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Allow me to introduce myself :

... full control. They tell me I'm apathetic as if I were to care.

But they don't fucking know me, they have no ... me and not another steroid clone with a fake plastered smile, don't dare try to disprove it.

They tell me I'm thin, ripped, they tell me to ... ... Continue»
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Dad Allow Me To Fuck Mom

Dad Allow Me To Fuck Mom

Hello friend I am new in this site. My name is Rajib. Age is 30 years now. I am the only son of my parents. My father is class one officer of State Government. My mom is a housewife. My mom is now 50 years. My dad is now 56 years. It’s happened when I am 26 years. After a fever of 7 days I check my bl**d and it took me the cancer in my cheats. Doctors said this last stage for me only 6 month in my life. After that mom and dad become mad for me. They want always happy me. But I know my life going to end. Mom dad always asked what is your desire in your life we fulfill all things. I always thinking my life will end within 6 month. Dad and mom always beside me they always want to charm me best food bring for me and which I like they bring for me. In the night mom and dad want to sl**p with me but said them that nothing to do I am your son I never do anything which hit your heart. One day mom and dad asked what do you like tell us we fulfill all desire for you. Dad asked me lots of time to me what I want. My all desire was gone when I heard that my chest cancer. Every day dad and mom asked what I need and what my desire is. I said nothing dad and mom please courage me to alive. One day after leaving dad for office mom asked my dear son please tell me your desire. I said mom I always think about you and dad how you live without me. Mom began cry and said you never leave us we love you very much my son we do everything’s for you. I said ok mom I tell you. Mom said tells me now. I said nothing in mind at present. In the early age dad is my best friend not mom. Dad and I share all experience within us. Nest day morning dad asked me on the roof that can any wish in your mind my dear son. I said no dad. Dad said any girl friend you have. I said dad you know everything about my affairs that one class friend whom I like but she is now mother of a c***d after that no girls in my life. Dad said ok my dear son. I said dad your office today close. Dad said no my dear son. Dad asked why you asked. I said not for any reason as alike.
Dad asked if you any desire in your mind you tell me. I said dad I never sex with any lady. Dad said ok my dear son I give you a lady with merry you. I said no dad I do not spoil any life in my short life. Dad said we make her as our daughter. I said no dad. Dad said ok as you like. Dad said can I hire a call girl. I said no dad. Dad asked whom do you want. I said no one just said you. Dad no my dear son your mom and I love you so much your are only c***d of us, so tell me my dear son. I said ok tell you later. Dad said not later tells me now. I said dad I visited internet regularly and read some sex stories from the internet and from that some i*****l thought grow in my mind. Dad asked what grow. I said no tell you in the night. Dad said no my dear son if you do not tell me I never get peace in my mind for whole days. I said no dad not at now. Dad said why you hesitate my dear son tell me. I said it is fully i****t things. Dad said ok my dear son I understand you read i****t stories. I said yes dad. Dad said why you hesitate the real one is that I read those stories regularly in my office and its make so what in this age so, you are the young so you heart more. I said yes dad. Dad said which type stories you like, father-daughter, b*****r-s****r, mother-son or others type. I said dad you read. Dad said yes my son more interesting is some stories print and your mom read also. I said mom also read. Dad said she like it very much. I said dad if my diseases not found we never talk this type of things. Dad said perhaps my dear son. I said where I stand dad, my life going to end. Dad said no my son never tells this your mother and I will die before you. I said ok dad I never tell. Dad said ok my son we love you so much and kiss me on my forehead. I said dad the heat of sun is very hot so let’s go in the room. Dad said ok let’s go. Both dad and I began to walk. Dad said but you hide your desire to me. I said how I tell you. Dad said no problem my dear son anything you tell me. I said it is impossible to happen. Dad said can I tell you real thing. I asked what. Dad said if you Want your mom and my heart we give you. So tell me my dear son. In the mean time mom call us to come. Dad said come on son tell me no time for me. I said ok tell you. We return to our bed room. Dad goes for birth I go to my bed room. After bath dad start breakfast and ready for office. Dad said me before leavening the house that I told everything to your mom. Dad left the house for office. After breakfast mom said how do you feel my dear son? I said better and fresh mom. Mom said what do you want my dear son. I said no mom nothing. Mom said I am now free please tells me. I said no mom nothings. Mom said you read those stories from internet. I said yes. Mom said your dad said you have some i*****l desire. I said what? Mom said you told me. I said do you guess. Mom said no but thinking. I said what? Mom said because you read i****t stories so your desire likes i****t. I said yes but not possible. Mom said why not possible. I said that stories not true. Mom said I know but it hit us. I said yes but it hit my heart. Mom said it is hit your heart but in your mind it grows to do. I said yes mom. Mom said every c***d when become adolescent they want a lady but they see only their mom and it’s grows in their mind. I said mom then. Mom said wait few minutes I am coming. Saying this mom goes away. I think what’s happened.
I am thinking that all chance will go. In the mean time mom call me from their bedroom and said your father want to talk with you. I go mom’s room. Telephone receiver gave me mom. I said hello on the other hand the voice of my dad. Dad said what happen my son. I said nothing dad. Dad said but your mom said something. I asked what. Dad said your mom is ready and I have no objection about you and your mom. I said what you say dad some one hear this from behind. Dad said nobody near me. I said ok dad as you wish. I said mom let’s go. Mom said where. I said my bedroom. Mom said ok my dear son. Mom and I go to my bed room. Mom opens her sharee. I saw 1st time mom big breast with red blouse and white bra. What a boobs like a coconut each one. Mom call me come on son mom is ready. I reached to mom and said mom what we going to do. Mom said I want to see my son happy so I do for my son everything. I said mom if I do you really happy doing this. Mom said when your dad brings those stories from then I always want to do with my son. I asked what. Mom said fucking with my son. Hearing this from mom’s mouth my all hesitation was gone and I hugs mom and hold her big breast with my two hands. Mom said oh my son what a touch press hardly my son. I fondle with mom’s breast with two hands. Mom hugs me by her two hands. I said mom really you are gorgeous figure. Mom said you like my figure. I said yes mom I like old lady with great figure. Mom said really. I said yes mom your breast is big and soft touch. Mom said comes on son make me naked. I said yes mom, I unhooked her blouse and bra and now mom wear only petticoat. What a nipple of my mom white mixed yellow color of mom breast with black nipple. I sucked mom breast with my knee down. Mom said sucked my son. I said mom what is your figure now. Mom said 44dd 38-46 butts. I said really. Mom said yes. I said like story’s mom. Mom said yes my son. I said mom unhook your petticoat. Mom unhooks her petticoat and it’s down to earth. Mom womanhood is now in front of me with full view. It’s covered with long pubic hare. I said mom what a gorgeous vagina of you. Mom said come on son I am ready for your manhood. I said yes mom naked me. Mom opens my short pant. My long pennies open to mom. My pennies are now erect at 90 degree angle. Mom holds my pennies and said what a size. I said mom it is really big size. Mom said yes my son bigger than your dad. I said really. Mom said really it make tied. I said oh mom really. Mom said come on ride on me. Mom lie on the bed with spread her legs and said come on son. I down my two knees and enter between mom’s two legs. Mom’s holds my Manhood and put into my birth place and said push my son. I press my pennies into mom’s womanhood. Mom hugs me hardly and said oh my son what a strong laud you are. I hold mom two shoulders and fuck her. Mom said come on fuck me my son. I said yes mom fuck you oh mom what a lovely mother of me. Mom said are you happy now my son. I said oh mom you don’t know how I want you every time I always want to fuck you from last 6 years. Mom said what a bad luck of mine last 6 year you want me but not get you. I said yes mom bad luck. Mom if you told me I gave you all chances also your dad both we want f****y sex. I said oh mommy come on hold my mommy my cum will ready for you. Mom said oh son give some stroke your mom also ready. I kissing mom’s lips and give her hard fuck. Mom said come on fuck me son fuck me harder oh god give him more power to fuck his mom. I said mom no more time to me hold me mom ah mom oh mom my cum is coming now. Mom said yes son your mom’s cum is now poring. I pore my cum into mom pussy. Mom jerks three or four times I also. After one minutes I get up from mom’s body. My pennies wet with mom and my cum. Mom wipe with her petticoat. Mom said let’s go toilets and wash. After return from toilets mom call dad by phone. Mom said we done you come as early as possible. Dad said I am reaching with in 20 minutes. Mom makes a glass of Horlicks for me. In the min time dad entered to room.... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt2

After Angel's little adventure with the cab driver, she and Jim walked around the corner to the entrance to their apartment. Angel was a little bit worn out, but Jim, having only watched, was pretty charged up. The two climbed the stairs to their apartment on the second floor.

"I have a surprise for you tonight," Jim said to Angel as he gathered her into his arms.

"Oh yeah? What would that be," Angel replied.

"I've got reservations on Tatto's down on Lincoln Road. So, I've taken the liberty of laying some clothes out on the bed for you to wear. I want you especially hot for Tatto's," Jim told her.

Angel flashed her million dollar smile at him as she walked into the bedroom to see what was waiting for her. Lying on the bed, was an outfit that she would wear only on the most special occasions and only to the very best places.

She had found it at a little boutique in New York when she was there interviewing her new agent. The pants were black jean style pants that were made of some velvet-like material. Down each leg, where there is normally a seam, there was a cut-out from each hip all the way to the ankle. Bridging the cutout were strips of fabric studded with sequins. Two long sequined strips ran down the edge of each cutout as well. A matching sequined belt that was about 4 inches wide was included.

The real star of this outfit though was the top. It was basically a bikini top -- South American style -- that was covered with sequins. Being that it is cut in the classic South American style, when Angel has the top on, everything around her comes to a halt. The top literally looks as if it will burst at any moment. There seems to be no chance that the thin straps will stand the strain of Angel's luscious breasts.

The combination of the black velvet pants and the bright sequined top, turns Angel into a nightime star. The sequins dance merrily as they ride her perfect breasts.

"So -- I guess that I'm going to be showing off the goods tonight," she laughed.

"Sweet Angel, I just love to watch the reactions as you pass by people. Sometimes, I'm not sure you understand the effect you have on people. Man or woman," Jim said.

Angel smiled as she began to disrobe and get cleaned up for their night out. Jim sat and watched her as the Latin beauty slowly removed the clothes that the cab driver had removed less than an hour ago. He smiled to himself as he thought about how incredible it was to watch his beautiful girlfriend be taken by other women. Sometimes he felt like he was the winner of the biggest lottery ever.

After awhile, Angel and Jim were ready to head out. They decided to walk to the restaurant. It was the best way to see the sights along South Beach and also the best way for Angel to dazzle the people along the way. She was recognized quite often and would stop and sign autographs happily. The shop keepers along the strip also appreciated her being highly visible as it lent an air of celebrity to the area. Jim had even worked out some deals so that Angel would make appearances in certain bars or clubs in return for comped meals and drinks. It was a good arrangement for both.

As they walked, the usual happened -- a crowd developed. Young college guys would run up to her and cop a quick photo. Some guys even had video cameras and would walk backwards in front of her so that they could film her awesome beauty. Angel took it all in stride and simply smiled and handed out kisses to each one.

While Angel was known pretty well locally, there was always someone who was visiting from somewhere else who had no idea who she was. In fact, quite a few of those people would mistake her for a hooker. She always found this to be amusing and sometimes played along for a laugh. Tonight was no different and several slobby men did approach her. She dispensed with them quickly -- she already had a man. It was a woman that she did not have.

To help things progress, Jim would usually walk a little behind her so it was not obvious he was with her. This helped to bring out the people who were willing to play. As always, it was the women who were the most discreet and the most interesting. They would walk up alongside her as she window-shopped. Small talk would ensue. Perhaps an invitation for a drink, perhaps for dinner. Sometimes, Angel would accept.

The women would want to hold her hand as they sat and chatted. They would scoot their chair close to hers so they could touch her, stroke her hair, be her girl friend. And for that lucky woman who might catch Angel's interest, she would go back to the woman's hotel. In every case, these women would not believe there good fortune to lie with a girl as exquisite as Angel. Imagine their surprise the next time they got a swimsuit catalog in the mail and saw the girl they slept with on the cover. Angel got a kick just thinking of it.

But tonight, Jim and Angel walked together and the tourists only looked from afar.

"Listen Angel, there's a new place that just opened up here on the corner. I'm told it's the hottest shop on the beach. Wanna check it out?" Jim asked.

Angel clutched his arm. "Lead the way, " she replied.

It only took a few minutes to arrive in front of a store that had huge double doors standing wide open. The windows were filled with incredible colorful displays of clothes on totally wild looking mannequins. Music was blasting out the doors from inside. But the most interesting and eye-catching thing about it was standing alongside each door.

There were 2 absolutely gorgeous girls working the door welcoming customers in. Jim and Angel stopped to take a look before they walked in. The two door girls spotted Angel and one of them seemed to recognize her. Jim was checking them out. One was slightly taller, but incredibly, that was almost the only difference.

Both door girls had jet-black hair. Both were nearly 6 feet tall. Both were dressed in red satin jackets and black leather skirts. Jim thought both were absolutely gorgeous, but there was something about them. The slimness of their hips, the width of the shoulders. He couldn't put his finger on it though.

The girls stepped up to Angel and one took her hand.

"You're Angel Enriquez. I've seen your picture hundreds of times, but seeing you in person is divine." the door girl said.

"Yes, divine," the other agreed as she walked behind Angel, her fingers trailing around the model's bare waist.

"We'd like to invite you into LitaLand. We would take great honor in offering our special service to a luscious beauty such as yourself," the taller girl said.

Angel flashed her smile at them both and wondered to herself just what they meant by "special service". The 2 girls took her by each hand and led her inside as Jim followed behind.

The door girls led Angel through the large gothic looking doorway into something that was totally another world. The store was decorated with large red, black, and silver tapestries that hung ceiling to floor. Mannequins were placed on huge pedestals -- some 10ft high. Everywhere Angel looked there were salesgirls that looked and dressed identical to the 2 door girls. Customers were everywhere and they were all young and obviously rich.

The 2 door girls led Angel to a woman who was standing to one side of the store and appeared to be watching all that went on. The door girls, still holding Angel by the hand, spoke to her in a whisper.

"This is Anna. She is the manager of LitaLand. It's our policy to bring special customers to her so that she can personally take care of all your desires. We hope you enjoy yourself."

With that, first one and then the other door girl hugged Angel closely and kissed her. At first Angel was surprised, but then she yielded as the girls kissed her deeply. The seond girl finished and held Angel tightly as she ran her fingers over Angel's soft lips.

"To bad I am at the door tonight, I would love to take care of you myself," she said as she turned to walk away.

As the 2 girls left, Angel turned her attention to the manager. She was quite a tall woman, at least a foot taller than Angel. Still, she was very exotically beautiful. The manager reached her hands out to Angel.

"Ah my dear Miss Enriquez. It is lovely to have someone as beautiful as you in our humble shop. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Anna, the manager," the woman said.

"I hope that you found the service provided to you by our door girls was to your liking," Anna continued.

Angel knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Oh it was totally to my liking," she said as she ran her fingers lightly over her lips, gently touching where the door girls had kissed her.

"Very good," Anna replied. "I have taken the liberty of calling the owner of the store -- Lita herself -- and she is on her way here to personally see to your every need."

The woman stepped up to Angel and wrapped her arms around her. She put her mouth over Angel's and began to kiss her. It was a sight to behold. The woman's arms went around Angel's back and waist, pulling her in tightly. The lovely model was totally in to it and she let the woman probe into her mouth with an aggressive tongue. The woman slyly worked her finger tips to push up under Angel's top to touch her breasts.

As the woman continued to kiss Angel, there was suddenly a commotion at the front door. A loud booming voice could be heard, even above the music.

Anna broke off the kiss.

"Ah, that must be Lita now. Allow me to introduce you," she said as she led Angel to the main part of the store.

As Angel walked around a large display, she was able to see Lita for the first time. Angel was almost startled at the site of a black woman; tall, maybe 6'6"; heavy, maybe 270 pounds; and dressed in the most colorful and bright dress that Angel had every seen. Lita immediately spotted Angel and ran right to her.

"Miss Enriquez, I cannot begin to tell you how delighted that you have chosen to come to our store this evening. You are very well known to myself and all my staff and we relish the thought of personally servicing you tonight," Lita exclaimed as she took Angel's hands.

Angel had to think about that last sentence for a second. Was there a double meaning there? She dismissed it for the moment and flashed her smile at Lita.

"Please call me Angel as do all my friends. I am very happy of the warm reception you all have given me and I can't wait to see more of your store," Angel said.

"My dear Angel, there is more than meets the eye here. Please allow me to show you the VIP section of our store," Lita said as she began to lead the darling girl to a curtain in the corner.

"Are you the boyfriend?" she asked of Jim.

He nodded in reply.

"Well, you may follow along. But please stay out of way there is much to do with Miss Enriquez."

Lita parted the curtain which revealed a large metal door. She unlocked it with a key and let them all pass in. She snapped her fingers at several of the sales girls and the manager Anna. They all quickly went in. Then Lita shut the door, locking it with the key.

Angel and Jim took in the room they were now in. It was an exact duplicate of the store they had just been in. To every detail it was the same. Same decor, same racks of clothes, same mannequins, everything. But, there was one difference and Angel noticed it first.

"Lita, this is fantastic, but I do not see any dressing rooms."

"Lovely Angel, this is our VIP room. We bring such special customers in here one at a time. Only myself, Anna, and my most trusted staff will join the young ladies we bring in here. I find it much more enjoyable and convenient to allow the young ladies to simply disrobe right here in the middle of the room. It makes it very nice to try lots of outfits at one time."

With that, she stepped up to Angel and turned her around. The fat finger found the strap of her top and held the catch.

"Won't you please allow me my dear?" she asked.

"Please do," Angel replied.

With that, Lita released the catch. She held the straps to hold the top in place as one hand went under Angel's arm to the front of the top. She put her hand over one of the cups and gently massaged.

"This is a lovely top. And it looks wonderful on you my dear," Lita said as her hand cupped the luscious model's breast.

The bib black woman pressed herself into Angel's back as she released the top and let it fall to the floor. Angel stood still as Lita's hands slowly rose up and cupped her breasts. Angel watched in the mirror as the big black hands enveloped her breasts, holding them, feeling their wieght.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked as she watched in the mirror.

"I'm so sorry my dear. Your body is just so incredible, I could not resist the temptation to touch you."

The big woman, so much larger than the beautiful and delicate Angel, seemed to wrap around the girl. Her arms held her tightly as the hands slowly massaged the delicious breasts. Angel was starting to feel the effect of the attention her breasts were receiving. The woman seemed to know that Angel's breasts were intensly sensitive and that by controlling them, she could control the girl.

Jim was watching intently as the woman slowly and expertly felt up his girlfriend. It was obvious that Lita was very experienced at this, that she had brought many girls into her VIP room before, and that she had her way with those girls as she was going to have her way with Angel. The big woman had her arms wrapped his beautiful Angel as her hands worked magic on Angel's swollen, tender breasts.

The big woman had the beautiful model totally under her control. After a time, she released the girl's breasts and turned her around. She brought the girl into her huge breasts as she locked her mouth over Angel's delicate lips. The woman's tongue drove into the girl's mouth as she wrapped the girl in a bear hug. Lita kissed the girl so hard and so long that Angel could barely catch her breath.

Finally, Lita broke off the kiss and stepped back from the girl.

"I don't think you're in the mood for shopping. Am I correct my dear?" Lita asked.

Angel nodded in agreement.

"I thought so," the big woman said as she reached out for the girl.

Her fingers slipped inside the front of the girls waistband and pulled her forward. She slowly started to release the 5 buttons on the front of the velvet pants. She then pushed Angel's pants slowly down revealing the girl's slender, tanned legs. She was wearing a very bright white t-back and it literally glowed against her olive brown skin.

The big woman was astounded by the Angel's beauty. She could hardly believe that this incredible girl was now in her store, totally under her control. She could see that the girl was very turned on and was having trouble standing. She motioned for one of the sales girls and pointed at a big curtain that was on one side of the room. The girl went to it and pushed a button that was on the wall.

A soft light came on and the curtain opened to reveal a large round bed. A very large round bed.

"Would you like to join me?" Lita asked Angel. "Or rather, would you like to join us?"

Angel didn't understand at first, but then realized that the sales girls had gathered around her. Before Angel could say or do anything, they led her to the bed and helped her to lay down. One at a time, they each approached her to gently kiss each of Angel's soft but erect nipples. Angel was rapidly loosing control of herself, something that was totally new to her.

The sales girls then positioned themselves around the edge of the bed to surround the delicious Angel. They reached out to her and began to tease her sensitive skin with their long fingernails. Angel was gettting so much stimulus from so many directions that she could hardly stand it. She was practically writhing on the bed and her chest heaving as the girls teased and caressed every part of her body.

"Oh my god, what are you going to do to me? I can't stand this much longer," Angel breathed.

"Don't worry my dear girl. You won't have to wait much longer," Lita said.

She snapped her fingers at the sales girls and even though she did not speak, the girls seemed to know what to do. They began to coax Angel up and to the end of the bed. Then, they slid her panties down over her luscious legs and off. With guiding hands, she was directed to the end of the bed where she stood on her knees facing the head of the bed.

Lita, who had been watching the sales girls as they teased the gorgeous model, now came up to the girl's backside and wrapped one beefy arm around the girl's breasts. The other went lower so that her hand could cup over Angel's sensitive and wet sex.

The moment Angel felt the delicate touch on her cunt, she moaned slightly and laid her honey blonde head back on Lita's shoulder. In effect, she had just given herself to Lita for whatever Lita had in store for her. The big black woman was in control of the body that was desired by men -- and women -- all over the country.

"My dear Angel," Lita whispered to the steaming girl, "You are just so deliciously wet. Would you like some relief? Do you need to cum?"

Before Angel could even answer, Lita pushed one of her fat fingers into the girl's moist slit. Angel's whole body tensed in reaction tothe sudden penetration. The big woman kept a solid arm around the girl's breasts to keep her upright.

The woman slowly and deliberately worked her finger into Angel's vagina. The sensations being sent to Angel's racked brain were almost overwhelming. If she didn't cum soon, she felt she would scream. But all the while Lita worked her finger in the girl, she was very careful to not push the girl over the edge. Angel was still being teased to a higher and higher level of desire as each second passed.

Angel was now openly moaning at the sensations she was feeling. Her head would bow down and then she would toss it back, her hair flowing over her shoulders as the woman's finger drove her up to the edge, but not over it. Angel's arms were extending out in front of her, reaching out, as if grabbing something and holding tight might give her release from the intense sexual tension she felt.

The big woman brought her one arm from around Angel's breasts and placed on the girl's back. Gently she pushed her over so that Angel was now on hands and knees at the edge of the immense bed. Lita kept the pressure on the tortured girl's cunt with her other hand. One finger inside slowly fucking the girl, the other's outside teasing the exposed flesh.

Angel could barely hold herself up. Her arms would buckle under her but she would cath herself and rise up again. Finally, Lita heard the words she had been waiting for Angel to speak.

"Please Lita, please," the beautiful girl begged, "you've got to make me cum. Please, I'll do anything you want, but you have to make me cum."

Lita smiled a devilish smile.

"I think I know just what you need."

She motioned the store manager, Anna, to come over. Lita stepped to one side of the girl. She ran her free hand over the girl's ripe ass, over her thighs, and back up over Angel's back.

"My dear Anna, for doing such a wonderful job with my store, I am making our dear Angel a present to you. You may proceed as you wish," Lita said.

Anna had a look of total sexual desire on her face. She had become a predator in the jungle and Angel was her prey. She was going to have the girl.

Anna began to strip off her blouse, revealing very upright, firm breasts. Jim saw them and immediately thought -- implants. The tall woman placed herself right behind Angel as she reached up under her skirt and removed her own panties. As she was right behind the sexually tortured girl, she began to unfasten her skirt. Jim watched in fascination as he waited to see what Anna was up to.

Suddenly, Anna removed the skirt with a flourish to reveal a hard, thick cock. Anna was a man in the process of becoming a woman, a pre-op transexual. Poor Angel her head facing forward could see none of this.... Continue»
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Isabella and Evelynn

Isabella and Evelynn

By billy69boy

I was in my room taking a break from studying, surfing the net. I was kind of tense, preparing for my upcoming finals. I needed a quick rub off, so I looked for a porn video that would help me get there. The weather was hotter than normal, and I only wore a t-shirt and thong. It was quiet in the house, considering it was Saturday night. Our parents were away for the weekend, and weren't due back until late Sunday night. The only other sound came from my younger sibling's TV in her room.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isabella and I'm 18 years old. I take my schooling seriously, and I managed to graduate from high school in three years. I am just finishing up my first year in college. Hopefully, I'll pass my upcoming finals.

As I was settling in with an interesting lesbian bondage video, and my fingers just beginning to touch myself lightly through my thong, I heard a soft tapping on my door. I knew it was Evelynn, because she was the only other person in the house.

"Come in Eve, door's open", I said over my shoulder. I didn't bother to get rid of the video. We had watched a few pornos together before, so it was no big deal.

"Oh, hi Belle, er, I didn't know you were, um…busy", she said tentatively, calling me by my nickname. She wore a short; almost see through pink nightie with matching lace panties. Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. Her hazel eyes had a sort of mysterious twinkle to them, which drew my attention toward her.

"No problem, Eve, what's up?" I asked her. She was momentarily fixated on my computer screen, where one of the actresses was bound to a chair, and the other one was banging away at her with a strap-on.

"Eve?" I repeated, and she reluctantly pried her eyes off the video and looked at me.

"Oh, sorry, Belle, I was just…"

I had to laugh: "Yeah, I could see that; so what can I do for you?" I asked, rather impatiently, I'm afraid.

"Oh, nothing really… never mind," she replied as she took a step toward the door.

"Eve, you came in to ask me something. Now tell me what's on your mind?"

"Um, well…I was just wondering if you um…ever shaved," she said, her face reddening.

"You mean?" I pointed towards my crotch, "down there?"

She nodded and blushed, looking so vulnerable.

"Well, sometimes, yeah," I offered, "it depends on my mood, but you've seen me naked plenty of times, Eve."

"Well, I don't look down there when I see you naked," she confessed. I laughed a little at her innocence, but I had to remember she was younger than me, and not very experienced.

"So, why do you ask?" I said.

"Well, ah, I was wondering if you would show me how to do it," she replied almost in a whisper.

"Hmm, why the sudden interest?"

"I've been noticing that a lot of the models in videos have no hair at all on their pussies, and I was kind of wondering what it feels like," she explained.

"Well, sometimes I just trim myself up, and other times I leave a patch. But it really feels amazing to be completely smooth," I readily admitted, surprised at my own willingness to make a true confession, even to my younger protégé.

Eve grinned and nodded, apparently relieved that I was being so open with her.

"I think I'd like to try the completely smooth look," she decided rather decisively.

"Sure, Eve, I'll help you, if that's what you want." She eagerly shook her head even before I finished my sentence.

"Wait here, I'll be right back," I told her. I went to the bathroom and brought back a razor, shaving cream, body lotion, a basin of warm water, a washcloth and several towels.

Eve sat nervously on the side of my bed.

"Now, take off your panties and lie back…and just try to relax," I instructed, "and put your feet up on the bed.

She did as she was told, and I noticed that her legs were quivering in anticipation, as I slid a towel under her bottom. I gently pressed on her knee to get her to spread her legs open.

"You have to be careful, especially around your tender parts," I explained, as I applied the shaving cream liberally over the soft young hair of her pubic area. She let out a low sigh as I rubbed it around evenly between her legs. She flinched when the razor took its first pass, and I reminded her to relax.

With each new stroke of the razor, she seemed to sigh a little, and eventually her sighs turned into quiet moans.

"Are you okay, Eve?" I asked; making sure she wasn't having second thoughts.

"No, no, I'm f-fine, Belle," she answered, rather hesitantly, "it’s just that, er, I'm…ah…it….ah…it feels good!"

I'll admit I was getting a little antsy between my own legs, as I meticulously groomed her intimate parts. I hadn't really expected to have a reaction like this at all. We were related; we've known each other since birth, after all. So, why was I feeling dampness between my legs?

"Well, ah, Eve, I think it's natural to get, ah, I mean, for it to feel good," I replied lamely. What was the matter with me, I thought?

"If you want me to stop, I will," I blurted out.

"It's okay, Belle, really. I didn't mean to get you…uh…whatever…I don't know…upset!" she shot back. "I like it. I mean, you're fine…everything's fine!"

"Okay then," I responded, "but if you feel any different, let me know."

I went back to the task at hand, but when I used my free hand to stretch her skin this way and that, she groaned out loud, and grabbed my wrist in reaction. I pulled back and sat up straight.

"Sorry Belle! I'm so sorry!" she offered even before I could ask her what was wrong. "I'm just…having some…oh, never mind," she whispered quietly.

"Well, Eve, maybe we should stop for now…" I was concerned about her hesitancy. I didn't want to cause her any discomfort.

"NO! NO!" she burst forth with determination in her voice. "I mean…I'm okay, really, Belle, just finish up, and I'll be fine…really!"

By now, I had most of her pubic hair shaved off, and I just had to maneuver around her clit and labia. I worked as gingerly as possible, but even the slightest contact with her supercharged parts made her squirm around and moan quietly. I couldn't help but notice that she was quite moist, and it wasn't because of the shaving cream.

Finally finished, I moistened the washcloth in the basin of warm water, and began to rinse off what remained of the shaving cream. To my surprise…no…shock! She grabbed my hand with both of hers, and pushed it down on her mound.

"Eve?" I said, and she quickly released my hand and pushed it away. I was beside myself. I didn't know what to say to her, nor how to react. "Are you okay?" I offered weakly, not knowing what to make of her overt gesture.

"Uh, yes, Belle," she said vaguely, as if she was in another world at the moment, but fell silent. I didn't know what else to do, so I finished rinsing her off, and dabbed at her with a towel until she was dry. I wasn't sure if she had dozed off, but I figured I would find out when I dripped the body lotion on her freshly shaved skin and began to rub it in.

At first, she showed no emotion at all, so I decided to see just how unresponsive she was by "innocently" grazing her clit with my fingertip. She moaned a little, but I was pretty sure she paid a visit to the Land of Nod. I thought it might be for the better, as I had to admit, I was getting kind of tingly, and I'd never even thought of Eve in that way, ever.

I guess I must have applied more lotion on her than I thought, because I was still rubbing it in several minutes later. Eve was breathing deeply and rhythmically as I massaged her most intimate area with the moisturizing cream. I don't know what made me do it, but I found myself watching as my middle finger disappeared into her young slit. It just went straight in, like it had a mind of its own.

I got no response from Eve at all. It was kind of strange: here I was with no prior sexual thoughts about my younger sib, and yet, my finger kept penetrating her virginal pussy again and again. My other hand found my own saturated pussy, and touching my clit was like lightning striking it.

"What are you doing, Belle?" came the alarmed voice. My eyes were closed, and my head was flung back, as I reveled in my own satisfaction. Her voice jolted me like a glass of ice water being thrown in my face.

"Um…er…ah…Eve! Yes! Good! You're okay…I mean awake!" I fumbled and struggled for the right words, to no avail. The fact is, I was fingering her and fingering myself at the same time, but really, without her permission.

"Uh, I'm sorry, Eve. I really shouldn't have been…" my voice trailed off pitifully. I didn't know what her reaction would be at this point. All I got was silence. The atmosphere surrounding us was thick and full of awkwardness.

"Uh, Belle," she began tentatively, "you really like me?"

Her sweet innocence burst through, diffusing what could have been a very unpleasant situation. I could feel tears forming in my eyes.

"Of course, I like you, silly!" was the best I could come up with on such short notice. I didn't even know it before myself, but now I was eager to acknowledge that I loved her, and that I was attracted to her. Suddenly, I found myself flopping down on top of her, gently taking her face in my hands, and kissing her full on the lips.

When I pulled back, I could see the delight in her eyes, as she commanded my eyes to meet hers. I couldn't look away; such was the power her gaze had over me. I was frozen in my pose, until I felt her hand run up my spine, grab hold of the back of my neck and pull my head towards her waiting lips.

They were so hot and moist and tender. I kissed back breathlessly, and my lips opened without warning, as I felt her velvety tongue enter my mouth. I'd never felt anything quite like it, as our tongues met like two old friends finding each other after years apart. And then, pangs of guilt overcame me, and I pulled away from her.

"Eve, are you…sure?" I found myself asking. She looked away for a moment, apparently feeling the same pangs of guilt that had just engulfed me. She didn't turn back around to face me for what seemed like an eternity.

"Belle," she began slowly, "I love you, and I will always love you. If what we are doing is wrong, well…I guess I'll just have to live with that. I want you, Belle, like you have no idea."

Holy fuck, I thought, as electricity surged through my body. So many thoughts, so many possibilities began to fill my head that I was overcome with emotions. I wrapped my arms around her and began to cry tears of joy, tears of anticipation, call them what you want. And then my imaginings were shattered when I heard her voice:

"Finger me, Belle! Please finger my pussy!" she bellowed, "don't say anything, just DO IT!"

Wow, I thought, such a demanding little thing she was being. I found myself swooning when I heard her command, and I instinctively obeyed. I pushed my middle finger into her moist opening, and buried it to the hilt.

"Oh, that's it, Belle, that feels so good! Use two fingers now, and fuck my cunt hard. Oh yes, rub my clit too, oh god yes!"

By now she was out of control, and her young raging hormones were just flying around the room. I frigged her as hard as I could with one hand, and rubbed her clit in circles with the thumb on my other hand. It only took a couple of minutes before her hips were thrusting up off the bed and her own fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples.

"Fucking christ, Belle, don't stop! I'm getting ready to …CUM!!! Oh yes, oh yes, that's it, OOOOOOH! Holy shit! MMMMMMMM!" Oh lord, Yes…oh my…"

With that, she slumped back on the bed, completely spent. I, on the other hand, was beside myself with lust, and I couldn't keep my hand from digging underneath my now saturated thong. Watching my younger sibling lying there breathing rapidly, damp with perspiration after her orgasm, made me so horny. I rubbed myself off before she had even opened her eyes.

"Wow, that was so…so…intense!" Eve finally muttered, with some effort. I just smiled to myself. There was a certain feeling of excitement that coursed through my veins, as I watched my newest best friend regain control over her emotions as well as her physical self.

"Well, I'm glad you liked it," I responded.

"Liked it? Liked it?? Oh, Belle, I've never felt that way before, and it was certainly not my first orgasm, by any means," she admitted. "C-can we do some…er…other things too?" She rolled onto her side and propped her head onto her hand. She reached over and caressed one of my breasts. I inhaled sharply, as I wasn't prepared for her sudden advance. My nipple hardened immediately under her gentle touch, and all kinds of ideas popped into my head.

"Like what?" I asked, feigning innocence. Eve grinned, and eyed me up and down. Her fingers ran seductively down my stomach until they reached my moist opening, and I spread my legs instinctively. She teased my clit for only a few seconds, and the next thing I knew, she had rolled on top of me and scooted down until her face was just above my quivering womanhood. She gave me a quick naughty glance, and began to playfully lick my labia.

"Oh god, Eve, oh, that feels so good," I moaned. Encouraged, she got more serious, and soon she was nibbling on my clit, and fully sucking my wanton cunt like a seasoned veteran. She came up for air, and shot two fingers deep inside of me, giving me the same intense ride I had just done for her. I guess it was the excitement of a new discovery that got me so worked up so fast, but I was climaxing in no time.

"YES! YES! YES! Oh do it Eve, just like that! Oh fuck meeeeeee!" I cried out uncontrollably. I felt my body writhing and thrashing underneath her rough treatment; her piston-like penetration of my vagina was almost unbearable, save for the fact that I was in the throes of one of the strongest orgasms of my life.

I lay there unresponsive for several minutes, my chest heaving as my lungs gasped for breath. Eve sat quietly next to me as she patiently waited for me to calm down and get back to normal. When I finally opened my eyes, she jumped to her knees and asked me if I was okay. I nodded, but I thought maybe I jumped the gun a little too soon, as I saw the obvious twinkle in her eye. Sure enough, she wasted no time: she sat directly on top of me and straddled my face.

"My turn now!" she announced gleefully, as she lowered her freshly shaved pussy onto my mouth. She was hot and wet and oh so sweet tasting. I was amazed at her brazenness, to be honest. I'd always known her to be the quiet and shy type. She was certainly beautiful, with her tall, thin frame, her penetrating hazel eyes and gorgeous head of hair, but she mostly chose to spend her free time alone, either reading or writing, with the occasional video thrown in. I'd never seen her be so direct and straightforward, and so…bossy. I admit I kind of liked it. So, while she twisted two fistfuls of my hair around her hands and ground her crotch into my mouth, I sucked her and tongued her as hard as I could. It didn't take long for her begin clenching and unclenching her love muscle, and damn near drowning me in her juices, as she road my face like a jockey on a race horse. Finally exhausted, she slipped off and curled up next to me.

"Oh Belle," she finally uttered, "That was amazing!" I thought so too, and I squeezed her tightly without saying anything. To my surprise, she jumped right up without warning, and headed towards the door.

"Wait 'til you see what I found!" she yelled excitedly over her shoulder. As I lay there, wondering what she was talking about, I heard the toilet flush. Now I knew what was taking her so long. It also reminded me that I needed to do the same thing, so off I ran to the bathroom. Eve was nowhere to be found, but I just concentrated on my own immediate needs.

When I got back to my room, there was Eve, all smiles...and quite naughty smiles they were. Spread out on the bed were several sex toys of varying sizes, and even a strap-on dildo.

"Where did you get these?" I asked incredulously.

"I found them in mom's closet. I know, I know, but I was looking for a pair of shoes to borrow from her, and I found all this in a shoebox," she explained, as I frowned in disapproval.

"I know I shouldn't have, but just look at all this stuff!" she exclaimed, obviously proud of her illicit discovery.

"And check this out," she went on, tossing a huge, larger-than-life dildo towards me, "Who could take this whole thing?"

"That wouldn't be so hard to take," I sniffed, like I knew something. "You just have to work up to it."

"Are you joking, Belle? I mean, look at it, it's so thick!"

"It's no bigger than a fist, and you've seen fisting videos, haven't you?" I asked her.

Blushing and looking away momentarily, she finally answered: "Well, yeah, but…well, I thought only trained porn stars could take an actual fist like they do in those videos."

"Then you will probably be surprised to know that you could take a fist as easily as they can," I explained with some authority, as if I had some personal experience with fisting, which I hadn't. But I had to admit, talking about it with Eve was making me tingly again. I could feel the moisture welling up between my legs, even though I had cleaned myself up in the bathroom.

"Let's try it then!" Eve suggested enthusiastically. By now, I was willing to go anywhere she wanted to go, as challenging as it might be.

"Okay, Eve, but like I said, you have to take it slow and work your way up to taking an actual fist," I explained. She picked up the largest toy, but I shook my head.

"Let's start with the smaller ones first," I advised. I picked up a moderately sized pink dildo and held it to her mouth.

"Get it wet first," I instructed, as she sunk down on my bed with her head bobbing up and down on the toy. I took it from her, and she spread her legs wide. I could hardly contain my own excitement, as I prepared to bury the rubber toy deep into my new playmate's vagina. As I gently pushed it inside her pussy, I noticed there was no resistance.

"No hymen?" I asked.

Eve just laughed: "That's been gone for a long time now," she told me without explanation. I continued to slide more and more of the shaft into her eager pussy, and she just kept sighing, her head thrust back on the pillow, and her eyes closed.

"Harder, Belle, fuck me harder please!" She implored, as she drew her legs back and held them against her chest. I had never heard her use any kind of smutty language before, so I was surprised to hear what was coming out of her mouth. I secretly loved it, to be honest. I naturally acceded to her wishes, which I also found to be arousing, and I stroked her juicy pussy with vigor. She moaned her approval, but surprised me yet again:

"Stop, Belle, and use the next size now," she said in a commanding tone. She was so wet by now, I didn't even bother to make her suck it first. The black toy was formidable in size, and it took some minutes before she was comfortably stretched enough for me to resume steadily pounding her cunt with it like I did with the pink one.

"That's amazing, Belle!" she stated, as she looked down to watch the bigger toy disappear completely into her silky tunnel. I was pretty impressed too, as I fucked her ruthlessly, and watched her take thrust after thrust of the big black intruder. I was working up a good sweat, when she told me to stop once again. I figured she had reached her limit by now.

"Give me the big guy now", she ordered. When I hesitated for just a second, she lifted her head up and stared at me, a steely glint in her eyes: "Just do what I tell you, Belle!"

Whoa, I thought: maybe I've created a monster. The young one is shouting out orders to the older one: I didn't know quite what to make of it, but I liked it! I picked up the oversized toy and I was surprised how heavy it was. I could barely wrap my fingers around it. It looked and felt like it was almost real, except for the size. I wasn't even sure if I could take it, much less the younger one, but I didn't have time to think about it for very long:

"C'mon, Belle, hurry up before I shrink up inside," she urged me impatiently. With that, I pressed the head against her well-lubricated opening, and rubbed it up and down her slit, until the entire shaft glistened with her juices. On the first try, the head barely penetrated her willing pussy. I heard her sort of grunt, with some discomfort showing on her face. But, she kept at it, and despite a frequent grimace here and there, she managed to push against the huge toy, and the head finally passed in and disappeared inside her.

"Holy fuck is that thing big!" she yelped. "Keep going Belle, keep it up!" In reality, she was actually doing the hard work. I just kept it still, holding it with both hands, while she pushed and pushed, and managed to accept that meat stick deeper and deeper into her stretched out orifice. If I wasn't there to see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it:

"Okay, Belle, I'm taking it now, just keep feeding it into me," she directed. I got up on my knees, and worked more of that wicked tool into her young snatch, inch by inch. She jerked her head back and forth, but she never told me to stop. By now, I was giving her over half of the thick shaft, and doing it at a rapid pace. She took it like a trouper, begging me for more. I was so turned on by the scene that I could feel my own legs quivering wildly. Pounding, pounding, pounding, I gave it to her as fast and as deep as I could go, and she held onto her legs for dear life, with her eyes closed and her face all contorted. I could see her vaginal walls begin to spasm, and she was obviously about to erupt, when she reached between her legs and grabbed me by my wrists, stopping me from ramming her cunt:

"I want your fist now," she stated sternly. "Fuck me with your fist, Belle, PLEASE!"

I dropped the dildo, and looked around frantically. I ran to the bathroom and brought back some lubricating jelly, and rubbed a glob of it on my hand, and some on Eve's well-used pussy. She lay back, determined to test out my theory.

Satisfied that my hand was as slick as could be, I gingerly approached her awaiting love passage. I slowly entered her with two, then three fingers, feeling all about, as she held her legs back with both hands. When the fourth finger penetrated her, I got such a rush, watching as my open hand was able to penetrate her young pussy. I worked my hand into her gradually, but my thumb had not come into play yet.

"Your fist, Belle, your whole fist I want, not just four fingers!" she admonished, louder than before. I didn't hesitate to grant her wish, or her command, as it were. I folded my thumb under my fingers, and managed to slip all five of them in past her entrance. Only my wrist was still visible.

"UNNGGHH! Oh Christ! Oh god! Oooooooh lord! Belle! You did it!" she announced in a congratulatory outburst, "now fuck me with your fist!"

Once inside of her, it was relatively easy to make a ball of my fist and to move my arm in and out of her juicy love canal. I started slowly, just to give her a chance to acclimate to such a huge intrusion into her most personal body part. But, it didn't take long for her to complain about the pace:

"C'mon, Belle, you're in there, so how about fucking me like they do in the videos?" she declared, revealing just how much she already knew about fisting.

I sat straight up, and I pounded her cunt as hard and as fast as I could, leaving nothing on the table. Eve didn't shy away from my rough approach, nor did she protest. She just held on dearly to her legs, and let her exploding pussy do the talking.

I was completely impressed that my baby sib took what she took without apology. She lay still for several minutes after her intense orgasm. Her eyes were closed, but her smile was serene and expressed pure joy. I used that time to go run to the bathroom. As I washed the lube from my hands, I definitely noticed that I was horny as hell, after servicing my beloved Eve.

When I returned to my room, I expected Eve to still be out cold. Instead, she was kneeling on the bed, adjusting the strap-on around her waist.

"Belle," she said matter-of-factly, "have you ever done anything…like, um…you know, anal stuff?" She turned towards me with obvious mischief in her eyes, grinning from ear to ear.

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Lilly's Full Tits

It was a rather warm day in Virginia again, which by itself, isn't
unusual. What made this day different was that it allowed me to meet a
most charming younger woman named Lilly.

I'm an older man, in my late fifties and most women don't look at me
twice. It's not that I'm unattractive; I have been told that I am easy on
the eyes and that I don't look my age. I'm a big guy, six foot three and
two hundred thirty five pounds. I have long hair and a beard that I keep
neatly trimmed.

I was in a grocery store on this particular day, looking at the fresh
fruit and vegetables, trying to decide which kind of melon I wanted to
buy. I happen to look up and standing next to me was a good-looking woman
dressed in a pair of shorts that showed off her ass to its best advantage.
She was short, maybe five foot four or so and had ash blond hair that fell
over her shoulders. I couldn't help myself as I noticed her breasts were
round and full, maybe a forty C cup. I could tell that she wasn't wearing
a bra and it appeared that she didn't need one either. What really caught
my eye though, were the two small wet spots on her blouse that were in
front of her obliviously large nipples.

I have this thing, this fetish I guess you could say, about a woman that's
nursing. I have dreamt about being able to suck on a lactating woman's
tits as we made love. Maybe it goes back to my c***dhood and the fact that
I didn't nurse as a baby; I don't know.

I nodded my head in greeting and she smiled at me and went back to
checking out the produce. I had to try and get to know her; I just had
too. I watched her as she bent over to pick up an orange and as she did, I
was rewarded with a look down her blouse. Oh my God, her tits looked
great. I could see all the way to her nipple and just as I had suspected,
it was large and damp looking.

She held the orange up and looked at her chest and back at the orange. She
shook her head and laughed lightly.

"Could I bother you for your opinion about something?" She asked out of
the blue.

"Sure, how can I help you?" I replied.

"My husband said that my boobs weren't as big as an orange and I decided
that I was going to see for myself."

"Well, it looks like your breast is bigger but it's hard to tell with that
blouse on."

I put my hand on top of the orange she was holding and gently squeezed it.

"This is the only sure way for me to tell which is larger." I said looking
right into her beautiful green eyes. She looked at me for a minute or two
and then smiled and looked around her to see if anyone was nearby. Seeing
no one, she undid the top two buttons of her blouse and pulled it aside,
exposing one of her breasts to my gaze.

"I have no idea why I'm doing this; I mean I don't even know you or
anything." She said, as she looked around again.

"Allow me to introduce myself then, I'm George."

Well, George, it's good to meet you as well. My names, Lilly."

It felt kind of strange shaking her hand while her tit was out, but that's
the way it was and we were both struck by the absurdity of it all and

"Well, are you going to touch my boob and check or what?" She asked as her
smile widened.

I slowly reached towards her chest and placed my large hand around her
breast and squeezed lightly and by doing so a drop of milk slid out and
dripped off the end of her nipple and into the palm of my hand.

"Oh God, it's wonderful." I whispered to myself but she must have heard

"You mean you like it? You like my full of milk tit?"

"God yes, I love it." I replied to her, as I caught myself licking my

"Is it bigger than an orange, George?"

"Much bigger, Lilly, and it feels so very full and heavy." I said, as I
wiped my brow.

"George, may I ask you something?"

"Yes, anything, Lilly."

"I'm going to be honest with you, George. I'm not attracted to you, I mean
your nice looking and all but, I have this recurring fantasy of having an
affair with an older man; especially one that seems to like a woman that's
got tits full of milk. I'm not asking you to have sex with me but I find
it very stimulating to have my tits sucked. You see it's been a while and
they're full and starting to hurt me from the pressure. I could use your
help in relieving some of that pressure, if you're interested that is. Are

I stood there in front of her with my mouth open in surprise. She closed
her blouse and looked at me, her eyebrows arched as she waited for my

"Yes, very interested, Lilly. I just live around the corner from here and
we could go over to my house if you want."

She thought for a moment and looked down at her left hand and the wedding
ring on her finger. I saw her slip it off and put it into her purse.

"Ok, for the next hour or so, I'm not married and you're just going to do
me a favor, right?"

"Yes, that's right" I said in my most friendly manner.

"Lead on then, Mr. George."

We left the store without making any purchases and started to my truck.
Some clouds had covered the sun and it was actually pleasant outside. We
decided to walk the short distance to my house. We passed the short time
with idle chitchat, never bringing up why we were going to my house and
what we were going to do once we arrived.

I couldn't believe my luck. After all these years I was going to actually
get to live my fantasy and with a young good-looking woman like Lilly to
boot. My thought's whirled around in my brain as we walked and I looked
over towards Lilly and saw her breast's bouncing with every step. I felt
my cock start to stiffen and tried to will it back into submission, but
unfortunately, without much success I'm afraid.

Arriving at my house I unlocked the front door and let Lilly enter before
me. She walked in and looked around, noticing all the framed photographs
of women adorning the walls and the lack of clutter in my living room. I
led her to my couch and she sat down, leaned back and crossed her legs.

"So Mr. George, tell me how you want to do this? Do you want me to just
unbutton my blouse or should I take it off for you?"

"Oh God, Lilly, please, take it off."

She uncrossed her legs and sat straight on the couch. Her fingers went to
her buttons but her eyes never left my face, watching my reactions, as I
waited for her to remover her blouse. She teased me by pulling one side of
her blouse away from her breast and then covering that one and uncovering
the other. She finally bared both of her beautiful breasts at the same
time and then removed her blouse completely.

I just stared at her chest; her milk-swollen tits were right in front of
me and watched as she cupped them in her hand and offered them to me. I
sat down on the coffee table in front of the couch and put my knees
between her legs.

"Suck my titty, George. Suck my milky titty." I leaned forward and slowly
took her breast in my hand, my tongue flicking across her nipple and then
sliding around her areole until I finally allowed my mouth to cover her
nipple and began to suck.

I was in heaven and I think that she was enjoying my suckling too. She put
her hand on the back of my head and drew me to her; a soft sigh escaping
her mouth as I lightly bit and teased her nipple. I felt her milk begin to
run out of her tit and into my waiting mouth. I sucked and touched and
played with her tit to my hearts content. Like I said, I was in heaven.

When I had sucked all her milk from the one breast, she switched me to the
other. I happen to glance down and noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her
shorts and figured that this was a turn on for her as well. I kept sucking
and she held my head tighter to her breast and her wet spot was growing on
her shorts.

I had no intention of doing anything other that what she had asked me to
do, but seeing her wet crotch; I couldn't resist and put my hand against
it. I heard a sharp intake of breath, surprise perhaps, and then she
pushed her hips against my hand and moaned into my ear.

I could feel her heat through her shorts as my fingers rubbed along the
outside of her pussy. Her moans increased and she pushed herself harder
against my hand. I tried to slip a finger inside one of the legs of her
shorts, but the material was too tight against her skin. She didn't say a
word but stood up and undid her shorts and pushed them down around her
ankles and sat back down. She opened her legs again and took my hand and
pressed it against her very wet and warm pussy.

** ** ** ** **

As my hand made contact with her pussy, I heard her take a breath and she
sighed deeply.

"Oh, George, that feels so good. You've made me so hot sucking my tits,
now put your fingers inside my pussy and make me cum."

I slid two of my fingers up and down her wet slit, stopping to rub her
enlarged clit. Her breath was coming in small gasps and her eyes were
closed as I played with her wet pussy. I pressed my hand against her mound
and her pussy lips parted, allowing her juices to seep onto my hand. I
asked her to open her eyes and she watched me as I brought my
juice-covered fingers to my mouth and sucked her essence from them. She
moaned deep in her throat and opened her legs as wide as she could with
her shorts and panties still around her ankles. Not satisfied, she finally
kicked them off her feet and brought her ass closer to the edge of the

My cock was as hard as I could remember and it was uncomfortable in my
pants but I didn't want to stop what I was doing to her just yet. I
slipped two fingers into her hot hole and began to finger fuck her. She
moaned again and her hips pushed hard against my fingers trying to drive
them further inside her. I added another finger and soon was fingering her
cunt with three of my large fingers deep inside her pussy.

She took one of her tits and f***ed its nipple into my mouth and told me
to suck it hard while I fingered her. I could taste her milk as it ran
freely into my mouth and I swallowed all she had to offer.

My fingers were moving in and out of her pussy, my thumb was flicking her
clit with every insertion and she was almost climbing the walls with
ecstasy. Her legs slammed shut and she shuddered, throwing herself back
against the rear of the couch.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," she said, "I'm cumming with your fingers in my
cunt, George."

Her juices ran out of her wet pussy and coated my fingers and hand to the
wrist. My cock was so restricted in my pants that I couldn't stand it
another second. I stood quickly and unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans
and underwear to my feet, my rigid cock standing at attention in front of
her surprised face.

She placed her hand slowly around my shaft and started jacking me off. Her
head suddenly dipped forward and the tip of my cock disappeared inside her
mouth. I placed my hands on my hips and thrust my cock forward, urging her
to take all she could, deep into her mouth. She had her other hand
kneading and tugging at her stiff nipple on one of her milk-swollen tits
and small streams of milk were trickling out and dropping onto her legs.

I couldn't hold back any longer and told her I was going to cum at any
second. She pulled her mouth away and kept jacking me in a steady fast
rhythm, my cock pointed right at her swollen titties.

"Cum on my titties, George." She cried, "Shoot you're hot cum right on my
milk-filled tits and cover them with your sperm."

My balls contracted and I felt a spasm from my twitching cock as the first
white blobs of cum flew across space and splattered against her
milk-swollen tits. She used her other hand to rub the cum all around her
tits and as each new spurt landed on her, she quickly rubbed it in as

My knees felt weak and I placed my hands on top of her head to keep from
falling over; it felt so good to have shot my load like that, all over her

I got on my knees in front of her and using my hand, gently pushed her
back against the couch. Her legs were still wide open and as I lowered my
head towards her lap, I saw her eyes close in anticipation of what I was
going to do to her next.

There's really nothing quite like the first time you put your face up to a
woman's pussy and inhale her wonderful scent; the musky and earthy scent
that can drive a man wild with lust and Lilly's pussy was no exception.

Unlike most women, her pussy was a wonderful shade of brown and with her
desire-swollen lips parted; I could see that her pussy juice was slowly
leaking from her hole.

"Oh yes, yes, George, fuck me with your tongue." She moaned. "Eat my pussy
till I cum on your face."

With my fingers, I pulled her love lips apart then gently placed the whole
of my mouth over her pussy and licked at her wet slit. Lilly moaned in
delight as my tongue f***ed its way inside her gaping lips to the soft
wetness within. She raised her knees higher as I lapped at her slit;
tasting her juices which seemed to be pouring out from her. Lilly tasted
completely different from other women, she was much sweeter and she seemed
to produce much more fluid as I licked at her. I sucked on her long pussy
lips and nibbled on her clit. As I did so, I looked up and saw that Lilly
was playing with her own tits and was pinching her stiff nipples, rolling
them between her thumb and forefinger with her milk dripping from the

I concentrated on sucking and licking Lilly's clit and as she massaged her
breasts, it did not take long before her whole body shuddered, her hips
lifted and she let out a long, low moan as she came. Her cum coated my
mouth and chin with her wet sticky love juices and I wiped it off with my
hand and sucked more of her essence from my fingers.

My cock had become hard again and I took it in my hand a started to slowly
stroke it in front of Lilly.

"Do you want to fuck me, George?" She asked. "Do you want to stick that
cock of yours deep in my cunt and fuck me hard?"

"Oh God, yes!" I exclaimed.

"Bring it on then, Mr. George." She said as she patted her pussy with her
hand and smiled at me.

I placed the head of my cock against her wet slit and rubbed it up and
down several times, coating it with her juice. I found the entrance to her
core and slowly slid my hard cock inside her. She scooted further down on
the couch allowing my cock to go deeper in her pussy.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh, yes, it sure does, George, your filling my small pussy with your big

"God, you have a tight pussy." I said, as I picked up my pace and started
to stuff my cock deep in her cunt.

"Mmmmm, it feels so good when you push deep in me. Do it harder now,

I could feel my balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass as my cock
repeatedly went in and out of her cunt. I leaned forward and took a nipple
in my mouth, sucking hard on it. Milk streamed from her nipple, filling my
mouth with her warm, sweet tit milk.

"Fuck me harder, George, fuck me," she urged, "I'm close Baby, I'm so

My cock felt ready to explode, her tight cunt was making it feel extremely
good and I knew it wouldn't be much longer before I came.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh, Give it to me, George, cum for me, baby, shoot your cum in
my pussy when your ready."

I let go of her nipple and drove my cock as far inside her pussy as I
could push it. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer
still. I knew it was starting when my balls tingled and contracted, my cum
was on its way.

"Now, Lilly, I'm cumming now." I said, as thick streams of cum shot out of
my cock and coated the insides of her hungry pussy.

"Oh God, it feels so fucking good." I said. "I don't ever want to stop."

"I'm cumming too, Baby, ohhhh, God!" Lilly shouted, as her hips bucked
back and forth.

I felt, rather than saw, her juices flow out of her pussy and drip down
onto my balls, covering them with her creamy cum.

"That was so hot." I told her, as I withdrew my cock and rubbed it over
her clit; the last traces of my spunk dripping off the tip. "I haven't cum
like that in years."

"I haven't had a fuck that good in a long time either, George and to tell
you the truth, I want you to fuck me some more just as soon as you can."

I looked at her and smiled and then drew her to me and kissed her for the
first time; my tongue searching for hers. She responded to my kiss and
then placed her hand on my cock and started to stroke me slowly, each
stroke bringing new life flowing into it.

She got off the couch and then getting on her hands and knees beside me,
reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy.

"Fuck me like this, George." She said, as she drove her ass back against
me, impaling herself on my cock.

... Continue»
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Life, Wife, Stepdaughter (Part I)

Please allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Paul, i am almost 40 years old and married to my lovely wife Betty for about 10 years now. Betty is a few years younger than me and is a really gorgeous woman: From her long dark hair, to her nice breasts and her tight ass, everything is just as it should be. But unfortunately the 10 years of marriage made things, well, I dare not say boring, but let's say that things have gotten a little trivial...

So I think it's no wonder that I started seeing Nadja, my wifes daughter, with different eyes lately. Sure, she was only a little k** when Betty and I married, but since then Betty became an attractive young lady. Of course I tried to banish all these thoughts out of my head, but sometimes I just couldn't help myself but to imagine what it would be like to have her, or only to see her body, with her bleached blond hair, her fresh tits and her silk skin. Without really noticing my thoughts changed from "there's no way" to "there has to be a way" and I sometimes even imagined having sex with Nadja while actually having sex with my wife.

But all these where only thoughts and in reality, I was still banging the same wife for the last 10 years and I didn't even know what Nadjas naked body looked like.

That was until that one day when I was off work for one week because I had a cold. Betty was at work, Nadja was at school and I was home alone. While walking pass Nadjas bedroom door I heard a noise like the fan of a laptop running. As I looked in through the half-opened door I saw that the LEDs of Nadjas pink laptop where glowing. Suddenly I remembered that Nadja and me had talked about her computer, which under normal circumstances would shut down when being closed, but lately something seems to be wrong with that and she most of the time forgot to shut it down manually. I thought to myself that it's a waste of power and decided to shut it down, so I entered her room ignoring the big yellow "don't disturb now and don't come back later"-sign, which she glued on the door because my wife and me, parents that are, always came into her room without knocking.

I opened Nadjas Laptop and was about to hit the "Shut Down"-Key when a minimized folder caught my attention: The very first space of the task-bar said "Webcams" and I couldn’t resist clicking on it, just for the sake of curiosity. The folder opened and I got a few preview-pictures of videos that were obviously shot in Nadjas Room with the Build-In Laptop Webcam. It seemed to be nothing special, just a few videos to check the camera or to make silly faces, the usual stuff. But as I scrolled down I saw a preview-picture which made me gasp: It showed Nadja pulling up her shirt, revealing he belly, with a gesture that seemed as if she wanted to reveal even more of her body.

For a few seconds I hesitated. Should I really open that video, where my stepdaughter is clearly beginning to strip? After that few seconds my conclusion was, that it won't hurt anybody if Ii took a small peak and after all she was living in my house and making videos like this for whatever reason shouldn't be tolerated by reliable parents.

After convincing myself some more that I was really doing the right thing I double-clicked on the preview and the Videoplayer began showing me what Nadja recorded: At first there was only the empty room with the song "can't touch this" beginning to play. Interesting choice I thought, maybe she wanted to tease some guy on the internet with it. But a few seconds later that thought vanished from my mind, because my stepdaughter came dancing into the screen from the side wearing real short hot pants and a tight pink shirt. I felt the excitement running through my body and I also felt my cock beginning to grow, awaiting what the preview-picture showed before.

Nadja really began to pull up her shirt, first revealing only her belly but soon after also revealing her bright blue bra. Than she uppled the shirt over her head and threw it on the ground. My cock really went hard inside my pants as I watched her blond hair falling down from the pulled up shirt onto her smooth tits inside the bra. Without really thinking of it I opened my jeans, pulled them down together with my shorts and started playing with my hard cock. While doing that Nadja turned away form the camera, still moving to the beat of the song, showing her nice back with that tight ass in that even tighter pants. She began opening her bra, quickly throwing it away and turning back to the camera while covering her breasts with her hands. It really made me shiver with excitement as i stroked my cock faster and faster watching my stepdaughter slowly revealing her tits for the camera, kneading them a little, pulling at her nipples a little while making quiet moaning-noises, almost like a professional stripper.

I felt as if I could cum on her laptop right now but I slowed down for the big finish that I hoped to come soon: As she was finished playing with her tits her hands slowly went down her waist to her pants and opening the one button that it had. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she really started pulling her pants down, a little at first, but then more and more, and back up again just to tease the viewer. But finally the pulled it down far enough that the camera hat a clear look at her nice fresh pussy. I couldn’t hold it any more and even leant towards the screen to shoot my load right on the spot that showed Nadja dancing naked.

I was still cumming when the video stopped. The screen now only showed a still frame of the very last picture in the video: Nadja leaning towards the keyboard to stop the camera, so that I had a clear view not only at her pussy but her nipples where very near to the camera too. While having finished to cum I touched the screen with the wet tip of my cock imagining I could wipe my jizz around her tits in reality.

'Wow', I said to myself when I was finished: If sex with my wife Betty would be half as good as this was, I wouldn't be interested in my stepdaughter Nadja, which, when you get down to it, is a little kinky... But the next thought I had directly was: If Nadja strips like this, having sex with her must be even better than jerking on her video. That was something I could hold on to, maybe some day I would make it happen, but how?

Well, for now, I decided the best thing to do is to copy all videos in that folder just in case if I want to watch them again. While the files transferred I cleaned up the laptop, because my load was really all over it, then I examined the table and the room for any evidence for my last actions and put my jeans back on. Everything seemed to be fine and as the files finished I shut the computer down and left the room knowing that I might have found a resource for a lot of fun to come.
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Too Much is Not Enough

Disclaimer: Hey, reader, do me favor, don't steal my work! All of my work is copyright of me, Luca77. Alright got that out of the way, don't think anyone would anyways.

Disclaimer 2: If you're fascinated with numbers, aside from height and a few others ("and she had 42DDD breasts and he had a 22" dick") look elsewhere or become a mathematician.

Hello reader, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tracy Rose and I'd like to tell you a little about myself. In your world I would be referred to as a hermaphrodite, having the genitals of both sexes. Here though having both is not uncommon which is why I make it my hobby to find true men and women, to fuck and get fucked.

I look completely feminine, standing 5'5", my short blonde hair in a bob cut and a lean hourglass figure. Despite my lithe figure my ass is quite round, a perfect bubble butt. This and my lush hips are accented by my full, creamy breasts topped with perky pink nipples. Each one fits perfectly in a man's hand. What makes dressing in my sexiest clothes difficult is my pretty little cock. It just barely takes me both hands to cover the entire shaft. Complementing that is my dark slit, with full pussy lips.

With all that in mind, I want to tell you about a wild night I had.

Dressed in my favorite leather pants, midriff top and high heels I set out for the local club. I knew I'd find somebody, I just didn't know who.

Upon entering I scanned the crowd. A group of young guys were doing there own thing and I grinned slyly. The music was loud with the bass cranked up. Perfect for some hot dancing.

As I approached, the guys began to look me over. They already looked like a pack of wolves who had spotted a kill. Their eyes glazed over as they worshiped my body simply by looking at it. The catcalls began:

"Hey baby!"

"Come join us!"

"We'll treat you right!"

The tallest guy pulled me in and started grinding on me. I wiggled my ass against him and felt his cock harden; I knew I was going to have fun with this one. His buddies kept looking me over.

"Here, have a turn!" I was tossed to the guy across from me. He grabbed me roughly and growled in my ear "We're not gonna go easy on you I hope you can handle us."

I simply smiled and continued to dance, running my hands down my body and swaying erotically. After being passed to the other three guys and back around again the lead guy got a big grin:

"Wanna come have some more fun with us?" to which the others added

"We'll treat you right"

And other obscene but complimentary phrases. By now I was pretty turned on and was ready for a good fuck.

"Sure thing boys, lead the way," I purred. The tall guy swept me off my feet and we were off to the flat.

Once we arrived the guys took me to a stripper pole in one of the larger rooms. Not wanting to disappoint I took a few swings around the pole and started grinding on it. I didn't have many moves but it didn't matter.

"What the fuck?!?" the youngest looking guy freaked out; he had seen my extra package. He and grabbed one of the other guys "Let's scram!" They bailed.

"I...have things to do," A third guy dismissed himself. So much the better; two guys are easier to handle and please.

"You boys don't mind?" I came off the pole and stood in front of them.

"Heheh, we sure don't, do we Nick?" the tall guy pulled out his hard-on while asking this.

"Of course not, Phil. we like'em this way," Nick and Phil were both stroking themselves. Nick had a particularly large cock, thick cock that was leaking lots of precum. Phil's stood out more, a bit thinner but with a thick, dark mushroom head.

I took all my clothes off, starting with my top. I tossed it aside and squeezed my breasts together. They hooted and hollered for me. I slowly, painstakingly peeled my leather pants off after kicking off my shoes; I made sure they had a good full view of my heart-shaped ass. I gave it a good slap, then slinked over to Nick and Phil.

Kneeling in front of them, I stroked Phil's length while sucking Nick's larger rod. Nick groaned and grabbed a hank of my hair. I went down deep on his cock, drooling on it. After coming up for air I switched, jerking Nick's manhood while trying to take all of Phil. I gagged and sputtered but I couldn't quite tale it all. Nick pulled me up.

"It's time we gave you a good fucking, princess! Bend over!" I did so obediently, bracing myself against a couch. Phil slapped my ass a few times and I moaned. Nick slipped a finger into my slit, then another. He jackhammered his fingers into me. Phil came around in front of me so I could suck his cock.

Phil dickslapped my face: "Uh! You like slapping my pretty face with your hard cock?" he dickslapped me again. "Mmm yeah now let me suck those balls."

Nick slid his girthy shaft into my throbbing entrance as Phil's heavy balls were bathed by my tongue. Nick grunted as he slammed into me, hard and fast. My body quivered with sexual delight.

"Lets fuck her at the same time," Phil looked expectantly at Nick.

Nick paused, thought for a second. He pulled out. "Sure, lets get her ass ready."

Phil carried me to a bedroom and layed me out on the bed. Spreading my ass, he lubed up my asshole and slowly pushed a finger in. With his other hand he stroked my girly-cock. I was making all sorts of sexual sounds.

"Get her ready with this," Nick walked in and handed Phil a dildo. It was short but fat. Phil removed his fingers, lubed the dildo and pushed it against my sensitive asshole. There was resistance at first, then it popped in; I was seeing stars and breathing in gasps before calming down.

Nick came up alongside my and grabbed my breasts, taking each on into his mouth. My nipples were hard peaks, sending waves of pleasure through me every time he touched them.

With a loud pop, Phil pulled the dildo out. "Relax sweetheart, it'll slide in just fine." Pressing his dick against my raw hole, he entered me, inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt. He pulled all the way out, then slammed back in. I cried a bit.

"That's enough," Nick said, "here, you get down here so we can do this right." The two guys switched places. Phil rolled me on top of him and grabbed me by the waist. He guided my ass onto his cock and it slid in, much easier this time. He leaned me back so Nick could enter my pussy. Both men began fucking me, one in, the other out, alternating into my holes.

"Oh yes!" I had lost all control; I wanted more and more. Too much is not enough for me.

After being pounded by those magnificent cocks, after being stimulated so much, my cock spurted out a small stream of cum. It leaked down to my holes where it lubricated the cocks infiltrating my body. My pussy began to pulsate heavily and I had an orgasm. I screamed and writhed from the intensity flowing through me.

Nick pulled out and picked me up, setting me on the floor. He thrust his cock into my mouth and instantly began to cum, one, two, three, so many streams of cum into my hungry mouth. I greedily swallowed it all. Phil was jerking his cock, I pulled his hands away and took it all into my mouth, so hungry for cum. I throat fucked his cock until he came. I swallowed his cum, too every last drop.

Still I wanted more. Nick and Phil were drained, so I would have to find pthers who would treat me right...... Continue»
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My Auntie Taught Me To Masturbate

My first masturbation was when I was 18 years old and it was done to me by my aunty (my father's cousin s****r) Her name is Sellamma. She was about 35 years then. She was married for nearly 15 years but did not have any c***d. It was said she had several miscarriages. Her husband was not employed but was well do to with income from ancestral property.

He had some chronic disease and though he was taking treatment he did not get well and died later. I had heard her many times speaking ill of him to my father and mother.{ It was told that Sellamma was duped to marry him after hiding true aspects of his health from her f****y.
Only after marriage truth came to light but in those days (I.e. About 40 years back) none will think of divorce. They will blame it on their fate and the wife will reconcile herself to live her life with such a husband.} They were living in Trichy and I had gone to their house for spending school holidays. At that time she and her husband had to go to Madurai for consultation on his treatment. As I had not seen that place earlier, I also went with them.In Madurai we stayed in one of his relative's house. In the morning we went to the very famous and big Meenakshi Temple there.

In the afternoon they went to the hospital. In the evening we again went to the Temple and spent a lot of time there and also did some purchases. In the night we three were to sl**p in the first floor of the house. A coir-rope plaited cot was there where he slept. Me and aunty slept on a mat laid in the floor.We went to bed around 10 PM. After a few minutes he called aunty to come to him. Aunty got up to go to him but he said to aunty "you remain there itself —see and tell me whether that boy has slept".

I immediately closed my eyes feigning I was asl**p. So aunty told him that I was asl**p. Then he told her "this is old cot and the coir ropes are worn out — it will not take two peoples weight — you lie down and I will come there".

I slightly opened my eyes and through the slit I saw aunty removing her sari. She then removed her blouse also. She was not wearing any bodice and I saw her naked tits. It was my first time to see a woman's tits and I felt a stirring in my groin. Though I used to get sexually excited yet I was very raw and I did not have any idea of sex. So the sight of aunty's tits very much excited me. Aunty gathered and lifted her petticoat above her hips and she then lied on the mat. I got a fleeting glimpse of her buttocks which excited me more.Uncle came to her and he removed his dhoti and underwear. I could see his cock jumping like a pole. He spread her legs and knelt in between. I tried to see what he did but I was afraid to open my eyes fully and could not see his action very clearly. He also lied on her and catching hold of her balls he squeezed them and at the same time he steadily rocked on her.
After a few minutes he just fell on her with a loud moan and then remained quite for sometime. Later he got up and wearing his underwear and dhoti he went to the cot and lied on it. After sometime I could hear his steady loud snoring. Aunty got up and wore her blouse and sari. She went to the bathroom at the rear and later returned. By this time what I had seen had very much excited me and I inserted my hand into my trousers and I was slowly rubbing my cock which gave me a very pleasant feeling. When aunty returned I quickly took out my hand and closed my eyes to look as if I was sl**ping. Aunty lied by my side and after a few minutes she softly asked me "dear — have you not slept?". I murmured "I am sl**ping". My naïve answer made her to giggle and I felt shame for my silly reply. She again asked in very low voice "did you see it all?" I replied "no — I did not see anything" and again my stupid reply made her to titter. I felt some fear that uncle may wake up with our talk and so I lifted my head and saw his sl**ping form. Aunty told me softly "don't worry — that buffalo will not wake up till morning".Then slowly her hand came and rested on my trousers touching my cock underneath. I felt an electrical jolt and my penis became harder. I did not know how to react and I remained frozen. Inside my trousers my penis grew fully stiff and started to dance.Aunty slowly rubbed my penis and my penis became even stiffer with powerful beats. I was lying on my back. Aunty told me to lie on my side facing her. I did so. Now we were lying side by side facing each other.I was only wearing an old trousers with buttons instead of zip. She undid my trouser buttons.

She pulled out my penis and when it became free it stiffened even more and beat faster. Her fingers slowly caressed my shaft and it was wonderful. I closed my eyes and the pleasurable sensation I felt was so much that I have no words to describe it. I can only say that it gave me immense happiness.Aunty then pushed my foreskin back on my shaft and it gave me some pain. I hissed and touched aunty's hand to stop it. She asked me "have you not previously pulled your penis skin back by stretching it?". I replied "no". She said "it should be done - I am doing it for you good — afterwards it will be very nice to you". So I removed my hand and she slowly pushed my foreskin fully back. She held it at the end of my shaft for sometime and again slowly pulled it to the front. She did this several times. After sometime my foreskin slid on my shaft front and back easily and without any pain and I got a nice feeling out of it... Aunty asked me "have you taken out your Indhriya (Tamil word for semen) previously?". I said "no". She asked "don't you know about it?". I said "my friends have told me about it — but I have not done it so far". Aunty giggled and said "why — do you want to save it and become a Sanyasi (meaning Saint)?". I again said "no" and she said "then you should do it — then only you will have pleasure — shall I take it out?". I said "yes".She then took the top portion of her sari covering her chest and with that she covered my penis. Now her blouse-clad tits were in my sight and it took away my breadth. I stared at them and with one hand I lightly touched her tits. She said "don't be afraid — they will not break — squeeze them as you wish". I grabbed one tit and lightly squeezed it and I was transported to heaven with that feeling of pleasure. Now aunty increased her speed and rubbed my shaft very fast. My foreskin flew on my shaft front and back like express. The pressure made by her fingers on the shaft of my cock was very much exciting and the pleasure I got was so much that I closed my eyes and softly moaned. My semen shot out with full f***e and the sensation was so heady that I tried to raise and sit up. Aunty pressed my hip and made me to stay on the bed. My body rocked several times spurting semen and with each spurt my heart came to my mouth and I gasped with immense joy.After sometime I became calmer and opened my eyes.

Aunty took her sari and wiped my penis gently and lovingly. I could feel her sari was completely wet with my semen. She then brought it to my nose and I inhaled the smell of my semen for the first time. Its peculiar smell made me dizzy and I deeply inhaled it. She then covered herself by correcting the sari. She softly asked me "how was it?". I replied "aunty — you showed me paradise — even if I eat a ton of sweets I will not get the same pleasure". My c***d like reply made her to giggle. She said "now button your trousers and sl**p like a good baby". She then turned away and I corrected my trousers. Soon I noticed aunty was asl**p. But I could not sl**p for a long time because of my excitement at finding a new way of pleasure for my body. I kept rubbing my cock for a long time and I do not know when I fell asl**p.

In the morning when I woke up they had already gone down. I noticed my penis was again stiff. I went to the bathroom at the rear and pissed. But the sight of my cock stimulated me and brought forth the memory of the last night's pleasure. So I took out my cock in my hand and rubbed it the same way aunty had done it in the night. Soon I got the knack of it and I reached a pleasurable climax and shot my semen out. It was the first time I did it in my full view and the sight of my semen shooting out of my cock was very exciting to me. I cupped my hand and caught it in my palm. I closely examined its milky white color and again smelt it. I tentatively and with some reluctance brought it to my mouth and licked it. Its hot and salty taste was new to me and I swallowed a bit of it and it only increased my pleasure.Afterwards I came out of the bathroom with a happy smile in my face. Aunty had come to wake me and she was sitting on the cot. When I saw her I was embarrassed a bit and looked shyly and guilty at her. Aunty laughed and said teasingly "did you have a good time in bathroom?". I stood with a foolish grin and she came and patted my back. Then she told me to clean my teeth and come down for coffee. After this incident masturbation became my regular hobby and daily I will do it.

On some days I would do it more than once also. A few more times aunty did masturbation for me on occasions when we could be alone and every time I will deeply kiss her and thank her for teaching me that most pleasurable act. In those times I would beg her to allow me to fuck her but she would firmly refuse saying "there is a limit in everything and you should adhere to it". I continued masturbation till I could get chance to find happiness with women which was in my 19th year. Later there has been no need for it though sporadically I do it even now. Every time I do it I relive the memory of my first time pleasure received with my aunty's hand.

... Continue»
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The First Time Mistress Sent Me to My Room

A few years ago I had a Mistress in my life, run my life rather. She was very strict and quick to implement harsh punishment. Do the slightest thing to her displeasure and she would explode into fury. My sissy ass would have a thin but sturdy chain clipped to the lock on my clit cage. Which she would then attach to one of the many well placed hooks in ceiling all around the house. She would pull until I was on my tippy toes before she set the hook. As if the pain of my genitals being stretched further than I'd have thought possible wouldn't hurt enough, a plug bigger than my cum hole would go in every time. My 5in cock gag was strapped on my head next. Followed by my head being attached to the ceiling as well. By now all I can think was it was just one baby carrot that fell on the floor! Stuff like that happened on a semi regular basis. Sometimes just dangling for hours on end. Being beat by her or one of her friends. So when she got angry and then suddenly quit. I knew I wasn't going to like what was about to happen to me.

After hang there for only thirty minutes or so. She returned. Freed me from what I can only describe as hell. And told me to give myself an enema, shower and make myself look a cheap as possible. All of this I had been told to do many before. But there was something about the way she said it. Or the way she looked at me with a very small, almost undetectable, evil grin as she said it. Which ever one it was, it had me scared.

I promptly did as I was told. And when I return all whored up. She said to me "get your sorry worthless sissy faggot ass cum holes in the car. Little sissy faggot has to go to her room for a few day." We then drove to the sleaziest motel in town. As I sat in the car waiting for her to return with the key, I can remember being so scared that I though about stealing the car. I would soon regret not taking my chance. We drove around to the very back. Where no one looked to have been in years. She made me grab a bag from the trunk and meet her at the last door. Furthest room away from anyone. I already felt so alone. As we entered the room I was ordered to empty the bag on the bed. And inside I found a fat 12in dildo with harness. A large, but manageable for me, butt plug. An enema bag, two small rather painless whips, small amount of makeup and 4 condoms. Once the bag was empty she gave me an old cell phone capable of taking a lot of pictures, along with $12 in ones. She then told me what was expected of me. And that failure to do as told would make getting "sent to my room" look like a trip to Disneyland.

Now there I am left all alone in "my" room, with a lot of unknowns coming my way. I know that I'm going to need 6 receipts with three being time coded in the 5pm hour. And three more being time coded in the hour of 7am. I knew in this area that was not just going to be humiliating, it was going to be dangerous. As for the rest of my stay I was still in the dark. It was 4pm when the phone rang. It was Mistress phoning to tell me I was about to have a few visitors and that I was to do endure whatever they did to me, and she would be getting feedback. She then quickly reminded me about the fast approaching 5o'clock hour just before faggot and hanging up.In only about five minutes there was a knock at the door. I looked out the peep hole and saw five older business types. For some reason I kind of relaxed a bit. Yes, five guys at one time is intimidating. But I guess I must have been thinking, "at least they're suits and not the thugs I saw on the way in" Boy was I ever wrong in my assumption!

The second knock was more aggressive. I swung the door open immediately. The one in front shoved me back making me fall. He then rushed toward me and pulled my panties off and kicked me all the way to the sink where then threw my panties. Two of the other me grabbed me and stood me up and made me watch as the others drenched my panties in their piss. They all started to laughed as they finished pissing. Then one of them holding me said to me "get your faggot mouth down in that sink and get those in your mouth." As I started to bend over one grabbed me by the neck and f***ed my face down into them. While another assured I would not be using my hand for this task, by tying hands wrist to elbow. As I struggled to get them into my mouth. The two that hadn't pissed on my panties began to piss on my face from either side.

Wanna here more about my three days in my room? ... Continue»
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A Lesson in Social Justice

A young couple from the deep south offend the wrong
black man and are taken to task. They learn a deep and
abiding lesson in race relations. (Mm+/F, nc, intr,
exh, blkmail, b**st)


There are people who will not like some of the things
that I write in this story. If you are of the opinion
that the south will rise again (or that it should), if
you are convinced that the American Civil War was
fought for financial reasons or to secure state's
rights then I highly recommend that you skip this
story. Some of the things I write here will offend your

I will admit that a lot of what happened to me is a
result of my racist upbringing. If I had not been
raised in a small southern town by racist parents and
if all of my friends had not been racist I might not
have done the things that I did. For it was my
misguided actions that triggered the events that I'm
writing about, events that changed the lives of both me
and my husband. I'm not saying that I deserved what
happened to me, or what is still happening to me. But I
can't deny that I brought it on myself.

My husband and I met in college, Ole Miss of course. We
met in our sophomore year and dated a few times. We
dated off and on in our junior year too. It seemed that
we got a little better at it each time. By half way
through our senior year we were, well, maybe not
engaged yet, but we had an understanding.

We got married as soon as we graduated. We had both
been hired right after graduation by the same company.
My new husband, Paul, is the same age as me, twenty-
three. My parents loved him. He is a southern boy from
a town on the other side of the state. But we had the
same basic upbringing and the same values.

Paul was very smart and very good looking. He was not a
jock by any means. That was okay with me. I wasn't fond
of jocks. He was five foot ten, slender, not muscular
but quite fit. He had a smile that could melt glass and
a warm personality. Everyone loved Paul and I was proud
that he was my husband.

I guess I should describe myself as well. My name is
Jolie. I stand five feet tall and weigh right at a
hundred pounds when my hair is wet. I have shoulder
length blonde hair and I don't wish to sound vain but
I'm pretty good looking myself.

I have a nice figure. My breasts are B cups. That may
not sound big, but on my small frame they look just
right. They are perky and very sensitive. I have what
my husband describes as a "butt like a fifteen year
old." I'm assuming he is referring to the way it sits
up high and tight like a young girl's.

The reason that Paul and I kept getting back together
every time we split up was that we both loved sex and
when we made love it was magical. We were perfect
together. There was never a time that he didn't ring my
bells when we had sex. We were both open to just about
anything that two people could do together. All the
normal stuff anyway. There was none of that bondage
stuff or pain or anything, and nothing involving other
people of course. And certainly none of that bathroom

That left a lot of room to play though. I loved to kiss
and be touched. I loved it when he ate my pussy and I
loved it nearly as much when I sucked his cock. He is a
very good lover too. We could, and often did fuck for
hours. He has a nice seven inch cock that has never let
me down yet.

The trouble started a little more than a year after we
had been at work at our new jobs as research assistants
for a pharmaceutical firm. We were both making very
good money and had great futures. We were living a
charmed life and we knew it.

Then things changed. A black man moved into the house
next door to ours. Maybe if he had moved in down the
block, just maybe things would have worked out
differently. But our Deep South sensibilities were
really offended by the idea of a black man living right
next door.

We tried to ignore him at first. But just the fact that
he was living next door was a constant irritant. To
make matters worse, he was separated or divorced and
his two teenage sons were always spending weekends and
holidays with him.

A couple of times Paul or I had to chase his k**s out
of our yard. I suppose that we could have been a little
more tactful when we did. We said some things that
weren't very nice.

I yelled at his youngest son one day and called the k**
a couple of names. I guess the k** told his father
because he came to my door that evening and instead of
the apology that he was probably looking for we were
pretty rude to him as well. We didn't actually call him
names. But we said some things that weren't very nice
to him too.

I'm sure that you have heard the expression, "If looks
could kill." That night I saw it. I had never seen such
pure hatred in another person's eyes. He never said
word. He just stared at me for a second. Then he turned
and walked back to his house.

A chill ran up my spine as he walked away. Paul closed
the door and we went back into the living room and
talked about putting our dream house on the market and
moving away from that man. The trouble was that we had
just bought the house. We owed much more than it was
worth. It would be a couple of years before we could
afford to sell. We were just going to have to put up
with having that man living next door until he moved or
we could sell.

I noticed that the other people on our street didn't
seem to have a problem with our new neighbor. They
would talk to him when they saw him outside and they
seemed pretty friendly. Soon he was being invited to
neighborhood get-togethers on a regular basis. That
made things uncomfortable for Paul and me. We had been
f***ed to leave a couple of gatherings because he
showed up.

Cathy, the woman that lived on the other side of me,
came over for coffee one morning not long after he
moved in and went on and on about how nice he was. I
didn't understand her. She was a good southern girl
just like me! I wanted to say something to her but for
some reason I felt uncomfortable and I just let her go
on until I could change the subject.

Paul and I thought our perfect world had been turned on
its side. Our charmed life had begun to lose some of
its luster. We couldn't sit around our pool out in the
backyard without thinking that a black man lived next
door and might even be in his back yard at that very
moment. I didn't feel comfortable wearing my bikini in
my own pool.

It wasn't like he was doing anything in particular that
we could complain about. His yard was always perfectly
manicured and he certainly didn't let his house go. He
was quiet. We never heard any of that loud, obnoxious
music that those people listen to. He didn't have

It was just that where Paul and I were from the races
didn't mix. White people didn't live next door to those
people. It just wasn't done.

Several weeks after the name calling incident, a
terrible thing happened. Our supervisor had a stroke.
He woke up in the morning and was taking a shower when
it hit him. Everyone was upset. He had been very
popular and a lot of fun to work for. Unfortunately, it
was a pretty major event and he would never recover
enough to return to work.

There were seven of us in our department, not counting
our supervisor. I was the only female in our
department. Most of the guys were in their forties and
fifties. The only exception was Taylor. Taylor was in
his early thirties. I suppose that it was unusual for a
husband and wife to work together the way we did. But
when we had applied for the jobs at a job fair held on
campus we had made it clear to the people that
interviewed us that we were going to be married and
they didn't have a problem with it.

Everyone got along great at work and we had a really
laid back little group. We were all afraid of what our
new supervisor was going to be like and how he or she
would change the dynamics of our little group.

You may have seen this coming, but Paul and I didn't.
The plant manager came in one afternoon to introduce
our new supervisor. I almost screamed out loud when it
turned out to be our next door neighbor, whose name was
Mr. Anderson.

Everyone gathered around while the plant manager
introduced him. Paul and I stood behind the others. We
were the most junior anyway and it was probably
appropriate for us to be the last to meet him.

I was scared to death and I am sure that Paul was too.
I could just see our entire future going right down the
drain. I didn't doubt for a moment that we were about
to lose our jobs and I knew better than to ask what
kind of a reference he would provide.

I could see our entire lives going up in smoke. We
would lose our jobs and our reputations, our house and
our cars. We could never work in our field again. In
fact, we could probably never get another job in any
related area. We were certain to lose our security
clearances when he found some pretext to fire us.

I will give the man credit. There was never a hint in
his face that he recognized us. He didn't give us dirty
looks or gloat. Nothing! He nodded and shook our hands
when we were finally introduced to him, just exactly
like he greeted our co-workers.

After we were all introduced the plant manager left and
Mr. Anderson smiled and said, "Gentlemen, and lady, I'm
not one to stand on formality. I want you all to call
me Doyal. The name is Gaelic and means 'dark stranger'.
My grandmother was from Ireland. We are a small
department and will be working closely with each other.
I have your personnel files in my briefcase and if you
can spare me a little time I would like you to join me
in my office one at a time so that I can get to know a
little about you."

He sounded so reasonable, so pleasant.

He turned to Karl and said, "Karl, I believe that you
have the most seniority. Shall we start with you?"

Karl walked off with Doyal and they chatted pleasantly
about sports as they walked away.

The rest of us went back to work. I don't think that
the others noticed the look of despair on the faces of
me or my husband. We glanced at each other and I knew
Paul well enough to know that he was thinking the same
thing that I was. Life as we knew it was over. We were
about to lose everything.

We all looked up expectantly when Karl came back. He
was smiling and it was obvious that he liked our new
supervisor. He said, "You're up next Neal. Nothing to
worry about, he's a great guy. I'm going to like
working with him. He really knows his stuff too. I'm
really impressed."

The rest of our co-workers filed out one at a time by
seniority, Neal, Travis, Ron, and Taylor. They all came
back smiling and looking forward to working with Doyal.
When Taylor came out he turned to Paul and me and said,
"Doyal said to send you k**s in together since you are

I dreaded this. But I felt better that I wasn't going
in there alone. I was terrified. I actually didn't
think that he would fire us right away. He would keep
us around for a few days or a few weeks and make our
lives hell. Then he would find, or make up, some excuse
to fire us.

Our co-workers finally noticed that we weren't as happy
about our new supervisor as they were. We got some
curious looks as we headed out into the corridor and
down one door to the small office next to our lab that
now belonged to Doyal Anderson.

We stopped in the corridor and looked at each other. I
could see that Paul was just as scared as I was. That
didn't do anything to reassure me.

There didn't seem to be anything to say, so we walked
the fifty feet to his office door. I don't think I
would have been any more afraid if there was a gallows
in that small office.

Paul tapped on his door and he opened it and held it
for us. We walked in and he waved his hand towards the
two chairs in front of his desk.

We took our seats and he sat down in his chair behind
his large, wooden desk. There were two stacks of
personnel files on his desk. One with the five files of
our co-workers in it and the smaller stack with just
Paul's and mine. We hadn't been working here all that
long and our files were much thinner than the others.

Doyal didn't say a word. He picked up our files, one at
a time, and he flipped through them quickly. He placed
them back on his desk in front of him and looked up at
us. Now, in the privacy of his office, the hate was
back. He nodded at the files and said, "Not much there.
You two don't have much of a past and now you don't
have much of a future. You both did very well in
college. So I'm sure that you know what serendipity
means. Karma, fate, chance, what it boils down to is
suddenly I have the lives of two young racists in my
hand. I have to tell you, it feels pretty damned good."

"I think back to all the insults I have suffered at the
hands of people like you, all the indignities, all the
challenges people like you have thrown in my way at
every turn. I'm not even going to mention the names you
called my son recently. I have to tell you, when I saw
you two in that lab a little while ago I started
looking around for someone to high five."

"I am going to destroy you. I am going to ruin your
lives and I am going to enjoy it so much that it will
probably give me an erection when I am doing it."

Paul just sat there stunned. I didn't speak, I
couldn't. But I had tears running down my cheeks.

Doyal smiled, a cruel, vindictive smile. He said, "I am
not going to fire you right away. I'm going to play
with you first. I'm going to make your lives hell. I'm
going to wait until you do something, or until I can
make it look like you did something, so terrible that
you won't be able to get a job cleaning bathrooms in a
gas station."

He glared at us for a moment longer and said, "You can
get back to work now. I can't stand to look at you."

Paul started to get up. I couldn't. My legs were
trembling and weak. But I couldn't let it end like
this. As much as it killed me to do it, I had to say
something. I cleared my throat and said, "Please

He interrupted curtly and snapped, "Sir! You call me
sir, bitch."

Bitch! I felt like I had been slapped. But still, I
couldn't let my life end like this. My parents had
mortgaged their home and gone into debt to put me
through college. I had promised them that I would pay
them back. I couldn't go home to them with my life in

I quietly said, "Sir, please don't do this to us. I'm
sorry for...I'm sorry for everything. We both are. We
shouldn't have said the things that we did. We's the way we were raised. I know it's wrong.
Please sir, I'm so sorry."

His expression never changed. He said, "You are only
sorry that I am your supervisor and hold your lives in
my hand. In your mind I am nothing but an uppity nigger
who has no right living in your neighborhood and no
right doing anything but janitor work and yard work for
white people."

He was right of course. But I was right too. It's the
way we were raised to think. I know that isn't much of
an excuse. I had friends in high school that had
developed friendships with black people. But of course
we had unpleasant names for people like that too.

It had been even more prevalent in college, even the
college that we had attended in the Deep South. It had
never failed to upset Paul and me when we saw groups of
k**s getting on so well despite their different races.
And when we saw a black boy with a white girl, well, we
just never could deal with that!

The tears were flowing freely now and I don't think I
was really capable of reason. But I couldn't just give
up. I couldn't let it end like this.

I wiped my eyes and said, "Please sir. I'm begging you.
Give us a chance. Give us a chance to change. We'll do
anything, but we can't let our lives be destroyed like

He glared at us for a moment. I didn't think for a
moment he would relent. His face never changed
expression. He hated us, and I suppose he had every

A long silence passed before he leaned back in his
chair and quietly said, "I don't believe you."

I wasn't certain what it was that I had said that he
didn't believe. But it was an opening. I quickly
responded, "I will sir! We will! We will change. I
promise you!"

He had a strange look on his face, almost a smile and I
didn't know what was going through his mind until he
said, "No, bitch. I don't believe that you will."

Was that a straw? I wasn't sure if he was just toying
with me or if he was actually suggesting that there was
room for compromise. I grasped at it though. I had to.

