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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 16)

Chapter 16

When he had "Jason" free of the straps ... well. The well itself was
in fact, a simple jacuzzi, with water jets in the walls, and the rubber
lining was anchored at the ... ... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

Jason had actually dreaded this moment. Although a virgin, he was by
no means ignorant, and through his reading and by the coarse jokes and
bragging told in the swimming team locker room, he had surmised that
cunnilingus was a distasteful and unpleasant experience. All that
changed in the next thirty seconds. As she lowered her crotch over his
face, she began stroking his erect cock, occasionally leaning forward
to tongue and partially suck on him. He was eager to return the
favor. He sniffed cautiously. A melange of scent surprised his nose.
The smell of the latex miniskirt, now hiked up around her hips was
reminiscent more of certain pipe tobaccos than the smelly innertube
rubber he was more familiar with. This was mixed with a new smell,
musky and rich, not unpleasant, but... strange, with a hint of some
musky cologne. He suspected she had scented herself here as well.
Encouraged, he reached out with his tongue, exploring the pink flesh
hidden in the hair. She tasted much the same as she smelled- he decided
that the boys on the swim team must be crazy or liars, because he was
already beginning to like it.

As his tongue made it's first tentative entry into her hungry sex,
Mandy moaned, backed up into his mouth, and bent further to take him
completely into her mouth. Jason bucked his mouth and tongue against
her and into her, having only a fleeting instant to think- I'm doing
it! At last, I'm actually doing 69 with the best girl in school!
before the rising heat in his groin became a pulsing fire that swept
through his mind, leaving only peace and a growing love behind it.

"Hey buddy, if you're not gonna drink, how about letting someone else
use that stool, huh?" Jason awoke with a start from his reverie,
realizing his daydream had become that lucid, remembering sort of
sl**p-dream. He looked up at the hard hat that had spoken, realizing
that the deep voice belonged to a huge, muscular woman dressed as a
construction worker. She had one meaty fist clamped around the wrist
of a fierce-looking smaller woman sporting a green mohawk, the other
around a huge can of Buddweizer.

Jason blinked and said, "Uh, I was just leaving."

Sometimes, he thought heading for the other end of the bar, discretion
is the ONLY part of valor.

As the saddening memories of his lost love returned, Jason hailed the
bartender, who had been replaced by a six-foot tall pink elephant, and
ordered another shot of the Macallan. Wistfully, he thought about that
first night of blazing hot sex, of exploration and learning. He
remembered that at one point, Mandy had been lying back, knees in the
air, while Jason, his hands lifting her ass, lapped and sucked hungrily
at her pussy. Essentially they were waiting for Jason's plumbing to
recover before having at it again. Mandy had suddenly lowered her
legs, tucking her ankles into his armpits, and pulled her skirt down
around his head. When he started to back out to see what was wrong,
she urged, "No, keep going," and pulled him to her with her ankles.
Jason, his head squeezed between her muscular thighs and the tightly
stretched skirt, his nose assaulted by her strong musk and the aromatic
scent of the rubber, set to with renewed vigor, and soon found his tool
hardening again. It had been an incredible night, and he had learned a
few new skills, too.

>From that day forth, he had developed a special affinity for Mandy's
style of dress: high heels, tight fitting, yet revealing jackets and
blouses and skin tight dresses.

His lover had quite a few sexy outfits, including several made from
leather, or shiny, stretchy plastic, and a purple latex sheath dress
that looked as if it were painted on. He especially liked the look and
feel of the rubber outfits. She even had a pair of black bicycle
shorts made of latex that she insisted he try on. The unique, clingy,
slightly restrictive sensation had made him instantly hard, and when
she rubbed up against him in her purple rubber dress, he surprised them
both my suddenly coming in his pants.

The smooth, stretchy material seemed to be the ultimate in second skin,
emphasizing the shape of the body, smoothing imperfections, and even
offering a kind of isolating protection from the weather. He looked
everywhere for items made of it, but to no avail. To be sure, latex
dresses and rubber pants were shown off on perfect bodies in various
fashion magazines from time to time, but all he found locally were
rubber kitchen gloves.

Finally, he asked Mandy where she had gotten her rubber items. "Why,"
she giggled, "do you want a dress for yourself?"

"No," he lied, "I think I prefer rubber dresses on you. I thought I'd
get you something new, but I can't find anything."

"Oh, my dad bought some of it for me when he was in New York, I don't
know what store. Then I found mom looking through a catalog from some
British company, and I just asked her to order some things for me,

Jason had wondered what sort of parents bought teir daughter rubber
miniskirts, but kept his thoughts to himself.

For seven months, they were inseperable, despite the accusations from
his mother that Mandy "looked like trash" in her wild, sexy outfits.
When Jason told his mom who Mandy's parents were, and what neighborhood
they lived in, that was the end of that.

He did finally get to meet Mandy's parents, and received several clues
about Mandy's maturity and free lifestyle. Both parents were highly
paid professionals, mom a mathematician for an engineering firm, and
dad a nursing instructor for a local university hospital. They were
smart, they knew their daughter was too, and they were apparently very
open minded about her sexuality. Their only iron-clad rules concerned
her academic performance, and her health. Jason learned that they were
the source of Mandy's uncommon but sensible fixation on what she
called, "safe sex".

Only once did Jason glimpse anything unusual about the senior
Rafool's. During one weekend visit to Mandy's house to get her help
with some schoolwork, Jason went to the kitchen to grab them some
Coke's. On the way back, he passed the garage door which had been left
ajar, and from which some rather frantic moaning and grunting was
coming. Upon peeking through the gap, he was greeted by the sight of a
large black mummy suspended by chains from the garage roof. The bag
looked like leather, and covered the body within it from scalp to
toes. It was liberally equipped with straps and buckles that had been
drawn tight, making the entire form-fitting arrangement quite taut.
Nonetheless, it was quirming enthusiastically, and he noticed a wire
dangling from the bag that trailed off to his right.

Then he noticed, at the edge of his view, a pair of crossed legs
belonging to someone seated just out of sight. The legs had on an
extraordinary pair of knee-high boots with high platform soles, whose
spike heels must have been a foot long! Above the boots, the legs were
dressed in something skin-tight, red, and very shiny which he suspected
was rubber. Shaking his head in amazement, he quietly returned to
Mandy's room without telling her what he had seen.

Of course, thought Jason, it was to good to last...

Mandy's mother had been hired to a lucrative position with a think tank
in Washington, DC., and the f****y moved away within a month. It
happened with hardly any notice, and Mandy and Jason were crushed.
They spent days saying goodbye. For almost a year, they wrote
constantly, and once Mandy's parents payed her airfare back to St.
Louis. They had a few precious days together, fortunately during
summer school break, which they spent seeing movies, shopping, and
enjoying wild and imaginative sex.

Before she left, Mandy told him that if he couldn't come to Washington,
she would be looking for another partner to spend her life with.
Although he knew it was only fair, having it out in the open drove home
the fact that he had lost her. It was years before he tried dating

Years later, in an adult book store, he found a magazine dedicated to
"fetishists". The pictures of women (and men!) in corsets, rubber, and
high heels were tantalizing and a kind of relief, as he had imagined
that his fascination was unique. He bought it and went home to look up
the word, "fetish". It fits, he sighed to himself. I suppose I'll
never find another girl like Mandy. Inside the magazine, he found page
after page of amazing photographs. And the clothes! Every page showed
men and women in the most delicious rubber costumes imaginable. There
were rubber dresses, rubber shirts, long rubber gloves and stockings,
in every color one could want. There was even a severe-looking rubber
corset that compressed one happily suffering woman from her neck to her
ankles! Moreover, the people were doing the strangest things! As he
drooled over the steaming scenes, trying to figure out the straps,
hoses and other paraphernelia, he noticed a tiny ad in one corner. It
was a company that sold all these wonderful things!

Fortunately, Jason was working in the computer field, and had a good-
sized income, or he would have gone broke within a year. He ordered a
few rubber goods from that first company, and subscribed to a magazine
they mentioned. He was still getting over the shock that there were
other people out there who loved rubber as much as he! In the
magazine, there were advertisements from other companies making
everything from anoraks to zoot suits, out of several different kinds
of rubber. He had immediately reached for his checkbook.

Over the years, he built an impressive collection of rubber goods, from
tight women's dresses, to men's "blue jeans". But through it all,
despite his best efforts, he could find no-one to wear any of it with,
or to share his growing interest in bondage. Oh, he dated, and
socialized, but he never found anyone to share his secret desires.
Just once, he had dared to mention his fetish to a woman he had been
dating for some months. They had made love a few times, and she had
proved quite conservative- almost boring, Jason would have said. But
she did seem to enjoy dressing sexy, although more for looks than the
feeling of the clothes themselves, so he casually mentioned that he
would like to see her in a dress he'd bought for her, and when she
agreed, he brought out a rather plain sheath dress in shiny black

It fit her well, but she complained that it 'felt weird', and wouldn't
wear it again. He never dared to bring up the topic again.

After they stopped seeing each other, he resigned himself to a lonely
life of masturbation and fantasies.

Attending tonight's Hallowe'en party was a half-hearted attempt to get
out and see the local nightlife. He'd noticed, over the last few years,
a subtle trend toward a 'trashy and flashy' look in fashion, and had
begun to have hopes of finding a lover who shared his tastes. He had
debated for hours what to wear to the party, balancing the requirements
for a costume against his desire to "come out" in something kinky. In
the end, he settled on renting a Spanish toreador outfit worn with his
own black rubber knickers, and a simple domino mask.

It took all his courage to wear the pants, too.

But as he pulled the stretchy, shiny latex over his legs, he realized
it didn't matter what people thought, tonight was Hallowe'en! Tonight
was the one night he could wear anything at all without fear of
ridicule or outcry. He revelled in the tight, smooth feel of the
rubber jeans. To hell with it, he thought, I'm going to enjoy myself

At the party, which was hosted by a local radio station, he was greeted
by a delightful array of leather dresses, spandex pants and skirts, and
other sexy costumes. But as he danced with various partners in turn,
he realized that to these nervously laughing people, they were just
costumes, and none of them would likely wear such things to the
office. There was no lack of spandex, plenty of cheap imitation
leather, and a fair amount of real leather, but not one bit of rubber
was to be seen. Eventually, he sat down at the bar to rest and console
himself with a drink.

Now, after two stiff scotches, he had become positively soggy with
nostalgia. So, as he sat sweltering in his sweaty costume, feeling
utterly alone in his perversion, he was overwhelmed to see two women
walk in, wearing what appeared to be mostly rubber costumes. And what
costumes! The first to enter, a tall redhead with an impossibly
exaggerated hourglass figure, was wearing what looked like a cross
between a form-fitting jacket and a corset, made of black patent
leather. She possessed the smallest waist he had ever seen. Below
that, a skin-tight glossy hobble-skirt flared around her ample hips,
compressing her legs together from waist to knee. Judging from its
smooth, shiny texture and its fluid movement as she walked, it was made
of thick latex rubber. On her legs, she wore knee-length boots with
six-inch heels, that laced all the way up.

Her companion, a shorter brunette, was dressed in a classic french
maid's uniform, complete with white doily, except that her uniform was
made entirely of rubber. She had on long black latex stockings with
lace garters showing just under the hem of her skirt. His eyes grew

On her feet were a pair of cruel looking patent leather ankle boots
with 6- inch spike heels, and heavy ankle straps attached to each other
with a sturdy little chain.

They seemed to be giving her trouble, because she faltered a bit as the
pair walked toward him. Her hands were covered by black latex gloves
and she carried an old-style feather duster. She truly looked the part,
right down to a pert little leather maids cap. Both were masked with
plain black dominoes.

As he drank in the incredible sight of the two ladies, the red-head
caught him looking and began walking toward the bar, staring him
directly in the eye the whole way. She hardly paused on the way, the
crowd parted around the pair like the Red Sea. Perhaps because of
their dress, women and men alike seemed in a hurry to get out of their
way. Jason watched her walk, mesmerized, as her legs wrestled with the
tight hobble skirt for room to breathe, the thick rubber forcing her to
take mincing steps on the precariously high heels.

It suddenly occured to Jason that the couple was probably lesbian, and
he was about to get the proverbial stuffing kicked out of him by
spike-heeled shoes. He glanced left and right, looking for an avenue
of escape. But by the time he made it to his feet, swaying slightly
from the booze, she stood before him, a stern-looking vision in rubber
and leather. She said nothing at first, looking him up and down, a
faint smile playing on her lips.

Trying to look nonchalant, Jason swung around and glanced about the
dance floor. It seemed he was not the only one who found them
attractive. Practically everyone's eyes had been locked on the pair as
they threaded their way across the dance floor.

They were still receiving hotly critical stares from a few female
partners. Finally, the red-head in the hobble skirt spoke, smiling

"You must really like our costumes," she said, "I could feel your stare
from across the room!"

Jason looked sheepish. "I'm sorry. It's just that, well, they are a
little little unusual, even for Hallowe'en. I mean, you seem to be
comfortable wearing this sort of thing, even those heels, which umm,
by the way, don't look easy to walk in...and you know, everyone else is
just renting their costumes for the evening. And...and they fit so
well, did you make them yourself?" he gushed. He paused for a breath.
"Sorry. Sorry, you ladies really look wonderful, I love what you're
wearing...I guess I'm just... well, it isn't every day a guy has two
gorgeous women dressed in rubber in front of him. Er, can I buy you
ladies a drink?"

"Why certainly," she replied, "we'd love to have a drink, wouldn't we,
dear?" She looked at her companion. The other woman, who Jason guessed
was a few years younger, said nothing. In fact her expression hadn't
changed since they walked up. She seemed distracted, staring off
across the room. Jason turned to the bar and ordered another Macallan,
"and whatever the ladies are having."

"And what makes you think I'm a lady?" she said coolly, eyeing him in
the bar mirror.

Oho, he thought to himself. "Despite your bizarre outfits, I've got to
assume you're a nice girl from uptown until proven otherwise," he said

"I'm a woman, not a girl. You only get one warning."

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean...sorry. By the way, my name's Jason."

"Enchente', Jason. For this evening, I am 'Mistress Mayhem', and this
is my faithful sidekick, 'Maid Marion'.

"Maid Marion! Aaugh!" he groaned at her pun as the drinks arrived.

"So, Maid Marion, what prompted you to do this particular scene?" She
looked blankly back at him, or rather, just over his shoulder. She
seemed not to hear. Odd. Her makeup is a tad to heavy, he thought.
He noticed now too, that her free hand was bound to her waist by a
slender leather cuff attached to her waist-belt. It looked very much
like his dreams had come true!

"She ahh, doesn't talk much, I'm afraid," said 'Mayhem', "but, really,
the whole thing was my idea. I liked the idea of a Hallowe'en costume
party, and actually, we dress up in costume quite a bit. We didn't
make the outfits, it's too tricky working with rubber, you have to get
the seams just right. We have them custom made overseas."

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10

Jason did not have to wait long before Flora's shiny black face
appeared at the door, followed shortly by the rest of her exquisite
form. She strutted awkwardly over to the treadmill at Mandy's
prodding. Jason squirmed in embarrassment as Flora's amazed eyes took
in his situation. He was acutely conscious of his bald head plainly
visible under the layer of clear rubber.

Mandy gave a short speech about her excuses for "punishing" them, then
began fiddling with equipment. After securing Flora on the treadmill,
she produced a large curved box with a small motor mounted on it. It
looks like a turtle being humped by a kitchen mixer, he thought.

This was secured directly over his crotch with suction cups, and then
by straps to the edge of the frame.

The underside of the box was equipped with soft suction cups. He had a
good idea what the device was for. Mandy plugged a lead into the box,
and walked around behind him. A puff of cool air revealed that the
plugged hole in the bottom sheet of rubber had been removed. Soon, he
grunted in surprise as Mandy's greased finger probed his rectum.

The sensation was new to him, but pleasant enough, and he felt himself
grow excited again, even as he mentally recoiled in shame. He had
never had anything like this done to him, and was absurdly ashamed that
it felt good. Mandy's finger withdrew, and presently another object
was felt. It was soft and pliable, and went right in, plugging his
anus firmly. He promptly embarrassed himself by getting an erection.
Mandy claimed that the plug in his rear would sense contractions, and
shut off the machine on his crotch.

This was not the good news. He was already mortally afraid of what
Flora might think of him, having seen him degraded like this. Of
course, he already knew what Mandy thought of him. He couldn't
understand it, at times she seemed to genuinely love him, yet she
f***ed these perverse and bizarre ordeals upon him. For a moment, he
admitted to himself what he had been trying to deny- that everything
she had done so far he had found enjoyable.

It didn't occur to him that Flora had been going through similar trials
for years, and despite today's unusual developments, loved the
relationship she had with Mandy.

When Mandy was finished, she announced she was leaving. She said she
was going out shopping!

Jason was horrified. How could she leave them like this? Anything
could happen... He began struggling to free himself, but the elastic
grip of the silicone was relentless. He couldn't budge.

The machine was on now, and to his dismay, he found it was no simple
vibrator. With slow, undulating movements, the underside of it pulled
and prodded at his crotch with the suction cups, while vibrating like a
purring lion. It felt wonderful. This may not be so bad, he thought.

The sight of Flora struggling valiantly in her strange, erotic outfit
made him all the more randy, and he found himself thrusting
involuntarily at the vibrator that hugged his crotch. Soon, he was
close to coming, but before he came, it stopped. Just like that. To
say he was disappointed would have been an understatement.

He remembered Mandy's lecture about the pressure switch now lodged in
his rear. He tried to relax.

After a few minutes, perhaps determined by a timer, the little box began
again. This time, he determined to hold out until the end, and have
done with it. His motionless body betrayed him however, and at the
moment of truth, his sphincter contracted, the little box shut down,
and Jason growled in frustration. As he waited for the inevitable, he
glanced around.

There were numerous pieces of rubber and leather, hoses and straps of
all sorts hanging on hooks around the room. The motion of Flora caught
his eye again, and he heard the muted moans of her exertion through his
rubber head-mask.

She must be going through hell, he thought. Actually, had he asked
her, she would have been hard-pressed to say whether she was in
Paradise or Perdition.

Jason jerked in surprised response to the mechanical fiend at his crotch,
as it came to life yet again.

This is getting annoying, he thought. The sight of Floras shapely,
rubber- covered body had aroused him no end, and the alien sensation of
his own trap was heightened by the insistent prodding, vibrating
massage on his cock and balls. Soon again he felt on the verge of a
climax, when the machine stopped. He called down rubber-muffled curses
upon the fiend who had built the infernal device for Mandy.

He was panting now with overheated frustration and desire. He wanted
Flora, or Mandy, or for that matter, any handy woman, in the worst way,
and his immobility was driving him nuts. He knew that Mandy would have
to be gone a long time, even if she went to the nearest store, which
was miles away. The thought of spending the next several hours
helpless while enduring alternating states of arousal and frustration
infuriated him.

The obscene motions of the massager started up again.

He closed his eyes, ignoring Flora's pleading eyes, and tried to think
of his job, the street where he lived, anything but kinky sex. For a
few minutes he succeeded, but the sensations of his strange
imprisonment could not be ignored, his libido soon won out, and he
daydreamed instead.

He saw Mandy in the latex and leather outfit she had worn at the party,
strutting toward him on impossibly high heels, her hips swaying within
the skin tight hobble skirt like two piglets wrestling under a

He shivered with desire for her, and his stiff prick strained at the
silicone material that covered him. Once again, the silent switch in
his ass detected the squirming, and shut off the vibrating "turtle",
preventing him from ejaculating.

He yelled into the tight rubber helmet, his eyes squeezed shut, then
opened them and stared wildly around the room, searching for something
to hate.

All he saw was Flora, still walking, her chest heaving, her eyes
closed. As he watched, she straightened even more, arched her legs and
back against the metal restraints, and shook all over.

He heard her scream of passion even through her gagged mask and his own
layer of thick rubber. She had stopped dead on the treadmill, and hung
limply in her harness, right up against the shock prods, jerking and
squirming in her rubber sheath. For a moment, he was afraid that some
horrible fate had befallen his erstwhile lover. But after a few
moments, she grunted, jerked away from the rear of the treadmill, and
began walking again. He could not be angry with her, for she was in a
worse situation than he was!

This cycle went on for some time, blurring into a haze of maddened,
over-heated passion in which neither of them knew nor cared about the

They each had submerged completely in the overpowering sensations
wracking their bodies, and for a time, the light of madness burned in
each pair of rubber-bordered eyes.

time passed.....

The next thing Jason felt was a sudden numbness. He realized slowly
that the cycle of vibrating massage had ceased. He heard noises
faintly through his clear rubber helmet, and opened his eyes.

There was a stranger in the room! He panicked, wondering what this
grinning man in his tweed suit must think of their bizarre entrapment.

All the man said was, "Hello," while he casually looked about the
room. Flora must have seen him speak, because she shook her head
vigorously, and the man looked puzzled for a moment. He walked over to
her, examined her clothing and equipment and flipped the switch on her
belt. He gave each of them in turn a soft smile, and began speaking

Jason could not quite make out what he was saying, because of the
silicone helmet covering his head. He caught the words, "Miss
Rafool's", "Rescue", and "Master", but the rest was a faint jumble. He
shouted into the helmet, trying to get the man to release him, or at
least repeat his words more loudly, but the man only smiled at him, and
began freeing Flora from her harness and the treadmill. He didn't stop

He began removing the metal tubing, the cuffs, the gloves, and finally,
the tight rubber corselet, until she stood nude, shivering slightly,
covered in a shiny film of K-Y jelly and sweat. Jason had to admire
her youthful, athletic body. For the first time since he had arrived
at Mandy's home, he saw Flora's body completely nude. He stared at her
high, firm breasts, like a pubescent teenager and watched a rivulet of
the slippery fluid trickle down between them, across her belly and into
her crotch. Her narrow waist and ample hips showed a few angry red
creases, revealing just how severely tight the rubber corset had been.

The thought of this lush body, imprisoned in the bizarre rubber outfit
excited him even more. He realized he'd closed his eyes. Seeing her
in the flesh was somehow less exciting than she had seemed only minutes

Voluptuous as she was, her nude skin seemed strange, almost imperfect,
after seeing her only in rubber for the past twenty-four hours.

For a few moments, he imagined himself in her place, waste tightly
compressed, held rigidly upright by the tightly laced boning of the
corset, breasts and clitoris being fondled by tiny fingers of rubber.
He remembered that Mandy had mentioned there were two dildoes in the
crotch of the suit, and he longed to know how that felt.

What am I thinking?! Jason asked himself. Am I turning into a
transvestite? To Jason's relatively conservative mind, that thought
was still a little repellent.

But he suppressed it only with difficulty.

The newcomer smiled at Jason and turned toward the door. He led Flora

Just like that! Jason was infuriated, then worried. The guy obviously
wasn't here as their rescuer, he'd left Jason still clamped in the firm
embrace of his transparent sandwich. Jason shuddered, wondering what
the man might intend to do with Flora, what sort of new ordeals he
would have to endure because of Mandy's foolhardiness.

He wondered if she were still out shopping, oblivious to their fate, or
had she fallen prey to the mysterious stranger as well? For the
moment, there was nothing to do but wait, hoping that nothing untoward
had happened to his old and new lovers. He read the papers, knew what
sort of criminals existed in the world and, had he been religious, he
would have prayed that they were not about to become statistics.

After an interminable wait, with no further sign of the man, he
succumbed to extreme fatigue and fell asl**p, despite his upright, taut

When he awoke, it was to the sight of the mysterious stranger, still in
his tweed jacket, but without his mustache and beard! Eventuously,
Jason noticed that the man was incongruously wearing rubber surgeon's

Going around to Jason's rear, the man gently removed the butt-plug
sensor from the embarassed young man, and removed the thick silicone
helmet from his head.

"Hello again," the man said, when Jason could hear better. "I am Mr.
Dodds. As I explained to Flora, I am afraid I'm not here as your
rescuer, but rather as your new master. Tut! Tut!," he said as Jason
made to speak out in denial, "I am afraid Mandy will not be in charge
for awhile, since I am taking over. I have known Miss Rafool for
years, and every so often I drop in and... stay for awhile. I gather
she wasn't expecting me this time, but, c'est la vie!

Actually, you will find me a rather benevolent and fun-loving master,
but your master I shall be, whether you like it or not! Now, you can
have it easy, or you can have it hard, er so to speak. Either way, I
WILL get your cooperation, regardless of what means I have to use. How
shall it be?"

Jason had never been involved in bondage or SM organizations. He had
never heard of safe-words, or the importance of consensuality. But he
did realize that there was nothing he could do in his helpless
position. He decided to go along for now, then escape this mad-house
at the earliest opportunity.

Since Dodds seemed to have a penchant for formal speech, he smiled at
him and said, "Well, I suppose I have no choice, I'll do whatever you

"An excellent attitude, we'll get along just fine! Now, in case you
were entertaining any ideas about escape, you should know that although
I was f***ed to tranquilize Mandy's pets earlier, they are now quite
awake and rather upset. I can't recommend going outside the house.
Now, let's get you out of there." Perversely, he whistled as he
worked, and soon had Jason free and standing nude upon the tiles.
"Now, don't be embarassed," he commented, as Jason looked for something
to cover himself in. "I used to be a doctor, and you're in fine shape-
you've nothing to be embarassed about. By the way, I don't believe I
have your name? We may as well get acquainted."

"Jason," replied a rather bemused Jason, "Jason McCroft."

Mr. Dodds beamed at him. "Jason. An adventurers' name." He pointed
to the doorway and said, "Well, lets go upstairs Jason, you look like
you could use a drink and some rest." He chuckled. "You know, I think
Mandy gets more ingenious with every year- that silicone rubber
thingummy is really quite clever, I'd love to see Mandy in it. Of
course, she stole the idea for The Well from me. Has she put you in
there yet?"

"Uh, no. I'm not even sure what it is."

They reached the top of the stairs and turned into the sitting room.
Dodds continued his monolog.

"Ahh. Hm. I used it on her once. What's your poison?"

Jason was surprised. "Single malt scotch, if she has it. You mean,
you were Mandy's uh, `master', once? And what is The Well?"

It had sounded rather ominous when Mr. Dodds had said it. You could
hear the capitals.

Mr. Dodds laughed, "Oh, I'm her master still! I turned her loose on
the world when she got bored with me, but I see she's still interested
in the more bizarre elements of our relationship. I drop in once a
year or so, just to remind her who's boss. She is very dominant with
most people, but she submits to me after a few hours. As for The Well,
I shall keep that my little secret for a while."

He poured Jason his drink, adding, "We're going to have a grand old
time, you'll see. I have some special things planned, and you'll fit
right in. By the way, is Flora still as randy as she used to be?" He
laughed as Jason blushed and said nothing.

"I thought so. She was a lover of mine for a short while, and I
suggested she look up Mandy when I found out she preferred women. It
was hard to let her go, but she's probably much happier now. She and
Mandy are two out of four of the only women I've ever met who were
really dedicated fetishists."

That comment surprised Jason and he looked up with interest. "Really?
Who are the other two?"

"One is my current flame, and the other is someone I'd just as soon

Jason was beginning to feel tired suddenly, the day's activities and
the scotch were apparently taking their toll. Mr. Dodds said, "Listen,
old boy, why don't you go upstairs and lie down before you fall down?"
Jason agreed and Mr. Dodds e****ted him up.

He also locked the door when he was sure that Jason was asl**p.

Jason awoke to the sound of clinking dishes, but couldn't see
anything. I don't remember it being this dark in here, he thought.
When he tried to get out of bed his senses reeled. His entire body was
frozen solid, as if made of stone! He soon realized that he was
embedded in some sort of hard, inflexible material, and that the only
thing left mobile was his head.

His head, on the other hand, was tightly encased in a leather helmet,
and his mouth was stuffed with a soft leather gag. Instinctually, he
tried to yell for help. "MMmmph!"

The voice of Mr. Dodds said, "Ahh! Awake, I see. Are you ready for

Jason was confused. So far as he knew, it was about six o'clock in the
evening. At least, that's what he'd left his clock set for.

He grunted a question. "Mmmph?"

Mr. Dodds chuckled. "Alright, let's get you started."

Jason heard a zipper being undone over his eyes and saw Mr. Dodds' face
lit by the bedside lamp.

He was in his room, but things looked tilted, wrong. Then the fact
occured to him that HE was tilted. He lay on something which held him
at an angle, something leaning against the dresser, judging from the

He looked down. He was solidly encased in a rock-hard plaster body
cast. No wonder he couldn't move a muscle! Now that he knew the
cause, he found the sensation interesting, perhaps a little erotic. If
he didn't try to move, his body seemed to no longer exist, floating on
clouds. But as soon as he so much as twitched a leg or arm, his skin
made him instantly aware of how rigidly immobile his body really was.

Mr Dodds was moving a breakfast tray toward him. "I trust you are
comfortable? I've had to take extreme measures after your's and
Flora's over -stimulation yesterday. The cast will subdue physical
sensations, and you should be back to normal in no time."

Jason looked doubtful. "Why don't you just tell us to lie in bed for a
couple hours without moving?"

Mr. Dodds smiled. "Why, because I have ulterior motives, of course.
Now, open your mouth and have some cereal."

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13

Jason awoke in a slight stupor. His tongue felt thick, and his eyes
were gummy with sl**p. Unknown to him, he had been made to sl**p for
eleven hours, while Mr. Dodds' completed his preperations. As he
stared bleary- eyed around his room, he noticed how everything, the
light from the window, the reflections from various objects in the
room, had acquired a crystalline clarity, an almost dreamlike
super-reality. For a moment, he wondered if he were still sl**ping.

He noticed, too that something was stuffed in his mouth, and his head
and face felt odd when he touched them. He realized he was wearing
some kind of rubber hood with open eyes, and nose holes for breathing.

He felt himself become aroused, but the sensation seemed somehow
incomplete, just a general warming in the vicinity of his crotch.

The next thing he noticed as he swung his legs over the bedside was an
odd sensation of numbness that enveloped his body. When he
absentmindedly scratched his crotch, something rang his alarm bells and
he looked down... ...and nearly fainted with shock. I'm dreaming, he
thought, I've gotta be dreaming. For framing the view of his belly were
two magnificent breasts and the swell of womanly hips was visible below
them. He stumbled, in a daze, to the long dressing mirror. The view
that greeted him there rocked him to his core. He was a woman. From
his shapely legs up past the nude mons veneris, his gaze swept upwards,
over the wide hips and surprisingly small waist, to his amazing
breasts. They had no right to be there, but denying them didn't make
them go away. And worse, his face was not his own. He knew that
heavily made-up feminine face in the mirror from somewhere. Then he
remembered. His first night with Flora and Mandy. It was the rubber
false face mask Flora had worn that first night. Combined with what
must surely have been a wig, it gave him a quite feminine and natural,
if expressionless, woman's face, with a pouting mouth and long lashes.

His gaze returned to the breasts pointing at him from the mirror. How
is this possible? he wondered. Hmm... about a 'D' cup, thought Jason
to himself, and nicely shaped, too.

He fondled them a moment, feeling already stiff nipples under his
slightly numb fingers, but no sensation in the breasts. They were
numb, senseless. That's odd, he thought- Mandy says her breasts are
quite sensitive. Well... if this is a dream, I don't want to wake
up. I want to know what this is really like... strange... why do I
feel so seperated from my body? This is more like a d**g trip than a
dream. He had no idea how close I was to the truth.

Jason would never have admitted it to anyone, even Mandy, his first
love, but he had always had transexual fantasies. The reason was not
so much that he enjoyed women's clothes, but rather that he wanted to
BE a woman, at least temporarily, to feel what a woman feels. He had
always suspected that their bodies felt much more sensual to their
owners, and he was certain they enjoyed sex more than most men. He
didn't want to just get into women's pants, he wanted their bodies.

Now that he had one, he didn't quite know what to do with it.

"Ahem," said a voice.

Jason nearly jumped out of his skin! He turned to see Mr. Dodds
standing in a shaded corner of the room, and grinning.

"Well, Flora, how are we feeling today? No, that's alright, I know you
can't answer."

Jason thought, is that it- I've really become Flora? Then I AM
dreaming... aren't I?

"No time to lose, dear," commented Mr. Dodds. "First, I want you to
install this dildo in that beautiful ass of yours." He handed Jason a
large, anatomically shaped dildo made of chrome plated steel. It was
equipped with a wide flange at the bottom, and was very heavy. It
frankly terrified him. He wanted to shout at Mr. Dodds that this was
his dream, and he wasn't planning to suffer in any way- he was going to
enjoy it- but then he realized- if this IS a dream, anything can
happen, can't it? And he realized that he DID want this. He wanted to
know what it really was like for Flora when she submitted to Mandy's
most delicious torments.

He began greasing up the dildo with the KY jelly that Dodds provided,
then his own tight bottom. To his relief, Dodds turned his back for
this part. It took several slow tries before his sphincter relaxed
enough to get the big dildo in, but when it finally slid home, "Flora"
grunted with pleasure into his mask. Although it felt as if he had a
telephone pole up his rear, he decided that he liked being a woman.

He wanted to feel his new body, but as soon as his hands wandered
towards his crotch, Mr. Dodds said, "Ah-ah! none of that! We have many
things to do, so hurry and put on the things I've laid out for you."
He pointed to a pile of neatly folded items on the dresser. "I'll help
you with the lacing and such," he added.

"Flora's" head was spinning... who am I really? How long can this
last? This is just to good to be true, he thought.

In a daze, "Flora" moved to the dresser and picked up the top item, a
panty girdle. It was a pretty, high waisted affair with short legs.
It was made out from heavy gauge rubberized spandex, colored pink,
which shimmered and glowed under the soft bedroom lights. As "Flora"
was putting it on, he was dismayed to find the dildo slipping out. He
had to pause several times to push it back up in embarrassment, much to
the amusement of Mr. Dodds.

"Don't worry, my dear," soothed Dodds, "you'll find that the girdle
will keep it in place."

With some effort, and some extra talcum powder, "Flora" slid the girdle
on and closed the side zipper.

As promised, the tight girdle held the dildo in, although loosely. The
heavy weight of the solid metal dildo kept it sliding out, but the
first step taken in the tight-fitting garment would send it slithering
back in. "Flora" found the effect very erotic.

The next item in the pile was a pink long-line rubber bra. He put it
on, smoothing it over his new breasts, and tucking the bottom under the
top of the girdle. It fit well, if somewhat tightly, revealing ample
cleavage over the cups.

Next was a pair of long black stockings, of polished rubber,
accompanied by a black patent-leather garter belt, with red trim. He
pulled the stockings up over the legs of the panty girdle and fastened
all six of the garters.

"Flora" was now covered in pink and black rubber from her toes to her

At this point, Mr. Dodds announced, "Very nice! But now you've come to
the hard part." "Flora" glanced at the dwindling pile of clothes.
With some trepidation, he picked up a heavy corset. It was quite a
piece of engineering, he had to admit. He had seen corsets before in
catalogs, but this one was different in a number of ways. It was
covered in soft black leather, but it's softness belied a much stiffer
foundation. It was heavily boned with twelve curved steel stays,
double-stitched in place, their thickness barely visible beneath the
layers of canvas and leather. Instead of one, it had two curved steel
busks, with gleaming chrome plated hooks, but unlike the other corsets
he had seen, they were at the sides, not in front. It sported sixteen
inches of lacing eyelets at the front and back. The top edge was
curved to fit right up under the breasts, and its length extended well
over the hips. In all, it was a very finely crafted and formidable

After carefully fitting it in place, Dodds began lacing it up. It took
quite some time, for he had to allow long breaks while "Flora's" waist
and lower ribcage adjusted to their new shape. After almost an hour,
he had "Flora's" figure tightly compressed in it's rigid embrace.

"Flora" could hardly breathe, but the stiff support clamping his torso
felt strangely pleasant, a sort of mobile bondage.

Dodds produced a tape from a pocket, and measured his waist.
"Twenty-four inches exactly! That's about twenty-two inches
underneath. Very good... Well? What are you waiting for? Keep

"Flora" was beginning to be glad that the window had been left open
during the night, for the room was still cool and he was beginning to
get warm under the layers of rubber and leather. The next garment was
an elaborate latex maid's uniform, in black with white trim at hem and
necklines, the skirt filled by several white latex petticoats. Putting
it on was a lesson in frustration. He found himself quite unable to
bend at the waist in the rigid grasp of the corset. Although he could
bend at the hips a little, the bottom of the corset pressed into his
hips and crotch. He ended up putting the dress on over his head. Once
Dodds had zipped up the back, the low-cut bodice fit quite tightly,
showing off his figure rather more than he would have liked.

A dainty rubber maid's apron was attached to it, having fake ties
around the sides, and frilly edges on the apron itself. The sleeves of
the dress were puffed at the shoulder and ended in a tight cuff just
above the elbow.

To complete the outfit, Dodds handed him long white latex opera gloves,
which he tucked under the cuffs of "Flora's" dress.

"Flora" was now completely covered in rubber, without a square
centimeter of skin showing. His face appeared natural, but this was an
illusion, the cleverly colored and molded helmet clinging sweatily to
his face.

Only his wide eyes were actually uncovered, and could be seen staring
excitedly through the eye-shaped holes.

Unknown to him, "Flora" was under a further layer of foam latex rubber,
the suit molded from Flora's and Jason's casts, giving him a perfect
female form.

The heat was soon building inside the air-tight costume. His privates
were bound in a leather cock and ball harness, then tucked into a
shallow steel cod piece with leather-padded edges. Its smooth curves
concealed his sex completely. The molded female features of the foam
rubber suit completed the illusion perfectly.

But Mr. Dodds wasn't finished playing dress-up yet. Finally came a
pair of the most incredible boots "Flora" had ever seen. At first he
couldn't see how anyone could wear them. They were finely crafted from
thin stainless steel sheet, made into form-fitting thigh-high boots.
The feet had nine inch tall heels, ending in a "ballet" toe, the sole
curved to f***e the foot up on point.

The body of the boots were shaped into beautiful curves, with muscular-
looking calves, and firm, rounded thighs. He wondered for a moment how
they had been made.

