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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

... beetje. En er werd weer een potje gespeeld. Daar zat Alice in haar onderbroekje en jaa… ze verloor wederom. Esmee lachte en ... de duivel door in anus van Alice. Als een judoka, rolde Esmee Alice al beukend in haar kontje door de kamer. Alice was echt de ... ... Continue»
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Virgin Sissy learns her place in life

... me the panties were extra special because they had a hole in the back. I looked at him and i understood. We were alone ... clothes to wair. One of our favourites was a blue satin alice in wonderland dress with white frilly lace trims, over the knee white ... ... Continue»
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Alice in Wondeland Takes a Turn

... Sapho Islands, Wonderland" were the words carved on it.

In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a ... you more than anything in this Wonderland. But let me give you a good show. Get naked my sweet!"

Alice couldn't ... ... Continue»
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Firemen Fun

... into my own little world. I know how Alice inAlice in Wonderland’ must have felt in her adventures, only mine were superior. I ... gasping, moaning, and shuffling around resembling four men in a wrestling match. The scent of male testosterone projected ... ... Continue»
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Fresh Wrestling Pussy

... a Mistress was just another level of strangeness in my own version of Alice in Wonderland, and like Alice, I had no idea how to get back ... If I wouldn't have been greedy we would probably be in the leadnow.In the ring, Jenny and Shay were battling for ... ... Continue»
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When I met Henry and Helene! (2)

... was still in awe of how magnificent it was. I had never been in a house so big and beautiful. I felt like Alice in wonderland. Henry ... she was screaming and moaning and calling out things in French that I could not understand “oohhHH Oui... continuez ... ... Continue»
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French Lesson

... with,” I told him patiently.

Holmes muttered something in French; unfortunately, this was a phrase I recognized.

“Holmes,” ... to echo my sentiments at reading them. The Alice-in-Wonderland quality of it all appealed to me somehow.

... ... Continue»
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Sarah and Daniela

... Walt Disney cartoons; Jungle Book, Snow White, Cinderella, Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, sl**ping Beauty, One hundred and one ... but a few days before she had deliberately gone in a shop in Winterthur with the express intention of buying some ... ... Continue»
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... with granite counter tops, a storage closet and in the bedroom I put in a huge walk in closet which was more than enough for me ... us," Rachel said with a smile of the Chesser cat from "Alice in Wonderland

It was about 12:30 when Rachel stood up and ... ... Continue»
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... I blurted out in total confusion.

"Well I thought if you didn't want to hear the gossip"
Wendy chuckled "I'd recite from Alice In Wonderland, at ... with two others just as sheer in his
hands, one in black the other in red. I took these from
him and ... ... Continue»
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... in like Alice in wonderland, falling through the hole. The sensation was a never ever felt feeling. I grabbed her boobs and pumped in like a mad man. In ... ... Continue»
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... I blurted out in total confusion.

"Well I thought if you didn't want to hear the gossip"
Wendy chuckled "I'd recite from Alice In Wonderland, at ... with two others just as sheer in his
hands, one in black the other in red. I took these from
him and ... ... Continue»
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F****d by my s****r and her boyfriend

... he didn’t have googly eyes for Jane. I finally got the k**s in bed watching some Disney film with a Scottish princess, and ... he looks at me grinning wide like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland,

“Is my b*****r” he says my eyes full of shock how ... ... Continue»
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Carole and Mandy pt1

... the were stockings, knickers, a short lace trimmed pink dress in the style of Alice in wonderland, baby doll shoes, a wig and make up, I ... wondering what was going to happen tonight. While I was in the shower I thought I heard someone at the door so ... ... Continue»
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A Prayer for Mercy

... door open. A lone receptionist sat behind a battered desk in a grimy waiting room. She had a telephone clamped between ... It has to be a dream," Mercy thought. "I've somehow become Alice in Wonderland."

Mercy's "date" began kissing her again and gently ... ... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 4

... like best?" she said. I glanced at all the costumes; Cheerleader, Alice in Wonderland, Kitty, Fairy, Sexy Cop, Schoolgirl, Nurse, Playboy Bunny, and ... The man walked out for a minute and walked back in with mommy in hand. "My dear Lexi, this man tells me ... ... Continue»
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Drink Me (Sissy Story) by sdvine

... to drink. I had a sudden flash to Alice in Wonderland, and going down the rabbit hole. ... no time at all, she leaned in, and in a voice that was too loud to ... a male model, but I was undeniably masculine in build. Broad shoulders, masculine features. Hell, I ... ... Continue»
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Alice 1

... Alice Smith, female, even the coded picture was me as Alice, I knew they would pass even the toughest scrutiny, I had even added Alice in ... ... Continue»
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Dennis The Menace: Part 6 - Alice Meets Henry'

... with it "condescending tone in his voice. Henry looked at Alice with
a look of panic in his eyes. "Alice lets have that dance ... floor by the door.

So there was Alice in high heels and a black lace thong standing in a room
with her husbands boss. "Oh ... ... Continue»
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Alice and the Babies

... the time Sadly I lost Alice in the mid eighties, she developed breast cancer and they didn't catch it in time, the foul thing ... in." Alice tensed her legs and pulled him into her. He slid in smoothly until I thought his ball sack would go in as well. Alice ... ... Continue»
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