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Adventures Donna-Part 4 Amanda's initiation

Adventures Donna-Part 4 Amanda's initiation

... Adventures of Donna--Part 4 (Amanda's initiation)

And then she had an idea, but it meant ... Donna had initiated Amanda into several more lusty sex practices. Amanda's favorite was fist ... ;

Amanda was Donna's 11 year old niece, but in almost everyway they could have been twin s****rs... Continue»
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Adventures of Donna--Part 5 (Gagging Amanda)

... Adventures of Donna--Part 5 (Gagging Amanda)

Amanda jumped back as soon as she opened her eyes ... . "Donna, who is that? What's that thing sticking up? Is it his penis?" "Yes ... in anticipation. Donna positioned her on the bed between Eric's spread legs. "He doesn't say much... Continue»
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Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)

... ; He grabbed Donna's perfect hips and jammed in another 4 inches. She was on the verge of passing ... Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)

Donna could feel his large hands pulling her ... inches of dark cock meat. The man eased up on Donna's head, realizing she had found her rhythm... Continue»
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Adventures of Donna--Part 1 (Little girl suck)

... 's hands, placing them on top of her head. Donna was betting he would understand her dilemma and know what to do. Clearly he did.

End of part 1 ... Adventures of Donna--Part 1 (Little girl suck)

Deep-throating huge, horse-sized cocks was Donna ... brown hair, and an ample black woman's ass.

Her butt was truly the best. Donna's face... Continue»
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Adventures of Donna--Part 3 (Drinking juice)

... Adventures of Donna--Part 3 (Drinking juice)

"Hello Eric. I should have recognized you ... pee since he always caught his penis in the zipper. Donna would hold and aim Eric's penis ... ;

Eric's dick was starting on upward climb, having grown to about 13 stiffening inches. Donna... Continue»
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Adventures of Donna--Part 6 (Baby throat)

... Adventures of Donna--Part 6 (Baby throat)

Amanda released the large pole, which was hard ... and erect a good 15 or 16 inches. Donna smiled with pride as she smoothed Amanda's beautiful hair out ... each other. Amanda got a little pre-occupied with her aunt and slid her mouth down to Donna's... Continue»
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Bernadette's Initiation

... Bernadette's Initiation

A shy, innocent t-girl dreams of domination by a man. She ... is persuaded into a day's adventure in this role and gets very much more than she bargained for, but gradually ... classics of dressing and
acting the part of a French maid for a fundamentally nice guy who'd... Continue»
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Donna's Massage

My wife and I have frequented many nude beaches and hot springs over the years ... memorable visit occurred in the early 1980’s.
We had selected a location near the south end ... .
Donna’s new acquaintance was a handsome man, in good shape, a few years younger than us. I found my... Continue»
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Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 2

... ’d announce… “This is Hour #27 of Brandy’s deep throat adventure&rdquo ... behind me. Brandy’s Bonnie or Bill must have done this to me while I’d slept. Brandy and I ... mind?”

I watched Brandy’s bum and, sure enough, it wiggled sexily. I relaxed and let... Continue»
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New Biker's Initiation

... on a motorcycle is looking for adventure and is willing to pay the price by sacrificing comfort and taking ... stalled, he was in 3rd gear. After some initial embarrassment the salesman got the bike into the right ... and if his application was accepted he would be given the time and location of his initiation party... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 4

... Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 4

Buffy was in the best shape of her life. She felt ... in the evening, the Slayer convinced now more than ever that her baby s*ster was under the effects ... .

"She lost a bet." Dawn said quickly, gesturing to her beloved s*ster, "So she has to do... Continue»
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Amanda adventures 4

... A few weeks had passed by since Amanda and her best friend Katie had fucked a patient at Katies ... on Katie”.

My wife Amanda ran her own lingerie outlet, she frequently went to wholesalers to buy stock ... from them, I’ll come with you and wait in the car, who knows you might get lucky”.
Amanda gave me... Continue»
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King University's New Slut Part 4

... bathroom rubbing my throat and feeling my stomach sore from Quinn's weight that had been f***ed on me ... crept up to Quinn's room and the door was ajar. He was knocked out on the bed, snoring lightly ... encounter.

Then he spoke again, "He's a cool guy, just don't get too close to him... Continue»
Posted by BlaqJm18 6 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male  |  
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Busted with Donna's Panties

... would say when she was told, and what Donna would tell her and my friends. "s*s I’m sorry please ... to her knees. But she would have no part of them. Sure I know I sound enamored by my lovely s****r ... which I was to learn later is a women’s most sensitive place.

My s****r Donna started to moan again... Continue»
Posted by tcg 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Taboo  |  
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Carin's deprived adventure part 3

... attention to me, k**s who need me but as a mom, not a woman. Spending Sunday after church, and yes I am ... in the same predicament, her nipples hard, her treasured lips full and parted as she gasped for breathe ... , and her hands, and other parts, all over me was getting right back to a level of excitement I really... Continue»
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Amanda's New Job

... in a new job. Amanda was no exception. Not massively nervous - no reason to be, Just the vague threat ... . No senior position. Amanda's new job was a receptionist. Something she thought she could do with her ... that for the k**s. Handy for home - a 5 minute drive was all that was needed. And enough pocket money... Continue»
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Nikki's Story - Slippery Susie Part 8

... Slippery Susie - part 8 (Nikki & friends) FMMM
by wile_e_coyote_mn1

Nikki admired a lot ... get
upset with her, but they also knew that k**s make mistakes and by
letting her have a little ... of
the right guys would always be interested in her and for the most part,
she had her pick of boyfriends... Continue»
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L'initiation de Claudia (4)

... un banquet a été dressé sur une longue table.

De part et d'autre de la table des bancs... Continue»
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Those who have not yet read the first three episodes or get ... -Asian lesbian hooker in her 20s. Operating from a rooming house. Jenny paid for sex with her (part 1 ... ) and likes her.
LIHUA – Chinese kitchen worker at the factory. Late 20s. Jenny’s initial contact... Continue»
Posted by mib14 2 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  
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Chris's Step-dad,(Part 4).

... !

Well that's part 4 finished.Hope you're all enjoying this still.More as soon as. ... to,"STOP daydreamning,Dixon".Now seriously,just how many k**s are actually interested in some old... Continue»
Posted by fagboy46 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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