"Here," said Dodds, "I'll have to help you into those." It turned out
that the boots were made in two halves, front and back, and were made
with small interlocking holes and studs along the seams. Each half was
lined with a thin layer of firm foam rubber. "Flora's" feet and legs
were fitted carefully in place, then Dodds pressed hard to f***e the
two halves together. With some effort, they snapped together, the
studs locking into the holes, leaving an almost invisible seam.
"Flora's" legs were now solidly clamped into the unbending boots.

After helping "Flora" into the boots, Mr. Dodds had him toddle around
the room. "Well, aren't you a beautiful creature!" he exclaimed.
"Let's get downstairs so you can fix breakfast."

"Flora" had a tough time of it, as the boots were almost impossible to
walk in, and he had to constantly make tiny steps back and forth to
keep his balance. He was soon sweating from the effort of moving his
legs without the use of his knees, swinging his hips to lift the heels
clear of the carpeting.

They made it to the dining area without mishap, however.

"I've laid out most of the food," Dodds announced, "so all you have to
do is cook it and get it on the table. I'm sure I don't have to remind
you to keep your uniform clean." So saying, he left the room.

"Flora" was beginning to like this new costume, for while the steel
boots were uncomfortably rigid, they were shaped very sexily, giving
him the chrome-plated legs of a dancer, or a muscular female android.
He stood in front of the dining room mirror for a moment, running his
hands over the smooth rubber. His waist felt strangely alien,
incredibly small.

He felt the heavy dildo slide out a little as his rear muscles relaxed,
then slither into him again as he made for the kitchen. Walking around
the generously sized kitchen was a heavenly torture, as he strained to
get out pans, boil water, and cook the considerable amount of
foodstuffs that Dodds had set out. It was quite impossible to flex his
legs, and the corset held his waist absolutely rigid, so that the only
recourse was to bend over at the hips, holding onto counters and chairs
for balance. This wasn't especially easy, for his jogger's legs were
not very limber, and his muscles stretched painfully each time he bent

He was quite aroused now, but the thick latex girdle not only excited
him, but dulled sensation as well, so that he never quite reached the
point of release.

When Dodds returned, he had "Jason" with him, along with some leather
items in his other hand, and "Flora" marvelled at the complex harness
and the chrome dildo fixed at her mouth.

It seemed that they were all famished, as breakfast disappeared
quickly, Mr. Dodds consuming more food than anyone, accompanied by vast
quantities of black coffee.

When they were finished, "Flora" rose to clean away the remains, rather
enjoying the servile role of maid, but Mr. Dodds stopped him saying,
"Leave that, I'll get it later. Right now, I've something I want to
show you."

He released "Jason" from the chair, re-tightening her harness. Then he
pulled out a pair of "bondage mittens", leather cuffs with
tight-fitting bags which laced up, enclosed the hands. He showed her
how they buckled to her harness at the outside of her hips. A few more
straps attached to the harness at chest and waist, pinning her arms to
her sides.

Next, he brought out a leather "single glove", or arm-binder, and
pulling "Flora's" arms to the rear, slid it over them to his
shoulders. Two straps secured it around his shoulders, and then Dodds
laced it up tightly, pulling "Flora's" arms toward each other, and
thrusting out his breasts.

Snapping a lead to each of their collars, he led them to the basement
stairs, "Flora" tottering about on his impossible heels, and "Jason's"
leather harness creaking and squeeking.

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5

Jason looked on in amazement as Mandy gently removed a rubber balloon
gag from Flora's mouth, and finished removing the mask. Her real face
was remarkably similar to the face of the mask, although a little
flushed-looking. Jason guessed that the mask had been molded from her
actual features.

Flora blinked, sputtered and licked her lips several times. "Ahh.
Roowaah. Christ, Mandy, did you have to leave it on so long? I
thought I'd die of thirst!"

Jason stared as Mandy finished removing Flora's restraints. Flora had
quite a pretty face, if not quite up to covergirl standards, and the
tight rubber maids' dress emphasized her hourglass figure.

"Incredible!" he murmured.

"Oh, this is nothing," Mandy said, "we've done things much more
interesting, haven't we, my dear?" Flora blushed.

"Umm, Flora, you must be pretty brave to wear a rubber mask like that
for so long," Jason commented, "it must have been very uncomfortable."

Flora smiled. "A little, but I don't mind. After a while, my face
does get a little numb, but that's okay. Actually, this one fits like
a second skin. A friend of Mandy's makes latex masks for the movie
industry, you know- zombies and such. He made this one for us. And
believe me, I've worn much more uncomfortable things. I'm actually a
bit of a pig when it comes to hoods and helmets. It feels good to have
my head wrapped in a tight rubber hood. I can't explain it," she
finished lamely. "Of course," she added, "Mandy knows I like them, so
she's always trying to make them more difficult to wear."

"OR... I just leave her in it for eight hours or so," Mandy put in.
"If it's a severe enough hood, that usually wears down her resistance."

She got up from the couch. "Why don't you fix us some drinks, Flora,
while I ahh, slip into something more comfortable, as they say." She
disappeared up the stairs.

While Flora got creative with ethanol and ice, Jason looked around the
paneled sitting room. "This is really quite some place you have here.
Mandy's father must have had quite a flair for luxury."

"Oh no, he had nothing to do with it. This is entirely her own
creation," she answered. She minced over to him with the drinks,
giving him an excellent lesson in the difficulty of walking in stiletto

"It's quite decadent really. We have several bedroom suites, a
hot-tub, a sauna, a recreation room, and Mandy's added some very comfy
refinements, like this library. There are reading nooks all over the
house, too. We're both book worms, I'm afraid. We've been very happy

"You didn't look very happy when she took that mask off you," he

"Oh, that's just part of the game," she said. "I can't admit that I
didn't really mind whatever she's done to me, or she'll just try to
make it worse the next time.

She looked shyly at the floor. "I like being in that sort of costume,"
she said and looked up into his eyes. "And I gather you do too."

"Uh, well, I'm not into wearing dresses, if that's what you mean, but,
yeah." I've been into rubber and latex for... well for a long time.
You see, I wasn't shocked at your outfit, just the mask. It's some
kind of bondage helmet, isn't it? I've seen them in magazines, but I
thought that was just for sado... sadomasochists. I mean, you guys
aren't into pain are you?"

Flora looked amused. "Weeelll, I'm not really into the heavy whipping
and stuff, but a little discomfort, fr'instance, if it's part of
bondage, I don't mind at all. And minor pain, like... well, anyway,
minor pain is okay, it kind of reminds you that you're alive, and that
you're playing with power. Sure, Mandy and I, we do some pretty wild
things. Some things that might shock you."

"But you're not into say, whipping?"

"The closest I ever came to REAL pain were my piercings, and they were
over so fast, I hardly felt it."

Jason gave her a blank look. "Piercings?" he inquired.

She smiled and licked her lips. "I'll show you sometime, if I can.
I'd show you now, but Mandy's got me locked in this damned chastity

Jason looked shocked. "Chastity belt! That's so Victorian! Surely
she doesn't mean to keep you from, from..." he trailed off,
embarassed. He realized that the drink was loosening his tongue, and
he'd have to be careful.

Flora looked slyly sideways at him. "Oh don't be such a prude. I
don't know how long you knew Mandy, but she's changed since you guys
were k**s. She's just not that impressed with most men. She says she
wants to keep me for herself, and frankly, I don't mind. Most men are
such... well, prudes when it comes to dressing for pleasure. As far as
they're concerned, dressing kinky is just dressing sexy, so it's fine
for women, but otherwise, it's for `sissies'. And then there's the
macho attitude of most males... phooey."

Jason noticed her shifting her weight back and forth a bit, her hips
swaying in a slightly provacative manner. He tried to concentrate on
the topic at hand.

"Uh, she doesn't seem to mind me," he said. "You know, we go back a
long way, Mandy and I. She's the reason I got into the rubber thing in
the first place."

"Okay, I have to admit it," Flora said. "Mandy's told me all about
you. I got kind of jealous, for a while, because she was tracking you
down, planning...well, I'm not sure what she was planning. Anyway,
except for a few twinges of jealousy, I've really been looking forward
to meeting you. Mandy said that when you guys met, back in high
school, wasn't it? that she wasn't really kinky yet- that she just
liked dressing sexy. I guess her parents were very kinky though- it's
no surprise she is the way she is."

Jason smiled. "She is a very pursuasive woman," he observed. Flora
seemed to want to talk, so he'd let her. Moreover, she seemed to be
going somewhere with the topic, and he was curious where she would end

"She completely subverted me, that's for sure! When we met, my idea of
dressing for pleasure was solely based on looks- what you could buy
from Frederick's. I thought that kinky meant oral sex. Everything
she's introduced me to, I've loved! Every so often though, she'd
mention you. Maybe you don't realize it, but I think that deep down
inside, she really fell hard for you."

"Yeah, well, I can tell you I was pretty crushed when she had to move
to DC," Jason replied. "She seemed almost indifferent, though."

"Don't sell her short! She's a very tough lady, and she's great at
hiding her true feelings."

"Um. Well, I'm flattered that you thought of me," Jason said. "And
may I say, that I am very glad to have met you, too. Do you have any
idea how rare it is to find women with fetishes like this? Most of us
rubber nuts are men."

Flora smiled, looking up through her eyelashes at him, and closing the
distance between them. She seemed to be shifting her weight quite a
lot now, as if something was making her nervous.

"You're the first man who really liked our costumes for themselves,"
she said, "not just because they were on a female body. That's very
refreshing, at least from my point of view. As for this damn chastity
belt, it's actually quite nice at first, but it gets to be distracting
after a while."

She licked her lips slowly and deliberately.

"I should say so," said Jason, taking her hands in his. "You've
certainly been distracting me for some time now. How do you think _I_
feel? I get turned on this way too, you know, and I've been wearing
these tight latex knickers for half a day now."

Her only answer was to take one of his hands in hers, smiling at him.
Jasons eyes grew wide as she pulled one of his hands under the flounces
of her rubber skirt.

"What if she comes back?" he whispered. She ignored him, pressing his
hand into her crotch. "Flora!" he whispered fiercely, if Mandy finds
us like this..." Her eyes were closed. Jason's hand touched something
hard and smooth beneath the concealing folds of the rubber.

She ignored his questions.

"See?" she breathed. "It completely covers the important parts, like a
girdle. It's made of rawhide leather, molded to me while it was wet,
then dried and laminated with latex." With his hand pressed under
hers, she was moving the front of the chastity belt up and down
slightly, probably all the movement the tight-fitting appliance would

She leaned forward to whisper some more, her breath hot and moist in
his ear. "But it's not unpleasant to wear, oh no. You see,
Mandy...ahh... didn't want me to get bored, so she installed a pair of
thick rubber dildoes in it, and there are...mmmm.... a bunch of little
rubber fingers right over my clit. Ohh, I can't quite...ah, damn!" she
exclaimed softly. "It's just barely too tight to let me get off."

"Incredible," Jason sighed, "no wonder you seemed distracted at the
party." Her panting in his ear, and the feel of this strange hardness
between her legs had really worked him over. Despite his determination
to remain a gentleman, he had become equally determined to obtain
release, whether with Flora or with Mandy, at this point he hardly

"It's really trouble when I move," she said, "I can ignore it when I'm
sitting. When I want to, that is." She squirmed her derrier around
for his amusement. "Of course, I couldn't hear well, or say anything
at the party, because of the mask and gag. I felt wonderfully helpless,
and seeing you in those pants made me horny as hell. You have great
buns, you know."

She began massaging his crotch through his rubber jeans. Jason was
worrying that he might cum in his pants when they heard footsteps
coming down the stairs.

"I'll visit you tonight," Flora whispered, and gave his ear a parting
nibble before she moved away from him to sit in one of the reading

"I hope you two are getting on alright," Mandy called out from the
landing. She winked at Jason as she walked in the room. "She hasn't
m*****ed you too badly I hope. You've only just got here, and I'm sure
you're tired after all that booze and dancing."

Jason could say nothing in reply, he just stared. His high school love
had been transformed. Before him stood five feet and ten inches of
full-flowered womanhood. She had donned a complex-looking catsuit of
white patent leather that completely covered her body except for her
face. Her head was covered by the attached hood, fitted skin-tight,
that laced at the sides, the lacing continuing down along the sides of
her neck, disappearing under her cape. The lines of lacing re-appeared
from under her arms, and curved inward along matching graceful lines to
pass over the hips and down the front of her legs to her toes, laced
tightly all the way down.

Her cupped breasts peeked out from the folds of a floor-length black
latex cape with a high-backed 'Dracula' style collar. "How do you like
it?" she asked.

Jason was floored. She looked like something out of one of his wet
dreams. He had seen catsuits like this in a European fetish magazine,
but having her here, walking around, talking to was hard to
believe after all his lonely years.

"It's... it's wonderful!" he stammered. "You look like...scratch
that. You ARE a goddess. You look as if you'd been poured into it.
My god, Mandy, you've really outdone yourself. I guess, I guess I
hadn't realized until now that you've become a woman. All these years
I've remembered you as a high school girl, and now... well, you're a
very beautiful woman, Mandy."

She glowed at his worshipful praise, removed the cape, and pirouetted
for them. Jason saw that the suit was tightly laced down the arms, and
at the front and back of the waist, as well. In fact, he recognized
boning in that waist- it had a built in corset! It pulled her figure
into a fantastic hour-glass shape.

The breast cups of the suit were hand-tooled to resemble nude breasts
with the nipples standing out. The boots had five inch heels and were
part of the suit, laced tightly from the toes to the tops of her
thighs, where they joined smoothly at the hip.

There was some kind of black fitting nestled in her crotch, but he
couldn't figure out what it was.

"Really, Mandy, it's the nicest outfit you own," Flora added, "you know
I love to see it on you. But you should have asked me to help, I know
how difficult those laces are."

"I managed, as you can see," Mandy replied primly. "I'm glad you like
it, Jason," she added, heading for the bar. She picked up her drink
and sniffed it. "Stolychnaya? " she inquired of Flora.

"Of course. With white pepper, the way you like it. Shall we toast
our guest, mistress?"

"But yes!" Mandy exclaimed, "Here's to Jason, may his latex never lose
its shine, and may he love all that he learns here!"

Mandy drained the slender vodka glass at a gulp and sighed. "Ahh! That
hits the spot. Oh! Jason, you have to call your office, remember? You
promised you'd stay for a week."

Jason looked thoughtful.

"I tell you what," he said, "after what I've just seen, I know how I
want to spend my vacation. I'm going to take two weeks off, if it's
alright with you."

"Of course it's alright with us! Don't be silly. Oh, damn. You can't
call now, it's four in the morning, and tomorrow's Saturday. Can you
call in early Monday morning?"

"No problem, I can just leave a message with the answering service.
I'm kind of my own department anyway, and I finished my last coding
project a week ago. Where's your phone?"

When Jason had made the call, Mandy took him by an arm, and indicated
that Flora should take the other.

"Well, Jason, would you like the nickel tour or do you just want to
sack out? I imagine you're eager to see your bed after the long day
you've had."

Jason tore his eyes away from her figure. "Why ah, yes! Thanks! A bed
would be good," he managed to say. They trooped up the wide, curving
front staircase, three abreast.

At the end of a teak-paneled hallway, she opened a set of ornate double
doors. "These will be your rooms. Bathroom on the left, wardrobe and
dressers on the right. Oh, and there's a surprise on the bed, it's
just for special occasions, we can change them for satin later. Flora
will get your bags. I'll be back later to check on you." She paused
in the hall, one hand still on the doorframe. "Oh, and if you need
anything, I'd rather you didn't go wandering around...just use the bell
pull there." She nodded toward a tassled embroidered tape, hanging
next to the bed.

When they had left, Jason wandered around his room, bemused by it's
lavish appointments. Rather than closets, a huge cherry armoir took up
most of one wall, with an equally large matching chest of drawers on
the oppposite wall.

The walls were hung with burgundy velvet curtains, the floor was
carpeted with a deep pile in the same color, and the french four-poster
bed was hung with more velvet curtains.

The place looked like a sultan's palace! Wondering what the surprise
was, he inspected the bed. He was delighted to find it covered in
sheets of soft amber latex rubber topped by a thick comforter of shiny
black latex. He wondered how he'd ever get to sl**p in sheets like
that. He noticed that the upstairs was a little on the chill side,
though, and he hoped it would be enough to keep him from sweating badly
in all that rubber.

Flora trudged in, puffing, with his trunk and valise. "You'll have to
unpack yourself, I'm afraid, the mistress wants her bath about now."

She lowered her voice to a whisper. "I'll be back later." She gave him
a quick taste of her tongue and a brief squeeze at his crotch and was
gone, leaving only the memory of her rubber-covered breasts pressing
against him.

Jason stood bewildered in the middle of his room for a moment, and then
began to unpack.

He decided to make use of the drawers and the wardrobe, and began
carefully folding and stowing what he'd brought, both the kinky and the
mundane. He noticed one of the drawers was locked. When he'd
finished, and was ready for bed, it was almost an hour later. Since
she hadn't showed up yet, he decided to look for Mandy to ask what time
they usually got up. Forgetting her warning about "wandering around",
he headed out to explore.

At a door half way down the hall, he stopped, hearing soft moans from
within. Not really wanting to peep, he did anyway, peeking past the
half-open door. It was obvious where the noise was coming from, but it
took him a few moments to figure out exactly what was going on. It was
a bizarre scene.

Mandy was sitting astride what looked like a c***d's wooden
'rocking-horse', although few c***dren had hobby horses like this one.
Flora was strapped into a harness under the seat, inside the open-frame
"body" of the horse, her body arched back, and her legs bound to the
rockers in a kneeling position. Her arms were laced behind her into a
tight leather armbinder which was attached to the harness at her
waist. Her head was laced into a tight leather helmet the face of
which was attached to the bottom of the saddle. Unable to move, she
was f***ed to service her mistress as she rocked back and forth.

Mandy was moaning again. "Yes, give me your tongue, you little slut,"
she husked. Jason was shocked.

Flora was moaning too, and from her sounds might have been enjoying the
proceedings as much as Mandy. Mandy was still wearing the white
leather bootsuit, and for a moment Jason wondered how she could be
enjoying it so much. Then he remembered the unexplained crotch fitting
he had seen earlier. It must be a removable patch, he thought.

Presently, Mandy finished and rose from her seat, breathing hard,
flushed and smiling. Jason thought that to be a prudent moment to
leave, and returned as quickly and quietly as he could to his room.


Jason lay in bed between latex sheets, somewhat stunned. He wasn't
exactly offended by what he'd seen, rather to his surprise he was
terribly aroused. His hand moved u*********sly to his cock. He had
wanted to join them. He imagined himself in Floras place, and he
wondered at this, because it excited him terribly.

He drifted off to sl**p hearing Mandy's cries of lust in his mind.

When Jason awoke, it was pitch black, and for a moment, he knew only
that he was NOT in his own bed. Then the events of the day came back
to him. He lay still for a moment, wondering what had awakened him.

"Jason?" a disembodied voice called softly.

Dimly, her realized he knew that voice, but couldn't place it.

"Who's there?" he asked, reaching for the bedside lamp.

The figure revealed in the sudden light made him wonder if he was still
dreaming. A totally hairless android with large, high-set breasts and
a slender waist stood next to the bed.

"It's me, Flora," she said. She turned on the other bedside lamp.
Jason stared as she climbed into the bed. He moved over clumsily.

"How do I look?" she asked.

Finally he realized that she was wearing a catsuit. A catsuit of
pinkish-tan, flesh-colored rubber that completely covered her from head
to toe. Her hair was apparently concealed beneath the skin-tight hood
attached to the suit. He wondered for a moment how she had room for
her hair under that form-fitting hood. She looked delicious.

"You look delicious," he said.

She slithered up his body. Hugging him and wrapping her legs closely
around his.

"Delicious enough to eat?" she asked. He nodded silently. She turned
around to face his feet, and pulling a zipper at her crotch, promptly
sat on his face.

Jason was delighted to find that no chastity belt barred the way now.
He took a deep breath and dove in. Then immediately drew back. There
was hardware in there! In the soft light of the reading lamps he could
see several metal rings gleaming within her sex. They were silver
colored, about 1/2 an inch in diameter, and very sturdy looking. There
were five pierced through each labia! He had never seen anything like

It struck him as primitive... alien... and bizarre.

It turned him on.

There was another gold ring, larger and thicker than the others,
through her clitoris. He put his tongue through it, and tugged
experimentally. She moaned and pushed his head into the pillows with
her sex.

"Mandy removed my chastity belt as a reward for being nice to her," she
murmured. "Mmmm, I'll tell you about it later. That feels very nice,
you know." She unbuttoned his pyjama pants. He was very hard, his
cock jerking back and forth slightly with his pulse. She slowly licked
the length of his shaft, then engulfed him.

Flora turned out to have a mouth as skilled as it was luscious in
appearance, but all Jason could think of was the rocking horse and it
wasn't Flora anymore but Mandy moving across his face, and he imagined
his arms immobilized as Flora's had been, Mandy's sex pushing through
the opening in her leather suit, and he was Flora, and.. and.. they
came almost simultaneously, Jason stifling a shout at the last second.
After resting a bit, Flora rolled off of him, cuddling up next to him,
surrounding him with rubber-covered arms and legs.

"I hope you don't mind taking a break, love," she said dreamily, "I'm
so tired..."

But Jason wasn't listening to her or anyone else.

The next time Jason awoke, it was to the sound of angry, but muted
voices. Mandy was shoving Flora out the door. "..and I'll deal with
you later!" she hissed.

Jason sat up in bed. Mandy looked stern for a moment, but then her
face softened suddenly, and she said, "Boys will be boys. Breakfast is
ready, sl**pyhead, why don't you shower and dress and meet us

Jason was completely confused. "But... hey, it's not like you think.. I

"Don't you worry your gorgeous head about it. You'll be too busy with
my trials today to think of anything else. See you downstairs!"

She closed the door behind her.

Jason was dumbfounded. He'd really fouled things up last night by
letting Flora remain in his bed, and now Mandy was acting weird. I
hope the rest of the week isn't like this, he thought. When he had
finished showering and shaving, he decided to surprise Mandy by wearing
a new silk bathrobe down to breakfast. But no sooner had he stepped
from the bathroom, than something dark and heavy came whooshing down
over his head, as Mandy's voice cried, "Gotcha!".

She had pulled some kind of bag over his head.

"Hey!" he shouted, "What the...!" He struggled to get it off, but it
covered him to his hips, and he couldn't get a purchase from the

"No fair, dammit! Mandy, let me out of here! I'll get you for this,

Mandy huffed and puffed as she hurried to buckle straps over the
outside. She paused when she had him fairly secure. "Wench is it?
You're in no position to be insulting, bucko! I'll teach you to screw
the maid behind my back!" She laughed and pulled a strap up through
his crotch.

"OW!" he exclaimed, "be careful! What are you trying to pull?" Mandy
smiled and exclaimed, "I'm pulling this!" She tightened another
leather strap. "And this!", another strap. "And this!" another.

Inside the bag, Jason was running out of room to struggle. He could
hardly move his arms now, and his breath came in gasps. The interior
smelled strongly of leather.

"Let me out, PLEASE," he wheezed, "I'll smother!" Fresh air and light
streamed in through a sudden opening. He saw Mandy's smiling face
through the zipper as she said, "Now we can't have you suffocating, can
we? Since you demonstrated your eagerness with Flora, I've decided to
start your training a little early." She snugged up another strap,
taking the last of the slack out of the body binder.

"Training? What is this training stuff you keep babbling about?" Jason

"Why, don't you remember? You promised to endure any trial, accomplish
any task, in order to win my love. This is your first trial. You may
as well go along with it, as you haven't much choice now, have you?"

Oh shit, thought Jason, she's gone off the rails. His thoughts ran
screaming in little circles. He had to admit, he was stuck. He
wondered whether she'd let him go if he played along for a while. Then
he could escape. But he wanted her like anything, and would have done
anything for her even now. Besides, he couldn't escape right now. He
could no longer move his arms, and the straps through his crotch
prevented him shrugging off the... bag or whatever it was. It covered
his head too, and as she talked, she did something that tightened that
too, the leather compressing his face and head tightly. He sighed. It
was difficult now, to even open his mouth. "All right," he mumbled
through the leather, "I'll go along with it."

Mandy snorted. "As if you had any choice." She turned him to look in
the bathroom mirror. "Now aren't you a pretty package?" she asked.

He looked at his reflection. He was bound in a torso-shaped leather
binder, like a straight jacket without sleeves. It covered him from
his head to his hips. Several heavy leather straps across the back and
sides pulled it tight, and two straps went throught the crotch to
buckle in back. He stared out through a zipper in the attached
helmet. His arms had been f***ed up to cross in front of his chest.
He couldn't budge anything above his hips.

Mandy fondled his cock for a moment, and despite himself, he found
himself growing hard. Then she shoved him toward the bed.

"Why don't you just rest here while I see to Flora?" She gave him a
shove. He fell helplessly to the mattress. To his surprise, she bent
over and kissed his eyes. Then she closed the zipper, shutting off his
vision. He heard rustling clothes and a moment later she undid the zip
over his mouth.

"Here, my love, you can chew on my panties while you're waiting," she
said, and stuffed a wad of satin into his mouth. He sputtered and
tried to object, but she pushed until his mouth was full and closed the
zipper. He immediately tried to spit it out, but the helmet was too
tight over his mouth. He f***ed himself to breath calmly through his
nose. Seconds later, he heard the door close. Well, damn! He
thought, what have I got myself into? This bitch is nuts! How am I
going to get out of this? He struggled again, but it was no use trying
to free his arms. Already they ached somewhat from their cramped
positions. He thought of getting to his feet and trying to get out,
but then realized his true situation. Where could he get to without
being able to see?

He didn't know the layout of the house, and then outside, there were
those huge dogs.

All he could do was wait, helpless, with the smell of leather in his
nostrils, and the musky taste of Mandy in his mouth.

Lying on her bed, Flora told herself it had been worth it, but then she
remembered that no matter how much Mandy might enjoy a threesome, she
still had a jealous streak, and Flora knew she would use this latest
"offense" as an excuse for another long punishment session. Flora was
both addicted to and terrified of these sessions. Mandy's idea of
punishment was usually a combination of erotic stimulation,
frustration, and uncomfortable, even painful discipline. If Mandy
misjudged and Flora came, she "tortured" her and tried again, until she
got it right. It was a strange combination of reward and punishment
and it usually pushed Flora to her limits.

She won't really hurt me, Flora thought, she's spiteful and capricious,
but her 'torture' is always erotic and friendly, right? She wouldn't
do anything...

The door flew open with a bang. "Hello, Flora," Mandy said softly.
Her grim smile gave Flora no comfort. She stood framed in the doorway,
a vision in gleaming black leather and rubber. It was her 'punishment
uniform', Flora knew. Mandy wore a chrome-studded patent leather
brassiere with pointy, cone-shaped cups, a short black rubber miniskirt
and knee-high laced boots of red patent leather with 4 inch spike
heels. She had a bulky black bundle in one hand.

"Take off your suit," she ordered, still standing in the doorway.

Flora still had on the thin latex catsuit she had visited Jason in.
She peeled it off her sweating skin and stood shivering slightly in the
chill morning air.

Mandy was apparently unimpressed by the fact that Flora's hair seemed
to be missing, for Flora was bald as a cue-ball! Clean-shaven and
shining, the effect was rather exotic, strangely beautiful.

"Put this on," Mandy said next, throwing the bundle at Flora. Flora
caught the garment and examined it. Mandy moved to close the window
through which the breeze came.

This was something new. Mandy had both their measurements, and was
always sending orders for new costume and equipment creations to the
rubber and leather specialists in Europe and England.

This one appeared to be a very long, heavily boned panty corselet.
Incredibly, it was made out of 1/8" thick rubber, and the boning was so
stiff, she could hardly bend it. She opened the front busk and
shuddered when she looked inside. The heavy rubber briefs that made up
the lower half were fitted with a formidably large dildo and an almost
equally large butt plug. In front of the dildo, the briefs were lined
with a narrow panel of 1/2" rubber fingers. She turned it over. The
waist section was cut severely small and the molded breast cups were
lined with more little rubber warts. The garment would cover the
entire torso up to the jawline with a high collar, stiffened with more

The corset section had the usual laces for tightening it up the back,
with more over the tops of the shoulders and at the neck, too. And
there were what looked like two small swivel joints riveted to the back
at hip height.

Everywhere she looked on it, there was some other little feature
intended to torment the wearer. The purpose of some things were not
immediately apparent.

There was a heavy rubber tube or hose, glued along the back from top to
bottom. There was also a threaded metal stud attached at the crotch
under the dildo. She couldn't fathom what either of those was for.

And frankly, the whole thing looked a little small, even for her
slender figure. She shuddered, and looked up at Mandy.

To Be Continued...
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

Jason didn't struggle as Mandy led him from the dining room. He was hardly
in a position to struggle, encased as he was in the tightly-strapped leather
bondage bag. Mandy had closed the zip over his eyes, so that he was once
again blind.

They stopped walking, and he felt a lurch under his feet as the lift started
downward. Well, he thought, trying to put a damper on his panicky feelings,
at least I'm getting to see the rest of the house.

His stomach complained from the overfeeding it had received moments before,
and Jason reflected on what he had learned about Mandy. When he had first
met her, they had been in high school. Her parents had apparently been
into this sort of thing (he found out later), and a little of their kinky
habits had rubbed off on their daughter. She had quite a wardrobe of shiny,
rubber and plastic garments, with a few leather items thrown in for good
measure. All of them fit very tight, and had showed off her cheerleader's
figure to great effect. He had fallen hard for her.

But now it seemed, she had stepped across the boundaries of just "dressing
for pleasure", and was into body-modifications, bondage, and who knew what
else. He began to worry what she be capable of. So far, her bondage and
other bizarre games seemed to be sexually-oriented, but Flora had said that
Mandy didn't really like men. Suppose she was playing with him? Suppose
she actually intended to use him for her little games with Flora, then
discard him like a used tissue? Visions of twisted, naked bodies and midnight
visits to the surrounding woods threatened him for a moment, before a cool
and strange sensation enveloped his still-exposed cock.

It was Mandy's rubber-gloved hand, he realized. The lift lurched slightly
again as they reached the basement. He was lead around a corner, then again
brought to a stop. Mandy's ( he presumed ) hands guided him to a kind of bed
or cot, which he was made to lie down upon. It was very soft, and he sank
down into it, as if on an under-filled water bed. Next he felt hands at his
neck followed by zipping sounds, followed by a breath of fresh air hitting his
chest. She loosened the crotch straps and back straps that held the body
binder on, and in moments, he was free. Unfortunately, he still could see
nothing. Apparently, the hood had been unzipped from the binder, for his
head was still encased in snug leather.

For a moment, he was free to move about on the soft springy mattress, and his
hands explored the surface. It was very smooth, bounded by a hard frame at
the edges, and he assumed it was more rubber. Damn, he thought, this woman
is more latex-crazy than I am!

He made to sit up, but hands immediately pushed him back down, then another
soft, smooth surface came down on top of him, pressing him flat. He could
move his arms and legs around a bit, but soon found his freedom limited by
a hard frame, that the top sheet seemed to be clamped under, or perhaps,
attached to. He could not sit up either. It felt as if the frame curved
closely around his neck- he was trapped.

After a few seconds, Mandy appeared upside down in his vision, as she removed
the leather hood. She was grimacing at him. No, she was smiling at him, but
she was upside down to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "You're not going to... going to..." he
faltered, unable to express his worse fears.

"Torture you?" Mandy asked sweetly. "Certainly I'm going to torture you,
'though maybe not in the way you expect." She bustled about the room, and
Jason twisted his head this way and that to follow her motions.

"Actually," she continued, as she rummaged in a drawer, "I'm hoping you'll
enjoy what I have planned for you. I'm not cruel, you know- just vindictive.
And guests that fuck the maid must be punished," she finished, with a
sardonic tone to her voice.

Jason was relieved. He realized that for the moment, he was safe. And
apparently, Mandy intended this to be all in fun. He looked down at his
predicament. His body was trapped between two sheets of, amazingly, crystal
-clear rubber, stretched within a frame of chrome tubing. He realized it had
to be silicone rubber. The top sheet was quite thin, and wasn't very
restrictive, although he knew it was very strong, and that though it would
stretch quite a way, it would be difficult if not impossible to tear through
it. The sheet he lay on must have been much thicker, for it supported
his body weight without stretching much. The sides of the frame were attached
to large bearings, and he realized that the frame could swivel to an upright,
or, he supposed, an upside-down position. He noticed a very slight draft
of cold air too, under his buttocks.

Judging from what Mandy had done to Flora, he suddenly dreaded her idea of

"Um, what are you going to do to me?" he asked, "and where's Flora?"

Mandy was busy wrapping a soft, thin, band of clear rubber around his neck,
where it entered the curved neck entry of the bondage frame.

"If you'll be patient for a moment, you'll find out," she replied. "As for
Mandy, you'll be seeing her soon enough. Tell me, what did you think of
Flora being bald?"

"Flora being..." Jason was speechless for a moment. Then he remembered the
flesh-colored catsuit she had visited him in last night. He remembered
wondering how her hood could fit so smoothly. He remembered that under the
fake mask, she had worn another, much thinner rubber mask... he had wondered
at that...

"Why, Jason," Mandy said, "you look shocked!" She did something with running
water that was out of his line of sight.

"Well, actually, it's just that...okay. I admit it, I was really turned on
by that suit of hers, because it made her look bald.
And I like shaved women."

"Well, that's more like it! I appreciate you candor. Now, I'll tell you a
little secret. I get turned on by shaved heads, too." She walked toward
him. She was carrying a pair of scissors. She was smiling that predatory
smile again.

Jason had a very good idea what they were for.

"Now wait just a damn minute!" he exclaimed. "You've got no right to do this!
Remember, I have to go back to work in two weeks...I can't.."

"You can wear a toupee," Mandy interjected.

"But I don't WANT to be bald," complained Jason.

Mandy had his hair in her rubber-gloved hand. "How do you know whether
you'll like it until you've tried it?" she asked.

"But...but..." spluttered Jason.

"Imagine how it will feel..." Mandy soothed, "hoods will fit better, they'll
literally be skin tight... nothing between your skin and the rubber... or
leather, for that matter. You'll be SO much more attractive...I LOVE the look
of a hairless slave..."

Jason could think of nothing to say. He WANTED to do it if it would make
Mandy more attracted to him, but... the embarrassment... he was still trying
to think of more excuses when he heard the first SNIP of the scissors. His
face was already burning.

Since Mandy didn't have to be too careful with his hair, it took only minutes
to chop it very short. In mere moments, she had it trimmed shorter yet with
clippers, and ten minutes later, she had finished shaving him. She stepped
back after cleaning his scalp, admiring her handiwork.

"Ahh, yes. I've always said bald men were sexy."

Jason tried to suppress his embarrassment, while at the same time, wondering
what he looked like. "Flora said you don't really like men anymore," he

"Jason, Jason, Jason. Surely you realize by now, that you're not like other
men? You have something special, maybe it's just a lack of testosterone
poisoning, but you're different... better... sexier. Especially when I have
you at my mercy like this. `Sigh', I just love new toys." She smiled
at him. For a moment, Jason forgot his predicament. She looked great in the
tight black rubber miniskirt and high heeled red patent boots. The outrageous
bullet bra made her dominant position almost a caricature.

"You must believe me," she continued, "that you are actually the only man I've
ever been attracted to. Since we split up as k**s, I've been with a few
others, but they didn't have.... this." She gestured one rubber-covered
arm in a wide sweep. "You are the only man I've met who appreciates the
things I do. Flora is one of the few women I've met who actually enjoys all
of my interests too."

"Oh, come on, Mandy," replied Jason, "I KNOW there are other women, even
gay women who are into bondage, discipline, you name it."

"But they don't appreciate THIS," she said. She tapped on the clear rubber
stretched over his cock. "They don't understand the FETISH. The feel of
tight, clingy clothes, of slithering in lubricated rubber panties, of
wearing giant ben-was to a nightclub and dancing until you come."

Jason could see she was in her `lecturing' mode- she was working herself
into a lather. He decided this was definitely the weirdest conversation
he'd ever had, with her dressed in an outfit that a year ago her would have
dreamed about for days, and he trapped, naked, in some bizarre rubber and
steel bondage frame.

"So if I'm so great, why are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"Because, silly- I want you to enjoy it! I'm going to expose you to pleasures
you've never dreamed of. One thing about being rich, boy, I can afford
some really fun toys. Now shut up for a moment, while I find your hood."

`Hood'? thought Jason. Uh-oh.

Mandy produced a very unusual looking hood. She held it up just long enough
for him to get a good look at it. The face was molded into a natural shape,
although because it was so clear, it was difficult to tell what sex the face
was supposed to be. It was made from the same clear silicone rubber that
held him prisoner. It had an open zipper at the back.
That was all he got to see before she started pulling it on over his face.

"Really, Mandy, this isn't necessary, Mmmphg." said Jason.

He had just discovered a large round gag mounted behind the mouth of the
mask, which she f***ed between his lips, filling his mouth. He found he
could breathe readily through nostril holes set in the bottom of the nose
of the mask.

She zipped up the back of the hood, effectively sealing the base of the
collar against the rubber already wrapped around his neck.

Suddenly, her heard a whirring noise, and saw Mandy appear
at the edge of the frame. The rubber covering him was becoming tighter.
He tilted his head up to look at himself. As he watched, the thin clear
sheet the covered his front slowly began to shrink around him, conforming
to his body. He realized that the air was being sucked out of the space
between the two sheets. Now he knew why she had taken such care to seal
around his neck. In a few moments, the two sheets were pressed together,
with him sandwiched between, the clear silicone clamped tightly around
his body. He couldn't move an inch!

He felt himself moving, and struggled with vertigo for an instant. Mandy
had tilted him upward, until he was almost vertical. A full length mirror
was in front of him. He stared, Mandy standing at the side of the frame,
grinning at him in the mirror. The feeling of the tight rubber around him,
while unable to move was incredibly erotic. He could not speak, his hearing
was greatly diminished, and Mandy, in her exciting outfit, stood tantalizingly
just out of reach.