"I swear it, sir! I...we will do anything to make it up
to you. We can't let our lives be destroyed like this.
Please sir. I'm begging you. Give us a chance."

He actually smirked then. It wasn't reassuring. He
clasped his hands behind his neck and leaned back in
his chair and said, "Stand up."

We quickly got to our feet and stood quaking in fear in
front of his desk.

He left us like that for a moment before he said, "I
don't believe it, bitch. I don't believe you will do
anything. I don't believe that you can. I doubt if you
are capable of it. But I'm willing to give you a chance
to prove it if you want."

I swear, I actually thought he was relenting. The
pressure in my chest started to let up and I could
actually breathe. I quickly responded, "I can sir! I
will! We both will. Please give us a chance."

He answered quietly, "Okay. I don't think you have
thought this out very well. But I'm willing to give you
a chance."

He turned to my husband and said, "Paul, I want you to
go over there and lock my office door. Then I want you
to come back over here and undress your bitch for me."

I heard Paul make a sound like he had been punched in
the gut. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me
toward the door. My legs wouldn't move. I collapsed on
the floor and covered my face and cried loudly. I can't
even describe my thoughts. To be honest, I don't know
if I was actually thinking. I was just feeling. I was
feeling total despair, and total desperation.

I started to get my hysterical tears under control. I
wiped my eyes on my lab coat sleeves again and I looked
up to see Doyal smiling down at me, enjoying my

I struggled to my feet and pleaded, "Please sir, that
isn't what I meant."

He just kept smiling. He said, "I didn't think that it
was you silly bitch. But it is what I meant. If you two
want to keep your jobs here then you have only one
option. You become my slaves. Don't you think that's

"After all," he continued, "that's what your ancestors
did with my ancestors. You made them slaves. They were
humiliated and degraded. They were bought, sold and
traded like a common commodity. They were whipped and
abused and ****d and even killed on a whim. And once my
ancestors were freed, by f***e I might add, you
continued to make their lives hell. You denied them an
education. You denied them a decent place to live. You
denied them good jobs and you denied them the right to
vote. We had to fight your kind for every step forward
that we made. And even now, you two, and those of your
ilk, are still fighting against equality for my

I was holding onto the back of my chair now. I wasn't
sure that I could stand unsupported. I looked into
those cold eyes and in a quavering voice I whispered,
"I don't think... I can't... how can I... oh please,

His expression never changed. He smiled that cold smile
and said, "Get out. I'm done with you. But if I were
you I'd put that nice house of yours on the market. You
won't be able to afford it in a few weeks."

Paul gently pulled at my wrist, trying to guide me to
the door. I whirled around to face him and hissed, "NO!
Paul I won't let it be over. I can't. If we don't do
what he wants then we might as well kill ourselves. My
parents will lose their home. We will lose everything
we own. What kind of jobs do you think we will be able
to get after we get fired and lose our clearances?! I
refuse to end up living in a single-wide trailer on the
edge of town and working at...working where Paul? No
one would hire us. Do you want to live on welfare the
rest of your life? Do you think that there is a future
in picking up aluminum cans on the side of the road?"

Paul looked like an a****l caught in a trap. He
couldn't look any more stunned if Doyal had popped him
in the forehead with a two-by-four. I took a deep
breath and said, "Paul. Go lock the door."

He shook his head and tried to grab my wrist again. I
pulled away and hissed, "No god damn it! We have to do
this. We don't have a choice. Go lock the damned door!"

I could see Doyal out of the corner of my eye. He
hadn't moved and his expression hadn't changed. No
matter what Paul and I did in the next few minutes, he
was enjoying the hell out of our suffering.

Paul still hadn't moved. I grabbed the lapels of his
lab coat and quietly said, "Paul, we can talk about
this later. But you are a smart man. That was one of
the things that attracted me to you. You know as well
as I do that we don't have any other option. We have to
do what he wants. Please honey. Go lock the door."

Paul stared at me for a second and then he reluctantly
turned to Doyal and asked, "You just want to see her
naked, right? Just this once? I take her clothes off
and then she gets dressed and you have had your
revenge. You will have humiliated us. If we do that we
keep our jobs and we forget all about this, right?"

Doyal answered in a condescending voice one might use
with an idiot, "No you dumb fuck! I told you just a few
minutes ago. Weren't you listening? You become my
slaves. You will be my slaves until I get reassigned or
you leave here, or until I get tired of you. You will
do anything I tell you to do. You will do it anywhere I
tell you to do it and with anyone with whom I tell you
to do it. In case there is any question in your minds,
I am going to fuck your hot little bitch of a wife. She
is going to suck my cock whenever I'm in the mood. And
it won't be just me. I have a lot of friends that would
enjoy a piece of her ass."

"As for you Paul, you don't do anything for me
personally. I can't speak for some of my weirder
friends. I will enjoy humiliating you though. Since I
don't plan to fuck your skinny ass I'll have to find
other ways to make your life a living hell. It wouldn't
be fair if Jolie was the only one suffering. But it's
up to you. I don't give a shit one way or the other.
I'm going to enjoy it immensely no matter which route
you choose. Now is the time to choose though. I am
enjoying this very much. Watching you two suffer has
made my whole year. But I have a lot to do. So either
do what I told you to do or go back to the lab and get
to work."

Paul stared at Doyal as if in shock for a moment, then
he stared at me. He finally turned and walked slowly
toward the door. I watched him cross the room. His
shoulders were slumped and he walked like he was going
to his death. He turned the handle and the lock made a
loud metallic clicking sound that seemed to seal our
fate. He turned without looking up from the floor and
crossed the office to stand beside me once more.

I felt sorry for Paul. I figured that our marriage
would soon be over. I was about to be ****d by a black
man and I was certain that Paul couldn't see that and
still have anything to do with me afterwards. Once Paul
started to undress me he could never look at me the
same again. I understood though. It was the way we were

Paul gave me an apologetic look. You may find it hard
to believe but I could see that this was nearly as hard
for him as it was for me. When he could delay no longer
he reached for my lab coat.

Doyal called to him, "Wait! Not like that. Jolie, turn
and face me. Paul, stand behind her and reach around
and undress her. I would like to tell you to take your
time but we have already been in here as long as I kept
your co-workers. They are going to wonder what is going
on. So you might want to pick up the pace a little."

I turned to face Doyal and Paul moved behind me. I
closed my eyes as his hands reached for my lab coat and
removed it.

He dropped it on the chair where I had been sitting. I
felt his arms reach around me to unbutton my blouse. He
was still working on the top button with shaking
fingers when Doyal said, "Jolie, open your eyes. Look
at me."

I opened my eyes. That was the easy part. I had been
about to lose my balance with my eyes closed anyway.
The hard part was looking Doyal in the eye. I didn't
want to see him looking at my body as Paul uncovered
it. I didn't want to see lust in his eyes. I didn't
want to see pleasure. I had to remind myself, I was a
slave now. What I wanted wasn't important.

I stood as steadily as I could as Paul unbuttoned my
blouse. I stared uneasily into Doyal's eyes. I had
never been so embarrassed in my life, or so scared.

Paul pulled the blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned
the last button. Just before he pulled it off he
whispered, "I'm sorry Jolie."

Then he slowly pulled it down off of my shoulders and
slid it down my arms. He dropped it on the chair with
my lab coat. Next he struggled with the button and then
the zipper in the back of my skirt.

He hesitated before letting my skirt fall. I guess that
it's a good thing that he was being f***ed to undress
me. I don't think that I could have done it. The bl**d
was pounding in my head and I was feeling dizzy. I
could actually feel my heart beating wildly in my

I kept my eyes focused on Doyal as my skirt pooled at
my feet. Paul bent down and I held onto the back of the
chair to steady myself as I stepped out of my skirt.
Paul picked it up and placed it neatly on the chair.
Then he started removing my pantyhose.

As he worked them down my legs, Doyal said, "I don't
want you to wear those again. I hate them. I'll let you
wear panties for a while, until I make up mind about
them. I kind of like to see a sexy young woman in her
panties. They are a barrier between me and your cunt,
but they turn me on. However, I detest pantyhose."

I whispered, "Yes sir."

When my hose were on the growing pile of clothing on
the chair, Paul stood up and began to tug on the clasp
that held my bra in place. It wasn't easy for him. It
was harder for me.

I was not a virgin when I met Paul. I had been with
several boys before him. But there had been none since
Paul. And I had never been undressed in front of a
black man. I was terrified. I stood before him now in a
plain white bra and a pair of pink panties and I know
for a fact that I had not been this nervous on the
evening when I lost my virginity to Michael Gavin on a
blanket beside Astor's pond in the eleventh grade.

I felt the clasp come loose and the cups began to fall
away from my breasts. The arrogant look on Doyal's face
was not the look I was accustomed to when a boy was
about to see my breasts. Normally I was just as excited
by baring my breasts to a boy, after an appropriate
period spent kissing and petting, as the boy that was
about to be honored by my nudity.

I was not excited now. I felt so degraded. It was
almost enough to take my mind off of the despair I felt
at the impending end to my marriage.

Paul was reaching for my panties when Doyal stopped him
and said, "Not yet Paul. Her tits are marred by the
marks that come from being imprisoned by her bra. Reach
around and massage them for her. Work them a little.
And get those nipples hard for me. I like to see a
bitch with her nipples standing up and begging for

I normally enjoy very much the touch of Paul's hands on
my breasts. This time I hated it. I hated it in part
because as much as my mind screamed it's defiance, when
his fingers began to tease my nipples they quickly
became hard and erect. I wasn't aroused of course. I
was horrified by what was happening to me.

Doyal watched with an amused expression on his face for
several minutes before he said, "Okay. She looks like
she's starting to enjoy it. I don't want that. Finish
undressing her. I want to see her cunt."

I shuddered in fear and revulsion as Paul grasped the
waistband of my underwear and slid them down off of my
hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them and stood,
naked now, in front of my new supervisor, the black man
who now lived next door to me.

He stared at me for a moment and then he sat up in his
chair and crooked his finger, indicating that he wanted
me to stand beside his chair.

I muttered, "Oh god. I can't do this."

But I did. I slowly circled around his desk and stood
beside his chair while he stared at my body, my naked
body. He smiled up at me and his large fingers began to
explore my breasts. In a conversational tone he said,
"I prefer bigger tits, but these look alright on your
little body. I bet it's really tearing you up isn't it?
A black man is touching your little tits. Just imagine
how you're going to feel when my big, black cock is
rammed up your tight little pink pussy. That's going to
really pull at your racist, redneck sensibilities."

His hand crawled down my belly like a big black spider.
His fingertips teased my pubic hair before they dipped
into the tight opening between my legs. I saw him
chuckle and he held his finger up to show me how wet it

I was more shocked than he was! How could my body
possibly react like that to this prelude to ****?!

The tears were running off my cheeks in a steady stream
now. They were falling onto my breasts and then
dripping off of my nipples. Doyal placed his finger,
still wet with my juices, against my nipple which was
damp with my tears. His finger circled my nipple which
quickly grew erect once more.

When my nipple was erect he squeezed it lightly. He
smiled that arrogant smile and said, "I think I'm going
to have to get these pierced. I have always thought
that women like you would look good in a slave collar
with matching nipple jewelry."

I almost fainted. I had never even had my ears pierced.
I was terrified of needles. And my opinion of the type
of woman who would pierce her nipples...well, in my
mind they were nothing but prostitute wanna-be's.

Doyal finally glanced at the clock and said, "The day
may come when you can work dressed the way you are now.
Unfortunately that day is not today. Put your blouse
and skirt on."

He sat and watched me as I moved back around his desk
and reached for my panties. In a stern voice he said,
"You had better start paying attention, bitch. I told
you to put your blouse and skirt on. I didn't say
anything about underwear."

I dressed quickly. There wasn't much for me to put on.
I stared at the floor as I dressed. I couldn't stand
the thought of looking at Doyal or my husband. Oh god!
What must Paul be thinking of me now? A black man had
seen me naked. He had touched me. His finger had been
inside of me!

When I was dressed, Paul and I waited for permission to
leave Doyal's office. It was getting late and we didn't
have time for much more than putting our work away and
cleaning up our work area.

Before he let us go, Doyal said, "Roll your waistband
over a few times bitch. I'll be at your house after I
get off tonight. I expect to be fed. After I've fucked
you we will go through your clothes and see if you have
any clothes worth keeping. We are going to want your
cunt to be much easier to get to from now on. Now get
out. You may be a sexy young cunt but you disgust me.
And don't close that lab coat, bitch."

Paul held the door for me and we stepped out into the
corridor. We turned to face each other and finally I
looked him in the eyes and tried to see what he was
thinking. People were starting to leave now and we
didn't dare speak. I simply said, "I'm sorry Paul."

He looked confused. He responded in a whisper, "You're
sorry? Jolie! You don't think...Jolie! I don't blame
you. I don't hold what happened in there against you.
Hell! I'm the one that took your clothes off! I should
be apologizing to you!"

We couldn't say more. There were too many people
around. We returned to our lab. I almost buttoned my
lab coat without thinking. I doubted if anyone would
notice any difference in my dress. It wasn't obvious
that I was no longer wearing a bra. I didn't think
anyone would notice that I was no longer wearing hose
or that my skirt was two inches shorter. Still, I
couldn't help feeling more vulnerable for letting Doyal
control my manner of dress.

We got strange looks from our co-workers as we re-
entered our lab. They had each spent fifteen or twenty
minutes in Doyal's office. Paul and I had been in with
him for nearly an hour.

But that wasn't the only difference. The five men that
we work with had all come back into the lab smiling and
looking forward to working with Doyal. Not Paul and
certainly not me. Our faces were white and drawn and
neither of us was capable of smiling.

We moved to our work areas in silence and began to
prepare to leave for the day. As I put my work away I
felt a hand on my shoulder. I just about jumped right
out of my skin. I turned to see Karl looking at me with
a concerned look on his face. He asked, "Is something
wrong Jolie? You and Paul look like you just got chewed
out. Do you need us to speak to Doyal for you? I don't
know what the problem is but we all like you and we
know what good workers you are. You know we'll back you
up if you need us."

I struggled to smile at him. He was a very nice man.
All of our co-workers were. I thanked him and tried to
assure him that everything was alright. It must have
been obvious that it wasn't. But what else could I say?

We said goodnight to our co-workers and left at the
usual time, 4:30 PM. Our plant had staggered hours so
that everyone wasn't coming to work and leaving at the
same time. But there was still a crush of people
pouring out through the various exits to the building
and swarming over the parking lot.

Paul and I walked in silence to our car and once we
were safely inside with the engine running and the air
conditioner working at full blast to dissipate the
superheated air in the car we sat staring straight
ahead and giving the parking lot time to clear out a

It was a long time before either of us spoke. I said,
"It's okay Paul. I know what you must be thinking. I
won't be a problem for you."

Paul turned in his seat with that confused look on his
face again and asked, "You said that before, Jolie.
What is it that you think you know? What are you
talking about? You don't think that I blame you for
what just happened, or what is going to happen, do

I stared straight ahead. I knew that he was trying to
do the right thing. He was saying what he thought he
needed to say. But I knew how his mind worked. I knew
what I would have been thinking if I were in his place.

I quietly said, "No Paul. I know that you don't blame
me. But I know what you must think of me now. I know
what you would think if I tried to kiss you now. I know
what would be going through your mind if we tried to
make love. A black man saw me naked. A black man
touched me. A black man put his finger inside of me.
And tonight a black man is going to..."

For a moment I couldn't even say it. It was
unthinkable. Finally I sobbed, "A black man is going to
fuck me."

Paul moved closer to me and put his arms around me. I
struggled to push him away but he held me in his arms
and pulled me to him. I finally stopped struggling and
I realized that he was crying quietly too.

I had never seen him cry and it scared the hell out of
me. I whispered, "Don't cry baby. I won't..."

He interrupted to say, "Shut up Jolie! I'm not going
anywhere. Or at least I'm not going anywhere without
you. I love you. I loved you this morning and I love
you now and I'm going to love you tomorrow morning."

"I will admit that if you had asked me this morning
then I would have assumed that I would feel the things
you think I must be feeling now. Much to my own
surprise I don't. I don't know why. I just know that no
matter what happens I love you very much and I am not
going to stop loving you. I'm certainly not going to
stop loving you because our next door neighbor has
****d you."

"You are the best thing that ever happened to me. We
are going to have to survive some hard times. I don't
doubt that they are going to be harder for you than me.
But I can't imagine life without you. We will find a
way to get through this. Just remember that no matter
how bad it gets, I am not going to stop loving you. And
I am not going to stop wanting you. I swear it."

I said, "Paul that is so sweet. I appreciate what you
are saying. But I don't think you can pull it off. We

That was as far as I got before he turned my face up
and kissed me passionately. I lost it then. I put my
arms around his neck and I began to cry hysterically. I
couldn't stop. It went on and on until I finally became
aware of him gently rubbing my back and lightly kissing
my neck and my ears and whispering, "I love you Jolie.
It kills me that I can't protect you. But I love you
and I will never leave you."

I loved it that he would say it. I guess he may even
have thought it. But I knew him too well. We were just
alike. I said, "Paul, he is going to fuck me tonight.
He is going to make me suck his cock. He is going to
make me a sex slave and it is all about humiliating and
degrading You can't honestly expect me to
believe that you will ever be able to make love to me
again after he leaves our house tonight."

He kissed me again and asked, "Have I ever lied to you?
I have given you my word. I never break my word."

He kissed me once more and then at the same time we
both noticed that we were just about the only car left
in the parking lot. I pushed him away gently and said,
"I guess we better go home. I have to start dinner."

He slid back behind the steering wheel and as we
fastened our seatbelts I wondered if he could actually
keep his word. I knew that he had the best of
intentions. He was a good man, a very good man. But he
was only human and we were products of our environment.

In our environment a white woman did not allow anyone
who was not white to have sex with her. She would
rather die. In my mind I had already submitted to
Doyal. I had already been naked in front of him. He had
touched my body. His finger had entered the most
private orifice of my body.

I knew that I would do whatever he ordered me to do
tonight, because I am a practical person and because I
could see no alternative. I could not imagine that
Paul, no matter how nice he was, or how well
intentioned, could ever get over what was going to
happen to me. But then, I wasn't sure that I could deal
with it either. I was terrified.

It was funny though, I didn't realize until that very
moment that I was more afraid of what Paul was going to
think than I was of the actual impending ****. I
suppose that would change when the **** became a
reality and was no longer just an abstract notion of a
large black man despoiling my body at some moment in
the future.

The ride home was made in total silence. It didn't take
a genius to know what either one of us was thinking
about. We had spent a half hour in the parking lot
waiting for the traffic to clear and trying to assure
ourselves that our marriage could survive the horrible
things that were about to happen to us. But even with
that delay it looked like we had still beaten Doyal
home. We had never paid much attention to his comings
and goings and we didn't know what time he normally
came home.

We went inside and I tried to decide what to make for
dinner. I was never much for planning our meals. More
often than not I waited until we got home from work and
made supper depending on what we were in the mood to
eat and what we had on hand.

Neither of us was very hungry. I ended up making some
home fries and getting some pork chops out and ready to
cook as soon as Doyal showed up. While I was cooking I
asked Paul to make me a strong drink. I was going to
need it.

We sipped our drinks until Doyal showed up at seven. He
didn't knock or ring the bell. He just walked right
into our home. We heard him enter and Paul got up and
gave me a gentle kiss and said, "Remember, I love you.
I am always going to love you."

Then he went to greet Doyal. While he was doing that I
started cooking the pork chops.

I heard muted conversation coming from the living room.
A moment later Doyal and Paul joined me in the kitchen.
Paul placed a bottle of wine on the counter and then
undressed me while I stood at the stove. It was
humiliating all over again. The fact that Doyal had
already seen me naked and touched me didn't matter at

Paul opened the wine and took my clothes upstairs. When
he returned he was naked too. His face was bright red
but he tried to act as if this was all normal. He
poured a glass of wine for Doyal who was sitting
quietly at the kitchen table watching me move around
the kitchen in the nude.

I heard him chuckle when he saw Paul's soft cock. He
said, "I guess that what they say about you white boys
is true."

I glanced over discreetly and saw that, I suppose
because of the fear and humiliation, Paul's cock looked
much smaller than normal. I wanted to say something in
Paul's defense but I didn't dare.

I set the table and served dinner. I loved the smell of
pork chops cooking and normally that smell was all I
needed to work up an appetite. Not tonight though. I
sat at the table, trying to be as inconspicuous as
possible, and picked at my food. Paul didn't eat

Doyal, on the other hand, ate heartily. While he ate he
asked us a lot of personal questions. He asked us about
where we came from and about school and even about
work. Then he turned to Paul and asked, "Is she any
good at sucking cock?"

Paul looked at him in shock and when he didn't respond
right away Doyal said, "I realize that yours is only a
practice cock and not like the real thing. But it will
give me some idea of how hard she's going to be to

Poor Paul, he didn't know what to say. He turned an
even darker shade of red, he glanced at me, and then he
said, "I have always loved it when she did it to me. I
think she is very good at it."

Doyal smiled and held his hand out towards me. He had
been eating his pork chops with his fingers and they
were very greasy. He stuck his middle finger out and
said, "Show me Jolie. Demonstrate your cocksucking
skills for me. That looks to be about the size of your
wimpy husband's dick."

I leaned forward and took his finger into my mouth. It
wasn't such a strange thing, not really. It was
something I might have done playfully for Paul if we
had been alone. But doing it like this, under these
circumstances, for this hateful man who was only doing
it to humiliate us, it was having just that effect. It
was nearly as degrading as standing in front of him and
being undressed by my husband for his viewing pleasure.

He watched me suck on his finger for a minute. Then he
pushed his chair back and grabbed my wrist. He pulled
me over into his lap and said, "You're going to have to
do better than that, bitch."

He f***ed another of his long, black, greasy fingers
into my mouth and I sucked it clean while his free hand
came up and cupped my breasts and gently squeezed.

As I sucked his finger clean I could feel his cock
under my ass. It felt huge. I tried not to think about
that but instead concentrated on sucking his greasy
fingers clean. He let me clean all four fingers and his
thumb that way before he took his hand away from my

For a fraction of a second I was relieved that my
little cocksucking demonstration was over. But then his
hand fell to my thigh, only inches from my exposed
pussy. He squeezed my thigh and then slid his hand up
until his large index finger was nestled in my slit.

He was staring at my face as his finger came into
contact with my sex. He saw me gasp quietly at his
touch and he said, "Yeah, I knew you wanted that. I
expect you have been thinking about me since you left
my office. I'm going to stick my finger back in your
pussy now, bitch. What do you want to bet it comes out
wet again? You may not admit it, not even to yourself,
but you can't wait to get my big, black cock in your
hot little cunt."

I felt his finger slip between my labia and I knew by
the way it entered me so easily that I was wet down
there. The fact that my pussy was wet in anticipation
of his touch was just as disturbing as it had been when
it happened in his office. It was like my body was
joining f***es with Doyal to humiliate me.

He chuckled when his finger entered me easily. He
worked it around inside of me for a moment and said,
"Yeah, you are one hot little cunt. You may not like
black people intruding on your little white world, but
your body seems to be looking forward to getting some
nice big black dick."

Doyal pulled his finger out of me and held it up. He
shook his head and said, "Sweetheart, it is obvious to
me that your mind and your body are having one hell of
a conflict here. Or is there something that you are
keeping a secret from your husband? You don't harbor a
secret desire for black men do you Jolie?"

I didn't plan on dignifying that obviously outrageous
question with an answer. But he didn't give me a chance
anyway. He f***ed his finger, now wet with my juices,
into my mouth and watched me suck it clean again. When
his finger was clean he pushed me out of his lap and
stood up.

He is a large man and he towered over me. He was very
intimidating, and not just because he was dressed and I
was naked. Nor was it because I knew that he was about
to demand sex of me, and I had no choice but to submit.
I had no doubt that this man would have been
intimidating under any circumstances. He was large and
muscular but it was the arrogant look on his face that
made us feel so ill at ease. He was in charge and he
knew it. He was a man who was used to being in charge
and it showed.

Doyal stood up and said, "You can clean this mess up
later. Let's go in the other room and get comfortable."

Paul and I followed Doyal into the living room and he
stood in front of our couch. He ordered us to stand on
in front of him and then he said, "I want you to
undress me now. It's time that we got better

Paul and I looked at each other. We didn't know what to
do. I mean, we certainly knew what to do, but we didn't
know who should do what. Paul was just as uncomfortable
with the idea of undressing another man as I was.

After a short hesitation Paul began to unbutton Doyal's
sport shirt and I started unbuckling his belt and then
opening his pants. I finished first and I pushed his
pants down to his ankles. He didn't lift his feet so I
couldn't remove them. That left me with only his boxer

Paul pulled his shirt off and set it aside and then
stripped him of his undershirt. The contrast between
Doyal and Paul, or any other boy I had ever been with,
was striking. Doyal was muscular. His chest was well
defined and his abs were tight. His upper arms looked
nearly as large as Paul's thighs! But he wasn't muscle
bound. He was very well proportioned.

I was inching his boxers down, struggling to get them
out and down over his semi-hard cock. It was obviously
very large, much larger than any I had ever seen
before. But even knowing in advance that it was so much
larger I don't think that I was really prepared for it
when I first saw it.

His cock was much longer than Paul's. But the scary
part was that it was at least twice as big around. It
was at least nine inches long and no less than four
inches around at the base. The skin of the shaft was as
black as coal. The head was a lighter brown. I stared
in awe as I uncovered it. I couldn't even imagine
taking something that large inside of me! I had to
admit though, it was certainly impressive. It looked
so...I don't know, masculine? It was as if his cock was
as arrogant as the rest of him!

When I had his shorts down around his ankles he sat on
the couch. Paul joined me on the floor and we removed
his shoes and socks and then his pants and shorts. When
he was finally naked he spread his legs and said,
"Paul, I want you to hold my cock while your bitch gets
better acquainted with it. I haven't gotten fucked in a
while and I'm pretty horny. I imagine my cock will be
dancing all over the place. We don't want that, do we

Paul looked like he had been struck. He expected to be
humiliated. But he had not been expecting that he would
actually take part in my ****. He had not expected to
have to touch, to hold another man's cock.

He looked up at Doyal in shock. But Doyal just smiled
at him and said, "Don't be jealous Paulie. Maybe you
can suck it a little next time. I think the first time
should be for your little bitch."

Paul and I both shuddered in revulsion as he reached up
and gingerly held the base of Doyal's cock between his
thumb and two fingers. He held it out away from that
flat, hard stomach and Doyal said, "Okay bitch, lean
down there and give your new god a big kiss. Then I
want you to thank me for taking pity on you and your
wussy husband before you start licking my balls."

I stared in dismay at his imposing cock and equally
massive testicles as Paul held his cock upright for me.
It was finally happening. It was no longer a threat of
some horrible thing that was going to happen sometime
in the future. The future was now.

I took a deep breath and tried to f***e myself to be
strong. I leaned forward and touched my lips to the
head of his huge cock. I pulled my head back quickly
and muttered, "Thank you for taking pity on us sir."

It was almost as hard to say that as to do what I was
about to do. I leaned down and with tears running down
my cheeks I began to lick his large, hairy, wrinkled
ball sack. His balls, like his cock, were nearly twice
as large as Paul's. I licked them all over, stopping
from time to time to spit out a kinky little black

He instructed me to take his balls into my mouth one at
a time and suck on them gently. I had done that for
Paul and it was no big deal. It was much more difficult
with Doyal. I had to f***e my mouth open as far as I
could in order to get just one of his balls inside.
Once I had managed to stuff it inside, I could do
little more than gently slide my tongue around the
underside. I was conscious as I struggled to obey his
order that Paul's fingers were pressed against my lips,
still holding that massive cock erect in my face.

After I had repeated the process with his second
testicle he ordered me to lick his cock before I
started to learn how to suck a real cock. The arrogant

Despite my husband's grip on the base of it, Doyal's
cock throbbed quite violently as I bathed it with my
tongue. The fat knob at the top of the shaft was
becoming slick with the slime that was oozing from the
surprisingly large opening in the tip. I licked it
clean and worked my way up and down the shaft a few
times before he said, "Okay, bitch, let's see if you
can suck a cock."

I placed my lips over the knob of his cock and the
experience was entirely different than when I sucked on
my husband's much friendlier cock. My lips were
stretched painfully as I worked them down over his
daunting weapon. I groaned in dismay as I looked down
at how much cock was left and how black it looked in
contrast to my husband's white skin. I thought, "Oh my
god! I have a black man's cock in my mouth!"

Doyal ordered Paul to release his cock and instead to
cup his balls. He wanted him to feel it when he shot
his cum into my mouth. I had been avoiding looking at
Paul. But I glanced up at him then and I saw the tears
running down his cheeks. I had been concerned about our
future, the future of our marriage. But at that moment
I was too concerned with surviving sucking this huge
cock to worry about it. Still, I hated it that Paul
would forever have in his memory the image of me with
that big black cock in my mouth.

I could only f***e half of Doyal's cock into my mouth.
I could usually take nearly all of Paul's, all but the
last two inches. I had actually been pretty proud of my
cocksucking skills. But I was totally out of my league
now. This was like trying to suck off a horse!

Once I determined my limits I began to suck as much of
his cock as enthusiastically as possible. I just wanted
to get it over with. He watched me struggle to please
him for several minutes before he said, "Not too bad
for a first time, bitch. Don't worry, you'll get

I didn't know what he thought that I could do to get
better. The huge knob on the end of his cock was
hitting the back of my throat on every thrust. But I
put that out of my mind and sucked him as hard as I

Doyal just sat back and enjoyed it for what seemed like
a very long time. I could sense that he was starting to
get close to cumming. I began to get nervous as I
wondered how large a load of cum a huge cock and balls
like he had would produce.

Doyal groaned and said, "Okay Paulie, use your other
hand now. Finish me off in your bitch's mouth."

Paul placed his hand around the base of Doyal's cock
again. This time he wrapped his fingers around it as
far as they would go and he began to rapidly masturbate
our new supervisor's cock into my mouth.

In less than a minute I felt Doyal's large hands on my
head, holding me tight to his shaft. He moaned loudly
and exclaimed, "What a fucking team!"

Then he was cumming in my mouth. I moved my lips up to
the knob and held them in place as my mouth filled with
his hot, slimy, bitter cum. I gagged a couple of times.
I had never experienced so much cum before. It was as
bad as I thought that it would be. My mouth was full to
overflowing when he finally let his ass fall back onto
the couch cushion and he started to relax.

He reached out and held Paul's hand still and the three
of us stayed like that, motionless, until Doyal started
to breathe more normally and relax. He pulled Paul's
hand away and said, "Okay, bitch. Swallow that nice hot
cream and then give Paulie a big kiss to thank him for
his help."

I struggled to swallow his immense load. It was easily
twice as much as I had ever gotten from Paul. I had to
swallow several times to get it all down. I noticed as
I did that it tasted just like Paul's. I had expected
it to be different.

Paul and I both had tears running down our cheeks as I
leaned over Doyal's huge thigh and kissed Paul. It was
my intention to give him a little peck on the lips but
he held my head and kissed me lovingly. As we broke the
kiss he whispered, "I love you Jolie."

It almost broke my heart.

Doyal laughed quietly and said, "Isn't that sweet."
Then he said, "Paulie, your bitch missed a drop. Would
you get that for me?"

I stuttered, "N-n-o, please sir. Let me get that."

Doyal chuckled and said, "Don't worry, bitch. One taste
won't make Paulie gay. Not unless he's already gay. You
aren't gay are you Paulie? It wouldn't take much to
make a girl out of you. Just shave your legs and put a
dress on you and I think you'd look pretty hot."

Paul just glared at him and started to bend down to
lick the last drop of cum from the tip of his cock.
Doyal suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of
Paul's hair and pulled and twisted.

Paul cried out in pain and reached for Doyal's wrist.
Doyal yelled at him to put his hands down and he slowly
complied. He turned Paul's head and looking him right
in the eye and said, "Don't you ever look at me like
that again you fucking faggot! I own your pansy ass
now. That cock you are about to lick, that's as much
your god now as it is to your cunt of a wife. Your
lives revolve around pleasing that tube of flesh from
now until I get tired of fucking with you. You don't
feel so fucking high and mighty now do you? Just
remember, if you two weren't such racist assholes you
wouldn't be in this mess now. Hell! You didn't even
have to be nice to me, just polite. If you had only
been civil, and if you hadn't called my son those nasty
names of course. That kind of pissed me off."

He finally released his grip on Paul's hair and said,
"Now do what I told you to do. And if you ever look at
me like that again I'll take my belt to your pansy

I watched in shock as Paul slowly leaned down and
licked up that last remaining drop of cum on the head
of Doyal's cock. I knew how Paul felt about gay people
and I knew that it was killing him to first hold and
now touch his tongue to another man's cock.

Doyal pushed Paul away and ordered him to get him a
glass of wine and bring it up to the bedroom. Then he
stood up and told me to lead the way.

When we got to my room he headed for my closet. I had
forgotten that he was going to go through my clothes.
He wasn't very happy with what he found. I had a few
sexy dresses and some tops that satisfied him. But most
of my clothes were much too conservative for his
tastes. He separated out the few items he approved of
and a couple of skirts that would be acceptable once I
had them shortened. Then he asked to see my underwear.

Paul was waiting outside of my closet with a glass of
wine. Doyal took the glass and then ignored Paul. I
pulled my underwear out of my dresser drawers and laid
everything on top. Doyal picked up all of the pantyhose
and threw them away. He said, "If you feel you have to
wear hose you buy the thigh highs. And no garter belts!
I watched him go through my bras and panties. He said,
"Some of these bras aren't so bad, but you don't need a
bra with those little titties of yours. Don't wear one

He selected a couple pairs of panties and said, "These
aren't too bad. Get rid of the rest."

The two he had selected were my one thong; I hated
thongs, and a lacy pair of bikini panties.

He said, "Well, at least you get to wear underwear two
days a week. Don't worry too much about your wardrobe.
I have an idea on how to expand it."

He went over and sat on the side of my bed and said, "I
have to go in early tomorrow. There is a lot of work
involved in taking over a new section. I need a good
night's rest. So why don't you come over here and get
my dick hard so I can fuck you before I go home?"

I moved woodenly across the floor. I dropped to my
knees at his feet and took his soft cock into my mouth.
Even when it was soft it was much larger than Paul's
and it was very hard to suck. But it got hard quickly
and once it was fully erect he pushed me away and
ordered me up onto the bed.

He knelt between my widely parted knees and stared down
at my pussy. His fingers explored me again and again
they came away wet. He smiled and said, "You are a
horny little bitch, aren't you?"

I didn't bother to answer, but it continued to horrify
me that every time he touched me there his fingers came
away wet.

He moved his wet finger down to my virgin anus and
pressed the tip of it inside of me there. He smiled
when I jumped and said, "Don't tell me! A virgin! We'll
have to take care of that this weekend."

He pulled his finger out of my ass and put it in my
mouth. While I sucked his finger clean he moved up over
me and said, "Get over here Paulie. Get down there and
put my cock into your wife's cunt."

I stared at the ceiling as I felt Paul's hand come
between Doyal's body and mine. I felt the knob on that
huge cock moving through my slit and then, with one
sudden move it was stretching me wider than I had ever
been stretched before.

I was sickened. A black man's cock was in my pussy! I
felt Paul's hand move out of the way. But I didn't pay
much attention to that. I was focused on the huge shaft
that was slowly forcing its way into me. I didn't want
to admit it, not even to myself. But it felt pretty
good to be stretched like that. It felt good at first
anyway. It's just that it kept coming and coming,
stretching me farther and farther until I was afraid
that it would never stop.

It was just starting to be painful when I felt his
pubic bone come into contact with mine. That entire,
enormous organ was inside of me!

He left it like that, buried to the hilt in my pussy,
for a very long time. He was moaning in pleasure but I
was glad for the respite. My body needed time to adjust
to that huge thing.

I had just gotten used to it being there when he
started pulling it out of me. I'm not sure why it felt
so much longer than Paul's. It wasn't really, just two
inches. But it seemed to take him forever to draw it
all the way out.

He stroked in and out of me slowly for several minutes,
all the while staring down at my face. He could see
that I was enjoying it. I didn't want to. And I didn't
want him to realize that I was. But Jesus! No woman
could resist that feeling! I struggled to keep Paul
from finding out. I didn't moan, as hard as it was to
keep silent. I bit my bottom lip and struggled to lie
still and remain quiet. But after several minutes of
being overpowered, being taken by that large, masculine
man and that oversized cock, I couldn't fight it any

It killed me that he saw me surrender to him. It was
even worse that Paul had to witness it. But my body won
out in the end. I started lifting my hips to meet his
violent thrusts. My arms somehow ended up around his
back and I swear I don't remember locking my legs
around his.

He fucked me harder and harder and I heard sounds
coming from me that I had never made before. I knew
that they were coming from me but I couldn't stop them.
I had never been so possessed by a man in my life! It
didn't matter that it was a man that I detested, a man
for whom I had a perfect hate. I could not control

I felt Doyal tense up and I knew that a black man,
r****g me in front of my husband, was cumming inside of
me. But by then it didn't matter. No, I don't mean
that. It mattered. It was just about the most
humiliating and demeaning thing that I could imagine
happening to me. But I was fighting to control my
reaction to getting ****d by that big cock. I knew that
Paul was watching and I knew that the images being
burned into his brain were probably more than a
marriage could take. But to see me going crazy with
lust while being ****d by my black boss, there was just
no way to live that down.

Doyal and I peaked at the same time and he collapsed on
top of me for a moment. I became aware of the fact that
I was still clasping his body to mine with my arms and
legs and I quickly let him go.

He pushed himself to his knees and stared down at my
sweaty body. I think that it had surprised him that I
had reacted the way that I had. I know it surprised the
hell out of me. I saw the conceited look on his face
and I wanted to hit him. Thankfully I wasn't that

He got up and pointed out the dress that he wanted me
to wear to work tomorrow. Then he went downstairs to
dress and go home. Paul went down to let him out and
start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and dining

I didn't move until they were gone. Then I got up and
rushed to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and it took
forever for the cum to drain out of me. Then I took a
quick shower and brushed my teeth.

I put on my robe and steeled my nerves to face my
husband. I knew what I was going to see on his face
when I went downstairs. I knew that he could never love
me after what I had done. It would have been bad enough
if I had merely let that man **** me. But to become
aroused, to achieve orgasm! That was unforgiveable.

But I couldn't hide in my room. I had to face Paul. At
the very least I had to apologize to him.

By the time I got downstairs he had already cleaned off
the dining room table and was loading the dishwasher. I
went into the kitchen and moved up behind him. I tried
to make him stop. I said, "Paul, go sit down. I'll do

He didn't turn around. He just said, "You have already
had a rough evening. Why don't you make us a drink and
sit down and I'll join you in a minute. I'm almost done

I didn't know what to make of his voice. He sounded
calm. He sounded sad. But I didn't hear any of the
things that I expected to hear in his voice. It didn't
sound like he was mad at me or disgusted with me. I
didn't know what to think.

I made us each a stiff drink and put them on the end of
the counter. While he finished up with the dishwasher I
cleaned off the stove and wiped down the counters. We
finished up at about the same time and I took our
drinks over and put them on the kitchen table.

He came up behind me and I turned and we looked into
each other's eyes for the first time since...since our
boss ****d me. Then, in unison, we said, "I'm sorry."

I looked at him in surprise. I had expected to hear
something more along the lines of 'I want a divorce,'
certainly not an apology!

I asked, "Paul? What are you apologizing for? I'm the
one that...oh god, I can't even say it!"

He took me into his arms and nearly crushed me. I put
my arms around him and suddenly I was crying like a
baby again. I had done a lot of crying today. I'm not
normally a crying female. This was not a normal day.

He responded, "I have a lot to apologize for Jolie. And
you have nothing to apologize for."

I rested my head on his shoulder and said, "I wish that
were true Paul. I can't imagine that you will ever get
those images out of your head. You must hate me now."

Paul kissed the top of my head and said, "I'm the pansy
that let his wife get ****d by the next door neighbor.
No, it was even worse than that. I helped the son of a
bitch! No real man would help some son of a bitch ****
his wife. I didn't even try to fight him."

"Paul!" I exclaimed. "You couldn't fight that man! And
I don't mean just because he is huge and would have
killed you. He has our lives in his hand. I wouldn't
let you fight him. We have to do what he says. But I
don't get it. Are you telling me that you don't want a
divorce now? Surely you cannot live with a woman who
has done what I just did!"

Paul held me tighter and said, "You didn't do anything
that he didn't make you do. You didn't have a choice.
Just like I didn't when I did what he told me to do.
Are you telling me that you can see the things that he
made me do and that you don't hate me?"

I didn't know what he was talking about at first. Then
I remembered. I had been so focused on the things I had
done, and the things that were done to me, that I
really hadn't paid that much attention to Paul except
to despair at the idea of what he was seeing me do.

I straightened up suddenly and in a whisper, as if I
hoped that he wouldn't hear me, I said, "Paul, I had an
orgasm. I came when he put that huge thing of his in me
and fucked me. I let him **** me and I had an orgasm
right in front of you."

Paul smiled and said, "Yeah, a damned nice one too! I
was pretty happy for you."

I stepped back then. I didn't know if he was teasing me
or if he had just gone crazy.

I turned and picked up my drink and gulped down half of
it. Then I turned back and looked at him like he had
lost his mind.

He took me back into his arms and said, "Jolie, one of
the things I loved about you right from the beginning
was that you enjoyed sex. Your body and your mind were
always responsive. Just thinking about how turned on
you got used to get me excited. I love watching you,
especially when I eat your sweet pussy. I love watching
you lose control. I don't blame you for enjoying
getting fucked by that big cock of his. And I won't
hold it against you, if you promise not to get upset
when I tell you that when I saw you getting turned on
it gave me a hard on."

I looked at him skeptically. Surely he was just saying
that to ease my guilt. I had one more question that I
was afraid to ask. But now was the time.

"Paul, what about what we did downstairs? Could you
even kiss me after what you saw?"

He shrugged and said, "Could you kiss me? Could you
ever forget that I licked the end of that son of a
bitch's cock?"

I moved back into his arms then and I said, "Paul, I
was right. On our first date I thought to myself, 'this
man would be the perfect husband'. And you are. I love
you so much."

He responded, "I may not be a perfect husband. A
perfect husband would have prevented what happened here
tonight. But I have the perfect love for you."

I kissed him then, or rather we kissed each other. It
was a warm, passionate, unselfconscious kiss and I
started to think that maybe we would survive this after

We finished our drinks and I made us each another. Then
we sat on the couch with Paul's arms wrapped around me
and talked about what we had seen and done and how we
felt about it.

Paul was still naked and I noticed that his cock kept
twitching as we talked about some of the things that
had happened. He knew that I was aware of it and I
could tell that he was self-conscious.

I put my drink on the coffee table and said, "There is
one way to take care of this in a hurry."

I dropped to my knees and pushed his legs apart. He
tried to stop me. He said, "No Jolie, you don't have to
do that! Not tonight. Not after what you have been

I smiled and held his rapidly growing cock in my hands.
I said, "Sweetheart, I have never sucked your cock
because I had to. I love sucking your cock and you know
it. Now stop giving me a hard time here or I'll be
f***ed to bite you."

Paul gave in and sat back. He relaxed and I spread his
legs and he watched me as I leaned down and gave him
the best, the most loving blowjob that I had ever given

I had always enjoyed doing this, especially for him. It
was so much better now. After sucking on our neighbors
large cock I found that sucking on Paul's nice seven
inch cock was even easier and even more fun. I devoured
him with even more passion than normal but still I was
surprised at how quickly he had cum. I swallowed easily
and then I rested my head on his stomach and held his
cock in my mouth while it went soft.

Paul stroked my hair and thanked me and told me how
much he loved me. I finally looked up and said, "I
can't believe that we are going to get through this.
All evening I was terrified of looking at you and
seeing the disgust that I knew must be in your face
when you saw what I was doing."

He answered with a touch of embarrassment, "If you had
looked at me very often this evening you would have
seen how frequently my cock got hard when I watched
you. I don't understand it. I have read about men who
get off on watching their wives with other men. I have
never been that way. It never even occurred to me. I'm
not even sure what it was about what I saw that turned
me on. I only know that now that it's over I'm glad I
had that reaction and not the reaction you were afraid
of. To be honest, I was afraid of the same thing you

The smile left my face and I said, "It's not over. This
was just the beginning. And it isn't going to be just

Paul pulled me up beside him on the couch and kissed
me. He said, "Just remember one thing. No matter what
happens, I am always going to love you. And I am always
going to want you. I only hope that he doesn't make me
do something that you can't get past. I am surprised
that you didn't ask me to leave after what I did today,
and after what he did today. Christ! I can't blame you
for cumming on that humongous cock of his! That thing
was incredible. It made my cock look like a clit!"

I laughed and said, "I love your clit, sweetheart."

We finally went up and went to bed. Paul tried to
return the favor. But when I realized what he was doing
I stopped him. I said, "No honey. Not tonight. Trust
me. I've had enough. Besides, he came in buckets. I
don't want to take a chance on you going down on me
and...well, you know."

He kissed my neck and said, "I would be surprised if I
didn't end up with a mouthful of it one of these days
anyway. He is doing this to humiliate us."

I said, "No Paul. He is doing this because we are
racists and because we were rude to him and called his
son some very ugly names."

We looked at each other strangely then. It was like for
the first time we were acknowledging to ourselves that
we were not innocent victims in this.

After what had happened to us tonight I expected to
have a very difficult time falling asl**p. I had a lot
to think about. But I suppose that between the three
strong drinks and the stress and the amazing orgasm I
was out like a light in less than a minute. I am
usually a pretty light sl**per but that night I slept
so soundly that in the morning Paul had to shake me to
get me to wake up.

I went down and started coffee while Paul took a
shower. Then I took a shower while Paul toasted some
English muffins. When I finished my shower I put on the
dress that Doyal had selected for me. It was a flirty
little sundress. Not really scandalous, but not
appropriate for the work place either. It ended about
four inches above my knees. I thought that it was
inappropriate for work but I would be wearing a lab
coat. I didn't see how this would have the effect of
humiliating me that Doyal undoubtedly intended.

I dressed and joined Paul for breakfast. We ate
quietly, both of us wondering what Doyal had in mind to
make the day unpleasant.

We went in at our normal time, along with a hundred or
so other employees of the company. When we got to work
I put my lab coat on and went to my work area. Some of
the guys commented on my dress. They liked it and
suggested I dress like that more often. I had a feeling
that they were going to get their wish, and then some.

There was a note on my desk telling me to report to
Doyal's office as soon as I got in. I went out of the
lab and down to Doyal's office. I knocked and he told
me to enter.

When I stepped inside he looked up and said, "Lock the
door, bitch."

I wasn't really that surprised that he had sent for me.
The surprise was that he was not alone in his office.

I turned and locked the door. When I turned back around
he was getting up from behind his desk. He gestured for
me to stand in front of him. I crossed the space
between us and by the time I was standing in front of
him my face was bright red and my heart was beating
loudly again, just like yesterday.

He said, "Remove the lab coat. I want to see how you
look in the dress I picked out for you."

I obeyed instantly but I was very conscious of the
other man in the room. He was watching us closely and
smiling as Doyal ordered me around.

I dropped my lab coat on the same chair that my
clothing had been piled on yesterday when Paul had
undressed me in this same spot.

Doyal asked, "I suppose you are wearing underwear?"

I responded, "Yes sir."

"Which ones?" he asked.

I quietly replied, "The bikini panty."

He smiled and said, "Show me."

I reached down reluctantly and started to raise my
skirt but he said, "Not like that. Take your dress off,

I unbuttoned the front of the dress and dropped it on
my lab coat. I stood before Doyal and the stranger in
just my panties. Doyal turned to his friend and asked,
"What do you think?"

His friend had a surprisingly deep voice. He answered,
"Not bad. She looks like a pretty good fuck. Yeah, she
has the perfect body for some of that stuff, slender
like a fashion model."

His friend got up and came over and looked me over. He
asked me my sizes and then he ran his hands over my
body before slapping my thigh and ordering me to spread
my legs.

I obeyed nervously and soon another man had his finger
inside of me. He chuckled and said, "Damn Doyal! This
broad is hot to trot!"

He pulled his wet finger out of me and held it up. He
chuckled again and said, "Fuck! Look at that! That's
just from undressing in front of us! She must be one
hot bitch!"

Doyal laughed and said, "Trust me Al, she is. Do you
want to knock off a quick piece before you leave?"

Al said, "Hell yes!"

Doyal pushed me down over his desk and I heard the
rustle of clothing behind me. A moment later I felt
Al's cock working its way inside of my very wet pussy.
I hated what was happening, but I hated even more that
my body kept betraying me like this. I had gotten wet
before they even touched me. Undressing in front of
them had gotten my juices flowing, just like yesterday!
I was not an exhibitionist. In fact, I was pretty shy.
So I just didn't understand why this was happening.

I didn't have long to think about it though. Al started
fucking me hard and fast while Doyal held my head down
on his desk. I felt so helpless and so used. But worse
than that, as Al's strokes became faster and more
violent I felt myself building to another orgasm.

Doyal reached under me while his friend was fucking me
and started pulling and twisting on my nipples. He was
not gentle and it hurt. It hurt a lot. But still I felt
my body climbing towards a climax. I came just before
Al did. When the orgasm hit it hit hard and I started
to call out loudly until Doyal clamped a hand over my
mouth and kept me quiet.

I heard Al cry out behind me and his hands clawed at my
ass during those last few violent strokes. He called
out, "Jesus! What a fucking pussy!" And then he filled
me with cum.

He left his cock inside of me for a minute while he and
Doyal discussed my pussy. Then he slowly pulled his
cock out of me. It felt nearly as long as Doyal's,
though not nearly as thick.

When he pulled it free, Doyal pulled me up off of his
desk and asked, "Did you have a nice rest, cunt?"

Then he pushed me to the floor and said, "Clean up that

I didn't know what he meant at first. Not until Al
moved forward and his soft, slimy cock was right in my
face. I had just been fucked by a second black man in
less than twelve hours. Now I was going to taste a
second black cock. I f***ed myself to breathe through
my mouth. His cock smelled as bad as it looked.

I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his cock
into my mouth as I could before I closed my lips around
it. I gagged a couple of times at first but I sucked it
clean as quickly as I could. I was in a hurry to get
that taste out of my mouth.

When I had sucked the top half of his cock clean I
lifted my mouth off of it and I licked the base of it
until it too was clean. Then I washed his balls with my
tongue while he guided my head around with his hands
twisted in my hair.

He finally released me and I stood up gasping for fresh
air while he straightened his pants and made himself
presentable. I was aware of the cum that was seeping
out of me and about to start running down my thigh. I
was anxious to be allowed to dress and go to the ladies

Doyal had something else in mind. He smiled and said,
"You can't leave here like that. Everyone will know
what a slut you are. Scoop that up and swallow it."

They both laughed at the look on my face when he said
that. I wanted to plead with him to be reasonable but
one look at the amusement on their faces as they
enjoyed my consternation and I knew I would be wasting
my breath.

I spread my legs and I felt the bile rising in my
throat as I reached down and scooped up about two
tablespoons of slimy white cum on the tips of two
fingers. I stared at it for a second, trying to
convince myself that it was just cum and I had
swallowed a lot of it over the last four or five years.

This was different though. This was such a nasty thing
to do. I looked up at their faces one last time and
then I swallowed and f***ed myself to place my fingers
in my mouth and suck them clean.

I heard the stranger exclaim under his breath, "What a
fucking cunt!"

When I had swallowed the bastard's cum I pulled my
fingers from my mouth and stood there naked as the men
shook hands and the stranger left. I expected Doyal to
take a turn but he said, "You had better get to work,
cunt. I want you and your faggot husband back in here
at lunch time."

I responded without thinking, "He is not a faggot!"

Doyal just smiled and said, "Sure he is. He just
doesn't realize it yet."

He handed me my lab coat and ordered me to put it on.
He was holding my dress and my panties in his other

I groaned as I slipped the lab coat on. We were
required to wear them at all times but we seldom closed
them. Not unless we were actually doing something that
required them, which in my section was not very often.
They weren't see-through, but they were thin and when I
started buttoning the front I noticed that my nipples
showed quite clearly through the thin material. You
couldn't actually see them. But you could see the
outlines of them. You could see the bumps. It was
obvious that I wasn't wearing much of anything under my
lab coat.

Doyal ordered me to leave the top two buttons and the
bottom two buttons unfastened. Suddenly my lab coat was
a sexy garment. My cleavage was exposed to an alarming
degree and the bottom button that I was permitted to
close was rubbing against my pubic hair. I would be in
danger of exposing myself with every step I took.

The guys were going to love this!

Doyal dismissed me but as I started to leave he said,
"I doubt if any of the guys have the balls, but if any
of them should grow a pair and decide to actually put a
hand on you, you just smile and act like nothing out of
the ordinary is happening. I'm going to be in and out
of the lab all morning and I'll be watching you."

I hurried back to the lab with my heart beating a mile
a minute. The guys looked up and smiled and said good
morning as I entered. Then they did a double take as
they watched me cross the room to my work area.

When I got to my bench I looked down and saw that my
nipples were standing straight out. I looked down and I
could see the insides of both of my thighs. And that
was standing still! God knows what I looked like when I
was taking a step!

I got my work out and threw myself into it like never
before. I wanted desperately not to think about
anything else right now. I sat on my stool and
struggled to at least cover my pussy with that damned
lab coat, but it was a constant struggle. To make
matters worse, one at a time the guys all came over,
ostensibly to see if I was alright.

I knew that guys being guys they would enjoy the view.
But I didn't believe that any of them would actually
touch me. I guess I don't know my co-workers as well as
I thought I did.

I watched them struggle to keep their eyes focused on
my face as we spoke. The odd thing was that, under any
other circumstances I would have been annoyed if they
had treated me this way. But I couldn't blame them.
They had never behaved this way until Doyal made me
dress like this. So I was surprised to find myself
becoming aroused at all of the attention. I was
embarrassed. But the tingle I felt between my legs
every time one of the men came over and stared at my
nipples or my upper thighs was unmistakable.

Once more I was f***ed to consider what kind of a
person, what kind of a woman I really was.

The men came over off and on throughout the morning to
check on something I was doing or just to speak and get
another look at me. Several times I looked down after
they walked away and wondered if they had been able to
see too much of me. The lab coat kept falling away from
my breasts when I leaned forward and on more than one
occasion I looked down and saw a nipple just starting
to peek out. Worse than that though, I was almost
positive that my slit showed from just about every
angle but behind me.

There was no question of how exposed I was every time I
got up or returned to my seat. In those moments I felt
the cool air on my slit and I knew that my pussy was
still drooling. My emotions were constantly being torn
between my continuous state of arousal and my despair
over the kind of woman that I was afraid that I was

Karl came over for the third or fourth time that
morning to ask about the status of a project I was
helping him with. I was flustered as I answered while
he stared directly at my nearly exposed breasts. When I
reached for some documents I realized too late that I
had exposed most of one breast, certainly all of the

He smiled and his face turned nearly as red as my own.
His hand fell to my thigh and he patted it gently. He
said, "My dear, I have never fully appreciated how sexy
a lab coat could be before. You look fantastic. I don't
know what has brought about this change in you. But I
like it."

His fingertips were at most an inch from my pussy as he
spoke. I was too shocked to say or do anything. And
when the shock wore off I realized that this was what
Doyal had in mind. As if to confirm my sudden
inspiration I looked up to see Doyal smiling at me from
across the room. He nodded and then went back to his
conversation with Taylor. I noticed that Taylor was
staring too. He didn't look like he was hearing a word
that Doyal was saying.

In the next hour it became obvious that Doyal and
Taylor had not been the only ones watching Karl place
his hand on my thigh and get away with it. At one time
or another they all came over that morning and they all
placed their hands high on my thigh. I actually felt
Neal's fingertip grazing my exposed pussy!

Every man in that lab was walking around with a hard on
all morning because of me. Well, I suppose it would be
more accurate to say that it was because of Doyal. I
would never have dressed like this on my own.

Even Paul had a hard on! He didn't feel me up in
public. But he came over and whispered, "Are you doing
okay? I hate to admit it, but you look hotter than

I blushed and looked around to make sure that no one
was close enough to hear us talk. I whispered, "Jesus
Paul! I don't know what is happening with me! I have
never been so humiliated in my life. But I'm sitting in
a pool of my own juices! Could I have been a slut all
this time and I didn't even know it?!"

He shrugged and whispered, "No. You aren't a slut.
You're body is just reacting to the constant sexual
stimulation. You can't help it. Just like I can't help
having a hard on every time I look at you."

Paul looked around and asked, "What happened in there
this morning? You were gone a long time."

I whispered to him about having to service the strange
man in Doyal's office and I told him that we were both
to report to his office at lunch time. I also told him
about being ordered to permit my co-workers to touch me
if they got up the nerve.

Before he went back to work I asked him how exposed my
pussy was. I couldn't tell but I felt like I was all
but naked down there.

He glanced down and responded, "It isn't too bad when
you tug your lab coat together. But once you let it go
it starts to fall away and it isn't long before the top
half of your pussy is exposed. You might as well quit
fighting it. Everyone has already seen it by now."

I asked, "Did you see him this morning? This is just
what he had in mind, this and more. Remember what he
said yesterday? He said he wished that I could work in
the nude. I don't know where this is going. But even if
he doesn't make up something terrible about us, our
reputations are going to be shot."

I suddenly realized what Doyal was doing. I hissed
under my breath, "Oh my god! Paul! I just realized
where this is going. He wants to turn me into the
office sex toy. Not just for him, for everyone we work

Paul looked so helpless when he said, "I know. But I
still don't see any way out of this. Not yet anyway."

Paul went back to his work station and I tried to
forget about how exposed I was and concentrate on my
own work. As I worked though, I couldn't help noticing
my co-workers getting together and talking quietly in
twos and threes throughout the morning, all the while
glancing over at me. I could just imagine what they
were saying.

They kept coming back over and visiting with me at my
station. Each time they became bolder and each time I
was f***ed to bite my tongue as their hands came to
rest on my upper thigh and fingers began to tease my
sopping wet slit. I suppose that they were comparing
notes as the morning went on and it was obvious that I
wasn't objecting to anything that they did. They may
not have understood the sudden change in me, but they
were enjoying it. They didn't grope me openly, and they
seemed to be more discreet whenever Paul was nearby.
But they became bolder with each visit to my work

Just before lunch Karl came over and leaned against the
bench where I was working. His hand went right to my
thigh and the tip of his middle finger was sliding up
and down through my slit, grazing my clit at the top of
each tiny stroke.

I gasped as his finger teased my clit and I grasped my
workbench with both hands. I fought to keep from having
an orgasm as this nice, gentle, quiet man who was more
than twice my age and had always treated me with
respect began to finger my pussy while my husband and
our four co-workers watched from around the room.

I groaned and bit my bottom lip in an effort to keep
from having an orgasm. When Karl first spoke I heard
the words but my brain didn't catch the meaning. He had
to repeat himself. "Jolie, why are you doing this? Or
more to the point, why are you letting us do this.
Don't misunderstand. I love the change in you. We all
do. But it seems so out of character for you. What's
going on?"

I was actually grateful for the question. It distracted
me from the sensations his finger was causing. I
whispered, "I can't talk when you are doing that Karl!
I can't think!"

He stopped moving is finger, but it remained inside me,
just inside my opening. I managed to catch my breath
and get my mind in gear. But I was still highly aroused
and it occurred to me that at this very moment, after
all of these hours of teasing, I wanted to fuck these
men just as much as they wanted to fuck me. It looked
like Doyal was going to get his wish!

But I didn't know how to respond to Karl's very
reasonable question. I couldn't tell him the truth. Or
could I? I knew that they were all wondering. Maybe the
easiest thing to do would be to explain. Doyal didn't
say that I couldn't tell them. Would things be better
or worse if I told them the truth?

I glanced at the clock. It was still half an hour
before Paul and I had to report to Doyal's office for
lunch. I sighed deeply and said, "Give me a minute to
talk to Paul before I answer you, okay Karl?"

He nodded and finally removed his hand from my sex

When he had moved away I looked over to see Paul
watching with obvious concern. I waved him over and he
rushed across the room to see what I wanted. When he
was standing beside me I whispered, "Paul, Karl wants
to know why I'm doing this, why I'm dressing like this
and why I'm letting them touch me. I was trying to
think of a reasonable lie but maybe it would be better
if we just told the truth. Doyal didn't say we
couldn't. Maybe that would be better than this,
whatever this is. Let's get it out in the open. I think
I would be less embarrassed if they realized that I
hadn't changed, I am doing what I have to do. And maybe
they'll take it easy on me. Or not. Either way at least
we can stop pussy-footing around in a cloud of secrecy.
What do you think?"

Paul looked at me, and then he looked around at our
five co-workers. He asked, "What will you tell them?"

"The truth," I replied.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know if that will help
your cause. But I guess you're right. This silly game
that everyone is playing now isn't fooling anyone. In
some ways it's even more demeaning. I guess that we
haven't anything to lose. You may be right, though I
doubt it. I think that once they know that they have
permission to do what they want things will get worse.
But I guess we are going there anyway. If you would
feel better having them know that you are being coerced
then tell them."

I smiled wryly and said, "Paul, it's more than being
coerced. We are being punished. I suspect that our
friends here in the office might side with Doyal when
they hear why."

Paul shrugged and said, "It's up to you. I'm not going
to change how I feel about Doyal, and I'm not going to
change how I feel about you. You do what you think is

Paul kissed me on the forehead and went back to work. I
turned to Karl and waved him back over. When he was
close I said, "Karl, I talked it over with Paul and I'm
going to explain what is going on. I think it might be
best if I explained it to everyone all at once."

Karl looked up and I looked around to see that everyone
was watching us. He waved them over and soon I was
surrounded by my five co-workers, all ogling my exposed
flesh openly.

When they were close by I said, "Karl asked me why I'm
doing this, why I'm dressing like this and why I'm
letting you guys touch me. I don't know if I'm supposed
to tell you or not. But I wasn't told that I couldn't.
I think it best to get this out in the open."

I took a deep breath, which they all seemed to
appreciate, and I started from the beginning. "As you
guys all know, Paul and I are both from small southern
towns in Mississippi. We grew up in an environment of
prejudice and intolerance. We never questioned our
beliefs and that is why this is happening to me, to us
I mean."

I saw the confused looks on their faces. Travis and
Taylor were both from southern states too. I think they
had a better understanding of what I was saying about
my background. It only just then occurred to me though
that neither of them seemed to harbor the prejudice
that Paul and I did. I couldn't help but wonder. But
now was not the time for deep thoughts on the way of
the world.

I continued, "When Paul and I got married after we
graduated and got these jobs we thought we were living
in a fairy tale. We could afford a nice house in a
great neighborhood and nice cars and our life seemed
perfect. We never once had cause to re-examine our

"Things started to change when a black man bought the
house next door to us. He was a nice enough neighbor,
but it bothered us that a black man lived next door to
us. He quickly fit right in and was welcome in the
homes of our neighbors. But Paul and I were not so
accepting. We left more than one party because he
showed up."

"One day his two teenage sons were playing in the front
yard and one of them chased a ball into our yard. I
yelled at him and called him some...some terrible names
that I am too embarrassed to repeat. He was just a k**,
thirteen or f******n I guess."

"That evening our neighbor came over and I was nearly
as rude to him. I told him off and slammed the door in
his face. That man was Doyal Anderson. I didn't even
realize that he worked here, not that it would have
made a difference."

"Yesterday, the reason that we spent so much longer in
his office when he was interviewing everyone is that he
is punishing my husband and me. He is teaching us a

Now for the hard part! I felt myself turning even
redder as I said, "In order to keep Doyal from ruining
our lives, Paul and I had to agree to do everything
that he says until he sets us free. We are, in effect,
his slaves. The reason that I am dressed like this, and
the reason that I have allowed all of you to touch me
this morning, is that Doyal ordered me to. Paul and I
could lose everything if we didn't agree to his
demands. Maybe Doyal is right. Maybe we have this
coming. But I had to beg him not to fire us and I
promised to do anything to keep these jobs. I intend to
keep that promise."

There was a stunned silence for a long moment. Then
Karl asked, "So you are a slave now? A sex slave? He
has sex with you?"

I nodded.

Taylor chimed in, "He ordered you to let us touch you?"

I nodded again. I saw their minds working. They were
not at all concerned that I was now a sex slave. Their
only concern was just how far they could go. It was
obvious on all of their faces.

Then, almost as one they all turned to Paul. Paul was
staring down at his work but his face and neck were red
and I knew he had heard everything.

Karl asked, "What about Paul?"

I shrugged. "I don't know Karl. This all just started
yesterday when Doyal was made our supervisor."

With a smirk in his voice Travis asked, "How do you
like getting fucked by a big black stud?"

The others seemed as shocked by his question as I was.

Travis saw their looks and said, "Don't give me that
shit! I grew up in a small southern town too. And I had
to put up with people like Jolie and Paul calling me a
nigger lover and kicking my ass because I had black
friends. I like you Jolie. You seem like a nice k**.
But I have to be honest. I feel more sympathy for
Doyal's k** than I do for you. I think you are a nice
couple but I hate the way your minds work. I know that
you believe the things that you believe because you
were raised that way. But I was raised that way too and
I knew it was wrong. You are both intelligent people.
You had the same opportunity that I did to form your
own opinions. You know right from wrong. Maybe this
will do you both some good. I sure as hell don't have a
problem with it. Hell! I think it's pretty fucking

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was time for
lunch. I slid off of my stool as the men watched
carefully. I looked over at Paul and then I said, "No
matter what you choose to believe of my husband and me,
you now know why we are doing the things that we do.
You are free to form your opinions, but at least now
they will be based on the facts. I am embarrassed by
some of the things that I have done. But I am a product
of my environment despite what you believe Travis. You
can hate the way that my mind works and apparently you
can feel free to grope me at will. But I wanted it to
be clear that I was permitting these liberties because
I am being coerced. I did not become a slut overnight."

Paul came over and got me. We left them to think about,
and undoubtedly discuss what I had just told them. I
would have liked to listen in on that discussion. But I
didn't think that it would be very long before I found
out how it turned out.

We went to Doyal's office and knocked. He called out,

We went in and Paul asked if he wanted the door locked.
Doyal looked up and said, "Not yet." Then he asked
about our morning.

I gave him a quick overview of how it had gone and I
told him that I had told our co-workers why I was
dressed like a slut and permitting them to grope me at

He smiled and asked, "Great! How did they respond?"

I shrugged and said, "I don't know yet sir. I just
finished explaining it before we had to come to your

He said, "It will be interesting to see how that plays
out. They seem like a good group of men. But I suspect
that the opportunity to take advantage of a beautiful
young woman like you will overcome any moral
compunction they might feel when it comes to taking
advantage of you against your will and in front of your
loving husband. They may be moral men and they may like
you, but you are a sexy little bitch and when a man's
dick gets hard he tends to let the morality of an issue
fade into the background, at least until after his
orgasm. They may feel pangs of guilt later. But I'm
sure they can rationalize them away."

There was a light tap at the door and it opened to
admit the two janitors that worked on our floor of the
building. They were both tall, thin, older black men
with gray hair. One of them had a scraggly beard.

They stood just inside the door and Doyal said, "Paul,
Jolie, you have worked here for more than a year with
these men cleaning up after you and I am willing to bet
that you have never spoken to them. I doubt if you know
the names of either man. So allow me to introduce you.
The gentleman on your left is Oscar, and the man on
your right is John. I had a talk with them earlier and
explained my little psychology experiment to them. They
were more than willing to help out. Oscar, would you
mind locking the door?"

My knees almost gave out as I realized what was about
to happen. Janitors for Christ's sake! But there was
never any question that I was going to obey. I didn't
even stop to ponder how easily I had given in to Doyal.
I had, after all, begged him to give me a chance and
promised to do anything he demanded of me. And I was
constantly aware of the possible repercussions if I
should rebel. Always in the back of my mind was the
picture of my parents losing their home. I would do
anything to avoid that ever happening.

Once the door was locked Doyal said, "Take off the lab
coat, Jolie. Then go over and apologize to Oscar and
John for being a redneck."

I unbuttoned my lab coat and d****d it over the back of
a chair. I crossed the room and stood in front of the
two janitors. They glanced over at Doyal. I didn't see
what he did but they both smiled and in an instant they
each had one of my breasts in their hands.

I started to speak but my voice broke. I cleared my
throat and said, "I'm sorry for being a redneck." But I
couldn't leave it at that. I said, "I didn't mean to be
hateful, to hurt anyone. I didn't know any better. I'm
truly sorry. I'm trying to change."

Oscar smiled down at me and asked, "Do you know why me
and John are here?"

I sighed and shook my head. I answered, "I imagine that
I do."

He smiled and said, "I have watched you since you
started working here. You weren't really rude to me. It
was more like I didn't even exist. You would walk right
past me in the corridor and not even see me. I always
wanted to turn around after you passed and kick you
right in your redneck ass. So if you were hoping that
me or John was going to feel sorry for you then you are
just shit out of luck girl."

I shook my head and said, "No, I don't expect any
sympathy from you. But I am sorry for my behavior. And
not just because of what Mr. Anderson is making me do.
I guess I never really thought about...things. I never
saw any reason to question the way that I was raised.
I'm sorry."

Oscar grinned and said, "Well, I guess I know how you
can make it up to me. Come here girl."

He pulled me into his arms and leaned down and started
kissing me hard. His arms held me tight but I didn't
fight him. John moved around behind me and I felt his
hands exploring my ass while he watched Oscar kissing

I felt Oscar's tongue forcing my lips open. I was
disgusted by the idea of French kissing a sixty-odd
year old black janitor but I tried not to let it show.
I returned his kiss until he pushed me away. He turned
me around and gently pushed me into John's arms.

John took over where Oscar had left off and as we
kissed I heard Oscar getting undressed behind me.

I thought that I was just about as humiliated as I
could get. It turns out I was wrong. I heard a sudden
noise and saw a bright light through my closed eyelids.
I opened my eyes suddenly to see Doyal taking pictures
of me and the janitors.

I started to pull away, to demand that he put the
camera away. But John held me tight and I realized I
couldn't win. Once more I surrendered. I knew that I
was always going to lose. It was just that sometimes I
started to resist without thinking. I had never
permitted Paul to take pictures of me in the nude. I
was always afraid that someone would find them. I
trusted him not to put them on the internet or show
them to friends. But I had always been afraid that
someone would find them someday and I would be

Now it was all out of my control and the whole purpose
was to humiliate and humble me.

John finally broke off the kiss and turned me around to
face Oscar again. Only this time Oscar was naked. I
looked down and was relieved to see that at least his
cock was normal, not like that huge weapon between
Doyal's legs.

Oscar pulled me closer and as he pushed me to my knees
I heard the sounds of John undressing behind me. When I
was kneeling in front of him he inched closer and held
his cock in his hand. He traced my face with the head
of his cock as he smiled down at me. He chuckled and
said, "I do believe that is the prettiest sight I ever

Doyal apparently liked it too. He took enough pictures
of it.

Oscar held his cock up against his belly and ordered me
to lick his balls. Once I started he let his cock fall
and come to rest on my face. I had closed my eyes but
Doyal ordered me to keep them open and he took a dozen
more pictures from different angles.

A few moments later, John stood beside me. He leaned
his pelvis forward and started rubbing his cock over my
face while I sucked on Oscar's balls. There were more
pictures and then my mouth was passed back and forth
between the men.

First I licked and sucked on their hairy nuts and then
their hard cocks. John's was slightly fatter than
Oscar's. Neither cock was anything like Doyal's,

After a few minutes they started taking turns fucking
my mouth. It wasn't so bad at first but they started
getting more violent and after about ten minutes I was
struggling with them. They were banging their cocks
into the back of my throat painfully. I was just about
to yell at them when suddenly Oscar's cock head f***ed
its way into my throat.

I'm not sure who was more shocked. I started to
struggle but Doyal yelled at me to behave. At first it
didn't sink in. Not until I felt a sudden, sharp pain
on my butt. He had slapped the hell out of me.

I stopped struggling and Oscar pulled back and then
f***ed his cock right back down into my throat. I heard
him exclaim, "Fuck me!"

Then he was cumming with his cock buried in my throat.
I was kind of dazed. I was kneeling there with the head
of an old black man's cock in my throat, throbbing and
ejaculating sperm. By that point in the festivities my
mind had gone blank.

It wasn't until he pulled his cock out of my mouth that
I realized that at least there had been no foul tasting
cum in my mouth. But my throat was kind of sore and I
wasn't anxious to repeat it.

Unfortunately it wasn't up to me. John had watched in
amazement and he wanted his turn. He wanted to
experience having his cock in the throat of a young
white woman. As soon as Oscar moved away he did.

John grasped the sides of my head and held on tight as
he worked his cock back into my mouth. He began pumping
it in and out of me, harder and faster and deeper with
each stroke. His cock was fatter than Oscar's but not
significantly. On the fourth or fifth attempt the head
of his cock slipped into my throat and he held it there
with my face pressed against his hairy belly and I
heard him exclaim, "Son of a bitch! Jesus that feels
fantastic! This girl is the best cocksucker I ever

I heard the mirth in Doyal's voice as he said, "Well,
technically John, she isn't sucking your cock, you are
fucking her face. But I guess the end result is the
same. She is still going to end up with cum in her
belly when you're done."

John started fucking my face then. Slowly at first, but
then more f***efully, and with each stroke the head of
his cock and perhaps an inch of the fat shaft entered
my throat. At first it was painful. But I guess I
started getting numb after a minute or two. I just held
onto his hips and let him fuck my face until he tensed
up and I felt his cock throbbing in my throat.

He pulled it out after a moment and stepped back. I
gasped for breath now that my mouth and throat were
clear. I noticed with more than a little relief that
Oscar had dressed.

John started to get dressed but Doyal stopped him. He
said, "Hold on a minute John. There is one more picture
that I want to get before you leave. He invited John to
bend over his desk and then he instructed me to kneel
behind him.

I obeyed. I didn't know what he had in mind but I was
getting used to doing what I was told. I went along
placidly until Doyal said, "Okay Jolie. I want you to
spread his cheeks apart and eat his ass just like it
was a pussy."

My head swung around to look at Doyal so fast that I
hurt my neck. I had never even heard of such a thing! I
wasn't refusing exactly. I just couldn't believe that I
really understood what he was demanding of me.

He saw the look on my face and he said, "That's right,
cunt. Eat that nice man's big black ass."

I hesitated still, until he said, "Don't make me take
my belt off, bitch."

I turned to look at the big black ass in front of my
face and I felt the nausea building as I contemplated
the task in front of me. I heard Doyal start to
unbuckle his belt and I started moving finally. I
reached up and gently spread the cheeks of John's ass,
exposing his dark, crinkled ass hole. It occurred to me
that I had never actually seen one before. It was
particularly unattractive.

I moved my face closer. John smelled clean but this was
without a doubt the most disgusting thing that I had
yet been f***ed to do.

I became aware of the camera in my face as I slowly
leaned forward and pressed my lips against his asshole.
There was not yet any taste and the smell was not
unpleasant, sweaty, a little musky maybe, but clean.
Still, I couldn't help gagging at the idea of what I
was doing.

I tentatively stuck my tongue out and touched it to his
wrinkled hole and as soon as I touched him he groaned
in pleasure and his entire body twitched. He gasped and
said, "Son of a bitch! I never felt anything like that
before! Shit! I like that!"

I wasn't as excited about it myself.

I licked all around it for a moment and then stiffened
my tongue and f***ed it inside of him. He continued to
groan and gasp in pleasure and I began to fear that he
was going to get another hard on. I was getting tired.

Doyal took a dozen pictures and finally he said, "Okay.
Gentlemen, I appreciate your help. Now I am horny as
hell and I'm going to have to fuck this bitch before
she has to go back to work."

Oscar asked, "Do you mind if we watch?"

Doyal smiled and said, "Not at all. Do you mind taking
some pictures for me?"

Oscar took the camera from Doyal and stood back while
Doyal dropped his pants and shorts to his knees. I was
f***ed down roughly over his desk and he used his feet
to f***e my legs farther apart. A few seconds later he
was ramming his fat cock into me and there it was
again, that full feeling that had driven me crazy last

I hated that he could turn me on like this. I had
always had a very hard time reaching orgasm from
fucking. Paul could usually make me cum that way. But
he had a neat little thing he did on his down stroke
when he fucked me. He would press his pubic bone
against me and kind of push and twist at the same time,
applying pressure over my clit as he did. It was a
delicious feeling and it usually did the trick.

Doyal wasn't even touching my clit though. His cock was
stretching me to the limit and he was overpowering me,
taking me. It was both mentally and physically
stimulating and it was irresistible. I was soon
grunting and groaning and I knew that I was going to
cum again. I ignored Oscar and the camera. He was going
back and forth between my face and the huge cock
pounding into me. I hardly noticed.

I suspect that Doyal was very aroused. He enjoyed
tormenting me. He had just made me do some very nasty
shit and he had the pictures to prove it. He wouldn't
take long to cum. But I came twice before he finally
redoubled his efforts and attacked me brutally with his
oversized cock.

I felt him behind me, tensing up and then stopping
suddenly as his cock throbbed inside of me and
deposited another of his large loads in my pussy. He
stayed there, with our sex organs locked together, for
several long moments. Then he said, "Okay Oscar, get
ready. I want a lot of pictures of this."

He slowly pulled his cock out of me. I felt the rush of
cool air on my soaking wet pussy and I heard Oscar back
there getting some close-ups. Then I felt Doyal's hand
in my hair and he pulled me up off the desk and f***ed
me to my knees in front of him. I knew what he wanted
and I opened my mouth and sucked his slimy cock clean.
It was still quite hard. Not fully erect but not soft
either. He began to move it in and out of my mouth and
said, "Before it gets soft let's see if you can do your
new trick with my cock, bitch."

I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I was
sure that it wasn't going to go. But he gripped my head
after a few ineffective attempts on my part and he
thrust forward violently. Everyone in the room gasped
as his cock shot down my throat. It hurt, but it went
easier than I thought it would. Unlike with the others
though, I couldn't breathe with his cock in my throat.
It was so large that it compressed my airway.

He held it there long enough for Oscar to get a few
pictures and then he pulled it out. I gasped for air
and waited for my heart to stop beating so fast. Doyal
helped me to my feet and I saw John standing behind
Paul. He had one arm around Paul's throat and his arm
twisted up behind his back. Apparently Paul had
attempted to interfere.

Doyal got an evil smile on his face. He said, "I guess
you need to learn a little humility Paul. I suppose
I've been taking it too easy on you. John, bring him
over here."

Doyal lifted me to my feet using my hair as a handle
again. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing and
dropped me roughly on his desk. He pushed me down on my
back and lifted my legs and spread then. My sopping wet
and dripping pussy were displayed for all the men in
the room.

When John had Paul standing in front of the desk Doyal
said, "Okay John, let him go."

Paul flexed his arm and rubbed it. John had been pretty
rough on him I guess. Devon took the camera back from
Oscar and said, "Paul, your bitch can't go to work like
that. She smells awful. Get down there and clean that
mess up."

Paul glared at him and didn't move.

Doyal handed the camera back to Oscar and turned and
went around his desk. He opened his desk drawer and
removed a wooden ruler. Before anyone had a chance to
even figure out what he was going to do he lifted his
arm and brought the ruler down right across the center
of my right tit, right across the nipple!

At first I couldn't even scream. I gasped in disbelief
as the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life
washed over me. I finally caught my breath and just as
I was about to scream Doyal shoved his cock back in my
mouth and held it there. I screamed around his cock but
hardly any noise escaped.

I was crying hysterically now. I couldn't see anything
but Doyal's large, hairy balls. But I was praying that
Paul would not refuse again.

I can't describe the relief that I felt when I felt
Paul's shoulders between my thighs. I felt sorry for
him. I knew what a horrible thing Doyal was demanding
of him. But I couldn't take another blow from that
ruler. I just couldn't!

I felt Paul's breath on my thigh and then his warm
tongue began to lick up the cum that had been leaking
out of me. I heard Paul gagging frequently at first,
but gradually he got used to the smell and the taste I
guess. By the time his tongue had cleaned my thighs and
was beginning to bathe my vulva he had stopped gagging.

I heard the three black men in the room chuckling as
they watched. I felt so sorry for Paul. I knew that
this was going to prey on his mind for a long time.

His tongue bathed my vulva thoroughly and then began to
explore my slit. I normally love the feeling of a
tongue in my pussy. But I felt so bad for Paul that it
didn't affect me at all.

Doyal's cock didn't get hard again, thankfully. He
watched until he was satisfied that I was clean enough
to go back to work. He pulled his cock out of my mouth
and said, "Okay boy. That's enough. Let the bitch up so
she can get dressed."

Paul stepped back and helped me up without looking me
in the eye. I squeezed his hand and whispered, "I'm

He shook his head but he couldn't look at me.

Oscar and John finally left. Devon said, "Put your lab
coat on, bitch."

While I was buttoning up the same buttons that had been
buttoned all morning he said, "From now on you don't
say no to any man. That's pretty cut and dried. You
don't have any questions about that do you, cunt?"

I answered quietly, "No sir."

He nodded and said, "I hope so. Come back here when
it's time to go home and get your dress. Don't make any
plans for this weekend. You're going to be pretty

Just before we left to go back to the lab Doyal stopped
me and opened another button at the top of my lab coat.
He looked at it and said, "Button that back up when you
are outside of your lab. When you are in your lab I
want that one open too."

I nodded and buttoned the button. I glanced at the
clock on the way out. We had only been in Doyal's
office for forty minutes! I would have sworn that the
afternoon was half over. It had seemed like hours! We
still had twenty minutes of our lunch hour left!

In the corridor we talked about going to the lunch room
or even out to our car to relax for a few minutes and
be safe and alone. But I didn't want to go to the lunch
room dressed this way and by the time the car cooled
off enough to be comfortable it would be time to come
back in. So we went back into the lab and hoped that
the others would all be out to lunch.

We were in luck. All five of the men we worked with
were at lunch. We often went to lunch together as a
group. I suspect that they had a lot to talk about
today. I unbuttoned my top button and we went into the
back corner and sat together in a couple of chairs.

We didn't talk at first but Paul reached out and held
my hand. I squeezed his hand and said, "I'm so sorry

He grinned wryly and said, "What are you apologizing
for? I'm the one that got you beaten with a ruler."

I leaned down and kissed his hand. I said, "I don't
blame you. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had
refused. I know how hard that was for you. I'm just
curious. Do you still think you can love me after all
this. It really seems to be getting out of hand."

Paul reached out and pulled me into his lap. He opened
the top of my lab coat and looked at the red welt on my
tit. It wasn't that bad. It still stung but it was
fading already. He leaned down and kissed it lightly
and said, "I really am sorry Jolie. You have to put up
with a lot more shit than I do. It's much worse for
you. I was just so shocked when he told me to...well
you know. I'll try to be more careful. And I don't care
what happens. I'm always going to love you."

I looked into his eyes and I could see that he really
meant it. I put my arms around his neck and held him
tight and I was just about to kiss him when he said,
"Even if you decide to leave me for that horse cock."

He was smiling and I knew he was k**ding. I leaned down
as if I was going to kiss him and I bit his nose, hard!

He yelled, "Hey!" and reached down and grabbed a
handful of my pubic hair and said, "I'll let go if you

Suddenly we were both laughing and I let his nose go
and kissed him as hard as I could. He turned my pubic
hair loose and put his arms around me and pulled me
close. I put my lips by his ear and whispered, "Oh
Paul, I adore you."

He bit my neck and said, "Yeah, and you're okay for a

I should have been furious, I guess. Instead I started
laughing almost hysterically. I finally caught my
breath and said, "You son of a bitch. Besides, I
thought you liked my cunt."

"I love your cunt," he replied. "And I love you."

This little bit of fooling around was just what I
needed. I felt much better now. I knew that I was going
to be screwed around with all afternoon and I was going
to have to let it happen. But I also knew that Paul
loved me and he still had his weird sense of humor.

Just then the lab door opened and the rest of the crew
came in. They saw us in the back and headed back to see
what we were doing. My legs were spread open and my
pussy was plainly visible. My lab coat was spread open
at the top and my uninjured tit was on display. There
were only two buttons that remained buttoned now. I had
no chance of maintaining any modesty dressed like this.
There was no sense in trying. The men had all seen my
pussy this morning. They had all touched it. It was
still humiliating to be on display this way. But there
was nothing that I could do about it.

Karl looked down and said, "You look all red and
swollen Jolie. Did you have another lesson in humility
over your lunch hour?"

I blushed and answered, "Yes Karl. Does that amuse

He grinned and replied, "Not as much as it turns me on.
You are about the hottest little thing I've ever seen.
I bet you look fantastic naked, and even better getting

Karl was in his mid fifties and has been happily
married to his wife for thirty years. He is a decent
man and I would be willing to bet that he has never
cheated on his wife. But the situation that was
developing here at work was probably something that he
never thought he would encounter. I was being f***ed to
parade around half naked and suddenly there was a
sexual tension in the air that had never existed
before. I looked around and saw that there was a hunger
in each of these men. The situation that I had
described to them this morning, my sexual servitude,
that was exciting to them.

I guess I couldn't blame them. I'm not stupid. I have
had enough interaction with the opposite sex and taken
enough Psych classes in college that I knew how men's
minds worked. After all, I've been a female all of my

They all knew that our new black supervisor had just
fucked me. They didn't know about the janitors, at
least not yet. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell

Karl reached out and helped me to my feet. He ignored
Paul and stared into my eyes as he reached out and
unbuttoned the two remaining buttons on my lab coat. I
offered no resistance.

He let my coat fall open and spotted the stripe on my
tit. He cringed and placed his finger on it gently. He
felt the heat and said, "I have something in my desk
that will make that feel a little better."

I thanked him. Then I stood there as all five of them
stared at my exposed body. No one spoke for a long time
until Travis asked, "You said that Doyal doesn't have a
problem with us touching you. What if we want to do
more than touch?"

I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. I sighed deeply
and said, "I can't say no."

Silence. No one spoke. No one moved. They just stared
at me as if I had just told them they had won the

Then, almost as if they were all using the same brain,
they all turned to look at Paul.

They seemed uncomfortable about doing anything in front
of him. Karl said, "You must really hate this Paul. But
he's arranging this isn't he? He's setting it up so
that we will be in this situation. He has her dressing
in nothing but an almost unbuttoned lab coat and he
tells her that she can't say no. This is what he wants.
It's part of your punishment, isn't it?"

Paul nodded.

More silence for a moment and then Karl said, "I'm
sorry man. I like you. I like both of you. But I'm only
fucking human. I haven't cheated on my wife in thirty
years of marriage. But I can't remember the last time
my wife has agreed to have sex with me. And she would
be perfectly happy if we never had sex again. She hates
oral sex and won't do it. She thinks that a man's
fascination with the female breast is infantile and she
doesn't like to be touched. The only reason I haven't
cheated on her is that I don't like sex with
prostitutes and I'm too damned old to have an affair.
But I can't let this opportunity pass me by. I hope it
doesn't tear you up man. I hope we can still work
together without you hating me. But I have to do this."

I sighed and repositioned Karl in front of the empty
chair beside my husband. I knelt in front of him and
pulled his pants and his shorts down while he stared in

I pushed him down into the chair and pushed his legs
apart. I leaned down and began kissing and licking his
balls and his semi hard cock. The others gathered
around to watch as I took Karl's cock into my mouth and
started sucking. His cock was about the same size as
Paul's so I had no trouble taking it into my throat
once it got hard.

Karl's moans of pleasure almost drowned out the gasps
from the other four men watching. I tried to
concentrate on what I was doing. The idea of my husband
and four of my co-workers standing around watching me
suck a cock was so degrading that I hated to think
about it.

They wouldn't let me forget them though. While I sucked
Karl's cock someone pulled my lab coat off of me and as
soon as I was naked I felt their hands exploring my
body freely. I hated it at first. But before long my
body, which lately had developed a mind of its own,
began to enjoy the attention, especially the
surprisingly soft hand that was between my legs and
gently massaging my pussy.

Karl came quickly and as soon as he was able to stand
he moved out of the way. He was immediately replaced by
Neal. Travis was next and then Ron. I was somewhat
amused that they were using me in order of seniority.
Taylor couldn't wait his turn though. While I was
sucking Ron's cock, Taylor moved into position behind
me and I felt his cock entering my pussy from the rear.
By this point in our little orgy my body had been
stimulated by their hands for so long that I really
needed a cock inside of me.

The best part of it was that while I sucked Ron's cock
and Taylor fucked me, Karl and Travis continued to
tease my body with their hands. It was a lot of
stimulation and I had several strong orgasms before
Taylor came.

When it was over they all stared at me as if they
weren't sure that it had really happened. They were all
about ready to get back to work when I moved over and
began unbuttoning Paul's pants. He was embarrassed. He
didn't want me to know that he had a hard on from
watching our co-workers use me. But I could feel his
hard cock in his pants and I saw the lust on his face.

I smiled and said, "It's okay Paul. Don't be
embarrassed. I would rather that you get turned on than
be upset. If I have to do this I don't want it to be a
problem for you."

He still looked embarrassed though. He sounded sad when
he said, "A guy shouldn't get turned on watching his
wife being ****d."

I smiled and said, "Bullshit. Most guys would get
turned on watching a dog hump someone's leg. Now sit
back and relax. I think you are going to like this."

I started sucking his cock and when the head of his
cock first entered my throat he gasped and his butt
came right up off of the chair. I heard several
chuckles from the men watching but I ignored them and
concentrated on pleasing Paul.

Poor Paul had been watching a lot of men have sex with
me, eight in the last two hours. He was torn between
what he thought he should be feeling and the way his
body was reacting to the constant stimulation. I could
see that I was going to have to have a long talk with
him. Because there was no telling how long this was
going to last or how bad it was going to get. I could
only deal with this if he could. I was going to need
his support to get through this.

After Paul came and I swallowed his cum, Taylor helped
me to my feet and handed me a box of tissue. I wiped my
thighs and my pussy clean and Karl handed me my lab
coat. They watched me put it on and button the two
buttons that were permitted and finally we all went
back to work.

The guys seemed embarrassed at first. But it wasn't
long before they were laughing and joking and extolling
my virtues. They were also very vocal in their praise
of Doyal for providing them with this sexual bounty. He
hadn't come right out and said it. But it was obvious
that he had intended for this to happen. I thought it
might affect our production level adversely, but it was
going to provide a hell of a boost to the morale of at
least five of his employees.

Once we were all back at work, Karl came over with a
tube of ointment and gently applied it to the stripe on
my breast. It did help and the application itself was
very pleasant.

As he gently rubbed the ointment into my breast he
said, "I feel a little guilty for taking advantage of
you, Jolie. But damn! That was fantastic. Thank you."

I smiled at him and said, "I guess there is no sense in
you guys feeling guilty about it. It must have been
what Doyal had in mind when he made me dress this way
when I'm in here with you and ordered me not to say no
to anyone. He knew that this would happen. I just hope
that it doesn't get out of hand, that we can continue
to work together. I have loved my job here right from
the start. Paul and I both have. I hope we can still
enjoy working here now that everything has changed so

Karl smiled and said, "You may need to keep a tight
rein on us at first. We have all had the hots for you
since you started working here. But if you and Paul
aren't that upset about what just happened I don't see
why we can't work well together
until I'm in my eighties. Because now that I can have
sex with you I don't think I'll ever retire!"

I returned his smile and said, "I'm not upset. Not with
you guys. I have been a girl for too long not to know
how guys are around pussy. I guess I'm upset with
myself for getting us into this mess. But I can't keep
a rein on you guys. I can't say no without getting in
more trouble. You gentlemen are going to have to
exercise some self control or we are all going to get

Karl continued to rub the ointment into my breast long
after it had been absorbed. He sighed and said, "It is
going to be very difficult, sweetheart. I have to be
honest. I have spent many a pleasant moment
masturbating to the fantasy of seeing you naked and
touching your lovely body. What happened today was a
dream come true for me and for the others as well, I'm
sure. But I agree. We are going to have to be more
careful. If someone had come into the lab a few minutes
ago we might have all been looking for new jobs. I'm
too old to be looking for work."

I lifted his hand from my tit and kissed it and said,
"You are only as old as I feel, you dirty old man. Now
get back to work. And thank you, that feels much

I would have thought that once they had seen me naked,
gotten a good look at my body and had sex with me, the
guys would have gotten it out of their system and we
could have had a more normal work day. It didn't work
out that way. I managed to get very little work done
that afternoon. The guys kept coming over and touching
my body, no longer even bothering to think up an excuse
to talk to me.

In the middle of the afternoon, Travis took me into the
small storeroom in the back and bent me over some
boxes. He fucked me, taking much longer this time than
he had when I sucked him off earlier. He thanked me and
went back to work. But when the others saw what he had
done they came in, one at a time this time, and I had
sex with all of them again.

The first time around I had sucked all of them off
except for Taylor. This time it was the other way
around. It was fun in a way. It was stimulating. They
weren't too rough and there was a lot of touching. But
I didn't have an orgasm and I was getting worried about
my work not getting done.

I used some rags to clean up with when they were done.
I finally got back to my workstation to find that
Travis had been catching my work up. He grinned and
said, "I thought I owed you that. I'm the one that got
things started this time around."

