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Anal Beth

Anal Beth

... "You better define 'anal things,'" said Beth.

Ellen really blushed at that ... the crack of Beth's buttocks, all the way down to the anal region. She was ... --giving Beth the best anal sex she was capable of giving. She ordered Beth to ... ... Continue»
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Niece Beth and My Wife

... Her hips gyrated over Beth’s tongue, and she fondled her own tits as she enjoyed this wonderful anal tongue lashing with ... soaking wet pussy, and trembling anal canal. Finally, she reached down and pushed three fingers into Beth’s slippery cunt, and rubbed ... ... Continue»
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My first experience with Sapphic anal

... toilet.

That enema experience piqued my interest in anal sex and watersports. From that point on I ... anal sex experience, after the Emma episode, occurred with Beth. I met Beth through a women's nursing organization that I belong to. Beth ... ... Continue»
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... Finally, I saw the head become completely swallowed by the tight anal mouth. “The head is in!” I triumphantly exclaimed.
& ... hairs were pressing flat against her anal region.
“It’s in all the way, Beth,” I said with a sound of ... ... Continue»
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... 's thick cock up her little
shitter?" Carolyn then gave Beth a quick look. Beth
smiled and motioned for me to join her behind ... initiation with flying colors.

"Well, what do you think of anal sex now?" Carolyn
asked Wanda.

Wanda looked at me and ... ... Continue»
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Beth’s Audience

... on my crotch, rubbing my erection thru my pants.

"But Beth’s a virgin," I protested weakly.

"Hardly, darling," she breathed in my ear ... my thought. "Yes, her ass. He’s going to take her anal virginity tonight."

I asked how she could be so sure, ... ... Continue»
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Niece Beth Gets What she Asks For

... I rode her to explosive orgasm after orgasm, finally filling her anal canal with gobs of hot semen.

After we were ... the covers, pretending to be napping.

I heard Beth’s mother tapping on the bathroom door. “Beth, it’s late in the afternoon, are you ... ... Continue»
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Small Town Girl Wanted Anal - True Story

... was a reward for being a good boyfriend. But, for whatever reason, Beth and I never used lube. The concept was actually kind ... both bucked uncontrollably as I emptied my balls deep into her anal cavity, aggressively slamming my cock into her with complete ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Pam working Late, in the Office

... with Pam, Roger was fondling Beth. Beth struggled against his groping ... Beth cries. But Randy holds her hips tightly and slowly pulls her back. His cock head presses against her well-lubed anal ring and begins forcing its way inside. Beth ... ... Continue»
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Niece Beth Confesses

... and thoughts of Beth still asl**p in the guest room. Beth was 15 now, ... with pancakes and sausage, and served them. Beth started eating without acknowledging me, a disgruntled ... no wild positions, no rough stuff, no anal sex…he just doesn’t THINK sexy, ... ... Continue»
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Beth - My First mature

... of mutual masturbation because oral sex was still a rarity and anal almost unheard of amongst us k**s. We also had to keep ... the club mothers especially using the crude language but Beth encouraged it.

Beth then just leant her head back and lifted her ... ... Continue»
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... second ring. He had a gruff, Scottish accent.

"Hello, this is Beth." I said. He chuckled.

"Ah, Mr. Newark's girl!" He exclaimed. "I trust ... into arse. I had never felt pain like it. I had had anal sex in the past, but always with at least some ... ... Continue»
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Me, Beth and Maria makes three part 2

... that was like a red rag to a bull for Beth,” can I show you something,” Beth pulled out her phone and showed Maria a picture ... and slipped her finger in side Beth’s very wet pussy. Beth opened her legs wider allowing Beth to access all areas, they started ... ... Continue»
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Beth Meets Gwen

... reached her hand inside and began stroking between Beth’s legs. Beth whimpered, and pressed against Gwen’s seeking hand. The panties ... continued to lick and kiss, her tongue swirling around Beth’s opening. Beth could feel her breathing grow heavier, and ... ... Continue»
Posted by atomulatta 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 545  |  
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Beth and Gwen Entertain

... was something about the way Tiffany looked at Beth that made her melt. Beth felt her nipples hardening and noticed that Tiffany ... this.
“Sit next to me and watch,” Gwen said to Beth.
Beth was looking around the room and watching various sexy women ... ... Continue»
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Beth Meets Dan

... back to using her lips and fingers to relax Beth again. Soon Beth was begging Gwen to make her come.

“Not yet ... slow strokes, causing Gwen to writhe and begin begging. “Please Beth….” Beth ignored her, and continued to slowly lick Gwen’s nether lips ... ... Continue»
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Beth and Sally

... it.
“You fancy screwing my daughter Lew?” Beth cajoled.
“You bet Beth and I want her doggie” I enthusiastically responded .
... as possible and shared long lingering wet kisses with Beth.

“Well,” Beth announced, “ I don’t know if I’ll ever get ... ... Continue»
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Beth's Last Virgin Hole

... her best, riding me wonderfully, while my darling Beth watched. Beth got off the couch and reached between my legs, ... can taste it?"
"I'd love to, given half-a-chance," I admitted freely.

Beth giggled. "I guess we'll have to schedule a play date."

I ... ... Continue»
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the conversion of Beth part 3 of 3

... in her 30's were going to show Beth a good time. Beth borrowed a sexy skirt and low-cut ... her, but, was happy to see Beth opening up.
What Beth didn't know but, everyone else ... to their room and helped Beth get there also. By now Beth was having a hard time ... ... Continue»
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Beth My Future Mother In-Law

... Angel, moved into the living room I reluctantly followed.
When I heard Beth stacking dishes I offered my help, Angel said why not, ... think Maa ?
he's A Real Gentleman Yes He is Daughter Beth replied And He's Sweet too Angel added
"Well I wouldn't ... ... Continue»
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