Mandy turned on her heel, said, "Now don't go anywhere," and walked out of
the room, leaving him staring at the nude, gleaming, hairless android in the

This left Jason with nothing to do but stare around the room. It was full of
interesting things, most of which appeared to be mundane exercise equipment.
One wall was covered in mirrors. This was obviously their workout room.

The only thing an observer might have found unusual were the many eye-bolts
in the ceiling and walls.

Soon Mandy returned, and Jason would have laughed, if he could. She had
Flora on a hand truck, and was wheeling her into the room like so much
baggage. He was glad to see that she was, at least apparently, all right.
He marvelled at the exotic-looking rubber body shaper she wore, and how it
exaggerated her already curvaceous figure. He wondered for a second how
Mandy, with her somewhat mannish face, and taller, less buxom figure, would
look in it. Then too, he wondered at the complicated hardware attached to it,
and where Mandy had gotten it. She seemed to have resources he had not

At Mandy's prodding, Flora moved awkwardly in her exaggerated strut toward
the treadmill. Jason squirmed in embarrassment suddenly, as her amazed stare
took in his situation. He was acutely conscious of his bald head plainly
visible under the layer of clear rubber.

Mandy had moved Flora onto the treadmill now, and Jason watched with
interest as she strapped a complicated leather harness around her. It took
her a while, as she she had to pass straps under the hardware attached to the
back of Flora's rubber corselet suit. When done, she attached ropes from an
overhead pulley to the harness at the shoulders. She pulled on it, then tied
it off at the wall when it was taught. Then she produced a pair of sticks
with three long metallic objects taped between them. She duct-taped the
sticks to the hand-rails of the treadmill, the metal objects pointing directly
at Flora's latex-covered derriere.

She walked towards Jason, carrying a black object and some straps.
Uh-oh, thought Jason, now it's my turn. The black object looked sort of like
a rubber turtle... with a hunchback. Jason had a good idea what it was for.
She fastened it over his crotch, tying the straps to the sides of the frame.
The underside was soft, and curved to conform to his silicone-covered privates.
Next she plugged a lead into a jack on the thing, and walked around behind
him. He grunted in surprise as he suddenly felt Mandy's greased finger probing
his rectum. The sensation was alien to him, yet strangely pleasant, and he
felt himself grow excited again, even as he mentally recoiled in shame.
He had never had anything like it done to him, and he was absurdly ashamed
that it felt good.

Mandy's finger withdrew, and presently another object was felt. She pushed
it in slightly, then allowed it to slide out a little. To Jason, it felt even
better than her finger. It was soft and pliable, and after Mandy repeated the
stroke several times, it slid all the way in, plugging his anus firmly. He
promptly embarrassed himself by getting a firm erection. His ass felt
very full, and his anus felt as if it were stretched out of shape. He blushed
suddenly, mortally afraid of what Flora would think of him after seeing him
like this. She stood stock-still on the treadmill, which faced him at an
angle, watching him, her expression unreadable under the artificial rubber
face, although her eyes now looked somewhat calmer.

Of course, he already knew what Mandy thought of him. He couldn't understand
it, she seemed genuinely to love him, yet she f***ed these perverse and
bizarre ordeals upon him. It hadn't occured to him yet that Flora had been
going through similar ordeals for years, and despite today's unusual
developments, loved it.

Perverse, said Jason to himself, now isn't that the pot calling the kettle
black! And she did warn you about `trials and tests'.

The more he thought about it, the more he became interested in Mandy's idea
of entertainment, although he wasn't sure he wanted to find everything out

It seemed for the moment, though, that he had no choice.

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11

Having left Flora and Jason temporarily to their fate, Mandy bustled
about the house, daydreaming about new torments and preparing dinner.
Her spike heels clicked loudly on the kitchen tiles. Despite what she
had told Jason, she had neither the need nor the inclination to go
shopping. She was a firm believer in safety, and she checked up on her
two subjects periodically through the peep-hole.

As she was eating a snack lunch, she heard a yelp from one of the dogs,
and looked out the kitchen window to check on them. One of them, Zeus,
was apparently sl**ping peacefully right below the window. She
shrugged and had started to set out dishes on the dining room table
when the doorbell rang. She jumped. That sound hadn't been heard
since her father had installed the automatic gate seven years ago. She
was suprised it still worked.

"Now who in the hell can that be?" she wondered aloud.

"The dogs'll tear them to shreds if they're not careful."

She hurried to the door and opened it. On her doorstep stood a tall,
attractive man wearing a mustache and a bowler, and carrying a sample
case. He looked a bit old to be a door to door salesman, and she
thought, a bit familiar, too. None of the dogs were in sight.

"Hello!" he said, before she could ask who he was, or how he had
avoided becoming Rottweiller food. "I'm giving away free samples of
Forest brand air freshener!"

He held up an aerosol can. "Just smell this springtime-fresh scent!"
Before an irritated Mandy could tell him, "We're not interested!", the
man let go a shot from the can, enveloping her head in a cloud of

It doesn't smell like air freshener at all, she thought, as the
daylight began to dim around her, it smells....

The 'salesman' stepped forward quickly as her knees buckled, caught her
as she toppled, and lowered her gently to the floor. Moving fast, he
pulled her inside, grabbed his sample case, looking once around
outside, and closed the door. The whole exchange had taken less than
fifteen seconds.

Inside, he knelt by her head, felt her pulse, examined her pupils.
"Perfect," he muttered to himself, "Now where's that slave, Flower, or
whatever she calls her..." He peeled off the false mustache as he
headed for the stairs. After searching the house, he finally
discovered Jason and Flora by following faint noises coming from the
basement door. He stood staring in appreciation at the two for several
minutes, and then chuckling, returned upstairs. Flora and Jason missed
him completely, since Flora had her back to the door, and Jason
couldn't have made out a face that far away, due to his distorted view
through the silicone rubber helmet. Even if they had seen him, they
would have been quite beyond caring in any case.

The new visitor checked Mandy's u*********s form most carefully then,
examining fingernail color, and palpating with the skill of a doctor.

Indeed, he used his stethoscope and bl**d pressure cuff as if from long
experience. From his sample case he removed a small syringe and gave
her a carefully measured injection. She must have been close to coming
around, as she moaned shortly and fell silent again.

At this, the doctor, or salesman, or whatever he was, demonstrated
considerable strength as he picked up and hoisted her body into a
fireman's carry. He carried her to the lift, seeming to know precisely
where it was, took her upstairs, and deposited her on the floor, next
to her bed. After a trip outside, he returned hauling a heavy steamer
trunk and two large suitcases. From these, he produced several shaker
bottles, plastic bags full of bandages, and various articles made of
rubber. On the bed, he spread a large plastic sheet and sprinkled it
liberally with talc. Again he lifted Mandy's inert body and dumped her
on the bed. He pulled off her hair, which proved to be a wig, and
lathered her short-cropped hair with shaving cream. Soon, her now bald
head gleamed in the bright ceiling lamps.

Next he laboriously unlaced her boots, then removed the rubber
miniskirt, bullet bra, and gloves.

"No underwear today?" he asked her inanimate form, "you must have been
expecting somewhat more intimate play later, hmm?"

He paused in his work to take off his tie and roll up his sleeves.
Manhandling a limp human body was hard work, even for someone in
excellent physical condition.

He powdered her nude body thoroughly with talcum and then searched
through her closet until he found a very thin black latex catsuit, with
attached feet and gloves. It was one of her best ones, custom made to
her exact measurements, with molded breast cups, and attached hood,
feet, and gloves.

He spent the better part of an hour getting it on her limp and
uncooperative body, then covered the back zipper with a thin strip of
rubber, cemented in place. Except for the open face of the hood, she
was now sealed in a water- tight covering.

After the cement had dried, sealing her securely into the thin, shiny
black suit, he paused for a moment, admiring his handiwork.

She looks like she's been painted black, he thought, as he gazed at her
immobilized form. Definitely the best rubber work I've ever seen. If
she doesn't go bankrupt first, she'll have the best collection in the

To be sure, the suit was well-made, and it fit her body like a second
skin, forming a smooth, shiny coating from her head to her toes.

His next move was to the bar, pausing for a sample of scotch on the way
to his car. After retrieving several more cases from the trunk, he
began a tour of the house, assembling a strange array of utensils and
supplies from his car trunk and the kitchen.

After twenty minutes, he was ready. He began wrapping her body, from
the toes up, in white gauze bandages. When she was practically
mummified, he made another trip outside, returning with a six foot long
board, three feet wide, and covered with a plastic cushion. He tilted
it against a dresser and unceremoniously nailed it to the floor, after
which he lifted the mummy from the bed and set her on the slanted
board. It had a small ledge at the bottom which her feet rested upon.

After making another trip to the kitchen, he returned with a huge,
heavy pot, and setting this aside, he again checked her vital signs.
Apparently satisfied, he opened the pot and removed a roll of wet
plaster bandage. He carefully applied it to her u*********s body,
forming a plaster cast. Roll after roll, the cast moved up from her
feet toward her head, covering her in a smooth, warm, and thick layer,
surrounding even the individual fingers, which he splayed wide upon the
board. When she was encased up to her neck in a rapidly hardening
total body cast, he cleaned up his mess and carried it down the hall,
to a guest room. When he returned, he pulled from one of his cases a
heavy leather helmet equipped with a large, stuffed leather gag, and
put it on her head.

When it was tightly laced, and he was certain she was breathing easily,
he locked the door, pocketed the key, and went downstairs.

When Mandy awoke, she lay still a moment, wondering what had happened
to her. I remember that salesman, she thought, and then... nothing.
His face had seemed strangely familiar...

About this time, she realized that she couldn't move. In fact, she was
held so rigidly immobile, that for a moment, she couldn't imagine how
it had been done. Oh, NO! she thought. It's Dodds, it must be! I
should have known I was overdue for one of his visits, why didn't I
recognize him? And just when I was really starting to have fun with

...what in the world has he got me in, a block of cement?

Although she would have vehemently denied it to almost anyone else,
Mandy was not one hundred percent dominant. When she had lived with
Mr. Dodds, she had spent many happy, sweaty hours in bondage. With
women, she tended to be dominant. With a very few men, she felt

Maybe that's why I've been going easy on Jason, she thought.
Damnation! What HAS he got me in- a body cast? She tried to wriggle a
bit, just to test the limits of her bondage, but found it quite
impossible. Every inch of her body was enveloped in something hard and
inflexible, except her head. She realized from the strong smell of
leather that her head was laced into one of his hand-tooled bondage

It fit her head as if it had been made from her measurements, (it had)
and the high, curved collar allowed very little movement. She tasted
the leather gag filling her mouth, and felt her nipples grow stiff.
She grinned to herself within the helmet. Damn! she thought, betrayed
by my own body.

After what seemed a very long time, Mandy jerked awake, not realizing
she had fallen asl**p again. Someone was making noise in the room. A
soft voice she now recognized as Mr. Dodds' said, "Well, my dear, how
do you like my handy-work? Yes, yes, I know, I'll remove the gag in a
moment. Let me just get my things ready."

A minute later, she felt him undo the lacing at the back, and shortly
she was blinking at the bright overhead light. It took her a few
moments to work the stiffness out of her mouth and jaw.

"I see you let me stay in my own room, at least," she offered.

"Yes, well, don't worry," Dodds replied, "you folks won't be staying up
here long. I have great plans for you all."

"I'm sure you do."

"Why, Mandy! You sound petulant, almost as if you aren't glad to see
me. And after we had such fun together on my last visit. Don't you

Mandy certainly did remember, and remembering, her nipples grew hard
again, and she felt a slight warmth grow in her crotch.

"You bastard," she exclaimed softly, "you've no right to come barging
in here, knocking people out and covering us up in... in... what the
hell have you got me in, anyway?"

She looked down. For the first time she saw the plaster cast, molded
closely to her body, mummifying her. She was impressed, but tried not
to show it. "Well, anyway, I was just getting reacquainted with an old
boyfriend, and now you show up! I..."

"Now, now," interrupted Dodds, "don't get yourself in a snit. We're
all going to have a wonderful time, and you can have him all to
yourself when I leave. By the way, how long was he planning on

"Won't say," she answered, pouting as a c***d might. There might have
been a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth.

"Now don't be petulant, my dear," countered Dodds, smiling an almost
fatherly smile back at her, "you know how unpleasant I can get when
people try to defy me." He stared fixedly into her eyes.

For a few moments, she stared defiantly back, then she broke into a
grin and shook her head.

"Very well," said Dodds, "if you won't talk, you don't need your head
free." He rummaged through her closet. "Hmmph. Cleaned house again,
eh? Well, I ought to find something suitable downstairs."

He walked out the door, and returned minutes later with a heavy wad of
black rubber in his hand.

"My my," breathed Dodds, "This is new, Flora must have been a very bad
girl." He held up the hood for Mandy to see. She gulped: it was only
too familiar to her, since it had been custom made to her own design.

It was made of very thick rubber, the front molded into a feminine
face. It was equipped with an inflatable penis-gag with a tube through
it for breathing. A short, thick hose leading to a small rubber bag
was attached to a fitting at the mouth. Heavy laces closed the rear,
and a panel with a locking zipper secured them from prying fingers.

She clamped her mouth shut, refusing to ask for mercy.

Mr. Dodds opened the hood wide, and f***ed the dildo gag between her
lips. He smiled. "Oh come now Mandy, you're not resisting much.
You'll never get sympathy that way- you're enjoying yourself to much"

After opening the breathing valve wide, he pulled the heavy hood over
her head, and laced it up tight. Mandy moaned something. Dodds
listened to her breathing for a moment, then fitted a puffer bulb to
the valve between the molded-in lips of the mask.

A few pumps visibly swelled the mask at the cheeks, and brought a few
satisfactory moans from inside the immobile, shiny black head.

When the pump was removed, he stood grinning down at her for a moment
before returning to his work. He had brought in several plastic tarps
and an evil-looking motorized surgical saw.

After laying things out, he searched through her closet for various
rubber and leather articles for several minutes, occasionally chuckling
or muttering to himself as he discovered items of interest.
Reappearing from under mounds of leather and latex, he hauled out his
booty and piled them on the foot stool at the foot of the bed.

Again Dodds stopped to listen to her breathing. It was long and
breathless sounding now. He knew that the rubber bag at her mouth was
forcing her to re-breathe some of her exhalation, concentrating the
CO2, and making her feel breathless. He chuckled to himself. "Still
want to keep secrets from your master, dear?" he taunted. He spoke
normally, knowing that she would have to control her breathing and
strain to hear his words. "Well, we'll give you another HOUR OR TWO to
think it over." A long moan came from within the mask. Apparently she
could hear him well enough. He picked up the stainless steel

"I'm going to cut you out of your cast now, Mandy. I want you to
remain completely still until I tell you otherwise, alright?"

"UM-HMM!" Mandy grunted.

"You may feel warm spots, or vibration, but don't worry, you can't be
cut." He plugged in the motorized saw. It was a medical cast cutter,
with an oscillating head that would cut the hard and brittle plaster,
but nothing soft or flexible, such as flesh. He flicked the switch and
a high pitched whine filled the air. He bent to his task.

It took him just under half an hour, to finish the job. He had cut
carefully around her entire body at the sides, leaving the body cast in
two pieces. Gently, he lifted the top half from her body. He set it
aside for the moment, and helped Mandy to her feet. Being held
absolutely immobile for many hours had not helped her muscles any, and
she collapsed on the bed, the bag on her hood swelling and collapsing
in a fast rhythm as she gasped for air. Quickly, Dodds attached cuffs
to each of her limbs, and before she could recover her breath,
stretched her arms and legs toward the bed posts with long leather

"That should keep you for a bit," he said.

After washing the plaster dust off of her suit, he picked up one of the
bundles from the bed and grinned.

"Now this suit here... this is a very nice piece of work. It must have
cost you several hundred pounds, at least!"

It was a complicated-looking full body suit.

"However..." he said, pacing back and forth at the foot of the bed,
"however... I would wager... that you never expected to have this used
on yourself!"

He held the thing up to look at it, turning it this way and that in the
lights. "You know, it appears to be sized for your slave. I'm sure
you wouldn't dream of wearing something so obviously designed for

sexual torment, so it must have been intended for Flora. It might be a
tight fit, but that's nothing that a little lubrication won't cure."
The sightless Mandy moaned again, wondering which her many diabolical
designs he held. She knew how sensual the suits felt when worn by her
slave, and how difficult they could be to endure after a very short
time. But if it were sized for Flora... she doubted it would fit her
larger frame very well. She also realized that latex stretched a lot,
and that an overly tight fit wouldn't bother her tormentor at all.

Dodds picked up one of the many bottles lying about and slathered a
thick greasey liquid over her latex-covered body. She hummed softly
with delight and squirmed sensually on the bed, arching her hips
upwards as his hand passed over her crotch.

"My," exclaimed Dodds as he unzipped the new suit, "you certainly seem
eager, but you know I can't let you off that easily."

He untied one of her legs and began pulling the thick rubber onto it.
The entire suit was made of very thick red latex and was fitted with
numerous straps and d-rings molded and cemented to the rubber along the
limbs and torso. The torso itself was in effect, a Victorian corset,
having steel boning and canvas sewn and glued between the double layers
of the suit. The feet ended in reinf***ed straps, holding d-rings.
The arms were terminated in heavy and snug mittens, again with d-rings
attached at the ends.

As he slithered the heavy rubber up over her glistening feet, he
smiled, listening to her excited breathing hissing in the rubber bag.
The legs of the suit were sized too small for Mandy's more voluptuous
figure, and Dodds had to strain a little to pull it over her legs.

Soon he had the body of the suit wrestled over her torso and was
sliding her arms into the mitten-ended arms of the suit. These too,
were a bit of a struggle at first, but soon slid on with a liquid
sigh. Straps were buckled tightly over the wrists, then the long back
zip was laboriously pulled up, and the undersized suit slithered

He threaded the rebreathing bag from her mask through the open mouth
hole of the suit's hood before pulling it on. After coating the hood
she was already wearing with more of the thick lubricant, he f***ed the
heavy red helmet of the punishment suit over it, zipped it up the back,
and laced it tight. Fortunately for Mandy, the only part of the suit
that wasn't made to be a tight fit was the neck, or she might have had
difficulty breathing.

Her head was now encased in two layers of latex, making almost a
quarter- inch of rubber, holding her head and neck practically rigid.

Finally, laces were threaded into the dozens of small d-rings on either
side of the zipper, and he began pulling. The built-in corset had been
tailored to Flora's smaller figure, and he stopped for long breaks
several times, using the opportunity to check on his other two
prisoners. Slowly, Mandy's waist adjusted to it's new shape. As each
lacing session brought the suit tighter and tighter around Mandy's
torso, it f***ed her body into an improbable, yet very exotic-looking
hourglass shape.

He laughed to hear her grunts and wheezes, interspersed with moans of
pleasure as the compression of her body excited her. When the lacing
was complete, he wrapped a measuring tape around her waist.

"Incredible!" he proclaimed softly, "barely twenty-two inches, over the
outside, that would be about twenty one under the suit."

Despite the radical cut of the corset her hips and bust were at their
normal size, of course, roughly 38 inches. For anyone else, this might
have been impossible. Only Mandy's routine corseting allowed him to
accomplish the drastic reduction. She writhed on the bed now, her
breath coming in shallower gasps. Mr. Dodds allowed her to suffer for
a moment, then removed the rebreathing bag from her helmet, knowing
that she would be inhaling far less air with her ribcage compressed.
He looked around the room.

"You know, I really can't fault your taste in furniture," he
commented. He was tying pulleys to the heavy top rails of her French
provincial bed.

He smiled to himself, knowing she couldn't hear him very well inside
the two thick rubber helmets.

"These frames make one wonder," he continued, "whether the whole French
nation was kinky. They're ideal for people like us." He was clipping
the puley ropes to the rings at the sides of her suit. When they were
all secure, he released the straps at her ankles and wrists and started
hauling on the ropes, one by one. Mandy moaned in fright after a few
tugs, probably because she hadn't figured out yet what was being done
to her. As each rope began to take part of her weight, he would tie it
off, moving to the next, repeating the process until she was suspended
upside down over the mattress. Then he reattached the straps to the
rings on the feet, mittens, and helmet of the suit, and stretched each
one tightly to the corners of the canopy frame. Next, he fastened
additional straps to the many d-rings on the sides of the limbs and
torso of the suit. Each of the outside straps he stretched tight to
the canopy frame, while each of the inner-facing ones he pulled taught
to it's mate on the opposing limb. The last touch was to remove the
pulley-ropes, so that the heavy suit and straps alone supported her
weight. When he was done, Mandy was suspended between a web-work of
straps, the rubber suit stretched out a little at each attachment

When finished, Mr. Dodds stepped back to admire her. She was still
wearing the the thin latex catsuit underneath of course, but with the
addition of the shiny red bondage suit laced tightly over it. The
straps pulled this out from her body at dozens of places, and this,
combined with the tightly stretched mittens and feet spreading her in
mid air, made her body appear stretched as well into a strange, yet
erotic caricature of the female form, the stretched points giving the
red rubber the appearance of thorns.

She was taking deep breaths now, her breasts heaving, in order to get
enough air in the confines of the suit, and Dodds watched her for
several minutes.

After a short while he nodded to himself, hefted half of the cast under
each arm, and whistled his way downstairs.

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14

"I have something very special in mind for you, dear," muttered Mr.
Dodds, as he unlocked Mandy's door. For a moment, he stared
appreciatively at Mandy's rubber-covered form, held immobile by the
dozens of straps stretched out from her legs, arms, head, and torso.
He watched in silent appreciation as she shifted slightly, trying to
relieve the strain in her limbs and waist induced by the fiendish
bondage suit. A faint moan issued from the thick red rubber helmet.

Mandy thought she heard a faint click that might have been the door
opening. She resolved not to act beaten, even though her tortured
waist had turned numb hours ago. Actually, she had found the whole
affair so far to have been rather pleasant, for although she might be
dominant and tough on her lover and slave, Flora, she became positively
week-kneed when faced with Mr. Dodds' handsome face and perfect
etiquette. Despite his gentlemanly manners, he was the creator of the
most bizarre methods of fetishistic dominance Mandy had ever

She felt disoriented, almost weightless, as indeed she might, with her
limbs, torso, and head evenly but firmly suspended from the bed rails.
She shifted slightly, a gobbet of warm KY jelly squelching between her
crotch. Despite herself, she let out a soft moan in delight.

Dodds smiled as he pulled the massager onto his hand. He moved towards
Mandy's immobile form...

Without warning, Mandy suddenly felt a firm pressure on her crotch,
followed immediately by waves of powerful vibrations. She writhed in
new arousal, pushing her mound into the vibrations. She felt the warm
throbbing build within her, letting out a small squeal as she
approached her orgasm. As suddenly as they had started, the vibrations
ceased, and despite her efforts to complete it, she couldn't quite
climax. She whined with frustration, all pretenses of pride

Dodds smiled. "I see you are still enjoying yourself," he said loudly,
so that she might hear him within the tight fitting helmets.

"I don't know about you, love," he continued, "but I am ready for a
change." He began untying the straps suspending her over the bed. "I

hope you have plenty of energy left," he added, "you're going to need

When he had her down from her elevated position, he freed her arms and
legs of straps, and stood her upright. Shortly, he had stretched a
strap from the top of her helmet to the top rail of the bed, forcing
her to stand straight.

Finally, to Mandy's relief, she felt him unlacing the heavy bondage
suit. As the corset laces came loose, she let out a sigh, and breathed
deeply, her aching waist quivering as unused muscles returned to life.
If not for the strap holding her up by the head, she might have
collapsed, so weak was her waist and back. She felt wobbly, as if her
torso itself were made of rubber. Soon she felt the heavy suit being
stripped away, and then to her delight, hands massaging her breasts
through the thin latex of her inner suit.

Damn, that feels good! she thought. She couldn't stand it any longer-
she had to have him. She wiggled and squirmed up against him, no
longer caring what he did to her, or how desperate she looked, only
wanting to be satisfied. Alas, it was not to be. He stepped back from
her. She could not move forward without strangling herself within the
tight helmet.

Then light blinded her as the suit's hood was unlaced and removed.

Dodds had pulled out a small pair of scissors and was snipping away at
the rubber tape covering the rear zipper of the second suit. In a
minute he had it uncovered, and the remnants of glue and tape peeled
away. He unzipped this too, and let it fall to the floor, her
collected sweat streaming down her body.

She gazed in silence at this incredible man, who could turn her pride
and temerity to jelly with a glance.

He smiled again. "How do you like my visit so far?" he enquired.

"Not bad... But you know, you're going to make it damn hard for me to
play the domineering bitch, after being mistreated like this! Every
time we meet, it ends up like this- me groveling at your feet while you
dream up new, er, torments for me. I really wish you'd call before
dropping in. And you might at least have asked my permission to top my
slaves first."

"Ah yes, well," Dodds replied, "I am not in the habit of asking
permission of my slaves for anything. And you know I couldn't have had
nearly as much fun if I'd given you fair warning. Besides, I called
last time, remember?"

"Sure, you called to order me over to England! By the time I got back,
Flora was nearly out of her head wondering whether I was coming home.
Say, what have you done with the others? You know I'm going to have a
hell of a time handling Jason after this stunt of yours."

"Now don't worry, love, I've thought of everything. First of all, they
have their own problems to think about right now, I wouldn't worry
about them. And secondly.... secondly, WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME,
SLAVE?!" He grinned slightly as she cowered at his feet. "Get into the
shower, you smell like a locker-room!"

She scooted, smiling very slightly to herself. Truth to tell, she was
a bit whiff, having sweated out untold hours tightly bound and laced
down, and rubber body suits were not known for their breathability.
She was grateful for the chance to get clean. She spent almost a half
hour under the steaming water, luxuriating in the needle spray and
wishing she had a shower massager, that she might relieve the sexual
tension she had built up over the last few hours. She seriously
considered masturbating only for a moment though, for she knew Dodds
could walk in at any moment, and he would be furious if he caught her.
He preferred his slaves to get their stimulation from whatever
"torture" he dreamed up... to rely upon him for release.

She dried off slowly, her core still warm with the memory of those
unexpected vibrations. She assumed that Dodds would be putting another
all-enclosing outfit of some kind on her, since that seemed to be his
particular fetish this year. So she dried herself even more thoroughly
and, after powdering herself all over with talcum, she exited the
bathroom. Like a butterfly from it's chrysalis, she thought.

Dodds seemed unimpressed with his butterfly, however. He did smile
appreciatively, even licked his lips suggestively, but he said nothing,
just waved her towards him where he sat on the bed next to yet another
pile of garments and gear. He held something up. It was a large
plastic butt plug, hollow, with big holes in it. It had a largish
hose attached. From her experience, Mandy thought that the hose was
too large, it looked like it would allow an awfully fast flow. It was
obvious what his intentions were, so she bent over obediently. When
she was suitably plugged, he motioned for her to sit down on the bed.
She did, with a little groan.

He remained silent as she sat down next to the pile, and with a grin
and a little flourish, he produced two small foam ear plugs from his
breast pocket. Under his watchful eye, she inserted them carefully
into her ears. Her eyes grew just a little wide as her world became
silent and she tried to imagine what new ideas he had in store for
her. She hoped he would finally allow her to come.

"Get into that." He said it loudly, so that she might hear through the
ear plugs. He pointed at a black pile of rubber on the bed. She
picked it up. She recognized it as her own. It was her thickest suit,
custom-fitted to her measurements, made from two laminated layers of
heavy weight latex, making it nearly an eighth-inch thick. She had
only worn it on a few occasions; while motorcycling, or when walking
outside in wet weather, and once in the summer sun when she had felt
particularly masochistic. It was ideal for keeping dry, as it had
attached feet, heavy gloves, an open-faced hood and a watertight zipper
like those used in diver's suits. It was also the devil to put on,
since it fit skin-tight, and the thick rubber didn't stretch easily.
As she handled it however, she felt something different about it.
Closer examination revealed that apparently, Mr. Dodds had made
extensive modifications to it.

"How could you?" Mandy scolded. "This suit cost me over a thousand
dollars! Just because you own half a dozen companies, and can afford
what ever exotic gear you like doesn't mean I can! I expect

Mr. Dodds had shoved the toe of a patent leather shoe in her mouth to
shut her up. "Now you listen to me, you little minx!" he said. "I
have gone to considerable trouble and expense to bring this little
circus to you, and I expect you to show the proper gratitude! As for
your precious suit, it isn't as if it were the only one you have.
Maybe Kris Kringle will bring you a better one this Christmas, but only
if you're a very good girl."

He knew she hated to be called a girl.

"Now why don't you save your tongue for what it is best at," he added,
"and look over my work- you may find that wearing this suit will be
quite pleasurable."

Mandy stared sullenly over the high-heeled shoe filling her mouth at
the strange suit in her lap.

There were now many small rubber bumps lining the molded breast cups.
Stranger yet, the breast cups were now huge rounded cones, hard and
heavy to the touch, and each had a small jack connector at the tip,
like chrome nipples.

The seat of the suit had also been heavily modified. There was a thick
dildo at the front of the crotch, with numerous little rubber fingers
above it. To the rear of the dildo was a reinf***ed hole in the

The front of the crotch had another large, hard, and weighty addition
molded on, shaped roughly like an athletic cup. On the outside, it
looked like her natural mons, but greatly exaggerated. It too, had a
jack connector in the front.

Her favorite had been made into a "grope suit", and a severe-looking
one at that. She stared at Mr. Dodds with renewed respect, and some

"Well? What are you staring at? Get into it!" he admonished.

She knew it could not be put on without lubrication, and Dodds must
have realized this, as he handed her a large jug of viscous fluid.
"Here, this is better than wasting a dozen tubes of KY. It's the same
silicone stuff I sent you, so it won't hurt the rubber."

She poured a third of the thick, slimy liquid inside, and smoothed it
into every cranny of the suit. Then she liberally greased her body
with more of it, revelling in the sexual feelings it aroused as she
caressed her slippery body. The greasy goo felt warm when spread on
the skin, like expensive massage oil. Almost eagerly, she began to put
on the suit.

Dodds indicated that she should thread the hose from her butt plug
through the hole in the crotch of the suit. There was a plastic ring
on the hose that stopped the hose from coming any further out, and left
several inches of slack inside the suit.

With her body so well-greased, it took no time at all before she had
the thick suit pulled up to her neck, then she looked enquiringly at
Mr. Dodds for help. He helped pull the arms and gloves on, then zipped
the back up to her shoulder blades. Apparently unsatisfied with her
lube job, he pulled out the neck, and added the rest of the jug of
greasy fluid, which she thought at first was overkill, until she
realized that Dodds never did anything without a good reason. She
shuddered as she felt it slowly slither down her back, the tight suit
spreading it out across her skin. He dribbled the last bit on her
head, rubbing it into her hair, and over her face and neck.

Finally, he removed the shoe from her mouth.

"Open wide," he said, holding up an atomizer. She did as she was told,
hoping that whatever he had in mind didn't taste too bad. The cool
spray was bitter, and made her mouth and tongue numb.

"Now swallow," he added. She swallowed. He repeated the process twice
more. It didn't suprise her when he stuffed something else into her
mouth. It was some kind of form-fitting gag made of plastic, that kept
her mouth open slightly, yet her teeth fit into it, and when it was
seated, it was quite comfortable. With her tongue, she could feel a
large hole though it.

Mr. Dodds was holding the open hood of the suit in front of her face.

About the time she realized that something was very different about
that hood, he quickly pulled it over her head, and zipped the suit the
rest of the way, up the back of the hood.

He's changed the hood! she thought. She knew he was perfectly capable
of it, for he was a first-rate rubber craftsman; he had even started
his own company to make rubber goods for other kinky folk.

She realized now that he had removed the suit's original open-faced
hood, and replaced it with a totally enclosed helmet of the same
thickness. This one had soft pads over the eyes and ears, and what
felt like a surgical- style oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose.
She was certain, though, that any surgeon would have been horified at
the use this one was being put to. The zipper had pulled the hood
tight, pressing the pads into her eyes and ears, and she knew she would
be totally deaf until he removed it.

The face portion, as well, was brought tightly against her lips,
revealing that a good-sized hole had been left at the mouth of the

Knowing Mr. Dodds, she was certain it wouldn't stay unplugged.

"Now comes the difficult part, I'm afraid," she heard faintly. He must
have been shouting, so that she could hear him through the thick helmet
and ear plugs. She felt something small and soft intruding in her

"Swallow this," she heard.

Oh, no, she thought. God damn it, not this. Please, I'll throw up!

The soft thing pressed against the back of her throat. Whatever it
was, it wasn't very big. Shit, she thought, a stomach tube?! She
could only feel it as a faintly detectable pressure, so numb was her
mouth and throat. Okay, remain calm, she told herself. He's obviously
anesthetized your throat, you should be able to do this. It won't be
much worse than deep throating George. She chewed on the end of the
soft rubber tube for a second, salivating a little, hoping to fool her
stomach that she was just swallowing food, like a long piece of

She really had no choice, she realized, since he could f***e the hose
through her gag until she choked on it if he really wanted to.
Eventually, to her suprise, she managed to swallow the end of the tube
without even retching.

Just barely, she could feel it sliding down her throat. It felt
obscene, an intrusion into her body where such things didn't belong.

Dodds watched the slow progress of the tube as he gently fed it into
her mask. When a taped mark on the tube reached the mask, he slid a
metal coupling along the tube until it seated in the mouth hole,
sealing the junction.

The stomach tube came out a small hole in the side of the fitting. All
that was left was to attach a small puffer bulb to a valve above the
breathing tube, and with a few pumps, the inflatable skirt of the
oxygen mask swelled and sealed against her face.

Dodds must have been finished, at least temporarily, as Mandy felt him
guide her to her feet, lead her by the hand out the door, then down the

She was surprised he hadn't put boots or shoes on her, he usually
considered some kind of uncomfortable foot wear de rigueur with his

As she moved, she delighted to feel her suit sliding around her. The
excess oil was too thick and light weight to slosh, but the suit was
somewhat loose on her body, sliding over her skin very sensually as she
walked toward the elevator. She revelled in her aroused state,
deliberately swaying her hips and lengthening her stride. She was
rewarded with many little caresses within her suit. She felt the big
rod macking in the grease, and the little bumps rubbing across her
nipples, grabbing at her labia and searching for her clitoris.

Her heart thumped excitedly as they entered the elevator cage and she
wondered what further devious ideas Dodds had in store. The sexual
feelings she had just experienced were so strong, she knew it would not
take much more before she got off. They dropped like a stone to the
ground floor, then took the stairs to the basement.

The small amount of exercise thus far had already turned her suit into
a mild sauna, the silicone lubricant warming slowly to her body
temperature. She certainly couldn't feel the slight chill of the
basement. At the foot of the stairs, they turned right, cueing her
that they had headed into the room she often used for enemas or other
watersports, as it had a sink and a floor drain. She had begun to feel
heavy and fuzzy-headed, and she wondered what d**g Dodds had given her
this time.

Shortly she was forcibly lowered to the floor, and she felt Dodds'
hands brush her side as he did something around her body. She
shivered, her sense of touch overly sensitive due to her isolated
state. Before long though, she was standing again, only to find
herself being walked over to, and strapped into, the upright rack she
had built herself.

Dodds smiled grimly as he switched on the light. He paused inside the
door, gazing around the room in anticipation. The spraying equipment
stood ready in one corner of the room, the respirator in another. To
one side stood Mandy's circular bondage board, a motorized, padded
wooden slab to which a slave could be fastened and rotated. He had
already prepared the table on which he would mount his specimen: in the
middle of the floor sat a large platform, tilted on bearings, like a
giant see-saw. A shaft connected under one side disappeared into a
large machine on the floor. The panel was nothing more than a full
sheet of 1" plywood, over which he had laminated a thick black rubber
sheet with latex cement. He lay Mandy back upon the table, then
carefully chalked her outline on it.

This done, he manhandled her over to her standing bondage rack and
strapped her up to it. For a moment, he admired her exquisite shape.
Although she certainly didn't have the body of a Cosmo cover girl, the
shiny black latex covering her body made her, in Mr. Dodds eyes, the
ideal woman. Each curve of her body, the long, muscular legs, her
ample hips, was made silky-smooth by the wonderful material. If she
didn't have the more classic beach beauty figure that Flora sported, it
was of no matter, he preferred his women to look like WOMEN, not

The additions to the suit gave her a sexier, postmodern look. The
huge, rounded cones of her breasts jutting straight out, and the
mounded cleft between her legs, emphasized her female shape to the
point of caricature. She might be a modern store-window mannequin,
Dodds thought, but one that few window dressers would dare display.

With a sigh, he returned to his work. He got out a large tin of latex
glue and carefully painted-in Mandy's outline upon the slab. While it
dried, he examined a set of hoses and fittings attached to the
equipment in the corner, handling them lovingly.

"Ever since I watched your slave Flora suffer this at your hands, I've
longed to try it out on you," Dodds announced softly.

Apparently the ear plugs, covered by the helmet's thick pads, prevented
her from hearing, for she gave no sign.

When the glue had dried, Dodds guided her backward to the edge of the
slab, positioning her feet with care. He opened his glue can again,
and coated the entire back of her suit with the latex cement. When he
was satisfied with the job, he stood astride her body, and after
threading her enema tube through a small hole, slowly leaned her back
onto the slab.

Moving with care, he firmly pressed each portion of her body against
the layer of glue, permanently bonding her suit to the slab. A few
more touches of glue cemented her arms, hands, even each finger down to
the rigid platform.

For a few moments, he left the room. The distant sound of a car door
slamming was heard... ...but within her rubber prison, Mandy heard
nothing. She squirmed a bit, marvelling at the wholly pleasant
sensation of being enveloped in a warm and slippery womb. The dildo
pushed in a bit as she moved, and she tried to encourage it. She found
that she could shift a few inches within the thick rubber suit. This
also had the pleasant effect of massaging her breasts within their
cups. It felt delicious, but it wasn't quite enough.

While she waited for the next addition to her adventure, she tried to
rise up, knowing it would annoy Dodds, but her suit seemed to be glued
to the table.