I thanked him and went back to work. I didn't go to the
bathroom and wash up. I hated going out into the
corridor dressed like this, and smelling like this. So
I sat at my bench smelling like sex until quitting

The guys still came by for a quick feel every now and
then, but not as often. I guess the novelty was finally
starting to wear off.

Paul and I went to Doyal's office at quitting time. He
watched me change back into my dress and then he said,
"My sons are spending the weekend with me. Their mother
is going to drop them off around six. They will be
spending tonight and tomorrow with you. I don't want to
hear any complaints from them when they come home."

"As far as I know they are both virgins. It will be up
to you to give them a good sex education. You had best
be a whole hell of a lot nicer to them this time than
the last time you spoke to them."

"The same rules apply. You don't wear clothing in the
house, that includes the backyard, and you can't say
no. The only exception is if they request an alcoholic

"Terrill is f******n and Jason is fifteen. But they
will be just as much in charge as I would be if I was
there. If I were you I would keep in mind that it was
your first confrontation with Terrill that led to your
current situation. There are two reasons that is
important. He is still upset with you because of the
names you called him and if you don't treat him with
much more respect this time I'll make what you are
going through now seem like a vacation."

Doyal dismissed us and we hurried out to our car.

Normally when we leave the plant on Friday after work
we are looking forward to a nice, restful weekend. We
were certainly dreading this one though. I had been
pretty mean to Terrill and I was nervous about what he
might consider an appropriate method of repaying me. I
would have been nervous enough at the idea of being a
sex slave to two young boys. I knew nothing about the
sexual appetites of young teenage boys. Well, nothing
except that they were always horny, their lives driven
by raging hormones. That, and that they exhibited very
little of the restraint that adults were supposed to be
capable of.

As was our usual practice we sat in the car with the
air conditioner on and waited for the parking lot to
empty out. We didn't talk much. Paul pulled me close
and held me in his arms and we took comfort in being
close while each of us was lost in our own thoughts.

After the crowd thinned out we separated and put on our
seatbelts. Paul headed home but I suggested that we
stop at the grocery store. We were going to have to
feed two teenage boys and I suppose we were going to
need soft drinks for them.

We got home and put the groceries away. It was almost
six before I remembered that we were supposed to be
naked. Paul and I rushed upstairs and undressed
quickly. Paul went back downstairs while I went in and
took a quick shower.

When I stepped out of the bathroom Paul was just coming
back into our bedroom with Terrill and Jason. I was
instantly embarrassed all over again. The fact that
they were just boys and that they had complete
authority over us was so humiliating.

It turned out that I didn't know the half of it. As
soon as they got in the room Jason followed Paul into
my closet. I turned to Terrill and said, "Terrill, I
owe you an apology for the things I said to you when I
yelled at you for being in my yard. I was very rude and
insensitive and I am truly sorry."

He smiled and walked around me. I have to assume that
he had never seen a woman without her clothes on
before. As he moved around behind me his hand came to
rest on my ass. He worked his way around in front of me
again and his hands began to roughly explore my
breasts. He looked me right in the eye and said, "You
ain't half as sorry as you're going to be, bitch.
Before he sent us over here, dad told us what we could
do and what we couldn't do. There wasn't much we
couldn't do. You are going to have a long night and a
hard day tomorrow."

He stepped closer and even though he was only f******n
he was already taller than me. I was very intimidated.
He held me with each of my nipples between his thumb
and his forefingers, squeezing very hard. When I gasped
in pain he suddenly spit right in my face.

I looked at him in shock and started to reach up to
wipe his spittle from my face. He yelled, "Leave it
there, bitch!"

I let my hands fall to my side and he spit in my face
again. The venomous look in his eyes was scary as hell.
He spoke in a dead calm voice that never the less made
it clear what he thought of me. He said, "A couple of
weeks ago a white girl spit in my face and called me a
nigger. Do you know why? I beat her in a spelling bee.
Her parents thought it was cute."

I stood there with his spit dripping slowly down my
face. There was nothing I could say to that. I had
never thought much about race before. I knew what I
knew, the things my parents and my friends taught me
about race. I had never had those beliefs challenged
before. I could see through the anger to the pain in
this boy's face and I found myself feeling very guilty,
not just because of what I had done and said, but
because of what I had thought.

Terrill finally released my nipples. With tears running
down my cheeks I repeated, "I'm sorry Terrill. I really

He snapped, "Master, bitch! You can call my b*****r and
me master. You and your faggot husband both."

Terrill began undressing just as Paul and Jason finally
came back out of my closet. I watched them curiously.
Paul's face was bright red as he crossed to my dresser
and pulled out my panty drawer. I watched in dismay as
Jason handed Paul a pair of my underwear and he put
them on. Then he pulled on one of my dresses.

Jason was grinning evilly as he humiliated my husband.
But he glanced over at me from time to time and I knew
that he was primarily interested in humiliating Paul.
He had more than that in mind for me.

He ordered Paul to remove my dress and underwear and go
in and shave his legs. Paul looked like he was about to
balk. But after an awkwardly long hesitation he removed
my dress, which was uncomfortably tight on him, and my
underwear and he walked dejectedly into our bathroom.

While he was gone Jason turned to me. He asked me where
my stockings were. I told him which drawer they were
in. He opened the drawer which was almost empty now.
His father had thrown away all of my pantyhose last
night. The only thing left was a couple pairs of thigh
highs. He pulled out a pair and put them with the
panties and then he came over to check me out.

Terrill had just finished undressing and even though he
was only f******n it was easy to see that he was
Doyal's son. His cock was long and hard and fat. It was
nearly as large as his father's. I was shocked when I
saw it.

He saw the expression on my face and grinned. He said,
"Dad tells me you take it down your throat. Let's see
if you can. I want to cum in your mouth though. I want
you to taste it. I just need you to suck me off so when
I fuck you I can last a long time.

Isn't he a sweetheart? Well, I guess after the names I
called him I should expect to be treated this way.

He sat on the side of the bed and I knelt at his feet.
I spread his legs apart and leaned down until my lips
touched his surprisingly large testicles. Terrill
moaned loudly as I kissed them gently and then started
licking them. His cock was already rock hard and
throbbing and I had never seen so much lube running
down a cock before. He was obviously very excited.

I had spent quite a while kissing and then licking
Terrill's balls and his cock when I heard Paul come out
of the bathroom behind me. I heard Jason order him to
put on my clothing again. I tried not to think about
that though. I had my own problems. Terrill's cock was
smaller than his father's, but not by very much. I was
struggling to take it into my throat as he had

I finally managed to f***e it past the entrance to my
throat. Terrill's hands reached out to hold me in place
with my lips stretched tight around the base of his
cock. He called out to Jason, "Holy shit man! Come over
here and check this out!"

Jason came over and stood beside me and watched as I
struggled to breathe with that large cock in my throat.

I heard him chuckle and then he said, "I don't think
she's gonna be calling you nigger again. Not for a
while anyway. That looks like it must hurt."

Terrill moaned and said, "It may hurt her, but fuck me!
That feels so fucking hot! They oughta teach girls how
to do this in school!"

He finally released his grip on my head and said,
"Okay, bitch. Finish it."

He leaned back on his elbows and watched as I began to
move my lips and tongue up and down his shaft, taking
him into my throat with each stroke.

It wasn't long at all before he dropped back onto the
bed and his hips thrust up involuntarily for a few
seconds before he cried out and I felt him cumming. I
pulled my lips back up until they were just below the
fat knob at the tip and used my hand to finish him off
so that his cum all went into my mouth as he had

After he came I held his cock in my mouth until he sat
up and grinned down at me. He said, "We're going to be
doing that a lot from now on, bitch."

I had been aware that Jason was undressing behind me.
He sat down beside Terrill and said, "Okay, bitch. You
don't have time to rest. I want to try that out. It
looks like a lot of fun."

I moved over and started all over again, licking and
kissing his balls. Terrill watched for a few minutes
and then he got up and I heard him and Paul leaving the

Jason's cock was slightly larger than his younger
b*****r's. It was nearly as large as Doyal's. I didn't
know if large cocks ran in the f****y or if the rumors
that I had heard about black men were actually true.

It was easier this time. I had noticed before that once
I got started it was always easier taking a cock into
my throat. Not easy, certainly not pleasant. But it got

Jason didn't last much longer than Terrill had. It
seemed like only a few minutes before he started
shooting his cum into my mouth. As soon as I tasted his
cum on my tongue I drove my lips down his shaft and let
him cum down my throat. I much preferred that to having
to swallow the slimy, bitter stuff.

After he came I held his cock in my mouth. Unlike his
b*****r, his cock never got soft. As soon as Jason
caught his breath he pushed me away and stood up. He
ordered me to lie on my bed and as soon as I did he
climbed up over me and began to stab at my pussy with
his still hard cock.

He was having a hard time finding the entrance to my
pussy and his misses were getting painful. I reached
down and guided him to my opening. I was disgusted with
myself when I realized how wet I was. But I was glad
for the lubrication. That large cock would have caused
me a lot of pain if my pussy had been dry.

He drove his cock into me as soon as he felt the head
of it inside of me. From the very first stroke it was a
violent, brutal attack. I grunted in pain at ever
stroke. I was sure that I would be black and blue when
he was finished.

At first he rested his weight on his arms. But as the
**** continued he lowered himself on top of me and he
began to kiss me and lick my face like an a****l. His
weight was crushing me and I was having trouble
catching my breath. I couldn't complain though. I could
only lie there and wait for it to end. I hoped that
every time he fucked me wouldn't be like this. This was
what I had imagined that a **** must be like. It was
very painful and very degrading.

The only thing that I could be thankful for was that it
was his first time and he was very excited. Even though
I had just sucked his cock he came in less than ten
minutes. It was a long damn ten minutes though.

He collapsed on top of me after he came and I struggled
to breathe until he finally rolled over. He lay beside
me on the bed with his eyes closed and said, "Clean me,
cunt. I hear you give great tongue baths."

I turned over just as Terrill was coming back into the
room. He was leading Paul by a rope around his neck.
His b*****r looked up and Terrill said, "I couldn't
find any chains or dog collars. I guess we'll have to
get some tomorrow."

Paul looked thoroughly degraded, thoroughly humbled. I
hadn't realized it before but both of the boys were
larger than Paul. They were bigger, stronger, heavier,
taller, and equipped with much larger cocks. Even if he
wanted to fight them it was obvious that he wouldn't
stand a chance against them.

Terrill asked, "Well, how was it Jason? Is she a good

Jason smiled and replied, "She may be a redneck cunt,
but she sucks cock like a pro. If every cunt I fuck for
the rest of my life feels that good then I'll die a
happy man. But then, I don't guess it has gotten much
use with her being married to cinder-feller there. The
fucking wimp is hung like a bug. They probably only do
it once a month."

I was going to ignore them but Jason asked, "What about
it, bitch? How often does cinder-feller fuck your
skanky ass?"

I didn't think it was any of his fucking business but I
kept my face as expressionless as possible and
answered, "We make love three or four times a week."

He couldn't leave it at that. He asked, "Do you suck
his dick?"

I answered, "Yes master. I love to suck his dick. I
love him and I love having sex with him."

Terrill exclaimed, "Even with that tiny little dick of

I responded indignantly, "His dick is not tiny! He may
not be as large as you or your father, but it is
certainly above average and he is a very good, very
considerate lover. He is also not a faggot or a sissy."

Jason sneered, "I think she just hasn't had enough cock
to compare him with yet. We'll have to do something
about that."

Terrill replied, "Not until I get my turn! Get back on
the bed, bitch. I want to see how good that nasty cunt
feels around my cock."

Jason said, "Hold on dude! She was just about to clean
my cock off. Then you can fuck her."

I looked down at his slimy cock. It was disgusting. But
I was getting used to this. Well, maybe not used to it.
I was getting to where I could do it without feeling
sick to my stomach.

I leaned down and took his soft cock into my mouth and
sucked it clean. I licked his balls clean and found a
few drops of cooling cum on his thigh. When he was
satisfied he pushed me away roughly and stood up. He
moved out of the way and stood back to watch as I
climbed back up on the bed so that Terrill could have
his turn.

Jason stood at the side of the bed, holding Paul by the
neck so that he had to watch as well while a f******n
year old black boy eagerly climbed up and straddled my
stomach. Terrill rubbed his large cock over my breasts
and it quickly grew to full erection. When his cock was
hard he moved down and I reached down to guide it into

Unlike his b*****r he supported himself on his arms as
he slowly pistoned his cock into me. But it wasn't out
of any concern for my comfort. He stared down at me as
he fucked me and I groaned in dismay when he started
drooling more of his spittle into my face.

Jason stood there watching, and f***ed Paul to watch as
well, for several minutes before he said, "Come on
faggot. But don't worry. You'll get to see a lot more
of this before we leave here tomorrow."

He led Paul away by the rope around his neck and
Terrill continued to fuck me and spit in my face for
several more minutes before he said, "Rub it into your
face, bitch."

I reached up and rubbed his spittle and my tears into
my skin as he stared down at me with hate in his eyes.
When I was done he hissed, "At least now you have a
reason to hate me, bitch."

I sobbed quietly and responded, "I said I was sorry. I
am. I'm trying to change. I was raised this way. I'm
who I was raised to be."

He was starting to approach orgasm but he was able to
respond, "You are who you want to be. I heard the hate
in your voice when you called me a nigger."

I could only respond, "I'm sorry."

He grunted as he thrust into me and then he said,
"You're going to be."

Then he lowered his weight onto me and finished up,
fucking me brutally until he filled me with another
load of slimy cum.

He rolled off of me and I felt the cool air on my
sweaty body as I lay there catching my breath. I had
gotten the same feeling of being stretched, of being
full, when the boys fucked me as I had gotten when
their father was r****g me. But unlike with their
father I never once became aroused. I was curious about
that. But my curiosity was outweighed by my fear and my
feeling of degradation at having to serve as a sex
slave to these two young boys.

My thoughts were interrupted when Terrill said
impatiently, "Well...?"

I sat up and moved down and sucked his cock clean. Even
when it was soft his cock was larger than Paul's. I had
to keep reminding myself that this boy was only
f******n years old.

When he was satisfied Terrill pushed me away and said,
"Go take a shower, bitch. You stink. When you're done
come downstairs."

He went out of the room and I went in and took another
quick shower. I dried off and dried my hair. I brushed
my teeth to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and
then I went down and joined them in the living room.

When I walked in they had Paul posing for pictures in
my dress. They were laughing at him and calling him
nasty names as he tried to pose like a sexy woman. He
looked furious and his face was bright red. I didn't
think that he was going to be able to take much more of
that kind of treatment.

Apparently they were trying to push him over the edge.
They kept it up and tormented him far beyond what I
would have thought was his ability to resist the urge
to fight back. I was tempted to step in and ask them to
leave him alone but I was afraid that would just make
it worse.

They finally tired of their sport and Jason brought a
straight chair out from the kitchen. They pushed him
down into it roughly and tied him to it securely using
a very long rope. When they were done the only thing
that he could move was his head.

They sat down and ordered me to get them a drink. When
I returned I was f***ed to pose for more degrading
pictures. At first I just posed in humiliating poses,
playing with my tits or holding my pussy open. Or
turning around and bending over and spreading my ass
open. Then they took turns posing with me and got
pictures of me sucking their cocks and eating their
asses. Jason even got a few pictures of his b*****r
spitting in my mouth before they moved on to pictures
of them fucking me.

At first it wasn't too bad. They took turns posing with
their cocks in my pussy. But Jason decided to break new

Terrill moved around and started taking pictures of my
face while his b*****r pulled his cock out of my pussy
and started forcing it into my ass. I was still a
virgin there and it was very painful. I cried out and
begged him to stop.

The boys just laughed and Jason kept forcing more and
more of his cock into my ass. He wasn't gentle either.

It took him a long time but he finally had the entire
thing buried in my ass and he left it in there for
several minutes. It wasn't so bad, as long as he didn't
move. But after enjoying the heat from my bowels for a
few moments and extolling the virtues of ass fucking to
Terrill, he started to slowly pull his cock back out.

As soon as he started moving it the pain returned. I
was crying loudly and begging him to take it out but he
just laughed at me. This time he didn't just fuck me
long enough to get a few pictures. He kept pounding
into me until he tensed up and shot his hot cum into my

Towards the end the pain started to lessen. I don't
know if my body was adapting or if I was getting numb.
He pulled out of me slowly and then there were more
pictures of me sucking his nasty cock clean. Then they
took pictures of my swollen, bruised ass while I held
the cheeks spread wide with my hands.

Once I had gotten Jason's cock clean he took over the
camera and Terrill took his turn with my abused ass. At
least this time there was the lubrication provided by
Jason's cum. It seemed to help a little.

I hoped that now that they had each fucked each of my
orifices they might be done for the night. I was sore
and exhausted and degraded beyond belief. The boys sent
me up to take another shower and when I got out of the
shower I saw that it was after nine. I thought that
this awful night much surely be almost over. This was
worse than the night that their father had come over.

I finally went back downstairs and joined them in the
living room. Jason pulled me into his lap and toyed
with, or I should say abused my body for a few minutes
until the doorbell rang.

He pushed me out of his lap and said, "Go get that,
bitch. We're expecting some friends."

I almost fell to the floor. Jason saw the look on my
face and just laughed.

I fought back the tears and went to the front door. I
grasped the doorknob and took a deep breath. Then I
turned it and opened the door. I looked out to see half
a dozen large black boys about Jason's age. They were
leering at me for a moment before they pushed past me
and went into the living room to greet Jason and

I shut the door and leaned my forehead against it for a
moment as I listened to the excited conversation from
the other room. Six of them! I had already lost track
of how many times I had had sex today. I could have
figured it out I suppose. But I didn't want to know.

I was jarred back to the present by Jason yelling, "Get
your nasty ass in here. My friends are anxious to meet

I sighed deeply once more and turned and entered the
living room. As I entered the room I saw Jason take a
movie camera out of a gym bag and hand it to Terrill.
He turned it on and pointed it at me.

The six newcomers were all over me as soon as I entered
the room. This was nothing like when I had been made to
have sex with my five co-workers. This was not orderly.
No one was waiting their turn.

I was pulled into a boy's arms and his hands were all
over me while he bent and kissed me roughly. At the
same time I felt hands from I don't know how many of
the others, pinching, squeezing, pulling and invading
every orifice of my body.

I was constantly pushed and pulled from boy to boy and
I was starting to panic when Jason interrupted to
suggest that the boys undress and get on with the
fucking and sucking.

The boys stood in a circle around me as they undressed.
The first one to pull his pants down, he didn't bother
to undress, pushed me to my hands and knees and took me
from behind.

The first boy to f***e his cock into my mouth had
undressed completely. The others finished undressing
and pressed close, their hands mauling me as the other
two fucked me roughly.

I noticed that the first two had more normally sized
sex organs. In fact, they were smaller than Paul's. As
they finished with me and the others took their turns
with me I found that only one had a cock as large as
Doyal's two boys. The other five were all of a more
reasonable dimension.

The fucking was rough and constant and seemed to last
for a very long time. As soon as one of them finished
with me another took his place instantly.

I noticed that several times Paul had been f***ed to
suck one of their nasty cocks clean after one of the
boys had fucked me. But that didn't happen too often
because whenever one of the boys used Paul that way the
others made fun of him and called him names.

After they were all tired out and each had fucked me
more times than I could count I was ordered to take
another shower. Terrill followed me with the camera and
he even recorded that.

When I came back downstairs they were sitting around
looking at the pictures the boys had taken earlier with
their digital camera. Jason had run a cord from the
camera to our TV and they were slowly looking at and
commenting on the photographs.

Only one of the boys expressed an interest in trying
out my ass after seeing the pictures. Most of the
others just wanted another blowjob though. One of them
wanted to fuck me in the missionary position instead of
doggy style the way he had the first time. While they
continued to look at the pictures I started on one side
of the room and worked my way around, sucking off six
of them. Then I got on my back in the middle of the
floor and one of the boys mounted me and fucked me
violently. That seemed to be the only way they did
things. The last boy was the one that wanted to fuck my
ass. And of course it would be the one with the largest

He ordered me onto a large hassock and said, "I've
never fucked a bitch in the ass. I'm looking forward to
this. But just because I'm a nice guy I want you to
scoop up some of the cum that's dripping out of your
cunt and stick it up your ass. Get it nice and wet for
me, bitch."

It was a humiliating thing to do but I was thankful for
the opportunity. The cum from earlier when Jason and
Terrill had fucked my ass was gone and I knew that it
would be less painful with that slime inside of me.

I scooped it up and began fucking myself in the ass
with my fingers, stopping frequently to scoop up more
cum and f***e it into my opening. While I was doing
that the boy went over to Paul and said, "Okay faggot.
Get me nice and wet so I can fuck your bitch."

I turned away. I didn't want to see it. I heard Paul
grunting and gagging for a moment and then the boy was
behind me and staring down at my sore asshole.

He ordered me to hold my cheeks apart and I felt the
fat knob on the end of his cock being f***ed inside of
me. I held my breath and tried to f***e myself to
relax. I wasn't very successful.

Finally the knob popped inside of me and I screamed in
pain once more. The boys all laughed and urged him on.
He didn't need the encouragement. He was moaning in
pleasure as he gripped my hips and roughly f***ed his
cock into my ass.

I was crying again and I pleaded with him to take it
easy. He laughed and said, "Being easy is your job,
bitch. But you just keep begging. I love the sound of
it. It really turns me on to fuck a pretty white girl
and listen to the sound of her crying and begging."

For the next ten or fifteen minutes, though it seemed
more like an hour, I concentrated on forcing myself to
relax. I wasn't very successful. But finally he swore
loudly and gripped my hips painfully and shot his spunk
inside of my body.

He stayed there with his softening cock inside of me
for a long time before he finally slid out of me and
struggled to his feet. The boys ignored me then as he
walked over and f***ed his nasty cock back between
Paul's lips. He roughly cleaned himself off in my
husband's mouth while the other boys k**ded him about
liking boys.

I remained kneeling with my head on my arms, crying
softly and feeling very sorry for both my husband and
myself. I was so wrapped up in my own suffering that I
almost didn't hear one of the boys say, "We better get
ready. It's almost time."

I hoped that meant that they were leaving. But
something about the way that he said it made me

The boys all got dressed and when they were ready one
of them pointed to Paul and asked, "What about him?"

Jason said, "Fuck him. Leave him there. We can show him
the movie when we get back."

Then everyone headed for the door. Jason grabbed my arm
and pulled me roughly to my feet. He turned me to face
him and in a threatening voice he said, "We are going
for a little ride now, bitch. You do everything you are
told and everything will be cool. If you give me a hard

He paused and held out his hand. The boy holding
Jason's gym bag reached into it and handed something to
Jason. He held it up and asked, "Do you know what this

I shook my head.

He smiled and touched a button on the metal and plastic
wand and I heard a sound like a bug zapper. He chuckled
and said, "It's a cattle prod, bitch. Since you have
done such a piss poor job of calling me and my friends
master this evening I'm going to give you a little
taste of it."

He touched the tip of it to the side of my breast and I
didn't hear the sound. All of my senses stopped working
when he pushed the button. I was only conscious of the
most incredible pain I had ever experienced in my life.

I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. I
couldn't even fight to get away. My muscles were no
longer mine to control. My legs went slack and I fell
to the floor in a helpless heap.

It only lasted for a second. But I knew in that second
that I would do anything to avoid having that thing
ever touch me again.

Jason and another boy reached down and pulled me
roughly to my feet. He grinned even wider, plainly
enjoying my suffering. When he saw that I was more or
less functioning again he said, "If you give me a hard
time tonight, if you fail to obey an order or if you
say or do anything to piss me off then I am going to
stick this thing up your cunt and hold the button down
until the batteries go dead. Do we have an

I quickly responded, "Yes master!"

I was so afraid that I didn't even object when they
dragged me out through the front door in the nude.

There was a large van parked in our driveway. It was
very late and it was very dark but I could see that it
was a beat up old work van. Most of the k**s piled into
the back and I was shoved in after them. The k** who
had fucked my ass got in the driver's seat and Jason
got in the passenger seat. The rest of us were spread
out on a mattress in the back.

I didn't know where we were going and I was scared,
very scared. But I kept my mouth shut. I was even more
afraid of that cattle prod than I was of going
somewhere in the nude with this truck full of young

The boys groped me roughly and kept me distracted so
that I had no idea where we were going. Several times
my face was pulled down into someone's lap and I was
f***ed to suck on a soft cock. Each time the cock grew
to full erection but only one of the boys achieved
orgasm again. And all the while the rough groping

The van finally came to a stop and the door was thrown
open. I hadn't the slightest idea how long we had been
on the road. I looked around after they pulled me out
of the van. We were parked in front of a large
warehouse. I think we were near the docks.

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot but there
didn't seem to be anything open around here. I was
getting a real bad feeling about this.

We went to the warehouse door and one of the k**s
knocked. The door opened slightly and someone looked
out. A gruff voice said, "Get the hell out of here,

The door started to close but Jason called out, "Hey
man, we got the bitch!"

The door opened and a large black man stepped out. He
gave the k**s a quick glance and then he looked at me.
He stepped closer and walked around me slowly. When he
was back in front of me he asked, "What's your name,

I answered nervously, "Jolie Fuller, sir."

He looked down at a piece of paper in his hand as if to
make sure the information matched.

He reached out and pinched my nipple and asked, "How
old are you, bitch?"

I cringed in pain but I managed to say, "I'm twenty-
three, sir."

He smiled and asked, "Why are you here?"

I didn't know! I finally said, "Because my master
brought me here, sir."

He looked at Jason who was holding me firmly by the
upper arm and asked, "You are the master I assume?"

Jason grinned and nodded.

The man asked, "Is the bitch going to be a problem?"

Jason looked at me and asked, "You aren't going to be a
problem are you, cunt?"

I was terrified and my heart was beating a mile a
minute. But I shook my head quickly and responded, "No
master! I swear it!"

The man said, "Wait here."

He went back inside and came out five minutes later
with another black man. The new man was huge. Not
muscular, fat! He looked like he weighed at least four
hundred pounds.

The two men looked me over and the fat man said, "She
looks hot alright. But she's a fucking mess! Couldn't
you have at least cleaned her up first?"

The k** who had been driving the van replied, "We
figured it would be a good idea to bring her with some
cum in her, kind of get things started."

The fat man grinned at him and said, "Yeah, I guess
you're right. Okay. Who gets the money?"

Jason held out his hand and the fat man pulled a huge
wad of cash out of his hand and peeled off some bills.
I didn't see the denominations.

Jason tapped the back of my leg with the cattle prod.
He put his lips by my ear and in a threatening voice he
said, "You are going to hate this, bitch. But if you
fuck up, if you refuse to do what you are told, if you
struggle, you know what is going to happen to you. I
was not fucking around. I will do it. I hate you that

His voice would have convinced me if I hadn't already
been aware of it.

Jason pushed me over to the fat man and said, "You go
with him and you do what he tells you to do."

I whispered, "Yes master," as the fat man pulled me

I assume that the boys followed but what I saw when the
door opened and I was pulled inside got my full
attention. There was a large, open room with a small
stage in the center that was about shoulder high. But
that wasn't the scary part. Not yet anyway. What was so
terrifying was that there was a sea of black faces, all
turned to look at me as I was pulled naked into the

A cheer went up as I was pulled through the room. There
were hundreds of men surrounding the stage. The fat man
pulled me slowly through the crowd and I was groped by
every man I passed. I prayed that they were not going
to make me have sex with all these men. I knew that I
couldn't survive that. No woman could survive being
****d by hundreds of men.

The fat man pulled me up on stage and walked me around
the edge so that everyone got a good look at me. After
several minutes of crude comments from the large
audience the fat man held his hand up and gradually the
men quieted down. When the room was quiet he held up a
piece of paper and said, "Gentlemen, the star of our
show tonight is Jolie Fuller. She is a twenty-three
year old married lady from here in town. Just to make
things a little more interesting, she has never done
this before and she has no idea why she is here."

There was a roar of raucous laughter from all around me
and the fat man let it die down before he asked, "Are
you gentlemen ready?"

A loud cheer went up from the crowd and the fat man
turned to me. He pulled me close and said, "I know you
ain't ready, bitch. But trust me. You are going to do
this one way or the other. You are going to hate it.
But you are going to do it. We can do it hard or easy,
it's up to you. The first time you give me a hard time
when you are told what to do I'll make your life not
worth living. Do you have any questions?"

I whispered, "What is going to happen to me?"

He grinned and said, "You are going to put on a sex
show for a few of my perverted friends, sweetheart.
That's all."

The fat man turned loose of my arm and said, "Don't
move. I'm going off stage now. Someone else is going to
come up here as soon as I'm gone and you are going to
obey every order he gives you. You are going to obey,
aren't you Jolie Fuller?"

I was terrified. I knew that whatever they had in store
for me it was going to be terrible. It was probably
going to be the worst thing that has ever happened to
me. I figured that if this many perverts were paying to
see it then it had to be bad. But I also knew that the
consequences of disobeying would ruin me. I still felt
the tingle in my chest from that cattle prod. I didn't
doubt for a second that Jason would put that thing
inside of me and turn it on until the battery was dead.
And I knew that would kill me.

I couldn't look the fat man in the face. I just nodded
my head and stood there as he walked away. I could feel
the eyes of those hundreds of men on my naked body. I
could hear some of the louder discussions from some of
the men nearer the stage about my tits or my pussy or
my ass. A few of the men were surprised that a woman as
pretty as me was going to do whatever it was I was
about to do. I didn't understand that. I think the fat
man had made it quite clear that I was not here of my
own free will.

I heard a noise from the direction of the stairs
leading up onto the stage. I saw movement out of the
corner of my eye and I turned my head to see a large,
mean looking man pulling a large, nervous German
shepherd up onto the stage.

I stared in shock as the reason that I was here was
finally made clear. I was going to put on a show with a

I shook my head and whined wordlessly as the man neared
me. He gave me a stern look and said, "Don't shake your
head at me, bitch. They told me you was gonna
cooperate. Am I gonna have a problem with you?"

I stared into his cruel eyes. I couldn't even speak. I
stopped shaking my head but I felt the bl**d rushing
through my veins and I could hear my heart beating in
terror. My knees were getting weak and I was certain
that I was about to collapse.

He waited for me to answer him but I couldn't. I
couldn't make a sound. He got impatient and said, "Get
down on your knees you dumb cunt. Let's get this show

I dropped to my knees, almost out of necessity. I was
about to fall to my knees from fright.

He ordered me to be still and he guided his dog over to
me. I shuddered and fought the sudden urge to vomit as
the dog began to lick my face excitedly.

The man said, "This is your new boyfriend, bitch. Kiss
him back. Don't make him do all the fucking work!"

I had tears running down my cheeks as I pursed my lips
and tried to plant a small kiss on the dog's face.

The dog's handler said, "Not like that you stupid
bitch! Dogs don't kiss with their lips! Open your
fucking mouth and stick out your tongue!"

I almost forgot about the cattle prod. I almost ran
screaming from that stage. But just as I was about to
do just that I heard that horrible buzzing sound. I
looked down and saw the boys that brought me here right
up front. Jason had the cattle prod resting right on
the edge of the stage.

I was glad now that the only thing I had in my stomach
was cum. I was sure that I was going to vomit. I opened
my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The dog began to lick
my tongue but then f***ed is tongue right into my mouth
and explored it hungrily.

He was prancing around and whining and it was obvious
that he was getting excited and that he knew what was
going to happen up here. He had done this before.

I stayed there on my knees and allowed the dog to fill
my mouth with his drooling tongue until the handler
pulled him back and guided his tongue down over my tits
and then down my stomach to my pussy.

There was still a lot of residue there from the ****s I
had been subjected to before we left the house. The
smell of the semen on my mound and my thighs excited
the dog even more. His tongue went crazy, covering my
entire vulva at times and then trying desperately to
invade my body.

I expected to be placed on my hands and knees and put
into position so that this b**st could fuck me. I was
horrified by the very idea but I wanted to get this
over with so I could go home and stand under a hot
shower for hours. I needed to get this over before I
went mad.

I was unprepared for what actually did happen next. The
dog was ordered to sit, then to lie down and roll over.
After he reluctantly obeyed he was ordered to stay. I
saw the tip of his pink cock protruding from the hairy
sheath hanging down from his belly and I felt sick all
over again.

But it got worse. The handler growled, "Bend down and
kiss that dick, cunt."

I gaped up at him and saw that he was, indeed, serious.
I heard that faint sound from the cattle prod off to my
side. I took a deep breath and fighting to keep from
vomiting and fighting to keep from passing out I
lowered my face to that inch of pink dog flesh and
touched my lips to it.

The handler said, "Stupid bitch! What did I just tell
you? Dogs don't kiss with their lips! Don't fucking
piss me off, god damn it!"

I stuck out my tongue and began to lick the disgusting
flesh before my face. I heard a loud sound go up from
the audience but I couldn't really tell what it
indicated. I was trying to forget about them anyway.

I licked the head of the dog's cock and it quickly
started growing and extending from the sheath. As more
of it came out I began to lick the entire length of
exposed cock which was now almost as long as my
husband's cock and somewhat fatter.

I saw the a****l's cock throb and something squirted
out of the end. I knew nothing about a dog's sex life.
I assumed that he was cumming already. Great! Let's get
this over with!

The handler said, "Okay bitch, you don't want to waste
that lube. Start sucking now. And you can use your hand
on him now too. Suck him off just like you would with a
man. But you are going to have to swallow a lot more.
Dogs are pretty messy fucks."

I put my lips around the dog's cock and started
sucking. The dog whined excitedly and his cock
throbbed, shooting a thin stream of liquid into my
mouth. I gagged, but I managed to swallow and keep
sucking. It went on and on like that. I sucked him as
well as I could and my hand was massaging his still
growing cock as quickly as I could move it.

I noticed the knot beginning to form at the base of his
cock. It grew quickly and the a****l's hindquarters
were twitching as if he were trying to fuck my mouth
with his cock. I thought that this must be as bad as
things could get. I was wrong. Once that knot had grown
to nearly the size of a baseball the dog's hindquarters
stopped twitching and his entire body started shivering
as if he were cold or scared. But that was when the
fluid that was shooting out of his cock began to

It was no longer a thin stream and it was no longer
almost devoid of taste. Suddenly it was a strong stream
of huge spurts of thick cum and it tasted nearly as
bitter as a man's cum. There was just so much more of

I swallowed and swallowed for at least ten minutes. I
was sure that I was going to vomit now. The only thing
that stopped me was that noise that Jason made from
time to time with the cattle prod. It always caused me
to steady my nerves and steel myself for what I had to
do. But it was a constant fight with my nervous

Finally the volume of cum spurting into my mouth began
to wane and the dog seemed to begin to relax. I noticed
the knot going down and then it was over. The dog
started getting antsy and the handler said, "Okay
bitch, sit up."

I straightened my tired back and sat up straight. The
dog scrambled to his feet and the handler led him to
the stairs.

"Thank god!" I thought. "It's over!"

But it wasn't.

The handler handed the leash to someone in the crowd
and there was an exchange. He came back on stage
leading a huge Great Dane.

I glanced at Jason. He was twirling the prod in his
hands and smiling evilly. The look on his face assured
me that he would really love it if I balked.

I turned my attention back to the handler and the new
dog. This dog, too, knew what I was there for. His feet
were dancing loudly on the wooden stage and his cock
was already starting to emerge from its sheath.

I stared at him in terror as he approached. The b**st
was huge! He must have outweighed me by at least fifty
pounds. When he was close enough the handler f***ed him
to sit in front of me. Then the handler smiled and
said, "Don't worry, bitch. This time you get to enjoy
it. You get to fuck this one. Give him a big kiss and
then lie down and let him kiss your pussy for a few

I looked at that huge slobbering dog's face and once
more I almost vomited. I felt the bile rising in my
throat but I managed to choke it down. I placed my
hands on the sides of the dog's huge head and steadied
it. Then I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in his
mouth. He pulled his head away and his huge tongue
covered my face as he lapped me excitedly. I totally
lost control of him and all I could do was hold my
tongue out and let him have his way with me.

The handler was satisfied that I had degraded myself
sufficiently and he said, "Okay, cunt, lie down and
spread your legs. Let Bruno get a taste of the cunt
he's gonna fuck."

I sat down in place and then stretched out on my back
and spread my legs. The audience was making more rude
sounds as the dog dipped his head down and his huge
tongue lapped at my pussy. As soon as his head was
between my thighs he stood up and started prancing
around excitedly. I tried not to hear the obscene
comments from the crowd and I stared up at the dark
space above me. I couldn't see the ceiling. It was too
dark and too high. This room was as big as an airplane

I took no pleasure from that warm, wet, unbelievably
large tongue lapping at my pussy. I felt only fear and
disgust. I lay there until the handler said, "Alright,
bitch. It's time to return the favor. Get up and suck
on Bruno's cock for a minute and then you can turn
around and let your new boyfriend make love to you."

The handler pulled up on the dog's collar and I sat up.
I looked down between his legs and I couldn't believe
it. His fucking cock was huge! It was bigger than

I swear, that thing was a good ten inches long and it
looked like it was four inches around at least. I
looked up at the handler in shock and he was just
smiling like crazy. He saw my look of shock and said,
"Yeah, old Bruno is pretty popular with the ladies.
They like that big cock of his."

I stared at his cock for a little too long I guess. I
heard the buzz of Jason's new toy and it brought me out
of my trance. I got to my knees and reached under the
dog. I wrapped my hand around his cock and held it in
place, and then I leaned down and wrapped my lips
around the tip.

I noticed that the knot hadn't started to grow yet and
I realized that as big as his cock was it was going to
get larger once he started to fuck me. I was truly
terrified now.

I started sucking his huge cock and not long after I
started the lubrication started spraying out of the tip
of his cock. I swallowed several times and took as much
of his cock as I could into my mouth.

The dog started to become uncontrollable. He tried to
pull away from me just as another spurt of lube sprayed
out and covered my face. The handler smiled and said,
"I think Bruno is ready for you, bitch. Turn around."

I turned my back to the dog and got on my hands and
knees. He lapped at my pussy and my ass for a moment
but then he moved over me with an obvious urgency and I
felt the head of his cock stabbing blindly at me. It
was very painful. He was a huge, strong b**st and he
was nearly out of control.

I tried adjusting my position so that his cock would be
better able to find the entrance to my pussy. I was
terrified that his enormous organ would find the wrong
hole. I just knew that if he tried to f***e that thing
into my ass it would tear something. I was afraid it
was going to tear my pussy!

Even after I tilted my pelvis down for him he was still
having trouble hitting the hole. His cock was squirting
that hot, slimy lubricant on my thighs and my stomach
and some of it was even reaching my face. I finally
stuck my arm out and grabbed his cock and guided it to
my pussy.

He never missed a beat. He buried that massive cock in
me in one violent, brutal, breathtakingly painful
stroke. I screamed as his cock entered me but he didn't
even notice. I suppose he was used to it.

I suddenly had at least ten fat inches of dog cock in
my pussy, but not for long. As soon as he entered me he
immediately began fucking me faster and more violently
than I could have imagined possible. The pain was
unbearable but I was trapped. He had moved up over me
and his forelegs held me tight. But of course, I didn't
dare try to avoid him. Jason was right there watching
my every move.

The huge b**st was fucking me with incredible v******e
and I was having trouble just catching my breath. I
kept telling myself that it would all be over soon and
that I would survive. But then I felt something that
made me question that. I felt his knot growing and
battering at the entrance to my pussy. I was even more
horrified now. This dog was nearly twice as large as
the other one. His cock was nearly twice as large. How
much bigger would that knot be?!

I looked up at the handler, pleading for his help with
my eyes. He just smiled down at me and it was obvious
how much he was enjoying the show. He had a huge hard

The pain was getting worse as his dog battered me. I
was crying hard and each time he slammed his cock into
me I cried out. But then it happened. That huge knot
suddenly f***ed its way into my pussy and I screamed so
loud the audience got quiet for a moment.

The dog pulled back and I screamed again as the knot
was pulled out of me. Then he made one final thrust and
slammed that knot into me again. I screamed and nearly
passed out. But now he was still.

I remained under him on my hands and knees and I was
panting like a dog from the unbearable pain. The dog's
knot felt as big as a softball. I didn't know how large
it was, but it was bigger than anything that had ever
been in me before. I knelt under that b**st and prayed
that he hadn't torn me.

At first I was only aware of the pain. But then I
became aware of something else. I felt my belly filling
up with his hot cum. It felt like he was pissing inside
of me. There was so much of it and it was so hot. And
it was so very degrading. I knew that I would never be
the same again.

I wanted to let my head rest on my arms and wait for
this horror show to end. I couldn't though. The dog's
strong forelegs held me in position as he dumped his
sperm inside of me. I could only stare at the floor of
the stage and cry hopelessly.

My insides filled up with his cum and I felt it seeping
out around his knot and running down my thighs. It was
nasty but it relieved the pressure. There was so much
of it that it started to become very uncomfortable
inside of me.

I don't know how much more time passed but eventually I
felt his grip on my torso relax and I sensed that he
was finished and ready for this mating to end. After a
few minutes he tried pulling free of me but that knot
was still trapped inside of me. I cried out in pain
each time he tried to pull out and each time he would
stop moving for a moment.

His attempts to break free became more frequent and
when he still couldn't pull out of me he stepped over
me and stood with his butt to mine, his cock still
firmly embedded in my pussy.

The handler decided to amuse the audience I guess. He
led the dog around the stage, dragging me along
backwards by the dog's cock in my pussy as they went,
until finally the knot shrunk enough and he was able to
pull free. The men in the audience thought that was

His knot pulled out of me with a loud, wet, disgusting
noise and I collapsed on the stage. The handler led the
dog away and then I was alone on stage, lying in a heap
with dog cum streaming out of my tortured pussy.

The fat man came up on stage and announced, "Gentlemen,
that concludes this evening's entertainment. Please
check our web site for the release date of the movie
and the schedule for our next show."

I remained in a heap on the stage as hundreds of men
filed out of the building. When everyone but the boys
had left, the man who had answered the door came up on
stage and pulled me roughly to my feet. I was dragged
over to a desk in the corner. The fat man was sitting
on the desk with his pants around his ankles. He smiled
at me and said, "You are almost done for the night,
bitch. Suck my cock. Make me think you love me."

I was nearly u*********s but Jason touched that cattle
prod to my breast and I was immediately alert again. I
moved closer and leaned down in the fat man's huge lap.
His enormous belly hung over his average size cock and
I had to fight to get my mouth close enough to take his
cock in my mouth. Once I had my lips around it I didn't
have the ability to move my head. I had to get him off
with my lips and my tongue and my hand.

It took a very long time.

He finally shot a small, bitter stream of liquid into
my mouth and pushed me away. I still wasn't done. I
still had to suck off the doorman. His body was in
better condition than the fat man. But his cock was
soft and it took me a long time to get him hard. Once
he was hard I started taking his cock into my throat
and in about fifteen minutes he filled my mouth with
another load of cum.

And then there was the dog handler. He was a large man
and he was cruel and violent. He hurt me so bad when he
fucked my throat that it almost took my mind off of
what had just happened to me on that stage.

When the handler finished with me the fat man said,
"Okay, boys. Remember what I told you. Here is a copy
of the uncut disk. If it gets out someone dies. If you
think I'm joking then I suggest you ask around.
Remember my offer Jason. I'd like to use the bitch
again out at the barn. Now you k**s clear out."

They pulled me outside and dragged me towards the van.
One of them opened the side door but the driver said,
"Hold on man. I don't want that skuzzy whore in my
truck like that. Find something to clean the bitch up."

One of them finally found some smelly rags near a
dumpster and I sopped up the streams of dog cum that
ran all the way down to my feet. The insides of my legs
were covered with it.

I cleaned it up as well as I could and they finally let
me into the van. I wasn't surprised that no one
bothered me on the way home.

The other k**s stayed in the van. Jason and Terrill got
out and roughly pulled me out after them. The van drove
away as they pulled me toward my house. I didn't even
look around to see if any of my neighbors noticed me
outside in the nude.

They pulled me along roughly to the front door. Once
inside the first thing that I saw was Paul, still tied
to that chair with tears staining his cheeks.

Jason told Terrill to untie Paul and I was sent up to
take another shower. I glanced at the clock as I went
past the living room. It was only a little before one
in the morning. This had been the longest night of my
life. I was sure that it was after three.

I staggered up the stairs and took a long, hot shower.
I stood under the water as hot as I could stand it and
I cried like a baby. I was beyond despair now and it
may be too late but I knew one thing. I could not do
this again. If the only alternative was that Paul and I
lost everything and my parents lost their house then
that was just going to have to be the way things turned
out. I was clinging to the last trace of my sanity
right now. I doubted if my marriage could survive this
night. Not once those a****ls showed Paul that movie.
If I was going to lose everything anyway then I might
as well end this game now.

I finally got out of the shower and dried off. I went
downstairs just in time to hear Doyal yelling at Jason
and Terrill for leaving the house and getting back so
late. They were just standing there with their heads
down and letting Doyal go off on them.

He kept asking them where they had gone and they kept
shrugging and saying, "Just out, dad."

He turned to me and asked, "Where did they go, Jolie?"

I didn't see Paul and I asked, "Where is my husband?"

Doyal looked impatient with me for answering his
question with a question but he replied, "I sent him
upstairs to take a shower in the guest bathroom. He was
a mess."

I nodded and said, "Jason has a disk that will explain
where we went."

Jason gave me a threatening look but he didn't say

Doyal asked, "Where is it, Jason?"

I interjected, "I believe that it's in that gym back
with the cattle prod he used on me earlier."

Doyal looked at me in disbelief and picked up the gym
back sitting on the coffee table. He reached in and
pulled out the cattle prod. He looked at it and then he
pressed the trigger and saw the sparks fly out of the
end. He looked at Jason incredulously. He asked in a
voice that was dead calm, quiet, but seething with
fury, "You used this on her?"

Jason didn't look up. He didn't answer. He just

Doyal stared at him for a moment as if he could not
believe what he had just heard. Then he reached in and
pulled out the disk. He handed it to me and said, "Put
it on."

I put the disk in the DVD player and turned the TV on.
I pushed play and went into the kitchen to make myself
a stiff drink. I didn't care what they thought. I
needed a drink.

I came back out a few minutes later and saw Doyal
staring at the TV in disgust. I looked to see that he
had put it on fast forward. I was already sucking on
the German shepherd's cock as the blurry images flew
across the screen.

It was a few minutes before we got to the part where
the Great Dane fucked me. As soon as that part started
Doyal stopped the disk and ejected it. He broke the
disk in half and threw it at Jason violently.

He turned to look at Terrill for a moment and then in a
low voice he said, "You two disgust me. I have never
been so ashamed in my entire life. Look at me Jason!"

Jason looked up and he looked like I had when I had
been on that stage earlier.

Doyal asked, "Why? Why did you do this? How could you
do this?!"

I went over and reached into his front pocket and
pulled out the cash that the fat man had given him. I
handed it to Doyal and then I went into the kitchen to
make myself another drink.

I heard Doyal explode. "You little son of a bitch! You
took five hundred dollars to...I can't even say it."

He stared at them for a moment and then he said, "Go
back to the house and pack your things. I'm taking you
to your mother's. I can't stand to look at you."

The boys hurried for the door and Doyal turned to me
and said, "Jolie, I'm sorry. I will admit that I wanted
to humiliate you. I wanted to hurt you. I thought that
both of you had it coming. But not like this. I am so
ashamed. Please forgive me. I won't ask that you
forgive them. What they did was inexcusable. But I
promise that I'll make this up to you somehow."

I think I surprised both of us when I said, "Don't be
too hard on them. As strange as it seems I think that
Paul and I both learned a lesson in the last few days.
I was starting to feel guilty before this evening. But
I saw the pain in your son's eyes today and I saw the
results of my actions for the first time. I may never
be able to get over what happened to me tonight. And I
pray that Paul never finds out. But I don't think that
your boys are totally to blame. They were getting
payback for a lot of pain in their lives that they
received at the hands of people like me. I don't know
if we can get our lives back on track. I hope that we
can. I wouldn't want to repeat the lesson I learned
today. But I'm glad that something finally got through
to me. Please tell the boys that I really am sorry for
the way I treated them and the things that I said. I'm
sorry for the pain I caused them. I'm sorry for the
pain that people like me have caused them, and will no
doubt continue to cause them. I swear to you, I am a
changed person."

Doyal looked so sad. He said, "I would never have
thought my boys were capable of what they did tonight.
I'm sorry. I'll make sure that things get back to
normal at work. You have my word. I can't undo what I
have done, but I'll make sure that your jobs are safe
and your future intact. I have to go. I need to take
them to their mother's house."

I stopped him and said, "May I call you Doyal?"

I would almost swear that he blushed. He nodded and I
said, "Doyal, keep them with you tonight. Talk to them
when you calm down. And I'd like it if the three of you
came to lunch tomorrow. We'll have a cook out by the

He looked at me like I was crazy. Then he shook his
head and said, "Are you serious? After that they did to

I shrugged and replied, "A lot of people got hurt. But
I started it. Maybe everyone can learn from what
happened. I certainly have."

He looked unsure but he said, "You might want to talk
it over with Paul first."

Paul spoke up then. He had been sitting at the foot of
the stairs listening. He said, "I cook a pretty mean
steak Doyal. I don't guess you need to bring your
suits. After all that's happened I don't see why we
can't make it clothing optional."

Paul looked at me and I smiled. I said, "I have no
secrets now."

Doyal looked back and forth between us and once more he
said, "I'm so sorry."

He turned to leave and I said, "Come over around eleven
and we'll get acquainted while the k**s use the pool."

He nodded and left and I went over and sat beside Paul
on the stairs. We were quiet for a few moments before
he said, "We have changed, haven't we? I would have
thought that we would have the opposite reaction to the
things that happened. I guess being on the other end of
the food chain puts things in perspective."

I replied, "Paul, I saw the pain in Terrill's eyes this
evening. Pain that was caused by people like us. I felt
so guilty. We have a lot to feel bad about."

We were quiet again for a few minutes and then I said,
"I wonder what it will be like working with the guys

Paul grinned and looked embarrassed. He said, "It's too
bad it all has to end. I am embarrassed to admit it,
but some of it turned me on."

I blushed and admitted, "Yeah, me too. Maybe it could
just be toned down a little."

I didn't want to talk about what happened after they
took me out of here tonight. But I felt dirty and I
felt guilty and I thought that it would be best to
clear the air. Besides, I could use a little sympathy.
I took Paul's hands in mine and turned to look him
straight in the eye. I said, "Paul, I have to tell you
what happened tonight. You may not want to be with me
once you know."

He pulled his hands away from me and put his arms
around me and held me close. He whispered, "I know.
When you went up to take a shower Jason told me what
they did. Are you alright?"

I was crying again. I wasn't sure if it was because of
what happened or because of how well Paul was taking

I answered, "I'm sore. But I seem to be alright, except
for the memories. I expect to be having nightmares for
a while."

He kissed me and hugged me tighter and said, "We both
saw some terrible things in the last few days. But I
think we are going to make it. You are still the
hottest broad I know and I still adore you."

I giggled through my tears and said, "You know damn
well us cunts don't like to be called broads now!"

He kissed me and said, "You better watch your fucking
mouth. Jason forgot his cattle prod. I'd hate to have
to use it on you."

I shivered uncontrollably. That cattle prod was going
in the trash as soon as he turned me loose!

We were both mentally and physically exhausted and we
finally went up and went to bed. But as tired as we
were there were still a lot of things to talk about.

Paul said, "I guess you had a pretty hard night
tonight. Are you okay?"

I responded, "My worst nightmares came to life tonight.
But I'll get over it. My body is sore but apparently
undamaged. Are you sure that you can live with what you
know about me now?"

I was nestled against him with his arm around me and my
head resting on his shoulder. He squeezed me and said,
"You saw me suck a cock. How do you feel about that?"

I kissed his chest and said, "I felt so sorry for you.
I know how hard that was for you."

He answered, "That's how I feel about you. I am only
concerned that now that this is just about over will we
be able to return to normal."

After a pause I said, "But not like we used to be,
right? I look around me and I see all kinds of people
being friends and getting along and treating each other
with respect. It's like we were dinosaurs, like we
didn't evolve like everyone else. I feel so guilty
about some of the things I have said, and some of the
things I have thought. What happened to us was
terrible, but we learned what it's like to be on the
other side of the coin. It isn't very nice."

Paul was quiet for a few moments and then he said, "I
am surprised at something else I learned too. When you
were nearly naked at work, when Karl and the others
were having sex with you...I felt very guilty about it,
but I got so aroused. Does that upset you?"

I chuckled and said, "I can't really explain it. But my
pussy has been wet every time someone put their finger
in it lately. I liked being a sex slave. I was
surprised to learn that about myself. I'm glad you
aren't upset."

Paul asked, "So we aren't going to put a stop to it?"

I shivered in excitement at the idea of the fun and
games continuing. I said, "We need to make sure that it
doesn't get out of hand. But I loved it that they were
always looking at me and touching me. The thing that I
worried most about was that you would be upset."

He laughed quietly and said, "Aren't we a pair!"

The next morning my body was recovered enough that I
was able to wake Paul up with a nice blowjob. Then we
took a nice hot shower and went down and had coffee in
the nude. We had discovered that we liked not wearing
clothes around the house.

After we read the paper and finished our coffee I
started making potato salad while Paul went to the
store to buy five steaks for our cookout this

Doyal and his two boys came over at eleven. They seemed
surprised when I answered the door in the nude. The
boys were both embarrassed. Not by my nudity but about
what they did last night. I took them aside and we sat
in the kitchen and had a talk while Doyal and Paul went
out to the pool.

Before I could speak, Jason said, "We are both sorry
about last night. I know we got carried away. I could
make all kinds of excuses. But the truth is that there
is no excuse for what we, for what I did last night and
I really am sorry Mrs. Fuller."

I smiled and said, "Please Jason, call me Jolie. And I
am not mad about last night. It wasn't entirely your
fault. My husband and I and your father created a
situation and you got thrown into the middle of it.
Maybe we all learned a lesson about hate last night. It
was a life changing experience for Paul and me. And we
feel bad too. We feel bad for the things that we did,
the things that we said, the things that we thought for
so long. I feel bad for the pain that I saw in your
eyes, Terrill."

"We've all made mistakes. I think we have all learned
from them. How about if we just start over? Do you want
to try that?"

Both boys nodded, though they still looked

I got up and went over to Jason and took his face and
gave him a nice kiss. Or at least it started out as a
nice kiss. I'm not even sure now who initiated the
change. But soon his tongue was in my mouth and his
hand was resting against my naked pussy and I had my
arms around his neck.

I broke the kiss and stood up, gasping for breath. I
smiled down at him and said, "I think we are going to
get along just fine now!"

He smiled and I turned to kiss Terrill. This time it
started right out as a passionate kiss. His hands were
much more gentle than they had been last night, and
this time there was no spitting.

When I finally straightened up I looked down at the two
uncomfortable looking bulges that I was responsible for
and said, "You boys can't go out there like that."

I took their hands and led them upstairs. I helped them
off with their trunks and got on my bed on my hands and
knees. I turned and smiled at them and said,
"Gentlemen, start your engines."

The boys looked at each other and climbed on the bed
and in moments I had a large cock in my mouth and
another in my pussy. I'm not sure what the difference
was this time. But this time it was definitely
pleasurable. I came twice before Jason came in my
pussy. He was nice enough to leave his cock inside me
until I finished sucking his b*****r off.

After I swallowed Terrill's cum I turned around and
sucked Jason's cock clean and then we went into the
bathroom and they watched me clean myself. When I was
done and we were on our way downstairs, Jason said, "I
can't believe that you can forgive me for what I did
last night, Jolie. Dad had a long talk with us last
night. But he didn't need to. I saw the look on his
face when he found out what I had done. I saw how
disappointed he was. That really made me think about
what I had done. I guess I just got carried away. I
really am sorry. I can't stop thinking about what I did
to you and I feel so bad."

At the foot of the stairs I took him in my arms and
said, "It's okay Jason. We both learned some important
lessons. They were hard lessons and it hurt to learn
them. Maybe that's what it takes for some people,
especially when they are thick headed like Paul and me.
It's over now. Let's just be friends and forget about

He grinned and said, "Just friends?"

I kissed him and said, "Just friends with benefits."

We went out to the pool then. Doyal was now the only
one wearing trunks. He looked surprised when he saw me
with my arms around his two naked boys. It must have
been obvious that we had just had sex. He looked into
my eyes though and he saw that everything was okay.

He stood up and dropped his trunks and said, "I don't
want to look out of place."

I went over and sat in his lap once he took his seat
again. I put my arm around his neck and his hand came
to rest on my upper thigh. He looked at me curiously
and I said, "Thank you for the life lesson, Doyal. And
I just wanted to say that you have a couple of real
nice k**s. What happened last night was as much my
fault and your fault as it was their fault. Let's just
forget about it. Okay?"

He smiled and said, "You're pretty damned smart for a
blonde. Now that we have the five of us straightened
out, what do we do about the five guys at work?"

I smiled and answered, "As long as things don't get out
of hand I don't see why they have to know that things
have changed between us. They are having fun. We are
having fun. We need to kind of keep it in the f****y,
so to speak. But Paul and I talked about it last night.
We don't mind if things stay the way they are now.
Maybe we could make the storeroom a little more
comfortable so that we didn't have to get carried away
in the lab. We wouldn't want anyone coming in and
getting the right idea."

Doyal thought that was a good idea and he was very glad
that Paul and I were interested in continuing the fun
and games. We discussed it for a while and then, while
Paul got the grill fired up and the steaks ready, I
took Doyal upstairs and we sealed the deal.

After we ate, Doyal said, "I had something planned for
tomorrow. I was going to cancel it, but you might be
interested now that your horizons have been broadened.
Jolie, do you remember Al? He was the man that took
down a list of your sizes before he fucked you in my

I nodded.

Doyal said, "He is an old friend of mine. He owns a
bunch of adult businesses in town. He also owns a shop
that sells sexy lingerie and clothing. The plan was
that he was going to bring over a large selection of
sexy clothing tomorrow and you were going to model it
for a half dozen of my friends. You would get to keep
the clothes and my friends would get to sample a
beautiful young blonde."

"I'm going to leave it up to the two of you. Do you
want me to cancel?"

Paul and I looked at each other and smiled. I replied,
"I could use a new wardrobe."

The End

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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

Dave and Susan begin a beautiful friendship over breakfast.

"Nice to meet you Susan Jill Parker. I'm Dave. Dave Ryan," he said offering her his big hand.

Seeing her up close, as if seeing her for the first time, he saw her bl**died nose, her split lip, and the discolored, puffy mouse under her eye. His hero, she took as much of a beating as she gave. Those bastards, if they were here now, he'd beat the shit out of them all over again.

With the odds stacked against her, he was just glad that he was there to help her and to save her. No telling what those men would have done to her had he not been there to come to her rescue. Definitely they would have ****d her and maybe even murdered her. Always just the tip of the iceberg, just another sad statistic, a homeless woman found dead in an alley, end of story, was no big deal. Most times, no one even claimed the body to identify it.

Buried in an unmarked grave, he couldn't imagine dying alone without f****y and friends mourning his death in the way that so many of his buddies died on the battlefield. When he died he wanted to die at home surrounded by all the people in his life. Only, having alienated everyone for the sake of the Marine Corps, he had no one to say good-bye to, to watch him pass, and to wish him well on the other side.

He had no f****y and no friends. His only f****y was his s****r and her c***dren, but he hasn't seen them in years, hasn't even called her since the time that he ran from her house screaming because of the noise her c***dren made. In exchange for his Marine good buddies, he lost all contact with everyone else years ago. Now that he doesn't drink and party in the way that he used to do, he lost contact with his Marine buddies too.

If he was penniless and homeless, he'd be much like her, alone on the city streets. Only he figured her for having more of a story than that. Definitely with someone as good looking as she is, she had more of a story to tell. Besides her good looks and hot body, there was real intelligence behind those eyes. What he didn't know but he perceived, there was something in her that attracted him to her. Putting her beauty and body aside, be it her poise or her self-confidence, there was something about her that he liked. Having already seen her naked, he wondered what she'd be like in bed.

"Nice to meet you Dave Ryan," she said returning his handshake with a smile before taking a big gulp of her coffee and downing the cup. For a homeless woman, she had soft hands and he figured her for a sexy secretary or an anal bookkeeper in her other life. She looked around as if she was looking for someone or something before leaning forward to whisper to him. "Do you think they'll allow me use the restroom?"

For someone so brave against three men, she was so timid in her request to use the restroom. He could only imagine the verbal abuse she must have been subject to and taken when sneaking in a fast food joint to use their restroom without having the money enough to buy anything.

"Sure. You're with me, a paying customer. C'mon, I'll show you where it is," he said using that as his excuse to help her up when she grimaced from moving and stood with bruised ribs. "It's right over there. You take your time and do whatever you need to do."

It was then for the first time in the bright light of the diner that he saw how disheveled her appearance was. Looking as if she had worn them for days and, no doubt, slept in them too, her clothes were dirty, wrinkled, and stained. She looked as if she could use a bath, actually soak in a tub. In a country so rich and in a country that routinely helps the people of other less fortunate countries, he felt sorry for her and angry for her unfortunate situation. Feeling his need to help her, we should take care of our own citizens before reaching out to help the citizens of the world, especially when so many don't want our help and/or appreciate our help. Giving our money to Pakistan so that they can shelter the Taliban and giving our money to Egypt to watch them burn our flag in the street, is when he'd pull the plug on the gravy train to watch them come crawling and begging the United States of America for help.

Suddenly, he was angry that so many people were unemployed or underemployed. He was angry that we sent all of our manufacturing jobs to Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, India, Brazil, and now China. It's nonsense that we support China by employing their people with all of our jobs and then have to borrow money from them. When did that happen?

In a country so rich and so productive, everyone who's able to work and who wants to work should have a job. No one should be wandering the street with no place to sl**p. No citizen of the United States, people he risked his life to protect, should go hungry. In the way that the CIA routinely replaces one dictator for another, it's time we cleared those old, white men out of Washington and replaced them with those who are willing to serve the public and not themselves. Instead of a Republican Party or a Democratic Party, just as our forefathers envisioned, we should have one party, the American Party. Not a party for the rich or a party for the poor but a party for everyone.

He watched her walk down the hall and disappear in the ladies room. Nearly as tall as he was, she was tall and he didn't realize how tall she was, maybe 5'9", until she stood next to him. Wondering if she was wearing heels, she wasn't. She was wearing dirty, white tennis shoes. That's when it hit him. What woman doesn't have a proper pair of shoes?

Hard not to notice and to be sexually attracted to, he wondered if she didn't have the body of a porn star, if he'd still have the need to help her and if he'd be sitting here with her now in the diner ready to feed her. Truth be told, obviously, he was just as alone and lonely as she was. Yet, was sex getting in the way of his compassion and commonsense? Was he more interested in fucking her than in helping her?

Living in a dirty, back alley, she was a homeless woman for God sakes. Was he that desperate for a woman that he's now searching the back alleys of the city for them instead of hooking up with someone on an online dating site or in a bar? Maybe with all the shit that he's had to deal with in his life, he felt as disconnected as she was. Having been so wrapped up in himself and in the military while fighting the wars of the world, he never had the time or the need for a woman in his life as he had the time for and wanted someone now.

Nonetheless the sudden sexual attraction that he felt for her, he'd like to take her home with him, that is, if she was agreeable to that but he didn't know how she'd react to his invitation. Not very suave with the ladies, he didn't even know how to go about asking her without insulting her or offending her. Just because she was homeless doesn't mean she wasn't proud. Everyone has pride whether false or real. Yet, if she was to accept his offer of shelter, once there, once alone with her in his house, then what?

He's never been in a committed relationship. If nothing else, she could shower and he'd take her to buy new clothes tomorrow. Maybe he could take her someplace to get her hair, makeup done, and nails done. His very own version of Pretty Woman, he was curious what was beneath all that dirt and all that bad attitude. Then what? Once he feeds her, shelters her, dresses her, and gets her hair, makeup, and nails done, what happens then? Not being much of a deep thinker, playing it by ear and unable to answer his own question, he didn't know.

Yet, careful where he thread, maybe she'd think that after saving her from those three men and buying her a hot meal that he was looking for sex and maybe he was. Even though he hadn't had sex in a while, since before he left the service and visited Bangkok for some much needed rest, recreation, and relaxation, he wasn't as interested in having sex with her as he was in helping her, or so he convinced himself to believe. Yeah, sure if sex was offered, he wouldn't refuse but more than that, he was lonely. He was more looking for companionship and conversation than in fucking her and in her sucking him.

It's sadly funny how the pain of isolation and loneliness can sting more than the searing and piercing bite of a bullet. Having survived three bullet wounds and after receiving 5 Purple Hearts for injuries received in combat, he was a coward when it came to love. He feared starting a relationship that he wasn't capable of finishing. As if he had been shot in the heart, he was suddenly sad that he never married and had c***dren. It was obvious to him now that he was no longer a Marine, how empty his life was. A life that was the envy of his friends, especially when he showed up wearing his uniform with all of his stripes and medals, he was the one who was envious of them. Having gotten all that he wanted then, they had all that he wished he had now.

"I'm buying," said Dave walking over to Pete standing behind the kitchen counter window while waiting for Susan to emerge from the restroom. "Whatever she doesn't eat, she'll take with her," he said to Pete before turning his attention to the waitress. "And the next time she comes in for coffee, let her drink it here and don't embarrass her by saying that she smells."

"Okay," said the waitress, "but that wasn't me Dave. That was Molly. Especially now knowing that she's your s****r and being that it's been so cold outside, I would have allowed her to drink her coffee inside Dave," she said with a kind smile.

"Thank you," he said to her.

"Having been there myself, before I got this job, I know how it is on the street," she said. "I'll never forget how cold I was, the coldest I've been, while standing around with no place to go and counting down the minutes when waiting for the shelter to open. Standing in line with so many pitiful people, the thing that stuck with me was the indignity of it all and how I wasn't even able to support one person, myself."

"Actually, she's not my s****r. She's my friend," he said again, this time with a smile. "Thank you," said Dave handing her twenty dollars.

As if she had taken a bath, Susan emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later looking like someone else. Instead of dragging her tired ass behind her and instead of having the angry look of Tugboat Annie on her face, she strode from the bathroom as if she owned the place. Her hands and face were spotlessly clean and her hair was pulled back away from her face for Dave to notice that she had big, blue eyes, eyes that he couldn't stop staring into them. The biggest change in her was in her attitude. She was smiling instead of frowning.

"Wow," he said. "If I didn't know we were the only two people here, I'd think you were someone else," he said with a laugh. "I hardly recognized you. You clean up real good. Actually, you're very good looking and with the right clothes, your hair done, and some makeup, you'd be stunning," he said while Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman played in his head.

"Thank you," she said blushing, "but with you wanting to redo my wardrobe, my hair, and my makeup, you're not gay are you?" The waitress poured her more coffee and she laughed with the waitress before taking a big gulp of coffee. "Not that there's anything wrong with you being gay but--"

"Gay? Me? Hardly. There's no don't ask, don't tell with me. What you see with me is what you get. Even though I'm an ex-Marine, I'm still a Marine. I'll always be a Marine," suddenly having the urge to salute her. "I'm all man, a macho man, and if I have a character flaw, it's sometimes that I'm too much man," he said taking her all in as if he was smelling and staring at a bouquet of roses.

"I can see that," she said. "At ease, Marine," she said with a laugh. "I don't bite."

Suddenly, while staring at the menu, they both fell quiet, that is, until Dave tripped all over his feelings, when opening up, something he never does.

"It's different with you though. For some reason you let out my soft and sensitive side," he said staring at her. "And I like seeing the other side of me coming out when being with you. It makes me more human than being just a big, bad, ex-Marine."

"Yeah, well, don't be crying in my food Midnight Cowboy. This is the first meal that I'll be eating in a long time that doesn't have alley dirt in it," she said laughing.

"If I'm the Midnight Cowboy than you're my sidekick, Ratso Rizzo," he said with a laugh.

"Eww. Gross. Gee thanks," she said laughing too.

"Actually, that was a good movie," he said. "I'm surprised you remembered it."

"I'm a huge movie buff. I've seen every Hoffman movie and Jon Voight was wonderful in that too. Just wondering," she said with a teasing laugh, "Did you like Brokeback Mountain too?"

"Okay, enough with the gay jokes. I can assure you that I'm not gay," said Dave.

In the way she was teasing him with their light hearted repartee, he wouldn't mind leaning over the table and kissing her to prove that he wasn't gay. He'd like to kiss her. After saving her, no doubt, saving her life for him, yeah, he'd like kiss her. He wished he could kiss he full, red lips. Only, she's the one who should kiss him, if only to show her gratitude.

Suddenly, after seeing her naked in the alley, his mind was filled with the image of her without her clothes. He imagined her sitting across from him naked, as naked as she was in the alley. He imagined her wearing something sexy, a bra and panty from Victoria's Secret. The only real conversation he's had, if you want to call pillow talk conversations was with women he paid to fuck and suck him. Other than his s****r, not knowing what to say or how to act, reminding himself of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Highway, when he played Gunnery Sergeant. Tom Highway, he's really never sat with and talked to a woman while she was wearing clothes.

He remembered her tits, so big, and so full. Never had he seen breasts like that before. She had the most beautiful breasts he's ever seen and, suddenly feeling horny and feeling a deep sexual attraction for her, he'd love to feel them, see them again, and suck them. Only he feared that his sexual attraction for her would get in the way of helping her. Not being a psychiatrist, he hoped that his attraction to her was more than some convoluted need that stemmed from his c***dhood in wanting to help her and protect her.

"Speaking of wondering, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?" His question was met with a blank stare before she flashed him a soft smile.

"It's not polite to ask a woman her age and/or her weight."

"I only asked because you looked so much older in the alley than you do now that you're all cleaned up and looking so good," he said with an uncomfortable smile.

"How old do I look?" She sat back in the booth and smiled. When she did that, sat like that, he imagined a photographer taking a f****y photo of her and her baby after they were married.

"Thirty-something, thirty-three?"

"Thank you. You're kind. I just turned 40 on July 26th."

"Forty, the big four O, you don't look forty. That must have been hard for you."

"Not as hard as being homeless and living on the street," she said with seriousness. "How old are you?"

"How old do I look? No one guesses my age. Everyone is always wrong. They all thing that I'm younger than--"




"Hell no. Most people think I'm forty-five," he said striking a pose as if waiting for her to take his picture.

"So," she laughed, "how the Hell old are you then?"

"I'm fifty."

"Oh, well, um, yeah, I can see that now. You don't look fifty, kind of, not at all, not really, I guess. You fooled me," she said laughing.

"Very funny," he said sharing her laugh.

"Well, this is a real unexpected treat with you coming to my rescue and then copping me to a free meal," she said changing the subject of age to voice her appreciation of his help and a free meal. "It's been a long time since I've eaten like this. I promise, when I get a job that I'll repay you for--"

"There's no need to repay me. Pay it forward is all I ask you to do. Just as someone helped me when I was lost thirty years ago, before I joined the Marines and found my true calling, give a helping hand to someone else one day. You helping someone else will be my repayment and my reward."

"Thank you."

"So, what are you hungry to eat?" Even though he's been there a hundred times before and even though he orders the same thing every day, apple pie with ice cream and coffee, he opened the menu and stared at it as if seeing it for the first time.

"Well, to be honest, I miss having breakfast. Most days all I can afford is a cup of coffee and sometimes a stale muffin. After walking by this diner in the morning and smelling the pancakes and sausages cooking on the grille, I've been dreaming about pancakes and sausages for weeks."

"Well, think of me as your genie," he said with a laugh. "Your wish is my command," he said folding his arms across his body. "If it's flapjacks and sausages you want then pancakes and sausages you shall have."

Ready to take their order, the waitress approached the table again with pen and pad in hand.

"We'll start off with two orders of pancakes with a double side order of sausages," said Dave to the waitress.

"Oh and can I'll have an omelet with hash browns, toast, and orange juice on the side?" As if asking his permission, Susan looked Dave before looking to waitress.

"Yeah, whatever you want. That's good," said Dave. "I'm going to fatten you up," he said with a laugh after the waitress left. "You're too skinny."

"Don't worry. Whatever I weight I gain goes to my tits," she said. "I was a D cup before losing fifteen pounds that I couldn't afford to lose. I've always been 130 pounds but weighed only 115, the last time I checked. I may even be less now that I haven't eaten all day or yesterday, I think." She looked at him and smiled. "Thank you in advance for giving me my tits back."

"You're welcome Honey but," he liked calling her Honey and by the obvious smile on her face, she liked him calling her Honey too. "You still have tits, big tits, from what I saw of you in the alley."

"God, that was so embarrassing," she said putting her head down and covering her eyes with her hand as if trying to erase the memory. "You saw too much of me," she said with a an embarrassed laugh. "You saw all of me. You saw what I'd never show until a fourth or fifth date."

"The light was dim in the alley. I hardly saw anything of you," he said lying when he saw all of her, a sexy sight that burnt an indelible impression of her nakedness in his mind. He looked out the window when someone caught his attention. "Look," he said peering out the window and directing Susan to look where he pointed with his finger. "There's those three men," he said with a laugh. "And they're coming in here."

"Oh, no they're not. Please don't let them hurt me again," she said picking up the knife from the table and holding it at the ready to defend herself.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," said Dave getting out of the booth and walking to the door to meet them as if he was a bouncer.

"Let's go in here," said the little man to the other two. As soon as he reached for the door, Dave was there waiting for him.

"The diner if full. Go somewhere else."

Immediately they retreated. By the looks on their faces, no doubt never expecting to see him again, especially so soon, they were afraid. With the smallest man helping the biggest man to walk and the third man limping behind as if he was d***k or elderly, the three, beaten victims made their way down the street before a police car slowed, pulled over, and stopped them. Calling for backup, two more police cars flew in from the opposite direction. Too injured to run, they threw their hands up in the air before getting down on the ground and the police took them in custody. Dave figured that someone must have made the call. Who knows, they may have been on a crime spree and maybe they had attacked someone else before attacking Susan.
"Good. I feel better. I'm glad they're arrested," said Susan before confessing. "I asked Pete to call the police. I have a good mind to go and press charges."

"Leave it alone Susan. Better that you should remain an anonymous victim than having these men know your name," he said with a look of wisdom.

"Yeah, you're right. No doubt, they'd track me down, even though it's not a difficult thing to find me being that I'm living on the streets," she said with sadness.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you on the street?"

"I moved here from Boston last June to live with my Mom after divorcing my husband. We had a beautiful basement apartment across from the Susquehanna River. Then, in September, the worst flood in the history of the Susquehanna River happened. The water crested 30 feet above flood stage. The water was higher than the second floor of our apartment building."

"I remember that flood. It rained, down poured actually for days."

"The Red Cross gave us some clothes, food, and directed us to a shelter but not much else, and FEMA only helped those who owned homes not those who rented. With the flood water contaminated with home heating oil and raw sewage, and with the fire and police not allowing people back in their neighborhood for three weeks, until the water receded and the properties were inspected, I lost everything including my car. It's was thirteen-years-old anyway, but that car was better than walking and taking the bus. No doubt, if I still had the car, I'd be living it in."

"I remember that the water in Hershey was as high as the roofs of the fast food restaurants and they had to demolish them and rebuild them. Wasn't there bison trapped under water that they had to shoot at the Hershey Zoo?"

"Yeah that was sad," she said. "It's funny how some people cared more about those bison being trapped underwater than they did about all those people like me who lost their homes and possessions. Three people were killed in the flood, one was a firefighter trying to save an elderly man trapped upside down in his car. Both were swept away."

"So, why aren't you in a shelter?"

"I was but the shelters aren't safe. Believe it or not, that is, until tonight with those three men, I felt safer outside on the street than I felt in the shelter. There's a lot of crazy people in the shelter. I still go there to shower, wash my clothes, and grab a hot meal at the mission or the church. Even at the mission and the church, men are always grabbing at me and groping me. I was so tired and hungry one day that I didn't know that the man standing behind me had lifted my skirt nearly to my waist. He must have thought he had a live one, but I bashed him in the face with my food tray."

Dave watched the waitress bring over the pancakes and sausages.

"More coffee?"

"Yes, please," said Susan.

"So, I was thinking."


"I don't want you to take this the wrong way but..."

"But what?"

"If you wanted to..."


"Um, you know, um, you could bunk with me, until you got a job and back on your feet. I have a spare bedroom," he said looking at her before staring down at his food. "The grub is good here, although this is my first time eating anything other than apple pie and ice cream."

She looked at him blankly.

"Are you inviting me to stay with you."

"Yes, I guess I am."

"Do you have an Internet hookup?"

"Internet hookup? Sure. Why?"

"I write stories."

"Stories? What kind of stories?"

"Erotic literature."

"Erotic literature? You mean sexy stories? Dirty stories?"


"Cool." He looked at her in between bites of his food. "So is that a yes."

Dave invites Susan home to bunk with him.

An odd couple and an unlikely pair, a retired and decorated, former Marine walking with a tall, blonde, beautiful, bag lady, both looked as if they were walking a death march instead of embarking on something new, exciting, and wonderful. They acted more like an old, married couple who barely tolerated one another rather than a man interested in a woman who gave him the eye.

Whether it was the tension from their awkwardness and the uncertainty they felt as a not yet stated and defined couple, a real pair of misfits suddenly thrown together, no doubt they felt the anticipation from their obvious sexual attraction. Their mood suddenly changed from lightheartedness to seriousness. Sex was serious business, after all, when one hasn't had an intimate relationship for a long while and the other really never made love to a real woman other than being with prostitutes who, even if they spoke English, they didn't speak his language. Where Susan was outgoing, albeit angry and Dave was confidently in control, both grew quiet.

Dave would have had a much easier time of sensing the changes in a woman and between a man and a woman if he were located in a desert and surrounded by the hot, blazing sun and the burning, blowing sand. Without given an order and before even agreeing to accept this mission of love and romance, he was out of his element in walking in public with Susan while trying to make small talk. Marines, even former Marines, unless they were jabbering with their buddies didn't have the time or see the need to make small talk. Being that nothing was small to them, war was all encompassing and too big of a deal to talk about nonsense. Certainly, Dave would rather face and armed terrorist than a beautiful woman.

Nevertheless, out of their control, the stage was slowly setting for something to happen between them. As if there were incoming missiles, wanting to hit the ground and pull her down beneath him to protect her or to fuck her, he felt the change in the air as if there was an incoming mortar about to land and explode at his feet. The fact of the matter was that both of them were strong individuals. With Dave a bullheaded Taurus and Susan a proud Leo the lioness, after their firework display was over, their stage was set for sparks to fly.

Be it for a head butting hostile exchange that would surely result in a difference of opinion and or an argument, being that she was just as strong willed and stubborn as he was, he was ready for rejection. Besides, even though she was easy on the eyes and attractive enough to make him interested and to keep him interested, unfortunately for both, she wasn't his type. Too tall, too blonde, too fair skinned, too busty, too talkative, and too much woman, especially when he was more than enough of a man to carry both sides of the conversation, she was too much of everything. Spirited, sexy, and smart, she was all that he never looked for in a woman. Spending what seemed like a lifetime overseas, especially in the middle east, he had grown accustomed to lusting over short, petite, small breasted, and shyly submissive woman with hair as dark as their eyes. He preferred a woman that he could control instead of taking the chance of starting a relationship with a woman who wanted to control him.

Rejection or acceptance, sex, and/or love, with nothing really new but for the one they were with, both had traveled down this path many times before with others. A first time for everything, this was the first time that Dave invited a woman to his small, albeit efficient apartment and the first time he asked a woman to live with him or bunk with him, as he so romantically put it. He always found all that he needed and everything that he wanted by picking up a woman of the night and going to her place or to a cheap motel to hump and sweat. Now having second thoughts with every slow step he took, with his mind racing much faster than his feet were walking, normally, his pace was much quicker than this. Never being much of a conversationalist, especially after doing all of his talking in the diner or with a weapon in his deadly hand, while walking and thinking of something to say, he had nothing else to say.

"You know, Dave, if you'd rather I not bunk with you," she said with an uncomfortable laugh, "we could forget this whole thing and go our separate ways. You saved my ass, gave me sixty bucks, and fed me a big meal. I appreciate all that you've done for me. I still have my bags of cans hidden behind the dumpster. I can go back to where I was living and to where I belong for the time being. A life I've grown accustomed to living, it's not as terribly bad as it seems on the surface," she said maintaining a stiff upper lip and a brave face. "You don't have to worry about me. I'll be okay," she said raising her head high and sticking out her enormous chest. "Really. I've come this far alone already. I really don't need any more of your help. Thank you for everything but--"

"Don't be silly. This is good. Yeah, this is a good thing," he said as if trying to convince himself of that. "If I'm reticent at all, a creature of a stringent routine to get me through my day, it's because I'm not very good with change."

"Trust me. I know. We all have our routines. Imagine me being flooded out of my house to roam the street, live in a shelter, and eat at a mission. Quite the change, I swear I'd have to make less of a change and would have had a better life had I gone to prison."

"I hear you. Speaking of prison, don't forget, much in the way of someone serving a 30-year prison sentence, not that the Marine Corps was prison but, longer being in than being out, I was in the Corps for 30 years of my life. That drill, that discipline, and taking orders is the only routine that I know. The Corps was my home and my good buddies were my f****y. I always had a buddy to watch my back and never a woman.

"I understand. Being retired from the Marines must be a big change for you," she said rolling her eyes how anyone could make a career out of the military.

Taking orders and not making their own decisions about what to do and where to go whenever and wherever they wanted, while always in harm's way, without him realizing it, he was as much prisoner of the United States military as he was a proud Marine.

"Just as I've never talked as much as I'm talking now, I don't know anything else. I've been with plenty of women but I never had a wife or a girlfriend. A lone wolf when it comes to love but a team player when it came to the Marines, other than my barracks buddies, I'm never been in a committed relationship."

"Committed relationship? Hold on. Wait one second," said Susan standing still and staring at him sideways. "Back up. Where was I when we went from you buying me breakfast to me being your woman and you being my man? I don't need any stinking man to take care of me," she said with defiance. "I can take care of myself," she said looking at him while raising her voice with hostility. "You have a lot of nerve to think that I--"

"I'm sorry. Jumping way ahead, I'm not good with words and I didn't mean to imply that we're together. I'm just worried--"

"Worried? Worried about what?"

"How to act with you in my apartment and what to say with you in my life? I feel as if I'm a pimply faced teenager on a first date."

"You know, Dave, if it helps, let's go back to before I wasn't your girlfriend," said Susan with an uncomfortable laugh. "I'm just a woman you saved and a woman that you now feel responsible for," she said. "As if I'm your personal spoils of war, now that you have me or think that you own me, you don't have a clue what to do with me?"

"You're taking this all wrong Susan. I didn't mean to suggest--"

"So what do you do with me Dave? Huh? Tell me because just along for the ride, at your whim and whimsy, I'd like to know," she said making solid eye contact with him. "Do you fuck me or give me a place to stay. Maybe you'd like to do both. Tell me, would you prefer having sex with me before I go to sl**p or after I awaken? Are you an evening person or a morning person." She stared at him and when he didn't answer, she punctuated her indignation. "Fuck you Dave! Fuck you," she said walking away.

As soon as he saw her leaving his decision was made. No longer indecisive, he knew now what he needed to do.

"Wait. Hold up. C'mon Susan. I didn't mean to--"

She turned to confront him with a face full of as much confusion as she had of sorrowful hurt.

"Just as you don't know what to make of this situation, I don't know either. Just as this is new ground for you, this is new ground for me too. Now I'm not saying that having sex is on the table or off the table. We're both consenting adults. Whatever happens, happens. We can take things slow and see what happens or we can just go our separate ways now. You tell me."

He looked at her in the way that John Wayne looked at Maureen O'Hara in the Quiet Man. She was so pigheaded, just like him. Yet, unlike him, when he was mad and his face was all red, turned, and twisted with anger, she was so fucking beautiful when she was angry, even more beautiful when she emerged from the ladies room in the brightly lit diner.

"Actually, now that we've put everything out there, especially the sex, I feel better with the pressure that I put on myself now off," he said letting out a sigh of relief. They walked a few blocks without saying anything before Dave pointed for her to take a side street with him that led away from the city to the more suburban part of town. "I like you Susan. I really do. I think you're a Hell of a woman, a special lady, and easy on the eyes but I'd rather face a firing squad than to be alone with a pretty woman who may be expecting more than I can give."

"I know and I like you too Dave. Truthfully, I'm not expecting any more than a place to wash my dirty body, rest my cold, tired head, and have a cup of coffee and some grub in the morning. Then, I'll be on my way as if none of this ever happened. Okay?"

"Okay," he said digging his hands deep in his pockets as if his pant pockets contained all of his answers. Not knowing what else to say to convince her otherwise to stay longer than a night, he agreed with her.

"For the first time in my life, I feel safe. You make me feel that there's nothing you can't handle," she said being submissive to him for the first time.

More of a man of action than of words, he stopped and turned to her. Perhaps because she suddenly showed him her soft side, he was more attracted to her. Then, out of the clear blue, as if he was pulling out his knife to slit her throat, he took her in his arms and kissed her. When he parted her lips with his tongue, she returned his passion with her own. Then, as if she was wearing a vest bomb, he abruptly pushed her away.

"Sorry. Sorry. I'm so sorry," he said. "I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me."

"No need to be sorry Dave unless you didn't mean to kiss me," she said with a nervous laugh.

"I did," he said looking down to avoid making eye contact with her. "I did mean to kiss you but I don't believe in any of that mumbo jumbo about there's a reason for everything and--"

"You mean, fate, kismet, and destiny?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I mean," he said still not looking at her while digging in his heels while being determined not to like her, want her, and need her.

"What about love at first sight? Do you believe in that?" She looked at him when he didn't answer her. "Other than the Marine Corps, tell me, what else to you believe in besides the United States military? You don't think that some kind of cosmic attraction or magical f***e whether physical, spiritual, and/or emotional played a part in what happened tonight and with you interceding to save me?" She looked at him and smiled.

"And you do?" He looked at her as if she was a prisoner of war and he was interrogating her. "To be honest, seeing you only from a distance, I thought you were nothing more than an old, bag lady. Then, when I saw you in the diner," he paused not wanting to tell her that his heart skipped a beat, "I never expected you to be this beautiful blonde."

"Yeah, well, even if you don't I believe in all of that mumbo jumbo, I think that fate had everything to do with what happened here tonight. Right place at the right time, someone was tapping you on the shoulder and they weren't wearing a uniform other than wings and a halo."

"So, what are you saying?" He looked at her as if she was a new recruit telling him that there was more to life than being a Marine. "Are you saying that there is more to all of this than me saving you, feeding you, and offering you a place to bunk?"

"Duh? You asked me to bunk with you," she said laughing. "Wow! Right up there with asking me to be your woman, that's serious for you. Next you'll be making me a braid out of a terrorist's scalp and giving me that as a ring before pinning one of your medals on my chest," she said with a laugh.

"Wait. Hold on now. I only asked you to spend the night...or two," he said looking at her. "I didn't ask you to marry me. Where did all that come from about me giving you a ring to put on your finger."

Even in the frightful mess she was, underneath her messy hair, dirty fingernails, and makeup free face, he could tell that she was beautiful. In the way that her blonde hair was wild, frizzy, and pulled back as if restrained when the rest of her spirit wasn't, she looked as if she just woke up from bed after a long night of sex. She smelled of sex. She exuded sex. More than sexy, she was the epitome of what every man wants in a woman. He looked at her again and always more comfortable categorizing the women he knew, the closest woman he could imagine her being like was Kim Basinger, only younger, shapelier, and more beautiful.
With nothing else to give him, Susan rewards Dave with a blowjob for saving her.

They spent the rest of their walk in silence, Dave with his hands dug deep in his pockets with his eyes to the ground and Susan looking everywhere but at him.

"This is me, right here. It's a basement apartment," he said.

"It is?" She took a step back as if afraid.

"What's the matter?"

"I was flooded out of my basement apartment. I had just moved from Boston and was living with my Mom when the Susquehanna River flooded. Cresting 30' over flood stage level, it was 3 weeks before the cops, the fire department, and the building inspectors allowed us back in the building to salvage anything. Everything had turned to shit by then and there were dumpsters lining both sides of the street filled with everyone's ruined possessions."

"Wow, that sucks," he said. "Even with the few possessions that I have, I can't imagine losing everything I own."

"The water was up to the second story of the building where I lived," she said looking up at the second floor windows of the house. The water was contaminated with home heating oil and raw sewage." Reliving it again by talking about it, she had a look of sadness on her face as if it had just happened.

"Well, there's no water here. I'm pretty far from the river and on a hill. You're safe from the water. If you want to worry about something, worry about being incinerated in a nuclear explosion," he said with a laugh. "Three Mile Island is right there," he said pointing to the smoke stacks. "The experts say that the nuclear plant can withstand a plane crashing into it but that's what they said about the Twin Towers too. I don't put much stock into what experts say about anything after seeing so many retired generals on CNN giving their biased opinions based about what they're told by the CIA to say."

"It's scary to see those nuclear smoke stacks looming so close. Aren't you afraid?"

"I don't even think about it," he said leading her down a flight of stairs. He opened his door and turned on the light. "Well this is it. Keep in mind that I'm a guy and I live alone," he said with a laugh.

"It's so small and so neat. With your bunk there..." she said looking to the left. "And the couch there..." she said looking to the right. "And nothing between them but a TV..." she said looking at him. "Hardly the bachelor pad I expected, your apartment looks as if you just moved in or are about to move out," she said laughing.

"What? You don't like my place? It suits me just fine. It's efficient and organized. I don't have to trip over stuff to find what I need."

"It's just that..."

"It's just that what?"

"With no personal items displayed, it looks too much like a barracks room," she said. "All you need is a footlocker and a metal locker.

"The footlocker is by my bed," he said pointing. "And the metal locker is there in the corner," he said laughing at how ridiculous his apartment looked to a stranger but how familiar it would look to another Marine.

He looked around his room as if noticing it for the first time. His place did look as if it was in transition. With one foot here and the other foot there and his head stuck somewhere in the middle, it was then that he realized he still had his heart in the Marine Corps.

"You're recreated your barracks Marine. Good for you," she said with a laugh while saluting him.

"You know, now that you mention it, you're right. Except for the deletion of the metal walls, it does look like my old barracks," he said with a laugh. "Being that this is a basement apartment, I even have the little windows at ceiling height that I had in my barracks room when I was a drill instructor."

"Except for that Marine recruiting poster, you don't even have a picture on the wall," she said walking over to it to study it. "Where'd you get this? It looks like the real McCoy."

"It is. I did some recruiting when I was recovering from my last wound. Not much of a people person when I'm not slamming my fist in their face, I'm not much of a salesman either, even if it's when trying to convince someone to join the Marines. I figure, if they want to join, they'll join. Tired of lazy, mama boys, I'm not good at persuading someone to do what they don't want to do and to join something they're not geared up or ready to do. The last straw was when I threatened to kill someone for burning the flag in front of my office after they spit on my uniform."

"Threatened?" She laughed. "You not the type to threaten anyone with words. I don't see you wasting your breath to threaten anyone. You're more of a man of action," she said remembering what he did in the alley to those three men.

"Okay, so when I was e****ting them off my property, they tripped and hit their head on the concrete numerous times when I was helping them to stand," he said with a laugh. "What's the matter? He asked when she was looking around the room again.

"There's not much privacy," she said looking around the one bedroom studio apartment. "Do you have a bathroom with a tub?"

"Sorry, I don't have a bathtub but I do have a shower. It's in back," he said pointing behind him, "in the corner."

"I see," she said obviously looking where she'd sl**p before eying the couch.

"I could make something makeshift, stack some boxes or hang a curtain, if that will put you more at ease," he said.

"Nah, it's okay. I'm used to not having any privacy in the shelter and on the street anyway, as you're well aware with those three men waking me up at one in the morning. This is so much better than what I'm used to having. This will suit me just fine. Do you have a spare sheet for the couch?"

"You can take my bunk," he said look at his bunk with a guilty, sad look as if he was giving up his weapon or his dog for the sake of her comfort.

"Nah, the couch, believe it or not, looks more comfortable," she said looking over at his tightly made bunk. "What did you steal that from your barracks?"

"Actually, it's my old bed with a new mattress. My buddies gave it to me as a present when I retired."

"You're k**ding?"

"Nope. I know. I was shocked as shit that they'd give me my old bunk. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy."

"That's not what I meant," she said. "Never mind."

"You mean that I'd even want my old bunk instead sl**ping in a bed?"


"I'd rather sl**p on the floor than not sl**p in my bunk. After sl**ping on that thing for thirty years, when not deployed, I'm so used to my little cot that I can't sl**p in a regular bed."

"No wonder why you're not married," she said under her breath and too low for him to hear.

"Believe it or not, much like my rifle, that bunk is my friend. We've seen some things together. Yes we have," he said with a sad smile on his face while shaking his head.

"I bet you even named you bunk," she said laughing.

"Don't be silly," he said before looking over at her and blurting. "Bob. I named my bunk Bob."

"Bob? You named your bunk Bob? I can't believe you named your bunk Bob?"

"I named my bunk after my best buddy was killed the first time I deployed to Iraq. He took a sniper shot to the head. The bullet traveled right through his helmet."

"I'm sorry about Bob," she said. "Listen, I'd never get between you and your bunk," she said waving her two hands as if they were flashing lights on a railroad crossing while stepping away from his bunk. "I'll take the couch," she said again before she started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"We are."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen to us? We're going on about your bunk. Neither one of us are any good at holding a normal conversation."

