Shelby asked, as the car pulled into the parking lot of the town park.

"I think so, but what are you getting at?" Nathan asked with some annoyance in his voice.

They got out of the car and Shelby started walking into the park, past the playground filled at that hour with little k**s and their mothers, who sat on benches chatting. Nathan recognized some of the mothers from church, and they waved at him as he and Shelby walked further into the park. Finally, when they were away from the mothers, Shelby said, "Pastor Cullum has had sex, and not only isn't he dead, but he is a minister. A minister who does one thing and says another—"

Nathan interrupted, "we don't know the story. Maybe he was like you—"

Shelby's head snapped to face Nathan, and she did not look happy. Nathan continued—"I mean, maybe, he wasn't a Christian his whole life. Maybe he had sex when he was younger, and saw the error of his ways—"

Shelby stopped walking and grabbed Nathan's hand. "The error of his ways?" she mimicked. "Do you hear yourself spouting the doctrine that you've been fed your whole life?" She pressed his hand to her chest. "Does this feel like an error to you?" Leaning forward, she kissed Nathan on the lips, then pulled back. "Does that?"

Nathan's head was spinning. He realized that Shelby was right—he was simply parroting what he grew up hearing. He wanted to kiss her again, and do more, but was stuck between the two worlds, the world he knew and was comfortable in, and the world that was exciting and dangerous. Both felt good, and Nathan was aware that he was reaching a point where he had to decide which world he wanted to live in.

He sat down on the grass and looked around. Shelby had led them to a fairly secluded area of the park. The odds on anyone seeing them there were slim, and he wondered whether it was just luck, or whether Shelby had scouted the location. Nathan understood what Shelby was doing. She had exposed one of their church's ministers as a likely hypocrite. But that did not necessarily mean that what he said wasn't true. Maybe sex was something that was really supposed to be for married people. But why, then, did he want it so badly?

Turning to Shelby, Nathan asked, "Why?"

"Why what?" she replied.

"Why are you doing all of this?"

"To show you, and to confirm to me, that all of this bull that they have been selling us about sex it just that."

Nathan paused, recognizing that he was about to risk everything with Shelby. "Shelby, you are beautiful, smart, amazing. I'm sure that if you wanted to have sex, you could find someone to oblige you without all of my hesitation."

"Nathan, you're an idiot," Shelby responded, but without anger. Nathan waited for her to storm off, and he started to figure out how he was going to get back to his car. But she didn't leave. She took his hand and said, "I'm doing this because if I'm going to have sex, I want to have it with you."

That warm feeling began to spread from Nathan's chest again, this time making it quickly to his groin. Shelby continued. "One thing I do agree with Pastor Cullum about, and that is that sex should be between people who love each other, and I love you. I was close once, like I told you, but that wasn't love, that was just lust and d**gs and what I thought I wanted. You've been the best friend I've ever had. You are nice, smart, funny, loyal and frankly, I appreciate your morals and the fact that you are struggling about this. And I trust you and respect you, and I know you respect me. I suspect that you are right, that most guys would simply take me up on my offer without a second thought. But you are different. So, if I'm going to lose my 'precious virginity' to anyone, I don't want it to be some random guy. I want it to be you." She leaned over and kissed Nathan, and they kissed passionately for a few minutes, and their hands strayed, but still above the clothing and above the waist.

Nathan pulled away. "Wow," he said, smiling. "You know I feel the same way that you do, but, I don't know, maybe it's because I've only known this church and its ways my whole life, I still don't know. I understand what happened today, I really do, and your willingness to speak to him that way was one of the hottest things that I have ever seen, other than that cell phone picture that you sent me—"

"Which you erased—"

"Which I erased," he said, reaching into his pocket and tossing Shelby his phone. Without turning it on, she tossed it back.

"I said, I trusted you," she said, softly.

Nathan stood up and offered his hand to Shelby. She took his hand and stood up. Hand in hand, they started to walk back to the parking lot. "I need to think," he said.

"I know," Shelby responded. "But I'm ready, and I'll wait for you to let me know if and when you are ready." They kissed quickly, and before they got in sight of the playground, they disengaged their hands and walked to Shelby's car. When they got into the car, they held hands and listened to the radio, alone with their thoughts until they got back to school.

Nathan got out of the car and said goodbye before getting into his own car and driving home. He pulled into the driveway and noticed that his father's car was there, earlier than usual. He turned off the engine, walked to the front of the house and walked in.

His parents were waiting for him, and they looked furious.

"Nathan, what has that girl gotten you into?" Marcia asked.

"What do you mean, mother?" Nathan responded.

"Don't play dumb with us," James replied. "We spoke with Pastor Cullum this afternoon. And we know that you went to the park with that girl to do who knows what"

Nathan was furious. He thought that what they discussed with Pastor Cullum was private. Not to mention the nosy mothers in the park. And, if anything, Nathan thought, it was Pastor Cullum who had something to be embarrassed about, not him. "What did he tell you?"

"That you came in with that girl and asked about sex."

"That's true. Aren't we supposed to discuss questions of morality with our ministers?"

Nathan's parents looked at each other. His father responded, "Of course, but he told us that girl was rude and wanton."

Before Nathan could defend his girlfriend, his mother interjected, "He said that she was asking for permission to have sex, presumably with you."

Nathan shook his head in protest. "That is just not true. Shelby, and that is her name, you know, had questions about why the church is so hung up on sex, and wanted to understand why. She never asked for permission or anything like that. Did he tell you anything else about the conversation?"

"Don't you think that is enough?" James replied.

Nathan knew that it was going to be their word against Pastor Cullum's, but he was angry that the minister had betrayed what Nathan thought was a confidential conversation. "Did he tell you that Shelby asked him whether he had ever had sex?"

Shelby's mother looked horrified, "That girl asked a minister that question? You cannot see her anymore."

Nathan ignored the prohibition for the time being and said, "And did Cullum tell you that he didn't deny it?"

"So what?" James responded. "He doesn't have to answer questions like that from k**s like you and that girl."

"Her name is Shelby, we are not k**s, and you can't stop me from seeing her." As Nathan stormed away, and headed toward his room, he could hear his father yelling, "As long as you live under my roof........"

Nathan slammed the door, causing some of the books and trophies in his room to shake, and threw himself on the bed. What the heck was going on, he thought to himself. Before yesterday, he was a respected member of the senior class and of the church. He had a beautiful girlfriend, and although they were making out, they were pretty much behaving within the rules. Then, yesterday, there was the breast. And the picture of the breast. And today, his girlfriend asked direct questions about sex to a minister and basically got him to admit that he had premarital sex. And his girlfriend offered herself to him, and he hesitated. Then his parents yelled at him, took Cullum's side against him and Shelby and don't want him to see her anymore.
He didn't know which way to turn. He couldn't talk to his parents. The church was clearly not going to help. He couldn't call any of his friends, because they would be scandalized. He had only one person to turn to, so he turned on his phone and called Shelby.

"Hey," she said, and Nathan felt his heart beat faster just hearing her voice. "Are you getting it bad?"

"Yeah," Nathan responded. "I can't believe that Cullum called them. And that they are taking his side against us."

"Why are you surprised? You always tell me how you feel like everyone in the church is constantly watching and trying to control you."

"I know, but I thought that, as actual adult members of the congregation, a minister isn't supposed to disclose—"

"We—I—embarrassed him, and he needed to put the blame on us—mostly me, because I'm the new girl, the bad girl, corrupting one of the good boys. And they don't see us as adults, even though we technically are."

Nathan was quiet for a second. "You know I don't think that you are corrupting me," he said.

"I know."

"They don't want me to see you anymore," Nathan said.

"I figured as much."

"I'm not going to let that happen."

"Good, I couldn't take that. But don't do anything with your parents that you can't fix."

Nathan realized that Shelby's advice was prudent, but he refused to not see her. Then he realized that he had been thinking only of himself. "What did your parents say?"

"They are angry, too. Mostly, they are concerned that we are still new here, and don't want to be looked on as bad people or bad parents. And they are worried that I'm going down the same dangerous road as I did in the city."

"And?" Nathan asked.

"I told them everything, about my concerns, your concerns and why we went to see Cullum. And that I was still a virgin, and that you were more than a gentleman. I think that satisfied them. They asked me to apologize to Cullum, and I might, just to calm things down, but they aren't going to try to keep us apart. In fact, they said that one of the reasons that they moved here was so that I would meet more boys like you."

Nathan felt his face warm. "I'm no saint," he said, "and if they could see what I thought---"

"Don't go there," Shelby laughed. "Let them think that you are the perfect Christian boy. And, you still are," she chuckled.

"Not if you have any say in the matter, you evil, wanton woman," Nathan joked.

"You have no idea," Shelby responded, laughing. There was a long pause as they both sorted through some mental imagery.

"Look, Nathan, we can get through this."

"I know."

"I love you."

"I love you, too.

There was a pause before Shelby spoke again. "I think it might be smart for us not to see each other tomorrow. But I will see you at church on Sunday."

Nathan realized that it would probably be a good idea. He had a ton of chores to do on Saturday, anyway, and some homework, and it would give him a chance to maybe speak with his parents, once they had calmed down. "Agreed," he said. "See you at church."

Shelby disconnected the call, and Nathan lay on his bed, thinking.

Sunday Morning, Nathan's house

Nathan woke and heard his parents moving around downstairs. The smell of the traditional Sunday bacon tickled his nose. It did nothing to alleviate the pit in his stomach. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he dreaded going to church. When he was a k**, of course, he didn't like having to sit still and wear nice clothing, but afterwards, he got to run around with his friends and eat cookies. As he got older, he enjoyed the ritual, the readings, and the sermons, which reinf***ed his beliefs. And even into his teenage years, when some doubts crept into his mind, he was comforted by the familiarity of everything—the services, the sermons and the members of his community.

And, of course, for the past few months, he knew that he would see Shelby, dressed up and looking beautiful. His Shelby. Who loved him.

But today, he knew that there would be tension. He knew that the gossips in the group would have already passed the word around about the meeting with Pastor Cullum. And that no one would have heard any of their side. He knew that there would be whispering, and continued denigration of Shelby. And he knew that his parents would be watching him like hawks to prevent him from spending any time with her. Even if it would be impossible for them to keep them apart, because of school and the fact that they were not home during the weekdays, they could certainly make things difficult.

But he had no choice. Nathan got out of bed, went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and ran a brush through his short, sandy hair, and went down to breakfast.

Although his parents tried to pretend it was a Sunday like every other Sunday of his life, everybody, other than Tommy, realized that it was different, and they soon ate in silence. Nathan cleared his plate, rinsed it in the sink and put it, and his coffee cup, into the dishwasher, and silently went to his room to shave and change for church.

The ride over was quiet, punctuated by Tommy's c***dish babble, and his mother's attempt to engage the young boy in what he would be hearing at the service. Nathan leaned his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes, visualizing first Shelby's face, and then her breast. But he realized that was dangerous, and he tried to focus on Scripture, to take his mind off of Shelby, but it didn't work.

His father pulled into the crowded parking lot, and they got out of the car, greeting their friends, as usual. Nathan's head swiveled around, looking for Shelby, and his heart leapt when he though he saw her near the church door, only to realize that it was Marcy Johnston, a junior who looked a little like Shelby from a distance. They approached the church entrance, when Nathan felt compelled to turn his head, looking back to the lot, and he saw Shelby getting out of her parents' car, looking beautiful in a patterned dress that was more appropriate for church than her usual outfits.

He knew that his parents would freak out if he waited to see Shelby, so rather than cause a scene, he followed them into the church. Nathan was not sure if he was imagining it, but he was pretty sure that people were subtly pointing toward him and speaking while using their programs to block their mouths. He began to feel pressure behind his eyes, anger welling up inside him about the pettiness and nosiness of his fellow churchgoers. Nathan wondered what Jesus would tell them about minding their own business and not judging their neighbors. He wondered how many of the whisperers could pass the John 8:7 test, since he figured none of them was without sin. And his sin, and Shelby's, to the extent they even had sinned, was trivial.

Nathan took a seat with his f****y, and not, as had become his custom, with Shelby and some of their schoolmates, and glanced at the program. His eyes went immediately to the text for the sermon: "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral" (Hebrews 13:4).

Seriously? Nathan thought to himself. This could not be a coincidence. Pastor Stephens pulled out his old standard anti-sex sermon to shame him and Shelby in front of the entire community. Nathan turned and saw that Shelby's f****y was sitting toward the rear of the church. He saw her reading the program, then look up, her face turning red. She caught his eyes and they quickly looked at each other before Nathan turned around.

Pastor Stephens was sitting in his big chair, on the stage, with Pastor Cullum and Mr. Stanton, the deacon. Nathan thought that Pastor Cullum's eyes narrowed when he looked at him, and he hoped that it was his imagination.

The choir began to sing, and the service began. It was a blur to Nathan, who went through the rote motions, but paid no attention to any of it until Pastor Stephens stood to deliver the sermon. He wondered how bad it would be, and whether the old minister would actually single Shelby and him out for shaming.

Pastor Stephens stood before the lectern and waited for silence. Everyone in the congregation who had heard about Nathan and Shelby's meeting with Pastor Cullum, and that was likely almost everyone, understood the meaning of the text chosen, and waited to see what would happen. When the crowd was silent, and he had waited long enough to create dramatic tension, the tall, slim, white haired minister began to speak in his booming baritone, with its hint of his birth in the deep South.

"We all know, or at least we all should know," he began, looking first at Nathan, then at Shelby, "that the Lord commanded us against the sin of adultery. We know, or at least we all should know, that marriage is a sacred bond between one woman, and one man, joined in the presence of the Lord, and that certain things are permitted of married couples that are strictly forbidden to unmarried people." He looked again at Shelby, and then at Nathan, who sunk down in his seat, trying unsuccessfully to hide his 6 foot tall body.

The sermon went on from there, with Pastor Stephens dragging out most of the usual war horses, the passage from Hebrews that was the inspiration for the sermon, Matthew 19:4-5, Paul's warning in 1 Corinthians 6:16 against prostitutes, which Nathan didn't think was all that relevant to the discussion, the other passages in 1 Corinthians about marriage, and all the other verses that had been pounded into Nathan's head since before he even knew what sex was.

Nathan felt the eyes of his fellow church goers on him the entire time, and it was not a pleasant feeling. Meanwhile, Pastor Cullum sat on stage, looking smug, even though he was a bigger sinner than either he or Shelby ever was. The anger continued to build inside Nathan as Pastor Stephens sonorously inveighed against that which Nathan knew in his heart was not a sin—showing his love to Shelby.

And then, it was over. Nathan had never been happier to hear the word "Amen" in his life. He breathed out and looked back at Shelby. She and her parents were gone.

The service ended, and Nathan ran out of the church without engaging in any pleasantries, but when he got outside, he saw that Shelby's parents' car was gone. He called her cell, but it went to voicemail, and he didn't leave a message. The rest of the crowd was gathering for the traditional punch and cookies on the lawn, but Nathan wanted nothing more than to be able to leave. He texted Shelby, but she did not respond.

Nathan stood apart from the crowd, watching them happily chatting away, drinking punch and eating cookies. He saw the little k**s running around and through the crowd, and the groups of teenagers flirting and teasing each other. He saw his classmates studiously avoiding him while stealing furtive glances his way. He thought back to his younger days, and how much fun he had after church. And now, it was awful.

Then, Nathan reminded himself that he actually hadn't done anything wrong. And really, neither had Shelby. But he was being treated like a sinner, an immoral person, and Shelby was being humiliated as if she was a whore. Without doing anything more than asking questions. Yes, there was that breast, in his hand, but it was an aberration, and it went no further. Nathan started to laugh, slowly at first, then louder, as the tension inside him bubbled to the surface. He was laughing so hard that he didn't notice Pastor Cullum step in front of him.

"What's so funny?" the young minister asked him, a cruel edge in his voice.

"Nothing," Nathan replied.

"I hope you learned something today," Pastor Cullum replied, and it was clear that he was not just talking about the Scripture lesson.

"I'm not saying anything to you, Pastor Cullum, since it is clear that nothing that we discuss can be considered confidential."

The minister looked hard at Nathan. "I see that your whore of a girlfriend's lack of discretion is rubbing off on you. I expected more from you. I expect that you will show more care in the future, or there will be consequences."

It took all of Nathan's self-control not to take a swing at the smaller man, and Pastor Cullum knew that he was in no physical danger. He looked back at Nathan and said, "I admitted nothing, and anyway, no one will believe anything that you or that slut say. I've made sure of that." He strode away, toward a group of older women, who fawned over him.

Nathan's phone went off, and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was a text from Shelby. "Better for you to stay away from me, I think."

Nathan furiously texted back, "Never. I will call you later. Please take my call. ILY." He stared at his phone, as if his gaze could make Shelby's response come faster.

Finally, the phone went off. "O.K. Tonight. ILY2"

Putting the phone back in his pocket, Nathan looked around and was relieved to see his parents and Tommy headed toward him. They did not, however, look happy.

"Well, that was humiliating," his mother said in a low voice.

Nathan looked at his father, but James' face was stony. Nathan realized that nothing he could say would make things better, so he stayed quiet as they walked to the car, Tommy skipping ahead of them, oblivious. The ride home was silent, and when they arrived home, Nathan went straight to his room, changed, and started working on his homework. He hid in his room for the rest of the day, coming out only for a hushed dinner, which he ate quickly and joylessly, before withdrawing back to his room.

Finally, he felt that it was time to call Shelby. Nathan was worried that she would ignore his call, but she picked up.

"Hi," she said, and Nathan felt happy just hearing her voice.

"How are you doing?" Nathan responded.

"O.K., I guess. My parents are still being pretty cool about the whole thing, but they are being ostracized by the other parents and I can tell it is uncomfortable. I can't believe that this is enough to set everybody off. What's next? Flaming torches?"

Nathan laughed. "My parents are furious. They have been pillars of this community for a long time, and now they feel ashamed."


"You have nothing to be sorry about. You asked honest moral questions to a minister, which is exactly what they have told us to do our whole life here. And now, we are being punished because that asshole, excuse me, because Cullum told everyone to protect himself."

"I know, that guy is creepy," she said.

"He basically tried to intimidate me after church today." Nathan chose not to tell Shelby exactly what Pastor Cullum had said about her.

"That asshole."

Once again, Nathan was both surprised and a little excited by her use of language that was forbidden. "I know that my parents are going to try to stop me from seeing you."

"I can't believe the way everyone is reacting. I should have just walked naked into church. It couldn't be worse."

Nathan imagined that happening, and got aroused. "You're right. This whole thing is nuts."

"I want us to be together, now more than ever," Shelby said, in a low, husky voice.

Nathan paused. His body continued to crave Shelby, but he still wasn't fully ready to give up everything he had believed his whole life. However, the hypocrisy and behavior of Pastor Cullum and the overreaction of pretty much everyone else was making him think. "Don't worry," he replied. "We are 18, and they can't stop us, if we want to be together."

"I love you, Nathan."

"I love you too."

"See you in school tomorrow."

"Of course. Good night."

Shelby responded, "Good night," and disconnected the call.

Nathan brushed his teeth and prepared for bed. He was getting ready to get into bed, when there was a knock on his door. His parents came in, looking serious.

"We need to talk," his father said.

"I have nothing more to say," Nathan replied.

"Nathan, I am still your father, and you will show me respect."

"Yessir," Nathan replied without much commitment.

"Today was truly one of the worst days that your mother and I have ever experienced."

"I'm sorry," Nathan responded.

"Nothing like this ever happened before you started seeing that girl."

"Dad, her name is Shelby, and if you want to talk about her, please use her name."

"Fine. Your mother and I don't think that you should be spending time with her. Shelby," he continued, emphasizing her name with a sneer in his voice, "is a disrespectful and dangerous girl."

Nathan felt anger welling up inside, and it took all of his power to control it. "Mom, Dad, I love Shelby. She is amazing. She makes me think and she makes me happy. I'm not going to stop seeing her because Pastor Cullum is trying to make her look bad to protect himself."

"You said that before. What do you mean?"

"I told you. Shelby asked why we should take advice about sex from someone who never had it, and it was clear that he had, even though he has never been married. And when she asked him directly, he refused to answer and threw us out. Now, he wants to make us look bad so no one will believe us."

"That is ridiculous," Nathan's mother stated. "He didn't respond to .... Shelby," Marcia spat out her name like a curse, "because you have no right to ask those questions to a man of God."