Dodds returned, carrying a large metal box equipped with several
buttons and knobs, and a lamp cord, which he plugged into the wall. A
coiled lead was plugged into the jack at her crotch and another to each
breast-cup. The other end of each lead he connected to the control box
which he set on the floor. The hose from her rear he connected to a
bulging enema bag, which he hung on one of the hooks of the bondage

His last task was to wheel over Mandy's portable respirator unit, a
device she used with some of her more outlandish bondage ideas. It was
intended as a safeguard, supplying life-giving air to a slave in
complicated or severe bondage. She had added cylinders of nitrous
oxide and oxygen to spice up the air being sent to a slave. She had
used it more than once to knock out Flora, then awaken her later, stuck
in some new and bizarre bondage situation.

Dodds connected the respirator hose to the fitting at Mandy's mouth,
and the stomach tube to another enema bag on a stand. At last, with a
flick of the switch, the little unit started with a hum, pumping with
an alternating hiss.

Dodds walked back to her supine form and experimentally wiggled each of
the plugs where they were attached to those outlandish looking
breasts. The anonymous but shapely figure within moaned with delight (
or frustration ), but did not move visibly. He looked over the
connections at her mouth, the air hose, the seal of the stomach tube,
the tubing from her rear. Satisfied that all was as it should be, he
began to spread old newspapers around her rigid form and the panel.

This done, he wheeled over the other equipment dolly that had stood
waiting in the corner for this very moment...

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

Mr. Dodds pulled out of his pocket a small vial, and opening it,
dropped several large pink and blue capsules onto his palm. "I hope
you enjoy this my love," he muttered under his breath, "it was a deal
of trouble getting these."

He opened each capsule and poured the contents into the funnel at the
end of Mandy's stomach-tube. This done, he picked up the plastic
pitcher he had brought downstairs. He poured the thick liquid into the

"Carnation's best, my love, bon appetite!," he said, though he knew she
could hear nothing. As he poured, he watched the figure stuck immobile
upon the slab, her stomach moving visibly.

"She's full now, I'll bet," he muttered.

Setting the half empty pitcher in the corner, he removed the tube from
its connection on the mask, and headed for the sprayer.

The equipment that Mr. Dodds wheeled over to Mandy's motionless side
appeared to be a common paint sprayer, and was, except for minor
modifications to the spray-gun. It was a contractor type, with one
hose to the air compressor, and one that dipped into the paint bucket.
In this case, however, the label on the five gallon bucket read:

ACME 1 Part Latex Molding Compound
--> ask for it by name <--

After listening to Mandy's breathing and looking over various fittings
once more, he went to work. He turned on the compressor and donned a
filtered respirator to protect himself from the spray. Soon, a smooth
coating of latex rubber began to build up on the statuesque female form
stuck to the slab. It covered everything: the blindfold, the mouth
fitting and the seams of her suit, with a glossy black shine.

When he had a smooth coat applied, he waited several minutes for the
volatile carrier to evaporate. He knelt down, running his hands over
the now-dry coating. It was a perfect coating of rubber, smooth and
flexible, and it partially glazed over all the little seams and
imperfections, creating a seamless glossy covering. The chest of his
sculpture rose and fell as the living woman inside breathed slowly and
deeply, at the insistence of the respirator whirring in the corner. He
stepped back and began the next coat.

In her rubber confinement, Mandy was slowly cooling off from the
exercise of coming downstairs. She was amazed at how rigidly Mr. Dodds
had managed to fasten her down. She decided that he must have actually
glued her suit to something. He definitely gets to buy me a few new
suits, she told herself.

After a while, she felt a pressure building in her stomach. He must be
feeding me something, she thought. This is silly- why couldn't he have
fed it to me before I suited up. Unless... unless it's something he
thinks I wouldn't normally eat, but that's dumb- he's seen me eat raw
oysters, what could be worse than that? Ugh, I don't want to think
about that, I have too colorful an imagination.

Then she remembered the over-size enema tube and plug.

Shit! she thought, what if he's planning on leaving me in this thing
for... god, how long COULD he leave me in here? He didn't catheterize
me- I hope he knows what he's doing... damn, what if I have to piss?

The tube in her gullet soon became warm, and her stomach protested
slightly as it became full. I really hope it's nothing nasty, she
thought, god knows what he's thought of this time. Whatever it was, it
kept coming, and soon her stomach was becoming uncomfortably full.

By the time the flow into her stomach had stopped, she felt positively
bloated, as if she had overindulged at Thanksgiving dinner.

Presently, she felt a slight chill through the suit. Perhaps he was
washing her, she thought. A little later, she felt it again, but not
as strongly. She noticed, after a while, that her confinement seemed
slightly stiffer. She couldn't move much, but she could flex her
stomach muscles, and wriggle a little, so she did, the slimy oil inside
her suit squelching past her crotch as she did so.

She shuddered as the little warts inside the breast cups stimulated her

She was certain now. Her suit was definitely much stiffer. She could
feel some resistance to her breathing, but the mask and breathe-through
gag pumped air steadily, filling her lungs and emptying them, so she
had no anxiety about being able to breathe.

Nonetheless, a little thrill ran through her, as she wondered what
Dodds could be doing. She had no idea how long he would leave her in
this helpless condition, but she was certain he wouldn't let her get
bored. All she could do was wait. She felt a little wave of internal
heat run through her.

Damn, but she was horny.

Mr. Dodds was delighted to find the latex coatings drying faster than
he had expected. He was up to the fourth coat now, and Mandy's form
was now a permanent part of the rubber-covered slab, joining with it
smoothly where she lay upon it. The thick layer of rubber made a
smooth, continuous armor coating over her suit. When the fifth coat
was applied, he shut off the compresser, pushing the equipment back
into the corner.

Once more he checked Mandy's breathing, and briefly grabbed her crotch
and squeezed gently. A very faint moan issued from within the rubber
sculpture. He left the room.

For quite a while, the room was quiet, except for the even pumping of
the respirator, and the sighing of air through the hoses.

Then Mr. Dodds returned, leading in the bewildered pair of "Flora" and
"Jason", though neither could say now for certain who was which.

When the slab with the strange woman-shape came into view, they both
stopped and stared. A long, waist-high table of glossy black material
supported a female statue made from the same ebon substance. Her form
was exquisite, if of unlikely proportions. Huge conical breasts jutted
up from the supine figure, and an oversized mons bulged between her

The sculpture's form flowed smoothly into the table, showing no seam or
sign of fastening.

The table was obviously designed to tilt, being supported by an axle at
the center, and having a single rod-shaped support attached under it,
which disappeared into a large box on the floor. Small wires ran from
the tip of each breast, and from her large mound, to another, smaller,
box on the floor.

The effect was literally that of an avant-garde sculpture, something
from a modern art museum perhaps, except that they KNEW someone was

"Well, my pretty pair, what do you think? In case you're wondering,
there really is someone inside that. It would make a fine piece of
art, don't you think? They could put it on permanent display at the
Museum of Modern Art in New York. The person inside is quite alright,
however, and is probably having a hard time keeping calm, as I've taken
certain steps to ensure a very distracting, yet... pleasurable, stay."

Flora and Jason looked on in amazement, wondering anew just who was in
the other's costume, and which of them had the misfortune (or was it
fortune?) to be entombed within the solid rubber statue. By this time,
they'd gotten the idea that Mr. Dodds, however kinky, had no desire to
cause them harm, and besides, they could both see the breathing hoses
connected to an expensive looking hospital respirator, although only
the real Flora knew with certainty what it was. Each of them secretly
wished that it was they who were trapped in the close confines of the
sculpture, and wondered what "steps" Dodds had taken to make it
"pleasurable" for the sculptee.

"Enough gawking," announced Dodds, as he clipped "Flora's" armbinder to
a wall-hook. "Jason, please get up here." He was standing next to a
large hospital-style table with a thin mattress on it, which he patted,
as he looked pointedly at Flora.

After Flora did as she was told, Dodds proceeded to fasten "Jasons"
harness to the rails of the bed, metal clips attaching to the d-rings
on her harness. Since there were straps with d-rings every few inches
on her torso, arms and legs, even her head, it took some time before
"Jason" was firmly anchored to the bed.

Mr. Dodds also attached leather straps between "Jasons" legs, and
between her arms and body. When these were tightened, she was held
rigidly in place.

He released a catch, and the table tilted forward, providing her with a
splendid view of the rest of the proceedings. With the gag filling her
mouth, "Jason" was hardly in a position to complain. She wondered what
Mr. Dodds had in mind for the chromed dildo fixed firmly over her
mouth. She imagined Mandy using something like it on her, and became
instantly wet with desire.

While "Jason" squirmed, Mr. Dodds led "Flora" to a small platform with
a long rod sticking up from it. Small metal clamps on the platform
mated with his boots at heel and toe, fastening them rigidly to the
floor. A turn of a thumbscrew allowed the telescoping core of the rod
to reach up to "Flora's" ass. The threaded end was snaked through the
hole in the girdle, and mated neatly with the socket in the dildo.
With a few turns of Dodd's wrist, the rod was secure. With the rigid
steel boots immovable, the rod now impaling his bottom, and the stiff
corset clamping his waist, "Flora" found it quite impossible to move,
other than with a slight bend at the hips.

"There!" remarked Mr. Dodds, "I think we are ready for the Grand
Exhibit. I wanted you to be in a receptive frame of mind for this, to
better appreciate what you are seeing. Flora, you ought to find this
especially interesting, in light of your recent ordeal on Mandy's
clever little treadmill.

"The person under those layers of rubber is, of course, my occasional
slave and lover, Mandy. What you must understand is that Mandy has
been my slave for quite a few more years than you and she have been
together. She has undergone tests of physical endurance that you
cannot even imagine. This will be one of the more enjoyable ones.
Perhaps I should explain what I have done.

"The sculpture you see before you is composed of a layer of rubber
about a quarter-inch thick. It completely covers the thick latex suit
Mandy has on under it. It also bonds her body quite immovably to the
platform beneath her. The suit has been heavily modified. It is not
very tight, and I've lubricated it inside with about three liters of
silicone oil, allowing her to move slightly with effort, or if for
example, we were to tilt the table. Heh.

"The suit has little rubber warts lining the breast cups and the crotch
area. I'm sure you're both aware how sensitive Mandy's nipples are."

At this, "Jason" squirmed still more within her tight bondage.

"In addition," continued Mr. Dodds, "there's a thick dildo in her
lovely little quim, and a large enema plug up her rear. The helmet is
equipped with an inflated surgical breathing mask, a gag, padded eyes,
and padded ears. In addition, her ears are stuffed with foam
ear-plugs, so that she is completely isolated from sound. The
breathing hose is connected to this respirator apparatus so that we may
regulate what and how much she breathes.

"She can see, hear, and smell nothing whatsoever. She can feel only a
slight friction if she wriggles within the confines of the suit. She
has been in this state for several hours, so by now she will be just a
little wonky from sensory deprivation. I'll now supply her with enough
stimulation to more than make up for it, however."

So saying, he walked over and flipped the switch on the box below the
table. Immediately, it began to hum, and the arm coming out of it
began to push and pull, tilting the table slowly back and forth,
through an arc of almost ninety degrees.

Mr. Dodds continued his speech. "I want you both to imagine what sort
of strong mind it takes to endure the sort of sexual intensity I intend
to treat her to. Flora, you can probably best appreciate what she will
experience, but I assure you, this will be quite a bit more thorough an
treatment than you received. Here is another detail of her situation.

"I'm sure you've both noticed the somewhat exaggerated shape of her
breasts and crotch-mound. These are small but powerful vibrators which
have been molded into the suit with her, one over each breast and one
at the crotch. They are plugged into THIS." He pointed to the control
box. "Let's give her a small sample, shall we?"

Here he reached down and flicked the switch on the other small box on
the floor. A small pilot lamp glowed. They could hear no change over
the humming from the motor on the floor, nor could they see any
movement in the strange shape on the slab, other than the rhythmic
tilting of the platform, but each gave a small shudder as they imagined
the feelings that had to be coursing through Mandy's helpless body
inside. After a long minute or two, Mr. Dodds turned everything off.


Mandy panicked a little as she felt herself tipping, afraid she was
about to be dropped on her head, but whatever was moving her, soon
swung back the other way, and her lubricated body slid down towards her
feet. In a way, this was worse, as the fiendish accessories of the
rubber suit mindlessly made love to her body.

As her weight slid down, the rippled dildo gently f***ed its way into
her vagina, filling her delightfully. Since she was swimming in
slippery silicone oil, she was powerless to prevent this, even if she
had wanted to.

Then too, the little rubber warts lining the breast cups and crotch
area teased her nipples and fondled her clitoris. She felt the heat
rushing to her privates and her pulse throbbing in her head. She
moaned with delight.

Then she was swaying back, slithering tightly into the head and
shoulders of her rubber prison, the bumps and rods reversing their
sensuous motion.

She realized that for some reason, she was becoming increasingly

aroused, more sexually aware than she could remember ever having been.
Her attention had narrowed to include just her skin, her breasts, and
her crotch. He must have d**gged me again, she thought... something
special, although my head feels clear. She tried to think of other
things, but all that came to mind was a collage of previous sessions,
other bizarre treatments she had received at Mr. Dodds hands.

Her thoughts drifted back to her early days with him, when he had first
begun her training. He had made her put on his first gift to her- a
custom made, elegant rubber evening dress, and had taken her out to the
latest trendy dinner theatre. Despite the sexual feeling the dress
gave her, or perhaps because of it, she had been a little embarrassed,
an emotion she was not used to feeling. Perhaps it was because he had
insisted she remain naked beneath the dress. During dinner he had
kicked off a shoe and masturbated her with his toes beneath the
concealing table cloth. She had only barely managed to conceal her
climax from the other patrons and the ever-attendant waiter.

Suddenly a new sensation snapped her back to the present.

Powerful vibrations were coursing through her chest and crotch. Her
pelvis involuntarily tried to arch upwards to meet a non-existent
lover, and her nipples swelled still further within their cups. Her
breasts felt as if they had little motors inside them, the vibrations
were so strong.

As her slave Flora had often wondered in the past, so now did Mandy:
"How much more of this am I going to have to take?" She tried again to
let her mind wander, but her situation now was entirely too
distracting. She let herself go with the motions, and it was with
great relief that she felt her first orgasm building. Almost
immediately the vibrations, the rocking motions ceased.

She screamed into the mask, cursing silently, wondering how Dodds could
have known. She was blind with lust now, wanting anything, anything at
all to satisfy her. She tensed in her rigid rubber prison, trying to
rub against her suit, to mack up and down a bit on the rods filling
her, but to no avail.

Flora and Jason, even Mr. Dodds, could see nothing of this, and
although Mr. Dodds had a very good idea how excited a state his slave
was in, his frustrating her imminent climax for the second time that
day had been pure luck. He smiled, reviewing in his mind what he had
in store for his slaves. He walked to the respiration equipment and
reached for a valve on one of the tanks.

"And now, the piece de resistance..." He put on his best "lecturing"
smile. "Maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age, but I'm just not
satisfied any more with simple mechanical stimulation. True, rubber
and leather and bondage are wonderful things, but I've been
experimenting with new ideas.

"Tonight, Mandy will experience the culmination of two years of
investigation. In the past, Mandy's sensuality, her desperate sexual
and fetish needs have been her strength... she could turn any of my
torments to her own pleasure. But never before have I tampered
directly with her mind as well as with her body.

"Tonight, rather than discomfort, she will undergo the most intense
sexual stimulation of her life. Everything else she has felt this
weekend will pale by comparison.

"If she survives with her mind intact, she will have proved herself to
be the finest slave in my experience, as well as a stern mistress."

"I've a few other touches as well. Half way through my preparations
for this little show, it occurred to me that it would be a waste not to
use her rotating bondage board for something, so I tied her enema bag
to it.

Set to a slow speed, it will alternately empty and fill her bowels,
rather quickly, as the wheel rotates 'round.

He turned the valve under his hand, then turned the other. No obvious
changes occurred, and only Dodds could know what reactions might be
occurring inside the rubber sculpture.

"Let me explain what I have just done", he continued. "This tank is
full of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. The other is filled with pure
oxygen. Automatic timers will switch between the two, alternately
clearing her head and making her higher than a kite, every ten

"The nitrous mixture is set thin enough so that she will merely feel
giddy and euphoric, rather than too drowsy. I've done this in the past
with several other slaves with great success. It seems to calm them
down in between climaxes, allowing them to recover just slightly. But
today, I intend to outdo myself. We all know that Mandy is very much
multi-orgasmic. Now I intend to see just how many climaxes she can

"But wait, there's more, there's more!" Dodds actually giggled, while
barely managing to not quite sound like a television commercial. He
was really enjoying himself.

"Several months ago, a friend of mine in the medical field heard of a
new anti-depressant d**g being tested in Canada. It's called
Chlomipramine. It worked, more or less, but patients on whom it was
being tested began to complain of excessive sex drive, and spontaneous
orgasms. It would seem the Canadians have stumbled across the world's
first true aphrodesiac. I have tried it myself, and when taken in
quantity, it's effects are startling.

"Oh, it's a bit of a stimulant, although it's quite harmless really,
but as a side effect, it makes one so randy, so impossibly horny,
everything else takes a back seat until you get satisfaction. When I
first tried it on a slave with whom I was out driving, she nearly
caused a wreck, she was so desperate!

"Mandy was given a largish dose about an hour ago. Its effects will
last about eight hours.

"Naturally, we'll try to keep Mandy satisfied, although I rather
suspect that will be difficult. Hmm. Well. Let us begin. First the

He flicked a switch, and once again, the table began to tilt back and

"Now, the vibrators," as he set the other toggle, "and the gas." He
flipped another switch on the respirator equipment. "And finally, her

He twisted a dimmer switch on the wall, and the bondage wheel began to
rotate slowly, gradually raising the enema bag.

They all stood transfixed for a moment, no one moving, (though two of
them would have been hard pressed to move in any case) as they looked
on in awe, even Mr. Dodds himself, at what he had done.

A bizarre female form, apparently wrought of polished ebony, grew out
of a solid slab that swung back and forth through almost ninety
degrees. It was a female sculpture, although the artist was obviously
obsessed with sex, for the breasts and mons veneris were exaggerated,
huge rounded things, with small wire leads trailing from them.
Certainly, the artist could be considered avant garde, as the tubing
leading to the sculpture's mouth was hardly standard on the as-issued
female body. Then too, how did one explain the shifting of shape
within, as the table tilted, something sliding around inside...

Mandy grunted in surprise as her world began to sway again, and sighed
with relief as she began to slide back and forth, the fiendish fingers
and warts, now old friends, massaging her clitoris and nipples. The
dildo slid firmly home, filling her, then slid out again as she tilted
the other way.

Suddenly, the vibrations began again, seemingly from inside her breasts
and crotch. She shouted with joy as incredible thrills spasmed through
her body. She was sure now, in some small corner of her mind, that she
had been d**gged, that this was more than her normal response, but her
body screamed, "WHO CARES?" and she gave in completely.

As if the fat dildo inside her weren't enough, she now felt a cool
pressure building in her belly. The enema rushed into her, and she was
grateful that she'd had so little to eat in the last twenty-four
hours. She didn't relish the idea of cramps. The water filled her
belly, and in combination with her already full stomach, made her feel
completely swollen and bloated. When the table swung down again, the
crowding inside her made the dildo feel as if it were ten times
larger. She felt stuffed, like a living sausage skin.

After a few more cycles of her dark and unstable world, she felt the
enema rushing out again.

She hardly noticed when the smell of her air changed subtlely, but
gradually she calmed down, although she was still out of her mind with

She felt happy, unreasonably happy, and at peace, although she
certainly wasn't satisfied yet. She cheerfully macked up and down on
the rod, not knowing or caring where she was, or what was happening to
her. Eventually, again unnoticed, the air changed its flavor again,
and her head began to clear, so that although she knew precisely what
sort of situation she was in, she also felt more insistant that she get
some satisfaction. The effects of the little rubber warts and
vibrations became more noticeable, and she lost herself again in wave
after wave of sexual spending and release.

We may as well leave her now, as the rest is more or less the same, for
hours on end.

Mr. Dodds turned to his other two guests. "Well folks, that's that for
a few hours, we shan't see much more than this. Why don't we leave her
to her pleasures, and see if we can't find something else to amuse us
for awhile."

He began to unfasten the straps holding "Jason" to the hospital

To Be Continued...
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 17)

Chapter 17

Jason squirmed, and felt Flora squirming against him, as their feet
touched something soft, slimy, and at first, cold. It quickly warmed
to their body temperature though, as it slipped up their legs to their
thighs. Whatever it was, it pressed firmly against their oiled bodies,
squeezing them together. Jason assumed that this was the well that he
had glimpsed in the center of the room. As it enveloped them further,
passing their thighs and hips, Jason imagined the two of them being
sucked into an enormous vagina.

Soon, the squishy warmth had swallowed them up to their necks and for a
moment, Jason fought panic, unwilling to have his head consumed as well.
But reason prevailed, and he told himself that the air hissing into the
tight-fitting helmet must be coming from a compressor of some kind.

His air supply was safe.

With a slight lurch, the two of them slid all the way into the tight,
slippery well, the warm rubber walls pressing them closely together.
Then a new sensation presented itself. The walls began to move, with
slow, strong undulations. Outside, Mr. Dodds had turned on the water
jets of the jaccuzi, and the rotating streams pulsed against the pair

Jason smiled inside his helmet, reveling in the sensations of Flora's
slippery breasts and belly pressed against his, the rubber walls
squeezing their tired bodies in a soft yet insistent massage. It wasn't
long before he was frowning however, as he came to understand his
predicament. With his hands bound behind him, there was very little he
could do to enjoy their situation, and he soon discovered that Flora was
in a similar fix when he felt her rigid mittens groping about his body.
It felt nice to have her caress him, but the mittens were scratchy and
hard, and did not feel particularly sensual. Flora could not grasp him,
nor could he hold her, and he was soon near to screaming with
frustration, his erect cock slithering helplessly against her belly.

Dodds wins another round, he thought.

But after a few minutes of frustrated groping, he felt Flora's leather
mittens curl around his neck and shoulders, while her long legs drew up
along his hips, and slithered around his waist. It looked like Flora was
more experienced at this sort of thing than he. It also looked like he
might get some satisfaction after all.


Flora too, was having difficulties, even though she had been in the Well
before, with her hands bound to frustrate any attempt to relieve herself.
The years of restrictive rubber clothes and fetishistic bondage had
accustomed her to this kind of confinement, but she wasn't yet jaded- she
still couldn't help becoming aroused. She fumbled at her breasts and
Jason's crotch with her mittened hands, until an advantage of their
situation struck her.

She maneuvered herself so that she was once again pressed belly-to-belly
against Jason, his firm erection pressing deliciously into her belly-
button. Then she clumsily grasped him around the neck, and drew her legs
up, so that she was more or less in a sitting position at his waist. This
was less easy than it sounds, for while they were both slippery as eels
from the silicone, they were still crushed together by the pressure of the
water behind the rubber surrounding them.

As she locked her legs around him, he finally got the idea, and they
squirmed together a bit, until at last, he slid inside her.


Jason's first orgasm had been explosive, and judging from the little
after-spasms that gripped his cock, Flora had enjoyed it too. After an
indeterminate period of rest, during which they squirmed against and
around each other to stay comfortable, they made love again. This time
they were more relaxed, with less of the sense of urgency they had felt
the first time. They slithered against each other in a slow, languorous
rhythm, savoring the slippery sensations of each others' body, and of the
rubber that pressed in around them.

His second ejaculation seemed to take minutes, as his muscles
relentlessly wrung every remaining drop of semen from his loins. They
relaxed again, their bodies softening into each other until they might
have been one flesh.


Jason started suddenly. He realized he had been dozing! He found
it hard to believe that he could have fallen asl**p in their present
situation, but then, he was sooo tired. He felt now what had awakened
him. Flora was sliding past him. At first he thought that he might be
slipping further down into the well, but his feet were already wedged
firmly against the bottom of the rubber bag. It occurred to him that
Flora was being pulled out. After a long wait Jason too, felt the tug
of his body harness, and he slithered his way out of the warm grasp of
the latex womb.

God, thought Jason as his head and shoulders came free, it's like being
born again!

After a moment, he felt ground beneath him, his feet coming to rest on
a towel. After a little fumbling, the helmet came off his head, and to
his surprise, he found that it was Flora removing it.

"Flora! How," he started to ask, but Flora had already silenced
him with a ferocious kiss. "Yum," he finished, grinning.

"That felt wonderful!" Flora exclaimed, "I feel like I could sl**p for
a hundred years! Here, let me get those cuffs off you." She struggled
with the cuffs a moment, both of them still slippery with oil.

"Yeah, it was kind of fun, wasn't it?" answered Jason, "but um, WHERE
is Mr. Dodds?"

"That's the weird part! When I got out, he sat me in that chair, freed
my hands, and by the time I thought to take off my helmet, he was gone!
He likes doing that, though- he likes to make dramatic entrances and exits.
What bothers me though, is how he got past Charlemagne and Attila."

"Who? Oh, Mandy's dogs. Hmm. He wouldn't have, um... he wouldn't..."
he didn't finish, because Flora's eyes grew wide, and she dashed from the
room, barely managing to keep her footing on the slick tile. "Hey wait!
shouted Jason, "he could still be around..."
He struggled with the cuffs for a while, which Flora hadn't managed to
remove, then sat down in resignation when he realized he couldn't get
them off. He wasn't about to go running through the house naked, no matter
how well he knew the owners. Besides, his feet were still more or less
oily, and he didn't fancy negotiating all that tile without the use of his
arms for balance.

Flora returned in a few minutes, puffing, with a puzzled expression on
her face. "S'odd," she said, "'Tilla and Charley are outside, chasing
the birds as if nothing's happened. Healthy as horses." She began
fumbling with Jason's cuffs again. Finally, she wiped her hands on
another towel, and gripping the leather through the towel, managed to
unbuckle the stiff straps.

"So how did he get in?" Jason asked, wiping silicone from his body with
an already saturated towel. "And how the hell am I going to get clean?"
he added to himself.

Flora looked thoughtful as she dug another towel out of the cupboard.
"I don't know...maybe he d**gged them. I know for certain he used d**gs
on me... I still feel a little funny around the edges. Not bad funny,
just sort of fuzzy... you know?"

"Yah. Hey, what about Mandy?" Both their eyes grew wide, and they
managed to jammed themselves in the doorway like two Keystone Kops, in
their haste to get into the adjoining room. What they found was not
exactly comforting. The tilt-table sat unmoving, the respirator
equipment, silent. A strange-looking hollow mold of Mandy's body lay
upside down on the floor next to the table, the table itself being bare,
with an outline where the mold had been cut free. Jason walked over and
examined it. The suit Mandy had been made to wear was still inside,
molded into the rubber. The tape sealing the back zipper had been cut,
and the suit simply zipped open, since her back hadn't been covered with
the rubber.
There was no sign of Mandy in the room.

Jason looked worried. "Oh..."

"...shit," finished Flora. She looked even more worried than Jason.
The two of them went up the stairs, two at a time, and started searching
the first floor. It rapidly became apparent she was not there.

"Mandy?" called Flora, "MANDY!" she was beginning to sound frantic.

"Hey, hey, easy," soothed Jason, maybe she's asl**p upstairs." He
sounded more calm than he felt, or at least hoped he did. "Let's finish
looking around before we go panicking, okay?"

Ignoring the elevator in favor of the sweeping staircase for speed,
they took to the second floor. In the hallway, they found a note, pinned
to Mandy's door by a deer-footed dagger.

"Jesus!" said Jason, wide-eyed. Flora yanked the note free as they
swept in to Mandy's room.

Mandy was in her bed, apparently asl**p. They stood transfixed for a
moment, until they saw that she was breathing. Jason looked at Flora
with relief. She was staring at the note. An amused look of wonderment
was stealing across her face. At Jason's puzzled expression, she held
her finger to her lips, and beckoned him to follow her. When they were
standing in the hall, she closed the door softly, shaking her head
slowly. She held up the note for Jason to read.

"Let Her sl**p.
That's An Order.


Jason looked back at Flora, amazement on his face. While he rocked the
tip of the dagger out of the door, he stage-whispered to Flora, "I can't
believe the balls on this guy! That cheeky, arrogant, supercilious son
of a-" Jason shushed as Flora held a finger to his lips.

"Seriously though," he continued, more calmly, "do you think she's

"I think she's alright. Dodds has been here before you know. For
goodness sake, I _belonged_ to him, before I met Mandy. He may be weird,
but he'd never hurt one of us, and in his own way... he's wonderful."

She sighed, then snickered quietly. As they walked quietly away from
Mandy's door, she added, "Although Mandy may kill him when she sees that
scratch in her precious mahogany door."

For some reason, this struck them as insanely funny, and they smothered
their giggles as they stumbled into Jason's room. Jason was giddy with
fatigue poisons, and fell laughing, onto the bed.

"Ohh, god!" he said softly, "a nice, soft bed, that doesn't move..."

"I'm hungry," announced Flora abruptly, "let's go have breakfast.
I'm always starved after sex."

Jason stared at her as if she had just invited him to a Moral Majority
rally. "Are you nuts?" he asked, not moving, "I'm not going anywhere.
I just wanna sl**p... so tired." He ended with mumbling.

"Alright love," Flora soothed, "you just lie there and rest. Flora's
going to make everything all right. There, there, sl**py head." She
pulled the covers over him as she spoke, tucking him in like a c***d,
cooing all the while. He was asl**p before she turned out the lights.


Jason awoke in bed, once again between soft, warm sheets. To his
amazement, they were soft flannel sheets, not rubber. He lay still a
moment while his head finished waking up, listening to the tiny sounds
made by the house as it settled on it's foundations, by the wind outside,
and by his own breathing.

He had no idea what time it was, or even what day. He glanced around
the room, looking for a clock, but found none. Only then did he realize
that his room had no window. It hadn't occurred to him before now how
unusual it was to find a bedroom without a window. But then, he told
himself, some of Mandy's activities are a little strange - perhaps she
had them bricked up for privacy.

Mandy! He suddenly remembered the events of the past few days and the
predicament they had been left in, especially Mandy. When he had last
seen her, she had been imprisoned in a diabolical vibrating rubber
bodysuit, and embedded beneath more layers of rubber, on a tilting
table... Mr. Dodds! Was he still about? He felt panicky for a moment.
He couldn't remember the last several hours.

Then it came back to him. Flora's release, then his, their discovery
of Mandy safely sl**ping in her room...
Well, I'm awake now, he thought. Might as well check on Mandy. He
swung out of bed and padded carefully to the door, where he stopped
again, in wonderment. He fingered his pajamas. He hadn't been wearing
pajamas. And these were cotton! What was going on? If Flora had
dressed him without waking him, he really had been exhausted!

He eased the door open and listened. Nothing. Then a door thumped,
very close. He froze, listening to footsteps in the hall - they
sounded like women's heels. He peered out and saw Flora carrying a
tray, walking away down the hall. At least, it LOOKED like Flora. She
at least, was dressed normally. Normal that is, for this household. She
wore a black and white French maid's uniform that looked suspiciously
like latex, and skysc****r-heeled pumps of very shiny black patent
leather. He watched her delicious legs recede down the staircase, then
glanced across the hall, and stepped quickly to the opposite door.
No sound came from inside.

"Mandy!" he hissed, not wanting to alert Flora. Nothing.

He tapped the door, very softly. Nothing. He opened the door as
quietly as he could. When he had the door almost all the way open, he
saw Mandy, lying asl**p on the bed amid still more ordinary cotton
bedclothes - odd! A tray with a pitcher of water and a glass on it sat
on the bedside table.

When a soft voice said, "Shh! Don't wake her!" behind him, he nearly
jumped out of his skin! He whirled to see Flora standing, her shoes
held in her hand, behind him. She reached past him to shut the door
quietly before she began her tirade. "Now just what do you think you're
doing out of bed?" she hissed.

Jason opened his mouth to speak, but she interrupted. "You should be
resting, you've had a very tough night! Now you get back in there and
lie down while I get your breakfast ready. It hasn't been but a few
hours, and already you're panting at her door like a rutting bull!"

Jason opened his mouth to protest that he'd only wanted to check on
her, to see how she was doing, but Flora stuffed the shiny toe of one
stilleto-heeled shoe in his mouth, stifling him.

"You're supposed to be recovering from yesterday's session," she
continued, herding him toward his room, "and here you're up and
roaming around the house!"

Jason looked sheepish at her school-marmish tone, and removed the shoe
from his mouth. She took hold of his ear and dragged him, like an errant
schoolboy, to his bedroom.

"But WHAT the hell is going on around here?" managed Jason after the
door was closed. "I thought you and Mandy were nuts about rubber, even
more than I am, and here I wake up in pajamas and sheets, no sign of
that imperious ass Dodds around, and the maid running the household!"
He grinned at her, as he waited for her answer.

She smiled in return for just a moment, destroying the firm matronly
look she had been attempting, then looked worried. She sat on the edge
of the bed, patting the comforter next to her, indicating where he could
sit. "You shouldn't be so hard on Dodds, love, he's really very good to
us. And don't tell me you didn't enjoy what we did yesterday."

She blushed as she said this, and looked down as she continued.

"Anyway, Mandy is pretty drained from the whole thing, and she needs a
lot of rest. I've looked around the grounds, and Dodds really has left,
I think. He left a note in the kitchen with some suggestions for her
care. He really loves her, you know, in his own way. I think he even
took a liking to you, and I didn't know he went for boys."

It was Jason's turn to blush. She continued on.

"That's why you woke up in regular bedclothes. Mr. D reminded us that
it's possible to overdo it - get "burned out" is how he put it, he said
we should all give it a rest."

Jason stared pointedly at the generous cleavage showing over neckline
of her tight rubber bodice. "So how," he asked, "do you explain YOUR

She looked down, smiling guiltily. "Would you believe... I couldn't
help myself? Besides, I thought it would help Mandy recover." Her eyes
took on a serious look again. "You know, she's so worn out by what...
well, what was done to her, that she's quite uninterested in me. I mean,
I used to at least get a pat on the rump even when she wasn't interested,
but... but, now..." She seemed close to tears.

Jason pulled her to him, hugged her and murmured in her ear. "It's
alright dear, she'll get better. She's just worn out, like you said,
that's all." But privately, he wondered, would she recover? Oh sure,
her body was probably just fine, aside from a little fatigue, but what
about her mind? Was she still sane? He thought back to her "torture"
at Dodds' hands.

The faintly floral smell of Flora's hair brought him back to the
present. Flora sighed softly into his shoulder as he rubbed her
neck and shoulder muscles. She melted against him, and he slipped one
hand down, and around. Cautiously, he caressed her chest where one
erect nipple pressed out through the latex. She "mm-hmmed" her approval,
pulled her head up and kissed him fiercely, then pulled away slightly.

"Love," she said, looking slightly feral in the angled light of the
bedside lamps, "do you know what I want to do?"

His eyes grew wide, and he shook his head innocently.

She grabbed his crotch and squeezed. "I. Want. To. Fuck!" Jason was
slightly shocked. He had never heard her swear before. She pushed him
over onto his back. Jason laughed and rolled over onto her, pinning her
wrists. "What are you, insatiable? Am I supposed to believe that you
didn't get enough out of yesterday's fun and games?"

"Weelll," she stalled, looking mischievous.

"Alright," he continued, "do you know what I'm going to do to you?"
She batted her eyelashes up at him innocently. "I'm... uh..." he looked
stricken suddenly. "Of all the times... I guess I'm going to go to the
bathroom." He shrugged helplessly.

Flora gave him a look of mock fury. "OOhh! How could you!" she said
as he climbed off her and headed for the bathroom, "You wind me up and
then desert me?! I'll show you!" she called after his retreating back.

When Jason returned, Flora had disappeared. He stood in the doorway
of the bathroom, staring at the empty bed. "Why, that fickle little
wench," he muttered to himself. He headed toward the nightstand for his
...and got a big surprise.

For the second time in 36 hours, something soft and dark was suddenly
pulled down over Jason's head, and when he dropped his slippers, one
wrist and then the other were clicked into a pair of handcuffs. He was
mad enough to kick out, but his kick was ineffective, and left him
precariously off balance. He heard, muffled through the bag or hood,
Flora giggle behind him, as she pulled him backwards, keeping him off-
balance. He felt himself falling helplessly, disoriented, his body
tensing for the impact. Flora caught him by the shoulders, providing a
reference point for his reeling senses. She lowered him gently to the
floor. In a panic, he struggled to get to his feet, legs flailing
wildly, for all the good it did him. Flora ignored his faint bellows
of rage, and shortly had his ankles trussed as well.

After he realized that there was no way he could stand without help,
and that nothing else was happening to him yet, he calmed down
somewhat, then fell completely silent when he thought of Mandy sl**ping
in the room across the hall. He didn't want to find out what she might
do to him in his present situation. Especially when wakened from a sound
sl**p, he added to himself. And with her state of mind quite unknown, he
added again.

He listened to Flora bustling about the room, heard the door being
locked, heard the unmistakable rustle of rubber clothing. It makes
enough noise, he thought. Is it something large and loose-fitting, or
something tight that she has trouble putting on?

Shortly thereafter, his ankles were untied, but almost at the same
moment, a warm hand gripped his balls gently, and Flora's voice said,
"Now be good lover, and do what I say- you'll like this, I promise."

He hadn't much choice as she led him carefully to the bed, laying him
back upon cool sheets. COLD sheets! They warmed quickly to his skin,
and he realized that she had changed the flannel for latex sheets, the
cool material sticking just slightly to his still-damp skin.

He relaxed now, knowing that all Flora had in mind was more fun,
although he was a little disappointed that she hadn't let him have the
upper hand. She was tying his ankles, then his wrists to the bed posts,
with something soft but strong and unyielding. When she was done, she
removed his hoodwink. He gasped.

"Do you like it?" she inquired, doing slow pirouettes for him around
the bedside.

"Like it?" he breathed, "it's... extraordinary!", and any objections he
might have had to being tied up evaporated in a haze of lust. She had
removed the skimpy maid's outfit and donned an amazing body-shaper,
obviously made from very thick black rubber. As she turned before him,
he was treated to a full view of it's effect on her. It was a corselet
essentially, yet it had short legs as well. The rear was cut out, the
tight fit causing her buttocks to protrude perkily. The waist was made
very tight, and acted as a mild corset, emphasizing the size of her hips
and chest. The chest had cut-outs too, around each breast, but the holes
must have been slightly small, as each tit stood out strangely taught
and firm, literally looking like small melons.

