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Ari spends the day with her new friend

Ari spends the day with her new friend

... <ddd>Her</ddd> <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>’s hands felt so good and <ddd>Ari</ddd> reached up and played <ddd>with</ddd> Jennifer’s nipple some. <ddd>The</ddd> redhead closed <ddd>her</ddd> eyes and bit <ddd>her</ddd> lip. <ddd>Her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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group sex with her best friend

... <ddd>the</ddd> second. <ddd>The</ddd> thought of <ddd>her</ddd> husband having sex actives <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> best <ddd>friend</ddd> right in front of <ddd>her</ddd>, was making <ddd>her</ddd> ... <ddd>her</ddd> best friends pussy . As I was tearing <ddd>her</ddd> a <ddd>new</ddd> one Mary turns around so I could eat <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Catching the wife with her parents

... <ddd>her</ddd> knees sucking <ddd>her</ddd> dad's cock while he eats <ddd>her</ddd> mom's pussy. I’m on <ddd>the</ddd> porch <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> 16 year old s****r topless rubbing <ddd>her</ddd> tits while i kiss down <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read

... <ddd>the</ddd> seat, <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> <ddd>new</ddd> bra pushed above <ddd>her</ddd> ample breasts; <ddd>her</ddd> BDUs were around <ddd>her</ddd> ankles and Surfer's insistent fingers driving into <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Helping the Homeless (Fictional from a friend or i

... , I ate <ddd>her</ddd>
pussy and fucked <ddd>her</ddd> all night long. <ddd>Her</ddd> pussy was still gapping open from <ddd>her</ddd> fuck earlier in <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd>.

<ddd>The</ddd> next <ddd>day</ddd>, I came ... By <ddd>the</ddd> way, on cold nights, she has put him up in motels to keep warm. Naturally, she <ddd>spends</ddd> those nights <ddd>with</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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clate meets her asian fuck buddy's mate

... all night while she <ddd>spends</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> night at <ddd>her</ddd> <ddd>new</ddd> black lover. She knows I'd like to serve <ddd>her</ddd> and <ddd>her</ddd> lovers in making <ddd>the</ddd> evening go smoothly ... has been having sex recently <ddd>with</ddd> an asian guy and had a arranged a mmf for sun night <ddd>with</ddd> his <ddd>friend</ddd>. My hope was ... ... Continue»
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Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

... <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd>.

As I rolled up to <ddd>the</ddd> parking lot of <ddd>the</ddd> vineyard they'd shuttled to, I spotted <ddd>the</ddd> ... <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> alone felt wrong. I felt as if I'd committed some sort of crime and that I'd somehow betrayed my <ddd>friend</ddd> and Ivonne, but at <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Day I Was Caught... (True Story) Part 1

... <ddd>friend</ddd>. So I tell him all is good, she can stay <ddd>with</ddd> me, just give me a <ddd>day</ddd> to clear <ddd>the</ddd> things and feminise <ddd>the</ddd> ... <ddd>the</ddd> bathroom <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> yoga shorts which makes <ddd>her</ddd> ass look super curvy and round, also <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My wife's first threesome with another man.

... <ddd>day</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> best <ddd>friend</ddd>. She's tan all over(except <ddd>the</ddd> thong tan line) , has shoulder length sandy light Blonde hair, 36C's <ddd>with</ddd> ... told <ddd>her</ddd> I loved <ddd>her</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> all my heart and kept reassuring <ddd>her</ddd> that there's nothing that can split us up and this was a <ddd>new</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>friend</ddd> of your mother’s and I was as civil to <ddd>her</ddd> as I could manage.

Then came <ddd>the</ddd> fateful <ddd>day</ddd> ... <ddd>with</ddd> wild, irrational dreams.

<ddd>Day</ddd> Three: Wednesday

Ruben’s wife, Newa, arrives early to collect you. You are to spend <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A Day at Amy's House

... <ddd>her</ddd> house across town to spend <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> mom, who is so cool, by <ddd>the</ddd> poolside. Gee, I wonder what I should do? Spend it <ddd>with</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Slippery Susie My MILF: Her Adventures Begin

... <ddd>the</ddd> bathroom
<ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> <ddd>new</ddd> "do". <ddd>The</ddd> red hair dye, in <ddd>her</ddd> opinion wasn't as natural
looking as <ddd>her</ddd> best-<ddd>friend</ddd>'s, but she still thought it accentuated <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Sci-Fi - The SFL Dairy Laboratory - cows

... <ddd>her</ddd> sway down <ddd>the</ddd> street <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> boy

<ddd>friend</ddd>, Kay rubbed <ddd>her</ddd> penis through <ddd>her</ddd> trouser leg,

looking forward to what they would be doing <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> ... <ddd>the</ddd> house, <ddd>the</ddd> two maids had busied themselves

<ddd>the</ddd> next <ddd>day</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Ethereal Muff; First-time with a couple on a remot

... <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> assumes, I feel it is to be effervescent <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>new</ddd> ... <ddd>the</ddd> sparkling water. I’m enthralled <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> bare, round, athletic thighs and watch <ddd>her</ddd> moving along <ddd>the</ddd> shore. My cock rises as I think of spending <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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stranger spends the night with my wife

... she was kissing him by <ddd>the</ddd> rear of <ddd>the</ddd> garage and he had a hand up under <ddd>her</ddd> bra <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> blouse unbuttoned. I figured they had ... quite a while but obviously got up some time in <ddd>the</ddd> night and she was straddled on his cock as I awoke <ddd>the</ddd> next <ddd>day</ddd>. ... Continue»
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father and daughter part3

... <ddd>her</ddd>
eyes. She could not believe that this was happening.
<ddd>Her</ddd> plans to seduce <ddd>her</ddd> father were perfect. And <ddd>her</ddd>
<ddd>new</ddd> emotions took over <ddd>her</ddd> ... she was in <ddd>her</ddd>
room reviewing <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> best <ddd>friend</ddd> Tara. In
<ddd>the</ddd> dark master bedroom of <ddd>the</ddd> Honeywell home ... ... Continue»
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My Wife Makes a New Friend

... <ddd>with</ddd> our <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> this summer:

1) me driving <ddd>the</ddd> van while they played in <ddd>the</ddd> back

2) meet in a secluded spot so he could fuck <ddd>her</ddd> on <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>her</ddd> on <ddd>the</ddd> phone <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> best <ddd>friend</ddd>, telling <ddd>her</ddd> that she hadn't been having sex for a while now. She said <ddd>her</ddd> ... <ddd>The</ddd> next <ddd>day</ddd> when I talked to <ddd>her</ddd>, she said told me that he did go home <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> and he fucked <ddd>the</ddd> shit out of <ddd>her</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My girlfriend Sue with my old friend

... stuff <ddd>with</ddd> a <ddd>friend</ddd> so there's no way we can actually do it! I dropped <ddd>the</ddd> subject and went to sl**p.
<ddd>The</ddd> next <ddd>day</ddd> I ... <ddd>her</ddd> legs and motioned <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd> finger for me to come over. I got on <ddd>the</ddd> bed between <ddd>her</ddd> legs and started to lick <ddd>her</ddd> pussy for <ddd>her</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A Wild Ride on the Gulf

... no plans at all for <ddd>the</ddd> rest of <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>day</ddd> and my <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> Robert was getting more interesting by <ddd>the</ddd> minute. We walked over ... a <ddd>new</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> named Alea who was making <ddd>the</ddd> trip back <ddd>with</ddd> him. She seemed to enjoy <ddd>the</ddd> idea of two men getting it on <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>her</ddd>. I ... ... Continue»
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