"You're right," he said. "We are kind of a pathetic pair of misfits. With you sl**ping in shelters, eating in missions, and wandering the streets and me spending years away from my country to defend my country and preferring this lumpy, old bunk to a real bed when finally home and retired," he said looking at her, "neither one of us is normal."

"It's like we're made for one another," she said giving him an interested look with a soft smile.

"You're not going to start with that fate and destiny crap again, are you? Because I don't believe in any of that stuff. What I believe in is the here and now and not some Angel bringing us together. If you ask me, especially in the way I've been living and watching men dying, with all that I've seen in war and in battle, and all that you had to do to survive, if I believe in anything, I believe in the Devil. There's no merciful God that I know who'd allow any of this to happen to anyone," he said.

"Don't even say that. I'm not a religious woman but I know enough not to open my heart and my head to the Devil because he'll walk right in and take you over. Positive thoughts is what got me through then and positive thoughts is why I'm here with you now," she said.

They looked at one another as if they were going to kiss again. No doubt, when she gave him the eye, she wanted to be kissed. Obviously, she expected him to kiss her. Instead, he looked at his watch. It's zero three hundred hours, I need some shuteye. I'm beat."

"I need to shower, if you don't mind."

"Help yourself," he said.

"Do you have a towel I can use?"

"There's a stack of them in the bathroom."

"What did you steal these from the Marines?" She came out holding a thin, white towel in her hand.

"They throw them away anyway. Besides, their towels are what I've been using for thirty years and all that I'm used to using. I don't like those plush, colored towels. Those towels are for faggots, sissies, and homos."

"Boy don't ask and don't tell had you in mind when they passed that law," she said with a laugh. "Now that you're retired, that law is no longer in effect," she said with a laugh.

"Sorry but spending all of my time with a bunch of jarheads tends to rub off some, especially when I was the biggest jarhead of them all," he said with a laugh. "There's some softer towels in the little closet outside of the bathroom."

Susan opened the door and started laughing.

"Red Marine Corps beach towels?" She pulled one from out of the closet. "These colored towels are very plush Dave," she said laughing. "Where'd you get these? The Army/Navy store?"

"E-bay," he said. "They were having a closeout sale. I bought a dozen of them for fifty bucks. Amazon was selling the same towels for twenty bucks each. I got a deal," he said with a laugh. "Dave likes saving money," he said talking in the third person again.

Susan stripped out of her clothes and before turning on the water, she popped her head out of the bathroom again.

"Dave doesn't have an exhaust fan," she said laughing.

"It's a basement apartment Susan. Unless vented outside and being that's not an outside wall, there's no inexpensive way to vent that," he said.

She closed the door again, turned on the water and showered. Other than taking sponge baths at McDonalds and the gas station, it had been a few days since she had a real shower. The hot water felt good on her tired, bruised body. Her ribs still hurt where that asshole kicked her. With nothing else to wear but her dirty clothes, she emerged from the shower in just her towel.

"Do you mind if I wash my clothes tomorrow?"

"Sure, no problem."

"I'm surprised you have a washer and dryer here."

"Yeah, well, I don't do well in Laundromats, especially late at night. I have a habit of not minding my own business, especially when I see a couple of thugs bothering a woman," he said.

"Yeah, with you having saved my ass, I know what you mean," she said.

"I can give you a shirt to wear but with you nearly as tall as I am, my shirt won't cover much more than your tits and bellybutton."

"It's okay. I don't mind sl**ping in the nude. Matter of fact, I prefer sl**ping naked after taking a hot, steamy shower. I'm all heated up now," she said waving her hand in front of her face before stopping to adjust her towel. She watched him stare at what he thought she might be showing when her towel slipped down a bit.

"I put a sheet, a pillow, and a blanket on the couch. If it's okay with you, I don't leave any lights on. It's a thing that I took home with me from the war. Believe it or not, I can see, hear, and feel more in the dark than I can in the light."

"Maybe I should leave the light on so that you don't ogle my naked body," she said with a laugh.

"That's not what I meant," he said.

"I know what you meant. Don't get so defensive all the time. I was just teasing," she said. "Besides, when you act so sensitive, people may think you're a faggot, sissy, or a homo," she said with a laugh.

"You're a real comedian Susan. Good night."

"Good night super Dave, my Superman who is definitely not a faggot, a sissy, or a homo," she said turning off the light before releasing the towel and settling in on the couch.

Not asl**p more than an hour, voices awakened her.

"Dave! Wake up," said someone, a female voice. "Come out and play with us. We're so horny."

"Dave someone is calling you," said Susan talking to Dave through the pitch black.

"That's just Simone, Lucy, and Carmen," he said. "Ignore them and they'll go away."

"Friends of yours?"

"They're hookers," he said.

"I see," she said.

"No you don't see. Don't judge me lest you be judged. A man has to do what a man has to do. Any port in a storm, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean. I get it Dave. You don't have to paint me a picture or give me an image that I'd rather not have.

"After having lived through a storm of shit, I couldn't see bringing a woman into my life," he said. "Simone, Lucy, and Carmen aren't your typical, d**g addicted, crack head prostitutes, they're nice."

"You don't have to explain yourself or defend yourself to me David," she said. "I've done some things on the street that I'm not proud of doing when I needed a few dollars to eat."

"Why are you calling me David all of a sudden?"

"Sorry," she said. "I guess I was upset that you'd be with hookers. I thought better of you than that."

"Better than me? I'm no saint Susan. I'm a trained killed, an assassin, given a free pass by wearing a United States Marine Corps uniform. I'm not altar boy or Boy Scout," he said with some anger.

"Sorry to upset you Dave. Thank you for giving me a place to sl**p," she said.

They remained quiet for a few minutes before Dave spoke again.

"What kind of things?"


"You said you've done some things on the street when you needed a few dollars to eat."

"Oh, that. I flashed some men. I allowed men to touch me, feel me, and to see parts of my body for a few bucks. I even gave a few men hand jobs for money but nothing more than that. No fucking and no sucking," she said, "until those three guys wanted to gangbang me."

"So, you approached them on the basis that you'd flash them and allow them to touch you for money?"

"No. I didn't flash them or ask them for money for sex. I asked them for some spare change is all. Typically, how it works is a man will ask me to flash him my tits and I'll tell him that I will for five bucks but we didn't even reach that conversation before they attacked me. Besides, knowing what would happen, I'd never flash my body to three men," she said.

"I'm just glad I was there," he said. "I can only imagine what they may have done to you."

"Without doubt, they would have ****d me, f***ed me to suck them, and maybe even murdered me," she said.

They were quiet again until Dave spoke again.

"I was just thinking..." said Dave.

"I think I know what you're thinking," said Susan.

"You do?"

"I have a good idea," she said.

They fell quiet again before Dave broke the silence again.

"Would you give me a hand job Susan? After what you've been through, I wouldn't ask you to do that ordinarily, especially if you were a normal woman, but I'm horny after seeing you naked in the alley," he said.

"A normal woman?"

"You know what I mean Susan. Just as I'm no normal man, you're no normal woman," he said. "We're much alike in that regard."

They fell silent again before Susan spoke this time.

"How much did you see of me?"

"I saw enough to know that you have a hot body," he said.

Again they fell silent.

"So, if I jerk you off, will you let me get some sl**p?"

"Yeah," he said, "and I'd sl**p better too after passing on Simone, Lucy, and Carmen."

"Bring it over here then and don't turn on the light. It's the least I can do for you after you saved me from those three, dirty bastards," she said.

"I don't want you to think that just because I asked you to bunk with me that--"

"I don't think that Dave. Just let me masturbate you so that I can get some sl**p. Never getting much more than three or four hours sl**p at a time, I'm tired."

Dave removed his skivvies and walked over to her in the dark. She reached up for him and wrapped her fingers around his cock to slowly stroke him.

"You have a big cock Dave," she said running her fingers down the length of him before moving her fingers across the head of his erect prick.

"Thank you," he said. "In the horny way that I feel with you touching me and especially after seeing you and remembering how you look naked in the alley, it won't take me long to cum. Here's a tissue," he said.

"I won't need a tissue," she said leaning forward to take him in her mouth. With one hand stroking him and her other hand cupping his balls, she sucked him while stroking him.

"May I touch you?"

"Sure," she said tossing her sheet aside.

Dave reached down to fondle her big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Even though he could see some of her in the dark, he wished he could see her blowing him. It would be hotter to watch her sucking him while imagining her looking up at him with her big, blue eyes. With a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head, it didn't take Dave more than a few minutes to cum in her mouth and as soon as he did, he returned to his bunk.

As if reveille awakened him, up at dawn after only getting a couple of hours of shuteye, Dave already had coffee brewed and bacon cooked. Dressed only in his skivvies, he perched himself in the chair by the couch and watched Susan sl**p. His very own blonde angel, she was so damn beautiful. How could a woman who looked like this be homeless? Surely, some man would have scooped her up and taken her home, helped her, supported her, and loved her.

She was sl**ping with her arms over her head, her eyes closed, and her head turned to the side. Her shoulders and the top of her chest were exposed and her long leg and big foot was poking out of the sheet. Dave could see all the way up her thigh and if the sheet was pulled to the side just a little bit more, he'd see her pussy. She looked like a natural blonde but he wondered if she was. With only one way to find out, hooking the sheet with his big toe, it didn't take much more than him slowly and gradually pulling the sheet down with his outstretched foot to pull the sheet off of her enough to not only see that she was a natural blonde but also to see Susan's areolas, nipples, and big tits.

She wasn't exposed more than a minute or two when she stirred. With her eyes still closed, he watched her touch her bare chest with her hand and slid her palm across her nipple to make it pop out before reaching down to slowly rub her pussy and finger her clit. He wondered if she was a horny as he was. He wondered if she was dreaming about him. He wondered if she was thinking about last night when she sucked his cock and he felt her breast while fingering her nipples. Then, as if he dropped a coin in her slot to make her come to life in the way that Tom Hanks did in the movie Big with the fortunetelling machine, she popped open her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she focused on him before pulling the sheet up to cover herself.
"Did you enjoy the show?"

"I did," he said. "You have some big ass tits girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? I'm not your girlfriend," she said defensively while looking at him with annoyance before looking at him with interest, "am I?"

"I figure any woman who willingly sucks my cock and allows me to cum in her mouth while playing with her big titties is my girlfriend," he said with a laugh.

"So, is Simone, Lucy, and Carmen your girlfriends too?"

"That's different. Allow me to qualify what I said. Any woman who willingly sucks my cock and allows me to cum in her mouth while playing with her big titties and doesn't charge me money is my girlfriend," he said with a dirty laugh.

"Sorry but I'm not that easy in quantifying my relationship with a man. It takes me more than just a blowjob for me to establish a boyfriend/girlfriend type of--"

"Yeah, yeah, get off your high horse Susan. You know you like me as much as I like you. You know you want me as much as I want you. You're starting to make me believe that we were meant for one another," he said with a loving smile.

With her arms still over her head and as if he was a magician doing a magic trick with a tablecloth, he pulled the sheet all the way off of her.

"David!" She covered her nipples with her left hand and left forearm and her bushy blonde pussy with her right hand.

"I had to see you in the morning light for me to know that I wasn't dreaming or sexually fantasizing. You're so beautiful Susan," he said.

"May I have my sheet back now?"

When he stood to return her sheet, she reached out and pulled down his skivvies.

"Tit for tat," she said. With that, he launched the sheet across the room.

"Two can play that game," he said reaching down to tickle her.

"Don't. I'm ticklish. Don't. Oh, God," she said laughing. "Stop!"

When she stood up naked to get away from him, with a big hand around her slender waist, he pulled her to him and kissed her again in the way he kissed her in the early morning when they were outside and on the way to his apartment. Only this time the kiss was longer and more passionate. This time, he touched, felt, and caressed her everywhere. Squeezing her ass, he cupped her tits before running a slow finger across her nipples and before reaching down to cup her pussy.

"After watching you sl**p like a blonde angel, I need to make love to you," he said.

"Take me to you bunk and fuck me Marine," she said. "I've been a bad girl and I'm in need a good fucking."

As if they were just married and on their Honeymoon, Dave scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed.
Hoping for the best, but receiving the worst reaction, Dave tells Susan that he loves her.

Dave carried Susan's naked body to his bunk and put her down gently on her side as if she had been wounded in combat and he had carried her out of harm's way and to safety. Only, unlike he would if she was a wounded war buddy, he gave her a long, wet kiss. Then he ran around to the other side of the bunk to climb in his bed with his body turned to face her when lying down.

Barely enough room for him, unless he slept like a prisoner in a prison cell, there wasn't enough room for the two of them to lay on their backs side by side. There wasn't much room for two to comfortably share his bunk. His bunk was small, as small as was his apartment and as was his need for comfort and things that were comfortable. Spending too many years riding in a bone rattling and tooth jarring Humvee, living in a tent, or sl**ping on the ground, to him his bunk was all the comfort that he needed, that is, until he met Susan, invited her to share his bunk, and now had her in his life.

"We're going to need a bigger bed," she said with a laugh and scooting over as much as she could without falling off the bunk while trying to make more room for him. "My ass is already hanging off the mattress. If I move anymore, I'll be on the floor," she said laughing.

"You're right. This won't work and I want our first time together to be a special memory and not special in the way of sardines packed in tin," he said.

"Aw, that's so romantic," she said giving him a long, wet kiss. "You're such a sweetie for such a dangerous man," she said.

"I have an idea," he said.

He got out of bed, walked to the living room, and pulled the six cushions from the couch and piled them on the floor in two neat rows. Then he got a sheet from the linen closet and covered the pillows with that. As if he was making his bunk in readiness to bounce a quarter, he took the time to tuck in a fold here and a crease there.

"Don't mind me," she said resting her head on her elbow while watching him. "As if it's a worm on a fishing line and I'm the catch of the day, I'm just enjoying the show while watching your cock dance around as you walk, bend, stoop, and move," she said with a laugh.

"I'm glad that I can entertain you," he said looking down to where she was staring.

"You do have a nice cock Dave. You have a happy cock. I can't wait to see your cock so happy that's it's excited to be hard," she said with a dirty laugh.

"That makes two of us," he said busy fixing the pillows into a makeshift bed as if he was building a improvised bridge over a small, impassable body of water. "Viola! How's this?" He looked at their new bed with pride.

Perfect," she said getting out of his bunk and walking over to him naked.

Sashaying over to him as if she was a model walking a runway, he watched her walking to him.

"Wow," he said. "In the way you walk with one foot in front of the other as if you're a cat on the prowl, even if you weren't naked, you're a vision to behold. All you need is a fan to blow your hair back as you purse your lips and call my name."

"I am a cat on the prowl," she said. "I'm your prowling pussy," she said clawing at the air. "Meow! Meow! Meow!"

"Here pussy, pussy," he said. "I can't wait to lick you and to lap you."

"Stop it. You're making me horny," she said laughing.

"You make me wish my name had more syllables and took you longer to pronounce. You make me wish my name was Alexander, Bartholomew, Christopher, or Ebenezer instead of just one syllable Dave," he said with a laugh.

"I'm coming to you Ebenezer," she said over exaggerating her walk to him by acting as if she was a stripper on stage before flopping down on the newly made pillow bed.. Dislodging one of the cushions, already she upset his neatly made bed.

"Accustomed to a steady diet of K-rations and hookers, I never thought I'd have someone as beautiful and as shapely as you walking to me naked. I'll remember this moment for the rest of my life."

"K-rations? What's that?"

"Named after Ancel Keys who invented it in World War II, K-rations are the same as MRE's, meals ready to eat. It's the grub we eat in the field. It's not bad, albeit a bit bland and tasteless. Actually, some of it is pretty good. I have an entire panty filled with it," he said. "Would you like to try some?"

"No, that's okay. I'll pass," she said. "Why do you have an entire pantry full of K-rations?"

"Along with my bunk, pillow, blanket, helmet, custom duffle bag dyed in pink and stamped with 'Don't Ask Don't Tell, instead of my name and rank," he said with a laugh, "my buddies gave me my foot locker, metal locker, and cases of K-rations as a retirement gift. I'm surprised they didn't follow me home to build me a makeshift latrine," he said with a laugh. "They thought they were being funny but, honestly, except for the pink duffle bag, that is, they couldn't have gotten me better gifts than all that they gave me," he said wiping a tear from his eye. "I miss them." He looked at her with sad eyes, "Maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"Oh, nothing. Sorry, I'm just getting sad eyed reminiscing," he said.

"C'mon, don't do that Dave, start saying something and not finish it. You do that a lot. How can I know you if you don't open up to me?" She stared up at him while he stood over her.

"Getting way ahead of myself, I was just about to say," he said suddenly looking nervous by his revealing confession. "I just thought that, um, that we could have them over, you know, after we got a bigger place."

"Wait. Hold on. Back up," she said with a surprised look. "Skipping the part where you ask me to be your girlfriend, after asking me to bunk with you, and fast forwarding past the sexual part where we make love, albeit after already having given you a blowjob, are you asking me to live with you Dave?"

"Well yeah. I guess I am," he said scratching his crew cut as if he had flees before running a hand over his face as if he had just awakened from a sound sl**p. "I didn't think that I was but I guess I am asking you to live with me. Now that you're here and in my life, I can't imagine my life without you," he said falling to the pillows on his knees and taking her in his arms to kiss her. "So what do you say? Do you want to make this a more permanent arrangement?"

"It's funny. Now that I've learned something about you, just like in the movie, Jerry Maguire when the deaf mute is signing to his girlfriend that she completes him, you're the piece of my pie that was missing. You complete me Dave Ryan and now that you're in it, I can't imagine my life without you either," she said returning his kiss with as much passion as he gave her.

"Whew! I'm glad that's over. Even more difficult than nightly reconnaissance missions, that was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. Look at me. I'm sweating bullets," he said wiping perspiration from his brow.

Deep in thought, he looked at her as if he wanted to say something but couldn't find the words.


"Ever since I invited you to bunk with me," he said looking at her, "when we were walking here and I slowed my pace and, thinking that I had second thoughts, you turned to leave, I've been wrestling with how and where you'd fit in my life. I mean, there wasn't a doubt that I wanted you. I guess I wanted you when you emerged from the bathroom in the diner looking like someone else," he said falling quiet to collect himself. "You must understand that other than the Marine Corps, I never had a relationship and even though the military and war is a man's dirty business, I've always thought of my Corps as my mistress," he said.

"That's fucked up Dave but I get it because I get you. I know where you're coming from and I appreciate you allowing me more of a glimpse inside of you by opening up your heart to me," she said leaving her hand on his chest. "I'm glad you told me all of this. I'd rather know upfront where I fit in with your life."

"This isn't easy for me Susan," he said taking her hand in his. "It's easier for me to beat the crap out of someone than to sit and have an open and honest conversation with a woman. When I was with Simone, Lucy, and Carmen, I don't think we ever had a meaningful conversation. It was all laughing, having fun, and just sex. Then, our relationship grew more into a friendship, after I beat the snot out of their pimp for beating them. They were my special friends, if you know what I mean. After that it was more about watching out for them, protecting them, and being responsible for them than having sex with them."

"Well, now that you have me as your special friend, you don't need any more special friends, and if I find you with another special friend even your martial art skills won't save your ass from the wrath of me," she said with a laugh while giving him a kiss.

"Stop it. You're scaring me," he said with a laugh. "What are you doing?"

She reached for his tee shirt.

"I've been dying to see what you look like naked," she said removing his tee shirt. She traced his scars and bullet wounds with her fingers before kissing each one. "Are all of these from battle."

"Pretty much," he said. "These two are knife wounds are from a late, night bar fight in Bangkok when I was young and dumb and thought I was invincible," he said laughing.

"Nothing has changed with you," she said.

"I was just about to say that, as I still think that I'm invincible now in going up against three men, one with a gun, one with a knife, and the other with a pipe. What was I thinking? I need to slow down but I can't," he said. "Once a Marine always a Marine. I'll never change. Only, still pretty fast, I'm not as fast as I used to be."

"They must have hurt," she said still kissing his old wounds and making love to every part of his body with her full, red lips.

"Yeah, they hurt then but they're more of a nuisance now. I'm going to have real problems when I'm older. Between the nerve damage and the aches and pains that I'll obviously have along with my limited range of motion as I get older, I'm a candidate for Rheumatoid arthritis. As a way to work out my kinks, I've been thinking of taking up Tai Chi or Yoga to help with my convalescence in old age, something less confrontational than martial arts," he said with a laugh.

"What about continuing your training in martial arts?" She looked at him as if he were her master and she was his student.

"Even though martial arts is my life and a lifelong apprenticeship, Judo is part of my life and something that I can't unlearn. Being that I already know all that I need to know how to disable, maim, and kill someone, there's not much more I can be taught in that regard. Most martial artist never strike someone in anger or in fear. I've already killed too many men with my bare hands to count."

"Aren't you afraid you'll forget what you know?"

"I can't," he said with a laugh. "It's instinctive and reflexive especially when facing someone too d***k or too angry to think what he's going to do before he does it. I don't have to think. Much in the way of a cobra, I just strike and think later. Then, add in the fact that I have fast hands, have always had fast hands, taking them by surprise, I can disable someone standing over me while sitting down without even getting up."

"Wow, you're my hero," she said giving him a kiss, "my Super hero," she said giving him another kiss. "Super Dave, that's who you are, named after that comedian stunt men but you're the real deal," she said hugging him and holding him. "I'm afraid to let you go. I'm afraid you'll disappear on me. I'm afraid you're just a dream and a figment of my imagination."

"I'm real Susan and I'm here for as long as you want me," he said kissing her.

When they broke from kissing, she looked at him as if really seeing him for the first time. Without their clothes to hide their imperfections, so long as they were open and honest with one another, literally and figuratively, they were naked. Being that they've both already been through the worse of things, they were looking for a fresh start with one another.

"You know, just a mere few hours ago, I never thought I'd be in bed with anyone never mind a being in a pillow soft bed," she said with a laugh, "with a big, bad assed Marine who has mad fighting skills. You're just like Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. Only, you're the real deal, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Lee all wrapped up into one Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant Major, David Ryan."

"And I never thought I'd be rescuing a bag lady who suddenly turned into a beautiful blonde. As if you're my very own Cinderella, if I believed in fairytales, this would be it for me, the bag lady and the Marine."

"I thought you Marines were more into action than talking," she said reaching down to grab a handful of his cock,

"What do you mean?"

"Shut up and kiss me Marine."

Dave kissed her and she returned his passion with her kiss. Feeling her big tits and reaching around her to squeeze her round ass, she slowly stroked him to a harder erection.

"You're so beautiful Susan," he said gazing into her big, blue eyes. "Always attracted to petite, short, small breasted women, I'd never thought I'd fall for an Amazon women with massive breasts and big feet," he said laughing while looking down at her big feet. "Gees, what size are those feet? You'll never be blown over in a strong wind, that's for sure," he said laughing again.

"I take a woman's size 11 D shoe," she said with an embarrassed laugh. "And you're still talking," she said laughing. "Fuck me Marine. Stick that big, hard cock inside my warm, wet pussy. After you rescued me, pretend that I'm your spoils of war. Take me. Make me your woman."

Dave climbed on top of her and a bit unsteady on the springy pillows, he mounted her while Susan directed his cock inside of her.

"First thing tomorrow, I'm going to buy a bigger bed," he said with a laugh.

"No more talking Ebenezer," she said kissing him as he slowly penetrated her before slowing humping her.

Susan returned his sexual lust with hers and, starting a slow rhythmic movement, they were making love.

"Hmm, that feels good Dave."

"You're so tight Susan," he said humping himself harder and deeper inside of her.

"It's been quite some time since I've made love," she said returning his humps with hers.

"I love you," he said whispering in her ear.

"Wait? What? Back off. Get the fuck off of me. You love me?"

She pulled away from him. Alone again and no longer a couple they were two different people separated by Susan's wide expanse of her resistance to feel love for anyone, including herself.
Dave and Susan sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. I love you.

Dave watched Susan sitting there as if he had pulled her plug or pulled out her batteries. Emotionless, she was comatose. When most women would love to hear that, he say the wrong thing by telling her that he loved her. Happy one minute and sad the next, he wondered if she was a manic depressive. What just happened? He didn't know. He had no idea. So full of life before, all that it took to turn her off was for him to say three words that meant so much to him and obviously so little to her, 'I love you.'

She acted as if he had said I hate you instead of I love you. She acted as if he wanted to break up with her, not that they were ever together. She acted as if she wasn't interested in taking whatever the fuck they had to the next level, which he wanted to do. What did they have anyway? Obviously, they didn't have anything. Obviously, even though he thought they were, they weren't a couple.

When it comes to women, he wondered if Simone, Lucy, and/or Carmen were available to give him some much needed advice if not some comfort. He wondered what they'd say and how they'd react if he told one of them that he loved them. No doubt, being that they were prostitutes and with their Johns telling them that all the time, they'd probably laugh in his face.

A bag lady and a Marine having only met several hours ago, he was as much of a stranger to her as she was an enigma to him. Apparently, according to her immediate negative reaction and foul response, in the way that she recoiled from him and rejected him, they didn't have anything in common to maintain a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, never mind love. What is love anyway? It's just a feeling. He had feelings for her but she didn't have feelings for him. When most men never want to commit, he was ready to ride off in the sunset with her, only there was a hitch and a fly in the ointment.

'Houston there's a problem. May Day! May Day! Negative to love. It's a no go. Abort the mission and scrub the relationship.'

She sat there with the look of a woman who had been badly beaten before being brutalized emotionally, physically, and sexually. As if she were a human turtle hiding in her self-protective shell, not willing to show her emotions for fear, no doubt, that she'd be hurt again, she had the look of a woman who had disappeared inside of herself and withdrawn from life. Obviously, an understatement, she wasn't ready for love or any kind of a relationship for that matter. Not the best looking man, especially after having his face reconditioned with the stress of combat and with one too many blows to the head, maybe she was ready for love but not with him.

After his ears stopped ringing and after the last cloud of black, putrid smoke cleared, always there was smoke after the fire and not before, she had the look that he had after he survived another bl**dy battle. Always as if a crescendo to their mission, the air was filled with the stench of fuel, oil, and burning rubber. He wonder how many deadly, cancerous carcinogens he inhaled. He wondered how many years being a Marine fighting wars took off of his life. She had that same dazed and empty look that he had when looking around to survey the damage and to take inventory of the dead and the wounded. Only her combat mission was living and his combat mission was dying, kill or be killed.

'Don't move! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Don't move!'

Those words echoed through his brain in seven languages. Yet too many only understood a bullet to the head. They hated Americans. They hated America. He never met so many people who were willing to die rather than to surrender to an American serviceman.

Yet every year we support Pakistan with billions of dollars, money wasted over there that could be used to house the homeless and feed the hungry over here. For Pakistanis to hide terrorists while burning our flag, those two facts don't bode well when Congress approves more money going to Pakistan. If he were President and Commander in Chief of the military, he'd fired a couple of smart bombs one earmarked Pakistan and one airmailed to Afghanistan. 'Boom!' In an instant, the war would be over. Hamid Karzai, our puppet president in Afghanistan, in bed with the CIA from day one, holds no loyalty to the United States.

If he had the chance to take Karzai out when he was there, he would have but he was protected, not so much by the Afghan military but by United States private contractors, mercenaries, men who were once just like him. Only, if he had assassinated their president, Secretary Clinton, the President, and the top generals and admirals from the pentagon would have been all over his ass. No doubt, they would have blamed him for destabilizing the area. They would have blamed him for making things much worse when there was no way things could get any better over there, which is why the Russians left years ago to end their war with Afghanistan. Yet, we're still there. Why?

He could have worked for one of those private contractors. He could have worked for the CIA or any secret agency that did dirty deeds behind the scenes. He was qualified. He had the skills to kill, something that is still in high demand. They would have paid him buckets of money to work for them. Only, he saw how they worked and how they operated. Different from the Marines, he couldn't work with someone and for someone who wasn't watching his back and who was more concerned with their own.

Only, with all of war and foreign policy out of his control, all he could do was to retire from the Marines and go on with his life. He couldn't do his job anymore. The patience he once had was gone with suicide bombers. Now he fired first and asked questions later. Shoot to kill or be blown to bits was always his standing orders.

* * * * *

'I love you.'

The words echoed in his head in the way of a bad dream. The words that lifted his spirit to say before made him sad now. She didn't have to say she didn't love him. She saw the shocked look in her eyes. A nanosecond glimpse in her soul, a trained assassin, he was skilled at detecting a liar. He could walk in a room cold and know which one to shoot first. Never was he wrong. Always was he right. Otherwise, he wouldn't be standing here as a retired Marine. He would have been a dead Marine years ago.

With death always all around him, the stench of rotting corpses and the acrid smell of burning flesh is something he'll never forget. To this day, he can't enjoy a barbeque, raw meat burnt beyond recognition. How many of his buddies did he had to identify. If it wasn't for their dog tags, they'd be buried in an unmarked grave with so many other soldiers and marines who didn't have enough left of them to identify.

Burning alive again in his nightmares, he still relives the horror, hears their screams, and sees the faces of all those buddies he couldn't save. Taking his gun and shooting them instead of watching them die a horrible death, acts of war never reported on the nightly news, he's done that more than once. If the military allowed the press to report everything that they witnessed and that happened instead of classifying their dirty laundry as top secret, there'd be a Congressional investigation where some Major, Captain, and Sergeant would be offered up as sacrificial lambs, when the army rotten from the head down.

How many generals return home fatter and richer than when they arrived? There's a lot of retired generals who retired after going over to Iraq to pillage and Afghanistan to plunder. After a while, after seeing so many killed in combat, other than to fan the area with a blanket of machine gun fire, dead bodies no longer evoked a response in him. After a while, instead of killing the lowly enemy, men who were as brainwashed as he was, he wished he could kill the ones responsible for the deaths of so many of his buddies. Only, they'd court marshal and execute him if he started killing those powerful generals who knew the real story of why they were at war. Twisted enough by war and politics, it was time for him to retire and he did.

His first time in combat, he was scared. Realizing fast that it was either him or them, fright turned to anger. Now unemotional, with bullets whizzing by his head, he used his calmness to his advantage when shooting off his 50-caliber machine gun. Still shooting until he was out of bullets or until everyone was quiet, he was a one man assault team. Because of his deadly accuracy, he had a lot of nicknames, Doctor Death, the Grim Reaper, the Sweeper, and recently, LMS, last man standing.

After a while, as if they had never lived, the dead didn't look real. Except for the bl**d and the bullet holes, most appeared to be sl**ping. Tit for tat and an eye for an eye, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, and rat-a-tat-tat, he grew tired of exchanging bullets. He envied the sniper, one bullet, one kill. Only snipers, once there was an eyeball on their location, had a short lifespan.

He could clean and fire a gun faster than most could load a chamber and pull a trigger. Yet, unless he re-upped or became a mercenary soldier and worked for a private security outfit, what good is that skill now that he's a civilian and a law abiding citizen? Hard for him to cope, always looking for love and hoping for love but with love so elusive, he never found it. Being that he didn't know what he was looking for and being that love was just a feeling, how would he even know if he stumbled over love? When he thought that he did finally find love with Susan, he thought love would set him free. Only, as if plucking a rose with one less pedal, she loves me, she loves me not, she doesn't love him.

As if he had been shot, the look she gave him hurt more than any bullet he's taken. Surely, he'd take a bullet over her look of rejection. Her look and then her reaction to his words stopped him cold. Defenseless against her mere words, always in control, she made him feel vulnerably unworthy of her affection. Having already survived being shot numerous times, in the way they make a vest that's impervious to bullets, he wished someone would make a bulletproof vest to protect his heart from love.

It took a lot of whiskey for him to live with himself after losing all of his men in his last battle before retiring. The last man standing, even his buddies back at base looked at him as if he was bulletproof, invincible, and unable to die when he just wished he were dead. They feared him as much as they regarded him and respected him. Even though his last mission didn't work out so well, no doubt, sabotaged by the bad Intel from the CIA, everyone still wanted him to lead their squad. Even if it was the other guy and not him taking the bullet, they all knew they'd have a better chance of going home alive with Gunnery Master Sergeant Dave Ryan watching their back.

Never considering himself lucky yet, always, he was the one spared. Always he was the was one of the ones not returning home in a body bag. Why him? Why them and not him? Why was he spared? Was he spared for Susan to so rudely dismiss him, not want him, and to look at him as if he were crazy to ever think that he'd have a chance of her loving him.

She was a homeless, bag lady and, with no one in her life in the way that he had no one in his life, even she rejected him. Now that he finally had someone in his life, he didn't understand why his life continued to be so difficult. No longer at war, yet always it was a battle. When he's willing to love someone, why is it so hard for someone to love him? He's worked so hard to deserve better.

"I'm sorry Susan," said Dave staring at her withdrawing inside of herself. Going from sorrow to anger, he withdrew his apology. "No. I'm not sorry for falling in love with you," he said with anger. "We're made for one another. Don't you see that? We were meant to be together," he said touching her hand when she didn't speak and taking her by her shoulders and shaking her when she didn't look at him.

"I'm sorry Dave," was all that she said.

"Damn it! We're both fucked up. Yet, here we are. You're just as broken as I am. No woman would want me and no man can deal with you. We have too much baggage to ever be normal but why not be abnormal together? This is our chance for something special so why not take the chance?" He let go of her when she stayed past him. "Say something. Say anything."

"What do you want me to say? I have nothing to say," she said finally looking at him. "I don't love you. Okay? Is that what you want to hear? I don't love you."

She looked at him with cold, distant eyes. She looked at him as if he was looking at a stranger. He did it now. Just as he had turned on her switch to have sex with him, he had turned off her switch by telling her that he loved her. How could he be so stupid not to know her reaction. If he were in field and she was some middle eastern woman, he would have summed her up with a look and at a glance. Yet, back home and a stranger in his own country, already making a big mistake, he had made the wrong move by telling her that he loved her.

"I'm tired of living alone Susan. I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of going places alone and doing things alone. I'm sick to death of having no one to talk to but myself. I want someone in my life. I want a woman to love and who will love me. I want you," he said.

She put her fingers to her lips when he leaned to kiss her.

"Don't talk. Just don't talk. It's better if you don't talk and we just have sex," she said looking at him. "Okay?"

"Okay," he said. If he had any pride, he'd turn her down for sex but having sex with her without her having any love for him and any kind of affectionate emotion was still worth it. Surely, he could pretend she loved him while having sex with her. "Only--"

She gave him the same impatient look that he gave his new recruits when they poured off the bus not knowing what to expect.


"What about pillow talk?"

"Pillow talk?"

"I like talking dirty while making love, sorry, I mean, having sex and I figured that you do too," he said as if apologizing to his mother for his need to talk dirty after breaking something. Only, he wasn't the type of guy to have sex with his mother. Besides, Susan looked nothing like his mother, thank God.

"Yeah, I do," she said with a dirty laugh. "How did you know that I do like pillow talk? Only, can we limit our conversation to pleasantries and pillow talk? Once you start complimenting me, Dave, you go overboard. You go all sappy on me," she said. "Not deserving of your compliments, your compliments made me feel uncomfortable. You're adulation makes me feel bad instead of good."

"I know and you're right Susan. Suddenly, something I never was, with you pushing all of my buttons, I'm needy. Obviously I need you more than you need me," he said revealing his private thoughts. "Pining the loss of my beloved Marine Corps as if it's one of my buddies that just died, I'm like one of those guys living at home with their mother. Sucking at her tit for too long, the Marine Corps was my whole life. I never thought I'd be like that but you make me like that. I hate to say this and if my buddies ever heard me say this, I'd never hear the end of it," he said looking at her with sad eyes for understanding.

"Say what?"

"You bring out the woman in me," he said squeezing her hand while cringing from uttering the words.

"What? I bring out the woman in you?" She looked at him as if he told her that he didn't love her when he did love her. She gave him a look that told him that it was impossible for her to not only love him but also to love anyone. "What are you suddenly gay? Are you going gay on me Dave?"

"Hardly," he said with a laugh. "It's just being with you Susan is different than being with the guys, an understatement," he said laughing while looking at her sitting across from her naked. "You make me feel things that I never felt before," he said with a laugh while cupping her big breast in his hand.

"Literally," she said with a laugh while looking down at his hand fondling her breast and watching his fingers fingering her nipple.

"You make me want to do things that I never wanted to do before. You made me realize how much of my life I lost fighting and training men to fight someone else's war, a war waged just for the sake of money. Money, money, money, the death and dismemberment of some of the best men I've ever known, trained, and some of the best buddies I ever had is for the sake of money," he said suddenly looking as sad as he appeared angry. "Now that they're done with me, now that I'm done with them rather, just as you're the shell of the woman you used to be, I'm the shell of the man I used to be."

"What do you mean?" She asked the question but her look confessed that she already knew the answer.

"You know what I mean Susan. We both suffer from Post Traumatic Stress but for different reasons," he said.

"I really don't want to talk about that with you," she said.

"You because you were ****d and brutalized by your relatives and by the men in your life and me because I was shot at and wounded in a war that I was ordered to fight not for freedom, not for terrorism, but for money," he said ignoring her request that he not discuss that part of her life. "War is big money. Their call to arms, a call that few of them have even answered themselves, old, fat, Caucasian men wave the United States flag and get rich while the rest of us die for money that our families will never have."

"I am kind of a basket case," she said ignoring his confession to make her own. "I'm sorry for having that kind of reaction when you told me you love me but it's automatic. I would have had less of a reaction had you slapped me across the face. Suddenly feeling suffocated, I was stunned, shocked, and surprised."

"I get it. I do. I know what you mean. I have the same reaction when someone startles me or sneaks up on me. If I don't catch myself, I could really hurt someone, even kill them. Even though I love the Marines, I'm their creation. I'm their monster. They made me who I am today, a man who lives alone, is suspicious of everyone, and barely likes himself never mind anyone else," he said.

"You just described me," she said with sadness.

"And then you come along and I'm saying something that I've never said to anyone before," he said looking at her, "that I love you. I love you Susan Jill Parker," he said lifting her chin to look in her eyes. "I love you. I don't care if you don't want me to say it and/or if you don't love me but I can't help from feeling what I feel and what I feel for you is a deep love and affection that transgresses just having sex. If I wanted just sex I could pay to have sex with Simone, Lucy, and/or Carmen."

"Don't," she said putting her fingers to his lips. "Please stop saying that you love me when we both know that you don't and when we both know that you just want to be in love with someone, anyone, to feel something other than death and pain."

"You're wrong about that. Yeah, sure, I'm a desperate man filled with anger and hate but I do love you, I do."

"Sorry Dave but I can't love you. I don't have it in me to love you. I don't have it in me to love anyone," she said falling sadly silent again. "Just in the way that you are, I'm dead inside."

"Why? I don't understand? Why can't you love me?"

"You don't understand? I don't understand how someone can love me when I don't love myself. Sometimes, most times, all the time, I hate myself. I go around thinking that I wish I was dead. My interior monologue is filled with negative dialogue instead of with positive thoughts," she said looking at him sitting there with his mouth gaping open.
"And you just described me," he said nodding his head and clenching his fist as if he wanted to punch someone or hit something.

Having said all they needed to say, they fell silent with neither of them talking.

"Can't we just forget about love, stop all of this talking, and just have sex?" She looked at him. "I'm still horny."

He looked at her long and hard before responding. As if she was his ship, his one last chance of happiness in life, she was slowly drifting away from the dock and he only had one running jump to hop aboard, otherwise, he'd be adrift at sea in the way he's always been aimlessly floating by not confronting his emotions when having sex with a prostitute.

"Sure. Yeah. Okay. I can do that," he said. "So long as we can still have pillow talk."

"Pillow talk? You want pillow talk Dave? I can give you pillow talk," she said grabbing his cock and watching it grow hard in her hand. "Slam that big, hard prick in my warm, wet pussy Marine but, before you do, lick me. Lick my cunt Dave. Make me wet with your tongue and fingers. Feel my big tits and finger my nipples. Make me want you Dave. I need to cum. I need to cum with your cock inside my pussy before I take your big prick inside of my mouth and suck you, really suck you until you shoot another warm, oozy load of cum inside my mouth that splashes against the back of my throat."

"Holy shit! With that mouth you have on you, you could have been a Marine," he said laughing.

"Stop fucking talking Dave and lick my pussy while using one finger to rub my clit and your other finger to fuck my cunt bitch," she said grabbing him around the neck and pulling his head down to her crotch. "You're my bitch now."

Never one to disobey a direct order, just as commanded, Dave fell in between Susan's legs and licked her pussy while rubbing her clit with one finger and finger fucking her with his other. He used his other hand to reach up and fondle her big tits while fingering her erect, hard nipples.

"I love your blonde pussy Susan," he said coming up for air with his mouth still on her pussy. "I love licking you," he said licking and licking her while fingering her.

He had her squirming all over the sofa cushions. He had her moaning. Then, when he felt her legs tighten, when she was obviously ready to cum, she stopped and pulled him up to her.

"Fuck me now Dave. I'm wet enough. I'm really to be drilled, Sergeant," she said.

Dave mounted her and limiting his talking to pillow talk, he had his cock doing all the talking for him instead of his mouth.

"You're so warm. You're so wet. You're so tight," he said wiggling his ass while moving his cock deeper inside of her with every hump and every thrust.

As if they were one, hump for hump and thrust for thrust, they were together now for however long. She returned his passion with her own fucking him as hard as he was fucking her.

"Fuck me Dave," she said humping him. "Fuck me," she said holding him. "Slam that big, hard cock inside of me," she said wrapping her legs around his strong back. "Hump me Marine. Fuck me Dave, really fuck me. Make me cum. I need to cum," she said.

Fucking him as hard as he was fucking her, she rolled him over. Now sitting on top of him while humping and fucking him, with her big tits bobbing, swaying, and dancing, Dave reached up to harness her big boobs before she hurt herself with them.

"You're tits are so big," he said. "You breasts are so firm," he said. "I love your huge knockers Susan," he said pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples.

"I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum," she said leaning down to him.

With her hair hanging down all over his face as if his head was hidden by the blonde camouflage of tall grass that grew as tall as wheat and that had been burned blonde by the hot kiss by the sun, she kissed him. Humping him while kissing him, she continued to be humped while humping him. They were fucking more than they were making love. Taking command of the situation in the way that he always did, it was Dave's turn to roll her over and fuck her, and he did.

Now fucking her harder and faster, slamming his cock inside of her, he was fucking Susan with all the strength and energy he had. He wanted her to cum. He needed her to cum. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd want him. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd never want to be without him. Maybe if he could make her cum, she'd love him as much as he loves her.

"I'm cumming Dave. Oh God, I'm cumming. Yeah, that's it baby. Right there. Don't stop. Hump me harder. Hump me faster. Fuck me Dave. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

Totally spent, they collapsed in one another's arms. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever and what seemed like an hour when it was only a few minutes.

"That was amazing Susan," he said kissing her while fondling her breasts.

"Shhh," she said. "Don't ruin the moment by talking."

Her eyes were closed and she looked as if she was sl**ping.

"I'm going to take a shower," he said feeling rejected by her again.

He gave her a long, wet kiss before getting up and disappearing in the bathroom. When he returned, she was gone.
Tyrone loses his head after taking Susan against her will and stripping her naked.

Susan left Dave's apartment and with her hand tucked deep in her pockets and her head down, she walked in the cold, crisp, morning air alone with her thoughts. Normally always aware of her surroundings and of all those who were around her, a true survivor, she was never a victim in the way that so many other women were walking alone at this hour. Only this time, her mind was too troubled with thoughts of Michael and with conflicts of love, to think that she could be a victim. Too focused on a love now that will never be and with her walking out on him, abandoning him, after he was straight forwardly confessed his love for her, she was as upset as she was confused.

"I can't believe he told me he loved me. How can he love me, when he just met me?" She talked to herself while walking away from Dave. "He doesn't even know me. He's no different than all the other guys wanting me just for sex and willing to say anything for me to stay with them until they tire of me when they see the real me, too damaged beyond repair and too damaged to take the time to help save me."

Coming up on the next corner, she turned one way and looked the other way. No knowing where she was going, he continued walking straight while talking to herself.

"All he sees is blonde hair, blue eyes, and big tits. All he sees is my pretty face and shapely body. Too enamored by the outside package to dare delve within to see the monsters that have taken residence in my being, he doesn't love me. He can't love me. No one can love me because I don't even love myself. He just loves the idea of being in love with someone who looks like me."

* * * * *

It was still early in the morning but not too late for hookers to still be out hustling Johns who were looking for some early morning, sexual action before they went to work. Simone, an attractive, tall, black woman with a big, black ass, Lucy, a hot, Asian woman with breasts as limited as her intelligence, and Carmen, a short, shapely, big breasted, albeit angry, Hispanic woman, walked the street advertising what they had and what they'd do for money. As much as the late evening was, the early morning was their busy time too. It was always the in between hours that were dead, those hours when men thought they'd get lucky at the bar or at the club but didn't. Most times, a hooker was their last, albeit necessary resort to feel some sexual pleasure. It was either having sex with them or returning home to their fat, cold, bitchy wives.

Simone, Lucy, and Carmen's pimp, Tyrone, pulled up in his brand new, black, shiny Cadillac Escalade to collect what was due him from the night before just as Susan left Dave's basement apartment. Stereotypical of a pimp from a '70's movie, resplendent with the fancy car and colorful clothes, he did a disservice to the streetwalkers who worked for him by appearing so clichéd and acting so immoral. With many of the streetwalkers being single mom's, at least the women of the night had sex for a good reason. They needed the money for food, for rent, and to survive another day. With his fingers dipped into prostitution, d**gs, and a strip club that he owned downtown, he didn't need what little money these woman made while doing everything and anything that their Johns wanted and expected them to do.

"Who that?" He nodded his head in the direction of Susan emerging from Dave's apartment.

A high school English teacher would cringe at how Tyrone decimated the English language. Then again, a high school English teacher earned a fraction of what Tyrone made to speak a language that was universally understood by those around him.

"Who?" Lucy, not the brightest bulb, looked at him without looking behind her.

"That smokin' hot, blonde bitch, you dumb ass," said Tyrone nodding his head in her direction again. "For a white woman, she has a nice, tight ass," he said making a satisfied face as if he was already having sex with her. "I'd love to tap that ass," he said grabbing himself while looking at Lucy.

"Oh her," said Lucy turning her head to acknowledge Susan.

"If she's trying to wiggle her white ass in my neighborhood, you need to have a talk with her and set her straight by putting the fear of God in her before I do," said Tyrone with anger. "You dig?"

"Nah, she's no probrem Ty," she said waving a hand of total disinterest. Unable to correctly say her own name in English, saying it as Rucy instead of Lucy, she used R's to pronounce L's. "She's not a working girl," said Lucy with a shrug of her shoulders after turning her attention back to Tyrone from watching Susan walking down the sidewalk.

"Who is she?"

"That's Dave's new squeeze. I don't know her name. We never met," she said making a sour face of jealousy when looking back at Tyrone.

She shook her head side to side as if she needed the extra head movement to convince Tyrone that she never met the woman. As if trying to dissuade his attention to Susan for him to give his attention to her, she reached in his SUV for his hand but he pulled his hand away.

"Oh yeah?" He gave Susan's backside a low whistle. "I wonder if she needs a job. I wonder if she needs my protective services. I wonder if she likes sucking black cock," he said with a low laugh. "I could use a tall, busty, beautiful blonde to add to my stable of women," he said giving a smirk to Lucy. "I could use someone who'd add some class to the lowlifes who work for me now."

"Fuck you Tyrone," said Carmen pointing her index finger at him as if she was stabbing him in the heart with a knife. "Go and fuck yourself," she said giving him the finger.

"Watch your mouth Carmen or you'll be eating your food through a straw," he said laughing at her short fuse.

"We saw her through Dave's window last night," said Simone. "They were both naked. Obviously, they just had sex or were about to have sex."

"What you doin' hangin' around him for? I told you not to hang 'round him no more," he said banging his fist on his steering wheel. "After he disrespected me," said Tyrone and punctuating his point with his finger at her as if marking her with his urine so as to leave his scent to tell everyone that he owns her black ass. "I don't want his bus'ness no more. You dig?"

"You mean after he beat your black ass for you beating us?" Carmen laughed. "Is that what you meant to say...bitch?"

"I'm warnin' you Carmen. Watch your mouth girl. I can still give you a beatin'," said Tyrone giving her the evil eye. "You'll be sorry if you make me get out of my car."

"I swear to God," said Carmen raising her voice with her right hand as if in court ready to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her God. "If you lay a hand on me," said Carmen stepping back from his Escalade and reaching down to remove her high heels, in case she had to run, no doubt fearing that his two bodyguards would chase after her, grab her, and beat her, "I'll tell Dave."

"It don't matter if you rat me to that over the hill Marine, Carmen. I have protection now and we're all packin'," he said opening his jacket to show her the butt end of his gun while pointing to the two big, black men that filled his backseat. "Unless he's Superman, they're ain't no man who can stand up to three men with guns," said Tyrone with as much pent up anger as she had.

"Ha! It don't matter what heat packing thugs you have with you Tyrone, you'd better not mess with Dave. Speaking of Superman, much like tugging on Superman's cape, spitting in the wind, or pulling the mask off the old, Lone Ranger, you don't mess around with...Dave."

"You don't know nothin', you dumb ass whore," said Tyrone.

"I know, just like me, Dave's from Detroit and he's a Marine and all Marines, worse than any punk ass, gang banger act as if they're all born in Detroit or from the south side of Chicago," she said standing her ground while talking her jive and punctuating each line with her manicured index finger.

"Superman? Lone Ranger? Are you high on crack? What you talkin' 'bout? You need to go suck someone's cock before I beat your muddy ass for not earning me enough money," he said.

"Those motherfucking Marines ain't afraid of nothin' and they certainly would never fear the likes of you," she said. "If you beat him with your fist, he'll come back at you with a knife, and if you beat him with a knife, he'll come back at you with a gun, and if you beat him with a gun--"

"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever. Save your breath for suckin' cock Carmen. Maybe your mud colored ass needs to go back to Detroit," he said laughing and making the two men behind him laugh. "If you miss Detroit so much, I can put you on a bus home with a couple of black eyes and a few broken bones. Besides, I'm done with him. Next time I see him, I'll be peeing on his grave."

"It was slow last night," said Simone, "and we thought Dave would want to pay to play. He's always up for some late night action. The man's a night owl. He never sl**ps. Only, we didn't know he was entertaining her," said Simone watching Susan continue to slowly walk away.

"His money ain't no good with my whores no more. You dig? Now go home and go to bed. There's a big party downtown at the convention center tonight. I need you looking rested and all virginal like," he said laughing.

As if they were three peacocks in the way they were colorful dressed and adorned with extra makeup and big hair to attract men, he watched them in his rear view mirror walk in one direction as he slowly drove in the other direction with an eye glued to Susan's round, tight ass through his windshield. He slowed his Escalade to a crawl while watching Susan wiggling her ass down the street. Finally, close enough not to notice but close enough to strike in the way of a snake in the grass, he stopped his SUV when he neared her.

"Go fetch and stick her ass in the backseat," he said to his two associates who sat in the backseat.

As soon as they jump out of the car and grabbed Susan, he drove up for them to pull her inside, just as Carmen heard Susan's screams and turned to watch them taking her.

"Hey! What the fuck! Let me go! Let go of me you cocksuckers. You don't know who you're dealing with," she said pulling and kicking. "I'll kick your ass. Take your fucking hands off of me. I'll kill you. I swear, I'll kill you."

"Look," said Carmen when she turned from hearing Susan's screams. "Tyrone just took that lady."

"What lady?"

Always so oblivious to things that didn't concern her, Lucy was more concerned with her hair than with Susan being taken by Tyrone.

"Dave's woman," said Carmen.

Lucy turned to see Tyrone's men getting in the car with Susan and closing the door as the big SUV sped away.

"Oh, my God," said Simone literally running away down the street. "There's gonna be trouble."

* * * * *

His usually thing to do when happy, Dave sang in the shower while thinking about the two orgasms he had just given Susan, one with his mouth and a second one with his cock. He wondered if his sexual passion for her had changed her mind about her being his steady girlfriend and moving in with him. Not much of a singer and unable to carry a tune, after one too many, near miss explosions damaged his hearing and sounding much like Arnold singing Yaketty Yak on the airplane in Twins, he caterwauled totally out of tune the only song he knew, The Marine Corps Hymn.

"From the Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli; We fight our country's battles In the air, on land and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun; We have fought in ev'ry clime and place Where we could take a gun; In the snow of far-off Northern lands And in sunny tropic scenes; You will find us always on the job-- The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps Which we are proud to serve In many a strife we've fought for life And never lost our nerve; If the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven's scenes; They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines."

Once out of his three minute shower, he called out to Susan from behind his closed, bathroom door.

"I thought we'd do something today after breakfast," he said while drying himself with his towel. "We can have breakfast at the diner or go somewhere else. It's up to you, but the diner makes the best breakfast. I love their sausages when Pete burns them to a crisp. After that, I'm going to take you shopping. First we need to buy a mattress and then I'm going to take you to the mall for some new clothes, the works, shoes, pants, tops, sweaters, jacket, coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Hey, what's your favorite color? I bet it's blue. You look good in blue," he said. When she didn't answer him, he stuck his head out the bathroom door. "Susan?"

* * * * *

Dave bolted out of the bathroom and slipped on his clothes as if there was a siren sounding a terrorist attack on his Marine Corps barracks. Running up to the sidewalk and looking in one direction and then the other, there was no one outside at that early morning hour except for Simone, Lucy, and Carmen about to round the corner. In a mad dash, he ran down to them.

"Hey," he said immediately catching up to them. "Did you see Susan?"

"Susan? Who's Susan?" Lucy looked at him as if she didn't know who he was talking about, even though she did.

"Susan, the woman I was with last night and the reason why I didn't answer you calling me," he said with a laugh.

"No, I didn't see her," said Lucy lying.

"Tyrone took her Dave," said Carmen shooting Lucy a look before looking at Dave with concern. "He has two goons working for him now and they're all packing heat. They grabbed her and pulled her inside his SUV. Knowing you'd go after her, he'll kill you, Dave, for what you did to him."

"Where does he live?" Dave looked at Carmen with the focused, scary stare he looked at a prisoner of war while trying to get information and/or a confession just with his bugged out eyes instead of with his fists.

Carmen looked from Lucy to Simone.

"We don't want no trouble Dave," said Lucy.

"He'll beat the crap out of us again Dave, if you cause him anymore trouble," said Simone. "I can't take another beating Dave. He really hurt me the last time."

"You didn't say that to me when I was beating the crap out of your pimp for beating you," said Dave with anger. "Tell me. Where does he live?"

"He lives the next block over. He has a place over the strip club," said Simon. "He conducts all of his business there. He picked that place because of the big bay windows. He can see the entire street both ways from his desk," she said. "He'll see you coming from a mile away," she said.

"Thanks for the intel," he said going back in his apartment to get some gear.

"You be careful Dave," said Carmen.

"Don't worry about me," he said. "Best you three lay low for a while," he said.

"Ray row? We can't. We're working girls," said Lucy with attitude. She was sometimes difficult to understand when pronouncing her L's as R's. "Besides, we have a party to attend tonight at the convention center for Tyrone."

"Not anymore you don't," said Dave with venom. "As of now, Tyrone is out of business for good."

Dave stepped inside his apartment, grabbed his gun, and made a call on his cell phone.

"I need you," he said to the person on the other end.

"I got your back Dave," said the man on the other end. "What do you need?"

"I need to go Jihad on a dude who took my woman. Get Big Louie and meet me at my place at zero seven hundred hours," he said.

* * * * *

"Let go of me. Let me go, you fucking bastards," yelled Susan kicking at Tyrone and throwing punches at the two men. Ready to take on all three in the way she did in the back alley, Tyrone knocked her to the carpet with a hard backhand before giving her a kick in her already still sore ribs.

"Undress her. Strip her naked," said Tyron. "Let's see what she looks like without her clothes. Either she'll work for me downstairs as a stripper or she'll work for me on her back as my whore. Either way with that face and that body, she's a real moneymaker."

Kicking and punching, Susan was no match for the two oversized men. His two men removed her blouse and shoes before pulling down her pants. Now dressed in just her bra and panty, not even bothering unhooking her bra, they tugged her bra over her head and off before stripping her of her panties. Naked within just a minute, they stood her up and tied her hands behind a pole that was conspicuously mounted in the living room.

"Well, well, well," said Tyrone grabbing a handful of Susan's breast and pulling out her nipple to erection before reaching down between her legs to cup her pussy.

"Don't touch me, you pig," she said struggling against her ties.

When she recoiled from his touch and resisted his groping, without lubricating her, he f***ed his finger deep inside of her.

"Unlike my other whores, you're nice and tight honey. You're too good to work downstairs stripping for bunch of d***ken perverts. Branching out, you're going to be my star, my first call girl. I'll arrange for you to service only my very best customers," he said.

"Fuck you. I'd kill you before I ever worked for you," she said.

"We'll see," he said running his finger over her bruise where he slapped her. "I'll get you some ice from downstairs. Tell me, do you suck cock? Sure you do. I bet you do. I bet you're an excellent cocksucker," he said running an index finger across her lips. "We'll just see how good of a cocksucker you are after you suck my cock.

"Fuck you," she said spitting in his face.

"We'll see if you're still ungrateful for my help, after I take care of your boyfriend," said Tyrone whipping the spit from his face.

* * * * *

Precisely at zero seven hundred hours, an army green Hummer pulled up to Dave's apartment. Dressed in military fatigues, Mike, Dave's war buddy, another gunnery sergeant with CIA contacts, exited the vehicle for Dave to drive. Mike climbed in back with Big Louie, a third gunnery sergeant now working for a mercenary contractor. The three men synchronized their watches.

As if driving in a convoy in readiness for a mission, albeit a one vehicle convoy, Dave slowly drove the Hummer to Tyrone's place. With the Hummer driving a slow blockage, the two men in back exited the vehicle while it was still moving and from the left side, out of view of Tyrone's big, bay windows that overlooked the street. Mike ran around back while, big Louie, climbed the fire escape to the roof, and Dave parked the vehicle on the sidewalk beneath the bay windows that jutted out and blocked Tyrone's view from seeing him parked there and seeing him enter from the front.

A routine Seal Six team, stealth assault from the front, the back, and the roof, all three men were inside Tyrone's place at the same time and before he and his two men could react. They had the drop on them. Being that Tyrone owned the strip club downstairs and would routinely have women who wanted to be a stripper show him what they had before hiring them, Susan was already stripped naked and tied to a stripper's pole that he had in his living room.

Entering the apartment together as if they were SWAT and this was a d**g raid, they came in fast and hard.

"Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get down! Get down on the floor! Now," said Mike in his big, booming voice. "Don't fucking move or you're dead!"

Sprawled out on the floor, right where Dave wanted him to be, with Tyrone frozen in place and with his hands held over his head, Dave and his buddy held their guns to the two bodyguard's heads.

"It's your choice," said Dave. "I don't really care which. I'm just here to make your wish come true," he said. "Do you want to live or die?"
One man looked to the other before answering.

"We want to live," he said. "We don't want to die, not for him."

"Then, get up, empty your pockets of everything on the coffee table, money, keys, guns, and phones. After we're gone, they'll be here for you to collect when you return."

Dave allowed the two men to walk out the front door unharmed. From the big bay windows, he watched them walk down the street and fall in the diner before he pulled out his cell phone.

"Pete. Dave. Listen. Keep an eye on the two, big, black men who just walked in your diner and call me if they leave."

"Okay Dave," said Pete.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tyrone looked from Dave to his buddy with a smirk.

"I'm not going to do anything to you. Should you prematurely be found, I don't want to leave a mark on you as evidence for the coroner," he said with dryness and as if he had done this many times before. "Now just as I told your associates, empty your pockets and put everything out in front of you, keys, wallet, guns. Then, remove your jewelry, watch, chain, and rings."

Mike picked up everything that Tyrone put out as Dave went through his wallet and removed the his license and registration. "Do you have any identifying marks on you Tyrone, birthmarks or tattoos?"

"Coroner? Identifying birthmarks? You jive mo'fucker, hold on, now. Give me a chance to--"

"Chance? You want me to give you another chance for you to kill me and for you to **** Susan?" Dave shook his head no while holstering his gun. "You had your chance. I never give anyone a second chance and I already gave you a warning by beating you instead of killing you," said Dave. "Especially after what you did to my woman, I'm done with your black ass," he said walking to Susan and pulling the gag from her mouth. "Did they hurt you Susan?"

"No," she said.

"Answer the question," said Mike. Do you have any identifying birthmarks or tattoos?"

"No. I don't have anything like that," said Tyrone.

Dave touched the red mark on Susan's cheek and turned to look at Tyrone before looking back at her.

"Did he do this to you?"

"Yes," she said.

"Did they..."

"No," she said grabbing her clothes and quickly dressing when Dave untied her. "We just got here," she said not telling Dave that Tyrone finger fucked her.

"I'm going to take you back to my place, unless you want me to take you somewhere else," he said looking at her with questioning eyes. "My men will take care of Tyrone for me."

"After giving it a lot of thought, your place is where I want to be," she said getting dressed.

"Hey! What about me?" Tyrone watched Dave leaving with Susan.

"What about you?" Dave gave him a hard stare. "I'm leaving you in capable hands, besides, you no longer exist. You're a dead man," he said laughing. "By the way, Tyrone, I don't know if Carmen told you but I'm originally from Detroit. Carmen and I went to grade school together," he said with a laugh as a big man stepped in the room and made his presence known to Tyrone from behind him.

"You are one, big, ugly, mo'fucker, white man," said Tyrone. "Alright, alright, you got me Dave. You got my attention. Let's just call this a mistake of poor judgment on my part. You dig? I'm sorry. I apologize. I'm sorry for hitting you miss and having my men strip you naked. I'm sorry for sticking my finger inside of you. I'm sorry, really I am. Let's call this a truce and let bygones be bygones. What do you say? Let's shake on it," said Tyrone lifting his head and offering Dave his hand.

"You stuck your dirty finger inside of my woman?"

"I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again," said Tyrone.

"You must be as stupid as I thought you were for dare messing with Susan. I don't take kindly to another man taking my woman and you went beyond the truce and let bygone be bygones part when you stripped her naked, hit her, and stuck your finger inside of her," said Dave looking at and nodding to Big Louie standing over him.

"Yeah, well, you know what? I'd do it again. I'd fuck your girlfriend up her ass before sticking my shit covered cock in her mouth. You dig mo'fucker?"

"Here's his wallet, license, registration, and car keys," said Dave picking the keys off the coffee table where Mike had put them. "He has the black Escalade parked out front. Put it on a ship to North Africa. He won't be needing a Cadillac where he's going. You and Big Louie split the proceeds as my payment for today."

"Thanks Dave," said Mike.

"Thanks Dave," said Big Louie.

"Fuck you," said Tyrone.

"Tyrone, allow me to introduce you to big Louie," said Dave as if introducing the Bear Jew in the baseball bat scene of Inglorious Basterds. "We've been through some shit together. Hell and back," said Dave looking and nodding his head from Big Louie to Mike before looking back to Tyrone. "There isn't anything that we wouldn't do for our buddy, even taking a bullet and we've already done that. Yet, it's unfortunate for you that we survived half a dozen wars to be here to deal with the likes of your sorry ass now."

Tyrone turned to look up behind him at big Louie who was wider and taller than his doorway. As if to shake his hand but instead as if breaking a stack of board placed on cinder blocks, Big Louie leaned down to tap Tyrone's temple with the knuckle of his index finger. Tyrone was out cold as if he was hit to the back of the head with a baseball bat. Dave's buddies wrapped the floor with plastic, laid out Tyrone and with the swift, one stroke cut of a Samurai, Big Louie removed Tyrone's head, legs, and hands with a machete. His head went in one plastic bag, his legs in another, his hands in another, and the rest of him in a fourth. Just taking out the trash, they dumped the remains of him in four different dumpsters.
Agreeing to move in with him, Dave and Susan become a couple.

Dave and Susan climbed in the Hummer, drove to his apartment, and parked the big truck in front of his door. He knew his buddy would be by to collect his truck soon, after making arrangements to sell Tyrone's new Cadillac Escalade to the international contacts they had and load the luxury SUV on a container ship headed to North Africa. No matter what they were selling there were buyers everywhere to buy anything and they knew where to look to find them.

"Are you okay?" He asked her finally when they pulled up in front of his apartment after driving there in silence not talking about what just happened.

"Am I okay?" She looked as if waiting for him to ask that loaded question. She looked at him as if taking aim with a gun. If looks could kill, he'd be dead.

"Susan, I just asked you one lousy question. I didn't attack you in the way you're about to attack me," he said wanting to slap her as much as he wanted to kiss her.

Maybe because he found her tied to a strippers' pole naked but he was already sexually aroused that five men saw her naked.

"You're really a piece of work Dave. Maybe because your entire life had been war and death, v******e doesn't affect you in the way that it affects others," said Susan shaking her head while staring at him. "Based on how you go through life numbly after killing someone, apparently you don't know how you're supposed to feel. So, you tell me. How do you think I am?"

"What?" He truly didn't hear what she had just said. He stopped listening to her when she started yelling at him. With both afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and each one handling their emotional condition differently, she was filled with rage. He just had to scratch the surface with her for her hair to stand up on her back. Perfect for one another as both of them played that troubled game, as soon as she raised her voice to him, he tuned her out. "I don't understand why you're so angry Susan."

In the way that Tyrone and his two men had stripped her naked, he wanted to strip her naked and fuck her. He wanted to dominate her and control her so that she'd just shut the Hell up. He wanted to show her that he was the boss man and she was the lowly woman.

"You don't understand why I'm so angry?" She stared at him without talking. "After being k**napped, stripped naked, and slapped around by three men, do you really think that I'd be okay?" As if thinking about all that happened, she paused and he wondered if she was as sexually aroused being stripped naked as he was sexually excited seeing her tied to the stripper's pole naked. "Tyrone stuck his finger inside of me while touching me and feeling me everywhere." She looked at him with anger.

Dave put his head down as if he was supposed to feel more than what he felt. Certainly, he felt glad that Susan was safe and sound but, as if she was blaming him for her putting herself in danger, he didn't understand why she was so angry about now. She was the one who had walked out on him. The only thing he felt now was anger anger giving his men the order to behead Tyrone. The only thing he felt was vengeance when he knew that Tyrone was dead and the proceeds of his sold truck would go as payment to his buddies for helping him. The only other thing that he felt was sexual excitement by the thought of Susan tied to the pole and standing there naked in front of three black men and his two friends, Mike and Big Louie.

Proud that she was his woman, at least he hoped she was, Mike and Big Louie must have been besides themselves with lust when seeing Susan's hot, naked body and giant sized breasts. An unspoken code between them, knowing they'd never speak of it to say, he wondered what Mike and Big Louie thought of Susan's hot body. He knew they saw her. He knew they were looking. Having entered the room after Mike, Big Louie may not have seen as much of Susan as the other four men had.

He now had second thoughts about allowing the other two men to go free after stripping Susan naked and touching her everywhere they shouldn't have felt her. Who knows, maybe he turned their lives around? Maybe after putting the fear of God in them, they'd take that as a second chance to give up d**gs, prostitution, and v******e. Able to easily disarm them, those two weren't cut out for that line of work.

"I'm sorry that Tyrone sexually assaulted you but, if it means anything to you at all, I can promise you that he'll never touch you again," he said gripping the steering wheel as if he was gripping Tyrone's neck.

Outraged that he had fingered his woman, he should have had Big Louie cut off his fingers before cutting off his head. In the way that some of his men have been tortured and killed by the Taliban, a slow death would have more befitted Tyrone for what he's done to women and how he treated and disrespected his c***dhood friend, Carmen from Detroit. Tyrone was lucky he hadn't had the time to f***e Susan to blow him. Then, instead of showing him mercy by having Big Louie make just one, quick cut, loping off pieces at a time, he would have made him feel real pain before he died.

"You don't have a clue how I feel to ask me that question. You should know how I feel," she said no longer looking at him and sitting angrily quiet for a moment. "I thought they were going to **** me and gangbang me before killing me," she said softly as if talking to herself with her eyes welling up with tears. "I thought I'd never see you again," she said pausing to look at him before finishing the last of what she said in a whisper. "I thought I'd never get to tell you how I feel about you."

He was stunned by her admission that she had feeling for him. Acting as if she hated him and wanted to kill him, to hear her confess that she had feelings for him was something he's been waiting to hear.

"You have feeling for me?" He looked at her still feeling hurt, angry, and rejected that she walked out on him after telling her that he loved her. "How do you feel about me?" He looked at her waiting for her to respond and continued talking when she didn't. "Now that I've already told you how I feel about you and you didn't tell me now how you feel about me," he said looking at her with love while waiting for her to answer him. When she didn't answer him, he asked his question again. "How do you feel about me?"

He wanted to reach out and hold her but, too far of a divide to cross, the wide center console of the Hummer was in the way of him putting his arm around her and having an intimate moment with her. Maybe if they were standing outside of the truck, he would have hugged her but in the horny way that he felt right now, she would have taken offense when he reached down to cup her sweet ass with one hand while feeling her big breast with his other. Instead he just reached out to pat and squeeze her shoulder before rubbing her left ear with his right hand as if she was a dog.

Not knowing what else to do, Dave wasn't very good at intimate moments, especially when fully dressed. Apparently not much better than he was at showing her feelings, better at showing her anger, she seemed tensely uncomfortable with the conversation and with him putting her on the spot. As if he was a pesky mosquito, she voiced her obvious frustration to communicate by swatting his hand away from her ear.

"Stop that," she said brushing his hand away. "I'm not your dog," she gave him a laugh. "Gees, Dave, for someone who knows how to handle himself in every situation, you're at a loss when it comes to women."

Kettle black he wanted to say. She should talk because in the way she was acting now, other than fighting them, hitting them, kicking them, and punching them, she was at a loss when it came to handling men too. They were both so much alike in that regard. Both would rather be physical than emotional. Both would rather hit than talk.

"Sorry," he said looking at her. "So how are you? You never told me how you are," He persisted in wanting to know her feelings but changed the subject when she didn't volunteer to tell him how she felt about him or about herself. "I don't have a clue how you are other than that you're angry at me and I don't know why," he said throwing up his hands as if he was surrendering, something he's unaccustomed to doing.

He wondered if she loved him as much as he loved her. He wondered if this was the beginning of something good and everlasting. Just as he thought that, he panicked that his life would change with her in it for good. Then, he thought, what if she didn't want him. What if this was the end and the last time seeing her.

"How do you think I am after five strange men saw me naked," she said playing with the bottom of her blouse.

"Oh, that, yeah, well, you'll never see Tyrone's associates again and the only time you'll see my friends again is at their fourth of July barbeque," he said with a dirty, little laugh.

He imagined her d***k and topless at one of his friend's pool parties, only she didn't drink. She didn't even smoke. And after her reaction now about being naked in front of five strange men, there's no way she'd be topless at one of his friend's d***ken, pool parties.

"Great. I won't bother wearing any clothes so that they'll recognize me. They won't have to go to the trouble of undressing me with their eyes," she said.

He could only imagine her walking in his friend's backyard naked. He could only imagine the reaction of his friends and the outrage of their wives and girlfriends. He'd loved nothing better than to show off her hot body to the guys.

"My friends aren't like that Susan. Guys who'd give their life for you have more respect for you than to hit on your woman," he said, at least liking to think that but knowing better. All of his friends were horny dogs. Glad to be alive when they returned home and not knowing if they'd survive their next mission, once they were d***k, whether they were wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and/or s****rs, all women were fair game and most women gave them what they wanted. "These are my best buddies from combat and there are lines that we never cross, especially when it comes to wives and girlfriends."

When he said your woman, he thought of her as being his woman. Waiting for her to say differently, he waited for her to react to him referring to her as his woman but she didn't. Maybe she liked him calling her his woman as much as he liked the idea of her being his woman. Now that he's with her again, he'd like to have her as a permanent fixture in his life, that is, so long as she took anger management classes or therapy for her Post Traumatic Stress.

"If you're waiting for me to say thank you, thank you," she said turning her head to make eye contact with him. "I'm alive and in one piece thanks to you and your friends," she said. "I don't know what they would have done to me had you not appeared."

Alive in one piece was more than he could say for Tyrone thought Dave when thinking about Tyrone's body in three construction bags and tossed in three, different dumpsters. No doubt, never to be found again, he'd soon be on a barge to be dumped at sea or on his way to be part of a landfill.

"I'm glad you're okay. I don't know what I'd do if they..." he said not finishing the thought.

"I need a drink," she said shaking her head.

"I'm sorry about not coming to your rescue sooner before Tyrone stripped you naked and," he paused with the thought of Tyrone fingering Susan. "It took me some time to get a team together."

"A team? Weighing your options as if you're a tactical planner for the Pentagon, everything is military strategy with you."

"Weighing my options is what I've been trained to do Susan. Most times able to remove my emotions from the equation, the men who aren't able to stay calm die, he said. "Doing the job that I was trained to do, I'm alive because I don't get angry. I just get even."

"You don't know what it's like to be taken like that and to be so abused," she said wrapping her arms around herself as if she as cold. "Never so scared, I felt so helpless Dave."

Not knowing how else to comfort her, he confessed how he felt in a similar situation.

"Trust me Susan, I know what it's like to feel helpless. Having been held prisoner myself before, I know how you feel. You said that I don't know how you feel but for me to sense you were in danger, I must have had a clue to how you felt. Coming to your rescue yet again, I saved your ass again didn't I?" He looked at her with hurt. "After you ran out on me without even leaving me a note and without even acknowledging me telling you that I love you, I could have let you go but I had a feeling you needed my help."

Dave fell silent while looking out the window of the hummer. Being in a hummer again, he had flashbacks of riding around in an armored vehicle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ready to kill anyone who made a threatening move, even though he was honorably retired from the United States Marine Corps, nothing in how he felt about being ready for danger changed in him. Never letting his guard down, he was aware of every person and every car on the street.

"Being with you is like living with a superhero," she said with seriousness. "Sometimes in the way I always seem to put myself in danger, you make me feel as dumb as Lois Lane. You're bigger than life Dave, the big, bad, retired Marine who took on the world and lived to tell about it. Glad that you donned your superhero uniform again to save me, you need to stop this avenger kick that you're on because you're not 30-years-old anymore. Besides, even though you still have the body to wear tights, I can't see you wearing a cape," she said with a laugh.

"I know and you're right but I did it for you," he said looking at her with love. "Now that you're safe and Tyrone is no longer a problem, let's go home. You can have a drink and collect yourself," he said. "We can discuss our future together, if there is to be one."

"Home?" She looked at him. "You mean here, your place and not the shelter where I've been living. Is this my home now? Is your home my home?"

"Yes, my place, that is, until you can make other arrangement or until we can find a bigger place to make it your own," he said looking over at her and taking his hand in his as if he was about to propose. "Move in with me Susan. Live with me. I know you may not feel the same way that I already confessed how I feel about you, but let's give this a try and see what happens. Maybe you'll love me in time."

"Being that I'm homeless, unemployed, and poor, you give a girl without options an attractive offer with a place to live, food to eat, and spending endless hours shopping for furniture and a bed," she said looking at him. "You are going to buy a bed and put that ugly, too small, lumpy, Marine Corps barracks cot in storage. Right?"

He looked at her and smiled already knowing her answer that she was going to live with him. Two peas in a pod, she was just as unable to reveal her real feelings as he was unable to show how he truly felt about her without first being in bed with her naked.

"Yes, even though the only beds I've slept in are that lumpy, Marine Corps' barracks cots and the bedbug, infested beds found at cheap motels, I will buy us a bed," he said smiling at her. "Okay?"

"Good. It's been a long while since I've slept in my own bed and I just don't want any bed. I want one of those memory foam beds that they advertise on TV. I want a king size bed. It would be good to finally spread out in a big bed instead of having to sl**p on my side as if I'm a prisoner in a prison cell," she said.

"Make a list and we'll go shopping tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? No, I want and I need to go shopping today. After all that's happened to me, I have a lot on my mind and shopping always makes me feel better, especially when I'm spending someone else's money." She laughed while looking at him with curiosity. "You do have money to afford to buy a bed and furniture. Right?"

"I served overseas," he said with a proudly satisfied smile. "I was a career Marine. More than that, in the way of Rambo, I was the go to guy the colonel called to create the team needed to clean up the mess that the generals' made. The first one in and the last one out, money has never been an issue for me," he said with a little grin, "especially after being one of the first ones allowed in Iraq."

"It must have been so awful for you to have served over there. I can only imagine the bugs," she said.

Much bigger than tarantulas, he closed his eyes while allowing the memory of huge camel spiders to fill his mind.

"There were so many worthless dinars laying around that I could have paved the street with them. We found 16 billion dollars in American money too, cash, stacked neatly and wrapped in plastic as if just received from the world's biggest d**g deal. It's funny that Saddam didn't trust his own economy enough to buy dinars instead of dollars. I still don't know why he just didn't take his treasure troves of American money and leave his country. A dozen third world countries would have welcomed him and his money with open arms."

"Iraq? After all of those air raids, that place was nothing more than a bombed out shithole. From the news photos they showed on TV, there was nothing left of it."

"Along with members of Saddam's personal Republican Guard and his loyal and most trusted men, you have no idea how many United States officers and enlisted men enriched themselves after raiding Saddam Hussein's palaces. They were grabbing money by the millions of dollars. Not wanting to be the one to rat, everyone turned a blind eye. Saddam had billions of dollars lying around in cash, stashed here and hidden there behind walls. Everywhere we looked, we found stashes and caches of money," he said. "Only sixteen billion dollars of that was found and most of that went missing. Easy to find the money, the trick is to get the money out of the country and home without being detected and having the money confis**ted."

"How in the Hell do you do that when you're surrounded by other Marines and answering to a commanding officer?"

"You really don't want to know," he said with a smug laugh. "Yet, so long as you had the contacts that I had, the easiest way out was to remove your uniform, cross the border into Jordan, and make your way to North Africa, but you needed inside help and plenty of cash to grease hands along the way to do that. Instead, most guys just wanted to go home rich. I was the guy they came to for that too. With all the people that I knew and contacts that I had, for a percentage, I was the man who could make that happen. What they did to launder that money after it was in country was their problem and not mine."

"I don't think I want to know anything more other than that we have enough money to buy what we need," she said falling silent to study him. "Do you have enough money to buy me a car?"

"A car? Of course I'll buy you a car. What kind and what color?" He laughed while looking at her big tits and long legs. "You'd look good in a red, Mustang Cobra convertible."

She looked at him as if analyzing him.

"Somehow I get the feeling that none of this bothers you. It's just another Special Op's Mission to you. You must miss living on the edge to get down and dirty with some of the miscreants who live around here and who control this neighborhood with guns, d**gs, and fear."

"After all that I survived in Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other God forsaken country I've been, nothing can fluster me, especially after spending two years in North Africa, the shithole of the world, where a 9-year-old would fill you with holes from a Kalashnikov rather than look at you. What happens here is c***d's play in comparison."

As soon as Dave unlocked his door and allowed Susan inside, unable to control his lust for her, he grabbed her by her long blonde hair and spun her around. As if he was Tyrone stripping her naked and as if she wanted him to strip her naked, she allowed him to rip open her blouse, pull her bra off over her head without even unhooking, it, pull down her short skirt without unbuttoning and/or unzipping it. With just four pieces of clothes removed, she was naked. He carried her to his bunk, spread her legs and licked and fingered her until she screamed out an orgasm and begged for him to stop.
He wanted to fuck her but she was more intent on sucking him. She fell between his legs, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped him. She stopped and laughed when she saw what he was wearing.

"Are those Marine Corps issue boxers?"

"What? I was on a mission. This is what I wear beneath my fatigues," he said sharing her laugh.

"At ease Marine," she said. "No, on second thought, it's best that you stay at attention," she said impaling her mouth with his cock.

She sucked him and stroked him until he ejaculated the love and sexual passion he had for her in her mouth. Leaving him wanting more, she abandoned him for her shopping excursion. After getting cleaned up, as if they were already a couple and they were, they went shopping for furniture, a mattress, and a car for Susan.

"I was thinking about the kind of car that I'd like to drive," she said looking at him.

"And what did you decide?"

"The Mustang is too attention getting and I already get enough of that with my blonde hair and big tits."

"So long as it has a powerful engine, good brakes, and a manual transmission, I've always gone for the understated myself, which is why I drive the shit box that I drive," he said with a laugh.

"I was thinking about a Volkswagen, a GTI, a two door with leather. I always liked those cars."

"Okay. That's a fun little car to drive. A GTI it is."

* * * * *

Marquis and Anthony sat in their car waiting for Carmen to finish her business with her customer before Anthony climbed out to grab her as soon as she emerged from the doorway and walked away from their car. They knew where she was, what she's been doing, and where she was going. They've been following her for days. Waiting for her to emerge, Anthony got out of the car and, before Carmen spotted them and had the chance to remove her high heels to run. He grabbed her, pitched her in the backseat, and closed the door as Marquis drove away.
The first annual Lara Logan party with Simone, Lucy, and Carmen as the main attraction.

Marquis and Anthony sat in their car waiting for Carmen to finish her business with her customer.

"Where that stupid bitch at," said Marquis. "If she spotted us and ran out the back way, I'll be pissed. Maybe you should go around the alley so that she don't duck out on us Anthony."

Just about to open his car door and get out of the car, he saw the front door open and Carmen emerge counting her money on the stoop before depositing the wad of cash in her pocketbook. A street hustler, she knows better than to count her money in public but in the mood she was in, she'd dare anyone try and fuck with her or steal her hard earned money. Tired and fucked over by having sex with men she'd rather not even say hello to on the street corner, prostitution was the only way she knew how to support herself and her three c***dren.

Married to her handsome, perfect husband, she had a good life and was a good wife with a job that had benefits, until the recession hit her hard and she was let go from her job. In just a matter of a few months, her life went from good to bad to worse. She was saving to buy a house in the suburbs, that is, until her husband ran off with a woman he met at work. Leaving her to fend for herself and three, small c***dren, he took their life savings with him. Desperate for money, she never would have considered becoming a prostitute had she not run into Simone after having not seen her in years.

* * * * *

"How you doin' Carmen? Long time no see," said Simone smiling and pointing out with her manicured finger as if she was using her fingertip to place her punctuation after her sentences. "Did you buy that dream house?" Again she punctuated her sentence with her fingertip.

Carmen looked sad at the mere mention of her dream house and her husband running off with some slut from work.

"My man ran off with another woman and took my all my down payment money," she said. "Now with me not working, living on my unemployment and unable to find a job, I'll never earn enough money for a house. I'll be lucky to keep my apartment. I'm already behind on my rent."

"Bastard! Why would any man leave someone who looks as good as you do?" Simone looked at Carmen as if she was looking to buy a new car. "You know, my man is looking for another woman," she said.

"Your man?"

"My pimp," said Simone with a short smile.

"You're a prostitute?"

"When you say it like that Carmen, you hurt my feelings," said Simone putting a hand to the back of her hair before pushing out and putting her hand on her hip and throwing back her head laughing. "We do what we have to do to survive. No one but a fat, old, horny Caucasian man wants a black woman, not even a black man. What I was giving away for free after someone spent twenty dollars on me for a nice dinner, they now pay me hundreds of dollars to play."

Simone looked at her with a satisfied smile while Carmen looked at her with shock.

"I can't do that. I could never do that. Eww. That's so gross having some stranger's dick in my hand, my mouth, and my pussy," said Carmen waving her hand as if waving down a bus. "Just as I couldn't have sex with just anyone, I couldn't prostitute myself for money. I could never look my c***dren in the eyes," she said, "knowing that I was a hooker."

"It's just a job Carmen," said Simone with a shrug while looking at her fancy fingernails. "If it wasn't for me hooking, I couldn't afford to get my hair done and maintain my manicure, never mind go shopping for clothes."

"I could never have sex for money," said Carmen.

"Don't be stupid Carmen. Caucasian people prostitute themselves every day while working at a job they hate for the sake of a paycheck and health insurance benefits and for much less money than what I make hustling my black ass on the street," she said looking at her as if she was a counselor at the Welfare Office. "Answer me this Carmen," she said moving her finger through the air with her words, "how do you think your k**s would feel if you were homeless, hungry, and living on the street?"

"I don't know Simone. I just don't know. I mean the idea of having sex with different men, depending on the man and the amount of money he paid me to have sex with him, is as sexually exciting as it is sexually repulsive," she said. "I just don't know how you do it. How do you do it?"

"Easy," she said with a laugh while hiking up her short skirt to expose her shapely black thighs and white panty clad pussy. "I spread my legs, open my mouth, and hold out my hand. That's how I do it. I could never make the amount of money that I earn working a 9-5 job at an hourly wage not much higher than minimum," she said. "Also unlike so many other prostitutes, not wasting my money on putting things up my nose, I don't do d**gs. My pimp even takes care of my medical bills."

"Yeah, well, you're tall and beautiful Simone. I'd even pay you to have sex with me," said Carmen with a laugh. "What man would pay me, a short, overweight, Hispanic woman to have sex with him?" She looked at Simone as if thinking about prostituting herself.

"Overweight? You're not overweight. I wish I had your curvaceously shapely figure instead of my flagpole of a skinny, shapeless body," she said looking around. "Come with me for a minute. Step in my office," she said with a laugh while walking Carmen down a back alley and into a doorway.

After looking to see if they were alone in the alley, Simone reached her hand out to feel Carmen's big tits, first one and then the other. Women feel other women's breasts differently than do men. Women don't grab and grope. As if they're feeling for the perfect melon at a produce counter, their feels are more quality feels instead of sexual feels. Women are more considerate and gentle and, as if giving a breast massage, Simone had sensuous hands instead of sexual hands. Carmen looked down at Simone's hands and watched her feeling her breasts. Then, as if she was going to kiss her, she looked up at her face with big, brown sexually aroused eyes.

"You should at least buy me dinner before feeling me up," said Carmen with a breathless laugh. "It's been a long time since anyone has touched me like that," she said watching Simone's black hands before looking deeply in Simone's big, dark eyes.

No doubt, taking Carmen's words as encouragement to continue, Simone continued feeling Carmen's massive tits especially when her big nipples made their impression through her blouse and bra.

"You'd make a pile of money with tits like these Carmen. So big, so full, and so firm, I wish I had your tits. I wish I had your big nipples," she said finally removing her hand from Carmen's breasts and taking a step back to look at the huge impressions her tits made in her blouse. "I've been saving to buy me some titties like that but for tits that big, my doctor said it would cost me eight thousand dollars and that's more than I have right now after Lucy and I bought a condo together," she said staring at the huge mountains that Carmen's breasts made in her blouse. "Lemme see your titties," she said putting her fingernail to her lips.

"Right here? Right now?" With a sudden face full of sexual excitement, Carmen looked around her to make sure no one was coming. "You're crazy."

"C'mon, Carmen. Show me your tits. Maybe I'll ask my plastic surgeon to give me a set that looks just like yours," she said with a laugh. "We'll look like s****rs, twin s****rs with double D tits."

"A black woman and a Hispanic woman? We'd hardly look like s****r, never mind twin s****rs, even if we both had the same breast size," said Carmen with a laugh.

"Let me see your s****rs," said Simone.

"Okay," said Carmen.

Carmen put her purse down on the ground and lifted her shirt and bra to show Simone her big tits.

"Damn girl, you have beautiful knockers," said Simone feeling and fondling Carmen's big tits before fingering her nipples until they were hard and erect and before leaning down to take her big nipples in her mouth, first one and then the other.

"Gees, Simone. What are you doing? You're making me so horny," said Carmen breathlessly.

She put a gentle hand to the back of Simone's neck as if she was nursing a baby or allowing her husband to have his horny way with her tits. She pushed Simone's mouth forward as her encouragement for her to suck her nipples longer.

"Damn girl, if I had boobs like your boobs," said Simone releasing Carmen's nipples from her mouth and standing. "I'd make big bucks. Most men want big tits, the bigger the tits the better. My friend Lucy has no tits but what she doesn't have in tits she makes up for with her mouth, her tight little Asian ass, and her insatiable pussy," said Simone.

"You sure know a lot about Lucy," said Carmen with a nervous laugh while putting her tits away just as a big, black man entered the alley.

"Lucy is my friend. She works and lives with me. We watch out for one another," said Simone giving Carmen a look before volunteering more information. "She's my lover."

"You're lover?" Carmen let out a nervous laugh. "I didn't know you were lesbian. I should have known you were lesbian in the way you were feeling and sucking my tits," she laughed again. "Since when are you lesbian Simone? You were always popular with the men. You had so many boyfriends. Of all the women I've known, I'd never peg you for being lesbian."

"I had a lot of boyfriend because I put out and was a slut. After fucking and sucking men who never give me what I want, Lucy knows how to treat a lady," she said. "Generous, giving, and unselfish, she's a wonderful lover.

"You just made me horny sucking my nipples," said Carmen holding her palms over her nipples while whispering and giggling. "If you were a man, I'd get on my knees right here and right now in this dirty alley and suck your cock, so long as you still fondled my tits and fingered my nipples" she said with a dirty laugh.

"If I were a man, I'd let you," said Simone. "You can always lick my pussy or I'll lick your pussy. We can even lick one another's pussy while in a 69 position," said Simone with a laugh.

"No thanks. I'll pass," said Carmen returning her laugh. "I'll take a rain check. Maybe another time, when I'm desperate enough for a man to settle for a woman."

The man who entered the alley walked closer.

"Where you been at? I've been looking for you Simone," he said calling to her from a distance. "Where've you been hiding at?" He looked from Simone to Carmen and spoke as if Carmen wasn't even there. "Who that?" He asked finally nodding his head in Carmen's direction before looking back to Simone again.

"This is my friend Carmen. Her man left her and stole all of her money," she said. "They were going to buy a house. Now she can't even afford her apartment."

He gave Carmen a long, hard look as if he was about to buy a prize Pit Bull at the pet store.

"You looking for work? You need a job?" Instead of looking up at her pretty face, he talked to her big tits.

Carmen returned his inappropriate leer look with a bit of Detroit attitude.

"Yeah, I'm looking for work. I'm desperate for money. I've been looking for a job but there are no--"

"Lemme see those titties," he said stepping closer to grab two, big handfuls of Carmen's huge tits through her blouse and bra. "Are they real?"

"Hey! What the fuck," said Carmen slapping his hands away and taking a step back. "Yeah, they're real."

Ready to slap her across the face, instinctively Tyrone raised his big hand but withdrew it when a big smile took over his face and he started laughing.

"You got some spunk girl. I like that. I like a woman who can stand up for herself, especially with the customers so that they don't take advantage of her and disrespect me by not paying her for services rendered," he said. "You dig?"

"It's okay Carmen. Tyrone is my pimp. When it comes to women," she said nodding her head, "he's like a doctor. He has trained hands, fingers, mouth, and cock," she said with a laugh. "Doctor Tyrone," she said with a sexy smile. "She's got some big ass tits Tyrone, at least a D cup. And they're proud and not some saggy bags of blubber."

"Double D," said Carmen looking from Simone to Tyrone.

"Show him your tits Carmen," said Simone. "Let Doctor Tyrone see them."

Pressured to show Tyrone her tits and desperate enough for money to prostitute herself to feed her k**s and to keep herself from being evicted from her apartment, she reluctantly lifted her blouse and bra. Immediately Tyrone's big hands were all over Carmen's huge breasts. Having been horny ever since her man left and especially after Simone sucked her nipples, if Tyrone touched her tits and sucked her nipples in the way that Simone just did, she'd suck his cock.

"You have big nipples. That's good. Men like that. Men would pay extra to suck your big nipples," he said fingering her nipples, before turning them, twisting them, and pulling them. He released the hold on her tits and nipples for Carmen to pull down her bra and blouse. "Do you suck cock?" He unzipped himself, reached his big hand inside his pants, and pulled out his prick.

"Yeah, but I--"

Carmen stared at his big, semi-erect, black cock.

"Suck my cock," he said holding his semi-erect cock in his hand as if offering his prick to her. "I needs to know what you can do with your mouth, lips, hand, and tongue before I hire you."

"Right here? Right now? In the alley? Someone may come," said Carmen looking all around her.

"Ain't no one dare comes down here, especially when I'm around," he said with a big belly laugh. "This is my neighborhood. I own this territory. The only time the police comes is when e****ted by SWAT to make a big d**g bust, when looking for a fugitive, or when picking up their bag of cash to pass out to their buddies in blue," he said with another big laugh.

"Go ahead and suck him Carmen," said Simone with a nod of her head as if she was encouraging her friend to take advantage of a spring fling sale at Macy's. "Consider this as part of the interview. You've already passed the first step by having a pretty face and having such big, beautiful breasts."

"Shut up Simone and let the woman make her own decision if she wants the job or not," said Tyrone holding his big cock out in his hand. "Just as I'd never f***e a woman to suck me, I don't want to be forcing anyone to work for me. Tyrone ain't like that," he said referring to himself in the third person.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice. If it wasn't for my k**s, I wouldn't be doing this," said Carmen falling to her knees and taking his cock in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him.

As soon as she started sucking him, forcing her to continue, Tyrone put a heavy hand to the back of her head and humped her mouth while fucking her face. He didn't let her go until he exploded a volume of cum in her mouth and until Carmen swallowed.

"You asshole," she said pushing him away, spitting out what was left his cum, and standing.

