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Another business trip (True)

Another business trip (True)

... I went down to the restaurant in the lobby for dinner at about 7ish. The place was pretty busy ... with mostly business dinners and office after work social gatherings. There was a group 6-7 of women ... . She was a mid-30s, attractive business professional type, just above her shoulder brunette, about... Continue»
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Another Business Trip - Continued

... with Hyun Jin and the chubby cocksucker, Pumpkin.

Business went well. We agreed to work together ... equitable deal we had ever managed. Sometimes business with friends works out well. So, we decided ... was in another meeting, which turned out that was with Jinny and Ginny. Jinny, established herself... Continue»
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Recent business trip (True story)

... like a business woman. Tall, great shape, attractive. My room had a door that opens to their room I... Continue»
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diary pt2

... my chances and try to coax the new owner into letting me take a trip down memory lane." She ... a business card with her name and phone number. It said, "Jeanie Byrd, freelance writer." ... ;t sure if I could stand another such meeting again, but I wasn't sure if I could stand never... Continue»
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Adventures of Jade

... , nor
interesting enough to warrant more than a passing
interest. Astrid tried to keep busy after ... bathroom. After doing her
business, she decided she would find out more about these
newly ... we had on
our camping trip?" The expression on mothers face was
changing, and Jenna was so worked... Continue»
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... where she was.
Somewhere between falling into the car and the trip home, I’d managed to pull ... they might charge.
It was busy inside, and I had to wedge myself between two sick, screaming k ... and for some reason I panicked. Why had I gotten out on the side of the road? What if this was another crazy... Continue»
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Adult Education

... on things sexual."

"Whoa. Maybe we've got another adventurous soul in the sack!" Karen observed. Amy ... another half hour or so, Jackie looked down. "Look's like it's time for me to go. Got to get ready ... gave me another of her looks, shaking her head and smiling to herself. We walked on, just enjoying... Continue»
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First Flight

... .
If Sarah was eager to be away then the same did not seem true of Daniela for she insisted upon taking ... just seems to terrify me.”
“Darling the most danger you are in over this trip is right now. You’re ... the busy hustle of the more public areas this lounge was almost tranquilly quiet. A few gentlemen... Continue»
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Learns To Mind

... that all the cars were locked for the evening. Joe began another story of his adventures at sales ... of escapism before returning to hump the lot through another Saturday. Saturdays were the moneymaking ... about the talent available tonight. The bartender said the business had been slow, but if a woman... Continue»
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A Third

... fantasies of meeting that I hoped might come true if my wife went on another business trip. Then I told him ... returned from one of her extended business trips, things went back to what I considered much more normal ... as to whether I could do a blow job at all), I felt turnabout was only fair.

A few weeks later, another... Continue»
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Life in the Burbs

... for a drink or two and some chit-chat because both our spouses were on business travel. Having nothing else ... room and talked about our spouses trips, the weather, our houses, etc over a couple of drinks ... ”. She said “I will go fix us another, the movies are in the cabinet next to the TV.” So I went... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #3: Carousel Nights #4

... doorway holding a cup of coffee, and had another cup in his hand.

"Made you some hot chocolate. Can we ... . "Sorry I'm busy today... My mom works a second shift, so be free tonight if you want."

"I'd like ... up with their wraps, and they were too busy stuffing their faces to really have deep conversations... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #2

... iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #3 – Chapter 2

(AU story)
Spun out of last series, this AU story ... a bit off being touched on by another guy.

Just like Gibby expected, once the three of them got ... way back he tripped, and though he saved the glass, the water was all over the hardwood kitchen... Continue»
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He Is Away, Pinay Do Play

... said "Risa, I am leaving for buying trip on Saturday and I would be busy tomorrow. Can I come tonight ... lovers when I am gone; I encourage to fuck another guy if she wants. She always (?) tells me about ... true cuz he is married even though we flirt sometimes. When I masturbate with my vibrator, I imagine... Continue»
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... started it. The fight was with another f****y that was amazingly arrogant and all had expected it would ... come to this since our first trip to Sturgis. They had made it obvious we were not welcome ... .

“Well some dreams come true.” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“My uncle Fred has had a crush on him... Continue»
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Am I a Bad Aunt - Part 2

... earlier, it sure sounded like something she learned pretty early in life. True, this was only ... have another way to do it, if you're willing to try," I explained.

"Oh, okay," she replied ... 'front'. My shuddering legs gave out on me, I got so excited: I tripped into the door, and it swung... Continue»
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"Four Can Play This Game" (inter.; bf/wm

... rounding up for another trip in Ben's balls and he could feel his cum boiling up. It wouldn't be long ... "I can't believe this shit", Keisha says to herself as she drives the long and busy highway. "I've ... another man fucking your wife excites you?", she asked.

"Actually, yeah. A little. I mean look at how... Continue»
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Office Again

... business skirts blouses etc but with stockings and heals. it was huge turn on when Phil one ... he was saying was true or just to make me randy. Then one day Phil picked me up and took me to work ... taken came up on the screen, then another and another. Jim said he was really fortunate to have... Continue»
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... in the business, Mr. Smith, and there is none more down to earth than she. You'll do fine, sir. A confirmation ... so aptly named the occasion.

Work kept him busy and his mind occupied. Mother called Monday ... is worried sick about you."

"Sorry, mom, work has been a quite busy. Going crazy here. I'm sorry, mom... Continue»
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... posing as Doms or subs because they didn't know another
way to find a man or to negotiate ... to the bar
and started talking. "My slave and I are looking for another boy -- someone
like you -- to play ... then turned to Sir. "How is your training working out? It looks as
though you have found some true slave... Continue»
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