"Mom, whether or not you believe me, it is clear that he is a hypocrite and sinner. And whether or not you believe me, Shelby and I haven't done anything wrong."

James looked at his son and said, "Nathan, you are not to see Shelby, and that's that."

"You can't stop me," Nathan yelled. "You're being an ass."

Marcia gasped at the word and James raised his right arm as if to strike his son, and Nathan grabbed James' wrist. Although James was in good shape, Nathan was stronger, and he prevented the blow. They struggled briefly, before James withdrew his arm, and he and Marcia turned and walked toward the door. James turned and rubbed his elbow, saying, "This is far from over, Nathan. Far from over." They left the room.

Nathan was breathing hard. His father had not struck him in years, and then it had been only standard spankings. And Nathan had never, ever, raised his hand to his father. Or used that kind of language in front of his parents, much less at them. He got into bed and under the covers, but his mind was racing.

He lay in bed, awake, for hours, thinking, until he realized that he needed to be ready to leave home, if his parents really tried to keep him away from Shelby, or even threw him out. He looked at the clock, surprised to see that it was 3 a.m. Nathan got out of bed, and quietly packed some clothing in his backpack. He took all of the cash that he had saved from birthdays, Christmas and the occasional odd job and stored in one of his extra Bibles, and put it in his wallet. He realized that he might have to find a job, and needed his birth certificate.

Nathan quietly opened his door and listened. The house was silent and dark. Wearing his pajamas and socks, he padded down the hall, down the steps and into his parents' office. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the lamp to the lowest setting. He saw the smiling f****y pictures, and could not believe that the events of the past couple of days had turned his parents against him. Somewhere, he knew, there was a file of important papers, and he opened the filing cabinet, and pawed past tax returns and insurance papers until he found a folder marked "Important Papers."

He opened the folder, and saw Tommy's birth certificate. Passing that, he saw his parents' wedding certificate, from the church, signed by Pastor Stephens. He was about to leaf past that, when he noticed a mistake. The certificate said that their wedding date was November 24, when he knew that they were actually married on August 24. That was strange, he thought, but figured it was no big deal, and moved on. The next document was the marriage license from the state, issued on November 23. Something was wrong, but Nathan wasn't sure what.

He leafed past the marriage license, and found his birth certificate, which was properly dated June 30. All of a sudden, it struck him, and he dropped the folder on the floor. Scrambling to pick it up, he confirmed the math. If his parents were actually married on November 24, he was born 7 months after that. No one had ever said that he was premature, and his parents always celebrated their anniversary in August.

Nathan began to shake. Everything his parents had told him was a lie. They were only a few years older than he was now, and his mother must have gotten pregnant before they were married. And they lied about their anniversary to cover it up. And they pretended to believe that premarital sex was wrong. And Pastor Stephens, and probably other people in the church knew, and said nothing, letting this sin go unpunished, and sinned themselves by lying. After the events of the past few days, Nathan seriously wondered if there was anyone in the church who wasn't a sinner.

He sat in the desk chair, holding the folder, and shaking. Tears began to pour down his cheeks. He felt empty inside, as if everything he knew had been torn out and left with nothing. Eventually, he calmed down, took his birth certificate and replaced the folder in the file cabinet. Turning off the light, he padded back to his room, put the paper into his backpack and got back into bed.

Nathan lay in the dark, thinking and feeling both free, but hollow, like a helium balloon floating on a swirling breeze. Although he never fell fully asl**p, he was jarred from his half consciousness by the alarm.

Monday Morning

It was an effort for Nathan to get out of bed, but he knew that he needed to go through the motions, as if nothing had changed, even though everything had. On autopilot, he prepared for school, ate breakfast, made uncomfortable small talk with his parents, grabbed his heavier than usual backpack and headed to school.

He waited outside the building for Shelby, who was, as usual, cutting her arrival close. When she arrived, Nathan's spirits rose as he watched her graceful and beautiful form approach. He barely noticed the attention that was directed towards them by the other students, teachers and administrators as Shelby approached. It was as if they were waiting for something to happen, some further breach of order, but they were disappointed.

"We need to talk," Nathan said, as Shelby neared and he could smell the fresh scent of her shampoo.

"Lunch?" Shelby asked, as they walked into the school, next to each other but not touching, followed by the rest of the crowd.

"Yes, O.K." Nathan said, looking into the icy blue eyes of his girlfriend and trying to send her his love, telepathically.

Shelby could see in Nathan's eyes that something had happened, and that Nathan was in pain. She knew that she would not be able to concentrate in class.
Nathan struggled through his morning classes until it was, finally, time for lunch. He hurried to the cafeteria and sat at a quiet table in the corner, away from his friends. A few minutes later, Shelby sat down next to him, and he noticed that their schoolmates were watching them, probably hoping for some publicly scandalous behavior.

Shelby turned to face him, and Nathan could see the anticipation on her pretty face. She opened her eyes, questioning him silently.

In a low voice, Nathan said, "You've been right all along. All of this," he gestured around the room, "is bull. Today, after school, it's time. Let me show you how much I love you."

Shelby was surprised and didn't answer immediately. "Are you absolutely sure?

"I've never been more sure."

"What happened?"

"I'll tell you after school. I love you," he whispered. His chest was pounding from a combination of fear, love, anger and lust.

"I love you too," Shelby whispered back. The quietly ate their lunches, not wanting to give the gossipmongers any more ammunition, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling.

If Nathan thought it was difficult to concentrate before lunch, it was worse after lunch. When Mrs. Albert called on him in English class, and he had no idea what she had asked, the teacher said, "Well, Nathan, I hear you have been a little distracted lately," in a tone that expressed her disdain. Nathan could do nothing but grunt in response and pretend to read his notes.

Finally, though, the last bell rang, and Nathan hurried to his locker, grabbed his books and backpack and went to the parking lot. Soon, Shelby arrived, and he said, "Let's go in my car."

Shelby, unaccustomed to Nathan taking charge, got into the passenger seat of the car. He started the engine and backed out. Shelby knew that it was time for her to wait for Nathan to start talking, and eventually he did.

"So, yesterday, my parents started in on me again, about how I couldn't see you anymore, and my father almost hit me."

Shelby gasped, but said nothing as Nathan continued.

"I stopped him, but it was terrible." Nathan's voice weakened as he spoke. "I lay in bed, thinking, and realized that they would try to keep us apart, and I needed to be ready, in case—you know—in case they threw me out."

Shelby felt Nathan's pain. She knew how hard it was to fight with your parents. She reached over and placed her hand on his thigh to comfort him.

Her touch was like an electric shock through Nathan's body, and he felt stronger and continued. "So, at 3 AM, I snuck downstairs to get my birth certificate, and found my parents' marriage certificate." He paused, and continued with a catch in his voice. "Shelby, they lied."

"About what?"

"About when they were married. They have lied about their anniversary because," he paused again, and sobbed. Shelby squeezed his leg and looked at him, tears flowing down her smooth cheeks.


"Because my mother must have been pregnant when they got married," Nathan finally blurted out. Nathan was sobbing, and pulled the car to the side of the road.

Shelby leaned toward him and took Nathan into her arms, holding him while they cried. The hug turned into a kiss, which became increasingly passionate, but before it went further, Nathan pulled away. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and sniffled, trying to pull himself together. He looked at Shelby, tears staining her face, lips slightly reddened from their kiss, and thought that she had never looked more beautiful.

Nathan started the car, pulled into traffic and started driving. Shelby turned to him and said, "Should we stop at the d**g store?

"Why?" Nathan asked.

"You know, protection...condoms," Shelby responded.

"Yeah—um, sure," Nathan replied.

"You do know about condoms?" Shelby asked, softly.

"Sort of. I mean, they don't talk about them at school, but I have read some stuff on line."

Shelby shook her head. She should have realized that the church school taught abstinence only. She had tuned out when they had discussed it, but she realized that it was the only thing that Nathan knew.

They drove to the CVS, walked in to the d**g store and found the condom section. Nathan was overwhelmed by the number of options, and he and Shelby stood in front of the display, staring, until Nathan randomly reached out and grabbed a package. "This one O.K.?" he asked.

"I guess so, I really don't know," Shelby replied.

They held hands as they walked to the cash register, and Nathan paid.

As they walked to the car, Shelby said, "You're not worried that someone will see us?"

"Fuck them all," Nathan spat out. Shelby's head snapped toward him at the uncharacteristic profanity, but she realized that he was emotionally in a strange place. She wanted to comfort him, and expected that she would soon be able to do so.

In nervous silence, they drove to Nathan's house and went inside. The house was empty, and as if in slow motion, they walked upstairs and into Nathan's room.

Shelby looked around and saw Nathan's trophies and certificates, pictures and books. The clothing on the floor and the furniture. She saw his bibles, including the well-worn one on the bedside table. Then, she looked at Nathan, who was devouring her with his eyes. She stepped forward and tilted her head slightly up, offering her lips. Nathan pressed his against hers, and they kissed, tongues darting. Nathan pulled Shelby close, and they stood at the foot of Nathan's bed, kissing and holding on to each other.

Nathan could feel Shelby's firm breasts pressing against his chest, and his hard cock pressing against her body. He felt, for the first time in days, that things were right. He was doing something that was good and pure, and nothing that any of the sinners and hypocrites at Harmony Church could say would convince him otherwise.

He reluctantly came up for air, and looked at Shelby, her blue eyes fiery with passion. Nathan reached up and began to unbutton her blue shirt, exposing the smooth pale skin of her neck and upper chest, the white sheerness of her bra and her flat, taut stomach covered by fine, downy hair. Shelby took off the shirt and tossed it aside. Nathan stared at her, overcome by her beauty, and reached behind Shelby, fumbling with the clasp on her bra before figuring out its mysteries. He gently pulled it off, exposing both perfect breasts, the left one that had been seared into his memory and had, to a great extent, started things on their present course, and its equally beautiful twin.

Nathan's knees buckled and he sat on the bed and Shelby stepped toward him, allowing him to bury his face in her cleavage. He could feel her trembling like he was with excitement as he began to kiss her breasts, starting at their intersection, and moving outward toward the nipples, which were hard and tasted delicious. Shelby's head dropped back, and she moaned with pleasure as Nathan's hungry mouth and tongue explored her chest.

She regained her composure and reached forward, tugging at the collar of Nathan's shirt, and he took the hint, standing up and removing his shirt, exposing his well-developed torso, his tiny nipples and sparse, curly blonde hair. He pulled Shelby toward him, and felt her warmth against his, and the warmth inside his body grew. He felt the pounding of his engorged cock as it strained against his jeans, crying for release.

Shelby stepped back and began to unbuckle her belt, and Nathan followed her lead. Soon, they were standing before each other wearing only their underwear, Shelby's white cotton panties staining dark with moisture, and Nathan's blue boxers, tented out, barely containing his twitching member, damp from his leaking pre-cum. Shelby looked at Nathan and saw only the love in his eyes.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"I've never been surer of anything. Ever."

Shelby pulled down her panties, exposing her dark pubic triangle, and Nathan was surprised that his cock didn't tear through the thin fabric encasing it. He lowered his boxers and stood, facing Shelby. He moved toward her, and they hugged, naked, feeling each other's heat. Holding hands, they turned toward Nathan's bed, and he pulled the blankets back, exposing the sheets. They crawled into the bed and lay there, holding each other, kissing and using their hands to explore each other completely for the first time.

Nathan had never seen a naked woman before, not even a picture of one outside of the sketchy line drawing in his biology text, and that was, clearly, not an accurate depiction. He had never seen anything more beautiful than Shelby, and it reaffirmed his belief that the Lord would never have created something so amazing and made her available to him if He did not want Nathan to fully appreciate His creation.

He was fascinated by the smoothness and softness of her body, and rubbed it all over, causing Shelby to purr with pleasure, but never more vigorously than when Nathan explored her pussy, feeling its slickness, and occasionally, at first by accident, brushing against her sensitive clit.

They were panting with desire when Shelby stood up, found the CVS bag, tore open the package of condoms and ripped open a square packet. Nathan could not tear his eyes off of her naked body, and almost came as she rolled the condom onto his throbbing cock. She got back into the bed and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. "Now, Nathan, make love to me."

Nathan rolled on top of her and tried to find her opening, but could not. Shelby sensed Nathan's frustration and reached down and guided the latex-covered tip where it was destined to go. Nathan could feel the warmth as he slowly inched his way inside of Shelby, feeling the heat of her against his rock hard cock. He pressed all the way in, as far as he could go, and Shelby wrapped her long legs around him.

It felt incredible, better than Nathan had even imagined. Again, he knew that this was right, and human instinct took over as he slowly withdrew, and began to pump in and out of Shelby, who grunted and moaned, sighing with pleasure. Nathan felt pressure building, and he sped up, until he was thrashing uncontrollably against Shelby, whose hips rose to meet his thrusts, until he could hold out no longer, unleashing his cum in spurts into the condom and collapsing his full weight onto Shelby. He lay there, panting, smiling, heart pounding, his head on Shelby's heaving chest.

"Sweetie, you need to get the condom off, so it doesn't slip off inside me," Shelby said softly, and Nathan rolled off of her. "It is something I remember from sex ed from my old school," she continued. He took off the full condom, tied it off and looked around for a place to put it before leaving it on his night table.

Nathan grinned at Shelby, who smiled back. Even sweating, and with her brown hair a twisted mess, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"Was that O.K.?" Nathan asked softly. "I really have no idea what to do."

Shelby reached up and pulled him to her, and her kiss gave him her answer. The kiss led to more kissing, and more stroking, and soon Nathan felt himself getting hard again. Shelby reached down and stroked his cock until it was again hard and throbbing. This time, Nathan stood up and got his own condom, rolled it on and found Shelby's welcoming pussy.

This time, he moved slower and with less urgency, and soon Shelby's hips were writhing and she was breathing harder and harder. Nathan increased his pace, and Shelby met him. The look of pleasure on Shelby's face made Nathan happy and proud, but nothing made him happier than when Shelby's legs stiffened and she screamed out "OH FUCK," at the top of her lungs before collapsing on the bed, laughing.

Nathan was pretty sure that Shelby had just had an orgasm, and it made him want more, so he began to pump harder into her, and she moaned and yelled out as he reached his own second release. Spent, Nathan rolled off of Shelby, and she curled into his arms, and they lay there quietly, listening to each other breathe.

But Nathan's parents were coming home soon, so they had to get out of bed, straighten up, clean up, get dressed and flush the condoms. Nathan drove Shelby back to the school to get her car, and they held hands in the car.

"Any regrets?" Shelby asked.

"Only that we couldn't spend more time together."

"It was perfect," she said. "I'm so glad I waited for you."

"I'm glad you did, too, and that we didn't wait any longer."

Shelby smiled. "And we haven't been struck down," she said, laughing.

"Not yet," Nathan responded, with a straight face, but he could not hold it, and began to laugh.

Shelby squeezed Nathan's hand before she got out of her car, but they did not risk a kiss on school property. He watched her get into her car, waited for it to start before he drove home, smiling. All of the doubts and anxiety of the past few days were gone.

He went into his house and showered, looking at himself and realizing that he looked no different now that he wasn't a virgin. He also knew that he could no longer believe what his parents and church said they believed. In fact, he had no idea what he really believed anymore, except that he loved Shelby.

After the shower, Nathan was starving, so he made a snack and started working on his homework at the dining room table, occasionally losing focus as he thought about Shelby's beautiful breasts, or her legs, or the incredible warmth between her legs and the way that she felt while they made love.

Then, his parents came storming through the door, having picked Tommy up at his afterschool program. They glared at Nathan, and Marcia hustled Tommy upstairs.

His father stood above him, and Nathan stood up, looking slightly down at his father.

"You went through with it, didn't you?" James hissed.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Nathan. I know that you and that whore went to CVS and bought condoms today."

Nathan realized that it was likely that someone saw them, but he didn't care. But calling Shelby a whore was over the line. "If Shelby is a whore, what does that make mom," Nathan barked.

James slapped Nathan across the face, hard, and he stumbled back a step. "How dare you speak about your mother that way."

Holding his cheek, Nathan shouted, "Dad, I know."

James looked at his son, standing before him with a red handprint showing on his cheek. "You know what?" he said, unsurely.

"Don't play dumb with me, Dad," Nathan mocked. "I know that you lied about when you and mom got married. And I have a pretty good idea why."

James appeared to deflate in front of Nathan. "How—"

"I saw your marriage certificate."

"You don't know what you are talking about," James retorted.

"Then explain."

At that point, Marcia had entered the room. "Explain what?" she asked. "You are the one that has explaining to do."

"He saw our marriage certificate. He knows."

Marcia began to sob. "We made a mistake."

"I was a mistake?" Nathan spat out. "Thanks."

"No, no, no," his mother said. "We were young, and we should never have had sex, but we did, and my parents threw me out of the house. Your father and I came to Pastor Stephens, and he was kind. We agreed to get married right away, and agreed on the little white lie to protect our reputation." She took a deep breath. "You are not a mistake, you, and your b*****r, are the greatest blessings the Lord has given me, and I want to protect you."

"From what?"

"From the world, from pain and trouble."

"The only pain I have felt recently is from you, and dad, and Pastor Cullum. All of your lies and cruelty. And the only happiness I have felt is with Shelby. So stop protecting me, already."

Marcia sat down on the couch, crying, and James went to comfort her. Nathan stood awkwardly, gently rubbing his burning cheek, waiting to see what would happen next.

The phone rang, but nobody moved to get it. The Caller ID said, in its robotic voice, "Harmony Church,"

"What could that be?" James asked, and walked to the ringing phone. He picked up the receiver. "Hello," he said. "Yes." "Of course." Yes. 8 o'clock. We'll be there." He hung up the phone.

"What was that all about?" Marcia asked.

"Pastor Stephens. He wants to see the three of us, tomorrow morning."

"I'm not going," Nathan said.

"He is the leader of our church, and you will go," James demanded.

"Please, Nathan," his mother pleaded.

"Fine," Nathan replied. "I'll go, but I'm not going to sit there and be lectured to by you hypocrites, or stand for anybody insulting the girl I love." Nathan turned and went upstairs, slamming the door to his room.

He pulled out his phone and texted Shelby, "My parents admitted their lies, and we have to meet with Stephens tomorrow morning. I don't regret anything and I love you."

He waited, staring at the phone until he got a response. "I love you too. My parents are giving me a hard time, but mostly because they are worried I'll get hurt. Nothing from Stephens."

"I will never hurt you. See you tomorrow."

"I can't wait."

Nathan put down his phone and lay on his bed thinking. He could, he believed, smell Shelby on the pillowcase, or, at least, he imagined he could. While he tried to figure out what to do about the meeting, he heard his parents yelling at each other. He heard what he believed was his mother storm up the stairs and slam their bedroom door. He had never heard his parents fight, and it unsettled him, even more than finding out that they were liars.

Tuesday Morning, Harmony Church

There was a part of Nathan that felt free and another part that felt like he was heading to meet his executioner. He was prepared to do whatever was necessary to just move on, to be left alone and to finish school, but he had no idea what Pastor Stephens had in mind, or what his parents would do. But he knew that nothing would stop him from seeing Shelby, or from continuing to make love to her. His love for Shelby filled the emptiness that he felt when he realized that his faith had been misplaced.

They trudged into the church office, and Mrs. Proctor wordlessly motioned for them to go to Pastor Stephens' office. His parents had barely said a word all morning, and he detected tension, and a little fear, in the way that they were acting. They walked down the hall past the small office that Pastor Cullum used, to the big office that the church's leader used. James knocked on the door, and the familiar voice rumbled, "Come in."

The distinguished looking minister looked extra imposing behind his huge, carved wooden desk, and he had set the office up so that he was towering over any visitor. Nathan looked around the impressive office, with its pictures of the congregation going back decades, photos of Pastor Stephens with politicians, including five governors, President Reagan and both Bushes, certificates of appreciation and proclamations on the wall, and more books and bibles than many small libraries.

They sat in the small, uncomfortable visitor chairs and waited for Pastor Stephens to give them his attention. In the past, he had always been pleasant and solicitous of Nathan's parents, who were long-time congregants and leaders of their generation, and of Nathan, who had long appeared to be one of the true believers and young leaders. Today, however, Pastor Stephens was treating them like they all had been called to the principal's office for misbehavior.

Finally, the grey haired minister looked up and said, in a low voice, "Nathan, I'm very, very disappointed in you."

Nathan felt the bl**d rush to his face and the competing emotions of anger and embarrassment fight for supremacy in his mind. He decided to stay quiet and wait.