"You're hired," said Tyrone, "but you best not spit your customer's cum out in the way you spit out mine. Men will pay extra for you to swallow. Men want to believe that you enjoyed sucking their pricks as much as they enjoyed you sucking their pricks. You dig?"

"You got the job," said Simone jumping up and down as if Carmen had just won the lottery. "That's great," said Simone hugging her friend.

"Show her the ropes Simone. I can use her tonight. There's a private party that I need you and Lucy to attend. Bring her along with you," he said, "and dress her. She can't be going to the party dressed like that and looking like someone's mother."

* * * * *

Anthony climbed out to grab Carmen as soon as she emerged from the doorway and walked away from their car. They knew where she was, who she was with, what she's been doing, and where she was going. With Lucy and Simone among the missing, since Tyrone disappeared, they've been following her for days and wanted to make sure that Tyrone wasn't coming back before stepping in to take over his business. Waiting for her to emerge, Anthony got out of the car and, before Carmen spotted them and had the chance to remove her high heels to run. With her kicking and screaming, he grabbed her by her long, dark hair, carried her beneath his big, strong arm, pitched her in the backseat, and closed the door as Marquis drove away.

"Carmen," said Anthony with sarcasm while running a big hand across her breasts and squeezing her nipple. "How are you?"

"Ow you fuck wad. That really hurt," she said in pain while slapping his hand away. "What do you want with me?"

He looked at her and smiled.

"You disrespected us. You haven't been paying us what you owe us Carmen," said Anthony. "We just want what's coming to us," he said giving her another smile as if he was on friendly terms with her.

"I don't owe you shit. I owe Tyrone but he hasn't been around to collect," she said with her Detroit attitude all up in his face. "You're not my pimp. He is and when he comes around to collect, I'll pay him and no one else."

"Yeah, well, unfortunately for you and fortunately for us," he said giving Marquis a high five. "Tyrone ain't around no more. I think that Marine took him out and put him where no one will find him. He ain't comin' back," said Anthony.

"So now you owe us," said Marquis. "Bus'ness as usual, we're taking his place. We're your pimps now and you do who we tell you to do and when we tell you to do it," he said to her through the rearview mirror. "You dig?"

"Go fuck yourself Marquis," said Carmen. "I don't answer to your sorry black ass. You ain't my pimps. I'll work for myself before I work for you two, miserable assholes."

Anthony grabbed her arm when she reached for the door ready to jump from their vehicle and bolt when they were stopping for a red light.

"We're here to help you Carmen. We're here to protect you," said Anthony with a laugh before slapping her face hard enough to get her attention when she looked across the street at a parked patrol car.

"The only protection I need is from you two," she said pulling away from him again.

Holding her close, he threw a possessive arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, close enough that her big tit was pressed against his ribs.

"Has anyone given you any problems? Because if anyone is causing you any grief, Marquis, me, Smith, and Wesson will talk to them," he said opening his jacket enough for her to see the butt of a gun.

"The only problems that I have now are from you two fuckups," said Carmen to Anthony before looking out the car window. "Where are you taking me?"

"We're gonna pay Lucy and Simone a visit to let them know what's what," said Marquis. "They haven't been paying us either and it's time that they knew there's a new sheriff in town."

"Lemme see that," said Anthony grabbing Carmen's purse.

"Give that back to me," said Carmen grabbing for her purse but unable to reach it when Anthony held it away from her with his long arm. "Go ahead, take it," she said when Anthony put his other hand to her neck and squeezed.

He opened her purse and pulled out a few hundred dollars.

"Is this it? Is this all the money you earned working all night? Bullshit," he said staring at her.

"It was a slow night. Maybe if Tyrone was around to make me my appointments I'd--"

As if he was a horny teenager with his Prom date, he surprised her by reaching his big hand down her blouse and bra. Before she could react to his sexual assault, his hand was already down her blouse and inside of her bra. Carmen had big double D tits and she hid her money in her bra and beneath her breasts.

"Damn Carmen. You have nice titties. The biggest and firmest titties I ever felt," he said giving Marquis a wink through the rearview mirror.
"There's no money in my bra Anthony, just tits."

The easiest way to get at her money was to lift her bra from the front before lifting up her big boobs. Instead Anthony took the more difficult albeit more pleasurable route down her shirt and bra instead of up shirt and bra. Reaching inside her bra and feeling her tits while fingering her nipples, he reached beneath each big breast in his search for her money. He pulled out a small wad of cash from underneath each one of her big tits. Sticking his big hand in her bra again, not feeling for money this time, he felt, fondled, and caressed her big tits and fingered her nipples again before reaching beneath her breasts for the money and before she ejected his hand with a shove.

"What's all this bitch?" He held the money up to her face. "Holding out on us?"

"Asshole. If you're going to feel me, then you need to pay me," said Carmen with a sexy look while making a grab for the money but missing when Anthony pulled his hand away.

"Shut up bitch," said Anthony slapping her hard across face again, this time harder. "I'm not paying you shit. You give me what I need for free, anytime I want it."

He reached in between her legs and up her short skirt.

"Don't fucking touch me," said Carmen recoiling from him while trying to close he legs, something she wasn't accustomed to doing lately, ever since she's been working for Tyrone. A good woman, a wife and a mother turned prostitute, had her husband not left her and taken all her money, she wouldn't be sitting here now with these two lowlifes.

"I'll touch you anywhere and anytime I want bitch," said Anthony. "I own your Puerto Rican ass."

"I'm not Puerto Rican. I'm Hispanic," she said with pride.

"Whatever. All of you mud people look alike to me," he said with a laugh.

"At least I know who my Daddy is. Who's your Daddy, Anthony?"

"Watch your mouth," he said.

Pulling the crotch of her panty forward before pushing her panty aside, he grabbed another wad of cash from between her legs before sticking a stiff finger in her pussy.

"You filthy pig," she said pushing at his arm while squirming away from him. "What are you into snowballing? I hope you get a finger full of my John's cum to suck."

"Careful Carmen or you'll be sucking my cock on the way to Lucy and Simone's place. All totaled, there's about two grand here," he said to Marquis while counting hundred's, fifties, and twenties and dumping the money in the front seat. Marquis grabbed the money and stuffed it in his pocket. "Simone trained you good. You've been a very busy girl," said Anthony.

"What about me asshole? What do I live on if you take all of my money?"

"What about you?" He gave her a hard stare. "You're been holding back on us for weeks. You've had plenty of money to live on by not giving us our share," he said. "You're lucky we don't ask you for a cut of that too, but this will do for now," said Anthony after Marquis pocketed her cash, "until you make more for us later. Matter of fact, you're right Carmen," he said unzipping himself and pulling out his cock. "What about me? Suck my prick."

"Fuck you. I won't suck you. I'll bite it off before I suck it," she said looking down at his prick.

"You do and I'll cut off your tits," he said lifting her blouse and bra to expose her big tits before reaching in his pocket to pull out a switch blade.

"Don't do this Anthony. I won't suck you," she said trying to pull away from his grasp.

"Blow me Carmen," said Anthony forcing her head down to his lap. He pulled her long, dark hair for her to open her mouth to scream for him to fill her mouth with all of him. "Suck my cock or I swear to God, I'll beat you senseless that even your own mother won't recognize you when trying to identify your dead body at the morgue."

Reluctantly, Carmen gave Anthony what he wanted and just as they pulled up to Lucy and Simone's place, he ejaculated a load of his warm oozy lust in her mouth.

Unlike Carmen who lived with her three k**s, oxymoronic that they'd have sex with men for money to their sexual preference, Simone and Lucy lived together as lesbian lovers. Atop of an old warehouse just outside of town, isolated and desolate, Simone and Lucy lived a good, quiet life, that is, once they finished servicing men for the night. When they bought this condo, the owner had plans to develop the other seven floors but ran out of finances when his bank would no longer fund his renovation project. Even though the rest of the building looks like shit, his showcase palace, the top floor is spectacular. They never would have bought this place had it not had a secure front and back door, video surveillance, and a new elevator.

A virtual fortress, Marquis and Anthony needed Carmen's help to get them inside. Hugging the outside of the building, Marquis pulled around the corner and parked his car out of sight of their security cameras and windows in case Lucy or Simone were looking out the window. Known to run and a fast runner, with an arm on each side of her, they e****ted Carmen to the front door.

"Tell them you need to talk to them about Tyrone. Tell them whatever you need to tell them to get us up there. And if you don't, I'll make you sorry that you're alive," said Anthony lifting her short skirt to pinch her ass."

"Ow! Fuck! That fucking hurt and that's going to leave a bruise. Okay," said Carmen pulling away from Anthony. "What are you going to do them once up there? You won't hurt them, will you?" She looked from Anthony to Marquis.

"You three working girls are our prized possessions, our moneymakers, why would we hurt you? We just want our money. We just want what's coming to us," said Marquis. "We just want to talk."

"As we told you, we just want Lucy and Simone to know that we're their pimps now. Tyrone ain't comin' back," said Anthony. "We have plans for the business and want to tell them about a party."

Carmen rang the bell to the front door and immediately Lucy answered while Anthony and Marquis stayed on either side of her and out of sight of the security camera.

"Hi Carmen. Come on up," said Lucy buzzing open the door.

As soon as Anthony and Marquis gained entry, they corralled the three women on the couch.

"Lucy," said Anthony. "I'm going to go with you to get the money you owe us that you haven't been paying Tyrone."

"I'm not giving you my money," said Lucy.

"Tyrone is our pimp and not you two dumbasses," said Simone.

"We're taking over Tyrone's bus'ness now," said Marquis. "Tyrone ain't coming back."

"And what are you going to do for us? Are you going to make us appointments? We haven't been working as much without Tyrone making us appointments at the hotel," said Simone.

"You're right," said Anthony. "We haven't been around to help you but now we are and as a show of good faith," he said giving Marquis a wink, "we're not going to take your money. As matter of fact, we're going to give Carmen back her money too," said Anthony holding out his hand for Marquis to give him the money he took from Carmen.

Marquis reached in his pocket and pulled out Carmen's wad of money and handed it to Carmen.

"I hope you know what you're doing b*****r," whispered Marquis to Anthony.

"I do," said Anthony. "Look at this place. Just look at it. It's perfect he said looking at the beamed high ceilings and the exposed brick, pipes, and ducting. "It's so big."

"Big for what?" Lucy looked from Anthony to Marquis. "Big for what? What my place big for?"

"Don't you people pronounce your pronouns. You people need to learn the language before coming here to America," said Marquis. "You've been in this country since you've been a little girl and you still don't talk right Lucy," laughed Marquis.

"How's this? You go fuck yourself up your asshole with your gun," said Lucy.

"That's better," said Marquis laughing.

"This is the perfect place to have our first, annual Lara Logan party."

"Lara Logan?" Simone looked from Anthony to Marquis to Lucy and Carmen. "Who that? Is she another hooker?"

"You could say that after her sex scandal and sex tape went public," said Carmen with a laugh. "Lara Logan is that news reporter who was sexually assaulted by two to three hundred Egyptian men in Tahrir Square," said Carmen looking from Lucy to Anthony. "Is that what you're going to do with us? Are you forcing us to have sex with hundreds of men."

"What kind of pimp do you think I am?" Anthony looked at her and laughed. "I'd never allow so many men to sexually assault you. I've only invited 25 select men--"

"Twenty-five? Oh no. That too much," said Lucy waving her hand as if a customer at a Chinese restaurant buffet was taking too much shrimp. "Lucy don't do twenty-five men. Lucy don't do five men or three men. Lucy do one man, or one woman, or one man with one woman at the same time but not twenty-five men," she said. "No, Lucy don't do that," she said continuing to refer to herself in the third person.

"This isn't up for discussion," said Anthony. "I've already sold tickets to the first annual Lara Logan part for two thousand dollars a pop and you three are the star attraction."

"I'm leaving," said Carmen.

"Sit down," said Anthony. "You're working for us now."

"I'm not sucking and fucking no twenty-five men," said Simone.

"You will or we'll tie you naked and have our paying customers do whatever they want you to do." said Marquis. "You dig? Best you girls get ready as your invited guests will be here in an hour."

"Here? You gave them my address?" Simone looked from Tyrone to Marquis.

"Why you do that?" Lucy looked from Simone to Anthony and then to Marquis. "Why you do that? Why you do that?"

"Because this is a good place for a Lara Logan party," said Anthony with a laugh.

... Continue»
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A Stepmother's Sin - Chapter 5: I try to unde

I arose early, slipped out of bed without waking Robert. Silently, Iwent into the bathroom. I turnedthe
wateron, giving the hot water time to work its way through the pipesfor mywarm shower.
While waiting for the water to warm up, I stared into the mirror and assessed mythirty nineyear old
body. Objectively speaking, I was in excellent shape. My breasts were firm and perky, my waist was
flat and small, and my hips and buttocks were in excellent proportion to the rest of me. Most people
would have believed I was not yet thirty.
I reached down between my legs, squatting slightly and reached in to retrieve my diaphragm. As I
pulled it free, a flood of semen mixed with my ownjuice spilled from my vagina in large globsthat ran
down my thighs. A few dollops of it spilled on to the floor between my ankles.
I tossed the diaphragm into the sink. I grabbed a tissue and wiped the globs of semen from the floor.
Up to that point, the events of the previous night seemed surreal and dreamlike. But here was
irrefutable evidence dripping from me that yes, I had in fact allowed my stepson to enter me, and spill
his seed deep inside me…..twice.
Rather repulsed by the gooey mess running down my thighs, I was intrigued by it, and somewhat
amazed, at the sheer volume of his ejaculate. My young man had certainly pumped a full load inside
me. It had been a long time since I had any man ejaculate inside me, but this seemed to be a much
greater residual volume than I could ever remember before.

I reached down and scooped up two of the larger globs from my inner thigh on my finger tips, and I
brought the spent semen up to my face to study it further. I held the semen under my nostrils, gently
inhaling the scent; it was not at all unpleasant; on the contrary I enjoyed breathing in the aroma. I
closed my eyes as I enjoyed my stepson’s most intimate fragrance.
I was reliving the experience through my sense of smell. Irealized that very few stepmothers ever got
to enjoy the scent of their stepson's semen. I guess that’s how it should be. Nonetheless, I was
enjoying inhaling Robert’s scent for an extended moment.
The mirror was fogging up now, indicating that the hot water had arrived. I brought myself back to
reality and stepped into the shower to wash away all the evidence of my crime; the physical evidence
at least.
After washing and drying myself, I walking over to the sink and picked up the beige, concave rubber
devicethat had been protectingmy cervix from Robert's invading sperm. I washed my diaphragm,
dried it, and placed it intoits plastic container. I then placed the container and a tube of spermicidal
jelly in my purse. I realized I needed to keep thishandy and accessiblewhile Robert was home for the
I put on my make up, dressed and prepared to meet the day. I was early, it was not yetfive forty
I still had an hour before I needed to leave. So I sat at the kitchen table sipping my coffee, trying to
make sense of the massive changes in my life and the events that caused them.
I could not make sense out of any of this. I alternated between gut wrenching guilt, a debilitating
sense of anxiety and a level of excitement that I could not recall previously experiencing.
I heard Robert moving about. I looked up and saw him bounding down the stairs completely naked,
his flaccid penis bobbing wildly in front of him. As he entered the kitchen he stopped and looked at
me grinning.
“Well Willy, lookie who is here…’s Miss Cindy,” he said, referring to me by my first name in a show
of familiarity that indicated a level of comfort with this situationthat I had difficulty comprehending.
“Willy?” I questioned.
“Miss Cindy - or should I say Mom? - let me introduce you to my good friend Willy," as he motioned to

his penis. “I actually think you two have already met,” he said coyly. “In fact, if I remember correctly,
you two have become very close friends.”
My god, he was a confident and cocky bastard. He was his father’s son, no question about it.Almost
on cue, Robert’s penis seemed to pulse upward as though it was a 'one eyed man'trying to look up at
me during our ‘introduction’. As I watched, his penis pulsed and throbbed several times, each time
growing slightly longer, thicker and stiffer.
When it was sticking straight out from his tight abdomen, about half erect, I said, “That is amazing. Is
this going to happen every time you enter a room where I am?”
He was only partially erectyet it wasalready aboutsixinches long and was hanging just south of
horizontal. Even though he was only partially firm, myyoung loverhad the start of a very
impressiveboner already.
“I think so mom,” Robert said confidently, pausing before continuing, I was more than a little
distracted as I watched ‘Willy’ continued pulse ashe grew erect before my very eyes.
“Willy is a lot like Pavlov’s dog. He starts salivating when he hears the bell ring. He is merely reacting
to being in the presence of the most beautiful and sensual woman on the planet.”
“Oh my God,” was all I could utter. “You are a most amazing young man. Never have I seen anything
like this. I have never known anyone like you. Your length, girth and ability to respond are like nothing
I have ever seen before.”
I was genuinely astonished.
“I have never seen a man grow erect without physical contact. Ididn't evenknow this was possible.”
Had I not witnessed it myself, I still would not believe it happened.
As strange as it might sound, I couldn't help but feel some level of pride in my stepson’s physical and
sexual prowess. He was a remarkable specimen. Atsix foot,two inches, with broad shoulders and
muscular chest, he had the physique that looked like he just stepped out of Greek mythology. And his
penis was the most impressive male tool that I had ever seen.
In so many ways, Robert reminded me of his father, only Robert seemed to be moreattracted to me
and was far more smittenwith me than Jim ever was. Robert's attentions were highly flattering. But
perhaps the most flattering thing was the way his penis did, in fact, respond to my mere presence.

Robert’s response to me was incredibly appealing to me.
I could feel myself grow wet as I watched my boy grow erect as a tribute to me! I knew I was falling in
love with this young man in a deeply emotional way. I was on a very dangerous path.
I had never felt so desirable in my life. If this had been the neighbor’snineteen year old son, I would
have no conflict at all; I would simply think that every thirty nine year old woman needed a nineteen
year old lover. Howeverthis wasn’t my neighbor's college aged son;this was my stepson. And I was
deeply conflicted right now. I did not know what to do.
“What are you going to do with that thing now that you have him fully awake?”
“It is an offering to my goddess. It is an offering to you.”
He stood there proudly displaying himself.
“Robert, I have to go to work. I cannot stay home and play.”
“Mommy, you can’t leave me like this all day. Look at me. Look at our friend Willy. We need your
immediate assistance, Miss Cindy. Please? We are both crazy about you.”
He looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes while sporting the biggest boner I had ever seen;
the irony was obvious.
I sat staring for several seconds, contemplating my options here. How did my world change so
dramatically and so quickly? How did I become responsible for Robert’s frequent boners and
responsible for initiating his orgasms?
Finally, shaking my head in disbelief, I said simply, “Come here.”
He walked towards me, his erection swung side-to-side with each step. My god, he was a magnificent
specimen, he was an Adonis, he was my Adonis. He stood in front of me, and I reached up and took
his rigid tool in my fist, stroking him slightly.
“Before I assist you and ‘Willy’, tell me, have you been a good boy?”
“Oh, I have been a very good boy,” he answered in a feigned little boy voice.
“Yeah, what have you done that is so good? What have you done to earn my assistance that you

claim to need so badly?”
He thought for a moment before answering, continuing to rock his hips to encourage my strokes.
“Well, I gave my mommy an orgasm last night.”
“I am not sure that qualifies as ‘being good’, young man. It seems to me that you have been pretty
bad lately. In fact, if I remember correctly, you tried to fuck me bareback, even though you knewI was
not on the pill.”
“But I didn’t, did I? I was a good boy, wasn’t I?”
“Well, you sure did try to fuckme bareback; you tried real hard, didn’t you?”
He got serious for a second. “Mom, you have no idea how badly I wanted to enter you last night, here
in the kitchen. You have no idea how hard that was.”
“Son, I am well aware how ‘hard it was’, it was pressing into myvagina as I convinced you to stop. In
fact, you ‘poked your head in a bit’ before you stopped. You were well past the front door when I got
you to slow down and reconsider. I just hope you didn’t leak any of your little 'spermies' into me. You
could be one minor plumbing leak from having a b*****r and son in once fell swoop.”
I continued to stroke him, and he continued to rock his hips as we talked.
“Mom, I know. I know I was already in a bit. It was all I could do to keep from plunging into you. It was
really tough for me to pull back and wait.”
“I know, Robert. But you must never do that.”
He nodded in agreement as he humped my fist.
I decided that Robert needed to articulate that fact. “Repeat after me ‘I will not try to fuck my
mommyunprotected any more.’ Go ahead, let me hear you say it.”
Robert made an expression that indicated he thought this little exercise was silly. He seemed like he
did not want to say those words. SoI stopped stroking his erection for a second and waited.
Robert quickly relented andsaid, “I will not try to fuckmy stepmomunprotected any more until she is on
the pill, which she needs to take care of right away. I promise.”

“One more time…”
“I will not try to fuck my step mommy bareback any more until she is on the pill. I will not pump my
stepmom’s pussy full of my potent cum….”
He just could not keep from ‘cracking wise’ with me, even on this subject.
The fact that he was obviously very proud of his virility and the 'potency of his semen' was not lost on
me. I wondered if, on some level, he did actuallywant to impregnate me? I put that thought out of my
mind momentarily, but made a mental note to get on the pill quickly as a preventative measure.
“Good boy.”
I brought his erection to my lips, kissed it several times, placed the tip of my tongue into the opening
slit. A loud guttural moan escaped him as I tongued his slit which told me he liked the tip of my tongue
probing his urethra. He liked ita lot.
I took him into my mouth and slowly brought him to a slow torrid orgasm. As he came, I continued to
suck and swallow; I certainly did not need my stepson’s cum spots on my business suit. Beside, I had
recently learned that I found the smell and taste of Robert’s semen enjoyable. Who ever would have
When I thought he was done ejaculating, I took him out of my mouth, but another small translucent
white drop appeared on the tip of his glans, I leaned forward and licked it off, realizing that I truly
enjoyed the taste of Robert’s semen. Swallowing him seemed the most natural thing in the world now.
“Thank you. I needed that.”
“I know you did, baby. Go get dressed, I have to go.”
I stood up and hugged him. I noticed that he made no attempt to kiss me. It was clear that having just
cum in my mouth, he did not want a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. Men are strange a****ls
indeed; they love to have us womeningest their semen, but they want no part of tasting their sperm
Moments later, as I walked out the door, I heard him say, “Mom, I love you so much.”
And I knew he really did.

At the office...
I arrived at work, still aware of the very faint taste of Robert’s semen and uncertain what I should do,
or what I could do with this emotionally and morally complicated mess in whichI found myself. But my
first step was to go to the ladies room to brush my teeth. As irrational as it might sound to you, I was
fearful thatthe scent of Robert's semen might be detectable on my breath.
I was paranoid that someone would somehow instinctivelyuncover the truth and discoverthe horrific
act I was committing. Part of me kept questioning whether or not I was truly the monster that society
would label me if they only knew. Mothers do not sl**p with their stepsons, ever. But I had done just
I did not fully understand how this all happened, although I felt very culpable. My c***dhood Catholic
upbringing taught me plenty about guilt, as well as some about forgiveness. I was feeling an
enormous burden of guilt, and I feared I could never be forgiven.
I could revisit the events leading up to this moment, but to what end? Yes, I should not have invaded
his privacy the night I saw him first masturbating. And yes, I should never agreed to our mutual
masturbation session, that was totally over the line. And I should never have allowed him to touch
and taste me. Each mistake led to another. But I do not know how I could have prevented last night;
Robert was intent on having me, with or without my diaphragm in place. I knew then as I know now, it
was far better to agree to insert my diaphragm and allow my stepson to enter me, than to try to resist
and risk having him take me without protection.
On the other hand, I was not a victim here. I did respond physically to Robert’s attentions, and I did
respond emotionally as well. I responded in a profound and shattering manner. I should not have; I
wish I had not, but I had.
So what now? The important thing was doing what was best for Robert. He seems to have no
problem with the current arrangement. He seems to have no pangs of guilt. I needed to think more; I
needed to have a serious discussion with Robert. I also needed to understand better what was really
going inside Robert’s head. Then I thought, I do not even understand what is going on inside my
head! I was totally confused.
Later that morning I called my ObGyn and got a prescription for birth control pills. I did not know what
the future would hold, but it was clear that neither Robert nor I could be trusted to put these events in
the past where they belong, and I knew that I did not have the physical or emotional strength to stop
him from taking me whenever he chose. And I was not sure I could turn away from the pleasure my
stepson gave me either.

When I picked up the prescriptionover lunch, the pharmacist reminded me to use another form of birth
control for at least seven days after starting to take the pill. Note to self, keep diaphragm in place
whenever there was any risk or potential.
Back in my office, I shut my door and satsilently, trying to sort things out. I needed to assess how this
happened and what to do about it. Just how culpable was I? Did I do something that caused Robert to
come on to me, or was I merely thrown into a difficult and unexpected situation to whichI responded
poorly? What exactly did I do to encourage Robert to feel so comfortable pushing the boundaries with
me? When did I cross the line from being his mother to being a sexual target for him? How did this
Wait, I realized, I was asking all the wrong questions. While understanding my level of culpability
might lessen, or increase the level of guilt I was already feeling, it was not going to help me determine
what I should be doing next? Unintentionally, I had crossed a line that should never have been
crossed, actually several lines. On the other hand, Robert was of legal age, and he was a fully
developed and mature man; at least physically he was.
And although I knew what Robert and I did was wrong by any measure, he did not think it was wrong;
he thought it was one of the most beautiful encounters two people could experience. Was I really in a
position to argue against his assessment? Could he be right? Could it be that these would be the
most precious and cherished memories he ever experiences as he passed through life?
I had to accept the fact that not only wasn’t I going to change Robert’s view of this, I was not going to
be able to dissuade him from trying, in a most tenacious manner, to maintain the physical nature of
our relationship.
And did I really want to dissuade him?
Objectively speaking, on one level, I felt the proper thing was to stop this craziness; however, I knew I
would be unable to resist his determined full pressure assault on my will power and my loins. On a
very deep level, I knew I desired this to continue as much as Robert did; perhaps more. After all, as a
college student, Robert had numerous other alternative sexual outlets available. I did not.
Although I verbally had discouraged Robert's advances, I did not resist enough, if at all. In fact, my
physical reactions did nothing but encourage my stepson to continue. While I was saying the word
‘no’, I was allowing Robert to remove my panties, and I was squatting and opening my thighs to give
Robert better access to my most intimate parts.

I did enjoy his touch. I loved the feeling of having him inside me, filling me and stretching me open. I
loved the feeling last night of laying with Robert inside me in a post-coital cuddle as I slowly
descended from a powerful orgasm. Wrong as it was, I enjoyed it, a lot.
I would like to think that if I really wanted to do so, I could behave better going forward, but I was fairly
certain I would not be able to resist his pressure and advances. He simply knew how to push my
buttons too well. And I felt certain his pressure would continue after the success he had had so far.
Okay, if I could not institute a “dead stop” on the physical and sexual aspects of our relationship, what
were the rules? First, I needed to make sure that I was protected from pregnancy. I would use my
diaphragm religiously in addition to getting on the pill starting today. Robert and I needed to have a
candid discussion and agree what was in and what was out of bounds.
It was now five o'clock,time to go home and face my son.
Going home to face Robert
As I got up to leave, it dawned on me, I needed to always have my diaphragm in place when I came
home. Robert needed not know I had it in place, but I could not risk being taken, either by f***e or by
seduction, without having time to get my protection in place.
I went into the ladies room with my purse. I entered the stall, opened my purse, removed the beige
diaphragmand filled it with spermicidal jelly. Sitting on the toilet, I open my thighs, andinserted my
diaphragm, covering the opening of my cervix. At leastnow I had a barrier to protect me from
becoming pregnantby my stepson.
I convinced myself that I was doing thisas a strictly precautionary measure, not intending to resume
the intimacies with my stepson. I convinced myself that I did not know what I would encounter at
home, and had to be prepared in case Robert go too insistent.
I shook my head in disbelief that Ihad inserted my diaphragm in case mynineteen year old stepson
insisted upon taking me tonight. Amazing. And being honest with myself, I knew if he 'insisted', I
would cooperate.
I arrived home that night to find Robert had prepared a meal for the two of us, and had already
chosen a bottle of wine for us to share over dinner. He was attempting to create a romantic mood for
his ‘date’ tonight.
“Can we talk?” I asked as I sat down at the dinner table with a plate of blackened tilapia in front of me.

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?” Robert said with a sly grin.
I took a sip of merlot as I gathered my thoughts.
“About all that has happened between you and I the past two nights. I realize I may not be able to
convince you that this is wrong, or that it should not have happened, or that we need to stop and
place this in the distant past….”
Robert interrupted, “That’s good. My work here is done!” he said as he pumped a celebratory fist in
the air for effect.
“Robert, please, don’t joke now. This is not a good situation for you. You should be chasing college
girls, developing relationships with girls your own age, and ultimately finding one you will marry and
raise a f****y with.”
“Mom, I intend to do all those things. But I want you too. I need you. All I ever wanted was to have a
woman like you. Now, not only do I have a woman like you, I have you. And I am never, ever letting
you go. You are mine now. There is nothing anyone can do about it; not you, not anybody. A part of
you will always belong to me.”
There was a real passion and conviction in Robert's words as he spoke. I thought I actually heard his
voice crack slightly revealing the level of emotion he too was feeling right now.
Once again, my head was swirling.
There was no question, Robert was feeling deep, passionate and real love; not simple teenage lust.
To him, this was a committed relationship; a life long commitment of sorts. It was wrong, it was
twisted; but it was real, genuine, and to him, beautiful.
I could not help being flattered that any man could be so taken, so in love and so committed to me. It
was certainly more complicated and emotionally charged since this man was also my stepson; but it
was flattering nonetheless. No man had ever been this taken with me, or smitten with me. If I am
honest with myself, I must admit that at that moment, I did not want to give this up either.
It was also clear that Robert did not think he was doing anything wrong for him, or for me. He did not
see any way that passionately loving me would harm me. And it was clear that he was a very
tenacious and determined young man, and he was not going to be dissuaded from this course upon
which he had set us both.

After several moments of uncomfortable silence, I responded to what Robert had said, “Robert, you
need to understand that I really believe we made a mistake, what we did was wrong, and that we
should stop this insanity now…”
“I will not let you make this into something ugly or wrong,” he interrupted.
“I think I understand that - or at least, I accept that is how you feel. I disagree. But I accept that I am
not going to change your mind. But you do need to understand that I really think we should stop.”
I paused to let that sink in.
“But regardless of whether or not I can convince you to stop, we need to establish some boundaries
and guidelines,” I said while watching closely for Robert's reaction
Robert initially looked puzzled, and then he smiled, relieved at this sign that I was considering some
scenario where we would continue.
“What would those boundaries be?” he inquired. His demeanor was much more positive now that he
understood that I was not going to insist we end this torrid love affair at all costs. He seemed to be
actually beaming at the thought that I was agreeing to continue our intimacies.
“Well, first, you need to have other interests, pursue other girls your own age; if not while you are
here, certainly when you return to college.”
“Okay, that seems fair. Are you going to date other men while I am staying here this summer?”
This brought a huge smile to my face.
“No, I think I can give up my very active datinglife for the next three months while you are here.
Robert, I have not been ‘on a date’ in nearly six months. I have not been ‘with a man’ in the sexual
sense in nearly a year prior to me ‘being with you’ last night. My dating, and my sex life have been
very boring, and very inactive. Robert, my sex life prior to you was... well... non-existent.”
I chuckled as I answered.
“That’s good, because, to be honest, I would not like to have other guys taking you out, and ‘doing
you’ while I am here.”

“Doing me?” I laughed.
“You know what I mean. I know that we are not going to be a monogamous couple for the rest of our
lives, but for the time I am here, I want you to belong to me, and only me.”
“You are cute, and that is very sweet. Okay, while you are here, I will be your woman. You will be my
man. It will be an interesting summer,” I said, shaking my head at the absurdity of the situation.
Then it hit me, I just agreed to 'go steady' with my stepson.
"Robert, no one can know about this, ever; especially not your father," I said emphatically.
Robert's expression turned immediately to exasperation. "Of course, mom. Do you think I am
He was obviously a bit insulted that I felt the need to point out the obvious.
"Robert, I know you know this; but you can't ever slip up. If you are sitting around the dorm, drinking
with your buddies, telling tales about wild sexual adventures, you can't say 'I got one that will top you
all...I banged my stepmom this summer'."
"Mom, I know that."
"And Robert, normally I would never advise you to keep anything from your wife, when you get
married someday; but this is one intimacy that needs to remain between you and me. Your wife can
never know what you and I shared, okay?"
"Mom, I promise you, I will never tell a soul. I will never disrespect you in any way. I realize people
would not understand what we are doing. But mom, this is not about sex; it is about love. I love you.
That's why I want to be with you."
I could feel tears form in my eyes as I knew he was right; this was about love and intimacy, not sex.
"God, I love you Robert."
"I love you too, mom."
"Robert, one last thing. We need to keep the intimacy inside the house. When we are out in public,
we need to act like a stepmother and her son, not like lovers. There can not be any 'public shows of

affection'; not even holding hands."
Robert nodded indicated that he understood.
"Mom, do you think maybe we could take a short trip this summer and go somewhere that no one
knows us? Somewhere we could actually go on a real date? Maybe go dancing? And hold hands?"
"Robert, you are so sweet. Perhaps we can. I think I would like that too. But let's not get ahead of
I smiled, deeply pleased at the thought of Robert and I taking a trip this summer and being able to
act like a true couple in public. Perhaps Atlantic City might be an option? Or upstate New York? I
would have to work on this later.
Robert stood. The bulge in his pants was noticeable. I finished my glass of merlot. Robert stepped
around the table, took my handand pulled me to a standing position. Heguided me to the living room
couch. It was clear that this discussion was over for the time being.
We kissed deeply, each of our tongues exploring the other’s mouth. Robert began unbuttoning my
blouse, removing it and then my bra; leaving my smallish, but perky tits exposed to the air-
conditioned air. My nipples stood up proudly on display. I started unbuttoning Robert’s shirt and
removing it. I was still in awe ofhis taut abdomen, as well ashis well defined chest, shoulders and
"Robert, I just love your chest and arms. God, you are a gorgeous young man," I said while caressing
his chest, and gently teasing his nipples. "Baby, if I had known someone likeyou when I was in
college, I likely would have gotten knocked up before my eighteenth birthday. I could never say 'no' to
It was an honest admission to my nineteen year old stepson that I would not refuse him, not tonight,
not tomorrow, not ever. By tellingRobert thatI could never say 'no' to him, I was actually making a
commitment to my stepson. I wascommitting to allowing him access tohis stepmother's pussy for the
rest of his life.
I don't know if this commitment was lost on him, but at that moment I knew I would never deny my
stepson access to mefor the rest of his life. I belonged to him!
I leaned forward and took one of his nipples in my mouth sucking it, much the way he had sucked my
nipples last night. I kissed his chest, and massaged his erection through his pants.

While I was caressing and kissing him, a thought re-entered my mind. I wanted to test whether or not
the thought of impregnating me aroused him, or if it scared him. Was the risk of getting his
stepmother pregnant part of the excitement and allure of the torrid affair that he had imposed on the
two of us?
I did not know what I would do with the knowledge, but on a very core level, I wantedto know.
As Robert unzipped my skirt, I raised my bottom off the couchallowing him toremove it.I fumbled with
his belt and zipper of his slacks. It was a bit embarrassing, my stepson was far more nimble and
adroit at undressing me than I was at undressing him. I guess he had far more practice in college
than I had recently.
For a moment, I wondered how many girls had Robert been with? I felt a silly pang of jealousy come
over me as I realized that my nineteen year old stepson likely had more sexual partners than I had in
my entire life. I f***ed the thought and the jealousy from my mind.
Robert finally assisted me in releasing his belt, andthe top clasp of his pants. He stood, and removed
his pants, boxers and socks quickly. His penis was partially erect already.
Robert kneeled in from of my, separated my thighs, and he kissed my pussy through the wet material
of my panties. I lifted my bottom up to allow him to remove my panties.
He sat back down next to me.
We were now both naked,necking andgroping each other on the couch. To me, there was something
sexy about being naked outside of the bedroom. I can’t quite explain it, but it added to my excitement.
As we necked on the couch, I lowered my hand into his lap and found his penis. Robert’s erection
was large, rigid and standing straight up on its own. God, he was sexy, no question about it.
I softly ran my fingers around the ridge that separated the glans from the meaty shaft of his cock,
barely touching him. The head of his erection swelled and pulsed in response to my very soft touch.
Robert arched his hips, attempting to increase contact as he moaned in frustration. I continued to
tease him, barely touching the smooth, very sensitive skin of his glans and the area right beneath the

"Shit, mom... I can't take that... you are driving me crazy."
"I know. That's why I do it."
Robert patience with my teasing was wearing thin. He stood up, pulling me standing as well. As he
did the previous night, in order to kiss me more comfortably without bending over so far, Robert
placed my arms around his neck, andsimply hoisted up my tiny frame, grabbing my both my legs and
pulling me so I was straddling his well conditioned torso; my arms wrapped tightly around his neck as
we kissed.
I liked the way he was able to lift my light frame at his will. It made me feel petite and vulnerable;
somewhat powerless in the presence of this strong powerful man who was both my lover and my
I felt the head of his erection bouncing against my legs and buttocks as we necked like teenagers. I
guess that should not be too surprising since one of us was a teenager. Then I felt his cockhead start
to search more urgently for my opening, or any opening!
Just as had happened the previous night, once the head of his penis found the wetness ofopening
Robert arched up for gain entrance to my wet and dilated vulva.
Since he did not know that I had already inserted my diaphragm, I decided to tease, and test, him a
bit. I was curious to see how he would react to my teasing.
With the head just at the opening,actuallyinside me less thanan inch, I broke off our kiss and said,
“whoa baby, you can’t go inside me quite yet.”
He looked at me puzzled, as if to say, ‘Why not?’
“Baby, I need to get my diaphragm in place.”
Butrather than pull away, I held myself steady, my arms propping me up on his shoulders. Then I
lowered myself ever so slightly, allowing his cock to edge inside me another half inch or so. I had just
the head inside me inner folds. I looked into his eyes with all the love and lust I had, and I contracted
my vagina to give the large bulbous head of his cock a loving squeeze.
The moan that escaped his lips and the sudden pulse of his entire penis let me know he felt my
contraction, and he liked it. He liked it a lot.

I told him, “Baby, you feel so good. You stretch me wider than anyone ever has. But you can’t go
inside quite yet.”
I adjusted my weight on his shoulders slightly causing me to slide down on his rigid pole just a bit.
“Oh, baby, you need to lift me off your tool. I will get my godiaphragm in place. I will do it quickly.”
I contracted my vagina once again; and his penis throbbed again in response.
“But, Robert, you can’t fuck me bareback. You just can’t. No matter how good it feels.”
And I squeezed his cock's head with my vagina one more time.
I wasgetting an enormous amount of pleasure fromteasing my boy like this. I was watching the facial
expressions. He was completely lost in his lust for me at that moment.
Since the very first night, when he caught me spying on him inmy voyeuristic moment of weakness, I
have felt like he had all the power, all the control. Robert had been pulling all the strings. But now, for
these last few moments, I felt I had regained some control.
And most importantly, I knew something he did not know. I knew thatmy diaphragm was in place; I
had started taking the pill; a protective barrier was there to keep him from impregnating me. But
Robert thought the risk of pregnancy at that moment was very, very real.
What would he do, I wondered?
I adjusted my weight again, pushing on his shoulders and pushing my legs down against his strong
hands that we holding me in place with his cockhead just inside my vulva. I lifted up, barely allowing
his penis to exit my vagina, but, after hovering over him for only a second, immediately lowered
myself a bit so thatone totwo inches of his massive pole returned into me.
With just the head of his penis inside me I kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue inside my mouth as
I contracted my vagina again.
I repeated my request, “Baby, please lift me off of you so I can put in my diaphragm. Please don’t
fuck me bareback. I am in the fertile part of my cycle. If you cum in me, Icould get pregnant. And
neither of us want tohave your baby growing in my belly.”
I contracted my cunt again as I teased him; trying to determine if he would lift me off the rigid tool that
was just starting to pierce my vagina, or would he take me right there standing in the living room

andspill his seed inside me? Would Roberttry to impregnate me?
As I contracted my vagina again, hugging the head of Robert's cock one last time I hissed into his
ear, “But you do feel good, baby. You do feel very good.”
I leaned forward and kissed him againdeeply, this time, probing my tongue into his mouth. I was hot, I
was as aroused as I could ever remember. And my passion was clearly present as I sucked his
tongue into my mouth in this deep soul searching kiss, the head of his hard cock throbbing anxiously
inside me a couple of inches. This was very sexy and I was very aroused. I knew I was going to cum
tonight, it was building already.
Robert broke off the kiss and leaned me backwards, separating the distance between our shoulders
while holding my hips to keep his penis just inside me. My arms were stretch out, my fingers locked
together behind his neck, holding myself in place.
It appeared he had made a decision as to whether to set me free to allow me to install my diaphragm
or not. As he leaned me backwards, my body formed an angle with his torso. He was holding me
back almost horizontal now, the head of his penis had now slidinside me several of inches, but was
still only halfway inside me. I looked between my legs and could see thatat leastfour inches of his
thick shaft remained outside my vagina..
In this position, the rigid head was pressing up firmly into the front wall of my opening, pressing on my
very sensitive g-spot. Yes, I was going to have an orgasm tonight, and I would not hold out long.
Robert’s cock was so rigid that it felt like his dick could support my entire 105pound frame if he
released me from his grip.
He moved his hands from under my legs to my hips where he pulled me, suddenly and violently,
towards him, fully impaling me on his erection.
The suddenness of his large penis piercing my vagina was unexpected and, surprisingly painful, and
extremely stimulating. I was not ready to accommodate his full length and girth.
The sudden shock of pain and pleasure as he impaled me evoked a loud screech from deep in my
core. It was a sound I had never before heard, and certainly never before made. (I do not even know
how to imitate the guttural sounds I made at that moment.) Of course, the sudden penetration was
like nothing I had ever experienced or felt before either.
Butthe shot of pain subsided quickly and rapidly became waves of pleasure as myvagina was f***ed
open to accommodate my stepson’s erection.

This massive penetration initiated my orgasm. My hands were now clasped, fingers interlocked
behind Robert’s neck as I held on for dear life, Roberts’s hands on my hips pulling me into him
violently to meet the rapid thrust of his hip as he pulled in and out of me. His thrusts slapped up
against my ass and thighs, bouncing me up and his strong hands were catching me and positioning
me forhis next thrust.
Being a relatively petite (and short) woman, I had never been able to make love standing up. My
partner was always too tall. And no one had been able to lift and move me with such ease to fuck me
in the manner and position that my muscular stepson was at this moment.
The rigidity ofhis penis, and the ‘angle of attack’f***edthe head of his cock to strike the front wall of
myvagina with such f***e that it initiated a very powerful orgasm that had me responding
uncontrollably to the rapid and violent pounding my stretched little pussy was being subjected to.
I was being bounced up with each thrust only to be driven back down to meet the next one. I was
crying out, I was afraid I would pass out.
I alternated between begging Robert to stop for a second and let me gather my senses, to begging
him to never stop fucking me like this. I was incoherent. And I was cuming over and over again. I
could not stop.
I just had a long powerful orgasm wave crash through me, and felt another building behind it. Robert’s
massive strength and size allowed him to move my small light body around at will. I was little more
than a light doll to be tossed and turned on top of his rod. I came a second time as he pounded my
tight little pussy from underneath me.
He obviously had decided to spill his seed into what he believed to be my unprotected womb, or
maybe he just gave into the passion of the moment. Either way, as Robert bucked in and out of me,
he thought he was impregnating me, or at least thought that he might be. I decided to play along with
this belief a while longer.
“Oh baby, you are making me cum so hard,” I cried out between his thrusts. In a very broken voice, I
managed to cry out, “But you can’t cum baby;notinside me; not yet... Not until I get my diaphragm in.”
I was using my grip on his neck to allow me to meet every violent thrust inside me with as much f***e
as I could muster. I was going to cum a third time on my baby’s penis, which, in this particular position
was finding places deep inside me where ‘no man, or device, had gone before’.

Robert was arching his back to get the deepest penetration possible when I felt him shutter, arch
forward and remain, pushing forward inside me. As he held me tightly in place, I could feel his large
penis pulsing violently inside meas the sudden thrusting stopped for a moment.
I knew at that point, he was unloading his seed inside me. I just leaned backwards and accepted it all,
contracting my vagina, both intentionally and involuntarily, in an attempted milking motion to drain
every bit of semen, every last sperm from my stepson’s loins.
We were both soaked with sweat, our chests heaving heavily trying to regain our breath. Robert laid
me back on the couch, and we collapsed in a sweating, panting heap of flesh still coupled together. I
lay on my back. Robert lay on top of me, facing me, still deep inside of me. Our heavy breathing
making any discussion impossible at that moment. I could feel him pulse inside me, and to each throb
of his penis, I would return of a loving squeeze by contracting my vagina on his penis.
After two or three minutes, Robert broke the silence. “Mom, I am sorry. I should not have done that.”
He was still inside me as we lay there recovering. And he was still heavy, firm and stiff, if not
completely rigid.
“No you really should not have,” I agreed. “But I am as much to blame as you. More perhaps.”
“But you did tell me to stop, several times; you asked me to set you down so you could get your
diaphragm. I wanted to let you go; I just couldn’t stop myself.”
I decided to explore this part of my stepson’s psyche a bit more. “Robert, I did not resist nearly
f***efully enough. I don’t know if I could have stopped you, but I did not fight your entrance into me
very much at all. In fact, I encouraged it.”
I paused to let this sink in a moment. Laying there with my stepson’s thick, heavy and partially firm
penis inside me was a very strange experience indeed. I was enjoying the closeness of our post-
coital cuddling. I was enjoying the sensation of Robert’s penis still pulsing occasionally in my very
dilated, open and lubricated vagina. I enjoyed the now involuntary spasms of my vagina around this
wonderful penis. I could feel the semen beginning to slowly leak out of me, our combined juices were
starting to trickle slowly out of me, down towards my backside and on to the leather couch cushions.
All of this gave me a feeling of contentment that I could not deny.
And the conversation with Robert about what had just occurred between us, and why, made me feel
very close too him. Lying there while still coupled with my son gave me a feeling of love, closeness
and intimacy that I cannot begin to describe. I gently contracted my vagina on his penis in an attempt
to convey my love and to comfort my son. Robert’s penis pulsed back in an appreciative response.

“Why do you think you wanted to have me without protection?” I asked, looking into his eyes to gain
some understanding.
“I do not really know myself, Mom.” He paused to think. “But the thought of placing my sperm into
your womb without the diaphragm was strangely exciting. In do not understand it, but I cannot deny it
We lay silently for a couple of minutes, caressing each other. Robert was not growing flaccid, but
remained firm. In fact, I thought I felt him begin to stiffen a bit as he occasionally moved in and out of
me ever so slightly.
“Mom, if you got pregnant, what would you do?”
“What do you mean, baby?”
“Would you end the pregnancy?”
Now that was a heavy question. I decided to be completely open about this issue. This might be an
opportunity for a moral lesson here. I recognized the absurdity of that thought; a mother lying with her
stepson’s penis inside her providing a moral lesson. Nonetheless, I answered honestly.
“Robert, there are very few sins I have not committed. In fact, I seem to be finding new and more
heinous sins to commit regularly these days.”
Robert started to interrupt me; I stopped him, “Let me finish. This is important for you to hear.”
I took a deep breath before continuing. He pulled his firm cock out of me a few inches and pushed
back in arching his hips forward.
“You feel good inside me baby, God forgive me for saying it, but it is true, you feel so good. But let me
finish,” I repeated. “I could never, and I would never terminate a pregnancy. I could not do that to my
baby. I could not do that to your baby. An abortion would simply be out of the question. That is one
sin that I will not commit.”
He seemed genuinely relieved to hear me say that.
He stroked in and out of me several more times. He was growing more rigid remaining inside of me. I
realized that soon he would be fully erect and he would be fucking me once again.

“Robert, do you think you would feel the same about what we are doing if I were your just a neighbor
or a an older woman you just happened to meet?”
The question caught Robert by surprise and his face registered the impact of the question. “I don't
know. I do think the history we have shared when you were married to my dad does make our
relationship more intimate. I knew you and loved you on a different level before we became intimate. I
really do love you.”
I pulled him towards me, hugged him and contracted my vagina again, giving him the deepest most
intimate hug I could. “Robert, I love you so very much. More than you will ever understand.” And we
silently held our embrace, and I could clearly feel him growing inside of me.
He pulled his penis almost completely out of my vagina for a moment before slipping right back in; my
pussy made a loud slurping sound with the slippery in and out motion. It felt wonderful. He paused
again. Looked into my eyes and asked, “Do you think you might be pregnant?”
“No, baby. I know I am not. I put in my diaphragm before I left the office today. You did not know it,
but you were totally protected, at least from knocking me up.”
Robert face showed some real disappointment at this news. At that moment, I knew he had a real
desire for something that could never be. He really wanted me to carry his c***d, our c***d. He needed
to understand that was not a possibility.
“Why did you make me think you did not have any protection in place?” he sounded hurt.
“Baby, there were a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to understand your frame of mind a little better;
what was driving your desire for me. I really wanted to know if you wanted to impregnate me. Also, I
thought the 'play acting' might excite you. If it was something that you desired on some level, then it
seemed harmless to let you think you were taking me with no barriers in place.”
He nodded in apparent understanding. Without decoupling from me, Robert slid down off the couch
into a kneeling position. As he did, he pulled me forward towards him, pulling my ass off the couch,
leaving me resting my shoulders and back on the couch cushions. And he began slowly, lovingly
fucking me again on the couch.
He was erect again inside of me, never having left since our shared orgasm. Now my pussy was
sloppy wet, wide open and noisily slurping with each long, slow stroke of my stepson’s penis.

He pulled me forward, so that I was sitting on his lap, straddling his muscular thighs, with his penis
reaching up inside me. As he pulled me forward we embraced and kissed passionately, he fondled
my tiny breasts as I raised myself up and down on him.
I was crying as I fucked him, tears running down my face and spilling on to Robert’s chest; but I was
not sad or distraught. The tears were more about the tremendous emotions I was feeling as I rode
I had, for the moment placed aside my shame and guilt. I was past worrying about the morality of our
actions, I just wanted my baby to cum inside me again; which he did.
No man had ever loved me, or been as dedicated to me, or desired me as much as Robert did at that
moment. And feeling him deep inside me, reaching up into my womb with his wonderful penis gave
me a sense of contentment and fulfillment that I cannot describe. The guilt and shame would return
soon enough; but at this instant, I was making love to someone whom I loved dearly and completely.
And to this day, years later, I still cherish the memory of that evening.
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Blackmailing Shalini Story # 1

