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Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)

Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 3

Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 3, Mrs. Mason

Thanks to my many amorous adventures during that summer after I graduated from high school, I was going through lots of condoms. ... ... Continue»
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The Adventures of Buck and Rachel - continued

... up and down on it - her tits swaying in front of my face - I reached up and grabbed them, hungrily sucking on ... we kissed deeply.

It was more than I had every dreamed of - and Rachel and I would start a long series of sexual adventures.... ... Continue»
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The Adventures of Agent Long & Agent 96

With a tug on her negligee, Wanda’s magnificent breasts sprang free of their confines. They dangled & dragged over his swollen rod ... away-letting him cool down and then resume. After a couple of hours of this, she let him cool down & said, “I have a ... ... Continue»
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The Best Shag of my life (thus far).

... and thrashed uncontrollably. Somehow trying to get even more of me inside of him. This was not possible as I had completely vanished ... me in very good stead with S. and we had plenty adventures of our own, which I will tell you all about… some other ... ... Continue»
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Further Adventures of a Good Student

... T groaned softly, still moving his stiff rod in and out of my vagina.

Through my lust-fill haze I thought I heard some ... me on so much it pushed me over the precipice of orgasm.

My vagina finally exploded, and I whimpered softly against his ... ... Continue»
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Adventures of a cycling enthuthiast

... and it was pain mixed with exctasy,after a few minutes of pounding my bumhole i felt him cum inside me,he pulled ... up he slapped my arse said thankyou and walked out of the toilet.i must confess the ride home was abit uncomfortable ... ... Continue»
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The adventures of Cheatingwhorewife

... .
The winch started to lift me until I was free of the spears of flesh and then dropped me back down once again ... shaking. I couldn’t stop! The dildo f***ed orgasm after orgasm out of me one right after the other. I was bucking and shaking ... ... Continue»
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The Adventures of Buck and Rachel - Oral Explorati

... a meeting - but we'd have to sit through a day long series of meetings, and the obligatory dinner and drinks and colleagues afterwards ... came again.

It was a long couple of nights of exploration - but we knew that the conquest of Rachel's ass was on my ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Adventures of nurse-trainee during night sh

... heart, which would have served as a trigger for the development of a serious relationship. And in this moonlit night with double zeal ... eliminated any problem in my car. Now lies with a lot of bruises and scratches, but nothing serious. I would not suspect a ... ... Continue»
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A Baffling Shower

... of Donna's thighs, shoulders and arms brushing against mine. Not to mention her ass, her ass...

We sat for several moments when Donna ... fell over on the other side of her. Donna then urgently pulled me up on top of her, grabbed my cock and guided ... ... Continue»
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The chubby shopper

... the back of Donna's head as she licked her nipples, she came with at least three aftershock orgasms, leaking a trickle of love ... face off. "Sort her out" Donna said.

As I pulled down my boxers, I positioned Pippa in front of Donna's cunt and pushing her ... ... Continue»
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Relieving the stresses of friends

... of them were snogging, Donna's fingers were teasing the front of Karen's knickers as my fingers did the same to her. Then Donna ...

Putting my hand on the back of Karen's head I pushed it down towards donna's cunt, as Donna opened her chunky thighs Karen ... ... Continue»
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A Friend in need

... Maggie's skirt, and yes after only a couple of minutes Donna moaned loudly and came.

Donna got off the settee and onto the ... to flow, Donna pulled away but rubbed her as she squirted some distance and groaned out another orgasm.

Pulling out of Donna I ... ... Continue»
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Dinner and a...

... either side of her. David moved away to the side wall of the elevator, placing one of the men between him and Donna. She ... one of the men took a paddle while the leader would wield the flogger. The men positioned themselves on either side of Donna, right ... ... Continue»
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The Telephone guys

... coming as Donna was now moaning and gasping.

As she ejeculated her juices over Alex's cock he quickly pulled out of donna's pussy, she grabbed hold of him and wanked him off over her tits ... ... Continue»
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... LA BELLA LA DONNA E LA NINFOMANE 002 01..La Donna 01

Storia complessa, tre donne…, molti avvenimenti , penso di raccontarla ... ma grande culo e fisico….sciatrice e fissata con il fitness “ LA DONNA “, detta così perché dava l’idea di essere più grande di ... ... Continue»
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La donna misteriosa (attenzione niente sesso!)

... una ragazza bellissima e fantastica. Ma ..”
“sono innamorato di una donna e non sono il tipo che mette le corna. Se fosse ... farmi felice ma che, allo stesso tempo, amava un’altra donna. Quando è successo il … il … fattaccio ho sempre creduto alla tua ... ... Continue»
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La donna di papà

... le lacrime agli occhi,
“ ti voglio … voglio essere la tua donna, la tua schiava, troia o quello che vorrai, ma prendimi, non ... desiderare averlo anche davanti.
Da allora sono diventata la sua donna, ho provato tante cose nuove, poi lui ha preteso che ... ... Continue»
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Festa della Donna

... 40enne taglia 46 con 3a di seno ed è ancora una donna piacente da come vedo gli altri uomini che la guardano ... che le aveva regalato Barbara proprio per la festa della Donna .
Dalla saletta potevo vedere Laura un po’ euforica che rideva ... ... Continue»
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Bukkake (racconto di una donna)

... mie spalle sento un leggero fruscio,, un fresco profumo di donna si avvicina le sue mani passano davanti hai miei occhi ... e la mia amica che mi accarezzava facendo di me la donna più felice del mondo
... Continue»
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