As he watched, fascinated, she picked up a large bottle and spread
a thick oil over herself and the latex as she walked slowly and sinuously
to the bedside. "I decided to try out the dominant side of life," she
said smiling, "you don't mind, do you?"

"Well, no, but..." stammered Jason, looking bemused at his bindings.

"Oh, and I used your ties for um, ties. I hope you don't mind that

"Er, Flora," said Jason looking wryly up at her, "I don't think you're
supposed to ask a slave if he minds or not- it doesn't make you a very
convincing dominatrix."

"That's okay," she replied brightly, "I don't really want to be a
convincing dominatrix." She had started pouring the oil on his belly,
spreading it around, and down onto his legs. It was very warm, almost

"You look terrif!" commented Jason, "That's a hell of a... a...
whatever it is, it looks great!"

"It's new. You're the first person to see me in it. Not even Mandy
knows about it yet- I bought it myself." The oil trickled down his
sides, ran under his back, began spreading around his ass. She climbed
onto the bed.

"I just love hot oil massages, don't you?" she asked.

"If I could get my arms free, I'd show you how much I love it," he
growled back. She smiled, slid one leg over so that she straddled him,
smoothing the warm oil over his entire body, and massaging the muscles of
his arms, his chest. Her oil-slicked rubber-covered torso gleamed like
polished ebony, every movement she made rippling the clinging material.
He panted like a lion when she rubbed oiled hands over his cock and balls.

"You make me so hot," she purred, moving down his legs.

Jason snorted. "I'm making YOU hot! Love, if you're not careful, I'm
going to come just from looking at you! I'M the one getting hot!"

"Ah, but I'm not even started yet," she replied, mischief in her eye.
She slithered off the bed. The latex sheets and Jason's body were now
completely covered in oil. Flora walked out of his sight for a moment,
then returned carrying an odd collection of straps and two large dildos.
As she climbed onto the bed, he got a better look at it. It was a head
harness- he had enough experience now to recognize that much. The two
singularly realistic organs protruded from the front of the mouth-piece.

This wench is kinkier than I am, thought Jason. His mouth was suddenly
very dry.

Flora smiled at him as he licked his lips. "Perhaps I should give you
a taste before I put this on you," she said.

She clambered around on top of him, facing his feet, and planted her
fragrant crotch on his face, her latex-covered calves gripping his head.
Jason licked and sucked eagerly as he felt her warm, greasy hands
fondling and stroking his now very hard erection. After only a few
moments though, she pulled away and turned around.

Despite the oil and Jason's hairless head, she managed to get the head-
harness on him in short order. It didn't hurt that he gave her

essentially no resistance. This was not shaping up to be an unpleasant
experience, and he was eager to see it to it's conclusion. When she was
done, he found a soft bladder in his mouth, which filled his cheeks with
rubber when she pumped it up with a hand bulb. His vision was filled by
two prodigious prongs sprouting from his mouth and chin.

"There," remarked Flora, "every girls dream- a man with two cocks who
doesn't talk."

She giggled again, climbing around the slippery bed until she had
positioned herself over his face, again facing his feet. She treated him
to an excellent view of her oily fingers probing her ass and vagina.
Jason was so turned on by this display that he thought he would orgasm
from sheer tension!

She looked over her shoulder. "Ready?" she asked, and without waiting
for a response, which would have been impossible anyway, carefully
lowered herself onto the dildos. As she guided each one into place, she
moaned and shivered a little, shaking drops of oil onto Jason's face.
With a panty's-eye-view, Jason watched in fascination as her front and
rear passages stretched wide to accommodate the thick rods. His view
became dim as she settled all the way down, and he had to struggle to get
any air into his nose, as it buried itself between her cheeks.

For a moment, she just sat there, rocking a little, then she leaned
slowly forward and planted her lips on his throbbing penis. Jason
shouted into his gag and Flora groaned as the vibrations shook the dildos
slightly. As she stroked him, she rocked back and forth, the artificial
phalluses thrusting in and out inches before Jason's wildly staring eyes.
In moments, Flora began to grunt and hum loudly around Jason's cock, and
as she accelerated her thrusts against his face, they came, within
seconds of each other, in one long, shattering climax.

To Be Continued...
Geri... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

"You seem to know a lot about dressing for pleasure," replied Jason,
"That is, most people don't even know it exists, and even less would be
brave enough to do it in public."

"What do you mean brave enough?" retorted the woman who called herself
`Mistress Mayhem', "Rubber and leather, plastic... they're just
materials, like rayon or polyester, with ah, more taste perhaps- you
see women wearing shiny plastic raincoats all the time, and leather has
been high fashion for years."

"Your problem is, you have this guilt trip because some people may
think it's kinky or wierd to wear clothes made of rubber. So what does
it mean to be kinky - to be different? What's wrong with being
different? Do you want to be just another sheep in the herd, or do
you want to run your own life?" She stopped, breathing a little deeper
from her tirade, and stared defiantly into Jason's eyes.

He tried to ignore the delightful things happening under her jacket as
a result of her heavy breathing. "I don't know," he sighed, "I never
seem to think these things through. Sometimes I think I need someone
to run my life for me."

She raised an eyebrow at that, and looked him over again. Her
expression was odd, as if she were looking for some specific thing that
might be hidden somewhere on his person.

Jason took the opportunity to look her over in turn. He saw that what
he had mistaken in the dim lighting for a tight jacket, was in fact, a
severe looking leather corset - he could see the heavy boning within
the material. It was an amazing piece of engineering. It looked like
a jacket because it had a bustier built in to the chest portion with
deep-drawn, form fitting cups, which jutted nearly straight out,
showing ample cleavage. The garment fitted tightly from shoulders to
well over the hips. The waist was pulled in quite severely, and since
it was boned the entire length, it must have been completely rigid.

No wonder she had seemed breathless when they first walked up!

The long rubber hobble skirt was tucked underneath it, and revealed the
muscular legs and derrier of someone who definitely had been getting
her exercise.

She stared into his eyes for a few minutes, then noticed him noticing
her, and seemed to reach a decision.

She grinned, saying, "Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!
Right now though, I feel like dancing. Come on, you can't sit there
being pathetic all night!"

She grabbed his hand and dragged him from his bar stool, while
simultaneously shoving "Maid Marion" into the vacated seat. "Marion
will stay here, of course."

Jason didn't ask why Marion `would stay there of course'. Her silence
and the non-expression she wore worried him, though. While Mayhem
tugged him with surprising strength in the direction of the dance
floor, he resisted a moment, staring back at Marion. She still had
that impassive look on her face, staring at nothing in particular.
Suddenly, his pickled bl**dstream caught up with the sudden rise to his
feet, and the dance music faded under a loud buzzing in his ears, and
all his attention focused, as if through binoculars, upon the seated
woman. She stared captivatingly, if rather vacantly, back at him,
their gazes locked together while several hours passed.

He had plenty of time to notice little details that had escaped him
when `Mayhem' had first introduced them. He saw why she never moved
the feather duster. The `bracelet' on the wrist of her dusting hand
was locked on by a tiny padlock, and attached directly to her belt at
the waist. Moreover, the feather duster was literally glued to her
rubber glove, she couldn't put it down, or grasp anything else with
that hand.

Then too, something was definitely _wrong_ about her face, especially
around the eyes. Her makeup's far too thick, he thought to himself.


"IIIf ya wan't ma body,

AAND ya think I'm sexy..."

The music swelled around his head, and as his hearing and head cleared,
the pounding bass reminded his bladder of several drinks. He turned
reluctantly to follow Mistress Mayhem.

"I can see why your maid doesn't do much dancing," he shouted in her
ear, as they squirmed through the crowd to the dance floor.

"Yes," she replied, grinning, "you know, it is so hard to get good help
these days, and sometimes they have to be disciplined."

"Er, yeah. Well anyway, as I was saying, it's all very well for you to
say, `Go ahead, be yourself', but sometimes, I'm not sure just who I
am. No, I mean, I know that I'm Jason Stewart; I'm a software
engineer; I know that I drive a green Saab, and so on, but..."

"That's got to be the fastest, most concise introduction I've every
heard," interrupted Mayhem.

"Okay, okay, but anyway...I lead kind of a double life. I've got...
hobbies, interests that I can't do...right out in public, you know?"
Her eyes seemed to widen a bit as he said this, but then hardened as he
finished his sentence.

"Listen," Mayhem shot back, temporarily losing her upper-class
affectation for a moment, "you damn well CAN do almost anything that
isn't downright i*****l, and quite a bit of that too, in public. If
you don't have the guts to, say so. It's all a matter of where your
priorities are. What's more important- your own happiness, or some
stranger's opinion of you?"

"Well, you see, it's not as simple as all that. I, umm... I REALLY
like rubber." What was he doing? Jason asked himself. "It's like...
well, an obsession," he continued, "I don't expect you to understand."

He had just told his secret to a total stranger! Mayhem was looking at
him with a faintly amused expression.

He realized then, that in his desperation for company, he had made a
classic blunder. He had blithely assumed from her costume that she
shared his fetish, and worse, he now realized that he had just opened
himself to a storm of ridicule from this walking wet dream. As her
smile grew broader, he prepared himself for the worst.

"Oh, I understand, alright," 'Mistress Mayhem' said. She winked at
him. "Relax, will you? 'Marion' and I do these things all the time.
The costumes and bondage games, I mean... hey, are you alright?" She
stared at Jason as he stopped his half-hearted attempt at dance,
swaying slightly within a clearing of the crowd.

Jason had stopped dancing for a moment as what she had said sunk in,
then he did his dazed best to pick up where he had left off. He was
swimming now in the latex knickers. The scotch, though it had been
excellent, was now making him sweat, this conversation was making him
sweat, and the fantastic, delicious appearance of Mayhem herself was
making him sweat. He felt almost ready to faint from heat, stress, and
simple, unrelieved lust.

The music had changed to a current rock tune, and he refrained from
picking up the pace. He noticed that while Mayhem's stilletto heeled
boots were definitely not made for dancing, she seemed surprisingly
nimble in them.

Mayhem, seeing him falter several times, finally grabbed him with both
hands by wrist and bicep, saying, "Come on, you'd better sit down
before you fall down."

She steered him back toward the bar. There were no unoccupied stools
anywhere near where Maid Marion sat waiting. Next to her, a man who
looked like nothing so much as a used car salesman was trying to engage
her in conversation. She remained a statue, staring off across the
dance floor.

Mayhem pulled up short in front of the polyester suit replete with
polka dot bow tie, Jason swaying every so slightly at her side. Jason
hoped this guy's outfit was a costume. He looked like Soupy Sales. He
wasn't particularly tall either, at least sitting down, and Mayhem's
sky-sc****r heels brought her up to where her leather-armored breasts
jutted straight into his face. It occurred to Jason that he had never
seen heels as tall as the ones these women wore, except in fetish
magazines. He had certainly never seen anyone walk in them. Mayhem's
confident stride, and precise, if tiny steps gave her a cachet of
power, of potency.

She was giving the used car salesman a hostile stare that should have
melted his suit to his skin. He was oblivious in his determination to
get Marion's attention.

Mayhem tapped him on the shoulder saying, "She can't hear you or see
you- she's deaf and blind," she said.

The suit had obviously had too much to drink. "Well uh, thash okay, he
said, reaching out to hold Marion's hand. Jason watched Mayhem's hand
shoot out, grabbing the d***k's in a funny way, his wrist bent forward
sharply. He heard the man hiss with supressed pain, saw him surge to
his feet as if to begin battle. Something about his potential opponent
made him pause, however. Perhaps it was the fact that even with him
standing up, Mayhem was still a head taller than he. Perhaps it was
that her leather and rubber costume, while undeniably sexy, made her
appear less a fragile creature and more the armored amazon. Or maybe
it was just that she still had his hand and wrist in that odd grip, and
as he stood, she put her other hand atop his, twisting downward, just a
bit. The suit gasped, grabbing the bar with his other hand for

"You were just leaving," she observed. Mr. Polyester seemed to agree
wholeheartedly, his beligerence evaporating in favor of a frightened
look over his shoulder on his way to the door.

Mayhem seemed to forget him the instantly, and within a few seconds,
had Jason ensconced in his chair with a cup of coffee, and was
examining Marion closely. While Jason watched, fascinated with her
every movement, she ran her hands over Marion's face, removed one k**
glove to feel under Marion's armpit, touch her forehead. She acted
like a doctor examining her patient for a fever. After only a moment,
she seemed satisfied, and turned back to Jason. She looked at him

"Jason, we have to get home pretty soon." She looked him over,
considering something. "But since you claim to like our costumes so
much, why don't you join us for a while, it's still early." She
grinned in what seemed a familiar way.

"Umm. Well, I..." He was at a loss for words. He managed to admit to
himself that Mayhem frightened him, a little. He struggled for a
moment with his libido and his sense of self-preservation.

Mandy smiled reassuringly. "We have quite a few things back at our
house that you might like. Quite a lot of rubber. I'd say about
three-fourths of our wardrobe is either rubber, leather or something
like. You can model some things for use, and perhaps we can persuade
Marion to put on something more sexy."

Jason was flabbergasted at her offer. He was also doubtful there was
anything so sexy as the latex french maid's outfit Marion had on now,
but he didn't say that. Instead, he gushed, "Well, sure, I'd love to!
I've got a lot of rubber and such myself, I'd say most of the dresses
and... things... would fit either you or Marion."

At her amused smile he stammered, "Oh! they're not for me! I've sort
of been collecting them, in case I met... someone. I mean someone like
you. I'd be happy to have you try some of them on, I'd say most of
them would fit either you or Marion."

Here he glanced at the maid, feeling rather sorry for her that she
couldn't join in the conversation. Apparently, she didn't sign or read
lips, as she had spent the entire evening staring straight ahead. He
looked back at Mayhem, somewhat embarassed by his admission.

"Anyway, if you ladies would like to, we could stop at my place for
coffee," he finished lamely.

"Actually, I'd like that," replied Mayhem gently.

"By the way," Jason spoke up again, "speaking of Marion, and uh, I
don't mean to sound insensitive but what's, problem? She's
not really deaf is she? Has she... that is, is she being punished or

"I'll explain later," Mayhem answered cryptically.

Jason realized belatedly that he might be pushing his luck, but his
curiosity was killing him. He ventured another question. "And why
does she wear such heavy makeup? 'Seems her face is pretty enough
without it. Or is that part of the game?"

"I said, I'll explain later," repeated Mayhem, rather irritably.

Jason shut up fast, hoping he hadn't offended her somehow.

It struck him then, that she never asked or suggested things, she
TOLD. It would seem, he thought, that this headstrong woman was quite
used to having things her way.

The exercise had really made him sweat in the heavy latex pants, and
they slipped and squeaked over his thighs. It felt good, and the
effects on him must have been obvious, for as he shifted in his seat,
Mayhem said, "You seem to be enjoying the party, I must say," as she
pointedly stared at his crotch. "Perhaps we had best get moving."

"Not yet!" he exclaimed, "in a few minutes, it'll be midnight! That's
when we all have to take off our masks! Besides, it's only fair, since
you already know who I am, in name at least, and you're still a
complete mystery to me." He did his best to smile engagingly.

"Why, don't you like mysteries?" she asked. "Perhaps we'll just leave
now, and leave you wondering, `who was that masked lady?'."

"No, please don't... I've waited all my life to meet someone like
you. I know it sounds corny, but it's true. At least let's get to
know each other a little before we go our seperate ways."

"What do you mean, someone like me?" Mayhem shot back. She smiled
mischievously. "Since, as you say, you don't know a thing about me,
how do you know I'm someone you'll like? I might have bizarre habits,
or impossible requirements for you."

Jason looked puzzled. "What do you mean requirements? What sort of

She cocked her head up, the feathers of her mask swaying above her
head. "It seems to me, that you would very much like to get involved
with me, and it just so happens that I MIGHT be available. But I can't
take on just any suitor who walks in off the street, now can I? I am
very choosey about who I associate with. Now, in your case, I
immediately recognized a man in need of certain training." She
stressed the word `training'. Jason blushed as she continued.

"I might be persuaded to take you on, IF you agree to a few conditions."

Jason's head swam. He had only a vague idea of what she was talking
about, but the dream of his lifetime had just fallen out of the clear
blue sky, and he wasn't about to take a chance on losing her. Or them,
as the case might be.

He grinned, stood up, and dropped to one knee. "OK, then tell me," he
replied in his best television-Shakespeare accent, "how do I persuade
you of my sincerity and worth, fair lady?"

At that moment, somebody rang a godawful loud bell, and a lady in a
clown suit nearby shouted, "It's midnight! It's midnight! Off with
the masks!"

Mayhem smiled at Jason. "Well?" she said.

"But you haven't answered my question," he said.

"Very well." She raised her head to look down her nose at him. You
must undergo trials and tests of my devising, fair knight, before you
may win MY favor."

They both laughed. "Fair enough," he answered, and removed his domino.
He looked expectantly at 'Mayhem', but she was still giving him the
Queen Victoria stare down her nose. She said, "You must first promise
to submit to any test I decide upon, and to undertake any task I set

Jason wasn't sure how serious she was, but he answered, "I promise."

With a dramatic gesture, 'Mistress Mayhem' removed her mask.

It took Jason several seconds to before it hit him.

"Mandy! Mandy Rafool!" It was his first sweetheart from high school!

He was in shock as she stood grinning down at him like the Cheshire
Cat. He staggered back to sit back down. All he could do was sit and
admire her, wondering what quirk of fate had brought them together

She looked miffed. "Is that all you can say?" she demanded, "Some
greeting for a long-lost lover."

Jason leaped to his feet, reached for her and before she could say
anything, was kissing her soundly.

Immediately, she pressed one stiletto heel into his foot, causing him
to yelp and leap back, looking at her with a hurt puppy expression.
"That's the first thing we're going to have to teach you," she said,
"how to treat a lady with respect!" But she was smiling warmly,

"That smarts," he said ruefully. "Hmm, you're acting fairly calm
about... waitagoddamminute! Do you mean to tell me that you knew all
along, that you've been sitting here leading me on, and you knew who I
was all along?" He glared at her accusingly.

She stared calmly back at him. "For one thing," she said, "it's not my
fault you chose to wear a simple domino mask, instead of something more

Second, if you hadn't been half pickled by the time we got here, you
might have been observant enough to recognize me." She frowned at the
mad rush for the bar that the bell and the accompanying announement had

"Anyway, we've got a deal, so let's get out of here before the whole
place turns into a zoo."

"Come on, Maid Marion," she said, ( too loudly Jason thought), "we're
leaving." Marion, who hadn't moved from her stool since she sat down,
stood up.

She seemed to teeter on her six-inch heels.

"Wait! I just noticed!" Jason exclaimed. "Maid Marion hasn't got a
mask to take off. Come to think of it, she didn't have one when you
two arrived.

She must be the only person here not wearing a mask. Now that's hardly

By now, he had figured that something was most definitely up with the
young lady, and he still thought to figure it out.

"You ought to at least introduce us, Mandy," he tried.

"You've already had as much introduction as you're going to get. I'm
afraid she's not allowed to speak to anyone until we get home.
Besides, she DOES have her mask, in a way. You'll see."

Jason looked from Mandy to 'Marion' to Mandy again. "But... oh,
alright. Do you two have a car?"

"No, we took a taxi. And you should have seen the cabbies face! I
think we must have distracted the poor man." She did not appear
geniuinely sympathetic. "Anyway, you'll drive us, won't you?"

In the car, with Mandy riding shotgun, Jason couldn't help looking in
the rear view mirror at 'Maid Marion'. He couldn't figure out what was
wrong about her appearance. She looked perfectly normal, but she never
showed any emotion, or expression, however slight. Very odd. Even
when someone was `being serious', they usually had some facial
movement. And there was something about her eyes that still bugged
him. A passing car blared its horn at him, and he concentrated on his
driving. Mandy was filling him in on the last several years.

"You see, I just realized one day that I was cutting off half the human
race. And, well, you know how horny I was in high school?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"For me anyway, it got worse the older I got. Or better, depending on
how you look at it."

"Oh." Brilliant comment, thought Jason. Really snappy repartee.

Mandys hand was migrating into Jason's crotch. "So, one saturday, I
was feeling lonely and very horny... I'd just broken up with George, so
I was pretty digusted with men in general. All of my so-called friends
were really just business people, and like I said before, I had already
left the money circle behind. Besides, most of them were men. I
decided I needed some friends I could talk to. I went to The Three

"What's that?"

"It's a gay bar. For women. I met a woman named Sandra there, and she
invited me to a party. I had a few drinks to get my courage up and I

It was a pretty wild party, with a lot of leather and rubber,
cross-dressers, corsetry nuts, you name it, most of the people were
pretty kinky, one way or another. Anyway, somehow I ended up doing
this scene with a couple from Ohio, they were really into fetishes,
bondage, dressing for pleasure, a lot of things I'd been playing around
the edges of for years. We became pretty good friends. That woman
taught me a lot about men."

"Since then, I've met 'Marion' here, and one or two others, and we've
been having a grand time ever since."

Jason was looking a little pale. "Are you saying you're gay? A

"No. I'm bisexual. And what if I were strictly les? Would you think
I was subhuman? I had thought you were more open minded than that."
Jason blushed. "I've come to realize," continued Mandy, "that it
doesn't matter what labels other people put on me, what matters is
whether I'm enjoying myself. I do what pleases me."

"And what exactly is it that pleases you?" Jason queried.

"You'll see when we get to the house. Do you want to stop off at your
place, and pick up some clothes?"

"That depends. How long would you like me to stay?"

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Flora was relieved when Mandy led Jason from the room, having been
rather embarrassed from her orgasmic walk around the table. Now her
rubber corselet grew cool and clammy, her sweat trickling down her body
under the tight material. Her arousal had cooled- she felt just a
little disgusted with herself and wished she could get the suit off and
take a hot shower.

In a short time, Mandy returned with an appliance dolly, the sort of
thing one moves refrigerators with. She strapped Flora into it like so
much baggage, and wheeled her away. Flora was relieved that she
wouldn't have to walk anywhere, and she hoped she wouldn't be exposed
to Jason's wide-eyed stare again.

Flora had been with Mandy for years, and was quite comfortable in their
master-slave relationship, but the presence of this naive young man was
somehow embarrassing. Of course, the fact that she hadn't slept with a
man in over a year until last night, might have had something to do
with her attraction to him. She had a love for novelty, and her years
with Mandy had given her time to think about alternatives, until she
had actually begun to look forward to playing with a man again.

A bump as they entered the servants' lift brought her back to reality.
Flora's stomach complained as it sloshed with the full load of liquid
'breakfast' that had been f***e-fed to her. She wondered what Mandy
had in store for her today. She soon found out. The lift lurched DOWN
instead of up, and she knew that she was in for more "discipline"
before Mandy would consider this whole matter with Jason over with.

When they reached the basement, she was wheeled into their exercise
room, which at times, Mandy used as a supplement to the many dedicated
"play rooms" that Mandy had had installed over the last few years. To
Flora's horror, Mandy's exercise treadmill had been brought in. She
suspected immediately what what that was intended for. Off to one side
was Jason in the 'sandwich rack' as Flora called it.

He'd never looked so good as far as Flora was concerned. He was held
quite immobile between the heavy sheets of transparent silicone rubber,
every curve of muscle looking as if it were dipped in the shiny, clear
material. She thought that the material had somehow been stretched to
cover his head as well, until she realized it was a new molded helmet
made of the same silicone rubber. She also saw with a shock that his
hair was gone, his shiny pate clearly visible beneath the transparent
rubber hood. For a moment, she felt a flash of sympathy for him as she
recalled how embarrassed she had felt when she had lost her hair, years

She had never seen anyone else in the frame, but she remembered how it
felt, and remembering turned her on. Held immobile, vertically, he
appeared almost to be suspended in mid-air, only the gleam of the shiny
material giving away the effect. She longed again for his touch,
though she knew it would be unattainable for some time.

Mandy guided Flora until she was standing on the treadmill, facing
Jason in his bizarre bondage. He looks like a bug on display, she
thought, a very edible bug. She would have laughed but for the latex
mask and gag. Then she felt sorry for him, as she remembered how
little experience he had with Mandy's intensive bondage games.

She wondered if Mandy would try to keep him from coming, since that was
the sort of thing she liked to torture Flora with. She suspected it
would be difficult in a situation like this one. If he did, further
stimulation would be no use. In her experience, once a man came, he
was seldom interested in more of the same without a rest period. No
man she had ever met was multi- orgasmic, as women were capable of

She watched Mandy set up a rope and pulley over her head, then come
toward her with a leather body harness. This had several straps which
went around the torso, with big rings for her latex-encased breasts to
fit through, and a small ring at her crotch, where the rod that ran to
her ankles was threaded into the dildo.

Mandy clipped the rope to the harness, took up some of the slack, then
tied it off. Flora couldn't see the point, but she could see Mandy
remove several long objects from a drawer, then disappear behind her.
Shortly, she was poked and got a nasty shock in her rear! She grunted
in surprise, and moved forward. Those things must be cattle prods!
She couldn't believe Mandy was doing that, it just didn't seem like
her- most of Mandy's admittedly fiendish 'tortures' had a strong sexual
theme, and were more fun than anything for Flora. They seldom indulged
in anything really painful, although they generally agreed that
discomfort was fine, if it was for a good cause.

Then she remembered what she was standing on. Oh, NO! she thought,
she's going to f***e me to walk even more, and in front of Jason, too!

She was almost horrified at the prospect of an even longer session at
the tender mercy of the sinister latex body shaper and corselet. As if
they had minds of their own, her nipples hardened within the lubricated

As she awaited her fate, her breathing already quickening, she watched
in apprehension as Mandy attached some sort of gadget with a cord to
Jason's rubber-covered crotch. The little machine had suction cups on
the front and supporting straps of clear plastic fastened it securely
to the edge of the frame. Another cord was plugged into the gadget and
carried around to his rear. She did something behind Jason for several
minutes, then reappeared and turned on Flora's sound box.

"Well," she announced, loudly so that Jason would hear, "It's time I
explained a few things."

Oh boy, thought Flora, speech time again.

"The facts are simple," continued Mandy. "You two are supposedly my
slaves, even if you haven't exactly been acting like slaves today. For
Jason this is a new experience, and temporary if he decides he's not
having fun, but Flora of course has already made a commitment. As
slaves, you are supposed to serve me in any way I desire, especially
sexually. If you do this well, you are rewarded. If you do not, you
are punished, of course.

So. All of... THIS has come about because last night, I gave an order
to Flora.

She was not to touch you, Jason, until I permitted. It was a simple
demand, and easy to follow, but one she chose to ignore. And YOU,
Jason, showed rather poor manners in allowing her into your bed, having
just met your first love for the first time in many years. Both of you
will be paying dearly for that indiscretion during the next several
hours. I suggest you meditate on your trangressions while you are
undergoing treatment.

Hmm. Perhaps I should explain what will be happening."

Hours?? thought Flora. I can't believe that. Would she really leave
us like this for that long? I can't take another session like that
last one, I'll have a coronary!

But she knew that she had no choice, and that she could endure an
almost brutal level of over-stimulation, if she had to.

"Jason, you expressed an interest in Flora's beautiful costume. Let me
tell you about it. Under the mask, of course, she is gagged by an
inflated balloon of latex, which fills the mouth, and swells the
cheeks, and keeps one's slave from annoying you with any distracting
complaints. The collar, as I hope you can see, is stiffly boned,
forcing her head into the proper position, showing pride in being my
slave. You can see that she is tightly corseted and booted. I might
add that it has taken quite a while for dear Flora to learn to walk in
those six-inch heels. She is quite proud of that ability.

Incidentally, her waist measurement is only twenty inches at the
moment. What you cannot see are the little rubber fingers lining the
crotch area and the breast cups. Ahh, Flora has very sensitive
breasts, as you no doubt know by now. In addition, there is a large
dildo fastened in the front of the panty section, as well as a nice big
plug in her rear."

Mandy walked around Flora, pointing out the details like a lecturing
professor. Now, in case you've been wondering, the metal tubing
attached to her ankles, crotch, and shoulders, f***e her to move her
shoulders and torso back and forth as she walks. This moves her
breasts around within their tight, friendly little cups. It also
twists the dildo around, and up and down, as well as moving the fingers
attached in the crotch quite a bit.

Rather clever, don't you think?"

She turned toward Flora, who was consumed with embarrassment. "Jason's
arrangement is also interesting. You already know about Igor The
Vibrating Turtle. Today, it is wired to a sensitive pressure switch.
This pressure switch is located in the butt-plug now filling his
rectum. You see, when most men are close to orgasm, their sphincter
involuntarily contracts. This will shut off the vibrator, just in the
nick of time, ha, ha, ha!" Of course, it may not work. I may not get
the pressure setting adjusted just right."

Here she leaned over to scowl in Jason's face. "In which case, young
man, I expect you to refrain from making a mess in my beautiful
silicone bondage frame. I'll only have to punish you more if you come
without my permission!"

Jason gave a soft grunt of encouragement and smiled at Flora through
the clear rubber of his mask. Flora could only stare mutely, the gag
and her tight rubber helmet hiding any emotion. The two of them stared
at each other helplessly, knowing there was nothing they could do.

Mandy started the vibrator attached to Jason, then Flora's treadmill.
Flora could see Jason squirm under the insistent emanations from the
big machine.

But soon she had troubles of her own as the treadmill began to move.
She was carried backward until a nasty shock reminded her of the cattle
prods affixed to the rear frame. She strutted forward, following the
movement of the treadmill. Sealed between the tight rubber corselet
and her body, the K-Y jelly was still there, keeping her skin
well-lubricated, and her nipples became fully erect after only a few

Here we go again, she thought.

Mandy walked between them and said, "Well, I have some shopping to do,
so you k**s enjoy yourself. I'll be back in a few hours!" She
switched off Flora's hearing and walked out.

Flora panicked. Hours! She couldn't hold out for hours! There was no

And besides, Mandy had always said she would NEVER leave her
unsupervised in any kind of bondage she couldn't get out of. Something
was very wrong. She determined to get off the infernal machine
immediately, but instantly ran into a snag. The rails at the sides,
intended for the mundane user to maintain their balance, kept her from
walking off the sides, the control panel at the front blocked her that
way and she already knew what was behind her.

She thought of going limp, with what little slack her unusual costume
allowed, knowing that she might well lose her balance and fall, but
that was handily prevented by the harness attached to the ceiling, and
she got another horrid shock in her ass for her trouble.

Since her hands were still securely laced into the rubber gloves glued
to her hips, there was just no way out of her predicament. She was
getting hot again, and despite her best efforts to concentrate on
icebergs, politicians, and other decidedly unsexy things, the
despicable dildo, plug, and fingers had her squirming with sexual
delight in very short order. Next she tried to concentrate on Jason.
His face was a kaleidoscope of fury, passion, and fear.

As she watched, his face screwed up in a grimace, as if he were coming,
but at that moment the vibrating massager stopped squirming, his body
slowly un-tensed, and his face calmed somewhat. Then he stared about
wildly, and began struggling to get out, but Flora knew that the
silicone rubber was virtually tear-proof, and thick enough to make
every movement a monumental effort. After he had been relaxed a while,
the vibrator started up again, but Flora was no longer interested, for
the slippery fumbling of the latex fingers and the relentless plunging
of her two long and thick tormentors were taking their toll on her
higher reasoning centers.

She stared up at the ceiling, tried to divorce herself from the intense
sensations sweeping through her body, but it was no use. She came, in
a long, shuddering spasm, seeing spots before her eyes, and her
wandering attention snapped back to her body. Despite herself, she had
been terribly aroused by Jason's position, and that wasn't helping.
They had both endured as much as they could however, and soon, moans of
passion and frustration were heard.

Flora strained against her bonds, hoping in desperation to break the
stretchy material, willing to face Mandy's wrath if it meant release
from her terrible yet wonderful ordeal. But the material only
stretched, snapping back to position when her muscles could no longer
hold out. Soon, this effort, too, was forgotten as another, stronger
orgasm racked her body. A tiny corner of her mind was still thinking
clearly, and it noted with surprise, that the constant stimulation
maintained her sensitivity, rather than numbing her. The only thing
going numb was her mind. Her thoughts ran wild as she rode the waves
of sensual ecstasy, Jason forgotten, the slippery corset and insidious
dildos forgotten, only her breasts and crotch existing, and they were
on fire with passion. She spasmed again in a burst of light, and stood
vibrating in place while fire coursed through every inch of her body.
As she stopped moving forward, she perceived the shocks of the cattle
prods as a sensuous fire along her buttocks, pale in comparison to the
heat that was consuming her. She felt consciousness slipping away, but
sensation returned, and she was jolted awake as the strength of her
orgasm dimmed and the shocks to her buttocks ceased to be enjoyable and
returned to being painful.

She would be allowed no rest. The waves of pleasure spreading out from
her crotch and breasts were now almost intolerable, and she screamed in
uncontrolled passion as each step took her further and further from

A visitor peeking in would have seen the strangest sight. The shiny,
tanned form of a man, motionless except for the occasional twitch,
suspended vertically in mid air within a frame of chromed steel tubes,
faced a statuesque study in leather and latex, constantly in motion.
Once in a while, the figure on the treadmill slowed, and a blue spark
would snap from the rear frame to her rubber-covered derrier, resulting
in a pitiful moan, and renewed effort from the walker.

As we leave them, two intrepid explorers of the limits of human
sexuality, we hear shouts of frustration, and screams of ecstasy,
muffled as they are by layers of rubber.....

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12

Moving between Jason and Flora, the stranger turned off the treadmill
and vibrating massager. As they looked up in surprise, he smiled.

"Hello," he said, and then frowned as Flora shook her head wearily.
Though her worst fears had come true; a stranger was in their house
while she was helplessly trapped in Mandy's devilish equipment, she was
too exhausted from her ordeal to do anything but relax within her
bondage, taking advantage of the relief from the insidious treadmill.

Of course, her relaxing was visible only as a bend at the knees, since
her harness held her up, the rigid corset stiffened her back, and her
hands were still held fast to her hips by the thick rubber gloves that
were glued there.

The stranger frowned at her lack of response, then noticed the box at
her belt, from which lead connected to her helmet. He flipped the
switch on the box, and watched her face. When nothing happened, he
began again.

"My dear people, I am Mr. Dodds. You have nothing to fear. I am an
old friend of Ms. Rafool's, and I'm perfectly aware of her unusual
hobbies. I'll be releasing you shortly, but I'm afraid I'm not here to
rescue you.

You see, I am your new master, at least for a while." He let those
words sink in for a moment.

Flora was stunned by this strangers appearance from nowhere, and even
more surprised by his cool assumption of authority over them. She
thought furiously, wondering how he had gotten onto the property, or
for that matter, how he had gotten past Mandy's two protection-trained
Rottweillers. She had no intention of surrendering to this intruder
without Mandy's reassurance. For all she knew, this guy could be an
axe-murderer. She also realized that their visitor was a large and
powerfully built man, so for the moment, she offered no resistance as
he proceeded to undress her.

She squirmed a bit in embarrassment as he removed the dildos from her
in plain view of Jason. Did he have to do this here, right in front of
Jason, she thought. As she stood shivering, wet with lubricant and
sweat, she wondered if perhaps this strange man could be legitimate.
She remembered now that Mandy had mentioned one or two men in her life
once, but it had been a long time ago, and she couldn't remember the
details. She was certain that Mandy hadn't had any men here since
Flora had moved in, although she knew that Mandy was bisexual.

She remembered that that Mandy had taken several business trips last
year, despite her being "retired". The lawyers and bean-counters had
not been managing her father's estate to her liking, and she had
intervened personally to set things right. She could easily have
entertained this guy or any others without Flora's knowledge on any of
those occasions. For a moment, she felt a faint twinge of jealousy,
but it faded, dissolving in a warm glow, as she assured herself how
much Mandy loved her.

She hoped for this "Mr. Dodds" sake that he either had Mandy's
permission, or that he left before she got home. Although she didn't
usually think of her as a cruel person, Mandy was not someone you
wanted to have genuinely mad at you.

Mr. Dodds covered Flora with a plain silk bath robe, and led her away
up the stairs. He stopped at the bar and fixed her a brandy,
commanding her to drink it.

"It will help you calm down, perhaps you can get some rest," he said.

Flora had no intention of resting until she got to the bottom of this
little mystery, but she swallowed obediently, in order to seem
unthreatening. She coughed a little after, unaccustomed to the burning
nectar, and then docilely allowed him to lead her to her room. He
tucked her in, between soft satin sheets, and left her room. Flora had
intended to get up and about as soon as Dodds left her alone, but
suddenly, she felt very tired, her arms and legs leaden, and she
realized that she had been d**gged. Already, the soporific that Dodds
had dosed her brandy with was making her drowsy, and Flora was soon
fast asl**p, unaware of the clicks of the key turning in the lock.

When she awoke, she lay still a moment, trying to remember where she
was. There was a sour taste in her mouth, and the smell of leather
filled her nostrils. Her head felt tight, and her mouth cottony and
full, as if she'd been drinking. When she remembered the events of
that morning, she made to get up, to look for Jason and Mandy, but- she
couldn't! She couldn't move a muscle, literally. Her entire body felt
clamped in a hard, immovable shell.

She realized then that her eyes were actually open but she couldn't see
a thing. What's happened to me? she thought. She f***ed herself to
calm down.

When she tried to move her head again, she realized that she had been
put into bondage again, but what bondage!

Mentally, she took stock of her senses. She could feel a stiff, form-
fitting leather helmet laced tightly around her head. The fullness in
her mouth was a soft gag which tasted of leather. Although she had
been wearing discipline helmets on occasion for years, this struck her
as odd, as she was certain that all of Mandy's were made of rubber.

Nonetheless, helmets she could handle, they were part and parcel of her
bondage games with Mandy, and she enjoyed them. Nor was it the first
time she had woken up to find that she had been restrained while
asl**p, but this incredible sense of rigidity...