I am delighted to be her
Blackmailing Shalini 1 – 3
Shalini answered the phone, “this is the head librarian, how may I help you?” Frank said, “just listen
and say nothing unless you want the information I have made public. Do you want that?” Shalini let
out a small gasp, and asked, “who are you, and what do you want?” “I told you to just listen,” Frank
snapped, “just listen!” “Okay,” was her response. “You will go to the bar in the Steak House, the one
near your home, tonight at 6:00 for happy hour. Take a seat at a table in the corner, order yourself
a drink and wait for me to introduce myself. If you are more than five minutes late, I will leave, and I
will make sure your newspaper gets all the information I have collected on you, and copies will be
sent to the library board as well.” He then abruptly hung up the telephone. Shalini shook as she
placed the receiver back on its base. She quickly regained her composure, and went through the
motions of finishing her work day. On the way home, she drove by the Steak House, noting it was a
very popular cafe and feeling reassured about her safety if she decided to meet this man who had
been mailing packages, shocking packages, to her for the past ten days. She glanced at her watch,
noting it was already 10 minutes until six o’clock. She drove on by, then turned around realizing she
did not have time to go home first. There was a parking space near the front door, she took it
feeling some relief about its location. Inside the bar, she saw a good size crowd all enjoying drinks
before their meals. Shalini sat at a table off to herself, and ordered a glass of wine. As she sipped
her wine, she looked around at the men there, wondering who the person that had called her was.
She saw no one she knew, but saw several faces she vaguely recognized. She finished her wine and
looked at her watch. It was just a few
minutes after six. She ordered another glass of wine. The waitress had just set the glass down when
she saw a man walking toward her table. It was one of the ones she knew from somewhere, but she
could not place where. She noticed he was carrying a couple of large envelopes similar to those she
had been receiving for the past ten days. As soon as their eyes met, she remembered where she
knew him from. He was a patron at her branch library, but she could not think of his name. He laid
the two envelopes in front of her on the table for her to see. One was addressed to her newspaper
and the other to the San Francisco Library Board. “May I join you?” he asked, smiling at her obvious
discomfort. “Do I have a choice?” she responded. He picked up the two large envelopes and turned
to walk away, then stopped. “Of course you have a choice, but make it carefully unless you want me
to mail these envelopes. You know what is in them don’t you?” Taking a deep breath to steady her
nerves, Shalini replied, “don’t mail them, sit down,” adding as an after thought, “please.” He took a
chair on the opposite side of the table, and took a sip of the drink he had brought with him to her
table. He leaned back in his chair and stared at her. “Who are you? I have seen you in the library,
but what is your name?” she asked. “I am your date for tomorrow night for dinner here at 7:00, that
is enough for you to know right now,” was his answer. He took another long drink and added,
“unless you want what I know about you to become the talk of the town.” “But, I don’t want a date
with you. I don’t even know your name, much less want to go on a date with you.” “Shalini, look at
the stamps on these envelopes, they are ready to drop in the mail box. Had you rather have a
dinner date or have these placed in the mail?” “That sounds like blackmail, and it is a crime. You
could go to jail
if I reported you to the police.” “I don’t think you want to get the police involved in this Shalini, you
know what I would do with all that I have collected on you. You might also want to consider that
you have seen only a portion of what I have and what is in these envelopes.” Frank looked directly
at her as he said this, then took another sip of his drink. “All you want is a dinner date?” she asked.
She glanced down at the table as she spoke, avoiding looking directly at him. “For now, Shalini for
now. But I will require that you dress a lot nicer for our date than the way you are now dressed. In
fact, I will have some packages delivered to your house tomorrow afternoon that will contain what I
want you to wear.” He stood up, picked up the envelopes and his drink, and said “tomorrow at
7:00, we will meet here at this table and. wear exactly what is delivered, no more and no less. If you
are more than 5 minutes late, these envelopes will be mailed.” Then he walked away from the table
and disappeared into the crowd. Shalini jumped to her feet to find him, but she could not. She
spent several minutes looking, then paid for her wine and left. She was relieved that it was still
daylight as she got in her car and drove home. She changed clothes and sat down to read, but she
could not concentrate. Her mind was on the man she had just met, the envelopes she had been
receiving, and the “date” he wanted for tomorrow night. She had so many questions, and he had
disappeared so quickly. She wondered what this was all about. All night long she tried to sl**p, but
the events of the evening were running constantly through her mind. She knew she would be
ruined professionally, socially, and personally if the information he had got out into public
knowledge. “After all, he just wants a date, and it is a very public and popular restaurant,” she
rationalized. “I will be safe, nothing could possibly happen there,” she decided as she drifted off
into a deep sl**p. As her Saturday progressed, Shalini starting feeling a little better about her
“date” for the evening. She was convinced that she would be safe, and she needed to find out what
this man wanted in exchange for his silence. She had decided not to call the police, and just to pay
the blackmailer to keep her past a secret. It was the only choice she had and she knew it. She had a
good job, had saved a lot of
money, and she was prepared to buy his silence rather than go through the humiliation of the
exposure of her past. It was just after four o’clock when she heard her door bell. Looking through
the peephole, she saw a delivery man from Macy’s standing on her porch. She opened the door,
signed for the packages and waited until the delivery man was gone before shutting and locking her
door. Shalini sat the packages down on her couch and began to open them. She found a red nylon
slip dress, red lace bikini panties with a matching shelf bra, dark thigh high hose, red high heel
shoes, a red purse, small gold hoop earrings, and a gold chain bracelet. She was surprised that there
were earrings and a bracelet, but no necklace, and even more than a little surprised at the fact
everything was her exact size. A small shudder of fear run through her body. She poured herself a
glass of wine and took it and the clothing to her bedroom. She took her shower, then started
getting her hair fixed and makeup on. After she was dressed, she looked at her image in the mirror.
It had been several years since she had worn anything as sexy as these clothes, and she just
admired herself for several minutes. She had always hated bikini panties because of the panty lines
they created, and they were very prominent in this thin nylon dress. Remembering the man’s
threats, she decided against changing and was dressed for her “date.” Shalini arrived at the Steak
House at exactly 7:00, parked her car and went into the bar. She saw him sitting at the table she
had sat at last night. He smiled at her as she walked to the table and told her to have a seat. She sat
down being careful to avoid eye contact with this man. He just seemed to look right through her
and that made her very uncomfortable. Her hands were noticeably shaking as she sipped the glass
of wine he had already sitting on the table. Shalini was in no mood for small talk, and asked “how
much do you want to keep silent about what you have discovered about me. I am willing to pay you
for your silence.” He said nothing, but continued to stare at her and sip his drink. “How much?” she
asked in a demanding tone of voice. He smiled and said, “it is not your money that I want, it is your
body that you will use to buy my silence.”
“What?” she reacted, “you don’t expect me just to have sex with you do you? What do you think I
am, some kind of a whore?” Smiling still, he said, “you are a whore, I have proof of that, we are just
haggling about the price.” “That is all things that happened in my past. It was years ago when I
needed the money. I am ashamed of what I did, but I am not a whore.” “Yes, that is exactly what
you are, Shalini, in fact you are not only a whore, but a slut. You were and you still are. You can’t
change your past. According to your arrest records, you were selling your body to anyone that had
$100 to pay for it. I am willing to pay much, much more than that. I am willing to pay with my
silence, that has the value that you place on your career, you social standing, and your reputation.”
He paused glared into her eyes and asked, “how much is all that worth to you Shalini?” Her face
turned as red as her dress with rage and anger. She stood up and reached for her purse, but her
eyes saw him holding the two stamped envelopes. “Have you forgotten about these?” he asked.
She slumped back in her chair. She knew that he had her in a mess and that she had to get out of it
some how. She said, “no, I have not forgotten. You are not an unattractive man, why don’t you just
ask someone you know for a date? Why me, we don’t even know each other?” “You are wrong
Shalini, I know you very well, but not as well as I am going to. I know everything about you, as you
have seen, even your torrid past. I know your credit card numbers, your clothes sizes, I know a lot
about you.” “How did you find out all of this?” “I have gone through your history, your personal
information is well known to me. I have gone through you trash where I learned your clothing sizes
and so much more.” He took another drink out of his glass and smiled at her nervousness, “yes I
have chosen well,” he thought to himself. Shalini just sat looking at her glass of wine. Without
looking up she said “okay, if I agree to have sex with you, will you give that information to me and
promise to keep quiet about what you know about
me?” Without waiting on an answer, she added, “when do you want this?” “We will start tonight?”
he replied. “Start? What do you mean start?” “That is exactly what I mean. We will start tonight.
You are going to buy my silence by being my private whore. You are going to pay for my silence with
your body as often as I want you to, and that starts tonight. I know you are not seeing anyone at the
present time, and that you have a lot of time on your hands, and I will allow you to continue to keep
up appearances at social functions. But Shalini, you are now my whore. If you find that more
objectionable than the consequences, you can leave right now.” “For how long?” she asked meekly
as her body trembled with fear and her voice cracked. “Until you are fully trained or you no longer
please me. If it ends because you don’t please me I will send the information to the library board
and to your newspaper,” he answered, but he was no longer smiling at her. “What do you mean by
until I no longer please you or until I am ‘trained’?” she asked still trembling. “You will find out in
time, you will find out.” “Or had you rather I mail these envelops?” gesturing to them laying on the
table. “Your rapid rise in the library system has made you some enemies, what would they do with
this information. What would your high society friends do? You know how those people love gossip.
Then there is your newspaper column to think about.” The Waitress sat two more drinks on the
table as Shalini contemplated her situation. “Now, be a good little girl and go to the restroom.
While you are there, take off your bra and bring it back to me.“ “Just like that? You expect me to go
and take off my bra and hand it to you?”
“You have worn less in public as I am sure you remember, or do I need to show you some pictures
of yourself? Yes, that is exactly what I expect you to do. If you question that, I will demand your
panties as well. Now go do as you have been told, and be quick about it,” he said sternly. Shalini
could tell he was serious about what he had asked her to do, and she knew he was equally serious
about sending the information as he had said. Taking a deep breath she said, “okay,” and reached
for her purse. He grabbed her hand and said, “leave that here.” “But how will I be able to bring my
bra back to the table without someone noticing what I am carrying?” “I don’t care, that is not my
concern. No one will have any doubt about you not a bra on in that dress when you walk all the way
back over here anyway. Now go, before I decide I want your hose also.” Shalini left the table
realizing for the first time that the restrooms were all the way across the lounge. She tried not to
attract attention, but it seemed as if every eye was on her as she walked to the ladies room. Frank
smiled as he watched her walk away. This had gone much faster and easier than he had hoped for,
and he was getting sexually aroused. He had anticipated much more resistance, and he knew it
would come as his demands got harder for her to accept. He would make sure that he stayed right
on the verge of scaring her off at all times. Step by step he had planed her enslavement and was
thrilled that it was moving so well. When he saw her returning, he felt a tinge of guilt because her
eyes were full of tears. No one else saw the tears though, their eyes were on her body and the bra
she was obediently bringing to him. “What is your name?” she asked avoiding eye contact. “How do
you refer to men that come to you in the library when you don’t know their names?” Shalini
thought for a moment, then answered, “ I just call them ‘sir’.”
“Then for the present time you may simply refer to me as ‘sir’ also.” “Just call you ‘sir’? Are you
k**ding?” Tapping his fingers on the envelopes laying on the table to make his point, Frank
responded, “did it sound like I was k**ding?” She simply shook her head “no.” She still felt the stares
of the men in the bar, and knew she was being trapped in something by the man. Frank looked at
his watch. It was after eight, and he had a big night planned. He said it was time to eat and told her
to follow him. They walked into the restaurant portion of the building. He told the waiter where he
wanted to sit, and they were led to a table. He ordered only a salad for Shalini, but a steak for
himself. As soon as the waiter had taken their order and walked away from the table, Frank said,
“take off your panties and hand them to me.” Shalini was taken by surprise, she sighed, then stated
to get up to go to the restroom and do as she had been told. She knew it would do no good to
protest anyway. She stood up. “No, here, take them off here and hand them to me.” “Here?” “I
don’t like having to repeat myself, yes here damnit. Just reach under the table and take them off,
now!” Shalini looked around the restaurant, then carefully and as discreetly as possible removed
her panties. She reached around the table and handed them to him. He took them and laid them
near his drink on top of the table in clear view. When the waiter brought their meals, he spilled a
glass of water when he saw the red lace panties next to Frank. Frank used the panties to wipe up
the spill as the waiter stared at Shalini and grinned. They ate in silence, he going over his plans for
the evening, and she on the verge of crying about the predicament she was in.
Frank had eaten about half of his steak when he paused and said, “go to the restroom and take off
your hose. Be a good girl and bring them to me. Go quickly or I will want you to take them off right
here at the table.” The tone of his voice was enough to let Shalini know he was serious. His
information was enough that if that is what it would take, she would have no choice but to obey.
She got up and walked all the way back to the restroom, took off her hose and returned. She felt
like she was being visually ****d as she went, and even more so as she returned carrying her hose
balled up in her hands metamail: Incomplete multipart message -- unexpected EOF tml>
Blackmailing Shalini [2/15] CHAPTER TWO Shalini could never remember a Monday morning when
she had been so glad a weekend was over and to be driving to work. The weekend was a nightmare
that she was glad was over. She engrossed herself in her work and managed to keep from thinking
about her ordeal. She actually held her breath as the mail was sorted, and was relieved that no
package came for her. She kept watch over the entrance to the library expecting to see the man
who was blackmailing her walk in at any time. By the end of the day she had not seen him and felt
better than she had since she started receiving those packages in the mail. She went home, ate, and
read until it was time to go to bed. Tuesday found Shalini’s spirits even higher. The assistant branch
manager even commented on her good mood. Again Shalini watched the patrons come and go, but
that man did not appear. Like Monday, there was nothing in the mailed for her, and she felt more
than just relief. Her spirits rose and she was back to her normal self again. Shalini was helping out at
the “return” desk just after noon on Wednesday. She looked across and saw him checking out some
across at the other counter. Although their eyes made brief contact, there was not even a flicker of
recognition that she saw in his. It was if he did not have a clue as to who she was. He left without as
much as a second glance in her direction. As soon as he left, she walked over to the check out desk.
She looked at the records and learned that his name was Frank Benson. Shalini pulled up his records
on the central computer. He was a psychologist, and a professor at City University. It had his work
and home addresses and phone numbers. There was nothing else, but at least she knew more than
she did before. Thursday went as uneventful as had the other days, and by the end of the work day,
Shalini was feeling elated. She was convinced that he had his fun with his little game and was out of
her life. She literally breezed through the day. She actually hummed to herself as she drove home.
All week, Shalini had dreaded the arrival of the mail. Not one single package had come for her. This
with the absence of recognition in Dr. Benson’s eyes when they had exchanged glances, and no
contact from him strengthened Shalini’s belief that she had paid her debt and the nightmare that
was last weekend was over. She was in a particularly good mood as she pulled into her drive way.
She took the two small sacks of groceries she had picked up on the way home and walked to her
front door. Then she saw it, an envelope taped to her door. On the front, in big red letters was the
word “slut.” She looked around to see if anyone was watching, then she quickly pulled the note off
her door. She went inside as tears began to drip down her cheeks. After sitting the grocery sacks
down, she opened the note. It read, “I want your cunt at my house tonight at 10:30.” She laid the
note on the kitchen table, and went through the motions of putting away the groceries. By the time
she had finished, her cheeks were wet with tears. She poured herself a glass of wine and collapsed
on her couch, her wine in one hand and the note in the other. Her high spirits were crushed, it was
not over after all. She finished her glass of wine and poured another. She read the note over again,
and felt even worse. It was just 7:30, when she had gotten home, and her plans to spend the
evening reading and relaxing now were a thing of the past. Shalini sat
on her couch and watched the time slowly tick away. She decided that now that she knew who he
was, she would go as the note said, but she would confront this Dr. Frank Benson. It was going to
end tonight, this horrible thing was over. That thought made her feel better, and her self confidence
grew as she waited. It was 10:30 when she pulled into his driveway, and walked to his door still
wearing the clothes she had worn all day. She rang the door bell. “Come in slut,” Frank said as he
opened the door. “No, I can say what I need to say right here,” she replied shocked that he was
nude except for a black leather g-string covering his male genitalia. “I know who you are, Dr. Frank
Benson. This is over, I will tell the administrators at City University all about you, and I will tell them
that you are blackmailing me. You are through tormenting me as of right now.” “Yes, you could do
that slut, but you will need proof that I am blackmailing you, otherwise it is just your word against
mine. Wait here for a second,” he said as he walked back into his den. He returned and handed
Shalini a large envelope saying, “here, you will need this,” handing her the envelope. “What is this?”
she asked. “It is the proof you will need to give my Dean when you turn me in as a blackmailer.” She
fingered the packed envelope, “what is in it?” “All the proof you will need. It contains the same
information that I will mail to the Library Board and to your newspaper on the way to the Dean’s
office.” Frank smiled and as he shut the door with Shalini still standing on his porch he said, “you
win, you are free.” Shalini stood on his porch, holding the envelope he had handed her. He had said
she won, but she did not feel like she had. She went back to her car and started it. She just sat there
with the car running, thinking. Frank stood just inside his closed front door, smiling to himself and
waiting. He wondered just how long he would have to wait. Somehow Shalini did not feel like she
had won. She looked at the
envelope he had handed her realizing that he still had the two stamped envelopes, one to her
newspaper and one to the library board. No, she did not feel like a winner at all. She moved her
trembling hand to the keys of her car and turned the engine off. Shalini was again crying. Frank
grinned as he heard her car engine stop. He opened the door when he heard the bell, and said
simply, “come in slut.” Shalini walked inside and asked, “when is this going to end, Dr. Benson?” “I
did not tell you that you could call me by my name,” he said in an irritated tone of voice. “You are to
refer to me only as ‘sir’ until I tell you otherwise.” Shalini looked down and said, “when is this going
to end..........sir?” “When I want it to slut!” he snapped. Then added “strip down to your panties and
bra for me slut.” Shalini paused for a moment, she had no choice. She knew that he was still in
control and that her protests would fall on deaf ears. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off
laying it on the back of the chair near where she was standing. She reached behind and unzipped
her skirt, stepped out of it and laid it next to her blouse. Next came her slip over the top of her
head, and it was placed with her skirt and blouse. She the removed her pantyhose, and stood there
shaking in her bra and panties metamail: Incomplete multipart message -- unexpected EOF
Blackmailing Shalini [3] CHAPTER THREE Shalini woke up and went to her kitchen and made coffee.
She ate her usual bowl of cereal, and read the newspaper drinking her coffee. She read her book
review and was pleased with the job she had done. She showered and gave no thought to her 2:00
date until she was washing her hair and felt the necklace. Her spirits immediately sank to a new
low. She remembered how her body had betrayed her last night and redoubled her determination
to never let that happen again. She spent all morning reading a new book and working on her next
column for her
newspaper. It was just after noon before she realized that she was expected to be at Dr. Benson`s
house at 2:00. It had been in the back of her mind, but her work had kept it hidden from her
thoughts. Now as the time approached, she could no longer suppress the thoughts of having to be
with him. She sat down and put her makeup on, and she put her hair in a ponytail. She hated
looking in the mirror for it seemed like the word “slut” on her necklace was all she could see in her
reflection. She went to her closet to pick out the clothes she would wear to Dr. Benson`s. She chose
a pair of loose fitting tan walking shorts, a sleeveless turtle neck knit blouse that would hide the
horrid necklace, and a pair of white sandals. She wore her usual cotton panties and a comfortable
bra. It was 1:45 when she was fully dressed. She started to pour herself a glass of wine, but did not.
She wanted to be fully in control of herself and her body this afternoon. Shalini figured that she
would be at his house for just an hour or so, and she was ready. She drove to his house, parked in
the driveway, and rang his door bell at 2:00. Frank opened the door, and said “Enter slut.” He shut
and locked his door as she walked inside. He turned to her and said, “strip.” Frank smiled inwardly
as he watched her immediately start removing her clothing without protest or even a moments
hesitation. She folded her things and placed them on the back of the chair near her aware that he
was watching her, but there was nothing she could do or say about it. Soon she was standing across
the room from him totally nude. “Is your cunt clean?” he asked. “Yes,” was her answer as she
shuddered slightly. She hated that question because it was as if he thought she was dirty some how.
Pointing to a place between his spread knees, he said, “stand here and let me check to be sure.”
Shalini walked across the room and stood in front of him with her legs spread.
Frank laughed out loud when she spread her legs without having to be told to do it, and said, “for a
slut, you are a fast learner. But, turn around, then bend over and touch your toes and stay like that
until I tell you to straighten back up. Keep your legs spread nice and wide while you do that.” Shalini
paused for a moment wanting to protest, but turned, spread her legs and bent over touching her
toes. She felt his hands on her buttocks, spreading them apart. She instinctively clenched her
buttocks closed. She felt a sharp pain as he slapped her on her rear as hard as he could from his
seated position. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as she stood upright and turned around. “Did I tell you to
stand up slut?” he snapped. “No, but that hurt, you hit me!” she replied. “Yes, I did because you
tried to close your butt and hide your ass hole, slut. It belongs to me, and you have no right to try to
hide it. Now get back in the position I told you to be in or get the fuck out of here and accept the
consequences slut.” Shalini glared a him for a full minute, then she turned back around, bent over
and touched her spread toes. Again she felt his hands separating her buttocks, but she did not resist
this time. Then she felt his finger violating her vagina. “Slut, you are dry. A slut, my slut, should
never be dry when I want a fuck,” he said in a very stern voice. She just kept in her humiliating
position, saying nothing. “Go lay back on my bed, you already know the position I want you in. Slut,
I will be in there in 15 minutes and if your cunt is not sloppy wet when I get there, I am going to butt
fuck your ass hole. Do you understand me, slut?” Without waiting for an answer, he added, “do it
now!” Shalini almost ran to his bed room. She was crushed at the prospect of having anal
intercourse with any man much less this one. Years ago, she had tried it a few times and found it to
be both degrading and painful. She laid on her back on his bed, she realized that she now was
having to do the one thing she had resolved last night to not ever do. She was having to get herself
aroused, but it was to save her the pain of anal intercourse. She worked furiously with her hands on
vaginal area, on her clitoris, and into the entrance opening. She worked until the juices flowed
and she was not only wet but aroused. She was still working on herself when Frank walked into the
bedroom. He was nude except for his socks. She stopped as soon as she realized he was watching
her. “Spread your cunt lips open so I can see if it is wet,” he told her as he got between her spread
legs. Shalini did not hear or at least did not understand what Frank had said, either because of her
embarrassment of having him see her masturbating or the fact that she was concentrating so hard
on what she was doing to herself. She responded with, “huh?” “Slut,” he said in an angry tone of
voice, “I have warned you about making me repeat myself. Roll over on to your stomach, you are
going to get a good butt fucking now.” “No, please,” Shalini pleaded, “please, I just did not hear
you.” “Slut are going to make me repeat myself still again? Or do you want to get up, go home, and
read about your escapades in the newspaper?” Shalini slowly rolled over on to her stomach crying
so hard that she was shaking. She felt him separate her legs and get on the bed. She buried her
head in the pillow and continued to sob silently in to it. Frank looked at her body shaking with her
sobbing and almost changed his mind, yet he knew this was something he liked and that she
needed to accept it. He covered her anus with KY jelly and very gently started inserting his finger.
He spent a long time with just one finger stretching her anal muscles and telling her to try to relax.
Then he used two fingers, then three as gently as he could, but all the time stretching and preparing
her for his penis. He coated his penis with the KY jelly and pushed the head of it against her anus. “It
will hurt a little at first, just relax, relax,” he told her over and over. He pushed harder, then felt the
head enter and heard a loud gasp muffled in the pillow. He pushed slowly until the full length was in
to her bowels. He just held it there to allow the initial pain to subside. Then he slowly fucked her for
nearly 30 minutes until he felt his cum shooting deep inside her. The crying from the pillow had
stopped, but he knew she was not enjoying this. “She will learn,” he thought, as he pumped the last
of his cum into her. Frank pulled his spent penis from Shalini rectum and smiled at the stretched,
gaping hole that was her tight rear just a little while ago. He said, “slut, my cum is in your ass hole,
you are mine now.”
She did not move and kept her face buried in the pillow. She still felt the pain from the torn muscles
in her rear and her stretched rectum. But most of all she felt the humiliation from having had her
rear used by him and having been unable to prevent it. “Get yourself out of the bed and clean you
butt hole. Get dressed, you will wear what I have laid out for you on the vanity in the guest
bathroom.” He slapped her hard on her buttocks and added, “be quick about it slut before I decide
to fuck your ass hole again.” Shalini jumped out of bed after hearing his threat to do even more
damage to her rear. She went into the bathroom and used tissue to clean her sore rear. She saw a
trace of bl**d on the tissues from the tearing she had felt. Her anus was indeed sore as she gingerly
cleaned herself. She looked around for the clothing that Frank said was laid out for her to put on.
The only thing she saw was a box sitting on the vanity. She opened to box to see four padded white
leather cuffs. Each cuff had four rings equally spaced around it. As she placed a cuff on each ankle
and each wrist, a shudder of fear ran through her entire body. Frank had dressed in a pair of jogging
shorts. He sat in the den wondering if Shalini would return from the bathroom wearing the cuffs, or
if she would first put up a protest. He waited for her return in a state of high anticipation. When he
saw Shalini walk into the den, he was unable to hide his delight at her having put the cuffs on with
out protesting. “You have pleased me slut,” he told her. “I found your ass hole to be also pleasing
for me.” Shalini said nothing but just stood in front of him trying to keep from trembling. “Are you
wet?” he asked. “You mean my vagina,” she questioned. “Sluts don’t have vaginas, only nice girls
do. Sluts have cunts that are to be used. I want to know if your cunt is wet.” She looked down at the
floor and answered, “yes.” “Good, be sure it stays wet for me.”
Frank got up and walked over to her. He reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a
photograph. He handed it to her and said, “see how your makeup looks in this photograph?” Shalini
looked at it. It was one from a magazine layout she had done about 10 years ago. She was totally
nude and posed in as obscene a position as the editors thought they could get away with. She was
embarrassed to just even look at it, and said nothing in response to his question. Her make up was
so exaggerated that she barely recognized her own face. It was a part of her life she thought she
had put behind her, one that she hated. “Do you see your makeup slut?” he asked interrupting her
thoughts. “Yes,” she answered so meekly it was almost a whisper. “I am going to let you go home in
a few minutes, and when you come back that is how I want you to look. However,” he added, “I
want much darker eye make up, more of it so you look more like the slut you are. Do you
understand me?” “Yes,” Shalini answered. “Why don’t you park your car in you garage slut?” he
asked. “don’t you have a garage door opener?” “Yes, I have a garage door opener, I just don’t park
in there,” was her reply. “Well, from now on, you will unless you want your neighbor’s to suspect
something. Also, I want you to return with a spare key to your house to give me.” “A key to my
house? You have gone to far, I will not do that. It is my house, you can not have a key to it,” she
said. “Oh? Have I? Then you may leave now. I have no use for you, and you full well know what I am
going to do with all the information I have, don’t you?” “Wait, okay, but why do you want a key to
my house? There is nothing of much value there you would want.” “I want a key to your house
because as my slut, you are entitled to no privacy, not even in your own home. I may feel the need
to use you at times that are convenient to me and not want to wait for you to come here. I may just
drop in unannounced for a quick fuck, and I want that option whenever the mood strikes me.,” he
told her. “Are you going to bring me the key as I asked, or do I go
to the mail box with my envelopes?” She said nothing, but nodded her head in a sign of
acquiescence. “Take off the cuffs, and put your shorts and blouse back on, but not your bra and
panties,” he said as he got up and went into his kitchen. When he returned with a glass of scotch
and water, she was dressed. He said, ”lift your skirt.” “That is good slut, no panties, just like the slut
you really are. Now take off your shoes, I did not tell you to put them on. You will go barefooted.
You had better use your garage, and when you return, you will pull into mine,” he said as he handed
her his spare garage door opener. He motioned to the couch, “sit down.” Frank sat next to her and
said, “give me your left hand.” He took her extended hand and laid it on his knee. He held up a
small tube, and asked, “do you know what this is?” Shalini looked at the tube he was holding and
replied, “yes it is a tube of Super Glue.” She watched as he placed a tiny drop on the inside of her
little finger on her left hand. “close your fingers together,” he instructed. She did and felt a light
tingle between her little finger and the adjoining finger. “Super Glue does very nicely on skin. It is a
good tight bond. If you can get your fingers apart by the time you return without tearing the skin, I
will fuck your cunt. If they are still glued together or if you have torn your skin getting them apart, I
am going to fuck your sore ass hole. Is that clear?” Shalini nodded that it was as she tried
unsuccessfully to separate her two fingers. Frank looked at his watch, and said, “be back here in one
and a half hours with your face painted up like the slut you are. Now go before I decide to fuck you
in the ass right now.” Without saying a word, Shalini walked barefooted to her car and drove the
block to her house. She parked in her driveway as usual and went inside. She did not stop
until she had poured herself a large glass of wine. She glanced at her watch and noted she had an
hour and 15 minutes before she had to return to Dr. Benson’s house. She tried to separate her
fingers, but even the tiny spot of glue he had placed there was enough to keep them solidly stuck to
each other. She took a bowl of warm water and her second glass of wine to her dressing table and
started applying her makeup as he had told her to do. She worked with one hand, keeping her left
hand in the warm water as she worked. She occasionally tried to separate her fingers, returning to
the job of applying her exaggerated makeup after each unsuccessful try. At last her makeup was
complete. She felt more like a clown than a librarian, but her fingers were still glued as tight as ever.
She tried alcohol, fingernail polish remover, and anything else she could find. Nothing seemed to be
able to dissolve the Super Glue. She even tried using a knife to cut the glue. As last she got her
fingers apart, but felt a sharp pain as they came apart. The small spot where the skin had actually
been torn from her finger filled as bl**d oozed into the tiny wound. She held a cloth over the place
until the bl**d stopped, then carefully covered it with makeup to hide it. Shalini poured herself
another large glass of wine and sat down on her couch. In one hand she held the glass of wine, the
other held her spare house key. She sat, drank and cried over the happenings that had turned her
entire life into such a complete nightmare. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sipped her glass
of wine. She looked at her watch, it was nearly 4:30, the time she had to return to Dr. Benson’s
house for more torment. She looked in the mirror and was glad she had used water proof makeup.
Barefooted and with no underwear, she drove back to Frank’s house. Shalini operated the remote
control and pulled into Frank’s garage. She noticed that it was partitioned and that he had
apparently made a room of some kind out of the other half of it. She checked her little finger and
hoped he would not notice the tiny red spot of bl**d stained makeup where the Super Glue had
torn her skin slightly. She rang the door bell. “Come in slut,” he said as he opened the door. “Your
makeup looks good and slutty, strip.” She undressed and laid her clothes on the back of the chair.
Things had gone too far for her to protest this humiliation any more. “Hand me the key to you
house, so I can use my slut whenever I wish to. Hand it to me with your left hand.”
As she held her hand out, he grabbed her wrist, and examined her little finger. He said, “so, you got
your fingers unglued, but tore the skin didn’t you slut?” He took the key from her hand and laid it
down on his coffee table. “Go get on my bed, face down, I am going to butt fuck you again.” “Please
don’t, I am too sore. I will do anything you want if you will not do that to me,” Shalini pleaded as
tears welled up in her eyes. “Anything?” he asked. “Yes, anything you want,” she pleaded. Laughing
he said, “slut, you will do anything I want anyway because you need to protect you job, your
reputation, and your social standing. That is not an offer I am interested in. Go lay down, I am going
to fuck your sore ass hole. Now go before I get mad.” Shalini went to his bedroom, she knew that
she simply had no other alternative than to obey him. She laid down and buried her face in the
pillow. Her tears wetted the pillow as she waited. She stiffened as she felt him sit on the bed. She
felt his hands spreading her buttocks as he move into position between her legs. Frank looked at
her swollen and red rectum, and felt some pity for her, but he knew this was a necessary part of his
overall plan. “If you concentrate on relaxing your slutty ass hole, it will not hurt as much,” he said as
he started applying KY jelly to her rear. He saw her jump and heard a low moan when he touched
her, but continued to slowly penetrate and stretch the muscles in her anus for his penis. Then he
positioned the head of he penis on the center of her anus, and in one hard push, drove it all the way
in to her bowels. He felt her rectum stiffen, then relax as he drove into her. He fucked her hard and
fast, until he had shot his load into her deepest recesses. Then he pulled out and told her not to
move until he returned. Shalini was still crying with her head buried in the pillow when he came
back a few minutes later. The throbbing in her rear was lessening, but her spirits were lower than
ever. Being used like this without mercy or feeling made her feel terrible. When Frank returned he
was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and nothing else.
He started at her lovely body and was surprised that he felt a twitch of life in he penis so soon after
having shot his load in her rear. He got on the bed and sat on top of her upturned buttocks. “let me
see your left hand again,” he told her. Shalini moved her left hand behind her for him to examine.
She felt him separating her fingers, then when he said he wanted to see her right hand for
comparison, she moved her other hand to behind her back. She felt him examining that hand also.
Then she felt him holding both hands, then something cold, then a click and a tightening of
something around her wrists. “Those are police quality handcuffs slut, they will not give. You can
struggle if you wish, but it will do no good.” he said. She pulled against them for only a few
moments, before she realized that he was right. Struggle would be futile. She relaxed with her face
still buried in the tear stained pillow. She could not help but wonder what she would have to
endure next at the hands of this man that she hated so much. “Roll over on you back,” he told her.
It was difficult to do with her hands cuffed behind her, but she managed to do it. She shifted until
her hands were as comfortable as possible in the small of her back, and watched as he sat to top of
her hips. “I am sure you will agree that the Super Glue glues skin very tightly. I am also sure that it
hurt when you finally managed to pull your fingers apart.” He paused a moment, then continued
“fingers tend to be less sensitive than other parts of the body, and yours had natural body oils on
them.” She watched as he took a bottle of alcohol and dampened a large cotton ball. “Just think
how much better the glue would stick if I had cleaned your fingers with this first, and just think if
they had not been smooth, and had been much more sensitive,” he told her as he smiled a wicked
little grin. He leaned over her body as if he was going to kiss her, but instead pulled the ends of a
wide leather strap from under the mattress. Shalini had thought he wanted to kiss and had
instinctively closed her eyes. She felt the leather strap across her neck, then felt it tighten. It
happened so fast that she did not have time to react. She could barely swallow, and could not lift
her head even a fraction of an inch.
“What? she exclaimed. “Now, just you relax. I am not going to hurt you. I just did not want you
trying to avoid the inevitable my dear slut.” He took the alcohol and put more on the cotton ball. He
started wiping down her right nipple rubbing very hard. Shalini tried to move, but was held in place
with the strap across her heck and his weight as he sat on top of her hips. She said nothing partly
because she knew it would do no good and partly out of fear. He worked on her right nipple until it
was raw form the scrubbing, then did the same thing to her left nipple. He held for her to see two
small pieces of shiny metal, each about 1/2 inch long and cone shaped. They were open at the wide
end and had a bright shiny ring attached to the pointed end. He put more alcohol in these cones
and cleaned them as thoroughly as he had her nipples. He laid them on her stomach. “Remember
this?” he asked as he held up the tube of Super Glue. She watched in fear as he placed a large drop
right on the tip of each of her nipples saying, “this will sting a little.” Shalini tried to move, to resist
as she felt the glue stinging her raw nipples, but she could not get away. Her eyes were wide in fear
as she saw him place one of the tiny cones over each nipple. “There, we will just give it a few
minutes for the glue to harden, then I will let you get up and go clean your ass hole,” he said. The
stinging went away about the time Frank got up and released the Velcro across Shalini’s neck. He
told her to stand up, and when she did, he removed the hand cuffs. “Go clean your ass slut, then
come to the den. Be quick, I will be waiting on you,” he said as he walked out of the bed room. As
soon as Shalini walked in the bathroom she went up to the mirror. She examined the things that he
had attached to her nipples with the Super Glue. She tugged on each one only to find they were
very securely and firmly glued to her nipples. She cleaned her bottom and went into the den. “Why
did you glue those things on me?” she asked as soon as she got to the den. “Because I wanted to
slut, and do you have any objections?” She started to say something, but instead just shook her
head “no.” “I can assure you that the rings are well secure to your soft nubby nipple flesh. If you
pull them off you will cause yourself more pain than you could ever
possibly imagine. You will actually pull part of you nipples off and they might never grow back to
look normal. You would not want that would you?” She again shook her head “no,” but said
nothing. “In a few days, the skin of your nipples will grow and the glue will loosen its hold. I would
guess that you should be able to get the them off your nipples in four or five days. If you are careful
and gentle, there will be no damage at all. Come over here and let me see how well they are
attached.” She walked to where he was seated. He reached up and examined each one pulling her
breast out from her body as he did. “They are really well attached slut, they would pull your whole
fucking nipple out by its roots if you are not careful. It would mutilate what otherwise are nice tits,
do you understand that?” “Yes,” was her only reply. She watched as he took a small chain from his
pocket. It was about 24” long and had a ring at each end. She stood motionless as he used tiny locks
to attach each end of the chain to one of the rings on her nipples. “Follow me,” he told her. She
followed her into his guest bathroom. There he took a chain that was looped around a faucet and
locked in place, he locked the other end to the short chain running between her nipples. “If you are
not here when I return, you are free, truly free from me. I will destroy the material I have collected
on you and never bother you again. This I promise” He walked to the bathroom door, and said, “I
have to run some errands, I will be back in an hour or so. Here is your chance to be free of me
forever, all you have to do is get loose.” With that he closed the door. Shalini waited until she heard
him drive off, the she examined the chains and locks. While they were small, she could tell they
were very strong and would not break. She pulled at first one nipple then the other, but there was
no sign they would come off. She tried over and over until her nipples were sore and she could try
no longer. Then she sat on the closed toilet, helpless and totally hopeless. She cried as she waited
for his return.
Blackmailing Shalini[4] CHAPTER FOUR At last Shalini heard Frank’s car drive up and the door slam.
She heard the front door open. Then she heard someone at the door to the bathroom.
Frank walked in wearing tan slacks, a knit shirt, and top sides with no socks. He said, “when I did not
see a trail of bl**d leading from my house, I knew you had decided to stay. It is better you did
because you would have probably bled to death before you could get to a hospital anyway. Your
nipples would be badly torn and have bled a hell of a lot.” He explained as he unfastened the lock
holding the chain to the faucet. Using the end of the chain he held as a leash he said, “come on, it is
time for you to fix us something to eat.” He led her to the kitchen where bags of groceries were
sitting on the counter. He locked his end of the chain to a post at the end of the counter holding up
the cabinets, and said, “I hope you are a good cook slut. If you are not, that sore ass of yours is
going to get fucked again.” He then left her alone in the kitchen saying, “put up the groceries and
cook the steak for me. You can fix yourself a salad.” Shalini looked around the kitchen noting it was
very much like her own. She had no choice but to do as he wanted. She put away the groceries, and
started the meal. The steak was broiled and the salad ready in just over thirty minutes. She waited
for him to return, but when he didn’t, she called, “Dr. Benson, the meal is ready.” He walked into
the kitchen and snapped, “did I tell you to call me anything but ‘sir’?” She shook her head “no.” He
picked up a large wooden spoon and hit her right on the soft part of her lower stomach. “Aw!” she
exclaimed. “If you ever do that again, I will beat you badly, do you hear me?” “Yes,” she answered
“Put you hands behind your back slut,” he barked in a tone so angry that it startled her. Shalini,
fearing he would hit her again, put her hands behind her back as fast as she could. He stepped
behind her and placed the handcuffs he had used earlier on her wrists. “You will eat tonight like a
slut bitch dog,” he snapped. He placed her salad bowl on the table and waited for her to sit. Then
he took his place across from her and started his meal. Seeing that she was just sitting and not
eating, he said, “I will shove any scrap of that salad in front of you left uneaten up your ass with a
broom handle. Eat it slut, or suffer the consequences.” Shalini immediately started bending over
and eating her salad like a dog would eat dog food. She ate as quickly as she could just to get it over
with, but did not leave a single scrap much to Frank’s amusement. It was after 8:00 when the had
finished. Frank took the hand cuffs off Shalini’s wrists and told her that she had no more than 30
minutes to wash dishes unless she wanted more ass fucking. She hurried through the clean up and
had just finished when Frank came back in the kitchen. He unlocked the chain and led her to the
den. After sitting on the couch, he asked, “is your cunt wet and ready for me to use?” “Yes,” she
answered not knowing if it really was or not. “Come over here and let me see, do it bending over
like you did last time.” She stood in front of him, turned, then bent over and touched her spread
feet. She felt his finger touch her swollen anus and let out a tiny whimper of pain. The she felt his
fingers violating her vagina. “It is not wet enough to suit me slut,” he proclaimed. “But your ass is so
stretched it would not give me pleasure.
Turn back around, get on your slut knees and suck me off.” When she turned back she was he had
already pulled down his shorts. She knelt in front, between his legs and took his penis in her mouth
and started giving him the oral sex he had demanded. She had been at it for over 10 minutes when
he pushed her head off his penis and said, “stand up slut.” “What is my name slut?” “Sir,” she
answered. “What is that?” he asked pointing to her vagina. “My cunt,” was her reply. “Who owns
your cunt?” “You do.” “What is your name slut?” “Slut,” she answered looking down at the floor.
“Very good slut, very good indeed. You are learning, and that pleases me,” he said laughing. “Now
how do I like for my slut’s cunt to be?” “Wet,” she replied still looking at the floor. “It is good that
you are a fast learner. There is much more for you to learn.” Taking hold of the chain attached to
her nipples, he said “follow me.” He led her through the door into his garage and past her car. They
went to the door in the part of the two car garage where he had his shop and went inside. He
turned on the lights and said, “look around.”
At one end was a work bench covered in tools and electrical parts. Alone the wall above the bench
were cabinets. The sheet rock had been removed from the ceiling and there were ropes and pulley
hanging from all the rafters. Near the other end was a strange looking table about 8 feet long and 3
feet wide. The floor had several eye bolts embedded into the concrete floor. There were cabinets
all along one side of the room. “Tomorrow, you will learn what all of this is for, but not just yet. I
just wanted you to get an idea of what you can expect. Do you know what all of this is for?” Shalini
shuddered, and said that she did not, but the truth was that she suspected it was for the continued
mistreatment of her. He led her back out of his workshop and into the house noticing that she was
trembling. In the den, he told her to wait and he would be right back. He disappeared back through
the garage door. When he returned he was carrying what appeared to be three pieces of chrome
plated metal, each about 3 feet long. She watched as he sat them on the floor. Two of the pieces
were attached in the middle and formed a large “X” on the floor when he opened it up. He
tightened the mechanism, and took the third piece and placed it into a cylinder about 12” long that
was just slightly larger in diameter. The upright piece was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and ended
in a round ball like blunt point. He had an adjustment on the center and lowered it to just over two
feet. “Stand with one foot here and the other here,” he said pointing to places on opposite sides of
the upright piece.
She hesitated for a moment, then stood where he indicated, with the upright directly beneath her
bottom. He bent over and started to raise the upright. Just before it touched the entrance to her
vagina, he stopped. “This will not hurt, I just want you to relax. I am going to put it into your cunt,
but if you feel pain, let me know. Will you do that?” Shalini felt it was strange for this man to ask
her if she would do something rather than telling her she had to. It made her feel more secure, and
she said “yes, I will.” He bent back over and gently eased the blunt end into her vagina. She felt the
cold metal against her hot insides and it felt good to her. Her raised it higher, ever so slowly. He was
waiting for her to let him know it was deep enough inside her body to just press against her cervix.
This he knew would cause a sharp pain. He continued until he saw her jerk and heard a low moan.
He lowered it nearly two inches so she was in no discomfort, and the tightened the adjustment
screw to hold it in place at that level. he stood back to admire his latest “invention.” “Are you in
pain?” he asked in what truly seemed like a caring tone of voice. “No, not if I stand still,” she
answered. He took a seat so he could look at her and said, “if you can get off that rod sticking in
your cunt, you can go home right now. If you can’t get off, I am going to ram this up you sore ass
hole,” showing her a large butt plug. It was shaped somewhat like a Christmas tree with a flat base
as large around as the wide part of the “tree.” The “trunk” of the tree was about an inch in
diameter and a little over an inch long. “this is bigger around than my cock, so you can imagine that
it will hurt like hell until it is inside
your butt far enough for you ass to close over the small part and hold it inside you. Now you have
15 minutes to get off of it and go home, otherwise it is the butt plug up your ass.” He sat and
watched amused as she first tried to push the rod down. He had tightened the screw and knew it
would not slip. Next she tried standing as high as she could on her tip toes, but she could not get
high enough to get it out of her. She tried leaning forward, tilting the base up on two of its four legs,
but she was stopped when the tilting caused the end to raise just high enough to touch her cervix
and cause a sharp pain. He watched her struggle, then said, “you have less than two minutes slut.”
To his disappointment, she tilted it far enough just to the point of lightly touching her cervix, then
took a chance he had not anticipated. She hopped far enough that it came out and she was off of it.
“Do I get to go home like you promised?” she asked innocently. Frank hid his disappointment and
said, “yes, you will learn that you can always trust me, and you can count on me to do exactly what I
tell you I will do. Slut you will learn to trust me fully and without exception. Yes, you may go home,
but you must return tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, it that understood?” “Yes,” she replied. He
walked over to her and unlocked the long chain attached to the short one that ran from nipple to
nipple. “You will keep the other chain on unless you can figure a way to get it off when you get
home. Now leave but leave just like you are, naked. Be here tomorrow and be naked then also
slut.” Having said that he got up and went to his kitchen, and mixed himself a stiff drink.
When he heard the door to the garage close he went to his desk noting her clothes were still on the
back of the chair where she had put them when she arrived. He sat at his desk, took out his journal
and started making notes. The night had not gone as planned, but it had worked out perhaps better
in the long run he noted. He worked quickly because he knew he had work to do in his workshop,
work on the device that had failed him, his “display stand.” Shalini drove home nude except for the
necklace and the short chain running from one nipple to the other. She was glad it was dark and
drove more carefully than she had ever before driven. She was so relieved when her automatic
garage door closed behind her car, that she just sat and trembled for several minutes before going
into her house. Inside, she almost ran to her bathroom to put on her bathrobe. She closed it all the
way up to her neck and tied the belt tightly. She wanted to cover up the chain between her nipples
and the “slut” necklace. Some how, she reasoned, if she could not see what he had done to her
body, she could just forget what was happening to her. She went back to her kitchen and poured
herself a large tumbler of wine. She took the bottle and sat it on her coffee table, and she collapsed
on the couch in a near fit of depression. Her thoughts were only about how she could get herself
out of the trap she was now in, but it had to be done so that her reputation would not be ruined.
Soon she was finishing her second large glass of wine. Her hand toyed with the small cone that was
attached to her left nipple with super glue and the chain that run from it to the right nipple. She
pulled and tugged on it to loosen it until her nipple was sore. There was no sign of it loosening, not
even a tiny bit. Shalini toyed with it for a long time. Then she felt strangely aroused by the constant
fiddling she was doing with her nipple. This made her feel even worse, and she poured herself a
third tumbler of wine. She went to the full length mirror in her bedroom, and slipped the bathrobe
off her shoulders. She stood there looking at the necklace and the chain between her nipples. Still
naked, she returned to the couch and her glass of wine. She laid back on the couch and thought and
drank. Her hand moved to between her legs and she felt the soft wetness of her vagina. She
inserted her finger and located her clitoris. There she stayed and just teased it for a while. It made
her feel better and took her mind off the terrible mess her life had turned into. Now, she was
drinking directly form the wine bottle, the nearly empty wine bottle. Her right hand was busy
between her legs, and her left hand alternated between tugging on the chain and drinking the last
of the wine. She worked more furiously on her clitoris and was getting very aroused. Her finger
touched her swollen and sore anus, the went back to her clitoris. In a d***ken stupor, she worked
until she had three hard orgasms, the fell to sl**p still naked on the couch. Shalini awoke in her
dark house. She turned on a light and saw it was 2:30 am. She went to her bathroom, took a shower
and put on her pajamas. In bed, she quickly went back to sl**p. The end of what had been a long
and confusing day for her. Shalini thought she heard a noise. She opened her eyes and looked at her
alarm clock, it was 6:30
am. She did not move, but stayed real still just listening for whatever had awoken her. She heard
another noise, and sat up in bed. Then she heard it again, someone was in her house. “Slut,” she
heard Frank’s voice saying, “I am drinking a glass of milk from your refrigerator. When I am finished
with the milk, I am going to fuck you. If your cunt is wet, I will fuck it. If it is not, I am going to fuck
your sore ass hole. You have just a couple of minutes before I finish the milk, then I will be there in
your bedroom to fuck my slut.” Frank had always enjoyed his early morning walks, and this was
going to make them even more enjoyable. Like most men, he frequently awoke with an erection,
and now he had a way to resolve his need. He had just let himself in her house and taken off his
shorts and underwear. He wondered if she was now working her hands between her legs to get
herself wet, and smiled to himself as he waited and finished the glass of milk. Shalini was more than
just startled by his unannounced entry into her house, she was angered by it. Yet she knew it would
do no good to protest, he simply had too much to hold over her. She had no choices available to
her. She knew her rectum was still sore, so she started to masturbate herself to get her vagina wet
in an attempt to keep him from injuring her rear further. Soon she was aroused and wet, very wet.
Frank walked into her bedroom and said, “is your cunt wet, slut?” She just nodded that it was. She
looked at him standing in the doorway to her bedroom wearing a t-shirt
and sneakers, but nothing covering his male genitalia. His penis was fully erect as he stood there.
“Spread your legs and show me if it is wet, slut.” He smiled at her as she spread her legs, then she
used both hands, spread her labia. Her moisture caused a very erotic glistening on her inner labia.
He said nothing, but got on her bed between her legs. She felt his erect penis pause just at her
entrance canal, the felt the fullness of it as he pushed it inside her body. He moved it in and out of
her body slowly and as sensually as he could. He wanted to make her enjoy this despite what he
knew would be her resolve to not respond. He kept up his slow movement, not touching her except
for the connection of his penis and her vagina. As he felt himself building to a climax, he heard
several low moans of pleasure escape from her lips. He gave no indication that he had heard
anything, but just continued his movements. Shalini was mortified at how she was responding to
this intrusion into her privacy. She tried to hold back, but the passion was rising in her body. It was
again betraying her despite her best efforts. She felt him quiver just as she lost all control over her
own reflexes. They came together, and she hoped he had not noticed. He was thrilled that she had
reached an orgasm, for today was an important one in her training. It was good then she had
responded so well. Frank pulled his now limp and spent penis from her body, and walked out of her
bedroom. In just a couple of minutes, she heard her front door close. She knew he had gone, but
she did not move. She started crying, not because Frank had come in to her house without an
invitation, not because he had just ****d her still again, but because she had been betrayed by her
won body. She had reached a
climax and she had hated it. At last she got up and took her shower. She spent the morning reading
the Sunday paper dressed only in her bathrobe. After a light breakfast, she went to work at her desk
in a book review that was due on Monday. As the time crept slowly to the time she had to return to
Dr. Benson’s house, her mood became more and more depressed. She finished the book review,
and looked in her refrigerator. There was no wine left. She mixed herself a strong drink of orange
juice and vodka, and sat on her couch. She need the alcohol to boost her nerves and steady her
thinking. She went to her vanity and started to put her makeup on. She did it as Dr. Benson had
wanted yesterday, heavy and gaudy. Then she looked at the time, it was 12:30. She had to be at his
house in just thirty minutes. She fixed herself another equally strong drink and sipped it as she
watched the time slowly slip away. Back at his house, Frank was also checking the time. He had
been very busy since returning from Shalini’s house. He had spent the entire morning getting his
workshop ready for her. The work table now had been moved to the center of the room, ropes
hung from pulleys high on the ceiling rafters, and the cabinets had all been opened for easy access.
Today Shalini would learn that he enjoyed bondage and giving pain. She had already learned that he
liked total control, but that was just one of the steps of her training. Today she would learn to
accept pain, then
maybe next weekend she would learn to enjoy receiving pain as much as he did giving pain, but it
had to be this difficult step that came first. She was due to arrive in just thirty minutes and he
needed to shower and change clothes. He closed his workshop door and went to his bathroom to
get ready for her arrival. CHAPTER FIVE Shalini waited until it was 5 minutes before 1:00, then
wearing only her raincoat, she got in her car and drove the short distance to Frank’s house. She
wore nothing underneath except the chain attached to her nipples by Super glue. Shalini wondered
how long it would be before the glue came off and she would be free from that chain. It was much
worse than the necklace with the word “slut” that hung from her neck. She parked, walked to his
door, and rang the door bell. He opened it and said, “good, you are on time slut. Come on it.” Then
shut the door behind her. She was a bit surprised that Frank was wearing what looked like old work
clothes, jeans and a T- shirt. But not when he told her to strip. She quickly removed the raincoat
and neatly folded it and placed it on the back of a chair. “I have been in my work shop all morning
and I need to shower and change clothes,” he explained. “While I am doing that, I will give you
another chance to end your afternoon with me early.” Gesturing, he said, “ stand over that,”
pointing to the chrome plated shaft she had escaped from yesterday. Shalini did as he directed,
straddling the vertical part of the
device noting it glistened with a liberal coating of KY jelly. She watched as he knelt between her legs
and raised the adjustable shaft. He paused and told her, “just as in yesterday, if you can get off of
this, you are free to go back home, and I will not need to use you until Wednesday evening at 7:00.”
She felt the cold metal shaft as it entered her vagina. It seemed like it had gone deeper into her
than before, and this was confirmed when he told her that he had made modifications to it. She felt
it touch her cervix and winced in light pain from the contact. Frank stood back to admire his nude
prisoner. She was strikingly beautiful and progressing nicely in her acceptance of his control of her.
“Just to give you added incentive in your attempts to free yourself and go home, I am expecting a
guest to arrive at 2:00. That is a little over 45 minutes from now, and if you don’t want to be seen
like that, you better get yourself off.” “What?” Shalini exclaimed! “A guest? No, you can’t do that!”
But Frank just smiled, turned and walked down the hall to his bedroom. He shut the door to the
bedroom, chuckling to himself, and began to get his shower and change clothes. When he returned
to the den, he noticed that Shalini’s body was covered in sweat, her cheeks were streaked with
tears, and a small amount of bl**d had trickle about 6” down her inner thigh. It was obvious that
she had tried very hard to get off his “display stand,” and that she had even gone so far as to hurt
herself in so doing. She was so busy in her continued attempts to get off the rod extending into her
vagina, that she did not see him return. “Well I see you are still here,” he said, grinning at her. “Our
guest will be here in just about 5 minutes, so you better hurry if you are going to get off and leave.”
“This has gone to far, Dr. Burns. I demand that you free me
right now.” “And if I don’t?” he asked laughing. He watched as she struggled with renewed
determination. “Please, let me off this contraption, please,” she begged. “I will do any thing you
want, just don’t let any one see me like this?” She started crying again, and a little more bl**d
trickled down her inner thigh. “No, I already can get you to do as I wish, and your struggles are
causing your cunt to bleed. However, I will allow you to hide your face if you wish,” he told her as
he produced a black leather hood from his pocket. “That is the only concession I will allow.” Shalini
stopped her vain attempts to free herself, but continued to cry. Sobbing, she said, “ OK let me have
it,” pointing to the hood he held. “No, I will put it on for you, but you must also wear this,” and he
held out a large red rubber ball with straps attached to it. “It is a ball gag, my dear, and it will not
hurt you. Do we have a deal?” Shalini heard a car door slam just outside his house. In a state of near
panic, she said, “OK, OK, but hurry.” She was surprised at how wide she had to open her mouth to
receive the ball, and how tightly he fastened it behind her head. Then he slipped the leather hood
over her head and fastened it behind her neck. Only then did she realize it had no holes for her to
see through and that it could be locked in place. She was in total darkness, and unable to utter a
word, when she heard the door bell ring. Frank went to the door and opened it, “saying her ears are
not plugged, do you thing she will recognize your voice?”
Susan Winters, Society Editor for the newspaper walked it and directly to where Shalini was impaled
on the shaft protruding into her vagina. “No we have met only a few times, and never under these
conditions,” she said laughing. “So this is the Head Librarian and Book Editor of the newspaper. I
would have never believed that she had such a great body under the dowdy clothes she always
wears.” Shalini was horrified to learn that this person, Frank’s guest, was someone that knew her.
The female voice she heard was vaguely familiar, but Shalini could not identify it. Yet she knew they
had in fact met before, she just couldn’t place it or the speaker. “Frank, this is wonderful,” Susan
said. “how is her training coming along?” “She is doing nicely, but we have a way to go before she is
ready,” he answered. “Help me with these,” Shalini heard Frank say. Then without warning, both of
her wrists were grabbed and twisted behind her back. She felt the cold steel of handcuffs around
her wrists, then heard the click as they were locked in place. “Would you like a glass of wine?” Frank
asked his guest. “Yes,” she responded. “May I examine her while you get our wine?” she asked. “Of
course, my dear,” he said as he went to his kitchen. Shalini felt hands feeling her breasts, then her
back and buttocks. The hands then were groping her vagina. Shalini wanted to resist, but there was
no way to avoid the hands. “She has wonderfully firm and well shaped breasts Frank, and her ass is
equally nice.” “I was very surprised at her body myself,” he responded.
Shalini felt her nipples being tugged by the chain attached between them. When does she get rid of
these?” she heard the woman ask. “The glue should loosen enough in a couple more days to get
them off,” was his answer. “Well, are you ready to get started?” “God yes. I thought you would
never ask, I am dying to do it,” the lady answered. “Shalini,” Frank said, “I am attaching a short
leash to your nipple chain, don’t pull away or you will severely damage them. We are going to lead
you to my work shop, and you will not be hurt in the least if you do exactly as I tell you. Do you
understand?” Shalini nodded her head that she did, but her body was trembling in fear of just what
was going to happen to her. She felt the metal shaft being lowered from her vagina, then a light
flash of pain as the nipple leash was pulled. She followed in the direction of the pulling leash. Soon,
she heard Frank say, “you are at the edge of a table, we will help you up on it.” Then she felt herself
being lifted and was sitting flat on top of it. Her shoulders were grabbed and she was f***eful pulled
down flat on her back with her hand cuffed wrists painful in the small of it. She felt what seemed
like a strap tighten across her stomach and at the same time another tightening across the front of
her neck. The neck strap was so tight she could just barely breathe. “My guest is going to shave your
cunt hair off. Unless you are perfectly still, you will cause her to cut you, and I know you would not
want that. So just remain motionless.” Shalini struggled against the straps when she heard this, but
was unable to make more than the slightest movements. She tried to
protest, but was prevented from making more than just grunting noises by the ball gag in her
mouth. “Aw, the lady does not want her pussy shaved,” she heard the unknown lady say in a
mocking tone of voice. She grabbed a handful of Shalini’s pubic hair and yanked so hard that
Shalini’s torso was lifted off the table, “maybe she had rather I pull it out,” she said as she laughed.
Shalini was surprised at the suddenness of the pull and the extreme pain it caused. She let out a
loud groan, then whimpered audibly. “If you don’t want it pulled out, then you better spread you
legs nice and wide for me honey. Actually, I just hope you do resist, I love to hurt girls such as you. It
gives me great pleasure.” Then to drive home her point, she grabbed another handful and yanked
equally as hard as the first time. Shalini immediately spread her legs. Frank said, “I think the slut
wants to cooperate.” Both laughed as Shalini felt shaving lather being spread between her legs.
Then she felt the pull of the razor as it started cutting through her pubic hair. Stroke after stroke
she felt for what seemed like an hour. Her legs were raised and the shaving continued until, Shalini
knew that she was now totally hairless. She jerked in pain as alcohol was splashed on the newly
shaved skin burning like fire. “There, I think she looks much better, what do you think Frank?” “Yes,
it is a vast improvement,” Frank said agreeing. “Can I cut her just a tiny bit?” the lady asked. “No,
but I will let you if the slut fails to keep herself shaved for me at all times. In fact, I will let you do
more than just
a tiny cut if there is ever any stubble there. Did you hear what I said slut?” Shalini was just able to
nod that she did. The woman said, “I have to go now, but I want to save a sample of her pussy hair
before I go. Do you have an envelope or something I could put some of it in?” she asked Frank.
“Sure, I’ll go get an envelope for you. I will be right back.” Susan leaned over Shalini’s body strapped
to the table and whispered, “we are going to become very well acquainted. I hope you like eating
pussy, darling.” Then without warning, Shalini felt a finger being thrust inside her vagina. The finger
lingered there a while then withdrew, as she heard Frank handing the envelope to the woman.
“Here,” he said, “collect all you want.” Shalini heard Frank ask the lady if she thought that Shalini
had recognized her voice, and the lady say she didn’t as they left and closed the workshop door.
Shalini was strapped down so tightly, that she could move little but her legs which she quickly
closed. She was exhausted from the stress and actually drifted off into a fitful sl**p. CHAPTER SIX
When Shalini woke up, she was aware that she was on her side. She raised up just enough to
discover the straps which had held her to the table had been removed. She was aware of a dull
ache in her jaws from having been f***ed open wide for so long.
“Good, you are awake,” she heard Frank say. “Sit up and I will remove the hand cuffs, hood and the
ball gag, I have other uses for your mouth.. Although Shalini did not like the sound of that, anything
would be better than having that ball in her my mouth for another minute. She sat upright. Quickly,
the hood and gag were removed, then the hand cuffs. Shalini just sat rubbing her wrists, but not
speaking. “Who was that woman? she asked after a few minutes. “You will find out when she wants
you to know her identity, but not before slut. By the way, I meant what I said about letting her cut
you if you fail to keep your cunt shaved nice and smooth at all times. Believe me cunt, you would
not like that at all.” She looked down for the first time at her hairless vagina, and was repulsed by it
nakedness. Yet she knew it would do no good to protest, he would just threaten to send his file on
her to the newspaper and the Library board, and she would have to give in to prevent that. “Okay,
now follow me to the bed room, and I will let you suck my cock. If you do a good job, you can then
go on home. Remember though, that you are to return here Wednesday night at 7:00, with just
your rain coat on, just like today. If you are lucky, we will be able to take the glued rings off your
nipples. In fact: Frank said, “if you can get them off before then, go ahead and do it.” He added,
“We will not need them anymore after Wednesday night.” Shalini was so thrilled to hear that she
would no longer have those ring glued to her nipples, that she literally bounced down the hall as
she follow Frank to his bedroom. She waited until he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and
while he laid back on his bed. She took his penis in her mouth and gave him the very best oral sex
she could possibly give in hopes he would be pleased enough to let her
return to the safety of her own house. Within 15 minutes, Frank was squirting his cum down her
throat, moaning with pleasure as he did. “Ok, slut, get out, but be back Wednesday night,” he said
as he rolled over turning his back to her. Shalini got in her car, noting it was still not quiet 5:00, and
drove home. She parked and went inside and locked her door. In her bathroom, she opened her
raincoat and looked between her legs at her hairless vagina. It was not attractive to her at all, and
looked obscene. She pulled on a pair of short and a T-shirt, fixed herself a stiff drink, and sat on her
couch. She spent a long time trying identify the voice of the woman who had shaved he. It was a
voice she had heard before, but she just could not place it Monday morning, she arrived at work
ready to put in a hard day. She felt strange between her legs where the hair once was, but so
engrossed herself in her work that she was able to put it out of her mind. The day passed
uneventfully, and soon she was driving to the newspaper’s building to turn in the book review she
had worked on over the weekend. She parked and went to the third floor to turn the review in and
check the box there for any messages or rewrites that she needed to get do this week. She
thumbed through the messages that had been left there by her boss, and stopped at a sealed
envelope that had no name on it. She opened the envelope. Inside was a hank of hair tied together
by a tiny pink ribbon and a typewritten note. The note read, “Here is a souvenir of our time
together, Shalini. I look forward to our next meeting.” There was no name indicating who the note
was from, but it had to be an employee of the newspaper. The public did not have access to this
floor of the building. Shalini closed the envelope and hurriedly put it in her purse. She looked
around, but no one was there. She quickly left the building and drove home.
In her house, she poured a glass of wine and sat down with the envelope of hair she had taken out
of her purse. She looked at it and decided it was, or at least had been, hers. “Now who put it in my
box, who was that woman who know also knows about me?” she wondered. h had two more
glasses of wine while pondering on that question. Then she fell asl**p on the couch still fully
dressed. Sometime after midnight Shalini awoke, undressed, took her shower and went to bed. She
was fast asl**p when she heard someone. She opened her eyes to see Frank standing at the foot of
her bed dressed in his jogging outfit and smiling don at her. “What are you doing here?” she
exclaimed. “I wants my slut’s cunt if it is wet, or your ass if it is not. I am going to piss, it better be
wet when I get back or I will butt fuck you.” he walked to her bathroom having said that. Shalini
seethed with anger, but she quickly started working on herself to get as wet as possible in the few
minutes she had before he returned. She was reminded just how much she hated her hairless
condition as her hand found their way to her vagina. Soon she was not only wet, but had managed
to again aroused herself in the process. She hated that most of all, and felt as if her body was an
enemy in this matter. He returned naked proudly displaying his erect penis. “Part your knees and
spread your cunt lips, et me see if you are wet enough to avoid an ass fuck,” he told her. She did
just that even though it was almost more humiliation than she could take. He inspected, and
inserted a finger, them pronounced, it was not as wet as it ought to be, but it would do. Once again,
he inserted his penis being careful to insure that was the only point of contact between their
bodies. He watched as his male meat glistened with her moisture as in slid in and
out of her hairless pussy. He moved in and out very slowly at first, then he saw what he was hoping
to see. Shalini’s hips had moved slightly forward to meet his deliberate motion. He continues to
watch and increased the speed of his thrusts. As he did, her motion increased in speed to match his.
He smiled to himself and sped up even more as she did the same. Then he slammed hard and fast
into her. He heard a low moan, the another, and still another as he continued. At the moment he
was shooting his cum into her, she let out an even louder groan. Frank pulled his spent penis from
her body and got off the bed. He said nothing, but just dressed and left her still laying on the bed
with her knees apart. She continued to lay on her bed, not moving long after he had gone. She
hated herself for having lost control, even more because she was sure Frank had noticed it. She
resolved to never, never let that happen again, even if it meant allowing him to have anal
intercourse with her. She was just not going to arouse herself to get wet for him again she thought
was why she had lost control. She got up at last and showered. There she examined her bald vagina,
and was repulsed at its hairless obscenity. She was at least comforted by the fact that her hair
would grow back. At work, she felt more comfortable. Her mind was totally engrossed by her love
of her job and blocked out all thoughts of her plight. Only in using the bathroom was she f***ed to
confront the reality of her situation. She was growing to hate being hairless “there” by the second.
Soon it was Wednesday and she was home drinking a gin and tonic, watching the clock tick ever
closer to the time she had to be at Frank’s house. She made up her mind that she was not under
any circumstance get herself wet for him, and that she was going to just endure the pain of anal
intercourse. At last, she put on her rain coat. A button caught in the
chain between her nipples and with a slight tug, one side came free. The chain just dangled from
her right nipple. This was the first thing that had pleased her in some time. She knew that soon the
other would come free and she would no longer have that chain between her nipples. When she
rang his door bell, he opened the door and said, “come it and strip slut. He closed the door behind
her. Shalini removed the rain coat and folded it over the back of a chair. “I see the glue is coming
loose,” Frank commented gesturing to her chest. “Do you want me to glue them back on?” “No,
please don’t do that, please,” she responded. “Ok, we will not do that again. Does that make you
happy?” “Yes.” As he walked to the couch, he pulled down his pants and undershorts, then sat
down. “I have a date tonight, but she is a nice girl, not a slut like you. I just want to used your mouth
then you can go home. First though, stand in front of me and spread your legs, I want to examine
your cunt.” The impact of what he had just said about his date being a nice girl and not a slut hit
Shalini like a ton of bricks. It made her realize just how low she was considered to be by this man
who was able to control her life by his nasty blackmail threats. She moved to stand in front of him
and spread her legs as he told her, but her eyes were filling with tears as she did. Frank was very
pleased to see the tears, but restrained any show of his elation. His hand reached out and caressed
her hairless vagina. Then he asked, “why didn’t you shave your fucking cunt?” “I did not think it
needed it,” was her reply. “The hair is very fine and less than a 16th inch long, it is hardly visible.”
“On your knees,” he said. Shalini knelt between his legs and leaned over to give him the oral sex he
had said he wanted. In a move so swift she had no time to react, he covered her head with the
leather hood he had used last Sunday. He held her head while he closed the tiny padlock to hold it
firmly in place. “Stand up slut,” he ordered in a surprisingly stern tone of voice. He shoved her down
the hall to his bedroom and pushed her so that she fell back on his bed. “I will leave you here until I
return, then I will get my sex.” She felt him grab first one wrist then the other as he tied them to the
headboard of the bed. “That should keep you out of harms way until I return,” he said as he left the
bedroom and closed the door. Shalini laid there, unable to see and tied to the bed for what seemed
a long time when she heard the bedroom door open. Actually it had taken Susan less than a half
hour to get there when Frank called and explained what he wanted her to do to Shalini. Shalini
heard the bedroom door open, and a female voice say, “well Shalini, you are a lovely sight.” “Who
are you?” Shalini asked. “Don’t you remember, I am the one that shaved your lovely pussy last
Sunday.” “No, I mean what is your name?” “You will learn that when it is time. For now all you need
to know is that I love to hurt helpless girls like you, but promised Frank that I would not harm you
unless I needed to. If you cooperate, I will not hurt you, do you understand?” She reached out and
Shalini’s left breast and squeeze hard to emphasize her point. Shalini gasped in pain, but said, “I will
do as you want, just don’t hurt me, please don’t.” “Good, you will be glad to know that I will not
hurt you, but do as I say or else I will teach you the real meaning of pain.” She then told Shalini to
lift her head. When Shalini did, she wrapped something around the hood over Shalini’s mouth
gagging her into silence. She told Shalini to lift her hips and then slid two large pillows under them.
“I am going to remove your hair again. The good news is that I am not going to shave you, Frank
was afraid I would be too tempted to cut you. The bad news is that I am going to remove them with
tweezers.” She saw Shalini’s body jerk as she said that. “Oh, don’t be afraid, only the first few will
hurt, then you will become accustomed to it and they rest will hardly cause any discomfort at all.
Besides, you have no choice anyway, unless you want me to get rough with you.” “Now, spread
those legs nice and wide for me,” Susan said. Soon, she was at work, and Shalini’s body jumped as
each hair was pulled out, follicle and all. Then, as she had been told, after about the first couple of
dozen, there was just the lightest sing as each hair was removed. Shalini lay that way for hours as
the unknown woman worked. At last Shalini felt Her get off the bed and say, “finished.” She was
surprised to hear Frank ask, “did you get all of her hair.” She did not know he had returned. “Yes,
but I may need to get a few others later, just to clean it up good for you.” Shalini heard them walk
out of the bedroom and close the door. In a couple of minutes< Frank returned, and said, “that took
than I expected. It is almost 4:00 am, and I don’t want you to be late for work this morning. We
can’t chance you loosing your job.” As he said this he was untying Shalini’s wrists, and removing the
gag and hood. “You go on home now, but be here Saturday at noon, naked of course. I will use you
body then for my pleasure. By the way be sure to bring a front hook bra with you, that is very
important.” Shalini said nothing, but got up, and went to the den. She put on her coat and drove
home. She went straight to bed without even taking a shower and fell to sl**p immediately.
CHAPTER SEVEN When Shalini woke up Thursday morning, she discovered that her hips were a little
sore from having been spread so wide apart for so long last night. She went immediately to her
bathroom and examined herself in the mirror. Her entire pubic region was covered with hundreds
of tiny red dots where her hair had been removed, but it was not sore. She had plucked enough
eyebrows to know that in a couple of weeks her hair would start to return, so she was not worried.
She showered and went to work, tired but on time. She left for home a little early saying she wasn’t
feeling well, but the truth was simply that she had to catch up on the sl**p she had lost last night.
As soon as she got home she started getting undressed. All she wanted to do was to put on her
pajamas and go to bed. As she removed her bra, she saw the other end of the chain had come loose
from her right nipple. She almost cried with joy and happiness. At last she was free from that chain
on her nipples, and it was a good feeling. She went to bed happier than she had been in a long time.
She was so happy and in such a good mood the next day, that everyone who worked with her said
something about it. Little did they know that she was, she thought, nearing the end of what had
been a
nightmarish few weeks in her life. Shalini really felt that this was going to end and could hardly
contain herself. On her way home, she stopped by the newspaper office to deliver the rewrites she
had finished for the Sunday edition. On the third floor she checked her box for messages. There
were several, but one was in a sealed envelope with her name typed on the front. She was about to
open it when others came into the room. She hurriedly put it in her purse and left the building. She
got to her car and locked the doors. Opening her purse, she removed the envelope. Inside was
another typewritten note and a small strip of scotch tape folded over and stuck to itself. Between
the layers of the scotch tape were about a dozen or so tiny hairs with the follicles still attached. The
note read, “be sure to keep these and the other souvenir I sent you in a very safe place. The
importance of the two souvenirs will be made known to you when Frank is ready for you to know.”
It, like the first, was not signed. She put it back in her purse and drove home wondering just who
the sender was and how this could ever have any importance to her.. She walked straight to her
bedroom when she got home. The envelope was placed in the top drawer along with the first, the
one containing a lock of Shalini’s pubic hair. After a quick dinner, she went to work on her next book
review. It was the best way she knew to block things that bothered her out of her mind. She worked
late, and didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Saturday morning, Shalini checked her vaginal area
and was pleased to see that the red spots had almost faded away. She showered, ate breakfast, and
continued the work she had started last night. At just before noon, she removed her clothes, put on
her raincoat and started for the door to go to Frank’s house as he had told her. Then she stopped,
and returned to her bedroom. There she put the gold chain and a front hook bra in her purse and
headed back to the car. She wondered why she needed the bra, but was not
concerned about it. She was invited into Frank’s house and told to strip as had become the routine.
When she turned around, Frank noticed the chain was off the other nipple. “Are you still sure you
don’t want me to glue the ends of that chain back to your nipples?” he asked. “Yes,” was her
immediate response. “Are you absolutely sure?” he questioned again. “Absolutely.” He sat on the
couch, and told her to let him examine her “cunt.” As he felt of it, he said, “nice, very nice. Did you
bring the bra I told you to bring?” She reached in her purse and handed it to him saying that she
had. “Go get on my bed and get your cunt ready for me to fuck slut. Remember though, if it is not
wet enough, I will fuck you in your ass hole.” Shalini said nothing, but went straight to his bedroom.
She laid back in his bed and waited for him. She had not intention of arousing herself to the point of
wetness, so she just waited. The pain of anal sex was less than the embarrassment of responding to
him like the way she had done the last time. “Is you cunt wet?” he asked when he entered the
bedroom. “No,” was her only reply.
Went to his bathroom and tossed her a tube of KY jelly. “You know what to do with this cunt, do it
quickly so I can cum in your bowels.” She put the jelly all around her rectum and on his erect penis,
the rolled over on her stomach to wait on the pain she knew was coming. Frank had not been
surprised by her refusal to get herself wet, in fact he sort of expected it. He was going to make her
wish she had not chosen as she did as a lesson for her to remember. He got between her legs and
positioned the head of his penis at the center of her rectum. With one hard lunge, he drove it all the
way inside her as hard as he could. He chuckled out loud at the yelp of pain that came from her
mouth, the brutally pounded his penis in and out of her until he as last short his load into her
bowels. When he withdrew, he was please at the spot of bl**d on the sheets between her legs.
Only then did he realize that she had passed out. He got off thinking just how much easier this was
going to make the next part of her ordeal. He did not even stop to clean the fecal matter and bl**d
off his penis, but picked her up and took her to the table in his workshop. Inside the work shop, he
laid her on his table, her feet together and her arms along her sides. Then he put a strap across her
neck, one above her breasts, another below her breasts, still another across her hips, and a last one
across her knee caps. Then he tightened them to hold her securely in place. Only then did he go to
clean up, get dressed and make a phone call. When he returned to the workshop, he saw that
Shalini had awakened. He said nothing, but went to a large cabinet and returned carrying a roll of
duct tape. She did not protest as he put three wide strips across her mouth and another wide strip
across her eyes. “I am going to be gone for a while. I am going to Chicago to work on a project with
a friend. I may not return for a couple of weeks or more, but I will let you know when I want to use
you again.
This will give you time to heal also.” She then heard him leave and close the door to his workshop.
“To heal?” she thought, “what does he mean by that.” But the pain in her rump seemed to provide
the answer to her question. He returned carrying two zip lock bags of ice. He place one directly one
top of each of Shalini’s breasts, then left again. At first the ice was very cold, then numbness set in
as time passed. She heard the door open, and a female voice, the one she had heard before ask,
“how long has the ice packs been on her nipples?” “Over 45 minutes,” Frank answered. “Then she is
ready. Plug this in,” the female said. “You told Frank that you did not want those rings glued to your
nipples again, so I am going to pierce them and put the rings through you nipple flesh Shalini,” the
woman told her. As Shalini bucked and strained against the straps futility, she continued, “I will be
using a heated needle so it will cauterize the bl**d vessels as it goes through them. You will not
bleed, but they will be very sore for several days. It is going to hurt a little, but I don’t give a damn
about your pain.” “Why don’t we give her the sedative now?” Frank asked. “It will put her to sl**p.”
“No, you told me I didn’t have to put her to sl**p until I was ready, and I want to her suffer as her
nipples are pierced. That was our deal.” The Susan picked up the heated needle in her right hand,
and grasped one of Shalini’s nipples between her fingers of her other hand. The needle slid easily
through the tender flesh making a hissing sound and creating a small wisp of smoke. Just as she did,
Shalini’s body stiffened and shook. Then without hesitation, the same was done to her other nipple.
“There, it is done,” Susan pronounced. “Now I will give her the sedative, then you can attach the
rings.” She reached into her purse and removed a syringe. The contents were placed into Shalini’s
arm, and Susan said, “it will be just a moment before she is out.” Shalini’s brain was too
preoccupied with the pain in her freshly pierced nipples to feel the needle placed into a vein in her
arm. But she was aware that she was loosing consciousness, then it all went blank for her. Frank
took his time soldering the 1/2 inch gold rings in place on Shalini’s nipples. He want to be sure it
was a strong weld that would not come apart. Once that was done, the two of them untied Shalini
and put her bra on. The used several sheets of tissue to line the cups to catch the small amount of
bl**d. Then the two of them loaded her into Frank’s car, and drove over to Shalini’s house. Inside
her garage, they got out and took her inside. Susan left a note for Shalini as well as some antiseptic,
and they left her still under the influence of the sedative. It was about midnight when the sedative
wore off and Shalini started awakening. Her first realization was of the sharp throbbing pain in her
nipples. Then she became aware that she was no longer tied to the table because her arms were
free. She open her eyes to find, much to her surprise, that she was in her own bed in her own
house. She called out, “Dr. Benson?” There was no answer. She realized that she was alone. Her
hand went instinctively to her breast as she remember what had been done to her body. She
withdrew it quickly because of the pain it caused. She laid still for nearly an hour crying softly to
herself while the effects of the sedative continued to wear off. At last, she painfully struggled to her
feet, and shakily made it to her bathroom. She peed, then stood if front of her mirror. Standing in
front of the mirror, Shalini carefully unhooked the
front of her bra. What she saw caused her to gasp. In each red, swollen, distended nipple was a
small gold ring. The rings ran directly though her nipples. Her body now had been permanently
damaged and rage filled her thoughts. She went to the phone to call Dr. Benson to tell him that this
had gone too far, and that she was finished with his blackmail. She was madder than she had ever
been in her entire life. There was a note stuck to the telephone, it read, “don’t waste your time
trying to call, my flight left at 6:00 pm earlier this evening, and I will not return for a while. Take
care and heal, I’ll let you know when I get back.” It was not signed, but she knew it was Frank’s
handwriting. Shalini called any way, and found there was no answer. On her vanity, she found a
large bottle of antiseptic, with a typewritten note telling her to use it on her nipples often to avoid
an infection setting in. Then Shalini returned to her bed and cried herself back to sl**p. CHAPTER
EIGHT It was after 10:00 Sunday morning when Shalini awoke from her deep sl**p. The soreness in
her breasts confirmed that she had not had a nightmare, it had all been real, real as hell. She got up
and went to the bathroom. In front of her mirror, she examined her still red and swollen nipples.
She carefully looked at the rings to see if they could be removed by some kind of a release or
something like that. She was surprised to see they were solid, all the way around. She stood there
looking at them and her body with its hairless vagina. She noticed the gold chain around her neck
with the word “slut” had been removed, but now that seemed like a very minor thing The sight of
her own body repulsed her, so she put on her bathrobe, and went about fixing breakfast.
It was about 2:00 when, fully dressed, she drove to Frank’s house to see if he was home, or if he
had really left town. There was no answer at his door, so she drove back home. During the next
week, the soreness and swelling in her breasts went away. She was glad the rings in her nipples
were small enough that they did not show through her clothes. Slowly she became accustomed to
them and went about her duties at the library. As the week progress, her mood improved, and soon
she was working with the enjoyment she had always had. Her trips to the newspaper to turn in
book reviews or get rewrite notes were uneventful. She wondered if Frank had actually moved, or
just when he would return. She hoped with all her will that he was gone forever. By the end of the
second week, Shalini was surprised that her pubic hair had shown little evidence of growing back.
That is except for one small dime sized spot centered near the top of where her hairline had been.
That tiny spot seemed to be trying to start some hair growth, so her concluded the rest would
likewise soon follow. The third week passed without contact from Frank, and there were no notes
from the woman whose identity was unknown. It was as if things were really over. The only
reminders were her nipple rings and her still hairless vagina. That Sunday, at the end of the third
week, Shalini sat on her bed nude. She took a make up mirror, and using the magnifying side of it
looked for signs that her pubic hair was returning. The dime sized spot now had hairs, only a couple
dozen, but they were now over 1/2 inch long. Yet the rest of her vaginal area showed no sings of
hair growth. Shalini’s concern grew, but she still expected to see her hair returning any time now.
Her nipples had completely healed by now and there was no trace of the soreness that had lingered
for so long, but she was increasingly concerned about her pubic hair.
The next Wednesday, when she went to the newspaper to check her message box, Shalini found an
envelope, sealed and with her name typed on the front. She suspected it was from the unknown
lady, so rather than open it, she just placed it in her purse, and went back to her car and drove
home. She thought it was going to be telling her that Frank was back in town, and she did not want
to read the bad news in public. She went into her house and straight to her kitchen. She mixed a
large tumbler of gin and tonic and returned to her den. She sat down and drank several long drinks
of the gin. Only then did she open the envelope with her trembling hands. Inside was another
typewritten note. It read, “I bet your sweet pussy looks funny with just a small spot of hair above it.
Remember how the first few hairs I removed hurt, and how the rest were removed with what felt
like a light sting? Guess where they were pulled out by tweezers and which ones were removed
permanently by electrolysis?” The contents of the note hit Shalini like a ton of bricks. Her eyes filled
with tears and disbelief. She quickly undressed and again examined herself with the magnifying
mirror. It was true, there was no hair growth anywhere but for the small spot, and there the hair
was close to an inch long. She buried her face in a pillow and cried for nearly an hour. Her body had
been ruined by these people and she could not change what they had done. Even if she were to be
free of Frank and this woman, her body would never ever look the same. After she had cried herself
out, she returned to the den and her glass of gin. She drank it, then another and another. She drank
until she actually passed out. Shalini was late to work the next morning and had a bad headache
from all the gin she had consumed. But she made it through they day. The week passed slowly, but
at last the weekend arrived. She had spent time in her library researching hair removal by
electrolysis, and found it was indeed permanent. Frank had now been gone four weeks and Shalini
had ceased driving
by his house to see if he had returned. She hoped that he was gone for good, and resigned her self
to the permanent removal of her pubic hair. She had decided to go to a doctor and simply tell him
that she had changed her mind about having nipple rings, and to get him to remove them for her.
The only thing that kept her from doing it was the embarrassment of being seen with them, even by
a doctor, but it was something she was definitely going to do in the near future. She stopped by the
newspaper on her lunch hour Monday to turn in the book reviews she had done over the weekend.
In her message box was a memo from the Society Page editor, Susan Wright. The handwritten
message said, ”I am considering doing a feature length article about our city’s library in the near
future. I would like your insight in this area. Please call my secretary and let her know when a
convenient time would be for us to meet on the subject.” Shalini was thrilled at such a chance. The
library was about to start a fund raising campaign and this would be great publicity. She called the
main office and talked with the Director of Branch Libraries, her boss. She told him of the message
and asked for time off during work hours to meet with Ms. Wright. Her boss told her that she
should take what ever time was needed, and that he agreed how fortunate the timing on such an
article was coming just as they were starting the fund raiser. As soon as she hung up, she called the
newspaper and asked for Ms. Wright’s office. Her secretary answered, and Shalini identified herself.
An appointment was made for Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Shalini hung up, then told her assistant
about the appointment and that she would not return to work since she normally got off at 5:00
anyway. It was just after 4:00 when Shalini rode the elevator to the top floor of the newspaper
building. She went to Ms. Wright’s office and identified herself to the secretary explaining that she
was early. She sat in the reception area until a few minutes after 4:30, when the secretary told her
the Ms. Wirght had been detained at another meeting, and they would have to reschedule the
meeting. She apologized on behalf of Ms. Wright, saying that she was awfully busy.
As they walked back past the secretary’s desk, she handed a large envelope to Shalini. “Ms. Wright
was afraid this might happen, and she ask me to give you this if she was unable to make the
appointment. She ask me to tell you that she would like for you to review the material, and give
your opinion of it for her feature article.” Shalini assured her that she would do just that, and that
she would call for another appointment tomorrow. She tucked the envelope under her arm and
went back to her car. It was too late to make sense for her to return to her branch library, so she
drove on home. She fixed herself a sandwich and ate, the changed into her old sweats. Shalini got a
glass of wine and sat at her desk ready to review the information Ms. Wright had assembled. Inside
the envelope, she found many articles the newspaper had done about the library and its personnel,
including herself, over the past few years. There was also a couple of article outlines for her to look
over. One was about the tenure of the head librarian and his retirement plans in the near future.
Shalini’s name was on a list of five expected to replace him, and there was a little about each
person on the list. The other was an outline about the history of the library which Shalini found
interesting but dull. There was a handwritten note in the envelope, at the end of the other material
from Ms. Wright. It said that she preferred the story about the head librarian’s nearing retirement,
and that she would be very proud if one of the newspaper’s part-time staff were to be awarded
that position. In her note, she added that being involved in the article could give her some public
exposure that would help her chances in getting his job. She closed with saying she looked forward
to working with her. Shalini was flattered, Susan Wright was in her late thirties, and known
throughout the city. She had social contacts everywhere and was always in the lime light. She had
lost her husband about four years ago and was incredibly wealthy now, and she was a major
contributor to
all of the local political candidates. Her support would almost guarantee her succeeding as the new
head librarian, even though she was a least ten years younger than the others being mentioned as
possible replacements. Shalini went back through all the material about the first article again. She
noticed that there was a personal biography about the other four, but not for her. She assumed it
was because they had all been with the library for much longer than she had been. She made a
mental note to mention that to Ms. Wright when they met. Shalini was about to call Ms. Wright’s
secretary the next morning to schedule a new appointment when the phone at her desk rang. It
was her secretary, she said, “Ms. Wright asked me to call you and tell you that she needs to meet
with you this evening. She said something urgent has come up and it is of vital importance to you.
She would like for you to join her for dinner at her home this evening at 7:00. Can you make it?”
Shalini was taken aback by what she heard. What had come up she wondered, but she stammered
out that she would be there. The secretary gave her Ms. Wright’s address, and said good-bye.
Shalini was worried about this meeting with Ms. Wright, and was distracted in her thoughts for the
rest of the day. The thought of Frank and what he knew flashed through her mind, but she was sure
he had not sent it to anyone because she had done all he had required. “No,” she thought, “it must
be something else.” CHAPTER NINE Shalini left home in time to be sure she was punctual. She had
put on her nicest looking dress and tried to make her hair as attractive as possible. She wanted
desperately to make a favorable
impression on this woman. She drove up to the large house, parked, the paused long enough to
check her make up in the mirror. The door was answered by Ms. Wright’s maid. She told Shalini to
follow her to the study, which Shalini did. She had never been in such a magnificent home before.
She marveled at is richness and splendor as she follow the maid down the hall. The maid opened
the door, and told Shalini to wait and make herself comfortable. She said that Ms. Wright would be
with her soon. She added that there were sandwiches and drinks on the coffee table and the she
should go ahead and eat for Ms. Wright had already eaten. Shalini was more than just a little
surprised hearing that. She thought they were going to eat together, but went ahead and nibbled
on a couple of sandwiches and poured herself some wine to go with them. She had been there for
over half an hour when the door opened and Susan Wright walked it. She was tall, extremely
attractive and had jet black hair that hung past her shoulders. She was wearing a long floor length
dressing gown that buttoned up the front. Yet, it seemed very elegant on her. She sat in a large
leather chair across from Shalini and smiled. “How are those lovely nipples of yours?” she asked.
Shalini immediately recognized the voice, it was the woman she had never seen but who had been
with Frank. The woman who had removed her pubic hair and pierced her nipples. “You?” was all
Shalini could manage to say. “Yes, I am the one,” she said smiling. “Just keep quiet and listen, I will
let you talk when I am finished.” Shalini was totally speechless anyway. She had not ever suspected
that woman had been Susan Wright. She just nodded her head “ok.” “First of all, Frank asked me to
tell you he will be back soon , and that he is looking forward to using your body some more
when he gets here. “You have read the outline of the article I plan to write, and you know what
effect it will have on your career. I can guess that you are also aware of the effect the information
that Frank has gathered on you will have on not only your career, but your personal reputation as
well. Which article I write depends entirely on you. Do you understand me?” Shalini nodded “yes.”
She was still to shocked to say a word. “Good,” Susan said. “You will do exactly as I say at all times,
you will never contradict me, and you will never refuse any request I make. If you please me, your
secret is safe and you will become the next head librarian in this city. If you displease me, well you
already know what will happen. Now have you ever had sex with another woman?” Shalini’s eyes
had filled with tears as Susan spoke, now the tears were running down her cheeks. She was still
unable to speak, and just sat as if in a trance. “Answer me bitch, or get out of my god damn house!”
Susan snapped in an angry tone of voice standing as she spoke. “No,” Shalini whimpered as tears
continued streaming down her cheeks. “Now think about your answer to my next question and
what will happen if you displease me, she said. After a long pause, she asked, “do you want to have
sex with me?” Again Shalini did not speak, but she managed to nod her head “yes.” “That was an
excellent and wise decision on your part. At times you may doubt that wisdom, but your other
option is one that would destroy you. Now, stand up and take off all of your clothes.” Shalini stood
slowly, she wanted to refuse and just return to her
home, but she knew that was no a choice she could make. She unzipped the back of her dress and
pulled it over her head. She hesitated for a moment. “Now bitch! Be quick about it or I will get
angry, and you already know I like hurting people,” Susan snapped. Shalini removed her shoes, then
her panty hose and placed them by her dress. Her bra and panties came off last. She felt faint and
flushed as she watch Susan examine her ripples and her hairless vagina. “Ow!” Shalini exclaimed
when Susan tugged on the dime sized area of pubic hair she still had. “Well, it is time for that to go,
it looks rather silly. Lay back on the couch, it will just take a few minutes my pet. As Shalini laid on
the couch, she felt the light stings of the electrolysis machine remove the remaining hairs. While
Susan was doing this is said that she hope Shalini had kept the hair she had left in the envelope
because she would never have any “pussy “ hair again. The process of removing the final hairs took
about 30 minutes. She laughed and said, “there you hairless bitch. How does it feel to know that
you will live the rest of your live with the shame of having no pubic hair?” Shalini did not answer,
none was necessary. She had already thought about just that. If she were to escape from their
clutches, and she was going to somehow, she could have the rings in her nipples removed and the
holes in them would eventually close. Her pubic hair was another matter, it would never grow back
and would serve as a constant reminder of what she had been put through at their hands. Shalini
felt Susan’s fingers lightly squeezing her nipples. “Are they sore pet?” she was asked. “They were,
but no longer,” Shalini answered. The telephone on her desk in the study rang. “Damn,” she
muttered, “I told staff not to interrupt me.” It rang again, and this time she picked it up. Shalini
watch as Susan listened, the hung up. She turned to Shalini and said, “get dressed, you must leave
now, but be here, dressed casually, tomorrow afternoon at 5:30. You will just have to wait until
then to get your fist taste of pussy my pet. Something has come up. Staff will show you out when
you are dressed.” With that, Susan left the room closing the door behind her. Shalini got dressed as
quickly as she could and opened the door of the room to find the maid just standing there as if
waiting on her. She followed her back to the front door and left saying nothing. She drove quickly
home and went inside. After mixing a glass of gin and tonic, she relaxed on her couch. “They don’t
know everything at least,” she thought to herself. Shalini had lied to Susan about ever having had
sex with another female, and she had gotten away with it. Her first job, one at a suburb library, had
been under the supervision of a woman who was openly lesbian. She and Shalini had become good
friends during the few months that she worked there, and had become occasional lovers as well.
She smiled warmly remembering the close, softness of that relationship.
CHAPTER TEN Shalini was, in some ways, actually looking forward to the special closeness of a
sexual encounter with another woman. Susan was indeed attractive, and the fact that she could
help advance Shalini's career was an added incentive. She was dressed in slacks and a bulky cotton
sweater, with panties and a bra, but no pantyhose, as she went to her car Saturday afternoon. The
drive to Susan's house was pleasant, and Shalini was fairly relaxed as she turned into the long drive
that led to her house. She parked, and went to the door. The maid answered the bell, and asked
Shalini to follow her. Again, she was led to the study, and told to wait, that Ms. Wright would be
with her shortly. Shalini sat on one of the large leather chairs and waited.
"First things first my pet," Susan said as she entered the room dressed in a long pink robe. She
parted the robe as she walked past Shalini and sat on the couch. Shalini looked at her, and her
exquisite nude body. It was absolutely perfect in every respect, from her pear shaped breasts, to
her neatly trimmed pubic hair barely covering her vagina, to her long and graceful legs. Susan laid
on her back on the couch with one foot on the floor and the other leg over the rear of the couch,
obscenely displaying her vagina. "Eat my pussy, pet," she said as she closed her eyes and waited.
Shalini started to pull her sweater over her head, but Susan snapped, "that is not what I told you to
do, now eat my pussy and do the best you can at making me happy or there will be hell to pay
bitch!" This was not starting at all like Shalini had envisioned, but she pulled the sweater back
down. She moved to the couch and knelt, her knees on the floor and her face just above Susan's
vagina. She was leaning over, as Susan said, "if you really do good, pet, I will let you wear some
clothes tonight when we entertain my guests, otherwise it will just be your naked pussy and ripple
rings." Shalini heard that, and felt a cold chill running down her spine. She already knew that Susan
was not k**ding, or at least she knew enough not to take that chance. She was glad that this was
something she had done before and had enjoyed, but under much more favorable circumstances.
Shalini licked, sucked and used her tongue to probe every inch of Susan's vagina. She brought her to
three orgasms in less than 30 minutes, and was still going hard even though her mouth and tongue
were tiring, when Susan said, "enough pet, you will wear clothing tonight." "You are a good little
pussy eater." She sat up, then added, "are you sure you have never done that before?" "No, that
was the first time for me," lied Shalini, not wanting this woman to know any more about her than
she and Frank already did. "The maid will take you to your dressing room and show you what to
wear. If you protest, I will beat the shit out of you and you will be buck ass naked tonight, do you
understand me, pet?" Without waiting on an answer, she got up and left Shalini still on her knees.
The maid came in as soon as she had left and told Shalini to follow her. Once again, Shalini followed
the maid. This time she was led to a bedroom. Motioning to the bed, the maid said, "this is what
Ms. Wright has selected for you to wear. She said for me to caution you that you are to wear
nothing but what is on the bed, not even your panties and bra." Then she abruptly left the room
closing the door behind her. On the bed was a simple white cotton dress with a moderately
scooped neckline. It was about knee length and looked like something Shalini would buy for herself.
Beside it was a pair of white, low heel sandals. Even though Shalini knew she would not be wearing
bra nor panties under this dress, its modest appearance made her feel better. At least she would
look decent and presentable for Susan's guests. Just as she was finishing getting dressed, the maid
returned and told her to follow her to the den. In the den, Shalini found that Susan had also dressed
in casual clothing and was sitting on the couch talking to an oriental looking lady. "Hi pet," Susan
said as Shalini walked into the room. "This is Dr. Li Cho, a very special friend of mine." Her tone of
voice left little doubt in Shalini's mind just what she had meant by "special friend." The lady stood
and walked over to Shalini. Shalini watched as she was examined by the oriental woman. She was
taken aback at how strong and muscular the woman appeared even though she was neither big nor
tall. "So this is Frank's little toy?" Li asked. "Yes, isn't she wonderful. She ate her first pussy just
before you came, and she is pretty damn good at it. I can't wait until she has some experience."
Susan looked at Shalini and said, "lift you dress pet and show Li your wonderful little bald cunny."
Shalini was shocked at what Susan had just said. She responded, "you are k**ding. You can't
possibly expect me to do that." She stood and stared at Susan in total disbelief. "She has a long way
to go, doesn't she?" asked Li. "Yes, and it is going to be most enjoyable dearest Li, most enjoyable
indeed." Turning back to Shalini, she said again, "lift your dress pet so Li can see your naked cunny."
Again Shalini just stood and stared at her. "I will deal with you insolence after my meeting," she
snapped at Shalini.
"Li, perhaps you would like to assist me in teaching this piece of shit some manners?" "I would love
to Susan, but Mary and I are going to enjoy some time together after your meeting," Li said. "Why
don't you invite Mary to join us? Do you think she would be interested?" "Yes, I am certain of it. I
will ask her as soon as she gets here," said Li grinning broadly. The two women left Shalini still
standing in a near state of shock. She heard the distinctive "click" of the door being locked as they
left. Shalini walked to the door and confirmed that she had just been locked in the den in Susan's
house. She sat in one of the large chairs shivering at the thought of what was going to happen to
her. "How have I so completely lost control of my life?" she thought as tears began flowing freely
down her cheeks. Shalini remained in the den while Susan conducted a meeting of the social
committee of the Arts Council for San Francisco just doors away from where she sat in fear. It was
over two hours later that the meeting ended. Susan walked into the den and said, "so now it is time
for you to learn to obey me bitch. It is going to be a lesson you need to never forget." As she
finished, Li and Mary walked in. "Shalini?" Mary said. Shalini looked up to see Mary Owens, the
branch librarian with whom she had been involved some time ago following Li into Susan's den. She
did not respond. "Shalini, it is you. How delightful to see you again," Mary said. "You two know each
other?" asked Susan. Mary giggled, and said, "we were extremely good friends just after she started
to work in the library system," she paused, giggled again and added, "if you know what I mean."
"So, you piece of shit, not only have you failed to obey me, but you have lied to me as well," Susan
snapped. "What did she lie about?" asked Li. "The bitch told me that my pussy was her first to
taste." "Shalini, how could you? We had many, many fun times together," asked Mary.
Susan, teeming with anger, said, "Li, perhaps you will not want Mary to see this. I am going to
punish her severely." "Please Li, let me stay. She broke up with me without even as much as a goodbye.'
Please let me stay," pleaded Mary. "What are you going to do to her?" asked Li. "I really just
don't know. I promised Frank that I would not leave any marks on her body. Otherwise, I would
whip the skin off her back." "Please, please, don't hurt me," begged Shalini as she fell to her knees
whimpering. Susan, filled with rage, kicked her in the side of her head so hard that Shalini was
knocked u*********s and fell face down on to the floor. When Shalini regained consciousness, she
found herself laying on her stomach. She had a large ball gag in her mouth that was fastened tightly
around her head. She tried to moved, but discovered that she was secured, spread eagle and face
down on some sort of a low bench. She looked around within her vision to see that she was in what
appeared to be a well equipped gym. She was alone, nude, and cold. She saw Susan and Li come
into view. "Welcome to hell," growled Susan. "Li, since you came up with the method of
punishment, why don't you explain to this piece of shit just what is going to happen to her." "I
would be delighted, it is just too bad that Mary did not have the stomach for this." She paused, then
continued, "we are going to very carefully and systematically bruise all the major muscles in your
body." Upon hearing what Li said, Shalini bucked and strained against the bonds holding her in
place. Her eyes widened in sheer panic as she realized the severity of the way she was held in place
and unable to move. Her struggles were met by laughter from the other two women. "Go on Li, tell
her, explain it to her like you did Mary and me. I want her to know just what is going to happen. I
want her to realize that it will happen again if she ever lies or refuses to obey me again," Susan said.
Li held a rolling pin in front of Shalini. "This is what we are going to use, but we are not going to hit
you with it, that would leave bruises, and Frank would be mad at us. No honey, we are going to use
it by rolling it over your legs, arms, back, and shoulders. We will start with moderate pressure at
first, then heavier pressure. Every cell in you muscles will be f***ed against the others over and
over. You will be deeply, very deeply bruised and the will be not a single mark on your body. It is a
trick my Korean ancestors used to get information from prisoners, and you will find it very
effective." Shalini continued to fight to get loose, but was losing her strength and making no
progress in freeing herself. "We each have a rolling pin, and we are going to start by working on you
calf muscles, then we will get your hamstring muscles, and work our way up your back and
shoulders, then out your arms. Next, we will turn you over and work on you front side. If you are a
good girl, we will not bruised you breasts, something you should thank us for because that would
take even longer to heal. Now relax and enjoy yourself," she concluded. "Wait," Susan said, "you
have forgotten something. You did not mention the pain killer you have in your medical bag."
Laughing, Li said, "thanks hon. Yes, I am going to give you a strong pain killer so you will not feel the
pain and pass out on us. You will however be able to feel what is happening to your body, there just
will be no pain until it wears off." Shalini watched as Li prepared the syringe. She felt the cold of the
alcohol swab on her arm, then the prick of the needle. Soon there was almost a narcotic haze that
felt like was covering her brain. She felt the two rolling pins, one on the calf muscle of each leg, as
the rolled from her ankle to the back of her knee. She heard Li telling Susan to vary the angle of the
rolling pin as it moved back and forth so as to get the entire muscle involved. Even though she felt
no pain, Shalini could tell that they were using most of their body weight behind every movement
of the rolling pins. "Do you feel it Shalini?" asked Li. "Do you feel the sinews, the tendons, the very
fiber of your muscles being stretched and crushed. Isn't it the most unusual thing you have ever
experienced?" She heard them laughing and talking as they moved to the back of her thighs, and
started the same process on her hamstring muscles. Shalini heard them as they decided that it
might be best if
this time they limit their damage to just her arms and legs. She learned the Frank was due in town
Friday, and they wanted her to be able to please him when he got here. Then they moved to her
arms and continued. She heard Susan tell Li what good exercise this was for them and heard them
laugh at the joke as they continued. At last Susan and Li stopped. "Time to turn her over," Li
explained. "What if we have a hard time getting her to lay back down?" Susan asked. "We have
done enough damage to her leg and arm muscles that, pain killer or not, they will not support her
body. She will give us no trouble I promise." Although Shalini felt them unstrap her from the table,
she was able to put up only the weakest opposition, and was soon fastened just as securely as
before, this time on her back. She watched them as they worked first on her legs again, the her
arms. At last, Li proclaimed, "we have been at this for two hours, I think she will long remember
this, and us ," she added with a laugh. "Now we have to get her home, will you help me?" asked
Susan. "Oh yes, I don't want to miss the surprise you have planned for her, not one bit. In fact, I
want to join in if it is okay with you," was Li's response. They carried Shalini's limp body to her car,
and put her in the back seat. Li drove it while Susan followed in her own car. Soon they were pulling
into Shalini's garage. They took her into her bathroom and put her in the sunken tub. Susan stood
back and smiled. "Doesn't she look lovely just laying there?" "Yes, lovely indeed. I bet it will be this
time tomorrow, at least, before she can get out of it," Li said gesturing toward the tub. "By that
time she ought to be rank as hell." Laughing, Susan said, "yes, that is a fact. Now you want me to
pee on her first or do you want to be the first?" "You go first, after all, it was your idea. But don't
forget to close the drain," replied Li. "How much longer will the pain killer keep her from enjoying
what we have done?" "Lets see, it is now just after mid night.......I'd say she ought to be coming out
of it real soon," answered Li. Shalini already was in fact feeling the first onset of the pain from the
damage that had been done
to her muscles, but she did not move for fear of irritating her tormentors. She knew what they were
going to do, and she simply no longer cared. She watched as Susan reached under her skirt and
removed her panties. She laid motionless as she stood above her body with one leg on each side of
the tub. The warm golden stream of Susan's urine splashed down onto Shalini's chest covering her
breasts and running down between her own legs. Next, Li got over her. Li's urine splashed on to
Shalini's face and into her hair and eyes. The two women left laughing as they closed the bathroom
door. Shalini at last allowed herself to cry. She shook uncontrollable as she sobbed. She tried to
raise up to turn on the shower an rinse her urine covered body off. The shock of intense pain
consumed her, and she fell back against the hard tub still crying. She cried until she fell into a deep
sl**p. Shalini's first awareness the next day was a throbbing from her entire body. Her eyes were
shocked open by that pain and the stench of the two women's urine in the tub and all over her
body. Her next awareness was her own need to use the bathroom, both to urinate and to defecate.
She struggled with the pain that racked her body as she tried over and over to get out of the fowl
smelling tub. It was not use. Her muscles had been so damaged that there was little strength in
them, and the pain almost was causing her to faint during each try to get out of the tub. Shalini
again broke into heavy sobbing as the pressure in her bladder f***ed her to relieve herself, adding
to the day old urine of Li and Susan. The pressure growing in her bowels was just as intense.
Although Shalini fought against her own body, she lost, and was now sitting in and on her own body
wastes. The time passed as she tried from time to time to get out of the tub. She alternated
between the pain in her muscles as she tried, to a fitful sl**p. She had lost all track of time and now
had no idea whether it was day or night. She was becoming weak from hunger and dehydration as
she continued to struggle to get out of the tub. At last she managed. Although she could not stand,
she could crawl. She crawled to the commode and drank from it to quench her thirst. She rested for
a long time, then crawled back to the tub, opened the drain, and got in. She sat and let the warm
shower pelt her battered body until the hot water started turning cold. She turned the water off,
and slumped back in the tub
and gathered her strength. It was over an hour later before Shalini again managed to crawl out of
the tub. Every muscle in her body felt as if it was on fire as she slowly crawled to her bedroom. It
was daylight, and the clock radio on her night stand indicated it was 9:15 am, but She did not know
what day it was. She managed to dial her office number. Her assistant answered. "This is Shalini,"
she said, "I am suffering from a bad case of the flu, I am sick. I will not be in for a couple of days.
Please notify Admin that I am taking some sick leave for me." "I am sorry to hear that Ms Williams.
Are you eyes scratchy and your muscles sore," was the response. "Yes, very sore." She paused, then
asked, "is today Monday?" "Yes, and I hope you feel better soon." "Thank you. Good bye." Shalini
hung up the telephone and collapsed of the floor, unable to get on her bed. It was late afternoon
when Shalini awoke again. This time she felt a driving need for something to eat and she was still
very dehydrated. She crawled to her kitchen and managed to get the refrigerator door open. She
ate some fruit and raw vegetables, but that was all she could reach from the floor. Unable to reach
to the higher shelves or to the sink, she could get nothing to drink. Once again she crawled to the
bathroom and drank from the toilet. The smell of what had been in the tub still hung heavy in there,
so she crawled back to her bedroom. She struggled until she got on to the bed and fell asl**p. It
was after 1:00 am when she woke next. She managed to get to her feet, and using furniture to
steady herself, went to the kitchen again. The pain of walking caused tears to stream down her
cheeks as she moved. For the first time she saw the blinking light on her answering machine. She
pushed the button to hear her massages. "Slut," she heard Frank's voice say, "I want you at my
place at 7:30 Friday evening, and I do not want you to shave your legs or armpits again until I say it
is permissible. Slut, you are fully aware of the consequences should you fail to be there on time."
There was nothing more.
The week had passed slowly for Shalini as she recovered from the damage Susan and Li had done to
her body. Friday, still sore but able to walk without showing discomfort, she went to work for the
first time since coming down with the “flu.” Being back at work did wonders for her spirits even
though it felt strange to be wearing slacks at the library. However she had little other choice
because the dark stubble on her legs would have been visible even through her darkest hose. When
she got home, she removed her clothing, took a shower in her now spotless tub, and relaxed with a
glass of white wine. She dreaded having to go to Frank’s house this evening, but it was something
she had no choice in doing. When he first left, she had hoped he would be gone from her life
forever, now he was back and had control of her again. She sat, sipped wine, and watched as the
time neared for her to dress and drive over to his house. Frank looked at the time, it was just barely
7:00, so he mixed himself a drink. It had been over a month since he was last with Shalini, and he
had missed her more than he would have guessed. He just hoped he could keep his happiness at
seeing her again from showing when she arrived. It was too soon for Shalini to know that he was
really growing to care a great deal about her. He heard her car drive up, a car door slam, then his
door bell ring. “Come in slut,” he said as he opened the door, hiding his pleasure at seeing her.
“Strip,” he told her. He watched as she undressed, placing her neatly folded clothes on the back of
the chair. “Come over her to me, I want to see your hairless cunt.” She stood in front of him as he
ran his hand over her bald pubic area. She felt him feeling of the week old stubble of hair on her
legs. Her humiliation was manifesting itself as body tremors as he
continued his inspection. “Is you cunt wet enough for me to fuck?” he asked. “Not yet,” was her
answer. “Go to my bedroom and get it ready for me slut. I want to fuck you before I go out on my
date this evening.” Shalini walked to his bedroom unaware the he was following her. She went
directly to his bed and turned to get on it when she saw him standing in the door. “I have not had
time yet,” she paused, then added, “sir.” “Well go on and get your cunt sloppy and wet for my cock
then,” he said smiling. “Aren’t you going to leave?” she asked. “No, I think I will just watch my slut
get her cunt ready for me. Unless you had rather I butt fuck you.” Her hands moved slowly to her
vagina. No man had ever seen her do this, it was a very private thing. She felt her body glowing
crimson red in shame. She was still trying to f***e her hands to her vagina when Frank said, “roll
over slut. I will use your ass hole for my pleasure.” “No, wait, I will do it,” pleaded Shalini. “No slut,
you took too long, roll over.....NOW!” Shalini was already crying by the time she buried her face in
the pillow and felt his hand applying the KY jelly to her rectum. Her sobbing was ceased
momentarily by a gasp of pain as he shoved the entire length of his penis inside her bowels in one
quick movement. He pumped brutally hard and was spent in just a few minutes. When he returned
from the bathroom he went to the front of his house leaving Shalini to clean up. Frank looked up
when she entered his den, “did you learn anything from that slut?”
“Yes sir,” was her meek reply. “Good, now see that you don’t forget it. You may leave now, and be
back here tomorrow at noon, and with you legs shaved.” “What about under my arms?” she asked.
“No, leave the hair there to remind you that your body belongs to me. Now get out slut,” he said
sternly. He smiled as she turned, got dressed and left without saying another word. He went to his
desk, took out his journal and made notes in it for a while. He was pleased that his month long
absence had not delayed her progress any at all. As soon as Shalini awoke Saturday morning, she
felt that she was not alone in her bedroom. She opened her eyes you see Frank standing at the foot
of her bed in a t-shirt and jogging shorts. “Good morning slut,” he said grinning. “Is your cunt wet
enough to please my cock?” he asked as he pulled the sheet off Shalini’s nude body. “Just give me a
few minutes sir,” Shalini said almost crying. Her rear had hurt so much last night that she had
trouble getting to sl**p. She did not want that again, not at all. Both of her hands went quickly to
her vaginal area and started working on arousal. He watched as she masturbated herself in front of
him. “That is good, slut. You learn quickly. I don’t have time to fuck your cunt now, I’ll see you at
noon.” He then turned and left the room. Shalini heard the front door close before she realized she
was still masturbating herself. She did not stop, but continued until she had reached a strong, toe
curling climax. Then she rolled over and went back to sl**p. Saturday found Frank and Susan sitting
in his den. He sipped his scotch and water, and looked across the coffee table to where Susan was
sitting, drinking a glass of wine. “Yes I do, I feel confident of it, but I
had rather not use f***e if we don’t need to.” “It is a big step for her, going from sexually serving
just you to the two of us at the same time,” commented Susan. Frank laughed and said, “you act
like she has a choice in this Susan. Besides, there are going to be several challenges for her before
the day is over.” “I know, but she is a sweet person, and I can’t help but feel sorry for her at times.
We both chose what we do sexually because we like it. She never had a chance to make the
choice.” Frank took a long drink from his glass, “yes, but that was what I wanted, a challenge. We
will find out soon enough, I think that was her car.” Moments later, the door bell rang. Frank
answered the door by yelling, “come on in slut, it is unlocked.” “Why is she here?” Shalini exclaimed
as she walked into Franks den. “Because she is my friend and I invited her, slut.” Frank stood up and
walked toward her acting as menacing as he possibly could. “Unless you are prepared to walk out of
my house right now and accept the consequences, you will strip, and you will do it right fucking now
slut!” “But I don’t want to be hurt by her again, please?” begged Shalini. “Now! Slut, now!” Frank
snapped loudly. Susan added, “you have already seen how I deal with insolence my pet, and again
you are going to be punished for it. The severity of your punishment is still open however.” Shalini
knew she was defeated. For a moment, just a moment, the idea of leaving crossed her mind. The
thought of the scandal, her daughter who already disliked her, and her reputation, the career she
loved, it was all she had worked and lived for. Slowly her hands went to the buttons on her blouse,
and soon it was open. She slipped it of her shoulders and placed it on the same chair she had used
before. Soon
she was totally nude, trembling and standing before these two people who had managed to take all
of her own free will and crush it. “I like her hairy arm pits,” chuckled Susan, “it is a nice touch,
Frank.” “Get to my bedroom and get your cunt ready for my cock,” commanded Frank. Shalini
walked into Frank’s bedroom and turned to lay down on his bed. “What?” exclaimed Shalini as she
saw that Frank and Susan had followed her into the bedroom. “Get your cunt good and sloppy for
me or I will give you one hell of a butt fucking,” Frank said sternly. She knew better than to protest,
so she closed her eyes as if that act would afford her at least some measure of privacy. Her hands
found her vaginal area and started massaging, probing, and stroking. She felt her dampness growing
as was her arousal. She was determined that there was no way she would allow herself any
pleasure from this. She stopped, and said, “it is ready.” Shalini’s eyes were tightly closed as she felt
Frank insert his finger into her. “No, it is not sloppy nor wet enough. Either roll over, or get it one
hell of a lot wetter.” Shalini whimpered softly, then returned her hands to her vagina and
continued. She felt she was losing control and was reaching and orgasm despite her promise not to.
Susan and Frank stood it the bedroom door and watched as Shalini masturbated. Frank nudged
Susan and smiled as he saw her body spasm and near a climax. Susan returned the smile as Shalini’s
spasms grew stronger. Shalini worked on herself, and knew she was just about to lose control of the
orgasm that was building up inside her loins. She paused, “I am as wet as I can get. Is it wet enough
yet?” Frank probed with his finger again, and said that it would do. He then told her to get on her
hands and knees, that he was going to fuck her like a male dog fucks a bitch in heat. Shalini let a low
gasp escape from her lips, that was the position where she reached orgasm the
easiest, but she assumed the position as he had directed. She felt his hands guide his penis in place,
then the fullness as he gently pushed it all the way inside her cavity. He paused, and said to Susan,
“okay.” Susan got on the bed and spread her legs directly under Shalini’s face. “You are going to eat
my pussy pet while Frank fucks you.” As she said that, she f***ed Shalini’s head between her legs as
Frank started to erotically fondle her breasts and begin the slow rocking motion of his penis into
and out of her vagina. Shalini’s body shook almost immediately with a powerful orgasm, and she
lost it, lost all control. She had her face buried in Susan’s vagina licking for all she was worth as
Frank continued. One after another orgasm racked her body. At last she felt Frank withdraw and
saw Susan get off the bed. “Slut, you did an acceptable job, but next time it had better be better,”
he said as the two of them left Shalini in the bedroom. Shalini collapsed in shame and humiliation
and cried softly to herself. This was all wrong, and she hated it, especially hated the fact the they
knew she had experienced numerous orgasms. “Slut, clean your filthy cunt and come to the den,”
she heard Frank yell. She got off the bed and went to his bathroom and wiped herself. In the den,
Frank and Susan were fully dressed and drinking glasses of wine. “Did you cum, slut?” Frank asked
as she walked in the room. “No,” Shalini replied knowing she was not telling the truth. “In the guest
bathroom you will find some clothing. Put them on and return as quickly as you can, we have a busy
day, slut,” Frank told her. She went to the guest bath room as she was told. In there, she found a
pair of jogging shoes, the briefest of running shorts, and a very tiny string bikini top, nothing else. It
took her only a few minutes to put the
items on, then she returned to the den. “Here, attach this to your nipple rings,” Frank said s he
handed her a small gold chain about 10 inches long. Shalini did as he had instructed, but she
wondered where Susan was. She was not in the den with Frank. “Oh, I guess I forgot to tell, Susan
had errands to run, as do we. You will get to eat her pussy some more but not this evening.” Frank
walked over to Shalini and said, “now hook this leash to the chain,” as he gave her a black leather
dog leash that was about six feet long. “Wait here, I will be back as soon as I have changed clothes.”
When he returned, he was wearing khaki slacks and a sport shirt. “We are going shopping slut.” “I
can’t go outside dressed like this,” Shalini protested. “Oh? Why not,” asked Frank sarcastically. “It is
indecent, I am barely dressed. Anyone who looks can see that I have nipple rings. My under arms
need shaving, the shorts..................” “Do you think I care?” interrupted Frank. “You will come with
me dressed as you are because that is the way I want you dressed. Or,” he added as he grinned,
“you can come with me buck ass naked. But you will accompany me, slut.” He jerked on the leash to
emphasize his point causing a sharp pain in her nipples and her breasts to be pulled out of the scrap
of cloth that was the bikini top. Shalini’s eyes filled with tears as she knew that once again she had
no choice about this. She followed as he led her by the leash to his car. Shalini was thankful as they
crossed the bridge into Oakland. At least it would be extremely unlikely that they would see anyone
she knew. They spent the afternoon going to various antique shops and walking around the tourist
section. Shalini felt
like a piece of meat on display as he led her around by the leash attached to the chain between her
nipple rings. She held her arms close to her side to avoid showing her untidy under arm areas, and
she was careful to keep up with his as he shopped and enjoyed himself. When at last they drove
back across the bridge to San Francisco, Shalini’s self esteem had reached the lowest it had ever
been in her life. Not even when she had prostituted herself for college money had she felt so low.
When they were back inside Frank’s house, he told her to strip, and, like always, she did as she was
told. She watched as he set up his “display stand.” Then she stood above it as he raised the blunt
tip. He applied KY jelly, the raised it up and into her vagina. She felt the sharp pain as he caused it to
hit her cervix, then lowered it just a fraction. “There,” he said, “that will keep you out of trouble
while I get ready.” Then he left the room toward his bedroom. Shalini spent only a slight amount of
time trying to get off the device she was on. She had tried before and could not, this time was no
different. Shalini was lost in her own thoughts about her future and what would happen to end this
nightmare, when she heard the door bell. Frank walked past her saying it was only a delivery for the
party tonight. She noticed he was wearing a blue blazer, slacks and a white shirt. He returned with a
young man, not over 20, following him carrying some sacks. The boy dropped one of the sacks as
soon as his eyes saw Shalini, naked and unable to move. “That’s okay,” Frank said, “you didn’t break
anything,” as the boy picked up the things that had fallen from the sack. He left, but had another
good look as he walked by her. “You might as well get used to being looked at slut. I am proud of
everything I own, and slut you are as much my property as is this TV set.” “Frank, this has gone to
far. Let me off this thing, and I mean for you to do it right this instant. I will call the police if you
don’t,” demanded Shalini.
Handing her his cordless telephone, he said, “just dial 911 slut.” There was no look of compassion in
his eyes as he stared at her. She looked at the phone, then at Frank, then back at the phone.
“Here,” she said handing the phone back to him. Laughing he said, “good decision slut. You are
learning fast, but you are going to be punished before this weekend is over. You seem to have
forgotten that you are to refer to me only as ‘sir’ and then there is your insolence and your lie about
not cumming. Oh yes, you will be punished.” “How long do I have to stand here like this,” she asked
meekly. “Until I am ready to let you off of it slut,” was his response. The afternoon passed slowly for
Shalini, and her legs were getting tired. Frank had spent the time straightening up his home. It was
obvious the he was expecting guests. Shalini was horrified at the thought that he would just leave
her there during the party. It was nearly 7:00, when he walked over to her. He stood behind Shalini
and placed handcuffs over her wrists, then he lowered the metal rod from her vagina. He attached
chains to each nipple ring and led her to his workshop. He opened one of the cabinets and took out
a box. Inside the box was a chastity belt, one that looked like was from an old movie. He held it out,
saying “step in this slut.” Shalini stepped in to what looked like a metal bikini bottom as he pulled it
up. It was fastened around her waist, then a small padlock was attached to hold it securely in place.
Then he led her to the bathroom adjoining the second bedroom. Shalini watched as he fastened the
chains from her nipples around the lavatory. He then turned to leave. “Wait............sir,” pleaded
Shalini. “Why am I here like this? How long do I have to stay here?” He stopped, turned around and
said, “I guess you have figured out that I am having a little party tonight.
Actually it is more of a graduation party for my honors class. School ends next week and I always
have the senior honor class over for a little party each year. I am going to put a sign on the door to
one bathroom that says “ladies” and on the other that says “men.” This will be the men’s
bathroom.” “Here? In here? Where will I be?” asked Shalini. “Guess,” he said laughing. “But what if
a guy needs to use the bathroom?” she asked. “I would suggest that you simply let him do it.” “With
me in here?” “Can you get your self free?” Without waiting for her answer, he added, “and make
sure you remember that these are my guests and the severity of your punishment depends on how
well you treat them.” “What do you mean by how I treat them?” she replied. “I will leave that up to
you, but I had better not hear that you have dishonored me by failing to do as they ask.” With that
he left her sitting on the floor in the bathroom. It was at least a couple of hours later that she heard
the door bell ring and people come into Frank’s house. It rang several more times and the sounds of
his party filled the home. She looked up as the door opened and a young man of about 23 walked it.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” he asked. “That Dr. Benson is certainly full of surprises. Who
are you?” Shalini said nothing, but just stared at the floor. She heard him unzip his pants and than
the sound of his urine splashing in the toilet. “Want to suck this?” she heard him ask. She looked up
to see his semi erect penis dangling directly in her face. She said nothing, and he
left. Moments later she saw Frank enter the bathroom. “Slut, you have displeased me already.
Remember what Dr. Cho and Susan did to you? It can get much worse than that if I hear just one
more complaint.” He slammed the door as he left. The door opened again and the same young man
walked back in closing the door behind him. “I hear you have changed your mind,” he said as he
unzipped his pants and offered her his limp penis. Shalini did not even look at him, but rose to her
knees and took his penis in her mouth and started sucking and bobbing her head back and forth.
Quickly, her mouth was filled with his cum. He zipped up his pants, said thanks, and left. For the
next three hours Shalini gave oral sex to everyone who came in to the bathroom. Some guys made
second trips. She figured she must have given oral sex at least 15 times when the sounds of the
party started dying down. Her jaws were sore as were her knees. Her face was tear stained and she
was in a severe state of depression. At last Frank came in to the bath room. “Slut, it is time for you
to go home.” he said as he unlocked the chain between her nipple rings and unlocked the chastity
belt and the handcuffs. “Get dressed and leave, but be back here tomorrow at 3:00.” He left her
alone and closed the door. Shalini got to her feet, dressed and drove home, crying as she drove. She
took a long hot shower, then a double dose of sl**ping medication and went to bed. Her last
thoughts as she drifted off to sl**p were not of the degrading way she had been used, but of the
fact that she had avoided punishment and that was at least sort of reassuring to her.
Sunday morning Shalini woke up about 10:00. There was a dull ache in her jaws that served to
remind her of the way she had been made to perform last night for the pleasure of Frank’s
students. She just laid there unable to even cry about the ruined life she was now f***ed to live. She
was on the very verge of accepting her fate, her spirits nearly broken, but she was not aware of the
changes happening in her mind, not yet at least. She was still just laying there when she heard her
front door open. “Get your cunt ready slut, I will be there in a minute,” she heard Frank say. Shalini
immediately rolled over on her back and started arousing herself as quickly as she could. She was
still busily working on herself when Frank entered the room with another man just behind him. She
grabbed for the sheet to pull it up and cover her nude body. “No, don’t touch that sheet,” Frank
warned. “This is Tan Cho, Li’s husband. He wants to fuck you this morning. Be a good little slut and
tell him it is okay.” Shalini’s eyes filled with tears as she looked at these two men. She nodded
“yes.” “No, slut, tell him that you want him to fuck your cunt,” demanded Frank. She paused for
several seconds, tears streaming down her cheeks, then said, “I want you to fuck my cunt.” The two
men roared with laughter. Tan removed his trousers and got on the bed between Shalini’s legs. He
inserted his penis and began the enjoyment of her body. He continued for longer than she had ever
remembered a man lasting before and she felt her own passion rising to the point of orgasm. Then
it hit and her body convulsed with a powerful orgasm, then another. At last Tan withdrew his now
limp and spent penis from her body. She opened her eyes to see Frank’s erect penis directly in front
of her. Without a word being said, she took it in her mouth and started giving him what he
obviously wanted. Frank squirted his full load down her throat, then tucked his penis back in his
pants. “Frank, your little slut is very nice. You have done an excellent job my friend,” Tan said.
Without anything else being said, the two men turned and walked out of Shalini’s house, leaving
her still nude and on her bed. This was the final straw that broke Shalini’s spirit and her will to
resist. She was reduced to nothing more than an object for Frank to use as he wanted, and she now
realized it. She did not cry, but just accepted that was to be her life as long as he wanted her. She
pulled into his driveway promptly at three o’clock, got out and rang the door bell. “Come in slut,”
Frank said. Then he added, “strip.” Quickly, she was standing before him nude. “Lay on the couch
slut, and let me watch you get you cunt ready for a good fucking.” There was no protest left in her,
she simply had lost the will to resist. She moved to the couch, laid back, and started arousing
herself with her hands as he watched. Her body shook as an orgasm neared, but she continued.
“Here, use this in your cunt, slut,” Frank said as he handed her a large dildo. She took it obediently
and inserted it. She continued as she reached three orgasms. “That is enough for now slut,” he told
her. “Get up and stand over the display stand.” Soon, she was fixed in place with the vertical rod
inserted into her vagina. He put a piece of tape over her mouth and said, “we are having some
guests, and you will not need to speak slut.” She felt her own sexual discharge running down the
insides of her thighs, but made no attempt to try and wipe it away. Frank left her there in the den
and went into his kitchen. It was about 15 minutes later when the door bell rang. Frank opened the
door and in walked Susan and Li. They looked at Shalini, then Susan said, “I hear that she has
accepted your as her master.” “Yes, I think that is the case. I think I have broken her at last.”
“My husband said she performed well this morning, he seemed impressed, Frank,” said Li. “I was
pleased,” remarked Frank. “She did not hesitate, and she had at least two full orgasms.” Shalini
stood immobilized by the rod inside her and unable to speak as they talked. Hearing them discuss
her performance and her acceptance of his control caused her to feel even less human than before.
“That is all well and good, but when do I get to punish her for her transgressions of yesterday?”
asked Susan. “You have not forgiven her insolence and lies have you?” “No, she must learn the
consequences of disobedience. That is a very important part of her training, “ was Frank’s reply.
Hearing this, Shalini started squirming in a futile attempt to free herself. Susan said, “look, she has
life left in her after all,” as she laughed a wicked laugh. “I can’t wait to get at her breasts, it is going
to be so great.” Shalini continued to struggle. A trickle of bl**d ran down her thigh as the only
accomplishment of her struggles. “Li, are you sure that no permanent damage will be done to her
breasts?” he asked. “Absolutely, but they will feel like open boils on her chest for a few days,” was
Li’s reply. “Okay, then I am ready to learn your technique. Susan has told me of the effect it had on
her arms and legs. I can only imagine what it will do to her lovely breasts. “Are you sure your
workshop is soundproof?” questioned Li. “Very sure.” Susan asked, “should we handcuff her first,
just so she doesn’t give us any trouble?” “That might be a good idea,” agreed Frank. He went to a
drawer and got a pair of hand cuffs, the moved
to Shalini’s rear and placed them on her wrists. He then lowered the rod from her vagina. Even
handcuffed, Shalini tried to avoid being pushed into Frank’s workshop. All three were sweating by
the time they got her in there and on the mattress on the floor. When her legs were chained to
rings in the floor set far apart. The handcuffs were removed and Frank held her on her back as her
wrists were fastened to other rings. Then, they stood up admiring their handiwork. “God, she looks
so delicious laying there totally helpless like that. Where is the rolling pin?” asked Susan. “First the
tape, I want to hear her screams,” replied Frank. He then ripped the tape off Shalini’s mouth.
“Please, oh God please don’t do this to me. I am begging, I am pleading, I will do anything you ask, I
will never disobey again,” she shouted in a non stop sentence. “Will you fuck any body I tell you
to?” “Yes, I promise.” “Will you show you naked body at any time I wish?” “Yes, God yes.” He put
another piece of tape on her mouth, and said, “sorry Li, but I had rather not hear her begging, I just
might give in. You can start whenever you wish.” Li sat on Shalini’s hips, one leg on each side, and
took the rolling pin. She placed it on top of Shalini’s left breast, and gently rolled it back and forth.
“God, Frank, look at her eyes. They are as wide as saucers. She is scared shitless,” `Susan exclaimed.
Li pressed a little harder as she continued to roll the pin back and forth over Shalini’s breast. “I will
do this one and you can watch, then you two can take turns on her other one. She will pass out
rather quickly,
but that is fine.” Shalini felt Li increasing the pressure as she rolled the pin across her breast. The
pain built up slowly at first, then it became blinding. She bucked and struggled, but was unable to
stop the relentless rolling of the pin. She passed out from the pain. When Li was satisfied, she got
off Shalini’s limp body. Susan took her place and started the same process on Shalini’s right breast.
Then it was Frank’s turn. They spent over an hour crushing and bruising her breasts. Shalini was
passed out during all but the initial stages. “That is enough,” Li said. “She will be in severe pain for
most of a week. I suggest, Frank, that you give her a few days to recover before you use her again.”
They left the workshop as they continued to talk about her. When Shalini regained consciousness,
she was in her own bed room, and felt a deep throbbing in her chest. She moved to sit up, and was
literally knocked back down by the pain. She discovered that only by laying perfectly still could she
stand the pain in her breasts. Any movement they made was enough to almost make her vomit with
pain. She laid there until her need to go to the bathroom was urgent. She carefully cupped each in
her hands and stumbled to the bathroom. Then she went back to bed, and stayed there for the rest
of the evening and night. Monday, Shalini called in sick again. Her breasts were much too sore to be
in a bra, and their movement without a bra was sickening. Again , she stayed in bed all day except
to used the bathroom. The same was true on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, her breast pain was
lessened to the point of being able to get a bra on, and she made it in to work. She stayed in her
office all that day, then went home. There was a note on her door. She opened it, and it read, “I
want you at my house at 8:00 tonight slut.” Shalini crushed the note in her fist and
went on inside her house. Frank looked at his watch, it was nearly 8:15. He wondered what had
gone wrong, Shalini was due 15 minutes ago. He had just about decided to go over to her house to
see if she was okay, when he heard a car drive up. It was Shalini’s car. “Come in slut,” he said as he
opened the door in response to the ringing of the door bell. She walked in, and said, “ I am sorry I
am late sir. There was a large truck blocking my driveway.” “You are forgiven slut. Now strip.” He
watched as she undressed down to her bra. “Sir, may I keep my bra on? My breasts still hurt very
badly,” she explained. For a moment Frank almost gave in, but he knew that would never do. “No
slut, I said strip.” She gingerly removed her bra with slow and careful movements. “Are they still
sore, I mean really sore slut?” “Yes sir,” was her response. “Have you learned a lesson about the
consequences of failing to obey me no matter what I tell you to do?” “Yes sir.” “Come over here,
kneel, and tell me to squeeze you tit as hard as I wish.” There was only the slightest of a hesitation,
then she knelt in front of him and said, “squeeze my breast......uh....tit as hard as you wish.” A tear
welled up in her eye as she waited. Frank reached out and took her right breast in his hand. He
applied only the slightest pressure and was surprised at the look of pain in her eyes. He opened his
zipper, pulled out his fully hard penis, and said, “suck it slut.”
She took it in her mouth and worked until his sperm was flooding her mouth. “Dress, and get out
slut, but be here Friday night at 7:30,” he told her. When she was gone, Frank mixed himself a drink.
He sat at his desk until late that night making notes in his journal.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN At work Friday, Shalini got a phone call. "This is the head librarian, how may I
help you?" she said into the phone's receiver. "Hello my pet, how are your titties feeling today?"
said Susan. "Why are you calling me?" asked Shalini in a demanding tone of voice. "Now, now, do
you want me to tell Frank how you are talking to me?" "No, please don't. I am sorry," replied Shalini
meekly. "That is more like it my pet. I want you to come to my office today at lunch. You will be
having "pussy pie" today my pet," she said nothing else and hung up. Shalini stared at the
telephone, then placed it back down. She took a deep breath, and went back to work. There was no
fight left in her, just the dread of what Susan might do to her when she arrived at her office. Shalini
trembled as she rode the elevator to the top floor of the newspaper building. She composed herself
and went to Ms Wright's receptionist, and said, "I am Shalini Williams. I have an appointment at
noon." The receptionist looked up, then buzzed Susan's office. "Ms Williams is here to see you." "Go
on in, she is expecting you." Shalini walked in and was greeted by "hi my pet, I am glad you could
make it. I am horny as hell and your tongue is just what I need." She walked to the large couch in
her office and sat down pulling her full skirt up as she did. "See, I
already have my panties off for you. Now get over here on your knees and have some pussy pie,"
she told Shalini as she grinned widely. Shalini did just as she was told and was soon using her
tongue to satisfy Susan. Susan had several orgasms, then said, "God you are good my pet, but it is
time for you to go." Handing her a tissue, she added, "wipe my pussy juice off your face pet, and
thanks." Shalini left happy that she had not been hurt. The fact that she had just been required to
have sex with Susan was of no concern to her any more. When she drove into her driveway that
evening, she saw Frank's car. She walked in to find Frank and Tan watching her television set. "we
are in a hurry slut, get you cunt ready for us, we will be back to your bedroom in just a minute or so,
but hurry," Frank told her. When they walked in Shalini's bedroom, she was busy getting herself wet
and aroused. Frank said nothing, but pulled off his pants and got on the bed. He fucked her hard
and was quickly spent. As he got dressed, Tan did the same. Then they were gone. Little had been
said, but both had used her body and she had not protested. Shalini continued laying on the bed
long after Frank And Tan were gone from her home. She felt their combined ejaculate draining from
inside her body and knew it was soiling her bed sheets, yet she did not move. Her mind was
struggling to free herself from the state of acceptance she had fallen into. When at last she went to
her bathroom to clean herself, she studied her reflection in the full length mirror. Her denuded
pubic area, her hair covered arm pits, her nipple rings, and she knew she had changed mentally as
well. It was exactly 7:30 when Shalini rang Frank's door bell. He opened the door with the usual,
"come in slut." He told her that they were going out tonight to dinner, and that they would be
meeting some prospective investors interested in an invention he had shown at a trade show
recently. Her clothes were laid out on the bed in the guest bedroom and she was to go and get
dressed. Shalini walked into the bedroom and looked on the bed. There she saw a pale yellow shirt
waisted sundress with thin spaghetti straps, a pair of heeled yellow
sandals, black thong panties, and a small purse. She took a long, deep sigh, then quickly changed
into the clothing he had laid out for her to wear. There was nothing she could do about the faint
outline of the black thong panties showing through the skirt of the dress though. She knew better
than to protest, at least she was getting to wear panties. Dressed, she returned to the den, and
said, "Sir, I need to shave the hair under my arms, may I use one of your razors?" "No, I want you
just as you are. I like the contrast of your fair skin, the light yellow of the dress and the dark full
growth of the hair under your arms," he replied. "But Sir, I can't go out like this," she protested.
"Yes you can and you will slut, is that understood?" He added, "put on more make up before you
return, I want you to look like the slut that we know you are." "Yes Sir," she answered meekly. He
handed her a short gold chain with a tiny charm on it shaped like a little rolling pin. "Put this on
also," he said. She looked at it and replied, "it is too short to fit my neck, Sir. I can't get it on." "It is
not for your neck slut. Fasten it between the rings on your nipples." When she returned 20 minutes
later, Frank smiled. "You are a quite attractive slut." Then he walked over to her, out his hand inside
the bodice of her dress, and pulled out the gold chain and it rolling pin charm letting it dangle
outside her dress. The small rolling pin charm hung between her breasts over her dress and looked
obscene. Yet she knew it would be futile to protest this degrading piece of jewelry he had given her
to wear.
"The little rolling pin will serve as a reminder of the punishment you will get if you fail to
obey me fully tonight slut. And it will be Susan that uses it on you. Do you understand?"
"Yes," she answered. He told her to have a seat and wait while he changed clothes, then
left for his bedroom. About 30 minutes later he returned, dressed in a suit and tie. She
followed him to his car and they drove off without anything being said. They drove in
silence until Frank stopped in front of the most expensive hotel in San Francisco. They got
out and went through the doors opened by an uniformend doorman. Inside the elevator,
Shalini watched as he pressed the bottuon that would take them to the penthouse. They
arrived and the door opened to reveal a door beside which stood two guys who were
obviously bodyguards of sometype from the size, dress and demeanor. Frank identified
himself by showing his driver's license, and the door was opened for them to enter.... Continue»
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I have done some crazy shit in Europe but that was 20 years ago and by myself. No names or questions, suck or fuck happened weekly, jacking off where an when I felt like it. That was 1992 now its 2012 and this time I brought a date with me. She has helped in every decision regarding our holiday up until the last 15 min. When she told me to turn left on A112 a few miles back, it was really A69 to the f***e FUCK INN. Our host for the few days will be Mr WiggIn. A horny fuck like me with balls big enough to fuck his own mother when he turned 18, Kicked his d***k as dad out and fucked his Mother that night, That was 47 years ago and he still gets his dick sucked every Sunday in the OAP home when he wakes his Mom up at 6 sharp. When he mentioned to me that the last time I sucked on my own mothers tits he was fucking his Mum in her asshole. “Such a pity,all those years wasted” was all he had to say. “Please Mr. WiggIn show me the ways of Lord Motherfucker” I said in a Ol English accent

“Get your ass in gear and do what ever it take to get your mum to Wiggin Manor”

That was on Sept 14th Mr Wiggin lit a fire in me that has been burning a hole deep in my nut-sack. That was 69 days ago. Tonight is Thanksgiving and I am most grateful for the gift I about to receive.

