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Always Taken Advantage Of...pt4

Always Taken Advantage Of...pt4

... saliva and Charlie's pre-cum dripping from my chin.

Bruce had taken hold of both my hips ... , till he was slamming into my prone body like he was possessed. Finally I could take it no more ... and cried out 'Charlie, please take it easy, I can't take any more.'

Laughing manically Charlie... Continue»
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Always Taken Advantage Of...pt3

... of mucus saliva and Charlie's pre-cum dripping from my chin.

Bruce had taken hold of both my hips... Continue»
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Always Taken Advantage Of...

... I had just finished my Saturday sprint, each Saturday I go to the school's track and run two miles. I had laid down on the bottom bleacher and after stretching and was getting my wind back... Continue»
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Always Taken Advantage Of..pt2

... Daniel stood up behind me and slowly rubbed his hands up my buttocks, I stood there with my gym shorts and underwear piled up around my ankles. I cupped my hands over my genitals more such to hide... Continue»
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Always Taken Advantage Of...pt5

... , you're too big, I can't take it,' I begged. Daniel replied 'bitch, the first time we fucked you ... , you had no problem taking my dick, and you gonna take it now.' I was trembling so violently ... ones at that time that were sexing me.

Daniel stayed in my butt like he owned it, taking his... Continue»
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... come in to take advantage of the specials stand out like a sore thumb, not that the hot ones ever have ... eyeglasses that didn't take any years off of the half century's worth of chronological baggage she ... aunt from the far side of the small room.

She looked the same as always, but Steve thought it... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... bedroom. She was a take charge kind of girl and hell I was having sex so who was I to complain. Carol ... 'boy pussy'. Carol took quick advantage of this position and pulled her finger out and quickly ... me caused my cock to shrink down.

Carol took advantage of my withered state to humiliate me a... Continue»
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I won the lottery 2

... cracked a few vents, enjoying the cool air and a good cup of coffee. This had always, my whole life, been ... might be thinking I took advantage of you and went too far.” “No, you didn’t. I was thinking of you and ... in which Catherine and I had just sort of stepped into each other’s kiss, she surprised me when she said... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... that sent her into the building. She was taken by surprise. She made a giant green fist of light and ... thought if he ever had powers, she would take full custody of him and make him her sidekick. Her hearts ... was pounding thinking of how fun it would be. But first she had to take Saturn Girl down and deal with... Continue»
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... had had in mind when I set off, on my tour of America, I had planned to take Greyhounds for most ... ." Andrew offered

"Typical cheap driver, always looking for gas money" Alice mocked

My eyes lit up ... guys to the Park then, we'll see if we get along enough for me to take you up on that offer." I replied... Continue»
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... told Tiffany that I had mentioned it to Lacey in passing and that Lacey used it to her advantage ... . Tiffany blushed and was clearly taken aback by the revelation. I couldn’t help but tell her that if she ... asked. Tiffany replied, “I’ve always love Lacey’s breasts. They’re perky and her nipples... Continue»
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... ), they always had to watch out not to show any signs of affection towards each other. Evelyn ... well-off and always managed to pick up the tab, ignoring the protests of her friends. The other girls ... to take a long walk along the lake and back which took them about an hour.
On the way back, Rhonda... Continue»
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She brought out the freak in me!

... section, his long dark muscular thighs and that fat head that always seems to rise and shine before ... .

While seated she takes him deep in her throat all at once and suck hard and fast . The pain subside ... again.

Shandra take one testicle at a time in her mouth and gentle suck it. First the right than... Continue»
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End of a Rivalry

... glisten with each movement. Alyssa had taken the advantage, as her assault on Leya’s face had worn ... take and give a lot of punishment. However, as in life, Alyssa has yet to be victorious in the ring ... , she’s out of breath and is taking a merciless pummeling. Leya’s abilities in the ring are also... Continue»
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Nothing is free

... of charge and my only
commitment was to give fair and honest feedback and take advantage of all ... service for the duration of your stay," she
explained, "so please take full advantage of the service ... detailed on the
score sheet however I could choose when to take advantage of each
offering. Finally... Continue»
Posted by klammer 5 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  

Ankle Bracelet

... man is taking advantage of my charms. I whisper to him to go faster and harder, to drive deeper ... . Just for being cheap and tarty. It’s a good feeling.

I have taken to wearing tight black skirts ... manage without being in a size too small. I want every curve on show. I always wear black stockings... Continue»
Posted by BishBosh03 7 months ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  
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Fun With A Friend

... for her (I mean come-on, who likes to be taken dry?!?!) and more of a nuisance than a turn-on even ... , and told her that if she played with us, she would definitely be taken care of right sexually. We ... then the other, taking turns tantalizing both of them. My husband was on the other side of me... Continue»
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Cock Ring Conundrum.

... a nudist in the UK is not always easy: we have few places where we can enjoy our chosen lifestyle ... willy is a different shape to both Harry and Daddy” she went on, her voice taking a perplexed tone ... but I had an operation as a baby to have it taken off because it had got sore. Both parents looked... Continue»
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Love after the Business Trip

... be taking advantage of it.

I had missed her so much, even though she had been gone for just one ... watched Michelle take in everything. She was always so delicate when
she consumed edibles. Tonight ... as her boss since she was
filling in for him on this business trip, and she took full advantage... Continue»
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... Jones was every boy's wet dream come true;
especially Bill's. About 5' 4" tall, with long dark ... of
pants and a white top. He always enjoyed it when she
wore this shirt for two reasons. One ... , it was so loose
that whenever she bent over, a quick peak down the
front would almost always reward... Continue»
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