"We have always counted on you to do the Godly thing, but now, you seem to be under some evil influences."

At that veiled reference to Shelby, Nathan's eyes narrowed to slits, as Pastor Stephens continued, "I have heard a number of reports about your misbehavior and violation of the rules of the church and of the Lord, and I want you to apologize to me, to Pastor Cullum, to your parents and to the congregation."

Hearing that, anger began to win the fight for Nathan's emotion, and he clenched his fists, but held his tongue.

The minister turned his gaze to James, "And I'm disappointed in you, James, and Marcia, because you failed to stop this behavior before it crossed the line." James and Marcia lowered their heads.

"It is clear to me that you need my help again, so here is what is going to happen. We will be expelling Shelby from school and her parents from the church—we took a chance on them, and clearly they are not Godly people."

Nathan felt that his head was about to explode, but Pastor Stephens kept talking, so he clenched his fists tighter. "You, Nathan, will not see her anymore. You will apologize, in writing to Pastor Cullum and to me, on behalf of the congregation. You will do 30 hours of volunteer work for the church before graduation, at my direction. James and Marcia, you will meet with Pastor Cullum to discuss your parenting skills, so that we do not have this problem with young Thomas, and I will expect a generous donation from your f****y this year because of the trouble that you have caused. Is that understood?"

Nathan watched his parents meekly nod and accept the conditions, but he could not. He stood up, so that Pastor Stephens no longer loomed over him and yelled, "I do not accept. It is unfair for you to discipline Shelby more than me. And anyway, I know that you are a hypocrite, my parents are hypocrites and liars, and so is Pastor Cullum. Everything you have told me since I was a baby is, is, is, bullshit."

The outburst, and especially the profanity, shocked Nathan's parents and the minister, who responded, angrily, "Young man, that language is uncalled for. And what do you mean by your insults to me and your parents?"

James interrupted, in a low defeated voice, "Thomas, he knows."

"Knows what?" Pastor Stephens asked warily.

Nathan jumped in, "I know that my mother was pregnant with me when they were married and that you helped them cover it up. I also am pretty sure that Pastor Cullum is not pure, and is also a nasty, vicious man. I will not apologize. Instead, I will tell everyone about this, and the marriage certificate is proof of all of your lies. And I bet that if I looked harder, I could find some more similar situations."

Pastor Stephens turned to James and growled, "Look what you have done."

James looked like he had been slapped. "We did this together, and I never thought that it would come to this."

Pastor Stephens looked at his congregants and saw their pain. And he realized that if Nathan was serious about exposing his willingness to marry couples who had engaged in sinful behavior, it would not only erode his authority, it might lead to prying that would expose his other secrets. He decided to see what he could do to defuse the situation.

"Son, sit down," he said to Nathan in a consoling voice. "What can we do to prevent you from embarrassing yourself, your f****y and the church?"

Nathan thought. He didn't care about embarrassing "the church" which he realized really meant its leader, but his parents didn't deserve being the butt of gossip. They had fallen prey to the same emotions that he and Shelby had, and he could not condemn them for that. Or even for trying to cover it up to protect their reputations and him. But he could not forgive their hypocrisy. He looked at Pastor Stephens and said, "Here is what I would like. First, nothing happens to Shelby or her parents. We finish school and graduate like nothing happened. No written apologies to anyone." He looked at his parents, "Shelby and I continue to see each other. We promise to be discreet, and to be safe, so that history doesn't repeat itself. Also, I think that I will not go to Tabernacle Bible College next year. I'm going to go to community college for a year, and work."

"Is that it?" The minister responded.

Nathan felt like he might still have one more card to play. "No. I want you to fire Pastor Cullum."

Pastor Stephens looked at James and Marcia, who nodded. He turned to Nathan and said, "We will agree to all of those conditions, except that I will not fire Pastor Cullum—" he raised his hand to stop Nathan from interrupting, then continued, "I will speak with him, and if he has not been truthful, I will consider letting him move on to another post. And you, young man, you have to promise that nothing that was said in this room is repeated to anyone inside or outside of the congregation. And that you will not encourage any of your friends to behave in the way that you and Shelby have."

Nathan realized that it was not all he would want, but it was a good deal for him and Shelby. He was surprised at how easily Pastor Stephens gave up, but he decided not to worry about that. He stood and offered his hand to the tall, thin minister. "We have a deal, Pastor Stephens."

They shook, and Nathan noticed the older man give his parents a withering look before saying, "You may go. Nathan, I expect you to go directly to school. You may get a late pass from Edith—I mean Mrs. Proctor."

Nathan nodded, and he and his parents left the office and started walking down the hall. After a few steps, James put his hand on Nathan's shoulder and said, "Stop." Nathan turned to face his father. "Were you really willing to destroy our reputation for that girl?"

"Shelby," Nathan responded. "Her name is Shelby. And yes. You were prepared to stop me from seeing the woman that I love to protect your reputation. But it all works out, right? Everything gets swept under the rug, and nobody gets hurt."

"You think you are so clever, don't you?" James replied.

Marcia interrupted. "James, leave the boy alone. Somehow, he is making this all work."

"Only because Pastor Stephens agreed to protect us, again," James replied.

"Dad, don't you get it? He only wants to protect himself. He doesn't care about you or me or mom."

"That's ridiculous. Let's say you released our marriage certificate, everybody would know we were sinners, but Pastor Stephens would just say he was trying to help out two k**s in trouble. He would look good, not bad."

Nathan thought about that, and couldn't think of a good answer. "Dad, it doesn't matter, does it? He agreed, we agreed, and it is done."

"I guess so," James said, unconvinced. "We have to get to work, and you need to get to school. Get your pass from Mrs. Proctor, and we will see you tonight."

Marcia hugged her son as they left the building, and Nathan turned to get his pass from the church secretary.

Nathan took the paper from the middle-aged secretary, but she didn't let go immediately.

"Are you O.K., Nathan?" she asked.

"Yes, very good, Mrs. Proctor."

"Everything went O.K.?"


Mrs. Proctor looked a little surprised, and let go of her end of the pass. "Nathan, let me know if you ever need anything."

It was Nathan's turn to be surprised, but he responded, "um, sure, thanks Mrs. Proctor, I have to get to class." He ran out of the building toward the school, and Shelby.

Nathan walked the quiet halls of the school and slipped into his second period class, handing Mr. Burgess the pass. Shelby sat in the front, and their eyes met. Her eyes opened silently questioning Nathan, and he allowed her to see a brief smile as he walked to his desk in the back of the classroom.

After class, Shelby was waiting for him at the door to the classroom and as they walked out into the hall she whispered, "How did the meeting go?"

"Better than expected," Nathan whispered back. "We need privacy—let's talk at lunch." Her smell made Nathan's nerves tingle, and he desperately wanted to kiss her, but he knew that it was not the time or place. They separated to go to their third period classes, and Nathan "accidentally" brushed his arm against hers. She smiled back at him, appreciating the ruse.

When lunch finally came around, Nathan met Shelby and they again sat alone at a table away from their friends.

"What happened?"

Nathan had decided not to try to hide any of the details, and he gave her a blow-by-blow of the meeting, including his decision to go to community college for a year. He didn't tell her that he hoped to be able to transfer to her college, or one nearby, after the first year.

"That's incredible," she replied, wanting very badly to kiss Nathan for his loyalty to her.

"But there is one thing that bothers me," he said quietly.


"That Pastor Stephens gave in so easily. My dad pointed out that even if I disclosed my parents' lie, it would probably make them look bad, but not Stephens or the church. I wonder if he is going to double cross us."

Shelby thought about the situation, and it did not make sense. "Unless," she said slowly, "unless he has more to hide."

That possibility had not occurred to Nathan and he pondered the possibility. Nothing that anyone connected to the church did would surprise him at that point. "Maybe you're right," he said, "but what?"

Shelby shrugged, and they turned their attention to lunch, occasionally accidentally on purpose brushing their arms or legs against each other. As they cleaned up their trays and garbage before their afternoon classes, Shelby said, "back to the group tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'm tired of acting like an outcast." He was surprised to see Shelby frown. "But you are more than worth it," Nathan said, and he was rewarded with a radiant smile, whose heat he felt all the way to his crotch. They went off to their separate classes, hoping that things would be calm until graduation.

Later that night, Nathan's house

Dinner had been awkward, and it was clear that Nathan and his parents had a long way to go to repair their damaged relationships. Luckily, Tommy was oblivious and filled the dinner table with his c***dish babble so that the silences between Nathan and his parents were less painful. After dinner, Nathan legitimately had work to do for his AP classes, and went to his room. It was not until after 10 that he was able to take time to call Shelby.

"I was hoping you would call," she said

"How could I not? I missed you," Nathan responded.

"I'm really proud of what you did today," Shelby said.

"Thanks. I can't believe that I was able to pull it off. You've given me the strength to stand up to them."

"You always had it in you. Maybe I've helped you see things differently."

Nathan thought about how much he wanted to see Shelby, and he paused, thinking about her body. "You have made me think. About a lot of things."

"I'm glad," she said huskily. "You make me think about things, too."

There was a pause. Nathan broke the silence. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

"See you tomorrow."

"Can't wait."

Nathan ended the call and laid on his bed, thinking for a while before getting ready for bed.

Wednesday Morning. Harmony Christian Life Academy

Nathan waited outside the school, waiting for the habitually late Shelby, who found the last spot in the student parking lot and ran toward the door, checking her watch. She smiled as she approached Nathan, oblivious to the stares of their schoolmates. Everyone knew that they had been called to Pastor Stephens' office, and they watched Nathan and Shelby for some clue about why, or what had happened. There was little time left before homeroom, and, painfully without touching, they turned and hurried to their lockers.

Shelby stopped in front of hers, gave Nathan a meaningful glance, and he smiled, nodded and headed down the hallway to his locker to put away books and grab his morning books. When he opened his locker, he was surprised to see a sealed white envelope with the return address of the church embossed on it. The envelope was heavy, and he heard a metallic click when he picked it off the floor, sliding it into his notebook before rushing off to class.

Curious as to what was in the envelope, but unable to get any privacy during class, he struggled to pay attention to the lesson, and floundered embarrassingly when the teacher called on him. He took the criticism stoically, and tried desperately to take notes afterward, but the envelope kept intruding into his thoughts.

After class, Nathan ran to the bathroom, locked himself into a stall and tore open the envelope. There were two keys inside—one large, like a door key, and a smaller one. Nathan looked inside the envelope for a note, or something that would explain, but there was nothing. He heard the bell, and ran out of the bathroom to make sure he made it to class on time.

He made it to lunch before Shelby and sat at what had become their private table, rather than attempt to rejoin their friends. Shelby saw him and looked at him quizzically, and Nathan pointed to the chair next to him. Shelby got her lunch and sat down.

"I thought we were going to rejoin polite society today," she noted.

"Yeah, but something has come up."

"What?" Shelby asked.

"When I opened my locker this morning, there was an envelope with two keys."

"What do they open?"

"I have no idea," Nathan answered. He reached into his notebook, keeping it under the table, and pulled out the envelope, handing it to Shelby under the table. She opened the envelope and peered at the keys.

"The big one looks like a key to a door or something and the smaller one looks like a key to a filing cabinet," she whispered. She handed the envelope back to Nathan and he slid it back into his notebook.

"That's sort of what I thought. But where? And why?"

They were silent for a while, and ate their lunches. Shelby turned to Nathan and said, "You don't think...?

"What?" Nathan asked.

"The church office?"

"But why? And who would do this?"

"I don't know, but not many people have access to them, right?"

"I guess," Nathan replied. "What should we do?"

Thursday, 2:00 a.m. Harmony Church

Nathan and Shelby stood in front of the church office door holding flashlights. Nathan could not believe that he had actually snuck out of his house. It was surprisingly easier than he had thought, but the walk to the church took a bit longer than he expected.

"Try the key," Shelby urged.

Nathan took the larger key and, with trembling hands, inserted it into the lock. He turned it and felt a satisfying click. He pushed the door open and paused. No alarm—at least none that he could hear. They slid into the dark building and looked around using their flashlights.

"We better move fast, in case there is a burglar alarm," Shelby whispered.

Nathan hadn't really considered what would happen if the police came, and, he started to move quickly toward Pastor Stephens' office, which they had decided was the most likely place to find a lock that fit the second key.

The Pastor's office door was unlocked, and the two explorers entered and ran their flashlights over the office. Shelby walked behind the large wooden desk and saw a large, two drawer file cabinet. She motioned Nathan toward her, and he inserted the second key into the lock, which turned and popped out. Nathan opened the top drawer and saw a small ledger book and a portable hard drive. He looked at Shelby with a questioning look.

"Take it," she hissed, with excitement in her voice.

Nathan took the book and drive out of the drawer and closed it. He opened the second drawer, and it was filled with old VHS tape and silver discs. Nathan pulled out a tape and it said, "Edith" and a date about 15 years earlier. He removed the tape and grabbed a handful of discs—each with the name of a woman and a date. The most recent disk, with a date about three months earlier, had the name "Amanda," which they both knew was the name of one of their classmates, who had left school unexpectedly a few weeks before to take care of her sick grandparents. Nathan took that disk and few others and tossed them with the ledger and hard drive.

"Let's get out of here," Shelby whispered.

Nathan closed and locked the cabinet, grabbed the pile of stuff and followed Shelby out of the office. They quickly made it down the hall and out of the church office. Walking away from the church, they whispered their speculations, both worried about what they would find, and what would happen to them if they were caught.

When they got to the point where they needed to separate, Nathan put down his burden and took Shelby into his arms. He craved her touch, and when she pressed her body against his, he immediately got aroused. Shelby wiggled her hips against him while they kissed. Although he didn't want it to end, Nathan pulled away, panting. "I need to get home and see if I can figure out what we have here."

They slowly parted and Nathan hurried home and quietly snuck back into his room. Turning on his laptop, he attached the hard drive and saw that it was filled with spreadsheets. He opened one, but saw only incomprehensible columns of numbers. Nathan couldn't make heads or tails of them. He reached for the pile of discs and put the one titled Amanda into the DVD drive.

After a few seconds it began to run and a few seconds later, Nathan, horrified by what he was seeing, turned it off. He felt sick to his stomach. But he knew that he had to do something. But what?

He knew that he was in above his head, and he had only one choice. He picked up the laptop, the hard drive and the disc and walked down the hall to his parents' room and knocked on the door.
"Huh, what?" he heard his father's confused voice respond.

"It's me, Nathan. Can I come in?"

"It's 4:00 in the morning. Is everything alright?"

"No. No it isn't," Nathan responded, opening the door.

James had turned on his beside light, and was looking at him uncomprehendingly. Marcia was squinting at him similarly confused.

"What's going on, Nathan. Are you sick?" James asked.

"Not exactly."

"What are you holding?" Marcia asked.

Nathan took a deep breath. "I need to explain."

"I think you should."

He explained about the keys in his locker, and how he and Shelby had snuck back to the church and taken the things from Pastor Stephens' office.

"You did what?" his father said, shocked.

"Wait until you see what is here before judging me," Nathan demanded.

He turned the screen around and started playing the DVD. James gasped and Marcia screamed.

"Is that Amanda Carter?" Marcia asked.

"Yes," Nathan said angrily. "And that is Pastor Stephens fucking her while she is crying."

"Turn it off," James insisted, and Nathan happily complied.

"Dad, there are dozens of these discs there, and VHS tapes even that go back years and years."

Marcia was sobbing, and James looked angry. "What's the rest of that?"

Nathan hooked up the drive and handed the laptop to his father. James opened a spreadsheet and stared at the screen. He opened some more files and kept staring at the screen, toggling between spreadsheets. After a few minutes, he looked up and said, "Holy shit."

Nathan had never heard his father curse before and was shocked.

"What is it, James?" Marcia asked.

"It looks like Thomas has been siphoning money from the church for years and depositing it into offshore accounts. Is there anything else?"

"Yeah, a ledger book." Nathan said, stunned.

"Get it," James demanded.

Nathan ran to his room and returned with the book. James looked through it and shook his head.

"I think this book shows payments he made to a number of women going back many years. But I'm not sure."

"What should we do?" Marcia asked.

"I think we need to go to the police. Tomorrow morning. Before Stephens notices that things are missing."

"O.K. dad," Nathan replied. "Before school?"

"No, just me. You need to go to school like everything is normal. And Marcia, you need to be with Tommy."

They nodded. James continued, "Marcia, can you put up some coffee? I can't imagine any of us will be sl**ping any more today."

Marcia got out of bed, put on her robe and headed down to the kitchen.

"Nathan, I'm not sure whether to scream at you or pat you on the back. I still don't condone what you and Shelby are doing, or that you have lied and snuck around, but it looks like you have uncovered some pretty awful behavior by Pastor Stephens."

Nathan had nothing to say, so he turned and left his parents' room. He returned to his room and texted Shelby, "Call me. ASAP!!!!!!"

A few minutes later, as Nathan smelled the coffee brewing in the kitchen, his phone rang."

"So, what is it?" Shelby asked, excitedly.

"You won't believe it." He described the video, and what his father said about the spreadsheets, and that James would be taking everything to the police the next day.

"Can you trust him?" Shelby asked. "He won't destroy everything and stand behind Stephens?"

"You didn't see his face. Or my mother's. They are disgusted. As well they should be."

"That cocksucker," Shelby spat out.

Nathan continued to be shocked by her vocabulary, but responded, "No, I didn't see that on the video."

Shelby paused before laughing. "Very funny. Maybe I really am corrupting you," she said softly.

"Only in a good way," Nathan responded. "Let me go see what is going on. I'll see you in school."

"Love you."

"Me too." Nathan disconnected the call and went to the kitchen to talk to his parents.

Later Thursday morning. Harmony Christian Life Academy

James and Marcia insisted that Nathan go to school like any other day. He saw Shelby in the morning, but just said, "My father is taking care of it."

After lunch, Nathan and Shelby were in History class when they heard police sirens outside of the school. Tim Phillips, whose desk was by the window, interrupted the class, yelling, "The police are pulling up to the church office."

Shelby shot a look at Nathan, who shrugged. Everybody stood to see what was going on, but it was too hard to see. Nathan began to walk out of the class, followed by Shelby and then the rest of the students. Ms. Turnbull tried to make them come back, but it was not every day that something this interesting happened at school, and they ignored her threats.

The students, and others who were brave enough to leave the building, stood outside the school, watching the door to the church office. It was a warm day, and a light breeze rustled the leaves on the trees as the students and a few teachers made hushed conversations, speculating on the reason why the police had appeared.

After a few minutes, the doors sprung open, and two police officers walked out, leading the taller Pastor Stephens, who was yelling at them in his deep, powerful voice. He was followed out by the smirking Pastor Cullum and Mrs. Proctor, who walked down the stairs, part of the way to the police cars.

Pastor Stephens continued to berate the police, threatening them with eternal damnation and professing his innocence. He turned to the crowd outside the school and yelled, "I did nothing wrong. As God is my witness, I am an innocent man. A martyr." As his eyes scanned the crowd, he saw Nathan and pointed at him. "God will punish you for your sins, young man. You and that harlot you are fornicating with."

This, of course, caused all attention to turn to Nathan and Shelby, who found themselves on the receiving end of hundreds of stares. Nathan turned to look at Shelby and saw Mrs. Proctor, standing on the steps of the school office, a small smile on her face. She saw Nathan looking at her and Nathan was fairly certain he saw her wink at him.

Nathan grabbed Shelby's hand and pulled her away from the crowd. They walked to the parking lot, and got into Nathan's car. Nathan started the engine and began to drive away.

"Holy shit, Nathan," Shelby exclaimed.

"I couldn't have said it better," Nathan responded, taking Shelby's hand and squeezing it as he drove. He turned to look at her beautiful face and was struck by the look on her face, a combination of surprise and triumph, and when she looked at him, love, and a bit of lust. Nathan almost had to pull over to the side of the road, but pulled himself together and was able to navigate them to his house.

When he arrived, his parents were sitting at their dining room table, speaking with Deacon Stanton and a few other members of the church council. They looked up when Nathan and Shelby came in, and Nathan could see from their faces that they did not fully consider him and Shelby to be heroes.

"Nathan, Shelby, please come here," James said in a way that made it clear that no dissent would be tolerated.

They went into the room, and Deacon Stanton said, "We understand that you two uncovered the incriminating evidence against Pastor Stephens."

"Yes, sir," Nathan responded.