“Please be careful honey It’s starting to rain”

“Ah Mom everything is getting wet”

“Don’t be silly of course everything is getting wet its RAINING”

“Wow Mom it’s getting harder as the son goes down on you”


“What Mom? The darker it gets the harder it cumming on us”

“What THE RAIN?”



“I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I’ve been driving all day and I don’t think I can go much longer.”

“I told you that you were bitting of more then you can chew and we should of stopped 30 miles ago at the holiday inn”

“ your right Mom how about we stop at the next place we find”

“Ok but if its not a nice establishment I will insist you turn back and go to the holiday in.”

“ I’ll make a deal with you 10 more miles and if we don’t find a place that tickles your fancy, I’ll turn around”

“I don’t want my fancy tickled, I just want a nice place with a warm meal and a feather bed”

“You know you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes someone needs to give you what you need! AND LOOK AHEAD ITS A PROPER ENGLISH B&B WITH THEIR LIGHT ON!”

“Look Honey, its called “THE WIGGIN INN. I wonder what they mean by Wiggin?”

“I think its time to wiggin on in.”

Mom was up the walk shaking her ass as I stayed in the car adjusting the tent in my button fly jeans

“ Stop mucking about and get that little behind of yours so we can go inside ASAP mister”

My mother I plan to muck your pussy till it turns inside out and I will be sure to shoot my first load ASAP in the first hole I get to enter


“Your daft”


“ What an odd door bell”

“I love it Mom”

“Good Evening my travelers from the Road called Wiggin. Welcome to WIGGIN Manor. My name is Mr Wiggin and how may I be of service to you?

“By telling me you have room at this here inn”

“I have smoking room left with a queen sized bed that I’m sure the two of you will find VERY CUMFORTABLE”

“ I’LL take it. Now do you have accommodations for my son.”

“will there be another party joining you later or is the young man still in the car”

“No I’m the son and this is my mother and I’m not in the habit of sharing my Mothers bed”

“Madam he is most certainly fibbing”

“Know he’s not I gave birth to him almost fifty years ago.”

“What is your secret madam”

“California Sunshine!”

me and mom said in unison and the three of us burst out in laughter

“I will have a roll away bed made in the same room in an hours time”

When I was asked if I would like to see the rest of the house that was a green light and for me find an excuse to leave my Mother in the hands Sir Motherfucker. Give him 5 min and when I return, the party will start.

“Please allow me the honor of showing”


“ I might be 69 years old but I can hear quit well, dear.”








“ I am still preparing your meal son, please disrobe and put on the leather ankle and wrist bracelets”





“ My son I will now gag you and blindfold you”





hello film fans my name is Sir Wiggins and welcome to Mothers and Sons eposode 3295 an american thanksgiving wiggins style












... Continue»
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(Erin comes home from the convent)

Erin was nervous. She was going home for the first time since she was 12 years old. Six years. Six long, lonely years. Strict years. Safe years. The train was making a clickety-clackety noise, over and over again, and she found herself automatically sliding into the rhythm as she tried to meditate, to pray, hoping for some guidance.

The door to her compartment suddenly opened and a man appeared, struggling with two bags. Noticing her, he stopped, staring for a moment, then hastily putting his bags down and removing his hat, he bowed slightly in her direction.

"I'm sorry to have disturbed you, s****r," he said. "I hope you don't mind," he added, glancing at the seat.

"No, not at all," Erin said, embarrassed. "And I'm not a s****r," she added. "I'm only an acolyte."

"Oh, I'm sorry," the man said, sitting down. "I didn't realize there were degrees of it or anything."

"It just means I haven't taken my final vows yet," Erin explained, nervously adjusting her convent robes.

"I see," the man said agreeably. "Is that something you plan on doing?" he asked.

"I'm not sure yet," Erin replied. "That's why I'm going home, to make that decision."

"Well, you have your whole life ahead of you," the man said. "It's a decision you can always make, isn't it?"

"Y-y-yes," Erin replied, surprised by the thought.

"I'm sure you'll make the right decision," the man said, smiling at her.

"Yes, I'm sure I will too," Erin agreed, nervously twisting her hands.

The train pulled into the station and Erin got to her feet, picking up her one small bag that contained all of her worldly possessions. Nodding to the man when he said goodbye, she made her way off of the train onto the platform and stood there, looking around. It had been three years since her parents had visited her and she wasn't sure any more what they looked like.

Then she saw three people moving towards her and she realized that it was her parents and her older b*****r. Her heart sank when she saw them and she had a feeling of dread overcome her. She almost fell to her knees.

When they got closer Erin could see that her mother's fiery red hair was cropped short, like a man's. Her eyes were heavily made up and she wore bright red lipstick. Erin was shocked when she realized that she was wearing a man's undershirt, the kind without any sleeves, and no bra, her full breasts pressing out tightly against the thin white material, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was torn off in halter style right at the bottom of her ribs. If she bounced, Erin knew that her breasts would be visible. She wore a micro-mini jeans skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks.

Her father was dressed in a white suit, white shirt, white tie, white shoes, white hat. It was like a carnival. He was tall and broad-shouldered, over six feet. His bright blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at her.

Her b*****r was dressed in skin-tight black leather pants and black boots. He was wearing a formal ruffled shirt which was unbuttoned almost to his navel and tucked into his pants. He had a big gold chain around his neck. His chest was muscled and totally devoid of hair. His hair was combed very neatly, slicked back. He had gold earrings, studs, in each ear. He looked bored.

"Well, hi, sweetheart," Bill said as he reached his daughter, awkwardly putting an arm around her and attempting to hug her. "You have a nice trip?"

"Yes, fine," Erin replied, trying not to tremble.

"Hi, dear. You look good," Jane said, leaning over and air kissing her on the cheek. "It's good to have you home again."

"Hi, mom," Erin mumbled, almost ashamed to be seen in public like this.

"Hey," Brian said, nodding at her. "You've grown."

"So have you," Erin replied, seeing that he was now taller than their father.

"Is that what you have to wear?" Brian asked, nodding at her outfit.

"Yes," Erin replied, embarrassed.

"Don't you have anything else?" Brian persisted.


"Well, we're not going to worry about that," Jane said, taking Erin by the arm. "I'll just let you go through my stuff and find something. I'm sure it will fit you."

"Might be a good outfit for a plot line," Brian suggested.

"Brian," Bill said sharply. "Enough," he said, but inwardly thinking that it was a really good idea.

Erin was asked all sorts of different questions about life at the convent high school and she did her best to explain that it like any other high school except there were no boys and when they weren't in class, they were praying or going to services.

"And you want to spend your life that way?" Brian asked as they arrived at their home, a sprawling ranch-style house on a ridge overlooking a valley that had a river meandering through it.

"I don't know yet," Erin replied, getting out of the car. "I need to decide."

"We bought this house two years ago," Jane said, sweeping her arm in an arc towards the house.

"I haven't seen you in over two years," Erin said softly.

"Oh, honey, I know," Jane said. "We've been working so hard to pay for this place and getting away was just so..."

"I understand," Erin replied softly.

"Oh, shit," Jane said as she heard the phone ringing as she opened the door. "Hot Productions," she said breathlessly into the phone.

"Oh, hi Jason," she said, waving everyone in. "Yes, we're going to shoot that scene in the morning. You make sure you're ready, okay?"

"Yes, I know how ready you are," Jane laughed. "See you in the morning."

"Have you heard from Tasha yet?" Bill asked, taking his coat and hat off and loosening his tie.

"Not yet," Jane replied.

"What are you going to do?" Brian asked.

"She'll call," Jane assured them. "If she doesn't, I'll do it."

"What, again?" Brian laughed.

"We've talked about this," Bill said. "We can't make the leap to the big time with just you doing everything, we need some new bl**d too."

"She'll call and she'll be here," Jane told them. "Now let me show Erin to her room."

Erin followed her mother down a hallway into a room that took her breath away. It was soft and pink and full of stuffed a****ls with a beautiful poster bed beneath a big picture window that looked out into the valley, the pool shimmering blue in the afternoon light.

"This is so beautiful," Erin breathed, running her hand along the soft bed cover.

"Well, it's all yours," Jane said, smiling at her daughter. "You have your own private bathroom right over there and there's a door going out to the pool from the bathroom. Now come with me to my room and pick out some clothes to wear until we can take you shopping."

"I'm okay with this," Erin said, smoothing the front of her long grey skirt.

"Honey, I'm not okay with that," Jane said with a big smile. "We're not in a convent and you haven't taken your final vows. You're not required to wear it away from school."

"I'm nervous," Erin admitted, twisting her hands.

"I know, sweetheart," Jane said, moving close and stroking her covered head. "Why don't we start with this," she suggested, tugging at her head covering.

Reluctantly Erin unpinned her head covering and removed it, revealing a ringleted mass of bright red curls that tumbled halfway down her back.

"Oh, honey, you're so beautiful," Jane breathed, awed by her daughter's beauty, her bright green eyes contrasting perfectly with her hair, just like her own. "C'mon," she said, pulling her by the hand down the hallway to her own room.

"Oh!" Erin exclaimed when she entered her mother's room. A big round bed, eight feet in diameter, was in the middle of the room. The ceiling above it was mirrored, as were all the walls. It was like being in a hall of mirrors. Everything was red satin with black trim. Erin shivered at the thought the devil would be most at home in such an environment.

Jane was opening drawers and pulling things out, making a nice pile on the bed. Finally she stopped and spun around, sitting on the bed.

"That will get you started," she said, indicating the pile of clothes.

"Oh, I can't," Erin said, looking at them.

"Of course you can," Jane said. "I've got plenty. So take them to your room and put them away and change into something else," she said, picking up the pile and dumping it into Erin's unwilling arms. "Go on now," Jane said, shooing her towards the door. "I'm going to go for a swim. You should join me."

"I don't know," Erin said, suddenly very uncomfortable.

"I put a suit in there too," Jane told her as she unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor.

Erin gasped when she saw that her mother was naked beneath the skirt, no panties. When Jane bent over to pick up her suit from the floor, Erin's face turned bright red and she turned and hurried out of the room. She had seen her mother's private parts clearly and there was no hair, just smooth skin like a baby's.

She went to her new room, closing the door behind her, and sat on the bed, dumping the clothes next to her. She felt so alone. All of the familiar anchors of the last six years were gone. She had never felt so out of place, not even her first days at the convent. Parsing through the clothes, Erin organized them and put them in drawers, keeping out a pair of shorts and two shirts.

Glancing at the door, Erin removed her convent outfit, standing in a long undershift. Quickly removing her undershift, which left her standing completely naked for a moment, Erin pulled on the shorts, not having found any panties in the clothes that her mother had given her. At the convent they were only allowed to wear their undershifts and their overskirts. There were no panties or brassieres.

It felt strange to be wearing shorts. It had been over six years. Pulling first one, then the other shirt on over her head, Erin looked down at her breasts pushing out against them and blushed in embarrassment. Erin's breasts were her biggest source of embarrassment in her life. They were bigger even than her mother's and stood very upright on her chest. She had big silver-dollar sized nipples. She was grateful that they weren't visible through the material.

Then, not knowing what to do, she sat on her bed and tried to meditate and pray, seeking the only solace she had known for many years.

"This is not going to be easy," Bill was saying to Jane as he sat on the side of the pool, his legs dangling in the water, watching her as she swam.

"Well, we just have to manage," Jane said, swimming up to him, holding the wall between his knees.

"She's so damned straight," Bill sighed. "I've never been around a good person before."

"Hey, watch it, bub!" Jane exclaimed, reaching up and grabbing him very firmly by the balls.

"Damn, Jane," Bill complained as she squeezed his cock.

"I'm not a good person?" Jane asked, continuing to massage his rapidly growing cock.

"Baby, you're the best there is and you and I both know it," Bill told her, a big smile on his face.

"And don't you forget it," Jane said with a laugh, staring at his now hard cock sticking up and pressing against his bathing suit.

"How can I," Bill asked, fishing his cock out and pointing it in her face, "when you're always there to remind me," he finished, sighing as Jane opened her mouth and sucked all 10 inches of his cock into her mouth, not stopping until her nose was pressed tightly up against his stomach.

"I hate wearing a bathing suit," Brian said as he approached, sitting down next to his father.

"You'll manage," Jane said, lifting her face off of Bill's cock to look her son in the eye before going back down on Bill's cock.

"If I have to wear a bathing suit because s****r Boring is here, why are you sucking dad's cock in the pool?" Brian asked, rubbing his own cock as he watched his mother work.

"She's in her room," Jane gasped as she replied. "And I can always just stop, you can't just make a suit appear."

"How about me?" Brian asked, pulling his now hard cock out.

"Oh course, honey," Jane said, turning to engulf his cock while she continued pumping Bill's in her hand.

Jane alternated back and forth, sucking first her husband's, then her son's cock.

"Look, you two," Jane said, gasping for breath as she looked up at them, gripping their rock-hard cocks in her hands, "I need to get dinner ready, so just cum already.....or you can do each other," she grinned.

"Go ahead, I'm ready," Bill said with a laugh.

"Sure, mom," Brian laughed. "I just love watching you suck my cock though."

Jane continued pumping Brian's cock in her hand while she returned to sucking Bill's. It only took a couple of minutes and Bill groaned, shooting cum into Jane's mouth. Jane eagerly gulped her husband's cum, swallowing it and sucking his cock as hard as she could, trying to get every last drop. When she could suck no more cum from him, she turned her attention to her son, going down on his cock and milking him with her talented throat muscles.

"That's what I like, mom, just like that," Brian moaned, his hand twined in his mother's short red hair as she sucked him off. "Just like that....YES," he cried, exploding in his mother's eagerly sucking mouth. "Oh, yes, suck it all," he groaned, feeling his balls pulling up into his groin as they spasmed, cum gushing into his mother's mouth.

Jane gulped and swallowed her son's cum, sucking his cock as hard as she could. When she could get no more cum, she stopped, licking her lips as she looked up at him and her husband.

"Are you two happy now?" she asked, a smile on her face. "Now put your cocks away and let me out of here so I can get dinner ready," she said, pulling herself up out of the pool, standing in her thong bikini between the two of them.

An hour later Jane had dinner ready. She called out for everyone to come eat, but Erin was a no-show. Leaving Bill and Brian at the table, she went to Erin's room, knocking on the door.

"Come in," she heard quietly from within the room.

Opening the door, Jane saw Erin sitting on her bed looking forlorn.

"What is it, sweetheart?" she asked, sitting next to her on the bed.

"I feel so lost," Erin almost sobbed. "I feel like I don't belong here."

"Of course you do," Jane assured her, putting an arm around her shoulders and holding her close. "You're my daughter and we've missed you and we're glad you're home again."

"But I'm so different," Erin complained. "I've been imprisoned in a convent for the past six years."

"You were not imprisoned," Jane objected vehemently.

"Then why did I have to stay there?" Erin asked. "Why did nobody visit me except maybe once a year? Why didn't you want me?"

"Honey, we wanted you, but we just thought it was better for you," Jane told her. "We didn't want to hurt you."

"I can't even wear normal clothes without feeling weird," Erin sobbed, looking down at herself.

"You look fine," Jane told her, getting to her feet. "Now come eat dinner with us."

Erin looked up at her mother, standing there in her thong bikini. She had never seen anyone so naked before. She allowed Jane to lead her to dinner in the dining room where she sat at the table with her father and b*****r.

"How about a prayer?" Jane suggested, giving stern looks to both Bill and Brian when they looked at her.

"Really?" Erin asked, looking up hopefully.

"Of course," Jane replied. "Will you lead us?"

This was something Erin understood and she quickly intoned the meal prayer that she had said and heard three times a day for the past six years. When she finished Jane said amen, quickly followed by Bill and Brian. Throughout the meal they made small talk, trying to get Erin involved and feeling more a part of everything. At some point they began talking about business until Jane opined that the evening meal was no place to be discussing business.

"Since when" Brian asked derisively.

"Brian!" Jane said sharply.

"What is your business?" Erin asked innocently.

"We have a film and video production company," Bill answered smoothly. "It allows us to work together and also to have our office here at home."

"Really!" Erin exclaimed. "I never knew you did that. What kind of films and videos do you produce?"

"Mostly geared toward the entertainment market," Jane quickly interjected.

"Do you have a studio too?" Erin asked.

"The whole basement is our studio and production facilities," Brian told his s****r.

"That must be really convenient," Erin commented. "And do you work every day?"

"Usually," Bill replied with a laugh. "One day is pretty much like the others."

"I guess," Erin agreed.

"How long are you going to be here?" Brian suddenly asked.

"Brian!" Jane said sharply.

"I was just wondering," Brian complained. "I mean, is it a short visit or are you home for good?"

"I'm supposed to be deciding if I want to take my final vows," Erin said.

"And when do you do that?" Brian asked.

"There is no time limit," Erin informed him. "When I decide, I decide."

"What are you going to do while you're deciding?" Brian asked.

"I don't know," Erin answered. "It's so strange not to be at the convent with everything so planned and structured. I'm not sure what to do."

"Well, you just don't worry about it," Jane told her. "You take your time and relax and enjoy being home with your f****y again. We're happy you're back and you can stay as long as you like. If you want to take your vows and become a nun, then you do that. If you don't, this is your home."

"Thank you," Erin said softly, feeling better.

They finished their meal and Erin automatically helped her mother clean up afterwards. Brian and Bill wandered off and Erin started feeling uncomfortable so she went to her room, feeling more secure in the small refuge. She eventually fell asl**p and slept long and deep, not waking up until after 10 the next morning.

First taking a shower, Erin went to the kitchen for some breakfast and found the house deserted. Fixing herself some breakfast, she realized they must be working down in their studio. She finished eating and decided to take a stroll around the property. She found herself very impressed with the view from their position on the mountain. The river running through the valley below glinted in the sunlight as it slowly rippled along, winding along the valley floor.

Finally going back into the house, Erin decided to see if everyone was downstairs in the office/studio. The door to the basement was easy to find. It has raised brass lettering on it, Hot Productions, and beneath that a symbol that at first Erin didn't recognize. When she did, she blushed down to her toes, finally realizing that it was two people in the classic 69 position.

Now she wasn't so sure that she wanted to see what kind of productions her f****y was involved in. The thought was so alien to anything she had ever learned or thought, she was literally struck dumb. She was about to turn and leave when she heard her mother's laughter ring out from the other side of the door.

"I told you she'd be here," Erin heard her mother saying. "She's pulling into the drive now."

"I still think we should do the scene with you," Erin heard a strange voice say. "There's nobody better."

"That's sweet, Jason," Erin heard her mother reply. "But I think you'll enjoy doing the scene with Tasha. It is supposed to be about a very young girl and I don't think I can pull that off anymore."

Just then Erin heard the door to the house open and then close and then the sounds of footfall coming in her direction. Not wanting to be caught for some reason, Erin ducked back into the shadows of the doorway across and slightly down the hall from Hot Productions' doorway, hoping not to be seen. She was startled to see what appeared to be a very young girl walking down the hall. She was wearing six-inch platform shoes, the shortest and smallest skirt Erin had ever seen, and a very small, sheer tube top that barely restrained what appeared to be large breasts for so small a girl, for even with her platform shoes Erin could see that she was still shorter than she was and she was 5'5". In Erin's mind she looked like a grotesque caricature of a very young girl made to look older, and blatantly sexual.

Pressing as deep into the shadow as possible, Erin watched as the girl opened the door to Hot Productions and walked in, leaving the door open.

"Hello, everybody, here I am," Erin heard her say as she threw her arms open wide in greeting.

Erin could see her mother come up and hug the girl, then kiss her, a kiss that seemed to Erin to last much longer than it should. She also noticed that her mother was wearing a thin silk-like house robe that only came down to about mid-thigh. She watched as her mother introduced the girl to Bill and Brian, both of whom greeted her with long kisses, and then a strange man, very tall, big muscles, who kissed her hard, his hands cupping her ass and pulling her close to him.

Through the open door Erin could see them all go through a doorway into another room. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Erin quietly tip-toed into the room, following where they had gone until she finally heard their voices up ahead of her. Wanting to see into the room where the voices were coming from, Erin looked for a way to not be seen.

Seeing a standing rack full of clothes next to the door, Erin quickly slid behind it, peering through a crack in the clothes to see fully into the next room. To her surprise, it looked like a miniature school classroom with a few desks, blackboard, books. Erin saw her mother hand the girl some clothes, and to her surprise the girl simply undressed right there. When she stepped out of her platform shoes, Erin almost gasped at how small and young she looked. The top of her head only came up to Jane's shoulder.

She noticed that her father and b*****r and Jason were eyeing the girl's naked body critically as she began to put on the clothes her mother had handed her. It was a boring school uniform, though the skirt was very short and you could see the girl's full breasts straining against the see-thru white shirt that was obviously a size or two too small. When she was dressed, Jane checked her outfit and appeared to give some instructions to everyone before moving over behind a movie camera that was mounted on a tripod to the side of what was the teacher's desk.

"Okay, places," Jane said, putting her eye to the camera. "And action," she said once the girl and Brian and Jason had seated themselves at two of the desks and Bill moved behind the teacher's desk.

"I've graded your tests, class," Bill said, picking up some papers from the desk. "Nice job, Jim," Bill said to Brian, handing him a paper. "And you too, Sam. But you, Sue, once again you failed," he said to the girl, handing her a paper, a stern look on his face.

"Oh, Mr. Smith," the girl cried, looking up at him. "I can't fail again," she complained. "My parents will be so angry. I'll do anything, but please don't fail me again," she sobbed.

"There, there," Bill said, moving close to the girl and putting his hand on her shoulder, drawing her close to him, having the effect of pressing her cheek against his crotch. "I'm sure we can work something out," he said, rubbing her head.

"Oh, do you think so?" the girl asked, rubbing her eyes and then letting her hand rest directly over Bill's crotch. "I'd be willing to do anything," she said, rubbing him.

Erin watched in total disbelief as the girl slowly unzipped her father's pants, reaching in and pulling his cock out into the open. She had never seen a cock before. She couldn't believe it as this tiny little girl began licking and sucking on her father's cock, at one point taking the whole thing into her mouth at once. It looked so huge, she couldn't imagine how she managed to fit the whole thing.

"Okay, cut," Jane called out after several minutes.

The girl gave Bill's cock one last lick and released him, his cock standing straight out in front of him.

"Let's do the desk scene now," Jane said, moving the camera and tripod.

Erin couldn't believe that her mother was so nonchalant about Bill having his cock sucked. She was actually filming it!

"Let me change," Jane said, turning towards the door.

Erin held her breath as her mother walked right over to the rack she was hiding behind and pulled an outfit on its hanger off, turned and walked back into the room. She couldn't believe she hadn't been seen.

But she had. At the last moment Jane had noticed Erin crouched behind the rack but had decided to ignore it and act like she hadn't seen her. She was smiling to herself as she returned to the room. She shrugged her robe off, revealing that she had been naked beneath it, and pulled on the outfit she had chosen from the rack, a business suit with a skirt that came down only to her upper thighs.

Erin was mildly surprised that Jane had undressed in front of Brian, but seeing his non- reaction she realized that it wasn't the first time.

"Okay, Tasha, you're going to be sitting on the edge of the desk, and Jason, don't forget your cue," Jane instructed, checking the camera. "Okay, action," she said, looking into the camera's lens.

"I think you need to be punished for failing a test," Bill said to Tasha, pulling her to her feet and guiding her over to the front of his desk where he easily picked her up and sat her on it.

"Oh, Mr. Smith, please don't hurt me," Tasha begged, leaning back in mock fear, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the desk, her knees wide apart.

"And you didn't wear any panties again," Bill said in mock anger, reaching out and pulling her skirt up onto her stomach, exposing her naked pussy.

"Oh, please," Tasha cried out as Bill dropped to his knees and buried his face in her pussy.

Erin couldn't see what was happening, but she had a pretty good idea. Tasha had lain back on the desk while Bill ate her pussy, her head hanging over the edge, her legs sticking up in the air.

"I think the principal should have a say in this," Bill said, licking his lips as he looked up from between Tasha's legs. "Go call her," Bill instructed Jason, "then come help me keep this girl quiet."

Jason walked around the desk by Tasha's head and called out loudly, "Principal Adams, Mr. Smith requests you to please come to his classroom."

"I'll be right there," Jane called out from behind the camera.

Erin watched with curious amusement now as Jason walked back to stand by Tasha's head, reaching down and unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it open to expose her breasts, nipples hard and pointing up in the air. He grabbed Tasha's nipples between his fingers, squeezing them and pulling them hard, causing Tasha to gasp and arch her back up off the desk. Erin had to stifle a gasp when Jason reached down with one hand and unzipped his pants, pulling an already hard cock out and sticking it in Tasha's mouth. Then Bill stood up and Erin realized that he was pushing his cock into Tasha's pussy. She wondered how such a small girl could possibly take such a large thing like Bill's cock into herself without being split in two, but Tasha merely groaned around Jason's huge cock in her mouth as Bill began to fuck her.

Then Jane walked around from behind the camera into the picture, exclaiming, "Mr. Smith, just what is going on here?"

"Ahh, Principal Adams," Bill said, pumping his hips back and forth as he continued to fuck Tasha. "This bad girl failed another test and she is trying to get extra credit to improve her grade. I told her you'd have to be consulted also."

"I see," Jane said, moving around next to Jason. "And what do you have to say for yourself?" she asked the cocksucking Tasha.

"Oh, I'll do anything to get my grade better," Tasha said, gripping Jason's cock with both hands while she replied.

"You'll have to convince me of that," Jane said, nudging Jason aside and lifting one foot up onto the desk, her pussy poised over Tasha's face.

This time Erin did gasp out loud as she saw her mother lift her skirt, showing her pussy just an inch above Tasha's face. Erin was struck at how immature her mother looked, then realized that it was because there was no hair whatsoever on her pussy. It was as bald and smooth as a baby's.

"Convince me," Jane commanded, and Erin watched in utter disbelief as Tasha's tongue snaked out of her mouth into her pussy.

Erin knew that some of the girls at the convent did things forbidden and she suspected that this was something like that, but the fact that it was her mother, in front of her father and b*****r, well, that was just incredible. She was really amazed when her b*****r stood behind their mother and removed her clothes, his hands wrapping around her to hold and fondle her large breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples while Tasha continued to make all sorts of slurpy wet sounds.

"I'm gonna cum," Bill growled, pulling his cock from Tasha's pussy.

"Okay, let's change positions," Jane said, stepping away from Tasha's tongue.

Erin watched as her father came and stood by Tasha's head, his big hard cock glistening in the light. What really surprised her was her mother bending over between Tasha's legs, her mouth right over her pussy.

"Okay, I want a nice, messy cum shot all over her face," Jane instructed. "Then I want you to push the cum from all over her face into her mouth with your cock. Tasha, you make a big show of all the cum in your mouth. Stick out your tongue to show it, then swallow it all very obviously and then stick out your tongue again to show it is all gone."

"Not a problem," Tasha said, pushing up onto her elbows. "I love cum."

"Yes, I know you do," Jane laughed. "And Jason, you know your part; cum shot on the ass dripping down the crack. Okay, let's get to it," Jane said, lowering her face into Tasha's freshly fucked pussy.

Erin just stared as Tasha lay back down and her father fed his cock into her mouth, inch by inch disappearing until the whole thing was buried deep in her throat. She could hear her mother's slurping noises between Tasha's legs. But she was really shocked when Jason stood behind her mother, his big hard cock in his hand, and began rubbing it up and down the crack of her ass and pussy.

Jane was bent over at the waist eating Tasha's pussy, her feet planted wide apart. She sighed into Tasha's pussy when she felt Jason's cock slide into her pussy, stroking deep. She wondered what effect all of this was having on Erin, hiding behind the wardrobe rack.

"Okay, here comes your extra credit for your test," Bill growled, pulling his cock from Tasha's mouth.

Erin saw streams of white fluid shoot out of her father's cock onto Tasha's face, covering it. She stared as he began wiping the cum all over Tasha's face, pushing it into her mouth. When Tasha stuck out her tongue, all covered with the thick white fluid, Erin found she was holding her breath as Tasha very deliberately swallowed, sticking out her tongue to show that it was all gone. Erin found herself wondering what it tasted like.

Tasha was thrashing on the table as Jane expertly sucked her pussy, driving her into the abyss of orgasm over and over again. Then she saw Jason take his huge glistening cock in his hand and aim it as streams of cum shot from the end onto her mother's ass.

"Okay, cut," Jane said, standing up, her face shining with Tasha's pussy juices. "That was great, everyone," she said, turning to the camera and turning it off. "Nice job, Jason," she said, reaching behind herself and scooping a handful of cum from between her ass cheeks, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking the sticky stuff off.

"Brian, do you mind?" Jane asked, turning to her son.

"Sure, mom," he laughed.

Jane bent over, putting her hands on the floor, her cum-covered ass and pussy pointing directly to where Erin was hiding behind the clothes rack. Brian got on his knees behind her and began licking her ass and pussy, cleaning up all of the cum that Jason had shot all over her. When he finished, Jane stood up, turning around and kissing him long and hard.

"Thank you," she said. "That was just wonderful."

"Mmm, I can't wait to shoot the next scene," the small girl replied, getting to her feet.

"Why don't we all have some lunch and then shoot the next scene," Jane suggested. "I know I'm hungry."

"That sounds good," Jason agreed, absent-mindedly squeezing and stroking his cock. "Fucking you always give me an appetite," he said with a laugh.

"Is that why you eat like a horse," Jane laughed.

Erin stared in shock, realizing that Jason obviously had sex regularly with her mother. And Bill equally obviously didn't mind. This was way beyond wrong and sinful, this was the epitome of evil that she had been taught about.

"Well, then let's eat," Tasha said, moving towards the door.

"We need to dress," Jane said, a wry grin on her face.

"Really! Why?" Tasha asked, staring at her.

"Because my s****r has come home from the convent," Brian replied dryly.

"Your s****r! A convent!" Tasha exclaimed. "You're k**ding, right?"

"My daughter has been at a convent-high school for the past six years," Jane told her. "She doesn't know about our work yet. I'd rather find a gentler way of breaking it to her," she said, knowing full well that Erin was hearing every word.

"Wow," Tasha said, shaking her head as she picked up her clothes. "Is she going to be a nun?"

"That's what she's come home to decide," Jane replied, pulling her clothes on.

"I'd never have believed it," Tasha said with a laugh. "Maybe she'd like to join the f****y business," she suggested.

"Not likely," Brian muttered. "She's the squarest person I've ever met."

"Brian! That's not nice or fair," Jane scolded him. "She's just grown up in different circumstances with different standards. She might surprise you what interests her," she said, smiling inwardly.

At this point Erin made a dash for the outer door, knowing she had to get upstairs before they left. She made it to her room and shut the door, breathing hard, her heart pumping wildly in her heaving chest. She was aware of the fact that her nipples had hardened and she felt a wetness between her legs. She felt so confused by what she had just witnessed. Her f****y made sex films. And they made them with each other. Adultery, i****t, what else was there? She didn't know whether to run away and go back to the convent or not. What would happen to her if she stayed in such a wicked and sinful place?

"Erin," Jane called, knocking on her door before opening it and peeking in. "There you are. We're having lunch now. Would you like to join us?"

"Uh, sure," Erin said, getting to her feet.

"This is Tasha, and this is Jason" Jane said, introducing her. "And this is my daughter, Erin."

"Hi," Erin said, staring at the tiny girl that she had just watched having sex with everyone.

"Hi," Tasha said, a big smile on her face. "It's so nice to meet you."

"Thanks," Erin said.

"Hi there," Jason said with a smile.

"Tasha and Jason sometimes work with us in the production company," Jane explained as they all sat down and began to indulge in lunch.

"That's nice," Erin said. "What do you do?" she asked innocently.

"They're helping us in the filming," Bill quickly injected as Tasha tried not to laugh.

"Do you find it interesting work?" Erin asked, secretly enjoying herself.

"There's nothing else I'd rather do," Tasha told her. "It's so fulfilling."

Jason burst into a laugh, covering his mouth so that his food wouldn't fall into his lap. Bill struggled to keep a straight face and Jane actually blushed.

"Jane tells me you've been at a convent high school?" Tasha inquired.

"Yes," Erin replied.

"Are there any boys there?" Tasha asked.

"No, no boys. Except Father Kelly, of course," she added.

"It must be really boring," Tasha said, shaking her head. "No boys. I couldn't do that."

"You get used to it," Erin told her. "I mean, if there've never been any boys, you don't really miss them, do you? And the s****rs taught us that boys only make trouble."

"Well, that's not true at all," Tasha said. "Some of them, sure, but not all of them. And some of the trouble is so nice," she said, laughing. "So, are you here to stay?"

"I don't know," Erin replied. "I need to decide what to do."

"Maybe you'll help in Hot Productions too," Tasha suggested, a sly grin on her face.

"Oh!" Erin said, her eyes wide. "But I don't know anything about it. What could I possibly do?"

"Everyone starts at the bottom," Tasha said with a laugh, "in every sense. And as you learn more, you do more."

"I don't think Erin would be interested in such things," Jane quickly interjected. "She's much more spiritually inclined. Aren't you, sweetheart?" she asked with a smile.

"I don't know," Erin said truthfully. "I mean, yes, the Lord and Jesus fills my life, but if I don't decide to take my vows, I have to have a way to take care of myself, something to do."

"What kind of things do they teach you in convent high school?" Tasha asked.

"You know, math, English, science, history, geography. We study a lot of Bible."

"Don't they teach you anything useful for the outside world?" Tasha asked.

"Well, sure, some," Erin replied. "I mean, we all have to work in the school office at some point, so we all know how to type and filing and things like that."

"See, you could be like the secretary or something to start," Tasha said, beaming.

"I don't think that's what Erin is interested in," Jane said.

"It was just a thought," Tasha said, stretching. "That was a good lunch."

"It sure hit the spot," Bill agreed, rubbing his stomach.

"What are you going to do this afternoon?" Jane asked Erin as she got to her feet.

"Oh, I don't know," Erin replied. "I walked around outside this morning. It's really beautiful here. Maybe I'll sit outside for a while. Are you working more?" she asked ingenuously.

"Yes, we do have some more to do, probably a couple more hours," Jane replied.

"Maybe you'd like to join us, see what it's like," Tasha said mischievously, a glint in her eyes.

"I don't know," Erin said, gulping. Jane was rooted to the spot, unable to move. "I think I'll sit outside for now."

Jane suddenly realized that she had been holding her breath and she struggled to let it out without being obvious. She wasn't ashamed of her life or how she lived it, but she was acutely aware of how beautiful a daughter she had, with a whole different set of morals and rules to guide her life. She knew what Erin's world thought of what she and Bill and Brian were doing. She didn't want to encourage her, but at the same time she was willing to let her find her own way.

"Alright, you guys, let's get back to work," Jane said in a no-nonsense voice. "You enjoy yourself," Jane said, kissing Erin on the cheek. "We'll be done in a couple of hours or so. Why don't you put on the bathing suit I gave you and get some sun. It will do you some good to get some color."

"Maybe I will," Erin agreed.

"It was nice to meet you anyway," Tasha said, giving Erin a quick hug. "I'm sure we'll meet again."

"It was nice to meet you too," Erin replied, liking Tasha in spite of everything.

"I think you'd be perfect in Hot Productions," Jason said, looking her up and down.

"Jason!" Jane said. "Let's leave that alone."

"She is incredibly beautiful," he said as they left the kitchen.

"Me, beautiful?" Erin thought to herself as she went to her room. She had never thought of herself as beautiful. In fact, her body had been a source of embarrassment to her in school. So many girls made comments about the size of her breasts and how fiery red her pubic hair was.

Erin decided that she would like to take a swim. Picking up the bathing suit her mother had given her, she looked at it skeptically. It was a two-piece suit but it seemed to Erin to need some more material. Quickly undressing, she pulled the suit on, feeling very uncomfortable when she looked at herself in the mirror. The top barely contained her breasts and she could see bright red hairs sticking out from the sides of the bottom. She almost decided not to swim, then realized that she'd be by herself and nobody would see her.

Going out to the pool, Erin looked around to make sure nobody was able to see her, then slipped into the water, sighing at how nice it felt. She swam and floated in the pool for 15-20 minutes before getting out and sitting in the sun, letting it warm her body and dry her. But she couldn't get her mind off of what she had witnessed downstairs earlier. And she couldn't stop wondering what they were doing now.

Her curiosity getting the better of her, Erin decided to sneak downstairs and see if the door had been left open again. When she got to the door, it was closed. Erin stood there wondering if she dared open it. What if someone was right on the other side. How would she explain herself?

Pressing her ear to the door, she could hear no voices. So taking a deep breath, she opened the door slightly, peeked in, saw nobody, and entered the room, silently shutting the door behind her. She tip-toed through the room to the classroom setting they had been working in earlier, but she didn't find them there. Puzzled, she stood there for a minute and then heard her mother's voice coming from the next room.

"Okay, let's do this last scene and we can call it a day," Jane's voice said.

Erin moved over to the doorway to listen.

"Jason, on your back, Brian, you take her ass, and Bill, you fuck her mouth," Erin heard her mother direct. "And I want to see lots of cum all over her."

Now Erin couldn't resist peeking around the doorway into the room. What she saw resembled a bedroom and Jason was lying on his back, his huge cock sticking up in the air. Tasha was crawling onto his body, her ass and pussy pointing at the doorway where Erin was observing.

"Just a second," Jane said, setting down the camera she had been holding and reaching for a tube of ointment. "This will help," she said, squeezing some of the ointment onto her fingers. "This will make it easier," she said, reaching out and rubbing the ointment into Tasha's ass.

Tasha wriggled her ass, sighing audibly as Jane pushed one, then two fingers into her ass, smearing the ointment around inside of her.

"You too, Brian," she said, beckoning for him to come closer.

Erin was shocked when her mother grabbed her b*****r's erect cock and began pulling and stroking it, smearing ointment all over it.

"Okay, let's roll," Jane said, picking up the camera. "Action," she said.

Erin watched in fascination as Tasha crawled up Jason's body, grabbing his cock and pulling on it, lowering her face and sticking out her tongue to lick it, then opening her mouth and sucking on it. After a minute of so, still gripping his cock in her tiny hand, she straddled his hips, reaching down between her legs to guide his cock to the entrance to her pussy.

Erin couldn't believe it when the giant cock began slowly disappearing into Tasha's pussy as she lowered herself onto it. She rode up and down on it a few times and Erin saw that it took on a sheen from being inside of her. Then Brian got up on the bed behind Tasha, his cock shining from the ointment. Erin was astonished when she saw that he was pushing his cock into Tasha's ass. Now she had two giant cocks sticking out of her.

Jane was busy filming, moving in for close-ups, moving around for different angles as the two cocks slid in and out of Tasha's small body. Then her father climbed up onto the bed, kneeling next to Jason's head, and Tasha fell forward, engulfing his cock in her mouth. Now the three of them were pumping in and out of her with abandon as Jane filmed.

Erin could only stare in amazement as the three huge cocks slid in and out of Tasha's small body at the same time. It seemed to go on forever as Tasha writhed on the bed, the three men ravishing her tiny body. Then Erin saw her father groan and pull his cock from Tasha's mouth, streams of cum shooting into her face, covering her in the thick ropy white fluid. Then it was Brian's turn, pulling his cock from Tasha's ass and shooting cum all over back and ass. When he finished, Tasha rose up off of Jason's cock and spun around, cum dripping from her little-girl face as she engulfed his glistening cock in her mouth, sucking him and pumping him with her hands. She released his cock for a moment and Erin saw a stream of cum shoot into the air before Tasha once again captured it in her mouth, sucking on him and obviously swallowing the cum that was filling her mouth. Then she took Jason's still hard cock and rubbed it all over her face, smearing Bill's cum as her tongue continued to flick out and stab at the slit of Jason's cock.

"Okay, cut," Jane called out, lowering the camera. "That was just great, all of you," she said, a big smile on her face. "Tasha, you were wonderful," she told her, bending over and kissing her deeply, then licking some of the cum from her face. "Why don't you get cleaned up while I get one of these boys to fuck me," she said. "My pussy is so hot and wet from watching."

Erin quickly turned and hurried for the door, not wanting to be caught, as Tasha made her way to the bathroom. Tasha smiled to herself as she saw a flash of Erin's back as she made it out the door. She laughed as she got into the shower, content....for the moment.

Erin rushed back upstairs, outdoors to the pool where she sat down, her heart pounding with excitement at what she had just witnessed. It was the most depraved thing she had ever seen but her whole body was uncontrollably trembling. She felt so confused. Everything she had learned told her what she was witnessing was wrong, sinful, yet she couldn't help noticing that everyone was happy and completely enjoying themselves. Erin started as she heard a noise behind her.

"Oh, hi, Erin," Tasha said as she approached, once again dressed as she had been when she arrived. "Mind if I join you?" she asked, sitting down on the chaise lounge next to her.

"Uh, no, of course not," Erin replied, trying to control herself. "Are you done...working now?" she asked.

"Mmm, yes," Tasha answered, sitting back and enjoying the sun on her face. "This is nice."

"It's a beautiful day," Erin agreed.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Tasha said, sitting up and turning to face Erin. "Since you haven't been around here before, you don't know anyone, do you?"

"Not really," Erin agreed.

"Well, why don't you and I be friends," Tasha suggested. "Maybe you'd like to come shopping and go to the beach with me tomorrow."

"Really!" Erin exclaimed, sitting up. "You'd like me to...."

"Why not?" Tasha asked with a laugh. "Aren't you allowed to have friends?"

"Of course I am," Erin replied. "I just thought that since you were working here...."

"Work is work and play is play," Tasha laughed, "though sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. What do you say?"

"Well, sure, I'd like that," Erin agreed, smiling at the engaging girl.

"Good. Then it's settled. I'll come pick you up at 10:00 tomorrow, okay?"

"That'd be fine," Erin agreed.

"You know, you're every bit as beautiful as your mother," Tasha remarked.

"No, I'm not," Erin replied, blushing and looking down at herself, shocked to see that her nipples were rock hard and sticking out, very visible through her bathing suit.

"Oh, yes you are," Tasha said with a laugh. "And I should know. So I'll see you in the morning, okay?"

"Yes, in the morning," Erin agreed, embarrassed as she saw Tasha staring at her chest.

"Okay. Bye then," Tasha said, getting to her feet.

"Bye," Erin replied.

As soon as Tasha left, Erin got up and went to her room, confused by her body betraying her and embarrassed that Tasha had noticed. She decided to take a nap and didn't wake up until she heard knocking on her door announcing dinner. She quickly peeled off her bathing suit and pulled a t-shirt and some shorts on and joined her f****y for dinner.

"How was your day, dear?" Jane asked as they sat down to eat.

"Fine," Erin replied. "I was by the pool a lot."

"It was a really nice day for the pool," Jane agreed. "Do you have any idea what you'd like to do tomorrow?" she asked.

"Tasha invited me to go shopping and to the beach with her," Erin replied.

"Really!" Brian said. "Tasha!"

"Yes. Is there anything wrong with that?" Erin asked.

"No, of course there isn't," Jane said quickly. "Tasha's a very sweet girl."

"I'll say," Brian said with a laugh.

"Brian, please!" Jane said, a bit exasperatedly. "I think you'll have a wonderful time with Tasha, Erin," Jane said. "You're practically the same age."

They finished their meal without any more references to Tasha, or Erin for that matter, and Erin pleaded tiredness and escaped to her room, leaning against the door after she had closed it behind herself. Her head was spinning. Her f****y was involved in the pornography industry. Everything she had learned in her years away at the convent school told her she was living in the devil's house. It was all against the laws of god.

But Erin knew her parents weren't evil. And even though Brian was being a bit rude to her, she knew he was just being an older b*****r. And in spite of what she had seen Tasha doing, with everyone, she seemed like the nicest person she had ever met. How could she reconcile the apparent dichotomy? Her head swirling with conflicting thoughts, Erin finally fell into a troubled sl**p

Erin jumped awake when she heard a knocking on her bedroom door, sitting up in a sl**py fog when the door opened and Tasha walked in, a big smile on her face.

"Are you still in bed?" she laughed. "Didn't you remember we're going to the beach and shopping?"

"W-what time is it?" Erin asked, shaking the sl**p from her head.

"It's 10:00 already, sl**pyhead," Tasha replied. "Come on, the sun's out and there's a whole world waiting for us."

"Okay, let me get dressed," Erin said, swinging her legs off the bed onto the floor. "What should I wear?" she asked, looking at Tasha.

Tasha was wearing a very bikini top which covered her nipples and not much more, exposing most of her beautiful breasts. She had a wrap-around skirt tied around her waist.

"Just a bathing suit and a skirt or some shorts," Tasha suggested. "We'll shop and find some new stuff too."

Erin picked up her bathing suit, not sure if she could wear it out in public. But looking at Tasha standing there made her realize that she really had no choice and that she should stop being so nervous. She was back in the real world, after all, not at the convent school. And besides, nothing bad was going to happen. She was going to the beach and people wear bathing suits to the beach.

Blushing when she realized that Tasha wasn't going to leave the room while she changed, Erin pulled her t-shirt off over her head, releasing her naked breasts, and as quickly as possible without seeming to be hurrying, put her top on. She blushed when she realized that her nipples had hardened and were sticking out. Glancing up she saw that Tasha's eyes were fixed on her breasts.

Taking a deep breath Erin pushed her shorts down to put on the suit bottom and Tasha gasped out loud.

"My god, you really are a redhead, aren't you," she said, seeing Erin's fiery-red bush between her thighs.

"Apparently so," Erin replied, blushing furiously as she pulled her suit bottom up.

When she pulled her shorts on over the bottoms, she noticed that once again red hairs were sticking out the sides of her suit, something that Tasha also noticed.

"We'll take care of that at my place," Tasha said. "You'll have to if you're going to get a new bathing suit."

Not knowing what to say, Erin nodded, pulling her sandals onto her feet.

"Let me brush my teeth," she said, going into the bathroom.

Erin found Tasha laughing with her mother by the door when she finished.

"Have fun today," Jane told her, giving her a hug. "You look great! And I think you'll need this," she said, handing Erin an envelope.

Opening it, Erin gasped. Inside was $500 and a credit card.

"Mom, that's so much money!" she exclaimed.

"Honey, things cost money, and sometimes lots of it around here," Jane laughed. "You don't worry about it. Just have fun, spend what you want, and I'll see you when you get back, okay?"

"Oh, mom, thank you," Erin said, hugging her tightly. "I can't believe this."

Tasha had a convertible Mustang and the top was down. Erin loved the feeling of the wind blowing through her long thick red hair as they drove. Tasha put on the stereo and turned it up so loud that conversation was impossible, so Erin just put her head back against the headrest and enjoyed the drive down from the Santa Monica Mountains to the beach. When they got there, Tasha expertly wheeled the car into the driveway of a house and stopped the car.

"Come on it," she said. "This is my place."

Erin was curious as she entered Tasha's house and sort of surprised to see how girly and feminine it was. It was like a little doll's house, and upon realizing that, that was exactly what Tasha was, a little doll. The only odd thing was a wall of bookshelves in Tasha's bedroom filled with video tapes.

"That's a lot of tapes," Erin noticed. "You must really like movies."

"That's funny," Tasha said laughing.

"Why?" Erin asked, still not comprehending.

"Those are tapes of all of the movies I've been in," Tasha told her proudly. "There's over 300 of them now."

"You're k**ding!" Erin said, a shocked look on her face. "You've been in over 300 movies?"

"Uh-huh," Tasha replied.

"I didn't know you made movies," Erin said.

"Well, that's what I do with your parents," Tasha told her. "We're making movies. That's what a production company is."

"Oh...." Erin said, the light going on in her head. And then the mathematics of the situation.

"Okay, let's get you a little trimmed up so we can go to the beach," Tasha said, opening a drawer and retrieving a pair of barber's scissors and a small cordless shaver.

"Oh!" Erin blushed. "What should I do?"

"Well, you can do it yourself, or if you want, I'll help you," Tasha said.

"But I've never done anything like that," Erin confessed, blushing. "I don't know what to do."

"Why don't I help you this time, then next time you'll be able to do it yourself," Tasha suggested.

"I'm embarrassed," Erin confessed.

"Oh, don't be, silly," Tasha said, giving her a quick hug. "It's no big deal. I've done it for people before. And I do it for myself too," she added, untying her wrap-around skirt and letting it fall to the floor. "See," she said, standing with her feet spread and her hands on her inner thighs.

Erin stared at the juncture of Tasha's thighs where the tiniest piece of material covered her private parts. Not a hair peeked out.

"I did it this morning and didn't even nick myself," she said, hooking a finger in one side and pulling it across, exposing her naked and completely hairless pussy to Erin.

"Oh!" Erin exclaimed, her hand covering her mouth in surprise. "But you don't have any hair at all!"

"Oh, we won't go that far," Tasha laughed, letting her suit fall back in place over her pussy. "Unless you want to go the way you are, of course."

"N-n-no," Erin stammered. "What should I do?" "Well, you need to take off your shorts anyway," Tasha laughed. "Then we'll see."

Trying not to blush, Erin pushed her shorts off, once again seeing how bright red hairs were sticking out from the sides of her suit.

"Here, lay here on the bed," Tasha indicated, patting the bed. "That's it, on your back," she said as Erin lay down, her legs pressed tightly together.

"You need to bend your knees, put your feet up on the bed," Tasha told Erin. "That's it, and spread your feet," she said, reaching out and placing Erin's feet about shoulder- length apart.

"Let me see how tight the sides of your suit are," Tasha said, reaching out and hooking a finger under the edge of Erin's suit and pulling. "This is pretty tight," she said. "I can't do it this way. You need to take them off."

"I'm so embarrassed," Erin said, her face bright red.

"It's okay," Tasha reassured her, grasping Erin's suit and pulling it down as Erin lifted her hips to help.

"That's better," Tasha said when she saw Erin's pussy exposed.

Erin lay with her eyes closed and her fists clenched at her sides as Tasha reached between her legs and began to snip with the scissors. Then there was a buzzing sound as Tasha turned on the shaver and for the first time Erin felt Tasha's fingers touching her and then the shaver. She gasped as she felt the shaver vibrating against her skin and then her nipples got rock hard and she gasped when Tasha grasped her pussy lips between her fingers and pulled on them, stretching them taught as she used the shaver.

The gentle touching of Tasha's fingers in and on her pussy combined with the vibrations of the shaver stimulated Erin's body and Tasha noted with a slight smile the beads of fluid slowly starting to ooze from between Erin's now hairless pussy lips.

"That should do it," Tasha finally said, letting her finger slide across Erin's pussy to scoop up the fluid oozing from her pussy, bringing it to her mouth to gently suck on it as Erin opened her eyes. "See what you think," she suggested.

Pushing up onto her elbows, Erin looked down between her spread legs at her pussy, her mouth opened in shock as she saw that the only hair left was a one-inch strip above her now naked and smooth pussy lips.

"Oh, my god," Erin gasped, her hand flying between her legs to cover herself, her fingers immediately getting coated by her oozing pussy juices. "I thought you were just going to trim a bit," she said, embarrassed.

"Well, I did," Tasha laughed. "You look beautiful. Besides, who's going to see it but you and me?"

"But still," Erin complained, scrambling for her suit bottom and pulling it on.

"See how much better it looks now," Tasha suggested.

Looking down, Erin could see that there were now no hairs sticking out, but that was because they were all gone. The suit molded itself to her naked pussy and she could discern the split between her lips. As she looked, she could see the suit getting wet from her pussy.

"Oh, my god, what am I going to do?" she asked, covering herself with her hand.

"Let's go swimming and then nobody will notice," Tasha laughed. "Come on," she said, taking Erin by the hand and pulling her towards the door.

They crossed the street and ran across the sand to the water's edge, panting with the exertion when they got there. Tasha stripped off her wrap-around skirt and dashed into the water, diving when it was up to her knees in depth. Erin stared after her, shocked that Tasha's entire ass was naked and visible with only a string holding her bottom up that disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Hesitating a bit, Erin entered the water, cautiously as opposed to diving the way Tasha did. When it was up to her rib cage, she ducked down, letting the water wash over her head before standing up and shaking her head, her bright red hair flying and water spraying in all directions.

"Hey, you do that like a dog!" Tasha laughed.

"This is wonderful!" Erin exclaimed, splashing water up into the air.

For the next 30 minutes the two girls frolicked in the water, laughing and splashing like two little c***dren. Forgotten was all life out of the sea as they played. Finally, exhausted, they made their way out of the water and collapsed onto the hot sand, breathing hard. Tasha spread her wrap-around skirt onto the sand and they were both able to lay back on it, shoulder to shoulder.

"Thanks for inviting me, Tasha," Erin said, turning to look at her.

"No problem," Tasha said. "It's nice to make a new friend."

"You must have lots of friends," Erin said a bit wistfully.

"Not really," Tasha said, shaking her head. "Most of the people I know are people I work with, and while I like them and all, we don't really hang out after work or anything."

"What about you," Tasha asked, "did you have friends at school?"

"Sort of," Erin replied. "But it was structured, and very strict. They didn't really encourage close personal relationships, they wanted us to only rely on our relationship with god and jesus, not temporary human relationships."

"Wow, what a drag," Tasha said, shaking her head and sitting up to look down at Erin. "I think we were created to enjoy each other now. The future will take care of itself. If we're good in this life, hopefully there will be some sort of compensation later, but what matters is now. If you waste your life planning for later, you miss living now. That doesn't make much sense to me."

"Funny you should say it that way," Erin said. "I've been thinking something like that lately. It's pretty confusing."

"Well, you don't have to make a choice today, or tomorrow, and you can always make the choice, can't you?" Tasha asked.

"Yes, that's true, but there's so much pressure from the school to decide now."

"But you don't sound very certain," Tasha said. "If there ever were a sign that you shouldn't do it, now, that would be a good one. Maybe later you'll feel different and do it then. But it seems to me that you have some life to catch up on and you want to see what it's like, don't you?"

"Part of me does," Erin confessed.

"Well, I'm going to get some sun," Tasha stated, reaching behind herself and untying her top and removing it, exposing her breasts.

"Tasha! Is that allowed?" Erin asked, turning her head to and fro to see if anyone was looking.

"Technically, no," Tasha laughed, laying down on her back, her rock-hard nipples sticking up in the air. "But as long as nobody complains, they usually leave me alone. I think it turns everyone on anyway."

"You seem so sure, so brave," Erin marveled. "We're so different."

"Maybe not as different as you think," Tasha said, turning to lay on her side facing Erin, her right nipple pressing up against Erin's upper arm.

"Why do you say that?" Erin asked, very conscious of Tasha's nipple pressing against her arm. It seemed hot to her.

"Well, for starters, how about your 'trim'?" Tasha asked with a laugh.

"Well, if I had known you were going to cut it all off, I wouldn't have done it," Erin told her.

"That's not what I meant," Tasha said.

"Then I don't understand."

"While I was going it you were excited, sexually excited," Tasha told her. "It happens to me too every time I do it."

"But I'm a virgin," Erin blurted out before she even realized what she was saying. "That's not possible.

"That doesn't matter," Tasha laughed. "Virginity has nothing to do with your ability to be excited."

"Oh, I didn't realize..."

"Don't worry about it," Tasha laughed, leaning over and kissing Erin lightly on the forehead, her breast dragging across Erin's arm and upper breast. "You've got a whole lifetime ahead of you to discover things," she said as she lay back down on her back and closed her eyes.

An hour later Erin was awakened by Tasha shaking her.

"Erin, wake up," Tasha was saying, leaning over and looking into Erin's face. "You've had enough sun. We should go."

Erin took the hand Tasha was offering her and got to her feet, feeling a bit light-headed.

"I think we need to get some lotion on you," Tasha said as she put her top back on. "Come on," she said, taking her by the hand.

They crossed the beach and then the road and entered Tasha's house.

"Here, take a shower," Tasha said, dragging her into the bathroom and turning on the water. "It'll be a bit cool, but you got too much sun and we need to cool your skin down. You're such a redhead that your skin is extra sensitive."

Erin hesitated, then took off her suit, realizing as she did so that her skin was very sensitive where her suit bordered her body. Looking into the mirror, she was shocked to see that all of the skin that was not covered by her suit had a distinctly reddish color to it, while the rest of her, her breasts and her now naked pussy, were pale white.

She got into the shower and gasped as the cool water hit her, then sighed as she felt her skin cooling down. She could only gently rub the soap over her skin it was so sensitive. When she finished she opened the shower door to look for a towel only to find Tasha standing there naked.

"Here, let's get this lotion on you," Tasha said, taking her hand and pulling her out of the shower. "It works best if your skin is still wet," she explained, upending the bottle and squirting the lotion all over Erin's upper chest, then aimed a stream down to her stomach.

Erin gasped then laughed as Tasha quirt the lotion all over her body.

"Now gently rub in it," Tasha told her. "Here, I'll help," she said, dropping to her knees and gently spreading the lotion on Erin's feet and lower legs.

Erin hesitated for a moment when Tasha dropped to her knees, then began gently spreading the lotion across her chest and around and under her breasts, finally just covering her breasts too as a large portion of them had been exposed by the brief bathing suit. She gasped when she felt Tasha start to spread the lotion on her legs above the knee. It made her whole body tingle. Slowly spreading the lotion that Tasha had squirt onto her stomach, Erin watched as Tasha slathered first one leg up to her thigh joint, and then the other. As she got to her feet, Tasha let her hand and fingers drag across Erin's pussy, her fingers sliding between the furrow of her outer lips.

"That feels so nice and smooth," Tasha said with a smile. "My turn for the shower," she said, stepping in and adjusting the water.

When she finished showering, she grabbed a towel and walked into her bedroom where she found Erin, still naked.

"I-I-I don't know what to put on," Erin confessed. "The suit is too uncomfortable right now."

"Here, try this," Tasha volunteered, pulling a soft silk sarong out of a drawer. "This is very soft," she explained as she handed it to her. "But your skin has already sucked up the lotion. We should put more on. You need to keep it from drying out."

Returning to the bathroom, Tasha returned with the lotion, but with no towel this time. She was as naked as the day she was born.

"Here, lay down and I'll do it," Tasha said.

"You don't have to do that," Erin protested, noticing how the top of Tasha's head came only to her shoulder.

"I don't mind," Tasha said, gently pushing Erin backwards. "Actually, I like it too," she laughed. "So relax."

Erin tried to relax as Tasha filled her hand with lotion and then started gently spreading it across her upper chest, above her breasts, then down each shoulder and arm, taking care to also put some on her hands. She then returned to her upper chest and spread the lotion downwards onto Erin's breasts, sliding her hands down her breasts and across her nipples to cup her beneath the breasts, lifting them slightly and squeezing before letting them slide through her hands until she was holding Erin's nipples between her fingers.

Erin gasped when Tasha squeezed her nipples tightly before releasing them and continued spreading lotion downwards onto her stomach, stopping just above her pussy to slide down her legs to her feet where she slowly started working her way upwards. Erin arched her hips in surprise when Tasha got to the tops of her legs and let her hands slide onto her pussy, rubbing and squeezing her pussy lips with her fingers for a moment before sliding upwards, over her breasts again, once more paying attention to her now hard nipples before sliding up to her face and gently spreading the lotion on her cheeks and forehead.

"Why don't we take a nap for a bit then go do some shopping," Tasha suggested softly while Erin lay there with her eyes closed.

"Mmm, sounds nice," Erin said.

"Slide over, silly," Tasha giggled, sliding onto the bed next to Erin.

When Erin awoke it was to find that Tasha had turned in her sl**p and had a knee and an arm slung over Erin's body, her hand cupping a breast. Erin felt a dampness against her thigh and realized that it was where Tasha's pussy was pressing against her. Gently trying to extricate herself, she woke Tasha up.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Tasha said, rolling onto her back and off of Erin. "It's been so long since I fell asl**p with someone, I just naturally..."

"Uh, that's okay," Erin said. "That was a good nap."

"How's your skin?" Tasha asked, touching Erin's stomach.

"It's a bit hot and I think I could use some more lotion," Erin replied.

"Oh, can I do it?" Tasha asked with an impish smile. "You know how much I enjoy it."

"Okay, if you want," Erin said with a laugh, secretly looking forward to the way Tasha touched her.

Tasha got the lotion and crawled onto the bed, laughing as she squirt it all over Erin's body before putting it down and beginning to spread it beginning with her shoulders. Once again she paid particular attention to Erin's breasts, this time overtly massaging them and pulling and pinching her nipples before sliding her hands down to her stomach. This time when she moved down to Erin's legs, she straddled her body, her knees on either side of her chest, her ass and pussy pointing right in her face. Erin stared in amazement at Tasha's pussy as it spread open right in front of her face, then gasped when she felt Tasha slide her hands down her legs to her feet, then back up again, culminating in Tasha rubbing and massaging Erin's pussy with both hands.

Erin began to writhe beneath Tasha as she began to deliberately rub her clit, holding her pussy lips open with the fingers of one hand while she made slow circles with the other. She had never felt anything like this and her body was on fire. She gasped when she felt Tasha slide a finger partly into her pussy, gently pumping it in and out as she continued to rub her clit. When Tasha leaned down and grasped Erin's clit between her lips and teeth and teased it with her tongue, Erin exploded in orgasm, flooding Tasha's mouth while stars went off in her head and the whole world went black.

When she came to, she must have passed out momentarily, Tasha was leaning over looking into her face, a look of concern in her expression.

"Are you okay, Erin?" she asked, gently stroking her cheek.

"I-I think so," Erin replied, still feeling her body tingling with electricity. "What happened?"

"You had an orgasm and fainted," Tasha told her. "You came like crazy and just passed out. I've never seen anyone do that before."

"I never felt anything like that before," Erin confessed, remembering now what had just happened. "I felt like I had no control over myself."

"I'm sorry," Tasha said. "I just got carried away. You are so beautiful and your pussy looked so sweet, I just couldn't help myself. I had to taste you. If I had known, or if I had thought about it, I wouldn't have done it. Please don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad," Erin said. "But I am sort of confused. I never felt anything like that before."

"Haven't you ever played with yourself before?" Tasha asked.

"No. We were taught that it was wrong," Erin replied. "They punished girls who did things like that."

"How sad," Tasha said. "It's so natural. Did you like it?" she asked shyly, a coy smile on her face.

"It was strange," Erin said, "but it was also nice. My whole body felt like it was on fire. You liked doing that?"

"Gosh, yes," Tasha exclaimed. "You have a really sweet pussy. You taste wonderful."

"It seems so, so , so nasty," Erin said, blushing.

"But it's not, it's very natural," Tasha told her. "Look," she said, slowly reaching down between Erin's legs and rubbing her fingers up and down between her pussy lips, dipping a finger into her hole briefly before stopping and bringing her hand up to Erin's face and rubbing her fingers on Erin's mouth. "Taste yourself," she said. "It won't hurt," as she pressed her finger tip into Erin's mouth.

Whether she wanted to or not, Erin was tasting herself on Tasha's finger. When she removed her finger from her mouth, Erin reflexively licked her lips, once again tasting her own pussy juices that Tasha had rubbed all over her lips.

"It's nice, isn't it?" Tasha asked, a smile on her face as she licked her own fingers.

"It's okay," Erin agreed, not sure now how she felt about things.

"Are you ready to go shopping then" Tasha asked, rolling onto Erin's body, their breasts mashed together, her face just inches from Erin's. "Because if we don't, I'm going to eat you up again," she laughed.

"Yes, let's go shopping," Erin laughed, feeling her nipples getting hard as they rubbed against Tasha's.

Tasha sat up, sitting on Erin's midsection, her hands grabbing her breasts and squeezing her hard nipples. Then quickly bending over, she quickly sucked and then bit gently each one, causing Erin to gasp out loud before she rolled off of her to stand by the bed.

"Here, you can wear this," Tasha said, throwing some clothes at Erin. "They're soft and they won't hurt your sunburn, until we can buy you something new."

Erin got out of the bed and stood next to Tasha, her skin red from the sun and also from her excitement. She put on the shirt Tasha had given her and discovered that it only came down to her stomach, leaving her belly-button exposed. The softness of the material rubbing against her nipples kept them hard.

"I don't know if I can go out like this," Erin said, looking down and seeing her nipples clearly sticking out beneath the thin material.

"Oh, of course you can't," Tasha laughed, reaching out and cupping Erin's naked pussy in her hand. "You'd have everyone in sight wanting you."

Laughing, Erin pulled on the skirt Tasha had given her. At least it wasn't as short as the one Tasha was putting on. That one barely covered her ass.

"Do you have some panties I can borrow?" Erin asked, uncomfortable wearing a skirt and being naked underneath.

"I don't even own any," Tasha laughed. "They only get in the way. Ready to go?" she asked, reaching under Erin's skirt and rubbing her pussy. "God, I can't keep my hands off of you," she laughed, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking her fingers.

The two girls left the house, jumping into the convertible and roaring off down the road to the boutiques that lined the beach for a couple of miles south of the Malibu pier. They tried on outfit after outfit, buying some of them. Tasha took every opportunity to touch Erin, squeezing her breasts, rubbing her pussy, until Erin got so used to it that she only giggled or laughed. At one point she grasped Tasha's hand as she was rubbing her pussy and held it against herself.

"You're making me crazy," she told her. "I feel like I'm on fire."

"I know how to put that fire out," Tasha laughed, rubbing her juicy fingers on Erin's mouth before sucking on them herself. "Let's go back home and play."

"I'm getting hungry," Erin said as she licked her lips, tasting herself yet again.

"Ooohhh, now you're getting me excited too!" Tasha laughed, flipping her skirt up and flashing her naked pussy at Erin.

"I mean food," Erin laughed. "Don't you ever think of anything but..."

"Sex?" Tasha finished Erin's sentence. "Sometimes, but it is my favorite everything. That's why I love my work so much."

"You mean the videos?" Erin asked in a soft voice.

"Uh-huh," Tasha answered. "Come on, there's a nice restaurant nearby where we can get some dinner. Then we'll go home and have some dessert."

"Maybe I should call my parents," Erin suggested. "They might be expecting me."

"I'll tell you what," Tasha said as they swept into the restaurant and were shown to a table, "I'll call your mom and suggest that you spend the night so that we don't have to drive up the canyon in the dark. I can give you a ride home tomorrow. If you'd like."

"Oh, really? I mean, you wouldn't mind?" Erin asked, flustered.

"Of course not," Tasha laughed. "I like you and I think we're going to be great friends too."

"Oh, I-I'd like that," Erin said, blushing.

"What, spending the night or us being friends?" Tasha asked with a laugh.

"I'd like to be your friend," Erin said. "But where would I sl**p?"

"My bed is plenty big for the two of us," Tasha replied, a twinkle in her eyes. "If you don't mind sharing, that is."

"Ladies, may I take your order?" the waiter asked as he appeared at their table.

"Oh, bring us some shrimp cocktail and caesar salad and a cioppino for two," Tasha ordered. "And a bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio."

"Certainly," the waiter said, bowing slightly at the waist. "And may I say that it is a pleasure having two such lovely ladies at my table."

"Thank you," Tasha said with a smile.

"Wow, you do that so easily," Erin said when the waiter walked away. I know what shrimp is, but I was lost after that."

"You'll love it, trust me," Tasha told her. "Oh, this is so much fun! I haven't had a girlfriend since I was in high school."

"Other than my father and b*****r, and the priests at school, I've never been around anyone but girls," Erin observed, "and none of them were really my friends."

"Well, that's all going to change now," Tasha told her as the waiter brought giant shrimp cocktail for each of them. "Mmmm, this is so good," Tasha said, taking a big bite of shrimp after dredging it through some cocktail sauce.

The two girls ate until they were ready to burst, talking and laughing like teenage schoolgirls. When the waiter removed the vestiges of the last course from the table and brought them each an espresso, they sat back in their seats, stuffed and sated.

"That was the best meal I've ever eaten," Erin declared. "I never knew food could be so good."

"It seems like I'm going to have to teach you everything," Tasha said, a smile on her face. "Are you a good student?"

"I always got top marks at school," Erin laughed as Tasha licked her lips in an obvious fashion.

"Let's go home and have some dessert," Tasha said.

"Ohmygosh!" Erin sat up straight. "We didn't call my mother!"

"Relax, I'll do it now," Tasha said, pulling out her cell phone and dialing.

"Jane? This is Tasha," she said.

"Yes, she's fine," she laughed. "We just finished eating dinner and we're totally stuffed. We went to the beach and shopping. Now we were going to go back to my place for some dessert and I thought maybe Erin could spend the night and I'll bring her home tomorrow. If you don't mind."

"She wants to talk to you," Tasha said, holding the phone out to Erin.

"Mom?" Erin said. "Yes, it's been wonderful. I've had so much fun. Yes, I'd like to, but only if you don't mind. Okay. Sure. Here she is," Erin said, returning the phone to Tasha.

"Hi! Really! With LeroyX! Sure, that sounds like fun. Okay. Then I'll just plan on being there at 2:00 and I'll bring Erin home then. Okay, bye-bye," she said, closing the phone.

"That's settled then," she said with a smile. "Your mom has a scene for me to shoot tomorrow afternoon, so I'll take you home then."

"A scene?" Erin asked as they left the restaurant.

"Uh-huh," Tasha replied.

"Oh," was all Erin said as they got into the car.

"Does that bother you?" Tasha asked as she drove towards her house.

"N-no," Erin replied. "It's just that..."

"I know you were watching yesterday," Tasha said matter-of-factly.

"I don't know how to say it," Erin said, blushing.

"Just say it," Tasha told her. "You're not going to hurt my feelings, okay?"

"It's just that you seem so nice. You're so sweet. Yet you do these....videos. All my life I've been told that such things are sinful, wrong. I'm having trouble reconciling everything."

"I understand," Tasha said as she pulled in and parked at her house. "I'm not hurting anyone, nobody's hurting me. It's lots of fun. I never do anything I don't want to do or with anyone I don't want to do it with. And I make lots of money. I just don't believe all of that suppressed sexuality stuff the religions try to make you believe."

"But what about sin?" Erin asked as they entered the house.

"I figure if god invented everything, he wanted us to enjoy it," Tasha said, kicking off her sandals. "If you're not harming anyone, including yourself, why should it be wrong?"

"I never thought of it that way," Erin confessed, kicking her sandals off too.

"And speaking of feeling good, we should get some more lotion on you," Tasha said with a big smile.

"Oh!" Erin gasped, a smile on her face.

"Maybe you'd like to see some of my videos," Tasha suggested, slowly reaching out and pulling Erin's shirt up over her head, releasing her breasts, nipples already hard.

"Really! You wouldn't mind?" Erin asked, then gasped when Tasha leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth, gently biting it with her teeth while her tongue teased it.

"Mmm, of course not," Tasha said, releasing Erin's nipple and pulling her by the hand into the bedroom and onto the bed. "I'll show you my very first one," she said, getting up off the bed and going to the bookshelf and picking one. "This was on my 18th birthday," she explained as she put it into the VCR. "I was a virgin until this," she said, undressing and crawling onto the bed to Erin.

Erin didn't resist when Tasha tugged on her skirt, pulling it off and leaving her naked too. They sat side by side on the bed as the video started. It showed a naked Tasha being dragged by an equally naked woman to a bed. The woman held Tasha's hands above her head, kneeling on her shoulders, her pussy above Tasha's face. Then a big burly man came into the picture. He had a big beer belly and looked like he hadn't shaved in several days. His cock was in his hand and it was hard, though not very big. He grabbed Tasha by the legs, pulling them apart. Holding his cock in his hand, he leaned forward and pushed himself into her.

Tasha's body arched upwards but she could not escape. The man had her pinned with his cock in her pussy and the woman was kneeling on her shoulders. The man began pumping his cock in and out of Tasha's pussy. Erin could see how it began to glisten. The woman kneeling on her shoulders was laughing as she watched the man's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Then Erin saw her sit on Tasha's face, mashing her pussy on her mouth, rocking back and forth. This went on for several minutes until the man stiffened, his cock buried in Tasha's pussy. When he pulled his now shrunken cock from her body, Erin could see ropey strings of cum dangling from it.

The woman got off of her face and Erin could see that Tasha's face was covered with shiny pussy juice. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him, shoving his cock in her face. Erin watched as Tasha opened her mouth and began to lick and suck the man's cock, not stopping until he pushed her away. Then the video ended.

"You were a virgin before that?" Erin asked, staring at Tasha who had an ashen expression on her face.

"Yes," Tasha replied in a wooden voice.

"That didn't look like fun at all," Erin said, shaking her head.

"It wasn't. I hated it," Tasha said, turning to look at her.

"Then why did you do it?" Erin asked.

"Those were my parents," Tasha explained. "They ****d me for my birthday present."

"Oh, my god," Erin gasped, her hand covering her mouth. "How awful. Then why do you make videos now? And how do you have this one?"

"Oh, they taped it, told me I'd appreciate it some day. They ****d me like that every day for months. Sometimes they'd invite their friends over and let them do what they wanted too. Somewhere I started liking how it made me feel even though I hated all of them. When I had a chance, I ran away and came here. There's so much porn industry here it was easy to find someone to give me a chance. Now I can say yes or no to whoever and whatever and get paid lots of money. I'm in control. Nobody f***es me to do anything."

"Oh, Tasha, that's terrible," Erin cried out, putting her arms around her, seeing the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes. "Nobody should be treated like that, especially not someone as sweet and nice as you."

"Thanks," Tasha said, wiping her eyes and giving Erin a quick kiss on the lips. "But I'm pretty over it. I haven't watched that in a long time. I guess it got to me. Now let me show you one that I wanted to make and enjoyed doing," she said, bouncing up off the bed and taking another tape and putting it in the VCR.

The video started with a scene of 6-8 girls in cheerleader outfits in a locker room. Erin recognized Tasha immediately. She was the smallest of the girls. They all undressed and got into the showers. There they started playing and the scene soon turned into an all-out lesbian orgy on the shower floor. While the girls were all doing what Tasha described to Erin was a daisy chain, there suddenly appeared in the shower a coach and several boys in football uniforms.

Erin gasped when she realized that the coach was her father and that one of the football players was her b*****r. Very quickly the boys were all naked with a girl kneeling in front of them, sucking their cocks. Tasha was sucking her father's cock. Then all the girls got on their hands and knees with their heads facing each other in a starburst type of pattern. Behind each of them knelt a boy, with the 'coach' behind Tasha. They all began fucking and Erin watched in amazement with her mouth hanging open. After about a minute they all moved over one girl and commenced fucking again. They did this until they had moved completely around the circle and were back where they started. Now the girls turned around and began sucking the cocks, not stopping until they all exploded, shooting cum into their faces and open mouths.

Erin was in shock as Tasha paused the video. The frozen image on the screen was that of Tasha, her face full of cum, a big smile, and her father's cock dangling in her face. Erin turned to look at Tasha, trying to see the same girl as that in the video.

"What are you thinking?" Tasha asked.

"It's just hard for me to see you like that," Erin tried to explain. "I mean, you seem so small and the men are so big...and all that stuff in your face..."

"I love the sticky feel of cum on my skin," Tasha told her matter-of-factly. "And I especially love the taste. And I may look small, but like any woman, my pussy can stretch big enough to have a baby, I guess it can handle big cocks. And there's nothing like a big cock stuffing you."

Erin sat there with her mouth hanging open. She had never heard anyone talk so dirty and so casually about such things. Then Tasha continued the video.

"Girls, girls, what is taking you so long," Erin heard a voice out of camera on the video say.

And then appeared what was obviously supposed to be the cheerleaders' coach. For some reason Erin was not surprised to see that it was her mother. She watched as her father grabbed her by the arm, pulling her close and telling her that they'd show her what's taking so long. Her clothes were quickly torn off and she was dragged to a bench where she was placed on her back, her legs spread apart and her arms held by the other girls, cum still dripping from their faces.

She saw her father slowly push his cock into her pussy, inch by inch. The camera angle was perfect, the detail incredible. She could clearly see her mother's pussy for the first time, the fat outer lips, the inner lips curling out from between them, grasping her father's cock as it slid in and out, and her clit, protruding, rubbing against the cock as it fucked her.

Then she saw her father withdraw his glistening cock from her mother's pussy and stand above her head before sliding his cock into her mouth, laying it on her protruding tongue. He fucked her mouth while she sucked him. Then he pulled his cock from her mouth, cum shooting from the end, streaming it all over her face before putting it back in her mouth for her to finish sucking him.

When he was done, he laughed and told the other boys to show her too, and they did. One by one they stepped forward and fucked her, then fucked her mouth until they came, shooting cum all over her face and into her mouth. Erin was only mildly surprised that her b*****r Brian was the last boy in line. She watched as he slid his cock, which was bigger than their father's, into their mother, slowly and leisurely fucking her. When he moved up to fuck her face, Erin was surprised to see him slide his entire cock into her mouth, down deep into her throat. And he fucked her like that, each time slowly sliding his cock all the way into her throat. When he began to cum, he just let his cock lay on her tongue, shooting stream after stream of cum into her open mouth until he finished, then pushing his cock into her mouth one more time as she sucked him. When he removed his cock from her mouth, Erin could see that she had swallowed the entire mouthful of cum.

When her father told the cheerleaders to get cleaned up, Tasha crawled between Jane's legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. She then crawled up her body, laying on top of her, breasts to breasts, and kissed her, then began kissing and licking her face, eating all of the cum that the boys had shot all over her. The other cheerleaders had begun kissing one another, licking the cum from each others' faces.

Erin sat in shock as the video ended. She actually couldn't believe what she had just seen, in spite of what she had seen live at home. She also couldn't believe how her own body felt, hot, flushed. Her nipples were hard and aching and she felt a wetness between her legs.

She didn't resists as Tasha eased her back onto the bed, gently leaning over to kiss her as she slid her body onto hers. Erin's skin felt electrified as Tasha's breasts slid over hers, their hard nipples grinding against each other. She lay there, paralyzed, as Tasha softly kissed her lips, her cheeks, gently nibbled on her earlobes. When she again kissed her lips, Erin felt Tasha's tongue gently pressing against her lips, sliding back and forth. When she let her lips part just the slightest bit, Tasha's tongue slid into her mouth, finding her own tongue, caressing it.

Erin moaned, pressing her mouth to Tasha's, kissing her back now, her own tongue aggressively seeking out Tasha's. Then Tasha was kissing her neck, her hands under her arms, pushing them up over her head. When Tasha fastened her mouth on a nipple, biting down with her teeth, Erin groaned and felt a new wetness between her legs. Her hands went to Tasha's head, holding her against her breast, not wanting her to stop sucking and chewing on her.

Then Tasha slid over to her other breast, increasing the electricity coursing throughout her body. At the same time she felt Tasha's hand slide between her legs, slipping through the wetness between her pussy lips. When Tasha's lips left her breast and began kissing their way down across her stomach, Erin knew that she wanted Tasha to keep going, to do what she had done earlier.

Tasha noticed Erin's legs fall open, spreading her pussy. She eagerly slid her tongue down across Erin's clit, between her pouting pussy lips and directly into her honeypot, sucking the juices that had pooled there. Erin arched her back in ecstasy as Tasha's tongue delved into her pussy. Tasha slid her leg across Erin's body, straddling her, her ass and pussy right in Erin's face.

As Tasha ate Erin's pussy, Erin writhed beneath her, squirming in delight at the sensations Tasha's tongue was producing between her legs. When Tasha began sucking on her clit, Erin went crazy. Grabbing Tasha's legs and squeezing in response to the electric sensations emanating from her pussy, she inadvertently pulled her pussy right into her face.

Suddenly Erin found herself licking and sucking Tasha's pussy, sticking her tongue up into her, drinking the juices that were pouring from her pussy. The two girls licked and sucked each other. When Tasha slid a finger into Erin's pussy and began sliding it in and out, Erin did the same. At Tasha's urging, Erin put more and more fingers into her pussy, finally pumping almost her entire hand in and out as she sucked on her clit.

When finally the two girls fell apart in exhaustion, several hours had passed. They crawled into each other's arms, exchanging a long wet kiss before falling asl**p. Twice more during the night they awoke to again make love, sucking each other to mutual orgasms each time.

Morning arrived and Erin awoke to the wonderful sensation of Tasha's tongue between her legs. She grabbed her knees in her hands and pulled them up to her chest, spreading her pussy and making it even easier for Tasha to tongue-fuck her juicy hole. When she had finished cumming, Tasha crawled up her body, giving her a long deep kiss, the taste of her pussy intoxicating.

"Tasha," Erin said as they broke their kiss, "does this mean I'm a lesbian?"

"Of course not, silly," Tasha laughed, kissing her. "It just means you like girls."

"But I thought that's what a lesbian was," Erin said, puzzled.

"No, a lesbian is a woman who only likes women. Maybe you're like me, you like both."

"Oh! But I've never.....I don't...." Erin stammered.

"Don't worry about it," Tasha told her, rolling off of her and getting to her feet. "I'm sure you're going to be absolutely cock crazy. With a body like yours, how could you be any other way."

"What do you mean?" Erin asked, suddenly embarrassed by her nakedness.

"Look at you," Tasha said. "You are absolutely beautiful. Perfect face, more than perfect breasts, the sweetest, wettest pussy I've ever tasted, your ass is perfect, incredible red hair. You are a 12."

"Oh, my," Erin blushed, not knowing what to say. "I don't think of myself that way at all."

"I know, that's what makes you so perfect," Tasha said, leaning over and kissing her, at the same time sliding a finger into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Erin shuddered as she sucked Tasha's tongue, her pussy spasming in instant orgasm as Tasha expertly got her off.

"See what I mean?" Tasha asked, removing her fingers from Erin's soaked pussy and putting them in her mouth where Erin softly sucked them, tasting herself. "So get your suit on, we're going to the beach!" she said with a laugh. "And I want you to wear your new suit today."

"Not in public!" Erin exclaimed, sitting up. "It barely covers anything."

"That's the idea, silly," Tasha laughed. "But you have to put on lots of sun block so you don't burn any more. Actually, I'll put the sun block on for you, to make sure it gets done right."

Laughing the two girls pulled their suits on. Erin stared at herself in the mirror, modeling her new dental-floss bikini. The top barely covered her nipples, leaving most of her 36-D breasts exposed. The bottom was merely a strip of material just wide enough to cover her pussy lips. It was so thin and sheer that the outline of her lips was clearly visible, made even more obvious by how wet the material already was from her pussy leaking.

Before she could protest, Tasha grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the door, grabbing a big beach towel and the sun block on the way. They crossed the street a couple of cars honked their horns in appreciation and ran down the beach to the water, dropping the towel as they ran into the sea. They frolicked and splashed for 15- 20 minutes before leaving the water. Tasha spread the towel on the sand and Erin flopped down on it.

"Here, better let me put some sun block on you before you burn," Tasha said with a wicked grin.

Before she could stop her, Tasha was spreading the lotion on Erin, starting at her feet and working up her legs. When she got up to her covered pussy, Tasha quickly let a finger slip beneath the material to rub up and down the wet furrow of Erin's pussy. Erin gasped and looked from side to side to see if anyone had noticed, but there were very few people on the beach at this time of the morning and nobody was looking their way.

When Tasha began spreading the lotion onto Erin's stomach, she was f***ed to lay back on the towel. When she got to her breasts, Erin gasped when Tasha pulled her top up and off, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard as Tasha rubbed the lotion on, taking extra care to pinch and pull her nipples before putting lotion on her arms and neck and face.

"When you turn over, I'll do your back," Tasha told her, removing her own top and freeing her breasts.

"Tasha, I can't lay here with my top off," Erin said, covering herself with her hands.

"Don't be silly," Tasha told her. "Of course you can. Nobody's going to bother you," she said as she lay back on the towel, closing her eyes.

At first Erin lay back with her hands covering her breasts, but she finally relaxed and lay there, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her body. Gradually she fell asl**p, only to be wakened by the sound of a voice, a male voice.

"Hi there," the voice said.

"Oh, hi, Brad," Tasha said as Erin opened her eyes, her hands automatically going to her breasts to cover them

"Who's your friend?" he asked, looking at Erin.

"This is Erin," Tasha said. "Erin, this is Brad, he's the lifeguard on this beach."

"Hi, Erin," Brad said, holding out his hand.

"H-hi, Brad," Erin said, sitting up and reluctantly reaching up to shake his hand, uncovering her breasts. Her nipples were instantly erect and she could feel herself blushing.

"Here, time for you to turn over," Tasha said, picking up the sun block.

Gratefully Erin rolled over onto her stomach as Tasha started at her shoulders applying the lotion.

"How have you been, Tasha?" Brad asked, squatting down next to them.

"Oh, fine," Tasha replied, gently and slowly applying the lotion to Erin's back. "How about you?"

"Pretty good," Brad replied. "We've had great weather, so that's been good. Maybe we can get together later," he suggested. "It's been a while."

"That would be nice," Tasha said, squirting a big glob of lotion onto the small of Erin's back. "Here, give me a hand, do her legs for me," Tasha suggested, handing Brad the lotion.

"No problem," he said with a grin.

Erin started with surprise when she heard this and began to protest when Tasha began spreading the lotion on her lower back. At the same time Brad began with the calves of her legs. It felt nice and Tasha and Brad were chit-chatting so Erin relaxed again. Then as Brad moved above her knees with the lotion, Tasha moved down from her lower back to her ass, kneading and massaging her totally naked ass cheeks. Brad was now working on her upper thighs when Erin felt Tasha squeeze her cheeks tightly in her hands, pulling them apart.

"You're not going to burn today," Tasha said, running two fingers covered in lotion down the crack of Erin's ass, beneath the nearly invisible string, over the pucker of her rosebud to delve beneath the thin strip of material and into her pussy, stroking once, twice, before sliding back up the crack of her ass.

"There, that should do it," Tasha said as Brad too finished, letting the back of his hand brush against the material covering Erin's pussy.

Erin lay with her head on her arms, her face flaming red in embarrassment at what Brad must have seen.

"Uh, thanks," she managed to say, her voice almost cracking.

"Brad, you mind doing me?" Tasha asked, flopping down next to Erin.

"No problem," Brad said, grabbing the lotion and beginning to spread it over her body.

Erin continued to lay face down as Tasha and Brad chatted. They seemed fairly familiar with each other and Erin got the feeling that he was very nice.

"Mmm, that's great," Tasha sighed.

Erin automatically turned her head to the side and saw that Brad was between Tasha's legs, one hand sliding back and forth, obviously stroking her pussy. He saw Erin looking at him and grinned shyly, then slapped Tasha on the ass.

"But what about sin?" Erin asked as they entered the house.

"I figure if god invented everything, he wanted us to enjoy it," Tasha said, kicking off her sandals. "If you're not harming anyone, including yourself, why should it be wrong?"

"I never thought of it that way," Erin confessed, kicking her sandals off too.

"And speaking of feeling good, we should get some more lotion on you," Tasha said with a big smile.

"Oh!" Erin gasped, a smile on her face.

"Maybe you'd like to see some of my videos," Tasha suggested, slowly reaching out and pulling Erin's shirt up over her head, releasing her breasts, nipples already hard.

"Really! You wouldn't mind?" Erin asked, then gasped when Tasha leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth, gently biting it with her teeth while her tongue teased it.

"Mmm, of course not," Tasha said, releasing Erin's nipple and pulling her by the hand into the bedroom and onto the bed. "I'll show you my very first one," she said, getting up off the bed and going to the bookshelf and picking one. "This was on my 18th birthday," she explained as she put it into the VCR. "I was a virgin until this," she said, undressing and crawling onto the bed to Erin.

Erin didn't resist when Tasha tugged on her skirt, pulling it off and leaving her naked too. They sat side by side on the bed as the video started. It showed a naked Tasha being dragged by an equally naked woman to a bed. The woman held Tasha's hands above her head, kneeling on her shoulders, her pussy above Tasha's face. Then a big burly man came into the picture. He had a big beer belly and looked like he hadn't shaved in several days. His cock was in his hand and it was hard, though not very big. He grabbed Tasha by the legs, pulling them apart. Holding his cock in his hand, he leaned forward and pushed himself into her.

Tasha's body arched upwards but she could not escape. The man had her pinned with his cock in her pussy and the woman was kneeling on her shoulders. The man began pumping his cock in and out of Tasha's pussy. Erin could see how it began to glisten. The woman kneeling on her shoulders was laughing as she watched the man's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Then Erin saw her sit on Tasha's face, mashing her pussy on her mouth, rocking back and forth. This went on for several minutes until the man stiffened, his cock buried in Tasha's pussy. When he pulled his now shrunken cock from her body, Erin could see ropey strings of cum dangling from it.

The woman got off of her face and Erin could see that Tasha's face was covered with shiny pussy juice. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him, shoving his cock in her face. Erin watched as Tasha opened her mouth and began to lick and suck the man's cock, not stopping until he pushed her away. Then the video ended.

"You were a virgin before that?" Erin asked, staring at Tasha who had an ashen expression on her face.

"Yes," Tasha replied in a wooden voice.

"That didn't look like fun at all," Erin said, shaking her head.

"It wasn't. I hated it," Tasha said, turning to look at her.

"Then why did you do it?" Erin asked.

"Those were my parents," Tasha explained. "They ****d me for my birthday present."

"Oh, my god," Erin gasped, her hand covering her mouth. "How awful. Then why do you make videos now? And how do you have this one?"

"Oh, they taped it, told me I'd appreciate it some day. They ****d me like that every day for months. Sometimes they'd invite their friends over and let them do what they wanted too. Somewhere I started liking how it made me feel even though I hated all of them. When I had a chance, I ran away and came here. There's so much porn industry here it was easy to find someone to give me a chance. Now I can say yes or no to whoever and whatever and get paid lots of money. I'm in control. Nobody f***es me to do anything."

"Oh, Tasha, that's terrible," Erin cried out, putting her arms around her, seeing the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes. "Nobody should be treated like that, especially not someone as sweet and nice as you."

"Thanks," Tasha said, wiping her eyes and giving Erin a quick kiss on the lips. "But I'm pretty over it. I haven't watched that in a long time. I guess it got to me. Now let me show you one that I wanted to make and enjoyed doing," she said, bouncing up off the bed and taking another tape and putting it in the VCR.