She began to panic again. Never in her entire life, including two
years under the tender ministrations of Mandy, had she felt as trapped
as this. Even when tied tightly with yards of rope, or laced into a
leather body binder, or hugged in the firm embrace of Mandy's
inflatable 'meditation bag', it had always been possible to move
slightly. Now she couldn't wiggle even a finger! But... she flexed
her muscles again, breathing slowly to calm her self. Okay, she could
feel her muscles flex, she wasn't paralyzed.

She took the freedom of movement in her head as a good sign as well,
and slowly realized she was in no immediate danger. She heard some
scratches and a click and then heard the door open. Well, she thought,
I'm not in any of Mandy's helmets- she usually either uses the ones
with ear pads or puts plugs in my ears- I would never have heard that
noise. Something brushed her head. She remembered that Mandy had
removed her wig. The stranger had seen her bald! Even after almost a
year without hair, she still felt a twinge of embarassment at the
thought of a stranger seeing her without hair.

"I think you're awake, aren't you?" A familiar male voice asked. She
"um-hmmed" through the gag.

"This is Mr. Dodds again, Flora. You mustn't be afraid, there is
nothing to worry about. I'll take good care of you, and in due course,
I'll let you out. Now, if I remove your helmet, will you be a good
girl and have something to eat?"

She thought that feeding one's prisoners didn't conform to the usual
model for axe-murderer, so she grunted "Um-hm" again. Shortly, he had
removed her mask. She blinked in the warm glow from the bedside lamp.
Expecting to see some bizarre costume in leather or rubber, she was
surprised to find him bending over her in a simple tweed house jacket.

He smiled kindly said, "I have some good minestroni soup here for you.
I'll spoon and you swallow, alright?"

Suddenly, she was famished. She had no idea how long it had been since
she and Jason had `eaten' breakfast.

"Okay," she replied, and her own voice startled her. She realized she
hadn't spoken plainly since, since...

"What time is it?" she inquired, as he began spoon-feeding her. The
salty, beef-flavored soup tasted delicious.

"It's four in the afternoon, but you've been asl**p since yesterday,"
he lied. She noticed then that the walls seemed tilted at crazy
angles, until she realized that SHE was on a tilted platform, and not
in bed. Looking down, it was immediately obvious why she was unable to
move. She was completely encased in a rock-hard body cast, covering
her body from her ankles up to the neck. Mr. Dodds was talking again
as he fed her more soup.

"You and Jason have had quite a session, though I dare say you got the
more intense treatment. I've put you into a body cast to isolate you
completely from physical sensations. Because of this, you should be
recovered from your ordeal completely. Now we can all have fun again!"

Whether Flora believed this lame-sounding excuse or not, she was too
bewildered by the events of the day to offer any argument or wonder
what Mr. Dodds meant by 'fun'. Nervously, she continued sipping the
offered soup.

When she was finished, and Dodds had cleared away the breakfast tray,
he spread a plastic tarpaulin around her feet and under the slanting
board. Flora's eyes grew wide with apprehension.

Dodds smiled and said, "Now I'm going to remove your cast. The noise
may sound awful, but I promise it shan't hurt a bit."

When the messy procedure was over, Mr. Dodds helped the weak and
wondering Flora to the bed, tucked her in, and said, "Good night!"
before trundling off with the pieces of her cast under his arms.

The d**g he had put in her soup soon took hold, and she drifted off
again, unaware of the strange activities commencing in the guest room
down the hall...

Late that night, the light in Mr. Dodd's commandeered guest room still
burned. He had his three body casts arrayed across the
tarpaulin-covered floor, while he mixed odd-smelling liquids in big
plastic buckets. The halves of each cast had been joined anew, the
seams made smooth by plaster-and-gauze repairs. When he was satisfied
with the gooey substance that foamed in his buckets, he began pouring
it into his molds....


Sunlight streaming in the window warmed her body as Flora awoke. She
felt strange, as if still dreaming, with a dull, numb feeling
enveloping her. As she woke up a bit more, she realized that someone
had put a thin latex helmet on her head. She felt for a zipper to undo
it, but it was apparently sealed under a glued seam. The helmet had
eye, nose and mouth openings, so she took it in stride, having worn
such helmets for years. She started to get up, happy to be able to
move again, only to be startled when she realized that Mr. Dodds was
sitting in a chair next to the door. He looked a little weary, but he
must have been happy. He was smiling broadly.

"Here," he said. "I brought you some juice. No, don't lie down, we've
a lot to do today. Besides, I want to examine you."

At Flora's intake of breath and indignant look, he quickly added, "Now,
my good man, there's no point stalling."

Flora thought, `good man' ? He's either gone completely bonkers, or
he REALLY needs glasses!

"After all," Dodds was saying, "I AM a doctor, and besides, I've
already seen you without clothes downstairs, or had you forgotten?"

Flora blushed beneath her concealing mask, and he said, "Please. Turn
around for me a bit. Good. Very good. You look fine. Now I want you
to get dressed in those clothes on the dresser, they should fit you
well enough."

As she sipped her juice, Sarah began feeling even more odd than when
she had awoke. There was a strange sensation in her skin, as if she
still had on one of her latex catsuits. She looked down at her

...and got the shock of her life. She had the body of a man! Feeling
faint, she rushed to the full-length dressing mirror, holding on to one
of the bedposts for support. The image that confronted her in the
mirror was impossible, yet there was no denying it. Below the
concealing black hood, her sexy young female figure was gone, replaced
by the virile form of a young, shaved man, complete with plumbing.

In a daze, she caressed the strange chest and arms, thinking, I'm
dreaming- that's got to be it, I'm still asl**p, and this is all a

Mr. Dodds interrupted her revery. "Ah-ah! None of that, Jason- no
touching yourself. Just get dressed. And hurry up, we've a lot do

Jason! Flora thought, I'm not Jason! Okay, that's it then, this
really is a dream. I guess I can be whoever I want... hmm, this could
actually be fun. I've always wondered what it was like to be a man.
As she turned her head, the makeup lights sourrounding the vanity left
blurry trails behind- she knew she was dreaming, now.

Dodds was very pleased with himself. It had taken him a year of
tinkering and several visits from a Hollywood special effects costumer
that he knew to perfect the technique. The foam latex suit that he'd
molded from Jason's cast fit her perfectly. Once she was dressed,
she'd never be able to see the back seam, which was glued shut anyhow,
and the only remaining openings were at the neck and anus.

The inside was molded precisely to her own shape, and the supple foam
latex would follow her every movement. A thick dildo, made of
silicone-coated steel, filled her vagina and was loosely attached to
the artificial phallus in front, while a small manual pump concealed in
the scrotum would allow her to get a convincing erection. The dildo
inside her was hollow near the top and half full of mercury, so it
wiggled and jerked inside her with every movement.

In Flora's anesthetised state however, she knew only that she felt
horny. She chalked it up to her new male body. How distracting, she
thought, to be randy all the time. No wonder men have such a bad

By all external appearances, she was now a man. But Dodds had d**gged
her juice as well, to support the illusion. On an empty stomach, he
thought, it ought to be coursing through her veins even now.

The juice contained a witch's brew of d**gs, although in relatively low
dosages. The mixture had been painstakingly developed by the doctor
over about five months, using himself and his current slave as test
subjects. A synthetic cocaine derivative would cause a feeling of
elation, a relative of Xylocain would numb her skin somewhat, and a
hypnotic similar to Nembutal would maintain her dreamlike state. None
of the d**gs depressed the central nervous system. Flora would still
receive plenty of sexual stimuli.

As the potent cocktail of d**gs began to take hold, Flora found herself
becoming excited by her new identity, and the interesting items that
Dodds had set out for her. She fumbled through the pile, wondering
what new devilment the mysterious Mr. D had come up with. She
uncovered a large butt plug made of gleaming chrome-plated metal. It
was very heavy, and warm to the touch. Dodds must have heated it up.
Thoughtful, but... She stared at it. She looked at Mr. Dodds
pleadingly. She looked back at the butt plug.

"Come, come now!" exclaimed Dodds, "I'm losing my patience." He leaped
to his feet and shoved Flora/Jason onto the bed, shouting, "Stay there
and don't move!" He searched through the bedside tables until he found
a jar of lubricant, some of Mandy's favorite silicone grease. He
liberally smeared Flora's rear passage, through the hole in the suit,
and pushed in the plug.

All at once and nothing first, Flora (or was she Jason?) felt the dildo
slip into place. Had she not been used to such toys, the big toy would
surely have caused some pain. As it was, the size of it made her gasp,

then writhe in delight. I wonder if this is how it feels to Jason, she
thought. Am I really a man? It feels different, strange.

"Now that you're suitably plugged," shouted Dodds, "get your sluggish
ass off the bed and into those things as I told you!"

Jason/Flora moved quickly to the dresser and picked up the first item.
Not so much clothing as tack, thought Flora. The leather harness she
held in her hands was both large and complex, with dozens of straps.
She laid it out and loosened the buckles, then put it on. When she was
finished, she stood before the mirror. The harness was a total-body
harness, with straps extending down two sides of each leg plus the
front, rear, and sides of the torso, and both sides of each arm.
Further, it continued in a stiff posture collar into a complex head
harness which she hadn't figured out yet.

Mr. Dodds stood and assisted. "Here lad, you've got to loosen the
gag-strap first," he said. He pulled the harness over her head,
pushing the deflated bladder gag into her mouth. Over this was mounted
a thick curved plate, covering the mouth, on the front of which was
attached a formidable, realistically shaped dildo, also made of
gleaming chrome-plated metal.

As the straps were tightened, Flora felt strangely elated, knowing that
this treatment was the sort of thing Jason would have to learn to
love. But wait, she thought, I'm Jason now! And if I'm Jason, then
what is Flora going through? Her head spun.

Mr. Dodds worked his way down Floras (Jason's?) body, tightening each
strap until her "flesh" swelled between them. Her new penis and balls
were then delivered through the crotch ring, and the crotch strap
pulled tight in the buckle on the waist strap, forcing the butt-plug
deep into her rectum.

"Almost ready!" exclaimed Dodds, as he plucked another item from the
dresser: a puffer bulb, which he attached to a valve at the edge of the
mouth-plate. He watched Flora's face as he pumped the bulb. Her eyes
widened, her breathing quickening as her mouth was inexorably filled
with soft rubber. When her cheeks were slightly distended, Dodds
detached the bulb.

He drew out a long burgundy rubber cape from the closet and d****d it
around his slave's shoulders. "There!" he pronounced, "a perfect image
of male submission, ready to serve his mistress in any way. Now, who
do you suppose that mistress is going to be, Jason?"

Mr. Dodds began to stroke her crotch with both hands. She strained to
see, but the severe leather harness prevented her from bending more
than an inch or two. Dodds turned her to the mirror and stepped back.

"Jason" looked at herself in the mirror. She was indeed an excellent
specimen of manhood, with broad shoulders, powerful legs and chest,
all held in check by the tight body harness. Further, her engorged
member proved beyond a doubt that no matter how strange it felt, this
must be a dream- she really was a man, for as long as the dream

Feeling slightly dazed, Flora allowed "himself" to be led by leash and
collar downstairs...

When they arrived at the dining room, she got quite a shock, until she
remembered who she was. Someone, (Flora?) was standing on the other
side of the table, acting as servant in a very sexy, if bizarre, maid's
outfit. The third member of the household was nowhere to be seen.
Earlier in her dream, "Jason" had hoped to talk to the others, to find
out how they felt, what they were going through, but now she saw this
was not to be. She, of course, would never be able to talk with her
mouth filled by the pump gag, and in addition, she recognized her own
false-face mask on the maid's head, the same one she had worn to the
party that Mandy had followed Jason to. The thick rubber helmet was an
exact duplicate of a female face, but she knew it was equipped with a
thick, sponge filled rubber gag inside. The question was, who was
inside: Mandy or Jason?

They were about the same height, so it would be impossible to tell that
way. Then she remembered- it would have to be either Mandy or Flora,
not Jason. She was really "Jason".

Dodds loosened some straps, then sat "Jason" down at the table,
strapping her to the chair with the harness until she could barely
move. He then ordered the maid to serve brunch, "Exactly as I told
you.", then walked away.

For eating, "Jason's" gag was removed, and she was spoon fed, like a
baby. The breakfast/lunch was actually rather good, and she wondered
who had cooked it, with all of them tied up most of the time.

Flora realized that she might figure out who the maid was by how she
walked, but she seemed to be having trouble walking, and a glance down
showed why.

She wore very shiny chrome-colored thigh-high boots, that had no
apparent laces or fastenings, just barely-visible seams along the
sides. In addition to being very stiff-looking, they had very high
heels and ballet toes. As she walked about, the maid never bent her
knees, rather she seemed to shift her hips until the heel cleared the
floor, then swung her leg slightly, taking tiny, mincing steps.

The boots were so smooth and polished to such a sheen that they might
have been made from metal. Suddenly "Jason" realized... they actually
were metal.

She was amazed that anyone could even stand in them, let alone walk
around. But the maid continued to defy gravity, remaining upright,
although she had to constantly shift her feet for balance, like a
ballerina on point.

All too soon, the mysterious Mr. Dodds returned, saying, "Now, my
c***dren, I'd like to show you what I've been working on." He released
"Jason", re-tightening her harness. Snapping a lead to each of their
collars, he led them to the basement stairs....

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

Mandy stared at nothing out the windshield. "Oh, about a week should

"A week! I was thinking of hours! I can't stay a week, I've got to be
back to work on Monday."

"Oh, come on," Mandy said reproachfully, "we haven't seen each other in
years. Besides, you look like you could use a vacation. Don't you
have some vacation time you could use?"

"Well... I've got thirty days a year, and I haven't used any yet, but.."

"Then it's final! I'll hear no more about it. We'll just stop off at
your place, pick up this kinky wardrobe of yours, and then head for my
place. This will be a blast, you'll see."

"Oh, what-the-hell! Why not? Like you said, it's been a while. Damn,
girl! How long's it been- ten years?

"I told you before. I'm a woman, not a girl. Please don't make that
mistake again." Something in her tone made Jason glance sideways at
her. She was looking straight at him, with a very hard look in her


"Jeez, hey, no problem," he said, "Take it easy." She didn't say
anything else for quite a few miles.

Finally, to break the silence, Jason said, "So what was that business
with the d***k's wrist? He looked like he was having a coronary!"

"Aik**o," Mandy replied. "When you enjoy dressing the way we do,
sometimes you have to remind men of their place. You know, the whole
syndrome of `If she's dressed that way, she must be ASKING for it.'
You have to defend yourself, because the police can't and the
courts...well, by the time you get to the courts, it's too late, and
they probably won't do anything anyway."

"Why do I get the impression you've had some bad experiences?" asked

"I have," she replied. "Maid Marion and I were walking back to our car
from a play party. It was kind of a bondage...fetish...just-for-fun
kind of thing. Marion had gotten both her arms and legs put into
casts... well, it was a strange and exhausting evening. Some social
cancer saw a cripple walking with a sex goddess and decided we were
fair game. I got sc****d up quite a bit, and Mandy got cut on her
hand, but we came out on top. So to speak."

"What happened to your assailant?"

"He got hospitalized with several broken ribs and a crushed testicle.
Marion couldn't walk without some crutches we'd improvised at the
party, but her arm casts made damn good clubs!" They both chuckled at

When they reached his apartment, Jason looked over at his rediscovered
lover and said, "Listen, do you think you could give me a hand with the
latex and stuff? It's kind of heavy."

The domelight showed Mandy feigning shock. "Do I look like menial
labor? Besides, I have to stay here to make sure our maid doesn't run

Jason laughed. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to run away from you!"

As he headed for the steps, she muttered at his back, "You might be
surprised, my love, you might be surprised."

As soon as Jason had disappeared inside, she quickly opened the door,
and got in the back seat with their other passenger.

Inside, Jason dashed through the apartment, collecting luggage,
toiletries kit, towels, and clothes. These were crammed into a small
valise. From a closet he dragged out a huge steamer trunk, dragged it
into the bedroom and opened it on the floor, talking to himself all the

"Boy, oh boy, you have really got yourself into it this time. You
haven't seen this woman for how many years, and the first thing you do
is take a week of vacation just to get into her pants again. And gawd,
has she changed! She's been sl**ping with women, she's on some kind of
power trip, and she totes around some kind of groupie who's into

But his libido had other things to say: Yeah, but look how she's
grown... what a woman! And did you see her outfit? That latex hobble
skirt is so thick she can barely walk, and those boots- wow! Listen
man, don't be a fool- you pass this up, you may never see her again.

Apparently, his balls were winning the argument, because he threw open
another closet, revealing his treasure of rubber garments, some hanging
over wide, padded hangers, some folded in neat piles on shelves. All
of it had been lovingly polished until it gleamed like patent leather.

He also opened several drawers to retrieve bondage gear, some unusually
restrictive clothes, and several corsets. All of it was dumped
unceremoniously into the huge trunk. On the top of this pile he tossed
several containers of talc, with which to powder the latex.

He paused at the bar for a shot of dutch courage, then thought better
of it. "Damn! I'm driving," he muttered.

Having wrestled the heavy trunk and his overnighter to the head of the
sidewalk steps, he paused to catch his breath. Looking down to the
car, he saw Mandy in the back seat with the other young woman. She
appeared to be doing something under the other's skirt.

"Well, get used to it, chum," Jason told himself, and huffed slowly
down the stairs. He got the trunk loaded, and as he got into the
drivers seat, he noticed an audible panting coming from the back seat.
When he looked in the rear-view mirror, ` Maid Marion's ' expression
hadn't changed a bit, although he saw that her eyes were wide, as if
she had been startled or excited by something, and was trying to hide
it. He thought about the two of them enjoying each other in the back
seat while he had been packing arm loads of rubberwear upstairs.

It bothered him to think he might have to share Mandy's attentions with
some one else, but then... it also excited him to think of the two
women screwing in tight, shiny, and sweaty latex outfits, too.

He realized he was holding a double standard. That bothered him too,
since he'd always thought of himself as open minded. Now he knew how
difficult it could really be to be TRULY open minded. He resolved not
to show his discomfort with the two women's relationship until he had
had time to think it over, and perhaps, get to know the mystery woman
in the maid's uniform.

"It really bugs you that Marion and I are lovers, doesn't it?" asked

Shit, thought Jason. So much for keeping secrets. "Am I that
transparent?" he asked her.

"I'd claim it was all women's intuition, but I don't think I have any.
I caught a glimpse of you at the top of the stairs, and I just watched
your face when you got into the car. You were looking pretty stoic,
kind of overly nonchalant, so I guessed."

"Yeah, I guess I was...well, AM a little bugged," admitted Jason.
"Must be the way I was raised." He looked sheepishly at the floor,
letting the engine idle while they talked.

"Thought so. Usually, I'd give you my standard half-hour lecture about
bisexuality, but I know you, and it would be an insult to your
intelligence. I'm going to assume that you will find a way to deal
with it, because if you can't, you can NOT be a part of my life."

Jason looked very thoughtful as he put the car into gear, and they
accelerated down the street.

After they were on the highway again, he asked, "So, where is this
retreat of yours, my dear?"

Mandy, who was once again in the front seat retorted, "Hah! I'm not
your dear yet! You still haven't passed my tests, survived my trials,
fair knight."

Jason shot her a glance. She wore a wry grin and a twinkle in her eye.

"All right lady, you win. Just point me to the sword in the stone, and
I'll do my best."

"That's the spirit! Ok, just take 276 south to Morton Road..."

Sometime later, by then nearly three in the morning, they pulled into a
gravel lane, shaded by huge oaks. A metal box set into the massive
brick gate post on Jason's side of the drive required him to punch in a
combination which Mandy gave him, to open the massive wrought iron

"Jeee-zus! What are you doing for a living these days? You didn't
tell me you were loaded now."

"You didn't ask. I'm sorry to say that I didn't earn all of it. My
father passed away several years ago, leaving me his company holdings
and enough liquid assets to build this place."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. If there's..."

"Oh, it's alright. It was sudden and painless. In any case, I made
quite a bit on my own in the market, but the inheritance allowed me to
retire earlier, and with quite a bit more income. I really don't have
an interest in business anymore, so I have accountants and lawyers run
the consulting firm. I get about half of the profits. It lets me
pursue my interests in privacy and comfort, and if I'm careful with my
funds, I can almost live extravagantly."

Driving up the lane revealed a large and picturesque cottage style
country house. It was completely dark, not a single light in any of
the windows.

"You two live here alone?" Jason asked, "You should at least leave a
light on."

"Oh, there are burglar alarms. Not to mention Charlemagne and Attila.

As they pulled up in front of the stone porch, a deep, loud barking
began, and several flood lights kicked on, illuminating the entire
front lawn.

"You see: the latest electronic wizardry- anything that ignores the
warning signs, climbs that iron fence has to face the lights and then
Charley and 'Tilla. Two huge Rottweillers appeared at a dead run,
surrounding the car. Mandy rolled down the window, commanding,
"Charley! 'Tilla! Make friends. Heel!" The dogs came off of alert,
and meekly sat down on her side of the car. "It's alright, you can get
out now," she told Jason.

"O-K, I'm convinced, you don't need to leave a light on," replied
Jason, nervously eyeing the dogs as he pulled the bags from the trunk.
They watched him constantly, but never moved.

While man-handling the trunks up the stairs, he took advantage of his
position to watch ` Maid Marion's ' muscular bottom wriggling within a
pair of tight black latex briefs under her short rubber skirt. Very
shortly, he was having trouble walking again.

When they were all inside, and Jason had finished ooh-ing and aah-ing
over the opulent front hall, they moved into the adjacent library where
he collapsed into an overstuffed leather chair. Maid Marion remained
standing just inside the room. He took a moment to drink in the sight
of the black and white latex maid's uniform. Now, in the better light
of the house, it looked even better than before. The second-skin
bustier covered her completely up to the neck, where a frilly
Elizabethen collar topped the outfit. He saw that her white doily
apron was also made from rubber, although it had a softer, mat finish.
The rest of her uniform was polished to a high gloss. She had quite a
curvaceous and well -endowed figure, too. Although her bust was not as
spectacular as Mandy's, much of that must have been due to Mandy's
outrageous bullet-bra corset-jacket.

The perfect fit of both their costumes was emphasized by the highlights
thrown on the skin tight material by the overhead lights. He wondered
what it felt like to have breasts with sensitive nipples rubbing within
the lovely, stretchy stuff.

It was to be only a few days before he found out.

In an attempt to start the conversation again, Jason exclaimed, "Whew!
That chest was heavy. Do you by any chance have something cold and wet
for a man dying of thirst? If you'll point me toward the bar..."

"Just a minute." Mandy was doing something at the maids collar. "I
promised I'd take Flo... uh, Marion's mask off as soon as we got
home... There!" she exclaimed, and with a flourish, removed the dark
wig from the maid's head.

"Mask?" Jason queried, "But she's not wearing..."

"Shush! Watch and learn," she admonished. She pulled at the maids
neck, and began peeling a strip of flesh colored tape from the other
woman's neck. Beneath it were fine, closely spaced laces running up
the back of her head!

As these were loosened, Jason it became clear what had been wrong with
the woman's eyes. Her head was completely enclosed in a skin-tight
thin rubber sheath, molded and colored to closely immitate a woman's
head and face.

With makeup over it, it had looked quite natural. Only the hapless
woman's eyes had shown through carefully shaped holes in the face. As
Mandy peeled the hood off the woman's head to the front, a pretty,
young face was revealed.

"Jason, allow me to introduce Flora, my house mate."

To Be Continued...
Geri... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Jason was getting frustrated. The embroidered jacket was chafing, the
bar scotch he'd ordered was watery, and he was sweating in the rubber
pants. What the hell he thought, I may as well enjoy my drinking, if I
can't enjoy the bl**dy party. He poured his drink into an abandoned
margarita, and caught the bartender's eye. "Double shot of Macallan,
neat," he ordered. The bartender, a bored-looking gorilla in a nun's
habit, said, "Top shelf is four bucks a shot," waited for his reaction,
and when he said nothing, turned to pour.

Jason had come to the Hallowe'en party alone, as a last resort, knowing
full well he would most likely remain alone. He looked around the
party, noting the many couples that had formed since the masquerade
dance had begun. It looked like yet another lonely night out of years
of lonely nights.

Earlier, things had looked promising as several attractive women had
shown interest in his flashy costume. But right on cue, his insecurity
had caused him to stammer, to blurt meaningless and silly things, and
one by one, they had disappeared into the crowd, only to be glimpsed
later hanging on the arm of another, apparently more confident man, or
in some cases, woman.

It was hard to tell, with some of the costumes.

Shit, why couldn't I have been born gay, he thought. At least, there
seem to be a lot more men here than women with a fetishistic bent.

His hopes rose again when a young woman in an outrageous blonde wig and
1920's flapper dress walked up to him with two glasses of champaign.
She looked like a gangster's moll from a movie.

"Hoy they-uh," she said. He grinned. She even had the accent down pat.

"Hey, baby doll," he said in his best imitation of Al Capone.

She frowned slightly then brightened. "Oi loik ya cawstume, where'd ja
foind it?"

Once again, he tried to concentrate on what he would say. She was a
knockout, he just _had_ to get it right this time. For the s*******nth
time tonight, he heard a friends advice in his mind. "Just be
yourself. People can sense when you're putting on an act." He tried
to relax.

He dropped the "gangster" accent and smiled in what he hoped was a
winning manner. "Well, I rented the jacket, hat and shoes, but I
already had the rubber pants. Where did you find that outrageous wig?"

Thirty seconds later, he stood morosely wiping champaign from his
jacket, amazed to discover that not only had her accent been real, but
the wig was not a wig, and her head was as empty as her glass was now.

She was not The Woman.

'The Woman' was a sort of fantasy he'd entertained since puberty. He
sat down at the cash bar, and thought back to his high school days, to
his first and only great love.

When he was about eighteen, and noticing girls in a big way, he'd made a
pass at the sexiest red-headed girl in school, Mandy. This was a bold
step for him, since he'd always had trouble talking to girls. It was
discouraging, actually, for his swim-team body and cute looks tended to
attract quite a few potential dates and even bed-mates. The problem
was that Jason Stewart was not just a jock. He was smart, and he knew
it, and he just couldn't relate to 99% of the girls at school, despite
the urging of his percolating hormones. To be sure, there were a few
smart girls at his school, but they dressed like bag-ladies, and their
personal grooming habits would have shamed a wino. There appeared to
be no females there with good looks, good taste, and intelligence in
the entire city of St. Louis.

Moreover, his social skills seemed somehow lacking when dealing with
girls- they seemed to him almost an alien race, with quite different
needs and goals than he. Due to an early divorce, Jason had grown up
without a father, and somehow his mother had never graced him with any
dating skills.

After two years of unsuccessful attempts at conversation with
empty-headed Madonnawannabes, and a few aborted dates, he overheard a
conversation between his chemistry teacher and Mandy Rafool. She was
discussing the relationship between what she had learned in physics
class to the current discussion of valences in chemistry. He would
never have imagined! He had seen her around for quite awhile and like
every other guy in school had been fascinated with her pretty face,
tight jeans and sweaters, and astonishingly mature body.

And like every other guy in school, he had noticed that she was
conspicuously without a boyfriend. But he'd assumed from her good
looks and her retinue of bimbettes that she was yet another bimbo
herself. She was two years older than he, a senior, a cheerleader and
she seemed like a daddy's-little-girl type who never lacked for
anything, yet he had fallen hard, and he resolved to win her heart.

For the next six months he secretly bought all the magazines the girls
at school seemed to worship, and studied. In s*******n, he learned how
a 'real cool dude' walked, talked, and dressed. In Young Model, he
read about the things every teenage girl supposedly wanted in a
boyfriend. In Cosmo, he discovered what sort of sex 'every'
sophisticated, mature woman 'wants to have'.

And, finally, after screwing his courage to the sticking point, he'd
asked her for a date.

She'd accepted! Actually, when he first spoke to her she'd laughed and
walked off with her friends, but then right after school, he had found
her sitting on the hood of his car. She told him she was sorry, that
she'd actually thought him cute when they first met, but his inept
approach had 'f***ed' her to rebuke him, lest her girlfriends think her
'easy'. Considering how she domineered her peer group, he thought it
more likely that she only feared a loss of control, but didn't dare
risk such a rebuke. He was in love... or lust, which was about the
same to him at that age.

"Well, aren't you going to drive me home?" she'd demanded. At last, he
had thought to himself, a girl who takes the lead. As they talked,
sitting in his car in front of her house, he discovered with delight
and a certain relief that she did have a brain after all. The vast
majority of the attractive girls, at least, seemed to believe that
brains and education were anathema to becoming a model, which every one
of them except Mandy seemed to want. She told him she was getting
straight A's except in Home-Ec, which she loathed, and that she had
already decided to become an investment broker!

He asked her why she had no boyfriends, why she had picked him. Her
reply astonished, and then warmed him. It seemed that she too, was
turned off by empty-headed football jocks suffering from what she
called testosterone poisoning. She seemed surprised and delighted that
he was on the swimming team, yet was also an intelligent student. Then
she shocked him by revealing that she had not only dated a few of those
football jocks, but had sex with several, and found them to be boring,
self-centered lovers.

At his stunned look she added, "Oh, don't look so shocked. There's
nothing wrong with having sex early, although you could never prove it
by those immature fools I run with. I'm not stupid, I use condoms, I
play it safe.

Besides, I've seen the way you look at my body, you know damn well
you'd give your left arm to get in my pants..." here she reached over
and squeezed his crotch, nearly causing a minor traffic accident,
"...and who knows, maybe you will, if you're good to me."

Jason's brain was yelling, "DANGER...DANGER, Dr. Smith! Cockteaser
ahead!" but he suppressed its voice easily and told himself she really
meant it- she was just a very bossy, woman, he corrected

She turned out to be a rather f***eful lass indeed. Fortunately for
Jason's grades, she shared no classes with him, but when they passed in
the halls, she surreptitiously blew him kisses, or licked her lips
lasciviously when no-one was looking. She insisted on meeting him
after school every day, and that he drive her home. He lived for those
drives, as they talked about their passtimes and interests, the other
k**s at school, and frequently about sex. She seemed quite
knowledgable on that subject, and astonished him with her frank,
technical descriptions of what seemed to him bizarre yet tantalizing

Finally, on Friday, she informed him that he would pick her up at seven
that night to go to Angelo's for dinner. Angelo's was a restaurant &
nightclub, rather pricey for k**s their age, but his part time job at
Radio Shack had allowed him to save a tidy bundle. He felt a moment of
pride at being able to wine and dine the sexiest girl in school.

It was rather a relief actually, not having to worry how to persuade
her to go out with him. All she required of him was a "yes".

When he picked her up, he discovered that she challenged the
conventions of fashion as well. He got to her house early and after
waiting nervously on the porch for several minutes, he rang the bell
precisely at seven o'clock. She opened the door within seconds, and
breezed right past him toward the car. He could only stare after her
in shock. When she realized he wasn't following she turned, staring
back at him with hands on hips, looking at him silently as if to say,
'Well, aren't you coming?' He continued to stare for a moment, than
slowly walked up to her, his expression of slack-jawed astonishment
slowly turning to one of frank admiration as he boldly looked her up
and down. The temperature of the warm June night suddenly rose several

"Buy you a drink, senor?" The voice at his shoulder snapped Jason back
to the present. A huge woman, no, a transvestite, in a tight red
flamenco dress was standing next to him.

"Umm, no thanks. I mean, no offense, but your eyes are the wrong color
for me." The flamenco dancer pouted and flounced away. Jason sipped
his scotch, closed his eyes and thought back to that first, incredible

For their trip to the club, she had worn an outrageous shiny rubber
miniskirt in hot pink that fit like a second skin. If that wasn't
enough, she had topped it with a tight-fitting jacket of white patent
leather, accompanied by fishnet stockings and pink patent spike heels.
She wore no blouse under the jacket, and if she wore a bra, it must
have been quite low-cut, as her burgeoning cleavage was plainly
displayed in the neckline. His first reaction was that she looked like
one of the hookers on Main Street, or a heroine from a B-grade movie,
although unarguably sexy!

"My god Mandy," he said, "you look delectable!" She grinned a wicked
grin. "Yes, I know. I take it then that you like my tastes."

She even sounds like a b-grade movie, he thought. He convinced his
eyes to stop exploring her body, to meet her gaze. "Mandy, I LOVE the
way you's just that... I guess it's a bit of a shock. At
school, you never wear anything more provocative than a tight you dress this way every time you go out? Don't you get a
lot of flack from your parents?" He realized he was gushing and shut
up, coloring slightly.

She smiled wryly at him and ticked off her reply on her fingers.
"First: I dress the way I dress at school in order to identify with
those little idiots who follow me around like puppy dogs. I give them
something to look up to, they give me a certain cachet of
respectability, helping me to get on the cheerleading team, the school
newspaper, the yearbook staff, student council, and so on. That stuff
looks great to college scouts, after they finish examining your test
scores, of course.

"Second: no, I don't always dress this way when I go out, only when I
want to reduce my date to a drooling blob of lust." She grinned

"It's working, believe me," stammered Jason,

"..third," Mandy interrupted, "no, my parents don't mind much at all..
you should see some of the things THEY wear.

"and fourth, are we going to dinner, or not?"

During dinner, while his head was reeling from her fantasticly clothed
figure, her slightly musky cologne, and two glasses of wine, she
whispered to him in no uncertain terms what she expected of him later.
Jason was in pubescent heaven. His erection had not subsided since
she'd opened the door, and she certainly wasn't helping with her
thoroughly lurid account of the things she wanted to do to him. If she
weren't so straightforward and bossy, he thought, I'd think she was the
biggest tease of all time.

By the time dessert had arrived, she had removed a shoe, and was
massaging his uncomfortable bulge with her toes, the concealing
tablecloth keeping their secret. When she put her shoe back on and
began squeezing his crotch between both heels, he thought he would
explode. He didn't want to cream in his pants, but he didn't want to
make a scene, either. The whole time, Mandy kept up a stream of
innocuous conversation that for Jason, became increasingly difficult to

When they got to the car, she leaned back against the car, inviting him
into her arms. For a few seconds, Jason hugged her gently, as if
afraid she would break. He kissed her hesitantly, just before they
both threw decorum to the wind, each grabbing the other fiercely,
smothering each other with their mouths, their toungues.

Jason squeezed her ass and pulled her tightly to him, marvelling at the
unusual feeling of the smooth, pliant latex covering her muscular
cheeks. Mandy responded by pushing her hand down his pants.

Jason felt her hand around his erect shaft, and suddenly knew that they
would not be getting home at the hour he'd promised his mother. He
drew his head back, looked her in the eyes. "I think we'd better go

Mandy had him drive to the outskirts of town to an abandoned farmhouse
she knew about from some previous amorous adventure. The entire way,
she was melted against him, rubbing his skin with her hands, and
distracting him from driving in general. Soon she had opened his fly,
and had scooped everything out. Jason tried to think of something to
say, but was overcome by the unique sensation of SOMEONE ELSE handling
his cock, softly squeezing his balls. He tried to concentrate on the
road, but when she pulled him into her mouth, for the second time that
week, he almost drove off the road. "Ah!
..ahhh" was all he could say.

"Relax," she said, releasing his cock for a moment, "you drive the car,
and I'll drive you." She again bent to her task. During a moment's
clear thought, he realized she was quite good at it. Every time he
felt ready to come off, she either slowed down or stopped altogether,
moving her attention and tongue to his balls, or neck, or earlobes.
Only once did she come up for air, to give directions.

When they finally arrived, Jason pulled out a large picnic blanket his
mother kept in the trunk, "for road emergencies". He'd decided that
this was a road emergency. In seconds, Mandy had him down on the
blanket on his back, her legs astride his hips, and her hands pressing
his shoulders into the soft earth. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" she
asked softly, smiling gently down at him in the pale moonlight.
Despite his embarrassment, he couldn't break her gaze. "Umm, yeah," he
answered sheepishly.

Softly, she stroked his face. "Heyy.... heyyy," she cooed, "it's
alright! Everyone's a virgin some time in their life. You just sit
back and enjoy the ride. If you feel like doing something, say so, or
just do what comes naturally. Now then..." She squirmed backwards
enough to get at his belt and stood suddenly, unceremoniously yanking
off his pants. "There! Now we're getting somewhere," she exclaimed,
grabbing at his underwear. When she had him totally nude he protested,
"Hey, wait a minute, I'm not wearing a stitch, and you're still
dressed! That's hardly fair."

Mandy stood astride his chest, looking down at him feigning a hurt
expression. "Don't you LIKE the way I'm dressed?" She ran her hands
over the thin shiny patent leather covering her breasts, turned to face
his feet, giving him an excellent view as she carressed her
latex-covered derrier. "Er, well, I didn't mean..."

"And besides," she added, bending to look at him between her knees as
she positioned herself above his head, "I'm not wearing any panties."
So saying, she knelt astride his chest, pinning his upper arms under
her shins, and squatting directly over his face.

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 6)

Flora was, in a way, enjoying herself immensely. Although the corset
portion of the rubber body shaper was uncomfortably tight, making her feel a
bit breathless, the rest of the outfit was another matter. Her head was
tightly encased in the helmet and felt, well... TIGHT, as if she had been
drinking. The balloon gag filling her mouth distended her cheeks slightly,
and gave her a kind of simple, oral satisfaction, like she got from performing

The fiendish attachments of the corselet felt entirely too nice, and she
squirmed a tiny bit, as little as the steel bar at her back allowed.

The look in the mirror had really excited her, for she hardly recognized
herself. Her face had taken on the appearance of an ebony female android,
and her waist was now so tiny as to almost be unbelievable. Ever since she
had met Mandy they had both been reducing their waists through tight-lacing,
even wearing a tight belt to bed. But this was certainly the smallest that
Flora had ever been laced down to. It had taken almost an hour of intermittent
tightening to fully close the laces, and she was surprised that her waist and
ribs were still relatively comfortable in their compressed state. The years
of figure training had payed off! She yearned to see what this tiny wasp's
waist felt like, but she could hardly feel anything through the rubber gloves
and the waist belt they were fastened to.

