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About to be taken

About to be taken

... <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> tied <ddd>to</ddd> the bed she said. Then I am <ddd>to</ddd> dress in my ladies attire and <ddd>be</ddd> fully dressed and ready <ddd>to</ddd> ... done and is <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> do. She says she wants her girlfriend <ddd>to</ddd> tie me ... her glass in a toast. Here’s <ddd>to</ddd> two sluts. <ddd>About</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> get fucked. May our lovers ... ... Continue»
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Made To Suck Cock

... for a few minutes, which gave me time <ddd>to</ddd> fully understand what was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> happen. I just lay there on the bench ... <ddd>be</ddd> fucked good and proper.

Mistress had me ready, I was lubed, I have <ddd>taken</ddd> a couple of fingers, and my virginity was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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F*rced To Be A Slut (for BBC)

... <ddd>to</ddd> reflect. I thought <ddd>about</ddd> the months that had passed since Miss Jessica had <ddd>taken</ddd> over my body and soul. I thought <ddd>about</ddd> that last trip <ddd>to</ddd> ... were now soaked. My daughter was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> fucked by eight niggers and I was helpless <ddd>to</ddd> stop them. The shame was ... ... Continue»
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Is It A Sin To Allow Yourself To Be Taken

... . And exactly as i had dreamt of Him <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> when i was lucky enough <ddd>to</ddd> dream <ddd>about</ddd> Him as i lay unfulfilled in my bed.

He ... pomegranate seeds when He had k**napped her and <ddd>taken</ddd> her <ddd>to</ddd> the underworld <ddd>to</ddd> become his mistress in the darker months of the ... ... Continue»
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Wanting To Be Fucked Like a Whore

... <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> kissed and fondled too sometimes, but most of the time, I want <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> and made <ddd>to</ddd> feel like my purpose in life is <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> getting fucked.

<ddd>About</ddd> a month ago, I got ... ... Continue»
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Back To School

... had no place <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> tomorrow.
They sat and talked. Mack listened while Carl told him all <ddd>about</ddd> his college experiences ... was going <ddd>to</ddd> happen next, he didn’t however have a clue as <ddd>to</ddd> the height of ecstasy he was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd>.
“Relax and ... ... Continue»
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Party To Extend All Parties

... <ddd>to</ddd> moisten. When he made me turn around, swing my breasts and dangle them for him I began <ddd>to</ddd> feel an intense desire <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> ... and started <ddd>to</ddd> guide it down <ddd>to</ddd> my pussy. He started <ddd>to</ddd> thrust with longer strokes, and just as his hand was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> reach ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... It comes <ddd>to</ddd> mid-thigh at present."

"It needs <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>about</ddd> mid-pussy," Dan was quick <ddd>to</ddd> add, and Jon was quick <ddd>to</ddd> agree.

... ask. I felt a pang of trepidation as I realized that I was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> by several men. Yet the anticipation left my pussy ... ... Continue»
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Good Girl Gone Better

... <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> devoured. I asked her if she had <ddd>taken</ddd> a bath as instructed. Kim just nodded her head and asked what I was up <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>to</ddd> looking like a passionate woman who knew she was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> as a prize.

I put my arm around her and pulled her mouth <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - f***ed to cum, over and over again

... for the vacuum <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> off, but knew it wouldn’t <ddd>be</ddd>. She was the property of The Company, <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> used, and <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> fucked, in ... <ddd>to</ddd>, but its excitement, I have no idea what is going <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> done <ddd>to</ddd> us this weekend, or by whom. I am wet just thinking <ddd>about</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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forc to be female

... <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> thrust my penis between her legs, my head began <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> down <ddd>to</ddd> the theatre. There I would <ddd>be</ddd> put on the operating table and my legs would <ddd>be</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Wife lost in a bet to friends

... his office. Richna opened her
legs, her pussy wet, waiting <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> by the man she loved so much.
The tip of ... how
he’d f***ed this respectable woman <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> his little slut and knowing
what was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> unfold in the confines of his front ... ... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 02

... <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> a reminder <ddd>to</ddd> this
bitch of what she's <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> get'.

Louise didn't argue, didn't even think <ddd>to</ddd>. She waddled over <ddd>to</ddd> ... held tightly, f***ed <ddd>to</ddd> expose
her pussy <ddd>to</ddd> all the other girls, and <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> over Betty's knee ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Ten Marcia

... last night <ddd>about</ddd> four different times...if you understand. If you can come <ddd>to</ddd> my apartment now you will find me <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> a very ... my cherry <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> in a natural way and then when it's gone, I want you <ddd>to</ddd> do some of the things I have heard <ddd>about</ddd>. I imagine ... ... Continue»
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... you fuck!"

My ass hole twitched as I new it was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> speared by a hugely erect and hard cock for the first ... <ddd>to</ddd> dissolve my marriage and make sure my f****y was <ddd>taken</ddd> care of before relocating after my job was over. There was <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> no ... ... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Ch 16

... <ddd>to</ddd> switch on webcam and get naked?

Ross's cock was getting hard knowing that he was just <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>to</ddd> her measly B's.

Wow is that Jason?

What what you talking <ddd>about</ddd>?

You know fine well this picture of a cock <ddd>taken</ddd> ... the picture <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd>. He, ... ... Continue»
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When you want to be alone...

... ;s going <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> okay, we’ll just forget <ddd>about</ddd> this ... <ddd>taken</ddd> her knickers off by now allowing herself freer access <ddd>to</ddd> her pussy, that was how she liked <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>about</ddd> all this though, you seemed <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> really sensible <ddd>about</ddd> it all last night, you were so nice <ddd>to</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Indian Wife taken in

... <ddd>about</ddd> 7 PM and she had come early <ddd>to</ddd> prepare for the party. Just as she was <ddd>about</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> ... <ddd>to</ddd> fuck you hard. But I want you from behind. You have perfect large ass <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> from behind.” He raised himself a bit and then tried <ddd>to</ddd> turn ... ... Continue»
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... going <ddd>to</ddd> take. “ he said with a smirk.

He was right. The risk was going <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd>.

“ Have another drink and we will <ddd>be</ddd> back for you both in <ddd>about</ddd> 20 minutes. If ... ... Continue»
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Struck to submission I suck several strangers cock

... He decided it was time for me <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> <ddd>taken</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> my first adult theater. He told me ... and he left. I was <ddd>taken</ddd> <ddd>to</ddd> the front row told <ddd>to</ddd> strip and kneel. There ... <ddd>to</ddd> tell him <ddd>about</ddd> what happened and how I felt. I told him what a total turn on it was for me <ddd>to</ddd> <ddd>be</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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