"You know that Pastor Stephens devoted his life to this church and helped many, many people, including your f****y."

Nathan was about to angrily respond, but both his father and Deacon Stanton put their hands up in the "stop" gesture, and Nathan reflexively obeyed.

The Deacon continued, "It does seem, though, that he was a sinner, a thief and a fornicator, and if so, he will be called to task, both by the law and by the Lord. And although I cannot say that I approve of the way that you snuck into his office, I assume that the Lord directed you."

Nathan realized that nothing that he could say would help or change the situation. And he was surprised that Shelby also was silent. He looked at the people in the room, smiled and said, "You're welcome," took Shelby's hand and left the house.

"Now what?" Shelby asked. "We could go to my house."

"That could be fun," Nathan said, smiling as he felt a warmth spread through his body.

"Yes, it could," Shelby said, turning and hugging Nathan on his front lawn, then tilting her head up for a kiss, which quickly turned passionate. They broke contact, got into the car and Nathan started to drive.

Thinking about the prospect of being in an empty house with Shelby, Nathan sped to her house, actually running a red light before pulling his car into her driveway. They nearly ran into the small, ranch style house, pausing briefly to confirm that no one was home before running down the stairs to Shelby's room. Alone in Shelby's room, Nathan reached out, and Shelby melted against him. The anxiety of the past days faded away, replaced by desire, and their mouths met in a passionate kiss.

Shelby could feel Nathan's arousal pressing against the crotch of her jeans, and she felt the tingling and warmth of her own desire. They continued to mash their faces together, exploring each other's tongue and lips. Nathan ran his hands up Shelby's sides, from her hips to the side of her chest, and she leaned back far enough to allow him to cup her breasts. The feel of his hands on her hard nipples, even over her clothing was intense enough to cause her head to drop back as she moaned with lust. Nathan pressed his hardness against her, panting.

Nathan returned his hands to Shelby's hips and slid her shirt up over her breasts. Shelby raised her hands, and Nathan continued to pull the shirt up over her face and head, and over her arms, staring all the time at her heaving lace covered chest, nipples straining against the thin material. Shelby reached down and pulled Nathan's shirt out of his jeans and unbuttoned his shirt. Nathan reluctantly removed his hands from Shelby's firm breasts to allow his shirt to fall to the floor behind him, and he hugged Shelby close, feeling the warmth of her body and the softness of her breasts against his bare chest.

Without breaking their embrace, Nathan reached up and fumbled with the clasp to Shelby's bra, eventually releasing it and pulling the straps forward. Shelby leaned back and allowed Nathan to remove her bra, which he tossed onto the floor before pulling her back to him and pressing his lips to hers. He could barely contain the throbbing between his legs and worried that he would come in his pants.

Sensing Nathan's discomfort, Shelby unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper before pushing his pants to the floor. Nathan stepped out of the legs and kicked them away. He stood before the half-naked Shelby clad only in his boxers, which were straining to contain his erection. With a smile, Shelby pulled down the boxers and fell to her knees. She looked up at Nathan, past his vibrating cock and licked her reddened lips before kissing the tip.

Nathan moaned, and his moaning increased as Shelby licked the head of his cock before opening her mouth and taking it in. Nathan gasped. He had never imagined feeling the pleasure that he was currently being given by his beautiful girlfriend, even when they had made love. The intensity of the pleasure and the look of happiness on Shelby's face as she lovingly used her mouth and tongue on his pulsing rod brought Nathan to a frenzy, and he thrust himself into Shelby's warm mouth. Startled, Shelby gasped, before pressing her hands on Nathan's ass and allowing him to keep thrusting, until, with a sharp breath, he shot a huge load deep into her throat. Shelby gagged, but instinctively closed her lips around Nathan's spewing member, swallowing his cum until he was finished.

On weak legs, Nathan stumbled to the side of the bed and sat, as Shelby stood up, and Nathan watched, enthralled, as her breasts jiggled. They were beautiful, and Shelby was beautiful, he thought. Still recovering from Shelby's attentions, Nathan watched as she removed her jeans and panties, and stood before her. Nathan knew that she was perfect, and he sat there, transfixed, realizing that he was seeing something divine, as she approached him, standing between his legs and letting him nuzzle his face between her firm orbs.

He kissed the underside of her breasts before moving up to suck on the nipple of one, then the other before kissing down to her bellybutton. Nathan could smell the strong odor of Shelby's arousal, and he reached down with his hand to stroke her soft pubic hair, causing Shelby to sigh. He explored her folds and was surprised at how wet and slippery they were, easily and happily accommodating his finger when he pressed it inside.

"Shelby, please get on the bed," Nathan whispered, and she sat next to him. Nathan turned and kissed her, tasting the remnants of his orgasm on her lips, before moving to her chin, her neck, her cleavage and nipples. He kissed down her breasts to her belly and then to the edge of her pubic mound. Inhaling her sharp scent and smiling, Nathan kissed Shelby's pubic hair and began to explore her with his tongue, causing Shelby to begin to writhe and moan. Not really knowing what to do, he licked somewhat randomly, but was smart enough to return to the areas that made Shelby's moans louder. Eventually, she reached down, and directed his head until his tongue was stimulating her clit.

Nathan understood what she wanted, and he kept at it as Shelby's hips began to buck faster and faster, until she yelled out and collapsed on the bed, panting and giggling. It was, maybe, the most beautiful thing that Nathan had ever heard.

"Come here, my love," Shelby whispered, and Nathan crawled up the bed until he was even with Shelby. He took her in his arms and held her, happy and at peace. Shelby, however, noticed that Nathan was hard again. "Don't go anywhere," she said.

"Right," Nathan said, "like I'm going to leave?" he continued, grinning as he watched Shelby's naked form leave the bed, and walk to her dresser. He stared at her slim back and round, perfect butt as she bent down and reached into the back of the bottom drawer before turning around and showing Nathan a condom package.

"I figured I needed to be prepared," she said with a shy smile.

"I'm glad," Nathan responded.

Shelby returned to the bed, tore open the package and unrolled the condom onto Nathan's hard cock. Before he could react, she jumped onto the bed, straddling him and guiding his length into her still lubricated pussy.

Nathan was in heaven. He loved seeing his beautiful, naked girlfriend on top of him, her piercing blue eyes half closed with desire, her brown hair wild, her perfect breasts swaying, and the feeling of Shelby's warm pussy enveloping his cock was incredible. He lay on his back, watching Shelby slide up and down on his cock, grinding her hips, grunting, panting and moaning, as she used him to pleasure herself. He felt his hips begin to rise off the bed to meet her thrusts, until he was participating equally in their lovemaking.

As their pace increased, Shelby fell forward, pressing her warm body against Nathan's and pumping her hips faster and faster until she jerked her body, which trembled against Nathan, who held her tight. But she didn't stop her pumping around Nathan's cock, and he thrust into her until he reached his own release.

It was silent, except for the sound of their breathing, which, without their attention, coordinated, until they lay there, Shelby on top of Nathan, breathing. Spent.

Shelby eventually turned her head and saw the clock. "Nathan, we need to get up and get you out of here before my parents come home." She reluctantly slid off of Nathan, and his limp condom covered cock slid out of her. Nathan removed the condom, tied it off and placed it into a tissue. Shelby took it from him, got off the bed and left the room.

Nathan lay on the bed, smiling, looking at the decorations of Shelby's room for a few seconds before he stood up and got dressed. As he was putting on his shirt, Shelby returned from the bathroom and ran her hand down Nathan's chest before he buttoned it up. He marveled again at her naked beauty and wondered why he hadn't been willing or able to see it earlier. He shook his head and continued dressing in silence.

Shelby had gotten her clothing back on, and she kissed Nathan. "I can still smell myself on your lips," she said, and Nathan put his hand to his mouth and breathed out.

"You're right. It's amazing," he replied.

Shelby led him to the bathroom, where he washed his face and hands while she brushed her hair and pulled herself together.

They walked down the stairs and kissed again before going out to Nathan's car. After they got in, Nathan took Shelby's hand and they drove back to the school to pick up Shelby's car. Nathan squeezed Shelby's hand before she opened the door.

"I love you, Shelby," Nathan said.

"I love you, too," she replied before pivoting out of the car. Nathan watched her as she got in, started the engine, waved at him and drove away.

Friday Morning

Nathan's parents would not give him any more details about what was going to happen at school or church, and he dreaded what would happen. After Pastor Stephens' outburst in front of everybody, Nathan knew that his chances of just quietly making it to graduation were slim, at best. He parked in his usual spot and walked toward the school worrying about what would unfold. He also knew that he no longer believed, at least not the way he had before everything happened, and he wondered if he would even be able to sit through all of the hypocritical religious doctrine that was somehow integrated into each class. He had increased respect for Shelby's willingness to question the authority, and her ability to do so without totally confronting what she clearly thought was wrong. And he kicked himself for having been such an unquestioning member of the flock for so long.

By the time all of these thoughts had swirled through Nathan's head, he was at the door to the school, oblivious to the looks he was getting from the other students. As he approached the door, he noticed that Pastor Cullum was standing on the steps, surveying the students and looking very pleased with himself.

"Nathan, come here," he demanded.

Nathan considered ignoring him, but wanted to know what he was going to say, so he approached the young preacher.

"I know that you wanted to have me fired," he said in a low voice so that only Nathan could hear him, "but the joke is on you, boy, because Stephens is gone and I'm still here, and running the church." He smiled malevolently at Nathan before continuing. "And I want you to know that I intend on making your remaining time here miserable, but that will be tame compared to what I intend to do to your slut."

Nathan again wanted to strike Pastor Cullum, but was able to restrain himself. Instead, he turned to the smaller man, smiled falsely and said, "And the Lord be with you too, Pastor Cullum," before heading into the school. When he closed the door behind him, he allowed himself to breathe deeply before heading to his locker.

His day brightened briefly when he saw Shelby approaching him in the hall before homeroom. She smiled at him, and he felt that warmth again filling the emptiness inside him, but he motioned to her, and she approached him.

"Did Cullum say anything to you?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah, it was strange. He called me over and said that now that he was in charge, the rules would be enf***ed strictly. And that I was warned." She paused. "Then he looked me up and down, and I feel like I need a shower."

Nathan fumed. He told her what Pastor Cullum had said to him, and they agreed that they needed to be careful. "I'll speak to my parents tonight," he said before they headed off to class, painfully without touching each other.

Later, on his way to lunch, Nathan was, as so often happened in the crowded hallway, jostled by an underclassman running to class. Nathan kept walking toward the cafeteria when he heard Pastor Cullum's voice.

"Nathan, come here."

He turned his head, and saw the clergyman standing in the hallway, smiling. Nathan walked toward him.

"I saw you purposely bump Henry before. I cannot believe that you would do that to a younger student. I'll see you in detention after school."

Nathan felt himself getting warmer, and not in the way he did when Shelby looked at him. He stared at the minister and realized what was happening. He knew that if he lashed out in any way, it would only get worse. He felt the eyes of everyone in the hallway staring at him. Nathan took a deep breath and said, in a low, calm voice, "You know that it was an accident, and that Henry bumped me."

Pastor Cullum smiled at Nathan and said, "That's not what I saw. Detention today, for the roughhousing, and tomorrow, for your insolence." He turned and walked away.

Nathan was fuming, but he gathered his wits and walked to the cafeteria, where he knew that Shelby would be waiting for him. He noticed people whispering and pointing at him, but he was rapidly becoming immune to that. But when he saw Shelby, sitting alone at what had become their private table, with puffy eyes betraying the fact that she had been crying, he felt a pit in his stomach and went running to her.

"What's the matter?" Nathan whispered.

"Cullum," Shelby said, beginning to sob again.

"What did that bastard do," Nathan said, careful that no one else could hear his language.

Shelby sobbed quietly, dabbing at her eyes with a crumpled tissue. Nathan sat, and in violation of school rules, took her hand and squeezed.

"Tell me," he demanded, firmly but with tenderness.

She looked at Nathan and he could feel her relax a little. "I was in the hall, and I dropped my notebook. I bent over to pick it up, and he....he.....he," she dabbed at her eyes and Nathan squeezed her hand. She continued, "He called out my name. I said, 'What Pastor Cullum?' as polite and calmly as I could. He looked me up and down, like he does, and said, 'I see that you enjoy displaying your rear end for everyone to admire.' I was stunned. I said, 'No, sir, I was just picking up my notebook.' At this point, everyone in the hall was looking at me. I started to walk away, and he said, loudly, 'Of course, a whore like you has no problem displaying yourself for anyone. Don't you have any self-respect?' I was humiliated. Everyone was staring."

"Oh my God," Nathan blasphemed. "I'm going to kill him." Nathan stood up. But Shelby held his hand.

"No, you can't do that."

Nathan strained briefly at Shelby's grip, but realized that she was right. "He gave me detention today for bumping into Henry Jepsen, who barreled into me in the hall and then another day for asking him what I did wrong."

"Well, I guess we will be in detention together, since he gave me a whole week."

"For what?" Nathan asked.

"He said that I was a woman of loose morals and needed spiritual guidance that I clearly wasn't getting at home."

"I'll have to talk to my parents tonight. I don't know what else to do."

They sat there, quietly, holding hands, not hungry for their lunch until it was time to go to class.

At detention that afternoon, Nathan was required to write an essay about obedience and humility and Shelby was required to write about chastity. After reading their essays, Mrs. Newman allowed them to go home. They ran out of the school and to their cars.

"What now?" Shelby asked.

"I think that we should go home. I need to talk to my father," he said, reluctantly. Because they were still on school property, there could be no kiss, so they looked at each other longingly before saying "I love you," and getting into their cars.

Later Friday Evening

"Can you prove it?" James asked. He no longer was sure whether to believe his son or Pastor Cullum. Although James' faith in the Lord was unshaken by the scandal at Harmony Church, he knew that the clergy were not guaranteed to be paragons of virtue. He also had some doubts about Pastor Cullum, at the very least whether someone his age had the background and experience to run a church.

"I'm pretty sure that if I went to Henry, he'd tell the truth," Nathan told his father across the dining room table. The little that James knew about Henry Jebsen made him confident that the boy would be honest if asked.

"What about the allegations against Shelby?" Marcia asked.

"That might be harder," Nathan admitted. "I could ask her whether she remembered the names of any of the k**s in the hall when it happened and I could call them and see."

"I think that may make sense," James noted. "The church council is meeting with our lawyers tonight, and then there will be a full church meeting tomorrow afternoon, and decisions will be made."

"About what?" Nathan asked.

"Everything. The leadership of the church and school going forward. Our legal options."

"Anything else?" Nathan asked?

James paused, then shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "I suspect that your status, and that of Shelby and her f****y will be discussed."

Nathan stared at his father. "When exactly were you going to tell me about that?"

"I just did," his father replied.

"Only after I had to ask twice," Nathan noted.

"It isn't something that makes me happy," James responded. "That my son is involved in this mess, you know..."

Nathan stood up. "Are you serious? I'm a problem because I have made love with the woman I love—like you did? Compared to what Stephens did? And Cullum? I'm going to be at that meeting to defend myself, and Shelby, if necessary."

"I wouldn't," James replied.

"I'm an adult member of this Church and I have every right to attend. And I will," Nathan asserted.

James looked down at the table. Nathan was unsure if he was thinking or praying, but he didn't wait to find out. He turned and went to his room and called Shelby.

After bringing her up to date on what he knew, Nathan asked, "Do you remember anyone who was in the hall when Cullum accused you?"

"I've tried not to think about it," Shelby replied.

"C'mon, it's important."

After thinking for a while, Shelby said, "I think that Carrie Reynolds was there, and Adrienne."

"Great," Nathan responded. "The most religious girl in the junior class and my first girlfriend."

"But they would support me, don't you think?" Shelby asked, uncertainly.

"I've known them forever, so maybe I should call them."

"If you think so," Shelby agreed. "I love you."

Nathan replied, "I love you too. Let me call them. I'll let you know."

It took a few minutes before Nathan could get Carrie Reynolds' number, and after a somewhat chilly call, first with her father then with Carrie, he convinced her that telling the truth was the correct thing to do, and she agreed to attend the meeting the following day.

Before calling Adrienne, which he expected to be a little awkward despite the fact that their relationship, such as it had been, ended amicably more than a year before, he called the Jepsens and spoke with Henry, who was happy to set the record straight without much convincing. Nathan took a deep breath and called Adrienne on her cell.

"Hey," he said.

"Well, Nathan, it has been a while," Adrienne said, neutrally.

"Yeah, I know," Nathan responded uncomfortably.

"I assume that this has something to do with your, um, issues at school," Adrienne responded.

Nathan had been attracted to her initially because she was pretty, but also because she was smart and always a girl who got to the point. It didn't work out between them because there really wasn't any spark, and because they were inexperienced. "Yeah, Adrienne, it is. I need your help."

"What can I do?" she asked.

"You were there when Cullum ripped into Shelby today, right?"

"I was there when Pastor Cullum gave your girlfriend detention, yes," she replied.

"Look, Shelby says that she had dropped her notebook and was picking it up—not that she was doing anything lewd. He was just picking on her."

"Nathan, I know that she is your girlfriend, and all, but you know that I don't approve of what you two are doing. You know that, right?"

"Adrienne, what we are doing isn't anyone's business. What is our business is that Pastor," the word burned in Nathan's mouth, "Cullum is a mean, vindictive person, and if I can show what he is really like, then he won't be able to ruin the rest of our senior year, or the school for all of the younger k**s. So, what did you see?"

"What you said, Nathan. But I won't go against Pastor Cullum."

"Why not?"

"Because he is a minister. God speaks through him."

"How is that possible? You know that he is lying about this. Look, Adrienne, I'm sorry that it didn't work out for us. I've always liked you, and always thought that you were a fair person. I need your help."

There was a pause. "Let me pray on it, Nathan. I'll let you know later."

"Thanks, Adrienne. Text or call me tonight because there is a meeting tomorrow and I need to know if I can count on you. I hope I can."

"I will, Nathan. I'm sorry that you have decided to do what you are doing, but you've always been nice to me. But I need to think and pray."

"That's all I can ask," Nathan said, even though he really didn't mean it. "Good night, Adrienne."

"Good night, Nathan, and remember that Jesus loves you. No matter what."

Nathan disconnected the call and sat in his room thinking. He wondered if he sounded the same as Adrienne did for all of those years, and was pretty sure that he had. There was nothing left to do but to hope that Adrienne would come through. He called Shelby and brought her up to date, then went downstairs. His father was gone, presumably to the meeting with the church's lawyers, and his mother was puttering around the kitchen. Nathan went to the living room and turned on the TV.

After a few minutes, Marcia sat down next to him.

"You know, Nathan, your father and I never meant to hurt you."

Nathan looked at his mother and saw the hurt in her eyes. "And I never meant to hurt you and dad."

"It is hard doing the right thing," his mother replied.

"Especially when the right thing is different from what you've always been told," Nathan responded.

Marcia nodded slightly and realized that her son was not just a sex-crazed teenager, but a young man who had his whole world turned upside down in a short time. She reached out to him, and he moved closer and laid his head on her shoulder as she reached her arm around his broad shoulders. They sat there quietly, watching the television.

Saturday Morning

Nathan had trouble concentrating on anything. His father told him, in confidence, that the church council had requested that the church's home office send an experienced minister until they could decide on a full-time replacement. He also told Nathan that he had convinced the council to hear evidence on whether to retain or fire Pastor Cullum, and that decision would, to some degree, determine whether or not any discipline would be meted out to Nathan, Shelby and their families.

He called Shelby and gave her as much information as he felt comfortable, but hadn't heard from Adrienne, which troubled him. At 2:00, he dressed for the meeting, and drove over with his parents and Tommy, who was sent to the school for babysitting.

The mood in the church was different from any time Nathan had ever experienced. He had become accustomed to the fact that everyone looked at him and looked for Shelby. He didn't see her, or Adrienne anywhere. Carrie Reynolds was there with her parents, and Nathan caught her eye, and she nodded. He looked around and saw Henry Jebsen, who looked nervous, but the fact that he was there was positive. James walked up to the stage, and sat there with the rest of the church council. Pastor Cullum was sitting on the stage, but off to the side. Adrienne was sitting with her parents, looking forward, and Nathan thought, uncomfortably, that she was avoiding him.