But when she moved to walk out the door at Mandy's order, oh, what a surprise!

Because of the pipes attached at her ankles and shoulders, she could not
walk normally. Not only were her curved steps limited to about 1 foot by the
ankle bar, but as one foot went forward, the steel tubes pulled the
corresponding shoulder back, and pushed her other shoulder forward. She was
f***ed into a sexy, torch-singer's strut, pelvis thrust forward, rolling her
shoulders and swivelling her hips. This did not help her balance on her now
precarious heels.

What was worse, with every step, her lubricated torso slid back and forth
within the tight confines of the rubber corselet, rubbing her nipples and
clitoris with the rounded rubber fingers inside. Occasionally, one of the
little buggers would catch on her clitoris ring and give it a tweak forcing
her to stop while paroxysms of tension radiated from her sex. Then too, the
action of lifting her feet alternately pulled and released the rod to her
crotch, pulling and pushing the thick dildo inside her. After only ten feet
or so, she stopped, gasping.

"MMMmmmph!" she said.

"You're not much of a conversationist, are you?" asked Mandy. "Now, remember,
you're the one who said there is no such thing as too much sex! You are going
to walk to the elevator and into the dining room if I have to drag you! I am
going to turn your hearing off now, and I don't want to have to turn it back
on, is that clear? Now move!"

Flora moved. It was slowly driving her insane, but she knew that Mandy
really meant it this time, so she walked. With each exaggerated strut, her
breasts slithered inside their lubricated cups, the little fingers playing
with her nipples. At every step, the dildo plunged in and out, in and out,
the rubber fingers in the pants gripping her clitoris, massaging her pussy
lips and the lubricant covering her body "squelch"-ing around as she moved.
She moaned and grunted in ecstacy with every slithering stride, but the rubber
gag filling her mouth muffled the sounds almost completely. Soon, she could
resist no longer.

She gave in to the insistent stimulation. She began to bend her knees up and
down in time with her enf***ed strut, deliberately forcing the dildo farther
in and out of her hot and slippery cunt, and rubbing her clit harder against
the groping fingers.

Before she was halfway down the hall, she climaxed in a long, shuddering
orgasm. What made it all the more frustrating was that she was unable to
move her hands, or arch her back, or any of the usual things she did when
she came. Mandy had grabbed her shoulders from behind as soon as she
stopped, to keep her from falling. Her portable prison of steel and rubber
held her rigidly erect, with her hands firmly fastened to her hips. All she
could do was stand there and shake. Mandy waited a moment, then prodded her
in the rear.

Flora began walking again, inching her way down the corridor, each step no
longer than a foot. It was even harder to start moving again. Her orgasm
had made her nipples and clitoris even more sensitive, and she tried to
keep her torso from shifting moving as she walked. Unfortunately, that was
made impossible by the clever arrangement of the rods connecting her ankles
and shoulders. She was getting warmer too, as her recent orgasm and the
exertion of walking in her tightly controlled bondage had warmed the rubber
corselet and the K-Y jelly within it. Once again, at the insistent groping
of the rubber fingers, and the steady pumping of the dildo, she found herself
riding the waves of another sexual crest. Somehow, she managed to make it to
the door of the elevator before she cried out into her gag with another
unbridled orgasm.

Unable to look down at her body because of the high posture collar, held
firmly in the tight grip of her rubber corselet and hood, she now felt as if
she had become a disembodied cunt, while waves of sexual spending and climax
swept over her. When she recovered, she glanced back along her path.

It had taken her ten minutes to mince the twenty feet from the bedroom to the
ervant's lift. It had seemed like hours and miles.

Mandy manhandled her into the lift.

As she rested in the elevator, she nearly cried as she realized that it was
easily twice the previous distance from the lift to the dining room...

When they reached the first floor, Flora was again f***ed to walk, knowing
she now had to cover twice the previous distance. Her body was sweating
profusely inside her tight latex corselet, adding to the slippery K-Y jelly.

There was a delicious ache spreading through her jaw from the rubber balloon
filling her mouth. She revelled in the sensation, even though it was
uncomfortable, knowing that soon it would become completely numb.

Every step resulted in caresses so intense, they bordered on the painful.
Her nipples and clitoris perversely insisted on staying hard, and as she
strutted down the hallway, the K-Y jelly in her suit squelched back and forth,
slithering sensually around her breasts, and through her crotch.

The butt-plug felt like a telephone pole in her ass, and her pussy muscles
ignored her demands to stop, contracting rhythmically around the dildo. There
was no room in her mind now for anything but the physical sensations this
devilish bondage f***ed on her. Once again she felt she had become a
disembodied cunt, lost in the waves of orgasm, coming almost continuously now,
unable to stop even if she'd been asked to. It took all of her will to
concentrate enough on walking... to simply remain upright.

As the two women reached the dining room, she faltered, weak from her
exertions, and Mandy had to grab her as she lost her balance, the rigid
framework of chrome tubing preventing her from catching herself. She sagged
gratefully while MAndy supported her weight for a moment.

"All right," Mandy said, "that's enough. You can just stand here while I
fetch Jason." She tied the tubing mounted at Flora's back to one of the
pillars seperating the dining room from the sitting room, to keep her from
tipping over.

Flora had not even heard Mandy's words, as she relaxed into the stays of her
corselet, letting the stiff rubber and steel support her.

Perhaps ten minutes later, Mandy returned, leading Jason in, in a tight
leather body binder with an attached hood. Flora was suddenly grateful
he could not see her in her embarassing situation. She was not used to having
guests in the house while "dressed up" or doing a scene. Mandy was saying
something to Jason, she could see her lips moving, but since her earpiece was
turned off, she could hear only her own breathing and her pulse singing in her

Then Mandy uncovered his eyes, and she winced inside her rubber helmet as
she saw his wild-eyed gaze examine their surroundings, then settle on her.

By now, she had recovered sufficiently to think, he's not taking this very

The next thing Mandy did horified her. Mandy turned on her earpiece,
untied her from the pillar, and commanded her to walk around the giant formal
dining table. She whimpered, knowing she was already weak from her last two
bouts with the sinister suit, in fact her pussy was still twitching with after
shocks. But when Mandy insisted, she knew she could either obey or suffer
even worse "punishments" later. Besides which, she had grown to ENJOY
obeying Mandy, even though it seemed part of her rebelled against the orders.
She found it pleasureable to push her own limits beyond where they had been a
year ago, or a month ago.

She began to bend and strut towards the table. Once again, her breasts
slithered accross the little fingers in her latex breast cups, again, her
crotch rubbed against the bumps in the panties, and the dildo was f***ed in
and out, in and out. She shivered, and tried not to think of Jason watching,
but suddenly she couldn't help remembering their hot encounter of the night
before. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but instead found
herself thinking of Jason's tongue inside her. It made her hornier than ever
and suddenly, it made her cringe from the hot, slimy grip of her rubber
prison. For the first time in her life, the rubber felt almost repugnant now,
and her skin crawled with revulsion, even as her clitoris and nipples insisted
that she enjoy it. She came again in another uncontrolled orgasm, her mind
rebelling against her body, as she rounded the end of the table.

She made it all the way back to her starting position without falling, to
her own surprise. When she returned to her place, she couldn't meet Jason's
eyes that she knew were devouring her hungrily. Would he still be attracted
to her after seeing her like this?

When Flora had finished her short trip, Mandy brought out an I.V. stand
supporting two bulging enema bags. Now Flora knew what breakfast would be

Mandy strapped a mouth brank across across Jason's open mouth zipper,
preventing him from ejecting the feeding tube.

In Flora's case, she plugged the breathing tube between the lips of the mask,
and watched to see if Flora could still breathe through just the nose tubes.
When she had indicated that she could, Mandy pushed the rubber hose through
the mouth hole, until it was near the back of Flora's mouth. It wasn't so far
back that she gagged, but neither could she block it with her tongue, nor
expell the tube.

She'd had this treatment before, and she still wasn't sure whether she liked
it or not. Her brain said it was degrading, yet at the same time, it felt
like an enema, with the same exciting sensation of enf***ed fullness. She
shuddered, wondering what Jason's reaction would be.

The liquid was very warm, thick, and slightly sweet, and it flowed so
quickly that it was all she could do to swallow it fast enough. Her corsetted
stomach complained, but there was nothing she could do. When it was done, she
could only breathe in short, shallow pants, and she was grateful indeed when
the feeding tube was removed from her mouth-hole. She hoped Mandy would let
her out of this infernal get-up soon.

Uh-oh, she thought. I think I have to go the bathroom.

To Be Continued...
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 7)

Mandy walked over. "Here, you'll need this." She handed Flora a
hospital-size tube of KY jelly. Flora lubricated the dildo, the
butt-plug and herself and moved as if to put it on.

"No," interrupted Mandy, "do all of the inside and coat yourself,
too... thoroughly."

Flora obeyed, spreading the slimey goo liberally over the inside of the
corselet, and then all over herself. When her torso was completely
coated in the glistening goo, she stepped into the garment and started
pulling it on. With both her hands and the rubber covered with
lubricant, it took several tries to get the dildo in, while Mandy
unhelpfully stood by, watching with a most unhelpful and predatory
smile on her face. The rubber dong seemed to be pushing into her
stomach when she got it fully seated. It took even longer for the butt
plug, to allow her rear to relax, and she was panting with arousal
before it was over. She gasped as it slid home, and her sphincter
closed over the constriction.

Mandy still stood silently watching, neither helping nor criticizing.

Next Flora slipped her hands through the arm-holes, and her breasts
slithered into place. Her nipples hardened further at the first
caresses of the ribbed rubber cups. She had to struggle to get the
front busk closed, even though the back laces were loostened
completely. She sent imploring looks at Mandy, which were ignored.
Finally, she got the last fastener hooked and she relaxed slightly, her
torso slipping around a little inside her steel and rubber prison.

The next thing Mandy handed her was a pair of thigh length boots, made
from very shiny patent leather. They had six inch spike heels, and
they laced from toe to hip. She sat down on the bed and put them on.
Even un-laced, the corselet was so unyielding she had a hard time
bending over to lace the boots. The only thing that made it possible
at all was that the boning ended just over the hips, allowing her to
bend at the hips slightly, although she had to keep her back very
straight, or the compression against her belly would make it impossible
to breathe.

Eventually, however, the boots were laced to Mandy's satisfaction,
which meant very tightly, and without wrinkles.

Flora stood up and walked about a bit, unsteadily, but successfully.
She had gotten a lot of practice at walking in very high heels, over
the last several years. The fact that she was tall, with somewhat long
feet for a woman helped a great deal. The dildos macking up and inside
her did not help her concentration, however. Nor did the little rubber
fingers stimulating her nipples every time she twisted or turned,
help. And it was getting increasingly hard to ignore the bits that
fingered her clit and labia and their rings.

"All right, I'll take it from here," said Mandy. She took Flora by
both hands and walked her over to an old-style corset 'lacing bar'.
This was a simple bar hung from the ceiling that one grasped over your
head in order to lift the breasts while a corset was laced. This one
had leather cuffs added which Mandy buckled onto Flora's wrists. When
she hauled on the rope, it pulled Flora's arms over her head,
eventually forcing her to stand very straight to prevent an
uncomfortable tension on her wrists and shoulders.

Mandy began lacing the corset closed. K-Y jelly slurped and oozed out
as the corset's intimate grip tightened. After completing one pass,
she stopped and left the room, while Flora squirmed uncomfortably. In
moments Mandy returned, with a motor massager strapped onto her hand.
She applied this to Flora's crotch a few times, passed it over her
breasts. Flora hummed softly with delight. When she started to wiggle
in ernest, Mandy stopped and sat down. After a while, she started
lacing again, pulling harder now this time, until again, she took a
break to allow Flora's waist and innards time to adapt to their new
shape. Once again, she applied the massager, stopping as soon as Flora
showed signs of an approaching orgasm. This time, she broke her

"Please, Mandy! This is too much! Let me come, just once, please!"

Mandy just smiled. Again she tightened the laces, the eyelet rows
slowly closing, even planting her knee in Floras back for leverage.
Flora gasped. This was the worst corset she had ever worn! She could
feel her waist compressing, her lubricated skin sliding under the
slippery rubber to conform to its new shape. The rigid, straight back
of the corset began to pull her into a more erect posture. This caused
her breasts to re-adjust their positions within the lubricated cups,
which she had to admit, felt wonderful.

Mandy paused for breath, sat down and addressed her slave and lover.

"What do you think of your new clothes, Flora dear?"

Flora tried to sound enthusiastic, but in truth the dildoes and the
fiendish rubber fingers, combined with the delicious compression of her
torso were distracting her beyond her ability to fight. "It's uhh,
very nice, mistress. I unngh, like it very much." She shuddered with
excitement, unable to obtain release.

"Good! You'll like your new waistline, too, I'm sure." Mandy again
bent to her task. She pulled and heaved, until at last the eyelets
met. She tied off the laces, rolled them up, and then zipped closed a
flap which covered the lacing smoothly. She produced a tape measure
and announced, "Nineteen inches- Beautiful! That's probably about
eighteen under the rubber. Now don't go anywhere without me," she
said, and left the room. She returned moments later with several
pieces of chromed metal tubing and an assortment of complicated looking

Oh shit, thought Flora. Alex has built another one of his infernal
contraptions. I wonder what this one is going to do to me?

Mandy slid the longest tube, which was about five feet long, into the
reinf***ed rubber tube cemented to the back of the body shaper. She
f***ed Flora to stand ramrod straight, in order to get the pipe in.
This was rather uncomfortable, for the human back has a natural curve
in it, and Flora's relaxed posture was not the best.

The next piece, about 2 feet long, was slid over the first, at the
bottom, with a slip joint. At each end of this cross-piece was a ball
joint fixed to a leather cuff. These she buckled around Floras
ankles. Next she threaded a long thin rod into the threaded stud at
Flora's crotch. This rod reached the ankle crosspiece, where it was
clamped rigidly to the center.

Now, any movement up or down by either foot would thrust the dildo in
or out. Further, any movement forward or back would twist the dildo
back and forth.

The next piece of tubing, shaped like a `T', fitted into the top of the
vertical tube where it emerged from the rubber. It was equipped with
leather straps attached behind each shoulder, with a swivel-joint at
each end. Mandy fastened the straps around each shoulder, through the

She paused again to put the massager on Flora's breasts for a few
seconds, just to maintain her interest. Flora moaned, squirming as
much as she could, (which wasn't much) within the confining garment.
Next, Mandy attached the last two pieces of tubing. Each one connected
the swivel joint at an ankle with its corresponding swivel joint at the
shoulder. The middle of the tubes dropped into the swivel joints on
the back of the body shaper at the hip, and were held in by pins.

"My, my, Alex certainly is a craftsman," Mandy said. "This is possibly
his most ingenious invention." Flora's only reply was another soft
moan. The movement and shifting while getting the hardware attached to
her had caused the tight rubber corselet to slide back and forth over
her slippery body, rubbing and stimulating her until she nearly came.

"And now for the crowning glory," Mandy crooned, lifting up a rubber
hood. It had several attachments and fittings and she wiggled it as
she walked toward Flora with it. The thick rubber made a sort of
liquid rustling sound as she shook it. Flora looked mournfully back.
Fine beads of persperation had appeared on her forehead.

"Oh, knock off with the sad eyes Flora, I know you too well. You're
probably having the time of your life right now. Well, you may think
this feels wonderful now, but remember, it's possible to have too much
of a good thing."

"Too much sex?" Flora taunted, panting, "is that possible?"

"That, my dear, is what we are... that is YOU... are going to find
out. I'll wager, that you'll be begging for relief before this is

"Yeah," panted Flora, "Sounds like...ah! a safe bet." She was grinning
openly now.

Mandy held up the hood, turning it 'round, so that Flora could get a
good look at it. "You like discipline hoods, don't you, slut?" The
game was afoot again.

"Oh YES, mistress," replied Flora, picking up on her cue.

"Well, you're not going to love THIS one for long," she said softly.
Flora looked at it with a little apprehension. It was a heavy rubber
helmet molded from more of the heavy latex. It too, looked to be about
1/8-inch thick. The face had been molded to look exactly like a human
female, if human women had very shiny ebony-black skin. There were
naturally shaped holes for the eyes, and stubby little tubes that fit
up into the nostrils. It had a long collar built in.

There were buckling straps along the sides and back, a breathe-through
inflatable gag fitted at the mouth, and two dozen 'd' rings down the
back for lacing. It was a formidable helmet, and Flora was duly

Without further ado, Mandy pushed it on over Flora's defiant, grinning
face, pulling it back, and checking to see that the nostril tubes were
properly seated. She made sure that the inflatable gag was f***ed well
into her slave's mouth.

She lifted one rear edge and asked Flora if she could breathe easily.
Flora grunted once to indicate that she could. Fun was fun, but you
didn't play games with your breathing. Next Mandy seated an earpiece
in each ear, pulled the flaps back, and began lacing it up.

>From the start, it was obvious to Flora that this hood would be quite
severe. Before Mandy tightened the laces, there were almost 2 inches
of space at the rear. When she was done, there was none. The lacing
went all the down the neck, the posture collar sealing nicely to the
collar of the body suit, forcing Flora's head erect and her gaze,
straight ahead. Flora moaned a little more loudly during the lacing
process, perhaps testing the gag, perhaps losing control but unable to
do anything about it.

The last thing Mandy put on her slave was a wide rubber belt that had a
pair of opera-length, molded rubber gloves glued to it at the palms.
Flora's arms were released from the lacing bar, powdered, and the
gloves pulled on all the way up to her shoulders.

Her hands were f***ed to conform to the gloves where the fingers and
palms were cemented to the belt. Eyelets at the top of the gloves and
at the shoulders of her corselet were laced together, trapping her arms
in the tight-fitting gloves.

When the belt was put around her waist and laced at the back, its
purpose became obvious. She now appeared to be standing with her hands
on her hips, and they would stay that way until she was let out.

Mandy's last step was to attach a bulb inflator to the fitting at the
mask-helmet's mouth, and give it four slow squeezes. She removed the
bulb from the miniature one-way valve and inserted a small red plug
into the valve. The valve now looked like a red mole or beauty mark
next to her mouth. The breathing hole was practically invisible
between the molded red lips of the mask.

When all was said and done, Mandy stepped back to admire her

Before her stood a strange but proud looking mannequin, over six feet
tall, wearing red leather thigh boots laced tight and smooth, right to
the bottom of her black rubber corselet. Her hips and breasts were
exaggerated enormously by her tiny 19 inch waist. Her breasts heaved
as she breathed, her diaphragm being temporarily unavailable for duty.
Her back was literally straight as an arrow, and her head was held
proudly, if forcibly high. She stood with hands planted on hips, as if
daring all comers to a sexual duel.

Her face had the appearance of polished ebony, with prominent, if
artificial, cheekbones and a bald, gleaming black head. Various
chromed steel tubes peeked from behind her.

Mandy carefully turned her around to look in the full length dressing

A muffled "Mmmmm, mph!" announced Flora's appreciation for her new
look. She twisted this way and that to examine the hardware attached
behind her, grunting with pleasure as each twist of her body resulted
in something being stimulated. She experimentally lifted a foot, and

Mandy had to catch her to keep her from falling.

Mandy attached a small wire lead to a socket in one ear of the helmet.
The other end was plugged into a small box which she clipped onto
Flora's belt. When Mandy flipped a switch, a light glowed on the box.
"If you can hear me, Flora, nod your oops, no...grunt once."

"Grmmp" said Flora.

Excellent! Now we're going to breakfast. I'm sure Jason is
practically starving, and I know he'll be glad to see you. Now walk
ahead of me, and don't worry about going too slow, heh-heh."

They headed for the lift cage, just over twenty feet away.

To Be Continued...
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18

Mandy wasn't quite herself today.

As a matter of fact, she wasn't anyone in particular. In her present
condition, she would have been hard-pressed to remember her name, let
alone her actual identity. She was in a state between ecstasy and
insanity, balanced on the edge. As the sculpture holding her prisoner
tilted back and forth, her body reacted helplessly to the slithering
stimulation from the little warts and not-so-little dildo built into
the suit. Occasionally, the vibrations in her breasts and crotch would
come alive, apparently at random, intensifying the sensations beyond

They never lasted long enough for her sensitive breasts or clitoris to
become numb. Every time, they shut off after what felt like a few
minutes. Periodically, she felt the water rushing into her ass, and the
pressure would swell in her belly, exaggerating the apparent size of the
dildo as she slid down onto it.

At first, she had thought she might at least keep her presence of mind
by counting orgasms. She knew that she had never before had more than
four or five in a row. The tactic had failed, for she had lost count
somewhere around twenty, and since then had alternated between a mindless
state of wanton lust and shuddering release. Her satiation was always
short-lived, however, as the insidious d**g that Mr. Dodds had given her
turned her bl**dstream into a maelstrom of churning hormones, trapping
her body in a vicious cycle of desire.

Every few minutes, her head would clear slightly, and she would succumb
to the intense vibrations and slippery caresses of her prison. Then,
after a few minutes, (and perhaps an orgasm or two), she would experience
a soft buzzing in her head and extremities, and a fuzzy feeling would
envelope her, relieving the insistent stimulation of the aphrodesiac,
allowing her to relax for a few precious moments.

Then the cycle would renew...

This went on for a while- hours? days? She had no way of knowing, and
half the time she was too distracted to think about the passage of time,
being out of her skull with sexual spending and exertions. After a
while, all personal thoughts of herself, her life and her loves, left
her. She became a single, living sexual organ, having only a simple,
mindless awareness of stimulation and release.

Eventually, after what seemed a lifetime of ecstasy, she perceived a
subtle change, the fuzzy feeling overtook her, and as she slowly gave
up consciousness, she realized dreamily that the rocking motions had
finally stopped.


Mandy awoke in silent darkness. Gradually, she became aware of her

Her world was no longer one of motion and unending sexual stimulation.

Rather, she felt warm, relaxed, and at peace even though, as she became
more aware, she perceived a vague ache throughout most of her body.

With an effort, she rolled onto her side, delighted that she could move
at all. Red shapes, symbols, swam into view. She stared at them for
some time before they made sense. The red digits of her bedside clock
changed from 6:27 to 6:28. She could see! Suddenly, the days' previous
events came back to her. She was no longer imprisoned within the rubber
cocoon, nor being made love to by mindless sexual appliances. She
remembered now. She had been crazy, out of her mind with lust. It
hadn't been a dream, had it? The ache in her crotch and in her abdomen
put the lie to that theory.

Dodds. She remembered Dodds coming to the house. He had done something
to her dogs. She felt a pang of worry that faded quickly. He wouldn't
have done anything to harm them, she knew.

"He likes a****ls," she heard someone say. The sound of her voice
startled her. She had been thinking aloud. She remembered that he owned
two gigantic Scottish Deerhounds.

She made to get up, to check on Charlemagne and Attila, but when she sat
upright, her head spun, and she fell back onto her pillow, exhausted.
God, I'm worn out, she thought. I'll just lie here a moment, gather my


When Mandy next woke up, there was daylight streaming in the window.
She had to be in her own bed - hers was the only bedroom in the house
with a window. She was facing her other bedside table now. There was a
vase on the table with a single yellow rose bud in it. Propped against
the vase was a card. She reached for it.

"Dearest Mandy,
You know how I hate good-byes. I have
come to believe that my unexpected appearance has
jeopardized the budding relationship between you
and Jason, so I am taking my leave early. I am
glad to see that you have finally acknowledged
men as humans beings again. I hope you found my
short stay entertaining, and I look forward to our
next meeting. Give my regards to Flora and Jason.

And from one Master to another,
`Stay curious, stay hungry.'

Despite herself, Mandy felt her eyes moisten. Once again, Dodds
has proved himself to be a gentleman, however perverted, she thought.
He still puts me on a pedestal in his own way. He may be a brute
sometimes, and he may be a swaggering ass at others, but he still loves
me. And I'm still the best slave he's ever had. Ah, crap. I must be
exhausted if I'm getting this maudlin.
She started as the door opened. Flora's head appeared around the edge of
the door.

"Knock-knock?" she asked.

"Flora. Hi," Mandy said weakly, surreptitiously wiping away a tear.
"Come on in, love."

Flora minced into the room on 6" heels, the patent leather pumps showing
off her calves nicely. She carried a heavily-laden breakfast tray, and
she wore the perfect outfit for her self-appointed role. Her classic and
saucy French maid's uniform was made entirely from black latex, with
several fluffy white petticoats of very thin rubber underneath. She wore
shiny elbow-length opera gloves, and had on full length stockings in the
same glossy black material, the hems and her garters peeking out from
under the skirt. The dress was trimmed at the neck and puff-shouldered
sleeves with white lace, and a white lace doily graced her waistband.
She even had a pert little maid's cap on her head.

"Who says you can't get good help these days?" croaked Mandy, sitting
up with a wry grin.

"You do, usually. You must really be out of it, hon," replied Flora.

"I feel like the floor of a taxi cab," Mandy answered, "what's for

"Something a little lighter than your usual- I thought you might want to
take it easy this morning. You've got tea and juice, melon, yogurt,
and... Ta-dah! Blueberry muffins. Butter's under here."

"You are something, aren't you?" said Mandy, "I knew I kept you around
for something." She stretched and winced. "Jeee-zus! I'm not going to
have sex for a month! I ache all over."

"Oh!" Flora added, "there're two aspirins under the saucer there. Um.
I hope you're not serious about... what you just said." No French maid
ever looked as demure as Flora managed to look just then.

Mandy glanced up from her tray, and around a mouthful of muffin said,
"Sure. Why not? We're both oversexed anyway. If I have to pay penance,
why shouldn't you? And don't look at me that way!"

Flora pouted harder.

Mandy grinned a little. "Well, we'll see. Maybe you'll get some action
out of Jason. I have a feeling you may have to fight him off with more
than a feather duster, if he sees you in that outfit. "

Flora blushed. "He... he won't be giving me any trouble," she said.

"Huh." Mandy gave her a searching stare for a second, then relented.
"I think, just this once, that I won't ask..." Flora brightened visibly
as Mandy continued, "..but I want a promise from you."

"Anything, love- just ask!" replied Flora.

Mandy wore a slightly amused, thoughtful expression. "After today, the
two of you only have sex if I'm watching."

Flora gulped, looking serious again. "Yes, ma'am," she answered in a
tiny voice. She took Mandy's tray when she motioned that she was
finished with it.

Mandy stretched and sighed. "Honey, that was really good. But I
think... *yawn*... I think I'm going to sl**p some more. Go have fun."

Flora watched Mandy roll over and wriggle into the covers, concern for
her mistress wrinkling her forehead. She waited until Mandy's breathing
was slow and even, then crept quietly from the room, carrying the tray

Geri... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 16 - Final Chapter)

.....he sniffed his poppers and I could see the sweat on his chest and shoulders as he gave us each a hard fuck. Suddenly he fell forawrd onto his arms with his cock deep inside of me and I knew he was giving me his baby seed deep into my arse. He leant down and kissed my lips and I felt much love for my Master.

Chapter 16

We all lay on the bed together recovering from the hard fucking that our Master had given us. I could feel the feeling strong so thought it must be the same for Eric and my Master. I reached over and took the giant dildo and passed it to my Master while I got more KY and started greasing up Erics hole. My Master smiled at me and told Eric to roll over on his stomach. I put the hood over Eric's head and reached for the butt plug. I asked my Master to put it into me before he filled Eric with the giant dildo and turning my arse to him felt him slip the butt plug inside me. It went in easier this time because of the double dildo and fucking that had happened earlier.

I then knelt at Eric's head and watched as my Master started to push the giant dildo into Eric's greased hole. I gave Eric a sniff of popper to help him relax and watched closely as my Master steadily pushed the monster dildo into Eric's arse. It was an amazing sight and made my cock rise. I watched my Master twisting the dildo, pulling it part way out then pushing it in again. Eric's arsehole was larger than mine but I could still see the skin stretching and Eric's moans seemed to indicate he was enjoying the giant toy inside hime.

I raised his hooded head up and pushed my cock through the mouth hole into Erics warm mouth and my Master ordered him to suck my dick. It felt wonderful and watching my Master control the dildo helped stir the cum in my balls and I face fucked Eric while my Master butt fucked him with the dildo. I could feel my cock starting to swell and next moment I shot my creamy cum into Erics hot mouth and felt his tongue licking around my head and his throat sucking down my man cream. I leaned across and kissed my Masters hot lips while he twisted the dildo and Eric licked my cock clean.

I took my cock out of Eric's mouth and watched my Master slowly pull the dildo out of Eric's arse. His hole looked wide and red as the dildo head came out and without warning my Master suddenly started pushing his half hard cock into the wide hole that the dildo had filled. I watched and he looked me in the eye and said "He is my piss boy" and I knew that my Master was about to piss inside Eric. I looked at his face and he said quietly to me "It's coming" and then watched his face as it showed the pleasure of pissing inside his slave.

When he had finished he ordered Eric to keep his arse muscles tight and empty his arse in the toilet. Eric got off the bed and left the bedroom. My Master and I went to the sofa and sat holding each other watching TV. We heard the shower running so Eric must have been cleaning up. After several minutes he came out drying himself and said that he had to go and started getting dressed. He finished dressing and after getting instructions as to where to catch a taxi he gave each of us a hug and left the apartment. I was very happy to see him go. Now I was alone with my Master who I love and I would not share him with any other slave boys again.

I knew that we had several more hours to enjoy each other and I looked forward to being my Masters Good Boy.

The End. ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 16: Katie's Hallowe

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 16
Katie's Halloween Party

Joechin Lee sat in his room and watched the neighbors from his window as they walked over to the Jackson's house. He sighed deeply as he didn't see anyone his age. He knew another boring evening with his parents awaited him. He wished his parents would allow him to go social gatherings with his friends but they always felt he would get in trouble and hurt his academic scholarship chances. The teenager was still a virgin while most of his friends have had sex. It's not like he wasn't interested in sex; he'd spent hours downloading pornography on the internet. As with most 18 year olds his hormones were going crazy. He would constantly jack off in his room multiple times a day fantasizing about what he had seen.

Besides watching his vast porn collection Joechin loved photography. He was a pro at Photoshop and loved sneaking pictures of his sexy neighbor Kathryn Jackson or even girls from his high school and editing them so they appeared naked or in compromising positions. He would then edit his own picture onto the men giving him the illusion that he was with them.

"Let's go Joechin!" his mother yelled upstairs breaking him from his trance. Joechin immediately thought about telling his parents he was sick and should stay home.

He rolled his eyes as he walked over to the stairs and yelled down at his mother, "Why do I have to go? Why can't I stay home? It's going to be boring!"

"You can play your games or read your comics later Joechin!" his mother yelled back at him.

Joechin enjoyed his comic collection and his multiple video game systems and would rather do anything than go to the stupid Halloween party. He stormed back into his room and slammed the door. His parents were always so strict they never allowed him to attend parties that his friends were having so he didn't understand why he had to go with them to this one.

The young man, a senior at North Kansas City High, grabbed his costume from the bed that his mother purchased. He pulled it out of the package; a Spiderman costume? Joechin frowned. When his mother asked what he wanted to be he told her Wolverine, from the movie X-Men. This costume was a Wal-Mart special no doubt. He threw his shirt and pants off as he slipped on the tightly fitting costume. He quickly noticed the pants revealed his underwear lines and quickly removed them.

He looked into his mirror striking a few poses, "Pockets!" Joechin groaned, "Spiderman doesn't have pockets," as he looked at the front and back of his costume pants. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't anything like the movies or the comics for that matter. He grabbed his Nikon D90 camera from the top of his dresser and opened the door and began to stroll downstairs. Although upset with his parents he felt he would at least be able to take some entertaining pictures of his d***ken neighbors.

As he walked into the kitchen he saw his mother dressed like a witch and his father resembled a hobbit. He stared in disbelief on how ridiculous his parents looked, "I'm so embarrassed" he said under his breath as his mother turned towards him and squealed in delight.

"Ohhh Joechin! It looks perfect!" as she admired her son dressed like the web slinger.

"It's not even close to what it should look like mom!" he rebutted, "Spiderman doesn't have pockets!" as he pulled out the front pockets in unison.

"It's fine dear," his mother reassured him as the f****y made it's way to the door.

The Lee f****y walked next door to the Jackson residence and all of Joechin's thoughts of not attending quickly disappeared when Mrs. Jackson opened the door.

His stunning married neighbor wore the perfect Wonder Woman outfit that was so tight it looked as though it was sprayed on her. He quickly noted that it had to be a custom costume and not a cheap store purchased model. Her hair was curled as he hung past her shoulders with a gold tiara. Her make up was perfectly applied as her lips were accented with a perfect shade of red lipstick. A red top with gold accents covered her torso which fit tightly around her stomach revealing her hard body. The costume was so tight as gold stars covered her ass which accented her beautiful long fit legs. The shorts, which were cut high on the thigh, made her legs look perfect with calf high red high heeled boots completing the outfit. A gold rope dangled from her waist as gold metal bracelets clung to her wrists. Joechin stared in disbelief at her perfect one piece costume.

He wasn't a huge fan of Wonder Woman comics as he always felt they were for sissies. But he had to admit hers was very well done. He moved closer to her and lifted up his mask, “Wow! Mrs. Jackson that's a great costume! I didn't know you were a fan of the superheros. Did you model your costume after DC comics or the old television series?"

Katie Jackson giggled at Joechin's questions. She moved closer, obviously already been drinking, as she rested her hand on his shoulder, “I don't read comics sweetie! I just thought it would be a fun costume!" as she turned to walk back into the party.

Joechin sensing a perfect moment pulled his camera up, "How about a picture for the Bugle?" trying to act like Spiderman's alter ego Peter Parker. Katie giggled and struck a pose for Joechin as he quickly snapped the pictures. His exotic neighbor bent over at the waist leaning towards the camera with her lips puckered. The horny teen quickly snapped pictures quickly already planning on using Photoshop to have her kissing his cock.

Suddenly another Spiderman costume appeared next to her. The couple they began to pose together as Katie stuck her tongue out acting silly. Joechin, fumbled over himself, as he quickly took a few shots of her knowing it will be perfect for a picture later.

Joechin was taken back that somebody would wear the same dorky outfit as him. The masked man removed his mask as Joechin saw it was Katie's husband Fred.

Pulling up his own mask, "Nice costume Mr. Jackson," suddenly feeling much better about his mothers’ choice as if Fred would chose to wear it; then it must not be so bad.

"Hey Joechin! We're twins.” obviously intoxicated putting his arm around him.

Fred and Katie walked off as Joechin continued to snap pictures of Katie's perfect ass in her tight costume. He was already excited to run home and download the pictures onto his computer.

Joechin walked around the house snapping pictures of the Jackson's guests, many of which had some extravagant costumes, but none as sexy as Katie's. Joechin noted they sure knew how to throw a party. Neighbors were also dressed up and were drinking gallons of alcohol and were quickly getting intoxicated. He paused to watch some adults trying to play Rock Band as he watched Mrs. Jackson sway her hips while singing to Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders. The sexy milf was having difficulty standing as she kept losing her balance and had to reach out and catch herself on the chair. d***k or not she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

Joechin felt his cock getting hard and he couldn't wait to get home and stroke off to the thought of his unbelievable sexy neighbor. He felt his erection growing while watching Katie and quickly turned into the corner and lowered his hands down in front of his crotch knowing it will be very obvious if his excitement continued as his pants were very tight.

He turned his head to watch his sexy neighbor as he hoped nobody would notice what he was doing as he placed his camera in front of his crotch trying to cover his obvious excitement. Joechin couldn't believe how luscious her ass looked in her costume. It was a nerd's wet dream. Her red lipstick was perfectly applied as he couldn't help but stare. After the song finished Joechin felt his cock was rock hard as he watched Katie bending over to offer drinks and appetizers to guests. The young man quickly tried thinking of college entrance exams in an attempt to get his dick to subside. He sat down in the corner of the room to concentrate as he thought maybe wearing a tight costume wasn't a good idea.

Eventually the young man was able to make himself appear normal, and after beating everyone in the party at Rock Band, he began to walk around the house looking for his neighbor. Many of the guests were coming up and offering Joechin a drink of alcohol. He knew better than to try and sneak beer or anything in front of his parents but continued to drink sodas. As the night progressed and the adults were drinking heavily; he began looking for a restroom only to find a long line. He's always had an active bladder and really needed to pee but didn't want to miss anything.

Joechin stood in line to use the restroom when Fred came up next to him, "Have you seen Katie?"

Joechin glanced around the room. He had been following her all night with his camera but had lost track while he took his turn playing the video game, "Not for awhile."

"When you do; tell her me and Mark went to get more beer," he explained as he started towards the front door.

"Sure," as Joechin watched Fred and another guest walk out the front door.

The young man felt like he could possibly pee at any second and walked out of line as a few people were still in front of him. He couldn't believe the Jackson's did have another bathroom as he spied the stairs leading to the second floor.

Joechin slowly walked upstairs past the sign posted to keep guests from going upstairs. He quickly spied an open bathroom, obviously for the Jackson's c***dren judging by the clowns painted on the wall. He silently shut the door not wanting to get in trouble for walking past the sign and quickly urinated. Feeling relieved he walked out and admired pictures that hung on the wall of the Jackson's. He again felt a surge in his pants as he stared at the pictures of his sexy neighbor. He crept down the hallway towards a closed door which obviously lead to the master bedroom, just wanting to get a glance of where his sexy neighbor slept. He quietly opened it and stepped inside; part of the bedroom was illuminated by the light from the master bathroom. Joechin heard a moan in the darkness and lying on her back, motionless on the king sized bed was Katie. The young teen quickly announced, "Sorry!" and turned to walk out. He glanced back at the beautiful woman when she didn't make a sound that acknowledged him. Joechin turned and slowly walked back in and moved closer. He saw her eyes were closed and could see the rising and falling of her chest. Even while she slept she couldn't have been sexier Joechin thought.

"Mrs. Jackson," Joechin announced, walking over to her side as he gazed down at her beauty. Joechin looked down at the camera in his hand and back towards the past out superhero. He was torn between what he should do and shouldn't do but his emotions got the best of him as he quickly pulled up his camera and took a few pictures of the sl**ping superhero. He focused in on her beautiful sexy freckled face. It was so perfect, her lips glowed a bright shade of red as he focused on her face and her hard body.

