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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining-Day 7-part 2


... Then she went home.

The next day Angel woke up earlier than usual. ... need you... and your body... for fun."

"For fun?"

"Yes, for fun and pleasure."

"Oh daddy, what ... to suck them, don't you, Angel?"

"Is that part of the exercise for today?"

" ... ... Continue»
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Angel's Education

... hand-job. Either way amounted to fun for Angel. Of course, blowing smoke in ... at all. Instead, much to Angel's bewilderment, a part surprised, part pleasured look seemed to show in ... at his office window the day Angel secretly watched him observing Joan ... ... Continue»
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... that we would break contact until the day it happened, so as to avoid any ... My two fingers gradually built a steady rhythm & increase in f***e, thrusting deep into you, jolting ... eyes wide in terror as this had seemed fun for an evening, but 3 days, you ... ... Continue»
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Jesse's Dream Job

... It’s going to be so much fun without all that pressure!”

“Good for ... salary.”

“Yes Ms. Angel, I fully understand the contract except the part about orgasm management.”

... am. Today has been a very eye opening day for me. I’ve done things that I ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... that I wrote this, but really did have fun doing
it. It is a genuine fantasy.
Robyn ... asl**p – he
looks like a young angel, lying exhausted and sweating beside
me, with ... kept naked and chained in cages part of
the day, while the club members examine us ... ... Continue»
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... the edge of an orgasm.

Finally, after a lot of fun on Angel's part, she puts his cock-head in her mouth. She tastes ... earlier. I think he's been there most of the day, having such a busy day and all." Sarah replies.

"I'd imagine he's pretty rested ... ... Continue»
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... us who are gonna be havin' fun with you!" Came the big mans ... will be plenty more of them before the day's out Krystall. You'd better ... .

You were exhausted & sore, but satisfied & was glad that the part seemed to have shifted ... ... Continue»
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... ;s a little hard to explain, but being tied up is sometimes part of it. It's when a woman gives complete control to ... your Mother around the house & nothing more was said. It had been a momentous day for you & you hurried through your homework ... ... Continue»
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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 2 of 7

... decided
to quit for the day & see how we had done mining. We took our buckets ... that just happen to enjoy letting guys
have fun enjoying them" With that the guys said ... eat the hot dogs out of Beckys asshole. Angel easily ate the 1st part
of the 1 hotdog & ... ... Continue»
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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining-Day 7-part 1

... feeling excited too. That part of the day
was GREAT. I totally ... sons to get a weekend of mining
in. This guy was about 60 ... mean we
missed the fun ?" To which Angel replied "well, you ...
Beckys exposed cunt too 1 time. She squealed a bit louder than Angel ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt7

... breasts.....please don't do this to me," Angel begged, playing her part perfectly.

The woman did not stop. Her mouth ... gave her a hug.

"Well girls, it's been a long day for me and I must retire. Estelle will assist you to ... ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Bukkake Porn Stars

... to be meeting me the following day after another local shoot with an online ... brought out a really big crowd on the first day. After signing autographs and taking photos, I had ... were all a bunch of fun guys and I enjoyed playing the part of the girl who wants ... ... Continue»
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Cruise Ship Cuckold

... Part 4

Tonight was one of the three formal nights aboard ship on our fifteen day roundtrip cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Angel ... good slave. I hope she lets me watch. This could be fun!"

"Well," I replied, "You sure are taking this slave thing ... ... Continue»
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Dawn's Path

... make her wedding day complete. "Thank you, Angel. For everything," Kayla said.

Angel returned Kayla's ... then end it. O'Sullivan killed for fun. He prolonged the game. Drained his ... rs had a happy past. v******e was a part of their lives. Some of them had ... ... Continue»
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I never Tought camping was such fun

... place to judge. Any fun is good fun as long as nobody gets ... this little angel.
And Patty was an angel in my ... harder................ YESSSSSSSSSSS
A small detached part of my brain told me this ... .........., Dan at least once a day"
"Okay, if your father ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt11

... , even if it was only part-time.

"Sure thing Angel, hold on a second," ... "Thanks Earl, you made my day," Angel whispered to him.

The car drove ... fun to play a bit when the opportunity arises. Take a look over there," Angel told ... ... Continue»
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... the end of the day, I had
already become a functional part of the office staff ... rehearsal progressed, the comments continued, making
fun of my undeveloped figure, my pink ...
perfectly. She looks like an absolute angel. Blue is most
certainly her color." ... ... Continue»
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Panty Boys

... with "finger") believed that all men were part woman, based on the presence of their ...
The next day, I made sure I was ready for some different kinds of fun.
When Jeremy ... bodies slapped together as the little angel cried and moaned.
Having relieved his ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt16

... her fingers slide down off the ribbon onto the upper part of Angel's stomach. As soon as her fingers were off ... instead become the defining moment of her life. Angel had grown a lot since that day.

They both were quiet for quite awhile ... ... Continue»
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stepson becomes mom's sissy

... to him. It was part panty, part girdle. The stretch garment ... a flourish. "Just think! Your first day to school in a bra. Aren’t ... leapt.

"There’s my little angel," she declared loudly. After you ... with a promise of more "fun" tomorrow.

In the morning, ... ... Continue»
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