There was a tense feeling in the room, and Nathan heard the hubbub of hushed conversations as he waited, sitting next to Marcia. A wave of sound moved forward from the rear of the church, and heads began to turn. Nathan looked back at the church entrance, and he saw Shelby, dressed more conservatively than he had ever seen, in a long, shapeless dress, her hair simply tied in a ponytail, walking between her parents. They took a seat near the back of the sanctuary and waited, as everybody did, until Deacon Stanton stood up at the lectern and cleared his throat. The big, white room went silent, waiting to hear what he was going to say.

"Friends," he began, "Harmony Church is a f****y, and unfortunately, sometimes in families there are problems. But when problems present themselves, we have to address them head on, and nip them in the bud."

Nathan tried not to laugh at the obvious lies, and listened as Deacon Stanton continued.

"I assume that most of you know that Pastor Stephens, who has been our spiritual leader for so long, appears to have strayed, significantly, from the righteous path of the Lord, and he has been suspended from his post. He has been arrested, and is currently out on bail." There were gasps from some members of the audience who were not fully up to speed on the gossip. "Some of you have heard rumors of the charges, but our attorneys have made it clear that we are not to discuss anything now. Pastor Stephens will have the opportunity to defend himself, and we can address his status after the legal process runs its course."

Deacon Stanton looked at an unfamiliar man on the stage, who Nathan assumed was a lawyer, and the man nodded. He continued, "The church offices in Des Moines are sending us Pastor Busch, who some of you may remember from his guest sermons a number of years back. He is retired, but has agreed to act as the interim Pastor of Harmony."

Nathan noticed a look of surprise on the face of Pastor Cullum, who fought to control his emotions and f***ed himself to smile.

There was some conversation in the audience before Deacon Stanton spoke again. "As I said, we cannot discuss any more details at this time, but I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability, and with the help of the Lord's guidance."

A few members of the church asked questions, but Deacon Stanton was unable to respond in any detail, much to the frustration of the crowd. Then, Mr. Carson, the father of the most self-righteous of Nathan's classmates, Doug Carson, stood and asked, "What are you going to do about the lewd and wanton behavior that has taken root in the senior class?"

There were a few yells of "yes, what?" from the crowd, and heads turned to look at Nathan and Shelby. Nathan felt himself getting warm, but when he looked at Shelby, she sat, quietly, looking at the hands folded on her lap.

Deacon Stanton raised his hand for quiet and, when it was achieved, he said, "That is a matter that will be discussed, in private, by the church counsel, after this meeting."

Mr. Carson yelled out, "You need to stamp that behavior out now, before everyone at that school is fornicating like at the public school."

"Larry," Deacon Stanton said, "we will review the evidence and pray and try to do the right thing."

There were no other questions, so Deacon Stanton said, "I'd like the individuals involved to meet in the church office in 15 minutes. This meeting is over. Thank you for coming, and the Lord be with all of you."

Nathan ran to the door and made sure that Henry and Carrie and their parents would attend the private meeting, then ran off to find Adrienne.

"I don't think I can help you, Nathan," she said, quietly, when he found her.

"Why not? You are just telling the truth."

"My parents won't let me," she admitted.

"Adrienne—you are an adult. You need to do what is right. And you know that telling the truth is right."

She thought for a few seconds. "I'm not sure that supporting you, and Shelby, in sinning, is right, Nathan. I'm sorry."

"So that is more important than telling the truth. Adrienne? I thought you were better than that."

"And I thought you were better than this, Nathan. I'm sorry." She turned and left.

Nathan realized that they still had Carrie, so at least there was something. But he was disappointed in Adrienne. But not surprised.

The meeting with the church council was tense. Nathan was surprised that his father recused himself from being involved, and sat next to him. Pastor Cullum was astonished initially to see that he was being accused of misconduct. Nathan delivered his comments and statement well, and Shelby was uncharacteristically subdued and modest, even as both admitted to their premarital sex while professing their love and respect for each other, and that it was, in all ways, consensual.

Both Carrie and Henry did the right thing, and told the truth.
Pastor Cullum tried, initially, to dismiss the young people's testimony, but was surprised to find himself on the end of pointed questioning from the members of the council about his prior behavior as well as his actions toward Nathan and Shelby.

After two hours of hearings, the council withdrew to discuss the issues. They deliberated for more than an hour, as Nathan, Shelby and their parents, and Pastor Cullum sat uncomfortably, waiting.

Finally, the council returned to the conference room and Deacon Stanton cleared his throat and said, "This has been a difficult period for our church and community, and the council has made the following decisions, after hearing all of the parties, discussing the issues and prayer. We think that what we have decided will be in everybody's best interests and the best interests of Harmony Church."

Nathan sat on the edge of his seat. He desperately wanted to hold Shelby's hand, but understood that would not be appropriate.

Deacon Stanton continued, "Considering all that has happened, we have decided to allow Pastor Cullum to resign as assistant Pastor. We appreciate your service, and of course, will give you only the best references."

Nathan looked at Pastor Cullum, who seemed flabbergasted at the council's decision.

"The Church thanks you for your service, and your resignation is accepted, effective immediately. As a courtesy, the Church will pay you for three months, or until you find another position, whichever comes first."

Cullum stood up and, without saying a word, looked daggers at Nathan, and left the room, slamming the door on the way out.

"As for you, Nathan and Shelby, we are very, very disappointed with your sinful behavior over recent days, and do not condone or approve them. It does appear that your detentions last week were a mistake, and they will be removed from your records. We also do not believe that anything would be gained by expelling you at this late stage of your high school careers, so you will be permitted to graduate with your class. You will be on special probation, however, and any violations of Church or school rules, no matter how minor, may result in immediate expulsion and notification of your potential colleges. Do you understand?"

Both Nathan and Shelby said, "Yes."

"And to the parents, we are also disappointed in your inability to control your c***dren. You are also on probation, and should we find any more improper behavior by you or your families, we will consider expelling you from the church. James, despite your long service to the Church, we believe that you should resign from the council at this time. Do you understand?"

All four parents nodded yes. "James, do you agree?"

Nathan's father said, "Yes, I resign from the Church Council, effective immediately." He took Marcia's hand and squeezed it.

Deacon Stanton continued, "Thank you. Your resignation is accepted. I think we are done here. Good night, and remember that Jesus loves you."

The families stood up and left the room. Nathan looked at Shelby, who looked relieved, and smiled at her. Her smile back filled him with the warmth that he had been craving, and they headed out. When they got to the entrance they were surprised to see Mrs. Proctor working at her desk.

"I'm surprised to see you here at this hour, Edith," James said.

"Well, with the meeting and the council, there was paperwork to be done, plus Pastor Busch is arriving tomorrow, so I need to do some prep work."

"That makes sense," James responded. "Thanks."

"No problem, James. Actually, Nathan," she said, "do you have a second to help me with a heavy box? It will only take a minute."

Nathan looked at his father, who nodded. "Sure, Mrs. Proctor."

"Nathan, we will meet you at the car," James said, and they turned to leave.

Once they were out of the building, Nathan said, "O.K. Mrs. Proctor, where is the box?"

The older woman smiled at Nathan. "There is no box, Nathan. I wanted to speak with you privately."


"I need my keys back."

Nathan smiled, as his suspicions were confirmed. "Can I bring them to church tomorrow?"

"No, there will be too many people. Bring them to the office on Monday, O.K.?"

"Sure. But Mr. Proctor, why did you---?"

She interrupted, "You saw the tapes, right?"

Nathan nodded as she continued, "Pastor Stephens was very kind to me when my husband passed. But then, well, then things changed. I was lonely, and in retrospect, he took advantage of that, and the fact that I was supposed to trust him, because of who he was. I didn't know until much later about the taping, but by then it was too late." She began to sob. "I realized, finally, that I needed to do something to protect the other girls, too. And you have always been such a good boy, and didn't deserve what you and Shelby were getting."

He reached out his hand to the crying Mrs. Proctor, and she squeezed it

"Nathan," she said, "we never discuss this again, right?"

"Right, Mrs. Proctor. Good night."

"The Lord be with you, Nathan."

He turned and left the building, heading toward the parking lot and his parents.

Sunday Morning

Nathan awoke to the smell of bacon. He lay in bed trying to make sense of the previous night, and the ten days since he first held Shelby's perfect breast in his hand. It was almost too much to process, and he shook his head and got out of bed and began to get dressed for church, where, he expected, he would see Shelby.

When he was ready, he went downstairs and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Marcia looked at him and said, "Your father and I think that you might want to skip church today."

This was a first, and Nathan looked at his mother. The confused expression on his face caused Marcia to smile and say, "We just think that after all that has gone on, it might make sense for you to stay home, and let everyone have something else to talk about."

Nathan thought for a few seconds. He realized that going to church had become a habit, but he no longer felt the need to go, so he replied, "That makes sense, mom. I need to do some reading, anyway." He ate his breakfast, wished his parents well, and went back to his room. He texted Shelby, who replied that her parents had suggested the same thing. It didn't take long before they made plans to get together. Nathan jumped into his car and drove to Shelby's house, but parked three streets away and walked through some yards to get to her back door, away from prying eyes, most of whom were in church anyway.

Shelby opened the door, and Nathan was surprised, but pleased to see that she was wearing a robe, and when she closed the door behind him, she dropped the robe, showing that she was completely naked. Nathan was again filled with a feeling of peace seeing her flawless body and beautiful face, and he kissed her, hard, on the lips.

"I know that we don't have much time, so I figured that clothing would only get in the way," Shelby said with a mischievous grin that turned Nathan on even more. She took his hand and led him to her room. Nathan began to take off his clothing and struggled because of the distraction of Shelby lying naked on her bed, but finally he wrestled off the last sock, and fell gently on top of her. The feeling of her warm, supple flesh against his made Nathan sigh, and he nearly came simply from the excitement. But he kept control and began to kiss her while fondling her breasts.

Shelby moaned with pleasure and grinded her hips against Nathan's hard cock while running her hands down his strong back to his butt and back again, which made Nathan press himself against Shelby's moistening pussy. They were panting hard as they kissed and stroked each other. Nathan reached down and ran his finger between Shelby's dripping folds, pressing gently against her engorged clit, and she gasped, throwing her head back.

Nathan took the opportunity to kiss her soft, white neck down to the gap between her breasts, then continued down to suck one, then the other hard nipple while continuing to rub between Shelby's leg with his hand. Shelby was writhing and moaning with pleasure, and it seemed that everywhere that Nathan touched was electric. Nathan continued his ministrations until Shelby's hips were flying up and down against the bed. When Nathan plunged two fingers deep into her well lubricated vagina, Shelby felt her body explode with pleasure, and she shook, uncontrollably until the feeling ceased.

She looked at Nathan and saw his love and reciprocated, kissing him sweetly on the lips. Rolling his body off of her, she went to her bottom dresser drawer and emerged with a condom in her hand and a wicked look in her eyes. Nathan smiled, and stared at Shelby, her hair wild, face red, perfect bobbing breasts and dripping pussy as she opened the package and rolled the condom down his vibrating shaft. She returned to the bed and lay on her back. Nathan took the obvious hint and climbed on top of Shelby, who guided his hard cock into her warmth.

Fully penetrated, Nathan stayed still and savored the feeling before slowly, agonizingly slowly, withdrawing until only the tip remained inside Shelby. He looked at her face and saw the happiness in her eyes before plunging himself inside her, making her gasp. Beginning to lose control, Nathan began to thrust faster and faster, and Shelby grabbed on to his back, holding on while her hips bucked forward to meet him. Faster and faster they went until Shelby screamed as a second orgasm took over her body and Nathan grunted as he unloaded into the rubber before collapsing on top of Shelby, his face landing on the fragrant side of her neck.

They lay there, breathing hard, and in unison until Nathan reluctantly rolled off, took off the condom and wrapped it in a tissue. He kissed Shelby again and looked at the clock. He realized that he needed to get home, and they got dressed and went downstairs. Shelby took Nathan into her arms and kissed him.

"I love you Nathan."

"I love you too, Shelby. See you at school tomorrow?"

"Of course."

"Should be interesting," Nathan noted.

"I don't care," Shelby said, as Nathan ducked out the back door and headed to his car.

He was showered, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt and reading when his parents and Tommy came home from church. He asked, out of politeness, about how the service went, and his parents told him about Pastor Busch's sermon about forgiveness, and coming together as a community, and Nathan listened politely. But he realized that he no longer cared. He went to his room and lay on his bed thinking.

Although the hypocrisy that he and Shelby had exposed was very troubling, it wasn't, Nathan realized, the reason why he was turning from the Church. The misconduct of so many who had set themselves up as moral paragons had only given Nathan the opportunity to think for himself. It wasn't that he no longer believed in God, but he now understood that it was O.K. to have doubts, that he needed to decide for himself what he believed. He was only 18—nearly 19, and had his whole life to try to figure that out.

Nathan picked up the Bible that he had next to his bed as long as he could remember. He looked at is leather cover and its worn pages as he riffled though it, smelling the mustiness of the pages. Nathan closed the book and put it onto his bookshelf with the other bibles and books from his c***dhood. He took his phone out of his pocket and called Shelby.
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f****y Room

A few days after my f******nth birthday we went away on our usual summer holiday, well, I say our usual holiday, the year before we had a few difficulties and didn't get a holiday at all but usually, if we had a holiday at all it was at the same holiday camp. Well, it was actually much worse than that, we always went to the same apartment, in the same block, I have photographs of me as a baby, just a few months old, sitting on the grass in front of apartment two-two-four. In the picture the front door was blue and there was a flowerbed separating the path in front of the apartments from the swathe of lawn and the last time we were there, the door was 'Post Office Red' and the flowerbed had long been turned into a privet hedge and the broad lawn was a main pathway with small strips of grass flanking both sides of the path.

Actually, I don't think I should call what we stayed in an apartment just because the brochure called it that, it was actually a 'f****y Room' it had a separate bathroom as all the accommodation on the site did but what turned the f****y room into an apartment in the owner's eyes was the addition of eighteen square feet of kitchen that was on the other side of the hall from the door into the bathroom. The kitchen had a small sink, two rings to cook on, a combination oven and microwave and a fridge.

What made it a f****y room I hear you say, do I? Well, the bedroom was large; it had the usual furniture, a double bed, a wardrobe, a TV on the wall, a dressing table and chest of drawers. It would have been palatial for two people to share but being a f****y room, tucked under the bed were two single beds; they were narrower than a standard single bed and a little shorter too. If the room had three people in it you just pulled out one of the single beds and had the choice of leaving the bed low down to the floor or extending the legs to make the single bed the same height as the double. Four people would pull out both of the single beds from under the double bed and again, you had the choice of keeping the beds separate or latching the bed frames together at the head and foot and the mattresses could also be zipped together. The other thing that made it a f****y room was that the owner didn't care if there were two, three, four, five or six people in the room; there was a substantial charge for the room and a small charge per person per night for all of the people sl**ping in the room.

Well, that's the room taken care of, now about us, my f****y. I'm Victoria, f******n, typical young teen, I was keen on sports, not big on friendships, I kept myself to myself. I started to develop on top when I was ten, had my first period, well, somewhere around eleven years old. No boyfriends, boys didn't really feature much in my life, there were no boys at my convent school and because you never knew which girls were lesbians, you tended to keep everyone at arm's length. I liked music, all kinds of music. I played guitar and keyboard to a reasonably high standard and I could get by on a violin. I loved reading books and was actually quite good at school subjects which got me a bad name amongst the other girls as a teacher's pet.

I think I should tell you about my mother next, her name is Amanda, she's quite pretty, when we go out I see lots of men checking her out, they don't usually look at me because I definitely dress down, no makeup, baggy clothes and Dock Martin Boots but my mum, she dressed a little like a Californian model or starlet and when men check her out I see her giggling, she really loves the attention. Probably why I don't like attention! Mum and dad married young and had me very soon after they married so she was a very young mother still only thirty even though I was f******n. I often heard her complain to her friends, or was it bragging, that my dad was over sexed and that he 'Bothered' her at least five times a week. Her friends never seemed to believe her though; it would seem that for most of them, sex seemed to be an annual or bi-annual event.

I had no delusions about how often my father bothered my mother and it wasn't five times a week, even though there was a passageway between our bedrooms at home I heard them fucking every night when we first went to bed and often in the mornings as well and I had no doubt that sometimes, when I was at school, and my mum and dad were at home together in the afternoon, they probably had sex again. Actually, I'm sure that even just a few years ago they fucked far less; it seemed that they both wanted sex more and more as they got older.

My dad, okay, well, he's unusual, he taught me how to play the guitar, he was very much a 'hippy out of time', he drank rather a lot, I'm sure that he took d**gs too but it was never openly talked about in front of me but the bathroom cabinet had more little pill bottles in it than Boots The Chemist's stockroom. My dad didn't work at a 'proper job'; he did a few gigs around local pubs and clubs now and again. He did a little session work for advertising companies, creating jingles or rather playing jingles that more creative people had written to advertise products.

The week before our impending holiday my dad had been out earning our spending money for the holiday, he had actually stood in as bass guitarist for a group that was touring the country while their own bass guitarist was in hospital 'resting' after an excessive party after one gig had put him in a comer for forty-eight hours so my dad was away all week and I had the first week of undisturbed nights for as long as I could remember.

On my last day at school I was picked up by my father, he had been driving back from London where he had played his last gig the night before and his journey just happened to coincide with me getting out of school. The snooty cows at school turned their combined noses up at me being picked up in a beat-up old Ford Transit van with flowers painted along both sides, I just buried my head down into the collar of my floppy jumper to hide my blushes from my classmates.

I was surprised that my dad had actually picked me up and not just let the bus take me home, it would have given him and my mother fifty minutes of 'alone time', after all, it had been a week since my mum and dad had been in bed together and I was surprised that my dad could keep his mind on driving with all that unused sexual tension going on in his head.

"Did you miss me all week?"


"Isn't it a little hot today for that thick jumper?"

"Shouldn't we have a real car with air-conditioning in it rather than a ratty old van?"

"You didn't want me to pick you up from school did you?"

"No, no one at this school knows that I'm Dillon's daughter and it would have been nice to have kept it that way."

"I'm Adam, not Dillon."

I looked over at my dad in total disbelief, he was serious, he had thought that I didn't know his real name, I wondered just how safe it was for him to be driving the van, was he still d***k from last night or worse?

My mum was waiting outside the house when we arrived, she ran and leaped into my dad's arms from about twenty feet away, she rained a million kisses on him in twenty seconds, her arms were around his neck and her legs were wrapped around his waist, I had to push past them in the street to get inside the house and I really wished that they had done the same, I'm sure that half the neighbours were watching my mum and dad. I cast a casual glance back out into the street and shook my head, my mother was dressed in her usual micro-mini dress and in her current position her backside was on display to the rest of the street, I initially thought that she wasn't wearing any panties but I spotted a flesh toned filament of dental floss between the cheeks of her bum, she was wearing a flesh pink thong but it wouldn't have surprised me to find her bare-arsed in the afternoon when I got home from school. No, not totally naked, but not wearing knickers.

My mum had spent the day packing our stuff for the holiday so all we had to do was carry the stuff from the living room and stick it into the back of the van. My dad mentioned the heavy jumper I was wearing again, it was over thirty degrees centigrade in the shade and I was feeling a little warm since I'd left the relative coolness of the school, no, the school isn't air-conditioned but it was new and they had a special system to draw heat out of the air in the building and turn it into hot water, drawing the heat out of the air like that left it a little cooler and it also caused a high degree of air circulation without the need to open windows and letting the hot outside air into the school. My dad handed me a white vest top, the group he had spent the week playing with had been selling them before their gigs and my dad had brought two home with him, one in my size to fit my thirty-two inch 'C' cup chest and one that would fit my mother's thirty-four 'DD' cup chest.

Mum rushed off to her bedroom to change into her new top, dad followed her up and I followed up a few minutes later. Their bedroom door was open, mum was totally naked and she and my dad were snogging like they hadn't seen each other in years, not just seven days. I saw that my dad was about to open the front of his trousers as I walked past to my own room but my mother stopped him, "You said that you wanted to get there before eight o'clock tonight so you can get your name down for the talent contest that starts at nine o'clock."

My dad was rather disappointed, I got the feeling that he would rather have fucked my mum and missed the talent show but he loved taking part in the Friday night talent spot, it was a tradition for at least the last ten years, he had never won the competition outright but he had often won a cash prize for coming second or third. I started to change out of my school uniform, not that my heavy jumper was school uniform but what I wore under it always was, my mother shouted, "Victoria, can you wear your white skirt with your new top please?"


