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After the Derby with Mrs Jones.

After the Derby with Mrs Jones.

... we where on the ferry home to the island, Mrs Smith had not ... YES!” “I adore Married Ladies and after you friends Husband upset her, I just wanted ... the Big house. Pulling into the drive with Mary Jones in the back I parked the Limo and opened the ... ... Continue»
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With Mrs Sharma, Mom And Maid - Part II

... make love with Mrs. Sharma and now I welcome everyone back to the sequel of my first story.

Part 2: Maid
After my experience with Mrs. Sharma ... aware of my mistake. It was the very next morning after my fucking night with Mrs. Sharma and I was free coz ... ... Continue»
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After the show with Miley Cyrus

... paid for basically standing around and chewwing the fat for a few hours after the show, anyway after the first night I got talking to some ... a short cheer-leader like skirt and a too-large tour hoodie with the hood up. I'm getting closer now and I can see a ... ... Continue»
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A Day at the Races.

... I was working as a Chauffer, It was the day of the Derby and I was driving four Ladies from the Island to Epsom, It was an ... up all the sexy women, I even got to put a couple of bets on which won me a few quid. I then saw Mrs Jones with her ... ... Continue»
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Another day at the races!

Well it was a few weeks after the Derby and it was Royal Ascot, well I had been booked again ... . Was she flirting with me? Had she found out from Mrs Jones? I didn’t know, but I was pleased to have the attention form this ... ... Continue»
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Mrs. Jones

... meet Bev that she needs help with something then she'll keep quiet ... After hem and hawing around Bev told Kat see that woman there in the blue shorts? Yea I see her. Well that's Mrs. Jones ... do when I do get her. Have you been with a girl? NO! a boy? NO! you ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones and her Black neighbor

... and said that he the yard work was piling up and something needed to be done about it. After telling him to ... me, Mrs. Jones?" He stammered.

"Its ok I don't mind, really I'm ok with it, and here let me help you." I stepped under the water next ... ... Continue»
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Almost All Lived Happily Ever After

... by my Father and b*****r.

I covered the mouthpiece.

"Sal, the farmhouse, the sauna, is the boss a Mrs Jones?"

"No, its a bloke. I think Mrs Jones died a year or two back ... ... Continue»
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Mrs Jones

... again, she sounded a little like she struggled with the fourth, then I added my thumb too, her ... too because 30 seconds later after I'd cum, she was leaving the room. Man, after a cum like that I ... and b, let's just say it was mrs jones,,,,,,,or mrs smith lol. ... Continue»
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A Smokey Night With Mrs. J.

... the kitchen and turned the corner to the living room I was greeted with the powerfully erotic image of one of Mrs. K’s long, streaming exhales. The lights in the ... stuff like this. So…you started smoking more after that first night.”

“I did,’ she replied ... ... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... before Mr. Reynolds could get home to beat my ass after the Mrs. sees my tool hanging out of my shorts!

"It ... what a change I felt in my self-confidence and personality after the trysts with mom and Mrs. Reynolds. While I didn't k** myself into thinking I ... ... Continue»
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The Submission of Mrs. K

... her body to a standing position again. ‘Enjoy the rest of the evening with the guys,’ she finished seductively, her eyes darting back ... smiled and said hello.

‘Some pop, then, Mrs K? We’re really thirsty after the work-out.’ and they watched as Robin rose ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Five Mrs. Wilson

... My cock was hard though as I thought about the times with Mrs. Wilson and the time yesterday with Mrs. Martin. Both had been fun, but I ... continue. "There is one more thing I want today Peter." After what I had been through, and enjoyed every minute of, ... ... Continue»
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The Degradation of Mrs. K

... 'Relax, relax, Mrs K. What's the matter with you? You'll get the pictures, later,' and he grinned at the way the mature woman next ... one of Robin's son's college buddies) is looking after the farm, so don't worry.'

Getting such compliments from one ... ... Continue»
Posted by howwee 6 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 2352  |  
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Fun at the beach pt6

... looked out. She could see Mrs. Whitman sitting at the table with Mrs. Beecham. At the moment, Mrs. Whitman was happily feeling up ... realized that Angel had turned the tables on the guests. After several minutes of walking through the room, it was clear that ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Four Mrs. Wilson

... me to do something. After a week with Mrs. Wilson and sometimes Dan I was no longer shy. I knelt on the floor and untied my red ... yet. What would you like?" She nodded at the phone, just as I had once with Mrs. Wilson, then said, "Well sure. I'll thaw ... ... Continue»
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Amy is interviewed for the job at Mrs Potter'

... at university and had been in a very intimate relationship with another young female. Nowadays she was measuring much more ... breathing quite heavily as Mrs Potter stroked her so intimately.

After a short while Jean said, 'Well I think the fit is excellent ... ... Continue»
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... looked in and there were Dad and Mrs. Brandon naked. Dad was sitting on the bed with Mrs. Brandon standing in front of him ... and to bite them. After a couple of minutes they both lay on the bed with Mrs. Brandon on top in the 69 position. Dad was ... ... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... she said as Matt approached. He was still feeling confident after the meeting with his ex, and he had a sudden urge to kiss ... gave a weak wave, and the policeman walked over to him and smiled.

“Mr. Daniels, I’m Office Don Jones, and I’ll be investigating ... ... Continue»
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The offer to be a Male e****t part 2

... on the boat for the rest of the trip, I thought about the night I had ahead of me.
Well later that evening after I had taken Mrs ... Holiday and as we traveled to the airport with Mrs B, Margaret, her daughter and me on the coach It felt very strange Margaret ... ... Continue»
Posted by teddyboy10w 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 312  |  
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