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An Evening at Ms. Clarks

An Evening at Ms. Clarks

... Ms. Clark was my friends mother, and she was also a substitute teacher. She is about 5'1 blue eyes ... around drinking at my friends place when Ms. Clark came in from a date. She reminded us that no one ... down the hall. I creeped up to the slightly open door and peeked in. There was Ms. Clark wearing a baby... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 2

... and to get assurances from them that this wouldn't get around school that I had fucked Ms. Clark ... to the couches or floor to sl**p.
I was awakened around 6 a.m. by Ms. Clark, who asked me to come ... . I didn't know what to say. When Ms. Clark finally regained some sense and said to him "Jake, why... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 4 (The morning after

... can I?"

After the guys all ate Ms. Clark took the dishes placed them in the dishwasher ... When I returned from the store, I saw that Ms. Clark wasn't in the kitchen, nor was she in her room ... breakfast for these guys. As I was rummaging around in the kitchen Ms. Clark came in, and gave me... Continue»
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Ms. Clark and Ms. Johnson in Vegas

... of networking. Bonnie, (Ms. Johnson) and I, attended a seminar the last morning, I noticed ... teach at ******* High School, And you are?" "I am Cindy Clark from Iowa, I teach at ****** High School ... " "So" says Bill "We can just skinny dip!" Even as Bonnie and I were considering it Bill was turning... Continue»
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... , and i even fucked my own son.
Gawd what a weekend that was!
I have been lucky that the friend ... the room with another teacher who was also going to attend.
I had met Ms. Johnson (Bonnie) at school ... and the whole evening culminated at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Damn, when this guy parts with some... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 3 (Jakes Story)

... and I sucked his cock without even thinking about what I was doing. I just know that I wanted to share ... , "If you promise not to think bad of me I will do something special for you." Before I could even say ... have ever had in my young life and the fact that she was my MOTHER, just made it even better!

I... Continue»
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... eventually tell me. I picked out a couple new outfits and even found a great pair of shoes, then we went ... and once I even saw her raise her finger to her lips and smile. Still I couldn't help but wonder what she ... landed in Vegas around 6 in the evening and by the time we got out luggage and transportation... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 6 (Cindys Story part

... and looked at him his gace looked like he had just ate a glazed donut I licked all around his mouth ... out and he dried me off even putting a small kiss on my pussy. I sucked his cock for a couple... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt. 3

... a great knowledge of the female anatomy, he told her things I wasn't even aware of. Damn he was good.
(more to come)
... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas

... The morning came so swiftly, I was feeling relaxed and satisfied, and this was only Saturday, we were supposed to go home Sunday. As I laid in bed trying to remember how many guys used my little pussy... Continue»
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Ms. Clark after Vegas Pt.2

... "Hey, Mom, WHY are your panties so wet?" I sat there not really digesting what the boys were saying to me, and then it dawned on me that my legs were not close together,r and that the short skirt I... Continue»
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Van de Een Komt de ander 2

... hem dan in haar eigen kutje, waar Tim dan maar moest komen. Soms kneep An dan zijn kloten en pik weer even ... . We werden wakker van Tim die An haar eerste vette anale beurt gaf. Ze gilde, "Lotte.. Toine" kom ... in de anus van An zijn zaad begon te lozen, trok Lotte haar zus van zijn nog spuitende lul. Grijnzend zei... Continue»
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sub fantasy

... this note. "Hello, slave. Do what I say and you will have an interesting evening. Take the string in ... one of Susan's fellow dommes. She pushed his limits even further than the previous evening. But it ... plane at noon tomorrow. She will give you an envelope then. Open it as soon as the plane is in the... Continue»
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Pleasure With Rakes's Wife Suman

... return same day at 6 at evening and after some rest, I refreshed up myself and at 8:30 I reached Suman ... back how bouncing their bumps up and down. Same day in evening at 6:30 PM luck by chance we, Suman ... face she is smiling and looking normal and she can easily making eye contact with me. At the evening... Continue»
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s****r in law

... did not came.

She never goes out with out me especially at night times. Even she tells me, if she ... came to know her around 4 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at Chennai ... respectable distance. But while I was in my bed at night sometimes I used to masturbate fantasizing her. In... Continue»
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... bir çok insan?n çekici buldu?u olgun,anlay??l? ve uyumlu bir insan?m.Ba??mdan geçen s?ra d??? fakat zevkli an?m ... ihtimal kocas?n?n almaya gelece?ini söyleyince bir an hayal k?r?kl??? ya?ad?m ama hemen kendimi ... kaplam??,bir an için bedenimi nedensiz bir heyecan sarm??t?.Sözlerinin ard?ndan Metin cep telefonunu ç... Continue»
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Great Grand Mother’s Brothel Diary

... some fucker, she sucked a whistle as good as any of my girls. Even took in in her bottom for one ... this morning.

October 6, 1878 – My manly girlfriend Ms. Denise Rover came over with some new ... him on the way out and got my cut from him, told him no more free pussy, even if the girls want... Continue»
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Just for Roflmfaomfgiggles

... turned around. "Yes, may I help you?"
"It's Clark," reach out his hand to her. "Clark Spike."
Ms ... nose on my businesses, even when I invite my friends over. Or don't come home the night before. Does ... .

I watched dad approached a teacher and took off his hat. "Ms. Trish?"
The female teacher... Continue»
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... shape of an X looked at himself. Was she the woman dressed in a tight black leather corset with half ... labia clearly visible. At her feet dry black pumps with high block heels. The most striking was perhaps ... time, a date and an address in Utrecht. It was not what the pampering afternoon meant, but Ineke... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

theyre all so different Boylan talking about the shape of my foot he
noticed at once even before ... blowing up to
their navels even when Milly and I were out with him at the open air fete
that one ... at us with their eyes as
stupid as ever they can possibly be that was an exceptional man that... Continue»
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