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After school fun 2

After School Special { part 2}

... in her hand.If you don't have any plans after school today,my friend Anne wants to come over and meet you ... and stopped by Billy's bedroom noticing he was in the middle of getting dressed for school,can I ... ,she likes younger guys and is open to exploring all the fun things in life.She winked at Billy... Continue»
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after school fun

... About 4 years ago me and a friend were doing an after school activity when we had finished we were ... it and after a while i released my load into his mouth and he swallowed it all.After i came he stood up ... tonsils, i swallowed it all down and licked his head to get the last little drops of cum, after... Continue»
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After School Fun

... to study and finish a project after school. Danielle was a moderately tall girl for her age at the time ... , and after about five of her turns, I gave in and said dare, 'I dare you to put on a pair... Continue»
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After School with Mr. Smith 2

... arched her back violently and writhed in ecstasy as wave after wave of her climax hit her core... Continue»
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After School with Mr. Smith 2

... !”

She arched her back violently and writhed in ecstasy as wave after wave of her climax hit her core... Continue»
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after school detention! (fiction) part 2

... watch on his wrist. after 5 min of side numbing sensations. he exits me. then he unties me. and pickes... Continue»
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TOT Part 7 First Touch

... off out of the school, I said I would join him so off we went wandering the streets, after about ... guy I saw, I wanted at least 2 teachers to fuck me almost every guy in the school could have me ... After breakfast we met up with Barry and the twins and a few of the other lads for a game... Continue»
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The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 02

... 'Merder')

Chapter 2:

Hearing the doorbusting, the trio of Merder, Frankie and Vic went ... the hell are you doing here?”, asked Layla.

“We were bored, so we decided to have fun!”, said ... . This is a pledge. Don’t stop to live”.

After the touching speech, Frankie was clapped by everyone as she... Continue»
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The Passionate Dollar (The Dr. Is back)

... life was going to change for the good...or so i thought.

2 weeks later

It was 2 weeks after my ... spent another saturday alone in my apartment off of work i was glued to my computer. After about a good ... applied everywhere. From fast food work, to a janitor at a school to a part time baby sitting job... Continue»
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Train station affair -

The Train Station

After innumerable texts back and forth, arrangements were ... her mother asked where she was going the answer, as planned was to a friends’ for a school project ... the wind shield briefly, he knows where they are and says just loud enough for her to hear, 2/10th... Continue»
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Katie Judges A Kissing Contest

... .

The last thing she wanted was to look slutty.

After shimmying the dirty red gown down her ... . The hem fell just a few inches below her slim ass. After absentmindedly strapping on her new high ... on the school football team. Josh's short black hair and brown eyes contrasted with Scott's streaky sun... Continue»
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... length jet-black hair and a nice little figure. She was petite, maybe 5 foot 2. I still can't ... owls and the quiet was almost oppressive.
After tossing and turning for some time, I got up ... ," Sandy said, "After a while, I looked over and she was squeezing her legs together and rocking back... Continue»
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Everything's Alright

... After all the lectures and talks I’ve been told from my parents and relatives, you’d ... to a beach party for some “fun in the sun” time with a group of friends from ... . I became even more curious when Phoebe, my roommate, nudged me on the arm with her elbow after... Continue»
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The Swing Series 7

... fun and that she planned on going home alone
after having a good time at the bar. Mandy said she ... pick us
up. It sounded like fun to me and we worked on the
rest of the details.

We both took ... was getting quite a buzz and having fun watching
not only the girls, but the men, also. Sounds pretty... Continue»
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Cottaging Recollection.

... it was at the back of the class rubbing away at my knob in my tight black school trousers feeling my piss-slit ooze ... ,lol.So that was a no-go.I quickly learned that the older lads in school were usually more than happy ... in and out of them with some frequency,school & home life allowing.Even if I was in town with my mam... Continue»
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One of the many sexual adventures of Katy ch: 1

... her curves, she had so much sexual fun in a variety of ways and not just sexual intercourse. Sure, she ... and have fun with other guys. Both of her girls Louise (15) and Rachel (13) were both good looking ... **napped from school. Taken by a couple of masked men who owed him a favour in large unpaid loans... Continue»
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Andrea at the river

... late into the night. The next day was all about the wave runners. After a fun filled day riding them ... got up and got in front of Andrea so she could suck my cock. After watching her take 2 cocks ... for the week, as there is plenty of room at the cabin. Chris, a friend of mine from high school brought... Continue»
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Out for a run parts 7-9

... another older women to some of the fun. That night after a great deal of thought, and going over ... hesitation, leaving my 2 new guys just staring at my naked body with their mouths open. After a couple ... Part 7

Well, it has been a week, let me tell you. After telling my husband about my experiences... Continue»
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College life 7

... room," I said.

"If they come back, I'm kicking someone's ass!" Kris screamed at 2 in the
morning ... you would do for me," I said.

"Those guys were after me weren't they?"

I didn't know what ... was the furthest thing from
mind. After an hour or so, I finally went back to sl**p.

"What the fuck are you... Continue»
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Culture Shock 20/23

... environment in which the Submissive may learn and grow,

2. Treat the Submissive with respect and tenderness ... , the Submissive agrees to:

1. Be pleasing to the Dominant,

2. Show proper respect to the Dominant,

3 ... sat dazed in her chair, finally catching her breath. After a minute or so, she picked up the nipple... Continue»
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