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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 4 (The morning after

An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 4 (The morning after

... can I?"

After the guys all ate Ms. Clark took the dishes placed them in the dishwasher ... When I returned from the store, I saw that Ms. Clark wasn't in the kitchen, nor was she in her room ... breakfast for these guys. As I was rummaging around in the kitchen Ms. Clark came in, and gave me... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 2

... and to get assurances from them that this wouldn't get around school that I had fucked Ms. Clark ... to the couches or floor to sl**p.
I was awakened around 6 a.m. by Ms. Clark, who asked me to come ... . I didn't know what to say. When Ms. Clark finally regained some sense and said to him "Jake, why... Continue»
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... cart came by she bought 4 bottle of Jack Daniels and proceeded to drink them all one after ... eventually tell me. I picked out a couple new outfits and even found a great pair of shoes, then we went ... and once I even saw her raise her finger to her lips and smile. Still I couldn't help but wonder what she... Continue»
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... and the whole evening culminated at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Damn, when this guy parts with some ... The last time I wrote anything was right after I had sex with my boyfriend, a friend of my son's ... , and i even fucked my own son.
Gawd what a weekend that was!
I have been lucky that the friend... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks

... Ms. Clark was my friends mother, and she was also a substitute teacher. She is about 5'1 blue eyes ... around drinking at my friends place when Ms. Clark came in from a date. She reminded us that no one ... down the hall. I creeped up to the slightly open door and peeked in. There was Ms. Clark wearing a baby... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 3 (Jakes Story)

... After catching my mother and my bud in the shower together, I went to my room ... last night, and again this morning, and I hope that you do not feel badly about me."she said.
I ... hardness, but was still throbbing in front of her.

"I came home last night after another disappointing... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas

... The morning came so swiftly, I was feeling relaxed and satisfied, and this was only Saturday, we ... who would be calling. After she hung up she said "That was the airline, they have apparently ... to pass. He asked when our flight was and she told him 4 p.m. He then suggested maybe he could come... Continue»
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Part 4 The Next Morning

... Part 4 The Next Morning

I woke the next morning after an incredibly eventful first day. After ... it was about 10:45 we had spelt in quite late we must have been really tired but then after ... nipple softly biting it to.
“Good Morning Slave” My Mistress said and I stopped to look up at her... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 6 (Cindys Story part

... and nodded his head. "I had never had anyone go down on me after sex before, why did you do that?" he ... wanted to do after he was out of school and his other future plans. I reminded him that he must NEVER ... .

After he had brought me to a satisfying cum I just had to return the favor and I rolled him over... Continue»
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Ms. Nancy, Part 4. We take a huge risk

... and frustrated, well, it was working.

That evening, after a delicious home cooked dinner prepared ... and I was invited along. It had been quite a while since my handjob fantasy was fulfilled by Ms ... people, and I knew I would be comfortable, even though I was the lone friend invited along on the trip... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt.2

... Mom, lets get you cleaned up after your trip" He took my hand and led me to my bedroom I had ... I was lying with my feet off the side of the bed. That was when I felt him slowly part my legs... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt. 3

... about seeing Bob, my now Ex-Boyfriend, showering, after what I assumed was his fucking my 12 year old ... daughter, Then I thought of Jake, fucking me after I got home, and he had just started to eat my cum ... pussy after a late night of drinking and unsatisfying sex, then I found out it was one of my former... Continue»
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Part 4, 1st meeting after months of chat

... crazy with even more lust for my naked toy, tied up for my pleasure. I told her that I had some ... to wait to do spanking and maybe even some light whipping until later. Right now I wanted to see ... lips, and then across her little clit. Then I would allow the cock head to just barely part her lips... Continue»
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My teacher kept me after for a reason... PART 4

... with no panties under, just to tease me, so I'll give it to her even harder after class. We even fucked in class ... Sorry for the long delay between the posts, hope this makes up for it.
PART 1 ... /user/swedishguy1/posts/133805.html
PART 2 Continue»
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... the call. Next morning at around 8 I left home as usual to college and picked up Anitha at the ... regularly after reading all the stories in here and I decided to post my story as well. I would like ... all the men do after marriage as a result Anitha wasn't getting too much of sex from him.

She... Continue»
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... was a problem at 10 am. At this time mall are start to open and some mall are closed and the after ... after 6:30 pm she relives me.

The weekend comes and at 11:00 am my phone ring it boss phone he said ... afternoon is better time. He agreed and at decided time we reached the mall and buy a diamond ring of... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

tattarrattat at the door he must have been a bit late because it was 1/4
after 3 when I saw the ... coming in at 4 in the morning it must be if not more
still he had the manners not to wake me what do ...
theyre all so different Boylan talking about the shape of my foot he
noticed at once even before... Continue»
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House of Debauchery - Part 4 (Even More Perverted!

... "Good morning!" , I heard my mother's voice.
"Mornin'" I groaned, eyes half open and still groggy ... swung freely on her without support, even more so because she was leaning forward. They were so ... together.
Even when Gina was fucking her with a strap on, mom always made sure I was close, holding her... Continue»
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Shadi Bhai ki Suhaag Raat Hum Dono ki

... his defeated asshole as the pain started to diminish slowwwwwww and soon no less than 3 even 4 ... .

Time passed and after settling much of Bhabi’s affairs, Mike (Pappu) was next and the arrangements for ... his comfortable stay were also looked at again. The basement in our house was not finished but there... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms.Clarks Part 5 (Cindys story)

... and put it on, I really dont need a bra, even after 3 k**s suckled me, as I have some of the firmest ... a romantic evening this is turning out to be.

After Bob had eaten his food he lookes at me like ... alchohol that there would be NO ONE leaving the house and that even Sam would have to stay home. I... Continue»
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