"Mrs. Jackson?" he repeated louder but Katie did not stir as she was passed out from the amount of alcohol she had consumed.

The nervous boy stared down at his sl**ping neighbor. She looked unbelievably perfect. Dressed in her Wonder Woman costume the top of her right breast was exposed as her top had began to fall down right above her nipple. He quickly pulled up his camera trying to get the angle to have the breast exposed. Joechin gave one more suspicious scan of the room then knelt down beside the bed. "Mrs. Jackson?" he said into her ear. Still his stunning neighbor didn't awaken. He looked down and lying next to where he kneeled was a black lacy thong that was partially under the bed. He picked up the garment as he lifted his mask above his face. He lifted the thong to his nose smelling the tangy scent of Mrs. Jackson. It was unlike anything he had ever smelled.

Suddenly, the boy stopped inhaling and licked his lips, as he stared thoughtfully at the motionless body of Mrs. Jackson. He glanced around the room, and walked quietly over to the bedroom door. He slowly and silently closed it; as it muffled the loud music that boomed throughout the house. He crept back over to the bed and kneeled down again next to the lovely wife.

"Mrs. Jackson?" he said, a little softer this time.

Joechin tentatively reached out and placed his hand on her stomach immediately feeling her firm abs over her bright red and blue costume.

"Katie?" he said, his voice a loud whisper yet she did not stir. Joechin quickly took off his Spiderman gloves and tossed them to the floor. The boy's loins began to tingle in anticipation as he slowly worked his hand up her costume until it was firmly planted on her breast; covering the mound of flesh in his palm over her clothing.

The boy silently climbed onto the bed and leaned over Katie, keeping his hand fixed to the perfect mound of flesh.

She still didn't move and Joechin was at last confident that he was free to explore his lovely married neighbor. Breathing heavily, he sat the camera down on the bed as Joechin's other hand moved to join its partner on Katie's chest. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed them firmly over her costume.

"Ohhhhhhh Wow!" groaned the teenager, his hands opened and closed over the deliciously firm mounds, kneading the resilient flesh. He tightly gripped the perfect orbs. They were more firm than he thought as it was the first breast he had ever touched in his young life. Joechin's cock had grown to unprecedented hardness as he continued to manipulate his neighbor's hard body.

Joechin released her perfect b-cups as his hands rubbed Katie's thigh's noting how perfect and smooth her skin was. Gently the teenager ran his hands across the lovely wife's starry blue shorts feeling how tight her skin felt underneath them. He continued to run his hands down her legs until they met her calf high red boots.

The young teen was breathing heavily as he ran his hands back up her body, pausing to reach around underneath her and squeezing one cheek of her ass. It was so tight and small; it was perfect. Joechin released her ass and ran his hands back across her stomach. With his free hand Joechin rubbed his cock over his clothing while he continued to stare at Mrs. Jackson.

Joechin ran both his hands back up to her breasts and continued to grope them. He then carefully curled his fingers around the edge of Katie's costume and slowly pulled the top down. The material tore slightly as he pulled it wide, exposing Katie's bare breasts to his hungry eyes. Joechin stared in delight at the wife's perfect rounded breasts. His hands once again closed over her, now bare, breasts. He stopped momentarily as he grabbed his camera and zoomed in on her breasts; capturing the moment on film. He reached out and rubbed them playfully as he continued snapping the shots.

Joechin continued to feel up the wife's passed out body as his fingers pinched and twisted at her nipples. The young man noticed the longer he played with her nubs the harder they became until they were both engorged.

The teen slowly leaned onto the beautiful woman, his hard cock jutting against her hip as he plunged his face into her cleavage. Joechin made a snort of lustful grunting noise as he rubbed his face on her breasts, savoring the softness of her flawless skin.

He turned his head to the side and captured a nipple between his lips, sucking it hungrily and at the same time he started to grind his bulging cock against her slender hip. The k**'s feast continued as he turned to her other nipple, his tongue coming out and lapped against the hardening bud, sucking it f***efully between his lips. He gave the nipple a quick bite and then straightened up, adjusting his position so that he sat over her, carefully straddling her flat stomach.

Joechin then reached down with both hands and squeezed the wife's firm breasts. He jiggled them in his hands, watching in delight as they moved between his hands. The teenager felt his hard cock pressing against Katie's abs as he dared not too much pressure on her.

He gave a huge grin as he released his hostess' breasts and climbed off the sl**ping married woman not wanting to wake her. He stared at her as he felt the hardness and heat coming off his cock that was straining to be released. The horny teen stared at her beauty as he rubbed the length of his cock over his clothing with his hand while he stared at Katie's naked chest. He heard the voices downstairs along with the pounding music on the floor. He had fantasized about this moment as he stared at Katie's perfect freckled face and red thin lips. Then, he crawled on the bed around to her head, sat down and carefully pushed her hair behind her shoulders not wanting her tiara to fall off.

Joechin stared at the bedroom door as he lurched up while he kneeled on the bed and pulled his costume pants down to thigh level. The young man's 6" cock immediately sprung out. He kneeled back down as he stared at the sexy wife as he slowly stroked his aching dick. He reached over and grabbed Katie's soiled thong and placed it next to his nose while he continued to slowly stroke his hard on. Breathing deeply, smelling Katie's musky tangy scent, while watching her naked breasts in front of him. He continued to stare at his stunning naked neighbor while he stroked his cock with her pretty panties buried in his nose.

Katie's head suddenly turned towards him as Joechin froze in fear. He tossed the panties to the end the bed. Her head moved until it was less than a foot from his dick. Joechin's eyes shot towards the door praying that nobody would come in as his hands shook as his breathing increased. He looked down as precum had erupted from the tip of his cock. Joechin gulped deeply as he slowly stroked his cock watching the sl**ping wife. Unable to help himself he slowly moved forward and rubbed his hard cock over Mrs. Jackson's pretty face leaving a slight smear of his shiny precum. Joechin then brushed the head of his cock across the wife's small lips, tracing their outline before pushing them apart with the tip of his erect dick.

He gave a small moan as his cock pierced her lips; the warmth of Katie's mouth was wondrous as he pushed his cock past her perfect red lips. Joechin moaned in bliss, the fact he was getting his first blowjob from such a beautiful woman made it all the more sweet. Never mind the fact she was passed out. He sat up and crouched over Katie's face as he fed more of his cock into her warm wet mouth.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, barely noticing the occasional sc**** from her teeth as he slowly fucked her tiny mouth. Keeping only the head of his cock in Katie's mouth, Joechin turned and grabbed a hold of her breast as he moved the mushroom head of his dick in and out of her mouth while stroking the shaft.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuuck!" He groaned as he plunged his cock a little further in and out of her hot wet mouth. Joechin held his cock between her lips as he grabbed his camera from the bed and quickly snapped a few shots of his hard dick between her lips. Although part of him wanted to continue with shots of a perfect Wonder Woman's mouth wrapped around his cock, he wanted to enjoy the new sensation and sat the camera back down on the bed.

The boy picked up the pace using his hot married neighbor's mouth to satisfy his built up teenage lust. Suddenly Katie's arms moved up to her face as if she was trying to swat away a fly.

Joechin quickly removed his cock from her mouth and scooted away. The boy was too scared to move knowing there was a strong possibility of her waking up. Joechin quickly thought he shouldn't have pushed his luck as he quickly pulled his mask down over his face unable to move away praying she would fall back asl**p. His cock quickly deflated as fast as it had grown as he sat up and pulled his pants back up. His mind thought of Katie running downstairs and telling his parents what he had done. He knelt next to her head willing that she would lay still and fall back asl**p so he could finish.

He watched in awe as Katie's tongue extended and licked her red lips as though she was tasting his precum that he left on them. Katie's eyes fluttered as they opened. Joechin quickly tried to move off the bed.

Katie looked confused as she focused in on the masked man kneeling next to her trying to roll off the bed, "Fred?" She mumbled.

Katie's eyes opened wider as she looked up at Spiderman. The hot wife, still d***k, looked up at her husband and smiled, "Ohhhhhh," playfully, "Hi Spiderman!" she slurred. The horny teenager was afraid to move as Katie reached out and grabbed the waistband of his costume, "Is the party still going on?" the stunning wife asked. She listened to the music and voices downstairs and smiled at her husband, "Oooooh it sounds like it."

He shook his head as Katie stared up at him. Joechin quickly realized his neighbor had mistaken him for her husband.

"Spiderman, did you like watching Wonder Woman?" Katie asked as she looked at her top that had been pulled down.

Again Joechin shook his head as he looked down at Katie's bare breasts.

Joechin sat in fear as Katie pulled his elastic waistband out, then, using his other hand, she pulled his semi hard cock out taking his young breath away. Joechin grabbed Katie's hand thinking he should quickly run away before she realized he wasn't her husband. Instead his teenage lust took control as he held the hot wife's hand on his shaft holding it there with his own enjoying the feeling of somebody else grabbing his dick.

Her hand instinctively closed around her supposed husband's piece of meat. She hadn't taken her eyes from it since she had removed it from her husbands costume. The tingle ran through her body as she felt the warm cock in her hands. She wanted her husband so badly. They had teased each other all night and it turned her on that their guests were still downstairs.

As she slowly stroked the cock up and down, the burning between her legs increased as she watched the teenager's dick grow in length. Slowly, Katie tightened her grip on Joechin's dick and started to move her hand up and down its entire length, feeling it grow harder with every motion of her hand. The harder Joechin's dick became, the faster Katie moved her hand and her eyes never left the cock that was fully hard now.

The boy exhaled and looked over from Katie's hand to her face as he reached out and began to grope her small breast once again. Joechin was excited beyond belief as his hot neighbor rubbed his cock.

Katie shuddered at his touch and let out a slight breathy moan, tightening her hand and beating her hand faster on the erect cock of her teenage guest.

"Ohhh Freddy," Katie began, her speech slurred, "You've wanted this all night haven't you? You and your Wonder Woman fantasy!" The married wife felt the cock in her hands and knew her husband was excited.

The married woman looked up at her husband, straight in his masked covered eyes. She could barely contain her lust now while staring at her masked lover. Katie stared at her hand that she wore her wedding ring on that, her husband had given her. The ring shined in the light from the bathroom. The d***ken wife loved her husband so much and loved making him happy. He had convinced her to wear the Wonder Woman outfit explaining it was his fantasy and she could continue hers with a masked lover. Her d***ken mind quickly thought of her neighbor Phil and his manipulative ways and she never wanted to lose her husband. She still couldn’t believe how she allowed herself to be manipulated by Phil. The ring continued to glisten from the light from the bathroom. The same hand that was quickly stroking Joechin's cock.

Fred had told her exactly what he wanted to do to her earlier while they were getting ready. Katie gave her masked lover a d***kard smile, "Let me see if I got this right Spiderman," Katie slurred looking into Joechin's eyes, "You want Wonder Woman to kneel in front of you and suck your cock?"

Joechin stared in disbelief; he swallowed hard as shook his head up and down.

Katie's d***ken lust had completely enveloped her, so still keeping her eyes on Joechin's, she slowly sank off the side of the bed and onto her knees as she pulled the boy in front of her. Joechin's mind knew it was wrong but couldn't resist what was about to happen; or so he hoped was going to happen. He slid off the bed as Katie lowered his pants to thigh level; his cock stood straight out in front of his married neighbor.

Kneeling in front of the boy's cock, Katie's eyes went straight to the hard member as it twitched in the air. They hadn't had sex for the past week and she was so horny, especially since she had been drinking. Her husband knew exactly what he wanted as he kept giving her Jello shots. She gently licked her lips and once again looked up into Joechin's masked face.

"You really want me to slide this dick of yours into my hot mouth and suck your hard cock until you cum in my mouth, while I'm on my knees?" She asked with her most innocent look and voice, "You want Wonder Woman to suck your cock? Do you really want to fuck Wonder Woman's mouth?"

Joechin nodded in disbelief while staring at Wonder Woman looking up at him, her top still pulled down exposing her beautiful breasts.

Katie smiled slightly and kept her eyes on her supposed husband as she reached up once again and clutched the shaft that was only inches from her pretty face, with her right hand. Looking at her hand with that ring on, a ring that meant she was Fred's wife, while it was wrapped around the throbbing shaft of the dick made her squeeze Joechin's cock harder from the feeling of lust that ran through her.

Slowly, almost painfully slowly from Joechin's expression that was hidden from view, Katie inched her face towards the meat in front of her. Staring straight into the k**'s eyes, she slowly opened her mouth as she came close to the head of his hot cock. She opened her mouth only just wide enough to fit the head inside so that her husband would feel her mouth on every part of his dick.

She felt him shiver when her mouth first made contact with his organ. Katie continued to lower her head down the shaft, never breaking eye contact with her masked husband, feeding more into her mouth. When her lips reached her hand she slowly moved her head back along the thick pole until her mouth almost came off it. Then again, painfully slowly she lowered her head along the cock and lightly began flicking her tongue over and over as she moved. Katie quickly noticed, although she was pretty d***k, that her husband smelled differently. Glancing at his rented costume; it must have been the fabric that was pressed firmly against his skin.

Mrs. Jackson slowly raised and lowered her head along Joechin's dick, never moving her hand, only slowly and gently sucking. Then, after a few times of this, Katie slid her mouth from Joechin's dick and gently massaged the shaft with her hand, slowly moved her hand up and down the length.

"Mmmmmm, your cock tastes so fucking good tonight!" Katie said licking her lips again.

"Don't stop," Joechin quietly whispered as he stared in disbelief at the gorgeous wife sucking his cock. The warmth and sight made him want to cum. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a blowjob would feel this good.

Katie couldn't help but smile. She knew he had been wanting a good blowjob and especially from her right then while all their guests were downstairs. Even d***k, Katie knew the way her husband reacts to her sucking his cock and knew he was extremely excited tonight. Most likely from her outfit she told herself. Katie giggled to herself that although her husband was harder than he's ever been that he didn't feel as long. As the hot wife continued sucking the meat in her mouth harder she felt it must be how the alcohol affects him.

She locked her eyes on his and slowly lowered her head back down on the rigid hard dick of her teenage lover. This time though, when her mouth reached her hand, she stopped and flickered her tongue continuously over Joechin's cock and then released her grip on the hard shaft and placed both of her hands on the k**'s hips.

She loved sucking cock. The married wife loved to have the entire pole slide down her throat and have no obstruction like her hand. Also if she used her hand to jack him off he would cum too soon, and she wanted to savor this erotic situation of sucking her husband.

Slowly, she lowered her head to the base of the teenager's cock while still looking deep into his eyes. She knew Fred loved it when she stared in to his eyes whilst impaled on his hard meat.

When her mouth reached the base of Joechin's cock and it had slid down her throat, only then did Katie slowly move her head backwards along the pole until she reached the head and then she lowered her head back down the meat.

Katie's head began bobbing up and down Joechin's dick, sliding past her luscious lips and down her tight throat, faster and faster. She had began slowly but once the feel of that cock sliding in and out of her mouth had settled in, she began to lose control and really begin to suck.

"Ohhhhh!" Joechin moaned as she worked on his cock in and out of her sucking wet mouth.

Katie moaned a little and Joechin let his head fall back. Katie closed her eyes and held on to Joechin's hips as she repeatedly sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. Using her tongue to slash across the hard meat in her mouth, she sucked harder and harder. Her cheeks moving in and out as she worked on the young man's prick.

She moaned more and every now and then she was lifting her head from Joechin's cock and moaned loudly, then returning to sucking cock like a pro. The sounds of both of their moans soon filled the silent room, as a break in the music had silenced the room momentarily. Voices from the floor below could be heard and were only drowned out by the lewd slurping noises of Katie's mouth on Joechin's cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Katie moaned as Joechin moaned back.

With Katie's head still bobbing up and down the boy's meat and her eyes tightly closed, all that existed in the world was this wondrous hard rod and all the pleasure she was getting from sucking on it.

Mrs. Jackson opened her eyes as her head once again lowered back down onto his member and she saw Joechin look down at her.
Then, as she stared into his eyes, he reached forward and grabbed her small tits and squeezed the soft but firm mounds in his hands.

"Mmmmmmmmmph" Katie moaned and rolled her eyes a little from the hot feeling of a masked lover taking advantage of her. The married wife had a fetish for masks and it excited her that her husband played along.

"Oooohhhhhhhh," Katie moaned again as her husband groped her breasts harder and then quickly went back to sucking Spiderman's cock. She loved the feeling of it sliding in and out of her mouth, sucking on it. It was so hard tonight; harder than most nights and had no problem taking his cock all the way into her throat.

Joechin continued to mangle her perfect tits and then he released them and placed his hands onto her head, not pulling or pushing her, just resting on her long brown hair and her gold tiara as she worshipped his cock.

She loved it and, as she continued sucking, all she could think about was her husband and the enjoyment he was getting from her tight wet mouth. The thought made her pussy tingle, but it also made her suck harder.

Joechin continued to gently hold the wife's head as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as her red lipstick covered lips were wrapped tightly around the hard shaft.

Looking down at Katie’s face, her eyes still on his as her lips gliding up and down his hard member, she looked so hot. Her face moved all the way down to the base of his dick and then slid all the way back to the tip of the head. He still couldn't believe how good her hot mouth felt and every time his dick entered her throat he moaned and thought he was just going to cum right then.

Taking his hand from her head he once again reached forward and grabbed Katie's small tits. They felt so good. Small and firm, but still soft as he glanced down at her red boots and tight blue shorts tightly covering her ass.

Katie's mouth tightened around his dick and Joechin moaned louder. She bobbed her head up and down faster now, still never taking her eyes from his. He let go of her wondrous tits and returned his hand to her head, not holding her head or pulling her to him, just resting his hand on her gorgeous brown hair as he allowed her to do the work.

Instinctively Joechin thrusted forward; fucking the married wife's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm," the hot wife moaned taking her mouth from his dick and stroking the wet cock that hovered in front of her before placing her mouth back around his spongy head.

He watched the gorgeous costumed beauty's head bob up and down on his dick faster and faster. He could feel the cum rising in his balls as Katie tried to suck all of it out of him. She moaned a lot more now as she impaled her face on Joechin's cock. The slurping noises seemed loud even while music played downstairs.

Katie sucked as hard as she could as she knew her husband couldn't handle much more of this as she tasted his precum had started to erupt from the tip. Joechin had never had gotten a blowjob from anyone and didn't know what to expect. He could feel his dick beginning to stir and knew his balls would tighten and empty down Katie's hot throat soon.

She opened her eyes again and looked up at him, and then she slid her mouth from his dick and slashed her tongue across the head of his dick and sank her mouth back down again. Joechin groaned louder and Katie seemed to try and smile as best she could with her mouth full of cock.

Joechin was mesmerized now; seeing Wonder Woman on her knees with his dick shoved deep into her welcoming mouth was hot beyond belief.

Her tits were firm, with nipples that stood firmly erect from the soft flesh. They were an amazing sight in whatever Katie wore and Joechin had plenty of pictures to show for it.

The 38-year-old wife bobbed her head furiously while she looked up into her supposed husband's eyes and Joechin just basked in the sight and the feeling of her hot mouth.

Mrs. Jackson had only sucked his cock for 5 minutes as the young teenager had tried to hold back as long as he could, as he enjoyed the sensation and the view but he could barely contain himself. His knees had become weaker as Katie realized how close he was to cumming and sucked on him for all she was worth.

Her head bobbed furiously up and down his shaft and her eyes were intent on his own. Faster, she worked the hard member in and out of her mouth and down her wondrously tight hot throat.

Spurred on by the reaction she was getting from her supposed husband, Katie sucked harder and harder as she slammed her pretty face down onto the teenager's meat until Joechin felt his balls tighten. He couldn't hold back anymore, the vision of her beautiful face impaled on his hard rod and her bare tits that moved around as she bobbed her head up and down; it was just too much.

Joechin groaned and clenched his teeth as he grabbed hold of the gorgeous wife's head and pulled her down onto his raging dick and his balls starting shot his load out as he emptied his seed into her mouth.

Mrs. Jackson's mouth welcomed the hot salty cum into her mouth. She swallowed as Joechin held onto her head, still staring up at him. He had closed his eyes together at the feeling of his of cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat.

Katie felt spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum quickly shooting from the tip of the cock that she held tightly in her mouth. Swallowing as quickly as she could; it still filled her mouth as it began to spill from the sides of her lips. Fred had never came this much in awhile she thought as she pulled off his prick trying not to gag.

After a second of cumming buckets down her throat, Katie fell backwards, while he was still cumming. Joechin grabbed his dick with his hand, after her mouth had left his dick another blob of cum had shot out and hit her in the face as it streaked down her cheek. Joechin stroked his cock in front of the hot wife.

"Ohhhhh," Katie moaned, "Cum on Wonder Woman's face!" the d***k wife exclaimed.

She leaned back on her hands and swallowed most of the remaining cum in her mouth, the hot wife let some dribble out past her lips and onto her chin.

"Cum on me, Spiderman!" Katie purred lustfully with her most teasing look on her face. "Cum all over me!"

Joechin only groaned, jacked his cock, and shot his hot sticky cum all over her. Globs of the boy's cum landed on and between her tits, all over her beautiful face, on her slim neck and all over the bedroom floor.

Finally, Joechin's dick shot it's last glob of cum straight into Katie's waiting mouth, as she knelt under his cock with her mouth wide open and her tongue out. Joechin sat down on the edge of the bed exhausted and amazed at the wife that still knelt before him.

Katie smiled at him. She had never seen her husband cum so much in her life; he must have been really horny tonight. As Joechin continued to stare at her with his grin that was covered by his mask, Mrs. Jackson ran a finger over her tits
and scooped up some of his cum and popped it into her mouth, sucking her finger and swallowing the thick liquid,
"Mmmmmmm, you tasted sooooo good tonight," she cooed as she rested her head in his lap.

Joechin stood up and pulled his pants back up over his deflated penis as he looked down at the sexy cum covered wife.

Mrs. Jackson kneeled on the floor as she looked up and pouted, "Where do you think you're going Spiderman?" Joechin paused as he looked back down at the married woman. She stood up and placed her arms around him.

"Come on Spiderman," with a touch of impatience in her voice as she whispered into his ear, "Aren't you going to make me cum?" Joechin bit his bottom lip under his mask afraid to make any sound as Katie squeezed him tighter.

He stared at the hard bodied wife not knowing what she wanted him to do.

Katie leaned up into his mask covered face, "Just real quick Freddy and we'll get back to the party! I'm so turned on!"

Joechin's stomach turned. If he didn't do something he felt for sure she would get suspicious. He reached out and grabbed her ass with both hands.

Katie stood in front of her young neighbor as she began to wiggle out of her tight outfit as she pulled it off past her red high heeled boots. She looked into his eyes, "Should I leave them on?" as she began to unzip the boots from behind. Joechin nodded as he continued to stare at the naked hard bodied wife in front of him. In what seemed like eternity Katie stood naked in front of him wearing her Wonder Woman boots with her gold tiara and bracelets. She was unbelievably sexy.

Katie sat down next to her husband on the bed and lustfully whispered, "Freddy, I need you to lick my pussy now! I'm soooo horny," she slurred as she laid down and flipped her legs around Joechin.

"Please, baby! My cunt is so wet! I need you to suck my cunt and make me cum!" Katie pleaded as she spread her legs in front of the masked man.

He panicked as she was about to see who he really was but those thoughts quickly disappeared as Katie, who was already rubbing her pussy mumbled, "but leave the mask on. You know I feel about masks….just lift it above your mouth."

Joechin was relieved at her d***ken ramble but only too eager to oblige and couldn't wait to have his first taste of a woman. He slid between the wife's legs and carefully lifted his mask above his lips and began planting wet, horny kisses on her inner thigh. Eagerly, his hot neighbor let her thighs fall lewdly apart.

"There it is, Spiderman! You've never had a hot pussy like this before, have you?" She completely allowed access to her fuck slit for her husband's lips and tongue. Whenever the hot wife has d***k quite a lot she became more vocal during sex, which Fred usually loved.

Joechin shook his head and gazed excitedly at the wife's cunt. He could smell Katie's wet pussy, and the tantalizing aroma of hot, horny cunt made the boy's prick stir to life again. He lowered his head between her legs and sniffed her pussy. The wife's crotch smelled amazing and with a moan of lust, he lowered his face even further into her aromatic crotch. It smelled unlike anything he had every sniffed. Sticking out his tongue under the mask, Joechin ran the tip of his tongue experimentally up the slippery pink slit of the wife's gaping pussy.

"Ungghh! Ohhhhhhh!" purred Katie as she slid her hand down, delicately peeling open her pussy folds with her fingers to expose her glistening pink pussy, and the hard, swollen bud of her aching clit.

He gently pushed Katie's fingers out of the way and replaced them with his own, holding her cunt lips wide open. Avidly, he slid his tongue up and down her saturated cunt slit, lapping up the tasty cunt juice that flowed from the depths of Katie's hot, throbbing fuck hole.

"Ooooohhhhhh! Lick my clit," Katie groaned impatiently, "Please, lick my clit!"

Tentatively, Joechin brushed his tongue across the wife's erect bud at the top of her cunt. Katie humped the teenager's face harder, as her small tits jiggled as she humped her pussy against Joechin's face.

"That's right, Spiderman! Ungghhh! Lick it harder! ... Oh fuck! Put your lips on it! Suck it, baby! Suck my clit!" the hot wife yelled, uninhibited by the effects of the alcohol.

But Joechin just licked her clit, teasingly probing it with his tongue. Katie's beautiful face was a mask of sexual ecstasy, as she deliriously twisted her head from side to side on the bed. The lust mounted almost painfully in her tortured pussy. Joechin uneducated on what he should do continued to just slowly lick her pussy with his tongue.

In desperation, Katie dug her fingers into the nape of her supposed husband's neck, trying to pull his mouth harder onto her clit, "I said suck it! Please, oh, please... Suck my fucking clit!" slurred the hot wife.

Finally, Joechin wrapped his lips around Katie's itchy, little clit. He sucked it gently not wanting to hurt his lover. He always watched his porn intently because if he ever got the chance he would know what to do. His tongue brushed back and forth on the very tip of her clit, sending spasming waves of ecstasy the pounded through the wife's half naked body.

"Put your fingers in my cunt, baby!" Katie cried, on the verge of cumming, "Stop teasing me!"

Joechin straightened one finger and slipped it into Katie's gushing wet cunt. Sucking steadily on her clit, he began jacking off her pussy, grinding his knuckle on the swollen outer folds of her trimmed cunt slit.

Katie raised her legs so her ass was completely off the bed as she looked down at her husband as his pace had slowed.

"Fuck! I want to cum," she moaned at the top of her lungs becoming increasingly frustrated. The music was so loud on the main floor that nobody would have heard Katie's cries of pleasure.

As tried as she might her masked lover couldn't bring her to orgasm. Her husband had always been a truly gifted pussy licker and now it was like he had never tasted it.

Desperately, she clutched her husband's head with both hands, her ass pumping and humping frantically off the bed, as she fucked her pussy against his mouth again and again. And Joechin eagerly kept sucking her clit with his lips and fucking her cunt with his fingers.

"Ohhhhhh! Stop teasing me and get me off!" Katie yelled at him.

Joechin felt his the hardness of his cock. While he continued to lick the hot wife; he lowered his pants to thigh level and started to rub his swollen fuck stick. Katie gasped as she saw, once again, the incredible stiffness of her supposed husband's cock. His prick looked harder than it had been before he'd cum as if a fresh load of creamy sperm would spew out of his prick at any moment.

Katie felt her cunt throbbing, and wanted her husband's fuck tool pistoning back and forth inside her suddenly insatiable cunt.

"Ohhhhhh," staring down at the erect cock, "You're fucking hard again?" as she reached down and pulled his head up. Joechin quickly had to grab his mask from coming off as he pulled back down over his face, "You need to get d***k more often," the intoxicated wife exclaimed as she took grabbed his cock into her hands.

The hot wife trembled harder than ever with her passion. Her husband hadn't became hard again so quickly since their honeymoon. She wiggled her heart shaped, pert ass into a good humping position, spread her slender thighs as wide as she could, letting the horny teenager see all of her tight, wet, pouty-lipped cunt.

"Fuck me! Push it in baby! Go ahead, baby, shove it into Wonder Woman!" Katie yelled as she pulled her husband onto her.

Excitement filled the young man as he leaned over her, supporting his shoulders on an outstretched arm. Lustfully, he gazed down at the wife's shaven fuck hole with a thin patch of pubic hair. He aligned his cock with his free hand and watched intently as his bloated cock head disappeared into her gooey pink cunt-slit. Joechin gasped at the thought that he had just lost his virginity. The young teen paused for a second feeling Mrs. Jackson's moist hole around him. The hot tightness clung around his shaft unlike anything he had ever felt.

Then, instinctively, Joechin started humping, awkwardly at first, then more steadily as he slid his prick into the welcoming tightness of his neighbor's hot, wet cunt.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah," Katie purred, "I..." her voice tailing off as Joechin pushed more of his cock into her, "I can't believe your cock is this hard again."

Joechin's fuck rod stretched his neighbor's tight cunt as it bored its way in, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy around the thickness of his cock. Katie started humping when the boy had a third of his prick embedded in her pussy, excitedly bucking and grinding her blushing ass cheeks in an attempt to get more of his prick into her fuck hole.

"Oh, God, baby! Your cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me hard Spiderman!" feeling like a d***k slut yelling at her lover uninhibited by anything or anybody.

Joechin wiggled his hips as he thrusted his prick into Katie's widely stretched cunt, making his cock slide easily into the gooey, warm tightness of her juicy fuck hole. Finally, with his neighbor humping like a bitch in heat beneath him, the young man seemed to catch on to the rhythms of fucking.

Joechin started thrusting steadily, fucking his rock hard prick deeper and deeper into the hot wife's pussy with every stroke. Katie grimaced with pleasure as the boy started to slam himself into her as hard as he possibly could. Her glove tight pussy began contracting wetly and rhythmically around Joechin's young hard cock.

"Deeper!" Katie gasped, and spread her legs further, as far as she could. "Fuck my pussy deep! Ram it all the way in! I want to feel it deep in me!"

Mrs. Jackson felt the hard cock pushing in and out of her hot wet pussy noting that it didn't feel quite as deep as Fred usually fucks her. Katie's thought quickly to Phil fucking her and wondered if he had bore out her pussy to the point she couldn't feel her husband's cock.

Joechin pounded hard into his neighbor's hot, buttery cunt, sinking the remaining few inches of his young prick to the hilt in her creaming pussy. His elbows bent, letting his weight down on top of her, crushing her small, stiff nippled tits under his chest. For several ecstatic seconds, Joechin lay motionless, just savoring the juicy, sucking pressure of the wife's pussy around his cock.

"Don't stop! " Katie pleaded. "Work your ass back and forth, move you cock in and out! Please!! Fuck me! Please!!!" with desperation in her voice as she humped her ass to meet her supposed husbands dick.

Joechin pulled his cock slowly out of Katie's clinging pussy, withdrawing until only his helmet shaped cockhead parted the tightly stretched lips of her cunt. Then, shuddering with pleasure, he slammed back inside her again, sinking his cock into her hot, slippery cunt hole.

Katie's tits jiggled as she humped her ass in a frenzy of lust, as she panted and gasped as she pumped her throbbing pussy against the base of his prick.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she begged, the words an obscene d***ken chant. "Harder! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me deep with your hard cock! Deeper!"

Joechin quickened his pace, slid as he his bl**d gorged prick shaft in and out of Mrs. Jackson's incredibly tight pussy. The wet, swollen lips of her pussy clung to his cock shaft, clasping and squeezing his horny young prick in an incredible grip, every time he slammed it into her cunt. T

With another big load of jizz churning in his balls, Joechin fucked the horny, insatiable mother faster and faster, making the bed squeak with the fury of their wild fucking.

"Deeper!" Katie bucked her tightly clenched ass, frantically fucking the teenager as fast and as hard as she could.

"Unnngghhh! Deeper! Oooohh!! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby!" Katie moaned in heat.

Joechin fucked his horny neighbor as hard as he could, he panted into his mask as he drilled his young cock wildly in and out of her juice filled pussy. Katie humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter, her pussy slit contracting repeatedly around the satisfying stiffness of his fucking prick.

The wife and her unknown teenage lover fucked in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the torrid energy of their coupling. Joechin's pistoning cock relentlessly pounded into the gushing depths of her pussy.

The sounds of sloppy sex filled the room that was barely audible over the loud music that played downstairs. The freckled face beauty looked up at her masked lover, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" the d***ken goddess repeated over and over.

Katie placed her hands on Joechin's chest as she looked into his mask covered eyes, "Fuck me from behind!" as she pushed him off of her. Joechin's cock slid out of the wife's pussy as the horny woman quickly got on all fours her red high heeled boots sticking out across the bed. The young teen knew exactly what he needed to do as he knelt behind the perfect small ass as he slowly eased his cock back into her.

Soon he was fucking her from behind as the undeniable sound of sex was heard doing a break in the music mixed in with Katie moaning with every thrust. Joechin watched down in delight as his cock shot into the wife's wet pussy.

Katie buried her head into her pillow as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks further apart as her horniness took over. She was so close to cumming and wanted to feel what the lady did in the porn video she had seen last week. She was hesitant to say anything to her husband, even while d***k, but then she blurted, "Rub my ass," looking back towards her masked husband, "rub my asshole with your finger while you fuck me!"

Joechin stopped as he couldn't believe his ears as he stared at the sexy neighbor looking back at him. Joechin slowly started to thrust himself into her as he lifted his finger and rubbed her wet butthole. Katie began to slam herself back towards him while she held her cheeks apart, "Push it in!" she slurred. The young man began to slowly ease his thumb into her rectum while continuing to work his cock. Never in his mind did he think his innocent neighbor would act like this in bed as he pushed it further into her ass much to the delight of Mrs. Jackson. In perfect unison he ran his thumb in and out of the tight ass of his neighbor while moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

The teenager's heart raced as he hoped he would be able to fuck her ass with his cock. He had seen so many anal sex videos and was something he wanted to try in his lifetime, but didn't think everything would happen on the same day. While he continued to fuck her he began to question himself. Should I just put it in? What would she do?

His trance was broken by Katie's slurred d***ken speech, "Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah...fuck it" she screamed as Joechin worked his finger and cock together at the same time.

"Deeper! Deeper!" as Joechin pushed his thumb into the hot wife as far as it could go, "Oohhhhhh fuck...I'm cumming. I'm cummmmming!" she screamed.

Joechin picked up his pace of deep as he fucked his neighbor as her body began to shake, "ooohhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck!!" as the young boy brought Ms. Jackson to orgasm.

"OOOhhhhhhhh," Katie moaned as her body continued to shake from the boy's pounding. He continued to f***e his cock and finger into both tight holes as he slowed his pace as he pulled out of her wet pussy. The young man pulled his thumb from her tight butt as he placed the head of his cock to the entrance to anal cavity and pressed his bl**d engorged spongy head of his cock against his neighbor's tight asshole.

The hot wife looked back and moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!" and demanded, "Fuck my ass with your cock."

Joechin thrusted forward as his cock began to penetrate her tight ass but he felt his climax rapidly approaching. He pulled back hoping to avoid cumming but tried as he might the first volley shot out buttering Katie's back door.

"Ohhhhh fuck yes Fred! Cover me with your cum!" as Katie ground her ass back towards his spasming cock.

Joechin quickly stroked his pussy juiced cock as spurt after spurt of his cum showered the hot wife's perfect small ass. The young boy moaned loudly, but was drowned out by the loud music playing, as his cum sprayed onto Katie's back.

Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jism that was welled up in Joechin's balls, bathed Katie's ass and back as it leaked onto the bedspread.

Fred's wife collapsed forward onto the mattress still recovering from her orgasm as Joechin knelt behind her squeezing every drop out of his balls and onto his costumed lover, "Ohhhhhhhhhh," Joechin moaned happily. He grinned down at Katie wickedly, under his mask.

Mrs. Jackson slowly got up using her hand to balance her intoxicated state. She bent down to pick up her costume as she looked over at her husband, "You better go downstairs! Our guests are probably suspicious!" the d***ken wife announced as she walked into the bathroom.

The young man watched in awe as the grown woman stumbled in front of him into the bathroom. He quickly grabbed the lacy thong and placed it into his back pocket and grabbed his camera without Katie noticing, who was wiping her back in front of the mirror with a towel. Joechin paused before leaving looking at the sexy wife naked in front of the mirror.

Joechin slipped out of the bedroom closing the door behind him. He looked back at the room where he will forever remember as where he lost his cherry as he put his costume gloves back on. He walked downstairs refreshed although weak in the knees. Under his mask nobody noticed anything and couldn't see the big grin on Joechin's face. He spied his mother and father in the kitchen as he pulled off his mask as sweat poured off of him.

His mother looked over at him, "Joechin, are you okay? You look like you took a shower! You are soaked in sweat!"

The young teen that just lost his virginity looked over at his mother, "I'm fine! It's just really hot in the costume!"

He spent a few more minutes talking with other guests but his thoughts were on what he had just accomplished. He glanced down at his camera knowing his first piece of ass will forever be documented on film.

"I'm going to go home," he told his mother, "I'm getting tired."

"Okay honey," his mother said while holding a glass of wine, "Did you have a good time though?"

"Oh yeah. I had more fun that I could possibly imagine!" as he turned towards the front door. As he walked out the door, Fred Jackson walked up the sidewalk with another neighbor carrying the beer, "Goodnight Mr. Jackson."

"Joechin! The party is just starting!" he exclaimed obviously still intoxicated.

"I think I'm partied out! I'm pretty tired! But tell Mrs. Jackson that I had a great time!" as he walked across the street and into his house. Once inside Joechin fell back against the door and took a deep sigh. The young man reached into his back pocket and removed Katie's lacy thong and held it up to his nose knowing he will forever have the scent of his first woman.

Coming soon; My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 17. Katie was been avoiding the phone calls from the hospital but her disgusting neighbor has been released to go home. Phil is leaving messages that he is going to tell Fred everything! What would a hot wife do to protect her f****y....... Continue»
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