"I'm going to wear my white skirt too; I want us to look alike for the show tonight."

"Can't I change when we get there?"

"Probably won't be time, we might only have time to grab our room key and get straight off to the clubhouse."

It was actually probably sensible to dress in a short skirt and skimpy top for the journey, my dad's van didn't have any way of cooling it down other than opening the windows, okay in town but out on the open road it would be far too windy to drive to the coast with both of the front windows rolled down, windy and noisy and if it were busy out on the road dirty too from all the exhaust fumes.

My dad packed two of his guitars into the van, nothing unusual in that but he also put two of my guitars in as well, my best acoustic as well as my best electric guitar. That wasn't totally surprising either though, as we seldom watched TV, we often played and sang in the evenings at home as well as on holiday, the van always had an amp and speaker system in the back, it was almost as integral to the van as the engine and gearbox, well, actually, the amp and speakers were better looked after than any other part of the van.

Mum and I sat up front with dad, fortunately the transit came with three front seats and as we drove along my dad gave me the music and chord guide for a new song that he wanted to perform at the talent show, "Can you play the chords for me as I drive along Vicky, I want to rehearse a little on the way."

"Why don't you play a song that you already know?"

"I was given that song by the guys last week, I played the bass for it all week and it's really a great song, this could be my year to win the contest."

I looked through the chord progression of the song; luckily I could read the music as well so I could play a new tune on the guitar without having heard it before. It was a little difficult playing the acoustic in the front of a Transit van with a seatbelt on and three people in the front but I strummed through the tune once and my dad was very impressed, then I played through it again with a little more care and less stopping, my dad sang the chorus through once and nodded his head, "That's good angel, you've got it, sing through it with me as well."

So, there I was, playing my guitar and singing my dad's new song for him, over and over again, my father driving the van and joining in as often as he could and, surprise, surprise, my mother picked out a descant vocal running under the main song, it wasn't written in the sheet music but what my mother was singing under my vocal was actually quite good and a definite improvement to the original song. Our voices seemed to complement each other very well and we sang well together, hardly surprising as we'd been singing together for most of my life; my dad wasn't too bad either, so long as he only joined in with the chorus and not the main song.

Singing and playing the guitar as we drove along certainly eased the boredom of a long drive and took my mind off of the oppressive heat and humidity.

We arrived at the holiday camp at seven forty-five, just enough time to grab the key to our ill-named apartment and rush down to the clubhouse for my dad to register for the talent contest, he gave them his name as 'The Fisherman', he used all kinds of names over the years, often when trying to dodge creditors but as his name was Adam Fisher, 'The Fisherman' was closer than most names he'd used.

The order the acts went on stage was done by the artists drawing bingo balls out of a cloth bag, the performers went on in order from the lowest number drawn to the highest. There were ninety numbered balls and only fifteen acts so even if you drew a low number you had no idea if a lower number would be pulled out by someone else. My dad had intended to get his place in the running order and then rush off and grab his guitar from the van in the car park at the back of our apartment about a quarter of a mile away. My dad had drawn number ten and he was hoping that he'd be in the middle of the ticket or towards the end but when the last number was drawn and all laid out my father was the first act on the ticket and absolutely no time to fetch his own guitar.

I knew that there was no point in offering my father my guitar, he would sooner have pulled out of the competition than use another person's guitar, he was pacing up and down as the Master of Ceremonies or MC was introducing the evening's event and getting them ready for the start of the show, "Vicky, can you come out and play for me?"

Well, it wouldn't be the first time I had performed in public but every time so far I was in the background playing second violin or playing the guitar way, way at the back of the orchestra. I would have said an outright no or even probably an outright NO! if I hadn't known how important the talent show was for my father. Wellll, reluctantly I agreed to play the guitar for my dad, then he grabbed my mother's arm, "Can you remember the counterpoint you sang when Victoria was singing in the van?"

My mother nodded her head, it was just a little free singing to her but she had a good memory for songs, my dad interrupted the MC just before he announced The Fisherman on guitar and vocals, my dad stepped back behind the curtain and the three of us stood waiting for the curtains to open.

"Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for our first group in this evening's program, Adam's f****y!"

Considering there were around fifteen hundred people in the auditorium the applauds were pretty pitiful as the curtains opened. The spot light hit me first and then the iris was opened and my mum and dad were gathered into the orb of light. There was a wolf-whistle from way at the back of the room and then more as the bright light seemed to dissolve my vest top and, well, all I can say was that it definitely wasn't cold under the powerful stage lighting but looking at my chest you'd think it was below freezing. I'd never been 'Excited' on stage in quite that way before.

Usually when I had performed I'd been wearing long dresses or black skirts with white blouses, the uniform of whatever orchestra I was playing in so there was never any question of my being dressed to entertain the men, all they got from me in the past was the music. No one had ever wolf-whistled at me before and as I was the only one in the spotlight when the first whistle sounded and my mum and dad were in total darkness, I knew the whistle was meant for me!

My dad turned his face away from the microphone and said, "One, two, a one two three four." And my hand dropped down the strings. Fortunately I had played the tune often enough in the van to remember it and after the second time through the chorus, instead of the guitar solo that was written in the sheet music I rattled through a thirty second improv around the phrasing used in the song, then I nodded my head and dropped my thumb down the strings for the start of the third verse and mum and dad were right there with me.

I had no idea if I had done well or not while singing or playing the guitar but as the three of us bowed at the end of the tune the sound of people whistling and clapping felt like a wave of sound washing over the stage.

Most of the contestants waited in a small bar area that was closed for the evening to the general public and useful because there was an entrance that ran to the rear of the main stage, most would wait there before their turn and after as well but my dad liked to get out and see the rest of the show from the right side of the stage. The doorman turned us away from the main entrance because he had already allowed the limit of fifteen hundred customers into the concert room, I was impressed, I had just stood up and performed in front of fifteen hundred people. My dad managed to talk his way in because he was a 'Turn' rather than a punter and he could go back round to the stage door and get into the front of the auditorium but he'd rather be at the back where he could see better.

We were recognised as soon as we walked into the concert room, space was made for the three of us at a table full of young men and I was offered a drink that I turned down. My mum didn't turn down the offer of a vodka and tonic and my dad was handed a glass (plastic) and told to help himself from the jug of beer on the table. My mum never said no to the offer of another drink and soon she had six glasses with vodka in them and two bottles of tonic water on the table in front of her. My dad tipped two of the vodkas into one glass, filled it with tonic to the top and, instead of drinking it himself as I had imagined he was going to do, he slid the glass in front of me.

I have to say that the look on my face must have screamed out, 'W.T.F. I'm only f******n, I can't drink vodka in a club! my dad looked surprised at my reaction, "Come on baby, you've just done your first gig in front of fifteen hundred people, you deserve a drink, get it down you, go on."

The last act had just walked out on stage and spent a few minutes setting up their stuff, there was something to be said for doing a gig with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing to plug in, nothing to test, just pull the microphones into place and go. I drank my i*****l drink while the last turn milked their fifteen minutes of fame and in the soft music being played while the judges ruminated over who should win the contest, The guy that had first asked me if I wanted a drink came and asked me if I wanted to go to the disco in the Carnival Club after the talent show finished.

I turned him down flat and he left with his tail between his legs, my dad admonished me a little for being rude to the young man, "But he's almost as old as you, what would I want to go out dancing with him for?"

"Well, he's closer to the age I was when I started dating your mother and she was a little younger than you are now, she already knew exactly what she wanted before she was f******n."

Well, before I could get into any kind of argument with my father the judges had made their decision and the Adam's f****y were declared the outright winners and the three of us had to walk the entire length of the auditorium, my dad was in front of our little line threading his way through the lines of tables, my mum was just behind him and I was at the rear. Men were standing up to slap my dad on his back as he walked past and I could see what it was about being a musician, even a second rate one like my dad, my dad really loved the adulation of the crowd. I saw the men that had slapped my father on his back as he passed by them were doing something similar to my mother but they were patting her a little lower than her back.

I watched my mum wiggle her arse for each man who had patted her on her backside, she even turned and smiled at most of them, almost encouraging them to do it even more. By the time I passed them they weren't patting my bottom; they were rubbing and pinching me black and blue.

My dad took the trophy and the cash prize while I retrieved my guitar from the bar at the back of the stage and we did an encore for the punters before the talent contest was declared closed and the punters were told that after a fifteen minute interval the next turn would be starting their performance. It was a magic show and we still hadn't unpacked our van so we three left the clubhouse and leaded back to our apartment.

As we walked back to the van my mum and dad shared a homemade cigarette, passing the cigarette between each other and judging from the clouds of white smoke billowing up from the two of them it wasn't any kind of tobacco that you could buy in the shops that was in the cigarette.

My dad and I set about emptying the van while my mum set up the room, she had to drag my bed out from under the double bed and make up both beds. When we returned with the last of the cases I spotted that my mother had taken both of the single beds out from under the double bed, "Are we expecting someone else mum?"

"No, it's just that your father and I were talking, and, well, the single bed is only two feet wide, your single bed at home is three feet wide, so both beds together are only just a little wider than what you're used to..."

"Oh, okay, thanks."

"...and, like your father said, by the time I was your age I was ready to marry your father."

"But you couldn't marry him until you were sixteen at least!"

"No but my mum and dad were happy for us to live together as if we were married."

Well, you learn something new every day, or so they say. It would seem that a gallon of vodka and a spliff were just enough to make my mother say the most inappropriate things to her young and very impressionable daughter.

It was close to midnight by the time the beds were made and the clothes all put away, my mother took her shower first and then I took mine, as I was under the water my dad walked into the bathroom, he was totally naked, well, so was I but then I was in the shower at the time. Your mother's pissed, I bet she's asl**p by the time I've finished my pee; I guess that she's had a little too much vodka in a short time and being on stage makes you high as well."

I didn't know what I should do really, I thought I'd locked the door but then it was easy enough to unlock from the outside, you didn't even need a screwdriver or a coin, you could just turn the little wheel on the outside of the door with your fingers the same way that you did on the inside. It wasn't the first time that my father had seen me naked but it was the first time for several years and it wasn't the first time I had seen him naked either but usually he wasn't naked and 'Rampant' at the same time when I saw him.

I continued to soap myself and stood looking at my dad, standing in front of the toilet bowl bending his monster cock down towards the water, "It's no good, I'm like a useless dog on heat, I can't even take a piss!"

I suddenly felt a little guilty, I didn't know why but perhaps it was my naked body that was making it hard for my father to take his piss. My dad looked over towards me, "You know that you're just as beautiful as your mother was when I first fell in love with her."

I slowly turned my back towards my father, I think that in my mind if he couldn't see my rude bits he'd calm down and be able to pee. About ten seconds later the screen door to the shower opened and my father reached in and started to rub soap over my back, he pushed me gently until I was pressed against the back wall of the shower cubicle.

I heard the shower door close but my dad was now inside the shower with me, "Can you remember back when we used to bath or shower together all the time?"

I nodded my head but didn't speak. My dad was now pressing himself against my back, he took the bar of soap from my hands and rolled it around in his own hands, then he reached around in front of me and started to rub the lather into my belly, then his left hand started to rub downwards and his right hand rubbed up. Eventually, his left hand was rubbing suds into my pussy hair and his right hand was massaging soap into my breasts.

"It's a pity you didn't take that guy's offer to go to the disco with him; you could have had a lot of fun and it would have given your mother and me a little privacy."

"He was too old for me; I don't think he was just interested in dancing!"

"Yes, I got the feeling that he wanted to do more with you as well, all you need is some condoms in your handbag and you'll be safe, you're at the right age to start having fun, I told your mother not to send you to that damned convent school, you should have been mixing with boys at school, you wouldn't be so frightened of then now if you had."

It felt like my dad was rubbing his 'Hot-rod' against my lower back as he rubbed soap all over my most private of areas. "I'd better get out now or there won't be enough hot water for you to take your shower."

I brushed past my father and wrapped myself in my bath towel, grabbed my nighty and headed off to the f****y room, I dried myself quickly and pulled my nighty on over my head. My mother sounded like she was asl**p but as I slipped into my bed she whispered, "Are you okay?"

I was a little shocked, I said, "Yes, I'm fine thanks."

"Oh, did your dad do anything to you?"

"He got in the shower with me and started washing me!"

I stopped myself going into detail, just kept it simple, I'm sure that if she had been sober she wouldn't have been asking me anything personal.

"I think your dad is right, that school is no good for you, I'd been with ten boys by the time I got to your age and I was ready for someone your father's age to elevate the boredom of all those teenage boys."

I pulled the covers over my head in the hope that the conversation was over.

"That disco is going on until four o'clock I think, we could pop over there and see if we can find Chris if you like, or we could find a younger man if it's his age that's putting you off Chris. That way I could leave you there to have some fun with a few friends and I could come back here and help your father to get rid of his frustration."

"Who's Chris?"

"The guy who asked you to go to the disco with him, he asked me as well, I was tempted but I thought that your father needed helping out more than Chris did, it was me who suggested to him to ask you out to the disco."

I was just a little shocked that my mother would offer to take me out and try to get me hooked up with a man and even though she was saying dancing I knew that what she really meant was the big 'S' word. Okay, I was f******n, I had thought about the 'S' word a few times, I knew for sure that I didn't want to seek the pleasure of female love like half the girls at school did but in my mind, if I lost my virginity, it would be to a boy of my own age or close to my age, not a man that was more than ten years older than me.

"You don't need to get rid of me just to do it with dad, I hear you just about every time you do it anyway, I'll just turn my back and try to get to sl**p as fast as I can."

My dad came in at that point, still totally naked, rubbing his body with his towel. I heard the bed springs bounce but my dad was still in the doorway, the light from the hallway was giving the room about half the light of the powerful forty watt lamp in the central light fitting on the f****y room's ceiling. I burrowed a little hole up through the duvet so that I could see out and on a secondary level, I needed to get some air under my bedding to be able to breathe and let a little of the steam building up in my bed out. My mum was kneeling up in bed, she was naked, I knew that she slept naked at home, even in the middle of winter when I wore thicker nighties and often a jumper in bed, then I couldn't understand sl**ping 'Sky-clad'. Today though, the hottest day on record for fifty years and the night shaping up to being the hottest night since records began and in a small room without even a simple fan to stir the air, sl**ping in the nude made perfect sense.

I had told my mother that I would turn my back on her and dad and go straight to sl**p so that she could look after her and my father's needs as if I wasn't there but I hadn't turned my back quick enough. My dad left the hall light on and the door open as he walked over to my mother. He looked over at my bed; there was no way that he couldn't see my face peeping out at him. he kissed my mum and then pushed the duvet off of the bed totally, "It's far too hot in here, I'll go up the office tomorrow and see if I can hire a fan, the forecast for tomorrow is for it to get even hotter than today."

My mother wrapped her arms around my father's neck and pulled him down on top of her, within a second my dad was on top of my mum between her thighs. I watched as my mum lifted her legs, wrapped her ankles over his back and then she sighed as his cock slid into her body, she sighed and arched her back and once buried in her my dad lay still for a moment and kissed her on the lips. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had always believed that my dad was over sexed and that my mother just put up with it because she loved him so much but while it was obvious that my dad was very happy to lie there for a moment with his cock buried in her cunt as they kissed, my mother was having none of that.

I saw her lift her heels and jab them down into his buttocks twice, just like a horse rider encouraging the horse to transit from a walk into a trot. I don't know why I was doing it but I just lay there sweating like a pig under my duvet and in my thick nighty in the sauna like heat of a room with only one window that didn't open, watching my mum and dad fucking.

It didn't take my dad long to climax, well, the time he took was actually shortened when my mum whispered, "What happened in the bathroom?"

"I couldn't do my piss because I was too hard."

"I didn't mean that, what happed with Vicky?"

"Well, I saw that she was looking at my cock, you know, showing a healthy interest in my erection, then it was just exactly like the first time we met, you know, when I walked into the bathroom at Colin's house and saw you taking a shower after fucking Colin all afternoon instead of going to school. It was exactly the same in very detail, she looked at my cock, just like you did back then, then she turned her back on me and moved forward so that I could open the shower screen door, just exactly the same way that you did all those years ago and she let me rub soap into her breasts and around her cunt, just like you did - My mother climaxed at that point in my father's tale - but as I started to bend my knees to get my cock into position, where you lifted up onto the tips of your toes to make it easier for me, Vicky ducked for cover and ran from the shower."

My father climaxed as he reminded my mother that she had helped him, a total stranger to get his cock into her cunt from behind without even knowing his name or anything about him, she didn't even know or care that he was close to twice her age. I'd met Colin a few times, he was my mum's older cousin and I'm sure that the occasion that my dad was talking about was when my mother was thirteen and Colin had been at university in Oxford. My grandparents had allowed my mum to go up to Oxford almost every weekend to go clubbing or to concerts with Colin even though they knew that Colin and my mother were sl**ping together whenever she was there with him, hell, my granddad often dropped my mother off at Colin's bedsit and went in for a coffee on Friday afternoons if there was a concert planned for Friday night, so my grandfather knew exactly what the sl**ping arrangements were.

"You'd better go and piss while you can."

My mother's comment dragged me back from my memories of conversations past, Colin sometimes visited us, usually when he was having troubles with his wife, they would fight, he'd come over and stop at our house, it had never really crossed my mind until my dad said that my mum used to have sex with Colin and that he had known that she had sex with Colin. On the days that Colin stopped over, I always went to bed first and in the morning Colin, mum and dad would all be eating breakfast by the time I woke up or they would all be in bed if I had to go to school but I had never checked to see if Colin slept in the guest bedroom or not and there were never any of the sheets from the bed in the guest room hanging out on the line to dry when I got home from school.

I heard the stream of urine falling into the toilet bowl; my duvet was suddenly pulled off of my head. My mother was sitting on the edge of my bed, she felt my forehead and brushed strands of my fringe away from my face. "You're far too hot in there, you'll make yourself ill, that nighty is far too thick as well."

I had to agree that I was sweating up a storm and my mother pushed my duvet all the way off just the way that my dad had done to their bed, I heard the chain pull and the toilet flush and my dad walked in again, this time he sat on my bed on the other side to where my mother was sitting.

My mother placed her hand on my upper thigh and ran it up the side of my body until she reached under my arm pit, "At least you didn't put a bra and knickers on under your nighty. That would really have overheated you."

My mum's hand had passed the bottom of my nighty and was on my lower leg, "You need to start shaving your legs."

"I don't need too, not until I need to wear tights or stockings."

My dad put his hand on my lower leg as well, "You would be better wearing stockings or going barelegged, a good tan is much better than stockings or tights."

I looked down at my father's hand as it rubbed over the stubble of my lower leg and up until he reached the hem of my nighty and stopped. My mother lifted the hem of my nighty a few inches higher up my thigh and my dad's hand moved that few inches as well. Then my dad twisted and turned his body until he was lying behind me and he pressed his rapidly growing cock against my nighty covered bum.

He lifted the back of my hair and kissed my neck and then kissed down my shoulder as far as he could pull the neck of my nighty open, the front of my nighty had four buttons that went from the neck to around my belly button. My mother reached up to the neck of my nighty and twisted the top button out of its hole, my father's hand moved with a jerk to my shoulder as the button slipped from the hole and now my dad's hand was over my shoulder and he was kissing along the yoke of my neck towards his hand.

Mum twisted the second button on my nighty open and now my dad's hand dragged the neck of my nighty down past my elbow, he slipped his hand out of the material and then down to my bottom where he scrunched up the back of my nighty so that it was above my bottom, then he rolled me onto my back and lifted his leg up over my thigh and his erection was pressing against my hip, through my nighty, now that I was on my back my dad kissed along my collar bone, up my neck and over my chin.

As his lips approached mine I felt his hand tugging the front of my nighty out from under his leg and it was lifted up past my belly button, he twisted his lower body a little and his cock slid across my hip, leaving a sticky trail until it reached the dark triangle of wild hair above my sex. I slid my hand down between us, in my mind I was reaching down to feel his cock which was unbelievably hot against my lower abdomen but I missed completely and it looked to my mother like I was trying to block my father's entry to my cunt.

My mother reached out and placed her hand on his shoulder, my dad broke off his kiss and looked down to where my hand was and then he rolled away from me. Part of me wanted to scream out 'God no, don't stop, I didn't mean that!' but it was too late, the moment was already broken. My mother looked terribly disappointed, then she said, "God I need another drink or something!"

My dad rolled off of my bed, "I've got a few more smokes, we could go outside, it'll be a hell of a lot cooler than in here!"