The video started with a scene of 6-8 girls in cheerleader outfits in a locker room. Erin recognized Tasha immediately. She was the smallest of the girls. They all undressed and got into the showers. There they started playing and the scene soon turned into an all-out lesbian orgy on the shower floor. While the girls were all doing what Tasha described to Erin was a daisy chain, there suddenly appeared in the shower a coach and several boys in football uniforms.

Erin gasped when she realized that the coach was her father and that one of the football players was her b*****r. Very quickly the boys were all naked with a girl kneeling in front of them, sucking their cocks. Tasha was sucking her father's cock. Then all the girls got on their hands and knees with their heads facing each other in a starburst type of pattern. Behind each of them knelt a boy, with the 'coach' behind Tasha. They all began fucking and Erin watched in amazement with her mouth hanging open. After about a minute they all moved over one girl and commenced fucking again. They did this until they had moved completely around the circle and were back where they started. Now the girls turned around and began sucking the cocks, not stopping until they all exploded, shooting cum into their faces and open mouths.

Erin was in shock as Tasha paused the video. The frozen image on the screen was that of Tasha, her face full of cum, a big smile, and her father's cock dangling in her face. Erin turned to look at Tasha, trying to see the same girl as that in the video.

"What are you thinking?" Tasha asked.

"It's just hard for me to see you like that," Erin tried to explain. "I mean, you seem so small and the men are so big...and all that stuff in your face..."

"I love the sticky feel of cum on my skin," Tasha told her matter-of-factly. "And I especially love the taste. And I may look small, but like any woman, my pussy can stretch big enough to have a baby, I guess it can handle big cocks. And there's nothing like a big cock stuffing you."

Erin sat there with her mouth hanging open. She had never heard anyone talk so dirty and so casually about such things. Then Tasha continued the video.

"Girls, girls, what is taking you so long," Erin heard a voice out of camera on the video say.

And then appeared what was obviously supposed to be the cheerleaders' coach. For some reason Erin was not surprised to see that it was her mother. She watched as her father grabbed her by the arm, pulling her close and telling her that they'd show her what's taking so long. Her clothes were quickly torn off and she was dragged to a bench where she was placed on her back, her legs spread apart and her arms held by the other girls, cum still dripping from their faces.

She saw her father slowly push his cock into her pussy, inch by inch. The camera angle was perfect, the detail incredible. She could clearly see her mother's pussy for the first time, the fat outer lips, the inner lips curling out from between them, grasping her father's cock as it slid in and out, and her clit, protruding, rubbing against the cock as it fucked her.

Then she saw her father withdraw his glistening cock from her mother's pussy and stand above her head before sliding his cock into her mouth, laying it on her protruding tongue. He fucked her mouth while she sucked him. Then he pulled his cock from her mouth, cum shooting from the end, streaming it all over her face before putting it back in her mouth for her to finish sucking him.

When he was done, he laughed and told the other boys to show her too, and they did. One by one they stepped forward and fucked her, then fucked her mouth until they came, shooting cum all over her face and into her mouth. Erin was only mildly surprised that her b*****r Brian was the last boy in line. She watched as he slid his cock, which was bigger than their father's, into their mother, slowly and leisurely fucking her. When he moved up to fuck her face, Erin was surprised to see him slide his entire cock into her mouth, down deep into her throat. And he fucked her like that, each time slowly sliding his cock all the way into her throat. When he began to cum, he just let his cock lay on her tongue, shooting stream after stream of cum into her open mouth until he finished, then pushing his cock into her mouth one more time as she sucked him. When he removed his cock from her mouth, Erin could see that she had swallowed the entire mouthful of cum.

When her father told the cheerleaders to get cleaned up, Tasha crawled between Jane's legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. She then crawled up her body, laying on top of her, breasts to breasts, and kissed her, then began kissing and licking her face, eating all of the cum that the boys had shot all over her. The other cheerleaders had begun kissing one another, licking the cum from each others' faces.

Erin sat in shock as the video ended. She actually couldn't believe what she had just seen, in spite of what she had seen live at home. She also couldn't believe how her own body felt, hot, flushed. Her nipples were hard and aching and she felt a wetness between her legs.

She didn't resists as Tasha eased her back onto the bed, gently leaning over to kiss her as she slid her body onto hers. Erin's skin felt electrified as Tasha's breasts slid over hers, their hard nipples grinding against each other. She lay there, paralyzed, as Tasha softly kissed her lips, her cheeks, gently nibbled on her earlobes. When she again kissed her lips, Erin felt Tasha's tongue gently pressing against her lips, sliding back and forth. When she let her lips part just the slightest bit, Tasha's tongue slid into her mouth, finding her own tongue, caressing it.

Erin moaned, pressing her mouth to Tasha's, kissing her back now, her own tongue aggressively seeking out Tasha's. Then Tasha was kissing her neck, her hands under her arms, pushing them up over her head. When Tasha fastened her mouth on a nipple, biting down with her teeth, Erin groaned and felt a new wetness between her legs. Her hands went to Tasha's head, holding her against her breast, not wanting her to stop sucking and chewing on her.

Then Tasha slid over to her other breast, increasing the electricity coursing throughout her body. At the same time she felt Tasha's hand slide between her legs, slipping through the wetness between her pussy lips. When Tasha's lips left her breast and began kissing their way down across her stomach, Erin knew that she wanted Tasha to keep going, to do what she had done earlier.

Tasha noticed Erin's legs fall open, spreading her pussy. She eagerly slid her tongue down across Erin's clit, between her pouting pussy lips and directly into her honeypot, sucking the juices that had pooled there. Erin arched her back in ecstasy as Tasha's tongue delved into her pussy. Tasha slid her leg across Erin's body, straddling her, her ass and pussy right in Erin's face.

As Tasha ate Erin's pussy, Erin writhed beneath her, squirming in delight at the sensations Tasha's tongue was producing between her legs. When Tasha began sucking on her clit, Erin went crazy. Grabbing Tasha's legs and squeezing in response to the electric sensations emanating from her pussy, she inadvertently pulled her pussy right into her face.

Suddenly Erin found herself licking and sucking Tasha's pussy, sticking her tongue up into her, drinking the juices that were pouring from her pussy. The two girls licked and sucked each other. When Tasha slid a finger into Erin's pussy and began sliding it in and out, Erin did the same. At Tasha's urging, Erin put more and more fingers into her pussy, finally pumping almost her entire hand in and out as she sucked on her clit.

When finally the two girls fell apart in exhaustion, several hours had passed. They crawled into each other's arms, exchanging a long wet kiss before falling asl**p. Twice more during the night they awoke to again make love, sucking each other to mutual orgasms each time.

Morning arrived and Erin awoke to the wonderful sensation of Tasha's tongue between her legs. She grabbed her knees in her hands and pulled them up to her chest, spreading her pussy and making it even easier for Tasha to tongue-fuck her juicy hole. When she had finished cumming, Tasha crawled up her body, giving her a long deep kiss, the taste of her pussy intoxicating.

"Tasha," Erin said as they broke their kiss, "does this mean I'm a lesbian?"

"Of course not, silly," Tasha laughed, kissing her. "It just means you like girls."

"But I thought that's what a lesbian was," Erin said, puzzled.

"No, a lesbian is a woman who only likes women. Maybe you're like me, you like both."

"Oh! But I've never.....I don't...." Erin stammered.

"Don't worry about it," Tasha told her, rolling off of her and getting to her feet. "I'm sure you're going to be absolutely cock crazy. With a body like yours, how could you be any other way."

"What do you mean?" Erin asked, suddenly embarrassed by her nakedness.

"Look at you," Tasha said. "You are absolutely beautiful. Perfect face, more than perfect breasts, the sweetest, wettest pussy I've ever tasted, your ass is perfect, incredible red hair. You are a 12."

"Oh, my," Erin blushed, not knowing what to say. "I don't think of myself that way at all."

"I know, that's what makes you so perfect," Tasha said, leaning over and kissing her, at the same time sliding a finger into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Erin shuddered as she sucked Tasha's tongue, her pussy spasming in instant orgasm as Tasha expertly got her off.

"See what I mean?" Tasha asked, removing her fingers from Erin's soaked pussy and putting them in her mouth where Erin softly sucked them, tasting herself. "So get your suit on, we're going to the beach!" she said with a laugh. "And I want you to wear your new suit today."

"Not in public!" Erin exclaimed, sitting up. "It barely covers anything."

"That's the idea, silly," Tasha laughed. "But you have to put on lots of sun block so you don't burn any more. Actually, I'll put the sun block on for you, to make sure it gets done right."

Laughing the two girls pulled their suits on. Erin stared at herself in the mirror, modeling her new dental-floss bikini. The top barely covered her nipples, leaving most of her 36-D breasts exposed. The bottom was merely a strip of material just wide enough to cover her pussy lips. It was so thin and sheer that the outline of her lips was clearly visible, made even more obvious by how wet the material already was from her pussy leaking.

Before she could protest, Tasha grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the door, grabbing a big beach towel and the sun block on the way. They crossed the street a couple of cars honked their horns in appreciation and ran down the beach to the water, dropping the towel as they ran into the sea. They frolicked and splashed for 15- 20 minutes before leaving the water. Tasha spread the towel on the sand and Erin flopped down on it.

"Here, better let me put some sun block on you before you burn," Tasha said with a wicked grin.

Before she could stop her, Tasha was spreading the lotion on Erin, starting at her feet and working up her legs. When she got up to her covered pussy, Tasha quickly let a finger slip beneath the material to rub up and down the wet furrow of Erin's pussy. Erin gasped and looked from side to side to see if anyone had noticed, but there were very few people on the beach at this time of the morning and nobody was looking their way.

When Tasha began spreading the lotion onto Erin's stomach, she was f***ed to lay back on the towel. When she got to her breasts, Erin gasped when Tasha pulled her top up and off, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard as Tasha rubbed the lotion on, taking extra care to pinch and pull her nipples before putting lotion on her arms and neck and face.

"When you turn over, I'll do your back," Tasha told her, removing her own top and freeing her breasts.

"Tasha, I can't lay here with my top off," Erin said, covering herself with her hands.

"Don't be silly," Tasha told her. "Of course you can. Nobody's going to bother you," she said as she lay back on the towel, closing her eyes.

At first Erin lay back with her hands covering her breasts, but she finally relaxed and lay there, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her body. Gradually she fell asl**p, only to be wakened by the sound of a voice, a male voice.

"Hi there," the voice said.

"Oh, hi, Brad," Tasha said as Erin opened her eyes, her hands automatically going to her breasts to cover them

"Who's your friend?" he asked, looking at Erin.

"This is Erin," Tasha said. "Erin, this is Brad, he's the lifeguard on this beach."

"Hi, Erin," Brad said, holding out his hand.

"H-hi, Brad," Erin said, sitting up and reluctantly reaching up to shake his hand, uncovering her breasts. Her nipples were instantly erect and she could feel herself blushing.

"Here, time for you to turn over," Tasha said, picking up the sun block.

Gratefully Erin rolled over onto her stomach as Tasha started at her shoulders applying the lotion.

"How have you been, Tasha?" Brad asked, squatting down next to them.

"Oh, fine," Tasha replied, gently and slowly applying the lotion to Erin's back. "How about you?"

"Pretty good," Brad replied. "We've had great weather, so that's been good. Maybe we can get together later," he suggested. "It's been a while."

"That would be nice," Tasha said, squirting a big glob of lotion onto the small of Erin's back. "Here, give me a hand, do her legs for me," Tasha suggested, handing Brad the lotion.

"No problem," he said with a grin.

Erin started with surprise when she heard this and began to protest when Tasha began spreading the lotion on her lower back. At the same time Brad began with the calves of her legs. It felt nice and Tasha and Brad were chit-chatting so Erin relaxed again. Then as Brad moved above her knees with the lotion, Tasha moved down from her lower back to her ass, kneading and massaging her totally naked ass cheeks. Brad was now working on her upper thighs when Erin felt Tasha squeeze her cheeks tightly in her hands, pulling them apart.

"You're not going to burn today," Tasha said, running two fingers covered in lotion down the crack of Erin's ass, beneath the nearly invisible string, over the pucker of her rosebud to delve beneath the thin strip of material and into her pussy, stroking once, twice, before sliding back up the crack of her ass.

"There, that should do it," Tasha said as Brad too finished, letting the back of his hand brush against the material covering Erin's pussy.

Erin lay with her head on her arms, her face flaming red in embarrassment at what Brad must have seen.

"Uh, thanks," she managed to say, her voice almost cracking.

"Brad, you mind doing me?" Tasha asked, flopping down next to Erin.

"No problem," Brad said, grabbing the lotion and beginning to spread it over her body.

Erin continued to lay face down as Tasha and Brad chatted. They seemed fairly familiar with each other and Erin got the feeling that he was very nice.

"Mmm, that's great," Tasha sighed.

Erin automatically turned her head to the side and saw that Brad was between Tasha's legs, one hand sliding back and forth, obviously stroking her pussy. He saw Erin looking at him and grinned shyly, then slapped Tasha on the ass.

"That should do it," he said, still squatting between her legs, an obvious erection tenting his bathing suit.

"You tease, you," Tasha laughed, looking over her shoulder at him.

"How about tomorrow night?" Brad suggested. "After work."

"That sounds like fun," Tasha agreed. "Maybe Erin will join us, if you don't mind, that is."

"No, the more the merrier," Brad said, getting to his feet and adjusting his obvious problem. "I'll see you then," he said, returning to his duties.

"I was so embarrassed," Erin said, looking at Tasha. "I felt so naked. And he saw what you did."

"Don't be silly," Tasha told her, leaning over and pecking her on the lips. "Brad's the sweetest guy. He's the only person I actually go out with from time to time. And he's got a perfect cock," she added with a laugh. "He's eight inches and he can stay hard forever. And he has an endless supply of cum."

"Oh, Tasha, is that all you think about?" Erin asked with a laugh.

"Not all, but if you're going to have a guy, he might as well have what it takes."

The two girls lay in the sun for another half an hour before Tasha suggested they go. Erin was happy to put her top back on and they made their way off the beach, waving to Brad as they went. When they got back inside the house, Tasha dragged Erin into the shower where they soaped each other, rubbing each other to orgasms before getting out and falling onto the bed in a 69, eating each other's pussies to orgasm.

"Oh, I hate for this to end," Tasha said as she rolled onto her back, pussy juice smeared all over her face.

"What do you mean?" Erin asked, her fingers between her legs, exploring and playing.

"Well, I have a scene to shoot this afternoon, remember? I'd rather stay here with just us."

"Oh, I forgot," Erin said. "What do you have to do?" she asked curiously.

"It's a scene where I'm a maid and the teenage boy of the house gets caught by his parents doing me and they punish him," Tasha explained.


"Would you like to watch?" Tasha asked. "I sure don't mind."

"Oh, I couldn't," Erin exclaimed, sitting up, u*********sly sucking her fingers that had just been between her legs.

"But you've been watching. What's the difference now?" Tasha asked.

"If my parents knew..." Erin began.

"They'd love it," Tasha finished. "Can you imagine how hard it is for them keeping their lives from you? They don't want to hurt you or influence you in any 'bad' way. I'm sure they're worried about how you might judge them based on your education and religious inclinations."

"I guess I never thought of it that way," Erin confessed. "But I'd be so embarrassed."

"Well, you were embarrassed the first time I licked your pussy, weren't you?" Tasha asked.

"Yes," Erin blushed.

"Does it still embarrass you?" Tasha asked.

"No," Erin replied, still blushing.

"And how do you feel about my pussy?" Tasha asked, running a finger between her pussy lips.

"Oh, I-I love your pussy," Erin began. "I mean, I love the taste of your pussy. I love touching it."

"That's what I mean," Tasha said, smiling at her. "24 hours ago you would have died from embarrassment at that kind of thought. Now, you just want to taste me," she said, putting a foot up on the bed next to Erin, her pussy right in front of her.

Giggling, Erin leaned forward and ran her tongue through Tasha's pussy, sucking on her clit protruding from between her pussy lips.

"We'll never get out of here if we start that again," Tasha laughed, pulling away from Erin's eager mouth. "You let me talk to your parents," she said. "I'll arrange it and you won't have to be embarrassed."

"You're not going to tell them about us, are you?" Erin asked, looking anxiously at her.

"Not if you don't want me to," Tasha assured her. "What we do together is between us. If you want to keep it private, I'll absolutely respect that."

"Okay," Erin nodded.

"Fine, that's settled then," Tasha said. "Now we better get dressed and out of here."

Erin was a bit nervous on the way home. So much had changed for her in just 24 hours. She was afraid that they'd look at her and know everything by the guilt on her face. When they got to the house, Jane greeted them with hugs, commenting on how nice she looked with some color. Erin showed her the new clothes she had bought, though not the bathing suit. She went to her room to put them away and then lay on her bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking about everything. She was startled out of her reverie by a knocking on the door which then opened revealing her mother standing there.

"Mind if I come in?" she asked, entering without waiting for an answer, shutting the door behind her.

"Uh, sure," Erin replied, sitting up.

"I talked with Tasha," Jane began without preamble. "I know you know what our production company is concerned with. I also saw you watching us the other day."

"I didn't mean to..." Erin began.

"No, it's okay," Jane told her, sitting on the bed next to her. "I've been worried for years how to tell you about it, I just didn't know how. I was afraid to lose you."

"Mom, you can't lose me," Erin insisted, impulsively hugging her tightly.

"I just know you've been brought up being taught certain things and I know what they say about what we do," Jane told her. "I'm not making any excuses. And I'm not ashamed either."


"So, you want to watch Tasha do her scene today, is that right?" she asked.

"I think so," Erin said, nodding. "But not if you mind."

"I don't mind," Jane told her. "But you need to understand that your father and b*****r and I make very explicit pornographic movies together. And with other people. We break all the rules of decency and morality you've been taught. I don't want you to be disgusted by us or what we do."

"I think I'm more curious than anything," Erin told her. "I mean, I've never really even heard of anything like this. And I had a good talk with Tasha about what she does. She even showed me some of her videos."

"She told me," Jane said, nodding. "And what did you think of them?"

"Well, I was completely shocked at first, of course," Erin admitted, "but then, then it was sort of exciting. I don't know. Maybe if I see more I'll understand better."

"Well, we're going to start in about a half an hour. If you want to watch, you're welcome," Jane told her, getting to her feet.

"Okay," Erin said. "Thanks. I'll think about it."

"I really do love you, sweetheart," Jane said, leaning over and gently kissing her on the mouth. "So do your father and your b*****r. Brian's just having a hard time figuring out how to behave around you. He doesn't want to hurt you or your feelings either."

"I understand," Erin replied.

"Okay then," Jane said, going to the door. "In any event, we'll eat dinner around 6:00. Would you like me to invite Tasha to stay?"

"Oh, yes, please," Erin said, smiling. "I really like her."

"Well, she seems to like you too," Jane smiled back as she left the room.

Erin lay on her bed, pretending to decide whether to watch the video shoot when she already knew deep down in her heart that nothing could keep her away. But still she felt a bit of shyness at openly being there while her father and b*****r and mother participated, knowing she was watching.

30 minutes later found Erin opening the door downstair and peeking in. Not seeing anyone, she quietly made her way through the maze of rooms until she got to the bedroom set where she heard voices. At first just peeking around the door, she saw that Tasha was dressed in a scullery maid's uniform, a very short one that barely covered her ass cheeks. The top was very low cut, showing a lot of cleavage. Jane was giving last minute instructions when Tasha looked up and saw her. A big smile crossed her face which was not unnoticed by Jane, who glanced over her shoulder and saw her daughter in the doorway.

"Okay, let's roll," Jane said, moving behind the camera with Bill standing next to her, Tasha straightening the bed.

"Action!" Jane called and Brian entered the room, sauntering over and standing behind Tasha while she made the bed.

Tasha jumped when Brian reached out and put his hand beneath her short skirt.

"Ooh, Master Davis," she said, not moving away from his hand. "You know what your parents said about bothering me while I was working."

"I don't care. They're not here now," he replied, spinning her around and pulling her close. "I've got something for you to clean," he said, kissing her hard, a hand going to her ass beneath the skirt.

As Brian pulled Tasha's clothes off and undressed himself, Erin slowly inched closer, wanting a better view. When she was right behind her parents, Bill turned and smiled at her. He put his arm around her shoulders and drew her close, next to him. Now Erin was only 6 feet from where Tasha was sitting on the edge of the bed, sucking her b*****r's cock, taking it all the way into her throat as she worked him. Then he pulled her up from her knees and positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointing right at the camera.

Erin's mouth was hanging open as she watched her b*****r's cock slowly slide into Tasha's pussy, stretching it wide, the same pussy she had licked and sucked all night long. She felt her nipples get hard and her pussy wet as she watched her b*****r's cock sliding in and out of Tasha's pussy.

Then her father released her and stepped into the scene, bellowing, "Here, what's going on here?"

Brian jumped back, his cock standing straight up in the air, glistening with Tasha's pussy juices. Tasha's pussy pouted open at them, juices dripping from her clit.

"What have I told you about bothering the maid while she's working?" Bill shouted at Brian as he reached out and rubbed Tasha's pussy. "I'm going to have to teach you a lesson," he said, unzipping his pants and letting them drop to the floor, his cock standing hard in front of him. "You kneel down right there and watch, and learn," Bill said, pushing Brian onto his knees right next to Tasha, then stepping behind her and jamming his cock into her pussy in one hard stroke.

Tasha was mewling and cooing as Bill fucked her, fucked her hard as Brian watched from just inches away. Erin found herself focusing on Tasha's pussy, the way it seemed to grip Bill's cock each time he slid out, then swallowing it again as he thrust into her.

Then giving her hand a squeeze, Jane stepped into the shot.

"Just what is going on here?" she demanded, standing close by them as Bill continued to fuck Tasha.

"I caught this damned boy pestering the maid again," Bill told her. "I'm teaching him a lesson."

"Well, when you're done, I'll teach him one too," Jane said, glaring down at her son.

"Ah, ah, ah," Bill groaned, reaching down and grabbing Brian by the hair.

He pulled his cock from Tasha's pussy, cum spurting from the end, and pointed it at Brian, shooting a stream of cum into his face. Erin almost gasped out loud when Brian opened his mouth and Bill slid his cock in, cum pumping from the end. Brian actively sucked his father's cock until Bill pulled it from his mouth. Jane then grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up onto the bed and straddled his midsection, pulling her dress off over her head. Reaching down, she guided his still-hard cock to her pussy, lowering herself down onto it, her back to him, facing the camera. Erin could clearly see her mother's clit sticking out, big and fat, as she rode up and down on Brian's cock.

Then Tasha crawled up on the bed, planting her gooey, cum-filled pussy on Brian's face, riding his tongue while Jane rode his cock. When Brian stiffened in orgasm, Jane reached down, pulling his spurting cock from her pussy and directing the streams of cum to her lower stomach, just above her pussy.

As Brian finished cumming, the cum running down Jane's stomach onto and over her pussy, she turned around, nudging Tasha out of the way and sliding her gooey pussy onto her son's face. Erin was astounded as Brian licked and sucked his mother's pussy, eating all of the cum that he himself had put there.

"Okay, cut!" Jane finally called out, dismounting Brian's face and leaning over and kissing him long and hard. "You were just wonderful!" she said. "Didn't he do just great?" she asked, looking to both Bill and Tasha for approval.

"I loved it," Tasha said with a laugh, "but Brian got the best of everything, I think. What did you think, Erin?" she asked, turning to look at her.

"Oh, I-I-I...I had no idea..." she tried to start.

"You mean Brian and your dad?" Tasha asked, directly to the point.

"Well, yes," Erin nodded, blushing furiously. "I mean..."

"You have to lose the male-female thing," Tasha said, getting to her feet and coming over to Erin, taking her hand. "It's about sex. Pussies, asses, mouths, hands, feet, nipples: sex. It wasn't personal. I'd bet Brian's never been with a man outside of filming a video."

"Actually, I have," Brian said, laughing. "I've been involved in a few group sex parties where all the lines got blurred. But if I have a choice, I'll take pussy every time."

"Well, why don't we all get cleaned up and meet upstairs for dinner," Jane suggested. "Good job, everyone."

"Thanks, you two," Tasha said, giving their cocks a sqeeze. "Can I use your shower, Erin?"

"Uh, sure," Erin said, nodding.

As they left the room, Jane turned to Bill and Brian.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked.

"Well, she's as beautiful a girl as I've ever seen," Bill said.

"I think you just leave her alone, let Tasha do whatever it is she's doing," Brian suggested. "Maybe we get her to help us, operating the camera," he added when he saw the look on his mother's face. "You're the one who is always complaining that we don't get good camera work when it's just standing on the tripod with nobody operating it."

"Okay," Jane said, "but absolutely no pushing her or teasing her or anything. Do you understand?" she asked, looking directly at Brian.

"Sure, I understand," Brian said. "It'll be easier now that she knows anyway. I felt so awkward trying to hide."

Upstairs Tasha had a quick shower then flopped naked onto Erin's bed.

"How did you like it?" she asked. "Was it fun? Did it get you hot?"

"Yes, yes, yes," Erin laughed, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her.

"You didn't mind?"

"No, of course not," Erin replied. "Why should I?"

"Good. Then lick me real quick before your mom comes. Show me how much you still love my pussy," Tasha said with a laugh, pulling her knees to her chest and exposing her pussy to Erin.

Glancing quickly to the door, Erin bent over and stuck her tongue into Tasha's pussy, expecting it to be different. But it wasn't. It was the same soft, hot, sweet pussy she had tasted before. Thinking she heard noise from the hall, she stopped, jumping to her feet. Laughing, Tasha pulled her clothes on, then kissed Erin, her tongue dueling with hers for a moment.

"Let's eat, I'm famished," she said, heading for the door.

Dinner that night was the most normal meal they had yet shared. So much awkwardness was out of the way. They didn't mention anything about the shoot, instead talking about the fun Erin and Tasha had had. By the time they finished eating, it had been decided that Erin could stay with Tasha whenever she wanted. Being so close to the beach and shopping and other people instead of being isolated up on the mountain were the deciding factors. They decided that they would buy Erin a car in the next few days so she wouldn't have to rely on anyone to get around.

"That was so good, Jane," Tasha said, sitting back in a comfortable lounge chair by the pool after dinner. "I'm always famished after a shoot."

"Me too," Jane agreed. "It's a wonderful way to work up an appetite, isn't it?"

"I'll say," Brian laughed, suddenly stripping off his clothes and diving into the pool.

"Come on, let's go swimming," Tasha said, getting to her feet and quickly peeling out of her clothes.

"I couldn't," Erin said, shaking her head.

"Then go put on a suit," Tasha told her. "Go on, hurry."

By the time Erin got back, wearing the suit Jane had given her, everyone was in the pool, naked. Very self-consciously she slid into the water, grateful for the privacy the water afforded. It did feel good, especially on her sunburnt skin. She lazily floated on her back, her breasts buoyantly suspended above the water, her nipples poking through the material.

At one point she bumped into someone, and turning over and around, sputtering water, she began to apologize, only to see that it was Brian and that he was licking and sucking Jane's pussy as she sat on the side of the pool, her feet up on the edge. She stared as Brian sucked their mother's pussy lips into his mouth, pulling and stretching them. When he noticed her next to him watching, he lifted his face for a moment, smiling at her, then stabbed his tongue into Jane's hole, holding her pussy lips wide apart.

Hearing Tasha's laughter, Erin turned to see her in the same position with her father between her legs sucking her pussy. Feelings of jealously and want coursed through her body but she was far too inhibited to do anything about it. She could only watch as her mother and her now best friend got their pussies licked.

Frustrated, Erin made some excuse and went to her room, dropping her bathing suit on the floor and flopping naked onto her bed. She didn't know how much time had passed when she was awakened by the weight of someone sitting on her bed. Opening her eyes, she saw that it was Tasha and that she was still naked.

"W-w-what," Erin stammered, wiping her eyes.

"Everyone went to bed," Tasha explained. "I was going to go home but I thought maybe I could stay here tonight. It's late and I'm pretty tired."

"Sure, of course," Erin said, moving over to make room.

"You mind if I lock the door?" Tasha asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

"No," Erin replied, blushing as she realized what Tasha intended.

"Good," she said, locking the door then climbing onto the bed, pushing Erin's legs apart as she fastened her mouth on her pussy, drinking up the juices that had pooled there.

Erin's hands went down to caress Tasha's head as she ate her pussy, cumming immediately when Tasha started sucking on her clit. When she stopped cumming, Tasha crawled up her body to kiss her, letting her taste herself. Then she straddled Erin's head, her pussy spread open directly above her mouth.

"Now I've got a treat for you," Tasha said, lowering her pussy onto Erin's waiting tongue.

Erin happily sucked Tasha's pussy. She noticed that it was a bit saltier and viscous than before, but it was absolutely delicious and she didn't stop until she had made Tasha cum and licked her dry. When she finished, Tasha curled up in Erin's arms, sharing a long sensuous kiss.

"Did you like it?" Tasha asked.

"What?" Erin asked.

"My pussy, silly," Tasha giggled.

"I told you I love your pussy," Erin whispered back.

"Was it different to you?" Tasha asked.

"Maybe a little," Erin replied. "Why?"

"Because I fucked your father and your b*****r and let them cum in me," she said.

"You mean..." Erin began.

"You just sucked my freshly fucked pussy full of their cum," Tasha told her. "I'm glad you liked it."

"I wish I'd known," Erin said after a long pause.

"Why?" Tasha asked.

"Maybe I would have paid more attention to how it tasted," she replied.

"You don't pay attention to how my pussy tastes?" Tasha asked with mock sternness.

"I love the taste of your pussy," Erin said shyly, reaching down between Tasha's legs and rubbing her finger between her pussy lips.

"Did you really, you know, with my father and b*****r?" Erin asked, sliding her finger into Tasha.

"Mmm, yes," Tasha replied. "They're both really good fucks, so it's always fun."

"What makes them good?" Erin asked, slipping a second finger into Tasha's pussy and slowly fucking her.

"They have nice size cocks, to start," Tasha said, humping her pussy into Erin's hand. "And they can fuck forever without cumming. And when they cum, they can get hard really quickly."

Erin withdrew her hand from Tasha's pussy, crawling down her body to glue her mouth to her dripping pussy, licking and slurping. She felt Tasha's tongue between her legs and sighed as the two girls sucked each other to yet another orgasm before finally falling asl**p in each other's arms.

The next morning, after having breakfast together, they all went out to buy a car for Erin. When they finished, Erin was the proud owner of a blue Morris Mini Convertible.

"Oh, mom, dad, I can't thank you enough," Erin said, giving them each long hard hugs. "I'm so happy to be home, I never want to leave."

"Let's go to the beach," Tasha suggested. "It's a beautiful day."

"Oh, yes," Erin agreed. "Mom, dad, Brian, you'll come with us? It's a beautiful beach."

"I've got work to do, sweetheart," Jane told her. "I've got to edit the video we shot yesterday."

"Why don't you two go have fun," Bill suggested. "We'll all catch up later."

"Let us know if you'll be home for dinner," Jane told her.

"I will, mom," Erin said, once again hugging her. "Thanks again for everything."

Getting behind the wheel of her new car, Erin carefully followed Tasha to her house. As she parked, Tasha jumped out of her car and came to Erin's door, opening it.

"Time to dedicate your new car," she informed Erin.

"What do you mean?" Erin asked, looking up at her.

"Give me your shorts," Tasha demanded, holding out her hand.

"What!" Erin exclaimed, looking around. "Anyone could see," she complained, her face turning red.

"Nobody will see anything," Tasha told her, her hand still outstretched.

Very furtively Erin slipped her shorts off, handing them to Tasha, sitting with her naked ass on her new seat. Tasha then opened the car door, causing to Erin to gasp and once again look around. Kneeling down, Tasha swung Erin's legs out the car then pushed her onto her back, pushing her knees up to her chest and completely exposing her naked pussy.

Erin was laughing out loud as Tasha began licking her pussy, driving her tongue into her. When Tasha nibbled on her clit, she came immediately, gasping as Tasha sucked her dry. When Tasha leaned back on her knees, a big smile on her pussy-juice smeared face, Erin sat up.

"Now you'll always remember the first time you got your pussy sucked in your car," Tasha told her, pushing to her feet. "Come on, let's get changed and down to the beach."

They ran into the house, Erin holding her shorts against her body, the two of them laughing. Tasha gave Erin one of her thong suits to put on and Erin struggled into it. She was larger than Tasha and she was barely able to tie the top around her back. The tops of her nipples kept peeking out and she had to readjust it. The bottom was similarly tight which resulted in it being pulled tightly against her pussy.

Grabbing towels and the sun block, they crossed the street to the honking of car horns and made their way down near the water. Dropping their stuff, they ran to the water, jumping in with peals of laughter as they splashed each other. After 15 minutes of frolicking in the water, they ran to their towels, sitting down, the sun in their faces as the sea gently lapped at the sand.

"That was great," Tasha said, reaching behind herself and untying her top and removing it, her breasts pointing out with hard nipples which she pinched and squeezed, making them even harder and larger.

Hesitating for a moment, Erin took her top off too, rationalizing that it was too tight anyway and it wasn't doing much of a job of covering her. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers on the ends of her big beautiful breasts.

"You want the sun on your front or back first?" Tasha asked, holding up the sun block.

"Back," Erin said, turning onto her stomach, still self-conscious about exposing herself so completely on the public beach.

Tasha slowly and thoroughly covered Erin's back side with sun block, paying particular attention to her ass, pulling the material tightly against her pussy so that it bunched up between her pussy lips, completely exposing them. When she finished, she too lay down on her back, resting in the warmth of the sun.

"Hey, you two," they heard about a half an hour later. Opening her eyes and shading them with her hand, Tasha saw that Brad was squatting at the edge of their towels. "She's starting to get a bit pink," he observed, looking at Erin's back side. "She should turn over."

Reluctantly Erin rolled onto her back, propping herself up on her elbows. She saw that Brad's eyes focused on her breasts and she felt her nipples getting hard, completely out of her control.

"Brad, will you hand me that sun block?" Tasha asked, holding out her hand.

"I'll do it," Brad volunteered, picking up the lotion and squirting it into his hand and starting to apply it to Erin's lower leg.

"Thanks," Tasha said, smiling at Erin.

When Brad got up to her knees, Erin laid back onto her towel, feeling her face flushed and all too aware of how hard and large her nipples were. As Brad spread the lotion on Erin's upper thighs, he couldn't help but noticing that the material of her suit had bunched up between her pussy lips, which were completely exposed. Erin gasped when she felt his fingers slide across them.

"You sure don't want to burn there," Brad commented, rubbing first one, then the other of her pussy lips between his fingers before sliding up onto her stomach.

Erin struggled to remain calm, to not tense her body as Brad spread the lotion upwards, his hands sliding across her breasts and caressing them, massaging them, rolling her hardened nipples between his fingers before moving up to her neck and then her arms. Erin's pussy was soaked by the time Brad got done.

"Well, there you go," Brad said, sitting back on his heels. "And that was definitely my pleasure," he said with a big smile.

"Thanks," Erin managed to croak, her whole body on fire.

"Hey, why don't you stay the night," Tasha suggested to Erin. "We can invite Brad over and get some food and stuff. What do you say?"

"Well, sure," Erin agreed, silently wondering what 'stuff' meant.

"Hey, great," Brad said, getting to his feet. "I'll come by after I close down here."

"Okay, see you then," Tasha said, smiling at him.

"Oh, god," Erin groaned, putting her arm across her eyes as she lay there.

"What?" Tasha asked, puzzled. "Don't you want him to come over?"

"It's not that," Erin said, turning to look at Tasha. "When he put the sun block on me, well, he touched me," she said lamely.

"Well, I'd hope so," Tasha laughed. "How else is he going to put it on?"

"No, I mean he touched me," she said.

"I see. Did you like it?" Tasha asked.

"Tasha!" Erin exclaimed, sitting up, her breasts swinging. "He played with my nipples and touched my pussy."

"Did you like it?" Tasha repeated, laughing.

"It made my whole body tingle," Erin admitted, shaking her head. "And my pussy is just so wet now."

"That's nice," Tasha said, laying down on her towel. "You just hold that feeling until later."

Erin lay back down, the sun warming her, and let her mind run wild. She couldn't stop thinking about everything, her f****y, Tasha, Brad, her own body. When Tasha finally suggested that they go, Erin was ready to scream with frustration. They put their tops on and waved to Brad as they left the beach and crossed to Tasha's house.

"Wanna take a shower with me?" Tasha asked, dropping her suit onto the floor.

"Sure," Erin agreed, stripping.

In the shower they soaped each other, and Erin felt a thrill every time Tasha's hand touched her between her legs or her breasts, but Tasha didn't do anything more than that and Erin was feeling even more frustrated when they got out of the shower. Tasha rummaged through a drawer and found some clothing which she handed to Erin.

"You can wear this if you want," she said, watching Erin's expression as she examined the bright red tube skirt. "You can adjust it however you want," she explained. "Down to your ankles or whatever."

Erin pulled it on, feeling it mold itself to her body. Turning to look in the mirror, she saw that even though it was red, it was of such a diaphanous material that it was almost transparent with light behind it. It molded perfectly to her breasts and her nipples pushed out through the material. She adjusted it to just below mid-thigh and was

looking over her shoulder at the mirror when Tasha came up and ran her hands over her body, electrifying her nipples and making her wet between the legs.

"You look good enough to eat," Tasha said, kissing her softly before pulling on a short silk skirt that looked more like a lace-trimmed slip than anything. It came down a couple of inches below her ass. A matching tube top accentuated her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"You look great," Erin breathed. "You have such nice clothes."

"You will too, believe me," Tasha laughed.

Erin opened a bottle of white wine and they each sat with a glass, just chatting like two school girls until there was a knock on the door.

"Hello, anybody home?" they heard Brad call out.

"Come in, Brad," Tasha called out.

Brad entered, looking really tanned with his hair bleached from the sun and his bright blue eyes. Even though he had a shirt on now, Erin could still see the muscles rippling beneath it.

"Wow, you two look great," he commented as he took in their outfits. "I think I'm way underdressed."

"Don't be silly," Tasha told him, moving over so he could sit next to them. "We're the flames, you're the moth."

Tasha poured Brad a glass of wine and the three of them continued talking. Brad learned about Erin's background and she learned that he was working as a lifeguard for the summer before going away to college. She found herself relaxing as she realized that he was a really nice boy. The trepidation she had felt about seeing him again after he had touched her like that melted away and she laughed and enjoyed herself.

At one point Tasha called and ordered some delivered dinner and when it arrived they all ate with gusto. Two more bottles of wine disappeared before they finished eating, sitting back with full bellies and not entirely sober. Erin had never d***k so much in her life and she found herself almost floating at times, her body tingly and hypersensitive.

Erin found herself sitting back on the sofa, one foot up. Her tube dress had ridden up on her thighs to where it was barely covering her pussy. Tasha shuffled over next to her, snuggling up against her side. Erin let an arm d**** across her shoulders. Brian was sitting in a chair directly across from them, a grin on his face.

"How about some dessert, Brad?" Tasha asked, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the sofa, exposing her pussy to him.

Reaching between her legs, Tasha spread her pussy lips apart with two fingers as Brad crawled over and fastened his mouth on her bald pussy. Erin watched in surprise as Brad sucked Tasha's pussy right in front of her. Tasha was leaning against her, her body writing in delight as Brad's tongue did its magic between her legs. When her body spasmed in orgasm, Tasha clutched Erin's hand against her breast as she arched her body. Erin could feel her hard nipple pressing into the palm of her hand.

"Mmm, nice," Tasha said, reaching down and lifting Brad's face with a finger beneath his chin. "That was vanilla," she explained, "now try strawberry."

When she said that, Tasha hooked her left arm around Erin's uplifted knee and pulled it to the side, opening her legs and exposing her pussy. Before she could react or protest, Brad's tongue was sliding into her pussy. Erin arched her back in ecstacy as Brad hooked her left leg with his arm and put her leg over his shoulder. As Brad ate her pussy, Tasha pulled her top down, releasing her breasts, and leaned over and began sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She felt Brad slip first one, then two fingers into her tight virgin pussy, and she stiffened in apprehension until she felt him stop when he felt her barrier. He gently sucked her clit as he slid his fingers in and out of her sopping wet hole. Her body shuddered in orgasm and she finally had to push Brad's head away from her pussy. The sensations were too much for her.

Brad sat back on his heels, his face shining with pussy juice, a big smile on his face.

"That was the best dessert I've ever had," he said with a laugh. "You two have to have the tastiest pussies on the planet."

"Now it's our turn," Tasha informed him, sitting up. "You sit here now," she instructed, sliding over and making room for him to take her place sitting right next to Erin, who still hadn't pulled her dress up to cover her breasts.

As Tasha pulled his shorts off, releasing his rock-hard cock, Brad cupped Erin's breast and leaned over to suck on her nipple. She gasped as at the same time his other hand slid between her legs to caress her pussy. She watched as Tasha grabbed Brad's cock and began to lick and suck it, her eyes never leaving Erin's. She saw how she teased the slit at the end with the tip of her tongue, how she would suck just the head, her tongue swirling around the shaft at the same time. Then she would slowly lower herself until his entire cock disappeared into her mouth.

When Brad began to make some moaning and groaning noises, Tasha stopped pulling Erin's hand.

"Come on, you help," she told her as she pulled her onto her knees next to her.

Erin could only stare at Brad's cock in Tasha's tiny hand as it stood straight up right in front of her. She felt Tasha gently pushing the back of her head, so taking a big breath, she stuck her tongue out and let it touch Brad's cock. She was instantly surprised by how warm and soft it was, even though it was also so hard. Tasha took her hand and guided it to Brad's cock, releasing him and leaving Erin with sole possession.

Erin leaned forward once more, the tip of her tongue probing the slit and tasting the droplet of fluid that had appeared there. It was viscous and a bit salty, but she liked it and continued licking the head of his cock. Then she opened her mouth, letting just the head in, closing her lips around the shaft and letting her whole mouth close on him, tasting him. She loved the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth and she felt her pussy get wet, juice running down the inside of her thighs.

Tasha watched with delight as Erin quickly proved to be a natural cocksucker who obviously liked it. She now had both hands wrapped around Brad's cock and was attempting to take more and more of it into her mouth. Quickly pulling her clothes off, Tasha reached for Erin's tube dress and pulled it up over her head, leaving her completely naked on her knees in front of Brad.

She immediately grabbed his cock as soon as her arms were freed and held it, examining it closely before sticking out her tongue and licking it from base to tip. Tasha got behind Erin, her arms around her cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples.

"Put it between your tits," Tasha whispered in Erin's ear.

Erin looked up at Brad's face which had a rapturous look on it. She blushed, realizing that it was she who was causing him to look that way, then leaned up and forward, wrapping her big breasts around the shaft of Brad's cock. With Tasha's hands covering hers, Erin slid her breasts up and down Brad's cock. She was actually able to lean forward and lick the head of his cock as it appeared.

Then she released her breasts and just began sucking on him, almost in a frenzy. Brad began to squirm, moaning at the pleasure Erin's mouth was creating on his cock.

"He's about to cum," Tasha breathed in Erin's ear. "His cock is going to suddenly get bigger and then cum is going to shoot into your mouth," she whispered as Erin continued sucking Brad's cock. "Just let it happen," she cautioned. "When you think your mouth is full, just swallow and keep on sucking."

Tasha watched in fascination, her face just inches from Brad's cock, as Erin sucked him. Brad groaned, arching his hips, pushing his cock into Erin's mouth as her eyes widened in surprise, and Tasha knew that Erin was getting her first mouthful of cum. Brad sank back onto the sofa and Erin kept her lips clamped around the shaft of his cock. Tasha could hear her breathing through her nose, a real sign of a natural cocksucker.

Then Brad just collapsed into the sofa, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the beautiful redhead with her mouth wrapped around his cock. Erin sucked hard as she pulled off of Brad's cock, gulping as the tip of her tongue reached out to probe the slit one last time. She gasped for breath and Tasha saw Brad's cum still coating her mouth, some dribbling from the side of her mouth. Erin licked her lips, swirled her tongue around in her mouth and swallowed again, a surprised smile on her face which Tasha leaned over and kissed, probing her mouth with her tongue, tasting Brad's cum in her mouth. She licked the bits that had escaped and kissed her again.

"That was incredible," Tasha said, beaming at Erin. "You did that like you'd been doing it forever. You really liked it, didn't you?"

"Oh, it was wonderful!" Erin gushed, totally surprised. "It feels so soft and hard and it tastes so good!"

"Did you like his cum?" Tasha asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Oh, yes," Erin breathed, blushing completely red, her green eyes sparkling.

"Do you like it more than my pussy?" Tasha asked with a laugh, seeing the look of surprise on Brad's face.

Tasha laughed as Erin blushed, saying nothing.

"Come on, let's go into the bedroom," Tasha suggested. "We can play there."

Erin was excited and afraid as they went into the bedroom. So much was happening and so fast. Her head was still spinning from the wine she had consumed. But one thing she knew, she wanted to feel Brad's cock spurting hot cum into her mouth again. That had been the most exciting thing that she had ever experienced. As much as she loved Tasha and loved eating her pussy, nothing was better than that sensation of a cock suddenly growing thicker and then exploding, streams of hot cum shooting into your mouth.

"Only one rule," Tasha said, grabbing Brad by the cock and pulling him onto the bed with her. "No fucking Erin. If you want to fuck, you can fuck me. All you want. Okay?"

"Sure," Brad agreed, shrugging.

"Good. Then fuck me now," Tasha said with a laugh, spreading her legs and pulling him into her. "Yes, like that," she said, thrusting up against him as he speared her with his cock. "Come sit on my face, Erin," Tasha said, reaching over and taking her hand. "Let me lick that sweet pussy of yours."

Erin straddled Tasha's face facing Brad. She could clearly see his cock glistening as it slid in and out of Tasha's pussy. She gasped when she felt Tasha's soft hot tongue in her pussy and her nipples hardened even more. Brad leaned forward and kissed her, long and soft, his tongue playing with hers as he continued to pump Tasha's pussy. Then he leaned down and began sucking on Erin's nipples, his hands on her breasts massaging them, pinching and pulling on them while Tasha continued to eat her pussy.

After 15-20 minutes Brad started grunting as he fucked Tasha, getting close to an orgasm. Tasha sensed it and spoke from between Erin's legs.

"Do you want him to cum in your mouth again?" she asked, licking Erin's pussy.

"Oh, yes," Erin moaned, her eyes glazed. "Yes, cum in my mouth again."

Brad groaned and pulled his cock out of Tasha's pussy, wet and glistening in front of him. Tasha scrambled out from beneath Erin and watched as she crawled forward, opening her mouth and letting Brad slide his cock in. Erin closed her lips around his cock and sucked with her whole mouth, tasting Tasha's pussy all over him. Then she got to work really sucking on him, teasing him with her tongue. It wasn't a minute before she felt him swell and then explode, cum shooting into her mouth.

This time she sucked and sucked, not stopping until there was no more cum to be gotten from his cock. Releasing him, she smiled at Tasha, cum covering her teeth, before gulping and swallowing it all down. She searched out the remainder with her tongue and swallowed once more, licking her lips.

"Oh, I just love the taste of cum," she sighed.

"You are crazy!" Tasha laughed, tackling her on the bed and kissing her, tasting Brad's cum in and on her mouth.

Brad dove between Erin's legs, his mouth finding her pussy. The rest of the night was one long sexual experience. Erin would fall asl**p only to be awaked by someone licking her pussy or sucking on her breasts. Or she would awaken to find Tasha rubbing her pussy on her mouth or Brad pressing his cock against her lips. She lost track of the number of times he came in her mouth.

When she finally awoke the next day, it was to Brad fucking Tasha from behind, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She lay there watching the two of them, one hand idly between her own legs rubbing small circles on her clit. When Brad finally groaned and said he was going to cum, Tasha told him to cum inside of her. When he finished and pulled his cock from Tasha's pussy, Erin could see her pussy gaping open, cum pooling and dripping from her slit. Instinctively Erin crawled over and licked Tasha's pussy from behind, slurping up the cum cocktail that filled her gooey pussy. Tasha sighed as she felt Erin tonguing her, sliding her tongue up into her hole as she sucked her, eating the cum that Brad had just put there. Finally Tasha fell over onto the bed on her back, her feet flat on the bed, her hands covering her well-used pussy.

"God, I'm fucked out," Tasha laughed. "That was a great night."

"That was the best night I've ever had," Erin said with a laugh. "I can't believe me."

"I know I died and wound up in heaven," Brad said, shaking his head. "I hate for this to end."

"Who says it's going to end?" Tasha laughed. "There's always next time. And I just know that Erin can't wait to have your cock in her mouth again; am I right?"

"Mmm, yes," Erin agreed.

"Well, I gotta get to the beach," Brad said reluctantly. "Work, you know."

"We'll come over later and get some sun," Tasha promised. "Thanks for being such a good fuck."

Erin laughed when Tasha said this and Brad kissed each of them before leaving.

"Oh, Tasha, that was incredible!" Erin said when Brad left, hugging her tightly. "I've never had so much fun."

"Just think, you're just starting, too," Tasha laughed. "It's only going to get better."

"Why didn't you let Brad fuck me too?" Erin asked.

"I didn't think you were ready to take that step yet," she replied. "There's plenty of time. Just think about it, you just sucked a strange boy's cock and swallowed his cum at least a half a dozen times. And you've never even touched one before. And in between and during that you were getting your pussy sucked by him or me or you were sucking my pussy. I mean, that's a pretty full day for day one, isn't it?"

"I guess so," Erin laughed. "And I was afraid of trying that, too. Thanks for looking out for me."

"That's what friends are for, to look out for each other," Tasha said with a shake of her blonde hair. "I'm going to take a shower and then sl**p some more," she said. "Wanna join me?"

"Yes!" Erin said, jumping up from the bed and racing to the shower with Tasha. They washed and rubbed each other, laughing the whole time, then returned to the bed and crawled into each other's arms, quickly falling asl**p.

They awakened a couple of hours later and shared a leisurely late breakfast, sitting naked at the table in the kitchen. They then pulled on their suits and grabbed towels and sun block and went across the street and down onto the beach. They waved at Brad when they saw him. Dropping their towels on the sand, they ran into the water, enjoying the coolness of it on their bodies before exiting and sitting on their towels.

This time Erin didn't hesitate removing her top when Tasha did. Tasha grabbed the sun block and began applying it to Erin, who lay back on the towel, enjoying the sensation of Tasha's hands sliding all over her body. When they slid into her pussy and rubbed her there, she just sighed. Then she felt her hands sliding across her breasts, her nipples hard. Tasha finished and they lay back, napping in the hot afternoon sun.

"Hey, hey, you need to turn over," Erin heard, bringing her to consciousness.

Sitting up and shading her eyes, she saw Brad standing at her feet, smiling at her.

"You've been there for over a half an hour," he explained. "With your skin, that's enough. Time to turn over."

"I'll need some sun block on my back," Erin said with a smile.

"I think I can manage," he grinned at her.

Brad started at her feet, working his way up her legs to her ass. He let his hands slide down the crack of her ass into her pussy, feeling her wetness before changing position to kneel at her head to do her back.

"Prop yourself up on your elbows," he instructed her as he released his cock from his baggies.

Doing as he instructed, Erin saw surprised when she bumped into his erect cock sticking in her face. Quickly looking from side to side and seeing nobody looking in their direction, she opened her mouth and began sucking on him while he slowly spread the lotion on her back. He quickly finished spreading the lotion and knelt in front of her, one hand on the back of her head as he pumped his cock in and out of her sucking mouth, face fucking her. Tasha had rolled onto her side, her head resting on her hand, watching.

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah," Brad growled, thrusting harder into Erin's mouth. "I'm cumming now, here I go," he cried, stiffening as his balls spasmed, cum shooting into Erin's mouth.

Still not using her hands at all, Erin sucked Brad's cock, not stopping until she got every drop and he began to go flaccid. Only then did she let his cock fall from her mouth.

"I'd say you got your sun block," Tasha observed with a laugh.

"Thanks, Brad," Erin said, smiling up at him. "I really do like sucking your cock."

"I like it too," he said with a laugh. "Please do it whenever you get the urge."

"I think I've opened Pandora's Box," Tasha laughed as Brad walked away. "Now kiss me so I can taste some too," she said, rolling over on top of Erin and kissing her, their tongues swirling together. "Sucking him off in public on the beach, imagine that," Tasha said in mock rebuke. "Next thing you know..." she began to say, then got a far-away, glazed look in her eyes.

"What?" Erin asked, sitting up and looking at her.

"Just a wisp of an idea that floated through my head," Tasha said, shaking her head and smiling at Erin.

"Well, what was it?" Erin asked. "Unless it's none of my business, of course."

"Hey, I have no secrets from you," Tasha told her. "You know more about me than your parents. I've never shown anyone that first video before."

"I didn't know," Erin said. "Sorry."

"No, just so you understand," Tasha told her. "I feel like we're s****rs or something. I feel like I can trust you."

"Oh, Tasha, you can," Erin said, reaching out and hugging her. "And you are my s****r, the only one I've ever had."

"Thanks," Tasha said, wiping her eyes.

"So now you can tell me?" Erin asked.

"I was just thinking about you and Hot Productions," Tasha said carefully.

"Me! What do you mean?" Erin asked.

"Well, like you being in shoots with me," Tasha said.

"You're joking!" Erin exclaimed. "You're not serious!"

"I told you it was just a wisp of an idea," Tasha said. "Come on, let's go to the house. Watching you suck Brad's cock made me horny. Now all I can think of is eating your pussy."

"Tasha!" Erin exclaimed, grabbing her top and tying it on. "Shame on you! You'll have to catch me first," she said, jumping to her feet and running for the road, her big breasts swinging and bouncing, falling out of her top just as she got to the road. Two cars screeched to a stop as she ran across the road, her naked breasts swinging. She couldn't stop laughing as she ran into the house ahead of Tasha, running into the bedroom and falling onto the bed, panting from the exertion of running.

Tasha ripped the thong from Erin's body, diving into her pussy, her tongue slashing her clit as she began to devour her pussy. Erin pulled Tasha into a 69, pulling her thong aside to slide her tongue into her sweet honey well. They both came twice before they stopped, laying on their backs panting for breath.

"You really think I could do videos?" Erin finally asked softly.

"Oh, yes," Tasha replied. "I think you'd be a natural."

"But I'm still a virgin," Erin reminded her. "I don't even know if I'll be able to do it or if I'll like it."

"You'll love it," Tasha told her. "Trust me on that one. I've been with you. I've watched you suck cock. You'll love fucking."

"Maybe I could try it with Brad," Erin suggested.

"Do you want to fuck Brad?" Tasha asked.

"I don't know," Erin shrugged. "Why not? I mean, if I'm going to do it, he's nice. And I do like sucking his cock."

"I think if you're going to do it, you should make it your first video," Tasha said slowly.

"You mean like yours?" Erin asked.

"No, I don't mean getting ****d against your will," Tasha said. "I mean making a video where you losing your virginity is part of the movie. It would be an incredible thing to have, not to mention how hot it would sell. And that's always the bottom line, making money."

"Do you make a lot of money?" Erin asked.

"This place is $5000 a month to rent," Tasha told her. "I get a minimum of $1000 a shoot. Some shoots I get $5000, especially if I have to do a lot of guys or something. Sometimes I do a shoot every day for a week. I usually manage to do 15-20 shoots each month."

"That's incredible!" Erin said, shaking her head in disbelief. "My parents pay you that much?"

"They're the ones really making the money," Tasha laughed. "I'll bet they make $50,000 profit on each video they produce. And they produce almost 200 a year. So you do the numbers."

"That's a lot of money," Erin said, her eyes wide.

"A video of you losing your virginity they'd probably make $250,000 on. It would be a huge seller," Tasha told her.

"Wow. They're rich then," she said.

"I'd say," Tasha agreed. "I'm hoping to ask them for a different deal soon, something with a percentage involved."

"Will they do that?" Erin asked.

"Maybe, if I agree to be exclusive with them," Tasha replied.

"You work for other people too?" Erin asked.

"Oh, yeah, a couple other production companies," Tasha answered. "In fact, I have a shoot tomorrow with one of them. A big shoot too. Good money. If you stay here tonight, you can come with me tomorrow and watch if you want."

"That would be okay?" Erin asked.

"Sure, why not? It's my shoot and I can have anyone I want there with me," Tasha told her. "You want to come?"

"Sure, yes," Erin agreed.

"Great! Let's take a shower and go out to dinner," Tasha suggested, jumping up off the bed.

Hours later they finally made it back to Tasha's, stuffed from a great dinner and exhausted from the day and night before it. Erin called home and told her mother of her plans and promised that she'd be home the next night for dinner. They crawled into bed and quickly fell asl**p in each other's arms, not waking up until the next morning.

"What should I wear?" Erin asked when they got up.

"Anything you want," Tasha told her. "Take whatever you like."

Erin found a tube top that would fit her, though it totally accentuated her huge breasts. She found a mid-thigh skirt to go with it while Tasha gathered her things together.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yup," Erin replied, nervously smoothing down the front of her skirt.

"Hey, no need to be nervous," Tasha laughed. "I'm the one doing the scene, not you."

"I know, it's just that...well, I don't know anyone," Erin said.

"That should make it easier," Tasha said. "I'd think it was a lot harder watching while your f****y was there."

They jumped into Tasha's car and dashed off into traffic, finally pulling into the parking lot of what looked like a warehouse. Following her inside, Erin was surprised to see a basketball court in one section of the warehouse and what looked like locker rooms in another. The room had about a dozen people in it and they were all black. She and Tasha were the only white people there.

Now, Erin had not had any contact with black people in her life, and even though she had no particular prejudice towards them, she felt a bit uncomfortable as they made their way over to the largest group of people.

"Hey, Tasha," a big, heavy-set looking man said, giving her a hug. "And who's this, your own personal fluffer?" he asked with a big laugh.

"Hi, Jamal," Tasha said, laughing with him. "This is my friend, Erin. And she's not in the business."

"That's a shame," Jamal said, looking Erin over from bottom to top. "But no matter, the clothes rack is over there. We'll start with a cheerleader's outfit, okay?"

"No problem," Tasha said, taking Erin by the hand as she went over to the clothes rack.

"What's a fluffer?" Erin asked as Tasha undressed and pulled on a cheerleader's outfit.

"It's a prep person," Tasha told her. "They suck the guys off camera to keep them hard for the shoot. Saves lots of time and film," she explained. "They should have one here today because I've got to take on the whole team, five guys, first individually, then as a group. So they'll have someone keeping them hard for their turn."

"Oh!" Erin said, her eyes wide. "And they thought I was here for that?"

"Some girls have their own personal fluffers," Tasha said, "so it's not that unusual. And you are walking sex," she said with a smile, kissing her.

They walked back over to the group where five of the men, big tall men, were dressed in basketball uniforms. Jamal gave them some last-minute instructions and then stepped behind the camera. Erin stood off to one side.

"Action!" Jamal called out and one of the men grabbed Tasha by the arm, pulling her close.

"We won the game and the bet," he said. "Now it's time for you to pay up."

"I keep my word," Tasha said, rubbing the large bulge between his legs.

Meanwhile, the other guys were pulling at Tasha's clothes, removing them and leaving her naked. She looked like a tiny little girl next to those black giants and Erin was fearful for her safety as they pawed her body.

"Okay, cut!" Jamal called out. "Now let's take it over to the locker room set."

Tasha gave a laugh, squeezing the big bulge in her hand as everyone moved over to the nearby set.

"Okay, guys, I want this to be one at a time for now," Jamal instructed. "And action!"

Erin watched as Tasha reached into the gym shorts of one of the men and pulled his cock out. Erin gasped out loud when she saw it. It was huge, almost the size of one of Tasha's arms. She saw Tasha struggle to open her mouth wide enough to suck on it, the contrast of her white skin against his black cock very striking and erotic to Erin's mind.

Then he was lifting Tasha up and sitting her on the trainer's table, holding her ankles in the air and spreading her legs wide apart, exposing her sweet pink pussy. Stabbing a tongue that was almost as long as a cock into her pussy, Erin could see Tasha writhing on the table as he licked her. Then standing up, he placed the head of his monster cock at the entrance to Tasha's pussy. Erin just couldn't imagine it being able to fit, but as she watched, inch after inch disappeared into Tasha's pussy until she was completely skewed. Then he slowly began pumping her pussy, fucking her with his huge tool.

Tasha was thrashing on the table as her tiny pussy was assaulted by the huge black cock. The other four men stood around them watching, their equally large cocks in their hands waiting their turns. When finally he pulled his cock from her pussy, already spurting cum which he directed all over her belly, shooting up onto her breasts, Erin could see right up into Tasha as her pussy gaped open.

Then he was finished and the next man took his place, sliding his cock into her already primed and stretched pussy. One by one they fucked her, covering her in cum. When Jamal finally called Cut, Tasha just lay there, her legs splayed, her pussy gaping open, cum dribbling, her body covered in the sticky fluid.

"That was great, Tasha," Jamal told her as she lay there exhausted from the ordeal. "Take 15 minutes to get cleaned up and rest and we'll do the group scene," he told her. "Where is that damned fluffer?" he demanded angrily. "Maybe you wouldn't mind helping her get cleaned up," Jamal suggested to Erin.

Erin hurried over to Tasha as she lay splayed on the table, her beautiful little pussy now stretched beyond recognition.

"Are you okay?" Erin asked in concern.

"Yeah," Tasha sighed. "They're just so damned big. It takes it out of me. One is okay, but five of them is tough," she said, sitting up, cum running down her body.

Hopping slowly down from the table, Tasha led Erin over to a door behind which was a full bathroom and shower, a trail of cum having dripped onto the floor behind her. Erin watched as she got into the shower and rinsed the cum from her body.

"Mmm, that's better," Tasha said as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. "They sure cum tons."

"I can't believe how big they are," Erin said with a shake of her head. "I thought they were going to tear you in half."

"I used to think that too," Tasha laughed. "But I've got a magic pussy that seems to fit any cock in the world. This next scene will be much harder," she said.

"Why?" Erin asked.

"You'll see," Tasha told her, kissing her. "Let's go get this over with so we can get out of here."

They went back over to the group. The men were still standing around naked, their cocks dangling in front of them, still huge even though they weren't hard.

"Okay, let's do the group scene now," Jamal said. "Is everyone ready?"

"Well, I'm ready," Tasha said, "but they're obviously not," indicating their non-hard states. "Where's your fluffer?"

"She didn't show," Jamal confessed. "You think you'll be able to help us out here?"

"No way," Tasha said with a laugh. "They're killing me as it is. I'm not going to fluff them all too, not for what you're paying me."

"What about you?" Jamal asked, looking at Erin. "I'll pay you a thousand cash if you'll fluff."

"Me!" Erin exclaimed, a hand going to her chest. "But I..."

"I told you, she's not in the business," Tasha interrupted. "She's my friend."

"What do you say?" Jamal persisted, looking at Erin. "You just need to fluff them so they're hard, you don't have to get them off. That's Tasha's job."

Erin just stared at Jamal, then the five men, their huge black cocks dangling in front of them. She could feel her nipples getting hard and knew that it was obvious to them, and her pussy was suddenly very wet as she thought of how much she loved the taste of Brad's cock in her mouth.

"You don't have to do it, Erin," Tasha told her sternly. "It's not your problem, it's theirs."

"Well, maybe I could try," Erin heard herself say, "if it would help."

"That's the spirit," Jamal said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You'll see, it's not that bad at all."

"Are you sure about this?" Tasha asked Erin, looking her in the eyes.

"If I don't like it I can stop, right?" Erin asked.

"Of course," Jamal reassured her.

"What should I do?" Erin asked, now a bit nervous.

"Would you be more comfortable on your knees or sitting on this stool?" Jamal asked.

"I think sitting," Erin replied. "The floor looks too hard."

"Okay, everyone, here's how we're going to do this," Jamal instructed. "As soon as Erin gets you fluffed, and I imagine it won't take very long, get into the group scene. If you lose it during the scene, just melt out of camera and get fluffed again. Any questions? Okay, then. Tasha, I want you on the bench. Mount one of them, take two more, one in the mouth and one in the ass. They'll keep rotating until we're done. Okay."

"I'm fine," Tasha said, "but I'm worried about Erin. She's not in the business and she doesn't know what she's getting in to."

"I'll take care of Erin," Jamal assured her. "Come sit here, Erin," Jamal said, indicating a stool.

Sitting down, butterflies in her stomach from nervous excitement, Erin sat on the stool. All five of the men gathered around her, stroking their cocks in their hands. Tasha watched as Jamal quietly changed tapes in the camera and turned it to point at Erin. One of the men shoved his cock in her face and Erin wrapped her hand around it, seeing the stark contrast between her white hand and his black cock.

Sticking out her tongue, she licked the end of his cock, tasting him and finding that it wasn't that much different than Brad. She could taste Tasha's pussy juice on him as she opened her mouth as wide as possible to suck on him. With the other men encouraging her, Erin sucked on his cock, feeling it respond and grow in her mouth. When he became hard, Erin released him, turning her attention to the next cock shoved in her face. As she sucked on him, she felt hands on her shoulders, then they were sliding down into her tube top to hold her breasts and pinch and pull on her hard nipples. She moaned as she felt her body respond as his cock grew in her mouth. The stool she was sitting on was becoming slippery from her pussy leaking all over it.

She felt her top being pushed down off of her breasts as she started on the third cock, now starting to feel more confident as she successfully sucked him to hardness. In no time at all Erin had sucked all five of them to hard erections and they moved onto the set with Tasha. At this point Jamal changed the tapes in the camera and turned it towards the set. One of them was laying on the bench as Tasha mounted him, sliding her pussy down onto his cock. Another got behind her and Erin watched with her mouth hanging open as he slowly pushed his giant black cock into Tasha's ass. Another was in front of her feeding his cock into her mouth.

As the three cocks began to move in and out of Tasha's tiny body, Erin sat and watched, not bothering to pull her top back up and cover her breasts. As each of the men came, all over Tasha's body, they would switch positions. Slowly but surely each one of them had her in the pussy, ass and mouth, treating her like a sex-toy rag doll.

At one point Erin noticed that Jamal was standing right next to her, his cock in his hand pointing at her face. His cock wasn't nearly as big as the other men's and Erin eagerly opened her mouth to suck on him. Though he was bigger than Brad, she was able to suck most of him into her mouth. Watching Tasha out of the corner of her eye, Erin happily sucked Jamal's cock, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth as he played with her breasts, pulling on her nipples and pinching them between his fingers.

She was only mildly surprised when she felt his cock grow larger and then explode, cum shooting into her mouth. Gulping and swallowing as fast as she could, Erin drank his cum and sucked him dry, his cock finally falling from her mouth as he called CUT. Tasha collapsed on the bench, worn out, and a couple of the guys came over and offered dripping gooey cocks to Erin, which she sucked, cleaning them off.

Then seeing that Tasha was just laying on the bench, Erin got up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, and went to her, gently stroking her hair.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

"Yes, just totally worn out," Tasha replied.

"Come on, let's get you to the shower," Erin said, helping her to her feet.

"Just a second," Tasha said, turning and going over to Jamal. "Give me that tape you shot of Erin," she demanded.

"I don't know what you're..." Jamal began.

"Give me the tape right now or I'll make sure you're ruined forever," Tasha told him. "You know what I mean and you know I can do it."

"No big deal," Jamal said, reaching into his briefcase and handing the tape to her.

"Now my money, and Erin's," Tasha demanded, standing in front of him covered in cum, cum running down her thighs.

"Tasha, what's the problem?" Jamal asked, pulling out a wad of bills and counting off 50 $100 bills for Tasha and another 10 for Erin. "No hard feelings, right?" he asked.

"I'll never work for you again," Tasha told him. "You blew it."

She then turned and went with Erin to the shower and got cleaned up, leaving without giving Jamal a chance to speak to her again.

"I'm sorry that happened," Tasha apologized to Erin when they were in her car heading to her house. "This is a nasty business sometimes and people will take advantage of you every chance they get. It's the main reason I like working for your parents. They are absolutely fair and they care about the people who work for them."

They arrived at Tasha's house and Tasha crawled directly into her bed, exhausted.

"I've got to sl**p," she said. "I'm so worn out."

"I guess I'll go home then," Erin said. "It's almost like I live here, I've been here so much."

"You're welcome to live here," Tasha told her. "I'd love having you as a roommate. But you should go home. You promised you'd be there for dinner tonight. Here's a present for you," she said, handing Erin the video she had taken from Jamal. "I'd hide it and not let anyone see it for now," she suggested. "How does it feel to make $1,000?"

"Easy," Erin laughed. "I guess I really do like sucking cocks. I even sucked off Jamal while he was filming. At least he came in my mouth. God, I just love the taste of cum."

"I'll come visit you tomorrow," Tasha told her, kissing her tenderly on the mouth. "Have fun tonight."

"Okay, bye," Erin said. "Hope you feel better."

"I'll be fine after a good sl**p," Tasha assured her as she left.

Erin carefully drove her new car home, the top down, reveling in her newfound freedom. She could still taste Jamal's cum in her mouth, she realized, as she arrived home and parked her car. When she entered the house Jane came running up, naked, and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek, then giving her a strange look.

"I'm glad you're home," she said. "We missed you. Did you have a good time?"

"Oh, it was fine," Erin assured her. "Tasha's the best. I think I'll take a shower before dinner if I have the time."

"Yes, we won't be eating for another half an hour at least," Jane told her.

"Um, why are you naked?" Erin asked.

"Well, to tell the truth, up until you came home, nobody really wore any clothes around the house. We all go naked pretty much all the time. We put on clothes so you wouldn't be uncomfortable."

"Oh, I see," Erin said. "Well, I don't mind. You shouldn't have to change your lives just because I'm home. I'll adjust."

"That's sweet, dear," Jane told her. "I'll tell the boys and they can do what they want, as long as you don't mind."

"No, that's fine," Erin assured her.

"Okay. You take a shower and we'll see you at dinner."

When Erin got into the shower, she discovered that she had dried pussy juice covering her inner thighs almost down to her knees. She smiled as she remembered how excited she had been sucking all those cocks and watching Tasha performing. Her hand between her legs, Erin rubbed her clit until she came before getting out of the shower. Pulling on a long t-shirt, she went to the kitchen where she found her mother at the sink washing some dishes, Brian standing behind her, his cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, Erin, I'm sorry," Jane said when she realized she was there, twisting away from Brian and dislodging him from her pussy. "Dinner is almost ready."

"That's okay," Erin said, staring at her b*****r's glistening cock and feeling the desire to have it in her mouth. "You don't have to stop because of me."

"That's good, because I was just about to cum," Brian said, bending his mother over the table and reinserting his cock into her pussy.

"Do me a favor," Jane asked. "Don't cum inside me. I don't want to be leaking all over during dinner."

"No problem," Brian said, his cock sluicing in and out of Jane's pussy, making wonderful wet squishy noises. "I'm ready to blow my load," he said, pulling his cock from her pussy.

Quickly turning around, Jane took her son's wet sticky cock into her mouth and sucked him, one hand playing with his balls. Brian groaned and Erin could see her mother's cheeks billowing as her mouth filled with cum. She gulped it all down and continued sucking Brian's cock until he was finished cumming before releasing him.

"Okay, that's dessert, now for some dinner," Jane laughed, licking her lips. "Call your father, Brian," she requested.

Bill showed up, wearing clothes, and they all sat down to eat. Jane wanted to know all about what she had done, so Erin told them that they slept in and then went to the beach each day, that she had met a nice boy named Brad who was the lifeguard, how they went out to lunch and dinner each day. It was a struggle to keep the excitement, and truth, from coming out. When she mentioned that she had accompanied Tasha to her video shoot that morning, everything changed.

"You did what!" Jane asked sharply. "What production company?"

"It was someone named Jamal," Erin replied, surprised by her mother's hostility.

"And you watched a shoot?" Jane asked, her eyes boring into Erin.

"Yes!" Erin replied, a bit exasperated. "What's the big deal? I saw one here too, remember?"

"Yes, but that's here," Bill chimed in. "Here you're safe, with your f****y. We're in a very rough business and there are a lot, a majority of the people out there are very untrustworthy. That's why your mother is concerned. You didn't have any problems, did you?"

"No, not at all," Erin answered, feeling as though she really was telling the truth. "Tasha did her scenes and I watched next to the camera, like I did here."

"What kind of a shoot was it?" Brian asked, a lascivious grin on his face.

"It was a cheerleader and a basketball team," Erin blushed as she replied.

"Just Tasha?" Brian asked, his eyebrows arching.

"Uh-huh, yes," Erin answered.

"What were they like?" Brian persisted.

"Well, they were all really big, and black," Erin added.

"Big tall or BIG?" Brian asked with a laugh.

"Big everywhere," Erin answered with a laugh, and the tension was broken. "I didn't know a man's could be that big."

"That Tasha sure is a little cock slut," Brian said with a rueful shake of his head. "But she is great sex."

"Okay, no more shop talk at the table," Jane suggested.

"Did you like watching the shoot?" Brian asked.

"Um, it was......exciting," Erin said, blushing.

"So what are your plans tomorrow?" Jane asked, changing the subject.

"I don't really have any," Erin admitted. "Tasha might come by, but I don't know. Are you all working?"

"Yes, we have a couple of different shoots to do," Jane said. "And your father has hours of editing backed up. Business is really good right now so we're not finding much free time."

"I understand," Erin said, nodding. "Tasha told me a little bit about her work, how she gets paid and things."

"You don't have a problem with what we do?" Jane asked, perplexed. "After the indoctrination you've had at school the past 6 years?"

"Well, it was a big shock at first," Erin agreed. "I didn't know what to think. And then everyone having sex with everyone, you know, i****t, adultery, that was hard for me to understand. But I've watched all of you and I don't see you and dad loving each other any less, and I don't think anyone's hurting anyone or doing anything they don't want to do. I've always had trouble at school understanding how if god created everything, how could any part of it be bad in and of itself. It has to be what you do with something that makes it good or bad."

"Wow!" Brian said. "That's pretty heavy."

"I think it's very insightful," Bill said, appraising his daughter. "And very intelligent."

"What else have you thought about?" Jane asked, sitting back, her naked breasts jutting out. "You mentioned i****t."

"Well, I know it's a sin, but they made it a sin because of the problem of birth defects. They knew if people closely related made babies, they turned out deformed. With all the modern contraceptives available, that's not so much an issue anymore. The law says you can have sex at age 18, it shouldn't matter who you have it with as long as they agree. I guess that's how I feel about it."

"Incredible!" Brian said, staring at his s****r. "That is totally cool."

"Anything else?" Jane asked weakly.

"I'm not going to take my vows," Erin declared. "There's too much of life that I want to experience for now. Maybe later, but not now."

"What are you going to do?" Jane asked, her jaw agape.

"I'm not sure," Erin admitted. "I guess I need to get a job or something."

"You don't need to get a job," Bill said to her. "We have enough money that we can all stop working if we want and never worry again."

"Then why are you working?" Erin asked. "Doing this."

"Because we love it," Jane answered simply. "We are all completely addicted to sex. No matter what we do, we're going to have sex be a part of everything, so why not just make money doing what you love the most."

"Oh!" Erin gasped, her mind going back to the wonderful sensation of Brad's cock in her mouth, hot cum spurting. She felt her nipples get hard and knew they were visible through her t-shirt. "Maybe I could work with you somehow," she said softly.

"You want to make a video with us?" Brian asked, his eyes wide.

"Brian!" Jane said sharply. "Maybe you'd like to help with administrative things, learn to use the camera?" she suggested.

"Sure," Erin said. "If I can help. I want to do something. I can't just hang out all the time, go to the beach, go out to restaurants to eat."

"I think we can work something out," Bill said. "Not everyone has to work in front of the camera. There's more than enough to do behind it."

"Well, we'll see tomorrow," Jane said. "Let's get this mess cleaned up and go for a swim."

It took the four of them no time at all to clear the table and do the dishes. Erin was conscious of Brian's cock brushing against her a couple of times, and once she reached for the dish towel as he was putting something into the sink and her hand brushed against him.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, blushing.

"No, it's hard to think of avoiding someone," he said. "We're so used know."

"Yeah, I understand," Erin said, her nipples getting hard and poking through her shirt.

"Okay, that's it," Jane said, wiping her hands. "I'm ready for a nice swim."

"I'll go change," Erin said, too shy to be naked in front of her f****y.

When she got to the pool, they were all in the water, naked of course. Erin slipped into the water and sighed. It was the perfect temperature. She floated on her back, losing herself in the peacefulness of it all. Then she heard her mother's squealing laughter and looked over to see her sitting on the side of the pool, her feet up on the edge and her father's face buried in her pussy. Erin experienced two simultaneous feelings of jealousy, the first that it wasn't her pussy getting licked, and the second, that she wasn't licking the pussy. She realized that she missed Tasha and wished she was in bed with her, satisfying all of her lusts.

Climbing out of the pool, Erin felt uncomfortable, like she was left out, so she went to her room, hearing her mother's laughter the whole way. Once in her room she removed her suit and dried herself off, then flopped down on her bed. Her whole world had started to change and she was stuck somewhere in the middle and didn't know where the rest of the change was going to take her.

She had actually surprised herself when she had responded at dinner to the questions put to her, specially the ones about sex and i****t. She hadn't realized how she felt until the moment she had verbalized it. One hand between her legs, the other alternating between nipples, Erin played with herself, looking for the release she had learned to crave. As with every other time, it took very little stimulation of her clit to trigger an orgasm and Erin drifted off to sl**p.

Erin awakened the next morning to the soft sound of her mother's voice and her foot being shaken. Opening her eyes and stretching like a cat, she suddenly sat up, an arm covering her naked breasts.

"M-mom," she stammered. "I don't have any clothes on!"

"So I see," Jane replied with a smile. "And I do," she observed, looking down at herself. "An interesting roll reversal, wouldn't you say?"

Laughing, Erin jumped up and pulled a long t-shirt on, covering herself.

"You could've knocked," Erin said.

"But I did," Jane answered. "You sl**p like a rock."

"I was so tired," Erin said. "I just fell asl**p."

"When are you going to show me the results of your shopping sprees?" Jane asked. "I'm dying to see what your taste is like."

"Oh, mom, I'm sorry," Erin said. "Some of it I bought, some of it Tasha gave me out of her stuff," she explained, grabbing a pile of clothes from the chair and dumping it on the bed.

Jane picked through the pile, holding different things up, a smile on her face. When she picked up the thong bathing suit, Erin blushed.

"I'd like to see you model this," Jane said, holding it on one finger.

"Mom!" Erin said, snatching it from her hand.

"Well, why did you buy it if you're not going to wear it?" Jane asked.

"I did wear it," Erin replied, "to the beach."

"You wear that in public and you won't model it for me?" Jane asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Mom!" Erin said. "Okay, if you want to see it," she said, pulling the bottom on, then pulling her t-shirt off and putting the top on. She adjusted the top, making sure her nipples were covered. She blushed when she felt them get hard and stick out. Jane's eyes didn't miss a thing as Erin adjusted the bottom, pulling the material out from between her pussy lips, as it tended to bunch up there.

"You are incredibly beautiful," Jane commented, a smile on her face. "That looks great on you."

"You think so?" Erin asked, pleased. "It's not too much?"

"Too much isn't what most people would think," Jane said with a laugh. "I imagine they wouldn't approve at school, would they?"

"God, they'd think I was the world's biggest hussy," Erin laughed.

"Come on, let's get some breakfast and I'll start to show you some things downstairs," Jane said.

"Let me change real quick," Erin said, reaching behind to untie her suit.

"No, don't change," Jane said. "You look wonderful. Put a t-shirt on over it or something if you're uncomfortable."

When they entered the kitchen Bill and Brian were there already, dressed too, and Jason was there also. Erin blushed when she saw his muscular body and remembered the last time she had seen him, all of him.

"Well, hi, Erin," he said, greeting her. "How's life on the outside?"

"Hi, Jason," Erin replied. "I've been having a great time."

"Good. Glad to see you're still here."

They all ate breakfast together, making small talk. Erin felt increasingly comfortable, mostly because she wasn't the object of the conversation. When they finished eating, Bill pushed to his feet.

"Well, I've got a bunch of editing to get done, so I'm going to do that," he said. "Erin, you going to help your mom today?"

"I'm going to try," Erin replied.

"You'll do fine," he assured her.

They all went downstairs and Bill disappeared into the editing studio while the rest of them went to the bedroom set. Jane spent almost a half an hour showing Erin how the camera worked, explaining all of the controls. It seemed a bit overwhelming to her, but she paid close attention.

"The reason I'd like you to understand the camera," Jane explained, "is so that we don't have to do a static shot, just the camera in one position at one focus. If you're doing the camera work, you can move around to get different angles and perspectives. And you can do zooms and close-ups. Normally I do those things when I'm running the camera, but when I'm in front of the camera and we don't have an extra person to run it, we end up with static shots. They're okay, but it's much better the other way."

"I understand," Erin said. "So what do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you start by just playing with the camera," Jane suggested. "Experiment with different things while we're talking and setting up the shot. Then we'll see."

So Erin took up the camera, setting the shoulder piece on her left shoulder. As Jane talked with Jason and Brian about the shot she wanted to do, Erin played with the camera, experimenting with the zoom and realizing how difficult it was to hold it steady without shaking. After a few minutes she felt much more confident.

"Okay, let's do a dry run-through and see how it looks," Jane said. "Erin, that means we're going to just do a few minutes and then we'll see how it looks before deciding how to continue. So don't worry about anything, just do what you want and we'll look at it and make suggestions, okay?"

"I guess," Erin said nervously.

"Okay, come on boys, let's give this a run," Jane said.

As Erin filmed, Jason took Jane in his arms, kissing her, their tongues openly dueling with each other. When Brian moved behind Jane, grinding his pelvis into her ass, his hands sliding around her body to cup her breasts, Jane's hands wandered down Jason's body to squeeze and massage his cock through his pants. Sliding to her knees, with Brian pulling her shirt off over her head, Jane undid Jason's pants, pulling them down and releasing his cock.

Erin took a deep breath when she saw Jason's cock again. It looked completely different to her now, after the past couple day's experiences. Now it didn't just look big, it looked delicious. Her mouth was hanging open sympathetically as her mother began to suck on him while Brian knelt behind her, now naked too, his hands playing with her breasts and sliding down to rub her pussy. After a few minutes Jane released Jason's cock and turned around and began sucking on Brian's cock.

"Okay, that should do for a start," Jane said, releasing Brian's cock and standing up. "Let's see what you've got," she said to Erin, taking the camera from her and plugging in a jack to the TV monitor and rewinding the film.

They all stood together watching the footage Erin had shot. Until Jane had begun sucking Jason's cock, it looked like a static shoot, no change of angle or focal zoom. Then it zoomed in on Jason's cock and Jane's mouth. When Jane turned to suck on Brian the shot stayed zoomed and didn't come back into focus until Brian's cock was in Jane's mouth.

"Okay, not bad for your first try," Jane said, rewinding the film. "You didn't do anything at all until I started sucking Jason," she noted. "Next time, when you see my hands sliding down his body to grab his cock, close in a bit and follow my hands," she explained as that scene went by. "Same as when Brian has my top off and is playing with my nipples," she said. "You want to zoom it so the detail can be seen. When I turn around from Jason to Brian, you need to zoom out, then back in. If you stay zoomed in, you lose all detail, like you did here."

"Oh, I did terrible!" Erin cried, shaking her head.

"No you didn't," Jane told her. "You're learning. Now let's try a dry run of Jason going down on me while I suck Brian," she suggested. "You'll need to be both very close physically with the camera and also use the zoom," she explained. "Extreme close-ups are the rule for this type of shot. You think you can do that?" she asked.

"I'll try," Erin agreed.

Jane unplugged the monitor and handed the camera back to Erin, then climbed on the bed and lay on her back, her knees up at her chest and her pussy exposed.

"Start with a close-up of me, then Jason will enter the shot," Jane instructed.

Erin moved closer with the camera and saw her mother's pussy up close for the first time through the eyepiece. The sight of her big fat clit sticking out reminded her of Tasha's pussy and she felt her nipples get hard and her pussy wet as she filmed. Then she felt Jason's hand on her back and his face moved into the shot, tongue first. She held the camera still, very conscious of his hand on her back, and watched as his tongue slowly slid into her mother's pussy.

Jason moved his hand from her back to Jane's pussy, holding her pussy lips spread apart as his tongue worked her. When Brian climbed up on the bed to kneel above Jane's head, Erin slowly panned back out to take in the whole scene as Brian's cock disappeared into Jane's wide-open mouth.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming," Jane moaned, clutching Jason's head and pulling him tight into her pussy. "Enough!" she cried, pushing him away and sitting up laughing. "This is supposed to be a dry run and now I'm wet."

Everyone laughed as Erin lowered the camera. They reviewed the footage she had shot and Jane made some suggestions, but overall everyone felt that she had done a good job.

"Let's try shooting the scene," Jane said. "Start to finish. I think Erin's doing good enough that we can try. Erin, when we do penetration shots, very close up, okay. You want the person watching to think they're right there."

"Okay," Erin agreed. She didn't know how she was going to do this. Her pussy was on fire and her thighs were damp with her juices. Her nipples were so hard they hurt.

They began the scene and Erin quickly found herself immersed in the technical aspects of filming and forgot about how excited and horny it had made her. When Jason slid his cock into Jane's pussy, Erin was enraptured watching how her mother's pussy lips wrapped themselves around the shaft of his cock, holding it, caressing it as it pumped her slurpy hole.

Erin was bent over at the waist, the camera just inches from Jason's cock as it slid glistening in and out of her mother's pussy. Panning up her mother's body to her full breasts heaving, her nipples hard and erect, she knelt on the edge of the bed as she focused on her b*****r's cock in her mother's mouth.

She jumped when she felt a hand slide up her leg from the knee to squeeze and knead her ass. Glancing back she saw that it was Jason's hand and that he was smiling at her while he continued to fuck Jane. Moving away just as his hand started to slide into the crack of her ass, Erin panned back, standing by the bed as her mother took both cocks. At some signal that she missed, both Brian and Jason began groaning, straining as they approached orgasm. First it was Jason, who pulled his spurting cock from Jane's pussy and aimed the streams of cum all over her belly and pussy. Then it was Brian's turn, shooting his cum all over Jane's face.

Erin's knees were trembling at the sight of all that cum shooting all over her mother. She yearned for a mouthful of the tasty stuff.

"That was great, guys," Jane said, sitting up, cum dripping from her face onto her breasts. "How did you do, Erin?" she asked, wiping cum from her face and licking her hand.

"I think it was okay," Erin said. "But I don't really know."

"Well, let's look at it," Jane said, getting to her feet. "Go ahead and plug the camera into the monitor," she said. "My hands are too sticky."

Everyone laughed as Jane smeared the cum covering her belly up over her breasts, wiping her hands on her ass as the video rewound. Erin was very conscious of her mother's naked body next to hers, the smell of cum on her. Jason was on the other side and his cock was dangling right next to her arm. Brian was standing behind and between she and her mother.

"Oh, honey, you did great!" Jane said after the footage ended, turning and hugging her, forgetting that she was smeared with cum. "In no time you'll be as good as anyone out there.

"Yeah, nice job, s*s," Brian said, a hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I certainly enjoyed it," Jason said with a laugh.

"Well, what now?" Erin asked, embarrassed as she remembered Jason's hand on her leg and ass.

"Now I take a shower and we're done for now," Jane told her.

"I'll join you," Brian volunteered, following her.

That left Erin alone with a naked Jason. She suddenly felt very uncomfortable, and vulnerable.

"I hope you didn't mind that," Jason said, putting a hand on her shoulder which he let trail down her back to her ass. "I just couldn't resist."

"It surprised me, made me jerk the camera," Erin replied, not moving away from his hand.

"You've got an ever sexier ass than your mother," Jason said, sitting on the stool behind him and pulling Erin closer with his hand on her ass.

"I don't think...they might come back..." she started to say as Jason slid his hand beneath her t-shirt onto her naked ass, just as she also heard her mother's pealing laughter coming from the shower.

"Does this feel good?" he asked, his other hand joining the first, cupping both of her ass cheeks and squeezing them gently. "Do you like it?"

"It feels....nice," Erin admitted, squirming a bit and having the effect of pushing her ass into his hands. "But..." she started to say then gasped as Jason trailed his hands up her back beneath her t-shirt and slid around her rib cage to cup her breasts, his thumbs unerringly finding her rock-hard nipples and rubbing them.

"You've got a million dollar body," he said, smiling at her as he released her, removing his hands from beneath her t-shirt.

"I-I-I don't know what to say," Erin mumbled, her face flaming red to match her hair, though not stepping away.

"Just enjoy it," Jason told her. "I think I should go find your mother," he said with a laugh. "You've got me all worked up."

Looking down, Erin saw that his cock had indeed gotten hard again and was actually touching the front of her t-shirt.

"She doesn't mind when it's not for a video?" Erin asked, not moving, her eyes darting from his face to his cock, back and forth.

"Your mother is one of those perfect women who live for sex," Jason told her, a smile on his face. "She just loves it. And luckily your father understands her. They're a great couple and I respect them a lot."

"Well, unless you're going to help me with this," Jason said, holding his erect cock in his hand as he stood up, pressing his naked body up against Erin, "I've got to find your mother."

"Oh, I couldn't," Erin protested, putting her hands out in front of her on his chest, feeling his muscles rippling beneath her fingers. "If she knew..."

"Knew what?" Tasha's voice asked as she walked into the room.

"Tasha!" Erin cried out, running over and hugging her. "You're here!"

"Yes, I'm here," Tasha replied with a laugh. "And none too soon, it seems," she added, looking at Jason with his hard cock in his hand. "What do we have going on here?"

"This little hottie got me worked up and I told her if she didn't want to help me do something about it, I'd go find Jane," Jason told her with a laugh.

"Well, we wouldn't want Jane to have a fit, would we?" Tasha laughed. "Why don't you sit back down and I'll take care of that," she suggested. "You don't mind if I suck him off, do you, Erin?" Tasha asked her, a glint in her eyes.

"N-no," Erin stammered as Tasha put an arm around her waist as she leaned over and sucked Jason's cock into her mouth.

"Mmm, that's nice," Jason sighed as Tasha engulfed his cock.

Erin felt his hand slide up her leg to cup her ass once again as Tasha continued to bob up and down on his cock, sucking and slurping. Erin's knees trembled when she felt Tasha's hand slide up her other leg, not stopping until she had slid beneath the material of her suit into her soaking pussy. She sagged against Jason's body as Tasha made small gentle circles on her throbbing clit. Then she felt Jason's hand slide across her ass to join Tasha's in her pussy. She groaned out loud now as Jason slipped a finger into her tight virgin hole. She had just had her second orgasm when Jason groaned and held Tasha's head in his hand. Erin could see his cock pulsing and she knew that he was filling Tasha's mouth with his hot cum.

As Jason continued to gently finger-fuck her pussy, Tasha stood up and held Erin's face in her hands, leaning over and kissing her on the mouth, pushing her tongue between her lips. As Erin returned her kiss, she felt a flood of fluid push into her mouth along with Tasha's tongue. Gulping, she realized that it was Jason's cum that Tasha was sharing with her. She rode Jason's finger to one more orgasm before Tasha broke off the kiss at the sound of Jane's voice approaching.

Just as suddenly as Jason's hand disappeared from her pussy, Tasha engulfed his cock with her mouth, right as Jane and Brian entered the room.

"Well, Tasha," Jane said with a laugh. "Glad you could make it."

"Oh, hi, Jane," Tasha said as she rose up off of Jason's cock. "I just couldn't resist. He was threatening to go find you."

They all laughed and Jane informed Tasha of what they had accomplished. They all watched the footage once more, making critiques here and there, but in the end Jane pronounced it good enough for Bill to fix up in the editing process.

"Well, I hope you're all hungry," Tasha said. "Because I deliberately didn't eat so I could eat here."

"Sorry, but I've got to go," Jason said. "Previous engagement."

"Oh, great, get your cock sucked and run," Tasha said mockingly.

"And very well at that," Jason said with a laugh as he got to his feet. "I'll see everyone later," he said as he pulled his clothes on. "You did great, Erin," he said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Thanks," Erin said, for everything, she thought silently.

They all went upstairs and prepared lunch and then called Bill to join them. Lunch was a fun affair. Both Jane and Brian complimented Erin's handling of the camera earlier and Bill said that the editing was going well. When Jane brought up how much fun Erin seemed to have had during her time with Tasha, Tasha enthusiastically agreed.

"It's like having a s****r," Tasha pronounced with a big smile.

"Well, Erin certainly seems happy for it," Jane observed.

"I even invited her to come with me to a shoot yesterday," Tasha mentioned.

"Yes, she told us," Jane said. "Jamal."

"Yes, Jamal," Tasha said, her eyes narrowing. "I told him I wouldn't work for him again."

"Why not?" Jane asked, alarmed. "Did anything happen?"

"No, it was just a vibe, something about his attitude," Tasha said. "And besides, even though he pays me really well, the work is just too damned hard! I'm still sore."

"Damn, I didn't think you ever got enough," Brian said with a laugh.

"From you, I don't," Tasha quipped as everyone roared with laughter.

Erin had thought that her b*****r's cock was big, until she had seen the five black cocks yesterday. Now she knew what big was. Brian's coc