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Adam and Mike (Part 1)

Adam and Mike (Part 1)

... parted and Adam froze on his seat.

"Its the gentleman over there" he heard the receptionist say ... while pointing to him.

Mike walked in his direction and Adam started feeling a bit embarassed ... for his perplexe look and even more when the almost 1 foot diference in height between him and Mike came... Continue»
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Swingin' with Mike & Julie part 1

... .

And what we did with those phone numbers and email addys' . . . well I'll go into that in the next part of 'Swinging with Mike and Julie'... :-)
... you to Mike & Julie (again - not their real names) - they were in your position about 2 yrs ago, so ... with us. "Hello" said Mike and shook my hand. "So you're both here to let yourselves go a bit are you... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... blouse or touch him with my veil and gloves on going
out 1 kiss then would send them all spinning ... straight on the brow and part which is my
brown part he was pretty hot for all his tinny voice too ... Comerfords party
oranges and lemonade to make you feel nice and watery I went into 1 of them
it... Continue»
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Die Raumpilotin

... . Als Reservepilot steht Mike bereit. Das ist eines der schlimmsten Dinge, die passieren ... können, wenn ein eingespieltes Team auseinandergerissen wird.
"Ihr zwei seid ein gutes Team!" Lachhaft! Mike ... würde. Die anderen würden sich um Mike kümmern. Die Pilotin hatte einen Laut unter ihrer Maske hervorgebracht und sich entspannt... Continue»
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casi pierdo a mama

... todo en particular mis sospechas.

“No hay problema Mike. Tengo un programa que puede traducir ... .”
“¿y de verdad crees poder hacerlo?”

“No te preocupes, Mike. Puedo hacerlo. Ya verás ... ” and “router” dejaron su boca, no conseguí entender nada. Una vez más, el me garantizó que lo haría... Continue»
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High School Girls

... in a strange land."
- Exodus 2:22

Chapter 1

Darren yelled as the floor rushed ... from the broken frame.

"Ooops" Mike Kowalski smirked down at him, his foot outstretched ... around for his glasses. Mike stepped on his
hand, and Darren cried out in pain.

"What's that? I... Continue»
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Emma Watson - 20 Shades of Red (Teil 10)

... sie.

Mike nickte. „Dann wird es Zeit, das zu ändern. Ich bin kein König. Also mach es Dir bequem ... Pünktlich fand sich Mike am darauffolgenden Montag im Büro der Anwälte ein. Er hatte es schwer ... gewesen, aber nichts in der Welt hätte Mike bei ihrem Besuch vor Weihnachten un der Performance mit Emma... Continue»
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Urlaub mit Anja 08


Um allen Eventualitäten vorzubeugen hier das ALTER der Personen zum ZEITPUNKT der gesc***derten HANDLUNGEN:

-"MIKE ... vor dem Ziel.


Am nächsten Morgen denke ich alles noch einmal durch.

Ganz rational. Ich wiege ... und geilste Art und Weise zu lösen? Natürlich hatte sie das getan! Also, Mike, es gibt überhaupt... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... Battle Of The Gods
Done By:
Ryugen - EvilAngel - & Segnas

~ Part 1 ~
[ Tokyo, Japan ... ."

~ Chibisode - Part 1~
[Open Scene]

< Shark:
*Flys out of nowhere*

Tiny Aszuka ... *

~ Part 2 ~
[ 6:00 a.m.]
[ The Sky Castle]

*Gets up*
"Aw man. Last night... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... alone could have. They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, and as they parted Mike winked ... ," Mike whispered to them. "They are part of the Moon Crew. Watch this." "The Moon Crew - what's ... that barely covered up what he had. Jimmy said that they were new and introduced themselves. Mike... Continue»
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A little favour

... Day 1 – Friday

My neighbor Kathleen called me up one Friday evening and asked me if I could come ... kissed my face and hugged me. “Just live up to your part of the deal, do what I say and we won’t have ... agreed to help you with the dress; I didn’t agree to wear make-up. This isn’t part of the deal.”

She... Continue»
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Geil im Fotostudio (gefunden im Netzt)

... eine Afrikanerin gemacht hätte (hatte ich nicht). "And you, did you fuck a white woman?" Mike ... Frau begleitet hatte, aber das sollte sich sehr schnell ändern.

Jimmy hatte eine Flasche Massageöl ... fotografiert wurde. Aus ca. 1 m Entfernung konnte ich nun bestens beobachten, wie meine enthemmte Frau... Continue»
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Loud days, hot nights

... , was er natürlich mit größtem vergnügen tat...
„Come and take my heart, we will never part, oh we are ... mit großen Rockklassikern von Bruce Springsteen, AC DC, Bon Jovi, Brain Adams und ZZ Top ... wild and free, so come and may belive in me, yeah yeah…” sang sie, dann er: “Here I am!” und beide... Continue»
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Molokai - een paradijs op aarde

... en toen is hij van een trap gegleden.” Ze lopen naar binnen en ook Mike feliciteert hun. Al snel gaat het gesprek ... ja. Dan doet Dave als laatste haar blinddoek om. Ze ligt een paar seconden zo en dan geeft ... ringetje met stugge harde haartjes. Hij schuift het ringetje tot net onder zijn eikel en trekt een paar... Continue»
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Rural Love

... come in, get 6 each of the female and 1 each of the male."

Uncle Nick looked at Mike and Mike smiled ... Chapter 1


I heard the yell of my Aunt Paulette clear out to the barn ... now, land isn't going for as high here as it
is in other parts of our state. The only reason... Continue»
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Sylvia´s Slave

... and accept what I am, her slave, or to be
precise, her slave-girl.


I ...
the building.

As she passed my buddy Mike questioned me, "What does a babe like that
needs ... in a black

"Hi. My name's Bill Adams and the unemployment office sent me to see... Continue»
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Die große Seereise Teil 1-3

... Die große Seereise Teil 1

Wieder war das Wetter, wie schon die Tage vorher, traumhaft ... über so was redeten.
Tim war der ruhigere Part der beiden. Er war schüchtern und zurückhaltend ... vor“, schwärmte Anja.
„Fehlt dir nur noch der richtige Adam“, lachte ich.
„Den hast du ja zu deinem Glück... Continue»
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Die große Seereise Teil 1-3

... Die große Seereise Teil 1

Wieder war das Wetter, wie schon die Tage vorher, traumhaft ... über so was redeten.
Tim war der ruhigere Part der beiden. Er war schüchtern und zurückhaltend ... vor“, schwärmte Anja.
„Fehlt dir nur noch der richtige Adam“, lachte ich.
„Den hast du ja zu deinem Glück... Continue»
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two slutty daughters

... !"

Obediently, Mike did as he was told. His own fuck-parts wanted it that way, too. His cock felt ... Chapter 1

When Anita Loper touched her drippy little pussy with her warm, soft fingers, her ... . Her knees were parted, and both her hands went down between them to try and coax some kind... Continue»
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More fun with Fiona

... arrived at the front door and as I went ring the bell the door opened, Hi Mike she beamed. Hi Fi ... sat back down on the sofa and crossed her legs, her dressing gown parted a little, revealing that Fi ... parted even more. Showing more of her black stockings and now pink suspenders. I kissed her again my... Continue»
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