My mum put on her bathrobe, dad did the same and they both went to stand outside the front door to our apartment to smoke another joint leaving me sitting on my bed on my own, my nighty gathered around my midriff with just one shoulder still in place holding the front up. I found my dressing gown, it was far too short, I really needed a new one but I didn't usually wear it often enough to waste the money. I pulled it on and as I stood up my nighty fell almost down to my ankles, I looked at my reflection in the mirror that had been mounted on the wall opposite the only window to make the room look like it was dual aspect and to give a fake impression of space, I looked ridiculous and so I slipped out of my dressing gown and nighty and put my dressing gown on again, then I stepped out on the front with my parents.

They were passing the joint backwards and forwards between them, I was offered a turn, I went to wave the joint away but remembered how my moving my hand earlier had killed the moment and the fun so I allowed my dad to press the cigarette against my lips and followed his direction to draw air through the joint down deep into my lungs and hold it there for a count of at least ten before exhaling it slowly. The joint disappeared rather quickly with the three of us smoking it and another was lit from the dying embers of the previous one.

We had just started smoking the second joint when we heard voices out on the main path the other side of the overgrown privet hedge, we couldn't see who was coming or even if they were just passing us by out on the main path. They seemed to appear at our side in a flash, they must have stopped talking as they transited from the main path to the path around our apartment block. Because of the hedge mum, dad and I had to stand with our backs against the wall to our apartment so that the f****y could pass; they were stopping in apartment two-two-six, right next door to ours.

The man stopped and said hi to us, the woman pushed past him with an air of anger and impatience without saying a word.

"Hi, I'm Gordon, this is my son Paul and that was my wife, Claire, she's not usually so grumpy but she got a migraine from the disco, they had the music far too loud and now she has to go to bed as quickly as possible, wish I had realised I wouldn't have paced myself with my beer."

"Paul, get in here, time for bed and I don't want you waking me up."

Paul had an apologetic look on his face and he looked torn between stopping with his dad talking to us and heeding his mother.

My dad introduced himself and my mum, then he got round to me, "And this is our daughter Victoria, she's just turned f******n."

Paul said, "Good night." And walked off to their apartment, their f****y room light was on and I noticed that their curtains didn't meet in the middle of the window, leaving a broad shaft of light cutting across the path. I saw Paul walk past the window to roughly where my bed was in our room and I saw him strip off through the gap in the curtains before the light went off.

"Paul's fifteen but he still takes notice of his mother, not really a mummy's boy but he's frightened of her, I guess I was in the past too." Gordon laughed as he said that.

"So does your wife often get migraines?" My mother asked Gordon.

"Well, I think she got the migraine because she saw me dancing with another woman. Nothing brings on Claire's migraine faster than seeing me having a little fun."

I stopped looking towards Gordon's apartment after the light was turned off but I realised that Paul had quite happily stripped totally naked in the f****y room even though his mother was in there with him so perhaps my parents weren't so strange being naked around the house as often as they were.

I was now looking at Gordon, he was looking from my mother to me, he was talking to my dad but he never once looked in my father's direction, he checked out my legs and the neckline of my dressing gown, then he did the same to my mother, the next time he looked back at my legs I saw my mum pull the zipper on the front of her dressing gown down a little so that the next time he looked back towards my mum there was more cleavage on show, I noticed that my dad smiled at Gordon's reaction, my dad was looking at the front of Gordon's trousers and the smile came when he saw the tent form in the front of Gordon's trousers.

Gordon cleared his throat, "Does your window open?"

My dad chuckled in amusement at Gordon's sudden change of direction.

"No, we've been coming here for years, we always use this apartment and the window hasn't opened for at least eight years. They hold a few fans at Guest Services; if you get in early in the morning you might be able to hire one."

I was now watching my mother, she was touching her hair, pulling strands of hair from her face and pulling them behind her ears and as they were talking I noticed her touching Gordon's elbow a few times, then she said, "Well, how do you fancy a night-cap Gordon?"

"I'd love a drink; Claire kind of dragged me away from the bar before I really had the time for a proper drink."

My mother gave Gordon a coquettish grin, then she kind of batted her eyes at my dad and said, "You want a drink too darling?"

"No thanks, I'm going to finish my cigarette out here."

My mum took Gordon's elbow and led him into our f****y room, I was about to follow them but my dad caught my arm as I went to walk past him. "You can stop out here with me, help me keep this going."

The spliff had gone out because no one was drawing air through it. The person who had made the spliff up had made it with pure cannabis resin without cutting it with tobacco, the tobacco would have kept the cigarette burning and it would have totally disappeared in the time that we had been talking to Gordon.

Where my dad had stopped me was in a direct line with the gap in the curtains, the same gap that I had just watched Paul strip off through but this time it was our own room that I was looking at. I saw my mother pour Gordon a drink but before he even started to drink it they were both on the large double bed and Gordon had stripped my mother off totally. My dad lit the joint again, took a deep breath through it and then he pressed it against my lips for me to take a hit.

I was in front of my dad and he was right up behind me, we were both looking at the same show going on in our f****y room, my mum being fucked by Gordon, my dad exhaled a huge cloud of white smoke above my head and then he stepped in a little closer to me, his right hand held the spliff against my lips as his left arm d****d over my left shoulder, the tips of his fingers just resting on the rise of my left breast, "Your mother loves making new friends, she's always been worried about meeting men at home because of you, she didn't think that you would understand her needs."

It was hard to drag my eyes away from my mother but I did and I looked over my shoulder at my dad, he had just filled his lungs with smoke from the spliff, he leaned his head forward, covered my lips with his and then he breathed the smoke into my lungs as we kissed and at the same time he slid his hand further down over my breast and fondled it through my dressing gown.

"I know that the thought of sex with a man can be frightening, especially a big man but you have to realise that since the day of your first period you would have been able to take a man of my size easily, the painful bit is always breaking through the hymen and it doesn't matter how old you are or how big the man is, breaking your hymen will be just as painful that first time. Just don't worry about the size of a man's cock, just a quick pain, like a plaster being pulled off and it's all over."

I had returned to watching my mum and Gordon, he had been fucking her for fifteen minutes and now he was standing at the side of the bed and I thought it was all over but it was just an interval, he was standing there while my mum sucked his cock. The spliff was pressed against my lips again, I filled my lungs and I was buzzing all over by that point, then my dad turned my face to his again, covered my mouth with his and we kissed until I was ready to breath the smoke out and this time my dad drew it from my lungs and into his own.

We parted our lips just as my mother started grunting, we could clearly hear her through the open doors, I looked over my shoulder at her, she was on her back again, her knees pressing against her tits and Gordon was throwing his body down on top of hers and he quickly took her past her boiling point.

"What did you think of Paul?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Paul was definitely checking you out, he liked the looks of you, I could have a word with him and suggest that he asks you out to the junior disco tomorrow afternoon."

"I'm not going to the k**'s club this year; I think they will be a little young for me this year."

"Yes, you're right; you've grown up a lot over the last year."

We had finished the spliff and we just stood outside our room watching my mother fucking Gordon for another fifteen minutes, he finally finished off in her with a loud grunt and a few French expletives, then he got dressed and downed his drink in one go before kissing my mum and walking past us, he blushed as he looked at my dad, nodded his head in thanks, he gave me a schoolboy grin as he passed me.

"Well, I guess it's time to go in, God, it's almost two o'clock."

Mum was laying on her bed, still totally naked, my dad pulled the zipper down on the front of my dressing gown and pulled it off of my shoulders, he threw my robe over the hook on the back of the bedroom door, then he guided me onto their bed and sat me at my mother's side before pushing my bed over so it made one huge bed in the middle of the room.

Dad asked mum, "Did he cum in you?"

She nodded her head.


She nodded her head again, "I don't think that his wife gives him a lot of sex, his balls were full up to the brim."

My dad got down on the bed and buried his head between her legs, licking all over her bald cunt before he started to eat Gordon's spunk out of her cunt. I fell asl**p cuddling in my mother's arms as my dad made a pig of himself eating spunk from her cunt.

I let my dad talk me into wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts with no bra or knickers under when we went to breakfast at nine o'clock. Well, I say shorts, last year the shorts were just white tennis shorts and last year no one ever saw them because I wore them under an oversized t-shirt, this year, because of a year's worth of growth, the tennis shorts looked more like hot-pants and the t-shirt my dad gave me was very small, very tight and my dad talked me into tucking it into the top of my shorts. My mother dressed exactly the same as me, I hadn't really noticed how often my mum dressed the way I did because I had always finished my outfit off with a large jumper or coat on top which was the only deviation point between our dress.

When we got to the dining room we found it crowded with people, most tables were full but we were spotted by Gordon, he and his f****y were sitting at a table for ten and he called us over to share their table. We went to fetch our food from the buffet counter and my dad was the first to sit down with his food, he'd picked up a coffee for my mum as well while she was queuing for an omelette to be made and when he sat down, he put mum's coffee down in front of Paul and whispered something to Paul.

As I walked back to the table with my breakfast Paul moved over and sat at the end of the table. It was obvious that my dad wanted my mum to sit between him and Gordon and that Paul had moved to a place where his knees would be pressed closely next to mine when I sat in the last seat. When my mother sat between Gordon and my dad the look on Claire's face changed, she looked like a bull-dog that had just bitten down on a wasp.

It took a while before Gordon made a move but after cutting up all of his food, his left hand slipped off of the table and went straight onto my mum's upper thigh, I saw what he did and so did Paul, then Paul raced to copy his father, cutting all of his breakfast up into small pieces and then just using his fork in his left hand to pick up the food from his plate and his right hand slipped under the table and onto my knee, rubbing up and down from my knee to the leg of my shorts.

Paul was at least making small talk while he was touching my leg, he asked if I was going to the pool or the beach after breakfast, I looked over at my parents and then towards Claire, she still looked very upset and didn't know whether to look at her son sitting next to me or her husband sitting next to my mum so she looked like she was at a tennis match.


"Oh great, where on the beach do you usually go, the part close to the clubhouse, by the lifeguard tower or by the Robin Hood bar at the other end? I'll look out for you after I've got my stuff"

"Well, we don't usually go on the main beach, it's always too crowded."

"Where do you go then?"

"You know the maintenance compound?"

"Yes, but that's outside the camp."

"Yes, there's a way through the bushes to a small bay the other side of the fence. It's not cleaned and can be a little stony but only a few people ever go there."

Paul smiled, his fingers were touching the leg of my shorts and he'd stopped rubbing from my knee to my shorts. I didn't know if I was supposed to slap his hand away as it was now resting just an inch from my pussy, I looked over to my mum and dad. My dad was looking down at where Paul's hand was and then looking up into my eyes and smiling at me, then I noticed that my mum was sitting with her legs wide open and Gordon had actually managed to get his hand inside the leg hole of her shorts so I relaxed a little.

Paul felt me relax and he started to pull my right leg towards him slightly, opening my legs and then his fingers started to rub down between my legs, I shivered and then became self-conscious all over again because Claire was paying Paul and me more attention after I shivered. I was f***ed to push Paul's hand away from my leg, he didn't seem upset, he'd gotten further with me than most boys of his age got to with a girl and he could see that I was okay until his mother started looking at us closely.

Claire called an end to her f****y's breakfast and as she dragged Gordon out of the dining room they were well on their way to a full blown domestic. Dad was finished his food but mum and I still hadn't finished so my dad made his excuses, he was going to the shop and he would meet us back at our apartment.

I finished next and sat with mum until she finished, she was taking her time though, as we sat there, more than half the men and boys in the room were looking at us and as they left the room the men would make a detour to pass close to our table for a better look. I was well used to seeing men gawking at mum and knew that it really made her day to be the centre of men's attention. I wasn't used to men looking at me, in the past, even sitting next to my mum with hundreds of men looking at her not one of them ever noticed me, today, everyone was looking at us both, checking us out equally.

I did hear an inner voice in my head, ''At least they aren't women and girls checking us out.' That was very telling, I had never really thought about why I had been so keen to hide my body in the past, I had just thought that I didn't like attention in general but I was actually loving the men and boys checking my body out, that was really nice and what Paul had been doing was a real turn on too.

As we left the dining room my mother and I linked arms and walked slowly towards our apartment, my mum was wiggling her bum rather a lot as we walked along and after a few hundred yards I found that I was copying her, wiggling my arse as I walked too. I had never really understood why my mother walked with such a wiggle in her bum but as I copied her I realised that it was because of the way she dressed, the tight shorts without panties meant that every wiggle caused the gusset to rub across my labia and put increased pressure on my magic button. The more pleasure I felt, the more pronounced the wiggle in my bum.

It seemed like half the men on the site were out walking to or from the main commercial area and every one of them were watching my mum and me as we walked home. I did look back over my shoulder once and saw my dad walking behind us, he was talking to other men who were doing exactly what my dad was doing, looking at two wriggly arses, my dad had a huge grin on his face and a lump in his own shorts, I even saw a man who was looking over his shoulder at us so intently that he walked right into a lamp post and ended up splat on his own arse.

I was almost fizzing as mum unlocked the front door and we slipped out of the sun and into the shade of our room. My dad had an electric fan in one hand and what looked like a newspaper under his arm, I was a little shocked, I had never seen my dad read a newspaper in my life, he didn't like the news, all he really related to was music, music and my mother of course. "My God you should have heard what the men were saying about you two back there, got me all turned on all over again."

My dad had fucked my mother twice the night before and once again before we went for breakfast which almost caused us to be late for breakfast and my mother had also fucked Gordon for over an hour, she whispered to me, "I'm a little sore at the moment, do you want to give your father a hand?"

I gave mum a confused look, "You don't have to let him go all the way if you don't want too, he just needs a hand!"

While I was making up my mind my father passed me his newspaper and it turned out not to be a newspaper at all, it was actually a new bikini from the Waikiki Beach Boutique, the most expensive shop in the whole complex. I ripped it open eagerly, I had never owned a bikini before, I had never wanted to wear one in my life before, even the baggy one-piece swimming costume that I usually wore to swimming classes in school was usually worn with a t-shirt over it whenever I was out of the water.

Titanium white, one size fits all, French cut and very chic. Totally impractical for swimming but fantastic for tanning or just catching the boy's eyes. I felt the material; it would turn totally transparent if it ever got wet I was sure of that.

My dad told me that I'd look fantastic in the bikini on our almost private little beach if I wore the bikini for him, I looked towards my mum, she was kneeling on the bed, the almost eight foot wide bed and she nodded at me and smiled, then she pursed her lips as if she was 'Air-kissing' someone and I got the message, mum wanted me to kiss my dad for getting me such an expensive present.

I dropped the bikini on the bed, reached my arms up and around my dad's neck and kissed him on his lips, not the first time on this holiday that I'd kissed him on his lips rather than his cheek but the first time that I had initiated it. I had intended it to be a three or four 'Mississippi' kiss but after the count of three my dad's left hand cupped the back of my head, pulling my mouth harder into his and his right hand slipped down over my bottom and squeezed my bum through my shorts. I caught a glimpse of my dad looking at my mum as we kissed and I also spotted her smile at him and then hold her hand, the tip of her index finger close to the tip of her thumb, indicating a small or little amount of something.

My bum was freed and my dad moved his right hand up my back, he pulled my t-shirt out of the back of my shorts, then he rubbed around and pulled the front out too, then he let go of my head and pulled my t-shirt off over my head, I even lifted my arms to make it easier for him. Then my dad stripped off totally and drew me back into his arms and rained kisses down on my lips and breasts. As he was sucking my nipples into his mouth he unfastened my shorts and pulled them down as far as he could reach.

While my dad was fondling my breast with one hand his other hand slipped down, his fingertips ran through my pussy hair and tried to get between my legs but they were being held close together by my tight shorts so he couldn't get to his target. I didn't want to reach down to push my shorts past my knees; I didn't want my move to be seen as a rejection as it had been the night before.

My dad's hands were both busy so when I felt other hands pushing my legs together and pulling at my shorts I knew that my mother was taking a hand in helping my father reach his target. I felt my shorts fall around my ankles, my mother tapped my right leg and I lifted my right foot off of the floor so she could safely remove my shorts, as soon as my legs were free my feet sprang apart as wide as I could get them so that my dad could get his fingers between my legs and start to work me to an orgasm by massaging my labia and clitoris with his fingertips. My mother pulled me down onto the bed by her side, I was facing her, she was still wearing her t-shirt and shorts while dad and I were naked.

I was pulled tight against my mother's body, she whispered, "Just relax, I won't let him hurt you this time, he just needs a little loving and then we can get off to the beach."

My dad was now behind me, I was about to roll over to face him but my mother held me in place, I felt my dad's thumb f***e its way between my thighs at the top of my legs. He opened a gap just wide enough for his cock to slide between my thighs, his cock was so long that when his pubic hair patted my bottom the mushroom head of his cock stood out in front of me by a full inch. My mum kissed me and then her fingers reached for my dad's cock and she pushed his cock up hard against my pussy. My dad started to rock himself back and forth; I started to open my legs a little for him to try and make it easier for him, "No darling, keep your legs tightly closed it will feel nicer for your father."

I heard voices outside, I looked over my mother's shoulder just as a shadow passed over our curtains and was glad that we left them closed that morning, then my eyes were drawn to the gap that my dad and I had watched mum and Gordon fucking through the night before. I saw Paul's face, perfectly framed in the gap in the badly fitting curtains, I couldn't be sure that he was actually watching what was going on in the room but I had to assume that he was because of where he was standing.

I reached a climax and then my mum said, "Okay, get on with it; you've made her feel good."

My dad's thrusting sped up a little and then he started to breathe a little heavily and his movements were more laboured, "Are you ready Vicky? Your father's about to shoot his load, just keep relaxed, and it won't hurt."

I had my eyes fixed on Paul's to see if there were any tell-tale signs that he was watching us, I wished that I could see down as far as his shorts to see if he was excited, I felt hot, wet liquid between my legs and my mother suddenly pushed my dad's cock up harder and at that moment my dad lowered himself slightly, altering the position of his cock against my pussy, "Just keep relaxed" and my mum pressed my dad's cockhead into the opening of my vagina, no more than a half an inch of his cock entered me and then there were three more jets of semen that were injected deeply into my body.

After my dad had finished climaxing and his body had stopped jerking about he lay still, the tip of his cock still just inside my body and as soon as his body stopped jerking my mum let his cock go and brought her fingers up to her mouth, there were long strings of what looked like crazy-glue hanging from her fingers which she pushed into her mouth and sucked off greedily.

It took around ten minutes but eventually my dad's cock shrank and slipped out of my body and then out from between my thighs. My mum took a tissue and wiped my outer pussy lips clean and dry, "We don't want to get rid of it all from inside, if you want to try going a little further in a bit it will help as a lubricant."

I was handed my new bikini and as I put it on I saw Paul smile at me through the gap in the curtains. I wanted to wear my shorts and t-shirt on top of my bikini but my dad persuaded me just to wear my t-shirt for the walk down to the beach, once again my mum was dressed in exactly the same way that I was, her bikini was a slightly different colour but basically the same French cut. By the time we stepped out of our apartment Paul had moved to the end of the path so it didn't look like he'd been spying on us through the window.

"I couldn't find the beach you mentioned at breakfast so I thought I could walk along with you guys."

My dad said, "Where's your mum and dad?"

"They've had a bit of fight and now my dad's buying my mum a present in town to make up for it, I refused to go shopping with my mum in this heat so they left me to play on the beach."

We followed the main path until the last apartment block and then stepped through another overgrown bush; it looked like the gardeners had tried to hide the path we usually used to follow to our private little beach by digging up the path and planting new bushes over it. At the back fence we turned right and walked until we reached the maintenance compound's fence and then we squeezed through the gap between the back fence and the compound's wall. It was a few more yards and a struggle through gorse bushes and tall clumps of sedge grass and we were finally on the small secluded bay.

My dad and Paul cleared away the stones on a patch of the beach large enough for us to lay four towels out comfortably and then my mum and dad lay out in the sun to start their tanning. Paul was beating around the bush a little but eventually he asked me if I wanted to take a little walk with him, I looked at my mum; she smiled and nodded her head so I walked off round the bay with Paul.

"Your dad told me earlier that he was hoping that you'd find a boyfriend for the holiday."

"Really, when did he tell you that?"

"When he was buying you that bikini in the Waikiki Boutique, when my mum and dad started fighting I headed for the shops to watch women changing in the changing rooms."

"What do you mean?"

"The curtains are just as badly fitted in the changing rooms as they are in the rabbit hutches they call apartments. If I stand in the right place I get to see women changing into swimming costumes, your dad caught me and that's when he told me that he hoped you'd find a boyfriend."

We walked a little further around the bay and as it was low tide we were able to walk around the rocky headland to just out of sight of my parents. "Can I kiss you?"


"Well, I really want to, I've been trying to get a girlfriend for three years but never had any luck so far, you letting me touch your leg at breakfast was the closest I've been to sex in my life so far."

"You only rubbed my leg, that wasn't anywhere near to sex."

"My fingers were right next to your sex, your mum and dad didn't mind me doing it and you only got frightened when my mother started looking at us."

Paul grabbed my wrist and stopped me walking, "Well, can I? Can I kiss you?"

I didn't say anything but I was conscious that I did use the tip of my tongue to moisten my lips and Paul spotted that and took it as the green light, he closed his eyes and leaned in and kissed me. I got to ten Mississippis before I forgot all about counting and my hand slipped up to the back of Paul's neck and I was stroking his neck and up into the hair on the back of his head.

Paul took a sudden bravery pill and grabbed a handful of my left breast through my skimpy bikini top, I wouldn't have even got to one Mississippi while his hand was on my breast before he suddenly let go and jumped away flinching. He stood for a minute squinting at me as I stood there shocked at his sudden leap away, then he slowly opened his eyes fully and then over full, the shocked look was on his face rather than mine, "Aren't you going to slap my face?"

"Why? Did you want me to slap you?"

"No, but girls usually do if I try it on and I've never got that far before."

I made a sudden jab with my hand, caught one of his nipples between thumb and index finger and squeezed as hard as I could. Paul looked even more shocked and there was a tear in his eye, then I let his nipple go free and brushed the tips of my fingers over his chest, lingering gently over the nipple I had just bruised. "Now, which did you prefer, the quick grab or the gentle caress?"

"The second way!"

I nodded in agreement with him, then I took his left wrist and lifted it up, I took his hand and placed it gently under my breast cupping it through my bikini, then I moved it from side to side so it was like a very tender caress but it was all at my own initiation. Paul was looking from my breast to my eyes, then, when I let his hand go free he carried on caressing my breast and once I had stopped driving his movements the pleasure increased tenfold. He moved his hand from simply cupping under my breast to sliding all over, when he felt my nipple grow under the thin material of my bikini top he grinned and whispered "Wow!"

I turned my back on Paul and looked to see if anyone was close enough to see us, I looked over my shoulder and Paul was looking confused, "There's no one about, my top only has a simple bow holding it closed!"

I smiled at Paul and then I looked back along the beach, I felt Paul's fingers tug at the end of the bow on the back of my bikini top but not a full blown pull, just like he was testing, like he was expecting me to turn at any moment and knee him in his 'happy-sacks'. I looked over my shoulder at Paul again, "What's up, don't you want to see my tits?"

"Fucking hell yes, you have gorgeous tits and I'd love to see what they look like out in the open."

I gave him another smile of encouragement and then turned to look back along the bay, "I'll keep look out!"

There was a slow, gentle pull on the open end of the knot holding my bikini top closed. I scanned the area for people coming close to where Paul and I were standing ankle deep in water, the waves gently rolling the water to around calf deep six or seven times a minute, the sixth, or possibly seventh role went slightly higher than those proceeding it almost wetting my upper thigh each time and as it receded it dragged the loose sand from under my feet.

I counted five large waves hitting my legs before the knot finally gave way and my bikini top fell loosely from my neck on its halter strap. It had taken Paul so long to unfasten the knot that I was on the raggedy edge of a climax from the excitement that built up in my body from Paul taking so long and the fact that I felt so exposed out on the point, exposed even though I knew that there was no one within sight of us.

I pulled the halter strap over my head and then turned to face Paul, "Well, what do you think?"

"Fucking hell, you have the best tits in the world, don't get me wrong, my mum's tits are the only ones I've seen in real life, well, up as close and open as this but I've seen millions of tits in books and on the internet but this is far more special."

"You can kiss me again if you like."

I looked down at the front of Paul's trunks; there was a very respectable rod down the front of Paul's trunks and as he leaned in to kiss me the spot of shame grew to the size of a golf ball. Paul kissed me tenderly and his right hand started to fondle my breasts gently and his left hand was between us, his knuckles rubbing against my thigh and he tried to adjust his cock in his trunks.

I pulled my lips from Paul's and said, "You uncomfortable down there?"

"Well, seeing and touching your tits has kind of made a little problem down there."

"Do you want a little help from me?"

"Oh my God yes, yes please."

I reached down and rubbed Paul's cock through his trunks before slipping my hand down the front and curling my fingers around his cock. Our lips met again and I felt him gasp against my lips and then he sighed as my hand started to work up and down as I rubbed his cock, we kissed solidly until he groaned and I felt him spurting all over my belly and hip. I broke the kiss and looked down at his cock in my hand. Fortunately his spunk had splashed down over the thin side strap of my bikini bottoms so there was little sign of his mess. His trunks were a different story though; you could see where three jets of semen had splashed down on his trunks.

"You'd better go in the sea and get your trunks properly wet."

I used my fingers like a strigil to sc**** off Paul's spunk and then washed it from my fingers in the sea while Paul romped in the deeper water. When he was finished letting off steam he came back and went to kiss me but stopped short, "Is it okay for me to kiss you again?"

That made me smile, just a few minutes ago Paul was a 'Grab for it and run' kind of boy, I put him in his place, then I gave him a present, using my hand to give him a few moments of pleasure and now he was a changed person. I nodded my head and Paul kissed me for ten Mississippis before pulling away and reaching out to fondle my breasts with both hands and as he leaned in again to kiss me I stopped him, he looked very confused. I looked over my shoulder, away from the camp and towards town, "Someone's coming from town, we'd better go back."

Paul looked very disappointed, "Do we have to go back to your parents?"

I could read it in his eyes, 'If we go back to her parents that will be the end of my fun!'

"My dad's a bit uptight about the locals finding out about our little beach, if outsiders start to use it the camp will close off the holes in the fence to stop them getting into the camp for free."

Paul still looked disappointed but he did end up nodding his head, he understood where my father was coming from so we started walking back towards my parents, "Aren't you going to put your top back on?"

I shook my head and Paul looked worried, "What if they think that I took it off?"

"You did take it off!"

"God I know that and you know it but I don't want your dad to think it!"

"He won't care."

Paul was keeping his distance from me as we walked back towards where we had left my mum and dad, about half way back I moved in closer, I reached out my right hand and touched the back of his trunks, "They've dried quickly."

"Yes, it's the material, it always dries fast but the sun is strong too, that's helping to dry them faster."

I hooked my thumb into the back of his trunks with the flat of my hand on his right buttock and hip, "I could be your girlfriend while we're on holiday if you like!"

"I'd like to be your boyfriend all the time; I've never met a girl like you before."

"We live too far apart to be proper boy and girl friend but here on holiday, until you go home. Aren't there any girls at school that you fancy?"

Paul laughed and then he put his left arm over my shoulder, Ron Green fancies me and William Harrison has flirted with me a lot but they don't have tits like yours and they don't look half as good as you do in bikini bottoms."

"What are you going on about?"

"I go to an all boy's school; it turns a lot of boys funny!"

I laughed, "I go to a convent school, about half the girls are Lesbos, well either Lesbos or they have pet dogs!"

"So, no boys at your school like there are no girls at mine!"

"That's right."

"Do the Lesbos bother you?"

"Not much, I dress to hide at school and avoid the changing rooms as much as possible but if they saw me like this they'd kill you to get at me."

"Erm, you said that half of the girls were Lesbos or had pet dogs, what did you mean about them having pet dogs?"

I stopped and looked at him with a smile on my face, he was blushing like a stop light, "What! Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Don't you know about girls and their pet dogs? They say a dog is a man's best friend but they are even better friends to girls!"

I kissed him and then we walked along again, I saw my dad first, he was standing on the grass area, just off the sand, it was two or three feet higher than the beach and it was obvious that my dad was keeping a look out all around, there was a man standing a few feet behind him who seemed to be looking down at where my mother was. When my mum came into my view I realised that she wasn't alone, there was a man sitting at her side looking at her, she was on her back and there was another man between her thighs.

Paul stopped and held me back, "I think your mum is..."

"She's probably being fucked."

Paul's jaw dropped and he looked at me totally shocked, "You've seen your mother being fucked before?"

"Well, the first time I watched her being fucked was last night when your dad fucked her. I never realised it before but every year we came here in the past, when the men started to gather around my mum, my dad would take me off to the commercial centre to play on the amusements or get me ice cream but I get the feeling that he would have preferred to stop here and watch my mother with the men.

I went to kiss Paul but his mouth was opening and closing, he was either imitating a gold fish or he was trying to get words out that his brain wouldn't form in his throat. "What's wrong?"

"You, you, you said you watched my dad fucking..."

I could see that Paul was having a lot of difficulty getting his words out; he was almost in a state of apoplectic shock. "What's the problem Paul? Is it because you didn't know that your dad had sex?"

Paul managed to move the blockage, "No, it's not that, I guess that he and my mum do it sometimes but I didn't know that he'd do someone else."

"God, I'm sorry, I didn't think, my dad seems perfectly happy that my mum fucks other men and they do it every day, sometimes twice a day."

"How do you know that your mum and dad do it every day?"

"I hear them, every night and most mornings and I'm sure that they do it in the day sometimes as well."

"I hear my mum and dad but only two or three times a year."

"Yes, my mum said that she didn't think your mum gave him much sex."

I saw the man that had been between my mother's thighs get up, he ripped a condom off of his cock and threw it onto the sand about six feet away, the man who had been sitting watching them closely looked over towards me and Paul, a worried look on his face and I noticed that he was holding the small foil wrapper of a condom in his hand. My mother was beckoning for the second man to join her but he sat still, he just nodded his head in my direction, my mum looked over at me and Paul, she saw that I was topless and she smiled and gave a little clap of her hands and mouthed, 'Well done darling!'

I could see that the man was very reluctant to move in on my mum while Paul and I were standing there watching and then another man came out of the bushes.

"You wait here Paul, I'll go and get our towels, I don't think that man is too happy that we're watching."

I walked over to my mum and picked up two of the towels, then I recognised the man, I'd seen him most years at the camp and always assumed that he worked there, his hand was covering his erection, I'd never seen him in swimming trunks before never mind totally naked. I nodded my head at the man in recognition, "Hi Mr Gildert, nice to see you again."

David Gildert relaxed slightly, "Nice to see you too Victoria, I didn't recognise you, you've grown a lot since the last time I saw you, I'm sure that you were flat chested two years ago when I last saw you."

I smiled and David stood up, he didn't bother covering his cock any more, he stepped over to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on my cheek, then he whispered, "The last time I saw you was in your apartment, your dad brought me in after you were asl**p, you looked like a little angel when you were sl**ping."

I looked to where I'd left Paul but my father had called him over and I watched as my dad gave Paul something and Paul took one look and then stuffed his hand down his trunks, Paul blushed a deep red and then hightailed it back to where I'd left him. I felt David jab me in the stomach a few times with his cock and finally I managed to peel his arms from around me. I walked back to Paul and took his arm and pulled him about twenty feet away from my mum and dad. My mum was grunting through the sex act before we found our new spot to place our towels on the sand.

As I went down onto my knees Paul was looking over at my mum and David, "Will she let the other's fuck her too?"

"Probably, this is the first time I've been around on the beach when other men were around."

There were three men waiting behind my father now while David was making a pig of himself fucking my mother. "What did my dad say to you?"

Paul blushed again and then he pulled three condoms out of the tiny pocket down inside the front of his trunks, "He told me to make sure that I used these."

I burst out laughing, then both Paul's and my attention were drawn towards my mum and David Gildert, David was almost bellowing out as he grunted through his climax. Again, like the first man, David stood up, then he ripped off his condom and threw it on the sand next to the first one. David pulled his shorts on and walked past the three men and my dad talking in a little group. My dad gave each of the men a condom and as I lay down on the towel again as the three men walked over to my mother together.

Paul remained propped up on his elbow watching my mother and the three men, then his eyes widened, "Wow, I don't believe it!"

I didn't really want to look but Paul's exclamation f***ed me back up and looking over my shoulder, one man was on his back, my mum was squatting on top of him, riding his cock as the second man was kneeling behind her lining his condom covered cock up with her arsehole and the third man was moving round in front of her and pointing his cock at her mouth. I looked over at my dad, he had the same expression on his face as he had when he finally won first prize at the talent show.

I lay back down again and put my left arm roughly where Paul's neck should be if he wasn't still watching my mother with a look of great admiration on his face, "God, she's sucking the third man's cock now and he's a whopper but it's all the way in her mouth."

"You can go over to get a better look if you like or you can lie here with me!"

Paul looked down at my face to see if I was being shirty with him for watching my mum fucking three men at the same time, then he grinned at me and he lay down again. We kissed and Paul slipped his hand on my stomach, then he broke the kiss, "Your belly's wet, was that from me earlier?"

"No, that was David Gildert, when he hugged me he prodded my belly with his cock."

"The dirty old bugger."

I pulled Paul's mouth against mine again, partly to shut him up and partly because I had decided that I quite liked kissing boys under the hot sun. As we kissed Paul slithered in a little closer and started to rub his swimwear covered erection against my hip. I broke the kiss, "You horny again?"

"Of course I am, I've got a Goddess in my arms, three condoms from your dad and your mum's performing every schoolboy's fantasy shag just twenty feet away."

I slipped my right hand down between us and into Paul's trunks. I started to wank him off slowly inside his trunks, I could see that Paul's eyes were open and he was trying to look over at my dad, obviously still worrying that my dad might get mad if he caught me wanking him off, then he closed his eyes again and a little shiver ran through his body.

"You do that great, how many boys have you tossed off before?"

"You're the first."

"Wow, you do great for a first timer, would your dad kill me if I touch you?"

"I guess it depends on where you want to touch me!"

Paul's left hand was rubbing over my belly, around the place that David Gildert had left his mark earlier.

"A bit lower!"

"A bit lower..."

'I stopped mid-sentence, I realised a bit lower than what! Paul wanted to touch me between my legs, the only part of my body covered by my bikini bottoms.'

I was just about to say he could carry on and touch me wherever he wanted when a shadow came over us, my father had come over and he was in a perfect position to see my hand down the front of Paul's trunks. Paul was really torn, his hand shot round my wrist, part of him wanted to pull my hand out and of his trunks and part of him wanted to just try and hide what I was doing from my father.

"Vicky needs some sun screen on, you want to do it for her Paul?"

Paul seemed to stop breathing for a full two minutes, then he relaxed, gave a sigh and stopped trying to hide what I was doing to him then he nodded his head to my father.

"Here..." My father handed Paul a tube of sun screen, "...make sure that you cover her all over, use plenty and rub it well in."

My dad turned to walk away and then stopped, his back still towards me, "And it might be better if you take your bikini bottoms off as well Vicky, if that sun oil goes on the material it'll never wash off."

I looked at Paul's face, his head looked like it was about to split in two he was grinning so broadly. "Your dad said you should take your knickers off for me so I can rub oil all over you!"

Paul was almost wetting himself he was laughing so much but he stopped laughing when I pulled my hands out of his trunks to use both hands to pull my bikini bottoms down. The broad grin returned as soon as Paul saw my bushy triangle pop into view and suddenly he was giving my cunt a very close inspection. I looked over towards my dad, "You're making me feel uncomfortable, anyone would think you'd never seen a pussy before."

"Well, I haven't, not in real life and the girls on the internet never have that much hair."

"I don't have a lot of hair, just the normal amount for a girl of my age."

Paul made a big thing out of rubbing the sunscreen all over my body, he saved my cunt until last and asked me to open my legs for him and rubbed sun oil all over my hairy bush and labia. I'll give Paul his dues though, after I told him off for ogling my cunt so closely he didn't do it again. After he finished oiling my body we both lay on our backs, Paul's hand over my cunt exploring my inner body while I was rubbing his cock again until he spurted off for a second time, this time over his own belly.

"Can I fuck you?"

"You've only just climaxed!"

"I know, but can I fuck you when I'm hard again?"

"Can we wait a little, do it somewhere a little more private than here..." I gestured with my head towards the two men talking to my father and removing their shorts. "...perhaps when my mum and dad go to the show tonight, we can slip back to our apartment and I'll let you use one of those condoms on me."

The rest of our visit to the beach was uneventful, well apart from my mum fucking another three men, making it seven men in total that she had fucked during the day on the beach and, oh yes, I wanked Paul again before we went off to get washed and changed for dinner.

When we got to dinner, the first time all day that Paul left my side as he had to eat with his parents, the entertainment manager caught my father and they were in a conversation for ages in a corner of the dining room. My dad had the same grin on his face that Paul had when he saw my cunt for the first time.

"Hey guys, guess what!"

My mum and I looked at each other and then we both said in unison, "What?"

"The nine o'clock turn can't make it, Brian has just asked me if the Adams f****y can do a forty minute set for him."

My mum and I looked at each other again, she looked excited, no, she looked deliriously excited, she was over the moon, she loved being the centre of attention and there would be fifteen hundred people in the main hall as usual on a Saturday evening. I excused myself and went to break the bad news to Paul, his cherry busting date would have to be put off, for tonight at least. I watched Paul run through a gamut of emotions, from disappointment to excitement.

"My mum and dad are going into town, they're going to see the comedy show on the pier, I wasn't really keen on going, I don't even know who Cannon and Ball are. I'd much rather watch you singing and playing guitar but they might not let me in the audience without my parents, can I come in with your f****y?"

"We won't be going in the front, turns go in round the back, there's a small bar back there where we can get ready."

Paul looked disappointed again, then his face brightened, "Can I come as your roadie or something, I could help carry your guitar or something."

If Paul had a tail he'd be wagging it, I was sure of that, "Okay, go and ask your mum and dad if you can stop here with us, I'll go and tell my parent's we might be four tonight."

Paul went to run back to his parents but stopped, then he turned and leaned in to kiss me but again stopped himself, "I love the way you said you'd tell Adam and Amanda, not ask them..." Then Paul looked around, " it okay to kiss you in public?"

I wrapped my arms around Paul's neck and dragged his body against mine and planted a huge smacker on his lips, "What's going on here?"

I felt Paul's neck shrink down into his shoulders and he seemed to be four inches shorter than usual at the sound of his father's voice but give Paul his due, he didn't break the kiss with me until I relaxed my grip on his neck.

Gordon smiled when he saw that his son was smooching with me, "Well, well, well Victoria, what is it about the women in your f****y attracting the men in mine?"

Paul blushed, his dad probably thought it was because he'd been caught kissing a girl but I knew that it was because he remembered that I'd told him that his dad had fucked my mum. I left Gordon and Paul talking and headed off looking for my parents again, passing Claire as she left the dining room. Because we'd been asked at short notice to do a forty minute set in stage for the club or rather for their punters my dad had been told to pop over the road to see their wardrobe mistress, she lived outside the camp but just literally yards away and even though she didn't hold their wardrobe at her house she knew every single item in their stock and also had access to other suppliers of costumes at short notice.

We were all measured up and our details were entered into a computer database. The woman did a few commands on her computer, my mother had said she would prefer something sexy in white and we sat and flicked through hundreds of pictures of show costumes and my mother settled on a t****ze artists costume that was in white Lycra and they had costumes for my mum and me in in our sizes but nothing for a man, then my dad remembered an Elvis tribute show where the main singer had a copy of an Elvis Las Vegas costume including a white cowboy hat.

The woman noted down where the two costumes were that my mum had chosen for us to wear and then typed in 'Elvis' and got fifteen different Elvis costumes and the one my dad remembered was the fifth in the database, the location of that was noted down as well. The four of us went over to the camp's storage rooms below the club house, my dad's costume came up first and he started to try it on while my mum and me went further into the store, my mum's costume was just a little tight but being Lycra it stretched to accommodate, mine fitted like it was made for me.

After we were both dressed the wardrobe manager pulled a face, "They were okay twenty feet in the air and well away from the audience but you will only be six feet away from the front row, they'll be far too revealing as they are..."

I looked at my mum, she went from a look of sexual excitement to disappointment in an instant and she started to pull at the rear zipper to take the costume off.

"...we need to try the costume with something like a white rah-rah skirt over it, we have loads of them floating around here somewhere."

So, our costume was white Lycra and mesh showing off a hell